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Bishop amat memorial high school INFORMATION BROCHURE

MISSION STATEMENT Bishop Amat Memorial High School is a four-year co-educational Archdiocesan Catholic high school.The mission of the school is to form a faith-filled community and to provide a quality education that addresses the needs of a culturally and academically diverse student body. The comprehensive instructional program flows from a college preparatory curriculum that empowers students to recognize their potential and to meet educational and life challenges in the future. The school, working in partnership with parents and the community, promotes education in Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge by preparing students to embrace Gospel values, to respect themselves and others, to become life-long learners, and to contribute positively to the community.

Message from the President Dear Parents: During the next several months you will be engaged in a decision making process of the utmost importance. Your child has reached high school age and you must choose an institution that will effectively meet his or her educational needs for the next four years. We are honored that you are including Bishop Amat among those that could fulfill that goal. We have a proud and distinguished educational tradition at our high school. Inspired by the religious values of the Catholic Church our program is designed to help young people grow in self respect, self discipline and personal responsibility so that they may become all that God has created them to be. The Bishop Amat curriculum is academically and intellectually challenging in scope and content. Our administrators and teachers are highly qualified professionals who love the work they do and are dedicated to the educational growth of our students. We provide an outstanding extracurricular program that highlights individual talents, fosters team spirit and complements the demanding academic program.

Monsignor Aidan M. Carroll

All of this is offered in an environment that is attractive, safe, disciplined, nurturing and joyful. It would please us very much to welcome your son or daughter to our campus in August 2020 as a member of our freshman class.

Message from the Principal Dear Prospective Parents and Students: Thank you for your interest in providing your son or daughter with a Bishop Amat High School education. For over sixty years, we at Bishop Amat have been blessed in our mission of integrating Catholic values into the academic, spiritual, and social development of the young men and women we have been entrusted to educate. We are honored by your consideration to become part of the Bishop Amat family. Academically, our students experience tremendous success as demonstrated by the 98% of our most recent graduating class currently in attendance at institutions of higher learning. Our curriculum challenges students to realize their academic potential by offering a varied program of study including a wide spectrum of core, accelerated, honors-level, and Advanced Placement courses across all academic disciplines. Moreover, Bishop Amat High School is one of the select Catholic Schools authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma affording your student the opportunity to participate in this prestigious academic program. Beyond the classroom, extracurricular opportunities abound for Bishop Amat students to Mr. Richard Beck become involved in clubs, performance groups, and scholastic organizations that are as varied as the interests and talents demonstrated by our diverse student body. Whether your son or daughter is passionate about choral or band performance, dance or theater production, robotics, speech and debate, student government, or participation in one of our twenty-one athletic teams, we encourage him/her to become involved on our campus as an integral part of the Bishop Amat High School experience. Most significant to our educational mission, Bishop Amat students are called upon to mature in their faith through both prayer and service. Our theology curriculum, school Masses and liturgies, class retreats, Christian service program and daily prayer are collective examples of the Catholic heritage and identity so vital to our existence. It is our privilege to provide you with an overview of our programs as described in this Information Brochure. We are confident that upon visiting our safe and inviting campus, you will be thoroughly impressed by the academic, spiritual, and social benefits of the Bishop Amat experience. We look forward to having your son or daughter join us in August 2020.

Bishop Amat High School Mission and Purpose Bishop Amat Memorial High School is a co-educational Catholic high school serving 1156 students residing primarily in the San Gabriel Valley. The mission of the school is to form a faith-filled community while addressing the needs of a culturally and academically diverse student body. To that end and in accordance with the school’s mission, the values of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge are central to the educational efforts of the Bishop Amat community. The call to Goodness involves all aspects of one’s lifestyle. It involves being empowered to join with others in forming a community in service to others with concern for the physical, social and spiritual environment in which one lives. The importance of Discipline follows from the call to Goodness. The purpose of the disciplinary program at Bishop Amat High School is to teach students the importance of a lifestyle of self-respect, self-discipline and personal responsibility.

“At first, I did not want to attend Bishop Amat because I wouldn’t know anyone and I was

The Knowledge taught at Bishop Amat High School reflects the varied academic abilities of its students, and creates an atmosphere of learning that enables them to affirm their own cultural traditions and to be enriched by the cultures of others present on campus. Bishop Amat High School offers a college prep curriculum in which students are prepared for continued instruction in institutions of higher learning. The instructional program is based on a solid foundation in the scholarly disciplines and together with the co-curricular and counseling programs, emphasizes the spiritual, personal, social, and physical development of the students.

nervous about making new friends but I found that Amat is filled with welcoming faculty and students and I am proud

2019-2020 School Profile

to be a Lancer.” Chloe Gonzalez St. Gregory the Great

Accreditation Western Catholic Education Association Western Association of Schools & Colleges

CSU Pomona

Community School Population 1156 Students 311 Seniors 288 Juniors 271 Sophomores 286 Freshmen Ethnic Make-up

“Bishop Amat is more than a school, it is a family. It warms my heart calling this school my home. The memories and friendships I have made will forever hold a special place in my heart.” Kenny Collins St. Christopher Davidson College


66% 13% 6% 5% 8% 2%

Hispanic Caucasian Asian Filipino/Pacific Islanders Multi-racial Black

83% 17%

Catholic Non-Catholic

Curriculum/Graduation Requirements 270 credits which include: 4 years of Theology 4 1/2 years of English 3 years of Social Studies 2 years of World Language 3 years of Math 2 years of Science 1 year of Physical Education 1 year of Visual or Performing Arts 1/2 year of Computers Health Requirement Christian Service Requirement (80 hours) School Schedule Bishop Amat students are required to take seven classes each semester in a rotating block schedule in which they take four 80-minute classes per day.

Class of 2019 71% Four Year College 27% Two Year College 2% Vocational School / Military or Work School Administration President - Monsignor Aidan M. Carroll Principal - Mr. Richard Beck Assistant Principal, Academics - Mr. Gabriel Escovar Assistant Principal, Faculty Development - Ms. Dana Vasquez Director of Finance and Development - Ms. Deborah R. Oswald Assistant Principal, Student Services - Mrs. Ivette Salcedo

School Quad

religious education programs Bishop Amat students are required to take theology classes in all four years of their high school careers. These classes are taught and graded in a manner similar to all other academic courses offered in the curriculum. Topics covered include Scripture, Sacraments, Morality, Social Justice, Vocations, Marriage, World Religions, Church and Christian Leadership. Cognizant, however, that true religion is not a thing of the mind only but also of the heart, we draw on the rich resources of our Campus Ministry and Christian Service Programs to foster an active faith life in our students. Every morning before school begins Mass is celebrated in the beautiful campus chapel. Monthly, throughout the year, student body Masses are celebrated in the Carroll Center. The students themselves actively participate in these liturgies as planners, choir members, servers and lectors. Formal retreat experiences are offered at all four grade levels. Freshmen enrich their lives through a day-long retreat held on campus. Sophomores participate in Caritas, an off-campus service-oriented retreat. Juniors are offered the Emmaus retreat which is designed to deepen their relationship with God and one another. The program culminates in the four day overnight retreat for seniors called Kairos which helps them develop a commitment to Christian values that will last throughout their college years and a lifetime beyond. Mindful of what Jesus taught us about the importance of serving the needs of our brothers and sisters, the school provides our students with a wide array of Christian Service opportunities. Students participate in the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program, they tutor disadvantaged youth at the Delhaven Community Center and participate in fall and summer beach clean-ups.

School Mass

They operate Food and Clothing Drives for the poor and support Mission collections through the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Students participate in school-wide projects such as The Winter Project for the Homeless, The Hygiene Kit Drive, Baby Shower Drive and Shoes that Fit Drive. Students are required to complete 20 hours of Christian Service during each of their four years at Bishop Amat. They are expected to participate in three areas of service: faith community, local community, and school community. Students complete this requirement by participating in service activities that take place on campus, opportunities offered through the Bishop Amat Christian Service Program, or through involvement in a multitude of programs provided to them by their local parishes and communities.

“Every student who goes to Bishop Amat will be prepared for the future. The most important part of Amat, however, is the Catholic identity of the school. This allows each student to become closer to God and each other every day.” Julian Mares St. Martha St. John’s University

In summary the Bishop Amat Theology Program is designed to form our students into a Christian community by helping them to learn about Jesus in their formal religious studies and bringing them to love and serve Him through worship, prayer and service to His people. “I chose Bishop Amat because I knew of this school’s reputation. Being a Lancer has taught me the valuable lessons of team work and integrity. Amat has something for everyone – whatever your interests or background, you will be able to find a home here.” Victoria Villegas St. Louise de Marillac

Monsignor Carroll celebrates Mass for the Student Body

Stained glass panel in the School Chapel

UC Riverside


ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Bishop Amat Memorial High School enjoys a rich tradition of providing its students with superior academic preparation for post-secondary success. Students at every grade level are encouraged to take challenging course loads. To that end, more than one third of our students are enrolled in one or more Accelerated, Honors, Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate level courses offered across all academic departments. Furthermore, the number of advanced course offerings is not pre-determined; rather, the number of sections offered is based on student registration for the course. “Bishop Amat has a strong academic program (Honors/AP/IB) that prepares its students for college. Amat has taught me how to care deeply for things I’m passionate about and be the person I want to be through its one-of-a-kind community. #AmatNation.” Isabella Mayorquin Sacred Heart School Seton Hall University

Honors Program Honors level courses are faster paced and more challenging than regular courses. Students also receive an extra grade point on their transcript for each honors level class taken. Honors Algebra I Honors Algebra II/Trig Honors American Literature Honors Anatomy & Physiology Honors Biology

Honors Classes (17) Honors Chemistry Honors British Literature Honors Composition and Literature I Honors Composition and Literature II Honors Physics Honors Economics

Honors Geometry Honors Government Honors Math Analysis Honors Psychology Honors U.S. History Honors World History

Advanced Placement Program Advanced Placement (AP) classes are designed for scholastically motivated students who wish to benefit from the challenge of study at the level of an introductory college course. Each spring, AP students are afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of course material by sitting for Advanced Placement examinations developed by the College Board. Upon successful completion of AP examinations, students may earn university credit, placement, or both depending on the educational institution and the student’s intended course of college study. Qualified students may begin Advanced Placement studies at Bishop Amat as early as the ninth grade year. Advanced Placement Courses (18)

“I chose to come to Bishop Amat because of the Shadow Day I attended. I experienced life at Amat and fell in love with it. The curriculum, sports and extra curricular activities are amazing. And the best thing about Amat is that everybody, even the teachers, care about each other.”

Cameron Kennedy Vineyard Junior High

4CSU Pomona 4

AP Human Geography (Grade 9) AP European History (Grade 10) AP English Language (Grade 11) AP U.S. History (Grade 11) AP Macroeconomics (Grade 12) AP Biology (Grade 11, 12) AP Physics (Grade 11, 12) AP Spanish Language (Grade 11, 12) AP Computer Science Principles (Grade 10, 11, 12)

AP Art History AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Chemistry AP Statistics AP Studio Art AP Psychology AP English Literature AP Government

(Grade 11, 12) (Grade 11, 12) (Grade 11, 12) (Grade 11, 12) (Grade 12) (Grade 12) (Grade 12) (Grade 12) (Grade 12)

International Baccalaureate Programme Since 2005, Bishop Amat High School has been authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme to its students. The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the academic needs of highly motivated Bishop Amat students in grades eleven and twelve. Students who opt to participate in the full program sit for examinations in six specified subject areas. The goals of IB are to ensure intellectual rigor and high academic standards, to teach young people to relate experiences of the classroom to the real world, to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and informed participants in their communities and a global society. Acceptance into the IB Diploma Programme takes place during the second semester of the sophomore year. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the program may earn the prestigious IB Diploma upon graduation as well as possible university credit, placement, or both. International Baccalaureate Courses (10) IB Environmental Systems & Societies IB French IB Spanish IB Economics IB History of the Americas IB Theory of Knowledge IB English IB Latin IB Mathematics IB Visual Arts

College & University Acceptances Members of the Bishop Amat High School Class of 2019 were accepted at the following 4-year Colleges and Universities: Colleges and Universities Outside the State of California Arizona Culinary Institute Portland State University (OR) Pratt Institute (NY) Arizona State University Regis University* (CO) Assumption College* (MA) Rensselaer Poly Institute (NY) Baylor University (TX) Rochester Insitute of Technology (NY) Benedictine College* (KS) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN) Benedictine University Mesa* (AZ) Rutgers University (NJ) Bethel University (MN) Saint John’s University* (MN) Boise State University (ID) Saint John’s University* (NY) Brewton Parker College (GA) Saint Louis University* (MO) Brigham Young University (UT) Saint Mary’s College* (IN) Catholic University of America* (DC) Saint Vincent College* (PA) College of Saint Benedict* (MN) Savannah College of Art & Design (GA) College of Southern Nevada (NV) School of the Art Institute of Chicago (IL) Colorado Mesa University (CO) School of Visual Arts (NY) Colorado State University Pueblo (CO) Seattle Pacific University (WA) Columbia University (NY) Seattle University* (WA) Concordia University Portland (OR) Seton Hall University* (NJ) Culver-Stockton College (MO) Stonehill College* (MA) Davidson College (NC) Temple University (PA) DePaul University* (IL) The King’s College (NY) Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) Theil College (PA) Florida Atlantic University (FL) University of Alabama (AL) Fordham University* (NY) University of Albany (NY) George Fox University (OR) University of Arizona (AZ) George Mason University (VA) University of Chicago (IL) Georgian Court University* (NJ) University of Dallas (TX) Gonzaga University* (WA) University of Denver (CO) Grand Canyon University (AZ) University of Hawaii at Manoa Hamline University (MN) University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX) Hartwick College (NJ) University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA) Hawaii Pacific University (HI) University of Minnesota (MN) Holy Cross College (IN) University of Montevallo (AL) Hofstra University (NY) University of Nevada, Las Vegas Idaho State University (ID) University of New Mexico (NM) Jacksonville University (FL) University of North Dakota (ND) Keiser University (FL) University of Northern Colorado (CO) Knox College (IL) University of Oregon (OR) Lewis & Clark College (OR) University of Pittsburgh (PA) Linfield College (OR) University of Portland* (OR) Long Island University Post (NY) University of Puget Sound (WA) Loyola University Chicago* (IL) University of Utah (UT) Manhattan College (NY) University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI) Marquette University (WI) University of Wycoming (WY) Maryville University (MO) Utah Valley University (UT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Washington State University (WA) McPherson College (KS) Willamette University (OR) Milliken University (IL) William Peace University (NC) Montana State University (MT) Xavier University* (OH) Northeastern University (MA) Northern Arizona University The University of California Northern Montana University (MT) Berkeley Northumbria University (England) Davis Northwestern University (IL) Irvine Northwestern Ohio University (OH) Los Angeles Ohio Northern University (OH) Merced Oklahoma State University (OK) Riverside Pace University (NY) San Diego Pacific University Oregon (OR) Santa Barbara Penn State University (PA) Santa Cruz

Private/Independent Colleges & Universities in the State of California Azusa Pacific University Biola University California Baptist University California College of the Arts California Lutheran University Chapman University Emerson College Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Holy Names University* John Paul the Great University* La Sierra University Life Pacific College Loyola Marymount University* Marymount California University* Menlo College Mount St. Mary’s University* Notre Dame de Namur University* Otis College of Art and Design Pacific Union College Pepperdine University Pitzer College Point Loma Nazarene University Saint Mary’s College of California* Santa Clara University* University of La Verne University of Redlands University of San Diego* University of Southern California University of the Pacific Vanguard University Westmont College Whittier College California State Universities Bakersfield Channel Islands Dominguez Hills East Bay Fresno Fullerton Humboldt Long Beach Los Angeles Maritime Academy Monterey Bay Northridge Pomona Sacramento San Bernardino San Diego San Francisco San Jose San Luis Obispo San Marcos Sonoma Stanislaus

*Catholic Colleges

The Class of 2019 earned 15.2 million dollars in academic scholarships.

“I feel as though I am prepared for college as a result of the outstanding teachers and curriculum, and I was able to participate in numerous extra curricular activities. I would describe my experience at Bishop Amat as one of fun, happiness, and academic successes that would not be available anywhere else.”

Alejandro Gonzalez San Jose Charter Academy UCLA

“The best thing about Bishop Amat is the faculty and how much time and effort they put into helping their students succeed. They are always available to help their students. The past four years have been amazing.” Camille Abuel St. Christopher UC Irvine



“I chose Bishop Amat because I had always heard good things about the school. The curriculum is challenging and pushes students to do their best. The teachers are attentive and work tirelessly to create a classroom atmosphere that promotes learning and creativity.” Kaitlin Rubio St. Benedict UC Irvine

The goal of the Counseling Department is to provide a support network for all students and their families. Students are assigned a four-year counselor in the freshman year. This practice helps to create a consistent, positive relationship between students and counselors. Counselors meet individually with students at various times during the school year to assist them in choosing their courses, track their academic progress, help them meet the challenges presented in their classes, and advise them about the colleges, universities and career opportunities that will best suit their future goals. Counselors are also available to meet with parents at certain scheduled events such as Counselors & Coffee sessions, College Night, and Financial Aid Night to give information and answer questions. They are also available by appointment to address individual concerns.

Mr. Gabriel Escovar, Assistant Principal Academics

Ms. Bennett is a licensed therapist with more than twenty In addition to academic counselors, the school provides years experience working with Catholic School students a comprehensive guidance program for college. The and their families. College Counseling Center is staffed by an experienced counselor who disseminates grade-appropriate information Bishop Amat also provides services to student athletes to regarding college preparation to all students, schedules ensure they understand college eligibility requirements and on-campus college visits and provides financial aid and are academically eligible to compete at the collegiate level. We provide them with information regarding the academic scholarship information to interested students. standards mandated by the NCAA Clearinghouse and help All students and their parents are invited annually to attend them navigate their way through the actual recruitment our College Night. On this occasion, representatives from process. Many students have been able to continue their over seventy college and university campuses all over the athletic careers in college as a direct result of this valuable United States convene to advise students and their parents assistance. about specific programs and admission requirements. It is wise to begin college planning early, so we encourage students from all grade levels to attend with their parents and take advantage of this very helpful and informative program. The school employs a full-time Learning Specialist and an assistant to support students with special needs through the Inclusion Program. The goal of this program is to build self-esteem and self-advocacy skills in the student as well as foster academic success in the school’s college preparatory environment.

“I chose to attend Bishop Amat for the prestigious

On-site professional counseling is available through the school’s contract with Mary Cosby-Bennett, LCSW.

Mr. Michael Scott counsels a student

academics and to further my faith. At Amat, I was able to grow exponentially and expand my intellect. Bishop Amat has nurtured my education and allowed me to be the great student I am today.” Victor Nieblas, Jr. St. Mark’s Lutheran CSU Long Beach


Students and parents attend annual College Night

extracurricular activities The Bishop Amat High School philosophy is based on the belief that a student’s character is formed not only in the classroom but also through extracurricular activities. Involvement in student government, sports, clubs and organizations is essential to the development of a wellrounded individual. Student Government at Bishop Amat consists of the Student Council and the Student Senate. The Student Council conducts the business of the student body including annual elections and the organization of most activities. The Student Senate membership includes: ASB Officers, Homeroom Representatives, and representatives from each athletic team and the President or Vice-President of each club, organization, performance group and publication group. The Student Senate provides input to the Student Council and brings matters of importance to its attention. Student Government (ASB) is responsible for planning student dances, including the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, Homecoming (open to students in all grade levels), FatherDaughter Dance and Mother-Son Dance. ASB also sponsors formal dances held during the year. ASB and the Performance Groups work together to plan Pep Rallies throughout the year. They are also responsible

for the Pep Week Rally which closes the school’s annual week-long Pep Week. The following State and National organizations are active on our campus: California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, and Junior Statesman of America. The school has a very successful Visual and Performing Arts program. Students are afforded opportunities to participate in Band, Drum Line, Chorus, and Theater. The school also fields a Color Guard Unit and Baton Twirlers, Competitive Dance and Pep Squad Teams.

“My four years at

Students who wish to develop journalistic talents may join the staff of the school newspaper, The Lance or the award winning yearbook, Tusitala.

Bishop Amat was a life

Students who are interested in joining a club are encouraged to do so. Each year “Club Rush” is held to promote the various interests among the student body. There are currently thirtyfive exciting clubs on campus. To see a video productions club newscast, go to

many lessons, made

The Bishop Amat Robotics Program aims to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. Students will be involved in VEX competitions that bring STEM skills to life by tasking teams of students with the designing and building of a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge.

changing experience, where I learned life long friends, and strengthened my faith; these three things make up the Amat Family.” Paul Hatfield Sacred Heart CSU Fullerton

Beauty and the Beast Musical

“I transferred to Bishop Amat because it encompassed all my various passions: academics and the arts. I could be in musicals, on the robotics team, and take AP classes. Without Bishop Amat, I do not believe that I would have been admitted to all of my dream schools.” Isabella Juarez South Hills Academy

Astronomy Club

Marching Band performs at Half Time

Stanford University


ATHLETICS The Bishop Amat athletic program fields teams in twenty-one sports. During the 2019-2020 school year, more than 700 student athletes will compete in boys’ and girls’ athletic events.

“I decided to attend Bishop Amat because of the academic program and the Amat Family. I have taken a wide variety of AP classes and feel well-prepared for college. I would most definitely recommend this school based on my experiences.” Lauren Strickland Nativity UCLA

“Bishop Amat is the only school where you can get the perfect mix of highly competitive D1 sports, excellent teachers and administrators, and lots of extra curricular activities in a family environment that is unmatched by any other high school.”

Lancers typically exemplify a spirit of dedication and self-discipline to accomplish outstanding athletic achievements. Over the years, Amat Lancers have won a staggering 209 League Championships. Thirty-one CIF Divisional Championships have been won by both boys’ and girls’ teams. In 2018-2019, League Championships were won in football, girls’ volleyball, girls’ soccer, girls’ golf, softball, girls’ track, girls’ cross country, boys’tennis, boys’ golf, wrestling, baseball, and boys’ and girls’ swimming. In addition, seventeen Lancer teams qualified for post-season competition. Girls’ and boys’ cross country and wrestling qualified for state competition. Wrestling qualified for state competition. Fall Sports Boys’ Cross Ctry Girls’ Cross Ctry Football Girls’ Volleyball Girls’ Tennis Girls’ Golf Boys’ Ice Hockey Girls’ Ice Hockey

Winter Sports Boys’ Basketball Girls’ Basketball Boys’ Soccer Girls’ Soccer Wrestling

Spring Sports Baseball Softball Boys’ Swimming Girls’ Swimming Boys’ Track Girls’ Track Boys’ Golf Boys’ Tennis Boys’ Volleyball

CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS Football - 1961, 1970, 1971, 1992, 1995 Baseball - 1968, 1969, 1996, 2001, 2002,

2007, 2008, 2011, 2014

Boys’ Cross Country - 1973, 2014 Girls’ Cross Country - 1992, 1994, 2014 Girls’ Basketball - 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2012 Boys’ Basketball - 2002 Girls’ Soccer - 2011, 2013 Boys’ Track - 1982 Wrestling - 1998, 2007, 2019

Our high academic standards and the competitiveness of our athletic programs insure that many of our studentathletes are eligible to receive scholarships from prestigious colleges such as Notre Dame, Stanford, Duke, Cal, USC, UCLA, and Harvard.

Boys’ Baseball

Pep Squad Performing at Football Game

Adam Camargo St. Louise de Marillac Pitzer College


Friday Night Football - Student Section

Girls’ Softball


Girls’ Soccer

Boys’ Basketball

Bishop Amat Graduates (2018 & 2019) Receiving Athletic Scholarships Chloe Abner ‘19 - Cheer/Dance - Keiser University Nikki Aldecoa ‘18 - Softball - Silver Lake College Dominic Barrera ‘18 - Football - University of San Diego Alejandro Barraza ‘18 - Baseball - CSU San Bernardino Kearra Bastes-Jones ‘19 - Soccer - UC Santa Barbara Richard Castro ‘18 - Baseball - CSU San Bernardino Amanda Delgado ‘18 - Soccer - CSU Northridge Nayeli Diaz ‘19 - Soccer - Saint Mary’s College of California Graci Dragoo ‘19 - Softball - UC San Diego Kobinname Duru ‘18 - Football - Montana State University Audrey Egger ‘19 - Dance - Long Island University Post Analisa Flores ‘18 - Cheer - California Baptist University Carissa Gonzalez ‘19 - Cheer - California Baptist University Amanda Hernandez ‘19 - Softball - California Baptist University Alexandra Jaquez ‘18 - Soccer - UC Irvine Deven Jarvis ‘19 - Football - CSU Fresno Juan Lopez ‘19 - Wrestling - Vanguard University Sabrina Lucio ‘18 - CC & Track - University of Dallas Aaron Maldonado ‘18 - Football - UC Berkeley Xavier Mendoza ‘18, CC & Track - Notre Dame de Namur University Christian Nunez ‘19 - Wrestling - California Baptist University Victoria Ochoa ‘19 - Soccer - University of Montevallo Olivia Paez ‘19 - CC & Track - Notre Dame de Namur University Marcos Polanco ‘19 - Wrestling - University of Minnesota Jimmy Rodriguez ‘19 - Basketball - Life Pacific College Savannah Thornell ‘19 - Softball - Fairleigh Dickinson University Gary Valle ‘19 - CC & Track - Notre Dame de Namur University Dominique Varela ‘18 - Softball - North Carolina A&T State University

“Bishop Amat has been a blessing. I established a strong character, created friendships that will last a lifetime, had fun, and received a great education. Amat is more than just a high school, it is a place where everyone feels welcomed. My experience is something I will never forget.” Kyle Shay Sonrise Christian University of La Verne

“My experience at Amat was filled with so many adventures and life changing experiences. I would recommend Bishop Amat because of its academic program and the loving family atmosphere.” Cataline Venegas St. Mark’s Lutheran

Girls’ Volleyball

Friday Night Football

St. Mary’s College of California


campus facilities In 2008 the school with the help of the prestigious architectural firm of McLarand Vasquez Emsiek and Partners developed a Master Plan that would enable us to meet the faith, academic, athletic and extracurricular needs of our students through the next five decades of the twenty-first century. The Plan addresses such elements as the demolition of existing classrooms and their replacement with multistory, air-conditioned buildings, a fifty meter competition swimming pool, tennis courts, new and relocated football and baseball stadiums. “I came to Bishop Amat because of the Band Program. The Marching Band became family to

Phase One of the Master Plan envisages the construction of a magnificent $13,000,000.00 Performing Arts Center. We are happy to confirm that work has begun on this exciting project. Located on the site of the former Faculty House, which has been demolished, the Center will be an outstanding addition to our educational facilities. 1. Entry Plaza 2. Ticket Booth 3. Lobby 4. Meeting Room 5. Utility Room 6. Concessions 7. Storage 8. Conference Room 9. Offices 10. Chorus Room 11. Band Room 12. Orchestra Pit 13. Dressing Room 14. Stage 15. Staging 16. Dressing Room 17. Set Building Shop 18. Costume Storage 19. Electrical Room 20. Control Room

me. The past four years have been so rewarding. Amat builds family in everything – academics, athletics, and the performing arts.” Celine Mendiola Torch Middle School USC

“I chose Bishop Amat because of the athletic program, but once inside the classroom, I realized that the academic program was going to challenge me in a good way. It helped me realize how much potential I had and now I have all the confidence I need to pursue anything I want.”

Performing Arts Center




Arturo Escandon Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Whittier College


tuition & fees 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule

1 Student

$ 8,800 per year

2 Students - same family

$14,850 per year ($2,750 discount)

3 Students - same family

$17,325 per year ($9,075 discount)

Registration A Registration Fee of $800 per student (non-refundable, non transferable) is due and payable at the time of registration. This fee offsets the costs associated with the registration of students and various student services offered throughout the school year (student activities, athletic activities, yearbook, the parent-student handbook and student planner). The Mandatory Fall Raffle ($200) is also included in this fee. Family Pledge Program All families are expected to participate in the Family Pledge Program by donating $420.00 annually to the Development Program for each year a family has a student attending the school. Parents fulfill this obligation by making payments of $35.00 a month. The donations made through this program provide the school with funds to make capital improvements to the campus such as air conditioned classrooms, all weather track and a new phone system. These donations are tax deductible. Parent Participation Program Each family is obligated to render 36 hours of volunteer service per year to the school. Parents complete these hours through the Bingo program (6 hours), the Development Office (10 hours), and various activities (20 hours).

“I chose to attend Bishop Amat because it was a co-educational Catholic high school that offered many educational opportunities. If you are looking for a terrific high school experience, you should consider going to Bishop Amat.” Favian Veliz St. Joseph CSU Pomona

Financial Aid Bishop Amat High School offers several types of scholarship and financial assistance to students enrolled in our school. Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Awards (TAP) The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) was established as an independent charitable trust in 1987 by Cardinal Roger Mahony. CEF’s mission is to provide tuition assistance to the most financially deserving students attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The CEF provides $2,000 tuition awards to families whose household income meets their published guidelines. We strongly encourage families who need financial assistance to avail of this important source of financial aid. Applications for the CEF Awards are available in the Bishop Amat High School Finance Office beginning in October and on-site interviews take place in December. Bishop Amat High School Financial Aid Families who apply for a CEF Tuition Award and are denied or wait listed, are eligible for and should apply for Bishop Amat High School financial aid. Families who do not meet the CEF Income Guidelines may also apply for Bishop Amat Financial Aid. Applications are available in the Bishop Amat High School Finance Office or online at Tax returns for the previous year along with a W2 and a current paycheck stub must be turned in with the application as proof of income. Named Scholarships/Foundation Grants To be considered for a Named Scholarship/Foundation Grant, an application for financial aid must be submitted to the Bishop Amat Finance Office. For all information concerning financial aid, contact the Bishop Amat Finance Office at 626-962-2495, Ext. 7414.

“The education I received at Bishop Amat has given me the loving foundation like that of a family. I am forever gateful for the passionate faculty and staff that helped me grow as an individual.” Amalia Contreras St. Louis of France CSU Fullerton


scholarships Honors at Entrance Scholarships Eighth grade students who take the Bishop Amat High School Entrance Exam, score in the 85th or above percentile (national composite), and register as an incoming freshman, will be awarded an Honors at Entrance Scholarship. Students who score in the 95th-99th percentile will be awarded a $4,000.00 scholarship; those who score in the 90th-94th percentile will be awarded a $3,000.00 scholarship; those who score in the 85th-89th percentile will be awarded a $2,000.00 scholarship. Named Scholarships Approximately five hundred students have been awarded scholarships or financial aid for the 2019-2020 school year. The following are available to Bishop Amat students: “I was ecstatic to witness such diversity, love and a sense of family among the students and faculty at Amat. I am grateful and proud to have attended Bishop Amat High School.” Kateleen Galicia St. John the Baptist CS Fullerton

Amat Legacy Scholarships

Gordon and Elizabeth Ludwig Scholarships

Bill Hannon Foundation Scholarships

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“I attended Bishop Amat to take advantage of the excellent academic and athletic programs offered. The academic program is outstanding. I am prepared to be successful in college and in life. Bishop Amat is more than a school to me, it is my second family.” Jason Zubiate Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal UC Irvine College Mr. Frank Richardson poses with the 2019 Frank and Jennifer Richardson Scholarship recipients


Bishop amat memorial high school Alma Mater Hail Amat High School We’ll Remember You, Dear Alma Mater We’re Steadfast, Loyal and True;

As We Go Onward In the Life We Lead, Your Light Will Guide Us Your Motto Be Our Creed;

We Shall Look Back Fondly At Your Rising Walls, Recalling Precious Moments Within Your Hallowed Halls;

And so, Amat High School We’ll Remember You, Dear Alma Mater We’re Steadfast, Loyal and True!


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2019-20 Information Brochure  

Information Brochure

2019-20 Information Brochure  

Information Brochure