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So, assuming that the Mayans are wrong, and that the world isn’t going to end in a couple of weeks, I guess that means it’s time for new New Year’s resolutions. What’s it going to be this year? I’m going for inner peace of mind, more patience with my kids, and of course the usual ‘go to the gym 3 days a week’ mantra which is my favorite one. I love my gym. It has a great pool, a PF Chang’s attached to it, a super cool outdoor area that serves shisha, and great coffee. Oh, and there is a torture chamber upstairs. I see people go up looking all nice and fresh, only to come down an hour later looking fatigued, sweaty, and a little smelly, and sometimes I hear screaming too. I never go upstairs.

Design Sumaiya AL-Shar han

Staff Writer/Social Media Yasmine El Char if

Staff Writer Kevin Smith

Communications Consultant Hala Y. Sharara

Editor A. Al-Duaij

Contributing Writers Abrar Al Shammari Asra Arshad Ayesha Osman Bibi Al-Falah Craig Loomis Deepa Pant

This issue of bazaar brings you all your local favorites, and then some. With the opening of The Grand Avenue, we had the gastronomical pleasure of the muchawaited Cheesecake Factory dining experience, one we will want to visit again, and again, and again. Did we mention Red Lobster opened its doors there, too? And Olive Garden? How about Harvey Nichols? We could dedicate a whole section to the Grand Avenue and what it offers, but these things are better experienced, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Emma Abdullah

Tahir Sultan is back from London Fashion Week with a candid diary capturing the highs, the lows and the hilarity of being Tahir Sultan, the fashion designer. And don’t miss our ‘Goji’s pick’ special feature Black Out, where the season’s necessary little black dress is showcased with the hottest accessories. Ladies, if you don’t own the perfect LBD by now, you must get your hand on one, if not all, of Goji Boutique’s terrific picks.

Tahir Sultan

We talk fashion, food, Christmas and more! This is it folks! Here’s to a fruitful 2013!

Sumaiya AL Sharhan

Happy reading, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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Yusra Ahmad

I honestly can’t believe I’m sitting here trying to write the intro to the December issue of bazaar, our last issue of bazaar in 2012.Where the hell did the year go? And what a year it’s been, what with the political situation throughout the region and the world, the back to back holidays over the last few months, all the new restaurant and mall openings that we have been bombarded with, and last but not least, the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. My travel agent, who probably knows me better than anyone other than my wife, actually called me the other day and asked me why I still hadn’t booked my tickets for the Christmas break yet. My immediate reply was “lissa badri ya Emad” which loosely translated means, it’s still way too early to plan that far ahead. He then proceeded to remind me that the holiday was less than a month away and that most flights to most destinations were already fully booked. Talk about a reality check!

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Imagine a digital haven where client and designer really do live happily ever after. The founders behind Design Hub Middle East tell us more about how they created the online ‘meeting place’ connecting talented designers in the region with prospective clients.

Moving out and need to sell everything? Moving in and need to buy everything? Either way, Q8homestore. com is the place to go online for those seeking to buy new or used home furnishing and furniture from the comfort of their home.

The fusion burger place of note has been wowing diners since it opened its doors a year ago. Now they are adding new menu items and we let you know what’s available in the restaurant that specializes in high-end burgers with a twist.

Our new favorite Chinese restaurant earns its title not only because of the outstanding food. Owners Ahmed and Ahmad tell bazaar more about the concept of recycled, biodegradable, packaging that make that Orange Chicken all the more delectable.

It’s official: we’ve got the theatre bug! An up close and personal like no other, he’s the talented theatre devotee thriving to better our local performing arts scene. From classical plays to improv comedy, Rawas’s love for the stage is contagious.





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Fatima Tootie Al-Sabah dares to be different. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty, literally, to make a difference. Documenting her volunteer work with K’s Path in every ‘social’ way, get introduced to the lovely Tootie in truth or dare. BLACK OUT, p.74











Sara and Serene are absolute fashionistas; loving, living, and working in fashion, this stylish duo let us inside their world called Trickponi. A showroom highlighting regional and international designers, we can’t get enough of their holiday season picks in fashionality.

It’s all anyone can talk about these days! The Grand Avenue, that is. Our local fashionista walks us through her Grand Avenue experience, where she spends 4 hours perusing, shopping and taking it all in from Harvey Nicks to Victoria’s Secret.

Living in Kuwait, we often forget the many other ways, other than driving, to get to where we want. Yara finds herself in a little pink bike and reminds us that there is more than one way to skin a cat, or peel an orange, to all our vegan readers.

Going once, going twice, sold! The 3rd annual JAMM auction was held at the Contemporary Art Platform on November 29th, and our art guru, Deepa Pant, brings you the highlights and a little tête –à–tête with the woman behind it, Sheikha Lulu Al-Sabah.

Between Christmas dinners, tree decorations and family get-togethers, what better way to celebrate the season than by showering your loved ones with gifts! In Giftmas, Jaye gives you the run-down of some of his favorite picks from the land of Geeks.



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up close and personal HASSAN RAWAS By bazaar staff

It’s official; the performing arts scene is flourishing in our k-town. You may have just started to notice it, or you’ve observed its growth all along, we’re seeing theatres pop up in more venues all over town. Every now and then, however, you get the opportunity to witness the 26

ultimate theatre devotee. He admires, acknowledges, and more importantly, contributes to this community with an unconditional passion. I first encountered Hassan Rawas during a standup comedy night, where he bravely took to the stage performing stand up for the first time in his role

as the MC of the evening show. For someone who’s been involved with the theatre since his early years, he wrote his first play in the 5th grade and went on to perform it alongside his classmates, so boldly taking to the stage and committing to a stand up act comes as no surprise.

His university experience in the US exposed his passion to unprecedented opportunities, as Rawas performed in a touring production of a children’s play based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”, worked at several regional theatres in Chicago and LA, varying his performances in different genres that took him from musicals, classical, and his favorite genre, improv and sketch comedy. He adds, “A bunch of us started an improv group on campus called Don't Tell Anna, and we would perform frequently for our fellow students. I then auditioned and got into The Second City Conservatory in Chicago, at which many famous comedians like Tina Fey, Steve Carell and Bill Murray have studied. While studying and performing at The Second City, I co-wrote and costarred in a sketch comedy show with a friend called The Arab-Israeli Comedy Hour which got picked up by the iO (improvOlympic) Theatre, also in Chicago. The show was a big hit in Chicago and got transferred to Los Angeles, and we even did a small college tour.” Since returning to Kuwait a few years ago, Rawas wanted to bring improv comedy to Kuwaiti audiences. “Arab audiences seemed to have quite an awakening to stand-up comedy, but improv was still a bit foreign to them.” Even though he initially held auditions for an improve group a few years ago, the turn out was quite small. Luckily in the spring of 2012, he met Brad Manker while doing a musical at the Kuwait Little Theatre. Rawas continues, “Brad was from Chicago and had experience at ComedySportz, which is another popular improv comedy theatre chain across the US. One thing led to another, the stars aligned and we were able to hold auditions and form a group in the fall of 2012. Sometimes, all it takes is the right time for things to take shape, and I'm so happy with the variety of people and talent we have in the group.” A local actor, writer and director, Rawas manages a balancing act between a job in the corporate world and his passion for theatre and the Improvengers,

the Improv comedy troupe he recently started. Working with many theatre companies in Kuwait, he takes part in numerous productions throughout the year, and also takes the time to teach acting classes. Now more than ever, we see a performing arts scene that is thriving, and Rawas is confident about the future, “New production companies and training centers are popping up and producing really stellar work with very minimal resources. Companies like SIK Productions, One World, BAIA, LAPA, Ahmadi Music Group, the KLT, Dar Al Athar are putting on top-notch productions catering to all tastes. You have full-fledged musicals, comedies, dramas, dance recitals and concerts being staged, mostly by local talent. Art is never easy; it's definitely a labor of love and we don't have the luxury of large budgets or technically advanced performance spaces. Often, we spend

our own money and resources to create live performance for audiences in Kuwait. Nonetheless, theatre practitioners are so happy and fulfilled to do this. We are definitely a community and we like to see each other succeed, and we are always open to have new people join us in any capacity. I also encourage people to attend live theatre whenever possible and support the arts because we really can't do it without our audiences.”

bazaar questionnaire: What is your idea of perfect happiness? Perfect happiness starts with identifying what you are passionate about in life, and then doing or actively pursuing that true calling. What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear would have to be hissing cockroaches. They can scale smooth glass. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? I can be somewhat apathetic at times. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Ignorance and criticism. Which living person do you most admire? I’m in love with Jessica Lange. What is your greatest extravagance? I love going to the theatre. I have to visit New York City at least once a year and I never skimp on theatre seats. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Absolutely”, “Gorgeous”, “I need to shidoobie” When were you happiest? Grad school at Northwestern

University’s School of Theatre in Chicago was a really happy time in my life. Which talent would you most like to have? Dancers on shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” blow me away, and I wish I could experience that same sense of abandon. I’d also like more upper body strength. What would you consider your greatest achievement? I am very proud of the work that is being done in the performing arts scene in Kuwait. I am very grateful that I get to be a part of a vibrant, evolving and growing arts community. Where would you most like to live? Brussels. Hands down, it’s my favorite city in the world. Follow Hassan Rawas on Twitter, @haswanee. 27

‫?‪what's on‬‬ ‫‪When something is important, it’ll have been more‬‬ ‫‪important said ten times. This is what’s remarkable‬‬ ‫‪about Aoun’ s work: his diligence as a painter. When‬‬ ‫‪the entire art world seems to have secretly agreed that‬‬ ‫‪painting is dead, Aoun insists it’s only just begun.‬‬ ‫‪“It’s the wounding of art on the part of the world and on‬‬ ‫‪behalf of the domains in art. For the last five years we have‬‬ ‫‪been saying painting is dead… On the contrary, I think‬‬ ‫‪that as long as there are walls there will be painting”.‬‬

‫‪.‬دينار مببدأ إدفع واقتني في احلال‬ ‫ويستعرض منظموا املعرض الثراء الذي تعامل من خالله كل فنان‬ ‫من خطوط وأدوات ومدارس ومذاهب واجتاهات حديثة وأخرى تراثية مبزج‬ ‫العديد من اخلصائص اإلبداعية في نسيج واحد فهي محاولة إلذابة‬ ‫‪ .‬اجلفاء بإحياء لتاريخ احلب القدمي الذي ربط بينهم دائما‬ ‫فهو معرض شكر واكبار وإجالل لكل من سعى للمشاركة لينعم‬ ‫‪ .‬املشاهد مبزيد من الثقافة في أبهى و أجمل صورها‬ ‫‪Gallery Tilal is located in Shuwaikh, Jahra Road, Tilal‬‬ ‫‪Complex, M3-M4, Gallery Tilal. For more information‬‬ ‫‪please call 2225 6101 or log onto‬‬


‫~ ”‪“First He Wrought, and Afterward He Taught‬‬ ‫‪Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales‬‬


‫‪Sultan Gallery is located in South Sabhan, Block 8, Street‬‬ ‫‪105, Building No. 168. For more information, please‬‬ ‫‪call 24714325 Ext. 110 or visit‬‬ ‫‪BRITISH ACADEMY OF SPORT‬‬

‫يستضيف نادي سي كلوب ذو العضوية احلصرية وبإدارة شركة‬ ‫أرجانا للفنادق واملنتجعات سفيرة الفن السوري بالكويت فاتنة السيد‬ ‫إلقامة املعرض األول من نوعه للفن التشكيلي حتت عنوان‬ ‫"‪" Emotions with Motions‬‬ ‫حيث يستهل املعرض فعالياته في التراس اخلارجي للنادي في‬ ‫‪ 12/12/2012‬بحضور حصري جملموعة من محبي الفن إلى جانب عدد‬ ‫‪.‬من الشخصيات الدبلوماسية والثقافية ورجال األعمال‬ ‫يعقبها أمسيات ثقافية متنوعة ابتداءا من ‪ 13‬حتى ‪ 17‬ديسمبر‬ ‫من الساعة ‪ 6‬مساءا وحتى الساعة ‪ 9‬مساء حيث يفتح املعرض خاللها‬ ‫‪.‬أبوابه لكافة الزائرين‬ ‫يستوحي املعرض عنوانه للتعبير عن العالقة احلسية بني املشاعر‬ ‫اإلنسانية واالنفعاالت احلركية في عالم حتكمه الفوضى‪ ،‬ويأتي اختيار‬ ‫املكان ليضفي مزيد من اخلصوصية والغموض على تلك العالقة تتفجر‬ ‫من خاللها مجموعة من األحاسيس تعززها باقة مختارة من اللوحات‬ ‫الزيتية واملنحوتات والصور الفوتوغرافية لكوكبة من الفنانني الذين‬ ‫جاؤا للمشاركة في هذا امللتقى اإلبداعي وهم من الكويت فريد عبدال‪،‬‬ ‫إبراهيم حبيب‪ ،‬أميرة بهبهاني‪ ،‬رضا سالم‪ ،‬نواف العلي‪ ،‬عزيز املضف‪،‬‬ ‫بدر املنصور‪ ،‬عبد اهلل العوضي ومن السعودية مليس عبده‪ ،‬ومن البحرين‬ ‫جمال عبد الرحيم ومن العراق رياض نعمة‪ ،‬علي سلطان‪ ،‬جبر علوان‪،‬‬ ‫‪.‬ومن سوريا غزوان عالف‪ ،‬زهير حسيب‪ ،‬آية خير‪ ،‬وأكسم سلوم‬ ‫وتأتي شركة مجموعة اليسرة ووكالء سيارات ملبرجيني في الكويت‬ ‫" فؤاد الغامن وأوالده" وديليكتس وفور فيلمز كرعاة أساسيني لهذا املعرض‬ ‫‪.‬باإلضافة إلى رعاية مميزة من مشروب الطاقة من تونينو ملبرجيني‬ ‫‪SULTAN GALLERY‬‬ ‫‪Artist Name: Youssef Aoun‬‬ ‫‪Title of Exhibition: Humble Shapes‬‬ ‫ ‪Exhibition Dates & Timing:‬‬ ‫‪11th December 2012 - 10th January, 2013‬‬ ‫‪Opening: 11th December, 2012, 7- 9pm‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫‪12th December, 2012, 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9 pm‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫‪13th December - 10th January, 10am - 4pm‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫)‪(Closed on Fridays & Saturdays‬‬ ‫‪Sultan Gallery is pleased to announce the opening‬‬ ‫‪of ’Humble Shapes’, a solo show by Lebanese artist,‬‬ ‫‪Youssef Aoun.‬‬

‫‪A Master and His Students‬‬ ‫‪Curated by Simin Dehghani‬‬ ‫‪Dar Al Funoon is proud to host Dr. Parviz Tanavoli‬‬ ‫‪and his students for an exhibition of sculptures (small‬‬ ‫‪format) and jewelry on the 17th of December 2012. At‬‬ ‫‪6pm Dr. Tanavoli will be present at the opening.‬‬ ‫‪Painter, sculptor, collector and scholar, Parviz‬‬ ‫‪Tanavoli is one of the most successful artists of the‬‬ ‫‪Middle East. He is also an influential teacher and has‬‬ ‫‪generously shared his knowledge and craft with a‬‬ ‫‪young generation of eager students. This exhibition is‬‬ ‫‪the result of that generosity and brings together works‬‬ ‫‪of jewelry by twenty-five young artists exhibited‬‬ ‫‪alongside the master’s own original creations.‬‬ ‫‪Dar Al Funoon is located in Kuwait City, Behbehani‬‬ ‫‪Compound, House No. 28. For more information please‬‬ ‫‪call 2243 3138 or visit onto‬‬ ‫‪GALLERY TILAL‬‬

‫هل يستحقوا منا الشكر والتبجيل ؟‬ ‫اإلنسان الفنان يحمل على عاتقه تثقيف اجملتمع وتوجيهه إميانا‬ ‫منه بأن الفن يخدم قضايا الوطن اإلنسانية وأن الفن يؤثر في البيئة‬ ‫ويتأثر بها بحركة حافلة متكاملة لتنمية الذوق العام فهو واجهة‬ ‫‪ .‬احلضارة وتاريخها‬ ‫والفن مفهوم شامل يضم نتاج الفنان اإلبداعي ويعتبر لونا من‬ ‫‪ .‬الثقافة اإلنسانية املتحضرة كونه تعبيرا ذاتيا وليس تعبيرا عن حاجة‬ ‫ومبا أن غاليري تالل قد حمل على عاتقه رسالة نشر الفن فأنه‬ ‫يتشرف بأن يقدم لكم معرضا يضم أكثر من أربعني فنانا للحركة‬ ‫التشكيلية حرصوا على ان يدخل فنهم كل بيت من لوحات ومجسمات‬ ‫لفرصة اإلقتناء ألعمال أصلية موقعة بيد الفنان بأسعار ال تزيد عن ‪400‬‬ ‫‪28‬‬


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bazaar goes dining THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY Cheesecakes and beyond! By bazaar staff

When we found out that The Cheesecake Factory was coming to town, we had no idea we would welcome the arrival of one of, if not the, largest menus in the upper casual dining realm. A menu unlike anything we have 32

seen, this editor finds it difficult to decide if there is anything on that menu she didn’t wish to try. Like its original namesake offerings, The Cheesecake Factory restaurant‘s menu is not only filled with internationally inspired

recipes, but each and every recipe is original—a signature touch overseen by Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated, David Overton. Originally founded by Overton’s parents as The Cheesecake Factory bakery, Overton expanded the business to include a signature restaurant he opened in Beverly Hills, California in 1978. The Cheesecake Factory restaurant promotes his parent’s delectable cheesecakes while evolved into America’s favorite dining destination known for inventive menu selections, all made fresh daily with quality ingredients and presented in generous portions. Alas, it was with much delight when we were invited to beat the lines and waiting lists, to finally have our taste of The Cheesecake Factory experience. The atmosphere is immediately inviting, given the

staff’s impeccable hospitality services. Created with an open air dining experience in mind, the restaurant offers both cozier ‘indoor’ covered booths and ‘outside’ (Patio) tables to let you enjoy The Grand Avenue’s lively ambience, filled with people leisurely strolling by, queuing up to book their table to dine at The Cheesecake Factory or even ordering the delicious Cheesecakes from the bakery right at the entrance of the restaurant. Our friendly host took the time to recount stories of his Cheesecake Factory experiences from the US, describing how it is his absolute enjoyment to create a dining experience like no other for every customer; from arranging wedding proposals, arranging a surprise for birthday events, to simply taking the time to tell you stories behind the creative dishes on offer. Rest assured that the friendly staff will make your dining experience enjoyable and unforgettable. Before we dove into the freshly baked breadbasket, we tried out one of the many delicious cocktails on offer, the Island Cooler. Expecting a heavier fruit cocktail, the mango, passion fruit, and pineapple juice mix is mixed with fresh lemon and Sprite, making this cocktail a light and refreshing treat. The freshly baked breads are delicious, as the brown bread is also lightly sweetened with molasses to deliver an unexpected flavor. When it comes to ordering at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant, our recommendation is to share your dishes with your loved ones, unless you are in the mood to truly indulge, as the portions are quite generous and the menu is filled with appetizers and entrees to satisfy every taste and palate. We decided on the signature Avocado Eggrolls, along with the Mexican inspired, Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes and the Luau Salad, a tropical tribute to the beautiful flavors of Hawaii. Digging into the Tamale cakes, prepare for a burst of flavors

and textures, as the slightly sweet cakes are topped with sour cream, salsa, fresh cilantro, avocado, and salsa verde. You might think that’s too much salsa, but your taste buds will be pleasantly amused. As far as the legendary Avocado Eggrolls are concerned, the tamarind-cashew dipping sauce will steal your heart when combined with the crispy eggrolls. One bite delivers an expert mix of the crunchy wrapper, creamy avocado and sundried tomato filling, and tangy tamarind sauce. We couldn’t stop feasting on these until the Luau Salad arrived, a festive salad true to its name. Tossed in an inhouse vinaigrette sauce, you’ll savor the sweet and tangy taste of juicy grilled chicken breast with greens, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, green beans and onions, tangy mangos and crisp wontons with

macadamia nuts and crunchy sesame. More than anything, you’ll love digging into the artfully presented tower that is your Luau Salad, slicing through the crunchy layers to mix up all the different ingredients. Because the menu at The Cheesecake Factory is created with Overton’s vision of traveling the world and sampling different flavors, entrees offer a stunning variety, from the signature Glamburgers, to main dishes that will leave you coming back for more. Hearing about the famous Cajun Jambalaya Pasta and never having tasted Creole cuisine, I was so eager to try out the restaurant’s most popular pasta dish, along with the Portuguesestyle, sautéed Chicken Madeira. Madeira sauce is rich, full-bodied and slightly peppery, you will not resist the temptation to devour every

bit of this sauce that covers succulent sautéed chicken topped with fresh asparagus and melted mozzarella cheese, or even dousing the side of mashed potatoes in this amazing sauce. The jambalaya pasta, perfect to break the mellow Madeira flavor, will jolt your taste buds with its very spicy Cajun charm, as the freshly made linguine pasta combines shrimp and chicken sautéed with tomato, onions, and peppers. Where any dining experience at The Cheesecake Factory is concerned, saving room for dessert is an absolute necessity; after all, those dreamy cheesecakes are always worth it. However, the dessert menu at The Cheesecake Factory will take you to greater heights of sweet temptations that go beyond the realm of the divine cheesecakes, with Fresh Strawberry Shortcake

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream that will equally delight, or a fabulous Chocolate Brownie Sundae. In pure bazaar fashion, we ordered both a slice of cheesecake and the two desserts and mixed the creamy, fruity, and chocolate flavors, dipping the large strawberries in the hot fudge sauce, and having a bite of the creamy cheesecake—an experience that will surely be repeated in the near future.

The Cheesecake Factory is open 7 days a week, offering a Saturday breakfast menu that is equally delicious and originally inspired. Head on over to The Cheesecake Factory restaurant, or get your cheesecakes to go from the Bakery at the Grand Avenue – The Avenues. For more information, please call 2228 3064/5. 33

truth or dare


Fatima Tootie Al-Sabah By bazaar staff

Fatima, or Tootie, Al-Sabah has a heart of gold, and a bubbly personality that’s quickly contagious. Anyone who meets this special lady can immediately tell is that she will leave you smiling with positive vibes to get you involved with one her greatest passions, volunteer work. She’s also quite the passionate photographer, inviting us to take a look at one of many personal photography projects, 365pics, which we will also be featuring in our upcoming issue. Simply wanting to be a useful person to her family and country, her greatest happiness comes in making a difference to society. Tootie followed K’s Path (Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat) for about a year before getting involved and couldn’t be happier about it, “After 2 hours of cleaning the beaches on a Friday morning, I feel like my weekend has 34

been set properly, seeing how these bags of trash I collected can give that mangrove tree a bit more space to breathe and stretch its leaves is all it takes to make me happier. Or seeing the eyes of a dog or cat when you play with them and give them a bit of attention just fills my heart with gratitude and joy.” She expertly speaks about K’s Path work, and attributes her happiness to the organization’s professionalism, adding that K’s Path is very diligent about finding the perfect fit for animals at the shelter and their prospective new families. K’s Path has devised many programs focused on animal rescue, including a marine conservation program. “Did you know that we have mangrove trees in Kuwait? Everyone is usually shocked when I tell him or her that. On the coast of Doha live mudskippers, very funny looking amphibians, yet their vital habitats

are literally covered in Styrofoam, plastic and all sorts of garbage.” Even though we all like to think we do our due diligence when we make our regular donations to our favorite charities, Tootie’s work with K’s Path invites us to do much more to get actively involved. How would your mother describe you in one word? Hardworking. How would you describe your mother in one word? Inspirational. What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked? “Alo? Is Mr Ahmad there?” (Mr Ahmad if you are out there, please give people your number not mine, thank you) What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Started taking photos. This ignited a creative spark in me. I couldn’t draw if my life depended on it, but photography is a whole other world of creativity that I can understand! This led to a 365 pics project, a picture a day for a year that I started in the summer of 2011. What word in the English or Arabic language do you wish you had invented? Delightful. Where would you like to live? What is your dream retirement location? Here in my beautiful Kuwait! I honestly can’t see myself living anywhere else! What is the first famous quote that comes to your mind? Knowledge is Power. What animal best describes the kind of partner you’d be interested in? Dolphin, free spirited and happy. What do you miss about your childhood? Ladybirds, we used to have so many in Kuwait when I was younger, they made me so happy! Now I barely see any!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I never loved my name, but I could never see myself as anything else, other than 2t my nickname. However, I started appreciating my name more after an acquaintance pointed out that it means Liberator, not ‘weaning’, as it is used as a verb to mean being liberated from that stage of life, hence its use in the whole breastfeeding and weaning scenario. How would you describe your handshake in one word? Handshake. I don’t understand the importance of allocating meaning to a handshake. What is the toughest part of your character? My optimism. I always choose to see the brighter side. Who is your favorite historical figure? No one comes to mind, I prefer focusing on what people do rather than who they are. What in the world do you least desire? Pessimism. What do you think is lacking in the world, which if there was more of, would make the world a better place? Hope and gratitude. Why do you think most girls/guys like you? I could never figure that one out… but then again I can’t figure out why I like some people and not others. I think it’s all in the vibes. Finish this sentence: “Happiness is a thing called…” Love. Whether it’s loving a person, situation, animal or even a time of day. Happiness comes to people who are open to it and who embrace the little joys that life gives us.

Get in touch with Tootie by following her on Instagram, @fatima2t.


AHMED & AHMAD The Chinese gardeners By bazaar staff

were doing everything themselves – cooking, shopping, deliveries and much more. There was something about the place though, and Ahmed and Ahmad took a leap and bought the place. They kept China Garden open during the takeover phase and eventually brought in their own chef, with over thirty years’ experience in the kitchen, and worked on developing the new menu together. It was while out pondering the age-old question ‘plastic or paper?’ that the guys discovered what would become the foundation of China Garden’s principles. They were dismayed by the amount of waste generated by the food and drink industry. The majority of this comes from packaging and so Ahmed and Ahmad hit upon the idea of using recycled materials. They even found a source for a continuous supply of authentic Chinese takeout boxes so beloved in the states. The bags they deliver in are fully recycled and even the glue holding them together is made from starch, meaning the bag is 100% biodegradable – so like all organic matter this means that it will simply return to the earth, not stay around for thousands of years like plastic and Styrofoam. By eliminating plastic, aluminium and Styrofoam, and introducing cutlery made of bamboo, China Garden has managed to reduce their waste by almost 90%! Not only did they overhaul the menu, going from run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant to making their own spring rolls, noodles, dumplings and all the sauces from scratch, go green with packaging, also making it biodegradable, they did all this without having to close the restaurant! It was a stressful period but one they wouldn’t change for the world. The signature dishes, proprietary to China Garden, like Orange Chicken, General Tso, and Walnut Shrimp are what it is all about for Ahmed and Ahmad. From creating the dishes and naming them, to packaging them in such a way that you can feel good about ordering Chinese food again it’s no wonder that these dishes are amongst their bestsellers. Ahmed Al-Ibrahim and Ahmad AlAbdulmohsen always wanted to start a business together and with one of them a master of cooking and the other a master of finance, what better business to go with than food – especially here in Kuwait! 36

Their original idea was to bring southern soul food to Kuwait but when they stumbled upon an ad showing a Chinese restaurant for sale they were intrigued. When they found China Garden, they saw that it was a little run down restaurant where the owners, an old Chinese couple,

For delivery, takeout, or catering call 2572 0010 or 25720070. Alternatively you can place your order through Follow them on twitter @chinagardenkw. Look out for the full bazaar review in our 2013 Dining Guide.


fashionality SHOWTIME The Trickponi ladies By bazaar staff

After their raving success at last month’s Pretty Little Things, Sara Al-Ajroush and Serene Xefos talk more about fashion, style and their most wanted pieces from their showroom of all things lovely, Trickponi. Does fashion ‘make’ the person or does the person ‘make’ fashion? The individual makes fashion. Fashion is all about attitude and 38

a sense of confidence in ones personal style. It’s impressive when you have a person that can put together a look effortlessly and make it work. There have been countless times that we’ve found pieces in boutiques that we would never be caught dead in...But then you see someone wearing it with their unique twist, style, and charm; they amazingly make it work!

How would you describe your style? As Coco Chanel once said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” How do you get inspiration for your style? People-watching is like hunting for eye candy! We get the greatest inspiration walking the streets of New York & London as well as checking out

fashion events in Riyadh and Jeddah. AND lets not forget to mention the sense of style and fashion embedded in Kuwait - The individuality that the fashionistas of these cities embody is the most exciting source of inspiration. What does it take to become a style innovator? It takes vision…a deep understanding of and passion for form, fabric, color and texture.

What’s exciting right now in fashion? In terms of trends: menswear for women, bold patterns, and the extremes of super-structured garments as well as the return of floral, feminine, and flowy. The rise of independent designers, that’s what makes our job so exciting we are always on the hunt and lookout for new talent to represent! Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence? We both love music - as cheesy as it sounds, music moves us. When we first launched our Facebook page in May 2012, we were posting YouTube songs that were different and edgy; videos that had style and a certain crazy fashion edge to them. We believe that Fashion coupled with music is a beautiful thing. Examples of the songs we posted are: ‘Bizness’ by tune- yards, ‘Settle down’ by Kimbra, and ‘i love it’ by Icona pop - and that’s just to name a few. Who are your favorite emerging

designers, and what is it that you love about them? Well, since we’re a fashion showroom representing emerging designers we would like to shed light on the designers we represent. Shosh New York and L’atelier Nawbar are two brands we simply fell in love with. What we love about Shosh New York is this flowy feminine quality it embodies. As well as the fabrics used like cupro, linens, organic cottons, and Italian leathers that have been vegetable dyed. The designer, Carol Pratt said it best “I am drawn to lush fabric with structural properties that hug the body like a mitten as opposed to a glove.” What we love about L’atelier Nawbar is the creativity and workmanship that comes with every piece of jewelry. As Tania and Dima Nawbar, the two sisters behind the line like to call it “unconventional yet rooted in tradition”. Their Falamank Line takes you back to your

grandmother's jewelry box - giving you that rustic feel we all love about vintage jewelry. What is the highlight of your ‘style’ career? Our career in the fashion industry has only recently taken off. So, while we look forward to many highlights to come, so far, representing our designers at Coterie, New York’s biggest fashion trade-show during industry market-week was definitely a highlight. In addition to having our designers picked up by many of New York’s best boutiques was also usually exciting. Every fashionality has as a style obsession, what’s yours? Prepster. The perfect mix of hipster & preppy—that keeps us laid back enough to be ourselves with the right amount of sharpness. Do you follow any fashion blogs? If so, what are they and which would you recommend? Always providing great runway looks! We love! Love this newly discovered blog; they are always posting sleek, clean,

and sharp looks that are exquisite. Talk about fashion forward, stunning! This fashionesta documents her everyday look and is always sharing her awesome sources of inspiration! What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that people wore more often? A soft scarf with a subtle print on it. To be stylish is to be fashionable. True or False and why? False. To be fashionable is to be with the trends and to be “industry defined” - as in someone that is fashionable is someone that is always in the know about what’s "IN” in the fashion world. To be Stylish is different. Style is personal and not restricted by “what’s in” right now. To be stylish is more of a personal representation of what it is to have a creative fashion sense. To get your hands on these Trickponi selections, visit, like them on facebook, facebook. com/TrickponiShowroom and follow them on Instagram, @trickponi. 39

bazaar music


by The Rolling Stones


by David Byrne & St. Vincent


by Phillip Phillips Available in five different formats, including a threeCD 50 track version including 50 tracks, and a fourCD super-deluxe version gathering a whopping 80 tracks, the collection tells the fascinating ongoing story of the Greatest Rock’n'Roll Band In The World, from their high octane version of Chuck Berry’s “Come On”, their first single issued in June 1963, via the thrilling chart-toppers all the way to the present day with the inclusion of “Doom And Gloom” and “One More Shot”, two new studio recordings.

A May-December one-off by David Byrne and Annie "St. Vincent" Clark, this LP is like a special-mention sciencefair project: two brainy kids speaking in tongues that are fascinating even when they're hard to follow. Working with a brass band and tandem guitars, the duo trade vocals, delivering hiccuping phoneme and wry kickers over shifty programmed beats. Yet for all the conventiondodging, the most satisfying bits – Byrne's show-tune-y "I Am an Ape" and Clark's New York City mash-note ballad, "Optimist" – are the most straightforward.

Phillip Phillips won Season 11 of American Idol and his coronation song "Home" became a huge, platinumsized hit. Now, the cutie with the kidney problems released The World From the Side of the Moon via 19 Entertainment/Interscope Records on November 19. Recorded at Quad Studios in NY City, the album was produced by Gregg Wattenberg with Phillips writing or co-writing the majority of the album. The Leesburg, Georgia-bred songwriter enlisted his brother-in-law Ben Neill to play guitar on a few tracks! A family affair.




In 2009 the south London trio’s debut album, xx, quietly made at night over the course of two years, bled steadily into the public consciousness to become shorthand for newly refined ideas of teenage desire and anxiety. Articulated with a maturity beyond their years, its hallmarks were restraint and ambiguity. In the age of the over-share, xx was pop with its privacy settings on max. Three years later, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith release Coexist, and a new perspective. Most pertinently, they’ve grown up.

Babel steps up Mumford & Sons' game without changing it too much. It feels shinier, punchier, more arena-scale than the debut, with the band hollering, hooting, plucking and strumming like Olympian street buskers. The songs lean toward the hooky folkfest stomps of tunes such as "Little Lion Man" and "The Cave," whose beer-slosh melody and fist-pump dynamics branded Sigh No More. Babel's hymnlike first single, "I Will Wait ," and "Lover of the Light" – both are proof that the Mumfords do dramatic builds, dropouts and soft-loud shifts as impressively as U2 or Skrillex.

In her debut studio album, Til The Casket Drops, ZZ Ward concocts a fine brew of hip-hop and some of the most soulful R&B this side of the Mississippi, adds a dash of New Orleans drawl and Delta swagger, and sprinkles a liberal amount of smoky vocals with more than their fair share of lip. Not to say that Til the Casket Drops doesn’t have its pop-ridden moments. But these get skillfully masked behind Ward’s bluesy belting, soul-wrenching guitar licks, bouncy piano rifts, and a healthy dose of understated rap to bring it all home.

by The xx


by Mumford & Sons

by ZZ Ward



DESIGNHUB MIDDLEAST Where client and designer live happily ever after By bazaar staff

Founders Nabil Shaheen and Rami Obeid tell us more about their simple, yet innovative, vision that is linking up creative designers with clients all over the Middle East: Why did you start design hub Middle East? was founded on the Middle East’s need for an easy to use, simple digital platform, where designers could get exposure to clients looking for the best in the field. It all stemmed out of a need. We wanted a way to find designers ourselves and we noticed that there was no easy way of doing so. So, we just figured we’d do it ourselves. Do you feel like the field of creative arts is given enough attention in the Middle East? We have seen a BIG increase in attention to the creative arts in the region in the last few years. It probably goes hand in hand with the growth and popularity of online social media platforms that allow creatives to expose what they do more readily to the public eye. So, as an interested client, how would I utilize the website? DesignHub’s strengths are its simplicity, and user friendliness. A client looking to hire a designer visits the site and just needs to answer three questions: What kind of designer he/she is looking for (e.g. web, graphic, interior…). Where that designer is located (e.g. Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Cairo…) and what the client’s budget is (any amount, below $2000, $2000 to $5000 and so on). The client then moves to viewing different designer portfolios, which costs nothing by the way. There are two types of portfolios: Premium portfolios, which have 6 42

pieces of work, displayed in a large format tile with an interactive slideshow for each and individual designer. Then you have the regular portfolios which only display 1 piece of work, non-interactive and smaller in size. Both premium and regular members get to share their contact information publicly, which allows clients to get in touch with the designer directly if they like the work. Client looks through portfolios, Client likes what he/she sees, Client contacts the designer directly, boom! They work together happily ever after. How do designers sign up? Designers simply visit Choose the language they prefer. English or Arabic. Click on “Get a free listing” in the upper right corner, and go through the 3 step sign up process, which only takes a few minutes. The designer gets to choose between a regular or premium option. A premium subscriber automatically gets better exposure over the standard subscriber on our website. What that means is, clients will always see the premium subscribers before the standard ones. When did you feel like the website was achieving its goals? Almost immediately after its launch. When clients started using the site to look for designers, and designers got the well-needed exposure they did not have regionally before, online, in both English and Arabic. What advice would you offer emerging designers and artists? Work hard, invest in your process, push your research, document everything you do, look for daily things that inspire you, listen to good music, eat good food, put

your egos aside, dance, try to develop your own style, accept all feedback on your work, defend your work, when you’re stuck, sleep on your idea and give it another go when you wake up, be proud of what you do, leave the city as much as possible, embrace technology, buy books, read them, and NEVER give up. What’s the next step for Design Hub Middle East? Actually we try and keep it really simple. We do not want the site to become something that is too complicated for our users. Most online businesses end up taking VC cash and this puts pressure on them to figure out how to squeeze every cent out of their users. We’ve purposely turned down requests to meet from VC’s precisely for this reason. We’re not out to conquer the world or have any delusions of grandeur. We just saw a problem that needed to be fixed. We don’t want to make DesignHub something it isn’t. What it is now is the best way in the Middle East to find designers and that’s what we’ll try to perfect. For more information, visit and make sure you check out DesignHub’s blog, spoke. to stay updated about their latest developments.



Art has that magical ability to enrich and enhance our lives. Don’t believe me? Go and visit the luminaries of contemporary art going up on the auction block and see the transformation! Back with a bang, JAMM, an independent strategic art advisory, kicked off its 3rd annual auction in Kuwait on 29 November 2012 at the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait with presale viewing on 28 November 2012. The auction is a clear indication that art awareness has broadened in Kuwait. Driven by rising affluence and petro dinars, there is a definite upswing in interest in buying art. Local galleries like Dar Al Funoon, Sultan Gallery and Boushahri have been cultivating and fuelling the love for visual art amongst the discerning audiences in Kuwait. Last year, the auction sales at JAMM’s second edition of contemporary Arab and Iranian Art, held in February 2011, fetched a staggering $774,785, as reported on their website. This year, over 63 eclectic works in a variety of media by contemporary Arab, Iranian and international artists, will be auctioned with the majority of lots estimated under $10,000, providing an opportunity for young collectors to start or to add to their collections of contemporary art. Garden Party, 2011, by acclaimed Iranian painter, musician and performance artist Reza Derakshani is expected to be one of the most desired pieces to be sold at the auction. Spectacularly rendered, the large oil painting in vibrant shades of red and pink is estimated to fetch $65,000–$95,000. Other JAMM highlights include Amira Behbehani’s recent oil painting Study of Francis Bacon (Men in Blue). Inspired by a series of 7 deep-blue canvases that the British artist painted in 1954, this work seeks to engage a debate on the political and religious views of wearing the Abayya and is expected to fetch $9,000–$10,500. The captivating work of Iran-born artist, Shiva Ahmadi, whose Brown Veil, is a mixed media work on aquabord, is expected to go for $17,000–$18,500 while Golnaz Fathi’s untitled piece, an intense diptych masterfully combining Arabic calligraphy and strong brushstrokes, is estimated at $17,000– $18,500. Another interesting auction highlight is a hand painted photograph of the glamorous Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou by Youssef Nabil, entitled Fifi Smoking. Its estimated sale price is $15,000–$16,500. Meanwhile, Lalla Essaydi (Morocco), Takashi Murakani (Japan), Farideh Lashai (Iran) and Simeen Farhat (Pakistan) are other noteworthy artists at the auction. Farhat’s works, Twisted Melody, 2010, Intent, 2011, and Red Spill, 2012, are estimated at $12,000– $13,500 and $8,500–$10,000 respectively. Other notable offerings that go under the hammer 44

are Leila Pazooki (who mainly works with digital media), Shurooq Amin , and Mohammed Rahimi. TAG Heuer, one of the finest brands in the luxury watch industry, is the exclusive sponsor for the auction. Q and Art with Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah, a leading art connoisseur, an avid art collector, art journalist and founding partner of JAMM shares her thoughts on the upcoming auction with bazaar. This marks the third edition of JAMM Art Auction. How is it different? It is different in many ways. I have been far more selective with the artworks, which makes this auction much stronger in terms of quality. I have selected a wide variety of styles and mediums so that there is something for everybody. The vast majority of works are by Arab or Iranian artists. I have a total of 6 works by international artists. Who will be conducting the art auction? Alexander Gilkes, former global marketing director and auctioneer for Phillips de Pury and cofounder of Paddle8, will conduct the auction. What does it mean for Kuwait to host internationally acclaimed artists? Kuwait still has a small community of art collectors but their tastes are very sophisticated so I felt it was important to include internationally acclaimed artists. It is great for Kuwait. How is the art market in Kuwait, as compared to say Abu Dhabi or Qatar? The art market in Kuwait is an emerging one with an underdeveloped infrastructure and we believed that an art auction was an excellent way to help it grow. Having a strong market is necessary to promote art and artists. Moreover, Middle Eastern collectors prefer buying art in auctions for a number of reasons: there is more variety, it is a more simple and less time-consuming way of acquiring works of art, they also feel that they are buying art at a fair, “market” value. It is interesting to see some prominent Japanese and Chinese artists debuting at the auction. Does that mean there is a surge for Asian artists, besides the usual Iranian artists who rule the roost? Absolutely! Next year I hope to include works by artists from Central Asia as that is a new, emerging market. There are a large number of women artists being represented at the auction. Who are some of the rising stars?

The rising stars include Amira Behbehani, Simeen Farhat, Jowhara Al Saud and Shiva Ahmadi. Amongst the diverse offerings, whose works are you most excited to have at this year’s auction? I am very excited to have the last edition of Farideh Lashai’s video projection on Canvas entitled El Amal. The work is a commentary on power of art, its grandiose and eternal character, and how it influences identity of nations. The work was made by using 2500 still images that were cut from The Great Dictator and animating a photograph of Um Kalthoum taken from the Internet to sync her lip movement to her song “El Amal”. In your opinion, which artwork is one of the top lots of the upcoming auction? What are some of the highlights? Some of the auction highlights include Youssef Nabil’s portrait of the Egyptian actress and belly dancer Fifi Abdou (Fifi Smoking, Cairo 2000). It is a beautiful print that the artist colored by hand – a technique that recalls old hand-colored family portraits one can still see in people’s living rooms in Cairo. Al Braithwaite’s Hearts & Minds, 2012, is an intricate piece consisting of nine ‘heart-grenades,’ each having at its core a measure of soil drawn from sites of contemporary geopolitical significance such as Helmand, Cairo and Manhattan and acting as a receptacle for the history of these places. Mashrabia Cabana, 2011, a 4 x 4 x 4 meter cabana inspired by traditional mashrabiyas, by Swiss architect and designer André C. Meyerhans blurs the boundaries between art, design and architecture. Garden Party, by acclaimed Iranian painter, musician and performance artist Reza Derakshani is a large (182 x 304 cm) oil painting in vibrant shades of red and pink executed in 2011. Derakshani’s luminous colors and complex compositions footnote miniature paintings. There is also a unique print of Marilyn Monroe from Bert Stern’s Last Sitting with hand applied semiprecious stones. There is a general perception that art auctions are for the rich and discerning. Is there anything for buyers with modest budget? There certainly is. We have 5 works under KD 1,000 ($3,500). The majority of the works are under KD 4,200 ($15,000). I will always include a wide price range so that buyers with modest budgets can also participate. How can you encourage young and nouveau art buyers? What would be your advice to the young generation of collectors? To train your eye, it is important to see as much

2010; Neon, Edition ¾; Variable dimensions; Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist Estimate: KD 2,600 – 3,000 USD 9,200 – 10,700

art as possible. Visit art galleries, art fairs and view art via the Internet. As one of the finest cultural ambassadors of this region, you have helped to bridge the Middle East with the rest of the world, what are your final thoughts? We try to advance and promote Middle Eastern artists in the West (we organized a group show of Arab and Iranian art in London two years ago) and bring Western, but also Asian, South American and African artists to the Gulf. Geographically and historically, the Middle East has always acted as a bridge between the West and the East, yet it has been the locus of several major conflicts in recent history. Whilst art is certainly not omnipotent and cannot resolve alone these conflicts, it can contribute to furthering mutual understanding and collaboration. Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) is situated in Industrial Shuwaikh, Block 2, Street 28. For more information about the auction please visit: www. Images courtesy of JAMM

Mohammad Rahimi Bride and Groom 2011; Oil on canvas; 170 x 140 cm; Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist Estimate: KD 1,700 – 2,100 USD 6,000 – 7,500

Youssef Nabil Fifi smoking, Cairo 2000 Hand-colored gelatin silver print, Edition 9/10 39 x 29 cm; Provenance: Private collection Estimate: KD 4,200 – 4,600 USD 15,000 – 16,400

Bert Stern Marilyn in Red Scarf 1962/2012; Archival pigment print, hand applied jewels (unique); 61 x 51 cm; Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner Estimate: KD 4,600 – 5,000 USD 16,400 –17,800

Amira Behbehani Study of Francis Bacon (Man in Blue) 2012; Oil on canvas; 145 x 135 cm; Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist Estimate: KD 2,600 – 3,000 USD 9,200 –10,700 Leila Pazooki Love


GIFTM AS By Jaye Sonia

Well, well, well…. It seems it’s Giftmas time again and chances are pretty good you’re already shopping for loved ones, family, and friends. So, while it may be a little late for me to make recommendations (at least for this month), I’m still going to do just that – because whatever you don’t get this month, you can always grab this Hala February! My first recommendation can easily be called a ‘big-ticket item!’ Weighing in at …well, I’m not sure how heavy it is, so let’s just say a lot! The Retro Alien Couch looks conspicuously like one of those alien invaders from the 1980s. It’s a solid $5000 (KD 1,412), not counting shipping, but worth every penny if you’re shopping 46

for something exclusive this season. I’m willing to bet no one else has one. Maybe you’ll be the first lucky gamer? You can buy it here: Harry Potter fans are going to love this next gift idea. Built to look like a ‘magic wand,’ this television remote learns from your other remotes, is programmable, and has some thirteen magical functions it can perform on DVRs, TVs, DVD players, and so on. It’s a lot less expensive than the aforementioned couch ($89 or KD 25) and is currently available on (http://www.thinkgeek. com/product/cf9b/?cpg=cj&ref=&CJURL =&CJID=3363563) Okay, this next gift is pretty inexpensive, but it’s all sorts of 1980s

retro! Not only is it a must-have for a whole bunch of geeks, I’m pretty sure your average gamer will love it, too. I’m talking about the Transformer USB Drive (4 or 8 GB). It’s modeled after the old Decepticon Ravage and is available here: http://www. cp_pc_1 Prices vary according to storage size, but shouldn’t be more than $15 (KD 4.5) on I’ve been following this next item for nearly a year now (and will happily wear it if any of my fans pick one up) and still love it. It honestly doesn’t get cold enough in Kuwait to really justify buying one, but it still just oozes cool. The Grey Knight ‘armored hoodie’ is an affordable $125 (KD 35.5), features a full-face mask, and is designed and made in America. You can pick one up here: http://www. Okay, so this next gift idea is another one of those ‘fun but weird’ items that will enjoy a lot of traction with zombie fans, but is probably a bad gift idea for your mother-in-law (unless your mother-inlaw has a wicked sense of humor or loves The Walking Dead). The Zombie Garden Gnome won’t help you get a good deal of travel deals, but it will make an excellent yard decoration. Guaranteed to keep random strangers off of your yard or out of your dewaniya. You can pick it up here: dp/B006F3LTZ6/?tag=047-20 for about $250 (KD 71). This next gift idea is pretty inexpensive, has gotten good reviews, and promises to solve a lot of problems this winter for those of us with touchscreen phones. Texting Gloves are relatively affordable at $7 (KD 2), can be picked up on, and allow you to use your smart phone without your hands getting cold! You can pick them up here: B004HLNZVY/?tag=047-20 Okay, so this is another one of those superstar gift ideas. Sure, it’s not very practical, but it’s perfect for those fashion

and music geeks – the Rolling Stone bathroom mirror! This simple idea puts you on the cover of the magazine every time you brush your teeth or wash your face, keeping your favorite star right where he or she needs to be! It’s an affordable $40 (KD 11.5) and can be had right here: RollingStone-Magazine-Cover-NoveltyMirror/dp/B004PFLISE/ref=pd_sbs_hg_5 This next gift comes, once again, by way of and is absolutely perfect for all of us out here in the desert. The FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger is $80 (KD 22.5), has adapters for all your devices, and can guarantee you power provided there’s still sun – which we have in spades here in Kuwait! The device has ten adapters, comes in a snug carrying case, and is sure to put a smile on all your eco-friendly friends’ faces. You can grab it here: product/beb8/ The last thing I’m going to share with you is perfect for non-Geeks, but will make the geeks in your life smile with joy! These Outdoor LED Cubes (17”) make perfect seats (they can hold up to 300 lbs/136kg), are rechargeable, and come with a remote that lets you change the color! These are perfect for around the pool, in your youngest one’s bedroom, or even for a romantic meal on the back porch. Creative gamers are likely to use them in their game rooms, as well! At $180 (KD 51), these cubes are affordable (and memorable) gifts! You can grab them here: B005A3XO4G/?tag=047-20 And of course, there’s a whole host of other cool gifts that I couldn’t fit in this article, but discerning readers won’t find themselves set back too far. You need only dial up,, or for a host of additional great gift ideas! So, come the end of this month (or next birthday), pull out all the stops and be the thing of legends! Or at least buy something awesome! Until next time…


bazaar shorts MIND YOUR MIND By Emma Abdullah


He advances towards me and I know from the look in his eyes that this time I’m in for it. I can feel the fury burning inside me. This time, I will not let him hurt me. He moves swiftly, jumping from bed to bed and even hanging in mid-air at times. I try to imitate his movements but end up on the floor. My head is throbbing and every part of my body aches; it feels like I’ve been shot. I scream. I should have known it was a trap. Two men enter the room and I am certain they want to take me away but I can’t fight back. Pain shoots through my veins as a needle is poked somewhere into my shoulder. Slowly, the aching subsides and I have this eccentric feeling; somewhat like floating on a cloud. It feels unusually good. Everything subsequently goes dark but I close my eyes anyway. The darkness will protect me. My eyes open again, only to realize that I am still in the same room. There is a bothersome feeling in my left arm and when I try to rub it with my hand, I cannot: I am strapped down to my bed. The walls are the same memorable pale white color and only very faint light is glimmering through the window. I now realize that they have caught me; that I will be spending the next few days here, in this same position. I already know from experience what it will be like. However, I also know that it is inevitably pointless to try to free myself: they are many, and I am one. There are millions of them whereas I am defying the world by myself. Sometimes I forget. I forget that I am never by myself. They are always watching over me. I believe I'm alone but I never really am. My name is Dmitri and I live in a dark closet invisible to the rest of the world; nobody knows, nobody understands. It’s all in my head, it’s my reality. My name is Olga too, and Steven and Vladimir and Faye; we are so many, embodied in just one human. It is tiresome, confusing- but it is a necessity. We face the world together. We have schizophrenia. He enters the room with his white overcoat and stern look. Apart from the nurses who feed me, he is the only visit I have had in a week. He looks at my ridiculous face and notes things down. If I was not stuck in this straitjacket with my hands tied behind my back, I think I would punch him - maybe even kill him before he kills me, and kill all the other staff while I’m at it.

What am I thinking? Stop it Olga! I know it’s you, don’t tell me things like that… I really would want to kill him, though. I know that when he smiles at me it’s because he’s secretly plotting to do it first and me being stuck here defenselessly is the hinge of his plan. Olga! Stop! I don’t want to kill anyone, please! Yes, I do, I want to kill all of them. I can’t bring myself to decide which is worse; my delusions or these moments of sanity where I actually realize who I am and what I’m doing. It troubles me because I try: I truly do, but they’re trapped within me now and I just can’t fight them. I know I need them. No I don’t. Vladimir you know I don’t need you. I know they’re my only friends because nobody else is there for me. I hate them. But I need them. Life hasn’t always been this way. I was something before this chaos; I was someone. You have to be prepared for the sorrow if you’re going to be happyI guess I just wasn’t. I was successful; I was bright, my family was well-off. They all believed that I had a future ahead of me. My mother was a bit uneasy with the idea of me going abroad to pursue my studies but I assured her that I would take care, and that I would be alright. I really thought I would, I thought I had all the chances on my side to be great. Then life struck me; like a strong punch in the stomach knocking you down- and I never got back up. It was like everything around me had shattered, like a glass bottle shattering into millions of pieces as it touches the floor. Everything that had once comforted me and made me feel safe was gone. My secure warm home, away from all the dangers of the world was no longer there for me and I felt exposed and vulnerable. I realized I had always been protected - by my parents, by our situation and that there were so many things out there I had never experienced. So I sought refuge in the unreal, in the delirious. I tried to hide behind the walls of insanity and I went mad, all by myself, in a world I had not known before with only my mind as my best friend, yet greatest foe. “Dmitri, we’ve talked about this before,” he says in a grave voice. “You can live an almost normal life; you

can limit the delirious episodes. You must continue your medication.” The medication helps me see things clearly. It helps limit the hallucinations and increase the periods when I am lucid; the periods when I am well. I am not going to take it because it will hurt me which is exactly what he wants. I take the white pill from his hand and place it under my tongue. Don’t swallow it! I won’t, Steven. I sip the water and put the glass back down. It’s what I have been doing for fifteen days. When he turns around, I carefully spit it out. He’ll never hurt me. “We’re going to let you see your mother,” he says. The door opens and I see a frail lady come in, accompanied by the men in white. I can see that her hair is becoming white at the root – everything is becoming strangely white - and that she has lost a lot of weight. I imagine the misery I have put my family through, how I have torn them apart. She comes closer to my bed and brings a shaking hand close to mine. Her tired milky blue eyes fill up with tears. “Dmitri,” she whispers, “I love you.” Suddenly, I know from the look in her eyes what she wants. I can feel the fury burning inside me. “Olga!” I scream “Olga, get away!” I begin to kick and agitate my fists. “I hate you!” I holler, “I swear I’ll kill you!” I try to grab her so that I can strangle her but the men in white reach to her first and usher her out of the room. Pain shoots through my veins as a needle is poked somewhere into my shoulder. Slowly, the aching subsides and I have this eccentric feeling; somewhat like floating on a cloud. It feels unusually good. Everything subsequently goes dark but I close my eyes anyway. The darkness will protect me. My fierce Olga will remind me of the sweet, so sweet desire to kill. My witty Steven will warn me against the notorious white-coated man and his poisonous pills. My always-devoted Vladimir will need me, as I will need him. They will all protect Dmitri. I will protect Dmitri. I will protect Dmitri. Schizophrenia will protect Dmitri. 49

big boys toys Because grown men still need to play




Enjoy all the natural beauty of camping with none of the hassle by staying at Rolling Huts. Designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects in Seattle, each of the "herd" of six huts offers modern decor, a fridge, microwave, fireplace, and Wi-Fi, as well as access to nearby activities like hiking, river rafting, mountain biking, skiing, dog sledding, golfing, fly fishing, winery visits, and balloon tours. Or you could just kick back and enjoy the fantastic views of the Cascades — totally up to you.

Some might call Socrates Socks ($30) overengineered, but we call them brilliant. Seeking to build a pair of socks that wouldn't droop, get a hole, or simple wear out on the bottom, the team behind Socrates built them out of Lycra freshFx fabric with anti-droop technology, then added carbon threading on the heel and toe, militaryspec elastic at the top, and a Kevlar-Carbon Matrix at the end. All of which combines to make them, light, comfortable, and unbelievably durable.

It takes skill to create a DJ console that looks as good in your house as it would in a club. The Bad Habits Made-To-Order DJ Console (£750; roughly $1,200) boasts such a look, with a simple base that harkens back to classic setups from clubs like Studio 54, plenty of racking for mixers and other components, and your choice of finishes, materials, and either two or three turntable slots. Available in two and three turntable versions, with two lots of 4U 19" racking at the front for mixers and FX.




No worries about this one ending up like the rickety table at the neighborhood bar. This Electropolished Steel Foosball Table ($4,000) is crafted in Spain from the aforementioned electropolished steel and hardy iroko wood. It features metal players and built-in levelers for keeping things perfect even when that surface isn't, all of which combines to make it rugged enough for outdoor use — even if you're unlikely to ever take it outside.

The Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk ($90,000) can have you gaming like an old pro on day one. This set includes a PS3, two Formula 1 racing seats with Thrustmaster steering wheels, a selection of 24 PS 3 games, an 1,800-watt sound system, a Playstation Move camera, four Move controllers, two Move guns, four PS3 wireless buzzers, four Dualshock 3 controllers, two arcade fighting sticks, a 55" Sony TV, and four pairs of 3D glasses.

When Skyfall opened, you might notice a rather stylish bespoke rifle case — but you don't need to wait to buy it. The Globe-Trotter James Bond Collection (£725-£5,000; roughly $1,160-$8,000) includes the Stabilist Aluminium case — inspired by the aforementioned rifle case — as well as a variety of cases ranging in size from 16" to 33" and a line of leather goods that includes a bag, wallets, and card holders. Each one has subtle Bond detailing, but thankfully avoids any tacky displays of branding.


bazaar books Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures. ~ Jessamyn West






by Jon Ronson

by Deb Perelman

by The Onion

by Penny Marshall

by Beckah Krahula

The New York Times– bestselling author of The Psychopath Test, Jon Ronson writes about the dark, uncanny sides of humanity with clarity and humor. Lost at Sea reveals how deep our collective craziness lies, even in the most mundane circumstances. He looks at ordinary lives that take on extraordinary perspectives. Ronson throws himself into the stories—in a tour de force piece, he splits himself into multiple Ronsons (Happy, Paul, and Titch, among others) to get to the bottom of credit card companies’ predatory tactics and the murky, fabulously wealthy companies behind those tactics. Incisive and hilarious, poignant and maddening, revealing and disturbing—Ronson writes about our modern world, the foibles of contemporary culture, and the chaos that lies at the edge of our daily lives.

The long-awaited cookbook by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen — also a home cook, photographer, and celebrated food blogger. Deb Perelman loves to cook. She isn’t a chef or a restaurant owner— she’s never even waitressed. Cooking in her tiny Manhattan kitchen was, at least at first, for special occasions—and, too often, an unnecessarily daunting venture. Deb found herself overwhelmed by the number of recipes available to her. Have you ever searched for the perfect birthday cake on Google? You’ll get more than three million results. Where do you start? What if you pick a recipe that’s downright bad? Now, with the same warmth, candor, and can-do spirit her blog is known for, Deb presents her first cookbook: more than 100 recipes—almost entirely new, plus a few favorites from the site—all gorgeously illustrated with hundreds of her beautiful color photographs.

Are you a witless cretin with no reason to live? Would you like to know more about every piece of knowledge ever? Do you have cash? Then congratulations, because just in time for the death of the print industry as we know it comes the final book ever published, and the only one you will ever need: The Onion's compendium of all things known. Replete with an astonishing assemblage of facts, illustrations, maps, charts, threats, blood, and additional fees to edify even the most simple-minded bookbuyer, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE is packed with valuable informationsuch as the life stages of an Aunt; places to kill one's self in Utica, New York; and the dimensions of a female bucket, or "pail." With hundreds of entries for all 27 letters of the alphabet, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE must be purchased immediately to avoid the sting of eternal ignorance.

Since 1997, fans of some of the most popular sitcoms ever broadcast — The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly and Dharma & Greg — have been granted a fleeting glimpse each week into the unfettered and uncompromising mind of the incredibly prolific creative force behind those series, Chuck Lorre. That's because Lorre devotes exactly one second of airtime per show to expressing his deepest thoughts at the end of the credits on his now-infamous vanity cards, which for many years could only be enjoyed by freeze-framing on a VCR and squinting to read the tiny, wobbling words. Now, for the first time ever, hundreds of Lorre's witty and insightful musings have been gathered together in a book that reveals a hilarious, thought-provoking and scandalous body of work unlike any other creative endeavor.

One Zentangle A Day is a beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a new trend in the drawing and paper arts world. The concept was started by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a way to practice focus and meditation through drawing, by using repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Each mark is called a "tangle," and you combine various tangles into patterns to create "tiles" or small square drawings. This step-by-step book is divided into 6 chapters, each with 7 daily exercises. Each exercise includes new tangles to draw in sketchbooks, teaches daily tile design, and offers tips on related art principles, and contains an inspirational "ZIA" (Zentangle Inspired Art) project on a tile that incorporates patterns, art principals, and new techniques.



bazaar techno Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke




Less than 2 inches tall and around 7.5 inches long, the Beats Pill ($200) promises sound bigger than you'd expect given its minuscule size. It relies on Bluetooth, so you'll be able to change tracks directly from your phone or iPod without needing to visit a dock, and you'll be able to take calls easily using the built-in microphone. As you'd expect from any highly-portable speaker, it boasts a rechargeable battery good for all-day listening, but you might not expect the carabiner on the included carrying case, which makes it easy to clip onto a bag and go.

Anyone who's ever "enjoyed" listening to an entire night's worth of radio buzz from a traditional baby monitor can appreciate the Belkin WeMo Baby ($90). This new system connects to your home network via Wi-Fi, letting you check in on the little one using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While the free app offers clear digital sound and easy-tosee graphics, you can upgrade to Evoz service for an extra fee and access advanced monitoring, cry notifications, history, and analysis of your baby's sleep patterns.

Producing great sound is one thing; looking good while you're doing it is quite another. The B&O Play A9 Speaker (â‚Ź2,000; roughly $2,600) manages both feats thanks to a unique, saucer-like design that begs to be left out for all to see. Good looks can only get you so far, but the A9 backs them up with a two 3" midrange speakers, two .75" tweeters, an 8" woofer, and three separate amplifiers to power them. And thanks to built-in AirPlay and DLNA wireless streaming, you won't need to sully the proceedings with unsightly wires.




Why go green with your lightbulbs when you can go orange, yellow, red, or blue? Philips Hue ($200) is a new series of LED-based lighting solutions that screw right in to normal light sockets. Plug a little box into your router, and you can control the color and intensity of one light bulb or all of them right from your iPhone, and thanks to the LED tech, they draw a max of 8.5W while shining as brightly as a standard 50W bulb, saving you money. Three lights and the wireless box are included in the starter pack; it's available exclusively through Apple.

Want a photo record of your life, but actually enjoy your life instead of taking pictures? Meet the Memoto Lifelogging Camera ($250). Roughly an inch and a half square box clips onto your clothes using a sturdy stainless steel clip, and shoots one 5 megapixel, geotagged photo every 30 seconds, storing it on built-in memory that holds up to 4,000 pictures. A built-in accelerometer keeps it from nabbing shots when you take it off, and when you plug it in all your photos are automatically uploaded and securely stored on Memoto's cloud servers for easy viewing via app or browser.

Who needs touch-friendly gloves when you can wear the Oakley Air wave Goggle (ÂŁ500; roughly $800). Apar t from spor ting Oakley's best goggle technologies, the Air wave also features GPS and Bluetooth to let you record and view speed, jump analytics, and other stats, and connects to you iPhone via an app to control your music, view text messages, and manage incoming calls. All of which lets you keep your phone where it belongs: in your pocket.


bazaar goes cruising THE NEW MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG COUPÉ AMG gullwing super sports car rages with rapturous Black Series performance By bazaar staff

Announced as though it has blasted past the chequered flag of its GT3 inspired design, roared off the track by its 631hp 6.3 litre V8 engine and onto public roads with tarmac shredding 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds performance, Mercedes-AMG has invoked the darkest fury of Affterbach into its thunderous gullwing to create the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series. Making challengers pale in comparison, the fifth Black Series model from Mercedes-AMG harnesses the victorious motorsport mettle of its SLS AMG GT3 racing version to boast a menacing mix of breath-taking design, outstanding driving dynamics and uncompromising lightweight construction in accordance with the "AMG Lightweight Performance" strategy. Pairing its powerful engine packing 635 nm of twist with a DIN kerb weight of 1550 kilograms, the SLS AMG Black Series achieves a power/weight ratio of 2.45 kg/hp. The coil-over AMG RIDE CONTROL performance suspension, the AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system and the weight56

optimised forged AMG light-alloy wheels with newly developed sports tyres combine with the electronically controlled AMG rear-axle differential lock and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission featuring uncompromisingly emotional shift and response times to raise the SLS AMG Black Series to a new level. The AMG Aerodynamics package is optionally available to further boost the vehicle's driving dynamics. Black Series is a name that resonates with automobile experts and enthusiasts. Following on from the SLK 55 AMG Black Series from 2006, the CLK 63 AMG Black Series (2007), the SL 65 AMG Black Series (2008) and the C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series (2011), the fifth exponent sees the Black Series entering a new dimension with the gull-wing model. "The new SLS AMG Coupé Black Series is a perfect study in the one hundred per cent transfer of technology and engineering from motorsport to the road. We have drawn inspiration from the worldwide success of the SLS AMG GT3 customer sport racing car on both a conceptual

and a technological level. Boasting numerous lightweight components and fascinating driving dynamics, our fifth Black Series model guarantees pure, unadulterated 'Driving Performance'. The SLS AMG Coupé Black Series is the ultimate choice for fast laps and highly emotional driving experiences," says Frank Bernthaler, Director, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Middle East & Levant said. Bernthaler added: "The most dynamic gullwing model of all time goes by the name of the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series. Fans of high-performance super sports cars will be fascinated by its high-tech package. The basis for passionate performance and supreme driving dynamics is provided by numerous new developments in the area of the engine, power transmission, suspension and aerodynamics – also according top priority to our "AMG Lightweight Performance" strategy. Great efforts in the field of lightweight design have resulted in a DIN kerb weight of 1550 kilograms." The uprated AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine is a byword

for thrilling driving dynamics, making the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series the most powerful AMG high-performance automobile with a combustion engine at present. Only the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive with a maximum output of 740hp comes with greater power reserves. The SLS AMG Coupé Black Series accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. The top speed stands at 315 km/h. The additional 60 horse power in comparison to the 571 horse power offered by the SLS AMG has been achieved by the following measures: • • •

Increase in maximum engine speed from 7200 to 8000 rpm. Fully revised high-speed valve train with modified camshafts, adapted cam geometry and optimised bucket tappets featuring a special coating which is otherwise exclusive to racing vehicles. Modification of the intake air ducting: derestriction and adaptation to the new maximum engine speed.

• Adaptation of the engine application and increase in peak pressure. The engineers at Mercedes-AMG have further optimised the crank assembly in the interests of optimum stability in tough racing use. The measures carried out here include modified oil bores in the crankshaft, new crankshaft bearings, a new oil pump and high-strength screwed connections for the conrods. The entire water and oil cooling system for the engine and transmission has also undergone further optimisation. The AMG V8 engine in the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series is additionally provided with a special support system. A gas-filled strut braces the eight-cylinder engine on the body, effectively eliminating undesired load change reactions in highly dynamic driving on the race track. The AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine is hand-built at the AMG handfinishing section in Affalterbach, according to the philosophy "one man, one engine". This hand-made quality is confirmed by the black AMG engine badge bearing the responsible engine fitter's signature which is a hallmark of the Black Series models.

The eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine installed as a front mid-engine behind the front axle boasts racing car-style response and livelier than ever revving ability. The powerful AMG V8 engine's race track aspirations are also apparent in its sound: the newly designed AMG sports exhaust system, produced in titanium for the first time, features distinctive centre and rear mufflers which provide for a more powerful and even more striking engine sound. The switch from steel to titanium has spawned substantial weight savings: at just under 17 kilograms, the new AMG sports exhaust system is around 13 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. The new system features the performance-enhancing fan-type exhaust pipes which have been in use to date. The global market launch of the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series will begin in June 2013, with Middle East dates to be announced later.

For more information visit 57


Continuing to innovate and impress! By bazaar staff

In the one year since opening their doors, Zeebrgr has redefined the concept of contemporary cuisine here in Kuwait. Could one restaurant perfect high-end burgers, and yet be able to please its guests with various styles of contemporary dishes and desserts alongside those burgers? This was Zeebrgr’s goal, and they have done an impressive job at it! From the place that brought you the Zeebrgr, the Issa Brgr, and the Zee Foie Gras Steak, comes a new series of dishes that have garnered acclaim by all contemporary cuisine lovers around Kuwait. The restaurant that has created an ideal atmosphere for a perfect dinner outing, or a delightful lunch escapade, has been the talk-of-the-town when it comes to quality food, five-star service, and a modern, hospitable ambience. The menu at Zeebrgr features some new, exciting dishes that have a world of flavors to offer. Starting with the spicy Chicken Picante, sizzling with the aroma of spices, and pleasuring the palates with plump chicken pieces, cooked to perfection and drizzled with special sauce, this dish, that is sided by cool, fresh cucumber, is sure to put a smile on any face! If you desire the perfect brgr minis, look no further than the Crispy Chicken Bites. Crispy is definitely how the chicken pieces are in this dish, generously marinated, and accompanied with lollo roso, tasty cherry tomatoes, with melted cheddar cheese, and a fluffy brioche bun. Want a taste of the sea? You got it in the Gamba Bites. Nothing compliments the juicy, house-made shrimp patty than melted mozzarella cheese and special Zee sauce. You are sure to find yourself unconsciously licking your fingers and wanting more! 58

Enter the next great Brgr - The Coriander Brgr, a house-made Black Angus patty, with a special saucy mixture of avocado salsa and coriander leaf with a knack to caress any taste-buds. A new, exciting healthy option that guests have been asking for is the Turkey Brgr. Fresh, sensational, house-made turkey patty coupled with avocado salsa and grilled tomato, special tangy tomato sauce. Sink your teeth into this wonderful Brgr nestled inside a flaxseed bun, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Living up to its contemporary, international aspect, Spaghetti Molinaro, and Spaghetti con Pesto are the newest Italian fusion arrivals from Zeebrgr. Save room for sumptuous dessert and be sure to request the all-desirable Red Velvet Cheesecake made the Zeebrgr way. Soft, spongy red velvet cake layers with delicious cheesecake and special red sauce are certain to make you drool like a kid in a candy store. The next time you crave high-end Brgrs with a twist, head to Salwa area, particularly the luxurious Palms Hotel and resort, and take your seat at Zeebrgr, to be served and pleased. Your palates will thank you for it! Zeebrgr is located at The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa, Al Taawon St in Al Bida’a. For more information, please call 2561 2374, or visit . Connect with Zeebrgr on facebook by visiting and twitter, Don’t forget, they also deliver via or by directly calling to place an order.


bazaar snap

Title: Manikin on a Stick: Peek-A-Boo Photographed by: Nawaf Alali Location: Mishref Park - Kuwait Description: Aysha is a mannequin that was abandoned and forgotten in the ruins of Kuwait. Grateful for the second chance she was given, she decided to explore the world, and enjoy the small things that make Life beautiful. Contact: Instagram & Twitter: @MazajEnt For your snap submissions, please send an email including the photo with its title, location, and description to

freedom to express 60


DAVID OVERTON Chairman and CEO of The Cheesecake Factory By bazaar staff

The latest opening of The Cheesecake Factory marks a milestone for both the renowned household name in upper casual dining as well as the local dining scene. Here to speak to us about The Cheesecake Factory is none other than the founder, Chairman, and CEO, David Overton. What inspired you to first open the Cheesecake Factory in 1978? My parents founded the original Cheesecake Factory in 1972. Back then; they only made cheesecake and nothing else. When it came time to open the restaurant, I couldn't think of a different name, as I believed this would also help in selling the cakes. I think the name had a lot to do with the success of the concept; it's part of who we are. How did the concept evolve over the years? We started simply with 12 cheesecakes and a two-paged menu, and now we have 40 cheesecakes and one of, if not the, biggest menu in the restaurant business. Over the years it developed and the more we put on the menu, the more we grew in popularity. Although you didn’t have any training in the restaurant business when opening the first Cheesecake Factory, the concept has the broadest menu in casual dining. How did that happen? Any time we would come to add a new item to the menu, we would revise and wish to remove some items off. However, a period of time came where we 62

kept adding on items to the menu and didn't wish to remove anything off. Today, we try to remove a few more to make the menu more manageable. We train to deliver this menu from scratch. There's nothing that we don't make from scratch, every sauce or dressing. Everything is freshly prepared upon order. The Middle East marks a global milestone for The Cheesecake Factory. Can you tell us why you chose to first expand in the Middle East and not anywhere else? This really comes down to Mr. Mohammad AlShaya; we instantly liked him and saw a great opportunity. He invited us out here and took us all around Kuwait and the Emirates, we saw and loved the beautiful malls, people and their love to shop. One might find it risky, but given the size of our menu, we know that everyone who sees the menu will find something they like on it. Which dishes do you think will become instant top sellers? In the Middle East, the top sellers so far are the same as to what we sell in the US—Chicken Madeira, Avocado Egg Rolls, and Nachos. As for the cheesecakes, the Red Velvet, Oreo Dream Extreme and Fresh Strawberry flavors are doing really well. You’ve greatly invested your time in creating new recipes that follow food trends. Do you have a favorite recipe experience to share from the process? I was at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles, and one of the little condiments

on a plate on the menu read as avocado straws. I have no idea why, but that keyed off the idea of an avocado egg roll. From that, this appetizer materialized, carrying with it incredible success as a bestseller. What is one dish at The Cheesecake Factory you identify with the most? Definitely the beef sliders! There was a hamburger place in Detroit, where I was born, that made them very similar to what we offer. They were my favorite growing up, so I tried to copy the flavor I remembered and they turned into what we call, Factory Sliders! For those who don’t know, how would you summarize a dining experience at The Cheesecake Factory? It would have to be an eclectic, casual dining experience with a menu that offers 280 items and over 50 cheesecakes and desserts. The menu follows a ‘something for everyone’ structure, with flavors and dishes from all over the world. You’re quite known to say. “There’s nothing America wants to eat that we can’t put on our menu.” Can you say the same about customers in Kuwait? It's too early now. We will see what people have to say and what they want. Don't forget, you can get Kuwaiti Food everywhere, yet when you come here you will be seeking out a new and different dining experience. Perhaps I say this

about the US market because our menu is so big and there is something for everyone's taste on there. Did you have to modify the menu to suit the Middle Eastern market? Absolutely, I will modify certain items if there is a need to. What’s the hardest thing about working in the restaurant industry? Everything is hard about it. Every dish has to be perfect every time. Keeping a consistency, especially across so many outlets like quality control, freshness, and service. That’s why a lot of restaurants fail, there's a lot of skills and talent you need to have to be a successful restaurateur. And the best part about it? The best part about it has to be the people. It’s so much fun meeting people who have high energy, the power of the here and the now. If you're a people person, you will love interacting with both guests and staff. Let’s face it, working with food is a lot of fun, but what are some of your other interests? I like to travel, which is part working. I was a musician, and I enjoy listening to music and also playing the drums, also my instrument of choice from when I was a musician. For more information, please visit 63

Q8HOMESTORE.COM The place to buy and sell By bazaar staff is the new online place to go to buy and sell used/new furniture or home related items such as artwork, rugs, home electronics, etc. We wanted to know more about it. Tell us a little bit about It launched in October 2012 and is believed to be the first website of its kind in Kuwait. Although simple in idea, Q8homestore is the first online home shopping site Kuwait, to ultimately serve the need of many home stuff shoppers. Who uses Businesses and individuals who would like to sell or buy furnishing items and home related electronics. Is it a free service? It's a completely free service. Can users sell or buy home electronics such as washing machines? Yes, even treadmills. Why would I choose over the classifieds? The answer to this question is the main idea of our existence. Most of the well-known ones support either Arabic or English. Not both. This is not only about the language itself or the population served, but mainly lacks to serve the users to find/sell their items to the largest population. Classifieds usually have hundreds of categories and therefore lack focus. The furniture posts scattered over the blogs, classified or forums are very minimal for such mature classifieds or forums. aims to enforce a new facility which people trust and value by creating a homey and cozy virtual experience, and not wasting users’ time. The products are divided into the main categories, and then broken down further into brands, and finally specific pieces. People can also search using price and age parameters. Based on this, seekers can easily find their need through the search utility. This simple search is more advanced than other 64

classifieds, which mainly use forum templates and are not searchable. What about the Friday market and other conventional stores for selling used or new furniture? We view them as "substitutes" not "competitors". People can still take their furniture to some used furniture store or market. But is that really effective or convenient? Any other values that q8homestore promotes? Q8homestore aims to be the portal for furniture in Kuwait. Through our Facebook page we give tips and advice for those who care about furnishing, styles, or who struggle in decorating their houses. Q8homestore wishes to act in a socially responsible manner. The business side would give us the power to do so and hopefully affect the lives of thousands of people. As an example we have launched some social campaigns such as promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our largest banners of the front page. One of our objectives is to create suggestions of trends and relate them to the existing stores in Kuwait. This would be our second phase. Finally, Q8homestore is currently working on its mobile app. We encourage users to stay connected through our Facebook page, so they can get notified once the app is released. If everything is for free, how do you make money? will always be free for users. We currently do not make any revenue or have any existing plans to do so.

If you are looking to buy or sell furniture head on over to To keep up to date with all things furniture in Kuwait visit


closet Bibi


By Bibi Al-Falah

What better way to end the year than by walking through the mesmerizing new phase of the Avenues: Grand Avenue. I remember seeing sketches of what this new phase was meant to look like but walking through was an entirely different experience. Phase III of the Avenues is something that was built up so much and for so long, especially with the introduction of Harvey Nichols in Kuwait. Our Instagram accounts flooded with pictures of the VIP opening and I imagine the official opening at 10am the following day was equally crowded. Unfortunately, I am employed and had to wait until the weekend to see it for myself. For the first time, I was not disappointed with a place that has been so overly hyped. That Thursday, my friend Dalal slept over and I expected us to snooze through the morning and fail our cunning plan of waking up early to beat traffic and find a parking spot at the mall. I was actually about to fail and continue sleeping when I heard her voice around 9:45am, “Bibi, if we want to make it to Phase III we should go now…” Just as my eyes were closing again she said the magic words… “Harvey Nichols.” Half an hour later we were heading out the door. We parked at Phase II, which turned out to be great because as we walked through the threshold from Phase II into Phase III I truly felt like a kid that just entered Disneyworld for the first time. I gazed around, absorbing every corner and each detail of the latest addition to Kuwait’s favorite mall. The trees, the building structures, the restaurants, it was all beyond any predetermined expectation. 66

Originally, this trip was solely intended for Harvey Nichols. Once we arrived, we realized that Harvey Nichols was just the icing on top of the cake. After exploring the two story department store corner by corner, we made our way through the rest of the “street” which has many more planned openings. Everyone else told me it feels like you really aren’t in Kuwait, and looking around, everything I spotted backed up this claim. With Olive Garden to our right and Victoria’s Secret to our left, Dalal and I proceeded to spend four hours at the Avenues (not to give Phase III all the credit for this, it is a huge mall after all). From a female’s perspective, the best part of the new phase at the moment, other than Harvey, (yes we are on a first name basis) is PINK by Victoria’s Secret. This is actually a large standalone PINK store, even by international standards, and I was delighted to see the staff huddled up having a pep talk on how to serve customers better (also spotted a similar huddle at the Cheesecake Factory before they opened). This was another aspect I admired about the execution of this phase; the service was impeccable. Many foreigners have been brought in as staff to make sure each store functions perfectly. The best part? What we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg! The Grand Avenue branches into lovely little corners and pathways with so much more retail goodness coming our way. Who needs to save anyway? Life’s short! Hats off to Alshaya for doing such a wonderful job bringing this new venue to life. It really felt like we took a trip without setting foot in the airport.



I’m not unlike many of the Kuwaitis in this country who wake up in the morning and ponder momentarily on what I should do for the rest of the day. In Kuwait, a lot of people complain about how we rarely have anything to do, all we do is shop, sit in cafes or go try the newest burger in a newly opened joint. But if 68

we take a moment and speculate, we’d realize that Kuwait actually has quite a lot to do, and with my luck, I found out that there was going to be an art auction called ‘Art for Architecture’s Sake’ that night in the Exhibition Hall located in 360. It was definitely something out of the ordinary. In Kuwait there doesn’t seem to be a

lot of art shows because most people find them utterly boring and I thought this one would be as well, but I was very wrong. I was aware that the students from the college of Architecture in Kuwait University had set it up, and as soon as I entered the exhibition hall I was immediately enveloped into the extraordinary way the hall was fashioned. It was indeed Architects who’d designed it. When you enter the exhibition, a few of the organizers would greet you and welcome you into the hall. In front of you, the paintings are displayed and instead of the usual way where they’re hung so mundanely on the walls, they were hung on dark, metal pillars strung together with metal wires in a way that would drive you to walk in a spiral to examine the fine art all the way to the centre of the hall. But before I began my little adventure into the not-very-complicated labyrinth, I stopped at the table beside the entrance and picked up a catalogue which contained all of the artwork, the cover of which was the striking logo created by one of the students. There were five categories: Cityscapes, Landscapes, Abstract one, Abstract two and portraits. It was almost unbelievable that students had painted them. They looked extremely professional and imaginative. My personal favorite was a canvas of the Brooklyn Bridge painted remarkably by Yousef Abdulaal. All of the paintings were stunning, and it was hard to pick which one to buy. If I had a house, I would’ve probably bought almost all the paintings, and spared myself the headache of choosing between them. The event ‘Art for Architecture’s Sake’ was organized and hosted by the American Institute of Architecture Students, the Kuwait Chapter. AIAS is a non-profit, independent organization made up of students. They were all committed to the project and worked hard to make it an accomplishment. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the Kuwaiti Society of Guardians of the Disabled. The three-day

exhibition began on the 10th of November and was a huge success. On the first day, I bought the painting that had caught my eye the most, and on the third day I’d dragged a friend to see what I’d been raving about. She was not disappointed and bought a painting as well—I think it would be pretty hard not to with all the inspiring art around you. They were budget-friendly, 25 or 45 KD, and knowing that the money was going to charity made me feel benevolent. All the works displayed were chosen and filtered by the professors of the college of Architecture, all paintings created over the years and some even date back to when the department first opened its doors in 1997, and all the pieces were made in the following courses: I. Art Appreciation II. Art and Artists III. Introduction to Painting As I walked from painting to painting, I’d cast a quick look down at the bottom of the pillar and read the name of the painter, the size of the painting and what type of painting media they’d used. It was mostly the same: acrylic, watercolors and mixed media. The idea of the event was discussed and planned last year, however, due to some conflicts, the idea was discarded until the previous summer when AIAS considered once more, the notion of showcasing the talent of the students. I sat down with the President and Vice President of AIAS, Thunayan Al Thunayan and Luluwa Al Habshi and conducted a short interview. What is the goal of the event? The goal was to expose the college of Architecture, AIAS, and the students’ creations. Also, giving back to society. How did you come up with the idea of ‘Art for Architecture’s Sake’? The event had initiated earlier last year but was never completed. During July of 2012, AIAS thought over the notion to broadcast the talents of creative minds and decided to carry out the project.

What would you consider to be the best part about the event? The installation, in addition to the trial and error. Even though it was tough and bothersome at times, it really paid off in the end. What was the biggest challenge you had to face when organizing the event?

Getting sponsors, especially since not a lot of people are familiar with the college of Architecture. Not to mention balancing school work and the event planning. What’s the next step for AIAS? We’re going on a short break, then we’re going to start planning the graduation ceremony. 69



NBK SUPPORTS NUKS The NUKS-USA annual conference By bazaar staff

When it comes to supporting the youth, the National Bank of Kuwait is highly active towards doing so. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, NBK proudly sponsors the annual conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) – USA. NBK has been supporting this conference for over 10 years now. As part of this sponsorship, NBK hosts an annual Gala dinner for over 2,500 participants and also sponsored this year’s annual football 72

championship. Mazin Saad Al Nahedh, NBK General Manager, Consumer Banking Group delivered a speech at the Economic Forum that was held as part of the conference. “NBK is committed to supporting Kuwaiti nationals and empowering them to realize their potential,” said Abdulmohsen Al Rushaid, NBK Public Relations Manager. “Kuwaiti students and youths living and studying abroad deserve utmost attention, care and support that eventually contribute to the furthering of

the Union's performance and syndicate.” NBK's sponsorship and support to NUKS-USA annual conference over the years comes in line with the bank's customary and ongoing spirit of corporate citizenship as well as the vital role it plays in supporting all students, youths and educational issues. For more about NBK, log on to, find them on facebook NBK - Official Page or follow NBK on Twitter and on Instagram @NBKPage.



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TEXAS ROADHOUSE Southern hospitality right here in Kuwait By bazaar staff

Who better to let us know more about the award-winning steakhouse chain, Texas Roadhouse, than the COO, Steve Ortiz and the VP of International, Hugh Carroll? We got to meet up with these good old boys a couple of days after the restaurant opened to find out more. Steve Ortiz told me that what has become a much loved international restaurant began life on the back of a napkin. In 1993 Kent Taylor, CEO and Founder of Texas Roadhouse, had a dream to create authentic Texas-style restaurants that emulated the look, feel, and tastes of local roadhouses. Cut to 2012 and we are able to enjoy a little piece of Texas right here in Kuwait! If you’ve heard of Texas Roadhouse before you may have heard it described as legendary. Hugh Carroll, VP International, told me that a legend is a story that is strengthened over time and repetition and the quality of the food and the service provided fuels this legend – to the point that they don’t even need to advertise! A true legend through word-of-mouth. Hugh Carroll used mashed potatoes as an example as to why Texas Roadhouse has achieved success and is the choice for families looking for a great dinner. He told me that at TRH they make them from scratch and they make them all day long. This focus on quality food, made from scratch is the foundation of the TRH experience. They love their meat too; that’s why they employ a full-time in-house meat cutter. The beef is brought in whole and then hand-cut daily, on the premises. The meat is choice grade, halal certified (as are all their dishes). Fresh food made from scratch takes a little longer to prepare but fear not. Waiting on your table you’ll find a bucket of free in-shell peanuts and you’ll be brought a basket of fresh in-house baked bread, so you’ll have plenty to snack on. And as Steve Ortiz put it, “They’re free!” So knock yourself out, we say. Not only are they bringing their legendary Texas cuisine and service to Kuwait, they are also bringing the fun-filled environment too. They’re doing things here just as they do back home so when you visit you can expect Southern hospitality, county music, legendary food and legendary service.

With the opening of Grand Avenue at The Avenues last month came a whole host of new additions to the dining scene here in Kuwait. At bazaar we feel it ’s 80

our responsibility to dig in and do some research into these new places, so you, our beloved readers will know what ’s going on.

Texas Roadhouse is located at Grand Avenue, The Avenues (opposite The Cheesecake Factory). Look out for a full bazaar review in our 2013 Dining Guide. For more info visit or call 2228-3118.


An Arab abroad


Nothing beats the abundance of transport methods in Kuwait. Living there, I never worried about getting from point A to point B – everything was a maximum of 20 minutes from where I lived in Jabriya, the roads were well built, taxis were abundant, family was always ready to drive me around, petrol was cheap and with the exception of Thursday nights, traffic was practically nonexistent. Adjusting to no longer having a car, a driver, and a completely different road system that sees people drive on the opposite side of the road is something I’m still struggling with. Getting to The British School of Kuwait every morning was never a struggle – a mere 7 minutes away, 13 minutes if there was traffic, was nothing compared to the 40 minute walk to my department that I had to undertake every morning of my first semester in England. Whether your chosen destination is a singlecampus university or a multiple-campus university is definitely something to take into consideration when making your decision. Single campus universities, like Loughborough, have an amazing family-like atmosphere and you’re bound to run into people you know all the time. The downside; your department might be located at the absolute end of campus, making getting to lectures a trek. Multiple campus universities, like many London universities, have buildings and departments scattered throughout the 82

city, allowing you to choose your accommodation accordingly. As with scattering anything around though, the family-like atmosphere diminishes. Personally, I have no regrets in choosing a single campus university. Many cities and towns in the West are designed with a transport system that’s friendly to those who don’t own cars. Whether it’s buses, bikes, taxis, or relying on lifts from friends, when there’s a will to get to lectures (and to the neighbouring cities to do some much needed retail therapy), there’s a way. 1- Cycle I never really understood the phrase “It’s just like riding a bike” until I decided to invest in a bike 3 weeks into my first semester. It had been 10 years since I had ridden a bike, and I was petrified. My bruised and scraped knees and elbows are a testament to how clumsy I am as a person when I just walk. Deciding which bike to buy at first looked like a hard decision; with so many gear options, settings, and features, I was baffled. What I discovered, though, is that bikes are a lot like wands in Harry Potter – you don’t choose them, they choose you. A baby-pink bike was on its own in a corner when it chose me to take it home. Although it took me a good 10 minutes to learn how to balance myself on a bike again, cycling to campus the next day saved me 20 minutes and

really worked my thighs. 2- Bus, tram, or subway Admittedly not the most glamorous mode of transport, buses are certainly one of the quickest, especially if you want to get to a neighbouring city or town. Familiarize yourself with the bus route, approximate transport time, and know when to get off! After forgetting to get off at the right stop on a tram in Geneva, I vowed to never use a tram ever again in my life. Fast-forward two years, and I’ve gone back on my word, but I’m lost again, completely oblivious as to when I should get off. Keep your bags close to your body at all times, and make sure it’s closed. If you’re wearing a backpack and you’re standing, put it down and between your legs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on the subway and noticed people opening other passengers’ zips to stealthily take something out of their bags. 3- Taxi I take taxis when I’m feeling homesick. Nothing beats a ride with a friendly taxi driver who’s as interested in the origins of your American-BritishEuropean sounding accent as you are in his tiny car. 4- Walk Although the most obvious transport method, it’s also one of the most exhausting, both mentally and physically. Programming your body to walking every day takes time, and taking a break from the whole process whenever you visit home means you’ll have to restart the process all over again. I worked out that running helps aid the whole process – as well as improving your stamina, keeping you warm, and strengthening your legs, it becomes almost an addiction that you continue doing even when you’re back home visiting your family. This way, you won’t have to restart the programming process when you’re back on campus, plus it keeps you fit! Whatever method you choose to go with, make sure it’s safe. Don’t cycle or walk through alleyways when it’s dark at night, and don’t get in the car with dodgy-looking drivers. Trust your instinct and you’ll be safe. Most importantly, have fun! The adventures of getting off at the wrong stop, cycling into a bush, and walking in the opposite direction may seem frustrating at the time and they might even make you cry, but looking back, they’ll make you smile. Yara Al Wazir is an activist and student currently based in the UK - her monthly column reflects on her experience of moving away from the familiarity and comfort of Kuwait, to the UK in pursuit of a university degree. She can be reached via twitter on @YaraWazir.


GULF BANK DIWANIYA By bazaar staff

Our Diwaniya chats with Gulf Bank employees are never dull ones, that’s for sure. With such a young, fun and dynamic group of young individuals working together, it comes as no surprise that Gulf Bank’s proud reputation for attracting and elevating local Kuwaiti employees is being sustained, yet again winning first place for the Localization Award from the GCC Council of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs for the eighth consecutive year. We met and spoke to Haneen Al-Ghanim, Manager, Consumer Banking Group, Najla Al-Essa, Executive Manager, Consumer Banking Group and Zeyad Al Resheed, Executive Manager, Human Resources, as they discussed the latest developments for the highly anticipated 1 million dinar Al Danah draw, how the red™ Account is specially set up to help students, and what the Bank’s Learning and Development department is doing to develop the careers of young Kuwaitis. The Al Danah Surprise So how is the team getting ready for the grand prize draw for the whopping 1 million dinars? Representing the Al Danah product team, Haneen Al-Ghanim believes that a dynamically coordinated program is the key to pushing Al Danah forward. "We regularly meet with different departments in the bank, including IT, marketing, and Public Relations. We’re all working towards the beginning of the year for the grand prize draw, which is the largest event and which is normally co-hosted by a renowned celebrity. Last year, we had Najwa Karam, the year before George Kordahi, and this year the surprise is even bigger.” She smiles excitedly as she continues, "We have some more surprises coming up as well." For Haneen, spreading the excitement to customers is achieved when the process to enter the Al Danah draw becomes 84

easier, "If you don't already have an Al Danah account now, you can still start one to enter our weekly draws of KD 1000 for ten winners, simply by visiting your local GB branch. However, in the future, customers will also be able to open an Al Danah account to enter the 1 million dinars draw online if they are existing GB customers, or even via telebanking. Coordinating plans to keep the Al Danah moving smoothly is no easy task, it takes a lot of work from many different teams to ensure that all the processes are in place to make it a success." Haneen also counts on Learning and Development, Zeyad Al Resheed’s area of responsibility, to spread the knowledge about the Al Danah account and its benefits to all GB employees. “It is important to let everyone in the Bank know that Al Danah offers more value in terms of prizes; there are numerous draws for cash prizes throughout the year, from the weekly winners for KD 1000, quarterly draws of KD 125,000, KD 250,000, KD 500,000 and of course, the grand prize draw of 1 million dinars. Many employees speak to customers on a daily basis, so it’s important that they can help customers who have questions about the draw”. This year, as an added incentive for all existing Al Danah account holders, the Bank has carried forward all chances accumulated from 2011 into 2012, increasing customers’ chances of winning the grand prize. She concludes, “The chances for customers with Al Danah account increase exponentially, for each day one hundred KD stays in your Al Danah account the chances keep increasing- as long as the minimum balance of KD 200 is maintained.” The red™ account, specially designed for students Najla Al- Essa focuses on making sure that the youth oriented red™ account stays young, fresh and actively involved with its large customer

base. She comments, "Since we are targeting college and university students mainly aged between 17 and 24, the red™ account needs to be in touch with their needs.” Also doubling as a savings account with the highest interest rate, the red™ account is also preferred by students because it is completely free and student allowances are also credited in advance to other local banks. Najla also tells us about the latest referral program for red™ account holders, “ This program reflects the social nature of our customers, so it is really a win-win situation. The more friends referred to open a red™ account, the more cash and other prizes are given to the existing customer and the new GB red™ account holder.” Touching on her experience, Najla believes that getting 'social' with red™ account holders is the best way to stay tuned to their needs. "With social media, we are always available to this young segment through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We also do fun competitions to engage with them—they basically live online, and we love interacting with them!" red™ account booths are located in campus halls, cinema halls, shopping malls to ensure that they are readily accessible for customers. Najla points out that red™ customers are future salaried customers, which is why the Bank

is so focused on listening to their needs. "We want them to grow with us. Our customers are trendy; they love to shop yet they barely save. Besides the discounts we always offer, we’re also hoping to introduce activities to encourage them to actively save through rewarding them for their savings.” Learning and Development’s role in creating tomorrow’s banking managers Learning and Development is an area which is imperative towards the success and progression of the talented employees at Gulf Bank, and human resources executive manager Zeyad Al Resheed, is passionate about the development and training of employees across all sectors. This is exemplified by the bank’s recent achievement in winning the coveted ‘Best Employee Development Programme’ award for the second consecutive year from Banker Middle East, the region’s leading banking industry magazine. “We’ve maintained a consistent level of delivering training to our employees, and we try our hardest to cover all the target areas required to prepare them for promotion or their next job here at the Bank.” Zeyad reports that employees are very pleased with the progress made regarding their ‘soft’ skills, and now the focus is more on increasing technical or ‘hard’ skills, delivering more customized training, while compliance training will 85

be ongoing given the bank’s commitment to meeting the requirements dictated by the Central Bank. So how would Zeyad work with both Haneen and Najla’s respective departments? This would be determined by the nature of their personal and technical requirements. He explains, “We have a committed team that is always in touch with both product managers, for instance Haneen might need our assistance in training the employees about the developments concerning Al Danah. We set plans and deadlines, and make sure we implement. On a personal development level, we would have already reviewed and set our plan for Haneen to help her progress further in her career here at the Bank.” 2013 will see even more developments to advance the careers of highflying Kuwaiti employees at Gulf Bank including the Kuwaiti development program. Zeyad identifies this as a tool to target high performing Kuwaiti employees, to ensure that they are prepared for a promotion and moving ahead. “We will create an individual development plan customized for each person, and in that sense we can create tailor made programs to guarantee the advancement of these high flyers. Each manager would be required to teach his subordinate, the high flyer, a new responsibility and task.” In doing so, this keeps the pipeline of resources within the bank flowing with trained, young Kuwaiti employees at Gulf Bank. Zeyad adds, “When we consider Kuwaitizaton as a Central Bank policy, it is our commitment to this policy that has led us to winning first place for the Localization Award from the GCC Council of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs for the eighth consecutive year. This shows how we are committed to giving back to the community with a stellar percentage of nearly 70 percent for Kuwaiti employees. Since we are investing in this commitment, we also wish to see the progress of our valuable employees to remain with us and further their careers.” More importantly, the Learning and Development department is also committed to expanding the percentage of young, Kuwaiti talent at the Bank by attracting fresh graduates from Western universities to apply at Gulf Bank before considering other places. “We also have a high flyers structure and program for these candidates. If these candidates score highly on their recruitment exam, they are flagged for more tests and interviews that could expedite their recruitment directly into a department before starting at a Gulf Bank branch, and they are also sponsored, training wise, by their department for six months.” This innovative way of attracting fresh graduates who happen to be holders of Western degrees will surely have many fresh graduates competing harder to enter this program, giving them a chance to fast-track their future career in banking. As a training team, the Learning and Development department also added recruitment for the branches and call centers as part of their efforts. Starting from the initial interview of a candidate, to their confirmation of a position at the bank, the candidate reports to the training department to better direct these young individuals towards a more appropriate position suited to the individual’s talents. The end goal, after all, is to increase the pool of talented young Kuwaitis at Gulf Bank. As Zeyad concludes, “We wish to raise the bar of the dynamic team here at Gulf Bank, and we will continue to do so by attracting new potential employees while elevating the talents of our current team of great employees.”

For more information please visit: Find them on and Twitter/Instagram, @Gulf_Bank. 86

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SEARCH AND RESPOND Utilizing twitter features for business By National Web Solutions Company – Mawaqaa

We all know the value of Social Media and the use of its tools to increase awareness and improve customer service. Twitter is one of those tools, but how can you use the 140 character messages to bring in such value for your business? Here, we’re going to break it down and help you find out how you can take advantage of Twitter’s ability to reach out and build strong relationships with your target audience, so-named the Search and Respond Technique. Optimize Bio and Tweets for Important Keywords Twitter uses bio information to help recommend people results, thus it is very important to include relevant keywords in your Twitter bio and messages. Twitter also recommends people based on whether they tweet about certain topics regularly. Setting Targeting Parameters This step involves determining which factors would qualify a user as a target audience member. On Twitter, these parameters might include specific phrases in tweets, keywords included in a user’s bio, a user’s location, etc. The key is to discover the keyword phrases that produce the most relevant results. And always remember, people tweet the way they talk. 88

Monitor Competitors These People recommendations could become quite competitive. Regularly monitor important keywords to understand where you rank in comparison to your competitors in the People tab of Twitter Search. If a competitor outranks you, analyze how your Twitter marketing and keyword relevance is different than theirs, and determine strategies for improvement. Build Reach and Facilitate Interaction The number of Twitter followers your company has will become increasingly more important. It will not only affect your ranking in Twitter Search results, but also impact your visibility in search engines. The updated Twitter Search is only one more reason to focus on building your business reach through attracting more followers. After you find the tweets you are looking for (people who are considered as your target audience), you should now respond! And of course you don’t want to blatantly suggest your brand or product. The best approach is to focus on the user. Ask them what they dislike about their current product / service provider and what are they looking for to have a better experience. Keep the conversation relevant to your brand, while making the user feel like you’re only motive is to help them. A few simple exchanges can lead to a website visit, allowing the user to view the brand as a solution for their problem or query. It doesn’t necessarily turn into a sale but it does result in the exposure of your messaging to a consumer who fits squarely within your target audience. Also, that consumer is now a potential customer that understands your product/brand benefits and can easily communicate them to others. Furthermore, all of their followers saw the conversation, and now they are also aware. After several exchanges, you’ll eventually want to circle the conversation back to your brand, product, service, etc. to make sure that the user understands your value proposition. This requires thinking backwards; planning the questions you ask, anticipating the answers, and maintaining control over the conversation throughout, always keeping the end-goal in mind.




I recently thought that I had befriended a racist; someone who openly and honestly told me that had I not been Kuwaiti, she would not have given me the time of day. Prior to university, I went to six different schools in my entire life, so I've interacted with people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and 'social standings'. Having recently started university, I've met a lot of new people, and made a lot of new friends. I go to a small university where everyone knows each other. It's basically a reunion of all the schools I've ever been to, and all the people I've ever met. Many people find the diversity to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know other people and learn about their different ideologies and lifestyles; others find it "disgusting", and prefer to stick with their "own kind". My ex-friend fell into the category of people whom I usually take an immediate disliking to. We are all guilty of judging a particular clique, and we believe that our dislike for this clique is the only one that is justified. I am guilty of this, too. The one clique that I personally cannot stand is the stereotypical group of 'cliche consumerist Kuwaiti girls'; they're obnoxiously loud, too perky in the morning, fashion-obsessed, and attribute their fitness to the amount of shopping they do at The Avenues every Saturday afternoon. As somewhat of a hippy, I always told myself that I couldn't possibly befriend someone like that. Or so I thought. During the first few weeks of my class with this girl, who I will refer to as Cruella, I was annoyed with her very presence; I sat right behind her, and she sat in front of me laughing too loud and making silly, unintelligent comments during class discussions, then giggling at her own 'wittiness'. I don't know what happened, but within two weeks I was laughing with her. I suddenly thought that I had misjudged her, that she was actually a nice person. I jokingly told her, "I usually hate girls like you," to which she replied, "Me too! When I first saw you, I thought you were zalama because you're white, but now I know you're Kuwaiti so you're cool." Somehow I laughed it off, even though I generally have zero tolerance for that kind of racism. But it kept coming, and it wouldn't stop escalating. Being the analytical, probing person I am, however, I tried to dig deeper, tried to

understand where all of this racism was coming from, thinking that maybe if I could get to the root of her racism, then it could possibly be extracted. I started by introducing her to some of my Lebanese and Palestinian friends, who I naturally did not pick based on nationality. They were genuinely nice people whose company I enjoyed, so I thought Cruella would too - I thought wrong, of course, because she expressed a strange irritation at their presence, and when we left, she told me, "Never again please. You know I hate hanging out with people like them", referring to their nonKuwaiti nationalities. She later confessed that she missed her high school friends - they were all Kuwaitis and all stuck with their cliques, never exploring possible friendships outside their own circle. She said that she felt lonely because she still hasn't found her clique at our university; I was confused. I didn't understand her need to be part of a group, and tried to tell her that it was okay to be an individual and to befriend many people. She dismissed my ridiculous idea by saying, I kid you not, "I'm a collectivist, I want to be part of a group." I tried to explain to her how racism could be bad in a way that did not include the nationalities she hated, but the one she loved: Kuwaitis. I told her that had we been in Saudi Arabia, a country where sectarianism deeply divided the society, she and I would not be sitting together, let alone having coffee and joking about our professor. Perplexed, she asked me why, and I told her that it was because she and I came from different Islamic sects. Bewildered, she could not understand the logic behind it; she said that since she and I were both Kuwaitis, what did sect have to do with our friendship? Finally, I hit home! "Exactly! It's just like the way you feel about nonKuwaitis; you're both people, so what's the problem?" And then we went right back to where we started. "It's just different!" I still tried fruitlessly to find some common ground, not wanting to rule out the possibility of her being a good friend to have. We still made small talk; about our families, our classes, our future goals, and other average university topics. After one of our classes was over, she casually asked me, "Where do you park?" "Gate 1, usually. Sometimes Gate 2."

"Oh, so you usually park where the zalamat park." "What?" "Gate 1 is where the zalamat park. Gate 2 is where the Kuwaitis park." I park wherever I manage to find a spot; I do not park based on how “Kuwaiti" I'm feeling that day. Still, I brushed it off once more. The final straw was ironically pulled by her. I went to say hi to some of my Palestinian friends, and Cruella tagged along with me, though she awkwardly stood to the side with a scowl on her face. I told her to sit down, and she refused. A few minutes later, she angrily stalked off, and I shrugged my shoulders, not thinking much of it; I was more interested in the funny story my friend was telling us. Moments after that, I received several messages from her telling me to never speak to her again, that I only "use" her to drop me off to my "zalamat friends"; I reminded her that it was she who constantly chose to be a sourpuss by not joining us, and that though she was being ridiculous, I was done with her racism anyway. I don't want to say that this category of Kuwaitis has a 'separate but equal' mentality. It is vital that we reaffirm the proper sequence of that phrase, which is 'equal but separate', shedding light on the unspoken segregation law that people seem so intent on following; The Coffe Shop is a Kuwaitis zone, the cafeteria is a "zalamat" zone. Gate 2 is a Kuwaitis zone, Gate 1 is a "zalamat" zone. And under no circumstances will these two groups mingle; break the law of 'natural selection' and those who follow it to the dot will never cease to throw snide remarks and give degrading glares at your disgusting acceptance of other backgrounds. It's like being in America during the late 1800s. Words cannot describe how glad I am to say that this mentality is not a dominant one at my university; at least, not based on what I am seeing now during my first semester. I do, nonetheless, feel that the enthusiasm towards not only tolerating but accepting and embracing other cultures is not what one would hope for. I see respect, which is the most important first step. I do see friendship, and I do see love; all I personally hope for is to see more of it, and less of Cruella. Parking is crazy enough as it is without having to worry what judgments people will pass on you! 91

BAUME & MERCIER IN AL HAMRA TOWER Time flies in Kuwait with fabulous new limited editions and novelties By bazaar staff

Two new creations from the internationally renowned and universally recognised master craftsmen of unique luxury timepieces have been unveiled in Kuwait to great acclaim. Baume & Mercier has made Al Hamra Tower a must-visit place for watch aficionados, people of good taste and gift-seekers alike for their latest pioneering novelties and exquisite limited edition watches. The ‘Al Hamra Tower’ timepiece is limited to only 77 pieces, representative of the number of floors of the tower and is the first specially crafted Capeland limited piece to be designed exclusively for the Middle East. Launched to announce the opening of a new Baume & Mercier point of sale at the Behbehani Luxury Boutique in the Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait, this flyback chronograph has a diameter of 44mm and features a sun satin-finished slate grey and black domed dial and a light brown alligator strap with ecru stitching. A second Capeland Kuwait Limited Edition has been created to celebrate 50 years of partnership between retailer Morad Yousuf Behbehani and Baume & Mercier. This 44mm flyback chronograph, restricted to 50 pieces, offers a sun satin-finished and opaline copper-coloured domed dial with blue tachymeter & black telemeter, and a blue alligator strap with copper-coloured stitching. Both limited editions offer a sapphire crystal case back revealing a self92

winding movement (La Joux-Perret 8147) featuring an open worked oscillating weight adorned with “Côtes de Genève” snailed décor and the Phi symbol, the brand signature. "Through our retail points and our hugely active social media platforms we have combined the feedback of our followers to enhance the collections; our studio design team has developed larger case sizes, more automatic movements for women, steel bracelets, diamond enhancements, and overall finer watchmaking attributes. I am certain our clients will enjoy the new Capeland, Linea and Hampton timepieces, all of which are set to leave a huge impact on the industry as a whole,” said Romain Dezaux, Middle East Brand Manager, Baume & Mercier.

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Loaay's Two Cents Got business problems or challenges at work? With his Two Cents page, Loaay Ahmed shares his expertise in strategic management consulting to help managers, employees and entrepreneurs thrive.


We received some complaints from our website visitors about some buttons that are not clickable. We had just put them there because we wanted to share with the visitors some of the features that we're planning for and are coming soon. What's wrong with that? LA: Imagine your favorite coffee shop with the staff working and the place abuzz while the door is closed, or that your best friend tells you today that he has a wonderful gift to give you three months from now. Wouldn’t you feel frustrated if a company's websites gave you an option to book an appointment and nobody answers you back simply because the form is not linked with their system? This is how most of your website visitors feel when they see a specific feature or a page that they would like to know more about or use only to find out that it doesn’t work. Having only-functioning pages, buttons and features on your website shows your visitors that your website is maintained and in proper condition, which also helps to give your website better ranking with search engines. In general, add new features to your website and inform your target audience about them only when you are ready. Alternatively, to delight customers and have them look forward to the near future, you may announce upcoming services, products, news or activities on your news page, your blog or other social media tools that your company uses to communicate with your own communities. So, keep in mind that the words “Under construction” are to be used only on the walls of retail stores and buildings, not for websites...and that's just my two cents.


About a year ago, I came up with a name for my new business venture. After a brief Google name search followed by a considerable amount of investment in branding and building a website I discovered that there are two businesses already in existence with the same name with one having a very similar logo to mine and a pretty high profile. Do I continue with the name and branding, having spent all that money, or do I cut my losses and start again? LA: You have three options. (1) Status quo. If the name is already registered, you can be taken to court. Your losses then will be greater than now when you factor the legal fees, compensation (if any), and the loss in value of the brand equity you built with your customers over time, assuming that you are sued in a few years from now. (2) Start fresh. Yes, it's painful financially and emotionally, but it's not difficult to build a new identity for a year-old small business. Inform your customers of what happened and let them know that a new identity is coming soon. This will

buy you time, which is what you need when you design an identity that will last for years. They'll also appreciate the honesty and accept the change. They might even get excited and participate in the naming process if you invite them to on your Facebook page, for example. (3) Unite. If your business is somewhat similar in size and/or operation to the other two and you're not in overlapping territories, offer them the opportunity of forming a network. The alliance can help in sharing resources, training, having a better purchase power due to the larger volume, covering a wider market, and much more. Consult a lawyer to have this partnership in the form of a business agreement so each can keep their own license...and that's just my two cents.


Usually, in the architecture business, we charge a set percentage of the cost of the project. Our field is quite competitive. So we are thinking of charging clients a fixed price based on the hours involved regardless of the project’s cost. Is it better for us and fair to clients to follow this pricing strategy or do we just keep things as is? LA: Just before leaving Tokyo and returning to the USA, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was asked for help by his Japanese apprentice with a house design for a client who had a difficult triangular shape of land. After sketching the design in less than 10 minutes Wright said to his apprentice, “I’ll send you my invoice.” Surprised by the statement, the apprentice said, “For something that took less than 10 minutes!” Wright answered, “You are not paying me for 10 minutes of work. You are paying for the skills developed over the years that allowed me to sketch this house design within 10 minutes.” One business philosophy states that if you have a service or product with known cost and profit margins that you would like to maintain your price should be fixed regardless of who’s buying. Another philosophy focuses on value rather than price. For example, while a glass of water has a fixed cost price to you, it has a high value to a rich man stuck in the desert and another to a customer in a café. If you want to charge based on time, you need to factor in your experience, your financial goals and the value of your work to your client. Otherwise, you might design the next great tower and still find your company struggling with salaries or end up not winning the project in the first place because your price was not in tune with its value...and that's just my two cents.

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TAHIR TAKES ON LONDON FASHION WEEK The diary of Tahir Sultan By Tahir Sultan, Photography by Jonathan Page

My name is Tahir Sultan. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a half Kuwaiti, half Indian fashion designer based out of the Middle East. I recently showed at London Fashion Week with my first solo show which was, I am happy to say, very well received. I attended Central Saint Martin’s, the number one school for fashion in the world, 96

and have worked with both Alexander McQueen ( back when he was still alive), and John Galliano ( before he was forced to resign) . I am proud of both my cultures and strive to represent the ethos of who I am and where I come from. Below is a fashion diary I thought you would enjoy reading; it’s an insight into my world and the crazy fast-

paced world of fashion. Remember if you have a dream you can follow it, never take no for an answer. Day 1 - Of jetlag and bad photo shoots Its 3 pm and I’ve just landed in London. My head is still reeling from the fiasco that ensued in Dubai the day before. A disastrous photo shoot. The photographer hired a model who was stunning, yet failed to realize that she had a 1 pm flight, so by the time hair and makeup were done, she had to leave to the airport. I was left standing there thinking, "wait, did I just pay this model to get her hair and makeup done and catch a flight to where she's going?! ahem shai." I breathe in and out and am cool as ice – if there is one thing I have learned, it’s screaming and hysterics won't solve anything. So another model turns up, a friend of hers, who as I try to fit, realize has lied about her weight and is actually not a UK size 8 but a size 10. And none of the clothes fit her. I was supposed to try and get twenty shots for my look book that’s going to be distributed to the press at my show, BUT after 10 hours, I have seven images. I take the very Zen approach of “everything happens for a reason” and am thankful I have something to work with. my mind wanders to my happy place which is trying to keep me from screaming because I am stuck in traffic, I still need to pick up clothes from two factories, pack , and reserve a hotel room, all before my flight in ten hours. As I sit in the cab in London on my way to a hotel (a term I use loosely), I make a mental list of everything that needs to get done. The final seven images of the photo shoot from the day before should be with the graphic people in India, they are to create the look book that needs to be placed on the chairs. The images need to be placed today, as they need to go into print tomorrow, and be handed to a sponsor that is flying down and has offered to bring them with him. I can feel the hyperventilation coming on, but my phone rings and distracts me… it’s India, well to be precise, my left hand assistant from India, she has called to tell me that the printers thought I was kidding when I asked them to deliver the box of invites to my show, so they could be flown over with her. She has checked in and is boarding the flight; they have missed her at the airport, (at least she has the large envelopes the look books and the sponsors’ details will slide into, I think). "They charged me 150 pounds overweight!" she tells me… I ask how that is humanly possible, she says, "that box we so effortlessly picked up, it weighed 8 kilos." I close my eyes; take a deep breath (one of a billion I am going to have to take), added expense not good - (but to be expected). However, no invites are a disaster. My next phone call witnesses the Zen all but leave me, and I throw a fit. It’s five days before the show, where the hell are my invites?!

Most people would wonder why they were so late and last minute; the truth is, trying to find sponsorship for a London Fashion Week show was almost impossible. Almost none of the sponsorship came from Kuwait, in spite of my being Kuwaiti. I also had to hold back the printing process as I needed to confirm the sponsors and get their logos. And then you have the added stress of high resolution, placement, and having to have them approved by London Fashion Week to ensure they were not conflicting with any of their main sponsors. I'm sitting in the cab screaming that they need to be DHL’d to me today, because when do they think they are going to be distributed? The day of the show! I am assured that this will be done in the next hour, I threaten them with a, “they had better be!” I put down the phone, pay the cab, check in to what can only be described as a glorified dorm room, not a hotel, grab my bags (by bags I mean suitcases) and head to my PR's office. As soon as I walk in, I get asked where the invites are. I want to crawl into the corner, curl up, put my head in my hands and weep. I am exhausted; I have a full-blown migraine, am running on almost no sleep, and still have to unpack the jewelry and clothes. And now, I have to explain the invites fiasco. "Not to worry darling its always like this," I turn around and it’s Amanda, the head of FTV London, she is at her computer, and tells me everything will work itself out. She and I became good friends throughout the course of five days, and she would do sweet things, like plug my phone in for me when it needed charging, even though I hadn't asked and it was just lying about. “Right,” says Steph, my English PR team leader, “shoes, we need to choose them and we have to do this now.” Lottie, her assistant, sits down with me and we go through the most amazing selection of shoes, most of which have no heel and are very Daphne Guiness meets Lady GAGA. I am suddenly excited

as these are exactly what I wanted, and we go nuts making the selection. Once the shoes are done, we book the seamstress, unpack the clothes, start to envision outfits and get hair and makeup references. This takes me to 9 pm. I am still exhausted and all I want to do is crawl into bed, which of course, I don't… as if; it’s my first night out in London. I have dinner with one of my best friends and at 1 am, drag myself home to Notting Hill, climb into my glorified dormroom bed and pass out without having unpacked any of my own clothes. Day 2 – Ftv Hair and Make up My alarm goes off, it’s 5 am, which is 10 am in India. I call them as I need to get tracking numbers of my invites, finalize the look book so it can go to the printers, and deal with a whole host of other things which have been brought to my attention. My phone is beeping low battery and I suddenly realize my charger is still in Dubai and it’s another four hours till I can buy another one. I finish my emails, unpack, and before I know its 10 am. I throw on some clothes and head to the Toni&Guy Academy… I need to be there for my hair and makeup test. Cheryl, who is meant to be coordinating everything, is late. Luckily, I have been in the industry and worked backstage with models and in green rooms, so know exactly what to do. The model is waiting for me, as is George, the seriously handsome senior hair stylist at the Toni&Guy Academy. The look I want is soft, summery and effortless. Nothing too styled. He goes about with his team as someone brings me what must be my fifth coffee of the day. Everyone is so interested in my work and it’s so nice to be working with a team where everyone is at the top of their game and there is no animosity, rudeness or snideness. I find myself laughing, smiling and having a very good time. A woman walks in with her assistant and two huge steel metal trunks on wheels. "Sorry I'm late; I just flew in from Milan. Hi, I’m Joe, in charge of makeup." I run

her through my Hamptons-meets-high-street-meetsEnglish-rose look—she is super friendly and in an hour, we are done. The sun light is streaming through the attic windows and the model reaches for her vintage dark glasses and puts them on; she looks amazing and the general consensus is that I have to source a pair for a hip 1940s look. Thanks to everyone’s efficiency, and my lightning-speed, decision -making skills, I have an hour in which to go and find dark glasses. I wander through Carneby Street and inevitably end up at Topshop. I go crazy buying the most amazing pairs of sun glasses ever. I get strange looks as to why a thirtyplus year old guy is trying on, and filling his basket with, vintage women’s dark glasses, but at this point I am beyond caring. I have twenty minutes to pay for my goods, hail a cab and make it to my PR's to cast models for my show. My shoes have started to arrive and on the second floor is an endless sea of models waiting to be cast. Lara, my savior who works for both my PR Company and Ftv, is doing the casting with me. “Three piles,” she says, “choice 1, choice 2, and rubbish.” I look at her " Lara, that’s a bit harsh, no?" "Its fine babes, you'll see," she replies. One by one they come up to the table, hand me a comp card, and I ask them to go to the back of the room and strut. The room is really long, so Lara and I have enough time to have a private conversation about which pile their cards will be going into. Some of them get thrown into the garbage pile before they even strut their stuff for us. Lara is seriously ruthless, I feel bad because while some of these girls shouldn't be models or look way too emaciated, I know that they need the work. However, after seeing about 300 of them, I understand why one has to be so ruthless. The selection is huge, and the models have to fit with the hair, makeup, and theme of the show. This goes on for two hours till I can no longer bare it. When we’re done, Lara starts calling all the agencies to book our choices, and I am on the phone chasing my invites trying to explain that, no, the tracking number he gave me does not, in fact, exist. This goes on for two hours. As I’m sitting around, working, I suddenly turn to one of the members of my team and say, “you know what, I would love to have a t-shirt that says ‘WHO THE FUCK IS TAHIR SULTAN’. I would love my backstage team to be wearing them and I would like for the press to receive them, what do you guys think?" There is this moment of silence among the team, and suddenly, everyone starts asking pertinent questions and before we knew it, the graphics team is on it and project TSHIRT is up and running… ‘Cause let’s face it; it’s a genius marketing idea. Fashion Tv also want to host a party for me, so between graphics for the t-shirts, party planning, look book finalization and guest list addresses, I suddenly find it’s nine o’ clock at night, and I am starving and about to miss my dinner reservation with Nikhat, my left hand girl who has my envelope sleeves. I say good bye, jump in a cab and don't realize how many emails are waiting for me after dinner. I set my alarm for 5, and again, crash at 1 am. 97

Day 3 - Weight loss and thank you's I’m awake before my alarm goes off—it suddenly hits me, I should probably have a ‘thank you’ section in the look book for all the people that helped, advised supported, or were good friends and were there for me from college onwards. Damn it’s a long list. My team in India is not impressed as they need to go to print and this extra page basically means abject reorganization. My team in London already has a hit man out to shoot me, as Steph is awake at five to check the names, the spelling, the images and the sponsors. I get the approval from London and forward it to team Delhi, and the look books go into print. 98

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I get dressed and in the process, get told, all 800 invites have arrived and are being sent out, or hand delivered, seeing as they are so late. FTv need my party list, my mother lands in three hours and she has her friends list. Everywhere I turn there are names, numbers, and addresses. I ask my PR team to reach the Kuwaiti ambassador and please invite him, check if Zaha Hadid is back in town, all the while trying to pack as I am moving into the Hemple Hotel. Lara calls, "Hun, I am trying to confirm all your models but they won't confirm them until the night before your show, in case something better comes up."

I literally look at my phone… “What?! Lara, are you friggin kidding me?! When EXACTLY am I meant to fit them and alter pieces? Tell the agency I need an answer." She calls me back, Hun, tomorrow you have fittings from three to five, and then from nine to twelve”. My show is the day after, and that means I need to be up at 6am on the 15th , today is the 13th, which pretty much means I am going to get about five hours sleep if I have fittings until midnight tomorrow. GREAT. I go into the office and the head stylist, and this really cute guy who works at Dolce and Gabbana, are both helping me with my line up. Cheryl is

putting together line sheets, and Steph’s brother, a DJ, is called in as I have not even bothered to think about the music for my show. I am officially going crazy. My mother has landed and her list of friends is endless. Music, what music am I going to choose… I don't know, I know… I want Florence and the Machines mixed by Calvin Harris – so song three is Spectrum, song two has to be one of Zahed’s, my brother’s, so I choose one and decide I want to start my show with Usher’s scream. Done. That will be 150 pounds. What? 150 to put three songs on a CD and mix them? At this point I am literally bleeding cash. I lay the dark glasses out next to the jewelry

on the table, line up the shoes and get everything ready for my fittings tomorrow. There are loads of RSVP’s that are coming in for my show, which is a good sign. "‘Harpers Bazaar’ has confirmed," says Lara. And then it happens. Everyone is looking at me and Steph asks ‘how much’ or ‘if ’ I have been eating at all. With all the running around and stress, I have dropped almost five kilos in four days and it’s obvious. I try to brush off the subject but get told I need to leave and go have a proper dinner. I am booted out of the office and told my presence is not required until 3 pm tomorrow. Yay, which means I can sleep in.

Day 4 - fittings, airport and acid reflux hell I spend the first half of the day at an oyster bar surrounded by friends and family. I have done nothing but work since I got here; I have not seen a museum, a play, a performance … nothing, and I’m beginning to go a bit I-need-a-life-out-offashion crazy. I turn up at my fittings at three. SMT (Standard Model Time) is clearly different to mine, and every half hour a girl arrives, she is fitted, her pictures taken and put on the wall. This carries on till about six, when I had to run and find belts for the show tomorrow, I had also decided to pick up that very special someone in my life from the airport. Lara tells me she thinks I'm an idiot as no designer takes time off to go pick up the person they love from Heathrow. On a side note, the seamstress, who is really a seamster, speaks no English so I am communicating all the changes in sign language. I get told my efficiency is scary and I am slightly crazy. Fair enough. I'm not wasting my breath on someone who doesn’t understand me. I head out, grab a couple of belts from the high street, head to Heathrow (which by and by, I would do all over again – one’s private life is what keeps one sane throughout all of this). I jump on the Heathrow Express and something strikes me on the train; everyone is so nice. The models are not catty as perceived, everyone is so polite and calm and wonderful, not like in the movies. This whole experience, while a lot of work, is not unpleasant. My heart gets an hour of face time on the car ride back into town and then I am back in the office waiting to fit the rest of the models. As I sit around I decide to try on the heels, the ones with no support in the back. They are surprisingly comfortable to walk in and look fabulous. I feel so tall, and when I take them off, I feel gutted. Life is so much better from way up there towering down at people. The models arrive, the seamster is given his silent instructions and once skirts and dresses and hems and lengths and jewelry and glasses and shoes have been decided, we suddenly realize, by we I mean my PR team that we are a model short. "No we are not." I tell them. “Really?” Lara says and points to a photo, "If that’s the case who the (bleep) is she?" "Huh? I don't know her name? There are so many I can't keep up," I reply. "Well, babe, if none of us know her name or her agency, and she doesn't turn up tomorrow, we are screwed." By this time, it’s now 1155 pm, all the agencies are closed, my show is in less than 12 hours and we are just standing around stumped. We decide to pack the clothes and have them ready for the venue, and to deal with this model problem tomorrow. I get to the hotel and collapse into bed, my last thought of the evening is, who the f*ck is Tahir Sultan, and what the f*ck has he gotten himself into? 99

Day 5 – SHOW time I'm showered, dressed and ready by the time the team arrives to pick me up at 645 am. I'm literally running on autopilot, and am carrying hundreds of brochures that need to go into the Tahir Sultan sleeves for the press. God, who knew you could actually get sick of seeing your name everywhere. We get to Vauxhall, and it’s FREEZING. We pick up the clothes and accessories and head to the venue, which is the freemasons hall in Covent Garden. The building is amazing, the details outstanding and the perfect backdrop for my garments. I head into the green room, and am really relieved that everyone knows what they are doing and more importantly, are doing it. The clothes are hung on the rails in no specific order, the models turn up, as do hair and makeup. Outfits get changed around, I flip out (albeit politely). "Babes, we have to do this, the other model isn't here". Lara is trying to explain. "YES, she is/ She's over there. What the hell is wrong with you people?!" The arranging and rearranging starts all over again, disaster avoided. "I can't walk in these shoes," blurts one of the models. They happen to be the gold pair with no heel that I tried on the day before and were 3 sizes too big for me. I look at Lara and whisper "What the hell kind of rubbish model is she? If I, who doesn’t wear heels, can walk in them, what’s her problem in life?" She's given black heels, and it changes the finelybalanced look I had all sorted in my head - biker chic – fine, I'll live with that, lets throw on this chunky jade necklace as well. The photographer I have hired to capture the backstage drama of it all arrives. Jonathen Page gets to work with his camera. Slowly, ten of my friends arrive to help, not that there was much needed. Pallavi, whom I collaborated with for the jewelry is given the task of laying it all out. Nikhat and her boyfriend go through I00

continued from previous page...

the WHO THE F*CK IS TAHIR SULTAN t-shirt box, and before you know it, everyone backstage has on a WHO THE F*CK IS TAHIR SULTAN. The press packs are being assembled, the brochures arrived from India, the goodie bags are being filled, the models are practicing their walk, Jon is taking photos, a host of my friends are backstage chilling like villains with the models, hair and makeup are almost finished and it’s twenty minutes to the show. I suddenly realize, no one is steaming the clothes. And the sh*t hits the fan. I can clock this as the only time I lost my cool during the 2-week lead up to fashion week. Finally, my yelling brings on a gaggle of interns who furiously steam the clothes. Joe walks up to me and twirls me around and reminds me I am going to have to walk the ramp, raccoon-eyed, emaciated, tired, and angry and cue… I suddenly realize she has me in a chair and is doing my makeup. My friends wake from their trance of trying to be ‘too cool for school’ and hanging with the models, they steam my clothes, I'm rushed out to the make-shift area behind the ramp, and all the models are in their first outfits. I suddenly start adding jewelry to looks I was not initially going to – I start fixing the garments. And then the lights come on. The first model walks down the runway. The choreographer is telling me she is glad I kept the show clean in the way the models enter, exit and strut. I'm having an internal they-don't-love-theshow meltdown as the line up goes out. Suddenly the choreographer turns to me and says, “Mate, there are people standing and clapping. THAT NEVER happens.” “Really? That’s…” too late, she grabs me, “you’re on.” I walk into the spot light, go up, take my bow, it seems like an eternity, it was more like ten seconds, if that. IT’S over. I am walking backstage and suddenly, all these bloggers want to take pictures of me holding up a WHO THE F*CK IS TAHIR SULTAN t-shirt. London Fashion Week banned

them, and it made quite the controversy. Amidst the congratulations and the hugs, and the severe migraine and the model who walked off with the earrings, all I know is, it’s Drinks o’ clock… I don't have to do this again till Feb. "Where do you think you’re going? We have our Ftv interview," says Lara. I had forgotten all about that. So we go back to the main hall, and she starts asking me questions. One of them is, “What’s it like to be the first Kuwaiti to ever be in a solo show at London Fashion Week?” My answer is that I hope I inspire a whole lot of people so that they aspire to follow their dreams, and I hope I make my country proud, (as you read this Ftv will have screened this a few times). And as I walked away from that interview I thought to myself, I don't just want to inspire, I need to educate Kuwaiti people as to the importance of supporting young Kuwaitis internationally. I hope that one day there will be a fund that creative people can apply to and for. I feel my phone vibrating; everyone wants to know where I am, they want to celebrate. I want to take my migraine medicine, I'm raw, I'm tired and my last thought as I leave the venue is, anyone who thinks fashion is glamorous has no clue what the hell they’re talking about. But it was fun, and I cannot wait till Feb. For more information, please visit www. To sponsor Tahir Sultan’s next fashion show, get in touch with Tahir at Watch the Fashion TV clip: The Tahir Sultan collection is available at Harvey Nichols Kuwait at the Grand Avenue. Facebook: Tahir Sultan Designs Twitter: tahirsultan Instagram: tahirsultan




DOLCE & GABBANA, EXPOSED The designers pick up the camera for their spring campaign. By Robin Givhan

There are arguably no other designers today who are as closely associated with a singular cultural tradition as Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. Ever since they debuted their brand almost 30 years ago, they have allowed it to speak lovingly and proudly of Southern Italian tradition—specifically, the autonomous culture of Sicily where Dolce was raised. So it is no surprise that the advertising campaign for their Spring 2013 collection, which was an ode to the region’s street festivals, would have been photographed there. But for the first time, Dolce, 54, served as photographer. And Gabbana, 50, was the stylist of record. From the earliest sketches to their Fashion Week runway show and the final sales pitch to 104

consumers, the aesthetic is wholly that of the designers. “It’s like when a movie director creates a movie. You start to look for a [setting] for the actors. We choose the music, the models. The last part is to shoot the -campaign—what we want to tell the audience,” Gabbana says. “To shoot the campaign is like when you make dinner, this is dessert,” he says. “It completes the cycle.” Since the modern era of fashion advertising campaigns began, designers have exerted some degree of control over them. Yet despite their domineering tendencies, they typically turned over the final stage of building a brand message to an outside source. More than a few of those designer-photographer partnerships have led to memorable

and controversial campaigns. Steven Meisel stirred up a hornet’s nest in the mid 1990s when critics dubbed his Calvin Klein advertisements “kiddie porn.” Bruce Weber was responsible for Calvin Klein’s erotic Obsession fragrance ads. And Marc Jacobs has had a long relationship with Juergen Teller, whose ads for the designer’s signature label look like faded -Polaroids taken in a rec room and bedrooms. But now, more and more designers have stopped ceding that last bit of artistic power. The explanation is a matter of business, aesthetics, and emotion. “We didn’t have to teach to anyone what we want to do,” Gabbana says. “I didn’t have to explain what I feel.” The Milan-based designers followed the example of a host of well-known

colleagues. Karl Lagerfeld has long clicked the shutter for Chanel. Tom Ford photographs both the men’s and women’s campaigns for his signature collection. Reed Krakoff, who returned to school to take photography classes, shot ads for Coach, including the memorable images featuring Finney, the Jack Russell terrier. (For the last few seasons, he hasn’t had the time to be such a full--service designer.) And Hedi Slimane, who built a respected photography career after leaving the fashion industry, recently returned to helm Yves Saint Laurent and shot the campaign for his debut collection. The shift is testament to the new role of designers as both businessmen and creative directors who are charged with overseeing everything from the shape of a brand’s perfume

bottle to the architecture of its global network of boutiques. Dolce and Gabbana, for example, have wielded business control over their company since its beginning in 1985. As it has grown into an international brand with well over $1 billion in revenue, it has become synonymous with celebrities such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Scarlett Johansson. The duo’s empire also includes a Milan restaurant along with a multibrand boutique. In their roles as both creative and corporate titans, they’ve also had professional challenges from both worlds. As businessmen, the designers have been accused of tax evasion by Italian prosecutors. Their trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 3; the designers have maintained their innocence. And some of the artful images in

the spring collection—caricatured black faces inspired by puppet shows from their beloved Sicily—have been viewed as racially insensitive. “We are not racists,” Gabbana says. “It’s part of the culture of Southern Italy.” The decision to photograph the spring campaign followed years of collaboration with celebrated photographers such as Mario Sorrenti, Peter Lindbergh, and Steven Klein. Dolce began to dabble behind the camera and that led to the publication, this year, of Campioni, a photo book featuring young soccer players. When he raised the possibility of shooting the company’s advertising campaign, he freely admitted, “I’m afraid.” “He asked what I think,” recalled Gabbana. “I said, ‘Go! If it’s bad, we reshoot it with another photographer.’”

To improve their odds for success, the designers surrounded themselves with technical experts, such as lighting di-rector David Devlin, who has extensive -experience in still photography and feature films. Thematically, they were inspired by the 1948 Luchino Visconti film La Terra Trema, about Sicilian fisherman, which the director filmed on location using locals. The designers decided to populate their photographs with nonprofessional models who would pose alongside Italian actress Monica Bellucci and socialite Bianca Brandolini d’Adda. Gabbana gave them their motivation: “I spoke with all the people and said, ‘This is the situation: It’s a Sunday on the beach with your family and your girlfriend’s family. This is the mood.’”

Adds Dolce: “They’re Sicilian. They understand the music. They understand what we want to see.” The result is a campaign that hits the sweet spot of the Dolce & Gabbana canon. Dark-haired men exude earthy machismo and proud narcissism. The women are curvy and sensual. The background evokes the cultural stew of Sicily and the tenor of life there, especially as it compares to the northern industrial capital of Milan. “It’s hot; it’s passionate. It’s less chic but it’s more emotional,” Gabbana says of Sicily. “I think the south of every part of the world is very similar.” The campaign is also the start of a new tradition at the brand. Photography, Dolce says, “is my pleasure.” And complete control is fashion’s new mantra. 105


Ghassan Al-Sultan’s passion for a healthier market By bazaar staff

Ghassan Al-Sultan is a young Kuwaiti entrepreneur with a passion for life. He sees to it that his company’s goal is to provide the market with healthier gourmet food options, giving consumers options that are deliciously infused with nutrients that better support our modern lifestyles. Find out more about his vision in our interview with the man with a blue passion. Introduce us to Blue Passion, especially why you chose that name. Blue Passion International is a Kuwaiti based company primarily focused on importing quality gourmet food items. I believe that the name reflects and identifies a passion towards life. Why did you decide to get into this sector? We believe that there is lack of good quality food items in Kuwait particularly in the Cooperative unions. There is also a gap between what people like to eat and what is available in the market. We aim to bridge that gap with good quality products at reasonable prices. 106

How do you decide which products to target? Generally when we evaluate entering into new segments, we look for unique products, good potential, reasonable margins, a sizable addressable market and low competition. Tell us more about the products you have. Currently, the main products of focus are the drinks lines. POKKA is one of the leading drink manufacturers in Japan. The company produces different lines such as iced teas and coffees, milk based drinks, juices and functional drinks. We are focusing on unique products like the melon and rose milk products, the Aloe Vera juices as well as the sport water. Oxygen water is our primary focus. We have two different products; one from Malaysia and the other from Italy. Tipco is a 100% Veggie Juice range, and a superior choice for your good health and more drinker-friendly, it’s not only fresh and tasty but also healthy for you.

Augustin’s Waffles is a traditional gourmet-liege style waffles product range imported directly from Belgium. We offer two sizes; small and large with either vanilla flavor or chocolate coating. Tatawa cookies are healthy oat based cookies from Malaysia with different flavors. The product serving packing is very handy for a snack on the go. It also preserves the product quality. Quaker is outsourcing the manufacturing of some of their cookie products to Tatawa which is another validation of our choice. Gaea is one of the leading producers of olive based products from Greece. The brand has won many international awards. We are focusing on the olive snack pack that is a healthy snack for adults and kids to carry with them for work and school. And what about you, the man behind Blue Passion? Tell us a little about yourself. I am an engineer who graduated from the USA. I did my MBA while I was still working at Zain. Then I decided to move to the investment sector because it is more dynamic and challenging. During that time I started a few small businesses, which gave me a good foundation and understanding about the local business environment. Was it always your passion to pursue this specific sector? Yes it was. Healthy living is a lifestyle so that has always been a part of my character. I achieve my personal passion and goal by providing good quality food products in the market. As a young director of a small company, what advice would you offer young professionals looking to start their own business? My advice is to seek doing a venture you personally like, whether it is food you like to eat or a service you personally use. Second of all, one must understand the challenges of that choice prior to starting. Third, I emphasize that it is very important that you wisely choose the team members of this project to secure a smoother path to success. Lastly, in doing business you must be patient as things take time to mature and reap the fruits of your efforts. What’s the most challenging part of your job? What is the part you most enjoy? The most challenging part is to find the right product that match our criteria and make sure it is smoothly launched in the market. I personally enjoy brining new products and see that we have made the right choices from the sales volume and consumer feedback and acceptance.

Fore more information, log on to: Become a fan on Facebook,, and Twitter @MyBluePassion.


FACEBOOK, THIS IS AWKWARD If you expect us to run our personal and professional lives on your social network, grow up! By Baratunde Thurston

As a sophomore at Harvard in 1996, I received a physical copy of "the facebook" for my dorm. Inside was a directory that included each student's name, photo (black and white), phone number, email address, mailing address, room number, and major. We hadn't yet thought up or devised a way to use computers for mass flirting/ stalking/photobombing, but even then the physical facebook was weird. I would see someone in the dining hall and not know how I knew she studied biological anthropology and lived in F-33. I creeped myself out on more than one occasion. As Facebook approaches 1 billion users and $5 billion in annual revenue, its digital iteration has far surpassed its predecessor. Its scale adds resonance to its mission "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." And that's why it stinks that the company's unstated goal is "to force awkwardness on us as much as is algorithmically possible." My qualms with Facebook are many, but nothing stokes my fury like its endless fiddling with the feature that needed the least amount of innovation: email. Let me share a recent story with you. I needed help finding an apartment. I identified 54 Facebook friends in the New York area and sent them a group email. I closed by saying, "Please don't reply all to this 108

message. I'm pretty sure Facebook won't let you, but just in case. . . ." It's 2012; Facebook defaults to reply to sender, right? Nope. It is impossible to reply only to the sender of a Facebook message addressed to multiple people. The default, and in fact only, way to respond is to reply all. WTF? It gets worse. On the Q&A site Quora, a former manager of Facebook Messages addressed this consciously idiotic decision by explaining that (a) the reply feature wasn't used much, (b) you could always just forward the group message back to the original sender, and (c) it "feels nice" to have a simpler messaging product. Sure, I technically could forward a message back to the sender in order to reply. I could also reply to the sender! When Facebook gets deeper into voice messaging, will it force me to look at the ID of an inbound call and then use my other phone to initiate a new call back rather than just answering the phone call? It gets worse. Now that I've unintentionally invited 54 friends into a reply-all festival of nonsense, people want out. So they "leave this conversation," announcing this fact every time someone exercises this self-preserving option. The upshot is anyone who actually has valuable information about an apartment

for me will choose to keep that knowledge to herself and leave me to roam the streets of New York with a sack over my shoulder. All because Facebook makes it too annoying to share the information, which, remember, is Facebook's stated mission. It gets worse. Facebook now shows the exact time at which recipients see your messages. So now I know you saw my email—and chose to ignore me. I can't blame you, but let me assure Facebook: It does not feel nice. Recently, I met two Harvard seniors who had deleted their Facebook accounts. "How do you know things!?" I asked them. "Email!" they said. "Email and Gchat. It's much easier. Facebook is annoying." I don't know if I have the strength to pull the plug, but this rejection—on the campus that started it all—serves as a healthy reminder. It's frustrating to see a company that has innovated in many ways its awkward definitions of "social" onto a billion people. We've opted into a very imperfect system. And we have the power to opt out. Baratunde Thurston is the author of The New York Times best seller How to Be Black and the founder of Cultivated Wit, a comedy and technology company that tells stories in engaging ways. He currently resides nowhere, because his Facebook friends were spammed into not helping him find an apartment.


bazaar around town SHERATON KUWAIT OPENS LE TARBOUCHE, SHAHRAYAR, BUKHARA AND AL HAMBRA RESTAURANTS IN THE GRAND AVENUE, THE AVENUES Sheraton Kuwait, a Luxury Collection Hotel is pleased to announce the opening of new branches of its specialty restaurants at the Grand Avenue, THE AVENUES that took place in a festive ceremony held in the presence of the Board of Directors of Oriental Hotels Company in addition to a large number of the media in Kuwait on Sunday the 18th of November, 2012. Restaurants inaugurated include Le Tarbouche famous for its Lebanese mezzas and grills prepared with the finest spices and ingredients originating from the land of the cedars; Shahrayar restaurant that is distinguished for its quintessentially Iranian Kebabs as well as its famous and delicious meals; the renowned restaurant Bukhara, inspired by the magnificent Palace of Jaipur that captures the romance of ancient India down to the last detail with authentic Indian dishes including the world famous flavours of Tandoori; and finally, Al Hambra, well known for offering lavish buffets that generously feature a combination of international cuisines and mouthwatering dishes from the four corners of the world available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is worth mentioning that the debut of Al Hambra restaurant at THE AVENUES marks the first in a series of buffet restaurants that have opened in a mall. "We are so thrilled to expand our presence in The AVENUES, the largest and finest shopping center in the region with the opening of new branches of our four specialty restaurants. With this qualitative step, Sheraton Kuwait will reach new horizons of hospitality in Kuwait, aiming to provide the best services to our esteemed guests” expressed Mr. Fahed Abushaar, Area Director and General Manager of Sheraton Kuwait. He added, “these new restaurants in their distinguished new location at the Grand Avenue, THE AVENUES along with their breathtaking designs and varied delicacies, will be an exceptional culinary destination for all food lovers who will indulge in a unique dining experience complimented by first rate service that Sheraton Kuwait has long been famed for since its opening back in 1966”.

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG AND EVIAN CELEBRATE LIFE evian Natural Mineral Water carries on its celebration of youth and purity with the release of the newest addition to its limited edition bottle collection by iconic American designer Diane von Furstenberg. evian’s latest limited edition bottle by Diane von Furstenberg will be available in the Middle East from November for a limited period, and reflects a playful celebration of life and features a nod to the designer’s iconic mantras with, “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…,” gracing the bottle in her distinct handwriting. Von Furstenberg drew inspiration from her personal relationship with evian® water and her own love of life. The result is a unique design that combines evian’s commitment to purity with DVF’s youthful and optimistic philosophy. evian’s limited edition bottle by Diane von Furstenberg is printed in organic ink and features the designer’s ubiquitous heart DVF logo in a special hue of red, created exclusively for the evian® collaboration. The bottle, composed of 100% recyclable packaging, is sealed with evian’s new screw cap design. Just in time for the 2012 holiday season, the DVF-designed bottle will be sold from November in the most iconic locations in Kuwait including exclusive retailers and gourmet stores.

THE MEAT CO. LADIES NIGHT The Meat Co, now with 5 outlets across the Middle East including Kuwait offers a unique experience, whether it be the extraordinary location, the views or the specialist menus. All these elements reinforce the brand’s global footprint as an international steakhouse bringing personal service, a bespoke experience and most of all – exceptional steak. And now Every Sunday ladies will receive a complementary Chocolate Fondant dessert Offer Valid on Sundays only Terms and conditions apply The Meat Co Kuwait is located within “The Gardens” zone at the 360 Mall, with its design and décor taking inspiration from its surroundings. The energetic open plan kitchen dominates the red and chocolate brownaccented space and creates a sense of theatre, complimented by amber lighting to immerse diners in the rich vivacity of The Meat Co’s African heritage. Serving the finest steaks with international appeal, The Meat Co Kuwait is the ‘must visit’ dining destination in the Middle East. For further queries & reservations, give us a call +965 2530 9696. 110

AMERICANA OPENS FIRST OLIVE GARDEN RESTAURANT IN THE MIDDLE EAST Americana opens the first Olive Garden in the Middle East at the Avenues Mall – stage 3 (Grand Avenue), on Wednesday the 14th of November 2012. At Olive Garden, the food is inspired by the fresh, simple and delicious cuisine of Italy. You’ll find traditional favorites like lasagna, ravioli and pizza. You will also find new dishes created by Olive Garden Chefs to celebrate Italian traditions in new ways, like Lobster cannelloni with shrimps, chicken caprese, and steak gorgonzola-alfredo, all served with our signature breadstix and Soup or Salad. Bill Darden started Olive Garden in Florida, 1982 to provide every guest with authentic Italian dining experience. Olive Garden has over 750 restaurants in the USA and holds many awards. Best Italian Restaurant in Annual “Milwaakee Magazine” Awards Americana plans to open 25 restaurants in the coming five years in Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon.

YUSUF A. ALGHANIM & SONS AUTOMOTIVE LAUNCHES THE ALL-NEW 2013 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER In a special and unique event, Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive, the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet vehicles in Kuwait, launched the long-awaited All-New 2013 Trailblazer, Chevrolet’s toughest yet most refined SUV. The legendary Trailblazer was unveiled on Friday, November 9, 2012 at a breath-taking event held at Marina Crescent in the presence of officials from Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons, representatives from General Motors, media officials as well as Chevrolet enthusiasts and fans who wanted to be one of the first to witness the all-new, awe-inspiring Trailblazer. The All-New 2013 Trailblazer is available in two- and four-wheel-drive configurations and is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with Variable Valve Timing matched with a six speed automatic transmission, which delivers an optimal balance of power, performance and fuel economy. The All-New 2013 Trailblazer has a strong, purposeful appearance with a body-in, wheels-out design that delivers high approach and departure angles. An integrated aluminum roof rack system is free of stanchions, creating a sleek and refined look and fully capable of carrying loads up to 100 kg. The Trailblazer also has hexagonal, 18-inch aluminum wheels that have been designed to support the weight of the vehicle as well as its towing capacity. The horizontal LED tail lamps on both the lift gate and the rear quarter surfaces provide depth and detail. A more “squared off ” rear window creates presence and volume to the upper rear portion of the vehicle silhouette and the integrated running boards aid entry and exit from the vehicle and serve as enhanced protection from road debris. The All-New 2013 Chevrolet Trailblazer is also equipped with an array of safety features which include Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking System, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Traction Control, Dynamic Rear Brake Proportioning, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist, Rear Park Assist, Six Air Bags for Driver and Occupant Protection Fans of the All-New 2013 Trailblazer who wish to test drive the car may drop by Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons’ showrooms to witness the legendary vehicle. Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons adds the finishing touch to the ownership experience with high-quality after-sales services. With the world’s biggest and most advanced automotive service center, customers will never have to worry about their service and maintenance needs.


WHERE THE PARTY NEVER ENDS Party Land at Symphony mall By bazaar staff

With a brand new Party Land branch located in Symphony mall in Salmiya, planning your next event or party comes with much ease, knowing that all of your must have supplies are even closer to you than before. Party Land is the largest party retail store in Kuwait. It caters to your every party need, from a baby shower, birthday party to adult events and dinner parties. The widest ranges of costume selections are available, including party themed supplies, giftwrapping items and a huge inventory of balloons. So, the next time you’ve stuck out when deciding on the theme of your next gathering or dinner party, simply head on over to Party Land in Symphony mall, fully equipped with everything you need. Expect to see supplies organized by themes. So, if you fancy a celebrity or Hollywood night filled with glitz and glamour, you can stock up on fun Hollywood themed decorations from golden streamers to Oscar replicas to decorate your entertaining space. A masquerade night can be arranged swiftly with a collection of beautiful Venetian masks on display, and a fun retro 112

night is possible with funky fluorescent Afro wigs! Your next barbeque could be much more fun when the theme is Hawaiian Luau night; shower your guests with flowery Leis and Hula skirts, and decorate your garden with straw table skirts and mats, tropical napkins, and much more. The best part: Party Land is always stocking up on themed decorations and supplies, so besides the constant flow of themed event supplies, you can simply give your dinner party an elegant color theme, with many choices between the coordinated sets of disposable plates, cutlery, table covers and skirts, napkins and even cups! When it comes to spoiling the kids at their next birthday party, one can safely assume that no child leaves Party Land unhappy. If your child, or little brother or sister wants an adventurous, pirate themed party, then shower them with props, like eye patches and swords, full costumes and decorations. Cartoon character themes from Disney classics, princess themes for every little girl, to superheroes are all available, just be sure to pick up a festive piñata to guarantee more fun at their next party.

No party is ever complete without the balloon decorations, and Party Land is equipped with state of the art equipment to print any design, or even logo, for your event or party. You can customize a message to a loved one, or jazz up a corporate event with customized balloon designs. Party Land’s Salmiya branch is located in the basement floor of Symphony Mall. For more information, please call 2481 8766 or 2481 4485 or visit Follow them on Twitter @Partylandkwt, Instagram, @ partyland_kuwait and Facebook, Partyland/Kuwait.


KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION At Dorothy Perkins By bazaar staff

Fans of the Kardashians’ style will be in for a treat at Dorothy Perkins this December as this AW12, Dorothy Perkins begins an exciting new partnership with the Kardashian sisters - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. With more than 100 pieces from their clothing and handbag collections, you will be spoilt for choice between the body-con inspired dresses, galactic prints, structured blazers and on-trend accessories. Why we’re sure you’re going to love this collection is because the AW12 collection embraces Kim’s glamorous red carpet looks, Kourtney’s more Bohemian chic and Khloe’s edgier style, from trend led pieces to fashionably tailored looks. So, what does that mean, in fashion terms? An endless variety of looks you can easily mix and match between, whether its evening glamour or laid back chic, it’s all about embracing your personal style via these three fabulous fashionistas. In stores this month, the Kardashian Kollection arrives just in time for the holiday season, featuring statement pieces such as a gold, bandage-style bodycon dress, dreamy lace jackets, skirts, and blazers, modern leopard print pieces along with tailored jeans in different cuts that will take you from the office to an evening soiree without a fleeting thought of a wardrobe change. Sir Philip Green, CEO and Chairman of Arcadia, said: “I believe our customers will love the fashion looks, they passionately follow celebrity lifestyle, and the Kardashian sisters rank top when it comes to whom they relate to in the fashion stakes. We look forward to creating an exciting offer with this launch.” Commenting on the partnership, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe added: "We’re looking forward to expanding our line and collaborating with Dorothy Perkins to make Kardashian Kollection more easily accessible to our fans in different countries.”

The Kardashian Kollection is available at Dorothy Perkins located at The Avenues. 114


bazaar a la mode AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS LAUNCHES FESTIVE HOLIDAY COLLECTION American Eagle Outfitters announced the launch of its latest holiday collection. The collection continues to build on the idea of individual style and spirit. For the AEO girl, open knit sweaters and cardigans with Fair Isle details, neon accents, and feminine lace pair back perfectly to denim for a cozy and cool look. Cords play a big role this season as a denim alternative in bright colors that match back to both pretty blouses and layering henleys. Blazers and feminine party dresses add a touch of fancy and fun to the holiday season. The fur vest and jacket, color block puffer jacket, and the pleated back duffle coat are the perfect holiday outerwear pieces to complete the collection. Accessories continue to be important, enhancing the assortment and embracing the femininity of the collection even in the cold weather. Loop scarves, slouchy beanies and fur trappers, skinny leather belts, ballet flats, cozy booties and cross body bags complete any look. The Aerie collection is naturally feminine this season with the “Shine on Pretty” inspiration. The collection has touches of lace, sparkle, and velvet for a rich and festive holiday feel. The Juliet bra is featured with sequins and embellishment and is an exciting holiday feature, while our newest semi demi fit bra - Reese is introduced this season. New prints in undies are perfect for the season and Vintage Lace undies continue to be important for the Aerie girl. The Aerie collection this holiday is bright, happy and fun, it’s perfect for gifting. For the AEO guy, outfitting denim for the season remains the focus of the collection. Denim is complemented with an outdoor inspiration in tops and sweaters. A variety of plaid shirts, Fair Isle and color blocked sweaters, and heritage thermals are key tops this season. Outerwear styles like the coats, parkas and puffer jackets pull the whole look together. Plaid scarves, skinny ties, cozy slippers, touch point gloves and the Nordic trapper add finishing touches that are perfect for gifting and finish the holiday look.

SARAR SET TO WEAVE ITS WAY INTO KUWAIT Globally Acclaimed Turkish Brand boasts over 60 years heritage in Menswear Fashion Sarar, the internationally famous menswear brand that is recognized for its exquisite craftsmanship and tailoring, will be introducing its new collection to Kuwait customers this Autumn. Sarar will shortly be opening its first store in the Middle East in the new extension of The Avenues mall, in partnership with the leading international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya. Established in 1944, in Eskişehir, Turkey, ‘attention to detail and quality’ are the brand’s trademarks. Sarar’s premium upscale menswear and accessories are measured by the beautiful fabrics used in the tailoring which combine with strong classical and modern Italian and Turkish design influences. Sarar’s unique service to the customer includes having an experienced and professional tailor on site in its elegant store where customers can enjoy choosing a suit and have it completely bespoke to their measurements, confident that the resulting finished article will be of the highest quality.

360 MALL WINS GOLD AND SILVER AT THE ICSC GLOBAL AWARDS 2012 Gold for NOI Enhancement and Silver for Traditional Marketing On November 12, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) announced the winners of the 2012 Middle East & North Africa Shopping Center Awards during a ceremony at RECon Middle East and North Africa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Amidst a huge crowd of regional and international shopping center professionals, 360 MALL was named the Gold Award winner in the NOI Enhancement category and the Silver Award winner in the Traditional Advertising Category. The 2012 Middle East & North Africa Shopping Center Awards recognized achievement in: Traditional Marketing, New Media, NOI Enhancement, Design & Development, and Retail. 360 MALL has previously won the ICSC Middle East & North Africa Gold award for Innovative Design and Development of a New Project in 2011. Commenting on the award, Mark Dixon, Centre Manager 360 MALL, expressed; “The team has worked hard and we are delighted with this achievement. These awards recognize 360 MALL for meeting and exceeding regional and international standards in shopping centre marketing and leasing which I am sure will only encourage us to raise the bar even higher in the future”.


DAVID BECKHAM CELEBRATES HOLIDAYS AT H&M WITH NEW BODYWEAR ITEMS AND IMAGES FMU Winter 2012 To celebrate the holiday season, David Beckham is introducing new items to his Bodywear range at H&M, as well as revealing new campaign images. The new styles are the ideal for warmth and comfort this winter, like a hooded morning gown, draw-string pyjama pants, Henleys and long johns with padded elbows and knees, and lounging shorts and T-shirts, as well as a towel. David wears a selection of the pieces in new Holidays campaign images, and lets the cameras come behind the scenes for a special video shoot.

EXCLUSIVE RIVA CLUB COLLECTION NOW IN STORES The Riva Club Collection is now available in all Riva Stores which features a complete line of casual styles, incorporated with vibrant colours. Riva Club provides the kind of relaxed and comfortable wear, yet stylish, casual & sporty looks. This Collection is designed with fine cotton voiles and sleek and silk satins in rich deep solids, offering complete ready-to-wear options for any occasion from a holiday trip to shopping with friends. Visit their stores and explore this exclusive collection or visit their website :

PROVOCATIVE, SOPHISTICATED AND FILLED WITH LIGHT: THE FULL-BLOODED COLLECTION Proven adept of pure audacity, Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch presents four black & white classics in its Full-Blooded Collection. Together the foursome speak playfully and provocatively, whispering hints of infinite wealth, precious stones, gold and silver glowing in diaphanous light. Provocations aside, these delightful models are perfectly accessible: the stones are white crystals set on silver, pink gold or yellow gold bezels that frame, with elegance and an air of luxury, white or black dials with silver and gold highlights. Two models present the watch face framed in white, two in the most elegant of blacks. The white models feature transparent matt white cases—diaphanous and ethereal—held by handsome matt white aluminium bracelets. Their counterparts in black have a distinctly up-market air of second-nature sophistication. Which gives way immediately to a smile and pleasure to be taken in the playful game and in a watch well made.

SWATCH UNVEILS CLASSIC IRONY IN GOLD COLOuR AND CRYSTALS Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch presents the Night Glows Collection, featuring golden surfaces and glittering crystals in six new variations on classic Irony style. Two models each from the Irony Chrono, Medium and Big lines offer sophisticated versions in pink and yellow gold coloured PVD. A clear, clean design presents black dials and links set off by the polished golden surfaces, enhanced in four of the six models by sparkling, transparent white crystals on the bezel or dial. Irony Chrono, Medium and Big models feature signature Irony cases in 40, 37 and 33mm polished stainless steel 316L, while the pink and yellow gold coloured PVD and sparkling white crystals add an upmarket air. The bold design concept deploys black dials, touches of black on the bezels and black nylon links on all but the Irony Big models to send a clear, simple message of assured style and elegance. The Night Glows Collection offers all-around class for all occasions. 117


Lately, looking through magazines, checking Facebook or turning on daytime TV, I'm bombarded by positive thinking. Every where I turn I see people assuming positivity. Whether by posting affirmative, uplifting quotes, magazines advertising the easiest 10 ways to regain your happiness, or 5 steps to a stress free life…I believe that our minds are subconsciously attacked with happy thoughts and forced to feel a sort of contentment for the status quo… so when you're having one of those days, you kind of feel guilty for feeling bad about spilling coffee on your shirt, having that extra slice of cake, not getting that promotion, not exercising regularly… the list goes on, because you 'have to be grateful' and 'look on the bright side'!! How many times have you heard people tell you, "Don't lose hope.", or "there's always a silver lining," or any of those redundancies? Hearing it when you're at your lowest point, you 118

would assume, should give you this elusive sense of hope. However, what ends up happening is that you either, look your comforter in the eye and think to yourself, "what an idiot,” or, for a split second, your mind pauses and you think maybe there is whatever it is people talk about…hope. The first usually overcomes the second. There are some instances in life when you're put to the toughest tests. These tests may not necessarily confront your biggest fears, but your dreams; things you actually coveted. When your 'dreams' come true their consequences may not be as flowery as you envisioned… and here is where the magic words appear; "have faith", “you never know," and the worst of all, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". There is so much about our daily lives that's frustrating and disappointing, and as adults we are expected to behave in a certain way in order to: a) survive and b) not slap people right and left, in other words, cohabit in a civilized manner in order to be accepted within the norms of daily life.

I'm not opposed to positive thinking and the glass-half full and all, but sometimes you need to wallow in self pity in order to push yourself back into reality. Sometimes it's better to give yourself that time to say, "I hate my life right now” even as you love your kids, your job or whatever it is that makes you happy, but constantly keeping a happy, positive, optimistic demeanor is hard and downright hypocritical. I come from a country where the traffic alone can cause bouts of extreme depression. I have learned to accept the road-rage-inflictedmaniac, as well as the idiot who has been stuck in traffic for two hours but can still laugh and smile…I have been both and I am proud to embrace my realistic outlook on life. There was a time when I believed that if someone came to me complaining of a hard day, that I should respond with the following, consecutively; an encouraging anecdote, a pat on the back and an “it's okay we've all been there,”

and end it with the mother-of-allpositive gibberish, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But now, I take a different approach; I make coffee and tell them that they should whine all they want, that life sucks and that sometimes we really cannot control the needy spouse, obsessive compulsive boss, or backstabbing colleague. Sometimes we are entitled to complain about the little things in life; not getting those curly fries you were craving all day, having a bad hair day, or putting on 2, or maybe 10 kilos in a frighteningly short time. We are entitled to our hissy fits…they keep us sane when life really throws us a curve ball. Faced with life's unexpected challenges, sometimes what you truly need is to wallow in self pity, have a few bad days and then force yourself to count your blessings… because as long as we're living, life will constantly test our strength and weakness. When inspirational quotes aren't enough, I believe admitting that the situation is down right unbearable, accepting it, complaining about it and then moving on, is healthy. Accepting that there are losses in life, bigger and more humbling than not getting what you wanted, is a big part of growing up and surviving life. I have this friend, a few years older than me, and although she smiles all the time, you can tell that she's not high on the happiness drug. I remember distinctly going to her one day with a "problem" and she very calmly telling me that I needed a thicker Teflon layer. It's one of those things that I always go back to, my Teflon layer. I am grateful for all the blessings I have in my life, the obvious ones and the ones unknown to me, but I have also learned that I am entitled to wallow in self pity every now and then, to feel disappointed at life and just wish I had a rewind button. My Teflon layer is getting thicker, not just with cupcakes, (although that helps), but with primarily knowing I have a great family, the most supportive friends and the right to hope for more.


ISZONICA Modeling School By Shabana H. Shaikh

“I don’t want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model.” ~ Queen Latifah

On a brief six-month teaching contract in Kuwait, Michelle Johnson, ended up staying for 5 years and counting. A native of the UK, Michelle is a former model, a certified Etiquettes instructor, a Textile designer, a professional weaver, an Art teacher and the founder of Iszonica Modeling School, which she started in 2009 in Kuwait. She has the advantage of having lived and worked on four continents, experienced languages and diverse cultures – all of which has enriched her already effervescent personality. However, Iszonica’s conception goes back more than a decade starting in the city of London, when Michelle herself got involved in the world of fashion and modeling. Her passion for teaching and working with youngsters soon steered her in the direction of coaching young girls. According to Michelle, “Iszonica has never been just about professional modeling, but as well about building self-esteem, poise and elegance.” 120

After London, she took Iszonica to Abu Dhabi, and then to Qatar, where under the mentorship of fashion and design principal Mrs. Sandra Bell Wilkins and wings of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU-Q) she bloomed and flourished as an artist. It was also here that her creations modeled on the runway gained popularity and she was commissioned to design dresses for the princesses of the Qatari royal family. In 2009, Michelle started her classes and workshops in Kuwait and has, to date, choreographed and organized several successful fashion shows. Michelle’s years of experience in the fashion and modeling industry are visible in the quality and finesse of her shows. Her quiet ways and fun and fearless approach to life endears her to others. One of Iszonica’s aims is to work with and support local charities within the community. An Annual Creative Art & Fashion Event is held every November, where local models and designers are encouraged to showcase their work and support a cause in the

community. They recently concluded their third Annual event titled ‘I Am A Man’ The Sound of Silence, which witnessed participation from HOB and BAIA among others. Iszonica originally took on only female students and models. Michelle’s task was to increase their self-confidence, while instructing them about good grooming, beauty, positive attitude, style and fashion. “But I recently had to extend my workshops to young men, as I found quiet a few of them interested in Kuwait,” explained Michelle, which is why this year a cast of seven male models debuted on the runway for the annual event. A percentage of the proceeds from this year’s event contributed to the support of male street workers living and working in Kuwait. At Iszonica, students have the opportunity to learn the art of walking in heels and flat shoes, elegant hand and body movement, walking the runway and other trade essentials such as how to pack a model’s bag for casting.

Most students of Iszonica, ageing 15 years and above enroll to build their self-confidence and poise. “I like to bring out the personality of my students,” says Michelle. Many aspiring individuals are given an opportunity to try their hand at modeling. Some see their calling and go on to pursue professional modeling. Michelle is the kind of person that sees beauty in just about everything. “I take all types of sizes and shapes, because again, it’s about bringing out the beauty in each individual rather than taking beautiful and projecting it to the world,” she explained. This simple ideology also extends towards the designers she selects for her fashion shows. “We put up things made from useable waste; model recycled products and people think in terms of possibilities in and around themselves,” she added. As Managing Director of Iszonica Modeling School, she is in constant interaction with people. “I am never quite sure who will walk through the doors,” she laughs, a very warm and friendly kind of laughter. “It’s both exciting and rewarding to see the improvements individuals make having completed a course – it is the most rewarding part of my job besides my love and passion for organizing and training models for fashion shows.” In Michelle’s own words: “I feel that life is not about being super stylish, but rather that individuals are comfortable and confident in their own skin. The power of positive thinking is important, as I believe that every thought we have has a direct impact on our reality.” I could not agree more!

For more information or to enroll for Iszonica courses contact: or follow their upcoming events and shows on Facebook/iszonica modeling school.


bazaar checks it out AMERICANA OPENS FIRST RED LOBSTER IN KUWAIT Red Lobster is famous for its delicious seafood menu that suits every taste. The secret behind its delicious taste is in its unique wood-fire grill technique that gives the dishes the perfect flavor in a great atmosphere and affordable price. Whether you like lobster, shrimp, Crab, seafood pastas or fresh fish, your best choice would be Red Lobster. at the Avenues Mall – stage 3 (Grand Avenue Red Lobster holds many international awards for culinary success, such as, “The Best Seafood Restaurant in America” and ‘The MenuMasters Award’. The first Red Lobster opened in Florida in 1968 by Bill Darden to offer his customers the best possible taste in seafood. Since then, Red Lobster has grown to more than 702 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. Darden Restaurants, Red Lobster’s parent company, recently entered into an agreement that gives Kuwait Food Company, Americana the franchise rights to share Red Lobster’s irresistibly delicious flavors with seafood lovers across the Middle East. The service industry giant also signed a formal area development agreement with Americana to further expand Red Lobster to the region. The first Red Lobster in the Middle East opened in Dubai in 2011, followed by Qatar and now Kuwait and Americana plans to open another 22 Red Lobster restaurants in seven countries, namely Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon. The upcoming Red Lobster restaurants opening will be in Arabella Mall in Kuwait.

I AM JESTER LAUNCH EVENT I Am Jester is an online board game store that lives to entertain. The website helps customers find what they are looking for by allowing them to filter through a variety of board games. Each game’s description includes number of players, duration, recommended age, genre, rules and general information on the game . Once purchased, the game is delivered to your home within 2 hours, making it perfect for game nights, family lunches, or even a day in the chalet. On November 12th, 2012 I Am Jester; the online board game store was officially launched in Kuwait. The launch event consisted of tables each with its own game and host to explain the game to the invitees. The launch was held in one of Kuwait’s upcoming and trendy design areas and the feel was that of a jester’ workshop. Invitees got the chance to move from table to table and try out the different games offered and sold on the website . To double the fun invitees also earned raffle tickets for every game they won and at the end of the night the raffle winners got a game of their choice. I Am Jester, fun delivered to your door. Visit it’s your turn to play.

GARRETT POPCORN SHOPS ARRIVES IN KUWAIT The Original Handcrafted Gourmet Popcorn Garrett Popcorn Shops, a Chicago tradition for more than 60 years, opened its doors at Grand Avenue at The Avenues mall this November to the delight of popcorn lovers across Kuwait. Every batch of Garrett Popcorn is handcrafted fresh throughout the day in old-fashioned copper kettles in the store using only the highest quality ingredients. The signature blend of kernels is hot air popped to fluffy perfection then folded into the secret Garrett family recipe, passed down three generations. The delicious range of Garrett Popcorn Shops® signature flavors includes CaramelCrisp® which can be selected with almonds, pecans or cashews, CheeseCornTM, Buttery, Plain, and The Chicago Mix - a blend of savory CheeseCornTM and rich, sweet CaramelCrisp. “We are delighted to open the first long-awaited Garret Popcorn Shop in Kuwait and excited to bring this unique popcorn offering to our customers. Our teams are looking forward to making a Chicago tradition into a Kuwait sensation”, says Russell Scott, Vice President of Food Retail at Alshaya. Garrett Popcorn Shops not only offers the perfect daily treat but also great gift options with their Signature Striped Tins, ideal for sharing, gifts and special occasions. Taste Kuwait’s newest sensation at Grand Avenue, The Avenues.


TEXAS ROADHOUSE DEBUTS IN KUWAIT AT GRAND AVENUE, THE AVENUES Alshaya and Texas Roadhouse open second Middle East location offering a taste of the award-winning steakhouse chain and its legendary food and service Texas Roadhouse, the popular American steakhouse chain, has opened its second Middle East location in partnership with M.H. Alshaya, a leading international franchise operator at Grand Avenue, The Avenues. The much anticipated opening of this famous restaurant offers people in Kuwait the opportunity to experience the Legendary Food and Legendary Service that has become synonymous with the name Texas Roadhouse. Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of M.H. Alshaya said: “We are very pleased to bring the region’s second Texas Roadhouse to customers in Kuwait. Since opening its doors in Dubai the brand has become highly popular dining destination and we look forward to repeating that success from its new Grand Avenue location at The Avenues. The launch of Texas Roadhouse in Kuwait supports our goal of providing the brand’s signature legendary food and legendary service to steak lovers across the Middle East.”

LIFESTYLE LAUNCHES ITS 1ST STAND ALONE STORE IN KUWAIT AT STAR MALL Lifestyle the market leader in home fragrance, recently opened its first stand alone store in Kuwait at Star Mall. The outlet above Max, next to Lulu Hypermarket covers more than 300 sq. meters and will provide customers with faster and more convenient access to a wide range of products. “The opening of this store is a part of Landmark Group’s expansion plans of not only introducing new retail brands into the region but also increasing the number of existing brands. As a group we try to reach out to our customers in every possible manner and are committed to serve them with the highest standards as we believe our customers deserve the best.” commented Saibal Basu, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Group Kuwait. Visit Lifestyle stores in Centrepoint – Salmiya, Hawally, Al Rai, Fahaheel, Kuwait City , Fintas, Sulaibikhat & Jahra.

BEAUTIQUE INTRODUCES CUTICLE OIL FROM JESSICA COSMETICS Phenomen Oil is a healing and rehydrating cuticle oil to heal and nourish dry cuticles and promote strong nail growth. Jessica Phenomen Oil is highly penetrative oil which heals and intensively nourishes dry cuticles and also helps to promote growth and keeps nails supple. Jessica Phenomen oil Key ingredients are: Vitamin E, jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Oil so it can be used on elbows, feet, knees and other areas of rough dry skin that needs deep moisturisation. Jessica Phenomen oil is available in two sizes, 7.4ml and 14.8ml. Distributed by beau-tique cosmetics international, call us on 2225 1285 for your closest stockiest.

BSK SUPPORTS BREAST CANCER CARE The month of October has traditionally been the month when funds are raised for breast cancer care. The British School of Kuwait has been associated with this most worthy charity for the past ten years. It was first launched in 2002 by BSK Sixth Form student Sandi Ismail and the baton has since been passed to successive groups of students culminating in a month long programme of events centred this year around Pink Tuesday 2012. The event was run by the BSK Sixth form students in support of the Hayat Foundation Kuwait. Afternoon Tea was provided by the Sheraton Hotel and the British Guides in Foreign Countries joined the BSK senior students to run stalls and games including a nail bar, craft tables, face painting and a host of fun activities for the young at heart. Much needed cool drinks were provided by Rausch drinks and Al Zayanni carcompany provided a pink London Taxi for photographs and a white London Taxi for trips around Salwa 1. Meantime an array of pink gifts including a much sought after designer handbag was raffled raising over KD2000 for this very worthy cause. BSK is pleased to lead the way in promoting social responsibility as part of its philosophy of education. 123

REPRESENTING Young advocate Hiba Arshad represents Kuwait at the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh, USA By Asra Arshad

Rightfully deemed ‘Young Davos’ by CNN, the One Young World (OYW) Summit is by far the largest gathering of young, socially-committed individuals with leadership ambition. The OYW Summit 2012 in Pittsburgh, USA spanned a period of 6 days and played host to over 1,200 delegates from 180 countries, ranking second in the number of countries represented after the Olympics. The State of Kuwait was represented by one of the country’s leading young social advocates, Hiba Arshad, who has for the past few years made the rounds with her ‘I AM CHALLENGE’ movement. Hiba was unanimously selected to represent Kuwait by the One Young World panel which also decided to offer her a full-fledged sponsorship as part of their initiative to bring forward youth from 100 of the ‘least represented countries of the world’. The summit was highlighted by the world’s most impactful luminaries, such as Former President Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who gave instructive talks on ways to improve the world and combat pressing issues in the areas of environment, interfaith dialogue, media, global health and international politics. Upon striking an intellectual exchange with Jamie Oliver, Britain’s celebrated chef and media personality, Hiba discussed with him the plaguing issue of disproportionate fast 124

food consumption in the Middle East. She, along with fellow advocates, devised solutions to tackle the topic of cheap and readily available fast food options and educating the public on the divine benefits of healthy eating and living. On another occasion during the Summit, she was invited to a light-hearted dinner with The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)- Pittsburgh Division. As Hiba’s activism predominantly centres on environmental sustainability, the young representative of Kuwait was given the remarkable opportunity to chair an environmental debate entitled “Should environmental protection be given priority over economic development”. Judging her experience and dexterity in providing solutions to global environmental problems, she was picked as a moderator for the debate which dealt with hard-hitting facts and subversive opinions of whether economic development should be given priority over sustainability and vice versa. When asked what understanding or ‘know-how’ was gained from moderating the contested debate, Hiba replied, “It was a great feeling leaving the debate hall with a stretched mind and taking into account everyone’s opinions. For a young girl from Maldives, environmental sustainability may be the most crucial of issues on the agenda; conversely an activist from South Africa could argue that economic development and racism should be tackled first

before seeking strides towards a greener future. Understanding the fact that issues are multi-faceted is the key here”. A young woman with versatile concerns and aspirations, Hiba also focused a large part of her attention on the issue of women and literacy at the OYW summit. In Pittsburgh, she had the opportunity to visit an NGO which facilitates women from impoverished backgrounds attaining further education. She spoke to several women beneficiaries of the NGO about the importance of education in their lives and how their lives changed after obtaining sound academic qualification. The OYW summit gave Hiba Arshad an opportunity to stand for Kuwait, deemed as one of the least represented countries in the world. “Although there are pockets of socially-committed individuals in the region, there is more that needs to be done. More youth need to become involved in their communities and come forward with their leadership capabilities because we have a wealth of potential in Kuwait and the neighbouring states”. A pertinent message that was resonated in the OYW Summit is that ‘Sometimes, youth and ignorance are a good thing’. Idealism more often than not, paves a way for change and youth in the Middle East should strive to acknowledge their power and work their way towards real change similar to the 19-year-old hopeful Hiba Arshad, a promising beacon for Kuwait.

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JUST EAT IT By Sumayyah Meehan

There are a lot of things that bother me. Some of my most annoying pet peeves include slow drivers, stiletto-heeled-shoppers who shove their way through a crowd and annoying text messages from people I barely know. Lately, however, I have become increasingly perturbed by a pet peeve that has only recently begun to take root in Kuwait. Granted, it has been around for years in small measure. Yet it has only recently blossomed into a full-blown annoyance. I'm talking about tableside food photography by eager-beaver, social networking enthusiasts in countless restaurants in Kuwait. They arrive at their tables armed and ready to shoot every glass, dish and plate that has the misfortune of turning up right under their noses. Some bring along their enormous point and shoot cameras while others rely upon their handy-dandy cell phone cameras. Regardless of the weapon of choice, these food paparazzi often begin their photographic onslaught by first photographing the menu. They soon move on to photographing each and every item placed on the table from the appetizer all the way through to dessert. Some of the tackiest ones go that extra mile and photograph a picture of the receipt. Most will go to great lengths to get that perfect shot. Some will arrange their plate in a more attractive way, perhaps balancing the cutlery off the edge. Others will stand up at the table and take multiple shots of their plate in 126

adorable poses. By the time they're ready to take that first bite, the food has grown cold. So what's the point of this bitter cycle of food documentation that results in a meal that is stone cold? It all has to do with social networking on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. These days, a meal just isn't a meal unless you can share your gastronomic adventures with all of your digital friends online. Now, there are several reasons why people choose to upload their menagerie of meal memories online. For some, it’s all about showing off. They want to make sure that all their friends know they ate at such and such expensive restaurant. For others, sharing their meal imagery online is just like a confessional where they seize the opportunity to show what a good eater they are by showcasing their healthful plates of tofu and vegetables ad infinitum. Similarly, others share their meals online as a means to showcase their poor or strange dietary habits. It’s a veritable shock and awe for them to share culinary delights like squid ink noodles or roasted snails. One might argue that these food photogs have a right to do whatever they please with their food, whether it’s photographing it or even wearing it as Lady Gaga has a tendency to do. However, I am not one of those people. Not only am I annoyed by the photographing food fetishes abounding in restaurants all over Kuwait, but it’s all I can do to stop myself from walking over to the photog’s table and screaming in their ear “JUST EAT IT!”


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Because he is late and in a hurry and can’t imagine why he didn’t leave earlier, he should have known there would be delays—how somebody’s grandpa is out exercising his dusty, dent-riddled stationwagon and thinks that driving and taking a stroll through Marina Mall is one and the same; how the line of stoplights conspire to click red, then green, then red, red; how the accident that is really not an accident has caused a long unhappy line of traffic as the two of them leap out of their cars, yelling and demanding patience, Sabr, and, “Why don’t you look where I’m going?” while their wives with children turn to watch flat-faced against the car windows, grinning, and all the while he and the others can only honk and listen to the argument grow louder, now softer, now bigger and louder, until, all done taking up the middle of the road, they leap back in their cars and roar away. And now this, this traffic stop. It is too late to take a side street, to backup, and so he settles into yet another line of cars. With police cars slanting across the roadway, flashing redand-blue lights, capped officers with pistols and sunglasses and cellphones lean into car windows to ask their police questions. Looking down at his watch, he is doubly late, but there is nothing left to do but sigh and edge forward—as if four or five centimeters will make a difference. Finally it is his turn but he has yet to unwallet his driver’s license, his papers; instead, he removes his sunglasses so they will see his blue eyes and runs a hand through 128

his blonde hair and waits for the policeman to lean into his window. Like always, it is over quickly as the policeman asks, “Britain, USA, what?” And he answers, “Yes, Nam.” The nam always helps, and with a laugh the policeman waves him ahead. As he pulls away, his rearview mirror tells him that behind him is a red sports car that glitters electric in the sunlight. So she is next and not in a hurry, not like the others who are drumming their fingers along the steering wheel, talking into cellphones, staring into the sky, up into apartment windows, but still, she is next, and the policeman decides to press his hand firmly on her red hood just in case she does not want to stop because she can’t see that this is a traffic stop and he is a policeman, etc. “License, please.” And she is surprised and must say, “Lahtha. Just a moment,” as she digs into her purse, finds it, and hands it to him. He looks long and hard at the square piece of plastic, at her picture, and now he turns it over, as if there might be something extra special on the back, saying he knows her family, more precisely, he went to school with what has to be one of her cousins, Sah, in Jabriya, with the same last name, “Perhaps a brother or cousin?” It sounds like a question, or maybe not. “I cannot remember his name, but short with long black hair, almost too long, and something was wrong with his thumb, too small for his hand, not even a thumb really. He lived not far from the Jabriya Co-op, this cousin of yours, Sah?” Of course she knows nothing about a cousin who

lives in Jabriya, but with this policeman waiting, who now has decided to smile, she shrugs and says, “Sah.” So, he is right and that helps, and now taking off his sunglasses to take one longer look at her, glancing one last time at her license, saying, “Mariam, is it?” Nam. More nodding on his part, and now pulling out his official notebook, he turns away to writes something. She asks, “It there a problem, officer?” “No problem that can’t be fixed,” he answers talking into his notebook. “I mean, you’re writing something, so I think there must be…” This is when her cellphone rings, not really a ringing but one of those Lebanese love songs, and she is quick to silence it. “Lah, Lah. This is my official notebook, and he holds it up to show her, and of course she has never seen an official police notebook but she nods as if to say, ‘Yes, that is an official notebook.’ “I am taking official notes, nothing more,” he reassures her. When he hands back her license to her, he says, “Mariam, your license is expired. Has been for three months. Usually, in cases like this there is a fifty KD fine. Did you know that? “No, I didn’t. I am sorry.” Meanwhile, the small white van behind her inches yet closer, almost touching her shiny bumper. There is a long wait, almost as if they are not at a traffic stop at all, but something else, something that has nothing to do with cars or policemen, or. . . but then he announces, “Khalid.” Another small wait, as she looks in her rearview mirror, at the three Indians behind her, in the van, frowning straight ahead, the driver with an impossibly long moustache that makes him look doggy sad, both hands on the steering wheel, gripping whiteknuckled. Finally, “Sorry?” “Khalid, that’s your cousin’s name. It’s been a while, high school and football, but Khalid.” She smiles and says, yet again, “Yes.” ‘Mariam, please renew your license.” “Yes, of course. Thank you.” She is not sure why the thank you, but it is too late to take it back, to reconsider, so she says it again, “Thank you.” As she pulls away—almost a little too fast for any traffic stop--she glances up at the mirror and sees the small white van with three Indians move in to take her place. The same laughing, understanding policeman wastes little time in wrenching open the door, and as she slows to watch, he claws the air, as if he is raking something unpleasant out of the front seat, roaring, “Etlaa! Get out!”


GUTS AND GLORY Director Martin Scorsese’s film heroes By Martin Scorsese

The legendary director picks his favorite cinematic moments of guts and glory.

The Best Years of Our Lives This is a picture about the heroism of coming home from the war, facing your loved ones and your job and a world that knows nothing of what you’ve endured. It was directed by William Wyler, who himself had served. The homecomings; Dana Andrews’s flier being soothed after a nightmare by Teresa Wright; Harold Russell (a real vet with prosthetic hands) calling on his father to help him into bed—these are among the most moving passages in American cinema. Bicycle Thieves At the end of this Italian neorealist classic by Vittorio De Sica, a young boy (Enzo Staiola) sees his father (Lamberto Maggiorani) scorned, humiliated, almost sent to jail, and then takes his hand and walks proudly by his side. In one beautiful moment, the son realizes that their roles must reverse and that, at least for the moment, he needs to look out for his father. La Promesse From the Dardenne brothers in Belgium, another story of a young boy (Jérémie Renier) who must grow up quickly. His loyalties are divided between his father (Olivier Gourmet) and the wife (Assita Ouedraogo) of a man who has been killed at their makeshift “hotel” for illegal immigrants. This is the story of a boy’s moral awakening, a spiritual suspense film in which a young soul denies what he’s familiar with and stands up for humanity—the dead man’s and his own. Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line Two very different pictures about the heroism of battle that came out in the same year, the first from Steven Spielberg and the second from Terrence Malick. Both films look at the question of heroism in war from a variety of angles (like the moment in the 130

Malick picture where Elias Koteas’s captain bravely refuses an order from his commanding officer, played by Nick Nolte), and both feature harrowing assaults on an enemy stronghold in which each soldier knows that he must keep moving forward and that he could be blown to bits at any moment. Two great modern war epics. The Searchers Near the end of John Ford’s now-canonical Western epic of time and space, John Wayne picks up Natalie Wood, his niece, for whom he’s spent the last 10 years searching. Along the way, she has lived her life among the Indians and become an object of hatred in his eyes. He lifts her by the arms, looks into her eyes, his hatred drains away, and he cradles her in his arms like the child she was when he last saw her. It’s one of the most stunning reversals in cinema. The Counterfeit Traitor I’ve always loved this picture, made by George Seaton with his producing partner William Perlberg, based on a true story about a Swedish-American oilman (William Holden) recruited by the British to spy on the Germans. In order to make himself credible, he must make a show of disowning his best friend, who is Jewish—the scene is almost as painful as the hairraising moment where his German contact and lover (Lilli Palmer) is executed before his eyes. The Bridges at Toko-Ri Another William Holden picture from Seaton and Perlberg (directed by Mark Robson), this time about coming to terms with the terrors of battle and the realization of mortality. There’s a moment when Holden’s flier walks to the end of an aircraft carrier deck and gazes off into the ocean—the framing, the music, the monumental aura of the scene, and above

all Holden’s anguish and loneliness tell you that this is a man who knows that he’s on his way to certain death, and that he has to simply accept it.   Rio Bravo Howard Hawks’s Western is a tense standoff between John Wayne’s sheriff and the gang trying to spring murderer Claude Akins from his jail, but it’s also a wonderful film about friendship and redemption. Dean Martin gives an extremely soulful performance as Wayne’s drunken deputy, and there’s a great moment when he almost gives in to the pressure of the situation and the physical discomfort of alcohol withdrawal before he empties the whiskey he’s poured back into the bottle. Diary of a Country Priest Robert Bresson’s adaptation of Georges Bernanos’s novel about a sickly young priest (Claude Laydu) who has just taken on a small rural parish is a study in spiritual fortitude: in scene after scene, the priest has to endure the brutal taunting of his parishioners, break through their defenses and fears, and speak directly to their spiritual condition. In essence, he’s a priest trying to do his job. The Leopard This magnificent historical epic, Luchino Visconti’s adaptation of Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s historical novel about a Sicilian prince at the time of Italian unification, or Risorgimento, represents a different kind of heroism. In the last section of the picture, Burt Lancaster’s prince realizes that his aristocratic way of life and everything that goes with it—the customs, the languor, the sensuality, the expansive sense of time—must make way for the future, a new world with different priorities. This is the story of a man who steps aside for history.


A PROMOTIONAL AESTHETIC ‘The View from the Ground’ By Niamh Fleming-Farrell

A barefoot girl cleans an alleyway. Two youths diligently study in a stairwell. Boys sit at desks in a cramped, poorly lit and low-ceilinged classroom. These are just some of the ways in which education is portrayed in “The View from the Ground,” the photo exhibition that opened at the gallery space of Masrah al-Madina in Beirut last month. Given the grim subject matter of some of the images, it is perhaps surprising to learn that the European Union-funded exhibition is in part a celebration of that body’s financial contribution to improving educational and living conditions in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps. International bodies that spend millions on projects inevitably want to document their progress and celebrate their successful completion. PR firms and communications departments labor to attractively package successful outcomes and achievements. This time, however, the EU and UNRWA decided to take a different approach to publicity, one that gives artistic license to just the beneficiaries of the EU aid. To highlight this particular EU-funded rehabilitation work, the U.N. agency responsible for Palestinian refugees hired Zakira, a local NGO that specializes in training youths in photography. Zakira, which has previously produced three exhibitions involving young Palestinian photographers, tapped the talent of 275 youths living in camps across the country, aged 12-20. Of these, 250 worked on images pertaining to education, while a group of 25 focused on documenting a new EU-funded approach to shelterrehabilitation in the camps. To reflect these groupings, “The View from the Ground” is divided into two divergent parts. Each photograph on the “education” side is 132

untitled and simply tagged with the artist’s name and his or her camp of residence. Without such prompting, however, one might be at a loss to identify the theme to be education. “Daily life” or indeed “child labor” might more readily come to mind as overarching titles for the collection. One image shows two young boys, hiding perhaps, in a rundown and overgrown building. Alongside, women sit on the floor working with vine leaves. Elsewhere there is a playful close-up of kids on a jungle gym. Other images don’t show children at all, focusing rather on adults. Then there are the pictures of children at work. A rotund boy wearing an apron carries a large coffee pot with the familiarity of a seasoned vendor. A slim youth crouches goggle-less as he works with a blow torch. A buck-toothed boy sells tomatoes and bananas in Ain al-Hilweh camp. A youth aids fishermen in Rashidieh. A girl goes about doing the laundry, while another youngster works in a bakery. One particularly thought-provoking image on this theme contains no human figure at all. Omara Shafaa from Ain al-Hilweh has taken a close-up shot of a workbench with assorted tools hanging above it. Some of the items – spanners, wrenches and so on – are missing, but a drawn outline of the absent tool indicates where it belongs. Intended or not, it is a strong symbolic nod to the positions young Palestinians believe they will come to occupy. “We wanted to showcase the [projects’] impact through the eyes of the kids,” UNWRA public information officer Hoda Samra told The Daily Star at the exhibition opening, explaining that the portrayal of child labor in the images is perhaps an indication of what Palestinian youths feel education yields.

It’s also notable that the pictures in this series which depict children actually engaged at educational institutions or studying tend to have female subjects. There are also very few images of kids at play. Rather than playfully mimicking the poses of movie stars and sports heroes, the subjects look uncharacteristically serious for their age. In this regard, Ahmad al-Hadi’s (in this context incongruous) photo of a young boy in a perfectly pressed suit and tie is particularly striking. Is this a commentary on what a serious undertaking education is? Meanwhile, Faiza Hamady Farouk from Taalabaya in the Bekaa Valley has captured the closest thing to contentment in the education side of the exhibition. A young girl raises her face to the sun, her eyes closed, her mouth curling but not fully smiling as she leans against a poorly plastered concrete wall. From her hand a small, plastic Palestinian flag hangs. On the other side of the gallery, a different approach is taken. Here the exhibition’s aim is to highlight the EU’s shelter rehabilitation project, under which a self-help approach was taken to aid families in renovating dilapidated and overcrowded homes. In this, 25 youths were deployed to take both “before” and “after” images. The exhibition comprises a selection of these before and after shots, displayed next to an explanation of where each structure is and what family it houses. The photographers are not accredited individually. With the stark differences between the before and after images and the introductions to the families who have benefited from the rehabilitation, this side of the show is an unquestionably effective PR tool. For some viewers, however, the best among this second set of images may well be the ones which capture other members of their team at work. In these we see youth standing and crouching, focusing their cameras and lining up their shots. They are hard at work. Indeed, they are showcasing exactly what Samra claims to be one of the main points of this exhibition, “To let the whole world know Palestinian kids are full of talent.”

NASSER SPORT (Italian brands)

‫الكاتب احلائر‬ ‫بقلم‪ :‬هديل المزيدي‬

‫حينما يختار الكاتب أن يخفي الجزء األهم من أحداث‬ ‫القصة ال أحد غيره يعرف أليس كذلك؟‬ ‫أو ال أحد يعرف أنه يعرف‬ ‫ُكتب في بداية النص‪ :‬هذه القصة مبنية على أحداث‬ ‫حقيقية ولم يُكتب "قصة حقيقية"‬ ‫رجل األعمال الذي يتخبط يمينا وشماال‪ ..‬قرر أخيرا‬ ‫أن يوثق سيرته‬ ‫هو ال يعرف أن الكاتب الذي أوكلت إليه المهمه يعرف‬ ‫الجزء األهم من الحقيقة‬ ‫"مهمة‪ ،‬كغيرها‪ "..‬صرح القلم مضيفا‪" ،‬يتحول إلى‬ ‫عمل سينمائي أو مسلسل درامي غير مهم‪ ،‬ما خصك‬ ‫أنت؟ فقط أكتب"‬ ‫الكاتب‪ :‬لكــن‪ ،‬بناء القصة سيختلف‪ ،‬وسيتعاطف‬ ‫العامة مع البطل بدال من أن يطوق بدائرة الجرم‬ ‫"كما تدين تدان" هكذا يرى الكاتب‬ ‫"إني مغلوب فانتصر" كما يرى صاحب القصة‬

‫يااااه من يملك الحكم‪..‬؟‬ ‫وكثير منا يستسهل إطالق األحكام‬ ‫أن تنظر لما حولك بعين االنثروبولوجي عين الحكمة‬ ‫أن تراقب‬ ‫فال يسبقك القرار ‪ ..‬السيما الجزم‬ ‫هناك دائما قطعة مفقودة في أي قصة‬ ‫وإن ظننت أنك ملم بالحدث‬ ‫ال أحد يعرف كل شيء عن أي شيء‬ ‫سر‪ ..‬يختبئ في قلب أحدهم‬ ‫سر يطول اعتكافه عبر السنين وكثيرا ما تجده ال‬ ‫يمانع عزلته‬ ‫وكثيرا ما يدفعه الكهف أن أخرج‬ ‫وحين يفعل‪ ..‬أن يخرج بعد استفزاز مستمر‬ ‫تتحرر األلغاز؛ وجدت القطعة أختها أخيرا واستكملت‬ ‫الصورة‬ ‫ظهر المشهد كامال‬

‫لن يستخرج إال بشق األنفس‬ ‫وسيظل هناك قابع‬ ‫وحده الكاتب يعرف مكانه‬ ‫فهل يجرؤ على كتابة النص بخالف ما يعرف؟‬ ‫لن تكون لها قيمة‪ ،‬وإن فعل أن كتب الظاهر من األمر‬ ‫فقط‬ ‫سيترك من وراءه بعض األدلة للمأل‬ ‫كأن ذاك المخبء يطل من وراء حجاب في حالة‬ ‫إنتظار؛ يطلب اإلذن كي يتحرر‬ ‫هناك دائما ضحية في أي قصة‬ ‫وقانون غير منصف‬ ‫وشبه حقيقة‬ ‫وكاتب مجنون دراما‬ ‫وجمهور يلهث وراء الفضيحة‬ ‫تبقى أوراق الكاتب في حيرة‪ :‬هل يتبع الظاهر من‬ ‫القول أم يكشف الغطاء لتظهر الحقيقة؟‬ ‫‪134‬‬


LYRICAL RHOTICITY Why do British singers sound American? By L.V. Anderson

For the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall, English singer Adele recorded a song with the same name. Though Adele speaks with a strong London accent, her singing voice sounds more American than British. Why do British vocalists often sound American when they sing? Because that's the way everyone expects pop and rock musicians to sound. British pop singers have been imitating American pronunciations since Cliff Richard, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones began recording in the 1960s. These musicians were largely influenced by the African-American Vernacular English of black American blues and rock and roll singers like Chuck Berry, but their faux-American dialects usually comprised aspects of several American dialects. Imitating an American accent involved both the adoption of American 136

vowel sounds and rhoticity: the pronunciation of r's wherever they appear in a word. (Nonrhoticity, by contrast, is the habit of dropping r's at the end of a syllable, as most dialects of England do.) Sometimes Brits attempting to sing in an American style went overboard with the r's, as did Paul McCartney in his cover of "Till There Was You," pronouncing saw more like sawr. Linguist Peter Trudgill tracked rhoticity in British rock music over the years and found that the Beatles' pronunciation of r's decreased over the course of the 1960s, settling into a trans-Atlantic sound that incorporated aspects of both British and American dialects. The trend also went in the opposite direction as new genres developed: American poppunk vocalists like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day took on a British-tinged accent to sound more like

seminal artists such as Joe Strummer of the Clash. Contemporary singers continue to adopt various accents according to their genre; Keith Urban, who is Australian, sings country music with a marked American Southern accent. A recent study suggests that the default singing accent for New Zealand pop singers utilizes American vowel sounds, even when the singers aren't trying to sound American, perhaps because today's singers were brought up listening to American (and imitation-American) pop vocals. Even when singers aren't trying to imitate a particular vocal style associated with a genre, regional dialects tend to get lost in song: Intonation is superseded by melody, vowel length by the duration of each note, and vocal cadences by a song's rhythm. This makes vowel sounds and rhoticity all the more important in conveying accent in song.


bazaar investigates LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE WITH MAX’S 2012 WINTER COLLECTION Winter is here and the temperature is dropping. Layer up and look fashionable this season by stepping into Max. Colour inspiration has come from our country heritage look, with autumnal shades of brown, camel, bottle green, rust, mustard and the key colour of the season, Berry Red. Monochrome is still on trend this season interpreted in classic greys and black with accents of soft rose pinks to lend a touch of femininity. It’s all about studs this season as is evident in the Military Grunge collection. Studs come in all shapes and sizes, from flat round ones to pyramidal squares. Bohemian styling also finds resonance in our 70s glam inspired collection. Jewel tones of tangerine, fuchsia and cobalt come together in this glamorous concoction. Key items for the season include casual jackets in cotton and corduroy, patterned plaid shirts in autumnal hues, vintage and washed hoodies, worn jeans, chinos, plain and patterned sweaters, preppy cardigans, striper and color blocked polo tees and utility styled shirts. Step into any Max store this winter located at Hawally, Fahaheel, Al Rai, Salmiya, Khaitan, The Avenues, Jahra, Kuwait City and Fintas to stay warm and very on trend.

PINKBERRY INTRODUCES NEW CARAMEL FROZEN YOGURT THIS WINTER The latest creation will give you a one-of-a-kind taste experience Pinkberry, the leading and innovative yogurt retailer, is introducing the new Caramel frozen yogurt just in time for the season. The flavor will be available starting November 29th 2012 across all 10 stores in Kuwait and 17 stores in the UAE. The new indulgent Caramel flavor offers customers a one-of-a-kind taste experience that leaves them craving for more. It can be topped with shaved milk chocolate and almond flakes or bananas and dark chocolate crisps for more flavor and crunch. All Pinkberry frozen yogurt carry the seal of approval from The National Yogurt Association in the United States and is made with real nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt packed with live and active cultures. It is loaded with calcium and protein, which help support a healthy immune system and may help regulate digestion. The fruit is freshly hand-cut every day, never canned or soaked in syrup. The new Caramel flavor will also be launched in KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco in January. For more information or store locations visit their Facebook page at

"‫مواهب إنجليزية جديدة في صالون "ذي كاتينج إيدج‬ ،‫ الكائن في السالمية شارع الخليج العربي‬،"‫ أعلن صالون "ذي كاتينج إيدج‬،‫في إطار السعي المتواصل لتقديم آخر الصيحات في عالم جمال وصحة الشعر‬ ‫مؤخراً عن وصول ثنائي من أشهر المصممين في المملكة المتحدة حيث انضم كل من جوليا بتلر وهانا موريس إلى فريق عمل الصالون الذي يتمتع بالخبرة‬ .‫والشهرة الواسعتين واستعدادهما لقبول حجوزات العمالء‬ ‫تلقت جوليا تدريبها في أكاديمية فيدال ساسون الشهيرة في لندن لتصبح بعد ذلك من أهم المدربات فيها إضافة إلى كونها عضواً في الفريق الفني‬ ‫ تتمتع جوليا بموهبة فريدة وحرفية عالية في فن‬."‫ شاركت في العديد من المسابقات وحلت في التصفيات النهائية لكأس "لوريال كولور‬.‫لصالونها في ليدز‬ .‫القص الدقيق للشعر كما أنها على استعداد لتقديم المشورة لضمان الحصول على القصة أو التسريحة التي تناسبك‬ ‫أما عن مشوار هانا المهني فكانت البداية في ورثينجتون وجيه دي كابيلو في ليفربول ومن ثم انضمت إلى "برنسيس كروز الينز" حيث جابت المتوسط‬ ‫والكاريبي كمصممة شعر مسافرة لتمارس بعد ذلك فنها في جزر الكايمان قبل اإلنتقال إلى الكويت في خطوة أقل ما يقال عنها أنها أسعدت فريق العمل‬ ."‫في صالون "ذي كاتينج إيدج‬ ‫ ويلال وأكاديمية ستاينر وهي موهوبة بشكل خاص في معالجة ألوان الشعر وتسريحات الشنيون وسوف يسعدها مساعدتك‬،‫تلقت هانا تدريبها لدى لوريال‬ .‫الختيار ما يناسبك من التسريحات األنيقة أو الحديثة للظهور بأجمل صورة‬

THE EARLY LEARNING CENTRE WELCOMES THE KHALEEJI FAMILY! The Early Learning Centre creates toys that ignite imaginations and encourage children to learn through play. Happyland, a range of characters and toys just the right size for little hands, has been one of the most popular ranges for over 10 years, since its launch in 2001. Now it has a new addition: the Khaleeji Family. With this new arrival, young children in the Gulf will be able to use their imagination to create a world of Happyland adventures that looks like their own! Director of Product Development Sarah Boyle says: “Welcome to the Khaleeji’s! What a wonderful addition to the Happyland family. Designed for small hands and inquisitive minds, Happyland mirrors the world we see around us with close attention to detail making it so charming. I particularly like the throne chairs. I'd love some for my house!" The Happyland range is suitable for children aged 18 months and older. There is a whole world of exciting adventures for children to create as they enter the imaginative realms of Happyland.


DESIGUAL KIDS Painting the world in colors Desigual Kids presents a cheerful and smiley collection along with the special new addition for the season, the Baby line. Desigual Kids extends its range to include the Baby line under the theme Born to be free. Bold and surprising outfits for babies, always 100% different. For little girls, Desigual offers three styles, Galactic, Romantic and Basic. Boys are dressed as graffiti artists or model pupils. Street Artist is inspired by urban, street and democratic art. The Brother line is a take on adult clothes for pre-teens who want to look older and are looking for clothes that set them apart without drawing attention in that stage of active discretion.

JUICY COUTURE PARTNERS WITH M/M (PARIS) FOR HOLIDAY New York, NY, October 27th, 2012 -Juicy Couture announces its partnership with the acclaimed Parisian art and design duo, M/M (Paris), on creating a limited edition silk scarf available exclusively in Juicy Couture flagship locations worldwide this November. The collaboration is among LeAnn Nealz’s most recent initiatives to bring new energy and vitality to the brand. “We’re always looking for unique and innovative ways for Juicy to explore new cultural and design elements,” said Ms. Nealz. “Our partnership with Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag of M/M (Paris) will create a uniquely‐Juicy, hip holiday vibe within our stores.” The limited edition “California Dreamin” scarf retails for KWD 23 and includes graphic design elements infused with bold bursts of color including pink, blue and red. The partnership will launch just in time for the holiday season.

MAKE UP FOR EVER REINVENTS LIPSTICK WITH AQUA ROUGE MAKE UP FOR EVER reveals its new addition to the Aqua Range with the new AQUA ROUGE, the ultimate waterproof liquid lipstick which leaves incredibly beautiful and plump lips under the spotlight. Available in 12 irresistible shades (Nude Beige, Rosewood, Chesnut, Beige brown, Pink brown, Red, Burgundy, Raspberry, Dark Raspberry, Purple, Light Rosewood), this very long-lasting waterproof lipstick with a dazzling color result provides perfect coverage for extreme sophistication and unstoppable shine. With its long-lasting texture and non-transferable properties, it guarantees permanently fixed color that does not bleed.With Aqua Rouge, two products come together for one sensual long-lasting result which every woman desires. It has a foam applicator to apply concentrated colour on the lips and a brush tip to add an ultra-shiny gloss finish. Step 1: The Lipstick. Its foam applicator helps colour lips precisely, leaving an intense, extremely high-coverage colour with a matt finish. Step 2: The Top Coat. Its transparent texture provides extreme shine and acts like a shield protecting the colour. It also provides the lips with a feeling of comfort.

BOOTS STORE WINS PRESTIGIOUS ‘INTERNATIONAL STORE OF THE YEAR’ AWARD Boots and Alshaya celebrate outstanding achievement The popular Boots store located at The Avenues has received global recognition for its high level of customer care. Named as ‘International Store of the Year’ by Boots International, part of Alliance Boots, the award was presented to the store team by Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman of Alliance Boots, and Ornella Barra, Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division at Alliance Boots, and Mohammed Alshaya Executive Chairman of M.H. Alshaya at a special in-store ceremony at The Avenues in Kuwait. Boots operates in the Middle East through a partnership between Alliance Boots, the international, pharmacy-led health and beauty group which owns the Boots brand, and M.H. Alshaya, the leading international franchise operator. Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of M.H. Alshaya, added: “This award is a reflection of the team’s hard work and its sustained commitment to success. Delivering great customer service and an exceptional in-store shopping experiences is at the core of Alshaya’s approach to business and it is a value we share with our partners, Alliance Boots.” 139

FROZEN IN TIME When James Balog set out to document decaying glaciers via time-lapse photography, he first had to build a camera that could withstand hurricane winds and temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. Balog talks us through the labor-intensive project—35 cameras were placed at 18 glaciers for more than four years—the results of which can be seen in the documentary Chasing Ice.

Why build your own equipment? I entered this project thinking I'd be able to buy this equipment off the shelf, but I let my creative enthusiasm cloud my knowledge base and judgment. The whole project turned out to be immensely harder than I realized. I had no choice but to custom-design this stuff. How long did that take? Six months, which was an unbelievably intense pace. I really felt history breathing down my neck. I knew the glaciers I had been at the year before were already going to be substantially changed. It was like, I actually couldn't wait any longer. What was the biggest challenge? The electronics, hands down. We were working with cameras that used rechargeable batteries, but we needed them to be powered for months, even years, at a time. So we had to get them to accept power from the sun, which was not easy. 140

How difficult was financing? By the standards of the photography industry, this is an astronomically expensive project. This is like going to the moon. Initially, we had money from Nikon, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and National Geographic, but now it's almost entirely supported by private donations. Does your camera system have a name? It probably should, and I probably should've patented it because it's been ripped off. I'm not complaining—imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm glad that digital-camera technology and big flash cards allow a lot of people to start thinking differently about the landscape. What inspired the project? We are at a decisive moment of really epochal geologic change right now. It's this gigantic reshaping of the biology, chemistry, and physics of this planet. These effects are primarily caused by the impact of human beings' burning fossil fuels.


bazaar movie night The latest from the big screen playing in cinemas across Kuwait in December




Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Cast: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins

Genre: Adventure, Drama Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain

Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller Cast: Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald and Navi Rawat

Synopsis: Five are shot dead by an expert sniper. The

Synopsis: Based on the best-selling novel by Yann

police identify and arrest the culprit, and build a slamdunk case. But the accused man claims he's innocent and says "Get Jack Reacher." Reacher himself sees the news report and turns up in the city. The defense is immensely relieved, but Reacher has come to bury the guy. Shocked at the accused's request, Reacher sets out to confirm for himself the absolute certainty of the man's guilt, but comes up with more than he bargained for.

Martel, is a magical adventure story centering on Pi Patel, the precocious son of a zoo keeper. Dwellers in Pondicherry, India, the family decides to move to Canada, hitching a ride on a huge freighter. After a shipwreck, Pi finds himself adrift in the Pacific Ocean on a 26-foot lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, all fighting for survival.

Synopsis: Arkin escapes with his life from the vicious grips of "The Collector" during an entrapment party where he adds beautiful Elena to his "Collection." Instead of recovering from the trauma, Arkin is suddenly abducted from the hospital by mercenaries hired by Elena's wealthy father. Arkin is blackmailed to team up with the mercenaries and track down The Collector's booby trapped warehouse and save Elena.




Genre: Adventure, Fantasy Cast: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage

Genre: Comedy, Drama Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro

Genre: Action, Comedy Cast: Miley Cyrus, Alexis Knapp and Joshua Bowman

Synopsis: An Unexpected Journey follows title

Synopsis: Pat Solatano has lost everything - his

character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain, first they must escape the goblin tunnels.

house, his job, and his wife. He now finds himself living back with his parents after spending eight months in a state institution on a plea bargain. Pat is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife. All Pat's parents want is for him to get back on his feet. When Pat meets Tiffany, things get complicated. Tiffany offers to help Pat reconnect with his wife, but only if he'll do something very important for her in return.


Synopsis: Miley Cyrus stars as Molly, a private investigator who chose to leave high school to work with her father (Mike O'Malley), a former police officer. Together their days are filled with busting cheating spouses and taking down petty thieves. However, her life unexpectedly changes when she is approached by an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven) to go undercover in the one place they're unable to infiltrate, and a world she knows nothing about... A university sorority.

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bazaar scopes


March 21 - April 19


April 20 - May 20


May 21 - June 21

Steer away from romantic involvement with a Gemini. They can often be good friends, but seldom make happy lovers. Exercise your right to speak your piece, particularly in a family or close business relationship. Avoid the error of trying to live someone else’s life for him. An excellent chance for you to shine brightly in your community could be offered to you.


June 22 - July 22

Maintain your self-respect by refusing to accept unearned money, even when someone attempts to thrust it on you. Home life could be more pleasant if you get rid of the idea that you are the boss. Learn to share responsibility with others and you may find the load is much lighter. Expect others, however, to do their share and then give them the freedom to do so.


Jan 20 - Feb 18


The good deeds of a friend may prove much more helpful to you in the long run than the flattering words of one who has his own axe to grind. Operate out in the open in romantic affairs as much as possible, because there are those who would like to have information about your affairs that could benefit them at a later time. A relative may need help.

A long vacation trip, possibly involving water, could be on the horizon for you. Take people at their word, but then make sure that they live up to it. Office procedures could be improved by some of your ideas if you will make the move to get them started. Look for correspondence or other messages from a long-time sweetheart, but be cautious in reacting to what seems like a sure thing.

July 23 - Aug 22

Dec 22 - Jan 19


Accept what can’t be avoided, but try to do it with a smile instead of a frown. Compromise is not always a dirty word and you might profit by adding it to your vocabulary. Physical exercise and improved health habits could solve a major problem for you, but don’t try diagnosing other people unless you have a physician’s license. Keep your head down and your voice low when it involves office politics.

Give serious thought to changing your lifestyle to make room for a loving and gentle Leo. Should you decide to do this, plan on a lengthy relationship, as this could be a very serious affair. In business, you could make a killing if you will just use your intelligence and make use of the knowledge that is common to all. Avoid self-indulgence and overdoing things in general for your health’s sake.

In planning a quiet weekend with your loved-one, make sure that at least one person knows where to reach you in case of emergencies. Job opportunities could abound for you now, but you might be wiser to stay with the one you have, as unexpected promotions could be already in the mill. Try to keep your social life to a minimum for awhile and get some needed rest.


Nov 22 - Dec 21


Good times are in store for you, both at the office and in your romantic life. Keep a smile on your face and avoid being cross or testy for no particular reason. In dealing with colleagues on a touchy situation, allow others to contribute, but try to keep your own hand in, as your experience may be needed. Check on a health problem without delay.

Let yourself go wild for a day or two. Indulge a few whims and spend some of your mad money. But don’t let it become a habit. You need a fling now and then, but you should strive to buckle down hard in between them. A good chance at a promotion or new job could be lost if you appear to be too much of a gadabout. Romance may be a little less exciting for a time.

Aug 23 - Sept 22


Sept 23 - Oct 22


Oct 23 - Nov 21


When collecting an old debt, it might be wise for you to make sure you pay one at the same time. Offer a young person the chance to benefit from your experience, but don’t be put out if they refuse it. A new love or the renewal of an old one could make your life brighter for awhile — but don’t depend on it lasting forever.

Feb 19 - March 20

what’s your sign?

Get up off your duff and quit wasting time. Your ability to turn out firstrate creative work has never been sharper, but you may not realize it because of sloppy work habits and an ingrained laziness. In romantic situations involving a married person, you would be wise to walk lightly and avoid becoming deeply involved. A close friend may call on you for help.

Stick to your guns if you believe in a cause and don’t let yourself be swayed with what some people consider “practical considerations.” In business deals, be cautious about signing your name or giving someone the go-ahead until you know all the facts. Romantic attraction to a desirable Leo could prove very exciting and it could involve a very long-term relationship.

source: 144



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Start this festive December with our Holiday issue of bazaar, filled with all things merry, we'll keep you entertained through the month of...

December Issue  

Start this festive December with our Holiday issue of bazaar, filled with all things merry, we'll keep you entertained through the month of...