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VICTORIA DESIGNS Meet the talented people behind the face of this city


Stunning Bear mountain home has mountain resort vibe

STRANGE BREW victoria’s booming coffee culture


glorious coats in this season’s must-have cuts and silhouettes

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d e s i g n e r s

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On the cover Model Lauren Takach, represented by Coultish Management, at our featured home. Photo by Vince Klassen

30 Rooms with a view

Bright, airy house offers

mountain resort vibe

By Chelsea Forman

62 Strange Brew

Victoria’s booming

coffee culture

By Tom Hawthorn



Six fab, must-have new coats.

Float into a happier and

By Lia Crowe

healthier life

By Lia Crowe


Cutting edge technology at


BC Cancer Agency

Side dishes that sizzle

By Susan Lundy

By Chef Heidi Fink

132 Thinking outside the teapot


Cooking with tea

By Pamela Durkin


30 24






Darlene Gait

What’s on this month

By Hans Tammemagi

By Robert Moyes

The perfect cuppa

42 Talking with tess


Black Goat Cashmere

All in the family



Caitlin McKenzie

By Tess van Straaten

McCall cousins

By Lia Crowe


By Hans Tammemagi

20 inspired design

Queen of the Castle:

Burg Schlitz

By Danica Lundy

Work it!


Brad Holmes, OLO


Island bliss

Salt Spring


By Lia Crowe


By Lia Crowe

By Hans Tammemagi 11






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WRITER: Veggie pizzazz

page 30

“Writing this article reminded me how much I love the holiday season and how excited I am to hunker down on a rainy day and roast, glaze, caramelize and otherwise fantastic-ify some local vegetables.” Heidi Fink is a chef, food writer and culinary instructor, specializing in local foods and ethnic cuisines.

Circulation & distribution Glen Convey 250.480.3285 Contributing Writers Lia Crowe, Pamela Durkin, Heidi Fink, Chelsea Forman,Tom Hawthorn, Danica Lundy, Robert Moyes, Hans Tammemagi, Tess van Straaten Contributing Photographers Lia Crowe, Don Denton, Cathie Ferguson, Vince Klassen

“I was raised by British parents who were both avid tea drinkers, so I was well acquainted with the pleasures of drinking tea. After researching the ‘cooking with tea’ article for Boulevard, I can now say I’ve also discovered the delights of using tea as a flavour catalyst in a wide range of recipes— it’s truly become my favourite ‘kitchen muse.’” Pamela is a freelance health writer and nutritional consultant whose work has appeared in Boulevard, Eat, Reader's Digest, Alive, Spa Business and more.



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“One of the things I love about shooting Boulevard fashion is hunting for good locations. When we stepped out the kitchen door of a Chinatown apartment, we found ourselves in a very cool, somewhat dilapidated treasure of a courtyard, reminiscent of a New York movie set.” Cathie is a freelance commercial and lifestyle photographer, who finds inspiration in people and the environments she shoots.


“Boulevard assignments are many and varied but the food shoots are both a treat and a challenge. The colours, shapes of the ingredients and accessories always provide an entertaining and creative puzzle for the photographer. This issue’s fall vegetable shoot was no different, and under Chef Heidi Fink’s master touch we ended up with gorgeous looking, tasty fare for the autumn season.” Don has photographed numerous high-profile events, including the Olympics, World Hockey Championships and a Royal wedding.

"Sometimes the right story comes into your life at the right time. While preparing for this epic issue of Boulevard magazine, my role including over 40 shoots, a handful of interviews and a countless number of details to keep straight in my brain, I took a float at the Float House. Although in the moment it felt tricky to fit 90 minutes of sensory deprivation into a packed schedule, the mental reboot I got couldn’t have come at a better time.” Lia is a stylist, photographer and writer.


“Touring this edition’s ‘Hot Property,’ I felt like I was wandering around a contemporary mountain resort. The proximity to nature, endless luxurious details and the warmth of the homeowners made me feel retreatrelaxed and rejuvenated when I departed this Bear Mountain estate.” Chelsea is a writer of all topics lifestyle. She has also recently completed her first young reader’s novel.

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Tom Hawthorn WRITER: STRANGE BREW page 62

“As a poor student, I skipped meals to buy cappuccinos at cafés on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The best cup of coffee I ever had was an espresso served with a tiny stalk of sugar cane in Cuba, a land where baseball umpires are served coffee on the field after the fifth inning.” Tom is a longtime newspaper and magazine writer here in Victoria.


“Our cover shot with fall’s arrival and dwindling light was a wonderful collaboration between our creative guru, Lia, a stunning model and the Terry Johal house’s warm interior glow. I have always been drawn to the fleeting moment before darkness.” Vince has collaborated with Boulevard for over 20 years and is never short of finding inspiration from Victoria’s amazing local artists and craftsmen.”


“This summer I had the opportunity to witness Germany from several vantage points; first as an artist in residence at a repurposed cotton mill in Leipzig, and then from the highest window of a luxurious castle. It was a perfect juxtaposition for an avid observer of life.” A former Salt Spring and Victoria resident, Danica now lives in New York as she works on her Masters of Fine Arts at the New York Academy of Art.

Hans Tammemagi WRITER: Inspired People: Darlene Gait page 24

“I love First Nations art with its legends and bold colours, so what a thrill to interview Darlene Gait, one of the best, and see her work up close.” Hans’ writing is varied, including travel, environment and Native culture. He has penned 10 books (one national bestseller) and writes for numerous newspapers and magazines in Canada and internationally.


“I’m delighted that renowned classical violinist James Ehnes is celebrating his 40th birthday with a special ‘tour party’ that’s travelling all across Canada; and not to be outdone, UVic’s Phoenix Theatre turns 50 by shining the spotlight on three of its most extraordinary alumni: TJ Dawe, Shannan Calcutt and Charles Ross. Enjoy!” A born and bred Victoria native, Robert Moyes is a longtime freelancer and editor whose main focus these days is arts journalism.

Tess van Straaten WRITER: simply cashmere page 42

“Walking into the Victoria location of Black Goat Cashmere, I couldn’t help but touch every gorgeous sweater, cape, scarf and adorable children’s hat that I walked past. Even though it was a hot day, the cashmere was so soft I just wanted to wrap myself in a cape and curl up with one of the cozy blankets.” A fourth-generation Victoria native, Tess is an award-winning journalist and television personality who has had the privilege of interviewing people for close to two decades.




250.380.2600 •


The perfect morning cuppa By susan lundy

photo by arnold lim

photo by lia crowe


orning java was foremost in our minds as we stood amid sparsely stacked shelves of canned goods in the only food store for hundreds of kilometres. We had just driven an hour from a windswept beach campsite on the uninhabited northwest coast of Vancouver Island, along pot-holed dirt roads, past startled blue jays and even a lone black bear standing mid-road. This little fishing town of Winter Harbour was certainly picturesque. But it hardly mattered. We wanted coffee. This was our first trip to the coast about seven years ago and we’d landed here remarkably unprepared, assuming those tiny, “red-dot” towns on the map meant “gas station, grocery store and coffee shop.” As we turned off the Island Highway to start the two-hour trek to the coast, Bruce said, “Should we drive to Port Hardy first and pick up supplies?” I waved my hand, looking at those red dot towns, and said, “Nah, there’s a place called Holberg on the way.” I could see Holberg in my mind. As the “gateway” to the newly constructed Northwest Coast Trail, it would have a grocery store with MEC-like, hiker-specific, just-addwater foods, sushi and maybe even organic produce. Holberg, at the time, was actually a mostly deserted former Canadian Forces Base and logging camp. The single grocery store had packaged food with ancient labels and there was no produce. We decided we would travel the next morning to the other red dot town, Winter Harbour, for coffee and breakfast. As we soon discovered, Winter Harbour (population 20) is not a town but an “outpost” — a jumping off point for commercial and recreational fishing. We hopped out of the truck, walked onto the dock, murmured about the extraordinary beauty … and searched for the sign that said “coffee here.” We quickly learned this red dot town was not a breakfast destination: no restaurant, no coffee-to-go. But there was a dusty-canned food store. So we set to work, flinging cans of chili, tuna and stew into a basket; then peanut butter, jam and sliced white bread. But most importantly, we found a jar of instant coffee and a little kettle that, an hour later (now back near the beach), was quickly plugged into an outlet in our truck.

And so it was that standing in a wilderness parking lot, I drank my best cup of coffee. Ever. This edition of Boulevard has coffee. And tea. And wine, in fact. Tom Hawthorn, also a self-confessed java junkie, takes a look at Victoria’s booming coffee culture in a story certain to have readers rushing to their nearest trendy coffee shop. Health writer Pam Durkin offers up some healthwise tips on cooking with tea, and Travel Near writer Hans Tammemagi checks out some wineries on his tour of Salt Spring Island. We have beverages covered. But there’s much, much more. Creative people abound in our special section that introduces Victoria’s topnotch designers, beautifully photographed by Lia Crowe. This edition’s Inspired People profiles First Nations artist Darlene Gait; while Tess van Straaten chats with the creative folks at

Black Goat Cashmere. Our featured home is a gorgeous bit of architecture set amid the stunning vistas of Bear Mountain; while our fashion story highlights warm winter outerwear in an edgy, urban, Chinatown setting. Hope is the theme that emerges from a tour of Victoria’s BC Cancer Agency; good health is the real story behind floating in a deprivation tank; and a lavish German castle turns our Travel Far writer into a queen for a night. Fall marks the season for cooking up warm, tasty bites, and Chef Heidi Fink has some excellent ideas to spice up Thanksgiving with some vibrant veggie side dishes. Also featured in this edition is the stylish Caitlin MacKenzie, and the charming McCall cousins who have launched a new era in Victoria funeral services with a bright new facility next to the Royal Oak cemetery. So as the days start to cool outdoors, pick up your Boulevard, cosy into a big comfy chair, pour yourself a steaming cup of java and enjoy the journey.

We hopped out of the truck, walked onto the dock, murmured about the extraordinary beauty … and searched for the sign that said “coffee here.”


Boulevard editor Susan Lundy is a former journalist and two-time recipient of the prestigious Jack Webster Award. Her awardwinning stories have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, and she is also the author of Heritage Apples: A New Sensation (Touchwood Editions, 2013).


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inspiredSTYLE By lia crowe WITH Caitlin McKenzie, Education Market Specialist, Monk Office


Favourite local restaurant: “Oh, man! So hard. If I had to pick only one it would be Zambri’s. Fairly certain I could eat their pasta and bread until there was none left for anyone else in this city.” Favourite Cocktail/Wine: “Vodka martini, dry, three olives or a French 75 or a gin & tonic or …” Flower: “Tulips. I love the simplicity of them. I buy myself flowers on a weekly basis and keep them on my coffee table. Flowers are such an easy way to put a smile on your face!” Favourite Place in The Whole World: “I have been so fortunate to travel to, or live in, a number of breathtaking and magical places but the most beautiful and magical place of them all is our family cabin at Shawnigan Lake.”

“Don’t be afraid to be expressive in your style. Everybody has a quality about them that can be magnified or accentuated.”

Fashion Uniform: “For fall/

winter it’s a pair of Rag and Bone or CoH skinnies dark wash, shirt (if it has a collar, it’s popped. Guaranteed.), boots, pullover or cardie. Summer? I can’t resist skirts or dresses — long or short!” Alltime favourite piece: “The ring I

wear on my pinky. I haven’t taken it off in 12 years.” Coveting: “I make a habit of not coveting anything.” Favourite shoes:

Frye boots: “Veronica” back zip, short, black or “Veronica” slouch in dark brown. Daybag: Fold over, cross-body bag by Tory Burch. Favourite jewelry piece or designer:

“Everything and anything ever given to me by Mom, Dad and Grandmama because they have history and a deep personal meaning.” Fashion Obsession:

“Specifically, a cashmere cardie and generally, sweaters.” Accessory you spend the most money on:


Style Icon: Jackie O. Favourite Photographer: Annie Leibovitz. Fashion Designer: Chloé “Because it’s simple, feminine and very sexy.”


A purse.


er friends would describe her as loud; she describes herself as having big hair and admits she’s a total “prep” in the style department. After hanging out with her for a couple hours at Bodega Bar, I was inspired by her die-hard commitment to a close group of girlfriends, the closeness she has with her family and the wholehearted approach she brings to her role in the family business, Monk Office. “If Monk was going to be my career, it was important to my dad that it was my choice, that I had to leave the company and build my skills and credibility elsewhere, and that it would only be possible if I was qualified.” After many years working elsewhere, Caitlin is now back at Monk in the role of education market specialist. “My main focus is our back-to-school PAC program. I’m literally talking to moms and dads on my cell phone at night about missing glue sticks.” It’s not part of her job description, but that level of caring is a huge part of her personality. “I would have to say that the real nugget that I love in what I do is leadership. Working with people to make something good, make something better. I’m always keen to give credit to someone else, to build others up.” When it comes to style, Caitlin says, her go-to uniform is “jeans, sweater and boots. I’m a total prep, that’s for sure. I’ve always done my own thing.”

Reading Material

Online: “Full disclosure, I am the least online/social media person you’ll ever meet. And that includes kids under the age of eight! I like to flip and mark real pages, sorry.” Print: Any fashion, home design or architectural magazine. Coffee Table Book: Vogue, The Editor’s Eye By Conde Nast. Book that changed your life: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. “I was quite young when I read it, about 14/15 years old, and it really resonated with me.” Beauty Necessary indulgence: GelPolish. Moisturizer: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. Scent: Eternity by Calvin Klein or The One by Dolce and Gabbana. Must have hair product: “For this hair?!” Key Curl Control by Saryna and a salon grade diffuser. Beauty secret: “I’d like to say water or sleep, but I can’t thank either of those. (I’m terrible at both!) For me, laughter.”


1221 Government St. 250.383.7177 1210 Newport Ave. 250.592.2821 2348 Beacon Ave. 778.426.4446

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inspiredCHEFS Chefs

Brad Holmes

OLO Restaurant Text by SUSAN LUNDY Photos by LIA CROWE 22


• Age: 37 • Born in Port Alberni • Chef/Owner at OLO since 2010 • Trained in Vancouver with David Hawksworth, JC Poirier, Neil Taylor and many amazing cooks.

What are 10 or so most important ingredients? I am more stoked on my suppliers and the hundreds of ingredients they supply me with. To name a few: for vegetables, Ragley Farm, Littlest Acre, Saanich Organics, Umi Nami; for meat, Stillmeadow Farm, Parry Bay Sheep Farm, Trillium, Blue Goose Organic; for fish and shellfish, Hollie Wood Oysters, Finest At Sea, Satellite Fish Co.; and for wild foraged foods, Lance the Forager and Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Favourite dish to cook and eat on a wet, wintery day? I love noodles, so on cold, wet, wintery days I like noodle soup — pho, ramen, chicken noodle, hot and sour, etc; and if I’m at work, I eat freshly made pasta.

Where else do you eat and drink? Agrius, Relish, Part & Parcel, Uchida, Northern Quarter, Standard Pizza, Fry’s Bakery, Hey Happy Coffee, The Drake.

Alder smoked wild salmon, beets, yogurt, nasturtium, pickled onion, and rye cracker by Brad Holmes at OLO.

Can you share an easy, seasonal recipe for a quick nosh in October/November? Sautéed Mushrooms with Ricotta on Toast 1 L organic milk 250 ml cultured buttermilk 2 g salt shallots garlic mushrooms butter Mix together the first three ingredients and bring to 93 C over medium low heat in a thick bottom pan. Gently remove from heat so as to not disturb the curds. Allow to rest and develop curds for one hour, and then strain through cheese cloth or a coffee filter for about an hour.


Sauté shallots, garlic and mushrooms in foaming butter. Season with salt and add some whey from the ricotta to deglaze.

Being a restaurateur, chef, father and husband monopolizes most of my time. In the summer I may sneak away to fish with my friend, Rob.

Toast up some sourdough bread, layer on the ricotta and top with mushrooms. Add fresh cracked pepper and enjoy.




Darlene Gait Creating Coast Salish magic by HanS Tammemagi Photos by LIA crowe


Darlene Gait in her One Moon Gallery.



enjoy everything about being an artist. It’s independent, I set my own hours, it’s fun and challenging, it’s rewarding, it’s spiritual,” enthuses Darlene Gait, an Victoria-based internationally recognized artist. She has every right to be enthusiastic; Gait has impressive accomplishments to her credit, ranging from small art to the very large. At the small end, she designed a $500 gold coin for the Canadian Mint, which illustrates the legend of the spirit bear. On the coin, a raven stretches its wings to throw colour onto the world, as retreating glaciers reveal a lush new land. A bear totem blocks the sun, while a brown bear is turned to white. Today, the coin sells for $12,000. Gait also created the enormous mural (more than 100 metres in length) that transformed the concrete Ogden Point Breakwater into one of the signature public artworks of Victoria. Gait, from the Esquimalt First Nation, collaborated with Butch Dick of the Songhees First Nation and a team of aboriginal youth to design and paint the mural from 2009 to 2013. The mural shows undulating waves and sand, filled with various creatures of the West Coast. Gait’s cougar, running deer, raven, eagle and a wolf are symbols of family unity, honesty, generosity and respect — values which exemplify First Nations people. “Becoming an artist was fairly instinctual since I was a toddler,” Gait explains. “With my First Nation’s heritage, I was moved by so many magical things in the dream world and nature. My Grandmother Cooper was also a great inspiration as a storyteller. It helped strengthen my imagination and creativity at an early age.”

The “40s something” Gait has received many awards including The Book Illustrator of the Year Award, Verse and Vision People’s Choice Award and The Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Award. Her exhibitions receive wide press and television coverage. Gait is an invited member of the Worldwide Nature Artists Group, the foremost international organization of nature artists, which includes such prominent artists as Robert Bateman. Gait’s detailed acrylic paintings are often inspired by her vivid dreams, which she feels must be captured by her brush and poetry and then shared. Her images in bold colours and pleasing designs are imbued with the rich traditions and history of her Coast Salish culture and express her passion for protecting the environment. Her work also illustrates her Baha’i belief in the oneness of humanity and the beauty of its diversity. She depicts all her images with scientific and historical accuracy, as she considers her art to be part of the oral history of her culture. “Although I am First Nations, I go beyond traditional and paint whatever I want,” she says. She does just that and she does it well. Gait’s work can be seen at her One Moon Gallery, which has a totem with an eagle and a dragon proudly standing in front, and at her website ( Like many artists, Gait struggled at the start. “When I was in my 20s neither the provincial nor federal arts councils would support me,” she explains. “They felt my art had no future because it was neither native nor non-native.” But Gait, a determined, tenacious woman, never gave up on her art. “Although I had young children, I drove the long road to Tofino just so I could sell my paintings.”


Francis Jewellers Made from your old gold and diamonds 617 Broughton, Victoria, BC (250) 384 7611

Wow! to


She is particularly grateful for an Aboriginal Achievement Foundation scholarship she received while in her mid-20s. It allowed her to support herself and her children while she went to Calgary Applied Multimedia Centre and then Vancouver Island University to study art. Although she is largely self-taught, the scholarship was a huge boost both to her career and confidence. Her tenacity paid off. Since then, Gait has won many awards, her work is sought after and she is making a decent living so she can support herself and her family. “It’s not been an easy road to get here, but I wouldn’t trade it at all.” Even Gait’s middle name, Emmerrencianna, is unusual and attractive, befitting an artist. “I was named by my Grandmother Cooper after a nun from residential school who was actually kind. The nun was named for a small town in Spain where nuns and priests visit for enlightenment. I was also given the same name as one of Grandmother’s daughters, who passed away at age 14. She would have been my aunt.” Poetry is also a passion for Gait, but with her family responsibilities and her painting she hasn’t found the time for it in the past few years. However, she always writes something about each of her paintings. Her only frustration is that she wishes she had more time during the day to create. “I’m married with a family so I have set hours,” she explains.

“I have two adult sons who are on their own and a three-year daughter who is always with me. I am also raising two stepsons ages 9 and 10.” Gait rises early in the morning, waking about 4 am to meditate and walk the dog. She starts painting about 7 am and continues to about 1 pm. During this time, her children wander in and out. She works on about eight paintings simultaneously. Spirit of my Ancestors, Gait’s favourite painting, provides insight into her philosophy and her First Nation’s heritage. “It’s a large acrylic on canvas painting (49” tall, 24” wide) created in 2009 when my father passed away. My sister, brother, and I were blindfolded for 10 days in a traditional ceremony to help us stay balanced spiritually, emotionally and physically. On the final day I was taken to a sacred place and the blindfold was removed. As I looked up, I saw the mist rolling in as the sun broke through. The mist is said to be our ancestors watching over us. The painting shows this moment. I was told I could never be able to come back to this spot, so I recorded as much as I could. I added the yellow cedar, which means so much to our Native people. The stones with markings on them are only found on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and symbolize permanence.” Gait has certainly made a permanent mark on West Coast art.

She depicts all her images with scientific and historical accuracy, as she considers her art to be part of the oral history of her culture.

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Bright, airy house offers mountain resort vibe by Chelsea Forman Photos by Vince Klassen




Island in the kitchen mimics the shape of the house.


gingerly press a silver doorbell, thinking the exterior of this house is closer to a piece of fine art than a collection of building materials. When the door opens, I’m greeted warmly by one of the homeowners and a pair of black Standard Poodles. “This is Juno and the young one is Emmy,” he tells me. The dogs are impeccably groomed, and somehow their black coats perfectly juxtapose the soft colours of the home’s interior. Emmy nuzzles gently at my hand and I resist the urge to sit down on the pristine wirebrushed oak floors to play with her in the area that sweeps before me. From the front entrance we walk by a home office and descending staircase into the open concept living room and kitchen space. The living room ceiling soars at an impressive 20 feet, with expansive windows showcasing a staggering view off the back

of the house. Mount Finlayson feels close enough to touch. A fireplace to our left carries stainless steel from the base all the way to the ceiling. Joined by the homeowner’s wife, the three of us move into the kitchen and sit around a white quartz island, designed in the shape of the house. This is my first hint at the depth of details this house boasts. We quickly fall into a conversation about the supreme lifestyle on Bear Mountain. “I golf every day,” the man says. “After I golf I come and get the dogs and we go on a big walk. We used to walk from our townhome to this very property. I would lie on the hill and dream about what it would be like to have a house here.” After the couple acquired the property, they began a sixmonth design process, followed by two years of building, one of which involved getting the lot ready.

“There is a real quality feeling of the whole home. Every effort was made for it to be the best it could be.”


“The property was not ‘build ready,’” he explains, taking his arm and holding his elbow high in the air, his hand pointing downwards: “This was the angle the lot was.” They brought in Victoria Stonescape, which built a fortresslike wall — 24 feet high — to flatten the property enough to build. The couple designed the home with Mike Dunsmuir of Step One Design. They didn’t have any major ideas other than to “make use of the whole lot,” the male homeowner says. “There was no defined plan. It came together as we went.” His wife adds that she did want, “a clean modern esthetic with a lot of natural light and neutral flow.” Glancing around, I think the look has been expertly achieved. The light colour palette in combination with the expansive windows make the home so

bright it almost glows. She goes on to say, “The view is the décor.” And fine décor it is. The lush green mountains seen from the back of the house provide an attractive emerald pop of colour in the living space. There is no competing furniture to diminish the view. “Mike built everything in,” the man says. “It was great, we got rid of pretty well all our furniture.” “And what’s left, is all from ScanDesigns,” his wife says, adding ScanDesigns is known for producing elegant, modern, simple pieces that effectively complement the space but do not compete with it. The homeowners knew from the day they purchased the lot that they wanted to work with Terry Johal Development on the build, and Johal says this particular home was a pleasure to work on.

“I would lie on the hill and dream about what it would be like to have a house here.”


“I’m quite proud of it. It has the real mountain resort vibe. It fits and blends in really nicely to its surroundings,” he says, adding, “It’s contemporary, without a cold feel. It’s inviting, more than most contemporary homes.” As we set off to tour the home with Emmy and Juno politely trailing behind us, I take note of the quality referenced by Johal. Four materials are pulled throughout the house, giving it an appealing consistency — stainless steel, white quartz, wood and glass. The doors even have a stainless steel strip inlay on the main floor, which is subtle but sublime. In the master bedroom the white quartz of the kitchen counters has been used on the fireplace mantel and the king bed frame is built in with the same engineered walnut used throughout the kitchen and living rooms. The master bathroom features a Japanese style tub that stands in the centre of the room and is as tall as my chest. As with the rest of the home, the tub is electronically programmed. Each room has a Control 4 touch screen, which manages 35

The en suite bathroom boasts a Japanese-style tub.


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everything from temperature to music. It is also connected to a state-of-the art security system with a series of cameras that monitor the property and can be viewed from a television or cell phone. “We can watch the rain in Victoria from the sun in Arizona,” the homeowners explain. As the tour continues, we approach a floating staircase leading to a space above the garage. Emmy and Juno sit patiently at the bottom. “When we were designing the home I knew I wanted a man cave, but we also had this empty space where an attic would otherwise be,” the man says as we ascend the stairs, “So Mike suggested, why not make a woman’s cave up there?” I like the sounds of this. We enter the space at the top of the stairs where a built-in sewing station appears. The roof is artistically designed with four quadrants dipping down in the corners, and a balcony off the front allows for a peak-a-boo look at the inner harbour of downtown Victoria. The room is luxurious and reminds me of a private atelier. As we make our way downstairs and turn the corner down to the lower level, Emmy takes off down the hall towards the main living space. “She had a bad go of these stairs once, so she only uses the other set off the main entrance. She’ll meet us down there,” he explains. Sure enough as we emerge at the bottom of the stairs, Emmy has already made it down via the main staircase. We cut down a hallway, which has two guest bedrooms and a Jack and Jill

A state-of-the art security system with a series of cameras monitors the property and can be viewed from a television or cell phone. bathroom, and enter a large space with a full bar and home theatre to our left. Directly in front of us is the illustrious man cave, visible through a set of glass doors, and framed like a picture. A batcave-like garage (separate from the everyday, two-car garage on the top of the property) showcases a pristine, 1967 powder blue Corvette Stingray convertible. I’m not much of a car girl, but even I can appreciate this car’s beauty. We make our way into the man cave with a workshop all done in glossy cabinetry that Johal calls “Ferrari Red.” Back outside, admiring the residence, I can understand why Terry Johal’s properties have become a fixture on the mountain. His knack for detail is more than a little impressive. The roof is an Arts and Crafts design made from a mix of materials including slate combined with timber elements to bring in that


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mountain feel. Anodized aluminum with metal flashing on the garage doors gives it a crisp modern vibe. “Everything we did on this home is really high quality and doesn’t need to be highly maintained, from the exterior build materials, to the driveway, to the artificial grass in the backyard,” Johal says. “There is a real quality feeling of the whole home. Every effort was made for it to be the best it could be. The homeowners gave us the freedom to do that and it was worth it.” The homeowner is equally pleased with Johal: “Walking around Bear Mountain the past few years, I have become very familiar with Terry’s work. I can pick his homes out on any road.” All too soon I have wrapped up my tour and it’s time to head out. I shake the homeowner’s hand and he warmly says, “If you ever need some more poodle time feel free to stop by.” I laugh, but I just may take him up on that.

Supplier List:

Builder Terry Johal Developments Architectural Design Step One Design Cabinetry South Shore Cabinetry Flooring Hourigan’s Flooring Lighting McLaren Lighting Hardware Victoria Speciality Hardware





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LES FELUETTES (LILIES) april 20, 22, 28, 30 / 2017

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VICTORIA: 601 Boleskine Road 250-384-9359




NANAIMO: 4300 Wellington Road 250-756-3614



Simply cashmere Black Goat products are fun, fashionable, fabulous by Tess van Straaten photos by DON DENTON


t’s a high-end brand with a quirky name and for the founders of Black Goat Cashmere, designing timeless pieces is their passion. “I do not believe in trends,” cofounder and chief designer Claudia Remy says. “I believe in beautiful things. It’s the beautiful things in the world and nature which inspire me every day.” Claudia and Robert Remy hadn’t planned to go into the cashmere business. But after moving to Canada in 1997 looking for a change of life, they were trying to decide what to do. They were even contemplating moving back to Belgium when Robert took a serendipitous solo trip to Europe and came home with cashmere sweaters for Claudia as a gift. “She said, ‘That’s what we’re going to do!’ because there was a real lack in the market for cashmere garments,” explains Robert. “Cashmere is lightweight, it’s natural, it’s warm and once you start wearing cashmere, it’s hard to wear anything else.” The two have now been working with cashmere for almost 20


years and opened their first Black Goat boutique in Vancouver in 2011. The company expanded to Toronto last year and launched a Victoria store in May. “It was a gamble but we are very happy we came to Victoria,” Robert says. “We wanted to stay close to home and Victoria has been underserved in some retail so we wanted to bring it to the locals and tourists.” Walking into the Government Street showroom, the shelves are a riot of colour — cashmere sweaters, scarves, capes and children’s wear in every shade of the rainbow. And you can’t help but touch because everything is so soft. But there are also designer dresses and fun prints that you’d never guess are cashmere. “The last couple of seasons I’ve started working more and more on our summer collections in 70 per cent cashmere and 30 per cent silk and we’ve made a lot of colourful prints,” Claudia says. “Using new knitting techniques with a fibre-like cashmere can be challenging at times, but when you are successful in the process it is very rewarding.”

“Cashmere is traditionally done in a very basic style but we’re doing it in a fashion-forward way that’s also very timeless.”


Combining cashmere with silk, which is very fine and very strong, allows Black Goat to produce pieces that are much thinner so they can be made into almost any design and worn year-round. But they are still incredibly durable and long-lasting. “If you did cashmere that thin it wouldn’t last,” explains Robert. “Cashmere is traditionally done in a very basic style but we’re doing it in a fashion-forward way that’s also very timeless, and I think that’s what really sets us apart.” The Remys only use Mongolian cashmere, considered the best in the world, and they only use the long strands, which are known for their durability and high quality. “It takes a very specific climate and a very specific diet to make the goats’ cashmere,” Robert explains. “Nomadics have a herd of goats and they go from grassland to grassland and while the goats have very coarse hair on the outside, the underlay — the inside layer — is very soft. And that’s the cashmere fibre.” The goats are only combed once a year, in the spring, and it takes three to four goats to make just one sweater. But the Remys say the high quality and attention to detail, including a good fit, is what keeps customers coming back. “One of our big successes is when we see customers coming back season after season,” says Robert. “When you have a single purchase, that’s great, but what we really consider a success is when people come back and even bring friends and family.” But establishing a brand and a new company hasn’t been without its challenges and the Remys admit they’ve had their ups and downs.


Robert (father) and Charles (son) Remy at their Victoria location of Black Goat Cashmere.


W I N N E R O F 5 G O L D C A R E AWA R D S 2 0 1 4 & 2 0 1 5


“Business isn’t just success, it’s also failure,” Robert is quick to point out. “When you start to think you’re on top of the world, that’s the day you’re going to fall down.” The couple, who have been married for 26 years, have two children and their older son works in the family business and oversees the Victoria store. They say hard work, listening to their customers and believing in their product has paid off. “It all comes down to the product,” says Robert. “If you have a good product people will buy from you and when you are true and honest with your customers and deliver what you promise, you are successful.” For Claudia, the most important thing she’s learned over the years is to trust her instincts. “In design, all people have their own barometer to guide them,” she says. ”Follow your instinct and if you do not believe in something, don’t even try to convince others.” As for the quirky name, that’s all Robert. “I’m the black sheep of my family and since cashmere comes from goats, we call it Black Goat,” the entrepreneur explains. “I’ve always done things untraditionally and I’m always thinking out of the box.”

Anything But Ordinary


Oak Bay Village 2265 Oak Bay Avenue 250.595.2773 Broadmead Village 777 Royal Oak Drive 250.881.8252

Anything But Ordinary 46

Oak Bay Village 2265 Oak Bay Avenue 250.595.2773



FROM $42,790* Some people expect a little more from life. And when you combine the capability of a Land Rover vehicle with a folding second and third row† for versatility, as well as a panoramic roof†, it’s no wonder you attract drivers who are anything but average. LAND ROVER VICTORIA 3351 Douglas St 3351 Douglas St., Victoria, BC Victoria, B.C. Mon-Thu 9:30 am- 6:30 pm V8Z 3L4 Fri-Sat am Little - 6 pmat 2504753313 Contact9:30 Ruben

Land RoveR victoRia Contact Ruben Little General Sales Manager

250 475 3313 Dealer #30479

Ruben Little

Calvin McCullough

John Malone

Mark Lum

Quinn Liberatore

Viktor Selezniov

Peter Atwal

Sam Giles McKittrick Bodley-Scott

Optional Feature. Model shown: 2016 Discovery Sport HSE Luxury *Price shown is manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the Discovery Sport SE. Supplies are limited. Excludes Freight charges, a $595 dealer documentation fee, an optional $385 Global-I fee and taxes, all due at signing. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. See Land Rover Victoria or call 250 475 3313 † for qualifications complete ©2016 Land*Price Rovershown NorthisAmerica, LLC.Suggested Retail Price for the Discovery Sport SE.Supplies are limited. Excludes $ D & D Charge destination/ Optional Feature.and Model Shown: details. Discovery Sport Jaguar HSE Luxury Manufacturer handling charge, tax, title, license, and retailer fees, all due at signing, and optional equipment. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. See your Land Rover Victoria or call 2504753313 for qualifications and complete details. ©2015 Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC

Sleeveless coat ($1,185) and scarf ($645) by Luisa Cerano, Trendline stinty spray jeans ($365) by Raffaello Rossi, all from Bagheera Boutique; front fold fedora ($249) by Canadian Hat from Bernstein & Gold.



Camel, coffee, cream and coal; wool, cashmere and woven — this season’s coats are rich in colour and texture. However, when it comes to coats, it’s the cut and silhouette we fall in love with. Here are six must-have new shapes, certain to keep you warm and looking hot. 48


Hooded cable cardigan ($1,195), sleeveless top ($255) and leggings ($445) all by Black Goat Cashmere at their new Government Street store; Bracelets ($68 and $128) by Marc Jacobs and from Violette Boutique; “Kim” lace-up runner by Frye ($279) from Footloose Shoes.

Chestnut wrap coat ($429) by Bryn Walker, Manhattan tunic ($149) and leggings ($89) by Sympli, “Sojoum” scarf ($59) by Asian Eye, all from Auréa Gems and Essential Luxuries; “Taissa” square toe heel ($310) by Miista from Footloose.


Clay Grey

Knitted top ($550) and skirt ($310) by Luisa Cerano; silver and copper cuff ($330) by Karyn Chopik; all from Bagheera Boutique.

Asana Coat ($938), rust Gayo Pullover ($449) and Charlone Pant ($449), all by By Malene Birger; “Foothills� necklace ($285) by Lizzie Fortunato, from Bernstein & Gold. 50

Striped charbone pants ($385), bone blouse ($325) and alpaca and silk scarf ($235), all by Eileen Fisher; “Verona” peacoat ($399) by InWear, antic silver earrings ($55) by Sarah Pacini, all from Hughes Clothing; “Taissa” square toe heel in nude ($310) by Miista from Footloose. 51

Louche coat ($695) by Smythe, coral silk pleated dress ($995) by Leisure, and tassel earrings ($275) by Lizzie Fortunato, all from Bernstein & Gold.


100% virgin wool coat ($700), pink mock necklace motif ($470) and checkered skirt ($280), all by Marc Cain and from W&J Wilson • Model

Mary Wallace represented by Coultish Management

• Make-up and hair

Jen Clark, in-house makeup artist for COSMEDICA using glo•MINERALS makeup • StylinG and

production assistant Sierra Lundy


Debbie Greenway and Christine Bowles inside the BC Cancer Agency on Lee Street.


Living in hope Caring staff, personal care and cutting edge technology at the BC Cancer Agency by Susan Lundy photos by Cathie Ferguson



alking the sidewalk towards the BC Cancer Agency, I try to imagine how I’d feel coming here for the first time following a cancer diagnosis. Trepidation? Fear? Anxiety? Perhaps I’d feel nothing: just an overwhelming numbness. What I didn’t consider as I push open the doors and step into the brightly lit cancer centre, is that the feeling might actually be “hope.” “It’s such a beautiful building,” says Cynthia Durand-Smith, the BC Cancer Foundation’s major gifts development officer. “There’s always a feeling of hope here.” The BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre is located on Lee Street, behind the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Inside, the atmosphere is calm, almost soothing. People sit in comfy chairs, flipping through magazines. A few carry the trademark cancer “look,” wearing scarves to cover hair loss or going bare-headed. In some ways, the reception area looks more like a hotel lobby than a treatment centre, and floor-to-ceiling windows only add to the sense of light and breezy spaciousness. On this day, I’m touring the facility with Durand-Smith plus Anna-Lise ter Mors, senior development officer of special events — herself a cancer survivor — and Bethany Wilson, chair of the cancer foundation’s flagship fundraising event in Victoria, Jingle Mingle. Set December 1 this year, Jingle Mingle will likely surpass the $5 million mark in funds raised during its 10-year tenure. And as it turns out, much of what we are seeing on the tour today exists due to donor dollars. Boarding the elevator to the second floor, I remark on the ambiance. Durand-Smith smiles and says, “Everyone is very happy here — they’re so well taken care of. I’ve had people tell me they feel like they are the only patient in the building.” Later, when I talk to Victoria cancer survivor Christine Bowles, she echoes thisus sentiment, saying her “initial Visit at 823 Broughton St trepidation melted away quickly … the staff was just so or wonderful.” First diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 through routine mammogram screening, Bowles has been “through the gamut,” undergoing surgery, chemo, radiation and then recurrence in 2011. She received her treatment here and can’t say enough about it. “By the end of it … I almost had a panic attack,” she laughs. “I told them, ‘but I want you to keep taking care of me.’” During her first chemo treatment — which is “not as bad as people think it’s going to be” — she remembers sitting down in a “big, comfy chair.” “I’m nervous, but I’m okay. The nurse says ‘you’re going to feel a bit drowsy,’ and [after a few minutes] I say, ‘ya, I’m feeling it now,’” she pauses and laughs. “The nurse bats me on the head

“Everyone is on a very personal journey. And that’s where the hope comes in. Hope is lost if it’s a one-size fits all treatment.”

Scoot on in… We’ve got the locals smiling.

OUR BOOK Y APPT. L DENTA DAY! TO 76 1.98 250.38

Visit us at 823 Broughton St or


Contemporary design with straight, minimalist lines highlights the newest Rockford bath and shower from Hytec.

Your Style. Our Expertise.


Victoria • Langford • Duncan • Nanaimo Parksville • Courtenay • Campbell River

Visit us online at or follow us on Facebook!


Dr. Kwame Twumasi-Boateng and Anna-Lise ter Mors, senior development officer of special events, in the BC Cancer Agency’s the Alex & Jo Campbell Patient and Family Support Centre.


PHOTO by don denton

with her clipboard and says, ‘I haven’t started it yet.’ It’s just that the chair was so comfy and relaxing.” It wasn’t a story I anticipated but I begin to “get it” as we tour the building, passing the volunteer driven TLC Café and gift shop on the second floor, which Durand-Smith describes as “phenomenal.” “Seriously,” she says, “You have to come and shop at this gift shop.” On the third floor sits the Alex & Jo Campbell Patient and Family Support Centre, a 10,000-square-foot expansion to the building which opened in 2013 — the result of a BC Cancer Foundation campaign that raised $10 million in two years and included a $1 million gift from the Campbell family. The area — which provides patient services from nutritional counselling and support groups to spiritual guidance and yoga — features an inviting waiting area with couches, tables and chairs. There’s a puzzle set up at one table and a reading area tucked into a corner. “It’s very calming — a lovely place to be,” says ter Mors. “The vision was to make this more than just a treatment centre.” But it’s our next stop that really inspires hope in all who work and volunteer here. Donning long, white lab coats, we meet Dr. Kwame Twumasi-

Boateng, who looks well rested despite having just yesterday completed a 250-kilometre fundraising cycling trip on behalf of the foundation’s annual 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer. Twumasi-Boateng leads us into the heart of the Deeley Research Centre, where the state-of-the-art Conconi Family Immunotherapy Lab has recently been constructed using donor funds (the name honours a $2 million gift by the Conconi family). Here, cutting edge “Adoptive T cell therapy” is set to get underway with a clinical trial in 2017. “It was extremely emotional for the volunteers to see the lab completed,” says Wilson. “We saw the funds we’ve raised help build it every step of the way.” Walking into the enclosed lab feels a bit like stepping onto a sci-fi movie set as Twumasi-Boateng points out “incubator, micro scoop and spinner,” all in gleaming chrome. One advantage of the area is its small footprint, he says: everything in it is mobile, flexible and effective. “It’s all contained in one sterile, compact space.” Inside the lab, immune system cells called T cells will be biopsied, separated and then grown before being reintroduced to patients, where they will circulate and hopefully destroy residual cancer cells. Although the trial starts with patients suffering

“It was extremely emotional for the volunteers to see the lab completed. We saw the funds we’ve raised help build it every step of the way.”



5 8COSM_9303_SepOct_Issue_BOULV.indd


250.598.3300 COSMEDICA.CA

2016-09-02 10:14 AM

Shop HERE before you cruise best selection in the West available at

Baden-Baden Boutique

Cancer survivor Christine Bowles.

advanced ovarian and cervical cancer, it’s expected to be extended to others in the near future. As Wilson points out, cancer is not “one” disease. “It’s a catch-all phrase for thousands of different diseases,” she says. “Different patients respond differently to various treatments — so treatment is now tailored to individuals.” “Adoptive T cell therapy” is part of the trend towards customized, personalized care for cancer patients. “Everyone is on a very personal journey,” Wilson says. “And that’s where the hope comes in. Hope is lost if it’s a one-size fits all treatment.” It’s this “hope” that drives volunteers and organizers for the annual Jingle Mingle, which is raising funds this year for new imaging equipment that is currently only available in Vancouver. “It will have an immediate impact on people being treated here,” Wilson says, adding that all money raised at the event goes directly to benefiting cancer patients because all costs are all covered by the sponsoring donors. Since completing her treatment and returning to normal life, Christine Bowles has embraced fundraising, working with the local branch of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. Now fundraising with the BC Cancer Foundation, this is her first year working on a Jingle Mingle committee. “We’re all so very lucky to have such a dedicated, driven, motivated team of people in the BC Cancer Foundation,” she says. “Their support for the BC Cancer Agency — to enable the doctors, scientists, nurses and support staff to do the jobs that they’re so incredibly good at — is priceless.” And after finishing my tour of the cancer agency, I understand Bowles, when she says, “I feel so blessed to have received such great care from them. I feel as though I owe them my life.”

“It’s very calming — a lovely place to be…The vision was to make this more than just a treatment centre.”

Baden-Baden Boutique 2485 Beacon Avenue, 250 655 7118

Barbara’s Boutique 2392 Beacon Avenue, 250 655 0372

Sidney, BC


strange brew Victoria’s booming coffee culture by Tom Hawthorn photos by Cathie Ferguson



A city once known for being for the newlywed and the nearly dead is now home to jittery aficionados seeking another java jolt.

Courtland Marsman at Bows and Arrows Coffee Roasters on Garbally Road in Victoria.



Spirit Bay is a new community where every planning decision is designed to promote happiness, wellness and sustainability. Woven into the oceanside landscape on the south coast of Vancouver Island is a vibrant, close-knit, sustainable community - Spirit Bay.

To find out more Norma Butterfield 250.516.9004 Cathie Jeffrey 250.857.2283

Come explore this beautiful place, where the community works in harmony with the natural environment, where every building, road and pathway promotes human interaction, and where the site provides unprecedented access to the ocean.

Walter Van Norden 604.417.3908

Come and experience Happiness by Design!

Seaside Village Homes from the $400’s to $1 Million + or visit us in Metchosin at 4901 East Sooke Road.

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A Aging Backwards Dance-Inspired Workouts

barre pilates dance # 1 - 3 9 4 6 Q u a d r a s t re e t , 2 5 0 • 5 0 7 • 4 6 0 8

V i c t o r i a ’s f i r s t B a r r e s t u d i o .

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

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t first, Victoria was a city of churches (and a synagogue), the faithful erecting marvellous stone and brick shrines designed to generate awe. Then we became a city of banks, whose solid stone edifices were also expected to inspire reverence, though for matters more material than spiritual. Today, we are a city of coffee houses, spaces created for worship of the mighty bean. At Blanshard and Broughton, an airy, modern building with white-washed walls offers a welcome respite from the downtown bustle, a fine place to enjoy the many pleasures to be found in a cup of joe. This is the latest outlet of Discovery Coffee, a locally owned business with a roastery across from Paul’s Motor Inn. The newest occupies a space formerly used by a credit union, thus the city becomes ever more immersed in its current caffeine-fuelled epoch. Over in the industrial area of Rock Bay, and located behind huge garage doors, sits craft roaster and coffee shop Bows &Arrows, often filled with a local office crowd and coffee aficionados enjoying pour overs and describing complex tasting notes. A city once known for being for the newlywed and the nearly dead is now home to jittery aficionados seeking another java jolt. Coffee is the greatest cheap legal pick-me-up available. (Straight up coffee is cheap. It’s the fancy drinks that deplete the wallet. At Starbucks, I estimate an order costs $1 per word. Venti medium roast? $3. An iced coconut milk mocha macchiato? That’ll be $5, please.) Need to shake the cobwebs at breakfast? Coffee. Yawning at the afternoon meeting? Coffee. Late night of studying ahead? Coffee. Hungover? Coffee. Victoria has more coffee shops than churches and banks combined. Our former Little England, where High Tea remains a sacrament at a handful of shrines, now more resembles Rome or Vienna, where coffeehouses percolate with conversation. You can go to a coffee shop just about anywhere in town midday on a Friday and struggle to find a vacant chair. When that happens, you can’t help but think: “Doesn’t anyone in this town work for a living?” Whether students cramming or musicians jamming, shoppers planning or shirkers goldbricking, programmers coding or bureaucrats codifying, we gather at the local coffee shop to plot the day’s next step, or to take a breather from our hectic pace. We escape the rain. We take a break from the mundane dreariness of our jobs. We ensconce in a corner to enjoy the benefits of a delicious, energizing beverage (and free wifi). Somehow, a predicted future of more leisure time failed to see how work would invade our every waking hour. That might explain why we take our work to a place where we might otherwise enjoy leisure. The West Coast style took decades to evolve, starting in 1971

You’ve got your espresso, your pour over, your AeroPress, your batch brew, your cold brew, and, now, your nitro cold brew.

with the original Starbucks outlet in a narrow storefront at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. The company expanded to Canada in 1987, spreading the Italian notion of the coffee house as a third place in a daily routine between home and work. Today, you can stand at the corner of Government and View streets and be in a long queue from three Starbucks outlets. Within a few blocks, you can find Murchie’s, Dolce Vita, Picnic, Hey Happy, Street Level Espresso, Dutch Bakery, Sammich, Crust, Fol Epi, Bean Around the World, Serious, the new Pour, the aptlynamed Habit … well, you get the idea. Oh, yeah, Tim Hortons, too. Back in the day, the black beverage was poured from a bowlshaped glass commercial coffee pot that had seemed to be resting atop a warming burner since time immemorial. What it lacked in flavour, it made up for in quantity, as cups were bottomless and refills free. U-shaped counters with swivelling stools could be found at the old café at the Strathcona Hotel, while the Pink Shrimp Café (704 Johnson Street) had a long counter running the depth of the store. Sometimes, when I visit Macchiato Caffé, at 1002 Broad Street, I try to imagine what it must have looked like as the Ten-O-Two Coffee Shop. In diner days, a “blonde with sand” would get you what a Timmys order of double double is today — a sweet, milky coffee. The boom in coffee culture has brought with it not just another language (the multisyllabic Italian names for drinks, as well as barista) but new technologies. These days, getting older means relearning conquered technologies, as the telephone evolved into the mobile and the television became a multicasting device connected to remotes and mobiles. Even ordering coffee now seems to demand a science degree and a working knowledge of metallurgy, as bean dust and water are transformed into liquids about which many become rapturous. You’ve got your espresso, your pour over, your AeroPress, your batch brew, your cold brew and, now, your nitro cold brew in which cold brew coffee is put into a keg with nitrogen and left to sit for 24 hours before being tapped. The result: “a very creamy mouth feel, cascading body and a slight effervescence,” according to Discovery Coffee. Sounds like a Guinness without the beer. Talk about your strange brew. Line ’em up, barkeep, I’ve got work to do.

Awesome people deserve awesome food - bring your friends or your date for fresh seasonal food made with love and locally sourced ingredients. OPEN FOR BRUNCH, LUNCH AND DINNER 7 DAYS A WEEK

509 Fisgard Street, Victoria, BC (250) 590-8795 WWW.OLORESTAURANT.COM


Quality. Honesty, Integrity. Exceptional Custom Homes Built for Luxury Living.

“I get excited by the opportunity to work with my clients to create their dream homes. I feel proud when someone has put trust in me to be a part of a very important decision in their lives.�

Rov Dosanjh, Owner





Uplands Waterfront 3195 Humber Rd, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC $14,999,999 | MLS 358440 Elite, gated estate stands prominently on an unrivaled point on Oak Bay’s Uplands waterfront, 1,000 feet of unobstructed ocean frontage. 15,000 sq. ft. provides 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and an attached private executive office. 2 double-car, and 3 single-car garages; greenhouse, outdoor kitchen, granite gas fire pit, an etched walkway around the ocean-lined perimeter, and an oceanfront anchor with a heated, covered outdoor space.

Oceanfront Architectural Marvel 3051 McAnally Rd, Victoria, BC $7,500,000 | MLS 365134 Architectural marvel situated on 1,350 feet of waterfront. A seamless merging of glass, modern luxuries and natural building materials constitute this magazine worthy abode. Encompassed by ocean and unwavering natural beauty, this unique residence is purely for the discerned buyers. 1.59 acres off the coveted 10 Mile Point Ecological Reserve. ©2016 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

735 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC, Canada V8W 1B1

The local real estate agent with the international network: Scott Piercy Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-686-7789

Panoramic Views

Custom West Coast Home

5 Acres, Oceanfront

5209 Polson Terrace, Victoria, BC $1,570,000 | MLS 367649

683 Steamer Drive, Victoria, BC $1,300,000 | MLS 370011

2455 Tryon Road, Victoria, BC $5,300,000 | MLS 364962

Panoramic ocean & Mt. Baker views! 4 bed/4 bath Cordova Bay home. The home offers a tastefully renovated kitchen and ample family and entertaining space. The main level also provides the master suite, with 5-pce bath and walk-out deck access to enjoy the sunrise. The walk-out lower level offers; office, bedroom, wine cellar, & rec room. Great location is close to schools, Cordova Bay Golf Course & Broadmead Village.

Above the Saanich Inlet in Willis Point, this 3400+ sq ft custom 2010 home presents style and quality inside and out, featuring 3 bedrooms, 5 beautiful bathrooms, an open layout, big windows, great light, multiple decks, and some ocean views. Plus: heated floors, handcrafted wood finishings, and much more. Call to view, Jerome Peacock 250-888-0326.

5.14 private oceanfront acres on stunning Curteis Point. Main home offers 4,000+ sq ft, ample space to develop; or renovate into your Oceanside dream. A fully renovated, self-contained 2 bedroom, 1,300 sq ft Guest House. The private beach is easily accessible to enjoy a multitude of water activities year-round. Endless possibilities.

Luxury Waterfront

Exquisite Waterfront Home

Stunning Home & Views

8355 Lochside Drive, Victoria, BC $4,950,000 | MLS 351157

237 King George Terrace, Victoria, BC $6,488,000 | MLS 360457

695 Cains Way, Victoria, BC $1,999,000 | MLS 363242

6000 sq ft Oceanfront home on 2.2 acres; offering 400 feet of low bank Saanich Peninsula waterfront. The unique design throughout allows full panoramic views. Luxury is paramount throughout the home; demonstrating the calibre of the home’s overall complete renovation. Pool, spa, steam, fitness room & outdoor sport court complete this lifestyle oasis.

Panoramic ocean and active sea life views from this stunning waterfront estate near downtown Victoria. The finest quality home over 7,000 sq ft with no detail spared. Gourmet kitchen, self-contained cottage, outdoor chef ’s kitchen, 1,200 bottle wine cellar, infinity pool, hardwood floors, large picture windows, and exposed beams.

Privileged ocean and Olympic mountain views. Brilliant contemporary, open design. A showpiece kitchen; with stainless steel appliances, Canadian walnut cabinets, spacious central island, and dramatic black honed granite countertops. Master suite features 30 foot ceilings. 2 private suites and a detached studio. Listed 1 million below replacement cost! Just 30 min from Victoria.

©2016 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated.

735 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC, Canada V8W 1B1

The local real estate agent with the international network: James LeBlanc Personal Real Estate Corporation 250-812-7212



290 King George Terrace 369221 $1,400,000

2417 Hamiota Street 369174 $950,000

375 Sunset Avenue 368897 $1,400,000


398 Denison Road 368576 $1,200,000


2951 Eastdowne Road Call for details $1,000,000

332 Irving Road Call for details


FA B U L O U S airbnb POTENTIAL 326 Dallas Road











1733 Fairfield Road 369925 $1,000,000

1139 Chapman Street 367959 $950,000

1915 Quixote Lane 366936 $2,100,000


3439 Salsbury Way 369850 $1,100,000



1234 Oxford Street Call for details





940 Rankin Road 369856









366808 $4,000,000

368575 $2,500,000


W I N E R Y / V I N E YA R D

990 Kanishay Road

11195 Chalet Road

365688 $3,490,000

356674 $2,500,000

Mowgli Island



7078 Brentwood Drive










2510 NOttiNGHAM RD.




WAtERFRONt opportunity: 2 adjacent waterfront lots totalling 16.78 acres, with orchards, pastures, meadows & spectacular ocean frontage! SO many options, with 2 cottages, heirloom barn, swimming dock, mooring buoy, sheltered cove with beach & endless sun!

iNNER HARBOuR views are showcased from this spacious 2 bed/2 bth unit at ‘Shutters’! Fabulous open design, spacious deck, tons of natural light & lovely harbour views to the Parliament Bldgs & Empress Hotel, plus 2 parking spaces and pet-friendly too!

luXuRiOuS custom home in prestigious setting close to great schools, golfing, beaches & UVic! Spacious & open design w/5 bedrms, 7 baths, beautiful custom finishing & spacious guest.....Gorgeous .87 acre property totally private with gazebo, plus tons of parking!





4409 MOONliGHt lANE

50 FOul BAy ROAD




ElEGANt & spacious 5 bed/5 bth home; totally renovated/upgraded throughout! Sunny, open design boasts upscale custom finishing & detailing, w/lots of options for family/entertaining. Gorgeous, private .72acre property in Victoria’s most exclusive neighbourhood!

StuNNiNG, completely renovated 5+ bedrm home with gorgeous ocean views & direct park access! On a quiet cul-de-sac mins from UVic, this elegant/upscale home features oversized rms, custom cabinetry/woodwork, imported fixtures/ hardware, elevator & more!

BEACHFRONt living at its best! Immaculate 5 bed/4 bath 2009 built waterfront home on a gorgeous sandy beach: enjoy spectacular southfacing views across Gonzales to the Olympic Mts., with separate guest suite, 2-car garage, multiple decks & more!


Magnificent Mansion $2,300,000

610 St. Charles Street, Victoria, BC: Victoria’s only grand scale California Arts & Crafts home. Authentic to its 1912 roots & meticulously restored over 10 years, modernizing to the highest standards. 6,311 sq. ft of masterful craftsmanship.

GLYNIS MACLEOD 250.661.7232

Personal Real Estate Corporation

I believe every home is a mansion, regardless of size, location or price.

Please call me if you are considering selling your home.

Spectacular Oceanfront Hideaway $8,250,000

2560 Queenswood Drive, Victoria, BC: Exquisite 6,638 sq. ft custom home hugs the shoreline on 1.79 acres of idyllic oceanside living in Victoria’s premier suburb. Moon rises & sunrises over the Salish Sea are a spectacular backdrop to a modern way of life.


Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Independently Owned and Operated. E.&O.E.: This information is from sources which we deem reliable, but must be verified by prospective Purchasers and may be subject to change or withdrawal. Not intended to solicit properties already under agreement


REAL ESTATE EXPERT Helping you make the right decision.







1580 Lands End Rd, North Saanich

MLS# 368041

Refined west coast oceanfront masterpiece offering awardwinning design & master craftsmanship throughout! Soaring ceilings & oversized windows evoke the feeling you are floating on water creating an unparalleled experience as you move throughout this remarkable home. Highlights include an aweinspiring kitchen w/ stunning custom cabinetry, open plan living space, & picture worthy views that can be enjoyed from every room. Outside you will find expansive entertaining areas, wood burning fireplace, & incredible 25-meter saltwater infinity pool. Situated on a private 1.59-acre oceanfront lot, this home has been strategically designed to maximize sun exposure & provide superior wind protection making it the perfect retreat to enjoy year-round.



11380 Nitinat Road, North Saanich

Chace Whitson personal real estate corporation

MLS# 369044

¡ 250 818 9338 tel ¡ 250 388 5882 cel


11372 Chalet Rd, North Saanich CHACEWHITSON.COM

MLS# 368694

Dallas Sells Victoria/Oak Bay


“My goal is to find your dream home and ensure that the decision you make stands as a wise investment over the long term.”









This immaculate 2,214 sq. ft. townhome in Port Royale Estates has ocean views from the spacious living (with fireplace) and dining room as well as the kitchen and master bedroom (all on the main floor). There is a den on this level too. Downstairs is a 3rd bathroom, 2 more bedrooms, a kitchenette and a family room. Being an end-unit, this suite is very bright. The kitchen opens to a large deck where you can barbecue and watch the fabulous sunsets! Enjoy gardening in your courtyard. Double garage. Tons of storage too! Close to buses, shopping and also the walkway by the ocean so you can walk to restaurants & the Brentwood Lodge. Centrally located on Brentwood Bay between the ferries, airport, Sidney & Victoria, close to the Butchart Gardens and Panorama Rec Centre. $685,000



Under $500,000! 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom bungalow with basement. Fireplace in living room. 5,500 sq. ft. west-facing lot overlooking Oaklands Park. Coved ceilings, fir floors under carpet. Garage & central vac too! Close to buses, good schools and shopping at Hillside Mall.


This bright beautiful 6 BD, 3 BA family home backs onto John Dean Park. Lower entry level offers a family rm, 4 bdrms, & a 5 pc main bath – perfect for the kids! Upstairs is a spacious kitchen that opens to the family rm, dining rm, the master bdrm & 6th bdrm. 3 sets of French doors opening to deck. $709,900

With the market being extremely active, it’s the perfect time to sell your home!


For a FREE Market Evaluation call me at


Dallas Chapple RE/MAX Camosun • Tel: 250.744.3301 • Toll Free: 1.877.652.4880 • Email:

Sylvia Therrien

1286 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC

Personal Real Estate Corporation









Sa L

Sa L



The Value of Experience

2802 Arbutus Road | $2,950,000

3125 Uplands Road | $2,500,000

5499 Forest Hill Road | $2,195,000

907 Oliver Street | $1,750,000

609 Oliver Street | $929,000

Coming Soon | $7,500,000

Award Winning Executive Home in Wedgewood

6.3 acres | Elk/Beaver Lake Border

South Oak Bay Cottage

Uplands Character

Exquisite Updated South Oak Bay

6 acres Ardmore Waterfront • • 250.385.2033 • Cell: 250.888.6621 • Toll-free: 1.888.886.1286

Extraordinary Properties! Unrivalled Experience and Expertise

SHOAL POINT OCEANFRONT PENTHOUSE This premiere penthouse residence offers a unique alchemy of Luxury, prestige and sophistication. Panoramic ocean views are offered of the Olympics, the Cruise ships, with a constant hub of marine activity. The spacious gourmet kitchen is an art form of clean lines, marble counters, & white cabinetry with top of line SS appliances. Two grand master suites are privately situated on the upper floor. This lifestyle property is truly best in class! Offered at $5,999,999 MLS 369499



This unique Loft style penthouse is situated in an award winning Heritage Conversion Building. It offers a dramatic appeal for the discerning buyer seeking quality design & exciting architecture. The exposed brick, 18’ vaulted ceiling, rustic beams, hardwood floors & Palladian style windows create an artful environment from centuries gone by. Offered at $659,000 MLS 367667

This bright and cozy one bedroom suite, with west facing views to the Empress and city, is ready for inspection! Engineered wood flooring throughout, with European cabinets, granite/marble countertops, gas fireplace. Concierge, resident caretaker, fully equipped exercise room and meeting room. Inner Harbour lifestyle! Steps from Beacon Hill Park. Offered at $439,000 MLS 368857

MACDONALD REALTY LTD. 755 Humboldt Street, Victoria, BC | T 250.388.5882 | TF 1.877.388.5882 |

Call Leslee Farrell at 250.388.5882 for assistance with your local and global real estate needs.

Expect Excellence




Prime Waterfront


Fronting on 5 Acres of Prime Waterfront in North Saanich, this warm expansive 7079 sq foot 5 bedroom 5 bath home will fill all the needs for your growing family, including 3 acres for horses, and an Oceanside pool and hot tub. The amenities in the home are endless, with loads of light and bright living space, and an orchard of 27 fruit trees, located 30 minutes from Victoria. A short drive to the airport, ferries, marinas, quaint Sidney and Golf. If there is an artist in your family there is a fabulous private Studio on the property complete with view and fireplace, or it could be a perfect Guest House. Quality is evident when you view this beautiful home


Views to Forever…


With it’s own private elevator this 3,795 sq ft, one storey condo offers 2/3 bed, 4 bath, 5 generous decks with views to the east, south & west. Stunning views of Inner and Outer Harbour, to the Cruise Ship Docks. This complex has an indoor swimming pool, saunas, exercise room, social lounge, putting green & concierge. This first class Residence is within walking distance of downtown & all amenities that Victoria has to offer.

Luxury Views…


Private Waterfront… $1,995,000

This 2968 sq.ft., suite enjoys sweeping 180° Ocean & Mtn Views. Designed to take advantage of the stunning views, this beautiful, expansive 3 bed, 3 bath home, represents elegance. Features include an entertainmentsized LR w/picture windows & wood burning fireplace, large elegant DR, family room, spacious kitchen, all opening onto 1476 ft of deck. The Master retreat is a quiet escape w/ 4 pc ensuite, & walk-in closet.

This beautiful oceanfront property on a 60 Ft. frontage walk-on sandy beach, has sweeping panoramic views to Mt Baker, San Juan Islands, & the “Salish Sea”, which you will enjoy from all principal rooms. 5 Bedrooms, & 4 ½ baths including a walkout in-law, you will appreciate this High Energy Efficient home with a newer gas furnace, triple garage, sun room with green house and more. Matticks Farm, Cordova Bay Golf Course, and shopping are at your doorstep!


Country Living…


If you desire “Country Living” in lovely Cordova Bay, with all the conveniences of City living, then this is the place to call home. There are many opportunities with this property. Built in 1961 on .25 of an acre, this property has been home to the present owners for 52 years.




Spacious & Gracious… $849,000

This very private traditional Japanese inspired home was built by award-winning local builder Ted Hemsworth for himself & partner Lindsay Gibson. A landscape architect noted for her work, is one of Cadboro Bay’s hidden treasures. With edge grain fir floors, shoji doors, a kitchen with solid wood cabinets & drawers that has been recently upgraded as well as the M/Bed & Ensuite. The large studio is a bonus!

This elegant, spacious home in prestigious Wedgewood Estates gated community affords sea views through lush green & wooded grounds. Enjoy an inviting master bedroom with en suite, a large bright living & dining room with west-coast views & woodburning fireplace. An updated gourmet kitchen opens onto a comfortable family room & 306 sq ft patio.

Japanese Inspired…

CAMOSUN PHONE 250.744.3301 · E: · W: 4440 Chatterton Way, Victoria, BC V8X 5J2

“Home is the Canvas on which you are free to Paint your wildest and most beautiful Dreams”

Change is Good! Let’s talk about your real estate goals

Sharen Warde & Larry SimS

Susanna Crofton



Newport Realty

JOI N US in delicious hors d’oeuvres and sparkling cocktails. Be part of Jingle Mingle, an U N F O R G E T TA B L E evening at one of the Island’s premier events in S U P P O R T of the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Island Centre. INDULGE

Thursday, December 1st, 2016 The Fairmont Empress | Tickets $175 Tickets are known to sell out! Advance reservations: 250.519.5416 or


THE JOY of …NOTHING Deprivation floats for health, happiness and peace Story and photos by LIA CROWE

Lobby of the Float House. 83

Erik Zaremba and Jesse Erlich at the Float House.



icture a particularly busy week filled to the brim with appointments and deadlines. My head buried in my computer, I’m trying to finish some overdue work. The emails are flooding in, there is a non-stop stream of texts and calls, and I find myself staring in shock at my phone, which has just dinged a 15-minute reminder for an appointment I had completely forgotten (we’ve all been there). I begin rushing around, searching for car keys and making necessary calls — preparing to be out of touch for the next 90 minutes — because the appointment, which I had neglected to remember, involves being in a sensory deprivation tank for an hour and a half, and experiencing the newly revived holistic health trend of “floating.” By the time I pull up at the Float House on Herald Street, one minute past my appointment start time, I feel unprepared and stressed out. I’m thinking, “I don’t have time for this!” and feel like I have one of those rainbow-coloured Mac wheels of death spinning in my brain — the kind you get when your computer is angry, usually resulting in a “force quit” of your programs and a full re-start of the system. I enter a space that feels like a spa or a yoga studio. It’s all white and clean with high ceilings and plant life springing forth from a floor-to-ceiling living wall. A calm, happy looking man asks me to remove my shoes and offers me some herbal tea from the lounge area, where there is also Kombucha on tap. I decline the tea as I am aware that I am late for my float and I have got to get this thing going...I gotta get in there, try it out and get on with my day! After specific instructions, I am left alone in a sparse room containing a white, spaceship-like pod with a lid. After removing all my clothes and taking a shower I reluctantly get into the space-pod that is half full of weird silky, smooth water saturated with Epsom salts, and lower the lid to experience...well...nothing. Although around since the 1950s, “floating” is currently on an uptrend along with other luxury experiences of nothingness, such as silent resorts — hotels that have silent floors and offer digital detox diets to guests — offices that have Zen gardens, quiet zones and meditation rooms. The benefits of “floating” are broad and varied, from physical pain relief to unlocking creativity. “Primarily it’s a de-stressing tool,” says Erik Zaremba, owner of the Float House. “In this [sensory deprived] environment you can get to a very deep state of relaxation, which allows your body to let go of that automated fight or flight system. Anxiety decreases, stress decreases and all of these fun chemicals like dopamine increase. It’s like forced meditation. There’s a set time, a place, there’s

“A lot of times people leave with these big grins on their faces …Pain disappears from the body; they come out feeling happy and good.”

APPETIZER. ENTRÉE. DESSERT. $39. (Your date won’t have to know).

Featured three course dinner, enjoyed in our spectacular waterfront setting. Classic cuisine.100% Ocean Wise.

250.598.8555 |



Model in the deprivation tank at the Float House.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophis

~ Leonardo

Lutron shading systems … the utmost in simplicity and convenience. Visit our showroom to see the next generation Lutron shading systems… of automated window treatments. the utmost in simplicity and convenience.

Visit our showroom to see the next generation of automated window treatments.

Lutron window shades exclusively at…

Lutron window shades exclusively at …

blinds | roller shades FOR A

Since 1986 • 3381 Tennyson Avenue • Victoria • 250.475

blinds I motorized treatments roller shades I custom draperies VISIT OUR SHOWROOM

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Remember her smile and her smirk.

Every person has a story and every family has stories to tell. McCall Gardens and the new Sequoia “Celebration of Life� Centre in Royal Oak is the most ideal place in which to hold a traditional service or unique celebration of life. Our new centre offers beautiful, modern surroundings and gardens, with amenities such as live service streaming, enhanced presentation technology, and exceptional catering options.

To learn more about McCall Gardens and the Sequoia Centre, owned and operated for four generations by the McCall family, contact us today. 250.385.4465 | MCCALLGARDENS.COM

Downtown Location 1315 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 4A3 Royal Oak Location 4665 Falaise Drive, Victoria, BC V8Y 1B4

a start and an end. For those that have a hard time meditating because of distractions around them, this is a great way to get into it. It’s like mediation for dummies.” As I lie in the tank, the calming music and dim lighting (both on a timer) slowly fade to nothing. I am faced with complete darkness, total silence and a sensation that I’m floating in outer space (if outer space was the perfect temperature). At first my mind continues to race and my body has a hard time completely relaxing, but before long I drift into a beautiful state of floati-ness. “People are tuning back into their bodies and seeing the benefits of quiet time alone. It’s not just for hippies,” laughs Float House manager Jesse Erlich. “It’s really hard to pinpoint our demographic because it’s anybody and everybody: artists, writers, professionals, men, women, young, old. People with chronic pain, arthritis, people that suffer from PTSD, counsellors, therapists or even tourists that just want to try something unique.” As I aim to find out more, Zaremba connects me with a client who has been floating regularly since the Float House opened in May of 2014 — Emily Prelevic, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in Oak Bay. Emily says, “[Professionally] it has helped me recover from

burnout or compassion fatigue.” Physically, she has experienced relief from pain and stress, and compares it to the benefits of restorative yoga. On a personal level, she says, “It has helped me grow psychospiritually and accelerated my ability to be mindful, self-compassionate, know my true essence and reach deeper meditative states.” Before I know it, beautiful music starts to hum and dim light begins to glow outside of the pod, signaling the end of 90 minutes. I emerge from the tank and as I rinse the salt off in a warm shower, I feel … well, the best way I can describe it is the feeling of bliss you have while on a tropical vacation or after a good yoga class or simply just ... happy, content and peaceful. “A lot of times people leave with these big grins on their faces,” Zaremba says. “Pain disappears from the body; they come out feeling happy and good.” And I am among them, smiling as I walk out to a beautiful fall evening, everything brighter, shinier and more beautiful. I came in overwhelmed with work and left with a reminder of what it’s like to just feel good.

“For those that have a hard time meditating because of distractions around them, this is a great way to get into it.”

HOME & FAMILY… What matters most.


connect, create & capture

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ng into SavingS

FALLFrom SALE XX to YY /ZZ 2016 we are offering our

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Natuzzi Italia is designed and made in Italy offering 100% Made in Italy collection the consumer the best in style and craftsmanship.

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Introducing our new

Aristokrat Series

2cm H

Siena, Milan and Tuscan Travertine

Aristokrat Series HydraPressed Slabs Feature: • No efflorescence • Use outdoors or indoors • Stain and mark resistant high density surface • Precise sizing greatly reducing installation time and cost • Superior strength / thickness ratio than concrete or natural stone • Lightweight (only 9lbs/ft2) provides cost savings in shipping and installation • Install on pedestals, sand or mortar set

Coffee Cream

More than 20 beautiful color blend Contact an Abbotsford Concrete Products dealer near you: Central Landscape Supplies Ltd Dodds Lumber & Building Supply Island Stone & Landscape Supply Lumberworld Sharecost Rentals & Sales Slegg Construction Materials

1345 Fisher Rd. 7281 Trans Canada Hwy 682 Ark Road, 3955 Quadra St 1716 Northfield Rd 4950 Jordan Ave 2030 Malaview Ave 1496 Admirals Rd 2901 Sooke Rd 2046 Keating Cross Rd

Cobble Hill Duncan Malahat Victoria Nanaimo Nanaimo Sidney Victoria Victoria Saanichton

250-743-9989 250-748-1032 250-743-4250 250-479-7151 250-758-2401 250-268-2005 250-883-7540 250-516-2177 250-478-5509 250-652-1130

• Interlocking Pavers • HydraPressed Slabs • Retaining Wall Systems

Cascade Granite

HydraPressed Porcelain Slabs Carrara Marble


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Pacific Coast Granite

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Coffee Cream

Dover Grey


Oxford Limestone

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Cambridge Limesto

Salt & Pepper



BlueStone Close-up



Bull-nosed pool coping and stair treads are available in all colors

ds and textures to choose from

Perfect Perfectfor forponds, ponds,pools poolsand andwater waterfeatures features

For more information and to download our Aristokrat Series brochure visit:

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VEGGIE Pizzazz Unsung heroes of the food world make holiday sides sizzle Text by Chef Heidi Fink Photos by Don Denton




he fall and winter season is my favourite time of year to savour a personal vegetable heaven. While the most of us are drooling over crisp Thanksgiving turkey skin and grandmother’s sausage stuffing, I am not so quietly thrilling over a roasted Brussels sprout or a perfectly glazed sweet potato. Vegetables are stunning in their variety of colours, flavours and textures, yet are often relegated boring second string in the symphony of dinner. This can, and should, easily change. Whether used for starters, sides, or (yes) mains, good vegetables effortlessly add charisma and interest to any holiday table. The key is to choose your vegetables wisely, and to prepare them in such a way as to let their best qualities shine. Inspire yourself with the colour of a butternut squash, the robust flavour of a Brussels sprout, the texture of fresh sweet corn. Simple, flavourful, rustic: those are my goals, and they provide elegance of their own accord. The fall and early winter season is a time of beauty and abundance for local vegetables and I love to make the most of it for family gatherings. Just imagine: a crisp caramelized wedge of grilled cauliflower infused with the flavour of salted butter; a sweet and tender slice of squash enhanced with a glaze of citrus; or a garlic-laced floret of bright green broccoli. Delicious enough to stand alone and humble enough to play a supporting role, well-prepared seasonal vegetables are the unsung heroes of the food world. Here are a few ideas to get you started on a lip-smacking season. Garlic Butter Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts 1 lb Brussels sprouts

5 Tbsp unsalted butter 4 large cloves garlic ½ tsp salt ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 to 2 Tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar, or more, to taste Preheat oven to 425 F. Cover a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Peel and slice the garlic, and with the butter in a small pot, heat over medium or medium-low heat for several minutes until the butter has melted and the garlic has turned golden (be careful not to burn the garlic!). Strain the butter, saving both the butter and the garlic separately. Meanwhile, rinse Brussels sprouts and trim off any brown or yellow outer leaves. Cut sprouts lengthwise through the stem into 3 or 4 lengthwise slices, depending on size of sprouts. Very tiny sprouts can be cut in half. Some small leaves will fall off and that’s okay. Place the cut sprouts and fallen leaves into a bowl and toss with the strained butter, salt and pepper. Spread out in a single layer on the baking sheet and place in preheated oven. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring once during cooking time, until sprouts are browned and smell nutty and delicious. Remove from oven and immediately drizzle sprouts with the balsamic vinegar, starting with one tablespoon and tasting as you go. Mix the sprouts well on the baking sheet, so that the sprouts are coated with the balsamic. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste, and then transfer to a preheated serving bowl. Top with the golden garlic slices (crumble the garlic a bit, if you wish) and serve immediately.


Garlic Butter Balsamic Brussels sprouts can be kept warm in a low oven for up to 30 minutes. Glazed Acorn Squash Acorn squash begs to be sliced into wedges, roasted and glazed with a sweet-spicy glaze. No peeling around those ridges to worry about. 2 acorn squash 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp salt Glaze: 5 Tbsp pure maple syrup or cane syrup 2 Tbsp butter 1 tsp hot sauce of your choice (Franks, Sriracha, etc.) Preheat oven to 375 F. Line a lasagna pan or roasting pan with parchment (if desired). Place syrup in a small pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer about 2 minutes, until syrup has thickened slightly. Remove from heat and whisk in butter and hot sauce until smooth. Cut acorn squash lengthwise through stem. Scoop out the seeds and strings in the cavity. Slice the squash into wedges, following the natural squash ridges as much as possible. You will 96

have about 10 slices per squash. Toss squash wedges with oil, salt and 3 Tbsp of the glaze, making sure to coat the pieces well. Place them in the prepared pan. The squash pieces can be on their sides. Cover the pan with foil, but leave it a bit loose in places, to allow steam to escape. Place in the oven and roast 30 to 35 minutes, flipping the squash pieces halfway through baking. When the squash is ready, remove from oven and brush wedges all over with glaze. Return to the oven, this time uncovered, and bake 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from oven, flip squash pieces and apply more glaze. Return to oven and roast 5 to 8 minutes longer, until squash is completely tender and glaze is golden. Brush any remaining glaze on the squash wedges as soon as they come out of the oven. Serve immediately, or keep warm in a low oven up to 30 minutes. Roasted Mushrooms with Swiss Chard and Caramelized Onion This can be made in advance, even the day before, and reheated before serving. 2 large red or yellow onions, diced 6 Tbsp unsalted butter Ÿ tsp salt 1 Tbsp minced fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried thyme ½ tsp dried tarragon (optional)

⅓ cup water or broth 1¼ lb button mushrooms, quartered 1 Tbsp oil ½ tsp EACH salt and freshly ground pepper 1 large or 2 small bunches fresh chard (or spinach) ¾ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (optional) Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt butter in a large skillet. When hot, add the diced onion. Sauté until translucent, 6 to 8 minutes, then turn down the heat, add the ¼ tsp of salt and sauté gently for 20 to 40 minutes, or until caramelized (golden brown and sweet-tasting). Do not rush this process. Let the onions do their sweet thing slowly as long as they need to. If they appear to be burning, turn down the heat, but carry on. When the onions appear to be done, add the thyme and tarragon. When everything is fragrant, turn off the heat and add one third cup of water or broth, scraping any caramelized bits from the bottom and making the onions a bit saucy. Meanwhile, toss mushrooms with the oil, the salt and half the pepper, place in one layer on the parchment-lined baking sheet and roast in the oven 20-25 minutes until browned around the edges. Remove from oven; scrape mushrooms along with any of their juices into the skillet with the onions. Set aside until close to serving time. Meanwhile, thoroughly wash and stem chard (or spinach). Chop coarsely. Cook over medium heat in a covered pot with the water that clings to their leaves, using a bit of additional water

only if necessary to prevent the leaves from burning. When the chard is wilted but still green, remove from heat and add to the skillet with the onions and mushrooms. Mix everything together well, making sure to break up any clumps of chard or onion. Season to taste with salt and pepper. To heat for serving time: either heat in the skillet on the stovetop, or transfer to a casserole and heat in the oven. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle the top with a liberal grating of Parmesan cheese, if desired. Spiced Cauliflower (oven-roasted or grilled) Grilled vegetables are a revelation to anyone who hasn’t tried them. Crisp caramelized edges, concentrated flavour, enticing appearance … I have made this both on the grill and in the oven. Use whatever method works best with the rest of your menu. 1 head cauliflower (about 2 lbs) 1 tsp salt 4 Tbsp oil, divided 2½ tsp ground coriander 2 tsp turmeric ½ tsp garam masala ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp cayenne ½ tsp ground ginger ½ tsp garlic powder 1 lemon or lime, cut into wedges If using the oven, preheat to 425 F and cover a baking sheet




250.360.2144 97

with parchment paper. If using a grill, preheat the grill. One half of the grill should have a medium-high fire; the other half should have a low fire. Remove core from cauliflower and cut into medium-large florets. Place in a large bowl. Add the salt and 1 Tbsp of the oil; toss and mix well to coat the florets evenly. If using oven: spread florets out on prepared baking sheet in a single layer. Place in the preheated oven and roast about 25 minutes, or until cauliflower has caramelized edges, stirring a couple of times during cooking. Reduce oven temperature to 375F. If using grill: place florets on the medium-high heat side of the grill, cooking them 2 to 3 minutes per side, and flipping them as needed until they have caramelized edges. As they are ready, move them to the cool side of the grill, cover, and cook about 10 or 15 minutes more. Meanwhile, mix all of the ground spices in a large bowl with the remaining 3 Tbsp of oil until evenly blended. When the cauliflower is ready, remove from oven or grill and place in the bowl. Mix well until the cauliflower is evenly coated with the spice mixture (sometimes, I add a little bit of water to the mixture to help spread the spice paste). Return coated cauliflower to the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, or the cool side of the grill for 5 to 10 minutes, until spice paste is fragrant and cooked on. Spiced cauliflower can be kept warm in a low oven up to 30 minutes. Fresh Corn Salad This salad is at its best with very fresh, very flavourful sweet corn. The dressing is very simple and lets the corn shine. I find this dish to be a refreshing addition to a traditional Thanksgiving spread. NOTE: feel free to substitute leftover grilled corn for the boiled corn.


Salad: 12 cobs of fresh sweet corn, shucked 4 green onions, thinly sliced on the diagonal 2 large ripe tomatoes, seeded and chopped ½ large bunch cilantro, roughly chopped 1 avocado (optional) Dressing: ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil Zest of ½ lime, finely minced or grated ¼ cup fresh lime juice (from 2 fresh limes) ½ tsp salt, or more, to taste 1 tsp dark brown sugar OR honey 1 clove garlic, minced or pressed Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Drop in the 12 cobs of corn, return to a boil and cook for 1 or 2 minutes. Use tongs to remove the cobs and let them cool until you can touch them comfortably. (Variation: grill the corn instead!) Meanwhile, mix the dressing ingredients together in a small jar. Tighten lid and shake the jar vigorously to blend dressing well. (You can also whisk the ingredients together in a bowl.) In a medium-large bowl, mix together three-quarters of the dressing and all the green onions. Using a sharp knife, cut all the kernels of corn off the cooked cobs directly into the bowl with the dressing. Once you have cut the kernels off, use the back of the knife to scrape along the cobs and push all the corn germ into the bowl. Add the tomato and the cilantro. Mix well. Taste and add more dressing and/or salt and/or lime juice. The salad can be refrigerated up to 24 hours before serving (although it tastes best served within 4 hours). Decorate the top of the salad with slices of avocado and sprigs of cilantro. Squeeze a bit more lime juice over the avocado slices to prevent them from going brown.

Quick Pickled Beets These pickled beets are very sharp and garlicky, providing a big hit of flavour and colour to any holiday spread. Keeping the beets unpeeled with the stem and root intact prevents colour bleed while cooking. This recipe can be made up to one week before serving. 5 large or 10 small beets, (about 1 lb) unpeeled and with 1 cm of the stem and root intact ½ cup white wine vinegar ½ cup water 1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thin ½ tsp mustard seeds ½ tsp salt, or more, to taste 2 to 3 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced very thin ¼ cup minced fresh dill, optional Steam or bake the beet whole, until barely pierce-able with a knife — 25 to 35 minutes for steamed beets, and 50- 60 minutes for baked beets. Remove from heat and let cool until easy to handle. Rub skins away (I use latex gloves) and cut off the stem and root. Cut larger beets in halves or quarters. Slice beets into ¼-inch slices and place in a bowl. Meanwhile, combine the white wine vinegar, water, ginger slices, mustard seeds, salt and one clove of the garlic. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer one minute. Remove from heat and let cool. When cool, add the remaining garlic slices. Pour the vinegar mixture over peeled and sliced beets and stir well to mix. Transfer beet mixture, with all of its juices, to a Mason jar and place in the fridge for at least 24 hours, up to one week, before serving. Garnish with chopped fresh dill, if desired. — Linens, candle and ceramics from Picot Collective

Tuna Tataki

EAT. DRINK. CELEBRATE fresh fall flavours

250.385.5643 | 2940 Jutland Rd. Victoria, on the Selkirk Waterway


1950 B Oak Bay Ave. 250-361-9243 Visit Our Showroom | High Efficiency Natural Gas Fireplaces



e s


i g n e r s BY LIA CROWE


eet the talented people who are designing the

face of this city with beautiful interiors, inspired landscapes and all things visual.

“Good design is the fusion of functionality and esthetics. Without functionality it’s not practical at all. Each design needs to speak to the individual client.”

Heather Graham, Casey Bauce & Alexandra Graham Interior Designers, Thomas & Birch Cabinetry Inc. 250.381.5123 | thOmAsAndbIRCh.COm 102


“Every design process is as unique as the stone, the story or the client’s needs, and it always begins by getting to know the people themselves.”

Sara Sepper Jewelry Designer, Barclay’s Fine Jewellers 250.592.1100 bARCLAysjEWELLERs.COm

“I specialize in designing and building modern buildings. In order to interpret clients’ lifestyles, I have to get to know them quite well. And then after that, I lay on my own design premises, my philosophy. I work from the inside out, what it looks like from the outside is generated from the middle.”

Ian Roberts Owner, Architect and Principal Designer, FLASHhouse 250.920.6353 | fLAshhOusE.CA #blvdesigners


“With nature as my muse, I’m inspired to make spaces more beautiful. Good design is simple, balanced, peaceful and thoughtful. Creating an environment or a piece that someone else gets to love is so important to me.”

Jason Rolstone Designer and Artist 250.686.1080 jAsOnROLstOnE.COm

“I design outside the box. Every project should be confident, inspiring and comforting. It should evoke something within you.”

Kimberly Williams Interior Designer Photographed at the Hotel Zed 250.652.6488 kImbERLyWILLIAms.CA 104


“I don’t want a client to feel like they are walking into a magazine setting — the final product has to have a bit of their personality in it. It has to be functional for them and they have to own it. Everyone has a style, I want them to walk into the space and say, ‘this is totally me.’”

Amy McGeachy Interior Designer, Amy McGeachy Interior Design 250.589.5810 AmymCgEAChy.COm



“The beauty of working together is we share an esthetic; natural, earthy, contemporary. We love natural materials, texture and a space without visual chaos. There’s a certain unspoken synergy between us.”

Sandy Nygaard Principal Designer

Dawn Garneau Interior Decorator Nygaard Interior Design 250.592.4320 nygAARddEsIgn.CA

“In design, the obvious possibility of something not working out is always present. This fear drives through the project until you deliver and the client is absolutely blown away. This is the high that I thrive on. And then the process starts all over again, only my bar invariably is set higher.”

Kirk Van Ludwig Autonomous Furniture Collective 778.433.5252 AutOnOmOusfuRnItuRE.COm



“I have a three dimensional mind, so what I really enjoy is tying things together, making harmony out of complex shapes.�

Maarten Kooijman Nautical Designer, CEO and Owner of Pronautic Millwork 250.655.6388 | pROnAutIC.CA #blvdesigners

1 07

“I was really influenced by my upbringing in New Zealand. I love being creative, I like colour and comfort. I’m all about relaxed, comfortable living... like you are on vacation.”

Sue Toby Interior Stylist, Inside Out Homestore 250.388.0661 InsIdEOutvICtORIA.COm

“Good design is invisible. When you see a pretty ring you shouldn’t see the design, it should just be pretty.”

Devon Revelle Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith, Idar Jewellers 250.383.3414 | IdAR.COm



“Growing up on boats, I’ve learned to think outside the box when it comes to design — because on boats, if it’s not needed, it’s not there. I love curves, I like simple clean lines and I desire to create beautiful, energy efficient, eco friendly pieces.”

Mike Randall Furniture and Lighting Designer, Kurva Design 250.885.5517 kuRvAdEsIgn.CA

“I love problem solving. For us, what all design comes down to is how do we solve problems for our clients and create distinctive interiors.”

Tracey Lamoureux & Carley Petillion Interior Designers, Creative Spaciz 250.386.1117 | spACIz.COm



“Good interior design is basically a space well planned, where the designer and client have collaborated. In the end it’s a space where the client feels at his/her best in.”

Azucena Saavedra &Alexis Solomon Interior Designers, MAC Renovations 250.384.6091 | mACREnO.COm 110


“I design as if nature matters. I try to inspire a reverence for nature — it’s not just something to be tamed.”

Shan Marcus Owner and Designer, Thrive Gardens & Living Spaces 250.885.8154 thRIvEgARdEns.CA

“We create kitchens where memories are made. We want people to say ‘I love my kitchen, I love my countertop’ every time they are in it.”

Jason Rounsavall & Jennifer Maratos Designers, James River Kitchens 778.265.0700 | jAmEsRIvERkItChEns.COm #blvdesigners


“I love the blank slate, the empty computer screen or the piece of sketch paper... and finally seeing a completed project you’ve designed out of thin air. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

Mike Dunsmuir Residential Designer

Lisa Dunsmuir Design Consultant Step One Design 778.433.1434 stEpOnEdEsIgn.CA

“Regardless of style, a space should be inviting. Functional, timeless, welcoming and always with an element of nature.”

Mari O’Meara Principal Interior Designer, Mari Kushino Design 250.415.9622 mARIkushInO.COm



“One of my goals when creating a natural landscape is that when it’s complete, it seems like it has always been there.”

Merle Kroeker Landscape Designer and Artisan, Pacific Ridge Landscapes 250.891.9424 | pACIfICRIdgELAndsCApEs.COm #blvdesigners


“I like texture, colour and movement in a garden. I love the movement of grasses in the wind, the strength and structure of trees. I want to create spaces to stimulate your imagination, senses and creativity. I want to create spaces for people to be alone, whole and connected.”

Manon Tremblay Designer, Manon Tremblay Garden Design 778.977.3388 | mAnOntREmbLAy.ORg

“Good design is creative; it’s fresh (not a copy of something you have already seen), and it’s got a sense of humour. It should make you smile and feel proud.”

Ben Brannen Principal Designer, Bespoke Design Ltd. 250.298.1105 bEspOkEdEsIgn.CA



“My hope is that someone living in one of our kitchens finds it functional and they enjoy cooking there. But most of all, that every time they turn the lights on, every time they come home, they love it.”

Robyn Sandsmark, Korey Sandsmark, & Tara Bushby Millwork Designers

Roy Sandsmark Owner and Designer, South Shore Cabinetry

250.920.2003 sOuthshORECAbInEtRy.COm

“Being able to experience a space made manifest from something that I’ve imagined is quite cool. There’s this feeling that I’ve been here before...”

Keith Baker Owner and Principal Designer, KB Design 250.384.1550 | kEIthbAkERdEsIgn.COm #blvdesigners


“I always strive for a timeless beauty, and although she is elusive, she can sometimes be found. When that beautiful syzygy of alignment of client, site and project aligns with my esthetic, we can produce magic. It happens, but not every day.”

JC Scott Principal Designer, JC Scott Eco Design Associates Inc 250.385.9545 jCsCOtt.COm

“The biggest compliment we can get is when someone walks into their space and says, ‘I’m home.’ If a space feels good, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on trend. If it makes their heart sing when they walk in the door we’ve done our job.”

Tracey Jones Interior Designer, Principal Interior Stylist and Staging Specialist, Remarkable Interiors, 250.812.1625 | REmARkAbLEIntERIORs.CA

Stacey Kaminski Interior Stylist and Staging Specialist,

Interior Styles by Stacey, 250.208.5025 | IntERIORSTYLESbysTACEY.COM



“We deal in emotional currency here; we get involved with people when designing. The pieces we work with have meaning to them, they get us inspired and then we start playing! Our final pieces often have elements of understated beauty.�

Mary Wakefield Owner, Jewelry Designer, Skanda: Unique Jewellery and Gemstones 250.475.2632| skAndA.CA #blvdesigners


“Each space has its own story and the space tells you what it needs. We spend so much time in commercial and residential spaces, so for me they have to be inspiring, they can’t be boring, they have to have inspiration as well as be relaxed and energized at the same time.”

Michelle Matte Owner and Principal designer

Danielle Keogan Associate Designer Michelle Matte Interiors 778.433.6504 mIChELLEmAttEIntERIORs.COm

“In our fast-paced lives, time is precious. We excel in helping you save time while getting beautifully organized.”

Ted Hancock, Daria Bunting, Michelle Whitman & Brian Hong Designers, Incredible Closets 250.381.6511 | InCREdIbLECLOsEts.CA 118


“In the store we carry a number of exclusive lines coupled with original art, home furnishings and beautiful home accessories. Then we create an environment that reflects the client’s needs and personality.”

Janice Long Owner and Interior Designer Sue Pipes Interior Designer Calla Design 778.265.8002 | CALLA.dEsIgn



“I want to adorn the body and feed the soul with pieces that have an organic energy.�

Linda Rajotte Jewelry Artist, Silver Ocean Designs 250.727.1232 LIndARAjOttE.COm



“I want people to be excited about their kitchen and love being in there because the kitchen is a real gathering space.”

Jessica Kwasnica Owner and Senior Designer, Seaside Cabinetry & Design 250.812.4304

“You shouldn’t notice good design in an office space; it shouldn’t scream at you, it should be a tool to compliment your work. The flow of space should facilitate collaboration if that’s what’s needed.”

Kirsten Cluett Lead Interior Designer

Emily Scott Interior Designer Monk Office 250.384.0565 mOnk.CA



“My goal with design is to plan my client’s space to best leverage the workplace potential. I’m passionate about the bigger purpose, the bigger picture of design. It’s a blending of math with human comfort and human behaviour with esthetics.”

Laurette Fagnan Principal Registered Interior Designer, Evolve Planning & Design Inc. 250.590.8765 EvOLvEpLAnnIng.CA

“A successful design has got to be of human scale, honest and livable! It’s got to be ergonomically correct, you’ve got to be able to cook in it, it’s got to be kid friendly and it’s got to look like it was designed for human beings not just for magazines.”

David Coulson

Owner and Principal Designer, David Coulson Design Ltd

250.746.5372 | dAvIdCOuLsOndEsIgn.COm 122


Live the Life. Introducing Canada’s finest urban resort community.

condominiums, resort homes & villas from $150,000 – $1.5 million

an unparalleled resort lifestyle. An investment in Bear Mountain, is an investment in living. Life here offers its discerning residents the best of both worlds; an idyllic natural setting only minutes from the allure of the charming city of Victoria. The community weaves its way flawlessly between the rolling fairways of its Nicklaus Design Golf Courses and The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa. Both Cycling Canada and Golf Canada call Bear Mountain home, and you can too.

RE AL E STATE EN QUIRIE S: 250.391.6100 | BE AR MOUN TAIN.C A/LIVEHERE Host of the 2016 Pacific Links Bear Mountain Championship September 19-25, 2016

Home of Golf Canada’s National Development Centre

Official High-Performance Training Centre of the Canadian National Mountain Bike Team


renovations that transform your lifestyle!

“A Contractor you can trust� Relationships are the most important thing we build as a company. We have forged many long lasting relationships with our clients over the years due to our attention to detail, integrity, and the personal service we provide to turn your dream into reality. Give us a call for your complimentary in-house visit from our kitchen and bath specialist. 250.412.8012 | 825 Viewfield Road, Victoria, BC

1 24

We rode up and down the gentle hills until the castle emerged, a white giant alit and welcoming in its grandeur.



of the


Germany’s Burg Schlitz dishes up unforgettable luxury by DANICA LUNDY


The reception area at Burg Schlitz.


hough many a traveller has claimed “it’s all about the journey,” in the case of my adventure to Burg Schlitz — a grand castle perched atop a hill in north-eastern Germany — it was decidedly all about the destination. Ultimately, the few glitches that occurred in my journey there became inconsequential as I basked in the castle’s overwhelming charm and unbelievable luxury. After many months on a breakneck, New York City pace while completing my first year of graduate studies, and then a two-month painting residency in a former cotton mill in Leipzig, Germany, I was more than prepared to settle into a little luxury. So, offered a trip to this legendary castle, I took it eagerly, and prepared to be pampered. However, the projected four-hour train ride (tram to train station, switch trains twice, taxi to castle, become a queen for the night — easy as schnitzel, right?) turned into a 12-hour test of travel survival between a breakdown on the rails, and a long wait in a deserted station. Several buses and wrong turns later, I found myself seemingly closer to the border of Denmark than to the castle. But when at last I collapsed in a taxi in the town of Teterow (a few kilometres from the castle), I was finally able to settle in and watch the

countryside go by in the misty dusk. The road to Burg Schlitz, which is a member of the Relais & Chateaux collection of the world’s finest hotels, is lined with tall, elegant trees — planted there many years ago to provide shade for travellers in the days of horse and carriage. The trees stand like guards on the pastoral landscape. We rode up and down the gentle hills until the castle emerged, a white giant alit and welcoming in its grandeur. I was greeted by a kind concierge who led me through heavy wooden doors, past divine scents wafting from a dining room, down tall corridors with impressive archways and pillars, along ancient hardwood floors. I realized, for the second time that day, how impossibly lost I was. This time, however, it was in a castle — a fact that was somewhat surreal, yet comforting. I was shown to my room, handed a heavy, old-fashioned key, and left to the light scent of lavender that emanated from inside. As I opened the door, my senses came alive: a soft symphony played through the air; the room gave way to ornate furniture arranged in easy elegance and embalmed in soothing light; wine awaited in a decanter beside a letter sealed in wax — a warm and personalized welcome. Everything glittered gently. Though famished by this point, I couldn’t help but eye the enormous tub and plan a post-dinner soak with that enticing wine.

“the room gave way to ornate furniture arranged in easy elegance and embalmed in soothing light.



618 Broughton Street, Victoria I 778-406-1600 I

It took me several different corridors and orchid-lined staircases, but I followed my nose and eventually found “Louise” — not a heavily scented woman as you might expect — but the dining room I’d passed earlier, “Café-Brasserie Louise,” likely named for the wife of Hans Graf von Schlitz (the man of noble descent for whom the castle was built in 1806). The meal was another lavish, all-sensory experience. Louise, which offers divine French cuisine, sat tucked beneath a lowslung ceiling with curved windows revealing the expansive grounds. It twinkled with light and cascades of laughter. The silverware gleamed. My first course arrived: a delicate, delicious gift from the chef called Himmel und Erde (“heaven and earth”— a locally sourced delicacy) accompanied by a tangy Sauvignon Blanc. My mouth sang along with the tastes — a chorus of potato lime soup with strawberry-confit followed — and by the time my last course arrived (a dainty salad featuring asparagus cooked to perfection alongside a free-range poached egg), I was stuffed and immeasurably content. I made my way back to my room and settled into the bath, stemming my wine. Relaxing into the room’s calm ambiance, I read about Burg Schlitz’s amenities by candlelight. The castle offers many relaxing experiences including a luxurious day spa, equipped with sauna, pool, Hammam and sundeck. There is a cigar lounge, among other comfortable and exquisite sitting rooms throughout the castle. If a sporty mood strikes, activities such as hunting, horseback riding, golf, canoeing — even waterskiing and sailing — are offered on and nearby the hotel’s extensive acerage.



2690 Island Highway West Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1G8 To l l - F r e e : 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 1 . 0 1 9 9


Autumn is 
 absolutely the best season for shoe lovers The Atrium
 1323 Blanshard Street


In addition to the Café-Brasserie, the castle boasts the “Gourmetrestaurant im Wappen-Saal,” a gourmet culinary experience in a grand hall, fit for royalty (in fact, a Royal family did stay here this past summer). There are 14 rooms and six suites with views of the acreage and lush countryside, and all the most exquisite touches afforded to the royal treatment. In my massive suite, I found the most exotic minibar selection I’ve ever seen: it even had a hand-labelled jar of gourmet gummy bears. As a queen for the night, I slept deeper than I ever have. In the morning, after selecting from a delectable and varied smorgasbord of fruit, pastries, shrimp, lox and teas, I wandered the grounds and the many halls of the manor. At the entrance, I discovered a stone statue of two dancing bears, for which I felt an immediate affinity. Upon inquiry, I learned it had been a gift from the owner of the castle to his wife, who missed her home in Berlin so much that they had the statue taken from the city as a way to establish familiarity in a foreign place. I also found out that after its bankruptcy in 1931, the mansion was repossessed and became a refugee camp and school before it was turned into a retirement home in 1955. It wasn’t until 1994 that Burg Schlitz was renovated and converted into a hotel. My sources of castle comparison are memories of Craigdarroch Castle, whose impeccable grounds I often visited in Victoria, and three castles in Dresden I had toured the week before in preparation for my temporary stay as queen (of the room) at Burg Schlitz. The latter castles I explored with a friend familiar with the

Cancel the scooter excursion. As our region’s only not-for-profit burial park, we’re in no hurry to have you here.


ROBP_9432_Scooter_BLVD.indd 1

250-658-5621 ROBP.CA

2016-06-30 1:47 PM

area, and whose tour included some inventive bush whacking, fence jumping and questionable entry to the grounds. It was a treat to be invited instead — a pampered guest on the inside looking out. Having spent the summer in eastern Germany, I found myself falling in love with the sensible way of life, the old

graffiti-ridden buildings and especially the people who, initially seeming slightly gruff, proved to be some of the kindest, most articulate, educated and genuine I’ve ever encountered. My stay at the castle was the icing on the Black Forest cake, and I left ready to start afresh on a new journey after reaching the ultimate destination of gentle luxury.


Ochow D t 14 ates -16


bod y scul pting + healt h rejuvenation

Introductory Rate


(* per zone)


Oct 14•15•16 2016 In beautiful Sidney by the Sea Mary Winspear Centre

Friday & Saturday 9 am - 9 pm Sunday 9 am - 5 pm

$7 AdMISSIon or $12 for a 3 day pass

Record number of artists’ work on display this year! 130 Mattick’s Farm 250.888.7294 View Royal 250.588.7488


natural, organic beauty, inside and out!

The Comfort Sleeper The Comfort Sleeper No Bars | No Springs | No Sagging | 15 Styles

No Bars | No Springs | No Sagging | 15 Styles

1802 GOVERNMENT ST. | 250.386.3841 | SAGERS.CA | MON-SAT 9:30-5:30 1802 GOVERNMENT ST. | 250.386.3841 | SAGERS.CA | MON-SAT 9:30-5:30

1802 GOVERNMENT ST. | 250.386.3841 | SAGERS.CA | MON-SAT 9:30-5:30

Thinking outside the teapot Cooking with tea is healthy and delicious by Pamela Durkin


health & FITNESS


F Where luxury meets functionality NATUR AL L ATEX MAT TRESSES STARTING AT $1199

or centuries, tea has been valued as a comforting remedy for a variety of ailments. Now that science has confirmed tea’s health benefits, people are enjoying the pleasures of tea drinking with renewed appreciation. But intriguingly, they’re also celebrating the leaf as a delicious and über healthy culinary ingredient. Celebrity chefs, food bloggers and home cooks alike are discovering the inexhaustible ways in which tea can be used to make a plethora of irresistible dishes. The culinary use of tea is not new — in Asia tea has been used in cooking for hundreds of years. But it’s a practice Western cooks are wise to adopt. Not only does adding tea to our dishes impart wonderful flavour — it maximizes and enhances our exposure to tea’s many health-promoting compounds.

Health benefits


Tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are teeming with polyphenols. These beneficial compounds have antioxidant abilities, and studies show they may reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease. If that doesn’t impress you, consider this — a recent study conducted at San Diego State University indicates the polyphenols in green tea may even ameliorate the heartdamaging effects of a high-fat, high-sugar diet. In addition to thwarting chronic disease, tea can also help keep our pearly whites healthy. Japanese researchers have identified four specific compounds in tea that help increase the acid resistance in tooth enamel and reduce the risk for gum disease.

Get cooking There are myriad ways tea can expand your culinary repertoire. Try using the brewed liquid for poaching fish or chicken, cooking grains, or in soups, stews, gravies and marinades. The leaves can be ground and used as a rub for meats, tofu or poultry, or added to baked goods, omelettes, smoothies, spreads and dressings — the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Once you begin cooking with tea, you’ll be delighted by its ability to impart flavour and create memorable meals.

Best tea varieties for cooking


115 Kenneth St. Duncan BC 250 746 9809


With over 1,000 varieties of Camellia sinensis currently available on the global market, selecting a tea for cooking can be a daunting task. Whether you choose a plain tea, or one that has been flavoured with spices, flowers or fruits, your guide should be your own taste buds and the type of dish you are preparing. One caveat — to reap optimum health benefits always select organically grown tea. Below are a few of the more popular teas used in cooking. For additional inspiration, switch on your computer because this hot culinary trend has spawned several excellent websites and blogs that feature innovative ideas for cooking with tea. A recent post from the popular site Bloglovin for example, featured several mouthwatering tea-inspired desserts, such as Black Tea Cake with Lemon Buttercream, Lemon Earl Grey

Tart and Matcha Crepes with Chocolate Ganache and Toasted Hazelnuts. Here’s a breakdown of different teas and suggested uses. • Earl Grey. This black tea, scented with citrusy Bergamot oil, is one of the most popular “culinary teas” for good reason. Try using the brewed tea in place of other liquids when cooking grains or stewing dried fruits, or adding the ground leaves to baked goods like muffins, scones and shortbread cookies. For a truly sublime application, steep an Earl Grey tea bag in melted butter or coconut oil for a few minutes — the resulting infusion is delicious drizzled over poultry and fish. • Matcha. A powdered green tea with a delicate sweet flavour, matcha pairs perfectly with other light, sweet tastes. Try it in baked goods, smoothies, frosting and cream-based dressings and dips. It also marries well with chocolate. • Assam and Ceylon. These are both assertive black teas whose brews make excellent vegan alternatives to beef stocks and gravies. Their bold punchy flavour also enhances marinades, stews and hearty bean dishes. • Oolong. A semi-fermented tea, oolong’s slightly smoky brewed leaves strike an intriguing note when added to omelettes, stirfrys, stews, frittatas, stuffing and pilafs. • Sencha. This is one of the most common types of green tea and the variety from China is slightly sweeter and better suited for cooking than its Japanese cousin. Its earthy green taste is reminiscent of spinach. The nutritious green leaves make a scrumptious addition to soups, stews, omelettes, scrambled tofu or eggs. • Jasmine. Jasmine tea refers to any white, black or green tea that is scented with the heady perfume of Jasmine flowers. The aromatic brew combines beautifully with basmati rice and is wonderful for poaching mild tasting fish like sole, or sturdy fruits like pears. • Black Chai. Any black tea blended with chai spices will make a tasty dry-rub for poultry, fish or tofu. Chai teas also lend the perfect note to banana- or coconut-based smoothies. • Ginger White. Made from the unopened buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, white tea is the least processed of all the “true teas” and has a mild, sweet taste. The ginger variety is particularly delicious. Use it to cook your morning oatmeal and top with plump raisins and a spoonful of coconut palm sugar for the perfect morning bowl.

Spicy Turkey Burgers with Minty Yogurt Sauce 1 pound ground free-range turkey thigh 2 tsp olive or camelina oil 1 Tbsp garam masala 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 onion peeled and minced 1 carrot grated 1 cup bread crumbs 4 Tbsp pistachios (crushed finely) 1 small egg beaten For the Sauce 1 cup low fat organic yogurt 1/3 cup dried currants 2 tsp lemon juice 1 Tbsp fresh mint (chopped fine) 1 Tbsp Moroccan mint green tea leaves (ground in spice grinder or with mortar and pestle) 135

quarriers and fabricators of natural stone Vancouver Island’s Largest Selection of Granites, Marbles and Engineered Stone

Vancouver Island White Marble

2890 Allenby Rd. Duncan: 250-746-7257 Victoria: 250-384-9717 136

Mix all the sauce ingredients together in a medium sized bowl and set aside to allow flavours to blend while you prepare the turkey burgers. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and add the oil, swirling it around to coat the bottom of the pan. Add the onion and sauté until soft and golden. Add the spices and garlic and cook 1 to 2 minutes more or until garlic is soft. Place the mixture in a large bowl and cool. Add the ground turkey, breadcrumbs, carrot, pistachios and mix well. Season with pepper and add beaten egg mixing with your hands to bind the mixture together. Form four uniform burger patties. Heat skillet and cook burgers on both sides until thoroughly cooked through. Serve burgers on toasted whole grain buns or stuffed in warmed pita halves and dollop generously with the minty sauce. Alternatively, serve the burgers and sauce with basmati rice or quinoa.

Earl Grey Infused Edamame Quinoa Salad The unique flavour of Earl Grey tea enhances this colourful super-food salad. To ensure your salad is truly delicious, use a fresh, loose-leaf tea that is decidedly fragrant with the unmistakable citrusy aroma of Bergamot oil. In addition, make sure you do not over-brew the tea — the perfect steeping time for Earl Grey is 4-5 minutes. 1 cup quinoa 1 ¾ cup brewed Earl Grey tea (use 1 rounded tsp of loose leaf tea for every cup of tea)

1 cup shelled and cooked edamame beans 1 large mango peeled, pitted and chopped 2 spring onions finely diced (whites only) 5 Tbsp goji berries 1 cup baby spinach leaves (tear larger sized leaves) 1 tsp grated organic orange zest For the Vinaigrette 3 ½ Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp orange juice ½ Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 small garlic clove peeled and minced ½ tsp sea salt ¼ tsp coconut palm sugar Ground black pepper to taste Place the quinoa in a fine sieve and rinse thoroughly under cold running water, rubbing the quinoa with your fingers. Transfer quinoa to a medium sized saucepan. Add the tea and bring to a boil, reducing immediately to simmer. Cover and cook for 15 minutes or until quinoa is tender but still slightly crunchy. (Do not let it get mushy!) If all the tea has not been absorbed after cooking, drain the quinoa thoroughly through a fine sieve. Place quinoa in a medium-sized bowl and allow to cool. Add edamame, onion, fruits, zest, spinach and mix well. In a small bowl add juices, garlic and seasonings, and slowly whisk in the olive oil. Pour the vinaigrette over the quinoa/ edamame salad and season with black pepper to taste.

Where service and quality exceed expectation. 102-6660 Butler Crescent, Saanichton BC • 778.351.3390 Nominated for 4 2016 CARE Awards



ISLAND BLISS Salt Spring: queen of the southern Gulf Islands by HanS Tammemagi

Garry Oaks Winery sits on a terraced 10-acre vineyard, overlooking the Burgoyne Valley on Salt Spring Island.


he New York Times recently gave the southern Gulf Islands star billing by including them as one of only two places in Canada on its vaunted list of 52 places to visit in 2016. Impressed, I resolved to explore the archipelago, and decided to start with the biggest, most famous and perhaps the quirkiest: Salt Spring Island. 138

The ferry from Crofton carried me to Vesuvius and I headed straight for the Saturday Farmers’ Market, which was bursting with paintings, carvings, sculptures, fresh farm produce, pies, breads and jams. Everything laid out before me was either grown or made on the island. It was a visual and mouth-watering cornucopia. Clutching a blackberry smoothie, I sought out Janet Clouston, the project manager of “Experience the Southern Gulf Islands,”

I loved sitting with an ale in front of the fire in the Bistro, which is very British, complete with old wooden beams. a bold tourism initiative by Destination BC and the Southern Gulf Islands. Asked why tourists should visit, she responded, “People are attracted by a sense of nostalgia. It’s a different way to life. We have a vibe and energy, yet it’s so close to nature. Anywhere you turn there’s something beautiful and soul filling. People crave that and need it.”

PHOTO BY Andrea Johnson, courtesy Destination BC.

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Spot on, I thought. Since non-aboriginal settlement began in 1859, the Gulf Islands have been a refuge for those seeking a laid-back life including draft dodgers, hippie farmers, eccentrics, solitude seekers, artists, as well as the well-to-do and their glitzy waterfront estates. Salt Springers love to socialize and one of their favourite methods is by holding festivals and events, like the Apple Festival, the Music and Garlic Festival, and the Taste of Salt Spring Festival. Their fall fair lasts for two days. Once, at the Salt Spring Fall Fair, I bumped into renowned folksinger Valdy and preeminent wildlife artist Robert Bateman, two of the island’s many famous residents. Artists are drawn to this island like bees to pollen, and art galleries abound. The historic Mahon Hall in the centre of Ganges hosts theatrical performances, workshops, fundraisers and weddings, but my favourite is ArtCraft — held in the summer months — when the hall is crammed with paintings, sculptures, stained glass and pottery, all unique and idiosyncratic. Mahon Hall hosts art fairs at Christmastime too. The temperate Mediterranean climate is the mildest in Canada and supports olive groves, orchards, cheese makers and many small organic farms. I toured Garry Oak Winery and Mistaken Identity Vineyards, tippling their fine vintages.

Client: HELIJET / Size: 3.5” x 4.75” / CMYK / Boulevard Mag.


“We have a vibe and energy, yet it’s so close to nature. Anywhere you turn there’s something beautiful and soul filling. People crave that and need it.”

Spectacular, scenic, scheduled helicopter flights from Victoria and Nanaimo to Vancouver + Kids Fly Free!*

PHOTO BY hans Tammemagi

* Terms and conditions apply

At Salt Spring Island Vineyard, I lazed under a cobalt blue sky with a chilled bottle of Pinot Gris, a loaf of oven-warm bread and a block of goat’s cheese. Hughie and Lewey, two ducks, waddled nearby, quacking for handouts. Life was good, I thought, and still on the agenda was Gulf Islands Brewing, the island’s sole craft brewery. Exhausted, I sought a bed for the night. The choices were overwhelming with numerous inns and B&Bs, but I was drawn to the historic and elegant Hastings House on Ganges Harbour. I wasn’t disappointed. As a member of the Relais & Châteaux collection of the world’s finest hotels, it is among the most genteel and attractive resort in the Gulf Islands. Consisting of a number of charming buildings, including the historic, original island Hudson Bay post, the resort sprawls over 17 waterfront acres. Statues and sculptures stand amid the lawns and trees. Service is impeccable, the food is superb and I loved sitting with an ale in front of the fire in the Bistro, which is very British, complete with old wooden beams. The executive chef, Marcel Kauer, is talented, and happy, since most of the vegetables and herbs are grown on the property. They also run their own chickens and sheep, and drop their own crab traps in the adjacent Salish Sea. Next day I rose with the birds to get in a full day of nature. I | 1.800.665.4354 | @helijet | helijet

Festive catering for your home or office party Gourmet Christmas and four course New Year’s Eve dinner Homemade fruit cakes, Christmas puddings, tortiere pies, mince tarts, and our famous shortbread!

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1 41

Grapes at Garry Oak Vineyard.

new look





250 .900.6606 250.634.3572 VANCOUVER ISLAND

1 42

The view was grand and sweeping, looking down on a patchwork of farms and the sun-glistening Salish Sea dotted with dozens of islands. sought out the Chris Hatfield trail on the northern edge of Ruckle Point Provincial Park and trekked into the lush rain forest, passing old trees whose branches were festooned with beards of bright green moss. Under a tree I found a shovel, buckets and a sign inviting hikers to dig up some gravel, fix part of the trail and bring back the empty pail on return. What a clever self-serve system for trail maintenance! I trekked down the trail to the waterfront and a wind-sheltered pebble beach. At Yeo Point I sat with my back against a sunwarmed boulder gazing at passing boats and ferries in Swanson Channel. Turning inland at Cusheon Cove, I reflected on a lumber mill that operated here from 1905 to 1928 and was once a large industrial operation with foreign ships loading at its dock. The

trail followed a creek upstream. The gurgling and splashing of water grew louder until I saw rapids swirling and tumbling down moss encrusted rocks, surrounded by ferns and tall trees. I sat quietly, soaking in the spiritual scene. After a rest I drove to the top of Mount Maxwell. The view was grand and sweeping, looking down on a patchwork of farms and the sun-glistening Salish Sea dotted with dozens of islands. I meandered along one of the numerous hiking trails, enjoying the silence and smell of the woods. My afternoon was earmarked for kayaking, for the Gulf Islands, their waters sheltered by Vancouver Island, offer some of the best in the world. With one soothing stroke following another I paddled into Ganges Harbour and stopped at one of the numerous islets. I pulled the kayak onto a sparkling white beach, a midden of clam shells left by millennia of occupation by the First Nations. Next day, I spent a blissful hour clacking balls on the Hastings House croquet lawn, before having to pack and return home. I was already planning to return and explore the rest of the southern Gulf Islands.

If You Go Information about the Island: More information: Hastings House:

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we are here

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we are here



Internationally acclaimed violinist James Ehnes.

PHOTO BY Benjamin Ealovega


360 degree 360 degree construction ltd. (250) 217 9360 1 47

FINLAYSON | 250.475.2033






Rounding out the program is a brand new work, Stream of Limelight, composed by Bramwell Tovey, music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Accompanying Ehnes on piano will be long-time collaborator Andrew Armstrong, himself a famous globetrotting soloist. The two men have released four CDs together and have an intuitive rapport that, according to Stanis, “will result in an emotionally rich musical conversation.”

A CLASSICAL BIRTHDAY PARTY James Ehnes Recital by esteemed classical violinist October 20


hen most people turn 40, they invite a few friends over for cake and champagne. When Canada’s internationally acclaimed violinist James Ehnes entered his fifth decade earlier this year, he announced a national recital tour that will leave a trail of birthday balloons from coast to coast. And happily for Victorians, the multiple award-winning violinist, who has played all the great concert halls of the world, is inviting us to the party. Unlike his earlier appearances here with the Victoria Symphony, the recital format offers an opportunity to hear Ehnes in an intimate setting. “I can’t remember the last time James did a recital tour,” says Sharon Stanis, violinist with the renowned Lafayette String Quartet. “It’s a rare treat to hear him in a chamber setting, to fully experience his great artistry.” According to Stanis, Ehnes is notable for his lush sound, warm vibrato, and flawless attention to nuance. “He’s a musician’s musician,” she says. The tour repertoire features Handel’s Sonata in D major and Beethoven’s more frequently performed Sonata in F major, an ebullient concert mainstay often called the Spring Sonata.

Performing October 20 at the Oak Bay High School “community theatre,” 2121 Cadboro Bay Road. Tickets are available at Ivy’s Book Shop, 2188 Oak Bay Avenue.

BALLET WITH A BACKBEAT Ballet Rocks & Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Performance by Ballet Victoria October 21-23 It’s common for a dance performance to consist of mixed repertoire, but the upcoming show by Ballet Victoria takes that notion to an interesting extreme. One half of the production, Ballet Rocks, marks the third time that artistic director Paul Destrooper has choreographed original work to rock music. (In earlier seasons his troupe has danced to songs by iconic bands such as Pink Floyd.) This time around, it’s interesting cover versions of famous tunes, including the Stones’ “Paint It Black” as performed by female pop singer Ciara, and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” courtesy

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PHOTO BY Bruce Monk

Paul Destrooper and Yui Watanabe in Ballet Rocks.

cutline can go here




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of heavy metal band Disturbed. Of course the 17th century had its own monster hits, and the rock programming is counterpointed by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, accompanied by a live chamber orchestra. And to freshen up the Baroque warhorse, Destrooper has created a First Nations-themed storyline imbued with West Coast mythology, conjured via four poems written by award-winning poet Linda Rogers and read by Stephen Point, former Lieutenant Governor of BC. Adding to the atmosphere will be projections of artwork by four local aboriginals. That kind of layered creativity is common with Destrooper, an alumnus of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. His choreography is similarly eclectic: DV’s 13 dancers perform “en pointe” but with a 50/50 blend of more contemporary approaches. “I borrow from whatever dance style will best express the emotion I want to convey,” he explains. “Maybe call it 21st

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“Calling” from Jessica Lang dance.

PHOTO BY Takao Komaru

Amoena is a registered trademark of Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH.

century ballet.”

Running October 21-23 at the McPherson Playhouse. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.

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CONTEMPORARY CLASSICISM Jessica Lang Dance New York dance company Nov. 18-19

After graduating from Juilliard and dancing for the legendary Twyla Tharp, New York’s Jessica Lang has gone on to become

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250-652-2301 • • email: 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal Like us on Facebook! 151

one of the most scintillating choreographers in the dance world. Called “a master of visual composition” by Dance Magazine, Lang has created over 90 works for important companies all across the globe, from the Joffrey Ballet to the National Ballet of Japan. Her work is a merger of classical ballet with contemporary dance technique, which is then further transformed by visual and physical elements. “She calls herself a visual artist and has developed her own esthetic,” explains Tracy Smith, marketing manager for Dance Victoria. According to Smith, a perfect example of this is Lang’s Lines Cubed, which was inspired by the geometric art of Piet Mondrian and is “like a moving painting on the stage.” Jessica Lang Dance has never performed in Canada before and, says Smith, the program is a very good representation of the range of Lang’s choreography, including Among the Stars, based on a tragic Chinese folk tale, where fabric is used to suggest the physical barriers that separate two doomed lovers. And Thousand Yard Stare, inspired by Lang’s interviews with war veterans suffering from PTSD, visualizes their hidden emotions of pain and grief and sorrow. “The work is exquisitely beautiful and the technical adeptness of her 10 dancers is astonishing,” adds Smith. “I think the audience is going to be in awe.”

Appearing November 18-19 at the Royal Theatre. For tickets, call 250-386-6121.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH JONI MITCHELL I Think I’m Falling – The Songs of Joni Mitchell World premiere musical at The Belfry November 8 – December 4 Beloved of jazz performers as much as Birkenstock-sporting folkie purists, Joni Mitchell is arguably this country’s most cherished musical icon. And a suite of her most popular songs will soon animate the Belfry stage when I Think I’m Falling gets its world debut. “I wanted a musical element in this season, and I wanted it to be Canadian, so Joni was such an obvious choice,” explains Belfry artistic director Michael Shamata. “Her melodies are so strong and beautiful and forward moving, while her lyrics are spectacular … Joni’s songs will always be important.” And not content to remount one of the existing musicals celebrating Mitchell, Shamata joined forces with frequent collaborator Tobin Stokes to create his own. “Tobin is a gifted composer and has had a lot of experience at taking material and reimagining it,” says Shamata. “Plus he’s great at working with actor-musicians.” At the time of this interview, Shamata was near the end of a year-long process of transforming songs like “Big Yellow Taxi,” “River” and “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio” into the narrative heart of a five-person musical revue that is “less about story and more about relationships.” According to Shamata, the show won’t be as “theatrical” as

A benefit for the Belfry Theatre

Crush 2016

A Fine Wine Affair

Fine Wine Live Auction

Wine Tastings

Cuisine Pairings

Silent Auction

250 385 6815

Generously supported by


Sunday, October 23 · 5 – 8pm Inn at Laurel Point Join us! Tickets $95 Includes a generous tax receipt

their last year’s hit musical about Leonard Cohen, Chelsea Hotel. “It’s set in an urban park that has become a refuge for the heartbroken,” says Shamata. “Who sings the songs and how they are presented will clarify relationships as the story arcs from vulnerable young love through disillusion and towards a nevergive-up hopefulness.”

Running from November 8-December 4 at the Belfry. For tickets, call 250-385-6815.


PHOTO BY Ginger Griep-Ruiz

Spotlight on Alumni Phoenix Theatre’s 50th anniversary celebration October 11-17; 18-22; 25-29

Shannn Calcutt in Phoenix Theatre’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

As the Phoenix Theatre begins its 50th anniversary celebrations, its annual “spotlight on alumni” program has been renamed the Anniversary Alumni Festival and expanded to showcase not one but three of the most remarkable theatre artists ever to graduate from UVic. All have achieved international fame for compelling solo work: monologist TJ Dawe is the quintessential Fringe Festival superstar; Shannan Calcutt, a.k.a. Izzy the Clown, has been the lead character in Cirque du Soleil’s Zoomanity Vegas show for over a decade; and Charles Ross is a global phenomenon with his one-man “nerd trilogies” about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Dark Knight.

(250) 940-3127 |

777 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC 153

What unites Dawe, Ross and Calcutt is how they created their own success by combining writing and performing skills with a flair for entrepreneurship. But the incredible thing is that there are many other artists who could have been thus celebrated by Phoenix Theatre. “UVic’s theatre department has been uniquely successful in Canada at spawning a talent legacy,” says John Threlfall, a wellknown culture maven who currently works for UVic’s Faculty of Fine Arts. “Whether it’s groups like Theatre SKAM or individuals such as Glynis Leyshon, Clayton Jevne or Ian Case, Phoenix alumni have helped give Victoria a national reputation for theatrical arts.” He adds, “It’s a great faculty offering a comprehensive program, so it’s not surprising that the theatre department attracts students from all across Canada.” Charles Ross presents his trilogy of trilogies: One-Man Star Wars, One-Man Lord of the Rings and One-Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody, various nights, Oct. 11-17;

TJ Dawe performs Slipknot, Oct. 18-22; Shannan Calcutt presents Burnt Tongue, Oct. 25-29. For tickets, call 250-721-8000.

ALCHEMY OF TERROR The Crucible Drama presented by Langham Court November 18-December 3 Written just over 60 years ago, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

is a searing examination of the mass hysteria that erupted during the Salem witch trials in the 17th century. But as the many people who studied the play in high school will remember, it’s really an allegory of Senator Eugene McCarthy’s “Red Menace” anti-communist witch-hunt. It’s long been considered a canonical work of 20th century American drama, and last year’s well-received revival suggests that the threat of demagogic leadership inspiring irrational fear and murderous paranoia remains as pertinent as ever. “I’ve always loved the play,” says Story Theatre artistic director David MacPherson, who is directing Crucible for Langham Court. It’s not hard to imagine how he got the job — aside from having directed and acted in several Langham productions over the years, MacPherson reckons he’s listened to a famous radioplay version of Crucible at least 30 times. “It’s one of the plays I like to listen to in my car … and I do a lot of driving,” he laughs. “Everybody knows the theme, so I want to look deeply at the relationships and what the characters were thinking,” he notes. “Plus the play is old enough that it’s stylized, and I intend to instill more realism to appeal to contemporary audiences.” MacPherson is also intrigued by the central character of young Abigail, the exploited servant, whose accusations help precipitate all the madness. “It’s interesting to see what happens after she gets power in a patriarchal system,” he adds.

Running November 18-December 3 at Langham Court. For tickets, call 250-384-2142.


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all in the family Fourth generation McCalls part of new, more celebratory end-of-life process by Hans Tammemagi photos by Cathie Ferguson


Craig McCall Williams and Trevor McCall.



ot only are Trevor McCall and Craig McCall Williams cousins and close friends, they’re also the fourth generation of a family business with one of the longest histories in Victoria. Trevor and Craig appear like two ordinary guys; they’re fit, good looking and have an easy-going friendliness. But on closer inspection, they’re an unusual twosome. Separating them from the crowd is their curious vocation: they’re both funeral directors and they take great satisfaction in their work. “This job is very rewarding,” said Craig, “We help people get through a very tough time. They are in desperate need of support, so we have to be compassionate and really care.” Trevor joined in, “Yes, we have to build trust in people, and we have to be good listeners. I really enjoy getting hugs after we’ve done a good job.” Trevor, 36, and Craig, 40, are the vice-president and general manager, respectively, at McCall Gardens Funeral & Cremation Services, the largest funeral home on Vancouver Island. The affable duo follows in a family business with a long history. Brothers David and James McCall started the funeral home in 1921 in a handsome two-storey Victorian Italianate house on the corner of Johnson and Vancouver streets in Victoria. The business has prospered under three generations of McCalls for

95 long years, which may be unique in Victoria. On August 2, 2016, the facility moved to the new, state-of-the-art Sequoia Gardens next to Royal Oak cemetery. Craig and Trevor are not coasting, letting the established business carry them. Instead, the two look forward to each day’s work. “We’re excited about the revolution that’s happening in the funeral business right now,” said Craig. “Funerals have gone from being sombre, sad goodbyes, to being joyful celebrations of the deceased’s lives. That’s a huge change.” But as Craig pointed out, there are challenges to the job. “Our business can be a pressure-cooker because we can’t afford to make any mistakes, no matter how small. Unlike a wedding, where there’s plenty of planning time, here things happen quickly. With only a few days’ notice, we have to plan a funeral and ensure it runs smoothly. It can be stressful.” He paused and added, “There’s a high burnout rate among funeral directors.” “Luckily we’re both people oriented,” Trevor smiled. “We just have to be ourselves.” They both emphasize that they chose to be in this business; neither was pushed by his parents. David McCall, Trevor’s father and the brother of Craig’s mother, is president and a third generation McCall. He is, however, approaching retirement age, and the fourth generation

“Funerals have gone from being sombre, sad goodbyes, to being joyful celebrations of the deceased’s lives. That’s a huge change.”

footloose Victoria’s Ultimate Shoe Destination Victoria’s Ultimate Shoe Destination


637 Fort Street 250.383.4040


2017 MKC • CoMPACT SuV

tHe neW 2017 MKZ

Suburban Lincoln 3377 Douglas Street I Victoria, BC V8Z 3L4 I 250-475-2255 I Suburban Lincoln

Suburban 3377 Douglas St. |Lincoln 250.475.2255 | 3377 Douglas Street I Victoria, BC V8Z 3L4 I 250-475-2255 I HourS of operation: D#5528

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Dealer #5528 Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Limited time offers. offers only valid at participating dealers. ‡‡receive a Lincoln Maintenance protection plan (“LMpp”) with the purchase or lease of a new Lincoln model at participating Lincoln dealerships. LMpp covers all required scheduled maintenance (as per each vehicle’s owner’s Guide) for 2 years or 40,000 km from Warranty Start Date/zero (0) km, whichever occurs first (the “term”); plus coverage for 6 wear items (Brake pads and linings (maximum of 1 set every 60,000km), Brake rotors (maximum of 1 set every 60,000km), engine belts, hoses and hose clamps, Shock absorbers, Spark plugs, Wiper blades (maximum of 2 sets per year)) for the same term, due to normal wear or defect. Limit five (5) required scheduled maintenance service visits over the term, based on a 6-month/8,000 km interval. LMpp offer balance is transferable (transfer fee may apply) if the vehicle is sold (Canadian plans cannot be transferred to uS customers). offer is not raincheckable. Some exclusions may apply, see your Lincoln Dealer for full details. ©2016 ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. all rights reserved.

Suburban Lincoln

3377 Douglas Street I Victoria, BC V8Z 3L4 I 250-475-2255 I

“We help people get through a very tough time ... we have to be compassionate and really care.”

Custom Bathroom Design! The flexibility of ModulR bathtubs, shower bases and shower doors, as a single unit or in a combo, offer limitless possibilities to fit any bathroom size or layout.

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Nanaimo 2067 Boxwood Road 250.758.1771

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will soon be at the reins. Trevor and Craig note they are effectively equal in the company hierarchy and all the main decisions are made together, and, of course, with David. “We’re best friends,” said Craig. “ We’ve been together virtually from birth, having lots of laughs and enjoying life with family and food.” They even have similar personalities — friendly and relaxed. “We have the ability to disagree, when necessary, and still remain friends,” adds Trevor. Despite their similarity, the two men took different paths to the same vocation. Trevor was born and grew up in Victoria. A good athlete, he played junior “A” hockey for the Victoria Salsa (now the Grizzlies) before receiving a hockey scholarship to Iona College in New York State. He graduated in 2005 with a degree in finance, and worked for the New York Stock Exchange. But he remembered how he enjoyed odd jobs at the funeral home as he was growing up and in 2009 decided to join the family firm. When studying for his funeral director license, Trevor graduated at the top of his class. He is married to Erin Rivelli of New York, and they have two sons, Callan and Grady. Craig was born in Vancouver and raised in Nanaimo and Victoria. He studied business at Camosun College and then attended the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science. Upon graduation in 1999, he joined McCall Gardens, where he now manages the operations of the funeral home, as well as programs called Advance Planning, After Service Concierge and Community Outreach. He has two children, Ben and Mia.

Both Craig and Trevor insist they will not push their children to become the fifth generation to run McCall Gardens. “It would be nice, for sure,” said Trevor, “but it’s totally their choice.” Because their business can be very intense, time away from the office is important. Craig enjoys cruising the southern Gulf Islands in his Rinker 250 power boat. “My favourite is Wallace Island, where I love to swim, fish and hike,” he said. Trevor is a fervent fisherman. Both Trevor and Craig play a lot of golf and have three and 10 handicaps, respectively. It appears Trevor has inherited his athletic skills from his father, David, who won the Victoria City tournament at age 15. The McCalls conducted a survey and learned that people want to celebrate a life passed rather than bereave it. Those surveyed also valued being close to nature. McCall Gardens’ brand new facility, Sequoia Gardens next to the Royal Oak cemetery, was designed in response to these wishes, and is unique in British Columbia. The modern facility is surrounded by trees and nature. A large airy room with a high ceiling hosts life celebrations and includes a large wall-sized window leading to an outdoor patio, two giant screens for showing videos, a grand piano and a bar. Family and friends can organize a diverse range of life celebrations. “It’s so inspiring to hear the life stories of the deceased,” said Craig. “It has helped me become a better person. This emotional side, this getting close to people, is what attracted both of us to the funeral business. It gives us great satisfaction.”

S c re e n t i m e giving you a

HEADACHE d r y, s o re o r

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A small, brick-walled courtyard, bursting with living ingredients, sits behind the kitchen at OLO Restaurant. When Boulevard visited head chef Brad Holmes for our Inspired Chef feature, we were delighted to watch him prepare a dish — and cut baby nasturtium leaves — in the little courtyard under the beautiful autumn light.


Chef Brad Holmes in the courtyard behind OLO.



Offered from $60,700

Offered from $60,700

F E AT U R E S :

The 2017 Volvo XC90, Our Idea of Luxury

F E AT U R E S :

Intelligent Drive-E power that embodies our mantra of driving luxury

Intelligent Drive-E power that embodies our mantra of driving luxury

2.0 litre Supercharged Turbocharged with Electrification

2.0 litre Supercharged Turbocharged with Electrification


IntelliSafe with adaptive cruising, 360 camera, active high beam, park assist and more

IntelliSafe with adaptive cruising, 360 camera, active high beam, park assist and more


2735 2735 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC Douglas Street, Victoria, BC | 250-382-6122 | 250-382-6122

123 Address, VOLVO RETAILER NAME City, Province Starting from $57,665 MSRP including Freight and PDI. *European models shown. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nam cursus. Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim leo, egestas id, condimentum at, laoreet mattis, massa. Sed eleifend nonummy diam. Praesent mauris ante, elementum et, bibendum at, posuere sit amet, nibh. Duis tincidunt lectus quis dui viverra vestibulum. Suspendisse vulputate aliquam dui. Nulla elementum dui ut augue. Aliquam vehicula mi at mauris. Maecenas placerat, nisl at consequat rhoncus, sem nunc gravida justo, quis eleifend arcu velit quis lacus. Morbi magna magna, tincidunt a, mattis non, imperdiet vitae, tellus. Sed odio est, auctor ac, sollicitudin in, consequat vitae, orci. Fusce id felis. Vivamus sollicitudin metus eget eros. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. In posuere felis nec tortor. Pellentesque faucibus. Ut accumsan placerat molestie. Donec dictum lectus non odio. Cras a ante vitae enim iaculis aliquam. Mauris nunc quam, venenatis nec, est. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuad fames ac turpis egestas. Cras id elit. Integer quis urna. Ut ante enim, tellus. Aenean porttitor eros vel dolor. Donec convallis pede venenatis nibh. Duis quam. Nam eget lacus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Quisque dignissim congue leo.

PhotograPhed on beach drive near the oak bay beach hotel by gary MckinStry

Lexus Rx 350 cReates “amazing” with 2016 When Doug and Darlene Allan sold their business, they couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a brand new Lexus. For their fourth Lexus, and third from Jim Pattison, they chose a 2016 RX 350 in Matador Red Mica with the executive package. “This vehicle represents a wonderful retirement present, and what a stunning colour!” say the Allans. “The car has all the options, and one of the options that we enjoy the most is the quad camera feature. Essentially having four cameras strategically placed on the exterior of the car allows for pinpoint parking at a glance.” The abundance of luxurious features and exceptional

customer service has kept the Allans coming back to Lexus time and again throughout the years. “The Mark Levison sound system is superb, and the extremely quiet ride and solid feel is magnificent,” they add. “The quality of the Lexus product coupled with the great service afforded to us by Jim Pattison Lexus has us continuing to choose the Lexus brand of vehicles.” For the recently retired couple, there’s no better way to enjoy their new leisurely car trips. “It is our opinion that Lexus has indeed surpassed their quest for the relentless pursuit of perfection,” they say. “They have indeed created ‘amazing!’”

2016 Lexus Rx 350 nicely equipped from $56,520

Includes Freight, Delivery and Pre-Delivery Inspection.

the PurSuit of Perfection

623 FInLAyson sTREET, VIcToRIA 250-386-3516

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