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s I type this letter, my husband and I are “on vacation” in Carlsbad, California. Well, sort of… as a creative person, it is very hard for me to NOT work. There are many layers to what I do as a photographer, publisher, marketer, employer and more--and I love it all!

To be here in sunny California, away from the Arizona summer heat, has been a huge blessing. I also created ALL of the stunning images for Linda Mitchell’s cover feature here too! I am usually very systematic when I do my editing, as I have a process like most creatives do. I guess part of my “vacation” was learning to relax my “sytematic-ness” a bit. It is OK for me to do my editing “on the road” so to speak. The photos came out just as beautiful as if they were done in my studio. Working on this issue of BodyScape Magazine featuring Linda Mitchell was easy for me. My relationship with Linda is exactly that…easy. We’ve gotten along like great friends ever since the first time we met and shot back in 2011 at the Fitness Universe weekend in South Florida. She has always turned to me for not only beautiful photos, but a great experience at the same time. There are always lots of laughs, good feels, and obviously beautiful images. This time, we closed out this photo shoot with (a couple) rounds of champagne with famed celebrity stylist Joey Rolon and Linda’s great friend Shelly Mattes. (More on Shelly in the next issue!) The difference with this photo shoot for Linda is that she had an entire crew on set this time, ensuring that all aspects of what we needed to create for her were dialed in to perfection. It was indeed a production that far surpassed anything she and I have done before. Lisa Opie is Miami’s top makeup and hair artist, and she made Linda look like a celebrity. Jose Chavez did Linda’s hair styles throughout the day. Joey Rolon took wardrobe that I had, mixed it in with wardrobe and accessories that he had, and created Linda’s overall looks to perfection. It was very important to capture Linda’s message of sharing her inner light with people, and to never let others dim your light. We all have an inner light, but some don’t know how to let theirs shine. Linda has learned exactly how to do just that, as you can read in her beautiful article written by Kerrie Lee Brown beginning on page 17. Miami may be calling again in 2023, but for now, if you’d like to experience a shoot like this with Joey Rolon and Lisa Opie, make sure you join us in Vegas November 3-9, at Epic Destination Shoot Las Vegas. The locations will indeed be EPIC as will the images, and YOU will have an opportunity to land a cover in an upcoming issue of BodyScape Magazine! Visit for all the details, and I am looking forward to seeing YOU in front of my lens!

ON THIS SHOOT: Photography and retouching Sarah Lyons Glabman, BodyScape Magazine publisher and lead photographer |  @BodyScapeMagazine |  @PictureGroove |  EpicDestinationShoot




Letter from the




very day is a chance to make things happen. It doesn’t matter if your goals are personal or professional, the fact that you are reading this magazine right now tells me that you are following your heart—which means you’re making a difference in some way. I try to do this in my own life as well. Read my article, “Taking Inventory of Your Mental Health” on page 15 to find out how I recently took control of my professional life so I could make more of a difference on a personal level. Onward and upward with my PictureGroove Photography family! This issue, I also had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Linda Mitchell who is the perfect example of someone who follows her dreams. Besides being a glamma (grandmother) to Parker Elizabeth Brodman and Elliot Nash Brodman who is on the way, she also has eight Ms. Fitness titles and placed Top 5 ten times at Fitness America / Fitness Universe. In addition, she’s won five Spartans in her age group. All of this happened in her 40s and 50s. Can you believe she’s in her late fifties? WOW! Linda went to school, authored two books and opened her business then too. She’s one smart woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She’s a trailblazer in the fitness, podcast and business world. That’s why I love helping Sarah Lyons Glabman with her content every issue. I get to interview so many interesting people. Case in point, it’s no surprise that Linda is someone you can easily resonate with. I was blown away during our interview and hope you will be too when you read her Q&A (see page 24). At the end of the day, I am truly grateful to be able to write all of the BodyScape cover stories and help bring your stories to life with Sarah’s AMAZING photography. If you are interested in booking a photo shoot with PictureGroove Photography and BodyScape Magazine, contact me at After all, I know in my heart of hearts that this cutting-edge publication has so much more storytelling to get out there. And, you will make a HUGE difference when you do. Let’s make things happen together! Yours in health,

Lead Publisher and Photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman

Editor-in-Chief KERRIE LEE BROWN

Art director & BodyScape Designer RAJPOOT TALIB

Posing and Detail Coach MONICA BRANT


Kerrie Lee Brown Editor-in-Chief BodyScape Magazine


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Table of Contents Page 9: “Publisher’s Letter” by Sarah Lyons Glabman

Page 10: “Editor’s Letter” by Kerrie Lee Brown

Page 15-16: “Taking Inventory of Your Mental Health”

Our editor-in-chief shares why your mental health should be top of mind in love, life and at the office. BY KERRIE LEE BROWN

Page 17-22: “Her Story of Love & Light”

Introducing our stunning cover model Linda Mitchell! We talk to Linda about her fitness journey and why she is determined to help women become healthier and more confident. BY KERRIE LEE BROWN

Page 23-62: “Cover Model Q &A”

From her personal business mentors to running her own business and mentoring other women, Linda Mitchell offers some great advice on how to remain positive and recognize your own self-worth. BY KERRIE LEE BROWN

Page 63-67: “Capturing the Cover!”

This beautiful cover took a lot of hard work. Learn how BodyScape Magazine publisher and lead photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman and her talented crew made this entire issue come to life. BY SARAH LYONS GLABMAN

Page 69-70: “The Benefits of Sunlight Therapy”

Find out how sunlight can elevate your “feel good” endorphins and why BodyScape Magazine’s publisher moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. BY SARAH LYONS GLABMAN

Page 71-72: “Love Yourself”

Why learning to love yourself is the best thing you can do for YOU! BY KAREN MULLARKEY

Page 73-79: “Aloe Vera”

Expert advice on the benefits of this #1 herbal superfood. BY KAREN MASTERSON KOCH


Kerrie’s Corner Linda’s issue


MENTAL HEALTH Your mental health should be a priority in life, love and work. By Kerrie Lee Brown This past year has taught me so much about myself as a career person, mom and wife. I have realized that my health is more important than any job, connection or promotion—and that happiness can only come when your true passions are being honored. My family being my number one priority with my health leading the charge. One of the reasons my intuition was telling me to look at my life is because I started to “lose” myself. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and where my actions were taking me. In other words, my work life was overtaking my own professional goals. So, I took a step back and realized that when you have your health—you are more productive and a better person all around. While my physical health is good, or being managed regularly with proper eating habits and exercise, my mental health has been the factor for some of my setbacks.

16 TODAY I am recharged and look forward to an exciting year. I no longer think of my career as a means to an end, but rather, an end to a means. I love what I do and share my elation with friends and family, but not because I feel I need to. TODAY I no longer feel the need to climb for the sake of climbing or impressing anyone. TODAY I reach for new heights in my heart and soul because it inspires others. TODAY I am more myself than ever before—and I love it. The world is now my stage and my efforts to help others achieve their goals and aspirations is the reward.

REFLECTION WORK: Without getting into all the nitty-gritty details, my life has been a whirlwind the past few years and my priorities have gotten out of whack. I have learned first and foremost that without your mental, physical and emotional health in check, you can’t be there for your family, friends or colleagues the way you want to. Long story short, I made a decision to change my life. While I write this column, I reflect on the fact that I am grateful for everything in my life. I also know first-hand that it is super important to practice gratitude. When I had a heart attack at age 39, not only did I have to learn to slow down and appreciate my life—I also re-evaluated my priorities. So, here I am again having to make the difficult decision to make a career change. Recently, I decided to resign from a full-time position in my field to focus on my own business. Ultimately, I am doing this for me. Despite the pressure to stay in a “stable” job where regular paychecks have become the norm; turning my efforts to smaller, more mission-aligned clients is where my heart is telling me go. With all this being said, your mental health is a priority. If your job, relationship, friend group or some other activity isn’t serving your overall health, then I highly recommend you reevaluate your life. I am excited to see where this next part of my journey takes me.

If you’re going through a challenging time in your life or want to make a change, a little reflection work never hurts. Think about these questions: - What fills your cup? - Are you following your dreams? - Are you happy with your work or home life? - Are you making a difference in the ways you in society?

Think about these questions on a daily basis and try to take small steps to reach your goals. Even the smallest change can make a big difference. For more information on how to stay motivated and to acknowledge the self-love process, visit for hundreds of personal “pain to purpose” stories from around the world.

Stay positive. Stay motivated. Stay true to you!

Kerrie Lee Brown BodyScape Magazine Editor-in-chief

The following points are some of my personal thoughts on career transitions—and a pertinent part in my mental health journey. Whenever I feel doubt, I say them to myself and remain as positive as possible knowing that those difficult conversations with myself are probably the most important conversations I will ever have.


want to




Cover Model Linda Mitchell

By Kerrie Lee Brown Bodyscape Magazine Editor-in-Chief One of the reasons I love my job is because I get to interview the most amazing people. As a veteran journalist who has profiled everyone from A-list celebrities to Super Bowl winners to dignitaries and award-winning gurus, it never ceases to amaze me when I start writing an article about someone who not only stands out on paper, but who makes a huge impact on your heart right from the moment you say hello. With that being said, this month’s cover model Linda Mitchell is a spectacular stand out for me! I am always intrigued by new people and it truly fills my soul to learn the ins and outs of their intricate worlds. So, it’s no surprise that Linda is someone you can instantly resonate with. After all, she prides herself on the art of “connecting” with others and sharing her own pain-to-purpose journey in the hopes of helping others through theirs. Believe me when I say, Linda’s personal transformation story warrants its own book and has in fact led her to practicing gratitude every day. It’s something we should all take in and emulate. As a talented business woman who has climbed mountains to build her own business (even through the pandemic) she has proven once again that self-confidence and hard work will make you

unstoppable. Her determination to always move forward and be a problem solver makes her a force to be reckoned with. And, lucky for us, Linda’s not stopping anytime soon. She’s on a roll and we are definitely not complaining! As Linda’s story unfolds in true storytelling fashion, trust me when I say that I am honored to be the one to pen her article for BodyScape Magazine. Her journey deserves to be told to audiences everywhere—as well as accompany these gorgeous photos taken by the one and only Sarah Lyons Glabman. However, without giving too much away in this introduction, our cover model is much, much more than her Golden Goddess looks. Linda is a savvy entrepreneur with tons of love to give to those who are willing to look inward and tackle the healing journey together. I also learned that Linda will challenge you with good reason. Rest assured, she will push you until you reach your goals, but like an angel sent from heaven, she will also lift you up and help you see the gleaming light that ultimately shines from within you. Not many people have this innate dichotomy of attributes that bring out the best in people no matter what the situation. But, she does.


As a domestic violence survivor turned leading women’s health expert, best-selling author, Fitness Boutique Owner and creator of The Sisterhood of Sweat brand, Linda has made it her personal mission to empower women to take care of their own health by getting in the best shape of their lives. In other words, she encourages her clients to work on the physical and mental aspects of their being. She is a pillar of strength for young girls and women alike. All you have to do is look at our cover to see how Linda’s electric message shines through. Her work has become the catalyst for realizing her purpose to help others—and her infectious energy stays with you forever. In fact, you can tell by Linda’s vivaciousness and confidence that there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. While all of this is impressive enough, she’s also so much more. Linda is an award-winning fitness competitor, cover and billboard model and host of the popular podcast, The Sisterhood of Sweat, which is a Top 50 podcast with over 1/2 million downloads to date. What more can we say? Linda is on the top of her game. Having graced the stage at various prominent events and business symposiums, Linda is a profound public speaker with accolades including Podfest, Women’s Future Conference and Comeback Champion. She has also written her own column entitled “Fit Over Forty” and has appeared as a guest on ABC, NBC, Bold TV and Fox.

Kerrie Lee Brown Editor-in-Chief

As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Linda has also worked with dozens of inspiring thought leaders, such as Heidi Powell, JJ Virgin, Natalie Jill, Anne Louise Gittleman, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Lori Shemek and even Elaine LaLanne. In 2020 alone, Linda has been able to double and then triple her income while eliminating all of her debt. She’s the ultimate entrepreneur with cuttingedge business philosophies and marketing chops to go the distance. Besides being a glamma (grandmother) to Parker Elizabeth Brodman and Elliot Nash Brodman who is on the way, she also has eight Ms. Fitness titles and placed Top 5 ten times at Fitness America / Fitness Universe. In addition, she’s won five Spartans in her age group. All of this happened in her 40s and 50s. Can you believe? Linda went to school, authored two books and opened her business then too. Whew! Makes me tired thinking of all that’s she’s done in a short timeframe. Incredible. At the end of the day, Linda Mitchell is someone who practices what she preaches. She is sweet and smart. Kind and compassionate. Strong and motivating. Selfless and self-confident. I was really blown away during our interview and I hope you will be too when you read her Q&A. I am truly grateful to find out what makes this blonde bombshell tick and why she does what she does—because that in itself speaks volumes of her charisma, inner strength and compassion for others. All she wants to do is help people. And, she certainly is with many self-made avenues and touch points for clients to obtain her stellar coaching and expertise. Now, here’s your chance to get to know Linda Mitchell a little bit more.







Q&A KB: Where are you from and where do you live now? LM: I grew up in Middletown, Ohio and currently live in Monroe, Ohio. I have been married for 28 years.

KB: How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? LM: I’m 59 - just 6 weeks shy of 60!

KB: Do you have any children? LM: Oh yes! I have three children. Michael Ryan Nicholson is a financier and musician, Tiffany Nicholson is a Broadman Photographer, and Jacob Mitchell is a Videographer. They’re all college graduates and I’m super proud of them all.

KB: Wow, that’s amazing. Anything else you’d like to share about them? LM: Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration in Supply Chain and Operations Management. He is also a self-taught musician and can play all instruments by ear. His main strengths are that of a songwriter and composer. Michael recently took a year to learn how to record, mix, and master his own music. His first song that just released is called, “I’m the one”. His professional name is “Phonix” and his music can be found on Spotify.


KB: Do you have a favorite song of his? LM: I love his new song, “The Little Things” - it’s REALLY catchy. I’m such a proud mom! My two youngest kids, Tiffany and Jake, often work on projects together and love being able to do that.

KB: Very interesting. What does your daughter do? LM: Tiffany has an Art Degree from Miami Oxford and is a renowned photographer. She has photographed Jane Fonda, Julia Louise Dreyfus JLD, Ellen Page, Laura Dern, Julia Garner, Zoe Kravitz and works with brands like Sephora, Refinery 29, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf’s, Porter, Eileen fisher, Netflix, Anthropologie, Carolina Herrera etc. Her website is It’s actually ironic that I taught fitness classes to Jane Fonda music when I was pregnant with Tiffany. She would bounce to it in my belly and she ended up photographing her later. Everything has come full circle.

I’m certified in fitness in pretty much everything under the sun.






KB: And your youngest? LM: Jake is a talented cinematographer and worked on the movie 8 Billion Angels, which has won various awards. You can reach him at Jake works in narrative, music videos, documentaries, and commercials and currently resides in Los Angeles. He was also a recipient of the 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Visual Arts Scholarship and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Emerson College. He has studied extensively under his mentor Producer Ryan Hartsock and worked on his film, Everyday Yeti, the 2015 Nashville 48 Hour winner and further selection at Cannes. Most recently, my son Jake has completed three feature documentaries, as well as principal photography on his first feature on 16mm, Riddle of Fire. The film will premiere in festivals across the U.S. in 2023. We are so excited for him.

You do all these things in the course of your life that you may have not thought important at the time, menial tasks, things you might not enjoy, or want to learn—but in the end, all the dots connect and you realize they have all added up to bring you to this very moment that you’re in right now.


KB: What about your husband? He obviously adores you! LM: My husband Tracy Mitchell grew up in one of the poorest regions of southern Ohio. In fact, at one point in time, both of his grandfathers were share croppers in the 1960s and 70s. Through hard work and education he was able to graduate from engineering school with high distinction and finished second in his class, all while earning four varsity letters in baseball and earning All-American regional honorable mention his senior year. His engineering career has included working for a top 5 world engineering firm before finally breaking away to form his own company and selling it 11 years later. He says his biggest accomplishment is finally finding (and marrying) his dream girl and building their amazing family. Oh, and I’m also a proud glamma to my beautiful granddaughter.

Over time, you come to realize that the good, the bad, and everything in between have all have played an important role in making you who you are today.






HOW LINDA’S FITNESS JOURNEY STARTED KB: Tell us a little bit about how your story started. LM: So, I thought to myself, I can either sit here and eat bon bons all day long or I can go to the gym and get in shape. After my first child, I went to this exercise class and that was when Jane Fonda was all the rage. I remember telling the lady who was teaching the class that I was going to come back. She ended up asking me if I would be interested in teaching the class on the Air Force base. I said yes.

KB: What do you mean you taught on a Military Base? LM: I taught exercises to the military, like drill sergeants. My husband was in the Military so that’s where we lived, on the base. It was the best time and that’s where I fell in love with fitness.

KB: Tell us more about how you got into the fitness industry? LM: My love for fitness started early on. As a child I didn’t really understand everything that was going on in my household. My mom was suffering from depression – and I soon realized that fitness and exercise lifted my mood. I’m not joking when I say that I was 12 or 13 and taught other kids how to exercise. Even at that age! I guess I was a great mentor – I just realized that it’s better than any anti-depressant. I wanted to go around and make everyone happy.


KB: That’s awesome. What is your goal now? LM: Just like I did back then, I want every woman to feel 100 percent great about themselves from the inside out. You are never too old to dream a new dream and go after your best life. I love helping women step into their confidence and recognize their worth and know that they are valuable. It’s what makes me happy to help other people.



WHAT MOTIVATES LINDA KB: What makes you get up in the morning? LM: My voice was once almost snuffed out. I felt my mother never really had a voice. I want to use my voice and help other women realize they are worthy and deserving of having a voice. Since I grew up with my mom being suicidal and depressed, I easily stepped into a marriage too young and abusive. I needed a way out and something to keep me focused on getting a healthy lifestyle.

KB: I’m sorry to hear about the tough times when you were young. LM: It’s okay. It’s a part of my story and what has made me who I am today. My self-esteem and confidence got knocked down to almost zero. You’re numb before you know what’s going on. I realized that it wasn’t going to change. Only 4% of abusers change so I needed to get out and get my children out. I had to be responsible for them.

KB: That’s extremely admirable. Your children came first. LM: Yes, I was also in the top 10% of my class and I loved fitness. So, I just wanted to help people and felt it was very empowering. Even though that happened to me and I had to get out of my first marriage – it’s what makes me a stronger person today. After all, it doesn’t matter what happens to you because it’s what you do with your experiences that makes you who you truly are.




KB: How did you use fitness to help you overcome this period in your life? LM: I used fitness as a vehicle to make me more powerful and empower others. It’s been my career ever since. I’ve helped more people than I can imagine. I wanted to help women find a soft place to fall and have support no matter what. I didn’t have those things so I became a fitness director and then a women’s director at a gym in my hometown. I loved every minute of it. They asked me to help with the abused women and children.

KB: What did you do next? LM: Well, I noticed the women weren’t moving beyond what was happening to them in the present. I wanted them to create a new story and help them change their stories too. It was something I felt was really important – looking ahead and leaving the past in the past.


LINDA’S BUSINESS ENDEAVORS KB: How did you start to motivate them to look beyond their current situations? LM: I am now the proud Owner and CEO of the Sisterhood of Sweat. Basically, I wrote a book, then started my studio. I realized right then what I wanted in my business. That’s when I came up with the acronym: SWEAT – I knew it was bigger than myself. I didn’t have the podcast yet – just a tiny studio. At some point I knew I wanted to go bigger. Literally, I tripled my revenue.

KB: What does SWEAT stand for? LM: SWEAT is an acronym for: Strong Women Empowering Achieving Together

KB: Who is your fitness boutique geared to? LM: Women between the ages of 35 and 65 who want more personalized service and one-on-one coaching in all areas of their lives. Those women are the ones I want to reach out to the most and make a difference in their lives.

KB: How did you end up expanding your business? LM: I ended up getting a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition—the largest nutrition school in the country. I didn’t have any experience running a business. But, I knew I wanted to go big. I also asked God, do you rescue people? I was drawn by the pink purse. I got the answer to my prayer right there. I remember praying to God again. I literally bumped into my stereo. SOS was playing on the radio. It was a sure sign that God was listening.




KB: What was the message? LM: That God would rescue me in the middle of the night. My vision came to me. God heard a woman’s cry – my place is a place where we’ve been knocked down and need to be built up again. Having support. I saw this vision. It felt like a sign so I expanded SOS SWEAT (The Sisterhood of Sweat) during the pandemic when seven other gyms closed. My husband totally supports me 100 percent and he helps me do this. It’s my calling. My women’s fitness boutique, podcast, books,…etc. I always knew it was a bigger vision than myself.

KB: How did you end up taking the leap of faith? LM: I soon realized that sometimes you are afraid but you have to take the leap. Oh my gosh, this was totally meant to happen. It’s pretty fascinating really. I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Helping others.

KB: Have you ever felt self-doubt? LM: Yes. I would ask myself questions. Who will listen? Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? We all have these feelings. The day before this photo shoot actually, I didn’t feel good enough – it’s called Imposter Syndrome and I talk about it on my podcast. But, I pushed through it. Many of us don’t step into our greatness because we worry about the person that we are instead of the person we are becoming. You have to step up and if you have a goal you have to show up.


LINDA’S BUSINESS MENTORS KB: How did your career get even better? LM: Put it this way, I didn’t start winning at competitions until I hooked up with renowned coach Cathy Savage and I’ve been winning ever since. Cathy has always been a straight shooter, which I love about her. She always tells us to have a drop the pencil walk. This is a walk of complete confidence which makes people drop their pencils not based on anything but your sheer confidence in yourself. Having a coach that believes in you and pushes you to things you didn’t even know you were capable of really makes a difference. Cathy always looks at you as the whole person working on each piece.

KB: WOW! I know Cathy – she’s a trailblazer! We go way back to my fitness editor days at Oxygen. She’s amazing at what she does. What’s next for you two? LM: Now we are stepping into the next decade and she is my branding coach. Who knows what’s next on the horizon but getting the support from someone whose already been there and done that is a huge stepping stone or catalyst on the way to success. I’ve also enlisted the help of Nikki Rigga of The Be Limitless Studio and The Client Cure with Lisa Kuecker who have both really helped me with my business model along the way.

KB: Who else has been a mentor to you? LM: I am a huge fan of Marie Forleo and even went to her B-School, which gave me confidence to take a big leap. In the very first week of her business school, I had the keys to my first fitness studio. The quote I love the most from Marie is “everything is figureoutable” and it truly is.




KB: Anyone else you’d like to call out and thank? LM: I have also worked with international awardwinning director, author and producer Tricia Brouk and went to her Big Talk Academy. As a result of her guidance, I am now a certified Big Talk Speaker. She has put thousands of speakers on the map globally with her elite coaching using her three decades of expertise in theatrical performance. Tricia also designs speaker platforms for thought leaders all over the world. Ultimately, she helped me find my voice so I could help other women find their voices. Lastly, I’d like to thank Jess Ekstrom of the Mic Drop Workshop and the editor of Entrepreneur, Jason Fiefer, who mentored me on the art of public speaking.

KB: Sounds like you have a ton of experts that you’ve tapped into. LM: To make my brand more visible, I also worked with Jen Gotlieb and Chris Winfield of Super Connector Media, which was very impactful as well with two appearances on Bold TV, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Insider and multiple radio shows. During the pandemic, I also went to The Root Cause Protocol with Morley Robbins and became a consultant, took Dr. Stephanie Estima’s Course - she authored The Betty Body and has a popular podcast called the Better! Podcast and Estima Certification. I’m actually in the middle of finishing my test as we speak. I also took 16 of supplements specialization and became a DS health coach in addition to my IIN Health coaching certification.

KB: That’s incredible! Anyone else help you start your successful podcast? LM: Yes! Lewis Howes who was the greatest influence when I was starting my podcast. I didn’t even know what a podcast was but from the very first time I listened to him talking about a horrific incident in his childhood, I realized it was life changing and a powerful vehicle. Thank you, Lewis!


BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE PHOTO SHOOT KB: So, how did you meet Sarah Lyons Glabman? LM: I have shot with Sarah since 2013. As I was sitting around during the pandemic, I realized that we are all so afraid for our lives that we have forgotten how to dream. But, I knew deep inside me that our dreams were not cancelled. I started to write down all of the things I still wanted to do. I had numerous injuries at 58 in fitness competitions. But when I made this decision, I worked really hard and lost 35 pounds. I wasn’t training to compete but maybe I would compete again. So, I did after the shoot. I wasn’t even thinking about it so I am going to keep it going.

KB: What made you decide to shoot for BodyScape Magazine? LM: I spoke it out! I wanted to be sexy at 60 and on the cover of a magazine. And it happened! Ask and Ye Shall Receive. I was thinking during the pandemic how we’ve been so scared of the unknown that we’ve forgotten we can still dream. So, I started writing down all the dreams I had always wanted to accomplish, and top of the list was a Times Square Billboard, being sexy at 60 on the cover of a magazine, and hosting a Wild Horses Beach Retreat for women. I’m excited to have accomplished the first two and the year isn’t over yet.

KB: So, you believe in manifesting then. Tell us more about that. LM: 100 percent. Our dreams aren’t cancelled and God is in charge. I’ve been in fitness for years and always had a dream of being on the cover of a magazine. And it JUST HAPPENED! It wasn’t until I knew the reason why, that it happened. I wanted to be able to tell my story and make an impact.




KB: I heard you brought a friend along to the photo shoot. LM: Yes, we have both always wanted to be on a magazine cover. My friend had a modeling business and it was really cool sharing the experience together. We really encouraged each other. Her pushing me and me pushing her back – in a positive way of course. We were there for each other and enjoyed the experience together. That give us the opportunity to share it with each other and it’s something we will always remember.

KB: What else do you remember? LM: We went out in Miami after the shoot, all dolled up, and we laughed and carried on like we still do now. The whole experience was a huge confidence builder. Joey the stylist was amazing also. He really made an impact on me and on the photos. And, Lisa Opie did such a terrific job on our makeup. The location was also perfect. The scene, everything Sarah set up was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

KB: Did you bring your own clothes? LM: I just brought one outfit and let the team put things together. They were all fantastic and it was a huge confidence booster when the outfits and makeup and the location all came together. I have to thank Sarah Lyons for the setting the whole thing up. I’m thrilled with the outcome.

KB: That’s amazing! When are you thinking about competing next? LM: I think in Chicago the end of October and perhaps Fitness America in LA in November. Competing has helped with my empowerment and confidence. I wanted to be sexy at 60!


LINDA LOVES HELPING OTHER WOMEN KB: Have you done much coaching yourself? LM: I’ve coached a lot of competitors over time for Fitness America. Now, I focus more on all aspects with my women’s fitness boutique – it’s more about the whole package. How’s your relationship? Your stress level? Are you healthy? You’ve got to take care of all those things to be happy and healthy.

KB: Can you explain more about what you tune in to? LM: Sure! Let’s say you really want to get in shape – I will focus on your whole wellness. Mindset. Spiritual. Personal growth. It’s more than just eating right. It’s all connected. You can be so miserable or unhappy. Stress will kill you. Basically, I talk about the importance of the whole self. I’m getting people in the best shape of their life – it’s a total transformation. I work with people as a long-term project, which is even more rewarding.

KB: What else have you learned from? LM: When I was in my twenties, my life was rocked by a physically abusive marriage. I am a survivor of domestic violence. We have all been knocked down at some point in our lives and have had an SOS so to speak. That’s why I want women to realize that it doesn’t matter what circumstances you are in currently, or what has happened to you in life. You can turn it around at any moment you choose. You are only ever one decision away from the best life you can imagine.

KB: That’s wonderful advice. What else taught life lessons that you bring to your work with clients today? LM: I am a champion fitness competitor and elite obstacle racer with several wins under my belt. I had to table all of that when I suffered three backto-back horrific injuries. While I was down, I learned to surrender instead of always pushing through – and that I was more than my body, so I stepped into my true purpose. During the injuries a pandemic also occurred. This is when I truly understood my calling was to build a place for women where they felt seen, heard and supported.

KB: Sounds like your fitness boutique is the type of place you wish you had growing up. LM: Absolutely. I now own the place I once needed when I was down and out wondering which way to turn. You see, I believe we have all had an SOS at some point in our lives and that God hears our cry, and he is there to rescue us. During what would be considered the worst time in my life - the best things actually happened. I expanded twice during the pandemic and have built The SOS Sisterhood of Sweat podcast garnering over ½ million listeners.




UPCOMING PLANS & INFLUENCE KB: What are you currently working on personally or professionally that you’d like to share? LM: I always have a dozen things on the fire. Currently, I’m working on building my SOS community to 1 million listeners through my business, books and podcast. I want to reach women all around the globe to help them improve their self-confidence through building health.

KB: How often is your podcast? LM: It is twice a week – a really big focus. I’m in the top 100 all the time. The top 2 percent of podcasters. I’m super grateful for my listeners. To date, I have a half a million listeners. My Friday episodes are really popular – my solo format is called LET IT RIP. I was worried at first, but I eventually got over the fear because I thought of the people who you can help on the other side. Get out of your own way and help other people.

KB: What is something you truly believe in? LM: I believe in women owning their power. With over 40 percent of relationships having endured some type of emotional abuse, I think it’s important for women to have some type of a support system and be part of a community of women that builds them up. That’s what I strive to provide.

KB: What are some things you look forward to in the future? LM: I really look forward to competing again and more public speaking. Now that I’ve found my voice, I realize how many people I can touch and reach. I’m also working on a cookbook. I like creating recipes. I’m a motivator and inspirational person to the core. I also love writing.

KB: What is something you’ve written that you’re proud of? LM: I once wrote a column for Ms. Fitness magazine called Fit Over Forty for 15 years and also did some cover stories for them. My favorite interview was with Suzanne Somers! I just decided I wanted to interview her and it unfolded. She is the epitome of a self-made woman…so empowering.


LAST WORDS OF INSPIRATION KB: What message do you want to tell other women reading this magazine? LM: Look for the gold or the win in the midst of trouble and learn from failure. One thing I really want for women is for them to truly step into themselves. I want every woman to own their power, be who she is unapologetically. The Golden Goddess. Fully empowered. Every woman should have that experience and go with the Goddess that she is.

KB: In your opinion, why is it important for women to express themselves and be self-confident? LM: I think every woman has the right and the need to express their individuality. When you know your value and recognize you are worthy of living out your dreams you won’t tolerate anything less than the life you deserve. All women are beautiful inside and out and that deserves to be celebrated.

KB: What are your aspirations in life? LM: I want to impact millions of women all over the globe and improve their confidence through building health.

KB: Final thoughts for our readers? LM: That age is just an attitude. You are never too old and it’s not too late. I’ve accomplished all of my lifelong dreams between the ages of 50 and 60 and when one thing drops off I keep expanding that list. Stay positive! Stay focused on you.




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About the Author:

CEO Sisterhood of SWEAT

Kerrie Lee Brown is an international journalist and women’s health advocate. She is the former editorin-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and American Health & Fitness, and has written articles for over 150 magazines worldwide. Kerrie is the Owner of RedLily® Media and editor-in-chief of BodyScape Magazine and Epic Fit Magazine.

IIN Health Coach//ADP Holistic Health Practitioner Author/Podcast/Speaker/Women’s Health Expert Award-Winning Fitness Competitor

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THE COVER Scout. Style. Glam. Pose. Smile! Repeat! We go behind-the-scenes in Miami and take a look at the making of this month’s stunning cover featuring Linda Mitchell.


Capturing the Cover By Bodyscape Magazine publisher and lead photographer

Sarah Lyons Glabman Whenever I do photo shoots in Miami, I feel spoiled. Miami ALWAYS makes me set the bar just a little bit higher every time I shoot. On this Bodyscape Magazine cover shoot in particular with my long-time client and friend Linda Mitchell, we pulled out ALL the stops, and I mean ALL of them. On deck was famed hair and makeup genius Lisa Opie, celebrity stylist to the stars Joey Rolon, as well as hair artist extraordinaire Jose Chavez. It takes a team, especially when I am doing two cover shoots in one day! (More on that in the next issue.)


I love capturing candid shots of HOW the images come together during the shoot. Seeing the work that goes in to these projects allows the reader to see just WHY the Epic Destination Shoots are so special, because believe me, I really look forward to working with the Miami team when our schedules permit, and sharing such a special experience with the clients that are prepared to capture life-changing images. Cover Model Linda Mitchell and I go way back, to about 2011. Ironically, the first time I photographed Linda was also in South Florida, during the Fitness Universe pageant. Everything has come full circle from her first shoot with me just being a fun little shoot on the beach, to now a stunning cover shoot that has allowed Linda to tell her incredible story of love, perseverance, and her inner light that she so openly shares with the world. (Our editor-in-chief Kerrie Lee Brown has done a STUNNING job on this interview with Linda!)



Thank you Linda, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join the team in Miami! I know this won’t be our last shoot together. Hair and Makeup -  @LisaOpie Celebrity styling -  @JoeyRolon Hair styling -  @JC___hair Videos -  jossfisser For info on the next Epic Destination Shoot, and to find out how you can be on the cover of an upcoming issue of BodyScape Magazine, visit





SUNLIGHT THERAPY By BodyScape Magazine publisher and lead photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman

I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, and one of the main reasons that I moved from Seattle to Scottsdale is because I was beginning to suffer badly from seasonal depression disorder. It’s a real condition with real effects on people. A Seattle winter day means that the “sun”, or lack thereof, is all the way down by 3:30 PM. It’s dark, gloomy, and you guessed it…rainy! I was depressed, I felt unmotivated, and just generally sad. I know people that had the seasonal blues far worse than I did, and once I moved to Scottsdale in 2003, I was shouting from the rooftops that everyone needed to get out of the rain hole and move to Scottsdale! My friends didn’t exactly take my advice, but I have had several visitors to see me, and most of them come back every year. I absolutely love living in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, where it seems there is never a shortage of sunshine. As I write this article, it is currently mid-July, and to be honest, being outdoors is the last place I want to be right now, due to the relentless summertime heat. However, this too, shall pass. When it DOES pass, leading into beautiful October and the temperature is around 80-85 degrees in the daytime, you see an abundance of eager outdoorsy-types and sun junkies that head for the trails for some world-class hiking and biking, pool parties, golf outings, outdoor parties and so much more. It’s like an addiction being outdoors when the weather is perfect, and I am a fan. I support the addiction.


Recently, I found out that natural sunlight on your skin is actually great for your hormones. Knowing this, I increased my morning outdoor walks. After all, what would you rather do? Go indoors and pound away on a treadmill? Or use nature’s treadmill to be outdoors and get some fresh air and, you guessed it; sunshine?! I choose the latter. Sunlight elevates your natural “feel good” endorphins, it helps with depression, and it is also very beneficial for certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, in controlled situations of course. It’s God’s natural cure for so many ailments, and sometimes it gets ignored or simply written off because it’s “bad for us.” Well, don’t believe everything you read, because there are more sunny benefits to sunlight exposure than there are bad ones. I agree wholeheartedly, that no one should spend excessive hours in the sun without being prepared. (wear your hats, use sunshades, and definitely keep yourself hydrated!) Being here in Arizona, I do not condone spending much time outdoors at all once it creeps above 90 degrees. There is a time and a place for everything. In fact, I do everything I can to avoid doing photo shoots outdoors in Arizona between June 1 to August 31. I can’t always avoid it, so in these instances, I make certain that any outdoor photo shoots are taking place right at sunrise, and that they are completed by 9 a.m.. So, if you’re considering doing an outdoor shoot with me here, just know that we can dive right back in to all of God’s glory and splendor in the beautiful desert landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona once September rolls around. Until then, sunlight is awesome! And just remember, like anything in life, use your best judgement with the sun, and always be prepared. See you in sunny Scottsdale!

Sarah Lyons Glabman


BodyScape Magazine Contributing writer Karen Mullarkey

It’s easier said than done, Love Yourself! After being involved in the competition world since 2004, I have seen it more and more. It almost seems no matter how great a client looks and changes, they still are not completely happy with their results. We are all our own worst critics and I too have been hard on myself, but I can honestly say that each time I stepped on stage for an NPC show or an IFBB or WBFF Pro show I was happy and proud of how I looked. I guess I never lacked confidence in myself. As a coach, I wish I could give some of that confidence to the my clients who need it most.

I do my best to give my clients the tools they need to drop body fat, gain lean muscle mass and just become overall more healthy and fit. That’s my job as a fitness professional. I also want to see them do their absolute best if they do decide to get on stage. It never fails six weeks out from the competition, the majority of my competitors experience the “six week meltdown”. We begin posing classes six weeks out from the show and that is also when they go for their suit fittings. They put on that tiny suit and think to themselves……. “I will NEVER be ready”! When this happens, I do my best to explain to them the biggest changes to their physiques will happen over the last 6 weeks as long as they do their homework. Eventually that suit will fit like a glove:)


I currently have four AMAZING women prepping for the upcoming November NPC competition and I have the utmost confidence in them. I now want them to have that confidence in themselves. I am a firm believer in you can do anything you put your mind too! It all starts with loving yourself and looking not at your end result, but the journey you took to get there. Instead of waging your success on a trophy, be proud of how far you have come on your fitness journey and know that this process helps you to feel more confident in yourself. Love Yourself……it’s that simple:) If you have been wanting to FINALLY make your goal of getting on the competition stage a reality, contact me for a FREE consultation. I know what it takes to motivate my clients to get past that “six week meltdown” and onstage with confidence!

Karen Mullarkey

Owner “No Mullarkey” Personal Training


Aloe Vera

#1 HERBAL SUPERFOOD By Karen Masterson Koch Certified Nutritionist and Aloe Life President Karen Masterson Koch is a health researcher, educator, and author with over 25 years’ experience counseling individuals back to health from every type of health challenge imaginable. Her book Beyond Gluten Intolerance has opened the door for many to health discoveries including weight loss, reversing failing health which often includes digestive challenges, mood disorders, allergies, and skin conditions.

Aloe Vera is the most remarkable and fun herbal plant of all time. It’s great for the inside and out; in times of a health crisis or every day like giving the body a tune up for anything that ails you. Superfoods give special support for preventative health. When paired with making healthier dietary and lifestyle choices, experts agree on Aloe Vera. It multi-tasks as no other herb can do, supporting the way the body was designed to look and feel its best. This must be why more and more athletes, along with kids and adults of all ages, are using it. In fact, it ranks in the top five picks through health food stores today earning it the title of #1 Herbal Superfood.


How does Aloe Work? Most people view Aloe Vera as a topical natural pain soother for burns in the kitchen or sunburn. Some have applied it to a bug bite, a cut or acne scars with unforgettable results. Yet, taking it daily as a supplement is like super sizing health and it all relates to the plants 100 actives.

Catalyst Action – Reviewing ancient history and science, Aloe Vera appears to work as a catalyst unblocking and supporting pathways of function with repeatable results.

100% Safe – Applied on the body or taken internally, it is a safe herb. Only Caution:

Conduct a skin test for allergy response and reduce the amount taken if diarrhea results.

Quality Counts – Big quality and potency differences exist from the plant to each Aloe

Vera product. Even a diluted product may have some affect. Yet many people have found the concentrated whole leaf juice products with more actives, including a dark yellow sap their favorite. The color test makes it easy to spot and the results seem similar to the products made by the ancients and early researchers.


History and Research Ancient civilizations use of the Aloe Vera plant was first depicted in 3500 BC from Egyptian drawings. Greek herbal writings around 1500 BC revealed traditional uses of this high sulfur herb. The primary support told of digestion, glandular issues, cleansing and burn relief. Herbalists made the point to use both the valuable bitter from the yellow sap (whole leaf) along with the fleshy part of the plant (inner gel) for best results. Published research papers show the wide range of applications when using undiluted and not over heated specimens. In his book, Aloe Vera – A Scientific Approach, Robert Davis PhD underlines how critical the processing is to preserve the actives. He made special mention about the yellow sap anthraquinones, their safety and also the fragile nature of polysaccharides that are heat sensitive. Researchers from around the world have isolated over 100 active compounds from the plant. Dr. Davis divided these into 15 family groups to include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients (plant nutrients). The phytonutrients are dynamic to the support and provide scientific understanding of function including: polysaccharides, anthraquinones, saponins, sterols, sterolins, gibberellins, growth factor (speeds cell renewal), cinnomonic acid and salicylic acid. ● Modern science from 1980 to present day, has revealed many of the actual pathways of how Aloe Vera works, addressing co-factors supporting; digestion, immunity, autoimmunity, allergies, sugar metabolism, cholesterol and skin proliferation.


Skin and Collagen Both personal care and beauty products with Aloe Vera number into the thousands. The plant is famous for giving support to skin. It appears from the research this is primarily due to the pain soothing agents and growth factor called gibberellin, encouraging fibroblast, for faster skin renewal. ● Early U.S. studies with Aloe Vera from 1930-1979, targeted skin research supporting burn patients to resolve related issues three times faster including X-ray side effects, frost bite and gum tissue challenges. ● As a health drink, people boast support for a faster hair and nail growth. A recent published study in 2009, Dietary Aloe Vera, Collagen Expression (Type I Pro Collagen), Wrinkles and Elasticity in Human Skin in Vivo, medical research center, Seoul National University, concluded, women drinking Aloe Vera, experienced a lessening of wrinkles in the skin, greater elasticity and an increase of Type I Pro Collagen.


Digestion, Energy and Immunity Most people feel better with some Aloe Vera added to their health program with results from A-Z including; energy and stamina. Energy is a great indicator of health value. It’s most likely due to Aloe Vera’s digestive support as an herbal bitter, working like a digestive enzyme. Human studies have shown a 50% increase in absorption of protein. Essential vitamins also soared when taken with Aloe Vera juice. It’s easy to see why athletes have gravitated to Aloe Vera with their protein intake exceeding four times the normal daily recommendation when bulking up for a competition.

University of PA, Scranton, 2003 conducted, Effect of Aloe Vera preparations on the human bioavailability of Vitamins C and E, resulting with Vitamin C being absorbed into the plasma cells two times the level of controls and Vitamin E almost three times greater. In 2007 at Univ. CA, Davis, a second study confirmed the first, along with B12 (challenging to absorb), and all three showed greater absorption with more timed release efficiency. Immunity support may also be involved with heightened energy of drinking Aloe Vera. The studies on mammals show Aloe Vera activates four distinct pathways of protection. As immunity drops in the human body, dormant viruses, bacteria and even fungus are allowed to reactivate. Reviewing the factors for maintaining healthy immunity include diet, digestive efficiency, exercise, toxicity (drugs & chemicals) and genetics. The review of many published papers on immunity of a variety of issues has made the case that the polysaccharides in Aloe Vera appear to support immunity in mammals and is safe to give to one’s pet too.


Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Aloe Vera also contains natural plant sterols. A spokeswoman from the American Dietetic Association (ADA), Ruth Frechman, RD, states, “Eating sterol and stanol containing foods is an easy way to lower your LDL Cholesterol which may help reduce risk of heart disease. “ Along with Aloe Vera (not over filtered), a variety of foods contain sterols including vegetables, legumes, walnuts, salmon and some grains. Lastly, a variety of 14 minerals are found in the whole leaf Aloe Vera including over 30 trace minerals. Minerals are extremely valuable to overall body function support, even in smaller amounts. Studies have shown Vanadium, in particular, to be associated with balanced insulin metabolism which may support stamina.


Tapping into your Potential with Health and Herbs! Be your own best health detective. And why not join the growing numbers of Aloe Vera users who have learned why the ancients called it the Gift of Nature and today the #1 Herbal Superfood!

HIGHLIGHTS OF SUPPORT ● Energy & Stamina – Electrolyte Replenisher plus added Protein Efficiency ● Endurance & Recovery – Blood Sugar, Fat Metabolism plus Immunity and Oxygenation ● Reduced Injury – Stronger Collagen Integrity

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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