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2017 What’s Inside: Letter from the Superintendent | Graduations 2017-18 Board Members | Athletic Highlights | Performing Arts Fine Arts Photos | Campus News | Alumni Reunions SUMMER 2017 | VIKING VIEW | 1

Superintendent Message

From Our Superintendent

The Viking View is the district-wide digital magazine of Bellevue Christian School.

“I wasn’t always passionate about BCS, but BCS was always passionate about me.”

We welcome your comments.

– Turner Burnett (’17) We spend considerable time at Bellevue Christian trying to craft the right message. We think about how we describe the “peculiar” nature of BCS and how to convey that to people who don’t know us well and are concerned primarily with tuition rates, standardized test scores and college placements. While no doubt those factors are critical in parents’ decision to enroll in BCS, unless they get a better sense of the kind of place this is, they are unlikely to stay long or at all.

You can contact us by email: communications@ bellevuechristian.org or via mail at: 1602 98th Ave NE Clyde Hill, WA 98004

Turner may have encapsulated the distinctiveness of BCS better than any PR firm could. Relationships are at the heart of BCS. The lifelong friendships crafted in the hallways and classrooms long outlast the lessons on English grammar; just ask the hundreds of former students now Facebook friends with Stefan Ulstein. The witness of Charlie Brown handing out Bible verses in the rain will influence lives far longer than the update to Windows 10. The lessons taught by Todd Greene on the sidelines of a football game will shape the character of young men long after the cleats are hung up for the last time. Lauren Johnson’s first graders will learn to read, which is pretty important, but they will also be loved, which is even better.

Superintendent Kevin Dunning Viking View Editor Carolyn Goodwin Cover Photo Vakker Portraits Content Various Viking Contributers

Everyone who labors on behalf of the Kingdom of God in the place has a story to tell. Most can tell how they made a difference in the life of a student, but few know their true impact across three and four generations of students who have crossed the threshold. It is the conundrum of teaching: your best work doesn’t manifest itself until years later. We cast the seed; the Spirit brings it to fruition.

Soon we will begin the task of writing new stories for the nearly 1000 students and their families who will join us. This year’s adventure will unfold under the theme “See the Story – Live the Story.” Borrowed from our friends behind Teaching for Transformation, it will sharpen our focus on seeing and living out God’s story. Al and Joe Greene recognized long ago the need to “help each child develop an ability to become a transforming influence in their world by learning to understand and evaluate all things from the perspective of God’s unchanging values.” It’s time for a 21st-century take on that eternal message.

In His Service,

Kevin Dunning Superintendent




The passion Turner identifies is more than what a teacher feels for his or her students. It comes from a deeper place, born from the commitment of a loving God for a fallen people and alive in all who share the imperative to share the message of God’s love. May God continue pour His blessings on BCS as we seek to tell and live that story.


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This image can be found at bit.ly/BCS_2017-18_


Board Members


FOR 2017-2018 Ruth Burnett – PRESIDENT

Ruth and her husband Bill have four children, Laura, Sarah, Ryan and Daniel, who graduated from BCS in 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017. Ruth has been employed as an adjunct instructor at Seattle Pacific University and is involved with the youth program at her church.


Steve and his wife Amy have two children. Jack is a junior and Claire graduated earlier this year with the 2017 class. Steve has served previously on non-profit boards (most recently with Westminster Chapel), and works at Microsoft.

Rich Begert – SECRETARY Rich and his wife, Leslie, have two children, Taylor, a 2004 BCS graduate, and Blake, who is 28. He has been CEO and President of a number of technology companies. He currently is doing management consulting and CEO coaching. He has also served on six other non-profit boards. He also volunteers as a coach with the boys high school basketball team. Diane Apol – TREASURER

Diane and her husband Dan have two children. Janelle graduated from BCS in 2015 and Allison is a senior. Diane is employed as Senior Accountant/CPA at Benton Bray P.S. and serves as Treasurer of Bellevue Christian Reformed Church.

David Burnett

David graduated from BCS in 1988. He and his wife Tricia have four children – Turner graduated from BCS in 2017, Truett is a junior, Talia an eighth grader, and Tessa a fifth grader at Three Points. David has worked professionally as an attorney and manages investment partnerships.

Bill Cox

Kelly Curran

Kelly and her husband, Steve, have three children at BCS: Zach is a sophomore, Natalie is in seventh grade, and Matthew is in second grade at Three Points. Kelly recently completed her M.A. degree in Christian Education and is a staff member at Crossroads Bible Church.

Roxanne Kidd

Roxanne and her husband, Eric, have two children at Mack Elementary – Josh is in fifth grade and Matthew is in fourth grade. Roxanne has served four years on the Mack PTF Board and is actively involved in her church’s Youth and Service Ministries.

Scott Lampe

Scott and his wife, Ellen, have two daughters, Alyssa and Meredith, who graduated from BCS in 2007 and 2012. He has held various corporate finance positions and, in addition to previous service as BCS Board President, currently serves in a number of volunteer roles including Eldership at Rain City Church and member of the Bellevue Transportation Commission and Sound Transit’s Citizen Oversight Panel.

Kirsten Miller

Kirsten and her husband, Michael, have two children attending Bellevue Christian School. Grant is a second grader and Christian is a kindergartener at Three Points. Kirsten is employed as President at NORPRO and has been involved with her church, as well as at a number of non-profit organizations.

Brock Weedman

Brock and his wife Darlene have three children at BCS. Alexis is a junior, Trey an eighth grader, and Brielle a fifth grader at Three Points. Brock is a clinical and sport psychologist with a practice in Bellevue.

Bill and his wife Debbie have three children at BCS. Mason is a junior, Camden is a freshman, and Nolan is a fourth grader at Three Points. Bill works at Microsoft in strategy and partnerships. SUMMER 2017 | VIKING VIEW | 3

Advancement Team

“Hello Vikings, ages 2 to 92!” Congratulations on making the 2016/17 academic year a success at three bustling campuses. As BCS families wind down well-deserved summer adventures and graduating seniors head off to college, your Advancement Team is wrapping up a summer of hard work serving our students, staff, families and donors better. What is the Advancement Team, you ask? Well, it’s a small team of professionals leading Admissions & Alumni Relations, Events, Fundraising and Marketing & Communications. Our goal for the 2017-18 academic year is to seek strategic clarity and get aligned to what we believe you have told us you want for BCS.

Carolyn Goodwin (Marketing and Communications Specialist), Holly von Seggern (Events Coordinator), Christina Hernandez (Events Manager), Theresa Larsen (Development Coordinator), Ann Kats (Admissions Coordinator), and Kirk Utzinger (Chief Advancement Officer). Not pictured: Melody Brown (Marketing Assistant/Spiritwear Specialist)

The Advancement team’s fundraising goal last year was to exceed $1 million dollars, BCS community generosity exceeded that goal at $1.3 million dollars. Impressive for sure, but we can do much more. We must earn the right to ask for your contributions and you must see the impact of your gifts. So, taking your feedback and recommendations into account, here’s the FUNDRAISING plan for the next two years; I. GIVE ONCE – Founders Fund appeals will be mailed to all BCS donors homes two times each year – that’s it! ONE in November and a SECOND in APRIL. Founders Funds are general funds. THE most important investment a donor can make to BCS programs. If the 73% of BCS donors prayerfully gave just ONE TIME per year at a minimum of $500 to this general operations appeal, the 27% of families that regularly give to Founders Fund would not have to carry this load alone. II. GO – Special “Fundraising” Events – Attend, sponsor and/or participate!

A. BCS Signature Event – The annual event (auction/other). All BCS communities come together and celebrate the mission & vision. Fun indeed, but fund a need!

B. Viking Classic Golf Tournament – Benefits BCS athletic programs

C. Jog-A-Thon – Elementary Campus benefits campus special projects

D. Carnival – Community fun with proceeds supporting student programs

III. GIFT – Consider gifting an endowed Scholarship or Legacy gift to BCS to honor or memorialize someone you love. Join the Greene Heritage Society and learn about meaningful ways to impact the BCS mission & vision forever! IV. OTHER STUFF! Occasionally there are individual campus fundraising programs that seek donations. These fun and often life enriching programs are class specific and count on families “in that zone” to support their student’s activities and projects. All OTHER STUFF programs must be pre-approved through Advancement to be school sanctioned, i.e. Junior Senior Banquet, Mission Trips, Special Projects mini campaigns and individual classroom initiatives.

GIVE to Founders fund, GO to the Annual Event and if you feel led, GIFT to Scholarship or Legacy. If EVERY BCS family would do these three things to their capacities each year, the OTHER STUFF would not be required. The bottom line is that BCS fundraising programs must be clearly communicated and transparent. We are on this and want you to know exactly where your donations go and the impact those gifts make. Stewardship and cultivation is a priority and if we have not earned the right to ask for your support, then that’s on us. If you have questions, suggestions and comments about how fundraising programs at BCS can be more meaningful and effective, please call or better yet, come see us! Thank you all for your feedback, generosity and continued support to BCS – The Advancement Team SUMMER 2017 | VIKING VIEW | 4


2017 Athletic Highlights CONGRATULATIONS TO: Girls Basketball – 6th place finish at State Girls Softball – 7th place finish at State Boys Track and Field – Academic State Champions Molly Olson – 6th place in 100m and 200m Craig Lambert – 6th place in the 3200 and 7th place in the 1600 Zach Douglass – 5th place in the pole vault 14 out of 16 teams participated in Districts. 9 out of 16 teams had individuals or the entire team participate at 1A State Championships.

Correction: In the Winter 2017 issue athlete Peter Besel should have been listed as a senior and girls soccer team lost to Vashon High School not to Fife High School.


Senior Class Graduation

Words of Wisdom to the Class of 2017 delivered by Charlie Brown, BCS teacher for 53 years

The commencement address for the class of 2017 was given by Charlie Brown. In usual form, Brown shared many of the Bible verses he has always given his students at BCS during his lengthy teaching career. Brown explained that he “walked in your shoes, like yesterday, or maybe a year or so ago. I missed one day of being absent in senior high, and none in my God-given teaching career of 57 years. I was called to serve my God in teaching through His Giftedness to me.” He also shared that he enjoys setting goals by saying “I operate and enjoy new daily goals with God. In setting your goals, do the following: create, alter, cooperate, pray and serve. Learn to exercise discipline, duty, devotion and fortitude. Of course, you will come to a crossroads in life many times. Know in that all you do, it is worship. Don’t be Christians that are phony, or be “cardboard” Christians. Be the real thing. Like a yesteryear’s ad that read: “It’s the real thing . . . drink Coca-Cola.” “Congratulations, class of 2017. Some of you are going to trade school, the military, the mission field, higher education, and the work force. God bless you, as you all remain in God’s school 24/7. No matter how old you are or will be. Continue on one step at a time. Say with the psalmist, “Without delay I hurry to obey your commands” (Psalm 119:60). Let your day be orchestrated by Him. Receive His will. It is tailored for you. God equips you to perform. Run with the strengths He gives you but always It was Mr. B’s architecture class that laid the applaud Him for what He does. foundation for my love of maritime asset design and construction. Despite what I went to college for, it was his influence in that class that shaped my profession today. Far beyond the influence of any other teacher or professor I encountered during my youth.

He helped me find the Apollo 11 booster rockets thousands of meters beneath the Atlantic, map the ocean seafloor along the Pacific, and study krill in the Antarctic. Thanks Mr. B. – Daniel Stabbert, Class of 2003

Because God sees you as a winner, you will be! God bless you, everyone.” Jacob Greene donned Brown with cap and cord at the closing of his address. He shared that he “started with a Greene giving me ‘words of wisdom’ and am finishing, five generations later, with a Greene helping me. With success I get to finally graduate, and with the class of 2017, the oldest member by far.” Congratulations, Class of 2017! SUMMER 2017 | VIKING VIEW | 6

Senior Class Graduation

The Class Of 2017

Montana State University

Nathan Kyle Aguirre

East Carolina University

Julia Elise Gottlieb

Kelly James Polito

Samuel Douglas Anderson University of California, Irvine

Alexander Michael Gould

Central Washington University

Montana Nicole Preston

Brandon Hunter Baier

Jacob Joseph Greene

Kathryn Grace Reynolds

Montana State University

LanYue Bao

University of Washington

Shelby-Ann Marie Baumert

Stanford University

Josef Mac Helton

University of Montana

Tongtong Huang

Bellevue College

University of Washington Biola University

Sarah Elizabeth Reynolds

Gap year – Colorado State University

Mikael Anne Royer

Northwest University

University of Washington

Azusa Pacific University

Rachel Ann Berg

Rebecca Ruth Jewett

Noah Alexander Schram

Peter Gabriel Besel

Mitchell Steven Justus

Sophie Mitzi Schwager

Seattle Pacific University University of Washington Foster School of Business

Azusa Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University

Montana State University

Western Washington University

Nickolaus Sehoon Kang

Kyle Patrick Sickles

Maxim Hedley Luke Bishop

Western Washington University

Isabella Marie Boscolo

University of Washington

University of Washington

Payton Jean Bowhay

Washington State University

Hope Meejin Kim

Kevin Joseph Smith

Samantha Grace Kimmel

Alice Vasconcelos de Melo Sol

Noah Edward Kreyenhagen

Arabella Rose Sorrento

Montana State University Baylor University

Western Washington University

Melissa Ann Brady

University of Washington

Jared Franklyn Brown Asuza Pacific University

Daniel Gerald Burnett

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Turner William Burnett Belmont University

Jared W. Byargeon

Western Washington University

Tiffany Chang

Andrew Ronald Kats

Seattle Pacific University

Colorado State University

Craig Andrew Lambert

University of Washington and Northwest University

Jacob Ryan Leahy

California Baptist University

Matthew Leo Lew

University of Washington, Bothell

Dawen Liang

Illinois Institute of Technology – College of Architecture

Willamette University

Jillian Hope Chellis

Michigan State University

University of California, Los Angeles

Lingxiao Chen

University of Washington

QingYu Chen

Northwest University

Jacqueline Grace Clark Azusa Pacific University

K’reisa Jare Cox

Seattle Pacific University

Julia Louise Davidson Belmont University

Mingda Dong

United States Marine Corps

Zirui Fang

University of California, Davis

Daniel Aaron Ficca

American University of Paris through the University of Southern California

Kylie Keaolani Goo

California Baptist University

Weinan Liu

Savien Brooke Love

Washington State University

Michael Aidan McLoughlin Western Washington University

Suzanne Sperry McQuaid Santa Clara University

Christian Michael David Miller Utah State University

Lukas Paul Miller

George Fox University

Bellevue College

Claire Phillips Sirich Gonzaga University

Berklee College of Music

Washington State University

Emma Olivia Spouse

Washington State University

Christopher Phillip Stribley University of Arizona

Matthew Eldon Tetrick Bellevue College

David Peter Thomsen Montana State University

Juanette Van Wyk

Central Washington University

Genevieve Kerigan Walker Belmont University

Nicole Natalia Wall

California Baptist University

Tyler Christopher Williams University of San Diego

James Manuel Orozco Wilson Cascadia Community College

Isaac Alexander Wood Liberty University

Runqi Wu

Garrett John Olerud

University of Washington

Caitlyn Elizabeth Olexer

University of Washington

University of Washington Seattle Pacific University

Anna Renae Olson

Central Washington University

Jiwon Park

Boston University

Kara Marie Philipovich

Western Washington University

Yan Xu

Syndey Ann Yenokida Bellevue College

Yiliduosi Yiliyaer Bellevue College

Tian Zhao

Boston University


Fine Arts

Fine Arts The Visual Arts Program has been busy this year in meaningful activity in both the community and outside of the school walls. We ended the year with the AP–Senior Art Show, showcasing the hard work of AP Studio Art and Seniors who have found visual expression meaningful in their high school lives. Participants were Kara Philipovich, Hannah Praino, Anna Olson, Tiffany Chang, Melissa Brady, Payton Bowhay, Flora Xu, Kevin Smith, Noah Kreyenhagen, and Nathan Aguirre. The show was well attended by faculty, friends, and family. There were many “patrons” who purchased art, helping to benefit local charities as well as encouraging the artists in their work.

Jacob Lawrence exhibits. AP students also went to SAM to see the YSL Haute Couture Show as well as the dramatic social statements of Kara Walker at the BAM. The Art and Architecture students visited Bellevue College Interior Design Portfolio Show where they were impressed by the detailed concepts and constructions of their graduating designers. They also visited the MACADAM Designer Showroom, owned by one of our school families, and learned about all the hard surfaces architects and designers have to choose from to create a beautiful home. This connected well with their bedroom design projects based on a famous artist. Exploring the arts puts students in touch with the materials and ideas behind grand design. They learn that appreciation of beauty and design is their God-given legacy, which resonates in our lives as we enjoy art.

– JoAnn Grambush, Teacher

Also reaching into the community this year are the face-painters, Grace LeSeuer, Payton Bowhay, Hope Kim, Anna Olson and Kara Philipovich who help at the Bellevue Farmer’s Market children’s activities. Several field trips brought students out into the community this year. Cartooning students visited DigiPen in the Winter Quarter, where they were inspired by the amazing drawing, storyboarding, animation and creativity seen there. High School students visited SAM for the Seeing Nature and


Performing Arts

Performing Arts BCS Theatre is growing, and the productions provide a wide range of theatre experiences for BCS students and audiences. High school theatre productions last year began with Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, included a student-produced comedy “The Election,” and topped off the year with the Broadway musical “Into The Woods.” Junior High theatre had a short one-act comedy each semester, presenting “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” and a 10 minute version of “Antigone.” Their first semester large show was the comedy “Goldilocks on Trial” and their second semester production was the intense drama “12 Angry Jurors.” Next year, theatre is expanding as the high school opens up two new theatre classes: Introduction to Theatre, and Advanced Theatre/Stagecraft. These new courses will help train the students in a stronger appreciation of theatre in general as well as enhancing theatre skills and abilities. Productions for next year are still being determined, but promise to provide interesting and challenging theatre for everyone. – Mark Ramquist, Teacher



BCS Receives Best Private High School Award Bellevue Christian High School was awarded the Best Private High School for 2017 by 425 Magazine this past spring. The award is based on votes by readers of the magazine. Thousands of votes. We are excited to reveal your picks for the best Eastside eats, drinks, people, places, and things! Votes were tallied and BCS came out at the top. Thank you to everyone who voted, and congratulations to the hard working staff and families of BCS!

Memorable Statetrip One of the beautiful aspects of Bellevue Christian is its ability to be creative in how it approaches various curricular elements. Due to our size and involved parent community, we’re able to go beyond the norm in terms of helping students learn and experience God’s creation. Perhaps this is no more evident than in the phenomenon which is Statetrip. Originally conceived in the early 1980s, Statetrip involves randomly selected groups of eight or so 8th grade students, along with two parent chaperones, heading out to explore the state of Washington. There are certainly curricular objectives and educational outcomes attached to the trip, but it is also loaded with social, emotional, and physical components as well. For some students, it’s the first time they’ve spent the night away from home. They are with students in a nearly 24/7 environment, which brings its own challenges and delights. They try new foods, sleep on church floors, meet new people, and experience new situations, all of which make it such a valuable experience. It’s amazing how much gets packed into a fourday trip! For BCS, this isn’t four days away from school; it’s school done differently, and in a way students never forget.

Statetrip Olympic group touring the Washington State Senate


8th Grade Graduation

Eighth Grade


Graduating Class of

Lukas Aguirre Evan Barnidge Robert Bartell Philip Bengelink Lauren Bonnell Jakson Burke Ray Carlsen Natalie Chellis Molin (Jack) Chen AJ Cononetz Emma Cornwall Camden Cox Christian Dahl Kayla Davenport Kai Davis Elisa Dell’Osso Katie Derheim Audrie Dishart Ally Dodson Ben Douglass Lorelai Dunn Luke Fick Nicholas Fountaine Nick German Elise Germino Mason Greene

Trent Griessel Alex Guarraci Hanna Hagerty Harris Hamilton Aidan Harris Alex Harrison Aden Hartman Shane Hazeur Paige Herrboldt Morgan Hettich Jordan Horowitz David Humbert Joe Jiang Ethan Kho Jasmine Kim Toby Klauder Joanne Lee Michael Lee Sang Hyun (Andy) Lee Taehee (Tim) Lee Ken Lin Zhaodi (David) Ma Zhaoyue (Charlie) Ma Hailey Malkasian Hayden Marlow Faith Martin

Hannah Miller Thai Nguyen Haley Ochs Emerson Ohlemann Gigi Olson Jordan Orecklin Milena Orlovic Justin Parsons Lingxi (Livia) Peng Lili Redler Rylee Reese Siri Ruud Ike Schneidler Steven Schober Hyeri Shim Tyler Sittner Aline Sol Quinn Spencer Ashleigh Steedman Joseph Sweeney Eric Vaughn Emma Wasson Jared Whitton Malia Wolgamott Yulin (Rick) Zhang



Three Points Elementary Awarded CenturyLink Technology Grant On May 4, 2017, Bellevue Christian School teacher Julie Vander Laan and her 5th grade class were surprised with a CenturyLink technology grant for $4,976. CenturyLink VP Sue Anderson presented the award to Ms. Vander Laan with a giant ceremonial check and balloons in front of the entire student body. Out of 2,300 applicants, Vander Laan was one of the 309 teachers awarded nationwide (22 in Washington state) for her vision of integrating Microsoft Surface tablets with the Kidblog and Xtra Math applications. “What a blessing and honor to receive this grant! It is encouraging to see companies like CenturyLink get involved in education and find ways to support learning,” said Ms. Vander Laan. “This grant will help fund Surfaces for my classroom, to give students easy access to resources that will broaden their learning experiences while being engaging, accurate and authentic.” The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation’s Teachers and Technology grants are designed to fund projects that advance student success through the innovative use of technology. The program awards grants of up to $5,000 to fund technology to enhance learning in pre-K through 12th grade classrooms. The Foundation is named after CenturyLink’s founder. During the 2015-2016 school year, CenturyLink awarded $1.4 million in grants to support technology in the classroom.

Mack Elementary Welcomes New Principal Jennifer Smith The Board of Directors and Superintendent Kevin Dunning are pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer P. Smith as principal at the Bellevue Christian School Mack Elementary campus. Mrs. Smith, who had served as the International Program Coordinator at BCS, assumed her new duties July 1, 2017. Jennifer’s career at BCS spans over 20 years. She has served in multiple roles as an elementary teacher, SAS therapist, Director of Development, Spanish teacher and International Program Coordinator. “Jennifer’s experience at BCS makes her uniquely prepared to take on the leadership role at Mack,” noted Superintendent Dunning. “Jennifer clearly stood out in a field of excellent candidates. Her passion for BCS and its students is clearly evident in all the work she does.” Jennifer earned her BA at Washington State University and her MA in School Administration at Western Washington University. She and husband Brad have two children in college, Drew (‘14) and Erin (‘15), both BCS alumni.


Preschool | Book Donations

Preschool Programs

The BCS Preschool students have had a busy year studying science. In our preschool classrooms, science looks like . . . • Predicting, experimenting, observing, and recording those observations. • Learning to use real science tools. • Measuring, estimating, counting, sorting, and comparing. • Mixing colors and textures together to observe what will happen. • Watching and waiting for caterpillars to become butterflies, and seeds to become beautiful plants. • Exploring God’s creation with our hands, our eyes, and our ears.

Introducing the Celebration Library Program “That men may know wisdom and instruction, understand words of insight, receive instruction in wise dealing, righteousness, justice, and equity; that prudence may be given to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth—the wise man also may hear and increase in learning, and the man of understanding acquire skill, to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles.” Proverbs 1: 2 - 6

The Bellevue Christian School libraries play an important part in BCS’s mission “To prepare young people to live faithfully for God in a rapidly changing world with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values.” By providing a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, our libraries offer windows into our rapidly changing world; afford our students opportunities to understand that world; and encourage critical thinking, compassion, and knowledge so those students can evaluate and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values. While Bellevue Christian School is able to support each libraries’ collection with a modest budget for new book purchases, we could always use fresh titles to ensure our library has a supply of new and interesting titles. The Celebration Library Program is one way to support the libraries’ goal of continually increasing in quality and also is a perfect way to celebrate your child. Please visit the Book Buying Program website page: www.bellevuechristian.org/support/celebration-library-program/


Class Reunions

Class Reunions Viking Classes gathered this past summer and got their Viking on! The Choir and Kantorei where led by Joel Ulrich, and all enjoyed singing together at the Clyde Hill campus. These photos are from the class of 1997 and the choir. Reunions are held each summer. Planning information can be found online at www.bellevuechristian.org/ about/alumni/reunion-information


Alumni News

Alumni News Dr. Armand Putra, Class of 2004, was the 2016 recipient of the Stanley D. Tylman Research Program of The American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics. The award supports postdoctoral student research in fixed prosthodontics. Dr. Putra examined the light transmission of translucent zirconias after hydrothermal treatment. His research will contribute to creating stronger reconstruction procedures. He studied at Queensland University in Australia and at the University of Washington. “BCS taught me what it means to have passion in everything we do. I also felt that God has a great plan for all of us. Looking back to when I first came to BCS as a 13 year-old boy, barely able to comprehend English, I am thankful for all of my friends and teachers who patiently taught me and allowed me to develop into who I am today.” – Armand Putra

Anne Thomas, Class of 1977, pictured here with students from one of her projects, Island Literacy, on the last island off the eastern coast of Cambodia, bordering Vietnam. This is 1.5 days travel from where she usually works. The boy on her left needs a cochlear implant.

Chuck Adams, Class of 1974, reported he recently graduated from the Portland Art Museum Art Institute with a photography degree, with a minor in digital image manipulation, “and finished with a 3.61 GPA – not bad for a 62 year old who hasn’t been in school for the past 40 years.”

In Memoriam Martin Walter Berg, Class of 1966, passed away peacefully at home on June 29, 2017. He is survived by his wife, Holly Kennett, and brother Michael Berg. After graduating from Bellevue Christian School, Martin joined the Navy. Enjoying the flying and camaraderie, he continued with the Naval Reserve for 39 years, achieving the rank of Captain. Martin also graduated from the University of Washington and worked at Boeing for many years in several different programs. A celebration of his life was held on July 8th at Lake City Presbyterian Church. SUMMER 2017 | VIKING VIEW | 15

News & Events

News & Events August 2017 August 24

Back to School BBQ

August 29

First Day of School

6:00 p.m.

Clyde Hill Courtyard All BCS Campuses

September 2017 September 7

Back-to-School Night

7:00 p.m.

Mack Elementary

September 12

Back-to-School Night

7:00 p.m.

Clyde Hill Campus

September 14

Back-to-School Night

7:00 p.m.

Three Points Elementary

September 25

BCS Viking Golf Classic

10:00 a.m.

September 29


The Plateau Club Mack & Three Points Campuses

October 2017 October 20

BCS Community Carnival

October 20

Christmas Evergreen Sales

5:30 p.m.

Clyde Hill Campus All BCS Campuses

BCS Parent App Coming Soon! We are excited to announce the Bellevue Christian School app! This tool will create a centralized resource for parents to find valuable information, making life easier for our busy families. All grades and campuses will be serviced in this one app. A big “Thank You!� to the parents who spent countless hours evaluating the communication needs of the parent and made this happen: Amy Harrison, Sharon Heinemann, Rebecca Ortega and Brenda Zylstra. Watch for more details at the beginning of the school year!

Viking View Has Gone Digital In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Bellevue Christian School is now publishing Viking View magazines online. The magazine will no longer be printed and mailed. All families with an enrolled student will receive the magazine at the email address on file in RenWeb and are not required to take action. If you are a BCS alumni and would prefer not to receive notification when new digital issues of this magazine are available 2-3 times each year, please email communications@bellevuechristian.org.


Profile for Bellevue Christian School

Viking View Summer 2017  

This magazine is digitally published by Bellevue Christian School 2-3 times each year.

Viking View Summer 2017  

This magazine is digitally published by Bellevue Christian School 2-3 times each year.