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Combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, Heart is an all-natural option for women’s health.




Letter from

The Publisher Sarah Lyons Glabman

This has been one of the most interesting years of my life. I’ve realized so much about myself, and where I stand in this industry. I’ve realized that what I am doing by publishing this beautiful magazine is I am helping people. I guess I didn’t really put all of that together before. You’ll read in this issue that when I put BodyScape Issue 10 together, things really began to shift. Kerrie Lee Brown came on as our ‘celebrity profile writer’, and she has used her decades of expertise in writing and storytelling to allow our models to have a voice. To speak their truths. Before that, I was giving all of the interviews, and yes, the point got across…but not the way Kerrie tells the stories! She is eloquent, sensitive, and encouraging in her interview process. So many issues of BodyScape have so many different stories. I encourage you to read them all at Dr. Sean Drake, (my own personal wellness doc) came on board as a contributing writer in 2021. He writes and, quite frankly, gives advice on how to live your best from the inside out. Everything we do in life all starts with a thought process, and how we truly view ourselves. Shifting your focus on how you see yourself, and the possibilities of what you are capable of, are important in making decisions that will catapult your mindset, followed by your actions in each thing you decide to do. He’s brilliant. You can follow him and his amazing work at Karen Mullarkey is a well-known personal trainer here in my home city of Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s been in the fitness world for a LONG time, and has transformed many physiques across the country. Although we had both known of each other for 15 years or so, we had never met until 2021! She writes about how to stay on track when you’re traveling, goal- setting and more. She’s super funny and helpful in her articles. You can check her out at And of course my beloved associate editor, Monica Brant is always giving insight to each BodyScape edition with her professionalism and wisdom. After all, she is now with me on more than half of the shoots I do each year, and participates with the models I photograph as their ‘one-on-one’ personal posing and details coach. That is huge for the models in front of my camera, learning from Monica’s decade’s worth of experience in a graceful and loving way. The models take away so much from working with the BodyScape team, and we are proud to call them friends, long after the shutter stops clicking, and the magazine is published. One other thing I learned in 2021 is that there are power in words. So let me clarify. When I use the term ‘models’, I am referring to the person in front of my camera. Technically, that person has become a model once I begin photographing them. BodyScape Magazine has featured some of the top models in the fitness and glamour industries-however, they didn’t all start that way. Many of the models I have photographed have never stepped foot in front of a professional camera before at all They had a vision and a goal and decided to make it happen. Some have gained incredible content to promote their businesses, and others just did it for fun. What I’m getting at here, is that you don’t have to be a pro to shoot with me. If you can see it, you can be it, and it all starts with a shoot! So head to and come shoot with us and potentially see yourself in the pages, or even on the cover of BodyScape Magazine in 2022! 2022 holds many amazing opportunities and we want YOU involved! Can you see yourself on a billboard in Times Square? Seems impossible, right? Not by scheduling your shoot in 2022. This is part of the Epic Destination Shoots that are coming up in 2022, and we want to see you there. Blessings to all of you, and thank you for your continued love and support with BodyScape Magazine! Believe me when I tell you- we are JUST getting started!

Warm regards, Sarah Lyons Glabman BodyScape Magazine Lead Photographer and Publisher




Letter from the

Associate Editor Monica Brant

What a blessed and special year it has been not only here at home and throughout my personal Lifestyle Coaching but also with my good friend and EPIC DESTINATION SHOOTS partner, Sarah Lyons Glabman. We started off the year with work here in my favorite part of Texas. Almost mid-year traveled to sunny and beautiful Miami, FL., with a final trip to Sedona, Arizona to capture some intriguing and gorgeous ladies for BodyScape Magazine and our newest creation soon to be released, Epic Fit Magazine. They say if you love what you do then it is not actually ‘work’. With this mentality, my time spent with Sarah and our clients is always treasured and ends with special memories and of course photos, features, covers and video.

To share a bit out the journey of ‘inception to creation’ After all the fun, laughter, and time together at the actual EPIC Destination shoots, Sarah spends numerous hours in front of her computer editing and creating the features/covers.

Publisher and Photographer: Sarah Lyons Glabman

Art director & BodyScape Designer

Following those hours for Sarah and Raj, the graphic designer, our efforts or the ‘work’ is paired up with our talented social media manager, Claudia, who builds fun and interactive posts that our clients may also utilize in their messaging/marketing on the @ BodyScapeMagazine IG page.


This year, along with the actual shoot schedules and time spent creating the adventures for our clients, Sarah and I started working alongside a new marketing genius ‘Wolverine Productions’ who is helping us up level our marketing content to spread the word about what we are doing more fluidly and professionally.

Associate Editor:

Be watching for a brand new website to emerge with more clear details as to what we offer and why. These are not just ordinary photoshoots, they are brand building opportunities and can take an entrepreneur’s business to the next level, should they be planned accordingly. Sarah and I are pleased to offer this type of ‘epic’ service to our clients moving into 2022, and we hope our message gets in front of many more women that have a story to share or a business to market, promote and expand! On BodyScape’s New Years Special Edition cover is Amanda Black, who helps end this crazy yet blessed 2021! Not only is Amanda beautiful, but she is hard working and caring. I met her networking through the cute SAVVI line of clothing that we both represent, and it was a no brainer to invite her to the EPIC MIAMI shoot. Having modeled previously, Amanda was very easy to work with, and she knew how to position her body well for Sarah’s lens, both on the beach and on location. As a model, I understand how important it is to not only work with your body correctly, but a model also must learn how to show expression through the eyes and connect with the viewers. As you can clearly see, Amanda has mastered both body and facial/eyes to captivate our audience. As with all Epic Destination Shoots, I am on set to personally coach and direct body positions, hands, waistlines and more. Amanda made my ‘detail and posing’ coach position super easy, and together with Sarah’s expert eyes and understanding of lighting, sets, and more, we all created a stunning cover and feature spread. Here’s to another year well spent with wonderful people that supported our vision through the pages of BodyScape Magazine! I am looking forward to 2022 with expectations of more of the same and blessings for all. Happy Birthday Celebration to Jesus too! For it is not without HIM that all of this happens, and it is because of Him that we are capable and equipped.


Videographer: KONA KAMIA

Celebrity Profile Writer KERRIE LEE BROWN

Contributing writers MONICA BRANT


As always, Stay fit and Love Life! Monica Brant International Fitness Athlete, Model & Entrepreneur IFBB Fitness Olympia 1998












Table of Contents Page 14: “Kerrie’s Corner” Why messaging is so important to your brand

Page 18: “Cover Model Feature” with Epic Destination Shoot cover model Amanda Black

Page 36: “Fitness Connection” Karen Mullarkey is crushing goals in 2022!

Page 44: “The BEST of BodyScape Magazine” By BodyScape Magazine publisher and photographer Sarah Lyons Glabman Sarah exposes some of her favorite covers and interior features of BodyScape Magazine from the beginning to present time

Page 136: “Dr Sean Drake” Gives us ‘The best of YOU’ challenge!

Page 140: “Stretching in to the new year” with BodyScape Magazine contributing writer Patty Wilson


Kerrie’s Corner

WHY MESSAGING IS KEY TO BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND By Kerrie Lee Brown BodyScape Magazine Celebrity Profile Writer Do you want to get noticed by the media or publishers? Are you looking for someone to help spruce up your brand’s story? Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start? Well, I can help you with these goals. If you’ve ever wanted to take your business or brand to the next level, I know exactly what you’re going through. After an unexpected heart health issue left me stunned and not knowing what to do with my life, I decided to turn my real-life experience into a self-help book for women. In doing so, I was able to get it up on Amazon. Sure, I have been a journalist and writer/editor my entire adult life, but I realized through my health event that my personal story needed to be shared with others. As a result, I wrote and self-published my book “My Heart. My Self: A Heartfelt Guide for Women Who Do Too Much” on Amazon—and ever since it has been my mission to spread awareness about heart health and encourage women to share their struggle to strength stories on my platform


I can help you… - - - - - -

Define your audience Finesse your brand message Re-write your corporate story Develop website & display copy Get noticed by media and publishers Describe what you do in a professional and authentic way

With 20+ years of experience as a professional journalist and magazine editor, I have helped individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives shape their brand and personal messaging through expert writing and storytelling.

**Note: Watch out for my next column in BodyScape Magazine where I talk about the importance of AMAZING PHOTOS for personal branding. Hint, hint… THIS MAGAZINE is the best place to start! Until next time,

Kerrie-Lee About the author: Kerrie Lee Brown is the founder of RedLily® lifestyle brand which inspires women to share their stories of struggle to strength. Connect on social media @kerrieleebrown and @redlilylife and email Also, find out more about her book “My Heart, My Self” and RedLily’s Heart Health Support Supplement at RedLily® is a registered trademark. All Rights. Est. 2019.





Learning To Lean In

Finding self-love over the past few years has certainly become her personal fuel to push forward. Born and raised on the shores of Lake Oconee, Georgia, Amanda Black has been modeling since the age of 17. Always a self-starter, she has worked her way through school and her professional career. As a recognized model, entrepreneur, and flight attendant, this cover story is about a woman who is nothing less than extraordinary.

Amanda Black is strong, tough, and resilient. But make no mistake, she’s gone through her share of hard lessons to get where she is today. She’s a woman who never settles—and even if she stumbles—she never falls. Let me repeat that again… She never falls. Amanda is someone who may get knocked down, but she always gets up stronger.

Despite gracing the pages of Maxim magazine in January 2020, she says she’s not done yet. Amanda is onto bigger things which include helping others through their struggles by being a bright light in their journey. If you ever have the chance to chat with Ms. Black, the first thing you will notice is that she is much stronger than one might think. She’s vivacious. She’s happy. And she wants to share her love for life and the importance of selfconfidence with women around the world. In fact, she’s traveled the globe as a Delta flight attendant for the past seven years and therefore has seen her fair share of unique destinations. And while she still has several desirable places on her bucket list (Greece, Japan, Thailand, and Iceland), nothing can compare to her heartfelt ambition to make her mark in the world in business and motivation.

In other words, Amanda knows perseverance is key. After an annoying ankle and knee injury caused her to experience severe muscular imbalances— she was left with the inability to exercise for a long period of time. For a fitness instructor with a passion for running long distance and working out at all hours, this obstacle was extremely trying for this bombshell.

Born in Georgia, this picture-perfect powerhouse knows what it’s like to connect, strengthen, and thrive in the world. Despite gracing the pages of world-leading magazines like Maxim, she possesses humility when it comes to speaking about her appearance. With a fruitful background in fitness instruction at various athletic facilities in & outside of Atlanta, including BodyPlex, she speaks about her love for working out as if it’s a daily routine for everyone. Her dedication to pumping iron is nothing more than a typical part of her daily regimen, but truth be told, not many people have the natural ability to keep up the momentum like she does. In a nutshell, she’s cool but she’s also calm.

Staying Positive She’s got an energy and honesty about her that can make anyone’s problems wash away in one conversation. Maybe it’s her Southern drawl— or perhaps her Southern charm—either way, Amanda has an innate ability to put anyone at ease with every word she speaks. And, like most women, her journey has had its ups and downs. However, these sometimes-trying times have always taught her more about life and those she encounters. She knows her life purpose right now is only percolating.




If anything, one can tell Amanda’s dynamic life is only par for the course. The course being her overarching venture to become a trusted motivational figure for those who are perhaps going through difficult times. At this point, she says she’s ready to pass the torch of any negativity and wants help putting a plan together and getting to the next stage in their journey. Goal setting is crucial.

How To Up-Level Amanda has some great advice for women. She says that believing in yourself is the best form of defense when you start to doubt your own abilities—and she also believes that selfconfidence is sexy. With that being said, Amanda Black is as openminded as they come with an optimistic view about her future.

Amanda’s superpower is being her energized self. It’s quite obvious that she’s a natural beauty and ambitious entrepreneur, but more than this, Amanda is on a personal mission to make a difference in the world. After all, she’s already been around the globe and back as a flight attendant and has experienced a thing or two amongst various cultures and destinations. In other words, she knows that it takes a whole lot of love, patience, and dedication in all facets of your life to get to the next level. And she’s certainly on her way.


What’s Next for Amanda? If there’s one thing Amanda Black is not: it’s weak. To look at her stunning photos is to see the epitome of physical beauty but once you get to know the amazing woman behind the glitz and glamour, you quickly learn she’s just as beautiful on the inside.

If it’s not obvious already— Amanda is a true trail blazer. She has a personality that soars and an intelligence that will give you a run for your money. She also has a natural ability to inspire people who tend to gravitate to her mentorship. She’s authentic and she’s a role model with incredible business acumen—something you don’t come across too often. In a nutshell, Amanda’s been through injury, heartache, and change—and she’s had to grow up fast. However, her life learnings have all been worth it. “I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,” she explains. “I would not be where I am today if I didn’t go through all that I have over the years.” At the end of the day, Amanda loves her life, enjoys her career, and cherishes her family and friends. She also has a burning desire to make a positive impact on others. In the future, she plans to write and publish a Southern-style cookbook. Oh, and did I mention she may also take the next steps to become a pilot? All of THIS is what makes Amanda a force to be reckoned with—no matter how you look at it. Now, here’s your chance to get to know Amanda a little more…




Q&A KB: Tell us a little bit about yourself. AB: “I’m from Eatonton, Georgia near Lake Oconee. That’s where I grew up. Currently, I live in Alpharetta, Georgia, but I’ve spent the last seven years in Boston. I’m 37 but live life like I’m seventeen!”

KB: Did you get your start in modeling in your hometown? AB: “No, there’s not much opportunity where I grew up. The population is only around 6,000. It’s a small place. I moved to Atlanta and managed a few fitness boutiques, then got a job with Delta. That’s how I ended up in Boston. I was willing to move to wherever they based me. I don’t have any kids and I wasn’t in a relationship at the time.”

KB: Why did you move back to Atlanta? AB: “The main reason I moved back to Atlanta in February to be closer to my family. Boston is a beautiful city but it’s cold the majority of the year. My family is only an hour and a half Southeast from where I am now.”

KB: What is your background in fitness? AB: “I studied exercise science at GCSU (Georgia College & State University), studied psychology for a brief time at Northeastern University, and graduated from GMC (Georgia Military College) with an associate degree in Health and Human performance.”


KB: Tell us about your ankle and knee injury. AB: “I was a personal trainer & a cycling instructor at the time so that lead me to Atlanta where I managed a couple of fitness boutiques. However, one of the biggest obstacles in my life was an unexpected ankle & knee injury that caused me to have severe muscular imbalances & also left me without the ability to exercise for a period of time.”

KB: I’m so sorry to hear this. What did you do? AB: “After seeing several specialists and medical professionals in both Atlanta & Boston, I was still left without a diagnosis until a team of specialists at Newton- Wellesley MA, FINALLY got to the root cause and diagnosed me. To them it was a simple discovery as to what the issue was, however, the road to recovery with rehabilitation has not been.”

KB: How has your road to recovery been? AB: “It’s taken several years to help correct my muscular imbalances. I’ve had to relearn proper form with several exercises but I’m getting there. It’s crazy how complex the body is. At the end of the day, it’s been a tough road because I have such a passion for fitness and that was taken away from me.”

Self-confidence is the best outfit—Rock it and Own it!




KB: Is there anyone in particular you’d like to mention who helped with your recovery? AB: “I’m so very thankful to all the specialists and professionals that have allowed me to get back into the fitness world—it’s the reason I was able to prepare for this photoshoot for Bodyscape Magazine.

KB: Where did you train for your BodyScape Magazine shoot? AB: “I trained for the cover photo at Orange Theory Fitness® in Alpharetta, GA. For those who don’t know about OTF, it’s a fitness studio franchise. Anyways, the workout is incredible, and the coaches give you modifications for any exercise that you cannot perform, which has been tremendously helpful in my road to recovery.”

KB: I understand you have a passion for the athleisure industry as well. AB: “Yes, I have worked with the athleisure lifestyle brand Savvi for a while now. I feel like they know what they’re doing when it comes to this emerging industry; as there’s a lot of opportunity in the space. I had always wanted to start my own athleisure brand, so when the opportunity to work alongside this successful company came to me; I jumped at the chance.”

KB: What exactly do you do for Savvi? AB: “I’m actually helping launch the lifestyle athleisure brand on a national and international level as an affiliate. If readers are interested in learning more, they can email me at or check out my website to shop at I’d love to tell you about what makes the new athleisure

brand so special.”

KB: Now, I’d like to delve into your interests a little more. What are you passionate about? AB: “I’m passionate about cooking, music, family, and friends. Also, dancing while cooking!”

KB: Amanda, what makes you happy? AB: “Music has always touched my soul. Country music in particular since I come from the South. Country music gives me a sense of nostalgia every time I listen to a song. It just reminds me of my childhood growing up in the country. But I also love hip hop and pop, which always puts me in a good mood.”

KB: How did you learn to cook? AB: “I learned to cook as a kid from my older sister Angela and my dad. My dad is such a great cook. My plan is to carry down some family recipes in my own cookbook soon.”

KB: What inspires you to start the day on a positive note? AB: “Exercise gets me up in the morning—as well as coffee. I love coffee, I won’t lie. M y favorite time to work out is between 10 a.m. and noon. It really gets me moving. Admittedly, I’m not a morning person but coffee totally motivates me to get my butt in gear.”

Right now, I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m trying to figure out what my new path will be; but I have a pretty good idea.


KB: What are your aspirations in life? AB: “I would love to do more modeling. It’s so rewarding. I’ve done quite a few modeling projects for magazines like Maxim and of course now BodyScape Magazine —and I love it. The feeling you get when you’re in front of the camera. It’s like a feeling of being free and selfconfident.”

KB: Is there anything in particular that you’re working on you’d like to share? AB: “I’m working on a book. I want to combine my love of cooking family traditional Southern-style recipes and my love of country music. I still have a lot to do, but I will let everyone know when it comes out.”

KB: What is something you truly KB: I heard you’ve known believe in that you’d like to relay BodyScape Magazine’s to others reading your story? associate editor Monica Brant for a while. How did you first get AB: “Above everything else, my faith is VERY important to me. If I didn’t have a strong faith introduced? in God, then I don’t know where I’d be to be AB: “I actually met Monica first through my work with Savvi—the new, athleisure lifestyle brand that I help promote as mentioned previously. Monica is so dear to me and an important part of my career moves. She’s extremely inspirational and motivating; and I just loved working with her on set at the cover shoot. Monica is just a pro at what she does in front of the camera as a model in her own right; just as much as she’s a pro when she’s helping girls pose for their own photo shoots. We’ve stayed in touch ever since we became friends and colleagues.”

KB: How was your photo shoot in Miami? AB: “Miami was hands down the best photo shoot I’ve ever experienced in my life. Monica Brant was there with all the details and posing as mentioned. And Sarah Lyons Glabman was AMAZING as photographer and producer of the Epic shoot. It was all around an incredible experience. So, you’ve got Sarah who is amazing bar none, and Kona the videographer who has so much talent, and Monica. Oh, and I can’t forget Lisa who did my hair and makeup—she was great! The whole team rocked!

honest. I grew up going to church as my family had a pretty strong relationship with our church community. Then, I became a lot stronger in my faith at 21 years old after some life changes. Everything I’ve ever gone through has made me closer to God and I will forever be grateful to Him.”

KB: What message do you want to tell other women reading this magazine? AB: “I know it sounds cliché, but if you believe in yourself then you really can do anything. You can definitely overcome a lot. Since I’ve had little self-confidence growing up, I can now tell you that believing in yourself will get you through anything.”

Confidence and self-expression are sexy— and remember, you don’t always have to rely on others for self-validation.




Final Tips & Takeaways Amanda’s life has taught her many lessons about people and places. Here are some tips and takeaways that she wants you to keep in mind after reading her story: 1. Positivity is key. 2. Mindset is everything. 3. Learn to improve the way you talk to yourself. 4. Identify your top five values and what they mean to you. 5. Write down your vision for the future and what you would like to achieve. 6. Always commit to habits that align with your values and vision. 7. Make plans that are goal-oriented but also realistic. 8. Take action and make decisions in a timely manner. 9. Be disciplined and ask for help when necessary. 10. Make the most out of life and HAVE FUN!

Contact information: *To contact this month’s cover model Amanda Black about her coaching services, fitness training, Savvi apparel, cooking tips, or to inquire about booking as a model, you can email and connect on @amanda.blacklabel on social media.

About the Author: Kerrie Lee Brown has worked in media and journalism for two decades. She is the former editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and American Health & Fitness—and has written articles for 150 magazines worldwide. Kerrie-Lee is the founder of RedLily® lifestyle brand and helps women share their stories of struggle to strength to a global audience. For writing, editing, and editorial consulting, visit or contribute to RedLily® at

Connect on social @KerrieLeeBrown @redlilylife

For expert writing, editing, and ghostwriting services


Make 2022 Your Year to

Crush Goals By Karen Mullarkey


BodyScape Magazine’s ‘Fitness Connection’

It’s that time of year again! Have you figured out what your 2022 New Year’s Resolution is? I know mine! I am going to work on landing my fifth magazine cover, as well as continue writing for health and fitness publications. Now that I am 45 years young, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with the fitness industry. It’s YOUR turn to think about your personal goal setting for 2022. Rather than just thinking about your goal, write it down. Shout it from the roof tops and tell your friends. By telling others, you are holding yourself accountable. This is the time of year when “No Mullarkey” Personal Training goes wild with inquiries from folks wanting to take their fitness to the next level. I love this time of year because people have a new found motivation to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to fitness, and it’s my job to keep them motivated. This year think long and hard about your fitness goals and make it happen. If you are having problems coming up with your goal setting for 2022, here are some ideas. -Compete in a bikini, figure or physique competition. There is nothing like standing half naked on a stage in front of hundreds of strangers to keep your eye on the prize. Be sure to hire a professional like myself to guide you.




-Train for a marathon, 1/2 marathon or a 10K. The more work you put into your training means the more fun your run is going to be. -Book a fitness or lingerie shoot. Give yourself 12 weeks to prep and have an awesome shoot that you will never forget. This also makes a great gift idea for your significant other. I am sure we all know of a very talented photographer to get the images you have dreamed of! (Contact Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove today!) -Train for an Ironman or a sprint triathlon. There is nothing like working on your biking, swimming and running endurance to get you in tip top shape. -Train outside of your comfort zone. I decided after retiring from the competition stage to get outside of my comfort zone and to train for NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. I put in 6 years of obstacle training, which was by far the most challenging training I have ever done. It paid off because I got on the show as a Season 12 Walk-On in LA. I was going to be the first ninja to run the obstacles, but then Covid wrecked my world like so many others. They canceled the show in 2020 due to the pandemic. Who knows- I may still run in the future! The moral of the story is to never give up, 2022 is my year! -Take control of your health! Let’s face it, we don’t have anything in life if we don’t have our health. Do your body a favor and get in shape in 2022. -Train to look good naked! If none of the above goals are catching your attention, surely looking good naked will. Make 2022 your year and follow through with your new year’s fitness resolution. I am very proud of my “No Mullarkey” Team for conquering their goals in 2021, despite being in a pandemic. I would love for you to join them in their success. Contact me today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your 2022 goal setting. You won’t regret the sense of accomplishment you have once you can check your resolution off of your 2022 checklist.






THE PREMIER ISSUE #1 of BodyScape Magazine—where it all began… This incredible image of Jennifer England was photographed in Malibu, Ca. Jennifer and I have a LONG history of friendship that goes way back to the Hawaiian Tropic finals back…a LONG time ago! Even before I began my photography career, Jennifer let me practice some editing techniques on her images. I needed a quality model to practice, and practice, and practice on. Working on her images allowed me to create a unique look for the photos that I would be taking in the near future, therefore helping to launch the PictureGroove style and brand of photography. Jennifer and I have shot several times since then, with this Malibu shoot being the most recent. I had no idea that I would be launching a magazine just 5 months after this image was photographed. When I was thinking about my first cover image and what it needed to represent, I kept coming back to this cover image. Her eyes, her physique, the mood, the setting…it was exactly what I had dreamed of for the first BodyScape cover. To this day, even 18 issues later, I have people tell me that this is their favorite cover to date.

Interior feature: Skye Clarke Skye Clarke is another incredible person that I have had the pleasure of working with many times. She is an extremely unique beauty that almost reminds me of a Ralph Lauren model. She is a wrancher- a real one that lives in Wyoming and goes out and hunts wolves to protect her family’s livestock. She blows me away with what she does just in her daily routine. Sun, sleet, rain, snow and all…she and her family are out there doing whatever it takes on their multi-thousands of acres. This shoot we did in particular at the Nelson Ghost Town just outside of Vegas really allowed me to capture Skye the way she SHOULD be captured. The settings there complimented her like nothing I’ve ever seen before. In fact I have done dozens of shoots there at the Ghost Town, and no one as ever made it look as amazing as Skye Did on that day. A fun fact about that shoot was that Skye, coming from small-town Wyoming, had never experienced Starbucks before! I was fortunate enough to be able to treat her to her very first Starbucks! That in itself was almost as fun as the shoot…well, not quite, but it was close!









THE FITNESS MODEL ISSUE #3 This issue was super fun for me to put together, diving in to a lot of work that I had done in the past with some incredibly beautiful and FIT people. Now keep in mind, in these early stages of the magazines, I was doing the interviews, writing and more all on my own! We had to go through several design styles before we finally landed on something that worked, but for a one-womanshow, it wasn’t too bad! A huge highlight of this issue in particular was that our incredible cover girl, Ariana Hernandez had no idea that she had been chosen for the cover. Thanks to some strategic planning and scheming with our mutual friend Tammy Streich, I was able to surprise Ariana with the cover at Wbff worlds in Vegas where Ariana was competing for the World Title in fitness! I figured there was no better place to drop such a surprise on her…and it worked! It was an amazing experience for Ariana and all who were involved, and needless to say, this image totally worked for her cover!

Interior feature Some of these shoots go back to 2014, where I feel like I was really in my prime for the fitness industry. As a photographer, you always want to be learning… bending up your style and creating new and different. In this huge interior feature of BodyScape there are some of my most recognized images and it makes me so happy to look back and see how some of these images literally changed the course of how fitness models have been photographed.



Model: James Ellis


Model: Chelcea Davis


Model: Amy Rozier


Model: Alicia Marie


Model: Mahala Mittal


Model: Joe Thomas


Model: Colin Wayne



Model: Lauren Frahn


Model: Esmeralda Saxenian


Model: Danielle Fisher


Model: Kyle Clark


Model: Noora Kuusivuori


Model: Tyra Love


BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #4 This issue is a special issue to me, especially now that I am 50 years young! Creating an issue of BodyScape that pays homage to those fabulous women 50 and over just felt right. I had an incredible cover model to exemplify exactly what it means to be fit AND especially fabulous over age 50- in fact, when we shot this cover image in stunning Lake Tahoe, Susan Hoff was 54 at the time! Goals! Susan, and the amazing women featured inside this issue are prime examples that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. And achieve it they have!

Interior feature We had some fabulous internal feature models for this layout- beginning with Pamela Denise photographed in an amazing hotel in Oklahoma City, It was our first time shooting together and we nailed Pamela’s shoot! Tania Clark was in fantastic shape in Las Vegas at a well known gym- her genetics just blow me away. And lastly, my dear friend Linda Mitchell photographed both in Newport Beach and in Las Vegas- another shoot at the Ghost Town!..It still blows my mind that these women are over 50.



Model: Pamela Denise





Model: Tania Clark



Model: Linda Mitchell





BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #6 Fitness Model Issue #6 Featuring Fitness Icon Monica Brant Now this is where things started to gain a bit of a boost! When you showcase one of the top fitness icons in the world on your magazine cover, your magazine is bound to get noticed by a larger audience! Monica and I had just begun working on photo shoots together, after knowing each other through the fitness industry since 2011. She and I had done some shoots together, and I was one of her preferred photographers in 2013 for the Fem Camps she was doing. Once I launched BodyScape, naturally I sent out an email blast to let people know what I was up to. Monica quickly emailed me and told me that she wanted to be involved with the magazine somehow. Well, to me, I like to cut right to the chase and get to work! “So how’s this Monica? You’re shooting today and we are gonna put you on the cover!” Monica was a bit stunned to say the least, as she hadn’t prepared for this shoot at all. Monica is always camera ready though, and she was excited at the same time. We had our fabulous makeup expert Shayla Perez on hand, Kona was there to catch video, and all was just as it should have been! It was a perfect shoot, and most definitely our top-selling issue of BodyScape magazine to date!

Interior feature This was yet another awesome issue of amazing models that I’d photographed over time. Different locations, settings, and so many amazing memories made on these shoots!



Model: Amanda Kotel


Model: Kristy Fenster Avery


Model: Susan Hoff


Model: Lori Gardner


Model: Mindy Turner


Model: Melissa Lancaster


Model: Ekaterina Meishvili


Model: Monica Brant


BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #9 This issue was ALL about Kimberly. I wanted to showcase the many different looks of Kimberly Castle in this issue. Also showcasing that BodyScape Magazine isn’t ALL about fitness, but glamour, fun dresses, and pageantry too! After all, Kimberly won the coveted title of “Mrs. Canada Globe”, not once, but twice! At the time this issue was produced, Kimberly and I had done five shoots together. On her first shoot with me, she had fire engine red hair! Moving in to the cover look in Dallas, Texas, we mutually decided on a gorgeous gown that she was going to be wearing in an upcoming pageant, made of white pearls. The cut was so elegant and literally MADE just for Kimberly’s curves. Hair and makeup professional, Lilliana Giddens NAILED this hair and makeup for the cover, draping crystals all in Kimberly’s hair and in the corner of her eyes too. Talk about talent! This cover in particular is my husband’s favorite to date!

Interior feature Here you’ll see the different looks that Kimberly and I have photographed over the years. And did you know that in 2021, we landed SEVEN magazine covers with our work together?



Model: Kimberly Castle















BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #10 THIS is the issue where I feel like BodyScape Magazine really ‘grew up’. Up until this issue was released, i was basically putting the entire magazine together on my own. I was doing all of the interviews, finding writers, (which I am still doing, and I love it) and basically running the magazine solo! Monica Brant had introduced my to Kerrie Lee Brown a few months prior to this issue being released. Kerrie is the former editor-in-chief at Oxygen Magazine. She was there for 15 years! I knew I needed some help with BodyScape, because its popularity was growing and it was becoming more challenging to keep up with all of my shoots and do the magazine at the same time. I decided to bring Kerrie on at BodyScape as our ‘celebrity profile writer’. Cool title, right? Kerrie now interviews all of the cover models and tells their amazing stories. Kerrie was born to do exactly what she is doing…telling the stories of remarkable people. BodyScape Magazine is now literally built around the cover models. Kerrie’s first official interview was with our AMAZING cover girl for the Christmas issue last year, Kristie Kwan! Now this was a super fun shoot to do of Kristie, because she had no idea that she was being photographed for the cover. Her loving husband Aaron strategized this shoot with Monica and myself, and it took place at their gorgeous home in Austin, Texas. I directed Aaron to get some of their Christmas decorations ready for the shoot. Did I mention this shoot took place in July? Kristie loved the idea of this being a Christmas-themed shoot, so she could showcase some of her favorite home made healthy treats that she does so well. Now she has a business selling these treats online! Go to to find out more!



Model: Kristy Kwan









BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #16 Each and every issue of BodyScape Magazine is special to me, and it truly has been difficult to decide what my own personal favorite issues are. But this issue cannot be avoided, because of the ‘heart-connecton’ I have with this amazing cover model, Ekaterina Meishvili. ‘Ekat’ and I met back in 2012 during a photo shoot that I’d arranged around the Fitness Universe pageant in Fort Lauderdale. Our mutual sweet friend Linda Mitchell introduced us, and it was ‘friends at first sight’! Ekat is a trained gymnast, fitness competitor, dancer, and more, so from the beginning, it was so easy for me to follow her moves. She’s a natural in front of the camera. We did another shoot in 2018 in Newport Beach, CA at the launch party for BodyScape Magazine! Another huge success. However, when we got to talking about life stuff, I discovered that she’d suffered a terrible tragedy, losing her husband the year prior. I was so sad for her and her family. But knowing this lady like I do, I knew she would overcome it, and overcome she did. She moved back to her beautiful home country of Georgia, and has been making moves there ever since. Literally. She is deep in the tango community there, and now, all over the world. She’s really found her passion…her outlet …her release. When she heard I would be shooting in Miami for Epic Destination Shoot version 1, she emailed right away to get herself squared away for the shoot. And yes, she knew she wanted that cover and MORE! That means that she was on a plane for 18 hours to come and shoot with me again! It’s humbling when someone does that. But she is just that kind of girl. traveling half way around the world to shoot with her favorite photographer, like it’s just another day for her. A super bonus was that she brought her tango partner, Iakof Shonsky with her! Iakof is a world renowned tango instructor with showcases all over Europe and New York. I grabbed some gorgeous shots of both Ekat and Iakof in their element and they’re some of my favorites to date! This cover was captured at the very END of our 12-look shoot we did that day. We were able to ‘sneak’, sort of, in to the pool area of the W Hotel where we were staying, and grab some beautiful sunset shots. Natural light, of course. We had about 3 minutes- literally to get the shot we knew we wanted. And, we nailed it. The lady in red.



Model: Ekaterina Meishvili



Model: Ekaterina Meishvili and Iakof Shonsky





BODYSCAPE MAGAZINE ISSUE #17 Sometimes working with a first-time model can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve literally seen models just freeze up, and I’ve also seen models transform in to chameleons in front of my camera. Case in point with cover model of Issue 18, “Renee” Rattanaphone Ryan. When Renee booked her shoot, she knew she wanted to go big or go home, so naturally she booked the cover shoot for BodyScape Magazine. I mean, why not? She also added on the wardrobe and styling opportunity that Monica and I offer to the ladies on the Epic Destination Shoots, so everything Renee was wearing was provided by us. (It makes things a whole lot easier for the models!) Renee heeded Monica’s posing advice like a champion. When you have a Fitness Olympia champion who has 130 magazine covers posing you, chances are quite good that your images will be on point! We sailed through the day not knowing very much about Renee’s story. After all, we knew that Kerrie Lee Brown would be interviewing her since she would be gracing the October 2021 cover. Once the time for the interview came around, Kerrie contacted me and she was a bit taken back by what Renee had revealed to her. Kerrie called me and needed to talk about it- ask me my thoughts on this story, because it was going to be as she put it, “heavy”. I had her send me the article, and I needed to sit on it. Rattanaphone (also known as Renee) had revealed some info on her childhood that none of us saw coming. She spoke about how she was raised in a concentration camp. I’ll leave it there, so you can read the article for yourselves. I said…”we have to run it.” Renee wanted a platform to tell her story, and BodyScape magazine is it. So, we ran it, and it wound up flowing perfectly! I’m proud of the BodyScape team for putting that story together. I’m in love with this cover in particular, as it just exudes Miami all over the place! The colors, the feeling, the fact that it was an October cover and the colors just flowed together…her tan! Everything about it just works! Renee is coming back to Miami in January to shoot with us again, but not for BodyScape. She’s shooting a cover for BodyScape’s newest publication, Epic Fit Magazine! Stay tuned to find out more!



Model: Renee Ryan










CHALLENGE! By BodyScape Magazine contributing writer

Dr. Sean Drake


The new year is coming and the reflections on the past year are peeping their heads into our brains showing us how we showed up this time around the sun. There will be a lot of people that end up focusing on how they did not complete their goals set the year before, and how they will do better this time around. What if I challenged you to think quite differently? Your first challenge is to write down all the things you accomplished, places you traveled, and your happy memories of the year. These are the real kudos you should be celebrating. Was there a breakthrough in your career, relationship, or life that you have yet to pat yourself on the back for?

Once you have completed this put a checkmark next to the ones that make you the happiest and start to focus your energy and life there. The key to this is to start making time for the areas that grow you without you realizing you have leveled up in life. If we were to write down our dream goals would you be able to do this right now? Often times we won’t because we haven’t given ourselves the space or opportunity go after what we really want. There’s something inside that says ‘no it’s too hard’, or no you aren’t good enough’. That is complete BS! YOU CAN. But you need to make the plan.


SO in becoming the best you take a day and write down anything you want in life! What really would make you happy and shine? Once you have done this put them into a list. Examples: 1. Build a multimillion dollar company 2. Start a clothing brand 3. More family time traveling Then you would compare 1 to 2 and if building a multimillion dollar company is over starting a clothing brand, that goal would get an * next to it. Then compare 1 to 3 and so on. At the end you will have your goal with the most *. Take that goal and go be the best you! Remember being the best you involves being mentally, physically, and spiritually aligned! You are already amazing, so take time to look in the mirror and remind yourself of that. Take the time to say ‘great job this year’. And lastly, take the time to appreciate where you are and where you are going!

Dr. Sean Drake @Athletechiropractic



STRETCHING IN TO THE By BodyScape Magazine contributing writer

Patty Wilson Health Coach

In my years of training myself, teaching fitness classes, and as a health & fitness coach, I have always preached how important it is to “take care of your body” with mobility and flexibility work. Growing up in a family that was surrounded by arthritis, I also saw firsthand what not staying up on your nutrition and mobility work could lead to. As a majority, we sit way too much and this is a huge cause of tight joints. If you sit a lot, or your job requires you to sit for extended periods, consider setting an alarm every few hours to get up, stretch, walk around, and just move your body. If this is something you feel you could do more of, then read on because I’ve listed some great tips to get you started and keep you motivated!



Why should I be more mobile? Flexible? Stronger? 1. Reduced risk of injury - one of the biggest benefits is the reduced risk of injury. If there is any restriction to a moving joint, then there is a high risk of injury, especially if you like to lift heavy weight.

2. Improved technique and range of movement -

When muscles and joints are more flexible, we get an increased range of motion. This allows us to perform exercises with better technique. If we have tight leg muscles, then we will struggle to lower in a squat or perform a deadlift with correct posture-and for many golfers, this can lead to severe back issues.

3. Stretching is a great way to warmup - It gets the blood moving!

An example of this would be to perform hip circles to warm up the hips. This warms up the hip flexors, glutes, and external rotators, which are the muscles that move the leg.

4. Strength training focusing on a full range of motion is an effective way to improve your mobility AND flexibility. By strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints, you improve stability and active control, allowing you to move with greater ease!

There are two types of stretching, they are Dynamic Stretching and Static Stretching.

Dynamic stretching is a type of active stretching. This includes movements like arm circles, hip circles, lunges, catcows, and walkouts. This helps to improve mobility because it requires active movement of your joints. Dynamic stretches are superior for warming up before exercise as they help to increase blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue. Ask any of my clients, I ALWAYS make them start their workouts here. Static stretching, on the other hand, involves holding a sustained stretch. This type of stretching is best performed as a cool down after a workout which is just as important for your body. When you are stretching and working on flexibility/mobility remember to breathe. To get the most out of every stretch, use your breath to help your body move. When stretching, breathe slowly and deeply and concentrate on the area you are stretching, and try holding each stretch for a minimum of 10 seconds. Don’t rush through it! The key is to stay consistent. The more you stretch, the better. Although it is possible to overstretch, most people don’t stretch enough. It’s ideal to do quick stretches first thing in the morning and again in the evening. As long as you stretch just two or three times per week, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor! Just like exercise, you will notice that some days your muscles feel tighter or looser than others. Stay within your comfort zone and don’t compare yourself to others. Be gentle, never push a stretch to the point of pain, and listen to your body so you can progress and increase your at your own pace.

Happy stretching!! Patty Wilson If you are interested in one on one sessions please email me! I’d love to work with you!



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