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The Christmas shopping is done, and I am finally at home with the fireplace roaring. As I was completing my Christmas tasks today, I caught myself thinking of the blessings from this year. {I do that often, and today is just a little different.}

The reflections of all that took place in 2022 for me and my businesses is magnified by the gratitude I hold in my heart for everyone that I have encountered. And, I can say within my WHOLE heart, that I mean everyone. Casual encounters, someone I just met randomly on the street, the homeless guy in South Beach that was guiding cover model Tammy Streich on her posing, (as if she needed it but hey, we let him chime in!)

Everyone has a purpose in your life, and the moments count. Going into 2023, I encourage you ALL to make moments. They may not all be dressed up in glitter and rainbows, but it truly IS the moments that define our very existence. I want more. More moments that matter and construct and build our foundations. More moments that tell us that we are more than enough, just as we are. More moments for our friends, companions, partners, and our spouses, to create unforgettable memories. We need more love. That’s how I see it.

Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world that we can’t control. But it’s important to remember the things that we can. Like forgiveness. Second chances, fresh starts. Because the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place to a beautiful place is love. Love in any of it’s forms. Love gives us hope hope for the new year! That’s what the Holidays represent to me.

I have SO much love for our cover model of this collector’s edition Holiday Issue of BodyScape Magazine. The MOMENTS that Tammy and I shared, in a small Air BnB rental leading up to her shoot were very special to me. We made the golden plan for her shoot. I listened to what she needed from this EPIC experience, and it mattered.

This shoot was a long time coming for Tammy. Yes it was gorgeous, and yes it was executed to perfection, and we had our amazing team working towards Tammy’s greatness for this shoot. But at the end of the day, my take on this entire process is that…she deserves it.

When you read Tammy’s article on being a “Pillar of Strength”, you’ll understand exactly why I say that. We go way back, and I am just so grateful that after knowing each other, and working together constantly over the past decade, that I’ve been able to provide such a platform for people like Tammy to TELL HER STORY.

Lastly, I was in Miami A LOT in 2022. I feel connected to Miami, and the people there, and for great reason! A lot of what you see in the Best of BodyScape 2022 feature was shot in Miami. And guess what? We are planning a triumphant return March 9-17, 2023! I’ll be sharing more about this specific date range and what it means to your dear publisher in upcoming issues, and I am more than excited.

But for now, I want to wish all of you a happy, merry, and blessed Holiday Season to you and your families. Enjoy the food! Drink the wine! Stay out too late and make the memories! Squeeze (don’t hug) the ones you love, and tell your people that you love them.

Happy Holidays

from the entire staff here at I look forward to seeing YOU in front of my lens in 2023!

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BodyScape Magazine is like no other publication out there. Each issue showcases amazing women of all shapes and sizes. It is also recognized as a cutting-edge fitness, fashion and photography publication that is authentic at its core. We share “real” inspirational stories by blending beautiful words and imagery. I also love the fact that I learn something new every time I conduct my interviews.

So, when BodyScape Magazine’s publisher Sarah Lyons Glabman told me our next cover model had a story that a lot of women would resonate with—I was very excited to get this issue going. When I finally had the chance to interview Tammy Streich, I can tell you that she instantly impressed me and certainly exceeded my expectations.

As you will find out in my cover story on page 17, Tammy is a survivor in every sense of the word. Sharing her story of struggle to strength is one that I am truly proud of. She is the epitome of courage and bravery after leaving a toxic marriage and getting her daughter out of harm’s way. And now look at her! She is a wonderful example of empowerment, beauty and elegance— just like her inspiration Marilyn Monroe.

With 20 years in the magazine business, I still get excited about producing each new issue. It’s a true labor of love! And, more than anything, I love finding out what makes people tick. Especially survivors. Do you know someone who should be on our cover? Contact me directly at, and remember, everyone has a story to tell.

Wishing You A Very Happy Holidays and All The Best For The New Year & Beyond! P.S. You deserve every bit of
Editor-in-Chief BodyScape Magazine and Epic Fit Magazine @KerrieLeeBrown | | | KERRIE LEE BROWN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE Lead Publisher and Photographer
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Kerrie Lee Brown

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BodyScape Magazine Publisher and Lead Photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman provides her views on this issue.


Editor-in-Chief Kerrie Lee Brown inspires readers with her thoughts on interviewing this issue's cover model.


Get to know the amazing people behind the making of this magazine.


Why writing can be very therapeutic and help during the healing process. Contact Kerrie Lee Brown at to learn more about her exclusive Writing Workshops coming in 2023! Here are some of her practical writing tips.


Introducing our beautiful BodyScape Magazine cover story!

By Kerrie Lee Brown

Page 21-64: "COVER GIRL Q&A"

Read our exclusive interview with the stunning Tammy Streich.

By Kerrie Lee Brown

Page 64-116: "THE BEST OF BODYSCAPE 2022"

We feature the "best of the best" cover models of this year! We can't wait to show you!! Photographed by Sarah Lyons Glabman


Why choose to Daily Detox for preventative health?

By Karen Masterson Koch



I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately and how we are supposed to deal with so much unhappiness in the world. Correction: The problem is that we don’t deal—we simply put up with a lot of bad news. No wonder we’re all super stressed! We’re constantly being bombarded with negative news stories that leave us with feelings of helplessness, regret, guilt, or mentally drained. But, I’m here to change that!

I’ve met some fabulous people through social media and in my own professional circles who have made a huge difference in my life. From women who have opened up their hearts to strangers and shared their personal, transformational stories to help people with self-esteem issues—to caring, compassionate philanthropists who realize their next step in life is to mentor others and help them heal. There are also those who are determined to raise awareness for meaningful causes, so they live, sleep, and breathe various acts of kindness. I am trying to be one of these people.

So, I have launched and I’m happy that my work in journalism over the past twenty years has taken yet another positive turn. Recently, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to speak at numerous conferences, retreats, and even schools about self-care solutions. Stress Management. Part of my mission as the founder of RedLily® Media is to continue to push traditional journalism expectations into more authentic storytelling experiences. I love to share heart-warming stories from “real people” around the world who just want to inspire and spread positivity.

One way to ensure positivity stays with us on the day-to-day is to write things down. This may seem menial, and something that may be expected from a seasoned magazine editor, but deep down I know it has genuine meaning. Writing things down changes your perspective on life—simply because you can go back and read what you’ve “committed” to on paper. In other words, when you write something down it becomes REAL.


I am excited to announce that through my media company, I am now offering Writing Workshops in person and at your special event. Through practical seminars, participants learn the benefits of storytelling and why journaling is a legitimate stress solution. In early 2023, you can look forward to my new book on the art of storytelling where I share my personal steps of healing through writing. Until then, feel free to check out my unique storytelling website where you can submit your story in your own words!

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@kerrieleebrown @redlilylife Connect with me on social media: 1. When you write something down it becomes “real” 2. Journaling can help organize your thoughts and ideas 3. Storytelling can help you through a difficult journey 4. Writing your thoughts down makes it easier to remember them 5. Sharing your story can help others heal from their own experiences
Reasons Writing is Therapeutic

Featuring Cover Model Tammy Streich


At 53 years young, this month’s Holiday-worthy cover model is not only beautiful on the outside, but her inner beauty shines so brightly that you need to wear sunglasses when you’re around her. And I’m not just being funny. It’s the complete truth.

Tammy Streich is incredibly kind, smart, caring and compassionate. She’s one of those women who you instantly gravitate towards once you’ve sparked up a conversation. She’s open and honest; and cares about your well-being no matter who you are or where you come from. Tammy just makes you feel at ease and inspired to turn your life around.

Perhaps that’s because she’s been through enough in her own life to fully understand why patience, kindness, and self-confidence are integral parts of any woman. Over time, Tammy’s life learnings have become a big part of her overall mission to educate others on what you don’t need in your life. Because after all, every woman deserves to be happy and healthy—mentally, emotionally and physically.

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, Tammy’s tumultuous marriage became a critical turning point for her own personal growth and evaluation of self-care. After years of feeling like she was “stuck” or that she didn’t deserve anything better, and her daughter often caught in the crossfire, Tammy eventually left the situation despite not knowing what the future held. Nonetheless, she’s never looked back.

To say Tammy is a pillar of strength is a total understatement. She’s been through hell but with the grace of God and the support of her loving family, she has managed to keep her head above water and now she is helping others do the same. Today, she conveys the message that standing up for yourself in toxic relationships and knowing your self-worth is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Not only is Tammy breaking the cycle of abuse by sharing her story, but she’s setting an important example for her daughter to not put up with similar situations. In fact, she reminds me that in some regards, her life resembles that of her idol Marilyn Monroe. Drop-dead gorgeous looks aside, Tammy has had to learn how to stand up for herself and fight the good fight no matter what others say.

Now the epitome of health, compassion and a caring heart—Tammy is sharing her life’s purpose with an open mind through these Holiday-worthy photos in BodyScape Magazine so that readers can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This entire process of photographing for the magazine and being interviewed for the cover story has been imminent to her healing process. One that she says, “Made her feel like herself again!”

So, it is our hope that after reading her story, there might be a woman out there who is moved enough to make an exit from their own abusive relationship. And, that’s all Tammy wants. To make a difference in people’s lives based on her own experiences.

With that being said, I can confidently say that Tammy has made an impact on my life. Her words ring true as we spoke for this interview and I resonated with her experiences. So, before we move forward, I would like to thank Tammy for being so open about her marriage in our conversation. For you never know who is going through something similar at a time when they need to hear it the most.

Tammy, you have a heart of an angel and the strength of a lion—and for that you deserve every bit of health, happiness and praise we can give you in this issue. Congratulations on your cover feature! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see where your incredible work ethic and kind nature takes you next.


Q&A with Tammy Streich

KB: Hi, Tammy! We are super excited to have you on the cover of BodyScape Magazine! Please tell us a little bit about your background so our readers can get to know you better.

TS: I am from a very small town in Southwest Oklahoma, Hollis. I graduated with 30 people, that’s how small! I currently live in Edmond, Oklahoma with my daughter Sophie. She just turned 13 and is in the 7th grade.

KB: Do you have any family nearby?

TS: Yes! My mom, step dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, dad and several other cousins all live in Edmond within miles of each other. It’s great to have that family support system around. We are all from Hollis except my brother-in-law and my cousins’ spouses.

KB: What are you passionate about?

TS: I am very passionate about health and fitness. Not just looking good on the outside, but feeling good on the inside. My dad had a stroke when he was 43 (a smoker) and I was only 19 at the time. I had always been athletic and into sports and working out growing up, but that was a huge eye opener that life can be very short and health is one of our most important values in life.



TS: WOW, it’s such an honor to be a cover model, but the Holiday Issue is really something special. It’s a recap of the amazing women and men that have been featured through the entire year! What an amazing honor to be included among them. The images and the stories of everyone Sarah gets behind her lens, are just beautiful and inspirational. Christmas is my favorite holiday and it’s very special to be chosen as the cover and feature for such a special time of year!

TS: I have been in the health, fitness, and wellness industry in so many different aspects over my 32-year-career. I love helping people find their best self and feel healthy and well. Seeing them achieve their personal goals in every aspect of life is such a rewarding experience for me.

KB: What else makes you get out of bed in the morning?

TS: I’m definitely passionate about raising my daughter, Sophie. As a single mom since she was nine years old, it is sometimes quite challenging, but she’s such a great kid! Most of the time it’s pure joy watching her grow up and seeing things through her young eyes. We are very similar in ways, but very different in others, so seeing her become her own amazing young lady with her own thoughts and feelings is incredible. She is very articulate, confident, intuitive, and strong minded. I was 40 when I had her and she’s my purpose in life.

How do you feel about being on the cover of the Holiday issue?
KB: How long have you been invested in health and wellness?

KB: Is your daughter athletic like you?

TS: She is in All-Star Competitive Cheer and has been since she was 4. Not to brag too much, but she is a natural and always has been, so she’s always been placed on higher level teams than her age range averages. Watching her compete literally takes my breath away every single time! She’s a flyer so she’s in the air doing crazy things that scare a mom to death. Even though I cheered in high school and college, All Star is a whole other level.

KB: What would you say is your mission in life?

TS: To help as many people as possible become aware of just how important fitness, nutrition, wellness, and mental well-being are for you to live a happy healthy life. We only get one body and we have to treat it like the one of a kind that it is! I believe if you aren’t striving to improve your health and well-being, then life will be a lot more challenging in every other aspect.

TS: I work out at home. I enjoy the “me” time and I love training outdoors! I absolutely love being outside as much as possible. I mix up my routine all the time. I do cardio, which is usually walking or jogging the hills in my neighborhood, or my spin bike in the garage if it’s too cold out. I lift weights, do HIIT, swim if it’s summer and the pool is warm, jump rope, plyometrics, and no telling what else. Like I said I change it up all the time! I definitely have ADHD and it applies to my fitness routines as well. Usually I train five days a week for 30-45 minutes, hard no resting between exercises. If I’m getting ready for a shoot and want to trim up a little, I will increase to an hour or more six days a week. Sometimes add in fasted cardio in the mornings with strength training in the evenings. Lastly, I try to always do at least 1015 minutes of stretching after each workout.

As women we are our own worst critics. We are the cheer mom. The homemaker. The wife. The business partner. But you have to be you, too!

KB: Tell us about your fitness regimen. How many times do you work out a week?

TS: I train myself... I should know this stuff after 30+ years lol! I am not hardcore dieting ever again after years of fitness competitions, but I try to follow the 80/20 rule. I use my Herbalife shakes and supplements religiously. I do like my white wine, champagne, or vodka water occasionally. And of course a good old cheeseburger and fries every once in a while! It’s hard being a single mom constantly on the go with work and a teenager, so I like things quick and easy to fix.

KB: How did you get into the competitive fitness industry?

TS: I did my very first fitness competition right after I graduated college. I needed something to challenge myself to keep in shape after college cheer was over. I am very competitive and I work best with a finish line and a goal to be reached. I had always loved lifting weights and feeling strong, loved to perform, and the glamour and fashion aspect that shows a female can be both strong, fit, and muscular while still maintaining her femininity.

KB: When did you become a Pro?

TS: After my first show, I was hooked and have stayed involved in the fitness shows with different organizations. In 2011, I received my Pro status with the WBFF and somehow organically just turned that into becoming a coach for other competitors. I founded one of the first WBFF teams, Team Bling Sweat Heels, and have coached many women and men to their Pro status. Two of my clients went on to place top 3 in the world and they also won their crowns at the USA Championships.

KB: What about your nutrition plan? Do you have a trainer?

TS: I helped the team with training, nutrition, wardrobe, styling, and how to pose and perform on stage. That led me to becoming a promoter and organizing local shows for the WBFF. This got me noticed by a few photographers and I started doing fitness and fashion modeling. I have been published in several other magazines, most of the images used came from photo shoots I’ve done with Sarah Lyons Glabman and PictureGroove Photography.

TS: The various shoots have given me so many opportunities to branch out and continue to build my portfolio. Who knew at 53 years young that I would be on several billboards in Times Square in NYC, The Strip in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles during Fashion Week? It’s unbelievable and such a huge honor! I won’t say I just got lucky, because I don’t believe in luck. It takes perseverance, commitment, hard work, and working with the right team to bring out the very best in us.

I needed to heal myself and needed my daughter to heal. That was my number one priority. Setting boundaries is so important—and so is setting a positive example for my Sophie.

KB: That’s amazing! How exactly did you help your clients?
KB: What kind of opportunities have come out of your photo shoots with Sarah?


TS: WOW, where to start! I am a co-owner with my sister and brother-in-law in a Nutrition Club called Downtown Nutrition & Energy here in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma.


TS: It is a Herbalife nutrition club. As a part of being with the Herbalife company I am still able to coach and train all levels of fitness and wellness. I am very involved with Herbalife company and amazed at all the nutritional products they have. I have been in this industry for well over 30 years when supplements were first just starting out. I’ve tried so many and was never impressed with the taste or the results. So, I began as a customer and absolutely loved the products, which led me to invest in the company as a distributor and club owner.


TS: I actually have to thank my sister and brother-in-law for introducing me to this amazing company and the opportunities it has given me. Fun fact: The blue beach towel in my beach pictures from this BodyScape photo shoot is actually a towel from one of the many Herbalife trips that are available if you qualify with the company for one of their getaways! It says Herbalife on it, but I don’t think you can really see it in the pictures.

What projects are you currently working on?
What is your business about?
Congratulations! Sounds like you found a great niche for yourself back in the day. Is there anyone who helped you along the way or did this happen all by yourself?


TS: I am a wellness coach and do wellness evaluations for my clients—as well as set them up on their very own personal fitness, nutrition, and supplements plan. I use my years of knowledge as a personal trainer and fitness coach to coincide with my Herbalife business.

With these photo shoots, you can be whoever you want and do whatever. Sarah knows how to capture the real essence of women. You can be YOU. It’s an investment in yourself when you see yourself in that light. It’s so worth it.

Thanks for letting us know. What else do you do besides Herbalife?


TS: Yes! I still have a few Team BSH (Bling Sweat Heels) clients that I am coaching for the upcoming 2023 season. And, I am tossing around the thought of getting more active again with the WBFF organization now that my daughter is older and travel is much easier. We will have to wait and see what happens.

KB: I also heard you’re now helping Sarah with PictureGroove Photography! That’s great! You obviously know first-hand what this experience can mean to a person’s self-confidence and career.

TS: Absolutely. I just recently started working with PictureGroove Photography as the Photography Production Manager, which means I am working with Sarah to find models for both of her magazines. I have been tasked with scouting potential clients (models) and contacting to inform them about BodyScape Magazine, Epic Fit Magazine, and our Epic Destination Shoots. I also help new clients get set up to meet Sarah and our photo shoot crews.

KB: What happens after you find someone who fits the bill so to speak? In other words, how are you involved in getting them to the finish line with their photo shoots?

TS: I will help assist models with finding inspiration for the specific style of shoot they want to focus on. Some of the models are experienced but we also want to find new and exciting women and men who are new to being in front of the camera. Some people prefer to use the magazines as a platform to tell their story or just to make someone feel special and beautiful for a day. Trust me when I say that the memories and photos will last a lifetime! I will also plan to be on-site at the photo shoots as much as possible to help with any and every aspect of the very detailed process that goes into one of these amazing experiences.

My daughter has done some modeling. When she was 5 and 6 we went to LA Fashion Week. There’s also a cheer clothing line called Rebel out of Dallas where they do casting calls.

TS: Another company I’m just getting started with as an ambassador is Savvi Active and Lifestyle Wear. Their line is so fashionable, great quality, great pricing, and made to fit every unique individual while making them look and feel great. I’m really excited to get the ball rolling there in the New Year.

Do you still train competitors?
KB: Wow! You are super busy! What else are you involved in outside of your personal training business, Herbalife and PictureGroove Photography?

KB: Why did you shoot for BodyScape Magazine?

TS: Oh my gosh, I’ve known Sarah Lyons Glabman for over ten years now and I have shot with her so many times while I was still competing. I was actually at her very first Epic Destination Shoot years ago. She has also photographed my Team BSH several times, as well as many of my teammates (which by the way have all been published with their images from Sarah). Interestingly, I have been competing since the age of 23. Everyone says your body falls apart after having a child. So, I set goals to compete a year after I had my daughter and that’s exactly what I did 14 months later.

KB: What have your many “epic” shoots been like for you?

TS: Every time I’ve shot with Sarah it’s been a unique and amazing experience. We have also grown to be very close friends. My daughter calls her Aunt Sarah! This particular photo shoot was very different in many ways though.

KB: How so?

TS: Well, I hadn’t done a photo shoot in seven years before this one—and the last time was with Sarah. I stopped competing to focus more on the logistics of coaching and promoting. During this seven-year-span, my life went through a major change. I was divorced after 16 total years of marriage. Mind you, this wasn’t a divorce I wanted (and was caused by infidelity). I was devastated to say the least; and so was my young daughter at the time.


KB: I’m so sorry to hear that you went through all that. Please feel free to share what you want to about that difficult time. Your story will undoubtedly help others going through something similar.

TS: When I say I never saw it coming, I mean it was like getting hit by a bus while taking a lovely stroll down the street. It’s the age old story of older man meets younger girl(s) at work and decides one of them is worth him leaving his family for. I don’t want to get into all the details and sound like the bitter ex, but it did turn my entire world upside down.

KB: Besides the obvious, how did this experience effect you and make you become stronger as a whole?

TS: I suffer from anxiety as it is, which is controlled quite a bit with exercise, but this sent me into a deep dark depression and state of uncontrollable anxiety. Panic attacks, lost 20 pounds, couldn’t eat or sleep. I had already given up my career to be a stay-at-home mom. We had gone through years of fertility treatments and finally got pregnant, but we lost the baby. So, we decided to stop treatments and just accept it wasn’t in God’s plan for us to have a child.

KB: What happened next?

TS: Well, we all know God has his own divine timing and I became pregnant all on our own about a year after we stopped treatments. It’s crazy because when I had prayed and prayed, I specifically asked God to give me a child before I was over 40. As fate had it, I found out I was pregnant two months before my 40th birthday and Sophie was born while I was still 40. I was


working as a medical sales rep regularly traveling across three states, so we knew I couldn’t continue with that. Luckily, we were at a place in life where we could afford for me to stay home and raise our beautiful miracle baby daughter.

KB: Did you continue with your fitness shows at that time?

TS: I actually did my first Bikini competition after her birth when she was 14 months old. It was a goal I had set for myself to prove that I could be over 40, have a child, and still get the body back I wanted! I hate the word “can’t” so I refuse to believe there isn’t anything a person can do once they set their mind to it. I was technically a stay-at-home mom, but I started Team BSH and promoting shows so I was working, but had the flexibility to take care of my child’s needs first. Fast forward to right before my daughter turned eight—and that’s when I discovered the affair(s).

KB: What did you do?

TS: We both decided to work on the marriage and try to repair it. With professional counseling, I came to find out that my ex had supposedly not been happy for years, which again was a huge shock. As time went on, one of the affairs continued and eventually I decided to make him leave the house. However, after years of counseling and therapy, I’ve come to realize the narcissistic abuse I was used to. The emotional abuse towards me and at the end towards our daughter, was unbearable during the entire divorce process, which lasted over a year. It eventually led to physical abuse towards me.

I was very close with my nana. I always thought that my nana in heaven told the angels to sprinkle Sophie with pixie dust. Sophie reminds me of my nana in so many ways.


TS: Basically, if anyone has ever lived with a narcissistic person, and gone through the discarding phase, they can tell you it’s absolutely horrible. You question everything about yourself and your self-worth. The gaslighting and stonewalling are indescribable unless you’ve experienced it. As a result, my daughter hasn’t seen or spoken to her dad in almost two years now (except for a few quick encounters). Which if you would have told me this is how things would turn out, I would have never believed you! So, now we look on the bright side.

TS: My sister actually introduced me to Herbalife and the rest is history. I was angry at God at the time because I wanted my family back together. Now I can see how toxic he was to us. The day our divorce was final, everything shut down because of the pandemic. However, it was the best thing ever for me and Sophie. It was a blessing because we had so much trauma so we couldn’t go outside. We got to regroup. She had anxiety at school. People started to see it and she’d have panic attacks. We were privy to all the mental abuse.

KB: What did you learn about your relationship after all this?
KB: Is this positive outlook also how you started your next business venture?

KB: The way I see it, you’ve come through your divorce more selfconfident. How do you stay so strong?

TS: At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. So, back to the original question as to why I did this shoot? It was for ME and me only. I wanted to find ME again! The confident, self-assured, doesn’t believe in can’t, small town girl that had never let anyone make her feel less than she really was. I needed to get all my power back and show my daughter just how strong and confident her mom really is. I was healing, and always will be in some ways, and this shoot brought me back to who the heck I really am!

KB: What was the first thing you did once you decided you were going to do the shoot?

TS: I told Sarah that night after the shoot was over, that this shoot and the whole experience of it completely changed my mindset! I was in a sense reborn into a stronger version of Tammy. And, at 53 years young, I feel more confident and pretty and capable than I have in years!!! It quite literally changed my life!

KB: Describe the photo shoot day for those who may consider booking!

TS: We woke up around 8:00 am and started makeup and hair and putting together the last pieces of my wardrobe and styling. It was super chill and relaxing on set. We laughed and talked and decided all the last minute details about the flow of the shoot, the locations for each style—all while the videographer was filming. We decided


to start with the white Marilyn look since it was hot and humid in Miami and this look was shot inside. Then we changed to the pink “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” modern Marilyn look, which also was shot inside. Next, I changed and we went to the beach, which was a short walk from where we stayed, and shot the two Marilyn Monroe vintage swimsuit looks. The towel shots were also inspired by one of Marilyn’s photo shoots.

KB: How did it work with the glam squad?

TS: They were all amazing. We went back to the room to retouch makeup and change hair for my next “JLo” looks and headed back out to shoot the black and the turquoise looks. We then shot the turquoise cape on the street with the guided expertise of a very kind homeless man. He gave me advice on my posing! It was sweet. It’s sad the amount of homeless people in our country, but he was so kind and it made me appreciate the goodness I do have in my life.

KB: Anything else stand out from your experience?

TS: The fashion stylist Joey Rolon made me feel so special at the shoot—and when he told me he had worked with JLo and Britney Spears, I knew I was in good hands. It was the first time I was away from Sophie in four years since the divorce. But, I didn’t want to bring her because this was for ME!

KB: How did this make you feel?

TS: I talked closely with Sarah and told her, I feel like me again!!!! That’s when we started to think about me becoming an ambassador for the shoots. I finally saw myself as a beautiful, strong, and fit woman again—not just Sophie’s mom. I was an abuse survivor who came out the other end. I wasn’t in my best shape but I think sometimes it’s better. It all just started glowing back into me. I felt like TAMMY again. The shoot was the icing on the cake for my comeback.


KB: What about your wardrobe? It’s gorgeous!

TS: Joey of course added his own special touches the whole time; along with unique ideas that just brought it all together. Like the turquoise with the gold bikini, and black gloves with the white swimsuit! I never would have thought of that! Plus, lots of other little extras, like adding my nana’s pearl belt as a part of the back of the Marilyn white dress.

KB: Any celebrity-inspired looks?

TS: A little secret is that I’ve had that gold bikini for years! I just threw a bunch of my own things in and they all made me feel so amazing. Some of my looks like the black outfit were inspired by Jennifer Lopez. She’s 53, very classy, and very sexy. JLo and Jennifer Aniston depict this look for me.

KB: Why does this quote resonate with you so much?

TS: I love it because it truly describes me; and a lot of people in this world. None of us are perfect, so no one has the right to expect perfection from anyone else. If a person who says they love you, only loves you at your best and can’t support you when you are at your worst—well that’s not real unconditional love.

KB: What have you learned from her life?

TS: People think if you’re pretty or you look well you’re OK and put together, but this doesn’t mean you’re not completely crumbling inside. Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman in the world and yet deeply unhappy. This is where I think men get away with treating women like they’re crazy, even when they’re not.

KB: What are your similarities?

There are so many women who are victims in their relationships and in the courts. The courts don’t recognize emotional abuse as much as they do physical.

TS: I think there are a lot of similarities between me and Marilyn because we both suffered through fertility issues and miscarriage. Not to mention, experiencing self-loathing and the feeling as a woman of being “less than” in some way because we are “supposed” to bear children. And then when our body refuses, it plays a large part in our emotional state.

KB: What's your favorite quote and why?

TS: It’s actually a quote by Marilyn Monroe. I love what she stands for. The quote goes like this: “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” -Marilyn Monroe

KB: Tell our readers a little bit more about your Marilyn Monroe themed shoot for BodyScape. Looks amazing!

TS: As you can probably tell, I’ve always been intrigued with the mystery surrounding her death (supposed suicide). It’s hard to understand how one of the most beautiful, talented, and smart women in the world who seemingly had the world at her feet, could still feel so inadequate and insecure at times. Her mental health and her unhealthy desire to find a “daddy


figure” to make her feel complete must have been a huge void in her life that totally consumed her.

She also had a mother with mental health issues who had to be admitted to a mental hospital and “Norma Gene” became an orphan yet still went on to become the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Her life proves that a person’s worth and value doesn’t come from the outside world or how you look—it’s actually what is inside and how you feel about yourself. Our own perceptions of ourselves can absolutely consume us and destroy our lives.

KB: You mentioned that your nana also admired her from afar.

TS: Yes, my nana, Rena Horton, was a huge fan. It was actually her white mink coat that I wore for this shoot. Embroidered with her name. She left it to me when she passed. That mink was a present from her husband, after he went on a drinking binge and treated her horribly. My nana was beautiful and I see so much of her in my daughter. The Auburn hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and very girly! I always say nana put in a custom order with God for Sophie.

Not to mention, my nana never went anywhere without her “face on” or her hair perfectly styled. She was “fancied” up until the day she passed. We made sure she was in her beautiful nightgown with makeup and hair done. To some that may seem vain, but I believe that was one thing in her life she had complete control over after living years with an abusive alcoholic husband. She never let weakness show. She stayed through it all because that was the commitment she had made. I see the similarities in her, Marilyn and myself. The Mink coat (which I know some people have issues with, but it’s a family heirloom), which I won’t apologize for honoring two beautiful women (as well as myself) by capturing these beautiful images with it. Plus, I’m all about hard work and sweat, but I love the glamorous style as well as anyone.


No one knows what truly goes on in a person’s life... they may look all shiny and perfect to the outside world but be falling apart completely inside and behind closed doors.

adventures and experiences!

KB: Do you have a special message for your daughter?

KB: What’s your advice for getting out of a dark spot and into a more positive way of life?

TS: It’s a gradual thing—it was not quick or easy. I kept going to therapy and I’ve always been a very reactional person. React versus respond. You put more pressure on yourself. Narcissists want that reaction and it took me a good year to feel kind of normal. I became so obsessed with my weight and wasn’t eating. I lost 20 pounds and was “over” working out. I’d do boot camp for 45 minutes and I was all go, go, go. It wasn’t a healthy way to live.

KB: So, ultimately, you’re saying that a healthy lifestyle changed your perspective on life?

TS: Fitness saved my life! I eventually got back in the gym as a way to release that stress. Even crying through workouts helps. I’m definitely an overthinker who has experienced anxiety and depression. But, physical fitness pulls me out of all that. It’s been my true constant in life besides my beautiful daughter.

KB: What are your aspirations in life? Goals? Next Steps?

TS: I want as much peace and stability as possible in my life for me and my daughter. We’ve been through hell and back and we survived coming out stronger and wiser. I also want to continue to grow my businesses and provide financial stability for us. I love to travel and I hope I have the means to see the rest of the world someday—and go to places I’ve never been, meet different people, and have great

TS: All I can say is that I try to raise the best teenager possible and love to see her continue to grow in cheer, school, and in her life. I really want Sophie to know how proud I am to be her mom and that she truly is a miracle child. I also want to help as many people as I can to find their own happiness with health and wellness. To show women just how resilient and beautiful we all are. I want everyone to see how special they are through the eyes of others—and I want to educate people on how important nutrition and fitness are in life so they can feel good, look good, and live a long healthy life. We only get one go at it; remember, this isn’t a dress rehearsal!

KB: What is something you truly believe in and why?

TS: Family! Without my family and my close circle of friends, I don’t know how I would have survived one of the most difficult times of my life. We all need a support system that has our back when we need it and we have to be ready to be there for them as well. Fitness has truly saved my life more than once. It is a huge factor in relieving my stress and anxiety. Without it I don’t really know who I would be. I truly believe that working out is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good and learning to push through the pain. Just like in strength training, our muscles are torn down to repair and grow stronger. Life is going to tear you down at times and having that mental toughness to help you push through that pain will help you grow stronger, bigger, and better! We all go through growing pains just like the pain you go through sometimes in training your body. Fitness gives us life and the strength to get through it. Sometimes a good workout is just the escape from reality you need to get you through another day.


KB: What’s your advice on staying confident through the difficult times?

TS: I recently read the book The Secret which talks about the law of attraction and that is something I have really been trying to practice! If you believe it you can achieve it! Like attracts like and the Universe and God will give to you what you ask for and what you are ready to receive. Try to feel good every day and keep negative thoughts out of your mind. Focus on what you WANT, not on what you DON’T want.

KB: What would you like to leave with our readers?

TS: I wish more people were aware of their own mental health issues. A lot of these problems also stem from what you put in your body. Get out and walk for 10-15 minutes.

KB: Any words of wisdom?

TS: I definitely have faith in God almighty! He’s given me more miracles in this lifetime than anything bad. My dad has been at death’s door several times, but was given the chance to live and walk his daughters down the aisle and now see his grandkids grow. My daughter is my number one miracle, I was told I had like .2 percent of getting pregnant on my own; and the odds with fertility weren’t much better, but here she is! Healthy, happy and so alive with greatness, kindness, compassion and love for others. Also, all of my businesses are built with the entrepreneurial concept. It gives me freedom to be my own boss and build my own future.


Kerrie Lee Brown is the editor-in-chief of BodyScape Magazine and Epic Fit Magazine. As a recognized journalist, women’s health advocate, published author and speaker, she has worked for numerous health and lifestyle magazines in Canada and the U.S.—and is the former editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and American Health & Fitness. Kerrie Lee can be hired for content writing, ghostwriting, speaking and book consulting at

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Healthy Daily DETOX for Body Refresh!

Key Topics: Shortcuts to Detox & Cleansing, IBS, Candida Albicans, Liver & Lymph Super Heroes, Cellular and Environmental Pollution & Toxicity Motivate Action, Aloe Vera, Organic Foods and Essential Supplements. Words: 1700 February 3, 2021

Living life with a Daily Detox mantra and following healthy guidelines 80-90% definitely adds to the quality and also length of one’s life (1). Applying health honors the design of the body.

People who take action reap the benefits of more energy and vitality with reduced aging markers, healthier skin plus actually lower their chances of developing one or more of a growing list of unwanted diseases. Athletes even find a special bonus of greater stamina, recovery and fewer injuries in competition.

* Body Systems & Metabolism Efficiency

* Safe Environment & Low Pollution Impact Factors

First target the support of the body systems and metabolism applying health. Next review the environmental factors that are essential for body wellness including; a safe living space, clean air, water, full spectrum light or sunshine and strive for restful sleep. Sleep actually allows the body to detoxify and rebuild body systems (2).

Detox for preventative health?

A healthy body allows for fun and full life! The sad truth is disease is on the rise 25 - 30% in all categories affecting more children and younger adults - so early detection and prevention is the best advice to all persons - after developing a daily health and detox program.

Why choose to Daily

Cardiovascular Disease CVD did reduce 30% from 50 yrs. ago yet it still affects one in three people, very close to the statistics of cancer, diabetes, liver, digestive and skin diseases. The researchers now admit they understand the importance of health and the direct correlation to decrease disease - genetics is 6th after diet, exercise, obesity, smoking and other environmental factors like pollution. And Tuft’s Univ. found the average 60 yr. old is ingesting up to 6 medications that become very depleting to the body affecting digestion and health as well (3).

Environmental Facts Motivate a Daily Detox

Our world is beautiful yet full of extreme foods, fast lifestyles and industries that are constantly bombarding the body with pollutants; dangerous concentrated sugars and heated oils, toxic poisons, heavy metals, and pesticides(4). These toxic burdens compound with the normal body cellular waste that alone can be extremely toxic. This is especially concerning if the elimination channels of the body are blocked with constipation, Candida Albicans (a fungal overgrowth), bowel disease, poor nutritional support and inactivity.

* 2003, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine found an average of 91 toxic chemicals in 9 volunteers testing blood and urine. Of the 167 found; 94 were toxic to the brain and nervous system, 76 carcinogenic and 79 linked to birth defects.

* 2020, CDC, Review of Toxic Substance Act, shows thousands of chemicals still not evaluated. Past human studies by the US EPA of our “Toxic Soup”, counted 700 different plastics, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury) from the over 80,000 toxic chemicals found today in our environment. Canadian researchers also confirmed over 200 pollutants found in the core blood contaminating newborns.

What is Daily Detox?

Detoxification is a natural system of the body. It demands the entire body working well to achieve success every day not just seasonally. At times the body gets stuck and needs help. This is why the addition of specific herbs, supplements and foods can be terrific short cuts to speed the process. Check out the full lists of ways to detox and health protocols in the book, Beyond Gluten Intolerance-GIS, on Amazon

Especially important is a functioning liver, lymph system, lungs, kidneys, stomach, colon and skin. They get lazy and sometimes stop working. These organs and systems are designed to work synergistically to cleanse the over 80,000 trillion cells and tissues, of waste build up and to allow for proper body metabolism and support the entire body to work well (5).


It’s a big job and these organs require Vitamin E along with (90) other essential nutrients from foods and supplements. A good digestive system is a must too especially with fat soluble vitamins. Bowel disease may block absorption of all essential fats E, A, EFA and K paramount for function and renewal. The herb Aloe Vera in the concentrated whole leaf form, not over processed with a partner of Probiotics - prepares a foundation for the daily detox results.

Roadblocks to Health

* Addictions - sugars, breads, carbohydrates, junk foods, alcohol, and drugs all types.

* Digestive Disease - IBS, IBD and GI Tract Under functioning with constipation or diarrhea.

* Poor Diets – Omissions, not supplementing leading to mal-absorption and advanced toxicity.

Cleansing the body and nourishing it allows for new cells even DNA repair to rebuild the body even mend it genetically. Unfortunately, many people have roadblocks to better health. So do your best each day eating healthier and taking a few support supplements and keep a log what you ingest, actions and how you feel each day for 45 – 90 days, allowing for new cell REFRESH!

Advanced Toxicity Disease Facts

All the organs and glands play important roles in body health. However, the liver and the lymph system are truly super heroes of the body. Abuse, neglect and disease overloads them both resulting in unhealthy waste in the tissues and poor metabolism. This leads to fatigue, low immunity, and vulnerability to more diseases and pain. However, have faith that you can improve and reverse advanced toxicity yet it takes understanding of how the body works and action.

* Lymph is essential for healthy immunity and it’s in every square inch of tissue requiring hydration, nutrition and exercise to actually circulate the clear fluid throughout the 600 nodes. They contain white blood cells WBC’s within to fight against; germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus. Lymph then carries out the debris to the blood which then goes to the liver and kidneys for cleansing. A clean colon, lungs and skin all work together to also rid the body of waste.

* The LIVER is responsible for hundreds of metabolic actions to include; detoxification and cleansing of the blood, generating specialized proteins, making bile for digestion and pH balancing in the gut, along with cholesterol, hormones and even anti-oxidation enzymes like S.O.D. - that slows aging in the body. It’s also storage of nutrients of glycogen, and other fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K that support fast energy and cellular health.


Many diseases can inflict the liver if vulnerable like hepatitis, yet a growing problem with food and alcohol abuse, called “Fatty Liver” is very dangerous affecting 1 in 4 people. Excessive visceral fat (apple shape) with slim and obese people makes the liver lazy. If this unhealthy fat% is not addressed researchers say it may lead to, scarring, and cirrhosis even premature death. Research confirms the body responds to health - even losing 10 – 15 pounds (if overweight) and a therapeutic diet and supplements like the herb Milk Thistle and Aloe.

* Glycation is a similar associated condition resulting from the excessive of glucose in the body tissues. Due to mal-nutrition the body is unable to metabolize it as energy from a lack of enzymes. It can cause particular damage to the vascular system resulting in premature strokes and even sudden death.

Excessive Glucose (high sugar, carbohydrate, junk food diets) is also a factor in diabetes and CVD, Metabolic X Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Auto-Immune Neuromuscular Brain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and definately cancer. Research and use the facts to motivate action and make sure to FORGIVE YOURSELF for anything – NO GUILT JUST ACTION!

Shortcuts for Daily Detox & Body Wellness

* Diet – Organic (as possible) Mediterranean, Paleo or Keto Diets, GIS Diet (low inflammatory low gluten) accenting vegetable juices (carrot celery), vegetable soups, salads and a variety of easy to absorb quality proteins. Eat every 3 – 4 hours and chew all foods well. Include; a variety of proteins 25%, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, and lean healthier meats balanced with 75% vegetables 3-4 cups. Fresh fruits in season or frozen berries 1 -2 servings. Only drink warm water or room temperature with meals, herb teas – no iced beverages. Water, 64 oz. as required is essential. Reduce: whole grains, sugar and cow’s milk and observe how yogurt, cottage cheese and any other dairy foods affect you.

* Popular Dietary Supplements - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate (juice or tablets before meals) or DetoxPlus Juice [#1 Activaloe by Aloe Life], Probiotics, FiberMate, Daily Greens (as tolerated), Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl-Cysteine NAC, B12-B Complex Liquid, Vitamin E, EFA’s (fish oils + A & D liquid or Algae source), Vitamin C, plus Minerals. Avoid Gelatin and if diarrhea reduce quantity of program.


* Extras – Exercising daily, and stretching, fasting, enemas, colonics and body work as tolerated. Herbal Shortcuts in 45 – 90 Days from head to toe!

The ancient people of years past developed many of the same illnesses that modern people of today experience. They found relief with herbal medicine, foods, acupuncture and bodywork including massage. It’s surprising yet many lived long lives into their 80’s and beyond.

Herbs are gaining in popularity today with Aloe Vera 6th on the list out of hundreds to choose from along with Greens – as an easy fast food that’s good for you. Big difference in Aloe so look for the dark golden yellow color not over processed and concentrated. A quality product will perform fast supporting; digestion, cleansing, and balancing immunity plus giving support to troubled skin – an Herbal Shortcut and lots of Fun – Enjoy!

Karen Masterson Koch is a clinical nutritionist and health educator with over 35 yrs. experience in counseling in Southern California. Karen is an expert on Aloe Vera, Gluten and author of Beyond Gluten Intolerance GIS, which is available on Amazon, or by calling 1-800-414-2563.


(1) 2010, Thomas, M.D., the New England Centenarian Study, on Successful Agers, Boston, MA ; Results found 1. Eating Well 2. Exercise, Strength Training and Stay Active 3. Social 4. Curiosity 5. Play 6. Sleep 7. Have Goals and this was the largest study completed on people to live healthy up to 100 yrs. of age.

(2) 2011, Beyond Gluten Intolerance – GIS, K.M. Koch, CN. , Ch. 6 pg.259-274, Environmental Toxicity & Allergies major health factors.

(3) 2009, Tuft’s Univ., E. Williams, I. Rosenberg, 30 yr. - Healthy Aging Study, 1991, BIOMARKERS, 10 yr. documentation of findings of 77,000 human trials confirming healthy diet, supplements, supported HCL digestion and lifestyle mitigated symptoms of disease.

(4) 2017, Akira Yagi, Byung P. Yu, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research, Putative AntiCancer Action of Aloe Vera Via Butyrate Fermentation,

(5) 2000, Research at Health Science Center, Univ. TX A & M and Konkuk, Univ. S. Korea, Efficacy of Dietary Aloe Vera Supplementation on Hepatic Cholesterol and Oxidative Stress; Phase II Anti-Oxidant Enzymes stimulated SOD and others significantly.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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