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2024 ISSUE 3 PINK, PURPLE, ROMANTIC & NAÏVE The style-book experience
SIMPLY, AND WITH LOVE A chef’s home-cooking style
Men’s fashion with Jason Sarai
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by Lia Crowe

Morcombe, yoga practitioner/instructor and owner of Skaha Flow Yoga

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“Aaron’s story is one that deeply touches my heart. He embodies resilience in every aspect of his life. As a Canucks fan and a firm believer in the power of the mind, I find Aaron’s transformation from tragedy and loss to becoming an NHL player and now a cognitive performance coach in Vernon resonates profoundly, and I’m certain it will inspire others.” Natalie, an award-winning writer and author now residing in the Okanagan, possesses a remarkable talent for delving deep into the lives of her subjects and bringing their stories to life. When she’s not immersed in writing, you’ll find her mountain biking, hiking, and renovating her old log cabin nestled in the woods.

“While I always appreciate the privilege of touring and showcasing luxury homes, this Lower Mainland beauty stood out to me, partly because of its enviable oceanside location and vacation-home vibe, but mostly because the family was so gracious in sharing their story, lifestyle and family journey. It may be cliche, but it made this house truly feel like a home.” Lisa Manfield is a writer, editor and content strategist. She was the founding editor of BC Living Magazine and is a regular contributor to Boulevard

“Having travelled on a couple of Rocky Mountaineer trains in BC, it felt strange to be boarding one in the Utah desert. But once we were underway, the experience became wonderfully familiar, even if the landscape wasn’t.”

Suzanne Morphet is a journalist who focuses on travel writing. For her, it’s not about the destination as much as it is the story behind it.


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“How would you describe island fashion?” I asked my husband, a man who has amassed quite a collection of beautiful button-up shirts, iconic T-shirts, band shirts and annoying Toronto Maple Leafs gear, along with a closet-full of sleek suits (he and Marie Kondo have never seen eye to eye). He likes his clothes.

I was asking him about fashion on Salt Spring Island, where we have a home.

“Casual and eclectic,” he said. “Gumboots and a blazer with a Mexican shirt. Maybe a hat.”

“With a tinfoil option,” I murmured.

Indeed, Salt Spring may be an oasis of sun and sea, but it’s not a wellspring of fashion, and city people stand out, not always in a good way. For example, if you see men wandering around the main town of Ganges in nicely pressed suits, you know for sure it’s “court day.” High heels? They’re only going to lead to pothole problems. This is the land where Birkenstocks are acceptable business-meeting footwear and any number of accessories—from feathers and bells to an iguana strapped to your back—are accepted and expected.

Sometimes, you drive off the ferry and island fashion hits you so quickly, you’re certain the Chamber of Commerce has planted these “islander” attractions right in your path. Oh, look! That hitchhiker could be Gandalf from Lord of the Rings; or, “check out that woman, wearing layers of mismatched skirts and scarves in a bedazzle of not-quite-complementary colours!”

Many of my style choices have been influenced by the uber casual side of the island look. But, as you will see in this edition of Boulevard, my personal style was challenged as I undertook a session with a stylist, and discovered I should trade in my beloved black for pink (eek!) and step outside of my meldinto-the-crowd look by adding some playful clothing elements.

in and out of style

My younger daughter taught me a style lesson when she was in primary school. I used to shudder, sending her off to grade school wearing her “beloved but be-weird” combinations of clothing. For a period, she would wear nothing but a purple velour shirt, cut-off denim shorts with thick white tights and bright pink gumboots (very Salt Spring, now that I think of it). The lesson for me? She was so confident in her style choice that it only took a week until all the girls in her grade were wearing the same thing. If you rock what you are wearing, others will pay attention.

The creation of my personalized style book sent me down a rabbit hole of online shopping. I ordered new eyeshadow colours and a brow pencil. I researched lash extensions. I bought belts. A pair of boots. A pair of sneakers. A blouse in pink, another in baby blue. I googled “colour draping” and looked at dozens and dozens of different blazers. I peeked at a makeup tutorial.

(And all the while, I just knew that somewhere out there in the cyber world, I’d most certainly rung an algorithm bell that said, “Hey, this woman might be newly divorced, let’s send her some lawyer ads and later-in-life dating app suggestions.” And who knows where the algorithm went after I started sending everything back because, ultimately, online shopping for clothes is a tricky task.)

This issue of Boulevard is all about personal or bespoke style, and if you’re like me, it might get you thinking about your wardrobe and what your clothing choices tell the world about you. If you decide that your look needs to include bells, feathers and an iguana, hop on over to the Gulf Islands. They’ve got you covered. 14
Susan Lundy is a former journalist who now works as an editor, author and freelance writer. Her latest book, Home on the Strange, was published in 2021 via Heritage House Publishing. PHOTO SUMMER COLLECTION AT ITS BEST —




Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, in Lake Country, BC.


My vocation as a yogi is my third career, and I’m only 41! First, I was a photographer, then baptized into motherhood, and here I am now, four years into bringing people together in community, and using the beauty of yoga to do so. I am so passionate about creating experiences—like my Nourish + Ignite Retreats—to create space for change.


When someone experiences transformation in their life. To witness walls breaking down and see that expansion into something even greater is such a blessing.


I love to spend time in nature. I try to get my hands in the garden daily. Learning to grow food has been incredibly fulfilling. I also love live music and how it fills the soul. And traveling is a big one—exploring new sights, smells and sounds brings me so much inspiration in my daily life.


Take the time to write down your dream. Love on it and put your heart into all the details. Once you feel like you can see it in living colour, then let it float away, like a Chinese lantern into the sky. We don’t get to control the outcome of our lives, but we do get to choose how we show up each day. I choose to show up passionately, stepping one foot in front of the other with the energy of that dream, releasing my attachment to where I actually end up.


I have always had an innate sense of “hope.” As long as I keep moving in the general direction of what I believe to be right and true, I trust I am on the right path. I am where I am meant to be. I am learning what I need to learn.


You can tell when someone has amazing style in how they hold themselves, how their inner light shines through and how they exude confidence, just as they are.


Easy and fun! I love to walk out the door feeling fresh and vibrant. I tend to wear bright, light clothes and try to choose fabrics that are nourishing for the skin. I love local creations and handmade pieces that tell a story. I also have a soft spot for previously loved pieces.


Style icon: Sarah Wilson, author/ journalist. Keeps it simple and exudes such confidence and strength.

Favourite musician: Xavier Rudd. Favourite cocktail or wine: A perfectly mixed paloma in stunning glassware.

Album on current rotation: Noah Kahan’s Stick Season

Favourite flower: Peony. Takes my breath away every time.

One thing that consistently lifts your spirits during hard times: A hug from someone who truly knows me.

Someone I don’t need to share words with. Just that physical connection with a kindred spirit.


Uniform: Daily yoga puts me in a pair of lululemons and a cute loose sweater, often a pullover from one of my fave local brands, Okanagan Lifestyle. All-time favourite piece: Jean jacket, bomber style. Favourite pair of shoes: Converse sneaks.

Favourite day-bag: For summer, the fanny-pack/beltpack/hip-sac; it’s a must-have for the wallet, phone, chapstick and doggie-treats.

Favourite work tool: I have a yoga mat within grabbing distance at almost all times: in my car, garage, my living room…everywhere. Travel size, regular size, extra grippy, snuggly, you name it.

Favourite jewellery piece or designer: Salt and Sage’s astrology necklace, handcrafted in Calgary, AB.

Fashion obsession: The colour caramel. I can’t not buy it

if I see it. Dress pants, yoga pants, sexy tops—even my dog is the perfect shade of caramel!

Necessary indulgence for beauty: Supergoop

Glowscreen for that summer dewy look.

Scent: I keep an essential-oil roller in my bag at all times. Hello, Saje.


Fave magazine: Aside from this one?! Magnolia Journal. I adore the seasonal inspiration.

Fave coffee table book: Living Ayurveda: Nourishing Body and Mind Through Seasonal Recipes, Rituals, and Yoga by Claire Ragozzino—inspiring and beautiful. Last great read: Where the Crawdads

Sing by Delia Owens and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Both are perfect reads for summer.

Book currently reading: For a second time, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. 17

The jungle of gym style


your workout wardrobe

There’s something magical about putting on a perfect pair of leggings. The hem hits at the perfect length, the waist is high but not too high and it has just the right amount of hold. The perfect leggings are snug to the leg without bunching around the back of the knees; they don’t fall down when you run, and they make your butt look amazing.

Leggings are the new jeans and for good reason: you can wear them for working, running, hiking, squatting and dancing! They hold you in, lift you up and wick your sweat, all at the same time. Leggings are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and have enjoyed an evolution, alongside all athleisure wear, and this makes them ideal for almost any activity.

Until recently, sportswear was limited to saggy heat-strokeinducing terrycloth leggings that made you look like a toddler, or polyester jerseys that felt like you were wearing a plastic bag. Today, however, athletic wear comes in bold patterns, technical fabrics, breathable textures, neon colours and even faux leather. There are so many options available that even non-sporting activities are developing their own uniform.

Have you ever been in a yoga class and noticed that the entire room feels like it’s exhaling? Soft wood floors covered with muted blue and sage green yoga mats, and an instructor who seemingly floats, wearing a soft beige or terracotta Lululemon set. Yoga promotes a certain level of fluidity, softness and flow. As a response, practitioners often adopt a certain subdued wardrobe, embracing muted and soft tones. Leggings and tops are fitted to the skin, so as not to distract or obstruct movement, and feet and hands are left bare. You rarely see jewellery, baggy clothes, loud statement shirts or extra accessories. Yoga is peace and the clothing and space reflect that.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the buzz of a CrossFit or a weightlifting gym. Here, you will find almost exclusively booty shorts, oversized T-shirts and/or sports bras. These gyms are loud with the clang of barbells, music, instructors, timers and even grunts and groans. Clothing is functional and almost a nuisance, as this style of movement is big and sweaty. Each participant comes with all manner of accessories, including but not limited to a water bottle, lifting straps, a Tupperware container of chalk, a towel and often an extra pair of lifting shoes. The only uniform here is the mandatory loyalty swag representing your favourite games competitor or box gym.

Running and cycling are technical. The clothing here is gear-based and its sole purpose is to streamline the movement that’s being undertaken. Runners and cyclists take their gear very seriously, from the shirt to the shoes, the socks and water bottles. Because of the kilometric relationship to these styles of movement, efficiency is key. Even beginner runners and cyclists often invest in fancy gear hoping that it will take the edge off

an otherwise gruelling experience of learning how to run and cycle efficiently.

Whether it’s for a yoga retreat or a business retreat or, even better, a business retreat that includes yoga, choosing the perfect gear can be daunting. Finding your perfect fit is typically a matter of trial and error, while developing your chosen style tends to be a matter of preference. When building your workout look, there are a few other parameters that you may want to consider, such as sustainability, size inclusivity and brand ethics. Given the massive commerce surrounding the athleisure industry, it is important to support businesses that are aligned with your values.

Sustainability is especially important when it comes to athletic wear because there is a correlation between athletic clothing and environmental harm. The stretch and hold found in leggings and sports bras, for example, are produced using materials like acrylic, rayon, polyamide, spandex, nylon and polyester. These are plastic/synthetic materials that are manufactured in ways that produce excessive greenhouse gas, are difficult to reuse, and are non-biodegradable when thrown away. It is therefore important to support high-quality, longlasting and sustainable athletic wear.

Size inclusivity is important for all of us, even if you are a typical size. By holding companies accountable in their manufacturing and advertising portfolios, we are better able to promote fitness for all bodies. Many companies claim to represent size inclusivity but have a size range of small to extra large (00 to 14), which is problematic when the average size in Canada is large (12). Demanding a more inclusive range of sizing and inclusive advertising allows for a more diverse community within fitness and wellness spaces.

Brand ethics can be a slippery topic because unethical statements or movements can be attributed to poor decisionmaking on the part of a company’s founder, and not necessarily reflect the opinions held by the company as a whole. That being said, the adage “put your money where your mouth is” can be extra useful here. It is important to support companies that reflect your values and steer clear of companies engaging in problematic statements, business practices, labour safety issues and compromised manufacturing.

The final consideration, when purchasing athletic gear, is to consider buying used items. Many companies have pre-loved or regear programs that promote giving gently used items new life. Most consignment stores also have gently used athletics sections. This is an excellent way to reduce the environmental impact of the athleisure industry while also saving money. (Money that you can instead spend on more movement classes.)

Ultimately, many of us will continue doing yoga, lifting weights, running or bike-riding in our trusty oversized Taylor Swift T-shirt and 10-year-old Lulus. Workout gear doesn’t have to be complicated or branded, fitted or even stylish. It doesn’t matter how well-dressed we are because most forms of movement will leave us looking like a hot sweaty mess anyway. In the end, the very best workout gear is whatever gets you out the door and moving your body. 19
Riding the rails The Rocky Mountaineer goes south WORDS SUZANNE MORPHET PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY ROCKY MOUNTAINEER 20 @ kelownaprivateevents KELOWNA PRIVATE EVENTS Offering in home dining, private culinary classes and more! weekender

If you’ve followed the story of Rocky Mountaineer from its inception in 1990, it won’t surprise you to learn the luxury tourist train company has expanded into the US.

Built on the bright idea that people will pay good money if they can travel through the Rockies during daylight hours in the lap of luxury, the company began with a single route—Vancouver to Banff and Lake Louise. Since then, it’s added more: Vancouver to Whistler; Vancouver to Jasper through Whistler; Vancouver to Jasper through Kamloops.

But eventually, it was bound to run out of Rockies.

But, of course, the Rockies aren’t limited to Canada. They extend south through half a dozen American states. Still, can a train trip through the US Rockies even begin to compare with a journey through ours?

I am doubtful as I climb onto a familiar-looking sky-blue train in the Utah desert one day last spring. Pulling out of Moab, I recall my very first experience with Rocky Mountaineer. It was on the “Christmas train” from Vancouver to Banff that operated every December for a few years. My then-10-year-old daughter

and I stood on the open caboose breathing in the scent of a snow-draped evergreen forest in winter, while the Kicking Horse River galloped by our side. It was terribly romantic—and tough to top.

Now, a red desert stretches before me. It’s nothing like “our” Rockies, but I’ll admit, the rock formations are as intriguing as the dramatic skies. Soon we spot our first wildlife, pronghorn antelope. With their white rumps, they’re hard to miss and Michael, our on-board host, tells us they’re similar to another creature we’ll see further along.

“On your left is the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range,” he continues, narrating while serving the first of several meals we’ll enjoy on-board over two days. On this route, we all eat at our seats because the tunnels are too small to accommodate Rocky Mountaineer’s double-decker cars with separate dining areas. However, there is a bar car and we’re free to move around.

A few hours into the journey, we leave Utah and enter Colorado, coming alongside its namesake river. The Colorado famously carved Arizona’s Grand Canyon, but these days it’s infamous for

being sucked dry before a drop of water reaches its mouth in the Gulf of California.

This river will keep us company for the next 500 kilometres or so as it slices through gorges, tumbles over boulders and irrigates farm fields.

Slowing to go through the tiny town of Palisade, we get an actual taste of the river when Michael opens a bottle of deep red Colterris Winery’s Coloradeaux. The grapes grew in the very vineyard we see out the window. Palisade was Colorado’s first grape-growing region and today boasts more than 30 wineries, thanks in large part to the river running through it.

Moving east, the landscape gets greener and lusher and before long we pull into Glenwood Springs for the night. As with Rocky Mountaineer’s Canadian routes, guests stay in hotels rather than miss any scenery. The train waits for us.

With its white picket fences, patriotic flags and purple-flowering lilac bushes, Glenwood Springs looks so wholesome it feels a little Hollywood-esque. Coming across the local gun shop is a useful reality check.

But what really interests me is the town’s claim to having “the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool.” Within half an hour of checking into my room at the historic Hotel Denver I’m up to my ears in steaming hot water.

As the sun sets over red sandstone cliffs, artificial lights illuminate the pool’s astonishing length of 123.4 metres. (An Olympic pool is only 50 metres long.) Judging by the faces around me, this place attracts visitors from all over the world, and everyone is enjoying the 32- to 34-degree-Celsius water.

The next morning, a few of us walk through town to the hillside cemetery, where John Henry “Doc” Holliday is thought to be buried. Holliday was a “skillful gambler and the nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever knew,” according to Wyatt Earp, the gunslinger with whom he got involved at the famous shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881. He moved here hoping to be cured of tuberculosis but, alas, the hot water couldn’t cure him. 22 3937 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC @ lexiandlake 778.477.4787

Back on board the Rocky Mountaineer, we experience a change of scenery and weather. It will even snow before the day is done. The mountains get higher, and impressive tunnels bore through them. Moffat Tunnel is the most spectacular. It cuts through the Continental Divide for 10 kilometres and cost David Moffat, a railroad pioneer and banker, his entire fortune plus public funds when it was built in 1928.

The Colorado River now also picks up its pace, surging through canyons, constrained only by some of its 15 power dams, the most of any American river.

Around mid-day we start to see people rafting the river and practising what’s called the “Colorado Salute.” Michael tells us it’s a long-standing tradition in Colorado for rafters to stand and “moon” passing trains. And soon, we’re laughing out loud, not at their lack of athletic prowess, but at their lack of modesty. Even on this cool, wet day, they don’t drop the ball; they only drop their pants at the appropriate moment! And yes, Michael was right. With their bare buttocks, they do look a little like those pronghorn antelope we saw the first day.

Arriving at Union Station in Denver, we’re feeling that Rocky Mountain high that John Denver sang about five decades ago. It’s not just that we’ve been eating and drinking to our stomachs’ content. The scenery has been riveting, the locals entertaining and the camaraderie of other guests endearing.

I have to say, now I’m looking forward to experiencing the Rocky Mountaineer in the four other American states home to the Rockies— Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and New Mexico. I’m ready when you are, Rocky Mountaineer.

The two-day Rockies to Red Rocks tour starts at $ $2,261 CAD and you can start in either Moab or Denver. Longer packages are available with excursions at either end. One includes a full day of rafting the Colorado River where, presumably, you too can learn the Colorado Salute.

A playground like you’ve never imagined.

Let your sense of adventure out to play, delve into incredible cultural and culinary experiences, and explore a place that you’ll want to revisit again and again.

The Yukon is just two hours from Kelowna with Air North, Yukon’s Airline.

Visit Air North Getaways now 23
Photo: Cathie Archbould / Government of Yukon

Fire and ice

Aaron Volpatti’s remarkable journey to NHL warrior and mindset maestro 24

As Aaron Volpatti prepared to step onto the ice for his debut as a National Hockey League (NHL) player, he paused, closing his eyes for a moment. It was a scene he had envisioned thousands of times before—the emotions, the sights, the sounds. Only this time, when he reopened his eyes, the image was a reality.

Aaron’s career in the NHL is well documented: three years with the Vancouver Canucks and two with the Washington Capitals before he was forced to retire due to injury. What is lesser known is that he has one of the most inspirational comeback stories in professional sports, one that ultimately led him on the path to where he is today.

Aaron credits his success to three things: hard work, adversity and visualization (or what he calls “cinematic mind mapping”). To better understand his journey and this concept we need to step back to when Aaron was just 19 years old.

It all began with one foolish mistake. In 2005, Revelstoke-local Aaron was making a name for himself as an enforcer playing for the Vernon Vipers of the BC Hockey League (BCHL). However, disaster struck during a team camping trip. Known for his daring antics, Aaron orchestrated what he describes as a “pyro show” with gasoline and fire. However, this time, disaster struck when the bottles broke, soaking his clothes. “I threw my sweater into the fire, unaware of the danger of vapours. It was like lighting a dynamite fuse.”

With his body engulfed in flames, the fight-or-flight response kicked in.

“I just bolted. That was probably the worst thing I could have done because I was pretty fast, and no one could initially catch me. The screams that came from my body on my way to the hospital were sounds I never knew I could make,” he says.

When Aaron woke up in the ICU burn unit at Vancouver General Hospital, it felt as though his world had come crashing down. He’d harboured ambitious dreams—to play National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) hockey, and then pursue a career in sports medicine.

Lying in the hospital bed, with second- and third-degree burns covering 40 per cent of his body, the doctor’s words hit him hard: “He said I wouldn’t be attending hockey camp in three months. On the one hand, I was fortunate to be alive, but on the other, it felt like my dreams had done up in flames,” he reflects.

In that moment, Aaron discovered an unexpected “superpower” of visualization.

“Two weeks into my hospital stay, Mike Vandekamp, my coach from Vernon, informed me a coach from Brown University, an NCAA division college, had been in touch and mentioned they needed a player who could ‘instill fear in the defensemen of the Ivy League,’ a role I excelled at. I reached out to the Brown coach and our conversation left things open-ended. I was overcome with emotion—I had dedicated my life to just having the opportunity to speak with someone like him.”

That’s when a light bulb went on. “I began questioning why I wouldn’t be able to play. There were valid reasons of course, such as the risk of infection and the pain involved. However, I couldn’t accept that simply because it might hurt, I should give up on my dream.” 25
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“It was then that I discovered the power of visualization. I would vividly imagine my body healing at a cellular level and reframe my relationship with pain. I’d visualize walking out of the hospital doors, feeling the wind on my face. Then, I’d fast-forward to the first game of the season and the feel of the skates on the ice.”

Despite numerous obstacles, Aaron refused to accept defeat.

“It was then that I discovered the power of visualization. I would vividly imagine my body healing at a cellular level and reframe my relationship with pain. I’d visualize walking out of the hospital doors, feeling the wind on my face. Then, I’d fast-forward to the first game of the season and the feel of the skates on the ice. And the final scene of this mental ‘movie,’ I’d see myself with the letter from Brown in front of me, pen in hand, feeling the flow of my signature on the paper.”

Aaron realized then the importance of the human belief system.

Just six weeks after the accident, he left the hospital. Despite enduring kidney stones shortly after and undergoing an emergency appendectomy, Aaron defied the odds and returned to the ice. Two months into the season, he fulfilled his commitment to Brown University and signed the paper. Through relentless hard work and unwavering belief, his vision had become reality.

Fast-forward to when Aaron was 24, fully healed both physically and mentally, and his coach approached him with a surprising question: had he ever considered playing pro hockey?

“I couldn’t help but laugh,” he recalls. “I had never even entertained the thought. I had no agent, never spoken to a scout, and frankly, I felt like a nobody on one of the weakest college teams.”

Yet, his coach saw potential for a solid career in the American Hockey League (AHL) and a shot at the NHL. His words resonated with Aaron, sparking a realization that he may have left some potential untapped by abandoning his visualization practice. That night, he made a promise to himself: he would make it to the NHL “or die trying, just like before.”

This time, he took the visualization process one step further, envisioning his life as a movie where he was the director.

“For the next six months, I poured everything into it. I practically lived at the arena, and when my senior year began, I was gaining 26

attention from every team in the league. I received contract offers from eight teams, and after my senior year, I signed my first professional contract.”

Starting in the AHL, he harboured a burning desire to step onto NHL ice.

“I focused on playing my role as the fighter, biding my time until I received the call-up right before Christmas in 2010.”

From there, everything fell into place, again, just as he had visualized.

However, once again his journey took an unexpected turn when he suffered a neck injury after a hit from behind.

“At that time, the idea of fighting, or even the thought of it, started to weigh on me. We had also lost a few people to suicide and overdose in the hockey world, and CTE [chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disorder likely caused by repeated head injuries] was a big topic of discussion. I’d accumulated quite a few concussions over the years, although they were never officially diagnosed during my playing days.”

Following neck surgery, and with another year left on his contract, the pain and stiffness became unbearable.

“I knew I had to seek medical advice.”

The doctor’s verdict was clear: it wasn’t safe to continue playing. It was a tough pill to swallow, but this time, things were different. At 30 years old, Aaron was thinking about the future, and about starting a family.

“With my burn injury, I could handle the pain, but with my neck, the risk of making things worse was very real.”

That realization marked the end of his career, and the hardest part of that, he says, was the loss of identity.

“I’d been a hockey player—now what? Transitioning from such a regimented lifestyle to the uncertainty of everyday life is hard.” Life after hockey presented other challenges, too. Not only was he dealing with a career transition, but he was also going through a divorce and watching his dad, Tony, battle ALS. “It was a rock-bottom moment,” Aaron reflects.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and with some wise words from his father, he took a leave of absence from his job in wealth management and resumed his visualization practice.

“That’s when another light bulb went off. I had this idea that I wanted to write a book, but it terrified me in terms of being vulnerable and putting my life out there. I put my fears aside and wrote Fighter: Defying the NHL Odds. During that time, I was practicing visualization and realized this is something I needed to share,” he says.

Today, Aaron lives on acreage in Vernon with his wife Michelle and his two boys, and is focused on inspiring people around the world through his life coaching and speaking engagements. His groundbreaking approach of cinematic mind mapping, which not only propelled him to the pinnacle of professional sports but also saved his life, is now transforming the lives of others.

Aaron describes his visualization technique as an elevated form of mental imagery.

“As humans, we often struggle to project empowering thoughts and images, leading to crippling performance anxiety and a loss of confidence. Cinematic mind mapping empowers you to take control of your mental narrative. We can think of visualization as taking a remote and changing the channel on your brain’s big screen TV, therefore changing the trajectory of your life,” he explains.

Aaron’s coaching resonates across all age groups, but he sees its profound impact on younger athletes as especially meaningful.

“Kids today face unprecedented pressures and anxiety. Guiding them from self-doubt to unwavering confidence is transformative.

Hearing parents say this practice has transformed their child’s life is immensely rewarding,” he says. “I was once an average hockey player who achieved greatness through belief and a lot of hard work, and I know others can too.” 27
1526 Ellis Street | 236-420-1575 FEED YOUR IMAGINATION Canada’s #1 Clean Beauty Line Empowering Makeup Service • Makeup Lessons Bridal Hair and Makeup • Headshots Book a FREE Pampering Session Salmon Arm–231B Alexander St NE 250 833 6169 Kelowna–1326 Water St 250 878 6939 Victoria–1006 Broad St 250 889 5101

Welcome to The District at Predator Ridge — a brand new community nestled along the edge of the coveted golf course and resort. These newly-built, beautiful two-level townhomes feature level entries with walk-out basements to patios with yard space and an attached single vehicle garage. Fully immerse yourself in resort-style living with access to a wide variety of Predator Ridge perks through the Homeowner Benefit Program. Contact the listing agent, Marla Miller, at or 250-878-5125 for a private viewing.

This is not an offering for sale any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. The developers reserve the right to make changes and modifications to the information herein without prior notice. E&OE.
Scan QR Code for additional
3D tour, and imagery.
$950,000 - $970,000 • 3 BEDS, 2.5

508 Vardon Lane, Vernon, BC | $3,850,000

Stunning panoramic lake and valley views. This Tommie Award-winning masterpiece is perfectly situated on a 1.02 acre lot in the prestigious neighbourhood of Falcon Point Estates at Predator Ridge. Superior finishes throughout including Kettle Valley granite walls, ha rdwood floors, vaulted trusses, and wall-to-wall sliding doors opening to remarkable outdoor living areas with a full outdoor kitchen and seat ing area.

Presented by Marcus Shalaby | For inquiries contact or call 250-540-7980.

4-315 Kalamalka Lakeview Drive, Vernon, BC | $4,995,000

Experience breathtaking views of the colourful waters of Kalamalka Lake. This near new home is set perfectly on 4.94 acres to enjoy the exceptional views. A mix of modern-day luxury, casual comforts, and a layout that begs you to entertain. Stunning backyard with a 16x36 saltwater pool with jets, 8 person hot tub, and a fully insulated, year-round outdoor kitchen which features heaters and media.

Presented by Jane Hoffman, PREC* For inquiries contact or call 250-862-7800.

MLS 10307237 | 4 BED, 4 BATH, 5,546 SF MLS 10308294 | 4 BED, 6 BATH, 4,915 SF
*Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-866-0088

Skin deep business class

Helena Lane’s journey to creating a beloved line of simple, organic skincare products


if anyone understands skin, how it works and what it needs, it’s Helena Lane.

The 45-year-old entrepreneur launched a line of skin- and bodycare products 12 years ago, a range of products defined by simple, organic ingredients designed to keep the skin in balance. Today she is at the helm of a flourishing business in the Okanagan, with a brick-and-mortar store in Vernon, an online store and Whole Foods as her biggest local retailer.

The journey to this point was anything but simple, though. Helena grew up in Oxford, England, and until her early 20s, she was working as a restaurant chef—and loving it. There was just one big problem: the eczema on her hands, arms and neck. The severity of her eczema forced Helena out of her career and into doctors’ offices.

“My hands were bleeding and cracking, so I was having to wear gloves, which was very awkward while cooking,” she recalls. “Food and cleaning products were irritating my skin even more and the late nights and long shifts didn’t help either.”

When doctors’ solutions proved ineffective, she started exploring natural alternatives, and as she delved into these options, new career opportunities opened up.

“I retrained as a holistic therapist, focusing on aromatherapy, massage and Reiki, and then I began working in a natural food store in their vitamin, herb and skincare department,” she recalls. “I soaked up the information, which was very relevant to me because of my skin issues. Eventually, I was managing the whole depart ment.”

That time on the shop floor was invaluable, teaching Helena which solutions worked for different skin types.

“Lots of people would come in with skin issues that were not being treated effectively by conventional medicine. To be able to give them hope and solutions, and see their skin heal, made a mas sive impact on me.”

When the store was purchased by Whole Foods Market, she be came a skincare buyer in their UK head office. In that role, Helena evaluated and tested the natural products of manufacturers who wanted retail space at Whole Foods. She worked with Dr. Hauschka, one of the first natural, organic skincare companies in the world, and Weleda, another large, international brand. Then she became a trainer at Neal’s Yard, a natural apothecary company that exposed her to product manufacturing.

By the time Helena moved to Canada in 2009, she was fully versed in skincare manufacturing and sales. She understood what retailers like Whole Foods were looking for, and what customers needed. And she realized there was a dearth of Canadian brands she’d even consider for her skin.

“I’m a huge believer in buying local, so when I couldn’t find the products I needed, I decided to start creating my own brand.”

She began small in 2011, manufacturing in her Vancouver kitch en and selling at farmers’ markets. With positive feedback on her first products, she was able to launch the brand in 2012 with imme diate exposure at Whole Foods.

8 Qualified Optometrists –Accepting New Patients EXCEPTIONAL EYE CARE IN KELOWNA
Clinical Counselling Trauma Support Group Healing Nutrition for Mental Health Another Chapter Another Chapter Counselling Services Connect In-Person or Virtually (250) 469-21126
For Over 30 Years 32 “Lots of people would come in with skin issues that were not being treated effectively by conventional medicine.” Meeting your Detailing & Servicing Needs 250.801.0956 | AARON VOLPATTI Author | Speaker | Cognitive Performance Coach WWW.AARONVOLPATTI.COM | AARON@AARONVOLPATTI.COM

“Because I’d worked previously at Whole Foods, I knew what they looked for in a brand. I’d asked them what they were missing in skincare and what their customers were looking for. Then I combined that with my depth of experience and the products I wanted to create. And because Whole Foods is a real destination, lots of other retail stores and valuable contacts followed.”

Helena’s skincare philosophy is based on simplicity and made by hand in small batches. No product contains more than five or six ingredients, and all ingredients are unrefined, which means they are minimally processed.

“In skincare products in general, there are a lot of nasty ingredients that are greenwashed, and for me, having just a few recognizable ingredients is crucial,” she explains.

“In my products I want to respect how our skin works and get it back into balance. I believe that when our skin is genuinely healthy, we will be naturally radiant. And my goal is for my customers to use fewer products over time, not more. Ultimately, I believe the less we do to our skin, the healthier it will be.”

Today the Helena Lane line has around 20 skincare and body care products. They include cleansers, masks, exfoliants, moisturizers, facial oils, mists and serums, hand and body cream, skincare sets and sun creams. Her three collections are designed to serve every skin condition. The Nourishing Collection is for dry, mature, normal skin, while the Balancing Collection is for oily, combination and congested skin and the Calming Collection is for those with highly reactive skin such as rosacea and eczema.

Now that she’s based in Vernon, Helena is loving the Okanagan and the opportunity it has given her to bring her business to the region.

“Having a retail store has been fantastic, giving me a day-to-day contact with customers, which I love. We have a few stores doing

product refills for us, so that we can be as environmentally friendly as possible. And we sell through Whole Foods in Vancouver and Victoria, as well as through other retailers,” she says.

Some 20 years after starting her journey into skincare, Helena is grateful to be 100 per cent free of eczema today.

“For me, the trigger for eczema was emotional, and I believe our emotional health affects our physical health,” she reflects. “My lifestyle and the products I was putting on my skin were making my condition worse. So, I cleaned up my skincare, changed my lifestyle by leaving the hospitality industry, and worked on my emotional health.”

“Our skin is what we show to the world, and it mirrors what’s happening inside our body, emotionally and physically,” she continues. “Choosing the right skincare products is important, but to make big impact changes, we need to look at our whole being. We are a collection of everything we do and think, and the places where we exist, and all of those things have an impact on us.”

One of the biggest problems, she believes, is the culture of marketing and consumerism. Don’t buy into it, she cautions. “The mainstream skincare beauty industry puts crippling pressure on women to look perfect. Through advertising, it tells us that we’re not good enough, and that we need to be spending more money, using more products, and altering our bodies,” she says.

“It’s very effective at making us feel not good enough, and it doesn’t support reality. Through my messaging I try hard to normalize imperfections in the skin, and also in us, as people. Learning to love ourselves for who we are and what we look like can be one of the hardest but most rewarding journeys of our life. I hope that I can inspire us all to be kinder to ourselves, and to others, too.”

More information at: 33
603–11850 Oceola Road, Lake Country | 778.480.4445 LOVE YOUR HOME LOVE YOUR HOME @moderncottageco /mymoderncottage

LUXURY by the beach

This custom home with an outdoor living mecca and modern interior brings three generations together to enjoy oceanside living


For most people, a vacation home and an everyday living space are two very different entities: one for blue sky living and the other for practicality.

But for Nels and Dawna Guloien, marrying an oceanfront dream home with functional daily living spaces became a reality when they teamed up with Christen Luxury Homes and ZED Studio. Together they custom designed a home that combines modern luxury with traditional comforts, topped off with some of the best views in the neighbourhood.

The Guloiens had been living in Port Moody’s Heritage Mountain (a Vancouver suburb) but were eyeing a move that would bring them closer to the water—in this case, to Pleasantside, overlooking the Burrard Inlet.

They settled on a lot on Alderside Road, a long beachside street with an eclectic melange of original structures, contemporary oceanside villas and everything in between. There were two structures set for demolition on the lot they selected—one of the largest lots on the street—and the Guloiens envisioned building a home that could accommodate their love of outdoor entertaining, as well as their hobbies, grandkids and everyday comforts for retirement living.

Their first step: bringing in Tony Barone of Christen Luxury Homes to guide the demolition and new build.

“We got involved initially through a referral that came from a friend of the owners,” Tony says. “We met and got a feel for the site, and then I reached out to building designer Zane Erickson [of ZED Studio] to start the design process.”

The Guloiens inspired Zane as an “incredible family of high achievers,” including daughters who were Olympic athletes, a father and extended family of jazz musicians and accomplished business owners.

“They interviewed me and fell in love,” Zane says. “I design empathetically, so I ask questions, and as we talk, I start to envision the floor plan. This home turned out to be very special—5,600 square feet with five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms.” 35


With the owners’ penchant for outdoor entertaining and the property’s south-facing backyard overlooking a long stretch of beach, the team set out to create an outdoor living environment reminiscent of a vacation resort.

“The swimming pool was a priority,” says Nels. “Dawna had one as a kid and knew that she wanted it for our grandkids.”

But with the tide literally lapping at the yard, the design team had to ensure the pool was placed far enough away from the high-water mark.

“Last winter we had a 19-foot king tide,” Nels says. “So, we also had to raise and restack the seawall with granite on top.”

They also rebuilt the 200-foot-long dock, which extends into the water as a launchpad for floaties and paddleboards and offers ample space for lounging and contemplating sea life.

A raised stretch of lawn proved the perfect space for sunseekers, while the patio surrounding the pool leaves lots of room for summer lounging. Around the corner, a shower room with outdoor access ensures wet feet don’t have to splash through the house to wash off.

But the pièce de resistance might just be the outdoor kitchens (yes, there are two). These coveted entertainment spaces come complete with barbeques, refrigeration, dining space and lounges with mounted outdoor TVs.

With 1,400 square feet of covered outdoor living space spread across the main and lower levels, the Guloiens were able to create mirrored outdoor kitchens on both levels—for both poolside and main-floor entertaining.

“It makes it easier, so we don’t have to carry things upstairs or downstairs, depending on where people are hanging out,” Dawna says. 36


The inside of the home, designed collaboratively by Christen Luxury Homes and Dawna, is just as stunning as the view beyond—modern in design with traditional touches. Neutral tones keep the focus on the stunning view, which is amplified by the retractable floor-toceiling sliding glass doors in the large open-concept great room.

At one end, a stone wall anchors the fireplace and entertainment centre; at the other, a sparkling white and black kitchen offers space for informal long-table lingering. An oversized island with black millwork contrasts white surrounding cabinets, while black and white marble countertops unify the design. A concealed prep kitchen offers additional space for large-scale cooking.

Near the front entrance, a formal dining room is set apart from the great room, adjacent to the front-yard garden.

“The family wanted a garden-inspired dining room that was separate from the main living area,” Tony says. “So, when the family comes for dinner, they can be away from distractions for that time.”

An office space and elevator round out the main floor.

Upstairs, a large master bedroom plus three guest bedrooms offer ample space for family, while downstairs, a family room and additional guest room provide cosy quarters for guests and grandkids.

“The master suite has a spectacular view down Burrard Inlet, and some of the guest rooms look out across the pool,” Zane says. 37
a beautiful experience.TM Kelowna (250) 762-3422 1-2121 Springfield Rd The way a flooring sTore should be find your sTyle. and CoMforT leVel. we MaKe iT easy. over 40 years celebrating in business We are focused on making your floor covering purchase and installation more efficient, valuable and inspirational than ever before. We call it a beautiful experience. west Kelowna (250) 769-2169 4-1726 Byland Road a beautiful experience.TM Kelowna (250) 762-3422 1-2121 Springfield Rd The way a flooring sTore should be find your sTyle. and CoMforT leVel. we MaKe iT easy. over 40 years celebrating in business We are focused on making your floor covering purchase and installation more efficient, valuable and inspirational than ever before. We call it a beautiful experience. west Kelowna (250) 769-2169 4-1726 Byland Road W e are focused on making your floor covering purchase and installation more efficient, valuable and inspirational than ever before. We call it a beautiful experience. KELOWNA (250) 762-3422 | 1-2121 Springfield Rd WEST KELOWNA (250) 769-2169 | 4-1726 Byland Road


There was one additional request from the Guloiens in designing their dream home: a soundproof studio for Nels. An accomplished jazz drummer, he was looking for a separate space to keep the noise confined during rehearsals.

“Dawna felt it was important to give him an area that was private,” Tony says. “So, we suspended the garage slab in their detached garage, and built a private music room. It’s separate from the house and has its own entrance, so he can bring his band over to practice.”

The rehearsal room also serves as a musical archive for his family of jazz musicians, including famous father Paul Perry, and brother PJ Perry. It caps off a one-of-a-kind build in a truly breathtaking location.

“This home captures both a permanent residence and a vacation home all in one,” says Tony. “And it was so rewarding for us to fulfill the client’s dream.” 38
Showhome Open Daily 12 - 4pm, Closed Sunday & Monday 9854 Beacon Hill Drive, Lake Country Lakestone Preferred Builder GRAND HOUSING AWARDS Single Family Builder of the Year Small Volume 10 Homes or Less Winner
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WORK With Us




The choice to buy or sell real estate is a pivotal decision in our lives. At Chamberlain Property Group, we’ve brought together some of the most accomplished real estate agents in our communities to provide an unparalleled real estate experience for our clients.

42 CPG


OVER $4 Billion IN SALES

With over 700 years of combined sales and marketing expertise, our office has facilitated over $4 billion in real estate transactions in the Okanagan. Our advanced marketing system leads the industry, and our VIP customer service sets us apart. I encourage you to reach out to discuss how CPG is the right fit for your real estate needs.



Kirk Chamberlain

$16,900,000 MLS ® 10306335


Luxurious Tuscan retreat on Lake Okanagan in the peaceful rural community of Lake Country. This exquisite .86 acre waterfront gated estate offers approximately 240 feet of Okanagan shoreline. Over 15,000 sf rich comfort – between the home, guest house and garages.

KIRK CHAMBERLAIN * 250.486.8887

JACLYN DACYK 250.486.4100




28+acres of remarkable waterfront property with pristine shoreline and unbeatable views up and down Lake Okanagan.

KIRK CHAMBERLAIN * 250.486.8887

JACLYN DACYK 250.486.4100


® 10311391 MLS ® 10311388


Imagine owning your very own distinctive family retreat in Naramata, BC, boasting an impressive 750 feet of secluded sandy lakefront. This exceptional estate is nestled in the heart of Okanagan wine country with over 50 acres of land facing west.

KIRK CHAMBERLAIN * 250.486.8887

STEVE THOMPSON * 250.487.7000

$2,290,000 MLS ® 10305649


Serenity and peace can be used to describe the Cedar Creek Village Neighbourhood.  All encompassed with panoramic views of Okanagan Lake and the City of Kelowna, this luxurious custom home is situated on 5.45 Acres.

JOSH MIKO * 250.215.7700 MLS ® 10304899 MLS ® 10304902

MLS ® 10305851
21815 GARNET VALLEY RD | SUMMERLAND PAUL GREWAL 250.809.7014 KARRIE GREWAL 250.462.4611 $3,295,000 MLS ® 10308862 130 SLATE PL | NARAMATA KIRK CHAMBERLAIN * 250.486.8887 JACLYN DACYK 250.486.4100 MLS ® 10300721 MLS ® 10300733 $2,490,000 2197 HIGHWAY 33 E | KELOWNA DALE OLSON 250.469.1199 MLS ® 10303492 MLS ® 10303572 $1,589,000 MLS ® 10309379 316 HERITAGE BLVD | OKANAGAN FALLS LINDA TOKER 250.469.1199
MLS ® 10309723 12012 WILLETT RD | LAKE COUNTRY JOANNE BOROWSKY 250.308.9472 $1,499,000 MLS ® 10302070 2262 NARAMATA RD | NARAMATA CHAD WOZNIAK * 250.488.3304 $1,149,000 MLS ® 10308205 453 EASTVIEW RD | KALEDEN GRANT KLATIK * 250.809.0079 $1,850,000 MLS ® 10305223 182 AVERY PL | PENTICTON STEVE THOMPSON * JULIANA HARSTONE 250.487.7000



7212 HIGHWAY 97 S | PEACHLAND TROY FISCHER * 250.878.0626
MLS ® 10311188 525 VANCOUVER AVE | PENTICTON HEIDI HARBINSON 250.809.5797 $1,949,000 MLS ® 10308316 2843 ARAWANA PL | NARAMATA SEAN SKUTER 250.801.3654
MLS ® 10308055 4246 ESO CRT | KELOWNA JOSH MIKO * 250.215.7700



29 Luxury Beachfront Townhomes

Starting at $1,999,000 +GST

Beach House turns tranquil, resort-style living into an everyday indulgence on the edge of the waters of Okanagan Lake.


22 townhomes featuring rooftop patios

Starting at $749,000 +GST

An exclusive collection of 22 contemporary boutique townhomes featuring optimized space layouts with three bedrooms, double garages and sophisticated styling throughout. Okanagan Living awaits!

Boutique collection of 45 lakeside homes in
Starting at $1,549,000 +GST A rare opportunity to
lakehouse on the shores of Okanagan Lake in Summerland.



Pixton Road, Lake Country, BC


Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC $14,990,000

North Naramata Road, Naramata, BC $12,990,000

Highway 97, Summerland, BC $12,000,000

Highway 33 E, Kelowna, BC

Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC

Landry Cres, Summerland, BC

Green Avenue, Penticton, BC

Fuller Road, Kelowna, BC






Whitworth Road, West Kelowna, BC $6,295,000

Ash Avenue, Summerland, BC


Conway Crescent, Summerland, BC $5,895,000

Lakeshore Drive, Summerland, BC $5,500,000

Calgary Avenue, Penticton, BC $5,400,000

1. PENTICTON Downtown 778.476.7778 #104-399 Main Street, Penticton 2. PENTICTON Lakeside 778.476.7778 21 Lakeshore Drive West, Penticton LocationsCPG 3. SUMMERLAND 778.755.1177 #104-13615 Victoria Road North, Summerland 4. KELOWNA 778.755.1177 200-525 Highway 97 South West Kelowna 5. VERNON Coming Soon


Infill by design

Solving Kelowna’s missing middle
Performance Infill team members seen here are: Andrei Buracu, investor; Jamela Van Steinburg, partner; Sandra Matlock, development coordinator; and Andrew Gaucher, partner.
“It makes more sense right now for primaryuser owners as opposed to people who are primarily driven only for investment.”

By the time the Province of BC mandated local governments to change zoning to allow for greater density on single-family and duplex lots, Kelowna was already heading down that road.

Planners and civic politicians in the fast-growing city—looking to tackle unaffordability and create more sustainable housing options to address projected growth—had begun work to revise zoning and allow more density in established single-family home neighbourhoods. Along the way they tried to educate the public on how they could participate in developing infill housing.

Sometimes known as the “missing middle,” infill housing is that which “fits within” an existing neighbourhood without significantly altering its character or appearance. Infill housing could include: building a new home on an empty lot; adding secondary suites, carriage homes and laneway homes; replacing a single-detached home with a duplex or a fourplex; or subdividing an existing lot to allow construction of additional units.

With the city embracing such projects, plus provincial housing legislation forcing local governments’ hands, and the current real estate investment climate that’s risky for non-landowners, Andrew Gaucher predicts growth in homeowner demand for development services. He and industry colleague Jamela Van Steinburg, CEO of VLS Developments, began talks in January around the possibilities of working together to better serve this growing niche.

Performance Infill, born from those discussions, was designed as a full-service company to guide and educate homeowners in expanding the residential use of their properties—from concept to construction to sale, in some cases, and everything in between.

“We both see there is going to be a lot of need for help bringing this stuff to market,” Andrew says, adding that both he and Jamela have worked on infill projects the past several years. “Both of us have experience in the construction and development side of things, so it made sense to create an intentional entity to take advantage of [the environment] and really create these great neighbourhoods through infill.”

He’s seen and heard much public interest in this segment, mostly “quite positive, optimistic and excited,” he says. “It’s almost like a sponge; the more you put out, the more interest and more questions there are, and they’re very good. And in terms of the groundwork being laid and a high level of fluency amongst the planners here locally, Kelowna is doing very well in that regard.”

He’s kept his ear to the ground on this topic for nearly a decade and frequently posts on social media about the market realities of infill projects.

Part of that includes the financial aspects and expected rates of return. The more equity in a property, the better the land economics work for the owner, he explains.

101–1447 ELLIS STREET | 250.870.1634
Lift Weights – Effectively 15-min Full-Body Workout High-Intensity – Low-Impact Private 1-on-1 Personal Training Science-Backed & Time-Efficient

Seize the day!

“It makes more sense right now for primary-user owners as opposed to people who are primarily driven only for investment.”

A third-generation member of the Gaucher development family—GGroup is one of Kelowna’s busiest residential and commercial development firms—Andrew has plenty of experience with infill projects, most recently through Dynamic Constructors, a division of GGroup for which he serves as president.

Likewise for his business partner Jamela, whose infill projects have ranged from fourplexes to mid-size condo buildings. She also brings expertise in community engagement, regulatory expertise and residential sales and marketing to the table.

Supporting the two principals is a team of skilled and experienced staff who help guide their projects.

Passionate about architecture, design and sustainable construction technologies, Andrew sees the new company being a facilitator for its clients, many of whom have little experience in the development world.

“Originally, you’re facilitating between the owner and the designer, in trying to interpret the dream for your house. After the design component, you’re a facilitator between the owner and the municipality and land-use planners to make sure you can get it through the regulatory environment. After that you’re a facilitator between the owner and the sub-contractors to make sure you can get this built.

“In the end,” he says, “the idea is to be as close to schedule and budget as you can and facilitate the completion of this vision that

Noting that “sustainable housing,” as the city calls it, means different things to different people, he defines it as a three-legged stool that accounts for environmental sustainability, affordability to the client,

Dynamic Constructors, for example, has built a reputation for its environmental construction practices that prioritize energy efficiency.

In terms of affordability, Andrew says, “We’re really big believers

Spending time to consider simple swap-outs of one material or product for another that is just as durable or looks as good can reduce cost, he adds. In some instances, more environmentally friendly prod-

Performance Infill, based on a premise of vertical integration that combines Andrew and Jamela’s broad experience in all aspects of the development and marketing process, aims to provide solid advice to

Not only that, helping people stay in the neighbourhoods they have

“We’re going to be building these in pre-existing communities with pre-existing cultures and for the most part these are already going to be part of a neighbourhood,” he says. “We’re creating more opportunities for these communities to flourish and to be diverse.”

To find more about infill housing options through Performance Infill, contact Andrew at or Jamela at jamela@ 250-863-1915
breathtaking vistas the Okanagan has to offer
Experience the best wineries &

2094 ABBOTT STREET | 4 bed | 6 bath | 2,658 sq.ft. | MLS 10287661

2072 ABBOTT STREET | 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,810 sq.ft. | MLS 10305446

Unquestionably the two best values for waterfront property in all of Kelowna. Located on storied Abbott Street, these two homes are both offered for sale and offer generous lot sizes, sandy beaches, and dock licenses in place. This is an incredible opportunity to own a historic part of Kelowna, and obtain direct water access for well under $3,000,000.


2 bed | 3 bath | 1,920 sq.ft. | MLS 10311283 | $1,675,000

Welcome to one of the most incredible properties in all of Peachland. This incredible townhome is completely irreplaceable with direct lake access, unobstructed lake views, and custom finishing throughout.

Follow us on Instagram @hallcassiegroup

beyond bespoke





Join us as Boulevard delves into luxury, finery and quality of presence in the Sarai Bespoke Gastown showroom. Walking into the atelier, one immediately feels at ease. Time seems to slow down with the clink of a specialty ice cube into a rocks glass. A there is something calming about being in the proximity of a very well-dressed man, like Jason Sarai. Jason and his team of Seth Hagen and Lucija Korosec invited Boulevard to be a “fly on the wall” as they meet with client Chen-Wei Lee—the Canadian private client director of LOUIS XIII for Rémy Cointreau—for a chat, suit fitting and a beautiful glass of LOUIS XIII.


Pink, purple, romantic & naïve

The style-book experience


lifestyles 58
Maria Lobanova and Susan Lundy. On Susan: Pink cashmere sweater by Cashmere Clouds ($195) and cashmere scarf, both from Bagheera Boutique.


I probably snorted when Maria Lobanova offered to create personalized style books for me and my colleague, Lia Crowe. I am a jeans-boots-and-black-sweater gal; my colours are black, black and black, and my go-to wardrobe is easy, comfortable and “quiet.” I am not your dance-on-the-tables type, and my clothing says that.

Lia, on the other hand, is an ex-fashion model who has met and walked on the runway for iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen. She directs and shoots Boulevard’s fashion stories, and always seems to be wearing exactly the right outfit for the occasion.

“Lia is your woman,” I said to Maria. “I have no style sense, whatsoever.”

But when I saw Lia’s style book, a multi-page wonder of personalized style information, I thought to myself, well, why not? Maybe I am a bit curious.

Supplying Maria with the necessary photos and documents took a bit of time and thought. She needed photos of my face with my hair back, full-body shots from different angles, and a selection of other images, some that seemed random, liked photos that showed interior design and architecture preferences. It was an interesting exercise.

Maria usually conducts an in-person meeting with her clients; however, I was away at the time. So, she relied on my photos to figure out my body shape, as well as my “DNA,” which would determine my overall look. Would my DNA be classic, romantic, naïve, folk or dramatic?

The style book Maria created was hugely detailed. The 70-plus pages that I received, along with a 90-minute Zoom presentation, really covered spectrum of personal style. My DNA, Maria determined, is a mix of naïve (ha ha, so appropriate) and folk, and the book started out with a description of these style categories, focusing mostly on naïve. It also identified my body shape and suggested complementary clothing silhouettes in everything from jackets to dresses and pants.

The book gave a colour palette for the naïve DNA, along with ideas for colour combinations. In the ‘80s, I was “colour draped” by season, a method made popular back in the day by the Carole Jackson book Color Me Beautiful. Ever since, I’ve gravitated to “fall” colours. So, I was surprised to see beautiful pastels, rich blues and greens and pinks in my colour palette. Black is also there (phew) but Maria recommended against wearing it in the “portrait zone.” (There goes half my wardrobe.) But I do love the naïve colour palette; it is heavy on pinks, which I rarely wear, but to which I’m definitely drawn.

Next came fabric recommendations; for me, rough textures like tweeds and linens. This prompted me to pull out a textured coat that sat forgotten in a back closet. I love this coat! Why was it hidden away? It even fits my body-shape silhouette recommendations.

The book also included naïve-oriented fabric prints, as well as shades and styles of jewellery, shoes and bags, makeup and nails.

The remainder of the book included pages and pages of my head photoshopped onto the bodies of models wearing naïve styles, ranging from casual wear to evening wear and sportswear, romantic looks, even nighttime outfits. Although Maria mostly included naïve styles in the book, she also added several from the folk DNA, using the naïve colour palette.

The whole idea around the naïve DNA is wearing clothes that are girlish, playful and fun. After much consideration, I realized

Elevated Dentistry and Care in Central Kelowna.

State-of-the-art technology, advanced procedures, and same-day services for the utmost dental comfort and convenience in the vibrant community of the Landmark District. 59

But when I saw Lia’s style book, a multi-page wonder of personalized style information, I thought to myself, well, why not? Maybe I am a bit curious.

On Susan Lundy: Paisley blazer by Circolo 1901 ($545), white jeans by Raffaello Rossi ($345) from Bagheera Boutique. On Lia Cowe: Dress by Circolo 1901 ($425) from Bagheera Boutique. 100% silk scarf by Maria de Lamar ($325) from Bagheera Boutique or

Complicated colour combinations: Lilac with mint Lilac with gold Turquoise and lilac Pink with lilac Purple with green Warm with cold Complex transitions "Degrade" effect COLOUR COMBINATIONS STYLE: ROMANTIC DESCRIPTION: COLOUR COMBINATIONS STYLE: NAIVE DESCRIPTION: contrast color combinations: are neither too similar nor too terms of brightness. and Yellow and Coral and Turquoise Green and Orange
PHOTOGRAPHED AT BAGHEERA BOUTIQUE VICTORIA. STYLE: NAIVE DESCRIPTION: Medium contrast colour combinations: colours that are neither too similar nor too different in terms of brightness. Examples: • Blue and Yellow • Teal and Coral • Red and Turquoise Green and Orange COLOUR COMBINATIONS STYLE: ROMANTIC DESCRIPTION: Complicated colour combinations: Examples: • Lilac with mint • Lilac with gold • Turquoise and lilac • Pink with lilac • Purple with green • Warm with cold • Complex transitions • “Degrade” effect COLOUR COMBINATIONS 60

that while I like to add some playful elements to my looks, layers of fun clothes with bows and polka dots, as shown in some of the style-book images, are not really my vibe. However, I loved the more boho-style direction of the folk looks that Maria offered, and when we met later at Bagheera Boutique, I was really keen on the naïvestyle clothes she pulled for me.

Ultimately, the entire experience really got me thinking about style and fashion and personal expression, even self-artistry.

Lia said she loves fashion “because it tells the world about you.” And this is the crux of it, really, because when you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you feel comfortable in yourself.

The style-book experience has given me permission to explore different colours and silhouettes. A lot of my current wardrobe does not fit into the style-book suggestions, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to dump everything and start again. But I will definitely add some crucial pieces to my wardrobe, explore more playful elements and embrace new colours. Goodbye black. Hello pink!


If I’m being totally honest, even though I “should” know how to style myself and do my own makeup by now, I actually get it wrong a lot of the time. I know that I still have room for improvement and could be dressing way more feminine.

One thing I learned from my time as a model was to trust the professionals but also to interpret their advice for my lifestyle (which is obviously no longer walking the street of Paris or Milan) and still

The style book Maria created was both affirming and surprising. According to her formula, I am “classic” (always my go-to) but she also labeled me as primarily “romantic.” This is true of how I like to see the world—imagine a lavishly draped Italian Renaissance painting—but it is certainly not how I have been dressing. And my colours, according to Maria, should be heavy in purples and teals!

My style book was full of colours I never wear, dusty pinks and shades of violet and lilac in rich velvet, silk and brocade. I was shocked. Could this be right? But as I flipped through the many pages of runway looks, where Maria had photoshopped my head on to the model’s body, I had to admit that the romantic vibe looked pretty good.

I wanted to honour the work Maria had done, so I thought I would dip my toe into this “fairy queen” aesthetic and see what would happen. An easy place to start was with a manicure because, as most women know, choosing a nail colour is one of the most challenging decisions in life (wink, wink). That moment, when they hand you the carousel of 10,000 different colours and ask you to choose one, gives me a deer-in-the-headlights feeling every time, and I inevitably choose the wrong colour. This time I walked into the nail salon, showed them the manicure photo from my “style book” and pointed to a deep plummy-burgundy colour.

The result? I’ve never in my life had so many compliments on a nail colour, and every time I looked down at my hands it was very pleasing.

It’s funny, I can usually see on other people when their personal style really isn’t serving them well, but it’s really hard to see it on

61 Canada’s #1 Investment Advisory Firm* *Investment Executive 2023 Brokerage Report Card Let’s Discuss Your Unique Needs located on the 23 rd floor of Landmark 7 Building #1 Wealth Advisory Firm in Canada Investment Executive 2023 Brokerage Report Card


Maria Lobanova creates comprehensive personalized style guides

Maria Lobanova has combined a personal-style service with scarf creation and works under the brand Maria DeLamar. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Maria and her husband have lived in Victoria for the past two decades. Her drive to work in the creative realm has led to a career in graphic design, in addition to her role as a personal stylist.

“For as long as I can remember, creativity has been woven into the fabric of my identity,” she says. “Whether it’s sewing, knitting, drawing or painting, artistic expression has always brought me immense joy. While I can’t pinpoint the exact moment my interest in style began, I do recall making clothing for myself in secondary school.”

Eventually, Maria discovered a series of courses called “Fashion Formula for Stylists” by Alexandre Vassiliev, a Russian fashion historian, collector, TV host and author of bestselling books.

“At that point,” Maria says, “I had already conceived the notion of designing scarves and establishing my own brand around this concept. Enrolling in the course filled me with immense inspiration and motivation. It provided me with ideas for scarf designs, and also ignited a passion to become a personal stylist.”

In her role as a personal stylist, Maria creates style books for her clients. These are comprehensive, multipage guides, offering insights on how people can transform their appearance through colour palette and colour combinations, clothing silhouettes that are based on body type, fabric and print choices, and shoes and accessories, including jewellery and handbags. The style books also offer recommendations on makeup and hairstyling tailored to individual personalities.

“Nature bestows upon us unique features,” Maria says, “and when we honour our inherent qualities, we exude confidence and comfort. As we embrace this joy, we naturally radiate it to those in our midst. My goal is to instill confidence in women regarding their appearance, 62

enabling them to find happiness within themselves and share that uplifting energy with others in their lives.”

Boulevard caught up with Maria and asked a bit more about her services.


Maria Lobanova: Each woman holds her own unique features. However, not every woman understands how to accentuate these features—which colours and styles suit her best—and how to make herself feel happy and confident with her style choices.

Women will learn what clothing silhouettes accentuate their bodyshape strengths and minimize areas they may want to downplay. Selecting the appropriate clothing silhouettes is crucial for enhancing overall style and ensuring a flattering and well-balanced look.

Ultimately, the style book guides women in discovering and embracing a personal style that highlights their unique features.




ML: The first step in compiling the style book lies in discerning the right type of personality, or “DNA,” which includes five types—classic, romantic, naïve, folk and drama—and body type. This is assessed via various photos and in-person meetings. Some individuals exhibit distinct and evident facial features, allowing for easy categorization and selection of suitable clothing and accessories. However, many people possess a blend of various DNA characteristics, making it challenging to identify their specific traits. In such instances, extensive testing, comparison and thoughtful analysis are necessary.


ML: The idea of designing scarves, especially silk ones, captivated me during occasional purchases from a local boutique. Leveraging my graphic design skills, I found that I could autonomously craft my own design. As I experimented with designs and enjoyed the process, I recognized the need for deeper knowledge in different styles to refine my creations.

All my designs showcase intricate ornaments arranged in various geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, hexagons and octagons. I’ve chosen to explore a wide range of colour combinations, from the classic (blue and beige) to the rich and dramatic (gold and black), as well as the romantic (dusty lilac and sage green).

My scarves are crafted from 100 per cent silk and printed in the oldest manufacturer in Italy.



ML: The luxurious texture and sheen of silk add an element of elegance to any ensemble. They elevate the overall look and feel of an outfit, making it appear more refined and sophisticated. A silk scarf can serve as a statement accessory, adding a pop of colour or a unique pattern to an otherwise understated outfit. It can be the focal point that ties the entire look together. They can be worn around the neck, tied on handbags, used as headbands, or even fashioned into belts.

Overall, silk scarves are not only practical accessories but also integral elements of fashion that contribute to one’s personal style and aesthetic expression.

Visit Maria's website at 63

Simply, and with love

A chef’s home-cooking style

iam a chef and I love to cook—yes, even at home, even as a hobby.

Most chefs get into their careers because of an abiding passion for food and cooking. The passion doesn’t always die with a career in hospitality; rather, it can evolve into a two-stage system, with a distinct separation between professional and personal cooking lives.

At home, I often cook very simply, but still with love. As with most chefs, I have a need to create a home kitchen space that still gives me joy in cooking, without reminding me too much of my job.

In my professional life, I’m known as a chef with extensive knowledge of international cuisines and ingredients. My cooking

classes cover everything from Thai and Indian to Moroccan and Mexican, and an entire season of my TV show was themed “travel by plate.” It’s natural to assume that I cook like this at home all the time. But a lot has changed over 30 years.

I got into teaching international cuisines out of a love for and an interest in those cuisines. When I first moved out on my own, my home cooking style matched exactly what would eventually become my professional cooking style. I cooked almost exclusively with an international palate of spices, aromatics and cooking techniques. The joy was in the learning! In my early years, the combination of my interest in flavours from around the world— and the time to explore them—meant that they became an important part of my cooking style.

This slowly began to evolve as my life changed, and I started a family and a business. Home-cooked meals became simpler and blander out of necessity. A focus on the health and future of my 64

children led me to explore more seriously the seasonal foods in our region, and dive into butchery and food preservation. Outside of work, I began to spend more time at farm markets and less time at specialty grocery stores.

But the core of my cooking style has never changed. This core lives in my desire to create meaning and joy in my kitchen. Whether this comes from a new learning project, a delicious family meal, a collection of curated kitchen tools, or vegetables lovingly gifted from my mother’s garden, it is connected to what is joyful, meaningful and achievable for me on a day-to-day basis.

I may not always have the time or energy to create impressive meals at home, but I usually cook from the heart. My homecooking style now could best be described as “local seasonal ingredients prepared with simplicity” rather than “food with international flair.” Not that those two are mutually exclusive, by any means! Vancouver Island doesn’t have the climate and growing conditions for a lot of the spices and aromatics used in other parts of the world, but that doesn’t stop me from using them as inspiration. I often combine the two at home with joy (Indian spices with local turnips, for example, are so good), but just as often do not.

I’m around flavourful international food all the time at my job—I get my fix of delicious Indian curries, spicy Thai noodles and umami-rich Chinese stir-fries, many times per week at work. At home, I want to rest in foods that are distinctly different, as a break from work. So, the main focus of my personal cooking life has shifted a bit to compensate and create a distinct boundary.

What is meaningful to me changes as I age, what is new to me shifts as I grow, what brings me joy in the kitchen is ever-evolving. But finding that joy is in the core of all that I do as a cook. At one time this was fed by exploring international flavours, now it is fueled by discovering new ways to learn and grow.

Cooking has always been my main hobby, so turning it into a career means that I need to find ways to capture the “hobby feeling” in the kitchen again. I can most easily recapture this feeling by tackling a learning project.

It’s become increasingly important to me to feel like a beginner again in the kitchen—the rush of learning and exploring is what has always made cooking fun. Lately, it’s been gardening and bread-making, specifically sourdough bread in all its forms. I may not be thrilled to make family dinner after cooking all day for work, but I am still excited to try my hand at sourdough English muffins!

Finally, I can’t talk about my personal home-cooking style without talking about my must-have kitchen tools. My tools bring me joy and ease; they are an extension of me and of my work. Obviously, at home I don’t have large industrial-size equipment that I would use in a professional space, but many of my must-haves are things I discovered working in professional kitchens—tools like kitchen scales, timers, instant reading digital thermometers, specialty knives and mandolines. But I love to mix those with unique items that I’ve collected and loved, like my antique aluminum citrus juicer, my angled wooden spoons, my vintage glass jars inherited from my grandmother, my cast iron pan inherited from my grandfather, and my collection of teamaking paraphernalia.

My personal cooking style is, at heart, about the joy and the learning. It is a blend of what is meaningful to me, the tools and ingredients that bring me joy, the learning focus that ignites my passion and the ability to feed my family in a way that feels different from my job. I cook simply and with love. 65 BEFORE AFTER 1855 Kirschner Rd #300, Kelowna | 250.317.3666 THE SIGNATURE 5D FACELIFT TM Exclusive to Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics Strengthens collagen and lifts the skin by collagen contraction, resulting in tightness and increased elasticity of your skin. Special Offer $500 OFF SIGNATURE 5D Facelift Treatment


• High-quality stainless-steel skillets

• Well-seasoned cast iron pans

• Heavy gauge aluminum sheet pans

• Wooden cutting boards

• Assorted chef knives, boning knives, paring knives

• Instant-reading digital thermometer

• Spice grinder

• Immersion blender

• Kitchen scale

• Japanese mandoline

• Angled wooden spoons

• Flat whisk

• French whisk

• Vintage thin-metal spatula

• Antique citrus juicer

• High-quality tongs

• Assorted ramekins and pinch bowls

• Kitchen shears

• High-quality peeler

• Angled-view liquid measuring cup

• Bench scraper

• Mini tools, such as mini-spatula and mini-whisk

• Silicone spatula

• Measuring spoons and cups

• Tea strainer and cute tea bag holder 66 BMO Private Wealth is a brand name for a business group consisting of Bank of Montreal and certain of its affiliates in providing private wealth management products and services. Not all products and services are offered by all legal entities within BMO Private Wealth. Banking services are offered through Bank of Montreal. Investment management, wealth planning, tax planning, and philanthropy planning services are offered through BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. and BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc. Estate, trust, and custodial services are offered through BMO Trust Company. BMO Private Wealth legal entities do not offer tax advice. BMO Trust Company and BMO Bank of Montreal are Members of CDIC. ®Registered trademark of Bank of Montreal, used under license. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. If you are already a client of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., please contact your Investment Advisor for more information. Wealth is personal and managing your wealth requires trust. Tammy Mercer, CIWM, FCSI® Senior Investment Advisor Senior Wealth Advisor 250-317-7731 BMO Nesbitt Burns 294 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna Delivering the absolute best in wealth management for over 25 years. Partner with Performance Infill to transform your property into thriving communities. At Performance Infill, our team of professional developers and builders work hand in hand with you to create market-ready housing and vibrant communities on your land. We manage the complex regulatory, finance and construction responsibilities, allowing you to realize your vision and full financial opportunities from your property. Unlock Your Land's Potential Get a free consultation: DISCLAIMER: This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made after filing a disclosure statement. E. & O. E. The developer reserves the right to make modifications and changes to building design, landscaping, specification, features, and floor plans. In partnership with

Heidi’s Daily Breakfast Bowl

This dish, more than any other, defines my personal food style. I have been eating some variation of this unsweetened bowl of fruit, yogurt, nuts and oats almost daily since I was in my early teens. Both granola and cooked oatmeal have been included over the decades, but for the last 10 years it has been based on a bowl of muesli, otherwise known as “overnight oats.”

Note: There are two secrets to success with this breakfast: first, using old-fashioned rolled oats instead of quick oats, as the resulting texture is never gummy; second, using plain unsweetened, unflavoured yogurt and protein powder—the fruit makes it sweet enough for every day.


¼ cup old-fashioned rolled oats

½ to ¾ cup plain whole milk yogurt (Use flavoured yogurt if you prefer.)


½ scoop plain unflavoured whey protein powder (I prefer how the plain whey blends into the background with no distinct taste or sweetness, but feel free to use vanilla-flavoured or a vegan protein base or leave it out altogether.)

1 cup sliced seasonal fruit (Apples and frozen blueberries feature most of the year, but in the summer and early fall, I rely more on berries, stone fruits and grapes.)

1 to 3 tbsp assorted nuts and seeds, chopped if necessary (My consistent three favourites are raw almonds, raw hemp seeds and raw pumpkin seeds.)

2 tsp ground flax or chia seeds


The night before: Mix together the old-fashioned rolled oats and plain yogurt in a food-safe container with a lid. Let soak overnight at room temperature.

The next morning: Mix in the protein powder, if using, until completely dissolved. Stir in the chopped fruit and the nuts and/or seeds. Mix well. Sprinkle the top with ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds.

Enjoy! 68 Curated Luxury Helicopter Experiences in Unrivaled Style & Comfort 6295 Airport Way, Kelowna 250.765.1510

Heidi’s Basic Vinaigrette

With a 1:2 ratio of acid to oil, this vinaigrette is bright and refreshing. It’s my favourite way to liven up some spring greens. I would put this on every salad, if I could.

30 ml (2 tbsp) fresh lemon juice

30 ml (2 tbsp) cider vinegar or white wine vinegar

10 ml (2 tsp) Dijon mustard

15 ml (1 tbsp) honey OR 2 tsp sugar

2.5 ml (½ tsp) fine salt

2.5 ml (½ tsp) freshly ground black pepper

1 small clove garlic, pressed or grated

125 ml (½ cup) mild fruity extra virgin olive oil, or mild oil of your choice

In a small mason jar, mix together the lemon juice, vinegar, Dijon, honey or sugar, salt, pepper and garlic. Put the lid on and shake until the mustard and honey have dissolved. Sometimes it helps to shake, let it sit for a few minutes, and shake again.

Remove the lid, pour in the oil, close the lid tightly and shake again until the dressing is emulsified.

Serve over any salad, but I especially love this bracing vinaigrette with a mix of early spring lettuces and bitter greens (such as chicory and radicchio), and garnished with sliced radish, shaved fennel, baby cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Roasted Asparagus

The simplicity of this preparation really brings out the best in my favourite springtime vegetable. I could eat this whole pound by myself!

454 g (1 lb) asparagus

22 ml (1½ tbsp) ghee or butter

1 ml (¼ tsp) salt

1 ml (¼ tsp) freshly ground pepper

Optional: Juice of ½ lemon

Preheat oven to 400 F. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Snap off the tough ends of each stalk of asparagus. Discard the tough ends and place the trimmed asparagus spears in a large bowl. Melt the ghee or butter, either in a small pot on the stove, or in a microwave-safe dish in the microwave. Sprinkle the asparagus with salt and pepper, drizzle with the melted ghee or butter, and toss well to combine.

Spread asparagus on the parchment-lined tray and place in the oven. Roast for 7 to 10 minutes, until crisp-tender. Transfer asparagus to a serving platter and sprinkle with the fresh juice from ½ lemon, if desired. Serve immediately. 69
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Simple Pan-Seared Salmon with Family Sauce

Cooked right, fish in season needs no seasoning other than salt; still, a small dollop of a Fink family favourite sauce (recipe above) adds some polish to a light and refreshing meal.


4 wild salmon fillets, approximately 150 to 200 g each 4 tbsp clarified butter or oil Salt


Use salmon sauce above or flavoured butter of your choice

Heat two large skillets (cast iron is a great choice) over medium to medium-high heat. While the skillets are heating, sprinkle the fillets generously with salt. When the skillets are hot, add half the butter or oil to each pan, place fillets skin-side down in the pans and cook without moving for about three minutes. Use a thin metal spatula to loosen the fish and flip it over. Cook for about two minutes more. Serve immediately, with flavoured butter and spring vegetables.

IMPORTANT: The pan should be hot but not smoking for this. You should end up with a golden-brown crust on the top, not a black one. The fish will be just barely cooked in the middle, to maintain moisture. Adjust heat and timing depending on how easily your stove heats up and how thick the fish is.

My Family’s Favourite Salmon Sauce

This is a variation on a salmon marinade that my parents used to make. I loved the flavours, but I wanted them in a compound butter rather than a marinade, so that I could taste the salmon itself. I’ve tweaked this recipe over 25 years. It is my kids’ favourite. It tastes delicious on other types of fish as well.

45 ml (3 tbsp) minced fresh chives

22 ml (1½ tbsp) butter

60 ml (4 tbsp) minced fresh parsley or dill

Finely grated zest of ½ lemon

1 very small clove garlic, pressed

15 ml (1 tbsp) fresh lemon juice

2.5 ml (½ tsp) soy sauce

22 ml (1½ tbsp) Hellmann’s mayonnaise

Place chives and butter in a small pot on the stove and turn heat to low. Once the butter has melted and the chives smell fragrant, remove from heat and scrape mixture into a small bowl. Add the parsley, lemon zest and garlic, mixing well. Allow to cool completely, then mix in the lemon juice, soy sauce and mayonnaise. Taste and adjust salt and lemon, if necessary. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to use.

As soon as the salmon (or other fish) is done, serve immediately, with a dollop of this sauce on each piece. The sauce will melt into the salmon. Delicious!


out your existing kitchen.

will evaluate your kitchen to determine if it can be removed and reused safely. We will schedule a date and carefully dismantle your old kitchen and take it away. Leaving a blank canvas for your brand new kitchen. 70 It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. 250-862-0635 1 2 3 Contact
FREE kitchen removal service Donating useful goods to our local ReStore also keeps quality items from going to waste. Your old kitchen will help fund local Habitat for Humanity Homes and in return you receive a taxable receipt for our resale value.
It really is that easy!

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It’s a great time to visit the Okanagan and our Show Home. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM. Or by appointment outside these hours. L

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Open Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm

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travel 73
Exceptional, extraordinary and everything you dreamed it could be WORDS LIA CROWE
I suddenly realized I was headed somewhere quite different from anywhere I had ever before experienced.

When the opportunity to spend 72 hours in Dubai arose on a chilly autumn day, I was struck by a sense of adventure and I saw myself standing in the Arabian desert at dusk, a warm wind caressing my skin and the mixed smell of camel and jasmine filling the air.

Truth be told, I’d never considered visiting Dubai. I knew little about it other than its rough geographical location and some notions that I had gathered, mostly from movies and stories. But as I started to discuss the upcoming trip with others, a couple of themes emerged. Most referred to it as a bucket-list destination and every “boy”, from age seven to 77, knew about the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and could rattle off some of its stats.

So, as I settled in to my seat on Air Canada’s newly launched 15-hour direct flight from Vancouver to Dubai, I had some time to do a little research.

I quickly learned that Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The city went from a small fishing village in the early 1800s to an international trading hub in the early 20th century, but changed its focus to luxury tourism in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. As of 2018, the number of citizens of the UAE sat at around 11.5 per cent of the population; the remaining 88.5 per cent was made up of expatriate workers.

I watched a jaw-dropping time-lapse video showing the extraordinary growth of the 74

city between 2000 and 2020, and then watched an Instagram video of people doing a challenge in Dubai, where they would show how clean the streets are by walking them in white socks.

I suddenly realized I was headed somewhere quite different from anywhere I had ever before experienced.

Many hours later, the car from the airport pulled up to The Dubai EDITION luxury hotel. I stepped into an impressive entranceway, lined by lush gardens, planted with what looked like large versions of my house plants. My whole body relaxed as the warm night air—as well as the hotel’s signature scent—enveloped me. I had arrived somewhere special, a place where luxury is at the forefront and in every detail. And so began a tour of the extraordinary.

Day one started with a trip to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU)—an excellent place to start any visit to Dubai. The motto here is “open doors, open minds,” and all questions—no matter how sensitive—are welcome and answered.

Located in a beautifully restored wind-tower house in Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood, tourists are welcome to sit around the centre courtyard on Bedouin-style carpets and pillows to enjoy a traditional lunch, hosted by a local Emirati woman, who presents a cultural talk followed by a Q&A. This cultural education continued where my research left off, as the woman delved into details about the daily life of the Emirati people. She spoke about the traditional dress which most Emirati still wear: the women are mostly all covered in black or dark colours. The men’s “business suit” is all white with a black cord called an agal, worn around the head, holding on the white headdress. Traditionally, she said, the agal was used to bind camel legs together so they couldn’t wander away.

For our traditional lunch, we feasted on a selection of mouthwatering meat and vegetable birianis, followed by sweet tea and luqaimat, which are fried pastry balls drizzled in syrup.

Now, with a deeper understanding of the culture, and a desire to know more, we crossed the Dubai Creek on a traditional wooden boat to Old Dubai for a tour of the spice, gold, perfume and textile souks (markets).

Our tour guide instructed us to barter with the merchants, saying, “Do not pay more than half of the price that you are originally told!” We wandered through narrow, covered passageways lined by shops that had baskets piled high with spices in every colour of the rainbow. Some I recognized—like turmeric—but most I did not. I bought some huge dates and a few perfumes in little gold bottles, and when questioned by our guide as to what I paid, I sheepishly admitted that I tried to barter. 75
4956 Bucktail Lane $1,995,000 | MLS#10288492 5538 Lakeshore Road $5,395,000 | MLS#10284372 105 – 5650 Edge Place $3,995,000 | MLS#10284837 LUXURY REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTS | 250.575.6448

“But I’m Canadian,” I said, laughing. “And it felt rude!” I wandered for a while longer and devoured some delicious dateflavoured camel-milk gelato, while ogling the shop windows in the gold souk.

On day two, I awoke and headed down to breakfast in the hotel, wearing a long-sleeved, high-necked, full-length silk dress (We had been advised to wear modest clothing and I always love dressing the part!) The hotel lobby was chic, with high ceilings and a spiral staircase, all covered in white plaster. I was escorted to a gorgeous terrace, where huge planters of olive trees and bougainvillea divided the tables. As I enjoyed a cappuccino, I noticed that to my left was a full view of the Burj Khalifa. It was shiny and impressive, but I couldn’t quite register the immensity of its scale.

We spent the morning exploring Alserkal Avenue, an industrial space that has been turned into a carefully crafted cultural district. The series of warehouse-style spaces included galleries, cafes, a record store, artsy bookshops, an art movie theatre and a music venue— testament to how well the arts here are supported and encouraged.

That afternoon we set off on a one-hour drive, heading out of the city towards what future-me will refer to as “my favourite part” of my 72 hours in Dubai—the Arabian Desert for the Platinum Heritage Dubai Desert Safari Experience.

As I watched the Dubai skyline disappear behind me, the Burj Khalifa finally registered its impressive height, standing at least double the height of any other building. Ahead, the golden rolling sands of my pre-trip fantasy awaited, and as we arrived, the Platinum Heritage team took over

Wearing provided head scarves expertly tied in place, we loaded on to museum-quality 1950s Land Rovers, and motored into the desert. Our guide pointed out some wildlife, including white oryx with long horns, sweet little gazelles, and sand fish, shiny lizards that dove into the sand like it was water as soon as we got too close. As the sun began to set, the sky turning dusty blue against the golden

land, we rounded a corner to an area set with blankets, cushions and a sweet mint-tea service.

We were here for a falcon demonstration, and discovered that the Bedouins traditionally used falcons for hunting. They’d catch, train and hunt with them, before releasing them back into the wild for their annual migration—and then repeating the process 76

the following year. As we watched, a trainer let “Pegasus” loose and we tried to keep our eyes on the “fastest animal on earth,” which swooped like a speeding bullet with laser precision towards the trainer’s lure.

As the heat of the day subsided, we arrived at a huge Bedouin camp enclosed in a stone wall with palms lining the entranceway.

Greeted with a half-full cup of black cardamom Arabica coffee and a date, the camp opened up to reveal a huge sitting area, set with Persian carpets on the sand surrounded by cooking fires and low tables. We ate a delicious meal of hummus, baba ghanoush, Fattoush salad, lamb and camel stews and rice, followed by dessert of luqaimat and sweet camel-milk tea.

Now free to wander the camp, I watched a show of traditional music and dance, had my hands tattooed with henna and then squealed like a child as I rode a camel outside the camp walls.

I finally settled down in the centre carpet area, propped up by firm pillows, and a host brought me a shisha (a huge decorative water pipe) to smoke. I laid back and puffed on the pipe, the Milky Way stretching like a swath of paint across the black open sky above me, and thought, “This, right now, is a perfect moment that I will never forget.”

The last day was a continuation of experiencing “the over-thetop exceptional.” A must-do tour is the Burj Al Arab, dubbed the world’s first seven-star hotel. It is an icon of Dubai that redefines modern Arabian luxury. To say it was opulent would be an understatement. The walls were covered in gold and so was my cappuccino in the cafe.

If that wasn’t luxury enough, I was soon in my bikini floating in the AURA Skypool (the world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool), which overlooks the Dubai skyline on one side and the Palm Jumeirah (an artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree) on the other.

Would I recommend travelling to Dubai? The question would be, do you like the best of the best the world can offer? All the food I ate was excellent, every experience was over-the-top exceptional…whether you’re a multimillionaire or not, you will feel like one in Dubai. 77

secrets and lives — AND THE 7 SINS with PAULA QUINN

“We came to Canada because we wanted a better life for our two young boys. It just so happens that we ended up with a better quality of life as well.”

Paula Quinn is the executive director of the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, a state-of-the-art museum at Kelowna International Airport dedicated to the rich history of aviation in the Okanagan.

Paula was born in North London, England and moved to Canada 23 years ago, first to Calgary and then to Kelowna 17 years ago.

“We came to Canada because we wanted a better life for our two young boys. It just so happens that we ended up with a better quality of life as well.”

Paula loves the enriching connections she gets to make with people through her work at the KF Centre—from the people who visit the centre to attend events and exhibits to the local boards she sits on.

“My work also takes me right into the heart of the business community, which I adore because I am like a sponge. I just soak up their history and enjoy finding out about their stories and their successes.”

Paula credits her own successes to “very hard work and the willingness to ‘trust my cape.’ It’s so important to allow yourself the opportunity to fail and use that experience to push you forward wiser.”

She believes in “turning tough situations into opportunities, being authentic in yourself and allowing others to be a part of your successes.”

Paula is also grateful for the mentors who have supported her in her corporate career.

“I have been privileged to work with such an amazing group of executives in my lifetime, and each of them have supported me on my journey. I have been blessed to have some amazing mentors who believed in my ability, which allowed me to push forward and upward.”

Outside of work, Paula says, her greatest joy is her grandchildren. They live in Calgary, so when she can’t be with them, she turns to her next greatest joy: riding her e-bike.

“I love going out early in the morning on my bike, stopping to get a fresh baguette and coffee, and then making fresh sandwiches to eat on the beach while enjoying the early morning sunshine and people-watching.”

If you stop by the KF Centre, be sure to check out Paula’s favourite exhibit: the DC-3 aircraft which Barry Lapointe, founder and CEO of KF Aerospace, flew around the world during Expo ‘86.

“This aircraft is just so majestic and magical. With its own rich history and its connection with our founder, it can evoke great stories from all who come to see it.”

The 7 Sins


Whose shoes would you like to walk in?

Margaret Thatcher, English Prime Minister, but I would want to wear my own shoes as hers were a little sensible for my taste.


What is the food you could eat over and over again?

Bread, bread and then some more bread, with butter, of course.


You’re given $1 million that you have to spend selfishly. What would you spend it on?

I would have to split it between doing something magical for kids in need and their families and having the best shoe and handbag collection to rival Imelda Marcos.


Pet peeves? Tardiness.


Where would you spend a long time doing nothing?

I don’t think I know how to do nothing, so I would have to say sleeping.


What is the one thing you’re secretly proud of?

My further education. I always wanted to attend university, but that was not possible until I was in my late 40s.


What makes your heart beat faster?

My husband, still, after nearly 40 years of marriage. 79

behind the story

The team behind this edition of Boulevard’s fashion story, Sarai Bespoke, is a boutique lifestyle brand that creates custom luxury garments for a global clientele. The company’s sartorial vision combines old-world craftsmanship with a modern sensibility to produce refined clothing that stands the test of time.

Founded in 2014 by creative director Jason Sarai, Sarai Bespoke works with only the world’s finest fabric producers, such as Italy’s Loro Piana and Fox Brothers, the storied English mill.

The company is based in Vancouver but serves clients across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Sarai Bespoke is also active in the entertainment and lifestyle spaces, working with acclaimed artists such as Michael Buble, as well as renowned brand partners like Omega, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rémy Martin, Louis XIII and Cartier to complement its clients’ experience.

The company’s consulting arm, Style by Sarai, consults on a wide range of lifestyle and fashion projects, including personal styling, editorial direction and luxury hospitality garment design.


Seen here Sarai Bespoke: Jason Sarai, founder and creative director; Lucija Korosec, stylist and design consultant; and Seth Hagen, stylist.
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