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REFINING YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE The Main Atrium . The Gardens . The Food Lounge







Dean &


Burger &


The Choc

colate Bar



The Prom




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cutta An indulging journey to the 19th century colonial India Grand Avenues, SoKu, Tel: 22201088



n Burger

Texas Ro Grand Avenue - The Avenues Tel: 2228 3117

Arabella, Albida’a, Al-Ta’awn Street Tel: 2221 4993

Sidra Restaurants, Mahboula, Coastal Road Tel: 2208 1302

Texas Roadhouse was founded in 1993 with a dream to create an authentic Texas-style restaurant with the same look, feel and tastes of the local roadhouses. With over 450 U.S. restaurants today, Texas Roadhouse is famous for


STEAKS Fall-OffThe-Bone

-From-Scratch oadhouse Made





Over the years, Texas Roadhouse has been named the number one steakhouse in America by Consumers’ Choice in Chains survey and was recognized as one of the nation’s best companies by Forbes magazine.

‫تشيكن شاك‬

‫ مخلل‬،‫قطعة صدر دجاج مقرمشة مع خس‬ ‫وصلصة مايونيز باألعشاب‬

Chick’n Shack

Shake Crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and herb mayo

‫شاك برغر‬ ‫ طماطم‬،‫ خس‬،‫برغر بالجبنة‬ ‫وصلصة الشاك‬

ShackBurger Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce


Born in New York City’s Madison Square Park in 2004, Shake Shack is a critically acclaimed, modern day “roadside” burger stand known for its 100% all-natural Angus beef burgers (no hormones added and free from antibiotics), griddled-crisp flat-top hot dogs, fresh-made frozen custard, crispy crinkle cut fries and more. With its fresh, simple, high-quality food, Shake Shack is a fun and lively community-gathering place with widespread appeal. From its premium ingredients and caring hiring practices to its environmentally responsible designs and deep community investment, Shake Shack’s mission is to Stand For Something Good . ®

‫ في نيويورك عام‬Madison Square Park ‫افتتح أول محالت شيك شاك في‬ ‫ يعد شيك شاك محل البرغر العصري الرائع الذي يشتهر بتقدميه‬،2004 ‫ (اخلالي من الهرمونات‬100% ‫البرغر احملضر من حلم األنچوس الطبيعي‬ ً‫ الكاسترد املجمد احملضر طازجا‬،‫ الهوت دوغ املشوي‬،)‫واملضادات احليوية‬ .‫وغيره الكثير‬ ‫ يتميز مطعم‬،‫باإلضافة إلى تقدمي املأكوالت الطازجة مبكونات عالية اجلودة‬ ‫ مما يجعله الوجهة املفضلة لالستمتاع بتجربة‬،‫شيك شاك بأجوائه املميزة‬ ،‫ وبفضل فريق العمل لديه من أصحاب اخلبرة العالية واملهارة‬.‫تذوق فريدة‬ ‫ونظراً الستخدام أجود أنواع املكونات ومراعاته للبيئة ومساهمته الفعالة في‬ ‫ يعمل شيك شاك على حتقيق‬،‫األنشطة االجتماعية واهتمامه بجمال التصميم‬ .‫رسالته في مواصلة التطلع نحو األفضل على الدوام‬

‫خالي من الهرمونات واملضادات احليوية‬

No hormones ever and free from antibiotics ‫ شارع‬،‫أ‬1 ‫ قطعة‬،‫ األڤنيوز | مجمع الفنار | اجلابرية‬- ‫غراند أڤنيو وسكند أڤنيو‬ ‫ الطريق الساحلي‬،‫ املهبولة‬،‫ذا جيت مول | مطار الكويت الدولي | مطاعم سدرة‬


Grand Avenue & 2nd Avenue - The Avenues | Al Fanar Mall | Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 105 The Gate Mall | Kuwait International Airport | Sidra Restaurants, Mahboula, Coastal Road


Living in Kuwait has many perks, but what usually stands out is the nation’s love for food. Whether you’re an expat or a local, dining in Kuwait is a pastime that we excel in! What’s especially wonderful about Kuwait, besides its beautiful architecture, the people's hospitality and the bliss of our phenomenal winters and springs, is the ability for so many eateries to be able to combine those attributes to create lovely experiences. We can all safely agree that when it comes to the sheer variety of locally created concepts, all executed at exceptional standards by professional people, combined with the huge number of interesting franchises from abroad, no other GCC city can even come close to the dining scene that Kuwait has to offer. Whether you're looking for the perfect shawarma, have a hankering for the best ribs, or have more health-conscious habits and need to fulfill the craving without compromising your dietary restrictions, Kuwait has the kind of variety that absolutely spoils us for choice. Putting the guide together every year is an eye opening experience for the entire bazaar team, and very telling, since we meet dozens of chefs and restaurant owners, review tons of new places, and can easily predict what the next big food fads are going to be. Local concepts are also expanding in beautiful spaces like the vast gardens of Al Shaheed Park, and the stunning and prestigious Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center. The Boulevard in Salmiya is also open to the public, giving us even more options to choose from and more places to explore. The Promenade has expanded its offerings since its 2015 opening, as well as Gate Mall, and the fabulous Murouj Complex next to the Sahara Golf Club. A quick flip through the guide will take you to our expanded and improved 'Eating in Kuwait' directory that is categorized by cuisine, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for. In this section you get information on most of the restaurants in Kuwait worth mentioning, along with their addresses and telephone numbers and other useful information. If you prefer to cruise the culinary world of Kuwait from the comfort of your couch, let your fingers do the walking to the back of the guide, where we have a comprehensive selection of take away and delivery menus for you to choose from.

THE TEAM Boss Ahmed El-Adly Operations Tim Burns Business Development Ihab Mokalled Content Coordinator Yasmine El Charif Design Ahmed Al-Ashab Mixed Media Solutions Jennifer Cadiz Staff Writers Amira Haroun Yasmine Dalloul Editor Alia Al-Duaij Distribution Abu Illa Ahmed Photographers Muneera AlKhulaifi Yousef Al-Nasser

The guide is of course available online to read or download, and all the directory listings and reviews are available on www.bazaar.town along with Google Map locations, telephone numbers and social media accounts that make getting to the restaurant of your choice easier than ever before. Bon appétit, and Bil 3afya, Kuwait Ahmed El-Adly

tel. 2461 0017 – fax 2461 0018 | info@bazaar-magazine.com www.bazaar.town | Al Argan Complex, Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone @bazaargram bazaarmagazine @bazaartweets



Evian ALex Wang



A peek behind possibly the best eclair we’ve ever had, and the man responsible for its creation.


A vast variety of your favorite Middle Eastern classics, all done up with an eclectic twist!


An expanded menu including your old favorites and more!

318 CHKN

Are you ready to experience the fried chicken place revolutionizing our tastebuds?


Everyone’s favorite dessert corner, baking fresh cookies and other treats to love daily.


Indian street food made hot, fresh and old-school, just like it was intended to be!

306 Hotel Calcutta

Enjoy the aromatic flavors of colonial Bombay reimagined in modern day Kuwait with Hotel Calcutta.

72 JAR

Comfort food done right, satisfying one craving at a time.


Bringing us the comforts of modern Iranian cuisine, Kateh extends its warmth to Kuwait all the way from London.


From in-house roasted coffee, to fresh pastries, wonderful ambiance and glorious bites: reasons to make you crazy for this place!


Burgers made with milk-fed veal patties are the new, wholesome way to go!


Why this empire of goodness should be your new favorite place to shop.


Featuring a selection wide enough to make all your shawarma dreams come true - even if they’re a little intense.


A delivery concept smoking ribs and brisket so good you’ll probably start crying.

320 OVO

Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian – no matter your dietary preference, OVO has something delicious just for you!



Art and refined cuisine merge beautifully in Chef Faisal Al Nashmi’s New York-inspired brasserie, Table Otto.


Did you know that we all share universal cravings? Travel around the world in a matter of clicks with Talabat to discover why.

Chinese, Japanese, Thai - you can’t always choose, and why should you have to?





A delivery service that makes cooking so much easier, and way more fun!

The greatest guilt-free frozen yogurt gift to our country, now does frozen yogurt pops! Fun!

Travel around the world in a matter of clicks and discover the international flavors Talabat has to offer.


Ever wondered what happens when Japanese cuisine meets classic Kuwaiti influences? Believe us, it’s delicious.

Home cooked Kuwaiti goodness made fresh and served hot and ready to eat right at your doorstep.


Detailed menus from dining options all around the country. 32


Listings of various restaurants and services in and around Kuwait City.


Brought to you by The Athlete's Foot, discover the latest in health and fitness.


Our go-to guide that doesn’t involve eating - because Kuwait has so much more to offer.

Evian ALex Wang


156 Doner and Shawarma

236 Kuwaiti

96 Breakfast and Brunch

162 European

242 Mexican

102 Burgers

168 Healthy

246 Middle Eastern

Inspired by culinary traditions from all over the world, American cuisine is a blend of cultures, presented in vibrant dining environments. Start your day in style, or while away a relaxing afternoon with breakfast and brunch options from these early bird restaurants. With the vast range of gourmet and traditional burgers offered, we should consider making this the unofficial meal of Kuwait.

112 Cafes and Bistros

Enjoy the effortless elegance of Kuwait’s casual dining scene featuring light meals, rich teas and bold coffee.

132 Chinese and Pan-Asian

Foods originating from all over Asia, get a taste of the East with a huge selection of traditional and fusion concepts.

142 Desserts and Bakeries

Sweet treats, deliciously baked goods and the perfect places to satiate your nonsavory cravings.

212 Italian and Pizzerias

Pizza, pasta, mamma mia! Relish in the specialty that gives you the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal.


The lowdown on where to find the Middle East’s favorite street food and its various renditions in Kuwait. From Macedonia to Great Britain and everything in between, enjoy sophisticated fine food samplings from all over the continent. Because healthy is always delicious! From gluten-free bakeries to perfect nibbles that won't pile on the pounds, kick start healthy eating habits right here!

176 Indian

Say Namaste to curries and tikka with tasty foods infused with a splash of spice from India and the subcontinent.

186 International

The melting pot of cuisines – you’ll find dishes from all over the globe providing a multicultural flavor with every visit.

226 Japanese and Korean

Take a bite out of Japan and Korea with platters of sushi and kimchi, and delight in the true authentic flavors brought to Kuwait.

Immerse yourself in traditional comfort foods and experience the popular dishes that taste just like those made at “home.” Burritos, tacos, fajitas and more – ayyy caramba! Where queso and beans go handin-hand, and lettuce is just a simple topping. Egyptian, Turkish and all the best dishes of the Levantine brought to the home away from home.

268 Persian

Embrace the complex and captivating array of flavors from the land of spice and deliciously hot bread.

274 Seafood

Jump into the deep end and immerse yourself in the fruits of the sea with fish and shellfish platters in marine-inspired surroundings.

278 Steakhouses

Bite into the sizzling creations and enjoy the hearty atmosphere that comes along with sumptuous meats from the grill.




30,000 COPIES

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the bazaar Dining and Delivery guide! From numerous reviews to handy menus, and a user-friendly directory, this will be your new go-to for everything about eating in Kuwait. We print and distribute 30,000 copies of the guide and deliver them free of charge all over Kuwait and in all of the following locations: Cafés & Eateries • Applebees, Meshrif • Ayamme • Baking Tray • Burger Boutique • Burger Hub, Gulf Road • Café Supreme - Al Kout Mall, Al Bustan Mall, Al Safat Mall, Sheikh Saed Aviation Terminal • Café November, Kipco Tower, Shuwaikh Market • Casper & Gambini, Kuwait City, Marina Crescent • The Cheesecake Factory, The Avenues, Arabella • Chocolate Bar, Al Bida’a, Marina Crescent, Spoons • Cocoa Room • Columbus Café • Container 75, Jabriya • Costa Coffee, 25 locations • Caribou Coffee, 25 locations • Crumbs, Al-Shaab • Dunkin Donuts, Mall 360 • Edo Club, Sahara • Elevation Burger, Abu Halifa, Al-Hamra, Avenues, Al-Bida’a, Meshrif, • Fatburger, Spoons, Burj Jassem • Fauchon, Mall 360, Salhiya complex • Figs • Firin Bakery • Haagen Dazs - Souk Sharq, Arraya • Illy Café • Johnny Rockets- Salhiya, Marina, Salmiya, The Avenues, Alia & Ghalia Complex • Juan Valdez Café, Symphony Mall • Junkyard, Al-Hamra, The Village • Life with Cacao • Maki, The Avenues, Burj Jassem, Salhiya complex, Marina Waves • Mais Alghanim • Nino's • November Bakery • Organica Fish & Chips, Jabriya • P. F. Changs, Corniche, The Avenues • P.Q. Marina Mall, The Avenues • Paul - The Avenues, Marina Mall • Pinkberry • Pizza Express, Hilton, Al Bida’a, Marina Crescent

• Pizzetta • Potbelly • Prime & Toast - Al Bida’a, Seif Strip, Marina Walk • Rio Churrascaria • Ryoog • Slider Station • Scoop-A-Cone - Egaila, Fahaheel • Taal • Texas Roadhouse • Ubon • Upper Crust -Pizzeria • Zaatar w Zeit Starbucks Outlets: • Abdullah Mubarak • Adeliya • Airport Mall • Al Mowasat Hospital • Al Shaya Head Office • Aliya & Ghalia Complex • Andalus Coop • AUK • Bairaq Mall • Baitak Tower • Behbehani Complex • Bida’a Complex • BMW Showroom • Daiya Co-op • Dar Al Awadi • Divonne, Abu Hassaniya • Al Fanar Mall • Four Points by Sheraton • The Gate Mall • Hilton Resort • Jabriya • Kaifan • Khalifa Resort • Kout Mall • Marina Crescent • Marina Mall • Mishref • NBK • Nuzha Co-op • Plaza Hawalli • Rosa Castle • Salhiya

• Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak • Salmiya Co-op • Salwa Co-op • Scientific Center • Seif Hospital • Shaab • Shamiya Co-op • Sharq Co-op • Sheikha Complex • Sheikh Saed Al Abdullah Terminal • Shuwaikh Zain Headquarters • Souk Sharq • The Avenues • The Palms Hotel • Zahra Co-op Clinics & Hospitals • Al Mubarikiya Dental Clinic - Egaila, Salmiya • Al Safat American Hospital • Boushahri Clinic • Dasman Diabetes Institute • Diet Care Center • Gulf Clinic • International Clinic • Maidan Clinic - Fahaheel, Farwaniya, Hawalli, Sharq, Subah Al Salem • Noor Clinic • Salam Hospital • Seif Hospital • Soor Center • Taiba Clinic • The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Hotels & Health Clubs • Al Corniche Club • Crowne Plaza, Farwaniya, Salmiya • Hilton Kuwait Resort & Spa • Holiday Inn, Salmiya, • Inspire Pure Fitness • Pilates & More - Salmiya, Mahboula • Spaloon • The Yoga Center Stand Alones • 4 Boutique • Alghanim Marine • Au Nom de Rose • beau-Tique cosmetics

• British Embassy • CAP Gallery • Cookie Dough • Dar Al Funoon • Dar.Nur • Gold Class Lounge - Grand Cinemas Al Hamra • Gulf Bank • I. O. Center • IKEA • Italian Center • Jacques Dessange Salon, Shaab • Kuwait Airport Business Class Lounges • N Style Nail Lounge • Media Elephant • NBK • Nespresso • Pink Moon Boutique • Sultan Gallery • That AlSalasil Bookstore - Airport, Marina, Salhiya, The Avenues • THE One • Tony & Guy Cliffs, Al Corniche • USA Embassy Schools & Universities • American International School • American University of Kuwait • Australian College Kuwait • Bayan School (Hawalli) • Boxhill College • BSK - Britsh School of Kuwait • Universal American School • Kuwait University • Starbucks Khaldiya • Starbucks Adeliya • Starbucks Jabriya • Starbucks Shuwaikh

Alternatively you can collect copies from the bazaar office in the Free Trade Zone Shuwaikh (Sun-Thur). Ph 2461-0017 for more details and to reserve your copy!





This year’s guide is of course smartphone and tablet friendly, meaning you can read or download the digital edition of the guide simply by accessing it through our brand new website www.bazaar.town. There are over 500 reviews in the directory section of the new website, and all include telephone numbers, addresses, and Google map locations that make getting to the restaurant of your choice easier than ever.

Guide too heavy to carry in your handbag or case? You can now read or download your copy of the 2015 Dining & Delivery Guide online, via your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet using issuu.com or their user-friendly app.



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Tanto - Homemade goodness

It all started with a cheesecake. “I’ve always loved cooking,” she started, “and I knew I wanted to do something related to food.” With her top secret cheesecake recipe in hand, Hadeel Al Tamimi felt inspired. Making the decision to go back to school, Hadeel started researching every option out there to get the most out of her Culinary Arts education. That’s when she found a degree that would not only help her expand her skills in the kitchen, but it would also give her the business background she would need to start any culinary endeavour. Now, this certified Chef and Culinary Consultant went on to realize her passion project, and Tanto was born. Tanto, Spanish for ‘so much,’ is a bakery, catering concept and food consulting service. “The company has a lot to give,” Hadeel explained, “so why not call it Tanto!” Having found the perfect name, Hadeel went on the hunt to find the perfect logo. “I love owls!” she smiled. Keeping that in mind, Hadeel sought help from her friends to come up with the perfect illustration. And the owl logo was born. Consistently challeneged and motivated by her sister, Hussah Al Tamimi, Hadeel continued her adventures in the kitchen. "She was my first customer," Hadeel laughed, "For the first while, she was the only one [other than family] to consistently make orders!" Now, with set offerings, daily specials and even special requests for catering, Hadeel can do it all. Always up for challenge, she can cater for everything from an intimate family lunch to a larger gathering: “Currently, I’m at a maximum of 50 people since I’m still a one-man-show,” Hadeel laughed. Equipped with the know-how to create a concept from the ground up, Hadeel can even help you out with your next restaurant or cafe concept! 38

Hadeel, a Jane-of-all-culinary-trades, handles every aspect of the business. “I can handle it all myself,” Hadeel went on, “but if I need help I hire on the spot help with prep and presentation.” After a great opportunity catering for The Secret Cinema Society one night — “we did tapas and people loved it!” — Hadeel took her business from friends and family only to a public account on Instagram for people to make their orders from. Slowly growing and creating new items for her menu, Hadeel decided to introduce Daily Specials: “People started calling me and asking if the items would be available again at any point, and the orders just kept coming.” With the support of her husband, children and family and friends, nothing can stop Hadeel. While her education and background make her the ideal front-runner for any concept, Hadeel’s heart is in cooking. The kitchen is her haven and she enjoys every second of it. That’s exactly why every dish she creates is made with a lot of love. Tanto’s offerings aren’t cuisine particular, it caters to the international palate. Still, everything you’d get comes with Hadeel’s very own culinary flair. Working with seasonal items, Hadeel ensures that Tanto’s menu is always fresh and innovative. But if she would ever decide to make just one dish forever, it would the cheesecake: “I started with cheesecake, and I’ll always love making cheesecake.”

You can check out all of Tanto’s delicious offerings by following Hadeel on Instagram @Tanto_kw. For orders, WhatsApp her on 9098 5581. If you have any business inquiries, be sure to email her at contact@tanto-food.com.

Sheraton Avenues

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Heston Blumenthal. Cooking show: MasterChef Junior. Cookbook: Fatma Hussein’s Aklat Kuwaitiya (Kuwaiti Dishes).

What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? I’ve always been a foodie and find my comfort zone to be around pots, stoves and cutting boards. The passion started from a young age, around the age of 7, when I used to help Om Hasan “Nani” with rolling dolma and cutting molokhiya and later cooking for friends during my studies in the States. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? There is no one place to shop for food from, each place is good for something so you have to go around to create a good recipe. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Rice with vermicelli and Jute leave stew (Roz Bil Sha3riya and Molokhiya). Since our childhood we have been more exposed to Egyptian cuisine than any other. I even remember no other Kuwaiti house making these dishes, so to me the taste was so unique and still reminds me of our old family home. When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? In Kuwait, nothing beats basic food where the tastes never change no matter what. These bites remind you of good memories and events. I consider “Cafeteria Shuwaikh” to be one of them – while everyone refers to it by Mahmoud, to me, it’s where I can have the best kabab and kofta sandwiches. Who in the world would you most like to cook for? My wife! To me, she is the best judge and understands my style of cooking perfectly. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My Philips pressure cooker. 40





Q: Why did you first get into cooking? Being in the kitchen with my parents as a child. Q: Where were you before you came back to Kuwait? Working at a seasonal farm to table inspired restaurant in San Francisco. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. My favorite dish is Gabout, which consists of dough stuffed with onions and spices then cooked slowly in a beef stew. It’s really one of the most comforting and satisfying dishes in our cuisine. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Salt, Water, Tomatoes. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The bread. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? I’m more intense and detail-oriented in the kitchen where outside of it I’m much more laid back and easy going. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? I enjoy the outdoors and hanging out with friends. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? An underwater welder! Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? Blue crab stew from Felix, Pepperoni pizza from La Montecarlo, and a classic Peruvian style fish ceviche.


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Assortment of olives, cheeses, bread, tomatoes and chilis on the side. My Knives: Kikuichi, MAC, Masahiro, Miyabi, and Misono. Most overused spice: Black pepper. Favorite Foodie Destination: It’s an ongoing exploration. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: Cryovac machine. Favorite Food Aroma: Baked bread.


JOIE DE L’AMANDE Ammar Sultan’s L’amande makes the calories worth it

“If you’re going to indulge, then indulge knowing that what you’re eating is made from the best of everything and not processed junk” Founder and head pastry chef Ammar Al-Sultan laughs as he hands me a fork to sample not one – but SIX of his delicious homemade éclairs. The made-with-care quality of this fine small business has high demand for orders of Ammar’s made-to-perfection chocolates for baby showers, weddings and banquets. When we taste the chocolates, we can see why. Each is so smooth and glossy in presentation, containing a decadent confection of chocolate marrying another element – such as praline, caramel, peanut and other goodies. They also come in solids, which are melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Packaged in an elegant box displaying the tasteful logo of the patesserie, your bonbons arrive fresh for you to enjoy, and maintain the succulence as their made-from-scratch design implies. Ammar prides his éclair work as authentic, following the guidelines learned from his experiences as a pastry chef at the acclaimed culinary school, FERRANDI. “Éclairs in Kuwait, while good, aren’t authentic. They turn out to be too cake-y, thick or large, and lack in variety.” He explains as he unveils a box containing a range of his éclair line. Each éclair differs in presentation, pertaining to its flavor, yet the delicateness and form of the pastries are uncompromised, with a perfect oblong shape containing neatly encased nectar within that you know will ooze out in an indulgent fashion upon taking the first bite. 44

The éclairs vary in flavor: from in-house roasted pistachio, almond, salted caramel with a gooey liquid topping flecked with perfect grains of sea salt, the oh-so-decadent chocolate, dreamy vanilla, and café (coffee) – giving you a taste of quality mocha that is subtle, yet intense enough for a light buzz of ecstasy and alertness. Upon taking a bite of the éclairs, you’re greeted with an explosion of filling which surprisingly contrasts to the smooth glaze of the top. Separated by a not-too-thin and not-too-dense layer of pastry, this automatically sends you into an indulgent fantasy of strolling the streets of bohemian Montmarte, rewarding yourself with an authentically French treat after climbing up and down the grueling steps of La Basilique Sacré Coeur. Currently, L'amande operates as a delivery service, but Ammar has reason to believe that with growing popularity, he can expand. “I want to do this right – and doing it right means focusing on one thing at a time, and perfecting it.” With a bite of his favorite – the almond éclair – which sheds some of the mystery behind the Patisserie and Chocolaterie’s name L’amande (French for The Almond) followed by a classic chocolate éclair chaser, I agree. He’s definitely perfected it.

For orders and enquiries, contact L'amande by calling them at 9888 7879, and follow them on Instagram @lamandekw.

Kei Delicious Harmony Enjoy our selections of authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine


JAPAN: MEET KUWAIT A blend of two cultures at Yuba

What do you get when you pair authentic Japanese fare with a nation that loves to indulge in quality cuisine? A fresh (and we do mean fresh) concept that sets the standards of culinary preparation to an even higher level – but with a Kuwaiti twist. Mirroring its name, Yuba is an intimate, yet welcoming restaurant tucked within the ground floor of Kuwait City’s Crystal Tower. Experiencing the fusion of the food gives you enough to talk about with your dining counterparts. Where does the Kuwaiti twist come in, you may ask? Let’s start off with the name. Yuba, the traditional Japanese term for “tofu” also ties in with a charming double entendre term of endearment in the Kuwaiti dialect, loosely translating to “father” or a warm pet name you would give an older man out of respect. Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern traditions alike quietly work themselves into the predominately Japanese menu, starting with the splash of Kuwaiti euphemisms printed throughout the menu’s sections. Drinks are named with whimsical local phrases, such as “3atni May w Gouti” (give me water and a can). An array of appetizers was presented to us, starting with The Yuba Salad: a lovely dish bursting with a medley of flavors. Comprised of 46

mixed leafy greens, fried wonton, chives, spring onion, sesame seeds and herbs, this salad had a gorgeous addition of crispy harusame chicken, cooked to perfection with a sous vide method to enhance flavor. We then tasted the fusion of cultures in the Yuba Halloumi Caprese – a delightful appetizer of two skewers containing grilled chunks of teriyaki glazed halloumi cheese – a local favorite – paired with charred cherry tomatoes. Momentarily leaving Arab influences, we traveled to the Japanese focused Crispy Tuna Tartare. Yuba exclusively uses fresh Bluefin tuna, shipped whole and never frozen from Japan on a weekly basis. This standard in quality elevates the taste of the tartare, sitting delicately upon a single serving bed of crispy sushi rice. Upon sampling the perfectly seasoned, a burst of spice explodes on the palate, courtesy of the spicy caviar blended in the with premium chunks of fresh tuna. We revisited the Bluefin tuna shortly after in the form of O-Toro Sashimi. The Bluefin tuna sashimi is melt-in-your-mouth perfect, made with the high-quality tuna cut from the belly of the Tuna – the area that contains the highest amount of good fats – Omega 3. The sushi at Yuba is superior, due to the freshness of the seafood

on offer at the restaurant. What sets the sushi aside, however, is the option to have it rolled with machboos spiced rice. You could of course, opt for the classic option, but the sushi/machboos hybrid is an interesting experience to say the least. Don’t forget, your sushi must be paired with the freshest of the fresh wasabi. Yuba’s wasabi is authentic, straight from Japan, and grated on a sharkskin grater to form the authentic wasabi paste made by hand before your eyes at your table. This wasabi is served exclusively with raw items, as it traditionally acts as an antibacterial agent to pair with raw fish – this is why the well-informed staff members at Yuba vehemently urge diners to apply the wasabi directly on the flesh of the fish. Yuba specializes in Robata, the Japanese method of cooking fireside, where food is slow cooked atop hot charcoal. When ordering a Robata grilled item, expect a beautiful, tender finish similar to the likes of what we experienced with the Gindara – Black Cod filet. Tangy with a touch of sweet, this dish highlights the benefits of taste that robata grilling gives to a piece of meat. In terms of lobster, you’re led to the live lobster tank at the front of the restaurant, where you can select your lobster of choice. Chef then

flame grills it, with a side of clarified butter lemon sauce – the ideal pairing to the already tender, succulent protein. We also couldn’t resist The Bop n Bowl - an experience we knew we couldn’t miss. The Yuba Bop is perhaps the most culturally integrated bowl on the menu, melding Japanese rice in a Quzi styled fashion, using slow roasted, quzi shredded lamb shank and binding it all in with a classic laban (buttermilk) sauce. But what’s a great meal at a wonderful restaurant without a sweet ending? A bite (or two!) of the truly indulgent Fried Ice Cream, coated with cornflakes, caramelized ginger, cinnamon syrup and the innovative karak tea sauce was absolutely heavenly, and wrapped up the unique concept of marrying two delicious cultures in one. Believe us – it works!

Yuba is located on the ground floor of Crystal Tower in Ahmed Al Jaber street, Kuwait City. They can be reached at 2297 0022, and follow them on Instagram @yuba_kuwait. Photography by Yousef Al Nasser. 47

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Sayed (parent’s cook). Cooking show: Eat Street. Cookbook: Never had one!

What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? Realizing that I was the one picking out menu items for my family whenever we went out for dinner. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? Sultan Center and Lulu Hypermarket. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Syrian food as my mom’s Syrian. When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? Mayass! I love the Lebanese Armenian fusion. Who in the world would you most like to cook for? My wife, and not because of the possibility that she might be reading this right now. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My Nespresso machine. 48



FROM AUSTIN TO KUWAIT Barbecue done right by Oak and Smoke

There are very few gastronomical experiences that exceed the deliciousness of tucking into a perfectly barbecued piece of meat. The smokiness only heightens the taste of your protein of choice, and such exuberance can only be achieved by expertise. Oak and Smoke’s Mubarak Al-Razouki understands the importance of quality and skill, and felt so dedicated to it, he found himself balancing his studies abroad with his passion for the delicate process of Southern barbecue. Mubarak’s barbecuing knowledge comes from his university days in Austin, when he would travel miles to try different barbecue joints around the area. And so with experience from apprenticing with his mentor in Texas, barbecuing competitions, and learning the craft from friends whose families have a rich history in the barbecue business, Mubarak returned to Kuwait with a university degree and a passion he knew he had to fulfill. In Kuwait, Mubarak’s purchase of an offset smoker, a slab of ribs and an invitation for his cousin to come over and try his slow-smoked ribs was the inevitable birth of his concept, Oak and Smoke. “It’s called Oak and Smoke because my brisket and ribs are all manually smoked with a wood smoker and charcoal – never put in an oven!” As word got out that pro-smoker Mubarak was honing his skills on family and friends. As he expanded this project, he graduated to an established menu, a business plan, and Big Bertha: a 30-foot long smoker dedicated to the day-long smoking process used to tenderize the meat giving it a beautiful finish of a smoky, dark exterior, encasing succulent meat adorned with the red print of smoke rings.

We were gifted an array of goodies, smoked expertly by Big Bertha herself and manhandled by Mubarak, running the small operation with a lot of passion. The Ribs – where do we even start with these gigantic ribs? An order of ribs, smoked for at least 16 hours and wrapped tightly in aluminum foil, is enough to feed four people. Dubbed Dino Ribs for a reason, you either feel like a medieval king or Fred Flintstone when chowing down on these ribs that are so tender, meat just falls off the bone with even the slightest prod with your fork. We also sampled another specialty of Oak and Smoke’s, the Brisket Sandwiches – made with a slow smoked whole brisket, chopped up and sautéed in sauce of choice, sandwich between slices of Oak and Smoke’s homemade (you read that right!) bread. Can you imagine anything more delicious? Whole smoked briskets are also on offer, and would pair beautifully with the sides listed on the menu: traditional Potato Salad made with eggs and chopped up pickles, homemade coleslaw, the most beautiful, buttery sweet potato mash you’ll ever try, and hand-cut fries, spiced with Cajun seasoning and tossed in one big ol’ brown bag for communal bites. Full and impressed to say the least, our experience with Mubarak’s Oak and Smoke was not only delicious, heart warming and belly pleasing, but it was also an education. It just goes to show that if you love something and do it with extreme passion and a lot of patience, the outcome will be unforgettable. Order from Oak and Smoke via Whatsapp: 5130 7160. For more information, follow them on Instagram @oakandsmoke. 51




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? Cooking for my hungry friends during weekends at late hours back when we were in high school. Q: What were you doing before you began your cooking career? Legal consultations! Q: Describe your favorite dish. Muhammar, a Kuwaiti dish made of sweet basmati rice cooked with saffron, cardamom and rose water, accompanied with oven cooked fish stew. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Onion, garlic and parsley. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The harmony of its ingredients from the first bite. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? Inside the kitchen, I’m a very serious person who hates to be disturbed even from the ring of an incoming SMS. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? Scuba diving, riding my Harley, photography, and music composition. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? The thing is that I’m originally not a chef, rather an attorney who loves his profession but loves cooking more. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? Since I will not have to worry about calories, I’d say Big Daddy’s BBQ Beef Rib Platter from the County Line restaurant in San Antonio Texas.


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Tea with milk is a must. My Knives: VICTORINOX from the makers of Swiss Army Knife. Most overused spice: Cardamom. Favorite Foodie Destination: Any genuine Texan BBQ house. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: The blender. Favorite Food Aroma: Saffron.


DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Ina Garten Cooking show: Chopped. Cookbook: None in particular! What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food marketing industry? I desperately wanted to get out of the corporate world and work in a field that gives me more freedom and space to be creative. Marketing a restaurant is very tough, there’s a lot of competition, especially in Kuwait. It doesn’t limit itself to the basic marketing strategies that we learn, and the job itself also requires giving my input on new dishes, the overall look and feel of the restaurant, and so on, to create a whole experience for the customer. What do you think is the next huge food trend in Kuwait? Specialty coffee places and street food. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Very hearty and delicious (but healthy) comfort food. My mother is an amazing cook herself and always cooked us the yummiest food that was also somehow healthy. What are some of your other favorite restaurants in Kuwait? There are so many amazing places in Kuwait, it would be difficult to choose honestly. It always depends on my mood. If you could make one dish, what dish would you have loved to develop for The Gathering? I enjoy collaborating with our executive chef on making a good salad. I think salads are very underrated. If you had to choose, which dish from The Gathering would you recommend to someone who has just landed in Kuwait? That’s a tough question! Have you seen our menu?! I wouldn’t be able to recommend one dish only, but I’m definitely sure that everyone will be able to find a dish that they’ll love. 54


cereal killer cafe


Exploring the ultimate destination for all things dessert

Back in 2005, a group of young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs developed a concept with one thought in mind: Fresh baked cookies in classic airtight jars delivered to you anytime, anywhere. With that notion, Choowy Goowy was born. Over the years, this local concept grew to create over twenty mouth-watering cookie flavors and combinations that keep us coming back for more. Truly capturing the “taste of joy,” Choowy Goowy has given innovative takes on the desserts you know and love. Their brownies, molten cakes, cheesecake selections and truffles are all examples of the wonderful decadence that we love about Choowy Goowy. Nothing brings us such joy as seeing their airtight jars on our coffee tables and at gatherings! These jars alone have become symbolic of flavor, quality and familiarity, warming their way into our homes and hearts. But far from being just a cookie place, Choowy Goowy’s Bakery and Café concept at The Promenade in Hawalli is home to all your dessert needs. With a light café menu for when you require a small savory bite, you can get home-made ice-cream and dine-in style desserts alongside their cookies, cakes and brownies. Still, that’s not half the fun! You can take your tiny-tots for a day of baking fun at Choowy Goowy’s Promenade location with the Kids Baking Corner. This fun and creative space gives kids the opportunity to partake in a challenging activity while getting in touch with their inner 56

bakers. How does it work? Well, each child is given an apron, gloves, and hairnet to prepare themselves to get creative. Once ready, they are given pre-measured cookie dough and are guided through the process of rolling out and creating different shapes from their dough. Next, they are presented with a vast variety of different toppings such as milk and white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, and M&Ms to add to and decorate with their very own cookie creations. Once they’re done, their cookies are whisked away to be baked in the oven. While they wait for their finished masterpieces, each child is left to design and color their very own jar stickers. Once the cookies are ready, the kids get to take their very own cookie jar creations home! In establishing the Kid’s Baking Corner, Choowy Goowy is your go-to spot for fun-filled weekends with the entire family – proving to be the destination for all of your dessert needs!

Choowy Goowy is located in Second Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7949) and in The M1 – Promenade Mall (9723 8366). For deliveries, you can call them on 2262 0011 or 9911 7566, or order via Talabat.com. You can also follow them on Facebook: Choowy Goowy, Instagram @ChoowyGoowy, and visit their website www.choowygoowy.com for more information.

CBK Tijari offers An amazing discount program for Credit and Prepaid cardholders at large number of restaurants & coffee shops




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? Because women are attracted to men that cook of course! Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? I was living in Paris. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Back in my hometown, during the summer season, the farmers take the cows up in the mountains. The particular alimentation there makes them produce an amazing ricotta, that’s been smoked a little. It’s a white, huge, soft, oval shape – it’s so tasty! I used to drive for more then an hour just to go there and have the pleasure of eating it super fresh. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Extra Virgin Olive oil, Parmigiano and spaghetti. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The harmony between the ingredients. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? Inside the kitchen I could be even sillier. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? My guilty pleasure: spending hours in the grocery store! Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? A pilot. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? Chicken Biryani. LOL!


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Coffee, coffee, and a little bit of coffee. My Knives: Sharps, always. Most overused spice: Kuwait made me develop a taste for chili. LOL! Favorite Foodie Destination: Back home of course, lovely Italy! Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My beautiful black leather apron! Favorite Food Aroma: Rosemary.

Mais ALghanim catering


Home cooking, made easy!

With the myriad of food delivery-oriented services available in Kuwait, we’ve become extremely used to swiftly swiping our smartphones for our next meal, to a point where the joys of cooking are now lost on many of us. Yes, we can agree that we are all busy, and yes, ordering-in is usually always easier, but is it more fun? Do you actually know what’s going into your delivered meals? Even more important is the following question: When was the last time you cooked something really exciting for yourself or your loved ones? Enter PantryBee, the brainchild of a group of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs looking to spread the joys of cooking to every home in Kuwait. Cofounded by Yousef Al Munayes, Hind Al-Awadi, and Fawaz Al Sultan, PantryBee’s mission, akin to the worker bee’s ethic, is to consistently fill your pantry with fresh, wholesome and delicious ingredients that are easily prepared into exciting and fun meals. The Cofounders all share a passion for food, and while the idea isn’t novel, as similar concepts do exist abroad, they believe that PantryBee will help change peoples’ perceptions about cooking in Kuwait and vastly increase the quality of meals that people have at home. 60

PantryBee aims to eliminate all of the negatives associated with home-cooking and encourages diners in Kuwait to embrace the process. There is no more schlepping to different supermarkets to procure all of the necessary ingredients to make a given dish, no more searching online for a recipe that’s easy and quick, and most importantly no more waste! You don’t need to worry about spoiled, unused ingredients sitting in your pantry or fridge, as every ingredient placed in a PantryBee box is perfectly portioned for 2 people, and you can easily double up or triple up for a family of 4 or 6. Their BusyBee boxes are also designed for those who want convenience, customers can get all the weeks meals at once, discounted to pop in the fridge and cook whenever they want! The way that PantryBee works is super easy, as all you need to do is head to their awesome website, www.pantrybee.com, and pick your meals that are already developed by the expert culinary team. Here, you get to choose from new weekly recipes that showcase different cuisines and techniques. Their dishes are never boring and weekly, you will find at least one vegetarian dish, one dessert, and 2 other dishes from around the world on offer, everything from Katsu,

to tacos, to cheesecake and cookies. This way, you get to try cooking something new and different every week to expand your culinary palate even further. PantryBee also throws in its own proprietary glazes and spice mixes to step up the flavor of each dish. Once you’ve chosen what you want to cook, you place your order online and your PantryBee will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. Once you receive your box, filled to the brim with delectable ingredients, all you have to do is cook your meal by following the user-friendly recipe cards (available in English and in Arabic) they even include images to guide you through every step, right up to plating. So if you have never cooked in your life, or consider yourself somewhat of an amateur chef there will always be a PantryBee recipe that’s appropriate for you as they meals for every skill level. The best part? Your exciting and new dish is ready to go in under sixty minutes! If you’re worried about the quality of the ingredients delivered to your doorstep, we actually paid a visit to PantryBee’s HQ, which is housed inside the main HAACP certified operating kitchens of Kuwait’s own Dan Foods company to check out how the ingredients are sourced. We put on the required hairnets, and toured the premises to observe the enchanting

array of produce, sauces, and meats. The good people at PantryBee also informed us that every ingredient is custom sourced for each order, ensuring the best quality and freshness every time you order your PantryBee box. We even took it one step further and tried two of PantryBee’s recipes. Since this bazaar writer is still alive to tell this PantryBee story, then know that her kitchen is still intact, and nobody was harmed in the cooking process of both dishes. If anything, it was quite easy! Both dishes were a huge success, and fears of overcooked rice, and under spiced chicken were dispelled as every ingredient is measured out perfectly to achieve a great balance in flavors! If you’re the type of cook who likes to experiment, PantryBee’s recipe cards always encourage you to flavor your dishes to your liking, so feel free to get creative!

Get your PantryBee box delivered to your door by heading to www.pantrybee.com, and get their latest updates by following @PantryBee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 61

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies


FAVES Chef: Massimo Bottura, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Lucio Galletto, Giada De Laurentis, Antonio Carluccio & David Rocco. Cooking show: Shows on Food Network and The Great food Truck Race. Cookbook: Master in Italian Cookery and The Art of Pasta. What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the Food and Beverage and Hospitality industry? My passion for the hospitality industry began at a very young age. When I was a child, we used to visit my uncle in Europe who was a hotelier at the time. He used to take me to work and show me around while explaining everything in detail. Every summer, I could not wait to see him and hear him speak about food and how everything functions in a hotel, which was very exciting to me. Those were one of the best memories of my childhood and, I believe, the start of my desire to work in the hospitality industry. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? I prefer to shop for fewer but fresher ingredients. I tend to procure my spices and herbs from different sources in Kuwait from standalone stores and sometimes at Sultan Center. My focus is fresh and clean ingredients, so if I have to prepare seafood I would go and buy them fresh from the fish market. When I want something delivered, I discovered a website which delivers fresh and exotic herbs and spices to your door step. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? The Spanish Paella always takes me to my mom’s home. Every mother is the best chef for a child and so is mine for me. Every dish she prepared was special, but the day she used to make us Spanish Paella, she would prepare each ingredient with great care and she is definitely the reason why I am a foodie today. When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? I love going to Soul and Spice at the Courtyard Marriott and sometimes, I visit Nino or Bice. Since I eat out frequently, I like to try different restaurants now and then. Who in the world would you most like to cook for? My family. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? I cannot leave Kuwait without my pasta maker and the strainer. 62



The street flavors of Mumbai

Brought to us by the incredible people behind Hotel Calcutta, Dabba Wala is the answer to all your Indian street food needs. A long withstanding Indian tradition, the Dabba Wala, or lunch-box boy, would pick up homecooked meals and then go around delivering them to the men at work. This job has been entrusted to one single family that has developed a system to coordinate the deliveries by area. Inspired by this, Thamer Al-Abduljaleel decided to open up a canteen style eatery that brings us authentic Indian cuisine to-go. From the décor to the style of foods being served, Dabba Wala is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. With colorful vintage Indian posters, pictures of traditional Dabba Walas and Karrom boards (a South Asian "strike and pocket" table game similar to billiards) as table tops and chairs decorated with colorful string and pompoms, the space exudes character and flair. You can either drive up to Dabba Wala and get your food to your car, or you can take a seat inside and enjoy the space’s dive feel. So we sat and grabbed some menus and started planning our feast. To start us off, we ordered some Samosas, Okra Fries and Masala Fries. The Samosas were crispy and delicious, filled with potato and peas with a spice kick. As for the Okra Fries, poetry can be written about the brilliantly fried and coated okras and their complex flavor profiles. Then there’s the Masala Fries: Golden French fries lightly dusted with Masala spices, the fries are an absolute hit and perfectly compliment the Kathi Rolls. 64

From the Tandoor, we went with the Tandoori Chicken with its delicious marinade and it excellently grilled. The Biryani offering was the traditional Chicken Biryani, and this simple dish was big on flavor. Their Butter Chicken and Keema Masala continue to be our favorite go-to curries – and they were fantastic. But the real heroes are the Kathi Rolls and the Dabba Wala original creation, the Naanwich. The Naanwich, is basically a Naan bread wrap and the one we went with was the incredible Paneer Tikka. The Paneer, a form of cottage cheese, was marinated wonderfully and delicately placed with a light, fresh salad in the Naan which is then rolled into a delectable and ingenious sandwich wrap. As for the Kathi Rolls, we went with the Chicken Malai Tikka Roll, Chicken Tikka Roll and the Lamb Seekh Kebab Roll. As we watched them prep our Kathi Rolls, we were impressed at the level of detail that goes into wrapping each one. From the sauces, the crisp salad and the juicy chicken and tender lamb – every bite into this fully sealed roll was perfection. Don’t forget to end your meal with a refreshing Mango Lassi or a warming cup of Chai! Dabba Wala is located in Ardiya Industrial Restaurant Street and is opening soon in Salmiya, Baghdad Street. For enquiries and orders, call 9559 4509 and follow them on Instagram @DabbaWala_kw. Dabba Wala is also available on Talabat.com.





Q: Why did you first get into cooking? It’s a family thing, everyone in our family can cook well, almost everyone that is! Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? I lived in Dubai for just under 3 years. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. There are too many to choose from but I would have to say my mom’s chicken pie… it’s so flavorful and the crust, flaky ,melt-in-the-mouth goodness! Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Olive Oil, garlic, salt (my mother says a kitchen without salt is a kitchen without love). Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The Bread. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? Inside the kitchen I am in the driver’s seat, and usually I prefer to cook alone, I’m in the zone and in my own happy space. Outside the kitchen I am more relaxed and don’t mind relinquishing control. Well kind of, maybe? Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? I bake, dabble in music, a bit of mixing here and there, and I cuddle with my two furry babies or spend time with friends. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, but I cannot draw to save my life, so I opted for working in the fashion industry as a buyer instead. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? It would be prepared and served by Gordon Ramsey, of course! A five-course meal starting with the perfect fennel & feta flatbread, followed by seared scallops with minted peas, then a scoop of lemon sorbet to cleanse the palette. Entrée would be a 300g medium grilled tenderloin fillet & oven roasted vegetables, followed by a light passion fruit crème brulee. 66

QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: I alternate between organic oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, flax and chia seeds or 3 eggs with avocado and baby spinach sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. My Knives: I drool over the knives in Williams & Sonoma…. I like a big, sharp, sturdy knife with a wooden handle for good grip! Makes chopping easy. Most overused spice: Cumin. Favorite Foodie Destination: Thailand & New York! Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My Kitchen Aid hot pink Mixer! Favorite Food Aroma: Tom Yum!



Reimagined classics

There’s nothing like authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. At Bistro Mais, you get all the authentic flavors, but with a modern twist. From their appetizers to their desserts, the good people at Bistro keep things interesting with their very own takes on the much loved classics, you’re sure to come back for more. As for your dining experience’s backdrop? The stunning view of the Arabian Gulf is unrivaled. Combined with Bistro’s imaginative offerings, you’ll surely want to stay for longer. We started our culinary journey with Bistro’s refreshing B-Salad. With a lettuce base and cherry tomatoes on top, we got added sweetness and crunch from the apple slices and strawberries. The avocado chunks gave the salad a creamy texture, while the sweet lemon dressing gave the salad the perfect amount of tang. Next came the Haloumi Sticks. Breaded and fried to a golden crisp, the tomato based sauce on the side complimented the herb-breaded haloumi brilliantly. From their specials, we got the Stuffed Kibbeh and Sultaniyeh – yum! The Stuffed Kibbeh were shaped into cups and came filled with a different delicacy each. The bite-sized kibbehs contained either hummus, moutabal, muhammara, hawsi, tzatziki or makdous, giving each one a unique flavor profile. And accompanied with fresh-baked, piping hot bread, the Sultaniyah was incredible! Treated as a dip, the chargrilled eggplant was sweet and smoky, topped with bits of walnut, pomegranate seeds and a molasses dressing. We suggest you go with an appetite, because their mains are not to be missed! The Shrimp Noodle Sizzler was served on a hot plate with glass 68

noodles and stir-fry vegetables. But the main attractions came in the form of chicken, lamb and kabbab. We ordered the Chicken Spirals, which are marinated and grilled, tender chicken breasts rolled into spirals. Served with a Bistro’s special dipping sauce and a side of fries, this chicken dish was exceptionally prepared. The Stuffed Lamb Chops were grilled and stuffed with halloumi cheese before being topped with a brilliantly spiced gravy with roast potato slices on the side. As for the kabbab dish it was inventive and exceptional. The Soujuk Kabbab, were created with succulent lamb mince and homemade soujuk spices before being grilled to perfection. With a side of saffron rice and dakkous (tomato) sauce, the kabbab is an instant hit. Thinking we couldn’t eat anymore, dessert was served. We opted for their crepe creations and loved it! The Chocolate Banana Marshmallow crepe is topped with caramelized bananas and stuffed with bananas and Nutella – delicious! Our second crepe was the lighter Crepe Exotique filled with fresh fruits and sweetened cream. With our meal coming to a pleasant end, we enjoyed the sunset a little longer with our cups of tea.

Bistro Mais is located in the Miral Mall in Mangaf. For more information, please call 2205 4200. Visit their website at www.bistromais.com or follow them on Instagram @BistroMais.

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SO MUCH FOOD, SO LITTLE TIME! Eating everything at OVO Bar

We’ve all been there with even our most treasured dining partners. You’re in the mood for Pan Asian, but someone wants Japanese, someone else wants Chinese, and another has a hankering for Thai. It’s like the Riddle of the Sphinx – what’s the solution? How can we possibly satisfy everybody’s cravings? If you can relate to this, OVO Bar was created specifically to cater to the needs of people like you in mind! From the menu, to the ambiance and even the location of the place, this restaurant is not only considerate, but gives you many reasons to keep going back. Upon entering OVO Bar, you’re intrigued. It’s a crisp and clean yet welcoming atmosphere adorned with couches to accommodate the comfort you require after indulging. The motif, being black and red boasts a modernity that predicts the trendiness and fusion of the menu. Gone are the dark ages of dining, new concepts are welcomed, nay, encouraged here. We also discovered in the menu that OVO Bar is an acronym for “Our Very Own Bar”. What type of bar? When an impressive electric blue concoction makes its way to our table, we see that OVO Bar 70

could be a bit of a drinks bar. Dubbed “Blue Fusion”, this welcoming thirst quencher was served in a cocktail shaker alongside an icy glass seasoned with lemon. Presentation is clearly one of the restaurant’s top priorities! In the mood for something steamy, we chose to sample one of the many soups the restaurant has on offer. You don’t usually see so many soup items on a menu, but OVO Bar's soup selection covers at least three different countries. From Chinese classics like Chicken Corn Soup and Hot and Sour Soup to Japan’s Miso and Thailand’s Tom Yum, you’re spoilt for choice here. The Tom Yum Soup was a winner at our table, with whole shrimp, mussels, lemon grass, mushroom and a greatly spicy addition of chili, just as the menu had warned. It was definitely worth it. Because appetizers are always fun, we moved onto the Bites section of the menu, which is nothing short of vast and exudes modern fusion. Wagyu Bites were selected, then promptly devoured. These bites were way lighter than anticipated, and accompanied with the loved Japanese mayo to give them that Asian kick.

Spicy Tuna Tacos came next, promoting a classic combination of tuna, crabsticks, avocado and spicy mayo sandwiched between a fried mini shell. Eating sushi in the form of a taco is always a great idea, because why not allow two of the world’s favorite dishes to collaborate? We then visited Maki rolls, being conservative in our choices by ordering the Crispy Crab Maki – indulgent, adventurous, and yet comforting at the same time. However, you might want to opt for the wooden chopsticks to get a better grip – these delicate rolls are so good and loaded, but one wrong maneuver can send you spilling! The Monskie Maki was a little more traditional, with avocado, shrimp, crabsticks and ginger. Its beautiful presentation made us feel almost guilty for eating it – but once sampled, it was indeed attacked and cleared. Though we were full, we couldn’t resist the urge to travel to China. We didn’t have much room left, so after much arguing, we decided to try the Black Pepper Beef to get a taste of that certified Angus Beef. Its tenderness was indeed satisfying, and just the right amount of

spice sent taste buds roaring with happiness. Fine, we had dessert – why not? After all, meals this good should be celebrated! What’s also nice about OVO Bar is that their dessert selection is curated to suit the cravings of the locals – which is chocolate, essentially. Speaking of which – their chocolate pudding is to die for. Warm, gooey, served with vanilla, and meant for two. And thus, with satisfaction, a lot of leafing through pages and mental notes to try different dishes on the next visit, we’d discovered the mystery behind OVO Bar. A bar is generally defined as a place where you have a vast selection of things – whether it be food, drink or otherwise – and OVO Bar does just that to live up to its name: it offers a vast collection, so that literally anything you crave, you know will make its way to your table. And we guarantee you’ll love it.

OVO Bar is located in Byblos Complex, off of Baghdad Street in Salmiya. For more information call 2227 2171/2 and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @ovobar. 71

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Chef Mario Batali. Cooking show: Iron Chef America. Cookbook: Australian Weekly recipe books. What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? Since I was in college, I used to love walking around in grocery stores in the US or wherever I travelled. I like finding new products, discovering new ingredients and most of all I loved the merchandising and the way they displayed all these products under one roof. Unfortunately, when I came back to Kuwait I realized we lacked a store that prioritizes aesthetics, merchandising and most of all customer service; which opened up an opportunity for me to open Saveco and Wholesome Foods stores. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? Saveco, of course! What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Haressa. My grandmother used to cook it and send it to all of our relatives in Ramadan and the taste was outstanding! After she passed away the recipe was given to my mom who now has taken over the tradition. When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? Genki in Arraya Center. They have the best sushi in town! Who in the world would you most like to cook for? My husband and kids. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My pans. I’m very particular about which pans I use!





The contemporary dining concept revisited

When it comes to their creative concoctions and delicious flavor combinations, Jar continues to reign supreme. An entirely local concept – even the chef’s Kuwaiti! – Jar’s creations are both visually and sensory pleasing. With their two locations’ décor lending to the food’s presentation, we were ready to consume everything that came our way. On weekends, between 9AM and noon, you can enjoy Jar’s very own take on breakfast. We can’t wait to go back and sample the breakfast, but since we were there for dinner, we had to keep our eyes on the prize – and it was glorious. As you walk in, you’re ushered to the seat of your choice and presented with their complimentary pumpkin chips and dip. Praise and poetry can be written and recited about this simple welcome plate as the crunch and sweetness of the chips were beautifully balanced by the tartness of the dip. Making every sauce, dip and marinade in-house and from scratch, we knew we were in for a treat after we sampled that yummy, yummy dip. To start us off, we ordered a wonderful selection of salads and appetizers. Ordering both the Pumpkin Salad and Crispy Salad, both gorgeously layered salads arrived as towers of deliciousness that were instantly destroyed by our forks. As for the appetizers, their delicious rendition of Beef Tacos came with an enchanting twist, a pomegranate and pineapple mix – YUM! But the star of the show was most definitely their Coffee Glazed Ribs. Served with a side of Asian potato chips and an invigorating mint and celery salad, the ribs 74

themselves needed no knife to cut through them as they were extremely tender. As we enjoyed our last bites of the ribs, the mains made their way to our table. The mains came in the form of two pizzas, a burger and pasta. A deliciously baked Mushroom Pizza and classic Margherita made for incredible sharing dishes alongside our burger and pasta. The Burrata Burger offered the perfect fusion of fresh burrata cheese and red grape reduction on top of a juicy burger patty, and the flavors married perfectly. As for the pasta dish, we went with the Baked Pink Pasta with the addition of tender chicken breast bites. With food this great, we couldn’t wait to see what they did with dessert. Our desserts were next: Ultimate S’more and a decadent Churro Bowl. The Ultimate S’more comes in the form of a cookie stuffed with your chocolate of choice (we chose kinder) and topped with torched homemade marshmallow. As for the Churro Bowl: vanilla ice-cream in the center, hot churro-shaped dome dusted wonderfully with sugar and cinnamon, then drizzled with your sauce of choice (caramel for the win!) Needless to say, we ended our meal on a high-note and we cannot wait for our next visit to sample the rest of Jar’s offerings. Visit Jar at Murouj at Sahara (9722 5072) and at The Avenues – Grand Avenue – First Floor in the Galleria (9553 8718). Follow them on Instagram @Jar.Kuwait.

The Reading Room

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Gordon Ramsey. Cooking show: Hell's Kitchen. Cookbook: Ottolenghi.

What experience most defined your decision and desire to establish KLC? Dining out so much when I was young really got me interested in the food business. Why do you focus on creating local concepts and not bringing in franchises? At the time the market was flooded with franchises and creating our own concepts gave us flexibility to cater to the local market. If you had to choose, which concept and what dish would you recommend to someone who has just landed in Kuwait? I would recommend they try the Bacon Cheese Burger with a side of Street Fries from Junkyard! When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? ORA, EDO & UBON are definitely my go-to places in Kuwait. I’m a big fan of Asian food. What is your favorite quintessentially Kuwaiti dish? You really can’t go wrong with Machboos Diyay. 76


Coca Cola 1

LOVING LOBSTER Burger and Lobster’s extended menu

When we were invited to try Burger and Lobster last year, we had a great time. But it’s always nice to revisit a concept and see how they’ve settled in comfortably since the bright and shiny days of their initial opening, especially when they’ve expanded their menu to suit the palates of local diners. We started off with an impressive rendition of one of the nation’s favorite appetizers – tempura, but in lobster form. Served popper style, these crispy babies were indeed addictive, and when dipped with the spicy aioli of sorts, were absolutely difficult to put down. Just imagine the combination of crunch with tender lobster meat, and you’ll be able to relate to the “we can’t stop, we won’t stop” predicament we had found ourselves in. We then reverted our attention to the waiter who wheeled a cart of fresh ingredients to our table, explaining the contents of the dish he was about to construct before our eyes. The Lobster Salad, with its beautifully arranged mixture of mixed greens, sautéed fennel, peach, steamed lobster claws, cherry tomato and pomegranate, drizzled with a beautiful mystery vinaigrette, gifted us the joys of experiencing fresh flavors mixed with a heartiness that could easily make this appetizer into a meal. Anyone who loves a good lobster roll knows that the varieties of which it can be pulled off are scarce. However, with the perfect toppings, such rules can be broken. That is exactly what Burger and 78

Lobster did with their gorgeous Seven Samurai Lobster Roll. Chunks of steamed lobster mixed with an in-house specialty, seven samurai spicy sauce and topped with crisp sushi-style ginger gave this lobster roll a comfortable Japanese influenced taste that sent all buds roaring for more. A giant cooked lobster made its way to our table, laid on its back with the heartiness of thermidor mixed in with its meat. For those who don’t know: thermidor is the superior way to have your lobster: filled with butter, cheese, cream and mushroom to create a beautiful culinary experience. Find yourself picking away at this until you’ve eaten every bit of lobster and cream accompanied with a piece of crispy garlic bread, and you won’t be sorry. Perfect for any occasion, we guarantee that a Lobster Thermidor is the way to turn any given normal day into a truly special one! Full and satisfied, we politely declined the invitation to have dessert – because believe us, we know what types of yummy, innovative desserts they have on offer. Okay, fine – just one little caramel filled chocolate-shaped lobster, and we’re good! Burger and Lobster is located in Grand Avenue - The Avenues. Its opening hours are 12pm-11:30pm every day. Follow the restaurant on Facebook at Burger & Lobster Kuwait and on Instagram @burgerandlobsterkuwait. They can be reached at 2220 0954.



From Jordan to Kuwait, Majnoon Qahwa opens its doors

Fancy a cup of coffee? Or maybe you’re feeling hungry and you want to tuck into something truly delicious, be it light or substantial. Majnoon Qahwa just might be your one-stop spot to cater to all your needs. When we say all your needs, we do mean every single one of them, starting with ambiance. This eatery is tastefully packed with whimsical décor boasting a classic Middle Eastern look melded with pops of modern European Art-Deco to compliment the concept’s quiet fusion ethos. It has fun framed posters telling stories about the conception of coffee and even pays homage to its name by dubbing their bathrooms “Majnoon” for the men and “Majnooneh” for women. It is also quite large, with three large levels filled with enough seating for many different groups of patrons to enjoy, no matter the purpose of their visit. What’s great about these levels is that each one of them serves a different vibe, yet there are no restrictions to how each level can be enjoyed. The ground floor greets you with warmth, promising a wonderful experience at this café bistro. With ceiling-to-floor windows flooding the room with light, shining upon the inviting and vast bar of freshly 80

baked pastries and cakes on offer, along with the specialty coffee that is roasted daily in their signature roasting center, which is on full display. Through the roasting center, Majnoon Qahwa controls the roasting process from A to Z, crafting in-house blends to elevate your coffee experience to the fullest, and the smell of beans roasting by expert roasters is enough to have you craving cup after cup of different concoctions. The middle floor, which you can reach via the restaurant’s built-in personal elevator, shows that this establishment is one of the few places in Kuwait where you could frequent for the purposes of dining, kicking back, and actually getting work done. Their second floor provides many tables adorned with books for reading pleasure. Upstairs tables also have USB ports and outlets, inviting computers and phones to be plugged in to charge. And of course, you must not miss the opportunity to take the elevator up to the breathtaking rooftop terrace. With its retractable roof accommodating seasonal change in weather, this area offers a relaxing environment to enjoy while you’re sipping away and enjoying the spectacular view: the crystal blue strip of the Arabian gulf overlooking the lush greenery of the elusive Messilah area, where the eatery is housed.

The charm of Majnoon Qahwa lies in their coffees. Paying homage to the region's appreciation for fine coffee, this cafe offers many different fresh varieties. Arabic coffee, Bedouin styled coffee, and Draft coffee served straight from a draft tap in the form of a pint, are on offer, as well as classic forms such as the loved Americano and cafe latte styles. It is also important to mention that what makes the Majnoon Qahwa standard of coffee stand out is the fresh, in-house roasting process ensuring that the appreciaton for truly good coffee isn't wavered. Their menu is on the smaller side, but offers sweet, savory and eclectic options that range from breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and of course – bites that can be enjoyed all day long. Breakfast consists of classic indulgences such as eggs, served in a variety of ways: fried your style, or Copenhagen inspired benedicts – to name a few. They also have sweeter breakfast items, (and lest we forget the healthy superfood granola!) like Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Apple French Toast and Belgian Waffle with Strawberry and Vanilla Whipped Cream. Everything else on their menu is served all day, starting with Manaeesh – a Jordanian favorite that the region embraces as a preferred light meal, regardless of time. Appetizers are internationally inspired,

with items such as Burrata, Fried Cumin Squid and Shatta, and Shish Tawouk Skewers. With these appetizers alone, you can travel around the world in a matter of bites! Mains come as classic comfort food, with a twist. Feeling carby? They have different types of hearty sandwiches to satisfy your cravings! But the mains – where do we begin? Beautifully seasoned Lamb Chops accompanying an innovative fusion of Middle Eastern and Italian, a pilaf of Freekeh Risotto – perfectly spiced and deliciously paired with meat so tender, it falls off the bone. As for desserts, you can choose from a variety of pastries and cakes by the slice to finish your Majnoon Qahwa experience on a sweet note. With so many options to choose from, this caffeinated playground is prepared to meet all of your needs, and guarantee you to have a good time, a productive time, or at the very least, have you leaving satisfied and buzzed after having consumed good, fresh coffee and even fresher food.

Majnoon Qahwa is located at The Spot, off of 6th ring road near the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Follow them for the latest updates on Instagram @majnoon_qahwakw. 81

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: All Asian street food vendors! Cooking show: Chopped. Cookbook: Our family’s secret recipes.

What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? I would visit restaurants and get super excited about what can be added to a dish or taken away from it to enhance it. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? I love to shop at stores like Sultan or Dean & Deluca because you can take your time and ask about every detail of the product. Having kids does that to you! What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Good ‘Ol Yakhne or any red-based sauce – the marrying of garlic and onions has a very sentimental smell for me. When you seek consultancy advice where do you go and why? I have a pool of very talented individuals ranging in experience/ age/gender of which I often bounce ideas off of or delegate to depending on the task at hand. They are usually former colleagues and seniors, even moms who are highly qualified but can’t leave the house. Who would you like to have afternoon tea with? Oprah, her perspective on life is honest and full circled, I feel. Her motivational power is unmatched. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My blender. If all else fails, make a sauce! 82


Think local



DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Gordon Ramsey. Cooking show: Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. Cookbook: Any dessert cookbook (they make my mouth water).

What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? Not so much an experience, as a real desire to make fantastic food available to all; even from within the comfort of one’s home. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? Cooking is not a big part of my daily routine anymore. I, however, fondly remember the produce and fruit from my grandfather’s small garden, and hope to see more families invest a little more time to grow their own food. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Any salad with a Dijon mustard dressing, Gigot D'agneau (roast leg of lamb), and ratatouille. My mother was heavily influenced by French culture and cooking! When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? There is no shortage of great restaurants here in Kuwait, and there is tremendous talent in the culinary field, so I really do go eat all over. When my schedule is busy (which it usually is) I order through Carriage, and try to make a point to try the new restaurants. Who in the world would you most like to cook for? Back when I was in the States, I used to enjoy cooking for the Kuwaiti students. Today I don’t really have time to cook. Thankfully Carriage usually saves the day. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My Nespresso machine. 88


eating in kuwait


Check out our guide for more than 250 dining and delivery options in Kuwait, classified by cuisine to suit your sophisticated palates. Whether you crave traditional Kuwaiti machboos to devour at home or enjoy dining Italian style in a magnificent setting, there’s something for everyone in Eating Out in Kuwait.

AMERICAN ....................................86

INTERNATIONAL .......................................186

BREAKFAST & BRUNCH..................96

ITALIAN & PIZZERIAS..................................212

BURGERS....................................... 102

JAPANESE & KOREAN..............................226

CAFES & BISTROS..........................112


CHINESE & PAN-ASIAN.................132


DESSERTS & BAKERIES....................142

MIDDLE EASTERN......................................246

DONER & SHAWARMA..................156

PERSIAN ....................................................268


SEAFOOD .................................................274


STEAKHOUSES ...........................................278



eating in kuwait



Inspired by culinary traditions worldwide, American cuisine is a rich and varied blend of dishes, presented in vibrant dining environments.



Applebee’s Flavors that bring people together. There’s nothing like meeting old friends, taking a break from work, enjoying a great meal with your family and making get-togethers fun. The concept of people coming together to share a meal or have a good time is fast catching up and no one conveys this better than Applebee’s. Taking this concept and making it more appealing is renowned chef, Tyler Florence. His in-depth knowledge of food and how it captures and brings people together has made him an indispensable asset to Applebee’s.



So, if there’s one place that will let you forget about the world and enjoy good company, be it with your family or friends, then Applebee’s is the place to be. Applebee’s is located in Bneid Al Gar (2240 7536/7); Fintas (2371 4559); Souq Sharq (2245 9461); Mishref (2538 1481); and The Avenues (2259 7709). For delivery please call 184 4466. Their opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. – midnight. Buffalo’s Ranch An American franchise with interiors and decor reminiscent of the old American Wild West, Buffalo’s uses

several objects and memorabilia to create the atmosphere of the olden days of Cowboys, Outlaws and Native Americans. At Buffalo’s, the menu features the company’s award winning Buffalo wings, homemade chili, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, mouthwatering, tender USDA choice steaks and a wide variety of other Southwestern dishes. The menu also offers delicious desserts and refreshing Cantina drinks. Buffalo’s has many locations and each of the stores have different promotions, theme nights as well as delivery service. To find out more please call: Salmiya (2574 8989);

Avenues (2259 7293); Mahboula (2373 0333); Keifan (2491 3443); Jabriya (2535 0030). Opening hours 12:00pm-12:00am. Find them on Instagram @Buffalos_Kuwait. The Cheesecake Factory Just like its original namesake dessert offerings, The Cheesecake Factory restaurant’s menu is not only filled with internationally inspired recipes, but each and every recipe is original. The menu at The Cheesecake Factory is created with David Overton’s vision of traveling the world and sampling different flavors. Entrees offer a stunning variety, from the signature

Johnny Rockets


eating in kuwait




Glamburgers, to main dishes that will leave you coming back for more. Where any dining experience at The Cheesecake Factory is concerned, saving room for dessert is an absolute necessity; after all, those dreamy cheesecakes are always worth it. However, the dessert menu at The Cheesecake Factory will take you to greater heights of sweet temptations that go beyond the realm of the divine cheesecakes, with Fresh Strawberry Shortcake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream that will equally delight, or a fabulous Chocolate Brownie Sundae. The Cheesecake Factory has three locations: Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 7064/7), Arabella in Al Bida’a (2208 1259/60), and Mahboula - Sidra Complex (2208 1305).





Chkn Chkn is a fast-casual delivery-based fried chicken concept established in Kuwait in 2016. While the menu at Chkn is currently small, it is mighty! Check out the original fried chicken

sandwich, Fried Chicken Sliders, Bone-in Fried Chicken pieces and of course the oh so glorious Chicken Tenders. To add even more flavor to their fried chicken goodness, a variety of homemade sauces are available like their chili honey mustard, Garlic Aioli, BBQ ranch, spicy Sriracha, creamy buttermilk ranch, and their mouthwatering special sauce. Chkn is the perfect example of how a business can thrive with just a simple business model in mind based on offering something that already exists but with better ingredients and delivered right to your door. Get you Chkn on and order on Talabat.com, or call 2228 1299 or 9473 3910 and follow @Chkn.kw on Instagram. Five Guys It's no surprise that this burger joint is one of the most loved in the world. With its perfectly seasoned patties, bespoke sandwich building options and generous servings of fries, it only takes one visit to Five

TGI Fridays


eating in kuwait


Guys to fall in love - and don't even get us started on their shakes. Ultra casual with dine-in options, this is the perfect place to sneak off to for a cheeky yet indulgent burger. But be warned: you may fall into a massive yet satisfying food coma afterwards! Five Guys Kuwait is located in Al Tijaria Tower in Sharq, Al Soor Street, and in Salmiya on Salem Al Mubarak Street. Call 2227 3605 for more details, visit FiveGuys.me and follow @FiveGuysKuwait on Instagram.


Haute Gourmet Hotdogs Redefining hot dogs one bun at a time, Haute Gourmet Hot Dogs "Haute" caters to the health-conscious foodie by serving a clean, creative twist on the all-American classic - the hot dog. Offering Kuwait's only madefrom-scratch hot dogs smoked daily using only the finest premium beef and ingredients, Haute combines both tradition and innovation through its trendy fluorescent interior and mealtime twists. Set in an ideal casual setting with menu items made for everyone to enjoy, satisfy those cravings at Haute with their Classic, Chicago, or even Mac & Cheese hot dogs. Need a break? Then try out their delicious dessert, I am on diet. Haute Gourmet Hot Dogs is located in Khalid Bin Waleed St., Sharq, Kuwait City. For more information call 5147 0388 or get social on Instagram at @HauteKW.


Johnny Rockets Anyone who grew up in Kuwait during the 90s shares a special bond with the first Johnny Rockets location in Salmiya’s Salem Al Mubarak Street. Arriving in Kuwait with the first American diner experience, we grew up to the concept’s ethos of great food, fun and friendliness reminiscent of feelgood Americana. Founded in 1986, the first Johnny Rockets opened its




Haute doors on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Today, we experience the fun nostalgic atmosphere of this diner throughout many locations in Kuwait. Fall in love with their selection of favorites including juicy hamburgers, classic sandwiches, hand-dipped shakes and malts and incredible breakfast options. Don’t forget to play your favorite tune on the tabletop jukebox!

You can find Johnny Rockets at several locations: 2nd Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7715), Salmiya Salem Al Mubarak St. (2575 4040), Salmiya Symphony Center (2577 0644), Divonne Abu Hasaniya (2227 1434), Salmiya Marina Crescent (2575 0404), 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7381), Fintas Alia & Ghalia Towers (2371 9003), Kipco Tower (2294 3222), Salhiya Plaza (2299 6411), Miral Complex (2228

4638). Follow them on Instagram : @JohnnyrocketsKw. For delivery order via talabat.com or call 184 4144. Junkyard All of Junkyard’s locations, can best be described as urban-grit meets shabby-chic: mason jar drinks atop stainless steel and home-made distressed wooden tables prove both comforting and casual. In serving a

Little Rubys SoHo Inspired. Locally Created. Al Matrook Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq. (22200099) littlerubys Restaurants Street Salmiya (25756239)


eating in kuwait




Little Ruby’s


menu that consists of all the classic foods that you likely already know and love, they stand-out amongst the crowd with their policy of in-house prepared ingredients, prepped fresh daily. Additional deviations from the norm are found through homemade and innovative sauces, a dual-patty answer to the typical behemoth (whereby they maintain weight while still being remarkably easy to eat), and liberally melted cheese throughout. Junkyard is located at The Village Complex in Abu Al-Hasaniya (2390 1022), Ardhiya (2239 9133) and Al Hamra Luxury Center (2227 0292). Follow them for the latest updates on Facebook: JunkyardKuwait or Instagram @junkyardkw.


Little Ruby’s Inspired by the famous Ruby’s Café located in the heart of New York



City’s Mulberry Street. Little Ruby’s Kuwait offers an authentic NYC café experience and a carefully crafted menu, beautifully presented to deliver a vintage retro feel that is visible in every aspect of this establishment. This starts with the immaculate design of the space to the incredible comfort food offerings. From the moment you walk through the doors the beautiful black and white tiled flooring and cozy sofa benches will charm you. Since its inception in 2010, their signature menu offerings like the Bronte Burger and Mango Chicken Salad have tantalized our taste palates. And we love how the food is presented in a heartwarming and homey manner, simply inviting you to dive in to enjoy every bite of your meal. You almost feel like you’ve traveled back in time to a different place, where the food is

humble and delicious and you’re in a relaxing setting with friends of family. Little Ruby’s is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is located in Kuwait City’s Dirwazat Abdulrazaq and Restaurants Street in Salmiya. For more information or delivery (available via Carriage), call 2220 0099 or go to their website littlerubys.com. Follow @LittleRubys on Instagram. New York Friez & Burger New York Friez & Burger serves a great variety of good old American burgers, yummy sides and steak sandwiches. All of their burgers are prepared using locally sourced fresh beef, and their steak sandwiches are also marinated using their own homemade spices. With delectable fillings to the sandwiches sorted, you can also count on the freshly baked bread that is especially made for the brand to complete your experience. Compliment your experience with scrumptious

chicken wings and fries that are crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside. If sliders are what you crave, then make sure that you try the mini cheese burgers, and mini chicken fillets, or go all out and order the supersized Crazy Fresh Burger complete with the works. New York Friez and Burger is located in Egaila (2221 0202), Kuwait City (2245 9676), Salmiya (2573 7439), Sulaibakhat (2227 9119/20) and Surra Coop (2532 5338). Potbelly An antique in of itself, the Potbelly sandwich comes with a bountiful heritage identical to its deliciously rich fillings. Known for toasty warm sandwiches, extra good soups and salads, and cookies that are baked fresh every day, the actual experience of ordering couldn’t be simpler or faster than ordering at a fast food joint, except that the difference in taste and quality is monumental. First of all, you simply choose your

Red Lobster


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sandwich and bread. As soon as your choice is made, the friendly staff places your sandwich into the oven to appear mere minutes later, and that’s where all the fun begins; when you enter the sandwich fantasy of your dreams. Then it’s done; Potbelly greatness between your fingers in absolutely no time. Potbelly can be found in Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3122), The Avenues Inside KidZania (2228 3313), Kuwait Int’l Airport across from Gate 2 (2432 0132) Jabriya (2221 4863) Bida’a (2225 3176), and the ACK Campus in Mishref.


Red Lobster If you’re looking for a fantastic seafood place or simply a great casual dining restaurant, Red Lobster should be on your list of destinations to check out amongst all the restaurants at the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. From tasty starters, to sumptuous mains, and heavenly desserts, Red Lobster certainly has something for everybody’s taste. With highlights that include Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops, a split Maine Lobster tail, or skewered jumbo shrimp and sea, you will not be let down on the seafood front. By the time you throw in the vast amount of sides and surf and turf options, you will no doubt be satiated. Red Lobster is located on the first floor at the Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2220 0530). For more information visit Facebook: Redlobsterkuwait, and follow them on Instagram @redlobsterkuwait.


Slider Station Slider Station is the ultimate fusion offering by Gastronomica; the same company that brought us Burger Boutique. The restaurant itself is very funky with every bit of it custommade. The exterior blends with the surroundings, playing on the modern Kuwait style, but on the inside, it’s something completely different. While Slider Station takes on the



Johnny Rockets food concept of Burger Boutique, it plays on the concept of the American Gas station. The menu is a veritable treasure trove of tastes. You have the option of keeping it classic, or getting experimental. And the beauty of it is that the portions allow sampling something from each section of the menu. Slider Station is located on the Gulf Road, opposite Seif Palace, Kuwait City. Hours of operation are from 1:00pm to 10:45pm. For reservations, please call 2246 5047. Southern Fried Homicide Do you miss homemade Southern comfort food? The kind you can only find in places like Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee? What better than a meal consisting of homemade fried chicken, mac and cheese, biscuits and mash to fill that void? This

delivery only concept is dedicated to one protein only: chicken specifically, fried chicken. Pair it with a couple of their homemade sides, and you'll feel like you're in the Dirty South without even having to drive to the airport. But keep in mind - they only deliver for dinner! Visit www.sfhkwt.com for their menu and delivery numbers. Follow them on for the latest updates on Instagram @sfh.kwt and Facebook: Southern Fried Homicide. TGI Friday’s The classic American casual dining concept has been charming the taste palates of diners in Kuwait since the early 90s. At TGI Friday’s the relaxed dining experience, along with the friendly stewards’ iconic red and white striped outfits and the generous dish portions

will make for an unforgettable dining experience. If you’re on the lookout for an authentic American experience, focused on fresh quality ingredients, then TGI’s menu will offer you abundant varieties of appetizers, grills, steaks and sizzlers, seafood, soup and salads, chicken varieties, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, kids menus and desserts. TGI Friday’s is located on Gulf Road's Bneid Al-Gar area (2254 4306), The Avenues (2259 7240), Marina Crescent in Salmiya (2574 7517-2571 1542), Miral Complex in Mangaf (2228 2769-2228 2775), Jabriya (2531 0257), Mahboula (2225 1347-2225 1348), Gate Mall (2205 6311), Jahra Marzooq Al Metaeb St. (2456 0448), 360 Mall Food Court and in Al Bida’a in Rimal (2226 3122).



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Start your day in style, or while away a relaxing day with breakfast and brunch options from these early bird restaurants.


Prime & Toast


The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club is one of Kuwait’s most popular breakfast and brunch restaurants. With a multitude of savory breakfast dishes, tantalizing sweet treats, and unforgettable sandwich options, it’s clear to see why people flock to this restaurant. This hip and cozy breakfast spot offers traditional Middle Eastern dishes, American-inspired classics, as well as International cuisine. You’ll be surprised by the variety of their menu, featuring tasty meals such as an Italian frittata, beef eggs benedict, and Kinder egg pancakes. If you’re looking for a bit of everything with a lot of flavor, stop by The Breakfast Club and taste what the fuss is all about! The Breakfast Club has two locations



in Sharq (Kipco Tower, M1 floor) and Fintas (Alia and Ghalia Tower). Their hours of operation are from 5:00 am to 12:00 am. For inquiries, please call 2294 3212 or 2390 0470 and follow The Breakfast Club on Instagram and Twitter @breakfastclubkw. Cocoa Room Engineered with the spirit of colonial refinement, the menu at Cocoa Room denotes the finest selection of international riches. The breakfast and beverages menu is a handpicked mixture celebrating the best of the New World, a globalized world, where one is able to sample authentic worldly flavors while comfortably seated in an enchanting space. Renowned for one of the most

delicious breakfast menus in the GCC, it comes as no surprise that every winter season features a queue of loyal breakfast-goers outside this establishment. From that addictive BBQ Brisket hash, to those delicious Banoffee pancakes with a Digestive biscuit crumble, both savory and sweet dishes will satiate even the most discerning of palates. For your Cocoa experience, head to the famous Slider Street located on the ‘Gulf Road Strip’ across from the Seif Palace in Kuwait City. Phone 2246 5049 or follow the socially active cocoa beans on Instagram @cocoaroom. The Early Bird If you’re starving for one of those hearty, filling lumberjack breakfasts

and are downright bored with the usual, often times sparse offerings available, don’t despair. The Early Bird serves up some of the best American home-style diner cooking this side of the Atlantic. The little bistro has a seating capacity of 14 inside and a small seating area outside for an additional eight. Pick from any number of reasonably priced classic breakfast fare with all manner of eggs, pancakes, French toast and waffles, not to mention a great selection of additional side orders. There’s also a scrumptious kids menu packed with goodness as well as some munchies if you decide to bring your dog along for a treat. Try the signature Breakfast “Club” sandwich: Eggs, turkey “ham” and cheese, all piled up just right and



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1st Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3874), Divonne in Abu Hasaniya (2220 6125), Sidra Complex in Mahboula (2208 1292) and JabriyaLand in Block 1 in Jabriya (2221 4862 /66).


Cocoa Room


served with a side of hash browns. Be warned: the first bite into this will not be what you expect, so sit back, relax and enjoy as the perfect balance of contents slowly and easily melt in your mouth. There’s no doubt why this is the favorite and why it’s one of the signature dishes. The Early Bird is located in Block 8, Street 43, Bldg. 9 (just opposite the Canadian School) in Fahaheel (2392 5814) and also in Jabriya (2534 3009) and is open daily from 5:00am7:00pm. Follow them on Instagram for updates @earlybirdkw.


IHOP This US institution that has been churning out variations of buttermilk flapjacks since 1958, IHOP has grown



into a pancake powerhouse, by bringing a local, family diner-type appeal to the broader US, one neighborhood at a time (that’s roughly 1500 neighborhoods at present, mind you). Having long since added additional menu items for both lunch and dinner options, they now represent all-day dining at its finest, with myriad options, across several specialties. At the Grand Avenue location, they offer 311 seats of dining divided seemingly evenly, between the indoor part of the restaurant itself, and the outdoor-like seating found behind it, in a relaxing courtyard area. Regardless of the location of IHOP, you will be delighted with the incredible service and delectable food offerings. IHOP is located on the first floor, Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3112),

Karak Gholam Consider this place your new home away from home. With couches made from wooden crates, bright-colored cushions and an airy veranda that invites you to relax, we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a classic drink like the much loved karak tea. Going beyond the expected, the founders behind Karak Gholam also aimed at offering a healthier version of chapati by refraining from covering this delicious bread with unnecessary oils. From inventive chapati wraps like Falafel and Labneh to dessert offerings including Nutella and vanilla, Karak Gholam serves up a menu that will keep you coming back to this location time and time again. Karak Gholam is located on the ground floor in Dar Al-Awadhi in

Sharq (2232 2286), Al Muhallab Mall in Hawalli (2262 0880), City Centre Salmiya (2574 0521) and Murouj Complex (6901 0276). For more information, please call. Follow Karak Gholam on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @KarakGholam. Prime & Toast Prepare to be schooled in the art of crafting the perfect breakfast and brunch, under the chosen menu and culinary direction of Prime & Toast. So what is giving this place its dedicated followers? Well in our experience, darn fine food that appeals to every taste bud – that sums up the answer nicely. The menu is not just for the kick-starters to the day. There is a breadth of choice including pasta and salads, but it is the breakfast foods that are drawing the crowds. And here in Kuwait, breakfast is happening at all hours of the day depending on your lifestyle. They also have no trouble filling the place in the morning or evening. So whether you’ve pulled

q at the yard


eating in kuwait


an all-nighter getting that paper finished for your professor, or burnt the midnight oil completing that essential report for your boss, or just spent all night partying and you are coming round at 3pm, this place will restore, refresh and revitalize you with the freshest of ingredients in the form of a tasty breakfast of your choice. Prime & Toast is located on the Gulf Road Strip across from Seif Palace (2241 1252), Al Bida’a Complex (2225 3131) and Marina Walk in Salmiya, right across from Symphony Mall (2226 4530). Breakfast & Brunch is served all day. You can also follow them on Instagram @PrimeToast.


Ryoog With a flagship location in Shaab Al Bahary that is partially set on a terrace, Ryoog is the perfect marriage between an oriental and a western breakfast. Their indoor section is buzzing with the sounds of munching and happy chatter as customers sit, enjoying the most important meal of the day. Although, choosing to sit in the outdoor section could prove to be even better, even if it is just as packed. Open from 6:30 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., breakfast-goers will take pleasure in the experience as a whole regardless of where they sit. The outdoor terrace floor is made of faux grass where you can, for a second, forget entirely that you’re eating out thanks to its very relaxed atmosphere. Ryoog is located in Al Shaab Al Bahari, Block 8, Street 80 and Discovery Mall. Call 96001611 for more information. Follow them on Instagram @Ryoog.


Yellow Lemon In the case of Yellow Lemon Breakfast & Bakery, this brightly colored eatery is your go-to location for breakfast, pies, cakes, parfaits, truffles and nut slices, as well as delectable dine-in dishes. Owners Nour Al-Fulaij and Latifa Al-Mulaifi initially envisioned the concept



as a bakery, and then elevated it to include the dine in-factor that reflected something away from the norm to be fresh and nutritious. With options like Turkey Muffins, Carrot Pancakes and Watermelon Feta Salad, the dining experience at Yellow Lemon is definitely out of the ordinary! The seating parlor is homey and cozy, with its splashes of beehive yellow contrasting nicely with shades of charcoal gray, and yet it’s spacious enough to not rub elbows. Then again, if you did rub elbows I personally think no one would mind as their dishes, salads, desserts and other tasty nibbles are worth it and take center-stage. Yellow Lemon Breakfast & Bakery is located in Salmiya, Block 11, Street 1, Rawasea Building (same block as Shaab Park). Opening hours are 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., closed on Mondays. For more information phone 2565 0502 or follow them on Instagram, @yellowlemonkwt.



The Morning Bistro

prime & Toast • AI-Seif Tel: 22411251/2 • AI-Bida'a Tel: 22253131 • Marina Walk, Gulf Road, Tel: 22264530



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With the vast range of gourmet and traditional burgers offered around the country, we should consider making this the unofficial meal of Kuwait.


Ridley's burger


Big Smoke Burger Big Smoke Burger is a Canadian restaurant that is famous for their charbroiled 100% AAA Angus 6 oz. patties with an endless possibility of toppings. The peppy restaurant is emblazoned with bright lights and music quick to put you in a merry mood. Their burgers are all handcrafted and made fresh to order, with the choice of a beef, chicken, or veggie patty. You can try their feature burgers or create your own using their selection of fine ingredients. Unique toppings include goat’s cheese, roasted red



peppers, hot chipotle mayo, thickly sliced veggies, cilantro-feta spread and many more. Don’t miss out on their hand-cut fries that are made inhouse daily, cooked in trans-fat-free canola oil, homemade milkshakes with 3 scoops of ice cream, fresh salad greens and saucy, traditional poutine. Big Smoke Burger is located at the Divonne Restaurant Complex, in Abu Al Hasaniya, Fnaitees. Their hours of operation are from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. For reservations, please call 2226 8825/24. For additional information, you can follow them on

Instagram @BigSmokeKW or visit www.bigsmokeburger.com. Brothers Street Food Burger Located in the heart of South Mubarakiya (SOMU), right in front of a beautiful gazebo, with a small courtyard seating area for its patrons, Brothers Street Food Burger is not to be missed. This isn’t your typical greasy street burger – made with 100 percent organic beef. While the doors open at 5 p.m. the chefs arrive long before then to prepare their handcrafted burgers so that all of the food is fresh

and never frozen. Try their classic burger with cheese and caramelized onion, or one of their specialties like the Sweet Potato Burger or The Gymholic Burger, made with a whole-wheat bun. Brothers Street Food Burger is located in South Mubarakiya (SOMU) and in the Promenade. They are open from 11pm-12am from Monday to Saturday, and they are closed on Sundays. You can follow them on Instagram @brotherskw. Burger Boutique Burger Boutique opened in 2005

5 guys


eating in kuwait


and developed a loyal following pretty quickly. It was the first dedicated burger joint in Kuwait and this focus was evident in how good the burgers were. Others of course followed suit and now Kuwait has more burger places than you can shake a stick at. What makes us keep coming back to Burger Boutique, however, is their unrelenting commitment to quality and transparency. They offer eight signature burgers and eight sliders on the menu. We loved the Bacon Swiss and the Green Chili burgers. From the sliders we had Room 22 and went crazy for the Under The Sea, which is a fried fish filet, with citrus tartar sauce, served on a red bun. But for the creative amongst you out there, they also offer a chance to build your own burger. Don’t forget to stop by the Skinny Cloud counter on your way out to enjoy an ice cream-like treat that is billed as being ‘half the guilt, twice the fun.’ You can visit Burger Boutique, located on the Mezzanine II, Arraya Mall, Sharq and at the Sahara Kuwait Resort. For more information, you can visit them at www.burgerboutique.com, and follow them on Instagram @Burgerboutique.


Burger Hub Burger Hub is a restaurant that has an infatuation with burgers. Choices of toppings include anything from the extravagant (foie gras, blackberry sauce, brie or reduced balsamic grape sauce) to everyday favorites such as Swiss cheese and fresh mushrooms, chili, and coleslaw. La Rosée Burger – A sumptuous mix of caramelized onions, creamy mushroom sauce, and melted original Swiss cheese, this classic is one of the most in demand sandwiches the restaurant serves. The restaurant also offers a variety of ‘Baby Burgers’ that come in bite size portions. Cheesy fries, stuffed mushrooms with cheese and homemade onion rings round



out the regular favorites while the The Hub Fries can only be described as fries on steroids. Burger Hub is located on the Gulf Road, Kuwait City, opposite Seif Palace. Call 2246 4818. Opening Hours: 1:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Theburgerhub. Container 75 With quality and goodness on their minds, Container 75 is a vision of excellence. With an expansive menu ranging from appetizers such as the show-stopping Nitro Shrimp Bites and the Halloumi and Lemon Jam, to a variety of burgers and sliders ranging from chicken, fish or beef – your options are limitless. Interesting names like Pearl Harbor, Cancun and Fry Ship graze their menu as you attempt to pick just one burger or an array of sliders – complete with fries and coleslaw. They also have a selection of mains and pastas that are sure to satisfy any craving. Don’t forget to try their dessert: namely, the Peanut Butter Fondant. Break it open and the creamiest peanut butter and chocolate melt oozes out gloriously – but we’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Container 75 is located at Jabriya and Sea View in Abu Halifa. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Container75. Please call 2371 7136 for more. Diner Taking this burger-centric town by storm, Diner is not your typical, well, diner. In introducing our taste palates to the Ramen Burger, NYC’s Keizo Shimamoto’s invention is adopted to the local market, diner is neither conventional nor retro, it is an open cuisine concept focused on delivering a new take on the typical burger experience. Besides the perfectly constructed Ramen noodle burger, look out for a simple menu complete with five burgers, sandwiches, house desserts and side-kicks. If you’re up


for challenging your taste buds with new flavors that stray away from the ordinary, this cozy restaurant located in Al Tijraria tower is the place for you. Diner is located in the basement floor of Al Tijaria Tower in Mirgab. Opening hours are from 1:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. For orders and more information please call 9009 1147 or you can visit www.dinerkw.com. Instagram @Dinerkw. Dukkan Burger Dukkan Burger is an Arab fusion restaurant that serves modern delicacies infused with local spices. Their classic dishes use local flavors for a unique twist, and borrow elements from recipes across the globe. If you’re looking for exciting dishes such as a shawarma-spiced burger with maabooch aioli, handcrafted sodas, date tiramisu or saffron pancakes, then this is definitely a place you won’t want to miss. Dukkan Burger is strongly influenced by homegrown traditions, which plays into both their tasty dishes and their décor. Dukkan Burger is located at 83rd

Street, Bneid Al Gar, next to Le Royal Hotel on Gulf Road. For more information, call 180 0011. Follow Dukkan Burger on Facebook and Instagram @Dukkan_Burger for the latest updates or visit their website at www.dukkan-burger.com. Elevation Burger Clean eating and loving burgers is a possible combination! With Elevation Burger strategically placed in eight locations throughout Kuwait, your cravings no longer have to be met with guilt. This innovative fast-casual concept operates by their belief in healthy living by keeping their food fun, fresh, and organic to elevate your burger experience. Using organic Halal Australian beef originating from a free-range Australian farm, coupled with handpicked local produce from Kenaneya Farms, Elevation Burger will always satisfy your burger cravings. Fulfilling every health requirement, you can opt for a low-carb burger by swapping the bun for lettuce, and gluten-free buns are also offered at their Bida'a location.

Container 75 Jabriyah 25310075 - Seaview 23 717136


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We also love the scenic AlSeif location that is open 24 hours, and it offers an organic breakfast menu daily from 4am-11am, extending to 2pm on weekends. This menu includes fresh pressed juice from Juiced, and exquisitely roasted coffee from Jumo Coffee Roasters. As supporters of local talent, Elevation Burger also promotes and sponsors collaborative creative events around Kuwait. Elevation Burger has multiple branches across Kuwait. Find your nearest location by following them on Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook @elevationkw.


Fatburger With a legacy more than 60 years old, Fatburger’s extraordinary quality and taste inspire fierce loyalty amongst its fan base, which include a number of A-list celebrities and athletes. Fatburgers are lean; 100% USDA lean beef and their taste is reflective of good, fresh quality meat. All their burgers are juicy without being overly messy; the buns stay together even under the weight of some of the larger portions. Burger sizes range from single, double to triple! (We dare you). Sides include chili fries, skinny fries (which in my humble opinion are on par with our all-time favorite fries), thick fries, and onion rings (made from fresh onions and dipped in Fatburger’s outstanding golden batter.) Featuring a contemporary design and ambience, Fatburger offers an unparalleled dining experience, demonstrating the same dedication to serving gourmet, homemade, custom-built burgers as it has since 1952 – The Last Great Hamburger Stand. Fatburger is located in Burj Jassim (2296 0601) and The Cubes Mall (2205 6603/02). For more information, go to fatburger.com or follow then on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @fatburgerkw.



Burger Boutique

Elevation Burger

RV burger


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Proper Sliders


Humble Burgers Humble Burgers is a neighborhood food stop featuring tasty burgers and a wide range of Americaninspired options. Its minimalist design and elegant flavor profiles set it apart from other typical joints. Despite its simplistic vibe, the menu features quality options such as baked potato buns, high quality beef, freshly squeezed juices, and a wide array of sandwiches to suit any taste. Their burgers and sliders are sure to please with their gentle seasonings and tangy Humble sauce. The low-key location is perfect for quiet conversation, carryout orders, and quality cuisine. Humble Burgers is located at Block 1, Street 1, Building 11, Fintas. Hours of operation are from 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. They also have locations in Shaab Al Bahari (2261 0007) and Ardhiya (2239 1906). For more information, follow Humble Burgers



on Instagram and Facebook for updates @HumbleBurgers, or visit www.talabat.com to place your order. Park Burger From Denver, Colorado to Kuwait – Park Burger is not to be missed! Order the original Park Burger comes with your choice of a 5.3-ounce or 4-ounce of pure beef patty. Topped with the traditional lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, along with their special Park Sauce – it’s absolutely delicious. Feeling daring? Try out The Healthy Boulder. Caramelized onions, granny smith apples, Brie, rocca leaf and a balsamic reduction turned out to be an amazing combination with their delicious juicy patty. Park Burger Kuwait is located at Al Tijaria Tower, ground floor. For more information call 2244 0487 or visit their website www.parkburger.com. Follow them for the latest updates on Instagram @parkburgerkw.

RV Burger

Humble burgers


eating in kuwait


Shake Shack


Proper Sliders Tucked away in Mahboula stands a small, but mighty, burger place dubbed Proper Sliders. Their beautifully labeled packages make for a gorgeous delivery pack – but the actual ambiance of the place is not to be missed. Making their patties fresh coupled with premium quality toppings and beautifully baked bread are what make Proper Sliders’ burgers deliciously special. Find Proper Sliders in Mahboula (Dine in and pick up, 2239 1903), Ardhiya (Takeaway, 2239 9600), and Shaab Al Bahari (Dine in and pick up, 2239 1002) Order online from talabat. com and for more information visit propersliders.com and follow them on Facebook: Proper-Sliders and on Twitter and Instagram @ProperSliders.


Real Veal Burger Burger addicts, rejoice! This concept prides itself in using a protein that won’t compromise the look, taste and experience of a proper burger, yet lowers itself in calories and cholesterol, giving you more freedom to indulge regularly! Using organic milk-fed veal in place of beef, this burger joint succeeds in serving a delicious burger that will



always leave you feeling satisfied without the guilt. Follow Real Veal Burger on Instagram @rvb.kw. Call 1820 022 or 5160 2209 for delivery. Ridley’s Burger Inspired by the love of mid-century modern antique design and street food in London, Ridley’s Burger offers the freshest, finest burgers in Kuwait! Known as the premium burger sensation situated in one of Kuwait’s most prestigious malls, Ridley’s Burgers delivers detailrich design while offering Kuwait’s most premium burger using only the highest quality beef ingredients and just the right blend of spices, all fresh and made from scratch. Fall in love at first bite with their signature Mr. Ridley’s or delightful Mr. Patrick burgers, go green with the fresh Regent salad, enjoy classic sides in a special way with John’s fries, or tap into sweetness with The Confession dessert. Ridley’s Burger is located in the M2, Salhiya Complex, Kuwait City. For more information call 5503 6869 or get social on Instagram at @Ridleys_KW.

Shake Shack Starting out as a humble, New York City “roadside” burger stand in the middle of Madison Square Gardens, this modern day shack has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Shake Shack’s amazing star burgers, including the ultimate ShackBurger, the Shack Stack, and the ‘Shroom Burger are sure to please. The ShackBurger, a hand-molded patty crafted using 100 percent all natural, all American, Black Angus beef, is cooked to medium, so it is crispy on the sides, and perfectly juicy in the middle, complete with American cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and last but definitely not least, that highly addictive ShackSauce, all nestled inside a buttery potato bun. Add an order of Black and White or Strawberry milkshakes; hand-spun with the delectable frozen custard and whole milk, the ultimate burger experience is finally achieved. Open from 11 a.m. until Midnight, Shake Shack is located at the 2nd Avenue – The Avenues (2223 3711); and The Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3051); Al Fanar Mall in Salmiya (2574 0603); Gate Mall in Egaila (2208 1238) and Jabriya (2221 4860/4).

Smashburger Smashburger was founded in 2007 in Denver, USA and if you’re wondering about the name, it comes from the way in which the burgers are prepared. The technique is nothing new and has been implemented in diners and ‘mom and pop’ places across America for decades, but this great way to cook burgers got lost somewhere along the way. With the ubiquity of fast food chains, we have become accustomed to pre-formed patties that are usually cooked from frozen. Smashburger take a freshly-ground 100% certified halal Angus beef meatball, and literally smash it down onto a buttered griddle to form the burger with a two-handed press and hold it down to start searing the beef. What this delivers is a patty that is full of flavor from the quality of the beef and a crunchy exterior from the searing that adds an extra level of texture to the burger. Smashburger has many locations: The Village in Abu Hassaniah (5029 8884); Mishref Coop (2537 8596); Mahboula (2390 1591); and Salmiya on Salem Al Mubarak Street (5083 3743). You can order online via talabat.com and follow them on Instagram @Smashburgerq8.

Proper sliders


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Enjoy the effortless elegance of Kuwait’s casual dining scene featuring light meals, rich teas and bold coffee.


Baker & Spice


Bagel It and More Breakfast, lunch or light dinners can be made all the more fun with this yummy little haven! Boasting the best in bagels, everyone’s favorite carby staple reinvents itself in the form of sandwiches, bites, and even pizza! They also sell bagels plain and untoasted, so that you could stock up in your home and never find yourself without a bagel for breakfast again. Bagel It and More is located in Kipco Tower in Sharq. For more information you can call 2294 3286 and also follow them on Instagram @bagelitandmore.


Baker and Spice Huddled in one of the corners of the scenic Souq Sharq, is a cozy eatery that is sure to fill our tummies with joy. Artisanal kitchen, café and bakery Baker & Spice caters to the region’s interest in clean eating and wholesome



ingredients, and suggests eclectic and locally influenced fare that can be enjoyed throughout the day, and an out-of-this-world bakery containing goods made with imported flour. Featuring sandwiches, mains, and an interchangable salad menu, displayed in the front of the restaurant, you'll always find what you're looking for at Baker & Spice. Desserts are aplenty as well, with a selection of freshly made cakes on display and homemade ice cream on their menu. Baker & Spice is located in Souq Sharq, Marina Front. For more information, call 2240 7707/9696 2693. Follow them on Facebook: bakerandspicekuwait and on Instagram @bakerandspicekw. Baking Tray If you love baked goods as much as we do here at bazaar, then you’ll

be as pleased walking into a placed called Baking Tray as we were. The beauty of baked goods is that they are so versatile; they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert; they can be sweet, they can be savory; they can be comforting, indulgent; they can be crunchy, pillowy soft, buttery; they can be all these things at once. Baking Tray, located in Kuwait City, has all these bases covered. They have breads, they have pastries, they have pies, they have cakes, tarts, sandwiches, quiches, puffs, and Kuwait’s most loved cookies. Baking Tray is located in Dasman in Mishal Tower on Jaber Al Mubarak Street. Visit www.bakingtray.com, call 184 2887. You can find them on Instagram @BakingTrayKw. Café Meem Café Meem




sumptuous fusion of oriental cuisine. It is genuine and full of details. Experience the Arabic culture, full of hidden daily treasures, embracing many centuries of intrinsic taste, engaging all the senses in one place. Different basic notions coming from different Arabic cultures convey the message of Meem. Ideas, thoughts, crafts, dialects, expressions, smells of real incense have inspired the whole world. Meem Café is located in Al Hamra Luxury Center (2227 0265) Sea View Abu Halifa (2372 5850), 360 Mall (2530 9551), The Gate Mall (2205 6254), and The View in Salmiya. Stay updated via Instagram @meemcafekw or visit meemcafe.com. Café November November Company is simple. It doesn’t have to try to win you over

Dean & Deluca


eating in kuwait



with hyperbolized PR scripts. It doesn’t even want to. It just wants you to enjoy quality and creativity, and it entices you to do so. Whether you visit the bakery, or head down to experience the café rendition at their Shuwaikh Market location, you will definitely be lured by the freshest dishes based on seasonal offerings as well as their indulgent baked goods. Once you’re inside, the café welcomes you with a display of baked goods made of the most expensive chocolate available on the global market. With a fully developed savory menu complete with salads, sandwiches and main courses, your pursuit for delicious dessert at Cafe November will be much rewarded. Cafe November is located in Kipco



Tower and in Mayar Complex, Shuwaikh. Follow them for updates on Instagram @november_kipco and @novemberandco. Call them on 2227 5955 for more information. Café Supreme Don’t be fooled by the name, Café Supreme is not your typical coffee place, as indulging in all things ‘supreme’ leaves you coming back for more...we took it upon ourselves to explore and show you what the buzz was all about at Kuwait’s most popular chain of Café Restaurants. Suprême has a unique concept: unlike other café franchises it offers a “Good Living Menu” which focuses on delivering homestyle prepared light and delicious gourmet foods. This includes a

selection of salads, sandwiches and hot dishes in addition to gourmet hot and cold coffee drinks and dessert. Owned and operated locally by Asfoor & Khatib Trading Co., Café Supreme is a highly successful Canadian franchise that effortlessly combines the concept of a Café-Restaurant that caters to very respected clients. With various locations in Salmiya, Al Kout in Fahaheel, Sheikh Saad Al Abdallah Airport and a location in Hawalli, Café Supreme serves its clients all over Kuwait, looking to provide the most memorable service and light gourmet food and drink. Café Supreme is located at Al Bustan Mall at Salem al Mubarak St. Salmiya (2575 8850); Al Kout

Cafe November Mall at Fahaheel (2393 0901); Safat Tower Hawalli and Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone (6691 4334) and Sheikh Saad Al Abdallah Airport. Caffeine Founded by brothers Ali and Mohammad AlHasan, Caffeine is their way of paying homage to their favorite Frisco (San Fransisco) coffee hub, Blue Bottle Coffee. Bringing speciality coffee to Kuwait – Caffeine is a must-try place. If not only for their coffee, but also for their delicious fresh baked goods. Using fresh ground coffee from a coffee roster in Dubai, Caffeine are making it a point to not use syrups and artificial flavorings. With the highest of high quality ingredients,

PQ Fresh



Le Pain Quotidien means “the daily bread”. Handmade, organic sourdough wheat bread is the foundation of what we do, but our menu is broader than that. We offer a variety of wholesome, fresh and seasonal dishes for you to enjoy all day around our communal table or for breaking bread around your own. Kuwait: 2nd Avenue - The Avenues • Marina Crescent

Customer Service: 182-12-12 @LPQMiddleEast


eating in kuwait


Chocolate & Macaron


the only thing going into your coffee is fresh fruits and natural flavors. Yum! Caffeine can be found next to theTHOUQ Concept Shop in South Mubarakiya. They’re serving the perfect brew on weekdays from 8am – 12 noon then from 5pm10pm and on weekends, from 6pm– 11pm. Follow them for updates on Instagram @caffeinekuwait or call 5566 0242 for more information.


Casper and Gambini’s Casper and Gambini’s is local favorite restaurant-café specialized in serving gourmet meals and specialty based espresso coffee drinks with an emphasis on healthy



and fresh ingredients. We personally consider Casper and Gambini’s as our go-to lunch choice given their consistently speedy delivery and amazing customer service. If like us, you’ve long been fans of good taste, then you’re bound to be a Casper’s customer. Every branch has this array of soothing colors and that warm welcoming aroma that whiffs you back to nature. The beauty of their Delivery and Catering services is the simplicity of the design. Every item’s ingenious functionality transforms each and every packaged, delivered and catered meal into a homemade feast experience. Casper and Gambini’s is located in Dhow Tower and an iconic location

in the Old Arabic Houses – Watiya, behind the church in Kuwait City. Please call 2243 0056/65/54.

on Instagram @cerealkillercafekw. Visit www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk for more information.

Cereal Killer Cafe Are you cereal?! This cerealdedicated eatery from the UK is now open in Kuwait, and serves as the perfect hub to satisfy your love for the famous breakfast (or really, timeflexible) food! With a vast selection of different cereals from around the world, as well as different varieties of milk to top them off with, you’ll always be able to find your favorite cereal of choice. So start your day off right and pay them a visit! You won’t regret it. Cereal Killer is located in Kuwait City, on Ahmed Al-Jaber Street. Follow them

Chocolate and Macaron Everyone “in the know” in the world of good food would have come across the pink and green boxes filled with scrumptious little delights known to the world as macarons at Chocolate & Macaron. With so many choices on the menu and a craving for dessert, prepare to feast like royalty. They may be renowned for pioneering Kuwait’s dessert scene with their freshly made macarons and tasty contemporary menu, but the breakfast and brunch, as well as the all day à la carte menu, proves just as inventive. With an elegant presentation

Majnoon Qahwa


eating in kuwait


culinary traditions, DEAN & DELUCA is the only brand that has the cultural status and global brand awareness to be the defining brand in gourmet food retail around the world. Since 2009, DEAN & DELUCA’s store in The Avenues has been inspiring Kuwaiti food lovers in search of gourmet and specialty foods, including exceptional coffee and delicate pastries, world-class charcuterie and cheeses and DEAN & DELUCA’s own signature line of products, from spices to chocolates and candies to coffee, tea, vinegars, oils, sauces, snacks and more. Dean & Deluca is located in the 2nd Avenue – The Avenues. Follow Dean and Deluca for updates on Instagram @DeanDelucaME and on Facebook: DeanDelucaME. For more information, please call 2224 2224.


Dean & Deluca


of breakfast favorites, along with creative concoctions and clever twists to classical breakfast items, you’ll be in for a morning treat. Employees at the various business establishments in the neighboring commercial Arrayah tower prefer to conduct their morning meetings here, and avid shoppers gather for a delectable breakfast before carrying out irreversible damage to their credit cards. Chocolate & Macaron is located at Arrayah Center (2299 7919), Julaia’a, Saleh Shehab Resort (6006 2669). Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @ChocoAndMacaron and Facebook: Chocolateandmacaroon.



Crumbs Café Good news everyone! Crumbs Café is now serving lunch and dinner to patrons. Their menu boasts options ranging from salads such as their Date Goat Cheese salad: fried, breaded goat’s cheese stuffed with dates on a bed of mixed lettuce topped off with a light, fresh dressing, big plates such as their succulent Roasted Salmon, to sandwiches like their indulgent Monte Cristo. We also highly recommend their small plates: namely, the Sweet Potato Spuds; oven-roasted and cut into bitesized chunks, served with a side of Crumbs Spicy Sauce. And of course, lest we forget Crumbs’ well deserved

reputation for their amazing desserts. Be sure to devour Sticky Toffee Pudding – the name says it all. Yum! Crumbs Café is located at Murouj Complex off the Sixth Ring Road. Visit www.crumbs.com.kw and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @ilovecrumbs and on Facebook: crumbs.kw or call them at 2205 0270/6555 4309. Dean & Deluca The original DEAN & DELUCA opened for business in September 1977 in SoHo. DEAN & DELUCA is an icon of New York City culture and lifestyle. Revered as a hub for the discovery of new trends and little known

Dilmah t-Lounge The t-Lounge by Dilmah offers the finest luxury range of designer gourmet tea leaves, letting you experiment with flavor and the traditions of tea culture while getting acquainted with tea as you have never before. At Dilmah, teatime rocks in every possible, and you can explore an unmatched array of artisan-crafted teas and tea-inspired foods at the Dilmah t-Lounge. Dilmah t-Lounge is located at the Grand Avenue – The Avenues and The Gate Mall. For more information please call 2220 0722. Follow Dilmah t-Lounge for the latest updates on Instagram @dilmah_KW or you can visit www.dilmaht-lounge.com. The English Tea Lounge Missing the days of High Tea in the UK? For an authentic teatime experience, you’re definitely going to want to pay a visit to The English Tea Lounge. With two locations, this upscale lounge will transfer you straight to Sloane Square without even having to board a BA flight to Heathrow! Ideal for intimate conversation and luxury experiences, The English Tea Lounge is ready to meet your needs with their lovely, nostalgic atmosphere. Indulge in their simple menu, offering



eating in kuwait


Espressamente illy Café


classic teacakes, savories, pastries and of course, traditional English scones that will take you back to the countryside. Please note that the dress code or The English Tea lounge is formal and smart casual, so be sure to look sharp whilst enjoying your tea, sourced from a worldwide selection! The English Tea Lounge is open for guests above 12 years of age only. The English Tea Lounge is located in Sheraton Hotel and The Avenues (2259 7914). Call ahead to book your table today!


Espressamente illy Café The soul of Italy’s coffee lives in its



coffee houses where centuries of tradition meet the modern barista’s expertise and understated, elegant style. If you’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a genuine Italian coffee experience, close your eyes, and take yourself back. It’s an experience illy wants to share with the world, and one that gave rise to espressamente illy: a global network of cafés uniting the genuine Italian coffee house tradition with illy’s design sensibilities. Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience, and simply live happ-illy! Espressamente Illy Café is located at Al Hamra Luxury Center, Mall 360 and

Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Opening times: 9:30am to 12:00am. Follow them Instagram @espressamente_illy or visit Illy Café at www.illy.com. Fashion Café Bringing the concept of Fashion Café to Kuwait might seem simple; yet trying to adapt the menu to suit the Kuwait market was no easy feat for the owners. Given a highly sophisticated market segment, the food was intricately designed by the crème de la crème of gastronomic consultants to deliver a unique and memorable taste to every dish. Fantastical salad creations,

sharable appetizer platters, flawless main courses, and delicious, palatable desserts. Not only so, a breakfast menu offers a stylish start to the day, and a fun Kiddie menu has been introduced to include the whole family. Creatively utilizing the freshest ingredients, the focus of the food at Fashion Café is based on the ideology that food needs to look amazing, and taste even better in order to remain up to the Fashion standard. Fashion Café and restaurant is located in the Arjan Complex extension in Al Bida’a. For more information, please call 2226 3111.





Girly girls, geeks and gamers, and honorary members of the Justice League, rejoice! If you’re ever paying a visit to any of these cities in the Asian continent, you could make a pit-stop to connect with some of your favorite characters who have opened up establishments of their own.


What: Hello Kitty Café Where: Seoul, South Korea In a nutshell: The beloved cat/girl cartoon hybrid regurgitated all that she loves and it’s all insanely pink.


What: Unicorn Café Where: Bangkok, Thailand In a nutshell: Eat rainbow spaghetti, hang out with plush unicorns, drink insane milkshakes and lounge around in a unicorn onesie.


What: Harry Potter Café Where: Islamabad, Pakistan In a nutshell: Adorned with Harry Potter memorabilia, quotes and ambiance, this place even serves non-alcoholic Butter Beer for all to enjoy.


What: Superhero Café Where: Marina Bay, Singapore In a nutshell: They serve espresso named “The Flash” and “Green Lantern Salads”. Enough said.


Flower Latte Flower Latte is a small café and bakery that will tickle all of your French fancies. This lovely café is open from 3 p.m. for any meal you choose. With light sandwiches, a cheese platter and delicious salads, there is something for everyone. Whatever you pick, make sure to save room for dessert. Their popular Cloud Cake is a delicate strawberry shortcake layered with fresh strawberries, light sponge cake and whipping cream. Or go for the Parisian hot chocolate that is rich with cocoa and will warm you to the bones.



Flower Latte is located in South Mubarakiya (SOMU). Call 2241 8779/3, visit www.flower-latte.com. The Foundry They are the self-proclaimed pressers of the best sandwiches known to man and we have to agree. Whether you’re in for lastminute munchies and want to order via Talabat or you happen to be running errands in the busy streets of Salmiya, The Foundry’s sandwiches are a go-to place for easy yet innovative indulgences. With amazing sandwiches such as The Roast, (an item one of

our writers can’t stop salivating over) and fresh salads like their Beetroot Quinoa Salad, this gourmet sandwich bar has a variety of offers that will satisfy any craving! Be sure to try other favorites such as their hand-cut chips and don’t forget to leave room for their Salted Caramel Stuffed Oreo Cookies. With three pieces a serving, these cookies are ideal for sharing. The Foundry is located in Salmiya next to Shaha Complex. Follow them on Instagram @thefoundrykw and call 6092 9042 for more information.

Garden Café at Jumeirah Located on the lower level of the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa with a stunning view over the gardens, the pool and beach, the Garden Café is Jumeirah Messilah Beach’s main venue for lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. With live cooking stations throughout every meal period, contemporary lounge music and a live music performance during special events at the café always provides a joyous and light atmosphere for everyone. This is a place to see and be seen, enjoying the hotel’s lively ambience,


Jumeirah garden


eating in kuwait





In the turn of the 1500s, the first-ever coffee house was opened in Damascus, and soon after, coffeehouses expanded to Cairo and the Ottoman Empire. Coffeehouses took about another century to reach Europe, and the first coffeehouse in England was opened in 1652 by a man named Jacob at the Angel in the parish of St Peter in the East. When word got around, a café made its way to London the same year, and prompted an escalation of cafes opening throughout London, Paris, and eventually, the rest of Europe.


and enjoying all the wonderful amenities offered by the bespoke views and amazing hotel décor. The Garden Café restaurant is located at Jumeirah Messilah Hotel off of 6th ring road. Call ‪ 2226 9666 or email Jumeirahrestaurant@jumeirah.com for more. Find them Instagram and Facebook @JumeirahMessilahBeach or Twitter @JumeirahMB.


Gia Gia comes alive with rustic references that liken this café/restaurant to a neighborhood eatery in a Mediterranean Europe. The vibrant floor tiles, colorful flowerpots, an appetizing



display of salads, amazing sandwiches and small dishes, along with a dizzying arrangement of delectable instantly make you want to belong to the Gia family. Seating is available inside and outside the restaurant, but don’t be surprised to find people queuing up to order some of their famed fresh recipes for takeout. From quinoa to pasta salads, sandwiches prepared upon request, small dishes of stuffed eggplants and artichokes to homemade savory tarts and desserts, anything you choose to eat at Gia is made with love. Rather than simply a redundant list of appetizers, mains and desserts, the best part about Gia is your ability to mix

and match between all of the brilliant dining options on offer. Gia is located in Al-Khaled complex in Salmiya (2564 0257) and in Kuwait City (2245 0798). For more information and the latest updates, you can follow Gia Kuwait on Instagram @Giakwt. Café Lavicka Prepare to fall in love with Kuwait’s first Garden Café in the heart of the city. Located in Burj Jassem, you can escape the city’s daily madness and relax in this haven. The name itself denotes a sense of peace and serenity, as Lavicka is translated from the Czech to mean ‘The Garden Chair’. The moment you arrive, you instantly get that feeling, as the potted plants, trees and surrounding flora and fauna along with the colorful chairs take you away from the metropolitan scene to a beautiful garden setting. Not only so, the café’s setting, located

on an island on the mezzanine floor, and makes this place look like a lush, floating Garden of Eden in the middle of an urban environment. For those of you working in the city, or coming into the city for a meeting, Café Lavicka’s menu is perfect, as they offer mini sandwiches, salads, hot and cold beverages along with a scintillating selection of desserts. Café Lavicka also specializes in preparing small sweet and savory bites for events. Café Lavicka is located on the mezzanine floor in Burj Jassim, please call 2296 0666 and follow them on Instagram @LavickaKW. Library Cafe The hotel’s lobby lounge, is the vibrant heart of the hotel. Its unique ambience has managed to attract a diverse range of guests including business people, students, tea & coffee connoisseurs and book lovers. An a la carte menu offers an eclectic



eating in kuwait


mix of salads and sandwiches of all types, substantial main dishes, and a mouth-watering array of fruit and sweets. The endless beverage menu includes fresh juices, mocktails, smoothies, flavored teas, coffees and a variety of chocolate-based drinks. Guests can pick up their favorite books from the shelves and relax with the right amount of light to curl up and enjoy reading or an intimate conversation. The Millennium Hotel is located off of 4th Ring Road in Salmiya. Please call 2205 0505 for more information. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates at @MillenniumHotelKuwait.


Life with Cacao Life with Cacao is a fine dessert concept with an all-day café ambience specialized in the art of all things chocolate but also caters to savory dish lovers. At Life with Cacao, it’s all about the cocoa beans. The quality of chocolate that is served in Life with Cacao is definitely top notch, ranging from the darkest of dark chocolates, which can be consumed with no guilt, to the milkiest of variations that will leave you yearning for more. The menu in itself is not only unique but is filled with distinctive titles to mouth-watering signature desserts. The Cacao Surprise is the restaurants’ bestseller, it’s a chocolate ball that melts while hot chocolate is being poured over it, the inside? The name speaks for itself. You have to see it and taste it to believe it. Life with Cacao is definitely a restaurant that aims to bring an international flair to the local food arena. Having an extra edge is what makes this café a hit amongst dessert lovers. Life with Cacao is located in Mall 360 (25309909), The Promenade Mall (2225 6415) , the Grand Avenue – The Avenues, (2220 0762), The M2



Life with Cacao in Salhiya Complex (2299 6970) and West Mishref (2539 5421). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @LifewithCacaoKW. Made Caffé At Made Caffé, an authentic brand and the most recent coffee ‘stop’ in town, all products are made and served fresh daily, from the liquid blends to the baked goods. Stationed right near the entrance of the Al Salam Mall in Salmiya, en route to the LuLu Hypermarket, shoppers can’t help but pause to acknowledge the unconventional

layout. With cushioned couch seating surrounding the stand and a cozy nesting spot right underneath the escalator for writers and readers alike, it’s the perfect pitstop, before, during, after or lack thereof a shopping trip. Made Caffé is located in Al Salam Mall in Salmiya and Lulu Hypermarket in Dajeej. Be sure to follow @MadeCaffe on Instagram. Majnoon Qahwa Fancy a cup of coffee? Or maybe you’re in the mood for some shisha. Perhaps you’re feeling

hungry and you want to tuck into something truly delicious, be it light or substantial. Majnoon Qahwa is a one-stop spot to cater to all your needs. With its accommodating three story high seating area, including the beautiful season-inclusive rooftop terrace overlooking the breathtaking views of Messilah’s greenery, this café bistro offers all that you need to entertain, kick back, or just catch up with a cup of coffee. Tuck in to their vast selection of delicious meals, indulge in their made from scratch pastries, and don’t forget to heartily sip on what they’re most known for:






PQ: Le Pain Quotidien You are immediately struck by the rustic Belgian ambience of this cafe restaurant and bakery. Gentle yellows and unpretentious wooden chairs and tables greet you in the dining area; exposed wooden floors reinforce the country feel. Charm and simplicity is the tone. With inside and outside seating at the location in Marina Crescent, a fabulous view is guaranteed – no matter what the weather is like. Wonderfully casual and homely, this organic restaurant and bakery is driven by the notion of healthy, pure and simple food. There is nothing afflicted or flamboyant about PQ, its only mission is to provide the healthiest and tastiest gourmet sandwiches and snacks to give


Posh Café Looking for a casual bistro setting that serves great food? Posh Cafe was conceived to represent a paradox of sophistication in style, surroundings and food preparation that evoke the notion of over-priced meals while it truly isn’t. Posh Cafe is here to re-invent the cafe experience and exhibit an array of urban ethnicity in its menu selection. With a commitment to using high quality and natural raw ingredients to prepare the food from the delicate produce of Wafra’s organic farms to the grain fed and reputable producers of all natural meats from Colorado, you can enjoy incredible creations like Wasabi Prawns and their Signature Cheeseburger. Posh Cafe is located on the ground


PAUL PAUL Bakery & Patisserie offers a dazzling array of French pastries and handmade speciality breads, along with a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, quiches and main courses. In addition, a wide choice of hot and cold beverages such as creamy hot chocolate, aromatic coffees or teas, delicious smoothies or milkshakes are also available. The dedicated staff will instantly make you feel welcome at PAUL and, whether for a sort rest during the day or lunch or dinner, you will no doubt be delighted by the ‘rustic-chic’ and calm ambience PAUL is known for worldwide. PAUL has several locations to choose from: Marina Mall Rotunda (2224


floor of Mall 360. Call 2530 9600 for information or reservations. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @Poshcafe.


4599); Marina Mall, Salem Al Mubarak (2224 4588); The Avenues (2259 7044); Al Kout, Fahaheel (2393 0302), Tavern II, Jabriya and The Gate Mall.


Napket Tucked away in Kuwait City’s Al Sanabil Tower is the urban inspired Napket Café. Getting past the crowd lined up at the counter might be a challenge; but those who power through will be rewarded with; endless mounds of fresh breads, assorted sandwiches, eclectic salads, DIY pastas and desserts. The décor feels like a leap back in time to a 60s gentlemen’s club. Black velvet booths and dark wooden tables lined the interior of the dimly lit space forcing your attention on the solitary red roses marking the centers of every table. Gentleman or not, Napket is a great place for a solo lunch or even dining with a group. Napket is located in Al Sanabil Tower.

Hours of operation are from 10:00a.m. – 11:00p.m. Call 2292 3755 for more information or find them on Facebook and Instagram @Napketkw.


their eclectic, roasted in house and freshly brewed coffees. Majnoon Qahwa is located in The Spot, off of 6th ring road near Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa.


eating in kuwait


satisfaction and vitality. Famous for its breakfasts and lunches, regular specials alongside the menu, as well as the products they sell (we love their granola parfait and their organic fruit juice); ensure your tastebuds will never get bored. Favorites include waffles, and brioche as well as soups (they serve a different one each day), and sandwiches. PQ is all about the bread. Desserts are also popular here – there are so many to choose from. PQ is a hot spot for weekend breakfast and there is a no reservation policy so time your visit well. PQ is open daily from 7:30 a.m. until midnight. It is located at The Avenues (2495 4631); and Marina Crescent (2224 4942).


Le Pain Quotidien




1. They’re non-intimidating and professional Did you make a new friend and you really want to hang out with them? Do you have an important business-related meeting to host or attend? Then a café is usually your best bet. They tend to be on the quieter side with a relaxed ambiance that’s ideal for solid conversation.


2. They are super accessible In this day and age, most cosmopolitan cities around the world are filled to the brim with cafes, whether they be mom and pops or international franchises like Starbucks. You can usually find one on your way to, or close by work, school or home, so any moment of piece or coffee fix you may need will be easily sorted. 3. They almost always have food Whether its pastries, sandwiches, muffins or full-fledged meals, where there’s café, there’s food.



Tea Lounge at Jumeirah Take comfort in elegance and enjoy a relaxing pursuit at our refined Tea Lounge. Order from our fine selection of exquisite coffee freshly brewed to perfection or our new tea menu of international offerings ranging from Ginger Calm, Early Grey Flora to Jasmine Haze. Top your afternoon indulgence with delicate sandwiches and sweet treats from the vast dessert selection. Feel refreshed between meetings or simply delight in a moment of calm. The Tea Lounge is located at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Open daily ‪ from 8:00 a.m.– 12 midnight. For more information, call them at ‪ 2226 9666 or email JumeirahRestaurant@jumeirah. com. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook @JumeirahMessilahBeach and Twitter @JumeirahMB. Urban Café In Kuwait City’s concrete jungle lies this charming little café. Situated at the corner of Ahmed Al Jaber Street in the Kirby Broker Building adjacent to the National Bank of

Jumeirah Tea lounge


eating in kuwait







Abu Dhabi, one cannot help but be drawn to this corner shop. Its big bay windows and chic décor are unabashedly inviting and its menu tantalizing to boot. Urban Café prides itself on bringing “the comfort of home-cooked meals to the urban sophistication of the city.” Not surprisingly, there’s an array of healthy options amongst its appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes if you’re strict with your food. If you choose to indulge, their gourmet Mac N Cheese is divinely apt to satiate those carb cravings. Urban Café is located in the Kirby Broker Building on Ahmed Al Jaber Street in Sharq, Kuwait City. Call 2244 4432, or find them on Twitter and Instagram @urbancafekw, or visit www.urbancafekw. com.


Waterlemon At Waterlemon juice boutique &



café, you can enjoy a healthy and creative food menu, fresh juices, unique and colorful cocktails, delicious desserts, specialty coffees and teas in a fresh, relaxed and contemporary atmosphere. The cafe Waterlemon takes its inspiration from nature and embraces an eco-friendly philosophy. What we love best about Waterlemon is the creativity in presentation that brings together the juice bar and café concept. Given that the concept is inspired by nature, you will notice that the atmosphere of this café, along with the colors and accessories will change with each season. The menu is divided into four categories (breakfast, salads, sandwiches and main courses), along with the amazing juices that are always on offer. Waterlemon is located in Arraya Center on the Mezzanine level. Please call 2299 7666 for more information. Get the latest updates - on Instagram by following them at @blendskuwait.






Urban Cafe

Caribou Hot beverage


eating in kuwait


CHINESE & PAN-ASIAN Foods originating from all over Asia, get a taste of the East with a huge selection of traditional and fusion concepts.




Attila Tucked away in a quiet corner of the sun soaked Miral Complex in Mangaf, Attila, the Mongolian grill restaurant with Japanese influence, is a real hidden treasure. Its small, spotlessly clean indoor seating area is modestly decorated with traditional Mongolian ornaments, and there is a small amount of outdoor seating from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the beach, which sits right on Miral’s doorstep. If you are looking for a healthy, fast option that will leave you very satisfied, Attila is the place for you. Attila Mongolian Grill is located in Miral Complex in Mangaf. For more information, call 6662 1008, and follow them on Instagram for updates @Amg_kw.



China Garden From starters, signature dishes, to traditional Chinese favorites, everything you try at China Garden is exceptionally flavorful, packed with freshness, and delivered piping hot if you’re ordering in. For starters, an order of Chicken lettuce wraps is a must; diced pieces of chicken breast cooked in a light and spicy paste, with crispy iceberg lettuce, fried noodles and special sauce. The signature dishes at China Garden are not to be missed, especially when everything is delivered piping hot in the amazing recyclable packaging. Fans of sweet and sour chicken will love the General Tso Chicken, except that it’s a tad spicy adding a perfect kick to the breaded

chicken and fresh broccoli. From a tangy Orange Chicken blended with freshly squeezed orange juice, brown sugar, chili peppers and ginger, to the extremely tenderized (the beef is marinated overnight) Wok Charred Beef with an aromatic sticky sauce, you really can’t go wrong. A true test of Chinese dining comes down to the fine artistry that is the perfect Peking duck. Lean, tenderized pieces are marinated in a blend of traditional spices and braised to a crisp. Served alongside fresh pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and a velvety Hoisin sauce, this classic is a signature must try! China Garden is located in Salmiya and Mahboula, and is opening soon in 360 Mall, Ardhiya, and Sharq. For delivery, takeout, or catering

call 2572 0010. Place your order through talabat.com Follow them on Twitter and Instagram, @chinagardenkw. China Kitchen True to their slogan, “Small in sizebig in taste,” the dining room at China Kitchen has just a few small tables. However, it would be foolish to let such a cozy dining room fool you into making assumptions about the operation overall. Whether you’re dining in at China Kitchen or ordering your food to be delivered, this restaurant packs a flavorful punch reminiscent of your favorite Chinese food anywhere. With 12 different types of soup on offer, it is quite possible that many are not even making it that deep into




Ginger Ginger, an Asian (mostly Thaiinfluenced) vegetarian restaurant is a brave break from the traditional cuisines we are more accustomed to. The main aim of Ginger is to provide you with energy releasing, good, nutritious food. All their dishes are made from scratch with the freshest of vegetables, carefully selected daily. As they don’t even have a freezer in the kitchen, you can rest assured that your food will certainly be prepared minutes before it’s on your table. The Ginger sisters have even gone to the extent of getting a Nutritionist’s advice on all their


Dragon Express Curl up on the couch with your favorite stir-fry, rice or noodles, put in a movie, and it’s the perfect start to a weekend. When you find yourself searching for the perfect Chinese American food delivery, look no further than Dragon Express. With one of the largest central kitchens in the country, you are sure to get a meal that is made

ready-to-order, with the freshest ingredients available. Start with their delicious Cantonese spring rolls or calamari, and you’ll quickly be hooked. They also offer delicious dishes such as chicken sichuan, Sweet ‘N Sour shrimp, and even the chef’s special sauce with Shanghai style hamour. If you’re looking for something with more of a kick, they also have succulent meats cooked in various chilis, sure to satisfy your spicy craving. Dragon Express is a delivery-only concept that can be ordered on www.talabat.com or by phone 2226 6566. For additional information, you can follow Dragon Express on Instagram and Twitter @dragon_kwt or Facebook @dragonkwt.


compliment your main dish well; all in all, a solid bevy of options. Reach China Kitchen by phone on 2573 8754. Find them online at www.chinakitchenq8.com. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, @chinakitchenq8.


the menu. With the rest of the appetizers rounded off by another 13 options ranging from Dumplings to Spring rolls and Prawn on Toast that rumor has it must be tried, it would take some time to eat your way through the menu. We also love the Chicken Broccoli which must be accompanied by the delicious Fried Rice and silky Singaporean Noodles. Singaporean Noodles can be tricky to make, and many different places use different size noodles, because everybody’s got a preference, but the noodles at China Kitchen are hard to beat. From classics like Schezwan Hot and Sour Soup to Wanton Soup, to more adventurous offerings like Manchaw Soup and Hong Kong Duck, these would all


China Garden

Fusion People in Kuwait seem to have a particular liking for Asian cuisine and the Fusion restaurant on the Gulf Road near Kuwait Towers is proving itself to be the place to go to get your fix. The restaurant is primarily Japanese, but throws in a healthy amount of Chinese and Thai dishes to satisfy all cravings. If you like to be entertained while dining, the restaurant has several Tepanyaki stations where groups can sit and watch the chef toss spice containers, spatulas and pieces of food into the air while cooking. Fusion only uses top USDA Prime beef and this makes the Fillet Mignon with Mushroom Tepanyaki an excellent choice. Another great combination is the Tower’s Choice that comes with beef and chicken. The best part of dining at Fusion is the excellent service and generous portions for a restaurant in this price range. Ending the meal with a few sips of green tea is highly recommended. Fusion is located on Gulf Road next to the Kuwait Towers. For reservations or additional information please call 2241 8901. Follow them on Facebook as Fusion Japanese Resto Kuwait Tower.

P.f C 2nd Avenue - The Avenues, Al Rai, Tel: 22 28 37 63 | Sidra Restaurants, Mahboula, Coastal road Tel: 22 08 12 93 Al Corniche, Arabian Gulf Road, Tel: 25 62 50 51

Our menu offers culinary creations by our cofounder, Philip Chiang, that are inspired by the major regions of China and its neighboring countries. Most of our dishes are cooked in a Northern-style Chinese wok fired by a 900 degree flame which creates “ wok hay” or “breath of wok”. Our unique smoky, caramelized flavors and crispy textures can only be achieved using this age-old traditional technique.



Each dish is prepared to order using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. We use chicken breast and flank steak that are hand-trimmed each day in our kitchens.


eating in kuwait




self-innovative and enhanced recipes and how beneficial they could be. This marvelous-tasting world cuisine is incredibly good for you; with its ancient blend of both fresh and dried herbs and spices; offering a delicious way to get the nutrients, antioxidants, and disease-fighting potential we need to achieve constant health and fitness. While Ginger’s menu is extensive, every dish is prepared well, proving that their kitchen is skilled in crafting intricate and harmonious presentations of taste and flavor. The simple décor of the place imparts a subtle elegance, which serves as an ideal backdrop for enjoying Ginger’s sophisticated and authentic cuisine. This place is definitely worth visiting.



Ginger is located in Kuwait City in Al-Muthana Complex, Ground Floor, Entrance 5. They are open daily from 12:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. and delivery is available. Call 2249 5097. Follow them on Facebook as Ginger Restaurant Kuwait. Oliversan Achieving what many other fusion concepts fail to fulfill, Oliversan is setting a new standard for fusion Asian cuisine. Delivering unprecedented flavors in the form of original combinations that surprise and tantalize the senses at the same times, dishes like the Mongolian Ostrich and Fusion Shoyo Stir-Fried Beef Fettuccine will surely impress the palate. With the assistance of award-winning Chef Louis Huang, the flavors of Asia are delivered in a format that would please even the most

selective dining connoisseurs. Besides the impressive food, Oliversan's cozy interior design, showcasing the silhouettes of hats of bygone eras, effectively blends the traditional with the modern for an unforgettable ambience. Don’t forget to try their Peking Duck, the signature aromatic Oliversan Tangerine Seafood Soup, served in an actual tangerine, and the inventive Mini Do San, a combination of a donut and sweet flaky pastry, for dessert. Oliversan is located on the mezzanine floor at Burj Jassem in Kuwait City. For reservations or inquiries call 2290 1051. Visit www.oliversan.net and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates @oliversanrestaurant. OVO Bar Your idea of a perfect meal is an

actual combination of the best that different cuisines have to offer! Maybe you really want some sashimi and a couple of fun Maki rolls, coupled with an amazing Pad Thai and sweet and sour shrimp. If you can relate to this, OVO Bar was created specifically to cater to the needs of people like you in mind! An acronym for “Our Very Own Bar”, this Asian fusion eatery intertwines all the most loved dishes and bites from Pan Asian culture to create a vast selection for you to choose from. Top it off with some specialty drinks, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable experience. OVO Bar is located in Byblos Complex, off of Baghdad Street in Salmiya. Call them at 2227 2171/2. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @ovobar.

Ovo Bar


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Pei Wei Asian Diner If you’re looking for a foolproof concept; a fast-food style Asian diner with a funky, fresh and unpretentious approach to food brought to you by the masters of the contemporary Asian bistro, P. F. Chang’s, would be about as fool proof as you can get. Located in the Food World at The Avenues, Pei Wei brings a touch of class to the typical food court fare found in this part of the mall. It’s fast food, but don’t even think about comparing it with junk fast food. This is real food, cooked for all to see in the flash of a sizzling 600-degree wok by real people. So give the credit cards, and your feet, a rest next time you’re indulging in a little retail therapy at The Avenues and drop by Pei Wei. You won’t be disappointed. Pei Wei is located in the 2nd Avenue – The Avenues, and in Arabella in Al Bida'a. Call 2221 4755 or for delivery ph. 2221 4444 or visit their website www.peiweikuwait.com.


Pei Wei



P.F. Chang’s The substance of any great dining experience is human interaction. Each dish has what Mr. Chang likes to call “a little magic.” Chang knows that if the product does not consistently contain that magic, the restaurants will cease being environments for people to interact in. The intense popularity of some specific dishes is a testament that the magic has not gone missing. The famous Dynamite Shrimp appetizer dish is uniquely savory and found on nearly every table as the most popular starter. Other standards that one must try are Chang’s Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Beef, The Coconut Curry Vegetables and the epic ‘Great Wall of Chocolate’ dessert. This cake definitely stands up to its name! A generous portion of six layered chocolate cake and rich chocolate frosting encrusted with chocolate

Wok hoy

Entrance to Green Island, Arabian GuIf Street Tel: 22264526



eating in kuwait



chips. The dependability of P. F. Chang’s in providing an environment for authentic human interaction has been steadily built for twentyone years! In Kuwait, a society that greatly values familial relationships, P. F. Chang’s can be a conduit for more effortless interaction with the people we love. P. F. Chang’s is located in 2nd Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3763 – 2228 3765), Al Corniche, Salmiya (2562 5051), and Sidra Complex in Mahboula (2208 1293).


Sabaidee A small and unassuming restaurant, nestled on a nameless, dusty street in Mahboula, Sabaidee is an exquisite dining destination for anyone with an affinity for Thai cuisine. Upon your first visit to Sabaidee, you realize that “spicy” means just that. Whether you are dining at their Mahboula location or its many other branches, they do



not mess around. The Tum Salad, a chopped vegetable salad with your choice of cucumber, carrot or long bean as the main ingredient, certainly gets the fires burning, but is certainly not to be missed. The mix of the vegetables, astoundingly fresh and juicy, infused with the hot red pepper is a delight for the palate. Finishing your meal in this acutely tidy restaurant, you are treated to a cored orange in a sparkling white dish, the perfect palate cleanser to call an end to this special outing. Sabaidee has several locations around Kuwait. You can find Sabaidee in Mahboula, behind Alia Ghalia Tower, off the Coast Road (6592 5355); Fintas (6996 6163); two branches in Salmiya (6996 6165); and Mangaf (6996 6161). Tang Chao Sample the finest flavors of authentic Chinese cuisines at Tang Chao in the Holiday Inn. They offer dishes inspired by the Szechuan, Canton, and Jiangsu

Ubon cultures that are guaranteed to impress you with their palatability. The diverse dishes are carefully crafted to offer you a variety of flavors, whether you’re simply curious or adventurous to try the tastes of China. The décor is also influenced strongly by Chinese cultural heritage, to provide you with a tastefully genuine atmosphere. Dining is offered within the main restaurant, as well as on their beautiful terrace overlooking the gardens. They also offer four private rooms to give you and your family the ultimate luxurious dining experience. Tang Chao is located at the Holiday Inn, Hamad Al Mubarak

Street, Salmiya. Their hours of operation are from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., closed on Sundays. For reservations, please call 2576 0666. For additional information, visit www.kuwait-hi.com. Ubon If you’ve been on the lookout for decent, authentic Thai food, Ubon will certainly impress. If you haven’t tried Thai food before, then this place will be a great introduction – great food in amazing surroundings! The subtle entrance is an unassuming black door flanked by


Wok Hay




form. You can cho0se from their self-described signature dishes include: Creamy Lobster, a grilled lobster with cream sauce; Wanton Prawn, 5 pieces of fried prawns with wanton and a mix of herbs; The TaniMa salad, comprised of Shrimp, lettuce, Edamame, avocado and a sweet sauce; and lastly, Kinomi ice cream, which is a scoop of ice cream served with fresh seasonal berries, sauce, and nice (if obligatory) sprig of mint. In addition to the cooked dishes however, is a perfectly executed menu of sushi that will keep you munching for days. Wok n Roll is located in Jabriya block 3A, (2531 4240), and at the 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7046), and Mahboula - Light Tower (9099 Wok n Roll 6868). Follow them for the latest Since 2003, Wok n Roll has been updates on Twitter and Instagram creating a unique blend of Chinese @woknrollkw or you can visit their and Japanese cultures in culinary website www.woknroll.com.kw.


dining’, Wok Hay delivers diners with a beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf through floor to ceiling windows alongside it, the freshest and lightest Chinese American cuisine through a contemporary Asian menu. From Pad-Thai to the Hong Kong Lo Mein, the noodles are fresh and authentically wok-made. For the mains Wok Hay has created two sections, the traditional done better and the contemporary, where they create new dishes from all the old flavors you love. For dessert, don’t miss out on the homemade frozen yoghurt! Wok Hay is located at the entrance of Green Island on the Arabian Gulf Road. Call 2226 4526 or you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter @Wok_hay or Facebook: Wokhay.


everything you knew about flavors and tastes. For Des Pheby this was an adventure he wanted to make available in England, and thus the idea for Wok & Go was born. The first thing you will notice about the delectable noodle bar are the wok stations right next to the counter, where chefs toss different types of noodles, rice, meats, vegetables and sauces. With no back kitchen at the restaurant, you can be sure the food will be fresh made to order. Wok & Go is located in the Al Hamra Luxury Center, 3rd floor Food Court. Call 2220 2225 or visit talabat.com for delivery. To find more information, you can Wok & Go follow them on Twitter and Instagram, Walk down the street in New York @Wokngo_kw or Facebook: WokngoKw. City and you are sure to come in touch with some type of exotic Wok Hay food from a place you have never Wok Hay offers Szechuan deliciousness visited. The unique aromas are without ending your day. A concept that bound to draw you in, and challenge came to life from the notion of ‘happy


floor to ceiling windows. The name Ubon, in gold above the door, only nods to what’s inside. When you take a closer look at the door you’ll notice it’s constructed of blackened, burnt wood that continues, covering the walls inside. From appetizers ranging from Ubon Jumbo Prawns to a signature satay, make sure to try their adventurous creamy, yet spicy, green curry and Pad Thai noodles. Ubon is located in Kuwait City, and in Murouj off of 6th Ring Road. See www. ubonkw.com for a detailed map and more information call 2226 0848. Follow them on Instagram @ubonkw.


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DESSERTS & BAKERIES Sweet treats, deliciously baked goods and the perfect places to satiate your non-savory cravings.


Choowy Goowy


Absolute Chocolate Absolute Chocolate is a chocoholics haven for all things chocolaty and delicious! As a specialized chocolaterie, customers can design their own chocolates, with the option to choose from color, size and shape—they can even create their own signature chocolate flavors according to their taste palates. What is immediately noticeable at Absolute Chocolate is that the chocolates are handmade in limited quantities for freshness and quality purposes – they opt to not ship in ready-made chocolates with added preservatives to create desserts. A product of love, they refuse to compromise on the notion of quality for the sake of cost. For more information and to order follow @AbsoluteChocolate on Instagram. The chocolaterie is



located in Dar Al-Awadhi, Sharq. Please call 6633 6399 for orders or inquiries. L’amande Quality chocolates and authentic eclairs congregate in this deliveryonly concept to satisfy your sweet tooth. Crafted by trained pastry chef Ammar Sultan, these confections are sure to be a hit for any occasion. Indulge at home, or place an order for an event, either way, L’amande will guide your discovery towards sweets made with passion, creativity and quality. Follow L’amande on Instagram for updates @lamandekw and for more information. Call 9888 7879 and visit their website at www.lamande.co.

Al Nata A traditional Portuguese delicacy, the Pasteis de Nata is a Portuguese custard tart that originated in a pastry shop in Belem, Portugal, has made its way to Kuwait. These creamy, flaky goodness-filled tarts are baked fresh by expert hands with a lot of love. Beyond the famous Pasteis you an also order from a fine selection of croissants and various delicious pastries! Al Nata's bakery is located in Ardhiya Al Hurfiya, Block 3, Building 37, next to Gharaif Restaurant and Cancun Cafe. Delivery orders are available through Carriage, and you can call them at 5133 6645. Follow them on Instagram @al_nata. Before Chocolate Café Located in Salmiya’s The Cube Mall, Before Chocolate Café will immediately grasp your attention as soon as you

walk through the doors of this majestic glass structure. The space inside is always flooded with beautiful, natural light. The café is perfectly situated in the middle of the mall, and you can’t help but be drawn into the kitschy, vintage inspired décor that will make you want to bring your favorite book and wile away the hours sipping on their chocolateinfused delicacies.The boutique café prides itself on the highest quality of Swiss chocolates that were especially crafted for this café with a menu that allows you to indulge in every way. Before Chocolate Café is located on the ground floor of The Cube Mall on Salem Al-Mubarak Street in Salmiya. For more information, please call 2205 6660 or visit beforechocolate.com. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BeforeChocolate.




Caramel There is something thrilling about seeing that turquoise Caramel dessert box arrive. You know that whatever is inside is going to be fantastic, and probably one of the best (insert favorite cupcake flavor) you have ever had. Cupcakes are made to order, and rarely put on display. however, that moment when you sink your teeth into their incredible pumpkin or sweet potato cupcakes, you know you’re hooked for good. Their mini delights are equally addictive; think of it as a disassembled cupcake, with the frosting in the middle instead of on top. The best part? You can have it in just


4834. Their hours of operation are from 9:00am to 7:00pm. For additional information, visit www.cakenbake.com or follow Cake & Bake on Instagram and Twitter for updates @cakenbakekw, and on Facebook: cakeandbakekuwait.


Cake & Bake Your sweet craving will be filled in a big way with Cake & Bake. With nine branches across the country, their delicious cakes have become the go-to for anyone looking to impress dinner hosts or mark special occasions. From their best-selling red velvet cake to the Galaxy cake, Cake & Bake has truly set a high bar for desserts in Kuwait. You can even make your special day more intimate with a personalized cake. All of their cakes are baked to perfection, and then decorated by a team of expert designers and bakers. Whether you’re looking for a quick fancy dessert or a custom creation, Cake & Bake cakes are bound to make any special occasion truly memorable. Cake & Bake has several locations in Kuwait, and can be ordered online through www.talabat.com or call 183


Bibi’s Cakes Located just off the fifth ring road, Bibi’s Cakes exudes sugar and spice, and everything nice! Fall in love from the moment you step out of your car and see the bakery’s front façade that is reminiscent of a corner bakery in your favorite European country. Inside, the comfortable setting welcomes guests with warm pink hues and a staff that is all smiles. Everything about Bibi’s Cakes is created by those who have a passion for baking, to put a smile on your face with delicious treats. Bibi’s Cakes is located in Salmiya, Block 12, Abdul Karim Al-Khatabi St. Building 16, parallel to the fifth ring road. For more information, call them at 2566 6711 or follow their Instagram @bibiscakes_kw.


Before Chocolate Café

The Chocolate Bar Here is chocolate served inventively, creatively and with infectious passion. It is amazing how they have filled an entire menu with so many glorious options of chocolate. This is a groundbreaking café in its daring and bold original concept. All ingredients are fresh – there are no powders or ready-mix items. All hot chocolates, as with all the chocolate dishes, are made from premium Belgian chocolate. The fondue is always a favorite and a wonderfully fun, communal experience. There are 3 dipping sauces of dark, white and milk chocolate with fresh fruit, cake pieces and biscuits for the dipping. We love this one! Or what about the ‘shots’!? Suck up melted chocolate through a straw for a vigorous injection of chocolate. Molten cakes are another infamous piece – they are made to order and well worth the 12 minute wait: light, airy cakes with the chocolate of your preference oozing out of the centre. There is also a takeout service, and you can ask for the goodies to be boxed as the packaging is delightful and would make an excellent gift. The Chocolate Bar is located in Marina Crescent (9722 4491); Al Bida’a Complex (9722 4492); The Avenues Phase I (9722 4493); Spoons Mall Mahboula (9744 2278), Murouj off of 6th Ring Road (9744 2280), and Al Hamra Tower (9662 6589). Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @ Thechocobar and on Facebook: thechocolatebarkw. Order online via 965flowers.com and Talabat.com.


a single bite. Caramel also specializes in cakes, sandwiches and special occasion cakes and desserts. At Caramel, it all starts with a craving. All you have to do is let the expert dessert chefs know what it is that you desire, and they will make it happen. Caramel Bakery is located in Bneid El Gar in Almanar Complex. To preorder call 2253 3258 or 2253 3257. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Caramel_Kuwait or on Facebook: Caramel.Kuwait.


e co


eating in kuwait


Chococafé Take an unspoiled break from a busy day at the ultra chic Chococafé at the Symphony Style Hotel in Salmiya. Inspired by a love affair with great coffee and rich, smooth, delicious chocolate, the Chococafé arrives as a dynamic, hotspot: the place in Kuwait to see and be seen. Fabulous, frivolous, fun, there’s nothing wrong in indulging in the magnificent cocoa bean. With décor designed to deliver an exhilarating sensory experience, the space is epitomized by style. Airy by day and intimate at night, the Chococafé is enjoyed best when sitting at the luxurious grand terrace. If you need to tantalize your taste buds with something savory, then you can also enjoy the best contemporary casual food with indulgent pastries, perfect paninis and superb salads enjoyed with laughter, conversation, conviviality. Chococafé is located in the Symphony Style Hotel in Salmiya on Gulf Road. To book or for more information email choco@symphonystylehotel.com or call 2577 0000. Follow them on Instagram @SymphonyStylekw.


Choco Queen


Chocolate Cuisine Ever wondered what a chocolate sushi roll could look like? Fancy a Milk Chocolate Burger? How about a Vanilla Spaghetti? We promise you, we’re not making this up. These dishes are only a part of the amazing experience that awaits at Chocolate Cuisine located at E-Mall in Hawalli and in Arabella, Al Bida’a. Promising innovative savoury appetizers, salads, mains, and of course - specializing in dessert, an experience at Chocolate Cuisine is not one to be forgotten. Chocolate Cuisine is located in Hawalli’s E-mall (9009 6007) as well as Arabella, Al Bida’a (9009 6005). For more information, follow them on Instagram @ChocolateCuisine, and on Snapchat and Twitter @choco-cuisine.



Choco Queen Like many other things, every once in a while a dessert-only place pops up in Kuwait. We at bazaar refer to them as The Troopers – for they fuel our insatiable sweet teeth fabulously. Known as Choco Queen, the place pays homage to the Queen and her love of all things chocolate by serving ALL THE CHOCOLATE. Chocolate really does make everything better. From cookies to cakes and even breakfast items, everything is glorious when covered in chocolate. Every dish is thoroughly studied and perfected before the launch to give it the “confections fit for the Queen” feel. Choco Queen is located on the bottom floor of The Gate Mall in Egaila, and is opening soon in Alraya Complex. For more, follow them on Instagram @ChocoQueen_KW, or call 2205 6372.

Choowy Goowy Nothing brings us such joy as seeing those special Choowy Goowy airtight jars filled with delightful cookies on our coffee tables and at gatherings! With over twenty mouth-watering cookie flavors and combinations that keep us coming back for more, this local concept truly captures the “taste of joy”. But far from being just a cookie place, Choowy Goowy’s Bakery and Café concept at The Promenade in Hawalli is home to all your dessert needs. With a light café menu for when you require a small savory bite, you can get home-made ice-cream and dine-in style desserts alongside their cookies, cakes and brownies. Choowy Goowy is located in Second Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7949) and in The M1 – Promenade Mall (9723 8366). For deliveries, call

2262 0011 or 9911 7566, or order via Talabat.com. You can also follow them on Facebook: Choowy Goowy, Instagram @ChoowyGoowy, and visit their website www.choowygoowy.com for more information. Crumbs This little bakery has made a name for itself with the daily fresh baked cupcakes that have the perfect balance between icing and cake. At the Crumbs kitchen, everything is baked daily from small batches. You will not find a cake-mix, or premade dough; every recipe is made, from scratch, with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Their most popular, the red velvet with white chocolate frosting, boasts of a tender cake, topped with a surprisingly light and delicious icing. Don’t stop at the red velvet though! Their sticky toffee is divine with the cream cheese frosting. The saucy brownie is filled with chocolate ganache and topped with a drizzle of caramel sauce, and the blackout is sure to win over any chocolate lover with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and dark fudge frosting. Crumbs is a dessert bakery in Kuwait located in Shaab Sea Side Al Kandi Street (2263 6614) and Tasha Towers in Fintas (2390 8421). To order email orders@crumbs.com.kw or find them on Talabat. For more information visit www.crumbs.com.kw and follow them on Facebook @crumbs.kw, Instagram or Twitter, @ilovecrumbs to get their latest updates and delicious desserts! Häagen-Dazs Since 1961 Häagen-Dazs has been synonymous with superior quality ice cream and offers over 24 flavors, made from the finest hand-selected ingredients sourced from around the world. Every flavor from Häagen-Dazs starts with 100% real cream, milk, freerange eggs, and sugar – simple ingredients for a creamy, intense, enchanting ice cream. One of the most popular global

Choowy Goowy


eating in kuwait


November Bakery


ice cream brands today, Häagen-Dazs is available through 950 Häagen-Dazs Shops in more than 80 countries, offering real ice-cream for a refined taste. You can find Häagen-Dazs at The Avenues (2259 7615), Souq Sharq (2245 2572, 2245 2571), Arraya Center in Sharq (2299 7660, 2299 7661), Al Hamra Luxury Center (2227 0233) and Marina Mall.


Magnolia Bakery The people at Magnolia Bakery invite you to experience all things classically baked. With a beautiful array of scintillating desserts that include cupcakes with different icings that are unique to the Bakery, muffins, pies, cheesecakes, and an addictively sinful banana pudding to boot, you will be completely dazzled by the amazing flavors. After the seduction of sweets follows the craving for something savory; this is where Magnolia will surprise. With their savory menu, you



can have that classic cheddar and Brie grilled cheese sandwich followed by a decadent White Out chocolate sponge cake with meringue icing and cake crumbs. Don’t forget to complete you meal with a helping of Magnolia’s signature teas, coffees and hot cocoas. Magnolia Bakery is located at the first floor of Al-Hamra Luxury Center (2227 0285) and at 360 Mall (2530 9882) Follow them on Twitter and Instagram, @MagnoliaKuwait. Please call for delivery inquiries or catering information. Nagwa Dessert Shop Previously known as Hail W Zafaran, Nagwa Dessert Shop offers all sorts of Arabic sweets. Famous for their traditional Kuwaiti desserts such as Darabeel or Qrs Ogaili, their stores offer a dizzying display of all the different sweets, cakes, biscuits, truffles and dates that you could ever wish for. Their gift baskets, or ready-packaged baskets, are perfect

for gatherings, family visitations and much more. You can customize your orders for certain occasions if you wish to do so. With four branches across Kuwait, the hassle of finding a reliable, go-to dessert spot just became a thing of the past! Nagwa is located in Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak Street (2575 6483), Dasman close to Baking Tray (2226 6879), Jabriya (2532 9232), The Promenade Mall in Hawalli (2226 0429), and Kuwait International Airport (2434 6032). Follow Nagwa on Instagram for updates @NagwaKuwait. Nestlé Toll House Café Remember that episode on Friends where the coveted recipe for Phoebe's grandmother's famous cookies could be found on the back of a bag of Nestlé Tollhouse's chocolate chips? There's a reason why these cookies are so good, and there's no need to scour your local grocery store for those cookies, though

- at Nestlé Toll House Café, you can enjoy them anytime with a steaming hot beverage along with a wide selection of gorgeous desserts! Follow Nestle Toll House Café on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates @NestleCafeKW. To find your nearest location or to make an order, contact their call center at 2228 2444. November Bakery What started off as just baking sugar cookies for family and friends, has become one of Kuwait’s finest homegrown bakeries. With all the recipes tried, tested, and perfected by owner Bibi Hayat, you are sure to find the perfect dessert for your afternoon on the couch or evening at a friend’s house. While you are spoilt for choice at November Bakery, it is easy to enjoy their fine baking in the simplest of flavors. We always keep coming back for the Jude cupcake: a simple chocolate base with a hint of mocha and topped

Hagen Daz


eating in kuwait


Passionfruit, Chocolate and Mango in addition to some seasonal flavors such as Watermelon and Strawberry. Great taste is everything, and Pinkberry is committed to bringing you a frozen yogurt that tastes as good as it is for you. Pinkberry is the most talked about, best tasting, premium frozen yogurt and instantly won the love of lots of fans and followers, including Hollywood celebrities. Today Pinkberry operates in more than 170 stores around the world. Pinkberry has many locations across Kuwait. To find your nearest branch or for delivery, please call 2221 4444 or order via www.talabat.com. We also recommend that you get the latest updates by following Pinkberry on Instagram @PinkBerryME and on Facebook: PinkberryMiddleEast.


White Vanilla


with white chocolate frosting, all done in that perfect November way. November Bakery is located in Mayar complex in Shuwaikh, and they also have a bakery in their cafe in Kipco Tower. For more information you can visit them online: www.thenovemberbakery.com or call 9731 3310 or 9969 3554. Follow them on Twitter @novembertweets or Instagram @novemberandco.


Pasticceria Di Pietro When Mays and Luciano Di Pietro visited Sicily, they returned to Kuwait to introduce Pasticceria Di Pietro – Kuwait’s first Sicilian pastry shop. The range of delights offered at the Pasticceria includes cakes, cookies,



homemade candied orange peel and of course, their very famous cannolis. From the iconic and always classic and traditional Cannoli Siciliani flavor, salted caramel, Nutella, peanut butter and much more, this Sicilian favorite is taken to new delicious levels at the Pasticceria Di Pietro. Pasticceria Di Pierto is now open in Sharq at Khaleejiya Building. For more information or to order online, visit www.pasticceriadipietro.com. You can find Pasticceria Di Pietro on Instagram @Dipietro_kw. You can also order via Whatsapp: 6511 9921. Pinkberry Pinkberry offers a tangy, refreshing

taste and is a healthy guilt-free treat, made with real nonfat milk and real nonfat yogurt containing calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals and packed with live and active yogurt cultures. Their yogurt is certified by the National Yogurt Association in the U.S, and researchers have found early evidence linking live and active yogurt cultures to a variety of health benefits including support for a healthy immune system, joint health and flexibility. The fruit is fresh, hand cut every day; it’s never frozen, canned or sitting in syrup. The cup of creamy goodness can be enjoyed in six mouth-watering flavors: starting with Original, Pomegranate, Coconut,

Regency Gourmet Give in to temptation at the Regency Gourmet located in Kuwait’s Regency Hotel, offering refined pastries created by their amazing, professional pastry team. Early risers will enjoy a selection of gourmet coffees, espressos and cappuccinos that beautifully complement your favorite cakes made by the awardwinning pastry team. This luxury gourmet shop is also stocked with high-end collection of teas, Balsamic vinegar and flavored olive oil, which are exclusively available for purchase at The Regency Gourmet. The Regency Gourmet is located at The Regency Kuwait. You can follow them on Instagram @TheRegencyQ8. The Regency Gourmet is open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. For more information, call 2576 6666 or visit www.theregencykuwait.com. Salé Sucré Pâtisserie Salé Sucré, the famous Egyptian destination for all things savory and sweet, is delighting customers across Kuwait. Egypt’s best kept secret, Salé Sucré is all about quality and taste at great value, ranging from their wide




White Vanilla White Vanilla is a café and bakery concept created by BLENDS Kuwait, who brought us Casper and Gambini’s, Waterlemon and much more. Located in Dasman and overlooking the pristine Arabian Gulf, White Vanilla’s décor invokes an industrial meets rustic setting, serving up specialty-baked goods. White Vanilla offers up a delicious breakfast menu, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. The bakery section includes a variety of English cakes, and freshly-baked pastries and croissants. White Vanilla is located in Ahmad Tower, Dasman. Please call 6688 7990 for more details, and you can follow them on Instagram @whitevanillakw or visit their website www.blendskuwait.com for the latest updates.


Sprinkles Cupcakes Recognized as the world’s first original cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes is credited with starting the “cupcake craze”. Founder Candace Nelson chose to go back to the basics with a scratch-based cupcake policy, a natural

extension of her great grandmother’s legacy who was renowned for the inimitable desserts she created – pure, delicious, uncomplicated pastries. The result is an uncompromising taste, hand-crafted with the world’s finest ingredients that shine through with every scrumptious bite. One bite of their delicious lemon coconut cupcake, and you are sure to be hooked for life. With constantly evolving flavors of the month, look out for the S’more. We could almost hear the campfire crackling when we bit into the graham cracker-lined Belgian dark chocolate cake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache and topped with toasted marshmallow frosting. Sprinkles Cupcakes is located in the Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3192). For delivery, call 2221 4444 or find them on Talabat. Follow them on Instagram @sprinklescupcakesme or Facebook: SprinklesMiddleEast.


Sloan's Ice Cream Imagine an ice cream utopia, a home and haven for the young and the young at heart. Ice cream, candy and toys know no age, and with the opening of the acclaimed Sloan’s Ice Cream at The Promenade, these utopic dreams will soon become a reality! The Florida-based brand is

renowned for combining innovative ice cream flavors with over-the-top aesthetics. The stores’ décor echoes with vivacious vibes, and the alwaysmemorable bold pink and neon green walls are overflowing with heaping amounts of bulk candy, fabulous chocolates, apples and whimsical toys set alongside the fluffiest of friends. Sloan’s Ice Cream is open in The Promenade Mall in Hawalli. For more information, visit their website at www. sloansicecream.com, and follow them on Instagram @sloans_kwt.


range of French and Oriental sweets to their savory baked goods. The perfect addition to any gathering – Salé Sucré will become your go-to spot for that bite of goodness you crave after any meal. Salé Sucré is located in Salmiya (2575 6263), Hamad Al Mubarak Street, Block 2, Building 18 and in Farwaniya (5167 3735). Call the location of your choice for more information and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Salesucrekuwait.

Salé Sucré Pâtisserie


Sprinkles Cupcakes

Bridgew cho

water oco

DIP, TOP AND ENJOY YOUR POP! Pinkberry’s Handcrafted Frozen Yogurt Pops

If you’re on the hunt for a sweet treat and frozen yogurt tops your list, then Pinkberry’s range of customizable and handcrafted frozen yogurt pops are a must-try! Always a leading retailer when it comes to frozen yogurt treats, Pinkberry has taken the classic frozen yogurt concept to a whole new level of deliciousness and fun. Prepared with premium non-fat frozen yogurt, gourmet dry toppings and delectable sauces, Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt pops are customizable, and are perfect to enjoy on the go. Let your imagination run wild, with the endless combinations that are guaranteed to tantalize even the most discerning taste buds. Just as you would create your regular frozen yogurt treat, all you have to do is choose one of the available flavors on offer. You can opt for tangy and indulgent flavors, which are then dipped into either a rich chocolate sauce, creamy pistachio sauce, or other sauces based on seasonality. You’re then presented with a choice of wondrous toppings that varies from crunchy granola, or a colorful burst of sprinkles, to the tropical coconut 158

flakes! It’s all about your craving du jour. Craving more? We recommend that you take it one step further by double dipping your frozen yogurt pop and adding a drizzle of sauce for an extra special treat. Watching the preparation of your customized Pinkberry frozen yogurt pop really makes the experience all the more worthwhile! A simple, plain, frozen yogurt stick is transformed into a delicious masterpiece, and your excitement to try yours will intensify as the friendly staff continues to prepare it for you. It all begins when you first witness the rich sauce of your choice slowly drip off the frozen yogurt pop after the stick has been artfully dipped, then seeing your selection of gourmet toppings and sauces gently placed atop your frozen yogurt pop. This will certainly leave you counting the seconds until you get to bite into your personalized treat! We’re already fantasizing about a pomegranate frozen yogurt pop with chocolate and coconut flakes, as this concoction would be perfect for any season. If chocolate is your weakness, then go for a chocolate frozen yogurt pop, dip it in Pinkberry’s signature, wonderful chocolate

sauce, and add more chocolatey toppings and sauce. Trust us, you won’t regret it. If on the other hand, you would rather enjoy a healthier treat, then simply opt for the original frozen yogurt pop dipped in pistachio with some almonds. That’s the beauty behind customization at Pinkberry- whether you like to go all out or make healthier choices, it is entirely up to you. Now a part of Pinkberry’s ever growing menu, frozen yogurt pops arrive as an innovative way of enjoying a classic dessert that has grown into a true local favorite amongst customers in Kuwait. Find Pinkberry at 1st Avenue - The Avenues (2228 3768), 2nd Avenue - The Avenues (2228 3767), Grand Avenue - The Avenues (2228 3096), Marina Mall (2208 1137), Marina Crescent (2221 4991), Arabella - Albida’a - AlTa’wan St (2221 4991), Jabriya Block 1A, St. 105 (2531 2639) and The Gate Mall (2208 1232). For more information, make sure to follow Pinkberry on Facebook: PinkberryMiddleEast, and Instagram @PinkberryME. 159


eating in kuwait


DONER & SHAWARMA The lowdown on where to find the Middle East’s favorite sandwich




Abou Jassem One of the newest in the shawarma scene, Abou Jassem offers a sandwich that is both fresh and bursting with flavors. From the same people who brought you SemSom, Margherita, the chef at Abou Jassem has nailed the fresh tastes of a shawarma by creating everything that goes into it on site. From breads to sauces and meat marinating, the entire process happens in-house. And they keep it simple, very simple. You can pick between a meat or chicken shawarma on saj or sandwich bread, and with your choice of tomatoes, onions, parsley and pickles. They have the garlic sauce toumiya for chicken and tahina for meat. Or you can get the Abou Jassem with their special sauce. No matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed fresh and delicious.



Abou Jassem is located in Marina Mall food court and Gate Mall food court and is open from 12pm to 12am. To contact them call 188 8848 or follow them on Instagram @abou_jassemkw. Doneroti The latest to hit the shawarma scene has definitely made a huge splash with something entirely different. Doneroti, German Doner is not for the faint hearted. With amazingly huge portions, this is a must try for shawarma and Doner lovers in Kuwait. At Doneroti, you can indulge to your heart’s content as this retailer maintains a totally healthier approach to the traditional kebab. And you can delight yourself by getting 100% veal and pure chicken

fillets Doners where the meat is directly imported from Germany and especially produced and tailor-made to suit the local market. Everything about Doneroti is authentic, from the homemade fresh waffle bread to the locally sourced vegetables and their three signature sauces. As soon as you sink your teeth into one of their signature Doner Kebabs and introduce your taste buds to that amazing waffle bread, you will notice that the taste is unique to this place alone, and you will never find it elsewhere in the market. Want to go bold? Mix the meats for one delicious veal and chicken Doner sandwiches. Looking for something cheesy? Add extra cheese. Feeling really carnivorous? Get your sandwich with extra meat. There is

something delicious for everyone in Doneroti. Doneroti is located in Salmiya, Restaurants Street and Al-Ardiya Industrial Restaurants Street. For delivery options, Call them at 2220 0123 or find them on Talabat. Follow them on Instagram @donerkebabkw or Facebook @donerkebabkuwait. The Doner Factory If we know anything about Kuwait’s foodies, we know for sure that they’ve embraced the German doner as a trusted favorite. The Doner Factory delivers on the promise of an authentic, uncompromising German doner in all of its glory. Located in Al Shaab Al Bahary, you get all the elements that make this street food delectable, and you also

shawarma matic


eating in kuwait




get to enjoy their infamous Kapsalon, a layered dish complete with fries, Kebab meat, salad and cheese. To get your doner fix, you choose your bread (wrap or pita), doner filling (beef or chicken) followed by your choice of veggies and sauce (simple yoghurt, their secret dynamite sauce, garlicy tahini or a mysterious very spicy sauce). You can find the Doner Factory in Al Shaab Al Bahary. Call 2265 0576 for orders and delivery. You can also order via talabat.com or you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @TheDonerFactory.


Mearmisha In the side streets of Shaab Al Bahary this small shawarma boutique has become a favorite among shawarma lovers. Their spices



are picked carefully to enhance the taste of their fresh meats. The small sandwiches are great for a snack, or order more for a full meal. They serve five different types of beef and chicken shawarma, but it’s Mearmisha’s chutneys that give it a special flavor. You can go sweet with mango chutney, or spicy with green pepper or jalapeno. Choose to get it wrapped in saj bread or get it served on Lebanese bread; it’ll be as fresh either way. Our personal favorite is the Abo El Waleed beef shawarma, made with whole mint leaves; this is definitely a light and healthy choice. Mearmisha located in Shaab Al Bahary, Al Thahaby Street, Building 32 (2261 5234). Open from 1 pm to midnight. Follow them on Instagram @Mearmisha.

Mr. Greek Coming to Kuwait from the heart of Toronto’s ‘Greektown’, this franchise’s slogan ‘Because life has to be enjoyed!’ definitely hit home as we immersed ourselves in the Greek pita and delicious doner meats. Mr. Greek’s sandwiches use the thicker Greek pita bread, or flatbread. The thicker bread is important to hold up the large slices of perfectly seasoned doner meats and fresh toppings like tomatos and onions. If you want a healthy choice Mr. Greek is definitely the place to go with their Greek yogurt dressing that takes you right to the heart of the Mediterranean. Besides the authentic doners, you can also enjoy a variety of great-tasting classical Greek favorites at exceptionally competitive prices. Visit Mr. Greek in their dine-in

location in Kuwait City, The Gate Mall in Eqaila, or their express location in the Marina Mall food court. For more information call them on 2266 4433 or visit their website mrgreek.com.kw. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @MrGreekKuwait. Shawarma-Matic You are definitely in for an upgrade in the world of Shawarma here. At Shawarma-matic all the meat is cut automatically by a machine, which means consistency of the cut, but that is just the tip of what makes this place great. They have 6 different kinds of meat, ever spinning, in the slow roasted manner that you only get from the Shawarma experience: beef,

doneroti 100% Quality Ingredients. Salmiya, Restaurants Street. Industrial Ardiya, 5th Ring Road. Tel: 22200123 instagram: doneroti


eating in kuwait


the phrase many times. It usually describes somewhere small, limited seating, simple menu. We use it as a compliment. It is the antithesis of the franchise, of the chain restaurant, of bloated eateries with hundreds of seats and even more dishes on their menu. Shawarma Shuwaikh is both a Shawarma place, producing top-notch food, and a shrine to this humble meal. The place is at once homage to, and an innovation of, the art of cooking meat on a skewer, and serving it, in a variety of ways, in bread. This is a place that is proud to be Kuwaiti, proud to celebrate its integration of other cultures, proud of tradition but also of modernity. Oh, and the Shawarma is damn tasty too! Shawarma Shuwaikh is located in Shuwaikh Residential area, just opposite the mosque, at Shuwaikh Co-op and on the 30 – Istiqlal Road in Bneid Al Qar. For more information visit www.shawarmashuwaikh.com or call 6636 6612. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram, @shawarmashwaikh.


Shawarma Shuwaikh


chicken, Taouk, Turkish Doner, Tandoori, and Kabbab. When it comes to the breads, you have your choice of Lebanese, Samoun, Saj, or a Burger bun. Lastly, for sauces they have even more varieties with nine different basic toppings (of which you can pick four), ten premium toppings for a



slight up-charge, and over a dozen different sauces. The Saj bread was wonderfully fresh, warm, and presented hot off the grill with the help of a Panini-press type melting and melding of all the inside goodness, before being presented to you. Shawarma-matic is located in Salmiya,

Block 9 Baghdad Street and on Street 10 in Mahboula. For more information call them on 2225 6444 or head to www.shawarma-matic.com. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates @Shawarmamatic. Shawarma Shuwaikh Hole-in-the-wall place – you’ve heard

Slice Slice is a favorite doner shawarma spot in Kuwait. Since opening, it has continued to wow clients at its amazing locations that provide the tastiest Doner sandwiches. Choose between a beef or chicken doner in a wrap or pita bread. Yet, their secret is in the sauce, with offerings of a yogurt sauce, tahina, chili, garlic and even ketchup. Or you can go for the special sauce with a mêleé of spicy flavors bound to have you come back for more. You can also add lettuce, cabbage, tomato and onion to your shawarma to really liven it up. We also have a weak spot for their Doner burgers! Slice is located in Kuwait City, Shuwaikh, Adailiya and Salmiya. You can get more information by calling 6700 9974 or visit their website slicedoner.com or follow them on Instagram or Twitter @slice_kw.

Arwa Water


eating in kuwait



From Macedonia to Great Britain and everything in between, enjoy sophisticated fine food samplings from all over the continent.


Cafe Coco


Brasserie De L’Etoile The Brasserie De l’ Etoile is the gem among its peers at The Avenues, for various reasons, the most explicit of which is its rarity as a traditional French restaurant in Kuwait; one that pays homage to dreamy images of Parisian boulevards, quaint cobblestone roads and simply immaculate cuisine. When you step into the Brasserie you can exhale the mundanity of all that comprises an average day, and to inhale the imaginativeness wrapped in an elegant French dining experience. Brasserie also offers a breakfast, lunch and snack menu. It looks irresistible and full of your French favorites like croque monsieur, croque madam, fresh croissants and café au lait. Brasserie De L'Etoile is located 2nd



Avenue – The Avenues. Call 2228 3506 for more information and follow them on Instagram @Brasseriekwt. C-Lounge The C-Lounge at C-Club promises an authentic Spanish dining experience in an elegant atmosphere by the beach. The quality of their dishes and customer service is unrivalled. You walk into the lounge and you’re immediately put at ease by the warm glow of their soft lighting and luxurious socializing area. The hustle and bustle of the outside world is immediately silenced, and is replaced by the sounds of sea waves gently brushing against the shore. Even if you’re not a member, the C-Lounge welcomes you to try out their exquisite dishes in a special section open to the public. It is neither busy nor empty; you

feel in tune with the energies of other people who have also come to unwind and celebrate life in this beautiful eatery. As we poured over the menu, we were surprised to find many options that are vastly different from other restaurant offerings in Kuwait. There was squid, foie gras, and the renowned Spanish paella – all exotic delicacies that we couldn’t wait to try. C-Lounge is located at the exclusive C-Club in Al-Bida’a. Dining at C-Lounge is available upon reservation. Contact them at 2225 3170 for more information. Café Coco Fresh croissants baking in the back, macaroons beautifully placed in rainbow rows, and artisan chocolates gloriously arranged, Café Coco is

the epitome of all things Parisian. Made with love and served with a smile, Café Coco is located amidst the hustle and bustle of The Grand Avenue. Serving everything from breakfast to a light dinner, Café Coco does brunch as it’s meant to be. Pop in to treat yourself or a loved one to a gloriously arranged box of chocolates or macaroons to go, or take a seat and enjoy the super friendly service and delicious offerings. With Café Coco, you can never go wrong. Treat a family member, a friend, or even yourself to one of Café Coco’s extraordinary concoctions, located in the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Call 2228 3232 for more information. Follow them for the latest updates on Facebook and I n s t a g r a m , @CafeCocoMe.

English T-lounge


eating in kuwait


Fauchon Fauchon, the French brand long synonymous with glitz and glamor, has several locations of its eateries locally; each one of them offers a substantially different feel to meet your equally varied moods. With an ambiance that easily can make you feel like you are in the midst of a French fashion show, they present the food with equal glitz and glamor. From the gloss and gleam of the walls, to the sheen of the menus themselves—this place is as “in” as it gets. It is an added bonus then that the food is also so downright crave-worthy. The Salhiya location that offered more retail than sustenance has been completely remodeled and includes a wonderful outdoor seating area. So when one is considering this restaurant for their next meal, they have the benefit of choosing according to which type of experience they are looking to have. Fauchon is located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (2473 2100); Salhiya Plaza in Kuwait City (2299 6446); Prestige Hall – The Avenues (2220 0666), and Mall 360 (2530 9620). For more information find them on the Crowne Plaza website. You can follow them on Instagram or Twitter @Fauchon_Kuwait or on Facebook: FauchonKuwait.


Fauchon Le Gourmet Craving the finer things in life? Nestled in the folds of Salhiya Mall, you'll find a vamped version of the classic Fauchon cafe, dubbed Le Gourmet Café by Fauchon. Offering two menus, one of which contains all your old favorites, Le Gourmet Café by Fauchon is fashioned to cater to the higher palate, or just the person craving beef tartare, escargot, and playful molecular gastronomy created desserts. Pay them a visit and allow your tastebuds to experience true luxury. An experience not to be missed, visit Fauchon’s Le Gourmet Café now!



Fauchon Le Gourmet Located opposite Trafalgar inside Salhiya Complex in Kuwait City, you can follow them on Instagram for more information and glorious food images @Fauchon_Kuwait. Le Notre Since its official inauguration in Kuwait in 1998 under the supervision of the prestigious MMC Kuwait, Le Notre has always been our home away from home, a place where we experienced all things Parisian and chic. From the exemplary food to beautiful décor, Le Notre’s main location on Gulf Road always had an inimitable vibe. Today, the restaurant is also home to Le Notre’s dedicated chocolate boutique and florist, where

you can easily come to the location to organize your next event with complete ease and peace of mind. Expect the finest in contemporary French gastronomy coupled with a Middle Eastern twist alongside your favorite classics at Le Notre. More importantly, Le Notre adheres to a “paddle to plate” policy, ensuring that customers receive only the freshest ingredients. Le Notre Restaurant is located on Gulf Road, by the Kuwait Towers. You may also find other Le Notre Cafes, with locations in Al Fanar Complex, Marina Mall and 360 Mall. For reservations or more information, please call 1805 050 or 9933 3100, visit www.lenotreparis-kuwait.com or

Le Notre follow them on Instagram, @LenotreKw. Torero From Marbella’s old town, to the lively Arabella promenade in Al Bida’a, visitors will surely be impressed with Torero, Spanish restaurant and Churreria. With an armor of expertly trained Spanish head chefs, along with Marbella’s most prized Churrero, Torero offers a much-desired break from other dining concepts. As far as Spanish cuisine is concerned, tapas, also known as small plates, are always the best way to go when dining in a group. Move on to one of Torero’s Spit Roasts, or Al Espeto Malagueño, slowly barbecued cuts of

Every purchase brings you closer to London Explore London and beyond with the only British Airways credit card in the Middle East, exclusively from CBK. And receive up to 12,500 bonus Avios when you sign up, enough to y you to London*.

Altijari2 birtish airways

Find out more at ba.com/cbk

Terms and Conditions Apply. *Reward ights are subject to availability. Taxes fees and carrier charges apply. Bonus Avios are subject to successful application and spend criteria which vary per product. Visit ba.com/cbk for full details.


eating in kuwait


beef, chicken or lamb on burning coals, a classic that hails from Malaga beach, or traditional Paellas. The Chocolate Bomba for dessert is not to be missed! Torero Spanish Restaurant & Churreria is located in Arabella, Al Bida’a. For reservations or inquiries call 9494 5904, visit www.torerosrc.com and follow them on Instagram @ToreroSrc.


Va Boca We stumbled across Va Boca in the craziness that is Salmiya, tucked within one of the offshoot streets of the infamous Shaara Mathaam or “Restaurant Street”. Since its inception, Va Boca Restaurant’s food concept centers around Macedonian/ Balkan cuisine. It is also one of the few restaurants in K-town offering a supplement “fitness menu.” You have the option of taking your palate through an exotic epicurean journey which features an array of fantastic dishes such as Macedonian kebabs, Balkan burgers and even most notably, Tavce gravce, which is a white bean dish baked in traditional earthenware and also happens to be the national dish of Macedonia. Va Boca Restaurant is located in Salmiya behind Platinum Gym. Follow them on Instagram @vaboca or call 2573 1448 or 2573 1442. Open daily from 9 a.m. – 12 a.m. and also available on Talabat.com.


Zoi If you're looking for a fresh take on classic Greek fare, then ZOI is the place for you. Nestled within the urban setting of Shuwaikh Market, this rustic eatery will have you feeling like you stepped into Yia Yia's house for a heartwarming, homecooked meal. If the great food and beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere aren't enough, there's a quaint little shop attached selling gorgeous goodies for you to take the ZOI experience home! ZOI is located in Shuwaikh Market in Shuwaikh Industrial Area-1. Call them on 2221 6935 for enquiries and follow them on Instagram @ZoiKw for more.




PASTA COOKING COMMANDMENT SAVE AT LEAST HALF A CUP OF THE PASTA WATER Before draining your pasta in the sink, always be sure to reserve half a cup to one cup of the pasta water (I like to use a mug for this). If you're making any number of sauces besides a tomato-based sauce (like a simple butter and cheese sauce, cacio e pepe, carbonara, or a garlic), pasta water is the "secret" ingredient that brings the sauce together and creates the silkiest possible consistency. The reason? The residual water is starchy from the cooked pasta and salty (because you liberally salted your water!), and when you add a tablespoon or two at a time, it allows the pasta to cling to the sauce even more and creates a cohesive, creamy sauce. If your pasta has been sitting at room temperature for a while on the stove, you can add some to loosen it up.

Cost Coffee Corto


eating in kuwait



Because healthy is always delicious! From gluten-free bakeries to perfect nibbles that won't pile on the pounds, kick start healthy eating habits right here!




Bluezone Juice Bar There’s nothing quite like grabbing a post-workout smoothie or a fresh shot of wheatgrass before heading home. The health benefits alone of proper smoothies – no not the shakes with ice-creams and complex sugars – and cold pressed juices are reason enough to make the Bluezone Juice Bar a regular pit-stop. With fridges stocked with their cold pressed juices at several Sultan Centers, you really have no excuse. The real treat though, lies within the walls of the Sultan Center in Shaab. Also known as home to the Bluezone Juice Bar, this is where certified Holistic Health Coach Khalidah Al Essa blends some of her favorite combos for you to enjoy. The Bluezone Juice Bar is the ideal place to go to get a yummy



smoothie and healthy snacks. With everything made in-house, even the nut-milks and coconut milk are made fresh and bottled for later use, you’re guaranteed absolutely no preservatives or harmful additives. Fresh and chemical-free offerings are what makes Bluezone Juices special. The Bluezone Juice Bar is located past the fresh produce section at the Sultan Center in Shaab. Bluezone juices can be purchased at the Sultan Center in Sharq, Shaab, Al Kout and Salmiya. Follow them on Instagram and SnapChat @BlueZoneKW for more information and offerings! Caveboy Grubs Caveboy Grubs, the dairy, gluten and grain-free Paleolithic (or Paleo) foodie concept that hit the scene.

Their moto, ‘who wants to eat like a caveman?’ got us wondering how could dairy-free chocolate exist? That’s what the Caveboy Grubs team aims to achieve. With gourmands Fadhel Husain, Aziz Ali Almawash and Rami Obeid on hand, Caveboy Grubs is changing the meaning of a Paleo lifestyle, one delectable, yet alternative, dish at a time. Caveboy Grubs’ creations include Paleo Falafel wraps, pizza, carrot cakes, bagels, breads in different kinds, chocolates and much more. For more information about Caveboy Grubs, find them on Instagram . Call or Whatsapp 9668 7475 for your orders and delivery. Chiquita Fruit Bar Many people know the Chiquita

brand for its historical presence in the banana market. However, in recent years they have moved on to both other fruits, and other manners of getting them to you. With the launch of the Chiquita fruit bar in Kuwait we are treated to the first of its kind in the Middle East—though I am sure it will not be the last. With a menu that is both fun and innovative, as well as more versatile than one would expect, they are poised to be your favorite drop-in to satiate that midshopping need to refuel. The Chiquita fruit bar is located in the new Souk section of Phase III of The Avenues. Find them online at www.chiquita-fruitbar.com or follow them on Twitter @chiquitabar_me, or on Instagram @chiquitafruitbar_me.

Wholesome Foods


eating in kuwait


Firin Originally opened in November 2011, this company has been churning out glutenfree options and working to educate the local market about living gluten-free for the last 4 years. This exclusively glutenfree business prides themselves on no possibility of cross contamination. Originally started as a bakery, they are now working to be a one-stop-shop with new options that include retail versions of gluten-free cereals, pastas and energy bars. They also now do wonderfully decorated birthday cakes of various sizes for your next kids birthday party. With plans to open a new location in Qatar next month, they are a brand on the rise. Must try dishes include GF pita bread, strawberry cheesecake, and the mini Chag o Haleeb. Firin is located in Hawalli on Tunis Street. Phone 2266 6100 or contact, @firin.co or find them through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ firinbakery.


Health Stop Health Stop are known to select only the highest quality ingredients and using cooking techniques that avoid the use of unhealthy fats, sugars or salt. Their aim is to provide you with the yummiest food with the highest nutritional content possible. Ensuring you don’t consume empty calories, each dish at Health Stop is perfectly balanced – they even take the extra step to providing dietary tips and advice when needed. With their seven basic categories, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit to your food requirements. Health Stop is located in Mahboula, Salmiya, Jabriya and Kaifan. You can call them at 183 9090 for more information or order via talabat. com. Follow them on Instagram @HealthStop for more!


Healthy Feast We couldn’t be more excited about this delectable eatery! If you’re looking for a place that convinces your friends that healthy eating



is indeed very delicious, then you should take them to Healthy Feast located in the quiet streets of Bneid AlGar. With the promise of using fresh, local, organic ingredients while also providing Gluten-free dining options, your target of living healthy will be easy to achieve, AND maintain. Call 2241 2437 for more information, and find them on Instagram, @Healthy_Feast. Closed Sundays. Healthylicious Q8 This is usually our go-to delivery option if we’re in the mood for a proper lettuce wrapped burger and baked sweet potato fries. Besides their signature burger offering, Healthylicious Q8 is dubbed as Kuwait’s hippest ‘Diet’ Restaurant and its menu is plentiful with seafood dishes, Asian renditions, sandwiches, salads and so much more. Also on the menu is an impressive offering of different shakes and smoothies for every fitness routine. Their Instagram account also offers loads of healthy tips, which is always a fantastic way to stay motivated and keep to healthy eating! Healthylicious Q8 is located in Salmiya (5066 0017) and inside Platinum Gym in Sabah Al Salem (2239 6398). You can also subscribe to a monthly meal menu by calling 2241 7095. For more details, find them on Instagram @Healthyliciousq8. The Hidden Bakery For those living Gluten Free, either by choice or for health reasons, sometimes those sweet cravings can be very difficult to manage. For that reason, we deliver you with the best-kept secret: The Hidden Bakery. Imagine a Gluten-free world filled with finger licking Carrot Cake, Citrus Cakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, and Peanut Butter Brownie Trifles. Each and every item is baked with love, designed with your health in mind, and is freshly made and delivered straight to your door! If you’re a pie fiend, then look

Bluezone Juice Bar no further than the Hidden Bakery, as their pumpkin and pecan pie options are delectable. Just when you think they’ve missed something, then they will come back to you with more options like dairy free and sugar free cupcakes, as well as scrumptious donuts! You can call 5556 6676 or find them on Instagram @TheHiddenBakery. Ingredients Watching your calories for that perfect beach body? Then Ingredients is the ideal place for you. Their dishes are all made out of only the freshest produce and they add all the nutritional information to every dish. So, no more wondering if that salad is actually good for you, or if you are taking in hidden calories. Fear not though, Ingredients’

dishes are still quite filling, and are definitely delicious. We chose the Roasted Pumpkin Salad, delicious roasted pumpkin pieces atop a medley of greens that includes kale and mint. Feta cheese and pine nuts give an added creaminess and crunch to this 357 calorie dish. The Rocca Salad packs quite a punch with strawberries, pomegranate, rocca leaves, almond shaves and parmesan. At only 216 calories, it is the perfect lunch for the health nut in you. Ingredients is located in Kuwait City Mirqab on Abdullah Almubarak St. in front of the Souq Safa parking, and is open from 12.00pm – 9.00pm Saturday to Thursday. For delivery please call 2241 2336, follow them on Instagram @ingredientskwt, or visit them on talabat.com.

Wholesome Foods At BlueZone we believe we are what we eat, and it should be explosively tempting! Welcome to your vital way of living healthy


eating in kuwait


LoFat From the demand within the restaurant industry for healthy and light cuisine, came the idea for LoFat. Its mission is to raise the standards of health and to explore a new dimension of food catering in Kuwait. It is the place where people can come to eat a light healthy meal in a fun, bright, inspiring place. The menu concentrates on light sandwiches, wraps, sides, and salads. Popular dishes include Unfried Fries (baked in the oven with oregano and rosemary), Grilled steak and bell pepper wrap (lean steak and chargrilled bell peppers finely blended with rocca leaves, red onion and cherry tomato) and LoFat Caesar salad – a LoFat take on a classic. Eat in, take away, or order delivery – there’s no excuse not to eat healthily! LoFat is located all over Kuwait and also delivers via talabat.com. For more information, please call 2225 0650, you can find them on Instagram and Twitter @LoFatGroup, or visit thelofat.com.


OVO Find yourself scratching your head to accommodate your vegan and vegetarian counterparts when dining out? OVO will deliciously settle any disputes with its carefully curated menu, set to please the palates of herbevoires, homnivoires and carnivoires alike. The best part is, all dishes from OVO are crafted with freshness and goodness in mind, so rest assured, you will be helping yourself to a healthy yet satisfying meal. Visit OVO today! Located in the Al Massaleh East Complex in Bneid AlQar. Follow them on Instagram for updates @ovokwt and on Facebook: OVOkwt. Call them at 2257 5324/ 2257 5374.


Paleo Paul Looking to shed a few pounds? Or maybe you're just trying to ease into a healthier eating lifestyle. Chef Paul's



Paleo Paul is the delivery service you need in your life! This Paleo eating food service is so simple to sign up for and the food arrives fresh at whatever time is most convenient for you daily. Yay! You can fit into your jeans again!Interested in going Paleo? Check out Paleo Paul’s Instagram page for more information @paleopaulq8, or call them at 9402 8594. Visit their website at www.chefpaulkitchen.com. Salad Boutique Tastefully designed interior bathed in dim lights; the air punctuated with tantalizing aromas and new-age music in the background, lures you to take a seat. The place is small without being uncomfortable. Their trademark Pink is everywhere – tablemates, take-away boxes, bags, even a section of the entrance wall adorned with quaint pink bottles – all hinting of a woman’s touch. Salad Boutique is not just about salads or the notion that women are more inclined towards eating salads than men. Without losing the essential uniqueness that sets it apart, Salad Boutique also offers sandwiches, risottos and desserts, along with fresh juices and energy drinks to make it a complete dining experience. Although a little pricey, you would not mind it once you have been there. Its private setting makes an ideal venue to dine with someone ‘special’ or with friends. Salad Boutique is located in Jabriya, B-1A, St-6, Bldg-91, behind Champions Health Club, Shaab Bahari and Divonne in Abu Hasaniya, open from 8am to 12pm. For reservations, deliveries or to inquire about their gift line, call 2261 2411 or 2266 3615 or you can email them at info@saladboutique.com. Follow them on Instagram @SaladBoutique. Salad Creations Developed from a growing need delicious and nutritious delivery, Salad Creations is here for the lifestyle minded consumer who’s seeking

Healthy Feast a great, fresh, delicious meals. And boy are they delicious! Healthy sandwiches and salad options will leave you feeling satisfied and light! Salad Creations is located at 360

Mall, Baitak Tower, Zain HQ, KU Khaldiya Campus and KIPCO Tower. Follow them on Instagram for more information @saladcreationskw and you can always order via talabat.com.



Grocery shopping made fun

Shopping for groceries is on everyone’s daily, weekly, or monthly chore list – depending on how you plan and prep your meals, of course. This bazaarite tends to do a big shop weekly and mini visits on a daily basis, and I’m clearly not one of those super planners. Preferring to prep my food as I go along, Saveco has been my saving grace. With two large locations – one in Qurain and the other in Al-Rai – and a Wholesome Foods by Saveco concept located in Salmiya, food shopping has never been easier! There’s always a location nearby for when inspiration strikes – or the fridge is bordering on empty. As a Salmiya dweller, the Wholesome Foods by Saveco concept is perfect! Specializing in organic, natural produce and frozen foods as well as diet-friendly and protein fortified foods, Wholesome Foods by Saveco is the perfect go-to when looking for specialist items. As you walk around the beautiful store you won’t spot any of the usual overly-sugary suspects. Instead, you’ll find healthier versions of your favorite guilty-pleasures! Spread over two floors, you’ll be able to find everything you need for 178

your house and more. There’s absolutely no need to hunt for an organic corner as the entire establishment is dedicated to organic foods. You can even get some of your favorite household supplies from napkins and tissues to detergents! If you’re feeling a little hungry while shopping, stop by their Fatayer stand and pick up a freshly prepared wrap to your liking. Or better yet, why not grab a seat at their café and enjoy a cup of tea with a light meal? Accessible from the lower level, you can enjoy pristine views of the Gulf for an unforgettable experience. As someone that had studied in the UK, Tesco’s Finest products are coveted treats that are constantly sought out. Lucky for all of us Tesco fans, Saveco stocks not only their teas, biscuits and canned goods, but you can also get their frozen foods! But that’s not all you can get from Tesco at Saveco. You can also find Tesco’s laundry detergents, dish soaps and even basic firstaid items! With so many of their household items being hauled in from the UK, you can surely find items you know and love to use around the house at any of Saveco’s locations, and they

are merchandized on to their respective shelves throughout the stores. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons I visit Saveco are the savings deals I can get with every shop over the weekends and on Mondays, making their price-points simply unbeatable! Special pricing and offers are always available at all the Saveco locations every Monday and every single weekend making for an experience, and awesome bargains, that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. At both the Al-Rai and the Qurain locations, you can enjoy isles of fresh produce, a butcher, fishmongers, a deli and all other groceries. As with the Wholesome Foods by Saveco concept, you can enjoy a light meal at the café at the larger Saveco locations as well after you’ve stocked up on the best bargain deals. But that’s not all, Saveco offers everyone a chance to learn how to create certain dishes and the opportunity to experiment with ingredients you’ve never used with their dedicated Food Academy. A huge success at the Al-Rai location, the Food Academy

has a home at the Qurain location as well. You can simply figure out what class is being taught at either location and make your way there for a day of fun. And while the Al-Rai location is a true super market, selling everything from clothing, home-ware and groceries, the Qurain location offers even more goods. With an extensive range of products, you can leave your children at the play area there while you do the shopping! Practical and fun, Saveco is a shopping experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Saveco can be found in the Al-Rai area off the 4th Ring Road, next to the nurseries, in Qurain, and Wholsome Foods by Saveco can be found in Salmiya, The View Tower. For online shopping, visit their website www.saveco.com. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Saveco and on Twitter @SavecoQ8 for more information or call them on 182 1050 or 2228 7787. 179


eating in kuwait



Say Namaste to curries and tikka with tasty foods infused with a splash of spice from India and the subcontinent.


Hotel Calcutta


Asha’s Asha’s is an Indian restaurant with an elegant, contemporary design. Sparkling draped beads create an understated atmosphere of elegance along with the semi-circular crimsoned interior of soft furnished seating. Discreet lighting from a pattern of oval and circular lamps provides a warm, welcoming setting for your meal. Asha’s is the brainchild of Asha Bhosle the famous internationally recognized chanteuse. This is Indian food brought into the twenty first century with three main styles of cooking: Asha’s Own, Contemporary and Fusion. A real dining experience awaits you. Be prepared to be charmed by the ambiance, music, décor and aroma. Favorites include barrah kebab (baby lamb chops marinated in ginger-



garlic yogurt and spices and cooked in the tandoor oven), murg tikka chat (chicken tikka tossed with onions, coriander and green chilies in tangy mint and sweet tamarind chutney), and chingli chaap (jumbo prawns marinated in ginger garlic and onion then breaded and deep fried). They also have a comprehensive bar snack selection – light bites – which is a menu in its own right and is available all day and evening. Desserts are just as sumptuous – warm chocolate pudding with chili chocolate ice cream is a must, as is the mango crème brulee. Lunch is served 12.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. and dinner 7.00 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. Takeaway service as well as outside catering is also available. Asha’s is located in Marina Crescent

(2224 4502/03/09); The Avenues (2228 3503); 360 Mall (2208 1323); The Boulevard and Spoons (2225 4097). Biryani and Kebabi Biryani and Kebabi delivers authentic renditions of all of your favorite kebab-related dishes. While both words are of Farsi origin, the restaurant goes above and beyond to offer you an array of flavors that have been adopted by different regions in India and the Middle East throughout history given the region’s fame for the spice trade. Imagine a traditional Tandoor alongside a hearty serving of Chicken Machboos. The sweet aroma of Kashmiri Biryani and succulent Persian kebabs—such is

the essence of the cuisine offered at this establishment. Biryani & Kebabi is located at Arabia Mall in Egaila, across from AUM. For more information, visit biryaniandkebabi.com or call 2225 2490 for further delivery inquiries. Follow @BiryaniandKebabi on Instagram. Bukhara The Bukhara restaurant, inspired by the magnificent Palace of Jaipur, captures the romance of ancient India down to the last detail. It brings to life an array of traditionally prepared authentic Indian dishes, including the world famous flavors of tandoori. Genuine clay ovens simmer tender delicacies specially prepared to suit the taste of








Curry House Curry House, the Kuwait Catering Company’s delivery-only Indian concept, is here to fill your afternoon with spiced delights from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy an abundance of curries, biryanis, delicious spices, incredible sauces and amazingly juicy meats without all the stress of cooking. Each meal is prepared fresh to order in one of the largest ISO-certified central kitchens in the country. Every order


Copper Chimney There’s an excellent destination for Indian food at Bida’a strip, adding to the many culinary delights already on offer there, bringing authentic North Indian cuisine to Kuwait in royal style. Copper Chimney – that name just conjures up images of a traditionally cooked sumptuous feast – offers a tribute to the extravaganzas of the ‘Grand Moghuls’. Copper Chimney brings the culinary delights and traditions of Northern India and delivers an authentic dining experience that feels truly traditional but perfectly of our times. Copper Chimney is located in the Bida’a Strip and The Souk – The Avenues. For more information visit www.copperchimneykuwait.com online or you can also call 2226 3114 for reservations. You can follow them on Facebook: CopperChimneyKuwait and Instagram @copperchimney_kw.


Bukhara’s guests, while offering a magnificent view of Kuwait from the rooftop at its location at Kuwait’s Sheraton Hotel. Bukhara restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner with the accompaniment of traditional live music in the evening. Bukhara’s restaurant timings are 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for lunch and from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for dinner. Bukhara is located in the Sheraton Hotel and at the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Call 183 5555.





Sensations are back...


eating in kuwait


is artfully prepared with authentic Indian flavor; so your only stressor is deciding which amazing dish to try. They also offer bulk meal offerings for up to 6 people if you have a larger group to feed. All of their dishes come in microwavable containers to give you more time with your guests. Curry House can be ordered through www.talabat.com or call 2226 6550. For additional information, you can follow Curry House on Instagram and Twitter @curryhousekwt or Facebook @curryhousekuwait.


Dabba Wala Brought to us by the incredible people behind Hotel Calcutta, Dabba Wala is the answer to all your Indian street food needs. A long withstanding Indian tradition, the Dabba Wala, or lunch-box boy, would pick up home-cooked meals and then go around delivering them to the men at work. This acted as inspiration the canteen style eatery that brings us authentic Indian cuisine to-go. With offerings like the Okra Fries, Kathi Rolls and their very own creation, the Naanwich – Dabba Wala is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Dabba Wala is located Ardiya Industrial Restaurant Street. For enquiries and orders, call 9559 4509 and follow them on Instagram @DabbaWala_kw. Dabba Wala is also available on Talabat.com.


Dawat Dawat is known for their international classics inspired by Indian and Chinese cuisine. At Dawat, everything starts from the kitchen. It’s not just about having the most luxurious ambience or chic exclusivity; it’s all about great food served with impeccable customer service. The pleasant dining atmosphere paired with the quality of their dishes makes for



Dabba Wala an unforgettable dining experience. The excellent service and meals don’t stop there – they have a dedicated team for home delivery, which ensures that you enjoy your freshly cooked meals piping hot in the shortest possible delivery time. For those with larger groups, Dawat also offers catering options to ensure your next gathering is a delicious success. Dawat has branches in Bneid Al Gar (2241 1685), Abu Halifa (2372 4254), Jahra (2455 4642), and Farwaniya (2471 4000). You can follow Dawat on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @DawatQ8 or visit www.dawatq8.com.

Green Land Green Land, a long established vegetarian Indian enterprise, is right where it belongs in Kuwait. Nestled in Souq Al-Mubarakiya on the money exchange street opposite Al Ahli Bank, it takes its place amidst the few remnants of Kuwait’s heritage that still give one a narrow view into what used to be. Green Land fits well here – among the currency changers and carpet sellers – because of the intimate connection Kuwait and India have shared over the centuries. Perhaps the most tangible vestige of this past and continuing

influence lies in Kuwaitis’ love of their own rice-based dishes that are fundamentally Indian. At Green Land, you can have a taste of the original. Green Land is located in the Heritage Souq, Souq Al Mubarakiya, Money Exchange Street opposite Al Ahli bank. Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.; 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. (closes 10 p.m. on Sundays). Tel: 2242 4246. Hotel Calcutta More than just a restaurant, Hotel Calcutta is a nod to India’s colonial era evident in both dishes and décor. You quickly realize that with every

Soul & Spice


eating in kuwait




step you take, all you want to do is take photos of everything. From the beautiful woodwork as you enter and the old school “hotel reception” (fully equipped with traditional copper room keys), to the whimsical paintings of tigers reimagined as maharajas and the pink marble-top tables, this stunning eatery offers a modern twist on Indian favorites. Indulge in the flavors of the colonial West Bengal region with every visit to Hotel Calcutta. Located in the SoKu area of Grand Avenue – The Avenues, follow them on Instagram @HotelCalcutta for incredible



imagery. Call them on 2220 1088 for reservations and inquiries! Jamawar Make no mistake, this is not casual Indian dining fare: from the moment you approach the front door and are welcomed by the intimidatingly formal Indian doorman (see: darabana in Hindi) replete with oversized moustache, you know you are in for an experience. Blending the old-world style mixed with sleek black and modern table-tops all whilst an art deco chandelier swings overhead, the experience is elegant

and inviting. Once seated, your light wafer-like Papad arrives with mango, mint, and tamarind chutneys in tow. You may here try to resist an order of Naan out of sheer anticipation of culinary overload. The Chicken Dum Biryani, Murg Makhani, Jhinga Masala are so exceptional as to justify a visit on their own. Jamawar restaurant is located at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Farwaniya (2475 7775) and the Holiday Inn Salmiya (184 8111) - closed on Mondays. You can follow them on Instagram @Jamawar or on Facebook: jamawar.

Moti Mahal Delux The attribute of a good restaurant is not always its size or location, but rather the quality of its food and service to the customer. In this context, India’s premium restaurant, Moti Mahal Delux, makes no comprise and delivers exactly what it promises. Its name, which literally means ‘pearl palace’, has become synonymous with serving the best of North India’s gastronomic delicacies for over seven decades. Keeping the tradition of sumptuous non-greasy, non-spicy yet delectable f o o d a l i v e , a l l M ot i M ahal ’s

Dabba Wala All the way from the Streets of Mumbai Ardiya Industrial Area, Tel: 95594509 Dabbawala_kw Opening soon in Salmiya, Baghdad street


eating in kuwait


The Spice Club


branches worldwide follow strict quality standards. Why not put Moti Mahal Delux to your personal test, and join a reputable line of personalities – such as Indian leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, President Zakir Hussain, and world leaders like President Bhutto, President Nixon, King of Nepal and Soviet leaders Alexie Kosygin, Nikolia Bulganin and Nikita Krushchev – to acclaim Moti Mahal and its fine tandoori delicacies. Moti Mahal Delux is located in Shaab on the Arabian Gulf Road, Exit 5 (next to Johnny Carino’s) and in the Sabah Al-Salem area.



For reservations call 2266 7050. Follow them on Facebook: Moti Mahal Delux Kuwait. Mughal Mahal The first Mughal Mahal restaurant opened in Sharq in 1985 (there are now 8 restaurants throughout Kuwait), and the name is now synonymous with quality Indian cuisine. The restaurant in Salmiya in the Al Tahreer complex offers a new twist to their menu as they have added a continental section called ‘Multi Cuisine’. There are many favorites at Mughal Mahal including, over 16 soups to choose from. They are also renowned for

their curries – try Murg Lajawab which is a specialty of Peshawar (marinated pieces of chicken cooked with juliennes of green pepper, tomatoes, dried mango powder and saltpetre, garnished with ginger), or the Adrak Ke Panje (ginger flavored lamb chops, marinated in yogurt and selected spices and served on a sizzling plate). Vegetarian favorites include Navratan Korma (a princely flavor of seasonal vegetables simmered in a rich cashew sauce) and Kashmiri Pulao (basmati rice cooked with pineapple and nuts). Be warned the portions are very generous – so come hungry. Lunch is served from 12 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. on weekdays and until 4

p.m. on weekends; dinner is served from 6 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. on weekdays and until midnight on the weekends. Private rooms are available in some restaurants – but booking is advised, as these are very popular. Mughal Mahal delivers, using a local taxi. Mughal Mahal has 10 locations in Kuwait, and one location in Sharm ElSheikh. For more information, call 2242 5131 or visit www.mughalmahal.com to find a location near you. Soul and Spice When dining at one of the Marriot’s many fine restaurants, you can always count on quality and excellence – this ethos isn’t



Mughal Mahal

12 a.m. Call 2225 3142 or 2225 3143 for Al Bida'a, and 2220 0952 for their Avenues location. You can visit taalq8.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Taalq8.




Zafran Indian Bistro As delightful as ever, Zafaran's classic Indian dishes continue to present Indian cuisine at its best. Led by a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs, Zafran focuses on NorthWest Indian cuisine with subtle yet complex flavors. Zafran offers an outstanding experience with dishes made from fresh, high quality ingredients and home ground spices with unforgettable flavors. Located in the Lights complex, Zafran has beautiful indoors and outdoor seating. For Zafran’s home delivery service to the Mahboula and neighbouring areas. For more information please call 2228 5203 - and for deliveries in the Salmiya area, you can call, 5099 0815.


Taal At Taal, the inscribed Hindi letters on the ceiling give character, as do the beautiful, massive chandeliers in cut crystal. The food is as innovative as their design and celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur created the menu. Taal is famous for their kebabs and they have 3 distinct ways of serving: by flaming sword, on a flat iron, or skewered with a thread running through it to give a unique delivery to your plate by the waiter. Check out Dorra kebab (lamb mince blended with spices - served on a threaded skewer), Murg polti (chicken breast stuffed with minced chicken and served on a flaming sword), and Tandoori Jheenga (yoghurt and tumeric powder prawns finished in the tandoor). We can’t get enough of their Malai prawns (prawns tossed in a butter, cream and garlic sauce permeated by herbs and onion seeds). Vegetarians are also covered here, as are the dessert lovers. Taal is located on Gulf Road in the Al Bida’a restaurant strip and The Avenues. Open from 12 p.m. to


The Spice Club Within its cozy interior, you will observe a quiet dedication to recreating the look and feel of everything Indian. Wooden carved furniture, mosaic tables, elaborate lamps, doors - even their staff

hails from the Indian subcontinent. Indeed, The Spice Club’s attention to detail is admirable with every wall adorned with beautiful golden motifs, painstakingly hand-painted by contracted artists. The secret behind The Spice Club’s success is their belief in fresh products, all of which are carted in fresh daily. Spices too, are also brought in regularly from India to ensure that flavors remain intact. And when good ingredients meet culinary finesse, miracles of gastronomic proportions manifest. And this is especially true under the masterful hands of Chef Krishna Kumar. For The Spice Club, there was never anything to derail it from its Indian twist. And its dedication to replicate true Indian cuisine in a foreign land has certainly paid off nicely, winning it numerous aficionados who throng its outlet every weekend. For the taste of authentic Northern Indian cuisine, head to The Spice Club in Mall 360 and The Avenues. Call 2530 9512 for more information or to make a reservation.


compromised at Soul and Spice, the specialty Indian eatery serving authentic dishes from the country’s vast provinces. Craving some Daal Makhani and Shahi Paneer? They’ve infamously crafted masterpieces such as those with a soulful touch, guaranteeing you a gastronomical experience that you will never forget! Top it off with a sweet ending for added leisure, and enjoy its classic atmosphere with a cup of spicy chai. Once again, Indian food in Kuwait receives rave reviews with this beautiful restaurant. Soul and Spice is located in Marriott Courtyard, in Kuwait City on Shuhada Street. Call them at 2299 7000 for reservations.


eating in kuwait



The melting pot of cuisines – you’ll find dishes from all over the globe providing a multicultural flavor with every visit.


Table Otto


Al Boom Step aboard Al Boom for a truly authentic nautical atmosphere. This dhow of the boom class made her maiden voyage from India to Kuwait twenty-five years ago. Since then, Al Boom has become a perennial favorite of both residents and visitors. Dinner is served in the hull of this hand built boat, which is in dry dock next to the hotel. Guests start their meal with a selection from the impressive salad bar. Next, a choice of top quality steaks and seafood or a combination of both is on offer. A savory platter with delicate sweets, fruits, and pastries provides the perfect finale. Coffee and dates are served upstairs in the comfortable diwaniya with its fascinating collection of maritime



memorabilia. The sloping wooden floors and the staff in their old-style Kuwaiti sailors’ costumes add to the unique ambience. To eat at Al Boom is to experience an important part of local heritage. Dinner is served from 6:00 p.m. Al Boom is located in the Radisson Blu Hotel. Call 2567 3000, follow them on Instagram @RadissonBluHotelKuwait. Al Hambra Al Hambra restaurant sets a truly international pace at Sheraton Kuwait with a feast of succulent and sumptuous dishes from the four corners of the world. Whether you are sampling Al Hambra’s rich and varied buffet or enjoying à la carte dining, rest assured that every meal you experience is an unforgettable

one. In an elegant atmosphere inspired by the Al Hambra palace in Spain, the restaurant provides the perfect choice for the most discerning of palates. Al Hambra is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet timings: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for breakfast; 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for lunch and 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for dinner. À la Carte is served from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Al Hambra is located in the Sheraton Hotel and the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Call 183 5555. Asseef Restaurant Asseef Restaurant offers the best cosmopolitan dishes to cater to the most diversified tastes. The restaurant offers a daily International buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner

in addition to à la carte dining. Asseef restaurant also includes exclusive live cooking stations to titillate every palate. The restaurant is located on the second floor and offers a view of the bustling life of the capital. Tempting hot oriental appetizers, Saj bread and shawerma stations are usually present, as well as international cooking stations that are rotated. Opening hours for Asseef Restaurant are: 6:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. for breakfast, 12:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. for lunch and 7:30 p.m. until 11:30 a.m. for dinner. Asseef Restaurant is located at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. Please call 183 5555. Astra Lounge A real surprise awaits you at this



eating in kuwait


ambitiously stylish cafe. A New York style lounge in Kuwait, with a large, beautifully landscaped garden area for dining al fresco or just meeting friends. The garden is an impressive feature of the restaurant. Within the stepped courtyard are two large rectangular fountains creating a shining pearl effect as the discreet lighting plays on the water, assisting the ambience of cool relaxation. Casual dining with a fusion twist is the theme of the menu. Come to Astra to unwind and choose food according to your mood or occasion, be that dinner with friends, a casual lunch, or tea enjoyed outside. A mixture of favorite foods from all over the world defines Astra’s menu. Prepare to be dazzled by the inventiveness, enslaved by the taste, and enamored with the freshness. Astra Lounge is located in Shaab Al Bahari – behind the Abha building. Call 2262 9779.


Atlantis Named after the fabled lost city, the Atlantis Restaurant at the Marina Hotel in Salmiya takes gourmands to new heights of indulgence in fine dining. With views of both the cityscape and the majestic sea, the restaurant seems to float above the water, as the serenity of the sea takes one’s breath away. Specializing in French and fusion cuisine, as well as Mediterranean influences, the focus of the restaurant is on serving only the finest ingredients showcased in what can only be described as edible art. Although the restaurant specializes in seafood; Atlantis understands the demands of the meat-lover, and only the finest cuts of steak are served to perfection. Coupled with a menu selection that leaves diners spoilt for choice is a weekly ‘Chef’s Choice’ menu that allows for creating off-menu delights. Enjoy an after-dinner coffee or tea and be sure to leave some room for dessert, and what is particularly delicious is the thyme parfait infused with vanilla essence, or



Bao Steamed Bun the black and white chocolate mousse served with orange-flavored sauce and set on kiwi fruit, a delightful and delicate way to end the evening. Atlantis is located inside the Marina Hotel in Salmiya. For more information, call 2224 4970. Bao Steamed Bun Introducing a new fresh take and taste to the local International restaurant scene in Kuwait, Bao introduces to the market the steamed Asian bun but

developed in an all new concept. Derived from the word baozi meaning beadlike item, Bao serves both traditional Asian and contemporary flavored steamed buns in a fast-paced casual setting. Baked to perfection and enjoyed in many flavors and forms, Bao offers a simple yet chic atmosphere with a European feel behind its wide blue doors in the historic district of Sharq, Kuwait City. Sweeping the market with its new concept, indulge in Bao’s delicious

components such as the irresistible Brisket or Coconut Shrimp Bao, and divinely sweet Donut Bao. Bao is located in Khalid Bin Waleed St, Sharq, Kuwait City. For more information call 5147 0344 or get social on Instagram at @Bao_KW. Burger Boutique Black Because once you go black, you can’t go back! With scenic outdoor and indoor seating options, this minimalist approach to haute

Marriot 2 Blendz

AT BLENDZ RESTAURANT YOU WILL BE SPOILED FOR CHOICE. With a generous breakfast buffet, mouth-watering à la carte and a welcoming open kitchen setting, Blendz Restaurant serves sumptuous culinary delights all day long. Enjoy top quality food and beverages, friendly service and great deals at this beautiful all-day dining restaurant. For reservations or more information, please call 2205 9500.

RESIDENCE INN BY MARRIOTT® KUWAIT CIT Y Abdullah Saleh Almulla Street, Sharq, Kuwait City, State of Kuwait | P.O.Box 952, Dasman 15460, Kuwait T (965)2205 9500 F (965)2205 9501 www.residenceinnkuwait.com


eating in kuwait


cuisine is bound to please all indulgent taste buds. At Burger Boutique Black, innovative drinks, salads, sides and mains are created, but their claim to fame is their wood fire oven cooked burgers such as the Black – a burger made with grainfed black onyx dry-aged blend mince, topped with a smoked mature cheddar, caramelized onions, arugula and aioli, all on an entirely black bun. Don’t forget to have dessert when you’re at this fine dining establishment! The Peanut Brownie Pancakes with salted maple toffee sauce are the best way to end your experience on a sweet note. Burger Boutique Black is located at the Murouj Complex in the Sabhan area near the Sahara Golf and Country Club. Follow them on Instagram @BurgerBoutique.


Burger & Karak At the very top floor of the prestigious



Burger & Lobster



Gate Mall in the Egaila area, in between the many amazing eateries that the mall has to offer, you’ll find a homey diner by the name of Burger & Karak. The menu is expansive with different options ranging from salads, small mains and sides, burgers, Chapati, desserts, drinks and of course, the traditionally spiced tea known as Karak. Burger & Karak is located in The Gate Mall in Egaila and in Ardhiya Restaurant Streeet. Check out their website at www.burgernkarak.com and follow them on Instagram, @burgernkarak. Call them at 2205 6356 or 9995 4099 for more information. Burger & Lobster Although the Burger & Lobster has been a firm favorite among diners in London and New York, the first franchise outside of Europe and the

US opened in the Grand AvenueThe Avenues. One of the restaurant favorites, the lobster roll, is created with very simple ingredients but the result is a complex and moreish taste of fresh lobster, Japanese mayonnaise and lemon. Still, the burger is not to be missed! Find the best Surf and Turf options at Burger and Lobster. Burger & Lobster is located in The Avenues, in the Grand Avenue, overlooking The Cheesecake Factory and Victoria’s Secret. It’s opening hours are 12pm-11:30pm every day. Follow the restaurant on Facebook at Burger & Lobster Kuwait and on Instagram @burgerandlobsterkuwait. They can be reached at 2220 0954. Chocolate Gate Café Conceived with the notion of both international and innovative dining in mind as well as genius chocolate creations, The

Chocolate Gate will win your heart with their pride and joy of their operation that is the freshly concocted chocolate using the finest ingredients to the buttery and flaky pastries and breads. With a menu that boasts of breakfast options, entrées and salads, main dishes, pastas and pizza dubbed as ‘Mama’s Selection’, ‘Roadies’ and sandwiches as well as a magnificent dessert menu, you can spend the entire day here and pay no heed to the concept of time. The Chocolate Gate is located at The Gate Mall, Al Bida'a and the JACC Opera Mall. For more information, please call 2205 6111. Opening hours Sat-Wed 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Thu-Fri, 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Follow The Chocolate Gate on Instagram for updates @TheChocoGate. Crossroads Enter the international world of

the gathering


eating in kuwait




Crossroads, a buffet-style eatery, crafted with even the pickiest of eaters in mind and giving diners options they never even thought they had. The restaurant boasts a range of options specializing in Italian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese and Chinese, with sections dedicated to each cuisine, along with continental essentials enjoyed by all. Enjoy their extensive selection, including authentic cookery items faring from the Indian Tandoori to the Moroccan Tagine to elevate your dining experience. Crossroads Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuwait City on Al Shuhada



Street and is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a reservation by calling 2245 5550, and get the latest updates by following Crossroads at @JWMarriottKuwait on Instagram. Diva's If you are tired of the coffee shops and small cafés and are looking to change it up, you must try Diva’s. You will find an eclectic selection of traditional Kuwait dishes as well as pastries, a hot bar, and a made-toorder station where a chef is waiting to make an omelet to your liking. For lunch and dinner, this establishment

worked closely with French chef extraordinaire, Edward Gresser, and Diva’s resident chef Wael Saab has created a spectacular array of delicious choices for you to enjoy over lunch. Only serving the best, Diva’s has given us the opportunity to witness the evolution of food. Diva’s Restaurant & Café is located on the top floor of Olympia Mall on Gulf Road (2226 8644). You can follow them on Facebook: Diva’s Restaurant Kuwait, or Instagram @divasq8 and Twitter @divasolympia. Failaka Al Manshar Fresh mezzah selections of motabal,

hummus, tabbouleh, and some of the best tomato soup ever tasted outside of grandma’s kitchen are always available. Bright salad combinations of calamari and crisp vegetables, juicy apple coleslaw, and the artichoke salad (with whole ripe artichoke hearts) are a satisfying choice. Small batches and limited stock is the key to keeping everything as fresh as madeto-order menu items. Feature nights and cooking stations are Failaka’s specialty. Every Thursday evening is Far Eastern Night, when guests are served a fusion of culinary traditions of Arabic, Malays, Chinese, Indian and other cultures to create every food-

Millennium 2


eating in kuwait


lovers delight. Order one of their many exotic teas or smooth espressos and indulge your senses with one final round of delicious delicacies to complete your experience. Failaka is open from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located inside the Al Manshar Rotana Manshar Hotel in Fahaheel. For more information or to book reservations call 2393 1000 and follow them on Instagram @AlmansharRotana.


Figs Todd English’s Figs café features elegant and modern American takes on Italian classics. With a nuanced palate and love for both the simplicity of ingredients and the invention of new takes on the tried and true, they experiment with flavor almost as much as they stick with old-world recipes. From the brick oven woodfired pizza and pastas to a variety of inventive, if beautifully intimidating, salads, they prove their merit in each course. Be sure to prepare yourself for a lot of ingenious options, such as beet and truffle agnolotti and Fried Peanut Butter Blondie, as the menu alone can keep you busy for some time. With two local stores to choose from they are also quite convenient to find. Figs is located on the 1st level of the Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2220 0698) and on the 2nd floor of the Sky Lounge at Mall 360 (2530 9559). You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @figskuwait or visit www.figs-me.com.


Flavors Restaurant It is an informal yet stylish all-day dining restaurant, serves rich international buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a live cooking station and à la carte menu. Flavors Restaurant is located in the Safir Hotel & Residences in Fintas. Breakfast Buffet: 5:30 am – 11 am. Lunch Buffet: 12:00 pm - 03:30 pm.



The Gathering Bistro Dinner Buffet: 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Please call 2545 5555 Ext: 8120 Follow them on Instagram @safir_fintas_hotel. The Gathering Bistro Founded in 2012, The Gathering Bistro offers its customers a variety of succulent dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a very cozy atmosphere to satisfy everyone’s

craving. Whether you’re searching for the perfect poached egg or the fluffiest pancake in Kuwait, you’ll be sure to find it here for breakfast. As for lunch and dinner, the wide variety of burgers, pastas and numerous appetizers will surely keep you coming back for more, especially when you end your meal with the most enjoyable desserts.

The Gathering Bistro continuously updates its menu to keep up with the current trends, so be prepared for new dishes every now and then. As the name suggests, The Gathering Bistro is a place where you could meet up with friends for a meal or even just have a cup coffee with some heavenly dessert. Families can enjoy their weekly

the kitchen


eating in kuwait




gatherings here for a change as the menu is sure to satisfy each person’s different taste. The Gathering Bistro is located in Salhiya and Abu Halifa. Delivery is available through Carriage or call 9809 9065. Follow @GatheringKW on Instagram for the latest updates.


IKEA Entering the IKEA restaurant you get an instant feeling of déjà vu, as if you have somehow been in there before. What is truly happening though, your brain is picking out all the dining room pieces that you saw when you browsed through the dining showroom previously. This is one of the neatest parts of the IKEA restaurant experience, the ability to test out the items that you may actually end



up buying for your dining room. The food really reflects the IKEA style; affordable, simple, and well-made for a pleasurable experience with the entire family. We love signature dishes such as Swedish salmon and the famous meatballs dish. At the same time, the menu has loads to offer in terms of updated local flavors. At least in IKEA you can test out furniture that you might end up buying in the future while browsing the catalogue and enjoying the company of friends. IKEA is located at the 1st Avenue – The Avenues. For more information please call 184 0408 or log on to www.ikea.com/kw, follow them on Instagram @IKEAKuwait. Jar An entirely local concept, Jar’s

The Kitchen creations are both visually and sensory pleasing. With their two locations’ décor lending to the food’s presentation, prepare yourselves to consume everything that comes your way. And with breakfast on the weekends, Jar is now the go-to for expertly prepared dishes at any time of day! Jar is located in Murouj Complex at Sahara and the 1st Floor of Galleria - Grand Avenue - The Avenues. For more information please follow them on Instagram @jar.Kuwait. The Kitchen The Kitchen offers a larger menu supported by their unmatched expertise in creating fabulous food with an artistic flair. This cozy eatery is renowned for their gourmet

inspired renditions of heartwarming, freshly prepared meals. The Kitchen offers a large selection of starters presented in a tapas-style fashion that are perfect for sharing. They also have a delectable variety of international dishes such as Chicken Milanese, and Chef Adoola’s famous lasagna. The Kitchen is located in Al Shaab Al Bahari (2263 9814/5), Ardhiya (2239 0150) and Mahboula (2239 3037). For delivery please call 2390 1022/33. For more information, follow @TheKitchenKW on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Order online via talabat.com and for catering, check out their menu on bilbayt.com. Lamar International Restaurant Feast like a king at Lamar

Sweet Sour


eating in kuwait







International Restaurant at The Millennium Hotel in Kuwait. Feast on their international buffets, available throughout the day. The contemporary decor and relaxed atmosphere of Lamar International Restaurant makes it an ideal place for a family meal, business lunch, or informal dinner. For a little privacy, they also offer a dining room that seats up to 25 people. Lamar Interational Restaurant is located



at The Millennium Hotel in Salmiya, off of the fourth ring road. For more information, please call 2205 0505. Living Room Lounge The soft luminosity of Living Room Lounge’s interior lends the aura of comfort and familiarity one would hope to find in a living room. The clear bonus though, is that this living room opens to the sea. The terrace, while

maintaining the air of a comfortable room, provides direct access to things that are beautiful, no matter where you are. The result is simply a stellar place to hangout. Enjoy the beverages at Living Room Lounge for what they are: inventive combinations of delicious liquids. There are over fifty beverages to choose from, hot, cold, blended, it’s all there, most with an ample dose of fresh fruit slices. Living Room

Lounge also offers food. Fresh and light sandwiches, salads, and pastas characterize the menu. Living Room Lounge is a place in-tune with the more refined pleasures of local culture. So go to Living Room Lounge with people you love, look at the moon and hang out. Living Room Lounge is located in Marina Waves. Call 2224 4653 for reservations, and follow them on Instagram @Livingroomlounge.

Tasty Food


eating in kuwait


Love Restaurant A unique concept that celebrates romance, glitz and glamour, and of course, glorious food. All of the dishes are prepared with passion, and make for fantastic sharing dishes. From their gloriously baked pizzas to their perfect risotto and pasta dishes – everything burst of delicious flavors. Superbly fresh salads and delicately prepared dishes, their offerings are incredibly light and beautifully decadent at once. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – Love Restaurant is the perfect haunt away from the hustle and bustle of the city center! It truly is “love at first bite.” Follow Love Restaurant on Intagram @LoveKW_ and Snapchat: ILove_ LoveKw for more information. Visit them at Divone in Abu AlHasaniya (2220 6414) and The Gate Mall, first floor (2220 0964) and The Avenues (2220 0964).


Luna Luna, located on the 18th floor of the glamorous Symphony Style Hotel, is a beautiful restaurant that shines with fusion Mediterranean cuisine. Lined with gold décor and lovely upholstered furnishings, this is the perfect destination for a special occasion or any fine dining experience. The menu is varied, with hints of Mediterranean goodness from Greece all the way through Morocco. Luna also boasts a tasty tapas selection and a first-class beverage menu. Choose from one of the semi-private tables for seating, a shroud of floor-length threads that offer partial separation from the rest of the crowd will circle you. Luna is located on the 18th floor of The Symphony Style Hotel on Gulf Road in Salmiya. For more information or reservations, please call 2577 0000 or follow @SymphonyStyleKw on Instagram and Facebook.


Mama’s Kitchen There’s nothing quite like reveling in



Love Restaurant




eating in kuwait















the traditional Kuwaiti culture and enjoying the experience of getting together with loved ones to share a delicious meal. Mama’s Kitchen takes the hard work out of home-cooked meals, and delivers both the taste and experience of traditional Arabic meals. This incredible delivery-only concept serves up 100% Kuwaiti tradition that celebrates the love and warmth of families uniting over meals. They have tasty classics such as Dates with Lamb, Shesh Barak,



Wark Al Enab, Pomegranate Salad, and a multitude of comforting desserts. With a simple phone call, customers can savor the true flavors of a well thought out menu that can be found in every mother’s home! Mama’s Kitchen takes orders at least 24 hours in advance on 9444 4911. There is no minimum or maximum number of people they can cater for, but for large parties they recommend calling a week in advance to ensure a reserved spot and a timely delivery.

You can follow Mama’s Kitchen on Instagram or Twitter, @mamaskitchen_kw. Meduse At the Il Terrazzo cafe at Ibis Hotel in Salmiya, you'll find a concept that takes the everyone's favorite pastime to another level. This cafe pays homage to the Meduse collection of innovative shisha pipes that are shaped like

jellyfish, and come in a range of handmade fresh-fruit cocktail flavors such as Karkade Miste, an Egyptian cocktail turned shisha molasses. The Il Terrazo café also offers a breathtaking view of east Salmiya, and a menu of bites that offers delicious appetizers, mains, desserts and not to mention thirst-quenching drinks. Kick back at this relaxing café, enjoy the view and great food



eating in kuwait


and company while sipping on a Meduse Shisha pipe – shisha like you’ve never had before. Try the Meduse experience at Il Terrazzo Cafe, located in Salmiya's Ibis Hotel on Salem Al Mubarak s t r e e t . F o l l ow t h e i r I n s t a g r a m @meduse_society.


Mint If you’re enjoying a day spent at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Mint cafe is the perfect choice for a tranquil, relaxing venue to unwind and relish in some healthy snacks, rejuvenate the body and comfor t the soul. Located on the Jumeirah hotel’s beachfront level, this restaurant offers snacks throughout the day and overlooks spectacular beach views of the glittering Arabian Gulf and the hotel’s glorious pools. Snacks from different par ts of the world will make your time spent by the pools a memorable one to say the least as well as a healthy experience. For more information, please email Jumeirahrestaurant@jumeirah.com or call 2226 9666. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook @JumeirahMessilahBeach and get social on Twitter @JumeirahMB.


Munch As far as the good people of Munch are concerned: Come, hang out, and munch on all the delicious dishes prepared over the flame grill in the kitchen, and don’t forget that the dessert options will leave you spoilt for choice. Munch’s Barbecue is a concept that’s been growing at people’s homes for a few years and no gathering or event is better than when the Munch Grill-Meisters are applying their expertise to the proceedings, and the restaurant is no different! You must try the Wagyu Bites that are cooked to perfection. Munch is located in Dar Al Awadhi in



Kuwait City (2232 2747). Follow them on Instagram @MunchKuwait. Nomad Bistro This fun, cozy eatery packs a whole lot of comfort and flavor! Truly indulgent, Nomad Bistro boasts a theme of “comfort food” hailing from all over the world, showcasing delicious international dishes designed to hit the soul when tucked into. From Barbacoa Tacos, to Singaporean inspired Kale Salad, to their insanely good Nomad Burger, this little restaurant in the heart of Kuwait City serves up dishes that you won’t be able to refuse. Nomad Bistro is located in Sharq, off of Al Shuhada’a Street in Kuwait City. Follow Nomad Bistro on Instagram @nomadbistro or call 9607 4744 for more information. THE One THE One, intent on changing the world by being magical, meaningful and always different, offers a magnificent menu. “The Gourmet Theatre” menu shimmers in a silver color with proclamations like those of film or theatre critics with dramatic lines like: “A culinary Extravaganza”; “An international cast of show stopping dishes” and “5-star taste bud entertainment.” Aside from the obvious difference in color, you find that the menu is chock full of innovative and taste bud tantalizing dishes that one has normally come to expect from THE One. Menu headings coincide with the theatrical theme, with catchy and playful titles like ‘Warmup Acts’ for soups and ‘Rising Stars’ for sandwiches. Looking at the menu, you’ll find it hard to choose between tempting dishes like the caramelized lamb shanks or roasted salmon, as all of their offerings deserve a standing ovation. True to form, THE One has succeeded in creating a complete

Mint dining experience, ensuring that all the senses are satisfied; from sight to sound to taste. THE One Restaurant is located in Marina Mall and is open from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. daily. Call 2224 4511 or visit www.theone.com. Open Flame Kitchen What’s to say about Open Flame Kitchen (b+f), a.k.a OFK, that has not been said before? This place opened to much fanfare, like so many places do here in Kuwait. However, the flame is still burning strong at OFK and it shows no signs of waning. This upscale designer

restaurant concept continues to serve up globally influenced dishes in an enticing, action filled environment with their real show fire grill. Guests can only enjoy a wide range of gourmet food products and cherish the entertainment created by ‘flame cooking’. The restaurant also boasts of a one of its kind wood fire brick oven pizzeria, offering a wide range of artisan Italian pizzas. The dining experience at Open Flame Kitchen is exceptional. The food, the service, the décor and design – it all adds up to a meal you won’t be able to forget

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eating in kuwait


in a hurry, even when people start talking about the hot new place they heard about. Open Flame Kitchen (b+f) is located on the ground floor of Mall 360 and is open from 12:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. For more information please call 2530 9990/1, follow them on Instagram @ofk360.


Q At The Yard Huddled in the busy streets of Kuwait City, this cozy space serves up plates of home cooked meals that are to die for. Coupled with a selection of hot and cold beverages and an array of tantalizing desserts, Q at The Yard has a wide range of different types of goodies that are aimed to satisfy any craving. What we love about this place is how expansive their menu is, offering dishes inspired from most if not each region from the world, celebrating international cuisine beautifully. From the Chicken Katsu, to their Shrimp Curry, to their Mushroom Burger, to their Shrimp Risotto, each meal at Q is an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to end it with a sweet note by indulging in a Banoffee Tart! Q at The Yard is located on Jaber Al Mubarak Street in Kuwait City’s Shurooq Tower. Call them at 2249 5067/8 and follow them on Instagram @qattheyard.


Poele More than just an average eatery, Poêle is a meeting place for the minds and really good food. Catering to those in search of food served quickly, you can take your pick from the sandwiches, beautiful salad bar and freshly baked breads at the entrance before taking a seat. As for their main daily specials, everyday comes with a new set of surprises. Depending on what’s fresh and seasonal in the market, the daily grocery list inspires the menu to come!



Poêle is located at KIPCO Tower in Sharq. Follow them on Instagram @PoeleCafe for more information. For reservations, orders, deliveries, catering and venue bookings call them on 6999 8291. Silk Road Silk Road presents an array of culinary offerings from outstanding daily buffets to its celebrated Friday brunch. In fine weather guests can enjoy sensational barbeques on its terrace overlooking the hotel’s gardens and pools. Held every Friday, the brunch event at The Regency Hotel’s Silk Road is not to be missed. An extensive seafood buffet that includes sashimi and sushi, and poached, cured and smoked salmon, among a variety of other delights, greets you as you enter. Or you can start at the US-style salad bar; pick your items, select your dressing, and ask the salad chef to toss it for you. Craving some Middle Eastern salads? The selection here comes highly recommended! Top up your plate with a side of fresh bread or focaccia from the extensive variety on display, and head back to your table to enjoy the start of your meal. Silk Road is located at The Regency Hotel Kuwait. For more information or to make a reservation please call 2576 6666 and follow them on Instagram @Theregencyq8. Street at Almakan Maintaining a theme of being an underground Korean street eatery, their ethos stems from experimenting on new cuisines and flavors to grasp their urban identity on a plate – and they also serve Saturday brunch! Exuding all things urban and artistic, Street’s addition to Kuwait’s art community is a strong landmark that adds the touch to it’s housing, AlMakan. Pop into Street for some urban-style

Open Flame Kitchen soul food to go with your AlMakan experience. Dedicated to creatives and foodies alike, this is an excursion you will definitely want to make. Hint: we love their juicy BBQ Brisket Bun and their Caramelized Pain Perdu. Street is located in AlMakan in Kuwait City. Visit almakan-kw.com for more information, and follow them on Instagram @st_almakan or call 2241 0211. Sweet Sour Escape the city for a soulful dining experience that truly transports your senses at Sweet Sour. Sweet Sour first began as a homebusiness that revitalized the local market’s love for chocolate-dipped strawberries in 2012 where the tart yet sweet delight quickly soared in popularity, and upon partnering up with Gourmania Group, it has evolved into a fullyfledged café and lounge. Sweet Sour offers a diverse menu that

will suit any occasion. Whether you’re after breakfast, a light salad, sandwiches and burgers, pastas or light bites, always leave room for dessert. Sweet Sour is located in Divonne in Abu Alhasaniya. For more information or to place your orders for their strawberry confections, please call 6047 7885 or 5581 9885. For catering services call 6062 2223. Follow @Sweetsour_me on Instagram and Snapchat: Sweetsour_kw. Table Otto Located in Al Shaheed Park, Table Otto offers diners in Kuwait an elevated dining experience that is inspired by the nature that surrounds it in an ultra modern setting. Table Otto’s menu emulates an adaptive ethos that speaks to its location at the park's experimental garden, and the menu comes alive with new culinary techniques and practices. Expect to see Sous-Vide tenderloin


and coffee-infused garlic butter amongst the select culinary creations on offer. Table Otto is located in Al Shaheed Park. Call 2246 4201 or visit www.almakan-kw.com for more information and follow @table.otto on Instagram.


Sweet Sour get social on Instagram at @TriangleKW.




Veranda With a visionary menu dreamt up by world-class chefs and refined interiors that are sure to impress the most avid design lovers, the decor at Véranda emanates with style and elegance. Véranda’s culinary concept is carefully conceived around creating distinctive Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors with the added twist of Asian fusion elements that deliver a new idealogy for fine dining. The quality ingredients used in their dishes

are specially imported from exotic worldwide destinations, and the techniques employed in preparing the appetizing menu are inimitable at the core. With an attention to seasonality and freshness as the key ingredient that has made their menu such a success, their evolving options will keep you interested, long after your first visit. Veranda is located on the first floor at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Guests can enter the restaurant directly off the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. For reservations or more information please call 2228 3141.


restaurant that serves the finest food made with only the highest quality ingredients. Combining modern flare with touches of luxury, Triangle offers food enthusiasts delicious, mouthwatering menu options such as their famous triangle shaped burgers, classic Italian pasta or risotto, and much more. Satisfy any sweet tooth cravings by indulging in their dessert options such as the hot cheesecake or crazy freakshake. Triangle is located in Jawhara Tower, Ali Al-Salem St., Salhiya, Kuwait City. For more information call 5083 8483 or


Triangle Located in the alleys of Kuwait City and perfectly designed for a stylish and intimate evening out, Triangle is a contemporary Kuwaiti concept


The Uptown Restaurant & Café In the heart of Kuwait City is a fresh taste of unique flavors and dishes. Their patio seating, surrounded by potted plants, creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can truly enjoy all the unique offerings in the city’s latest dining sensation. Though the weather may be heating up, you can easily cool down with their refreshing fresh juices, particularly the watermelon. The Uptown Restaurant & Cafe is located in Sharq on Ahmad Al Jaber St. facing Al Awadi Mosque and The Spot in Messilah. For more information call 2247 0068 or visit them on Instagram @uptownkw.


Teatro The Teatro Restaurant is the main dining destination in the Hilton Kuwait Resort. Seating 180 people and serving multiethnic cuisine, the chefs are all on show; hence its name ‘Teatro’ (theatre). The menu is extensive, offering a wide variety of dishes along with guests’ favorites. Visit Teatro and enjoy the unrivalled a la carte experience. Teatro is located in Hilton Kuwait Resort, Mangaf. Call 2225 6222. You can find them on Facebook: Hilton Kuwait Resort and follow them on Instagram @HiltonKuwaitResort.

TOUR THE WORLD’S FAVORITE TASTES WITH TALABAT Discover a universal love for food!

Across the globe, from California to New Zealand, there will be a moment in most people’s day when they take pause to enjoy a meal. No matter where you are, it’s likely that someone somewhere in the world is enjoying a meal that is similar to yours. With the development of civilizations around the world and the onset of globalization, we’ve seen basic staples evolve and migrate. Consequently, we’ve developed some common tastes and ‘universal cravings’ that are shared amongst us all. Ravioli or Shish Barak? Consider the delectable, classic Italian dish that is ravioli. While you might quickly quip that this dish could only be enjoyed at an authentic Italian restaurant, let’s examine its Middle Eastern cousin that goes by the name of ’shish barak’. A renowned dish in the Levant and Turkey, shish barak is comprised of dumplings prepared in a creamy, spiceinfused hot yoghurt sauce and filled with minced meat. A plate of shish barak looks quite similar to ravioli, and it was developed from the same notion of combining protein and dough to deliver a deliciously heartwarming meal using a sauce that brings it all together, yet the spices used are different based on the local palates. We can travel further with this idea to the Far East, where this concoction evolves into the classic gyoza or dumpling, usually served with delicious minced chicken or even shrimp. Fry up the simple preparation of dough and filling and add a minty yoghurt dressing, and you get the classically Indian samosa. The Traveling Shawarma From the evolution of the simple dumpling, let’s move on to another common taste enjoyed across the globe: the effortless arrangement of meat and bread. Starting with the much-loved shawarma, this combination of meat and bread appears as a shared history among different cultures. Changing the way in which animal roasting was practiced, it was the Ottomans who first decided on spitting meat vertically instead of horizontally, allowing the meats to bathe in a constant drip of the animal’s natural fats. From there, the basic idea of a shawarma has evolved greatly. From beef and lamb to chicken—its preparation varies across the Middle East. In Germany, the street doner kebab is enjoyed by the masses, and according to the website, Thrillist.com, the fare make ups 50% of German fastfood joints. Meanwhile in Mexico, the preparation of a corn-based bread, the famous taco, is the perfect accompaniment to spit-fired beef, grilled chicken and even seafood. On Rice and Meat Considered one of the world’s most versatile grains, rice is a common local staple enjoyed all around the world due its absorbent quality and its accessibility. Infuse it with the flavor of your choice, 212

and you’ve got a unique dish that can accommodate two people or an entire clan. In Spain, the traditional Paella comes alive with the colors of freshly sourced vegetables, meats, or seafood, and is counted as a sharable celebratory offering that brings people together. In the Arab world, we see rice dishes as a common feature at Friday family meals. From the Levantine Ma’loobeh, the Saudi saffron-infused Kabseh, Qouzi, and Kuwaiti Machboos, the most common pairings with these dishes include lamb, veal chops and chicken. In Italy, medium grain, starchy rice is a regular occurrence in the form of risotto, whereas in Asia, notably the birthplace of this international grain, rice is used in various meat dishes. In China, where the rice grain was first domesticated more than 10,000 years ago, the wok preparation of fried rice with eggs, vegetables and meat is now a worldwide favorite. The delightful Biryani from India, abundant with a myriad of spices like turmeric and coriander, is also popular all over the world. Cheesy Snacks Cheese and pastry are a match made in heaven. This culinary confection takes all shapes and forms. If you’re strolling through the streets of Paris, you’ll find yourself craving the fluffiest cheese croissant. Take a trip down Beirut’s winding alleys, and you’ll find yourself chasing the aroma coming out of a little bakery preparing its own spin on the traditional cheesy Saj Fatayer. Whether the dough is prepared Danish style, so buttery and flaky, or enjoyed in pie form as is commonly found on the streets of England, cheese is perhaps pastry’s most preferred accompaniment.

Sweet Endings The doughnut might be small; buts its flavor is mighty. Originating in the Netherlands and Belgium and firstly called Oliebollen, this type of fried dumpling is prepared out of dough and served with a generous coating of powdered sugar. Today, it is a common sweet treat that is enjoyed and celebrated worldwide. Its various forms include the famous bite-sized Canadian Timbits, and the classic glazed American doughnut. Inject it with apricot jam or vanilla cream, and you’ve got yourself an Austrian Krapfen or what the Germans call the Berliner. Even in Middle East and Turkey, this sweet dessert has many names (Lokmet El Adi in Egypt, Sabbat Al Gafsha in Kuwait, Turkish Tulumba or Lokma are among its many names), but the end result is the same—a deep fried dumpling drizzled in a sweet and sticky aromatic syrup. Travel a little farther east to sample the Indian Gulab Jamun and in Iran, and you’ll encounter a similar delicious fritter coated in the same sticky, sweet syrup. Ponder this thought: As soon as you’ve bitten into a plateful of Turkish Tulumba, know that someone across the Atlantic Ocean in Mexico is also enjoying the similar Churro, a fried pastry snack that is coated in sugar or dipped in chocolate. Food brings people together and we are united by these shared cravings—because when good food is enjoyed, it always elicits a sense of satisfaction that is truly priceless. Visit www.talabat.com to experience all of the different cuisines on offer and to tour the world’s favorite flavors! 213




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Pizza, pasta, mamma mia! Relish in the specialty that gives you the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal in Kuwait’s fabulous array of Italian establishments.


La Mamma


Al Dente Restaurant The uniqueness of Al Dente lies in its authenticity. The look, the feel, and the fare of this cozy, casual restaurant is authentic Italian. Designed to resemble a typical Italian trattoria, the restaurant has 52 covers spread between the ground floor and the balcony. Lose yourself in the moment as your try their mouth-watering dishes and relive past holidays in Italia – right here in Kuwait. Al Dente features an extensive a la carte menu as well as an acclaimed live band and opera singer. Al Dente Restaurant is located in the Movenpick Hotel in the Kuwait Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh. Call 2461 0033.


Al Forno There are plenty of places to eat Italian



in Kuwait, but where are you going to eat the freshest of pasta and finest of pizzas in the style that only mamma knows best? You quickly rush to Al Forno in The Avenues to eat some of the freshest, homemade, desirably authentic pasta and pizza dishes mamma ever thought of making! Classy yet casual is the ambience of Al Forno and the feature of this restaurant is its wood oven which delivers pizzas as close to the Italian model as you can get without actually being on the Via Veneto! Food and love lingers in the heart and this took us back to sun drenched days of the dolce vita. Al Forno is located in the 2nd Avenue – The Avenues (2495 4777) and Arabella, Al-Bida'a (2221 4998).

Alfredo’s Gallery This restaurant boasts the invention of one of the most famous pasta dishes – fettuccine Alfredo. For Italian fanatics, Alfredo’s Gallery is the place to be. Their strong historical roots in Rome guarantee you a dining experience sure to exceed all of your expectations. The décor is rich with history and tradition, providing you with an authentic Italian atmosphere to complement their flavorful dishes. They offer gourmet antipasti, crostini, salads, and rich cream soups enhanced by Italian spices to wet your appetite. As far as pasta, they have a variety of Alfredo and risotto dishes, cooked perfectly to al-dente perfection. And don’t forget the Dolce, their exclusive Italian desserts such as Panna Cotta,

Tiramisu, and Profiteroles. If you’re looking for a taste of Italy right here in Kuwait, give them a visit! Alfredo’s Gallery is located at Grand Avenue SoKu. Call 9095 5057 for more information and follow Alfredo’s Gallery on Facebook and Instagram @alfredosgalleryq8 or visit www.alfredosgalleryq8.com. Altissimo Cancel your dining plans for this week and head to the dizzying heights of the thirty-second floor for this dining sensation in Kuwait City. Kick back, stretch out and drink in the views as you trawl the menu. You will need time for this is a weighty menu with an extraordinary number of tempting options. At Altissimo, its clientele regularly pre-book their tables at this

la mamma


eating in kuwait


gemstone sparkling in the sky. To call Altissimo an Italian restaurant is a misnomer because whilst providing excellent Italian choices, there is much that you can choose from the comprehensive menu, which goes above its Italian offering. The range is monumental from lobster thermidor and medallions of veal to a sandwich section! They also have two more locations in Salmiya and Al-Bida’a’s Arabella dining complex. Altissimo is located in Al Nassar Tower on Fahad Al Salem Street (2225 8000) in Kuwait City, Arabella in Al Bida’a (2225 1507), Salmiya (2225 8998) and GUST (5533 4145). Opening hours are 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Check them out on Instagram @AltissimoKwt and Facebook: Altissimo Kuwait.


Pizzeria Amami Those that know us at bazaar know that our number one take-to-a-desert-island item is a pizza. So imagine how we felt when we were given the opportunity to observe the process from a ball of dough to perfect golden slices for us to blissfully devour at Amami. It was love, a sentiment truly apt of the restaurant’s name, “love me.” You’re greeted by friendly staff, and welcomed to the family for the duration of your stay. A truly personal atmosphere and with the dishes made to share with your loved ones (or in regular portions for you to enjoy on your own), this is a place you can call home. Pizzeria Amami makes their pasta in-house, from scratch, for you to enjoy. Nothing comes out of a box or a can. Pizzeria Amami is located on the Mezzanine floor of Symphony Mall. For reservations, take-aways or more information call the manager, Ms. Francesca Monacelli on 2577 0733, or you can follow them on Facebook: Pizzeria Amami, Salmiya, or Instagram @pizzeriaamami.


Balsamico: The Regency Hotel The Regency’s Balsamico is an ode



Pizzeria Amami to Italian dining, giving Kuwait an authentic dining experience and more importantly, true Italian cuisine. From the moment you walk into the restaurant you embark on a true Italian culinary journey. Wall to ceiling murals of some of the most popular Italian towns, such as Tuscany, line the walls on both sides, transcendent of a hearty Italian cucina. The menu, put together by the expertly trained Neapolitan chef, Carmine De Filippo, encompasses all regions of Italy. From the Piedmontese Vitetello Tonnato, to a Southern Italian Parmigiana di Melanzane, your taste buds will be completely tantalized. Balsamico is located at The Regency Hotel Kuwait. Please call 2576 6666 for more information and reservations.

You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter @TheRegencyQ8 and Facebook: The Regency Hotel Kuwait, or visit: www.theregencykuwait.com. Bice An authentic family eatery that prides itself on equal parts modern and old world, Bice offers an amazing array of pastas and sauces and has been in operation since 1926. For diners at Al Hamra or in Salmiya, the Carpaccio di Manzo is delicious, as well as the hand cut Angus beef slices. If vegetarian is more your thing, they have tons of traditional pasta sauces including a wonderful arrabiata. With tremendous seafood offerins on the menu that includes perfectly cooked lobster, prawns, crabs, monkfish and mussels – you’re sure to leave full. Make

sure to save room for the Pannacotta con Salsa Lampoi for a deliciously sublime dessert. Bice Restaurant is located in the AlHamra Luxury Center (2227 0247) and Bice Mare is located in Marina Waves, Salmiya (2224 4525). Follow them on Instagram @Bice_Kuwait and @Bice_Mare. The opening hours for the restaurant are 12:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Boccini The good tastes of the past, reimagined for a refined present. This is the promise that the good people of Boccini aim to deliver local diners. Boccini’s décor is inspired by modern grandeur. You will be impressed by the fashionable lights and your eyes



eating in kuwait




will linger a little longer at the serving plates that are formed to resemble handmade clay creations. The main attraction at Boccini’s culinary opera is without a doubt their pizza and pastas. You can opt for a traditional pizza or order the Deep Dish pizza that is heaping with cheese, cheese and more cheese! Boccini is located at SoKu – The Avenues. For more information call 2220 0669 and find them on Instagram @Boccinikw.


Brown Tomato Inspired by the elusive brown tomato or kumato, which arrives as a mix of brown, green and red, the fusion Italian establishment located in Al Hamra Luxury Center compels us to



try something different. While a brown tomato might not sound appealing, this special breed has the distinction of being a variety of fruit that retains an inimitable flavor when utilized in the preparation of many different cuisines. The restaurant, named after this unique tomato, practices an ethos of serving customers dishes that are perfectly balanced in flavor, and our experience proved ‘fruitful’ to say the least as we witnessed how the tomato is celebrated in all of its glory. At Brown Tomato, you can opt for a classic Italian menu, contemporary takes on classics, or even fusion filled ‘tapas’ inspired by Italian flavors that are perfect for sharing when dining amongst a group of friends and family.

Brown Tomato is located at the lower level of Al Hamra Luxury Center and is open from 12 p.m. until 11 p.m. Delivery is also available from 5 p.m. onwards. For more information, please call 2227 0214 and follow them on Instagram @Brown_Tomato. Cucina Cucina is an inspired culinary vision realized by renowned Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, the hotel’s consulting chef and owner of London’s Locanda Locatelli restaurant. A native of northern Italy’s Lombardy region, Giorgio conceived a menu based on contemporary classic recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients, creating a glamorous gastronomic affair of design, elegance, and heart-

warming food. Ornate floral plates, polka dot cyan napkins, glints of gold and azure walls; Arabian indulgence is resplendent. Paying true homage to the brand’s iconic vision, Cucina is bold and understated, fashionable and passionate, standing out as a fine dining landmark on the local culinary scene. Cucina is located on the 1st floor of Symphony Style Hotel on Gulf Road in Salmiya. For your reservations, please call 2577 0000 or you can follow @SymphonyStyleKw on Instagram and Facebook: Symphony Style Hotel. Doppio Doppio, an Italian Pizzeria and Friggitoria at the exclusive M2 Level in

Jumeirah 4


eating in kuwait


to do than to cook for strangers – so the good people behind The Four Points by Sheraton Kuwait have given us La Mamma Pizzeria! Casual Italian cuisine at its finest! Brilliantly al dente pastas and fantastically light pizzas all the way made for you by a true Italian chef trained at the hands of a Nonna. Their Tiramisu is not to be missed! La Mamma Pizzeria is located on the second floor of The Four Points by Sheraton Kuwait in Kuwait City. For reservations go to their website www.fourpointskuwait.com or call them at 2242 2055. Follow them on Instagram @FourPointsKuwait for more!




Salhiya Complex, is the brainchild of Amr Al-Refai who is also responsible for Solo Pizza Napolitana. ‘Doppio’ means double in Italian, a double entendre on this establishment which not only serves up signature pizzas, but also unique street food found only at ‘friggitoria’ shops in Napoli. So close your eyes, and listen to the chatter alongside the mouthwatering smells wafting amidst the chaos. A visit to Doppio will allude to the food markets of El Campello in Alicante, Spain or Napoli but with a hint of panache thrown in the mix (it is Salhiya after all). Doppio Pizzeria E Friggitoria Napulitana is located on the Mezzanine 2 Level at Salhiya Complex, Kuwait City. Opening from 1pm-10.30pm. Follow them on



Instagram @doppiopizza, call, 2245 1511 or visit www.doppiopfn.com. Homeslice The guys at Homeslice want to open a branch of their pizza place in every area of Kuwait. Why? They want to be your friendly neighborhood pizza joint. They want to be your go-to place when you want pizza, made from the freshest ingredients, delivered piping hot to your door. Or better still, you can drop by your local Homeslice, order a pizza, and shoot the breeze while you wait the 6-8 minutes it will take to prepare. Homeslice is a local concept that is looking to expand, looking to franchise locally, in other words, the opposite of what normally

happens here in Kuwait. This isn’t some pizza chain brought in from the States using frozen dough, this has been created from the ground up, and everything is made fresh inhouse. They make their own dough, their own sauces, and their own marinades (for the chicken wings). Homeslice is located in Salmiya, Moghiera Bin Shaaba Street and is open from 10am to 12am. To order call 184 2887, online through Talabat.com, homeslicepizzeria.com/mobile. Follow them on Instagram @HomesliceKW. La Mamma Nothing says Italian food like that prepared with the love and passion of an Italian Nonna. But alas, the grandmothers have better things

Margherita Whether or not you already know and love Margherita from Beirut’s Gemmeyzeh district, this Italian pizzeria is bound to become every pizza lover’s first choice. The atmosphere is that of a hearty Italian cucina, with aromas rising from the authentic brick wood fire oven. As you stroll by the window display of gorgeous tomatoes and enter through the door, your eyes are transfixed on this commanding construction, with pizzaiolos whizzing across the open prep station, getting Neapolitan pizzas just right. The menu is designed to present an authentic Italian experience. The chefs use the perfect balance between fresh imported and local sourced ingredients, and are dedicated to Margherita’s authentic techniques. You’ll find a menu as rich and varied as the food’s delectable flavors. Antipasti, salads, bruschetta, fresh hand-crafted pastas and of course their signature pizzas, along with scintillating main dishes and desserts, are all ready for the Italian loving foodie in you. Margherita is located in The Gate Mall (2228 1478). You can follow them on Instagram @margheritapizzeriakw and Twitter @Margheritakw or Facebook: Margherita Pizzeria Kuwait.

Pizzetta Authentic Italian Cuisine


AI-Seif Tel: 2245 8292


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Melenzane When one enters the inventive establishment, Melenzane, “unlikely” is the very word on one’s mind. The diner is immediately convinced – and refreshed – that the restaurant displays the idiosyncrasies of a passion, not a business. The space is characterized by an apparent process of dismantling and reconfiguration: a high-backed loveseat rising to meet upside-down tables fitted with light fixtures; drawers opening upside down and protruding from the walls; backsides, undersides, wrong sides, hidden sides – all the unlikeliest yet artful of assemblages. And so it is with the food. The cooks make no apologies serving the Melenzane Pasta exactly how it is meant to be served: in the tinfoil it’s baked in. The dish’s homemade Napolitano sauce is simple and superb, accented with fresh basil and the namesake eggplant. The essence of Sicily is found in such simplicity, and Melenzane’s best offerings reflect this. The classic mixed with the creative, the time-tried meeting the transient. It is an unlikely mélange,



but it works. One can fully embrace the quality of the Sicilian cuisine with its subtle accents of eccentricity while marveling at an environment that is not subtle at all. Melenzane is located in Al Bida’a (2226 3112), Al Hamra Luxury Center (2227 0275) and SoKu at The Avenues (2220 0882). Follow them on Instagram @MelenzaneKw or visit melenzane.com. Nino Nino; the well renowned authentic Italian diner that has served us with scrumptious, finger-licking food for more than ten years, has four locations: on the Gulf Road, The Avenues, Arabella and Divonne in Abu Al Hasaniya. You are always spoilt for choice when you read the Nino menu, for it is one of the biggest menus you’ll come across in your gastronomic adventures. Nino will pamper you with their soups, exquisite salads, scrumptious appetizers, all the way to their indulging main courses and finally to their irresistible desserts, served to you by the most hospitable and welcoming people in a hip, fun

Olive Garden atmosphere – what more could you ask for? We absolutely love how they prepare their own fresh pesto out of imported basil leaves and a special mix of authentic olive oils and spices, along with their signature shrimp Risotto dish that keeps us coming back to this fabulous establishment. Nino is located at The Avenues (2259 7378/9), Bneid Al-Gar on the Gulf Road (2254 1900/2900), Arabella (2225 5288), Divonne in Abu Al Hasaniya (2227 1360) and The Cube in Salmiya. Open from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00a.m. Instagram @Nino_Restaurant and Facebook: NinoRestaurants. Olio Olio is Jumeirah Messilah Beach’s typical Italian restaurant that offers both traditional as well as contemporary Italian delicacies in the heart of Kuwait. Cheesy pizzas from the wood-burning stove, fresh pastas in aromatic Italian herbs along with gelato and cappuccino, make for a complete re-creation of the Italian feel to enjoy with friends and family. Olio is located in the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa.

Please call 2226 9666 or email Jumeirahrestaurant@jumeirah.com for more information or reservations. Follow @JumeirahMessilahBeach on Facebook and Instagram. Olive Garden When we are talking Italian, we are of course talking about a plethora of pasta options; ravioli, ziti, spaghetti, linguini and we have barely scratched the surface of the offerings at Olive Garden. The Chicken Scampi with Angel hair pasta, for example, comes with an ample amount of grilled chicken breast tenderloins, sautéed with bell peppers and roasted garlic, and comes served on a bed of Angel hair that is both delicate and delectable. If classic pizza is more your thing, they have both a lovely Chicken Alfredo Pizza, and a “make your own” option. Olive Garden is located in Grand Avenue - First Floor -The Avenues (2230 0532). You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @OliveGardenMe. Orio Milane Simply put, if you’re looking for an answer to your Italian food cravings,

Olive Garden


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you must check out Orio Milane in Abu Halifa. The restaurant's welcoming and warm atmosphere will draw you in immediately, with signature appetizers, pastas and incredible mains like premium grade steaks. The delectable pasta is imported straight from Italy and the fresh food is brought in daily from the markets for an authentic experience. End your culinary foray with an indulgent fudge brownie served with vanilla ice cream and a warm latte. Have a big wedding or event coming up? Be sure to check into their catering services that will leave your guests satisfied with a menu that is catered to your needs. Orio Milane is open everyday in the Dome Mall. Please call 2371 2666/777 for reservations or more information or you can check them out online at www.oriomilanekw.com. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Oriomilane.


Pastamania Do you find yourself constantly craving home style pasta, but have no desire to cook? Pastamania, this pasta franchise has a vast and inexpensive menu that would please even the pickiest of eaters, with a variety of sauces and pastas that always do the trick. In addition to pasta, Pastamania also offers a variety of appetizers, pizzas, and even a Beef Steak platter. With an innovative selection sauce and topping combinations, you have the choice to use whatever type of pasta you desire: from spaghetti to penne, to fettucine to fusilli. You even have the option to have your pasta whole wheat. They even have build-your-own options, but we highly recommend giving their Butter Chicken Pasta dish a go. Pastamania has many locations and delivers to most areas in Kuwait. To find the one closest to you, Call 1828 585. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @pastamaniaq8.



PizzaExpress Pizza Square A relaxed environment with an authentic vibe – owner Abdulrazzaq Alanjari found his calling in the world with all things pizza. With a variety of creations like the Sloppy Joe Pizza – basically a lasagne on a pizza and covered with delicious cheese – Pizza Square can do no wrong. Other than their pizzas, Pizza Square offers memorable appetizers. Be sure to top off your meal with their deconstructed Garlic Bread dish and don’t forget to indulge in their Pecan Pie, which is definitely the best in the city! Trust us, it is that’s good! Pizza Square is located at the ground floor of the View Tower on Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya. Follow

them on Instagram @Pizzasquare_kw. For more information, visit them on www.pizzasquare-kw.com. PizzaExpress If you want casual dining with quality food at a great value then think no further. Forget grease on your fingers here as you pick up your pizza. No oil is used and you can try placing the pizza in your hand as a test. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a cool modern ambience, alive with freshness and cleanliness, light, airy and friendly with good food to follow. Every so often, PizzaExpress updates their menu with a desire to innovate and please. Classics like Bruschetta al Pomodoro are always

popular, as are the rest of the pizzas. There is also an abundance of grills chicken, beef and lamb as well as a host of salads to choose from. Don’t forget dessert too: chocolate glory and tiramisu with fritti di bosco. PizzaExpress can be found in the Al Bida’a complex (2225 3166); Hilton Kuwait Resort (2371 9866); Dahiat Abdullah Al Salem Coop (2256 0273); Kuwait International Airport (2434 2681); 1st Avenue - The Avenues (2495 4767); Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3126); Marina Crescent (2224 4960); Jabriya Block 1 (2532 1574) and Nofa Towers in Mahboula (2226 0999). For delivery, visit talabat.com or call 2221 4444.



eating in kuwait


Pizzetta Across the road from Seif Palace is a little restaurant named Pizzetta. A frosty gray façade with a logo that is as smooth as the road you drove in on. With a name like Pizzetta you automatically think pizza. But get ready for a slight change and an eye opening experience. The inside utters simplicity with a tint of chic, a spice of rustic, and a dash of old school. Clean and comfortable. All their dishes are oven cooked and even the pizzas are prepared on a grill. As soft, funky music plays in the air, the smell of food from the kitchen will grab your attention. With all their dishes served steaming hot from the oven, no one will ever complain about their food being cold. Embrace the glutton inside you at Pizzetta, on the Gulf Road “Strip” across from Seif Palace (2245 8292). For delivery you can order via talabat.com. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Pizzetta_.


Riccardo The very first Italian restaurant in Kuwait, Sheraton Kuwait’s Riccardo Restaurant was first established in 1979. Since then, it has enjoyed an unrivaled reputation for providing a truly exceptional dining experience, where the finest delectable Italian cuisine in Kuwait, can be savored in the refined elegance of this most stylish and sophisticated restaurant. You can enjoy a delicious variety of traditional Italian dishes including soups, salads, homemade pastas, fresh lobster and much more. A sophisticated atmosphere wrapped in Italian elegance with live music adds to the enjoyment of this special restaurant. Riccardo's hours of operation are from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for lunch and from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for dinner. Located in the Sheraton Hotel. Call 183 5555 for more information.



Riccardo Solo Pizza Napulitana History has shown us that the southern town of Naples is home of the original pizza. However, a young Kuwaiti entrepreneur, and a certified pizzaiolo (pizza chef) for that matter, with a committed ambition to bringing the real Neapolitan tradition to Kuwait, has given the Neapolitan pizza a home right here in K-town. With any given visit to the cozy Pizzeria, you will find Amr Al Refai proudly standing by the traditional woodfire oven, using a long wooden paddle to craftily place the pizza into the oven. Trust us, one visit will leave you drooling away at the rising aroma of melting mozzarella and smoked cheeses, and the brief wait for your order seems like eternity. We recommend the

classic margherita, the mozzarella cheese bubbling ever so slightly and the crust artfully browned, or try the special Pizza of the Day, as the pizzaiolo will surely leave you impressed. With pizzas so light yet bursting with the robust flavor of Italian grown tomatoes, olive oil and aromatic basil, there’s never a rush to leave. Solo Pizza Napulitana is located in Sharq, behind the Japanese restaurant Tatami. For more information, please call 9443 4104. Open from 1 p.m.-11 p.m. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @SoloPN. Trapani Cicchetteria Brought to you by the creators behind Melenzane, this sister restaurant promises a taste of Italy with every bite, and it surely deliveres. Named

after the capital city of the Trapani province in Sicily, Trapani takes influences from parts of Italy as a whole, and incorporates those tastes with the palates of Kuwait’s locals to create fusion dishes to be enjoyed by all. Specializing in Italian-style tapas (cicchette), a trip to Trapani is a trip dedicated to sharing good stories and even better food. Visit Trapani Cicchetteria at Murouj Complex next to the Sahara Country Club off the Sixth Ring Road, Sabhan. Call them at 9887 9111, and visit www.trapanirestaurant. com. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and new dishes @trapanikwt. Upper Crust Pizzeria When one thinks of the typical Boston slice, the mind wanders




Vigonovo Inspired by the picturesque Italian village of Vigonovo that is set amid mountains and beautiful lakes, diners can experience the true flavors of a rustic Italian cucina in the heart of Kuwait’s kitschy Al Khaled complex in Salmiya. Simple and uncomplicated, the experience at Vigonovo will absolutely delight diners looking for traditional Italian dishes. We love the different portions available to suit various appetities. As for dessert, rest assured that you will find the freshest selection of Tiramisu available in Kuwait! Vigonovo is located in Al Khaled Complex in Salmiya. The menu changes everyday! To book and for more information, please call 5552 0134. Follow @Vigonovo_kw on Instagram and Snapchat: Fioro89 to check out the daily menu.


Versus by Versace Caffé Located in the Al Hamra Luxury Center, Versus by Versace Caffé creates dishes that are clearly fashioned to please the eye. Your taste buds are already enthused simply by observing the tasteful presentation of Italian dishes prepared with flair; it is just what you would expect from one of the world's top designers. Whether opting for the pasta, risotto, or lighter salads, you can be assured that they will be served by top-notch wait staff and in a manner that is itself, a work of fashion that is synonymous with the House of Versace. The mocktails here are also a strong standout worth noting, and save room to try the desserts, they’re delicious! For reservations at Versus by Versace Caffé, call 2227 0330, and find them on Facebook: Versus Versace Caffé Kuwait and Instagram @VersusCaffe.


Vapiano Located at The Avenues, Vapiano thrives on the Italian proverb, “Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano”. This translates to “If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer”. This is what this establishment aims to deliver, an environment that allows people to meet to share their love of life and food in a relaxed setting that celebrates positive vibes and amazing quality. When you visit Vapiano, prepare to fall in love with the long oak picnic tables that are perfect for large gatherings, where conversations flow freely, and you can clearly see the magic happen behind all of the designated Pasta, Antipasti and Pizza stations. Vapiano is located on the second floor at the Avenues. For more information, follow them on Instagram @VapianoKuwait for the latest dishes and updates.


to none other than Boston’s Upper Crust Pizzeria. Using a simple flavorful crust, the Upper Crust Pizzeria prides itself on inventing new ways to tease the taste buds that go beyond the ordinary. Taking a break from the usual thicker pizza pie, the pie artisans at the Upper Crust Pizzeria have expertly perfected the art of the thinner crust. Prepared to be crispier on the outside edges and softer towards the center, this crust is craftily balanced to carry the addictive and delicious chosen toppings. Upper Crust Pizzeria is located in The Village restaurant complex in Abu Al Hasaneya (2390 7087), KIPCO tower (2294 3200). Please call 182 1872 for delivery or catering. Check out @uppercrustkwt on Instagram for the latest updates.


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Take a bite out of Japan and Korea with platters full of sushi and kimchi, and delight in the true authentic flavors brought over to Kuwait.




Arirang Korean Restaurant At Arirang Korean restaurant you can taste the uniqueness of Korean cuisine in Kuwait. It offers a range of à la carte menus for lunch and dinner that will satisfy your cravings in a warm and relaxing Korean atmosphere. They offer the traditional starters, dumplings, as well as many other Korean favorites such as Bibim Goksu (Soba Noodles and Kimchi Salad), Kimchi Chage (vegetables, beef and kimchi), Dolsot Bibimbap and Ssam Bab. The restaurant can accommodate nearly 70 guests so is suitable for singles, couples, groups and private gatherings and a private meeting room can accommodate up to 10 people offering more space and a cozy ambiance. Arirang Korean Restaurant is located



on the mezzanine level of the SwissBelhotel Plaza, Fahad Al-Salem Street. For more information phone 2243 6686 or follow them on Facebook: Arirang Korean Restaurant Kuwait. Azumami Sushi If you’re in the mood for contemporary Japanese fare and find yourself driving around the city, then be sure to head to Azumami Sushi in the basement of Dar AlAwadhi. This tranquil establishment will offer an incredibly pleasant experience. Founded and managed by Japanese cuisine lovers, and awesome husband and wife couple, Anwar and Lulwa Al-Ayoub, Azumami Sushi arrives as the couple’s take on achieving the perfect balance between modern fusion-filled dishes

and traditional favorites. As soon as you arrive, your mood will instantly be uplifted by the restaurant’s color scheme of mellow orange and earthy greens, offset by the interior’s relaxing lighting. Get your fix from Azumami Sushi and head to the basement floor of Dar Al-Awadhi. If you fancy experiencing their Japanese fare within the comforts of your own home, order via www.talabat.com. For their latest updates, you can follow them on Instagram @Azumami_Sushi. Benihana You’re always told to never play with your food. Still, sometimes it’s just cooler to make shapes before you eat and pretend like your food is a ticking time bomb while it

cooks. Well then, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome experience at Benihana where playing with your food is your chef’s specialty and your visual indulgence. Originating in Japan, Benihana literally translates into “Red flower” which was the inspiration of the shop’s name and theme. Developed and “blossomed” in the US in the 60s, the legacy that Rocky Aoki left behind changed the Japanese culinary experience in the States for good. With a love for the “theatrical” side of things, Benihana has become the restaurant that serves great food along with fun and astounding entertainment. Pay a visit to Benihana in the 2nd Avenue – The Avenues for an amazing culinary experience. Call them at 2259 7095 for reservations or more information.


Edo Club




Kei Dining at Kei is a trip back to the


and O-Toro tuna, which will please the true aficionados of sushi. As with many Japanese restaurants there is an abundance of makis to be had. For us, the outstanding and must-have choices are the Diera Maki (shrimp tempura, crabstick, cucumber, crispy and special sauce). This will appeal to and satisfy the most experienced of maki eaters and is an excellent introduction to the novice. The Tokyo Ura (crabstick, crispy, spring onion, special sauce and sesame seeds)


Katsuya A merge between impeccable design



had us drooling too. These are the standouts, but we feel confident that whatever you choose from the large menu, you will be delighted. Genki is located in Arraya Complex in Sharq and in The Spot in Messilah. Open daily from 10:00am to 11:00pm. For more information, call 2299 7933/4, visit www. genkisushi.com.kw or follow them on Instagram @genki_sushi.

and remarkable flavors, Katsuya by Starck stands out as a must-visit dining destination in Kuwait. With Chef Katsuya Uechi’s inimitable command of Japanese cuisine, and Philippe Starck’s renditions of samurais and bento boxes, the typical diner is instantly transmitted from The Avenues to a memorable culinary experience. From the moment you are greeted with a friendly “Irasshaimase” by the expertly trained staff, to the instant when you sample Chef Katsuya’s famous Miso-Marianted Black Cod, you are delivered with the ultimate in Japanese fine dining. An unforgettable experience with a foray of tantalizing signature dishes and stunning desserts like the Double Chocolate Lava Cake, one finds a menu that effectively highlights the merger between Hollywood and Kuwait. Katsuya is located at Grand Avenue – The Avenues and Arabella in Al-Bida'a. You can follow Katsuya for the latest updates on Facebook and Instagram @KatsuyaMiddleEast. Please call 2228 3195/6 (Avenues), 2221 4985 (Arabella) for reservations and for delievery call 2221 4444.


Genki Sushi Genki is approaching 300 outlets in its home country and provides dining at various levels, from quality fast food in downtown locations, to elegant upscale dining outlets. It is also a truly international franchise that you will find from Singapore to Hawaii. In Kuwait, you will find the dining is in line with its setting in Arraya Mall: peaceful, elegant and relaxed. The conventional Japanese fare is to be found and the sushi is truly excellent. They have the prime ingredients of Chu Toro tuna


Edo Club A Japanese oasis set at the Sahara Gold Club in Kuwait, EDO Club, the new outlet of Edo Restaurant owned by Yohji Trading Co., offers patrons the elite sophistication of modern Japanese dining. EDO Club has also introduced Korean specialties to its list of authentic fare. The presence and skills of Japanese Head Chef Mr. Kohji Kubota, ensures that patrons enjoy their dining experience and the extensive menu on offer. Whether you let the Chef compose your menu (Omakase), or if you chose à la Carte dishes, every visit to EDO Club can be a different joy for the palate. Since Edo’s inception in 2002, we’ve grown accustomed to the restaurant’s consistent quality and incomparable taste, as Yohji Trading Co. imports the ingredients directly from Japan. This conscious attitude is widely reflected at EDO Club, where an ethos of high quality Japanese dining can be seen in every dish served at this establishment. There is an open Buffet Lunch on Fridays and a Jazz Night on Tuesdays. Edo Club is located at the Sahara Golf Club, on the 6th Ring Road, near the Hunting and Equestrian Club. For reservations please call 2220 3464, 6600 7341, or 9759 0018. Instagram @Edo_Restaurant.


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traditional, with dishes reminiscent of original Japanese culture, and hospitality that brings out the soul of the country’s culinary delights. When visiting this establishment, don’t forget to try their house roll, the Kei Special Maki, as it is everything a roll should be. The tempura shrimp, iceberg lettuce, avocado and cucumber topped with salmon, finished with a delicious plum sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, was what sushi nights are all about: fresh ingredients and delicious combinations. Other favorites of ours include their sashimi selections, and the fast Teppanyaki live cooking show, that makes for guaranteed entertainment for family and friends. Kei is located in the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Kuwait. Call 2242 2650 for reservations, visit their website: www.kei-restaurant.com for more information and follow them on Instagram @kei_restaurant.


Koji Nestled in between the hustle and bustle that is Kuwait City, Koji is an oasis of calm serving up both traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine dishes, and also putting on a little bit of a show at the Teppanyaki grill. From Miso soup, sushi platters, crispy fried appetizers, to freshly grilled teppanyaki dishes cooked with style and showmanship, Koji has something for everyone. If you are looking to get away from it all and relax in a calm environment while tucking into a feast of Japanese cuisine, then Koji could be your place in the city. Koji is located in Mashoura Towers, behind HSBC bank in Kuwait City. For more information find them on Instagram @KojiKuwait, call 2246 1882/4 for reservations and delivery or order via talabat.com.


Koryokwan Korean Restaurant Set amidst the skyscrapers of downtown Kuwait is a Korean secret, Koryokwan. Located within the Carlton Tower Hotel, the unassuming rustic



Kei restaurant has been surreptitiously doling out authentic Korean fare since 1984. Owned and managed by Korean expatriates, Mr. Lee Chung San and his wife, Koryokwan serves an unpretentious menu within its traditional confines. Koryokwan could easily be mistaken for any restaurants from the side streets of Seoul, but despite its petite size, the restaurant still manages to house five private cabins, perfect for an intimate affair with family and friends. Apart from a delectable array of kimchis in its various renditions (including cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, Indian mustard leaf Kimchi, hot and salty scallion kimchi), they also have gems like the Dolsot Bibimbap and the Daenjang Chigae (bean paste soup). Korean cuisine uses generous amounts of greens, making for an

extremely nutritious diet, so it’s also perfect for the health-conscious. No one is more discerning that the Korean folks who have grown up on these staples, and when a restaurant like Koryokwan manages to attract so many of its compatriots, you know their authenticity is spot on. Check it out and see for yourself! Koryokwan is located on the ground floor of the Carlton Tower Hotel in Kuwait City. Open from 10am to 3pm and then again from 5pm to 10:30pm. For more information please call 2245 2740/59. Maki Since 2002, Maki has been wellknown for bringing to Kuwait and the Middle East a version of Japanese cuisine that is unique, tasteful, delicious, but most of

all affable to the Middle Eastern palate. How does Maki do it, you ask? The answer is simple: passion and attention to what the market requests. Since Maki’s mission is to bring to guests an unequaled, unique and entertaining dining experience, the founders and Chefs are constantly hard at work sourcing new, healthful, delicious ingredients and experimenting with various food-pairing combinations to come up with a perfectly delicious, healthy dish. Countless hours are spent on brainstorming ideas, putting dishes together, working on presentation, executing finishing touches and conducting multiple tastings, before a Maki dish is rolled out to the awaiting gourmands. From the same institution that conceived healthful delicacies such as Amer Maki, Tara




eating in kuwait


II Maki, and Oliver Shiromi Sashimi comes a whole new array of dishes. These dishes are not only delicious and healthy, but it is also the first time red quinoa is being integrated into Japanese cuisine in Kuwait, and the region for that matter. As long as there are Japanese fusion cuisine gourmands that demand healthful, unique food, their mission will be to tirelessly work on giving customers what they want, and pleasantly surprising palates. Expect more delightful dishes soon! Maki has four locations across Kuwait – The M2 in Salhiya (2247 9721); The Avenues (2259 7122), Marina Waves (2224 4560) and Burj Jassem, (2290 1010) Visit www.olivemaki.com. For delivery call 182 3080. Follow them on Facebook: MakiRestaurant, Twitter and Instagram @Makirest.


Meli Melo Meli Melo is a surprise. It is a small 4-table restaurant and Japanese food boutique in Shaab next to a dry cleaner, surrounded by opulent high-rise residential buildings. You wouldn’t expect to find Japanese gourmet in the middle of it all, yet there it is. The décor is traditional Japanese in tones of brown with a very large portrait of Emperor Meiji, (responsible for opening his country to foreigners and allowing Japanese cuisine to be shared with the world). Meli Melo means “mélange” or mishmash. It is a combination of food types prepared in a variety of ways. Meli Melo’s chef was trained in Japan and was recommended to the owners by their Japanese food suppliers as someone who could prepare authentic Japanese cuisine. Meli Melo's menu boasts twelve different kinds of salad! That is unheard of in any Kuwaiti restaurant, but astonishing for any Japanese restaurant. The sushi and sashimi dishes go on for pages and pages. There are the



Maki traditional items, and again, many fusion styles. There are also plenty of hot dishes like soups, tempura noodles, teriyaki, tepanyaki, and rice. The Meli Melo’s selection includes numbered photos – which is always helpful in making a choice amongst so many treats. Half portions are available on most of the menu items; a nice change – allowing customers to try a variety of different dishes. Meli Melo is located in Shaab Al Bahri (2266 1520) and The Village in Abu Al Hasaniya (2390 1902) Instagram @MeliMeloKw. Oishii Turning a home-based business into a reality, the owners at Oishii have succeeded in offering a unique Japanese culinary experience to their clientele. Initially offering on a

delivery-only basis, Oishii prides itself on creating menu items that cannot be found at any other Japanese eatery around Kuwait. In addition to pick-up and delivery, Oishii also has a dine-in restaurant in town available if you are passing by the area and looking for a quick bite. There is a lot to choose from here: If the craving of the day is noodle-centric, we recommend the Shrimp Yaki Soba, as the tangy sauce will expertly complement the crunch of the deep-fried shrimp and sautéed vegetables. We especially enjoyed the spicy mix sushi nigiri, with salmon, tuna, shrimp and crabsticks, each piece drizzled in a secret spicy sauce, where we sensed a hint of red pepper and enjoyed the crunch of fresh chilies that gave this menu choice an edgy kick. For the utterly hungry, we recommend you try out the special rolls at Oishii; this special roll

is a protein triple play with salmon, shrimp, crabsticks, cucumber, avocado, spring onion and tobiko – delicious! Ask about their gift trays, where you can create a combination of six different sushi rolls to take along to your next gathering to share (or not) with friends! Also, Oishii can send its chefs with a sushi stand to any function being hosted by its clients, so that fresh sushi is presented to your guests on the spot. Oishii is located in the Salhiya area in Aljawhara Tower, and in Al Shaab Al-Bahri. For reservations, please call 5551 1332 or 2264 4440. Log on to www.oishii-kw.com for more information and follow them on Instagram @oishiikw. Ora Japanese Tapas You’re not mistaken; you did read Japanese and tapas in the above



eating in kuwait




title. That’s the beauty behind Ora at Arabella. You can opt for the traditional sashimi, or you could swap that safe choice for Yellowtail Carpaccio. Your favorite chicken meatballs dish is reimagined in the form of a Korean Donburi, or Asian rice bowl, with Korean chili. Why? Because the good people at Ora believe that your palates deserve something different. Each and every dish will offer your taste buds something different and pleasantly unexpected. The décor is minimalist, with a simple and understated monochromatic theme dominating the space. Despite the sleek and chic aesthetic, the staff will offer you an extremely warm welcome. The secret behind Ora’s



exciting menu is the amazing Chef Tiger, who constantly delivers dishes that are complex, rich in flavor and above all, memorable. Ora Japanese Tapas is located in Arabella in Al Bida’a and is open for Lunch from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. For more information please call 2227 5090 or follow them on Instagram @Ora.kw. Osaka Faced with the prospect of becoming just another name on the evergrowing list of Japanese restaurants in Kuwait, the Osaka restaurant in Shaab decided to buck the trend by introducing more classical Japanese dishes with different twists, while

Sakura still keeping plenty of Kuwaiti favorites on the menu. As a result, Osaka has become one of the few Japanese restaurants in Kuwait that offers different, fresh and creative flavors that complement the spicy mayonnaise frenzy that everybody knows and loves. As starters try the unique Osaka Illusion Salad which is comprised of salmon, green grapes, ginger, parsley, iceberg lettuce and avocado with a sweet chili sauce dressing. The artful combination is surprising as every bite reveals a new and distinctive flavor that could become highly addictive. This dish will also give you a good idea of how ‘different’ can indeed be really good. Osaka is located in Salmiya behind

AUK and is open from 12 noon to 12 midnight. For reservations and information call 2263 7331 or 2263 7332. Sakura For more than 20 years, Sakura has been renowned as the pioneers of Japanese cuisine in Kuwait – offering the very best in the art of sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki and more. Japanese cuisine is rich in culture and encompasses not only the food, but the entire dining experience. There is a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients and the skill in creating a visual feast with artistic flair. A Japanese proverb says “let little seem like much, as long as it is fresh, natural and beautiful.” Sakura’s aim is to



eating in kuwait


incorporate these principles into each dish in order to bring out the flavors in the very best way possible. Sakura has many locations: The Zone Restaurant Complex, Shaab (182 3888), 360 Mall (2530 9940) Crowne Plaza (2475 7775), Laila Gallery, Salmiya (2571 4242) and Mangaf (2373 1088).


Sushi Bar From Beirut’s uber chic Achrafiya district comes the crème de la crème of Japanese dining that is Sushi Bar, serving its upscale concept at the luxurious Hamra Tower. Offering a contemporary Japanese menu, traditional elements are elevated to another level of bountiful flavors using quality, imported ingredients that shine through with the addition of certain fusion dishes. Sushi Bar’s will wow with an extensively varied menu, that begins with small plates, seafood on ice selections and ends with kitchen specialties, such as the Ura Maki heaven that promises a rich blend of innovative maki rolls, Temakis, special sushi’s and mouthwatering sashimi. Unthinkable combinations of ingredients are effortlessly delicious and surprising. Sushi Bar is located on the first floor in Al Hamra Luxury Center. For reservations call 2227 0300, and for delivery order via Talabat.com or call 5111 3644. Instagram @Sushibarkw, Facebook: LeSushiBar.


Tatami A locally inspired concept at its core, Tatami, the modern Japanese dining hub, marks a new era for the local dining scene, where an intelligent blend of talented gastronomic and design connoisseurs realized a dining concept that surpasses international standards. From raw fish to succulent Wagyu steak, the freshly sourced ingredients are the winning element at Tatami. The Japanese art of Tatami, traditionally conceived as a noble architectural style based on piled bamboo mats, is implemented



Tatami throughout the venue in an inspired industrial presentation. Staying in tune with the minimalist, earthy character of the restaurant, Tatami’s menu fixates on delivering healthier, organic elements that are prepared from scratch, ensured to deliver an intense burst of unique flavors. Graced with contemporary twists on traditional, classical Japanese recipes, Tatami delivers something different that customers will definitely enjoy. Tatami is located at Shaymaa Tower on Omar Bin Khattab Street in Sharq, Kuwait City and in Al Bida'a, Dhai Complex. For more information or to reserve your table call Tatami on 2225 1266 (Sharq) or 2571 2204 (Al Bida'a). You can follow them on Instagram @tatami_Kuwait. Wasabi This delightfully popular restaurant is an originally crafted local concept diner with chic modern décor and modern Japanese art. The Wasabi

Salad is wonderfully fresh and infamous throughout Kuwait, and one of our favorite appetizers is the Ebi Furi. If raw fish isn’t your thing there are plenty of options from Rock Shrimp as well as teppanyaki – with the gyuniki (beef tenderloin) and lobster and prawn, which are continuously in demand. The sushi range is outstanding with delights such as Shaki (salmon), Tai (red snapper) and Unagi (sea water eel). At Wasabi, the fresh ingredients and creative presentation will keep you coming back for more, time and time again! Wasabi is located in Al Bida’a (2225 3112); Mahboula (2373 0061) and The Avenues (2259 7880). Follow them on Instagram @WasabiKW, Twitter @Wasabi_Kuwait and Facebook: Wasabi Kuwait. Yuba What do you get when you pair authentic Japanese fare with a

nation that loves to indulge in quality cuisine? A fresh concept that sets the standards of culinary preparation to an even higher level – but with a Kuwaiti twist. Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern traditions alike quietly work themselves into the predominately Japanese menu, from whimsically named drinks highlighting the local culture, to the Japanese/Arab fusion adapted dishes marrying the best flavors of both continents. Indulge in Japanese Robata styled grill, experience sushi with Machboos spicing, and one of our favorites, a Quzi adapted, traditional Japanese Bop Bowl. Don’t forget to taste the brilliance of the restaurant’s highgrade, quality Bluefin Tuna items! The O-Toro sashimi, in particular, is to die for. Yuba is located on the ground floor of Crystal Tower in Soor Street, Kuwait City. Call them at 2297 0022, and follow them on Instagram for updates @yuba_kuwait.



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Immerse yourself in traditional comfort foods and experience the popular dishes that taste just like those made at “home.”


Dar Hamad


Aldirwaza Aldirwaza provides authentic Kuwaiti cuisine straight from the Kuwait Catering Company's central kitchen to your table. They promise the authentic taste of home-cooked meals and the luxury of Kuwaiti culture. Your food will come in aluminum pots ready to be served, and also yours to keep for no additional cost. The team at KCC has perfected eleven of Kuwait’s most important traditional dinner dishes, including machboos, murabian, and beriyani. Each meal is available in portions that are ideal for 2-5 people, with your choice of protein. The team at Aldirwaza also has a subscription program for those looking to ease the burden of meal planning. Meals



are prepared for two people over a 5-day subscription period and come in easy and disposable containers. Aldirwaza can be ordered online through www.talabat.com. Their hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Call 2226 6560 for more information. Follow Aldirwaza on Instagram and Facebook @aldirwaza or on Twitter @aldirwazakw. Al Roshinah Kuwait Traditional Restaurant An authentic Kuwaiti restaurant serving local delicacies & traditional dishes in a convivial ambience. Skilled chefs bring passion to celebrate the essential nature of many traditional dishes. "Al Roshinah" is an opening in the wall found in typical Kuwaiti

houses which is used to display beautiful & treasured items. Al Roshinah Kuwaiti Traditional Restaurant is a mix between the past & present, and first Kuwaiti cuisine restaurant in a five-star hotel. Al Roshinah Traditional Restaurant is located in the Safir Hotel & Residences in Fintas and serves lunch & dinner from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm. Please call 2545 5555 Ext: 8115 Follow them on Instagram @safir_fintas_hotel. Café Bazza Café Bazza is a traditional Kuwaiti restaurant that offers classic homestyle dishes that are bursting with succulent flavors in a dynamic and enchanting environment. Their dedication and care for only

high quality ingredients elevates their traditional dishes to a higher quality than the rest. This is one place to visit if you’re seeking true Kuwaiti flavors and an enjoyable dining experience for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They’re well known for their tasty kebbeh, cucumber yogurt salad, and traditional Kuwaiti breakfast platters. If you’re seeking the familiar taste of home cooking in a quick and convenient way, then you’ll love dining at Café Bazza. Better yet, get your meal delivered! Café Bazza has 14 locations across Kuwait and you can order online via www.talabat.com. Call 186 0860 or follow Café Bazza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cafebazza or you can visit their website at www.cafebazza.com.



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Dar Hamad Welcome to Dar Hamad, the grand house of Hamad, a title deeply expressive of Kuwait’s famed warm and generous hospitality. Dar Hamad arrives to offer its esteemed clientele Kuwaiti traditional food and new dishes that have also been included within the Kuwaiti household from the 60s and 80s, but with a completely new twist. From a culinary perspective, expect to be dazzled by every last detail at Dar Hamad, as there are three different spaces planned out on the ground floor of the building. These include the sea view, the chandal court ‘hosh’ and the garden view. Look out for the beautiful structure that is Dar Hamad, located on Gulf Road in Salmiya before Marina Mall. For reservations, call 2227



5555. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates @DarHamadKW and visit www.darhamad.com for more information. Dikakeen Dikakeen is a Kuwaiti fusion restaurant that plays with contemporary takes on traditional favorites. If you’re seeking the familiar taste of home cooking in a trendy upbeat environment, then you will love this whimsical restaurant filled with vintage Kuwaiti memorabilia, making Dikakeen a place where the past and present converge. Their meals come as shareable platters ready to be eaten with your hands or scooped with fresh bread that their baker prepares right it front of you. Some recipes are family secrets passed down from the owner’s mother, and some are original creations such as the infamous cheekily named dessert,

“Coma Chocolate Pudding.” They have classics like shawarmas, falafels, kebbeh, and Mishaltit, with the option of adding a modern twist. Dikakeen is located at The M2 in the Salhiya Complex. Hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For reservations, call 9772 8587 or 2299 6552. For more information, follow Dikakeen on Instagram @dikakeen or visit www. dikakeen.net. Hanhum Fittingly named for a restaurant that serves wholesome, homemade Kuwaiti cuisine, ‘Hanhum’ is an old Kuwait greeting, spoken by a person who enters a room full of people enjoying a meal. Those dining reply by saying ‘winta minhum’, which means they are inviting the greeter to join them for the meal.

Watch the fascinating bread-making process of the The Tanour bread and sample some of it too! From Baith Butat, filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes and vegetables, to Misakhan, which is Tanour filled with chicken, sumac, pine nuts and a garlic sauce, or the sweet delicacy that is filled generously with Nutella. Don’t forget though, the main event at Hanhum is that unforgettable Machbous Dijay, a Kuwaiti specialty consisting of Kuwaiti spiced chicken, served with basmati rice. So if you’re looking for a contemporary take on traditional Kuwaiti cuisine you can’t go wrong at Hanhum. Hanhum is located in the Café Court, on the first floor of Al-Hamra Luxury Center. For delivery call 2227 0234. Find them on Facebook: HanHumRestaurant, Twitter, @Hanhum_Rest and Instagram, @Hanhum_restaurant.

Quzi Express 1


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Khaneen Khaneen is a Kuwaiti restaurant that offers classic home-style dishes bursting with succulent flavors. All of their meats are locally sourced, and they’re committed to only using the freshest, finest cuts. Khaneen’s dedication to high quality fresh ingredients elevates their traditional dishes to a higher quality than the rest. This is one place to visit if you’re seeking a true Kuwaiti dining experience. Their décor utilizes wellknown images of Kuwaiti cultural heritage. You can find a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drink options at this wonderful homegrown eatery. Khaneen is located in the Levels Restaurant Complex, Mahboula (2220 6127), AlMubarakiya (2249 0858) and Murouj at Sahara (2205 7011) and for delivery call 1850 005. Their hours of operation are from 8:00am to 11:30 pm. For more information you can follow Khaneen on Instagram @khaneen.restaurant, email khaneen@hajery.com, or visit www.khaneenkuwait.com.



Quzi Express Craving Kuwaiti food but don’t have the time to make it yourself? No problem! This delivery service is skilled in whipping up your favorite dishes, home style! With their level of authenticity and quality, you’d think your own grandmother all day preparing this mighty feast to feed the whole family! Consisting of traditional dishes such as Murabyan, Mtabag Zbaidi, Machboos Diyay and of course, the quintessential Quzi, Quzi Express offers you an unforgettable authentically Kuwaiti experience. Perfect for large family gatherings and Diwaniyas, catering to your needs and feeding your hunger is just one call away! Quzi Express is a delivery-only concept specializing in Kuwaiti home cooking. For orders and inquiries, call them at 6069 3990 or 6069 3220. Follow them on Instagram @quzi_express for more information. Shamam Restaurants At the end of Restaurants Square,

another large square filled with blue plastic chairs, the color of one of Souq Al-Mubarakiya’s largest chain restaurants, Shamam. Along the wall, chefs put together amazing traditional creations, but this time each doorway leads to a kitchen with a distinct specialty. Enjoy your meal while you watch bakers flatten dough and bake them in stone ovens. Cooks put together delicious fish dishes in one room, and in another, kofta and kabab are cooked to perfection. With three different locations in Mubarakiya, including an indoor restaurant at Sakran mall, you are bound to find the perfect setting for these fresh and delicious meals. Located in Souq Al-Mubarakiya. Shatea Al Watiya Where can you go in Kuwait to find authentic Kuwaiti food? Established over 15 years ago and housed in a fifty-year-old building, this restaurant is full of pictures and artifacts preserved from the last fifty years. The heavy wooden doors and window

frames are original, as well as the thatched reed ceilings. The waiters and waitresses wear traditional attire: dara'a (long dress) for the ladies and wizar (plaid cloth wrapped at the waist) for the men. In the cooler months, Shatea Al Watiya provides a seating area outside surrounded by trees where shisha is served. Dakoos (made from tomato paste or crushed tomatoes, garlic and salt) is served as a sauce accompaniment to the meat/fish and rice meals. Kuwaiti favorites include Jerish (wheat cooked with lamb, onion, tomato and mixed spices), Marquog (wheat flour dough cooked in thick tomato and onion stew with eggplant, carrots and potatoes), Machboos (chicken or lamb fried and served on top of saffron rice), and Mutabaq (hamour or zubeidi (fish) served on top of seasoned rice). Shatea Al Watyia is located in the old Behbehani complex behind the Catholic church. Call 2242 2077. Hours of operation are 10:00am11:00pm, daily. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates @ShateaAlwatyia.

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Burritos, tacos, fajitas and more – ayyy caramba! Where queso and beans go hand-in-hand, and lettuce is just a simple topping.


Solo Tacos


Azteca Bringing together cuisines from various regions of Mexico, such as Oaxaca, Puebla, Guadalajara, Michoacan, amongst others, Azteca only uses authentic ingredients, a mixture of dried and fresh chilies and Mexican herbs. They also only use soft corn tortillas, they come with a choice of red or green salsa, and a filling to suit everybody – marinated beef tenderloin, house made beef chorizo, cheese, battered fish or shrimp, to name a few. Our team tried the beef and chicken tacos, and we were not disappointed. The meat was deliciously spiced. So much so, we were picking falling meat off the plate. The soft tacos come with two kinds of garnish onions. The delicious pickled



onions give an amazing kick to any type of taco, while the caramelized onions give it a wonderful balance of sweet and savory. Every taco that is prepared, comes with a side of rice with tomato sauce and vegetables. Azteca is located in The Village, Abu Hassaniah. For more information visit www.restaurant-azteca.com or call 2390 7546 for reservations. Instagram @aztecarestaurant. Chili Pepper Brought to you by the wonderful people who gave us the ‘Slice’ shawarma concept, this joint delivers on the notion of quick and delectable Mexican favorites customized to your liking. Three simple steps are involved; first, choose what type of item you desire (Taco, burrito, salad

etc.), followed by the type of protein filling that you prefer and finally you pick your favorite salsa! Feel free to get creative here, as the beauty behind this concept is the fact that you can get your Mexican fix just the way you like it! Chili Pepper is located in Qibla, Ali AlSalem Street. For more details, follow them on Instagram @Chilipepper_kw. En Mexico Situated just off the fourth ring road, this cozy little Mexican joint is fast gaining a reputation as the go-to place for Mexican cuisine in Kuwait. Their menu screams passion and experience in serving Latin American cuisine in a comfortable, yet chic atmosphere. The sit down atmosphere begs for a large party

that shares the sides, but be warned, when going for tacos, make sure you get your own order. The brisket taco is slow-cooked for hours until it’s falling apart, served up with caramelized onions and cheese in fresh corn tortillas and accompanied by rice and homemade frijoles (refried beans). The chicken taco was fresh and given an interesting twist with a topping of purple cabbage. Choose how you want it with delicious salsa and guacamole on the side. En Mexico is located on Street 6, Block 1a in Jabriya. Call 2535 3265, order through www.Talabat.com and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @enmexicokw. Solo Tacos The name says it all, Solo (only)



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En Mexico


Tacos. This latest concept from the creators of Solo Pizza Napulitana focuses on bringing you a completely homemade taco, from meat to guacamole to tortilla. Every taco comes with deliciously seasoned meats (fish, chicken or beef) or vegetables, a generous helping of guacamole and pico de gallo on a homemade tortilla. You can make your taco as you like it with their El “Blanco” Misterio sour cream sauce, or spice it up with their El “Mild” Macho, El



“Spicy” Devil or El “Essa” Demon sauces. Careful with the last one, as fires in your mouth can ensue. At Solo Taco messiness is encouraged with an outdoor sink for customers. Solo Tacos is located at Abdul Munum Riyyad St. AlHashimiya Building, Shop Number 10. For more information contact them at 2247 4748. Visit them at www. solotacoskuwait.com or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ solotacoskuwait.

Taco Bell It is the largest taco based restaurant in the world, yet when Glen Bell decided to start the little taco stand Taco Tia, he didn’t know it would become a global icon for the Mexican favorite. The franchise started in 1962 in California and has now exploded with more than 6,500 locations and over 2 billion customers around the world. The franchise has gained popularity with their hard shell taco filled with delicious

meats, melted chedder cheese and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Taco Bell has also made its mark with four types of hard taco shells. Their ranch, cheddar and fiery shells offer a special kick to this old favorite. Taco Bell can be found in The Avenues Mall, Al Shaab, Abu Halifa and Kaifan Mall. Call 183 4040, order through www.Talabat.com or you can visit en.tacobell.com. kw. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @TacoBellKuwait.

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eating in kuwait



Egyptian, Turkish and the best of the Levantine brought to the home away from home.


Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi


Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi Akdeniz Restaurant, which was founded by Mehmet Deveci in 1985 in Istanbul, changed its place and changed its name as Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası in 2007 summer to serve the forgotten flavors of the Antakya City where people from different ethnicities and religions lived together for centuries and formed a tremendous cuisine. Akdeniz gives great importance to improve their restaurant with the concept of serving delicious products with the highest quality, caring to hygienic standards and showing Turkish hospitality to all of their guests. They've also added the “Antakya Bakkalı” brand to their business with this sense. All the spices and other



products served are obtained from Antakya, and the meat is acquired from Balıkesir and Çanakkale. All these products are obtained with giving a great importance to their naturalness and their convenience to health standards. In 2015 Akdaniz Hatay Sofrasi opened its first branch in Kuwait at Murooj, Sahara, Kuwait. Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi is located in the Murouj Complex next to the Sahara Golf Resort off of 6th Ring Road. Call them at 1850 005 (ext. 3060) or visit their website at www.akdenizhataysofrasi.com. Al Balad Honest to goodness, wholesome and healthy food is apparent from an inspection of the menu, which

unlike many places, is simple, comprehensive but manageable and neatly presented on a thin wooden block. Lebanese food is meant to be shared and the whole notion of grazing could have been born in this cultural cuisine. What gives Al Balad the edge over many Lebanese restaurants is the fact that they import the spot-on spices and herbs endemic to Lebanon which gives all the dishes distinct authenticity. When you come here you are going to have a very special dining experience. Al Balad is another mighty player with the food to satisfy the tummy and the views to stimulate your eyes. If you are a lover of Lebanese cuisine then go to Al Balad and enjoy the lift off to the sky where the experience will be stratospheric.

Al Balad is located in Al Sharq Tower on Ahmad Al-Jaber Street. For more information or to make a reservation please call 2249 2111. Instagram and Twitter @Albaladq8. Abou El Sid Legend has it that a poor and humble man that was known across the Ottoman Empire for his amazing dishes compiled all of his recipes in a book and hid them in a safe place. Centuries later, the book was found and became the inspiration for Egypt’s most popular authentic traditional restaurant, named after the incredible host and chef, Abou El Sid. From there, the recipes have made their way to Kuwait’s Gulf Road. The ambiance is one that the legend himself would have been proud of,



eating in kuwait


Ayam Zaman


A’s Chicken is located in Kuwait City and can be ordered via www.talabat. com. Call for delivery/pickup at 2241 2124. For more information, follow A’s Chicken on Instagram @chicken_q8.




but it is the food that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are there for a hefty dinner or light mezzas, the sufra (dining spread) at Abou El Sid will make any Egyptian grandmother proud. Abou El Sid is located at the entrance of Green Island on the Arabian Gulf Road. For more information, call 2226 4525, visit www.abouelsid.com or follow Instagram @abouelsid_kw.


A’s Chicken A’s Chicken is a small food joint



that proves that simplicity can still equal high-quality perfection. They have only a few simple chicken items on their menu, but you’re still guaranteed to leave satisfied by the succulent juiciness of their meat. You can order a half or whole grilled chicken, a wrap, or try their popular charcoal-grilled Shish Tawooq that can be ordered spicy for an extra kick. They also offer fries and their famous garlic dipping sauce. For a simple meal high in protein and flavor, A’s Chicken is a must-try.

Al Mayass Al Mayass has been serving great food in Beirut for a number of years offering an enjoyable mix of Armenian and Lebanese cuisines that will stimulate your taste buds to no end. Quality ingredients and skillful chefs make for a prime meal within a delightfully distinctive, upscale crimson and white themed ambience that is tasteful yet relaxing and charmingly rustic. All your old favorites are here, but there are also some unique options. Portions are very generous at Al Mayass and prices are not steep so diners are getting a great deal. Al Mayass is located inside the Rimal Resort off of Gulf Road in Bida’a area. Please call 2573 8089 for more information or to make reservations. Arabesque Café Adjacent to the retail avenue of the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Arabesque is an aromatic café lounge that has a terrace overlooking the hotel entrance.

Providing an elegant, yet traditional ambience focusing on Kuwait’s way of life, exotic scent of spices, herbs and local fare go along with a large spread of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Shisha, with a large variety of best quality flavors served on its beautiful terrace along with soft Arabic lounge music playing in the background. The next time you pay a visit to this hotel, make sure you stop by Arabesque Café! For more information, call 2226 9666, email Jumeirahrestaurant@jumeirah.com. Find @JumeirahMessilahBeach on Facebook and Instagram. Ayam Zaman The name “Ayam Zaman” plays upon the cherished memories of the olden days, where recipes were cherished and passed down through generations. Ayam Zaman delivers on the promise of authentic Lebanese cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere, where you can both dine and unwind as you celebrate food with loved ones. Their freshly cooked delectable dishes feature all the wonderful Lebanese classics such hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and Lebanese-spiced meats. They also offer special hours just for shisha and drinks, giving you a great social

Mais Alghanim


eating in kuwait




release perfectly complemented by the calm and serene environment. Once you set foot in Ayam Zaman, you will feel invigorated by the beautiful garden view and bubbling waterfall, which sets a very romantic tone to the restaurant. You’ll come for their flavorful dishes, and stay for the lovely view and hospitality. Ayam Zaman is located at the Holiday Inn in Salmiya (2576 0444) and at Zone next to Al Shaab Park (182 3888) and Crowne Plaza Kuwait (2475 7775). Their hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Shisha & Beverages)



and 12:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Lunch and Dinner). For more information, visit www.kuwait-hi.com. Ayyame Ayyame’s menu reads like a travel guide for your taste buds, offering what it describes as a fusion of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. The ambience supports such a wide variety of tastes as it does not overwhelm, but rather lays the foundation for the meal before you. Pick from an array of starters, from the Lebanese Spinach Hummus

to the Moroccan Lentil Salad. For meat-eaters, the Palestinian style Musakhan is a definite must, as is the Chicken Tagine. For fans of Moroccan cuisine, Ayyame’s Tagine is a delight and the Syrian-Kuwaiti fusion dish, Mohalabia with Apricot is amazing. Round up your meal with the Moroccan Mint Chocolate Fondant: a sponge-y chocolate cake that erupts with chocolate fondant in the middle, is perfect for the chocoholic of your clan. This dining destination is laid back but has an up-town feel, chic without being arrogant, and very good

but very affordable with a great shisa selection on offer. We suggest you reward your palate with a trip around the culinary Middle East without ever leaving the city. Ayyame is located in Marina Crescent on the first floor (2571 2189) and in Abu Hasaniya at The Village (2390 7936). You can also follow @Ayyame_Restaurant on Instagram for the latest updates. Bess Fooll Bess Felafel This cheekily-named restaurant may claim to only serve the Middle Eastern favorites, fooll and felafel,



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Bess Fooll Bess Felafel


but their incredible flavors and impeccable customer service truly offer much more! The fooll, or fava beans cooked traditionally in spices, onions and tomatoes, is offered on a plate or in a warm freshly baked pita sandwich. Their freshly fried felafels, which are ground chickpea staples in the Middle East, are served hot as is or in a few select sandwich options. You can order them as a burger with special sauce and fries, or in a warm pita wrap. Whatever option you choose, the bold flavors of these simple dishes will leave you craving more and more! Bess Fooll Bess Felafel has branches in Salmiya (2564 6911), Sharq (2245 2846), and Hawally (2267 1633). You can also order via www.talabat.com or call 184 2887.


The Bistro In keeping with tradition, the fabulous people behind Mais Alghanim have opened yet another incredible restaurant inspired by modernity called The Bistro Mais Alghanim. This Middle Eastern fusion concept has taken the comfort foods you love, and created their modern gastronomic equivalents. Re-imagining traditional Middle Eastern foods comes easy to the masterminds behind The Bistro. Located on the top floor of the Miral Complex in Mangaf, the view is absolutely magnificent, and the



food, superb. With an array of mouthwatering choices, be sure to go with an empty stomach and an appetite for all your favorites with a twist. The Bistro is located in the Miral Complex off the coast of Mangaf past the Hilton Resort, for reservations please call 2205 4200. You can visit their website www.bistromais.com or follow their latest updates on Instagram @BistroMais. Burj Al Hamam Kuwait’s Burj Al Hamam has been a screaming success virtually since day one, and is now a well established Lebanese restaurant in the market. There are many reasons for this: the quality of the food prepared, the stunning location and the wonderfully elegant ambience. The very size of the restaurant has been cleverly utilized to create many different mood opportunities for dining under one roof. Service is fast and informative as befits a large slick organization. The mains are a joy. Lebanese classics are presented deliciously, especially that the restaurant prides itself on their daily specials. Dining at Burj Al Hamam also means that you would be getting the freshest food with the finest ingredients served efficiently in a wonderful ambience at very affordable prices: bullseye for the consumer! Burj al Hamam is located on the seaside of the Gulf Road between

The Bistro Mais Alghanim 3rd and 2nd Ring Road. Please call 2252 9095 for reservations or more information. Follow them on Instagram @burjalhamam. Café Blanc Café Blanc is committed to delivering the best of Lebanese cuisine, with fresh ingredients and a striking, modern ambience. This is a restaurant with style and chic elegance. Natural colors welcome you and clear lines define the smooth contemporary design. Think traditional Lebanese food with a 21st

century interior design and you have grasped the essence of Café Blanc. The menu is vast, including the fruit juices. Try the Green Valley (fresh avocado, banana, milk and debes). Lebanese food is defined by mezzes, and the sheer joy of communal sharing and conversing characterizes the food here. We love the mchallali (circular strips of tasty cheese caressed in oil) and their shankleesh (a mixture of specialist cheese, onion, tomato, parsley and oil) – all offset with gorgeously delicate puffed breads. Café Blanc is actually a traditional after dinner



eating in kuwait



drink, that consists of hot and rose water blend, and is served free to all customers at the end of the meal. Open from 10 a.m. till midnight, and 10 a.m. till 1 a.m. during the weekends; this is an extremely popular restaurant. During the week you are advised to book, but on the weekends there is a no booking policy. Café Blanc is located at Marina Crescent (2224 4644 or 2224 4655) and The 2nd Avenue at The Avenues (2259 7568).


C Omar An ode to all things Egyptian, C Omar is a modern fusion Egyptian café created by Creative Eye Company and is located at The Avenues in the Al Souk zone. C Omar serves from authentic Egyptian dishes to contemporary dishes. Most of the dishes are freshly homemade food from foul o Tamia, Koshary, shakshouka eggs, mulukhiya and many more iconic Egyptian dishes. Once at C Omar, the cozy traditional and old Egyptian style interior delivers the perfect blend between the past and the present. As you dine, you can enjoy the classical Egyptian music



playing in the background at all times. Suddenly, you will be transported to the old street of Cairo. You can find C Omar at Soku at The Avenues. Open from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. Follow them on Instagram @C_Omarkw. Debs El Reman Debs El Reman is an absolute example of a gem that should not be overlooked. Their menu is bursting with options from classic indulgent breakfasts, to light sandwiches, and reimagined, deconstructed Shaami favorites hailing from the lands of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Turkey. This is indeed a beautiful experience and with a touch of the right music from the stylings of Fairuz and even just one or two of your favorite people, it’s sure to make your list of go-to places. Debs El Reman is located on the bottom level of Miral Complex, off the coast of Mangaf past the Hilton Resort. Call them at 2228 2439 for more information. Follow them on Instagram @debs_alruman. Emirgan Sutis When you step into Emirgan Sutis

located in The Souk district at The Avenues, it is easy to lose yourself in the majestic high ceilings, hanging chandeliers that emanate with Ottaman charm, and portraits of the Sultans of the past. Besides delivering an enchanting Turkish atmosphere, Emirgan Sutis prides itself in serving up the freshest ingredients, from speciality meats to home-baked breads. If you’re after a hearty breakfast, the morning service at Sutis will not disappoint. For lunch and dinner, satisfy all of your doner cravings or ravish a scrumptious fillet mignon. We promise you will be returning for more samplings of the dishes on offer, as the authentic ingredients at Sutis make this restaurant a dining gem, even for those with the most discerning taste palates. Emirgan Sutis is located in the SoukThe Avenues, The Gate Mall and Menus Complex in Abu Halifa. Call the directory 1850 005 for delivery and more information. Follow them on Instagram @Sutis_kw for the latest updates. Franji Branji This whimsical restaurant has a

charming fictional backstory! Franji traveled the world to discover new cultures while Branji’s love for his mother’s cooking and the simple life in the country kept him close to home. This results in an exciting menu that blends Franji’s acquired taste with Branji’s passion, creating classic Levantine dishes with a fun twist! From traditional Lebanese mezzeh to smartly crafted creations and delicious desserts, Franji Branji’s menu will surely impress. Franji Branji is located in Al Bida’a. For more information call 2226 3142 and follow @Franji_Branji on Instagram. Kababji Kababji has perfected the quick yet nutritious and healthy dining experience. Kebabs are the main staple but you can also enjoy humous, moutabal, warak enab (grape leaves) and fattoush. Though an array of kebabs are on offer, you can ask the chefs to customize your kebabs, so you can make them as spicy as you like. Kebabs are available as a sandwich or as a plate so you can stuff



eating in kuwait






exactly what you want into your own sandwiches. We love Kababji simply because whether you get it delivered to the office for lunch, home for dinner, or go to their restaurants, you are always guaranteed a fresh, tasty treat. Kababji can be found in many locations along with an incredible dining location in Marina Mall. Call 186 1616 to find your nearest branch.


El Khedeiwy El Khedeiwy is a fascinating fusion of Egyptian culture infused with Ottoman flavors, tastes, colors and textures. It offers a vibrant dining atmosphere with the elegance of a traditional cafe



experience. Synonymous with the 1940s-style parties inside Egyptian and Ottoman palace walls, El Khedeiwy aims to bring this majestic atmosphere to customers, complete with palatial decor and themed music. Dining in this tradition is an invigorating experience and a celebration of life. El Khedeiwy cafe is located in Bneid Al Gar beside Le Royale Hotel (2257 0999) and The Gate Mall2nd floor (2205 6350). Follow them on Instagram @elkhedeiwy Kosebasi Kosebasi is famous for their grilled Mediterranean delicacies, and is

easily distinguished by its classy sharp design and bright red accents. The restaurant features cozy, private booths for small couples and big tables to accommodate the largest family. They offer a variety of freshly grilled meats, served with their special blend of Turkish spices and homemade yogurt. From their simple hummus, complex kebabs, to their delectable Kanufe, each dish is bursting with rich authentic flavor. The portions are extremely generous, and can easily be shared with the entire table, although given the great taste, you’ll likely want it all for yourself! Kosebasi is located at The Tavern Mall in Jabriya (2531 0491), The Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2220 1910) and Salmiya. Their hours of operation are: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. For more information, you can visit their website: www.kosebasi.com. Leila Min Lebnan Leila invites all those seeking an exquisite experience to lounge with her mellow musical moods and traditional food with a twist. Leila is a blend of old and new, of pure tradition and modern comforts; an innovative concept of an upscale Lebanese dining restaurant. Leila acknowledges the goodness that has come from

the hands of Lebanese women and seeks to offer the same delicacies from mezze to salads to fresh pastries and barbecued meat, all char-grilled to perfection and seasoned with exceptional spices to a create a taste that is exclusively Leila. Step in and be an honored guest for a few hours, and let your taste buds celebrate with mouthwatering dishes and enjoy the Lebanese warmth and hospitality at Leila’s Restaurant. And as they say in Lebanon, “Sahtein!” Leila is located in the 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7430), Salhiya Plaza (2299 6414) and at The Cube on Salmiya’s Salem Al Mubarak Street (2205 6691/2). Instagram @Leila_Kuwait and Facebook: Leilarestaurants.kuwait. Mado Nestled nicely in the Alargan Complex on the Bida’a strip, you’ll find a beautiful Turkish delight called Mado. The food is stupendously delicious and does not disappoint. Originally an ice cream parlor in Turkey, Mado was founded in 1836 by Yasar Kanbur and evolved into a café and subsequently a restaurant spanning out to over 300 franchises all around the world from the early

ayam zaman Ayamzaman_Kuwait


eating in kuwait


90s. The menu features an extensive selection of desserts, salads, kebab entrees, authentic boreks, pastas, sandwiches and pizzas. Mado Kuwait is located in the Alargan strip of restaurants in Al Bida’a. Operating hours are from 9 a.m. to midnight every day. Follow them on Instagram @madokuwait or visit www.mado.com.tr.


Mais Alghanim Established in 1953, this is the granddaddy of restaurants, with over 50 years of experience from three generations. With a seating capacity of 650 over two levels and the option of terrace dining with stunning sea views, this is a hugely popular restaurant. At peak times it gets very busy, but there is a valet parking option. Décor is informal with intricate Lebanese lanterns and old prints and photographs of a bygone age in Kuwait. This restaurant provides exceptional food at very reasonable prices, with all ingredients being phenomenally fresh. The appetizers are enough in themselves; from fattoush to hummus, fresh bread straight from the tandoor, and stuffed pastries. Renowned for their fish dishes (from grilled and breaded prawns, through to hammour) Mais Alghanim have used the same fishmonger for the last 15 years. They also offer chicken and meat kebabs, mixed grills and even chicken kibbeh, which is a first in Kuwait. More unusual meats like ostrich are offered which is great if you are trying to watch your cholesterol. If you have any room left for dessert then try the Umm Ali (it’s one of our favorites). Shisha is available on the upper level if you really want to relax. They also offer takeaway and outside catering. Mais Alghanim is located on the Gulf Road near the Kuwait Towers (2225 1155) and Spoons Mall, Mahboula (2225 0655). For delivery orders, please call 182 1155. Follow them on Instagram @Maisalghanim.



Mais Alghanim




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Sabah wu Masa is located in 360 Mall and Murouj Complex off of Sixth Ring Road. For more information or to make a reservation please call 2225 0741 or check out their Instagram @sabahwumasa.




Naranj If you’re familiar with Naranj, then you’re familiar with your grandmother’s traditional light and crispy biscotti, dipped in the bitter-sweet, homemade marmalade, bursting with zesty concentrated flavors of homegrown oranges. Such is the tantalizing taste of Naranj, reminiscent of ancient trees, meticulously grown and artfully cared for by our Damascene ancestors. Resplendent with a stylishly modern yet vintage façade, Naranj embodies an ancient Damascus, a city whose character is woven through thousands of years of civilizations. Antiquities and ancient maps are ornately displayed throughout the interior of the restaurant, complete



with courtyard fountains and high ceilings. The allure of the Damascene environment is simply irresistible, fragrant with the appetizing scents of slowly roasted lamb and exotic spices, mixed with the sweet aroma of apple flavored Narjeeleh smoke. At Naranj, the culinary experience is truly a leisurely delight, tempting one to spend hours simply savoring each and every transcendent flavor, which involuntarily transport one into a distinctive Syrian instance, embolic of a different era. For your Damascene experience at Naranj, visit Olympia Mall in Salmiya (2226 8666) or The Hilton Hotel in Mangaf (2225 6214). Check them out on Instagram @NaranjKuwait or

visit naranjkw.com. Sabah wu Masa Sabah wu Masa, is a dashingly handsome and rather suggestively seductive restaurant with classy curving glass inscribed with Arabic script. In an increasingly westernized world, Sabah wu Masa makes a refreshing change, not pandering to imitative mall mentality but celebrating the glory that is to be found in Arabic cuisine. Sabah wu Masa takes itself to a challenging position for the accolade of the best Lebanese diner in Kuwait. If you are just in the mood for Lebanese food, take yourself to this exciting and luxurious restaurant.

Sanawbar For fans of moutabal and kibbeh nayeh living in Kuwait, the dining choices for Lebanese cuisine are plenty. Your choices range from tiny fastfood-like shops to high-end luxury experiences with decorative, unnecessary cutlery and prices to match. In every price range you will find restaurants that shine and some that disappoint. What separates the exceptional from the mediocre? What turns a dining back-up plan into the main event? The answer is more than the food alone; it is a sum of all the parts: ambiance, service, quality of the food, the view through the windows and, yes, even the restroom. Sanawbar has carefully calculated all these factors and more; the result is positively admirable. By the time you leave Sanawbar we are sure that all of your senses will have been expertly entertained, your cravings satisfied and your pocketbook thankfully unharmed. Sanawbar is located at the Salmiya seaside on Belajat Street (Gulf Road) near to the Al Bida’a roundabout. For reservations and delivery, please call 184 7847. Follow them on Instagram @Alsanawbarkw. Sawah Within its comfortably-sized interiors is a menagerie of fascinating artifacts imported from both Lebanon and France. Browse through their myriad of multicolored chairs and other interesting articles as well as the beautifully carved patterns adorning its walls and canopy. And who can miss the large contemporary painting of Egyptian Singer, Abdel Halim staring proudly back at them.

mais alghanim deleviry


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Similarly imported from Lebanon, the dishes are an intriguing assortment of aged copper and silver wares some even embellished with the “Seen” of Sawah. If the setting is not enough to wow you, then the food certainly will. Sawah swears by only the freshest of ingredients, with pastries made daily and juices freshly squeezed to order. The quality of the food is certainly testament to the longstanding affair both have with Mediterranean cuisine. Sawah is located at 2nd Avenue-The Avenues. For more information or to make a reservation please call 2259



7701 and follow @MMCKuwait on Instagram. Semsom Created from a vision to bring the Lebanese way of life in the form of a restaurant that truly captures the essence of recipes that have been passed down for generations, Semsom’s menu is both daring and traditional, and bound to keep you coming back for more. From the modern décor that blends old with new and photos from Lebanon above the bar, to the outside seating with large cushioned chairs to enjoy

the outdoor freshness, everywhere is a perfect spot to enjoy their delectable menu. Indulge in the Lebanese love for eggplant with a delicious eggplant sweet and sour, made with raisins and sprinkled with sesame seeds, or stick to the traditional with their baba ghannouj. All of the starters at Semsom lead to the main event: saj (a flatbread) platters with marinated chicken and steak, a special chicken with coriander and garlic or a variation of grilled meats, and an array of dough based oven baked dishes like kafta, lahm b’ajin and zaatar.

Semsom is located in Arabella in Al Bida’a. Call 6002 2150, visit their website www.semsom.com or connect with them on Instagram @SemsomKuwait. Tagine It’s been said that Moroccan food is one of the most sensual in the world. It appeals directly to the senses of smell, sight and taste in a way that few other cuisines can match. Nowhere is this truer than at Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant located at The Palms Resort in Salwa. Everything you see (the décor, dress and utensils),

‫كبابجي ‪...‬‬ ‫الطعم بيحكي‬


‫القادسية ‪ -‬أبو حليفة ‪ -‬العديلية ‪ -‬الجهراء ‪ -‬مارينا مول ‪ -‬ميرال مول‬


eating in kuwait


everything you hear (the music) and everything you smell (the aromatic incense and food) is Moroccan. The brainchild of The Palm Resort’s General Manager, Rabie Al-Sukhon, Tagine is the embodiment of all things Moroccan. Striving to create a true Moroccan experience, the entire restaurant speaks of the North African country. And not just replicas either. Everything, including the staff, has been brought from the country itself, making a visit to Tagine a truly authentic and exotic experience. Tagine has a wonderful varied menu. To tantalize your senses, head out to Tagine located in The Palms Beach Resort in Salwa. For more information or to make a reservation please call 182 4060.


Le Tarbouche Within its cozy interior, you will enjoy farm fresh meats, garden seasonings and spices that are flown directly from Lebanon to ensure the menu in Le Tarbouche evokes the spirit of Lebanese cuisine with variety and absolute finesse. Cold and warm mezza such as tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves and much more, come in the luxurious and palatial surroundings of Kuwait’s most popular Lebanese restaurant located in The Sheraton Hotel. The attentive and meticulous service, soothing sound of the water fountain, a view of Kuwait from the rooftop location, not to mention the live band playing traditional Arabic music will ensure an experience to be long remembered. Le Tarbouche restaurant is open daily for lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. for lunch and from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for dinner. Le Tarbouche Restaurant is located in the Sheraton hotel and the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. You can call 183 5555.


Turkish Grill Inside the Turkish Grill kitchen, the addictive flavors that have you continuously coming back for more



Le Tarbouche are based on traditional Turkish recipes, with the modern twist of fast food convenience. With its various grilled meals, savory dishes and freshly baked Turkish bread; the Turkish Grill will become your favorite delivery option. Whether it’s the flame grilled original meals, from the Arayes, succulent tavuk shish and sebzeli kebab, or a spicier Adana Kebab with red pepper and hot chili sauce, to refreshing Dolma (warak Anab), rest assured that the tastes of Anatolia are authentic and freshly prepared. The best part is that it is delivered straight to your

door. Imagine your favorite Turkish Kebabs delivered straight to your door, that’s what Turkish Grill strives to offer in the form of state-of-theart packing that keeps your most loved Turkish meals warm, tender, and delicious from the restaurant straight to your home. Call the Turkish Grill hotline at 184 7455. Turkish Grill has 8 locations around Kuwait. For more information, follow them on Instagram @TurkishGrillKwt. Villa Fayrouz Washed in beautiful natural woods and flooded with natural light,

the main hall is decked out in all Middle Eastern splendors; with intricately carved wooden beams and Moorish-style motifs adorning its ceilings. Well-groomed wait staff zip around, taking orders and making small talk, a congenial setting indeed. With the quality of the food here, it’s hard not to be floored by its numerous signatures. Their Eggplant Musakaa hits all the right notes in terms of flavors; slightly sour, a little bit sweet, and accompanied by the smooth creamy texture of the eggplant. Perfectly balanced in seasoning, the Vine



eating in kuwait


Leaves in Olive Oil, are another big hit. The Hummus with Sausages is not overly heavy, lusciously topped with finely diced sausages giving the dish a slight salty touch. Villa Fayrouz transforms everyday dishes into outstanding works of culinary art that exude finesse. For Lebanese food excellence, visit Villa Fayrouz at The Avenues (2259 7200) or Shaab Al Bahary (2265 0053). For more information, follow them on Instagram @Villa_Fayrouz.


Vine Restaurant Kuwait is filled with avid foodies who dare to push the limits of the traditional, and Vine Restaurant remarkably delivers on this premise. At this cozy establishment located in Bnaid AlGar, you can sample traditional dishes in a completely new light. For this reason alone, you must come with a group of friends, and more importantly, come hungry. Imaginative dishes like beetroot Kebbeh, Edamame-infused Hummus and Quinoa-stuffed vine leaves are only but a few samplings of what this special place has to offer in terms of contemporary takes on your favorite Mediterranean flavor profiles. Order a wide selection of freshly prepared dishes, that are creatively thought out, refreshingly new and unique. Vine Restaurant is located in Bneid Al Gar. For more information, delivery or reservations, please call 2225 4055. You can follow Vine on Instagram @Vinekwt or visit their website www.vinekwt.com.


ZWZ (Zaatar W Zeit) This youthful and casual Lebanese eatery appeals to all. The cozy, warm colors and furnishings immediately soothe and welcome you. With seating inside and outside – it is the perfect place to catch up with friends and eat delicious food. The all-day menu is divided into 10 sections catering to the savory, sweet-toothed and the light lovers



Vine amongst us. Simplicity is the key to their success. The heart of ZWZ is the bread that is on offer in different types of dough. Popular favorites include the Mighty Kafta (kebab mix topped with cheese, tomatoes and mayo), and Cheese Sambousek (cheese wraps) which is perfectly accompanied by a light bread to dunk. The fun of dining at ZWZ is delving into its gloriously informal and communal atmosphere. Best sellers include Famous Chicken and Wild Zaatar. Don’t forget to try their desserts and new savory platters, their Chocolate Chip Brownies and Potato Chicken are to die for! Most of the ingredients are imported from Lebanon, helping to give the true taste of the country. You can eat in or take out and they box whatever

you want. Regulars phone in advance and pick up their goodies and it also offers perfect food for picnics or gatherings. Zaatar w Zeit has locations at The Avenues, Shamiya Mall, Menus Complex in Abu Halifa, Marina Crescent, Hawally, The Cube Mall in Salmiya, West Mishref COOP and AUM. For information and delivery, please call 180 0333. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Zaatarwzeitkw. Zahr El Laymoun Incorporating only natural, earthy ingredients, your typical dining experience of Lebanese country grills is forever changed at Zahr El Laymoun. This is expertly demonstrated in the way an herbal

addition of thyme is infused in the flavors of the succulently grilled beef cutlets and how the minced meat Kafta is enriched with roasted pistachios. Desserts offer a bounty of local Lebanese flavors like Tart el Khalil and the Mini Biscuit Cake which includes a mixture of Lebanese chocolate and praline biscuits, all compressed together to deliver the rich, unforgettable texture of biscuit meets chocolate, just like mom used to make! Along with a pot of freshly brewed Turkish coffee, you’re ensured a transient dining experience that leaves your mind soothed and your tummy satisfied. Zahr El Laymoun is located in the 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7422) and Mall 360 (2530 9511).

Turkish Food Done Right!


Tel: 22215224-22215223




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Embrace the complex and captivating flavors from the land of spice and deliciously hot bread.




Anaar Catering Anaar Catering represents an accomplishment, while reflecting a deep passion for Persian cuisine epicure Faridah Bakhitiar. For Faridah, she celebrates a lifelong ambition and desire to share recipes from her family’s native region of Bakhtiari that have been passed down through generations, and which she prepares regularly for her family and close loved ones. From the different variations of Chelo, to the Albaloo Polo Ba Gelgeli, also a type of rice cooked with sour cherries and meatballs, Anaar Catering will surely please by delivering Persian fine dining right to your door.



Anaar Catering is located in Al Khaled Complex in Salmiya. Call 2566 3666 or 9006 7676 for orders and delivery, or you can visit www.anaarcatering.com. Instagram @AnaarCatering. Babak For those who enjoy Persian cuisine on the go, this excellent concept, Babak, makes for the perfect choice. This is a middle range Persian take-away and delivery service with the option to dine in with a casual bar context for five persons, or in fine weather on four tables for an al fresco experience. It takes just eight to twelve minutes for food to materialize from order to completion and they use the

freshest of ingredients. The delivery service will be knocking on your door within 30 to 40 minutes of you placing your order. Babak is cleverly named, as well, with its three meanings: an old Persian name, kabab spelt backward and the other meaning of a door opening to welcome you. Well, the door is now firmly open and we can certainly encourage people to walk through and have a great meal at prices that will please: a great experience overall that will satisfy. Babak is located in Jabriya, Salmiya, Bneid Al Qar, Al Qurain, Al Mangaf, Al Bairaq Mall, Sharq, and Al Ardiya. Call 2225 5222 for more information and delivery. Operating hours are from

11:00 a.m. – midnight. Follow them on Instagram @BabakGrill. Crimson Garden In keeping with the tradition of everything Persian, the color scheme is crimson red and beige giving the space a feel of the colors of tradition, with motifs of flowers on everything from the menus to the seats. All the Persian dishes on the menu are transcribed with their true names with brief explanations underneath each one. The atmosphere at Crimson Garden is very relaxed and welcoming with a friendly staff that’s happy to explain the different dishes and flavors. With comfortable indoor lounging and

gerosteiner apple


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of her dream to combine the best of traditional and contemporary Iranian hospitality. Tucked away in the beautiful Murouj Complex, Kateh features both an authentic and modern take on Persian cuisine in an elegant yet relaxed and fun setting. Glorious kebabs and succulent seafood – dining at Kateh is a culinary journey to be shared. Kateh is located at Murouj Complex, next to the Sahara Club off the 6th Ring Road. Call them at 2205 0277 for information. Follow them on Instagram @Kateh_Restaurant for mouth watering images!


Crimson Garden




outdoor seating, the space is laid out to suit your preference. With a keen eye for detail, the presentation of the dishes is superb and the chef makes sure that only the finest is served. Going through the menu, the variety is substantially split up into sections. Seven different types of rice and dozens of choices for the grills, there’s something there for everyone. Different appetizers, salads, soups and stews with a



twist, and the list goes on. Crimson Garden is located on the first floor of the 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7344) and in Spoons Mall in Mahboula (2225 4094). Kateh Serving the latest in popular Persian cuisine Kateh promises you an experience like no other. The project is the first Persian venture for Narges Pourkhomami and the realisation

Naz Naz affectionately translates to, “Persian soul food,” this concept's authentic menu includes a signature dish, the famous Persian dish Kaba-e Joojeh Tikka Masty, only served by Naz in Kuwait and which is a mix of boneless chicken marinated in labna, onion, dried lemon, garlic and Naz’s special sauce. Other exquisite Persian dishes include the Mirza Ghasemi, a puree of aubergine and tomato with egg, tumeric and garlic, and the Bareh Kebab-e Torsh, a beef fillet marinated with labna, pomegranate and lemon. Naz is located in Sharq (2245 1892), Zahra (2524 6983), Mahboula (9786 0093) Bayan (2539 2601) Co-op complexes and Salmiya (2571 2560) Please call 180 8080 for all delivery inquiries. You can follow them on Instagram @NazKwt or visit their website www.naz-restaurant.com. Shabestan Shabestan offers its valued guests a unique, unforgettable Iranian dining experience by combining a blend of mouthwatering and authentic, traditional Iranian dishes with an atmosphere fit for royalty. Whether indulging in their freshly prepared grills or home-style main dishes, the food at Shabestan is created to

impress the palate of each individual customer alike. You must go check it out! Shabestan is located at The Zone Restaurant Complex, Shaab (182 3888), Crowne Plaza (2475 7775) and Mall 360 (2530 9720). Shahrayar This is simply a five-star experience in every way. The décor is a tribute to the triumph of Persian designs with intricate carvings, lattice work and beautiful hanging lanterns, so it’s no surprise that the moment you get out of the elevator your eyes are arrested by the beauty of the artefacts. The pleasures of Persia are incorporated into every dimension of your dining experience. Favorite appetizers include Kashk Badenjan (fried eggplants topped with kashk, fried onions, mint and garlic), spinach salad with tomato, onions and mushrooms and the freshest of Iranian crisp crackling bread. They are famous for their stews as well as their kebabs. Try the quintessentially Persian Kabab Kubideh that’s marinated in saffron and onion or Khorest Ghormeh Sabzi (lamb stew with kidney beans, fresh lemon and herbs). Their rice (especially the one flavored with broad beans and dill) is highly recommended. Renowned for having the freshest of prawns, try them marinated in saffron and mustard on the charcoal grill. If you have room try the Persian ice cream and finish off with mint tea with Persian sugar. Shahrayar’s seating capacity spaciously accommodates 64 and is open for lunch from 12:30pm to 3:30pm, and for dinner between 7:30pm and 11pm. Booking is essential to avoid disappointment. Shahrayar is located in the Sheraton Hotel and The Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Hours of operation from 12:30pm to 11:00pm. Booking is recommended, so call 183 5555.



bazaar’s official confession: we’re obsessed. Iranian food is delicate in its preparation – too much spice or too little can offset the entire dish. Taking that to heart, the head chef at Kateh has perfected the flavors making for a wellrounded and fully satisfying meal. Every detail has been thought out brilliantly to compliment the theme as a whole. Teal and gray accent the whites and natural dark wood setting. Offering indoor and outdoor seating options, there’s an air of Zen amidst the hustle and bustle. Even the cutlery exudes the ethos they hold dearly – modern Iranian. Our suggestion would be to go in a group, because you’ll want to try everything on the menu! As we took our seats and started flipping through the menu, a wafting scent of deliciousness made its way to our table – their complimentary platter of fresh baked bread. Their Taftoon bread and Panir Sabzi is gloriously fresh and delectable. Break off a piece of Taftoon add some Panir cheese, a sliver of radish and the leafy greens – perfection in a bite. Teamed with one of their beautifully crafted cocktail creations, nothing can compare. When it came to picking salads and starters – we may have gone slightly wild with options. For our cold starters, we opted for the wonderful Mast Va Musir, a thick and almost fizzy yoghurt dip mixed with wild mountain shallots. As for the salads we ordered the Classic Salad Shirazi which consists of perfectly ripened heritage tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and mint diced and topped with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Our other salad of choice was their inventive Salad Laboo – a Burrata served with warm roasted beetroots and a refreshing basil salad making this absolutely light and palatable. Ordering the delicately layered Mirza Ghassemi was a hit – the grilled smoked slender aubergines combined with eggs, tomato and garlic made for an interesting and delicious combination. The Koofteh Berenji is simply not to be missed! Superbly made Persian meatballs made of split peas, rice and a beautiful combination of Persian Prunes with fresh herbs atop a dollop of yoghurt. This was swiftly followed by all the grills and stews and our stomachs happily obliged. Because, lets face it, no one goes to a Persian restaurant without ordering at least one grill of sorts! Now, the beauty of Persian grills is the subtlety in the flavors. Be it chicken or meat, there’s nothing more delicately flavored and tender than the way Persians prepare their grills. With love and attention to detail, every kabab has its own unique flavor profile that works brilliantly with their rice. For the most traditional one, go for the Koobideh – a much loved favorite with a complex flavor profile. 276

When it came to the stew – the flavors were vibrant! The beautiful blend of herbs and greens mixed in with kidney beans and veal making a gorgeous Gormeh Sabzi. The rice options we went with were simple and to the point – saffron rice in all its glory. To add some oomph, we ordered the saffron rice with Zereshk! Zereshk, for those that don’t recognize the word, is a mixture of bright, ruby colored barberries, cranberries and slivers of pistachios giving the rice an incredible gem-like topping. To top off our meal, we just had to order dessert. So we went with a selection – from the traditional Bastani: Persian saffron ice-cream with fresh pistachios, and Falloodeh: Persian rice noodle sorbet with a subtle lime flavor and sweet cherry coulis. Glorious doesn’t even begin to explain this dessert or the experience as a whole.

Head to the illustrious Murouj Complex near the Sahara Club in Sabhan to experience the true flavors of modern Persia only at Kateh. For more information, you can visit their website www.katehme.com or call them on 2205 0277 / 96962817 and follow them on Instagram @Kateh_Restaurant. 277


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Jump into the deep end and immerse yourself in the fruits of the sea with delicious fish and shellfish platters in marine inspired surroundings.


Fish Market


Al Marsa Restaurant Located at Le Royal Hotel, Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant offers a wide selection of divine fresh seafood dishes prepared in the traditional Kuwaiti way. Al Marsa offers an authentic atmosphere and a real taste of the sea. The market style venue has an extensive display of the freshest seafood from hammour to lobster, zubaidi and other local specialties. Refined yet highly proficient staff members in their seafarer uniforms welcome guests with their warm smile and courteous service. Al Marsa is from 12:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Al Marsa Restaurant is located in Royal Hotel, Bneid Al Gar, call 2251 0999.



Al Muhallab Sitting on the veranda with the waves lapping gently close by and a view of Hashimi you could not have a more idyllic and relaxing setting. As well as feeding you brilliantly with traditional Kuwaiti recipes Al Muhallab has a mission to educate its diners regarding food, culture and heritage. Kuwaitis will love plasma televisions showing old Kuwaiti soaps and comedies whilst all diners may revel in the intriguing artifacts from bygone days including the old pre-1961 flag of Kuwait. Everything here is of exceptional value since the mezzes and desserts are complimentary. We love their lobster, crabs and jumbo shrimps with three perfectly fragranced rice dishes and divine

accompanying sauces. The menu symbolizes the aims of the restaurant: it is beautifully simple, user friendly and educative telling you how your chosen fish is best cooked (charcoal grilled, oven baked or fried). Seven types of fish are available: Zubaidy, Subaity, Sheem, Balool, Nagroor, Shoum and Newaiby. Booking is essential for tables at the weekend. Lunch is served from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and dinner from 7:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. Al Muhallab is located in The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa. Call 182 4060 for details. Al Noukhaza Having ascended the luxurious carpeted staircase of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, you are welcomed by a

smiling staff and an aquatic theme – a large aquarium swimming with life. And there is certainly a lot to fall in love with. Al Noukhaza boasts thirty-five kinds of salads, nine different kinds of hot food (seafood and otherwise), two kinds of daily soup, a host of fresh breads, an exceptional main course – the chef’s platter –with hammour, shrimp, and lobster prepared according to your choice of eight different styles, and, finally, over a dozen selections for dessert. The drinks, too, are excellent and varied. The best part is that all (except the drinks) are available to the diner for a reasonable, all-inclusive price at different locations across Kuwait. Al Noukhaza is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya (2475 7775), Abu Halifa (2373 3377), and on Gulf Road next to Shaab Park (182 3888).



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Fish Market Capitalizing on the country’s ingrained love for all things aquatic, the Fish Market restaurant on Gulf Road near the Kuwait Towers presents diners with a brilliantly executed concept that allows them to choose exactly what they want to eat from a huge variety of fish, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruit. Staying true to the ‘market’ concept, all the fresh ingredients are on display in the restaurant, allowing for diners to simply select what they want to eat and how they want it cooked. The options are pretty much endless and the process is



very interactive ensuring that every customer gets exactly what they want. While the selections tend to lean towards Asian cuisine, every type of food offered may also be cooked in a more continental or Middle Eastern style according to the diner’s tastes. The Fish Market is located on Gulf Road next to Kuwait Towers. Call 2241 8876 for more information. Salt With inventive menu options that celebrate traditional seafood in a contemporary light and a stunning marine-inspired setting for a unique

Al Noukhaza dining experience. Salt at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa will take you on a journey of decadent gastronomic and memorable service. The unique ambiance sets the scene for special occasions and a piano weaves melodies into specially-arranged and personalized candlelit romantic dinners. Choose from Salt’s exemplary and most requested Lobster Bisque, baked prawns, crab cakes and more, along with the restaurants specialties of Live Canadian lobster fresh from the lobster tank, Surf & Turf and the seafood mixed platter consisting of Lobster

tail, salmon, Sea Bass, Calamari, and Prawns perfect for sharing. End your dinner on a sweet note with seasonally prepared scrumptious desserts to complete your seafood experience. Salt is located in the west wing of the lower level lobby of the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Dinner is served ‪from 7 p.m.– midnight, Mon-Sat. Call ‪ 2226 9666 for reservations or email them for more information JumeirahRestaurant@jumeirah.com. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook @JumeirahMessilahBeach, and Twitter @JumeirahMB for all of their latest updates.

Milliennium seafood


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STEAKHOUSES Bite into the sizzling creations and enjoy the hearty atmosphere that comes along with sumptuous meats from the grill.




La Brasa Located on the basement floor of the Dar Al-Awadhi complex in Sharq, this Argentinean steakhouse is born out of passion. What first began as a zealous hobby for Argentineans Gustavo and Silvia Ferrari eventually evolved into a fully-fledged parrilla or grill. Any given visit to La Brasa is guaranteed to be abundant with fantastic vibes and traditional Argentine delicacies. The hardwood tables, brimming with silver cutlery and the deep red hues of the napkins mentally prepare you for a delicious meaty feast. Under the supervision



of La Brasa’s Argentinean Chef, Americo Albornoz, he personally sees to every little detail pertaining to your meal. Celebrate your love for all things Argentinean at La Brasa. The restaurant is located in the basement floor of Dar Al-Awadhi complex in Sharq. For more information, please call 2232 2230 and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @Labrasaq8 or visit www.labrasaq8.com. The Meat Co. You might be anywhere at this

trendy restaurant; it feels like Miami or New York or London. Lost in the ambiance, transported out of the mall to another place, the restaurant was designed by someone who has taken the time to incorporate all the aspects of the latest styles in color, texture, and lighting. It is an artistic combination of wood, leather, marble, and stonework combined with autumn colors of deep oranges and rich reds. Light international music of the Buddha Bar genre plays in the background. The seats have not been designed to turn tables; they are welcoming and

comfortable; the type of seating that lures you to stay and savor an enjoyable meal. Meat Co. is a South African restaurant. Their meat is imported from Australia and their fish is all fresh local. Many of the servers are from South Africa and they are happy to point out their favorites on the menu including several traditional South African dishes like “Boerewors”, an appetizer of African sausage, served with polenta and Chakalaka sauce; and traditional South African Malva Pudding for desert, an apricot pudding smothered in caramel


La Brasa




Stone Grill What do you get when you cross an elegantly simple setting with a cooking method that dates back thousands of years? Throw in two brothers who are passionate about turning ideas into reality, and you end up with a truly unique dining experience. The method of cooking food on stones can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians and Vikings. Walking into Stone Grill, one can’t help but be mesmerized by the

lounging area of the restaurant; dimly lit and cozy, the deep red couches offset by the dark brown leather walls (yes, leather walls). Flipping through the menu, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they have much more to offer than just meats for grilling. Your choice of meat arrives at your table raw, along with a stone block heated to 400ºC - DO NOT TOUCH THE STONE! If you like your meat well done, you can place the entire steak on the stone and allow it to cook through and through; otherwise, once on the stone, start cutting through the meat until it reaches just the right shade of pink on the inside and remove it from the stone, straight into your mouth. Stone Grill have, hands down, the best, most tender cuts in town. And because your meat is constantly grilling, your first bite is just as good as your last. Head to Stone Grill in Salmiya, Omniya Shopping Center, Floor M2 and Mahboula. For more information or for reservations please call 2572 0848/2572 0949 or visit www.stonegrillkuwait.com.


Rio Churrascuria From the moment you walk into the ambient restaurant and are embraced by the welcoming Brazilian Bossa Nova music playing in the background, you know that you’re in for something special at Rio. What’s even more special about RIO is that their menu offers variety! Where one may assume that they wouldn’t have much choice at a Churrascaria, RIO would prove them wrong. The a la carte menu includes a

range of salads, both of vegetarian and protein infused varieties, wraps, and even pastas! At RIO, you have the choice to order from their a la carte menu, or to opt for the ultimate experience, the Rodizio RIO, which features a color coded card that you use to control your intake of the glorious grilled meats and sides on offer. Rio is located in Kuwait City, on Ali Al Salem St at Al Jawhara Tower. Reach them by phone at 2226 0788 or online at www.riokw.com. Follow them on Instagram @riokw.


sandwiches; succulent salads and mouthwatering desserts. Take a trip back in time with Rib Eye Restaurants and enjoy a great atmosphere alive with country music, complete with world-class food, a wide beverage selection and superb service. Choose from a selection of sumptuous steaks from strip loins to filet mignons to their mouth-watering rib eyes, all prepared to your liking. Rib Eye is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya, as well as the Holiday Inn in Salmiya. For more information, call 184 7777 or 2475 7775.


Rib Eye Rib Eye is a full-on western themed restaurant based on the founding Wild West cowboys. It is the perfect place to celebrate life with good friends and great food served with love. Throughout the years, Rib Eye has maintained a reputation of excellence, consistency and true American-style hospitality. The first class USDA steaks are char-grilled to perfection; delicious appetizers; homemade burgers; inventive, unique


Pepper An enchanting experience awaits at Pepper Steakhouse where the spectacle of nature is showcased through distinctive crystal wall fixtures and large green crystal leaves. Fresh ingredients and exotic flavors are infused in every dish by Pepper’s imaginative chefs. A new menu by the new chef presents premium meat cuts cooked to your liking, tender ribs braised in a choice of Teriyaki, Barbecue, and Korean style, pan-fried baby chicken, and more. Side dishes and ideal accompaniments for your choice of meat are plenty, and rest assured that each and every sauce you order with your steak is prepared from scratch. You can catch all the sizzling action in an open-kitchen theater as you await your order. Don’t miss out on the decadent pecan tart with peach compote and vanilla ice cream amongst their many other sweet indulgences. Pepper is open daily ‪from 6 p.m. – 12 a.m. For reservations, call ‪2226 9666 or email Jumeirahrestaurant@jumeirah. com. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook @JumeirahMessilahBeach, Twitter @JumeirahMB.


sauce. Expect to pay a little more at The Meat Co. but what you pay for is reflected in the quality, service, and caliber of patrons you will dine with. The Meat Co. is located on the 2nd level at Mall 360. For more information or to make a reservation please call 2530 9696 or visit their website www.themeatco.com.


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Texas Roadhouse


Terrace Grill This is a steakhouse without any of the usual steakhouse stuffiness. With seating for 80, the classical modern soft curves within a white sophisticated crisp décor define the design of this restaurant. The stylishly modern frosted glass screen tastefully and elegantly separating the open cooking area, highlights the contemporary twist given to this steakhouse. The walls are adorned with the works of a local Kuwaiti artist, adding to the fresh modernity of the ambience. The experience is fully fleshed out by the resident band, which specializes in



relaxed light jazz music providing the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Comprehensive without being overwhelming is the essence of their menu with a variety of mouth-watering options such as fillet mignon, rib eye and other premium cuts. They also offer lamb, ostrich, fish and vegetarian options. And don’t forget their desserts – some of the best in Kuwait. Book midweek for the weekends as this is a very popular venue. Terrace Grill is located in the J.W Marriott Kuwait City. For more information or reservations, call 2245 5550.

Texas Roadhouse For those moments you’re craving a beautifully cut flavorful steak, but you don’t feel like dressing up or worrying about reservations, Texas Roadhouse is the way to go. This American franchise has graced our presence with multiple locations in convenient areas – from Grand Avenue, to Arabella to the Sidra Complex in Mahboula, each Texas Roadhouse location has the comforts of Southern barbecue served with made-from-scratch sides and freshly baked bread. Don't get us started on that bread!

Their desserts are also literally to die for, with their show stopping Big Ol’ Brownie, drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is the perfect end to any meal. Couple all of this meaty goodness with the entertainment of staff line dancing every hour, Texas Roadhouse is a treat not to be forgotten. Texas Roadhouse is located in Grand Avenue, Arabella in Al Bida'a and Sidra in Mahboula. Call their Avenues branch at 2228 3117, Their Arabella Branch at 2221 4993, and their Sidra Branch at 2208 1302.

jumeirah pepper


Whether you’re hosting an out-of-towner, are new to Kuwait, or a longtime resident looking for something to do, this carefully curated list of activities has something to offer for everyone!


Alshaheed Park ALMAKAN Established in November 2014, Almakan describes itself as "the hub under which all beautiful arts and their lovers gather". Providing workshops and studio spaces for creatives to market and develop their artistic works, Almakan encourages a safe space for artistic expression, and is open to the public, where visitors can pass by and visually experience workshops, witnessing creative processes evolve from scratch. The Almakan project is divided into four sections: The Studio, which contains workshops; The Cube, which maintains itself as a multipurpose area for viewers and exhibitions alike; The Restaurant, where hungry creatives can indulge 286

in a nice meal between artistic excursions; and The Coffee, which is self-explanatory and glorious. You don't have to be an artist or creative to visit Almakan, but for those of you who appreciate art, this haven is sure to become a go-to joint. PS: They also offer Saturday brunch! Almakan is located in Sharq, Kuwait City, on Mubarak Al Kabeer Street. Call them at 2241 0211, or visit their website at www.almakan-kw.com. AL-SHAHEED PARK Known as the largest urban park in Kuwait, there’s always something to do here. Located on the periphery of Kuwait City, this park features beautiful botanical gardens, two

The Avenues museums, a lake, walkways and jogging tracks. Developed by Al Diwan Al Amiri and managed by LOYAC, this large park achieves its vision of becoming the leading cultural platform in the country by hosting many events, and boasts large and accommodating indoor and outdoor spaces for various events and activities. The park also features sculptures created by local artists, along with cafes, restaurants and an underground parking lot. Al-Shaheed Park is located in Kuwait City off the 1st Ring Road. For inquires, contact info@alshaheedpark.com. Follow them on Instagram @alshaheedpark. ART SPACE Within the hustle and bustle of Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya,

buried inside the upper floor of Galleria 2000, Art Space is a haven for the artistic at heart to pop in and explore their creative side. This space offers daily art workshops for all ages, and welcomes walk ins from 11am-10pm for all your painting and relaxing needs. They also moonlight as a gallery space, where you can view beautiful local pieces on display, made by local talents who frequent the space. With a small cafe situated within the venue, there are so many reasons to visit! Art Space is located in Galleria 2000 on Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya. Call them at 9777 5273 for more information, and follow them on Instagram @artspaceq8. Visit their website at www.artspaceq8.com.




Cruising On Gulf Road THE AVENUES Since its initial opening in 2007, The Avenues just keeps getting bigger and better! With over 800 stores, this local haven for entertainment offers endless dining opportunities for even the pickiest of eaters. Plenty of cafes also make this place a favorite for meetings. The Avenues is also considered to be one of the largest malls in the world, consisting of seven ever-expanding districts. We challenge you to take a walk through the always-temperate interior (ideal for Kuwait's hot 288

summers!) to get your daily dose of cardio. The Avenues is located in the Al Rai region, off the 5th Ring Road. Visit their website at www.the-avenues.com. BIDA'A STRIP With its pleasant views and central location, the Bida'a Strip has been locally renowned within the past fifteen years. Containing a plethora of different restaurants, cafes, food specialty shops and places solely for desserts, the strip is known as a favorite for locals to hang out between the hustle

and bustle of their busy days. Another plus about the strip is that it's super easy to get to, being on the Gulf Road, and is located centrally and close to 5th ring road and Health Clubs such as The Radisson SAS and The Palms. Whether you want to grab a quick bite after the gym, buy some chocolates to gift a host or hostess, or indulge in a relaxing shisha with friends at the Movenpick hotel or at the famous Mayas Restaurant in Remal Resort, Bida'a is always a good idea. The Bida’a Strip is located on Gulf Road, towards the Bida’a Roundabout. C A P (C O N T E MP O R A RY A R T P L AT F O R M) As Kuwait's arts scene expands, different venues pop up to accommodate various visual pleasures. Contemporary Art Platform, affectionately known as CAP within the community, has proven itself a valuable hub hosting various gallery openings, exhibitions, lectures and film screenings, all tying into the contemporary arts. Keep a close eye on this initiative, as they constantly have events for you to enjoy! CAP is located in the artsy Shuwaikh Industrial Area, in Life Center (Eureka Building), Block 2, Street 28. Call them at 2492 5636. Follow them on Instagram, @capkuwait and visit their website at www.capkuwait.com. COZMO Cozmo is a one stop entertainment destination for kids, teens, and families with 11 centers across Kuwait. There is always someone who wants to have a good time away from the house, and Cozmo hosts a vast range of options to choose from, with bowling alleys, trampoline parks, arcades. billiards, 5D cinema, kiddie rides, play structures and even outdoor

football fields to name some. They also host bowling tournaments and competitions all year round encouraging patrons to join in on the fun! Cozmo has various locations around Kuwait, including Salmiyah, Sabah Al Salem, Kaifan, Khairan, Jahra, Sulaibikhat, Mahboulah, Shaab Park, and Discovery Mall with even further expansion plans in the year 2017! For general inquiries, contact them by phone (2574 4975) or email them at info@cozmogroup.com. Visit their website at www.cozmogroup.com and follow them on Instagram / Twitter @cozmo_group or on Snapchat / Facebook @cozmogroup. CRUISING ON GULF ROAD This is one of the most obvious activities we could recommend. Is it environmentally friendly? No. Does it help congested traffic conditions? Absolutely not! But, when done right, cruising down the Gulf Road can be a relaxing experience! Maybe you wanted to leave the house for a little bit, or maybe you were running an errand somewhere between Kuwait City and Messilah and decided to take this route to get back on the highway. Either way, the Gulf Road is definitely known to be one of the prettiest, most scenic driving routes in urban Kuwait, and the further south you go, the prettier and more tranquil it gets. But remember: cruising does not equal speeding. Recommended times for cruising is when the roads are empty and traffic is low, and drive carefully! This is a major road that many drivers frequent. Gulf Road, also known as route 25 is a gorgeous street that stretches from Kuwait City to Messilah. Drive carefully! DAR AL-ATHAAR AL ISLAMIYYA This cultural hub houses so many of the beautiful, wonderful cultural aspects of Kuwait that make the


BEYOND THE FOOD nation brimming with education of the arts, history and of course, the depth of the region’s culture. As an entire entity, the organisation is home to exhibits, concerts and events, held within a large museum space. The museum itself is always worth the visit, showcasing different bits of Kuwait’s Islamic history for the public to enjoy. Moreover, DAI includes the Amricani Cultural Centre, a heritage site built in the 60s that originated as a hospital for American men and women, now poses as DAI’s library building, as well as a venue for various events and lectures. This collective is definitely one to frequent! DAI and Amricani Cultural Centre are located on the corner of Gulf Road and Shuhada Street. Contact them by phone at 2240 0992. Follow them on Instagram, @dai_kuwait and visit their website at www.darmuseum.org.kw. DHOW HARBOR Here, you'll find the famous boom Fateh-el-Khair, the only surviving Kuwait sailing ship from the pre-oil era. When you visit this important national landmark, you get insight into a vital part of Kuwaiti heritage, and stories once heard of pre-oil pearl diving and trade come alive. Located directly on the water front, the Dhow Harbor also displays samples of various smaller dhows and vessels used during this period, giving visitors a rich study of Kuwait's Maritime history. Perfect for sightseeing, or for locals to get back in touch with the country's roots, this landmark is definitely worth the visit on either a sunny or rainy day. Include it in your itinerary when visiting the Scientific Center, or admire it from afar while walking on the Gulf Road's trail. The Dhow Harbor is located at the Scientific Center on Gulf Road. FAILAKA HERTIAGE ISLAND Among the most visited tourist destinations in Kuwait, Failaka 290

Island is located along the northern part of Arabian Gulf, about 20km away from Kuwait City. This important island is magnificent and filled with rich history and beauty, blending the ancient roots of Kuwait with modernity for tourists and inhabitants alike to enjoy. History buffs will enjoy visiting Failaka Island, as rumors of ancient settlers from the Greeks, to the Bronze Age and Dilmun civilizations left archaeological remnants in the form of coins, temples and seals littered throughout the land. Failaka is also a favorite for locals to sail to and indulge in fishing and boating trips, as well as swimming and water sports. Many agree that the spring season is the best time to visit the island, due to pleasant weather conditions with gentle breezes and budding flowers. In Kuwait, as we know, good weather makes everything more enjoyable. The island is 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City in the Arabian Gulf. Arrange for boat transportation to start your Failaka adventure! GREEN ISLAND A vintage favorite, the Green Island was constructed in February 1988. This hidden gem boasts itself to be the first artificial island in the Gulf region. Inside Green Island, you can find many facilities and quaint entertainment factors that trigger fond memories of those of us who grew up here in the '90s may have: boat rides, bike riding, playgrounds, and the Roman Amphitheater. This nostalgic island hasn't changed much since our childhood and it's always worth taking a small trip to get away, picnic, or even burn some calories by power walking and playing sports. It's also a good place to organize

Failaka Hertiage island



dar.nur sports tournaments and sports related activities, as well as public functions. Green Island is an artificial island in Kuwait that you can access through Gulf Road. For more information call 2257 3542. KIDZANIA If there's one place that couldn't be a bigger hit with the children, it's KidZania. Kids just can't stop talking about this place! It's a safe and fun environment purely dedicated to children, and only children up to 14 years old. This park is designed to provide the ultimate role-playing activities for kids to live their dreams and take make-believing to another level. Centered around kids acting like little adults thrown into the real 292

world, children are given a bit of "money" (KidZos) to spend and build on with everyday life, career and educational choices they make. For example, playing doctor will make you more KidZos than being a window-washer. If you go to University and get your PhD, you could get even MORE KidZos, which means more spending money! Kids also get a play bankcard to teach them how to finance themselves. Located in the Avenues, treat your kids to an unforgettable experience at KidZania. KidZania is located in Level 1, The Mall in the Avenues. Call them at 2228 3180 or check out their website at www.kidzania.com.kw. KITSCHY BOUTIQUES For the aficionados of all things

kitsch, Kuwait's local artsy boutiques offer beautiful handmade pieces that will only enhance your homes and lives! Ecru has beautiful Indian textiles from Jaipur in the form of tablecloths, table accessories, robes, toiletry bags and other home warming accents. Using bold pops of color and unique prints, pieces from Ecru's collection always make the perfect gift. dar. nur is also a brilliant gem buried in urban Kuwait, with innovative pieces that will complete your home and fill in the awkward gap any room has been looking for. For the truly creative who love their daily essentials, The Yard is an amazing lifestyle boutique that claims itself to be inspired by cherry blossoms, pistachio macaroons, pearls and lace, and quirky china. Quirky

indeed, this place is chock-full of treasures ranging from casual apparel to travel accessories, to furniture pieces and amazing bags – there’s always a unique touch at The Yard, and an opportunity for dining at their amazing bistro, Q at The Yard. The Yard also has another concept store and space worth visiting, The Reading Room, nestled in the beautiful greenery of Al Shaheed Park. The Reading Room offers workshops and classes, as well as cute gift and lifestyle options, and not to mention a great space for pondering, catching up and creating! Discover Ecru at www.ecruonline.com, dar.nur at www.dar-nur.com and The Yard at www.theyard-kw.com. Follow The Reading Room on Instagram @thereadingroom_bytheyard for more information on events and workshops.

Q8 taxi


Marina Crescent

Kuwait Towers KUWAIT TOWERS Making up the pivotal point of Kuwait's skyline along the Gulf Road, it's worth taking a trip to walk around and up the towers, take photos and discover the exquisite make-up of the mosaic detailing the spheres, combining tranquil harmony between the seawaters and the sky. Inaugurated on March 1st, 1979, this urban monument symbolizes Kuwait’s progressive and economic renaissance and enhances the nation's pride and natural beauty. Though we can't promise you a re-visit of its interior for the time being, the Towers' exterior remains as breathtaking as civilians always remember it being. A visit to the famous cafe located within the tower's interior lounges is a must! You could also 294

dine near the towers in the Bneid Al Qar strip off the Gulf Road to simply enjoy the view! The hard-to-miss Kuwait Towers are located on Gulf Road in the Bneid Al Gar District. MARINA CRESCENT The picturesque scenes of boats sleepily rocking upon a marina paints the lovely image of the infamous Marina Crescent. Warming our hearts since the early 2000s, the peaceful extension to Marina Mall, connected by an overpass covered tunnel stretching from Salem Al-Mubarak street to Gulf Road offers many different peaceful cafes and eateries. Consider this the perfect place to

grab a coffee with an old friend, a yummy treat, a luxurious meal, or even just the ideal place to stroll with your buddies. Marina Crescent is located on the Gulf Road, opposite Marina Mall on Salem Al-Mubarak Street in Salmiya. MASAHA13 Looking for somewhere to get some work done? Looking to rent a beautiful space for a meeting, presentation, launch or private event? Or maybe you're just extremely curious about the concept of Salted Hot Cocoa. Either way, this innovative space is definitely worth checking out! Nestled within a renovated warehouse space, Masaha13 boasts itself as Kuwait's hottest new event rental space. With

a fully equipped cafe and a library/ lounge that offers extensive resources on arts, design and entrepreneurship, this beautiful space is multi-purpose and homey. Using only locally made decor with reclaimed wood, and with it's exposed brick walls and high ceilings, you feel like you're in a trendy art gallery in Bushwick. They even have a borrowable bike for those who want to take it for a spin around the neighborhood to blow off some steam, or burn some calories before indulging in one of their amazing hot beverages. Masaha 13 is located in Shuwaikh Industrial on 5th street. Visit their website at www.masaha13.com. and follow them on Instagram @masaha13.


BEYOND THE FOOD THE PROMENADE There’s nothing The Promenade hasn’t thought of! A large Sultan Center outlet is, conveniently enough, located on the ground floor for easy access to all your grocery needs, and the mall is also equipped with fun activities – such as PLAY arcade; Trampo, awesome trampolines where kids can practice their back flips and bouncing tricks; Clip’n’Climb, the ultimate indoor climbing walls and structures; and Promenade Ice, Kuwait’s only indoor and in-mall ice rink. With a plethora of activities on offer, your kids will always be excited for a trip to The Promenade! The Promenade has also created the Promenade Cultural Centre (PCC) which provides unique spaces for local artists and collectives to promote their work, truly benefiting everyone in the community. With absolutely everyone in mind, this haven for fun is close to several residential areas and can be easily reached via the 3rd Ring Road, making it accessible to the nearby locals in the Al-Asimah area as well as Salmiya. The Promenade is located off the 3rd Ring Road in Hawalli – Tunis Street. For information about Promenade Ice, please call them at 2227 7138. Follow them on Instagram @ThePromenadeKW. PROMENADE ICE Within The Promenade lies Promenade Ice, Kuwait’s only indoor, and in-mall, ice rink! But Promenade Ice fares more than just an ice rink, it also offers specialized courses – and public skating sessions – with professional coaches to help students of all ages master the art of effortless gliding. What’s more is that they also teach them the required skills and techniques to become figure skaters and ice-hockey skaters! Provided with skates, helmets, and optional fun-looking skating aids, 296

Sadu House Promenade Ice’s ultimate goal is safety. The Promenade is also an excellent place for children’s birthday parties and school trips – the kids can have a blast while learning new things in the specialized activity areas. It’s an incredible fun and safe entertainment area where children of all ages can burn off some of their energy while you hit the shops in peace. The Promenade is located off the 3rd Ring Road in Hawalli – Tunis Street. For information about Promenade Ice, please call them at 2227 7138. Follow them on Instagram @ThePromenadeKW. SADU HOUSE Established in 1978, Sadu House dedicates itself to preserving, documenting and promoting the rich and diverse textile heritage of the Kuwaiti Bedouin culture, from nomadic

weaving traditions of the desert to the urban weaving practices of the town. Sadu House transformed into a venture run by weavers and artisans, offering programs, workshops and research materials for schools, researchers, artists and cultural organizations. It also boasts itself as a "relaxing and recreational facility for the public". A great place to visit, this wonder buried in the heart of Kuwait City will teach you fascinating things about Kuwait's culture and give you beautiful things to look at. It's highly recommended for tourists and those interested in the arts. But be mindful, their hours are from 8am-1pm on weekdays and 4pm to 8pm on weekends - so plan accordingly! Sadu House is located on the Arabian Gulf Road, next to the National Museum of Kuwait. Call them at 2243 2395. Follow them on Instagram @saduhouse and visit

Promenade Ice their website at www.alsadu.org.kw for more information. SARAHA COUNTRY CLUB/MUROUJ Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without traveling too far? Venture to 6th ring road to indulge in beautiful scenery and tucked away tranquil grounds. Containing the upscale Murouj complex, the Sahara Country Club offers endless dining options, such as Burger Boutique, Crumbs Cafe, Jar, Kumar and Ubon. The enigmatic grounds also provide health and fitness centers and spa facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, and – of course – the renowned InspirePure Fitness health club. A spa and beauty salon are on site as well, providing relaxing days of pampering for the ladies. For our Gulphite golf fanatics, your prayers

Just Ask Sultan Center


Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre have been answered. Sahara offers a stunning Peter Harradine designed 18-hole golf course that is built to PGA standards. This picturesque course measures at 6,730 yards long and features three lakes and nearly 5,000 trees, making your game all the more challenging and enjoyable. Hard to believe this exists in Kuwait, isn't it? Go check it out for yourselves! Murouj Complex and the Sahara Country Club are both located off the 6th Ring Road. For more information, call 1840 084. THE SCIENTIFIC CENTER This educational facility boasts itself to be a cultural landmark of Kuwait. The architectural masterpiece features an aesthetic that celebrates Kuwait's history adorning the ceramic walls enriched with knowledge reflecting Islamic art and culture. With three main attractions, the Aquarium, Discovery 298

Place and IMAX Theater, each attraction offers an educational experience for the whole family. The Aquarium is an entertaining journey in itself, taking you on an epic journey of marine life, plants and land animals that is indeed unforgettable. For those interested in science, the Discovery Place is filled with educational exhibits that dedicate themselves to forms of Science. Learn about energy and other mysteries of life with these exhibits. The IMAX Theater's giant screen is equipped with updated media facilities and offers 3D educational and documentary films in both Arabic and English for the whole family to enjoy. Moreover, The Scientific Center is renowned for its gorgeous walking trail along the Gulf Road. Park your car and with your activity of choice, stroll, bike, or rollerblade to your heart's content and take in the beautiful view.

The Scientific Center is located on Blajat Street. Visit their website at www.tsck.org.kw. Call them at 1848 888 for more information on your upcoming visit. SEEF STRIP This tiny strip, located next to the Seef Palace in Kuwait City houses aged local architecture and beautiful graffiti, as well as many local concepts by Kuwaiti business owners. If the view isn't enough to take in, as well as the old architecture and urban street art beautifully littering the walls of this vintage area, there are many popular cafes and restaurants that have more than once received nods of approval from many locals. Such as the alltime favorite, the Slider Station! For the fashionistas at heart, Pink Moon, the boutique placed in the heart of the Seef Strip, has up-to-date yet innovative accessories and pieces that those addicted to style cannot

live without! These boutique houses favorites such as Havianas, Pitusa kaftans, and collections by local designers galore - on top of stationary and cute accessories. You'll always find a treat to go home with. Seef Strip is located across from the Seef Palace in Kuwait City. SHEIKH JABER AL-AHMAD CULTURAL CENTRE The construction of the longawaited Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre crafted a vast, gorgeous space to accommodate the distinguished culture that makes its way into Kuwait. This beautiful space has opened its doors for the public to enjoy, and includes a Theatre Centre, Music Centre, Conference Centre, the National Library for Historical Documents, and the Park for Kuwait - green grounds surrounding the property for leisure, which is reason enough to visit the stunning


BEYOND THE FOOD structure. Enjoy it year round with different events and exhibitions on offer, or just to get to know all the brilliance that Kuwait’s history and culture has to offer. The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre is located in Kuwait City, facing Shuwaikh Beach between Soor and Jamal Abdul-Nasser Streets. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @jacc_kw, and visit their website at www.jacc-kw.com for more information.

located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area 1. Contact them for more information at 2221 6943. If you are interested in participating in Shuwaikh Market, email them at vendor@shuwaikhmarket.com, and visit www.shuwaikhmarket.com. Follow them on Instagram, @shuwaikhmarket

KUWAIT SHOOTING RANGE Enjoy firing a gun? Or just want to release some pent up frustrations? The Mayadeen Public Shooting Range is for you! They have a range of guns and rifles in different shapes and sizes. Their prices are very reasonable and include safety equipment and the use of professional instructors. Make sure to bring your civil ID or passport as you won’t be able to fire a gun without one. They accept credit cards and Knet and there is an ATM machine at the location. The Mayadeen Public Shooting Range is located off the 6th Ring Road right by the Hunting and Equestrian Club and the Sahara Golf Club. You can contact them on 2475 9999.

SIRBB CIRCUIT If go-karting is your favorite pastime, or if you’re looking to try something new, then head on town to SIRBB Circuit, Kuwait’s newest and most advanced go karting facility. Launched in October 2013, the awesome team at SIRBB have been working hard to create a fun, exciting and safe place for motor enthusiasts to enjoy professional karting. Their fleet of karts includes 40 Sodi RT8s outfitted with Honda GX270cc engines producing 9bhp. All of their karts are fitted with rollover bar protection and seat belts for maximum protection. They insist that all racers wear head protective helmets, and also provide overalls and gloves for those interested in the full race experience. SIRBB Circuit is located in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, street 11. Call 2227 4722 for details and visit sirbbcircuit.com for more information. Follow them on Instagram @sirbbcircuit.

SHUWAIKH MARKET Whether the weather outside is a little too hot or a little too cold, this kitschy, artsy haven filled with quaint cafes, eateries and shops is the perfect place to catch up with old friends, discover gifts and exciting bites in the likes of restaurants such as ZOI, and Roots Eatery for a clean eating experience. Other highlights of the market include the general industrial meets modern fashion with cutesy outdoor seating. Shuwaikh Market has a vast selection of shops, cafes, and even some galleries that host events! Shuwaikh Market is

SOUQ AL-MUBARAKIYA This traditional souq is not only a touristic must-see, but it is also a local favorite. Though it's renowned for old-school Khaleeji and Kuwaiti artifacts and home decor, everything you can imagine can probably be found here. This ecletic range of old shops set amongst long, winding, narrow roads includes – and is not limited to – clothes, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, electronics, and, OF COURSE, fabrics galore. It's worth the trip to wander around this spice-infused gem to pick up some goodies for yourself, souvenirs for friends back home, and hunt for


Souk Al-Mubarakiya treasures to introduce into your life. There are also a few places to eat at the souq, from traditional fare to international restaurants. Souq Mubarkiya is located in Kuwait City, near the Kuwait Stock Exchange. SOUQ IL JUM3A (THE FRIDAY MARKET) This thrifty tradition has been going on in Kuwait for as long as any of us at bazaar can remember, which must mean that the Friday Flea market has existed for years! The Friday Market consists of rows and booths of independent vendors selling various items: from furniture to vintage treasures, to pot plants and even pets! The noisy market that boasts tradition is a local favorite that many frequent weekly, if not just to enjoy great

weather during the winter season and to treat themselves to an exotic bird, but the semi-covered market is more than just a spending spree – it offers an insight into contemporary Kuwaiti culture and cross-border relations. Within five minutes of wandering between dusty textiles and sipping on coffee of friendly vendors delivers more in the way of insight into the complex web of Kuwaiti affairs – domestic and international – than one could absorb in a month of lectures on Arabic culture. The Friday Market is located in Rai, next to LuLu Hypermarket off of 4th Ring Road. TAREQ AL RAJAB MUSEUM This little museum has an incredibly rich history, housing a collection of

Europe's Highest Natural Spring

Aqua Eva

BEYOND THE FOOD over 30,000 artifacts collected over the past 50 years. The museum was formed by Tareq Sayed Rajab – the first Kuwaiti student sent abroad to study art and archaeology – and his wife, Jehan Wellborne Rajab. It is divided into two parts consisting of A: calligraphy, manuscripts, miniatures, ceramics, metalwork, glass, jade, wood and stone-carvings; and B: containing objects produced in the Islamic world throughout the last 250 years.The museum is also known for it's epic and brave preservation during the 1990 invasion, securing and bolting the entire historic collection, disallowing the Iraqi army to destroy Kuwait's culture. This well-respected museum is not only interesting, but it's also homey and beautiful. Definitely worth a visit for locals and tourists alike, this important landmark allows visitors to take in the rich history of Kuwait, the region, and the Islamic age. The Tareq Al Rajab Museum is located in Jabriya, Block 12, Street 1, and is open from 9am-12pm and 4pm-7pm on weekdays, and 9am12pm on weekends. Call them at 2531 7358 for more information. TRAMPO Who doesn’t love doing backflips in a massive space filled with trampolines? At Trampo, you’ll have guaranteed fun times for friends and family, regardless of their age groups! Adults and children alike can enjoy the benefits of trampolining from both a physical and entertaining standpoint — because really, what else is out there that’s as fun as hopping around on a trampoline for as long as you want? Remember, this little trampoline-filled universe is the perfect place for birthday parties as well, and they give you the option of renting out the space for your event! Trampo has two locations: Murouj (9414 4939) off of 6th Ring Road next to Sahara Golf Club, and The Promenade Mall (6069 4352) opposite Qadsiya, off of 3rd Ring Road. 302

Trampo at The Promenade YARMOUK CULTURAL CENTRE As an affiliate of the Dar al-Athar alIslamiyya, this extension, situated in the suburb of Yarmouk, is a great place where cultural events and thought provoking lectures are often held. With its spacious grounds, it’s large enough to accommodate many attendees, and makes for the perfect space to host great events both indoors and outdoors. Stay updated and be sure to visit this great cultural hub to be part of the action! There’s always something going on at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre. Yarmouk Cultural Centre is located in Yarmouk, Block 3, Street 3, opposite the Gulf and Boubyan Banks. Call them at 6707 0876. Follow DAI on Instagram @dai_ kuwait and visit their website at www.darmuseum.org.kw. SEASONAL ACTIVITIES Certain seasons call for certain activities, and certain activities don’t happen year-round! We have the know-how on the where-to and when-to with this handy-dandy list.

BEACH ACTIVITIES Living in Kuwait means we’re blessed with beautiful beaches stretched along a gorgeous Gulf coastline. This means that it’s always super easy to go to the beach. No matter what your beach time activity desire may be – whether it’s picnicking, taking a stroll, hunting for shells, swimming or feeling like a kid again, different beaches and different seasons cater to all of those activities. The best beaches, however, are whispered to be past Messilah Beach towards the south of Kuwait in Chalet Town, or Bneider. Khiran Resort also offers a beautiful beach perfect for a winter or summer getaway. If you would like to keep within the city and don’t want to travel on the 40 for an hour or so, then check out Kuwait’s plentiful beach hotel/health club combos that boast ambiance perfect for swimming. One of the lesser known beaches to newcomers of the nation is infamously recognised by the locals, and many will trek to the area if it’s unfrequented. That’s right, that little strip of beach meets swamp in

the Free Trade Zone that the magical, mysterious flamingos who appear on and off between december to march will visit. These beauties, while standing at a distance, are still visible and beautiful in their light pink glory! Kuwait is filled with beaches. Discover them along the coast of the Gulf Road and beyond route 25. The Flamingos are located along the coastline of the Free Trade Zone, off of route 60. CINEMAGICS For film buffs and ultimate chillers alike, Cinemagics is the perfect place to cozy up with your loved ones, enjoy beautiful weather and great independent films from November to April on a scenic rooftop in the middle of urban Kuwait. Cinemagics is a local hub for all things film related, including production, filmmaking and screening. It graces the public with weekend film screenings of classic and independent movies on Thursdays and Saturdays. What’s even better than the ambiance of the screenings is the fact that there’s no entrance fee!

Cinemagics is located in Old Salmiya, on the rooftop of the XCite and LG. To check their screening schedule, visit their website at www.cinemagics.com. DESERT CAMPING There’s nothing our colorful culture enjoys more than the following things: eating, being with family, and relaxing. Combine the three with a winter camping trip to the desert! Take advantage of the vast sands the Kuwaiti desert has to offer. All it takes is a bit of a drive out of the city, and soon you’ll be in the land of sand with camels and sheep gracing the sides of the road. With a tent in tow, and supplies for some tender Arabic barbecue (or for the highly skilled and extremely brave, Mendi.) The prime time to do this would be in the winter, so that you could build a cozy bonfire as well. A well-known desert area to consider is the Mutla Ridge near the Iraqi Boarder. Plan your trip with your loved ones today! MARKET SEASON What’s better than grabbing your reusable tote bag and heading to an outdoor market on a gorgeous day, where you can find delicious treats, goodies, little accessories and amazing food and body products? It’s a blessing that markets such as Shakshooka and Qout exist in Kuwait from November to April, allowing the public to enjoy Kuwait’s gorgeous Fall, Winter and Spring temperatures as well as supporting local businesses. By popping into one of these markets for a leisurely stroll; you could unknowingly discover your future go-to baker or even a candlestick maker. Also, they’re amazing places for networking since we promise you, you will always bump into one person you know. If you’re a vendor who is interested in selling your stuff, check out the market and see how it works! Shakshooka is located in Salmiya, at the garden behind Fawziya Al Sultan Center. Qout is located at the Parking lot at Murouj. Follow Qout on Instagram @qoutmarket.

Qout Market SECRET GARDEN PROJECT In affiliation with Shakshooka Market, the Secret Garden Project is another outdoor activity created by the same mastermind behind Shakshooka, Chef Mariam “Mimi” Al Nusif and her team of awesome shakshookians. The Secret Garden Project is an urban community garden that provides the public with spaces to plant and grow their fruits and vegetables. Everything is made out of recycled materials, and Mimi has even provided a communal compost pit that’s been slowly filling up… for those of you who know to compost! No clue how to garden? Don’t fret! Gardening technique classes are held there, as well as various events. The Secret Garden is located in Salmiya, at the garden behind Fawziya Al Sultan Center. SHOWS Kuwait’s arts scene has increased over the years, with plenty of

formerly bashful musicians and restricted performers coming out of their shell, showing us what they got. These days, you’ll be able to frequent artistic everts held at various outdoor events. If you follow artists on social media such as Amin Fari, The Hashtags, The Imports and Carol Souki, you might be able to track down events to find them at! Other platforms you might want to follow are Jukebox965, as well as our friends at Khaleejesque who sponsor music and poetry nights for the public to enjoy. For more information, be sure to visit Mark 248am’s blog to check out the events in store for the week. Kuwait is filled to the brim with artists who are constantly performing at public shows. We recommend you check out the events tab at www.248am.com to stay updated. To find out more information follow Jukebox Productions on Instagram @thejukesound.

STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING For the adventurous soul who can’t think of a better way to spend temperate warm summer days than on the water – or in the water, Kuwait has introduced the concept of stand up paddle boarding to the yachtloving nation. Looking for something new? You can ditch the jet ski and opt for a different and exhilarating experience on this environmentally friendly and always fun surfboardmeets-kayak contraption. Terrified yet intrigued? Have no idea where to start? Red Paddle Company boards have brought us Alec Gribble, instructor extraordinaire, to paddle you through your first time on the ‘board. Soon enough, you’ll be (paddle) boarding like a pro! Alec Gribble of Red Paddle offers KD 25 sessions around the Messila area. For renting enquires and more information, contact Alec on Whatsapp on 9442 2593. 303


Looking to shed those stubborn kilos? Or maybe you just generally need to find a place to work out some stress, indulge in some exercise and do some good for your mind and body. Either way, we’ve conjured up a list of hot spots for you to explore your fitness needs!

The Burrow Life 20 SEVEN FITNESS STUDIOS Certified by the Miha Bodytec Professional Training Program, the good people at 20 Seven Fitness are here to electronically whip you into shape using EMS! EMS – Electro Muscular Stimulation – uses current impulses to contract your muscles making your workout eighteen times more efficient than a regular gym session. Each personal training session lasts for 20 minutes and works out your entire body in the process. We welcome thee to the future! Call to make your appointment at 9889 8744 for their Fanar Mall and The View Tower locations in Salmiya. They’re off on Fridays! Check out their website www.20-Seven.com and follow them on Instagram @20SevenKW for more info! AL CORNICHE CLUB Family friendly, fun and luxurious, this beautiful health club, beach 304

club and spa has everything one could possibly ask for. Ideal for those with families, the beach club features a kid's pool and a gorgeous grown up pool with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf. With an elite gym facility that has PT services, members can work out freely in between chillaxing sessions at the spa and socializing at the pool. Have kids? No problem! Your children will be entertained beyond the on-site kiddie pool with children's Private Trainers (yes, you read that correctly, your child too could have their very own PT), children's activities and babysitting services. Don't forget to relax in the luxurious spa and book yourself a world-class massage while you're visiting the Al Corniche Club. The Corniche Club is located in Shaab on the Gulf Road. Visit their website at www.alcornicheclub.com. Call them at 2225 5255.

ARC PILATES STUDIO Offering private and semi-private classes as well as regular classes ARC Pilates aims to provide you with small, intimate classes. On a journey to help you Articulate, Recruit and Control (ARC) both your body and mind, ARC Pilates is the ideal place to be to tone your body , increase your focus and de-stress your life. With classes in Mat based Pilates, Barre and Reformer Pilates (the one with all the contraptions), you'll surely find the perfect fit for you. ARC Pilates Studio is located in Yacoub Behbehani Tower, Salmiya. For more information, follow them on Facebook: ARC Pilates and Instagram @ARCPilatesKW. Alternatively, you can call them on 9005 7577 or visit their website www.arcpilateskw.com. THE BURROW LIFE The ever-lit fitness torch has led

us down the rabbit hole where we discovered a wonderland of fitness at The Burrow. Marked solely by their logo, an abstract rabbit’s head, it’s quite easy to miss entirely or stumble into as you peruse the café scene at the Murouj Complex. Inspired entirely by Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it all feels a little topsy-turvy whilst packing a literal punch. Affiliated with the CrossFit association, their equipment and training is fully certified. But CrossFit isn't all they offer - with Yoga, Muay Thai, Spin and more, you'll surely find the workout for you. The coaches and trainers there are all ready to work you to the bone. Leaving no room for “I can’t,” “this is too hard” or “I quit!” you’re pushed to your extreme potential, and a little further still, to achieve your pre-set personal goals. For a mad workout followed by royal pains, fall into The Burrow

Inspire Pools

space allows peace of mind for those who don't want to be in a mixed exercise environment. The gym also provides relaxing locker rooms, Personal Trainers and an indoor pool with strict hygienic standards. With its pristine finishing, classes and luxurious facilities, it’s easy to call this gym a home away from home. Champions is located in Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 1. Contact them at 1840 008.

CURVES This worldwide renowned allladies franchise is a hit in Kuwait! Described as a non-intimidating, easy 30-minute exercise program that suits every woman's needs, Curves' mission is for you to be able to get your daily exercise in even when your schedule is jam packed between work, errands and leisure. With multiple locations throughout Kuwait, this easily accessible gym provides you with no excuses and a whole lot of motivation to get fit. Helpful staff members and trainers record your progress to further motivate you and allow you to track your journey to a healthier body and mind. Now that's helpful! Curves has multiple locations throughout Kuwait. To find the location nearest to you, contact their operator at 2226 1739.

CIRCUIT + With two male facilities and a separate female facility, this gym is infamous for offering and dedicating itself to

DARATMA Darãtmã is a place of peace and love, and that is instantly sensed as soon as you walk into their

Stop Crying Studios – located around the back in the Murouj Complex, Sabhan. Follow them on Instagram @TheBurrowLife for more information! CHAMPIONS Locally renowned for years, Champions, the OG of gyms promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle in an open, modern and high-end facility. Their goal is to encourage all members to better their bodies and minds by utilizing their state of the art equipment in a luxurious space that has all their needs covered! With segregated private areas catering exclusively to men and women, this large

high impact, intense classes that will push you physically and mentally. Centered around CrossFit, an intense workout routine that's been proven to build strength and endurance, as well as fiercely tone and sculpt the body, the CrossFit buzz has only increased in Kuwait since the introduction of Circuit + and CrossFitties couldn't be more pleased with the equipment the facility has to offer. In addition to CrossFit circuit workouts, C+ also offers yoga and barre classes for high impact fitness at minimal intensities. If that's not enough, C+ Home Personal Training is available for you to train in the comfort of your own home with your own personal trainer helping you achieve your goals. Circuit + has two men's facilities located in Shuwaikh (2228 2208) and the Salmiya (2205 3232), and one Women's facility located in Salmiya (2205 3231).

studios. Homey and welcoming, the vibe and energy at Darãtmã is that of joy. As the premier facility for yoga education, Darãtmã arrives as a labor of love that’s reflected throughout the space. Apart from offering Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Meditation and the sorts – Darãtmã also offers Pre and Postnatal Yoga and will soon add Mommy and Me classes! For more information about Darãtmã and their offerings, visit www.daratma.com or email info@daratma.com. Follow them on social media via Twitter @daratma, Instagram @daratma_kw, and Facebook: Daratma – alternatively, you can call them at 9552 0000. Daratma is located in Yacoub Behbehani Tower, Salmiya. Namaste. EDGE HOLIDAY INN Edge 24 Hour Fitness Center offers everything you would need in a gym. With its fully equipped strength exercise area, newly renovated aerobic studio, and two separate cardio areas, there's always room to work out in peace. The gym also has personal trainers on site, ready to whip you into shape and reach your full fitness potential. Unwind in the respective locker rooms' steam baths and saunas, for a little postexercise relaxation. The gym also has a beautiful pool and lounge deck, perfect for laying out in the sun and socializing! Edge is located in the Holiday Inn Salmiya on Blajat Street, and the Crowne Plaza on Airport road in Kuwait City. Contact the Holiday Inn at 1847 777, and the Crowne Plaza at 1848 111. GOLD'S GYM Looking for an upscale, centrally located gym to pump iron? This globally renowned gym boasts itself to be one of the most recognized names in the fitness world, serving more than 3 million members in 22 countries 305

GYMS, HEALTH CLUBS, AND HEALTHY ACTIVITIES around the world. Gold's Gym is a male exclusive gym that offers state-of-the-art exercise equipment and classes to help you reach your full potential. With group cycling, mixed martial arts and muscle endurance training, at Gold's Gym you'll find that you have everything you need to achieve a healthier you with a fit physique. For those germophobes out there (and we know there are many), Gold's Gym is proud to set itself to high standards with its elite services and excellent housekeeping. What are you waiting for? Become a member today! Gold's Gym is located on Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya. Call them at 2574 4666. INSPIRE With a branch in the popular Bida'a strip and another nestled within the luxurious Sahara Kuwait Golf Resort, this high-tech gym is centered towards helping you achieve all your fitness and health goals. If you are among those who insist that PT (personal training) is the way to go, this is the gym for you. Each member has a dedicated personal trainer who will help you achieve your highest potential. This mixed gym also caters to men and women and has modern, state of the art exercise equipment: from cardio machines, to weights, to stretching areas and most of all, a comprehensive and helpful staff, this is an investment that's surely worth making. Inspire is located in Bida'a on Al Ta'awen Street and at the Sahara Kuwait Golf Resort off of 6th Ring Road in Subhan. Call them at 2220 3776/780, email them at info@inspirekw.com, or visit www.inspirekw.com. MISHREF TRAIL Renowned throughout the country for its exquisite greenery, this walking trail is covered in a canopy of trees, and is built in a 306

Circuit + loop joining blocks 1 and 2. The park also connects to the Mishref exit on the 30 and stretches to west Mishref. With tennis nets, playgrounds and soccer fields, this lit up trail is a favorite for many locals, and people who don't even live in Mishref find themselves parking their cars to wander around for an hour or two. The trail also has strings of decorative lighting, which are lit up at night, breaking an eerie darkness and making it easier to see. With several parks within the Mishref trail, the largest two being between 6th and block 1, there's something for everyone to do, and it's always a good idea to bring the kids along to explore the park grounds while you get your cardio in. Mishref Trail is located in Mishref, off the exit of the 30. The park is huge and hard to miss! Drive through from block and explore. OUTDOOR EXERCISING CLASSES Keeping fit is hard to do, but when the weather is nice outside,

exercising outdoors can ease the pain. While going for a walk through your favorite mamsha is always a great option, there are plenty of other outdoor activities you can introduce your fitness regimen to during the months with cooler temperatures. Tai Chi in the park, usually held on Fridays in Salmiya Garden is a great choice, and the Protein Sheikhas’ intense workouts, which varies in time, but you could follow them on Instagram to find out more. So get out and get moving! For more information on the Protein Sheikhas, visit: www.proteinsheikhas.com, and follow them on Instagram @ProteinSheikhas. SPARK SPARK Athletic Center has gained a reputation for being Kuwait’s leading gym in all things fitness related for professional athletes and gym buffs alike. With two branches (one dedicated to men and the other exclusive for women), members can work out

in comfort and peace. Founded in 2013, SPARK Athletic Center provides training, nutrition, and physical therapy programs seamlessly integrated under one roof by teams of specialists. SPARK boasts their system to be based on science, built around a unique exercise and testing laboratory, where their team gathers all sorts of data to better train their clients. From world-class lifting platforms and racks to 40 Km/h Super Treadmills, SPARK Athletic Center combines the latest technology with a professional coaching staff to produce worldclass results. Spark's Men's Branch is located in Shuwaikh Industrial on 5th street, Building 6, Showroom R6. Their ladies' gym is located in the Kipco Tower on Al Shuhada Street in Sharq. Call them at 2228 2058 for the men's branch, or 2294 3302 for the women's branch and visit their website at, www.sparkathletic.com.

STOP CRYING STUDIOS Working out is hard to do, literally. When you have someone screaming “stop crying” at you while you work up a sweat, it might just be the thing that will get you out of your funk. Jon P, the face and brains behind Stop Crying Studios, lives up to his brand's name with the vigorous workouts he conducts in the form of group classes and private training. Work up a sweat by boxing, circuit training and cardio, all the while having the ultimate motivator: someone who refuses to see you quit. But be warned, if you cry, you will pay the consequences. Your body will thank you! Follow Jon P. on Instagram @jonpfitness for more information. VIE FITNESS STUDIO Vie Fitness Studio, whose name is derived from the word ‘strive’, has created an environment for their clientele to truly strive for their goals. With six fully certified trainers, they are able to provide you with body weight assessments and nutritional plans. Offering a break from the regularly scheduled gym session, Vie provide one of the hottest trends in physical conditioning: functional training. The idea is simple, rather than work specific muscles such as your triceps or quads, the exercises are designed to help your body work in unison to help you perform everyday movements better. Imagine all the physically demanding activities you have to do throughout the day: when you pick up your toddler, carry the groceries, reach high up for something or even just get up out of your chair. Each of these actions need strength, posture, and balance training, all readily available at Vie. This boutique personal training gym is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life and help you start truly living it. Vie Fitness Studio is located on the 32nd floor of the Panasonic Tower in Kuwait City and is open Saturday to Thursday 7 AM – 11 PM. Call 2227

Vie Fitness Studio 9365 or visit vfitnessstudio.com for more information. Follow them on Instagram @vfitnessstudio. YOGA For those who appreciate the art of Zen in their daily lives, Kuwait now offers many different yoga-dedicated facilities and these two will help you find your inner Zen. Yoga Center and Alive Yoga both offer accessible yoga classes and options for memberships. With flexible schedules, a variety of classes suitable for different levels and a pristine, Zen environment, these two establishments are ideal for anybody looking to tone and de-stress with the ancient practice. Both studios being located in the heart of Kuwait City also makes daily practices easily accessible for those of us who have a 9-5 to

worry about. Another communal Yoga activity is the weekly Yoga at the Park event held every Saturday during the highly acclaimed beautiful weather season, with no admission charge in the heart of Al Shaheed Park – just grab your mat and show up! Take advantage of how easily accessible yoga has become in Kuwait, because to practice yoga is to believe that you always have room for Zen in your life. Alive Yoga is located in Bneid Al Qar on Mohamad Abdulmohsin Al Kharafi St. Their number is 6552 2299. Yoga Center is located in the basement of Burj Jassem in Al Sour Street, Kuwait City. Their number is 2296 0602. ZUMBA Zumba is becoming a globally

Daratma widespread exercise routine. It may be popular because of how fun it is, but this workout is not for the faint of heart! If you love to dance, then Zumba is the workout for you, and Kuwait now offers official Zumba licensed classes in governorates throughout the country. One of our favorite classes is Zaina Zumba, taught by the adorable firecracker Zaina Al Ghabra at The Palms. Please note that most if not all Zumba classes offered in the country are exclusively for women. To find a Zumba class that suits you, visit www.zumba.com, a portal that provides information for finding Zumba classes all over the world. You can follow Zaina on Instagram @zainazumba for her schedule to try out one of her classes at The Palms. 307




Tel: 22204140

HOTEL CALCUTTA India’s vibrant flavors and glorious colors

The thing with Indian cuisine is that each region has its specialty. The subtle and, at times, not-so-subtle flavor profiles beautifully combine to give you a perfect dish every single time. Highly influenced by flavors reminiscent of the colonial West Bengal region during his trips in India, Thamer AlAbduljaleel came back to Kuwait with a venture that would transport everyone back in time, sans time machine – and Hotel Calcutta was born. More than just a restaurant, Hotel Calcutta is a nod to India’s colonial era evident in both dishes and décor, but with a fantastic twist of course. You quickly realize that with every step you take, all you want to do is take photos of everything. From the beautiful woodwork as you enter and the old school “hotel reception” (fully equipped with traditional copper room keys), to the whimsical paintings of tigers reimagined as maharajas and the pink marble-top tables – snap-post-repeat. Everything was thought out carefully and beautifully executed to bring you a taste of colonial Bombay in Kuwait. Personally overlooking every step in both decorative and culinary process 310

along with his culinary partners, Thamer’s exact vision is what we sampled and enjoyed throughout our visit. Poppadum and dips were brought out in an instant as we perused through the menu in search of our feast. Let it be known that you’ve never had lentil soup until you’ve visited Hotel Calcutta and had their Mulligatawny. Bold statement this might be, but trust us, their take on the comforting Indian specialty, resplendent with pieces of apple, spiced chicken and rice, is not to be missed. With the Sev Puri, crispy cases are filled with sprouted Mung beans with a tamarind and mint chutney, offered an explosive sensory experience. But the appetizer that completely stole the show, and our hearts, was the Lady Finger Jaipuri: a beautifully spiced crispy batter coating delicious okras then lightly fried. Have it alone or dip it into the herbed yoghurt, either way we couldn’t physically stop eating. From the grills, we went with the Tandoori Chicken Tikka. Cooked in a traditional tandoor, the chicken is covered in a fiery marinade before being grilled to perfection. Being absolute curry fiends, we ordered two diverse dishes: The Coconut Prawn Curry and their

signature Hotel Calcutta Dal Makhani. The prawn curry comes in a split coconut filled to the brim with a deliciously fragrant coconut curry while the Hotel Calcutta Dal Makhani is a slow-cooked-overnight black lentil buttery stew. To accompany our grill and curry feast, we had plain rice as well as butter-laden naan and light roti. Lastly, from the Chawal & Roti menu, we went with a superbly palatable Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani. This glorious pie-like dish comes with a crispy crust filled with fragrant rice, tender pieces of chicken, boiled eggs and drenched in gravy. No words could truly portray how delicious our meal was. Just when we thought we were done, dessert came along. Dessert at Hotel Calcutta is nothing short of spectacular. We fell in love with the Gulab Jamoon Cheesecake that cleverly blends tradition with modernity. A first glance reveals a normal cheesecake, but upon closer inspection, you will find pieces of traditional, sinfully sweet, Gulab Jamoon. Fear not, the creamy cheesecake filling cleverly cuts into the sweetness of the Gulab Jamoon, giving you a delightful flavor with every bite. We also fell in love with the smart

take on a classic bread and butter pudding in the form of the Naan & Butter pudding. When we asked Thamer about why they chose to incorporate Naan bread into this dish, he wickedly replied with a smile, “Why not?” With this pudding, the delicate sweet flavors one usually would expect with the bread and butter pudding are elevated with the use of Naan. From flavor to texture, this dessert is a winner! If you’re craving something cold to lightly finish off your Indian feast at Hotel Calcutta, then we highly recommend that you try the Masala Karak tea home-made ice cream. For the more adventurous, there’s also a curry flavored offering. Expect an explosion of flavor with every teensy spoonful, this dessert comes with a mighty zing!

Indulge in the flavors of the colonial West Bengal region with every visit to Hotel Calcutta. Located in the SoKu area of Grand Avenue – The Avenues, follow them on Instagram @HotelCalcutta for incredible imagery. Call them on 2220 1088 for reservations and inquiries! 311

DEEP DISH Chewing the fat with Kuwait’s foodies

FAVES Chef: Albert Adria. Cooking show: Good Eats. Cookbook: The Food Lab.

What experience most defined your decision and desire to get into the food industry? Growing up watching Chef Osama Alsayed and Chef Martin Yan cooking shows, and realizing that cooking and serving good food is the way to make people happy. Where is your favorite place to shop for food and ingredients in Kuwait? LuLu Hypermarket. What food most reminds you of your mother’s house, and why? Yreesh. It is my definition of comfort food. When you want to go somewhere else to eat, where do you go and why? Asha's, because it is one of the best run restaurants in Kuwait. Who in the world would you most like to cook for? Chef Ferran Adria. If you were to leave Kuwait and could take only one kitchen gadget with you, what would it be? My knife set.



Coca Cola




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? My love and passion was there from a very young age, and the more it grew, the more cooking food grew with me. I used to always help my mother and father whenever we have a big feast which made me love cooking from day one. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? Lebanon. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Homemade Mulokheya and Vine Leaves, because although I am in a different country now, I still remember the smell and taste of the dish since I was a kid and the fresh ingredients put into it. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Lemon, garlic and onions. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? It’s freshness, tastiness, ease of grabbing it to eat. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? In the kitchen there is certain and specific recipes that I have to follow and being a Sous Chef, I have to follow and manage these things in my kitchen to keep the standards and consistency. I also believe that cooking should always be fun and you have to enjoy it and make the best out of it, and make sure you pass that positive energy and spirit to the food. That’s what I also do out of work to enjoy every moment with my family knowing that life is too short. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? Spend time with my kids and wife, and spending time at the beach with, of course, a little bit of BBQ. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? Arabic literature teacher as I love the language, the history and old Arabic poetry. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? Raw Kebbeh and Mulokheya and a bit of everything I like so I can enjoy my last meal with my loved ones. 314

QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Zaatar Pie/ Fatayer. My Knives: Victorinox. Most overused spice: Green Chili. Favorite Foodie Destination: Fish Market. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: Hummus Machine. Favorite Food Aroma: Coriander & 7 spices.



Delivery: TALABAT.COM OR 22281299



The Story of An American Brasserie In Kuwait’s Al Shaheed Park

Establishing his place in Kuwait’s culinary scene with the success of Street at Almakan, Chef Faisal Al Nashmi has done it again with Table Otto. With simplicity at the core of the concept, expect an incredible attention to detail, and a beautiful melting pot of Italian and French delicacies with American roots. Hence begins the story of a New Yorkinspired brasserie, envisioned and realized right here in Kuwait. Table Otto is located in an area of the park that is currently experimental, with various plants making the park their new home. Table Otto’s menu emulates this adaptive ethos, and it comes alive with new techniques and practices. Expect to see Sous-Vide tenderloin and coffee-infused garlic butter amongst the select culinary creations on offer. Faisal speaks about his vision for Table Otto with such fervor, that I couldn’t help but listen, “This space really spoke to me and my partners. When I first saw this part of the park, I was in awe, as it reminded me of NYC’s MOMA. More importantly, we feel that the concept and its menu fit its surrounding habitat, and upon completing work on this location, we know that Table Otto is finally home.” The 316

name, which translates to ‘table of eight’ from Italian, pays homage to the concept’s Italian roots. Each side of the Otto table carries with it a meaning: Restaurant, art (alluding to Almakan’s artistic soul), garden (the space is located in the heart of nature), artisanal high quality coffee, culture (reviving the cultural aspect of food elements, soul, events etc.), laboratory (being located in an original plant lab, Faisal also considers this location as a food lab with natural experimentations), elevate (the widely-designed stairs leading to the sky is thought as an elevation of thought, serenity, and hope) and bakery (showcasing a deep focus on providing artisanal technicalities of modern vs traditional baking). The design of Table Otto alone should elicit a visit. The first thing I noticed was the colors of the commanding mural done by Italian artist BASIK that line an entire wall at the restaurant. Then, a medley of gorgeous marble slabs and mahogany form panels and table tops, with accents in black, white, copper tones and teal decorating the space. From porcelain planters, Kilim rugs, to bowls of fresh fruit that beckon you to come inside, my eyes were pleased, and my mind was instantly intrigued.

Upon examining the menu, the bazaar team and I immediately noticed the Burrata + Bresaola Salad, Raclette Garlic Bread, NY Fried Quail and of course, the NY style Sourdough Pizza. Expertly deboned, we admire and commend the skill it took to prepare the deep fried quail. I was initially worried that frying the quail would dry it out, but the batter was beautiful and the meat itself, so tender. As for the combination of both burrata and bresaola in a salad, I totally assure you that it’s a match made in heaven, especially with the employment of sliced beets, green chili chimichurri, pistachio powder, za’atar, and a sneaky espresso vinaigrette (you know that Faisal loves his coffee). I think what I loved most about this dish is that every ingredient is there for a reason, whether it is to achieve a balance in flavors, or to provide the diner with an appetizing texture. When it came to Otto’s true test, the sourdough NY style pizza, the crust did not disappoint, and the quality of the simple yet flavorful pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, freshly prepared pomodoro tomato sauce and chili oil dominate and shine through. I knew I couldn’t leave Table Otto without sampling a certain dish on

the menu that jumped at me—the Sous-Vide Tenderloin. Employing more than one cooking method, the beef is firstly sealed in a vacuum-sealed bag and placing it in a water bath or combi oven at a certain temperature, it is then seared off and cooked to perfection a la sous-vide. Served alongside the creamiest cheesy Aligot potato, hazelnut and Parmesan, this dish will truly delight your senses. If it’s burgers that you’re after, then I highly recommend the garlic-cheese stuffed Chicken Kiev Burger. The dessert offerings at Table Otto tickled our fancies. Trying the Mille-Feuille is a must! Prepared with salted caramel, hazelnut-infused pastry cream and mixed berries to balance out the sweetness of the cream, every bite of the expertly prepared mille-feuille pastry made our taste buds sing with joy.

Table Otto is located in Al Shaheed Park and current operating hours are from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Call 2246 4201 or visit www.almakan-kw.com for more information and follow @table.otto on Instagram. Photography by Yousef Al Nasser. 317




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? When Prime Cuts first opened in Kuwait, I began grilling 4-5 nights a week. After overdosing on beef, I slowly transitioned into the kitchen. I found myself spending 3-4 hours at work on YouTube looking up recipes and cooking techniques, that’s when I decided: I am done with the corporate world, I want to be a chef. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? I grew up in Kuwait, but went to culinary school in Miami. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Mashwee Jider: its basically Machboos on crack. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Salt n’ pepper, garlic, and butter. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? Balance: The perfect ratio of bread, meat, cheese, and toppings. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? I am a lot more serious and focused in the kitchen. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? TV, games, or swimming. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? A rich housewife. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? A Quarter Pounder meal (supersized), a Diet Coke, and six-piece nuggets with sweet chili sauce.


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: A platter of nakhee, bajela, halloumi cheese, cucumbers, hummus, falafel, fool, fried eggs with Irani bread. My Knives: Takamura and Blood Root Blades. Most overused spice: Cardamom and cayenne. Favorite Foodie Destination: I am pretty sure it will be Tokyo, if I ever go. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My Sous Vide machine. Favorite Food Aroma: Fresh basil and rosemary.

Costa coffee




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? It was part of my childhood. Daddy was a hobby cook and most of my childhood memories are of me and daddy in the kitchen. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? Living in Los Angeles in the States. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Well, I am a hybrid of Lebanese and Thai origin, born and raised in states, so that’s a trick question! I love Malooba (rice chicken meal) and papaya salad (Thai) but comfort food that makes me swoon is good old' American steak with mushroom and mashed potatoes. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Turmeric, chili powder and herbs. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The spread...mayonnaise and ketchup and mustard is boring. I like to make unique spreads for myself on sandwiches. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? I’m happy and optimistic in the kitchen or anything related to food. Outside, my mood is darker, and I tend to overthink things, especially the state of world affairs. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? Reading, and I’m addicted to any movies related to Marvel or DC Comics. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? Well, I’m not a chef, I wanted to be one but daddy "encouraged" a teaching degree so I was early childhood educator for 20 years, even though I always loved cooking, creating and infusing various mixes. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? A seafood feast! A crazy spread of mezzah with lobster, crabs, shrimp, Salmon and Zubaidi.


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Eggs and avocado with spinach. My Knives: I need to invest in good ones. Most overused spice: Turmeric. Favorite Foodie Destination: central Italy. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: My KitchenAid food processor. Favorite Food Aroma: Roasted garlic.



Move over burgers, it’s time for fried chicken!

While Kuwait might still be experiencing a burger obsession, the time has come for awesome, crunchy, juicy fried chicken to reign supreme. As eager, and usually quite hungry, editors, it is our job to point out to our dearest readers the yummiest food trends to hit the local market and we believe that fried chicken is making a huge comeback. The trick though, is finding fried chicken done right. This is precisely what we found when this bazaar team ordered from the Kuwaitiestablished fast-casual concept, CHKN. There’s something so comforting about dining on fried chicken that brings people together. We think it’s all about that first piece of chicken that is offered to a close friend or colleague, and sharing the goodness to go around. Established in Kuwait in 2016, CHKN prides itself on delivering perfectly fried chicken. In doing so, they’ve specialized in streamlining their delivery service to ensure that diners are provided with a consistent, and incredibly delicious, meal every single time. The menu at CHKN is small, but mighty. It is also worth mentioning that you immediately taste the difference in the quality of the ingredients used. In sampling both boneless and bone-in fried chicken options, we noticed one common feature: Expertly breaded, crunchy on the outside chicken pieces that are extremely moist and succulent once bitten into. Biting into CHKN’s original Chicken sandwich was truly one of the most satisfying sensations that we experienced, and if you’re a fan of sandwiches rather than eating with your hands, then we highly recommend that you go with the original fried chicken sandwich. You can even opt for the spicy version of the same. 322

This bazaar team went a little CHKN crazy, however, as we ordered a selection of smaller sliders for variety, original and spicy sandwiches, glorious chicken tenders and several pieces of bone-in spicy and original chicken pieces. To accompany our feast, the homemade milk buns and the variety of homemade sauces available at CHKN were equally addictive! From chili honey mustard, Garlic Aioli, BBQ ranch, spicy Sriracha, creamy buttermilk ranch with aromatic herbs, to CHKN’s signature, mouthwatering special sauce, our chicken pieces were dipped and dunked to no end. We couldn’t believe how quickly we annihilated our shared meal. If you’re dining solo or in a smaller group, we love how CHKN also offers great combo options as well as delicious sides like their House Slaw salad, Buffalo wings, and various takes on classic French fries. The Dirty Fries, for instance, with skin-on fries, cheese sauce, chicken bits, herbs and breadcrumbs, are refreshing twist on classic street fries. As for dessert, CHKN’s menu offers simple American classics like the Turtle Cake, a chocolate cake filled to the brim with caramel sauce and topped with a chocolate ganache and salted pretzel sticks, and a good old Cheesecake. You can never go wrong with either option!

Get your CHKN fix by calling 2228 1299 or 9473 3910 or order online via Talabat.com. Follow @CHKN.kw on Instagram for their latest updates!

AAW Bosche


Vegetarians taking over with this hot concept! Since the beginning of the decade, the global trend of clean eating has been in higher demand, and this trend has inevitably made its way to the region. Because of this, vegetables have made a comeback in both presentation and taste, and this is brilliantly showcased at OVO. Situated in a dreamy corner of the beautiful mazelike Al Massaleh East Complex in Bneid Al-Qar is the trendy OVO, a delicious dine-in café that specializes in vegan, vegetarian, and “flexitarian” dishes. It’s the ideal place to grab a guilt-free yet indulgent meal, an organic coffee or tea, or a cold juice with a friend. It’s also comfortable enough in ambiance and décor to make you want to lounge there all day. The name OVO derives from ovo-vegetarianism, a class of the dietary lifestyle that permits eggs, as opposed to veganism, which restricts the ingestion or use of any product that could have come from an animal. And flexitarians simply eat everything. OVO offers meals that cater to all three dietary practice’s needs, ensuring that diners with different preferences in food will never leave hungry. OVO’s menu is carefully curated by co-owner Ms. Chahine herself, and she had a vision as she was doing so: “This concept has allowed me to explore using different ingredients to create dishes that will take you around the world. I believe in enjoying your food and experiencing it.” And the food is an experience! We started off with drinks. The mint and cucumberinfused coconut water arrived as a refreshing spritzer with a twist. Fellow diners sampled the Passion Fruit juice and a show stopping Mango Mint Lemonade concoction. Based on the cleansing bliss we’d experienced upon taking our first sips, we knew that we were in for a treat. The Beetroot Carpaccio, with its thinly sliced pieces of both red and golden beetroot, is topped with a red tahini sauce that produces a more organic, earthier taste than the regular sesame paste we are more used to. Our favorite appetizer was the Chickpea Fries – big enough to share, but memorable enough to want your own plate. Coupled with OVO’s signature 324

“cashewnnaise”, a vegan mayonnaise made of cashews, and another pot of homemade “raw ketchup”, which is better than any off-the-shelf ketchup you will EVER try (trust us on this), OVO had us dreaming about their chickpea fries even long after the attentive servers had to pry the empty plate away from our table. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to get started on our mains. We were served a lovely selection of three dishes: one vegan, another vegetarian, and a flexitarian choice to experience all three sides of this accommodating eatery. The vegan Sweet and Spicy Tofu dish took us to the Far East, with a brilliantly spiced, Indonesian sauce ladled over gorgeously cooked tofu, and accompanied with a lightly mixed veggie and quinoa pilaf. The dish sang in spite of it’s vegan attributes. The flexitarian dish was their famous Panko Chicken, flash fried, panko chicken strips that offered a crispy texture and succulent crunch that only panko breading could ever achieve. Accompanied with beautifully spiced potatoes, this dish is an award-winning option that’s sure to keep eye-rolling, meat eating friends and family members of vegans and vegetarians satisfied. As for the vegetarian dish, we were lucky enough to sample the extremely talked about, already infamous, Open Face Lasagna – a dish that is so special, that upon its mere mention we’re considering driving to Bneid Al-Qar to pick up one of those bad boys. Made with fresh, homemade lasagna noodles, brown butter, sautéed seasonal mushrooms, garlic, and generously sprinkled parmesan cheese, this was hands down our favorite main on the menu. What’s so wonderful about OVO is the lightly-fullafter feeling, because of their health-conscious cooking, still manages to leave room for dessert. Their innovative desserts are all made fresh and organic, with both vegetarian and vegan options, and are strongly recommended with their excellent organic coffee and homemade almond milk, which makes the perfect cafe latte. Editor’s tip: be sure to try the Organic Cocoa Marble cake – you won’t regret its decadence.

Visit OVO today! Located in the Al Massaleh East Complex in Bneid Al-Qar. Follow them on Instagram @ovokwt and on Facebook:OVOkwt. Call them at 2257 5324/ 2257 5374. Photography by Muneera AlKhulaifi. 325

The Avenues, next to The Cheesecake Factory. Jabriya, Block 1 A, Street 105 Tel: 182-12-12


4 Chicken Fingers

Crinkle-Cut Fries, 1 Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Coleslaw, Regular Drink (621ml)


KD .950




Crinkle-Cut Fries, 1 Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Regular Drink (621ml)

Crinkle-Cut Fries, 2 Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Coleslaw, Large Drink (946ml)

Cane’s Sauce, Lettuce, Kaiser Roll, Crinkle-Cut Fries, Regular Drink (621ml)

3 Chicken Fingers

6 Chicken Fingers

2 250







Crinkle-Cut Fries, 1 Cane’s Sauce, & choice of Kids Drink: 350ml Fountain Drink, 100% Natural Apple Juice or Chocolate, Strawberry Milk




3 Chicken Fingers

2 650



DR I N KS Reg 621ml

Fresh Squeezed

Lemonade Fresh Brewed

Tea & Sweet Tea

Fountain Drinks




1.000 0.750 0.750

Lg 946ml KD



1.250 1.000 1.000

EXTRAS Chicken Finger


Cane’s Sauce


Crinkle-Cut Fries


0.450 Texas Toast 0.150 Coleslaw 0.750




0.350 0.500 PA RT Y P LAT T E R S Ask a crewmember about our party platters and jugs for larger take-out orders.

One Love, The Box Combo, The 3 Finger Combo, Caniac and Cane’s Sauce are federally registered trademarks of Raising Cane’s USA, LLC.


Why Shawarma Matic always hits the spot Ah, shawarma – one of the region’s most favored delicacies. We all tend to have different preferences when it comes to building our perfect shawarma: some of us prefer chicken, some meat, some prefer friesin or fries-out, pickles, tomatoes, and dare we say it, lettuce. That’s why Shawarma Matic is always going to be one of our favorite go-to spots to fulfill our shawarma cravings, whatever they may contain. And to sweeten their deal of the bespoke concoctions they have on offer, they’ve opened up shop in Mahboula, pleasing those of us who frequent the area for family visits and extracurricular activities. The Mahboula location, while small, is inviting. Scattered picnic tables are lined with shrubbery right outside of the restaurant, giving you the option to “dine in” and enjoy your meal with a friend or solo before going on with your day. Of course, you still grab and go, or have you shawarma delivered. The menu remains, as always, flawless. Shawarma is aplenty – as the concept’s name promises, offering a range between artful concoctions inspired by different cultures such as Mexican, American, Middle Eastern and even a hint of Roman influence, with the Caesar Shawarma concoction. And of course, we cannot forget the classic “do-it-your-way” type of made to order sandwiches. Craving a classic Roast Beef Sandwich? They got it. Shish Taouk? Kabab? It’s all there! Something that will make Lebanese patrons happy is the Kabbab Soujouk sandwich on the menu. What does it consist of? Soujouk with traditional spices to give it an authentic taste, coupled with your bread of choice. These are just little examples of the endless possibilities you can dig into. But nothing can compare to the classic “Matics” section of their menu. You can choose between the three types of bases they have in-house (rice, hummus or salad) and top it with the shawarma meat of your choice. They even take it further by giving you the best possible combination: Nachos with cheese, paired with chicken or beef shawarma! For the carb-conscious weight watchers, Skinny Matic beef or chicken options are available, complete with dips and sides. Couple your feast with with their amazing fries and their succulent and Crispy Halloumi Bites: a bite-sized twist on the Levantine classic that even your sassy grandmother would approve of. Western influenced tastebuds can opt for fiery Jalepeno Poppers and even fried pickles, if their palates choose to do so. Because Shawarma-Matic is a product of its forefather restaurant Mais Al Ghanim, you can be rest assured that the quality and authenticity of these favorites aren’t compromised. Much like their shawarma, expertly carved and slow roasted on the rotisserie spit, the most authentic, delicious and addictive taste with a hint of cardamom is always produced, without fail. With all the options offered at both of Shawarma Matic’s locations, it’s always going to be difficult to choose. But remember, when in doubt, go with your gut, and enjoy the fact that this glorious eatery is now available in both ends of the country. Shawarma Matic is open from 1pm to 1am. It is located in Mahboula, Block 2, Street 10, and in Salmiya, Block 9, Baghdad Street. Reach them by phone at 2225 6444 or check out their website at: www.shawarmamatic.com. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @shawarmamatic. 328



Widening our burger horizons

Burgers are often seen as a favorite indulgence among many food lovers in Kuwait. But as much as we love them, we can’t have them all the time! They really pack on the calories and cholesterol, as delicious as they are. This is why Real Veal Burger (RVB) is a huge asset to burger lovers of the nation. With its tenderly grilled milk-fed veal patty, calories and cholesterol are cut without compromising taste. That’s right! It’s been proven that veal is in fact a superior red meat healthwise, and when it comes to chowing down on your favorite treat, it’ll fare you better in the long run if you’re prone to frequent burger days. As avid burger fans, we at bazaar were thrilled to learn this information, and promptly decided to order in from RVB to see if we felt any less guilty for deciding to have burgers for lunch. We all decided to go for something different – some of us opted for an RV Burger – their signature item on the menu – others chose Chipotle or Swiss. Veggie burgers and Fried Chicken were on offer too, and for good measure, we ordered one of each alternative to share and sample. The food arrived hot, which is a huge plus for us, as our regular readers may know. As soon as we dug into our respective burgers, we automatically saw the difference that a veal patty presents. Upon taking the first bite, it seems obvious that veal is a lot lighter than the traditional beef, and less crumbly – giving the patty a steak-like feel, only way easier to bite into. That’s the other thing about the veal patty – it’s so succulent and tender 330

that each bite feels lighter than air and melts in your mouth. Topped with cheddar cheese and fresh veggies, as well as RVB’s quintessential secret sauce, the combination is heavenly and produces a taste that’s well worth switching over for. The other burger styles were brilliant, with an optimal level of spice achieved for the Chipotle option. The Mushroom Swiss Burger gave a classic combination that’s been appreciated for generations – with exactly the taste to satisfy that craving for caramelized, savory mushrooms you may have. The Veggie Burger, consumed by a resident health-conscious foodie, was reported to be hearty, yet easy on the stomach. Vegetarians surely won’t feel left out with this flavor-packed sandwich! And as for the Fried Chicken burger, there were raving reviews. With carefully curated contents that made this sandwich delicious, it still managed to maintain a lightness that wouldn’t make you feel like you’d just gone over 1000 calories on your cheat day. RVB, with its vast varieties of food items, doesn’t always give you lots to choose from, but a consistent end result that promises quality and a burger that will leave you satisfied without compromising your health. So if you’re a burger lover like we are, then try something new and better for your health. Go veal: you won’t regret it. Follow Real Veal Burger on Instagram @rvb.kw. For more information or delivery, call 1820 022 or 5160 2209.

strategy Rana diab


Kuwait’s favorite dishes delivered to your home by Quzi Express

Good old-fashioned Kuwaiti home cooking is a mystery to most of us, that’s a fact. So what do you do when you’re craving some and can’t make it yourself and your mom is out of town? What if you have a lot of people over and the notion of making food for everyone stresses you out? And lastly, what if you’re new to the region and aren’t familiar with the cuisine and would love a starting point? Enter Quzi Express, an authentic Kuwaiti experience that delivers your favorite dishes straight to your doorstep within six hours of placing your order! With Quzi Express, you needn’t worry about how big or small your order is for this service. Even their menu offers an eclectic range of classic dishes for you to enjoy by yourself, or with friends and family. Priding themselves in making authentic Kuwaiti home-style dishes, Quzi Express has got you covered. Indulge in the colorful tastes of Kuwait through freshly prepared dishes such as Mumawash Murabyan, a lentil and spiced rice dish made with dried shrimps. Traditional Machboos Diyay, quite possibly Kuwait’s national dish, is also on offer with heaping piles of steaming rice and a whole roasted chicken. Other items include Kuwaiti style Biyranis and curries, seafood favorites such as Mtabag made with Kuwait’s signature fish, Zbaidi or Hamoor. Quzi Express also offers the delicious Dolma dish, along 332

with a variety of Marag (stews). And of course, the traditional household staple that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner: Balaleet, vermicelli noodles topped with fried egg. But lest we forget the dish that is so decadent and beloved, that the namesake service drew inspiration from its very construction: The Quzi. The mutton-based dish in so heartwarming and filled with flavor, it embodies the very ethos that Quzi Express offers to its diners: food in large quantities, that are meant to be shared in an environment where memories are formed. So no matter what your occasion is, be it a casual family lunch, a formal celebration or a night with the guys at the diwaniya, you can be rest assured that with a little advanced planning, a feast fit for royal appetites will be delivered to your doorstep at your convenience, for you to enjoy and never forget. Trust us when we say that you will find yourself calling them back for more.

Quzi Express is a delivery-only concept specializing in Kuwaiti home cooking. For orders and inquiries, call them at 6069 3990 or 6069 3220. Follow them on Instagram @quzi_express for more information.

hardees /HardeesArabia





Q: Why did you become a barista? One of my mentors is my father who worked in the hotel industry for 36 years and encouraged me to explore opportunities in this field. He pointed me in the right direction to explore the possibilities. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? Before coming to Kuwait, I worked as a barista in Qatar for 2 years from 2012 to 2014. Q: When did you first experiment with Latte Art? In my previous workplace in Qatar, all of the baristas there are latte artists. I came from a coffee shop where we just prepped coffees in a paper cup, directly covering it, and serving to the guests. Out of curiosity, I decided to try it myself. I worked at pulling the action away from the back of the cup, sneaking milk down the sides to form swirls and hoping white foam would appear as a heart at the center. I repeated this until I perfected the heart latte art. A good friend of mine advised me to watch videos online to learn more, which I did and this helped me a lot to achieve unique latte art designs. Q: What motivated you to compete for the title of Costa’s World Champion of Latte Art? Keeping the dream alive! I believe that achieving anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Q: Tell us more about the competition for Costa’s World Champion of Latte Art of 2016. The Costa Coffee Barista of the Year 2016 Latte Art Championship highlights artistic expression in a competition platform that challenges the barista in an on-demand performance. For the preliminary round of the championship, baristas would produce a single creative latte art to send as an online entry. Respective judges from UK choose 6 who would advance in the Semi- Finals. Entries will be posted on social media ready for our customers and teams to vote for their favorite. The votes cast by our customers and teams will be added up once voting closes and the top 3 will be invited to attend the Champion of Champions World Final in January 2017! Q: When you’re not making latte art, what do you do for fun? I usually play online multiplayer computer games with my friends in the Philippines and abroad after work or my day off. Sometimes you will see me playing basketball around Marina Mall’s basketball court. 334

Q: What’s your favorite treat to have with your coffee? There is nothing better than a good friend, great conversation and a hot cup of coffee. No need for treats!

QUICK SPILL My Breakfast: Double Ristretto with cold milk My Equipment: Group Handles Most overused ingredient: Milk Favorite Coffee Gadget: Steaming Jug Favorite Food Aroma: The smell of a freshly made Café Americano




CHEF: BILAL AL-DAWALIBI RESTAURANT: DILMAH TEA LOUNGE TITLE: EXECUTIVE CHEF Q: Why did you first get into cooking? Being raised in a family that worked in the food industry for three generations, I can say that cooking has always been a life companion for me. Since my childhood days, I started helping my parents running the kitchens that we were operating all over Damascus. Q: Where were you before you come to Kuwait? After Syria, I worked in Lebanon, KSA, Cyprus and Jordan. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Grilled Kebbeh, which is made from yellow bulgar, minced lamb leg meat with red onions and oriental spices stuffed with crushed walnut and red capsicum paste. It’s also always prepared with a touch of love! Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Water, salt, and sugar. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The taste! A sandwich is a collection of perfections that should deliver a perfect taste! Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? Chefs usually are not the nicest people! Being a Chef affected my personality big time, mainly when it comes to taking decisions. Perfection inside a kitchen is not an option, and half solutions aren’t accepted. Outside my kitchen, I see myself as a totally different person. I am forgiving and accepting. I can call it a humble life! Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? I am a very sociable character away from my kitchen, and I usually go out with my family and friends, and I also dedicate a part of my day for reading. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? Musician. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? My mother’s Mujaddara, and I would like to have it with my family. 336

QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Mediterranean Fusion Breakfast. My Knives: Henckels. Most overused spice: Black Pepper. Favorite Foodie Destination: The Mediterranean. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: Thermometer. Favorite Food Aroma: Eastern Spices.

Party Box Adress: Shuwaikh Industrial Area behind Londom Market Al Tomoor Street Bldg No.205,Shop No.3.




Q: Why did you first get into cooking? I first start cooking to take care of my family. I began enjoying it after seeing the smiles on their faces and then it became a hobby. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? In my home country, the Philippines. I worked as a restaurant manager for an international brand of pizza. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Kare-kare is a Philippine stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It is made from a base of stewed oxtail and beef, and occasionally offal or tripe. It can also be made with seafood (prawns, mussels and squid) and vegetables like asparagus beans, Chinese cabbage and eggplants. The stew is flavored with ground roasted peanuts. It is colored with annatto (extracted from annatto seeds in oil or water) and thickened with toasted ground rice. It is eaten with shrimp paste spiced with chilli. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Rice, onions and cooking oils. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The bread – the tastiness of the sandwich depends on the type of bread used. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? I can say my personality is the same as I enjoy what I am doing. Working with my team in the kitchen and my family at home. Q: When you’re not cooking, what do you do for fun? I go to the gym and spa to relax. I also like watching movies and shopping with my kids. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? I would like to go into teaching. I want to develop and help my students to become independent and form their own relationships that will help them become successful. Q: If you could choose, what would your last supper be? My last supper would consist of my favorite Asian cuisines such as Thai, Japanese and Philippine dishes.


QUICK FIRE My Breakfast : American breakfast. My Knives : An 8” Chef’s Knife. Most Overused Spice: Kosher salt. Favorite Foodie Destination: Thailand. Favorite kitchen Gadget: Micro-plane Zester. Favorite Food Aroma: Warm chocolate chip cookies.





Q: When did you first get into baking and cooking? In high school, Consumer Studies class. Q: Where were you before you came to Kuwait? Cape Town, South Africa. Q: Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Well, that's a tough one as we have so many unique dishes and flavours. But I would have to say milk tart, it's a mixture of milk, eggs, cinnamon, sugar and butter baked in a beautiful pie crust or alternately a puff pastry shell topped with cinnamon. Q: Name three ingredients you can’t live without in the kitchen. Coriander, cinnamon, eggs. Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? The bread: The loaf you choose is a game changer. Q: How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen? In the kitchen or when setting up an event I feel more focused, outside of those areas I'm all over the place. Q: When you’re not baking/cooking, what do you do for fun? Eat. Q: If you weren’t a chef, what would you like to be? Fashion Designer. Q: If you could choose, what would your “last supper” be? A tower of macaroons. 340

QUICK FIRE My Breakfast: Cereal and Lactose free milk. My Knives: Wusthof. Most overused spice: Salt. Favorite Foodie Destination: Cape Town, South Africa. Favorite Kitchen Gadget: An old fashioned whisk (oldie but goodie). Favorite Food Aroma: Garlic and green peppers.




aya zam

am man


mi menu

bakerandspicekw bakerandspicekuwait 96962693 ORDER THROUGH local | organic | fresh | homemade


FOR CATERING www.bilbayt.com

B REAKFAST Every day from 9 am to 1 pm


baker &


TURKISH EGGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.950 Poached Eggs Served On A Bed Of Creamy Homemade Labnah With Aleppo Pepper & Olive Oil Toasted Pita.

FRESH HERBS FALAFEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.950 Homemade Fresh Falafel Infused With Fresh Local Herbs, Served With Green Tahini & Fresh Tomato Salasa & Fresh Pita Bread.

EGGS BENEDICT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.950


3 Poached Eggs On Toasted Homemade English Muffin With Bresaola & Sauce Hollandaise.

OMELETTES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - Spinach & Feta Cheese. - Tomato & Gruyere. - Mushrooms & Gruyere.


2 HOMEMADE SAUSAGES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Your Choice Of Beef, Leek & Onions Or Smoky Spicy Chili Lamb Or Herby Chicken Sausages.


5.250 4 Eggs Poached In A Rich Homemade Tomato & Red Peppers Sauce With Garlic, Chili & Olive Oil.

BLUEBERRY PANCAKES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.950 with fresh blueberries, whipped mascarpone & seasonal homemade fruit compote. ORGANIC OATMEAL & RICOTTA GLUTEN FREE PANCAKE STACK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.550 with caramelised bananas, berries & date syrup.

FRENCH TOAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caramelised Sour Apples & Local Date Syrup Toffee.


HOMEMADE GRANOLA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.750 Homemade Date Syrup & Honey Granola Served With Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt & Fruit Compote. APPLE SAUCE & YOGHURT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.550 An Alkaline Breakfast Of Homemade Unsweetened Apple Sauce, Homemade Live Yoghurt & Toasted Organic Almonds.

MARKET MENU Every day from 1pm to 10.30 pm

MARKET TAPAS SOUP OF THE DAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER WITH HOMEMADE LABNEH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750


Changes Daily, Served With Grilled Homemade Bread.

HOMEMADE RAVIOLI OF THE DAY . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.250

AVOCADO TOAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.950 1 Toasted Organic Wholewheat Sourdough Topped With Fresh Avocado, Homemade Dukkah Mix & Fresh Lemon Vinaigrette.

HAND CUT BEEF LASAGNA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.250


HOMEMADE GNOCCHI OF THE DAY WITH SEASON FRESH SAUCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.250

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.250 3 Pieces Of Fresh Local Chicken Inside Breasts With Sourdough Breadcrumbs Served With Homemade Barbeque Sauce.

AUBERGINE MUTTABEL & GRASS FED LAMB TENDERLOIN MORSELS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.550

& spice

With Pomegranate molasses, homemade Labneh, Tahini & Pine nuts.

AVOCADO GUACAMOLE & RYE CRACKERS 2.750 MEAT BALLS IN MATBOUKHA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750 Prepared from all natural Beef & herbs & matbouka Sauce.

(A rich hand cut Beef ragout with homemade pasta & creamy béchamel)

OVEN FRESH FOCACCIA BIANCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750 Out Of The Oven Focaccia With Roasted Garlic Served With Side Labneh, Warm Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil. OVEN FRESH ROASTED EGGPLANT & HALLOUMI FOCACCIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.500

Served With Fresh Tomato Salsa.

Served With Home Made Labneh, Warm Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil.


MUSTARD PICKLE BEETROOT & GOAT CHEESE FOCACCIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.500


ROASTED HALF CHICKEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.550 Half Boneless Roast Chicken With Crushed Roast Potatoes & Fresh Leaf Salad.

GRILLED RIB EYE STEAK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.950 Natural Grass Fed Beef Served With Horseradish & Crushed Potatoes. ROASTED KINGFISH FILLET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.550 Kingfish from Local market, roasted & flaked & served with salsa & Seasoned Purslane.

SIDES CHUNKY CHIPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.250

With Homemade Ketchup.

Out Of Oven Fresh Served With Home Made Labneh, Warm Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil.

OVEN FRESH FOCCACIA WITH GRILLED KOOSA & LOCAL FARM AKAWI CHEESE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.500 Served With Home Made Labneh, Warm Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil.

OVEN FRESH FOCACCIA WITH LOCAL FARM CHERRY TOMATO & FRESH MOZARELLA 3.500 Served With Home Made Labneh, Warm Oven Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil Kalamata Olives In Thyme & Olive Oil.

FRESH BAKED CROISSANT FILLED WITH CHICKEN, MUSHROOM & SPINACH WITH GRUYERE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750

SALADS FRO M TH E CO U NTER Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm

Our salads are constructed by collecting mostly fresh local vegetables from Kuwait farms. Our culinary soul is fresh/ local/ organic/ homemade. We create salads everyday as per the availability in the season.

MARKET SANDWICHES OF THE DAY . . . . . . . . 2.750 Our sandwiches are crafted with locally sourced fresh ingredients, all homemade component & in-house daily fresh Artisan breads.

1. Chicken Fillet Sandwich. 2. Fresh Alban Dairy Halloumi & Avocado. 3. Goat Cheese & Roasted Eggplant. 4. Local Farm Tomato & Fresh Mozarella. 5. Falafel With Homemade Pickles & Oven Fresh Pita.


• Organic quinoa salad of the day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.150 • Kale salad with season fresh Ingrediants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.150 • Hummus of the day (chick pea/ beetroot) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.550 • Wild rice/ organic brown rice salad of the day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.150 • Burnt eggplant salad of the day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 • Pasta & fresh seasonal vegetable salad of the day. . . . . . . . . . 1.550 • Couscous / barley/ freekeh salad of the day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.950 • Avocado & cherry tomato salad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.550


ROMAINE LETTUCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.950 WITH GRILLED CHICKEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.950

TURKISH TOMATO SALAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.950 Fresh & Roasted Tomatoes With Creamy Alban-Dairy, Mozzarella, Fresh Oregano & Pomegranate Syrup.


Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm THE B&S BURGER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.750 Natural Grass Fed Topside & Brisket With Horseradish Cream, Home Pickled Cabbage & Tomato Served With Chunky Chips. MEATBALL SANDWICH

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.250 Natural Grass Fed Beef Meatballs, Spicy Tomato Sauce & Gruyère In a Toasted Sandwich With A Side Salad.

6. All Natural Roast Beef With Homemade Fresh Horsereddish & Mustard . 7. Homecured All Natural Beef Bresaola & Labneh Sandwich. 8. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich With Olive Tapenade - VEGAN. 9. Confit Tomato, Roasted Eggplant & Rocca - VEGAN

baker &


The heart of Baker & Spice beats in its kitchens. Every day is an adventure as we create fabulous artisan soul food that remains true to our ethos. Please call up to find out our today’s specials

BREAD Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm. Our Breads are made with mostly homemade sour dough & finest all natural flour without any additives. Always baked fresh & keep our artisan spirit in every bread making steps.

PAIN DE CAMPAGNE . . 1.250 MICHE BREAD . . . . . . . . 1.450 CEREAL BREAD . . . . . . . 1.950 APRICOT & THYME WILD BREAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.950

100% SPELT BREAD . . . . 1.550

ORGANIC CIABATTA 1.550 ORGANIC WILD WHITE BREAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.950 WALNUT WILD BREAD 1.950 ITALIAN FOCACCIA 1.950 FRENCH FARMHOUSE BREAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.350


PAIN DE MIE . . . . . . . . . . . 1.250



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.250 POTATO ROSEMARY . . 1.950 PAIN AU LEVAIN . . . . . . . 1.550


Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm CARROT CAKE . . . . . . . . 1.750 CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 CHOCO BOMB LAYER CAKE

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 CHOCOLATE OBSESSION 1.750 TARTS INDIVIDUALS . . 1.750 FRENCH ALMOND CAKE 1.750 MIMIS CAKE . . . . . . . . . . .

Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm

PAIN AU RAISIN . . . . . . . 1.250



ZATAR CROISSANT . . . 1.250 FRUIT DANISH . . . . . . . . 1.250 LEMON & MASCARPONE DANISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.250 B&S MUFFIN . . . . . . . . . . 1.250 CINNAMON ROLL . . . . . 1.250 DOUGHNUTS . . . . . . . . . 1.350 CRONUTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.350 PECAN BAR . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.250 GRANOLA BAR . . . . . . . . 1.250

& spice CHEESE CAKE . . . . . . 1.750

HOMEMADE RETAIL ITEMS Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm

HOMEMADE GRANOLA (200GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.000 HOMEMADE ROASTED SPICY NUTS (200GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.750 HOMEMADE BISCOTTI (4 NOS.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750

HOMEMADE 5 SEEDS CRACKER (150GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.550 HOMEMADE RUSSIAN TEA BREAD (150GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.550 OAT & RAISIN COOKIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.650 CHIP CHOCOLATE COOKIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.250 ORANGE MARMALADE (200 GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750 STRAWBERRY JAM (200 GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750 SEASONAL FRUIT JAM (200 GM) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.750






Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm SMOOTHIES

Dairy free smoothies, made with fresh fruit. DATE SYRUP TAHINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.000 BLUEBERRY & BANANA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.500 STRAWBERRY & BANANA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.500


ORANGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 RUBY GRAPEFRUIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 APPLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 CARROT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 FRESH TENDER COCONUT WATER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.000 PINEAPPLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.000 LEMON & LIME (With Or Without Mint) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.750 GREEN JUICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.500 With Spinach Or Kale, Cucumber & celery POMEGRANATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.000


Prepared from fresh produce & mixed with homemade natural fruit syrups & no added sugar BEETROOT MOJITO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.250 GREEN APPLE MOJITO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.250 CHAMOMILE GRAPEFRUIT ICED TEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.250


SMALL STILL/SPARKLING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.000 LARGE STILL/SPARKLING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.500

BAO ‫باو‬ 1.900 KD Crispy Chicken / ‫كرسبي تشيكن‬ fried crispy chicken with homemade Japanese mayonnaise & apple coleslaw ‫دجاج مقلي مع مايونيز ياباني وكولسلو التفاح‬

2.500 KD Short Ribs / ‫شورت ريبس‬ fried short ribs with homemade sweet chilli mayonnaise & tempura onion,served on brown bao ‫ تقدم على باو أسمر‬،‫ مايونيز سويت تشيلي وبصل تمبورا‬،‫أضالع لحم قصيرة مقلية‬

2.000 KD Brisket / ‫بريسكت‬ 10 hours slow cooked brisket with crispy onion, & sauce & red jalapeno ‫ ساعات مع البصل المقرمش والفلفل األحمر‬10 ‫لحم بريسكت مطهو لمدة‬

2.500 KD Scallops tempura / ‫سكالوبس‬ scallops with homemade sweet soya mayonnaise & fried dates served on brown bao ‫ تقدم على باو أسمر‬،‫ تمر مقلي‬،‫سكالوبس التمبورا مع مايونيز السويت صويا‬

2.500 KD Veal / ‫ڤيل‬ milk fed veal tenderloin with mushroom sauce and fried beetroot ‫لحم العجل مع صلصة الفطر والشمندر المقلي‬

2.500 KD Salmon / ‫سلمون‬ fried salmon with homemade wasabi mayonnaise & avocado, served on brown bao ‫ تقدم على باو أسمر‬،‫ أفوكادو‬،‫سمك سلمون تمبورا المقلي مع مايونيز واسابي‬

2.000 KD Coconut Shrimps / ‫كوكونت شرمبس‬ coconut crusted shrimps with sweet chilli aioli, pickled cucumber & fried carrot ‫ مخلل الخيار وجزر مقلي‬،‫ربيان مغطى بجوز الهند مع سويت تشيلي أيولي‬ 2.000 KD Tempura Shrimps / ‫تمبورا شرمبس‬ tempura shrimps with Japanese mayonnaise & fried carrots ‫ربيان تمبورا مع مايونيز ياباني مع الجزر المقلي‬ 2.300 KD Tenderloin Steak / ‫تندرليون ستيك‬ tenderloin steak with balsamic Japanese mayonnaise & panko crumbs ‫ وبقسماط البانكو‬،‫ستيك تندرلوين مع بلساميك مايونيز ياباني‬ 1.700 KD Kinoko / ‫سكالوبس‬ tempura shitake mushrooms with Japanese mayonnaise fresh red jalapeno & fried onion ‫ هالبينو أحمر وبصل مقلي‬،‫فطر تمبورا شيتاكي مع مايونيز ياباني‬

2.250 KD Burger / ‫برجر‬ black angus beef patty ,kale leaves ,yellow cheese & bbq sauce served on brown bao ‫ تقدم على باو أسمر‬،‫ صلصة باربيكيو‬،‫ جبنة صفراء‬،‫ أوراق الكيل‬،‫لحم بالك أنجوس باتي‬


2.000 KD Chicken Burger / ‫تشيكن برجر‬ chicken,wasabi coleslaw,yellow cheese & jalapeno mayonnaise served on brown bao ‫ تقدم على باو أسمر‬،‫ مايونيز الهالبينو‬،‫ جبنة صفراء‬،‫ واسابي كولسلو‬،‫دجاج‬

2.000 KD Crumb Fried Chicken / ‫كرمب فرايد تشيكن‬ fried chicken with Japanese spiced crumbs & homemade smoked chipotle mayonnaise ‫دجاج مقلي مع كرمبس متبلة بالتوابل اليابانية ومايونيز هوني تشيبوتل‬ ‫المدخن المحضر لدينا‬

SALADS ‫سلطات‬ 2.900 KD Quinoa / ‫كينوا‬ quinoa & avocado topped with fried kale ,crispy beetroot and balsamic glaze dressing ‫وأفوكادو مع الكيل المقلي وشرائح الشمندر المقلية مع البلساميك‬ 2.900 KD Tenderloin Steak / ‫تندرليون ستيك‬ mixed greens,pomegranate,sweet potato chips served with tenderloin steak with a blasamic dressing ‫ تقدم مع لحم تندرلوين‬،‫ الرمان وشرائح بطاطا حلوة‬،‫خليط من الخضراوات الخضراء‬ 2.700 KD Pomelo / ‫بوميلو‬ pomelo,cucumber & avocado topped with fried edamame,mint,sesame seed,rice noodles, red jalapeno mixed with soy honey dressing ‫ سمسم النعناع‬،‫ ايدمامي مقلي‬،‫ شرائح الخيار مع مكعبات االفوكادو‬،‫بوملي‬ ‫ مخلوطة مع صلصة صويا العسل‬،‫ نودلز األرز المقلي والهالبينو األحمر‬،‫المحمص‬

APPETIZER ‫مقبالت‬

DESSERTS ‫حلويات‬

3.300 KD Tempura Shrimps / ‫تمبورا شرمبس‬ fried tempura shrimps with sriracha sauce ‫روبيان تمبورا مقلي مع صلصة سيراتشا‬

2.000 KD Crispy Banana Bao / ‫كرسبي بنانا باو‬ deep fried banana,drizzled with cinnamon caramel sauce on cinnamon bao ‫موز مقلي مرشوش بصلصة كراميل القرفة يقدم داخل باو بالقرفة‬

3.500 KD Steak Cubes / ‫ستيك كيوبس‬ tenderloin steak cubes & potato sticks served with Asian gravy ‫ تقدم مع صلصة آسيوية‬،‫مكعبات ستيك تندرلوين مع أعواد بطاطا‬ 1.500 KD Asian Edamame / ‫إيجيان إيدامامي‬ edamame with Japanese spices and maple syrup ‫إيدمامي مع التوابل اليابانية وشراب القيقب‬ 2.750 KD Crispy Sticks / ‫كرسبي ستيكس‬ mixed potato topped with cheese sauce, special sauce and bacon ‫ صلصة خاصة وبيكون‬،‫مزيج من البطاطا مع صلصة الجبنة‬ 3.000 KD Caramel Pop Chicken ‫كراميل بوبكورن تشيكن‬ chicken tempura with soy caramel sauce & popcorn ‫دجاج التمبورا بالصويا مع صلصة الكراميل وبوبكورن‬

2.250 KD Japanese Cheese Cake / ‫جابانيز تشيز كيك‬ homemade Japanese cheese cake with soy caramel sauce ‫ صلصة كراميل الصويا‬،‫تشيز كيك محضر على الطريقة اليابانية‬ 3.000 KD Tempura Brownie / ‫تمبورا براوني‬ tempura brownie served with vanilla ice cream ‫ تقدم مع فانيال آيس كريم‬،‫تمبورا براوني‬ 2.200 KD Donut Bao / ‫دونت باو‬ fried cinnamon bao with home made pretzil vanilla ice cream & glazed with salted caramel sauce ‫باو بالقرفة مقلي مع آيس كريم بريتزل بالفانيال‬ ‫المحضر لدينا مع الكراميل المملح‬

2.000 KD Onion Crisp / ‫أونيون كريسب‬ crispy onion tempura served with side of homemade sweet chili sauce ‫بصل التمبورا مع صلصة سويت تشيلي المحضرة لدينا‬

Sides ‫األطباق الجانبية‬

5.000 KD Tempura Scallops / ‫تمبورا سكالوبس‬ fried scallops served with a side of sweet soy mayonnaise ‫سكالوبس مقلية تقدم بجانبها صلصة سويت صويا مايونيز‬

1.000 KD Potato homemade fried potato ‫بطاطا مقلية محضرة لدينا‬

4.250 KD Coconut Beef / ‫كوكونت بيف‬ tenderloin beef with coconut soy sauce served on coconut ‫ تقدم على جوز الهند‬،‫لحم تندرلوين مع صلصة صويا جوز الهند‬

1.000 KD Sweet Potato Sticks homemade fried sweet potato ‫بطاطا حلوة مقلية محضرة لدينا ستيكس‬


2.500 KD Matcha Veggie / ‫ماتشا ڤيجي‬ matcha tempura [carrots, baby corn, portobello mushroom, broccoli] served with side of homemade ginger maple sauce ‫بروكولي] تقدم مع شراب القيقب‬،‫ فطر بورتوبيلو‬،‫ ذرة صغيرة‬،‫ماتشا تمبورا [جزر‬ ‫والزنجبيل‬

Address: Kuwait City, Sharq, Khaled Bin Waleed St Tel: +965-51470344 E-mail: info@baokw.com Instagram: @bao_kw ‫ شارع خالد بن الوليد‬،‫ شرق‬،‫ مدينة الكويت‬:‫العنوان‬ info@baokw.com :‫ البريد اإللكتروني‬+ 965 51470344 :‫الهاتف‬ bao_kw : ‫انستغرام‬

Sticks / ‫بوتيتو ستيكس‬ / ‫سويت بوتيتو‬



the choco

olate bar

Ardiya Industrial Area Dabbawala_kw




2220 0123 Follow us @doneroti Salmiya, Restaurants Street Industrial Ardiya, Fifth Ring Road Available on

done 7

Doner Kebab

Fresh out of the Oven

The German Original/Junior

KD 2.300/1.600

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Red Cabbage, and a mix of (Spicy, Garlic & Yoghurt sauce) in a pita or tortilla bread.


Doner Burger

KD 1.650

Veal, Chicken, or Mix with melted American cheese served on a burger bun.

Doner Pizza (Cheese, Veal, Chicken, Mix)

KD 3.750

Cheese Fries

KD 1.450

(Cheese, Veal, Chicken, Mix)

Sides 3)

Falafel Pocket ( 3 Pieces)

KD 0.500

Cheese Borek ( 5 Pieces)

5) KD 0.800

French Fries KD 0.800 Onion Ring ( 9 Pieces)

9) KD 0.800

The Falafel Veggie Doner

KD 0.900


Roasted eggplants, potato, cauliflower, falafel, tahini sauce chopped cucumber, onion tomato, with olive oil based dressing, served on a pita bread. Optional hot sauce (shataa).

Salads Potato Salad (Served with Crispy Pita) KD 1.450 Green Salad KD 1.450


Doner Kebab Box

Coca Cola Soft Drinks KD 0.250 Aryan

Doner Box + Fries

KD 0.800

(Veal, Chicken, Mix) Water (Small, Large)

KD 0.250/0.500

KD 2.650 Juices Doner Box + Salad

KD 1.000

(Veal, Chicken, Mix)

KD 2.650

Doner Box + Brown Rice

(Veal, Chicken, Mix)

KD 2.350

Desserts Bacalava Ice Cream Sandwich KD 1.450 Add ons: Meal - Add KD 0.900, Fries – Add KD 0.300, Cheese- Add KD 0.250




www.talabat.com CALL 98 002 336



APPETIZERS MACARONI SIMONE 3.250 KD Four Cheese Cream & Garlicky Bread Crumbs. SHRIMP FRITTI 3.950 KD Fried Shrimps, Roasted Corn Raita, Creamy Avocado Ranch. RHODE ISLAND CALAMARI 4.250 KD Hot Cherry Peppers, Garlic, Lemon Aioli. TRUFFLE CHICKEN ARANCINI 4.450 KD Risotto balls with fontina stuffed with chicken, mushroom and mozzarella cheese, Served on a bed of mushroom fondue, and truffle SPICY CHICKEN POUTINE 3.950 KD Fried Potatoes, Crushed Chicken Meatballs, Chicken Jus, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Crisp Fried Jalapenos & Jalapeno Ranch Sauce.

SOUR DOUGH TENDERS 3.950 KD Chicken Tenders breaded with sourdough crumbs, BBQ glazed and served over Sour Cream Aioli. TODD›S BUFFALO DIP 3.750 KD Baked pulled chicken with Philadelphia and Monterey jack cheese, buffalo sauce, parsley and spring Onions, jalapeno ranch served with corn tortillas and celery stick. JALAPENO AND CHEDDAR HUSH PUPPIES 3.750 KD Fried Cornmeal, Jalapeno & Cheddar fritters served with Avocado Ranch. NEW STYLE POTATO BRAVAS 2.950 KD Fried Crisp Sweet Potatoes, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Manchego Cheese & Aioli.



SIDES CHEESE FRIES 2.250 KD Cheddar cheese & Homemade Ranch Sauce. TUSCAN FRIES 1.950 KD Herbs, Garlic, Parmesan & Jalapeno Ketchup. SILKY POTATOES 1.950 KD Prepared with Buttermilk & Chives.

Soups & Salads POTATO & LEEK SOUP 2.750 KD Fennel Pollen, Herb brown butter, cubed potatoes, roasted leek & garlic rubbed croutons. MUSHROOM VELVET SOUP 2.950 KD White And Black Mushroom, Fresh Herbs & Garlic Rubbed Croutons. ...........................................................................

MASHED POTATO 1.950 KD Mixture of mashed potatoes and cream.

ROASTED BEET SALAD 3.550 KD Roasted Beets,lollo rosso lettuce,crushed walnuts, goatcheese cream,honey tangerine dressing.

ONION RINGS 2.250 KD Sourdough Breaded Onion Rings served with Chipotle Ranch.

BURRATA SALAD 8.250 KD Sliced Heirloom Tomato, Crispy Sour dough Crouton, Balsamic & Basil Pesto.

GARLIC MOZZARELLA BREAD 2.950 KD Oven toasted French Baguette, Garlic Butter & Mozzarella.

BOSTON BIBB AND PARMESAN SALAD 3.750 KD Toasted Walnut Dressing, A Shower of grated parmesan.

BUTTERMILK BISCUITS 1.950 KD Fresh Baked Buttermilk Biscuits with Melted Cheddar Cheese. PLAIN FRIES – 1.950 KD

AVOCADO CAESAR SALAD 3.750 KD Vine Ripe Tomato, Crisp Brioche, Parmesan Dressing. GREEK STYLE ROMAINE 3.250 KD Tomato, Cucumber, Cracked Olives, Red Onion, Phyllo Triangle & Oregano Feta Dressing.

PASTAS & RISOTTO OLIVER’S – 4.250 KD Our Version Of The Traditional: Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Basil. FIGS CALZONE – 4.750 KD Bacon, Spinach, Pepperoni, Roma Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella. CLASSICO DE BAFFETTI – 3.950 KD Basil Oil, Tomato Sauce, Evoo, Parmesan. PORTOBELLO – 4.550 KD Portobello, Wild Mushroom Puree, Red Onions, Fontina Cheese, Truffle Oil. CRISPY EGGPLANT – 4.250 KD Tomato Sauce, Sliced Eggplant, Mozzarella, Whipped Ricotta, Basil.

RIGATONI BOLOGNESE – 4.950 KD “Old School” Bolognese, Fontina Cream Sauce, Parmesan. CAVATELLLI ROSA – 4.250 KD Roasted Tomato Sauce, Basil & Cream. FIGS CARBONARA – 4.750 KD Fettuccini, Cream, Bacon, Crushed Peppercorns & Parmesan. SPAGHETTI POLEPITINI – 4.750 KD Spicy Chicken Meatballs, Spaghetti, Roasted Tomato Sauce, Herb Ricotta.

BRONX BOMBER – 4.250 KD Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Fresh Basil.

BRICK OVEN LASAGNA – 4.950 KD Mix of our Beef Sausage & ground Veal, Roasted Tomato Sauce & Three Cheeses.

FOUR CHEESE – 4.550 KD Basil Oil, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Fontina, Ricotta, Provolone.

WILD MUSHROOM RAVIOLI – 5.250 KD Herb Ricotta, Wild Mushrooms, Brown Butter.

RED SOX – 4.550 KD Caramelized Onions, Red Peppers, crumbled Sausage, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Mustard. BEETS & FETA – 4.250 KD Mozzarella, Feta Ranch, Roasted Beets, Caramelized Onions & Crushed Walnuts. CAESAR CHICKEN – 4.550 KD Fontina, Carmalized Onions, Roasted Chicken & Caesar dressed Romaine lettuce.

BEET & TRUFFLE ANGOLOTTI – 4.950 KD Truffle Ricotta, Walnut Pesto, Pecorino. LEMON AND SHRIMP RISOTTO – 5.250 KD Preserved Lemon Cream, Parmesan, Shrimp, Arugula. WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO – 5.250 KD Truffles, Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Parmesan.


BURGERS & SLIDERS MOCKTAILS TODD’S – 4.250 KD 6 Ounce Special House Blend Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Onions, TE Special Sauce, Curly Lettuce and Sliced Tomato.

Classic Mojito 2.000 Lime, Mint & Sparkling Water.

Strawberry & Basil Mojito 2.250 Fresh Strawberry, Lime, Basil & Sparkling Water.

MEXICAN BURGER – 4.950 KD Special House blend beef patty, Cheddar Cheese, homemade potato wafers, goucamole


SPICY JALEPENO – 4.250 KD 6 Ounce Special Blend Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno Slaw, Cool Ranch and Jalapeno ketchup. FIGS – 4.550 KD 6 Ounce Special Blend Beef Patty, Fontina, Portobello Mushrooms, Pommery mustard aioli & crisp Iceberg Lettuce. CHICKEN RANCH – 3.950 KD Fried Chicken Breast, Cheddar Cheese, Homemade Ranch Sauce & Crispy Iceberg Lettuce. CHICKEN PARMESAN SLIDERS – 3.950 KD Roasted Tomato Sauce, Basil, Mozzarella. MEXICAN SLIDER – 4.450 KD Grilled chicken patty, Cheddar Cheese, homemade potato wafers, guacamole MEAT BALL SLIDER – 4.250 KD Handcrafted Wagyu Meat Ball, Basil, Wild Mushroom, Fontina Fonduto.

Raspberry Cilantro Cooler 2.450 Fresh Raspberries, Cilantro, Lime, Raspberry Syrup & Sparkling Water.

Berry Viola 2.450 Fresh Berries & Sparkling Water.

Lychee Mojito 2.450 Muddled Lychee, Lime, Mint & Sparkling Water.

SOFT DRINKS Coke - 0.500 KD Diet Coke - 0.500 KD Sprite - 0.500 KD Orange Fanta - 0.500 KD Red Fanta - 0.500 KD

FRESH JUICE Orange – 1.850 KD Carrot – 1.850 KD Lemonade - 1.850 KD Lemon & Mint - 1.850 KD

STILL & SPARKLING WATER Aqua Panna (Large) – 1.950 KD Aqua Panna (Small) – 1.250 KD San Pellegrino (Large) – 1.950 KD San Pellegrino (Small) – 1.250 KD


s menu


the gat



s menu

HOTDOG ‫هوت دوق‬ 2.000 KD CLASSIC mustard-ketchup

/ ‫كالسيك‬

‫ كاتشب‬- ‫ماسترد‬ 2.600 KD

CHICAGO / ‫شيكاغو‬

tomato-chopped onion-pickles-sport peppers-mustard-Chicago relish

‫ نكهة شيكاغو‬- ‫ ماسترد‬- ‫ فلفل‬- ‫ مخلل‬- ‫ بصل مقطع‬- ‫طماطم‬ 2.900 KD

CHILI / ‫تشيلي‬

chili-chopped onion-cheddar cheese sauce

‫ صلصة جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫ بصل مقطع‬- ‫تشيلي‬ 2.800 KD

MAC & CHEESE / ‫ماك آند تشيز‬

macaroni-cheese-crispy onion-bacon bits

‫ قطع البيكون‬- ‫ بصل مقرمش‬- ‫ جبنة‬- ‫معكرونه‬ 3.000 KD

DANDY / ‫داندي‬

fried onion – jalapeño - cheddar cheese sauce – special sauce

‫ صلصة خاصة‬- ‫ صلصة جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫ هالبينو‬- ‫بصل مقلي‬ 3.200 KD

CASUAL FRIDAY / ‫كاجيوال فرايداي‬

bacon –onion rings – jalapeño – BBQ sauce

‫ صلصة الباربكيو‬- ‫ هالبينو‬- ‫ حلقات بصل‬- ‫بيكون‬ 3.200 KD

COCO / ‫كوكو‬

fresh tomato salsa – home made guacamole – sour cream – jalapeño - lime

‫ اليم‬- ‫ هالبينو‬- ‫ كريمة حامضة‬- ‫ جواكمولي محضر لدينا‬- ‫صلصة طماطم طازجة‬ 2.600 KD

THE SLAW / ‫ذي سلو‬

coleslaw – fried green apple – light BBQ sauce

‫ القليل من صلصة الباربكيو‬- ‫ تفاح أخضر مقلي‬- ‫كولسلو‬


MAYBE PIZZA / ‫ميبي بيتزا‬

marinara sauce - mozzarella cheese - peperoni

‫ بابروني‬- ‫ جبنة موزاريلال‬- ‫صلصة مارينارا‬ 3.200 KD MUSHROOM

AND MORE / ‫مشروم آند مور‬

mushroom - Swiss cheese - bbq sauce - crumb fried mushroom

‫ فطر مقلي بالخبز المطحون‬- ‫ صلصة باربيكيو‬- ‫ جبنة سويسرية‬- ‫فطر‬ 2.400 KD

CHICKTOS / ‫تشيكتوس‬

breaded chicken breast - mustard mayonnaise - ice berg lettuce

‫ خس آيس بيرج‬- ‫ مايونيز وماسترد‬- ‫صدر دجاج بالقسماط‬ 2.600 KD

CHICKHOT / ‫تشيك هوت‬

breaded chicken breast - cheese sauce - spicy sauces - jalapeno

‫ هاالبينو‬- ‫ صلصات حارة‬- ‫ صلصة جبنة‬- ‫صدر دجاج بالقسماط‬ 3.000 KD


CHEESY / ‫تشيزي‬

stuffed cheese hotdog - special sauce

‫ صلصة خاصة‬- ‫هوت دوق الجبن المحشو‬ 3.000 KD

FIRE / ‫فاير‬

stuffed jalapeno hotdog - spicy sauce - sriracha - fried jalapeno

‫ هاالبينو مقلي‬- ‫ سريراتشا‬- ‫ صلصة حارة‬- ‫هوت دوق الهاالبينو المحشو‬ 3.000 KD

6 AM / ‫إيه إم‬6

homemade hash browns - cheddar cheese - bacon -fried egg - special sauce

‫ صلصة خاصة‬- ‫ بيض مقلي‬- ‫ بيكون‬- ‫ جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫الهاش براون المحضرة لدينا‬

SALAD ‫سلطات‬ 3.250 KD

HAUTE / ‫هوت‬

mix lettuce - bacon - yellow cheddar cheese breaded chicken - honey mustard dressing

‫ جبنة تشيدر صفراء‬- ‫ بيكون‬- ‫مزيج من الخس‬ ‫ صلصة هوني ماسترد‬- ‫ دجاج بالقسماط‬2.900 KD

CHICKEN CAESAR / ‫تشيكن سيزر‬

grilled chicken - ice berg lettuce- croutons - Caesar dressing

‫ صلصة السيزر‬- ‫ قطع خبز محمص‬- ‫ خس‬- ‫دجاج مشوي‬ 2.900 KD

FANCY / ‫فانسي‬

baby spinach -avocado-sundried tomato-rocca-feta cheese-walnut dressing

‫ طماطم مجففة‬- ‫ جرجير‬- ‫أوراق السبانخ الصغيرة‬ ‫ صلصة الجوز‬- ‫ أفوكادو‬- ‫ جبنة فيتا‬-

Desserts ‫الحلويات‬

APPETIZERS ‫مقبالت‬ 2.800 KD

FRIES ‘N’ DOG / ‫فرايز آند دوق‬

french fries coated hotdogs on sticks - special sauce ketchup-ranch-mustard

2.800 KD HAUTE

COUTURE / ‫هوت كوتور‬

fried apple pie - cinnamon caramel sauce - nuts - vanilla ice cream

‫عود من الهوت دوق المغطى بالبطاطا المقلية‬ ‫ ماسترد‬- ‫ رانش‬- ‫ كاتشاب‬- ‫ صلصة خاصة‬-

‫ فانيال آيس كريم‬- ‫ مكسرات‬- ‫ صلصة كراميل‬- ‫ قرفة‬- ‫فطيرة تفاح مقلية‬

2.900 KD HAUTE

chocolate cake - chocolate sauce - vanilla ice cream salted caramel sauce - caramel popcorn

FRIES / ‫تشيلي فرايز‬

french fries - fried onion – jalapeño - hotdogs - cheddar cheese sauce – special sauce

‫ صلصة جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫ لحم تشيلي‬- ‫بطاطا مقلية‬ 2.800 KD

CHILI FRIES / ‫تشيلي فرايز‬

french fries - chili beef– cheddar cheese sauce

‫ صلصة جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫ لحم تشيلي‬- ‫بطاطا مقلية‬ 2.250 KD

CHICKEN WINGS / ‫تشيكن وينقز‬

boneless chicken - buffalo sauce - served with a side of ranch

‫ صلصة بافلو ويقدم بجانبها رانش‬- ‫دجاج بال عظام‬ 2.000 KD MOZZARELLA

TOTS / ‫موزريال توتس‬

mozzarella cheese – panko crumbs – marinara sauce -basil

3.000 KD

I AM ON DIET / ‫آي آم أون دايت‬

‫ فانيال آيس كريم‬- ‫ صلصة شوكوالتة‬- ‫كيكة شوكوالتة‬ ‫ فشار بالكراميل‬- ‫ صلصة كراميل مملح‬3.000 KD

FREE DAY / ‫فري داي‬

fried Oreo - caramel sauce - chocolate chunks

‫ قطع شوكوالتة‬- ‫ صلصة كراميل‬- ‫أوريو مقلي‬ 3.000 KD

CHEAT MEAL / ‫تشيت ميل‬

brioche French toast - Reese's peanut butter - chocolate sauce - nuts

‫ زبدة ريز بالفول السوداني‬- ‫خبز بريوش الفرنسي‬ ‫ مكسرات‬- ‫ صلصة شوكوالتة‬-

‫ صلصة مارينارا‬- ‫ قطع بقسماط‬- ‫جبنة موزريال‬ ‫ طماطم مقشرة‬- ‫ ريحان‬- ‫ ثوم‬- ‫ بصل‬-

MENU 2.750 KD

MAC & CHEESE BALLS / ‫ماك آند تشيز بولز‬

macaroni - stuffed mozzarella - cheese sauces - sweet chili mayonaise - fried jalapeno

‫ صلصة أجبان‬- ‫ جبنة موزاريلال محشوة‬- ‫معكرونة‬ ‫ هالبينو مقلي‬- ‫ سويت تشيلي مايونيز‬3.500 KD SALTED CARAMEL / ‫سولتد كاراميل شرمب‬


shrimps – salted caramel buffalo sauce - caramelized walnut

‫ جوز بالكراميل‬- ‫ صلصة بافلو بالكراميل المملح‬- ‫روبيان‬ 2.800 KD

MIX FRY / ‫مكس فراي‬

mixed potato fries - cheddar cheese - special sauce

‫ صلصة خاصة‬- ‫ جبنة تشيدر‬- ‫مزيج من البطاطا المقلية‬ 2.500 KD

CORN-DOG / ‫كورن دوق‬

fried hot dogs - special sauce

‫ صلصة خاصة‬- ‫هوت دوق مقلي‬

SIDES ‫اطباق جانبية‬ 1.000 KD 1.600 KD 1.600 KD 1.250 KD

FRENCH FRIES / ‫فرينش فرايز‬ ONION RINGS / ‫أونيون رنقز‬ COLESLAW / ‫كولسلو‬ SWEET POTATO / ‫سويت بوتيتو‬

Address: Kuwait City, Sharq, Khaled Bin Waleed St Telephone number: +965-51470388 E-mail: info@hautekw.com Instagram: @hautekw

‫ شارع خالد بن الوليد‬،‫ شرق‬،‫ مدينة الكويت‬:‫العنوان‬ +965-51470388 :‫رقم الهاتف‬ info@hautekw.com :‫البريد اإللكتروني‬ @ hautekw :‫انستغرام‬


e burger








The one that started it all! Crisp shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, chopped onion, relish, crinkle-cut pickle, mustard & mayonnaise. 2.150 Add choice of cheese for only 0.350

Beef bacon, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, leaf lettuce, pickles & our “St. Louis” sauce. Created by one of our crew members, in St. Louis. Single 2.350 • Double 3.650



Spicy jalapeños, Pepper Jack cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato with a choice of Chipotle Ranch or Houston sauce. Single 2.450 • Double 3.650


J rocket

Our signature hamburger includes cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, sliced onion & special sauce. Single 2.400 • Double 2.850

- SALEM AL-MUBARAK ST. 257.540.40 - MARINA CRESCENT. 257.504.03 - SALHIA PLAZA. 229.964.11 - 229.964.12 - THE AVENUES I. 225.973.81 - 225.973.82 - THE AVENUES II. 225.977.15 - 225.977.16 - ALIA & GHALIA TOWER, FINTAS. 237.190.03 - 237.190.05 - KIPCO-SHARQ. 229.432.22 - DIVONNE. 222.714.34 - SYMPHONY, SALMIYA 257.706.44 - MIRAL, MANGAF 222.846.38


Three patties, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, fresh tomato, onion slice & special sauce. 3.850




Dips-n-Sauces 0.150 ADD TOPPINGS

American Cheese 0.350 Cheddar Cheese 0.350 Cheddar Cheese Sauce 0.500 Swiss Cheese 0.350 Pepper Jack Cheese 0.350 Cheese Mix 0.350

bleu cheese Mayonnaise Special Sauce BBQ Sauce Smoke House Sauce Ranch The Houston Sauce Chipotle Ketchup Rockin’ Red Sauce Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Honey Mustard Chipotle ranch Chipotle bbq

(100% Soy Boca® Burger) our award winning vegetarian option! The original meatless Boca® burger with caramelized onions, shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles & mustard. 2.000

Onion Rings 0.200 Beef Bacon (2slc) 0.550 Grilled Mushrooms 0.350 All-Meat Chili 0.450 Fried Egg 0.350 Jalapenos 0.100 Grilled Bell Peppers 0.350 CARAMELIZED Onions 0.200 Portobello 0.550 Turkey Ham 0.500 Extra Patty 0.550

BACON CHEDDAR * Beef bacon, Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, white onion & special sauce. Single 2.450 • Double 3.850

SMOKE HOUSE * Beef bacon, crispy sourdough onion rings, Cheddar cheese & our special recipe “Smoke House” BBQ Sauce. Single 2.450 • Double 3.850

MINI ROCKETS * Three mini burgers, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, fresh tomato, onion slice & special sauce. 2.550


66 *

This favorite is named after the iconic, carefree American Highway. Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions & mayonnaise. Single 2.400 • Double 3.650


This hamburger debuted on Johnny Rockets’ opening day. On a scale of 1-10, our guests rated it a 12! Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, sliced onion, crinkle-cut pickles, mayonnaise & our Rockin’ Red Sauce®, tangy chili ketchup with a kick. Single 2.400 • Double 3.150

Sliders SLIDERS *

Three sliders with mayonnaise & pickles or with your choice of one sauce from our Dips-n-Sauces. 2.450

MINI HOT DOGS * Three mini all-beef hot dogs served with ketchup and / or mustard. 1.650

MINI CHILI CHEESE DOGS * Three mini all-beef hot dogs smothered in legendary Original Chili Bowl® all-meat chili, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese & topped with diced onions. 2.150

BUFFALO CHICKEN SLIDERS * Three boneless chicken wings with cheddar cheese, relish, fresh lettuce & spicy bleu cheese sauce. 2.450





*ADD MALT Hershey’s Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla ButteRFInger Chocolate Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Strawberry Kiss Chocolate Vanilla Twist Oreo® Cookies and Cream Orange Dreamsicle Strawberry Banana Black Forest Strawberry Oreo Crumble Peanut Butter Mocha Fudge Very Cherry Coffee M&M Banana

Grilled chicken breast served on crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing & crunchy croutons. 2.700 Ask for our California Caesar version.

CHICKEN CLUB SALAD* Grilled chicken breast or lightly breaded chicken tenders served on crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce with chopped beef bacon, fresh diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese and choice of dressing. 2.700


GARDEN SALAD Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce with fresh diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese & choice of dressing. 2.000 Add a scoop of tuna salad, made fresh daily for 0.700

CAESAR SALAD Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing & crunchy croutons. 2.000 Add Shrimp 1.550

tsMenu Super Deluxe 1.950

Chocolate Madness Big Apple Shake “made with“ real apple pie

*House-made Ranch - Honey Mustard - Bleu Cheese Balsamic Vinaigrette - 1000 Island - Fat-free Italian




Premium potatoes. 1.100




Sweet onions breaded and fried to crispy perfection. 1.450

Butterflied, fried, then shaken in our sriracha mayo. 3.750



Caramelized onions and American & cheddar cheese on grilled rye bread. 2.300

Battered shrimps deep fried, tossed with Wasabi mayo or special sauce. 3.250



SWEET POTATO FRIES Craveably sweet & tender with a crisp & crunchy outside.1.350

CHEESE FRIES Topped with cheddar cheese. 1.550

NEW CHEESE FRIES XTRA Cheesed up, black pepper ranch and sriracha mayo. 1.850


CHILI CHEESE FRIES. 1.850 Add Chipotle cheese for only 0.500

NEW SLOPPY JOHN American Fries, taco meat sauce, jalapeños, mushrooms, onion rings and black pepper ranch. 2.550

ROCKET WINGS (BONE-IN) Your much loved mild spicy chicken wings traditionally prepared with your choice of Hot Rocket Fuel or BBQ sauce. 2.450

FRIED MOZZARELLA STICKS Encrusted with special Italian seasoned breading deep fried to perfection. Served with Marinara sauce. 1.650



White albacore tuna salad with melted cheddar cheese, grilled on choice of bread. 2.250

GRILLED CHEESE NEW RECIPE Our grown-up version of the grilled cheese with two slices of American & two slices of Cheddar cheese, tomato & caramelized onions on choice of bread. 1.650

ROCKET WINGS® Tasty breaded chicken wings, served plain or tumbled, including Sweet Barbeque or Hot Rocket Fuel. 6 Pieces 2.550 10 Pieces 3.050

BBQ CHICKEN & BACON MELT* Grilled chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, beef bacon, our crispy onion rings and tangy barbecue sauce on grilled sourdough bread. 2.650

NEW CRISPY CHICKEN CHIPOTLE MELT Crispy chicken tenders, beef bacon, cheddar cheese & our house-made chipotle BBQ or ranch sauce on your choice of toast. 3.150

FAN FAVORITES QU A L I TY c hicken & C ris p veggies en s ur e these

favor ites ar e del iciou s & devou r abl e. BACON, LETTUCE, & TOMATO SANDWICH







Smoked turkey, yellow mustard with cheddar cheese. Served on choice of bread. 1.950

White albacore tuna salad with leaf lettuce & mayonnaise. Served on choice of bread. 2.150

Golden fried chicken breast topped with pickles & mayonnaise. 2.150 Add lettuce, tomato & American cheese for 0.350



Thinly sliced sirloin steak, grilled to perfection and topped with caramelized onions & choice of cheese. Served on an authentic hoagie roll. 2.850

Beef bacon, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato & mayonnaise served on choice of bread. 1.950

Grilled farm-raised chicken breast, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato & mayonnaise. 2.350 Add choice of cheese for only 0.350

NEW ROCKET CHILI DOG Grilled hot dog smothered in legendary Original Chili Bowl® all-meat chili, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese & topped with diced onions served on a New England style bun. 2.150



Sliced grilled all white meat chicken, topped with caramelized onions & choice of cheese. Served on an authentic hoagie roll. 2.850

Grilled farm-raised chicken breast with beef bacon, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato & mayonnaise on triple-decker sourdough bread. 2.700

ADD : Grilled Bell Peppers 0.350 or Grilled Mushrooms 0.350

DELUXE CRISPY CHICKEN* Golden fried chicken breast topped with beef bacon, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard sauce. 2.650

NEW ROCKET DOG CHICKEN TENDERS* Lightly breaded, crispy chicken tenders with choice of BBQ, ranch or honey mustard dipping sauce. 2.350

Grilled hot dog with ketchup, mustard, relish or chopped onion served on a New England style bun. 1.650




includes Kid-Sized Drink & Fries


Two mini hamburgers served with ketchup, mustard, relish & pickle. 1.650 (Add Cheese 0.350)





Three lightly breaded chicken tenders with choice of BBQ, House-made Ranch or Honey Mustard dipping sauce. 1.650

Two kid-sized hot dogs served with ketchup, mustard, relish & pickle. 1.650

Grilled farm-raised chicken breast. 1.650

Sub s titut e a ki d- si zed Sha ke for only 0.650

Hershey’s® Chocolate • Strawberry • Vanilla 0.950 NEW M&M’s® • Chocolate Banana • Oreo® Cookies & Cream 1.150

GRILLED CHEESE Choice of American, Cheddar or Swiss cheese on choice of bread. 1.450


wagyu premium

All Time Wagyu Favorites Chipotle WAGYU



Cheddar cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, sliced onion & special sauce.Single 4.050 • Double 5.550

ORIGiNAL CHEESE BURGER Wagyu* Beef patty, American cheese, crisp shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, chopped onion, relish, crinkle-cut pickle, mustard & mayonnaise. Single 4.050 • Double 5.550



Chipotle WAGYU*

Beef bacon, crispy sourdough onion rings, cheddar cheese & our special recipe “Smoke House” BBQ Sauce. Single 4.350 • Double 5.850

This features our juicy wagyu patty, pepper Jack cheese, beef bacon, grilled onions, house made chipotle BBQ or ranch sauce, lettuce & fresh tomato. Single 4.350 • Double 6.650

Wagyu Sliders


Spicy jalapeños, pepper Jack cheese, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato with a choice of chipotle ranch or Houston sauce. Single 4.250 • Double 5.750

ROUTE 66* Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions & mayonnaise. Single 4.350 • Double 5.850

ORIGiNAL CHEESE BURGER Wagyu * 4.250 MINI ROCKETs * 4.250 MINI ROUTE 66 * 4.550 MINI SMOKE HOUSE * 4.550 MIX & MATCH * 4.550

POTATO BUN • multi-grain • chipotle brioche • sesame bun • lettuce wrap

Dessert VANILLA ICE CREAM One scoop of our premium vanilla ice cream. 0.800


Iced Tea 0.950 • Milk 0.950 • Lemonade 0.950 Root Beer 1.000 • Bottled Water 0.550



A decadent blend of gourmet chocolate goodness. A perfect ending toyour meal 1.500

Two scoops of our premium vanilla ice cream with choice of sauce, almonds & whipped cream. Sauces include Hershey’s® Chocolate or strawberry. 1.800

THE PERFECT BROWNIE SUNDAE A decadent blend of gourmet chocolate goodness. Our perfect brownie with a scoop of our premium vanilla ice cream, hot fudge & whipped cream. 2.050

APPLE PIE Baked fresh daily. 1.400 a la mode for only 0.600 add cheese 0.350



Coffee 0.900 Hot Tea 0.800 Hot Chocolate 1.000

Cherry • Vanilla Hershey’s® • Chocolate Lemon & More . . .



Fattet Kabab and Cherry

Halloumi with Fresh Zaatar

Breakfast Foul Labneh Labneh with Garlic Falafel Kababji


taste with



Balila Grilled Halloumi Plate Grilled Halloumi Sandwich Cheese Rakakat


Zaatar Zaatar with Vegetables Halloumi with Fresh Zaatar Kashkaval with Zaatar Halawa with Chocolate


Tabbouleh Quinoa Tabbouleh Fattouch Oriental Salad Spinach Salad

Cold Mezza Hommos

Hommos Mohammara Hommos Beiruti Hommos with Meat and Pine Nuts Vine Leaves Baba Ghannouj Moutabbal Eggplant Loubya Bil Zeit Mohammara Cauliflower Beiruti

Batata Harra Cheese Rakakat Meat Sambousek Makanek Sojok

Grilled Kibbeh Sajiyeh Kebbe Balls Falafel Kababji Mix Ma’ali Platter


Eggplant Bekaa Labneh Khyar Bil Laban


Hot Mezza

Fattet Hommos Fattet Hommos with Meat Fattet Kabab and Cherry Fattet Eggplant Fattet Eggplant with Meat

Grilled Chicken Wings Yellow Rice

Add Dakkous Sauce

White Rice Fries


Soup of the Day

* Available when in season

Greek Salad Rocca Salad with Grilled Halloumi

For delivery call

1861616 or order online

Hommos Beiruti

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Spicy Kabab


Zaatar Cheese Fatayer Lebanese Lahme Ba’ajin Lahme Ba’ajin Halabi Lahme Ba’ajin Kababji Labneh with Black Olives Spinach Fatayer KD 0.250 Fatayer Mohammara Halawa with Chocolate Mix Pastries Platter

Grilled Chicken


Shish Taouk Taouk with Herbs Grilled Veal Fillet Kafta 1/2 Grilled Chicken Lamb Chops Musahhab Roll Mixed Grills 1/2 Kababji Platter Kababji Platter


i menu Kabab Halabi Kabab Khachkhach Kabab Istambouli Chicken Kabab Kabab Intabli Kabab Orfali Kabab Eggplant Kebbeh Grilled Kabab Cheese Spicy Kabab Arayes Musakhan Arayes Cheese Arayes Meat Arayes with Cheese

Zaatar Fatayer

Sandwiches Kabab Halabi Kabab Khachkhach Kabab Istambouli Kabab Intabli Kabab Orfali Kabab Eggplant Spicy Kabab Kabab Cheese Chicken Kabab Shish Taouk Taouk with Herbs Grilled Veal Fillet Kafta Kebbeh Grilled Makanek Sojok Cauliflower with Tahina Fried Eggplant

Kids Meal

Little Kabkoub Little Kabkoub Chicken

Baskot w Raha and Chocolate

Desserts Muhallabiya Crème Caramel

Halawa Chocolate Cake Baskot w Raha and Chocolate Karabeej

Fruit Salad


Jallab Laban Ayran Fresh Juices Fresh Cocktail Juice Soft Drinks Mineral Water Perrier



Tel. 22.050.277 - 9696.28.17 Murouj, Subhan Area, 6th Ring www.kateh-me.com







Persian Yoghurt drink flavored with mint and taragon. 1.750 Prepared with the deepest of Red Berries & Cranberry Juice. 1.950


Healthy Coconut Water, Watermelon & Agave Nectar. 2.250

Caspian SPRING

Fresh fusion of Strawberry & Citrus. 1.750

Refreshing drink prepared with muddled fresh Blackberries & Mint leaves. 2.250 Summer drink prepared with pureed mango and peach naturally sweetened with fruit juice and honey. 2.250


A fragrant drink prepared with fresh Pomegranate, Lemon & finished with Orange blossom Water. 1.950


Classic ice Tea flavoured with Red currant and Rose Water. 1.750 Tastes real, prepared from Red Grape juice infused with Fresh Fruits. 2.250


A loaded concoction of Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Passion Fruit & Mango. 2.250




Homemade organic flatbread and a serving of Feta Cheese with fresh leaves and Radish.

Delicious blend of black Olives with pomegranate, Walnuts and Golpar. 1.950



Marinated Green Olives, Crisp fried & layered with Persian Feta Sauce & Chili Olive Oil. 2.550

Edamame steamed & flavored with Cumin, Lemon & Pomegranate infused sea salt. 1.950

‫زيتون مقلي‬ FRIED OLIVES


Thick Yogurt with Shallots. 1.750


Thick Yogurt with fresh and dried Mint, Raisins, Walnuts and Cucumber. 1.750


Thick Yogurt with pan fried baby Spinach, fried Onions, Garlic and Saffron. 1.950


Salad of Heritage Tomatoes, Cucumber, Mint and red Onions with extra virgin Olive oil and fresh Lemon juice. 1.950


Mixed Cucumber, Onions, tomatoes, lettuce with Citrus lemony dressing and hot chili powder. 1.950


Salad of fresh Pomegranate,Cucumbers, dry Mint, Angelica powder and Lemon juice. 1.950


Rocket Feta Cheese and Pomegranate Salad in fresh Lemon juice and extra virgin Olive oil. 2.550


Burrata served with warm roasted organic Beetroot and Basil Salad. 5.250 BORANI SPINACH ‫سبانخ بوراني‬


A hearty Persian noodle soup with Chick Peas, Kidney Beans and Spinach. 2.250





Grilled baby Aubergines with dried Mint, Pan fried Chicken Liver with Balsamic Vinegar, soured Yogurt, fried Onions and Walnuts. 2.250 Carrots and fresh Leeks. 2.750 Grilled smoked slender Aubergines, Eggs, Tomato Special Persian meat balls prepared with and Garlic. 1.950 minced Veal, split Peas, rice, Persian Prunes and fresh herbs and Yogurt. 2.950


Slow cooked baby aubergine with tender veal KOOKOO MAHI morsels, green leaves and Jus. 2.950 Fresh Crab and Potato cake, Chives Coriander, Chili served with salad of wild Rocket and Beetroot. 3.950


Oven baked home-made pastry filled with Meygoo Sarkhsheda Spinach, Feta Cheese and Walnut on bed of Crispy fried prawns laced with Kateh special fresh Pomegranate. 2.250 sauce. 3.550


KOOFTEH BERENJI ‫كوفته برنجي‬


Our homemade pastry filled with an aromatic Fritters prepared from Taftoon bread dough, savoury blend of spices, hand cut steak, sour onions, herbs, tomato, spices and hand cut cranberries and pistachio. 2.550 Veal. 2.550



Classic Persian kabob prepared with a blend of natural Lamb and Veal served with Saffron Rice. 5.950

Spicy Koobideh

Char grilled natural minced lamb with blend of saffron and chili spices served with Saffron Rice. 5.950


Char grilled blend of natural minced Lamb & finely Chopped red peppers and herbs served with our organic Taftoon Bread, Yogurt and fresh greens. 5.750



Char grilled all natural Lamb fillet served with Char grilled skewer of natural lamb fillet and saffron Rice and grilled Tomatoes. 6.750 skewer of Koobideh served with saffron rice. 7.550


Char grilled Angus tenderloin medallions LAMB CHOPS marinated with Fresh coriander, mint, ginger, Char grilled natural rack lamb marinated with garlic and chili served with broccoli. 7.250 delicate herbs served with saffron Rice. 6.550


Char grilled marinated Angus filet mignon MIXED GRILLED (FOR TWO) skewer with tomatoes and onions served with A selection of Koobideh, Joojeh, Chicken Tikka and Kabab Azari served with saffron rice. saffron rice. 6.950 9.950

‫مشاوي مشكلة‬ MIXED GRILLED

‫ريَش غنم‬ LAMB CHOPS







organic taftoon bread, yoghurt and greens. 4.550

herbed infused minced onions and saffron and served with aromatic herb rice and “Kookoo Sabzi” herb cake. 5.750

Rice With Dill & Broad Beans 1.750 Rice With Zereshk 1.550 Rice With Lentils 1.750 Rice With Herbs 1.550 served with aromatic herb rice. 5.750 Brocolli 1.950 CHICKEN TIKKA Asparagus 1.950 Fresh coriander marinated char grilled SABZI POLO MAHI Fried Dill Potatoes 1.750 Chicken breast morsels served with our charcoal grilled whole Seabass with a filling Homus 1.750 Saffron marinated char grilled fresh local baby Chicken served with Saffron Rice. 4.550


Char grilled skewer of marinated Tiger Prawns with Carrots, Celery, Ginger and Green Chili

Char grilled morsels of chicken breast marinated in Pomegranate juice, crushed Walnuts and fresh Mint served with Saffron Rice. 4.750

‫تشكن تيكا‬ CHICKEN TIKKA

‫جوجه‬ JOOJEH




Slow cooked stews made with fresh vegetables, greens and proteins prepared from authentic homemade recipes and served with saffron rice


Stew of veal, blend of fresh herbs and greens, red kidney Beans and dried Lime served with saffron rice. 3.950


A stew of tender lamb morsels slow cooked with tomatoes, okra and tamarind served with saffron rice. 3.750


A delicious Veal Stew with Slender Aubergines, split Peas and fried string Potatoes served with Saffron Rice. 3.750


Confit of fresh baby chicken slowly cooked in a classic sweet & sour walnut sauce served with Saffron Rice. 3.550


Stew of small meat balls prepared with sweet and sour blend of Pomegranates, crushed Walnuts and fresh Coriander served with saffron rice. 3.750

Kofteh Bademjan


Delicious Southern Iranian stew of tiger prawns, fresh tamarind, tomatoes and fresh herbs served with Saffron rice. 4.250

Sliced Aubergines rolled with tender finger size Beef kofteh blend slowly cooked in the oven with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, tamarind and sweet peppers. 3.550


Stew of free range baby Chicken, Spinach and fresh Bukhara Plums served with Saffron rice. 3.550 ‫فس ُنجون‬ FESENJAN




Main course rice plates cooked with variety of vegetables, pulses and proteins prepared from original Persian Home recipes

A basic and tasty vegetarian stew prepared from skinless broad beans, dill and Garlic with optional poached eggs and served with Saffron rice. 2.550


Vegetarian stew of Japanese Aubergines, crushed Walnuts and Pomegranate served with Saffron rice. 2.750


A vegetable stew prepared with slow cooked carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices infused with green apples and dried apricots and served with Saffron Rice. 2.550


A fragrant rice dish, with fresh dill, shelled broad beans, served with slow cooked lamb morsels. 4.750


Flavored saffron rice, with green lentils, raisins and dates and braised half baby chicken. 3.550


Saffron rice, with bright ruby-coloured barberries, cranberries & slivered pistachios served with braised half baby chicken. 3.550


Upside down served Rice and sour zereshk layered with morsles of chicken cooked in saffron, onions and yoghurt and baked in the oven with a golden crust. 3.550


Upside down served Saffron Rice mold with crispy top. 2.250


‫باقال پُلو‬ BAGHALI POLO

‫زرشكـ پُلو‬ ZERESHK POLO


Crispy pastry sheets filled with chewy pistachio, layered with our Persian milk ice cream and a side of sweetened yogurt mousse. 2.750


Homemade tahini flavored ice cream, coated with candy halva sesame caramel, halva chocolate ganache, rose water whipped cream. 2.250


Piecrust cookie filled with spiced dates and walnuts served warm with cinnamon ice cream. 2.250

CHEESECAKE Millefeuille

Creamy cheesecake, crispy phyllo sheets and rose flavored syrup. 2.550


Delicious mix of Falloodeh and Bastani. 1.950


Warm baked ganache cake, rose water and saffron honey candied almonds, Persian ice cream, silky chocolate sauce. 2.550



Persian rice noddle sorbet served with fresh Lime juice & Cherry coulis. 1.950


Persian saffron Ice Cream with Fresh Pistachio. 1.950


The kitche


DELIVERY ‫لخدمة التوصيل‬

18 7777 1

Soup ‫شوربة‬

leila M

MENU The Avenues Mall - Salhia Plaza - The Cube Mall Light Mall coming Soon LeilaRestaurants.Kuwait



leila M

‫‪Small / Large‬‬ ‫‪1,750 / 5,250‬‬


‫‪MENU‬‬ ‫استفرس عن‬ ‫الطبق اليومي‬ ‫من ليىل‬

‫خدمة التوصيل والحفالت الخارجية‬

‫ت ّقدم ليلى أرقى مستويات الخدمة في الحفالت‬ ‫والتجهيزات الغذائية سواء الخارجية أو الداخلية‬ ‫لألفراد والمؤسسات والشركات‪ ،‬كما تجمع ما بين‬ ‫جودة المكونات وتنوع المأكوالت إلى جانب‬ ‫احترافية الخدمة‬ ‫لمزيد من المعلومات ‪22996415 - 22996414 :‬‬ ‫استمتع بالشيشة في فرع الصالحية‬ ‫‪22996415 - 22996414‬‬

‫شوربة‬ soups

‫شوربة دجاج‬

Chicken Soup 0.800

‫شوربة عدس‬

Lentil Soup 0.800

‫سلطات‬ salads

‫سلطة ملفوف باملايونيز‬

Coleslaw Salad 0.950


Tabouleh 1.100

Mais algha

‫سلطة ناعمة باملايونيز‬

Fine Chopped Salad with Mayonnaise 0.950


Fattoush 0.950

‫سلطة لبنانية‬

‫سلطة شمندر‬

Lebanese Salad 0.850

‫سلطة جرجري مع شمندر‬

Rocca Salad 0.900

Beetroot Salad 0.900

Rocca Beetroot Salad 0.900

‫جاط خضار مشكل‬

Vegetable Platter 1.950

‫سلطة جرجري‬

‫سلطة ملفوف بالثوم‬ ‫والليمون‬

Cabbage Salad 0.750

‫سلطات اجلورميه‬ gourmet salads

‫سلطة سيزر‬

Caesar Salad 1.850

‫سلطة سيزر مع الدجاج‬

Chicken Caesar Salad 2.250

‫سلطة الفتوش مع الدجاج‬

Chicken Fattoush Salad 1.950

‫املقبالت الباردة‬

cold appetizers

‫كبة نية‬

Kibbeh Nayeh 1.950

‫كبة أورفلية‬

Kibbeh Orfalieh 1.950


‫صحن ثوم‬

Hummus 0.850

Garlic Dip 0.500

‫هندبة بالزيت‬

‫حمص بريوتي‬

Hindiba Bil Zeit 0.950

Hummus Beiruti 0.900

‫حمص حممرة‬

Hummus with Muhammara 0.950


‫خيار باللنب‬

Tableh 1.950

Khiyar Bil Laban 0.850


‫لبنة بالثوم‬

anim MENU Lesanat 1.500

Labneh Bil Toum 0.950


‫مصقعة باذجنان‬

Shankleesh 1.100

Eggplant Moussaka 0.950



Tahina 0.850

Muhammara 1.000

‫متبل باذجنان‬

Eggplant Moutabal 1.000

‫بابا غنوج‬

Baba Ganouj 1.000

‫ورق عنب بالزيت‬

Warak Inab Bil Zeit 1.000

‫املقبالت الساخنة‬ ‫كبدة دجاج مقلية‬

Fried Chicken Liver 1.750

‫جوانح دجاج مقلية‬

Sautéed Chicken Wings 1.650

hot appetizers

‫حميسة روبيان‬

Shrimp Hamees 2.450

‫كبة صاجية‬

Kibbeh Sajieh 1.750

‫حمص باللحمة‬

‫فول أبو إميل‬

Foul Abu Emile 0.950


Falafel 0.750

‫عرايس حلوم‬

Hummus With Meat 1.550

‫بطاطا حرة‬

Skillet Tikka 2.250

Arayes Halloum 2.250 Batata Harra 0.950

‫قالية تكة‬

‫املعجنات‬ pastries

‫سمبوسك حلمة‬

Meat Sambousak ‫نص درزن‬


‫نص درزن‬


‫فطاير سبانخ مقلية‬ ‫نص درزن‬







‫نص درزن‬



Half Dozen






‫معجنات مشكلة‬ ‫درزن‬


‫كبة مقلية‬

Fried Kibbeh

Half Dozen

‫رقائق جبنة‬

Mixed Pastries

‫نص درزن‬


Half Dozen

‫نص درزن‬

Fried Spinach Fatayer

‫نص درزن‬


‫سمبوسك خضار‬

‫رقائق جبنة مع البسطرمة‬

Fried Potato Kibbeh

Half Dozen

Vegetable Sambousak

Basterma Cheese Rolls

‫كبة بطاطا مقلية‬

Cheese Rolls

‫نص درزن‬


‫فطاير جبنة‬

Cheese Fatayer

‫نص درزن‬


Half Dozen


Half Dozen


Half Dozen


Half Dozen


Half Dozen












‫اللحوم املشوية على الفحم‬ .‫ وغري متوفرة باملاعون‬،‫ خملل وخبز‬،‫ بطاطا مقلية‬،‫جميع أنواع الوجبات تقدم مع بواز‬ All Meals are served with Parsley Garnishing, French Fries, Mixed Pickles and Bread. Not available in ¼ KG.

charcoal grilled meats

Mais algha ‫عرايس طوشكا حلم‬

Toshka Meat Arayes 2.500

‫مشويات مشكلة‬

Mixed Grill 2.950


Kabbab 2.750

‫عرايس حلمة‬

Arayes Meat 2.100

‫كباب خشخاش‬

Kabbab Khishkhash 2.750

‫كباب إيطاليانو‬

Kabbab Italiano 2.900

‫كباب ميس الغامن‬

Kabbab Mais Alghanim 3.150


Tikka 3.250

‫كباب بغدادي‬

Kabbab Baghdadi 2.900

‫كباب عنتبلي‬

Kabbab Intabli 2.900

‫كباب سلطاين‬

Kabbab Sultani 3.150

ّ ‫حضر صحنك أو جاطك على مزاجك‬ custom build your own dish or platter ‫ أسياخ‬3 ‫ بحد أدنى‬،‫السعر للسيخ الواحد‬

Price per skewer, 3 skewers minimum

‫كباب دجاج حار‬

Spicy Chicken Kabbab 1.000

‫كباب دجاج‬

Chicken Kabbab 1.000

‫شيش طاووق‬

Shish Taouk 1.350

‫تكة‬ Tikka

‫كباب إيطاليانو‬ Kabbab Italiano



‫كباب عنتبلي‬

Kabbab Intabli 1.000

‫كباب بغدادي‬ Kabbab Baghdadi 1.000


Kabbab 0.700

‫الدجاج املشوي على الفحم‬ charcoal grilled poultry

‫عرايس طوشكا دجاج‬

Toshka Chicken Arayes 2.500

‫شيش طاووق لبناين‬

Lebanese Shish Taouk 2.650

‫كباب دجاج‬

Chicken Kabbab 2.900

Whole Grilled Chicken 2.900

‫كباب دجاج حار‬

‫نصف فروج مشوي‬

Spicy Chicken Kabbab 2.900

‫دجاج الديرة‬

Chicken Al Deira 2.900

‫شيش طاووق‬

‫فروج مشوي‬

Shish Taouk 2.650

Half Grilled Chicken 1.650

‫جوانح دجاج مشوية‬

Grilled Chicken Wings 2.300

anim MENU ‫جاط كبير‬

large platter

‫مشويات مشكلة‬

Mixed Grill 8.500

‫مشكل كباب‬

Mixed Kabbab 8.750

‫مشويات دجاج مشكلة‬

Mix Grilled Chicken 8.500

‫جاط املشويات على الفحم‬ charcoal grilled platters ،‫جميع أنواع اجلاطات تقدم مع بواز‬

‫ خملل وخبز وغري متوفرة كباب خشخاش‬،‫بطاطا مقلية‬

Kabbab Khishkhash

‫جاط كبري‬

Large Platter


‫جاط وسط‬

Medium Platter


‫ تكة وشيش طاووق‬،‫مشكل كباب‬

Kabbab, Tikka & Shish Taouk ‫جاط كبري‬

Large Platter


‫جاط وسط‬

Medium Platter



All Meals are served with Parsley Garnishing, French Fries, Mixed Pickles and Bread. Not available by KG.


‫جاط كبري‬

Large Platter



‫جاط وسط‬

Medium Platter


‫األسماك‬ seafood

‫روبيان مشوي‬

Grilled Shrimp 6.000

‫روبيان بانيه‬

Fried Shrimp 6.000

‫هامور و روبيان‬

Hammour and Shrimp 6.000

‫فيليه هامور مشوي‬

Grilled Hammour Fillet 6.000

‫أطباق عاملية‬ international specialties

‫دجاج كوردون بلو‬

Chicken Cordon Blue 3.750

‫صدر دجاج بانيه‬

Chicken Breast Panè 3.500

‫شرائح دجاج بانيه‬

Chicken Strips 3.250

‫ستيك حلم تندرلوين‬

Tenderloin Steak 5.000

‫أطباق جانبية‬ side orders

‫خبز كنتكلي‬

Kentakli Bread 0.750

‫خضار مشوية‬

Grilled Vegetable 0.750

‫بطاطا مقلية‬

Mais algha ‫أرز بالزعفران‬

Saffron Rice 0.850

‫خضار مشكلة مسلوقة‬

Steamed Mixed Vegetable 0.750

‫أرز أبيض‬

French Fries 0.750

White Rice 0.750

‫احللويات‬ desserts

‫كرمي كراميل‬

Crème Caramel 0.750


Milk Pudding 0.750


Custard 0.750

‫حالوة اجلنب‬

Halawet Al Jebin 0.950


Osmaliyeh 0.950

‫أم علي‬

Umm Ali 0.950

‫تشيز كيك‬

Cheese Cake 0.950

‫حول أي وجبة رئيسية إىل النش بوكس‬ Turn any main course into a

LUNCH BOX ‫ فلس فقط وذلك بإضافة ي ن‬950 ‫حول أي وجبة رئيسية إىل النش بوكس بـ‬ ‫نوع� من المقبالت والسلطات المبينة أدناه‬ Turn any main course into a Lunch Box for only 950 fils by adding two items from the following appetizers & salads

anim MENU Tabouleh

Beetroot Salad

Baba Ganouj


Rocca Beetroot Salad

Hindiba Bil Zeit

Lebanese Salad


Khiyar Bil Laban

Rocca Salad

Hummus Beiruty

Labneh Bil Toum

Cabbage Salad

Eggplant Moutabal

Eggplant Moussaka

‫بابـا غنــوج‬ ‫هندبـة بالزيـت‬ ‫بن‬ �‫باللـــ‬ ‫خيـار‬ ‫لبنــة بالثـــوم‬ ‫مصقعة باذنجان‬

‫إسأل عن صحن الغذاء اليومي‬

Ask about our daily lunch specials All Kabbab & Arayes meat are locally slaughtered

Scan for


‫تبولــة‬ ‫فتـوش‬ ‫سلطة لبنانية‬ �‫جرج‬ ‫سلطـة ي‬ ‫سلطة ملفوف‬

‫إختيـــــارك لـ المهلبيـــة أو كريـــم كراميـــل‬

Your choice of Milk Pudding or Crème Caramel

Poultry: Kuwait, KSA & UAE

‫سلطــة شمنــدر‬ ‫جرج� مع شمندر‬ ‫سلطة ي‬ ‫حمـــص‬ ‫حمـص يب�وتـــي‬ ‫متبــل باذنجـــان‬


‫واالمــارات‬ ‫ السعوديـة إ‬،‫ الكويـت‬:‫الدواجـن‬ ‫جميــع لحــوم الكبــاب والعرايــس ذبــح الكويـــت‬

Sample Menu

STARTERS Edamame (Spicy KWD 2.250) KWD 1.950 Green soya beans with sea salt flakes.

Spicy Grilled Edamame™ KWD 2.750 Grilled green soy beans drizzled with a special spicy extra virgin olive oil mixture with togarashi

SOUPS Miso Soup

and fresh wasabi.

Negimayaki (6 pcs) KWD 4.500

KWD 1.500

Traditional Soy Bean Soup.

Seafood Soup KWD 2.000 Mix seafood clear soup.

Miso Real Crab Soup KWD 1.750 Traditional soya bean soup with real crab.

Pan-fried beef rolled with spring onions with our special teriyaki sauce.

Kappa Zume™ (5 pcs) KWD 5.000 Stuffed cucumber with crabsticks, salmon, crispy tempura and wasabi nori flakes with our special spicy sauce.

Chicken Plum Sauce KWD 3.250 Deep-fried chicken with special plum sauce.

Sesame Chicken KWD 3.000


Pan-fried chicken with our special teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds.

Crispy Salad™ KWD 4.250

Tuna, crabsticks, tobiko, avocado, spring onion, crispy tacos shell, topped with hot chili oil and

Spicy Mini Tuna Tacos™ KWD 7.500

Rocket, greens, carrot, pink pepper, rice pearl, avocado, crispy Harusame, sweet potato, cassava, beetroot, crabsticks, wasabi & yuzu flakes with our special sauce.

Oliver Kale Salad™ KWD 6.500 Salmon, crabsticks, kale, avocado, cucumber, rocca, assorted lettuce, wasabi nori flakes, with wasabi-oli sauce.

Vegetable Kale Salad™ KWD 5.500 Kale, avocado, cucumber, rocca, assorted lettuce, wasabi nori flakes with wasabi oli Sauce.

Amorous Salad™ KWD 5.000 Crabsticks, mixed greens, carrots, avocado, cucumber, chuka wakame, dried yuzu, flax seeds, wasabi nori flakes, pomegranate, walnut, served with our special extra virgin olive oil, black truffles oil and apple dressing.

Chaine Forest Haze Salad™ KWD 4.000 Red quinoa, carrot, greens, white radish, red radish, rocket leaves, cherry tomato, avocado, truffles, white mushrooms, our special extra virgin olive oil mixture and chef’s signature green Ooba dressing.

Chef Chopped Salad™ KWD 6.500 Tuna, salmon, avocado, iceberg, tobiko, crispy tempura, peanut wasabi, with our special salad dressing.

Exotic Marina Salad™ KWD 4.250 Rocket leaves, Japanese crabsticks, sesame and tobiko, with our special balsamic vinegar mixture.

Maki Chef Special Salad™ KWD 4.000 Black tiger shrimp, rocket, greens, carrot, with our special sweet and spicy sauce.

Edamame Salad™ KWD 4.000 Crabsticks, edamame, rocket, spring onion, pears, tobiko, crispy tempura and black sesame with our special spicy sauce.

D/T Salad™ KWD 4.000 Crabsticks, kaiso, avocado, assorted lettuce, rocket, cherry tomato, sesame oil, wasabi nori flakes with our spicy sauce and citrus sauce.

Maki Avenues Salad™ KWD 4.250 Crabsticks, prawn tempura, greens, avocado, crispy filo and black tobiko with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Spicy Salmon Avocado Salad

KWD 4.750

Salmon, avocado, crabsticks, cucumber and iceberg lettuce with our special spicy sauce.

Spicy Crab Avocado Salad KWD 4.250 Crabsticks, avocado, cucumber and iceberg lettuce with our special spicy sauce.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

wasabi nori flakes.

Tempura Prawn Tacos™ KWD 7.500 Prawn tempura, iceberg, Japanese guacamole, coriander, lime, crispy tacos shell, with our signature Maki sauce.

Salmon Soft Tacos (2 pcs) KWD 2.500

Maki M

Salmon, tortilla bread, avocado, greens, sesame, with our special Pari Pari, teriyaki and Sriracha sauce.

Tuna Soft Tacos (2 pcs) KWD 2.500

Tuna, tortilla bread, red onions, cherry tomatoes, green chili, and greens.

Unagi Soft Tacos (2 pcs) KWD 3.500

Fresh water eel, tortilla bread, avocado, cucumber, spring onion, and our special Pari Pari and teriyaki sauce.

Bloody Ceviche™ KWD 7.000

Tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, red onions, cherry tomatoes, greens, celery, and a special ceviche sauce.

TEMPURA Prawn Tempura KWD 5.500 Served with tempura sauce.

Filo Prawns Tempura KWD 6.000 Served with tempura sauce.

Mix Tempura (13 pcs) KWD 5.000 Prawns, vegetables, white fish and cuttlefish.

Vegetables Tempura (14 pcs) KWD 2.750 Carrot, eggplant, mushroom, sweet potato, green pepper, onion and nori served with tempura sauce.

MAKI STYLE SASHIMI Shakira Sashimi™ KWD 7.000 Thin slices of tuna with our special citrus sauce, topped with sesame & spring onion.

J-Lo Sashimi™ KWD 4.000 Thin slices of salmon and white fish with our special citrus sauce topped with sesame & spring onion.

Shiromi Chili Sashimi™ KWD 4.000 Thin slices of white fish with our special chili oil mixture with togarashi & fried garlic.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

Boodai Crunchy Maki™ (5 pcs) KWD 4.500 Akami Carpaccio™ KWD 7.750

Salmon, greens and crispy tempura with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Thin slices of Akami with rocket, fried garlic, togarashi bonito flakes and our special virgin olive oil mixture.

Kizami Wasabi Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.500

Oliver Shake Sashimi™ KWD 4.000

Torch-flamed chopped salmon, spring onion, sesame, crispy tempura, topped with our Kizami

Thin slices of shake salmon with wasabi nori flakes.

wasabi, shiso cress and our house-made extra virgin olive oil.

Tako Carpaccio™ KWD 4.000

Maki Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.000

Octopus, rocket, sesame oil, crispy garlic, togarashi with our special citrus sauce.

Crabsticks, prawn tempura, salmon, avocado, sesame and tobiko

Oliver Hamachi Aburi Sashimi™ (8 pcs) KWD 8.000

with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Thin slices of flame- torched Hamachi, served with thyme, togarashi, drizzled with chili, plum,

Manayer Maki™ (5 pcs) KWD 4.000

and balsamic sauces.

Ebi, togarashi, spring onion and crispy tempura with our special spicy sauce.

Azayaka Chili Shake™ KWD 5.500 Salmon slices, exotic cress, slice chili, Sriracha chili paste, sea salt, with our extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Azayaka Chili Shiromi™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.500 White fish slices, exotic cress, slices chili, Sriracha chili paste, sea salt, with our extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice.

New Wave Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 4.000 Chopped salmon, spring onion, sesame, togarashi and crispy tempura with our special spicy sauce.

Tuna Rocket Man Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 7.000 Tuna, rocket, wasabi flakes and avocado with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Toufic Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.500


Prawn tempura, salmon, crabsticks, rocket, spring onion, sesame with our special spicy sauce.

Aburi Shake Sushi™ KWD 4.000

Crabsticks and crispy tempura, sesame, spring onion with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Flame-torched salmon, tobiko, crispy, sesame, with our special sweet and spicy sauce.

Attal Sushi™ KWD 9.000 Torch-flamed salmon, tobiko and crunchy, topped with eel, Foie Gras, salmon roe, wild thyme,

Volcano Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.750


green chili, togarashi, wasabi nori flakes, with our special spicy sauce

Black Angus Burger Maki™ KWD 7.000

and extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Black angus beef, topped with our pepper mushroom sauce and spring onion, pickles, rocket,

Besma Sushi™ KWD 5.000

cucumber, mint, thyme, iceberg lettuce, crispy sweet potato, crispy beetroot, and crispy cassava.


Chopped salmon, avocado, green chili, soya salt, sprinkled with yuzu flakes, togarashi and our

Ebi Choco Mame Maki™ (5 pcs) KWD 3.500

special sesame oil mixture.

Prawn tempura, cucumber, avocado with our special choco sauce

Ebi Tempura Bites™ KWD 4.500

Prawn, crabsticks, tobiko, spring onion, crispy tempura, thyme, with our special spicy sauce.

Joelle Sushi™ KWD 5.000

Salmon, exotic cress, tobiko, crispy tempura, chili slices, togarashi, wasabi flakes, served with four exclusive special sauces: Sriracha sauce, Maki special sauce, ponzu glaze and extra virgin olive oil.

Shiso Sushi™ KWD 4.500

Salmon, white fish, Shiso leaf, wasabi nori flakes.

Spicy Real Crab Sushi™ KWD 3.500 Real crab meat, carrot, cucumber, spring onion, crispy tempura, with our special sweet and spicy sauce.

Spicy Salmon Sushi™ KWD 4.000

and special plum sauce.

Minto Wasabi Peanut Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.500 Salmon & crabstick, mint leaves, cherry tomato, tobiko, spring onion, crispy tempura, avocado, yuzu mayonnaise & peanut wasabi topped with our extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Caviaroli Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.500 Ume plum wrap in the center, encasing prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, and thyme, topped with extra virgin caviaroli olive oil spheres, and with spinach wrap, sprinkled with yuzu flakes, togarashi and sesame oil.

Mt. Fuji Mame Maki™ (5 pcs) KWD 8.250 Foie gras, unagi, mint leaves, rice pearl, crabsticks, avocado, iceberg with our special Pari Pari sauce.

Salmon, spring onion, sesame, with our special spicy sauce.

Veggie Mame Maki™ KWD 4.000


Amer Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.500

Avocado, carrot, cucumber, lettuce & spicy sauce. Tuna, avocado and wild thyme with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Sushi Symphony™ KWD 7.000

Amina Maki™ KWD 6.000

5 pieces of exquisite sushi (Omakase style).

Prawn tempura, avocado, mame wrap, topped with Aburi salmon, tuna, white fish, avocado, and

Sushi Jewels™ KWD 20.000

drizzled with house-made extra virgin olive oil mixture, togarashi and green tea powder.

16 pieces of exquisite sushi (Omakase style).

NORI MAKI Amai Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.750 Prawn tempura, salmon and avocado with our special plum sauce.

Bader Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 4.500 Salmon, crabsticks, ikura, cucumber, avocado, exotic cress, black sesame with extra virgin olive oil and Pari Pari sauce.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

Bakerella Maki™ KWD 4.000 Avocado, cucumber, iceberg with spinach wrap, topped with our special chicken with plum sauce and exotic cress, drizzled with our special maki sauce, togarashi and wasabi nori flakes.

Dhari.W Mame Maki™ (10 pcs) KWD 6.500 Prawn tempura, crabsticks, cucumber, spinach mame, with our plum and maki special sauce.

Dr. Ali K. Maki™ KWD 5.250 Salmon, tempura prawn, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, spinach, sesame, filo crispy, spinach wrap, with our special plum sauce.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

Fatouma Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.500

Thea Maki™ KWD 6.000

Prawns Tempura, Crabsticks Tempura, Avocado, Ice Berg Lettuce, Topped with Crabsticks and

Salmon, rocket, crispy beetroot, tobiko, spring onion with spinach wrap, topped with crispy sweet

Crispy Tempura with Spring Onion and our Special Sweet & Spicy Sauce.

potato, unagi and extra virgin Caviaroli olive oil spheres.

Fido Mame Maki™ (10 pcs) KWD 7.250

Wazani II Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.750

Salmon, crabsticks, avocado, tobiko, spring onion and crispy tempura with our special spicy sauce.

Crabsticks, filo prawn tempura and crispy tempura

Green Shake Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.500

with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Prawn tempura, salmon, avocado, rocket and wasabi flakes

Yara Mame Maki™ (10 pcs) KWD 6.000

with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, crispy tempura and spinach with our

Issa Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.500

special sweet & spicy sauce.

Crabsticks, prawn tempura, cucumber and crispy tempura with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Jaber Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 7.000


Prawn, avocado and sushi rice wrapped in soy bean paper, topped with salmon, fresh wasabi,

Dr. Samer Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.000

shiso cress, jalapeno, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Chopped prawn, rocket, caviaroli, wild thyme, avocado, green chili, fresh lemon, with plum wrap,

Kaifii Maki ™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.500

sprinkled with togarashi and our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Ebi, crabsticks, avocado, iceberg lettuce, carrot, mint, tobiko, crispy tempura, spring onion, exotic

Jawi Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.000

cress, served with our Maki special sauces.

Tempura prawn, avocado, topped with shredded ebi, crispy tempura and beetroot, ume wrap,

Loma Maki™ KWD 5.000

rocket, served with our special Maki Maki sauce, plum and extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Salmon, crabsticks, mame wrap, tobiko, crunchy, spring onion, iceberg lettuce, shiso cress,

Mimo Ume MakiTM (8 pcs) KWD 6.500

topped with sweet potato and a delicious mixture of Maki Maki sauce and spicy olive oil mixture.

Crabsticks, salmon, mango, carrots, avocado, red quinoa, topped with crispy beetroot, ginger, filo

Majdalani Maki™ KWD 5.500

crispy, sprinkled with yuzu flakes, togarashi, extra virgin olive oil mixture and maki maki sauce.

Filo prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, rocket, mame wrap, thyme, ebi, spring onion, exotic

Mowaffak Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.500

cress, served with Maki special sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

Tempura prawn, avocado, mango, spring onion, cabbage and carrot, ume plum wrap, topped with

Massari Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.250

tuna and avocado, with wasabi nori flakes, lollo rosso lettuce, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Crabsticks, prawn tempura, avocado, tobiko, crispy sweet potato with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Maki M

Nancy Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.000

Nadia Maki™ KWD 5.500

Salmon, prawn tempura, cucumber, rocket, avocado, ume paper, white fish,

Salmon, prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, togarashi, rice, mame wrap, wasabi peanut,

thyme, togarashi, soya salt, Pari Pari sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

wasabi flakes, Sriracha chili paste, green chili, with our extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Sandi Ume Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.250

Oliver Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 7.000

Tempura filo, crabsticks, avocado, rocket topped with chopped salmon with spring onion mixed with

8 elegant pieces of maki, topped with different kinds of seafood and our flavorful, house-made,

sesame, togarashi, soya salt with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

secret sauces and toppings.

PinkGirlQ8 Maki™ KWD 5.500 Crabsticks, avocado, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrots, rocket, spinach wrap, topped with prawn tempura, drizzled with our Maki special sauce, and Pari Pari sauce.

Sanaá Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.750 Prawn tempura, real crab and crispy tempura, sesame with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Sazdel Ume Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 6.750

Hamachi, crabsticks, avocado, greens, goat cheese, pink pepper and edible gold leaves with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Suha Ume Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 7.000 Salmon, filo prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, yuzu flakes with our sweet and spicy sauce.

Taki Maki ™ (8 pcs) KWD 8.000

Sensei Manayer Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.000

Salmon, white fish, Unagi, iceberg, wild thyme, mint, tobiko, togarashi,

Tempura prawn, crispy crabsticks, avocado, iceberg lettuce, carrot, thyme, brown rice, exotic

served with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

cress, yuzu flakes, served with our sesame oil and maki special sauce.

Tamara Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 7.000

Sheikha Abeer Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.000

Filo tempura prawn, crabsticks, avocado, ginger, thyme, shiso cress, spinach and plum wrap,

Prawn tempura, crabsticks, greens, black sesame avocado and crispy filo

topped with chopped salmon, ebi prawn, ginger, togorashi, soya salt,

with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

drizzled with extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Sheikha Rabaa Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 5.000

Tara Ume Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 7.250

Prawn Tempura, fried crabsticks, avocado, red quinoa, sushi rice, mame wrap, topped with crispy

Tuna, crabsticks, white fish, avocado, yuzu flakes and rocket

crabsticks with our special Maki and plum sauce.

with our special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Shk Athbi Maki™ (8 pcs) KWD 5.500 Filo Tempura, crabsticks, avocado, red quinoa, sushi rice, spinach wrap, topped with crispy


beetroot, ginger, crabsticks, shiso cress, with our special Maki sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

Shk. Majed Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.000 Prawn tempura, crabsticks, rocket, tobiko, avocado, Frisee, black sesame, crispy tempura and


edible gold leaves with our special sweet & spicy sauce.


Shk. Salem Mame Maki™ (6 pcs) KWD 6.000

Beef New York Steak

Ebi, crabsticks, filo tempura, carrot, tobiko, avocado, crispy tempura, dill with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

KWD 6.250

Black Angus Beef

KWD 8.000

KWD 10.000

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.


KWD 4.750

Prawn KWD 6.500 White Fish KWD 5.500 Scallop Teppan KWD 6.000 Lobster Tail Teppan KWD 12.500 Vegetable Teppan KWD 3.000

HOT SPECIALITIES Akagome Smoked Kung Pao Salmon Steak™ KWD 13.000 Smoked salmon steak served with red rice, asparagus, green chili, truffles, carrots, bok choy, spinach, pinenut, coriander, Portobello mushrooms, with our black truffle oil, extra virgin olive oil and sweet miso sauce with spicy kung pao sauce.

Braised Smoked Short Ribs™ KWD 7.000 Tender smoked short ribs served with oolong tea leaves with our signature sauce.

Bountiful Gindara Shiitake™ KWD 11.500 Miso-marinated grilled black cod fish with shiitake mushrooms.

Creamy Lobster Tail™ KWD 12.500 Pan-fried lobster with special creamy sauce.

Kung Pao Smoked Salmon™ KWD


Fresh salmon steak with ginger, bok choy, spring onions, peas, carrots, and garlic, drizzled with our special spicy Kung Pao sauce.


Smoked Creamy Lobster™ KWD 15.000

Smoked creamy lobster served with bok choy leaves and our signature honey yuzu sauce.

Tartufo Fried Quinoa™ KWD 4.500

Quinoa with prawns, carrots, onions, leeks, cabbage, and delicious truffles.


Noodles Chicken Yaki Udon KWD 3.750

Pan-fried wheat noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Seafood Yaki Udon™ KWD 6.000 Pan-fried wheat noodles with prawns, crabsticks, scallop, cuttlefish, shiitake & vegetables.

Tartufo Yaki Udon™ KWD 7.000 Scallops, Yaki Udon, truffles with our special mixture of olive, sesame and black truffle oil.

Vegetable Yaki Udon KWD 3.000 Pan-fried wheat noodles with vegetables.

Rice Edamame Fried Rice™ KWD 2.500 Jasmine rice, edamame, sweet corn, chili pepper, carrot, spinach, dry tomato, shitake mushroom, ice berg lettuce, chopped onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil.

Chicken Fried Rice KWD 1.750 Chicken, carrot, leeks, fried egg, cabbage and spring onion.

Mixed Fried Rice KWD 3.000 Prawns, chicken, carrot, leeks, fried egg, cabbage and spring onion.

Prawn Fried Rice (with Truffles™ KWD 4.250) KWD 3.250 Prawns, carrot, leeks, cabbage and spring onion.

Steamed Rice (with Wasabi & Nori Flakes™ KWD 1.000) KWD 0.950 Vegetables Fried Rice KWD 1.500 Carrot, leeks, cabbage and spring onion.

Prices are valid until December 31st, 2016. All items are subject to availability.

‫‪1 Big Mac‬‬


‫بيج ماك‬

‫‪1.800 KD‬‬ ‫‪1.050 KD‬‬ ‫دينار‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬


‫ماك رويال‬



‫‪MAC M‬‬

‫‪1.150 KD‬‬

‫‪0.600 KD‬‬

‫‪0.400 KD‬‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬


‫‪0.450 KD‬‬

‫ميني ماك‬

‫‪0.300 KD‬‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬




‫‪1.150 KD‬‬

‫‪0.700 KD‬‬



‫تشيكن ماك وينجز‬

‫‪Chicken McWings‬‬


‫(‪ 4‬قطع) )‪(4pcs‬‬

‫‪1.150 KD‬‬


‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬

‫ماك فيليه سمك‬



‫‪5 Coffeelicious Meal‬‬ ‫وجبة كوفيليـشـس‬

‫‪KD 0.500 Fils‬‬ ‫‪1.000‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬



‫قطعتان ‪2 PCS.‬‬

‫‪4 Halloumi Muffin‬‬ ‫ح ّلوم مافن‬

‫‪KD‬‬ ‫‪1.250‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫هوت كيك‬


‫‪0.800 Fils‬‬


‫‪ 3‬قطع ‪3 PCS.‬‬

‫‪0.800 Fils‬‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫‪KD‬‬ ‫‪1.200‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫ماك مافن صوصج‬

‫‪Sausage McMuffin‬‬


‫‪KD‬‬ ‫‪1.200‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫‪0.800 Fils‬‬


‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬

‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬

‫‪0.750 KD‬‬


‫دينار‬ ‫دينار‬



‫‪1.000 KD‬‬

‫ماك فرايز‬

‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬

‫‪1.150 KD‬‬


‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫‪Mini Mac‬‬

‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬

‫‪0.750 KD‬‬


‫‪0.650 KD‬‬

‫‪0.750 KD‬‬




‫بيف برجر‬


‫‪1.150 KD‬‬

‫‪1.150 KD‬‬

‫‪1.150 KD‬‬

‫‪KD‬‬ ‫‪1.300‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫‪0.850‬‬ ‫‪Fils‬‬ ‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬ ‫فلس‬

‫‪12 Chicken McNuggets‬‬


‫تشيكن ماك ناجت‬

‫‪1.900 KD‬‬


‫‪7 Spicy McChicken‬‬

‫سبايسي ماك تشيكن‬

‫ماك أريـبـيا تشيكن‬

‫‪McArabia Chicken‬‬

‫‪2.000 KD‬‬

‫‪1.650 KD‬‬



‫‪2.100 KD‬‬ ‫‪1.300 KD‬‬


‫‪2.100 KD‬‬


‫ماك تشيكن‬



‫‪1.900 KD‬‬

‫‪1.900 KD‬‬



‫‪6 McChicken‬‬


‫‪1.800 KD‬‬



‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬


‫ماك سلطة | ‪McSALAD‬‬ ‫™‬

‫ماك فلوري‬

‫‪0.650 KD‬‬


‫أطلب ماك فرايز‬ ‫(اوريو أو لوتس)‬

‫™‪2 Enjoy McFries‬‬

‫)‪0.800 KD McFlurry™ (Oreo or Lotus‬‬ ‫آبل باي (فطيرة ت ّفاح أو‬ ‫فطيرة فراولة بالكسترد)‬



‫‪0.400 KD‬‬


‫‪ 4‬قطع تشيكن ماك ناجت‬

‫‪4 pcs Chicken McNuggets‬‬


‫‪1.000 KD‬‬


‫‪1.000 KD‬‬



‫‪Apple Pie or Strawberry‬‬ ‫‪Custard Pie‬‬

‫‪0.900 Fils‬‬


‫‪1.000 KD‬‬


‫‪6 Big Breakfast‬‬ ‫بيج بريكفاست‬

‫‪KD‬‬ ‫‪1.300‬‬ ‫وجبة ‪Meal‬‬


‫هاش براونز‬

‫‪Hash Browns‬‬

‫‪0.500 Fils‬‬


‫سندويش ‪Sandwich‬‬

TABLE SNACKS Truffled Flat Bread (NEW) Sourdough Pizza dough, Black Truffle base, Fontina Cheese & Escarole. 2.950 Pepperoni Rolls (NEW) Pizza dough rolls filled with fresh Mozzarella & Pepperoni. 2.750 Padron Peppers (NEW) Very Mild Spanish baby Peppers fire blistered with Brown Butter Miso dipping Sauce. 2.250 Crab Con Salsa Tartara (NEW) Crumbed Snow Crab Claws with homemade Tartar Sauce. 4.500

Spicy Meatballs (NEW) Mini Polpettini meatballs coated with spicy Calabrese Jam & Minted Cumin Greek Yoghurt. 2.550 Tempura Prawns (NEW) Crispy fried prawns served wtih your choice of dipping sauce, Caramelized Chili & Jalapeno Sauce or Mango Habanero. 3.950


Tempura Prawns

Padron Peppers

SOUP Soup of the Day. 2.950 Zuppa Di Funghi Mushroom Soup With Cream & Herb Croutons. 2.950

Burrata in Tomato (NEW) Whole Beefsteak skinless Tomato filled with Kuwaiti Fresh Burrata, Extra virgin Olive Oil & Pomegranate Dressing. 3.250


Warm Prawns in Olive Oil (NEW) Prawns served warm in Meyers preserved Lemon, Truffle Oil & Red Peppercorns. 3.950 Melanzane (NEW) Roasted half Aubergines, fresh Basil pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes & basil ricotta. 3.250

Nino M

Potato Bravas (NEW) Homemade Crispy Potato Cubes, Fiery Spicy Bravas Sauce, Aioli & Manchego Cheese. 2.250

Asparagus With Sesame Miso Sauce. 2.450

Parmesan Smashed Potatoes. 2.250

Roasted Cauliflower with Almond Steak Cut Fries with Fontina & Garlic Aioli. 2.250 Aioli. (NEW) 2.250 Broccoli with Chilli & Garlic. 2.250 Butter Mashed Potatoes. 2.250

Warm Prawns in Olive Oil

Truffle Fries. 2.250


NINO CLASSIC APPETIZERS New Style Chicken Tenders (NEW) Gamberoni Di Buffalo Crispy Potato crusted Chicken fillets with Batter Fried Shrimps Coated With Buffalo special Korean style Chili dipping Sauce. 3.750 Hot Sauce & Drizzled With White Balsamic Glaze & Celery Ranch. 3.950 Routini Sliders Our Classic Miniburgers With Grilled Onion, Polpetini Fries Balsamic Aioli & Soft Bun or Southern Fried Fries with crushed meatballs, Cheese Sauce, Chicken Morsels, Honey Mustard & Jack Dukkah Spice & Homemade Buttermilk Dressing. 3.550 Cheese on Texas Toast. 3.950

Caesar Salad Baby Gem & Avocado Salad (NEW) Hand Torn Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Fresh baby gem lettuce heads, minted Dressing, Croutons With Grilled Chicken. buttermilk dressing & Avocados. 3.950 3.950

Buffalo Chicken Wrappers Fried Wrappers Filled With Buffalo Chicken & Fontina Cheese & Served With Parmesan Ranch & Buffalo Sauce. 3.100

Hot Beef & Potato Salad Grilled Beef Tenders, Sliced Potato, Mixed greens in Cumin citrus vinaigrette & Yoghurt Dressing. 3.950

Nino Chicken Livers Sauteed with Grilled Onions, Chili, Garlic, Drizzled with Paprika & Lemon Aioli. 3.750

Beet & Quinoa Salad Roasted Beets, Organic Quinoa Tabouleh, Arugula, Feta Cheese & White Balsamic Chives Dressing. 3.750

Calamari Di Nino Crispy Fried With pickled Chilis, Lemon & Roasted Garlic Aioli. 3.950


New Style Chicken Tenders

Roca Salad Roca Leaves With Sundried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Parmesan Balsamic Herb Dressing. 3.250

Kale & Walnut Salad Caesar Salad

Kale & Walnut Salad (NEW) Org a n i c Ku w a i t i Ka l e , g o rg o n z o l a Vinaigrette, Toasted Walnuts, Walnut Croutons and shower of dry Ricotta 3.950



Classic Margherita Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato & Oregano. 3.550

Nino Cheese Burger Special Blend Black Angus Beef Patty, Special Sauce, Crispy Fried Onion, White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce Leaves & Tomato. 3.750

Margherita di Bufala Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil. 4.250 Americano Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese, Tomato & Pepperonni. 3.950

Classico Burger Special Blend Black Angus Beef Patty With Arugula Leaves, Pickled Onions, Dijon Aioli & Homemade Ketchup. 3.750

Al Funghi Portobello Mushrooms, Tomato, Herbs & Cheese. 3.750

Filleto Di Pollo (NEW) Crispy Fried Chicken Fillet, Peppercorn Sauce, Cheese & Pretzel Bun. 3.750

Con Polo Confit Chicken, Mozzarella & Fontina, Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & basil Pesto. 3.750

Americano Con Polo

Vegeterian Roasted Beets & Butternut Squash, Asparagus, Mozzarella & Goat Cheese, Fresh Cress, Crushed Pine Nuts & Vinaigrette. 3.750 Quatro Staggioni Four Pizza In One. 3.950

Filleto Di Pollo



You can substitute Pasta for Gluten Free one or Whole Wheat based on availability.

Rigatoni Bolognese (NEW) Rigatoni Pasta prepared with a classic sauce of Tomatoes, herbs & hand minced Beef. 4.250 Linguini Cacio e Peppe (NEW) Linguini Pasta prepared with Reggiano & Romano Cheeses & ground black Pepper. 4.250 Cavatelli al Tartufo (NEW) Cavatelli Pasta prepared with White Truffle & Mushroom paste. 4.750 Pollo Alla Crocante Creste De Gallo Pasta with Crispy Fried Chicken Morsels Drizzled with Cheese Fonduta & A La Minute Cheddar & Leek Sauce. 4.750 Penne Di Nino Penne Pasta With Your Choice Of Nino Rosa With Pink Sauce & Mushrooms Or Arabiata With Tomato, Garlic & Chili. 3.950

Spaghetti Di Nino Your Choice Of Classic Pomodoro E Basilico From San Marzano Tomatoes & fresh basil, Or Pesto With Basil, Parmesan & Pine Nuts or hand cut Bolognese. 4.250 Farfalle Al Forno Farfalle Pasta Prepared With Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Ricotta & Gratinated With Crumbs, Mozzarella & Gruyere. 4.750

Agnolotti Al Funghi Mushroom and Cheese Stuffed Ravioli with burro fuso & Mushrooms. 4.750 Skillet Lasagne Classica Freshly Baked Lasagne Pasta Layered with Aromatic Beef Bolognese & Parmesan Crust Drizzled With Chili Oil. 4.750

Mexicali Gamberoni Grilled King Prawns With Chipotle Sauce Served Over Saffron Butter Risotto. 7.250 Risotto Al Funghi Roasted Marinated Mushrooms & Black Truffle Salsa. 4.950 Lemon & Chicken Risotto Grilled Chicken, Preserved Lemon & Fresh Sage Pesto. 4.950 Sweet Butternut Squash Risotto (NEW) Butternut squash puree with sweet cinnamon & Sugar brown butter and crème fraiche. 4.750

Al Coccio Orecchiete Coin Pasta Prepared With Mushrooms-Tomato Sauce Drizzled With Fontina Sauce & Gratinated With Parmesan. 4.550 Ravioli di Ricotta (NEW) Ricotta filled fresh Pasta with blistered cherry Tomato sauce. 4.750

Rigatoni Bolognese

Nino M Sweet Butternut Squash Risotto



Veal Or Pollo Funghi Campagnola Piccata Of Veal Or Chicken Sauted In Butter, Cream, Mushroom & Rosemary Served Over Pasta. 6.250

Filletto Di Nino A Tenderloin Cut From Black Angus Prime Beef Served Over Portobello Mushroom Picatta & Crisp Smashed Potatoes Coated In the Pan With Your Choice Of Classic Nino Sauce Preparations; A La Cesco : Jus, Chili, Rosemary, Butter & Cream. Al Porcini : Porcini Jus, Wild Mushrooms & Cream. Al Balsamico: Reduced Balsamic Jus. 8.250

Pollo Alla Griglia Half Deboned Grilled Chicken With Roasted Mushrooms, Fresh Horseradish & Garlic Herbs wet croutons. 5.950

Steak Frites Tenderloin Fillet Rubbed With Salt & Peppercorns With Garlic & Herb Infused Butter & Served With homemade Fries. 7.550

Lamb Chops

Parmesan Chicken (NEW) Chicken breast crusted with Parmesan Reggiano served with a Lemon - mint Linguine & Beetroot relish. 6.250 Veal Milanese Crumb Fried Escalope, Served with Arugula salad & Your Choice of Fried Potatoes or Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico. 6.250 Beef Medallions Tenderloins Of Beef Pan Fried In Butter, Reduced Veal Jus, Herbs, Dijon & Fresh Mushrooms Served Over Potato Puree. 6.750 Nino Hammour Pan Seared Fresh Hamour Fillet & Snow Peas, capers, cubed Potatoes and Lemon butter . 6.750 Miso Salmon (NEW) Salmon Steak marinated in Miso and Ginger Teriyaki. 6.550

Parmesan Chicken

Miso Salmon

Ribeye (NEW) Bone in prime Angus Rib eye porcini rubbed, Shimeji mushrooms, Onion rings and brown butter Yuzu sauce. 10.950 Lamb Chops (NEW) Grass fed lamb chops marinated in mint & lime fire grilled & served over warm faro. 6.950

Gamberoni Di Nino Skewers of Prawns glazed with Calabrese Chili served over warmed farro grain salad. 6.750



Selection Of Specially Formulated Main Courses Designed For Lifestyle Diet Followers Of Weight Control And Food Allergies Restriction From Gluten, Nuts And Dairy.

Beef Tenderloin Fillet - Ground Meat - Beef Sirloin Beef Bacon - Rib Eye Country of Origin (USA) - Frozen - Halal. Pepperoni beef - Country of Origin (Kuwait / USA) - Frozen - Halal. Veal Meat Country of Origin (Holand / USA) - Frozen - Halal.

Paillard Di Nino Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Mushrooms In A Light Paprika Flavored Sauce, Served With Green Vegetables & Whole Wheat or Gluten free Pasta. 7.550 Healthy Chicken Breast of Chicken Grilled Paillard Style Served with roasted sweet Potatoes. 5.950

Paleo Chicken Fillets

Harissa Chicken & Quinoa Grilled Chicken Breast Rubbed With Moroccan Chillies, Pomegranate Glaze, Quinoa Tabouleh Salad With Zaatar Infused Vinaigrette. 5.950

Paillard Di Nino

Turkey Bacon - Squid Country of Origin (USA) - Frozen Halal. Hammour, Country of Origin (Kuwait) - Chilled. Prawns - Jumbo Prawns, Country of Origin (Vietnam/India) -Frozen. Crab, Country of Origin (USA) -Frozen. Salmon, Country of Origin (Kuwait/Norway) -Chilled.

Paleo Chicken Fillets (NEW) Oven almond coated Chicken fillets served with Cashew Yoghurt raita & raw Honey Mint chutney. 5.950


Pistachio Crepes Crepes Filled with Tahitian Vanilla Pastry Cream, Warm Salted Pistachio Sauce & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. 2.750

Chocolate Pudding Cake Chocolate Velvet Cake, Warm Milk Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Praline Crisp. 2.950 Red Velvet Cheese Cake Layers of Red Velvet Sponge & Cheesecake Batter With Fuelletine Crust, Tahitian Vanilla Infused Chantilly Cream & Custard Sauce. 2.950


Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake (NEW) Freshly Baked Molten Date & Rose Water Cake, Caramelized Vanilla Custard, Butterscotch Sauce and Pistachio Ice cream. 2.950

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

Black Berry Mojito Mint, Blackberry, Sweet and Sour Mix. 2.250 Sunrise Mimosa Strawberry, Lime, Mint & bubbly. 2.250 Berry Bomber Muddled fresh Strawberry, Raspberry, Grenadine, Ginger Ale Topped With Soda. 2.250 Passionate Lychee Passion Fruit Puree balanced with Lychee and Guava Juice. 2.250

Sweet Surrender Passion fruit and mint sugar drawn together with Pineapple juice. 2.250 Berry Miscela Blackberry, Raspberry, Orange marmalade shaken with Earl Gray tea. 2.250

Berry Miscela

Minty Melon Fresh Watermelon, Lychee juice, mint and served over top of curshed ice. 2.250 Ruby Red Strawberry & Raspberry Over Ice. 2.000

Caramel Macchiato Tiramisu (NEW) Scoops Of Rich Mascarpone Mousse layered With Espresso Soaked Vanilla Sponge Cake Caramel Coffee Whipped Cream And Crispy Milk Chocolate. 2.750

HOTLINE 1880010

Boneless Veal Topside Country of Origin (Holand & USA) Frozen & Chilled Halal. Lamb Rack with bone Country of Origin (Newzealand) Chilled & Frozen Halal. Chicken Liver, Frozen & Chilled Country of Origin Kuwait & SA. Chicken Breast Country of Origin (SA, USA, Brazil & Kuwait) Frozen & Chilled Halal. Whole Chicken Country of Origin (Brazil, USA, SA, Kuwait ) Frozen & Chilled Halal.

Nino Berry Orange, Raspberry & Grenadine. 1.850 Blue Lagoon Blue Curacao, Sprite & Lemon. 1.850

FOR CATERING 225.429.00 98.9999.59 225.419.00


Bneid Al-Ghar, Waterfront The Avenues I - Arabella Divonne - The Cube Mall Light Mall

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Olive G




Q at th

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Quzi ex


Real Vea

al burger






ef 2

Salads ‫سلطات‬

Burger ‫برجر‬

Regent / ‫ريجنت‬

2.600 KD wild rocket leaves with ribbons of pumpkin tossed in maple vinaigrette, topped with feta cheese & toasted pinenuts ‫ يعلوها جبنة فيتا وصنوبر محمص‬،‫جرجير مع شرائح القرع بخل القيقب‬

Mr. Ridley's / ‫مستر ريدليز‬

Greenwich / ‫جرين ويتش‬

Mr. Campbell / ‫مستر كامبل‬ 3.300 KD beef patty, bacon, crunchy onion, aged cheddar cheese wth smoked BBQ sauce baked potato bun ‫ جبنة تشيدر مع صلصة باربكيو مدخنة‬،‫ بصل مقرمش‬،‫ بيكون‬،‫لحم باتي‬

2.900 KD selection of lettuce mix & kale, slices of baked portobello mushrooms, and caramelized pecan tossed in sweet tangy dressing & Truffle oil ‫ شرائح من فطر البورتبيلو المخبوزة وجوز البقان‬،‫مزيج من الخس والكيل‬ ‫ مع صلصة حلوة وزيت الكمأة‬،‫بالكراميل‬

Hyde / ‫هايد‬

2.600 KD baby spinach, romaine lettuce, mixed red and white quinoa seeds ‫ خليط من الكينوا الحمراء والبيضاء مع خليط من‬،‫ خس رومين‬،‫سبانخ صغيرة‬ ‫الصلصة الخاصة‬

Appetizer ‫مقبالت‬ Mozzarella Pounds/ ‫موزريال باوندز‬

2.200 KD

breaded mozzarella served with warm homemade Ketchup ‫ تقدم مع صلصة كاتشب محضرة لدينا‬،‫موزريال بالبقسماط على‬

Edison Drumstick / ‫إديسون درمستك‬

2.600 KD fried bonless chicken drumstick, with sweet spicy sriracha sauce ‫دجاج درمستيك بدون عظام مقلي مع صلصة سيراتشا الحلوة والحارة‬

John's Fries / ‫جونز فرايز‬

2.800 KD fresh cut fries, cheddar, bacon, jalapeno, crispy onions, melted tillamook cheese, toped with homemade BBQ sauce ‫ جينه‬،‫ بصل مقرمش‬،‫ هالبينو‬،‫ بيكون‬،‫ تشيدر‬،,‫بطاطا مقلية مقطعة طازجة‬ ‫تيالموك الذائبة مع صلصة باربكيو المحضرة لدينا‬

Alex's Shrimps/ ‫أليكس شريمبس‬

3.200 KD

breaded Shrimps in spicy honey buffalo sauce ‫روبيان بالقسماط بصلصة هوني بافلو الحارة‬

Sherlock Mushroom/ ‫شيرلوك ماشروم‬

2.600 KD Shiitake mushroom stuffed with mix of mozzarella & colby jack cheese with herbs and seasoned breadcrumbs ‫فطر شيتاكي محشو بمزيج من الموزريال وجبنة كولبي جاك مع قطع الخبز‬ ‫المتبلة بنكهة األعشاب‬

2.900 KD beef patty with homemade Ketchup and Ridley›s special sauce, lettuce, onion and Pickles ‫ بصل ومخلل‬،‫ خس‬،‫ صلصة ريدليز الخاصة‬،‫ كاتشب محضر لدينا‬،‫لحم باتي‬

Mr. Walter / ‫مستر والتر‬

3.300 KD beef patty, aged swiss cheese, crunchy portobello Mushroom & Mix sauted mushroom Creamy sauce in freshly baked potato bun ‫ فطر بورتبيلو مقرمش وفطر بصلصة الكريمة‬،‫ جبنة سويسرية‬،‫لحم باتي‬

Mr. James / ‫مستر جيمس‬

2.900 KD beef patty, classic chedar, boston lettuce, grilled onion, crunchy Bacon, homemade BBQ sauce ‫ صلصة‬،‫ بيكون مقرمش‬،‫ بصل مشوي‬،‫ خس بوستن‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫لحم باتي‬ ‫باربكيو المحضرة لدينا‬


Mr. Patrick / ‫مستر باترك‬

2.900 KD chicken breast with the choice of either fried or grilled, aged cheddar, wild rocket leaves, homemade ranch sauce, sundried tomatoes ،‫ صلصة رانش محضرة لدينا‬،‫ جرجير‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫صدر دجاج مقلي أو مشوي‬ ‫طماطم مجففة‬

Mr. Bell / ‫مستر بل‬

3.000 KD breaded fried chicken, Breaded American cheddar cheese, boston lettuce with special sweet spicy sauce ‫ صلصة‬،‫ خس بوستن‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر أمريكية بالبقسماط‬،‫صدر دجاج بالقسماط‬ ‫حلوة وحارة‬

Mr. Ed / ‫مستر إد‬

2.800 KD Crunchy veggie fried shiitake mushroom patty, boston lettuce with special sauce

‫ خس بوستن مع صلصة خاصة‬،‫ مقرمش ونباتي‬،‫فطر شيتاكي باتي مقلي‬ *We use premium beef ‫*جميع أنواع اللحوم المستخدمة من أجود أنواع اللحوم‬ * All our buns are baked daily ‫* يحضر الخبز لدينا بشكل يومي‬

Side dishes

‫أطباق جانبية‬

Home Fries / ‫هوم فرايز‬ Onion Rings / ‫أونيون رينقز‬ Pumpkin Fries / ‫بامبكن فرايز‬ Cheese Fries / ‫تشيز فرايز‬

1.000 KD 1.600 KD 1.200 KD 2.000 KD

Dessert ‫حلويات‬ The Confession / ‫ذي كونفيشين‬

3.000 KD caramel brioche pudding topped with vanilla ice cream, candied bacon, toasted nuts and drizzled with salted caramel ‫ المكسرات‬،‫ ومغطاة بالبيكون‬،‫حلوى كراميل بريوش يعلوها فانيال آيس كريم‬ ‫المحمصة وقطرات من الكراميل المملح‬

burger The Gamble / ‫ذي جامبل‬

3.500 KD chocolate fudge, topped with Nutella hazelnut spread & vanilla ice cream ‫ يعلوها طبقة من النوتيال والبندق وفانيال آيس كريم‬،‫فادج الشوكوالتة‬

Address: Kuwait City, Salhiya Complex, The M2 Telephone number: +965-55036869 E-mail: info@ridleysburger.com Instagram: @ridleys_kw

2 ‫ الميزانين‬،‫ مجمع الصالحية‬،‫ مدينة الكويت‬:‫العنوان‬ +965-55036869 :‫رقم الهاتف‬ info@ridleysburger.com:‫البريد اإللكتروني‬ @ ridleys_kw :‫انستغرام‬

Little R Al Matrook Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq. (22200099) Restaurants Street Salmiya (25756239) Instagram: littlerubys


Bourbon pralin profiteroles

served with homema ice−cream & bourbo

Flourless Choc

Flourless chocolat Honeycomb & honey

Banoffee PIE

cookie crumb, Dulce vanilla bean ice cre toasted coconut

Pumpkin bread

served with spicy ca with roasted pumpk



Fried Potatoes Cubes, herbs, sea salt & spicy Aioli


Fries with truffle oil & parsley


Sautéed wild mushrooms, herbs

VEAL BACON 1.950 Crisp fried Bacon

New York chees PATATAS served with saltedBc

Fried Potatoes he whip creamCubes, dollop

TRUFFLE F Fries with truf Rosemary Crèm

classic custard fla SAUTéED MU rosemary & caramel Sautéed wild mu

Pear Crumble w VEAL BA

An enticingCrisp crumble fri & homemade vanilla


SAVORY oatmeal & berries


oatmeal & berries




raw superfood


raw superfood


Puree of raw blueberries & yogurt, Bananas & cashew nuts

Puree of raw blueberries & yogurt, Bananas & cashew nuts




RUBY´S CLUB sandwich




Hash brown SANDwich


Halloumi muffin


An appetizing combination of Swiss cheese, baby spinach, bacon & tomato layered perfectly on a Ciabatta bread Fresh toast, slaw, Grilled Chicken or Turkey add some eggs, Bacon or Avocado

Grilled Chicken, Arugula, Aged Cheddar with our homemade Mango Chutney

Fried eggs, Avocado, Arugula, grilled bacon & crunchy hash brown, brioche bun

Herb pesto, Arugula, Tomato, served in freshly baked English muffins

Rubys egg muffin sANDwich




Eggs with tomato & mayo, your choice of bacon or avocado

Herb aioli, Arugula & sun−dried tomatoes

All Sandwiches are served with truffle fries



spread on multigrain bread with fried eggs & cherry tomatoes

spanish blanco


egg white omelet, caramelized smoked turkey, avocado & cherry tomatoes



ade buttermilk on toffee sauce

Bourbon praline EGGs BENEDICT 3.750 3.500 profiteroles Choice of tempered Spinach, avocado,

colate Cake

te cake, housemade ice−cream



aramel apple sauce, kin seeds on top


se cake 3.650 RAVAS &2.600 caramel fresh berries,

erbs, sea salt & spicy Aioli

avored with SHROOM lized sugar 1.500 ushrooms, herbs

with Nutella ACON 1.950

eied with pear, Nutella Bacon ice−cream




Hash brown SANDwich


Halloumi muffin


egg muffin sANDwich




Fresh toast, slaw, Grilled Chicken or Turkey add some eggs, Bacon or Avocado

Grilled Chicken, Arugula, Aged Cheddar with our homemade Mango Chutney

Fried eggs, Avocado, Arugula, grilled bacon & crunchy hash brown, brioche bun

Herb pesto, Arugula, Tomato, served in freshly baked English muffins

Eggs with tomato & mayo, your choice of bacon or avocado

Herb aioli, Arugula & sun−dried tomatoes

tea & coffee

tea & coffee

All Sandwiches are served with truffle fries




English Breakfast, EGGSGreen, Comomile & Spearmint, PepperMint, Jasmine green tea


1 ⁄ 1.250

ESPRESSO MACCHIATO spanish blanco 3.650

1 ⁄ 1.250


1 ⁄ 1.250

spread on multigrain bread with SINGLE OR DOUBLE fried eggs & cherry tomatoes

SINGLE DOUBLE egg whiteOR omelet, caramelized smoked turkey, avocado & cherry tomatoes SINGLE OR BIGDOUBLE BREAKFAST 5.250 eggs your way, bakedFOAM beans, SHOTThree OF ESPRESSO & MILK

grilled tomato and multi−grain toast CAPPUCCINO⁄HOT CHOCOLATE




Choice of tempered SHOT IN THE DARK Spinach, avocado,



Flourless chocolate housemade Patatas cake, bravas & House salad Honeycomb & honey ice−cream

CAFé Patatas CON PANNA bravas & House salad


SINGLE OR DOUBLE TRUFFLE MUSHROOM SOURDOUGH 3.300 Fried eggs, creamy wild mushrooms,


cookie crumb, Dulce leche,oil, fresh banana, splash ofde truffle served on a vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, grilled Sourdough toasted coconut OMELET 3.200




espresso, milk & chocolate grilled Sourdough

Single scoop of homemade The choice is yours, Mushrooms,vanilla green, red, yellow Peppers, & cheese ice cream withOnions, a shottomatoes of espresso

Salutare eggs

served with spicy caramel apple sauce, & cheese yellow Peppers, Onions, tomatoes with roasted pumpkin seeds on top Salutare eggs 3.600


Scrambled eggs, with Sautéed mushrooms or spinach



served with salted caramel &or fresh berries, mushrooms spinach whip cream dollop

Rosemary Crème brulèe

SWEETS classic custard flavored with rosemary & caramelized sugar PANCAKE

Pear Crumble with Nutella Cinnamon roll pancakes, with pecan

An caramel enticing&crumble with pear, Nutella cream cheese frosting & homemade vanilla ice−cream


Caramelized apples & house made caramel Sauce


House made Nutella sauce, banana Brulee & vanilla ice−cream

3.250 3.900









Cinnamon roll pancakes, with pecan caramel & cream cheese frosting Caramelized apples & house made caramel Sauce

House made Nutella sauce, banana Brulee & vanilla ice−cream


1 ⁄ 1.250


1 ⁄ 1.250



1 ⁄ 1.250








1.650 1.200⁄1.450






espresso, milk & chocolate

CAFé MOCHA splash of truffle oil, served on a

Pumpkin bread pudding 3.750 The choice is yours, Mushrooms, green, red,



bacon, short ribs & turkey



English Breakfast, Green, Comomile & Spearmint, PepperMint, Jasmine green tea


New York cheese cake 3.650 Scrambled eggs, with Sautéed


FRIES 2.300 fflebrulèe oil & parsley me

RUBY´S CLUB sandwich

Scrambled eggs, Strip Steak served with

BanoffeeFried PIEeggs, creamy wild mushrooms, 3.500

e de leche, fresh banana, eam, whipped cream,


served with homemade buttermilk bacon, short ribs & turkey ice−cream & bourbon toffee sauce STEAK & EGGS 7.500

Flourless Chocolate Cake 3.250 Scrambled eggs, Strip Steak served with 3.250


An appetizing combination of Swiss cheese, baby spinach, bacon & tomato layered perfectly on a Ciabatta bread

patatas bravas, bacon, sautéed mushrooms,

Three eggs your way, baked beans, patatas bravas, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilledDESSERTs tomato and multi−grain toast



Single scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso

Sakura M




222 56 444

All Meat and Poultry used in Shawarma are fresh and locally slaughtered


Meat Shawarma

Meat Shawarma, Bewaz, Pickles, Tahina, Grilled Tomato, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH 0.750

COMBO 1.500


American Shawarma

Mexican Shawarma

Meat Shawarma, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Meat Shawarma, Grilled Capsicum, Sautèed Onions, Pickles, Thousand Island Sauce, in French Bread Lettuce, Guacamole, Sour Cream, in Saj Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600


COMBO 1.600

CHICKEN Chicken Shawarma

Musakhan Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma, French Fries, Pickles, Chicken Shawarma, Sautèed Onions with Summak, Garlic, in Lebanese Bread Yoghurt Mint Sauce, in Saj Bread SANDWICH 0.750

COMBO 1.500


COMBO 1.600

Caesar Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma, Lettuce, Crunchy, Caesar Sauce, in Saj Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

SANDWICHES All Poultry used in Chicken Sandwiches are from Mutahida


mamatic Shish Taouk

Shish Taouk, French Fries, Pickles, Garlic, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH 0.750

COMBO 1.500

Chicken Fajita

Grilled Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Cheese, Mayo, in French Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

Shish Taouk Matic

Shish Taouk, French Fries, Coleslaw, Pickles, Garlic, Ketchup, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

Francisco Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Pickels, Cheese, Mayo, in French Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

Msa7ab Djeij

Boneless Chicken, French Fries, Pickles, Garlic, in French Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

Crispy Chicken Strips

Breaded Chicken Strips, Garlic Paste, Ketchup, Coleslaw Salad, French Fries, Pickles, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.600

SANDWICHES All our Kabbab meat are fresh and locally slaughtered



Meat Kabbab, Hummus, Bewaz, Pickles, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH COMBO 0.750 1.500


Patata Matic

French Fries, Coleslaw, Pickles, Garlic, Ketchup, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH COMBO 0.650 1.400


Kabbab Soujouk

Kabbab Soujouk, Tomato Slice, Mayo, Pickles, Lemon Juice, in Lebanese Bread SANDWICH 0.850

COMBO 1.500

Philly Cheese Steak

Grilled Beef, Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Cheese, Mayo, in French Bread SANDWICH 1.000

COMBO 1.750


Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Halloumi, Cucumber, Tomato, Mint, Olive, Zaatar, in French Bread SANDWICH 0.650

COMBO 1.400

Crispy Shrimps

Breaded Shrimps, Cocktail Sauce, Pickles, Romaine Lettuce, in French Bread SANDWICH 1.150

COMBO 1.900

MATICS Rice Matic

Saffron Rice topped with your choice of Shawarma, Pico de Gallo, Ma3boush


mamatic Nachos Matic Meat

Tortilla Chips Topped with Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese and Meat Shawarma


Hummus Matic

Traditional Hummus topped with your choice of Shawarma


Nachos Matic Chicken

Salad Matic

Tortilla Chips Topped with Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese and Chicken Shawarma

House Salad topped with your choice of Shawarma




Skinny Matic Meat

Meat Shawarma, Hummus, Grilled Tomato, Bewaz and Tahina


Skinny Matic Chicken

Chicken Shawarma, Hummus, Pickles and Garlic Dip

Shawarm 3.250

SIDE ORDERS Jalapeno Poppers


Crispy Halloumi Bites


Fried Pickles


French Fries




House Salad


Vine Leaves


French Fries Crispy Halloumi Bites Fried Pickles

Jalapeno Poppers

Vine Leaves


DRINKS Coca Cola / Sprite / Fanta


Red Bull (Not served below 18 years)


Snapple Drink


Kiwi Strawberry - Apple - Pink lemonade

mamatic Mhalabiyeh 0.600


Custard Matic



Yoghurt Drink


Mineral Water


222 56 444





Mini-Burgers (3 Mini Burgers) )‫ ميني برغر‬3( ‫ميني برغر‬ 1.900 KD The Original /‫ذي أوريجينال‬ burger with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped onion, tomato slice, pickle, mustard, ketchup & mayonnaise ‫ كاتشاب ومايونيز‬،‫ ماسترد‬،‫ مخلل‬،‫ شرائح طماطم‬،‫ بصل مقطع‬،‫ خس طازج‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

2.100 KD Triangle / ‫تراينجل‬ burger with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onion slice & Triangle sauce ‫ و صلصة تراينجل الخاصة‬،‫ شرائح بصل‬،‫ خس طازج‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

2.150 KD Hongo / ‫هونجو‬ burger with Swiss cheese, grilled mushroom, caramelized onion & mayonnaise ‫ بصل بالكراميل ومايونيز‬،‫ فطر مشوي‬،‫برغر مع جبنة سويسرية‬

2.300 KD Heavy / ‫هيڤي‬ burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion rings & our special BBQ ranch sauce. ‫ حلقات البصل وصلصة باربيكيو رانش الخاصة‬،‫ اللحم المقدد‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

1.800 KD Classic Chicken / ‫كالسيك تشيكن‬ grilled chicken, lettuce, slice tomato, onion, cheese & Triangle special sauce ‫ جبنة وصلصة تراينجل الخاصة‬،‫ بصل‬،‫ شرائح طماطم‬،‫ خس‬،‫دجاج مشوي‬

1.800 KD Tri-Cheese / ‫تراي تشيز‬ burger with sweet potato slice, cheese sauce, colby & monetary jack cheese ‫ جبنة كولبي وجبنة مونيتاري جاك‬،‫ صلصة جبنة‬،‫برغر مع شرائح بطاطا حلوة‬

2.100 KD Berro / ‫بيرو‬ burger with rocca leaves, pomegranate, swiss cheese & our special balsamic sauce ‫ جبنة سويسرية وصلصة البلساميك الخاصة‬،‫ رمان‬،‫برغر مع أوراق الجرجير‬

2.100 KD C4 / ‫سي فور‬ burger with jalapeño, cheddar cheese & spicy sauce ‫ جبنة تشيدر وصلصة حارة‬،‫برغر مع هاالبينو‬

2.100 KD Manay / ‫مناي‬ burger with fresh lettuce, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, topped with our manay sauce ‫ يعلوه صلصة مناي الخاصة‬،‫ بصل بالكراميل‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫برغر مع خس طازج‬

1.900 KD Chick / ‫تشيك‬

Burgers ‫برغر‬

1.700 KD The Original / ‫ذي أوريجينال‬

burger with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped onion, tomato slice, pickle, mustard, ketchup & mayonnaise ‫ كاتشب ومايونيز‬،‫ ماسترد‬،‫ مخلل‬،‫ شرائح طماطم‬،‫ بصل مقطع‬،‫ خس طازج‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

1.800 KD Triangle / ‫تراينجل‬ burger with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onion slice & triangle sauce ‫ شرائح بصل وصلصة تراينجل الخاصة‬،‫ خس طازج‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

1.950 KD Hongo / ‫هونجو‬ burger with swiss cheese, grilled mushroom, caramelized onion & mayonnaise ‫ بصل بالكراميل ومايونيز‬،‫ فطر مشوي‬،‫برغر مع جبنة سويسرية‬

2.000 KD Heavy / ‫هيڤي‬ burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion rings & our BBQ ranch sauce ‫ حلقات البصل مع صلصة الباربيكيو رانش‬،‫ اللحم المقدد‬،‫برغر مع جبنة تشيدر‬

1.600 KD Classic Chicken / ‫كالسيك تشيكن‬ grilled chicken, lettuce, slice tomato, onion, cheese & Triangle special sauce ‫ وصلصة تراينجل الخاصة‬،‫ جبنة‬،‫ بصل‬،‫ شرائح طماطم‬،‫ خس‬،‫دجاج مشوي‬

1.700 KD Chick / ‫تشيك‬ crispy chicken breast, lettuce, cheddar cheese and ranch sauce. ‫ وصلصة الرانش‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫ خس‬،‫صدر الدجاج بالبقصمات‬

1.800 KD Triangle Chicken / ‫تراينجل تشيكن‬ grilled chicken breast, lettuce, mushroom, caramelized onion, cheese & Triangle special burger sauce ‫ جبنة وصلصة تراينجل الخاصة‬،‫ بصل بالكراميل‬،‫ فطر‬،‫ خس‬،‫صدر دجاج مشوي‬

Platters ‫أطباق‬


5.000 KD Triangle Club / ‫كلوب ساندويتش‬

A selection of 5 kinds (Triangle,Halloumi cheese,cheddar cheese,TD club,lebna and oregano,chicken corn,avocado chicken,Turkey or mortadella) :‫ أنواع من الكلوب ساندويتش الصغيرة تقدم في طبق مميز للمناسبات (اختيارك من خمسة أنواع من‬5 ‫ قطعة منوعة من‬40 )‫ أو مورتديال‬،‫ ديك رومي‬،‫ دجاج مع أفوكادو‬،‫ دجاج مع الذرة‬،‫ لبنة وزعتر بري‬،‫ تي دي كلوب‬،‫ جبن تشيدر‬،‫ جبن حلوم‬،‫تراينجل‬

9.500 KD Mini Burger / ‫ميني برغر‬

breaded fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, & our homemade special ranch sauce ‫ خس وصلصة الرانش المحضرة لدينا‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫صدر دجاج مقلي بالقسماط‬

16 different mini burgers in a special platter for gathering and parties. (choose 5 from the following) the Original, Triangle , Hongo , Heavy, Tri-cheese , Berro , C4 , Manay , Chick, Pollo ،‫ هونجو‬،‫ تراينجل‬،‫ من اآلتي (أوريجينال برغر‬5 .‫ قطعة منوعة من البرغر الصغيرة تقدم في طبق مميز للمناسبات‬16 )‫ بولوو‬،‫ تشيك‬،‫ مناي‬،‫ سي فور‬،‫ بيرو‬،‫ تراي تشيز‬،‫ كالسيك دجاج‬،‫هيفي‬

1.950 KD Pollo / ‫بولو‬

8.500 KD Sandwich (Triangle Mini Buns) / ‫ساندويتش (تراينجل ميني بنز‬

lightly breaded chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, jalapeño & buffalo spicy sauce ‫ هاالبينو وصلصة بافالو الحارة‬،‫ خس‬،‫ جبنة تشيدر‬،‫صدر دجاج بقليل من البقسماط‬

16 pcs of triangle shaped mini sandwiches served in a special platter. A selection of 5 (cheddar cheese,grilled halloumi, Turkey, mozzarella cheese, omelette & cheese,sandwich vegetarian or omelette,bacon and mushroom) ‫ اختيارك من‬،‫ميني ساندويش صغيره مثلثه تقدم في طبق مميز للمناسبات اختيارك من ساندويش الجبن ساندويش‬16 )‫ أومليت مع بيكون وفطر‬،‫ خضار‬،‫ أومليت مع الجبن‬،‫ جبنة موزريال‬،‫ ديك رومي‬،‫ حلوم مشوي‬،‫ أنواع (جبنة تشييدر‬5

1.900 KD Triangle Chicken / ‫تراينجل تشيكن‬ grilled chicken breast, lettuce, mushroom, caramelized onion, cheese & triangle special burger sauce ‫ جبنة وصلصة تراينجل الخاصة للبرغر‬،‫ بصل بالكراميل‬،‫ فطر‬،‫ خس‬،‫صدر دجاج مشوي‬

2.000 KD Gamba / ‫قامبا‬ grilled shrimp with Triangle spicy sauce ‫روبيان مشوي مع صلصة تراينجل الحارة‬

1.800 KD Hammour / ‫هامور‬ breaded hammour fish fillet, lettuce, pickles, onion, & special sauce ‫ بصل وصلصة خاصة‬،‫ مخلل‬،‫ خس‬،‫سمك هامور فيليه بالقسماط‬

3.950 KD Six Of All (6 Mini) / )‫ ميني برغر‬6( ‫ أوف أول‬6 A set of 6 selected mini-burgers Triangle, Hongo, Berro, C4, Manay & Pollo ‫ مناي وبولو‬،‫ سي فور‬،‫ بيرو‬،‫ هونجو‬،‫ تراينجل‬،‫ست مختارات من الميني برغر لدينا‬

2.300 KD Three Of All (3 Mini) / )‫ ميني برغر‬3( ‫ أوف أول‬3 A set of 3 selected mini-burgers Original, Triangle, & Heavy ‫ تراينجل و هيفي‬،‫ اوريجينال‬،‫ثالث مختارات من الميني برغر لدينا‬

Main Course ‫األصناف الرئيسية‬ 4.200 KD Tenderloin Steak / ‫تندرلوين ستيك‬

grilled tenderloin steak served with sauteed vegetable, your choice of french fries or roasted potatoes and your choice of sauce (pepper or mushroom) ‫ وإختيارك من صلصة الفلفل األسود أو الفطر والبطاطا المقلية أو المشوية‬،‫ستيك اللحم المشوي وخضار السوتيه‬

3.400 KD Grilled Chicken / ‫جريلد تشيكن‬ grilled chicken breast, served with sauteed vegetable and your choice of potatoes (French fries or roasted potatoes) )‫صدر الدجاج المشوي يقدم مع خضار سوتيه واختيارك من البطاطا (البطاطا المقلية أو المشوية‬

Pasta ‫الباستا‬

3.800 KD Shrimp Risotto / ‫شرمب ريزوتو‬ 2.700 KD Rosa / ‫روزا‬ 2.500 KD Penne Arrabiata / ‫بيني أرابياتا‬ 3.400 KD Alfredo / ‫ألفريدو‬ 2.800 KD Pesto / ‫بيستو‬


Salads ‫السلطات‬

chicken wings in spicy buffalo sauce served with carrots, celery sticks, & ranch sauce (choose boneless or bone-in) ‫أجنحة الدجاج المقلية مغطاة بصلصة البافالوز الحارة تقدم مع الكرفس و الجزر باالضافة الى صلصة الرانش (اختيارك مع‬ )‫أو بدون عظام‬

grilled chicken, crisp lettuce tossed with our home baked croutons & parmesan cheese with homemade caesar dressing ‫ وجبنة البارميزان وصلصة السيزر المحضرة لدينا‬،‫ قطع الخبز المحمصة‬،‫ خس‬،‫قطع الدجاج المشوية‬

1.900 KD Tornado / ‫تورنيدو‬

2.900 KD Buffalo Shrimps / ‫بافالو شرمبس‬ breaded shrimp in spicy buffalo sauce served with slice of lemon & ranch sauce ‫قطع من الروبيان المقلية بالبقصمات تقدم مع صلصة البافالو الحاره و شرائح الليمون‬

2.600 KD Koozie Fries / ‫كوزي فرايز‬ home made potato fries with cheese , bacon, jalapeno and our special sauce ‫ قطع من الهالبينو الحار وصلصتنا الخاصة‬،‫ اللحم المقدد‬،‫بطاطس فرايز محضرة لدينا مع خليط خاص من صلصة الجبن‬

2.250 KD Italian Nachos / ‫إيتاليان ناتشوز‬ nachos, grilled chicken, jalapeño, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese & aside alfredo sauce ‫ جبنة الموزوريال والبارميزان تقدم مع صلصة األلفريدو اإليطالية‬،‫ هالبينو‬،‫ دجاج مشوي‬,‫ناتشوز‬

3.300 KD Triangle Combo / ‫تراينجل كومبو‬ mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, potato cheese balls & garlic bread with cheese ‫ كرات البطاطا بالجبنة وخبز بالثوم مع الجبنة‬،‫ أصابع الدجاج‬،‫أصابع الموزوريال‬

1.600 KD Cheesy Mushroom / ‫تشيزي مشروم‬ breaded mushroom stuffed with cheese ‫قطع الفطر المحشوة بالجبنة والمغطاة بالبقصمات‬

1.400 KD Chicken Tenders / ‫تشيكن تيندرز‬ breaded chicken fingers served with honey mustard sauce ‫ تقدم مع صلصة الخردل بالعسل‬،‫قطع صدر الدجاج المقلية بالبقصمات‬


0.900 KD Garlic Bread With Cheese / ‫غارلك بريد وذ تشيز‬ 1.700 KD Potato Cheese Balls / ‫بوتيتو تشيز بولز‬ 1.700 KD Mozzarella Sticks / ‫موزريال ستكس‬ 0.600 KD French Fries / ‫فرنش فرايز‬ 1.100 KD Onion Rings / ‫أونيون رينقز‬

Club Sandwiches ‫الكلوب ساندويتش‬

1.500 KD Triangle Club / ‫تراينجل كلوب‬ 1.200 KD Halloumi Cheese Club / ‫حلومي تشيز كلوب‬ 1.100 KD Cheddar Cheese Club / ‫تشيدر تشيز كلوب‬ 1.600 KD T D Club / ‫تي دي كلوب‬ 1.100 KD Lebna & Oregano Club / ‫لبنة آند أوريجانو كلوب‬ 1.300 KD Chicken Corn Club / ‫تشيكن كورن كلوب‬ 1.600 KD Chicken Avocado Club (Brown Toast) / ‫تشيكن أڤوكادو كلوب‬ 1.400 KD Turkey Club / ‫تيركي كلوب‬ 1.300 KD Mortadella Club / ‫مورتديال كلوب‬

Mini Club Sandwiches ( 8 Pieces) 1.600 KD Triangle Club / ‫تراينجل كلوب‬ 1.300 KD Halloumi Cheese Club / ‫حلومي تشيز كلوب‬ 1.200 KD Cheddar Cheese Club / ‫تشيدر تشيز كلوب‬ 1.700 KD T D Club / ‫تي دي كلوب‬ 1.200 KD Lebna And Oregano Club / ‫لبنة آند أوريجانو كلوب‬ 1.400 KD Chicken Corn Club / ‫تشيكن كورن كلوب‬ 1.700 KD Chicken Avocado Club / ‫تشيكن أڤوكادو كلوب‬ 1.500 KD Turkey Club / ‫تيركي كلوب‬ 1.400 KD Mortadella Club / ‫مورتديال كلوب‬

2.300 KD Chicken Caesar / ‫تشيكن سيزر‬ 2.200 KD Rocca / ‫روكا‬ rocca leaves, sundried tomato, parmesan cheese (balsamic dressing) ‫ جبن البارميزان وصلصة البلساميك‬،‫ الطماطم المجففة‬،‫أوراق الجرجير‬

2.600 KD Triangle / ‫تراينجل‬ mixed lettuce, grilled chicken fresh mushroom, halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomato, corn & Triangle homemade dijon mustard dressing ‫ قطع من جبن الحلوم والذرة الحلوة مع صلصة تراينجل‬،‫ الفطر الطازج‬،‫ الخيار‬،‫ الطماطم‬،‫دجاج شوي مع قطع الخس‬ ‫لديجان مسترد‬

1.800 KD Greek / ‫غريك‬ lettuce, cucumber green pepper, black olives, tomato & feta cheese with dijon mustard dressing ‫ طماطم وجبنة الفيتا مع صلصة ديجون ماسترد‬،‫ زيتون أسود‬،‫ فلفل أخضر‬،‫ خيار‬،‫خس‬

2.300 KD Mexican / ‫مكسيكن‬ crisp heart of iceberg lettuce,mexican fried chicken, mixed bell pepper,jalapenos, mix cheese, tortilla strips, corn, tomato, croutons, & homemade honey mustard dressing ،‫ طماطم‬،‫ ذرة‬،‫ شرائح من خبز التورتيال‬،‫ عدة أنواع من الجبن‬،‫ هالبينو‬،‫ فلفل أخضر وأحمر‬،‫ دجاج مقلي مكسيكي‬،‫خس‬ ‫وقطع الخبز المحمص تقدم مع صلصة الخردل و العسل المحضرة لدينا‬

2.600 KD Avocado & Mushroom / ‫أڤوكادو آند مشروم‬ lettuce, avocado, mushroom, sun dried tomato, parmesan cheese and our homemade special dressing ‫ جبن البارميزان وصلصة خاصة محضرة لدينا‬،‫ شرائح الفطرمع الطماطم المجففة‬، ‫ قطع األفوكادو‬، ‫خس‬

1.900 KD Garden / ‫غاردن‬ mixed leaves, mixed pepper, cucumber, carrots, tomato, & sweet corn with dijon mustard dressing ‫ ذرة حلوة مع صلصة ديجون ماسترد‬،‫ طماطم‬،‫ جزر‬،‫ خيار‬،‫ فلفل حلو‬،‫أوراق من الخضار‬

2.600 KD Steak And Potato / ‫ستيك آند بوتيتو‬ grilled bbq beef steak, lettuce, cheese, potato & ranch dressing ‫ شرائح الستيك المشوي بصلصة الباربكيو مع شرائح البطاطس المقلية وأنواع الجبن مع صلصة الرانش‬،‫خس‬

2.300 KD BBQ Chicken / ‫باربكيو تشيكن‬ grilled chicken breast, lettuce, black beans, cheese & bbq dressing ‫ مع أنواع الجبن بصلصة الباربكيو‬،‫ قطع الدجاج المشوية‬،‫خس‬

Sandwiches ‫السندويتشات‬

1.700 KD Chicken Fillet / ‫تشيكن فيليه‬ 1.450 KD Egg And Cheese / ‫إيق آند تشيز‬ 1.650 KD Egg Bacon And Mushroom / ‫إيق بيكون آند مشروم‬ 1.700 KD Cajun Chicken / ‫كاجون تشيكن‬ 1.200 KD Grilled Halloumi Cheese / ‫جريلد حلومي تشيز‬ 1.450 KD Vegetarian / ‫ڤيجيتيريان‬ 1.600 KD Grilled Turkey / ‫غريلد تيركي‬ 1.900 KD Philly-Cheese Steak / ‫فيلي تشيز ستيك‬ 1.800 KD Philly-Cheese Chicken / ‫فيلي تشيز تشيكين‬ 1.700 KD Chicken Caesar Wrap / ‫تشيكن سيزر راب‬

Desserts ‫الحلويات‬

1.250KD Cheese Cake / ‫تشيز كيك‬ 1.400KD Brownie / ‫براوني‬ Kuwait City, Downtown Salhiya Ali Al-Salim St, Al-Jowhara Tower Tel : Salhiya: +965-50838483 Delivery: +965-90944031 E-mail: info@triangle-kw.com Instagram: @trianglekw


A’s Chicken……………………………….2241 2124 Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons ..............2220 1881 Abou El Sid.........................................2226 4525 Abou Jassem........................................188 8848 Afrah Al Khaleej ..................................2473 0755 Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi...........................2205 7010 Al Ahmadi (Crowne Plaza) ............................2474 2000 Alacant Ice Cream ..............................9728 1110 Aljood Charity Restaurant…………... 9888 5551/2 Al Reef Al Balady..................................2229 9222 Altissimo............................................2225 8000 Altro Level………………..9885 5669 / 9885 5670 Anaar Catering ...................................2566 3666 Anatolia…………………..2251 1113 / 2255 2033 Applebee’s (The Avenues)............................2259 7709 Applebee’s (Delivery) ..................................184 4466 Applebee’s (Bneid Al Gar) ........................2240 7536/7 Applebee’s (Fintas) .................................2371 4559 Applebee’s (Mishref).................................2538 1481 Applebee’s (Souq Sharq).............................2245 9461 Arabesque (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa).....2226 9666 Argo Tea Café (Gate Mall)………......……… 2220 5906 Argo Tea Café (Jabriya)……………….……..2531 0492 Asha’s (The Avenues)...................................2495 4700 Asha’s (Marina Crescent)...............................2224 4502 Asha’s (Spoons).......................................2225 4097 Assaha.........................................2253 3377/88 Asseef (Four Points)......................................183 5555 Atlantis (Marina Hotel).................................2224 4970 Atrium (Marriott Courtyard)..............................2299 7000 Avanti Palace………..…………....…….. 2575 1081 Ayam Zaman (Crowne Plaza).........................2475 7775 Ayam Zaman (Holiday Inn Salmiya)....................2576 0444 Ayam Zaman (The Zone Complex)......................182 3888 Ayyame (Marina Crescent)..............................2571 2189 Ayyame (The Village)...................................2390 7936 AZTECA..............................................2390 7546 Azumami Japanese...…………...……… 2232 2335


Baba Taher..........................................2245 6241 Babak................................................2225 5222 The Bagel Bar……………………........…2220 0880 Bagel It…………........……2294 3286/9499 1186 Bagel’s Factory…………....……..…..2241 6227 Bait Al Tayebat Catering..................2489 8133 Bake & Take………………….....…. 2371 4113 Baker & Spice ................2240 7707/9696 2693 444

Baking Tray......................................184 2887 Al Balad .......................................2249 2111 Balance………………………………9096 9096 Balsamico (The Regency hotel)...................2576 6666 Baneetza…………....2245 1145 / 6065 6090 Baskin Robbins...............................182 2833 Batriq…………………………….…….188 8000 Bays (Movenpick).................................2461 0849 Beirut Bakery…………...………….. 2571 9792 Beit Al Deeine Catering...................2263 0669 Beit Ladan....................................2535 6338 Bella Italia………...............………..9903 6573 Benihana......................................2259 7095 Ben’s Cookies…………........…22201222/333 Bess Fooll Bess Felafel (Delivery)...........184 2887 Bice..............................................2227 0247 Big Bite Burger…………....…………2255 0735 Big Smoke Burger…………......…....9600 6676 Bistro by Mais Alghanim..………..…2205 4200 Blendz(Residence Inn by Marriott)...............…2205 9500 Bluezone Juice...............................9737 7311 Boccini .........................................2371 6216 Al Bohsali Patisserie......................2572 2011 Al Boom (Radisson SAS).........................2567 3000 Brasserie De L’etoile......................2495 4514 Brown Tomato……………...………. 2227 0214 Buffalo’s Café (Avenues).................2259 7293 Buffalo’s Café (Jabriya)...................2535 0030 Buffalo’s Café (Keifan)....................2491 3443 Buffalo’s Café (Mahboula)...............2370 0322 Buffalo’s Café (Salmiya)..................2574 8989 Bukhara (Sheraton)..........................183 5555 Burger & Karak............ 2205 6356/ 9995 4099 Burger & Lobster.............................. 2220 0954 Burger Boutique (b+f).....................2229 9775 Burger Co………………….......…….2225 1555 Burger Hub....................................2246 4818 Burger King.....................................181 1111 Burj Al Hamam..............................2252 9095 Al Bustan (Radisson SAS) .......................2567 3000


C-Lounge…………………............…2225 3170 Caesars........................................2241 1711 Café Blanc (The Avenues)....................2259 7568 Café Blanc (Marina Cres/Marina World)……2224 4644/55 Café Coco………......……………….2228 3232

Café Royal (Salhiya Complex)..................2245 5550 Café Supreme Delivery…..…………2575 8850 Caffé Verani..................................2246 1721 Cake & Bake...................................183 4834 The Cake Shop..........6619 9354 / 5599 1377 Canary (Fahaheel)................................2391 0429 Canary (Hawally).................................2261 4821 Canary (Salmiya)................................2574 5145 Carino’s Italian…..………………2266 3050/60 Casa Havana.............................2393 0992/1 Casper & Gambini’s.............2243 0056/65/54 Centerpoint Café (Fahaheel)................2391 0175 Centerpoint Café (Al Rai)...................2473 4147 Centerpoint Café (Kuwait City)................2247 2875 Cheesecake Factory (The Avenues)......2228 3064/7 Cheesecake Factory (Arabella)...…2208 1259/60 Chicken Tikka…………………………182 2833 Chili’s...........................................2245 2200 China Express...............................2565 3230 China Garden (Delivery).......................2572 0010 China Kitchen................................2573 8754 China Lake....................................2571 3073 China Town.................2372 2700/2565 2541 China Village……………….....….....2574 4444 China Zone…………………....……. 2563 0101 Chiquita Fruit Bar……….................2220 0764 CHKN...........................................2228 1299 Choco Queen........……................. 2205 6372 Chococafe (Symphony Style Hotel)…….....…2577 0000 Chocolate & Macaroon...................2299 7919 Chocolate Bar (Al Argan).....................2227 7188 Chocolate Bar (Al Hamra).................2227 0256/7 Chocolate Bar (Marina Crescent)..............2227 7166 Chocolate Bar (Spoons)......................2227 7199 Chocolate Bar (The Avenues)................2259 7404/5 Chocolate Café..............................2226 1061 Chocolateness…………….....……..2296 0606 Choowy Goowy (Delivery) ............... 2262 0011 Choowy Goowy (Avenues) ............. 2259 7949 Choowy Goowy (The Promenade)........9723 8366 Cinnabon........................................184 9090 Classical Café and Restaurant........2574 0077 Cocoa Room.................................2246 5049 CocoaVia…………...…5551 5532/5522 8747 Coffee Republic (Sharq)……......…..2249 7230/1 Coffee Republic (FTZ Shuwaikh)…………2461 0309 Coffee Republic (Mina Abdullah)…………2232 6016 Coffee Republic (Salmiya)…...…………2571 5439 Concept Cuisine………….........…..6990 0760 Container75 (Abu Halifa)................... 2371 7136 Container 75 (Jabriya)......................2531 0075

Cookies ’n Cream…....……………. 2252 6714 Copper Chimney............................2226 3114 Crepe De Licious………….………..2227 1427 Crimson Garden (Mall 360)...................2225 4094 Crimson Garden (The Avenues).............2259 7344 Crossroads (JW Marriot)........................2245 5550 Crumbs (Fintas)............................ 2390 8421 Crumbs (Shaab)............................2263 6614 Crumbs Cafe (Murouj)................... 2205 0270 Crunchy’s Chicken Restaurant........2228 8080 Crystal Palace.............................. 2471 6800 Cucina (Symphony Style Hotel)....................2577 0000 Cucinare Baker.…….2261 0033 / 5503 3006 Curry House………………..………..2226 6550 Cuts - Brazilian (Movenpick)...................2461 0849


Al Dana Al Kuwaitia Catering..........2264 1512 Al Deek Al Roomi...........................2265 4316 Al Dente (Movenpick)............................2461 0033 Dabba Wala ..................................9559 4509 Dainty Pastry………………...……2535 5508/9 Danish Bakery...............................2534 3288 Dante Coffee Shop…2297 1190 / 5555 7993 Dar Al Deyafah Catering..................2562 2055 Dawat (Abu Halifa)...........................2372 4251/4 Dawat (Farwaniya)......................2471 4000/6000 Dawat (Jahra)...................................2455 4642 Dawat (Sharq)...................................2241 1728 Dean & Deluca..............................2224 2224 Al Deek Al Roumi ..........................2265 4316 Diet Care........................................180 6050 The Diet Centre......................2261 0014/5/6 Dikakeen….........…….2299 6552/9772 8587 Diner............................................9009 1147 Al Dirwaza……………............……..2226 6560 Dispatched Bakery…........………...9803 7789 Divas (Olympia) .................................2226 8644 Divas (Belajat) ................................... 180 9070 Dodo............................................2572 1222 Domino’s Pizza................................180 0800 Don Mario’s.....................................184 7847 The Doner Factory……….....……….2265 0576 Doneroti....... .................................2220 0123 Donut House.................................2242 4599 Donut King....................................2543 1746 Dragon Inn……………...............….5150 0599 The Dragon Japanese……....………2225 5225 Dragon Express…………............…2226 6566 Dukkan Grill Kuwait….............…….2571 1157


The Early Bird (Fahaheel)......................2392 5814 The Early Bird (Jabriya)........................2534 3009 Eat Smart…………....……............ 2531 5662 Ebi Japanese……..…2371 8700 / 5075 2915

Edo Club.....................2220 3464/6600 7341 Elevation Burger (The Avenues)...............2259 7516 Elevation Burger (Al Hamra)..................2227 0210 Elevation Burger (Menus)....................2225 1971 Elevation Burger (West Mishrif)...............2538 1082 Emirgan Sutis.................................185 0005 Emporio Armani Caffe………..........2220 0520 Empress Sweets and Pastries.........2265 1177 The English Tea Lounge (Sheraton Hotel)....1835 555 The English Tea Lounge (The Avenues)….2259 7914 Enjoy! …………………2573 7573/2573 9573 En Mexico.....................................9911 1015 L’Entrecote (Al Fanar)..........................2572 9600 Espressamente (Al Hamra)...................2227 0235 Espressamente (The Avenues)................2220 0706 Espressamente (Mall 360)...................2530 9935


Failaka..........................................2393 1000 Falafel Nadia.................................2530 9510 Farah............................................2571 5440 Farhat Egyptian Restaurant...…2266 6645/54 Al Faris Ice Cream and Sweets ..........2571 6639 Fashion Café.................................2226 3111 Fat Burger (Murgab, Kuwait City).................2296 0601 Fat Burger (Spoons, Mahboula)..................2225 3394 Fatateri Al Omdaa..........................2573 6133 Fatayer Ala Al Tayer.........................2265 0503 Fauchon (Avenues)...............................2220 0666 Fauchon (Crowne Plaza).........2473 2100 xtn 7556 Fauchon (Mall 360).............................2530 9620 Fauchon (Salhiya)...............................2299 6446 Figs (Avenues)....................................2220 0698 Figs (Sky Lounge at Mall 360).....................2530 9559 Firin Gluten Free Bakery.................2266 6100 Fish Grill………………….........……2565 2262 Fish Market..................................2241 8876 Fish Palace……………...………....2572 2720 Five Guys (Al Tijaria).......................... 2227 3605 Five Guys (Salmiya).......................... 2227 3606 Al Forno…………...........................2495 4777 The Foundry………………..………..6666 2963 Fresh Bites…………………....…….2575 5170 Frost Gelato………………………....2220 1112 Froyo…………………………..……..2533 8800 Fuddruckers..................................2240 7103 Fusion...................................2241 8901/2/3


Garden Cafe (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)..2226 9666 Garrett Popcorn (Delivery)..….......…..... 2221 4444 The Gathering................................2244 9091 Genki Sushi..................................2299 7933 Ghraoui.........................................2225 3138 Gia...............................................2564 0257 Ginger...........................................2249 5097

Gloria Jeans Coffee……..…………. 2574 9338 Golden Chopsticks.........................2265 6161 Golden Wok Chinese…9442 9773, 9093 9773 Golonar Persian Restaurant...........2226 3163 Great Khan’s Mongolian…..…….…2259 7930 Great Steak and Potato................2575 6443 Green Land...................................2242 4246 Greeno Salad…………..………….. 2262 1099 The Grove Restaurant and Café….9988 3369 Gulf Royal Chinese.......................2262 2556


Al Hambra (Sheraton) ............................183 5555 Hangout Lounge.............................2575 5588 Hanhum........................................2227 0234 Hardee’s.........................................188 8333 Al Harrif Fish..................................2263 7974 Hashem Hashem...........................2264 7202 Haus Café.....................................2247 9371 Health Company………2244 7575 / 2461 0466 Health Stop Café and Grill……..........183 9090 Healthylicious……......................…5066 0017 Healthy Shop Q8..........9773 8578/9696 6647 Heavenly Bagels............................5544 4303 Hello Kitty……………....................2226 3135 Herfy………….......................………180 0444 The Hidden Bakery………...........…5556 6676 Holiday Inn Downtown.....................184 1000 Holiday Inn Express Delivery..........2232 9018 Homeslice......................................184 2887 Housney Restaurant......................2256 1006 Humbah Burger..............................2491 1115 Humble Burger(Ardhiya/Fintas/Shaab)..........2390 0122


Ice cream World…………….....…...2566 3638 IHOP (1st Avenue - The Avenues)....................2228 3874 IHOP (The Mall – The Avenues)…............….2228 3112 IHOP (Divonne)…….............……………2220 6125 IHOP (Jabriya)……...........………….2221 4862/66 IKEA restaurant................................184 0408 Il Centro........................................2232 9014 Indigo.........................2266 0300/2266 0500 Italo’s...........................................2259 7342


J’s Bakery………....................…....2535 0640 Jacket Potato……......................….2265 0509 Jade Garden Chinese................2572 1040 Jamawar (Crowne Plaza Hotel)...................2475 7775 Jamawar (Holiday Inn Salmiya)….............….184 7777 Jambarina.....................................2561 4855 Jar (Sahara)...................................9722 5072 Jar (Avenues)................................9553 8718 Al Jawad Catering Centre...............2565 7776 Jean’s Grill....................................2571 9621 445

Joe’s……………...........................……2220 0868 Johnny Rockets Hotline.........................184 4144 Juiced……………………...............……5554 1207 Juju’s Cupcakes.................................2572 2999 Junkyard (The Village, Al Hamra, Ardhiya)......2390 1022/33


KDD Home Delivery...............................180 2277 Kabab-ji................................................186 1616 Kababek……………...................…….. 9940 0434 Kafe Lavicka………..................……….2296 0666 Kalha.................................................2575 1751 Kanafani..............................................180 0555 Al Kara................................................ 2205 4220 Karak Gholam...................................2232 2286 Kareem……..............…2261 5902 / 6666 0412/3 Kateh...............................2205 0277/9696 2817 Katsuya..........................................2228 3195/6 Kazoo & More…………………….......… 2226 0010 Kebbeh w Kabab….........……......……..2473 9110 Kei Japanese (J.W.Marriott)..........................2242 2650 KFC......................................................188 8666 Khaneen (Mahboula/Mubarakiya/Murouj)...........................185 0005 The Kitchen(Ardhiya)............................2239 0150 The Kitchen(Shaab)............................2263 9814 The Kitchen(Mahboula)..........................2239 3037 Kitchen Art……….....……2255 2233/2252 5143 Koji....................................................2246 1882 Kono Pizza…………......………..……....9900 0054 Kosebasi (The Avenues)...…....................…2220 1910 Kosebasi (Jabriya)….....…………..………..2531 0491 Koshari Joha......................................2263 2699 Kout Way......…………….........…………9400 6767 Knafet Geddi….....…………........……. 2564 9999 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.....…....………..182 4040 Kurdo...........................................2574 0004


La Baguette..................................2573 3777 La Brasa........................................2232 2230 La Maison Du Café......................2572 7227 La Mamma (Four Points).......................183 5555 La Marina.....................................2242 6672 La Piazza......................................2242 6639 La7m 3al Fa7m….........……………2573 1800 Lamar (Millennium Hotel & Convention Centre).......2205 0505 Layali Al Helmiya...........................2263 5670 Layali Al Khayyam............................184 7847 Lazio………………….....................2545 6700 Le Brasserie (J.W. Marriott) ...............2245 5550 Le Notre........................180 5050/9933 3100 Le Pain Qoutidien.............................182 1212 Le Petit Patisserie Kuwait……………9933 5499 Le Sushi Bar..................................2227 0300 Le Tarboush (Sheraton Hotel)...................183 5555 Leil Nhar..................................2259 7848/49 Leila (The Avenues/Cube Mall/Salhiya Plaza).............187 7771 446

Let’s Popcorn………........……….....9667 7677 Library Cafe (MillenniumHotel&ConventionCentre) ...2205 0505 Life with Cacao (Mall 360)...................2530 9909 Life with Cacao (Avenues)...................2220 0762 Life with Cacao (The Promenade) .............2225 6415 Life with Cacao (The M2 Salhiya) .............2299 6970 Life with Cacao (West Mishref) .............2539 5421 Light Options…………....………...9779 7052/4 Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Centre.............2574 7086 Lino’s Coffee……….......................2259 7168 Little Ruby’s(Sharq)….............……2220 0099 Little Ruby’s(Salmiya)..............……2575 6239 Living Colors................................2225 4555 Living Room Lounge......................2224 4653 Lobster Lake……….........……. 2571 3072/73 Lo Fat...........................................2225 0650 Lord of the Wings (Discovery Mall)………..2291 3614 Lord of the Wings (The Village)………...2390 7548 Lorenzo.........................................2240 0737 Lou Café…………................………6066 0033 Love.......……………................… 2220 6414 The Lounge (Al Bida’a)..........................2225 3175 The Lounge (Marina Mall)......................2224 4787 Luna (Symphony Style Hotel).......................2577 0000


Magnolia Bakery...........................2227 0285 Madame Sucre…..……9951 5599 / 6763 3667 Maharani (Fahaheel)............................2545 6969 Maharani (Farwaniya)............................2472 5558 Maharani (Salmiya).............................2572 1717 Mais Alghanim..............................2225 1155 Mais Alghanim (To Go)….…...………….182 1155 Mais Al Reem.......................2573 6220/ 6221 Maki (Avenues)...................................2259 7122 Maki (Burj Jassem)................................2290 1010 Maki (Marina Waves)..............................2224 4560 Maki (Salhiya)....................................2247 9721 Maki (Delivery)....................................2290 1000 Mama’s Kitchen.............................9444 4911 Manaeesh Am Darweesh……….…2266 6672 Man’Oushe…………….......………...183 8303 Marble Slab..................................2393 0202 Margherita (The Gate Mall)......................2228 1478 Marina Thai...................................2242 0620 Marroosh......................................2572 7381 Al Marsa (Le Royale).........................2251 0999 Al Mayass.....................................2573 8089 McDonald’s.....................................187 8787 Mearmisha (Al Shaab).........2261 5234/9918 9890 Meat Co. ......................................2530 9696 Meduse at Il Terrazzo......................2573 4247 Meem (Mall 360).................................2530 9551 Meem (Al Hamra Tower)...........................2227 0265 Meem (The Avenues).............................2259 7342 Melenzane....................................2226 3112 Meli Melo (Shaab)..............……......2266 1520/1

Meli Melo (Abu Hasaniya)..…...........…….2390 1902 Meryan………………...……….2573 0111/333 Meywa............................................188 8848 Mijana…………..........…………2393 0303/04 Mint (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)........2226 9666 Mo’men Kuwait…..................……….182 7700 Morelli’s Gelato..............................2259 7296 Moti Mahal Delux..........................2266 7050 Mr. Chow.....................................2563 8544 Mr. Baker (Keifan)..............................2482 9822 Mr. Baker (Salmiya)............................2573 2250 Mr. Flame.......................................2221 5224 Mr. Greek.......................................2266 4433 Mr. Juicer………………..2535 0066 / 9665 7222 Mr. Subs & Wraps...........................2535 4253 Mrs. Fields…………..........………….6560 3637 Mrs. White’s Place…………………..2224 4088 Mughal Mahal................................2242 5132 Al Muhaisen Palace……....…………2265 9824 Al Muhallab (The Palms) ..........................182 4060 Munch (Catering).................................6766 2927 Munch (Dar AlAwadhi)............................2232 2747


Naif Restaurant...............................180 8777 Napket..........................................2259 7755 Naranj (Olympia Mall, Salmiya)....................2226 8666 Naranj (Hilton Resort, Mangaf)................... 2225 6214 Naz (Delivery).......................................180 8080 Nestle Toll House……........………..2228 2444 New York Friez & Burger (Delivery)............2227 7555 Nino...............................................188 0010 Nino (Catering)……………..2254 2900/9696 2748 Noodles........................................2571 2233 Al Noukhaza (Abu Halifa)…...................2373 3377 Al Noukhaza (Crowne Plaza)….............…2475 7775 Al Noukhaza (Zone, Shaab)…..........……182 3888 Al Noukhaza (Al Shaab Al Bahary)...............182 3888 Al Noukhaza (Crowne Plaza Hotel).............2474 2000 Al Noukhaza (Mangaf)..........................2373 3388 November and Co..........................2227 5955

O Oishii Sushi...............2264 4440/5551 1332 Olio (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa).........2226 9666 Olive Garden (Avenues)......................2230 0532 Oliversan......................................2290 1051 Oliversan (Delivery)………..........……..2290 1050 The One Café................................2224 4511 Open Flame Kitchen (b + f)………..2530 9990/1 Opera...........................................2533 9605 Organica Cafe...............................2532 5982 Orio Milane............................2371 2666/777 Osaka...........................................2263 7332 Ovo Bar ........................................2227 217/2


P. F. Chang’s (The Avenues)...2228 3763/2228 3765

P. F. Chang’s (Al Corniche)……................2562 5051 Palm Palace...................................2575 6331 Palmerie (The Palms)..............................182 4060 Panda House Fusionz…2225 1955 / 5595 1114 Papa John’s.....................................182 7272 Pastamania………..........……………182 8585 Paul (Avenues).....................................2259 7044 Paul (Al-Kout Mall, Fahaheel)........................2393 0302 Paul (Rotunda, Marina Mall)........................2224 4599 Paul (Al-Mubarak Street, Marina Mall)...............2224 4588 Peacock (Radisson SAS).........................2575 6000 Pei Wei..........................................2221 4444 Pepper (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)......2226 9666 Peppe’s Pizza.................................2574 4442 Pescado Restaurant………....……….183 0083 Phuket Thai Restaurant…...………...2571 4805 PianoPiano….25711263/4/22620880/97977656 Pick-Yo……………………................2247 4888 Pinkberry (Delivery)……….................... 2221 4444 PitaPita……............………………..6076 0868 Pizza Express (Delivery)........................2221 4444 Pizza Hut..........................................181 5050 Pizza Milano...................................2227 0303 Pizzeria Amami...............................2577 0733 Pizzeria Cucina..............................2224 4973 Pizzetta (Seif)...................................2245 8292 Popcornopolis……..………............2223 0111 Popeyes……………………...............184 8080 Posh Café.....................................2530 9600 Potbelly Sandwich Shop (Delivery)........2221 4444 PQ - Le Pain Quotidien (Marina Crescent)......2224 2424 Prime & Toast (Al-Seif)......................2241 1251/2 Prime & Toast (Al Bida’a)……………….2225 3131 Prime & Toast (Marina Walk)...……..…..2226 4530 Proper Sliders(Ardhiya/Mahboula/Shaab).......2239 1903


Q At The Yard............................. 2249 5067/8 Qasr Al-Agha…….....................2474 7798 / 89 Quzi Express……....................6069 3990 / 220


Real Veal Burger…………….......…....182 0022 Rajdhani Palace….…2474 3333 / 2475 4444 Red Lobster (Avenues)..........................2220 0530 Al Reef Al Lebnani ...........................2574 4744 Regency Gourmet...........................2576 6666 Le Relais De L'entrecote……………2259 7892 Rib-Eye Steakhouse (Crowne Plaza).........2475 7775 Rib-Eye Steakhouse (Holiday Inn Salmiya)…..184 7777 Riccardo (Sheraton Hotel).........................183 5555 Rice..............................................2259 7703 Rice Pudding Factory......................5547 9001 Rio Churrascaria...........................2226 0788 Roche..........................................2532 5277 Rock House Sliders……2265 6318 / 2382 4215 Rohr Chocolates…………........……2226 8665

Royal Terrasse…………........………2575 7446 Ruby Tuesday.................................2244 4454 Ryoog...........................................2263 9378


Sabah wu Masa..............................2530 9955 Sabaidee (Mahboula)...........................6592 5355 Sabaidee (Mangaf).............................6996 6161 Sabaidee (Salmiya)............................6996 6165 Sabaidee (Fintas)..............................6996 6163 Sable Sweets..................................182 2226 Sahuaro Catering........9966 2020/9748 6888 Sakura (Abu Halifa)...............................2373 1088 Sakura (Crowne Plaza).............................2475 7775 Sakura (Holiday Inn, Salmiya)........................184 7777 Sakura Express (Layla Gallery)................2571 4242 Sakura (Mall 360)...............................2530 9940 Sakura (The Zone).................................182 3888 Sajco…………………2225 1555 / 9441 1888 Salad Boutique.............................. 2292 1355 Salad Creations.........................2225 7914/5 Salmani Palace.............................2240 4747 Salt (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)…….2226 9666 Al Samadi......................................2481 8984 Samboosa Box….…....2247 7077/9774 6626 Al Sanawbar....................................184 7847 Sandawicha....................................188 8848 Saso Restolounge (Sharq)..............2247 6851/2 Saso Restolounge (Abu Halifa).............2371 9936 Satchi...........................................2391 2137 Sauce…………….….........…………5045 0473 Saveco……...............…182 1050 / 9662 1778 Sawah...........................................2259 7701 Sayadeia.......................................2242 1231 Sbarro..........................................2574 3180 Scoop A Cone (Catering).......................9727 6602 Scoop A Cone...............................2257 4508 Sea Breeze (Safir International).................2253 3000 Second Cup..................................2573 1671 Segafredo.....................................2232 2727 Semsom.......................................6002 2150 Seventy Seven Bakery...2241 8224 / 9991 8224 Shabestan (Crowne Plaza Hotel).................2475 7775 Shebastan (Mall 360)…..........…………2530 9720 Shebastan (The Zone Complex, Shaab)…..……182 3888 Shahrayar (Sheraton).............................183 5555 Shake Shack (2nd Avenue -The Avenues)......2223 3711 Shake Shack (Grand Avenue -The Avenues)......2228 3051 Shake Shack (Al Fanar Mall Salmiya)..........2574 0603 Shake Shack (Jabriya)…….....…………2221 4860 Shake Shack (The Gate Mall)……......…..2208 1238 Shalaweet.....................................2266 3244 Shanghai Chinese…….............2261 9909/10 Shatea Al Watyia...........................2242 2077 Shater Abbas.............................2242 0030/1 Shawarma-Matic............................2225 6444 Shawarma Shuwaikh.......................6636 6612

Shay W Nanaa................................2245 2055 Shrimpy...........................................180 2662 Shrimpy Grill....................................182 4050 Shrimz Seafood……...........………..2225 0033 Shuffle……………..…. 55717133 / 22230813 Shumoa Al Salmiya........................2575 7050 Silk and Spice..............................2393 0093 Silk Road.....................................2576 6666 Slice...............................................6700 9974 Slider Station.................................2246 5047 Smashburger (Mahboula)......................5503 4111 Smashburger (Mishref Coop).......2537 8596/97/98 Smashburger (Salmiya)........................5083 3743 Smashburger (The Village).....................2390 1591 Smoke House................................9734 0070 Socrates Bakery.……2262 9416 / 2262 9406 Sokarah………........................…….2227 7222 Solo Pizza Napulitana......................9443 4104 Solo Churros…….……6999 6027 / 2296 0097 Solo Taco………........………............2247 4748 Soul & Spice...................................2299 7000 Spice Club.....................................2530 9512 Spice Tree Restaurant…….......…....2228 1515 Sprinkles Cupcakes (Delivery)...............2221 4444 Starbucks…………....…..............….182 1212 Stone Grill.....................................2572 0848 Subway.............................................184 9999 Sugar & Spice….....…2481 0565 / 2482 1483 Sukai Restaurant……...............……..183 0083 Sultan Chef…….....................……..2296 8006 Sunny Side Up…….........….............2246 3431 Supreme Delivery............................2575 8850 Sushi Club……………............…......2571 2144 Sweer Sour..................6047 7885/5581 9885


t-Lounge by Dilmah (Avenues)....................2220 0722 t-Lounge by Dilmah (Gate Mall)..................2205 6253 Al Tazij...........................................2265 5000 Taal...........................................2225 3142/3 Tabkh Alfreej…….........………..2263 2060/70 Taco Bell (Delivery)................................183 4040 Tagine.............................................182 4060 Tang Chao.....................................2576 0666 Tasty Food.......................................2229 9333 Tatami.....................................2225 1266/65 Tea Lounge (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)......2226 9666 Teatro (Hilton)....................................2372 5500 Terrace Grill (J.W.Marriott).......................2245 5550 Texas Roadhouse............................2228 3118 Teavana (Gate Mall).................... 2208 1234/35 Teavana (Grand Avenue)............ 2228 3061/62 TGIFridays(GulfRoad)……....…..........2254 4306 TGI Fridays (Marina Crescent)………....2574 7517 TGIFridays(TheAvenues)….................2259 7240 TGIFridays(Mahboula)…….................2225 1347 TGIFridays(AlBida'a)…….…...............2226 3122 447

TGI Fridays (Jabriya)………….…..........2531 0257 TGI Fridays (Gate Mall)…………........2205 6311 TGI Fridays (Mangaf)………….…....... 2228 2769 TGI Fridays (Jahra)………….…...........2456 0448 Tikka................................................182 2833 Tim Hortons....................................2259 7224 Toasted……………..........................5027 7443 Torero.............................................9494 5904 Triangle…………………2547 1313 / 5083 8483 Turkish Grill.......................................184 7455


UGrill Café…....……...….2226 8668/50981616 Ubon (Kuwait City).............................2226 0848 Ubon (Murouj).................................. 2239 1617 Ubon Delivery……...............….……2226 0787 Upper Crust Pizzeria (Delivery)...............182 1872 Urban Cafe.....................................2244 4432


V Garden……...............2299 7921 / 2299 7922 Va Boca.........................25731448/25731442 Vapiano..........................................2259 7171 Veranda at Harvey Nichols................2228 3141 Versus by Versace Caffe................2227 0330 Viaggio............................................2475 7775 Villa Fayrouz...................................2265 2030 Villa Fayrouz Express......2575 5527/2575 5532 The Vine Restaurant........................2225 4055 Vivel Patisserie (Avenues).....................2259 7287 Vivel Patisserie (Salhiya)......................2244 0004


Waffle & Steak………...............…....2373 3433 Wasabi (Al Bida’a)..........................2225 3112 Wasabi (The Avenues).....................2259 7880 Wasabi (Mahboula).........................2373 0061 Waterlemon…………................……2299 7666 White Vanilla………..................……2243 0067 Wings N’ More……..............………. 2573 1357 Wok & Go.......................................2220 2225 Wok Hay…………........................….2226 4526 Wok Master Chinese….....…………..2575 0081 Wok n Roll (Avenues)............................2259 7046 Wok n Roll (Jabriya).............................2531 4240


Yaldez Palace………….…................2245 5212 Yellow Lemon Breakfast & Bakery……2565 0502 Yin Yang (Hilton)...................................2371 6113 Yuba...............................................2297 0022 Yummy Treats……….…5070 0540 / 5501 7668


Zaatar Express…………………….....2573 2442 Zaatar W Zeit....................................180 0333 Zaika…………….............................2562 9898 448

Zafran..........................2575 0647/9728 1007 Zahr El Laymoun (Mall 360)...................2530 9511 Zahr El Laymoun (The Avenues)................2259 7422 Zahra Café ....................................2571 7064 Zeitouna....................................2249 7833/44


10.0h.8………………………............2247 9371


Al Rifai..............................................183 3383 Castania (2nd Avenue - The Avenues)..…….….2228 3271 Castania (The Souk – The Avenues)……..…..2228 3074 Garrett Popcorn……............………..2221 4444 Go Coco Drinks…..............………...5556 6676 Nespresso......................................2492 2600 Prime Cuts......................................2575 4758 Rare Cuts........................................6963 4225 Raw Coconut Water…………………..2225 0174 Re-Cleanse.....................................9911 5662 Saveco.........182 1050/2228 7700/9662 1778 Wholesome Foods by Saveco.........2205 3280/1 Sultan Center...................................2226 4458 Talabat.com....................................2227 6000 tow9eel.com.....................................182 1010


Dean & Deluca.................................2208 0777 Johnny Rockets Catering…….………9696 2727 KASCO............................................2434 6666 KLC Catering...................................5553 0050 Lazurd Catering...............................2433 6633 Mais Alghanim Catering...................2225 1155 Mama’s Kitchen..............................9444 4911 Mearmisha Catering.....2261 5234/2372 2580 Naranj Catering….....…………………2226 8666 Nino Catering……………2254 2900/9696 2748 pure by RED catering........5554 3000 / 5556 6676 Q At The Yard..................................9722 8281 RED Catering................5554 3000 / 5556 6676


Please send an email to: info@bazaar-magazine.com and tell us about it, so we can include it in next year’s guide. Happy Dining!


Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance...............112 Coastguard.................................2574 3333 Sultan Catering.............. 9972 8416/6046 0620 Tayebat...........................................2433 2461 Zahrat Al Madaen...........................2264 1800


Carrier Kuwait Air Conditioning............2481 9733


Air Arabia.....................2225 4071/2220 6356 Air France................................2247 1356/7/8 Air India...................................... 2245 6700 American Airlines.........................2208 7425/6 British Airways..................................180 2777 Egypt Air.........................................2246 0956 Emirates Airlines……..................1800 777 3999 Gulf Air...........................................2224 3868 Jazeera Airways..............................2228 2040 KLM...............................................2242 5747 Kuwait Airways......................2434 8888 Lufthansa.......................................2228 5886 Malaysian Airlines.......................2228 4763/4 Oman Air.......................................2297 0280 Qatar Airways..................................2290 1710 Royal Jordanian……………..….2292 3017 Thai Airways....................................2242 5870 Turkish Airways………....…………1884 918


Boushahri Art Gallery.......................2571 4883 Contemporary Art Platform (CAP).…..2492 5636 Dar Al Funoon.................................2243 3138 FA Gallery........................................2249 8999 Karizma Art Gallery..........................2246 1249 Sultan Gallery..2471 4325 xtn 110/6097 0001


Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait........................189 9899 Ahli United Bank (AUB)......................181 2000 Boubyan Bank...................................182 0082 Burgan Bank.....................................180 4080 Commercial Bank of Kuwait................188 8225 Gulf Bank.........................................180 5805 Kuwait Finance House………...……..2244 5050 Kuwait International Bank……....…….186 6866 National Bank of Kuwait.....................180 1801

Warba Bank……………...............……182 5555


OSN.................................................180 7007


Nissan, Renault, Citreon/Al Babtain....182 6000 Mercedes/Al Bisher and Al Kazemi Group............. .......................................................183 3111 Mitsubishi/Al Mulla.................2225 0888/999 BMW, Mini Coopers, Landrover/Ali Al Ghanim and Sons................................................184 6464 Porsche, VW/Behbehani Motors........187 0870 Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini/Fouad Alghanim and Sons................................................181 1118 Toyota/Al Sayer and Sons..................180 3803 Chevrolet, Saab, Opel/Yusuf Alghanim and Sons................................................188 1111


Al Mulla.......................2491 5780/2491 Al Sayer............................................180 Araba………………………….....……180 Avis...............................................2474 Europcar…………………………….2473 Hertz.............................................2496 National Car Rental.........................2496

5763 3803 0007 5528 5626 7249 1521


Viva..........................................................102 Ooredoo....................................................121 Zain..........................................................107


Aramex.............................................182 DHL ................................................180 Fedex...............................................180 Shop and Ship..................................182


Bahrain..........................................2531 Brazil.............................................2537 Canada..........................................2256 Egypt.............................................2251 France...........................................2258 Germany.........................................2252 India..............................................2253 Iran................................................2256 Italy................................................2535 Lebanon.........................................2256

0011 8345 2233 0011

8530 8560 3025 9955 2020 0827 0600 1084 6010 2103

Morocco.........................................2531 2981 Netherlands...................................2531 2650 Oman............................................2256 1957 Philippines.....................................2251 1806 Qatar..............................................2251 3606 Romania.........................................2484 5079 Sri Lanka........................................2533 9140 Saudi Arabia………………...………..2255 0021 Syria..............................................2539 6559 Tunisia...........................................2252 6261 Turkey.............................................2256 4029 UAE................................................2252 8544 UK.................................................2259 4320 USA...............................................2259 1001


Aqua Park.......................................2243 1960 Cinescape (KNCC)............180 3456 (180 FILM) Desert Biking..................................2482 4741 Entertainment City...........................2487 9545 Green Island...................................2252 6153 Hunting & Equestrian Club...2473 9199/2471 7271 Ice Skating Rink..........................2241 1151/2 Khiran Resort.................................2395 1122 Kuwait Tourism…………………...….…180 6806 Nuzha Touristic Yacht Trips.........2575 5825/35 Paintball.........................................2243 1101 Scientific Centre................................1848 888 Sha’ab Leisure Park........................2561 3777

GOVERNMENT CLINICS AND HOSPITALS Allergy Hospital...............................2484 9252 Al Amiri Hospital...........2245 0080/2245 0005 Al Jahra Hospital…………………......2457 5360 Al Razi Orthopaedic Hospital............2484 6000 Al Sabah Hospital............................2481 5000 Blood Bank....................2533 6538/533 9511 Burns Centre..................................2484 0300 Cancer Control Centre.....................2484 9100 Chest Diseases Hospital.................2484 9400 Gastroenterology…………..….……..2245 0080 Ibn Sina Hospital.............................2484 0300 Infectious Diseases...............2487 0133/0469 Kidney Center……………...…………2484 0027 Maternity Hospital………...….2484 3100/2100 Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital.............2531 2700 Psychiatric Hosptial………...…….....2484 3900 449

HAIRDRESSERS & BEAUTY SALONS Brush Salon……………...…………...2253 2006 Jacques Dessange.......2264 1111/2245 3838 N Style Nail Lounge….………...…….2571 9050 Soho...........................2390 2077 /96626824 Toni & Guy (Al Corniche)...................2225 1285


Crowne Plaza Hotel........2474 2000/184 8111 Courtyard Marriott Hotel..................2299 7000 Four Points Sheraton........................1835 555 Hilton Kuwait Resort.....2225 6222/2372 5500 Holiday Inn Salmiya….....……………2576 0000 Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort & Spa...2226 9600 JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City............2245 5550 Kuwait Continental Hotel..................2252 7300 Kuwait Palace Hotel.........................2571 0301 Marina Hotel Kuwait........................2223 0030 Millennium Hotel & Convention Centre... 2205 0505 Movenpick Hotel.............................2461 0033 The Palms Beach Hotel and Spa...2564 6266/182 4060 Radisson SAS Hotel........................2575 6000 The Regency………….........………..2576 6666 Residence Inn by Marriott….......…..2299 7100 Ritz Sharq Boutique........................2249 9911 Rotana Hotel..................................2393 1000 Safir Airport Hotel...........................2227 1000 Safir Hotel & Residences................2545 5555 Safir Heritage Village, Failaka...2252 0600/22244988 Safir International Hotel...................2253 0000 Sheraton Hotel................................2242 2055 Swiss Inn Plaza Hotel......................2243 6686 Symphony Style Hotel..................... 2577 0000


FastTelco..........................................188 6666 Gulf Net............................................181 6666 Quality Net........................................180 8888


Al-Hashemi Marine Museum.............2575 6000 Bait Al-Bader Est.............................2242 9158 Bayt Al-Qurain.................................2543 0343 Bayt Lothan…………………....……..2575 5866 Dar Al Athar Al Islamiya....................2240 0992 Historical, and Classic car museum........2481 9186 House of Mirrors………….......……..2251 8522 KOC Display Centre.........................2398 2393 Kuwait House of National Works...2484 5335/6336 Kuwait National Museum...2243 2620/2240 4862 Moh'd Al-Shaybani Museum..........2532 0900/1 Popular Traditional Museum.............2242 9158 Sadu House...................................2243 2395


Tareq Rajab Museum......................2531 7358 The Free Atelier.....................2241 6549 x 101 The Museum of Modern Art...... 2246 8348/54


Civil Defense Operations...................1804 000 Consumer Protection.......................2572 0252 Electricity - Urgent Repairs ..............2571 1130 Kuwait Airport….................. 161 or 2431 9829 Kuwait Dar Real Estate....................2240 4888 Ministry of Communications.............2481 9033 Ministry of Health.......................................150 Sabaek Pest Control........................2574 1115 Telephone - Urgent Repairs..............2571 0000 Directory Enquiries.....................................101


Al Corniche Club……….............……2563 6398 Curves For Women (Hotline)….……..2226 1739 Edge Fitness Center (Holiday Inn)…..2576 0950 Flex Health Club..............................2252 2006 Hypoxi - La Femme Gym...................2492 5666 Inspire Pure Fitness.....................2226 3151/2 The Palms Beach Club……...2564 6266 Ext: 66 Pilates and More………………….....2220 7123 Pineapple Fitness Centre.................2262 2100 The Yoga Center…………….........….2296 0602


AAW - Broyhill………………........…….180 4449 Au Nom De La Rose (Al Arjan)..........2225 3157 Au Nom De La Rose (Salmiya)…...…2227 7180 Au Nom De La Rose (Al Tilal)............2225 5998 Bosch (Farwaniya)...........................2226 1720 Bosch (Al Rai).................................2226 1890 Bosch (Sun City).........................2224 1226/7 Bosch (Shuwaikh)...........................2226 1700 Centrepoint.....................................2473 4160 IKEA.................................................1840 408 Mabrook Hotel Supplies (Al Rai).......2475 3957 Mabrook Hotel Supplies (Salmiya)....2573 7428 Mabrook Hotel Supplies (Shuwaikh)..2482 8530 Nespresso......................................2492 2600 Safat Home……..............…………….183 8883 Saveco……..................………………182 1050 Siemens (Farwaniya)………...……… 2226 1720 Siemens (Al Rai)……...............…….2226 1890 Siemens (Sun City)......................2224 1227/6 Siemens (Shuwaikh)……............…..2226 1700 The ONE.........................................2224 4511 The Sultan Center............................2434 3155 True Value......................................2483 3168 Williams-Sonoma………..........……..2228 3101

THEATRES Abdulaziz Hussein Cultural Centre......1804 500 Al-Tahreer Theatre...........................2481 3376 Kuwait Elizabethans........................2563 1725 Kuwait Little Theatre.......................2398 2680 Kuwait Players................................2562 5316 Kuwait Public Theatre......................2481 6222 Sha’ab Theatre......................2561 3777 x 228 The Kuwait Theatre..........................2572 0983

TRAVEL AGENCIES Alghanim Travel.................................1802 112 Al Raya Travel and Tourism...............2262 9999 Al Shamel Travel and Tourism...........2240 6675 Barakat Travels...............................2240 1011 Jumbo Tours and Travel...................2243 4962

PRIVATE CLINICS & HOSPITALS Al Rashid Hospital...........................2562 4000 Al Salam Hospital............................2253 3177 Dar Al Shifa Hospital.......1802 555/2280 2555 Hadi Hospital.....................................1828282 International Clinic..........................2574 5111 New Mowasat Hospital....................2572 6666 International Vet Hospital.................2326 1421

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