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a word.

I was sitting here trying to think of something profound to say. Something to guide you through these really trying times. Between the Anti-

Legislation swirling

everywhere, how everything costs too much, how jobs don’t pay enough. The genocide in Gaza, the racism, the homophobia & transphobia we have to face every single day. The fact that relationships are hard, that people take advantage of kindness, that partners cheat , that people lie. That people we love- leave us, that people pass away. That people say “I love you” and don’t mean it. The upcoming scary ass elections. Life is hard. But it’s also beautiful. I don’t have anything profound to say to make any of that better or easier. There is no drug strong enough, no blue pill that helps us forget what this side of the Matrix

looks like. Life is hard. But make sure you find the beautiful. Find it in the breeze, in your friend’s laughter, in a night of karaoke at a dive bar, in a really good song, In some great, safe, consensual sex, in a piece of chocolate cake, or a sunrise, or puppy kisses, or a really good TikTok or the first bite of a crazy good meal. In Art. In Pride. In Peace. Find it in you.

Tamara Sanaa Leigh Editor-In-Chief

BlaqueOUT columnists & contributors Javannah J. Davis (she/her) resides in Rochester, NY where she has worked in healthcare for 19 years, is a self-published author, Founder/President of W.A.V.E Women Inc & CEO/Owner of Linjé Enterprises LLC. Javannah is passionate about healing, self-love, self actualization & helping others to live the best of their lives in a healthy way.

E.L. Winston of Fayetteville, NC (He,Him, His) Trans Community Advocate, CoFounder of Lambda Gamma Omega Nu Fraternity. Just your everyday introspective old man and 1 half of Team Winston

Ashanti S. Taylor-Alexander (she/her) is a life educated poet who believes in riding each wave of this world to the fullest. She is passionate about writing poems people can truly feel. Have a subject throw it at her and she'll make a master piece! Founder of Pulse Poetry Magazine.

Roni Winston aka The Mrs. aka Pastor Roni (She/Her/Hers) Fayettevlle, NC. Minister, educator, entrepreneur, couples' coach, writer, mom, and grandma. Half . of Team Winston.

Immani Love, (she/her) A Lesbian Erotic Poet, Author, Ordained Minister, Freelance Writer, Real Estate Agent, and overall witty, seductress with the voice of a Siren. An educated Vixen in sunny St. Pete, Florida.

Mel Howard (he/him) Resides in Newport News, Virginia where he worked in finance industry for over 5years, is a columnists for BlaqueOUT Magazine and Founder/President of THRIVING TRANSMEN OF COLOR. Mel is passionate about community, self acceptance and forgiveness.

Tina Marie Jones (she/her/hers) Founder of Uncover, LLC, mother of 4, activist, motivator, and columnist.

Courtney L (she/her) designer, developer, business owner, who loves to travel. When she is not doing that she loves to write poetry, a bit of a nerd, spend time with family and friends and help people learn technology. She lives in Los Angeles, with her dog.

Lade Breez (He/Her/Them) is an award winning 3x published author, publisher, philanthropist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, life coach, event host, youth tutor, artist developer & spoken word artist. Owner & founder of Express Me Poetry Business Services & Events, & Educated Blessyns LLC, improving this world one stage at a time.

David Maurice Griffin (he/him/his) Coulumbia, SC. Providing the gift of massage Is what he does, but spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS Is who he IS. One half of “A Moment w/ the Griffins”


Covering the news mainstream media doesn’t, because our stories matter


(April 9, 2024) -Sadly, anyone paying attention knows that Black & Brown Trans women are a hunted population in the United States. Even with the rampant misgendering and underreporting by law enforcement & the media, the numbers of Trans women that become often fatal victims of violence is wildly disproportionate to the rest of the country. That violence has never been exclusive to only the Trans feminine, as there have been murders of Trans masc men every year in recent historybecause Trans folks in general, and BIPOC Trans folks specifically, are an unprotected & even targeted part of our community. In 2024, there have been at least 7 Trans/NB/GNC individuals officially reported as victims of violent death in the US. Three of those 7, were TransMasculine & all within the period of a little over a month. TK "Chevy" Hill, 35 of Georgia was

the founder of, Evollusion – an Atlanta-based hair salon and barbershop dedicated to serving the LGBTQIA+ community specializing in hair, nails, barbering & makeup so that Queer folks who may not feel comfortable in the typical salon or barbershop would have an affirming space to be & receive services. Chevy is said to have been shot to death in front of his home on February 28th. Allegedly, there is a warrant out for his cousin's arrest in association with the murder. Alex Taylor Franco, 21 of Utah was discovered in a remote desert area after being held against his will & shot in a vehicle by acquaintances after some kind of altercation in what is being described as a botched robbery attempt by the perpetrators on March 17th. He is described glowingly by friends & family members. The three passengers of the vehicle, all minors, are being held in custody by law enforcement. Most recently, Lagend Billions, 36, of South Florida, was shot in Hallandale Beach on April 3rd. He was pronounced deceased on April 7th. Although the media has identified him as being a Transgender man, only his birth name has been reported when identifying him. Just days after his

death, it is also being reported that this will not be investigated as a hate crime, but is instead being looked at as an isolated incident.

(April 11, 2024) -If you aren't familiar with the phrase, in the 90's black was considered the only fashionable color so when designers wanted to start branching out with new color palettes, they would say ________ was the "new black". Then in 2013, "Orange is the New Black" premiered & the phrase came back questioning if jail was the new chic place to be when a beautiful, bougie white girl went to prison as a basis for the storyline. Today, the Biden/Harris 2024 campaign introduced the "Out for Biden/Harris" initiative to capitalize on the power of the "Queer Vote." In all honesty, it may be the first clearly offensive strategy the country has seen the President take in his bid for re-election against

MAGA Republicans. The truth is, there are 9 million registered adult LGBTQ voters in the U.S. It is the only demographic that spans across every ethnic group, social class, race, economic status, region, religious group & affiliation in existence. Half of registered LGBT voters are Democrats, 15% are Republicans. They are racially diverse, nearly half (47%) are under age 35 & 1/3 have at least a college education. That is in fact the group most likely to lean towards a Biden Presidency & away from Trump- especially in the face of rampant Anti-LGBTQ legislation where the Dems are literally the only lifeline in many cases. There are also more Queer & Black people in the south than any other region. It's strategic obviously, sincere hopefully, but also very reminiscent of how Democrats often come calling to BIPOC communities when they need their votes & often forget that support once in office. The difference between performative activism & legitimate allyship is usually found in track record. So in the May issue of Blaque/OUT, we are going to breakdown what the Biden administration actually HAS done to support the Queer community & specifically the QTPOC community so you can head to the polls feeling informed instead of tokenized. There are many issues that resonate with Black Queer voters this election season, including the genocide in Gaza which Biden thus far has refused to condemn. The choice between tyranny and hypocrisy isn't an easy one but it may be our only one.

(April 11, 2024) -Blaque/OUT Magazine remembers, Diamond Brigman, 36, of Texas. She is remembered by friends by her beautiful, infectious smile. Diamond was shot and killed in a shooting in Houston, Texas on March 16th.

(April 11, 2024) -We join the community in mourning 25yr old Carlos D. Collins of Mississippi The Network LGBTQ Domestic Violence HOTLINE: 800-832-1901 (Toll-Free) The Network/La Red’s 24-hour hotline provides FREE confidential emotional support, information, referrals, safety planning, and crisis intervention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender (LGBTQ+) folks, as well as folks in kink and polyamorous communities who are being abused or have been abused by a partner. We also offer information and support to friends, family, or co-workers on the issue of domestic violence in LGBTQ+ communities. All hotline staff are trained in domestic violence, peer counseling, crisis intervention, and safety planning. You don’t have to leave or want to leave your relationship to get support.

Texas is the state with the highest number of Anti-Trans murders in the United States. 1 in 10 of the murders of Trans people occur in Texas. Diamond is the 35th recorded since 2013. Over 50% of those victims are Black and all but one were women. As articulated by our friend, Tori Cooper, @humanrightscampaign Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative, "Diamond’s death underscores a pattern that we have been warning would continue without meaningful change. Texas has weak gun laws, and is responsible for one in five anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced across the country. Now, a Transgender woman has been fatally shot. This is intricately tied together, and attempts to say otherwise ignores reality. Diamond deserves justice, and we will keep fighting in her name." ( No one has been arrested in Diamond's murder, however there is a description: Witnesses informed officers a white 2017 Chevrolet Malibu LT stopped near the victim, who was standing on the side of the road. A male exited the vehicle from the front passenger side and fired multiple shots. He then fled the scene in the vehicle driven by another

individual. The male shooter is described as being about 5 feet 5 inches tall with a thin build and wearing a gray hooded jacket." The vehicle was recovered, but the suspect is still at large. If you have any information about Diamond Brigman's murder or the suspect, please call: HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or speak anonymously with Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. May she rest in POWER

(April 13, 2024) -This week 'HotNewHipHop' reported that rapper NLE Choppa thanked the LGBTQ+ Community for their support of his new single, "Slut Me Out." It's a bop w/ raunchy lyrics & a techno-leaning beat that has been getting rotation in Gay clubs since it's release. NLE thanked the community for the love & was of course accused of being gay for saying, "I'm noticing the LGBTQ+ showing so much love to "Slut Me Out 2" & I simply want to say thank you ....IDC what's normalized as a rapper, I was raised to f**k with who f**ks you! So thank ya'll for appreciating my craft.. My music is for ALL, we do not discriminate." NLE Choppa has gotten similar reactions for refusing to do music w/ rapper

Blueface for his infamous acts of violence towards women. That sparked a resurfacing of an old tweet that said, "First and foremost I love myself & I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show the beauty God blessed me with. Secondly I LOVE all so I don’t mind attracting both genders, but most importantly my sexual preference is women. Please stop trying to make me something I am not." Because shockingly, being kind or accepting of ALL your fans, or not embracing DV doesn't make you gay. Which points to the larger issue, masculinity is only toxic if you make it toxic & being a man may mean a lot of different things to alot of different people, but it never has to be cruelty. The opposite of masculinity isn't gay, nor does toxicity make you a man. Meanwhile, at Coachella last night Lil Uzi Vert broke out in a full-out vogue performance w/ duckwalk & dip. Not to be outdone by J-Cole's diss against Drake being pulled from streaming services because he had an attack of conscious for striking back w/ a diss track, with no mention of the disrespectful way in which he referenced Transness completely unnecessarily in the song. Apparently that portion wasn't deserving of an apology. Fashion icon, ASAP Rocky & NFL player, Stefon Diggs have donned skirts regularly in shoots & public appearances. Yet the push & pull between the largely embraced fluidity & gender neutrality of Gen Z still sits in a war of dominance within Hip-Hop, despite the ages & attitudes of some of it's biggest stars.

(April 15, 2024) -Jerrod Carmicheal is catching a lot of flak about the joke he recently told in his new HBO series about doing race-based role play with his white boyfriend. If you are unfamiliar, “race-play” is a subset of BDSM where the focus of the imbalance in the role play stems from the races of the people ”playing”. In practice, this sometimes presents as people of color role-playing as slaves to a white master or people of Jewish heritage role-playing that they are being held prisoner in the Holocaust. In Carmicheal’s scenario, it was the first. One would think in the current climate that someone in his camp or HBO would have said ‘hey this is not even close to being funny, we might not want to tell this joke’ or better yet “bro- why would you think this is remotely funny?” especially since Carmicheal was very critical towards David Chappell and jokes he made towards Trans people. My question becomes when is enough- enough & when do we start to govern ourselves in a way that speaks to our power & holds ourselves accountable for the narrative we help to put out in the universe? These kinds of jokes drowning in self hate are dangerous to Black

Queer people, Black men in particular. From what has been offered thus far, Carmichael’s series hasn't displayed him as the extremely talented and intelligent Black, Gay man that he has previously shown himself to be. From recently being embarrassed by Tyler The Creator for professing his love for him & this joke about race play, it has us wondering, “what exactly is the point of this show?” Upon further research, of the producers and executive producers credited for the show (& to absolutely no surprise) Carmicheal is the only person of color in the producer's chair. Which brings us to the issue of how long we will allow others to be in control of how we are showing up on the big and little screens? How long will we be the joke? How long will our people be the sacrificial lamb for the punchline in an attempt to keep others comfortable? For the sake of the culture, hopefully some strong brothers pull this young man to the carpet, help him see the error of his ways & pour power into him. In the meantime, we must hold him and ourselves accountable for how we represent ourselves in Music, Film, Comedy and Politics. The youth are watching and they will learn from what they SEE not what we SAY!

(April 17, 2024) - Days before the country recognized Trans Day of Visibility, one student became very visible on the Howard University campus in the best way possible. Jay Jones, who served as VicePresident last year was elected with running mate Tariah Hyland as Howard University Student Body (HUSA) President and Vice President. Recently, Malay Simmons from Johnson C. Smith University, was named the first Trans HBCU Queen. Historically, Black Colleges & Universities have not always been considered safe spaces for Trans youth and we are THRILLED to see a change coming and some incredibly dope, intelligent and courageous students leading the way.

was any previous interaction between subject and victim but the suspect is reported by Miami Beach Police to have had just been released from prison on April 17 after having spent more than a year in Miami-Dade custody, where he received mental health evaluation. He was given 4yrs felony probation after being charged with attempted armed robbery with a weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Andrea's attack was reportedly captured on surveillance video and the suspect was apprehended wearing the clothing seen in the video which appeared to have blood on it. The case is not being investigated as a hate crime. But we must continually question whether hate put Andrea in the position to be vulnerable to this act of violence to begin with. Our prayers are with the entire Miami Queer & Trans community struggling through yet another violent and senseless loss.

(April 24, 2024) - The community mourns the murder & savage beating of the beautiful Andrea Dorias Dos Passos, 37. Andrea's body was discovered by security on the steps of the Miami City Ballet on Tuesday morning where she sometimes slept. She like many Queer & Trans folks in the country struggled with housing insecurity. We choose not to share the gruesome details of her murder, but a 53yr old suspect, who we will not give the dignity of naming, was arrested and charged with one count of second degree murder in her death. It is unknown if there

(April 29, 2024) -Profound sadness and love on the ever-growing list of tributes appearing on social media, Ry'Von, 2021 National Showman-at-large, was deeply loved and respected and will be remembered for his sweetness, kindness, talent and patience.



@ImmaniLove She/Her

Queer Women Need Love Too!

Immani Love I’m thinking and feeling or (for the most part) what they are thinking and feeling and it has led to the most carefree part of my life so far. I call it “The Free to Be Me Era.” And I am LIVING for it!

Remember the good old days, when you met someone at the grocery store or at the park or even at your favorite coffee shop? You complimented them, they smiled and touched you in a flirty way, and next thing you know you were exchanging phone numbers (or beeper numbers depending on how far back you went in your head just now.) That brief interaction led to hours on the phone getting to know each other, finding common interests, and perhaps planning a date. That date led to more dates and finally, at some point, a decision to be in a relationship together. Unfortunately, those days are pretty much gone! In the words of the great philosophers, Three 6 Mafia…It’s hard out here for a pimp or whatever the saying is. Now with social media, dating apps, reality TV dating shows, catfishing, and an overall shift in what is considered “typical” dating etiquette, one could easily find themselves opting to stay single, alone, and living with a multitude of cats for the foreseeable future. Since I’m severely allergic to cats, that’s not going to work for me, so I reluctantly have chosen to wade through the sludge that is our current dating pool. Now, as a fairly recent divorcee, I was reluctant to put myself out there again for quite a long time. I mean, what is the appropriate “mourning period” for an

ambiamorous lesbian who after 15 years in a relationship is suddenly single again? Well, for me it was 2.5 yrs and a few months for good measure. I had taken the time I needed to go through the stages of grief for my marriage, reminded myself what a beautiful thing it is to do things alone, reacquainted myself with my inner Goddess, and truly reflected on what I wanted for myself outside of a relationship before thinking about what a new love looked like for me. After all was said and done, I had determined what I wanted was not to label anything that pleased me. I went on dates with women, I hung out with women, I brunched with women, and I slept with women without putting a title on what that woman was to me as far as social standards were concerned. I even currently live with a woman who is not my “girlfriend.” And guess what!? It has been AMAZING! I have been freed from the stress involved in spending time with someone and wondering “where it’s going” or “if they’re into me” because I am simply enjoying that time and being in that moment of my life. I’m choosing to focus on the pleasure and beauty of the interaction rather than what comes next. What’s better is that I have candid conversations with the women I spend time with letting them know this very fact. There’s no secrecy, no guessing what

I’m not saying that this method of dating works for everyone. Some people crave the reliable, commonality of traditional styles of dating and prefer it to lead to courtship, followed by cohabitating and/or matrimony. I don’t knock that mindset. It’s a mainstay, it’s familiar, it’s accepted as “normal.” I marvel at it actually. I listen to friends with an unbiased ear when they speak of their relationships, the high points and pitfalls of various sitcom worthy scenarios, and offer (if requested) my “outside looking in” viewpoint advice. In most situations, my unique perspective and creative, colorful suggestions have been well received. I cherish that! I love being the person to confide in. The go-to for good, sound relationship and intimacy advice. In my years of touring internationally, I gave several workshops and seminars on subjects such as these, so it comes easily to me. Soooo….be on the lookout for a new series in BlaqueOut Magazine from me called, “LOVE LANGUAGE” or “THE LOVE DOCTOR” (I haven’t settled on a name yet, let me know which one you like better!) in the coming months, where you, our beloved readers, send in questions you’d like advice on. Nothing life or death please, I’m not a real doctor and will only offer responses that are light, heartfelt, and hopefully relatable to others who might be going through something similar. So if you have something you’d like to have me speak to, DM me on my socials, just search my gorgeous picture and my name Immani Love. I’ll select a few new questions to answer every month. Until next month, Loves!


Heartbreaking news compelled me to sit a few days to look into the case of the 25 year old nurse, Carlos Collins, who was executed by his ex boyfriend, Marcus Johnson, in Jackson, Mississippi, in early April. Reports state Collins, a young, up and coming registered nurse in the Jackson, Mississippi area, had a restraining order in place after he called it quits with the former police officer, in late 2023. With his life planned out to continue his career in the healthcare field, Carlos Collins was described as a light to anyone who knew him. The situation took a turn for the worse when Collins was found unresponsive in his apartment on April 9th with multiple gunshot wounds and multiple blows from a blunt object. Later within the investigation, video footage of the estranged ex boyfriend is discovered on the property lurking moments before the incident. After Collins’ body was found, the immediate search and BOLO went out for Marcus Johnson as the primary suspect. The search began in Vicksburg, MS, however, Johnson was found 25 miles outside of Monroe, Louisiana on the 10th of April after a police chase. The family of Carlos Collins stated that he had filed multiple orders of protection against Johnson for stalking and harassment on numerous occasions leading up to that fatal day. Family and friends feel like the local police failed to protect Collins considering Johnson had a history of inappropriate conduct on his record, which was also a reason his employment on the police force was less than a year. In my strong opinion, the discussion of domestic violence is skimmed over in debates and discussions within our LGBTQIA communities. Considering many of the resources in the LGBTQIA community are targeted at the laws that continue to plague our livelihood, especially our Trans community; bringing more awareness to the unhealthy relationships within our community is just as important. This story affected me in more ways than one. I’ve seen the outcome of domestic violence on many levels. Some got out and I. unfortunately. know a few who rest in peace because they did not. I have been an advocate against domestic violence for over 20 years. In my opinion, physical and mental abuse goes so under the radar within our community but it makes me wonder if it is because of how praised toxic relationships have become socially. Social media and news outlets desensitize the disturbing nature by turning it into a good laugh using skits and what is deemed reality television. Why is this type of behavior being justified and even being glorified? With the increasing marketing of “toxic love” or “what will they do for love”, what are we setting the next generation up for? Carlos Collins’ story highlights the dangers of continuing to ignore this. I would like to personally send my deepest condolences to Collins’ family and friends for his senseless murder.

FallenCrown LADE BREEZ



Every time I close my eyes I dream of you Some dreams I can't even remember but I remember your face I remember the love you show me and when I wake my heart racing thinking of you As my brain is in idle why is it you that it dreams of You that it urges for Your name that it screams out Idk but every time anything good happens your smile appears And in the darkness of those horrible dreams I have you appearing holding my hand wiping my tears It wouldn't be as crazy if it was one or two dreams But it's every time! Everytime I get sad I think of what you'd say And everytime stress gets me I think of how you'd fuck someone up if you knew Everytime my brain is active or idle it's always thinking of you And to be honest idk what it means or what to do I say thank you time and time again for being here but is that enough I don't think you realize just how tough shit can be But you’re always my saving grace my angel and at times my headache But you’re the only headache I don't mind having. I imagine how easy life would be with you by my side How stress free and glorious I would feel I love you with every inch of me. But one thing we learned is what's meant to be will be And no matter where I am or what I'm doing I know we will be. Maybe not tomorrow and maybe not next month but we will be everything we are destined to be.

Ashanti Taylor-Alexander


Issue: May 2024

Living in the Light “The Divide Within” Writer: Javannah J. Davis

The divide between the Black and Brown Transgender community and the Black heterosexual community is a complex and multifaceted issue rooted in historical, social, and cultural contexts. This rift can often manifest in forms of misunderstanding, discrimination, and exclusion, impacting the solidarity within the broader Black community. Historically, Black communities have navigated the brutal legacies of slavery, segregation, and systemic racism, fostering a strong sense of unity and collective resilience against racial oppression. However, this solidarity often centers on heteronormative values, which can marginalize those who do not conform to these norms, including Transgender individuals. The Black church, a cornerstone of community and moral guidance for many, frequently espouses traditional views on gender and sexuality, which can further alienate Transgender members. Culturally, the notions of masculinity and femininity within Black communities can also exacerbate this divide. For many Black Transgender individuals, the rejection or questioning of their gender identity is not merely a personal struggle but a public battle against cultural stereotypes that praise certain expressions of gender while denigrating others. This often leads to heightened vulnerability, where Black Transgender people face not only racism but transphobia, sometimes even from within their own racial community.

Socially, there are disparities in how Black and Brown Transgender individuals are supported within the community. Issues such as healthcare, employment, and safety are pressing, yet they often lack the communal advocacy seen with other civil rights issues. The statistics are telling: Black Transgender individuals are disproportionately affected by violence and discrimination, yet their struggles are less prominently featured in the broader Black civil rights agendas. Despite these challenges, there are growing efforts to bridge these divides. Organizations and activists within the Black community are increasingly advocating for a more inclusive understanding of what it means to be Black and embracing the diversity of identities within the community. Educational initiatives are crucial in this regard, aiming to dismantle prejudices and promote a holistic understanding of gender and sexuality as part of the Black experience. Dialogue and visibility are also key. By sharing stories and elevating the voices of Black and Brown Transgender individuals in media, literature, and public discourse, there is an opportunity to foster empathy and understanding across these divides. Events like Black Trans Pride have emerged as vital platforms for celebration and solidarity, highlighting the intersections of race and gender identity, and challenging both external and internal prejudices. The path towards unity within the Black community, inclusive of all genders and sexualities, involves confronting these internal conflicts and advocating for a community that values all its members equally. By addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by Black and Brown Transgender individuals, and by working towards inclusivity and understanding, the community can hope to overcome these divides and strengthen its collective power against all forms of oppression.

Writer: Javannah J. Davis Javannah Jasmeen Jjasmeend20

REVOLUTIONARIES Kenny Ethan Jones is a prominent British activist, model, and public speaker, best known for his advocacy within the Transgender community. Born in London, Kenny made history as the first Transgender man to front a period campaign, which was for the brand Pink Parcel’s “I’m On” campaign in 2018. This groundbreaking role not only marked a significant moment in advertising but also sparked broader conversations about inclusivity and representation in media. Jones’s advocacy is deeply rooted in his personal experiences as a Transgender person. He has openly discussed the challenges he faced during his transition, especially regarding mental health, social acceptance, and medical processes. His candidness has helped raise awareness about the unique issues faced by Transgender individuals, particularly Trans men, and has provided a platform for discussing broader topics such as menstruation, body positivity, and gender identity in public forums. Beyond his work in campaigns, Kenny Ethan Jones has been involved in various initiatives aimed at increasing visibility and support for Transgender people. He has worked with numerous organizations, delivered talks at schools and universities, and participated in panel discussions at conferences globally. His efforts extend into social media, where he uses his platform to educate, engage, and advocate for Transgender rights and health. Kenny’s impact transcends the Transgender community, touching on issues of intersectionality within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. He addresses the compounded challenges faced by people who navigate multiple marginalized identities, advocating for a more inclusive society that recognizes and respects the diversity of all individuals. As a public figure, Kenny Ethan Jones continues to inspire and influence not only those within the LGBTQ+ community but also wider audiences, promoting a message of acceptance, understanding, and change. His ongoing work and dedication play a crucial role in the fight for equality and the advancement of Transgender rights globally.

For more information on Kenny click the picture above.







When I say the YA books have been bangers this year, I mean it!!! Where Sleeping Girls Lie by Faridah ÀbíkéÍyímídé is a YA thriller that kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat the whole time. You can't help but fall in love with the main character, Sade, and her friends were both complicated and intriguing. Sade’s friendship with Basil AKA Baz was funny and refreshing to watch develop as it moves from unique individuals to bonded kindness. Then, there is Sade’s awkward flirtation with Persephone. Each relationship demonstrates the ability for individuals to find their way to their own circle. The book sets the groundwork at the beginning which may take a little time to move into the action, but I promise once the lift off happens you won’t regret sticking with it. There are a few questions or two that kind of go unanswered, so it feels like they were points that were forgotten, but there is the overall strength of the story to keep you engaged. Àbíké-Íyímídé deals with some pretty heavy topics like date rape, sexual assault, suicidal ideation/suicide, grief, death, underage drinking and drug use. With such major topics, the author does an awesome job of world building and puts you on a path of events that before you know it you’re totally engrossed in what’s happening. You begin to feel like you’re a student at Alfred Nobel Academy trying to find your tribe. I found myself wanting to take Sade’s sadness away or counsel Baz to help them find their way through all of the heavy issues they’re facing. This book was definitely a reminder that community and friends are important and that grief, revenge and regret are heavy crosses to bear. Life may try to rob you of your peace and happiness if you allow it. The constant disregard for those in the story who need someone to hear them and speak for them was insane but honestly true to life. I also was wrong about ten or twelve times trying to figure what the heck was going on at this school!!! This also touched on classism and the belittling of women. Seeing it is like a draw to action. Àbíké-Íyímídé addresses it all in a thoughtful and exciting manner. I enjoyed this read and look forward to reading Ace Of Spades which was the author’s debut YA thriller. Hopefully, this read will spark some discussions about some of the above mentioned topics. Fiction reflects life.

book therapy

W I T H W I N S T O N & T H E B O O K B A N G E R Z B O O K C L U B



Imara Jones is an influential activist and journalist who has made significant strides in advocating for Transgender rights and social justice. With a background that combines policy, economics, and communications, Jones brings a multidimensional perspective to her work, which is primarily focused on the intersections of race, gender, and economics. Jones is the founder of TransLash Media, a non-profit organization that tells the stories of Trans people to shift the cultural understanding of what it means to be Transgender. The organization seeks to foster empathy and engagement through its multimedia content, which includes documentaries, podcasts, and live events. One of their key projects, the TransLash Podcast, features personal stories from the transgender community and has been a crucial platform for promoting trans visibility and understanding. Blaqueout Columnist and Founder of WAVE Women Inc., Javannah J. Davis had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Jones in an in depth interview. Click on the link below to see this awesome interview.






Embracing Parenthood: Navigating the Journey to Parenthood as Queer Black Individuals

Andrea Vaughn (she/her/hers) As the landscape of family building continues to evolve, Queer Black individuals are increasingly reclaiming their narratives and pathways to parenthood. However, the journey to parenthood for Queer Black folks often involves navigating unique social, cultural, and systemic challenges. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the essential considerations and resources for Queer Black individuals who are considering starting a family. As a birth worker, I am honored to share insights and support for your journey toward parenthood.

Understanding Your Options

Before embarking on the journey to parenthood, it's crucial to understand the various options available. For Queer individuals, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), adoption, coparenting arrangements, and fostering are all potential pathways to parenthood. Each option has its considerations, including financial implications, legal complexities, and emotional preparedness. We must seek resources and support networks that center and affirm our identities and experiences.

is paramount for Queer Black individuals throughout their reproductive journey. When selecting healthcare providers, prioritize those knowledgeable about LGBTQ+ health issues and demonstrate a commitment to intersectional care. Advocating for yourself and your chosen family structure may require assertiveness and resilience, but remember that you deserve compassionate and respectful treatment at every stage.

Navigating Healthcare

As you navigate the complexities of the journey to parenthood, consider enlisting the support of a fertility doula and a birth doula, also known as a full-spectrum doula. These trained professionals provide invaluable support, guidance, and advocacy throughout your reproductive journey.

Accessing affirming and culturally competent healthcare

The Role of Doulas: Supporting Your Journey

Fertility Doula A fertility doula specializes in providing emotional, educational, and practical support to individuals and couples navigating fertility challenges. Whether you're exploring assisted reproductive technologies, considering alternative family-building options, or grappling with the emotional toll of infertility, a fertility doula can offer personalized guidance and

Benefits of Doula Support Enlisting the support of a fertility doula and a birth doula can offer a myriad of benefits as you navigate the journey to parenthood: 1. Emotional Support: Doulas provide compassionate and nonjudgmental support, helping you navigate the emotional complexities of the reproductive journey. 2. Informed Decision-Making: Doulas offer evidencebased information and resources, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your values and preferences. resources. As a Queer Black fertility doula, I am committed to providing inclusive and affirming support that honors your unique identities and experiences.

Birth Doula (Full Spectrum Doula) A birth doula, often called a full spectrum doula, provides comprehensive support to individuals and families throughout the childbirth experience, regardless of the outcome. Whether you're planning a hospital birth, home birth, or adoption process, a birth doula offers emotional support, advocacy, and practical assistance every step of the way. From prenatal education and birth planning to postpartum support and lactation counseling, a birth doula serves as a trusted ally and resource for those of us embarking on the journey to parenthood.

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3. Advocacy: Doulas advocate for your rights and preferences within healthcare settings, ensuring your voice is heard and respected throughout the reproductive process. 4. Cultural Competence: BIPOC doulas (especially Queer or Queer affirming) bring a deep understanding of the intersectional experiences and needs of Queer Black individuals, providing culturally competent care that honors your identities and experiences. 5. Continuity of Care: Doulas offer continuous support throughout your reproductive journey, from preconception to postpartum, fostering a sense of continuity and trust.

As you embark on the journey to parenthood, remember that you deserve comprehensive support, affirmation, and advocacy. Consider enlisting the support of a fertility doula and a birth doula to accompany you on this transformative journey. Together, we can navigate the complexities of family building with resilience, dignity, and joy, creating a future where ALL have the opportunity to build families rooted in love, inclusivity, and justice.

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enjoy the fruits of your labor but be wise in your spending and saving now and it will set you up for financial freedom later. I wish someone would have been there to tell me that when I was your age. Always work harder than everyone else, as a Black woman people will not readily acknowledge your worth or contribution to this world. You pay them no mind, just wake up and be the best you and know that you are the greatest gift to this world. Those who don't acknowledge that do that out of fear of your light not because they don't see or believe it to be so. You decide how others will treat you, never waste your time on a person that does not show that they see value in what you offer or concern for what I thought I would take a moment and tell you how proud I am of you and all your accomplishments. Ten years ago, when your mother and I got together you were a pre teen with this awkwardness that was evident you were so unsure of yourself and the world, scared to be seen, wanting to be heard but not really knowing how to express yourself. It has been my honor to watch you grow and evolve over these past ten years. I know that it has not always been the easiest of times. Growth rarely is. But you have blossomed in such a way that is amazing to watch. Everyday you become more confident and comfortable in your own skin, more relaxed in walking in your womanhood. I want to say, as your father, that I will always be here to cheer for you and give you my opinion when you ask for it. I want you to blaze your own path. Remember in your journey to be kind to others and lend a hand where you can because everyone needs that from time to time. It will cost you nothing but I promise you will gain so much by doing that simple thing. Don’t squander your money on foolish things. Not to say that you should not

you feel and think. A person who doesn't introduce you to other important people in their life will not be the person for you. Stand firm in your commitments, all we really have in this world is our word. Stand tall in your beliefs but don’t force them on others. Your opinions are your own not everyone else's. Remember that I'm always a phone call away and even though you don’t have my DNA, you're the best part of me hands down! These words are for my daughter, but do an old man a favor and take heed to these words in your own life. Realize that your family may not have given you words to live by but it doesn’t mean you have to live reckless and abandoned. Just like for my own daughter, I hope the very best for all you do and all you imagine.



Adeline Palmerston

I am freedom personified. I am the breeze that flows through the earth. I cannot be captured, but I am so often chased. I am expression. The beauty of self, fearless and confident. This body of mine is mine alone. I feel and embrace the dignity of nonbinary.

I am as transformative as the Moon. Through the phases of change, I have changed in my phases. The Moon identifies with me in pride. We come into this world as we are, a natural part of nature. We dance in this cycle, fluid in appearance. My gender is my expression, but my expression is not my gender. The Moon is the Moon as I am I regardless of societal expectations. I am beauty in the nonbinary.


I am devotion. A commitment to genderbreaking. Social expectations are weak from my nonconformity. I am powerful, an existence against a tide of hate and prejudice. This love I am, carries me. This love embodies me and cares for me. I deflect the hate I am given with the love I give.


The unordinary embraces me as ordinary. My being is strange as rain in ROMANCE sunlight or clouds of rainbow in a lavender sky. Love of mine is infinite and daring. It is kind and unconditional. My love for self is all of the above and more. I am extraordinarily made of love.


LGBTQIA+ I am a citizen of the United States of America. Some days that feels good to say and some days that feels not so good to say. In reality though, I have to be thankful because there are very few places in the world where I can even have a modicum of safety. As a queer woman married to a Transman, where are we going? According to Our World in Data, as of 2019, there were only 122 countries where same sex sexual acts are legal, 24 with same sex marriage being legal, and 13 where change of gender marker is legal. When we look around, the world seems so vast, but the world for the LGBTQIA community is very limited. Russia is in the news daily about the war on Ukraine, but what no one is taking notice of is the shifting atmosphere in Russia for LGBTQIA people. Russia’s history as part of the USSR has presented policies throughout recent history that have at times loosened and other times tightened legislation pertaining to the LGBTQIA community. The most current assault has Putin signing into law a ban on gender-affirming surgery and the Russian court designating the LGBTQIA as an extremist movement. For those of us of a certain age, when we hear Iraq mentioned in the news, we think back to the war with so many of our soldiers who returned bringing PTSD to the forefront. While Iraq has recently been touted for increased women’s rights in comparison to most Middle Eastern nations, in direct contrast, the LGBTQIA community continually faces stringent discrimination. Iraq’s Parliament recently passed a law to criminalize same-sex relationships. Previous guidelines had been acted on based on moral clauses.

have enacted laws in varying degrees. Ghana is set to sign into law a criminalization of all sexual acts in the LGBTQIA community as well as any promotion of the community. This would be one of the harshest anti-LGBTQIA laws in Africa. When same-sex marriage became legal in 2015 in the United States, I thought so many things: 1) I thought we had climbed the height of a mountain I thought I would never see in my lifetime. 2) The world was beginning to crack open with endless possibilities for my community. 3) As we saw more freedoms at home, hopefully, we could provide greater safety for others escaping abuses in their own countries. I suppose in some ways I have always been a person of endless optimism. I am not foolish in processing that we are nowhere near where we want to be here on the home front. We still struggle against discrimination in housing, healthcare, and the like, but we must take some time to be grateful for what we do have. Be mindful that our brothers and sisters all over the world are not even at the tip of the freedoms we do get to enjoy. There are so many fronts to stand on that sometimes we may feel overwhelmed, so a ray of sunshine can keep us from going under. Take a moment to bask in it and then be strengthened for action. Take the time to be informed and find ways to be engaged. Amnesty International is an organization looking to speak for the human rights of all. Additionally, the Human Rights Campaign has an international stage. Real activism is not selfish (not just about me), but it seeks change for all. Level up your PRIDE to be a voice in the world!

While many in the States seem to be unable to distinguish the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country, it seems difficult for many to understand that the various African nations







Love lives in us…the Winstons and we want to share a little bit of it with you. It is PRIDE season! We have PRIDE to help us remember that we do not have to be invisible. Simon Cowell once said that the best way to kill someone is from the inside, by crushing their hopes and dreams. Now, we want to have pride in our community and remind the world that we should be seen and heard, but do we give that same space to our partners? Do we see and hear them in their hopes and dreams or are we killing who they truly are by crushing them?

The Mrs. Winston and I started our relationship by communicating everything to include our hopes and dreams. Back then, they were simple things. It was all about hoping to build a place of peace and dreaming of being financially balanced. We brought those things to life. Kudos to us for finding ways to communicate effectively and being two people who worked everyday so that money was not a point of contention! Here we are 10 years in, we have far surpassed those previous hopes and dreams and created new ones. We have since seen one child go off into a distant abyss, one get married twice and have 3 children, another work their way through hardships, and another transform into young womanhood. We live comfortably, but we are still full of hopes and dreams. I have hopes of having a multi-home family parcel of land and I dream of furthering my education in a way that allows my career to grow in ways I never even considered before. These are not small things and these things have changed, grown, and reshaped over the years. Thankfully, I have a spouse who supports me in it all. He feeds my hopes and dreams. He reminds me that he believes in me. He makes space for me to bring these new hopes and dreams to life. He creates a soft landing for me if I stumble along my way to my hopes and dreams. Our love relationship keeps us doing the everyday stuff: taking care of our family, working on our careers, representing our faith, paying bills, and the like. It is our love relationship that also carves out space and time to feed our hopes and dreams. We hear and see each other; we have pride in who we are and who we’re trying to become.

Winston When the Mrs. and I got together and started discussing our hopes and dreams, I knew one thing for certain: whatever this woman wanted to achieve for herself with and without me I was going to be a willing and active participant in whatever it was and that she would do the same. Every time someone says Mrs. Winston, my whole chest sticks out with pride that this beautiful, intelligent woman chose to wear my last name. She not only saw love and safety with me but she also saw my hopes and dreams and decided to take a chance on riding this ride with me. When you are seen and heard life hits differently, it's the assurance that you matter, your thoughts and ideas matter. It makes space to dream big dreams. I always try to make space for the Mrs. to explore all her crazy ideas because that is a part of her creativity and I never want to stifle the light she has. Of course, I voice my issues if I have any in a loving and understanding way so that she doesn't feel like I'm not invested in what she’s trying to accomplish and that I believe she can achieve it. I'm here to support her in any way to make it happen and just in case she’s missing the mark she knows I'm here to catch her and assist with reevaluating the way to achieve the goal the next time. I’m proud of the things we’ve done, the goals we’ve accomplished, the love we’ve shared and I look forward to being her biggest cheerleader with us reaching goals and dreams so big that we couldn’t reach them without God!

Thoughts to Leave You The analogy of the table and who’s bringing what is really popular now, but it actually is limiting. When we show up at a table, we are seated and still, what’s been prepared is already there. Why don’t we start to think about love being more flexible? Maybe something more along the lines of a loving relationship being like a fireplace. You should want each person to show up with logs to feed the fire within one another. Fire is life. Fire is warmth. Someone has to keep watch over it to keep it going. This analogy allows us to keep in mind that we have to be vigilant. Love lives in us when we are mindful of the hopes and dreams within one another. Continue to feed the fire in each other so that you can have PRIDE in one another.




he state of Florida has been consistently in the news for the Anti-LGBTQIA+, but specifically Anti-Trans, legislation presented in the last several years. Due to mobilization by both

large orgs and grassroots activists, the tide appears to

be slowing down, if not changing. When there is a combination of the two, big things can happen. One such merger of efforts took place in Clearwater, Florida, at the end of April. Equality Florida’s newly appointed Director of Transgender Equality, Angelique Godwin, called Trans leadership and allies from across the state together for both virtual and in-person, TransAction FL Voices for Change conversations and convenings to establish priorities, connect people and bring often less-heard voices to the same table. “I created TransAction Florida Voices for Change because I sensed a desperate need for community. The Trans community is truly under served and under appreciated by its LGB counterparts,” Godwin says. “I wanted to bring back the unity. Yet, I knew it had to start from within. There are so many Trans leaders across the state, I figured if I could bring them together and show them how much they had in common, great things would happen.”

Among those great things were discussions of successes which included the defeat of some very substantial and harmful legislation, community awareness education efforts and the connecting of stakeholders.




previously identified focus areas of Community Education, LGBTQ Collaboration and Resource Sharing, Access to Healthcare and Funding were held in small groups to provide further direction to the prioritization of initiatives and allow participants an opportunity to share thoughts and create goals. Over 50 participants and 20 organizations were represented in the room. There were moments that centered the difficult but necessary conversations around race and a call for equity, funding and representation that always seems to be missing, even within marginalized communities. Grievances were aired between past community hurts on a oneon-one basis, another necessary step before building new bridges. However, the overarching spirit in the room was one of community and the understanding that no one can do this alone. As the work pushes forward, hopefully they won’t have to. Godwin






conversation that allowed for growth and education was a highlight of the outcome. We were able to begin to plan for a future in which we can work together to achieve actionable goals. Goals that will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for all Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex Communities.”



EXPRESS YOURSELF, DON’T REPRESS YOURSELF! Hello there, my little hush puppies! Allow me to introduce myself, Victoria von Blaque, a seductive, alluring, 41-year-old Black non-binary Trans femme. Welcome to “Titty Confessions”, a sensual sanctuary where individuals can freely express themselves, indulge in laughter, shed tears of pleasure, and together build more inclusive and passionate communities. For those who may be unfamiliar with my captivating persona, I proudly hold the title of the internet's first BBW Trans porn star. With over 20+ years of experience in this tantalizing industry, I have witnessed and savored a myriad of enticing encounters. Beyond igniting desires and stirring passions with my provocative tastes, I actively support the community in various ways. Recently, I collaborated with Callen-Lorde to host a scintillating sex worker barbecue called Flames and Seduction on the exhilarating Sex Worker Pride Day, September 14. During this electrifying event, I had the pleasure of engaging in an interview with the alluring Armana Khan, an encounter that unexpectedly sent waves of desire throughout the internet. In that captivating conversation, I expressed my preference for individuals who embrace their natural essence, uncut and uninhibited, when engaging in passionate encounters.

Regrettably, the internet misconstrued my words, bestowing upon me the title of "Smegma Queen." As you can witness from the captivating photo attached, even dating apps now make reference to that bewitching interview. Allow me to clarify. I have no intention of ...cont’

TiTTY Victoria Von Blaque CONFESSIONS

TiTTY Victoria Von Blaque CONFESSIONS

cont.... shaming anyone's desires or preferences, for I, too, delight in many taboo indulgences. I firmly believe that what transpires between consenting adults is their private affair. However, personally, I do not find pleasure in smegma. When I speak of embracing someone's natural allure, I simply refer to their clean, untainted aroma, like the sensual scent one possesses fresh out of the shower, before applying deodorant or fragrances. Do not misunderstand me, there is an alluring and primal magnetism to engaging with someone after they have exerted themselves at the gym or on the sports field, but that is not my everyday preference. Each person possesses a unique "flavor" influenced by their diet and hygiene practices.

If you're craving an exhilarating journey into the depths of fetishes and their profound influence on our daily existence, I invite you to join me May 14th at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (see the flyer). Together, we will delve into the tantalizing world of trauma and taboos, exploring how sex workers serve as essential healers, guiding us towards liberation from our past wounds. Get ready for an electrifying exploration that will leave you breathless and craving for more.

Victoria Von Blaque


Adult Fiction by:

Southern Fried Mel Is she really trying to play me like dat? I can’t get her to go to the club with me, can’t get her to take a ride with me, can’t get her to even sit down and play a game of Scrabble with me, but suddenly she wants to go hang out with FRIIIIIENDS. Yeah, right! “Steph, who is this friend and where did you meet her?” “Mel, I already told you I met her at work and she’s just a friend.” I bite my tongue hard so I don’t say what I’m thinking. Bitch, you don’t have no friends! Here I am though watching her get ready to go hang out with Aaaaangel. Now, I ain’t never met no Angel. Ain’t never heard of no Angel, but here is Stephanie, my girlfriend of 3 years putting on her favorite pink polo, her good khaki shorts, and her new loafers (that I bought) to go meet with some damn Angel. Now what the hell am I supposed to think? She ain’t touched me in two months and this is the first day off she’s had in three months! Instead of taking me out though, she randomly pops up with some friend. Stephanie I know Mel is pissed, but she’s just going to have to be. I’m going out. I don’t care what the hell she’s thinking or feeling because I have got to get out of this house. Damn, Mel is sexy as hell though with her angry face on, but I will NEVER touch that ass again! Mel wants to be pissed about Angel, but she don’t want to talk about Denise! I saw those text messages. I saw the pictures. I saw the shots of my girl with some bitch I don’t know. I know what Mel’s face looks like after she’s cum all over somebody’s face. I know what her face looks like just before she’s about to go to sleep when the fucking was good and the pussy was tasty. But more importantly I know what the hell it looks like when Mel goes out and our bookbag is missing from the fucking closet! There I was last month feeling like I needed to make it up to Mel for working so much lately. So I start prepping for a night of good food, good wine, and good orgasms. I put on my favorite crotchless, red teddy with the open nipple area. I opened a chilled bottle of White Zin and when I go over to the closet to get our bookbag…the shit ain’t there. What the hell? Mel Oh, this motherfucker thinks she’s funny! Did she just spray on her Hero cologne? I paid over $100 for that shit! She better hope Miss Angel is gonna be her Hero because I know she doesn’t think she’s leaving here with that shit on and smelling like that. Where the hell are her sweatpants and t-shirt? You know that raggedy ass shit she likes to wear with me.

She better hope Miss Angel is gonna be her Hero because I know she doesn’t think she’s leaving here with that shit on and smelling like that. Where the hell are her sweatpants and tshirt? You know that raggedy ass shit she likes to wear with me. Ok, ok, I got something for that ass! I’m bout to go get my Rose. Shit, I smell good too and I know this wet pussy drives her crazy. I love watching Stephanie get dressed. It always makes me wet. I know she’s peeking me grabbing my Rose from the bookbag. BUT I bet she ain’t expecting me to get my ball gag too though. Here’s the hit… “Steph, will you tighten my gag?” “Mel, what are you doing?” “I’m bout to please myself since you seem uninterested.” I would thank her for my gag, but I seem to be a bit silenced for a moment. I already feel the vibration of my Rose throbbing against my clit. It’s swelling and throbbing, needing a release. As I continue to watch her, I see her watching me. She knows the feel of my gag and the pace of my Rose will take me through all of the waves of a shuddering orgasm. I know she loves to hear my muffled moans as I lay here, legs spread and hips squirming. Oh, shit, I feel the tide rising. Stephanie Now, she knows I love to see that ball gag in her mouth. That shit turns me on! Hell, I can feel my mouth watering. I want to devour that pussy, but I can’t. I see her watching me behind those half lids as I walk over to the closet. She thinks I’m about to get out the riding crop because that’s how we usually make up...a few welts to that ass. Oh, but tonight I got a surprise for her ass. I can still hear her frustrated screams as I zip up the bookbag, throw it over my shoulder, and walk out the door with it. I chuckle to myself, Keep the ball gag, bitch. Here I come, Angel. I’m bringing some goodies for dat ass!

Cover Artist


Pronounced “Venu”

Your medium? My favorite medium is black & white ink also watercolor.


Where are you from? Originally I was born in The Caribbean, Puerto Rico, was was raised stateside mostly in Camden NJ. Currently I'm in Philadelphia. What do you hope people take from your work? To feel seen & inspired to be different. What is the “story” behind your art? Reflective of Queerness in Black & Brown community & to be seen in different styles that embody fantasy & abstract. Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created? My favorite piece was done for October Gallery. It was a painting of a of a black woman in mud cloth still on the ocean but that was back in the day. The song that could be the soundtrack of your life? It used to be the soundtrack to the movie Fame but now it's the ending credits from the film Blade Runner & currently Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson.

Cover Artist


Pronounced “Venu”

Waya Hooker

City : Fort Worth, TX Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them l , actor and Im a 34 year old Tran Male mode ting I call “ A Creative. The art work I’m submit these self light in the Darkness .” With it feels to be portraits I wanted to show how t chooses to a beaming light in a world tha acknowledge remain in the dark. Refuses to s to society. our existence and contribution I Exist, I am With these pieces I’m here to say truth! in fact a TransMan and that is my

Zayreon Paster

City : Jacksonville, FL Pronouns: He/Him Insight Into My Art:

the woman on the outside with I call this piece “Broken”. You see e she is so stressed. Her hair is her eyes closed meditating becaus her eyes and breath. But if you a mess and all she can do is close son screaming out, but no one look closely, you see her inner per am is so bad that the mirror hears his cry for help. The scre one knows what’s happening to breaks in the real world and no end of the tunnel? Is there a her. Is there a light on the other Will anyone ever hear him cry out way out of this madness he is in? this is all the things that were for help? As a transgender male because I was miserable in the going through my head as a woman have found my way out of the body I was in. And now that I as who I was truly meant to be darkness, I can finally live my life that I always longed to be. and life is so much better as the man

Congratulations 20





Whosoever Tastes... t e had weight loss surgery in the las hav o wh rch chu m fro nds frie l era I have sev often and their perseverance, but I have few years. I admire their strength d! go through it. I love the taste of foo to r we lpo wil the e hav uld wo I if wondered they small portions even if it’s something After the surgery, they can only eat and on ully, God offers us seconds, thirds, nkf Tha s. ond sec no are re The . really like t trusteth Lord is good: blessed is the man tha and on. “O taste and see that the ty to of God’s goodness gets the opportuni tes tas r eve oso Wh . :8) 34 alm (Ps in him” . find a place of peace and fulfillment


- Pastor Roni


of God shall be blessed. Whosoever tastes of the goodness Take your blessings!


’s love malnourished for far too long. God You have been undernourished and w the emptiness to steal your allo not Do . you ill fulf and you fill seeks to e you. In your quiet places, when access to all that God desires to giv ause it has been starving, take the you hear your very soul rumbling bec presence is tangible. It’s your time ’s God t tha ow Kn a) re: iptu scr time to follow the God has for you. Do not let the to taste the good life. b) See what g. God is ve you empty. c) Heed your blessin negativity and cruelty of others lea calling you to the table.


hug. The that kind of meal that feels like a God is offering you comfort food. It’s feeling for you to be able to face the world nt me rish nou es vid pro t tha al me kind of you have ever experienced what of ny ma how w kno ’t don I d. age strong and encour acts your it can put you in a tailspin. It imp but al, me d goo a t hou wit go to it’s like ctions. They actually say that if era int r you and ns, otio em r you od, thinking, your mo sibly significant other that you should pos r you like e eon som h wit g uin arg you are ar makes us respond poorly. The sug od blo low e aus bec gry hun ’re check to see if you her us and since He loves us like a fat for le tab a s set God t tha us s Bible tell le would not be empty. should, we must know that this tab






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