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Travel in the “new normal:” What lies ahead

DOs and DONT’s for rekindling romance


Is it love, or are you being catfished?










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A special thanks to Patrick and Linda Howery of Colorado Springs for being our cover models.

20 Travel in the “new normal”

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Bring magic back into the bedroom

23 LMGTFY: Let me Google that for you

8 The course of true love: Love birds

24 Fun after 50: Senior Center activities

share secrets to a happy marriage

11 Ask the Old Bag:

Newly widowed? Treat yourself.

12 Remember caregivers

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10 ways to tell your dog “I love you”

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Planning your outdoor sanctuary

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A bustling center of civic activity From 1903 into the 1960s, judges and county commissioners, the sheriff, county assessor, clerk and coroner all reported to work at the El Paso County Courthouse. This image of employees from the county assessor’s office was taken on the first floor of the courthouse before it became home to Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. This space is now home to the exhibit “Story of Us: The Pikes Peak Region from A- Z.” Find out more at story-of-us Photo courtesy of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum


Remembering Dr. Couchman | 1946-2020


r. Donald Edward Couchman, a long-time friend of Life After 50 and local seniors, passed peacefully on December 11, 2020. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on February 19, 1946 and attended San Diego State University. He later graduated from Northwestern University School of Dentistry. Dr. Couchman served in the US Navy as a lieutenant and as an officer with the US Public Health Service before coming to Colorado Springs in 1975, where he established Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. He was a talented dentist and faithful Christian man with a heart for all people. He traveled to Africa, Latin America and Europe, sharing his love for Christ, putting his dentistry skills to work and lifting up the many souls he met along the way. He is loved and will be missed by countless family and friends. He is survived by Cathleen, his loving wife of 55 years; their two daughters, Christine and Erica; and 10 grandchildren. In remembrance of his life, the family requests that charitable donations be made to The Scruffy Pilgrim Camino de Santiago Fund ( and Revolution Five Leadership (

4 | FEBRUARY 2021 |


Coffee-flavored yogurt and Grape Nuts: a living tribute to my grandmother W

ith Valentine’s Day upon us, I’d like to take the opportunity to write a little something for my grandma, Gail Cornett. She’s going through a rough time right now as she battles pancreatic cancer. This comes one year after my grandfather, Charles Cornett, passed away from cancer. All of this has me reminiscing about my grandparents and the time I spent with them growing up. Grandma and Papa did a great job of doing what grandparents do: spoiling their grandkids. Once I took up percussion in school, Grandma took me to a music store. She ended up buying me my first tambourine and my first cowbell. I’m not sure what happened to the cowbell, but I still have the tambourine. My siblings and I always looked forward to weekends at Grandma’s house. We were quick to raid the toy closet which was overflowing with old fashioned toys that our mom, aunt and uncle had played with. We’d create large castles out of building blocks only to have Papa topple them over with a pillow, which infuriated the heck out of us. Most of those toys are still in that closet, and I’ve gone on to watch my son, nieces and nephews play with them—even a great-niece. Grandma and Papa’s used to be the traditional spot for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Backyard barbecues were also a tradition. Papa was well-known for making us eat way more than we wanted to at meals. As a teen, I once took down six hamburgers at his urging. Grandma always had the best snacks, too! When I got older, I looked forward to stay-

ing up late, enjoying a cereal bar and coffee-flavored yogurt with Grape-Nuts while searching through the TV Guide to see what late-night, scary movies might be on. This was all before late-night talk shows inundated the networks. Grandma was always good about remembering grandkids’ birthdays. To this day, she still sends me a check for my birthday. She also taught Sunday school. While my siblings would tag along, I was fortunate enough to sleep in because Papa didn’t go to church. But he would have their dog, Herm, storm into the room and wake me up before I really wanted to. Papa was the kind of guy that didn’t stand for any crap. He was very blunt, a little like myself. To me, he was cooler than John Wayne. My grandma has always been very kind and loving. She’s also tough, a little stubborn at times and just might beat this. I love you, Grandma. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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from our readers “I can’t fully express how much I love reading your magazine! I read it cover to cover every month! On my list of new years resolutions is to try some of the scrumptious recipes you feature, starting with the Salisbury steak from the December issue. Keep up the good work!” - Annabelle Richards “Pick up Life After 50. It’s a great start to my month!” - Lucinda Romero RE: “Turning a new page” (January) “Thank you, Anthony, for featuring me in this edition. I feel honored!” - Becky Van Vleet RE: “Artistic endeavors keep Bevsek content” (March 2019) “Hi Jean, so glad to see you are enjoying your life as an artist. Where did all those years go?” - Susan RE: “The Art of Cooking Small” (January) “I found the January issue at Safeway, and I am just loving it. I’m really impressed with the new format. I enjoyed the article about cooking small. It is really easy to just eat frozen meals, but I’m not falling into that trap. I look forward to other articles like that.” - Marnie White RE: “Enjoy life independently at The Inn at Garden Plaza” (January) “Dear Nancy, thanks so much for the fantastic article on The Inn. It was so well written and covered all the important points. Great photos, too! You made us shine, and I appreciate your time and effort.” - Julie Olson RE: “Weird and wonderful holidays in 2021” (January) “Love this! Not so sure about May 1, though (World Gardening Naked Day)” - Brittany Shaw

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Bring magic back into t he bedroom

Do’s and don’ts for rekindling romance By Kimberly Blaker


as your bedroom lost its touch? Does it seem like the same dull routine every time you head to what was once a magical lair? After being together for a while, that once yearned-for familiarity turns into a longing for the unexpected. So why not give your room a lift? According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, your surroundings play a significant role in the quality of your love life. While some of this philosophy may be rooted in superstition, there’s no question that one’s environment plays a crucial role in our moods and desires. Incorporate pleasures in your bedroom for all your senses to savor—from romantic sounds, sensual sights and exquisite touchables, to savory tastes and aromatic fragrances. Try some of these ideas and transform your humdrum room into a lover’s lane.

incense, sprays and candles, to cologne and scented body lotions. For a lasting fragrance, lightly spray your favorite cologne on the sheets for a fresh, inviting scent. Open the windows and let the fresh breeze whisper through to enhance your room. Or, set out a box of gourmet chocolates. The aroma of chocolate alone is a

AROMATHERAPY Aroma is an essential ingredient in creating the right mood. Choose from many fragrant scents that come in a variety of forms—from



great aphrodisiac. Fresh cut flowers are a delightful addition. Try different types to determine which have lingering scents. But too much fragrance is bothersome to some men. Strive for a pleasant aroma that isn’t overpowering. If your partner is sensitive or allergic to perfume, forego it altogether.


AN IRRESISTIBLE VISION Men are most stimulated visually, so they want to see the woman they’re with. Play this up, and you’re bound to hold his heart. Everyone looks their personal best in particular colors—and those colors may not necessarily be red or black. Choose colors that draw out your natural beauty. There are several books available to assist in finding the colors and shades that best compliment you. Drape different colors over your shoulders to determine how they affect your appearance. You’ll likely find some colors make you look drab, while others bring out your true radiance. Choose eye-pleasing fabrics. Flannel is not so likely to be a hit, but men find clingy or shiny clothing irresistible. Don’t forget the lingerie. Many men love it. Keep in mind, though, all men have different tastes. Ask your partner what styles or articles of clothing do it for him.

IT’S ALL IN THE MUSIC Music is also essential to setting the mood. It helps couples relax, which is perfect after a hard day at work or for breaking the silence. Avoid loud rock, country or hip-hop music, which can be a real distraction (unless, of course, these have the opposite effect on your mate). Try some of these favorite albums for setting the mood: • Anything by Jon Secada (vocal) • John Legend’s “Love in the Future” (R&B) • Kenny G’s “Breathless” (jazz) • Luther Vandross’ “Best of Love 2” • Anything by Celine Dion (vocal) • Adele’s “21” (vocal, pop) • Chris Botti’s “Slowing Down the World” (jazz, vocal/instrumental) • Mark Whitfield’s “Forever Love” (jazz, instrumental) • Raphael/Intimacy: “Music for Love” (contemporary/new age, piano) • Andrea Bocelli’s “Love in Portofino” (classical, opera) • The Romantics’ “A Windham Hill Sampler” (new age, instrumental) • Michael Bublé’s “To Be Love” (vocal, pop) • Paul McCartney’s “Working Classical” (pop/ classical, vocal/instrumental) • Nora Jones’ “Come Away With Me” (jazz, pop)

Our cover models, Pat and Linda Howery, still madly in love after 37 years of marriage.

SPICE IT UP An occasional change in scenery creates interest. For example, try a purple, blue or red light bulb for a new effect, or string white holiday lights around your window or bed frame. Add vibrantly colored satin sheets as an eye-catcher, or erotic statues, paintings or strategically placed books for added intrigue. You can also install a mirrored wall or a large mirror for a different view. Other additions could include a bowl of delicious fruits such as strawberries, cut melons and grapes next to a bottle of chilled wine. Plus, toss a few fresh rose petals on the bed. They’ll add fragrance and are perfect for tickling, too. Finally, put a furry or soft throw rug or a comfortable armchair in your room for added coziness.


In contrast, you want to avoid mood-killing common bedroom mistakes. Television in your bedroom is a definite no-no. This passive individual activity is sure to destroy the allure of your bedroom as a place for intimacy. Both bright lights and no lights can detract from the moment. Your partner definitely wants to see you, yet doesn’t want to be under a spotlight. Use a small bedside lamp with a low watt bulb for soft lighting. Candles also make a romantic substitute. Keep exercise equipment in any place but in your bedroom. The thought of a sweaty gym isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac. Decorate in ways that appeal to both of you. An atmosphere that’s either too masculine or too feminine can destroy your or your partner’s mood. Finally, keep clutter hidden. A messy room is a reminder of work that needs to be done. ■

Don’t be caught without these necessities. Make sure you have a nightstand or small chest next to the bed to eliminate unnecessary fumbling. You also want a firm, comfortable mattress, good box springs and a solid bed frame for comfort and quietness. Put soft quality (fresh!) sheets, a lightweight comforter and fluffy pillows on your neatly made bed for relaxing and lingering. Occasionally, change the furniture arrangement to keep the environment feeling new.




The course of

College sweethearts share secrets to a long and happy marriage

By Anthony Welch


im and Betty Henry have attended several weddings in the past few years. When it comes time for the anniversary dance, they’re always in the final group, an honor bestowed on them after 52 years of marriage. “They’ll ask what advice we have for the married couple. I always tell them give your wife a big hug and tell her you love her every day,” said Tim, 75. While that may sound silly, Tim said his day doesn’t feel right without it. “It helps you realize how incredibly precious a spouse that you can live with really is,” he said. “Betty is probably the nicest person I know. It makes it a lot easier to stay married when you’re married to someone this pleasant.”

8 | FEBRUARY 2021 |

true love

Above: Betty and Tim Henry embrace outside their home in Black Forest. Left: The Henrys met at the University of Nebraska and wed in 1968. Right: The couple celebrated their 40th anniversary with their children and grandchildren.


VALENTINE’S DAY ENGAGEMENT Tim and Betty met while attending college at the University of Nebraska. They went to see the movie “The Love Bug” on their first date. “His friends knew my friends. Tim called me in my dorm to see if I would go out with him. He called every evening, and we talked for like an hour or so like we knew each other,” said Betty, 72. At the time, Betty was a sophomore and Tim was a junior. He was a Navy veteran using his GI benefits to study electrical engineering. “I could tell he was really smart,” Betty said. “I liked you, so I must’ve been smart,” Tim chimed in. The two got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 1968. Betty decided to quit school and start working to help get Tim through college.


“IT MAKES IT A LOT EASIER TO STAY MARRIED WHEN YOU’RE MARRIED TO SOMEONE THIS PLEASANT.” “I ended up working for the Nebraska Weed and Seed Division as a germination analysist,” said Betty. “I grew little seeds to verify germination was accurate.” Following Tim’s graduation in 1970, the couple moved to Arizona, where Tim began his career as a design engineer for Motorola. Five years later, their son Thomas was born, followed by their daughter Rebecca a few years later. In 1976, Tim took a job with Hewlett-Packard (HP), and the Henrys relocated to Colorado Springs. “As an engineer, I was able to earn enough money that we could live comfortably on my salary and Betty could be a stay-at-home mom,” Tim said. Thomas followed in his father’s footsteps as an engineer, now writing software for a Colorado Springs company. Rebecca and her husband live in Memphis with their three children. Her oldest recently had a baby, making the Henrys great-grandparents. “I did mom stuff full-time when we had kids,” said Betty. Now, she enjoys being a full-time grandma.

POLIO SURVIVOR Staying at home helped Betty cope with post-polio symptoms from the illness she had when she was a child. While they aren’t severe, she said her legs ache and get tired easily. As she got older, she got involved with the local polio survivors support group. “Our group is good for people to learn about polio and those post-polio symptoms,” said Betty. “We share things that help each other—like if we find a doctor or therapist that understands it and is

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“Betty helps arrange the music. I’m no musician,” Tim said. The couple enjoys spending time together as they travel the country in their motor home. “We like to travel. We try to spend a month somewhere in the south every winter,” Betty said. “We normally spend about 70 days a year in an RV.” Tim doesn’t think there are any “secrets” to their marriage’s success. However, both Henrys believe that treating each other with kindness and spending quality time together has greatly contributed to its longevity. “Going back to our college days, some of Tim’s friends married my friends and then divorced a few years later. We didn’t want that to happen to us,” said Betty. ■

Colorado Sprin

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In the meantime, Betty’s Polio Survivors Support Group meets over Zoom.

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$109 a Night for Two Adults! BEST VALUE IN THE SPRINGS!



2886. S. Circle Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80906 | 719-576-5900 |

Orange Eggs Benedict Recipe courtesy of Ingredients:

Hurry In, Your New Home Awaits You!

water 1 tablespoon white vinegar 6 eggs 1/2 cup butter, softened 6 French baguette slices, 3/4 inch thick each 6 thick slices ham 1/2 cup orange marmalade

1-Bedroom $533 to $820

700 square feet with Full-Size Washer/Dryer Hook-ups 534 810 • Independent living for adults 55 years and over • Elevators and indoor mail boxes • Fully equipped kitchens • Easy clean European style cabinetry • Full-size washer-dryer connections in every home • Controlled access entry with intercom

2-Bedroom $633 to $922

785 square feet with Full-Size Washer/Dryer Hook-ups 634 902 • Emergency call system Individual hot water, furnace and central air • Off street parking • Beautiful community rooms • Resident lounge • On-site manager - 24 hour emergency maintenance • Transportation and wellness services available

LEASING INFORMATION: Phone 719-635-4832 or 719-634-5641 Toll Free 1-888-298-0888 In Partnership with:

The Housing Authority of the City of Colorado Springs

Professionally managed by Beacon Management, LLC

We Accept Housing Choice Vouchers. Our leasing office is open at: 725 South Weber St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

10 | RECIPES | FEBRUARY 2021 |


orange zest, for garnish

Orange Hollandaise Sauce: 2 egg yolks 1 orange, juice only 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted Directions: To make Orange Hollandaise: In small bowl, add egg yolks, orange juice and salt. Blend until combined. Gradually add melted butter into egg mixture while blending. Set aside. In skillet, add water halfway up sides. Add vinegar. Bring to simmer. Break eggs into water to poach. Cook 3-4 minutes until whites are cooked through and yolks are still runny. Using slotted spoon, remove eggs and drain on paper towels. Spread butter on one side of bread slices. Place bread in skillet and cook until golden brown. Add ham to same skillet and cook until browned on both sides. To assemble, spread bread slices with orange marmalade. Top each with one slice cooked ham and one poached egg. Pour hollandaise over eggs and garnish with orange zest. ■

Newly widowed? Treat yourself. Dear Old Bag: This widow made it through the holidays, and actually stayed reasonably happy the whole time, even though I could not have the normal family get-togethers due to the pandemic. But the holiday that makes me sad is Valentine’s Day. My husband and I always made it a big day. He sent me mushy cards, flowers and candy, and took me out to our special place. My second year without him is coming up. What can I do to keep from getting depressed this Valentine’s Day? Signed, MM


Finally, a readable guidebook from a reliable source. Gary offers his personal, professional and scientific experience to help others.

Dear MM: You are not alone. There are more widows than widowers. I suggest you schedule a nice dinner out with a girlfriend that day. Plus, do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself a box of candy, get a massage or a facial. Treat yourself. Your husband would be proud of you! You can choose to have a happy Valentine’s Day. OB

eBook available on Amazon Kindle for only



Dear Old Bag: I met this guy on a dating site. He lives in another city about 300 miles away. It just so happens that my son and his wife live in that city, too. After talking with this guy online for about three months, I decided to visit my son and invited the guy to meet up while I was there. He said he was sorry, but he had to be out of town on business. Now I’m suspicious that he might not be real. What do you think? Signed, BAM

Readable on phone, tablet, computer or Kindle devices

Dear BAM: Sounds to me like he’s a romantic scammer. My general rule with dating sites is to only communicate with guys in your town. Try to meet them for coffee as soon as possible. If they find excuses not to meet, they are probably a scammer. Above all, do not give them any personal info such as an address, social security number, etc. Sorry, but they’re everywhere. Good luck, OB



Dear Old Bag: I met a woman at church last year. I really liked her and was thinking about how I could get to know her better. Then the pandemic hit, and we do virtual church now. I do know her number from our church directory, but I’m reluctant to call her, partly because I am afraid she will think I am too forward. Any ideas to help me along? Signed, A Bit Shy Dear Shy: Call her! Tell her you miss seeing her at church and wonder if you could communicate online or on the phone. If she says yes, you have a way to get to know her better. If she says no, you will know she is not interested, right? Fear of rejection is a real thing, but missing out on a possibly good thing is even scarier to me! I’m betting that she will be delighted to hear from you. Good luck! OB Dear Old Bag: I am writing to tell you that I got brave and joined a dating site. After about a year of not finding anyone of interest, I finally met a wonderful guy. Our in-person meetings have been limited due to the pandemic; however, we are both looking forward to a long-term relationship. I did get scammed twice on the site, but thanks to you, I recognized it right away. Signed, Dater Dear Dater: I’m happy to hear of your success. Two of my adult children have met their mates online. While I haven’t had a serious relationship there, I have met two men who became good friends...and you can’t have too many friends. Good luck to you and your dating-site guy. OB



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Live Better Rocky Mountain PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) provides innovative, coordinated healthcare for seniors, assisting participants so they can live enjoyable and independent lives.

At Rocky Mountain PACE, the safety of our participants is our number one priority. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve changed some of the ways we care for our participants to keep them healthy and protected, including: • Providing Personal Protection • Home-Based Care/In-Home Equipment (PPE) to All Staff Assessments • Updated Social Distancing • Continuous Sanitization of Measures Transportation Vehicles • Mandatory Temperature • Emergency Food Package Screenings Delivery • Virtual Visits with Providers • Home Medication Delivery • At-Home Activity Kits

We are here for you. We are OPEN. Call today to join PACE!

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Remembering caregivers on Valentine’s Day Submitted by the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter


alentine’s Day can be an especially difficult time for those caring for a spouse or partner living with Alzheimer’s, as well as for the person living with the disease. It’s also a reminder that love may be the motivation that keeps a care partner going on a difficult day. Despite changing roles and responsibilities, it’s possible for couples navigating Alzheimer’s to adjust to these changes while maintaining their love and wellbeing. The Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association offers some tips: • Adapt activities. Continue enjoying as many activities as you can together, and adapt them as needed. Let others know what social activities you feel most comfortable doing and the best ways to

share time together. • Maintain communication. Be open with your feelings and what you’re going through, whether as a person living with the disease or as a caregiver. Talk with your partner and family about what kind of help you need now or in the future. • Ask for help. You may realize that you cannot do everything you once were able to do. Share with others how they can provide help and support as roles and responsibilities change. • Strengthen relationships. Focus on relationships that are supportive. Show your gratitude for the people you love and appreciate. • Be prepared. Plan ahead for the future by putting together financial, legal and care plans. The sooner plans are in place, the sooner you

can focus on enjoying your life moving forward. • Seek support. Sometimes befriending another couple in the same situation offers new possibilities. Contact the Alzheimer’s Association at 800-272-3900 to learn about support groups in your area. ■

RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES FACING ALZHEIMER’S The Alzheimer’s Association offers 24/7 support, reliable information, education and referrals to the millions of families impacted by this disease—online, in-person and over the phone—wherever people are most comfortable accessing information when they need it most. • Call our professionally staffed 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900. • Contact your local Alzheimer’s Association office for support groups, care consultations, education programs and ways on how to get involved.

Making Your Life Easier!

• Visit for a wealth of information, including our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center to access more resources and information.

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I’m Kathleen Graberg, a licensed sales representative in Colorado. When it comes to Medicare, one size definitely does not fit all. What works well for your neighbor may not be the best fit for you. And what met your needs last year might not be the best fit this year. Take advantage of this time to explore your Medicare choices so you can enroll in a plan with confidence. I’m here to help. I know the ins and outs of Medicare. And I know how to make it easier for you to understand, as well.


Go ahead, take advantage.

Improve memory and reduce pain with ginger


inger is something you’ve probably walked past a thousand times in the grocery store and passed up. While ginger is often thought of as a flavoring agent, it also has some incredible medicinal benefits and offers people a natural approach to many ailments. For example, ginger is an antioxidant and strong analgesic (pain reliever). In studies with people who ate dried ginger spice in their meals, 75 percent experienced relief from arthritic pain and swelling! Many women also use ginger for morning sickness during pregnancy. But, it can thin the blood, so avoid or minimize it if you are on anticoagulant medications. Known officially as Zingiber officinale, ginger contains many therapeutic compounds, all of which have well-documented medicinal actions in the body. Sometimes you have to heat the ginger to see a specific compound. For example, zingerone is negligible in fresh ginger, however, cooking it transforms the gingerol to zingerone. The dried (powdered) ginger spice also contains zingerone in it. Zingerone is well researched, and it’s incredible. Studies have determined that it reduces inflammation, improves blood sugar, eases muscle pain and spasms, helps with arthritis, speeds fat breakdown and ramps up immune function. In an animal study, ginger compounds protected rodents from brain damage and memory loss. As a result, drug companies are now trying to morph it and patent it into an Alzheimer’s drug. I say, just eat it! Ginger can block your enzyme xanthine oxidase—which is good

Kathleen Graberg

Licensed Sales Representative

Answers to your Medicare questions. Take advantage of it. 719-460-7580, TTY 711

can help answer your Medicare questions, so you Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company one of can its affiliated companies, Medicare Advantage II can help answer your Medicare questions, so oryou find theaUnited organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare. can find the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Healthcare Medicare Advantage Y0066_190604_095141_C SPRJ48530 plan that fits your needs. Give me a call to: plan that fits your needs. Give me a call to: • Take the confusion out of Medicare Take the confusion out of Medicare • Get help comparing plans Get help comparing plans • Receive one-on-one service • Make switching plans easier Receive one-on-one service

Kathleen Graberg Make switching plans easier

Licensed Sales Representative

719-460-7580, TTY 711

I’m Kathleen Graberg, a licensed sales representative in Colorado.

because that reduces ROS (reactive oxygen species). So, the fact that ginger can degrade these ROS free radicals means it protects your DNA and mitochondria. In fact, ginger promotes mitochondrial health, which stores energy for you in the form of ATP. If you have liver disease or hepatic injury (for example, hepatitis), consider ginger in all of your recipes because studies show that zingerone has a hepatoprotective effect. Additionally, ginger might have some heavy metal binding abilities because it can reduce cadmium levels, according to animal studies. It can also reduce the body’s burden of organophosphate pesticides (Unfortunately, it cannot bind gadolinium from MRIs). If you have a PON1 gene, make ginger your friend! Not only does ginger spice up your recipes, but it also makes for a quick and delicious tea. I have a recipe for this on my website, as well as a free ebook called “Spices that Heal.” Ginger is a delicious, safe and affordable way to improve health while adding a warming spice to your meals. ■

DEAR PHARMACIST BY SUZY COHEN For more articles and advice, sign up for Suzy’s newsletter at

Looking for a dentist who will treat you like family?

When it comes to Medicare, one size definitely does not fit all. What works well for your neighbor may not be the best fit for you. And what met your needs last year might not be the best fit this year. Take advantage of this time to explore your Medicare choices so you can enroll in a plan with confidence. I’m here to help. I know the ins and outs of Medicare. And I know how to make it easier for you to understand, as well.

Go ahead, take advantage. Kathleen Graberg

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Your smile is not our job, it’s our craft Let us help you get over the fears of the dental office. We are truly a “down home” dentist who cares about your health, not what’s in your wallet.

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We are located on the west side of “America’s Mountain.” Nestled into a beautiful mountain setting in Teller County. Here we offer convenient access to modern, urban health care services, fully licensed 24/7 skilled nursing care, social activities, and personal needs care - all within a warm, family-like atmosphere and attitude! Offering:

Long and Short Term Residency Care Post Hospital/Surgical/Accident Recovery Care Caregiver Respite Program ~ Palliative Team Care In-Facility Hospice Care ~ Rehabilitative Therapy Services Registered Dietician Approved Menus Full Residents’ Activity Calendar VA APPROVED ~ Medicare/ Medicaid - Private Pay

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LAUGHING MATTERS CRUMPLED UP Submitted by Betty Cain While enjoying their evening cocktails, a wife asks her husband, in very seductive voice, “Have you ever seen $20 all crumpled up?” “No,” said her husband. She gave him a sexy little smile, unbuttoned the top three or four buttons of her blouse, and slowly reached down into the cleavage and pulled out a crumpled $20. He took the crumpled $20 from her and smiled approvingly. She then asked him, “Have you ever seen $50 all crumpled up?” “Uh… no, I haven’t,” he said. She gave him another sexy little smile, pulled up her skirt, and seductively reached into her panties… and pulled out a crumpled $50. He took the crumpled $50 and started breathing a little quicker. “Now,” she said, “have you ever seen $50,000 all crumpled up?”

3. 2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: Stay away from positive people.

Trying to contain his excitement, he shook his head. She said, “Check your truck in the garage.”

4. The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the house and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!


5. Every few days try your jeans on to make sure they fit. Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.

Submitted by Bob Breazeale The other day I was driving around town when I got stuck behind an out-of-town driver. She must have been from out of town, because she actually stopped at the red lights and the stop signs.

FAREWELL TO 2020 Submitted by Jil Goebel Here are 11 things to consider as we closed the door on one of the most horrible years of our lifetime: 1. The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner. 2. I was so bored I called Jake from State Farm just to talk to someone. He asked me what I was wearing.

Smile more

6. Does anyone know if we can take showers yet, or should we just keep washing our hands? 7. This virus has done what no woman has been able to do: Cancel sports, shut down all bars and keep men at home! 8. I never thought the comment, “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6-foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are! 9. I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator. 10. I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to the back

yard. I’m getting tired of the living room. 11. Never in a million years could I have imagined I would go up to a bank teller wearing a mask and ask for money.

PIGS FOR SALE Submitted by Josh Harper A farmer had five female pigs that he decided to sell at the county fair since times were hard. At the fair, he met another farmer who owned five male pigs. They decided to mate the pigs and split everything evenly. The farmers lived 60 miles away from one another so they agreed to each drive 30 miles to a field in which to mate their pigs. The first morning, the farmer with the female pigs got up early, loaded the pigs into the family station wagon, and drove the 30 miles. While the pigs were mating, he asked the other farmer, “How will I know if they are pregnant?” “If they’re grazing in the morn-



Chronic Pain • Anxiety • Insomnia • Joint Pain Sports Injury • and more


CBD is gaining momentum in the field of health and wellness. By using CBD oil instead of oral pain relievers you can eliminate serious side effects like stomach, kidney and liver damage.






2520 International Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80910


(719) 632-4036

LAUGHING MATTERS ing, they’re pregnant,” he replied. “If they’re in the mud, they’re not.” The next morning, the farmer woke up to find the pigs rolling in the mud. He hosed them off, loaded them into the family station wagon, met the other farmer in the field and proceeded to try again. The following morning, he found them in the mud again. The same thing happened every day for a week. One morning, the farmer was so tired that he couldn’t get out of bed. “Honey,” the farmer asked his wife, “look outside and tell me if the pigs are in the mud or in the field.” “Neither,” his wife said. “They’re in the station wagon and one of them is honking the horn.”

TALKING PARROT Submitted by Sue C. Hughey While on a business trip to South America, Todd is impressed by a parrot displayed in front of a pet store, rattling off phrases in several different languages. Todd decides to buy the parrot, and has it shipped directly to his father as a gift for his upcoming birthday. Upon his return to the States several days later, Todd calls his father. “Hi, Dad, did you like the parrot I sent you?” “I did!” answers his father. “It was delicious!” “Dad!” exclaims Todd, “You ATE him? That bird was worth a fortune! It could speak five different languages!” “Well...” said Dad, “He shoulda said somethin’.”

LIFE ADVICE Submitted by Jan Weeks When we’re young, we sneak out of our house to go to parties. When we’re old, we sneak out of parties to go home. Once you understand why the pizza is made round, packed in a square box and eaten as a triangle…then you will understand women. If you get a loan at a bank, you’ll be paying it back for 30 years. If you rob a bank, you’ll be out in 10 years. Welcome campers! Safe social distancing: 100 yards for bears, 50 yards for skunks, 25 yards for raccoons, and six feet for Aunt Edna. Fish bite twice a day—before you get there and after you leave. Life is NOT like a box of chocolates. It’s more like a jar of jalapenos— what you do today might burn your ass tomorrow. I think the real reason this generation is so angry is because their music sucks. I bet Canada feels like they live in the apartment above a meth lab. Two things to make your day better: don’t watch the news and stay off the bathroom scales. Looking for a married woman, recently cheated on, mad and scorned, who is willing to sell her husband’s tools for cheap. Q: If 2020 was a drink, what would it be? A: Colonoscopy prep ■

Make Us

Laugh !

Send your JOKESto or P.O. Box 50125, Colorado Springs, CO 80949 WWW.LAFIFTY.COM | FEBRUARY 2021 | LAUGHING MATTERS |



Estate planning and more Eastland’s law office has it all By Anthony Welch


olorado Springs attorney Henry Eastland followed in his father’s footsteps, even though it wasn’t his original intention. Like his father, he always wanted to be a lawyer. But unlike him, he wanted to work in the courtroom. “My father was a lawyer in Philadelphia, and he did wills and estates. When I went to law school, I thought I was going to be a trial lawyer,” said Eastland. He received his undergraduate degree from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, where he was class valedictorian. He then graduated from Cornell University of Law School in Ithaca, New York. It wasn’t until Eastland’s first gig at a law firm that his eyes were

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Attorney at Law Since 1972 d

• Wills • Trusts • Probate • Estate Administration • Guardianships • Conservatorships • Contested Estate Matters • Hourly Fees • Free Parking


320 E. Costilla St. Colorado Springs CO 80903

opened to what he truly wanted to do. “I didn’t particularly enjoy the jury trials,” he said. “The practice of law is different from the theory you learn in law school.” He did, however, enjoy helping people who had experienced a death in the family through wills and estate planning. “When I went out on my own, I sort of developed a specialty in wills and estate planning...all of the sorts of stuff the probate court handles. I’ve been doing that ever since—for 48 years,” he said. In addition to nearly half a century of experience, Eastland served as the chairman of the local probate section of the El Paso County Bar Association from 2001 to 2002. He was elected president of the bar association for 2010-2011.

IN YOUR TIME OF NEED Eastland said the thing he enjoys most about his job is being able to help people. “It makes me feel good that I’m able to help them get through a bad time in their life,” he said. Eastland’s office, located at 320 E. Costilla St. in Colorado Springs, specializes in: • Wills • Trusts • Estate administration • Guardianships • Conservatorships • Contested estate matters Because of the pandemic, Eastland has adjusted the way he does business. Normally, he’d discuss wills and estate planning with clients in person, and then they’d return in a week to sign the papers. However, due to COVID-19, a lot of those first meetings are now done over the phone.



Henry Eastland has aided seniors with wills and estate planning for 48 years. He said the thing he enjoys most about his job is being able to help people.

THE ONLY DOCUMENTS HE AND HIS WIFE HAVE ARE A WILL AND MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY. “IF I DIDN’T THINK I NEED IT, WHY WOULD I SELL IT TO A CLIENT?” There’s also virtual court hearings. “That’s something brand new that lawyers have never really done before,” he said. While there’s much more to estate planning than meets the eye, Eastland said the average person only needs to have a will and a medical power of attorney. He warns seniors to be cautious and avoid buying more legal services than they absolutely need. “There are lawyers in town that sell people these living trusts, which are common in California,” he said, “but the average person in Colorado doesn’t need a living trust. The amount of money that is exempt from both federal and state

inheritance taxes is now $11 million. If you don’t have $11 million, you may not need to have an elaborate, fancy estate plan.” Even so, some lawyers will try to sell a $5,000 living trust. According to Eastland, the only documents he and his wife have are a will and medical power of attorney. “If I didn’t think I need it, why would I sell it to a client?” he said. Eastland’s office operates with hourly fees. He added that he’s always good for a free phone call and happy to answer any questions. For more information, visit www. or call 719-5870035. ■

How to handle “love recessions” I

n 2020, economic challenges were hard to live with, to say the least. Many lost jobs or businesses, and even lost homes. Many people on fixed incomes felt the fear. Some economists say we’re headed for a “double-dip recession” because of the closures and restrictions created by the pandemic. But experts also say these downward slides are inevitable because things can’t grow forever. They are, in fact, rebalancing events. That might be true in love recessions as well. When you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, it’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that a depression is coming, or that recovery might take years or not happen at all. But, as in economics, steps can be taken to cope with the downturn and work towards rebalancing. 1. Think cycles. Understand that love recessions are a natural occurrence in long-term relationships. 2. Don’t panic. You don’t need to run to the bank—that is, get a divorce, have an affair, or do a makeover. 3. Don’t live on past “good” credit. In recessions, economists would say to slow down on using credit. In relationships, that means what you’ve done in the past to build good credit won’t necessarily carry you through hard times. Do good things for the relationship now. 4. Balance your budget. Make sure your deposits equal or exceed your withdrawals. Check to see that your kindnesses, respect and patience outweigh your irritability, self-centeredness and inattention.

In David Luecke’s book, “The Relationship Manual,” a whole chapter is devoted to feeling out of love. It’s full of exercises couples can do. For example, Luecke encourages couples to get in touch with both their positive and negative feelings. He recommends thinking about this downturn as an indicator that your relationship is ready for change and growth. Figure out what you want—perhaps more fun, romance, distance, freedom or friends. Don’t settle for an “I don’t know” answer. Another idea is to take more risks in the relationship. Typically you want to be more conservative during a recession. But when it comes to relational recessions, new behaviors might help. For instance, be more direct about what you would like from your partner. Or, if you find yourself focused solely on the relationship, make yourself explore outside interests to become a more engaging person. Luecke also recommends getting out of your usual emotional habits or expressions. If you act angry, get in touch with anxiety or sadness. If you’re always the upbeat partner, try not to rush to the rescue. From the beginnings of intimate relationships with romantic highs and stormy moods; to becoming real people who are forced to deal with differences; to two interdependent, whole people riding relationship booms and recessions—love has it all. Love is worth the effort to see what emerges from rebalancing. It’s what sustains us, and is so necessary for a rich life. ■



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BY NANCY NORMAN Nancy is a licensed clinical social worker. Send your questions to her in care of Life After 50, or email her directly at

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Designing your garden: Part 1

Planning your outdoor sanctuary A

midst all the beauty, possibility, labor and jargon bubbling around in the world of gardening, we might forget—or never give ourselves the chance to believe— that growing food is incredibly simple. If planning your garden means choosing seeds based solely on the pictures that most entice you, perfect. There’s no rule that says you need to know what you’re doing. Or, maybe drawing out every detail strikes your fancy. Oh, the thrill of seeing how much you can grow in your garden ecosystem, horizontally and vertically! Either way, it’s a beautiful time of year to flip through seed catalogs and dream on. Our gardens are square feet of pure possibility—spaces where we can create anything we have the patience for. To garden is to take an idea in your mind and work alongside Mother Nature to bring that idea to life. To garden is to manifest. We sow seeds, cultivate, harvest. In gardening, we can embody our

intentions and connect our dreams with action.

PLANNING WITH INTENTION Whatever your method of planning looks like, let it begin with what you desire in your life. Place your garden in a deeper context: What matters most to you? • Feeling vibrant Growing healthful foods that taste good makes healthy eating easy. As you flip through seed catalogs this winter, choose nutrient-rich foods that you’ll actually want to eat. And what about exercise? How can you design your garden to encourage feel-good movement in your body? Can you add weaving pathways that invite you to move through your space every day? Would raised beds make you feel more comfortable tending to your garden beds? When we make it easy to choose the healthier option, we’re more likely to choose it! Rather than coming down on yourself for not exercising

18 | HOME & GARDEN | FEBRUARY 2021 |



MAYBE THIS NEW YEAR IS ABOUT REFLECTING ON HARDSHIP, MOVING THROUGH IT, AND HEALING. IF THAT’S YOU, YOUR GARDEN CAN SUPPORT YOU WITH THIS, TOO. enough or forcing yourself to do it, instead, set yourself up for success by creating spaces that support your wellbeing. • Connection For many, the past year has felt lonely and lacking. Sometimes, the best way to feel abundant and connected is to give back to the local community through your garden. Grow an extra row of veggies for a local food bank or soup kitchen. Save seeds for a community garden or school garden project. Grow flowers for cutting, and deliver them to a local organization, charity, hospital, or simply to your neighbors. Plus, gardening sparks a connection with Nature and with oneself, and it brings a natural mindfulness that allows us to feel more grounded and connected on many levels. • Sustainability Compassion for our planet just feels good. Growing your own food is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Go further by composting with a composting bin or a worm bin. Plan to use leaves and grass clippings as mulch, and learn about gardening practices that conserve water, like cover crops and watering systems. Use natural and organic fertilizers and soil mixes to keep harmful chemicals out of the soil, and consider where you’re buying your seeds and plant starts from. • Healing Maybe this new year is about

CALVIN D. UTKE, •NewD.D.S. Patients


BTS Consulting The Taxpayer’s Champion • Businesses &

Individuals Taxes • E-File • W-2’s are due Feb. 1st • S Corp returns due Mar. 15th reflecting on hardship, moving through it, and healing. If that’s you, your garden can support you with this, too. Design your garden with your own healing in mind. Which colors and aromas will help you feel calm or joyful? How can you attract birds, bees and butterflies to observe and enjoy? Do you have a quiet, comfortable place to sit in your garden? For many of us, self-care and self-compassion are difficult to prioritize in our lives. But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve them. Use your garden as your healing space. Integrate your goals, desires, values and resourcefulness into your planning process as you select soil, seeds and plant starts. With each intentional decision, you may find yourself closer to feeling exactly the way you want to feel and living life the way you want to live it. ■

ALIVE & DIGGING BY PAIGE SLAUGHTER Send your questions to Paige in care of Life After 50, or email her directly at

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A Residence of Legend Se





Travel in the “new normal” By Victor Block


iddle seats in the planes of some airlines are vacant. Passengers and crew members aboard cruise ships are wearing masks and social distancing when possible. Some countries remain closed to non-residents, while others won’t allow people from the U.S. to enter. Few aspects of life have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than travel, and there’s no end in sight. Or is there? The kinds of trips people take in the months ahead will be different than in the past. A number of travel industry experts predict that not all of the changes will disappear as the virus does. Many people who normally would be flying are loath to set foot on an airplane. Hotels are running below capacity. Travel during typically busy seasons has plummeted. According to CNN Business, “Airline traffic has plunged and it probably won’t recover any time soon.” Stewart Chiron, a leading expert known as The Cruise Guy, said the COVID-19 outbreak may be the worst blow the industry has ever suffered.

But that doesn’t mean people seeking an escape from home have no alternatives. Let’s consider both the short-term outlook and longer-term probabilities.

WHERE TO GO While the borders of many countries are closed, some have lifted travel bans. Mexico has become a popular destination, with minimal restrictions for incoming tourists. But other countries may still have bans on visitors from the United States, due to the high rate of infections here. Even when they’re open to Americans, there are safety regulations that must be followed, and some popular tourist sites have restricted access. The first step in

Middle seats on some airlines remain vacant due to social distancing.

20 | TRAVEL | FEBRUARY 2021 |


planning a trip should be to check the location’s latest information for travelers.

HOW TO GET THERE If you’ve flown anywhere recently, you may have noticed strange airport connections and higher ticket costs than in the past. Higher fares, fewer direct flights and hassles getting through a number of airports are the new norm for air travel, and these challenges aren’t likely to go away soon. Likewise, The Economist magazine forecasts that giant passenger ships will take a long time to recover their appeal. Jay Johnson of Coastline Travel Advisors in California predicts that cruise lines

may have to offer reduced fares in the short term in order to attract people to board ships again. For those who like to travel with a group, most tour companies have implemented safety guidelines and flexible cancellation policies, limited group sizes, and taken other steps to keep people healthy., a leading marketplace source for worldwide travel, hosts more than 50,000 group tour packages, expedition cruises and independent itineraries. Currently, its experts recommend custom travel as an option, which eliminates any concerns about going with a group. The website also includes a list of countries that are reopening for tourism, which is regularly updated.

Crowded vacation spots and cruises have become a rarity since COVID.



WHAT LIES AHEAD While it’s impossible to predict with certainty how travel will evolve in the months and years ahead, there are signposts that point to what’s likely to take place. Many observers believe that airlines will offer fewer choices and charge higher fares. Low-cost seat options may dwindle and passengers are likely to have limited alternatives for flight times, routes and possibly companies. The International Air Transport Association estimates that the industry won’t fully recover from the impact of COVID-19 until 2024. Rather than heading for mega-resorts, amusement parks and other popular vacation spots, more people are likely to drive to the beach, mountains or lake that’s fairly close to home. As a result, hotels and motels probably will enjoy an uptick in business. Early in November, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it was lifting the “no-sail” order it had imposed on cruises, and will now allow a phased-in return of passenger

For those who like to travel with a group, most tour companies have limited group sizes.

Quality Cruises and Travel

Kris Monroe, Master Cruise Counselor (719) 685-0544 •

Fall Colors & Cathedrals of French Canada Departs September 30, 2021

cruises. In order to resume sailings, ship lines must take steps that include informing people of the potential risks caused by the pandemic, limiting voyages to a maximum of seven days, testing crew and passengers, and mandating wearing masks and social distancing. Even as consumer travel slowly increases, business-related trips may lag behind. Robert Crandall, former head of American Airlines, predicts that many companies currently conducting meetings and other tasks online won’t return completely to their previous travel practices.

THE SILVER LINING However, there are some bright spots on the horizon. First, the temporary reduction of visitors will give popular destinations a much-needed rest and opportunity to recover from some of the negative effects of over-tourism. Second, the many setbacks to travel caused by the pandemic have done nothing to dampen the penchant of Americans for vacation trips. Michelle Gielan, a psychologist who heads the Institute for Applied Positive Research, conducted a survey on the role of vacation in people’s happiness quotient. She reports that 97 percent of respondents said having a trip to look forward to makes them happier, and 80 percent said planning travel during the coming six months does so as well. The potential kicker is that 96 percent also responded that feeling safe during a trip is a high priority. As travel gradually adjusts, more people will enjoy the happiness it can bring to life. Hopefully that will include you, too. ■

The majesty of Quebec against the backdrop of the Laurentian Mountains




Day 1 - Arrive in French Canada - Settle into your conveniently located hotel before a welcome dinner this evening. Day 2 - Montreal Sightseeing and Notre-Dame Basilica - Embark on a narrated tour of Montreal, one of Canada’s vibrant cities known for its rich French-Canadian heritage Day 3 - Ride VIA Rail and Quebec Sugar Shack - After breakfast, Canada’s VIA Rail service takes you to Quebec City. The only walled city in North America, Quebec’s Grande-Al-lee is alive with many quaint shops and sidewalk cafes. Day 4 - Basilica-Cathedral Notre-Dame, St. Anne de Beaupre and Montmorency Falls - Depart this morning for a scenic drive along the “Old King’s Road” passing beautiful Normandy and Brittany homes to St. Anne de Beaupre, for a visit to the beautiful shrine, the oldest pilgrimage site in North America. Day 5 - Albert Gilles Copper Art Studio and Ermitage Saint-Antoine Shrine - Learn the intricacies of producing copper art at the Albert Gilles Copper Art Studio with a tour and hands-on workshop to make your own copper work of art. Day 6 - St-Felicien Zoo and Old Perron Cheese Factory - Traveling to the shores of Lac St-Jean, come to the famed St-Felicien Zoo. Day 7 - Our Lady of the Cape Shrine - Today, travel to the city of Trois-Rivieres where you’ll visit the Borealis Center to explore the history of the pulp and paper industry in Quebec. Day 8 - Transfer to Montreal and Home - After breakfast we depart for home. PRICE INCLUDES: A fully escorted tour as described, round trip airfare from Colorado Springs, all transfers, lovely accommodations, breakfast each morning, 2 lunches, and 6 dinners.

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22 | FAITH | FEBRUARY 2021 |


Without God’s love, we’re nothing


hen we think about love and all it entails, we are reminded of the most beautiful love chapter in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13. But here’s a part of that chapter that’s not always quoted at weddings:

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave itself rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails…” (1 Corinthians 13:1-8a) In this Scripture passage, Paul was writing to the church at Corinth, which was wonderfully gifted. They had the gift of miracles, of speaking in tongues and interpretation, of prophecy, as well as the gifts of ecstatic praise and adoration. They were richly endowed with all the multitudinous gifts of the Holy Spirit. But, they were also filled with divisiveness, strife and difficulties of every kind.

This wasn’t only a problem for the church at Corinth. In the second chapter of the book of Revelation, John wrote to the church at Ephesus, saying, “For thou hast left thy first love.” The church at Ephesus had lost that glow of tenderness, of care and concern. Religion had become to them a matter of creed, theology, or barren and sterile duty. Sadly, its warmth, response, sympathy, concern and care had been lost. So, after Paul commends the Corinthians for seeking after the gifts of the Holy Spirit and thanks God for them, he then encourages them to seek an even greater gift. What is this gift? He calls it the more excellent way—the spirit of love and of charity, and the spirit of kindness and forbearance. However eloquent, gifted, or wonderfully blessed we may be, it means nothing if our spirit is crude, rude and rough. If our heart is not filled with kindness for others, or if we’re not actuated and motivated by a wonderful care and concern for God’s fellow creatures, our eloquence is like a clanging cymbal. Which is not very pleasant to listen to. Where there is an abundance of genuine love and affection, love is a beautiful and glorious thing. However we may differ in our opinion, outlook or other persuasions, if the Spirit of love and charity is in us, loving others is easy. May we remember these verses this Valentine’s Day! ■

BY KAY OWEN-LARSON, PH.D Kay Owen-Larson is an ordained minister with Crossroads Ministries USA in Colorado Springs. To learn more, visit


LMGTFY: Let me Google that for you W

hen I was in fourth grade, I had a social studies teacher who had a lazy answer for her most inquisitive students. “Write down your question and when you get to the library on Thursday, ask the librarian to help you find the answer.” When we asked her what a word meant, she would say, “Here’s a dictionary, look it up.” As you can imagine, her apathetic teaching style was extremely annoying to the more curious learners. Before the first quarter was over, we stopped asking her questions and just started looking words up ourselves. Some of us would sneak off to the library during lunch to search for the answers that were nagging us. In the 21st century, every single student has access to a repository of all human knowledge. Most carry a smartphone that allows them to access the answer to any question without leaving their desk or raising their hand. Grownups understand that my teacher wasn’t avoiding our ques-



tions at all. She was teaching me to find the answers for myself. But many people who were trained to find the answers in the library or the dictionary haven’t developed the habit or skill of searching for answers on the internet. Every week, I get calls from former students, friends and strangers asking me questions that can be immediately located with a search on Google, YouTube or even Amazon. I’m a member of Facebook groups about crafting, virtual reality, teaching, art, photography and technology. Every day, someone asks the group a question like, “What’s the difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro?” Without exception, members of the group reply

with dozens of answers. Many of the responses are inaccurate or even derogatory. LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) is a common snarky comeback that I hear techies give a lot in response to these types of questions. A significant number of internet users don’t know that you can literally type a question into Google or YouTube. “What’s the difference between iPhone 12 and 12 Pro?” will not only bring up the answer, but the autocomplete will finish your question before you are even done typing. While Google is a great source for answers to questions, I use YouTube more often when I need to know how to do something. For example, one night I met two people in a Walmart parking

lot who were struggling with a dead battery in a 2008 Prius. One of them was the owner of the Prius, the other was a good Samaritan with an SUV and jumper cables. When I arrived on the scene, they had been trying to figure it out for more than 20 minutes and the owner was talking to the tow truck company. I pulled out my phone and typed, “How to jump a 2008 Prius” into Youtube. We all watched the 3-minute video together and the owner of the Prius canceled the tow truck five minutes later. I didn’t do anything other than search for the answer and play the video, but they both thanked me profusely for solving the problem. So the next time you call a friend, neighbor or relative and ask them a question, listen very closely for the sounds of keyboard clicks in the background. Chances are, the person is Googling the question for you. Better yet, dazzle them by learning a new skill or fixing a problem using the information you discovered by researching the answer without their assistance. ■

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optometrist specializing in practice optometrist specializing infamily family practice T.W. Clyde,O.D. O.D.   Jason O.D. T.W. Clyde, JasonM. M.Jost, Jost, O.D. cataractand and lid cataract lidsurgeon surgeon Dr.Jack Jack Zamora, Zamora, M.D. Dr. M.D.

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FUN AFTER 50 IN PERSON CLASSES 1514 N. Hancock Ave., Colorado Springs The senior center remains closed, but still offers virtual and limited in-person classes. To register, call 719-955-3400 or visit www.

VIRTUAL CLASSES Exercise for Heart Health Talk about proper heart rate zones and how to personalize your own cardio plan, and using strength and balance exercises to improve breathing and walking patterns.

1-2 p.m. | Mondays | $25

Virtual Book Club Join once a week for lively discussions. This month, members will discuss “The Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama.

10-11 a.m. | Thursdays | Free

Community Connects: Scattergories The objective of the 2-6-player game is to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given an initial letter, within a time limit.

1-2 p.m. | February 5 | Free

Mosaic 2 with Concrete Couch Participants will expand on their skills from “Mosaic 1” to create a design on a larger tile base. Kits provide all materials except scissors, glue and water.

10-11:30 a.m. | February 9 | $6

All About House Plants Join Dan Dalton virtually at the Dalton Conservatory and learn about the basics of houseplants and their care for a fun, interactive hour-long lesson.

1-2 p.m. | February 10 | $6

Fundamentals of Drawing: The Line This class is full of fun drawing-based activities that explore how a simple line can be used for endless expression.

10-11:30 a.m. | February 16 | $6

Survive & Thrive Tips for isolation that will not just help you survive, but thrive.

9:30-10:30 a.m. | February 17 | Free Tricare for Life Learn how Medicare works for veterans.

Parking Lot Bingo Park your car in a designated BINGO parking spot at the Senior Center, turn on your radio and get ready for some fun! Registration required.

1-2 p.m. | February 19 | Free

Yoga Build more awareness, strength and flexibility. Registration required.

2:15-3:15 p.m. | Mondays & Thursdays | $40

TaijiFit Flow with your breath from posture to posture, ending with deep relaxation.

8:30-9:30 a.m. | Tuesdays | $30

Watercolor Drawing Paint in a dramatic new style. Learn traditional Sumi Ink techniques and early French Impressionism.

1:30-3:30 p.m. | Tuesdays | $33

Cardio Drumming Cardio Drumming choreography is designed to burn fat, improve physical and mental fitness, and, above all, be fun! Bring an exercise/yoga ball and drumsticks.

9:15-10:15 a.m. | Wednesdays | $25 Zumba Zumba mixes low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance party for a total workout.

11 a.m. to noon | Wednesdays | $30 SilverSneakers Classic Move to the music through exercises designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Registration required.

9-10 a.m. | Thursdays | $18

Color Theory I: For All Media Take your colorwork to the next level, exploring techniques and theories of color. Bring either a multimedia sketchbook or a watercolor sketchbook.

9:30-11:30 a.m. | Fridays | $33

Cupid Shuffle Your Way to Heart Health Calling all line dancers! This freestyle solo dance is a version of a country-western four-wall line dance. Register in advance.

1-2 p.m. | February 18 | Free

1-2 p.m. | February 12 | Free

Square Accordion Book Learn how to make accordion-style books filled with poetry, photographs, drawings, and whatever else you like! Kits include cardstock and paperboard. Participants will need scissors, glue, a pen and ruler.

Nurse Chat: Heart Attacks Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

10-11:30 a.m. | February 23 | $6

1-2 p.m. | February 24 | Free

Trumpet Love Songs with Sean The first live music performance since March 2020! Registration required.

1-2 p.m. | February 26 | Free

24 | FUN AFTER 50 | FEBRUARY 2021 |


Fountain Valley Senior Center

5745 Southmoor Dr., Fountain To register for classes, call 719-600-2644 or visit Parking Lot Bingo 1 p.m. | 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month |Free Active Minds – Zoom Presentation 2 p.m. | 3rd Thursday of the month | Free

Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance Senior Center 1300 Higby Road, Monument

To register for programs, call 719-4646873 or visit

GAMES Bingo Masks and registration required.

1 p.m. | February 17 | 719-330-0241 | sue@monumentalfitness

CLUBS Book Club Discussion on latest selection. Coffee and snacks provided.

11 a.m. | February 12 | 719-330-0241

FITNESS Chair Yoga Improves circulation and range of motion and promotes stress reduction and mental clarity.

1 p.m. | Wednesdays

Gentle Yoga A slower-moving traditional yoga class focusing on strength and alignment.

10 a.m. | Tuesdays

Essentrics Strengthen your core, lengthen your body, improve flexibility, balance and mobility. Class requires the ability to sit on the floor for at least 20 minutes.

9 a.m. Tuesdays | 10 a.m. Thursdays Pilates Strengthen your core, improve flexibility, balance, mobility and create a stronger mind-body connection.

10 a.m. Wednesdays | 12 p.m. Sundays Tai Chi Fusion Reduce stress and promote serenity through gentle, flowing movements.

12 p.m. | Mondays

The Body Shop Great blocks of workout and cardio conditioning.

9 a.m. | Mondays Total Body Strength Muscle conditioning using a variety of equipment to build strength and endurance.

9 a.m. | Fridays

Yoga Vinyasa Flowing movements connected to breathing.

10 a.m. | Mondays & Fridays

Zumba Combines high-energy Latin-based music with dance movements.

5:30 p.m. Tuesdays | 9 a.m. Saturdays Zumba Gold Combines high-energy Latin-based music with dance movements.

9 a.m. | Thursdays

Westside Community Center

1628 W. Bijou St., Colorado Springs The community center will operate on a limited basis. For updates, visit www. Westside Cares Food Pantry operates 1-3 p.m. Wednesdays. Call 719-389-0759 for details. SilverSneakers Classic Exercise Class

9-10 a.m. | Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays | $5 if your insurance does not cover the class Bible Study

11:30 a.m. | Thursdays | $1 Crafts Unlimited

9-11 a.m. | Fridays | $1 Pickleball

10 a.m.-1 p.m. Mondays; 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesdays; 12-3 p.m. Wednesdays; 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursdays | $1 Table Tennis

1-3 p.m. Mondays; noon-2 p.m. Fridays | $1 Line Dance

Mondays 6-7 p.m.; Fridays 2:30-4 p.m. | $5 per class

Woodland Park Senior Center

321 N. Pine St., Woodland Park For a list of weekly activities, call 719687-3877 or visit www.woodlandpark


10 ways to tell your dog “I love you”

HEALTH INSURANCE PROBLEMS? Retired early? Missed the deadline? Too small for group insurance? Prices too high? Turning 65 soon? Understanding Medicare is my business






Clean his water and food bowl. Bacteria builds up quickly, which is unsanitary for pets and their owners handling the unwashed dishes. Even if Ryder only eats dry kibble, his bowl should still be washed daily in hot, sudsy water. Put the bowls in the dishwasher once a week. Trim her toenails. Overgrown toenails can dig or grow into Sasha’s paw, making walking or standing uncomfortable, even painful. If you are nervous about cutting your dog’s nails, have a groomer or vet do the job. Ernie and several of my clients’ dogs loathe clippers, but do very well with a Dremel.


Groom his coat. Not only is a gentle brushing soothing, but it’s also healthy for Max. Knots and mats can irritate the skin, sometimes leading to miserable infections. Be on the lookout for lumps, bumps or trouble spots that might need to be checked out by your vet.


Wash her bedding. Once a week, toss Taffy’s blanket or cushion into the washing machine. If it’s threadbare or tattered, replace it. You don’t have to buy anything fancy. Thrift stores have blankets that wash up nicely and are perfect for snoozing.


Give him some exercise. Snap a leash onto Major’s collar and go for a walk. If the weather is bad, or if you have mobility issues, toss a ball indoors, or have a tugof-war with a rope or old towel. My husband often catches me playing hide-and-seek in the house with Chip and Ernie on inclement days.

Give her a massage. Relaxing and bonding—what more could Lady want? Start at her ears and gently move down the length of her body, all the way to her back legs. And don’t forget that belly…

7. 8.

Pick up his poop. You hate it. Cooper hates it—and so do your neighbors. Just pick it up! Look into her soul. Liza loves the sound of your voice and your undivided attention. Gaze into her eyes as you tell her what a good dog she is. Remind her that she’s the best dog ever.


Delight him with his favorite snack. Milk Bones, carrots, peanut butter biscuits, Greenies… you know what makes your Joey jump with joy. Make a big deal out of doling out the goodies and savor the moment with him.



Treat your dog like every day is Valentine’s Day. ■

719-596-3556 Award Winning Broker with 30 years experience

Formerly Catagonia Cat Hotel

Luxury Care When You’re Not There We provide an affordable, clean, quiet and spacious environment where cats can relax in peace in their elevated perches, nap in a sky box, explore their towering catwalks, or even just hide away in their private, floor to ceiling rooms.

• Luxury cat boarding in large, 8ft tall rooms • Expert cat grooming • In-home cat behavior consultations • Cat supplies and retail PLUS: • Nightly rates starting at just $26.00! • No barking dogs • Local, Veteran owned

BY MARTI BENSON Send your questions to Marti in care of Life After 50, or email her directly at

4703 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs CO 80919 (Next to Marigold)





Is it love...or are you being catfished? By Kimberly Blaker


ver the course of two years, the number of 55-64 year olds who have tried online dating doubled to 12 percent. Online dating has led to numerous committed relationships and marriages. But, as many can attest, it’s not all fun and there are plenty of games. Studies show more than half of users lie on their online dating profiles. It’s often fairly innocent white lies in regard to their age, weight or height. But catfishers—scammers who lure people into a sham relationship—are a whole different breed. They lie about nearly everything, including posting stolen photos to beguile and lure victims. In 2016 alone, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 15,000 complaints under the category of romance scams and confidence fraud. Most, however, don’t get reported. We’ve all heard stories of someone losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to an online catfisher. The truth is, it’s far more common than most people realize. At least 10 percent of dating profiles are catfishers, 64 percent of whom are women and 51 percent are married. Financial gain is just one of their motives. Some seek sexually explicit videos or photos for either personal use or to post online. Some catfishers find it an effective method for identity theft. There are also those who do it for revenge, to catch an untrustworthy spouse, or to live out an alternate reality. In the end, regardless of the catfishers’ motives, victims often experience emotional trauma as well.

catfishers scam people of all ages. Catfishers look for those who are desperate for love, gullible or sympathetic. Such people are easy to woo, guilt or manipulate, feeding right into the catfisher’s hand.


Catfishers are pretty slick when it comes to choosing their victims. Seniors are frequent targets, but

Catfishing has been around long before the internet. But the web provides catfishers an endless supply of prey while making it easier to conceal their identities. Whether you’re on an online dating site or social media, keep your eyes peeled and follow these precautions. First, know the red flags to look for before you begin communicating with someone you don’t know. Some catfishers provide elaborate but deceptive profiles. More often, though, their profiles are incomplete and vague. By providing such limited detail (other than, perhaps, a very attractive photograph), they’re able to lure more potential victims. It also gives them the

26 | FINANCE | FEBRUARY 2021 |



MOST IMPORTANT—REGARDLESS OF HOW PERFECT OR REAL SOMEONE SEEMS—DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED BEFORE YOU’VE MET IN PERSON. advantage to make things up as they go that best fits their victim’s wants, needs and desires. Having no photo can also be a red flag, as well as one that looks extremely dated or straight from GQ or Glamour magazine. Even when the photos look kosher, they might be stolen from someone else’s social media profile. So, always do a reverse image search. Just right click on the photo, and select ‘save image as.’ Then, go to Google images and drag and drop the photo into the search bar. If Google shows identical results for the image, do some investigative work. Another thing to watch for is broken English in messages. If you

notice odd phrasing such as ‘I will like to get to know you,’ be wary. It might indicate they’re from a foreign country commonly known for scammers. However, some scammers use broken English intentionally. They do this to weed out those intelligent enough to easily catch on to them. Catfishers want to invest their time in those who seem to be gullible. Another reason they may intentionally use broken English is to create the illusion they lack sophistication. This gives them the advantage that you won’t suspect they’re crafty enough to be a catfisher. On the other hand, plenty of catfishers are American, or English is


IF SOMEONE STARTS GETTING ROMANTIC QUICKLY OR COMES OUT WITH THE “L” WORD BEFORE YOU’VE EVER MET, BE SUSPICIOUS. their native language. Good English doesn’t necessarily deem them legitimate. When you begin communicating with someone online, ask for their full name (and be wary if they won’t tell you.) Then, do an online search for their social media profiles, job information, places they’ve lived and anything else you can learn. If you can’t find the person online or something doesn’t seem right, cut ties. If someone starts getting romantic quickly or comes out with the “L” word before you’ve ever met, be suspicious. While some legitimate relationships have started out this way, it isn’t the norm. It’s fairly common, however, with catfishers who try to quickly lure you into a phony whirlwind romance. They often move quickly and begin talking about a relationship, being in love or a future together before you’ve met. Most important—regardless of how perfect or real someone seems—don’t allow yourself to get emotionally involved before you’ve met in person. In fact, once you’ve done the investigative work above, try to meet for coffee as soon as possible. That way you don’t waste time or risk getting emotionally entangled with a fraud. Some people have found themselves sucked into

. . . o t e b i r c s Sub

years-long sham relationships without ever having met their predator. They only learn after wasting years of their life, and sometimes all of their savings.

SIGNS OF A CATFISHER Be wary if: • They’re difficult or impossible to catch on the phone. • They’re unwilling to video chat. • They always have an excuse for why they can’t meet you in person. They may claim to be out of state or the country. • They often claim, repeatedly, to be dealing with a major crisis or setback. This is to gain your sympathy, so you’ll accept it without question. • They won’t provide their exact address, especially even after professing their love, an extended courtship or asking to borrow money. (But, for your safety— especially for women—never give your address to someone you haven’t met or don’t know well.) • They try to manipulate you by shaming you, playing on your sympathy, or being overly charming, complimentary or empathetic.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU’VE BEEN CATFISHED If you suspect you’re communicating with a catfisher but are uncertain, gather everything you know about the person and print their profile, communications and photos. Then, share it with trusted family and friends for objective opinions. Also, report catfishers to the dating or social media website where you met and file a report with the FBI at default.aspx ■

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Some events may be canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19 safety measures and restrictions. Please contact event organizers to confirm details before attending. February 1-28

Black History Month with The Reminders

Join local musical group The Reminders for a virtual performance in honor of Black History Month. Available on-demand in February. No registration necessary. Free | pikespeaklibrary

February 4, 11, 18 &25 Gallop in the Garden 5K Fun Run

February 5

“Gratitude” art exhibit

The third annual “Gratitude” exhibit at Kreuser Gallery features over 100 local artists! The opening reception will feature three live performances. Regular gallery hours are noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. 5-9 p.m. | 125 E. Boulder St., Colorado Springs | Free | www.

Meet in the lower lobby of the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center, where staff has mapped out some phenomenal routes through Garden of the Gods Park and Rock Ledge Ranch. 3:30-5:30 p.m. | 1805 N. 30th St., Colorado Springs | Free | 719-219-0114

The library’s Hooked On Crochet group has gone virtual! Join group members on Zoom to crochet or knit and socialize. After you register, you’ll receive a link to the Zoom meeting in your email. Preregistration required. 10 a.m. | Free | | 719-389-8968

February 6

Guided Hike at Paint Mines Interpretive Park

A naturalist-led hike at the Paint Mines, exploring hoodoos and discussing the natural and cultural history of the area. Micro-spikes recommended if trails are icy. Meet at main parking lot. Preregister online. 9-11:30 a.m. | 245 Bear Creek Road, Colorado Springs | $4 members, $5 nonmembers | www.elpasocounty | 719-520-6387

February 6

Rainbow Falls Winter Waterfall Viewing

A visit to see the frozen Rainbow Falls will give you a great reason to be outside on a chilly day. Preregister online. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. | $1 | www. | 719-520-6387

February 4 & 18

Virtual Event: Hooked On Crochet!

fear, triumph and progress with her lens, Riley’s photography shares every detail of humanity demanding change. 5-8 p.m. | 427 E. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs | www. first-friday | 719-520-1899

February 5

Photography exhibit: “Will the U.S. Ever Be US?” Photographer Rachel Riley traveled the country, chronicling women’s marches and protests, with her journey taking her all the way to the White House and beyond. Capturing solidarity, sorrow, anger,

February 6

Walking Tour: Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives

This tour highlights women’s stories of work, activism and philanthropy in the historic working-class neighborhood of Southwest Downtown. Tours start at Loyal Coffee and include a free beverage with admission. 10-11 a.m. & 12-1 p.m. | 408 S. Nevada, Colorado Springs | $10 | 719886-0088 | event/tours/

February 6

Chinese New Year Celebration

The Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute celebrates the new year as a community-based online event with performances such as the traditional lion dance, kung fu demonstrations, traditional Chinese dances and musical performances. 10 a.m. | Free | | 719-287-7624

February 6

Winter Fling Craft Fair

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Post 143 winter craft fair will include 30 tables of crafts. Food and drinks also available. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. | 1050 S. 21st St., Colorado Springs | Free

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February 11

February 15-17

El Paso Pacers

Virtual Watercolor Workshop

Walking boosts energy levels, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, combats depression and reduces stress. This hike is easy/ moderate, casual pace, about 2 miles and is geared towards seasoned adults. Preregister online. 9-10:30 a.m. | $1 | www.elpaso | 719-520-6387

Turn a photograph into a watercolor painting that is a bit more abstract. It’s all about finding that all-important center of interest and creating contrasts capitalizing on light, shadow and subtle glows. Call or email to register. 9 a.m. to noon | $120 | 719-2820825 | sheppartartinstitute96@

February 12

Virtual Event: Curiosity Unlimited Lecture

“Innovative Food Sources: You Really Expect Me to Eat that?” given by Andrea Hutchins, Ph.D. R.D. Call for webinar registration instructions. 10 a.m. | Free | 719-633-5627

February 13

Virtual Event: COS@150 Through the Lens of Black History

Discover a selection of stories from the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum’s new COS@150 exhibit, exploring the people, places and events in history that helped shape Colorado Springs. Register online. 2-3 p.m. | Free | scholarseries | 719-385-5990

February 20

Winter Photography at Rainbow Falls

Check out Rainbow Falls Historic Site through a different view—your camera! Preregistration required. 2-4 p.m. | $20 | www.elpasocounty | 719-520-6387

February 20

February 22

This introduction to basic genealogy research strategies include getting started, organizing research and selecting and searching for records. Virtual event. Registration required. 10 a.m. | Free | 719-389-8968 |

Census records are an excellent tool for genealogical research. Learn more about how to use library resources to navigate and access census records, basic search strategies, and tips and tricks for locating your hidden ancestors. Virtual event. 6 p.m. | Free | 719-389-8968 |

Genealogy Basics

February 20

Humane Education through Storytelling

February 23

Sunny Weber, author of the “Pups & Purrs” series and animal welfare advocate, explores the importance of teaching compassion, respect, empathy and kindness to animals, and therefore people. 10:30 a.m. | Free | 719-389-8968 |

February 20

Virtual Wine Tasting

Try some Colorado wines and develop your tasting palate. Pick up your wine package from The Wine Seller before the event, or El Paso County residents can have theirs delivered on February 19. Package includes Sauvage Spectrum’s Sparklet Rose, Whitewater Hill’s No Oak Chardonnay and Whitewater Hill’s Chambourcin. The 2021 Hobby Wine Competition Awards take place afterwards. 8 p.m. | $65 | www. virtual-wine-tasting/

Looking for a Colorado Springs Dentist?

Census Records

Food and Nutrition Basics

Participants attending this online workshop, created by Colorado State University Extension, will learn what the essential nutrients are and their basic functions, the most current dietary guidelines for Americans, and healthy eating patterns as well as discovering strategies on how to follow a healthy eating pattern. Registration required. 12 p.m. | Free | 719-389-8968 | ■

February 21

“Protest” Fiction lecture

Join Durthy Washington for a virtual exploration of the evolution of Black Protest Fiction. 1 p.m. | Free | 719-389-8968 |

Share your events!

Helping You Navigate the Medicare Maze.

Pinnacle Dentistry is a preventative, cosmetic and

NO COST help from a licensed health insurance

perspective to patient care in Colorado Springs.

Enrollment periods may apply.

broker for all who are Medicare eligible.

our service and provide excellent dental care to each and every person who visits our practice. L Ous R online V I S I Tto U S started O N L I Ntoday! E TO CallCorA Lvisit get



Location 719.590.7100

Briargate Business Center 2430 Research Pkwy · Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Licensed Health Insurance Broker, US Army (Retired), Active Community Member

(719) 301-9525 WWW.LAFIFTY.COM | FEBRUARY 2021 | CALENDAR |





e Afte

Public health update on COVID-19 vaccine for seniors El Paso County Public Health staff members are actively vaccinating seniors 70 years and older as quickly as the agency receives COVID-19 vaccines from the state. There is currently a limited supply of vaccines, but officials expect to receive increased doses in the coming weeks. Based on the need to provide two doses to each of the approximately 65,000 people age 70 and older in El Paso County, the process of getting all of them vaccinated will likely take at least through the end of February. If you have registered for a vaccine with one of the agency’s many providers, please know they will contact you as soon as your vaccine is available. It may take a few weeks. Until the vaccine is widely available, it is important that everyone, includ-

ing those who have received the vaccine, continue to follow prevention measures to slow the spread of the virus: wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and stay home when you are sick. For more information on the COVID vaccine, visit www. or call Pikes Peak United Way 2-1-1. Library welcomes patrons back inside With El Paso County moving to orange status, Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) welcomed back patrons inside all libraries on January 19. Operating hours and specific services may vary by library location, so please check in advance at The first hour will be reserved for people at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

Curbside services will continue, as well as online resources and virtual programs. Patrons are expected to wear a mask, and may have to wait outside if capacity limits are reached. Staff members regularly sanitize surfaces, and social distancing is encouraged. Furniture, water fountains, children’s play area, meeting and study rooms, studios, and maker spaces remain temporarily unavailable. For more information, visit the website or call 719-531-6333. During a library visit, patrons can do the following inside: • Browse the physical collection. • Use self-checkout machines and service desks. • Reserve one, 55-minute computer session per day. Call 719-3898968 to book. • Use machines to fax, scan, and/

or copy documents without staff assistance. • Charge devices. • Make a 55-minute reservation to access special collections in the 1905 Carnegie Library. Area Agency on Aging offers free Social Security 101 classes on Zoom The Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging and the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers free Social Security 101 classes over Zoom, where Josh Weller, a SSA public affairs specialist, gives expert information on common retirement questions, including eligibility for retirement and how age and work affects retirement benefits. Additional topics include spousal, children’s, survivor and disability benefits with the qualifications and application process for each. “Social Security 101: Understand-

Colorado Medicare Choices, LLC I am here to help you with your Medicare Insurance needs. Are you Turning 65? Leaving Employers Coverage?

Contact Marcia Marill today for a No Cost/No Obligation Appointment or a list of my Informational Meetings

Marcia Marill RN, MA Colorado Licensed and Certified Agent Call or Text: 719-314-8527

30 | NEWS BITS | FEBRUARY 2021 |


Question ing Your Social Security Benefits” presentations run from 4-5:30 p.m. on March 29, May 24, July 26, September 27 and November 15. Class attendees are encouraged to set up a My Social Security account online at myaccount. Classes are free, but registration is required at www. Colorado artists create age-positive birthday cards The anti-ageism group Changing the Narrative is making birthday card shopping fun again by producing “age-positive” cards. A contest attracted submissions from over 60 Colorado artists resulting in 23 winning birthday card designs to be part of a collection of age-positive cards. Changing the Narrative challenges the notion perpetuated in many birthday cards that with each year older adults become weak, deaf, forgetful and crabby. In an effort to be humorous, some of the cards portray older adults as bench-sitting curmudgeons, boozy women in wheel-chairs, flatulent grandparents, or lecherous old men. But ageism isn’t funny, it’s harmful. For more information on how to support older adults and local artists through these birthday cards, visit www.changingthenarra

Library and Area Agency on Aging host four-part Medicare series Medicare can be confusing! That’s why the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) and the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging have teamed up to help guide and support aging adults with making important, lifelong healthcare decisions with a four-part class on Medicare. Classes are taught by SHIP counselors who are expertly trained to provide current insurance information. The first 2021 Medicare series begins February 4 at 5:30-7 p.m. and continues at the same time each week after. Registration is required for all classes at events. Check the website for class descriptions: • February 4: Medicare Eligibility and Coverage (Parts A and B) • February 11: Medicare Options (Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans) • February 18: Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) • February 25: Other Health Insurance Options (PERA, COBRA, FEHB, Tri-Care, Medicaid, and Employer Group Insurance)

Email your business news to:

Advertise in



Compiled by Anthony Welch

Describe a time when you were starstruck by a celebrity. Becky VanVleet “I was absolutely starstruck in the early 1960s with The Beatles, in particular with Paul McCartney. I collected all The Beatles cards, but Paul’s was always on top. I was so in love with him!”

Michael Glaser “It was around 1989 at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip. I was headed to the bathroom, and there he was sitting at the bar playing video games, drinking, hat on: Lemmy from Motorhead! I was buzzing the rest of the night. When we left, all of a sudden the sea of people parted, and Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach strolled past us. We had just brushed elbows with greatness.”

Tricia Parish “In 1988, I was in Grand Lake singing at the Little Bear Saloon (doesn’t exist anymore), and I did ‘Fast Car’ by Tracey Chapman. I looked out at the audience and saw LeVar Burton. He came up to me and mentioned how much he enjoyed the song. I was blown away!”

Willie Richardson

Call Jil 719-900-7664

“I actually met the late, great legendary guitarist Roy Buchanan at a performance on May 28, 1978, at The Blue Onion Nightclub in Norman, Oklahoma.”





TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE by advertising here in Fun & Games

Call 719-900-7664 32 | FUN & GAMES | FEBRUARY 2021 |




Puzzle Answers C A




























T U 51












A H A 2








53 42


E N 7





T 32








Y 9




















48 37






















I 58























S T 50

46 1


















soldier 7. Rock producer Brian 8. Execute illegally 9. Stratum 10. “Dancing Queen” quartet 11. Jam-pack 12. Actress Hatcher 13. Slang expert Partridge 21. Writer Hentoff 23. Confrontation

Call Bruce 719-900-7664 A

1. ___ breve 2. Salute 3. Hokkaido native 4. Shrimp dish 5. Gratification 6. Confederate



WSW 32. Fighting 33. Tire pattern 34. Fountain treats 39. Business card abbr. 40. Atty.-to-be exams 41. Slugger’s stat 42. Pleasing 44. Hotel offering overnight accommodation 48. Hair stuff 49. Gets up 51. City on the Mohawk 52. Chart anew 54. Bingo call 55. Prefix with space 56. Math branch 57. ___ expert, but... 59. “Whip It” band 60. Notable times 61. City in Western Nevada 64. Bee: Prefix 65. Jockey Turcotte


moisture 67. ___ go bragh 68. Fatted fowl 69. Novelist Hunter 70. NASA failure 71. Imitating 72. Mediocre

Advertise in



62. School session 63. Japanese porcelain 66. Shrivelled, without

25. Explosive stuff 26. Small hand drum 27. For all to hear 28. Duplicate 29. Joplin song 31. U-turn from


Wertåmuller 18. Deep black 19. Adriatic seaport 20. Female graduate 22. Clay products 24. Faux ___ 25. Drive-___ 26. Inclined to silence 30. ___-foot oil 35. The whole enchilada 36. Squeal 37. Emcee’s job 38. Unlawful liquor 41. Continued a subscription 43. Crescents 44. Son of, in Arabic names 45. Towing org. 46. “A Passage to India” heroine 47. Misers 50. Rotate 53. ___ Lingus (Irish carrier)

54. Fine sheer fabric 58. Unpowered


1. Cries of discovery 5. Shampoo brand 10. Entr’___ 14. Not of the cloth 15. Weill’s wife 16. ___ Rabbit 17. Director







Page 28

September 2

Life After 50

To Place Your Ad: CALL 719-900-7664

DEADLINE for next issue is the 20th of the month ADULT DAY SERVICES



FLAT RATE COMPUTER REPAIR. Most repairs start at $50. Parts extra if needed. Free pickup and delivery or up to 2 hours of on-site tune-up, virus removal and/or training. 35 Years of experience. Call Richard Sobe with SOBE I.T. (719) 216-8994. Thank you for looking at my ad.

NEW MEN’S Rockport Pro Walker shoes, 14 Medium $20. 719-527-9460. NEW MEN’S Kahiki Pants 40x34 $10. 719-527-9460.

CAREGIVERS T.L.C. Home Health Care

State-of-the-art Adult Day Center •Affordable &

personal care

•Engaging activities

& outings

•Experienced, caring staff •Medicaid, VA & private

“A little T.L.C. goes a long way!” We are licensed, insured and bonded Our Family is Your Family


Call today for a FREE consultation!

• Memory Care & Parkinsons • Companions • Errands • Light Housekeeping/Cooking • Continuity of Care • Ongoing Case Management • Regular Care Updates • Long Term Care Ins. Accepted • Aging in Place • Mobile Hair Stylist • No Long-Term Contracts!

(719) 785-9294 1460 Garden of the Gods Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

“HOME AWAY FROM HOME” provides a safe, loving environment for participants to enjoy activities and social interactions for as long as possible - avoiding premature long-term care. Call Paula at DayBreak - An Adult Day Program (719) 687-3000, Woodland Park, 404 N. Hwy 67. LIFTING SPIRITS SENIOR DAY CARE in a safe home-like Tri-Lakes setting. Professional care for those who cannot be left alone. Open M-F 6a6pm. Friendship, activities, meds given, health checks. Medicaid accepted. Call Sonja 488-1415, Palmer Lake, 755 Hwy 105.

BARGAINS $50 OR LESS 4-WHEEL SIT & STAND WALKER, fold-up with basket, new. Can deliver. $45. 719-650-4996.

CEMETERY PLOTS In-Home Care Services We Offer

•Reliable transportation

2 hour to 24-Hour Care

(719) 502-5765

Skilled & Unskilled PCP, CNA, LPN, RN

T.L.C. Home Health Care Owner/Administrator Tonya Reynolds

A DEPENDABLE, HONEST & KIND CNA and/or Caregiver. I have a background check, excellent references and am insured. If you need a little help, please call Barbara 719-578-9865. ASSISTANT, COMPANION or Secretary: A Caring Christian Lady can help you with cooking, cleaning, projects, filing, packing, organizing, errands, etc. How can I help you? Call Sunny 719271-0165.


•Skilled Healthcare & •Transportation Services personal support •Services provided by services RN’s, CNA’s & Personal •Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Care Providers Insurance & Private Pay

Call today for a FREE consultation!

(719) 785-9294 1460 Garden of the Gods Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

EXPERIENCED PERSONAL CARE In-Home Provider. Ready to help you with whatever your needs and wants are. Kind, trustworthy and dependable. Love to clean, too. References as required. Call Karen and let’s talk. 719434-2922.

COMPUTER & MEDIA COMPUTER UPDATE & REPAIR $30 per hour (most jobs require 1 hour). Increase speed or memory, destroy viruses, install anti-virus program, block pop-ups or stop unwanted email, clean up files, and install new programs. Free phone help after the service call. Jeff Towne 719-574-8505.

Care and Comfort During Lifes Difficult Moments



Medicaid & Private Pay Accepted

(719) 203-6022

Call for your Preneed Policy WWW.SIMPLYCREMATIONCO.COM

FOR RENT 2 BED, 2 BA RENTAL in 55+ complex. Gound floor, two balconies overlooking lovely green courtyard, washer and dryer. No pets and no smoking. Clean, quiet community living. One delegated parking spot and Clubhouse is available for family gatherings. Close to Union and Palmer Park, and bus stop 719-661-1166.

Quality Assistance & Care At Home Housekeeping & Laundry ● Meal Preparation ● Personal Care Assistance ● Caring Companionship ● Transportation ● Licensed & Insured ● Local, Family-Owned ●

Call for a Free Brochure:

(719) 266-4799

Excellent Caregivers. Excellent Service.



404 N. State Hwy 67, Woodland Park, CO

(719) 687-3000 • Paula Levy, Executive Director

2020September 2020

FOR RENT ENJOY LIFE AFTER 55 in Circle Drive Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park. Rentals starting at $850 /month includes mobile home, lot rent, trash pickup, water & sewer. 2840 S. Circle Dr. 719-576-1000. VERY LARGE 2 BEDROOM, 1 bath apartment in nice NW area, near Garden/Gods & Centennial, main level living, new carpet & paint, remodeled kitchen & bathroom, $1200/mo. 1st+last deposits, no pets, no smoking, no drugs. 719-598-7488.


New, Used and Reconditioned Building Materials & Supplies Furniture and Appliances 411 S. Wahsatch, Colorado Springs (719) 667-0840 MON-SAT 9AM-5PM

Life After 50 FOR SALE


HOME REPAIR Dave’s Home Improvement All Kinds Home Maintenance & Repairs 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE U.S. NAVY VETERAN

E P I S C O PA L WO M E N ’ S T H R I F T HOUSE Open again - Regular hours are 10-4 Thurs, Friday & Saturday. Accepting donations. Upscale thrift store selling gently used merchandise. Free parking. Come see us and shop to your heart’s delight. Seniors get 20% Off! All profits go to charities serving the Colorado Springs area. 1027 S. Tejon Street, 719-632-5278.

LIFT CHAIRS - comfortable and Safe, new and used, available with heat and massage, delivery services available. Call Go Mobility for an appointment 719-203-4396. RESCUED HEARTS UNIQUE BOUTIQUE, an upscale thrift store selling both new and donated merchandise, where our profits fund local animal rescue and welfare causes. A great place to donate, a fun place to shop! 3314 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, 719466-9797


BANK ON CLASSIFIEDS to turn your want ads into dollars! Call 719-9007664 Life After 50 Classified Dept.

Convenient. Freshly prepared.

(719) 393-5851 *MORE THAN A HANDYMAN. Home Maintenance, Repairs, Yard Work & Organize. 20% SENIOR DISCOUNT (62+). Call Mike - a Senior and Veteran. 719-338-4279. I wear a mask. Voice mail answered same day. VOLUNTEER AT SILVER KEY to help provide seniors with meals, rides, client support, food pantry support, and veterans support. Office staff and materials support also needed. Please apply online at:

An all-volunteer thrift store funding local animal rescue/welfare groups.

Make your life a little easier! Choose from 3, 5, or 7 day meal plans. Only $9.75 per meal delivered to your home at lunchtime by friendly volunteers that also do a check-in. Anyone age 60+ can register for Silver Key Home Delivered Meals by calling 719-884-2370.


MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS ALLIANCE NEEDS VOLUNTEERS age 50 and older. You can make a difference in the MS Community. For more information please call 719-633-4603.

LITTLE MONTH, BIG DEALS at the Bargain Box thrift store, 905 S. Nevada Ave. Look for 99¢ adult clothing throughout the store! Open Tues, Thurs, & Sat., 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Masks and social distancing required. Or, shop online for unique items not available at our store. Visit Assistance League of Colorado Springs Facebook page to view and order products via email at

Donations Accepted at South End of Building Mon-Sat 9:30am - 4:30pm

1981 4X4 Full Size BRONCO. Purchased New(Original Owner). P/S,A/ C,C/C,C/B,S/Roof,T/S/Wheel. Front Bumper Guard, 5Top Lights,New Seats.and Carpet/&door Panels replaced. Running Boards lighted. AM/ FM Radio, CB, Alarm System. New Battery 4 Brl EdelBrock Carb. Steel Mud Flaps. Top Spoiler. P/Brakes, Rear tire case, Bug Protector. As Is. $9,500.00 Don 719-534-9641.


DRYWALL AND TILEWORK Repairs • Basement Finishes Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling

– Free Estimates –

(719) 232-7218 or 390-7779 A N D E R S O N H O M E REPAIR+REMODEL Expert handyman services, 40 years of quality work, carpentry, doors, trim, drywall, power washing, decks, painting, staining and more. Senior Discount. 719-331-4320.


GOODMAN HANDYMAN. QUALITY WORK - All Jobs Considered. 10% Labor Discount for seniors and military veterans. How can I help you? Call Chad Goodman 719-244-2871.

Apply at 3314 Austin Bluffs Pkwy or call 719-466-9797

HANDYMAN SERVICES. ODD JOBS Plumbing, Carpentry, Fences, Decks, Doors, and more. (Mowing or yardwork in the spring and summer.) John 719471-7471.

to work 4-5 hours per week. Retail experience helpful. Must enjoy being around dogs.



restoration • renovation • fabrication

10% OFF LABOR For Seniors & Military

appliance repair drywall stucco or siding cabinets stone or cement countertops handicap ramps plumbing decks + fences ceiling fans small electrical kitchens bath and tile painting install grab bars asphalt seal windows + doors ....and more! bathtubs to shower conversions

Quality Work • Insured Certified Best







RESIDENTIAL HOUSECLEANING. ALL supplies included. Affordable, fully insured, 20+ years experience with many references. 719-377-1142.

5-STAR SENIOR MOBILE HOME Park, $74,500 for well-maintained 1981 Titan, 3 bedrooms, 1-3/4 baths, A/C, convenient corner lot, lot rent $605/mo includes water, trash & sewer. Move-in ready, park approval required. Call me for a private showing. Lyle 970-8001619.

HOME REPAIR M I K E ’ S H A N DY M A N SERVICE is ready to Help You in Colorado Springs! Call or Text Mike Whalin 605-391-8375 (please leave message and I will return your call).

HOUSECLEANING ABSOLUTELY CLEAN. Experienced, reliable, with excellent references. Call Tracy 719-630-8232 please leave message.

EXPERTISE HOUSECLEANING, reliable and trustworthy. Senior personal care services are also available. Please call Karen 719-434-2922.

TONY’S WINDOW CLEANING. $50 to Clean 10 Windows* and $2.50/each for more. Solar panels & gutter cleaning, too. (719) 271-2199 (*exteriors).



CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN WIDOW seeks house, apartment or room with kitchen privileges, to house-sit, rent or exchange assistance service hours, 2-24 mos ASAP, (have allergies: smoke and cats). Sunny 719-271-0165.

NEVER TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG to learn! Guitar lessons available – beginning through advance. $25 per half hour, once per week typical. Online lessons available. Electric/acoustic. 30+ Yrs experience playing, teaching. or call 719337-3594.

INSURANCE SERVICES CHOOSE THE BEST HEALTHCARE Finding the right health insurance can be overwhelming. You need confidence that you’re fully covered for medical and health, especially if you become seriously ill or injured. Licensed sales agent Bruce Schlabaugh will find the best plan to fit your budget, your needs and your lifestyle. To get started, call 719749-8541 (please leave message).

UALITY CARPET CARE A Name You Can Trust Since 1983


2 4 ROOMS ROOMS Includes: Pre-Conditioning, Steam Process & Complete Cleaning!





Includes: Pre-Conditioning, Steam Process & Complete Cleaning!





ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN CHARGES! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Combination and oversize rooms are more than one. Stairs $1.50 each. Travel charge may apply.


LIFT CHAIRS GIVE SAFETY & COMFORT in your home. Go from sitting to standing without aid. New and used lift chairs are for sale, available with heat and massage. Call Go Mobility for an appointment 719-203-4396. Delivery services available. OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS, $600. with Warranty. We sell portable concentrators and oxygen supplies. Equipment repair + servicing. ASPEN CONCENTRATOR REPAIR SERVICE, 3112 Century St. (off Fillmore) 719-4719895.

Ken’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling - PLUMBING -

Water heaters replaced, leaky pipes fixed, toilets or faucets replaced, sprinklers repaired.


Furnaces replaced, repaired or tuned up.


Air conditioners or swamp coolers installed or repaired.


CALL FOR A Veteran Owned by Ken Rivenburgh


Life After 50

10 OFF %

Discount for Seniors & All Military* *Discount cannot be combined with other offers.


(719) 229-4563



REAL ESTATE YESTERDAY’S VALUES - TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY Specializing in Real Estate for Seniors.

EVE BLACKMON 719-231-4079 JUDY TROUT 719-332-8811

MUSICIAN WANTED EB BASS TUBA PLAYER for The Salvation Army Colorado Springs Corps Band. 908 Yuma St. Band plays every first Sunday of the month. 10:15am to 11:15am. Instrument provided. Lawrence Shiroma, Bandmaster. lawrence. Cell: (424) 247-3109. “Sing to the Lord with the sound of a horn.” Psalm 98:5-6




“You Can Relax Knowing Helping Hands Are On The Job!”


(719) 661-7354


Let me help you with your real estate plans to maximize success and minimize stress. Call for my discount programs for buyers and sellers.

Your Home, Your Way! Nancy M. Fuller REALTOR®, SRES

719-337-9201 Each office is independently owned and operated



MEDICAL EQUIPMENT REPAIR for Lift Chairs, Scooters, or Wheelchairs. For prices and more information call GO MOBILITY 719-203-4396. EXPERT CARPET REPAIRS 40 Yrs Experience. Repairs, Re-stretches, Seam Repair and Pet Damage Inlays. 719-229-1597 or 719-473-5110. Free estimates and Senior discounts.

would like a quick, no-hassle cash sale


for your home in “as-is” condition and

and stump grinding. 24/7 Emergency

for a fair price, please text or call me so

Service available. Text or Call Ben’s

we can talk. Ben 719-492-1671.

Landscaping 719-492-1671.

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Life After 50

SERVICES VEHICLE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument & Manitou Springs. Tire changes, jump start and fuel delivery for sedans, SUV’s or light trucks, $45. (MC/VISA) 8am-6pm 7 days a week, no towing. 719-217-2445. YOUR PERSONAL CONCIERGE or Assistant. General Errands, Home and Office Organization, Vehicle Care, Waiting Service, House-Sitting, House Checks, Grocery Shopping, Gift Baskets, Light Yard Work, Light House Work, Reservations, Tickets, Travel Needs, Packing, Unpacking. Call Angela - VISION CONCIERGE SERVICE 719-330-3337.


CASH FOR CARS! In Any Condition • FREE TOW AWAY 719-323-8121

1950s-1960s LP’s, 78’s AND 45’s. Blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, country, Broadway, movie soundtracks, TV, R&B, soul, children’s, spoken word, etc. I’m a collector, not a business. Call me first - I pay the most for your records. 719-6335848 or 719-440-9288. CASH FOR OLD BANKS AND TOYS, presidential pin back buttons, Simpich dolls, military insignia and memorabilia. Will buy single items or entire collections. 719-632-9904. VINTAGE ITEMS WANTED. TOYS, comic books, children’s books, dolls, movie and music posters, Halloween, guitars and amplifiers, and plastic model kits. I’m a collector, not a business. 719-633-5848 or 719-440-9288.

Mondays: Pick up frozen meals at St. Andrews Church in Manitou Springs, Woodland Park Senior Center, Pikes Peak Towers and Colorado Springs Senior Center.

Meal Menu Home Delivered Meals Menu Feb. 3 - Smothered pork chops with onions and peppers, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, tropical fruit salad, high fiber cookie Feb. 4 - Stuffed bell pepper, baby baker potatoes, cauliflower, carrot raisin salad, spiced peaches Feb. 5 - Pesto chicken, Florentine rice, carrots, whole grain roll, strawberries Feb. 6 & 7 - Chef’s choice Feb. 8 - Beef chili with cheese, baked potato with sour cream, tossed salad with chickpeas, orange Feb. 9 - Salmon burger with lettuce and tomato, cream of mushroom soup, broccoli slaw, banana Feb. 10 - Sweet and sour pork, Jasmine rice, Asian vegetables, applesauce, high fiber cookie Feb. 11 - Chicken mole, vegetable blend, Spanish rice, black bean corn salad, orange, carrot cake Feb. 12 - BBQ beef sandwich, seasoned pinto beans, coleslaw, tropical fruit Feb. 13 & 14 - Chef’s choice Feb. 15 - Beef stroganoff, penne pasta, roasted Brussels sprouts, whole wheat bread, apple Feb. 16 - Chicken carbonara, broccoli, green bean salad, spiced peaches, oatmeal raisin cookie

Feb. 17 - Lasagna roll, broccoli, whole-wheat roll, tossed salad, tropical fruit Feb. 18 - Yankee pot roast with gravy, baked potato, maple glazed carrots, apple Feb. 19 - Cod Tuscany, baby bakers, broccoli, banana, high fiber cookie Feb. 20 & 21 - Chef’s choice Feb. 22 - Chicken tacos with sour cream, cheese and salsa, southwestern black beans, orange Feb. 23 - Seasoned baked salmon, brown rice pilaf, broccoli, pear, cherry cobbler Feb. 24 - Lemon pepper chicken, wild and brown rice, peas, beet and onion salad, orange Feb. 25 - Beef tips, penne pasta, Brussels sprouts, three bean salad, applesauce Feb. 26 - Stuffed pasta shells with meat sauce, green beans, carrot raisin salad, garlic bread stick, pear Feb. 27 & 28 - Chef’s choice

Silver Key Connections Café Meal Menu & Pick Up Schedule Connections Café meals are currently “Grab and Go.” Meals must be requested in advance for the following week by calling 719-8842300.

Tuesdays: Pick up meals at Holiday Village, Centennial Plaza, Acacia Park Apartments and Westside Community Center. Wednesdays: Pick up meals at Fountain Valley Senior Center, Villa Santa Maria, Tri-Lakes Senior Center and Silver Key. Feb. 8 - Sweet and sour pork, Jasmine rice, Asian vegetables, applesauce, cookie Feb. 9 - Chicken mole, vegetable blend, Spanish rice, black bean corn salad, orange, carrot cake Feb. 10 - BBQ beef sandwich, seasoned pinto beans, coleslaw, tropical fruit Feb. 15 - Chicken carbonara, broccoli, green bean salad, spiced peaches, oatmeal raisin cookie Feb. 16 - Lasagna roll, broccoli, whole-wheat roll, tossed salad, tropical fruit Feb. 17 - Yankee pot roast with gravy, baked potato, maple glazed carrots, apple Feb. 22 - Lemon pepper chicken, wild and brown rice, peas, beet and onion salad, orange Feb. 23 - Beef tips, penne pasta, Brussels sprouts, three bean salad, applesauce Feb. 24 - Stuffed pasta shells with meat sauce, green beans, carrot raisin salad, garlic bread stick, pear ■

Write about local seniors and the issues that matter to them. (and earn a little extra cash while you’re at it!) No phone calls please. Please email your writing samples to: WWW.LAFIFTY.COM | FEBRUARY 2021 | CLASSIFIEDS |



Irene’s You must ASK for your Discount, or use Coupon!

Ace Hardware: 10% off regular prices Tues. Y Arby’s: 10% off food Y ARC Thrift: 50% off most items Tues. + Sat. Y Big Train Restaurant: 10% off Tues. Y Burger King: 10% off Y Bustang to Denver: $9 fare Y Carrabba’s Italian Grill: 10% off Y COSTCO: Low generic Rx prices (membership not req’d) Y CVS Pharmacy: Discount loyalty program Y Dunkin Donuts: Free coffee with donut purchase Mon. Y Einstein Bagels: Carry-out 10% off Mondays $7 Baker’s Dozen (13) Y Episcopal Thrift House: 20% off Thurs.-Sat. Y Fine Arts Museum: Free 2nd Sat. & 3rd Fri. (by reservation) Y Goodwill: 15% off Wed. Y Greyhound Bus: 5% off Y IHOP: 10% off Y Jason’s Deli: 10% off Y Josh & John’s Ice Cream: 10% off Y Jun: 10% off Sun. Y Kimball’s Peak Three: Stream movies $6.50+ Y La Baguette (Downtown): $1.20 coffee Y McDonalds: $.70 coffee Y Pioneer Museum: Free virtual exhibits + lectures Y Ross Dress for Less: 10% off Tues. Y Schlotzky’s: 10% off Y Silver Key Friends Thrift: 15% off Wed. Y Sonic Drive-In: 10% off Y Village Inn: Free pie slice with entrée order Wed. Y Wade’s Café: 10% off Y Walgreen’s: 1st Tues. of the month 15-20% off

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DON’T LET COVID-19 KEEP YOU FROM SMILING. Honest, ethical dental care focused on your personal wants and needs.

We are going above and beyond to make sure you are safe from Covid exposure. As a non-profit organization, we have various grants to help support you!

Community Dental Health SENIORS & VETERANS CALL TODAY!

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38 | OPINION | FEBRUARY 2021 |


By Karen White-Walker


woman I accidentally bumped into the other day was so irate, the obscenities spewing out of her mouth would have darkened even the world’s most muddied waters. Repeatedly saying sorry didn’t appease her, so instead of extending an olive branch, I had the urge to shove it at her! But then I would’ve been no better. In our anxious, angry world, the least we can do is be kind to one another. Or, is it the most we can do? This pandemic wasn’t on our bucket list. We’ve never experienced anything like it, and we’re finding ourselves number one in the worst possible way. As Americans, we’re surpassing the entire world’s statistics in contracting and dying from COVID-19. I’m ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted and heartsick. Because—in spite of that lousy woman I plowed into—I care deeply for mankind and I love my country. I’ve often said that I meet only the nicest people. I’ve had kind strangers help me during many moments in my life. Either I’m emitting some good vibes, or I look both helpless and hopeless. I keep reassuring myself that we’re all going to get through these unfathomable times. But the constant discord between both political parties only keeps us sidetracked from dealing with today’s crucial life and death situations. If not a pandemic, what more does it take to shake us into sensibility? If it weren’t for the medical profession, front-line workers and considerate people who wear face masks and social distance, we probably would’ve all experienced a more

THIS PANDEMIC WASN’T ON OUR BUCKET LIST. WE’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE IT, AND WE’RE FINDING OURSELVES NUMBER ONE IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY. horrific last few months. So many times I’ve heard people say that they’re only one person; what can they do? Well, I can name several individuals who changed the world—Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, John Lewis. We, your “average” Americans, must imitate and become in small ways like such people. “It’s all my husband and I can do not to kill each other!” cried my neighbor, whose husband has been constantly home since March, “And you’re telling us to model ourselves after them? Are you crazy? We’ve already become Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr!” “With kindness, you can pull an elephant by a hair.” If only those simple, wise words could be tattooed on every peacemakers’ forehead. Then, maybe the abrasive, bitter and abusive people they encounter would be deterred from their destructive ways. Elephants are known for their intelligence, but are we? In the spirit of the new year, I can only pray that we can do one better—toss in compassion with kindness, too! To tell you the truth, I think it’s harder to be hateful than to try to be happy. So, like the song says, “Make it easy on yourselves.” ■

Karen White-Walker has been writing since she was 14 years old. She’s the wife of one, a mother of four, a teacher of thousands, a playwright of eight produced plays, and a writer of over 300 articles.

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Visit any of our Pueblo or Colorado Springs Living Centers! Point of the Pines Gardens

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2430 Oakshire Ln, Pueblo, CO 81001 - or -

Spring into Action At Summit Glen, all of our amenities are included in one reasonable monthly rent. We take care of the cooking, cleaning, and yardwork, leaving you the time to enjoy your retirement. We’ll even drive you to appointments, shopping, and other outings. The best way to experience our gracious retirement lifestyle is to join us for a personal visit of our beautiful community.

IT’S ALL INCLUDED: • Three delicious chef-prepared meals served daily • Caring live-in managers available 24 hours a day • Scheduled local transportation • Planned activities, outings, and special events • Weekly housekeeping and linen service • All utilities except telephone • Monthly rent – no buy-in fees or leases

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