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Top of the World Sleek Oak Bay home boasts contemporary groove and spectacular views Dramatic holiday fashion at Wild Renfrew Inspiring gift ideas from local experts



On the Cover Photo by Lance Sullivan

TOP OF THE WORLD Expansive views and a contemporary vibe lend to the beach-y feel of this stunning Oak Bay home. Seasonal swag by Botany Fern & Flora. Story by Angela Cowan HOT PROPERTIES



New, trendy and hot: great gift ideas for everyone

By Tess van Straaten  |

Versatile biscotti wraps up into the perfect gift

By Chef Heidi Fink


Gorgeous holiday fashion in a wild, windswept oasis

By Lia Crowe


Shou Sugi Ban flourishes amid new colour-play design trend

By Chelsea Forman



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A taste of Victoria

By Lia Crowe










Gifts of Joy




Arthur Vickers

Festive Vancouver

By Angela Cowan

By Chelsea Forman

22 inspiredHEALTH




Happy Days

What’s on this month

Ruben Little

By Pamela Durkin

By Robert Moyes

By Lia Crowe





Holiday Romance

Serenity Now Harbour Island, Bahamas

Matt Pettinger

By Janice Jefferson

By Sean McIntyre

By Bruce Sach




Alexis Guillemin Marina Restaurant

By Susan Lundy

By Lia Crowe  |

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“Though the house and views were stunning, my favourite part of this issue’s Hot Properties tour was the homeowners’ art collection. From a vibrant painting of birch trees in autumn, to an enormous, gnarled section of a tree, there was such life and colour in the pieces. And riding the elevator was fun, too!” Angela is a freelance writer and editor who also pens poetry, fiction and micro fiction.

“On this shoot I had the pleasure of working with one of my favourite pro models, Aisling Goodman. I wanted her makeup to have a undone look with a lived-in feel. Something that was a little bit quirky and nothing too contrived! Our team was creating from dawn to dusk and I loved every minute of it!” Jen is a Victoria-based makeup artist.






“I’ve always marvelled at the power of fire to transform. So for our story Black is So Hot, I loved seeing how it is used to preserve wood and create a visual statement.” Lia Crowe is a stylist, creative director, photographer and writer with a long history of working in the fashion industry.

“Artist Arthur Vickers appears to be one of the happiest guys on the planet. Getting photography subjects to look like they are enjoying themselves is usually a challenge. But not with Arthur, who always seems to have a smile on his face.” Don has photographed numerous high-profile events, including the Olympics, World Hockey Championships and a Royal wedding.


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Top of the World Sleek Oak Bay home boasts contemporary groove and spectacular views Dramatic holiday fashion at Wild Renfrew Inspiring gift ideas from local experts






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“I’ve long held the belief that both gratitude and playfulness are boons to our overall wellbeing. However, until I did this piece on ‘scientifically proven’ ways to boost happiness, I had never thought’ that ‘buying time’ could increase one’s life satisfaction. But after learning more about the concept, it’s one I can thoroughly get behind!” Pamela is a freelance health writer and nutritional consultant whose work has appeared in Boulevard, Eat, Reader’s Digest, Alive, Spa Business and more.

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“Port Renfrew’s quintessential West Coast beauty is both majestic and inspiring. We truly lucked out with warm, full-sun days for our fashion shoot. The last shot of the day was at Botanical Beach with a sunset I will not soon forget. Only the impending darkness drew us away from its spectacular beauty.” Cathie is a freelance, lifestyle and commercial photographer in Victoria.

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“In 2018, broad use of black in interior design promises to be a bold trend. In this issue, Boulevard uncovers the diversity of this sophisticated shade in design, and its harmonious pairing with the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, which has made an epic return to the design scene.” Born and raised in BC, Chelsea has built her career writing about the people and places that make this diverse province so special.

“I really enjoyed an afternoon spent making various biscotti for the photo shoot. Although we did the shoot on a warm day, I felt like it was a cozy winter afternoon and I was getting into the holiday spirit.” Heidi Fink is a chef, food writer and culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines.

“The holiday season always has me daydreaming about an era of Old Hollywood Glamour, enjoying tiny bubbles in your bath or soft, gold-rimmed coupe, floral walls, delightful patterns and luxurious fabrics.” Janice is an Interior Designer who creates well-functioning spaces with an eye-catching mix of playfulness and refinement.







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“Front Row is excited at the debut of the Dancers of Damelahamid, a remarkable, internationally acclaimed indigenous dance troupe from B.C. And consider celebrating Christmas with Daniel Lapp when he heads up 200 musicians and singers!” A born and bred Victoria native, Robert Moyes is a longtime freelancer and editor whose main focus these days is arts journalism.

“It’s not every day that I get to sit down and chat with a former NHLer, but it was clear from the start that Matt Pettinger hasn’t let life in the big leagues go to his head. A friendly smile, casual humility and dedication to his family reveal his true West Coast roots.” Sean is a freelance writer based on Salt Spring Island. He enjoys writing about the people and places of Canada’s West Coast.

“Getting to Harbour Island was part of the fun, flying elbow to elbow with my fellow passengers on a 21-seater Beechcraft 1900C. Even the wings — at least in the video I took — appeared pinkcoloured, foreshadowing the fab sand and Loyalist houses I’d see upon arrival.” Born and raised not too far from the Messiers’ home in Edmonton, Bruce never thought he’d end up meeting members of their clan in, of all places, the Bahamas.





PAGE 26 “This Beach Drive home blew me away — the design and location made this home feel warm and inviting. And elements of nature blazed through the massive floor-toceiling windows.” Lance owns Concept Photography and is a commercial photographer specializing in architecture and personalities. He calls Nanaimo home.

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“I haven’t made a Christmas wish list since I was a kid, but interviewing store owners, entrepreneurs and retail experts for our holiday gift feature made me want to start again! From luxurious scarves and clothing, literally made from parachutes, to trendy raincoats and vintage watches, our locally owned businesses have something for everyone!” Tess is an awardwinning journalist and television personality who has had the privilege of interviewing people for close to two decades.

bestyou This season let the

shine through

Injectables | body sculptIng pRp-HaIR & skIn | ultHeRa | laseRs – gIft ceRtIfIcates –

250.380.2600 •


Gifts of joy BY SUSAN LUNDY


join with family and share a unique experience, and a good reminder of what this season is all about: family, friends and spending time together. It was another gift of joy. Boulevard readers may not have lottery winnings to back seasonal gifting, but there are lots of ways to give the gift of time and experience — as well as ways to find the perfect treasures to place under the tree. In this issue of Boulevard, we consult some top Victoria retailers who offer gift ideas that cut the edge of trendy and cool. Readers will find a number of great ideas in our feature story “The Gift of Fab.” Food writer Chef Heidi Fink presents a delicious, handmade gift idea. In “From my Kitchen to Yours ... with Love,” she reveals the secrets behind easy-to-make, flavour-forward biscotti — perfect for the holiday season. Alexis Guillemin, pastry chef at Marina Restaurant, also offers up a sweet idea, providing her recipe for apple crisp. Health writer Pamela Durkin has some ideas on ways to flex the happy muscles, and our travel stories visit Vancouver amid seasonal festivities and sunny Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Our fashion story also embarks on a trip, revealing the latest in elegant party-wear, set against the wild seascape of Port Renfrew. This edition of Boulevard also offers a chance to meet some of the people who make this area tick — regardless of the season. One of those is former NHLer Matt Pettinger, who took lessons learned in the big leagues to apply to his current occupation. Another is artist Arthur Vickers, whose beautiful artwork is intrinsically woven with his mesmerizing gift of storytelling. In these pages, you’ll also meet Ruben Little, from Jaguar Land Rover Victoria; and discover the hot new design trend that proves black is so hot. Speaking of design trends, check out our Inspired Style’s “holiday romance” look. Tour a stunning Beach Drive home, and visit Front Row for an expanded look at upcoming events this winter. Back at Rogers Arena, as we gathered our coats at the end of the evening, my uncle declared it had been the best night of his life. And somehow that sums it all up right there. Sharing time with his family trumped that night 15 years ago when he saw those winning numbers flash on the screen. May all of our seasons be filled with such gifts of joy. PHOTO BY LIA CROWE


BOUT 15 years ago, my uncle was flipping through TV stations when the Lotto 649 numbers flashed on the screen. The numbers looked familiar. In fact, they look really familiar. Ever since he was a boy choosing sports jerseys, Uncle Bill picked out numbers heavy in fours and ones. He had been using a four and one combination on lotto tickets for years, but this particular week he asked his wife, Shirley, for her lucky number and inserted 20 for his usual 11. He waited another 15 minutes for the numbers to flash on again. Then he went upstairs and said to Shirley, “I think we may have just won a substantial amount of money.” They slept with the ticket under the mattress, rose early and quietly started their journey to the lotto centre in Vancouver to claim their $2.4 million prize. Amid this season’s chatter about gifts, I like to think of my uncle’s amazing generosity — and the gift of joy he gave our family. Many of us dream about divvying up the bucks of a big win, but I like what my uncle did with his winnings and not only because a nice sum came my way. Immediately upon collecting the cheque, he walked into several banks and paid off the mortgages of his three children, who were all in their 30s. He gave them a little fun money, but the bulk of their gain comes from the money he invested, which they will inherit. For himself… not so much. He bought a few things, like a new set of golf clubs. But a big chunk of it he handed out at huge family gathering to people I’d come accustomed to seeing only at funerals. This was a much more joyous occasion! None of us had any idea how much our cheques would be, and most were dumbstruck by the number of zeros. (In a wicked older sibling moment, I looked at my brother’s cheque — which matched mine precisely — and said, “Yikes, you only got that much?”). Uncle Bill also slipped $10,000 to the clerk who sold him the ticket. In the years since, Bill and Shirley have travelled the world. They live comfortably but not ostentatiously. In my home, I have an “Uncle Bill bathroom,” built with the gift he gave me. Uncle Bill’s health is failing considerably now and so this November, he decided to spread the love again, renting a food- and booze-laden box suite at Rogers Arena and bringing 18 members of his hockey-crazy family to a Canucks game. It was fantastic to again

Immediately upon collecting the cheque, he walked into several banks and paid off the mortgages of his three children, who were all in their 30s.

10  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

Susan Lundy is a former journalist and two-time recipient of the prestigious Jack Webster Award. Her stories have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers. She is also the author of Heritage Apples: A New Sensation (Touchwood, 2013).


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inspired STYLE



General Sales Manager at Jaguar Land Rover Victoria BY LIA CROWE

Originally from South Africa, Ruben has lived many places, including the Arabian Gulf and the UK. But for the past four and a half years, Ruben and his family have called Shawnigan Lake home. “I try to have the proper Canadian life; we live in a log home with a fire. I love that there is an outdoor lifestyle every season here,” he says. There are two things that fire Ruben up about the work he does at Jaguar Land Rover Victoria. “It’s the people I work with — my colleagues and the clientele — and the product. I grew up with it and I love it. For me if you love something then it’s not really a job. I go to work happy and I leave work happy.” Outside of work, Ruben is passionate about good food and family. “It’s about just taking time, eating or cooking good food and spending time with the family. I don’t own a television; I would rather sit in front of the fire with my wife and a glass of wine.” Asked what car has the “best style,” Ruben doesn’t hesitate with his answer: the Aston Martin DB5. “It’s the lines — those were the days when things were designed for the way they looked more then just for the purpose.” When it comes to good personal style, Ruben says it’s about “the fabrics, the texture … a well-tailored suit, jacket or dress. Anything that’s well made on somebody who knows how to wear it, which means somebody who takes care. Whether it’s clothing or food. You can see when love has gone into the preparation.”


UNIFORM: Tailored suits for the weekdays and chinos on weekends. FAVOURITE DENIM, BRAND AND CUT: Gap1969 range – straight cut, dark wash. CURRENT GO-TO CLOTHING ITEM: POLO rugby top. BEST NEW PURCHASE: POLO hunting jacket (green). DAY BAG: Marks and Spencer leather holdall. ACCESSORY YOU SPEND THE MOST MONEY ON: Watch: Omega Seamaster 300 Chronometer. FAVOURITE WORK TOOL: “My iPhone!” SUNGLASSES: Oakley 4 Squared. SCENT: Hugo Boss. FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Clarins Men.

12  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


FAVOURITE ARTIST: Jack Vettriano FAVOURITE FILM YOU LOVE FOR ITS STYLE: Miami Vice, directed by Michael Mann. FAVOURITE COFFEE TABLE BOOK: ICON The Land Rover Story. FAVOURITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: “Artisan Bistro – great food!” FAVOURITE COCKTAIL/WINE: Any good Merlot. ALBUM ON CURRENT ROTATION: Divide by Ed Sheeran. FAVOURITE MUSICIAN: No clear favourite, depends on mood and setting. FAVOURITE CITY TO VISIT: London and Venice. FAVOURITE APP: BBC news. HOTEL: Sefton Hotel: Douglas, Isle of Man. FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: “Anywhere, as long as it is with my wife and son.”  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


inspired DESIGN





Holiday Romance


This season of rest and relaxation beckons us to delve into the cabinet of pampering curiosities. Get glamorous with your downtime and bring


some luxury to your lounge.


8. 6.




5. 12.

1. Silk “Mercier” jacket, $298, Aritzia 2. Panther ring, $1,995, Frances Jewellers 3. Pink coconut bath salts by OM Organics, $24.50, U Retreat Spa 4. Ostrich feather duster, $56, Pigeonhole Home Store 5. Charme De l’ile sparkling, $25/bottle, Unsworth Vineyards 6. Vintage green with “Yates Street Leaf” print cushion, $59, Smoking Lily 7. “Impressions” sleep mask by Elizabeth W, $39 8. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, $17.99, Bolen Books 9. Socks by Celeste Stein, $19, Footloose Shoes 10. “Havenview” mural, $290, 11. “Avec Apartment” sofa, $2,999, CB2 12. Faucet in luxe gold by Brizo Litze, $1,070, Bartle and Gibson 13. Divina Elegance pen by Visconti, $1,250-$1,750, Simply The Best 14. “Shirley” purple floral shoes, $339, Fluevog Shoes

Up To

F F O % 50 ES M A R F LL



y! Jan Onl & c e D nt e alescEomveplete pair purchas S r e t n i W *with

13. 14. OAK BAY VILLAGE - 250.595.2773 BROADMEAD VILLAGE - 250.881.8252  |

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inspired CHEF

“A good pastry chef knows when something is baked by the way it looks, feels and smells.”


16  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

QU IC K FAC T S • Born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and grew up in Saskatoon. • Training: “At age 19, I packed my bags and drove to Nanaimo, BC to study at Vancouver Island University.” • Has worked at Marina Restaurant for just over a year.

• Prior to that, worked at a number of places in Victoria, including the Italian Bakery right out of school, and then The Beach House Restaurant in Cordova Bay, Fol Epi Patisserie and a “short but amazing time” at The Fairmont Empress.

WHAT ARE YOU BEST KNOWN FOR AS A PASTRY CHEF? “If anyone ever asks me how long they should bake something I say ‘Until it’s done!’ This is the way I was taught and I think it’s a good skill to have. You should never rely on a timer to tell you when things are done. A good pastry chef knows when something is baked by the way it looks, feels and smells.”

WHAT ARE THE 10 MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS IN YOUR PANTRY? “Butter, whipping cream, vanilla beans, flour, eggs, sugar, salt, chocolate of every kind, nuts (hazelnuts being my favourite) and feuilletine (wafer flakes that stay crispy when mixed into chocolate and hazelnut paste).”

FAVOURITE DISH TO COOK AND EAT ON A COOL WINTER DAY? “A warm fruit crisp with vanilla bean Gelato. This is so quick and easy to make. I choose whichever fruit is in season at the time and always add graham cracker crumbs to my crumble topping.” WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO ITEM WHEN SAMPLING OTHER CHEFS’ FARE? “This is tough because it really depends on what mood I’m in! I’m a huge fan of anything with chocolate or nuts in it, but I can rarely pass on a classic crème brûlée or tiramisu.

HOBBIES? “Usually when I’m at home I’m either spending time with my husband and our two dogs or in my kitchen, decorating all kinds of cakes. I’ve recently been focussing a lot more on decorating cakes. I think it’s because when my husband and I got married, I realized how amazing it can be to add something special to someone’s wedding day or special occasion, and it’s an area I’m very interested in.” RECIPE APPLE CRISP Filling: 4 large apples (2 Granny Smith and 2 Gala), peeled, cored and sliced thinly Splash of lemon juice 3 Tbsp melted butter 2 Tbsp All-Purpose flour 1 1/2 tsp vanilla Pinch of salt 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1/4 tsp ground ginger

Graham Crumble Topping: 1/3 cup butter, cold and cut into cubes 1 2/3 cups oats 3/4 cup graham crumbs 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla Pinch of salt

To make the filling: Toss sliced apples and lemon juice in a bowl. Drizzle on melted butter and stir until coated evenly. In a separate bowl, mix together brown sugar, flour, vanilla, salt and spices. Add mixture to apples and mix gently with hands until evenly coated. Transfer mixture to an 8-by-8-inch baking dish. To make crumble topping: In a mixer or by hand combine graham crumbs, oats and butter. Mix until the butter is cut into mixture in very small pieces and mixture looks combined and not too dry. Add brown sugar, vanilla and salt, and mix just until combined. Pour mixture onto apples and spread evenly. Bake crisp at 375 degrees F for 30-35 minutes or until the apples are bubbling and the crumble is a nice golden colour. Remove from oven and allow to cool for about 10 minutes. Serve while still warm with a scoop of vanilla bean Gelato and a slice of aged cheddar cheese or a drizzle of caramel sauce.  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


inspired PEOPLE

Arthur Vickers: Artist, technician and master storyteller BY ANGELA COWAN | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N

Artist Arthur Vickers in his Cowichan Bay boathouse, 1 8to his   | D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8 next studio and gallery.

“I’m both the technician and the artist. That’s the how, but the why is so much more important.”


ITH THE sharp blue of a late autumn sky overhead and the gentle sound of ocean water on wooden hulls in the air, I step into Arthur Vickers’s gallery in the Cowichan Bay Shipyard buildings. His artistic home for the last nine years, its walls house a lifetime of experiences captured in ink, paint, gold dust and ancestor-cedar. My research has told me Arthur himself is a renowned First Nations artist, a recipient of the Order of British Columbia, a holder of several honorary doctorates and a philanthropist who through his art has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for more than a dozen charities and organizations. But he doesn’t dwell on any of that. Instead, he greets me with a warm smile and sparkling eyes, and slips into the role of storyteller as soon as I compliment him on the space. “I love it,” he says, his face shining. Years ago, he’d been in the early process of trying to build a longhouse-style gallery in Cowichan Valley, and when it wasn’t working out, a friend suggested he look into the shipyards. “I went down the stairs. I put my face to the window, and I could smell the oakum and cedar, and it reminded me of being a little boy with my grandfather,” he says, the timbre of his voice bringing those memories to life as he goes back to that time to when he lived in Kitkatla, a small Tsimshian village southwest of Prince Rupert. “My grandfather was probably the biggest influence creatively,” says Arthur. He holds his hands wide. “He carved big ocean canoes, and would sketch his designs out beforehand on paper. It felt so real, like I could almost pick it up off the paper.” “Grandpa was sketching and carving, and I always wanted to be just like him,” he says. “I would hold my pencil just like him.” When Arthur moved away from Kitkatla at the age of seven, he was devastated to lose that daily interaction. “[Grandpa] stressed the importance of staying creative,” says

618 Broughton St. I 778 406 1600 I  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Arthur Vickers looks over a mask in his Cowichan Bay studio workshop.

Arthur, and so he continued to sketch and record what he saw and felt. Adolescence and young adulthood passed in Hazelton and then Victoria, and Arthur continued to sketch and paint and carve, and he grew into another passion as he trained to become a journeyman carpenter. “I found through the construction industry that I loved to build,” he says. “I loved working with my hands.” In 1985/86, he designed and built his brother Roy’s gallery in Tofino, in the fashion of a longhouse, and found the experience immensely gratifying. It was around the same time he was introduced to screen printing: “My paintbrush turned into a squeegee fairly early,” he says with a smile. It opened up a world of possibilities artistically, but the aspect that most entranced him was the ability to capture light. He motions for me to stand in front of the piece “Eternity” and moves to the light switches. As the overhead lights dim, so does the brilliance of the sun’s rays over the darkening hilltops in front of me. The shadow over the water grows until all that remains is a silhouette. Arthur calls over to me to keep my gaze steady on the picture and raises the lights again slowly. The golds and burning oranges return to the sky, the details of the waves emerge as the shadows recede and I am left in awe at his artistry. I have seen a thousand ocean sunsets on this island, and it feels as though Arthur has discovered a way to capture the transience and splendour of each of them on canvas. “And every single one of them do it,” he says with a knowing smile. Except for several pieces created in low-relief 24-karat gold 20  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

leafing — themselves an entirely new art-form Arthur developed years ago — they’re almost all screen prints. His process involves working with transparency to achieve the ephemeral quality of light that imbues each piece. Each layer of ink he pulls over the screen has to be so precise, just the right thickness to allow the light through the colour. “If I can see it, I’ve gone too far. You have to feel it, and just trust that it’s there.” he explains, adding that it’s an incredibly physically demanding process. Arthur does everything himself, starting with the line drawings, then hand-cutting all the stencils — one for every colour he uses — then mixing his ink and pulling the squeegee by hand. “I’m both the technician and the artist,” he says. “That’s the how, but the why is so much more important.” He points to a piece hanging nearby, “Mount Baker,” with an expansive blue sky that deepens in colour the higher it rises. I step to the side, looking slantwise at the piece, and the head and neck of a great eagle appear to float in the sky, impassive, noble and certain of her dominion. And then Arthur’s voice slows almost imperceptibly, his breathing evens, his grandfatherly eyebrows rise at all the right moments as he tells me the story. He’d been waiting just before sunrise at the lookout on the Malahat to get the perfect view of Mount Baker. Absorbed by the scene, he was startled when a wide-winged bald eagle swooped down directly in front of him and snapped off a dead branch from a tree. Realizing she was building her nest, Arthur turned and followed, crossing the highway and bushwhacking through the scrub until he finally came to rest at the base of an enormous hemlock. High above, the eagle’s nest consumed the

“I’ve never knowingly created anything in wood that was made with something that was cut by the hand of humanity.” uppermost branches of the tree, and he sat back, resting against the roughened bark, looking out at the mountain. “I thought, you sit here every morning, watching that sun rise, and waiting for your young to be born,” he says. It’s her sky, and so she took over the blue of the painting. Looking around at the pieces that fill the gallery’s walls, he says, “You may be affected by a certain place you’ve seen, or where you’ve been. In many of the cases, it’s where I’ve been.” Each image has a story behind it, but so too do Arthur’s other works: his collection of bent-corner boxes. Made from single planks of ancient cedar using traditional methods, the boxes are a breathtaking tribute to both the centuries-old trees of which they are a part, and the familial and community histories Arthur captures within them. “I’ve never knowingly created anything in wood that was made with something that was cut by the hand of humanity,” he says seriously. All the wood he’s ever worked with has come from fallen oldgrowth, sometimes taking years before the pieces make it into his hands. The box that sits in its high place of honour in the gallery is engraved with a copper inlay, its sides and top polished to a silk-smoothness. Arthur lifts the lid and invites me to sniff the unfinished inside as he tells me each cedar has its own scent, like a person. Downstairs in his workshop, I stick my nose into three more boxes-in-progress: one is dusty as an autumn forest floor littered with decaying leaves, another is light and green and tangy like the hour after a rainstorm. The largest is all spice and smooth edges and I can’t keep my fingertips from trailing the curved corners. It carries the majesty of the towering cedar it once was. Arthur is reverent as he walks a circuit around the wood. “Every single time I cut it, I’m terrified,” he says. “I love trees. They are so precious to me. I feel so blessed to work with these ancient pieces.” These days, he spends most of his time with cedar dust on his hands as he sands and smoothes down in the workshop. As the days grow ever shorter, he settles into an introspective hibernation, stretching his artistic boundaries, telling his stories. “Now is when I’m immersed in my work,” he says. “I record through my pieces, what I hear, see and feel. The only way I can effect change is by telling my stories, and passing them on to whoever connects with them.” Arthur pauses for a few moments. “My whole creative life has been the why, not the how. Ask me why and I can tell you a story.”

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inspired HEALTH




Finding and flexing the happiness muscles

22  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

“It seems money can buy happiness, if you use it to buy free time.”


Researchers have uncovered some surprisingly simple, yet APPY HOLIDAYS” is a profound ways we can all increase our “happiness factor.” commonly uttered It’s important to note that adopting these scientifically expression during the endorsed techniques won’t just boost your mood and festive season, but what overall life satisfaction — it will also enhance your health. does it mean to be truly It’s also important to understand that depression can be a happy at this — or any — serious medical condition that needs medical attention. time of year? And how But a wealth of studies indicates that our psychological many of us experience this sought-after state on a regular perspective has a profound effect on our physiology. basis? Evidence suggests that sadness can suppress the body’s Not many, it seems. According to the 2017 World immune system, leaving it vulnerable to autoimmune Happiness Report, Canada achieved its lowest ranking diseases and unable to ward off infections. Furthermore, since the “Happiness Index” began in 2013. And the researchers from Harvard University concluded that rest of the globe isn’t faring much better. Statistics persistent feelings of indicate one unhappiness can also in six people lead to the negative worldwide BY PAMELA DURKIN | P H OTO BY C AT H I E F E R G U S O N emotions frequently will develop associated with depression at substance abuse and some point eating disorders — behaviors that can have dire health in their lives and that by 2020 depression is predicted consequences. to become the second leading cause of disability after In sharp contrast, several studies have found that cardiovascular disease. happiness can enhance your immune function; reduce the Perhaps that explains why there are over 75 million risk for heart disease and even help reduce the risk for search results for the term “happy” on Google and over breast cancer. Clearly, there are compelling reasons to get 40,000 happiness-related books available for purchase working on your “happiness muscles.” on Amazon. Are we simply looking for happiness in all Here are just three of the ways science says you can the wrong places — can a formula for it be found in strengthen them. books or on the internet? Not according to hard science.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw was right — somewhere between adulthood and childhood we stop playing, we take our lives too seriously and don’t make time to let our hair down and just have fun. That’s a shame. Rather than dismiss play as a frivolous waste of time, we should consider it an important investment in wellbeing. Health experts worldwide agree that play is a fun way to fuel our imaginations, creativity and problem solving skills. It also helps us relieve stress and connect with others. Career and life coach Julia James concurs. “The more fun things you do, the more likely you are to create a life that is full of vitality, one that energizes and inspires you,” she enthuses. Another plus, play induces laughter, a side effect with numerous health benefits. Research shows laughter can improve mood, decrease stress hormones, increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and improve the function of blood vessels. So how can you get more playful? Instead of zoning out in front of the TV or Internet, change the scenario and release some “feel-good” endorphins by tossing a Frisbee in the backyard, building a snowman, throwing a costume party, playing charades or dancing. Do anything that brings out your playful side.


Self-help gurus and celebrities like Oprah have long espoused the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. It seems they have good reason. “Habitually focussing on and appreciating the positive aspects of life can help us become more optimistic and resilient,” says Amanda Poitras, a registered clinical counsellor and clinical director at Strength Counselling Services. “Our minds tend to focus on the negative. By intentionally focussing on the positive aspects of each day, we can begin to offset this imbalance and become more productive and joyful.” A plethora of studies confirm Poitras’ insights. In 2015 a study published in the Journal of Religion and Health concluded that those who were grateful for what they had in life were more hopeful and also physically healthier


24  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

than less grateful folk. Similar studies cited in Psychology Today have found that “the grateful” also report fewer aches and pains and are more likely to take care of their overall health. More affirmation of gratitude’s health benefits can be found in statements issued by psychologists from the University of Birmingham. They cite that being grateful on a regular basis can result in a better mood; more helpfulness towards others; raised self-confidence; less physical pain; improved sleep quality; enhanced learning; better work abilities; protection from stress and depression and improved health and longevity. Thankfully, practicing gratitude doesn’t involve rocket science. Simply write down five things you feel grateful for every day, and watch your happiness muscles grow.

“Money can’t buy happiness” is a familiar and widely held view. It turns out, however, the old refrain isn’t exactly true. It seems money can buy happiness, if you use it to buy free time. An intriguing new study, conducted by a team from UBC and Harvard Business School, found that individuals who use money to buy time-saving services — like hiring a cleaner, or a worker to care for the yard — reported greater life satisfaction and happiness than people who made material purchases. In the study, participants were given $40 and asked to spend the cash on either a material purchase, or on outsourcing a timeconsuming chore (i.e. freeing up their Saturday by hiring someone else to do the weekly cleaning). The results are hardly surprising given the time famine we all experience in today’s hectic world. With seemingly ever-growing to-do lists, many of us have precious little time to spend with family and friends — the important social connections we all need to ensure our wellbeing. Studies indicate that having strong social connections and spending meaningful time with others can boost our mood, help reduce the risk for heart disease, make us less susceptible to viruses and increase longevity. What is surprising perhaps is that not many people use money to help “cure” this current time-crunch epidemic. As UBC professor Elizabeth Dunn, part of the research team says, “Although buying time can serve as a buffer against the time pressures of daily life, few people are actually doing it, even when they can afford it.” So forget that new scarf; instead, buy yourself some happy time and make a date with your spouse or a good friend. You may also want to invest in Dunn’s book, Happy Money: the Science of Happier Spending.


Unique Jewellery for Unique People At Skanda, we create bespoke jewellery that encourages comfort and confidence. Let us create something meaningful with you!



26  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

Top of the

WORLD Sleek lines, contemporary groove and breathtaking views ANGELA COWAN | P H OTO S BY L A N C E S U L L I VA N  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Quick Facts: Square Feet: 4,200 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 4.5 Amenities: Fireplace and outdoor fire pit, in-ground pool, hot tub, exterior showers, in-floor radiant heating throughout, elevator Build Time: 16 months, including 2.5 months of blasting


UST AROUND the corner from Victoria’s McMicking Point, amid a collection of grand, oceanfront houses along Beach Drive, there is one that stands out and not just because it still has that new-home shine. Rising up against Anderson Hill, it’s a blend of contemporary lines, abundant windows and a warm fir exterior. Terraced concrete gardens climb the steep hill to the front door, while concrete stairs continue up the side of the house to the very top of the lot. But I stop after one flight to knock at the front door. The sun is dazzlingly brilliant off the ocean, and as owner Greg Guarasci welcomes me in with a smile, he quickly assures me the views are even better up top.

28  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

“We wanted it to feel beach-y, but not like a typical beach house.”

The house was built with a reverse design, with the main living space on the top floor, and as we emerge from two more flights of stairs, the view does indeed make me stop and stare. The open concept design offers an unobstructed sight line through the front, side and back of the house, while the minimalist aesthetic assures there’s no competition to the grandeur outside. “We wanted clean lines, and to have a crisp feel,” says Greg, adding that this is his and his wife Kellie’s second contemporary build, and third home in Victoria. Their first home when they moved here 12 years ago was a century-old house. “Living in a 1913 home really made us love clean lines,” he


Floral design by Botany Fern and Flora. 30  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

laughs. “Thinking about it now, that probably had a lot to do with it!” The Beach Drive property originally had an old, rundown Maclure home on it, with rooflines so low you had to duck down to actually see the ocean out the front window. It was small and past the point of restoration, so Greg and Kellie decided to tear it down and start fresh, which also meant they could take fuller advantage of the lot. They brought in a|k|a Architecture from Squamish to develop a warm, contemporary design that suited the location, and trusted GT Mann Contracting with the execution of the plans. “I like all kinds of styles, but I think this suited being on the ocean,” says Greg. “We wanted it to feel beach-y, but not like a typical beach house.” And there is a palpable beach vibe, but it’s tempered with a sense of elevation almost akin to a mountain cottage. The view from the kitchen windows looks down on the treetops in the neighbouring lot, and the moss- and lichen-covered rock that cradles the back of the house feel decidedly alpine. But it’s the breathtaking view over the ocean, the distant mountains, the curves of Beach Drive that really make it feel like you’re on top of the world here. “Not until GT had actually blasted out the rock and put on the upper floor did we fully appreciate the views,” says Greg. So much so, the design was actually changed at the eleventh hour. The fireplace, originally meant to extend up to the ceiling, now has a window above it that frames Trail Island in picture-perfect manner. Every aspect of the design seems to flow seamlessly into the next, balancing clean lines with natural finishes, while keeping the overall effect elegant and uncluttered, something the homeowners attribute to the design team. “Kellie and I loved working with Tracey and Carley at Creative Spaciz,” says Greg. “They took the time to understand us and at the same time provided options that nudged our thinking. It was a perfect blend and we credit them fully with ensuring the mix of contemporary and beach flows so nicely through the house.” Warm fir frames the windows in the front room, and continues up into the

If I thought the views from the living room were awe-inspiring, this sweeping vista makes me feel as though I should have wings.


D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Create a space that is uniquely yours | established in 1980 |

mac renovations “A Contractor you can trust” 250.412.8012

5285 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC | 825 Viewfield Road, Victoria, BC

ceiling and the exposed beams that run the length of the gently ascending roof. Wire-brushed white oak hardwood lends a touch of that beach-y vibe, while the tiled fireplace adds a grounded element. A bench tucked under one of the front windows hides a remote-controlled sunken television, keeping the view outside clear when it’s not in use. Cambria quartz countertops bring in more of a contemporary feel to the kitchen, but pockets of silver elm shelving and recessed lighting keep it from feeling too industrial. And that silver elm carries over into their kids’ television room just off the kitchen, and in the wall panels that flank the stairs, creating a feeling of continuity throughout the whole home. But it’s the small details, meant to emphasize that “clean line” feeling, which really catch my eye. In the kitchen, there is a roll-down aluminum door that hides a handful of small appliances; the powerful stove fan is tucked right up into the ceiling; and the tiled floor flows right out onto

1950 B Oak Bay Ave. 250-361-9243 Visit Our Showroom | High Efficiency Natural Gas Fireplaces


we are here  |






D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

FINLAYSON | 250.475.2033

we are here









the walkout back patio and pool deck for seamless indoor/ outdoor living. Throughout the entire house, rather than having trim, a narrow notch in the drywall serves as a border between wall and baseboard, and even the transitions between flooring are perfectly flush, with no added borders or lips. But as well as those clean lines, there are hints of texture that keep the interior warm. In addition to the natural fir and silver elm, the most incredible rippled tile surrounds the window over the kitchen sink, its rough finish a welcome contrast to the smooth white cabinetry. And perhaps one of the most striking features of the home: two sliding doors created with gray and weathered reclaimed barn wood close off the kids’ television room and the main closet at the front door downstairs. One floor down, the master bedroom suite and the kids’ bedrooms can be closed off from the rest of the house by a


pocket door to minimize noise. Here, it’s the master bath that catches my eye; it’s a spa-inspired, glassand-tile wonder with an enviable ocean view from the soaker tub. We head for the stairs again and take a peek around the floor below, which houses the guest bedroom and bath, a games and recreation room and a home gym. And then down to the garage and ground floor where I get an unexpected treat. On the advice of his mom and with thoughts to the future, Greg had an elevator installed in the design. It’s small, but efficient, and in seconds we’ve ridden it right back up to the top floor. My last stop is outside the house itself, behind the pool and up a final set of steps to what Greg calls the “crown jewel” of the property. Up here, set amongst the rock and low scrub sits a hot tub, rustic-looking gas fire pit and a handful of brightly coloured Adirondack chairs. If I thought the views from the living room were awe-inspiring, this sweeping vista makes me feel as though I should have wings. As we finish the tour, Greg can’t say enough good things about the build and GT Mann. “We interviewed six contractors before we picked them,” he says. “We liked their style, and the quality of the build has been fantastic. Literally, there’s been nothing to fix. This house is built like a rock.”

MARbles QuARRIeD & FAbRIcAteD on VAncouVeR IslAnD Vancouver Islands largest selection of granites and marbles.

VancouVer Island WhIte Marble

A local & sustainable product

2890 Allenby Rd. Duncan: 250-746-7257 Victoria: 250-384-9717 34  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8



601 Boleskine Rd. 250-384-9359 250-384-9359


- 4330000 22001 1- 4 Weel ll li innggt o t onnRR W dd . . - 366 14 225500- -775566- 3 14

um miin na at t ii o onsbc.c iillllu co om m

The Lighting TheBrighter BrighterSide Sideofof Lighting

Suppliers List Architect/Design: AKA Architects Interior Design: Creative Spaciz Design Studio Construction & Interior Finishing: GT Mann Contracting/ Ground Up Custom Carpentry Landscaping: Erin Renwick, Greenspace Designs Interior Drywall & Wood Panelling: South Island Drywall/ GT Mann Painting: Poise Painting Cabinetry & Millwork: Harbour City Kitchens Ceiling Beams: FraserWood Industries Flooring: Hourigan’s Flooring Tiling: Polley Tile and Stone Doors: Slegg Building Material Sliding Doors: NanaWall Windows: Ply Gem Lighting: Pine Lighting Plumbing Fixtures: Bartle & Gibson Countertops: Colonial Countertops Fireplace Hearth/Stonework: GT Mann/Polley Tile and Stone Appliances: Trail Appliances Landscaping: Listco Landscape and Irrigation Exterior Siding: Euro Touch Home Automation: Grohovac Installations Elevator: Home Elevators of BC Pool & Hot Tub: CA Pools




The perfect drive doesn’t require perfect driving conditions. Not when you have Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology. Engineered for performance, the perfect intelligent system constantly monitors and adjusts the balance of torque The doesn’t require perfect driving conditions. Not when you you The perfectdrive drive doesn’t require perfect driving conditions. Not when between front and rear wheels providing optimum traction for the ultimate The perfect drive doesn’t require perfectdriving driving conditions. Not when have Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology. Engineered for performance, The perfect drive doesn’t require perfect conditions. Not when you have Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology. Engineered for performance, drive, no matter what the weather conditions. Seamless composure in the have Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology. Engineered for performance, the intelligent system constantly monitors and adjusts the balance of torque have Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology. Engineered for performance, the intelligent system constantly monitors and adjusts the balance of torque blink of an eye, at all times. Perfect. the intelligent system constantly monitors and adjusts the balance of between front and rear wheels providing optimum traction for the ultimate the intelligent system constantly monitors and adjusts the balance of torque between front and rear wheels providing optimum traction for the ultimate between front and rear wheels providing optimum traction for the ultimate drive, no matter what the weather conditions. Seamless composure in thein the between front and rear wheels providing optimum Seamless traction forcomposure the drive, no matter what the weather conditions. drive, matter theweather weather conditions.Seamless Seamlesscomposure composure in the blink ofno an eye, atwhat all times. Perfect. drive, no conditions. JAGUAR VICTORIA blink ofmatter an eye,what at allthe times. Perfect. blink of eye, times.Perfect. Perfect. 3351 Street blink ofDouglas anan eye, atat allall times. Victoria, JAGUAR VICTORIA BC JAGUAR VICTORIA 3351 Douglas Street JAGUAR VICTORIA V8Z 3L4 JAGUAR VICTORIA 3351 Douglas Street Victoria, 3351 Douglas Street Contact Ruben Little - General Sales Manager 3351 Douglas Street Victoria, BC Victoria, 2504753313 3351 Douglas Street, Victoria, V8L 3Z4 Victoria, V8Z 3L4 BC BC BCContact Ruben Little - General Sales Manager V8Z 3L4 Dealer 250-475-3313 V8Z 3L43L4number - 30479 2504753313 Contact Ruben Little - General Sales Manager Contact Ruben Little - General Sales Manager Contact Ruben Little - General Sales Manager Contact 2504753313 Ruben Little, General Sales Manager 2504753313 2504753313 Dealer number 30479 Dealer number - -30479 Dealer number 30479 Dealer number - 30479 Dealer #30479


Warmth is a place called Glerups.

Jaguar Victoria


36  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

FOOTLOOSE SHOES 637 Fort Street, Victoria, BC. V8W 1G1 tel: 250.383.4040

harbour city kitchens f ine cabinetry & storage systems

2189 keating cross road


250-652-5200 find us on




Natalie Bagirova — Bagheera Boutique 38  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

The Gift of

Fab T

HEY HAVE more than seven decades of retail experience between them and they know what’s hot this holiday season. The four Greater Victoria business owners, entrepreneurs and retail dynamos you’re about to meet are on the front lines of shopping — from sparkling gems and clothing to custom jewellery and fabulous accessories. As experts in the industry, they’re passionate about what they do and they want to help you find the perfect present. • Carolyn Harvey-Smith opened Auréa Gems & Essential Luxuries a decade ago. The downtown Victoria store specializes in clothing, accessories, local jewellery and gemstones as well as Canadian linen, and has customers from all over the world. • Rafal Zebrowski is the owner of Francis Jewellers,

New, trendy and hot. Great gift ideas for everyone on your list. BY TESS VAN STRAATEN P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N

which has been in operation in Victoria since 1921 and is proud to be the longest-standing jewellery store on Vancouver Island. Zebrowski purchased the company from the Francis family more than two decades ago and is passionate about watches and fine jewellery. • Rhea Cavelti has worked in retail for nearly 35 years. As the front store manager at locally owned and operated Pharmasave Broadmead, the retail dynamo oversees a fabulous collection of designer and fashion-forward clothing and accessories at Lalliah’s Boutique, which opened in-store last year and is a big hit with customers. • Natalie Bagirova started out at Philip Nyren and Scala Boutique before launching Bagheera Boutique with the goal of creating a unique shopping experience for women. Bagheera specializes in Canadian and European fashions from formal and dressy to business attire and casual, as well as one-of-a-kind shoes and accessories.

Natalie Bagirova — Bagheera Boutique What are the hot new trends this holiday season? The casual, sporty look with glam effects are really trendy this season. For example, some hot styles that we have seen from our European brands are combinations of different patterns together. Really popular fabrics include pleated lame, lightweight wool and multicoloured tweed. What are some of the most unique gifts you have at your store? Some unique gifts that have been popular include our Italian scarves made by the Canadian Designer Suzi Roher, soft-leather jackets from Italy and handmade jewellery from our BC-based designers. What’s on your personal wish list this holiday season? I actually never have a Christmas wish list — I like to challenge my husband! But the best gift I ever received was a handmade jewellery box from my sister and a painting from one of the most famous Ukranian painters, right on the streets of Kiev!  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


2536 Beacon Avenue Sidney 250.656.5676

The ideal gift for yourself or any women in your life.

G ood bye ! pa n ty lin es The ultimate in comfort, one size fits all, and only $20! 1

11.09.17 11:44

Just You Boutique S P E C I A LT Y B R A S & M A S T E C T O M Y F I T T I N G S

True Comfort. Feel Beautiful.

2250 Oak Bay Avenue, Suite 210, Victoria | 250 384 1791 (Corner of Oak Bay & Monterey, behind Oakes Restaurant) Amoena is a registered trademark of Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH.

40  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

Rafal Zebrowski — Francis Jewellers

Rafal Zebrowski — Francis Jewellers What’s hot right now? We are finding that yellow gold is making a big comeback this season. Younger people still prefer white gold and are moving more towards the understated, elegant pieces that are a bit more delicate. As for men, they love watches and we are very lucky to have a great selection of pre-owned and vintage watches that seem to always catch the attention of the men who come into the store. What are some of the unique gifts at your store? We specialize in custom-made jewellery, so for our customers, the sky is the limit! We find that people have an idea in their mind when it comes to gift-giving during the holiday season, but they become frustrated when they can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. So we help our customers create exactly what they want. It makes for a unique and very enjoyable experience. What tops your wish list? I can’t wait to take a trip back to Maui, which is my home away from home. I love my work but when it is time to take a break from it, Maui is where you will find me.

Located in the seaside village of Cowichan Bay. The Arthur Vickers Gallery is a curated collection of the exceptional and the exquisite.

250-748-7650 1719 Cowichan Bay Road

Gorgeous Handmade Silver Copper Jewellery


Necklaces Bracelets Earrings

“Silver Moon” Victoria, BC

Silver Ocean Designs by Linda Rajotte 250.727.1232 for studio hours  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8



805 Fairfield Rd Victoria, BC V8V 0A7 T 250.595.3888 W

Carolyn Harvey-Smith — Auréa Gems & Essential Luxuries

42  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

Carolyn Harvey-Smith — Auréa Gems & Essential Luxuries What are the hot new trends this holiday season? Hot trends for this holiday season are scrumptious velvet, anything red, mixed metals and plenty of shine! What are some of the most popular and unique items at your store? Auréa is known to have the best scarf selection in town — silk, cashmere, and they all feel and look glorious — and we have some luscious, jewel-toned velvets for the holiday season that look fantastic topped off with mixedmetal jewellery from one of our local designers. We’re also known for our comfortable, elegant clothing to fit the everyday lifestyle, and we carry a line of clothing that is constructed out of a fabulous parachute fabric, which you need to touch and try on! This clothing line can be layered, dressed up or down or made funky — you can really make it your own! What’s on your personal wish list this year? I am personally hoping that there is a Tesla in my future!

Travel in

style & security this winter

with baggallini and pacsafe products at Pharmasave Broadmead! Pharmasave Broadmead

Broadmead Village Shopping Centre 310-777 Royal Oak Drive | Phone: 250-727-3505

Broadmead Village Shopping Center | 310-777 Royal Oak Drive 250-727-3505 |

pacsafe 3 ‘Aussie’   | was D E Cestablished 2 0 1 7/J A N in 2 01998 1 8 by4two friends who’ve visited more than 80 countries. Their experiences convinced them of the need for

Rhea Cavelti — Pharmasave Broadmead What’s popular this season? This is the time of year when classic colours and glitzy finishes come out to play. Shades of red (Bordeaux, Henna, lipstick red) and the ever-popular metallics were all over the runways this season. The other major trend we’re seeing is comfy, cozy loungewear, oversized sweaters and beautiful, chunky throw blankets to cuddle up in. Top gift ideas at your store? A Stutterheim Rain Coat is a definite must-have! The impeccably-constructed raincoats are based on the traditional slickers worn by Scandinavian fishermen, and feature double-welded seams to ensure protection from water and wind. If you’re looking for some holiday glam, be sure to check out the latest Hillberg and Berk collection. It’s handcrafted in Regina with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold and rose gold and is a true showstopper. Fragrance always makes a great gift and we’re the only independent retailer in Victoria that carries Guerlain of Paris, one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. This means we have several exclusive and hard-to-find perfumes such as Jicky, Shalimar, Insolence, Vetiver and Mitsuko, as well as the beautiful new fragrance, Mon Guerlain, which features lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine, and is the epitome of elegance. What are you hoping Santa will bring you? I’m totally in love with Alo Yoga Wear. I use it as a base layer when I go motorcycling. I’d love another pair of the Moto Leggings and I’m sure Santa knows I need a new helmet.

Rhea Cavelti — Pharmasave Broadmead 44  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

General Contractors Custom Built Homes Renovations Design



Welcome to Wild Renfrew in Port Renfrew where enchanted forests, mystic windswept beaches and jagged slate rock formations evoke drama and awaken our inner wild. Against the backdrop of a rugged coastline and the deep roots of the forest, we uncover gorgeous holiday fashion in delicate silk and velvet, exquisite embroidery, luscious faux fur and raw stone jewels.

Green silk wrap maxi dress ($575) by Leisure from Bernstein & Gold; Alaskan coral pendant ($1,780) with a 32� role chain ($690) from Impeccable Jewellery; black Vocab high-heeled boots ($250) by Gerry Weber from Cardino Shoes.

Violet blue lace gown with open back ($1,305) by Nicole Miller; Stone Pierre faux fur coat ($415) by Sosken, pearl Cosmic earrings ($265) and gold Arena necklace ($500), both by Lizzie Fortunato and all from Bernstein & Gold.

Floral embroidered blouse ($169) by Desigual, faux fur trim cape ($139) by Parkhurst, embroidered Ayda necklace ($235) and Ayda earrings ($120) by Alayabar, all from Fabrications; black dress with tulle ($365) by JS Collections from Damsels; twig-wrapped tourmaline ring ($670) from Impeccable Jewellery; embroidered Poppy loafers ($210) by Miista from Cardino Shoes.

Two-toned novelty knit jacket ($1,285), velvet olive pants ($589) and matching velvet blouse ($395), all by Luisa Cerano and from Bagheera Boutique; teardrop Astrophilite pendant ($550) with a 32� role chain ($690), both from Impeccable Jewellery; black Gabrie ankle boot ($295) by Wittner from Cardino Shoes.

Silky camisole with lace detail ($400) by Vince, Lola jacket ($550) by Tiger of Sweden, dark green long and structured mermaid skirt ($590) by Sarah Pacini, long amethyst necklace ($90) by Nino Designs, layered Halskette necklace ($315) by Laurèl, all from Hughes Clothing; black Erika grommet boots ($420) by Miista from Cardino Shoes.

Makeup and hair: Jen Clark Model: Aisling Goodman, represented by Coultish Management Styling and production assistant: Sierra Lundy Photographed on location at Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottages in Port Renfrew. A huge thank you to the entire staff there for a truly incredible time experiencing the wild West Coast from cosy cabins.

BLACK IS SO HOT Shou Sugi Ban flourishes amid new colour-play trend BY CHELSEA FORMAN | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N

52  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

“It’s terrific — it raises the grain in a really pleasant way so that there is a very tactile quality to the wood. If you run your fingers along it you can feel all the delicate edges, the years and history of the wood.”


LACK IS a complex colour. It’s mysterious, seductive, elegant and powerful, but it can also allude to fear, grief, death and aggression — it’s a moody colour in the scheme of home design and it needs to handled with care. Black is also a member of the neutral colour palette, alongside its less polarized siblings: white, gray and taupe — a selection of colours which have been so prevalent in interior design for the last decade, it’s almost not surprising to see black arriving fashionably late to the party. Black has been used in interior design for centuries, but what makes its reemergence interesting is the extent of its use in design. Black colour-play has gotten much bolder in the home, and nothing illustrates this better than the emergence of Shou Sugi Ban, the ancient Japanese technique of charring wood black. A look at history helps understand the emergence of black in design. In the mid 1600s the renowned Dutch artist Rembrandt was experiencing a wave of commercial success, largely based in portrait work for display in private homes. Rembrandt was an expert in using dark backgrounds in order to contrast and accentuate the main subject of his work. The use of dark backgrounds successfully harmonized with light colours, creating a truly striking union. Today, we are seeing that same outstanding union on a much larger scale. Black walls, ceilings, floors and home exteriors are becoming prevalent and showcasing the colour’s better attributes as a sophisticated shade that we don’t need to fear. While broad

B a r B a r a ’S B o u t i q u e

oh - la - la! I love Sa int Ja mes! Automne-Hiver 2017 Now available at: Baden-Baden Boutique!

Baden-Baden Boutique

2485 Beacon Avenue, 250 655 7118

Barbara’s Boutique

2392 Beacon Avenue, 250 655 0372 ues

Baden-Baden Sidney, BC  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Burnt finish table, an example of Shou Sugi Ban from Autonomous Furniture. 54  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

use of black offers spaces a unique and revolutionary depth, the current design-era is rooted in texture and natural elements, which is why Shou Sugi Ban has made an epic return to the scene. “It’s terrific — it raises the grain in a really pleasant way so that there is a very tactile quality to the wood. If you run your fingers along it you can feel all the delicate edges, the years and history of the wood,” says Karen Smith, realtor with Royal LePage Parksville-Qualicum Beach Realty. Karen and her husband David experimented with Shou Sugi Ban in several focal points in their home, including a beam at the front entrance and as part of a kitchen island. Shou Sugi Ban uses fire to char wood black. Centuries ago, Japanese carpenters scoured the coastline for driftwood to use in design, liking its distinctive finish and durability. (Driftwood undergoes an aggressive weathering process as it is thrashed about in the erratic oceanic elements.) Desire for driftwood flourished, ultimately depleting its availability in ancient-day Japan. So the Japanese experimented with the second most powerful natural weathering process: fire. The charring method acted as an effective preservative while enhancing the aesthetic character of the wood. “It preserves the wood without using chemicals — it’s an ecological alternative,” Karen explains. “We wanted to try a

hand at that technique to see what sort of finish and colouration we could get on the wood. It feels more organic and alive than stained and sealed wood.” The practice of Shou Sugi Ban gained popularity in Japan throughout the 1700s and remained common practice until 50 years ago, when it gave way to modern building materials. However, as is the somewhat predictable evolutionary process of fashion and interior design, everything that was once old becomes new again in the great circle of design life. The Japanese reintroduced Shou Sugi Ban and in our incredibly connected, global world, the technique gained momentum and spread like fire throughout Europe and North America. In early 2005, Kirk Van Ludwig was on an architectural tour in Big Sur where he was first introduced to Shou Sugi Ban. A renowned furniture designer, Kirk is owner of Victoria’s own Autonomous Furniture — now one of Vancouver Island’s most notable retailers of oneof-a-kind Shou Sugi Ban pieces. “We started torching our furniture from day one; it’s always been a staple for us. In 2016, there was a big shift towards black in all elements of the home, and the torched look has very much followed,” Kirk explains. Autonomous Furniture pieces are billed as the collision of natural elements presented with modern sophistication. Every piece of wood in the shop has a history and a story, and Kirk

“It feels more organic and alive than stained and sealed wood.”


D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


At the Okada Marshall House in East Sooke, the H-shaped design wraps around itself to contain two inner courtyard rooms. Shou Sugi Ban charred wood is used on the exterior walls — it needs no maintenance and will never rot. Architect: D’Arcy Jones Architecture / Photographer: Sama Jim Canzian

Shou Sugi Ban uses the familiar warmth of wood to effectively control the moody nature of the colour black in design, while dramatically showcasing its more attractive qualities. knows each of them. Kirk designs his furniture to feature the natural beauty and lifecycle of wood. “The approach in our furniture has always been to make the wood appear very natural — how you would find it in the forest. Forests light on fire and what’s left is torched wood. We don’t incorporate stains, everything is natural,” says Kirk. Self-taught in the art of designing and creating masterful furniture, Kirk is also self-taught in the art of Shou Sugi Ban. “I made my mistakes and now we have our proprietary method,” Kirk smiles, relinquishing neither his great methodology or the tales of things gone terribly wrong.

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D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

What he does divulge, is that the wood is torched and washed repeatedly until it reaches the depth of black desired, and then natural oil is applied. Wood is introduced into the home in an effort to flush a space with that desirable, holistic, natural warmth. Shou Sugi Ban uses the familiar warmth of wood to effectively control the moody nature of the colour black in design, while dramatically showcasing its more attractive qualities. Shou Sugi Ban has returned, and is arguably the design element that will trail-blaze a path for black on its way to becoming this era’s monarch of interior design.

Kirk Van Ludwig of Autonomous Furniture washing cedar slab.

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Serenity Now

Beauty and peace the old-fashioned way on the Bahamas’ Harbour Island BY BRUCE SACH  |

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T’S NOT HARD to pin down what makes the Bahama’s Harbour Island such a desirable destination. For those in the know, this tiny sliver of an island, which runs north to south just off the tip of Eleuthera, is truly one of the most beautiful Bahamian islands. Hockey great Mark Messier, who first came here on a fishing trip while playing for the New York Rangers, says that for one thing,“People like Harbour Island because of the effort it takes to get there.” Indeed, despite being so close to the coast of Florida (and officially part of North America, not the Caribbean), you can only fly as close as Eleuthera Island. Then you take a $5 cab ride and a $5 ferry ride to make your way to Dunmore Town, the only village on Harbour Island. Mark Messier flies down in his own plane. But many visitors arrive at Dunmore Town via their boats, essentially recreating the arrival of the original settlers — the famous Eleutheran Adventurers — colonists from Bermuda bent on seeking religious freedom. After they were shipwrecked nearby, they eventually made Dunmore Town Bahamas’ first capital. During the day, the beach action is on the eastern, Atlantic side of the island, where folks stroll for hours, almost alone along Pink Sand Beach – perennially voted as one of the most 60  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

beautiful beaches in the world. The pink hue of the sand is as striking as it is subtle, but the texture is unforgettable: like baby power or thinly sifted flour. This fabulous sand gets its unique texture from bits of coral, broken shells and the microscopic remains of tiny marine invertebrates called Foraminifera, which live on the underside of the abundant reefs here. All the resorts in Harbour Island have access to the public beach where visitors and Bahamians alike enjoy the beauty of this most perfect place. Soft, easterly winds blow in with the waves and the beach is never far away. The odd jogger and person on horseback constituted the only action we saw from our accommodation at Runaway Hill Resort. Our host Jennifer Messier (Mark’s sister) is one of the most friendly and knowledgeable people I’ve met. At the same time visitors are shedding their Rolexes, Jennifer is accessing her incredible internal Rolodex that keeps tabs on everyone and everything on the island. (To boot, she is a fellow Canadian.) She and her family have owned and managed the Runaway Hill Resort for over 14 years and she speaks about her adopted home of Harbour Island (or Birland, as locals refer to it) with the genuine enthusiasm of a first-timer. Back in the 1990s, Mark Messier entered a fishing competition, blew a motor, and ended up spending six weeks




778 351 4088




on Harbour Island, where he fell in love with the beach and the friendliness of the people. “My brother, Mark, got hooked on fishing and the resort became a family affair,” explains Jennifer. All 11 rooms are named after family members and the resort closes occasionally allowing the entire family to reunite. This welcoming, familial feel is present at all times. You might meet Mark here (the hockey legend is winner of six Stanley Cups and was recently named officer of the Order of Canada), but Jennifer is the real star. Celebrities in the business world run amok on Harbour Island (to which the prices in restaurants seem to attest). But the common denominator is the electric golf cars, which everyone, even locals, use. So, you may have the Midas touch elsewhere, but you’re likely to putt around the streets of Dunmore Town at 20 kilometres an hour, driving on the left side like everyone else. I did not see one fancy car during my stay. Dunmore Town really started to develop under Governor Dunmore in the late 1700s and retains much of its colonial, Loyalist character. Many pastel-coloured clapboard houses from the era remain on Bay Street, often set behind white picket fences, festooned with morning glories and bougainvillea. These

are flanked by narrow streets with names like Pitt, King and Princess. Churches from the 1800s are common. There are no theme parks on Harbour Island. In fact, a local stated it best, noting, “The area is not known for gambling, shopping or amusement parks. It’s known for its natural beauty and serenity.” In fact, one of the major attractions here is a lone tree. This tree, stuck in the sand off Bay Street, is a local landmark, placed there decades ago by fluke. It has become the focal point for hundreds of top fashion shots — think Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated, etc. The charm of Harbour Island is in its tininess — you can stroll through the town in about 20 minutes. The beach is by far the biggest attraction, and at three miles long and 50 to 100 feet wide, it’s almost as big as the town on the other side. The beach is constantly splendid, though the nature of its beauty shifts hour to hour. Some say it can turn a salmon colour at sunset. Many repeat visitors come for the incredible relaxation, but sport fishermen and water enthusiasts love this place, too. Back at Runaway Hill Resort, Jennifer shows photos of guests with their big catches, yet, in her opinion, “Any day on the water is a perfect day, whether you make a big catch or not.”

The beach action is on the eastern, Atlantic side of the island, where folks stroll for hours along Pink Sand Beach – perennially voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Since 2001, we have been buying, selling and leasing cars of all types to discerning clients from across the globe. We pride ourselves on providing a laid back professional environment simply focused on making our clients happy.

Visit our showroom at 565 David St. in Victoria | 250-598-0090 |

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DREAMING f The Perfect Space


Stressless reclinerS starting at


COQUITLAM 1400 United Blvd 604.524.3444

LANGLEY 20429 Langley By-Pass 604.530.8248

VICTORIA 661 McCallum Rd Millstream Village 250.475.2233

RICHMOND 12551 Bridgeport Rd 604.273.2971

KELOWNA 1850 Springfield Rd 250.860.7603

NANAIMO 1711 Bowen Rd 250.753.6361

After enjoying a spectacularly calming afternoon on Harbour Island’s eastern side, which faces the daylong sun, we hopped into our golf cart and drove eight minutes to the appropriately named Sunset Café on the west coast. Here we enjoyed the end of the day overlooking boats at the Ramora Marina, while downing a few frozen Goombay Smash cocktails. From here, the view is one of yachts of differing sizes, whose owners may be well-off (think franchise kings, football team and restaurant empire owners from the United States and Canada), but are basically seeking the same thing as everyone else — peace and quiet in the old-fashioned way. One lucky fellow snags a bone fish right off the dock in front of us. Later, as I sit on the restaurant veranda at the Runaway Hill Resort, watching the full moon reflecting above the sea, I think about the Eleutheran Adventurers who were fleeing religious intolerance when they landed on Harbour Island area. This is why, when they got here, they chose their name from the Greek word Eleuthera, meaning freedom. I can only think: How utterly appropriate! For more information: The closest airport, the North Eleuthera Airport, can be reached directly from Atlanta, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau. We flew on a local Southern Air from Nassau to North Eleuthera – definitely a memorable, albeit cramped, flight!

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Greater Victoria’s Builder of Choice Custom Homes and Renovations From Sooke to Sidney, Oak Bay to Esquimalt, and everywhere in between, we are building a reputation of trust and customer satisfaction with every project. 778-440-5432 |

Exceptional Custom Homes, Built for Luxury Living.

2017 Gold CARE Award winner





w g w g NNeetiiNN SSt i LLi

Willis Point Oceanfront Estate 7548 Mark Lane, Central Saanich, BC $2,995,000 | MLS 385430 Exquisite estate on nearly 2 acres, with 150ft of ocean frontage. Natural aesthetic emphasized with slate, hardwood, & Pella Architect windows throughout. All principle rooms enjoy an unobstructed ocean view. Foreshore lease includes: boat-ramp, boathouse & potential for deep water dock. Nearby amenities are truly world class, with attractions such as Butchart Gardens and the 5 start Brentwood Bay Hotel and Spa within minutes.

w g Ne tiN S Li

Beachfront Luxury Living 9165 Lochside Drive, North Saanich, BC $2,750,000 | MLS 385583

Š2017 Engel & VÜlkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

Captivating beachfront home is a harmonious marriage of Westcoast beauty & state-of-the-art luxuries. Completely redesigned and rebuilt in 2012. Clean modern interior allows dynamic 180 ocean views to be the focal point of all principal rooms. Celebrated feature: direct beach access through the private fenced yard. 180 feet of pristine low bank beach front invite you to spend countless hours casually strolling the sandy banks. Desirable location, minutes from Sidney the BC ferries & Airport.

735 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC, Canada V8W 1B1

The local real estate agent with the international network: Scott Piercy, Private Office Advisor Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-686-7789

w g Ne tiN S Li

North Saanich Ocean Front

Welcome to “The Bluff”

A West Coast Dream

10643 Blue Heron Road, North Saanich BC $2,099,000 | MLS 385609

503 Outlook Place, Colwood BC $1,299,000 | MLS 381880

2454 Lighthouse Point Road, Sooke BC $2,195,000 | MLS 385745

Warm & inviting waterfront home. Abundant natural light provided by large picture windows, which artfully frame the stunning ocean vistas. Hardwood flooring extends throughout the main. Outside, an extensive parcel with mature trees, manicured gardens, beach access & a private boat house for storing your kayaks etc. Set in North Saanich, a vibrant community with progressive amenities and close to the airport and BC Ferries.

The awe inspiring mountain & ocean views are the central theme. Elegance & grandeur are captured with Asian inspired aesthetics, with rooms that flow seamlessly. Kitchen adorned with granite & top of the line appliances - opens to dining & living rm. Family rm is relaxed, yet sophisticated. Outside discover a park like setting with tranquil water features, a rock wall, manicured gardens, mature Garry oaks & Arbutus all set on half an acre.

Breathtaking ocean front estate located within a secure gated community in charming community of Sooke, BC. Situated to capture 180 degrees of spectacular views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the Olympic Mountain Range. The contemporary Westcoast design beautifully balances natural elements with modern luxuries. Outdoor enthusiast will rejoice with access to hundreds of kilometers of nature trails from your back door, several beaches are within walking distance with more being a short drive away.

Renovated Oak Bay Manor

Beautiful Coastal Estate

Custom Built Modern Luxury

574 Island Road, Victoria BC $4,398,000 | MLS 384053

3807 Duke Road, Victoria, BC $3,800,000 | MLS 379143

556 Delora Drive, Victoria, BC $1,248,000 | MLS 383788

This Oak Bay Manor has been completely renovated. Interior merges natural materials with delicate European inspired highlights. Ample patios & decks offer dramatic ocean & mountain views. Explore bordering Anderson Hill park or neighbouring beaches. Premium location affords access to the finest Victoria has to offer; minutes from downtown & inner harbour & short commute to ferries & Victoria’s international airport.

Upon entering the gates of this spectacular coastal estate you know you have arrived at where the land meets the sea. Situated on 1.7 acres of south facing waterfront with approx. 480’ of shore, the executive west coast residence offers an unparalleled ocean edge location with walk on waterfront.

This custom built residence is the embodiment of modern luxury. Walls of glass provide a scenic backdrop in principle rooms. The upper level is accented with a dramatic kitchen featuring striking cranberry coloured Italian faced cabinets, high-end SS appliances, a wine fridge, granite island & unique SS counters. The kitchen opens to the spacious living rm, 15 ft ceilings and a gas fireplace. Master retreat with 5pc ensuite & extended his & hers walk-in. Outside, rugged surroundings with extensive deck & patio space for appreciating ever-changing vistas.

©2017 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

2249 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC, Canada V8R 1G4

The local real estate agent with the international network: James LeBlanc, Private Office Advisor Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-812-7212


binab group Brand new S o u t H o a k B ay Home 52 Maquinna Street

completely renoVated oak Bay Home 2350 Nottingham Road





ocean ViewS from eVery room 629 Beach Drive

o a k B ay cHaracter Home 1248 Hewlett Pl





adoraBle upl andS cHaracter Home 3355 Weald Road

upl andS Home B r i n g yo u r r e n o Vat i o n ideaS 2450 Lansdowne Road





c a d B o r o B ay Home witH w at e r V i e w S 3749 Waring Place

Half acre on a magic al Set ting 3796 Cadboro Bay Road





two HomeS on oceanfront lot in fa i r f i e l d 1811/1813 Crescent Road

6 luxury condo/ townHomeS in fa i r f i e l d The Shafter on Southgate



Starting at $699,000








gorgeouS ardmore oceanfront Home

Stunning new QueenSwood eState

9700 Glenelg Avenue

2631 Queenswood Drive





cuStom Build in tHe Heart of fairfield

new fairfield Home witH legal Suite

863 Richmond Avenue

555 Harbinger Avenue




$2,250,000 #1 Team North America & #2 Global Agent* Based on Engel & Vรถlkers 2016 statistics from VREB MLS





VA N C O u V E R







Simply Sensational $12,888,000

529 Swanwick Road, Metchosin: Just 30 minutes from Victoria on a stunning 67acre oceanfront parcel, this award-winning home is sited close to its 1,400 linear ft of shoreline. The 10,700 sq ft home is cantilevered either side of an outdoor manmade “Canyon River”. Features include an automated boat house & ramp, garage with hydraulic lift, covered swimming pool, tennis court & caretaker’s cottage.


4694 Amblewood Drive, Victoria $1,150,000

Personal Real Estate Corporation


I believe every home is a mansion, regardless of size, location or price.

Please call me if you are considering selling your home.

Sensational Transformation

Inviting Ardmore

851 Sayward Road, Victoria: No expense has been spared in this newly renovated sunny 2,547 sq ft home with almost 1.7 acres. Quality finishes throughout offer the modern family every convenience. Exceptional location with Lochside Trail, Cordova Bay Golf Course & Mattick’s Farm just steps from your door.

9378 Glenelg Avenue, North Saanich: Elegant Ardmore rancher built in 2005 on a 1-acre gated lot where a separate cottage is permitted. The home offers refined 1-level living with ceilings soaring to 11 ft, huge windows & a convenient open plan layout. Ardmore golf course & the ocean at Saanich Inlet are minutes away.




Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. E.&O.E.: This information is from sources which we deem reliable, but must be verified by prospective Purchasers and may be subject to change or withdrawal. Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement

Lisa Williams P Pe e rr s so on na a ll R Re ea a ll E Es s tt a a tt e e C Co o rr p po o rr a a tt ii o on n



2898 2898 Mt. Mt. Baker Baker View View Road, Road, 10 10 Mile Mile Point Point

425 425 La La Fortune Fortune Road, Road, Mill Mill Bay Bay

2990 Beach Beach Drive, Drive, Uplands Uplands 2990

2727 Cavendish South Oak 2651 Queenswood Drive, Queenswood 2727 Cavendish Ave, Ave, South Oak Bay Bay

1212 Garden Garden Gate Drive, Drive, Brentwood Brentwood Bay Garden Gate Bay 1212

3785 Waring Place, Cadboro Bay Beach Beach 3785 Waring Waring Place, Place, Cadboro Cadboro Bay 3785

$5,490,000 $5,490,000

$4,749,000 $4,749,000 $4,499,000

$1,880,000 $1,880,000 $1,849,000

$2,998,000 $2,998,000

$3,290,000 $2,895,000 $3,290,000

$3,298,000 $3,298,000 $2,980,000

PAIRING TOP TECHNOLOGYWITH WITHUNSURPASSED UNSURPASSED EXPERTISE. PAIRING TOP TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE. Watch fornew my new website marketiopportunities ng options Watch for my website and and marketing Launching January2017! 2018! Coming October

Lisa Williams

Personal Personal Real Real Estate Estate Corporati Corporation on

250.514.1966 |

E&O.E: Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement. Independently Owned & Operated. Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brokerage. Independently Owned & Operated. Used with permission Gulf of Spezia by Henry Newman. E&O.E: Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement. Independently Owned & Operated. Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brokerage. Independently Owned & Operated. Used with permission Gulf of Spezia by Henry Newman.

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We speciaatlizerefrinondot wcontndowos n w “Cheryl is nothing short of fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to offer valuable insight and recommendations when making real estate decisions. Her pragmatic approach has been a breath of fresh air in a crazy market. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Highly, highly recommended.� SHANNON AND CLAUDE

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ChERyl BARNES 250 413 7943

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co So mi on ng

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Luxury Living at 365 Waterfront

Beautiful patio unit at 365 Waterfront, with 1531 square feet of elegance and quality combined. 2 bedrooms plus a den and 3 bathrooms. Conveniently located beside the Galloping Goose Trail for a quick bike ride or good walk into downtown. Could this be your retirement home?

Krista Voitchovsky • RE/MAX Camosun • 4440 Chatterton Way • Victoria, BC V8X5J2 Tel: 250-744-3301 • Cell 250-888-3256 •

Sylvia Therrien

1144 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

Personal Real Estate Corporation

The Value of Experience

568 Senanus Drive | $6,250,000

7178 Mark Lane | $2,995,000

3240 Uplands Place | $4,950,000

500-770 Fisgard Street | $1,295,000

Waterfront home located at the tip of Willis Point





Sa L


6 Acres Peninsula Waterfront

4032 Palmetto Place | $2,649,000 Beautiful ocean views over Telegraph Cove






Sa L


Penthouse at The Historic Hudson


Custom Home in The Uplands

1197 Transit Road | $1,795,000 Heritage Home in South Oak Bay • • 250.385.2033 • Cell: 250.888.6621 • Toll-free: 1.888.886.1286

Stunning Waterfront

Stunning waterfront architectural-estate home, West Coast forest inspired with Frank Lloyd Wright influence & Japanese flair. This is a unique and impressive residence, nestled between the Saanich Inlet and wooded forest, all with landscaped gardens and interior/exterior water features. The transition from outdoors to indoors is seamless and brilliant with skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything you would expect: theatre, marble slab flooring, wine cellar, greenhouse, billiard room, lounge for entertaining, 1 BR suite, private guest rooms, terraces from every level of the home, manicured gardens, hot tub and so much more, including a hen house & a sandy beach. With the SW exposure, the residence is warm, inviting and very private. Listed at $7,250,000, MLS #373696

elegant & Gracious uplands estate home

Built in 1929 by James and Savage, historical architects, this Arts and Crafts home has been brought into modern times with great care and relevance. Construction unrivaled, aesthetic maintained, and the heart & soul preserved! Situated on a 22,000 sq. foot lot, lush with mature shrubs and large Garry oaks, the lovely & private, back garden provides for tranquil moments and lively entertaining. The double set of French patio doors brings the inside out seamlessly in the summer months. A large brick patio for easy entertaining lines the back of the home. Call now for your private viewing of this rare offering! Listed at $2,998,000, MLS #385406

Sheila aujla Luxury Listing REALTORÂŽ MLS Award Winner

Direct Office

250.889.4771 250.388.5882


REAL ESTATE EXPERT Helping you make the right decision.


E uR




10426 Eden Place, Sidney

MLS# 384652

Beautiful brand-new home situated at the end of a quiet cul-desac just steps from Robert’s Bay! This impressive 2776 sq.ft home features a family friendly floor plan with 3 beds on the upper level including a large master with vaulted ceilings, private balcony, walkin closet, and gorgeous ensuite with steam shower. The stunning open plan living space features a striking stone floor-to-ceiling gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings with skylights, and beautiful kitchen with built-in fridge, 36-inch gas range, quartz counters, and tile backsplash. Lower level offers a large den and impeccably finished 2-bed suite with 9 ft. ceilings, SS appliances, and in-suite laundry. Outside you will find an East-facing balcony with peek-a-boo water views that’s ideal for enjoying the morning sun, a West-facing deck perfect for entertaining, and a double car garage. Situated in a highly sought-after area of Sidney, this classic home with timeless appeal is sure to impress.


10459 Allbay Road, Sidney

Chace Whitson personal real estate corporation

MLS# 385002

· 250 818 9338 tel · 250 388 5882 cel


10125 Third Street, Sidney CHACEWHITSON.COM

MLS# 384912

+1 250.896.3859

Personal Real Estate Corporation

w Ne rice P

wD NOe rLice SP






6 6



Cedar Hill Triplex

Uplands2014 2014Custom CustomHome Home 11 Uplands EnsuiteBedrooms, Bedrooms,7173 7173Finished Finished sq/ft 66Ensuite sq/ft 3160Weald WealdRoad Road- $5,600,000 - $5,888,000 3160

LuxuriousCustom CustomHome Home 33 Luxurious

Luxury Fairfield UplandsConversion Estate 22 Exquisite Beds/5Baths Baths- 36,150 - 3657 Finished 65Beds/5 sq/ft Lot sq/ft 3320 Ripon Road Street - $3,498,000 15 Marlborough - $1,948,000

Exquisite UplandsDuplex Estate Bay Revenue 44 Oak

Beds/4Baths Baths- -3637 3637Finished Finishedsq/ft sq/ft 44 Beds/4 2701 Goldstone GoldstoneHeights Heights--$2,188,000 $1,980,000 2701

Beds/5Baths $36,150 sq/ft lot 66 Beds/2 Baths -- 2465 Finished sq/ft 2631/2635 Road - $1,364,900 3320 RiponEastdowne Road - $3,888,000

5 Hill Family Home 5 Cedar 6 Beds/3 Baths - 3282 Finished sq/ft

5 Beds/2 Baths - 2438 Finished sq/ft 3439 Cook Street - $979,000 1563 Elm Street - $944,000

Exceptional Cordova Fairfield HomeBay Home 6 6 Updated 4 Beds/3 Baths - 3204 Finished sq/ft

3 Beds/2 Baths - 1844 Finished sq/ft Sea Ridge Place -- $880,000 $1,369,000 859803 Richmond Avenue

Stunning Custom Estate SOON 7 7 COMING

4 Beds/4 Baths - 3908 Finished sq/ft Bear Mountain Luxury Residence 996 Moss Close - $1,288,000 Please call forRidge further details

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250.384.8124 |

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Cathy travis

Cathy Travis is a gold award winning REALTOR®, who offers a unique service in the real estate world today, thinking globally and providing service with integrity and excellence. Providing extraordinary quality and service for home staging to Victoria’s developers, realtors and homeowners, and providing clients with value-added service in selling their homes for top dollar.


$1,399,000 Another luxury home by





+1 250.418.0717

Pemberton Holmes Cloverdale

Serving you first and foremost since 1887. Duncan 250.746.8123

Salt Spring 250.537.5553

Sooke 250.642.3240

Victoria 250.384.8124

West Shore 250.478.9141

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cOMinG sOOn

Fantastic opportunity! Huge, roomy family residence set on a private .6 acre lot in Central Saanich. Located only 30 minutes from town, but offering a fantastic chance to own a house with a fabulous sep suite, water views, workshop/garage and close to schools etc. 4 bdrms, 3 baths, 2700 square feet and lots of potential for your interior design and decorating ideas. There is NOTHING like this available in today’s market…..don’t delay in viewing.

Old West saanich ROad

“outstanding professional” “superb communicator” “sensitive to the needs of our family” from some of Beth’s clients


Beth Krupa

REAL ESTATE 755 Humboldt Street

Stunning LEVEL 12.5 acre estate. First time to the market....ever!! Traditional farmhouse residence of over 4800 square feet, in need of comprehensive remodeling or renovation. 4-5 bdrms, 4 baths, and a great floor plan with large rooms. Massive rec room, front and rear deck and porch. Numerous outbuildings including 2100 square foot shop and barn, additional accommodation, storage buildings and more. Totally usable property for crops, hay, animals or combination thereof. Nothing like it, and a stunning setting. Over 350’ frontage on OLD WEST SAANICH.

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SOLD Kevin Wensley PErSONAL rEAL ESTATE COrPOrATION Office: 250-388-5882

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THe VOgue

Downtown living at its best Built Into One Of Victoria’s Original Heritage Structures, The 1892 Victoria Hotel. Restored in 2006, it has been said, The Vogue is “a perfect blend of modern building technology with the romance and magic of old-world design.” Live the downtown lifestyle with everything Victoria has to offer. Whether going to work, picking up groceries, shopping or meeting a friend for dinner; everything you need is only a short walk away. desirable as a rental property. Now is your chance to own a property within this landmark building within Victoria’s heritage district.

Visit The Vogue and see the many ways Victoria’s lifestyle fits you. Come see it for yourself!

Multiple Listings Available

Direct 250-891-5987 Office 250-388-5882

755 Humboldt St., Victoria

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2553 Vista Bay Rd 4 Bed | 2 Bath MLS 382007 $1,180,000 NEW PRICE

937 St Charles St 4 Bed | 2 Bath MLS 384446 $1,200,000 SOLD


4077 Ebony Terr 4 Bed | 3 Bath MLS 385307 $969,000 SOLD

1017 Gosper Cres 3 Bed | 1 Bath MLS 385487 $689,900 NEW LISTING

Contact our award winning team of dedicated real estate professionals Tasha Medve* and Saira Waters* *Personal Real Estate Corporation Modern Real Estate Team Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty


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dolores Todd

MLS 383599

Stunning Luxurious Home

LUXURY LIVING on CORDOVA BAY RIDGE with PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEWS. Custom built masterpiece, completely renovated to the highest

standards. Traditional elegance with a hint of Tuscany, features include a home gym, theatre, indoor pool with waterfall and FP, wine room with humidor, curved black walnut bar, dressing room, travertine marble entrance with soaring ceilings, wide planked dark oak hardwood floors, extensive built-ins and chandeliers throughout. Open concept gourmet kitchen has coffered ceilings, quartz countertops, bronze and brass hardware, walnut butcher block prep area, hidden pantry, pearl mosaic tile, Thermador gas range, Miele and Sub-Zero appliances. The spacious 3 car garage and workshop is a car enthusiasts delight. A curved staircase and impressive entrance add to this spectacular, 6000 plus sq.ft. home, which radiates a welcoming appeal for family and friends.

DOLORES TODD Newport Realty-1286 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC TF: 1-888-886-1286 | OFFiCE: 1-250-385-2033 |  |

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Traditional biscotti


Hazelnut biscotti with milk chocolate

Versatile biscotti wrap up into the perfect seasonal gift BY CHEF HEIDI FINK | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N

Biscotti with pistachio, dark chocolate, and red chili 84  |

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ISCOTTI ARE a baker’s bestkept secret. With their unusual shape, long shelf life and variety of flavours, they seem very fancy, but are actually really easy to make. An average baker can turn out several dozen, in different flavours, in the course of an afternoon. This is excellent news at a time of year when everyone is searching for The Perfect Gift. What better gift than something edible? How about something edible, easy to bake, and designed specifically for dunking in both coffee and wine? Exactly. There’s no more of a perfect gift than a sophisticated, long-keeping, dunkable (for adults!) biscotti in a variety of flavours. The only thing biscotti needs is time. Biscotti means “twice-baked” and the second baking is low and slow, made to gently dry out the biscotti without burning them. Other than the time involved in their second baking, biscotti are very straightforward and unfussy — a quickly-mixed dough, no fancy cutting or fiddling around. Additionally, they can be varied to make any number of delicious flavours. I love that biscotti can be made well in advance and stored in airtight containers, with no loss in quality. In fact, their flavour often improves with time. I really love the fact that I can tailor biscotti flavours for my intended recipients: spicy gingerbread for the hot chocolate freak, chili-chocolate for the spice lover, anisealmond for the wine drinker and milk chocolate chip for the kids in my life Over the years, I have tried dozens of different flavour combinations; they almost always work out and are always a hit. Feel free to experiment with your own combinations of spices, nuts chocolate and dried fruit. I have included four different recipes to get you started. I love to package my gift biscotti in beautiful cellophane, available at any craft store or dollar store, and give them along with a bag of loose leaf tea or coffee beans — or, as is likely to happen in Italy, with a bottle of quaffable red wine. Years ago, I made biscotti for gifts because I had no money to buy “real” gifts. But when I could afford to stop making biscotti, my family members moped around Christmas morning looking bereft at their loss. I’ve since learned that there is no more real gift than a gift from your kitchen: it is heartfelt, delicious, homemade love. From my kitchen to yours, Happy holidays!

BRUSSELS WITH MUSCLES. Brilliantly fresh cuisine by the ocean.

250 598 8555 | | 1327 Beach Drive at the Oak Bay Marina

“ When you are at “home” some of the best living & most valuable living happen’s ” - Enjoy


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How about something edible, easy to bake, and designed specifically for dunking in both coffee and wine?

86  |

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HAZELNUT BISCOTTI WITH MILK CHOCOLATE Makes about 2½ dozen biscotti 1¼ cups hazelnuts 2½ cups flour ½ tsp salt 1¼ tsp baking powder 1 cup chopped milk chocolate (about 4 ounces) 5 Tbsp butter, melted and cooled 2 eggs 1 egg white ½ cup granulated sugar ½ cup light brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 Tbsp Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur), OR 1 additional tsp vanilla Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place hazelnuts on a rimmed cookie sheet, put in the oven and toast until skins have darkened and nuts are fragrant — about 10 minutes. Remove from oven and pour nuts into a mesh sieve. Use a clean dish towel to press the hazelnuts against the mesh and rub the skins off. Don’t worry if not all the skins come off. Just

do the most you can. Remove hazelnuts from sieve, leaving skins behind. Roughly chop hazelnuts and set aside. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the flour, salt and baking powder. In a separate, large bowl, beat eggs. Add sugars, vanilla, Frangelico, and butter. Whisk well to combine. Use a wooden spoon to stir in the flour mixture, the chopped hazelnuts and chopped chocolate. Stir until thoroughly blended. The dough will be sticky. Divide the dough into two equal pieces and place them about four inches apart on a parchment-lined baking sheet. With wellfloured hands, shape each dough piece into a smooth, flat-topped log — about three and a half inches wide and 16 inches long. Place sheet in the oven and bake 20-25 minutes, until they feel firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and let cool for 20 minutes, or longer. Turn down the oven to 275 degrees F. Place cooled logs on a cutting board and slice on the diagonal into one-half-inch thick slices. Arrange the slices upright on two baking sheets, leaving room for air circulation, and bake them again for 20-30 minutes, rotating the trays halfway through baking. This second baking dries out the biscotti to give them their nice crunch and excellent keeping qualities. Let the biscotti cool on wire racks. They will last about a month if nobody eats them first!

Welcome Patrice B. Newman

Cook Roberts LLP is pleased to announce that Patrice B. Newman has joined our firm as Associate Counsel in the litigation group. Patrice is a trial lawyer and has been practicing law in Victoria for 15 years. Her practice concentrates on estate disputes involving disinheritances, challenges to wills, and estate administration issues. She also litigates ICBC claims, employment matters, and issues involving contracts.

250-385-1411 | 700 - 1175 Douglas St. | Victoria |  |

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BISCOTTI WITH PISTACHIO, DARK CHOCOLATE, AND RED CHILI Makes about 3 dozen biscotti. These biscotti with raw pistachio, chopped bittersweet chocolate, and freshly ground red chili are bursting with flavour, heat and complexity right from the first bite. They’re perfect for dipping in a steaming mug of hot cocoa, tea or coffee. 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp ground chili (I use a milder chili, like Cascabel or New Mexico; if using a spicier chili, like cayenne, use half the amount) ¼ cup butter, melted 2 eggs 2 egg whites 1 cup white sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 1¼ cup raw, shelled pistachios 1 cup chopped dark chocolate (semisweet or bittersweet) Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line a large sheet pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour with the baking powder, soda, salt and ground chili. In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the eggs and egg whites until foamy. Add the sugar and beat until thick and creamy. Beat in the vanilla extract, melted butter, pistachio, and dark chocolate. On low speed, stir the flour mixture into the wet ingredients, mixing well to combine. Divide the dough in two and place them about four inches apart on the parchment-lined baking sheet. Shape each into a smooth, flat-topped log about three and a half inches wide and about 15 inches long. Place in the preheated oven and bake for 25-30 minutes, until they feel firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and let cool for 15 minutes, or longer. Turn down the oven to 275 degrees F. Place logs on a cutting board and slice on the diagonal into half-inch slices. Arrange the slices upright on the baking sheets, leaving a bit of room around each for air circulation, and bake them again for 20-30 minutes. Let the biscotti cool on wire racks. Store in air-tight containers. Their flavour will improve in a few days and they will store for about a month.

88  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


TRADITIONAL BISCOTTI Makes about 2½ dozen biscotti. The combination of lemon, almond and anise is one of the most traditional biscotti recipes. The flavour of these sophisticated biscotti will improve with storage. ¼ cup butter, melted 2¾ cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp salt 1 Tbsp lightly crushed anise seeds 2 eggs 2 egg whites Zest of 2 lemons 1 cup white sugar ¼ tsp almond extract 1 cup chopped almonds


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Sift together the flour with the baking powder, soda and salt. Beat the eggs and egg whites until foamy. Add the sugar and beat until thick and creamy. Beat in the anise seeds, lemon zest, almond extract, melted butter and almonds. Using a wooden spoon, stir the flour mixture into the wet ingredients, mixing well. Divide the dough in two and place them about four inches apart on a parchmentlined baking sheet. Shape each half into a smooth, flattopped log about three and a half inches in diameter and about 16 inches long. Place sheet in oven. Bake for about 25 minutes, until the biscotti logs feel firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and let cool for 20 minutes, or longer. Turn down the oven to 275 degrees F. Place logs on a cutting board and slice on the diagonal into half-inch slices. Arrange the slices on two baking sheets, leaving room for air circulation, and bake them again for 20-30 minutes, rotating the trays halfway through baking. Let the biscotti cool on wire racks. Their flavour will improve in a few days and they’ll last about a month.

614 Johnson st.

Victoria 250.381.6260  |

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GINGERBREAD BISCOTTI Makes about 2 dozen biscotti. These taste particularly delicious dipped in a mug of rich hot chocolate. 1 tsp baking powder 2½ cup all-purpose flour ¼ tsp baking soda 2 tsp ground ginger 1-1/3 cups packed dark brown sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon 3 Tbsp butter, melted and cooled slightly ¼ tsp allspice 2 whole eggs ¼ tsp cloves 1 egg white ½ tsp salt Optional additions: 1 cup diced Australian crystallized ginger, 2 Tbsp orange zest Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the flour, ground spices, salt, baking powder and baking soda until evenly mixed. In a separate large bowl, whisk the eggs until the yolks and whites are combined. Add brown sugar and butter, whisking until well blended. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the flour mixture into the egg mixture until mixed. The mixture will be sticky. Divide the dough into four equal pieces and place on a well-floured surface. Shape each into a smooth, flat-topped log about three and a half inches wide and about eight inches long. Place logs three inches apart on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 25 minutes, until they feel firm

to the touch. Remove from the oven and let cool for 15 minutes. Turn down the oven to 300 degrees F. Place cooled logs on a cutting board and slice on the diagonal into half-inch-thick slices. Arrange the slices upright on two baking sheets, leaving room for air circulation, and bake them again for 20-30 minutes, rotating the trays half way through baking. Let the biscotti cool on wire racks. Their flavour will improve in a few days and they will last up to a month. Gold coloured measuring spoons and serving utensil, linens, ceramics and glassware from Pigeonhole Home Store. Thank you to Laura Clegg for graciously hosting our photoshoot.

Simply The Best Best Treasures

Fountain Pen, Ballpoint and Roller Ball

available exclusively at

Simply The Best 1008 Broad Street 250-386-6661 •

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e picurean a Tast e of Victoria our booming epicurean culture comes to life with fresh, local food and divine drinks. order up! Known as a haven for foodies, the city offers beautiful and bountiful flavours to indulge every palate. And revving the motors of Victoria’s food scene is a collection of chefs, owners and creators, who take immense pride in their contributions to the culinary experience here. Over the next few pages, Boulevard presents insights from some of the people creating great tastes in Victoria. p h otos by d o n d e n Ton a n d L i a C r ow e

The MinT Rajen Shaky and Michael Garner, Owners Kavelle Wilson, Chef Phil Dean and Alex Snow, Managers ➝ “When we opened in 2002, we were among the first restaurants in Canada to offer Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine. We have introduced a new smell and taste to Victoria’s culinary scene. We also stand out for our late night offering (we serve food until 2 am every day), our music, comedy and flamenco shows, and our involvement and support for the local arts community. Check out our new Amaro drinks this winter and our turkey momos during the holiday season.”

Med Grill Andrew Johnson, Chef ➝ “Med Grill is renowned for pioneering the four-course, Tuscan table menu at a value that all can enjoy. The menu changes monthly to offer the best of fresh, seasonal ingredients. During the holiday season, we offer a threecourse lunch menu and a four-course dinner menu. I’m excited to feature the sous vide chicken saltimbocca, baby kale Caesar salad, gingerbread sticky toffee pudding and candy cane cheesecake. My favourite dish is the sterling silver braised short ribs that comes with a grainy Dijon jus, roasted garlic whipped potatoes, seasonal vegetables and crispy onions. It’s a very warm and comforting dish for the fall/winter season.”

rebar Audrey Alsterberg, Owner ➝ “We offer delicious, nutritious food prepared with ‘clean’ cooking methods, and decadent desserts. We opened February 1989, so we’re coming up to our 30th birthday! In those years, we published a bestselling, award-winning cookbook, Rebar Modern Food Cookbook; aired on You Gotta Eat Here and were featured as a filming location for Final Destination. My favourite dish at Rebar is Monk’s Curry. Our curry has a depth of flavours; it’s made using lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, basil, chilies and coconut, with vegetables and Asian greens on rice or noodles, topped with crushed peanuts and fresh lime. It’s comfort food that hits all the marks for me.”

STeaMShip Grill Eric Robinson, Head Chef ➝ “Our location in a beautiful heritage building right on the inner harbour gives us a chance to really showcase Victoria and our locally sourced seafood and farm products. Our bountiful, local seafood is so fresh and of such a high quality, I like to stay with simple comfort recipes so as not to mask the natural flavours. My favourite dish at the moment is our Cioppino, which features fresh, local clams, Salt Spring Island mussels and a healthy cluster of crab legs, all in a rich, tomato, fennel and white wine broth.”

level Ground TradinG Joshua del Sol Roastmaster and QC Specialist - The link between farmer and customer ➝ “We partner with amazing farmers who lack equal market access and pay them fairly for their products. As a result, we end up with high quality goods, delicious coffee, tea and foods. My role is to connect the dots by simultaneously being a flavour advocate for farmers and the end customer. I don’t see ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ — I see one friend giving me great tastes to share with another friend. It’s the most captivating part of my job.”

aura waTerFronT reSTauranT + paTio Takashi Ito, Executive Chef Inn at Laurel Point ➝ “My culinary philosophy at AURA is to create a unique Pacific Rim inspired menu, while respecting the character of the food ingredients. Our menu is thoughtfully designed, innovative and original. Equally important is mentorship and collaboration. We strive to create a fun loving kitchen, with noise, laughter and some seriousness. I am a strong proponent of the Culinary Apprentice programs and love to see young colleagues push themselves to be the best they can be.”

Fol epi /aGriuS Clif Leir, Director ➝ ”In 1998 I built my first brick oven in my driveway and started using wild yeast culture to ferment dough and bake bread. Since then, I’ve opened two bakeries, most recently, Fol Epi Patisserie, and Cafe and Agrius Restaurant, where I work with some of the most inspired food industry people in Victoria. Whether someone is coming in for a croissant and coffee or a breakfast sandwich to start the day; soup and salad at lunch, pastries or cake to take home for friends and family, cocktails, or a glass of wine after work or dinner, great care has been taken with the food from farm to table. We deal with an array of regional farms and suppliers, and continue to produce high quality bread, pastries, food and drink from organic ingredients, served in a casual contemporary atmosphere.”

Sooke harbour houSe


Cheryl’S GourMeT panTry Cheryl Schultz, Owner ➝ “We’re Victoria’s tried and true caterer. We make food that people really want to eat! We use the best ingredients and keep things simple. Many of our recipes are classic interpretations of cuisine that has stood the test of time. I have a lot of favourites, but at this time of year it’s all the delicious finger foods we prepare for cocktail parties. The extra care they require to create makes them extra special.”

Thomas Yesdresyski, Executive Chef ➝ “By using traditional techniques and sustainable menu items, and by finding harmony with modern trends and the wellness culture, we’re making a difference in the culinary scene. We’re bringing it ‘back to the basics’ — returning to an old-world style. We’re also a destination spot. You can travel 45 minutes from the city and suddenly be at the wild, rustic coast. Local farms and ingredients are just a stone’s throw away. And for the winter/holiday season we’re offering group bookings for parties, with festive menus, cocktails and décor.”

The beaCh houSe reSTauranT Steve Mugridge, Executive Chef ➝ “People talk a lot about our location here on the beach and about our view and the winter storm watching — but our food and service are what we really work at to make our restaurant special. We have fantastic access to lamb, pork and wild mushrooms, and a huge variety of root vegetables and squash, so we have created several items for winter that we feel are special. Our new Moroccan Lamb Shank as well as the roasted leg of lamb — which we carve for special events — are certain to create a buzz.”

Frankie’S Modern diner Andrew Langley, Chef Vince Gould, Sous Chef Lewis Fitzsimmons, 2nd Sous Chef ➝ “We’re proud of many of our dishes, but our signature item has to our Meatball Stromboli. We hand roll and stuff each meatball with bocconcini cheese, smother in our housemade marinara sauce and wrap with cheese and pepperoncinis in our from-scratch, Romastyle pizza dough. When you consider what Frankie’s Modern Diner is all about, the Meatball Stromboli sums it up: it’s beautifully crafted and yet entirely approachable, affordable and unpretentious. When people meet Frankie at the front door and taste our food, they quickly realize we are, without doubt, part of Victoria’s great, independent restaurant scene.”

10 aCreS kiTChen Dion Ouellet, Chef de Cuisine ➝ “We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of farm-to-table dining, sustainability and supporting local farmers and ranchers. The combination of our three restaurants and farm make us a leader in Victoria’s epicurean scene; we can offer something for everyone, from a burger and beer in the Commons to a party of 30 at Bistro to an intimate chef’s tasting menu at Kitchen. My favourite dish right now is the seared albacore tuna with shiitake risotto, tempura delicata squash and “xo” sauce. I’m really excited about the sauce as I cured and dried the scallops and prawns inhouse. I also cured our farm duck breasts to use in lieu of Chinese ham and it turned out fantastic — it’s our new top seller.”

weSTin bear MounTain reSorT Mark Wadsworth, Executive Chef ➝ “Whether it’s fine dining with seared scallops and crispy pork belly in Bella, an Asian platter shared with friends in Masters Lounge, a sandwich and coffee from the takeout window, a cold drink and burger at Poolside Bar & Grill, or a refreshing bite at Sante Spa, we have something for everyone. This holiday season we have created brand new menus for both Bella and Masters, featuring locally sourced ingredients — such as honey from the nine beehives we keep on the mountain!”

il Covo TraTToria ➝ Il Covo Trattoria stands out in Victoria’s epicurean scene as a warm, old world, neighbourhood trattoria that serves authentic tastes of Italy. Using Italian ingredients imported from Italy, each signature dish is beautifully presented using fresh, locally sourced seasonal produce along with herbs grown in the garden patio. Being family run, Il Covo Trattoria keeps to its Italian heritage, offering classic, rustic traditional cuisine. One favourite dish, Spaghetti Allo Scoglio, is a perfect melody of seafood, rich in flavours yet simple and classic.



MSRP FROM $61,500 * * $61,500 SRPMSRP FROM The*All-New Discovery is ready for whatever lies ahead by $ FROM 61,500

delivering the ultimate in all-terrain capability with Terrain

® Discovery The All-New is ready for whatever ahead Response 2† and All-Terrain Progress Control†lies to help youby The All-New Discovery is ready for whatever lies ahead by delivering the ultimate in all-terrain capability ‡ feel confident in challenging situations. The All-New Discovery delivering the ultimate in all-terrain capability with Terrain † with Terrain Response® 2† and All-Terrain to help you feel confident in challenging † † ® Progress † well, Control is practical with room for seven adults , ato powered Response 2as and All-Terrain Progress Control help you ‡ † † situations. The All-New Discovery is practical as well, with room for seven adults , a powered ‡ inner tailgate inand multiple charging points, making it ideal forinner feel confident challenging situations. The All-New Discovery tailgate† and multiple charging points, making it ideal for people who enjoy living life to the fullest. † people who enjoy living to the fullest. is practical as well, with room forlife seven adults , a powered † inner tailgate and multiple charging making it ideal for For more information on the All-New Discovery, visit your localAll-New Land points, Rover Retailer. For more information on the Discovery, visit your people who enjoy living life to the fullest.

local Land Rover Retailer.

For more information on the All-New Discovery, visit your Land RoveR Rover Victoria Land victoRia local Land RoverStreet Retailer. 3351 Douglas

3351 Douglas VictoriaStreet, Victoria Land Rover Victoria 250 3313 BC475 3351 Little, Douglas Street Sales Manager V8Z 3L4General Contact Ruben TelephoneVictoria - 250-475-3313 General Sales Manager BC - Ruben Little V8Z 3L4 Model Shown: 2017 Discovery HSE Luxury. European license plate shown. †Features are optional on certain models. ‡These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not Telephone - 250-475-3313 function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving. Please consult the owner’s manual or your local Land2017 Rover Authorized retailer for more details. *Purchase a new 2017 {Land Rover Discovery} starting from $61,500. Price includes freight ($1,600), PDI ($495), AC Charge ($100), Tire Levy Sales Manager Little Model Shown: Discovery HSE Luxury. European license plate shown. Features are(in-stock) optional General on certain models. These systems are not-aRuben substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will notAdmin function($595), under all circumstances, speeds, (uproad to $100) and etc. optional VLPP of other maywill apply depending on province. License, all applicable taxes extra. mayretailer not be as shown. Retailers may sell 2017 or lease weather and conditions, Driver should not$495 assume that charges these systems correct errors of judgment in driving. Pleaseinsurance consult theand owner’s manual or your localare Land RoverVehicle Authorized forexactly more details. *Purchase a new (in-stock) {Landfor Rover Discovery} startingvisit fromyour $61,500. includes ($1,600),retailer PDI ($495), ($595), AC Charge LevyCanada (up to $100) optional VLPPVictoria of $495 other charges may apply depending on province. License, insurance and all applicable taxes less. Please localPrice Land Roverfreight Authorized for Admin details. © 2017 Jaguar($100), LandTire Rover ULCand - Land Rover Dealer # 30479 †

are extra. Vehicle may not be exactly as shown. Retailers may sell or lease for less. Please visit your local Land Rover Authorized retailer for details. © 2017 Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC - Land Rover Victoria Dealer number - 30479

el Shown: 2017 Discovery HSE Luxury. European license plate shown. †Features are optional on certain models. ‡These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds,



VANCOUVER Luxury and love stoke the fires of an annual tradition BY CHELSEA FORMAN

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Create Create a a space space that that uniquely yours Create a space that uniquely yours || established established in in 1980 1980 ||| | established in 1980 uniquely yours

is is is


| established in 1980 |

mac mac renovations renovations “A Contractor you can trust” “A you “A Contractor Contractor you can can trust” trust” mac renovations “A Contractor youRoad, can trust” 250.412.8012 | 825 Viewfield Victoria, BC 250.412.8012 Viewfield 250.412.8012 || 825 825 Viewfield Road, Road, Victoria, Victoria, BC BC 250.412.8012 5285 Saanich Road, Victoria, BC 250.412.8012 | 825 Viewfield Road, Victoria, BC


HE HOLIDAY SEASON comes with countless joys, and among them is tradition — sacred Yuletide bonds shared by loved ones, and practised annually with devout commitment. When I was seven years old, my mom and I started one of my favourite traditions. It was early December, and my mom planned a trip for the two of us to explore all of Vancouver’s holiday festivities. I vividly remember holding her hand as we dodged bustling shoppers on the thriving streets of downtown Vancouver. On that first trip, we ducked off the cool sidewalk underneath a royal blue awning and into the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa. I think of that first time now, as my mom and I return to Vancouver to stay at the Wedgewood and enjoy some seasonal cheer. The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa is a member of the esteemed Relais & Châteaux — an elite collection of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants. Founded in 1984 by Eleni Skalbania, the luxuryboutique hotel remains privately owned and managed by Eleni’s youngest daughter. The Wedgewood identifies as one of Vancouver’s greatest hidden gems, and is a well-kept secret among return guests. At seven years old, I stood in the lobby of the hotel struck by wonder. It seemed we had walked off the streets of a cosmopolitan hub into a different era — as if the royal blue awning of the Wedgewood was a point where the refined bygone years collided with the present. Now, as we stand admiring the classic holiday décor, the concierge tells us the traditional decorations have been decking the Wedgewood’s halls for 33 years.

After checking in, we opt for a quick nightcap at the property’s exquisite Bacchus Restaurant & Piano Lounge. The Bacchus exudes luxury, with deep-maroon, velvet furniture and curtains, complemented by dark, cherry wood accents and Murano crystal fixtures. We fall into plush, oversized chairs by the roaring fire and fall into a comfortable silence. The venue itself is only outdone by the exquisite French cuisine that features fresh West Coast ingredients. On Christmas Day the Bacchus serves a proper feast, followed by a delectable brunch on Boxing Day. It may be tempting to bask in the numerous luxuries of the Wedgewood all day, but Vancouver is a city that so eagerly and expertly embraces the Yuletide season, the plethora of festivities simply can’t be missed. Upon waking, I bound out of bed with a skip in my step and a craving for sugarplums. Today is our first day in full-blown Christmas tradition, and my mom and I are rightfully excited. Exploring the winter wonders starts the moment we step outside the hotel and hang a quick left from the Wedgewood’s Hornby Street location onto Robson Street. Robson is a twinkling vision over the holidays, making Christmas shopping less stressful and more of an experience. From Nordstrom to the numerous chain and independent shops along Robson, you can spend a full day on this city stretch. We wrap up our time with a trip to Robson Square for a cup of hot chocolate and a twirl around the holiday ice rink. Returning to the Wedgewood at day’s end is a welcome retreat. The property is adorned with sophisticated finishes and rich, gem-tone colours, accentuated by the traditional holiday decorations ornamenting the property. The Wedgewood Hotel has a regal air that stretches beyond the lobby and into the 83 guestrooms. Each of luxury rooms and suites feature walk-out balconies, ultra-swank bedding and L’Occitane bath amenities. The Wedgewood also offers several unprecedented services and amenities, including a

It seemed we had walked off the streets of a cosmopolitan hub into a different era — as if the royal blue awning of the Wedgewood was a point where the refined bygone years collided with the present.

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Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge at the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa in Vancouver. Previous page, women walking across Capilano Suspension Bridge.  |

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1 07


115 Kenneth St. Duncan BC 250 746 9809

A Knife like no other…

sharp and precise

863 Canada Ave, Duncan 250 -748 - 4614

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seasonal, upon-request service of in-room decorations, complete with petite Christmas tree. On our second day in Vancouver, we hit my two favourite holiday activities. While located slightly farther away from the Wedgewood, both are within walking distance. The first is the FlyOver Canada Christmas edition at Canada Place. The experience has you suspended with feet dangling before a 20-metre spherical screen, while you visually soar on an exhilarating journey across Canada, helping Santa track down some missing elves. The sensation of flying is that much more realistic as a cool sea breeze and snowflakes brush your cheeks. FlyOver Canada is an absolute delight for families, or adults (like us) who just want a little nostalgia of that childlike-wonder that Santa evokes. The flight ends with a special trip to the North Pole. A quick walk from FlyOver Canada is the Vancouver Christmas Market, which has become a seasonal staple for all Vancouverites. Following in the traditional footsteps of the German Christkindlmarkt, the market features local artisans and festive regional refreshments — the Glühwein (mulled wine) is not to be missed. The Old World tradition of the Vancouver Christmas Market is apparent in the decorated pathways of the European-inspired Christmas village. Nestled beside the ocean, the open-air market rings with the sounds of live holiday music and festive cheer from the bundledup patrons. This Yuletide celebration has two preparatory


Couple riding the Christmas Carousel at the Vancouver Christmas Market

requirements: dress warm and go hungry. The market is truly a foodie haven with an overwhelming expanse of the most delectable epicurean delights, and an impressive selection of German and Austrian traditional beers. Kids are sure to enjoy meeting Santa, riding the carousel and participating in a market-wide scavenger hunt. For visitors who are looking for superb evening outings, and who don’t mind slipping beyond the city limits, the Christmas lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the VanDusen Botanical Garden are superb. My mom and I have always enjoyed both charming activities, but each offers completely different experiences. The Capilano Suspension Bridge will have your heart racing — it leads across the Capilano River into the rainforest, complete with treetop walk, all dripping in sparkling lights. Here, you can see the world’s largest living Christmas tree. The VanDusen Botanical Garden Festival of Lights is a leisurely stroll through 15-acres of garden gleaming in over one million Christmas lights. At the end of a full day of exploring Vancouver’s holiday exposé, we anticipate returning to the warm and sedating luxury of the Wedgewood. Curling up fireside at Bacchus — sipping a warm drink — will give us time to unwind and reflect on the magic of the holiday season, and embrace the joy of our beloved Yuletide tradition.  |

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Female and male (opposite page) ensembles in Chicago. 112  |

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HICAGO MADE its Tony Award-winning debut on Broadway in 1975. Choreographed and directed by the legendary Bob Fosse, it created a sensation. But things really started to cook in 1996 when the electrifying musical about a murderous nightclub singer in the decadent 1920s was revived to truly spectacular effect: after winning six Tonys, it went on to become the longest-running musical in Broadway history, racking up over 8,000 performances, with no end in sight. “It’s my favourite musical … I’ve seen it nearly 50 times,” says Henry Kolenko, the Victoria-raised promoter who’s giving Chicago a six-day run here in December. “I love the choreography, the music, the costumes, the way it’s staged. It has taken me four years to get it here and it will look amazing in the Royal.” According to Kolenko, what he’s presenting is the gold standard of touring shows, having been cast in New York City with exclusively Equity actors. “The people who own the rights to Chicago are extremely protective of the brand,” he explains. “This is identical to what you’d see in Toronto.” With nearly 30 performers and 15 musicians performing hit

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songs like All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango, the onstage sizzle will conquer even the harshest winter weather. “This is musical theatre at the highest stylistic level…the best of the best,” says Kolenko. “The revival stripped the show down to its purest elements, and it lets everything shine through.”

Performing December 18-23 at the Royal Theatre. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.




Dancers of Damelahamid.

When I was growing up there was a very vibrant practice of dance in my community… it was thrilling,” explains Margaret Grenier, choreographer and artistic director of Dancers of Damelahamid, an indigenous dance company from BC’s Gitxsan First Nations. In fact, the Dancers of Damelahamid was a family affair: her parents founded it in the 1960s as a way to revive the ancient songs and dances that had been suppressed during the federal government’s 75-year-long potlatch ban. Initially, the Dancers were repeating what had been

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    

114  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

handed down for endless generations, content to nurture these physical expressions of ancestral knowledge. But about a decade ago, that started to change. “We had begun challenging ourselves to push the work,” says Grenier. “This is now dance as a performance, not just as a cultural practice.” The multi-talented Grenier has often collaborated with other dancers — most notably with the acclaimed Karen Jamieson Dance. “I learned some of the processes and approaches of contemporary dance,” she explains. “As a consequence, I think that our group may be unique in the indigenous world in that we bridge into modern expression.” Grenier and the Dancers have achieved great success, from producing the annual First Nations Dance Festival for the last 10 years to touring several of their dances internationally. Flicker, the piece they are performing here, premiered in Vancouver in 2016 and has proved pivotal for the company. “There’s been a lot of interest, especially after our big tour of Quebec,” says Grenier. “Plus there are already further national and international tours lined up for next year.” A visually enthralling multimedia experience, Flicker uses projected images and a versatile scrim to portray a young man as he undertakes an epic journey through forests, underwater, and even into the spirit world on a quest to discover his potential. The title of the dance refers to a type of woodpecker, but is also a metaphorical reference to the fragility of light. “It is a reminder to nurture and strengthen who we are as indigenous people at a time of distraction,” adds Grenier. “There are many ways our identities can become static in contemporary


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Launched in 1965 and initially attracting 361 entries, Wildlife Photographer of the Year now garners nearly 50,000 submissions and is considered the “Oscars” of nature photography. Developed and produced by London’s famed Natural History Museum, the exhibition has been touring internationally for over three decades and is once again being shown at the Royal BC Museum.

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Performing January 19 at the McPherson Playhouse. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.

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known for

at very

society.” According to Grenier, the show’s multimedia aspects illuminate the narrative and help white audiences become more engaged with the performance. “Flicker has been the first aboriginal dance performance in many venues . . . and audience response has been very positive,” she says. When asked how she feels about working within traditional culture going back thousands years, Grenier pauses to think. “It’s not easy work, because you can’t make everybody happy,” she begins. “There is just so much history involved. But that just means that I have to be very focussed and clear,” adds Grenier. “I have always felt a really strong responsibility about honouring the tradition ... and about creating a healing space where reconciliation and dialogue can occur. I try to do my best in every respect.”



licensed premises open

11am - 10pm

daily  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Comprising 100 photographs in 16 categories, the onemetre-square images are superbly presented as backlit transparencies. Richly coloured and full of vividly intimate detail, the subjects range from an Arctic fox trotting through the snow with an egg in its mouth to exotic tropical fish and a pair of seals performing aquabatics. The need for conservation – especially for endangered species – has been a central theme of this exhibition from the very beginning, and that concern is eloquently expressed by this year’s grand prizewinner, Brent Stirton’s portrait of a black rhino that was shot by poachers. “Brent’s image highlights the urgent need for humanity to protect our planet and the species we share it with,” says Sir Michael Dixon, Natural History Museum Director. “This shocking picture of an animal butchered for its horns is a call to action for us all.” Mostly, though, these stunning images do a superb job of reminding us of the amazing diversity and beauty of the natural world.

Running from December 8 to April 2. For information, see RBCM.


THE PLANETS + BRAHMS VIOLIN CONCERTO JAN. 20-21 PLANETARY CONVERGENCE Arctic Treasure, Sergey Gorshkov, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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w w w. b r i n k e v e n t s . c a • 2 5 0 - 8 8 2 - 9 6 9 1

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D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

The Victoria Symphony’s new conductor, Denmark’s Christian Kluxen, has been at the podium for a few months now, and by all reports things are going well.



2 bedroom boutique residences starting from $554,900 8 storeys of solid concrete private living Spacious balconies up to 799 sq.ft. Nature at your doorstep, minutes to some of Victoria’s best parks and trails. Luxurious natural gas fireplaces and cooktops Located in the established Christmas Hill neighbourhood



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The Developer of Lyra Residences is Lyra Residences Limited Partnership. The developer reserves the right to make changes to the building and landscape design, floor plans and in-unit specifications, equipment and features without prior notice. Actual maps, distances, dimensions, square footage, floor plans, finishings and the views from the suites may vary from those shown. The interior and exterior renderings are an artist’s impression of the building and suite designs only and are not intended to represent the completed project. E&OE. Trademarks are owned by Developer.

“I feel good in front of the musicians … we go quickly in the same direction,” says Kluxen. Although the new conductor inherited a mostly-completed performance schedule for the 2017-18 season, he was able to invite acclaimed violin virtuoso Caroline Goulding to play the Brahms Violin Concerto. Kluxen met her in Amsterdam in 2014 under awkward circumstances — she was booked to perform but when the two met just before the rehearsal it became apparent that, due to an appalling miscommunication, she had prepared the wrong piece of music. As Kluxen worked with just the symphony, Goulding had less than an hour to learn the score cold. “No one in the orchestra noticed anything … she nailed the performance,” said Kluxen. “She’s brilliant — a profound and deep musician. And she’ll be able to go beneath the surface layers of the Brahms, a piece that been played thousands of times, and release its energy.” The Germanic masterwork has been interestingly paired with The Planets, a semi-mystical orchestral suite that contains imaginative and colourful portraits of our planetary array, written a century ago by English composer Gustav Holst. Although influenced by the modernist impulses of Schoenberg and Stravinsky, the music is also very cinematic. “It’s a bit magical and full of feeling that people can relate to,” Kluxen says. “This is core repertoire.”

Performing January 20-21 at the Royal Theatre. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.


Katy Bowen-Roberts is a versatile and accomplished performer, having sung in both opera and musicals in North America and Europe. She worked in Britain for five years, including several stints in a Christmas show. When she moved back home to the Yellow Point area in 2007 she created her own revved-up seasonal revue. Her first “Yellowpoint Christmas Spectacular” — a singing and dancing extravaganza, complete with several Christmas “readings” to allow for lavish costume changes — was a big hit. Now entering its 11th season, it has quadrupled attendance, moved into larger venues, and, as of last year, extended down into Victoria. “Regulars say that attending our show marks the true beginning of their Christmas season,” says a pleased BowenRoberts. Anchored by a five-piece band, there are five singers and six dancers performing a dozen different “sets” of music, ranging from the Beatles and Nina Simone to Broadway showstoppers and a country medley. Classic carols and seasonal songs are also performed, but that’s not the focus of this colourful, high-energy show. “Every year we try to be a little bit more daring and eclectic with the music,” explains Bowen-Roberts. “And with two extra singers this year, the harmonies will be even more intricate.”

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Health Show Perks Arena January 27-28

770 Spruce Avenue 250-370-1818

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1221 Government St. 250.383.7177 1210 Newport Ave. 250.592.2821 2449 Beacon Ave. 778.426.4446

Mon- Sat 10:00-5:30 Sun 11-4 Mon- Sat 10-5 Mon- Sat 10-5:30

Currently a stay-at-home mother of three, Bowen-Roberts has turned this into a full-time job that starts in March. “I do my auditions in Vancouver and this year we saw 75 singers and 35 dancers,” she says. “I offer a longer contract to attract more serious artists . . . younger ones who are embarking on their careers.”

Performing December 8-10 at the McPherson Playhouse. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.


A lot of Victorians love to celebrate Christmas with famed fiddler Daniel Lapp — after 14 years his Home for Christmas concerts are more popular than ever, having expanded to three sure-to-sell-out performances at Alix Goolden. Overflowing with seasonal cheer, the concert is largely a showcase for the three ensembles that Lapp teaches through the Victoria Conservatory of Music. There is the 90-strong Joy of Life Choir, as well as the BC Fiddle Orchestra and Folkestra!, each with 50 members. Lots of professional talent is on hand as well, including a core band and a horn and string section.

Yellowpoint Christmas.

The Magic of Christmas

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December 1 - January 6


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According to Lapp, the playlist will be 90 per cent Canadian content in honour of this country’s 150th anniversary, seasonal songs by everyone from The Band and Bruce Cockburn to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Every year Lapp unwraps a special guest for the show, and this time he’s presenting singer-songwriter icon Roy Forbes. “He’s been on my wish list for a long time,” Lapp says. Aside from doing his own short set, Forbes, well known as a prodigious collector of old 78s, is putting together a fun soundtrack of old and weird Christmas tunes to play at intermission. “The show has a real spirit to it,” says Lapp. “There’s a whole array of ages, and there are enough professional musicians that it’s not just a student show, it’s a community show …and it’s a highlight of the season for a lot of people.”

Performing December 15-16 at Alix Goolden Hall. For tickets, please see Daniel Lapp’s Home for Christmas Concerts.


Over 60 pieces of art carved from a single salvaged tree are on display at The Robert Bateman Centre, from now until the end of January. Following the success of oneTree 2015, The Robert Bateman Centre and Live Edge Design have again partnered to share the story of a gnarly old tree.

Singer-songwriter Roy Forbes.

The Magic of Light and Mist

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Graham Scholes “Let There Be Light” Japanese Woodblock Art 24 years dedicated to this medium

Easel Mate Studio • 11435 North Saanich • 250 655 0600 Look for major exhibition of his work Spring 2018 122  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8

One salvaged walnut tree has been transformed by the hands of 53 artists, connecting the public to a visual experience of three-dimensional art inspired by the natural world. “This collaborative project demonstrates the large potential economic impact from artisanal use of small amounts of salvaged wood, merging art with skilled craftsmanship and an appreciation for the natural world,” say organizers. “These Canadian artists have created over $100,000 in value-added art, with diverse pieces ranging from nine musical instruments, 23 pieces of furniture, two doors, 11 sculptures, six bowls, five lights and even one gnome home.” For over a century, this black walnut has been witness to the everyday life of the Rockland neighbourhood of Victoria. It spread its great gnarly limbs over St. Charles Manor, a heritage home that became an elderly care facility. The tree started growing roots into the soil as the world went to war, not once, but twice. The walnut’s leafy canopy became part of the character of the house and local neighbourhood. Slowly, a crack began to form and spread inside the tree. In 2016, the decision was made to take down the tree for safety reasons. The celebration of the oneTree and its history will inspire people to explore the importance of appreciating, protecting and maximizing the use of local trees.This exhibit also showcases the breadth and talent of Canadian artists and their entrepreneurial spirit.

“Mystique” by Merlayna Snyder.

Stephen Fearing

Stephen Fearing with special guest with special guest

Oh Susanna Susanna Oh

“Without a shadow “Without a shadow of a doubt, one of ofbest a doubt, one of the songsmiths the best songsmiths on the planet.” on the planet.” - BBC - BBC

with special guest

Oh Susanna

Friday Friday Jan. 26, 26, 2018 2018 Jan. 7:30pm 7:30pm

“Without a shadow Tickets $36 ofTickets a doubt, one$36 of the best songsmiths Ticket Centre: 250.748.7529 Ticket Centre: 250.748.7529 2687 James St. Duncan, BC ” on the planet. 2687 James St. Duncan, BC - BBC  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8



From the big leagues to the big deals BY SEAN MCINTYRE | P H OTO S BY L I A C R OW E

1 24  |

D E C 2 0 1 7/J A N 2 0 1 8


Former NHLer applies lessons learned to commercial real estate business


HERE’S PLENTY happening near Matt Pettinger’s downtown Victoria office, where the din of power tools, teetering construction cranes and traffic detours offer signs that things aren’t about to calm down any time soon. Step outside the View Street headquarters of NKF Devencore’s commercial real estate brokerage firm, and you’ll walk past a smorgasbord of new restaurants, fashionable boutiques and specialty shops of all shapes and flavours. Stick around for a moment, Pettinger says, and you’re bound to meet a familiar face or two. Pettinger isn’t one to sit idle. At 15 years of age, he hit the ice for the first time with the Victoria Salsa hockey club. The young left winger rapidly rose through the junior ranks. By

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the 2000-01 season, he’d turned pro and was playing among the world’s best with the National Hockey League’s Washington Capitals. Pettinger went on to play with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vancouver Canucks before finishing his career in Europe. Hockey played a prominent role in molding his strong will, a sense of dedication and unrelenting work ethic. Life in professional hockey, he adds, requires a strong sense of self, a keen resolve and, perhaps surprisingly, strong relationship skills. Nobody likes a bad seed, and bad blood among players can easily sink the most talent-laden teams. “At the minor and junior league level, I was usually one of the better players on the team, but at the National Hockey League level there are a lot of guys who can do the same things you can do and so the question becomes: ‘how do you differentiate yourself?’ It’s about working hard and not getting discouraged and coming back from adversity. A deal goes south for whatever reason in my line of work now and it’s crucial to pick yourself up and be ready for the next opportunity,” he says. “I’ve only been [in real estate] for two and a half years, but there’s no deal that’s the same, and that’s no different than in hockey. You come in as a rookie and learn from different situations and different environments. You learn constantly, and it translates into the world of commercial real estate. I’m always gaining market knowledge.” Pettinger’s penchant for taking walks around the neighbourhood, however, is something he credits to his father, Rick Pettinger, a partner and president of NKF Devencore who has established himself as a well-known and top-producing commercial realtor over the past 25 years.

“You come in as a rookie and learn from different situations and different environments. You learn constantly, and it translates into the world of commercial real estate. I’m always gaining market knowledge.” It was Rick who offered his son the pragmatic piece of advice early on in his career. “My dad always tells me, ‘If you’re ever in the office and have nothing to do, go for a walk, because you never know who you’re going to run into on the street.’” he says. “I’ve definitely taken that message and used it. You go for a coffee and, next thing you know, you run into someone who wants to sell a building or is looking for office or retail space to lease.” Regardless of your field, it’s a smart piece of advice in a town where networking is often as simple as walking down the block.

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For Pettinger, the opportunity to carry out a rewarding posthockey career and settle down with his spouse, Chelsea, and the couple’s two young children, is what makes coming back home so sweet. “The amount of hotel rooms I’ve stayed in over the years playing hockey is ridiculous,” he says. “Where else would you rather live than Victoria, British Columbia? I’ve been to lots of places around the world and been to a lot of beautiful places in Europe but when I tell them where I’m from, whether it’s Vancouver or Victoria, they gush about it. We’re very fortunate on that end. It’s nice to be from Victoria and it’s a good spot to call home.” He may have spent much of his childhood at the rink, but he’d always find time to visit the resort overlooking Tofino’s Cox Bay created by his grandparents Bill and Joan in 1973. The beach has become synonymous with Canada’s gnarly coldwater surfing culture and some of the country’s best hotels, including the Wickaninnish Inn and the Long Beach Lodge Resort. The Pettinger family sold their 41-acre Pacific Sands Resort in early 2015. “It was, and still is, a special piece of property for our family, but my father and his two brothers felt it was the right time to move on.” The sale hasn’t weakened Matt’s bonds to the region. Firmly settled on the West Coast, far from the worries and headaches associated with uncertainties of looming trade deadlines, moves across the continent and living out of hotel rooms, Pettinger is concentrating on replicating the fond memories of youth for his own children.

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Life in professional hockey, he adds, requires a strong sense of self, a keen resolve and, perhaps surprisingly, strong relationship skills. He keeps in shape by playing casual drop-in hockey with friends at Esquimalt’s Archie Browning Sports Centre and, as an avid golfer, concedes that he enjoys spending time at the links at the Victoria Golf Club when gets a break from dad duty. “I try to get out and play golf as much as I can but when you have young kids your life revolves around them” he says. “Free time is sort of limited right now, but I enjoy every minute of being a dad .” He may no longer be rubbing elbows with Alexander Ovechkin and Roberto Luongo or playing with Canada’s best at the World Junior Championship, but he’s glad and proud to be up early to drive his kids to school, get his daughter to dance class on time, accompany the family on the birthday party circuit or just head out for a nice long walk. 128  |

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