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Gratitude Report 2016-2017

Impact of Giving . . . . . . . . Status Report . . . . . . . . . . . Financial Report . . . . . . . . Donor Listing . . . . . . . . . .

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Message from Superintendent “It was a very good year.” While the phrase might be more associated with fine wine or winning a championship, it is an apt description of what occurred over the 2016-17 school year at Bellevue Christian School. Once again, the abundance of God’s blessings was demonstrated in the success of our students, the dedication of our faculty and staff, and the generosity of our benefactors, parents, and alumni. The year proceeded under the theme: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,” from Hebrews 12:2. We sought ways to carry that theme beyond the posters that adorned the hallways and instead embed it in the hearts and minds of all those touched by the ministry of BCS. It was a focus in chapel, in communications with our community, and helped to underscore our distinctiveness as a school serving the greater eastside.

School Board 2017-18 Ruth Burnett, President Steve Sirich, Vice-President Kevin Dunning, Superintendent Rich Begert, Secretary Diane Apol, Treasurer David Burnett Bill Cox Brock Weedman Kelly Curran Roxanne Kidd Scott Lampe Kirsten Miller

Administration Blake DeYoung, Principal Junior/Senior High


Tony Bylenga, Principal Three Points Elementary


Jennifer Smith, Principal Mack Elementary


Juliann Phillips, Director Preschools


The class of 2017 soared. Ninety-eight percent of graduates went on to college. Forty-six percent graduated with GPAs of 3.5 or above. Their leadership sparked nine appearances in state championship athletic competitions as individuals or teams. Most importantly, their commitment to community service was a powerful witness to the power and impact of the Gospel. The faculty embarked on two professional development paths, one leading to more systemic use of technology in the classroom; the other, a return to the very foundation of BCS, Teaching for Transformation. This framework for a biblical transformational worldview brings us back to the deep hope that Al and Joe Greene had for BCS students; that they think and live with the understanding that faith and learning are inseparable as long as it is centered in Jesus Christ. We were blessed to have a good year financially, thanks to some enrollment growth, careful stewardship of our funds, and record-breaking support from friends and family in the BCS Community. As we look to address some critical facility needs in the near term, the blessings of many years of carefully resourced stewardship will make the task of funding the significant cost of renovation a little less daunting. On a personal note, I want to thank the BCS community for welcoming me into the family. I follow a long line of dedicated superintendents who have shepherded this ministry for more than six decades. Your prayers and support have made my transition smoother than I could have hoped. My collaboration with a supportive and effective board of directors gives me confidence that our best days lie ahead of us. 2017 was a very good year for BCS. To God alone be glory! In His Service,

Kevin Dunning Superintendent

Impact of Giving This past June, I traveled to Thailand and Myanmar through the BCS Mission Experience. Before this trip, I had never been on a mission trip and I was forced out of my happy bubble of comfort and pushed into the grimy, fast-paced, and chaotic lifestyle of experiencing a new culture. Although I was uncomfortable, my life would be forever changed by the people, culture, and God-moments I experienced on that trip. Even before we got there, our team leaders always said that we needed to “see” instead of “look”. Although at first this seemed counterintuitive to me, I believe that “seeing” the people was the most valuable thing I did on the trip. I got to see more than just the surface of a pretty city or a chaotic market. I got to see the interactions, experience the culture, and watch God work. My experience was incredible because of the insight I gained just by “seeing”. Before this trip I thought that mission work was to change and transform people’s lives with the gospel. Now, I know it is much more than that. I now know God is working in Thailand and Myanmar, and on my trip I got to see that and begin to understand my place in God’s work. I didn’t need to start the work, I needed to see it. At Rainbow Children’s Home in Myanmar I made an incredible friend named Joy. She was so patient with me, and always generous in connecting with me despite our language barrier. This year, I get to go back and see Joy again. I am so thrilled to see her smiling face. I am a new person because of my trip. We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support. The fruit from these trips is truly remarkable. -Lucy Smith, ‘19 Melissa Brady, ’17 is a freshman at the University of Washington. Her intended major is business with a focus in entrepreneurship. Her goal is to open a café one day. While at BCS, Melissa participated in volleyball and softball. She also played the flute in the band. Outside of school, Melissa was active as a dancer and participated in dog 4H for 7 years. She volunteered at her church and at a summer camp. Her favorite high school memory was taking a van to Disneyland with the band during her Junior year. Melissa Brady, ‘17

Melissa felt challenged and supported in the classroom. She credits Ms. Joanne Grambush for helping her develop her skills in art. “She challenged me in many ways to make me think outside the box. I especially matured in the content that I was producing by my senior year for my AP Art portfolio.” Melissa worked hard, dedicating time to academics, extracurricular activities and service to others. She received an Undergraduate University Grant to the University of Washington. The grant is a real blessing to Melissa and her family, because, without it, the cost of college would be a real hurdle. While at Bellevue Christian, Melissa was one of many students receiving financial aid. The full price of tuition was beyond her mother’s means, but with the help of Bellevue Christian donations to the Annual Fund, she was awarded enough financial aid to cover a portion of the cost. Melissa benefitted from the generosity of others, and BCS benefitted from the gifts Melissa brought to our community. “I am really thankful that BCS was able to grant me the opportunity to study in safe, friendly environment that gave me a great background of knowledge for my future in college.” -Mellissa Brady, ‘17 Page 3

Relational Community 2016 – 2017 Enrollment: Over

1,064 students Preschool – 12th grade

25% of our students are of Asian, African American, or Latino background

BCS students attend over

130 different churches 50

Students are transported to the three campuses from over zip codes, including Snoqualmie, Renton, Seattle and Woodinville.

Rigorous Academics 98% of BCS graduates in 2017 continue on to colleges and universities. 1 National Merit Commended Scholar in the Class of 2017 Average SAT score – 1202 - National Average – 1060 Average ACT score – 25.4 - National Average 21.0 71% of BCS students taking an Advanced Placement exam scored a 3 or better; 60.8% of Washington State students scored a 3 or better

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Relational Transformation 9 BCS Athletic teams (as individual competitors or as a team) were represented at state competitions during the 2016-2017 year

3 Students participated in the All State Symphonic Chorus 70% of high school students participated in at least one athletic sport

Redemptive Faith 31 Students went on Missions to El Salvador, Costa Rica, or Thailand BCS students serve at

Over 50 nonprofit organizations

All high school students complete a Service Learning Experience prior to graduation supporting ongoing relational service with community organizations, churches, mission partners, individuals and camps. The Mack and Three Points Elementary schools donated food and needed items to the Maltby Food Bank and Renewal Food Banks consistently over the last

312 weeks. Page 5

With YOUR generous donations, Bellevue Christian School was able to... Transportation • Purchase a new pickup truck for Facilities to use between all campuses • Wrap the fleet of vehicles (7 vans and 2 trucks) with new branded graphics

Technology projects: • Upgrade the BCS computers district-wide to Windows 10 • Upgrade the networks, including more wireless access points and speed upgrades at all three campuses • Purchase approximately 230 Surface 3’s and Surface 4’s for junior high and high school science classrooms and laptop carts at the two elementary campuses for student use • Upgrade the computer lab on the Clyde Hill campus • Install new computers and monitors for the computer lab at Three Points Elementary

Learning Initiative • Partnered with the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE) to implement and adopt Teaching for Transformation (TfT). • Eight faculty members and one administrator participated in intensive training as “Early Adopters.” • They have practiced implementing the three core practices in TfT: Storyline, Throughlines, and Formational Learning Experiences.

Performing Arts • Purchase performing arts sound and lighting equipment in the Greene Commons for performances on stage, chapel and guest speaker events • Purchased new risers and shells for student group performances Page 6

Financial Report 2016-17 Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities

As of June 30, 2017

Year ended June 30, 2017

Operating Revenues (000’s) Assets (000’s) Cash and Cash Equivalents $6,953 Tuition and fees Billing and Other Receivables, net 37 Contributions and fundraising Inventories 175 Other revenues Total Operating Revenues Prepaid Expenses 116 Investments 10,736 Property and Equipment, net 7,318 Other Assets 10 Total $25,345 Liabilities and Net Assets (000’s) Liabilities Accounts Payable/Accrued Expenses $144 Payroll Liabilities 747 Benefits Payable 968 Deferred Student Billing 5,021 Auxiliary Liabilities 162 Mortgage Note Payable 429 Total Liabilities $7,471 Operating Expenses, including depreciation (000’s) Net Assets (000’s) Instructional and programs Unrestricted 15,963 Tuition assistance Temporarily Restricted 524 General and administrative Permanently Restricted 1,387 Fundraising Total Net Assets 17,874 Allocation to Reserves Total Liabilities and Net Assets $25,345 Total Operating Expenses

$14,652 1,285 996 $16,933

$12,158 915 947 330 2,583 $16,933

Contributions and Fundraising Annual Fund/ General $549,220

• 294 donors contributed • 68% of gifts were less then $100 • $472 was the average gift amount

Auction Golf Carnival $451,492

• 388 people attended the Auction • 90 golfers played • $197,500 raised in Fund-a-Need Page 7

Donors THANK YOU to our generous donors for your thoughtful support of Bellevue Christian School. We strive to produce an accurate listing of our donors. We apologize for any discrepancies or omissions. Please report any errors to Theresa Larsen at 425-454-4402 x210. The following list represents tax-deductible giving to the following activities and funds between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017: Founders Fund, Viking Classic Golf Tournament, Oh the Places BCS Will Go Community Fundraising Bash, Jog-A-Thon, missions, endowments, and special projects. Christian and Amy Aaselund Gregory and Darla Abbas Rocky Abild Paul and Alicia Adams Tony Adams Daniel and Melanie Adent Jon and Colette Aguirre Michele Ahearn Seth and Jessica Ahnert

Dave and Sharon Amundsen Daren Anderson and Tammy Hunter David Anderson and Gwynne Laurente Gregory and Ellen Anderson Jim and Sundra Anderson Larry and Sharon Anderson M. Bruce and Terry Anderson

William and Jean Avery Linda Baas John and Jamie Bagge Bruce and Sharon Bailey Joshua and Taryn Bailey Ronald and Jeannine Bailey Larry Bain Ramsey Bain Scott Bain Richard Baker Wilford and Judy Baker Jason Bakke Jeff Ball Joe and April Banach Brad and Jill Barnard Earlene Barnes Derek Baron and Lauren Plooster Natalie Baron Tom and Michelle Bartell William and Lauren Bauer Janet Beachem and Kory Gill Chris Beahm Douglas Beahm Don and Stacie Becker Randy and Arwen Becker Brenda Bedrosian Bill and Ruthanne Beers Heidi Beers Richard and Leslie Begert Eunice Beleford

Into the Woods musical with new stage lighting and sound Jack and Helen Akamine Amanda Albright Frank and Juanita Alexander Pam Alexander Ken and Karolyn Alford Jami Allison Laurie Allison Cielo Almanza Joshua and Lea Almanza Lani Almanza Paloma Almanza Ann Alteio John and Lisa Alteio

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Jim and Minah Andrilenas Anonymous Scott and Buffy Anson Marius Antalute Arv and Lois Apol Dan Apol '88 and Diane Apol Jim Apol '83 and Sharon Apol William Arenas Janis Armfield Toni Arzillo David and Donna Auer Nathan and Stacey Auer Jack and Fran August

Jeff and Megan Bell Jennifer Bell Corey and Cori Belle Russ and Jan Beltz Grant and Liliana Benavides Jonathan Bengelink and Kendra Douma Bengelink '90 Max and Frances Benson Dirk and Steffani Berdan Geoff Berg Tim and Brenda Berg William and Christi Berry Jodee Berube

Gene and Tammy Besel Lucas Besel '09 Josh and Kelly Betts Brian Biege '02 and Liz Beige Michael Bieniosek and Jasmine Lopez Matthew and Antonia Bishop Robert and Gloria Bjurstrom David and Cindy Blair Bruce and Judy Blandy Bruce and Tsila Blank Darren and Amy Bloch Tracie Blood Carol Bogezi Steve and Julie Bold Heather Bomgardner Michelle Bonorden Dan and Stacey Boon Sean and Erin Boon Kathy Boone Steven and Lori Borg Randy and Suzanne Boroughs Andrew Borrelli Julianna Borst Matt and Gail Borst Chris and Nichole Boscolo Jennifer Both Ben and Marianne Bourland Nathan and Alicia Bower Glenn and Kristi Bowers Spencer and Sandra Bowhay Kathleen Boyd Laurie Boyd Lucas and Jenell Boyd Marsha Boyd Gerrit Boyle '85 and Andi Boyle Marika Sue Brady Arnold and Marjolynn Brasseur Thomas and Shelli Brasted Kimberlee Bratcher James and Peggy Breazeale Breezy and Sonia Breazeale Marty Brennan Joseph and Rosemarie Brichta Larry and Donna Brickman Todd and Hilary Brickman Harvey and Maxine Brink Eric and Katie Britt James and Patricia Britt Gordy and Connie Brockerman Tad and Natalie Brockway Joash Brodin Jonathan Brodin and Becca King Brodin '08 Gary and Cynthia Brog Chad and Eryn Brown Jason and Melody Brown John and Diane Brown Tim Brown James and Jan Broz Jessica Broz Thomas and Judith Buckner Francois and Susan Burianek Darin and Stephenie Burke Tim and Kerri Burke Trent and Marie Burke

Bill and Vivian Burnett David Burnett '88 and Tricia Burnett Bill Burnett, Jr. '82 and Ruth Burnett Clint Burson Jack Burson Preston and Karen Byargeon Tony and Evelyn Bylenga Brad Cahill Patrick and Beth Cahill JoEllen Cain Jim Cairns Russell and Kathleen Caldwell Chris Cammock Craig and Carrie Cammock Michelle Campbell Penelope Campbell Scott and Beth Campbell Tracie Campbell Rick and Laura Carlson Randy and Gerri Carlton Debra Casey George Castle, Jr. '72 Dave and Erika Catlett Ronald and Shannon Cats Jeremy and Emily Cavanaugh Dino Cecchetto Bob and Jennifer Chaffey Joseph Chan and Karen Shao Chris Chance and Brenda Spann Chance '87 Catherine Chang Craig and Winnie Chang Shirley Chang Eric and Shelley Chapman Mendy Charlton Monty and Stacey Chellis Alan Cheng and Karen Yuen Raymond Cheng and Carissa Hockema Cheng '97 Darwin and Christine Chevalier Dexter and Molly Chin Pik Chin Kenneth Chiou and Peggy Ma Joel and Jennifer Chouinard Anita Chuck Brian Cichella Joyce Clabots Donald and Kathleen Clark George and Judith Clark Jonathan and Jenni Clark Michael and Janet Clark Randall and Janice Clark Greg Claypool Chuck and Lorraine Clegern Jay and Lisa Clem Josh and Jenny Cobbley Bernard and Zennie Coleman Kelly and Sabrina Coleman Michael Coleman Austin Collins and Erin Holland-Collins Michael Collins Paula Collins John and Jennifer Colver

Justin and Ember Compton Aaron and Queenie Con Bryant Connelly Shannon Connelly Boris and Karen Cononetz Katie Cook Kirk Cook Linda Cook Barbara Cornell Deborah Cossey Kori Cossey Daniel Costenaro Carl and JarĂŠ Cox Bill and Debbie Cox

Annaleyza De Haan Matthew and Melissa De Haan Ralph and Luann De Haan Leon and Shirley De Lange Etienne and Ilse De Villiers Ross and Kyla De Wit Brett De Yager Glen Dea and Ying Wang Kathryn DeJesus Dean and Mary Dejong Steve and Leilani Dejong John and Janice DeJonge Mark DeJonge and Kristin Douma DeJonge '93

Dean and Gail Douma Peter and Yasue Drabble Brian and Lucine Drake Jim Drake Joe and Lynn Drazich Yuying Du and Kun Zhang David and Teresa Ducharme Bob and Cristina Dugoni Truman and Delores Duncan Kevin Dunning Karen Durham Doug and Carol Durst Lindsay Eavenson James and D'Anna Edison

Students performing experiments with new physics equipment Brandy Craig and Clint Bjornson Janie and Dennis Craig Jeff and Allison Craig Brian and Erin Crane Pamela Crosetto Thomas R. Cullen, III John and Karen Culver Michael and Diana Curneen Chuck and Junia Curran Dee Dee Curran Steve and Kelly Curran Mike Curry '03 Michael and Sara Dahl Thomas and Lorilea Dahl Gary and Corky Dahlman Robert and Randi Dalgleish Gwendolyn Dallman Jeremy and Daniele Dallman Janet D'Ambra Ryan and Tara Damschen Daria Darby Doug and Kelly Davidson Andrew and Kati Davis Neena Davis Robert and Virginia Davis Shawn and Stacie Davis

Chad and Sarah Dellinger Luino and Margaret Dell'Osso Scott and Stacey Dell'Osso Todd and Christie Denholm David and Karen Dennis Allen and Lisa Derheim Amy Deur Andrew and Abby DeVore Rich and Sue DeVries Blake DeYoung '93 and Camille Conley DeYoung '96 Garrett and Charlie Dishart Darin and Heidi Dishneau Frank and Karen Diss Brian and Gretchen Ditsworth Joy Dobrinen Michael Doellefeld and Tracey Spann Doellefeld '76 Roland Doellefeld and Terri Spann Doellefeld '75 Jake Domer Dale and Estelle Donohoe Fran and Marianne Dougherty David and Beth Douglass Brent Douma '00 and Erin Douma

April Edwards Graham Egger Michael and Valerie Eggers Robert and Dolores Eggers Marc and Sophie Eilers Brad and Beth Einfeld Smitha and Sriram Elayavilli Brian and Judy Elbert Patricia Ellis Ellie Elmi and Mehran Makarian Laura Ely Tiffany Endres Karen Eng Erik and Shelly Engstrom Marc and Kerry Erickson Al and Nancy Erisman Michael S. Erisman '82 and Kathy Erisman Leon A Espinoza Dennis and Cheryl Evans Jason and Michelle Evans Stephanie Evans Jeff and Missy Evenson Troy Ewton Ted and Sonya Fagerness Phillip and Brenda Falck

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Tom and Jen Faley Chris and Lori Fallon Jared Fankhauser Robert and Jo Ann Farnworth Drew and Aly Farrell Robert and Barbara Faulk Steve and Delia Fazzari Erik and Reena Feider Gary and Sandra Feider David and Wendy Feneis Samuel Fetchero Craig and Linda Fetters Kevin and Sara Fetters Paul and Tracy Ficca LouWayne Filson Jamie and Beth Fiorda Bruce and Elaine Fish Jeff Fletcher and Peg Masterson Alex and Sandra Flores Jordan and Anne Flowers Jared and Kara Flynn Jason and Allison Foisset Jack Foley Tim and Keri Foley Gordon Fong '74 and Marlene Fong Robin Forman Samuel and Lisa Fortiner

Mathew and Amy Franck Don and Shirley Franklin Herm and Joan Fransen Allan and Diana Fraser Shannon and Diana Fraser James and Gale Frederick Jim Fredricksen Mark and Jayme Freeborn John Freeman Kemper and Betty Freeman Joel Freet Bruce and Liane Fremd Candace Frohardt James Frohardt Karen Frohardt Kimberly Frohardt Krista Frost Jason and Holly Furr Patricia Gall-Hichborn Barbara Garcia Kyle Garner and Betsy Cermak Carl Gates Kenneth and Debra Geelhood Jerold Gemar Kerri Gemar Mark and Shirley George Vyacheslav and Vita German David and Suzanne Giannini

BCS students with children on the Thailand mission trip

Shane and Britt Fortney Erik and Thea Fortune James and Diane Foss Jake Foster '98 and Melissa Foster Natalie Foster Noah Foster '01 and Janae Foster Pat and Meegan Foster Steve and Terry Foster John Fountaine Stephanie Fountaine Marc and Brenda Fournier Ceri Fox Parker and Amy Fox Tom Fox

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Aaron and Megan Gibbs Elaine Gibbs Donald and Karen Gibson Kyle and Katie Gill Trisha Gillem Oskar Gjertsson and Elena Camerini Nick Glant Justin Glaser Stephan Gmur Travis Gnehm '07 and Kaila Hewett Dan and Jacki Goebel Dawn Goehner

Ron and Lisa Gonser Juan Gonzalez and Carmen Unger Brad and Glenda Gorter JoAnn Grambush Franklin Graves Tim and Dena Graves Amy Gray Randal and DeEtta Gray Phillip and Nikki Greany Paige Green Gary and Joan Greene Ted Greene '87 and Melissa Dahlman Greene '85 Tom. Greene, Sr. '56 and Betty Greene Bob and Molly Gregory Diane Greulich Hillary Grigel Brandon Groce Matthew Gronlund and Whitney Anderson Gronlund '99 Michael Gronlund Sara Gross Brad and Lexi Grow Michele Grubbs Robert and Pamela Gunderson Julie Gunhus Todd Gustafson Colby Haase Glenn and Debbie Haberle Fahad Habib Scott Hadley Wallace and Elaine Haglund Robert and Margaret Halka Ulf W Hallen Randy and Lynn Haller Jim Halliday and Tyson Greer Brad Hallstrom Kent Halvorson '73 and Susie Halvorson June Ham William and Bettye Ham Kenneth and Carol Hamamura Tricia Hamamura Cheng Han and Vickie Lu Noreen Hananoki Aaron Hansen Christine Hansen Eunice Harbin Judy Harbin Rob and Julie Harcus John and Brenda Hargett Robert and Kimberly Harkins Faye Harold James Harper Ken and Tina Harper Rachel Harrington Kimberly Harris Kristofer and Alison Harris Stanley Harris Todd and Jayna Harris Andrew and Amy Harrison Rita Hart Duane and Melony Harter Bernard and Katherine Harvey Mark and Kristen Hatate

Brian and Wendi Hawley Rob and Julia Hay William and Ayako Hayden Donald and Kathleen Haynes Mark and Karen Hayward Dan and Caren Hazen John and Nancy Hazen Vivian He Charlie and Sharon Heinemann Kristin Helgeson Lindsay Heller Scott Heller Arnie and Carol Hendricks Fred Hendricks Nicole Spann Hendrickson '96 Christopher and Amy Henkens Michael and Michelle Hepburn Mark and Patty Hermiller Wanda Hernandez-Bhatt Scott and April Herrboldt Richard Hichborn Suzanne Hickok Donald Hiebert Steve and Katie Higgins Dallas and Sarah High Jeffrey Hill Robin and Phil Hill Scott Hill Frederick Hines Shawn Hinz and Deborah Schroeder Hinz '93 Mark and Kathryn Hjelm LeRoy and Connie Hockema Sara Hodge Dan Hodo and Jen Hendricks Hodo '96 Blake Hoffman Conrad and Paulette Hoffman Philipp and Chantelle Hoffmann Kenneth Holland Diane Holley Joe and B.K. Holman Daniel and Gina Holmen David and Chris Holmes Pauli Holmes Derek Holser and Leah Burnett Holser '93 Jane Holt Melissa Holtzclaw Stacie Holub Jeff and Joy Homan Jean Horan Kathleen Hotchkies Harriet Houghton Brandon and Julie Houston Graeme and Sandra Howard Jeffrey and Daphne Howard Elizabeth Howerton Aletha Howes Bin Huang and Qing Ge JinCheng Huang and Joyce Yuan Brock and Molly Huard Dustin and Catherine Hubbard Kenneth and Kristin Hubbard Pam Hubbard Brian and Kelli Huber

Dorothy Huff Ellen Huff Thomas Huff Jennifer Huffaker William and Paige Huffaker R. Gary and Taryn Hull Shawn and Kara Humphrey Carl Hung Masae Hung Charles Hunter and Jane Nelson-Hunter Michael and Nancy Hussack Joel and Christi Hussey James and Marie Hutchins Chad Hutchison Jan Hutton Hannah Hwang Alissa Imamura Devin and Taryn Imamura Lawrence and Marcia Imamura Jayne Inaba Lance Inaba Oleg Isakov Peter Isensee John Jacques Barbara Jenista David and Darlene Jenista Chris Jensen Jim and Sharon Jessup Alan and Sue Jewett Scott and Kim Jewett Xiaojun Jiang and Ruihua Gu Yu Jiang and Hui Huang Kathleen Johns Brent and Alexa Johnson Brice Johnson Carol Johnson Fahren Johnson Nicholas Johnson Patricia Johnson Randy and Buffy Johnson Terri Johnson Tim and Pam Johnson David Jolley '82 and Rebecca Ruud '83 Jeramy and Janet Jones Joyce Jones Stacy Jones Bill and Jean Jorgensen Marianina Joseph Daniel and Donna Joudrey Tamara Joyce Dan and Beth Jump Basel Jurdy Elliott and Deanna Jurgensen Debi Kampton Lindsay Kang Ryan Kang and Taryn Yang Fred and Judy Karig Dean and Sharleen Kato Brandon Kats '09 and Tara Kats Gregg and Ann Kats Lisa Kats Lori Kats Shon and Claire Katzenberger Bruce and Julia Kay

Josiah and Hannah Keen Karen Auestad Keenan '84 Michelle Keller Stephen Keller David Kelly Kimberly Kelly Shannon Kelly Stephen Kelly Jim and Dolores Kemmerer Valerie Kemper David Ker '09 and Lee Zylstra Ker '98 Glen Ker and Anna Greene Ker '81 Roger Key Betty Kidd Eric and Roxanne Kidd David and Norma Kidney Dawn Kidwell Dan Kieling James and Rachel Kim Samuel and Tina Kim David and Cheryl Kimball Florence Kimura Angela King Eileen King Josh and Sasha King Kennerly King Bob and Jeannie King Charles Kinslow Brandon and Kayla Kirkbride Donald and Pam Kite Ned and Sandra Kivett Ryan and Katie Kivett Patrick Klampe Tobias and Jessica Klauder Rob and Tracey Klee Keith Knowlton Timothy Knudtson Cindy Ko Matthew Koehler Wendy Koehler Craig and RouxAnn Koon Joan Koontz Marvin and Margaret Koorn Shawn and Deborah Koorn Courtney Kors-Cohen Jerry and Dotti Koster Robert and Diane Kramer Sarah Krugerud Matt Kuffel Tamara Kuklenski Tracy Kuntz Greg and Nattie Kuo Tony and Jodi Kusak Miranda Kutch Dennis and Linda Kvidera Lance Kyle Hugh and Tracy LaBossier Alex Lam and Anne Chik Tina Lamb David and Elena Lamb Ros and Linda Lamb Angela Lambert Scott and Ellen Lampe Janet Lamphier Curt and Shirley Lance

Erik and Susan Landahl Brian and Nancy Langdon Alexander and Sandra Lange Christopher Large and Tara Rose-Large James Larkin Matthew and Shelly Larkin Tane Larrabee Peter and Julie Larsen Theresa Larsen Annie Larson Darren and Kelly Larson Stephen and Marcia Larson Louis LaRubio Todd and D'Ann Ledbetter

Chunlin Li and Alice Xu Gang Li and Yanxue Deng Wei Li and Amy Han Zhaogang Li and Tingyang Liu Guanghua Liang and Yachao Wang James Lich Elizabeth Lie Ruth and Gunnar Lie John Liu and Kari Jordal Yanming Liu and Peng Yun Stephen and Sheila Lockwood Richard Loging Jacob and Elenor Loran Lance and Theressa Losey Gail Lotto

Three Points Elementary Jog-A-Thon participants Cambrielle and Paul Lee Ching Ho Richard Lee Cliff and Katty Lee Denny Lee and Hua-Ping Yang Erica Lee Gay Lee Jaime and Paul Lee James Lee Jason and Carrie Lee Joseph and Sunny Lee Karen Lee Wendy Lee Whitney Lee Kurt and Shaula Leinweber Arnold and Elizabeth Leitz Steve and Charlotte Lemery Mike and Cathie Lents Patrick and Norma Leonti Stuart and Claudia Lerwick Adam and Stacy Lew John and Jesseca Lewis

Shawn Loutsis and Tamie Cruce-Loutsis Janelle Love Kenis and Jean Loven John and Amy Lowdon Gene and Kirsten Lowry James and Mary Lowry Joe and Sarah Lowry Brian and Emily Luke Marlene Lum Jennifer Lund Jun Luo and Yu Song Judie Lyle Marcie Lyle Yong Ma and Zhiping He Lisa Mach Umesh Madan and Mary Hale Travis and Amanda Magee Lynn Mahoney Marvin and Jenell Mall Gary and Joanne Mallett

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Matthew and Sharon Mallory D. and Hope Maltz Matthew and Julie Marcelia Olga Marchenko Ed and Marianne Marlow Don and Carol Marshall Walter and Nancy Marth Richard and Jin Martin Samson Martinez Jane K. Mason James and Christie Masterson Biju and Nisha Mathew Julie Maxwell Rosanne Mayeda Deanna McCann Rachel McClelland Carole McConnell James and Catherine McDaniels Shaun McFadden Jonah and Lynn McKee Angelica McKinley Glenn and Kelly McLean Kevin McNamee Debbie McNemee Howard McQuaid and Suzy Freeman McQuaid '85 James and Kathryn McRoberts Erin McSheffrey Sean and Michelle McVeigh Cleo McVey Harry McVey Inga Meder Chris Mellin Eric Mellin Andres Mercado Sandra Merchant Robert Meredith Frank and Linda Metsker Jennifer Metsker '92 Matthew Metsker '97 and Mary Metsker Andre Milbradt and Ikuko Yoshida Bob and Leslie Milinkovic Barbara Miller Christopher and Lana Miller Jeff and Carol Miller John and Marilyn Miller Michael C. Miller '88 and Kirsten Miller Mike Milojevich Scott and Gen Minor Scott and Tracy Missad Mei-Ling Miyake Chris and Barb Moe Mark and Michelle Moehring Tovin and Angie Monaco Paul and Tricia Montgomery Darrel and Debbie Montzingo Jonathan Moon Jeff and Kay Moore Donald and Wanda Morken Walter and Valerie Morris E.M. Morrow Mitchell and Wendy Mounger Zackery and Claire Moxcey Jack and Sara Moyer

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Shawn and Kara Mulqueeney Erin Murphy Joe and Lupe Murray Mark and Joy Murray Kirk and Amy Myhre Jon Nachman Lois Nagahara Heather Nakamura

Robert Norman Kevin North Thomas Norton and Allyson Arai Jayne Noske Nathaniel and Alicea Novak Daniel and Julie O'Brien Gary and Michelle Ochenkoski Dennis and Alicia Ochs

Darlene Weedman and auctioneer Troy McVicker Richard and Keri Nakamura Billye Nance Darryl Nance '75 and Robin Squire Sooter-Nance '75 Dave and Sheri Nansen David and Teresa Nase Craig and Michelle Neal Albert and Beverly Nelson Brian and Laura Nelson Karen Nelson Kristen Nelson Michael Nelson Trevor Nelson and Holly Tomlin Nelson '04 Laura Ness Gary and Karen Newbill Sandra Newton Christy Ng Marius and Irina Niculescu Christine Niemann Paul Nienaber '70 and Debbie Nienaber Marci Nolan Rebekah Norgard Wayne and Susanne Norgard John and Katie Norman

Jason and Caroline O'Connell Joey O'Connor Karl and Stacey Ohlemann Larwence and Alice Ohlfs Mike and Gina Oldham Ken and Robin Olfert Bryan and Candace Oliver Paul Ollestad Paul and Mari Olsen Jon Olson '82 and Galene Olson Mary Olson Mike and Jennifer Olson Michael and Margaret O'Neal Ilija and Sonja Orlovic Nathan and Joy Orona Ross and Rebecca Ortega Steve and Amy Oslund Cliff and Diane Otis Kate Otto Scott Oveson Rob and Sonja Owen Bob and Duanne Owen John and Susan Owens Russell and Marianne Palazzolo Barbara Palsrok Dick and Lois Palsrok

Laura Palsrok A. E. and M. A. Paolucci John and Joyce Parente Robert and Susie Park Rodney and Heather Parker Marilyn Parra Sylvain and Jillian Paslier Chuck and Sharon Pasma Amit Patel Jayanti Patel Erik and Teresa Paulson Tom and Denise Paulson John and Jill Pavlicek Callie Payne Candace Payne Lauren Payne Ryan Pearman and Jackie Koster Pearman '05 John and Mary Pearson Bill and Michele Peckinpaugh Andre and Jaime Pedeferri Jeff Peffer Gaylen and Shawna Pelts William Pennebaker Lynnel Pent Joseph Pepper and Tara Fazzari Christian Perkins Charles and Mary Perry Margaret Perugini Robert and Theresa Peterhans Robert and Joyce Peterhans Stena Peterhans-Ritt and Mike Ritt Erika Peterson Marisa Peterson '96 Jay and Tara Pettersson Christian Pettitt Robert and Marilyn Pettitt Ruth Pettitt Chad and Julie Pfleiger Terry and Bea Pheifer Mark and Lisa Phelps George and Emily Phillips John and Anya Phillips Patty Phillips William and Juliann Phillips Ian Ping and Jenny Zhang James and Marcie Pinkerton Ken and Pat Pinkerton Quenten and Suzanne Pippel Samuel and Rachel Pittman Iva Plummer Cheryl Poffenroth Lisa Poffenroth Greg and Angela Pope Beth Porter Benson and Julia Porter Kim Franklin Postma '89 Joel and Jody Potthoff Anthony Prata and Sonya Morken-Prata Ladd Preppernau Reid and Sharilyn Preppernau Scott Preppernau Max Pressey '10 David and Lindsay Price Kevin and Christiana Price

Tom and Betsy Pridmore Donald Primrose and Lucy Parker-Primrose Cameron Psiaki Erik and Luia Pulkka Jack Pullikottil and Tressa Abraham Joyce Pyle Bin and Joylynn Qian Darryl and Tammy Rabb Matthew Radcliff '97 and Kelly Radcliff Donna Rainville Lisa Rand-Thibeau Frank Rankin Kenneth and Amanda Rankin Tara Rastetter Gary and Michelle Ratterree Jerry and Mary Ratterree James and Amy Reagan James and Katy Rebar Jim Reed Robert and Grace Reed Leland and Emy Reese David Reigel Judith Reis Marcus and Anjali Remme Craig and Shelley Renning Nick and Jenna Rensch Mark and Joyce Resler Mike and Cindy Reynolds Joe and Shannon Reynolds Tasha Reynolds Brent and Heidi Reys Dan and Laura Ribera Valarie Rice Nathan and Kathleen Rich Amy Richards Evelyn Richards Randall Richardson '95 and Angelina Richardson Jan and Rebecca Richey Matthew and Cindy Richey Judith Rickard George and Carolyn Rippee Peter and Sue Ro Andy and Michelle Robblee John and Yanni Robel John and Christine Roberts Dennis and Melinda Robertson Carrie Robinson Mary Rodgers Jeff and Amy Rogers Robert and Jennie Rogers Max and Nadia Rombakh Shannon Rome Darren and Beverly Roorda Bryan Roos Raemarie Roque Heidi Rosendahl Kathleen Ross D Allan and Diana Roth Charles and Carol Rowe Cheryl Rowe Stephen and Sara Rowe Michael and Alexis Rowell

Steve and Jen Rowse Wesley and Jennifer Ruemping David and Cindy Rulon Donald and Darci Russell Lukas and Alice Rutishauser Irene Rutz Brian and Caryn Ruud Anne-Marie Ryan Mia Ryan Thomas and Billie Jo Ryan Sean and Andrea Rynders Kelly and Sharon Sakanashi Steve and Jennifer Sala Mark and Michelle Salazar Dan and Christy Santos Peggy Sanui Chawapol and Cynthia Sarinyamas

Joseph Scheid Mark and Kelly Schenfeld Christine Schick Bryan and Tak Schielke Michael and Dawn Schiller Linda Schlenker Michael and Desiree Schlitt Joshua and Micheale Schmidt Joseph and Maggie Schnepf Mary Ann Schober Tracey Schofield Jesse Schoner and Sam Baxter Schoner '03 Lyra Schramm Cliff and Kathy Schroeder Michael Schroeder Chris and Nancy Schwarz

Teaching for Transformation Classroom Storyline Mamoru Sato Elton and Tracey Saul Allie Saunders Keith Sawamura Andrea Sawyer Roger Scannell '82 and Lisa Scannell Mike and Jodi Schatz Darcie Scheele Bobette Scheid

Rita Schwarz Tony and Monica Scisciani Leah Scott Julie Secrist Patrick and Ashley Segadelli Steve and Gina Segadelli Thomas Seib and Cindy Schober-Seib Jeremy and Julie Seitz Timothy and Heidi Sexton

David and Erin Shao Zachary Sheely Gerald and Joyce Shelso Susan Shelso Leland and Tracie Shenfield Sang-Beom Shim and Jiyoung Lee Tim Shimotakahara Robert Shipley Dave Shirley Kalee Sholdt Tyler and Kellie Sholdt Beth Shore Ed Short Natalya Shtikel Jane Shuh Bonnie Sicilia Faizi and Ruby Siddiqui Tim Siebersma and Beth McDaniel Todd Sievers Chakwan and Mabel Siew David and Jodie Siew Mike and Jennifer Sigl Greg and Lavonne Simmons Steve and Amy Sirich Ted and Terra Sittner Eugene Siu Joanna Skaff Douglas and Sally Skagen Heather Skagen Richard and Hailey Skidmore Kihm and Kim Skillicorn Ed and Sabrina Sloan Krista Smark Joshua Smit '08 Kevin and Peggy Smit Allen and Wini Smith Andrew and Catherine Smith Barbara Smith Brad and Jennifer Smith Brian Smith Daniel and Sonya Smith Dennis and Jane Smith Gerard Smith and Carolyn Powers-Smith Greg and Shelly Smith Janet Smith Kenneth and Galena Smith Kim Smith Linda Smith Lisa Smith Rob and Cara Smith Robert Smith Steve and Sherri Smolinske Don and Helen Smyth Tomas and Shamiana Soderberg Alisson and Denise Sol Sissi Sondgroth Ken and Eun Jung Song Ming Song and Qing Yang David and Heather Sousa Bradley and Jessica Sowell Norm and Marlene Spann Dale Spencer Gary and Carolyn Spies Leonard and Sheila Spoelstra David and Kristi Spouse

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Karen Sprecher Kyle and Erica Sprecher Brandon and Kristy Springer Melissa Springer Tyson Springer Victor and Phyllis Spurbeck Dale and Joan Staal Patricia Stacy Nancy Staples Tricia Stearns Scott Steedman and Jeanne Hall-Steedman JoAnn Stein Jeff and April Stepanian Moe Stephens and Allison Foster Stephens '95 Frank and Verlyn Sterk Leah Stevens Jill Stewaft

James Swegle Peter and Mary Jane Swindley Steve and Debbie Symonds Shawn and Wendy Tacey Margaret Talbot Sue Tameling Richard Tanaka Atul and Birage Tandon Joan Tanji Andrew and Connie Taylor Paul and Karen Taylor Richard and Vicki Taylor Robert and Kellee Taylor Kevin and Michelle Temp Leland and Susan Teng Craig Teramoto George and Claire Teramoto Mike and Tristen Teramoto Ron and Lauri Teramoto

Gregory and Carol Truex Michael Truitt and Helen Wentink-Truitt Caicilia Trzepacz Mark Tseng and Irene Chen Brian and Holly Tucci Gary and Daria Tudor Carl and Merry Beth Turpin Brett and Laura Tuson Jon Tuvey '83 and Amy Tuvey Stefan and Jeanne Ulstein Tom and Frances Underhill Josh Underhill '92 and Julie Bauer Underhill '91 Ward and Shannon Urion Kirk and Kellie Utzinger Chelsea Uyeda Mark Uyeda Brad and Kristina Valantine

High School English Department Awards Ceremony Larry and Sherry Steward Susan Stewart Justin and Michaeline Stiles Jere and Julia Stille Mark Stingley Carl and Joni Stockamp Linda Stover Aleece Strachan Shaun and Marissa Stratton Stephen and Heidi Stribley Rebecca Strike Laura Stutsman Joe and Mare Sullivan David Swann Kelly Swann Matthew and Amanda Swann Michael and Debbie Swann Kevin Sweeney Marian and Larry Sweeney Paul and Heidi Sweeney

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Patricia Terry Alex and Megan Thaman Chad and Mindy Thiesen Michelle Thoreson Bill and Denise Thoreson James and Virginia Tiefenthaler Jean Tiscornia Bert and Ruth Tjoelker Daniel and Stephanie Tjoelker Elaine Tjoelker Larry and Joy Tjoelker Rod and Tenda Tjoelker Stephen and Rachel Todd Greg Tomlin '01 and Kendra Doellefeld Tomlin '01 Jeff and Merrie Tomlin Chris and Debbie Tott Forrest and Tamara Trepte Jocelyn Trepte Doug and Susan Trimble

Pamela Valdez Jack and Mary Vale Jeff and Charity Vale Vi Van Eynde Milton and Melinda Van Hise Rich and Rachel Van Winkle Willem Van Wyk and Jennifer Williams-Van Wyk Allan and Nancy Vance Brian and Allison Vance Jason Vance Laurie Vance Brett and Val VandenBrink Jay and Marlys Vander Pol Jeff Vander Pol '04 and Lindsay Vander Pol Ryan J. Vander Pol '01 and Afton Vander Pol Ray and Sharilyn Vanderkooi Brian Vasey

Michael and Diane Vasey Richard Vaughn and Lynnae Diefenbach Rosalba Vazquez Ken and Sue VerGowe Bernice Vermeer Miles and Marianne Veth Anthony and Eileen Vierra Jacob and Jamie Virnig David Visser '01 and Angie Visser Roger and Linda Visser Mike and Marie Vitale Erik and Marian Von Fuchs Dave and Susan Voth Thomas and Pat Walgamott Lamont and Ruthanna Walker Bob Wallace '63 and Joan Wallace Kathleen Wallender Lee Wallender Brian and Alisa Walters L. Anthony Walters Xin Li Wan and Xi feng Dong Eric Wang and Grace Zhang Hong Wang and Caixia Yang Yushun Wang and Huiling Liu Paul and Beverly Wanninger Janie Ward Curtis and Kara Wardian Steve and Victoria Warshaw Henry and Kelly Wasenmiller Paul Wasson and Amy Franklin Wasson '91 David and Hally Wax Jeremiah and Kristin Webster Virginia Webster Brock and Darlene Weedman Sig and Diana Weedman Jian Jun Wei and Sabrina Yao Michelle Wells Allan and Laurie Wenzel Tarl and Kellyn Westbrook Dave Westburg '76 and Kay Westburg Aaron Westlund Josh and Michelle Westlund Mike and Reagan Wetter John Whalley Jeremy White Justin and Darcy White Curt and Christa Whitton Ken and Paula Wigboldy Barbara Wilgus Dave and Denise Wilken Larry Will Joel and Katharine Williams John Williams and Tonya Loving Matthew and Jennifer Williams Roger and Millie Windemuth Ryan Windemuth Todd and Stephanie Windemuth Tony and Diane Winningham Jeff and Mary Wirth Anthony Wise JoyAnn Wise Rod and Tonya Wishart John and Jennifer Wittenberg

Alfred Wong Jason Wong Norman Woo Terry and Janna Woodruff Cory Wozow '98 and Leslie Wozow Adam and Amanda Wray Lisa Wright Weidong Wu and Bing Lin Nathan Wutzke and Malia Agbayani-Wutzke Shirley Wyatt Ferdinand and Sandra Wybenga Mitch and Joyce Wybenga Thomas Wybenga Sharla Wybenga-Walters Kristin Wynn Jianguang Xu and Haixin Wang Ning Xu and Xying Huo Nick and Brenda Yanity Tonya Yanity Xiaodan Yao Carolyn Yau Yick Yee and Doris Yick Lauren Yenokida Monica Yenokida Trenton and Erika Yenokida Crystal Yick Leon Yick and Sui Qi Jiang Raymond Yip and France Bui Robert Yokobe Brett and Talitha Young Rob and Carrie Young Nicole Youngstrom Karen Yuen Kate Yuen Walton Yuen Daniel Zarzar Charur and Maribel Martinez Xiaodong Zeng and Zhaoxia Lan Chao Zhang Ming Zhao and Xuxia Zhang Thomas Zhao and Eliza Yang Xiaozhe Zhao and Jiexi Wang Lixuan Zhu and Jian Chen Fiona Zhuang and Zheng Zhang Scott Ziemann Martin and Diantha Zschoche Jay W. Zylstra '92 and Brenda Zylstra Russell and Julie Zylstra

We strive to produce an accurate listing of our donors. We apologize for any discrepancies or omissions. Please report any errors to Theresa Larsen Institutional Advancement at 425-454-4402 x210.

Viking Classic Golf Tournament group putting contest

Business Donors A List Academy Advanced Care Dentistry AmazonSmile Foundation Ameriprise Financial Seattle Auto Interior Renew Beacon Plumbing Mechanical Inc Becker Retirement Group, Inc Bell One Consulting Group Inc. Bell-Anderson Agency, Inc Bellsky, LLC Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bloch Property Management LLC Boeing Company C.O.O. Services, LLC Cencom.com Inc CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Chevron Matching Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Dreamer Inc. eScrip FBN Enterprises Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Glassybaby Goodshop (Good Search) Harry Vermeer Family Foundation Higgins Building Company Inland Northwest Community Foundation InvestED IRG Redmond Ridge Jamba Juice JLS Academy, Inc Joba Technologies Joshua Green Foundation, Inc. Just Give

Kemper Freeman Foundation Kroger Legacy Assets, LLC Macadam Floor and Design Makin It Happen Matthew's Estate Microsoft Alumni Network Microsoft Mill Creek Childrens Dentistry Morgan Stanley National Christian Foundation Network For Good One Accord Capital Overlake Orthodontics Pacific Landscape Management Perfect Blend, LLC Quality Value Construction Inc Rombakh, Inc. Salsa De Rosa, LLC SanDisk Corporation Matching Scheer Law Group Schwab Charitable Fund Starbucks Stokes Auction Group, Inc. Tenor Wines The Kula Foundation The Larson Family Charitable Foundation The O'Callaghan Group The Seattle Foundation Thorndyke 2821, LLC Trutina Financial United Commercial United Way of King County Universal Land Construction Vertical Consulting Group, Inc Watson Asphalt Paving Company, Inc. Wells Fargo Matching Foundation

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L4008 bcs 2016 17 annual report final  

Bellevue Christian School Annual report

L4008 bcs 2016 17 annual report final  

Bellevue Christian School Annual report