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BOLDLYU Issue No. 12: The Motivation Issue

May/June 2018


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Ho w do yo u s tay mo t ivated? BE BRAVE. BE BOLD. BE YOU. WITH BOLDLYU

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Helps any young athlete ages 7 to 12 develop an athletic foundation of skills, helping them get faster and stronger to rise above the competition. Our signature speed and strength methods are serious but taught in a way that keeps the athletes motivated and engaged.

Created for elite athletes of all ages who aspire to compete at the high school, collegiate, Olympic, or professional level. We identify the necessary skills to reach their potential and provide them with the coaching and tools to realize that potential.



For ages 13 to 18, the Parisi signature speed and strength methods produce maximum improvements in athletic performance. Programming is broken down into an individual focus per session: linear speed, change of direction, and strength.

The Parisi Adult Training program combines all aspects of athletic preparation that is used with our athletes. The adults will go through all 4 quarters just like the athletes…warming up and mobility, foundational skills and their corresponding mechanical drills, application of foundational skills, and final push utilizing various energy substrates.

Our programs use the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as its foundation. We help athletes improve their overall speed, increase total body strength, develop proper techniques, decrease recovery time, and reduce injury risks. Parisi-coached athletes learn good habits, become more aware of what impacts performance, and build mental toughness.



GIVE IT A TRY WITH YOUR VERY OWN SPEED PASS! Missouri Athletic Center, 2900 Forum Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203

573.GET.FAST •• 438.3278




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e m o c l We to the Motivation issue of BoldlyU Magazine!

Publisher: Darla Harmon Editor/Designer: Kelci Gould Sales: Kimberly Harmon Indy Editor: Geffrey Yabes

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Letter from the Editor What gets you motivated to do something that may be challenging? Recently I had to be a leader for an event that I was helping with. Leading up to it, I didn’t feel like I was going to have the energy to be the leader that I needed to be. The morning of the event I decided I had to get into the right frame of mind and motivate myself if I was going to enjoy the day. I decided I wasn’t going to be defeated before I even started the day because people were counting on me. I did a lot of positive self talk to get motivated to be the leader that I knew I was. Life and being motivated, a lot of times, is a choice that you choose to do. I could have decided to not get myself motivated for the event but I guarantee I would not of had the great reward that I had. Not only for me, but for the people that I was chosen to lead. Getting Motivated for something is a lot of self talk. Find the right self talk and you can find the motivation that you need to succeed.

Darla H.

OUR MISSION: BoldlyU Magazine is specifically designed for tweens, to encourage them to be brave, to be bold and to be themselves by providing a place for them to share their stories, struggles and passions. It is a positive resource to empower them to build confidence within themselves while also helping others!

Most of this content is written by tweens for tweens!

What word gets you Motivated? Courage

la ugh


fun Worthy

Summer you can do it



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Show Us Your Selfies! DIY Red Velvet Cake Pops Best Vacation Spots Beach Day DIY Book Reviews Fun National Holidays

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Little Wonderland Clothing Gaming Online Precious Pets Feeding Your Dog Simply Palindromes

March 2017



Show us your selfies! #BoldlyUSelfie


March 2017

DIY Red Velvet Cake Pops


Ingredient s:

X Red Velvet Cake Mix Ingredients on the box for the Mix Cream Cheese Frosting 1 Package White Almond Bark Cookie Sticks

Direct ions:

Makes 20!

X Mix the cake as directed on the box. Bake the cake at the temperature directed on the box. Bake the cake five minutes or until edges are slightly browned (after a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean). Allow the cake to cool uncovered for several hours or overnight. Crumble the cake into a mixing bowl. Place 2/3 cup of cream cheese frosting in the mixing bowl with the crumble cake. Mix until well combined. Line a cake pan or sheet cake pan with wax paper. Melt while almond bark as directed on the package. Using an ice screen scoop, dip the cake mix and frosting mixture onto the prepared pan. Use your hands to make sure the mixture is firm. Repeat until all cake mix and frosting mixture has been moved into balls on the prepared pans. Dip cookie sticks partially into the melted almond bark. Stick the almond bark stick into the cake balls on the prepared pan. Be sure not to press all the way down touching the pan (the balls will split). Repeat until all balls have sticks in them. Place in the freezer for several hours or overnight. Take them out of the freezer (one pan at a time). Using the stick, dip them one at a time in melted almond bark. Place the freshly dipped cake pops on a sheet of wax paper on the counter. Let dry.


Jack, 10

May/June 2018



BEST VACATION SPOTS! There are many vacation spots, but how do you know what spot is the best? Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down the best spots.

Alabama, Puerto Rico, Niagara Falls, Florida, The Bahamas, Myrtle Beach, Caribbean Islands

Image of the Bahamas - The Bahamas is a must-see vacation spot, because it is fun, the beaches are beautiful, and the Bahamas are home to many resorts, so you can vacation in style‌but the resorts are very expensive too.

Image of Niagara Falls - It is located next to the American falls, separated by a small piece of land called Luna Island.

Image of an Alabama beach - An Alabama beach is beautiful. It is amazing to walk on the white sandy beaches; it is a beautiful place.

Image of a Florida Beach - Florida is home to many beautiful beaches. If you want beautiful, warm, beaches, then go to Florida. Florida is home to many attractions, so it is the best family vacation spot.


May/June 2018

Kamryn, 11

B eac h Day DIY


Ahh. The Beach. The water. The sun. Relaxing by the pool. But, in order to have a fun beach day you need activities. Only the best activities…DIY beach day crafts!! Get ready, get set, go make some DIY projects!!

Easy Beach LanternsFor this craft, you will need:

- A mason jar - A cup of sand - Shells - Sea star, sand dollars, anything you find cute - A tea light or battery operated candle

First, add the sand to the jar. Next, add the shells and other decorations. Finally, add the tea light as a finishing touch. You can paint the jar teal or gold to add a beachy feel! Have fun decorating!!

Vacat ion Memory OrnamentFor this craft you will need:

- A flask - A pinch or two of sand - A stopper - Slip of paper with name of beach

First, put some of your sand in a flask. Next, get your slip of paper and somehow get it into the flask. (Best if you can read the slip of paper) Lastly, put the stopper in the flask. You could even add string to make this a necklace. You could also add miniature shells to make this craft a bit more beachy. You’ll probably be able to think of other artsy ideas for this Vacation Memory Ornament.

Kay, 11 and Addi, 11

May/June 2018






Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Percy Jackson, the narrator of “The Lightning Thief,” lives with his mother and abusive stepfather, the aptly named Gabe Ugliano. He never knew his real father. A troubled student teetering on the brink of special ed, he suffers from dyslexia and A.D.H.D. - or at least, that’s what his guidance counselors have always told him. But after his pre-algebra teacher turns into a harpy and tries to kill him, his mother risks her life taking him to a summer camp where she hopes he’ll be safe. There he finds out just how special he really is. In this adventure he will feel pain but most importantly love. He will stop at nothing to defeat Kronos the titan lord. He will go almost everywhere in America. If you have read this read - Heroes Of Olympus New york times says- "In Rick Riordan’s universe, Greek mythology is alive and well -- in Central Park, the alleys of Los Angeles, the peak of Mount Tamalpais in California, the strawberry fields of Long Island."


Jayden, 11

The book and movie for wonder is an amazing and inspiring story about a young boy who is physically challenged with his looks. With few people who stand by his side it is a good story about loyalty, hope, and determination. When you pick this book up you won’t be able to set it down. You will cry, laugh, and get very mad. If you want to read a good book for all ages read Wonder by R.J. Palacio.


Allie, 11

Wonder is an inspiring story about a boy in fifth grade. He is challenged with his facial issues. He has many challenges with bullies, friends, and many other things. Beware though when you pick up this book you’ll have mixed emotions. You may possibly read this whole book in a day. It is very hard to put down. Read Wonder, a book about determination, faith, and hope. If your looking for a good book, read Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Addi, 11


May/June 2018



May 2018 Batman Day Clean Up Your Room Day Bike to School Day

Frog Jumping Day World Turtle Day Hamburger Day

June 2018 National Donut Day Repeat Day

National Cheese Day

Best Friend Day

Eat Your Vegetables Day

National Selfie Day Chocolate Pudding Day

Meteor Watch Day


Fashion coolness takes on a new face with Los Angeles based brand Little Wonderland Clothing. Not only is the brand an 'ode to musical artist royalty like The Cure and The Ramones, but the brand also explores detailed elements with stripes, letter embellishments and different fits and cuts. From Onesies and T-shirts to trucker hats and baseball inspired tees, Little Wonderland Clothing truly embodies the rock and roller at heart. With its use of taglines, one-liners and images of influential musicians, you cannot help but fall in love with every piece in this brands line. "With today's culture, I want people to remember where it all started from. Cool came from these legends and I believe the younger generation needs to chill, unplug and wear how they feel, in true rocker fashion!" - said Co-Founder Briana Naylor Briana, along with co-founder Nick Maholick and NYC budding fashion photographer, Marie of Tabilzo Photography, has really brought this brand to life. A fashion life that will remain endless and timeless, much like the artists represented by the up and coming household COOL brand, Little Wonderland Clothing.

Check out the brand here and follow their instagram While you are at it follow Tablizo Photography at


May/June 2018

Check out their ad on page 29 for a special discount code!



Hi! My name is Jenna. I game. A lot. My whole life is about gaming. I am most known as a gaming geek or a technology nerd. My favorite games are Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft has over 100 million users playing while Roblox has over 178 million player accounts. Most people know about these games. If you don’t know about them, I am here to tell you.


Minecraft is a sandbox type game. There is Creative mode and Survival mode. In creative, you have unlimited everything. You can build anything your mind thinks. In Survival, you must make a house, get food, tools, and fight monsters. There are various types of platforms. These include Xbox, PS3, PC, etc. I most often get on servers. On Minecraft servers, there are lots of people from around the world that play. The only server I get on is called Hypixel. On Hypixel, there are lots of super fun games! Such as Bedwars, Farm Hunt, Murder Mystery, and more. I mainly play Bedwars. The reason why this is my favorite game is because it is fun and challenging. There are also several famous Minecraft Youtubers such as ShotGunRaids, UnspeakableGaming, PrestonPlayz, Target3DGaming, and way more! These Youtubers play the same thing I like to play. My favorite Youtubers overall are ShotGunRaids, Target3DGaming, and PrestonPlayz. Every time I watch these awesome peoples’ videos, they succeed, and they give me confidence to win my games!


Now, I will talk a little bit about Roblox. Roblox is somewhat like Minecraft and Legos. You can play Roblox on any PC device and/or a phone. This game you have to download in order to play games on it. It is an easy and safe download that you can trust. Roblox’s motto is ‘’Powering Imagination”. This means that you can build and make your own games in Roblox. There are also thousands of popular trending games other people have made that you can play! In Roblox, you can also design your blocky character. This includes changing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and more! There is also a membership you can buy to unlock tons more items and lots of cool features! This is called Builders Club. Overall, Minecraft and Roblox are somewhat similar but way different at the same time! Cya later and game on!

Jenna, 15

May/June 2018



Precious Pe t s!


May/June 2018

Want to see your

pet in t he


Send us your FAVORITE pet photo to @boldlyu on Instragram or Snapchat OR email us at!

"I am t hankful for my pet s because

t hey complete my family."

May/June 2018


Why simple is better when feeding your dog.

What sounds better to you....a fresh salad made with hearty greens, apples, walnuts carrots and cranberries....or one that has lots of cheap filler lettuce, a few pieces of carrots and preservatives to make it last? Of course most of us would choose the prior, and for good reason. It’s healthier for us, and more important to our taste buds, simply tastes better. If we allow ourselves to be this picky for ourselves, why wouldn’t we do the same for our furry loved ones. While many claim that home-made pet food and treat prep is best due to the freshness and control of it, most of us lead very busy lives and do not have time to be spending hours on this endeavor. Placing that control into another’s hands does not mean we shouldn’t be inspecting what is in the food or treats we are choosing. While dog food in most cases is supplemented with vitamins and minerals, as it should be, understanding the additional ingredients added to (or subtracted from) food is extremely helpful. That begins with a careful inspection of the ingredient panel. The best questions to ask yourself when looking at an ingredient list is “Can I pronounce it and would I want it in my diet?” If the answer is no, then most likely you do not want it in your pet’s food either. If you are choosing a chicken derived food, real chicken should be listed as one of the top ingredients. Healthy vegetables and fruits should also play a prevalent role in the ingredient list. Some of the best foods out there have dehydrated vegetables such as carrots and peas visible in the food as well as pieces of dehydrated chicken or beef. Attempt to stay away from “byproducts” or “meal” as these are lesser quality portions of said meat. While treats will not contain vitamins, and usually have less fillers, the same rules as above should apply...if you wouldn’t eat it, why let your pet. You can also use treats to have a little fun with your pup. Wouldn’t blueberry, apple or pumpkin be a fun treat? Just be sure that those ingredients are listed as one of the first on the panel, and that it does not say “flavoring” as in most cases this means that it is instead artificial flavoring being used. In conclusion, in most cases the simpler and more recognizable the ingredient list, the healthier the food or treat will be for your pet. As we all strive to become healthier and monitor what goes in to our bodies, let’s do the same for our pets. We want to keep those tails wagging and licks coming as long as possible.

Shawn Cohen-Sherry

“Pet Treats So Good Even You’ll Be Begging for Them” Visit us at and use code “LUVMYPUP” to receive 15% off your first order.

Enter to WIN a $50 Gift Certificate!

1 - Follow @PawStreetBarkery on Facebook 2 - Repost this picture with #pawstreetbarkery and #boldlyumagazine


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2. _ _ V _ _ 4. K _ _ _ _ 6. _ _ _ _ M 8. S _ _ _ _ _ _ Y _ _ _ _ _ _

9. D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

10. H _ _ _ _ _ 13. _ _ _

11. _ _ _ 14. _ _ _

12. _ _ _ 15. _ _ _

16. _ M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

Do you know ot hers? 20

May/June 2018

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Mer ri sa, 11

Jillian, 12

Pey ton, 13

A va, 11

Hatt ie, 12

R uari, 11


This month I interviewed two athletes, sisters Jaden and Auburn. Jaden is 12 years old and Auburn is 14 and they are figure skaters. Both Jaden and Auburn go to Blair Oaks Middle School. One day maybe we’ll watch them in the Olympics! Let’s talk about Jaden first. She is on the Capitol Classics team Radiance and has been skating since she was four years old. Her favorite part about being an athlete is being a part of such a loving group and says it has taught her to communicate well and to work hard. Besides skating, she likes to crochet and play tennis with her family. She also likes to listen to music and can make any situation awkward. Now let’s talk about Auburn. She is part of the Capitol Classics Figure Skating Association. Her favorite thing about figure skating is the competitions and how it challenges her. She has also been skating since she was four years old. In her free time she enjoys art, painting, sketching and reading. Auburn says to get better at her sport she usually runs, does small core workouts, lots of stretching and eating healthy (most of the time). She has many close friends that skate and keeps them entertained with her sarcasm. Both Jaden and Auburn travel all over for skating competitions and skate all year-round. They have made lots of friends skating and have enjoyed it very much!

Ella, 11

Au bu rn, 14

Jade n, 12

May/June 2017



Defining A Middle School

For many years, Christian Fellowship School has maintained all-inclusive classes through seventh grade. This provided the teacher with the opportunity to hone in on each student’s strengths and needs and assist individual students all day long. However, this year we decided to make our middle school a clearly defined group with its own schedule, core teachers, and other middle school elements. We felt that this would provide them with an identity unique to the rest of the school and a smoother transition into high school, where they have a different teacher for every class and several classes and locations to navigate. Other unique aspects of our new middle school include, their own uniform code, an A/B specials schedule where they get to mix with other grade levels in the middle school, their own chapels and lunch time, and even a middle school ski trip. As a teacher, I am finding it very beneficial to be able to teach to a range of students that I will see grow each year. I can tailor my teaching to build each year and see the individual growth of students over a span of 3 years. Additionally, with a common planning time, the other middle school teachers a I can meet to discuss individual students. I am really enjoying the development of this program.  -Kat ie Davis, Middle School Bible, Social St udies

Being new to Christian Fellowship School, it was exciting to be on the ground floor of building the school’s middle school. It has been a great experience being able to help pick and choose different aspects of other middle schools and putting them together to make, what we feel, is the perfect atmosphere and learning environment possible. Students have adapted well to being able to switch classes and have more freedoms, that previous classes were not privileged to receive. We have observed many benefits to our new model, such as students having better attention spans and accepting more responsibility. As we go into the future, I know that we will continue to mold and create the best possible place for our students to interact and learn. -Chris Blake, Middle School Bible, Mat h, and Science

FEAT URED The Christian Fellowship Middle School has been in the planning stages for several years. I was both excited and nervous for the change. Having taught self-contained sixth grade for nine years, I could see the benefits of both programs. At the beginning of the year, the students benefited from the familiar of an elementary type classroom. However, by the second semester, the students were ready for more independence and movement throughout their day. The benefits of moving to a middle school model have far exceeded my expectations. The students have done well managing their work, staying organized and moving from class to class. The social aspects of changing classes and interacting more with other grade levels has also been successful. There are strong friendships being made between the sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Our hope was to build a community that puts God first, serves each other and grows in knowledge and faith. By pulling the three grade levels together, we are able foster this environment and meet the needs of this unique group of students. -Nan Beaird, Middle School Language Ar t s

Hi, my name is Britney, and I am in seventh grade. I am really enjoying middle school. It is so much fun. I like it a lot better than elementary school even though it is harder. I love switching classes every period and not being stuck in one classroom all day. I also like doing fun things like P.E., band, choir, and art. Also, in middle school, we start doing big projects and reports. To most people, this is a burden and they hate it. Unlike most people, however, I really enjoy it. -Brit ney, 7t h grade s t udent

Why do I love middle school? I feel like we have more freedom this year. We can sit where we want at lunch, and we can mix with the seventh and eighth graders. We can also wear any colored shirt we want, along with any kind of jacket. We all get along like one big family, most of the time. I also love all the teachers and all of the classes that they teach. Yep, I love middle school at Christian Fellowship. -Claire, 6t h grade s t udent May/June 2018



Mee t Lily I’m Lily! I’m 15 and ending my freshman year of high school soon. I go to school with my best friend also named, Lily. After graduating I can see myself going to college and becoming either an exotic vet or criminal psychologist. I love animals sooooo much. We have 3 dogs, 1 snake, 1 tortoise, and last but no least 1 bunny. They are just as much a part of the family as my (awesome) parents Kendall and Jay. Besides animals I really love music and art. I really like painting album covers and my favorite bands of all time are Joy Division and The Cure. I like collecting records and hope to add some new ones to my collection soon. Lastly, I really enjoy reading. My favorite author is John Green and I have read every single one of his books such as paper towns and Looking for Alaska. If you haven’t read one of his books yet I highly encourage you to, they are amazing! So, thank you so much to BoldlyU for featuring me in this magazine. I had a great time doing it!

Lily, 15


May/June 2018


Creat ive Writ ing

Find out how you can read the rest of these writings and vote for your favorite on pg. 58

T he Advent ures of Dean by Jillian, 12 Dean was wasting away playing Minecraft. Dean was a very smart kid. Key word “was”. Now he just lies around playing Minecraft, Call Of Duty Ghosts and Fortnite. Dean’s life seemed boring to his friends and family until, one day. It had all changed... Dean had gotten up to go and get a snack. But when he got up, the whole atmosphere had changed. Dean was INSIDE Minecraft! Now he needed to get out, but how? Dean noticed his hunger bar had went down. “Oh my gosh”, he thought, “This is real life in the game!” He knew what he needed to do first. To Be Continued... T he Inventors by Meagan, 7t h Grade “Hey can I borrow some salt?” Dave asked as he was walking past Kate, who was welcoming him on their dorm. “Actually, we are kind of busy right now,” Mark told him pointing at the machine setting on a sturdy table. Around it was tools scattered everywhere. “Oh cool,” Dave said as he started poking around the messy table. “Stop that’s dangerous,” Kate demanded. To Be Continued... Puppy T hought s by Molly, 8 Hello! My name is Rosie! I’m a golden-doodle pup! Being a puppy is great, but I can also have hard time too. For example, something bad is, I always have to wear a leash. But a good thing is, I get all of the attention! Let me start with the downs of this puppy life first. I don’t get to bite anyone, or else I get in trouble. But I just want to play! And if I don’t stop, I get put into a cage (OK, I admit, my teeth MAY be a little sharp, but my teeth hurt and they fall out of my mouth! I have to chew on something! It stops them from hurting!) To Be Continued... Los t by Gabby, 8t h Grade Hastily, I scribbled down descriptions of the various unique plants. I was engulfed in the wondrous environment around me. The trees were tall enough to reach the sky. The ferns colored like a newly opened box of crayons. But, the one thing that caught my eye in wonder, most of all was the mysterious shrub in the shadow of a tree’s trunk. It seemed so out of place, so unusual. Minutes later, I reentered reality, and whirled around to catch back up to the group. They were gone, with no sign of the direction they went, if only I could remember. 28

May/June 2018

To Be Continued...

Chapter 1 Advent ure by Hannah, 9


“We should go on an adventure!” Narwhal considered, “Like with ships and skulls and mermaids?” Shark wondered, Narwhal gave him a thumbs up. “I’m out” shark replied in a horrified voice. “You’re going anyways.” Narwhal demanded. “There’s Barnamen’s Cove, Mariam’s seat.” She went on, “Mariam? That’s mommy” shark got joyful, “I wanna go see mommy!” “She’s not….” Shark cut her off. “Let’s go!” As shark swam off, Narwhal got worried, they were going to get there and there wouldn’t be any sight of Shark’s Mom. Narwhal took a deep breath, it was all going to be OK!! If, she got a plan…….. To Be Continued... Anna Maria Capt iva by Gwen, 12 Anna Maria Captiva was the bravest child in all of Florida. She rode her magical dolphin, Starburst, all around the Florida islands, some of which she created. Whenever there was trouble in the tides, she was there and ready to save the Southern Coast and Central America. She was such a fast swimmer, that big gust of water started to rise and wash shells and other things onto the sandy shore. She was known all through the Americas as the girl who could swim faster than a super-speed dolphin. To Be Continued... Agent Liber ty: Episode 1 What I Once Was by Kat ie, 7t h Grade

BOOM! A sound sent the jeep rocking and knocking me out of the melancholy state I had been in for days. I grabbed my shield couplets, I had used when I was a Howling Commando, and my gun as I jumped out of the vehicle. I hadn’t gotten out of Germany yet and I was getting attacked. “The war is over!” my mind screamed. I felt a hard clank to the back of my head. I knew nothing else. To Be Continued... Society by Hannah, 13

Breat htaking by Lexi

It’s wrong It’s cruel It takes control of her It takes control of him You and me It kills you inside It teaches you wrong Like you have to be popular to live That’s not true

I step on the first branch Grasping the limbs A light breeze hits my face And whips through my hair Just like the movies As I get higher the texture of the Trunk gets smoother The taste of the air gets softer I reach the top of the tree

To Be Continued...

To Be Continued... May/June 2018



New Pop Sensation

Tristan Cole "You can count on me." Some may have heard of him, while others are going to. Who is this new pop sensation? Tristan Cole is a go getter who wants to ensure that his message reaches the masses. As his musical brand evolves, he not only wishes to exude fun, but a platform that can also touch, love, as well as heal the world. “I have been known to dabble in multiple sub genres within the pop realm that provide uptempo rhythms and entertaining/catchy hooks. But this year I’m trying to exploring deeper than I ever have in the past through acoustic ballads, slow jams and I even have a new emotional EDM styled single coming out that will touch on a more political standpoint to which I hope people will understand. I wrote it to help make an awareness and others to heal with what is going on in the world today. From Mass shootings to LGBTQ issues, from bullying to racism; I wanted to write a song to help shed light on my perspective on these awful happenings and hope people will understand where I am coming from.” 


May/June 2018

Tristan Cole is a man of many talents and he loves being a role model for children and teens who are exploring the music industry. “I’ve worked hard traveling all over the US performing. It’s been fun so far and the time and energy put into this has been paying off so far. And I don't plan on stopping any time soon until I make my dreams become a reality. I hope the next generation of musical talents understand the amount of work it takes. Its not easy. It’s a very tough road, but consistency and persistency is the key. I’m always here for my fans! You can count on me. My advice to anyone brave enough to pursuing their passions is to never give up and never let others dictate your future. Feel free to reach out and follow me. I am happy to offer any advice or help that I can.”  Besides being a musical talent, his brand has expanded in fitness modeling and acting, as well as being a brand ambassador to many emerging designers and brands out there.  Not only is he a pleasure to speak to but a true star in the making. This will all soon show as we follow this man on his journey to the top. 

Follow him on his instgram and FB @ Tristalecolemusic May/June 2018




a l l e B



How old are you? I am 14 years old. What is your favorite spor t? My favorite sport is softball, but I am also a cheerleader. What teams do you play for? Fayette Falcons and Boonville Monarchs What is your favorite subject in school? Social Studies What is your favorite s tore at t he Mall? Pink/Victoria Secret What has been your greates t s t ruggle in life? Tourette Syndrome. What is Tourette Syndrome? My definition of Tourette’s is this thing in my brain that tells me to do things that I don’t know I am doing. My “tic” is that my eye twitches.

! ou Y Be

The real definition: A problem which affects the body’s brain and nervous system by causing repeated tics, uncontrollable movements or involuntary vocal sounds. Who do you look up to? My Grandpa because he always gives me advice about life. Where do you want to t ravel? Paris, because I want to go shopping and see the Eiffel Tower. Do you have any pet s? I have on dog named Piper, she is part Red-Heeler and Great Pyrenees. She is a big dog, but loves to cuddle. What are your fut ure goals? I want to play college softball, become an Ultra-Sound Technician, and start a traveling softball team when I retire. 34

May/June 2018

Bella, 14

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Mot ivat ion St ruggles My life is far beyond perfect. My parents separated about a year ago and it shattered my heart. It felt like my world and everything I knew had been torn apart. I was in complete depression. The family I knew was tearing apart and the home I had always known was being stripped away from me. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I thought my whole world was going to end. I wanted to be comforted, but at the same time wanted to be alone. I hid away in my room and ignored everything around me. To help ignore the world, I listened to music. Suddenly, just one day, the music hit me. It brought up my spirits and for once, I was happy. I was able to dance and smile. The music just built me up and filled me with joy. If I was down, I’d listen to music and I was happy again. The only downfall was during school. I wasn’t allowed to listen to music during class so when I was sad, depressed or angry; I stayed that way. But then something else happened. All my friends could tell I was angry or depressed and they would come talk to me. If I didn’t have music, I had my friends. My friends were always there for me. Even if they didn’t understand what was going on or how to deal with it, they were just there for me to vent. I always had a shoulder to cry on or someone to go to and it felt amazing. At school, I had friends; at home, I had music. Friends and music are what keep me going in life. Just to have someone or something there for me is the best thing ever. My motivations are my friends and music.

Grace, 11


May/June 2018



I always struggle to get motivated to do things, like my homework or doing the dishes. My mom and my teachers keep telling me that if I can’t get motivated that there will be “consequences” … whatever that means. And since I’m behind on both my chores and my school work, it all piled up and now there’s even more for me to do. It just seems easier to ignore it rather than have to tackle a huge pile. How can I motivate myself to get my responsibilities done -Past You before I find out what these “consequences” are? -Past You


You are certainly not the only person who struggles with motivation sometimes, and the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to start. Different things help motivate everyone, but here are a couple of ideas that could help... 1. Focus on the end goal. Doesn’t warm clothes out of the dryer sound better than the same socks you’ve been wearing all week? 2. Take it one step at a time. Set a goal to finish a chapter each night for your homework, or maybe just a few worksheets. This way the pile is much less daunting, and you’ll get it done quicker. 3. Reward yourself in intervals. Finish an hour of reading, give yourself 20 minutes to watch TV. Or maybe for each flash card you get right while studying, give yourself a little piece of candy. Everyone at some time in their life has struggled with motivation. In the end, it helps to think of the tasks ahead as an opportunity to better yourself, if only to prove to yourself that you can do it. -Future You

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May/June 2018


Makia, 13 The Time I Almost Died by e I almost died Let me tell you about the tim in God But all I had to do was trust He always has my back even when I start to slack ol So I was at the swimming po l Doing what I do, acting a foo me, it was too deep My friend was in 6ft but for with her, so I did She wanted me to jump in It didn’t go as I planned ’t coming up I hit the bottom and I wasn Oh boy, was it tough fore my eyes I think I saw my life flash be s still going to try But I wasn’t giving up, I wa erate help, She saw me in need of desp and tell She didn’t have time to go my rescue So she came over there too u I said O-M-G, God bless yo st in God That was a time I had to tru s stick by your side Just know that He will alway

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OVERCOMIN G ST RUGLES WITH MOT IVAT ION Motivation and Helping Depression... Staying motivated or even getting motivated at all is a very hard thing to do, especially for busy teenagers. I had a very hard time even getting the motivation to write this article. Most adults say “You’re just lazy” and don’t think there is actually a problem. There are different tips for getting yourself into gear and I try hard to use them, but they don’t always work. Recently a lot of stress has been added to my life because of family reasons, along with starting high school and softball. Most mornings I can’t even get out of bed. I miss the bus and make myself feel guilty for burdening others. I hate getting out and doing things, but I also feel guilty not doing anything because I feel like a waste of space. This makes life really hard, but I’ve found some good coping skills for solving these recurring slumps: One is friends and laughter. Make getting out of your house feel fun, not like a chore. Hang with friends who make you laugh and smile; it’s a temporary solution but meaningful to your health. Secondly, it sounds cliche, but eat healt hier food. Those nutrients help give you energy to actually get something done. I’ve noticed when I have Cheetos and Mtn. Dew for breakfast and lunch, I get a sick feeling that makes me want to lay in bed and not move for a day. Eating something like an apple or a glass of water usually helps.


May/June 2018


T hirdly, clean or change your scenery. Rearrange your room or clean the laundry room. Go to the movies or bowling. Anything that gets you out of the setting that starts your feelings of sluggishness. Las tly, go out side. Once again, a cliche, I know, but it does actually help. I frequently get a cloudy feeling in my head that feels hard to see or think. Going outside, even for a few minutes, seems to help me breath and clear my head. Take deep breaths. Keep note that these are things that help me personally and are not the views of a medical profession. I hope you enjoy these healthy ways to deal with depression and lack of motivation.

Anonymous, 14


Counselor’s Corner Don’t Hate… Motivate! What motivates you? How can motivation propel you forward in life? Do you hate on others because of their level of motivation and commitment? Do you hate (dislike) the process of getting motivated to complete a task? If the answer is yes, you definitely will benefit from continuing to read this article. As youth, it may be difficult to get motivated and stay motivated, because you may feel you have so many responsibilities already. Going to school, doing homework, keeping your room clean, other household chores, practices and games or competitions, spending time with family, hanging out with your friends, sleeping, eating (healthy), and so many other tasks that fall into this category. With trying to balance the many tasks of your day, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and less motivated for action. In order for you to make any positive strides towards reaching your goals, you must be motivated and ready to take action. Why should you be motivated? Great question! Motivation allows you to put forth effort towards action. So, when you are hating the process of creating goals and putting action towards your goals, don’t hate the process, get motivated. Here are some statements you may have made, or you may hear others saying, “I want to get motivated, but I don’t know how. I don’t feel like doing this. I want to meet my goals, but I just have no energy. I started, but I could not finish.” These are all common thoughts that youth have had at one point in time or another.


Below are four necessary tips for increasing your motivation and decreasing hating the process. 1. Create a schedule. In creating a schedule, you can map out your day, week, or weekend, and feel more in control of your day and your tasks. This will also eliminate feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. You will be more equipped to remember what tasks you need to complete. You will be motivated because you now know what to expect! 2. Learn from your mistakes. If you have done something in the past that was a tough lesson to learn, take note so that you can potentially avoid making this mistake again. You will be more prepared if you face this situation again, to work towards success versus avoiding and being unmotivated to complete the task at hand. You will be energized and ready for action! 3. Add some fun to your day, week, or weekend. Everyone loves to do something fun. This keeps you going, and gives you something to look forward to in the course of your day, week, or weekend. Include at least one activity (i.e. scrapbooking, journaling, roller skating with friends, a trip to the mall with friends, game night with the friends and/or family, etc). 4. Ask for help. Having support from a parent, guardian, friend, or teacher, can be a tremendous help. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You now feel like you have extra support to complete the task or tasks on your calendar, and may even notice a positive shift in your level of motivation. Why? Because you do not feel alone. “Hey, can you help me with this?” One simple question can lead you to a peace of mind! Remember, don’t hate the process. Commit yourself to the process, follow these four steps (and any others you feel may be helpful to you), and get motivated for success!

Grat it ude, NaKaisha Tolber t-Banks, LCSW, CEC Licensed Clinical Social Worker & EmpowerMEnt Coach



6 01

Starting a YouTube Channel...


Starting a YouTube channel can be a difficult thing, but it also can be very fun. It took me at least a year before I started mine, but when I did, it was totally worth it. Here are some t ips on making your channel: 1. Start with an introduction video, whether it’s a “10 Facts About Me” video or just something introducing you what your channel does. 2. Start with an easy editing software, that you can learn quickly. Don’t put too much editing or it will look too ‘busy’ and distract the viewer from you. 3. Be patient. It takes a while for your channel to grow. For several months I only had 11 subscribers, but if you put effort into your videos, you will eventually get views. 4. Try interesting things that your viewers will like, but don’t be repetitive. Don’t make the same type of video several times in a row, or people will get bored. 5. Lastly, include your subscribers in your videos. Do an “Answering Comments” video to bring together your subscribers in your channel. I hope these quick tips help! Enjoy and most importantly, have fun doing it! That’s the whole purpose is to have fun.

Josie, 14

Gaming Manners 1. No hacking

7. No abuse

3. No camping

9. Have fun

5. No one likes a bad spor t

11. No making fun of

2. No t rash talk

8. Forget t he t rolls

4. Harassment is bad

10. No cussing

6. Be nice to everyone


Gauge, 13



HOW 49 Catch the Stars Finalists 52 Workout Foods 54 Parent's Corner 56 Hair Trends

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Each of these outstanding student athletes are being honored & recognized for maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA, being active in the Community and participating in Athletics. They’re in the running to receive one of two $20k scholarships. The purpose of this program is to assist students with their higher educational goals.


Heal t h & W e ll n e s s

WHAT TO EAT before training, practice, or the big game.

Youth athletes might not be concerned about game day nutrition, but parents and coaches should be. Not only do kids need optimal nutrition for fueling and recovery, but also to meet energy demands and maturation for growing athletes. Working muscles need carbohydrates for fuel, moderate amounts of protein, small amounts of fat, and plenty of fluids. Below are some basic guidelines on what to eat before a sports game for kids.


The timing of the meal will be dependent on the meal size. Meal size will depend on how recently an athlete has eaten. Full-sized meals should be eaten 2-3 hours prior sports activities. If the athlete has already had 1 or 2 full meals earlier in the day, they may prefer a slightly lighter snack. This can be eaten closer to the game, within the hour timeframe. (For great snack ideas, check out 8 Healthy Snacks for Athletes on the Go.)

Hydrat ion:

Pre-game hydration doesn’t begin a few hours before the event; it begins the minute the athlete wakes up. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day leading up to a game, especially in the two to three hours before game time. Water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body and as such, supports energy levels and strength.


Carbs are a key player in a pre-game meal. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy, but also digest faster than fat and protein, making them ideal before exercise. Stick to basic carb sources. Some ideas include toast or rice cakes with jelly, bananas, cereal, pasta, potatoes, etc. Choose a high-glycemic carb for fast digestion. You may want to avoid carbs rich in fiber as they may cause bloating and discomfort. 52

May/June 2018



Active bodies need protein to support growth and build and repair hard working muscles. Young athletes should spread protein foods throughout the day, having some at each meal and with most snacks, such as eggs, yogurt, meat or protein shakes.


You want to focus on minimal fat intake directly before energy exertion. Fatty foods slow down the digestion of food, and as such, will not give athletes the energy they need to perform at their best.

Pos t-Game Nut rit ion:

What an athlete eats after a sports game is just as important as what they eat before a game. Make sure your athlete properly refuels within an hour of competition. Again, carbs are a priority here to restore glycogen in the muscles and begin the muscle recovery process. With that in mind, the same high-glycemic carbs are best post game as well. Pairing a banana with a protein shake is a quick and easy staple to fall back on. You don’t need to complicate things when planning what to eat before a sports game for kids. Follow these guidelines above to help your athletes perform at their peak in every game. Ask us how we can help your at hlete get fas ter! Call us at 573-GET-FAST or visit our website!

#championstrainhere #buildingbetterathletes #parisination

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Parent’s Corner Motivating your child! As a parent, motivating my 3 boys is an ongoing process. As their wants, needs and desires change so does their motivation. And when I figure out what motivates one child, I quickly learn the same does not work on another child. So how do I provide incentives and be a motivating force for my ever-changing boys? One trick I use is to find what really is important to them. Is it one on one time with mom and/or dad (I wish this was always the case but as they get older, we get lower and lower on their list), video games, friends, food, staying up past bed time, money, the list is endless. These are just a few of the motivating factors that drive my children to do their chores, keep their grades up and practice their skills in whatever activity they may be currently participating. I wish the good reward would just be how awesome it feels to be great on their test or at their game or with a clean room but let’s face it; we all like to be rewarded for our efforts…especially children!

"Communicating t he “why” can build an unders tanding of t he importance of t he task."

Using rewards is tricky because I feel you can over reward when trying to motivate your kids. I am not a fan of entitlement and there’s a fine line when motivation can start to make kids feel that when they do something good, then they must be rewarded. I am sorry, but that is not how life works so a reward doesn’t come with every good deed. For the child to want to complete a task it is also necessary to help them understand “why” the task is important. They might not understand why they need to do their homework or help around the house. Communicating the “why” can build an understanding of the importance of the task. This may not fully motivate them to complete the task but it can be a step in the right direction. 54

May/June 2018


Another tactic we like to use is positive reinforcement. We want our kids to know how proud we are and we try to tell them that often and provide hugs and loving gestures. This is important in our family, because we want our boys to do the same in their families when they get older and to not be afraid to compliment someone when they do a good job. Words are very powerful and they can be just as motivating as an object! My advice to parents it to find that good balance between keeping your child enthusiastic and ambitious with intrinsic motivation as much as you can before moving on to extrinsic rewards. Every family is different so I would recommend finding that good balance of tangible and not-tangible rewards while being able to raise level headed children who do not need to receive something for every good deed. Talk with other parents for ideas and talk with your children about what motivates them. Communication is key to finding the right method of motivation for you and your child!

Lindsey St inson


Curly Hair Tips LOB long bob accentuated with beach waves

Balayage a free hand painting that allows custom looks for every length styled with Barrel wave curls

Hair Tre n d s

OmbrĂŠ a balayage technique that sweeps from dark to whatever color achievable

A symmetrical bob cut with a razor for more lift and shape

Pixie her curls are perfect for this short look that is easy to style and feminine to wear. We colored her a rich chocolate with a demi perfect for the tween.


May/June 2018

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Curly hair can be a blessing or a curse. It’s so pretty but it can be very hard to deal with. Here’s some of the tips I’ve learned for taming curly hair. 1. Letting your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer can reduce the frizz.

2. Drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel can reduce frizz. The rough texture of the towel instantly makes your hair frizzy. 3. Applying leave in conditioner while your hair is damp can help keep it moisturized. 4. Use heat guard before straightening your hair. It helps protect it from heat damage your hair may undergo. 5. Avoid shampooing as frequently as straight haired people do. It can dry out your hair and make lots of split ends. 6. Use wide toothed combs when detangling. Apply product right after a shower and comb it all the way from the roots to the tips. It helps keep your curls from getting tangled and the product helps make combing your hair easier. 7. Get a good deep conditioner and use it after every shampoo to help keep your hair moisturized. 8. Avoid products with alcohol in them such as hair spray and some gels and mousses. They suck all the moisture out of your hair. Try mouses that resemble beaten egg whites and water soluble gels that don’t feel sticky on skin.

Tessa, 14


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Shelter Insurance Annual Fountain Celebration Shelter Insurance - Columbia, MO 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Enjoy games, live music, foot trucks, family activities and more!


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May/June 2018

Pedaler's Jamboree - 10th Anniversary Ride Flat Branch Park, Columbia to Kemper Park, Boonville May 26 - May 27 A music festival created for bicycle riders and non-riders alike! PRO Pulling Nationals Randolph County Raceway - Moberly, MO 7 p.m. Professional truck and tractor pullers from around the country will compete for the top position. Lake Race Lake of the Ozarks June 1 - June 3

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Rock The Community 2018 Douglass Park - Columbia, MO 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. Free outdoor event aimed to empower Columbia residents with positive programming and fun atmosphere.


Go Girl Run Flat Branch Park "MKT" 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. An all women's half marathon and 5k running series that celebrates women, health and fitness.


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Relay For Life of Boone County David H. Hickman High School 5:30 p.m. - 12 a.m. A team fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path.





Howard County Fair Howard County Fairgrounds June 26 - July 1 Events will include the Queen Contest, Livestock Shows and Sale, 2 night rodeo, the tractor pull, and of course the carnival! Happy 4th of July!

May/June 2018







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