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This issue of bazaar brings more local gems; from people to places – if it’s happening, we’ll find it. Get up close and personal with Dari AlHuwail, who’s expanding Hashtag and its vision to more than just great burgers. With his PlusOne initiative, free meals are made available to those unable to afford quality, delicious food. We’re kicking off the September season with a post-Ramadan weightloss regimen explained by fitness guru Yousef AlQanai, so if you’ve piled on those Ramadan kilos, have no fear! For that much needed mental exercise, get your creative juices flowing with some inspired fiction pieces brought to you by Craig Loomis and Emma Abdullah. Don’t miss her remarkable fiction piece, exploring the human experience in Different Shoes, (what a talent at such a young age!) And, of course, it wouldn’t be an issue of bazaar without a restaurant review, which led us to the strangely intriguing green door of recently opened Haus Café, where a world of delicious flavors awaits your discovery. On a final note, we have started to work on the 2013 bazaar dining and delivery guide, so if you are about to open a restaurant or café, or know someone else who is, or are a chef, or foodie and want to be featured in the guide, please get in touch with us soon, since we would love to hear from you.

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Yusra Ahmad

Back to life, back to reality! A timeless song by Soul II Soul that perfectly reflects how most of us feel these days. Summer is over, Ramadan is over, the Eid holiday is over, and it’s back to work, back to college, back to school, and back to the mind-numbing routine that we all fall into here. But don’t despair – there is a lot to look forward to over the next few months: The Avenues phase three is about to open with a ton of new restaurants and new clothing brands, the weather is going to get a lot better soon, and we can look forward to people-watching while sitting outdoors, we have another big Eid holiday coming up in October, and, you can (almost) start day-dreaming about your Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Oh, and let’s not forget the parliamentary elections coming up in October. That’s always a fun time, to say the least!

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Is it right to broadcast our children’s photos without their consent? Should our digital selves outlive our actual selves? Our resident geek gets to grips with the notion of our digital selves and what it means to leave digital footprints.

A chat with Moodhi Al Ghanim will leave you wanting more art and design, as her vision of artistry and graphic design unveils a raw talent for inimitable work in the field of branding and creative development.

Check out our exclusive interview with the one and only Anna Dello Russo as she discusses fashion, magazines, her fabulous collaboration with H&M and her inspiration behind visualizing the bespoke accessories collection.

Anthony Rahayel, Lebanon’s international food blogger, is fast gaining a name for himself in the world of culinary critique. His no-nonsense, honest reviews and great images make his blog a must-read for all you foodies out there.

Henry Saliba journals his mountaineering feat as he treads the heights of Huascaran Sur in Peru to raise contributions for the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon. Read the accounts of his ups and down all in the name of charity and adventure.





If you have a knack for sewing or a talent for arts and crafts, then Ananasa is the space for you! A regional trading website for hidden gems of talent, meet the creative duo behind this concept, Zaina and Rania Kana’an.

We’re kicking ourselves for not coming up with this idea first! One website that brings together the best bakeries and florists Kuwait has to offer. The genius lies in its simplicity. We’re only slightly concerned cakes will now be too easy to come by.












From the talented hands of Indonesian artisans and delivered to your own home, the Lost Island offers luxurious handmade pots and planters to suit the most discerning of tastes to make that garden refurbishment project a memorable one.

Too many social media accounts and not enough time? Check out our brand new page to show you what’s on, online: we’re liking, tweeting, pinning and sharing, so don’t waste an instant and start sharing with us, you might get a mention next month!

Taking the concept of daydreaming to virtual realities, this is a blog that is inspired by endings to start new beginnings. Following these guys' posts will keep you smiling, meet the original daydreamers as they share their stories with bazaar.

Goji Boutique starts the fall season with a bang! New designer arrivals to update your wardrobe with stylish pieces to suit every look! Only a click away, the September line-up will surely feed that neverending hunger for fashion.

There’s a lot happening behind the green door in Sharq. bazaar went dining to check out the latest concept from the folks over at 10.Oh.8 and we weren’t disappointed. Find the green door and step inside for tasty treats and awesome milkshakes!


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up close and personal A BURGER, PLUS ONE Dari AlHuwail By bazaar staff

You’ve already heard of Dari AlHuwail. We recently covered his restaurant Hashtag, the tiny place with the great burgers in Kuwait City. As you’ll discover though, there’s a lot more to this man than merely burgers. After studying at the University of Arizona, Dari was later motivated to set up Hashtag with his dear friend (and owner of Solo Pizza Napulitana) Amr AlRefai. By doing so he wanted to gain practical business experience but also to emphasize the important social impact that businesses have towards their community. He finds trying to please all tastes the hardest part about being a restaurant owner but with Hashtag’s motto of ‘Life is Simple… Enjoy it!’ he hopes to convince people that simple is good. He tells me, “There are many great parts to this but the highlights include the connections and different people you meet, the experimentation and creativity, as well as tag-teaming and "partnering in crime!" A participant in LoYAC’s first ever summer program, Dari has always been an active volunteer. It was instilled in him from childhood and LoYAC helped cement this by requiring each student to volunteer their time. He finds happiness for himself by doing so and feels he helps and empowers others too. 30

It was while raising awareness of HIV/AIDS on a volunteering assignment in Zanzibar that Dari got his first diving license and it’s been a major part of his life ever since. “I am proud to be from the ranks of ‘Guardians of the Sea’ serving my country and protecting planet earth,” he says of his involvement with the Kuwait Dive Team joining had been a dream since high school. He’s now involved in marine rescue operations; salvage boatlifting, underwater cleanups, coral reef monitoring and mooring buoy maintenance. He even represented the Kuwait Dive Team at the first TEDx event in Kuwait and hopes to host more events in the near future on issues such as health, environment and youth. How does he manage this balancing act of a life? “I manage my schedule and follow an agenda when my day is packed but every now and then I do become spontaneous and just do something fun as a break! I do live the 7-Habits "Put first things first" and tackle my ‘Big Rocks’ first. One of his ‘big rocks’ at the moment is the PlusOne initiative. Dari says, “It’s an innovative business model that allows my enterprise to engage with the community and give back as part of our daily operations and not a seasonal donation for a charitable cause. It's core to the business!”

The idea was inspired by ‘Draw a Smile’, a charitable campaign led by Ms. Bibi Al-Ayoub. But inspiration was also drawn from something a friend, Mariam AlFaresi, told him. In some European cafes customers would pay for their coffee and pay for another one to be on the wall. Those who can’t afford coffee can walk in and pick one from the wall. The PlusOne website sums up the process; while paying for his/her meal at a PlusOne participating restaurant, the customer may choose to donate KD 1, an amount that the restaurant owner will also provide. The end result would be a full meal that has been paid for by the customer and restaurant. The meal, prepared by the participating restaurant, would be offered to blue-collared workers in Kuwait so they too would enjoy the same quality, delicious food that the customer ordered. For those thinking that this may just be a Ramadan initiative, Dari says, “Certainly not! PlusOne is here to stay, Inshallah. The beauty of it is that it's a creative concept and flexible model that offers support and guidance to any business, but they run the show and are equally involved in it with their customers and the kind hearts that volunteer their time, effort, and skills to PlusOne.” The smile he sees on less fortunate workers on the street when they dig into one of his burgers makes it all worthwhile.

Dari sees a shift in attitudes with more people in Kuwait getting involved in volunteer work. “Many people around us are genuinely kind and want to do good in this world. Some require guidance or hints, others require some hand-holding, but all in all there are many GOOD people!” What does the future hold for Dari AlHuwail? He’s off to the States to do his PhD and hopes to return to a teaching position at Kuwait University. He also wants to see his initiatives grow and even start up a technology firm! I’ll leave you with a phrase Dari encourages you to look up and live by: Dum spiro spero.

bazaar questionnaire: What is your idea of perfect happiness? Doing something adventurous and CRAZY! I can

settle however for an island getaway filled with water sports and activities with family and friends. What is your greatest fear? Not being able to be active in the society or failing to help others. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? This one is a bit difficult, but I think it’s my impatience at times with imperfections. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Some people’s disrespect to time and other people’s time. Which living person do you most admire? There are many honestly that are close to me. From my immediate family: Ma, Dad, and my uncle. Around me are leaders of Kuwait Dive Team, Direct Aid, and LoYAC. What is your greatest extravagance? Probably this would be my persistence and love for volunteerism.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? 3ajeeeb. When were you happiest? I try to be happy all the time, but this would definitely be after a great and tiresome achievement that cost blood and sweat, sometimes literally!! Which talent would you most like to have? Surfing and Sky-Diving … For now! What would you consider your greatest achievement? Alhimdillah I’m proud of all my achievements, but I’m excited for what is yet to come, inshallah. Where would you most like to live? I must say I really like it in our beloved country Kuwait.

If you are a business that wants to get involved or an individual who would like to lend a helping hand to PlusOne visit 31

what's on? September 2012

PEACE DAY The Art Salon, Kuwait, is proud to present an art exhibition for Global Truce 2012, in support of Peace One Day, which will be held at CAP Kuwait (Shuwaikh) on September 21st 2012 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Peace One Day is an international peace day approved by the United Nations. This is the first time POD will be celebrated in Kuwait. Please join The Art Salon on this special day to raise awareness and bring peace, tolerance and global unity to our part of the world. Information about Peace One Day can be found at

LANDSCAPE EXPANDED Contemporary Art Platform and the British Council Kuwait, in partnership with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, are pleased to announce "Landscapes Expanded", a one month residency program that aims to support artists from different backgrounds to explore landscape art in their own practice. The residency program is part of the "Out of Britain" exhibition that will be held at CAP from 17 September 2012 − 25 October 2012. It explores hundred years of British landscape and examines the ways in which artists have engaged with landscape and addressed timeless and fundamental questions about man’s place in the world. The works in the show illustrate individual artist’s attempts to find their place amongst an ever-changing environment where they are often driven to challenge traditional ways of interpreting and framing the landscape. For more information about Out of Britain in Kuwait please visit:

‘OUT OF BRITAIN’: THE EXHIBITION The exhibition Out of Britain brings together, for the first time in Kuwait, over 50 key artworks selected from the British Council Collection, spanning a period of almost one hundred years of creativity by major British artists. The works on display take as a common theme the landscapes of Britain. Visitors to the show – physical or virtual – will be taken on an artist’s tour of parts of this island-nation, not only viewing urban and rural scenes, but also gaining a sense of the encircling coastline and how artists have responded to, and drawn inspiration from, the places in which they have lived. The art reflects how the people of the UK have been influenced by their landscape, what the landscapes say about them, and how in turn they have seen and influenced their surroundings. Out of Britain will be exhibited in Kuwait from 17th September to 25th October 2012 at CAP KUWAIT.


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truth or dare A MOODHI STATE OF MIND A progression of art and design By bazaar staff

When we came about Moodhi Al-Ghanim’s corporate website, StudioAIO. com, we were so intrigued to find out more about the person who’s been delivering some of the coolest designs we’ve seen yet. From photography, graphic design, branding projects to web design and more, the story of Moodhi is one of a definite progression in the realm of art. Although a holder of a degree in finance from Kuwait University, Al-Ghanim might have initially wished to pursue her art abroad, yet found great relief that her degree helped her start her own business. Entering the world of graphic design was a natural step for Al-Ghanim, she adds, “It was a gradual transition from my love of art. Graphic design is an art form, but instead of a blank canvas you have countless mediums to explore, from packaging to web design and all things in between.” This transition led Al-Ghanim to establish Studio AIO (All in One) in March of 2012 after being flooded with work requests from friends and family, she comments. “I wanted nothing more than to do this for a living and to create a design hub for like minded artists. I hope to expand the company and create a haven for artists in Kuwait, which, I believe, are under appreciated at times.” Upon observing her art, one never fails to notice that calligraphy is a prominent theme in her captivating designs; Al-Ghanim believes that Arabic calligraphy is an art form in of itself, that’s also a constant visible aspect in her work, and a source of inspiration that comes from within our culture. Besides creating art, Al-Ghanim loves playing video games. She states, “I’m a die hard fan of all things, Xbox 360, PC MMO games like Guild Wars 2 can officially take over my life. I’m also a technology addict, my workspace looks like something out of The Matrix.” Teaching us that art doesn't have to be just a hobby, Al-Ghanim is excited about her field, welcoming a new challenge with every new client. Besides, this artistic maven loves meeting new people, and helping them create an image for their exciting business ventures. She concludes, “I didn't get the opportunity to study art and that put me off for a while but I decided that I wouldn't let it define me; I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.” How would your mother describe you in one word? Energetic How would you describe your mother in one word? Artistic What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked? 36

"You want buy cat?" I was asked this question in a really thick Arabic accent at the Friday market, because the guy thought I was a foreigner. What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Dog sledding in Alaska. What word in the English or Arabic language do you wish you had invented? Thabab (fog in Arabic) it always sounds like "The Bob" to me. Where would you like to live? What is your dream retirement location? I'd always want to live in Kuwait, there’s no better place than where I am. What is the first famous quote that comes to your mind? “In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!” - Dr.Seuss What animal best describes the kind of partner you’d be interested in? Jaguar. What do you miss about your childhood? Being carefree and blissfully ignorant. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I wouldn't change it, it’s who I am. How would you describe your handshake in one word? Hmm, friendly? What is the toughest part of your character? I’m a perfectionist so I always push myself to be better especially in my work. Who is your favorite historical figure? Walt Disney, he's historical to me. What in the world do you least desire? To cause pain to others. What do you think is lacking in the world, which if there was more of, would make the world a better place? Tolerance of other peoples’ differences. Why do you think most girls/guys like you? Because I'm very laid back and I love to laugh. Finish this sentence: “Happiness is a thing called…” Acceptance For more about Moodhi, visit, or

ANNA DELLO RUSSO EXCLUSIVE ADR talks fashion, the fabulous H&M collaboration, and much more! By bazaar staff

The bespoke collection that we’ve all been waiting for is undeniably Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collaboration, a celebration of fashion and fun that turns every day into a fashionable one. Glistening in gold and vibrant hues of turquoise and orange, this sensational range expresses ADR’s love for ornament, her taste for excess and amusement. “Accessories are vital,” says the legendary fashion icon. “Not only do they allow you to play with fashion however you like, marking your outfits with a personal touch, they are also an essential tool to give new life to what you already have in your wardrobe. Wear a necklace, a bracelet and earrings, hold a clutch and top it all off with a hat, and everything becomes new. Accessories are like vitamins to fashion: you should use them 38

liberally as such.” “There is something feisty and over the top in this collection,” adds Margareta van den Bosh, Creative Advisor, H&M. “Our customers will find it incredibly exciting and extravagant, with a precious vintage feel. Mostly gold, it is truly spectacular: these pieces will give a new life to everyone’s wardrobe. The idea is to have luxury that you can play with, at an affordable price”. The collection features jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and bags. However, its starting point is a suitcase: a turquoise trolley with gilt motifs that will keep you traveling in style. “I wanted to recreate the excitement of the fashion week’s tour, when you enter a dreamy fashion bubble that is almost like a parallel reality. I tried to capture that sense of freedom, joy and excitement. Besides, when we travel we

always want to bring our special pieces with us. I like the idea of a trolley that can contain the whole collection and is complete with a crown-shaped tag and an umbrella: airports will be less grey and impersonal if you bring such a token of travel-ware with you. It’s like a dash of fairy tale magic, or Alice’s white rabbit as a door to a new dimension,” says Anna. The jewelry range itself is a the ultimate statement range; exuberantly Mediterranean in both ornate shapes and shiny colours, slightly surreal thanks to the snakes and crocodiles that coil around neck and wrists, it features gilded chains swarming with pendants, stone earrings with an antique feel and decorative wristbands with the preciousness of real jewels. The same ornamental opulence carries on in the classy clutches: Cucciolina,

Anna’s fashionable dog, makes a cameo appearance in the closure of the turquoise one. For the needs of any aspiring front-row fashionista there are theatrical sunglasses, all gilt frames, chains and animal appliqué, and shoes sporting a trademark stiletto heel, from sandal to thigh-high dominatrix boots. A show-stopping feather hat completes the offer. This festive effort is an ode to fashion as a means to reinvent daily life; the fashion editor lives and breathes fashion as part of her daily routine. “My message is: use accessories like a personal touch, as an amusing way to revitalize your life and wardrobe: you will turn an ordinary day into a sensational fashion weekday,” says Anna. The project also has more personal implications. “Accepting this challenge

has allowed me to give my personal and deeply felt contribution to the rebirth of Japan, a country I am strongly bonded with,” she concludes. While her notes about the collection are editorially thrilling, we couldn’t get enough of the Dello Russo charm, and eagerly asked Anna more questions about the exciting collaboration: How did the idea of collaborating with H&M come about? It all started with a call from them. H&M has always been a forward-thinking company: they have a way to foresee the future, which is incredible. They have been the first to acknowledge the importance of the web in the contemporary fashion scenario. The rise of the fashion blogs and the whole phenomenon of street style photography created a new reality that is hard to be missed. Today, the catwalk and the streets are the parallel arenas where ‘fashion action’ happens: there is a mutual dialogue, which is very

inspiring. I am happy they choose me for this challenging collaboration. After that call, we started working on the collection. I immediately knew I wanted to focus on accessories: because I am not a designer, and because as a stylist I know accessories are essential to get the look. You’ve worked with the world’s best designers throughout your fashion career, how was your experience in collaborating with H&M? It was fantastic. They are very open and put the guest designer at the center, trying to satisfy all requests. The workflow has been very smooth, and I am very happy with the results: H&M created something that is very precious and luxurious to the touch yet comes at a friendly price. What was your favorite part throughout this collaboration? I enjoyed every part of it. Selecting pieces was something familiar for me, as I am a stylist. Seeing the pieces come alive,

instead, was something almost magical: you imagine something, and it turns into something real. What should customers expect to see in the full collection? The collection is onomatopoeic: every piece is like an exclamation mark. Everything is what it is, on a bigger scale: a big necklace, big earrings, bigger bracelets, and the iconic jewel-like clutch. Jewelry is the core of the line, but there is also front-row high-heel shoes, a feathered hat, clutches. It is made of pieces that are precious and joyous; something you want to touch and love. What are the your favorite items from the collection? Many of them: the feathered hat, the snake bracelet, and the high-heel sandals. Every piece in the collection is iconic, but the center of it is the turquoise trolley with golden motifs. It is like a magic shrine: it can contain everything, so that you can have your special pieces with you

when you travel. How do you perceive the fashion industry in the Middle East? I love the sense of decoration of Middle Eastern women. In a way, it is very close to my Mediterranean sensibility. Will we someday see an independent Anna Dello Russo collection? I don’t think so: I have too much respect for designers to think about filling their shoes. I am an editor, and enjoy my role: I make choices. The H&M collaboration is the result of careful editing, in fact. I can’t predict my future, and I love change more than anything else, but I don’t see myself as a designer. The Anna Dello Russo accessories range for H&M will be available from October 4, 2012, at the peak of the global fashion weeks tour, in around 140 H&M stores worldwide and online. For more information, please visit 39


4 6 Teams to compete in the Red Bull Flugtag event this fall By bazaar staff

We simply can’t get enough of Red Bull’s exciting Flugtag events. An event that never ceases to amaze, the Red Bull Flugtag event challenges teams of people like yourselves to build homemade, humanpowered flying machines that could take them to the skids off a 6 meter high ramp. Giving us more entertainment, Flugtag is coming back to Kuwait this October, meaning more imaginative machines, bigger challenges, and even bigger splashes. It’s official, the construction phase for the Red Bull Flug Tag event has taken off! After almost two months since the earlier announcement of the application phase, 46 out of 285 teams are officially, and carefully, selected to get prepared to participate in this October’s 3rd Red Bull Flugtag event in Kuwait. Scheduled to kick off on the 19th of October, the selection process for the participants was not easy feat. A collection of several criteria must be met: innovation, creativity, execution and flying skills. The teams of daredevils and ingénues were finally picked and were given the green light to start building their flying machines for the 3rd Red Bull Flugtag. The selection of participating teams come from the heart of Kuwait with a common goal in-mind: to achieve


their dream of human-powered flight! “Flugtag”, or “flying day” in German, will put all teams to the test, challenging them to launch their homemade flying machines off a six-meter high ramp. In addition to the inspirational ideas, uniqueness of concept, color mixes and artistic reproductions, some designs also displayed high technicalities with clear engineering skills, putting the principles of aviation physics in-action. The pool of teams reflects the local community and its diversities in Kuwait, with members from different nationalities, backgrounds, ages and professions. University students and teachers, corporate employees, aviation faculty students, friends and colleagues, have all put their energies together in aim to fly their handbuilt machines. Simultaneously, and under the haven of Red Bull Flugtag, this is their opportunity to experiment, feed their curiosities and express their passions in realizing the dream of flying in an innovative, witty and fun-loving way. The 46 participating teams will have around 2-months to turn their designs into flying machines, and take-off from Marina Crescent on October 19th, 2012 to fly in the sky before plunging into the water.

So what does it take to be a top Flugtag finisher? Teams are of course judged on how far they go but also on whether or not they can put on a good show – which means creativity and showmanship to please the fans. While folks here will be the newest members of amateur aviators, they follow their earlier Flugtaggers, who spread their wings in Vienna, Austria, for the first time in 1991. Since then, more than 100 Red Bull Flugtags have been held around the world attracting up to 300,000 spectators at one event! The international record for the farthest flight to-date currently stands at 69m set in May 2012 at Red Bull Flugtag Germany. The sky’s the limit on imagination, but being in a competition, there are still a few rules and regulations. First, all flying machines must be entirely humanpowered (no external energy sources or stored power). Second, all crafts must be less than 8 meters wide. And finally, no matter what they say, size does matter – therefore; all crafts must weigh no more than 180 KGs (including the pilot).

For more information, please visit:

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Title: Wind beneath your wings Photographed by: Kerry Sellers Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Description: You think you’re all alone enjoying the water under your board, smelling the salt air, seeing the weather changing every moment, and feeling the power of the wind. Those moments when you are free and at one with your environment yet have some degree of power with it. That perfect moment you were riding the wind like never before. Somebody has captured this moment. You probably would have liked to see this captured moment if you had the chance. But you will never. For your snap submissions, please send an email including the photo with its title, location, and description to

freedom to express 42


Huascaran Sur (South) in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, at 6768m is the highest peak in Peru and the 4th highest in the western hemisphere… a big mountain requiring 5 days to climb (provided you are acclimatized) and two high camps. This was my objective as I set off to South America on June 30. But I also had another, more important, objective for this trip – to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, the foremost cancer research and treatment facility in the Middle East. Nothing is more incredible than the joyful journey of childhood, where dreams are made, and hopefully fulfilled later in life. I consider myself fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for the mountains… but some of these children may not be so lucky; when we are robbed in our youth of the chance to live our life and our dreams, it is a sad moment. With the help of my corporate sponsor ARAMEX, I was hoping to make a small contribution to the formidable fight against this deadly disease. My deepest appreciation goes to them for their contribution. As I flew into Huaraz, the valley town from which our expedition would be based, I got my first glimpse of Huascaran – it was overwhelming… two peaks, straddled by a narrow ridge or col… a sheer mass of ice and snow dominating the horizon and the valley beneath. I would not characterize it as a pretty mountain; it looks like a massive bulge on the horizon, easily dwarfing the surrounding, more graceful peaks. But it was awesome to look at; you couldn’t help but fathom its brutal beauty and impact. To the Inca, it had been a holy mountain, and is still revered, and feared, by the locals. It is both a giver and a taker. In 1970, after a massive earthquake, a section of the north summit broke off and came hurtling down onto the village of Yungay far below - a sliding mass of ice, rock, mud, death, and destruction. At the end of it 25,000 lost their lives. So here I was to climb this behemoth, with another climber, our two guides Ignacio and Willy, expedition cook Carlos, and 3 porters (Cirillo, Paolo, and Taylor). Our route would start at the village of Pashpa, altitude 3000m, 44

and would consist of a base camp at 4700m and two high camps, at 5300m and 5900m. The route between the high camps (camp 1 to camp 2) is the most treacherous part of the climb as it snakes through what is known as the “canaleta” or canal – so called due to its narrow, winding shape, resembling a water canal - only vertical. Because of this constricted shape, the canaleta is an “ice fall” – everything falling from above funnels through it. Depending on conditions, it can be highly technical and onerous, requiring maneuvers through and over numerous crevasses, seracs (over-hanging ice cliffs), and ice walls. Once the ridge above the canaleta is reached, there is a 400 meter traverse through an avalanche zone before reaching the relative safety of the high camp on the col, known as the Garganta (throat in Spanish, again due to its shape). This is an unfriendly place at best – cold, windy, heavily crevassed, and on occasion prone to avalanches. But it does serve as the launching pad for the summit, a further 900 vertical meters above. The first half of this part of the climb is up a 45-55 degree slope, at places steepening to 60-70 degrees and requiring the use of ice tools. At approximately 6400m, the slope gives way to the summit dome, a gently rising, and endless, expanse of snow and ice. The decent is the reverse, through the same terrain. I knew I would have many obstacles ahead of me, least of all the mountain itself. First there was the question of the altitude and the numerous ailments it can cause in the guise of acute mountain sickness (AMS) – should my body not acclimatize properly, it would mean the end of the expedition. Then there was the question of staying generally healthy, and in particular avoiding the debilitating stomach bugs expeditions are notorious for. Being in South America meant exposure to a host of new bacteria I would not be accustomed to. If I managed to surmount these health threats, would I be able to survive camp life – tucked into tiny tents with other climbers for two weeks – little if any privacy… no access to toilets or any of the other small and large comforts of life? Throw in the cold (-20C), howling winds, exhaustion, insomnia,

and general discomfort and camp life becomes almost as challenging as the climb! And of course there was the mountain itself and all that comes with it. Objective hazards – rock fall, avalanches, seracs breaking, bad weather – and real hazards, like falling or losing the route… all had to be reckoned with. I was aware at every moment of these lurking dangers - this was a mountain that had killed people in the past… As with any high altitude peak, tackling the mountain head on is not possible. A program of acclimatization is necessary, both for safety and success. And so I had to spend nine days hiking and climbing other peaks before getting to Huascaran, the general rule being “climb high and sleep low”. This meant that as time wore on I would gradually gain higher and higher elevations getting my body accustomed to the change in pressure. But it also meant depleting precious energy before I even set foot on the mountain. Huascaran itself entails a strenuous approach and a total vertical gain of 3800m – no small feat at high altitude! We set off on July 9 from the small town of Pashpa with its dusty roads and dilapidated buildings. After loading up the donkeys and our packs we headed up to base camp at 4700m. The path took us through the upper reaches of the village and its neatly cultivated fields, through a rolling eucalyptus plantation which then gave way to an indigenous forest of quenual trees, a magical place reminiscent of a fairy tale. Base Camp is a collection of cleared terraces overlooking the valley below. It is a pleasant place where the hustle and bustle of the climbing parties comes together, numerous tents set up in close proximity, donkeys foraging, porters going about their tasks and cooks in their mess tents creating all types of tantalizing aromas. It was a little luxury for a night, as the next day we set off for camp 1 on the glacier at 5300m. This route required scrambling up the glacier moraine over huge boulders polished smooth as the glacier retreated over hundreds or thousands of years. Small enchanting streams surrounded us and

panoramas of the valley below abounded. We donned our crampons and roped up at 5000m, the start of the glacier. The sunlight reflecting off the ice and snow made it unbearably hot, and so layers of clothing came off… but each strong gust of wind reminded us of the altitude and sent shivers down our spine… literally. At camp 1, we went about the business of setting up the tents and preparing the gear. Digging a flat surface on the sloping glacier at that altitude is hard work, but necessary to ensure a good night’s rest. You wouldn’t want to keep rolling down towards your tent companion. Once camp was set, Carlos got to work and soon we had a hot meal. But the best was yet to come for the spectacle of the descending sun was worthy of any tropical sunset on an island in the middle of the ocean – endless hues of crimson, orange, gold, and red – with fantastic cloud formations scattering and reflecting the light off the mountain and glacier. Everyone started in awe… it was energizing and uplifting, sending us off to our tents in good spirits. Inside the tent, we organized our packs for a 3am start, and finally crawled into our sleeping bags, with our hot water bottles providing what little warmth and comfort one could have in such a place. However, for me the pleasantness ended there for I was in the grip of high altitude insomnia and could not sleep a wink. By 3am, utterly exhausted, I made the decision not to continue. I offered to head back down to enable the rest of the party to move on, fully realizing that this

would mean the end of the road for me… but we were a team, and given we had a couple of contingency days built into the itinerary, Ignacio decided that we would spend another day at camp 1 to further rest, eat, and acclimatize. This was a welcome lazy day on the glacier for me, a chance to recoup my energy, strength, and motivation. That night, I slept like a baby, and by 5am we had packed up the entire camp, had a quick breakfast and headed for the canaleta. By the light of our headlamps we made our way through the crevasses and ice formations. It was steep but we had to move quickly to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Moving fast at that altitude is painful, like running a marathon uphill - each breath fails to deliver the required dose of oxygen, and so it was a struggle to maintain the pace… but necessary. A few sections were vertical requiring ice tools and protection. Under the cover of darkness, I could not really put the route in perspective, I just knew it was up, up, fast, fast. Once through the canaleta, we reached the ridge leading to camp 2 across the avalanche field. Here, we paused for a badly needed breather, as the light was just starting to break. I looked back and stared at the way we had come. Now I could see why this place was named “the canal” – it was just that. We were lucky this year in that conditions were excellent – this meant no hair-raising traverses of ice boulders, or having to circumnavigate huge yawning crevasses. For sure, we had made a few

adrenalin-gushing jumps… but still manageable. I then looked ahead and could see the avalanche debris – huge blocks of blue ice as big as refrigerators. I closed my eyes and imagined the deadly outbursts of the mountain that had brought these here, and prayed that they would not happen in the next twenty minutes. Luckily the path was a gentle incline that eventually descended before reaching the Garganta, so it was not strenuous. Plus, it was still early enough that everything should be frozen solid. Nevertheless, we bolted across reaching the high col as daylight in its full splendor engulfed the mountain. The entire ordeal had taken us only two hours, where normally it would have taken three or four – but the good conditions and abilities of everyone on the team made this pace possible… thank God! Camp 2 was like being on another planet. We shared what little space was available with a couple of other parties, and a number of huge gaping crevasses. Sheer Ice cliffs loomed over the entire col –they revealed a spectacular display of strata formed over thousands of years, each in a different shade of white, grey, or blue. At either end of the col towered one of the Huascaran giants, Norte on the left and Sur to the right – each a massive bulk of white. I wasn’t sure which one looked more beautiful, or unfriendly. It was hard to stare at them without a sense of amazement and wonder, tinged with terror. Again, we set up our tents, and amazingly an hour later I had another hot meal in my hands – Carlos was continued on next page...


extraordinary. Boiling water at 6000m requires patience, diligence, and back-breaking work, yet he seemed to continually be melting snow for drinking, cooking, and washing. And his hard work paid off, not once did anyone on the trip get sick. As darkness fell, it got bitterly cold, -20C, and the wind started to howl. I crawled into my tent and went to work by headlamp light preparing my gear for a 1am start. It was essential to travel light so I took only what I thought I absolutely needed. With everything in order I slipped into my warm sleeping bag and fell soundly asleep. Sometime later I was awakened by a strange noise which I soon realized was the wind madly gusting against the tent. My heart sank as I realized what it was... I knew we could not climb in such conditions. I couldn’t resist the urge to have a look, so I donned all my warm clothing and boots, agonizingly laborious tasks, and went outside. Sure enough the wind almost swept me off my feet. Despite this, I stood mesmerized by the incredible views all around me. The valley below was dark except for the shimmering lights of the little villages. I felt a tinge of envy at the people down there, sleeping in warm, safe, comfortable beds. The Garganta itself was a ghostly bluish-white, shimmering in an other-worldly way, and the Huascarans were like sleeping giants, alien in the light. Their slopes looked like the surface of the moon or some unknown planet in the farthest reaches 46

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of our galaxy. It was only when I gazed up that I realized where the light was coming from… the sky was studded with stars, millions upon millions… there was hardly space to fit any more; the swirling arms of the Milky Way added texture and depth, evoking a sense of mystery and distance. It was one of the most magnificent views I had ever seen. At that moment, I realized that I did not want to be down in the valley in a warm comfortable bed. I was happy being cold and miserable up here, witnessing such a spectacular display of the cosmos and mother nature. I lay in my sleeping bag for the next couple of hours in a light sleep. Around midnight I looked at my watch and listened. It was eerily quiet. Was I imagining or had the wind died down? Ignacio’s call to get ready confirmed that this was no dream, the wind had completely abated, we were going for the summit! The spirits of the mountain were being kind. We quickly geared up, and by 1am we had roped up and made our way across the glacier above the col to the base of Huascaran Sur. We zigzagged our way up the mountain, an extreme power Stairmaster workout at 6000m at 1am! But the route was interesting and varied; we traversed across several ice faces, climbed up a few others, navigated around crevasses, and toiled up steep ice slopes. By 3:30am we had climbed the face and were approaching the summit dome. I knew we were approximately half way up the mountain by then which would have put us at about

6400m. It was difficult to breathe properly; there was no satisfaction in taking deep breaths either. The key was to find a pace, a rhythm, and focus on it, maintain it, and repeat it, over and over. As we reached the summit ice field, we stopped for a brief break. I was acutely aware of the intensity of what I was doing, the sheer toughness of it. Why was I here? What drives people to such inhospitable places, places they are clearly not meant to go? This is the domain of rock, ice, snow, and mountain spirits… it wasn’t meant for us. I had no easy answers to these questions; what drives each person is different. But I do know that we all have one thing in common - a little voice inside of us, and when it calls strongly enough, you have to listen. To ignore it would mean denying yourself the chance to explore the world, and more importantly, your inner self. With those thoughts for company, I set forth for the summit. If I had thought it was difficult before, it became agonizing. The altitude took over; it ruled you, controlled you. Your body, your thoughts, and your spirit became subservient to it. The rhythm… breath, step, breath, step, pause—breath, step, breath, step, pause... you couldn’t break it; to lose it would mean losing focus – and losing focus was dangerous, it meant other thoughts would creep into your mind… thoughts of giving up, retreating, or just collapsing. So you focus on the rhythm and on the summit and you keep going, one small step after the

other, battling your demons, in pitch darkness. And so it was for the next couple of hours. As we neared the crest of each ridge I found myself praying that it would be the summit, yet another ridge would appear on the horizon, further up. Not there yet! Must keep going! As the darkness started to give way to the break of light we approached the crest of one ridge. It appeared more massive than the others, and there was nothing beyond it. We stopped dead in our tracks…. the summit! First light, perfect timing! And so it was the final approach at dawn. Each minute brought a different hue, spectacular colors reflecting off the ice and sky… the horizon a sliver of deep burning orange radiating the myriad hues and shades of a magnificent sunrise. We were above all the other peaks, in fact, we were towering over them. Peaks which were mighty in their own right appeared as little feeble ridges far below. Such was the mass of Huascaran that it dwarfs all else. A few more steps and we were there, 6768m! We had made it! It was 6:10am. We hugged and congratulated each other, relishing the moment, rushing from one incredible vista to the other, exploring every view and imprinting it upon our memories, and cameras. It was bitterly cold, but still no wind… how lucky we were. I had to keep flailing and beating my hands to keep them warm, but I didn’t care (the numbness in them didn’t subside till four weeks later!); I had been engulfed by an

intoxicating euphoria, a flood of adrenalin, a cocktail of emotions. I stared at the panorama of peaks around me, delicately colored by the masterful hand of the rising sun. I was exhilarated, and never had I felt so alive. How strange that only the prospect of a possible death can unleash such a powerful feeling of life… After about twenty minutes, we donned our backpacks and headed back down. At this point, the number one objective becomes to get off the mountain safely, and so the descent was swift; we were back at camp 2 in only two hours, the entire climb having taken seven hours whereas the usual time is 10-12. In the daylight I was able to see the route… it put the size of the mountain in perspective. We had climbed over towering seracs and ice walls, and crossed massive snowy slopes that fell straight to the glacier below. We had traversed vertical ice cliffs on a path half a foot wide with nothing beneath, sheer drop-offs. The crevasses were wide and deep, gnarled and twisted. And yet it was all ruggedly beautiful and inspiring. At camp 2 I collapsed inside my tent, still wearing my boots. Since we had made such good time, we decided to head back down all the way to base camp. It was still early enough for us to deem the canaleta passable, and we retraced our steps across the avalanche field and down the winding slopes of “the canal”. Again the daylight offered the details of the route. It was an

unearthly place with fantastic ice formations, deep chasms, and wild crevasses. I felt so relieved that we were revisiting it descending rather than ascending! I did not breathe a sigh of relief nor celebration until I was off the glacier… I had made it! All the agony and doubts quickly melted away, and I could feel the lure of the mountains tugging at me again. I looked back with a tinge of sadness. This mountain had held sway over me for five days. It had been my life; it had shaped my thinking, outlook, thoughts, and emotions. I felt somehow connected to it, and still feel this way to this day. I immediately knew that I was, and have always been, afflicted with “mountain madness”! No other experience can rival the sheer complexity that defines the relationship between man and mountain. Back to civilization, I made the best discovery of all… the expedition had raised $13,000 for the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon!! My deepest appreciation and thanks to all who contributed.

If you would like to make a direct donation to CCCL by using your credit card, please go to: Under “Donation is related to”, please tick “Support Henry Saliba’s climbing expedition in the Andes of Peru” 47

ANANASA The online platform for Middle Eastern talent By bazaar staff

Founded by Rania and Zaina Kana’an, is a melting pot of Middle Eastern artists, designers, and talented artisans— one that we cannot support enough. Starting the online platform as fans of the art world, they soon realized their support for like-minded, passionate dreamers is limitless, and what started as a simple website to showcase art has grown into a meaningful business that sheds light on the hidden gems in the Middle East. What inspired you ladies to create When we moved to Dubai 2 years ago, Zaina tried to exhibit her paintings in galleries and found it rather difficuilt. As an aspiring artist she found many obstacles including logisitcs, marketing and capital requirements that made it very difficult. Thus, the decision to create a website for Zaina to showcase her work came into play. After meeting many aspiring artists, crafters and designers, like Zaina, who need a chance to show beautiful work, we started Ananasa. An online space where any handcrafter, designer, or artist in the Middle East gets a chance to display and sell their products with an international reach. More importantly, why the name, Ananasa? We always giggle when asked this question, simply because in many languages Ananasa means pineapple, so people assume we are pineapple farmers. In reality, the name itself comes from Ana in Arabic which means “I”, and Nas means “people” and for us each artisan is for the people and the people support the artisan. What’s your favorite part about your jobs? 48

What really inspires us the most is meeting all the wonderful Ananasa store owners. Each and every artisan on Ananasa has a beautiful touching story to share, we get to hear their passion and love for what they do. That makes us know that what we are doing with Ananasa is important and much needed. What have you learned so far since you’ve started Ananasa? The beauty with startups is you keep learning everyday about the industry, your business and yourself; it never stops. The biggest lesson is to see through your beliefs and dreams. Coming from an Arab background we often hear things like art would never put bread on the table or that it can never get a sustainable income. We think that you get to live life once, and you deserve to wake up everyday loving what you do with absoloute passion. How does the ordering process work? What if I am ordering from more than one vendor, do I receive all my items in one shipment or multiple shipments? Simply if you like something, add it to your cart and you pay online securely with Paypal, Credit Cards or CashU. The item arrives at your doorstep 3-5 days later. If in a single order you ordered multiple items they will arrive in multiple shipments, each with a unique and distinct packaging put together by the store owner. Do you believe that more can be done to support budding, Middle Eastern talent? We once met an architecture student who believed she “wasn’t really a painter” and her pieces “won’t sell.” After we saw her work we were determined to put her

on Ananasa, and we are so glad we did. Her first sale encouraged her to do a lot more. Middle Eastern talent is prominentaly present, discovering it and shedding light on it is where Ananasa comes in, but ultimatley our buyers are the ones that really support this community by buying from our sellers. The opportunities seem endless! What’s your greater vision for We see Ananasa as a global brand, we ship and market internationally, and our vision is to have a handmade item from Ananasa placed in homes around the world. If I wanted to open a ‘store’, how would that work? Are all applications accepted, or are there some rules we need to follow? Typically the artists and crafters contact us and we talk to them via skype, only to stir conversation and see the dedication behind their work. Ananasa is made for the people, so our team takes care of quality assurance on the site, yet we don’t like to say “No” to artists. Oftentimes, if we feel that their pictures, for instance, could be improved, we guide them on how to do it. We like to build a community of dedicated artisans with as little obstacles as possible. Visit to shop the region’s talents, or email to see how you can instantly start your own ananasa shop. Ananasa is also on Facebook, www.facebook. com/ananasamiddleeast Twitter, @_Ananasa and Pinterest,

closet bibi

INSTAGRAM The new everything By Bibi Alfalah

“I can’t wait to instagram this!” Yes, just like it’s predecessors Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has now become a socially acceptable verb. It seems like every store in the world now has an Instagram account, and the amount of “likes” tops anything Facebook would ever see, or Twitter would ever have retweeted. What is it that makes this new social media application so insanely addictive? The answer is simple. Twitter surpassed Facebook because it got straight to the point of what you were doing with a limited character description that communicates both your thoughts and your personality. Instagram is now surpassing 50

Twitter because it allows you to maintain these thoughts while showing your viewers exactly what you’re doing, or promoting, through a visually appealing filter. The jokes that ensued about everyone now considering themselves professional photographers by using the different Instagram filters were the highlight of the application’s success for me. Beyond providing humor, Instagram has become an absolute necessity and a social media force in it’s own right for stores and fashion labels. It generates buzz more than Twitter ever could because of that simple little picture, and is infinitely simpler than going through a Facebook

newsfeed or fan page. So what makes a successful “Instagrammer”? The same thing that makes a successful website owner: frequent, attentiongrabbing and unrepeated updates. In regards to frequency, there is obviously an ideal number of times for a store (or even a person) to post in one day. In order to actually appreciate a post, the post has to be appealing and it shouldn’t spam a person’s Instagram feed. I have unfollowed at least two stores for posting too frequently (over 5 posts a day). The ideal number of times to post per day as a retailer would be between 2 and 4 so that customers don’t forget you, but they don’t get irritated by the incessant posts either. When it comes to grabbing customer attention, colors and photography angles are extremely important. I love it when stores show a bright original photo of a product they offer, and unique images like snaps of the packaging and backstage at photoshoots which are also great to see. Part of grabbing customer attention is giving them something they haven’t seen before. Message to all shop owners with Instagram accounts: don’t repeat the same products in your pictures over and over! This is another major reason for people to stop following your posts. It’s a very dangerous line to cross because once you lose a follower, chances are they aren’t coming back. Last but not least (this is actually the most important factor): feedback. The worst thing a shop can do is post an adorable dress but when followers comment “where do I get it?” or “how much?” they are not given a response. The feedback is the follow-through, it’s the final step to making a sale. Without customer interaction all of the previous steps were completely wasted. The best way to provide feedback is to avoid the need for it entirely; if you’re posting a pair of shoes, also post where you can buy them and the retail price. This is all customers really care about once you have succeeded in sparking their interest. Whatever the case may be, Instagram has huge potential for shoppers and sellers, alike. This application has made us view the world from an Instagram filtered lens, and it’s no surprise stores have caught on to its undeniable potential as a selling tool. Happy Instagram-ing!

BOUSHAHRI HOSTS ANNUAL ART SALON An annual art salon at Boushahri art gallery is strong in both its diversity and in its overall impact with an endless mix of styles and genres. The show offers an opportunity to witness an intriguing wealth of regional art and artists who are at the forefront of our ever-expanding art scene. By Deepa Pant

The fourth annual art salon (June 24 to September 15) promises to live up to the high reputation of its previous avatars. From calligraphy to decorative motifs and mixed media and sculptures, the salon offers audiences an impressive array of artworks that offer an invaluable insight into diverse artistic expressions and brings together emerging as well as critically acclaimed artists from the region under one roof. Among the renowned artists exhibiting at the art salon include: Rashed Diab, Hasan Musa, Sami Mohammed, Mohammed Omar Khalil, Mohammed Al Shebany , Reza Doust, Sinan Hussain ,Afifa Aleiby, and Jawad Boushahri. Other notable names are: Hamza Banoua, Essam Darwish, Enzo Manara, Ameen El Bacha, Trotsky Maraud, Al Shek Farisy, AbdAlwahab Al Awadi, Ebrahim Esmael, Abas Malek, Ghadah Alkandari, Khazaal Al Awad , Omar Al Faiomy , Maasoma Behbahani, and Dina Ali. Topping the list of works not to be missed would be art by Rashed Diab. His entrancing canvases are the show’s most commanding pieces. Diab’s canvases have endless stories to tell, whether it is the tantalizing glimpse of the Nile in all its myriad moods or the perplexed figures in pairs, or in small groups in the throes of struggle, misery or dilemma. Diab’s work is a fine confluence of the African, Arab and European influences. Diab reveals that he has been influenced by the techniques of Goya and Velasquez. His work engages the viewers in a questioning way. There is a complexity, a melancholy and an uncanny tranquility in his enigmatic artwork. Sudanese artist Dr Hasan Musa is an image creator with a multiplicity of references: such as Arabic calligraphy, Chinese watercolor, printed textiles, politics 52

and culture. His ability to churn out emotional subtleties is aptly reflected in his work. Meanwhile, Syrian artist Nasser Nassan Agha’s color saturated paintings indicate an exuberant touch, combined with calligraphy and deft brushstrokes in warm hues that define Agha’s oeuvre. A highlight of the show is spirited and haunting works by Sudanese artist Mohammad Omar Khalil. Khalil has a master’s touch for color and composition and his work relies on forms and pattern, comprising symbols, artifacts, stamps or any kind of motifs derived from his Sudanese background Mohammad Al Wahab impresses with his powerful figures and a soothing palette. He infuses the mundane with poetic depth and spontaneity. Contained within each large canvas are Iranian artist Reza Doust’s immaculate and highly impressive works. Committed to figurative painting, Doust follows with fervor, an experimental style in collage and mixed-media on canvas as seen in his work titled ‘Seated Princess with a spray of Flower ’. Doust’s narrative centers on a great yearning for the past traditions, exhibiting a juxtaposition of textures and figures. Kuwaiti artist Ghadah Al Kandari’s renderings of ballerinas are equally interesting. With minimal strokes and lines, she weaves a strong narrative in her work titled ‘ Ballerina Pink’, acrylic on canvas, that resonates with grace and fluidity. Another Kuwaiti artist Abdelhamid Al-Khlaifi, in his color-saturated paintings, is well known to strike a balance between the old and the new. And yet another charming piece ‘The orchard ‘, seeped in realism, by Iraqi artist Afifa Aleiby is a fine mix of figurative with strong emotional narrative.

Kuwait based Italian artist Enzo Manara translates his experiences as an artist in statements that are succinct and powerful. Manara is one of the first Italian designers who forayed into decorative ceramic tiles and is an expert in ceramic tile industry. In his unconventional pieces, Manara admits he incorporates a plethora of different styles and artistic idioms in his art. He is the first ceramic artist to have used gold, silver and platinum on the tiles and has successfully expanded the same technique now to his artworks. Intriguing to the eye and incredibly unique, are the work of Algerian artist Hamza Banoua. His signature technique of his work on reverse plexi-glass inspired by Arabic calligraphy, and Berber signs stand out for their seamless blend of diverse and intricate artwork. Meanwhile, particularly eye catching is the solitary master piece by Indian artist Raj Ravi Varma. His figurative work on display is inspired by Indian mythology, especially Lord Krishna. The pioneers of visual expression in Kuwait are well represented by some thought provoking sculptural pieces by Sami Mohammed, Issa Saqer and Jawad Boushahri. The art salon showcases a feast of exquisite art, each very different and expressive in their own ways for their groundbreaking techniques by blurring the lines between sculpture and painting. The prolific collection pays tribute to art in all its various nuances and myriad hues, and if you are a lover of contemporary art, the show is not to be missed.

The exhibition will run until September 15. For further information, please contact Boushahri art gallery at: 25621119.

bazaar goes dining HAUS CAFÉ What’s behind the green door? By bazaar staff

On a quiet street in Sharq you’ll find a place with a green door. You can’t miss this green door. It stands out, it draws you in. There’s no sign above this green door and that makes it all the more intriguing. You’ll find yourself walking towards it and opening this green door just to see what’s behind it… Who you’ll find behind the green door are Mohammad Sultan and Lama Al Fadala, the creative partnership behind that other cool Sharq hangout – 10.Oh.8. They’ve brought that same breezy, laid-back atmosphere to their new venture but stamped it with a unique identity that will have you torn between which of their places to hang out at. What you’ll find behind the green door is a little piece of serenity amongst the hustle and bustle and skyscrapers in the surrounding areas of the city district. You feel instantly calm as you step inside Haus Café. It’s small in size, similar to 10.Oh.8, but that works to its advantage for me. I hate a place big enough to create echoes when I talk. Haus Café is somewhere between a café and a small restaurant. The typical café style counter is


not to be found, it’s more open-plan than that. The coffee machine is out on display in the café and not behind a counter as is the iconic SMEG fridge (a nice crossover touch from 10.Oh.8). This gives you the feeling of sitting in your own living room and makes you feel right at home. A serving hatch against the back wall allows you to see the cooks hard at work preparing your meal. Adding to the homely feel, one wall is covered in framed vinyl records from Bob Dylan’s debut album Bob Dylan to Miles Davis’ Porgy and Bess. Another wall is shelved and contains coffee table books on subjects from architecture to American diners. This place really makes you want to sit down, relax and settle in. Contrasting this homely feel, the walls are painted a distressed grey and the furniture is modern and surprisingly heavy. The floor is red brick in a herringbone pattern. This gives Haus Café a subtle, almost romantically industrial feel to it. The ample windows that surround that green door are given their own touch of romanticism through the addition of vintage net curtains. There are no menus at Haus Café. A blackboard

hangs over the serving hatch with the items handwritten on it. The wait staff is on hand to tell you what each item consists of and they really know their stuff. As I checked out Has Café during Ramadan I couldn’t get to fully appreciate their breakfast items - being a traditionalist I believe breakfast should be eaten in the mornings! But I’ll be heading back there right after Eid to sample some of their Pancakes Nutella (is there a better breakfast treat?) They also offer boiled, scrambled and sunny-side up eggs, so there’s plenty to choose from. They also have a good, lengthy salad section, which is refreshing, with some items that stand out from the usual salads. Roasted Squash Salad or Creamy Potato Salad were two of these standout items on the salad menu at Haus Café. Those looking for something heartier will be delighted with the sandwiches on offer at Haus Café. They are mostly wraps with the exception of the Grilled Halloom Sandwich and the Cheese & Pickle Sandwich. Steak & Mushroom, Chicken Mussakhan and the very interesting Lamb N’ Dates are the most

interesting choices from the wrap part of the menu. Hopefully you have a strong neck on your shoulders because looking up at that blackboard, trying to decide what to order can take a while. It’s not that there is too much to choose from, it’s more that everything sounds so appealing. I have a tendency to always order the same things from menus and so I was immediately drawn to the burgers up there on that blackboard. The Messy Burger is served with guacamole, onions, lettuce and tomato and they also serve their Hot Dog in this same ‘messy’ style too. Being that I’m a traditionalist though I opted for the Normal ‘Not Normal’ Cheeseburger. This couldn’t be a more apt description. It’s normal in the sense that it’s made up of the normal elements of a cheeseburger – bun, patty, cheese, sauce – but the

way they put it together is what sets it apart and stops it from being merely normal. As always, I was delighted that it was served on a potato roll (the king of burger buns!) and upon taking a bite had no reservations about my unadventurous spirit when it comes to dining out. The burger is succulent and full of flavour that is enhanced by the topping of the Special Haus Sauce. An order of French Fries comes with no fewer than three dips at Haus Café! Special Mustard, Chipotle, and Truffle. This trio of sauces will have you labouring your brain with every fry – which sauce should I go for this time? Not to worry though, the serving of fries is large enough to really decide which your favourite is. I sucked down a Chocolate Milkshake alongside my food that was silky smooth and velvety soft. The

quality of the ingredients shines through in all the food at Haus Café. I finished it all off with a freshly made espresso and opted for the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the desserts. The cookie was dense, moist and incredibly tasty. If you’re looking for great food in great surroundings or simply a cool place to hang out and have a great cup of coffee (and probably a cookie too) then Haus Café could end up being your home away from home. Just look for the green door. Haus Café is located in Sharq near the Dasman roundabout – opposite the Wataniya Building. They open from 8am – 11pm daily. More info can be found at and you can follow them on twitter @HAUSCAFE_KW. 55


Due to the magic of technology (and a little bit of time travel on my end), you are currently reading this while I am in the States. What am I doing there? Well, I’m delving into con season and learning what’s coming to board, video, war, and tabletop gamers in 2013! Let’s call it research – a sacrifice I’m making for all of you – shall we? (That’s right, it’s research…. muhahahaha). This, of course, isn’t what I’m going to talk about in this article. Instead, I’m going to talk about a concept I recently ran across in the book Fantasy Freaks & Gamer Geeks – an idea the author glanced over, but didn’t fully explore – the idea of our “digital selves.” In a sense, what you’re reading right now is part of my digital self. This magazine will be loaded online and, once there, catalogued and read for as long as those servers remain (and they continue 56

to host bazaar magazine). My voice, even if the most unfortunate of events transpires, will continue to echo on from the ether. Sure, the same could be said for all of the great writers and artists. But things have changed since they penned great works of literature or painted life-changing scenes. The Internet is far more expansive and, at times, seemingly random – at least as much as is connected. One can follow link after link, and like that, find this article (or any article). The art of old might be globally available, but all the greats are still limited to the museums or libraries that host them. Unless, of course, they’ve been given digital selves… second lives, if you will. I’m tempted to wax philosophical for a moment (and quote The Matrix), but I want to keep things practical. So, let’s look at our digital selves. Our generations, as well as future generations, will be the first that will

need to, once we’re gone, put our digital selves to bed when the lights go out. It’s a little weird to think about, but it’s true. Without doubt, we have an army of online characters, accounts, memberships, and profiles that will continue to march onward – trapped in the electronic web – after we’re gone. We’re faced with provisions our grandparents never had to consider. The iGeneration, like Generation X, will need to consider additional elements when they form their last will and testaments. But that isn’t all we need to consider. We all must consider the digital images others are building around us, as well. Our shopping profiles, what we “like” on Facebook, and the memes we pass on all speak volumes about us. I have little doubt that those economic shadows are being pooled for market research and, whether we like it or not, being researched to develop future trends. Those firms aren’t sitting down with us

and asking what we want, either. They’re looking at our digital selves – what we share, buy, and like. I have many clones – Jaye’s Gaming Self, Jaye’s Shopping Self, Jaye’s Meme Self, and Jaye’s Facebook “liking” Self – and so on. Of course, I have no illusions about this. I know I’m being tracked, measured by what I consume. It’s not some dark conspiracy, either. It’s simple market analysis. (The rogue, chaotic-neutral part of me wants to remind you that when you’re actively mindful of this, you can influence or upset such market trends with some creative “liking,” too. Shsss, don’t tell the people at Facebook.) Obviously, this brings a final element into the equation, as well – the truly future geeks. Think about all of those people tagging their children, nephews, and nieces. Think about them, with their baby pictures and 3rd birthdays, all of it online, all before they’ve even learned to type. My nephew is on Facebook and doesn’t even have an account. His digital self is being built before he’s even had a chance to say, “Yeah, mom, put me online and show me off.” And while this isn’t malicious or even harmful, it says something about whom and what we’re becoming in the face of a complete, global network – that we’re growing in the electronic world as much as we are in the physical. So, next time you log onto your Star Wars character or your Facebook page, think about that part of you. Think about that avatar, what it says about you, and what, at the end of the day, you want it to say about you. As way of example, I’ll say this. Unlike those of us living before the Internet; some of these profiles exist apart from us. Sure, we might control them, but what about when we’re not around? And what happens to all those characters when aging players pass on to other realms, eh? And more practically; what about those aspects of “us” that are built around us, but without our direct control? Do we have digital selves directly related to our credit scores?

Goji's Pick



STATEMENT, NEON, BOHO, FIERCE, KICKSTART YOUR FALL FASHION WITH THESE WARDROBE ESSENTIALS FROM GOJI BOUTIQUE.COM Vice & Vanity, Eleven Objects, Daniela Zagnolli, Monserat De Lucca, Qumar14, and Experiment 1 come to add an extra ‘je ne sais quoi’, to the ever lustful Tucker and the venerable queen of jersey Rachel Pally. As if these were not enough, top it off and add a dash of fierceness with THE most sought after accessories designer, Dannijo! Your dream wardrobe is simply one digital click away.

Rachel Pally


Experiment 1




bazaar music




Nas appears on the cover of Life is Good holding the wedding dress of ex-wife Kelis. He cuts his rhymes with midlife realism and daring empathy ("Could you imagine writing your deposition/Divorce lawyer telling how this going to be ending," he raps on "Bye Baby"). Nas discourses on parenting ("Daughters") and senseless violence ("Accidental Murderers," with Rick Ross), and shreds any doubts about his MC prowess ("The Don") over crisp, Nineties-tinged beats.

Living Things, Linkin Park's fifth studio album, is certainly stripped-down compared to the alt-metal-electro-rock band's previous oeuvre - but not necessarily in the way that Shinoda is describing. Co-produced by Shinoda and Rick Rubin, Living Things is less busy than 2010's A Thousand Suns, and includes more tracks that strictly adhere to a certain genre or uncluttered idea.

P!nk has teamed up with producer Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foster The People & The Shins) for the very first time on this release along with long time collaborators Max Martin and Shellback, Billy Mann and Butch Walker. She has also worked with songwriter/producer Dan Wilson (Adele's Someone Like You). The Truth About Love is P!nk's unique take on the different shades of love the dark, the light, the happy and the sad.

by NAS


by Linkin Park


by P!NK


by Dave Mathews Band

by Alanis Morissette

by Green Day

Dave Matthews Band returns on September 11th with their seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2009’s Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King. Entitled Away From The World, the 11-track effort was recorded with Steve Lillywhite, who produced the band’s first three studio albums. Of the tracks included, the band has previously performed “Mercy”, “Gaucho, “Sweet”, and “If Only” in concert.

Multi-platinum, Grammy winning artist Alanis Morissette, released her new album Havoc And Bright Lights. The album marks the songstress' first release in four years. "This record, as always, is a snapshot of what I currently obsess about, care about, and what strikes me at 4 in the morning in my most introspective moments," says Morissette. "It is my emotional, psychological, social and philosophical commentary through song."

If you thought the rock-operatic American Idiot was ambitious, Green Day is upping the ante Robyn-style by unleashing three new albums consecutively. The first is ¡Uno!, featuring the lead single “Oh Love.” Aside from the album title, there appear to be no tracks en Español on ¡Uno! — but hey, “Carpe Diem” is Latin! The band recently tweeted that the album was finished, along with this photo of the completed trilogy.




Judith Leiber X Razan Al Azzouni: A first in the Middle East By PLTQ8

A First in the Middle East This October will play host to a dazzling affair in the world of fashion. And what better way to dazzle than to combine fashion and charity? Renowned American handbag designer Judith Leiber has teamed up with Saudi Arabian label Threads by Razan Alazzouni to produce an exclusive collection of clothing and bags to benefit children's charities in the region. For a preview of just how special this collaboration will be, a little background on both brands is in order. Threads by Razan Alazzouni is a limited edition line of women's ready to wear clothing coveted for its whimsical yet edgy combination of beading and textured fabrics. As for Judith Leiber, for decades she has ruled the world of high fashion handbags, with each bag lauded as a unique work of art. Her handbags have been clutched closely by many a perfectly manicured starlet, socialite, and First Lady. In addition, her pieces are included in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Corcoran Gallery, amongst various others. The Event This first collaborative event, which will take place on October 6th and 7th, will be presented by Pretty Little Things' Noaf Hussein, at Gallery IIXX in Salhiya. Not only will it mark the beginning of a charitable affiliation, it will also mark the debut of Judith Leiber's Fall 2012 collection in the Middle East. The Charities If that isn't exciting enough, a generous 25% of the night's proceeds will go to Pumps 4 Kids, the first project belonging to the non-profit organization, Businesses Supporting Charities, in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and the Dasman Diabetes Institute to raise funds to provide insulin pumps for children with Type 1 diabetes in Kuwait. Event goers will also be able to pledge an item from Khair Al Kuwait Foundation's wishlist to rebuild the Kuwait orphanage. Khair Al-Kuwait Charity Foundation was established in 2007 with the goal of providing financial and moral support to the sectors of society most in need of assistance due to their negative social conditions. Their latest project involves a complete overhaul of the orphanage compound in Sulaibikhat. The Guiltless Indulgence So there it is, fashionable ladies of Kuwait. This is your chance to indulge without an ounce of guilt. Add a piece or two of art to your wardrobe and strut with confidence, knowing that you've contributed to making a child's life better. A chunk of every purchase goes to Pumps 4 Kids, and every pledge goes to rebuilding the orphanage. Look great and feel even better this October. Summary of event details: Place: Hosted by Pretty Little Things in Gallery IIXX. Salhiya, above the outdoor restaurants. Date: Saturday October 6 & Sunday October 7 Timing: Opening Saturday at 7pm, Sunday from 4pm-11pm For updates and behind the scenes, follow @PLTQ8 and @ Razanalazzouni on Instagram and Twitter. 62

big boys toys Because grown men still need to play




You're not going to trick anyone into thinking its a normal land-dwelling vehicle, but that has no effect on the utility of the Phibian ($TBA). Touted by the company as the largest wheeled High Speed Amphibian ever created, it can reach highway speeds on land and 30+ mph on water, while carrying up to 1,500 kg of cargo or 15 passengers, and offering 500 hp and selectable four-wheel-drive. Great for hunters, owners of small islands, and really ballsy drug runners.

Your vinyl has never looked so good. The AMG V12 Turntable ($15,000) is the first turntable from Analog Manufaktur Germany, featuring a CNC machined 25mm aluminum plinth, a 16mm axle bearing, a CNC machined aluminum platter with a weighted rim, a Lorenzi 2 pulse, low-speed brushless motor, 33.3, 45, and 78 speeds, a belt drive mechanism, a twelve inch tonearm, and devastatingly handsome looks.

As much fun as Instagram can be, it's still missing something: actual prints. Instaprint ($400) aims to fix this problem by hooking up to your Wi-Fi network and printing out any image it comes across containing a specific location or hashtag. This means your friends can get in on the action as well, turning the Instaprint into a focal point of your next party, gathering, or beer bash.




The Nikon D800 ($3,000) is designed with resolution heads in mind. The D800 features a whopping 36.3-megapixel full-frame sensor that will likely cause sleepless nights for some medium format cameras, the 91,000-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering III sensor, an improved 51-point AF system, full 1080p video capture with professional features, full manual control, and a dedicated headphone jack for accurate monitoring of audio levels, a 3.2-inch LCD monitor, 4 fps shooting 6 fps with the optional battery pack - SD and CF card slots, and the Expeed 3 image processing engine.

A pocket knife is an essential everyday item for lots of guys, but if you're in the dark without a flashlight, it won't do you much good — unless it's a SOG BladeLight Knife ($85). Thanks to state-of-the-art switches and circuitry, it packs six LEDs into its GRN handle on either side of the blade, providing shadowless light for precise cuts. Oh, and it's also waterproof, draws its power from AAA batteries, and can serve as a flashlight when the blade's put away. Arriving in Q3 2012.

Run drone reconnaissance on your own neighborhood with the Spy Hawk (£250; roughly $400). This unique RC glider sports a built-in 5 megapixel camera that streams a live video feed back to the 3.5" LCD on the controller, which also holds an SD card for recording your flights. Of course, all of that isn't much good if you can't keep the thing in the air, which is where the intelligent autopilot comes in — fly it up to the required height, switch it one, and a built-in gyroscope will work to keep it level, even in gusty winds.


‫ت�صميم الأحذية‬ ‫بقلم‪Strawberry Girl :‬‬

‫إن النساء بشكل عام والكويتيات بشكل خاص يعشقن التميز‬ ‫في األزياء و هذا يتطلب شراء أزياء و تصاميم فريدة تختلف عن‬ ‫اآلخرين‪ .‬في الكويت هناك الكثير من الكويتين الشباب الذين‬ ‫يصممون و يبيعون تصاميمهم‪ ،‬حيث أن هذا النشاط مربح‪.‬‬ ‫من بين األزياء يعتبر تصميم األحذية نادرا جدا ألنه‬ ‫صعب و ال أحد يقوم بهذا التصميم‪ .‬لكن هناك مصممتان‬ ‫كويتيتان (مها المطيري و أبرار العنزي) قررن الدخول إلى‬ ‫عالم تصميم األزياء بإبتكارات و أفكار جديدة لألحذية لمختلف‬ ‫األعمار واألذواق‪ .‬لقد بدأن هوايتهن هذه التي تحولت الحقا‬ ‫إلى نشاط تجاري هذا العام (‪ ،)2012‬و قد شاركن في ثالثة‬ ‫معرض منذ بدايتهن‪.‬‬ ‫و تشرح مها المطيري كيف بدأت فكرة هذا النشاط‬ ‫قائلة‪ " :‬لقد أتتنا الفكرة العام الماضي عندما كنت ذاهبة‬ ‫لحضور حفلة بنات وكنت أبحث عن شيء مميز ألرتديه مع‬ ‫فستاني‪ ،‬و لم أجد الحذاء المناسب‪ .‬لذلك صممنا أنا و أبرار‬ ‫العنزي ثالثة موديالت من األحذية لنا لنلبسها‪ ،‬بدأ الناس‬ ‫يسألوننا من أين اشتريناها‪ .‬و ألنه ال توجد موديالت مشابهة‬ ‫لتصاميمنا في السوق المحلي‪ ،‬لذلك بدأنا بعمل المزيد من‬ ‫التصاميم لبيعها"‪.‬‬ ‫تقوم مها و شريكتها أبرار بشراء أساس الحذاء من‬ ‫السوق الكويتي‪ ،‬ثم يصممون األحذية للحصول على النتيجة‬ ‫النهائية‪ .‬و تقول مها‪" :‬بعد بحث طويل إكتشفت أنه ال يوجد‬ ‫مصانع لألحذية في الكويت فيما عدا واحد صغير في صبحان‪.‬‬ ‫و ال يوجد سوى بعض الموديالت القليلة في هذا المصنع‪ ،‬و‬ ‫لذلك اضطررت أن أشتري األحذية جاهزة من السوق‪ .‬و بما أن‬ ‫عملنا ناجح‪ ،‬لذلك فأنا أفكر في توسعة نشاطنا في المستقبل‪،‬‬ ‫وبعدها يمكن أن أتعاون مع مصانع عالمية في الخارج"‪.‬‬ ‫لقد أقاموا معرضهم األول في يناير ‪ ،2012‬و الذي إستمر‬ ‫لمدة ثالثة أيام و الذي أقيم في أحد المجمعات التجارية‪ ،‬و‬ ‫قد عرضوا ‪ 7‬موديالت فقط‪ .‬و تصف مها هذا المعرض بأنه‬ ‫كان تعريفا بعملهم وتضيف‪" :‬لم تكن التصاميم السبعة‬ ‫المعروضة للبيع‪ ،‬بل للعرض فقط‪ .‬ثم شاركنا في معرضين‬ ‫آخرين في فندق الموفنبك و فندق السفير الذي بعنا خاللهما‬ ‫بعض الموديالت"‪.‬‬ ‫قبل تطوير هذه الهواية إلى تجارة‪ ،‬قامت مها باإلشتراك‬ ‫في دورة متخصصة عن كيفية إنشاء مشروع صغير‪ .‬بعدها‬ ‫اختارت مع شريكتها أبرار إسما لشركتهما و قامتا بتسجيله في‬ ‫وزارة التجارة‪ .‬و قد إختارتا إسم (‪ )Inviero‬للماركة‪.‬‬ ‫جميع التصاميم يدوية و يستغرق إنجاز الموديل الواحد‬ ‫من ‪ 14 - 10‬يوم‪ .‬باإلضافة إلى الطلبات التي تستلمها مها و‬ ‫أبرار لعمل التصاميم المعينة‪ ،‬فإنهما تقومان بعمل تصاميم‬ ‫للمناسبات المختلفة مثل عيد الفطر‪ ،‬عيد األضحى و رمضان‪.‬‬ ‫و تقول مها إنها لم تصمم أي تشكيلة صيفية لآلن و لكنها‬ ‫تنوي عمل موديالت من األحذية الشتوية و البوتات قريبا‪.‬‬ ‫التصاميم الحالية من األحذية ذات الكعب العالي و بدون‬ ‫كعب (الفالت)‪ .‬و توضح مها أنها و أبرار كانتا تصممان األحذية‬ ‫ذات الكعب العالي فقط‪ ،‬لكن بعد أن الحظت الطلب على‬ ‫األحذية الفالت و خاصة من المراهقات‪ ،‬بدأن في تصميم هذا‬ ‫النوع‪ .‬و تضيف‪" :‬إن األفكار لعمل الفالت أصعب من الكعب‬ ‫العالي‪ ،‬حيث أن كل األفكار قد استهلكت بالسوق‪ .‬لكن فيما‬ ‫يتعلق باإلنجاز‪ ،‬فإن عمل تصميم األحذية ذات الكعب العالي‬ ‫أصعب‪ ،‬إال أنه يوجد لدينا مساحة أكبر لإلبداع"‪.‬‬ ‫أحيانا تتلقى مها طلبات لعمل موديالت صعبة التصميم‬ ‫ال يمكن تنفيذها‪ .‬و تذكر مها أن إحدى الزبائن طلبت مرة‬ ‫تصمم حذاء ذي كعب على شكل حمرة شفاه ولكنها إعتذرت‬ ‫عن تصميمه ألنها ال يمكنها أن تضمن أن يتحمل الكعب و‬ ‫يكون قوي في مثل هكذا تصاميم؛ وألن مثل هذه التصاميم‬ ‫تحتاج إلى مصنع‪ .‬و تعلق‪" :‬أحيانا أيضا تاتيني الزبائن بطلب‬

‫موديالت و التي أراها بشعة و كذلك صعبة و لذلك أعتذر‬ ‫عن تصميمها"‪.‬‬ ‫سعر األحذية يتفاوت عادة بين ‪ 46-80‬د‪.‬ك للحذاء‪،‬‬ ‫حيث أن المواد التي تستخدمها غالية الثمن‪ .‬و تأكد مها أنهما‬ ‫ال تحسبان مبلغا كبيرا مقابل عملهما‪ ،‬إال أن أغلب السعر‬ ‫يذهب على المواد‪ ،‬فهما مثال يستعمالن الكريستال في أغلب‬

‫الموديالت‪ .‬و كل تصاميمهما يدوية‪ ،‬حيث يقوم صانع األحذية‬ ‫بتركيب القماش فقط‪ ،‬و هن ينجزن تصميم الحذاء في‬ ‫مراحله األخيرة‪.‬‬ ‫يمكن متابعة التصاميم على اإلنستغرام _‪invierno‬‬ ‫‪ shoes‬أو على تويتر ‪.@ invierno_shoes‬‬ ‫‪66‬‬

NO GARLIC, NO ONIONS Interview with Anthony Rahayel: Lebanon’s international food blogger By Nadine Kahil

If you’ve passed through Beirut in the recent year, then you might have come across Anthony Rahayel’s infamous food blog: No Garlic, No Onions. It highlights the many restaurants located throughout Lebanon’s capital, as well as other international cities such as Paris and Barcelona. The foodie critiques not only the actual meal, but the service as well and offers professional photographs that allow you to fully enjoy his culinary experiences. So if you’re planning your next Beirut trip, or you’ve got a hot date this weekend in K-town, it may be worth your while to check out Rahayel’s blog for his latest updates. You never know, as he could be passing by your favorite joint this very instant! Not only so, Anthony recently added a new section called Friends&Co, where his friends can actually write their restaurant reviews, from wherever they are, giving his readers a wider choice of food reviews from different 68

restaurants and countries. Your blog has been blowing up recently, with hundreds of people viewing it for advice on restaurants. Did you know it was going to be such a hit when you started? Honestly, no. I started the site to create a medium where I could come, write and express myself and share my experiences. became a gateway to say out loud what I think, how I feel and what I taste every time I go out for a meal. Who do you represent? Who are your readers? I think I represent an average person who likes to go out, eat good food and get his money’s worth. I am no food critic per se, and I don’t claim to be one, but I know what I like, I know what’s good and bad, and what’s tasty and what’s not and so on… and people who agree with me share my thoughts. There’s so much I always want to say, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This is my space to vent

and express my thoughts as an average man who enjoys going out, trying new places and expecting the minimum courtesy of good food, good service and so on. I do know a thing or two about good food. Do you feel the pressure to say something positive if the owner of the restaurant is a friend? No, not at all. But after my blog picked up, many have asked me to be positive about what I have experienced at their eatery. The minute I start writing, I say what I feel. I can’t say something is good when it’s not and I have to say when a meal really delivers a true culinary experience – from the food, setting, service, music, etc. No one pays me to say anything. This is why I say what I truly think and I have honestly been surprised with the outcome. Some appreciate the openness and honestly while others don’t at all and send me hate mail. But that’s ok. At least I know they are reading and hope that they improve their food and service.

Are you happy with the outcome so far? Definitely, because now I feel I represent many and not just myself. I never expected the blog to pick up so quickly. But it did and I am happy that I am getting interesting feedback from esteemed hotel and restaurant owners who tell me that my points have been taken into consideration and that they will work on the things I have talked about. The best part is when professionals in the game send me thank you messages. The general manager of Rixos Hotel in Turkey emailed me and thanked me for my review and apologized for the problems I encountered during my stay. It meant a lot. What impassions you so much about eating out at a restaurant? I love it. I go out at least five times a week with friends and family. I often go back to my favorite places and try to express again and again why I love that place. They deserve it. And when I try new places,

whether in Lebanon or abroad - the feeling that I am going to try a new place, new service and new tastes, is really amazing. What’s your biggest pet peeve that happens often at restaurants? When waiters stare at me when I take photos of the dishes or take notes while I am eating. They make me feel like I am stealing something. It’s not easy walking into a restaurant and trying to take images and notes about everything I taste. I have to since I owe this to my readers, but I have had a few bad experiences where the waiter rudely asked me to stop photographing. Are you willing to try any sort of restaurant or is there a specific type you’re only aiming at reviewing? No, I am open. I always want to try new concept and see how it works, if it’s good, if the service is good, etc. But of course, I won’t try anything with garlic or onions.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in the world and why? I like a lot of places. Since I like various cuisines, I have a favorite in each category and I have created a Top 10 list, which changes often, depending on what’s new and what’s good. Categories include Burgers, Sushi, Italian, French and more. But if you’re really interested, you’ll have to visit the site to find out! Will we be seeing you in Kuwait? I hope so. I am planning a visit soon. I heard there are a few places that I should try, and if your readers can recommend where I can have the best burger in Kuwait, or try a good fine dining experience, please let them share! You heard the man, drop Anthony a tip or two by emailing him at and for more information visit: 69

DAYDREAMERS NEST Daydreaming without limitation, telling the world By bazaar staff The biggest hello to daydreamers! That’s the greeting you receive when reading a typical post by either coowners of the blog, The Daydreamers’ Nest. As far as their blog is concerned, Abdullah AlMarzouq and Abdulaziz AlReshoud decided to allocate their online posts for the purpose of drawing smiles to their readers’ faces and inspiring them to look for the better in this world. Their story reads, ‘Inspired by endings to start new beginnings, you’ll find us somewhere between the clouds, probably daydreaming about wacky ideas.’ When this editor received word of the positive online vibes, it was only a matter of time until these two delightful individuals dropped by the bazaar offices bearing a present so fitting of their website - a fluffy, comfortable pillow. How did they know about our allocated naptime during working hours? During their visit, we had the pleasure of discussing why blogging comes as such a joy to these guys, and somehow it’s as if they’ve figured out the secret to achieving happiness in the online world, AlReshoud adds, “The point of blogging for us is to simply share what we feel, rather than what we think people want to read. We’ve been blogging for two years, it is a slow process of gaining readers, yet it is very


rewarding when we are able to discuss universal stories that everyone and anyone can relate to.” AlMarzouq remarks, “We try to filter content of the highest quality to suit our readers.” He also adds inspiringly, “We never disregard anything, because we believe that everything has potential when properly investigated.” Starting the blog fresh out of high school, both fellows reside in colleges separated by the Atlantic; The Daydreamers’ Nest also serves to keep these friends close and stay in touch. AlMarzouq laughingly adds, “This is our baby, it’s like sharing custody; when we Skype, we always talk about the blog rather than what’s been happening with our lives.” Despite their hectic college schedules and very demanding university majors, perhaps the concept of daydreaming online comes as a refreshing break from the realities of our daily lives, and rather a creative tribute to the mind. At the young age of 16, AlMarzouq started daydreamersq8 as a personal online space to write whatever he felt, “I didn’t tell anyone for a year and a half, and when I started telling people, the response was great. When I asked Abdulaziz to join me, I knew we could create something special.” AlReshoud turned to writing, finding in it a greater solace when he moved away from home

right after college. “I know it sounds so cheesy, but I always kept notes and poems on my iPhone, it was my way of dealing. From then I began writing more about my daily happenings.” The result? A huge archive that inspires great content, as people who also shared their experiences of being abroad related to the daily musings of AlReshoud and AlMarzouq. In a way, The Day Dreamers’ Nest might have served these guys a great purpose of staying sane while away from home, yet their use of social media unleashed a world of supporters, readers joining them to passionately say, ‘Yes! That’s how we feel about this!’ “Connecting with people is as important as content, because only then does your content have more meaning.” AlMarzouq states, "Our goal is to affect millions of people with intention, clarity and purpose." This speaks miles of the postings on The Daydreamers’ Nest. Location doesn’t change the source of inspiration; being away from their hometown hasn’t stopped their readers for always coming back for more. Always looking to deliver interesting stories in all kinds of genres, their posts may even touch on the sensitive, yet this is done in the most professional manner. Turning Twenty, a simple blog post or small letter, turned into these

daydreamers’ social experiment; a documentation of a pivotal point in their lives, and their peers’ lives as well. The idea of writing small letters was welcomed by their fellow friends who also happened to be bloggers, and even friends who weren’t bloggers had published their letters on the Day Dreamers’ Nest. The most enlightening part of the whole process was the unexpected reward when prominent blogger Poach wrote a lengthy post about the letters. Turning twenty happened to be a turning point in this blog’s lifespan. AlReshoud and AlMarzouq started a sequence of posts that offered the kind of insight they strived to deliver. Our advice, wherever you are, tune in for more day dreamers’ posts at w w and twitter, @daydreamersnest.

bazaar shorts DIFFERENT SHOES By Emma Abdullah

I stared back undeviatingly at the person looking at me but refused to make eye contact – people like me did not make eye contact. I tried to focus on a different part of him – his socks. I stared intently at his bright red socks and then looked up and flashed him a bold, out-of-place grin. Our eyes mistakenly met and without thinking, I burst into fits of shrieks and began rocking myself back and forth. It was perfect. I turned away from the mirror and threw myself onto my bed, rethinking everything I was about to do. Rethinking the whole show I was going to put on for the sake of proving something to myself. It was going to be quite an act indeed. The building was a dark brick red that seemed to have been freshly painted. Backpack on my shoulders, I advanced towards it but kept my gaze focused on my shoes. It would only be three months. Three months in this new school before summer came along, bringing the movers’ van with it and we would be off to a new place. Classroom D13. “You must be Austin,” said a tall lady with silky dark hair wrapped up in a bun on her head. She had square glasses at the tip of her nose and although I could tell that she was not very young she had made great effort in concealing the slightest wrinkle on her face. I avoided eye contact. She had shiny black heels and skin-colored tights. “You must be Austin?” she repeated. I started flapping my arms. “Excuse me?” I twirled them in circles. She gave me a hesitant look but motioned me inside. “This is our new student, Austin.” I stared back at all the eyes that scanned me from top to bottom. There were a few smiles. For a second, I reconsidered everything. Perhaps it would be better for me to say a casual hello, pass my hand through my hair 72

and give one of my winning smiles. It would be better, easier. But I had enough of being successful, being goodlooking, being the son of so and so. I had to prove this to myself, I had to know how it felt. I took a deep breath, focused on a spot on the floor and covered my face before letting out a long shriek. The class was taken aback. I shut my eyes and kept my hands on my ears, I could feel my face growing warmer. Was this really what I wanted? Yes. “Austin, are you alright?” she looked concerned. I could hear a few snickers from one of the back rows. Why were they laughing? Did they find it funny? Were they enjoying the show? I uncovered my ears. “Austin,” I whispered and directed myself to a seat at the back. “A-U-T-I-S-M,” he whispered “It’s called Autism.” “Can he understand people?” asked another boy. “No,” answered Logan “He doesn’t understand anything, he’s stupid, all he does is scream. He shouldn’t even be here.” They laughed. The days ever since I had started here had all been very similar. I would sit alone on my bench. There would very often be a group of people around me, trying to see what I would do if they provoked me. I gave them what they wanted; I screamed so loud someone would have to break them up and calm me down. Everybody was intrigued yet amused; I scared some of them. People fear what is different. I got very much into my act, I felt like it was a part of me, I no longer had to think of my next move; it all came spontaneously. Autism. Autism. He’s autistic. Yes. No. He doesn’t understand. Something with his brain. It’s a disease. He’s handicapped. I know him. He had flashy sneakers, the new Nike ones. His socks were white. “If it isn’t Autistic Austin!” he smirked. “Done your screaming for the day?” There was a bit of mud

on his left shoe. “Look at me when I’m talking to you, hey!” I was tired. I wasn’t up to it. “Hey Austin!” he said shoving me into the girl behind me. I screamed. It made him laugh. The punch on the face that followed didn’t, though. He lay on the floor as a teacher pulled me away. I grinned – this time, not out of place. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I guess I had too much faith in the world. Perhaps I hoped to feel like I was normal, I thought they would try. Pity? I got that. I got hate too, but there was never anyone strong enough to give me a chance, anyone strong enough to forgive me for being different. I got a few smiles but it stopped at that. I wonder how many people out there are willing to stand from the crowd and speak their mind. How many of us out there would stick up for someone because we felt it was right? There’s something about those who are different that disturbs us. We don’t like them because they scare us, because they’re something new. Our insecurities build walls around us because we’re all adrift in this unpredictable world. I learned more in those 3 months than years of education could ever have taught me. There is no Richter scale to measure pain; it leaves you vulnerable. It’s not pain you can get used to, not sorrow that you can tame. It leaves you broken, broken but alive. Although many do claim to be tolerant, I never felt at ease or in my place; not even adults managed to treat me somewhat normally. The sorrow of not being accepted is one that is deeply felt. I realized how nasty people are, how selfish. I do catch myself feeling uneasy, even now. We live in a world where some people have already lost the game before having begun and there were times when I came home crying, not for me but for Autistic Austin and for all the others out there, who are different.

THE LOST ISLAND Exotic elegance is a stone’s throw away By bazaar staff

The lovely newlywed couple, Akram and Carla, didn't expect to find the project of their dreams while on their honeymoon in Indonesia. Even if it is Carla's dream project, as she has a sharp eye for design, and an avid love for landscaping, her supportive husband was more than elated to help her pursue her passion. Instead of enjoying their lazy days exploring Indonesia, they found an unexpected surprise at one of Indonesia's 'lost islands', unspoiled havens reserved for the crafty hands of talented artisans. As of now, the Islands’ heritage moved to Kuwait to settle in your gardens. It's the call from nature. Come September, we start that annual garden refurbishment project: getting our garden areas prepped with comfy settees, whimsical lighting to set a relaxing mood, that powerful barbeque installed to suit those weekend gatherings, and beautiful flowers are potted to usher in the cooler months of winter. To complete your landscaping project, Carla and Akram offer an immediate touch of exotic elegance with their bespoke collection of handmade pots and planters from Indonesia’s lost islands. 74

The ornamental pots and planters are perfectly suited for the garden and even the home, as these handmade fixtures are made from intricate pieces of pebbles and hand cut pieces of stones. Not only so, the variety of interesting shapes on offer, from classical to modern, will make for the central conversation starter at any of your weekend gatherings. Akram speaks to us more about the collections, “The materials used in sculpting these masterpieces are all natural stones, where slabs of larger stones are broken down into slates and then are reassembled. No glue or adhesives are used; an organically crafted pot is the result for your plants to beautifully thrive in your garden space, or even inside your home.” He further explains that pebbles are also employed to achieve a different design aesthetic. And that’s where Carla’s artistic touch comes in. Her flair for exterior design and landscaping flourishes as she envisions how these pieces can complete the home. She adds, “I love that the designs of the pots and planters are customizable; two kinds of pebbles may be assembled into different designs.” Paying attention

to her clients' tastes and styles, she is able to envision an inimitable piece of art for the home or garden. She continues, "I've exhibited at several spaces, and I notice that customers have a taste for the unusual. That's the best part with these beautiful pots, the options are unlimited." The lost islands of Indonesia, home to these beautiful pots, thrive on handmade crafts that include the art of Rattan, bamboo, and creating these stone pots and planters. Paying heed to the islands, Akram and Carla decided to name these pots after their original homeland. Akram states, “A typical piece takes them at least three days to complete. Like crafting a clay pot, attention to detail is given to the stone pots. A craftsman will start at the base and gradually build a shape, allowing the stones to dry up naturally and organically. It was truly a beautiful experience watching these pieces come to life in such an artistic manner." Akram adds, and his words hold true. Upon closer examination, we notice that no two stones used in creating a typical piece are the same, yet they fit effortlessly together to stand as a magnificent structure. Upon watering your plants, listen to the water trickle down the inside of the crafted

stone pot, and indulge in the soothing sounds of much needed serenity. Carla has so many ideas for her work with The Lost Island, as she has customized the pots to be created in modern shapes like shorter oval-tine spheres suited for Bonzai trees, inverted pyramid shapes, edgier pieces that are much larger in size and even smaller souvenir sized pots suited for smaller events and gatherings. The color options can vary from dark grey to lighter hues of beige and brick, yet the organic quality is shared among both to ensure that you receive a one-of-a-kind piece that is completely your own. Whether you wish to make your home entrances elegantly simple, give your office, home, chalet, and garden a touch of exotic elegance, these handmade pieces will inspire unlimited ideas. Looking to create something to suit your own taste? Not to worry, as Carla likes to create the unexpected, she sees every vision as a feasible one.

Get to know The Lost Islands collection by visiting: and Instagram, @thelostisland_kuwait.

bazaar psych By Dr. Juliet and Dr. Nisrine

Do you have questions for a psychologist? Are you afraid or embarrassed to see one? Well, we may have the answers you need! Now you can ask Dr. Juliet and Dr. Nisrine for psychological and social advice for free!

Q. I have come to finally realize that I have anger management problems. Any advice you can give to help with that? Thanks, Always Angry A. It’s wonderful that you have finally come to realize your difficulties with managing anger as continuing to have anger management problems can lead to significant physical and mental health problems. It can impact your family and interpersonal relationships, as you may offend and scar the people that you love. It can also impact your career as it stops you from working well with others and makes you unable to take constructive criticism. Anger management starts with leading a healthy lifestyle which includes time management, effective communication, regular exercise, and a determination to continuously work on oneself. In addition, given that you have mentioned that you have struggled with anger management for a while, it is wise to first start with a daily or weekly evaluation of yourself, whereby you make a list of all of the situations that frustrated or angered you. You will then begin noticing a pattern whereby you are able to identify your anger triggers, or matters that have violated your expectations or interfered with achieving your goals. Some common triggers of anger include problem solving difficulties, past experiences, individuals that attack your ideas or threaten your basic needs, etc. Once the triggers are identified, then you need to learn your body’s 76

Dr. Nisrine

Dr. Juliet

reactions to such triggers. Your body usually gives you warning signs, such as a headache, difficulty concentrating, knots in your stomach, tension in your neck and shoulder, etc. Now, you have to listen to those warning signals and engage in an intervention so that you don’t have an outburst or become angered. This intervention is unique to each individual and it will involve research on your part, in terms of what helps calm you down. Some individuals enjoy a weekly massage, others benefit from breathing exercises, while others like looking at pictures of loved ones to disconnect. If you need additional assistance with identifying your anger triggers, processing past experiences that may be impacting your anger management, and identifying healthy coping mechanisms, you can contact a psychologist.

from excitement to anxiety. Most new mothers also experience mood swings, crying spells, and irritability, which is quite normal. However, some new mothers experience more severe symptoms, such as intense anger, loss of pleasure, severe mood swings, withdrawal from family and friends, difficulty bonding with the newborn, etc. From what you have described about your sister, she seems to be experiencing severe symptoms, which, as psychologists, we label as post partum depression. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines Post Postpartum Depression (PPD) as a “serious mental health problem characterized by a prolonged period of emotional disturbance, occurring at a time of major life change and increased responsibilities in the care of a newborn infant.” There is no definitive cause for PPD, but research has suggested various causes including physical and environmental ones. When a woman gives birth, various physiological changes occur, including the significant decrease of the hormones progesterone and estrogen, along with other physical changes in the blood, metabolism, etc. Such changes lead to symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy. In addition, we should not forget that new mothers are undergoing lifestyle changes, including changes of sleep patterns, body image concerns, other familial obligations, etc. Such physical and emotional factors, in addition to possible genetic predispositions to depression, can lead new mothers to experience PPD symptoms. It is very important that your sister receive treatment

Q. I am worried about my sister who gave birth 5 months ago. She is always tired, depressed, and lacks in motivation. What I’m worried about most is that she has isolated herself and does not connect with any of her family and friends. She also seems very distant and non interactive with her baby. Is she going through post partum depression? How can I help? Thanks, Worried Sister A. You seem to be genuinely worried about your sister and rightfully so. Generally, many new mothers experience a mixture of emotions following childbirth. Such emotions can range

for her PPD as it may leave her at risk for Major Depression and it may impact the child’s behavioral and emotional development. Research has shown that infants, who do not bond emotionally with their mothers and form healthy and secure attachments, are at future risk of behavioral symptoms, hyperactivity, and even developmental delays. We advise that your sister speak with her gynecologist who can recommend treatment and refer her to a psychologist.

vacation, and enrich their learning experience by introducing them to new places, cities, countries, etc. One thing we advise that you be careful of during the summer vacation is excessive indoor time where the child is overly involved with computer games, television, etc. Encourage them to be active and explore rather than be dormant and lazy. Finally, remember that just because it’s a vacation from school it doesn’t mean that it’s a vacation from rules and good behavior!

Q. I would like some tips on some things I can do with my 7 year old son, over the summer, as I don’t want him to lose the structure he gained during the school year. Thanks, Concerned Mom A. Summer can be a wonderful time for children yet very stressful for parents. This is partly due to the fact that a big chunk of time that is usually spent in school now needs to be replaced by other activities. In addition, the structure provided by school is no longer available during the summer vacation. However, as a parent you can engage your child in certain activities so as to minimize your stress and ensure his continued adherence to structure. Enrolling your child in summer activities or summer camp is always a great idea to keep him active and entertained. In addition, planning a summer vacation as a family is also a great idea, whereby you can involve your child in the planning of the

Q. I’m a 27 year old female and I have noticed that during times when I do not take care of my eating habits, I tend to become a little more irritable, anxious, and sad. Is that possible? Are there really certain kinds of food that can impact your mood? Thanks, Curious A. The interaction between the mind and body is a well documented and researched fact. The key, however, is to understand whether we eat unhealthy food because we are anxious or depressed or whether eating certain food contributes to our likelihood of experiencing anxiety and depression. Many studies have documented the link between consuming certain food and the increased chance of developing depression and anxiety. The biological explanation for this is a neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. The level of serotonin, in the brain, is responsible for how satisfied and happy

we feel. If the level of serotonin is low then we are more likely to experience fatigue, sadness, and even depression. Certain dairy products, fast food, processed food high in sodium, and food that is low in carbohydrates may increase the likelihood of experiencing depression as such food decreases the levels of serotonin. In addition, a dietary regiment that is high in protein but low in sugar, fat, and cholesterol can also decrease serotonin levels. Finally, the consumption of excess caffeine and alcohol can also increase the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Other studies have suggested that individuals who are already experiencing anxiety and depressive symptoms resort to unhealthy food and beverage selection. This is mainly due to the availability and ease of consumption of such food and beverages, in addition to the emotional eating/drinking behavior associated with such food and beverages. If you realize that your mood is becoming unstable and you are having a difficult time maintaining a good diet, it is important to seek professional help to avoid any long term mood instability. For psychological advice, send your questions to Please note that not all questions can be published. Dr. Juliet and Dr. Nisrine are bilingual and bicultural expert psychologists on various personal and social issues. Visit or follow them on 77

A MAN AND HIS MONSTER Moshi Monsters want to grab more U.S. kids—and they're armed with toys and music. By Curt Nickisch

It's a Monday night, and Michael Acton Smith is hosting a party at his three-story home in London's Soho district. Far below the flat's high ceilings, techies and artists navigate mismatched furniture and strewn-about gadgets, talking over one another and partaking in spirits. Unnoticed amid the revelry is a slender woman in a Vivienne Westwood cape. She steps into the living room, lifts a ukulele, and thumbs a couple chords. A few people gasp. "Funny how the noises that I'm making," she sings over the hushing room, "can't drown the sound of my heart breaking." Acton Smith gets goose bumps as the partygoers recognize popular British musician Martina Topley Bird. "I tweeted at her earlier," he says later, "and asked, 'Would you come perform for us?'" Later, Acton Smith introduces a pair of buskers he discovered delighting a crowd in front of a Soho shop the day before. That is as Michael Acton Smith does. He observes. He absorbs. And he brings things he thinks people will like to the people he thinks will like them. Bill Gates once said he wanted to put a computer in every home. Michael Acton Smith wants to put a monster in every computer. His East London company, 78

Mind Candy, runs, a world where children adopt, name, and color an animated creature selected from a cast painstakingly assembled by Acton Smith and his team. They take it for walks, tickle it with the mouse to boost its happiness, and play games to earn "rox" they can spend on food for it at the "Gross-ery Store." This concept may sound familiar. "It's an updated Tamagotchi, really," acknowledges Acton Smith. It's also a fresh take on Disney's Club Penguin, the global leader in virtual worlds for kids with more than 150 million users. "I felt like we could create something better," he says. "It's not about who gets there first or who spends the most on marketing. It's about who creates the best stories, characters, and experience for kids." Acton Smith doesn't look like the type of person you'd expect to run a site used by one out of every two U.K. children. He doesn't even look like someone parents would want around their kids. With his leather pants, tangle of bracelets, tousled hair, and snakeskin boots, the 37-year-old is more rocker than Mr. Rogers. "I'm very immature, as many of my ex-girlfriends might tell you," he says. His first entrepreneurial breakthrough was in the late 1990s with online novelty retailer Bolstered by the success of its Thinking Man's Drinking Game, a chess set comprised of shot glasses, Acton Smith was able to secure financing for Mind Candy—a company that first focused on developing an alternate-reality game called Perplex City. Effectively a real-life treasure hunt, it captured a modest but passionate audience. Nevertheless, Acton Smith realized its potential was limited. In 2007, he laid off all but a few employees and started up Moshi Monsters. Four years later, they're enjoying the view. has more than 50 million registered users globally, and has grown into a full-fledged social network. Users can interact as they navigate their pets through a virtual land, friending one another and sharing tips on how to boost their monsters' health and happiness meters. More than half a billion messages have been sent to date. Though the site is free to use, a small percentage of subscribers pay 5 pounds ($6) monthly for a passport that enables monsters to access exclusive areas on the site. It's enough to have earned the company a $200 million valuation—and, more important, recognition as a bankable retail property. Now, much like Rovio has done with its Angry Birds franchise, Mind Candy is aggressively bringing its characters out of the game: It signed more than 100 licensing deals in 2011; launched Moshi Monster Music, a label aimed at kids; and began printing Moshi Monsters Magazine—which quickly became the top-selling children's magazine in Great Britain, prompting Disney to respond with Club Penguin Magazine. The newest Mind Candy offering is Moshi TV, a web-video hub intended to serve as an age-appropriate YouTube. A beta version of the site went up in late December. "One of the great things about having a digital heart for your intellectual properties," Acton Smith says, "is that it's easier to evolve them with changing fashions." In the past, entertainment companies had to invest heavily to introduce new characters on high-profile platforms such as TV or film, then wait and see if there was enough traction for retail extensions. The feedback to roster additions on is immediate, and Mind Candy is nimble enough to capitalize on clear fan favorites. If the company moves slowly in any way, it's with regard to acquisition. Club Penguin was once a startup, but sold out when the getting was good. Acton Smith is taking a longer view. "There are some eye-popping numbers that we could sell the business for, but the world needs more entrepreneurs who are willing to keep their chips on the table," he says. "I'd love to have a multibillion-dollar business that transforms what it is to be an entertainment company. I know, it's ambitious." Sure, but so is inviting a pop star to a party via Twitter.


Bakeries and florists all in one place, need we say more? By bazaar staff

The Internet can be a big, scary place, a labyrinth of sorts. We all know we can order most things online, type it into a Google search and you have a million possibilities. But therein lies the problem. How do you know where to go? Enter Founded in 2011 by Abdullah F. AlKhuzam and Sulaiman Y. Al Tarrah, it is a website that will make navigating the online world of florists and bakeries a whole lot easier. Traditionally, local florists and bakers would take care of the orders themselves but in recent years a shift has been seen towards online versions of these traditional services, especially for flowers. noticed a mismatch between supply and demand and so created a platform that would bridge the gap between these shops and their intended customers. This creates a large new market for these shops and allows them to reach a much greater customer base. For the customer, it enables them to shop selectively whether it’s by price, size and occasion. In 80

addition, orders can be placed anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. You know longer need to trawl through thousands of Google search results to finds what you’re looking for. does all the research, so all you have to do is drop by their site and find they’ve handpicked the very best florists and bakers Kuwait has to offer. It is among the first websites to offer such a service that benefits both the shop and the customer. brings them together making life a little easier. The shops featured on the website speak for themselves. In a country like Kuwait where we like to celebrate special occasions with cakes, desserts and pastries, the bakery industry is booming. The shops featured on are free to offer whatever they like on the website but of course are encouraged to include their bestsellers. The pricing is also at the shops’ own discretion and the guys at don’t interfere with it. They try to be as invisible as possible.

They merely provide the platform that brings together shop and customer. Customers enjoy a wider spectrum to choose form, highly dependent on price and quality whilst the shops will enjoy higher deal flow, positively increasing their sales and achieving a higher return on investment. Furthermore, each shop can track real-time results using online analytics to determine how their products are performing and in addition, to retain customers off- business hours and on public holidays. In the future 965flowers will continue adding to its list of florists and bakeries providing more choice for the customer. They are also planning to launch a gifts section of the website towards the end of 2012, making buying that last minute birthday present that much easier.

Visit to experience a simple way to order flowers and baked goods online.

Loaay's Two Cents Got business problems or challenges at work? With his Two Cents column, Loaay Ahmed shares his expertise in strategic management consulting to help managers, employees and entrepreneurs thrive.


Within our nail spa we offer a café menu, which has allocated fees, just as any restaurant would. We offer filtered water as a complimentary alternative. We have strict protocol to ensure that all clients receive excellent customer service, so I was disappointed to know that some customers are complaining about being charged for the drinks. The menu offers high quality drinks and it costs us money. We can’t give it away for free. Why are customers offended?

LA: Your analogy for your menu being like one in a restaurant's or a café shows how cloudy your perspective is. Customers are not coming to your nail spa for food and drinks. Drinks and any nibbles should be looked at as a tool to enhance the customer experience and not as a by-product line to make small extra income from. It is expected from spas and other beauty and relaxation facilities to offer drinks like green tea, water, apples, juices, biscuits, etc to guests for free. To control cost, offer items that are linked to how much money you're making. So, someone booked for a quick manicure might be offered less costly drinks than someone who booked an executive or a bridal package. Instead of thinking of your menu as one in a restaurant, think of it like one on an airplane. The higher the travel class, the more you're offered, but regardless of what class you’re in, the menu is always complimentary because it has been factored in the price already. If you were a no-frills business like EasyJet or Fly Dubai, then I agree that the menu items can be charged, but if you're trying to project a sense of luxury, drinks should never be charged. Also, the industry you belong to worldwide doesn’t ask customers to pay for drinks, which is one of the reasons why it’s backfiring with your guests. Be careful of such a policy because it makes your business look greedy and it's out of place with the image you're aiming for...and that's just my two cents.


The goal in designing our iPhone app was to make it as quick and simple as possible to use. We realize that in some cases this will require users to accept some limitations, but for now, adding new features is not something in our plan. However, some customers have been requesting more features that from our point of view would complicate the app. Do we surrender to the requests or stick to our vision?

LA: The golden rule in good design is "form follows function". Making things simple is always great but simplicity has to be for functions and features that work for the user. In other words, have the most essential

functions and then design them in the most simplistic way, but sacrificing some important functions for the sake of simplicity is not the best approach. What if some of the frequently requested features were slowing down the app from being a best seller or frustrating the existing users’ experience? As for sticking to the vision of keeping it simple, you don’t necessarily need to separate between customers’ needs and your vision. I'm confident that if the developing team designed the initial user interface to be attractive and simple with the initial features, then they can find a way to add the new features without complicating the app. Brands have to stay customer centric. After all, it's customers who buy the app not the developers. Insisting on ignoring needed features is not the best way to go. You can always say no to customers, but that means there’s a big chance you will lose whoever doesn’t like the existing limitations. If the remaining customers are enough to keep you profitable and satisfied, then status quo is the name of the game for now...and that's just my two cents.


Being a property manager/concierge is an exhausting job. All I do is receive requests and complaints. It feels that residents’ problems and issues never stop. It’s amazing how many things can go wrong in one building! I smile all the time and never make any resident feel ignored even when they’re upset. Is there a better way to manage such a job? LA: Can you imagine if in 2011 the organizers of the London 2012 Olympics declared that the pressure and effort is too much for them to handle and gave up? In any business that’s worth managing, a challenge is part of the journey. How you react to obstacles can make a difference to the business and, more importantly, to you. In most cases, a problem is nothing but an opportunity to make a difference, improve a situation, or put a smile on the customer’s face and yours. So, how can you reach this mindset? A Japanese proverb says, "Fall down seven times, get up eight times." Persistence to solving problems is a good start. Your brain can easily play tricks on you. When you receive a problem your brain pulls up emotions, memories, and hormones. At a certain point, it freezes in the problem zone. What you need to do is to train the brain to stay in the solution zone instead. By focusing on solving the issue rather than being concerned with the obstacle, your mind is filled with positive energy and determination to grasp the solution you visualize. Understand problems very well and then hunt for happy endings...and that's just my two cents. For Loaay Ahmed's advice on business or work matters, send a short email to Please note that only the questions chosen for publishing will be answered.

Loaay Ahmed is a management consultant and strategic expert. To learn more about Loaay and his consulting service, strategic business therapy, visit 82

PROJECT X Kuwait’s food bloggers put through their culinary paces By bazaar staff

Two things are abundant in Kuwait; blogs and food! Hit any of the blogs and you’ll find countless reviews of the hot new culinary spot to try during the weekend, hit any of the new culinary hotspots and you’re sure to find a blogger there eating. But what about these bloggers, how do their cooking skills measure up? It seems Olga and Victor from Chef Boutique, Ahmed Al Hendi from Food Maestros and Basma Al Musallam from 13Cups Blog had been wondering the same thing… Chef Boutique opened up its kitchens to the bloggers of Kuwait for two weekends in June for Project X, a Chopped-style cooking competition. The guys at Chef Boutique are well-known for teaching gourmet cooking so you can recreate restaurant food at home, and so the competing bloggers were assured of feeling right at home in Chef Boutique’s kitchens. The concept was simple. Twelve teams registered to compete. On day one, six teams would face-off and three 84

would be eliminated. On the second day another six teams would trade culinary blows, again with three teams progressing. The six triumphant teams from the first two rounds would reconvene a week later, rested and ready to cook, to see who would claim the esteemed title of Project X Champion – aka the best blogging cook in Kuwait! Battling it out on that first day were; Froyo Nation Blog, Moodie Blog, Swera, Fried Junk Blog, Chapter Q8 and The Triple Sisters. The second day saw Urban Q8, His-Hers, PinkGirl Blog, Our Family Nest Blog, Elderwaza and Q8Rain mixing it up in the Chef Boutique kitchen. They competed over two rounds (creating two unique dishes) with points awarded for taste, presentation and originality. They had forty-five minutes to prepare and a further forty-five minutes to cook the dishes. Who would be tasting their creations? Some of the most interesting and fascinating culinary gurus in town, including Chef Mongkon from Chef Boutique, Jumana Al Othman, certified foodie and restaurateur Basil Al Salem, Ziad Al Obaid, and the

fitness driven yet Nutella-inclined, Fahad AlYehya from Core Fitness and the infamous blog, Trying to be Fahad. Not wanting to make it too easy on these foodie bloggers, the judges prescribed a main ingredient that had to be used for each round. On day one; mango and blue cheese, respectively. Day two saw, avocado for Round 1 and bacon for Round 2. To further shake things up, the second round on both days included a devious ‘Judge’s Joker’ ingredient, with honey and maple syrup on day one and a conniving Nutella on day two. This was introduced after the preparation period, forcing the bloggers to rethink their meal choices and cook out of the box. Al Hendi recounts the experience with an evil laugh; “They were all so stunned at the concept of combining Nutella with avocado and bacon. The looks on their faces were simply priceless.” Triumphing on that first weekend, Froyo Nation Blog, Moodie, The Triple Sisters, Urban Q8, His-Hers and Elderwaza, all returned the following weekend for the

final. Knives had been sharpened, aprons had been tied, appetites had been whetted - the contest consisted of a single round with a sixty-minute preparation period and sixty-minute cooking time. This time however, they had to work with two prescribed ingredients for preparation, with a choice of Lamb Ribs and apples OR Sea bream and apricot reserve. After taking in this first shock of contrasting ingredients, the contestants were ready. Only then, when they were ready to cook, did the Judge’s Joker surface again in the form of not one, or two, but three components: Kafir lime, Vanilla Pods, and preserved lemons. A stress-filled sixty minutes of ‘colorful’ cooking later, Elderwaza emerged as the creator of the tastiest dish and was crowned Project X Champion. After the fun and frenzied games were over, we had to sit down with the evil masterminds, Victor, Olga, Ahmed and Basma, who all recounted the culinary festivities with amusement and surprise. Victor states, “Oddly enough, none of the entrants have been at a cooking competition

before, yet they are all foodies, and that's where we were truly amazed.” Al Hendi excitedly adds, "It was full of surprises, Basma expected certain contestants to win, yet the results totally were unexpected. We could see during the qualifying rounds how the dishes were improving, and the confidence of the contestants grew bolder. For the finals, these amateur cooks produced unexpected results, gaining points in originality. Everyone was creative!" When it came to organizing the nitty gritty details, the team of organizers greatly valued the support of Ahmed Al Hendi, as his experience from Food Meastro last year, a similar cooking competition likened to a Masterchef face-off, had already instilled the principals of competition in him. As a team, the evil masterminds behind Project X are truly fit for the daunting task of organizing a full-fledged cooking competition. Yet, were the contestants intimidated by the competition? Olga explains, “We made sure to provide them with a training crash-course in the form of a briefing session

before the first day of competition took place.”Victor adds, “The training course was as much fun as the competition, it was a team building exercise and a cooking one at the same time. Besides learning to work together, plan, and strategize, it exposed bloggers to the food preparation side of cooking; helping them to understand the full process of what goes into any kind of dish, as they can now be more discerning and demanding when dining.“ The end result, everyone’s a winner, thanks to the dedicated team that made it all happen. Al Hendi comments, “We had such a great time, even though getting people organized, and dealing with so many things at the same time posed technical difficulties. But, somehow, it all worked out!" Victor concurs, “Project X may have been operationally challenging, yet with the help of our sponsors, we made it happen. We owe them a huge thanks, it would have been impossible without them!” For more information, visit 85

NBK’S GERGEAN NBK shares happy Gergean moments with the children at NBK Hospital By bazaar staff

A favored pastime tradition that is cherished by children and adults alike, Gergean comes as a time of great bliss, happiness, a shared celebration of joy, faith and compassion. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of Gergean, it is a festive heritage in many Arabian Gulf countries, and it usually takes place between the 13th and 15th nights of the holy month of Ramadan. Welcoming the last ten days of the month, a celebrated occurrence and a time of forgiveness, the bangs and loud clapping noises of children bearing metal pots are the sounds of ‘karka’a’ or ‘garga’a’, and this also marks the upcoming celebrations of Eid Al Fitr. Dressing up in their finest traditional clothes, children 86

wander around their neighborhoods, gleefully singing joyous songs as they knock on their neighbors’ doors seeking treats and candy in exchange for a song. To this day, everyone eagerly awaits Gergean, as adults recount their youthful experiences of Gergean and children embrace a new tradition. The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is no stranger to this wondrous occasion and tradition, and held a Gergean event at the NBK Hospital at Sabah Medical district to share with the children the happy moments of Gergean and present them with felicitations and gifts. The happy tradition shouldn’t be lost to sick children who couldn’t physically be with their neighbors to celebrate the act of Gergean.

The meaning of Gergean goes beyond its physical borders, for sharing music, felicitations, and sweets can be carried out anywhere, as long as there is a group to share the festivities. This great group included the NBK Public Relations Team and a number of NBK staff members who wished to join in on the fun. Commenting on the occasion Manal Al Mattar, NBK Public Relations Executive Manager stated: “Sharing with sick children residing at NBK Hospital on major social and religious occasions comes as part of an extensive social outreach program specifically mapped out and implemented by NBK.” Al Mattar explained that helping sick children and their families is an integral part of the bank's culture and practices that reflect its deep commitment to its corporate social responsibility. This was the main reason that led NBK to build its children hospital at Sabah Medical district many years ago. A gesture that embodies NBK’s corporate social responsibility ethos, it is also one that is both traditional and spiritual. More importantly, NBK’s visit to the hospital was emotional and overwhelming for both the children and the NBK Team, and remains to be a well rooted tradition that has been carried out by NBK each year in its efforts to continuously have an active role in Kuwaiti society.

For more about NBK, log on to, find them on facebook by visiting: For twitter and Instagram, please follow @nbkpage.

MONEY MATTERS The young and the frugal By Diva Undecided

It may be an old track on a broken record, but still a classic; Save, save and save some more. 2.5%, 10% or 50% of any form of monthly income that you can part ways with and utilize later. Money continues to be, for most of us, for lack of a better word, a tricky affair. Especially given the fact that on most days, our struggle to draw lucidity between a need and want persists. As someone who is completely in understanding of this for dual reasons, (one being that I grew up with very little and two that the limitation to make do with little pushed me towards a financecentric career), I do comprehend the gravity of this reality. At an age when my peers effortlessly spend more on a carefree lifestyle, I often get noticed for my borderline OCD saving habits, which I’m shamelessly quite proud of. Perhaps this pride is sourced from a 6-year-old self, living through humble beginnings. In this context, humble is defined in terms of living in a shady 88

neighborhood with a family of five, shopping at discount stores only at festival times, splitting the occasional Hungry bunny burger on a weekend with a sibling and walking out of the toy store almost every time with a sunken heart and without the Barbie dollhouse. As much as you do have the occasional, age appropriate, behavioral rage taking over rationality, you start taking notice of the more important agendas of prioritizing decisions that make ends meet. The downfall to such an experience at a young age is, you often tend to assume that it may be unfair to experience such at the age that you do. However, such a notion only lasts till you grow up to realize that the experience could only translate as an advantage for you against your peers. You generate a feeling of gratitude for what living on a shoestring budget has done to your financial acumen to make you appreciate the things in life. Inevitably, savings as a behavioral norm should be fostered from a very

tender age. Whether you are a 10-yearold living on a KD 10 monthly allowance or a fresh graduate surviving on a KD 400 pay package, the ideals of basic saving should be mastered with common sense and prudence early on to avoid debt pitfalls. The checklist below is a guideline to enable one to incorporate financial discipline and enjoy its fringe benefits in the long run: Divide and Conquer – The ageold strategy still holds true, divide your eggs in several baskets and conquer. This philosophy could simply translate to having at least two key accounts i.e. savings and an expense account for obvious reasons. The trick is to ensure both the accounts are with different banks to avoid downtime for technical issues with one of the banks. Freedom fund: Personal Finance expert Suze Ormon lives and insists others live by it; “keep at least 8-9 months worth of living expenses set aside”, could be for a sudden job termination, relocation or any other

unforeseen personal circumstances. Cutting your coat according to your cloth – My folks would often chant this to my siblings and I while growing up and it never made much sense until we grew up. The key is to always live on less than you earn and always leave some wiggle room. Make small sizeable goals: whether it’s buying a new car, a Rolex or paying off a jeweler debt, write down the goal and make it real and short term. The key is to break down what you want into small, achievable goals. Develop a ledger: It could be a primitive style journal or an excel sheet model. The core idea is to record each of the transactions to represent your incoming and outgoing activities to initiate an influential psychological effect to register what and how much you would be spending. It is key to remember that, prudent money habits can only be fostered over time, hence baby steps is crucial for successful implementation.

bazaar a la mode G-STAR AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION 2012 MEN RAW Essentials by G-Star RAW are limited editions crafted in the G-Star RAW atelier for denim purists. RAW Essentials blends exclusive denim with innovative construction techniques and handfinished details. MEN This season’s denims for men include the New 5620 Dimension Tapered in Pin Denim - an Italian deep black indigo Selvedge denim, whose authentic and tactile feel comes from natural imperfections woven into the fabric by the use of a traditional, slow-rate shuttle loom. Complementing this dark denim, G-Star also offers the vintage medium aged new 3301 straight, with 3D moulded knees and a 3D back pocket with wallet mark. A highlight of the collection is the Parka Jacket, a modern reworking of a classic Army fishtail Parka. The jacket comes in raw Sateen Denim. Complementing the denims and jackets are a range of tops, including this season’s introduction of knitted denim: an unexpected combination of knitted sweat fabric and twill. WOMEN This season’s collection includes a number of distinctive styles. The Wrap Dress is based on a factory workers dustcoat and can be tied at the waist to create a feminine look. It uses dark aged denim, which is lightly scraped and abraded to bring out the character of the fabric. The dress is 3D crinkled and baked for a worn-in look. Another highlight is the B-coat, inspired by a vintage French naval pea-coat. The coat, with its 3D constructed sleeves, comes in raw Sateen Denim. It features a removable hooded quilted liner, whose quilting technique takes inspiration from Scottish guards military jackets and features 5 different indigo fabrics: velvet, wool, chambray, sateen and technical microfiber.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Maya Diab meets her fans in Kuwait for the launch of “Maya Diab Special Edition Aqua Trousse” Lebanese Celebrity Maya Diab was at Debenhams, The Avenues Mall on Friday 29th June to launch her “Special Edition Aqua Trousse” by MAKE UP FOR EVER. Hundreds of fans gathered around to witness the reveal of the collection. Entailing her favorite 6 Aqua products in a stylish clutch designed by the diva herself, Maya Diab’s Special Edition Aqua Trousse offers that long-lasting beauty every woman desires as it guarantees endless options to create numerous distinctive and attractive looks that will last throughout the entire day or evening. Maya Diab expressed her gratitude and love towards her fans and thanked MAKE UP FOR EVER and Habchi & Chalhoub W.L.L during her speech. She also shared her inspiration behind designing her own clutch and highlighted being a big fan of the Aqua range as it offers her long-lasting beauty and confidence not only when she is on stage but also in her everyday life.

BANANA REPUBLIC FALL 2012 In a season where the soaring city landscapes and the bucolic country tableaus serve as equally picturesque backdrops, sleek silhouettes combine with inviting textures and luxurious details to create a wardrobe that works effortlessly, in any location. The elevated essentials, notably the sophisticated leather offerings, speak to savvy, cosmopolitan tastes. The classic trench, a Banana Republic signature, becomes even more polished when trimmed in leather or fashioned into a breezy capelet and finished off with gold hardware. Oversize clutches allow for unencumbered day-to-night transitions and bow blouses are worn loose with appealing nonchalance. Serene burgundy makes a bold statement when surfaced in a monochromatic vision. Plush accent pieces—including faux fur touches and cashmere—warm up cool black separates. The rich textures of soft pleats back to leather, jacquard and lace add a clever dimension to the attractive simplicity of basic black. From rich horse-bit details to a groomed palette of camel, burgundy and grey flannel, a sense of equestrian elegance permeates the season. Much of his statement outerwear—with its detachable liner vests, elbow patches and neat contrast collars—borrow from the utilitarian classics of rarefied hunting parties.


LANA DEL RAY FOR H&M Fall/Winter Ad Campaign A songstress with a captivating voice and retro look: Lana Del Ray is the ultimate screen siren, and that goes without argument! In following the recent speculation surrounding the news that LDR will front H&M's fall fashion campaign, H&M finally revealed that the lovely Del Ray would represent H&M globally for their fall advertising campaign. This will also be followed by a winter campaign. The sultry Del Ray fervor is only natural, as Mulberry rushed to name a handbag after her, with H&M as her first modeling job. "“The mood is very L.A. noir,” said Donald Schneider, H&M’s creative director. “It’s inspired by our fall collection.” Looking like a Fifties screen siren in one ad — the print campaign was photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin — Del Rey wears a pale pink angora blend sweater. Del Rey performed a cover of “Blue Velvet” for a minifilm that will be released on on Sept. 19 and subsequently distributed globally. Edited versions will be used as TV commercials."

VANS “VANS” first shop opened in Kuwait in June 2011 at 360 Mall. “VANS” is the original action sports footwear and Apparel Company. In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened up for business in California. Within a few years, the whole skate culture adopted “VANS” shoe as their favorite brand and today “VANS” still represents a look that epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle. With more than 40 years of history – and now offering a complete range of footwear, apparel, accessories, snowboard boots & outerwear and Pro-Tec protective equipment – “VANS” has risen to become a worldwide dominant force in the action sports industry and the genuine brand of choice for the contemporary lifestyle consumer. For more information please visit

VICTORIA’S SECRET This autumn, Victoria's Secret, the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products, will open its first stores in the Middle East. Victoria’s Secret dominates its field with modern fashion-inspired collections, prestige fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. The Dubai openings in Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall, will come just weeks after the lingerie chain opens its first Middle East store in Kuwait at The Avenues.

TED BAKER A/W12 Survival of the Fittest Town meets country with heritage fabrics and classic silhouettes sitting alongside modern pieces that are perfect for any occasion; all cut out for the survival of the fittest this A/W12. On Womenswear, Ted’s signature prints are inspired by botanical vintage finds with the foxglove, sweet pea and decoupage cluster prints cultivated as focus placements or seen to grow all over dresses and separates. Tailoring takes on a natural influence with tweed jackets and trousers furnished with wooden buttons. Berry and nude fur coats and tippits add glamour, whilst boucle jackets offer a touch of heritage luxe. For Menswear, heritage fabrics are mixed with functional materials to create heavily detailed pieces that are second nature to Ted. Suede shooting patches, contrast elbow patches and knitted panels are key on both knitwear and outerwear. Nylon gilets feature tweed shoulder patches with cord collars; puffa jackets are more technical with waxed canvas contrast details or fur linings and herringbone check shoulder patches.


‫ت�صبحون على خري‬ ‫بقلم‪ :‬عبدالعزيز الحشاش‬

‫من األمور التي ال نستطيع التحكم بها في حياتنا حبنا‬ ‫للنوم‪ ،‬فكم واحد منا تأخر في طفولته عن المدرسة بسبب‬ ‫الغرق في أحالمه السعيدة‪ ،‬فيأتي توبيخ األهل ليبخر‬ ‫تلك األحالم‪ ،‬ثم يأتي توبيخ المدرسة الذي يحول يومك‬ ‫إلى جحيم حيث تصبح أضحوكة للطلبة عندما يصبح هذا‬ ‫التوبيخ علنيا في طابور المدرسة‪.‬‬ ‫و كم من موظف فاته اجتماع في أول أيام عمله‬ ‫بسبب ليلة قضاها في متابعة مباراة للدوري األوروبي‪،‬‬ ‫فقضى ليله في النوم الهانئ و خذله المنبه و لم يوقظه‬ ‫ليلحق بذلك االجتماع‪.‬‬ ‫النوم مسألة نسبية تختلف من شخص آلخر و بعض‬ ‫الدراسات تقول بأنها تختلف بين الرجل والمرأة‪ ،‬أو بين‬ ‫الطفل والكبير‪.‬‬ ‫لكن ما لفت انتباهي هو ذلك الخبر الذي طالعته بنا‬ ‫إحدى الصحف والذي يتحدث عن فتاة بريطانية نامت في‬ ‫الـ ‪ 15‬من العمر في ابريل الماضي واستيقظت في شهر‬ ‫يونيو‪ ،‬جراء معاناتها من اضطراب عصبي نادر يجلعها‬ ‫تغط في النوم عدة أشهر في كل مرة‪.‬‬ ‫وستيسي كومفورد تنام لمدة ‪ 20‬ساعة في اليوم‪،‬‬ ‫وتستيقظ فقط لتناول رشفة ماء أو الستخدام الحمام‪،‬‬

‫وتقوم والدتها بيرني (‪ 53‬عام ًا ) بادخال بعض األطعمة‬ ‫في فمها البقائها على قيد الحياة‪ .‬وبسبب النوم أكثر من‬ ‫شهر فوتت امتحانات الشهادة الثانوية عليها‪ .‬وهي واحدة‬ ‫من ‪ 1000‬شخص في العالم يعانون أعراض «ليفين‬ ‫كلين» المعروفة أيض ًا بإسم مرض «النوم الجميل»‪.‬‬ ‫وتأمل ستيسي أن تتمكن من العودة إلى المدرسة‬ ‫بدوام جزئي‪ ،‬واعترفت أنها فوتت ‪ 9‬امتحانات‪ ،‬وكذلك‬ ‫عيد ميالدها الذي صادف في نوفمبر الماضي بسبب‬ ‫نومها المستمر‪.‬‬ ‫وقالت الفتاة «إن الناس لم يصدقوها من قبل وكان‬ ‫ذلك أصعب شيء تواجهه‪ ،‬وكان اساتذتها يستغربون‬ ‫كلما طلبت إذناً للعودة إلى منزلها جراء شعورها بالتعب‬ ‫وحاجتها للنوم‪ ،‬لكن الوضع تغيّر اآلن بعد أن علموا‬ ‫بمعاناتها من مرض النوم الجميل»‪.‬‬ ‫بدأت ستيسي تعاني أعراض النوم المتواصل في‬ ‫العام الماضي‪ ،‬غير أن األطباء لم يتمكنوا من تشخيص‬ ‫حالتها إال في مارس الماضي‪ ،‬وكانوا يعتقدون من قبل‬ ‫أنها فتاة مراهقة مزاجية الطبع‪.‬‬ ‫أشفقت كثيرا على حال الفتاة‪ ،‬و رغم أن النوم‬ ‫شعور جميل يأخذك بعيدا عن ضغط الواقع و متطلباته‬

‫إال أنني ال أستطيع أن أتخيل بأن تمر شهور من حياتي‬ ‫دون أن أنجز شيئا‪.‬‬ ‫و للنوم وقع كبير على ثقافة كل الشعوب فلطالما‬ ‫كان مادة خصبة يتكئ عليها الشعراء و األدباء في‬ ‫كتاباتهم و خاصة في وصفهم لحال العاشق في من‬ ‫يحب‪ ،‬كما استخدم في مواضيع أخرى مثلما ورد في‬ ‫ديوان المتنبي أن رجال كتب أبياتا وجعلها في رقعة‬ ‫وأدخلها على سيف الدولة وزعم أنه قال األبيات في‬ ‫المنام وأن سيف الدولة قد أعطاه عليها بدرة فأمر سيف‬ ‫الدولة المتنبي بالرد على هذا الشاعر فقال المتنبي‬ ‫أبياتا منها‪:‬‬ ‫قد سمعنا ما قلت في األحالم وأنلناك بدرة في المنام‬ ‫وانتبهنا كم انتبهت بالشيء وكان الجواب قدر الكالم‬ ‫افتح الجفن واترك القول في النوم وميز خطاب سيف‬ ‫األنام يبقى النوم عنصر أساسي في حياتنا‪ ،‬و رغم‬ ‫طرافة الموضوع وبديهيته إال أنه يبقى موضوع ال نهاية‬ ‫له لو خضنا فيه مطوال‪ ،‬ويبقى أن نتمنى دائما لمن نحب‬ ‫أن يصبح على خير ‪ ..‬فما أجمل من نوم طويل يكلل‬ ‫بحلم جميل يتحول في اليوم التالي إلى حقيقة على‬ ‫أرض الواقع‪ .‬وتصبحون على خير‪.‬‬ ‫‪92‬‬

bazaar techno Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke




The iPhone can be an amazing photographic tool. What's not so amazing? The built-in flash. The Paparazzo iPhone Light ($50) replaces it with a 300 lumen LED light that connects to your iPhone's dock connector, adding a dedicated shutter button and handy grip too. Want to shoot video instead of a still? Simply flip the switch to video mode, hit the trigger, and watch as your previously grainy scene becomes something that's actually worth looking at.

Harman Kardon BT Headphones ($250) are designed to perfectly match your Apple device via Bluetooth, with 40mm drivers and AAC and aptX wireless coding for great sound, built-in playback buttons on the earcup, an integrated mic for taking calls, a rechargeable battery good for up to 12 hours of playback, and the ability to operate in wired mode when the battery runs down.

Take your on-water experience to new heights — literally — with the Jetovator ($9,000) connects to the jet unit on your personal watercraft using a 40 hose, and offers simple-to-use controls to let you rise 30 feet above the water, dive up to ten feet below, and zoom along at up to 25 mph, all while your buddy driving the jet ski looks up in envy.




While it's unlikely to appear at dealerships anytime soon, the Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine ($TBA) is certainly ready for any undead action. It features a custom zombie plow out in front, armored window coverings, a roof hatch, a trunkfull of weaponry, floodlights in the front and back, spiked all-terrain tires, wheels with spikes for clipping nearby walkers, and an all-important CB radio system.

Just in time for the tail-end of the summer Olympics hype comes the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Limited Edition ($170). Arriving in a special white and gold colorway, it offers all the features of its TomTom-powered brethren, including time, distance, pace, heart rate, calories burned, and NikeFuel, and the ability to upload your accomplishments to

The MakerBot Mixtape ($25-$39) tries its hardest to revive some of that lost mixtape aura. It offers 2GB of memory, ability to playback MP3 files, headphone jack, four-hour battery life, included USB cable for loading it up, and three buttons. Although for authenticity, it should play the songs in order, with an annoying "switching sides" sound in the middle of the playlist.


LOSE 5KG* IN 21 DAYS By Yousef AlQanai

Now that Ramadan, and all the festivities of Eid are over, we need to get back on track and transition back to our healthy habits. Many of us have gained extra unwanted weight during the past month and have shifted our regular sleeping patterns to adapt to the Ramadan lifestyle; for many, it can be tough to switch back and so this article is to help you do that effectively. In this article you will find a simple program and rules to help during your transition back and to aid in the loss of any unwanted weight you might have gained during Ramadan. Here is how you can lose 5kg in 21 days, the healthy and right way. To begin, make sure you have a way to keep track of your progress. On a blank piece of paper, hung on the wall, construct 21 boxes which will represent the days in this 21-day program and mark off each day as it is completed. To help you stay motivated and on track, rate your daily performance and level of commitment to the program in each box at the end of the day (0 being no commitment, 5 being somewhat committed, 8 being really committed, while 10 being fully super-duper committed). Here are the rules for the 21 days program Rule 1: Do not constantly check your weight! Only check your weight on days 1, 10, and 21 of the program. Depending on what you eat, you will either gain or lose water which will result in weight figures that 96

does not accurately depict your performance. Our bodies lose and gain water very fast so there is no reason to keep checking your weight on a daily basis because it could be demotivating or even misleading. Rule 2: Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! Drink a lot of water (and I mean A LOT!). Proper hydration is important for our overall well-being and health; it will also help spark your metabolism. Without it, our bodies will not be able to function properly. A lack of hydration fatigues your muscles and may cause cramps. Many of us are dehydrated without being aware of it so you need to ensure that your body has the amount of water it needs. Scientific research has proven that a 5 percent reduction in body water leads to a 10 percent reduction in blood thickness** causing negative side effects such as: headaches, fatigue, and a lot more. Rule 3: What to avoid in your diet. I am not going to tell you exactly what to eat because I do not believe in strict diets, and this program is not designed to be picky in that area. I will, however, tell you what you should avoid eating and share with you some of the healthy options I have chosen which have helped me lose 50KG and overcome obesity: - Unfriend foods which are either fried or considered junk such as fast-food restaurants. - Avoid desserts. - Substitute skimmed or low fat for your full fat

dairy products. - Eliminate mayonnaise and butter from your diet. - Reduce dressings (as I always say “DRESS TO IMPRESS”). Just don’t put too much. If you are still unsure of what to eat, then simply opt for anything not listed above, go wild on veggies, fruits. Control carbs, and pick the right meats (grilled of course). Note: Have a cheat meal once a week to reward your dedication and increase your motivation. On your cheat day you are free to eat as you please (but with moderation) so grab your favorite burger or indulge in your favorite cheesecake. Rule 4: Exercise! Cardio Do 20 minutes of cardio when you first wakeup (jogging, swimming, or cycling) on an empty stomach. This will push your body to utilize stored fat as fuel and in consequence you will get leaner. If you chose not to do your cardio on an empty stomach then plan to do it 3 hours after a meal. To help boost your metabolism do another 40 minutes of cardio later that day. This will ensure that your metabolism is constantly working throughout the day. Weight training I do not recommend heavy weights for this program; instead, use your own body weight to exercise. Focus on calisthenics such as pushups, pull-ups, and weightless squats to increase body strength and benefit cardiovascular fitness. Bodyweight exercises are convenient because they do not necessarily require a trainer to spot you and can fit any busy schedule. No excuses after today. Rule 5: Sleep enough! After Ramadan, we find it hard to transition back to our regular sleeping patterns. Be patient, it takes our bodies around two weeks to adjust properly. A tip to help trigger the Melatonin hormone (Also called; The Sleeping Hormone) is to avoid all electronics and displays (TV, phone, iPads, laptop screens) an hour prior to sleeping. And you also need to turn off the lights. Summary to stick on your fridge: -Drink a lot of water -Eat more fruits and vegetables -Avoid fried and junk food -Use low fat or skimmed dairy products -Avoid electronics and displays at least 1 hour before bed time. Note: This program assumes that you are a healthy individual with no health complications and does not substitute recommendations from your doctor or dietitian. However, I personally recommend that you consult your doctor prior to following this program. *The 5KG are not promised, but weight loss guaranteed. **The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Yousef AlQanai is a Fitness Expert, Athlete, Speaker and Founder of Aymstrong. For more information on his credentials please visit

bazaar fiction


One day in May, or maybe it was June—it’s hard to remember when all those hot days blur together—but a Tuesday for sure, Reedah woke up, stretched, tasted the metallic taste of sleep in her mouth, along her tongue, went to the mirror, softly ran her fingertips down both cheeks and blinking extra hard, decided she would not go to work today. Her mother, two bedrooms down the hall and to the right, asked her if she was sick, and when Reedah said no, nothing like that, her mother nodded. Reedah made her phone call to her manager, saying I don’t think I can make it today; and he, in his best managerial voice, said, ok, I understand, and take care of yourself. Before saying good-bye, Reedah promised she would. When she returned to the mirror, she stared long and hard into the glass. By now her mother was at the door with a glass of water and two aspirin, holding both out, saying, “Just in case.” Mother now gone, Reedah went back to bed, and looking straight up at the creamy white of her bedroom ceiling, thought about nothing that had to do with illness, sleep or work, but then, changing her mind, because, come to think of it, she did feel feverish, even dizzy, reached over to take the aspirin with water. Reedah had always lived at home, and when her two sisters married and moved three and four houses down the block, she was the only one left. Of course she’d always been close to her sisters, how could she not? That means they shared secrets and gossip and soon-to-be rumors. Although her friends called her Ree, only her sisters knew that she dreamed of renaming herself Eve. That, and her sisters liked to make fun of Reedah’s eyes because they were sometimes green, sometimes gray, sometimes a little of both, but almost always wide, as if she were practicing to be surprised and wanted to get it just right.


Of course with two daughters married, with children, and Reedah none of the two, the mother began to worry, questioning, “What’s wrong with this one?” The father didn’t worry like the mother but sometimes he would sit with her, the TV off, the kitchen lights blaring yellow behind them, and together they would worry about Reedah. However, even then, for him, it was simply practice, nothing like a mother’s worry. But then came that time during the middle of one of the mother’s hardest and longest worrying, when she spent far too much time in Reedah’s room, sitting on the bed, asking long complicated questions, probing for that elusive big truth that would explain all, Reedah had had enough. She was tired of staying home or walking down the street to visit her sisters only to hold babies and change diapers and listen to how their husbands had changed, were not the same men they had married—spending all their time with friends at coffee shops, smoking shisha—leaving the sisters alone with cellphones and maids to watch TV and wait on children. That’s when Reedah decided two things: first, it was time to find a job, and, second, husbands and children could wait. Finding a job was not difficult. After two phone calls and an uncle’s friend who knew a friend, she started working for an insurance company. For three months work was fine; she was making real money, not Daddy money, and even saving. So, with no bills, and a good salary and learning all there was to know about car insurance, at 28, Reedah, contrary to what her mother believed, was not unhappy. It wasn’t long after month four of her new job at the insurance company—one day in the middle of photocopying insurance file number 3482, to be exact— that Reedah decided to take some of her new money and rent a car. Any car would do just as long as it was

blue, a powder blue. She was that kind of woman. For 13 days she thought driving was fine and all the horror stories she had heard had nothing to do with her. But then on day 14, an old man’s car, that was anything but a powder blue, charged into the side of her car, hurting no one, but causing the cars behind them to stop and honk and honk. Finally, the roundabout thoroughly clogged, the old man stepped out of his car, hobbled up to her window and demanded to know why she hadn’t watched where he was driving. With the old man leaning into her window, Reedah called her dad, crying, and he said not to worry, that things like this happen all the time, and, that no one was hurt, right? Dry your eyes and I will be there in a moment. That’s the type of father he was. Shortly after that Reedah stopped driving, neatly parking her new powder blue rental in the driveway until the end of the month. But back to the Reedah who decided not to go to the insurance company today. After taking the two aspirins with water, she returned to a dreamless sleep, only to re-wake a couple hours later, feeling fresh and clean, her headache and gnawing stomach all gone, but in that twilight of half sleep thought it was a Saturday. Why else would she still be in bed this late? Reedah called in sick two more days that week, and of course she wasn’t sick, not like that. Although her mother brought her aspirins and water every time, by day three even she could see that Reedah’s staying home was new and different; and so while the mother began to worry again, Reedah was strangely calm and thoughtful. The insurance company was money, her money, and with that came freedom, or something very much like it. In fact, for the first time in her 28-year life, even though not everything was under control—how could it be— she didn’t care, and in the not caring she found relief.

THE RULE OF THIRDS IN SOCIAL MEDIA Don’t be a twitter bore By Amy Guth

To the uninitiated, Twitter in some ways has made a bad name for itself. So much so that sometimes the first path of resistance to joining it or other social networks is something along the lines of, "All people do is talk about what they had for lunch! Why should I be part of that?" Along the same road, some use social media to post either very literal updates ("I'm driving to work!") or self-promote with little success. Sharing your own news and showing your human side are important parts of using social media but it's important to strive for balance. This balance is what many call the "rule of thirds," and by putting it into practice, social media can be a far richer, more satisfying experience. Here's how the basic formula behind the rule works: One third of your time on social media, post about 100

you and/or your brand: Fulfilling this is usually pretty easy, as you know your business better than anyone. This third covers everything from sharing your own blog posts, to posting updates about you and your company, or professional achievements. One third of the time on social media, post about your areas of interest and expertise, but using material from an outside source: This third is often one of the hardest for people to grasp, but it's simply a matter of showcasing your knowledge on the things about which you are passionate. That could mean news about your industry or company from another publication, blog posts from other bloggers about things that you find compelling, or websites that interest you. Chances are the people in your online networks will find these things of interest, too. One third of the time on social media, be yourself:

Interact, ask questions, answer questions, retweet or repost interesting things people in your network have shared and you will have this part mastered. It is, after all, the social part that makes social media function best. As for the point about social media's sometimesbad reputation, here is a final tip to make sure you are never "that guy" (or gal) who tweets and posts about lunch and other daily minutiae: when thinking about something to post or tweet, never ask yourself, "What am I doing?" but instead always ask yourself, "What has my attention?" For example, doing this could mean the difference between "I'm going to find a sandwich for lunch" (yawn) and "I'm downtown looking for the best corned beef on rye in town. Suggestions?" One is uninteresting, and the other is far more likely to spark conversation.

MERCHANDISING STEREOTYPES What's wrong with being both brave and pretty? By Amanda Marcotte

Katie Baker at Jezebel is unhappy with the initial round of merchandising appearing on the shelves at Target for Pixar's new movie Brave. The box in question sells the main character Merida's costume with a picture of a little girl shooting a bow and arrow with text saying, "Look pretty and be brave, too." While acknowledging that it's not a big deal, Katie says, "But it's definitely worth pointing this out as a pretty good example of how marketers are unwilling - or perhaps just unsure how to market to girls (and women) without promising them they'll look great." The whole thing does bother me, however, because so much of the criticism of the Disney princess


phenomenon circles around this concern that girls are interested in being pretty, when that strikes me as the least worrisome aspect of all this. I mean, I'm interested in being pretty - and in sparkly stuff and bright colors - and I don't really think that makes me less of a kickass feminist. My larger concern is that "pretty" is used to sell girls a larger and more dangerous version of femininity, one that's passive and weak. Look, for instance, at the pictures used to sell Disney princess costumes. The girls are never in action poses, but usually in poses that denote the demure, the passive, the weak, and the submissive. If you're lucky, they're just neutral poses of a girl standing upright and looking at the camera,

but it's usually more about the curtsey or the turned-in toe or the bashful downward glance. My concern is they're taking a child's natural tendency to be attracted to the shiny and beautiful, and using it to sell girls on the idea that to be shiny and beautiful means to be weak and passive. (For boys, that attraction is swiftly turned to shame, and then when they get a little older, they're told to be sexually attracted to the very things that they were expected to shun as children.) It seems to me that this Brave merchandising is trying something a little better, taking a girl's interest in pretty things and telling them that there's no conflict between beauty and being an assertive,

brave person. Considering that even grown women fear identifying as feminists because they think doing so means they have to give up their lipstick, I don't have a problem with starting young with the message that there's actually no conflict. Or, to put it more simply, previous Disney princess nonsense seems like it's geared towards raising young women who think you have to diet yourself into misery and wear towering high heels to be reasonably attractive, but the Brave merchandising looks like it's better equipped for developing women who enjoy having some muscle tone and buy shoes that manage to be cute while not mutilating your feet. Which strikes me as a reasonable and feminist goal to have.

bazaar checks it out AL-MUBARAKIYA DENTAL CENTER News Update With the rapid growth of new technology in the field of Dentistry, Al-Mubarakiya Dental Center always strives to keep up with such advances and live up to their excellent reputation. Both centers in Salmiya and Egaila have been fully equipped with the latest in digital technology. Intraoral cameras have been installed to help patients see for themselves improvements in their dental hygiene and help better explain to them what needs to be done in a clear way. Digital x-rays has also been installed to meet up with the requirements of the well known dental centers in Kuwait to have quicker and clearer x-rays for the patients. These are just a few changes made in Al-Mubarakiya and hopefully there will be more to come in the near future. Aside from the technological upgrades in Al-Mubarakiya, they have two special offers for the month of September for everyone to take advantage of. One of the offers is Whitening, Scaling, and free opening of a file and check-up (for new patients) for just 60KD. Whitening is done by the latest in Zoom technology to assure the best quality of whitening for our patients. The second offer is Orthodontics. We are offering clients that want to put braces the ability to pay monthly installments every time they visit the Orthodontist. This would offer an easier way to pay off the fees and to be less stressful on the patient.

STARBUCKS Your favourite Dulce De Leche Frappuccino is now here to stay! Remember that sweet and intense Dulce De Leche flavor, blended with coffee, milk and ice and finished with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce that you loved so much? Reminisce no further. Brought back by popular demand is Starbucks’ ever popular Dulce De Luche Frappuccino - here to stay, permanently! The Dulce De Leche Frappuccino is the answer to all your sweet-tooth yearnings. This summertime favourite blends a sweet caramel sauce with ice and coffee to not only cool you down but delight your taste buds as well. Freshly whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce finish off this delectable summer treat. Life is sweet! The Dulce De Leche Frappuccino is now available in all Starbucks stores in Kuwait. For those who would like a hot cup of Dulce De Leche, the drink is also available as a latte.

GAP’S FALL CAMPAIGN SHINES A LIGHT ON MODERN ICONS Signature Pieces Get a Modern Twist for Fall in the “Icon Redefined” Collection Gap’s global marketing campaign for fall—Shine—brings its “Icon Redefined” collection to life by featuring an eclectic mix of musicians and dancers wearing Gap’s signature pieces updated with a modern design point of view and rich fall color palette. Recognized for inspiring creativity and helping to move culture forward in an inventive way, cast members include musicians Seth and Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers; American pop duo Karmin; professional "Jookin" dancer Lil’ Buck; singer-songwriter Lia Ices; Chinese-born San Francisco ballet dancer Yuan Yuan Tan; musician Kaki King; and singer-songwriter Nicki Bluhm. Each cast member embodies what it means to be bright and was photographed while performing their art form in motion. As part of the campaign, Gap will showcase cast members through an eight-week content series on Gap’s social media channels. Inspirational content includes a YouTube video of Lil’ Buck jookin’, a Facebook how-to tutorial of Kaki King’s guitar tricks, style tips from Nicki Bluhm on Foursquare and a series of share-worthy quotes from the cast. To follow the content series, visit Gap’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram communities. Join the conversation with the hashtag #shine. 104

REVAMPED BOXSTER RANGE PACKS A POWERFUL PUNCH Best in class: new Boxster generation arrives at Porsche Centre Kuwait The revamped Porsche Boxster and Boxster S are now available in Kuwait. After a global reveal in Geneva in March, Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, is introducing the comprehensively changed open-top two-seater in the market. Both variants of the Porsche Boxster have a new, lightweight body and a completely re-designed chassis. Considerably lower weight, longer wheelbase, a wider track and larger wheels significantly enhance the midengine sports car’s driving dynamics undermining its position as the best in its class. Superior performance is backed by up to 15 per cent more fuel efficiency. Depending on model, they get by with significantly less than eight litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. Fundamentally changed styling - with shorter overhangs - a significantly forward-shifted windscreen, flatter silhouette and expressive edges all provide the Boxster with a fresh, contemporary look. The new roadster’s posture is decidedly more muscular and striking. The basic retail price for the new Porsche Boxster in Kuwait is 15,900 Kuwaiti Dinar. The Boxster S starts at 17,500 Kuwaiti Dinar.

ON A ROLL Zahed Sultan Releases ‘Revolutionary’ New Song and Video Our beloved social entrepreneur and music producer has done it again. After his debut album release Hi Fear, Lo Love, followed the great success of 2nd single “I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her”, featured by Parisian Dj, Stephane Pompougnac, on the acclaimed Hotel Costes 15 compilation. 3rd single, "Walkin Away", was featured on New York based MTV Iggy as an emerging global artist. In early 2012, Zahed formed Mouse Music, a digital domain to document his works in music and the arts, with plans for a live audiovisual world tour in late 2012 and release his sophomore album in early 2013. Back with a new music video, “Like This (ha-ka-tha)”, is a tribute to the social frustrations that have plagued the MENA region prior to the Arab Spring. In classical spoken-word Arabic, Zahed calls upon the people to stand in unity, against tyranny, via a visually gripping account of the revolutions as they unfold by employing raw-footage (filmed by protestors with cell-phones) and stopmotion animation. Watch ‘Like This (ha-ka-tha)’ on, sign up on for a free wallpaper download of the video.

IAA AND CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL HOSTED THEIR ANNUAL GHABQA The International Advertising Associations (IAA) and Crowne Plaza Hotel hosted a ‘joint venture’ annual ghabqa on Wednesday 25th July 2012 in the all new and luxurious Al Baraka Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Kuwait. The event was attended by the Vice Chairman of Crowne Plaza, Mr. Emad Bukhamseen, along with VIP officials, Ambassadors, advertising agencies, public relations companies, consultancy firms and market researchers. This event coincided with the 30 year anniversary of the Crowne Plaza Kuwait. The President of the IAA Kuwait Chapter Mr. Walid Kanafani extend his wishes to everybody, especially Kuwait’s advertising agencies and other companies working in the same field. He shared news about IAA activities over the last six months and highlighted that the IAA Kuwait Chapter had attended and participated in the Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity; a worldwide reputed event, gathering the top companies in this industry from all over the world. This news was great for the developing advertising sector in Kuwait as 3 young Kuwaitis were selected to present their creativity through the IAA at the festival.

CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL HOLDS FIRST PLAYSTATION FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT On August 2nd, 3rd and 4th The PlayStation Football Tournament was held in Crowne Plaza hotel sponsored by Sony Supplying Store Co. ( Sony Agency in Kuwait ) and Crowne Plaza Hotel. The League had 32 competitors who competed for 3 days to crown the winner on the final day, where a mix of prizes was given to the winners 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

PlayStation consoles PlayStation Accessories Gift Vouchers from Sony Stores Invitations to Crowne Plaza hotel restaurants 3 days free accommodation in hotel.

This was the first PlayStation competition ever held. The 3 days were full of enjoyment and entertainment, and due to the great success of the same it was decided to repeat it again before the year end.


bazaar movie night The latest from the big screen playing in cinemas across Kuwait in September




Genre: Crime, Thriller Cast: Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta and Richard Jenkins

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance Cast: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and Michelle Rodriguez

Synopsis: Set in 2008, Killing Them Softly begins with a pair of hoods holding up a high stakes, mob-protected poker game under the presumption they can get away free. The reason being, Markie Trattman, the guy overseeing the game, actually robbed his own game years earlier, later outted himself, but enough time had passed and it was laughed off and he was forgiven. However, if it happened a second time, the assumption is everyone would suspect he was behind it.

Synopsis: Hit and Run is a comedy about a young couple (Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard) that risks it all when they leave their small town life and embark on a road trip that may lead them towards the opportunity of a lifetime. Their fast-paced road trip grows awkwardly complicated and hilarious when they are chased by a friend from the past (Bradley Cooper), a federal marshal (Tom Arnold) and a band of misfits.

Synopsis: The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race's last and only hope, Alice, awakens in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion.




Genre: Crime, Drama, Western Cast: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Guy Pearce

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller Cast: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey

Genre: Comedy Cast: Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton and Katherine Heigl

Synopsis: Three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression. Charles Rakes is after a share of the brothers' profits. Compounding their troubles, the local competition is elbowing in on their activities. Forrest's boisterous defiance and Cricket's knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly. When Forrest is wounded as tension with Rakes escalates, Jack must prove his worth against gangster Floyd Banner's mob.

Synopsis: A remote Irish island is invaded by enormous bloodsucking tentacled creatures from the sea. With islanders turning up decapitated and drained of blood, the inhabitants learn that the creatures--called Grabbers--are allergic to alcohol, making intoxicated people toxic to eat. Overrun and under attack, the hopeless locals realize that in order to stay alive, they're going to have to band together at the pub and do their best to survive the night.

Synopsis: Ensemble romantic comedy The Big Wedding tells the story of long divorced Don (Robert De Niro) and Ellie Griffin (Diane Keaton) who pretend they are still married at their adopted son’s wedding in order to please the guest of honor, his ultra conservative birth mother. Katherine Heigl plays Lyla, Don and Ellie’s daughter and sister to the groom. The hoax snowballs into a poignant and raucously funny story about the ties that bind.


For more details on movie timings and the cinema nearest you, log on to

WOMEN IN FILM Why only one female director made Sight & Sound's greatest films list By Alyssa Rosenberg

Every 10 years since 1952, the British film magazine Sight & Sound polls a large pool of critics on what they believe are the greatest films of all time. The magazine touts the pure rankings - this year, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo ousted Orson Welles' Citizen Kane for the first time in 50 years - but the poll is also meant to track subtle changes in critical consensus. And one thing that hasn't changed? Women directors remain on the margins. No film directed by a woman landed in the reshuffled Top 10, and only one film directed by a woman landed in the list of 50: 1975's Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles by Belgian director Chantal Akerman. So why are there so few women on the list? The best explanation is probably that during the time period that the list suggests the critics favor, the number of women directing feature films was tiny. A Directors Guild of America analysis of Hollywood features made between 1939 and 1979 found that out of the 7,332 movies released, only 14 were directed by women. Even in an industry that employs women and people of color at jaw-droppingly low rates (in the 2010-11 television season, for example, women of color directed just 1 percent of television episodes), that figure is staggering. So if the critics polled believe that the greatest direction in movie 108

history was happening during those years, which is seems that they do, they have very few films by women to choose from. It doesn't help that some important women who worked during that period went uncredited. British actress, writer and producer Ida Lupino directed everything from episodes of Gilligan's Island to Outrage (one of the first movies of the production code era to address sexual assault) to The HitchHiker, the first noir film directed by a woman. Still, she was not given credit for directing the 1949 film Not Wanted, about a woman who gives up her child for adoption, which she wrote and then took over for the movie's original director after he suffered a heart attack, and On Dangerous Ground" about a violent cop sent to the country to investigate a murder in the depths of winter. One of the most important female directors of the last century also essentially disqualified herself from consideration for greatness. Leni Riefenstahl is an undeniable technical innovator, and Triumph of the Will is no less visually impressive for the repugnance of its ideas. But Riefenstahl's affiliation with the Nazi regime prevented her from working after her arrest and release at the end of the war, and tainted her work forever. What about now? There are some women making

extraordinary films that critics of the future (because critics tend to be nostalgic in their list-making) may remember as great. Kathryn Bigelow finally broke one Oscar glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to win a directing Oscar in 2010 for her Iraq war movie The Hurt Locker. French director Catherine Breillat's provocative films about gender, sex and violence (from Fat Girl to Sex Is Comedy to Bluebeard) are critically beloved and may enter the canon. But many women directors are working in genres that are simply never given the same critical respect as male-dominated genres. Films about romance, relationships and sexuality are often considered decidedly second-tier, particularly romantic comedies. Nora Ephron's best movies may live in the hearts of audiences forever, but I'd be surprised to see the Sight & Sound critics give her space on their ballots. As frustrating as the poll results are, they are also an opportunity to call attention to the dearth of women behind the camera, and not simply to shake up the composition of best lists. More women directors means different takes on action movies, on big commercial schlock, and, yes, on family, sex and love too. The Sight & Sound critics can debate the past endlessly, but I'm excited for the future, and the women who will break in to expand what we see at the movies.

bazaar books Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures. ~ Jessamyn West

MY TWO MOMS by Zach Wahls



Funnyman Adam Carolla is known for two things: hilarious rants about things that drive him crazy and personal stories about everything from his hardscrabble childhood to his slacker friends to the hypocrisy of Hollywood. He tackled rants in his first book, and now he tells his best stories and debuts some never-before-heard tales as well. Organized by the myriad "dumps" Carolla called home—through the flophouse apartments he rented in his twenties, up to the homes he personally renovated after achieving success in Hollywood—the anecdotes here follow Adam's journey and the hilarious pitfalls along the way.

Fans of the #1 bestseller Sh*t My Dad Says will recognize the always-patient voice of Justin Halpern's dad as it crackles through the pages of this hysterical new book. I Suck at Girls is full of his dad's patented brand of wisdom. But it's also full of new characters just as funny as his dad—from his brother, who provides insights into wedding night rituals ("You stand in one corner of the room, and she stands in the other. You each take off one piece of clothing at a time") to his first boss, who warns Justin to man up: "That's what a man does. He takes his shots and then he scrubs the shit out of some dishes." The result is one of the funniest written works of today.

by Justin Halpern



Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home was a pop culture and literary phenomenon. Now, a second thrilling tale of filial sleuthery, this time about her mother: voracious reader, music lover, passionate amateur actor. Also a woman, unhappily married, whose artistic aspirations simmered under the surface of Bechdel's childhood… and who stopped touching or kissing her daughter good night, forever, when she was seven. Poignantly, hilariously, Bechdel embarks on a quest for answers concerning the mother-daughter gulf. It's a richly layered search that leads readers from the fascinating life of psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, to one illuminating Dr. Seuss illustration, to Bechdel’s own adult love life.

The circus arrives without warning. Within the black-andwhite striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway—a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors. Unbeknownst to them, this is a game in which only one can be left standing, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will. Despite themselves, however, Celia and Marco tumble headfirst into love—a deep, magical love that makes the lights flicker and the room grow warm.

by Erin Morgenstern

by Alison Bechdel

by Adam Carolla

Same-sex marriage will be a major—possibly the defining—issue in this year’s US election cycle, and Wahls speaks to that, but also to a broader issue. Sure, he’s handsome and athletic, an environmental engineering student, and an Eagle Scout. Yet, growing up with two moms, he knows what it’s like to feel different and to fear being made fun of or worse. In the inspirational spirit of It Gets Better edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, My Two Moms also delivers a reassuring message to same-sex couples, their kids, and anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider: “You are not alone.”




That would be Ed Fountain, the 60-year-old mechanics guru who has made food fly—and bounce and explode and collide—in hundreds of TV commercials. Here's how he does it. CHALLENGE: Collide shrimp in midair SOLUTION: Catapult When shrimps collide midair, Fountain says, "It's beautiful. They spin and show their texture, which has a lot of appetite appeal." To make that happen just right—typically within a 6-inch shooting window—he built a pair of wooden catapults, whose launch angle and pressure can be changed on a whim. "There's no math involved," he says. "I just keep adjusting it, and when it works, it works." PAST CLIENT: Long John Silver's TAKES TO GET THE MONEY SHOT: 6 to 12


CHALLENGE: Cut up flying veggies SOLUTION: Mechanical knife A small electric motor rocks a knife up and down roughly 350 times a minute—just enough to keep pace with the director's high-speed camera. Meanwhile air cylinders shoot presliced veggies upward at the knife, to make it seem as if they're being speed-chopped. "It's a real mayhem shot," Fountain says. "But it's good because the veggies are so pretty, and there's water flying, and the [slow-motion playback] makes everything look luxurious." PAST CLIENT: Dunkin' Donuts (for a breakfast omelet) TAKES TO GET THE MONEY SHOT: 2 to 3 continued on next page...


CHALLENGE: Drop a stack of cheese SOLUTION: Tabletop rig First, Fountain stretches rubber bands across an upside-down, U-shaped frame; then, he layers slices of cheese on top of them. When the bands are cut, the food flops down "in perfect sequence," he says. "I've used [the device] for tortillas, pancakes, bread, meat—anything flat, really. It's one of the oldest tricks I know." PAST CLIENTS: Assorted regional restaurants TAKES TO GET THE MONEY SHOT: 2 to 3


continued from previous page

CHALLENGE: Bounce chicken nuggets SOLUTION: Trampoline By stretching a piece of latex sheeting across a wood frame and then dropping the nuggets from a conveyor belt, Fountain creates what he calls a "happy action. . . The movement is random, playful, and unpredictable." And the food, in turn, "seems fun and appealing." PAST CLIENT: T.G.I. Friday's TAKES TO GET THE MONEY SHOT: 2 to 3


FALSE ADVERTISING THROUGH SONG Why do ads keep ripping off indie music? By Aisha Harris

Recently, two ad agencies representing popular brands have been accused of pilfering songs by admired indie bands. The music in a British ad for Volkswagen appears to borrow heavily from the Beach House song "Take Care," while in the U.S., T.G.I. Friday's scored an ad with something that sounds an awful lot like "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" by LCD Soundsystem. These are only the most recent incidents in a long and dubious tradition of advertisements that blatantly copy popular music to sell a product. Why do so many of these less-than-flattering imitations seem to steal from the world of indie rock? I spoke with musicologist Matthew Harris, who specializes as a consultant on "music for broadcast." (His company, Harris Musicology has evaluated thousands of compositions for plagiarism.) Harris believes the main reason is simple: Many advertisers are trying to reach a young, hip demographic - and indie music strikes these advertisers as an obvious way to do so. I asked him if these bands were also easier targets, given that they presumably lack the deep pockets to mount a successful lawsuit against a large corporation or ad agency. But Harris doesn't think 116

the agencies are considering that. He points out that agencies have often imitated songs by mainstream commercial acts as well - and frequently gotten in trouble for it, too. Bette Midler set a precedent in 1985 when she successfully sued Ford for hiring her former backup singer to imitate her recorded version of the song "Do You Want to Dance" for their ads after she declined their offer. The less mainstream but still quite highprofile singer/songwriter Tom Waits, renowned for his distinct, gravelly vocal stylings, has since had frequent run-ins with ad agencies who have imitated his music for their clients' products. In 1988, he successfully sued Frito-Lay and its ad agency Tracey-Locke for "misappropriating" his voice in a Doritos ad that mirrored his song, "Step Right Up," and he was victorious again a few years later in a suit against Volkswagen-Audi, whose Spanish ads were scored to an "Innocent When You Dream" imitation. More recently, an Audi commercial that not only sounded like the instrumental backing for Eminem's hit "Lose Yourself" but also employed a similar look as the rapper's Chrysler commercials (which featured the actual song) led

to a settlement with the popular hip hop artist. Harris likens such cases to selling a fake Rolex: If a customer buys the watch under the assumption that it comes from that brand, it's false advertisement. Similarly, Waits and Midler, whose careers are built upon their voices, have ownership over their distinctive sound, and selling a product with their fake likeness acts as a false endorsement. How does a judge determine whether the imitation counts as copyright infringement? There are no hard and fast rules, Harris explained. While some people believe that a certain number of like notes or bars is taken as the standard criteria for a decision, this is wrong. It can all be very subjective, Harris says. According to Harris, most incidents of copyright infringement are settled out of court. And it's hard to say whether Beach House or LCD Soundsystem would have a legal case. Though Beach House has a leg up: In circumstances where the artist was initially contacted for permission and declined, a judge is more likely to conclude that the agency has imitated that artist in particular. And Beach House says that this is exactly what happened to them with Volkswagen's use of "Take Care."

IT’S JUST NOISE! Pop has grown louder and dumber and all sounds the same By J. Bryan Lowder

According to a new study from researchers at the Spanish National Research Council, the familiar complaint that contemporary popular music has grown loud, predictable and simpler than ever may be exactly right. While we often cast a skeptical eye toward quantitative studies of music like this one, a closer examination of the paper reveals that even for skeptics the analysis may have a point - even if the portrait it paints is incomplete. Here's how the study worked. The analysts ran 464,411 recordings from all genres of popular music from the period of 1955-2010 (called the "Million Song Dataset") through a complex set of algorithms to analyze three metrics: harmonic complexity, timbral diversity and loudness. The results indicated that, on the whole, popular music over the past half-century has become blander and louder than it used to be. To understand these findings, it's worth briefly delving into the terms in question. Most people are familiar with the idea that popular songs are constructed chiefly of a melody (usually the lead vocal line or tune) and supporting harmonies called chords (rhythm is the other chief component, but more on that later). The study found that, since the '50s, there has been a decrease not only in the diversity of chords in a given song, but also in the number of novel transitions, or musical pathways, between them. In other words, while it's true that


pop songs have always been far more limited in their harmonic vocabularies than, say, a classical symphony, past decades saw more inventive ways of linking their harmonies together than we hear now. It's the difference between Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe (2012), which contains four simple chords presented one after another almost as blocks, and Alex North's Unchained Melody (1955), which, though also relatively harmonically simple (it employs about six or seven chords, depending on the version), transitions smoothly from chord to chord due to more subtle orchestration. The research group also discovered that "timbres" - or the distinct "textures" produced by different instruments playing the same note - have gotten more homogenous over time. To be clear, this is not to say that musicians are using fewer or different instruments now than before; rather, since 1955, pop has tended to use a smaller and more homogenous palette of "tone colors" at a given time. The final finding - that music recordings have grown louder and louder over time - will come as no surprise to those who've been following the socalled "Loudness Wars, " but this seems to represent the first data-driven proof of the phenomenon. As producers compete for the attention of radio listeners to make their artist's recordings a hit, they've been gradually ratcheting up the inherent volume of the tracks at the cost of sound quality and dynamic richness. (You can hear what this sounds

like on YouTube.) So all this study's conclusions seem plausible, but does it really mean that our pop is dumber than before? To answer that, it's important to also ask what the researchers didn't study. For instance, though Call Me Maybe is made from a rather blunt and familiar set of four chords, the infectiousness of the song, at least for this listener, is located in both the playful rhythmic friction between the vocals and instruments - rhythm, crucially, was not taken into account in this study - as well as the cappuccinocozy, almost country quality of Jepsen's voice. (Note how it glides and sometimes endearingly stumbles over her love-drunk lyrics.) Indeed, so much musical interest in this hip-pop and dance-pop moment of recent years derives from the pervasive four-on-the-floor dance beat - and, crucially, well-crafted rhythmic dissensions from it. (Unchained Melody" while a gorgeous song, isn't known for its beat.) As tempting as it may be to try to decode the "musical discourse," as these researchers called it, there are certain aspects of music - ineffable and otherwise - that will always elude your dataset.

bazaar scopes ARIES

March 21 - April 19


April 20 - May 20


May 21 - June 21


Jan 20 - Feb 18


Your business life could become inescapably involved with your private life, bringing a good deal of frustration and even unhappiness — unless you follow a strict rule about fraternization in the office. Keep your head down in any family arguments and avoid direct confrontations concerning your past. Gain an undying friendship by being discreet concerning a minor offense.

June 22 - July 22

Dec 22 - Jan 19


Your love life may be in for an exciting, if bumpy, period during which there could be some exhilarating highs — and a few deep depressions. If you hang on for the entire ride, however, you will probably be glad that you did. Career choices could be many at this time, but give full consideration to your present position before you grab for the brass ring. Ignore a threat from a jealous person.

Your ability to expend energy over and above your normal expected share is a rare gift — but you should be cautious of doing so much that you endanger your health. As the season begins to move more definitely into the cooler period, you should be careful of exposure and drafts. Expect an important letter in the mail which could alter your present lifestyle.


Nov 22 - Dec 21


A change of direction or profession is not impossible for you at this point. It is not advisable to throw away years of preparation on a lark — but remaining in a situation because it is easy is not the best move either. Seek advice from a person who has faced a similar situation. An old flame could make an amusing, yet attractive, proposition.

A major purchase you have been planning should perhaps be delayed for a short while until you get some definite information on a promised promotion or pay raise. Consider becoming involved in some community project which could utilize your talents and yield personal pleasure as well as make a definite contribution to the community.

July 23 - Aug 22


If at all possible, plan to get away for a few days in the near future so you can re-think some long-made plans for the future. A change in direction now might be difficult — and even painful — but not as much as it could be later. Give up on a romantic project that has been hanging fire. It could be reopened later to the advantage of everyone concerned.

The variety in your social life may have reached the bedlam state and you should take time to sort things out and do away with the unnecessary dates on your calendar so that you can enjoy the truly important ones. Give a thought to spending time with an older person who cares deeply for you. Career improvement is possible now if you make the proper overtures to the proper person.

Use that recently acquired bit of “found” money in ways that will bring personal pleasure. Saving is a good habit — but you also need to indulge yourself once in a while, in order to keep the creative juices flowing. Don’t go off the deep end over a new love interest. That is not to say you should ignore chances for fun and frolic — just try to keep things on an even keel and don’t expect too much.



Oct 23 - Nov 21

Be careful not to assume the worst about a close friend or lover, particularly if someone comes to you bearing tales. If the charge is serious, face up to it and ask for an explanation — but don’t convict before the defense has a chance to speak. Absolute honesty in a work situation is vital, as there are those who are observing you closely in relation to a possible promotion or job offer.

Aug 23 - Sept 22


Sept 23 - Oct 22

Be satisfied with getting the job done, even if the credit is claimed by people of little real ability. Wise observers will know who is responsible and arguments over a credit line could prove harmful. Financial matters should be handled promptly and advice should be sought from an older and more adept person if problems develop.

Feb 19 - March 20

what’s your sign?

Family illness or an accident could mar your plans for a long-planned outing or vacation. Keep your money in your sock instead of throwing it away on projects which will not do much for your personal pleasure or your long-range improvement. An introduction to a striking companion could set the stage for a highly interesting relationship.

Remember that it takes acorns and a lot of time and patience to make a shady oak tree, and that seeds planted now may take a long time to come to fruition. Avoid making enemies over minor matters, even if you feel you are right. An interesting evening could develop from what seems to be a very boring affair. Guard your tongue when referring to a higher-up’s private life.

source: 120


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