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OUTof the BOX

Summer and into

TASTE OF THE CITY Victoria’s thriving epicurean culture


Layered sandwiches that explode with taste


Bring out the chic: poolside, beachside, on your walls










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On the Cover Photo by Matt Brouwer Sweetness & Light Step inside this soaringceilinged Bear Mountain home where the design flows like smooth water. Story by Angela Cowan



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Unique design features among highlights of stunning home

By Angela Cowan


Five activities to expand your world

By Jane Zatylny


Vision and hard work pay off for Ian Laing

By Tess van Straaten


Chic and timeless fashion with rich colours and prints that burst with personality.

By Lia Crowe

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Layered sandwiches that explode with taste

By Chef Heidi Fink


By Lia Crowe, Don Denton

& Angela Cowan







24 inspiredPEOPLE


The art of Elka Nowicka

What’s on this Month

By Robert Moyes

By Angela Cowan




Getting Out of the Box



Kate Wells

Loving La Jolla The Lodge at Torrey Pines

By Lia Crowe

By Suzanne Morphet



Motel Chic


By Janice Jefferson



It’s the Berries

By Pamela Durkin


It’s in the Cards Elements Casino

By Chelsea Forman

Daisy and Adam Orser

By Chelsea Forman


By LIa Crowe  |

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PUBLISHER Mario Gedicke 250.891.5627

“The west coast feel of this build with the warm, wood tones against a blue sky, and its soaring central section were captivating.” Matt owns and operates Evenstar Studios, specializing in architectural photography, aerial photo/video and video production.

“I wanted to create a look that gives a healthy glow to model Amanda’s skin. I used the Glo Skin Beauty line to achieve this. I also have to admit that 95 per cent of the time I incorporate RMS Living Luminizer into every model’s makeup application, since it just photographs so beautifully. Trade secret.” Jen is a Victoria-based makeup artist.


EDITOR Susan Lundy



DESIGN Lorianne Koch Michelle Gjerde ADVERTISING Mario Gedicke Pat Brindle Vicki Clark ASSOCIATE GROUP Oliver Sommer PUBLISHER






“As much as I loved Elka Nowicka’s art, I almost felt like I loved her house even more! Set right on the water, it embodies Elka’s unique design perspective and is full of her wonderful paintings, beautiful sculptures, vibrant pops of colour and, my favourite, a Lego collection. It was gorgeous and fun and inspiring to be in as we chatted.” Angela is a freelance writer and editor who contributes regularly to Boulevard. Find her on Twitter @angela_m_cowan.

“Until the photo shoot for our fashion story I had never been to Blue Grouse Estate Winery. I had heard it was nice, but as soon as I arrived I realized that was an understatement — “absolutely stunning” is a better descriptor. Sweeping vineyards, a beautiful bit of woods with a creek running through it and that typical, never-gets-old Cowichan Valley view stretching for miles!” Lia is a stylist, creative director, photographer and writer with a long history of working in the fashion industry.

CONTRIBUTING Angela Cowan, WRITERS Lia Crowe, Pamela Durkin, Heidi Fink, Chelsea Forman, Janice Jefferson, Suzanne Morphet, Robert Moyes, Tess van Straaten, Jane Zatylny CONTRIBUTING Lia Crowe, Don Denton, PHOTOGRAPHERS Matt Brouwer CIRCULATION & Marilou Pasion DISTRIBUTION 604.542.7411



outof the box

Summer and into

taste of tHe CItY







Victoria’s thriving epicurean culture


Layered sandwiches that explode with taste

make a splasH

Bring out the chic: poolside, beachside, on your walls

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“Who knew sandwiches could be so much fun to photograph? Working together with Chef Heidi Fink and associate editor Lia Crowe on our food feature, the stacks of bread, vegetables, meats and spreads became colourful, textured architecture rather than just tasty fuel for the body.” Don has photographed numerous high-profile events, including the Olympics, World Hockey Championships and a Royal wedding.

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“I fell in love with the colours in this issue’s food story. I’m usually very focussed on flavour, but while stacking the sandwich ingredients for the photo shoot, I became entranced with the layers of colour and how that translated to the flavour anticipation in my mind.” Heidi is a chef, food writer and culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines.

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PAGE 124 “Grocery shopping at The Root Cellar with owners Daisy and Adam Orser showcased why this Village Green Grocer is Greater Victoria’s premier destination for experiential shopping. The wholesome food, live music, local samples and newly introduced coffee bar are only outdone by the Orsers’ unprecedented dedication to sustainability and community betterment.” Born and raised in British Columbia, Chelsea has had the opportunity to build her career writing about the people and places that make this diverse province so special.

“I love the fresh snazziness of vintage motel design— carnations, cinder blocks and courtyard pools. If you have one to renovate, I’m your gal!” Janice is an interior designer who creates well-functioning spaces with an eye-catching mix of playfulness and refinement.


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“A collection of all things artsy, fun and spectacular happening in Victoria this June and July. Enjoy festivals celebrating jazz, Shakespeare and flamenco, as well as a dazzling exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints.” A born and bred Victoria native, Robert is a longtime freelancer and editor whose main focus these days is arts journalism.








“We’ve all heard the saying about how without risk there’s no reward and Ian Laing takes that to the next level — first with an ambitious gamble when he was a university student that launched his successful property development company and now with a foray into the uncharted world of commercial cannabis cultivation. After interviewing Ian, I’m inspired to be more daring.” Tess is an award-winning journalist and television personality who has had the privilege of interviewing people for close to two decades.

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

“I discovered that The Lodge at Torrey Pines in San Diego is the perfect place for a couple who has different interests as I’m a hiker and my husband’s a golfer. We both enjoyed our stay.” Suzanne is a travel writer and photographer who lives conveniently close to both the Victoria airport and the Swartz Bay ferry terminal to make frequent escapes from the island.

“This assignment was timely because I recently decided to consciously seek out some new activities to try. Sure, I may fail, but I’m learning that it’s actually the attempt that matters most.” Jane is a longtime writer, editor and communications professional.


This season let the shine through


Feminine rejuvenation • Hairloss age-related Facial cHanges Body sculpting and tigHtening



Getting out of the box BY SUSAN LUNDY

in. In the winter, there’s the Canucks, in the summer, it’s the Jays. Bed around 11:00; up at 7:00. It’s a good, comfy box. But once in awhile, I think, I gotta shake things up. I remember things I did years ago (before I understood mortality), like riding in a plane with the door removed to take photos; signing up for sky-diving classes (thankfully cancelled); going up in a glider; wind-surfing; travelling around Europe with a backpack; watching the sun rise after all-night parties; embarking on spontaneous road-trips. For those of you — like me — who pine for something different this summer, Boulevard has you covered. Getting out of the box is the subject of this edition’s feature story, a concept writer Jane Zatylny embraced with enthusiasm, coming up with five great ideas. This edition might also help you get out of your food box. Take a basket of stacked sandwiches on a picnic; get healthy with some unusual berries; sample the flavours offered up by chefs in our annual Epicurean section. Shake up your living space with “motel chic” ideas; feast your eyes on the interior of a beautiful Bear Mountain home; hit the casino; live vicariously through travel writer Suzanne Morphet as she visits the exclusive The Lodge at Torrey Pines. Meet Ian Laing, Daisy and Adam Orser, Elka Nowicki and Kate Wells. Promise yourself to do something out of the box this summer. Back on our cross-country journey, our speed-challenged van forced us to take back roads and visit small towns. But finally, we hit our first city, which happened to be Bruce’s hometown of Calgary. We rumbled into town via a route Bruce had driven dozens of times. Vehicles hurtled past us and he gripped the wheel, noting in wonderment: “I don’t think I’ve ever been passed on this highway before.” The traffic got thicker and faster. Cars weaved in and out and around us. Finally Bruce exploded. “Where are they all going in such a hurry?” he demanded. “It’s 7 o’clock at night. What could be so important they have to get there so quickly?” Suddenly, he wasn’t so comfortable back in his old box. PHOTO BY LIA CROWE


HOULD WE try taking it to full speed?” Bruce wondered. I just smiled. My foot was pressed to the floor. This was top speed and he was about to discover that this journey would be a little out of the box. We had just flown from Victoria to Moncton to pick up my 1978 VW van — driven east the previous year by my daughter and her friends — and take it home to the coast. Bruce and I were a “newish” couple at the time and it was his first introduction to my beloved, if slightly decrepit and definitely speed-challenged, van. Even my vision of the trip changed in the 30-minute drive from the auto shop, where the van had wintered, to the home of a friend, where we planned to clean it up. It shook and sputtered as I stepped on the gas, eventually belching into the iconic VW chug-chug-chug. We lurched forward, merged onto the Trans Canada and reached a pedal-to-the-metal speed of about 80 kilometres per hour — slower than I’d recalled. At that time, Bruce was what I termed a “destination-oriented driver” from Calgary, where he wove in and out of traffic in his powerful Toyota FJ, often letting me know his thoughts on slow drivers. But on this day, he was silenced as the cars zoomed by us on the highway. I could feel his alarm. I’ve written previously about my van, affectionately called The Pumpkin Loaf for its bright orange hue and white high-top roof. (In fact, last spring I reflected on it in this space as I prepared to sell it. By the end of the column I’d talked myself out of selling it — and … yes… I still have it.) It’s since been fixed up, but back in 2011 when we took our cross-Canada trip, it had seen better days — especially before it sat for a year in a Moncton snow pile. We were all surprised it made it across the country on the eastbound trip and it seemed audacious to drive it all the way back. But as we headed first further east and then west, Bruce started to feel the vibe. The world changes when you get behind the wheel of an old V-Dub. You can’t go fast, can’t think about changing lanes and passing trucks and zooming to your destination. Everything slows down. “That’s a very ‘teenage’ thing to do,” commented one friend. But for us, it was merely a wonderfully out-of-the-box trip to take. Most of the time I’m happy living “inside the box.” I like my work, I enjoy walking and hiking, I revel in dinners out and Netflix

“That’s a very ‘teenage’ thing to do,” commented one friend. But for us, it was merely a wonderfully out-of-the-box trip to take.

12  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Susan Lundy has been writing stories since she was six years old. She has a degree in creative writing from the University of Victoria, and after working for many years as an award-winning journalist is now a magazine editor, author and freelance writer.

Right in the Centre of Beautiful

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inspired STYLE


Kate Wells




UNIFORM: “I really have two ‘uniforms.’ First, is my everyday, business casual work wear which consists of summer dresses, jeans and T-shirts, sandals or flip flops. Second is my equestrian wardrobe which I absolutely LOVE! Italian riding boots, beautiful breeches and shirts and sweaters to match. Victoria Saddlery is my absolute favourite place to shop. They keep me looking upto-date in the equestrian world!” FAVOURITE PAIR OF SHOES: “My Sanuk flip flops!” FAVOURITE DAYBAG: “One that can carry all my riding things…yes…spurs, boots, crop, breeches, belts and the list goes on. Oh! And a bottle of wine might be found in there too!” FAVOURITE JEWELLERY PIECE OR DESIGNER: “I love my pearl earrings. They are simple and classy and my sister gave them to me. FASHION OBSESSION: “I love clothes, both day-to-day clothes and riding clothes. I am obsessed with breeches (riding pants) and belts.” ACCESSORY YOU SPEND THE MOST MONEY ON: “Any horse accessories, and nothing is ever cheap in this category. Just purchased my brand new saddle from Italy … it’s an Equipe 14 J U N with E /J U LY and I am totally in  |love it!”2 0 1 8


ITH A daughter about to turn 16 and eager to start driving, it was serendipitous that I was about to interview Kate Wells whose life has revolved around driving education. Kate’s parents owned Young Drivers of Canada for over 35 years, switching over to the DriveWise brand eight years ago. Kate started working part time for the company at age 16 and full time as soon as she graduated. “It’s all I’ve ever known,” Kate says as we settle in to chat. “I grew up with this industry in my blood.” As our conversation meanders, I find that the passion is rooted in running a business. “It’s exciting when you can actually steer your company in the direction you want to go. My dad is a huge role model for me. I’ve learned everything about the business from him. My parents are still involved; my dad jokes that he might retire at 80. He just loves it and remains one of our best instructors. Being hands-on as owners is huge for us. Our BEAUTY company is very personable, I know the people who teach our courses, which NECESSARY goes along with our dedication to customer service.” INDULGENCE: Nails and Asked what part of running the business gets her fired up, Kate says, eyelashes. SCENT: Flowerbomb by “I think it’s the controversial part of my job — I like to live in that danger zone. I never step over the line but I push it. Like taking Victor and Rolf. BEAUTY SECRET: on the government for a bad move. My dad taught me that in this “Now here’s a good question, Kate’s beauty industry you have to pick your battles but never burn bridges.” secret? Well it involves having fun, showing my Beyond her business persona, Kate is also a mother of three true self and being natural. I am just who I am, boys — “And that’s why I own a horse,” she laughs. “I grew up nothing fancy, just me! I feel beauty is best seen riding but when I got married and had kids I stopped and didn’t near the ocean and at the barn!” MUST-HAVE ride for 20 years. Two years ago I got back into it when I bought my HAIR PRODUCT: “I have been known to have horse, Ernie. The best lesson I’ve learned since the age of 40 is to the odd Brazilian blowout done to my hair not feel guilty about spending time on yourself. It’s been a struggle, and maybe some balayage. I but I think we have to honour that for our own needs too.” love my hair stylist, Colin She adds, “When I ride it takes 100 per cent of my focus. My mind Scagliati, at Vibe Hair does not shut off ever. At night I’m constantly thinking about what needs to Salon!” be done, but when I’m riding my mind can only be focussed on that. When I’m cantering up to a jump, I can’t be thinking about work, I have to be focussed on that jump.” When it comes to fashion, Kate explains that her day-to-day fashion is really secondary to her riding gear. “I always want the top boots and breeches.” To her, good style is about fun: “I may not be the most stylish person in the world, but I’m always having fun. If I could pass one thing on to my boys it would be that. To be free spirited and enjoy what you’re doing in life. It’s not all about money; you have to go to that job every day. You also have to be able to live with yourself and be happy with who you are and the choices you’ve made.”


FAVOURITE ARTIST: “I grew up with my Dad bringing home Bev Doolittle paintings. I loved them because there was always something hiding in the picture that you’d have to find, and she used horses in her pictures as well.” FILM OR MOVIE: “Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a die-hard The Sound of Music fan. I love musicals like Grease, Annie and, of course, Mamma Mia — I know every word to every song! My friends can attest to this and sometimes cringe when I have a mic in my hand!” FAVOURITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: “I am a My Chosen Café girl. I have lived in Metchosin most of my life and am there most days that I have to cook. When I’m classy Kate, I’ll go to Il Terrazzo.” FAVOURITE COCKTAIL/WINE: “After my recent trip to Mexico, I am a fan of lime margaritas. My favourite wine is Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.” ALBUM ON CURRENT ROTATION: “Anything I can sing to! And believe me when I’m with my friends, we are singing! Grease, Abba, Pink — I love it all!” LAST GREAT READ: “I found local author Chevy Stevens and I have read most of her books.” FAVOURITE FLOWER: Plumeria flower from Hawaii. FAVOURITE CITY TO VISIT: Maui (Kaanapali), Hawaii. FAVOURITE HOTEL: Sheraton Black Rock in Maui. FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: “This is easy! It’s my family cabin at Gordon’s Beach in Sooke. It’s a long row of funky cabins on the ocean and one of the only places I can actually relax. Beach fire, cheese, hot dogs and wine; that’s the best evening for me!”  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


inspired DESIGN





Make a splash this summer —figuratively speaking in a pink pant suit or literally on a flamingo floatie! Bring out the chic poolside and beachside, on your walls and on your toes. Keep cool, it’s cocktail hour in the cabana!






1. Pink Flamingo Floatie ($59.99) from 2. Crime London Faith Lo Explosion ($258) from Footloose Shoes 3. Empress 1908 Gin ($46.99) from Victoria Distillers 4. Bunsö children’s chair in pale orange ($19.99) from Ikea 5. The Rosie from Tofino Towel Company ($99.99) from


6. Table Blazer ($279) and Table Pants ($179) by Karen by Simonsen from Frances Grey 7. Justina Blakeney Aja wallpaper in Periwinkle ($245/roll) from Hygge & West 8. Richard Schultz 1966 Collection Serving Cart ($3054) from Gabriel Ross 9. Caprice Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair, CB2 ($799)  |

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inspired HEALTH

It’s the BERRIES Superfoods and super delicious BY PAMELA DURKIN

18  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

“Picking berries is a quintessential Canadian experience and a great summer pastime for the whole family. Every kid should know the joy of being outdoors with their faces smeared in berry juice.”


NE OF summer’s most enjoyable pastimes — eating fresh, sun-ripened berries — also happens to be one of its healthiest. Thankfully, a bevy of berries are available in BC, rendering health-conscious foodies “spoiled for choice” when it comes to selection. Yet despite all the options, many of us rely on the predictable trifecta of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for our “berry nourishment.” You can break out of this berry rut by incorporating the following less familiar but equally delicious berries into your diet.

250-384-4175 1318 Blanshard Street

Currants Don’t confuse these aromatic berries with the dried Zante grapes that go by the same name. Fresh currants — available in black, red and pink varieties — are true “berries” that grow on shrubs and ripen from July to August. Though not as widely cultivated in North America as they are in Europe, currants are growing in popularity here thanks to their intense flavour, amazing health benefits and culinary versatility. They deserve the recognition. “When you taste it — the real berry — you wonder how so much flavour can come out of such a tiny thing,” says Dan Hayes, co-star of the popular cooking show Moosemeat and Marmalade. Their nutritional profile is as impressive as their taste. Currants contain more disease-fighting anthocyanins and vitamin C than blueberries. Research indicates consumption of the jewel-toned berries can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, protect vision and reduce the risk of cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. The red-hued varieties are sweeter than the black and are delicious eaten raw or used in preserves and baked goods. Although the black variety can be somewhat tart, cooking and sweetening them releases an astounding flavour that shines in everything from cheesecake to savoury sauces. Another way to utilize them is to employ Silver Rill Berry Farm’s sublime Black Currant Concentrate in your culinary repertoire. I utilize this healthy elixir in everything from smoothies to yogurt parfaits! (See for more information.)

637 Fort Street 250.383.4040  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Loganberries This wine-red berry, a hybrid between a blackberry and a raspberry, is the creation of California horticulturalist James Harvey-Logan, who produced the first cultivar in 1881. Loganberries now grow wild and in cultivation throughout the Pacific Northwest. Popular in the early 20th century, loganberries were eventually eclipsed by other hybrid berries that were less fragile and easier to transport. Today loganberries are enjoying a welldeserved renaissance. Their succulent taste makes them perfect for eating out of hand, but they also shine in preserves, fruit syrups, pies and other baked goods. A piquant sauce made from loganberries can also add an intriguing note to roast meats. Hayes is particularly fond of this berry and uses it often in the most British of desserts — the renowned “Eton mess.” If you’re not persuaded to try them for their scrumptious taste, you may be won over by their nutritional profile. Rich in vitamins B, C and K, and copper and manganese, loganberries are also abundant in ellagic and gallic acids. These beneficial acids have anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial properties.

Salmonberries You may not find these orange-hued berries in the supermarket, but you might on a trek through the forest. Indigenous to North America, salmonberries inhabit the entire West Coast, from Alaska to California. The bushes that produce these sweet berries — a member of the rose family — tend to cluster in forests and near streams.

“When you taste it — the real berry — you wonder how so much flavour can come out of such a tiny thing.” If the idea of foraging for salmonberries puts you off, consider the words of Dan Hayes: “Picking berries is a quintessential Canadian experience and a great summer pastime for the whole family. Every kid should know the joy of being outdoors with their faces smeared in berry juice,” he says. Once you’ve picked them, you can use salmonberries as you would any other summer berry, but I find their inherently sweet flavour makes eating them raw a great culinary experience. It’s also an über healthy one, as salmonberries, like their berry brethren, are irrefutable superfoods, rich in carotenoids, vitamins A, C and K, manganese and fibre.

Gooseberries Usually pale green, but sometimes tinged wine red, these tart berries actually resemble translucent grapes. Their peculiar name stems from the fact they were traditionally used in Great Britain as a sauce for roast goose. The British still hold the gooseberry in high regard — they consider the creamy dessert “gooseberry fool” positively de rigeuer during the summer months. In Canada, these berries remain decidedly under-appreciated


20  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

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as few are aware of their versatility, taste and nutritional benefits. The abundance of pectin in the berries makes them a natural for jams and jellies. Their fresh, tart flavour also renders them a superb substitute for lemons in classic lemon desserts like meringue pie. They shine in savoury applications too — cooked and only lightly sweetened they make an excellent sauce that marries beautifully with fish and poultry. “They pair particularly well with oily fish like mackerel and herring,” enthuses Hayes. In addition to their unrivalled taste, the berries boast a bevy of nutrients. They’re rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, chromium, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Emerging research suggests the thin-skinned berries can help regulate blood sugar, heal gastric ulcers and reduce the risk for oral cancer.

Salal Berries

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J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

If you haven’t heard of salal berries you probably haven’t been paying attention to the news. The vibrant blue fruit recently garnered national media attention, thanks to research conducted by BC plant biologist Peter Constabel. Constabel and his team discovered that salal berries contain significantly more disease-fighting tannins and anthocyanins than the much touted blueberry. Why is that significant? Diets high in tannins and anthocyanins have been linked to a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers, Type 2 Diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and more. Unfortunately, as with salmonberries, salal berries cannot— as of yet — be sourced in the supermarket. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Salals are abundant in BC, and can generally be found growing in forested regions on the coast and in the interior. They’re a traditional food among Indigenous people, and are often used to sweeten a delicious concoction referred to as “Indian Ice Cream” (Sxusem). Clearly, their nutritional value makes them worth foraging, but what about their taste? Constabel describes their taste as a “cross between a blueberry and a red currant” and warns that they can be somewhat mealy, depending on where you pick them. “Sunny, open areas are where they seem to produce the best and juiciest fruit,” he notes. And while they can be eaten raw or dried to make fruit leather, their flavour really shines when they’re cooked and used to make pies, jams, chutneys and dessert wine. Of course, now that they’ve been given bona fide superfood status, it won’t be long before we’re all downing salal smoothies and energy bars!


THE PRESIDENT Recliner & Ottoman by EKORNES®, offers the very best in contemporary style and exceptional comfort.



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inspired PEOPLE

Artist Elka Nowicka in the front room in her Songhees home. One of her paintings hangs behind her.

24  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

The art of Elka Nowicka A celebration of creativity, of joyful abandon into a glory of colour and shape BY ANGELA COWAN | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N


XPERIENCING ELKA Nowicka’s paintings in her studio after seeing them online is like laying a hand on a lover’s cheek after gazing at a photograph. The colours have an extra vibrancy, the shadows play across the canvases, but above everything else is the magnificent texture. Sculpted lilies and antique roses stretch their petals, looking as though you could pluck them from the canvas. Her landscapes roll and swell over hills and under clouds. The pieces are unanimously gorgeous, utter beauty in the flowing lines and rich tones, and just so real. They seem a celebration of creativity, of joyful abandon into a glory of colour and shape, which comes as a surprise to some, according to Elka. “What surprises people is my paintings are happy paintings,” she says. “I’m happy, but I’m a serious Eastern European Polish person. My partner is the optimist. He always says the glass is half full, and I say ‘what glass?’”  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Though immediately fascinating and wonderfully warm, she admittedly does not come across as ebullient as her paintings. Having grown up in Poland under a powerful Soviet shadow amid deep political and civil unrest, Elka has something about her not often seen in Canadians. A wariness, or a cautiousness, perhaps? “I always grew up knowing I’d live through war,” she says. “We had to stand in line for hours for bread or shoes. I never thought it would change.” It was an environment that necessitated practicality in many avenues, so although the Polish government subsidized and supported art and art education (as long as nothing oppositional was expressed against the government), Elka never thought art was a viable career choice. “I never considered myself talented as a kid,” she says (which is shocking, given the depth of her creativity). “I came from a poor family and I was good in physics and math, so I had to pick something practical.” She became a civil engineer, but continued to dabble with drawing and painting on furniture or linens. Eventually, the turbulent nature of the country became too threatening, and Elka and her family escaped. “I didn’t want to live through it, and I didn’t want it for my son,” she says. They left Poland in ’89, stayed in Germany for a couple years, then came to Canada, first to Winnipeg, and finally to Victoria in 1992. And it was here she started experimenting with her current process, pulling from her construction experiences. Elka shows me a selection of smaller, nearly raw pieces, their jagged white streaks on black backgrounds, drying in front of the fireplace in her studio. The raised mixture reminds me of my drywalling days when I worked in renovations, and for good reason. It’s a mixed bag of plaster, drywall mud, pumice, marble dust and modelling paste. It’s strong

26  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

enough to adhere indefinitely to the canvas, but flexible enough not to crack with the subtle movements of the piece. Glazes and acrylic liquids and gels are then painted over top, sometimes with bits scraped off in between layers to reveal the plaster mixture again. “I put on layers and layers of colours and glazes. I work until I see the light flows the right way, the colours are right. Until it reflects my intended emotions,” she says, adding, “To live in a place which is happy, safe, peaceful — that comes through in my painting. Being in Canada, no week goes by I don’t think how lucky I am.” Recently her work has shifted focus to a calmer, more monochromatic palette, evoking a classic feel in her pieces. It could be a result of some recent upheaval. Elka and her partner have gone through two moves and two renovations in the last two years, after selling their Oak Bay home and relocating first to Rockland for a short while, and now to their oceanfront downtown condo. “I usually work as general contractor when I renovate,” she says as we chat about the design of the new home. Asked if the renovation and moving chaos is why she’s been gravitating to calmer colours in her work, she laughs outright. “Probably!” As well as her new monochromatic direction, Elka’s also excited for several new avenues: painting on clear plexiglass to experiment with shadow and light, and going back to Europe to source antique and faded linen tablecloths to use as canvases. It’s also a chance to go back and enjoy Poland as a modern and liberated country. She gets to walk through old shops she frequented with her

“I put on layers and layers of colours and glazes. I work until I see the light flows the right way, the colours are right. Until it reflects my intended emotions,” mother, visit her university, see her sister and old friends. “When I go back, I love seeing the changes. It’s a sophisticated country,” she says. “It grounds me, and gives me ideas to paint. I need to go there once in a while.” Back at home, her studio takes up the bottom floor of their condo, the biggest work space she’s ever had, full of art books, stacked canvases, sealed containers of mud, rows of pigments. A handful of in-progress pieces are scattered around, leaning on the walls. Having just moved in last June, she’s only recently gotten the space to a workable level. “I feel calmer and I can sleep again,” she says with a bit of a grin. “I get stressed if I don’t paint for a long time.” “Even on days I’m not painting,” she adds, “I spend an hour or an hour and a half drawing hands or faces or bodies, so that when I go to do that, I don’t have to think about it. The practice is very important. At the end of the day, you have to go to your studio and work your butt off.” To see some of Elka’s work and for information on upcoming shows, visit

Complete Your Vision blinds I motorization roller shades I custom draperies VIsIt our showroom

or call for a Complimentary Consultation

250.475.2600 3381 tennyson Ave. Victoria, BC  |

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28  |

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Unique design features among highlights of this beautiful Bear Mountain home BY ANGELA COWAN | P H OTO S BY M AT T B R O U W E R , E V E N S TA R S T U D I O S

Quick Facts: Square feet: approx. 3,500 plus 2-car garage Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3.5 Indoor and outdoor fireplace


S ONE OF the first houses to be built on the street, the Bear Mountain home of Andrea Carlson-Ray and Jordan Ray helped set the tone for the neighbourhood: spacious, elegant and gorgeous outside and in. Designed with the popular West Coast contemporary fusion in mind, its wonderful use of stone on the exterior immediately stands out. Next to the warm tones of the cedar siding and soffits, the stone adds a new take on the design, giving it just a hint of an old-school manor feel. It’s an overcast day when I pull up to the home, the clouds hanging low on Finlayson Mountain. Andrea and Jordan welcome me warmly, and amid the pleasantries, I notice the front door is an unusual design: it opens on a pivot, rather than hinges. I quickly find out it’s just the first of many small, unique design features that make this custom home one of a kind.  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


“You know how people say ‘look at that view!’ I wanted someone to say, ‘look at that house with all the storage!’” We walk into the living area and I’m stopped by the sheer height of the space. Enormous windows in the cathedral ceiling let in every last ray of light so that even on this grey day, it’s bright enough to eschew any lamps. “It can get so foggy and misty, you feel like you’re right up in the clouds,” says Andrea. The banks of windows keep it wonderfully bright, and “it’s beautiful just to look outside.” In the interest of maintaining the glow of light, they also kept most everything inside white. The walls, trim and interior doors are all Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White. “It’s such a clean look. And white keeps you honest,” laughs Andrea. We pop around the corner to the dining area, and it’s here I go from admiring this home to being in love with it. Separated from the rest of the space by two (currently open) sliding barn doors is a library with a wall of built-in shelving and — wait for it — an actual library ladder.

UNIQUE by Nature

“I always wanted a house with a library ladder!” says Andrea, clearly enjoying herself as she shows me how it glides effortlessly on its rails. I spot a number of my own literary favourites on the shelves, and the crackly brown leather sofa looks perfect for curling up on. “Every morning that’s where we find our eldest,” says Andrea, as though reading my thoughts. “He’s an avid reader.” Just slightly to the left of the library is another exceptional use of space: an under-stair wine storage. Tiled with the same concrete-look as the living room fireplace, the effect is clean and cool, and the simplicity shows off the couple’s collection of bottles wonderfully. Built-in storage continues in the expansive kitchen, something Andrea says was a driving factor in designing the house in the initial stages. “You know how people say ‘look at that view!’ I wanted someone to say, ‘look at that house with all the storage!’” she says with a laugh. A small appliance barn provides a tucked away spot for the toaster and coffeemaker, and only powers them when the doors are open. It was a necessity for safety and building codes, but it’s also a power saver. The stand mixer rests in its own pullout cubbyhole on the counter, the wall oven sits at a perfect height for Andrea with cupboards above and below, and virtually the entire space under the island is devoted to storage. Throughout the rest of the house, some of the more deliberate design decisions aren’t as immediately obvious. The floor, for


No staining, fading, toxic resins or maintenance tluPaNa BluE GrEY MarBlE QuarrIED aND FaBrICatED ON VaNCOuVEr ISlaND

100% Natural

2890 Allenby Road Duncan 250.746.7257 Victoria 250.384.9717

Fabricating quality stone kitchens and bathrooms since 1980.  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


We pop around the corner to the dining area, and it’s here I go from admiring this home to being in love with it. example. Andrea and Jordan chose an engineered oak hardwood after a rather unique selection process, and getting their three kids to help. “I actually took the flooring samples and laid them under the kids’ tables for a week,” she says. “I wanted to see how well they hid everything. After a week, they were filthy, but you couldn’t tell.” Then, she let her eldest dump a pile of Lego on the samples, get into his shoes and jump to his heart’s content. With three children — a 10-year-old and four-year-old twins — and an exuberant border collieshepherd cross, it was important the floor stand up to wear and tear. “Life’s going to happen, and it’s their house too.” Upstairs, the kids have their own space as well, with their own bedrooms and a separate play room that houses nearly all their toys. (“Over the garage, so we don’t hear the noise!” adds Andrea.) The bedrooms all have walk-in closets, and their daughter’s room even has its own en suite, so that when she grows a little older, she won’t have to share sink space with her brothers. So as beautiful as the house is, it’s also kid-friendly. But there are definitely some features that are treats for mom and dad as well. Running the length of the master en suite is a luxuriant shower with nozzles at both ends, and a recessed pocket shelf built into the tile. “We wanted something we were actually going to use,” says Andrea, who adds they scrapped a plan for an enclosed water closet in favour of the expanded shower. “This way we can shower at the same time and have a conversation when we’re getting ready in the morning.” 32  |

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Bright idea, eh!


RBC Dominion Securites Inc.

PROCESS DISCIPLINE CLARITY INSIGHT PARTNERSHIP Call now to book your complimentary portfolio review and objective second opinion

Roman Hahn, BA, FMA, FCSI Vice President, Investment Advisor & Financial Planner 250-356-4838 |

Professional Wealth Management Since 1901

Wealth Management Dominion Securites ®

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. is a member company of RBC Wealth Management, a business segment of Royal Bank of Canada. Insurance products are offered through RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc. (“RBC WM FS”), a subsidiary of RBC Dominion Securities Inc. When providing life insurance products, Investment Advisors are acting as Insurance Representatives of RBC WM FS. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under license. © 2012 Royal Bank of Canada. All rights reserved.

34  |

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Create a space that is uniquely yours | established in 1980 |

And the powder room is a treat. One of the only nonwhite spaces in the house, it’s beautiful with a black wall, wall-hung toilet and cupboards and the most spectacular herringbone floor. “I’ve always wanted a herringbone floor,” says Andrea. “I just think it’s so elegant, and it made sense to show it off.” It’s the cherry on top of a sleek yet comfortable design, and adds a bit of flair to the clean lines and bright whites through the rest of the house. Coming full circle back to the front entrance, the design flows like smooth water, each room’s shape and aesthetic subtly fitting into the next. “It was important that it felt consistent,” says Andrea. “It had to be equally beautiful and functional.”

mac renovations Design | Build

250.412.8012 | 5285 West Saanich Road Victoria, BC |

Suppliers List: Architect/Design: Wensley Architecture Project Manager: Jeremy Ross, Designated Developments Interior Design: Creative Spaciz

“A contractor you can trust”  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Construction: WJL Enterprise Interior Finishing: Harrison Custom Interior Drywall: Swiftsure Drywall Painting: New Image Cabinetry and Millwork: Westshore Cabinets Library Ladder: Harrison Custom Hardwood: Harrison Custom Tiling: Andrew Knight Doors: Karmanah Wood Design & Slegg Doors Windows: Starline Windows Lighting: Pine Lighting Plumbing Fixtures: Andrew Sheret & McMullin Mechanical Countertops: Colonial Countertops Fireplace Hearth/Stonework: Westshore Cabinets & Andrew Knight Appliances: The Brick Landscaping: Listco Landscape Exterior Siding: G Force Construction Home Automation: Fully Linked

Perfect Cotton Summer Blazers


1221 Government St. 250.383.7177 Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 Sun 11-4

1210 Newport Ave. 250.592.2821 Mon-Sat 10-5

2449 Beacon Ave. 778.426.4446 Mon-Sat 10-5

36  |

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Since 2001, we have been buying, selling and leasing cars of all types to discerning clients from across the globe. We pride ourselves on providing a laid back professional environment simply focused on making our clients happy. Come visit our showroom at 565 David St. in Victoria to see our constantly rotating inventory.

Visit our showroom at 565 David St. in Victoria | 250-598-0090 |



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Can a chair really change your life? Zero gravity positioning reduces pressure on the spine, hips and knees, enabling sublime relaxation and healing, while elevating your feet about your heart to reduce swelling in the legs. Relieve back pain and tension in muscles and joints, increase your range of motion, and improve circulation with soothing heat and air stretch massage therapy of the Hale AirComfort Zero Gravity Recliner.


Vision and hard work pay off for developer Ian Laing

Lined with proprietary memory foam cushioning Independently operating footrest and backrest Sits higher off the ground for easy entry and exit One touch Zero Gravity Positioning 400lb weight limit capacity Battery backup 774 Spruce Avenue | Phone 250-592-1974 |


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T’S FAIR to say Ian Laing isn’t afraid of taking risks. With no money and no experience, he decided to buy his first commercial development when he was a student at the University of Victoria. “I’d been obsessing about buying an apartment building, and I was taking urban land economics and learned a lot about financing at the time,” explains the founder of Laing Properties. “I knew I didn’t have enough money to buy a house, but with commercial real estate the banks would give you a loan based on the building’s income, not on mine.” Laing says lending was a lot simpler 21 years ago but he admits it was still a challenge to get approved for the loan. “I was a skinny kid who looked 18, with no money, so I tried to never meet the bankers in person and used the phone and fax to communicate instead,” explains Laing, who was born and raised in Victoria. “Once I got the loan approved, I would inevitably have to meet the bankers and they were always surprised at how young I was.” After overcoming that hurdle, it took months of looking to find the right building for the formula the budding real estate developer had developed. He wanted a property that was

underutilized and had dead space, such as large storage rooms, that he could convert into rental suites, or large living rooms that could be renovated to turn a one bedroom suite into a more valuable two bedroom rental. “There was a 10 per cent vacancy rate at the time, the market was a lot different. And if I could convert the property, I could increase the income and refinance out the loans,” Laing says. Incredibly, the eager entrepreneur also managed to convince the owner of the building to carry a short-term second mortgage while he renovated it. In addition to some working capital that he says his parents were “kind enough or crazy enough to lend” him, Laing was ready to tackle his first development. But as he started to renovate one suite at a time in the 16-unit building, Laing quickly realized there was a major issue. “I couldn’t afford to hire anyone but the problem I had slightly overlooked was that I was not super sharp on construction,” the 44-year-old says. “Luckily, my father was and he gave me a crash course on the basics of every trade. He helped me after school (he was a teacher) and on weekends painting, drywalling and plumbing. So my father really saved the day.” It took 16 months but after the project was done, Laing

Your Experts in Venetian Plaster and Concrete Repair

A .G.C. Construction 250 217 7011 40  |

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Unique finishings… for unique projects

“It’s a crazy time, if you think about it, in an industry that has been around forever in the black market. In the next several years, it’s going to be a scramble for market share.”  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


“Dream big, focus on what you want to accomplish, obsess on what you want to achieve, and with enough hard work and perseverance you can accomplish a lot.” refinanced it and paid everyone back. He says he still had no money, but the formula worked and he repeated it on six other properties, accumulating more than 80 rental units by the time he was 29. “I can’t thank my parents enough for betting on a young kid with an idea who probably needed a haircut and had more passion than ability,” he says. “Looking back, that extra help from my dad and teaching me the trades has been a critical part of getting to where I am today because it’s hard to work with trades people if you haven’t done the job yourself and don’t understand the tools and the work.” Married with three kids, Laing is now taking another big risk — venturing into the world of cannabis production to grow medicinal marijuana with his partners. Specialty Medijuana

Products recently announced a merger with Choom and it will be a publicly-traded company, which will be a first for Laing. “I’m excited to be on the forefront of a new industry that is growing so rapidly,” says Laing. “It’s a crazy time, if you think about it, in an industry that has been around forever in the black market. In the next several years, it’s going to be a scramble for market share.” Laing admits there are lots of hurdles ahead and unknowns in what is still a controversial industry, but he believes, with time, it will be no different than the liquor business and says it offers a rare opportunity. “In my lifetime, it is likely the only time something like this will happen and I’m excited to be a part of it,” he says. Laing’s also excited about his passion project, Wild Renfrew, which offers vacation accommodations in Port Renfrew from luxury cottages to hostel stays. Building it over the last few years has been a family affair, working with his wife, Trisha, father-in-law and business partner Jack Julseth, and mother-inlaw Teresa. Throughout his various projects, which have also included custom homes, subdivisions, condos and industrial buildings, Laing says he’s learned a lot in the last two decades — and made a lot of mistakes along the way. But in the end, all the hard work has paid off. “What you put into life is what you get out of it,” he says. “Dream big, focus on what you want to accomplish, obsess on what you want to achieve, and with enough hard work and perseverance you can accomplish a lot. But you must put in the hard work — nothing worth accomplishing is easy.”

Honesty • Integrity • Quality

Celebrating over 20 years as a custom home builder in Victoria Multiple Vancouver Island Building Excellence Award Winner 42  |

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4464 Kulshan Place


IRRESISTABLE & AFFORDABLE THE PRESIDENT Recliner & Ottoman by EKORNES®, offers the very best in contemporary style and exceptional comfort.


Wild AT Heart COQUITLAM LANGLEY VICTORIA NANAIMO NANAIMO VICTORIA LANGLEY COQUITLAM KELOWNA KELOWNA 1400 United Blvd 20429 Langley 661 McCallum 1711Bowen Bowen 1711 RdRd 661 McCallum Rd Rd 20429 LangleyBy-Pass By-Pass 1400 United Blvd 1912 Rd COQUITLAM LANGLEY RICHMOND NANAIMO VICTORIA 1912 Spall Spall KELOWNA Rd 1400 United Blvd 20429 Langley By-Pass 12551 Bridgeport Rd 1912 Spall Rd 1711 Bowen Rd 661 McCallum Rd 250.753.8900 250.474.3433 604.530.9458 604.524.3443 604.524.3443 604.530.9458 250.474.3433 250.753.8900 250.860.3635 250.860.3635 604.524.3444









In the heart of the Cowichan Valley, nestled among rolling green hills and set against a backdrop of distant farm pastures, sits Blue Grouse Estate Winery. Get away this summer and set your sights on a destination straight out of an Italian romance ­— — and wear the fashion to match. Chic and timeless is the recipe for women’s and men’s wear this summer with rich colours and prints that burst with personality. This season, fall under the romantic spell of the Cowichan Valley.

On Amanda: polka dot jumpsuit ($179) by Sanctuary, long metallic drop earrings ($34) and triple metal, handmade link bracelet ($145) all from Fabrications; Brown Bryson slides with stacked heel ($155) by Wittner from Cardino Shoes; straw tote basket ($65) by Nina Catrina from Haute Wheels Mobile Boutique.

On Peter: button-up Trostol dress shirt ($139) and black Pristu dress pants ($119), both by Mantinique and from Hughes Clothing; sheepskin woven loafers ($200) by Johnston & Murphy from Outlooks for Men.

On Amanda: multi-coloured knitted vest ($525), sienna knitted trousers ($435) and camel leather tote ($655), all by Liviana Conti, and silver dimpled cuff ($200) by Maggie Owen, all from Hughes Clothing. On Peter: charcoal butterfly printed short-sleeved button-up ($139) by Matinique from Hughes Clothing.

On Amanda: black “Calysta” bathing suit ($227) by Eberjey, striped yarn dye “ruana” wrap ($69) graphic patterned wide Panama hat ($56) by Echo Design, and Harvest Moon earrings ($225) by Lizzie Fortunato, all from Bernstein & Gold. On Peter: Bordeaux hand-dyed short-sleeved button-up ($125) by &Sons, khaki “Nevada” shorts ($95) by 34 Heritage from Outlooks for Men

46  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

On Amanda: emerald green, pleated shift dress ($275) by Cinque and duo-tone knitted blazer ($485) by Anne Claire, both from Bagheera Boutique; Harvest Moon earrings ($225) by Lizzie Fortunato from Bernstein & Gold. On Peter: pineapple print short-sleeved button-up ($195) by 18 Waits and khaki Nevada shorts ($95) by 34 Heritage, both from Outlooks for Men; leather “Hampton� watch with zebra wood ($320) by Tense from NYLA Fresh Thread.

On Amanda: floral summer garden dungarees ($775) by Twin Set from Hughes Clothing; Harvest Moon earrings ($225) by Lizzie Fortunato from Bernstein & Gold; black leather slides ($220) by Neosense from Cardino Shoes.

On Peter: blue-washed linen short-sleeved button-up ($89) by National Standards, “Moonlight� floral shorts ($195) by 18 Waits and tan sheepskin woven loafers ($200) by Johnston & Murphy, all from Outlooks for Men.

On Amanda: V-neck polka dot “Chichi” blouse ($119) by Part Two, black A-lined “Zehra” skirt ($179), and floral printed scarf ($59) both by InWear, and “Dukesi” sun hat ($45) by Canadian Hat all from Fabrications; Harvest Moon earrings ($225) by Lizzie Fortunato from Bernstein & Gold.

On Peter: blue-washed linen short-sleeved button-up ($89) by National Standards and “Moonlight” floral shorts ($195) by 18 Waits, both from Outlooks for Men; leather Hampton watch with zebra wood ($320) by Tense from NYLA Fresh Thread. .

Makeup and hair: Jen Clark, in-house makeup artist for COSMEDICA using glo.MINERALS makeup Models: Amanda Konn represented by Coultish Management and Peter Braunschmidt Styling and production assistant: Vellar Chou Photographed on location at Blue Grouse Estate Winery. A huge thank you to everyone at Blue Grouse for graciously hosting our fashion team for the day!  |

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Everybody is talking about our


Bull-nosed coping and stair treads are available in all colors

Benefits: • No efflorescence • Use outdoors or indoors • Stain and mark resistant high density surface • Precise sizing greatly reducing installation time and cost • Superior strength / thickness ratio than concrete or natural stone • Lightweight (only 9lbs/ft2) provides cost savings in shipping and installation • Install on BlackJack® Pedestals Pedestals, Gator Base System, Aggregate or Mortar Set • Can be used in permeable paving slab applications Milan Travertine

More than 20 beautiful color blends and textures to choose from • Interlocking Pavers • HydraPressed Slabs • Retaining Wall Systems

Available in multiple sizes and in stock for immediate shipment For more information and to download our Aristokrat® Series brochure visit:



2cm HydraPressed Porcelain Slabs

Hampton Limestone


Dover Grey


Pacific Coast Granite

Dover Grey & BlackStone

Carrara Marble

Contact an Abbotsford Concrete Products dealer near you: Central Construction Materials Ltd Central Landscape Supplies Ltd Dodd’s Lumber & Building Supply Island Stone & Landscape Supply Lumberworld Sharecost Rentals & Sales Windsor Paint & Rentals Windsor Plywood

1360 Valley Rd 1345 Fisher Rd 7281 Trans Canada Hwy 682 Ark Rd 3955 Quadra St 1716 Northfield Rd 147 East Fern Rd 166 Rainbow Rd

Parksville Cobble Hill Duncan Malahat Victoria Nanaimo Qualicum Beach Salt Spring

250-248-7336 250-743-9989 250-748-1032 250-743-4250 250-479-7151 250-758-2401 250-752-3955 250-537-5564

Slegg Building Materials

554 Anderton Rd 3217 Small Rd 4950 Jordan Ave 2046 Keating Cross Rd 804 Fulford - Ganges Rd 2030 Malaview Ave 661 Industrial Way 1496 Admirals Rd 2901 Sooke Rd

Comox Cumberland Nanaimo Saanichton Salt Spring Is. Sidney Tofino Victoria Langford

250-339-2207 250-336-8710 250-758-8329 250-652-1130 250-537-4978 250-656-1125 250-725-2538 250-388-5443 250-478-5509


activities to expand your world BY JANE ZATYLNY P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N & L I A C R OW E  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Artist Jeremy Herndl teaches plein air painting workshops.


ANY OF US consider trying a new activity, then abandon the idea because it’s just “too much of a stretch.” Here’s a radical thought: what if stretching ourselves is the whole point of trying something new? Psychologists tell us that learning new activities helps keep our minds sharp as we age. Forget gingko biloba: meeting like-minded people, trying new activities and accomplishing things we thought were beyond us can be downright exhilarating. Sure it takes courage, but no one says you have to swim with sharks or scale Mount Kilimanjaro! We all have activities that have been calling to us for years, and many of them are right here in our own backyard. Here are five ideas to get you thinking outside the box this summer.

OUTDOOR PAINTING Think of all the photogenic places in Victoria: Dallas Road, Butchart Gardens, Fisherman’s Wharf, Beacon Hill Park, the Inner Harbour, just to name a few. Then imagine capturing these places without your iPhone or digital camera. This is the simple philosophy behind plein air painting, an art form popularized by the Impressionists and made possible for the masses when oil paints were first packaged in metal tubes. 54  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

While some experience is recommended for the practice, Jeremy Herndl, a Victoria-based artist and educator who teaches plein air workshops through the Vancouver Island School of Art, says that he has worked with students of all levels. “The mere act of being outside and responding to nature is what matters most,” he says. “It’s an immersive, social experience — eating lunch, being together, enjoying the spirit and soul of a place.” His next workshop, Painting: Plein Air, explores the historical, philosophical and practical applications of the genre. Classes will consist of field trips and hands-on painting, as well as technical instruction and individual guidance. Both oil and acrylic painters are welcome. “It sounds structured,” Jeremy says. “But it’s not, really. I paint, too, along with everyone else.” At the end of the course, the painting is secondary, he stresses. “It’s just proof that you did it. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.” Info: The course runs from August 13 to 17 ( To try: the AlFrescoes are an informal group of artists who meet every Friday morning, somewhere in the Victoria area, to paint and show one another their work (optional). There is no membership requirement or fee; follow by email to receive locations in your inbox (

ARGENTINE TANGO LESSONS It’s creative. It’s flamboyant. And it’s enormously popular all over the world, not just in Argentina, where it was born. The partner dance known as Argentine Tango takes skill, strength and commitment. Aficionados call it an intimate social art form and say it’s positively addictive. While some steps are improvised with tremendous flair and self-expression, there are also many classical “figures” with evocative Spanish names, like barrida (one partner sweeps the other’s foot along the floor), vueltas (circular foot movements) and saltitos (small jumps). “Leads” and “follows” alike can find plenty of instruction at practicas and events, known as milongas, organized by Alive Tango. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and encouraged. Alive Tango is culturally diverse, inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly, says spokesperson Tracey Victoria: “The dance is a partnership, with partners playing equal but different roles.” Tango becomes a philosophy for living in respectful harmony and partnership for those who fall hard for this social dance, she adds. “It’s very healthy for heart and mind to make eye contact, to touch and to make friendships…. It brings a deep peace, which is why people get addicted to it.” No previous experience is required to take Argentine tango classes, which are taught by the cooperative’s eight instructors. Semi-private and private instruction is also available. Info: Consult the Alive Tango events calendar online for times and dates of classes and events (

Tango practice at the Martin Batchelor Gallery with paintings by MJ Hughes and Tad Suzuki on the walls.

ORIAN CONSTRUCTION INC. 250-812-1496 | orianconstr  |

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Terri Bibby offers workshops in freestyle weaving in Victoria and Salt Spring Island.


we are here

56  |


J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8






FINLAYSON | 250.475.2033

we are here








1950 B Oak Bay Ave. 250-361-9243 Visit Our Showroom | High Efficiency Natural Gas Fireplaces

SAORI WEAVING Traditional weaving is a beautiful but exacting art form. If you prefer to colour outside the lines, SAORI, a freeform Japanese style of weaving, may be more up your alley. “In SAORI, it is more important to express yourself through your weaving than by following a pattern,” explains Terri Bibby, who offers classes and workshops in the freestyle weaving practice in Victoria and at her certified SAORI studio on Salt Spring Island. The weaving process begins with selecting yarn and other fibres from Terri’s amazing stash, from luscious mohairs and mercerized cottons to strips of antique Indian saris and fuzzy “rovings” — long, narrow bundles of wool typically used for spinning. Weavers experiment on their small looms as Terri offers gentle encouragement, instruction and reminders that in SAORI, there are no mistakes. And there’s another bonus to this activity: most weavers will take home a piece of weaving from a two-hour workshop. “People find it easy to learn, relaxing and meditative,” Terri says. “When they first sit down at a loom, they may feel uncertain or worried about the outcome. It’s amazing to see them let go and start enjoying the process of creating their own unique piece. I just love seeing their SAORI smiles when they take their weaving off the loom.” Info: Classes are offering at Poppet Creative in Fernwood

(; the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (; and on Salt Spring Island (, where Terri offers classes, workshops and retreats.

SEAWEED TOUR/SPA EXPERIENCE Most of us were first introduced to the taste of seaweed through Japanese cuisine at local sushi bars. Diane Bernard’s family, on the other hand, have harvested and used the remarkably nutritious, edible algae on Canada’s east and west coasts for more than 100 years. Diane, who is known as Sooke’s “Seaweed Lady,” offers seaside foraging tours on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, where she showcases her sustainable hand-harvesting techniques. “The wild coast is where we work, the intertidal zone is our classroom and our seaweed facility in Sooke is where we create our proprietary wild seaweed skincare.” The cycle of life for the seaweeds begins in the spring, she explains, when fresh new seaweeds begin to blossom and grow along the rocky coastline. By summer, a richly coloured seaweed bed blankets the intertidal zone. Its lush reds, purples and greens begin to fade in the fall and sturdier kelps move into the zone that can withstand the strong winter storms. For those seeking a truly sybaritic seaweed experience, Diane has teamed up with the Fairmont Empress Hotel to offer a special package that begins with a limousine ride to Sooke’s

Victoria | 250-920-2003 Lake Cowichan | 250-932-2004  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Whiffen Spit for a foraging tour with Diane and ends with a 90-minute Salish Sea Vitality treatment at the hotel’s Willow Stream Spa featuring her Seaflora skincare products. Info:;

THROWING ON THE WHEEL Michael Giles makes it look so easy. One of the province’s finest potters, he has been making beautiful, functional pots, bowls, cups, jugs and more since 1975, when he first fell in love with clay. Along with seven other students, I am watching as Giles centres a lump of clay on his potter’s wheel, then pats, pulls, stretches, presses and teases it into an elegant cylinder — all in the time it takes most people to make a cup of coffee. As we practice on our own wheels, some of my fellow students master their first pots with ease, while others — like me — struggle with wonky rims and flimsy sides. Never mind, says Giles cheerfully, urging me to try again. “Pottery requires patience, practice and perseverance,” he explains. “It is the most amazingly surprising, frustrating and rewarding material to work with. It teaches you to be patient with yourself, and it also teaches you that if you stay with it, something will happen.” And something does happen by lesson two: I make a

Adam Butcher of Seaflora foraging for seaweed in Sooke.

UNIQUE MEN’s aNd woMEN’s foot wEar, lEgwEar & accEssorIEs

58  |

1023 Fort Street, Victoria 250 920 7653 Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm Sun 11am - 5pm J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

(250) 940-3568 • • @talktoaryze  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


pot. It’s not a perfect pot, not by any means. But that doesn’t really matter. “The most important thing is just to give it a shot,” says Giles. “I want people to get enjoyment out of it, and come back.” The truly amazing thing, he adds, is that what you make will endure: “You can change the shape of a lump of clay, preserve it in fire, and it will last centuries.” This may in my case not be a good thing, but creating with clay on a potter’s wheel is magical, all the same. Info: Giles teaches several different courses and workshops at The Clay Hub Collective ( in Cowichan Station, including General Throwing (beginners), Throwing Intensive and a Throw Big or Go Home twoday workshop. You can also contact Giles at his pottery/ shop, Two Hoots Gift Gallery, in Cobble Hill ( twohootsgiftgallery).

Michael Giles teaches pottery at The Clay Hub Collective in Cowichan Station.

jewellery In-House AwArd wInnIng InternAtIonAl desIgner Customs, Diamonds, Gem Stones Platinum - GOlD - SilVER

Best value 250 748 7709 Best service


Best selection 211 CRaiG StREEt DOwntOwn DunCan | 250 -751-8876 imPECCablEjEwEllERy.COm 60  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Follow us on social media for more details!

Kelowna • Vernon • Salmon Arm • Golden • Radium • Cranbrook Rossland • Nelson • Sooke • Smithers • Prince George • Prince Rupert

Exceptional Custom Homes, Built for Luxury Living.

Photo Credit Christian J. Stewart

2017 Gold CARE Award winner





w g Ne tiN S Li

Luxury Sub-Penthouse Living #2002-83 Saghalie Road $6,800,000 MLS 391091 Sprawling luxury sub-Penthouse perched in a striking concrete, steel & glass building. 3,000+ sqft of living space situated to take advantage of Victoria’s best views. Walls of glass frame city skyline suspended over the famed Inner Harbour. Premier location affords easy access to five-star dining, boutique shopping, art galleries & entertainment. Endless recreation options with nearby beaches & nature trails.

w g Ne tiN S i L

Fabulous Oak Bay Family Home 2810 Somass Drive $2,599,000 MLS 389828 Exceptional family home boasting Victorian charm throughout, completely restored enhancing old world charisma with modern luxuries. Striking ocean views from principle rooms. Outside, manicured gardens & several patios/balcony’s for appreciating stunning ocean views. Set on nearly a 1/3 acre affords privacy in privileged Oak Bay. Back lane 100 steps to a quiet part of Willows Beach. ©2017 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

735 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC, Canada V8W 1B1

The local real estate agent with the international network: Scott Piercy, Private Office Advisor Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-686-7789

James Bay Luxury Condo

Beautiful Ocean Views

Renovated Oak Bay Manor

#821-21 Dallas Road $3,325,000 MLS 388796

#611-100 Saghalie Road $1,499,000 MLS 390080

574 Island Road $4,295,000 MLS 389239

Over 2,800sft of luxurious living space. West Coast beauty subtlety dominates with lavish hardwood flooring & floor to ceiling windows framing spectacular ocean views. Open floor plan invites entertaining & emphasizes functionality of space. Master retreat with walk-in & 6pc ensuite. Unbeatable location: endless recreation, shopping, & fine dining of Downtown Victoria outside your door. Shoal Point includes concierge, secured parking, fitness spa, lap pool, sauna & steam, putting green & 2 guest suites. Ferris & Airport a short commute.

Luxury condo enjoys privileged ocean views captured by walls of floor to ceiling windows. Open concept & thoughtful layout maximize functionality. Wrap around balcony is perfectly situated for enjoying vibrant skies and the dynamic views of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Everything just outside your door: fresh food markets, boutique shopping, yoga studios, 5-star dining, beaches & nature trails! Building amenities: fitness studio, hot tub/sauna room & steam room, outdoor patio, owner’s lounge with business center, car wash, dog grooming area & kayak/ bike storage.

This Oak Bay Manor has been completely renovated. Interior merges natural materials with delicate European inspired highlights. Kitchen appointed with Miele, Dacor & Subzero appliance is joined to the casual eating area & family room. Lavish master Retreat appointed with walk-in, sitting rm, ensuite & private deck. The lower offers 4 beds, 2 baths & home theatre with projection screen. Ample patios & decks offer dramatic ocean & mountain views. Premium location affords access to the finest Victoria has to offer; minutes from downtown & inner harbour & short commute to ferries & airport.

w g Ne tiN S i L

Downtown Victoria Living

Warm & Inviting Waterfront Home 10643 Blue Heron Road $2,099,000 MLS 389228 Abundant natural light provided by large picture windows, which artfully frame the stunning ocean vistas. Outside, an extensive parcel with mature trees, manicured gardens & beach access. Set in North Saanich, a vibrant community with progressive amenities. The airport & Ferries are nearby and downtown Victoria & the Inner Harbour are a short commute. ©2017 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

60 Acres of Oceanfront Living

S505-737 Humboldt Street $739,000 MLS 391189

6601 Razor Point Road $9,850,000 MLS 386020

Welcome to the esteemed Aria building in beautiful Downtown Victoria. The pinnacle of down town living. Walking distance to all Victoria has to offer, Beacon Hill Park, Dallas Rd, restaurants, the Harbour, shopping, theatres and more. This 2 bed 2 bath plus den unit features hardwood flooring, granite counter, European cabinets, in suite laundry, high end appliances and natural gas.

A rare chance to own this vast parcel, offering incomparable privacy, acreage, & almost a mile of ocean frontage. 60 acres rich with old & second growth. A beautiful reef is exposed at low tide and abundant with ocean life. Modern upgrades allow you to live in this serene environment, with effortless access to Pender’s many amenities, such as fine dining and first class spas. Foreshore development includes an aluminum ramp & catwalk that leads to a 40 by 10 ft concrete float to secure your boats. Accommodation includes a 3 bed main residence, 1 bed cottage, bunkhouse & cookhouse.

2249 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC, Canada V8R 1G4

The local real estate agent with the international network: James LeBlanc, Private Office Advisor Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-812-7212


binab group stunninG r e B u i lt arButus Home 2767 Arbutus Road

Brand neW ten mile point Home 2987 Baynes Road





Grand mt. tolmie Home 3431 Mayfair Drive

p r i vat e C u s t o m B u i lt H o m e 1106 Totem Lane





m aG n i f i C e n t C H a r aC t e r Home on p r i vat e r oa d 1630 York Place

B r i n G yo u r r e n ovat i o n ideas 2450 Lansdowne Road




one of a Kind roCKl and Home 1346 Rockland Road

Wat e r f r o n t e s tat e opportunity 2320 Dolphin Road






fa n ta s t i C Home offerinG extreme p r i vaC y 3220 Eagles Lake Road

exeCutive C o r d ova B ay Home 780 Menawood Place











GorGeous ardmore oCeanfront Home

West Coast oCeanfront Gem

9700 Glenelg Avenue

1580 Lands End Road 391168




aWard WinninG soutH oaK Bay Home

modern Waterfront masterpieCe

430 St. Patrick Street

2713 Sea View Road




$4,850,000 #1 Team North America & #2 Global Agent* Based on Engel & Vรถlkers 2016 statistics from VREB MLS





VA N C O u V E R


1144 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

The Value of Experience

Sylvia Therrien

Personal Real Estate Corporation

568 Senanus Drive | $5,490,000

3240 Uplands Place | $4,750,000

1107-707 Courtney | 1702-707 Courtney

1605 York Place | $2,195,000

3395 Weald Road | $1,765,000

572 Beach Drive | $2,900,000

6 Acres of Peninsula Waterfront

Two Spectacular Suites at The Falls

Delightful Uplands Character Home

Custom Home in the Uplands

Character Home in the Heart of Oak Bay

Stunning Water Views • • 250.385.2033 • Cell: 250.888.6621 • Toll-free: 1.888.886.1286

+1 250.896.3859

Personal Real Estate Corporation 1












w Ne rice P


Elegant Broadmead Estate 5 Beds/4 Baths - 4830 Finished sq/ft 904 Cobblestone Lane - $2,988,000


Luxurious Modern Residence 5 Beds/3 Baths - 4155 Finished sq/ft 3899 Cadboro Bay Road - $2,489,000


Luxurious Rancher at Shoal Harbour Est. 3 Beds/3 Baths - 3256 Finished sq/ft 10704 Bayfield Road - $1,995,000

10 Exquisite Uplands Estate


Oak Bay Colonial Residence 3 Beds/3 Baths - 2515 Finished sq/ft 2856 Dewdney Avenue - $2,275,000


Remarkable Cordova Bay Home 6 Beds/3 Baths - 3262 Finished sq/ft 5164 Del Monte Avenue - $1,125,000


Exquisite Cherry Bank Condo 2 Beds/3 Baths - 2016 Finished sq/ft #509-828 Rupert Terrace - $1,450,000

11 Stunning Olympic View Home


Luxurious Custom Home 4 Beds/4 Baths - 3637 Finished sq/ft 2701 Goldstone Heights - $1,885,000


Rockland Estate w/Development Potential 5 Beds/5 Baths - 4654 Finished sq/ft 1550 Rockland Avenue - $2,950,000


Exceptional English Character Home 4 Beds/2 Baths - 1890 Finished sq/ft 1202 Duke Street - $1,125,000

12 Luxurious Royal Bay Townhome

6 Beds/5 Baths - 36,150 sq/ft Lot 3320 Ripon Road - $2,988,000 5 Beds/3 Baths - 2667 Finished sq/ft 995 Ariane Gardens - $859,000

4 Beds/3 Baths - 2750 Finished sq/ft #18-3650 Citadel Place - $1,155,000

#1 Realtor in Sales Pemberton Holmes 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 MLS Gold Award Winner Since 2010


MAGICAL OCEANFRONT 1126 Gillespie Road, Sooke: $6,900,000

Waterfall Cove offers 150 pristine acres, mostly natural state, with a custom built double A-frame home & almost 2,000 ft. on the sheltered shores of the Sooke basin.



2530 Queenswood Drive: World class oceanfront custom home built to exquisite standards in Victoria’s premier suburb. Superb views from this 1.74 acre sanctuary with approx. 300 ft. of shoreline.

GLYNIS MACLEOD Personal Real Estate Corporation


SIMPLY SENSATIONAL $12,888,000 529 Swanwick Road: Extraordinary award-winning oceanfront home on 67 stunning acres, with 1,400 linear ft. of shoreline. Just 30 minutes from Victoria.

Please call if you are considering selling your home.

250.661.7232 SOTHEBYSRE ALT Y.CA

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. E.&O.E.: This information is from sources which we deem reliable, but must be verified by prospective Purchasers and may be subject to change or withdrawal. Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement


$5,990,000 9310 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich


# 391270

11184 Chalet Road, North Saanich


# 388821

# 391168

674 Cromarty Road, North Saanich


# 391377


# 390987


$1,200,000 9373 Webster Place, Sidney

personal real estate corporation




Chace Whitson

1580 Lands End Road, North Saanich


# 390788

· 250 818 9338 tel · 778 426 2262 cel

8045 Huckleberry Court, Saanichton CHACEWHITSON.COM

Extraordinary Properties! Unrivalled Experience and Expertise Luxury Waterfront Specialist

SIDNEY BY THE SEA! This home is more unique than a condo and more artful than a townhome; yet is a perfect size for an easy-care lifestyle, leaving the owner free to sail, kayak, golf, or travel! Built in 2016 with the highest quality finishing, it offers magnificent views of Mt. Baker, the ocean, and the Marina, from all principal rooms. Offering 3 bedrooms and 4 baths in 2600+ square feet, the main floor enjoys an open plan with gourmet kitchen/ pantry opening to living room with gas fireplace. The 2nd floor is the sleeping floor. The lowest level provides walk out basement ideal for recreation, games or guest accommodation. The large patio leads to the waterway path. City center is a 5-minute walk. For future convenience there is a roughed in elevator, as well as an oversized garage. Offered at $2,250,000 MLS# 389483

CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE IN FAIRFIELD This exciting contemporary residence offers breathtaking south & west facing views of the Olympic mountains, across the city of Victoria and out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Offering over 4400 sq. ft. on 3 levels; the sophisticated design includes preparation for an elevator. The 23’ living room enjoys feature fireplace ideal for entertaining or just relaxing with that mesmerizing view. Upstairs you have the most magnificent 25’ master bedroom suite; with elegant gas fireplace, beautiful spa bath, plus generous walk-in closet. Offered at $2,199,000 MLS# 387123

MACDONALD REALTY LTD. 755 Humboldt Street, Victoria, BC | T 250.388.5882 | TF 1.877.388.5882 |

Call Leslee Farrell at 250.388.5882 for assistance with your local and global real estate needs.

ov er as kin g

so L in D 4

da ys !

2179 Beaverbrooke // List price $1,175,000 Oak Bay Charmer in South Oak Bay

23-1950 Cultra // List price $556,000 Beautifully updated townhome in a well run complex, steps to Saanichton.

da y!

so L in D 1 ov er as kin g

37 Cahilty Lane // List price $600,000 Immaculate home and gardens in View Royal

so LD

so LD

Let me heLp you every step of the way…

202-1040 Rockland // List price $399,000 2 bed, 2 bath condo in a fabulous location, walk to town, Cook St. Village and the beach!

Krista Voitchovsky • RE/MAX Camosun • 4440 Chatterton Way • Victoria, BC V8X5J2 Tel: 250-744-3301 • Cell 250-888-3256 •

2640 Queenswood Drive

3145 Weald Road

Exclusive Oceanfront Estate

498 Beach Drive

Spacious & Elegant Sunny Uplands Home

Exquisitely Renovated Seaside Home

3931 Tudor Avenue Stunning Custom-Built in 10 Mile Point



i n t rus t e d r e a l e s tat e t r a ns ac t ions.

Buying or Selling: Lisa Williams* is Your Negotiating Advantage ( 2 5 0 ) 51 4 -1 9 6 6


* Personal Real Estate Corporation

OB Come visit us

in our new real estate sales office.

Pemberton Holmes is thrilled and proud to be back and part of Oak Bay’s future as well as its past.

Bobby Brent Jerry Kash Laurie Laine Paul Ray Rob Tracey Tricia Vanessa Ross Beagle Du Burley Appleton Buckingham Cooper Murray Davies Menzies Keller Roman 250.661.0751 250.888.8134 250.813.2166 250.213.6873 250.857.1774 778.533.4988 250.686.4234 250.686.3789 778.350.5525 250.419.2075 250.886.0620 250.589.7325

2000 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria


Providing over 130 years of experience for your peace of mind.


Spectacular Ocean Views!

745 Towner Park Road, Deep Cove | $4,450,000 MLS 390757

spectacular south facing waterfront property with over 100 feet of the best usable and accessible waterfront to hit the market in years.With tiered gardens,sitting areas and wide stairs that allow the best access to the warm waters of Pat Bay.Go swimming and kayaking or just sit and marvel at the porpoises,see otters,waterfowl and resident eagle that frequent this property. This stunning home sits on 2 1/2 acres of Sunny picturesque and level property. The home features large open living spaces,lots of large windows and French doors to let in the sun and capture the views, 4 fire places, vaulted ceilings. Completely redone into a modern and contemporary open concept with quality finishing and workmanship. Four bedrooms, three with full ensuites,including a luxurious master bedroom with 5 pc ensuite that has ocean views from the shower and soaker tub.Enjoying the ocean views gourmet kitchen. A formal dining room and two separate living rooms make this an entertainers dream home.

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. has been in business serving the Vancouver Island area since 1887 Ray MuRRay 250.686.3789 2000 Oak Bay Ave. 250.590.8124

South Oak Bay Modern Gem

Gorgeous Multi Family Home on 5 Sun Drenched Acres SW Elk Lake | $2,595,000 | MLS 386554

2165 Beaverbrooke St, South Oak Bay


LIKE NEW! Beautiful 2016 built Zebra designed home with 3Bdr & 4Bth, top-quality finishing, fantastic European-style eat-in kitchen, theatre/rec room, garage & driveway parking, and a private oasis south yard. Call to view today. MLS#390023


This stunning 6200 sqft custom West Coast executive home has lovely rural views & an extra 1200 sq ft 2 bed 2 bath home for extended family! Situated on a sun drenched, south facing, 5 acre property, this exclusive enclave in the Elk Lake area is just 15 minutes to town and offers many wonderful options. Incredible design & quality are evident the moment you drive up. The home & property was designed with extended family in mind with 4 individual living quarters (3 in the main house) or just sprawl out & enjoy the tremendous space this home has to offer. The main level is over 4600 sq ft & is bright and spacious with so many variables it truly must be seen to be believed. There are 2 double garages a sunken hot tub in the massive deck that wraps virtually the whole back side of this fabulous home. The main house has a 1 bed suite in the upper level that is so well tucked away you don’t know its there. Incorporate it into the main or use it as a nanny or caretaker suite. DaviD Scotney / 250-661-6615

Serving you first and foremost since 1887. Duncan 250.746.8123

Salt Spring 250.537.5553

Sooke 250.642.3240

Victoria 250.384.8124

West Shore 250.478.9141

Imagine owning a luxurious oceanfront condominium sitting on the ocean’s edge within a protected harbour in a bustling and fast-growing Vancouver Island community.


ou’ll enjoy stunning harbour views through soaring windows as high as 11.5 feet and from large glasswrapped decks and patios.

The Residences on Sooke Harbour are the ultimate waterfront condominium opportunity. Constructed with only the finest materials, this is the premiere real estate investment in the area.

The Residences on Sooke Harbour offer waterfront lifestyle that is completely maintenance free. Your enviable task is to enjoy your days in one of Vancouver Island’s best locations. This is west coast living at its finest. A limited collection of spacious One Bedroom, Two Bedroom, Two Bedroom & Den, and Three Bedroom Homes

Each suite has been designed to optimize the panoramic harbour views and abundance of natural light.

Prices Start In The Mid



MACDONALD REALTY LTD. 250.388.5882 Victoria | Sidney | Salt Spring Island | Parksville

250-244-1799 755 Humboldt Street



250 516 4563


Cape Cod ClassiC

neW Modern hoMe

Uplands- Oak Bay 1926 Character 5beds/5baths West facing private yard $2,500,000

Ten Mile Point 5 beds/5baths Luxurious Amenities, Style and Design ½ acre property $2,450,000

250-385-2033 250-888-0676

Waterfront doCk and Boathouse

Mark Lane-Willis Point 5beds/5baths – 1 acre property South West Exposure Fish, paddle and swim! $2,185,000

1144 Fort Street, Victoria

neW luxury hoMe

Oak Bay-Estevan 4beds/5baths Built by Maison Homes $1,750,000

250-385-2033 250-888-1570





1493 Mt Douglas Cross Rd 3 Bed | 3 Bath MLS 389944 $1,399,000 CuSToM BuiLT HoME

10312 Tsaykum Rd 3 Bed | 3 Bath MLS 389532 $859,900 DoWnSizER’S DREaM

4103 Quadra St 4 Bed | 3 Bath MLS 391342 $949,900 inCoME oPPoRTuniTy

Contact our award winning team of dedicated real estate professionals Tasha Medve* and Saira Waters* *Personal Real Estate Corporation Modern Real Estate Team Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Coast Capital Realty



208-2187 Oak Bay Ave Victoria BC, V8R 1G1  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

1146 Hampshire Rd 3 Bed | 2 Bath MLS 389899 $977,500 SoLD


Uniting extraordinary properties with extraordinary buyers. Together this dynamic team, offers their clients an in-depth knowledge of Victoria’s real estate market and the characteristics of the array of neighbourhoods under consideration. Whatever the needs of their clients... whatever their stage of life or the lifestyle they want to accommodate. Briggs and Stratton offer energy, competence and personal attention. It’s a winning combination.

The result is inevitable — a host of satisfied clients Combining the reach of the world’s most prestigious real estate brand with local market knowledge and specialized marketing expertise. Briggs and Stratton connect you to an exclusive network full



of unique opportunities to showcase your home locally, across Canada and around the world.

SOPHIA BRIGGS 250.418.5569 personal real estate corporation

NANCY STRATTON 250.857.5482 real estate professional

STRATTONANDBRIGGS.COM Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement.








651 Grenville Ave.Built Executive Homes Custom Ocean Views ab



All drawings, plans, models, designs, specifications and other documents prepared by Ryan Hoyt Designs (RHD) and used in connection with this project are instruments of service for the work shown in them (the "Work") and as such are and remain the property of RHD whether the work isexecuted or not, and RHD reserves the copyright in them and in the Work executed from them, and they shall not be used for any other work or project.


It is the responsibility of the Contractor to verify all dimensions, elevations, and site conditions as applicable to the project and the proposed work. The Contractor shall notify the Designer of any errors, omissions or discrepancies identified within the drawings prior to commencement of the work. Commencement of construction or any part thereof constitutes acceptance of the drawings, acceptance of the existing site conditions, and means dimensions and elevations have been considered, verified and are acceptable.




The Contractor shall work with a B.C.L.S. to verify compliant placement, siting and elevation of the proposed buildings or structures on the property prior to commencing the work. RHD is not responsible for any encroachments with respect to elevation, siting or placement. Any proposed changes with respect to elevation, siting or placement shall be confirmed with a B.C.L.S. prior to execution.


The Contractor shall engage a Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of BC for the design and field review of all structural components and systems within the work as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Prior to commencement of the work, the Contractor shall notify RHD of any changes to the design required by the Structural Engineer, truss manufacturer or other engineered component supplier.


Luxury 4 Bedroom Home. 10 min to downtown inner harbour. Over 2600 sqft of High End Design & Finishing. Renown Developer & Designer. Open plan chef ’s dream kitchen and Spa retreat inspired Separate Ensuite. July Completion. PROPOSED 0.35






158.1m2 (451.7*0.35)

157.6m2 (79.3+78.3)








22.1% (119.0/451.7)














19.01m 1.50m 2.00m

ShiriN Purewal TXT | CALL 1-778-401-9545





Project No.:
















T hank you Cover Sheet



A4.1 A4.2 A4.3

1 2 3 4











A2.1 A2.2

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3 Concept 4

Description: AVERAGE GRADE:




17April10 17April19 17April21 17April26





Ryan Hoyt Designs Inc. Suite 207, 4475 Viewmont Ave. Victoria, BC V8Z 6L8





Sheet Title:



651 Grenville Ave.

651 & 649 Grenville | $1,100,000 /each


2018 VIBE Awards







We wish to thank our sponsors and attendees for making the night a great success honouring the achievements of the industry.


“ When you are at “home” some of the best living & most valuable living happens ” - Enjoy







Sharen Warde & Larry SimS

250-592-4422 82  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8








From classic Deli to new Delhi — carnivore or herbivore — schmear and crunch homemade sandwiches that explode with taste. Plates and marble platter from Pigeonhole Home Store.  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8



The c i s s Cl a l i De


ANDWICH IS a word that inspires excitement, at least in my house. Whether it’s for a snack or a meal, picnics or parties, a well-made sandwich is something that has us asking for more. And if only we could eat more! A good sandwich, with its satisfying combination of hearty bread, delicious spreads, protein-packed fillings and juicy toppings, is very easy to fill up on, and very quickly. I guess that’s why I like to stack as many ingredients (and as much flavour!) in there as possible — more bang for my single sandwich buck. Additionally, since I am in the habit of cooking for friends and family members who have different dietary needs, I like to make super stacked sandwiches that can be enjoyed in either a vegetarian or a meat-lover’s version. Stacking a sandwich gives so many options for flavour and texture that it is easy to leave out the meat. But when I say stacked sandwiches, I don’t mean overstacked. I like enough different fillings to make my sandwich explode with taste and texture, but not so many fillings that it’s hard for me to take a bite, leaving me to deal with sandwich parts exploding all over my shirt. Your preferred stack may be greater or smaller than the ones I will describe in detail below; however, make sure to 84  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


include at least one each of the following ingredient categories: A flavourful “schmear” (why use any other word than this Yiddish one borrowed from the people who first made sandwiches stacked and juicy and great in North America?); an ingredient that gives crunch; one that provides juiciness; a filling that is high in protein; a high-flavour ingredient; and possibly something rich (examples below). In many cases, the same ingredient will occupy two or more categories. For example, pickles are crunchy, juicy and high in flavour; hummus is a schmear that happens to be rich and high in protein and flavour. But don’t sell your sandwich short. Let yourself include as many things as you can reasonably eat, and explore flavour combinations from around the world! Korean kimchi, Italian meatballs, French pâté, Indian-spiced chicken and Middle Eastern hummus are only a few of the foods that taste amazing on bread. And you’ll be surprised at the types of foods that taste divine together — like pickled beets and curried cauliflower, two ingredients from distinctly different parts of the world that marry beautifully in my palate-pleasing Vegetarian New Delhi sandwich. Make sure to use fresh bread, un-toasted, for these sandwiches. I am a huge fan of grilled or toasted bread for sandwiches, but when you’re super stacking a sandwich, you

want bread that is softer and easier to bite into. And one final thing — these sandwiches are best served with a giant toothpick or skewer holding them together … and of course, a good dose of sunshine and laughter on the side.

CLASSIC DELI — MEAT LOVER’S Makes 1 sandwich This is a typical deli sandwich loaded with deli meats, cheese, pickles, tomato and lettuce. Use any deli meat you like, change up the pickles, use raw onion instead of grilled, leave out the tomato — make this sandwich yours. 2 pieces fresh crusty sourdough bread 20 ml real mayonnaise 10 ml Dijon mustard ¼ ripe avocado (optional) 4 slices grilled or sautéed onion 40 g capicola ham 20 g salami 20 g Havarti cheese (or a mild cheese of your choice) 6 slices bread and butter pickles (or one dill pickle, sliced) 3 to 4 slices juicy ripe tomato 1 or 2 leaves crunchy lettuce Salt & pepper 2 slices bacon, cooked (optional) Spread half the mayo on each slice of bread; repeat with mustard. If using avocado, cut into thin slices and lay on what will be the bottom piece of bread. Now lay on the grilled onion, cheese, meats, pickles, tomato and lettuce, with the optional bacon on the very top. Make sure to arrange your ingredients evenly over the previous layer so that every bite has a bit of each item. If you like, you can sprinkle some salt and pepper over the tomato, especially if you leave out the pickles. Cover with second slice of bread, mayo side down. Push two big frilled toothpicks through the sandwich (one on each half), cut sandwich in half, and serve immediately, with a side of potato chips and pickles, if desired.

extend your family time,

social time, and quiet time

CLASSIC DELI — VEGETARIAN Makes 1 sandwich Much like the sandwich above, this is a classic deli sandwich, but without the meat. It gets its heft and flavour from the layering of ingredients and by including vegetarian heavyweights like avocado and grilled pepper. Use any cheese, pickle or grilled vegetable that you like. 2 pieces fresh multi-grain bread 20 ml real mayonnaise 10 ml Dijon mustard ¼ to ½ ripe avocado 4 slices grilled or sautéed onion 1 bell pepper, halved, seeded and grilled or roasted 20 g Havarti cheese (or mild cheese of your choice) 6 slices bread and butter pickles (or one dill pickle, sliced) 3 to 4 slices juicy ripe tomato 1 or 2 leaves crunchy lettuce Salt & pepper

Custom made, weather resistant CommerCial & residential solutions for outdoor spaCes

PH. 250.361.4714 TF. 1.800.563.5558 2-2745 BRIDGE STREET, VICTORIA PACIFICROLLSHUTTERS.COM  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


Th e e l h i D w e N


Spread half the mayo on each slice of bread; repeat with mustard. Cut avocado into thin slices and lay on the bottom piece of bread. Now lay on the grilled onion, cheese, grilled pepper, pickles, tomato and lettuce. Make sure to arrange your ingredients evenly over the previous layer so that every bite has a bit of each item. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the tomato for an extra flavour boost. Cover with second slice of bread, mayo side down. Push two big frilled toothpicks through the sandwich (one on each half), cut sandwich in half, and serve immediately.

NEW DELHI — CHICKEN Makes 1 sandwich One of my favourite ever sandwich creations, the combination of mint chutney, spice-grilled chicken (or cauliflower), pickled beets and crunchy vegetables is sandwich nirvana. Looks as beautiful as it tastes! Make sure to use a soft baguette, not a really crusty one, or the sandwich will be too difficult to eat. Alternatively, pile the fillings into a folded naan bread, or use good quality white sandwich bread. ¼ soft white baguette, split 30 ml mint chutney (recipe follows) 30 ml caramelized onions (or sub in sliced raw onion), optional Spiced grilled chicken (recipe follows) 3 slices pickled beets 4 roasted cherry tomatoes (or sub in fresh sliced tomato), optional 6 slices cucumber 86  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8



60 ml finely shredded cabbage Spread half of the mint chutney on each side of the baguette. Spread on the optional caramelized onion, followed by the grilled chicken, pickled beets, roasted cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and finally cabbage. Cover with top piece of baguette, chutney side down, and serve immediately.


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Unique Pots, Plants and Garden Accessories.

Makes 1 sandwich One of my favourite ever sandwich creations, the combination of mint chutney, spice-grilled cauliflower (or chicken), pickled beets, and crunchy vegetables is sandwich nirvana. Looks as beautiful as it tastes! ¼ soft white baguette, split 30 ml mint chutney (recipe follows) 30 ml caramelized onions (optional — or sub in   sliced raw onion) Spiced grilled cauliflower steak (recipe follows) 3 slices pickled beets 4 roasted cherry tomatoes (optional — or sub in   fresh sliced tomato) 6 slices cucumber 60 ml finely shredded cabbage Spread half of the mint chutney on each side of the baguette. Spread on the optional caramelized onion, followed by the grilled cauliflower, pickled beets, roasted cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and finally cabbage. Cover with top piece of baguette, chutney side down, and serve immediately.

South of Duncan on the Trans Canada Hwy. 250.746.8734  |

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MINT CHUTNEY Makes enough for about 4 sandwiches. Recipe doubles easily. ½ cup packed mint leaves ¼ cup fresh cilantro 1 or 2 green onions, depending on size 30 ml sweet mango chutney (or apricot jam) 15 ml rice wine vinegar 2 ml cayenne It’s easiest to puree all the ingredients in a food processor, mini-chopper or immersion blender. Alternatively, you can chop the mint, cilantro, green onion and mango chutney by hand until very fine, and mix in a bowl with the remaining ingredients. This condiment lasts in the fridge for about a week, and tastes delicious with all kinds of food.

SPICE GRILLED CAULIFLOWER AND CHICKEN These substantial fillings are what give the New Delhi sandwich its Indian flair. The spice grilled cauliflower is so good, you’ll want to try it on its own. The spice mixture is brushed on near the end of cooking so that it doesn’t burn. Either the chicken or the cauliflower can be made a day ahead. 1 chicken breast, tender removed, and breast sliced horizontally into two flat cutlets OR 1 whole cauliflower, centre cut into three thick slices, with the core attached so that it doesn’t fall apart (slices about 1 cm thick)

88  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

2.5 ml salt 30 ml vegetable oil, divided 10 ml good quality curry powder Preheat gas grill on high heat. (Alternatively, you can roast the chicken or cauliflower in a 425 F degree oven.) Coat the three cauliflower “steaks” or chicken cutlets in 15 ml of oil, along with all the salt. Grill over direct heat — chicken uncovered, cauliflower covered — using tongs to flip the chicken or cauliflower after several minutes. (The heat for the cauliflower may need to be turned down). Cook several minutes longer, until the chicken is firm and its juices are running clear, or the cauliflower is tender-crisp with browned bits everywhere. Meanwhile, mix the curry powder with the remaining oil in a small bowl. Use a barbecue brush to brush the curry powder mixture on the chicken or cauliflower when it is really close to being cooked through. Flip and brush the others side as well. Make sure to brush the edges of the cauliflower as well. Cook for a minute longer, flipping as necessary, until the curry spices are fragrant and clinging to the cauliflower or chicken. Remove cauliflower or chicken to a plate and let cool slightly or completely before putting in the sandwich.

MEDITERRANEAN — MEAT LOVER’S Makes 1 sandwich Brimming with bright Mediterranean flavours, this sandwich is perfect for sunny picnics or lunches in the back garden. It’s a great vehicle for leftover grilled vegetables and any cured meats you have on hand. Slather on the pesto, if you like a strong herb

“Oh-La-La” fun on the beach.

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n a e n a err t i d e M

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Holistic, Chinese and Traditional Dermatology for Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic skin disorders, at Fairfield Skin Clinic.




Fairfield Skin Clinic is pleased to introduce “ Fusion Dermatology” a combination of Herbal, Chinese and Western Dermatology to get the best of all worlds in the management of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Ms. Rebecca Kelley is available for Herbal and Chines Medicine Dermatologist Dr. Julian Hancock for Cosmetic Dermatology, Botox, Juvederm, Mole removal and laser.





See for more details. Fairfield Skin Clinic for appointments.

Dr. Julian A. Hancock, FRCP(C) Cosmetic Dermatology

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Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic

• Botox • Juvederm • Moles • Laser Smoothing • Hydrafacial

flavour, or limit yourself to a few leaves if you prefer the meat and vegetables to shine. ¼ loaf focaccia bread, sliced in half horizontally 30 ml mayo, plain or herbed OR 30 ml basil pesto 45 ml soft goat cheese (or other mild white cheese) 60 g prosciutto, shaved (or salami) ½ grilled or roasted bell pepper, sliced 3 or 4 slices grilled onion 6 or more large fresh basil leaves 3 or 4 slices fresh ripe tomato Handful Italian arugula leaves

30 ml mayo, plain or herbed OR 30 ml basil pesto 45 ml soft goat cheese (or other mild white cheese) 80 to 100 ml Smashed Rosemary White Beans (recipe follows) 1 grilled or roasted bell pepper, sliced 4 slices grilled zucchini 3 or 4 slices grilled onion 6 or more large fresh basil leaves 3 or 4 slices fresh ripe tomato Handful Italian arugula leaves Salt & pepper 20 ml Italian vinaigrette, optional

Spread half the mayo or pesto (or turn it into pesto mayo!) on each half of the focaccia bread. Now spread the goat cheese on what will be the bottom half, followed by the shaved prosciutto (which will give better look and flavour if you roll each slice before placing it on the sandwich). Follow with layers of grilled pepper, grilled onion, basil leaves, tomato and arugula. Top with other half of focaccia bread, mayo side down. Push two large frilled toothpicks or skewers through each side of the sandwich and cut in half. Eat immediately, or wrap to eat at a picnic.

Spread half the mayo or pesto (or turn it into pesto mayo!) on each half of the focaccia bread. Now spread the goat cheese on what will be the bottom half, followed by the Smashed Rosemary White Beans, also spread right to the edges. Follow with layers of grilled pepper, grilled zucchini, grilled onion, basil leaves, tomato and arugula. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drizzle on the optional vinaigrette, if desired. Top with the other half of focaccia bread, mayo side down. Push two large frilled toothpicks or skewers through each side of the sandwich and cut in half. Eat immediately, or wrap to take to a picnic.

MEDITERRANEAN — GRILLED VEG Makes 1 sandwich The vegetarian version of the meat lover’s above. Try drizzling the sandwich with Italian-style vinaigrette just before you put the top piece of bread on. ¼ loaf focaccia bread, sliced in half horizontally

SMASHED ROSEMARY WHITE BEANS Makes 1 cup — enough for about 3 vegetarian sandwiches This recipe provides an alternative to hummus for flavour and protein. Quick and easy to make, but fancy enough for a dinner party, this dip is loaded with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. It will keep for


J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


several days in the fridge, and can be frozen for several months. 1 cup canned white kidney beans (cannellini beans) 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided 2 tsp minced fresh rosemary 2 cloves garlic, minced Salt and fresh ground pepper,   to taste Preheat oven to 350°F. Place the beans in a bowl with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. In a small pan, combine the remaining 2 tablespoons of olive oil with the garlic and rosemary. Turn heat to medium and heat the pan up. Let the garlic and rosemary sizzle until fragrant, about 1 minute, then immediately pour directly on to the beans in the bowl. Use a potato masher or a large fork to mash the beans together with the oil and flavourings. The texture will be rough rather than smooth. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper (to preferred taste) and mix again. Spread on sandwiches immediately, or refrigerate for several days.

SANDWICH BUILDING BLOCKS I have only scratched the surface here with things you can add to or put in sandwiches. Please use these lists as suggestions or guidelines only; explore any ingredient that suits your palate. Anything that can fit in between two pieces of bread (or baguette, or pita, or bun, etc) is game! SCHMEARS mayo (either plain or flavoured), avocado, mustard (Dijon is my go-to), butter, pesto (or variations), hummus (or other tasty bean smash), chutney, cream cheese (plain or flavoured), goat cheese, roasted garlic JUICY tomatoes, grilled peppers, grilled zucchini or eggplant, grilled onion, pickles of any kind, sprouts, cucumber, coleslaw, roasted tomatoes, grilled cauliflower or sweet potato C RU N C H Y lettuce, arugula, pickles (any kind — beets, cukes, zucchini, etc), bacon, celery, sprouts, cucumber, shredded cabbage or slaw, raw onion, sliced apple

RICH sliced cheese, avocado, bacon, hummus or bean spread, cream cheese, goat cheese, cold smoked fish, caramelized onion, pate H IGH PROT EI N salami, deli meats, grilled chicken, bacon, Asian pork and duck, pate, meatballs, shrimp, tuna, smoked salmon, eggs (fried or boiled and sliced), hummus or other smashed bean puree H I G H F L AVO U R most of the schmears, fresh herbs (big leaves of basil or mint are my favourites), kimchi, hot sauce,, bacon, strong cheese, pickles, caramelized onion

Structural Engineers

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SeRviNg the gReAteR viCtoRiA AReA & gulf iSlANdS

Let your your indoor party expand to the the outdoors. Encourage the kids to play outside in the shade. Enjoy your lunch on your deck. All are possible when you have an awning with Sunbrella fabric. And if you want to have the heat of the sun in the winter but have the comfot of shade in the summer, then a retractable awning is perfect for you. GREENGARD Certified.®

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the new range rover sport


to another level VENdriven TO ANOTHER LEVEL

With a new moreTouch aggressive stance, new Touchinfotainment Pro Duo™ touchscreen gressive stance, Pro Duo™ touchscreen system† infotainment system† daptive Dynamics, the 2018 Range Rover Sport offers more for theSport offers more for the driver and available Adaptive Dynamics, the 2018 Range Rover With 4G than connection, WiFi hotspot and a 12.3" driver interactive display, ever. With 4G connection, WiFi hotspot and a 12.3” driver interactive display, Range ort delivers an exceptional ride for every passenger. Test drive the 2018 Rover Sport delivers an exceptional ride for every passenger. Test drive the 2018 Range port at your local Land Rover Retailer today. Rover Sport at your local Land Rover Retailer today.

ation on the Rover Sport, For New moreRange information on thevisit: New Range Rover Sport, visit:



or Sean Sterling today to book your test drive


Call Ruben Little or Sean Sterling today to book your test drive

Model Shown: 2018 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic. European licence plate shown. †Do not use Land Rover InControl® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. *PVehicle may not be exactly as shown. Retailers may sell or lease for less. Please visit your local Land Rover Authorized Retailer for details. © 2018 Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC - DEALER NUMBER 30479

Rover Sport HSE Dynamic. European licence plate shown. †Do not use Land Rover InControl® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not onditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. *PVehicle may not be exactly as shown. Retailers may sell or lease for less. Please visit and Rover Canada ULC - DEALER NUMBER 30479


e picurean a Tast e of Victoria our booming epicurean culture comes to life with fresh, local food and divine drinks. ORDER UP! Known as a haven for foodies, the city offers beautiful and bountiful flavours to indulge every palate. And revving the motors of Victoria’s food scene is a collection of chefs, owners and creators, who take immense pride in their contributions to the culinary experience here. Over the next few pages, Boulevard presents insights from some of the people creating great tastes in Victoria. P h o t o s b y D ON D E N T ON

900˚ WOOD-FIRED PIZZERIA Adrian Ortiz-Mena, Owner/Executive Chef ➝ “Not only do we offer authentic Italian cuisine, but we’ve created an ambiance where you would swear you were in Italy. 900˚ is timeless; you could easily imagine yourself dining in Venice in the 1950s. We use absolutely no electricity in preparing our food; even our tomato sauce is milled by hand. In addition to most of our menu being organic, all items can also be made gluten free. This is a big deal for people with Celiac Disease — like myself — knowing you can get great pizza gluten free. It’s a labour of love, driven by passion for old-school Italian food.”

10 ACRES Marcelo Najarro, Executive Chef ➝ “In The Bistro, The Commons and The Kitchen, we’re really fortunate to have the access and ability to truly make all of our products right here in house. We train team members in butchery, making charcuterie and more, and we’re so excited to offer fresh, local vegetables and fruit grown on our very own farm! It’s a privilege to work so closely with our 10 Acres farmers and plan directly with them what we want to grow and offer to the community. And we also strive to be a zero-waste business; we feed select scraps to our pigs and compost the rest.”

THE ROOT CELLAR VILLAGE GREEN GROCER Adam and Daisy Orser, Co-Owners ➝ “We are passionate about driving value back to the time we each spend gathering, preparing and enjoying our food. The Root Cellar is the first stop on this journey, and summer is when we shine! Our farmers deliver seven days a week, and to have local produce that’s been harvested that same day, still sun-warm, is something we really love sharing with the community. Everyone’s a little more excited to visit during the long days of summer: the house is hopping, live music is often playing and the cold brew is flowing in The Coffee Project. It’s the best time of the year!” 96  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

THE COURTNEY ROOM Sam Harris, Executive Chef ➝ “Our tasting menu in the summer really showcases our favourite farmers, such as Umi Nami Farm in Metchosin, Foxglove Farm on Salt Spring Island and Madrona Farm in Saanich. We’re passionate about great local sourcing, and we encourage our guests to eat their way through the seasons and support local growers. My favourite dish this summer is our Duck Lyonnaise Salad: a poached duck egg atop a salad of frisée, smoked duck breast and brioche croutons with sherry vinaigrette. It’s my perfect lunch.”

CANOE BREWPUB Sol Tainui, Executive Chef ➝ “I’m originally from New Zealand and what I love about living on an island (once again), is the connection to the ocean, vegetation, freshwater lakes and forest. I harvest many of the ingredients in my kitchen from the native vegetation, like chickweed, bronze fennel, fiddleheads, sea asparagus, nettles and more. I also build my menu with our onsite brewery in mind. The beer and dishes complement each other, creating a perfect balance for summer lunch or dinner. Right now, my favourite dish is the Pork Belly Bao; it’s an expression of my love for street food.”

GLO Ryan Hayter, Executive Chef Andrew Fawcett, Chef ➝ “This summer season we’re excited to showcase Ocean Wise sashimi grade Ahi Tuna, and we’re featuring three dishes: Tuna Poke, Tuna Tataki and the Super Seed Ahi Tuna Salad. My favourite dish on the menu is the 12-hour beef brisket sandwich. We have an in-house brisket dry rub that goes on for 24 hours, then we slow roast the brisket for another 12 hours. It’s a must-try. Here at Glo we also stand out with our large assortment of well-thought-out appetizers, which perfectly complement the beautiful view on our sun-soaked patio.” 98  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

THE MINT Rajen Shakya, Owner Alex Snow, Manager Barb Saunders, Chef ➝ “The Mint has been an integral hub in the culinary and cocktail scene for 16 years. Being one of the only restaurants in the downtown core with a 2 am food and drink license, we cater to the downtown lifestyle. Whether you’re just off work at 5 pm or 1 am, you can guarantee we’ll have dinner available for you. This summer be sure to check out our various events and our monthly fresh sheet, and come cool down with a couple mojitos at one of our two happy hours (5-7pm and 10-11pm).”  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


VENETO KITCHEN AND BAR Tod Bosence, Executive Chef ➝ “For years I had noticed a scarcity in Victoria’s culinary scene regarding where to find a great steak. I wanted to bring a modern take on a steakhouse to Victoria and combine it with the elements Veneto has become known for. I’ve always held steadfast to our three pillars: great food, great drinks and great service. I believe if you truly deliver on all three, you can’t help but stand out. This summer, try my favourite steak: our 12oz AAA Angus Reserve New York Striploin, peppercorn crusted and served with duck-fat-roasted fingerling potatoes.”

1 0 0  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

MOXIE’S GRILL & BAR Lindsey & Robin Wilson, Owners/Operators ➝ “Warm weather means it’s time to get out, enjoy the sun and let someone else do the cooking! We love our Seared Tuna Salad for something light and fresh, or to fulfill your BBQ cravings our Ribs are amazing! Beverage wise, it’s Rose season, glasses only $5 during Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close. Also on Happy Hour is our House-Made Hard Lemonade and our Tacos at only $3 each! Crazy good deal! Come stop by our patio and let us take care of everything!”

WESTIN BEAR MOUNTAIN RESORT Mark Wadsworth, Executive Chef ➝ “At Bear Mountain we have a lot to offer through so many different outlets: you can have a nice, casual dinner in the lounge or a beer on the patio; Bella offers West Coast fare with spectacular views; we have a fantastic Cellar where you can explore wine with our Friday night flights, attend one of our winemakers dinners, or host an intimate and private event of your own; if you just want a simple sandwich we offer that at Mountain Market; and we offer service on the course as well. There’s always something different, always something on the go.”

OAK BAY MARINA RESTAURANT Toshiaki Obigane, Sushi Chef ➝ “Our sushi is totally different because we mostly use a wide variety of fresh fish — it’s Victoria’s only 100-per-cent Ocean Wise sushi bar — and we offer mainly sashimi and nigiri sushi, rather than rolls. One of my favourite dishes here is the assorted sashimi and aburi nigiri (scallops), with Junmai-Ginjo sake, or the Kale Goma-ae Salad, Prawn Tempura and Chirashi Don Bowl. This summer, try our cold Mugi-Cha (barley tea), served with a cherry blossom, the Green Tea Soba Salad or the Sumi Udon (charcoal udon noodles).” 102  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8







Introducing the newest home style in Westhills. Floor plans include single family homes, duplexes, and homes with legal income suites. Home sizes range from 1,329 to 2,610 SQ. FT. Enjoy high-level interior finishings including quartz countertops in kitchen and bathrooms, tile backsplash in kitchen, plus a tile shower in ensuite with a built-in niche. Experience energy-efficient living with natural gas powered ENERGY STAR® rated range, fireplace, BBQ hookup and tankless hot water.




J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8



L❤ving La Jolla Golfing, hiking, feasting at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

The pool at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

104  |


J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


In places there are daubs of bright orange, yellow and lime green, as if an artist has just put his finishing touches on a landscape painting.

805 Fairfield Rd Victoria, BC V8V 0A7 T 250.595.3888 W  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


The lobby at The Lodge at Torrey Pines..


LINGING OPEN the French doors to our

balcony, my husband chuckles with delight. Our fifth floor room at The Lodge at Torrey Pines overlooks the 18th hole of the eponymous golf course next door. We’re so close in fact, we can almost hear the two golfers who are setting up their final shots on the carefully manicured green. For a golf enthusiast like Kit, a long weekend at the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California is a little bit of heaven on earth. Wake up, walk out and golf the same course the pros tackle when they meet for their annual PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open, and where Tiger Woods famously sunk a clutch birdie to win the 2008 US Open. I’m not a golfer — at least not one good enough to pay $250 to play 18 holes — but as we survey the scene before us, I almost wish I were. Lush green fairways slope gently to the blue horizon, dotted with iconic Torrey Pine trees and edged with winding pathways. A wild ravine cleaves the course just to our right, hinting at the natural beauty of this plateau before much of it was developed. Thankfully, the philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps — who made a fortune in her family’s newspaper business — had the foresight to buy and donate a large chunk of the coastline for conservation. (You see her name a lot here, as she funded and/or founded many San Diego institutions including the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Scripps Research Institute.)

106  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Today, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is one of the most magnificent protected areas in all of California, with myriad trails leading to spectacular cliffs overlooking a wide sandy beach. While Kit golfs, I’ll be hiking the 1,500-acre reserve just up the road to my heart’s content. But as we explore the lodge the first evening, I’m tempted to toss my plans into the breeze. How easy and luxurious it would be to spend three days without leaving this place; swimming in the outdoor pool with classical music playing underwater, joining a yoga class or two, enjoying treatments in the spa, even playing croquet on the expansive lawn. Of course, one would expect luxe accommodation and amenities at an AAA Five Diamond resort. What surprises me is how the lodge, completed at the turn of the 21st century, could easily be mistaken for something from the early 20th century. The builder fastidiously followed two of the best examples of the California Craftsman style, which was an offshoot of the Arts and Crafts movement. Those are the Gamble House (of Proctor and Gamble fame) and the Blacker house, both in Pasadena and both designed by the Greene brother architects. If they were alive today, the renowned design duo would immediately recognize the homey look and feel of The Lodge with its green shakes, clinker brick masonry, solid post and beam construction and, not least, its striking stained glass work of art depicting a tree in the porte cochère — in this case a Torrey pine tree framed in Brazilian cherry wood. Yes, the Greenes might wonder why the doormen here dress

How easy and luxurious it would be to spend three days without leaving this place; swimming in the outdoor pool with classical music playing underwater, joining a yoga class or two, enjoying treatments in the spa, even playing croquet on the expansive lawn.

Torrey Pines Golf Course.

in green plaid kilts and stockings, but any golfer could tell them it’s to pay tribute to Scotland, the birthplace of golf. On Saturday, while Kit heads out to hit some balls and warm up for his big game the following day, I head to the park. As well as protecting the only wild Torrey pine forest on the mainland — indeed, the world (with the exception of one small grove offshore on Santa Rosa Island) — the nature reserve protects a rare community of smaller plants known as maritime chaparral. They include hard-leaved, drought-tolerant shrubs that absorb moisture from the coastal fog. Shaped by the wind, they provide a haven for mule deer, grey fox, coyotes and smaller mammals. As I make my way along the sandy Razor Point Trail towards

the Pacific, I’m struck by just how rugged this place is: deep ravines, wind-chiselled sandstone cliffs and gnarled pine trees attest to its wildness. In places, there are daubs of bright orange, yellow and lime green, as if an artist has just put his finishing touches on a landscape painting. At the end of the trail I meet retired twin sisters from San Diego who walk in this park every week and never tire of it. “We see whales swimming; we see dolphins leaping,” one tells me enthusiastically before they take off up the trail. When I return to the lodge, Kit is also in good spirits. He’s been sitting in the outdoor hot tub and watching golfers at the 18th hole.

618 Broughton St. I 778 406 1600 I  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

1 07

built for life, Built for beauty established in 1980

mac renovations Design | Build

250.412.8012 | 5285 West Saanich Road Victoria, BC |

“A contractor you can trust”

108  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

“Two in a row — bam, bam — into the pond,” he laughs, mimicking their failed attempts to hit their balls over the large water hazard just before the finish. “Do you feel better,” I tease, “knowing there are others here in your league?” Our final two days roll by all too quickly, with each of us doing our thing. Kit enjoys a good round of golf and is pleased to tell me his ball does not end up in the drink. And in between golfing and hiking we even find time for a short kayak tour of La Jolla Cove, where black cormorants and sea lions noisily share the cliffs and caves. We also explore a small part of Balboa Park, considered the jewel of San Diego with 15 museums, half a dozen performing arts venues and gardens galore. The ornately designed California Tower — which you can climb — and adjoining blue-and-gold domed California Building are reason enough to visit. All weekend we enjoy good meals wherever we go (El Pescador Fish Market in the village of La Jolla is particularly memorable), but we’ve saved the best for the last. Our final evening we savour exquisite food and wine at A.R. Valentien, the lodge’s signature restaurant. Executive Chef Jeff Jackson, who was mentored by legendary French chef Paul Bocuse, is known as the godfather of the farmto-table movement in San Diego. That means there are everchanging choices depending on the season. (The restaurant also holds a monthly Artisan Table event with a seasonal menu and wine pairings by select California winemakers.) Sitting on the terrace in the balmy evening air we enjoy house-made chicken liver paté, a citrusy salad, roast duck breast and confit leg of duck and coriander-crusted Ahi tuna. But what I really want the recipe for is the Crispy Brussels Sprouts. Oh, to make these bitter nuggets this tasty! (Our server confides they’re sautéed in a vinaigrette of fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, lime juice, garlic and ginger, then topped with torn fresh herbs: mint, cilantro and basil.) Lingering over dessert (salted caramel chocolate tart with orange marmalade and bourbon espresso ice cream), we learn about the man who lends his name to this restaurant. A.R. Valentien was a successful artist from Ohio who holidayed in La Jolla for several months in the early 1900s. He moved here permanently a few years later for health reasons. That’s when Ellen Browning Scripps commissioned him to paint California’s wild flowers, some of which grace the walls of this restaurant today. Like Valentien, our little vacation has persuaded us that La Jolla, and especially The Lodge at Torrey Pines, deserve a return visit, even if we can’t plead poor health or stay for good. For more information and

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V I C TO R I A 601 Boleskine Rd. 250-384-9359


201-4300 Wellington Rd. 250-756-3614

i l l u m i n at i o n s b c . c o m

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It’s in THE CARDS All abuzz at transformed Victoria casino BY CHELSEA FORMAN

112  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

The facility feels revitalized, welcoming and sophisticated with modern components. Everyone on the floor is filled with excitement — whether playing a game, enjoying a drink at the Well Public House’s bar, or ogling a magician — the room is buzzing.


T’S BEEN many years since my partner, Austin, and I visited Vancouver Island’s only casino in View Royal. The facility has undergone extensive renovations in its transformation from View Royal Casino to Elements Casino Victoria and tonight is the grand opening of the new venue. We spin the car into the rounded front entry, appreciating the ease of valet parking. Walking in the front door for the first time, we’re stunned by the transformation of the space. Now with a fully developed second level, the renovated casino is more than double its original size. The facility has a warm and inviting atmosphere and is fuelled by an undercurrent of thrilling energy. Aerial dancers float throughout the room, costumed in whimsical wear and elaborate makeup. On the floor, magicians wander through the crowd, bewildering guests with wild tricks, and women dressed as iconic Vegas showgirls dazzle patrons in bright silver outfits with matching headdresses. Traditional Aboriginal dancers are followed by an equally spectacular Chinese Lion dance and pig roast — something believed to bestow good luck on the venue and those who eat the meat. Austin and I cut through the crowd and take the escalator up to the second level where the VIP cocktail party is unfolding. We have the opportunity to mix with some of the major players who brought the new facility to light. “Introducing Elements Casino Victoria to [our] family of properties is a momentous occasion for us,” said Raj Mutti, vice president of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s western operation, adding that the new venue will be in the ranks of River Rock Casino Resort, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and Elements Casino in Surrey. Open from 9 am until 4 am during the week and 24-hours Friday and Saturday, the facility is a local retreat and outlet for entertainment regardless of the time. “We are looking to continue to grow and contribute to the maturation of Victoria and the entertainment scene,” says Chris Lynn, executive director of Great Canadian’s Vancouver Island Casino Operations. Looking at the gaming floor below I am certain that Elements Casino Victoria will be a major destination for vacationers to lower Vancouver Island, and also residents  |

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seeking an unforgettable night out. “What we’re trying to do is offer something to everyone. And everyone wants different forms of entertainment,” says Chris. “This venue is something very different than what it used to be. We now have dining experiences, local entertainment on Friday and Saturday night in the Well Public House, and larger shows in the multipurpose Platinum Room that can be used for anything you can imagine.” Austin and I walk into the adjacent Platinum Room, which is a 500-person space designed to host a variety of events and performances. Tonight the stage is ready and waiting under cool blue lights. In just a few short hours Canadian rock icon and eight-time Juno Award winner Tom Cochrane, with Red Rider, will be the first artists to perform on the new stage. Making our way back down to the 70,000-square-foot gaming floor, Austin and I take in the surrounding space, which features approximately 800 slot machines, 25 table games and high stakes slot machines and baccarat in the casino’s designated privé spaces. Austin leads us to the baccarat table, which is his game of choice. He immediately loses $50. I feel bad for him so I give him other $50. He loses again; now I feel bad for me. “I’ll win it back,” Austin says with a grin that I know all too well. Austin gets comfortable at the baccarat table with a cocktail, a stack of chips and fierce determination. I look up at one of the aerial dancing goddesses above me and pray for his good luck (and my $50 back) before I wander off to explore. Dining options at the casino are abundant. The Well Public House serves casual dining favourites and well-crafted drinks. Chi Express offers Asian cuisine, including a variety of noodle

The facility has a warm and inviting atmosphere and is fuelled by an undercurrent of thrilling energy. bowls and bubble tea, the 1708 Quick Bites serves up delicious burgers, and the casino’s Diamond Buffet presents fresh and locally sourced food selections prepared daily. The dining facilities are filled with patrons happily chattering and fuelling up before Tom Cochrane and Red Rider take the stage. The day’s remaining light pours in from sprawling windows along the front of the venue. It floods the space all the way to the soaring ceiling above. The facility feels revitalized, welcoming and sophisticated with modern components. Everyone on the floor is filled with excitement — whether playing a game, enjoying a drink at the Well Public House’s bar or ogling a magician — the room is buzzing. I spot Austin from across the room laughing and chatting with the other players at the table — always a very good sign — and we end the evening on an excellent note. On our drive home Austin and I chat about the casino. When I ask him what specifically he liked about it, his answers were completely different from my own and in this moment I fully understand what Chris meant: there is something for everyone at Elements Casino Victoria.

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115  | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8 pacsafe was established in 1998 by two ‘Aussie’ friends who’ve visited more than 80 countries.



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SHOW YOUR SHOULDERS NOT YOUR STRAPS Valletta tops features: Built in bra Adjustable shoulder straps Beautiful Modal fabric Many new spring colours in stock Terazaki Kogyo, Beach Girl, woodcut on paper. 2250 Oak Bay Avenue, Suite 210, Victoria | 250 384 1791 (Corner of Oak Bay & Monterey, behind Oaks Restaurant)



ESPITE BEING retired from the

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, curator emeritus Barry Till is still very busy in his field of Asian art. Although principally involved in artifact appraisal these days, there was one exhibition he felt compelled to organize: the tribute to Dr. Judith Patt, who generously donated time and artworks to the AGGV over a 40-year period. “Judith was one of the pillars of the gallery … her contribution was immense,” says Till, who has selected approximately 60 pieces of Asian art from the many hundreds that Judith donated until her death last year. “There will be some Zen paintings and a few ceramics but the bulk of the exhibit will be woodblock prints.” These colourful works of art, which influenced the Post Impressionists, were produced in runs of 300 to 500 and weren’t originally considered fine art. “They were bought by the working classes, and portrayed kabuki artists, courtesans, landscapes, ghost scenes, historical stories and epic samurai battles,” explains Till. Produced throughout the 1800s, they originally sold for


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Silver Ocean Designs by Linda Rajotte 250.727.1232 for studio hours  |

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pennies. The workmanship was often spectacular, but according to Till they were never valued by the Japanese and ended up being collected by western museums. Today, the rarest examples sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The AGGV has the most comprehensive collection of these prints in Canada, and a lot of the credit goes to Patt, who also taught, lectured and was a skilled practitioner of ikebana, the art of flower arranging. “She was always a supportive and encouraging colleague,” Till adds.

The exhibit opens June 30. For information, see AGGV.


614 Johnson St. Victoria


Catering, picnic baskets, & gourmet cuisine

Summer picnic baskets for the perfect al fresco lunch

As Victoria International JazzFest enters its 35th season, it’s standing tall as this city’s longest continually running music festival. “I still love presenting the music,” smiles festival founder Darryl Mar, who started planning the 2018 JazzFest way back last September. Spanning a wide range of jazz, blues, R&B, roots and world music, the 10-day event presents over 60 separate bands at 13 venues — including 23 free performances in Centennial Square. Aside from booking big-name artists like bluegrass legend Jerry Douglas and jazz and soul vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater, Mar has done an excellent job of choosing exciting up-and-comers who’ve never played here before. Fans of Grammy winners Snarky Puppy should check out Ghost-Note, a percussion-centric spinoff known for its mesmerizing live shows. St. Paul and the Broken Bones are soul revivalists with an electrifying lead singer and a killer horn section. Then there’s award-winning jazz drummer Jamison Ross, who as a boy used to sing in his grandfather’s church and weaves elements of gospel and soul into a sound that critics have compared with Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. And a few veterans are also making Victoria debuts, including sax virtuoso Vincent Herring, regarded as the heir to Julian “Cannonball” Adderley. “He’s one of the last remaining bebop stars … that’s gonna be a great show,” Mar declares. People who like to party should check out the Afro-pop of Alsarah & the Nubatones or the brass-band-meets-Bhangrarock craziness of Red Baraat. And that’s just a taste: read the program, then book the babysitter!

Running from June 22-July 1 at numerous venues. For tickets, see Victoria JazzFest.

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250.595.3212 2007 Cadboro Bay Road

118  |

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Blue Bridge Theatre is on firmer financial footing after a few rocky years, and theatre fans are grateful that the company known for presenting excellent and exciting work has a future. “It’s been a joyous and challenging ride to get to this point,” declares artistic director Brian Richmond, who says that their debt load is almost completely wiped out. “We’re very proud that we’re here for a tenth season.”

bathroom projects


BIG or small

Jacob Richmond as the “demon barber” in Sweeney Todd.

Blue Bridge is halfway through its quartet of summer shows, and is moving on from Anton Chekov and Arthur Miller to an internationally acclaimed Canadian classic, The Drawer Boy. This dramedy — which explores the line between fiction and reality —focusses on two older farmers in rural Ontario, longtime friends whose relationship was forged during the Second World War. “It’s a deep and heart-warming and ultimately comic look at a very poignant friendship,” Richmond notes. “It’s like the Canadian version of Of Mice and Men.” The tone changes utterly for the season closer, Stephen Sondheim’s delightfully gruesome Sweeney Todd, the tonguein-cheek account of the “demon barber of Fleet Street” whose unsuspecting customers get their throats slit before being repurposed as tasty protein. After confessing that he wasn’t a Sondheim fan when he started planning to direct the hit show, Richmond says he’s become a total convert: “Todd is now my pick for the greatest piece of musical theatre ever written.” Cheekily, BBT has joined forces with nearby Caffé Fantastico to offer an eminently English pre-show dinner special featuring salad, cider and, of course, a savoury meat pie (from nonhomicidal sources). Bon appétit!

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Drawer Boy runs July 3-15, and Sweeney Todd from July 31-August 12. For tickets, see Blue Bridge Theatre.


Founded in 2015 by Intrepid Theatre, OUTstages is launching its fourth festival of gay-themed theatre and performance. “We’ve expanded in size and scope, and are now able to program bigger artists,” says curator Sean Guist, who adds they’ve started getting applications from as far away as Halifax and New York. “But we’re also very much focussed on connecting with the local queer community and the local arts community.” Guist is particularly pleased to have booked Toronto’s famed

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DRIVEWISE Reserve Your Seat | 250-475-0666 |  |

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Queer Songbook Orchestra, whose Songs of Resilience features not only the music of gay songwriters ranging from k.d. lang to Billy Strayhorn and Stephen Sondheim, but also explores the little-known history surrounding these artists. “These are often tales of struggle, and we’re including local narrators to tell similar stories from Victoria’s gay community,” explains Guist. Another mainstage show is the acclaimed My Funny Valentine by Vancouver’s Zee Zee Theatre, which tells of the horrifying murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King, who was shot by a male classmate after Lawrence asked him to be his valentine. And then there’s the unique, award-winning Pearle Harbour’s Chautauqua, inspired by those old-time tent revivals and presided over by Toronto drag queen Pearle Harbour. “It takes place in a tent that holds about 45 people, and it really connects to everything that’s happening in our lives,” Guist says. Add in some play readings, fascinating pop-ups and genderplayful performances by local artists such as Métis “drag king” Eddi Wilson and this is exciting theatre for anyone with curiosity and an open mind.

Running from June 19-24. For tickets and information, see OUTstages.


VICTORIA FLAMENCO FESTIVAL JULY 26-29 Flamenco is a centuries-old Romany art form that can

incorporate dance, guitar and vocals; in combination, it’s an erotic, technically virtuosic and highly rhythmic performance that comes down to one word: Passion. “I first heard it performed live in Tofino in 1999 and I was completely grabbed,” declares Jan Bate, who’s been the coordinator for the Victoria Flamenco Festival since it began in 2013. There’s been a lively flamenco community in Victoria for several decades, and the festival is a chance for locals to show what they know — and share the stage with out-of-town headliners that can come from as far away as Mexico and Spain. Much of the festival is free, and big crowds attend the all-day weekend shows in Centennial Square. These acts range from emerging performers to professional groups, including well-known locals like Jake Lee and Gareth Owen. The grand finale in the square is set for late Sunday afternoon when 10 performers — many who won’t have played together before — will showcase the art form at its fiery best. “Flamenco is a lot like jazz in the sense that if you know ‘the rules’ you can just jump in and play together,” Bate explains. “This is going to be incredible, spontaneous flamenco — what’s referred to as ‘puro.’” There are also three ticketed evening shows, including a collaboration between Vancouver’s Calle Verde and Aliesha Bryan, a dancer from New York who was invited here after VFF board members saw her during a pilgrimage to Granada.

Running July 26-29 at various venues. For tickets and information, see Victoria Flamenco Festival.

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“The festival is going great guns … attendance reached 3,800 last year and we’ve been getting fabulous feedback about the quality of the productions,” says artistic director Karen Lee Pickett, who’s been with the Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival since 2012. Pickett makes a point of selecting the bestavailable actors, and using them in both shows. “This allows these mostly younger ‘early career’ performers to develop as professionals,” explains Pickett, who usually casts grads from the UVic theatre department and the Canadian College of Performing Arts. “They find it a great experience to work so intensely together and get invested in the repertory process.” The lineup this summer includes the lesser-known Pericles, Prince of Tyre, which is thought to have been only partially written by Shakespeare. “Pericles has been rediscovered, and it’s actually an amazing play, a very epic adventure tale,” Pickett says. It will be directed by the renowned Christopher Weddell, a founding member of Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach. “Christopher has a real vision for Pericles, so it’s not just an adventure but really exposes the heart of the characters,” she says. It will be paired with Shakespeare’s final masterpiece, The Tempest, directed by award-winning Chelsea Haberlin, a UVic grad who now runs her own theatre company in Vancouver.

Scene from last year’s Victoria Flamenco Festival. THE NEW JAGUAR E-PACE


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JAGUAR VICTORIA 3351 Douglas Street, Victoria, V8Z 3L4 250-475-3313 Contact Ruben Little or Sean Sterling to arrange your test drive. Dealer #30479  |

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The festival has had a home on the sylvan grounds of Camosun College since 2005, and Pickett recommends coming early with a picnic dinner to eat while enjoying the pre-show entertainment such as lectures or live music.

canvases come alive in crimsons and brilliant blues, with a depth and texture that makes you want to reach out a hand and stroke them. And they each represent a different mood for Annabelle when she’s working. “If I do a tiger, I’m feeling like I know where I’m going,” she says. Running from July 5-28 “Lions, it’s always when I’m really (with three shows of The confident about the future. When Tempest at Saxe Point, I really need liberty, feeling really August 2-4). For tickets, stuck and I need free time, I’m see Victoria Shakespeare doing horses all the time. I did a Festival. lot of horses last year,” she adds, laughing. “I got divorced last year, and it was a pretty rough year, but good too,” says Annabelle. “It’s really ANNABELLE MARQUIS AT WEST like the butterfly stage, like I was in END GALLERY a cocoon last year and now I have OPENS IN JUNE my wings back.” Annabelle Marquis: Camouflage, 30x30, Oil and mixed — BY ANGELA COWAN media on canvas. She adds: “It’s why I’m in that Victoria’s West End Gallery is mood of liberty and wanting to fly showcasing Montreal artist Annabelle Marquis this June with her everywhere and cover the world! When I’m painting now, I’m new show, “Spread Your Wings,” a vibrant celebration of colour feeling that way too.” and ingenuity, passion, freedom and letting go. “Spread Your Wings” runs from June 16 to 28 at West Her pieces are built from paint and paper, creating a collageEnd Gallery, 1203 Broad Street. For more information, visit style whole that is so much greater than its parts. Lions and or koi, peacocks and horses, tigers and bulls, the animals on her


Ballet Victoria – Season 2018-2019 Frankenstein

McPherson Playhouse Oct 26, 27 | 7:30 pm Oct 28 | 2:00 pm

The Gift

The Royal Theatre With the Victoria Symphony Dec 28 | 7:30 pm Dec 29, 30 | 2:00 pm

Carmina Burana

The Royal Theatre With the Victoria Choral Society and live music March 5, 6 | 7:30 pm

Alice in Wonderland The Royal Theatre May 17 | 7:30 pm May 18 | 2:00 pm

The Arthur Vickers Gallery home to the artist’s collection of works and also features wonderful treasures from a select few local artists.

Season Subscriptions on sale now. Call 250-386-6121 and save.

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P au l D e s t r o o P e r - a rt i s t i c D i r e c t o r - B a l l e t V i c t o r i a . c a

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Located in the Seaside Village of Cowichan Bay the gallery is a curated collection of the exceptional and the exquisite.

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The Root Cellars’ Daisy and Adam Orser at Galey Farms.


A passion for local, quality food and love of community drive Daisy & Adam Orser BY CHELSEA FORMAN | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N

1 24  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

“The percentage of our lives we spend shopping, cooking and eating is insane. For most of us, that’s time wasted – but it’s so much of our life. So we want to drive value back into that time [as well as] appreciation for the people involved in growing and making our food.”


S FAR back as I can recall, I’ve been outright obsessed with stories. When I was little, my mom and dad shopped at farms and farmers’ markets for wholesome foods that were locally produced. My personal fascination with markets steadily grew as I discovered that items were produced on local land by a farmer who was sure to have a great tale to share about the process of farm-to-table ingredients. As an adult I have continued to buy local ingredients produced by dedicated individuals with great stories. And today, I have the opportunity to do a personal grocery shop with Daisy and Adam Orser, owners of The Root Cellar Village Green Grocer. Their grocery store team researches and selects food that is ethically produced and packed full of healthy nutrients and a lot of heart — and it’s this combination that creates the best kind of soul food out there. “We work closely with our growers,” Adam says. “It is important for us to stay true to the farm market roots.” Working at this grassroots level — which includes assisting in crop planning — safeguards the market from becoming oversaturated in any particular product, he adds. More broadly, this ensures farmers receive a fair price for their crops (as prices are driven down by over-supply), leading, ideally, to

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1014 Broad Street | 250.380.6533 |  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8


a strengthened farming industry in British Columbia, and ultimately enabling future generations to see farming as a viable career choice and therefore maintaining a sustainable community. Adam and Daisy are trailblazers in sustainability with a variety of programs designed to mitigate food waste at The Root Cellar. Through their Ripe & Ready cart program and weekly donations (in excess of 500 pounds of food) to The Rainbow Kitchen, The Root Cellar sends less than two per cent of the food it purchases to the compost. What isn’t fit for human consumption goes to bins for farmers to collect to feed their animals — composting is a last resort. With its vibrant market atmosphere, The Root Cellar is a destination for many in Greater Victoria. Live music floods the space four days a week, and the smell of fresh food beautifully intermingles with the scents of plants and flowers wafting in from the market’s sprawling garden centre and floral bar. Food samples are frequent, and the newly established Coffee Project offers shoppers a quick stop for local Discovery Coffee and restaurant-quality grab-and-go items made in-house with local ingredients. “We revitalized the shopping experience and have worked to make The Root Cellar a destination. The percentage of our lives we spend shopping, cooking and eating is insane. For most of us, that’s time wasted – but it’s so much of our life. So we want to drive value back into that time [as well as] appreciation for the people involved in growing and making our food. It’s about community building around food,” Daisy explains. The Root Cellar opened in 2008 with eight employees and

4,500 square feet. Now celebrating its 10th year in business, there are over 100 employees in the 10,000-square-foot space. “We are originally from the Kootenays. We both grew up with families who grew a lot of their own food,” says Daisy. “We both always had root cellars in our homes. It was the obvious name for the business because the root cellar is where you keep all the fresh, healthy, beautiful, homegrown food.” Walking through the produce section in The Root Cellar, I see an astonishing kaleidoscope of colour from the different fruits and vegetables. Daisy is a pro-shopper and I encourage her to select some items for me to try as I load up on staple ingredients. She picks up finger limes, which burst with tiny caviar-like beads of citrus, and two delectably sweet atemoyas, and places them in my shopping cart. “We weren’t interested in creating a typical grocery store. We focussed on creating the store that we wanted to shop at,” notes Adam. We duck into the Coffee Project and I buy a cup of java, which I place in the super convenient coffee-holder in my shopping cart. I browse the gourmet quality grab-and-go items for something to eat, settling on a house-made fennel and orange roasted pork loin sandwich that also has kimchi and house-made garlic aioli — one of The Root Cellar’s many proprietary recipes. “We were always interested in local food and agriculture. We just needed to find a place where our values best aligned with the people, therefore making our dream store, their dream store. We also needed somewhere agriculturally thriving, where the people were interested in being self-sufficient because food sustainability is not something all places understood 10 years


Available at


Nanaimo 2067 Boxwood Road 250.758.1771  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Saanich 4248 Glanford Ave. 250.727.9976

Courtenay #3–2989 Kilpatrick Ave. 250.334.0645

Daisy and Adam Orser with fresh produce at The Root Cellar.

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ago. We found our people here in Victoria,” says Daisy. The couple, who are parents to three boys, aged 10, 14 and 19, are extremely proud of The Root Cellar’s “local focus,” which involves buying from over 250 Victoria and British Columbia farmers and producers. “We fiercely pursue our local focus, which means everything we can buy here, we do, and then we work our way out,” Daisy says. We stop at the deli where I pick up some house-made buffalo chicken salad and then we hit the meat counter where Daisy puts house-made chicken sausage with apricot, goat cheese and herbes de Provence into my cart — a recipe designed especially for her by Adam. Our last stop involves picking up a jar of The Root Cellar’s Chocolate Peanut Better — made with Bernard Callebaut Chocolate — and some of the Secret Green Sauce (warning: it’s highly addictive). My cart is full by the time I reach the till. The clerk asks me if I want the tops of my red carrots cut off. Knowing they are going to a farm for an animal’s consumption makes my heart sing and I nearly shout “yes” from the top of my lungs. At home that evening with my partner, I’m sitting in front of a fullfledged smörgåsbord of food. We’ve made a spread for the books with a bit of everything I purchased. As we make our way through the delicious food, I chatter about what we are eating, where it came from and how Daisy and Adam presented it to our community in such a spectacular destination. Their story is one about creating a business with many layers. It is one of hard work, perseverance, partnership, love, family and total commitment to the betterment of our beautiful community and the wellbeing of the people in it. It is one that fills me with gratitude, which somehow makes my banana — covered in The Root Cellar Chocolate Peanut Better — even more delectable.

Through their Ripe & Ready cart program and weekly donations (in excess of 500 pounds of food) to The Rainbow Kitchen, The Root Cellar sends less than two per cent of the food it purchases to the compost.

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A Full Service Pet Care Facility 250.652.2301 • • e: 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton Just minutes from Victoria Airport and BC Ferries Terminal

128  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

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harbour city kitchens f ine cabinetry & storage systems

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The gem behind our fashion story in this issue of Boulevard was the location — Blue Grouse Estate Winery. The Boulevard fashion team travelled up island to the winery, which is located in the Cowichan Valley, to shoot our gorgeous summer fashion story. With a backdrop of sweeping vineyards, a beautiful patch of woods with a stream running through it and the soundtrack of birds and frogs, the team found it easy to create a story of romance and beauty. Graciously hosted by owner Paul Brunner, Boulevard enjoyed a taste of life on the vineyard, including the delicious flavour of Blue Grouse sparkling wine.

130  |

J U N E /J U LY 2 0 1 8

Models Amanda Konn and Peter Braunschmidt at Blue Grouse Estate Winery. Photo by Lia Crowe

THE ALL-NEW VOLVO S90 THE LUXURY SEDAN REDEFINED Introducing the elegant and confident All-New Volvo S90. Combining exquisite natural materials with sophisticated, intuitive technology, this is the next generation of Volvo Cars.

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2735 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC 250-382-6122 |

*MSRP a 2017 S90 from T6 AWD starts which andlevy PDI, taxes, $100 conditioning applicable) $395 Volvo documentation fees details. *MSRP of a 2017 of Volvo S90 T6Volvo AWD starts $58,915 which from includes$58,915 $2,015 freight andincludes PDI. Taxes,$2,015 $100 airfreight conditioning (if applicable), and air $395 documentation levy fee are(ifextra. Please see and Jim Pattison of Victoria for complete are extra. Please see Jim Pattison Volvo of Victoria for complete details. Dealer #10900. Dealer #10900.


the Lexus has always been our family’s vehicle of choice (my husband, Sidney Simons, was featured in Boulevard in 1996 with our first Lexus — an SC 400 Coupe, which we enjoyed for 20 years!) Whenever i take my car in [without notice], Bob in the service department has it washed and vacuumed while i wait. chris has spent hours teaching me how to use all of the features in my new car. it’s amazing how much trouble they go to to assist me with everything. i feel like royalty when i go in there.”

Roxana McKenzie Simons, B.Ed. PhotograPhed at the magnolia hotel in victoria BY garY mcKinStrY

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