January 2023 Building Buzz

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Boulder Homes PO Box 1421 Bismarck, ND 58502 (701) 400-5554 boulderhomesnd@gmail.com


Pinnacle Homes and Design 214 Riverwood Ave Mandan, ND 58554 (701) 426-0237 andrew@pinnaclehomesnd.com


Verity Homes 3100 N 14th St, Ste 1 Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 391-0093 rory@verityhomes.com


Dakota OutdoorScapes

8351 Hwy 1804 N Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 595-0890 mckenzie@ndscapes.com


Northern Plains Plumbing, Heating & Air 2510 Vermont Ave Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 222-2155 lori@northernplains.net


1365 Tacoma Ave, Suite 1 Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 751-1162 rons@cavesnd.com



Joe Vetter Construction 2523 Powder Ridge Cir Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 258-9394 joevetterjvc@gmail.com


Investcore, Inc. 1601 N 12th St. Suite 605 Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 223-3030 jamie.schmidt@investcore.com


Hallmark Homes

3200 Rock Island Place, Suite 4 Bismarck, ND 58504-7717 (701) 471-7634 hallmarkhomes@outlook.com





JSJ Construction 714 Custer Dr. Manda, ND 58554 (701) 226-0526 jsjconst@hotmail.com


J.E. Homes LLC PO Box 3121 Bismarck, ND 58502 (701) 400-9163 leroy@jehomesnd.com


American Roofing Supply 1600 Industrial Dr Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 805-8650 sgaffaney@srsicorp.com


Home Builders Association. Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association 2600 Gateway Ave, Ste 1
ND 58503
: 701.222.2400 www.facebook.com/bmhba www.instagram.com/bismanbuilders www.linkedin.com/company/bismarckmandan-home-builders-association www.twitter.com/bmhba www.bmhba.com PAGE 3 PAGE 5 PAGE 8 PAGE 12 PAGE 13 PROFESSIONALS BUILDING OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH PROMOTION OF SINCE 1958.
is a publication of the Bismarck-Mandan
Dawn Watson dawn@bmhba.com Office: 701-222-2400 Cell: 701-390-5049 COMMUNICATIONS
Jennifer Patera jennifer@bmhba.com Office: 701-222-2400 Cell: 218-416-2439

The BMHBA consists of building specialists from every section of the construction field and associated industries. Your membership strengthens our voice in Bismarck-Mandan construction sector as well as at a state and national level. If you haven’t already submitted payment, please renew your membership by January 31, 2023.

Thank you to our members who have helped grow our BMHBA membership over the years by recruiting new companies to join our association. If you know of a company that is interested in joining, contact Brittney Roehrich at brittney@bmhba.com or 701-222-2400.

Your recruitments can now be seen on NAHB.org. Click “My Profile” then “My Spike Referrals.” TopRecruitersasof12/06/2022


500-999 Credits

Kelly Moldenhauer (742.50)


250-499 Credits

Todd Brady (382.50)

Robb Sattler (295.50) Mike Todd (288.00) Lee Mitzel (269.00) Pat Marback (259.50)


150-249 Credits

Lori Willson (218.25) Mike Hopfauf (196.50) Berna Vetter (190.50) Colby Well (166.00) Jack Knutson (161.00)


100-149 Credits

Blair Ihmels (147.00) Steve Redding (125.00) Dan Sparling (120.50) Chad Moldenhauer (110.50) Jerry Splonskowski (106.50)


50-99 Credits

Vance Vetter (99.50) Paula Haider (95.50) David Patience (94.50) Mark Larson (92.00) Eric Brenden (89.00) Darren Buffington (83.50) Kenneth Knodel (67.50) Art Goldammer (65.00) Nadine Schaff (57.75) Scott Moran (57.50)


25-49 Credits

Gerry Rudnick (49.50)

Gerald Hopfauf (45.50) Drew Knutson (43.00) Matt Shauer (42.50) Jeff Sattler (42.50) Greg Meidinger (39.00)

Greg Zenker (37.50) Jamie Schmidt (31.50)

BLUE SPIKES 6-24 Credits

Jason Frank (22.00)

Shane Gaffaney (19.00)

Melinda Llyod (15.50)

Kelli Thompson (13.75)

Bob Kupper (12.00)

Pete Brendel (9.00)

Bill Schmid (8.00)

Darryl Hatzenbuhler (7.00)

Mike Wolf (7.00)

Joe Hillerson (6.50)

Rory Anderson (6.50)

Shannon Reichenberg (6.00)

SPIKE CANDIDATES .50-5.50 Credits

Vicki Moran (5.00)

Kurt Steiner (4.50)

Roger Grendahl (4.00) Parker Pladson (4.00)

Jarred Roloff (3.50)

Brian Eiseman (3.00)

Sam Gietzen (2.50)

Melanie Staiger (2.50)

Jeran Thomson (2.50)

Natalie Eckes (2.00)

Alissa Kleinsasser (2.00)

Tom Reinke (2.00)

Wade Vogel (2.00)

Jackie Andahl (1.00)

Lynn Klein (1.00)

Reid Kubesh (1.00) Terry Leabo (1.00)

Lindsey Matter (1.00)

Travis Welle (1.00)

Laurie Wentz (1.00)

Lindsey Ashley (0.50)

Brad Balerud (0.50)

Bryan Brendel (0.50)

Kathy Feist (0.50)

Hannah Haynes (0.50)

Gina Hruby (0.50)

Kassy Landis (0.50)

Judy Maslowski (0.50)

Joe Hillerson Kent Hildebrand Rick Ripplinger Kristin Eisenzimmer Tom Haas Jeremy Kukowski Mary Maier Kasey Welch Greg Sattler Bill Heim Tammy Blumhagen Jay Crowley Tena Liudahl Ryan Braun Alyssa Leingang Craig Gerhart David Buchholtz Scott Volkert Tammy Fransen
Join the
in congratulating these longstanding members. Their dedication to the
Home Builders Association is appreciated and truly valued. Please welcome our new members from
to the
association! Affiliate Membership (701) 471-4725 sunne@voyagerelectricalservices.com http://voyagerelectricalservices.com Associate Membership (406) 850-9842 info@wegnerroofing.com https://wegnerroofing.com

ocated on a tranquil northern edge of Mandan, Sunrise View Estates is the newest development in the up and coming area of Mandan. Sunrise View offers a planned community nestled along the open grasslands, as well as being near the new Starion Sports Complex, the new Mandan High School, and the new Middle School.

This development features large lots, a new city park, lots of green space, and beautiful views. Just minutes from a variety of stores and dining options. You can get anywhere in the metro area quickly as you will be a short distance from Interstate 94 via Highway 1806. Just north of the development, a future

beltway and bridge will be completed, gaining unlimited access to anywhere you need to be.

The potential for growth in this area means endless possibilities. Just to the west of this development, is another master planned community being built along side Sunrise View Estates.

This development is perfect for building your first home or your lasting forever home. This development offers a variety of lots that will fit whatever needs your heart may desire.

Providing a bright future for families today.
L We invite you to discover Sunrise View Estates... the newest residential community in Mandan! www.sunriseviewnd.com | 751-1938 | sunriseviewnd@gmail.com

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season finds everyone happy, healthy, and even allowed for a little extra relaxation. I think we all deserved it. For those of you whom I have not had the chance to meet or speak with, I am Joe Hillerson with Boulder Homes, and I will be the BMHBA President for 2023.

First off, I’d like to thank Jamie Schmidt for his service as the BMHBA President this past year. 2022 was a tumultuous year with many successes, and challenges for all of us in the homebuilding industry. His leadership and talents utilized as President in 2022 were a blessing to us all in the association. Thank you, Jamie! Next, I’d like to thank Greg Meidinger as an outgoing board member for his service as well. Greg has been on the board for a long time, as well as being a past President. Thank you, Greg! I’d also like to thank Brittney Roehrich for her service as a staff member of our association for the past couple of years. Brittney has accepted a position with the ND Association of Builders, and I’d like to offer her all the best with her new position with NDAB.

I want to thank everyone who attended our Fall Mixer & Board Elections. It was a great turnout, and it’s fun to see our event numbers continue to grow as our membership involvement increases! Our association elected six Board Directors that evening! Three new incoming Directors in Rory Anderson (Verity Homes), LeRoy Thomas (J.E. Homes), and Shane Gaffaney (American Roofing Supply), and three current Directors being re-elected in Vicki Moran (Hallmark Homes), Joe Vetter (Joe Vetter Construction), and McKenzie Lawler (Dakota Outdoorscapes). I’m excited to work with you all on the Board in 2023!

Home Show booth sales continue to grow. If your company has not signed up for the Home Show, I would encourage you to consider participating. It is a great event where our members can gather in one place to showcase products, services, and get our faces in front of the public eye. Furthermore, the Home Show is a great way to support our association and our mission to continue being an advocate for our industry.

Upcoming Events include our 64th Annual Banquet on January 19th 2023 at the Heritage Center, and the International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas January 31st through February 2nd. These are a couple of great events, and I look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Banquet, and I hope to see many of you at IBS!

I would like to thank our Board of Directors and the Association, as well as our Executive Officer Dawn Watson for allowing me the opportunity to serve as President in the upcoming year. I look forward to a great 2023 and to working with each one of you!

BISMARCK SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 124 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 126 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 128 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 130 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 132 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 134 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 136 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 138 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 140 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 142 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 144 K & L Homes 6201 15th St NW 146 LINCOLN SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING Rusch Homes 6938 Butler Loop MONTH YEAR ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 ‘20 ‘21 ‘22 JANUARY 1 0 10 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 0 FEBRUARY 5 2 0 10 17 4 0 0 0 1 2 0 6 5 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 MARCH 14 2 9 32 28 31 2 2 1 4 9 2 4 8 2 8 9 11 0 0 0 1 4 0 4 2 4 12 12 9 APRIL 40 27 26 23 43 22 4 3 6 8 6 4 8 16 11 5 7 3 4 0 6 3 0 3 11 11 14 4 11 11 MAY 29 16 28 23 12 35 5 6 4 9 9 4 11 15 11 4 6 5 5 5 0 2 2 0 7 20 10 5 13 7 JUNE 48 24 18 40 53 27 10 2 2 3 8 4 13 13 4 6 3 12 3 1 1 1 3 4 4 4 6 8 8 9 JULY 60 22 17 34 41 19 3 3 2 7 5 5 6 11 12 14 9 1 1 5 1 6 1 14 4 3 11 1 7 1 AUGUST 16 27 19 29 39 29 6 1 7 2 3 4 13 20 10 16 13 2 9 4 5 3 0 4 6 8 5 5 6 6 SEPTEMBER 26 22 23 43 57 41 8 3 10 9 4 2 26 11 10 22 12 2 4 5 2 4 2 1 9 6 5 10 14 3 OCTOBER 22 15 36 43 38 53 4 7 3 10 2 2 20 9 9 7 10 17 7 5 3 8 10 3 3 7 1 5 7 2 NOVEMBER 9 11 14 12 25 12 3 0 1 0 5 0 7 6 2 6 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 2 1 7 0 DECEMBER 0 1 1 21 15 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 2 YTD TOTAL 270 169 201 312 373 273 45 27 36 54 53 27 114 116 71 90 74 53 37 28 20 32 22 30 51 61 60 57 89 48

Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association Members, Welcome to 2023!

The relationship between the BMHBA and the City of Bismarck is built on communication. This relationship has been on display throughout the past 12 months as we have worked to prepare for another code adoption year. As Mayor of Bismarck, I’m proud to be part of this cooperative effort to better serve our current and future residents. Thank you for your commitment to making our city the hometown for more than 75,000 people.

2022 proved to be a challenging year for many in the construction industry. Inflation has proven to have a significant impact on our country following the COVID-19 pandemic and Bismarck has not been immune to cost increases. Lumber, the building block of your profession, has been in an ongoing tug-of-war between pricing and the country’s supply and demand. However, we are hopeful the market will begin to correct itself, that commodity prices will begin to become more manageable, as we bring more people to Bismarck we will have ample quality staffing, and that we can all continue to work at our preferred pace.

Affordable housing remains a primary concern for Bismarck’s leadership. Just a few short months ago, the $16 million Boulevard Apartments were completed. This project generated 120 affordable apartments for our community and will serve as homes for folks and families that might otherwise need to relocate to Fargo, Minot, Dickinson or perhaps outside of North Dakota. We need more of these projects to complement the sustained growth that is helping to increase Bismarck’s population by an average of 1,000 people each year. And as we increase residential developments, commercial and industrial opportunities are sure to follow.

I hope the past few weeks have provided you the opportunity to spend time with friends and family and begin the process of recharging for all the upcoming year has to offer. We have much to do this year and I’m looking forward to our shared accomplishments in the new year. All the best to you and yours as we welcome in 2023,

Builders FirstSource is your first source for great customer service and high quality building materials.


1513 39TH AVE SE, MANDAN | 701-663-9861 | WWW.BLDR.COM
Mike Schmitz || Mayor of Bismarck

The North Dakota Legislative Session convened on January 3rd and the North Dakota Association of Builders will be there every day, advocating for you and your business.

The organization will work to determine the impact of proposed bills on the building industry and will advocate on their behalf. NDAB will also work to keep you, the member, educated on the issues the Legislature is debating that may affect you and your business.

The NDAB Government Affairs Committee, which has members from each of the six locals, will meet weekly during the session to discuss introduced legislation. Those members are: Don Dabbert, Jr., Chairman; Jeff Sattler, Bismarck -Mandan HBA; Chad Moldenhauer, Bismarck-Mandan HBA; Conrad Klinkhammer, HBA of Fargo-Moorhead; Matt Oachs HBA of Fargo-Moorhead; Brandon Cobb, Forx Builders Association; Travis Mowbray, Minot Association of Builders; Casey Schriock, Minot Association of Builders; Rich Stradling, Dickinson Area Builders; Claire Campbell/Rob Clemow, Dickinson Area Builders; and Mike Dolbec, Williston Area Builders.

Members will receive weekly legislative updates during the legislative session. If there are bills that may affect the homebuilding industry and legislators need to hear from our members, we will send additional advocacy alerts.

This is the time when legislators need to hear your story. Talk to them when they are home on the weekends, attend their townhall meetings, email, write or call. They want to hear from you. The Legislature’s actions will affect the way we all do business, and it’s important to become a part of the process.

January 26 New Year Celebration


Associate Member Spotlight

Scott : Be honest with people. This is not your normal 8-5 job.

Brent : We’ve seen a dramatic change in mortgage lending in the last three years. Hang in there, better times are coming.

Aaron : A typical day in the mortgage industry includes meeting with potential homebuyers, getting them pre-approved for a loan, working on active applications and maintaining relationships with industry professionals including realtors, builders, appraisers, title companies, and insurance agents.

Scott : Professional fisherman.

Aaron : I always thought it would be great to own a remote resort that caters to those who love to hunt, fish, and enjoy the amazing outdoors.

Brent : I would be a golf course architect.

We are very much looking forward to the future and to helping more Capital Credit Union members reach their homeownership dreams. We love working together with other departments to make sure that, in addition to their mortgage loan, our members are getting all the best products and services. Our goal is to help our members grow in all facets of their financial lives.

I’m originally from Mandan, ND, and currently live in Bismarck. My wife, Heather, and I have three boys. I’ve been with CCU for 17 years.

I was born and raised in Bismarck, ND. I attended Bismarck State College and St. Cloud State University. I live in Bismarck with my two dogs Penny (yellow Lab) and Hank (vizsla). I’ve been with CCU for 12 years

I grew up in Hazen, ND, and earned a bachelor’s degree in computer technology management from Dickinson State University. I currently live in Bismarck, and I have been with CCU for 7 years.

Aaron : I sort of stumbled into it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after college and had a friend who worked at a temp agency. She asked what I knew about the mortgage industry, and I said, “just what I learned in finance class.” Twenty years later I’m still working with mortgages.

Brent : I was brought into the mortgage industry by a family friend. At that time, I had many years of sales experience, and he asked if I was interested in trying to sell mortgage products.

Our team, both in mortgage and the credit union as a whole. We are truly invested in our members and their growth and love being part of making their dreams come true. We pride ourselves in being accountable, approachable and making a difference. At Capital Credit Union, you get more than just a mortgage, you get a friend who is in your corner and always looking out for your best interest.

Scott : The happiness on people’s faces when they get their first home.

Aaron : Helping first-time homebuyers. Homeownership is such a wonderful thing. You feel pretty special seeing their excitement and knowing you helped make it happen.

facebook.com/capitalcreditunion @capitalcreditunionnd @capcu_ND @capitalcreditunionnd linkedin.com/company/capital-credit-union-nd

BMHBA Professional Women in Building helped fill in the shifts at Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe last month. It is a great feeling to give back to our community as a council. The joy these women had being together and serving brought smiles to all. Thank you to Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe for all that you do in our community and thank you for the opportunity to serve. Check out Heavens Helpers Soup Café’s Facebook page to find out ways you can volunteer or support them too!

QUALITY • SERVICE • SELECTION • VALUE BISMARCK • 3840 E Rosser Ave. 701-258-1267 • 800-472-2640 Also Located in Minot, Williston, Grand Forks and Fargo, ND. Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 5:30pm Sat. 8am - 5:30pm 10 Locations To Serve You In ND, MN and IA! © Acme Tools 2023 We reserve the right to correct errors, limit quantities and terminate any offer at any time. Prices subject to change. Visit acmetools.com for most up to date pricing. Valid through 1/31/23 unless otherwise noted. NEW M12™ HEATED HOODIE • Cotton/polyester fleece and comfortable jersey lining • Chest and back heat zones • Front or back pocket battery placement $ 159.00* BLACK (306B-21 SIZE ) GRAY (306G-21 SIZE) KIT $ 129.00* BLACK (306B-20 SIZE ) GRAY (306G-20 SIZE) HIGH VIZ (306HV-20 SIZE) RED (306R-20 SIZE) GREEN (306GN-20 SIZE) HOODIE ONLY *YOUR CHOICE OF (1) FREE Battery or Neck Gaiter with purchase of any M12™ Heated Gear via e-rebate. Visit www.milwaukeetool.com/E-Rebates for full details. Up to a $64.97 value. Valid 10/24/22 through 1/29/23. OR 423G 48-11-2420 FREE NEW M12™ HEATED AXIS™ VEST KIT • Chest, back and shoulders heating zones • Water and wind resistant ripstop polyester BLUE (305BL-20 SIZE) BLACK (305B-20 SIZE) KIT $ 149.00* GRAY (234G-21 SIZE) BLACK (234B-21 SIZE) WOMEN’S JACKET KIT $ 199.00* NEW M12™ HEATED AXIS™ JACKET • Chest, back and shoulders heating zones • Water and wind resistant ripstop polyester GRAY (205G-21 SIZE) BLACK (205B-21 SIZE) KIT $ 219.00* AVAILABLE COLORS: 16952 3 Layer Shoulder Nylon/Foam Winter Liner ..................................................... $13.99 6815 Stretch Tube Full Face Winter Liner $8.99 6867 N-Ferno 3-Layer Shoulder Length Winter Liner $6.49 Flame resistant fire rated liners also available. BALACLAVA WINTER LINER MODEL 16821 .................................... $ 8.99 • Fleece liner can be worn under headgear • Covers head, mouth and neck ACRYLIC CUFFED BEANIE, BLACK MODEL 506B .................................... $ 16.99 • 100% Acrylic • One size fits most 506G Acrylic Cuffed Beanie, Gray ..................................................................................... $16.99 INSULATED WORK GLOVES, LARGE MODEL 1927KW-SIZE ......................... $ 17.99 EA. • Grain pigskin palm • Heatkeep® thermal lining • Knit wrist Sizes: S to XL 1927KW-4 4 Pack ........................ $54.99 ea. CLASS 3 DELUXE 3 IN 1 BOMBER JACKET SJ210B-3ZGS-SIZE .......................................... $ 67.99 • PU coated oxford polyester weather proof shell • Removable inner fleece jacket with lined sleeves • Black elasticized cuffs with hook and loop closures Sizes Available: M - 5XL Compliance: ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 THREE IN ONE CLASS 3 WEATHERPROOF PARKA MODEL SJ410B-3ZGS-SIZE $95.99 • Weatherproof PU coated oxford polyester outer shell • Removable inner fleece jacket with lined sleeves Sizes: M to 5XL Compliance: ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 3 PREMIUM 2.0 MERINO HEATED SOCKS MODEL MWMS07010XXX NEW ................ $129.99 • Mobile Warming® Heating Technology • Odorsheer™ Anti-Microbial • Sweatsheer™ Moisture Wicking • Bluetooth® Enabled Wireless Control Sizes: MD (5-8), LG (8-10), XL (10-14) Includes: (2) 3.7v Powersheer™ Micro BT 2200mAh Li-Ion battery and charging cable $ 245.99 BLACK (DCHJ060ABD1-SIZE) KIT $ 199.99 BLACK (DCHJ060ABB-SIZE) JACKET ONLY KIT $ 175.99 BLACK LIGHTWEIGHT ( DCHJ072B-SIZE ) JACKET ONLY 20V SOFT SHELL HEATED JACKET • Arms, chest and back heat zones • Brushed twill outer shell; Polyester fleece lining $ 252.99 BLACK (DCHJ066C1-SIZE) KIT $ 215.99 BLACK LIGHTWEIGHT (DCHJ072D1-SIZE)
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2022 marks my 20th year living in Bismarck and working in the construction industry. I have been active in the BMHBA for the last 16 years.

I work for American Roofing Supply, and we are part of SRS Distribution. My position as the Territory Manager keeps me busy in and outside of the office.

I have been part of organizations through employers that have been active members since 2001.

Technology has changed the way we all do business, providing information in seconds rather than hours.

I am the Operations Manager for J.E. Homes in Bismarck. The most significant change I’ve seen over the course of my career is the diminishing number of skilled trades. Hopefully we can help change this for the next generation of builders.

I really enjoy the Home Show and all the fun events that we have. It is a great way to network with new and old friends.

Kodiak Island Brown Bear Hunt.

I enjoy the Golf Scramble but most of all the networking within the membership.

I would love to travel through the Mediterranean Sea for four weeks to see Egypt, Rome, Spain, Greece, etc.

consumers a better finished product than ever before.

I have been a BMHBA member for 10+ years now!

I work for Verity Holdings Corp as Director of Sales, Marketing and Leasing.

In my 13+ years in the building industry, a LOT has changed! First off, each year seems to introduce new products that become a gamechanger in residential construction. Things such as quartz countertops, vinyl planking, LP siding, etc – give

My favorite part of being a member of the BMHBA is definitely the relationships I have made with other members of the BMHBA. It is a tight-knit group that feels a lot like family (without the family squabbling seen at Christmas dinner –haha!). Along with this – serving the members of the BMHBA on the Board of Directors has also been one of my favorite things to do!

My wife Ashley and I have always wanted to travel to Nashville! Just have never found the time to do so!

Knife River is a full service aggregate-based construction company, providing ready-mix concrete aggregate sales and delivery and concrete construction services. We provide services throughout North Dakota for public, private and commercial construction projects.

Bismarck-Mandan | Washburn | Beulah Mark Roningen - Business Development
222 2400) for more information. SEE YOUR AD HERE!
Register Now! 64th Annual Banquet January 19, 2023 Northern Lights Atrium | Heritage Center
Congratulations to Joe Vetter (Joe Vetter Construction) who won the North Dakota Association of Builders BEAM (Builders Engaging Associate Members) Award. Joe also won the BEAM award on the local level (BMHBA).

Every day brings a new challenge, but you’re resourceful, and you’re ready with Bobcat® equipment. You bring the challenge. We’ll supply the muscle.

Bobcat of Mandan Inc 4209 MEMORIAL HIGHWAY MANDAN, ND (701) 663-0903 http://www.bobcatofmandan.com

the Bobcat logo and the
of the
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United States
various other countries. ©2023 Bobcat Company. All rights reserved. 17810559
Bobcat machine
trademarks of Bobcat Company in the
of Mandan
YOU HAVE THE WILL. WE HAVE THE WAY. Before you take on a challenging project, make your local Bobcat dealership the first step. We carry a wide range of Bobcat® equipment to make hard work easy. • Compact tractors (models from 21-58 hp) • Utility vehicles • Zero-turn mowers • Small articulated loaders • Mini track loaders • Toolcat™ utility work machines • Attachments of Mandan Bobcat of Mandan Inc 4209 MEMORIAL HIGHWAY MANDAN, ND (701) 663-0903 http://www.bobcatofmandan.com Bobcat ®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries. ©2023 Bobcat Company. All rights reserved. 17810580
SEE YOUR AD HERE Call the BMHBA office for more info 701 222 2400. JANUARY 19 JAN. 31 - FEB. 2 MARCH 17-18 APRIL 27-30 JULY 11 AUGUST 3 SEPT. 28 - OCT. 1 OCTOBER 17 MAY 9 FEBRUARY 16

In November, job growth slowed slightly from the previous month but still showed strength despite tight monetary policy. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7% in November as the number of persons in the labor force decreased for the third straight month.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in November, following a gain of 284,000 in October, as reported in the Employment Situation Summary. It marks the smallest monthly job gain since April 2021. The estimate for September was revised down by 46,000 from +315,000 to +269,000, while the October increase was revised up by 23,000, from +261,000 to +284,000. In the first eleven months of 2022, about 4.3 million jobs were created, and monthly employment growth averaged 392,000 per month, compared with a 562,000 monthly average gain in 2021.

The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.7% in November. The number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 6.0 million, while the number of employed persons decreased by 138,000.

Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate, the proportion of the population either looking for a job or already with a job, edged down 0.1 percentage point to 62.1% in November, reflecting the increase in the number of persons not in the labor force (+359,000) and the decrease in the number of persons in the labor force (-186,000). Moreover, the labor force participation rate for people who aged between 25 and 54 decreased to 82.4%. Both of these two rates are still below their pre-pandemic levels in the beginning of 2020, and are not fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For industry sectors, leisure and hospitality (+88,000), health care (+45,000), and government (+42,000) had notable job gains in November, while employment in retail trade (-30,000) and in transportation and warehousing (-15,000) declined.

Employment in the overall construction sector rose by 20,000 in November, following a 9,000 gain in October. Residential construction gained 3,900 jobs, while non-residential construction employment gained 16,300 jobs in November. Residential construction employment currently exceeds its level in February 2020, while 87% of non-residential construction jobs lost in March and April have now been recovered.

Residential construction employment now stands at 3.2 million in November, broken down as 903,000 builders and 2.3 million residential specialty trade contractors. The 6-month moving average of job gains for residential construction was 4,617 a month. Over the last 12 months, home builders and remodelers added 105,000 jobs on a net basis. Since the low point following the Great Recession, residential construction has gained 1,204,500 positions.

In November, the unemployment rate for construction workers declined by 0.8 percentage points to 4.6% on a seasonally adjusted basis. The unemployment rate for construction workers has been trending lower, after reaching 14.2% in April 2020, due to the housing demand impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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