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here’s no shortage of descriptive words I can use to describe my long time client, good friend, and second edition Epic Fit Magazine cover model, Susan Schulze Hoff. Let’s begin with dynamic. Susan has that “IT-factor” when she walks into a room…the kind where people recognize her from... somewhere! She has that glow that entices people to want to know more about her. Another word that comes to mind is intelligent. This woman has travelled the world for her education, philanthropy projects, and more. You almost feel like you need a college refresher course before you sit down and begin a convo with her; yet at the same time, she is as friendly as she can be. (Susan and I have had a few nights staying up until 3 a.m. just talking about life. I consider her a great friend.) Another word is stylish. Susan has been around the world attending different fashion shows across Europe and Italy. I love to hear stories of her fashion travelsespecially when her sweet husband Duane surprised her with a one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton fur coat that I just love! From experience, the majority of her wardrobe on our photo shoots is Versace. I would pay to be a fly on the wall during one of her Versace shopping sessions in Milan! Last descriptive word I will use to describe my friend Susan is kind. Susan can get along with anyone, from anywhere, and THAT is my kinda girl. Being in corporate America at Best Buy for decades on end, she’s met and worked with people from all walks of life. She’s helped solve problems for people, donated to some amazing causes, been involved with some incredible philanthropic programs, and extended an ear for those in need of her kindness and intellect. When I launch these magazines, I always think ahead to who my perfect “cast of characters” would be on the covers. Who makes the most sense, and really defines the message I am trying to extend? Naturally, Susan fit the bill perfectly. She was also the cover model for Issue #4 of BodyScape Magazine’s “Fit and Fabulous over age 50” edition.



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Susan has always been super fit, healthy, and very much aware of how she wants to present herself photographically, and I am honored to capture that dedication every time we shoot together. She makes my job feel “not-like-work”, and as a photographer, that is a gift that she has given me. Given that this shoot of Susan was done during the Epic Destination Shoot in Miami this year, Monica Brant was on set as Susan’s official posing and detail coach. Monica helped Susan with some very specific poses and moods on this shoot, and at the end of Susan’s feature interview, you can see Monica in some behind the scenes shots assisting Susan with her posing. That’s only one of the special elements of the Epic Destination Shoots we do from time to time. (Visit EpicDestinationShoot.com to learn more about our next Epic Destination Shoot coming up in Corpus Christi, Texas in September.) In this special edition, we also feature two quickie summertime workouts. Wellness coach Patty Wilson offers up a time-effective body weight workout, and I offer up my own sprint interval workout. They’re both extremely effective for sculpting your body and incinerating those pesky fat cells. Tough to believe that 2022 is half way behind us, yet it feels to me, like things are just getting started! If you are interested in being featured on the pages, or, even the cover of Epic Fit Magazine, be sure to reach out at BodyscapeMag@Gmail.com, and I look forward to seeing you in front of my lens.


Location for the shoot:

Miami, Florida

Posing and detail assistance by:

Monica Brant

Hair and makeup:

Lisa Opie

Gear used for the cover shot:

Canon R5 camera with a 24-70 MM lens, natural light & a v-Flat


t is truly amazing that I get to edit and write for my friend Sarah Lyons Glabman’s TWO fitness and beauty magazines. Ever since we’ve joined forces over the last year, I have had the opportunity to interview and meet so many inspirational women who have TRULY amazing stories. I love the fact that I get to collaborate with Sarah and Raj (our talented Art Director) to bring their incredible stories to life through pictures and the written word. This magazine is certainly a labor of love for all of us! I am also deeply motivated by our cover models – each person tells their story of struggle to strength which encourages me to be better in all aspects of my life as well. At the end of the day, I am humbled to be a part of this second issue of Epic Fit Magazine! So many great stories and so many wonderful people grace these pages. As I’ve mentioned in previous editorials, I have always strived to make an impact in some way. After all, progress is impossible without change. I’m a journalist by trade, but an authentic storyteller at heart. I also run my own content creation and media company RedLily® where women can share their stories, heal and grow. And, I can also help YOU write your own story on my publishing platform. My passion to help women share their real-life stories and live happier and healthier is why I do what I do. My book “My Heart, My Self – A Heartfelt Guide for Women Who Do Too Much” is available on Amazon and on my website. I try hard every day to spread awareness about the importance of heart health and making yourself a priority every day. It’s super important.



@KerrieLeeBrown KerrieLeeBrown.com

In fact, I learned my lesson at the age of 39. Turn to page 50 & 51 for more about my health scare and how my book spawned out of my personal “wake-up call” experience. On that note, I am SO EXCITED for this new issue that I am offering Epic Fit Magazine readers a SPECIAL OFFER of 50% off my book when you use Promo Code EpicFit50 at checkout. Visit www.redlilylife.com in the “Shop” to learn more. But, back to this issue. It was definitely a true honor to interview and “e-meet” our cover model Susan Schulze Hoff. In fact, as I say in my article, she is a woman after my own heart. We are both communications experts and love expressing ourselves through the written word. What else can I say? This cover story was a pleasure to put together and I can’t wait to see where Susan’s adventures take her next. She is amazing. Fortunately, my previous editorship roles in the health and fitness industry (most notably at Oxygen Women’s Fitness magazine and American Health & Fitness magazine) have led me to where I am today. So, hopefully you will pick up this issue and love what you see and read. It is truly an honor to work alongside Sarah and Raj and all of the other Epic Fit contributors. So, without further ado, I am honored to once again introduce our newest Epic Fit issue! As your editor-in-chief, I hope to inspire each one of you to reach your goals while you make your own life truly EPIC.

Photo of:

Kerrie Lee Brown


Sarah L. Glabman

Makeup and Hair:

Leiah Scheibel

Styling: Monica Brant 7


Kerrie Lee Brown

Monica Brant


Fitness Celebrity



Kerrie Lee Brown is a globally recognized magazine editor, author and women’s health advocate. She has worked in media for 20+ years, most notably as the editor-in-chief of Oxygen Magazine. Kerrie is also the founder of RedLily® lifestyle brand and offers professional content services.

Monica Brant is considered by millions as “The original fitness pioneer for women.” She has landed 130+ magazine covers from 1994-2020, and has had her fair share of time in front of the camera with some of the most popular photographers in the world.

Dr. Sean Drake

Rajpoot Talib

Epic Fit Contributor


Art Director



Dr. Drake is the team doctor to multiple professional teams, professor and faculty member at multiple universities, and consults for a variety of professional and amateur teams and athletes. He is also an Advisory Board Member for multiple brands and education platforms in sports medicine.

Raj is the Art Director for BodyScape Magazine as well as BodyScapeMag.com. Raj is a success-driven designer with his client’s goals at the forefront of his mission. He generates design projects from inception to creation and, and he translates business requirements into effective advertising campaigns.


Page 6: Publisher’s Letter With Sarah Lyons Glabman


Page 7: Letter from the Editor With Kerrie Lee Brown

Page 8: Staff Profiles Meet the team!

Page 10 - 41: Cover Model Susan Schulze Hoff Shares Her Story written by Kerrie Lee Brown


Page 42 – 43: Capturing the Cover Behind-the-scenes with the Epic Destination Shoot team

Page 44 – 49: Summertime Workouts



With Patty Wilson and Sarah Lyons Glabman

Page 50 – 51: My Heart Story Written by Kerrie Lee Brown

Page 54 – 58: Top 10 Summer Skin Protectors By Karen A. Masterson Koch 9

EPIC Fit Magazine

Beautiful & Brilliant Cover model:

By Kerrie Lee Brown Editor-in-Chief



Cover model:

Susan Schulze Hoff Cover story written by Epic Fit Editor-in-Chief Kerrie Lee Brown As a journalist of 20 years who relishes in the opportunity to interview interesting people for a living, I am always honored to speak to women who are true trailblazers. In life, in love, in their passions—there’s nothing like setting aspirational goals and achieving them through hard work. This is what makes someone a real inspiration. In fact, with more than 1,000 exclusive interviews under my belt, I can honestly say that this issue’s cover model Susan Schulze Hoff ranks as one of the most memorable. Not only is Susan an absolute stunner at the age of 57—she is also the epitome of polished, smart and sophisticated. She is someone I aspire to be like. Susan’s illustrious career as a business executive is certainly impressive. I’m telling you, this woman knows how to make an impact in the boardroom. And, after 30 years leading the communications charge at Best Buy (Susan was employee #44) she has applied her leadership skills and business acumen to the role of entrepreneur by building a successful winery with her husband in California. At 5’2, Susan is nothing short a of brilliant. Besides working out diligently, eating clean and following a healthy lifestyle, spending quality time with her family is extremely important. With all that in check, Susan says she’s got more photo shoots on her to-do list—as well as plans to become an IFBB Pro before she turns sixty! No matter what she sets out to do, we know one thing for sure—Sensational Susan will definitely accomplish all of her dreams. To say Susan is a modern-day powerhouse on and off these pages is a total understatement. In everything she does, Susan continues to push the envelope in her personal and professional life. After all, she’s got enough tenacity and perseverance to fill a football stadium. And, can you believe she’s going to be a new grandmother? At the end of the day, I hope this cover story demonstrates just how much Susan’s brilliance complements her beauty. And, even though she is officially retired from Corporate America, this refined super woman is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she’s just getting started.



GETTING TO KNOW OUR EPIC COVER GIRL KB: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I know our readers are very excited to hear your story. So, let’s start from the beginning. Where are you from? SH: I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and lived and worked in the state until moving to Saint Helena, California when my husband and I decided to start our winery, Fantesca. (2004) I now live between Saint Helena, California and Honolulu, Hawaii where we split our time depending on the season and my extensive business travels.

KB: Where do you live predominantly? SH: I reside on our mountain winery property in Napa Valley, California.

WORK LIFE KB: You became a successful entrepreneur after a long-term career. How do you do it? SH: I just put together the building blocks necessary to make things happen. It’s important to research, plan ahead, then go for it! You have to be one step ahead of the competition while thinking about what reporters or naysayers are going to poke holes in. It just comes from many years of communications experience in a fortune 100 company I guess.

KB: Have you always been competitive? SH: Yes! For better or worse. For instance, when I was in grade school we had to perform six exercises to earn a Presidential Physical Fitness Award. This consisted of being able to perform pull ups (or a chin above bar hang), sit ups, pushups, run a mile, and perform a shuttle run at better than 85% of American youth our age—I would never hesitate. I was always ready. I was kind of a goof ball… I wanted to not just earn a patch, I wanted to be top in my class. I used to practice at home to win.


KB: How would you describe a risk taker? SH: Hmm… Someone who calculates all options and takes the difficult path gambling they have done the advance work to win at the odds. I believe a risk is something worth taking if it’s an educated risk. It’s important to know your downside and plan for it. It’s become part of my personality from my work with Wall Street while at a start-up. I do my research then I take the necessary step. It comes in handy in many situations even when I’m on stage in a fitness competition, I look at who I am standing beside and will alter my routine if necessary. After all, they call them competitions for a reason.

KB: How did you move from a corporate role to starting a winery? SH: I retired from Best Buy in 2013 after 30 years. We started our winery in 2004. My husband moved to California to set things up and oversee the initial operation while I lived with our kids and worked in Minnesota; and we’d see each other for the most part on the weekends until 2007 when we moved the whole family to California. Best Buy didn’t want me to leave, so I stayed on and consulted for a while and helped find my predecessor. I had two jobs and a family when we started the wine business. We were busy flying between two states to make it all happen. The distance actually made us closer. We learned to appreciate quality time together.

KB: Are you glad you did? SH: People say they can’t believe I left a lucrative role at Best Buy to start our winery. But I knew in my heart of hearts that’s what I wanted to do with my husband long-term. I understand sales, marketing, communications, and how to build brands. My husband came from agrarian roots so farming, managing and production wasn’t new to him. We determined that if we were able to find an incredible wine maker (which we did) then we’d hire her and make it happen. The rest is history.



FAMILY & FORTUNE KB: Tell us about your family. SH: My husband, Duane Hoff, and I, have been married for nearly 34 years now and were college sweethearts. We met at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus. We have two adult children. Our son Taylor Hoff is 31, lives in San Francisco, CA and runs the IT department for an oceanic startup (www.sofarocean.com). Our daughter, Chelsea Hoff Golper is 29, was married to Todd Golper in 2020 during the pandemic, is a winemaker (www. fearlesswines.com) and lives less than a mile from us in Saint Helena, CA and is expecting our first granddaughter in June 2022. She is a graduate of UC Davis in Viticulture & Enology and also helps us in the vineyard and the winery when she isn’t working on her own brand.

KB: Wow, what a beautiful close-knit family. What is your winery business? SH: I am the co-founder of Fantesca Estate & Winery (www.Fantesca.com). Fantesca is a 53-acre estate on Spring Mountain in Napa Valley, California. We produce an estate Cabernet Sauvignon, a Napa Valley red blend “All Great Things”, a Russian River Pinot Noir “King Richard’s Reserve” as well as a Sonoma Chardonnay. We are open for private tours and tastings by appointment only. Most of our wines are sold out upon release. You can find us on some very special restaurant wine lists, but most of our wine is sold direct from the winery to our allocation members. I manage the design, branding, marketing, events and international work for Fantesca. Oath & Grind, is my fitness, fashion and travel blog passion project (www.oathandgrind.com). I also consult with resorts to assist with building out their gyms and fitness programs, which I do under my Oath & Grind business. My most recent gym program was at www.AuroraAnguilla.com.

KB: Very impressive. So, you’re not slowing down since leaving your corporate role? I’m anxious to hear about your Fortune 100 experience. SH: I helped build Best Buy (www.BestBuy.com) into the company it is today. I started at Best Buy at age 18 in 1983 when the company only had four locations and a different name. It was a start-up consumer electronics company before they coined the term.


KB: That’s so incredible. You were there from the beginning. How did your career progress? SH: I worked at Best Buy while attending college and continued through its growth across the country, into Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and Puerto Rico - and finally retiring in 2013 after 30 years. I worked my way up the proverbial ladder starting as a saleswoman in the stores (one of the only women working in the company on the floor at that time) then made my way advancing through roles until becoming the SVP & Chief Communications Officer overseeing and, in some cases, creating the Investor, Public, Government, Employee and Community relations teams. I also started their Best Buy (Children’s) Foundation back in 1994 and chaired the annual multimillion dollar multi-day Charity Classic Fundraiser for the Foundation.

PERSONAL PASSIONS KB: Other than your business aspirations, what are you passionate about? SH: The 5 Fs. Fitness, Fashion, Family, Fantesca and Food.

KB: What makes you get up in the morning? SH: All of the above—the 5 Fs. I’m [also] extremely active in all my roles and very blessed to be in good health to be able to participate in so much more.

KB: How would you describe your mission? SH: My mission is to keep creating my best days. I’m not a Glory Days girl, there’s so much ahead to accomplish. May my example be an eye opener for others to do the same.

KB: What are your aspirations in life? SH: I have many aspirations because people are not one dimensional. Quite simply the following are my goals in the 5F’s for Susan Hoff:

Fitness: To walk around in my trophy everyday, no matter whether I win one on stage competing in the WBFF Pro division, earn a new pro card in the NPC masters division, or win my next crown on the Mrs. Globe Pageant stage. Everyday should be award winning! Fashion: To become a perennial cover model and score an international billboard opportunity. Someday it would be an honor to walk a runway in one of the many iconic fashion shows that I attend during Fashion Week.

Family: To find more quality time with our kids and their family. We travel well together and I’d like to get back to doing more of it as well as take more romantic rendezvous trips with my husband. Fantesca: Our wine business is now 19 years old. I’m proud of the many employees we have and how it continues to grow annually. Our family is creating a new international wine to be released in the USA in 2023. I love building brands! Just like with Best Buy and Fantesca. Food: I love to cook with my husband and bake with my daughter. I’m planning to write and release a cookbook sometime in the near future. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and even watching the Food Network—especially when I can’t eat it because I’m training for a show or a modeling shoot. #foodporn




KB: What else is important to you? SH: It’s important to me to make the most out of each day. I lost my mother to cancer when she was only 60. If I only had that long to live; I don’t want to have any regrets that I opted out of something I should have done. Goals need to be lofty but achievable. I set annual goals for myself to make progress monthly to get where I want to be each year by December. All this being said—you can bet my 61st birthday party will be fabulous!

LIFE LESSONS KB: Anything you’d like to share about life lessons? SH: At 57, you can bet that I’ve had my share of obstacles and setbacks. There were a lot of opportunities I jumped into and did well as well as some challenges that tested my fortitude, losing some and learning from others. For instance, our son was in and out of the hospital at two years old with a rare type of tumors. I also lost my mother to cancer when I was 36. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2001. We lost our entire wine vintage in 2020 to the smoke from Oregon fires and then a fire ripped through our mountain winery estate and luckily, besides lots of forest and a lookout tasting deck, our home and business survived. I recently recovered from a six-month bout of ciguatera poisoning after eating an innocent fish sandwich in 2021. I almost lost the ability to see in 2021 but for the fabulous Mayo Clinic eye surgeons that patched my right eye together after my retina detached.

KB: I am glad you have moved through all of the trials and tribulations and now have positive outcomes to learn from. Any advice? SH: Life is truly a journey. There are setbacks, but we meet incredible people along the way to remind us just how lucky we are even though we may be in a dark space. There are angels among us.

KB: How is everything today? SH: My son is healthy today. I live with my Lupus and consider it an honor to lift, run and body build despite my health challenges. We are rebuilding the winery deck, Covid closure days are behind us and the wine business is picking up. I can see out of both of my eyes and I appreciate every day I can see beautiful things like a sunset, a flower blooming, our dogs playing in the vineyard or even my husband’s smiling face over his steaming cup of coffee. Did I say life is good?


SHOOTING FOR EPIC FIT MAGAZINE KB: What made you decide to shoot for EPIC Fit Magazine? SH: It’s a wonderful opportunity to shoot with Sarah again and capture what 57 looks like for her readers. I enjoy working with her. She and I first met through a mutual fitness competitor colleague after a WBFF Pro show I competed in five years ago.

KB: How did you feel when she approached you to shoot again? I know you were on a previous cover of BodyScape Magazine! SH: I was excited when she called to tell me she wanted me to be her next cover model. I consider it an honor to be modeling at my age. I still enjoy competing too. I may be the oldest woman in my division, but that’s an honor too. It’s exciting to have opportunities to meet so many talented people on a shoot. After all, who doesn’t want to get all dolled up by an amazing MUA and have someone capture beautiful images that aren’t your own.

KB: So, you loved it? SH: Absolutely! It was a blast. Modeling is a guilty pleasure for me. My last cover shoot was for BodyScape Magazine.




SELF-CARE KB: What are you currently working on that you’d like to share? SH: Learning how to say No. I’m overcommitted right now with too many things I enjoy doing. I sit on many nonprofit boards across the country, train six days a week, manage our winery and estate, write for Oath & Grind, create meals from our seasonal garden and orchards, and enjoy traveling, modeling, new adventures, etc.

KB: What would you like to do more of? SH: I’d like to find more time to host friends and family in both San Francisco and Hawaii, see my children more often, take those romantic trips with my husband we’ve been planning through Covid closures, and of course, make some time to be with my new granddaughter. It’s true, sometimes you have to close a few doors to open new windows of opportunity.

KB: You’re a woman after my own heart. Always doing something but working towards reaching all of your goals. What is something you truly believe in? SH: Family, fitness, faith and entrepreneurship. Life is what you choose to make of it. We all have setbacks and unforeseen events occur. It’s how you handle them that will allow you to move forward and continue to grow. Every day is a blessing, LIVE, move your body; LEARN something new and LOVE yourself and your partner will too. It’s kitschy, but a memorable mantra for a reason.


FITNESS & TRAINING KB: When did you start seriously working out? SH: When I had my corporate job and a new business to keep afloat and the kids were in school. It’s just in me to keep pushing myself to make things happen. There are a lot of people who say I can jump and make it happen. My husband was like that. For me, I needed to have my feet in both worlds to feel comfortable about fully leaving the old job and start the new one. I am one person. I always believe in keeping your options open.

KB: Tell us about your training regimen. SH: I train six days a week Monday to Saturday. Growing up a Catholic, Sunday is my day off. I work out first thing in the morning Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take a break around lunch and Saturdays early in the afternoon to get in the gym.

KB: Have you always had a trainer? SH: I have trained with the same strength coach since August 2007. Donavan Almond is a master trainer and co-owner and operator of Calistoga Fit located in the Napa Valley. I’ve also simultaneously worked with competition, nutrition, and walking/posing coaches throughout my fitness and pageant competitions. I occasionally have Lupus flare ups and am also an older athlete. Donavan has been able to help me get in a great workout despite any issues I may have on a certain day. His assistance to push me at my best and temper my workouts when I’m not at 100% provides me an opportunity to keep my gains, get into the gym, and clear my head.

KB: What makes your trainer so special? SH: Donavan is married, a father of four, has a full schedule, and is extremely dedicated to his craft. I started working with him when we moved to California and joined a resort club. I began taking yoga, cycling, and Pilates classes and eventually weightlifting with a trainer won out over fitness classes.

KB: What does working out mean to you? SH: My workouts are my “meetings with me”, so I never miss one. It’s non-negotiable. They are my time with me to make me feel better. If I don’t work out, I suffer from inflammation flare ups and frankly get crabby - so it’s best to keep my gym time intact. As any Primal Health Coach will tell you, your body is meant to move, so get after it.




KB: When did you get into competing? I heard you started a bit later in life. That’s a huge accomplishment. SH: For my first competition, I worked with a trainer in Minnesota (during my back and forth travels from California to Minnesota for my BBY work). He had noticed the changes in my physique and how receptive it was to workouts. He said, “Wow, you’ve gotten so tight you should compete.” So, I looked into it. I was 45 years old.

KB: How did you do in your first competition? SH: My first competition was Fitness America, I placed 3rd. My next competition was three months later, I placed 3rd in my first regional NPC competition and qualified for Nationals. I ended up doing two competitions a year, sometimes three —and in 2015, I won my WBFF Pro card in fitness at Worlds hosted in Las Vegas. After that I continued to compete annually until 2019 when I “changed horses” and decided to enter the pageant world.

KB: What was your proudest moment competing in fitness? SH: Earning my Pro card on the WBFF World’s stage at age 50 in an international 35+ fitness divas category.

KB: In your opinion, why is being physically fit important? SH: My body is my trophy. It’s what I get to walk around in every day. It’s not a medal or a piece of glass. What I work for shows up in my physique, smile and daily demeanor. You’re your own advertisement.

KB: What is your ultimate goal on stage? SH: I’ve worked hard, lifted heavy, put in the prep time, competed against the best, and won my WBFF Pro card. Next, I’d like to earn an IFBB Pro card before the age of sixty. It’d be fun to compete with women my own age and win a 55+ Master’s Division. That would be such an incredible accomplishment. But for now, I’ll stay the course, plan more photo shoots and fawn over my granddaughter.

KB: Any advice for aspiring competitors? SH: If you have the mindset to try something new, dig in and stick with it - I say go for it! If you’ve already competed, no matter how you placed, you’ve already beat all those who haven’t stepped on stage yet. That moment alone is a trophy worth sharing.


Susan’s Tips for Staying Motivated INVEST IN YOUR BEST SELF EVERY DAY. - Set a daily hour to work out, take a walk or improve your personal self-image. Keep an accurate calendar for more than just your social and family commitments and block out this hour as non-negotiable time for yourself.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE! - Spend just a few moments reflecting on how fortunate you are, what makes you happy and how to reflect it on others around you. It could be writing a short thank you note, taking a second to pay someone you see a compliment, or simply making an effort to smile at others when you are walking somewhere. Even small efforts can make someone else’s day. Be the light for others, it reflects back on you and picks you up.

CELEBRATE YOUR WINS - Set attainable goals you are bound to reach weekly and establish a special something to reward your win. This is not selfish as this creates a positive mindset many women need to stay on track. We can be our own worst critic—don’t do that to yourself. A reward doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be as simple as enjoying a luscious piece of chocolate after reaching a weight loss goal on a higher fat day. During competitions, I keep an “After this competition, I’m going to enjoy…” list. This list contains everything from going out to dinner, eating a treat, taking a trip, and buying a new workout outfit, etc. It helps me realize my goals and know that I don’t have to go without forever.


Sample Travel Workout



Here are Susan’s two “Go-To Travel Workouts” to alternate days as necessary: Daily Warm Up: 10 minutes of cardio (row, run or cycle - alternate days), 10 reps of seated 90/90 stretches on the mat, 15 banded side-walks (there and back), a light shoulder series (8 reps each move using DBs: front raises, side raises, bent over raises, erect T presses, overhead presses, triceps kickbacks, then push outs/pull in at waist height) Day 1: Legs & Back Workout: 3 to 4 rounds of this circuit: Use a good starting weight for your capability. When traveling - start out lighter than normal as your body is in “coping mode” due to travel stress and environmental changes. Tip: It’s good to start out slower so you don’t hurt yourself. 15 Cable squat & row | 10 Upward Trunk Twist (each side) | 15 RDL’s | 15 Lat Pull Downs | 10 lateral lunges (each side) | 10 leg curls | 10 Warrior DB Rows Day 2: Shoulders, Chest & Abs Workout: 3 to 4 rounds of these two circuits depending on time available. Note: Finish both circuits before starting your second set. Circuit 1: 10 Plank to Downward Dog | 10 Shoulder Series (see description in warm up) | 10 Turkish Sit-Ups | 10 Arnold Press sitting on floor in Russian Twist Position (each side) Circuit 2: 15 Cable trunk twist | 15 Cable Chest Fly | Ab Ball “ Stir the Pot” or “Spell your full Name” | 15 Crunches on Ab Ball (hold 2 seconds at top)


Susan’s Homemade Recipe

Champagne Teased Chopped Chicken Salad *Makes one large lunch serving or a nice dinner side dish for two.

Ingredients: 1 head of little gem lettuce - chopped 1 handful of variegated spring green lettuces - chopped, add for color 7 cherry tomatoes - halved ½ cucumber - cut in half lengthwise, seeds removed, sliced into quarter moons for crunch ½ an avocado - sliced thin & halved spread on top of the salad ½ cup goat cheese feta - cut into small cubes 1 egg medium boiled - quartered 3 tbsp pickled red onions - slivered 1 slice of bacon - sliced, then diced 1 cup chicken breast - diced into bite size 3 tbsp toasted garbanzo beans (a pantry snack staple) sprinkled on top of the salad * Optional: ½ dozen wedges of a thinly sliced watermelon radish - fanned over top of salad. (Susan grows these in her garden, they fade pink to white and add a beautiful edible garnish to the dish.)

Directions: Toss salad greens with 3 tbsp of your favorite low calorie Champagne vinaigrette or make your own. Fold in the remaining ingredients and top with the toasted garbanzo beans, avocado and radish.




Back to the Q&A… PAGEANTS KB: I also heard you’ve competed in the pageant world. How was that experience? SH: A (recently divorced) friend of mine had competed in a Mrs. Globe Pageant and basically recruited me. I was intrigued by how different it was from fitness competitions—more entire person, not simply based on your physique. So, after an official interview, I was selected as a delegate and competed later that year winning the title of Mrs. North America Classique in my very first competition. This qualified me for International competition the following year, but Covid quarantines took over. I am hoping to compete again one day. I made some good friends from the experience and would encourage anyone interested in pageants to look up Mrs. Globe (www.mrsglobe.com). With beauty pageants you get to experience a lot of other opportunities: public speaking, runway walking, fashion, philanthropy, social skills, dancing, beauty tips, travel, etc. It goes way beyond building your nutrition plans and increased cardio and weight training.

KB: What do you look for in a competition coach? SH: I’ve worked with a few very talented competition coaches. I like to work with a coach who pushes me “outside the usual box” and train with them for longer than a year to guide me in and out of competition shape. These are the coaches who will make you a better person and a fierce competitor as they have time to learn your personality and really challenge your best. Sometimes it’s tiring and tedious, keeping track of all your daily numbers, but it’s worth it. I turned to my coaches for advice on what to eat to change up my daily diet, how to walk on stage for a particular federation, who to get a fabulous bikini from, where to stay, how to optimize my daily schedule, etc. You’ve got to work with someone you can trust and who will help you work through some pain to get there. Competing can be emotional as the demands it puts on your body affect your hormones and your daily wellbeing. Finding a good coach, dedicated to your success is worth every penny you pay.


MOTIVATION KB: You seem to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Of course that takes dedication and discipline. What is your secret? SH: If you want to do something, you better work at it. Now that the world has opened up, competition is fierce, and dedication to getting over the goal line is key. It’s easy to find help and detrimental if you don’t seek it out. I think reaching out and trying something new is always healthy. I believe every year there’s an experience to learn or grow from. When Christmas card time rolls around (December) I want to be able to write about something new and interesting we did. Something different or unique.

KB: Who are your biggest fans? SH: Definitely - my family! When you’re excited about something, anything, the people who are closest to you are either really excited or jealous. I am very fortunate to have a fabulous family who are very supportive of my goals. My husband goes out of his way to help me find resources and support my efforts. My daughter is always excited to help me in the kitchen - she and I are both lactose intolerant and always looking for a new dish that’s tasty and is good for you. Competition diets help in this regard.

KB: How have your kids learned from your experiences? SH: My son can’t eat any more “egg whites & sadness” as he coined my breakfasts. Both of our adult children have learned a lot about nutrition from my experiences. My son, and son-in-law practice a rotating Keto diet and will occasionally join me in the gym. Our daughter joins my workouts two days a week and follows the same DF/GF diet I follow. It’s a blessing they are interested and it’s been helpful to them as they got older to know what the consequences are of poor diet choices. My daughter was in competition dance all the way up to high school, eating appropriately to fuel her lifestyle and grow was key. She learned early. Our son looks at [my healthy lifestyle] as an opportunity to support mom now when he’s visiting. He uses alternative butters and milks to create holiday treats we can all enjoy. Did I say we enjoy cooking together as a family?

KB: What about your husband? I’m sure his support of your projects and healthy lifestyle is very important. SH: Extremely! My husband also works out with me. He has always been there to remind me, “If you think you can do this, then I know you can do this.” He makes me coffee with a side of almond milk froth every morning. I am really fortunate to be married to my soul mate. He’s a winner, I’m keeping him!



FUTURE PLANS KB: What are you looking forward to in the near future? SH: I’m going to be a grandmother! My daughter is having a little girl hopefully by the time this magazine hits your inbox. I’ve got to be able to carve out some time to spend with her and I’m thrilled about that. I’m going to be the “TuTu” (grandmother in Hawaiian) with abs.

KB: Anything else on your bucket list that you look forward to? SH: I think it would be fun to model in an international fashion show. Travel there, meet the other models, experience the backstage excitement - it would be an experience.

KB: Why is it important for women to express themselves and be selfconfident? SH: How can we be any other way? We lead by example. Be the light for those around you, it gets brighter when you share it.

KB: Any last words of inspiration? SH: You are your own limitation. Be the light for those lucky enough to know you.

CONNECT WITH SUSAN: susan@fantesca.com @oathandgrind @fantescagirl www.linqapp.com/SusanHoff www.Fantesca.com www.oathandgrind.com

About the Author: Kerrie Lee Brown is a recognized journalist, author, speaker and women’s health advocate. She is the former editor-inchief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and American Health & Fitness—and has written articles for over 100 magazines worldwide. Today, Kerrie is the CEO of RedLily Media LLC and founder of RedLily® lifestyle brand and storytelling platform. She is also the editor-in-chief of BodyScape Magazine and Epic Fit Magazine. To share your story in your own words and to join her global community, Visit: www.redlilylife.com Follow on social media @KerrieLeeBrown





THE COVER By now, word has circulated that the Epic Destination Shoot in Miami was a huge success. With Sarah Lyons Glabman the founder and creative force behind these shoots, and fitness icon Monica Brant on set as the model’s one-on-one personal posing and detail coach, you have a formula for a unique and super successful photo shoot experience. It takes a creative team to build the shoots. So let’s dig in a bit behind the lens, and see how this cover of Epic Fit Magazine was captured.


Susan Hoff is no stranger to my camera. Since our first shoot together in 2017, we have evolved as a team, and we both know what to expect from each other. Susan has always had a vast variety in her wardrobe…all top-notch, high-end pieces that look great on camera. But choosing this cover was a bit of a challenge for me. We had so many great, unique looks that were captured in an incredible studio in Miami, and Susan is always in fantastic shape. So which photo is the right one? After doing some comparisons with my creative coach, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, I decided that this look was the perfect ‘fit’ for Epic Fit’s second edition cover. In a situation like this where I truly thought that one image was IT, it’s best to consult with another photo professional to grasp what we want the audience to see and feel when looking at the cover. And, Susan nailed it. Monica Brant has always been awesome at posing the ladies on the Epic Destination Shoots, so having her on set with Susan to try some new, modern posing was exactly what was called for in this issue - and Susan looks amazing! Lisa Opie nailed Susan’s “super hero” modern look for this cover shoot. We are so blessed to have such a visionary on set for Epic Destination Shoot Miami. Visit EpicDestinationShoot.com to find out where we will be next!








Fat Burning BodySculpt Bodyweight

FROM FITNESS COACH PATTY WILSON  @PATTYWILSONCOACH Through my years of training, I have often heard from my clients that it is hard to workout when they are traveling because there is no gym or equipment, and in return, I would always have a solution and that is “USE YOUR BODY!” I have always found it effective to do workouts with a combination of cardio, strength training and core routines because I feel that for those who are strapped for time or have families what to maximize time with their workouts and by doing this, you will. Body weight training can be very effective is burning excessive fat, strengthen your muscles, sculpt your body and can be done just about anywhere!

Below are some of the top benefits of Body Workouts: 1. They’re great training options for everyone. 2. They boost the metabolism by increasing heart rate, which is the key to boosting metabolism and calorie burn. 3. The exercises can range in intensity, which is ideal for beginners and simple enough to do at home without any gym equipment. 4. It doesn’t require any acute lifestyle changes other then “just doing it” 5. The HIIT workouts are proven to increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness significantly which leads to increased body strength and stronger bones and joints. Here is a fun workout you can try. In the workout below, each exercise should last for 45 seconds, and you should perform every exercise 3 times in a row before moving on to the next. Take a break of 15 seconds between each set. If you are a beginner or just getting back into working out, only do 2 times.

**Make sure to do about 5 minutes of a quick warm up and active stretches before starting the workout. 45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

45 seconds of work 15 seconds rest

Walkout-to-push-up Repeat 3 times Reverse lunges Repeat 3 times

Tricep crab reaches Repeat 3 times

Air Squats Repeat 3 times

Up/Down Planks Repeat 3 times

Reverse Leg Raises Repeat 3 times

Total Time 18 Minutes If you are looking for a program to get started, contact me today and join my online platform where you can do workouts from anywhere with me guiding you the whole way to a new sculpted body. PattyWilsonCoaching@Gmail.com 47

Cardio Sprint interval training


 @BODYSCAPEMAGAZINE It is summertime here in Arizona, and it is HOT. Too hot for me to workout outdoors, at least until the weather cools off here in November. Sometimes it is hard for me to stay on a consistent workout routine, and on the days that I know I have 35 minutes or less, or, if I am going in between bodyweight or weigh training days, I like to mix up the cardio a bit with these fat-incinerating mini-sprint intervals on the treadmill. When you are in a good fat-burning zone, the sprints will elevate the heart even more for a short time, to burn more fat. I try to do these intervals 2-3 days per week, again, combining them with the bodyweight training and weight training that I do when I am working out with Patty Wilson. I always start a little slow. Do not go straight in to walking too quickly or even running, UNLESS you are already warmed up. Usually I begin by warming up, and it looks like this:

~I set the treadmill at 7.5% incline, to begin the pace at 3.0 MPH for 2 minutes. ~Then I lower the incline down to 5.0% incline, increasing the speed to 3.4 MPH for 2 minutes. ~Next, I lower the incline down to 2.5% incline, increasing the speed to 3.8 MPH for 2 minutes. ~Finally, I lower the incline down to flat, and increase the speed to 4.2 MPH for 2 minutes. Now, I increase the speed to 6.5 MPH for a brisk, one-minute steady sprint. When the one minute is up, I take the speed back to 4.2 MPH for 4 more minutes. After the 4 minutes is up, I sprint again at 6.5 MPH, and continue this pattern until I hit the 30-35 minute mark on the treadmill, and I ALWAYS follow up with a 5-minute minimum cooldown, at a speed of 3.0 MPH or below. The intention is to get the heart rate back down before you leave the exercise. I usually wind up with 4-5 mini sprints, throughout the workout. The most important part of this exercise is to really pay attention to your form. Take long, natural strides and increase or decrease the speed as needed according to your size. (I am 5’6”, so the 6.5-7.0 MPH range is great for me to sprint). If you’re shorter, decrease the speed, and if you’re taller, you can increase it. Breathe with intention during the sprints, and I can’t remind you enough to not over do it. And make sure you wear good running shoes with good support!



By Kerrie Lee Brown Editor-in-Chief, Epic Fit Magazine Wellness Advocate, Mom and Heart Attack Survivor. To commemorate Heart Health Awareness, I’d like to share my personal story to help you realize that listening to your body at any age is imperative. You can find this excerpt and many more chapters about the importance of self-care in my book: “My Heart, My Self: A Heartfelt Guide for Women Who Do Too Much.”


Get 50% Off This Book! Use Promo Code EpicFit50 on Print & Digital Copies. VISIT “Shop” at RedLilyLife.com

(However, just because someone may look good on the outside doesn’t mean they are healthy on the inside.)

I have worked as a health advocate ever since I can remember. Particularly, during my time as the editor-inchief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine and American Health & Fitness. In other words, I have been around a lot of fitness and nutrition experts—and interviewed numerous models who know a thing or two about looking after their bodies.

Take me for example: I don’t smoke. I eat fairly well and go to the gym. I’m not overweight. I have no previous history of major health issues. The list goes on and on. And yet at 39 years old, I had a heart attack. It all started on Christmas morning in 2012. My family was eating breakfast together and I experienced a tightness across my chest that I had never felt before. It took my breath away.

This claustrophobic-like feeling lasted for two weeks. It was so foreign, but I was a busy mom with two young boys at the time, and a very demanding job, so I just shrugged it off as normal holiday stress.

“Thoughtful,Relevant and Real-Life!”

After our family returned from a trip to Florida a few weeks later, I started experiencing heavy heart-racing episodes three to four times a week. They would start and stop suddenly for no apparent reason—and it felt like I was running a marathon even at rest. I was also having more headaches than usual, aches and pains in my upper body, shortness of breath going up and down the stairs, and was tired all the time. This was not like me. One morning at work, I had a panic attack standing in line at the cafeteria. The next night, as I was putting the kids to bed, I had the most excruciating pain in my right shoulder that shot all the way down my arm. It felt as though someone had hit me really hard with a baseball bat. It stopped me in my tracks. The pain then migrated around my back. My arm started to go limp. I’ve since learned that women can experience different heart attack symptoms than men; such as pain in their right arm or shoulder, a feeling of indigestion, lower back aches, jaw pain, exhaustion etc. This is what was happening to me. I couldn’t believe it. I had no control over my body. Turns out, the problem was that I didn’t listen to my body a month earlier. I should have known that the tightness in my chest was not normal. I should have gone to my doctor then, but instead, I thought (like so many others) that I was a healthy person and there’s absolutely no way I could have a heart attack at such a young age. My second mistake was not going to the hospital that dreadful night. I was in denial and am sincerely lucky that I was able to make it through on my own and get to my doctor and then cardiologist the next week.

MY HEART, MY SELF KNOWING WHEN TO SLOW DOWN IS HALF THE BATTLE A Heartfelt Guide For Women Who Do Too Much – From A Woman Whose Wake-Up Call Changed It All

Kerrie Lee Brown

My kids had to go to bed, right?! And who wants to go to the hospital on Christmas? Note sarcastic tone.

This is why I share my heart health story today. To warn others that if it can happen to me, it can happen to you at The way I haphazardly reacted to my body literally any age. I sincerely hope my message resonates with you “showing me the signs” is quite typical of busy moms, and in some way or perhaps you can pass it along to someone in fact, women in general. We seldom put ourselves first or you know who is overdoing it and not stopping to evaluate make our health a priority. their daily stressors. I encourage you to always listen to your body and seek medical help if necessary. While I am certainly no doctor, I know now that listening to my body when I first experienced the signs and symptoms could have saved me from heart surgery. I look forward to sharing more of my journey and what happened next in upcoming issues. *Contact me if you’d like to learn more about my book “My Heart, My Self” which is available on Amazon. To buy Kerrie’s book visit: Follow on social media

www.amazon.com/redlily @KerrieLeeBrown

www.KerrieLeeBrown.com 51



Top 10 Summer Skin Protectors: Aloe Vera, Veggies & Fruits By Karen A. Masterson Koch

Skin takes a beating year round, yet summer comes with extra abuses that truly require the A -Team. A is for Aloe and Vitamin A rich foods, both critical if you want to have the best skin protection. At the top of the list of summer skin protectors is a quality Aloe Vera. Topically it, gives an advantage for fast skin support, increasing Type I Collagen, UV protection, First Aid relief for sunburns and injury, and also support for chronic troubled skin. Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, rashes and scarring all respond well to a quality Aloe Vera topical. Internally, Aloe Vera taken before meals as a supplement supports the inside for improved digestion and absorption of valuable skin nutrients. The extra bioavailability of nutrients is significant for skin and ignites energy and immunity, too. Remember, it’s not just what you put on the skin, but what you put in the body and absorb into the cells that truly counts!

Actions of Aloe Vera & Vitamin A Rich Foods • Healthy Skin & Anti-Aging • First Aid & Type I Collagen • Body Immunity & UV Protection Improving dietary choices and good water intake can sometimes take a little time. By taking small steps you can develop better habits. Just add one new food each week or kick up the quantity of veggies and fruits with every opportunity for big results. A great new habit may be reaching first for the apple, orange or Kiwi with some raw nuts and seeds or peanut butter, and keeping the dry snacks lower. 54

Targeting the dark yellow, orange and green-colored foods will kick up your Vitamin A levels which the skin and body both thrive on. These same foods come with other important skin nutrients as well like Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, E, B-Complex and essential fats and oils that slow aging of all cells. Focus on healthy skin and it will set the stage for a healthy body. Also, remember protein! Protein is essential for building cells in the first place. Get a variety, half your body weight in grams per day, approximately 50 – 100 grams for adults. Proteins rely on the other nutrients from foods, as a team, to build hormones, immunity and digestive enzymes, as well as skin cells. The entire human body is made of cells, just specialized by individual DNA according to each cell’s function. Mind you, these days many people, both children and adults, do not receive adequate quality protein & other nutrients and, therefore, do not digest foods well.

Why is Aloe Vera Both a Skin & Body Supplement? The ancient herbalists wrote about the Aloe Vera plant as an Elixir — safe for any ailment and often referring to it as the Skin Plant. Internally, they used the bitter yellow sap from the whole leaf for improved digestion, constipation, infection, water retention, ulcers and pain. Topically, they made poultices for any injury, burn, ulcers, rashes, infections and pain as well. Hundreds of research papers now confirm the pathways of action of a quality Aloe Vera product, or using the plant itself. The bitters and sulfur compounds support improved digestion. Astringents, disinfectants, natural antiinflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral agents assist in wound healing. The glyconutrients and growth factors stimulate new cells and collagen in record time for stronger connective tissues and even reverse scarring, plus evening out skin tones. Note: Any caution to use is due to its cathartic action of the bowels. If diarrhea occurs, reduce the daily amount.


What is special about Vitamin A? Focusing on skin with more vitamin A brings additional benefits. Highly-researched Vitamin A supports any skin condition and gives a super charge to immune response. Most skin cancers are associated with a low level of Vitamin A in the skin. Vitamin A also supports bones, soft tissue, mucus membranes, mouth, eye/vison, heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. Vitamin A is found in fruits, vegetables, livers of fish and animals, egg yolk and fish oils. It is required in very large amounts to keep the skin healthy and immunity functioning. It also provides anti-aging benefits. Foods containing Vitamin A will have an abundance of other essential skin nutrients.

Top 10 Skin Protectors Water: Dermatologist and nutritionist agree that dehydration is the most harmful omission to health of the modern man, woman or child of today. Healthy skin and body require half your body weight in ounces or at least 6 – 8 glasses of water per day. Diuretics and heavy perspiration will increase the requirements.

Aloe Vera The question with a good Aloe is; “what doesn’t it do?” Besides being a catalyst for improved digestion, drinking Aloe helps maintain healthier cellular water levels due to its content of macro and micro trace minerals. The entire plant, called Whole Leaf, contains over 100 actives that support digestion, detoxification and bio-availability of food nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Actives include infection fighter saponins, pain relievers’ salicylic acid, bradikinase and lupeol, immune balancers polysaccharides, sterols and sterolins, plus the growth factor gibberellin and more. These actives are responsible for this unique herb’s broad applications of repair and renewal of skin and more. Look for the ActivAloe trademark showing quality and Concentrated Whole Leaf juice products for fast action and effectiveness.


Peppers All peppers, all colors, contain high Vitamin A and C (highest food source), plus a variety of other skin nutrients known as anti-oxidants. The dark red color shows more phytonutrients supporting immunity and a sweeter taste.

Carrots, Yams & Squash Root vegetables and squash are available year round and are great choices for Vitamin A. Carrots are one of the best sources. Steamed, raw, or juiced carrots contain important antioxidants shown to slow aging and protect the skin from pollutants, even cancer. Skin replication and immune function are both heightened greatly. The vegetarian source of Vitamin A is Beta-carotene, named from the carrot. Its downside is it requires a healthy liver to process it to help build skin cells. Fish Oil Vitamin A, on the other hand, gets absorbed directly into the blood stream. Chew all raw veggies carefully to help make the nutrients more available for absorption.

Dark Orange & Colored Fruits Papayas, oranges, Kiwis and berries are packed with the anti-oxidants Vitamin A, C, E and phytonutrients. They support every function of the body and healthy cells, especially remarkable for support to allergies and immunity. Peel fruits and avoid berries with advanced mold allergies. Leafy Greens All greens including Kale, Chard, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Green Lettuces, Cilantro, Watercress and Parsley are best eaten raw or lightly steamed and are packed with skin and body nutrients including minerals. Minerals are very important to build healthy skin including wound healing. They are great for detoxification and immunity as well and are often found in supplemental greens formulas.


Chlorella & Red Sea Algae Classed as super foods, they are harvested from fresh water and ocean salt water and contain an extraordinary variety of important nutrients. Very high in Vitamin A and Chlorophyll, they are often added to supplements of daily greens formulas to support body wellness.

Raw Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds Healthy eating often includes a small handful of raw nuts and seeds (as tolerated) to support valuable protein and Vitamin E, plus minerals like Zinc and silica, required for healthy skin and body.

Broccoli & Brussel Sprouts These two foods (including cauliflower) are in the “cruciferol food class” and contain healthy natural sulfur and an abundance of other minerals for bone, joint, skin and body health.

Avocados Besides being delicious, this fruit is fairly high in Vitamin E and other natural fats and healthy essential oils. All fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D, EFA and K require healthy oils to be properly absorbed into the cells for good skin and body health. Optimum Health of the body and skin doesn’t just happen — it takes effort. The only side effect of eating new foods and taking Aloe is improved health. Most people want to look their best and feel good, yet statistics of troubled skin including skin cancer, are soaring. So why not control our destiny and begin to make easy, natural and tasty choices today. Enjoy! Karen Masterson Koch is a clinical nutritionist and health educator with over 35 yrs. experience in counseling in Southern California. Karen is an expert on Aloe Vera, Gluten and author of Beyond Gluten Intolerance GIS, which is available on Amazon, or by calling 1-800-414-2563.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1-800-414-ALOE 58






Combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, Heart is an all-natural option for women’s health.

Get 20% off your order! Use Promo Code: HEART20

RedLilyLife.com 59