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1601 N 12th St. Suite 605

Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 223 3030



Boulder Homes

PO Box 1421 Bismarck, ND 58502

(701) 400 5554 boulderhomesnd@gmail.com


Apex Builders

PO Box 652 Mandan, ND 58554 (701) 527 7899



Northern Plains Plumbing, Heating & Air 2510 Vermont Ave Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 226 8810 lori@northernplains.net


Aspire Homes

3313 Bayshore Bend SE Mandan, ND 58554 (701) 426 8583 greg@daretoaspirend.com


Townsquare Media

1830 N 11th St

Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 250 6602



Joe Vetter Construction 2523 Powder Ridge Circle Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 258 9394 joevetterjvc@gmail.com


Hallmark Homes

3200 Rock Island Place, Suite 4 Bismarck, ND 58504 7717 (701) 471 7634 hallmarkhomes@outlook.com


Dakota OutdoorScapes 8351 Hwy 1804 N Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 595 0890 mckenzie@ndscapes.com


1365 Tacoma Ave, Suite 1 Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 751 1162 rons@cavesnd.com


Pinnacle Homes and Design 214 Riverwood Ave Mandan, ND 58554 (701) 426 0237 andrew@pinnaclehomesnd.com


JSJ Construction 714 Custer Dr. Manda, ND 58554 (701) 226 0526 jsjconst@hotmail.com


Dawn Watson dawn@bmhba.com

Office: 701 222 2400

Cell: 701 390 5049


Brittney Roehrich brittney@bmhba.com

Office: 701 222 2400

Cell: 701 240 3540


Building Buzz is a publication of the Bismarck Mandan Home Builders Association. Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association 2600 Gateway Ave, Ste 1 Bismarck, ND 58503 Phone: 701.222.2400 www.facebook.com/bmhba www.instagram.com/bismanbuilders www.twitter.com/bmhba www.bmhba.com PAGE 3 PAGE 5 PAGE 7 8 PAGE 10 PAGE 12

The BMHBA consists of building specialists from every section of the construction field and associated industries. Your membership strengthens our voice in Bismarck Mandan construction sector as well as at a state and national level. If you haven’t already submitted payment, please renew your membership by October 31, 2022.

Shane Gaffaney

Amy Larsen

Darwin Fettig

Lane Huber

Craig Gierke

Stephen Schnaible

Mike Kambeitz

Melanie Staiger

Reid Kubesh

Mike Ness

Tae Pifer

Nathan Pedersen

Kelli Thompson

Sam Gietzen

Kris Svanes

Joshua Olson

Tylor Doll

Mark Dettling

Jason Bauman

Jared Winters

Brian Osmond

Jarred Roloff

Preston Schmidt Deb Luptak

Jackie Fakler

Kathy Wood

Harvey Schneider

Aaron Tackett

Shawna Hastings Lynn Metzger

Thank you to our members who have helped grow our BMHBA membership over the years by recruiting new companies to join our association. If you know of a company that is interested in joining, contact Brittney Roehrich at brittney@bmhba.com or 701 222 2400.

Your recruitments can now be seen on NAHB.org. Click “My Profile” then “My Spike Referrals.”

TopRecruitersasof 09/09/2022

Statesman Spike

500 999 Credits

Kelly Moldenhauer (741.50)

Super Spikes

250 499 Credits

Todd Brady (381.50)

Robb Sattler (295.50)

Mike Todd (288.00)

Lee Mitzel (269.00)

Pat Marback (257.50)

Royal Spikes

150-249 Credits

Lori Willson (217.00)

Mike Hopfauf (195.50)

Berna Vetter (190.00)

Colby Well (165.00)

Jack Knutson (160.00)

Red Spikes

100-149 Credits


AssociateMembership (612) 512

travis.wipperling@shawinc.com https://shawinc.com/

AffiliateMembership (701)

ken.belohlavek@coretecfloors.com https://shawinc.com/


leroy@jehomesnd.com http://jehomesnd.com

AssociateMembership (701) 870 0125 thecleaninglady701@gmail.com www.thecleaninglady701.com

AssociateMembership (701) 527

brian@creedfab.com www.facebook.com/CreedCustomFabrication

Blair Ihmels (147.00)

Steve Redding (125.00)

Dan Sparling (120.50)

Chad Moldenhauer (110.00)

Jerry Splonskowski (106.50)

Green Spikes

50-99 Credits

Vance Vetter (99.00)

Paula Haider (95.50)

David Patience (94.50)

Mark Larson (92.00)

Eric Brenden (88.50)

Darren Buffington (83.50)

Kenneth Knodel (67.50)

Art Goldammer (64.50)

Scott Moran (57.50)

Nadine Schaff (56.50)

Scott Duchscherer (55.00)

Life Spikes

25-49 Credits

Gerry Rudnick (49.50)

Gerald Hopfauf (45.50)

Matt Shauer (42.50)

Drew Knutson (42.50)

Jeff Sattler (41.00)

Greg Meidinger (39.00)

Greg Zenker (37.50)

Jamie Schmidt (26.50)

Blue Spikes

6 24 Credits

Jason Frank (22.00)

Shane Gaffaney (19.00)

Earl Torgerson (16.50)

Melinda Llyod (15.50)

Bob Kupper (12.00)

Kelli Thompson (10.00)

Pete Brendel (8.50)

Bill Schmid (8.00)

Darryl Hatzenbuhler (7.00)

Mike Wolf (7.00)

Joe Hillerson (6.50)

Rory Anderson (6.50)

Shannon Reichenberg (6.00)

Spike Candidates

.50-5.50 Credits

Kurt Steiner (4.50)

Parker Pladson (4.00)

Vicki Moran (3.50)

Jarred Roloff (3.50)

Brian Eiseman (2.50)

Sam Gietzen (2.50)

Mark Abramson (2.00)

Natalie Eckes (2.00)

Melanie Staiger (2.00)

Wade Vogel (2.00)

Jackie Andahl (1.00)

Lynn Klein (1.00)

Alissa Kleinsasser (1.00)

Reid Kubesh (1.00)

Terry Leabo (1.00)

Tom Reinke (1.00)

Jeran Thomson (1.00)

Travis Welle (1.00)

Lindsey Ashley (0.50)

Brad Balerud (0.50)

Bryan Brendel (0.50)

Hannah Haynes (0.50)

Kassy Landis (0.50)

Jared Woll
Please welcome our new members from September to the association! Join the BMHBA in congratulating these longstanding members. Their dedication tothe Bismarck Mandan Home Builders Association is appreciated and truly valued. 25 Years 10 Years 5 Years
319 0478
J.E. HOMES LLC LEROY THOMAS AffiliateMembership
400 9163

October is here and it looks to be bringing fall with it, which also means the parade of homes which took place September 29 through October 2. We had 26 homes available to tour this year. I hope each house had a great turnout and had a successful parade weekend.

I would personally like to thank all the participating builders who entered a home in the parade. The Parade of Homes is one of the largest public events our association holds. In order to pull this event off, it takes an entire committee to host and organize, I would like to extend my thanks to the parade of homes committee members for another great event!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming Fall GMM Mixer & Board Elections on October 20 which will be held at Lady J’s Club and Catering located at the south end of Tom O'Leary golf course. The mixer is FREE to all members, spouses, and prospective members! Please register yourself and any guests that you will be bringing. We encourage you to bring prospectivemembers who want to join our association. The deadline to register is Friday, October 14

• Appetizers

• Cash Bar (Each attendee will also receive two drink tickets sponsored by Silver Ranch)

• Prize Raffle (Proceeds will go to the BSC Scholarship Fund)

• Board Elections

Social: 5:00 6:00pm Awards & Board Elections: 6:00 8:00pm

Thank you to everyone for your continued support as a member and have a great rest of the year!

Make sure to sign up for these upcoming events:

• Fall Mixer and Board Elections: October 20

• 64th Annual Banquet January 19, 2023

• 46th Annual Home Show March 17

“We are stronger together then we are alone

The Bismarck Mandan Home Builders Association was recently nominated for the National Association of Home Builders Membership Cup award for 2021. The BMHBA achieved the highest ranking for 2021 in Group 4 for its efforts in both membership growth and retention. The BMHBA was one of seven groups that competed for the final Membership Cup Award which was announced at this year's NAHB Association Management Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Congratulations to Wilmington Cape Fear Home Builders Association on winning the 2021 NAHB Membership Cup Award!

JAMIE SCHMIDT BMHBACEODawnWatson &MembershipDirectorBrittneyRoehrich


Diversity Homes 840 W Glenwood Dr

E Homes 3910 Steel St

E Homes 3914 Steel St

EMH, Inc 1205 Eagles View Ln

EMH, Inc 5305 Mica Dr

Investcore 3714 Steel St

J.E. Homes 3904 Platinum St

J.E. Homes 4023 Herd Pl

J.E. Homes 4119 Platinum St

J.E. Homes 4121 Platinum St

J.E. Homes 415 W Lasalle Dr

J.E. Homes 417 W Lasalle Dr

J.E. Homes 423 W Lasalle Dr

J.E. Homes 425 W Lasalle Dr

Joe Vetter Const. 4114 Bugle Bnd

K & L Homes 1001 Collective Ln

K & L Homes 1009 Collective Ln

K & L Homes 1017 Collective Ln

K & L Homes 5927 HeritageRidgeRd

Karsky Const. 609 Mehrer Dr

Knutson Homes 1516 High Creek Pl

Pinnacle Homes 3907 Nickel St

Pinnacle Homes 3911 Nickel St

Prairie Aire Homes 5837 Gold Dr

Sattler Homes 2613 Boston Dr

Sattler Homes 4809 Maltby St

Sattler Homes 4824 E Calgary Ave

Verity Homes 4829 Cornice Loop

Verity Homes 4837 Cornice Loop


Big River Builders 3485 Gallatin Loop

Big River Builders 8309 Nicklaus Dr

Mark Fleck Const. 3517 Bogey Dr

Otto Contracting 6508 Selland Loop


Aspire Homes 1009 Chippewa AveNE

Kilen Enterprise 1303 Sunset Dr NW


Stoneshire Builders 13902 Saddlehorn

Boulder Homes 7960 Scenic Hills


Copper Ridge Design 5815 Reily Rd

Copper Ridge Design 5825 Reily Rd

Rusch Homes 6933 Butler Loop

Rusch Homes 6935 Butler Loop


Dakota Custom Homes 4645 24th Ave

E Homes 2242 44th St

GTG Homes 4466 Roper Pl Mark Fleck Const. 2441 Co Rd 138 MONTH YEAR ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 JANUARY 1 0 10 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 0 FEBRUARY 5 2 0 10 17 4 0 0 0 1 2 0 6 5 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 MARCH 14 2 9 32 28 31 2 2 1 4 9 2 4 8 2 8 9 11 0 0 0 1 4 0 4 2 4 12 12 9 APRIL 40 27 26 23 43 22 4 3 6 8 6 4 8 16 11 5 7 3 4 0 6 3 0 3 11 11 14 4 11 11 MAY 29 16 28 23 12 35 5 6 4 9 9 4 11 15 11 4 6 5 5 5 0 2 2 0 7 20 10 5 13 7 JUNE 48 24 18 40 53 27 10 2 2 3 8 4 13 13 4 6 3 12 3 1 1 1 3 4 4 4 6 8 8 9 JULY 60 22 17 34 41 19 3 3 2 7 5 5 6 11 12 14 9 1 1 5 1 6 1 14 4 3 11 1 7 1 AUGUST 16 27 19 29 39 29 6 1 7 2 3 4 13 20 10 16 13 2 9 4 5 3 0 4 6 8 5 5 6 6 SEPTEMBER 26 22 23 43 57 8 3 10 9 4 26 11 10 22 12 4 5 2 4 2 9 6 5 10 14 OCTOBER 22 15 36 43 38 4 7 3 10 2 20 9 9 7 10 7 5 3 8 10 3 7 1 5 7 NOVEMBER 9 11 14 12 25 3 0 1 0 5 7 6 2 6 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 2 1 7 DECEMBER 0 1 1 21 15 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 2 YTD TOTAL 270 169 201 312 373 167 45 27 36 54 53 23 114 116 71 90 74 34 37 28 20 32 22 25 51 61 60 57 89 43

Installing your smoke alarms correctly and making sure they are in working order is an important step to making your home and family safer from fire.

Fire research has demonstrated that with today’s modern furnishings, fires can spread much more rapidly than in the past when more natural materials were used. Because of this, having enough properly located smoke alarms is essential to maximize the chance for occupants to escape the home safely. Research has shown that the risk of dying in reported home structure fires is 55 percent lower in homes with working smoke alarms than in homes with no alarms or none that worked. When present, hardwired smoke alarms operated in 94 percent of the fires considered large enough to trigger a smoke alarm. Battery powered alarms operated 82 percent of the time. Power source issues were the most common factors when smoke alarms failed to operate.

For many years the fire code has required, as a minimum, that smoke alarms be installed inside every sleeping room, in addition to requiring them outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. Homes built to earlier standards often don’t meet these minimum requirements. Homeowners should recognize that detection needs have changed over the years and take proactive steps make sure that every home has a sufficient complement of smoke alarms.

More information on the installation and maintenance is available at the National Fire Protection Administration’s website: https://www.nfpa.org/Public Education/Staying safe/Safety equipment/Smoke alarms

Save the Date 64th Annual Banquet January 19, 2023 Northern Lights Atrium Heritage Center

In October, NAHB along with industry partners, celebrates Careers in Construction Month. It is a time to recognize contributions made by the professionals working in construction, instill a sense of pride in the industry, increase awareness and foster a positive career image. Ongoing efforts are important to achieving the goal of increasing the number of construction professionals in your area.

So how can you do your part to promote the trades? Here are a couple of ideals:

1. Work with local middle or high schools to host a virtual field trip for students to see your construction site. Camera phones and drones are great tools to capture the attention of any audience. Students ca gather first hand information about what it takes to have a successful career in construction.

2. Take a few minutes to showcase how to use one or more tools or equipment on the jobsite. You can do a live, remote demonstration and/or record your video and post on social media.

3. Work with your local schools to help start the conversation. Volunteer to read and talk about your experience as a builder with the students.

As a part of Careers in Construction Month, NAHB is launching a National Day of Action on social media on Monday, Oct. 4. This will be a great day to use one of the ideas above, an idea of your own, or simply snap a picture and post it on social media.

How will you recognize Careers in Construction? Let's change the perception of what construction jobs look like.

October 20 Casino Royale and Honors HBA of Fargo Moorhead October 27 Bags & Builders Minot Association of Builders




We want to thank our local home builders that worked so hard putting together such a beautiful Fall Parade of Homes. We had a grand total of 26 beautiful homes in the 30th Annual parade!

We also want to thank our sponsors, Brittany Stuhlmiller (2022 Parade of Homes Chair), parade of homes committee, and all builder volunteers. We could not have put on this event without all of you!

A portion of each parade ticket sold will be donated to Closet 127.

ApexBuilders,LLC AspireHomes,Inc. BoulderHomesLLC CopperLeafHomesLLC D&BHomesLLC DiversityHomesInc. EpicHomes GrendahlDesignCo.LLC HallmarkHomes,Inc. J.E.HomesLLC K&LHomes,Inc. KarskyConstruction&HomesLLC LegendaryHomesInc ParamountBuilders PremierHomes,Inc. SattlerHomes,Inc.
ShaunKesslerConstructionInc. VerityHomes Onehousefromeachbuilderthatparticipatedintheparadeisfeaturedabove.

Associate Member Spotlight

Kenzie Meide grew up in a small town in southeastern North Dakota. She graduated college from the University of Minnesota Crookston with a double major in Management and Marketing. Kenzie has worked at Arvig Media as a Media Account Executive for almost five years and recently earned her Master of Science in Business from the University of Mary. Kenzie is the current Chairperson of the Bismarck Mandan Young Professionals Network. She has been married to her husband Caleb for four years and they have an 11 month old baby boy named Maverick, along with a 6 month old Golden Retriever named Talley.

As a full service marketing agency, Arvig Media provides web design, internet marketing, SEO, social media, pay per click, email marketing, content writing, and video creation, along with over 35 different print products that expand across seven Midwest states. Through this variety of marketing tactics, we help businesses large and small that are looking to broadcast their messages more effectively.

Arvig Media does all their design, ad creation, and campaign management internally. None of the services provided are outsourced.

Marketing is all about creating a plan that works for the customers’ goals and budget. It is constantly changing, and it is important to stay up to date on technology.

A typical day for me involves setting up meetings and conducting meetings with business owners, marketing managers, and decision makers to discuss their goals. I work with businesses to come up with a marketing plan to reach their customers. I also attend several marketing events to get Arvig Media’s name out there.

Event planner. It seems like I get roped into planning events for organizations I am a part of as well as family reunions, etc.

I hope to see Arvig Media expand their footprint in this area. Everyone in lakes country in Minnesota knows Arvig since that is where the headquarters are located. We have only been in the Bis Man market for about 10 years even though Arvig has been around for over 70 years.

I went to school for marketing as I’ve always had an interest in the field. I knew I wanted to learn about local businesses and help them succeed.

Arvig is a family owned company and treats their customers as such. We strive to have the best employees so that we can provide exceptional service to our customers.

My favorite part of my job is hearing about how we have helped our customers gain and retain their customers. I’ve been interested in business consulting and my job allows me to combine my marketing knowledge and consultation skills perfectly. I also really like that I get to attend events and networking opportunities as part of my job.

In my spare time I like to golf, go on our boat, camp, pretty much anything outside. I like to watch football and curl in the winter. I love spending time with my family and friends and showing our little guy new things.

I love having bonfires and watching the leaves change. I also like to practice shooting my bow and going bow hunting.

https://arvigmedia.com/ www.facebook.com/ArvigMedia/ www.instagram.com/arvigmedia/ https://twitter.com/arvigmedia www.linkedin.com/company/arvigmedia/mycompany/

Anderson Custom Cabinets

Bismarck Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Bismarck Title Company

Blue Hawk Audio Video

Builders FirstSource

Dakota Community Bank & Trust

Decorating Den Interiors

Design That Sells

Dusty Barn Designs

FrankieSue Pierson with Verity Homes (Designer)

Knife River is a full service aggregate based construction company, providing ready mix concrete aggregate sales and delivery and concrete construction services. We provide services throughout North Dakota for public, private and commercial construction projects.

Front Street Millwork & Lumber, Inc.

Haider Glass Specialties House of Color, Inc. Interiors by Design

Kassy Landis with Starion Bank (Social Media Manager)

Lori Willson with Northern Plains Plumbing, Heating & Air (Project Manager)

Magi Touch Carpet One Floor & Home Mattress Firm

Organize with Lexi

Paramount Builders

Professional Touch Cleaning River + Ranch Magazine

Spiffy Biffs

T&M Electric

The Painters, Inc./Precision Wood Finish Inc

The Title Team

Tobias Marman Construction

Vicki Moran with Hallmark Homes (Décor & Labor)

Bismarck Mandan|Washburn|Beulah MarkRoningen BusinessDevelopment The Bismarck Mandan Professional Women in Building partnered with local builders, sub contractors, and other local businesses to give away a Master Bedroom makeover to a deserving community member. The makeover was revealed to the winner, Kristin Krumweide, during PWB Week September 12 16!
701 580 4527
Front Street Millwork & Lumber Door Hardware @
Front Street Millwork & Lumber Door Hardware @ 3320 E Century Ave, Bismarck, ND 701-255-1636 www.frontstreetmillwork.com
SEE YOUR AD HERE Call the BMHBA office for more info 701 222 2400. JANUARY 18 FEBRUARY 5-10 MARCH 18-19 APRIL 28 MAY 1 JULY 12 AUGUST 4 SEPT. 29 OCT. 2 OCTOBER 20MAY 10

The number of women employed in the construction industry increased to over 1.24 million in 2021, as the construction industry was quickly recovering jobs lost earlier during the pandemic induced recession. Currently, women make up 11% of the construction workforce, up from 9.3% in 2002. As the construction skilled labor shortage remains a key challenge for housing, adding new workers is an important goal of the industry. Bringing additional women into the construction labor force represents a potential opportunity for the future. This post looks at the state of women in the construction industry using labor force statistics from the Current Population Survey (CPS).

During the Great Recession, the number of female workers in construction declined sharply by almost 30% to 807,000 by 2010. From 2010 to 2017, the total slowly expanded to around 970,000 but remained below the peak of pre recession levels. The number of women working in construction grew rapidly in recent years, reaching a new high of 1.24 million in 2021.

Job gains by women have been outpacing overall job gains in construction in recent years. As a result, the share


of women in construction increased 1.9 percentage points from 2017 to 2021. Currently, women make up 11% of the construction workforce, the highest share on record. According to the Current Population Survey, women in the construction are mostly involved in such occupations as office and administrative support, management, business and financial operations. Sales and office occupations employed the largest number of women within the construction industry. For example, women accounted for 71% of workers in sales and office occupations, including 440,000 women in office and administrative support, and 40,000 in sales and related occupations in 2021. Around 460,000 women were engaged in management, professional, and related occupations, taking up only 17% of all management positions

While construction and maintenance occupations account for the largest number of employees in construction and is where additional workers are most needed, women comprised only 3.7% of such occupations. Additional steps should be taken to attract female workers into these high demand occupations. Other groups such as production, transportation, and material moving occupations, and service occupations employed only around 15,000 female workers.


October 20 || 5:00 8:00pm || Lady J’s Club & Catering The mixer is FREE to all members, spouses, and prospective members! Registernow! https://business.bmhba.com/events

Consumer prices eased in August for the second straight month as declines in energy prices offset increases in food and shelter indexes. Despite this slight improvement, inflation remains above an 8% year over year rate for the sixth straight month. The food index recorded its largest annual gain since May 1979 as all six major grocery store food group indexes increased. Though it is likely that both core PCE and CPI measures of inflation have peaked, the Fed is expected to remain aggressive with respect to tightening monetary policy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.1% in August on a seasonally adjusted basis after being unchanged in July. The price index for a broad set of energy sources fell by 5.0% in August as a decline in gasoline ( 10.6%) offset an increase in electricity (+1.5%) and natural gas index (+3.5%). Excluding the volatile food and energy components, the “core” CPI increased by 0.6% in August, following an increase of 0.3% in July. Meanwhile, the food index increased by 0.8% in August, the smallest monthly increase since December 2021.

Most component indexes continued to rise in August. The indexes for shelter (+0.7%), medical care (+0.7%), motor vehicle insurance (+1.3%), household furnishings and operations (+1.0%), new vehicle (+0.8%) and education (+0.5%) showed sizeable monthly increases in August. Meanwhile, the indexes for airline fares ( 4.6%), used car and trucks ( 0.1%) and communication ( 0.2%) declined in August.

The index for shelter, which makes up more than 40% of the “core” CPI, rose by 0.7% in August, following an increase of 0.5% in July. The indexes for owners’ equivalent rent (OER) and rent of primary residence (RPR) both increased by 0.7% over the month. Monthly increases in OER have averaged 0.7% over the last three months. More cost increases are coming from this category, which

will add to inflationary forces in the months ahead. These higher costs are driven by lack of supply and higher development costs. Higher interest rates will not slow these costs, which means the Fed’s tools are limited in addressing shelter inflation.

During the past twelve months, on a not seasonally adjusted basis, the CPI rose by 8.3% in August, following an 8.5% increase in July. The “core” CPI increased by 6.3% over the past twelve months, following an 5.9% increase in July. The food index rose by 11.4% and the energy index climbed by 23.8% over the past twelve months.

NAHB constructs a “real” rent index to indicate whether inflation in rents is faster or slower than overall inflation. It provides insight into the supply and demand conditions for rental housing. When inflation in rents is rising faster (slower) than overall inflation, the real rent index rises (declines). The real rent index is calculated by dividing the price index for rent by the core CPI (to exclude the volatile food and energy components).

The Real Rent Index rose by 0.2% in August. Over the first eight months of 2022, the monthly change of the Real Rent Index increased by 0.1%, on average.

The most recent Home Building Geography Index (HBGI) shows that home building activities have shifted to low density and low cost markets since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. The market share for single family constructions in large metro core and inner suburbs has declined from 44.5% to 41.6% from the 4th quarter of 2019 (pre COVID), to the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Housing demand has shifted from these higher density core areas to low density markets, where homes are larger and more affordable. At the beginning of the pandemic, homebuyers desired more personal space for the work from home and remote learning models. Declines in housing affordability in high cost and highly regulated markets also drove homebuyers to low density outer markets, which have a larger share of affordable homes.

NAHB’s HBGI shows that single family home building in outer counties in large and medium sized metros has expanded to a 19% market share in the 2nd quarter of 2022 from 17.4% in the pre COVID period. Meanwhile, the market share of new single family constructions in rural areas increased from 9.4% to 10.4%.

Similar decentralizing trends also

hold for multifamily home building from the 4th quarter of 2019 to the 2nd quarter of 2022. This market share increased from 17.4% to 19% in large and small metro outer markets and inched up from 28.8% to 29% in small metro core counties. In contrast, the market share slipped from 44.5% to 41.6% in large metro core and inner suburbs.

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