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WINTER WARMTH Luxurious fashion, exotic eats, top wines and inviting spaces


Adding sizzle to holiday sides

CLIFF-HANGER A classy, cliff-side home, rich with amenities

WILD MOUNTAIN BEAUTY Fierce and fabulous fashion

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On the Cover Photo by Darren Hull Wild Mountain Beauty, featuring model Jennifer Gullins, represented by Deja Vu Model Management, make-up by Jenny McKinney, styling by Kim Appelt.

Falling for a classy, cliff-side house with all the amenities

By Darcy Nybo


Aman Dosanj’s exotic, simple eats

By Darcy Nybo

40 GOOD AS GOLD Bergs use passion and talent to carve out a successful business  |

The best in winter looks with sweeping skirts, vast views and a wild heart

By Kim Appelt





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By Toby Tannas

56 VEGGIE PANACHE Unsung heroes of the food world make holiday sides sizzle

By Chef Heidi Fink






By Susan Lundy

14 inspiredSTYLE

Brad Pelletier

By Lia Crowe



Lakeside luxury

By Justin O’Connor


20 inspiredCHEFS

Andrea Callan, Indigenous World Winery

By Susan Lundy

Happy Days

By Pamela Durkin

By Chelsea Forman


22 inspiredHEALTH

Festive Vancouver

What’s on this month

By Brenda Giesbrecht


26 inspiredPEOPLE

Constance Bachmann

By David Wylie

By Lia Crowe  |

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PUBLISHER Mario Gedicke


“When we move into a new-build house, we tend to turn the space into part of us with our decor and daily clutter. To show such a space unspoiled, in its purest form, only minimal decor is need, just enough to give us inspiration on how this space could be.” An international photography award winner, Thomas focusses on real estate and architectural work, but his passion still lies in nature and landscape.

“Late autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. Big White was a beautiful location for our fashion story, and taking in the beauty during the shoot was such a gift.” Kim is a fashion stylist and respected style expert in the industry. Her work has been in many publications, seen on the red carpet at The Junos and The Daytime Emmys.






“The most magical moment creating this issue of Boulevard Okanagan occurred during our fashion shoot at Big White Ski Resort. We were location scouting off the main road and came across a group of horses in a roped-off paddock in the trees. Some were quietly munching and some were wild and rowdy. So we included them in our shoot.” Lia Crowe is a stylist, creative director, photographer and writer.

“Boulevard assignments are many and varied but the food shoots are both a treat and a challenge. The colours, shapes of the ingredients and accessories always provide an entertaining and creative puzzle for the photographer. This issue’s vegetable shoot was no different, and under Chef Heidi Fink’s master touch we ended up with gorgeous looking, tasty fare for the autumn season.” Don has photographed numerous highprofile events, including the Olympics, World Hockey Championships and a Royal wedding.



DESIGN Lorianne Koch, Michelle Gjerde Claudia Gross ASSOCIATE GROUP Oliver Sommer PUBLISHER CONTRIBUTING Lia Crowe, Pamela Durkin, WRITERS Heidi Fink, Brenda Giesbrecht, Darcy Nybo, Justin O’Connor, Toby Tannas, David Wylie CONTRIBUTING Thomas Born, Lia Crowe, PHOTOGRAPHERS Don Denton, Darren Hull CIRCULATION & Marilou Pasion DISTRIBUTION 604.542.7411




WINTER WARMTH Luxurious fashion, exotic eats, top wines and inviting spaces

veggie Panache

Adding sizzle to holiday sides

cliff-hanger A classy, cliff-side home, rich with amenties

wild mountain beauty Fierce and fabulous fashion







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“I’ve long held the belief that both gratitude and playfulness are boons to our overall well-being. However, I had never given much thought to the idea that ‘buying time’ could increase one’s life satisfaction. But after learning more about the concept, it’s one I can thoroughly get behind — with unbridled enthusiasm!” Pamela is a freelance health writer and nutritional consultant whose work has appeared in numerous magazines.

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“Writing this article reminded me how much I love the holiday season and how excited I am to hunker down on a rainy day and roast, glaze, caramelize and otherwise fantastic-ify some local vegetables.” Heidi Fink is a chef, food writer and culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines.

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“Family tradition is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season. Every year my mom and I check into the enchanting Wedgewood Hotel & Spa in Vancouver, before setting out to explore the city’s seasonal festivities. From ice skating adventures to flying over Canada with Santa, we successfully uncover something for everyone.” Born and raised in BC, Chelsea has had the opportunity to build her career writing about the people and places that make this diverse province so special.

“Here we are, back into the winter season and one year into Boulevard Okanagan. What an exciting journey this has been! I’ve met so many wonderful people, and been happy to share their stories with readers. Some of this issue’s offerings are old favourites of mine, but I’m always seeking out something new to entice you. Happy holidays!” Brenda has been writing for many years in addition to doing graphic design, book production and fibre arts.

“I was really happy with the fashion story in this issue and it might be my favourite to date. We had some rough terrain, cold weather and unexpected logistics to deal with, but the team pulled together and shined once again.” Darren is an editorial and commercial photographer, who has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s top image makers with work informed by a strong sense of storyline.










“Always a pleasure creating beautiful images with a talented team. We were blessed with stunning views and finished the day with a magic moment when some horses came into the frame exactly as we wished. Shooting in the mountains gives unique opportunities to blend fashion and nature. I hope you’re inspired, I know I was!” Jenny is a Kelowna based makeup artist.

“I always marvel at the ways people are drawn to their passions. Aman Dosanj has a passion for locally grown, healthy, tasty food. She decided to travel the world, foodie style, and came back with some amazing recipes and a new understanding of herself.” Darcy is a freelance writer, writing instructor, book editor and author. She is a self-professed word nerd who believes everyone has an interesting story to tell.

“This issue finds us lakeside in the newest Bellamy Homes show home in LakeStone. The centre island is the showpiece in an interior space that demands to be shared with good wine and great friends. Crisp, clean lines and floor-to-ceiling views create a tranquility and calmness at the end of an event-filled day.” Justin is the top Sales Associate in Kelowna for Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and President of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association Central Okanagan.







“Having known the name European Goldsmith since I moved to Kelowna in the late 90s, I was excited to meet the people behind the brand and thrilled to discover that they are a down-to-earth, family-oriented couple.” Toby is a former TV News Anchor. She now focusses on running her small fashion business, freelance media work and her beautiful family.

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“Trying to capture a glimpse of a person’s inner life — even a fleeting shadow of what has shaped them — is the magic and the awe of a writing a profile.” David Wylie has done just about every job there is to do in a newsroom, from reporter to managing editor. He works in the Okanagan as a writer, speaker and media strategist.

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EXPLORE OUR FRESHEST NEIGHBOURHOOD The Commonage is Predator Ridge’s newest neighbourhood, adding over 27 acres of dedicated park space to a community already richer in amenities than any other in the Okanagan Valley. Modern ranch style architecture blends in beautifully with the landscape, offering homeowners exceptional golf course & valley views. Active amenities include a lavender meadow, tennis & pickle ball courts, outdoor yoga platform, dog park and more.

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The path of most resistance BY SUSAN LUNDY

Walking a few metres ahead of me on this “path,” Bruce suddenly stopped and his ensuing silence was palpable. I caught up and stood beside him, also silenced as we looked down at the beach. We’d hit a dead end, and separating us from the golden strip of sand below was a sheer, 50-metre drop. Some path. Later on that trip, we got caught by the tide on a different beach and after climbing a steep rocky hillside on the “path” Bruce spotted, ended up back on the sand for four hours, waiting for the tide to recede. And still later, on a path I discovered on a map, we traipsed along the sculpted trail to San Josef Bay — one of the most beautiful beaches in the world — marvelling at the ease of it all. (“We could tow a wagon of beer on this path!” enthused Bruce.) Unlike Bruce’s path of most resistance, the path to publishing this edition of Boulevard Okanagan has been filled with happy revelations. There’s delectable food, vibrant fashion, stunning homes and some advice on staying happy through the holidays and beyond. Meet the stylish Brad Pelletier and the creative Constance Bachmann; travel the world with food lover Aman Dosanj, try a recipe by Chef Andrea Callan and peek behind the scenes of European Goldsmiths with owners John and Kim Berg; and get geared up for the holidays with a trip to “Festive Vancouver.” I can’t even imagine which “paths” I may be stumbling along these next few months, but here at Boulevard, we’re offering a path to a great collection of winter reading. Enjoy. PHOTO BY LIA CROWE


HAD TO LAUGH at the photo on my Facebook feed and not just because my friend was looking cranky and flipping the bird at her husband. I laughed because I’m certain my husband has the exact same photo of me. In the Facebook photo, my friend is edging along the side of a cliff at Spion Kop in Lake Country, and her husband’s caption reads: “It may have been a bit steep.” She responds, “It was a hard climb...Please excuse the gesture, he got me at a bad moment.” I know that “bad moment.” It’s not exactly terror I feel when my husband Bruce announces, “I see a path,” but it’s certainly trepidation. And it’s with good reason. His “paths” have taken us crawling through thick salal, scaling steep hillsides and sliding through a slick, muddy estuary. Bruce’s penchant for “seeing a path” emerged years ago as we took our first trip into the wilds of Vancouver Island’s northwest coast. We followed the signs as we drove to the trailhead of Raft Cove along a road that became increasingly narrow until it was about the size of a footpath — before it opened up to an overgrown parking lot. Improvements were made to the trail a year later, but at the time the route down to Raft Cove was an overgrown jungle of knee-deep mud, downed trees and impenetrable tangles of brush. The trail frequently disappeared, leaving us battling our way through the undergrowth. It was here Bruce first saw “a path.” I followed him blithely at first, but my concern mounted as we fought our way over and under logs, stumbled over loose rocks and crawled through bushes. Bruce didn’t say a word as we stepped over a plate-sized pile of fresh bear scat, hoping I wouldn’t notice. But I did notice, and that had me looking in dismay at all the bear-loving, berry-laden bushes around us.

Bruce didn’t say a word as we stepped over a platesized pile of fresh bear scat, hoping I wouldn’t notice.

12  |

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Susan Lundy heads up the editorial team for the Boulevard Magazine Group. She is a former journalist, twotime recipient of the prestigious Jack Webster Award, and the author of Heritage Apples: A New Sensation (Touchwood Editions, 2013).



ENJOY LAKESIDE LIVING MINUTES FROM DOWNTOWN. Steps from the beach on Kelowna’s west shore, West Harbour is


the perfect setting for your lifestyle – welcoming beautiful, tranquil,

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and an outdoor pool. People love living at West Harbour. And no wonder. It’s like being on vacation while still at home. Join this relaxed, friendly community of people who love waking up and going for a paddle. Discover what you’ll love most about living here.


Sales Centre OPEN DAILY, 12 PM - 4 PM Take Hwy 97 to Westside Rd., turn onto Old Ferry Wharf Rd.



ICONIC CELEBRITY: Tom Ford and Arnold Palmer. FAVOURITE ARTIST:  My four kids’ birthday art. FAVOURITE FILM YOU LOVE FOR ITS STYLE: LA Confidential. LAST GREAT READ: Life by James Fox and Keith Richards. BOOK CURRENTLY READING: Trying to get caught up on back issues of Vanity Fair. FAVOURITE COFFEE TABLE BOOK: Cottage Life and Vanity Fair. FAVOURITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: The Eldorado in summer. FAVOURITE COCKTAIL/WINE: Stoli’s and Laughing Stock Portfolio. ALBUM ON CURRENT ROTATION: Spotify’s Deep House Relax. FAVOURITE MUSICIAN: David Gray and Eric Clapton. FAVOURITE CITY TO VISIT: NYC. FAVOURITE APP: Sonos. HOTEL: Essex House, NYC. FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: My cabin in the Cariboo

with family.

14  |

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N A BRIGHT and sunny October day, with the gorgeous Kalamalka Lake on my right, I turned off highway 97 and snaked my way through golden, rolling hills towards my meeting place with Brad Pelletier. After a short drive, the rural countryside opened up to the sweeping Predator Ridge development, Brad’s main focus as Senior Vice President of Wesbild. Originally from Montreal, the 50-year-old Brad called 10 Canadian cities and five provinces home before he moved to the Okanagan seven years ago. “I’ve lived in so many places in Canada, but Kelowna is truly the best lifestyle for me: the climate, the viticulture, agriculture, the size and the lifestyle year round. There’s nothing better than a hot summer day in the Okanagan; I can’t imagine living anywhere else and I’ve made a lot of moves to get here.” With a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics in London, England, Brad spent a huge part of his career in Toronto as senior vice president and managing director of IMG, the Canadian division of the world’s largest Sports and Entertainment management company, before coming to the Okanagan. “I always say the best career move I ever made was one driven by my family. I exited IMG for the right reasons — to bring my family to a little bit of a simpler life where I wasn’t away 200 days a year.”

Brad and I darted around Predator Ridge in a golf cart, puttering through villages, recreation areas and even doing a little off-roading along trails that opened up to one stunning view after another. We finally settled to take photos at The Hockey Canada Cabin, an event space that is the summer home of Hockey Canada, a partnership brought about by a connection from Brad’s previous life with IMG. Asked what is the “nugget” of his work at Predator Ridge, Brad said, “It’s vision. I oversee everything — land and resort operations — and strategically, I determine the vision. It’s about really understanding the core essence of the property, knowing what we need to do and where we need to get to. I want to be first to do things differently than others in a very strategic and innovative way. I joke that I have no problem with tomorrow because I already know where we’re going; I have a problem with today.” I asked Brad, a father of four, what quality he hopes to pass down to his children. He answered, “It’s that you don’t need to be liked by everyone in business, but you have to conduct yourself in a respectful way. I always try to do the right thing, and my intentions are good. I’m not going to do it by climbing over the backs of others, and I’m not going to please everyone with the decisions I make, but I make them largely for the best interests of the organization or the most amount of people.”


UNIFORM: Casual button-down and dress pants. FAVOURITE DENIM: “I am a collector of G-Star Raw jeans.” CURRENT GO-TO CLOTHING ITEM: T-shirts, short- or long-sleeved. BEST NEW PURCHASE: A pair of Camper shoes. CURRENTLY COVETING: A trip to All Saints in NYC. ACCESSORY YOU SPEND THE MOST MONEY ON:  Watches … a drawer-full in need of batteries FAVOURITE WORK TOOL: A Grande Pike Place from Starbucks. SUNGLASSES: Maui Jim’s Classic frames. SCENT: Allure Sport by Chanel and Jo Malone scents.  NECESSARY INDULGENCE: My next pair of G-Stars. WHO CUTS YOUR HAIR: Jodi Skrine. FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Wakeup Fuel by L’Oreal.  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7


inspired INTERIORS



A fabulous and functional LakeStone home BY JUSTIN O’CONNOR | P H OTO S BY C O L I N J E WA L L

16  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

This design seduces with an industrial feel, warmed by wood-clad beams, hardwood floors and ambient lighting.


BEAUTIFUL LAKESIDE development located just 20 minutes from Kelowna, LakeStone features 25 kilometres of trails that wind upwards from the waterfront, weaving through 300 acres of preserved, natural open space to Summit Park. The development includes a diverse community with a range of housing opportunities, but maintains over half the site in a natural state and incorporates specific sustainability features in all the homes. For Inspired Interiors in this edition of Boulevard, I chose a beautiful LakeStone home because of its interior’s stunning, yet unpretentious feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame unobstructed

lakeside views that innately ground you the moment you step inside. Crisp, clean lines provide an uncluttered ambiance that settles the mind, allowing you to shed the outside noise of the busy world.   This design seduces with an industrial feel, warmed by woodclad beams, hardwood floors and ambient lighting.  Les Bellamy of Bellamy Homes, in collaboration with Design Evolution’s Nadine Charlton, are credited with creating this beautiful space.

DESIGNER’S CONCEPT: The plan was to create a functional and luxurious setting that enhances the owners’ lifestyle and rewards their years of hard work.  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7


Stunning views, seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living areas, modern details and a functional use of space make this beautiful LakeShore home a classy stand-out.

18  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

STYLE OF DESIGN: West Coast Contemporary. COLOUR SCHEME:   Natural earth tones that offer a grounded feeling. INTERIOR SPACE: The interior features a creative and innovative use of space, including architectural detail and form. It captures views from every vantage point. Structural glulam beams and oversized sliding doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living areas, and the open concept allows for a shared traffic-flow, reducing wasted space. A contemporary glass-rail stairway continues the open feeling, and several modern details tie the home together. For example, a unique stainless steel reveal in the kitchen island connects to the living room’s wall-accent as well as to a panelled wall that extends to the lower floor. In the kitchen, all five sides of the island are clad with Dekton — an ultra-sophisticated material used to produce glass, porcelain and top-quality quartz work surfaces. In the master suite, pocket-doors between the bedroom, en suite and walk-in closet increase the room’s functionality. And with minimal hallways, the use of wall space feels clean and appealing.

EXTERIOR: The exterior has an architectural character and curb appeal, and integrates the project into its setting. The angular design captures southwest views, extending to Okanagan Bridge, and the house’s extensive back-side decks optimize the view and the big skies. At the same time, a front-side courtyard is the perfect spot for morning coffee. Exterior finishes mimic nature by featuring natural cedar siding and Ledgestone stone. The house fits seamlessly into stringent community guidelines   FUNCTIONALITY OF FLOOR PLAN In an effort to create a functional space, everyday living is considered throughout. For example, there’s easy-access from the garage into the house. A den near the front door is perfect as a home office space, and its floor-to-ceiling glass walls give new meaning to working from home! The kitchen evolves naturally as the hub of the house, and its location puts it just steps away from living and dining areas, ensuring the chef is part of the activity. At the same time, the door to the ground floor master suite is discreetly tucked behind a wall to provide privacy from entertaining. And the master-on-main layout reconciles the couple’s different wake-up times. The stunning stairway is a wellpositioned conduit to the lower floor, and adds ambience on main. The lower floor, with secondary bedrooms, provides a perfect space for additional entertaining — the bar’s island is a favourite gathering place for cards or watching the game.  

We are There is no better place to celebrate this festive season than the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Visit our website for a full list of dinner shows, movie nights, breakfast with Santa and spa specials.  |

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inspired chefs

Andrea Callan

Executive Chef: Red Fox Club, Indigenous World Winery, West Kelowna BY SUSAN LUNDY | P H OTO BY L I A C R OW E



orn and raised in Goderich. “It’s the prettiest town in Canada — a small, rural town in Southwestern Ontario right on the shores of Lake Huron.” • “I trained in my parents’ kitchen, baking and selling cookies at my Dad’s work. I took a degree in home economics in Järvenpää, Finland, which really set me up for my future success. I then attended the Culinary Institute of Canada on Prince Edward Island, and completed the two-year culinary arts program. I believe that every job I’ve had is still training me, even to this day.” • Worked as Executive Chef of DISH, a boutique catering company in Ottawa; worked at Quails Gate Winery as Executive Sous Chef and then took a year off from “serious” restaurant cooking. During this time, she says, “I really got to explore some passions with organic, natural baking at Okanagan Grocery, selling wine at Metro Liquor and working as pastry chef at BNA.” • Was part of the team that launched Red Fox Club. “Together with Indigenous World Winery owners Robert and Bernice Louie, manager Ryan Walley, restaurant owner Richard Skinner and myself, we came up with the name. I was the driving force behind focussing on Modern Native Cuisine. We opened in May 2016.”

What are you best known for as a chef? “I think that I am known for showcasing natural food with texture, presentation, respect for the ingredients, and cooking simple, uncomplicated food.”

Hobbies? “Hiking, eating, drinking, gardening and motorcycle riding are key to my survival.”

What are the 10 or so most important ingredients in your pantry? “Flour, salt, butter, cheese, eggs, mustard, herbs, vinegar, Mazur Farms organic cold pressed canola oil, nutritional yeast.” What do you like to cook and eat on a cool winter day? “I cook soup, and just empty the fridge of scraps and leftovers, and top it with nuts, seeds and, of course, cheese and fresh bread.” What do you like to try when sampling other chefs’ fare? “When I get to eat out, I’ll eat something that I normally don’t cook, or I tend to lean towards sampling vegetarian or vegan dishes.”

Anything else you’d like us to know? “I have three amazing boys that support me from home and would do anything to help me — my husband and two children.” Quick fall or winter recipe: Take a squash, any squash, cut it in cubes and roast with thyme, rosemary, onions and garlic. Crisp some slices of bacon and toast some nuts. Then make “gnudi” by mixing together 13 ounces quark/ricotta/fresh cheese, 1 cup and 1 Tbsp flour, two egg yolks, salt and herbs. Chill for one hour and roll on a paddle, fork and boil until floating and solid. Toss everything together with butter and season with more salt, pepper, herbs and grated cheese.  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7


inspired HEALTH


DAYS Finding and flexing the happiness muscles

22  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

“It seems money can buy happiness, if you use it to buy free time.”


Researchers have uncovered some surprisingly simple, yet APPY HOLIDAYS” is a profound ways we can all increase our “happiness factor.” commonly uttered It’s important to note that adopting these scientifically expression during the endorsed techniques won’t just boost your mood and festive season, but what overall life satisfaction — it will also enhance your health. does it mean to be truly It’s also important to understand that depression can be a happy at this — or any — serious medical condition that needs medical attention. time of year? And how But a wealth of studies indicates that our psychological many of us experience this sought-after state on a regular perspective has a profound effect on our physiology. basis? Evidence suggests that sadness can suppress the body’s Not many, it seems. According to the 2017 World immune system, leaving it vulnerable to autoimmune Happiness Report, Canada achieved its lowest ranking diseases and unable to ward off infections. Furthermore, since the “Happiness Index” began in 2013. And the researchers from Harvard University concluded that rest of the globe isn’t faring much better. Statistics persistent feelings of indicate one unhappiness can also in six people lead to the negative worldwide BY PAMELA DURKIN | P H OTO BY C AT H I E F E R G U S O N emotions frequently will develop associated with depression at substance abuse and some point eating disorders — behaviors that can have dire health in their lives and that by 2020 depression is predicted consequences. to become the second leading cause of disability after In sharp contrast, several studies have found that cardiovascular disease. happiness can enhance your immune function; reduce the Perhaps that explains why there are over 75 million risk for heart disease and even help reduce the risk for search results for the term “happy” on Google and over breast cancer. Clearly, there are compelling reasons to get 40,000 happiness-related books available for purchase working on your “happiness muscles.” on Amazon. Are we simply looking for happiness in all Here are just three of the ways science says you can the wrong places — can a formula for it be found in strengthen them. books or on the internet? Not according to hard science.  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw was right — somewhere between adulthood and childhood we stop playing, we take our lives too seriously and don’t make time to let our hair down and just have fun. That’s a shame. Rather than dismiss play as a frivolous waste of time, we should consider it an important investment in wellbeing. Health experts worldwide agree that play is a fun way to fuel our imaginations, creativity and problem solving skills. It also helps us relieve stress and connect with others. Career and life coach Julia James concurs. “The more fun things you do, the more likely you are to create a life that is full of vitality, one that energizes and inspires you,” she enthuses. Another plus, play induces laughter, a side effect with numerous health benefits. Research shows laughter can improve mood, decrease stress hormones, increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and improve the function of blood vessels. So how can you get more playful? Instead of zoning out in front of the TV or Internet, change the scenario and release some “feel-good” endorphins by tossing a Frisbee in the backyard, building a snowman, throwing a costume party, playing charades or dancing. Do anything that brings out your playful side.


Self-help gurus and celebrities like Oprah have long espoused the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. It seems they have good reason. “Habitually focussing on and appreciating the positive aspects of life can help us become more optimistic and resilient,” says Amanda Poitras, a registered clinical counsellor and clinical director at Strength Counselling Services. “Our minds tend to focus on the negative. By intentionally focussing on the positive aspects of each day, we can begin to offset this imbalance and become more productive and joyful.” A plethora of studies confirm Poitras’ insights. In 2015 a study published in the Journal of Religion and Health concluded that


24  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

those who were grateful for what they had in life were more hopeful and also physically healthier than less grateful folk. Similar studies cited in Psychology Today have found that “the grateful” also report fewer aches and pains and are more likely to take care of their overall health. More affirmation of gratitude’s health benefits can be found in statements issued by psychologists from the University of Birmingham. They cite that being grateful on a regular basis can result in a better mood; more helpfulness towards others; raised self-confidence; less physical pain; improved sleep quality; enhanced learning; better work abilities; protection from stress and depression and improved health and longevity. Thankfully, practicing gratitude doesn’t involve rocket science. Simply write down five things you feel grateful for every day, and watch your happiness muscles grow.

“Money can’t buy happiness” is a familiar and widely held view. It turns out, however, the old refrain isn’t exactly true. It seems money can buy happiness, if you use it to buy free time. An intriguing new study, conducted by a team from UBC and Harvard Business School, found that individuals who use money to buy time-saving services — like hiring a cleaner, or a worker to care for the yard — reported greater life satisfaction and happiness than people who made material purchases. In the study, participants were given $40 and asked to spend the cash on either a material purchase, or on outsourcing a timeconsuming chore (i.e. freeing up their Saturday by hiring someone else to do the weekly cleaning). The results are hardly surprising given the time famine we all experience in today’s hectic world. With seemingly ever-growing to-do lists, many of us have precious little time to spend with family and friends — the important social connections we all need to ensure our well-being. Studies indicate that having strong social connections and spending meaningful time with others can boost our mood, help reduce the risk for heart disease, make us less susceptible to viruses and increase longevity. What is surprising perhaps is that not many people use money money to help “cure” this current time-crunch epidemic. As UBC professor Elizabeth Dunn, part of the research team says, “Although buying time can serve as a buffer against the time pressures of daily life, few people are actually doing it, even when they can afford it.” So forget that new scarf; instead, buy yourself some happy time and make a date with your spouse or a good friend. You may also want to invest in Dunn’s book, Happy Money: the Science of Happier Spending.


Outstanding Craftsmanship 778-753-1953 | Kelowna, BC |

inspired PEOPLE

Constance Bachmann with pieces of her art at her home in East Kelowna.

26  |

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Constance Bachmann Releasing the creative spirit


ONSTANCE BACHMANN’S CAREER has freedom she’d channelled in Vancouver’s burgeoning arts scene waned. While she enjoyed a measure of success, it wasn’t where come full circle. It was her relaxed style that she wanted to be. first got her noticed – now she’s rediscovering “I began to paint still life and floral, something more her roots by embracing the freedom that traditional” she said. “Both series were embraced in the more defined her early years as an artist.  conservative market, which afforded me time to develop Driven by a passion for art and a desire to technique and palette.” control how she spent her time, Constance Her career took a turn when she met gallerist Deborah graduated in the early 1980s from Langara College’s Fine Arts Boileau, owner of Sopa Fine Arts. Deborah pushed Constance to program in Vancouver.  break free from her conservative style and return to her artistic “I was never drawn towards a typical office environment. I roots. knew, early on, that my energy should be focussed on the arts.”  “Going forward I needed to approach my work differently. I’d Her career officially began its winding road in the early 1990s spent so many years in a at a showing in a small café in safe place, creatively, and Vancouver. Constance’s figurative it was time to completely work piqued interest and was change things up. I began BY DAVID WYLIE | P H OTO S BY L I A C R OW E quickly picked up by a gallery. to rediscover the freedom I “Those were pre-internet days felt so long ago.” and I decided to put together a Constance had mostly collection in the hopes of creating been using a palette knife to bring life to canvas. Breaking loose some interest, in a roundabout way,” said Constance. “I was of the habit was part of her transition to a more abstract style. working on large-scale, figurative paintings at the time and “Now I use brushes, palette knives, charcoal, pencils, interest from buyers and gallery representation quickly followed, scrapers, the sander at times. Periodically, I like to work on older so I became quite motivated.” paintings or at least previous ideas, so the texture and history Constance spent the first half of the 1990s in Vancouver’s underneath is visible in places. This can be a delicate process, Yaletown area when the warehouses were just starting to get melding the two ideas together without removing or adding too developed. It was a fitting backdrop for her Bohemian character much.” and relaxed art style. Constance works at her home in East Kelowna. Her loft “That area just had an interesting vibe at the time, much studio is populated by paintings, many depicting figures in different than it is now,” she said. “I really miss that vibe.” various stages of completion. The subjects feel as if they’ve been In 1996, she moved back to her hometown of Kelowna. The  |

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“Going forward I needed to approach my work differently. I’d spent so many years in a safe place creatively, and it was time to completely change things up. I began to rediscover the freedom I felt so long ago.”

transported from the cobblestone streets of the 17th century. Her artistic energy carries throughout her home, decorated with an eclectic mix of furniture and objects, some collected from historic rural properties in the Okanagan. She lives on property her family has owned for about seven decades. In 2010, Constance had her first show starring her depictions of dogs. They were done in a more relaxed style than she’d been painting previously. She continued on with a bear series. Her career seems to have hit a place where she feels excitement again.  “I love what I’m working on now with this renaissance, Elizabethan-era style and I’ve also begun to paint abstract still life. There seems to be no end of inspiration for me. Artists often evolve into abstraction through their life. I think it’s just a natural progression,” she said. Her work has been compared to sculpting because of the way she layers paint so that it pops off the surface.  “I prefer texture to happen naturally. It should be part of the process mostly, not always intentional.” 

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Constance has drawn inspiration from the late Vancouver artist Peter Aspell, who she met early in her career. “I found his series on army captains was uninhibited, and he was a great colourist. He painted thick and carved into it; he evoked freedom in his work.” She added: “I thought, ‘that’s what I want to be doing, that’s the freedom I want.’” Constance also draws inspiration from one of her hobbies. “I have a passion for architecture and eclectic furniture and love my ongoing collection of European home décor magazines,” she laughs, adding Australia Vogue Living is the new star of the genre. “I’m inspired by what people are designing. When I’m trying to get out of my head with painting, or I’m really frustrated, I like to work on repurposing furniture in some way.” To learn more, about Bachmann’s work and Sopa Fine Arts visit: and 

Discover an inspired collection of lighting styles designed to highlight the beauty of simple geometric shapes, angles and forms. See them for yourself and find out why it’s Hip to be Square! 410 Banks Road, Kelowna, BC (250) 860-9626




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Falling for a classy, cliff-side house that has all the amenities

Beyond the windows are stunning views of the city and Skaha and Okanagan lakes. BY DARCY NYBO | P H OTO S BY T H O M A S B O R N  |

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Quick facts Bedrooms: 4 plus 2 in suite above garage Bathrooms: 4 full, 1 half and 2 full in suite Garage: 4-car Sq. Ft. 7,000 plus gym and shop Amenities: Built-in, edged pool, indoor lap pool, sunken hot tub, butler’s pantry, two-bedroom guest suite, outdoor kitchen.


HE OWNERS of a beautiful Juniper Drive home in Penticton have always loved a challenge. When the opportunity arose to build on a cliff, they embraced the project with zeal. The resulting house, built in three phases, is nothing short of stunning. Entering through a security gate and down a steep, heated driveway — which leads to spacious L-shaped outdoor area — one can walk to the side of the house, look down, and realize it’s high above the lower part of the house. Kim Larson of All Elements Design.Manage.Build took me through this engineering wonder of a home. “Our biggest challenge in designing this house is that it’s a house on a cliff. The build happened in three phases so the owners could live on-site while they built the rest.” Looking up at the house, she says, “I love the towers and the windows that run from the landing to the roofline.” Then, as we walk through an area of raised planters towards the front door, she adds, “The multiple, stepped rooflines give

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this house a unique appearance. That and the custom-blend acrylic stucco. It’s embedded with natural quartz, minerals, mica and crushed sea shells.” This stucco, she says, is 84 per cent more efficient than six other common wall systems. Both the tower at the front of the house and the tower on the three-car garage with upper suite, are finished with this custom stucco, which continues on both sides of the entrance. The sun glints off some of the quartz imbedded in the wall as we walk into the dining area. On the far wall, three pillars rise up two stories, all with the same finish. Gorgeous glass windows create the back wall of the dining area. Beyond the windows are stunning city and lake views. LED, slim-line pot lights are used on both levels, but it’s the stairwell light fixture that catches my eye. It looks like 12 metal balls suspended in space, lighting the way up the staircase. The upper floor has two distinct areas. Turn left off the bridge landing and you’re in the master suite. It’s a large room with a functional layout and two walk-in closets, including one that serves as a dressing room. The en suite has three separate areas for the soaker bathtub, custom-tiled shower and toilet. Beyond the black, single-slider doors in the sleeping area sits a 16-by-10-foot deck with views of the city and Skaha and Okanagan lakes. The master suite has four rift-cut oak barn doors, one at the entrance and three on the closet and en suite. From the bridge landing, turn right and you’ll find another full bathroom, two large bedrooms, and storage. Go farther, and

you’re at the entrance to the two-bedroom guest suite situated in the east wing. The larger of the two bedrooms also has a deck with city and lakes views. Back downstairs, we explore the outdoor area. There’s a sunken hot tub, pool and an outdoor kitchen area, perfect for enjoying Okanagan summers. “The pool was built three stories above grade,” explains Kim. “The bottom storey is dowelled into the bedrock. There are 12-inch-thick concrete walls with engineered rebar. On top of that are two layers of suspended slab and then the underside of the pool. Below the pool are the pool mechanical room and a shop. The main living area of the house is a similar build — dowelled into solid rock. Even if there’s an earthquake, this house won’t move.” She adds: “The four-car garage is on a suspended slab and below that is a large storage area. There’s even a full three-piece bathroom in the oversize, four-car garage.” There are still more areas to discover. Below the main living area sits a shop and a gym. We head back to the open-plan, main floor as I literally try to fathom the depth of this house. The floors here look like

concrete, but are actually porcelain tiles. The upper floor features porcelain tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. Radiant water heat under the tiles on both floors, keep this home cosy and warm. As I look around, I notice there are more of the charcoal oakrift barn doors on this floor. “One closes the butler’s pantry and side entrance off from the rest of the house,” Kim explains. “There’s another off the kitchen that closes off the study; another closes off the mechanical room. Off the cosy living area, slide open another barn door and you’ll find the guest casita, complete with its own exterior courtyard. It also has a custom, builtin wardrobe with charcoal custom-rift cabinets, as well as a large, luxurious bathroom.” The tour isn’t over yet. Kim takes me through the kitchen and into a hallway that leads to the garage, a side entrance and the butler’s pantry. There’s a beautiful opaque glass door that leads to a half bathroom. Across from that is the entrance to the butler’s pantry, complete with microwave, dishwasher, sink and fridge/freezer. There’s also a door that leads outside to the pool and outdoor kitchen area. We head back to the kitchen and pass a roll-up tambour door. Behind it is the appliance garage that houses the coffee makers

“The main living area of the house is a similar build — dowelled into solid rock. Even if there’s an earthquake, this house won’t move.”

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Interior and exterior spaces in this cliff-side All Elements home make it a spectacular abode.

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I don’t see myself as a sales person; I’m your very own personal real estate consultant.


Sellers Market airs on CHECK TV. Every Wednesday at 1:30pm and every Friday at 3:00pm. Castanet is also talking on the show Wed at 9:00pm. Rare Lake View Development or Group Purchase Opportunity - $2,590,000 The Shuswap is a tourist destination and a 4 season playground ready for the right developer! Gorgeous panoramic lake views, breathtaking views of the valley, subdividable land (26+, 5 acre parcels) for a total of 152.5 acres for your next project. Located 2 minutes from Mara Provincial park this property boasts panoramic views of Mara Lake, Rosemond Lake, and the Shuswap River as it meets Mara & the adjoining crown land allows for hiking, biking, ATVing and snowmobiling. Vendor financing is available upon agreeable terms.

RaRe Development oppoRtunity

$2,590,000 mlS 10140513 8120 Hutchinson Road, mara BC

Luxurious Private Lake Country Estate - $2,689,000 This estate property paints the perfect picture of the desired Okanagan lifestyle. Situated on just over 2 acres and nestled in the hills, you are swept away with the panoramic views of Lake Okanagan and the mountains. This home is an entertainers dream with the 10’ and 12’ ceilings and open concept flow through the entire home. Over 4,000 sq ft of stamped concrete outdoor living space. This property pRivate eState $2,689,000 10130115 is luxuRiouS very private, is fully fenced, and there is security in place mlS with cell phone monitoring, cameras and a gated front entry.

1725 Harrison Road, lake Country BC

and other small appliances. A glass, swing door leads from the kitchen into the pool area and another sliding glass door leads off the dining area into the pool area. Light streams through transom windows throughout the dining and living rooms. We take a break from the tour and sit at the kitchen’s large, trapezoid-shaped island, which, like the countertops, are Caesarstone quartz. There’s an undermount, zero radius granite sink, and any cook would love the five-burner induction stovetop with a built-in downdraft vent in the island, as well as the kitchen’s two recycling pull-outs. No kitchen in the Okanagan would be complete without a built-in wine fridge, and there’s also a Jenn-Air dishwasher, double oven and a doubledoored, oversize, side-by-side fridge/freezer. While this cliff-side home is as safe as they come, one can’t help but fall for the cosy home the owners and designer have created. SUPPLIERS OK Builders Supplies Home Hardware Building Centre — Penticton Innovation Kitchen & Bath Integrity Plumbing & Gas South Okanagan Electric Warkentin Stucco Ltd. Westeck Windows & Doors Vertical Concrete Creations


206-1290 St. Paul, Kelowna

Visit our new downtown location. Shop online anytime

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1560 Water Street, Kelowna

mic ro ba r b i tes

• &

Creatively Simple

1500 Water Street, Kelowna

887 Rd 8, Oliver, BC



1912 Spall Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4R1 MUSEANDMERCHANT.COM COQUITLAM 1400 United Blvd 604.524.3443

NANAIMO 1711 Bowen Rd 250.753.8900

LANGLEY 20429 Langley By-Pass 604.530.9458

VICTORIA 661 McCallum Rd 250.474.3433

Gulf of Spezia by Henry Newman used with permission





1279 Steele Road, Kelowna BC

35 - 1450 Union Road, Kelowna BC

6226 Sanderson Avenue, Peachland BC

Mint 4 bedroom 3.5 Bath 2 storey at the Ponds. shows new! Open Floor Plan, island Kitchen, 3 Piece ensuite, large Family room, Oversized single Car Garage, Meticulous landscape, Back lane access, Hiking trails

Modern, 4 bedroom 3 bath Walk-out rancher. Private, Corner Unit Overlooking unobstructed lake Views, Bright, Open Floorplan, Gourmet island Kitchen, Upscale appliances, Geothermal Heating, 2 Car Garage

Beautiful 2 Bedroom 2 Bath tuscan-style ecoHome, 2350 sq. Ft., elegant Open Concept, Huge island Kitchen, radiant in-Floor Heat, Wood Plank Flooring, salt-Water Pool, roof-top Patio, sauna, Xeriscape landscaping, Detached Garage/shop

$839,000 GST Applicable



283 Upper Canyon Drive N., Kelowna BC

550 Brome Crescent, Kelowna BC

3249 River Road, Keremeos BC

new 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath, 2,991 sF. Walkout rancher, Built by award-Winning Builder, self-Contained legal suite, Custom island Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, large Covered Deck, Full appliance Package included

lovely 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Custom Family Home nestled on a Quiet, lower Mission Cul-De-sac. Many Quality Upgrades, Hardwood, tile, Custom island Kitchen, Private, Pool size Yard, rV Parking, Great schools, 3 Blocks to Beach

introducing ladyHawke Vineyards. established 10.33 acre turnkey vineyard operation nestled in the similkameen wine region of British Columbia. Consistent, award-winning wines are produced from the fruits of this proud vineyard estate.




2098 Bennett Road, Kelowna, BC Magnificent McKinley Landing! .70 acre property offers 3,100 sq.ft. 4 bedroom 3 bathroom family home, breathtaking lake views, Private drive, rV parking, Only 15 mins to Kelowna.

520 St. Annes Road, Armstrong BC

8245 Merritt Princeton Hwy, Aspen Grove BC

Private, 25 acre property, newly Built, nearly Complete 3165 sF rancher, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Gourmet island Kitchen, Huge, Designer Windows, Vaulted Ceilings With Mono-Pitched roof, triple Car Garage, Separate Shop/Office,

semi-lakefront, French-Country Chateau Overlooking Kid lake, 20 Minutes south of Merritt BC, 7.86 acres, Custom Built 2,800 sq. Ft Home, 4 Bedrooms 4 Baths, island Kitchen, Wood-Burning Fireplace, Outbuildings include 1600 sQ. Ft Heated shop

Justin O’Connor P e r s O n a l r e a l e s tat e C O r P O r at i O n

108-1289 ellis street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X6 Follow me Direct: 250.826.9961 toll Free: 877.530.3933

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. E.&O.E.: This information is from sources which we deem reliable, but must be verified by prospective Purchasers and may be subject to change or withdrawal.


$1,200,000 GST Applicable



151 Forest Edge Place, Kelowna BC

234 Lost Creek Lane, Kelowna BC

19433 95th Avenue, Osoyoos BC

new 3,600 sF Walkout rancher, 4 Bedrooms 3.5 Baths, legal 1 Bedroom suite, Bright Great room Plan, Gourmet island Kitchen, large Butler Pantry, Oversized 2 Car, Quiet Cul-de-sac lot, Backing Onto Greenbelt

Meticulously Crafted 3,970 sq. Ft. 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath executive Home in Wilden. Upscale Finishing and superior Craftsmanship throughout. Beautifully situated On a lakeview lot On a Private, single-load lane.

Designed with Distinction. 3,800 sq.ft. of lakefront luxury in one of Canada’s most desirable summer destinations. award-winning architecture. 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, Private dock. sandy beach.


$2,640,00 0


2755 Longhill Road, Kelowna BC

9900 Matner Lane, Coldstream BC

3527 Benvoulin Road, Kelowna BC

Custom 2 storey On 6.5 Park-like acres. 3,895 sq. Ft. Built By award-winning Fawdry Homes. 4 Bedroom 5 Bath, in-law suite, Garage Parking for 4 Cars, loaded With Upscale Features.

tommy award-Winning Custom-Built Home on 8 acre equestrian estate, Heated -in-ground Pool, large 2 stall Barn, Outdoor riding ring with GGt Footing, 2 Bay Farm shop, Hay storage, shelters, Pipe Fencing, revenue.

rare 23 acre equestrian estate, Great revenue Property, 3,200 sq.ft. executive Home, Oversized triple Garage, Detached Garage/ shop, 8,000 sq.ft. Barn, 24 Box stalls, Custom 80ft x 200ft indoor riding arena, 30 Paddocks, 4 Bay Farm shop




#14 3745 West Bay Road

2888 Seclusion Bay Road, West Kelowna BC

771 Highway 97 South , Peachland BC

Paradise estates: an exclusive, luxury gated community with 21 masterfully planned residences designed for entertaining. Offering cutting-edge construction, high-end finishing, sandy beachfront and private boat slip.

Private, lakefront retreat, 18.5 acre lakefront estate. 1,354 ft. gravel beach on Okanagan lake. Panoramic views! extensive dock, 3 boat lifts. original 2,600 sq.ft. home, ½ acre, level building site.

First time Offered. 19.97 acre lakefront estate just a few minutes south of Peachland. sweeping lake views, 10,000 sq. ft. home, 1,820 ft. accessible Waterfront.

the team Justin O’Connor

Fred Brown

susan Propp

Jeannine Dionne

Senior Vice President, Sales

Licensed Associate

Executive Administrator

Marketing Coordinator


John and Kim Berg at European Goldsmith. 40  |

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GOOD AS GOLD The Bergs use passion and talent to carve successful goldsmith business


“It paid for the business cards and the legal fees,” says Kim. E’S A GOLDSMITH prodigy; she’s a keen “Then we were maxed out, not a lick of anything.” business mind. Together, John and Kim With nothing to lose, the Bergs put their heads down and Berg are the power duo behind Kelowna’s European Goldsmith. While they deal daily went to work relying almost exclusively on John’s talent. “Everything was ‘we’ll make it for you.’ We just did custom, in the glamorous world of diamonds and tons of custom work.” gemstones, the Bergs are truly one of the Year after year, business improved and John’s talent won them most down-to-earth couples you’ll meet. loyal customers from all over BC and Alberta. John grew up in Calgary. By the age of 15, he was already a The Bergs grew their business as much as they could in a mall skilled wood carver, but it was a chance encounter between setting. They were content there as they focussed on balancing John’s father and a master European carver and goldsmith that business and raising a young would chart the course of his life. family. “He said (to my dad), ‘In the 40 BY TOBY TANNAS | P H OTO S BY L I A C R OW E “We didn’t want to be the years I’ve been teaching, I’ve never parents that went to work every seen skills like your son’s.’” single day and never saw our kids,” As the protégé of Joseph says John. “Our plan was that we would get the store up and Udvardy, the young Berg learned generations-old, secret running and then we would get a manager so we wouldn’t have techniques that he put into practice right away. to be at the store all the time.” “By the time I was in grade 10, I was doing a lot of custom However, much like the allure of smooth gold, when the pieces for many of the high-end stores in Calgary,” says John. opportunity arose to leave the mall and take their business to the John continued to hone his craft after meeting and marrying next level, the Bergs couldn’t resist the pull. Kim, but their desire to start a family in a smaller city brought “We had kind of been flying under the radar,” reflects John. them to the Okanagan in 1996 and to what would initially be a “We kept hitting our heads on this invisible ceiling in the somewhat less sparkly reality. “We bought a store, from what was called Jewellery Clearance mall,” recalls Kim. “The people who want what he can do don’t want to buy jewellery in the mall.” Centre with nothing more than a $4,000 credit limit on our Now with teenage children affording them more time to focus MasterCard and some creative terms with suppliers,” explains on work and a new street-front location in Kelowna’s South John.  |

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“We’re foodies, we love wine, we spend a lot of time with our kids. We’re Kelowna people, we boat, we spend time on our deck looking at the jawdropping city we live in.” Pandosy neighbourhood, the Bergs are spreading their wings. It’s a sort of full circle moment as John focusses in on highend, custom work in a location that’s more of a fit to his buying demographic. “The biggest change is the customer; it’s the type of customer that will appreciate what I do or what I can do.” It’s a big shift for Kim too when it comes to selecting and buying inventory. “The way we buy has changed dramatically so we are better able to service the customers looking for more substantial, high-end pieces,” she explains. With three times the space in their new location, Kim has expanded the inventory but remains very particular about the

Welcome to Luxury....

Exceptional Dining | Live Entertainment Nightly

ExclusiveBoutique Spa Treatments Downtown Vancouver - Leading Luxury, Hotel

845 Hornby St, Downtown Vancouver | 604.689.7777 | 42  |

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Kim and John Berg at home with their children, Jordyn and Michael, and the family dog, Gracie.

pieces that occupy the showcases. The quality of the lines must match that of the custom work John does. “It doesn’t have to be the ones that have these big, massive lines with billion dollar ad campaigns,” says Kim. “It’s about being different and well built.” Always admired and respected in the industry, John has earned a reputation for unsurpassed quality and workmanship. “He’s very, very well-regarded nation wide,” exclaims a proud Kim. “We have lots of suppliers where we’re not allowed to size rings without the customer losing their manufacturer’s warranty. Normally you would have to send it back to the manufacturer to have it sized, except that 99 per cent of them allow John to size it because they know his calibre.” John and Kim have an obvious affection for each other and a high regard for the role the other plays in the business. It’s clear this is a partnership that works in business and at home. “We’re foodies, we love wine, we spend a lot of time with our kids,” says Kim. “We’re Kelowna people, we boat, we spend time on our deck looking at the jaw-dropping city we live in.” The Bergs also love to travel. Their success in business has afforded them the opportunity to take extended trips to Greece and Italy, and another big trip is in the works in the near future.

“Kelowna has been good to us.” Through all the advances in technology, which John appreciates, he remains committed to the practices taught to him by his European mentor decades ago. “Some pieces I’ll design with modern technology to a certain point and then still do the old hand work because it’s just better,” says John. “Any custom piece I do will last, you can hand it down for generations.” With the shine still very bright on both the sleek new location and his goldsmith career, John isn’t ready to talk retirement. “Even if we eventually shut the store down or sell it, I’d still have a shop because I really love it. It’s something I could do until my dying day, really.” That balance between work and family that the Bergs spent the early years perfecting, continues today. “We work to live, not live to work. We’re doing what we love to do in order to live our lives,” explains John. The Bergs know they’re fortunate to have built careers on something they are both so passionate about. It’s an amazing life born out of a remarkable talent discovered and then cultivated in a young boy so many years ago.  |

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Aman Dosanj collecting micro greens from the garden at Caldwell Heritage Farm. At right, Aman puts the final touches on her Goan Spiced Ocean-Friendly Scallops. 44  |

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Poetry ON A PL ATE

Aman Dosanj’s exotic, simple eats


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“I don’t want to just feed people. I want to make people think… surprise people, educate them.”

46  |

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AST YEAR, Aman Dosanj posted that she was “off to eat the world.” To her, food is family. Food is memories. Food is how she connects to others. She spent the next seven and a half months travelling around the world, discovering herself and making new friends. She also came home with some great recipes, which she graciously shared with Boulevard. Aman and her family moved to the Okanagan in 2008 on an entrepreneurial visa. In 2009, they started Poppadoms, a farmto-table Indian restaurant. Aman fell in love with creating dishes from local food sources. “It’s pretty special when you can order organic vegetables from your farmer. It’s picked fresh for you that day or the day before and can potentially be on your guests’ plates that evening! There’s just so much love in the food here and it makes my job so much easier.” Aman has been collecting ingredients from across Canada and finding alternative Indian ingredients here, so she doesn’t need to import as much from India. “All my lentils and mustard seeds are from Saskatchewan, I use BC rice from Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island, and Sunshine Farm even grows this East Indian Basil in its greenhouse. It tastes like clove, so I dehydrate it and use it as a substitute. This country has so many great edibles that it’s really exciting as a cook.” Aman recently returned from a week in the wilds of northern Alberta where she took part in the filming of From the Wild, an online documentary about the Alberta Wild Food scene. “I got my hunting license and went to the boreal forest for five days,” she said upon her return. “It was my job to add a little Indian vibe to the meat and it was a chance for me to play around, ask loads of questions and rely on my palate. I also challenged the guys to make me a tandoor oven. They did and we had naan on our last evening!” She adds: “It was a difficult and interesting adventure. I always knew that I used food to heal, but it was evident after this trip how I rely on cooking to slow down and guide me through difficult situations. Seeing animals die is tough. I had a hard time with that. But, on the flip side, the animals are living the dream out there and we legitimately needed food for five days. It gave me more of an appreciation for the animal that just died.” When Aman travelled the world last year, she was fortunate enough to stay in the homes of some of the people she met. Strangers became lifelong friends, and she discovered a world of delicious foods. “I calculated I was due at least six months of holiday for the six years I put into the restaurant. It was time for me. I would go to farmers’ markets, buy ingredients and then feed the people I’d meet. My travels taught me that it’s never a bad thing to invest in yourself, even if it means using every penny you have.” Her journey connected her to some incredible food and wonderful people; it gave her the opportunity for hands-on learning in people’s homes where she expanded her palate. “I don’t think I came across one person that didn’t have a special thing about them. And through it all I learned that if given the opportunity to speak, people are amazing,” she said. “I asked people to share a food memory with me — a smell, time,

The Natural Choice - Since 1995


QUARTZ 1540 Byland Rd. West Kelowna




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taste or ingredient. When we see similarities, it’s easier to accept people’s differences.” Aman discovered one of her favourite dishes in Italy. “I like it when the ingredients do the talking,” she said. “I had slices of just-ripened honeydew melon wrapped in 12-monthcured ham. It was served with a small wedge of 12-monthaged Parmigiano Reggiano, and sprinkled with a few drops of 25-year-aged Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale.” The story that goes with Balsamic vinegar is as tasty as the dish. “It originated in Modena where the vinegar is made from cooked grape must (skins, seeds, stems of the grape). It was traditionally made and stored in attics upon the birth of a new child, and rotated for a minimum of 25 years before it was used. A grandmother may have made some for a grandchild, and even though she may be gone, the Balsamic vinegar is still there.” Some of Aman’s favourite dishes are perfect for cool weather comfort food or for entertaining. “The Danish have a porridge called Grød. It can be topped with nuts, local fruit compotes and fresh fruit.” Some other dishes she has come to love, especially when it comes to sharing and entertaining, include spice-rubbed and pan-seared scallops and Scotch eggs with a kebab. (See recipes below.) When it comes to exotic, flavourful and easy to make, Aman goes for a simple Som Tam Thai salad. When travelling, she often had it for breakfast. “It’s such a simple dish and yet so flavourful,” she said. “You take papaya (or substitute zucchini for an Okanagan flavour) and shred it into long strands. Then you bash up some cherry tomatoes, green beans and cucumber, and mix it all up with some fish sauce and cane sugar and chili with some lime juice. Mix in peanuts for extra crunch. It is so flavourful!” Aman believes food truly connects people and helps build a community. Indian-Inspired Scotch Eggs For the eggs: 4 local Caldwell Heritage Farm free-range eggs. In a small saucepan heat water until boiling, place eggs and boil for 6 minutes (for soft boiled). Remove using a slotted spoon and place in an ice bath to cool. Under-water peel the eggshell and leave to one side.  For the kebab: 250g free-range or organic, local ground beef  1 Tbsp garlic and ginger paste (rough chop equal parts garlic and ginger, and using a pestle and mortar, pound with water) 1 tsp Poppadoms Garam Masala 1/2 tsp Kashmiri chili (Indian paprika sifted to remove lumps) 1 tsp salt (or to taste) In a bowl mix all the kebab ingredients together. Cover and leave to marinate. For the breadcrumb:  1 1/2 cups breadcrumbs (take day old artisan bread and blitz until fine). 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour 2 eggs (whisked) for egg wash  Place the flour, egg wash and breadcrumb in three different plates, ready for breading.  Heat vegetable oil to 350 degrees F. Place a sheet of plastic 48  |

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wrap onto a chopping board. Place the kebab mix, and then place another sheet of plastic wrap on top. Using a rolling pin, roll out the kebab mix until roughly 1 cm thick. Remove the top plastic wrap layer and wrap the first egg until fully coated. Remove any excess and smooth using your hands. Repeat for the 3 other eggs. Coat each egg with the flour, then the egg wash and finally the breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown. Serve with mint yogurt and season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  Okanagan Som Tam Salad:  This is a street snack from Thailand that illustrates how “fast food” can be quick, simple, healthy and delicious. This version uses zucchini instead of raw papaya and should be eaten straight away. 1 firm, local, organic zucchini (shredded) 10 local organic cherry tomatoes  4-inch piece cucumber (shredded) 10 green or yellow beans (chopped) 2 Tbsp fish sauce  Chili (to taste) 2 Tbsp organic cane sugar 1/4 cup roasted peanuts (lightly crushed) Juice of 2 limes  Using a pestle and mortar, pound the tomatoes and green beans. Add in the cane sugar, lime juice, chili and fish sauce; combine until dissolved. Add the cucumber and zucchini and mix thoroughly using a spoon. Add the peanuts and crush. Taste the liquid and adjust seasoning using fish sauce and lime juice Goan Spiced Ocean-Friendly Scallops 6 BC Scallops from Codfathers Goan Spice Rub from Poppadoms (found at the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market) or Poppadoms Garam Masala 2 cubes butter Parsnip Purée 1 Tbsp vegetable oil  2 parsnips (chopped into similar-sized pieces) 1 shallot (sliced) 1 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp cream  Salt (to taste) Clean the scallops and dry using paper towel, then dip the top of each scallop into a plate with the spice rub. Season with salt and then wait until serving to sear using a cast iron pan. Cook about 2 minutes each side until golden brown and cooked through (depending on the thickness of the scallops). Add butter to the pan and baste the scallops  For the Parsnip Purée: heat a saucepan on medium heat, add oil, and once heated, add the shallots. Cook until translucent. Add the parsnips and cover with boiled water. Let cook until soft (but not coloured). Add the cream and keep on cooking for another 2-3 minutes. Blend until smooth, adding in the butter, then pass through a fine sieve, season to taste. To plate: smear the purée on the bottom of the plate. Add the cooked scallops. Drizzle on top the brown butter from basting the scallops. Garnish with micro greens. 

Worth over $3 MILLION



Luxurious velvet, rich jewel tones and cosy knits. From the heart of the alpine comes the best in winter looks: sweeping skirts, vast views and wild hearts.

Navy coat ($590) by SOIA & KYO from Man + Woman; red velvet dress ($70) from Blonde; boots ($350) and scarf ($52) from BIA BORO Boutique.  |

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Grey, hooded coat ($511) by SOIA & KYO from Man + Woman; blue velvet dress ($98) from BIA BORO Boutique.

Black, “high-low” dress ($98), gold bangle ($89), and black patterned scarf ($78) all from BIA BORO Boutique; oatmeal cardigan ($315) by Line the Label, and necklace by Pyrrha ($255), both from Man + Woman.

Coat ($568) by SOIA & KYO at Man + Woman; embroidered dress ($126) from Blonde; tassel earrings by Lizzie Fortunato, stylist’s own.

Rust sweater dress ($189) by Minimum, black wool vest ($364) by SOIA & KYO at Man + Woman; brass circle necklace ($78) from BIA BORO Boutique.

Makeup and Hair: Jenny McKinney Styling assistant: Erin Hicks Model: Jennifer Gullins, represented by Deja Vu Model Management


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The unsung heroes of the food world make holiday sides sizzle BY CHEF HEIDI FINK | P H OTO S BY D O N D E N TO N


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HE FALL AND winter season is my favourite time of year to savour a personal vegetable heaven. While most of us are drooling over crisp Christmas turkey skin and grandmother’s sausage stuffing, I am not so quietly thrilling over a roasted Brussels sprout or a perfectly glazed sweet potato. Vegetables are stunning in their variety of colours, flavours and textures, yet are often relegated as boring — second string in the symphony of dinner. This can, and should, easily change. Whether used for starters, sides, or (yes) mains, good vegetables effortlessly add charisma and interest to any holiday table. The key is to choose your vegetables wisely, and to prepare them in such a way as to let their best qualities shine through. Inspire yourself with the colour of a butternut squash, the robust flavour of a Brussels sprout, the texture of fresh sweet corn. Simple, flavourful, rustic: these are my goals, and they provide elegance of their own accord. The late fall and early winter season is a time of beauty and abundance for local vegetables and I love to make the most of it for family gatherings. Just imagine: a crisp caramelized wedge of grilled cauliflower infused with the flavour of salted butter; a sweet and tender slice of squash enhanced with a glaze of citrus; or a garlic-laced floret of bright green broccoli. Delicious enough to stand alone and humble enough to play a supporting role, well-prepared seasonal vegetables are the unsung heroes of the food world. Here are a few ideas to get you started on a lip-smacking season.

58  |

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Garlic Butter Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts 1 lb Brussels sprouts 5 Tbsp unsalted butter 4 large cloves garlic ½ tsp salt ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 to 2 Tbsp or more, good quality balsamic vinegar, to taste Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Cover a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Peel and slice the garlic, and with the butter in a small pot, heat over medium or medium-low heat for several minutes until the butter has melted and the garlic has turned golden (be careful not to burn the garlic). Strain the butter, saving both the butter and the garlic separately. Meanwhile, rinse Brussels sprouts and trim off any brown or yellow outer leaves. Cut sprouts lengthwise through the stem into 3 or 4 slices, depending on size of sprouts. Very tiny sprouts can be cut in half. Some small leaves will fall off and that’s okay. Place the cut sprouts and fallen leaves into a bowl and toss with the strained butter, salt and pepper. Spread out in a single layer on the baking sheet and place in preheated oven. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring once during cooking time, until sprouts are browned and smell nutty and delicious. Remove from oven and immediately drizzle sprouts with the balsamic vinegar, starting with one tablespoon and tasting as you go. Mix the sprouts well on the baking sheet, so that the sprouts are coated with the balsamic.

Season with additional salt and pepper to taste, and then transfer to a preheated serving bowl. Top with the golden garlic slices (crumble the garlic a bit, if you wish) and serve immediately. Garlic Butter Balsamic Brussels sprouts can be kept warm in a low oven for up to 30 minutes. Glazed Acorn Squash Acorn squash begs to be sliced into wedges, roasted and glazed with a sweet-spicy glaze. No peeling around those ridges to worry about. 2 acorn squash 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp salt Glaze:

have about 10 slices per squash. Toss squash wedges with oil, salt and 3 Tbsp of the glaze, making sure to coat the pieces well. Place them in the prepared pan. The squash pieces can be on their sides. Cover the pan with foil, but leave it a bit loose in places, to allow steam to escape. Place in the oven and roast 30 to 35 minutes, flipping the squash pieces halfway through baking. When the squash is ready, remove from oven and brush wedges all over with glaze. Return to the oven, this time uncovered, and bake 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from oven, flip squash pieces and apply more glaze. Return to oven and roast 5 to 8 minutes longer, until squash is completely tender and glaze is golden. Brush any remaining glaze on the squash wedges as soon as they come out of the oven. Serve immediately, or keep warm in a low oven up to 30 minutes. Roasted Mushrooms with Swiss Chard and Caramelized Onion

5 Tbsp pure maple syrup or cane syrup 2 Tbsp butter 1 tsp hot sauce of your choice (Franks, Sriracha, etc.) Preheat oven to 375 F. Line a lasagna pan or roasting pan with parchment (if desired). Place syrup in a small pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer about 2 minutes, until syrup has thickened slightly. Remove from heat and whisk in butter and hot sauce until smooth. Cut acorn squash lengthwise through stem. Scoop out the seeds and strings in the cavity. Slice the squash into wedges, following the natural squash ridges as much as possible. You will

This can be made in advance, even the day before, and reheated before serving. 2 large red or yellow onions, diced 6 Tbsp unsalted butter ¼ tsp salt 1 Tbsp minced fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried thyme ½ tsp dried tarragon (optional) ⅓ cup water or broth 1¼ lb button mushrooms, quartered 1 Tbsp oil

These People Make The Cottages a Community

Visit our website to see video testimonials from these homeowners and hear why they choose to live at The Cottages. Then come visit us and learn how you can become part of this great community. 2450 Radio Tower Road, Oliver, BC See website for open hours.

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½ tsp each of salt and freshly ground pepper 1 large or 2 small bunches fresh chard (or spinach) ¾ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (optional) Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt butter in a large skillet. When hot, add the diced onion. Sauté until translucent, 6 to 8 minutes, then turn down the heat, add the ¼ tsp of salt and sauté gently for 20 to 40 minutes, or until caramelized (golden brown and sweet-tasting). Do not rush this process. Let the onions do their sweet thing slowly as long as they need to. If they appear to be burning, turn down the heat, but carry on. When the onions appear to be done, add the thyme and tarragon. When everything is fragrant, turn off the heat and add one third cup of water or broth, scraping any caramelized bits from the bottom and making the onions a bit saucy. Meanwhile, toss mushrooms with the oil, the salt and half the pepper, place in one layer on the parchment-lined baking sheet and roast in the oven 20-25 minutes until browned around the edges. Remove from oven; scrape mushrooms along with any of 60  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

their juices into the skillet with the onions. Set aside until close to serving time. Meanwhile, thoroughly wash and de-stem the chard (or spinach). Chop coarsely. Cook over medium heat in a covered pot with the water that clings to their leaves, using a bit of additional water only if necessary to prevent the leaves from burning. When the chard is wilted but still green, remove from heat and add to the skillet with the onions and mushrooms. Mix everything together well, making sure to break up any clumps of chard or onion. Season to taste with salt and pepper. To heat for serving time: either heat in the skillet on the stovetop, or transfer to a casserole, and heat in the oven. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle the top with a liberal grating of Parmesan cheese, if desired. Spiced Cauliflower (oven roasted or grilled) Grilled vegetables are a revelation to anyone who hasn’t tried them. Crisp caramelized edges, concentrated flavour, enticing appearance … I have made this both on the grill and in the oven. Use whatever method works best with the rest of your menu.

1 head cauliflower (about 2 lbs) 1 tsp salt 4 Tbsp oil, divided 2½ tsp ground coriander 2 tsp turmeric ½ tsp garam masala ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp cayenne ½ tsp ground ginger ½ tsp garlic powder 1 lemon or lime, cut into wedges If using the oven, preheat to 425 degrees F and cover a baking sheet with parchment paper. If using a grill, preheat the grill. One half of the grill should have a medium-high fire; the other half should have a low fire. Remove core from cauliflower and cut into medium-large florets. Place in a large bowl. Add the salt and 1 Tbsp of the oil; toss and mix well to coat the florets evenly. If using oven: spread florets out on prepared baking sheet in a single layer. Place in the preheated oven and roast about 25 minutes, or until cauliflower has caramelized edges, stirring a couple of times during cooking. Reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees F. If using grill: place florets on the medium-high heat side of the grill, cook them 2 to 3 minutes per side, and flip them as needed until they have caramelized edges. As they are ready, move them to the cool side of the grill, cover, and cook about 10 or 15 minutes more. Meanwhile, mix all of the ground spices in a large bowl with the remaining 3 Tbsp of oil until evenly blended. When the cauliflower is ready, remove from oven or grill and place in the bowl. Mix well until the cauliflower is evenly coated with the spice mixture (sometimes, I add a little bit of water to the mixture to help spread the spice paste). Return coated cauliflower to the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, or to the cool side of the grill for 5 to 10 minutes, until spice paste is fragrant and cooked. Spiced cauliflower can be kept warm in a low oven up to 30 minutes.

Fresh Corn Salad This salad is at its best with very fresh, very flavourful sweet corn. The dressing is very simple and lets the corn shine. I find this dish to be a refreshing addition to a traditional Chritsmas spread. NOTE: feel free to substitute leftover grilled corn for the boiled corn. Salad: 12 cobs of fresh sweet corn, shucked 4 green onions, thinly sliced on the diagonal 2 large ripe tomatoes, seeded and chopped ½ large bunch cilantro, roughly chopped 1 avocado (optional) Dressing: ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil Zest of ½ lime, finely minced or grated ¼ cup fresh lime juice (from 2 fresh limes) ½ tsp salt, or more, to taste

1 tsp dark brown sugar OR honey 1 clove garlic, minced or pressed Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Drop in the 12 cobs of corn, return to a boil and cook for 1 or 2 minutes. Use tongs to remove the cobs and let them cool until you can touch them comfortably. (Variation: grill the corn instead!) Meanwhile, mix the dressing ingredients together in a small jar. Tighten lid and shake the jar vigorously to blend dressing well. (You can also whisk the ingredients together in a bowl.) In a medium-large bowl, mix together three-quarters of the dressing and all the green onions. Using a sharp knife, cut all the kernels of corn off the cooked cobs directly into the bowl with the dressing. Once you have cut the kernels off, use the back of the knife to scrape along the cobs and push all the corn germ into the bowl. Add the tomato and the cilantro. Mix well. Taste and add more dressing and/or salt and/or lime juice. The salad can be refrigerated up to 24 hours before serving (although it tastes best served within 4 hours). Decorate the top of the salad with slices of avocado and sprigs of cilantro. Squeeze a bit more lime juice over the avocado slices to prevent them from going brown. Quick Pickled Beets These pickled beets are very sharp and garlicky, providing a big hit of flavour and colour to any holiday spread. Keeping the beets unpeeled with the stem and root intact prevents colour bleed while cooking. This recipe can be made up to one week before serving. 5 large or 10 small beets, (about 1 lb) unpeeled and with 1 cm of the stem and root intact ½ cup white wine vinegar ½ cup water 1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced ½ tsp mustard seeds ½ tsp salt, or more, to taste 2 to 3 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced very thin ¼ cup minced fresh dill, optional Steam or bake the beet whole, until barely pierce-able with a knife — 25 to 35 minutes for steamed beets, and 50 to 60 minutes for baked beets. Remove from heat and let cool until easy to handle. Rub skins away (I use latex gloves) and cut off the stem and root. Cut larger beets in halves or quarters. Slice beets into ¼-inch slices and place in a bowl. Meanwhile, combine the white wine vinegar, water, ginger slices, mustard seeds, salt and one clove of the garlic. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer one minute. Remove from heat and let cool. When cool, add the remaining garlic slices. Pour the vinegar mixture over peeled and sliced beets and stir well to mix. Transfer beet mixture, with all of its juices, to a Mason jar and place in the fridge for at least 24 hours, up to one week, before serving. Garnish with chopped fresh dill, if desired. — Linens, candle and ceramics from Picot Collective  |

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BC Wine AWArds PlAtinum Winners Karen GilliS Winemaker 2016 riesling Red Rooster Winery

“With spirit and character, this wine has a fresh vibrancy as it moves into a lemon curd flavour, which is distinct for a Riesling. It has a bright attack of fruit that finishes quite balanced on the palate. The vineyard gives us the best fruit, therefore we do our best to leave it alone. Riesling is my favourite wine to drink, so we spend a little more time ensuring that it shows its very best.”

PaTricia leSlie Estate Manager 2015 Syrah Sandhill Wines

“The 2015 Syrah is a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with soft tannins, yet it has a juicy-mouth feel (as a Syrah should!). Ripe fruit flavours of blueberry, dark plum and black cherry are accented by notes of chocolate and a spicy black current finish. In this case it’s truly “terroir-driven,” combining grapes from our Vanessa Vineyard in the Similkameen Valley — where granite and sage around the vineyards enhance the grapes’ earthy qualities — with grapes from Sandhill Vineyard in Oliver, where the grapes take on more subtle and well-rounded qualities.” 90

Galen BarnhardT Winemaker 2016 Pinot noir reserve Monte Creek Ranch Winery

“The beauty of this wine is how hands-off we were able to be in making it. The fruit was absolutely gorgeous when it came in, so it was obvious this Pinot Noir would be special. Our job really was to get out of the way and try to respect the fruit and terroir as much as possible. The finished product has gobs of floral character, with all sorts of potpourri and dried rose petal notes. There is a real freshness to the wine, with sweeter cherry and raspberry notes mingling with savoury dried herbs and pencil shavings. It’s awfully pretty.”


WeS JohnSon Winemaker 2014 chardonnay Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

“Our award-wining 2014 Chardonnay starts with a great nose with huge aromatics that jump from the glass. There are notes of citrus, honeysuckle and melon, with a hint of gentle oak. The long-lingering finish is very pleasant with a hint of creaminess. The uniqueness of this wine starts in the vineyard — it consists of 100 per cent estate fruit from a single vineyard in Creston.”

daniel BonTorin

Winemaker 2016 Gamay noir Volcanic Hills Estate Winery “2016 was a great growing year, so I had above average grapes to work with. I kept things cool during the winemaking process to enhance the flavours. There aren’t many Gamays in BC to choose from, making our Gamay Noir unique. It has a fruity nose, it’s lower in alcohol and easy to drink, and finishes fresh with a soft smooth flavour. It can be enjoyed chilled and it pairs with a wide variety of food.”


david SaySomSacK Winemaker Sparkling Brut See Ya Later Ranch

“With hints of lemon zest, lime effervescence, tropical fruit, traces of peaches and stone fruits, this Brut is a fresh and lively wine, where the fruit shows through without taking over. It has a pleasantly long-lingering finish and the small bubbles give it an almost mousse-like effervescence. In making this wine, the fruit was treated very gently, and pressed softly to allow the juice to run freely.�




VANCOUVER Luxury and love stoke the fires of an annual tradition BY CHELSEA FORMAN

66  |

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T  |

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HE HOLIDAY SEASON comes with countless joys, and among them is tradition — sacred Yuletide bonds shared by loved ones, and practised annually with devout commitment. When I was seven years old, my mom and I started one of my favourite traditions. It was early December, and my mom planned a trip for the two of us to explore all of Vancouver’s holiday festivities. I vividly remember holding her hand as we dodged bustling shoppers on the thriving streets of downtown Vancouver. On that first trip, we ducked off the cool sidewalk underneath a royal blue awning and into the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa. I think of that first time now, as my mom and I return to Vancouver to stay at the Wedgewood and enjoy some seasonal cheer. The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa is a member of the esteemed Relais & Châteaux — an elite collection of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants. Founded in 1984 by Eleni 67

It seemed we had walked off the streets of a cosmopolitan hub into a different era — as if the royal blue awning of the Wedgewood was a point where the refined bygone years collided with the present. Skalbania, the luxury-boutique hotel remains privately owned and managed by Eleni’s youngest daughter. The Wedgewood identifies as one of Vancouver’s greatest hidden gems, and is a well-kept secret among return guests. At seven years old, I stood in the lobby of the hotel struck by wonder. It seemed we had walked off the streets of a cosmopolitan hub into a different era — as if the royal blue awning of the Wedgewood was a point where the refined bygone years collided with the present. Now, as we stand admiring the classic holiday décor, the concierge tells us the traditional decorations have been decking the Wedgewood’s halls for 33 years. After checking in, we opt for a quick nightcap at the property’s exquisite Bacchus Restaurant & Piano Lounge. The Bacchus exudes luxury, with deep-maroon, velvet furniture and curtains, complemented by dark, cherry wood accents and Murano crystal fixtures. We fall into plush, oversized chairs by the roaring fire and fall into a comfortable silence. The venue itself is only outdone by the exquisite French cuisine that features fresh West Coast ingredients. On Christmas Day the Bacchus serves a proper feast, followed by a delectable brunch on Boxing Day. It may be tempting to bask in the numerous luxuries of the Wedgewood all day, but Vancouver is a city that so eagerly and expertly embraces the Yuletide season, the plethora of festivities simply can’t be missed. Upon waking, I bound out of bed with a skip in my step and a craving for sugarplums. Today is our first day in full-blown Christmas tradition, and my mom and I are rightfully excited. Exploring the winter wonders 68  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7

starts the moment we step outside the hotel and hang a quick left from the Wedgewood’s Hornby Street location onto Robson Street. Robson is a twinkling vision over the holidays, making Christmas shopping less stressful and more of an experience. From Nordstrom to the numerous chain and independent shops along Robson, you can spend a full day on this city stretch. We wrap up our time with a trip to Robson Square for a cup of hot chocolate and a twirl around the holiday ice rink. Returning to the Wedgewood at day’s end is a welcome retreat. The property is adorned with sophisticated finishes and rich, gem-tone colours, accentuated by the traditional holiday decorations ornamenting the property. The Wedgewood Hotel has a regal air that stretches beyond the lobby and into the 83 guestrooms. Each of luxury rooms and suites feature walk-out balconies, ultra-swank bedding and L’Occitane bath amenities. The Wedgewood also offers several unprecedented services and amenities, including a seasonal, upon-request service of in-room decorations, complete with petite Christmas tree. On our second day in Vancouver, we hit my two favourite holiday activities. While located slightly farther away from the Wedgewood, both are within walking distance. The first is the FlyOver Canada Christmas edition at Canada Place. The experience has you suspended with feet dangling before a 20-metre spherical screen, while you visually soar on an exhilarating journey across Canada, helping Santa track down some missing elves. The sensation of flying is that much more realistic as a cool sea breeze and snowflakes brush your cheeks. FlyOver Canada is an absolute delight for families, or adults (like us) who just want a little nostalgia of that childlike-wonder that Santa evokes. The flight ends with a special trip to the North Pole. A quick walk from FlyOver Canada is the Vancouver Christmas Market, which has become a seasonal staple for all Vancouverites. Following in the traditional footsteps of the German Christkindlmarkt, the market features local artisans and festive regional refreshments — the Glühwein (mulled wine) is not to be missed. The Old World tradition of the Vancouver


At right, a couple riding the Christmas Carousel at the Vancouver Christmas Market; previous page, lower left, Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge; pages 66-67, women walking across Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Christmas Market is apparent in the decorated pathways of the European-inspired Christmas village. Nestled beside the ocean, the open-air market rings with the sounds of live holiday music and festive cheer from the bundled-up patrons. This Yuletide celebration has two preparatory requirements: dress warm and go hungry. The market is truly a foodie haven with an overwhelming expanse of the most delectable epicurean delights, and an impressive selection of German and Austrian traditional beers. Kids are sure to enjoy meeting Santa, riding the carousel and participating in a market-wide scavenger hunt. For visitors who are looking for superb evening outings, and who don’t mind slipping beyond the city limits, the Christmas lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the VanDusen Botanical Garden are superb. My mom and I have always enjoyed both charming activities, but each offers completely different experiences. The Capilano Suspension Bridge will have your heart racing — it leads across the Capilano River into the

rainforest, complete with treetop walk, all dripping in sparkling lights. Here, you can see the world’s largest living Christmas tree. The VanDusen Botanical Garden Festival of Lights is a leisurely stroll through 15-acres of garden gleaming in over one million Christmas lights. At the end of a full day of exploring Vancouver’s holiday exposé, we anticipate returning to the warm and sedating luxury of the Wedgewood. Curling up fireside at Bacchus — sipping a warm drink — will give us time to unwind and reflect on the magic of the holiday season, and embrace the joy of our beloved Yuletide tradition.

“Bringing PET/CT to Kelowna will make such a difference for families like mine.” —Jeremy King, 42, 10 months cancer-free


21 Lakeshore Dr. West, Penticton | 250 493 8221 | 1 800 663 9400  |

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70  |

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T’S CHRISTMAS 1905 in New York, and two people who love each other are about to make extraordinary sacrifices to obtain the perfect gift. Welcome to Caravan Farm Theatre’s Winter Sleigh Ride presentation of The Gift of the Magi. This production is an adaptation of the classic short story written by O. Henry. The story is well known: a young married couple faces the challenge of buying perfect gifts with very little money. In the end, they discover how priceless their love is, and what true gifts really are. Director Estelle Shook said, “Our winter sleigh ride show is a theatrical hybrid that sweeps artist and audience alike into a pre-industrial world where the horse is king — an archaic transporter to a rough and holy encounter with winter, with each other and with ideas that are lit like flames against the darkness.”

Be sure to make time during this busy season to take part in this unique horse-drawn sleigh ride theatre experience. Take your family and friends to share the wonder of a nighttime journey through the snow and into the past, and welcome the gentle reminder of what is truly important in our lives.


SILVER STAR MOUNTAIN NOVEMBER 23 AND 25 Up on “the Knoll” of Silver Star Mountain sits an art gallery unlike any other. Gallery Odin is a contemporary, private gallery specializing in original Canadian art, owned and operated by Kalman and Maria Molnar. “We have beautiful art that collectors won’t find anywhere else,” said Maria. “We promote Canadian, especially British Columbian artists who work in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media, ceramic, glass and fibre.” Some of the pieces are done in traditional or classical styles while others are more contemporary or abstract.  |

N OV/ D E C 2 0 1 7



“What they all have in common,” she continued, “is that every piece is an original work, and they are all very affordable.” Gallery Odin will be hosting its 16th Winter Season Opening on two separate dates: the evening of November 23 and the afternoon of Saturday, November 25. There will be over 100 pieces of art on display, representing up to 25 artists. Several of the artists will be on hand to talk about their work. Plan to attend this season’s opening nights, and get the first pick of Gallery Odin’s all new offerings from both established and emerging artists. See for yourself why it has a fine international reputation.


Casino tables, live music, showgirls and champagne — it’s got to be New Year’s Eve at Sparking Hill Resort. Welcome to Casino Royale, where the women are glamorous, the room sizzles with excitement and the party never stops. Professional casino dealers will be operating gaming tables of roulette, poker, black jack and crown-and-anchor, while live bands play and professional showgirls provide additional entertainment. There’s also a late night buffet and champagne to toast the New Year. Dance the night away when the DJ cranks up the action on the dance floor, and capture the moment with friends at the photo booth. Party-goers are encouraged to shine up the wing tips, polish the jewellery and get the party clothes out. Be prepared to enjoy an evening of great entertainment, fun at the tables and a lovely stay at one of the most beautiful resorts in the valley. 72  |

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And after the end of the old year is thoroughly saluted, enjoy some rest and recovery in the spa. The package event includes a two-night luxury accommodation, three-course dinner for two in Peak Fine Restaurant, New Year’s Day brunch and access to the spa’s seven unique steam rooms, four nature showers, pools, studios and relaxation rooms.


Take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the season. Put away the to-do lists and wrapping paper. Take your partner, family or a group of good friends to Ringing in the Season with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. The OSO will present three concerts: Thursday night, December 21 in Vernon; Friday night, December 22 in Kelowna; and a Saturday matinee on December 23 in Penticton. The OSO will be joined on stage by the Okanagan Handbell Chorus for these special concerts, adding a lovely, bright, joyful sound to the seasonal music. Just watching the fluid motion of the handbells in action is a treat. Anthony Lau will also be on stage, joining the orchestra with the magical tones of classical harmonica music. A world-class virtuoso, Lau currently resides in West Kelowna. One of the strengths of the OSO and music director Rosemary Thomson is this drawing-out of remarkable talent from within the region. No need to look far for those who can make incredibly beautiful music. Wonderful arrangements of well-loved carols will make this a festive event for the entire family.


Were you in one of those families who watched the old Christmas favourites on TV every year? This year, turn off the TV and head to the theatre. It’s time to see White Christmas: the Musical and rediscover what a treat live musicals can be. Kelowna Actors Studio presents this timeless classic with veteran actors Randy Leslie and Nate Flavel in the lead male roles, and the fabulous Anna Jacyszyn as one of the Haynes sisters. For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a romantic comedy set in post-WWII New England. Two ex-soldiers who have become song-and-dance stars set out to help their beloved exgeneral, whose Vermont inn is in financial trouble. When two talented and beautiful sisters are brought into the story ... well, you can guess where this is going. The show will be filled with delightful songs composed by Irving Berlin, such as “Sisters,” “Count Your Blessings” and, of course, “White Christmas,” to name a few. Kelowna Actors Studio has a stellar record when it comes to musicals, with the majority of its productions selling out prior to the show even opening. Ticket sales for White Christmas have been brisk, so don’t delay.


Originally starting out as the two-night Icewine Festival, the event now spans 10 days with over 20 events. With so many events to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Some events have already sold out, so now is the time to start planning. Here’s a quick review of what’s on offer. • Sun Peaks Wine and Dine, with restaurants throughout the village offering great food and pairings. • The Wine Crawl — the best social party ever. • Iconic and Collectible Wines — the name says it all. • Comforts of Grilled Cheese and Wine (who knew?). • Starbucks Sparkling Brunch, a nutritious, four-course, bubbly breakfast. • Moonlight Snowshoe & Mulled Wine — an easy trek through beautiful forest trails ending with wine. • House Concert with Wine — a new event for this year. • Taste of Sun Peak — the festival’s foodie event. • The Three Elements with port-style wines, Canadian cheeses and locally made chocolates. • The Sun Peaks Progressive Tasting — WestJet presents the largest progressive wine tasting in Canada. • 20th Annual BC Wine Awards Tutored Dinner for the ardent wine enthusiast and culinary aficionado. • Mixology to Music — a sample of mixed wine cocktails with a savoury two-course dinner at Powder Hounds.

2018 Tommie AwArds Gold GAlA January 27, 2018 Champagne Reception 5pm | 250.861.3988



Let’s Celebrate the Holidays Together Host your Christmas Party in Bonfire Restaurant or private function room and take the elevator home. Ask about 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suite specials. Group Rates starting at $125 for one bedroom suites.

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Boulevard makeup artist Jenny McKinney brings the beauty and always a little magic to our fashion shoots, making her an integral part of the team. For this edition’s fashion story, we shot high in the sub-alpine, and although most of us were bundled in toques and parkas, Jenny — seen here with photographer Darren Hull — still managed to look absolutely fabulous.

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A Wild Piece of Land A Wild Piece of Land

There are not many places left in this world where you can live surrounded by nature with wide open views andleft stillinsothis close to a where vibrantyou city. But Wilden is suchby a place. There are not many places world can live surrounded nature Only ten minutes from downtown Kelowna, Wilden is the largest master-planned with wide open views and still so close to a vibrant city. But Wilden is such a place. real estate development the Okanagan Valley. Approximately half of the land will Only ten minutes from in downtown Kelowna, Wilden is the largest master-planned always be preserved as open space or public park. Wetlands are being be real estate development in the Okanagan Valley. Approximately half ofrestored the landtowill wildlife habitats, as andopen every home a close-by access toare recreational be always be preserved space or has public park. Wetlands being restored wildlife habitats, and every home has a close-by access to recreational areas. 10 Minutes to Downtown 10 Steps 10 Minutes to Nature to Downtown 10 Steps to Nature


Wilden Sales, Kelowna · ph. 250.762.2906 · Showhomes open daily from 1-5 pm, except Fridays · Wilden Sales, Kelowna · ph. 250.762.2906 · Showhomes open daily from 1-5 pm, except Fridays ·

Boulevard Magazine, Okanagan Home - Nov/Dec 2017  
Boulevard Magazine, Okanagan Home - Nov/Dec 2017