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2019 Board of Directors PRESIDENT

Jeff Sattler Sattler Homes Phone: (701)255-7628 jeff@bismarckbuilder.com


Lynn Klein Gate City Bank Phone: (701) 355-7633 lynn.klein@gatecitybank.com




Susie Franklin Choice Financial Phone: (701) 751-7282

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Joe Hillerson Boulder Homes (701) 400-5554 boulderhomesnd@gmail.com


Marc Menge BNC National Bank Phone:(701) 250-3000 mmenge@bncbank.com

Jamie Schmidt Triton Homes Phone: (701) 223-3030 jamie.schmidt@investcore.com Greg Zenker Northern Plains Plumbing, Heating & Air Phone: (701) 222-2155 greg@northernplains.net

Inspector Ski Home Inspections

Heim Granite

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G & J Awning & Canvas, Inc.

Green Living , LLC

Century 21 Morrison Realty


Homerun Products

TRI Energy Cooperative Bismarck

Bianco Realty is excited to announce the newest REALTORSÂŽ to join their professional Real Estate Team: MAY WU and LEA O'CONNELL. May and Lea look forward to helping clients with their Real Estate needs, achieving their dream of home ownership and providing a Tradition of Excellence!

Creative Touch Homes

Burning Desires Inc.

Dynamic Cabinet Design

Bridget's Room

Eide Chrysler

Boulder Homes

Lexar Homes

Bismarck Tribune

Superior Window Coverings, Inc.

May Wu


Building Buzz | January 2019

Lea O'Connell

November 2018 Building Permits Data not collected for the ETA in 2015 and 2016.

SINGLE FAMILY BISMARCK PERMITS BISMARCK ETA MANDAN PERMITS LINCOLN PERMITS BURLEIGH/MORTON MONTH YEAR 2015 2016 2017 2018 2015 2016 2017 2018 2015 2016 2017 2018 2015 2016 2017 2018 2015 2016 2017 2018 0 9 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 JANUARY 3 4 5 2 0 0 1 2 6 5 0 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 FEBRUARY 21 22 14 2 2 2 11 6 4 8 0 3 0 0 9 9 4 2 MARCH 52 29 40 27 4 3 14 12 8 16 18 2 4 0 14 5 11 11 APRIL 31 46 29 16 5 6 26 13 11 15 17 2 5 5 14 16 7 20 MAY 31 43 48 24 10 2 21 20 13 13 1 6 3 1 8 11 4 4 JUNE 40 16 60 22 3 3 9 13 6 11 0 5 1 5 13 9 4 3 JULY 20 48 16 27 6 1 17 7 13 20 8 2 9 4 8 9 6 8 AUGUST SEPTEMBER 28 44 26 22 8 3 16 14 26 11 3 3 4 5 9 9 9 6 OCTOBER 54 14 22 15 4 7 9 29 20 9 17 10 7 5 4 7 3 7 NOVEMBER 16 11 9 11 3 0 7 7 7 6 2 5 0 0 3 4 1 0 DECEMBER 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 2 TOTAL 297 286 270 168 0 0 45 27 132 123 114 116 67 40 37 28 83 82 51 62


SATTLER HOMES INC............................................. 520 SANTA FE AVE K & L HOMES INC..................................................... 2527 LANGER LN KNUTSON HOMES................................................... 601 FLINT DR SATTLER HOMES INC............................................. 408 SANTA FE AVE JOE VETTER CONSTRUCTION.............................. 3927 COGBURN RD JOE VETTER CONSTRUCTION.............................. 3933 COGBURN RD JOE VETTER CONSTRUCTION.............................. 1406 HIGH CREEK PL JE PROPERTIES......................................................... 5316 MICA DR E HOMES.................................................................... 4100 ENGLAND ST APEX............................................................................ 2517 NICKLAUS DR CREATIVE TOUCH HOMES.................................... 6137 CAREFREE CIR VANCE VETTER CONSTRUCTION........................ 8020 TREVINO DR


SATTLER HOMES INC............................................. 7 CHANCE DR RUSCH HOMES LLC................................................. 2929 BUTLER ST SHAUN KESSLER CONSTRUCTION..................... 6034 REILY RD RUSCH HOMES LLC................................................. 6908 MAJESTIC PL SATTLER HOMES INC............................................. 8 MCGINNIS WY


KEVIN FISCHER CONSTRUCTION....................... 15275 NE 26 ST SINGER CONSTRUCTION...................................... 9230 SIBLEY DR SCHLOMER CONSTRUCTION............................... 7601 MILKY WAY RD HALLMARK HOMES INC........................................ 7685 STAR LANE K & L HOMES INC..................................................... 4424 WHITE SPRUCE RD


JSS CONSTRUCTION............................................... 2730 CTY RD 140


JE PROPERTIES..........................................................2502 7TH AVE NW JE PROPERTIES..........................................................2500 7TH AVE NW VERITY HOMES..........................................................3708 24TH ST SE VERITY HOMES..........................................................3712 24TH ST SE


VERITY HOMES......................................................... 3622 AMITY CIRCLE SE JE PROPERTIES..........................................................2118 34TH AVE SE TK HOMES INC..........................................................4904 34TH AVE NW J & D CONSTRUCTION............................................602 COBBLESTONE LP DIVERSITY HOMES...................................................3013 BAYSHORE BEND S


INVESTCORE.............................................................. 3609 MERIDIAN INVESTCORE.............................................................. 3611 MERIDIAN INVESTCORE.............................................................. 3617 MERIDIAN INVESTCORE.............................................................. 3619 MERIDIAN

CENTURY 21 Morrison Realty Call us today at 701.223.6654


January 2019 | Building Buzz


President’s Letter


appy new year BMHBA members,

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

As we look forward to a new year, I must first give my thank you to Lynn Klein for taking on the role of president to the association. Lynn has served on the board for many years and has always put the HBA first during has tenure. I am glad that I will have you there as past president for any question that may arise during the next year. Shannon Reichenberg - thank you for the years you have spent on the board. Shannon has done the same as past presidents setting precedence for the next president and being a leader who we can all appreciate. I also would like to thank all board members for taking time out of their schedules to serve on the board.

My name is Jeff Sattler. I have been involved in construction for 19 years and have served on the BMHBA board since 2015. In addition to time served on the board, I am the CEO of Sattler Homes, Inc. I am married to Marcie and together we have three children April (6), Hallie (4) and Adam (2). We enjoy camping and boating in the summer months and I enjoy snowmobiling in the winter.

Jeff Sattler

Board President

As we enter 2019, the association is committed to ensuring your success in the field by attending commission meetings and fighting for our association when the need arises; attending quarterly meetings with City of Bismarck officials; and fundraising for PAC so we can maintain our voice during election cycles. Our Government Affairs Committee has been busy the past year dealing with county development policy, City of Bismarck development policies and water utility billing. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Dinner, which is being hosted at the Harvest Event Center on Jan 18. This event will consist of the Inauguration of the 2019 board of directors, a fundraiser for our scholarships, and an open bar. Make sure to sign up for these upcoming events:

1. Annual Dinner on Jan 18, Harvest Event Center in Mandan - Inauguration of the 2019 Board of Directors, Scholarship Fundraiser, Open Bar 2. Builders, Beer & Beans Feb 19 at the Burleigh County 4H Building. - Friendly competition between board members for the best chili.

3. Home Show, March 15-16 get you booth by visiting www.BisManHomeShow.com -Opportunity to start 2019 construction season off strong -Discount for 1st time exhibitors Regards,

Jeff Sattler, President


Building Buzz | January 2019

What to Do about a Retirement Plan for Your Business? By Barbara Weltman According to the Census Bureau, only 45% of workers at companies with 1 to 49 employees had access to a retirement plan. This percentage jumped to 76 percent at companies with 50 to 99 employees, and to 90 percent for companies with 100 or more employees. What can small businesses do to improve their numbers and fall in line with larger employers? Why you need a retirement plan If you don’t yet have a plan, you probably should think seriously about starting one. There are several big reasons:

• Owner’s retirement savings. Small business owners may think that their business (through a sale) will be the nest egg for their retirement. Unfortunately, this can prove to be erroneous. Changes in the marketplace may undercut the value of a business. Or when it’s time to retire, the economy may be unfavorable to a profitable sale. • Employee retention. According to a Towers Watson survey several years ago*, 35% of employees said retirement benefits were a key reason for taking a job, and 47% said retirement benefits were an important reason for staying on the job. In this tight job market, it’s likely these statistics are even higher.

• Employee retirement savings. It’s a reality that employees need to save for their own retirement. Employers can help by giving employees access to a qualified retirement plan, which enables them to save on a tax-advantaged basis. And employees may be eligible for a personal tax credit tied to their plan contributions.

• Employer tax breaks. Contributions on behalf of employees are fully tax deductible (up to set annual limits). What’s more, employers may be eligible for a tax credit (explained later).

How to choose the best retirement plan option As a small business, there are many retirement plans to choose from. The one best-suited to your situation depends in large part on what your company can afford. Some are funded entirely by employer contributions, some entirely by employee contributions, and some by a combination of both. The IRS has a comparison of retirement plan options for small businesses. These include: • IRA-based plans • Payroll deduction IRAs • SEPs • SIMPLE IRAs

• Defined contribution plans • Profit-sharing

• Safe harbor 401(k) • Automatic enrollment 401(k) • Traditional 401 (k)

• Defined benefit (pension) plans

Note: The ability of small businesses to offer retirement plans with less administrative cost and less regulatory and administrative complexity to them may soon be possible. Under a recent executive order, multiple employer plans for small businesses may be developed. More guidance on this from the IRS is expected in 2019.

Get a tax credit for setting up a plan If you don’t yet have a plan but set one up to cover at least one employee who is not an owner or spouse (“a non-highly compensated employee”) and you don’t have more than 100 employees, then you may be eligible for a tax credit for small employer pension plan startup costs. While the name of the credit implies it’s for a pension plan, it can be used for a 401(k) or any other qualified retirement plan. The credit is 50% of startup costs up to a top credit of $500. The credit can be claimed for the first three years of the plan. And you can even start to claim the credit in the year prior to the start of the plan. Give notice of plan participation to employees Generally, you must give notice to employees of their eligibility to participate in a plan. The time frame for the notice and the required content depends on the type of plan offered.

For example, in the case of a SIMPLE IRA, you must give each employee the following information before start of the election period (generally from November 2 through December 31 for a plan starting on the following January 1): • The employee’s opportunity to make or change a salary reduction choice.

• The employer’s type of contribution (matching contribution, which is keyed to the employee contribution, or nonelective contribution, which is independent of any employee contribution).

• A description of the plan from the financial institution hosting it.

• A written notice that the employee’s balance can be transferred without cost or penalty if the employee uses a designated financial institution. Final thought Business owners have many demands on their limited dollars: giving raises to employees, investing in new equipment, expanding to new locations, spending on marketing, and more. But retirement savings should become part of the budget for all businesses. *Denotes nongovernment website

January 2019 | Building Buzz


CITY & COUNTY SIDE AND REAR SETBACKS The City of Bismarck is preparing to change the requirements for how side and rear setbacks are calculated in residential areas. These requirements effect how far a building must be located from side and rear lot lines. The current requirements are somewhat cumbersome, often requiring different setbacks depending on the width or shape of the lot. The proposed change would simply require a single setback distance that would be applied to all types of lots within each zoning district. The intent is to make the application and review of setbacks more efficient for both home builders and City staff. A public hearing on the changes was held by the Planning and Zoning Commission in December and were recommended for approval as presented. The City Commission has final authority to approve all ordinance amendments and are expected to take action on this item on January 22, 2019. If approved at that time, the new requirements could go into effect by February 1, 2019. City staff has worked with the BismarckMandan Home Builders Association on the draft ordinance language, and we appreciate the feedback and ultimate support for the changes from the BMHBA.


North Dakota Dollars for Scholars is accepting scholarship applications from North Dakota high school seniors and current college students. A total of $90,000 in scholarships will be awarded, ranging from $500 to $2,500 each for the 2019-20 academic year. Scholarship offerings cover a variety of categories including vocational/technical schools, military family, community service and continuing college students. Every student who is graduating or has graduated from a North Dakota high school can apply. Communities with local chapters also offer scholarships for students from their specific school. The application deadline for all North Dakota Dollars for Scholars scholarships is April 1, 2019. Scholarship details and the online application are available at nddfs.org.


Building Buzz | January 2019


A community landmark, once commonly known as Mandan’s Jr. High School, was celebrated as Historic Apartments on 4th, an affordable home for individuals and families. “With the first tenants moving in this week, the Grand Opening celebration offered community members the opportunity to roam the halls of the school one last time,” said Erin Anderson, The Commonwealth Companies vice president of development. Mandan Public School District sold the property in 2012 to Yegen Development who, after failing in its attempt to redevelop the school, donated it to Spirit of Life Catholic Church. In 2016, the church transferred ownership to Commonwealth with the understanding that it would become affordable rental housing.

The renovation Commonwealth spearheaded preserved the property’s historic features including terrazzo flooring, woodwork and school lockers, while providing the new tenants with 39 one- to three- bedroom apartments with modern amenities including energy-efficient appliances, central air conditioning and secured entrances. “NDHFA is pleased to be able to provide the support needed to transform the property, restoring a community landmark and bringing affordable housing to the heart of Mandan,” said Jolene Kline, NDHFA executive director. “The development resources the agency provided creates homes and being able to afford a ‘home’ is crucial to every North Dakotans’ wellbeing.”

NDHFA awarded $698,822 in tax credit authority to the project through the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. The credits were syndicated by Redstone providing $6.2 million in project equity. NDHFA also awarded the project more than $1 million from the National Housing Trust Fund.

Historic Apartments on 4th received $1.3 million in Historic Tax Credits from the US Department of the Interior, and the City of Mandan approved a Payment in Lieu of Taxes which reduced the development’s property tax burden. Construction financing was provided by Sterling Bank. The total cost of the redevelopment was more than $8.8 million. Located at 406 4th Street NW in Mandan, ND, the original building on the site was completed in 1917, it and three adjoining buildings, constructed in 1924, 1954 and 1977, were redeveloped to create the apartments, a community room, fitness center, and a small daycare center with a private playground. All housing units at Historic Apartments on 4th are reserved for income-qualified households and rent for $499 to $775 depending on unit size and household income. In addition to running the onsite daycare, the Mother Teresa Outreach, an affiliate of Spirit of Life Church, will offer supportive services to tenants who have experienced housing instability. Individuals interested in learning more about the apartments should contact Kaycee Boehm, the property’s on-site manager, (701) 751-1542 or customerservice@metroplains.com.

CITY & COUNTY HFA WRAPS UP RECORD-BREAKING YEAR North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) is wrapping up a record-breaking year. The state agency, known primarily for the affordable financing it offers through its FirstHome™ program, set a production record in 2018 by purchasing 1,798 loans with a total value of more than $300 million.


“If the increased activity is indicative of more young families, both those new to North Dakota and life-long residents, pursuing homeownership, that’s good for all of North Dakota because homeowners are typically more invested in their community than renters,” said Jolene Kline, NDHFA executive director.

NDHFA’s loan production was 134% higher in 2018 than the previous year. Activity peaked in May when NDHFA received 246 reservations for $41.5 million in financing. The agency’s staff attributes some of the increased demand to the interest rates it was able to offer this past year.

“A favorable market for the mortgage-revenue bonds that fund our FirstHome program allowed NDHFA to offer financing for most of the year at a rate that was lower than what was available in the conventional marketplace,” said Dave Flohr, NDHFA homeownership division director. “The one-half of one percent or more rate difference results in significant savings on monthly payments.”

This past year, two-thirds of FirstHome program users also utilized the down payment and closing cost assistance NDHFA offers. “The assistance allows first-time buyers to enter the market sooner or to retain their savings for household expenses they didn’t have as renters like purchasing a lawn mower or snow blower,” said Flohr.

The purchase price of single-family homes financed through NDHFA’s FirstHome program cannot exceed $271,164 to $303,882, depending on household size and the county in which the property is located. The average FirstHome loan purchased in 2018 was just under $166,000. The program is available to state residents earning up to $98,900 who have not owned a home in the last three years. The average FirstHome borrower’s household income in 2018 was $58,600. In addition to the FirstHome loans NDHFA purchased, the agency’s production total for the year includes its HomeAccesss loans, a program for special needs households who may have previously owned a home, and North Dakota Roots, a program that assists moderate-income buyers who may have previously owned a home and first-time buyers whose income exceeds the FirstHome program limits. In an average year, NDHFA purchases 1,200 loans. Private-sector lenders originate loans on the agency’s behalf in communities statewide and sell them to NDHFA when the loans close. Currently 47 financial institutions across the state are partnered with the agency to offer its financing. The greatest overall program use is in Cass and Burleigh/Morton counties. NDHFA is a self-supporting state agency dedicated to making housing affordable for all North Dakotans. More information about NDHFA’s homeownership programs is available online at www.ndhfa.org.

Tracy DeForest speaks to students at the Career Academy.

BMHBA Executive VP Tracy DeForest spent a day with students interested in the trades during the Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy’s Industry Career Fair.

DeForest spoke to 185 students from schools across the Bismarck district from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. She was joined by members Shannon Reichenberg from Milestone Builders and Ray Morrel from Premier Homes for some of the sessions.

Students heard about the diverse careers available in the construction trades. Learned about income potential and job outlooks.


Get your space at the Home Show before its gone. The 2019 Home Show is March 15-16 at the Bismarck Event Center. Registration is open online at BisManHomeShow.com. Click on the exhibitor tab to access the floor map and to see who already has registered to display their products and services in the show. Contact Tracy DeForest at 222-2400 ext. 2 for assistance. January 2019 | Building Buzz



AT THE HOME SHOW The 42nd Annual BMHBA Home Show is March 15-16. Exhibit space availability is open for viewing and reserving under the “Exhibitors” tab at www.BisManHomeShow.com.

Get a head start on your marketing and outreach efforts by shaking the hands of hundreds of people during this two-day event. Member booths start at just $500 and with attendance over 5,000 that comes to just 10-cents per contact.

The HBA is excited to partner with American Bank Center to host Free Friday and the VIP Lounge. We’re also proud of the partnership with Tote Sponsor First International Bank; Select Dealer Sponsor Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep; Scavenger Hunt Sponsors Northland Insurance Agency, Inc., Century 21 Morrison Realty, Advanced Mechanical, Coldspring, Starion Bank, Northland Concrete & Excavation, Rivers Edge Plumbing and Heating, Inc., Bismarck Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., BEK Communications, The Door Guys LLC, Proximal50 Life Center, Backyard Escapes by Kerner Pools & Spas, Bobcat of Mandan, Bisman Remodel Pros, LLC and Toddler Town Sponsors Bismarck Heating & Air. Visit www.BisManHomeShow to tracy@bmhba.com or call 222-2400.




Let’s Build Together.



When it comes to building a home, there are a lot of decisions to be made. But when it comes to your closing, we’ve got you covered.

701.223.6835 TheTitleTeam.com Montana | North Dakota | Minnesota


Building Buzz | January 2019

OUTSTANDING BSC STUDENTS RECOGNIZED The BMHBA is celebrating Careers in Construction by honoring the 2018 BMHBA BSC Scholarship recipients at the Annual Dinner on January 18, 2019. Each year, three outstanding students in the Bismarck State College trade programs are awarded $1000 scholarships. Eligible students participate in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC programs at BSC. The scholarships are provided through generous member donations and the efforts of the BMHBA Annual Fundraiser Picnic.

And the Winners are: • Jared Gefre, Carpentry • William Kleppe, HVAC • Brady Tougas, Carpentry

In addition to the BSC Scholarship, BMHBA member Wachter Development has stepped up to offer Scholarships to students participating in the carpentry program at the Bismarck Public School Career and Technical Academy. The awards are funded by the profits of the carpentry project home sale each year. The prizes range from $500-$2000 and are based on the number of years in the program, job ready skills scores and grades. Recipients are chosen by the career academy directors and carpentry instructor Anton Steckler. Last year, three students received $2000 each. Make your contribution to the BMHBA BSC Scholarship fund by attending the Annual Dinner on January 18, 2019 at the Harvest Event C enter in Mandan. The social starts at 5:30, dinner at 6:15 with opportunities to support the fund throughout the night. Tickets are $50 and include open bar and dinner. Register at bmhba.com/events or call 222-2400.

BUILDERS BEANS & BEER, OH MY! Start stretching your stomach now to accommodate the bowls full of chili you can consume at the HBA’s Annual Builders, Beans & Beer event. Board members will square off on Feb. 21 in the anticipated chili cookoff. Only one member can be named Chili Champ and we need your help is determining who that is. Last year’s title went to Marc Menge but we’ve got a new board member entering the contest…Jamie Schmidt from Triton Homes.

Save the date and register to attend now. Registration is open online at www. bmhba.com/events. Admission is free for one person from each member business and additional attendees are just $15 each. Admission includes chili and free beer.

EVENTS 2019 Calendar of Events January 18

BMHBA Annual Banquet 5:30 - 8:00 P.M. Harvest Grill, Mandan, ND

Join us as we celebrate the start of a new year with the BMHBA. The Annual Banquet is one of our premier events that features fine food, a BUILD-PAC fundraiser, a formal program and a special guest. Register today to reserve your seat(s) along with more than 200 other home building industry supporters.

February 21

Builders, Beans & Beer Chili Cookoff 5:00 - 7:00 P.M. Burleigh Co. 4H Building, Bismarck, ND

Winter blues got you down? Then it's time for some fun! Join us for a new twist on an old favorite. Fun Night is now Builders, Beans and Beer. Enjoy house chili and serve as judges for the board cookoff on Thursday, Feb. 21. You must be 21 to attend.

ANNUAL DINNER WILL APPLAID MEMBERS Join the BMHBA on Friday, Jan. 18 to celebrate 2018 and set the stage for 2019. Our party is going plaid. Members are encouraged to wear their favorite flannel as they enjoy an open bar and incredible meal served at the Harvest Event Center in Mandan. The 2019 Annual Dinner will include the inauguration of our new board and the swearing in of President Jeff Sattler. Grab a seat for $50 or a sponsorship starting at $200. We guarantee a good time, full stomach and fulfilling drinks. Register online today at www.bmhba.com/events, email tracy@bmhba.com or call 222-2400.

RUB ELBOWS WITH ELECTED OFFICIALS The North Dakota Association of Builders (NDAB) and North Dakota Association of Realtors will host their Annual Chili & Oyster Stew Feed on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Enjoy a casual environment that provides access to our elected officials during a time when we need to connect the most – legislative season.

March 15-16

BMHBA Home Show

We're excited to present the 2019 Home Show at the Bismarck Event Center. The HBA is pulling out all stops to ensure a successful event for exhibitors. Visit BisManHomeShow.com.

April 25-28

Spring Parade of Homes

Save the date so you remember to get your home(s) ready for the Spring Parade. Details at BisManParade.com.

May 16

Spring Awards Mixer & GMM 5:00 - 8:00 P.M. Baymont Inn, Mandan

• Presentation of the Spring Parade of Homes Awards • Remarks from BMHBA President & Executive Officer • Hot Appetizers and Open Bar

RSVPs for the Chili & Oyster feed are appreciated and can be made with Brenda at the NDAB. The event is free for all members.

January 2019 | Building Buzz





Today's customers are demanding, tech savvy and welleducated. How can builders/ remodelers set their services apart from the crowd? Marketing and Sales for Business Professionals, taught before the Builders' Show, Monday, Feb. 18, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. will look at marketing and sales tools to help your members build their brand and a positive reputation that will engage and motivate potential customers, clients and referral partners. Find information about this course as well as others at BuildersShow.com.

THE TOP POSTS OF 2018 As 2018 comes to a close, we’re taking a quick look at the posts NAHBNow readers viewed the most.

It’s probably no surprise that lumber was the top issue for our readers this year.

Here are the five most popular blog posts: • Rising Lumber Prices Hit Home: Three of the five top posts focused on lumber: the tariffs and the impact of rising prices on the industry.

• Treasury Releases Draft Regulations for 20% Pass Through Entities: The new tax law passed at the end of 2017 required new regulations for many tax issues impacting our members.

• Softwood Lumber Prices Climb to Record Highs: This Jan. 30 post signaled a theme for the year ahead: rising lumber prices, which by the end of January had skyrocketed 30% since Hurricane Harvey hit the previous summer.

• What Millennial Home Buyers Want: Business development posts like this one speak to readers’ strong interest in the latest research and insight into the millennial generation of home buyers. • Record-High Lumber Costs Adding More than $7,000 to the Price of a Home: Rounding out the top five, this post put a real price tag on the pain that builders and home buyers alike felt due to rising lumber prices. Access each of the top posts online at NAHBNow.com.


Building Buzz | January 2019

GIVE LEAVE, GET TAX CREDIT Tax reform legislation enacted in December 2017 offers a new tax credit for employers who provide paid family and medical leave. Here are several facts about how this credit works and which employers are eligible to claim it: • The credit is available for wages paid in taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017, and before January 1, 2020.

• Some employers can claim the credit retroactively to the beginning of their first taxable year beginning after December 31, 2017, if they meet the terms of a transition rule on or before December 31, 2018. • To be eligible for the credit, an employer must have a written policy in place that includes: • At least two weeks of paid family and medical leave annually to full-time employees, prorated for part-time employees. • Pay for family and medical leave that’s at least 50 percent of the wages normally paid to the employee.

• Generally, for tax year 2018, the employee’s 2017 compensation from the employer must be $72,000 or less.

The credit ranges from 12.5% to 25% of wages paid during an employee’s leave.

For purposes of this credit, family and medical leave includes leave for one or more of the following reasons: • Birth of an employee’s child and to care for the child.

• Placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care.

• Care for the employee’s spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition. • A serious health condition that makes the employee unable to do the functions of their position. • Any qualifying need due to an employee’s spouse, child or parent being on covered active duty in the Armed Forces. This includes notification of an impending call or order to covered active duty.

• To care for a service member who’s the employee’s spouse, child, parent or next of kin.



The start of a new year is a great opportunity to remind your local community about the rewarding career opportunities available in residential construction.

The Careers in the Construction Trades section on nahb.org provides detailed information on six popular residential construction trades: carpentry, electrical, HVACR, masonry, painting and plumbing. You can share trade-specific salary information and videos to showcase the different career paths available around the country.

Plus, the Career in Construction Management page highlights the industry’s management opportunities. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranked construction managers #2 in Best Construction Jobs and #62 in The 100 Best Jobs in 2018.

NAHB also continues to update its members-only Skilled Workforce Development Resources to help you recruit skilled labor and spread the word about the valuable careers available in residential construction. For example, NAHB economists provide annual state-specific salary updates for the top trades based on the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data also includes each state’s projected demand for the trades over the next two years. HBAs and members can use this information about their local residential construction labor market to help recruit prospective employees.

The Internal Revenue Service issued the 2019 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2019, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be:





• 58 cents per mile driven for business use

• 20 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes

• 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

The business mileage rate increased 3.5 cents for business travel driven and 2 cents for medical and certain moving expense from the rates for 2018. The charitable rate is set by statute and remains unchanged. It is important to note that under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, taxpayers cannot claim a miscellaneous itemized deduction for unreimbursed employee travel expenses. Taxpayers also cannot claim a deduction for moving expenses, except members of the Armed Forces on active duty moving under orders to a permanent change of station. For more details see Notice-2019-02. Taxpayers always have the option of calculating the actual costs of using their vehicle rather than using the standard mileage rates.

NAHB WEBINARS When you can't attend a learning session due to budget or travel restraints, NAHB webinars are the best way to expand your education!

Covering topics including design, technology, sales, finance and more, these hourlong sessions will keep you informed of all the latest news, tips and trends to keep your business in position for success.

Upcoming Webinars

• Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1-2 p.m. – Read Before Signing: Managing Legal Exposure with Solid Contracts

• Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1-2 p.m. – Document Retention Is Legal Exposure Prevention

• Print your Proof of Membership form directly from the Nissan/Infiniti Savings page • Visit your local Nissan or Infiniti dealership to purchase your vehicle

• Check out the extensive line up of sedans, SUVs, trucks, and cargo vans The Nissan Titan, Nissan NV, and Nissan NV200 offer 5-year / 100,000 miles bumperto-bumper warranties and no charge upfits are available for NV Cargo and NV200. You also can offer your employees special vehicle purchasing program (VPP) pricing to purchase personal Nissan or Infiniti vehicle. Contact NAHB Director of Affinity Programs Sarah Swango at 202-266-8273 for additional information.

Best of all, each webinar counts for one hour of continuing education credit toward NAHB designations. When you register for a live webinar, you have access to the webinar replay for 12 months from the date of purchase. All replays are available approximately 7-10 business days after the live event.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Registration is open until 2 p.m. on the day before the live webinar. To receive a refund, cancellations must also be submitted by 2 p.m. the day before the live webinar. After that date, no refunds will be issued. For the Best Prices on a Complete Insulation Package or Material, Contact …

CULLEN INSULATION “Commitment to Excellence”


2325 Skylark Ave • Bismarck, ND 58503 701-751-7066 THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964–2017 MGM.

January 2019 | Building Buzz



• Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1-2 p.m. – Protecting Your Business from Loss with Contracts and Insurance

Here's how you can take advantage of this new program:


The standard mileage rate for business use is based on an annual study of the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile. The rate for medical and moving purposes is based on the variable costs.

Nissan North America and NAHB are excited to present members with the opportunity to purchase a new Nissan or Infiniti vehicle using exclusive incentives for members through the NAHB Savings Program. This is another valuable NAHB membership benefit.



IBS 2019?

NAHB Chairman Randy Noel recently shared the following message with members:

There’s something for everyone at the 2019 NAHB International Builders Show® (IBS). The building industry’s biggest event is your best opportunity to access the tools, people and know-how you need to construct a business that is truly built to last.

HBA and member efforts to grow NAHB paid off with the addition of 2,000 new members nationwide, the best net improvement in more than a decade. What a great achievement! Thanks to all for the hard work and good will.

Top 10 reasons you should be at IBS 1. Incredible Value 2. Education

4. Construction Demos

5. Niche-Focused Programming 6. Show Home Tours 7. Networking

8. Special Events 9. Celebrations

10. Fantastic Location Find all of the details online at www. BuildersShow.com.




3. Exhibits

c y@ t t r a 2 2 - 2 4 0 0 n g s p o t. c a t Co n o r 2 d ve r t i s i a this m i a to c l

As we say goodbye to 2018, let's celebrate NAHB's many achievements in the past year. We can't list them all, but these are some of the most important.

As if home building wasn’t already challenging, builders have been struggling with a labor shortage for several years. A much-appreciated $50 million grant from the Home Depot Foundation to HBI will enable it to train 20,000 new skilled NAHB Chairman Randy Noel workers over the next 10 years, truly something to celebrate. Part of building a home is making sure it meets all applicable building codes. NAHB works hard to ensure those codes are reasonable and fair. In 2018, we asked members to explain the builder perspective to their local codes officials in a new campaign called “One and Done.” Those efforts had a big impact.

Portal goes online. Nope, not a gateway to another galaxy. NAHB’s new housing portal is a website that delivers a wide range of housing and polling data specific to congressional districts and major metropolitan areas. Produced in cooperation with Morning Consult, this tool enables builders demonstrate the importance of the housing industry to policy makers. Yes, we worked closely with the Trump administration to push for muchneeded regulatory reforms. We saw tangible progress on many issues, including labor rules, environmental regulations, housing finance requirements and other federal policies that affect home building. Negotiate Now! was just one of the messages we sent to the administration regarding lumber prices. Even though there have been no negotiations with Canada to date, our multidimensional efforts have been effective. Lumber prices are down more than 40% from the peak in June. Bravo. Effective (actually superb) advocacy is one of NAHB’s many strengths. Washington’s influential insider magazine, The Hill, acknowledged that prowess by naming CEO Jerry Howard to its annual list of DC’s top lobbyists.

WOTUS: Permanently replacing the Obama administration’s overreaching definition of Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) is well on its way to becoming a reality thanks to NAHB’s relentless regulatory reform effort. This is a big win for builders. You’re right, said the U.S. Supreme Court (unanimously!) in response to a member challenge supported by NAHB. There’s no need to set aside habitat for a frog that isn’t there. What will the bureaucrats do next, look for the Yeti?

Eighty-five percent of the 245 House and Senate candidates NAHB endorsed in the midterm election won their races thanks to NAHB’s efforts to ensure that housing’s voice is heard in Congress. Endorsements were based on HBA input. In an unusual election year, this was a big win. Advantage is the name of the game with NAHB’s Member Advantage affinity programs. We added several in 2018: Nissan/Infiniti, Amazon Business, Capital One card and Kabbage small business loans. Member savings – what a concept.


Building Buzz | January 2019

Reform of the nation’s tax code in 2017 provided real benefits for members. NAHB worked with the IRS in 2018 to ensure that subsequent regulations support builders, consumers and small businesses. Case in point: At NAHB’s request, the IRS looked at HELOCS and determined they are deductible for home improvements.

To help protect against cybercriminals stealing identities, the IRS, state tax agencies and the nation’s tax industry urged people to review new, stronger standards to protect the passwords of their online accounts.

Every individual or tax practitioner who maintains any type of online accounts should use strong passwords to protect against savvy cybercriminals taking over their identities and accessing sensitive tax and financial data. But there’s been some new thinking as to what a strong password is. The latest guidance suggests using a passphrase such as a favorite line from a movie or a series of associated words rather than using a password. The idea is to create a passphrase that can be remembered easily and protect the account. This means passwords like – “uE*s3P%8V)” – are out. Longer, personal phrases people can remember – for example, SunWalkRainDrive – are now preferred. The IRS, like all federal agencies, follows the cybersecurity framework set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST, which is a branch of the Department of Commerce. NIST last year rethought its guidance on passwords. NIST suggested these three steps to build a better password:

• Step 2 – Make the associations unique to you. Passphrases should be words that can go together in your head, but no one else would ever suspect. Good example: Items in your living room such as BlueCouchFlowerBamboo. Bad example: Names of your children. • Step 3 – Picture this. Create a passphrase that you can picture in your head. In our example, picture items in your living room. The key is to create a passphrase that is hard for a cybercriminal to guess but easy for you to remember.

In addition to creating strong passwords, the Security Summit urges taxpayers and tax practitioners to take these additional steps: • Use a different password or passphrase for each account; use a password manager if necessary for multiple accounts.

• Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible. Don’t rely on the passphrase alone to protect sensitive data. Multi-factor authentication means returning account holders need more than just their credentials (username and password) to access an account. They also need, for example, a security code sent as text to a mobile phone. Email providers and social media outlets, such as Facebook, offer multi-factor authentication options. For tax professionals, some tax software providers will offer multi-factor authentication as an option, and practitioners should use it if it’s available.

As part of a larger mission of helping all taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibilities, the Internal Revenue Service announced its debut on Instagram, adding this platform to its social media portfolio. The IRSNews account will provide taxpayers the latest information on a variety of topics as taxpayers face numerous tax law changes for the upcoming 2019 filing season related to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The IRS Instagram account will share taxpayer-friendly information to help people Get Ready for the upcoming tax season. And it will provide the latest tax scam information to help support the Security Summit initiative, a joint effort between the IRS, states and the nation’s tax industry to combat tax-related identity theft. Research shows that more than 70 percent of U.S. young adults between 18 and 24 are active on Instagram. The IRS plans to use Instagram to better serve this segment of the population, sharing content on tax topics that affect all taxpayers.

Other social media platforms offering official IRS information include:

• YouTube • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn The IRS social media effort works closely with IRS2Go. Taxpayers can use this free mobile app to check their refund status, pay taxes, watch IRS YouTube videos and get IRS Tax Tips via email.

• Change all factory-set passwords for wireless devices such as printers and routers. Again, use strong passphrases to protect access to these devices, which further safeguards sensitive data.


Taxpayers can visit the “Taxes. Security. Together.” awareness campaign or review IRS Publication 4524, Security Awareness for Taxpayers, for additional steps to protect themselves and their data from identity theft.



BISMARCK RAMADA January 2019 | Building Buzz


• Step 1 – Leverage your powers of association. Identify associated items that have meaning to you.





NDAB NEWS Monthly News from the North Dakota Association of Builders

Bob Horab,

Kim Schneider,

Greetings all,

Ringing in the New Year!

I would first like to thank those who attended the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet in Williston on November 29th. It’s always a welcome opportunity when we can host state-wide members along with local association members.

Happy New Year and welcome 2019! All of us at North Dakota Association of Builders are excited to welcome a new year, new possibilities, new journeys, new challenges and new friends. A new year is the first day to 365 days of unwritten pages to make of them what you want! We wish you all the best with your health, with your families and with your businesses.

NDAB President

Bob Horab President

January 2019

Congratulations to all the award winners of their achievements this past year. Members who stand out and are revered by their peers, motivate us to all do what we can to support our industry and the state association. That same night, the 2019 North Dakota Association of Builders Board of Directors were installed along with myself in the role of President of which I am truly humbled. I want to thank Dan Lindquist for his support and know I have big shoes to fill following his presidency.

We are heading into a legislative year and one of the benefits as a member you can rely on is legislative advocacy representing the association during session. By staying on top of the activity of bills that affect the building industry, we have an advantage of having someone there to promote and protect us while we’re at work. With that said, if any members hear of information that could lead to a potential change in business practices, laws etc., please reach to Kim Schneider, CEO at the state office and/or myself. An additional contact is Jason Eid, Government Affairs Chair who is also available to assist with any upcoming issues as session convenes January 3. I’ll make a quick mention of the International Builders Show in Las Vegas which is February 18 – 21. We will again co-host the State Reception with other Area 10 state associations on Tuesday, February 19 at the Westgate. I urge all of you attending to stop in and say hello. This is a great way to build relationships with those in our area caucus. Again, I want to thank the outgoing 2018 Board of Directors for their dedication and work on behalf of builders and the interests of the industry, and I look forward to the upcoming year.

NDAB Chief Executive Officer

Kim Schneider CEO

If you were able to join us for our banquet, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Celebrating our award winners, recognizing all our members and volunteers, and reflecting on a very busy, yet successful 2018! We truly value all our Board Members and the time and dedication they put into serving on the board. We also send our heartfelt thank you to the board members families for the time away. Thank You! It’s my honor to get to introduce you to our newest board members that join in representing your best interest at the NDAB Board of Directors meetings: Incoming Board Members: § HBA of Fargo-Moorhead: Kim Hochhalter § Minot Assoc. of Builders: Kasper Ziegler § Western Area BA: Terry Olin January is also the month to renew your sponsorships or sign up for one! Your company can be an annual sponsor or maybe you are interested in just one of our statewide events. We have many great options and opportunities to display your logo be provided recognition. If interested in learning more, please contact our office at 701-222-2401 or visit our website for details. January 3rd is the first official day of the 66th Legislative Assembly. The ND Legislature is made up of two chambers. Two representatives and one senator are elected from each district. The House of Representatives has 94 members and the Senate has a total of 47. North Dakota is unique in that the legislature meets bi-annually in odd numbered years and are restricted to being able to meet a total of 80 days once gaveled in which means this session will end by April 26, 2019. Please be watching your emails for Call to Action requests where you will be asked to reach out to your local representatives and senators regarding bills that impact our industry. Your voice is important to the legislators and make a big impact to their final vote. We will also be hosting various events and invite you to join us. If you plan to make a special trip to the ND Capitol, please let our office know. We always welcome guests and enjoy having the opportunity to show you around the capitol building, introduce you to the legislators and share with you the various committee hearings that might interest you to sit in on. In ND, we are very fortunate to have great accessibility to our Legislators and be active in the legislative process. Cheers to a New Year, I look forward to an exciting year ahead! Make this year a year of finding, of fulfillment, of joy, peace and purpose!

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed holiday season.

Take care,


Kim Schneider

Back your PAC … your PAC backs you! NDAB-PAC is the North Dakota Association of Builders’ Political Action Committee. It is a non -partisan political action committee that provides support for candidates who are friends of the building industry. Contact NDAB at (800) 326-4746, (701) 222-2401 or info@ndbuild.com to contribute or learn more! North Dakota Association of Builders ❖


Building Buzz | January 2019

1701 Burnt Boat Drive, Suite 201, Bismarck, ND 58503-0801 ❖

701/222-2401 or 800/326-4746 ❖


AROUND THE STATE Western Area Builders Association Around the State Amber Elizondo, Executive Officer

Minot Association of Builders Elysha Head, Executive Officer 701-852-0496 | minotab.com

| willistonbuilders.com Bismarck/Mandan HBA for donating a Decorating Services, 701-572-5744 Top Recruiter; Ken for our new Krajsa, Bell State Bank & Trust, Top Frank,has Executive Dot • Work begun Officer on the 2019 Home and Garden Show! Next • 2019 Home and Gardencomputer Show planning is inExecutive! full swing. We are Spike; George Fraza, Blue Cross Blue  “Kids” Home showatbooths are being now!the 701-222-2400 year's show will take place on bmhba.com March 1st and 2nd.Shield Stay tuned looking to add more items the event. Kids sold will get of ND, Top New Spike; Ken Krajsa for more details! parents$12,500 in the door! January 8th is the deadline for our Cornerstone Award. HBC granted preferred vendors. Home show is April 15  The BMHBA has been busy following in scholarships to local high school – 17, 2016 ordinance updates in Bismarck and students and college students in or Dickinson Area Builders Assoc contact Thank you to our NDAB 2018 Jackie@willistonbuilders.com Professional Builders for Mandan, Burleigh and Morton Counties. planning on enrolling in the construction questions. All Lange, are reviewing and updating Lindsay Executive Officerdated programs. Don Dabbert Jr.-Dabbert Custom Homes codes. Eyes are currently on permit cost  Our December General Membership 701-483-0044 | dickinsonareabuilders.com  The HBA of F-M heldTodd a PAC Social with changes and development standards. meeting will be held on the 17th Williams-Todd Williams 2019 Home Show is less than 6 months away.special We areguest Jerry Howard to talk about • The A housing analysis conducted by Bismarck issues NAHB is working on in D.C. and Construction, LLC gearing up foroutlines anothera great turnout at the and Mandan need for an April 6th & 7th how they tie in locally. The event was a Thank so much to our Annual West River 7,786 Ice Center. additional owner-occupied homes MikeinWorkman-Jordahl Customyou Homes success with 75 members attendance. Banquet Sponsors! Your support by 2030. The HBA is working on a task  Just under 20 members attended a LunchBon Construction, Charles Bon-C’est force to explore implementation of the helped us toInc. put on a great event! We Homestudy’s Builders Assoc. of Fargo-Moorhead Session with local building officials to talk recommendations. had Inc. a great crowd and a fun evening Vern Hanson-Hanson Bros., about the latest issues in residential Bryce Johnson,elected Chief Executive Officer,  Members a new Builder board celebrating the year end and construction. Eric Berg-Eric Berg Construction, Inc.all our amazing Award 701-232-5846 hbafm.com member at|the Fall GMM on Nov. 24 to fill recognizing  The New Year Celebration & City Night is Past President Vance Vetter’s seat. The winners. We are already looking Michael Bullinger-Western Productions A top priority for of our Association charity to be28 at the Radisson on Jan. in Fargo. 2016 board directors will be and sworn in at continues Mayors from Fargo, Moorhead, West Homesforward to doing it all again next year Jason Eid-Eid-Co workforce; here are a fewonthings we are doing to act on this issue: the Annual Banquet Jan. 14. in Bismarck! Fargo, Dilworth & Oxbow will be in • Fundraise The BMHBA welcomes members to Tom Spaeth-Accent $1 million forall the North Dakota State College of and participate attendance on a mayoral Kitchen & Bath attend Career a Lead Renovator Lead The HBA has panel. Science Workforceand Academy. already We will also have special guest Al Mark Spriggs-M & J Construction, Inc. Renovator Initial and Refresher course Jaeger, Secretary of State. If you would raised almost $500,000! on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, respectively. like to attend, please Tyrone visit the Leslie-Heritage events Homes Visit bmhba.com/events to Trades register.Career Expo on calendar • Hosted the Health, Tech & Nov. 30. This at www.hbafm.com.

Todd Halle-T & S Custom Homes, Inc. event reaches over 3,000 ninth-grade giving them Dickinson Area Builders Assoc. students, Forx Builders Association hands-on experiences of the trades and more! Robert Leslie-Designer Platinum Homes Sponsors—Kuntz Builders, Irene Schafer, Executive Officer Betty McDonald, Executive Officer Inc. and Inc. Winn Construction, Inc. 701-483-0044 dickinsonareabuilders.com • Worked with local NAHB Student Chapters to701-746-4536 critique their Charles Zach-Zach Construction, forxbuilders.com International Builders' Show presentations. John Gunkelman-DakotaSilver Construction  Our regular GMM was held at the Eagles Sponsor—ProBuild  There was good attendance at Slate Club on November 11 & with a moment of 24 will feature The New Year Celebration City Night Jan. Greg Krueger-Krueger Construction Interiornewly Design’s November Builders after honoring our veterans. NDAB-PAC Reception Sponsor—Bosch electedsilence Mayors Johnathan Judd (Moorhead) and Bernie Dardis Hours. Thank you Alissa. Robert Kochmann-Kochmann  Our Home committee busy Chad Olson, Lumber Co. (West Fargo), as Show well as DilworthisMayor Mayor Builders after Hours will be  Fargo The December planning our Home Show in April, Brothers Homes,and Inc. hosted by the Membership Committee Tim Mahoney and Horace Mayor Kory Peterson. updating and adding new features. Banner Sponsor—Roers West, LLC the Board of Directors at Keith’s Security Gary Orth-Cornerstone Specialties Following our Education  Our main focus right Summit, now is onthe HBA of F-M is hosting World. Jim Bisson owner of Keith’s Lock & Key will be retiring theHeather end of December theannual State Meeting here in Dickinson. We trade show Solberg—Platinum Homes its third Trade Showcase. This mini allows we will be helping him celebrate this are looking forward to making this a Also, Thank you to the NDAB 2015 vendors to talk with attendees finishing up continuingand education milestone. special night for Arnold Karsky as he is Partners! We truly appreciate your 2018 NDAB Professional Builders should courses for building plumbers and power limited installed as our contractors, State President.  Our Home Design and Garden Show will support and we have enjoyed serving technicians. received a renewal form forthe 2019.  Following that, we also busy planning our be held April 1, 2 & 3 have at the Alerus Center. you throughout entire year! annual Christmas Party. Newly elected Minot Association of Builders Vice President, Val Voelkering is busy with Forx Builders Association 2019 NDAB Professional Associates program Executive Officer her committee putting final touches to a Stacy Anderson, Executive Office is open and taking applications!!! very special evening at the Elks Club. 701-852-0496 minotab.com 701-746-4536 | forxbuilders.com  We would like to take this opportunity to Contact Sara Frank at ND Association of Builders with  We are Open House” for extend 10th an invitation to Kim andHours Heather • January is Builders After at Elle Interiors. We having are a “Holiday any questions on these programs, applications and our members here at the office December and other associations to attend our excited to give our members the opportunity to explore their qualifications needed.Gold Partner - Montana Dakota Utilities 15th from noon-7pm with food and Christmas party. new showroom! beverage.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to

Thank you to everyone who attended our Awards Gala & Annual Meeting. The HBA of F-M celebrated award winners and scholarship recipients with over 200 of its members. The awards went to Clay Dietrich, Dietrich Homes, Inc., Builder of the Year; Paul Krabbenhoft, Coldwell Banker First Realty, Associate of the Year; Heritage Homes, BEAM; Dan Beecher, Foam Doctor’s LLC, Extra Mile; John Koerselman, Red River Drywall &

sara@ndbuild.com or 701-222-2401 • On January 28th we will be installing our 2019 Board of Area Builders Silver Partners - Bismarck-Mandan everyone! Williston Association Directors at the Ramada Inn, Grand Forks. Home Builders Association, Dickinson Janna Lutz, Executive Officer Area Builders Association, Home Builders • Don't delay...get your exhibitor contract submitted today! The 701-572-5744 willistonbuilders.com Bryce Johnson, Executive Vice President Association of Fargo-Moorhead, & 44th Annual Home Design & Garden Show is just a few months hbafm.com 701-232-5846 Northern Plumbing Supply  WABA welcomes new incoming board away. March 22-24, 2019 at the Alerus Center, Grand Forks


  

members: Lance Bevier of Tractor and Equipment Co., Joan Mainwaring of American State Bank and Trust Co., and Bob Radermacher of Bakken Contracting. Mark Schneider, LJA, was sworn in as our incoming WABA President at our Annual Meeting in November. Top Spikes were also recognized: Bill Murphy and Dave Nordenstrom became Life Spikes in 2015! Special thanks to Dot Frank and the

North Dakota Association of Builders

Bronze Partners - Bell State Bank & Trust, Forx Builders Association, Minot Association of Builders, ND Guaranty & Title Co., ND Housing Finance Agency, ProBuild, RDO Equipment Co., & Williston Area Builders Association


December 2015

January 2019 | Building Buzz


PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

PAID 2600 Gateway Ave., Ste. 1 Bismarck, ND 58503

UPCOMING BMHBA EVENTS Annual Dinner - 1/18/2019 Builders, Beans & Beer Chili Cookoff - 2/21/2019 42nd Annual Home Show - 3/15 - 3/16/2019

Permit #72 Bismarck, ND 58501


facebook.com/bmhba twitter.com/bmhba houzz.com/pro/bmhba

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