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MBOO Available in Luxury Salons and Spas Distributors Kuwait & UAE Al-Shaab Al- Bahri- Block 8, Street 81, Ghazwa Building, Suite 101. Tel. 965.2265.3101 • 965.2265.3103 Email:

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In other news, have you all decided which beach club to join this year and have you found the perfect pretend ‘partner’ in order to take advantage of the couples discounts that most clubs offer? The choices are varied and there is something to fit every budget and lifestyle. One club is close to the beach, but doesn’t have a pool, or beach access and only targets hard-core fitness freaks. Another beach club is famous for an abundance of cigar-chomping, gold necklace-wearing older men, and of course let’s not forget the club that is famous for its members who love to wear heels around the pool along with fake ankle tattoos. Of course, if that’s not your scene, you could always do it old school, and pack up a cooler, to head to one of the many public beaches down south where the water is actually blue, and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous and almost deserted.

A. Al-Duaij

We can’t forget that Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and in this issue of bazaar we were lucky to find some fantastic businesses in Kuwait which pride themselves on being earth and charity conscious, so check out the H&M Conscious collection, the Tees being produced at Charitee, and also the Lalesso collection at Goji Boutique, where you can look stylish and help the planet. Now that’s fashion-forward! Also don’t miss reading about the gastronomic delights at Le Sushi Bar, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Jamawar; going up close and personal at the zoo with Tamara Qabazard; and bazaar team’s exclusive opportunity to speak to Chris “Douggs’’ McDougall at the top of Al Hamra Tower before he took the plunge.

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Another day, another restaurant, burger joint, sushi bar, or cupcake shop! Seriously, at the rate we’re going, I think bazaar is going to have to start offering all the employees free gym memberships, especially now, with summer around the corner. I had friends from out of town visiting last week, and we literally did not stop eating. Breakfast here, lunch there, and dinner somewhere else. At one point, one of the friends who has been on an eternal diet most of her life, looked at me, with a metaphorical tear in her eye, and begged me to stop feeding them. However, let me point out, that all these friends who visit Kuwait unanimously agree that the creativity behind the restaurants here, combined with the quality of the food, beats most, if not all, other Middle Eastern cities hands down!

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Starbucks Coffee (65 branches) BSK - Britsh School of Kuwait Cozmo - 4 branches Topshop Galleria Complex The Video Club Souk Sharq Energie Costa Café H&M Bredz Jacques Dessange Miss Sixty Airport Mall Häagen Dasz The One Café ACK (Australian College of Kuwait) AUK (American University of Kuwait) AUM (American University of Middle East) Boxhill College Marble Slab D’Lush Early Bird Café Harley Davidson Al-Kout Mall Centrepoint Café Johnny Rockets Pizza Express Al Corniche Club Kuwait Airways Oasis Club Shay W Nanaa Le PQ Cafe Boushahri Clinic Al Salam Hospital 4 x 4 Customs Ligne Roset Hard Rock Café Pilates & More Mowasat Hospital Camille Albane Dar Al Funoon I.O. Centers Cutting Edge Salon Dasman Diabetic Centre The Burger Hub Dunkin Donuts Waterlemon Café Supreme International Clinic Casper & Gambini’s Segafredo Cafe O Pao Cafe

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Our newest feature premiers just in time for summer! Mike Campbell, GM and Co Founder of Inspire Pure Fitness brings us the tools to succeed. This month, Mike talks about ‘free will’ and its pivotal role in maintaining a healthy fitness regime.

Living up to its Japanese translation (delicious) Oishii, is not to be underestimated in delivering an enjoyable menu filled with exciting options for fusion fanatics in Kuwait. From their signature Mini-burger Sushi to Cheezy Avocado Maki, expect a taste that’s purely Oishii!

For truth or dare, we’re introducing the young ambition and talent that is Aburrahman Sultan. A designer and aspiring entrepreneur, we fell in love with his T-shirt concept, The Charitee Store, which promotes positive messages that help out charitable causes.

Fatma Algharabally has an eye for innovation, which is why she’s our April Fashionality. Introducing Grain, she works with a global network of emerging designers with bright futures, as Fatma is all about upping Kuwait’s style scene to another level.

Socially responsible and environmentally friendly, Goji Boutique goes all out this month just in time for Earth Day with the latest arrival of Lalesso. Think Boho-chic, colorful Kaftans and vibrant skirts! Get your Lalesso from Goji and give back to the wonderful women of Kenya.

Chris McDougall p. 52





Veterinarian in training and all-around it-girlactivist Tamara Qabazard is an enigmatic figure that is constantly on the move. We go in for an interview amongst the animals at the Kuwait Zoo for this month’s up close and personal feature.

Authentic Indian cuisine served with a royal touch is now just a bite away. We check in with the people behind The Crowne Plaza’s newest dining sensation, Jamawar, to see how a traditional menu is new again with expert culinary techniques.








One local entrepreneur looks to inject a little life and a personal touch into the ‘home and accessories’ market by infusing her own talent and creativity into furniture to your benefit. We sit down with the owner of dar.nur, Noor Alzabin, to see what moves her.

The art of street fighting is alive and well in one local Dojo through a self-defence system whose popularity is on the rise. We go to the Kajukenbo Warrior Center of Kuwait to interview Mr. Fadi Barakat Diab and barely make it out alive.

If you are into cars then you probably already know about the style, power, and panache that is the Cadillac ATS. With the 2013 model now on the market, they prove how commitment to quality and constant innovation keeps a company on their A-game.

All the way from Beverly Hills, the world’s first original cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes, opens its doors at the Grand Avenue-The Avenues. Check out our review for more on the yummiest cupcakes that just touched down in k-town.

Pickles and peppers deep fried to Southern perfection are not all that is different about this new eatery- but it’s a delicious start. From mouth-watering burgers and with Canadian Poutine now on a local menu, you finally have a place for burgers, good fries and gravy!






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up close and personal TAMARA QABAZARD A zoo-keeping model activist By bazaar staff

Tamara Qabazard is an enigmatic person: an outspoken activist with conviction, passion, and poise, she speaks her mind with all the freneticism of a mind-afire. From her stint in ballet, to spokenword and writing projects whilst abroad, from fitness and aerial acrobatics to her frequent modeling campaigns, she is blazing a unique and individualistic trail about town. Most days though, you will still find her in her most beloved and prized role: in between cages at the Kuwait 22

Zoo, enriching the lives of the animals within. She will be the first to admit that her varied interests can, at times, come off as scattered. However, what seems to be more evident upon closer review, is a common thread, revealing a deep and loving spirit towards all things love, positivity, and self-expression— think less dilettante and more renaissance (Wo)man! As a woman in her field, she is a bit of an anomaly, as a Kuwaiti woman in her field—she may as well be Haley’s Comet. So rare are local women seeking the

degree and profession she is currently pursuing, that she has quickly become an influential and positive role model amongst girls with the similar passion and zest for animals. Were it up to her, she would spend more time with animals than with people: she loves their honesty, simplicity, purity, and directness. Her care for them is evident via her commanding presence as she walks around the zoo, perpetually on radio to various team-members to fix this, or come clean that; the proof is indeed in the details.

From on-line activist, to bottle-feeding pygmy goats in 3 simple steps, we attempt the impossible by trying to fit such a mystic figure into the confines of our monthly questionnaire:

bazaar questionnaire: What is your idea of perfect happiness? Achieving balance in life: With myself, with my

time, with my energy. (Editors note: a day later she re-replies, citing her later response towards indecisiveness as follows-it seems somehow important here to keep both answers). Actually- I think my ultimate happiness is just... simplicity. Random bursts of joy. Beach. Horses. Music. Dancing. Freedom. I guess that could be balance. What is your greatest fear? Failure. I know it is the last thing you should fear because it will inevitably consume you and you will

succumb to it, but I’m working on accepting not being the best at everything. It’s a process. I’m human. I wish I were a mermaid. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Indecision! I always want to do EVERYTHING. I think it’s the cause of my procrastination and why I can’t choose one word answers for any of these questions. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Ignorance. It breeds hate (which could also be self hate) and is definitely why we live in such a volatile world. Which living person do you most admire? I’m trying to find a way to combine my parents’ names without it sounding cacophonous (and let’s be honest, not causing drama!) Together, their traits make up the ultimate balance. But, if we are choosing outside of the family, definitely Nelson Mandela. I’m really bad at choosing. What is your greatest extravagance? My brain. Where else do you think my undeniable wit, free spirit, and obvious modesty come from? Which words or phrases do you most overuse? I don’t think any of my regulars are bazaar appropriate, but from the acceptable ones (Courtesy of my close friends): “Mako,” “Na3aaaam?!,” and “Imaaaagine!!!!”. When were you happiest? Ah, this is tough. I have many moments of happiness but I would say when I got my first horse, Mirage, on Dec 11, 2001 because it showed how much faith my parents had in me and how I was able to heal pain through animals by loving him and trusting him as much as I did. The second one was my acceptance to Veterinary School June 4th, 2012 (the day after the Madonna concert!) Which talent would you most like to have? I am quite multi-talented. I would love to develop more of my talent in aerial acrobatics though. Wait, does breathing underwater count or is that a super hero talent?! What would you consider your greatest achievement? Where I currently am in my Veterinary career and the direction I’m going in. Where would you most like to live? The Far East eventually. But honestly, wherever the animals take me.

Follow Tamara on Instagram: @qabazard. Or, better still, go to the Kuwait Zoo in Omariyah and visit the animals. They need your support! Call 2225 0345 for info. 23

what's on? DAR AL FUNOON 2012); and The National Day Exhibition/Workshop (2012); as well as many outside Kuwait including Milano - Kuwait Day Exhibition (Nov 2011); Alsharigah - Woman and Art Exhibition (2009); Alriyadh, (2007); and Paris (2006), amongst others. FA Gallery is located in Sharq, Block 2, Gulf Road, Villa 76, Kuwait. For more information please call 2249 8999 or visit: CONTEMPORARY ART PLATFORM

Artist: Halim Al Karim Exhibition Title: Eternal Love Opening: Monday 8 April at 7pm Exhibition Dates: Monday 8 April – Thursday 18 April Iraqi-born artist Halim Al Karim now divides his time between Denver, Dubai, and Colorado. His work is in the permanent collections of galleries and institutions as diverse as London’s Saatchi Gallery and Hong Kong’s Sovereign Art Foundation. In his own words, his “works dwell on the evolving mentality of the urban society. I am concerned with the ongoing and unresolved issues, especially as they relate to violence. I search through the layers of collective memory and my personal experience in that context. In this process the main challenge for me is to identify and stay clear of the historical and contemporary elements of brainwashing. Through these works I try to visualize an urban society free of violence. The out-of-focus images, sometimes rendered more mysterious under a veil of silk, imply an uncertainty of context, time and place. These techniques which have become the hallmark of my work are means to overcome the effects of politics of deception and, in turn, transform me and the camera into a single truth seeking entity”.

Exhibition Title: Tajreed Part I: A Selection of Arab Abstract Art Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 27 March – Monday 27 May

Dar Al Funoon is located in Kuwait City, Behbehani Compound, House No. 28. For more information please call 2243 3138 or visit FA GALLERY

Artist: Suhaila Al.Najdi Exhibition Dates: Saturday 23 March – Saturday 13 April. The award-winning Kuwaiti artist Suhaila Al.Najdi (BS in Fine Arts) has participated in many Art Exhibitions inside of Kuwait, including most recently JAMM Exhibition (Nov 2012); GLOBAL TRUCE (Sep 24

Under the patronage of the Minister of Information and the State Minister of Youth Affairs: Sheikh Salman Al Sabah, one of the biggest retrospectives celebrating and mapping the abstract movement in the Arab world, and featuring the works of 88 Arab artists during the Modern period. Covering artists born between 1908 and 1960, the first chapter of the exhibition presents a panorama of selected artists and artworks chosen for their abstract nature. The show sheds light on an artistic production that culminated over 50 years of Arab art, but needs to be revisited and further researched after 3 decades of oblivion and neglect. This exhibition is curated by Saleh Barakat in collaboration with Contemporary Art Platform.

CAP is located in Kuwait Industrial Shuwaikh Block 2, St. 28, Life Center. For more information phone 2492 5636; email: or visit


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what: This Wild Idea type: Theron Humphrey, photography editor’s note: Prepare to fall in love with Maddie

what: Blake James Designs type: Kuwait/UK design duo editor’s note: handmade fabric home wares and accessories

what: Global Aid Kuwait type: Charity editor’s note: Get involved with honorable causes

what: Kuwait Team for Global Warming type: Volunteer organizers editor’s note: Get ready for Earth Hour

what: The Ombey type: Awareness initiative editor’s note: Follow #qumoth ‘AMBEH’

what: Le Sushi Bar type: Japanese dining editor’s note: Don’t miss our full review inside!

what: Terra Garden type: Shopping, home editor’s note: garden + indoor plant solutions



OISHII SUSHI The restaurant rendition By bazaar staff

Starting off as a home based business turned delivery concept in the neighborhood of Shaab, Oishii’s development and evolution in Kuwait is a proud example of how small ideas can turn into great realities. With the recent opening of its sleek doors in the urbane district of Salhiya, Oishii presents the dinein rendition, a tribute to the restaurants flourishing success in the realm of innovative Japanese dining. Nestled in a quieter district of Salhiya, Oishii provides a haven away from the noise and bustle of the city. Minimalist and chic, one can enjoy dining in the outdoor area in comfortable wicker chairs, watching the occasional car whiz by while enjoying a complimentary refreshing cup of green tea flavored with locally grown organic lemongrass. If you’re craving a little more privacy, the design of the indoor area will leave you with 28

the view of the sushi bar, appetizing the senses even further. Envision an environment that’s loud yet unspoken, where muted shades of grey pop against the colorful dishes that arrive promptly to your table. After you’ve sipped on that refreshing lemongrass green tea, swipe through the digital menu on your personal iPad mini for a visually sumptuous experience. An eminent characteristic of Oishii is that its innovative menu is contemporary in both presentation and taste. Expect a classic Japanese rendition with a worldly twist, which makes for the perfect fix for fusion seeking diners always on the hunt for challenging their taste palates with new flavors. Deciding to sample Oishii’s take on fusion in full swing, we were eager to try the daring menu creations from appetizers to rolls. We tried out the Lollipop, an unexpected concoction of

Breaded rice with mixed crabsticks. Expecting to see a rounded lollipop, we were surprised by the appetizer’s artful presentation, the rice cake perfectly squared then fried to a delicious crisp, and the shredded crabsticks atop were bursting with a zesty marinade. Moving on to another Oishii signature, or as we like to call it, an American take on Japanese, enter the mini sushi burgers. Where the mini patty sits comfortably between two grilled sushi rice patties, dried mushroom, rocca leaves for an added crunch, and the everso-addictive sweet potato chips that could also be ordered individually to munch on between plates. Mind you, edamame is aplenty at Oishii, and dressed in garlic and spicy sauces as an option. However in the endless battle of potato versus bean, the sweet potato chips at Oishii are sinfully delicious, especially if you order them drizzled in spicy mayo and Teriyaki sauce! Fear not, you

can also get your fill on healthy salads, and we reverted to the classic choice of their Crunchy Salad, with mixed lettuce, crabsticks, avocado and crispy tempura for that addictive crunch. Moving on to the sushi rolls, we were equally surprised by menu creations like the Chicken Caesar roll, with breaded chicken and lettuce rolled in potato chips and cheese with a classic Caesar flavor, yet in the form of a Japanese roll! For the avid sushi enthusiast, we highly recommend both the Lava roll and the spicy mix sushi nigiri. Starting off with the Lava roll, it is presented as such, an impeccably constructed sushi roll with fillings atop that stream a trail of delicious diced salmon and tuna which expertly complement the crunchy filling of carrots, celery, spring onions, cream cheese and crispy bits. We especially enjoyed the spicy mix sushi nigiri, with salmon, tuna, shrimp and crabsticks, each piece drizzled

in a secret spicy sauce, where we sensed a hint of red pepper and enjoyed the crunch of fresh chilies that gave this menu choice an edgy kick. For vegetarians, there are plenty of other sushi rolls to suit a variety of tastes, including the Cheezy Avocado Maki with black sesame seeds that is both tasteful and filling. For the utterly hungry, we recommend you try out the special rolls at Oishii. We’re positive that the Godzilla will live up to its namesake and leave you satisfied; this special roll is a protein triple play with salmon, shrimp, crabsticks, cucumber, avocado, spring onion, tobiko, tongarashi and crispy. As far as Teriyaki fans are concerned, Oishii provides you with the option of grilled boneless chicken legs, grilled beef tenderloin, grilled salmon, succulent hammour, and our pick of deep fried shrimp. With a side of coleslaw to fill you up, you’ll also enjoy dipping the

sweet potato sides in the sweet Teriyaki sauce. Whether you choose rice or noodles to side with your Teriyaki choices, we highly recommend that you enjoy the Spanish twist of Oishii’s signature seafood Paella. Steamed or fried to the offering of your choice, all rice dishes at Oishi are sided with onions, potatoes, and mushrooms. If the craving of the day is noodle-centric, we recommend the Shrimp Yaki Soba, as the tangy sauce will expertly complement the crunch of the deep fried shrimp and sautéed vegetables.

Oishii is located in Salhiya, in Aljawhara Tower, for reservations, please call 6963 7195. Oishii also operates a delivery location in the seaside area of Al Shaab. For delivery please call 2264 4440. Log on to for more information and follow them on Instagram @oishiikw. 29

Real Flavors That Bring People Together

‫بطاطا تويستر‬ Chips and Dip 1.950 KD

APPETIZERS Share the happiness


‫بطاطا التشيلى‬ chili cheese fries 2.450 KD

lebees-Kuwait For Delivery 18 444 66 _Kuwait Applebees-Kuwait

For Delivery 18 444For 66Delivery 18 444 66 Applebees_KuwaitApplebees_Kuwait



trio-sized appetizers

for • only



BUILD A SAMPLER OF YOUR 3 FAVORITES ‫ســتيك كــــاســـاديــا تــــاورز‬

steak quesadilla towers


‫أجنحة الدجاج بدون عظم‬

boneless wings

‫ون تون تاكوز‬

wonton tacos

‫صلصة السبانخ والخرشوف‬

spinach & artichoke dip

‫تشيز برجر ساليدرز‬

cheeseburger sliders

‫أصابع الموزاريال‬

mozzarella sticks

truth or dare

CHARITEE Abdurrahman Sultan By bazaar staff

You can look fashionably good, but the definition of good is going to vary in this context. For the young entrepreneur and designer, Abdurrahman Sultan, design and fashion take on a whole new meaning with his small yet substantially meaningful startup, The Charitee store. As a young artist, Abdurrahman’s vision for The Charitee store grew out of his desire to help out local charities like Direct-Aid Kuwait, which focused on assisting children in Africa, building shelter, providing education and clothing, and to fulfill his passion to create meaningful design through his t-shirt designs. This is artfully expressed with intricate typography, messages that inspire, hand-written and digitized by the artist himself. When considering one of his earlier designs, ‘Kind’, filled with hand-written messages, reflects a subconscious desire to do good, and spread goodness all around and, as he stated, “searching for people who shared my beliefs.” From ‘Kind’, his desire to create high quality clothing that’s simple and accessible to everyone, became a primary goal. More designs closely followed, from a simple yet captivating ‘salam’ (peace) Tee to the most recent design that celebrated Kuwait’s liberation and independence, ‘Watan Al Nahar’. He adds, “Charitee is an organic development, where designs stem from a desire to spread a specific message or cause.” What’s better than a brand that actually operates on positivity and ‘good vibes’? As a small business owner, Abdurrahman faced many challenges to ensure that his vision was achieved using the best materials, yet he continues 32

to inspire. He’s always looking for motivated people to get involved with and causes to support. He states, “I love people who have a positive, spontaneous energy, people who wish to open their mind to embrace something good and help others, these are my fans and my core customers.” He personally advises anyone with a goal to pursue it immediately, “don’t feel pressured to follow a career path you’re not interested in. Do what you love, love what you do, and you’ll get there in the end.” How would your mother describe you in one word? Ambitious How would you describe your mother in one word? My Queen haha.... What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked? Are you Lebanese? What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Mountain Biking in Switzerland. What word in the English or Arabic language do you wish you had invented? Adventurous. Where would you like to live? I’d be satisfied with any beach house where the weather is beautifully moderate and sunsets last longer. What is your dream retirement location? It would probably be on a yacht with all the needs and wants aboard cruising the seas.

What is the first famous quote that comes to your mind? Imagination is the source of Creation / Do what you Love, Love what you do. What animal best describes the kind of partner you’d be interested in? A Lioness What do you miss about your childhood? Innocence. No racism, religious, or political persecution. Just understanding in this world. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I’d never change my name. It’s my privilege and honor that I’ve been given such an extraordinary name with great meaning by the only two most precious parents. How would you describe your handshake in one word? Firm. What is the toughest part of your character? Self-Reliant. Who is your favourite historical figure? Prophet Mohammed PBUH, he is my true idol, he preaches peace, love, romance, and how to be kind and humanistic rather than cruel, or greedy like self-centered people that support killing the innocent, stealing money, making poor peoples’ lives harder than easier. What in the world do you least desire? To be recognized for something I don’t deserve credit for. I’m a very just person that appreciates people’s rights. What do you think is lacking in the world, which if there was more of, would make the world a better place? Love, good intentioned people, supportive, open-minded, equal international education standards to all, humanistic personalities and thoughtful minds. Finish this sentence: “Happiness is a thing called…” It defines an appreciative person that is thankful to what he already has surrounding him such as family, friends, acquaintances, job position, etc. but if that person doesn’t feel the appreciation of such a blessing, I don’t know what else is there that’s worth being happy about.

Wait for the latest collection from the Charitee Store launching soon! Follow Abdurrahman on Instagram, @awsultan, check out The Charitee store @chariteestore, and view his design portfolio @i0518.


THE ART OF STREET FIGHTING Kajukenbo Warrior Center Kuwait By bazaar staff

As far as martial arts lure goes, you will be hard pressed to find a more compelling story than that of Kajukenbo: back in roughly 1947, five specialists in as many different forms of martial arts, get together in a secret plan to protect the people in the mean and dangerous streets of a Hawaiian hovel; they called themselves-The Black Belt Society. Sounds like the start of a movie, right? In actuality though, it was the birth of a new form of self-defense that focuses more on the utilitarian aspects of real world street fighting, without all the Kata’s or spiritual mysticism that surrounds the lineage of its many peers. It is also, by sheer virtue of being an amalgam, America’s first mixed martial arts: the name itself is an acronym for Karate, Judo/Jiu-Jitsu, Ken-po, and Kung Fu. Contextually speaking, as UFC and other such proponents of mixed martial arts has grown, it is amazing that we have not heard more of this sport. However, the primary reason for this seems to be as pragmatic as the self-defense system itself: they don’t compete. It is simply not that sort of an art form. It exists, for one reason only: to help you get out of a bind in the easiest way possible. It is often therefore seen as a more brutal form of self-defense. Here in Kuwait, its roots can be traced back to approximately the early 90’s. We recently sat down with Fadi Barakat Diab (2nd degree black belt) for more information on how this self-defense system arrived in Kuwait: 34

When did Kajukenbo arrive in Kuwait? Kajukenbo was introduced to Kuwait in 1993 by William Beaver (6th degree black belt) via the Black Belt Institute. The school was handed down to one of his black belt students, Ahmed Zakaria Hussein, God Rest His Soul (4th Degree Black Belt). Sensei Ahmed ran the school from 1998 to January 2010. The Black Belt Institute was the only Kajukenbo school in Kuwait (and the Middle East) for all this time. How did the Kajukenbo Warrior Center start? Sensei Ahmed ran a big school with many students and many successors. After his unfortunate death, the school closed for a short while, in mourning. His death caused the spread of the successors. A few stopped practicing, while others continued (the original school remains and is led by qualified trainers). One of those who continued was Sifu Saleh (4th degree black belt). The Warrior Center started under the leadership of Sifu Saleh, with me, Marwan Al Moosa, and a few others that came from the old school. We opened our doors on February 13, 2010 at the dojo in Al Arabi Club. How did the KWC start moving towards the Koshu ryu version of Kajukenbo? All the black belts in Kuwait were of the same rank at the time. They also all graduated under the late Sensei Ahmed. There wasn’t much room to move up. That is when we started researching Kajukenbo world wide to determine which would

be the best model to progress towards. Around this time, Grand Master Ortega caught our attention (9th degree red belt with the title of Professor), so we got in touch. We now practice Kajukenbo - Koshu ryu under the Advanced Kajukenbo Self Defense System led by Grand Master Jose “Cherry” Ortega (Father) and Grand Master Nataniel Ortega (Son). The basic techniques are roughly all the same regardless of the style and branch of Kajukenbo. Once a student reaches the first degree and above, however, that is where the styles somewhat differ. We start to learn defense against multiple hits and multiple attackers. Some masters have included an emphasis on Ken-po, some on Aikido and we follow Koshu Ryu. For those in the market for a no-nonsense selfdefense system, this seems a promising one. The students in this class enjoy a spirit of camaraderie and welcome all ages and skill levels. Interviews with multiple students and Nathaniel Ortega all proved to impart not just a love for Kajukenbo, but a genuine ardor for the little slice of combat heaven they have all built together. Located at Hassan Abul Stadium, Dasma, facing Dasma Co-Op. Regular classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm for children (ages 4-14/15), and 7:00 8:30 pm for adults. For more info, find Kajukenbo Warrior Center Kuwait on Facebook or email:


A HAND PICKED HOME Distinctly dar.nur By bazaar staff

When you first step into the store dar.nur in old Shuwaikh, you get the feeling that you are entering a small and warm boutique come art space. Artistically, it has all the appeal of 36

a museum, without the stuffy pretense. Loud and bright colors mix with textures of various shapes and sizes with the lure of well-crafted and individual one-off pieces of furniture and

accessories alike. Given that the name of the store translates roughly to “Noor’s Room,” it is no wonder that it comes off as an authentic and sincere labor of love. To talk to Noor Alzabin, the owner and proprietor of this now 6 year-old concept, is to instantly understand why the store flows outward as it does. It is so personalized as to her own unique vision that it may as well be her home. If the store sounds familiar, you may have seen previous iterations at Seven Zones design space, or elsewhere. However, at this new location since April of 2012, you get the feeling that they have found their proper home. A store with the rare and calming effect that might lead you to forget you are shopping altogether and find yourself more apt to think you are ravaging through a friend’s treasure trove of things you want to borrow. As a former investment manager that “did the 9-5 job thing for too long”, she says smiling while overlooking the showroom, she sees her store as an “answer to a creative calling.” It is easy to see why. An artist herself, she handpicks every piece that comes into the store to suit her own varied style and tastes regardless of what fashions and themes may be trending or in vogue at present. Additionally, there are several pieces that she designs herself for local manufacturing here in Kuwait. She sees the store itself as a platform for her to express herself creatively via design. The leap of faith that she took upon leaving the business world several years back now, continues to pay off via this self-expression and a happy, and often returning, clientele. Noor resists the temptation to classify her clientele. She hesitates to pin down her customer type by price range: products here range from hand crafted organic French soaps from the last remaining family owned shop in Provence and priced at a remarkably reasonable 250 fills, to the High end 5000 KD custom or antique furniture piece. She additionally hesitates to pin them down by style: from the Plexi trays that are her own brain child, to the custom buttons, cards, and books made by various small printing houses, there is something for everyone. However, a closer reveal does seem to define who the customer is not: they are not the people who are looking for the mass produced items that plague so many living rooms these days. Part of this is at least partially a direct result of how she chooses to do business: she prefers to deal directly with manufacturers or artists themselves so that she is able to better guarantee quality, consistency, and originality. When asked about any inherent risks to this business model she says that, “there are already enough safe options out there in the market.” She

wanted to answer that by offering pieces that allowed for more personality infused into them, and simultaneously demanded a greater appreciation of the work of artisanal craftsman. To this point, she says that she “likes pieces that have someone’s blood, sweat, and tears in the item, rather than just the normal high-rate and lifeless manufactured stuff.” Thus, the handmade and recycled papers, which purposefully show the imperfection in the grains of the paper, or the antique furniture that may show some stress, come to serve as warriors of a different sort of home battle altogether—the battle for a homes’ soul. Additionally, the antique offerings, hand stitched fabrics, and collaged artwork, will all again show evidence of hand made work. Far from being flaws, this is where the personality and unique voice of a piece begins to

be heard. Noor further reiterates this in stating that she believes “every piece should tell a story.” As for the success she has seen so far, she adds “there is a nice comfort about just letting the business grow organically,“ as long as she is able to continue doing so, she will. That is one measure of success. She says that “some even come in and just seem to enjoy the experience of being in the shop and admiring the pieces-that is ok by me too.” It is also worth mentioning that they are the sole distributor of work done by artist Ghadah Alkandari, in Kuwait. If you have not previously seen her variations on figure work-which is beautifully reminiscent of Modigliani without being in any way derivative- you really must. Her pieces are quite striking and should be a welcomed addition to any home.

When it comes to how she runs her business, she says she tends to follow her gut, and uses “a lot more heart than head.” She has always had a clear idea of what she wanted to offer. And, although she finds that more similar stores have spouted up since, she loves and believes in the competition, which of course shows confidence in the difference that they are offering. If you are looking for a custom gift or look to your home that is artsy whilst remaining sophisticated and chic-head to dar.nuryou won’t be disappointed.

dar.nur is located at the Lilly Center in Old Shuwaikh. Reach them by phone at 2491 5758. Find them online at or see up-to-date custom pieces on Instagram @dar.nur. 37



Goji's Pick A Lalesso summer By bazaar staff

Ladies: get ready for a carefree summer with Lalesso, brought to you by online fashion haven, Goji Boutique. Oh, and when we say carefree, we mean always being responsibly chic, and ethically fashionable, not just in time for Earth Day, but wherever the summer sun may take you. Formed by co-designers Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser, who both happen to be children of Africa, having grown up on the stunning Lamu Island off the north coast of Kenya, the design duo were inspired by its beautiful fabrics since birth. Driven to harness the esoteric beauty of the East African khanga, also known as lesso, Olive and Alice created a 40

new vibrant and carefree summer oriented brand that also gave back to their homeland. Despite Kenya’s abundance of raw talent, inspiring design aesthetics and amazing population, over 50% of its people live below the poverty line; this drove the co-designers to form a brand that encourages employment with a fair wage to help the locals improve their standard of living. In 2009, Lalesso partnered up with SOKO, another brainchild courtesy of Alive and Olivia. SOKO is now an independent, charity based, eco and ethical clothing production unit that supports local talent and provides employment to Kenyans. Lalesso, as well as many other international designers, now use SOKO for all their garment

production. They can be found at Lalesso further supports the environment by having become one of the first totally carbon zero fashion brands in the world today. Carbon Offsetting is the practice of reducing emissions through a carbon-saving project in order to balance out emissions from a given source. Carbon Offsetting works by investing funds to absorb or prevent the emission of a tonnage of CO2 equivalent to the client’s unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. This is done by investing in projects that save energy emissions or that absorb atmospheric CO2. Lalesso carbon offsets through the company CO2

Balance, an award winning and dedicated company that not only uses it’s effort to make an impact on the environment but also takes measures to make a social impact on East African communities. As part of Goji Boutique’s charity ranges on offer, the arrival of Lalesso’s latest collections brings us amazing designs to complete your summer wardrobe. Think: flowy dresses in amazing graphical prints, boho-chic, sarongs, kaftans and scarves, and maxi skirts for maxi-mum impact all summer long! Help a worthy cause, do like Goji, and shop the Lalesso collection online! Shop the Lalesso collection at:


SPRINKLES CUPCAKES The original cupcake bakery from Beverly Hills By bazaar staff

When we mix in a legacy of exquisite baking skills by the queen of cupcakes herself Candace Nelson and husband Charles, immeasurable passion, and a whole lot of guts and courage to launch a cupcake store during the peak of the South-Beach-Diet frenzy, Beverly Hills stars embrace Sprinkles Cupcakes with open arms, inspiring celebrities and epicureans alike. Only a few years later since launching, we welcome the house of haute cupcakes with a grateful smile, as our k-town gets extra lucky with the opening of the first Sprinkles Cupcakes outside of the US. Recognized as the world’s first original cupcake bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes is credited with starting the “cupcake craze”. Founder Candace Nelson chose to go back to the basics with a scratchbased cupcake policy, a natural extension of her great grandmother’s legacy who was renowned for the inimitable desserts she created—pure, delicious, uncomplicated pastries. The result is an uncompromising taste, hand-crafted with the world’s finest ingredients that shine through with every scrumptious bite. Arriving at the Grand Avenue - The Avenues, in full Sprinkles fashion, the store’s intriguing facade, in this editor’s humble opinion, is a delightful artistic tribute to the traditional cupcake; minimalist, clean, with the main focus on the star item, the gourmet cupcake. Without reading the graceful 42

sign, passersby might even dismiss the notion that here lies a fully operating cupcake bakery where all products are made on site from start to end; only to stop by and admire the super sized colorful circles ‘sprinkling’ the exterior for its upscale design. Upon a friendly introduction to the store, however, you will come to learn that these circles represent the dots that signify each delicious flavor of cupcakes that you will instantly love and always remember at Sprinkles. It is an award-winning design palette that showcases raw materials and that alone, with elements of playfulness and joy that is the Sprinkles experience and taste. Sprinkles deliver this definition of the gourmet cupcake by using only the freshest ingredients, and this truly shines with the flavor of each bite taken. From sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla, fresh bananas and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests, the cupcake base, or the cake alone will constantly impress. Each cupcake is baked with love and care, expertly frosted with a spatula, rather than a piping bag, to deliver that homemade feel to a gourmet treat. The cupcakes are baked fresh in small batches throughout the day, and contain no preservatives, trans fats, or artificial flavors. Upon entering the store, you may consult the neat cupcake menu behind the service counter, where the modern cupcake dots tell you which flavors are available

any given day. To make your life easier, feel free to consult the daily flavor card! Certain delicacies like orange, banana (where this editor lucked out to try on the day of her visit—the dark chocolate cream frosting heavenly compliments the rich texture of the banana base) are available on certain days to make for a fun rotation of flavors. From the abstractly designed chairs suggestive of cupcake liners, that also happen to be surprisingly cozy, to the Hollywood inspired floor tiles celebrating Sprinkles signature flavors, a visit to the world’s original cupcake bakery is a delight to the senses. To enjoy your Sprinkles fix to go, choose from the various types of enticing packages on offer that suit different kinds of events. From small single cupcake boxes that are great for party favors, the chic assortment box that fits a dozen pieces, to bright cupcake stands that hold up to two or three dozen pieces, Sprinkles has your event covered. You can even buy a ready cupcake mix from your favorite flavors to bake at home, you just have to brave it on your own and make the frosting to go along with it, and the cupcake mixes even come with their signature dots to highlight the flavor of your at-home batch. Sprinkles Cupcakes is located at the Grand Avenue - The Avenues. For more information, please call 2228 3192 or visit sprinkles-cupcakes/.

‫* تطبق الشروط واألحكام‬

‫ت ـ هـ ‪2013/881/‬م‬

‫لمزيد من المعلومات تفضل بزيارة موقعنا ‪‬أو اتصل على ‪ 1811118‬لتجربة قيادة ‪.Audi A5‬‬

‫‪ 5‬سنوات\‪ 105,000‬كم خدمة صيانة مجانية ‪ 5 -‬سنوات كفالة غير محدودة الكيلومترات مجانية ‪ -‬خدمة مساعدة على الطريق ‪ 24‬ساعة‬

‫‪ 13,695‬دك‬

‫ابتداء من‬

‫‪Audi A5‬‬

‫مجموعة ‪ Audi A5‬تتحدث بلغة قل مثيلها‪ .‬فمثال‪ Coupé ..‬تعبر عن روعة التصميم الرياضي‪ Sportback .‬تجسد كل ما هو عملي‪ ،‬بينما ‪ Cabriolet‬تفتح امامك ابواب الحرية‪.‬‬ ‫ومع توفر باقة من المحركات القوية ذات الكفاءة العالية‪ ،‬وخيرات عديدة من التجهيزات والمواصفات‪ .‬ترقى مجموعة ‪ Audi A5‬لتمنحك جرأة التعبير‪.‬‬

‫‪ Audi A5‬تمنحك راحة البال‬ ‫مع خدمة صيانة ‪ 5‬سنوات وكفالة لمدة ‪ 5‬سنوات مجان ًا‬


bazaar goes dining LE SUSHI BAR Exceptional Japanese gastronomy By bazaar staff

From Beirut’s uber chic Achrafiya district comes the crème del la crème of Japanese dining that is Le Sushi Bar, now serving its upscale concept at the luxurious Hamra Tower. Perhaps in this case a location of a given restaurant should speak miles about the quality dining to be expected, and Le Sushi Bar does exceed all expectations in delivering an inimitable dining experience in an opulent ambience. We highly advise visitors to deviate from dining in the traditional sense, following a uniform flow of starters, appetizers, and desserts. Instead, go for a mix of items from Le Sushi Bar’s extensively varied menu, from small plates, on ice selections, kitchen specialties, Ura Maki heaven that promises a rich blend of innovative maki rolls, Temakis, special sushi’s and mouthwatering sashimis. Whether you choose to sit by the Sushi Bar, observing the talented chefs 44

prepare the mouthwatering Maki rolls, or in the rustic lounge seats set in shades of auburn and deep mahogany brown, Le Sushi Bar emanates with a warmth that makes you feel instantly comfortable, calmly expecting an orchestrated production of flavors to ensue. A friendly note from the staff, your chosen dishes will be brought to your table upon readiness, ensuring a steady flow of delicacies that doesn’t take away from the careful talent required to prepare each and every dish. Offering a contemporary Japanese menu, traditional elements are elevated to another level of bountiful flavors using quality, imported ingredients that shine through with the addition of certain fusion dishes. The tuna dishes we sampled, for instance, used some of the tastiest tuna we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying in town. We were later informed that this special Tuna comes all the way

from the Mediterranean Sea and is called Little Tunny, a variation of ‘little tuna’. Our Tuna and Shiitake tartar arrived firstly, served in a beautifully crafted ice mold, the freshly diced tuna, mixed with the nutty textures of shiitake mushroom and sesame oil made for an amazing delight to start off with. The simple idea of serving the exquisite tuna meat in a frozen platter is genius; it remained chilled for the remainder of our dining experience! Offsetting this cool delight comes the hot and spicy Edamame in chili garlic sauce. With this regular favorite, expect more of a heat rather than a kick of spiciness. Amidst us digging into the Edamame, a refreshing frozen ginger flavored Margarita also arrives at our table, followed by the Seabream with spinach salad. An enlightening culinary delight, this salad is artfully prepared with carefully placed spinach leaves, crispy sheets, the wonderful seabream,

along with fish roe and a zesty lemon dressing. A secondary selection promptly follows suit, including the unique Ark Shell Ura Maki, Salmon Crispy Ura Maki, along with a piping hot plate of baked snow crab. A Japanese delicacy, also known as the red clam, the Ark Shell Ura maki is expertly constructed with diced granny smith apples, flying fish roe, wasabi and lemon, spring onions, togarashi, Chives wrap, mix cress topping and a wasabi jalapeno dressing. Truly innovative, the blend of textures on this wrap is unlike anything we’ve sampled before. The baked Snow Crab also famously stood out, as we sensed a hint of a French twist to the creamy, albeit spicy sauce and chunky pieces of fresh crabmeat. The end result though is undisputed; we’re surely ordering this plate again. Speaking of fusion, you will be astonished by the addictive Fois Gras Ura Maki: tempura fried fois

gras with shiitake mushrooms, grapes, and a red cress topping with sweet miso dressing. Strange, but sensationally delicious! Another fusion creation includes the grilled lamb in miso butter, the miso giving the tenderized lamb a wonderful edge. If that doesn’t satisfy the adventurous gourmand within, then we recommend the seared tuna on spicy salsa that is wondrously untraditional, who else but these culinary gurus can think of chilies, lime and cucumbers to compliment that amazing tuna? Before we ended our Le Sushi Bar experience with dessert, we also tried some traditional specialties, including an expertly prepared Salmon Kimchi, delicately sweet, along with a gloriously soft and supple caramelized black cod with a sweet miso reduction, and shrimp tempura with a creamy spicy sauce. Dessert at Le Sushi Bar is a sinuous foray of gourmet charms. A rich chocolate fondant along with

fresh vanilla bean ice cream, the chocolate not too sweet, yet deeply indulgent, will definitely end your meal at a high note. Or, if you fancy something fruity, the red fruit crumble, with mixed berries and tropical mango, will effectively have you mixing it with the melting chocolate fondant, creating an unforgettable mélange of sugary glee. After an exquisite evening, it’s no wonder that Le Sushi Bar is still an award winning culinary sensation in Beirut. Ever since its inception in 1998, this pioneer in the field of Japanese cuisine has proven, time and time again, that innovation and perpetual progress are core elements of this establishment’s vision. Le Sushi Bar is located on the second floor in Al Hamra Luxury Center. For reservations please call 2227 0300, and like them on: 45



bazaar music




Four years after the critically-acclaimed Safe Trip Home became Dido’s third platinum seller, taking her to an astonishing career total of 29 million albums sold worldwide, London-based recording artist and songwriter returns with her fourth album. And it’s no exaggeration to say that Girl Who Got Away might just be her finest record yet. These are the songs of defiance, hope and heartbreak to make the planet fall in love and connect with Dido all over again.

Depeche Mode announced the release of their highly anticipated 13th studio album, entitled Delta Machine, on March 26th worldwide. Alongside a standard CD format, Depeche Mode will release Delta Machine in an exclusive Deluxe Edition with four additional new tracks. Martin Gore said of the release, “Writing this album was incredibly daunting as I wanted the sound of this collection to be very modern. I want people to feel good about listening to this record, to get some kind of peace. It’s just got something magical about it.”

“You’re only as good as your worst song,” says OneRepublic’s front man and chief songwriter Ryan Tedder. Not that he knows anything about writing a dud. The 30-year-old born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has obsessed over the art of pop music for more than a decade. Native is the upcoming third studio album for the American alternative rock band. Feel Again, was released as the lead single of the album with a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the single donated to Save the Children’s Every Beat Matters campaign to support training frontline health workers around the world.




2013 release, the third solo album from the Grammy and Emmy winning Pop superstar, actor and former member of N*Sync. The 20/20 Experience is the long-awaited followup to his album FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006). The album, released on March 19th via RCA Records, features collaborations with producers Timbaland and Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon as well as a guest appearance from rapper Jay-Z on the album’s first single ‘Suit & Tie’.

2013 album from the legendary Rock chameleon, his 30th studio recording. The album was announced on Bowie’s sixty-sixth birthday. It will be Bowie’s first album of new material in ten years since 2003’s Reality. Throwing shadows and avoiding the industry treadmill is very David Bowie despite his extraordinary track record that includes album sales in excess of 130 million; not to mention his massive contributions in the area of art, fashion, style, sexual exploration, and social commentary. The first single off the album is the ballad “Where Are We Now?” Deluxe digipak edition includes three bonus tracks.

Perhaps no rapper of the social-media era earned a better return on investment than A$AP Rocky. In 2011, with just a pair of videos — “Purple Swag” and “Peso” — the Harlemite became the instant poster boy for post-regional, post-generational hip-hop. Fusing the fashion of ‘90s West Coast rap with the sonics of ‘00s Southern rap (and the swagger and fog of ‘10s Internet rap), the clips slowly racked up millions of views across the coolkid blog network, earning Rocky a (reportedly) million-dollar deal with RCA/Sony.

by Dido

by Justin Timberlake


by Depeche Mode

by David Bowie

by OneRepublic

by A$AP Rocky


# Bats always turn left when exiting their cave


The Mall, The Avenues 2220 0688 Discovery Mall 2291 3672

always something to learn

THE 7 GATES OF PHI The only constant is change By bazaar staff

Sharif Maghrabi tackles the journey of selfdevelopment through his new book, The 7 Gates of PHI (Progressive Human Integration): Knowledge, inspiration, and key applications for the journey of self-development. A notion that is much easier said than done, the inspirational author tells us more about this enjoyable read and simplifies life’s lessons into easy and applicable examples. Given these tools, wouldn’t you feel motivated to immediately change your life? Why is the journey of transformation subjected to seven gates? Does the number 7 hold any personal significance to you? While earlier considering the overall concept of the book, I was trying to formulate a message to define what I felt were the different stages of the journey of self-development. I wrote down key concepts that I felt represented the key milestones in the journey - self, mind, body, heart, people, time, and change. I then realized that they were ‘7’ gates, noticing that the number seven is actually quite significant. There are seven days in the week, seven chakras, seven deadly sins; seven colors in the rainbow, seven base metals, seven ‘heavens’ and the list goes on…. The cover of the book is designed to represent the awakening of consciousness as it journeys through the 7 ‘colors’ of the chakras. There are many metaphors in this book, including references to the divine ratio or phi, 50

1:1.6, and it is found everywhere in nature; I chose this symbol to represent a balance that we can try to attain. What are some personal experiences that you feel add to the value of the principles and practices that you share with your readers? The structure of the book is designed in a way where information has been summarized into short and concise data chunks that the reader can reference and apply quickly and easily. In the beginning of every module I weaved a sort of autobiography into the story via the personal portraits section. Essentially, I feel that I’ve collected a certain amount of knowledge that can affect readers positively. Everyone needs that; people who ‘seem’ to have their life together still feel that they need some more help with different issues. I am lucky to have been a student of psychology all of my life and certified in many professional and vocational courses related to this content. But I always use the disclaimer that I am nowhere near the point where I’ve successfully applied the principles in this book – but I state with utmost confidence that I’ll always continue to try. You make change seem a lot less daunting. In your mind, what is the hardest aspect about implementing change in one’s life? I think that the hardest part about change is having the clarity and conviction about the new direction that you are taking in life. The need to change stems from the awareness that something is not right, or something could be better, or that you feel you deserve better. Once you have that awareness, which psychologists sometimes refer to as observing ego, then you have the ability to objectively review your situation and then develop or design certain aspects that slowly lead you to your desired objective. It takes courage and a high level of self-esteem while also being linked

to purpose – that’s the only way you can continue to fuel the motivation required to deal with the emotional tides that come with change. When choosing to change something vital in our lives, like a job, or a relationship or even ourselves, we are faced with internal and external challenges. Without having the conviction and desire to continue, then doubting ourselves comes easily. What does the process of self-examination and transformation mean to you? It is a constant evolution or progression of the self. I mention in the book that there is a Jungian theory of personality design that is based on the 4 key archetypes of King, Lover, Warrior and Magician. Most of us gravitate towards a certain temperament but what many people fail to realize is that there is a big difference between changing personality and adapting behavior. I came up with 12 key ‘principles’ that represent the synthesis of values that continue to push me to try to be my best – know truth, serve justice, learn knowledge, care for yourself, love others, feel passion, show honor, create art, inspire change, harness strength, achieve discipline and get balance. I think this should keep me busy until I’m 6 feet under! Many friends ask me what is it that makes us want to be our best? I will never know what it means to others, as it is subjective. You mention that you are still on your journey, does that mean that there is no end to change? There is no end to change – one of my favorite quotes of all time – ‘the only constant – is change.”

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Chris “Douggs” McDougall B.A.S.E jumps from Al Hamra Tower By bazaar staff

After taking an elevator up 78 floors your ears are likely to pop. Then, given the hike up another 9 floors of stairwell, you will probably notice yourself more out of breath than expected. Next, a door opens and you step outside to find all of Kuwait laid-out like an urban blanket, almost half a kilometer below your feet-oh yeah, and there is no walkway! I started writing this in my head approximately 414 meters above Kuwait, outdoors, with a fair wind blowing. The primary reason for this is that, given the surroundings, you would think it would be the potential of dropping to ones death that would stand out most in ones mind, but it’s not. In this case, it’s the vivacious and charismatic spirit of Chris McDougall, or “Douggs” as he is often known, as he is plotting his jump from said spot in a few days time. He is checking wind. He is meticulously calculating landing spots. He is assuming trajectories with the confidence of a physics professor. And, he is currently requesting to know the feasibility of building a ramp that he might get a running start: you’ve got to respect that! After a later conversation it 52

becomes clear though that this is how he lives his life: with a respectful fear of death, and a simultaneous willingness to dive forth in the ever-present face of it. Beyond that, with more than 2600 jumps beneath his belt, and as a virtual grandfather of the sport at this point, he has honed his skills to the degree that, given the right wind conditions, he can literally land on a dime. Sitting down at a café later that afternoon, we got to speak with him and dissect the ins and outs of his career: How did you get into B.A.S.E. jumping? That’s a long story…but basically back in 1996 I was skating, surfing, and snowboarding as well. I was just a young punk with his mates looking for ways to blow off steam as a kid. One day we got into our heads to try to skydive; at that time, I really only expected to do one jump. If I survived it, I figured that would be enough. I would just be happy and continue living my life. But that first jump changed everything about my life for the better. From that moment on we started hooking up with other likeminded people. Though at the time they may have seemed like the wrong kind of crowd, they would

form a group that would all end up becoming champions. My best mate, Wildman, and me started competing very early on. Around this same time, we started hearing whispers of this thing called B.A.S.E. Jumping, but it was all quite hush-hush and illegalprimarily because nobody had yet established and legitimized it as a sport. My first experience was in Melbourne, I was going to a jump that some guys were doing, where I would be the ground crew. When I arrived they handed me a chute and said you’re going too! It was a simple bridge into the water but it turned into quite a spectacle. We got in trouble with the police and the media showed up too—but I was hooked. At this point though, Wildman and I went back for more skydives until we had reached the now prerequisite number of 200 skydives as preparation for B.A.S.E. jumping. We trained the whole way through so that we were ready when we hit that number. We, and the guys before us, were really pioneering at that time and making it up as we went along. How has the sport progressed for you since? It was just a bit of fun before, now it takes me

around the world. We get to go to the most amazing places in the planet. Additionally, it gave me a purpose, gave me true happiness, and a way to vent my energy. Kids turn to all sorts of other things because they don’t have another way to get that teenage angst and energy out of them. Sports like these give them a way to vent it in a positive and controlled environment. For me, I’m just really grateful to have found it, so if I can spread that positivity to kids out there. I am happy to do it- that’s a great thing. How important are the topics of positivity, accomplishing goals, and living your dreams to you? When you start base jumping you really have to come to terms with your death. We are all going to die; it’s just a matter of when and how. Our time on this planet is finite. It seems like most people in the world live as if they do not really understand that. They are always planning for a future that never comes. We, as extreme sports enthusiasts, have to come to terms with these things very early on. You have to know that what you are doing could easily kill you. Once you accept the inevitability of your own death, the whole

world opens up and you can truly live. It’s an amazing feeling. From then on, anything is possible. Instead of I can’t, it becomes how can I do this? For me, it started, obviously, with B.A.S.E. jumping. But the mentality has transferred to all aspects of my life. My dad used to say to us ‘you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be the best you can be.’ It’s a whole outlook too, that even if life serves you a negative, there is a positive that can be learned from it. How do your parents/society view your job? I’m a carpenter by trade, but I’ve also worked in the oil business a bit. Still, the best thing I ever did was quit my day job. However, the second best thing I ever did, was recognize when it was time to get another. Breaking free of the constraints of society is tough,

but once you break free you realize…it’s all good! Is it hard watching the sport grow up around you given changes, etc? It’s a double-edged sword. My personal evolution is, quite frankly, better than I could have ever imagined. I have exceeded everything I thought possible for myself. The evolution of the sport has been additionally amazing, but with the access of knowledge via videos, books, etc., comes a lack of respect. Not just a lack of respect for yourself, or your fellow jumpers, but also for the sport itself. There have been over 200 deaths in the sport of B.A.S.E. jumping over the 30 + years it has been around, but 55 of those have happened in the last 3 years. And, of all those, all but 1 has been due to human error. continued on next page...


People are reinventing the wheel that we invented, but they’re not necessarily taking the time to get it right. There are a lot of people who just try to learn by watching videos off the Internet. But that’s not training, it’s entertaining! When we learned things like flips it took 5 years or so, now guys are trying it within a couple weeks. The only problem here is when they haven’t properly progressed in a manner that’s safe. B.A.S.E. jumping is easy when it goes well. It’s not until something goes wrong mid-air that your training really pays off. How is the sport viewed worldwide? Back in Australia, there are currently about 90 different laws I would be breaking. In a span of ten days last year I went from being an athlete in Switzerland to being a rock star in China, to a criminal in Australia. Describe the moments before a jump: I have a strict routine. First I check the wind again. Then I mentally prepare. I try to get myself at a 70% stress level—too calm and you’re asleep, too anxious and you’re foolish. Then 3 deep breathes, and on the last, I go. That first step of commitment… nothing beats that. Describe the fall: 54

continued from previous page...

Because all the elements of the fall itself are calculated on the fly (pun intended), it requires a lot of quick decision making, calculating and recalculating on the way down. As for how I know when to pull the shoot, the phrase us Aussies use is “get scared—then wait a second!” Any near death experiences? Only once, I was in a wing suit and the strap for the shoot wouldn’t open. I had a bad grab. As I started to pull at the pocket that wasn’t opening I basically closed down [or essentially pulled in the wingshis arms- to mess with it, effectively cutting off his forward flight and turning all his forward speed into downward speed]. In doing so I almost immediately changed my 20 seconds of remaining flight time, down to about 5 seconds This just serves to illustrate how dangerous this can be without the right training. When you are about to die there are two things you can do, you can either panic, or you can take a deep breath and deal with it. For a guy as calculated as he is, McDougall states that this near death experience shook him. Just a short three months later, this same problem would turn fatal for a friend of his.

The folks over at Camco Global Events have worked tirelessly with Chris from start to finish to make sure this event happened. They were instrumental in bringing him here, getting all associated permits etc., and keeping the plan on track. For that, Chris says he is grateful. For their part, they say that have many more big events planned for the future—so stay tuned! By the time you are reading this, Chris will have already moved on. He will have successfully B.A.S.E. jumped from the peak of Al Hamra Tower not once, but twice, in an effort to bring this sport to a new nation (despite the fact that it is still illegal in his own). That is where his head is at these days, travelling the world as an ambassador for the sport he loves, preaching positivity with a relentless belief in following your dreams; one giant (and sometimes scary) step at a time. Follow Chris “Douggs” McDougall on Instagram @douggsbase or via his fanpage on Facebook. Follow future Camco Global events on Twitter at @CamcoEvents. Images courtesy of bazaar magazine and Camco Global events.


bazaar fitness

FREE WILL By Mike Campbell

Trying to get into fitness these days can be confusing. There is so much free information available that can lead you quickly down the fast road to injury, failure and disappointment. A lot of fitness professionals will tell you that there are not any secrets to training. You simply need to eat smart (clean), train hard, sleep well and manage your stress. I guess all these points are true and I assume you have heard it all before and if so why aren’t you following them? I’ll tell you why. As Dan John’s recently pointed out in his book titled Never Let Go: A Philosophy of lifting, living and learning, there is perhaps one key secret, and if you master this it will lead to success in the gym, the track, the pool or the mountain. This secret is “Free Will”. According to Dan, we all have about one can of free will. If you use some of that free will up saying no to cookies you may not have any left for that impossible task of sprint interval training scheduled by your Personal Trainer for 6pm tonight, quitting smoking or attending the BodyCombat class. Every decision you make throughout the day impacts the levels of free will in your can. It’s steadily drained away and suddenly you have no reserve left. Good luck with that squat rack when that can is empty. In order to maintain a healthy life through improving the quality of your exercise experience I’m going to share with you three of Dan John’s ideas to help you get 56

more out of this can of free will. Number One Many athletes (and everybody is an athlete) like Dan used to spend four weeks a year in training camps. In fact it is not unusual to see both children and adults in Kuwait head to camps in North America or Thailand to assist in “fat loss”. In these camps somebody will wake you up, make your meals, somebody else pushes you to complete an exercise or game and somebody tells you when to turn the lights out and get to sleep. How can we reinvent camp life? If your nutrition is important to you, then can you prepare your food in advance? Hire somebody to do the cooking or prepare meals to last for several days. Should you stock your fridge with just really good (read healthy) choices and only eat at appropriate places? These are the decisions you really need to make. What about the value of a personal trainer? Isn’t this simply someone making sure you do something in your allotted training time. One of the great benefits of having a personal trainer is someone else is replacing your free will. Now that has to be a great advantage. Just make sure you find a qualified and experienced trainer who fully understands your goals. Number Two Save your own free will. How? By recruiting everyone you know who is willing to give up their free will to boost your own? Tell your family, friends, people at gatherings, people at weddings, coworkers, professors,

the cook, the maid and the gardener. Tell everyone. They all need to know your goal. Tell them, ask them and beg them if you have to for their help. The more people in your daily life that can support you the more likely you are to succeed and use their vital free will to get you there. Number Three This will probably be everybody’s least favorite. This is titled “whittle down your life a little”. Recently I was catching up with a friend who said they didn’t have enough time to commit more than 2 hours a week to exercise. Yet when the conversation turned to TV shows they seemed to be in the know with every show from Gossip Girl to Greys Anatomy. Whittle that TV habit down and the time will appear to complete those yoga classes, strength training sessions or crossfit workouts. Are you already spending three hours a day seven times a week in a gym? Whittle down your workout sessions. Aim for quality over quantity. Remember more is not always better and often in exercise, less is most definately more. Think about that. We all need time to rest and recover because this allows our body to heal, adapt and change. Are you really benefiting from One Legged BOSU Squats, the Inner/Outer Thigh Machine and Swiss Ball Wall Squats or should you be in the Squat Rack doing squats (the Smith Machine is not a squat rack). Don’t get me wrong. There might be a time and place for those exercises but to be fair most of us avoid the

tough exercises which will most definately benefit us. Be efficient to be effective. In summary, take these points home and implement them today. Be proactive and cut back on making poor decisions on nutrition. Plan to succeed with both your food and your training by applying a training camp mentality. Hire a qualified and recommended personal trainer and use their free will. Increase your support network. The more personal trainers, coaches, educators, family, friends, gurus, magician’s and Yoda’s (thanks Dan) you have in your life the better. Tell them your goals. Spread the news. Watch how much easier it becomes to stay on track. Whittle down the unimportant extras. I’m not saying don’t enjoy a TV show or two. Just don’t use it as an excuse not to hit the pull up bar and succeed. Understand what type of training best suits you and if you’re not sure ask. Challenge your trainer and learn. Next month I’ll examine some of the most effective ways to train for both males and female. I will explain a few misconceptions and provide you with options to assist you in improving your fitness and reaching your goals.

Mike Campbell is the GM and Co Founder of Inspire Pure Fitness. For further information please email or or visit


FASHION DIFFERENT An ICONIC destination By bazaar staff

Imagine a lifestyle brand devoted to the young at heart. Those who continuously inspire through unique, trendsetting, and confidant style. You might always wistfully remember these iconic characters, but never forget that you can shop their style at the one lifestyle store that has it all—ICONIC. Representing a powerful shift in retail, fashion, innovation, and lifestyle collide at ICONIC, catering to men, women and kids alike. ICONIC is fashion different, in every sense of the word. Fashion different knows no gender, age or personality, as the language of fashion is interpreted via trend editions, boutique collections, lifestyle selections, and much more. Part of the Landmark Group, the discerning fashion-savvy patron will find apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products and unique gifts all under one roof. The format offers a unique combination of high-street and cult brands divided in sections like Trend, Youth, Smart, Boutique, Beach & Sport, Contemporary, Denim, Footwear, Lingerie, Accessories, Stationary, Gifts, Gadgets and Art giving consumers the opportunity to trade up or down at ease. With Spring-Summer in full swing, an iconic wardrobe is the order of the day. Upon visiting the ICONIC store at The Mall at The Avenues, the presence of spring is in full throttle! New collections of trendsetting pieces hit the store on a weekly basis, where men, women, and kids would be spoiled for choice when it comes to that wardrobe revamp. Denim styles for men and women in every shape, color and form are available at the Denim Bar, and The Shoe Lounge will leave the shoe-loving fashionista drooling! Imagine a colorful array of platform pumps, spiked 58

heels, studded flats, chic strappy sandals and bold wedge heels—this editor guarantees an extended visit at the Shoe Lounge. Always re-inventing street style, look out for the Fashion sections at ICONIC. These showcase the latest trends, with more than 130 brands, over 30 niche and cult labels, and several designer limited edition lines. ICONIC houses brands such as Paul’s Boutique, Lipsy, Lucy in the Sky, Philosophy, Volcom, Etnies, Osiris, Onitsuka Tiger, Zod, 1 Like No Other and in boutique interesting designer collaborations like Jatin Verma, Aisha Ramadan, Dar Al Hazar, among others. The fashion collections never cease to impress at ICONIC, as the spring line for women is reminiscent of a summery frozen dessert, sugary sweet and looks good enough to eat! Windswept feminine fabrics, soft pastels in shades of candied orange, yellow, pink and green, frosted with shimmery metallics and simply cuter than a frosted cupcake. Flexible pleated maxis and airy blouses can be mixed and matched with bolder pieces for an edgier look.

Besides being spoiled for choice at the Denim Bar, men will find themselves collecting the perfect summer chino trouser and short in different colors along with nautical inspired T-shirts and relaxed blazers. For the evening, the Boutique segment of the store for men houses an array of elegant yet edgy formal wear. Accessories are also aplenty: funky cuffs and rope belts that pay tribute to the authentic sailor look embodied by strong flashes of neon. All offered in soft linens and cottons to reflect a comfy yet cool element in the warmer months of summer. As part of the brand’s achievements since inception, ICONIC has won the Most Admired Store Design and Most Admired Departmental Store Awards for the year 2011 at the Retail ME awards along with being awarded the ‘Superbrand’ status for 2012. ICONIC is located at level 1 of the Mall district at The Avenues. For more details, visit and Facebook page


JAMAWAR The royal treatment By bazaar staff

When it comes to seeking out Indian food, the options are certainly plentiful. Most often these days this tends to mean varying degrees of fusion whereby a chef may work to match Indian food and experience to the specific palette of the local clientele. At Jamawar however, guided by the belief that some authenticity is lost in these translations, they stick with the tried and true cuisines of Northern India made entirely by a team from the northern states in order to keep the experience as authentic as possible. From the highest chef to the lowest in prep, all of their team is working together to deliver the passion of a true Indian dining experience. In fact, the only thing that might 60

be notably different from a recent trip to Delhi itself, is that the ingredients are of a higher quality. Located inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and surrounded by other fittingly high end brands like Fauchon and Al Baraka, one should make no mistake: this is not casual Indian dining fare. Even the name Jamawar itself is an allusion to the often seen but little understood Jamawar pattern found on so many pashmina shawls throughout the world. However, as historic lure would have it, due to their time consuming hand crafted nature (some literally took years to make), it was often only royalty that could be seen with these fine garments. This is a purposeful, if historically subtle, foreshadowing

of the experience that the team at Jamawar aims to bring you: the royal treatment. From the moment you approach the front door and are welcomed by the intimidatingly formal Indian doorman (see: darabana in Hindi) replete with oversized moustache, you know you are in for an experience. Plus, you’ve just got to respect a job where a man is hired by the quality of his facial hair! Blending the old world style of copper pots and gold tableware and pans, mixed with sleek black and modern table-tops all whilst an art deco chandelier swings overhead, the experience is elegant and inviting. Even the paintings inside were hand picked by the owner himself, Mr. Emad Bukhamseen, on a trip to Delhi

with the chef. Between him and General Manager Mohammed Bseiso this project is their baby and has their personal stamp on it. Additionally notable for ambiance is that they have live music playing every night of the week, where Harmonium, Tabla, and Sitar alike, will all blend together in a soothing and soulful reminder of true India before you have even arrived at your table. Once seated, your light wafer-like Papad arrives with mango, mint, and tamarind chutneys in tow. You may here try to resist an order of Naan out of sheer anticipation of culinary overload. But- you must give in! The garlic and plain Naan are as good as you will have anywhere, and the mint Naan specifically-which your culinary correspondent had never personally

tried—was re-mark-able! Not too sweet but still infused with enough mint flavors that it leapt off of the Naan in a more nuanced way than one could rightfully expect. Though I personally don’t tend to order salads due to how much I already know I am going to be eating, the Kachumber salad was a delicious and refreshingly light hint of the flavors still to come. The most amazing aspect about Indian food in general, is how fully formed the flavor profiles are. Each bite has layers of flavors that drift in and out mid-bite to culminate in a sublime dining experience. Here they cite kebabs as one of their specialties, with geographically historic significance of origin as proof. And while this may seem to teeter between bold aspiration and braggadocio in a region that sees these everywhere, I must say, that these were the best I have had in a long time. Unequivocally. What immediately caught my

eye about the main course as it came out was an unusual delivery of the rice. This particular varietal, while on its own looks similar to what you would think, is prepared by partially preparing the rice, and then putting a layer of dough on the top. This results in steaming the rice the rest of the way to cooked and more fully imparting the flavors within throughout the rice. This in itself was a unique and delicious experience not to be missed. Yet to go on solely about the sides when the Chicken Dum Biryani (everyone loves Biryani, right?) , Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken -a classic), Jhinga Masala (succulent shrimp in a Masala sauce) were also exceptional would be as much a disservice as any attempt at description beyond this: the quality of the meats were fantastic, the sauces were flavorfully nuanced, they were cooked to perfection. Enough said. If all that doesn’t do you in and you have managed to save room for dessert, try the Gulab Jumun.

Though rich, these traditional dough balls in a sweetened sauce are worth a taste. Both the Ras Malai and Kulfi (which would seem to the lay person as variations on ice cream) were also delicious. Lastly, and as further proof of the attention to detail that went into this establishment, the Saunf candies (digestive fennel-based sweets normally served at the end of an Indian meal) here are a must try. They, here again, go one-step further and get the silver plated ones flown in especially from India: classy! Mohammed Bseiso, the General Manager of several high-end concepts for Crowne Plaza offshoot Fauchon, says that he personally went to the 3 or 4 top Indian restaurants in India to make sure they were getting the best. Bseiso says both of the team and the hotel, “some hotel restaurants bring in people from other parts of the hotel who might not have a specialty in that cuisine. Here, it could not be more opposite.

Every single chef from the highest to the lowest one here was brought from the 3-4 top restaurants in India. They were all excited to come in and be part of something from scratch that could really shine, and it shows.” It has been approximately a month and a half since Jamawar opened its doors and was immediately well received. Thus far, the crew have been building the business the old fashioned way: purely by word of mouth. Planning a slow and steady opening in order to give them time to work towards perfection. It appears that they just may have reached it. If you are craving authentic Indian and you want to be wowed—head there now!

Jamawar restaurant is located at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Farwaniya. Follow them on Instagram @Jamawar or on Facebook: or please call 1848 111 for reservations. 61

By Jaye Sonia

GUILD WARS 2 Your MMO just leveled up

Before we launch into this month’s Geeks & Gamers, let me put out a much needed disclaimer – this isn’t a ‘hate on World of Warcraft’ article. I’ve played WoW pretty consistently since it released in November of 2004 and while it’s no longer the reigning champ in my book, it’s still a pretty tight game. It’s definitely one of the standards when it comes to MMOs. All of that said, I cancelled my subscription to WoW (sorry Blizzard) last month because another game won me over. Welcome to Guild Wars 2! I bought Guild Wars 2 when it was released last August, but didn’t play much, at least initially. I was home on vacation at the time, so a new MMO wasn’t something I was looking to spend a lot of time with. I was, however, pretty impressed with the character creation process, as well as the game’s graphics. The game had a metric ton of potential. I was, however, preoccupied. 62

Several months ago Abdul, one of my buddies from my Star Wars circle, suggested I check out GW2. He had, in short order, stopped playing KoTOR and immersed himself in the lands of Tyria. He said I should check it out, too. At the time, though, I just wasn’t into it. I had a lot of other things going on and wasn’t sure if I had time for another MMO. Plus, I was still sort of bothered about the last WoW release. I had had such high hopes for it. I was, in simple terms, experiencing the-- “meh.” He was persistent, though. Every time I popped over to his villa he was playing, too. Finally, about a month ago, I broke down. I had already bought the game and there were no subscription fees, so why not? I entered the world of Tyria. Within the first hour of playing, I knew exactly what Abdul was talking about. Holy smoke! This was an amazing game! Not only did it have all of the standards you’d expect in an MMO, it had all of these extras – things

I didn’t expect to find in an MMO. The first thing that I found spectacular was the fact that my character, which I had created last year, had a whole list of abilities that changed according to what weapons he was wielding. Better yet, I could change weapon builds with the click of a button. So, I could essentially select two major combat trees at a time. This was in addition to how I allocated points for his class and profession build. Better still, his weapons were linked to the game’s environment, too. So, if I was swimming in a lake in the Wayfarer Foothills, I could select either his spear or his trident (both water weapons) and each would bring up a whole set of associated combat abilities. Once I was back on dry land, he’d revert to his land-based set of combat options. If I picked up a weapon from the game’s environment, one that he wasn’t trained with, this also stood true – I could throw boulders or slash an enemy with a broken bottle. I could literally pick up an Ogre’s club and use it against him. Which I did – over and over. The next thing that hit me was how easy and immersive leveling was. I wasn’t really watching my experience bar. I was just too into the game. Ask any MMO player how much of a pain in the posterior leveling can be. A lot of those players will lament the fact that they have to ‘grind’ (battle repetitively through a given area or against a specific monster) just to get high enough to really enjoy the game content – which is normally the best toward the end of the game. This hasn’t been true in GW2. Not in GW2. No sir. The game, by default, scales your character’s level to the region you are in, so you can explore

the game’s fantastic environment and still earn the appropriate amount of XP. So, once I level ‘out’ of an area, I can continue to accomplish my goals there. Likewise, if I want to go into PvP (or epic, World vs. World combat), I can. The game automatically scales me up to level 80. The same goes for fractals (GW2’s version of ‘dungeons’). The game just accommodates players. Dailies in GW2 are a lot more involved, but accomplishing them generally lands you bonus experience, coin, and karma (WoW players might associate this with conquest points), the latter of which you can spend at various vendors to buy recipes, weapons, armor, and other goodies for your character. Speaking of recipes; crafting in GW2 is epic. It’s similar enough to WoW that new players won’t be lost, but unique enough to keep people from getting bored. First, crafting multiple items speeds up the process, so if you’re working on 25 similar items, the time to craft them decreases proportionately. My personal favorite part of crafting, however, is the ‘discoveries.’ Whenever you’re at your crafting station (unlike WoW, you can only craft in town), you can open a panel and place random items into it. If they’re compatible, they’ll form to make a new type of material. You can do the same with magic weapons and armor, too, once you find the Mystic Forge. All in all, it’s an amazing game. I’m really not surprised that it topped Time Magazine’s list of best games for 2012, either. So, if you haven’t played it, I’m telling you to go out and try it. Just don’t start your character on Maguuma; that server is filled with crazy snow leopards.


PUMA Running reinvented with Mobium Elite By bazaar staff

It’s official: shoes are now smarter than you are…or at least they can be. With the recent introduction of the Mobium Elite shoe, PUMA creates a new category of performance running that they call Adaptive Running. In order to get the 411 on how this meld of science and nature came about, we recently sat down with Mary Taylor, General Manager of International Footwear for PUMA, for enough of a scientific tutorial in all things foot related to make your podiatrist jealous: Can you tell us more about PUMA’s Adaptive Running collection? The concept of Adaptive Technology came from our desire to create shoes that adapt to & with the body in motion. Mobium, specifically, encourages a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike. During a normal walking or running motion, the foot expands in three directions: longitudinally, laterally and vertically. The technology incorporated into PUMA’s Adaptive Running footwear takes these principles into account, which Mobium’s three main design features: Expansion Pods, Mobium Band and Windlass Chassis, work together to adapt to your foot in motion. What makes the PUMA Mobium Elite range innovative at its core? Is the Mobium Elite range the first of its kind in the market? This is truly breakthrough technology, and we believe that this is the future of running. Adaptive Technology is a new class of footwear in that all other shoes out in the Market today are actually static – they do not expand and contract with your foot as it moves. 64

How does the PUMA Mobium Elite shoe benefit the typical runner? Mobium is about Natural Running, bringing you economy of stride and encouraging us to return to a more natural, fluid, efficient mid foot and forefoot stride - creating a smooth transition and propulsion motion. Mobium will work different muscles than a runner may be used to. As it encourages a more efficient stride, you’ll plant at the mid-foot, with your body centered and balanced over your foot. Instead of a hard heel strike, a runner will work different muscles in their feet and lower legs. You’ll find that Mobium will work your calf and foot muscles in a completely different way than you’re used to. Over time, increased muscle activation in these areas will increase strength in your calves and foot muscles. Meaning – this is a training tool; you should get used to the shoes first, once or twice a week to get started. Initially, don’t run every day in Mobium, and trade off with other shoes until your body gets used to a more efficient way of running with the Mobium Elite. What inspired you to co-create this remarkable design? Our vision was to create truly adaptive design – product that moves with your body in motion and reacts to you as you run or work out. Mobium is based on the simple, biomechanical fact that your foot changes shape - an average of 6.3% with every step. The simple question was: why don’t our shoes? The expansion and contraction of the foot is called the Windlass Mechanism - and

it is the core of the foot’s biomechanics when walking/running. The Windlass Mechanism is the foundation for adaptive technology – and the heart of Mobium design. Can you recount a memorable story from the development phase for this innovative product? A dedicated team of passionate designers and developers are at the heart of Mobium. I remember one evening in Asia, when Ray Horacek and Dr. Chris Harig excitedly ran into our hotel after a day of back and forth idea generation with our development partners. They had figured it out – and had a box full of samples that, essentially, delivered on the vision of expansion and contraction. Honestly, it was like Christmas morning…everyone gathered around a pile of samples that were truly transformative. What’s next for PUMA Mobium Elite? Adaptive Running and the Mobium Elite are truly exciting launches for PUMA. We consider this to be a Generation 1 shoe and it will continue to evolve in upcoming seasons into other performance categories. And the idea of Adaptive is not just about footwear – PUMA apparel has already won a global award for Adaptive Technologies within ACTV. So this is just the beginning of the Performance rebirth at PUMA.

The new Puma Elite running shoe is available at select running specialty stores, PUMA Retail, and online at For more information, visit or


An Arab abroad


One of the things I was most excited about when I moved to the UK was the abundance of recycling facilities and the fact that I’d finally be able to use them on a daily basis. However, I soon realized that being green wasn’t just limited to using different bins, but that there were a variety of ways to be green, healthy, and save time as well. When I first moved to the UK, my heart would skip a beat every time I had the chance to use a recycling bin. But when I moved into a different dorm and was no longer able to recycle, I felt like a part of me died and needed a new daily ecofriendly habit to keep the sun out. On this day, I discovered cycling. 66

When I bought my bike, I was told the only ‘law’ was to have lights on my bike, but two months into my purchase, I realized there are many unwritten laws about cycling. 1. Don’t cycle on the sidewalk Cycle on the road. Especially if you’re taking any main paths in the morning, as the sidewalks are usually busy with students. There’s usually also an angry old lady that will wave her cane at you and tell you to get off the path. Occasionally, she’ll be walking her husband who will stand there twiddling his thumbs. She doesn’t care if there’s a bike printed on the path, clearly indicating that bikes are allowed on this path as she almost never wears her glasses.

Sadly, as Arabs, we’ve been raised to respect our elders and so we must respect her. 2. Don’t cycle on the road Cycle on the sidewalk. Drivers over the age of 30 will honk their horn and tailgate the back of your bike till you get off the road. If the road is in stand-still traffic and you manage to squeeze in between a car and the sidewalk and cycle happily, expect angry looks from the drivers stuck in traffic, and maybe a few curses. Also, if your luck is as bad as mine, it is likely that something will hit your back tire and you’ll fall off your bike and require stitches on your chin. 3. Your bell means nothing Generally speaking, there are two types of people who choose to walk to get around: students and retirees. It doesn’t matter how many people walk in front of your bike, they still won’t hear you. Students walk with their noise-cancelling headphones plugged into their ears blaring Kanye West, and retirees... well, they don’t wear their hearing aids. So save your thumb the trouble and don’t use your bell. Be patient instead. 4. The most convenient place to park your bike is one that will shelter it from the rain. Would you rather cycle in the freezing cold on a soaking-wet seat, or would you rather walk an extra 3 minutes to the sheltered bikestoring area? I thought so. 5. Cycle during rush hour Let’s face it, if you’re not on a bike during rush hour in Town Centre, no one is going to budge and they’ll continue to walk so slowly that you’ll think they’re walking backwards. 6. Don’t cycle during rush hour Rush hour can be frustrating, and sadly, people on two-wheeled vehicles are the punching-bags of angry people during this time. If you absolutely must go somewhere on your bike during rush hour, take

your tricycle. Alternatively, if you don’t have one, buy a pair of trainer wheels and stick them onto your bike during rush hour. 7. Expect hate It comes with the territory of being an incredibly awesome biker, or if you’re cycling during rush-hour traffic as you’ll bypass all the people stuck in traffic driving their cars to get to the gym so they can ride their stationary bikes. 8. Always have your lights attached to your bike. On a more serious note, this is an absolute necessity. Not only do bike lights help you see at night, and they help others see you, which ensure your personal safety. 9. Choose a ‘D’ lock over a ‘swirly’ lock Bikes, like everything else in the Western world, are often stolen. Although getting insurance on your bike is a worthy investment, going above-and-beyond to keep your bike from getting stolen is also worth it. D-shaped locks are harder to unlock and steal than the traditional cheaper ‘swirly’ locks, and so you’re less likely to make an insurance claim. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can sometimes be draining, both physically and emotionally. But I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s worth it, psychologically speaking, I’ve convinced myself that cycling to lectures, combined with my pedantic recycling and energy-efficient lifestyle is responsible for the days that the sun comes out in England. Perhaps I should cycle more often.

Yara Al Wazir is an activist and student currently based in the UK her monthly column reflects on her experience of moving away from the familiarity and comfort of Kuwait, to the UK in pursuit of a university degree. She can be reached via Twitter on @YaraWazir.


fashionality GR AIN Fatma Algharabally By bazaar staff

Innovative thinkers rattle minds when attaining the unfeasible, while innovative fashionistas renounce the ordinary mold of what is ‘stylish’. That’s what Fatma Algharabally, founder and curator of the nouveau GRAIN boutique set out to do. Between a demanding career and devoting her time to family, it’s amazing how her passion towards emerging designers materialized into this unique, urban space. Always having an eye for fashion, Fatma especially appreciated designers with a different vision, those who wish to create something new, unexpected, and bold enough to even puzzle people if need be. She adds, “the market in Kuwait is large, we have everything from ‘High street’ favorites to luxury high-end brands, but ‘bridge line’ brands, products that are more innovative than high street brands, 68

were definitely missing. We always wait for these designers to become recognized as high-end before they arrive to Kuwait.” The wait is now over, as GRAIN is now home to an eclectic mix of emerging and established designers from all corners of the world. Not only does she hand-select the pieces she chooses to sell at the boutique, but Fatma oversees all aspects of the operations, from marketing, merchandising to personally meeting with the designers to discuss their collections. When asked about her competition, she does acknowledge the presence of other renowned, homegrown multi-brand stores, yet Fatma believes that her curated selection of bespoke designers speak to a specific customer base that seeks the extra-ordinary in fashion,

commenting that “Thinking outside of the box—that’s what I strive for when looking for designers. I look for pieces that are high in quality yet inimitable in design. With GRAIN, we’d like to offer an experience that is unique and attuned to the nuances of a young and creative customer, with brands that, although known to a select few, have great potential to simultaneously grow with us in this market.” Inspired by concept stores like Opening Ceremony in New York City, to the eclectic Colette in Paris, GRAIN emerged as a possible dream for Fatma. “This is what excites me the most, seeing small visions become realities just like these new designers I choose to work with. These are all very well educated in the field of fashion and design, emerging, gaining recognition from renowned fashion magazines and building a household name.”

Fatma continues, “As excited as I am about GRAIN, I love that these designers are equally excited about working with us, exploring a new and interesting market like the Middle East.” These brands include the likes of Anna October, named by US Marie Claire as one of 10 Eastern European Designers To Keep on Your Radar, Ann Sofie Back, recently awarded the “designer of the year” award at the ELLEgala, intriguing design duo Ostwald Helgason, and the sensational J.W Anderson, awarded with the Emerging Talent Award – Ready-To-Wear at the annual British Fashion Awards. Other designers include Josh Goot, Ohne Titel, A Detacher, MASC, Hexa By Kuho, Maria Francesca Pepe, FAUX Real, Bex Rox, and Hyde’s. Expect the same with the design at GRAIN; bold, modern, sophisticated, architectural, a far cry from dainty

and delicate. If anything, we consider GRAIN’s design reflective of its owner and the designers she chooses to carry, empowering, trend setting rather than trend driven, and inspired by the art of creating rather than following the crowd. Does fashion ‘make’ the person or does the person ‘make’ fashion? The person makes fashion. It is easy to follow fashion but it’s hard to lead fashion. Style is intuitive and it is not about concentrating on luxury brands and logos. How would you describe your style? Although my schedule and lifestyle restrict me from spending too much time on dressing myself with a full time job, a family and starting a new business, I do make the most effort I can to dress in something in a way I think is both practical and contemporary.

How do you get inspiration for your style? I don’t have a specific style inspiration. It’s a day-by-day thing and mainly intuitive. What does it take to become a style innovator? As far as innovative designers are concerned, I think that the special thing about them is that they present something completely unexpected. Recently in the past ten years, there has been a lot of design references from the 70s, 80s and 90s but the thing about these designers is that they reference less and less of these things and concentrate on innovation rather than repetition. What’s exciting right now in fashion? I like what is happening in London, where they’re giving young talents opportunities to start their brands

that they wouldn’t have elsewhere, especially in cities like New York and Paris. Who are your favorite emerging designers, and what is it that you love about them? Josh Goot and J.W Anderson. Usually people frown about wearing looks straight off the runway. Yet these head to toe looks by designers like Josh Goot and JW Anderson, would still make you look unique and interesting. What is the highlight of your ‘style’ career? I am new to the business, the excitement alone is fantastic and I look forward to highlights in the future. Do you follow any fashion blogs? If so, what are they and which would you recommend?,, and What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that people wore more often? I feel that the least explored item in Kuwait is unique jewelry and I think that there is room to discover new interesting pieces. To be stylish is to be fashionable. True or False and why? False. To be fashionable is to simply follow trends dictated by the media or traditional luxury brands, however style is more personal and says more about yourself.

Innovate your wardrobe at GRAIN, located at the basement floor of Burj Jassim. Please call 2296 0096 for more information, email or follow them on Instagram @GRAIN_kuwait. 69

‫�أ�صغر مغرد‬ ‫بقلم‪Strawberry Girl :‬‬

‫الكثير من مستخدمي برنامج التواصل اإلجتماعي تويتر‬ ‫يكون مهووس بجمع أكبر عدد ممكن من المتابعين لحسابه‪.‬‬ ‫إال أن الكثيرين لم يصلوا إلى العدد الذي يطمحون إليه‪،‬‬ ‫والذي يجلب لهم الرضى و الثقة بالنفس‪ ،‬حيث يشعرون أنهم‬ ‫مرغوبون و مشهورون‪.‬‬ ‫فهد العدواني هو أصغر مغرد كويتي في تويتر ولديه‬ ‫أعلى عدد من المتابعين‪ .‬إنه في الثانية عشرة من العمر و‬ ‫منذ أن أسس حسابه على تويتر في شهر مايو ‪ ،2011‬وصل‬ ‫عدد متابعيه إلى أكثر من ‪ 170‬ألف متابع‪ ،‬وقد أرسل أكثر‬ ‫من ‪ 58‬ألف تغريدة‪ .‬بينما يتابع فقط ‪ 83‬مغردا ‪ ،‬أغلبهم‬ ‫من أصدقائه‪.‬‬ ‫ويرسل قرابة ‪ 100‬تغريدة في اليوم أغلبها في المساء‬ ‫عندما يذهب إلى غرفته‪ .‬فهد يكتب عن مواضيع مختلفة‬ ‫و أغلبها سياسية و مضحكة‪ ،‬كما أنه أيضا يرسل تغريدات‬ ‫دينية أو يعلق على مواضيع فنية مثل المسلسالت وغيرها‪.‬‬ ‫و يعلق قائال‪« :‬في بعض األحيان يصل متابعيني إلى ‪800‬‬ ‫متابع في اليوم‪ ،‬إن متابعيني من دول مختلفة و من كافة‬ ‫األعمار والتوجهات‪ ،‬لكن أغلبهم من الكويت‪ ،‬السعودية‬ ‫واإلمارات‪ .‬كما أن لدي بعض المتابعين من الواليات المتحدة‬ ‫و دول أخرى‪ .‬و يرجع السبب بأن تغريداتي ليست محصورة‬

‫على المواضيع المحلية و لذلك يفهمني المغردين من الدول‬ ‫المجاورة‪ .‬كذلك الحظت بان متابعيني يزدادون خالل عطلة‬ ‫نهاية األسبوع»‪.‬‬ ‫و يغرد فهد باللغتين العربية و اإلنجليزية‪ ،‬إال أن أغلب‬ ‫تغريداته باللغة اإلنجليزية‪ .‬هو اآلن في الصف السابع في‬ ‫مدرسة حكومية‪ ،‬إال أنه درس جميع سنواته السابقة في‬ ‫مدرسة أمريكية من الصف األول‪ .‬و اجادته للغة اإلنجليزية‬ ‫ساعده على القراءة و البحث في تصفح اإلنترنت والذي‬ ‫يعتمد عليه كثيرا في الحصول على معلوماته‪.‬‬ ‫و مع هذا العدد الهائل من المتابعين‪ ،‬أصبح حساب فهد‬ ‫في تويتر مغريا للذين يبحثون عن الدعاية‪ .‬و قد تلقى‬ ‫عرضا لبيع حسابه ب ‪ 4500‬د‪.‬ك إال أنه رفض بيعه‪ .‬و يرى‬ ‫فهد ميزة الكم الهائل من المتابعين في األمور التسويقية‪،‬‬ ‫حيث أن ‪ 170‬ألف متابع سوف يقرؤون تغريداته وبذلك يصل‬ ‫المعلن بإعالنه إلى هذا العدد من الناس‪ .‬و قد جلب له هذا‬ ‫النجاح المال و يمكن أن يتحول إلى دخل أو تجارة أيضا‪.‬‬ ‫و يضيف فهد‪« :‬التغريد في تويتر يعتبر هواية بالنسبة‬ ‫لي أمارسها في وقت فراغي‪ ،‬و بالرغم من علمي بنجاحي‬ ‫في هذا البرنامج‪ ،‬إال أنه ليس أولويتي‪ .‬في إحدى المرات‬ ‫تلقيت عرض لعمل حملة إعالنية على تويتر لشاب كويتي‬

‫افتتح مطعمه حديثا‪ ،‬وقد دفع لي ‪ 1000‬د‪.‬ك مقابل ذلك‪».‬‬ ‫التويتر يعتبر (هبّة) أي أنه شيء جديد بالنسبة لفهد‪،‬‬ ‫و الذي يمكن أن يصبح ممال مع الوقت‪ .‬فهو يرى أن التويتر‬ ‫أصبح صرعة جذابة ومنتشرة‪ ،‬حاله حال البرامج أواأللعاب‬ ‫األخرى التي سبقته‪ .‬و يعتقد فهد أن هناك ألعاب وبرامج‬ ‫جديدة سوف تأتي مستقبال و سوف يصبح التويتر قديما وقد‬ ‫ينساه الكثير من الناس‪ .‬وهو نفسه بدأ يمل من التويتر بعد‬ ‫استخدامه لمدة سنة ونصف‪ ،‬و يقول أنه اآلن قد يرسل فقط‬ ‫‪ 3‬تويتات (تغريدات) في اليوم‪ ،‬لكن في السابق كان يرسل‬ ‫قرابة ‪ 100‬تغريدة‪.‬‬ ‫و يعترف فهد بأن أهله ال يتبعونه في تويتر‪ ،‬وخاصة‬ ‫أنهم لم يشجعوه كثيرا على ممارسة هذه الهواية ألنهم‬ ‫كانوا يخافون أن تلهيه عن دراسته و خاصة بعد أن اكتشفوا‬ ‫الكم الهائل من متابعيه‪ .‬و لهذا السبب قرر التوقف عن‬ ‫نشاطه عند بداية العام الدراسي‪ ،‬إال أنه تراجع عن قراره‬ ‫بعد عدة ساعات فقط‪ .‬باإلضافة إلى التويتر‪ ،‬يهوى فهد لعب‬ ‫كرة القدم وكان مع أكاديمية برشلونه وسافر معهم إلى‬ ‫فرنسا ودبي‪.‬‬ ‫يمكن متابعة فهد العدواني على‪Brdcasts@ :‬‬ ‫‪70‬‬


CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE AT H&M More sustainable fashion full of Hollywood glamour By bazaar staff

Hollywood glamour comes to H&M this spring with Conscious Exclusive – a party wear collection made from more sustainable materials. The collection features clothing and accessories for both men and women, and is part of H&M’s Conscious work to offer more sustainable fashion. Materials used in the collection include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel /Lyocell. Rich in detail and eloquent design, the collection is full of dramatic gowns and sharp tailoring for women. For men, think more of a rock and roll red carpet style. A floor-length dusty pink gown is elegant from the front and dramatic from the back, which is entirely open, and is made from 100% recycled polyester. The three-piece suit has been given a feminine twist, with a fitted blazer and high-waisted fitted trousers that zip at the ankle, all made from an organic cotton mix. There are so many options for living the Hollywood life. An off-white loose kimono has a bohemian air of faded glamour, especially with its trousers that fall right to the floor; a jumpsuit has modern edge with its cut-away back; a demure white dress has rock and roll touch with its sheer sleeves, asymmetric train and bird embroidery; and there are seemingly endless layers of tulle in a corseted dress which feels like it has stepped out of the old world. The collection is completed with accessories, such as an embellished box clutch and elegant minimal heels with the tiniest of ankle straps. All are made from more sustainable materials. 72

The men’s Conscious Exclusive collection brings real attitude to spring tailoring. A slim-fitted jacket has a classic shape that is turned bold and dramatic by fringing down the back of both sleeves. A collarless white shirt has a bow tie attached, which is elegant when tied, and dandyish when left undone – perfect worn with a black three-piece tuxedo. It’s the details that count, like the old-fashioned button braces on a white pair of trousers that make up one part of a white three-piece suit, or the rose print which lines the inside of a tuxedo jacket. As with the women’s collection, each piece is made from more sustainable materials – part of H&M’s commitment to more sustainable fashion, both today and tomorrow. We interview Catarina Midby, the visionary designer for H&M’s Conscious collections and Conscious Exclusive, to get the lowdown on how sustainable fashion is achieved. What inspired the Conscious Exclusive collection? CM: It’s very much about 30’s style classic movie star inspiration with new details and cut. And new materials, of course. We are thrilled about the amazing fashion fabrics we have been able to develop from organic, recycled and cellulosic fibers. Crepe, organza, chiffon, satin, beautiful mulberry silk/organic cotton blends and more. A general perception towards sustainable fashion is that it is quite limiting in design in terms of the material used, what is H&M doing to break this stigma? CM: The only challenge has been to find the

right materials, and the timing, as they take longer to source. The quality of these fabrics are the same as conventional fabrics, the main difference is the environmental footprint. Hence, design wise, there is no difference. As a Conscious Collection designer, what are the main challenges you face when creating a collection? CM: Always finding the right fashion fabrics with the expression we’re after. Customers come to us for fashion, while sustainability is an added value. Then it takes longer sourcing and producing greener fabrics, which may be a drawback if we’re on a tight schedule. Will the Conscious Exclusive become a regular part of H&M product ranges? We never plan really far in advance, but I hope so. What are your favorite pieces from the Conscious Exclusive collection? CM: I really love the peach paneled recycled polyester dress, and the white organic cotton mix suit is another favorite. But actually, I love them all! What’s next for the Conscious Collections? CM: We have many ideas, and always aim to surprise our customers with new and exciting collections in stores. The Conscious Exclusive collection will be available in around 140 stores worldwide as well as online from April 4, 2013. For more information, please visit


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Farwaniya: Mugathir Complex, Opp Farwaniya Coop 24739844 Also Available at

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bazaar techno Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke




The Galaxy S IV — could include an eye scrolling feature, making it easier for users to read text, hands free. The New York Times is reporting the smartphone, which launched on March 14 in the US, will be able to sense the eyes’ placement on a page. When it tracks eye movement near the bottom of the screen, the software will scroll down to reveal more paragraphs. Samsung is already teasing the Galaxy S IV with a promotional teaser video, referring to it as “one of the most amazing products to hit the market since TVs went color.”

If you’re going to carry a ruggedized camera, it might as well be one that looks the part. With a camouflage, black, and dark grey body, the Nikon Coolpix AW110 Camo Camera (KD 100) certainly qualifies. Beyond just looking tough, the AW110 offers built-in Wi-Fi for easy, fast sharing, built-in GPS to record the location of every shot, a 16mp sensor, Full HD 1080p video recording, and a waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof build that can handle nearly any condition you can throw at it.




HTC’s back with its latest take on a flagship smartphone. The HTC One is the result, blending features of both the iPhone and the Galaxy series into a single, interesting handset. It features an aluminium unibody design with chamfered edges — sound familiar? — a 4.7” 1080p screen, a 4-megapixel rear-facing camera, dubbed Zoe, that promises larger individual pixels and therefore better low-light performance, dual front-facing speakers, LTE networking, a totally re-imagined Sense skin atop Android Jelly Bean, a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, NFC, 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, and 32 or 64GB of onboard storage. Coming soon to a carrier near you.

Nintendo is following up the release of the Wii U console with a miniature, budget version of the old Wii – the Wii Mini (KD 40). So what’s the difference between the Wii Mini and original Wii? Obviously it’s a bit smaller, as well as cheaper. Also, the Mini has no Internet functionality – basically it has been stripped down to just the core functionality of a console; you can insert games, and play them. Otherwise it’s compatible with most existing Wii accessories. It comes in red and black, with a red Wii Remote Plus and a red Nunchuk controller.

The Mycestro (KD 22), now on Kickstarter, is a Bluetooth mouse that slips on your finger to enable extremely passive gestures. Amidst typing, a simple tap from your thumb activates its tracking. Tap again to click. And slide your thumb to scroll or highlight information. (There are also three buttons to simulate the left/center/right mouse buttons, if you want to be more specific.) The tracking takes place through an internal gyroscope (and other various MEMS), meaning wherever your finger may be in relationship to your computer--in your pocket or up your nose--its motions will be tracked accordingly.

If you want complete control wherever you are, you need something like the Myo Gesture Control Armband (KD 42). This innovative new input device communicates with your Mac, PC, phone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.0, and uses proprietary muscle sensors as well as a 6-axis motion sensor to track your movement. The muscle sensors are advanced enough that it can detect changes in gestures down to the individual finger, and because your muscles pick up the signal to move before they actually do, you may see it respond to your movements before you even move.





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WOK’N GOOD TIME A culinary union of two cultures By bazaar staff

Since 2003, Wok n’ Roll has been creating a unique blend of Chinese and Japanese cultures in culinary form. Originally launched with just one location in Jabriya, they have recently added a new addition in Phase One at The Avenues. “A fusion of two countries’ culinary traditions, talent, and creativity have accomplished the creation of a menu not only delicious and attractive, but unique in many ways.” The first thing you notice at Wok n Roll is the warmth of the welcome you are greeted with. Then, the allure of natural stone, walls and warm woods create an inviting atmosphere. With a menu comprised of 254 different food items alone, it is easy to get lost in the options. Let’s dive into some of their signature dishes to see what all the fusion fuss is about. Given their name’s direction that we wok, then roll (the name itself an allusion to the culturally specific cooking devices required to prepare each), we began our journey with that in mind. For a starter we tried the Spicy Pink Shrimp. This is a version of a thinly breaded shrimp and a mayonnaise-based spicy pink sauce, that adds the perfect amount of creaminess and heat. Other strong starters include the Negimayaki, a thinly sliced bbq beef rolled up with spring onions, and the seafood 76

Gyoza, a traditional Japanese dumpling filled with both shrimp and crab. Their self-described signature dishes include: Creamy Lobster, a grilled lobster with cream sauce; Wanton Prawn, 5 pieces of fried prawns with wanton and a mix of herbs; The Tani-Ma salad, comprised of Shrimp, lettuce, Edamame, avocado and a sweet sauce; and lastly, Kinomi ice cream, which is a scoop of ice cream served with fresh seasonal berries, sauce, and nice if obligatory sprig of mint. For a unique finish to this desert they add crispy shavings of a tasty but unknown origin that provide both for a welcomed texture change and good flavor, and helps it to tie into the themes of sushi, giving many rolls tendency towards shaving-type toppings. These are the dishes they feel best exemplify the fusion spirit they have worked hard to cultivate. Their best seller here though is said to be the Crab Avocado salad. Which includes cucumber, crab, and avocado, mixed with chili sauce. When asked why, their executive chef indicated he thinks because it most appeals to local taste buds and also finds that perfect balance between light and spicy. The Sushi offering will do well for a demanding culinary clientele: the prepping part, always done humbly, and as an art, true

to the Japanese nature that requires even the littlest things be done with great care and effort, can be comforting to watch. The sashimi and nirgiri sushi offerings both have all the staples you will be looking for including Salmon, Yellowtail and variations on Tuna. One standout mixed plate of sushi though was the Seven Samurai, which are 7 different types of nigiri sushi. The Temari Sushi plate, which consists of 8 pieces of rounded Nigiri Sushi of Ebi, Salmon, Tuna & Hamachi, is a plate that offers versatility in option. Presented in a rounded ball with the protein resting aloft, though a subtle difference from its cubist and more traditional cousin, it does make for a nice presentation. And with additional flourishes atop beyond the standard ponzu and smelt egg, you are in for a treat. With the rolls the options are equally varied. This part of the menu also seems to consistently be a place where the sushi chef gets to be more inventive with their menu. With roughly 100 variations on the roll here it may be tough to decide. Suffice it so however, the classics (i.e. Rainbow spicy tuna etc.,) are covered, and there are some others that sound as if they will demand an extra visit: The monster maki, with its unagi tuna, and shrimp mix, or The Crab Style Maki, with crab on the

outside as well as in, are two such standouts beckoning our return. If Sushi is the wise, old-world artisan who has carefully and humbly perfected his craft in quiet, then Teppanyaki is the flashy little brother, flaring and twisting in competition for your stomach’s attention. All the same, the experiences of both are fun and not to be missed. From the flames that shoot up when the oils are liberally poured out, to the gregarious chef prepping before your eyes, this exemplifies the best, if polarizing, nuances of the Japanese dining experience.

Here, the Teppan beef is given three different options: Wagyu, Angus, or even local Kuwaiti beef, each with a different price point to match. In addition to the traditional additional options of chicken or prawns, you can also get salmon, scallop, lobster and white fish as protein options hot off the grill. Plus, you can never really beat fried rice when it is served fresh after being cooked right in front of you. When asked about his cooking influences, the chef states “my style is based on Chinese fried cooking and Japanese sushi with a Wok n Roll touch” and cites his most important special

ingredients as “passion” and “innovation.” This is evidenced by simple classics that get tweaked or prodded 10% off the traditional to form a unique taste all on their own. Should you choose the more traditional take or the nouveau fusion dishes, the experience is worth a visit. WOK N ROLL is located both in Jabriya, and at Phase 1 of The Avenues. For more information, follow them online @woknrollkw, or reach them by phone at 2259 7046. 77

DIA STYLE.COM For the love of fashion, Middle East and technology By bazaar staff

As a loyalist, I’ve always admired founder Rasha Khouri for her entrepreneurial spirit and vision towards bridging the gap between our Middle East and the rest of the world. With DIA-BOUTIQUE, we find an online haven where unique and independent fashion designers from the far corners of the globe come together. In her latest launch of, she pioneers the digital scene with a luxury fashion portal in both Arabic and English languages. What’s the inspiration behind starting, and how is it different from The inspiration came from my love of fashion, the Middle East and technology. I saw we were reaching a ‘tipping point’ for e-commerce in the Middle East and that people have become more comfortable shopping - therefore it was the right time to work on a project for our region. Both and are complementary online fashion businesses in Arabic and English. is a luxury shopping site that combines community with commerce. We have 50,000 on-trend, on-season items from over 1,200 of the world’s leading designers including Alexander Wang, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Gucci, Martin Margiela, Peter Pilotto and Saint Laurent. is specifically for the Arab fashionista. is a shopping site for independent designers from around the world, including many from the region – brands like Dina JSR, Fyunka, Liwan, Poupée Couture and Sarah’s Bag. has an audience in the US, 78

Europe and Asia as well as the Middle East. What does it mean to Shop, Play, and Talk with fashion? is a multi-dimensional site with three fashion-focused facets. Not only a place for shopping and browsing the best luxury fashion online, it’s also a place where users can ask our stylists questions and chat with other fashionistas in our ‘TALK’ section. In our ‘PLAY’ section users can express their fashion creativity by putting together different outfits and sharing them with friends. They can discover new brands and designers in this area too via our fashion themed lifestyle quizzes. What makes different from other fashion community websites? It’s the variety of features that make the site an interesting place to visit for followers of fashion. Most fashion communities do not offer a shopping capacity. As our site is specifically for the Middle East we make sure everything on the site can be shipped to Kuwait, or anywhere in the region in a couple of days. We take care to communicate frequently with visitors to the site and give them the service they would expect to receive face-to-face in a store. We have stylists and customer service available over the phone or email in Arabic or English. They can help with any questions about the site or provide product and styling advice. We send out weekly newsletters which cover key global fashion trends, hot new designers to watch and or seasonal themes like wedding season outfits. We also are very active on social media letting our followers know about new in products and key trend items. As a shopping website for the Middle East and

translating content into Arabic, has that made a difference in sales to your partner e-tailers? Our partners on are the best online fashion stores Harrods, NET-A-PORTER, mywardrobe, Boutique1, Matches, Browns and Stylebop. We’re the first site to cater specifically to the region and we have given these partners access to a new audience, which has helped their sales. is the first luxury shopping website in the Arabic language. Why do you think this has never been done before? E-commerce is in its initial growth phase in the Middle East. Even global luxury brands like Burberry or Ralph Lauren, who are major players in the e-commerce space, have concentrated launching e-commerce sites for the Asian and European markets and do not have sites in Arabic. What are some of your most favorite brands on the website? It’s a difficult choice, but a few of my favorites are Chloe, Lanvin and Jimmy Choo. What’s the most challenging part of your job, and what’s the most exciting part? Fitting everything into the day and the reward is watching new developments to the site come to life. DIA-style is now a fully-fledged fashion community; can you let us know what’s next? We’ll be adding different product areas to the site as well as collaborating with more luxury retailers to bring even more great fashion online. For more on Rasha, visit Check out the latest fashions on and


‫ﻣﻊ ﻗﺴﻢ أﻣﺮاض اﻟﺴﻜﺮ و اﻟﻐﺪد اﻟﺼﻤﺎء ﻧﻠﺘﺰم ‪...‬‬

‫ﺑﺘﻘﺪﻳﻢ أﻓﻀﻞ اﻟﺨﺪﻣﺎت اﻟﻄﺒﻴﺔ ﺗﺤﺖ إﺷﺮاف ﻛﺎدر ﻃﺒﻲ ﻣﺘﻤﻴﺰ ﻣﻦ إﺳﺘﺸﺎرﻳﻴﻦ واﺧﺘﺼﺎﺻﻴﻴﻦ‪.‬‬

‫أﻣﺮاض اﻟﺴﻜﺮ وﺗﺒﻌﺎﺗﻪ‪ ،‬و إﺿﻄﺮاﺑﺎت اﻟﻐﺪة اﻟﻨﺨﺎﻣﻴﺔ‪ ،‬واﻟﻜﻈﺮﻳﺔ‪ ،‬و ﻗﺼﻮر اﻟﻐﺪد اﻟﺘﻨﺎﺳﻠﻴﺔ ﺑﻤﺎ ﻓﻲ ذﻟﻚ ﻧﻘﺺ ﻫﺮﻣﻮن‬ ‫اﻟﺘﺴﺘﻮﺳﺘﻴﺮون‪ ،‬إﻟﻰ ﺟﺎﻧﺐ اﺿﻄﺮاﺑﺎت وأﻣﺮاض اﻟﻐﺪة اﻟﺪرﻗﻴﺔ‪ ،‬ﺗﺄﺧﺮ اﻟﺒﻠﻮغ‪ ،‬اﺿﻄﺮاﺑﺎت اﻟﻨﻤﻮ‪ ،‬وارﺗﻔﺎع ﺿﻐﻂ اﻟﺪم‪.‬‬

‫د‪ .‬روﺑــﺮت ﺳﻜﻴﻠــﻲ‬

‫اﺳﺘﺸﺎري أﻣﺮاض اﻟﺴﻜﺮ واﻟﻐﺪد اﻟﺼﻤﺎء‬ ‫ﻋﻀﻮﻳﺔ اﻟﻜﻠﻴﺔ اﻟﻤﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﻟ�ﻃﺒﺎء ‪ -‬أﻳﺮﻟﻨﺪا‬ ‫ﺑﺮﻧﺎﻣﺞ ﻟﻮﻧﺞ وود اﻟﻄﺒﻲ ﺑﺠﺎﻣﻌﺔ ﻫﺎرﻓﺮد‬ ‫اﻟﻮﻻﻳﺎت اﻟﻤﺘﺤﺪة ا�ﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ‬

‫ﺧﺪﻣﺎت أﻣﺮاض اﻟﺴﻜﺮ و اﻟﻐﺪد اﻟﺼﻤﺎء ﻧﻘﺪﻣﻬﺎ ﻟﻜﻢ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺴﺘﺸﻔﻰ ﻃﻴﺒﺔ ‪ -‬ﻧﺘﻌﺎﻣﻞ ﻣﻊ ﺷﺮﻛﺎت اﻟﺘﺄﻣﻴﻦ‬

‫ﻃﻴﺒﺔ‬ ‫ﻟﻠﺘﺄﻫﻴﻞ واﻟﻌﻼج اﻟﻄﺒﻴﻌﻲ‬



closet Bibi


By Bibi Al-Falah

What’s trending now? Much more than we could possibly summarize on one page, but let’s start with accessories: One of the most popular trends to hit fashion week street style this year was the floral framed sunglass design by MOO Eyewear. These beauties come in many different color combinations and should only be worn by a lady with the confidence to match. Luckily for us girls in Kuwait, the shades are available at one of the hippest boutiques in town- Revolution. Another huge accessory for spring comes in the form of a shoe: a wedged sneaker shoe to be exact. You can blame Isabel Marant for sparking this huge trend that has now been done over and over again by many different brands and is not going away anytime soon. Apart from being completely in fashion, it’s the absolute perfect travel shoe. Moving on to the wonderful world of clothing. Spring 2013 has been missing a lot of fabric due to the onslaught of cutout designs. We’ve seen this midriff-bearing trend on everyone from Rihanna to Kristen Stewart but it’s a little bit difficult to wear given our geographic location. Not to worry! This trend also comes in the form of cutout shoulders, which you can get away with much easier. A popular color combination we saw a lot of on the runways was black and white. This classic combination was revamped with super modern cuts and tried and tested patterns like stripes and checkers. We’re not trying to look like a chess set this spring, so if you’re wearing a black and white pattern make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple so that there isn’t too much going on. Sheer paneling was also a huge hit on the runways, although Dior was harshly criticized on Fashion Police for their infamous gown that appears to be ripping at the seams on Jennifer Lawrence. The freshest way to wear this trend for spring is by choosing a brightly colored mid-length skirt with a floor length sheer layer over it. Another look that’s still going strong is ruffles, which always looks classy and feminine. Since peplum tops are still in, the best way to wear this trend is by wearing a ruffled peplum top and killing two trends with one credit card swipe. Enough about clothes! What on earth should we do with our hair, makeup, and nails this Spring/Summer 2013 season? This season we saw a lot of fun colors on eyes like hues of pink and blue. If colored eye shadow is a bit much for your taste, go for subtle eyeliner along your lower lash line. There was much more focus on eyes than lips, with many designers opting for nude lips on the runway. If nude is far too boring for your taste, go for a pink rose shade which always looks pretty in warm weather. When it comes to hair, styles varied, but ponytails were spotted many times. Personally, I think the most modern way to wear this style is a straight loose ponytail with a few strands framing your face. 60’s style hair and messy brands also made appearances on the catwalk, and the latter is so easy to do on a bad hair day (so thankful braids are still in)! As for color, in general the Ombre craze appears to be dying out (no pun intended) but what remains is a much more subtle version that simply looks like grown out highlights without harsh roots that appear too dark. As long as everything blends together nicely and your ends are not bleach blonde this look is still gorgeous, especially with a summer glow. Super gutsy girls are moving on to rainbow colored highlights which can be really fun-especially if your job atmosphere allows it. If not, go for the temporary color chalk that washes out immediately (available at Eden Salon). Finally, let’s not forget about your nails. This one is open to personal taste because there are so many nail trends to choose from right now. Glitter tips, twotone manicures, and nail art have completely taken over and all you need to do is browse your favorite local salon’s Instagram account for some inspiration. Have a stylish April! 80


bazaar health


By Susannah J. Schuilenberg

April is Autism Awareness Month. The world has been “aware” of autism for hundreds of years, with the earliest, welldocumented example from a court case in 1747. Though the collection of familiar symptoms was not labeled autism, nevertheless, court records provide such a detailed record of the behavior of the man in question that there is little doubt amongst forensic researchers that he suffered from autism. The word autism is derived from the Greek word autos meaning “self” and in its original context, was used to mean a morbid absorption with self; the withdrawal of the individual into an internal world, refusing or rejecting external influence or disturbance. In 1938 Hans Asperger first described what later came to be called Asperger Syndrome, and in 1943, Leo Kanner first used the term infantile autism to describe the symptoms of 11 pediatric patients with similar behavior characteristics. Autism is not new. Autism happens along a continuum of severity. People with autism may be completely withdrawn from the world around them, with very little independent function and a collection of behaviors which can be very difficult to manage but on the 82

other end of the spectrum are disorders formerly labeled High Functioning Autism, which include Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. A pattern of symptoms rather than one single symptom, autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that generally becomes evident as a child fails to meet the normal developmental milestones of childhood, or in some cases, begins to lose milestones already mastered. This disorder is characterized by lack of eye contact, avoidance of, or non-response to, external stimuli, repetitious movements (such as rocking, banging, hand flapping etc.), little or no language development, and in most cases, cognitive deficits. Asperger Syndrome shares many of these characteristics in varying degrees, but its distinguishing features are appropriate/advanced language development and at least normal IQ (85 115). Hans Asperger called his young patients “little professors” and believed that an IQ above normal was a part of the overall pattern with this condition. Additionally, children with Asperger Syndrome tend to fixate on particular interests (dinosaurs, weather, numbers, etc.) and to struggle socially because they misread or miss social cues and may have odd or

awkward speech patterns. Each child falling on the autism spectrum is unique in the ways in which s/he is impacted by the disorder. As many parents contend, “if you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism.” Diagnosis is vital, and this must be made by qualified, trained psychologists, developmental pediatricians, or psychiatrists experienced with childhood disorders. If you are concerned about your child’s development, it does no harm to have your baby assessed. Ask questions of the professionals you may see. Ask about their training and experience with autism and pervasive developmental delays. Find out what assessments will be used and what the process involves to make a determination about your child. As a guideline, any assessment for a childhood disorder should at a minimum include a structured developmental history done with the parents; information collected from additional sources, i.e., school, family, pediatrician; and a formal, standardized assessment of the child which will include several hours of contact time between the assessor and the child. The professional may also ask to observe your child at home or ask that you record your child’s behavior at home, and may also ask your permission to observe the child in school. It’s vital for parents to understand that an assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder must follow standardized, professional protocols or the diagnosis is not valid. There are other reasons why children may have autistic-like behaviors but who don’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once a diagnosis has been made, appropriate consistent intervention is the next step. In fact, early intervention is the key to maximizing the potential of a child with any developmental delays. The earlier the better. Kuwait has enjoyed an explosion of resources in the past five years, which is wonderful, but there is need for more. The professional who provides the diagnosis should also be able to answer your questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder, help guide you to the community resources for therapy and to an appropriate educational setting if required. April is Autism Awareness Month. Take the time to raise your own awareness of the appropriate stages of a child’s development. It’s a worthwhile effort. Susannah J. Schuilenberg, PsyD, MA, MREd, RPC, MPCP, ACS is a Clinical Coordinator & Supervising Psychologist at Soor Center for Professional Therapy & Assessment. For more information, please call 2290 1677, visit or follow their Tweets @SoorCenterQ8.










bazaar goes cruising WHEELS OF STEEL All-New 2013 Cadillac ATS By bazaar staff

In January of this year, Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Automotive, unleashed the All-New 2013 Cadillac ATS on an eagerly awaiting Kuwaiti audience. If you are a fan of Cadillac then you already know the class, horsepower, and style that they have been bringing to the streets for over 110 years. The little known fact that Cadillac itself was named after the founder of Detroit, that city long synonymous with car culture, only further proves their legendary status. If you are not familiar with them, now would be a good time for a test drive. No, seriously -now! The primary differences in recent years all center around progressive advancements in innovation, technology, and cutting edge design. That, and of course, as always—power under the hood. So let’s talk muscle: the 2013 ATS is available with two different engine options that deliver 84

real power and capitalize on the car’s lightweight structure (thus complementing its performance with efficiency). You’ve got the standard 2.5L, 4 cylinder (which generates 202 horsepower-not too shabby already!) or Cadillac’s award winning 3.6L, V-6 generating 321 horsepower. For me, this is an easy decision. Still, if we are going to go fast, we must be safe! Alas - the new models come with a range of advanced safety features, all based on Cadillac’s “control and alert” strategy that employs advanced technologies including radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to help prevent crashes. Among the most sophisticated of the features is Front and Rear Automatic Brakes. This feature relies on shortrange radar technology and ultrasonic sensors to help the driver prevent front and rear low-speed collisions via a progression of alerts that if necessary,

extend to complete braking. I guess with a car that is about as stylish as a jet—it makes sense that we would have radar! The ATS with the 2.5L engine and automatic transmission has an official base curb weight of 1503 kg – making it the lightest vehicle in its competitor segment. The all-new compact luxury sport sedan translates that mass efficiency into nimble, quick performance. The 1,570 kg rear-wheel-drive ATS achieves 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) acceleration in 5.4 seconds – among the fastest in its segment compared to mainstream competitor variants – when equipped with a 3.6L V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission. The 2013 ATS is also offered with Cadillac User Experience (or CUE, as they call it), which pairs entertainment and information data from up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, USBs, SD cards

and MP3 players, with a vehicle infotainment system that reduces complexity through customized information, voice commands and fewer buttons and larger icons. The vibrant LCD screen displays CUE’s home page, which resembles a smart phone’s screen, by using large, easy-to-target icons to execute commands. These days, the way technology is trending, the best gadgets and toys are only as good as their ability to play well together; the

Cadillac CUE system enables them to do just that. Also notable here is that the ATS uses an acoustically laminated windshield and side windows that are lighter than standard tempered glass. In doing so they provide better wind and powertrain noise reduction for a quiet interior. Acoustically laminated glass also offers almost double the amount of ultraviolet ray protection. The ATS contains three microphones inside the cabin that

carefully monitor, and then adjust, interior sounds to create a proper environment within the cabin. Active sound control technology proactively monitors the ATS’s cabin for unwanted noise and works to eliminate it. Alternately, passive sound-deadening in the form of covers, foams and other materials built into the vehicle absorb, block and eliminate vibrations, wind noise, and noise from passing cars. If you are paying attention, that’s basically like your car saying “shhhhhhhhhhh!” like a librarian, when the world gets too loud. Awesome! So far, the 2013 is already making a big splash in the industry. It recently won the ‘2013 North American Car of the Year Award’ and the ‘Esquire Car of the Year’ award, and was crowned the 2013 “Best of the Year” Drivers’ Choice award by PBS’ MotorWeek, the longest-running automotive program on television. In addition, the word at Alghainim & Sons is that their customer service for Cadillac owners has quickly become the new benchmark for General Motors showrooms throughout the Middle East. If you like the idea of driving a legend in the form of a distinctive luxury sports sedans, visit Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons’ showroom in Safat Alghanim to test-drive the All-New 2013 Cadillac ATS.

For more information or a test drive visit their showroom at Safat Alghanim. You can find them online at or reach them by phone 2475 4400. You can also follow them on Facebook w w w. fa ce b o o k . co m / A l g h a n i m Au to m o t i ve ; or on Twitter or Instagram @AlghanimAuto. 85

‫حملة « �أنا �أقر�أ» لت�شجيع الأطفال على القراءة‬ ‫من فعاليات حملة كويتنا‬

‫وسط الزخم اإلعالمي المرئي والمسموع والمقروء‪ ،‬وفي إطار التطور المستمر‬ ‫للشبكة العنكبوتية «اإلنترنت»‪ ،‬مازالت القراءة تفتح لها نافذة بصعوبة بين الصخب‬ ‫اإلعالمي الموجود‪ ،‬لتطلع القارئ على ما عند اآلخرين بكل يسر وسهولة‪ ،‬وهذا ما‬ ‫دعا إليه ديننا الحنيف فأول آية نزلت على رسولنا الكريم هي (اقرأ)‪ ،‬فالقراءة تعدت‬ ‫كونها حاجة إلى اعتبارها ضرورة في هذا العصر الحديث‪.‬‬ ‫ومن هذا المنطلق جاءت فكرة حملة «أنا أقرأ» والتي ُكلفت بإدارتها السيدة‬ ‫منيرة العيدان (الناشطة في ميدان ثقافة الطفل) من قِبل وزير التربية‪.‬‬ ‫ستقوم الحملة بزيارة ‪ 240‬مدرسة‪ ،‬وسيتم توزيع مليون كتاب على المراحل‬ ‫اإلبتدائية‪ ،‬باإلضافة الى إقامة فعاليات الحملة أيام الخميس والجمعة والسبت‬ ‫من كل أسبوع في أحد المجمعات التجارية الكبيرة‪ ،‬كما ستمنح الحملة مئة‬ ‫طفل وسام أنا قارئ بتوقيع وزير التربية لمن يقرأ ‪ 10‬قصص‪ ،‬على أن يجمع‬

‫الملصقات المرفقة بالقصص التي تتم قراءتها‪ ،‬وسيقوم وزير التربية بتكريم‬ ‫هؤالء المائة طفل‪.‬‬ ‫وفي هذا السياق قالت مديرة حملة «أنا أقرأ» السيدة منيرة عبدالرحمن‬ ‫العيدان‪ :‬هذه الحملة تتبناها حكومة الكويت متمثلة بوزارة التربية‪ ،‬ضمن نشاطات‬ ‫حملة «كويتنا» لتشجيع األطفال من عمر ‪ 8‬سنوات إلى ‪ 12‬سنة على القراءة باللغة‬ ‫العربية من خالل القصص العشر لسلسلة «حكايات الشجرة العجوز»‪.‬‬ ‫وأشارت العيدان إلى أن القراءة تعتبر من أهم المهارات المكتسبة التي تحقق‬ ‫النجاح والمتعة لكل فرد خالل حياته وذلك إنطالقاً من أن القراءة هي الجزء المكمل‬ ‫لحياتنا الشخصية والعملية وهي مفتاح أبواب العلوم والمعارف المتنوعة‪ ،‬كما تحتل‬ ‫القراءة بالنسبة لإلنسان أهمية كبرى فهي وسيلته للتعلم والتعليم‪ ،‬فبالقراءة تحيا‬ ‫العقول‪ ،‬وتستنير األفئدة‪ ،‬ويستقيم الفكر‪.‬‬ ‫‪86‬‬


Loaay's Two Cents Got business problems or challenges at work? With his Two Cents page, Loaay Ahmed shares his expertise in strategic management consulting to help managers, employees and entrepreneurs thrive.


I know it’s a generic question, but what’s the best advice to keep managers focused on doing their best for the companies they work for all the time?

Businesspeople are not all made from the same mould, so we can’t expect that one piece of advice will fit all. Managers join companies and grow their businesses for different reasons. Some do it for the money, some for the power, while others do it for the thrill of the challenge. Having said that, investors look at specific aspects when they want to buy shares in a company or add it as a subsidiary. They look at the financial performance of the company: assets, liabilities, cash flow, revenue, cost, net profit, and brand equity. They also look at the current team’s performance and how capable they are in helping the company to grow. They would be equally interested in the company’s market share and customers’ retention strategies to know how deep the relationship between the business and existing customers is, which helps in projecting future revenues. Investors are not interested in companies with debts, negative cash flows, poor employees’ skills, and lack of strategies on how to acquire and retain customers. Therefore, one of the best things that any management team can do is to strive for excellence in all the above-mentioned areas of the business; so much so that the company is always ready to be sold tomorrow even if they have no intention of selling. How they achieve this result is what makes brands different from one another...and that’s just my two cents.


The market is a mix of different nationalities. Other than selling milk or mobile lines, can a brand capture many customers who come from all over the world?

If we have one thing in common as human beings it’s the fact that we’re different. If it wasn’t for our diversity there would be one dairy company, one telecom provider, and basically one source for every service or product you can think of. And as such, companies in the dairy and telecom industries can’t acquire or attract all segments in the market. In Finland, a country with very few expats – one may assume less diversity than the US for example – and with national pride for local brands, not a single local brand will appeal to all Finns. Where customers come from has less impact on their purchase patterns than who they are. Brands will have a much better chance of increasing and maintaining good customers when they focus on targeting people with similar behaviors and attitudes more than anything else. For example, many football fans from different countries across the

globe support Manchester United or Real Madrid. Although they might not share any racial ethnicity or a cultural background, they do have common views on football and that’s what these sports clubs marketing managers care about. Successful companies proactively and permanently search for common grounds between prospects, customers and their brands and position themselves around these attributes and build on them. In any given industry one brand may communicate value, another may focus on no-frills service, while the third may use indulgence. Know what brand you want to be and who you want to sell to because the minute you start communicating like a chameleon you start losing more than gaining...and that’s just my two cents.


A Division Head position is now vacant and we want to hire from outside the organization. What’s the best way to increase the buy-in from employees towards their new manager? I’m not against hiring fresh eyes. New hires that come from outside the company or even from outside the industry sometimes have a different perspective that’s worth exploring. However, I would suggest first taking a closer look at the current staff in that division. If an Assistant Manager is doing a good job and s/he’s been coached enough to take on a new challenge like this, don’t deny him/her the opportunity just because you’re used to seeing this person as just the Assistant Manager. And if I were to assume that you have done this exercise and you still didn’t find any existing employee fit for the position, make a note to set a clear strategy supported by a practical plan to always have people internally that are being prepared for the next position up when the time is right. Once the candidates are shortlisted to three that you feel have equal chances of doing a good job in this position, present the options to the division’s staff like a presidential / city election coverage and let them select their new manager. Show their CVs, achievements, pros, and what they can bring to the division and to the company. As in all elections, there are always a few people who did not vote for the winner. They will be unhappy but at least the majority will support the new hire because s/he’s their choice. Is this approach uncommon? You bet, but quite often, common solutions lead to dull reactions...and that’s just my two cents.

For Loaay Ahmed’s advice on business or work matters, send a short email to Please note that only the questions chosen for publishing will be answered.

Loaay Ahmed is a management consultant and strategic expert. To learn more about Loaay and his consulting service, strategic business therapy, visit 88


PICKLES Deep fried pickle action! By bazaar staff

Upon first arriving at the new Pickles restaurant in Al Bida’a you are welcomed by an eager staff and a casual, if upscale by burger standards, restaurant. Given their gastroburger house status you may instantly find yourself only focusing on the hamburgers. These are good, should not be missed, and will soon be discussed. However, lets start with their namesake, as it is a welcomed and delicious point of differentiation. So ubiquitous in the American South as to be just about standard, it is great to see them cross the pond. What is additionally nice here is that they offer a variety of options and are generally more gourmet. What this means for you personally is more options of pickle flavors with more variety of sauces. I should have seen it coming, of course they will have deep fried pickles! This is not very commonplace though abroad, to say the least, so we were caught off guard. This was followed by delight though when we found that they had more than ten different varieties as well as deep fried peppers. After ordering an assortment of their most popular ones we dove in. Out of all of them, and really you should order at least several when going so you get the variety, my favorite was the Bread and Butter Chips and the Banana Peppers. Additionally, the rainbow dipping sauce was a good pair up. This gives you just a slight sweetness from the sauce with the tang of a spicy pickle. There is another menu item here that absolutely must be discussed: The Poutine! Doesn’t sound 90

familiar, you say? Well, let me tell you…long a staple of the Québécois diet, Poutine spread from a regional dish to a Canadian national treasure. One can only assume that it is an aversion to the French word itself or Francophones in general that has somehow kept it from spreading South to the states. That said, you should run out and try it immediately—because it is basically variations of French fries and gravy—and who doesn’t love that? It would be wrong to assume though that due to its mix of side-type ingredients that this dish should be relegated to side-dish status. It is practically a main course. Especially when done the way they do here which, at least in some cases is in a more sophisticated manner. For example, on this menu, the Montreal Poutine is served with chicken served on top of fries and a chicken based gravy, as well as a liberal portion of Swiss cheese poured over the top. The other two versions here are served with a beef based gravy sauce but were equally delicious. When it comes to the more standard nongravy variation of French fries they have you covered with different cuts and types including: curly, steak, crinkle, and sweet potato. They also come served in a variety of ways, including cheesy and, the more intimidating term: loaded. They also noticeably have tator tots, for the kid in you. Their curly chili fries, a unique take on what you might normally expect, is definitely hardy enough to be a meal all on their own. While we did get a chance to sample more than a few of the nine burgers here, even the Classic

will get the job done: in house prepped meat, assorted accouterment and a delicate potato bun—yes please! Still, somehow, it ended up being the vegetarian option that wowed most, for an unabashed, unapologetic carnivore, that is saying something. The Portobello burger here comes out at a little over an inch thick. This is because, here it is stuffed with Gruyere, Emmenthal, and Parmesan cheese and breaded to delight. As the brand gets settled in they have vowed to continue to bring us new delights in the future. They suggested that desserts are not too far off now and that they will also continue to look at ways to expand the deep fried pickles and peppers category. If you are in the area, the Poutine alone would be reason enough to stop by. Seriously— fries and gravy! Pickles is located on the Gulf Road in Al Beda’a Strip next to Movenpick Hotel, or reach them by phone on 2225 3155.



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Move over New York and Paris…here comes Dubai, a dynamic arts destination, packed with over 40 million US dollars worth of art. bazaar brings you a retrospective look at one of the world’s leading showcases of contemporary art in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Art Dubai, now in its seventh year, once again brought together internationally renowned galleries exhibiting contemporary art, photography, sculpture, video installations, and kinetic art. The events participation of over 75 galleries from 30 different countries representing 500 artists was a great opportunity to see art in all its diverse genres. The Global Art Forum successfully brought together a diverse lineup of artists, musicians, curators, strategists, writers and thinkers, under the title ‘It Means This’ and explored the concept of ‘definitionism,’ taking to task the words, phrases and clichés that proliferate in the art world today. The forum unfolded at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha (March 17–18, 2013) and continued at Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah (March 20–23). The programme was directed by Istanbul-based writer/ editor HG Masters, and commissioned by writer/ curator Shumon Basar. ‘Marker’ Project, a curated section of concept 92

stands was curated by Lagos-based curator Bisi Silva, and explored the nature of changing cities through the work of artists and arts organizations from West Africa. One of the most interesting works at the project was Head Series (No. 6) by Taiye Idahor, an eloquent visual in mixed media. She had juxtaposed newspaper, film cartridge, and acrylic paint on wood to create her work. A plethora of styles, mediums, and art forms abounded at this cutting edge gallery, which rightfully received considerable attention for displaying some of the stars. Rose Issa Projects, a London based gallery, had some intriguing works on display, including pieces by Taraneh Hemami, Batoul S’Himi, and Hossein Valamanesh. Some of the strongest works were by Batoul S’Himi, who made a particular splash at the show with a piece entitled Un Monde Sous Pression (A World Under Pressure), which sought to express the symbolism of everyday modern life. Her works echo strong narratives of identity; specifically, the myriad facets of the Moroccan female universe. The Third Line, a Dubai based art gallery, proved to be a stronghold for curious visitors. It represented some particularly wonderful artists such as Abbas Akhavan, Farhad Moshiri, Golnaz Fathi, Hassan Hajjaj,

Lamya Gargash, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Rana Begum, Shirin Aliabadi, Sophia Al-Maria, Tarek Al-Ghoussein and Youssef Nabil. It was a sheer treat for visitors to savor the works of Farmanfarmaian, an Iranian artist of great repute, known for her intricate aineh-kari or mirror mosaic and reverse glass-painting sculptures. In a selection of hand-painted gelatin silver prints, Egyptian artist Nabil explored the displacement and disconnect he feels with his home country and the rest of the world. Sabrina Amrani Art Gallery, based in Madrid, Spain, showcased the works of Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Waqas Khan, Nicène Kossentini and UBIK. According to the Sabrina Amrani Art gallery notes, “in our modern society, the West and the Orient are depicted in an eternal conflict: social, cultural and political. Zoulikha’s architectural doors are the representation of an opposite idea where both sides are living harmoniously.” The artist offers her own vision of an era where identity is no longer related to the concepts of borders or nations by fusing arches from different times and origins. Athens-based Kalfayan Galleries had brought down some of the finest works by Vartan Avakian, Rania Bellou, Emmanouil Bitsakis, Nina Papaconstantinou, Pietro Ruffo, Hrair Sarkissian

and Dimitris Tataris. A welcome surprise to wandering visitors was the work of avant-garde artist, Yayoi Kusama, also known as the Polka Dot Queen. This acclaimed Japanese artist was represented by London-based Victoria Miro Gallery. Art aficionados were spoiled for choice at Etemad Gallery which showcased Morteza Ahmadvand, Mehrdad Mohebali, Leila Pazooki, Parviz Tanavoli, Sadegh Tirafkan, and Ramtin Zad. A fiberglass sculpture titled, Twisted Blue Heech by Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli was stunning and one of the biggest crowd pleasers at Art Dubai. Tanavoli, who was a founding member of the Saqqakhaneh movement that began in the 60s in Iran, sought to integrate popular symbols of Shia culture in art. The term Heech means ‘nothing’ in Persian. It symbolizes, to the artist, ambivalence to the past and present. Adding dimension to word, Tanavoli shot to fame in 2005, when he created a small sculpture called Heech in a Cage to protest against the conditions of the prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. Some other outstanding works on view were by Syrian artist Fadi Yazigi, Palestinian artist Laila Shawa, Lebanese artist Pascal Hachem and Tunisian artist el Seed.

Ayyam Gallery showcased works by Tammam Azzam, Oussama Diab, Khaled Jarrar, Nadim Karam, Mouteea Murad and Mehdi Nabavi. Ayyam Gallery also hosted exhibitions of solo works by Iranian artist Ashfin Pirhashemi and Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin in their Dubai spaces. Drawing considerable attention were the works of Amin, whose Popcornography series had charm and impact. Her new series of 15 paintings examines a number of taboos in the Arab world and were packed with raw emotive power. Of course, one could not fail to notice the wit underlying Pakistani artist Ehsan Ul Haq’s 12 lifesized donkeys. Art Dubai had commissioned Ul Haq’s installation piece History Lessons for this year’s edition. The artist explains that his work is a satire on the dynamics of power play and masculinity. In addition, the works of 2013 Abraaj Group Art Prize winners — Vartan Avakian (Lebanon), Iman Issa (Egypt), Huma Mulji (Pakistan), Hrair Sarkissian (Syria), and Rayyane Tabet (Lebanon) were unveiled at Art Dubai. Other attractions included a new sculpture on the beach section at Mina A’Salam that showcased a 9m-curved bridge by iconic American sculptor Chris Burden. Art Dubai Projects 2013 were dedicated to the

memory of the late Iranian female artist Farideh Lashai (1944-2013). One of the most interesting aspects of the event was an on-site radio station that made it possible for art fair broadcasts to be made available via a live radio web stream, thus enabling global audiences to digitally experience Art Dubai. Striking all the right notes, New York-based Kuwaiti musician Fatima Al Qadiri composed a series of short audio pieces to be amplified at pre-determined times of day, providing visitors with a soundtrack to the event. Art Dubai’s presentation and offerings reached out to a younger audience as well. A positive aspect of the show was the launch of Sheikha Manal ‘Little Artists’ Program, which consisted of workshops and tours for children and teenagers. In an outreach to a wider audience, Art Dubai 2013 introduced the ‘Mobile Art Gallery’ that operated from a truck. Summing up the essence of Art Dubai, Fair Director Antonia Carver acknowledges that the status and scope of the event reflected Dubai’s growing stature as an international art hub, and one couldn’t agree more. The seventh edition of Art Dubai certainly exceeded expectations. For more information, visit; Images courtesy of Art Dubai/Galleries. 93

THE TASTES OF TURKEY Hilton Kuwait Resort Turkish Festival proves delicious and enlightening By bazaar staff

For 10 days in mid-March, the flagship restaurant at the Hilton in Mangaf went all things Turkey. From the change in façade out front to the whirling Dervishes found within, it was a little slice of Istanbul in our very own Kuwait. Beyond the attention to aesthetic detail and delicious foods that lie within, there is intent afoot to truly provide a genuine slice of Turkish life into the hands of Kuwaitis. Twice a year, the Hilton, best known locally for their 5 beautiful beaches and equally exquisite spa, focuses their efforts abroad by bringing an authentic take on international cuisine to our own local tables. While this may seem like a standard aim for a multinational brand that already boasts several international dining experiences on premise- this is where they get to offer the market the crème de le crème of authentic dining and lifestyle. For this purpose, it all starts with an attempt to target a culinary experience that is otherwise not available, or is underrepresented in the Kuwaiti dining scene; this March they chose to feature Turkey, and all the culinary character and cultural allure that this colorful nation proudly provides. The first thing they do for these bi-annual food fairs, is spare no expense in bringing in experts from the home country being featured, that they might be sure to get the cultural experience just right. In this case that meant calling in a total of three chefs, 94

each with their own particular Turkish specialty. Chefs Halil Sucu, Aydemir Güler, and Ali Ocak all of the Hilton in Istanbul, packed their knives and recipes and came over to Kuwait for a tutorial in the nuances of their motherland. In coordination with Executive Chef Abdulkader Yamout, they brought more than 85 years of Turkish cooking experience to the event. As a 5 star property itself, and most notably, the first International location of Hilton Hotels worldwide- the talent that was brought in for our culinary delight was top notch. When each was asked for their personal recommendation it seemed all of the chefs had a tough time deciding. So we forced them to only choose from the products they prepare. For Ali, in his role as Junior Sous Chef, which features all of the salads and cold dishes, he says the Dolmas are some of the best you will ever taste. Aydemir, the Chef de Partie who does main courses, on the other hand fancies any sort of Kebab. And for his part, Halil, the Pastry Chef, says that you really can’t go wrong by finishing everything off with his Baklava. These three classic Turkish dishes should have your mouth watering without a doubt. The gregarious spirit of the chefs showed a clear and uninhibited passion for sharing the food of their home country with you. As international ambassadors for their country, they achieve their goal in spades. In addition to the food they add in the cultural component. This means, amongst other things,

beginning with good music to provide the perfect backdrop of ambiance. They were able to bring over a local band from Turkey to play and they have thus far been well received. They also have all the waiters donning Turkish uniforms to further enhance the feel and increase the overall experience. One begins to imagine as they pass through the pillars in front that they just might be passing the rock pillars in Cappadocia. In addition, the event was launched under the patronage of the Turkish Embassy in Kuwait so as to be sure to best represent their nation; the addition of Turkish Airlines, Hyundai Kuwait, and Burgan Bank also proved benificial. One other point of note worth mention is that during the festival they offer a raffle, wherein the winner gets a free trip to Istanbul. Given that the Turkish Festival is actually just one of two international food events that the Hilton holds each year, it would be a good idea to keep your ears peeled for the next one. In fact, with the current one now just closing, they are already attempting to decide which nation will next receive the coveted honor of coming to Kuwait towards the end of the year. For now, we will have to wait and see! The Hilton Kuwait Resort is on the Costal Road Mangaf. Find them online at: or follow them on Resort or




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Just as the city was stirring to life, I would make my way into the crowded San Pedro. I walked the same long route every day from my host family’s residence in Santa Marta to my volunteer placement on the other side of town. To this day I don’t know the exact location of the orphanage where I worked, as there are no formal street addresses in Costa Rica. I knew where to cross the street and where to leap over an open sewer; I knew that it was 15 meters after the post office, downhill and to the left. I memorized the bakeries and fruit stands along the way. I knew where to walk faster and where I could linger – even take my camera out to capture the heavy clouds looming over the mountains in the distance. I never encountered any hostility in Costa Rica, but I was always 96

apprehensive on my walk to and from the orphanage. Maybe it was the unfamiliar terrain and the shadowy, slippery streets lined with small houses. I found comfort in the constant flow of traffic and reassurance in the random nod from an old man or the smile of a young mother pushing a wobbly stroller. I tried to own my walk and enjoy it. I may have looked extremely different in my loose trousers, long shirt and hijab – but in San Pedro, nobody seemed to care. Nonetheless, years of being on guard while traveling abroad meant that I was quick and careful, never allowing myself to fully relax. When I approached the orphanage, my nervousness would dwindle away. The last stretch of my walk was an emotional turmoil for me. I would stop thinking about myself and focus on the children instead, the ten little ones who waited in the shelter behind

the thick iron bars. Standing outside the gate waiting for one of the tías (aunties) to open the door for me, all my tension would vanish. In its place a warm glow would spread through my body; it was maternal warmth that the children needed. These sweet kids relied on the kindness of strangers, and that notion overwhelmed me. Stepping into the orphanage, I’d see the young faces peering up at me. One little girl, headstrong and mischievous, always greeted me with an impish smile. She sometimes held her arms up, testing me. Would I carry her under the watchful eyes of the tías? I learnt how to give her a quick hug, holding on for a few brief seconds and treating all the children equally. The rest of the children were usually testy on my arrival and I would try to read their body language to see what new cliques they had formed overnight and what alliances were broken. Three or four of them would watch me with big eyes and bigger pouts. Every day they dared me to be their friend and every day, I rose to the challenge. My first day at the orphanage was the best. The children were in a particularly good mood. The sun shone brightly, the sky was clear and their little hands showed evidence of a chocolaty snack. We ran around in the garden and tackled each other to the ground. I was engulfed by the noise, the colors and the unfamiliar Spanish being shouted by the children. I couldn’t understand a word but I was bursting with joy because they seemed to like me! There was

nothing I wanted more in the world that day than their acceptance. During our first session, one of the organizers sat the children down and pointed to my hijab. He spoke to the children slowly and I saw their eyes widen with curiosity. Up until that moment, they had not even noticed that I looked different. One of the older boys interrupted with a question. I saw the organizer point up to the sky and I can only assume he was explaining my religious beliefs in simple terms for these youngsters. I was listening to his comforting tone when - without warning - everybody moved at once and the children threw themselves in my arms for a group hug. Within the walls of the orphanage, appearances did not matter. What mattered was providing each other with love and strength. I basked in that tolerance throughout my time in Costa Rica. I did not let my nonexistent Spanish get in the way and I proactively planned lessons, held contests and surprised the children with fresh strawberries. After every productive afternoon I’d walk away in satisfaction, knowing that I gave those children my undivided attention. Drenched in sweat and covered in grass stains (or worse!), I’d make my way up the hill to the post office, past the now empty fruit stand and join the evening traffic on the main road. Happy and hungry, I’d head back to a nameless side street in Santa Marta where I knew my host mother was waiting for me with a kind smile and a hot dinner.


XAVIERA Three statements in one piece! By bazaar staff

One garment says it all—innovation, fashion, style, and glamour. That’s what aspiring designer Reham Fareed aims to achieve with crafting a piece of clothing that some may consider wacky, we think it’s genius! Introducing women’s newest accessory. It’s not a jacket. Not a dress. Not a blazer! It’s the very unique, one of a kind, handmade JRESSAZER! When did you first develop an interest in fashion? I’ve been interested in fashion since forever! As a little kid, I used to watch all those fashion shows and see myself in there with my designs taking over the runway! Later on when I started watching the Academy Awards- being a little kid still- I knew that this is where I wanted to be! This is where I really would want to see my designs. I started designing my own tops, jackets, dresses you name it, at a very young age. Then my friends started to ask me to design different types of garments as well for them. I even designed my own wedding dress. Who are some of your favorite designers? Stephane Rolland is my sheer genius! As well as Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Vera Wang, John Galliano and of course the amazing Valentino and his red dresses. Who/what inspires your style? It’s more of a ‘what’ question for me. Everything does: Nature, architecture, animals, colors, books, birds, streets, scents, dresses, even people’s 98

behavior! I had to find out the one style that would make my personality shine through and says who I really am without me having to speak. For years now I’ve been lost in so many different styles that are out there and I only recently have found what I was looking for. That led my designs to take a definite form finally! So what’s Xaviera all about? Xaviera’s main line is about this very unique, one of a kind, new garment that I’m introducing to the fashion world. My hand made Jressazer, which is created out of sophisticated simplicity that brings out the confidence, class, and elegance in the wild woman who dares to wear it. Although each one of my creations has its own story to tell, this glamorous garment is exclusively made for the confident woman who wants to stand out, is willing to turn heads and take everyone’s breath away! What’s the Jressazer? How did you come up with the idea? Culture collisions. Being in an Arab country and being subjected to multiple cultures with lots of different perspectives to traditional fashion, I managed to mix it up to my advantage. I wanted to create an outfit that any daring woman can wear, weather she chooses to wear the veil or not. I especially noticed that a lot of veiled women find it hard to get their hands on something stylish to wear for any given occasion. In another note, blazers and dress are my favorite choices of clothing; they

compliment most women’s body types, and blazers are timeless. There is no one occasion I can think of that you can’t just rock in your blazer! And that’s how I came up with it. I altered the idea of a blazer, made it a bit longer to be more like a jacket and I mixed it with the idea of a dress. The outcome was an eclectic garment that would not only turn heads but also would make you unforgettable for your very unique and outstanding style! It’s the JRESSAZER! (jacket+dress+blazer) How do we style it? It’s an all-in-one garment! Wear it with a pair of jeans and you will instantly turn heads and take breaths away on any given day no matter the destination! If you’re going for an evening or a “Look de Soirée” for any event just pair the jressazers on your favorite sequined dress or top and skirt, shorts, pants etc. and VOILA! Where can we find it? It’s all online for now, mainly through my Facebook page. You can place an order then we’ll ship it to you anywhere! Will Xaviera expand to include other collections? For now I’m sticking to my main product line, but in a few seasons who knows!

Get your iconic Jressazer now by visiting

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Artist of the month

TR ACK DEALAZ By bazaar staff

Founded in 2010, Kuwaiti Hip Hop Group/ Production Team/Record label, Track Dealaz, are working daily to share their musical creations with other musicians and beat makers from across the globe. Using their creativity and love for the craft of production to ensure that listeners can both feel and relate to what they create, they put their hearts and minds into their music. In their words, “when people can relate to the musician, when what he raps is real and nothing’ but raw & honest--people respect that! How did your musical journey begin? We’ve always had a huge love and appreciation for music, but our journey began when we started rapping along to songs that we knew. Although this is something common among people everywhere, this simple task helped us to discover our love for Hip Hop. Ever since, we’ve been writing and rapping lyrics to our own tunes. 100

What/Who inspires you to compose your music? Our inspiration comes from events that occur in our daily lives. It’s the simple things we experience that spark a special feeling inside of us. Inspiration requires feelings, and to experience those feelings you need to open up your eyes to the things around you. Why did you choose Hip Hop music as your form of musical expression? Hip Hop is more than just a genre of music to us; it’s an entire lifestyle. We look at Hip Hop as an escape from reality. Hip Hop is our release. It allows us to express so much through so little. Almost like having a diary we can speak to, tell everything through itwith no judgments passed. What are some of the challenges of performing Hip Hop music? The production of our music is a very timely task. It involves long hours sitting and editing to make

sure everything is perfect before we let anyone hear it. Although it can sometimes be frustrating, the final result makes all the hard work worth it. Is the final sound of a musical track an individual or group effort? Group effort undoubtedly! We both put in long hours of work and dedication to make every production the best that we can do. If one of us isn’t feeling it, we look to each other for help and a shoulder to lean on. We’d never be able to do this individually. Who/What in your early beginnings influenced your music? There are thousands and thousands of amazing and talented rappers out there, but the ones who have really made an imprint in our careers are Eminem and 2Pac Shakur. In your opinion, what was the hardest challenge you faced in your musical career so far? We’ve had to face many challenges during our

musical career, but hands down the most difficult obstacle we had to defeat was being in an Arab speaking country where a lot of musical talent goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Not that rap music is taboo, but there aren’t many facilities that encourage or applaud our music. How has the Middle Eastern world reacted to your sound? We’ve made our mark locally and have had great exposure. We have lots of plans for the future for the rest of the Middle East. We’re not quite done yet! Do you feel that music should always serve a specific purpose? Music is something that you feel-it’s not just noise. It doesn’t serve a specific purpose; it serves thousands of purposes. It can make you happy, it can make you sad; it can give you a million emotions through the right words. Music is there when nothing else is.

What are some of your favorite tracks, and why? From all the songs we’ve done, “Imagine” and “I Swear” are the two that have had the most impact on us, and this makes them our favorite. “Imagine,” because it explains our goals, ambitions, and the heights we want to reach, and “I Swear” because it comes from our real life experiences and things that we’ve gone through. These two songs are a part of our lives; they hold so much emotion. What is your dream performance space and destination? There isn’t a specific place we’d like to be, but we aspire to be known all around the world and have an audience in all corners of the globe. Growing up in a small country like Kuwait, there aren’t many opportunities for us to reach our goal, and because of this we have to work that much harder.

How is the world of performing Hip Hop music, different from other types of music? Hip Hop music is more about emotion and lyrics than just the music standing alone. Although the music playing in the background is a crucial part of the process, the words we express and the feeling we get from sharing them with the rest of the world is what makes Hip Hop so different. What would you like to accomplish in the future? To be signed to “Strange Music” Any future performance/release plans in Kuwait that our readers should be aware of? We’re working on releasing our first mix tape, “The Merchandise.” Also we have an upcoming performance at the American base Arifjan.

Follow Track Dealaz on Soundcloud or Facebook at trackdealaz or Instagram @trackdealaz. 101

bazaar fiction

ARABIC 101 By Craig Loomis

Her uncle owns the school, which is both good and bad. It is good because she pays for nothing, bad because everybody knows she pays for nothing. That, and there’s the Arabic classes she has to take, they all do. It’s a rule, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Listen to this. “Yes, I hate Arabic class.” There you have it. But never mind because at 16 going on 17 she can say things like that and think it perfectly all right because it’s how she feels, and feelings at that age are, 102

I remember, everything. Later, when she is older, long since graduated from her uncle’s school, if you remind her what she once said about Arabic class, she’ll deny it. Listen to this. “No, you’re wrong. Absolutely wrong. I would never say something like that, even at 16. I might think it, but say it? Never.” Her father and mother will never learn how much she dislikes Arabic class. When she comes home crying and angry, or both, and her mom asks, “Reedah, what in the world is wrong?” she’ll say things like ‘Nothing’ or ‘you

wouldn’t understand’, or, once, ‘What time is dinner?’ The mother almost never follows Reedah into her room when she storms off. But Reedah’s older sister will because she knows Reedah is like that--always has been-and when she asks, “What’s wrong?” Reedah, with new tears, sitting on the bed, hands knotted in her lap, will tell her, and once she is all done, the older sister—who works at an insurance company on Soor Street and no longer has to worry about things like Arabic classes--will say what Reedah does not want to hear, “Is that all?’ This will lead to Reedah knotting her hands even tighter, whiter, which will lead to her saying something else, something louder, and the older sister will shrug and leave her bedroom, softly clicking the door shut behind her. It is this part, gently clicking shut the door, that makes Reedah’s extra furious. So, there you have it, Reedah at 16 going on 17, with her Arabic class, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00-10:50, with Mr. Waleed, room B102, in her uncle’s school. And there’s nothing she can do about it. Of course Reedah went on to pass her Arabic class, and although it was not the A that she hoped for, she was happy that, for the time being, it was over. If you ask her now what it was about Arabic class she found so hateful, she will say how she was picked on by the teacher, Mr. Waleed. Listen to this: “I was picked on by the teacher, Mr. Waleed.” Even now, saying his name is like biting into a lemon, the way she wrinkles her cheeks, giving her head a good shake. “I am sure of it. Why? Because my uncle owned the school, of course.” But Reedah is not done, there’s more and she’s telling you what she has never even told her older sister, not to mention the uncle, her father’s brother. “Mr. Waleed called on me every single class, Sah? Every class. Even when there was no need to call on me he called on me. He wanted to embarrass me. I am sure of it. ‘Reedah, stand up and tell us all the

answer to question four. Nam, four. You do have an answer, Reedah? Yes, of course you do and what might that be?’ We all knew what he was doing, and even when my answer was right it was wrong. Everybody looking at me, followed by a well-placed snicker from those two Hawally girls who sat in the back row. I could feel their eyes on the back of my head,” Her fingertips touching the curve of her neck. “So yes,” sighing, . . . “Nam, it is over but I still feel bad about it, about the way he called on me every day, having me sit in the front row, having me stand up to give a right answer that was, according to him, always wrong.” Suddenly holding up the soft white of her palm, “I know what you’re thinking: talk to my uncle. Have him say something to Mr. Waleed. But of course that was impossible, Sah. I know my uncle, a big man with a big moustache, who simply would have smiled, maybe even smirked, leaning over to tap me on the wrist, whispering, “’Now, now, Reedah, let the man be.’” Setting her palm flat on the tabletop, “Still, …” taking a deep breath, as if she had been underwater for a long time and only now, out of air, has no choice but to surface, “…still, it is over. But it was not a good finish. There was nothing good about it.” Now 22 going on 23, Reedah leans across the table, taps me on the wrist, licks her lips and says, “You know I saw him in the supermarket just the other day. Mr. Waleed. Same man, but smaller, less hair, something all wrong with his foot that wasn’t there before, but it was him all right, and you know what, he walked right past me. He saw me coming, I know he did, looking straight into my face, but there was nothing, not a sign, not a wink, not a ‘Hi how are you’, nothing, he just kept on walking.” Her eyes glistening, licking her lips again to get the words just right, continuing, “It was almost as if he didn’t remember me, didn’t know who I was. After all that, after all we’ve been through, as if he didn’t remember a thing about me.”


MAGNUS OPUS The AIS Visual Arts Exhibition By bazaar staff

Renowned for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, the American International School of Kuwait showcased an art show presented by the IB Visual Arts department last March. The IB Visual Arts course provides an enriching opportunity for young artists to fully experience the study of creating art under an internationally celebrated curriculum, where all aspects are considered and local faculty, fellow peers, and International representatives from the International Baccalaureate Organization evaluate the hard work presented by this unique group of ten artists. Marked by more than 150 individual pieces, the latest IB Visual Arts show was considered as one of their biggest shows yet. Entitled, Magnus Opus, the AIS Art Galley opened with a collection 104

that was the studied result of a period of one and half years. Students enjoyed the liberty of utilizing various types of media, presenting exciting, conceptual thought-provoking artworks, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital media and installations. Visitors were truly astounded by the caliber of art works presented. It is truly refreshing to observe a group of ten individuals who are capable of producing full bodies of work at this point in time in their lives. The future will most surely hold even more exciting opportunities for these young talents as their artistic prowess develops even further. The American International School of Kuwait, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the Visual Arts, is a rigorous two-year investigation of art making, art criticism and art history. Students

choose a theme and create twelve to twentyfour artworks. Before each artwork is created it is thoroughly investigated from its earlier vision, sketches, thought process, development and final implementation and presentation. Students find artists of influence and artworks of inspiration, they research technical processes, and cultural and contextual meaning, and they delve into the function and significance of their work and the work of others both in the contemporary art world and within the river of art history. Graduates of the AIS DP Visual Arts program are thoroughly equipped for university level study and beyond, with tools that will serve them throughout their art careers and other aspects of their university experience. The Visual Art IB DP program at AIS encourages, and promotes students to be creative, conceptual thinkers.

The American International School of Kuwait is located in Maidan Hawally, Hamood Al-Naser Street. Please call 2225 5155 for information about the IB Visual Arts Show or the IB program.


REALITY SUCKS! By Ayesha Osman

I am not a snob…a lot of people will be picky about what they read, what they watch and what they eat, but I am not a snob. I relish the generic, and appreciate worldly tastes. I wonder at the beauty of Shakespeare and Rumi, but grew up reading Danielle Steel. I think all art, in any form and shape should be appreciated; at the very least it should be given a shot, or a nod of approval. I love TV!! LOVE IT! I grew up watching The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, and The X-Files. After 5 days of grueling work, running errands, and pretending to be a good mom, I don’t need intellectual engagement. I need a slow, albeit enjoyable, brain lull. What better to do that than sit with a big bowl of pop corn (your choice of salty or/ maybe and salty snack) and watch a brainless show. However, I have always stayed clear of the illusive world of Reality TV. Not the popular music, I mean the mind numbing, selfish shows. The ones who take perfectly normal everyday happenings and glorify them into a season full of jaw dropping moments! As a dare to my unemployed self, I decided that I would commit to a reality show. I would religiously abide by it, I would Google the people in it and would try and talk, if that’s even possible, to as many willing participants as I can. My commitment would last a month! So I asked around and scoured the internet and the choices are endless. I came across a lot of weirdness, and some seemingly harmless one. There’s 106

a show about little girls and how they’re prepped to become future Lindsay Lohans and Britney Spears. Another show is about the trials and errors of a couple trying to have a baby through IVF. The list is endless. However the lucky winner was about a family of mainly women: sisters, entrepreneurs, sex symbols, mothers, daughters and wives. I think the only reason I watched this was because the women on the show weren’t stick thin. So began my grueling month of reality TV. I even promised myself that I would hunt down every tabloid magazine I could find…there aren’t that many in Egypt. At first it was hard getting used to the nothingness of the episodes; it was basically couples fighting, couples making up, couples trying to have babies, and a couple finding love and marrying. However, I slowly began to lose enough brain cells to actually be engaged in their mundane life extravagances. I do not live anywhere near that kind of luxury, and I’m old enough to realize that money doesn’t buy you happiness. It didn’t stop at me watching an hour of the sisters, I began to genuinely bare concern for the upcoming marriage, anticipate the dress and the guests! And when it all came crashing down after a very brief moment, I experienced disappointment! Then it hit me in a splendid moment of selfreflection, (I’m slow so if any of you out there had figured this out earlier, I’m sorry to have wasted your time)... I was watching. I wanted to know what was going to happen. Millions of us around the world choose to switch on this show, among tens of other

shows, choose to take time from our busy schedules and watch a family struggle, used loosely, to find a sort of happiness that many of us don’t understand. Reality TV at its core is a form of escapism. Many people choose to unwind and lose themselves looking at the blue of a sea, in a book that takes them thousands of miles away, or in listening to music. Now, there are some people out there who choose to unwind a little differently; they curl up in their favorite chair with their choice of snack, or turn on the TV and watch a ‘reality’ show. They spend an hour watching people argue about 10 million dollar cars, about why they lost it at an extravagant party, why it’s so hard to have a baby when they live in different parts of the world, all of this at the backdrop of beautiful houses and landscape. For a brief moment they forget their own problems, their every day struggles and arguments. And for a few, if they look really deep into it, feel blessed for not being celebrities and having their every private life detail scrutinized by complete strangers, even though they’re getting money, a lot of money, for it. After a grueling month, maybe two, of watching a reality show, I wish I could say that I have become a different person, or a more tolerant person for it. Unfortunately, no. I will reserve this right of being a self professed snob against reality shows. It requires a taste I have not yet acquired. I will say this, however, I will no longer judge you for watching reality shows. I will respect your desire to waste your own time according to your preferred form of escapism…I will however pray for you.


bazaar a la mode GET LUSH-OUS Innovative, ethical, and always fresh! Since establishing in 1995, Lush Cosmetics has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products such as the fizzing bath ballistic, shower jellies, solid shampoo bars and Toothy Tabs solid toothpaste, Lush places emphasis on using the freshest ingredients possible, including whole fruits and vegetables. Freshness is intrinsic to Lush – it’s at the heart of their philosophy. It means they can minimize the use of synthetics and they can create wonderfully effective products when the ingredients are at their most potent. When Lush products reach the customer, they are literally weeks, days or even just hours old. No product in any of their shops is more than 6 months old. There are 6 Co-Founders who are all still work together in inventing the products today, along with building the brand and expanding the business. The Bath Bomb is one of their earliest inventions – Mo Constantine OBE (one of the Co-Founders) invented the original Bath Bomb in 1989 and ever since they haven’t stopped their exploration into the world of bath time innovation. They have even taken things further with the patented double-layered bath ballistic that combines a bit of bubble bar with the ballistic mix. The ethics are also important to them. They enforce a strict policy against animal testing, and in 2012 they launched the Lush Prize which is a quarter of a million annual prize fund, run in conjunction with Ethical Consumer, rewarded to politicians, lobbyists, researchers and scientists who are actively working to end animal testing. In their ethical buying they aim to support Fair Trade and Community Trade initiatives and try to go direct to the suppliers to ensure the money is going straight to them. They also lead the industry in combating overpackaging by inventing solid products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer without any excess wrap. Now, almost 18 years since inception, Lush has over 850 shops in 51 countries. They manufacture and retail their own products, which means they have full ownership of the whole process and can be confident that their beliefs and ethics are being carried out at all stages. Throughout the year Lush partners with organizations to run nationwide and global campaigns in all their shops. They run campaigns on issues ranging from those which are a core part of their business, such as: animal testing, palm oil, vegetarianism and packaging; to those which are unrelated to the business but are causes they feel strongly about, such as: fox hunting, shark finning, an end to torture and the right to a fair trial, climate change and destitute refugees. Lush is located in the basement floor of 360 Mall, Tel 2530 9607, The Grand Avenue- The Avenues, Tel 2220 0620 and Central Plaza Salmiya, Tel 2571 2606.

A FLAWLESS COMPLEXION IN JUST MINUTES MAKE UP FOR EVER releases its revolutionary compact powder foundation - PRO FINISH Think of being able to get a flawless complexion like a Pro in just 2 minutes even while you are “on the go”; this is exactly what you will be getting with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s revolutionary compact powder foundation, PRO FINISH. After six years spent in the making to perfect its highly complex formula, MAKE UP FOR EVER releases PRO FINISH to offer all women and professional makeup artists the most practical high-performance compact foundation which can be applied wet or dry on any skin type and skin tone as quickly as possible. With its transforming texture and breakthrough formula, this versatile and multi-use foundation allows you to fully customize your finish and coverage level. Available in 25 shades to suit all skin tones, PRO FINISH is the essential product to carry with you at all times if you want to achieve true professional results instantly.


MONSOON SPRING/SUMMER 2013 The new spring summer collection is a refined and contemporary interpretation of Monsoon’s bohemian roots, accented by key heritage inspired pieces that will be treasured for generations. Trophy jackets are quilted with ethnic inspired prints in pops of pink and ochre. Floral prints in washed pastels mix with soft grey and neutrals for an innocent touch. Blurred effects of color are translated into watercolour jersey stripes, space dye yarns and subtle ombres. The purity of white is seen later in the season, teamed with the rich jewel colors of the peacock feather. The maxi dress and skirt in block printed cottons are inspired by the styling of Monsoon’s iconic seventies photo shoots. Oversize paisleys, subtle lurex fabrics and intricate embellishment give a sense of daytime shimmer with pretty peasant tops and kaftans highlighting the heritage message. Bohemian floral prints and embroidery offer a vintage air in a fresh delicate pastel color palette, reminiscent of the softness of natural dyes, emphasising the handcrafted mood.

BOGGI COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2013 With the Spring-Summer 2013 collection, the idea was to present a collection with modern garments where particular emphasis is given to a comfortable slim fit. That is to say, a slim fit which is close to the body but still provides some ease. Snug shoulders, lightweight inner layers and fabrics which weigh around 240g using blended fibers emphasize the fit. Colors liven up the collection. Bright blues and cement greys are introduced in the precollection while light blues, yellows and geranium reds brighten up pants and accessories. There is a big return to blazers and pants where blazers in different designs are coordinated with pants and polo shirts for a look that is more informal, yet still modern and elegant. There is a wide proposal of sporty outerwear using technical and cotton water-repellent fabrics. Classic Shirts introduce brighter colors mixed with light blues giving a touch of freshness to the collection.

ACCESSORIZE INTRODUCES KATE UPTON For Spring / Summer 2013 Campaign Accessorize is excited to announce Kate Upton as the brand new face for their Spring / Summer 2013 Campaign. The all-American blonde bombshell, who now also boasts two VOGUE covers, makes her high street campaign debut for the London-born accessories brand, following in the steps of former Accessorize supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Lily Cole and Bar Rafaeli. Upton delivers the perfect retrospective look with flits of Bardot and flirty Monroe-isms for the season’s biggest trend, Monochrome. Think beehive hair, flicky cat eyes, sharp graphic jewellery and chic day bags. April sees Upton embracing a sweet-as-sugar-candy occasion wear look, complete with floral embellished collar necklaces and beautifully constructed envelope clutches. Seasonal themes run through the brand, always presenting an individual take on the latest trends. The product range created at Accessorize is extensive including every kind of accessory imaginable; jewellery, bags, underwear, footwear, beachwear, purses, hats, hair accessories, scarves, gloves and shoes.

WELCOME TO ECCO’S SPRING/SUMMER 2013 COLLECTION Ecco’s Scandinavian design philosophy: LESS is MORE – the simplest the better. The collection comes in three distinct trend themes: Northern lights with its relaxed and elegant vibe, the collection is the epitome of Scandinavian leisure fashion. Rebel nature: pays tribute to the forces of nature and handcrafted elements lending an industrial vintage angle. Clean cut is spunky yet polished elegance with a sophisticated edge, fusing smooth attitudes, sharp lines and a touch of exclusivity. Elegant Summer Days and Nights by ECCO: This summer, you’ll be the first on the dance floor and the last to leave the party in the ECCO Sculptured 65 Sandal. The colorful and stylish peep toe is allowing you to walk – and dance – on 65 mm high heels comfortably. Hybrid Summer: Your fashion GPS will direct you to the world of sports this summer. Nostalgia for the past lends the season’s themes a cool, sports-star quality. Dressy uppers combined with sporty outsoles will give you a chance to showcase your athletic side in style. Visit Ecco Stores in The Avenues, Marina, and Al Kout Malls, Mohalab, and Muthanna Complexes and Shamiya Co-op. Their products are also available in: Keifan, Bayan, Rawda, and Yarmouk Co-ops and Bairaq Mall.



I have always wanted to live a fearless life. I even jumped out of a plane to get rid of my fear of flying, but that never really worked out. I believed that fear was hindering me from living my life to the fullest. I struggle in making decisions too. I am a bad decision maker, a very bad one. In fact one time I even stayed awake all night inside a rental car because I couldn’t decide which hotel to stay at, a very true and tragic story. The funny thing about this is that my work was all about decision-making. I had to make quick decisions at times and, I say this in the most snobbish and arrogant manner, I was good at it. I believe it was the difference between knowing and not knowing. I knew my job well enough to make decisions, but I guess I did not know my life as well. So how did someone who is so bad at making decisions and hates flying, amongst other things that “they” don’t wish to reveal to strangers, end up in South America, with no return ticket, unemployed, as an inexperienced traveler with the sole company of 110

everything stuffed in a 65L backpack?! This is not an article. In case I misled you with my flawless grammar; I am not a professional writer. When you travel on a budget for an extended period, you get to experience things that you would never experience otherwise: like hitchhiking out of desperation, bush toilets, and apparently you have to talk about it. The beauty about backpacking and traveling on a budget is that it strips you from all privileges you may have gained through life, and for the most part you are left to be yourself - like being left naked, but less embarrassing. When the unfamiliar becomes familiar, all fear and doubts disappears. When I bought my one way ticket to Peru I wasn’t living in fancy hotels or rich neighborhoods, instead I was staying in some of the poorer streets. This gave me a chance to interact more with the locals, and experience religious or wedding ceremonies that I wouldn’t have the chance to experience otherwise.

Chio, a local Peruvian and a good friend, told me that when she first met me she was scared “I never met an Arab before, you could be a Terrorista.” With my humble Spanish we managed to have some great conversations about our fears and judgments of each other’s cultures and how people’s lack of experience and interactions with other cultures keep them with a narrow understanding of others. We departed each other with a totally different view, more loving, more knowledgeable and wiser. Although I am not sure about the “wiser” part. A yogi in Bali told me that life is about the stories you live to tell. Through traveling I have experienced the most amazing stories and met unique characters. I can talk about living in the slums of Nakuru in Kenya, treating my twisted ankle with ancient remedies in the Himalayas, dancing the salsa in Peru, collapsing in the Ecuadorian Andes or even getting scammed at the Cambodian borders. But the real experience of traveling comes from the people you meet along the way. Those who befriend you, those who lie to you, those who make you dance and laugh and those who make you cry, or almost cry, and the many random faces in between. It turns out that life is way more than our comfortable cars, big houses and fancy titles. Life most of the time, lies somewhere out there, outside our comforts. All because of a snap decision I now know that life is not lived without fear, but life is lived in spite of fear, and with a little bit of faith.


bazaar movie night The latest from the big screen playing in cinemas across Kuwait in April




Genre: Comedy Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy

Genre: Comedy Cast: Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde, Steve Buscemi

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure Cast: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman

Synopsis: In this movie directed by Paul Fieg (Freaks and Geeks and Bridesmaids), uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn, played by Sandra Bullock, is paired with foul-mouthed Boston cop Shannon Mullins in order to take down a ruthless drug lord. The hitch: neither woman has ever had a partner or a friend for that matter. Though a familiar take on the buddy cop genre, always notable for their study of character opposites, the female leads are a welcomed departure from the norm.

Synopsis: Superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton have ruled the Las Vegas Strip for years, raking in millions with illusions as big as Burt’s growing ego. The duo’s greatest deception is their public friendship, while secretly they’ve grown to loathe each other. Facing cutthroat competition from guerrilla street magician Steve Gray even their show is starting to look stale. But there’s still a chance if only Burt can get back in touch with what made him love magic in the first place.

Synopsis: From the director of TRON: Legacy and the producer of the Planet of the Apes comes this original and groundbreaking movie starring Tom Cruise. One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands.




Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger

Genre: Drama, Horror Cast: Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska

Genre: Horror Cast: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez

Synopsis: The Host, based on the book, is the next release from the creator of the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer. When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), or “Wanda,” forms a bond with her host, and will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about - Jared (Max Irons), Ian (Jake Abel), her brother Jamie, and her Uncle Jeb (William Hurt), proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world.

Synopsis: India Stoker was not prepared to lose her father and best friend in a tragic car accident. The unspoken somberness of her home life is suddenly upended by not only this accident, but by the sudden arrival of her Uncle Charlie, whom she never knew existed. India comes to suspect that this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives. Yet instead, she becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

Synopsis: In this much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, co-written and directed by Fede Alvarez, five twentysomething friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.


For more details on movie timings and the cinema nearest you, log on to

From the glorious monument to Roman imperial power Acqua eva, a pure passion to live



Born and raised in Kuwait, one is very grateful for the ability to converse with a multitude of people from different parts of the globe on a daily basis: different regions, different customs, different dialects and different mindsets. To me, Kuwait has always been a country of samples; you get to sample the entire world by having associates, acquaintances, colleagues and friends from every corner of the globe. You meet people from the Arab World, the Indian Sub-Continent, the Far East, Europe, the Americas and Canada as well as other regions of the Gulf. All from the comfort of our own little desert oasis. Given the multitude of cultures available, it is notable that certain phrases and words that mean one thing in one area can mean something different entirely, if not the opposite, elsewhere in the world. For example, the one commonality between all Arab countries is the fact 114

that they speak Arabic. Initially, I was under the impression that the only difference was merely the accent and dialect. I was also under the false impression that all Indians spoke one language, and that much like Arabic, all languages spoken in India merely differed in accents and dialects. I was severely mistaken on both accounts. As the difference between languages spoken in different parts of India is as vast as the difference between Arabic and Spanish. I digress. The difference between the spoken Arabic in every other Arab country is astounding. I am reminded of the time I was attempting to obtain my driver’s license in Kuwait (specifically, attempt number 3 out of 5) where the officer came up to me and barked an order which I heard as “battel the car” (spoken in Arabic, this merely denotes the word spoken). In my understanding, that first word means stop or turn off, as the car was already turned off, I merely replied

“yes”. The officer began to raise his voice, visibly angered, “I said battel the car!” he ordered! I replied, agitated, “it is! See, it’s not working!” Upon failing me for the 3rd time, I was slow to discover that in Kuwait, the word “battel” (emphasis on the T) actually meant START! The Kuwaiti word for rice is “aesh” (not to be confused with the Arabic word for ‘what’ which is aish). Where I come from, aesh is bread. Imagine the shock of being in a restaurant and ordering a platter of kebabs and requesting bread only to find it arriving with rice (this has not happened to me or anyone that I know for that matter, although it is a possibility). In Lebanon, the word “aa’yet” means to call out, or shout, for someone. In other parts of the world, it means to cry, as in tears. Kuwait, a country that draws expats from every known corner of the Arab World and binds them together in the workplace, in activities,

friendships etc makes it very easy for miscommunication to occur. At times it is rather comical, and at others, it is most unfortunate (key in my 3rd flunk at the DMV). Despite all these apparent differences in cultures and dialects, bridges are built and deep seeded friendships are struck between people from different parts of the world. And to me, that is what makes Kuwait special; I have yet to travel to the UK or USA, however the very English I use to communicate on a daily basis and to write in, commended by a few I have encountered, is 110% the product of Kuwait (and of course, the English Schools I attended). It has been stated by scientists that those who speak at least two languages are better at multitasking and can offset dementia by at least 5 years, as opposed to their unilingual counterparts. Invest the time to learn a second language. You will thank yourself later.


bazaar around town KENZO WOMANSWEAR SPRING-SUMMER 2013 Kenzo presents a collection inspired by the vibrant jungles of Asia, awash in colors of green and ochre, prowling with clouded leopards and tigers. In doing so, Kenzo translates the raw energy of the jungle into an urban language for spring, with jolts of ice blue and pale pink, with geometric and organic patterns. They’ve combined their love of utility, found in versatile multifunctional pieces, with sensuality and fluidity, baring a lot of skin, and pairing tailoring with looser silhouettes. The off-the-shoulder dress, a Kenzo signature, is pared down in volume to create a more streamlined take on it in tops and dresses. Many pieces feature hints of lingerie, appearing almost as though the undergarments are on the exterior. Details such as these give each piece a twist for the woman who wants to be noticed. Irreverent illusions are found throughout the collection, such as tigers hiding behind leaf prints, and a pant that appears to have a boot pulled over the knee. A camouflage leopard print appears throughout the collection in tangerine, turquoise and mustard yellow hues that lend a surreal, synthetic quality to the animal print. Kenzo also introduced a psychedelic forest print, which was imagined as what the jungle might look like viewed through night-vision goggles. Their tiger motif is embroidered onto denim pieces and added to golden buckles. Kenzo partnered again with Delfina Delettrez who has created a collection of jewelry pieces featuring textured, printed metals, fringed arm cuffs, animal rings, and hair combs which add jungle fierceness to each look. Sky-high leather boots with drawstrings, high-heeled acid lizard loafers and heavily embroidered, glossy lizard sandals with raffia and metal detailing complete the urban jungle look.

DKNY EXCLUSIVELY FOR OPENING CEREMONY The two New York companies team up on a limited capsule of re-issued iconic pieces from the early 90s. DKNY, the brand that has embodied the spirit and energy of New York style since 1989, has partnered with Opening Ceremony for a trip to the 90’s featuring fifteen re-issued styles from the design archives. This selection captures the essence of DKNY at the time when the brand exploded onto the scene. Definitive styles from the era appear in the collection, including body conscious silhouettes, boldly branded sportswear with New York landscape printed streetwear. The limited edition capsule of re-issued archival runway styles includes unisex tees and hoodies as well as women’s dresses, bodysuits, and a jacket. The collection is available from February 2013 exclusively in Opening Ceremony stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo and online at

BERSHKA PRESENTS ITS SPRING/SUMMER 2013 COLLECTION Fresh Season! - Bershka Girl Collection Bershka launches its new season with an avant-garde collection packed with sophistication, with highlights including pieces with straight and symmetrical cuts, folk inspiration and metallic finishes, and sport-deluxe garments. The layer effect is in, as are cut outs, playing with transparent materials, bleached denim, ruffles, dégradé pleats and embossed fabrics. These details create romantic, very feminine pieces. Shorts are shorter, skirts are longer and technical fabrics are combined with delicate textures such as silk and chiffon. And the must-have piece of the season? The cropped jacket! Sorbet tones (neon with a veiled effect), nudes, sandy shades and corals take centre stage alongside metallic finishes. There is a huge ethnic influence reflected in the mini ikat embroidery patterns and items with appliqués bearing geometric prints. Careful work in the laminate and metallic trend can be seen in the footwear collection. Novelties include block platform shoes and fantasy heels which add height while giving an avant-garde feel.


‫ طيبة تقيم ندوة توعوية بحضور موظفي السفارة األمريكية‬...‫بمناسبة عيد األم‬ ...‫بالكويت‬ ‫أقامت مستشفى طيبة ندوة علمية توعوية بمناسبة عيد األم في إحدى فنادق الكويت بمشاركة البعثة‬ ‫ وقد شملت الندوة فقرات توعوية عن صحة المرأة قدمها‬.‫الدبلوماسية للسفارة األمريكية بالكويت‬ :‫نخبة من إستشاريي مستشفى طيبة ومنهم‬ ‫ والتي قدمت فقرة‬،‫ إستشاري ورئيسة قسم النساء والتوليد بمستشفى طيبة‬،‫ سلمى كياني‬/ ‫الدكتورة‬ ‫ كما تناولت أيضًا أحدث األساليب‬،‫علمية وافية عن مختلف أمراض النساء وأعراضها وطرق عالجها‬ .‫العلمية العالمية لعالج أمراض النساء بإستخدام المناظير و بطرق أكثر أمانًا وراحة‬ ‫ والذي قدم‬،‫ إستشاري أمراض السكر والغدد الصماء بمستشفى طيبة‬،‫ روبرت سكيلي‬/‫وأيضاً الدكتور‬ ‫ وأيضا تحدث عن السمنة والتأثير السيئ للوجبات‬،‫فقرة تناول فيها مرض السكر بمراحله المختلفة‬ .‫السريعة والمأكوالت الغير صحية بشكل عام على صحة اإلنسان‬ ‫ مانيمارا شوزهان أخصائي جراحة العظام واإلصابات بطيبة للعيادات التخصصية‬/‫وأخيراً الدكتور‬ ‫ والذي قدم فقرة تناول فيها نقاط عدة حول المحافظة على صحة العظام لدى‬،”‫“مركز الفنطاس‬ ‫ وأعطى‬،‫المرأة في مختلف األعمار من الصغر إلى مرحلة البلوغ و مروراً بمرحلة الحمل والرضاعة‬ ‫ وأيضا أهمية التمارين الرياضية لسالمة‬،‫نصائح عدة حول المأكوالت والمكمالت الغذائية الهامة للمرأة‬ .‫وصحة العظام‬ .‫كما شهد الفعالية أيضاً مسابقات وجوائز قيمة و متنوعة مقدمة للحضورالكريم من مستشفى طيبة‬ ‫وأعربت منال العمر مديرة التسويق والعالقات العامة لدى مستشفى طيبة عن سعادتها البالغة بهذه‬ ‫الفعالية الرائعة والملتقى المتميز ألهم اإلستشاريين وأيضًا بحضور ممثلي السفارة األمريكية‬ ‫ وأكدت أن مستشفى طيبة الحاصلة على شهادة الجودة األمريكية حريصة دائمًا على إقامة‬.‫بالكويت‬ ‫الملتقيات العلمية التوعوية بين الحين واآلخر إيمانًا منها بدورها األساسي في نشرالوعي الصحي في‬ ‫ ولهذا تحرص مستشفى طيبة على جذب أهم األطباء اإلستشاريين في العالم في‬،‫المجتمع الكويتي‬ ‫ كما تحرص على التأكد من مواكبتها ألحدث الطرق العالجية العالمية بإستخدام‬،‫مختلف التخصصات‬ .‫أحدث األجهزة التي تتميز بالحداثة واألمان معًا‬

VÉRANDA OPENS ITS DOORS Introducing the first luxury haute cuisine dining concept from Harvey Nichols Kuwait Véranda, the long-awaited new luxury dining concept, opened its doors to Kuwait customers on the 12th of March on the first floor of Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Véranda promises to be the destination for haute cuisine, combining a delicately conceived menu from world-class chefs and an ambiance taking into account the finest of interior décor details. An exclusive concept based around Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine with influential Asian fusions. Véranda’s menu includes Wagyu fillet and Rib-eye Rossini, using the finest organic and exclusively imported ingredients from around the world. The succulent starter menu choices focus on Middle Eastern concepts that reflect a sense of hospitality and convivial gatherings to enjoy unique interpretations of Humous, Moutabal and a Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon. The latter of which is presented in a glass cloche, enveloping the salmon in smoke which hits the diner’s senses when revealed. For main dishes, attention is on seasonality and freshness. Lamb Moussaka is a special treat with the lamb being cooked slowly for five hours in a Josper oven. The main course star is Hamour cooked in a Jellab reduction sauce, unique to the culinary world. For customers wanting to indulge in exotic and scented desserts, the Crème Brulee triology is divine, with a Madagascar Vanilla Pod Crème Brulee, a Rose Crème Brule and delighting the palate finally with Pistachio Crème Brulee. Even the coffee at Véranda has been meticulously planned, with an in-house roasting preparation taking place in the kitchen for the best quality beans sourced from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil and Ethiopia, offering guests exquisite espressos, sultry house blends and frothy Italian milk styles such as cappuccinos and lattes. Located on the first floor of Harvey Nichols Kuwait, guests can enter Véranda directly off the Grand Avenue and experience haute cuisine of a lifetime for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all those magnificent moments in between.



Fascination with the abstract is what most of his works reveal. The world of realities, the world of dreams and the intangible, are equally his areas of interest, and blurring the divide between them, a passion that he excels in. Colors, lines and ideas blend to give birth to images that tantalize your eyes, tease your intellect and pacify your soul. His strokes have a mesmeric difference about them, yet, there is no obsessive effort to be different. The element of mystery is a palpable flavour in most of his paintings yet their simplicity and the coherence of their language is what makes him the contemporary artist with a pleasant twist. The contrast and enigma that this creates is essentially the hallmark of an artist who brings to the canvas, hidden emotions, radical thoughts and reflections on life. Sasikrishnan is eloquent and charming to the hilt and his works are an extension of his bright persona and genius. Behind the Mask is an intense yet delightful painting by Sasikrishnan which carries to the surface the manifold mind of man which is deceptive and astute alike. The 118

protagonist in this painting is the Mask which is man’s greatest psychological armour. The need to camouflage one’s emotions, personality and attitude is unfortunately a necessity of our times and has become an existential tool for man. The theme is grave and intense yet there is no beauty lost in this painting which employs the use of bright colors across the canvas. At the centre of this painting is a young girl, her face awash with innocence and her body language charming. However, one finds her hands stretched back as if to conceal something. That “something” is a Mask that carries a certain shrewdness and undesirability about it. This painting is emotive of life as we see in our midst and Sasi has successfully captured the ability and the necessity of man, to hide his true nature in times of adversity to protect oneself and also to conceal his ill motives at other times. Essentially a painter, Sasi has proved his mettle as a Sculptor, Cartoonist, Writer, Poet, Art Teacher and Art Director of documentaries stimulated by social circumstances. Wearing different hats seems the order of the day for this sophisticated gentleman who finds inspiration in

practically everything around him from the leaf to the sky. Born in India in 1966, Sasi’s works have travelled all over the world as part of a journey that commenced nearly four decades ago in a crammed classroom in a tiny village in India. He has created over a thousand paintings that talk to you, empathise with you, and are always penetrating narrations of his mind. His oeuvres are all communicative but the extra dimension of the richness of life’s experiences is what makes them individually similar and dissimilar at the same time. As a commissioned artist his works adorn the interiors of many luxury hotels, schools and corporates all over the world. He is the father of the Phil~aesthoism movement of art that combines, love, beauty and human relations in art and this ideology finds place in all his works which ultimately breath peace. The contemporary art world is suffused with chaos, desire, hope, and most of all cut throat competition. Making a few sounds here is not easy yet his works that are sensuous, brilliant and narrative of the mysteries of this life have clinched a place for him amongst some of the big names we often hear of.

He is a recipient of numerous awards from Indian governmental bodies as well as private organizations. He has held 12 solo and 9 group exhibitions in different places. Each of his exhibitions have proved to be a window into the mind of the man singularly gifted with the talent to shake your sensibility, reinforce faith in life and ignite your passion to question and accept, alike, the eccentricities of life. His exhibitions paint the perfect exceptional experience for the art connoisseur and the uninitiated layman equally. One hopes that his brush continues to travel for years to come and paint innumerable pieces that will kindle love, hope and peace in man and his world. For more information about the artist visit; phone: 9096 1048, or email: Images by Beena S. Krishnaa, Anandu S. Krishnaa and Aditya S. Krishnaa.





PINKBERRY We deliver your favorite nonfat frozen yogurt straight to your doorstep. TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL

Pinkberr yMiddleEast

222 83 333


big boys toys Because grown men still need to play




Tired of your hands smelling like cucumbers, orange blossom, or whatever other feminine fragrance happens to be in the soap around your house? Pick yourself up some Man Hands Manly Scented Soap (KD 1.75). These uniquely scented, handmade soaps come in amazing manly scents like beer, cash, bacon, bonfire, top soil, baseball glove, fresh cut grass, and muscle rub. The only downside? They’re bar-only, so if you’re looking for a pump soap to replace the liquid lavender by the bathroom sink, you’re SOL.

This might be the first golf cart that can actually get you not just around the course, but to and from it, as well. Street-legal in Europe, the Garia Mansory Currus Golf Cart takes the already impressive Roadster and takes it into sports car territory thanks to extensive customization. Features include an adjustable setting for maximum motor braking and battery regeneration, a speed switch with three different driving modes — Golf, Street, and Race — a range of 37 miles, a top speed of 37 mph, and exclusive accessories like carbon fiber inserts and custom seats.

The world’s first alarm clock that’s also your toothbrush? Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Gross. But the creators of the device, called Wayki, are way ahead of you. The clock is essentially the electronic part of a sonic brush, and the clever twist is it doesn’t stop beeping until you insert the brush head. A surefire way to ensure you both wake up on time for that important meeting and show up wearing a sparkling smile. The product is currently seeking funding, with estimated ship times in three to five months and a target retail price of about KD 40.




We’re not going to lie — we were pretty flabbergasted that there hadn’t already been a top-loading guitar case. Yet here we are, staring at the Mono Vertigo Guitar Case (KD 58), which claims to be the world’s first. The Vertigo also features a redesigned Headlock system that automatically clamps your headstock in place, protecting it from side-to-side impact and backward drops, and a custom molded rubber outsole/EVA insole on the bottom, dubbed The Boot, that protects against vertical drops. All you need to do is load your axe, strap it on your back, and go.

Original Grain (OG) set out to create a new wave of wooden watches...the next generation, with a design that would change the game. The result was a hybrid design that combined 100% all natural wood and stainless steel. They spent the last year sketching out designs, working with people in the industry to develop prototypes, tweaking those more times than you could imagine, and are now are finally ready to present the first collection of Original Grain Watches. Maple, Indian Rosewood, and Green Sandalwood - all being offered exclusively on Kickstarter before anywhere else.

We like products that solve problems — and the Soccket Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball (KD 30 and up) solves more than just one. Made from a custom, durable, deflation-proof, and waterproof EVA foam, this plaything actually houses an internal mechanism that takes the kinetic energy from movement and stores it in a battery, which can be used to drive an included single-bulb LED lamp for over three days. Purchasing one will also help the company to hire more people and expand the manufacturing facility so they can deliver more of the balls to people without light.




My sister’s teenage son moved in with us recently. Wherever I go, the response is the same. People sigh, shake their heads and cajole me to remain patient in the face of my unique predicament. Teenagers, as you know, are bundles and bundles of progesterone, testosterone and all kinds of morons. Monday morning, my nephew turned up with hair colored blue, green and yellow. In a senior moment, I enquired curiously – Is your mother a parrot? Distinctly hurt, my nephew demanded – “ Can I borrow five dinars? Pleeeeeese.” This antidotal response to hurt emotions is the hallmark characteristic of the mammalian species, we call teenagers. Saturdays, teenagers get their allowance. Sundays, they spend it. Mondays they beg, borrow and steal from family. This species possesses many other amazing traits. They have unique sensory perception – they can hear Shakira crooning This time its Africa three blocks away; BUT they can never, ever, hear their mother screaming ‘Its time to Clean up’ three feet away. The natural habitat of this species is 3 feet in front of the TV. However, in this decade an increasing number have been spotted in the driver’s seat of parentally subsidized 8 cylinder motor vehicles. In Kuwait, the incidence of such 122

citing, peaks around the 25th and 26th of February. Teenagers are also known to be highly territorial. Their territory is always well marked by sight and smell. They always line their resting place with scattered, soiled undergarments (Ugh!). My nephew, like the males of his species, can lie immobile for hours at a time, conserving energy and listening to undecipherable audio signals from his MP3. However, a request for a clean-up can result in a Tsunami of activity. He immediately stands up, rolls his eyes, shrugs his shoulders, stamps his foot, sighs and goes back to energy conservation. A word of caution to those handling the female of this species – they are known to shriek, scream in your ears and chop off their skirts to lengths which can prove embarrassing – to us – not them. The male of this species wears dull drab clothing while the female prefers brighter vibrant colors. However, both species wear low-waisted, lower garments, which constantly slide off their backsides, at times completely. This species suffers great agony when their central mane goes limp. Hair is mistakenly spiked with adult gels beginning with the letter ‘V’ . Teenagers constantly forage for food and can consume three times their weight every day. However, when weight watching they will skip candy bars before their triple cheese burgers at breakfast.

The data on the dating and mating habits of this species is extensive but not available in the public domain. A censorship that the G5 nations insist on enforcing to protect the human race. Last week my nephew wanted me to sign on a five day school excuse which read - “Dear School, Please excuse my ward’s absence for the 29th, 30th , 31st, 32nd, and 33rd of February as he has had two teeth taken off his face!” The disgust on my face prompted him to reword the excuse. It then read “Dear School Sir, Please excuse my wards absence from the 29th to 33rd of February as he has very loose vowels”. Teenagers typically spend 6 hours online hunched over laptops or working on their assignments in groups. Teenagers hold the copyrights for, and extensively use, the commands – DOS, MOS and TOD which typically means ‘Dad Over Shoulder’, ‘Mom Over Shoulder’ and ‘Time Out Dude’. Once these early warning commands are sounded, teenagers will spontaneously execute the Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan, in other words they fall off to SLEEP. And let me tell you, when they do fall off to sleep this species looks absolutely angelic. Their sleep induces a strange effect on the evolved human race. Eyes close, hands rise and lips move in silent prayers – ‘Allah, keep the teenage species safe and sound’.


bazaar checks it out NEW V8 BITURBO MERCEDES-BENZ ML 500 Brings serious muscle to Kuwait Now available in A.R. Albisher and Z. Alkazemi Co. showrooms in Kuwait, the ML 500’s V8 Biturbo engine propels the mean machine to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds. Permanent all-wheel drive ensures every ounce of its 600 Nm of torque and power is unleashed, whilst delivering excellent driving dynamics on both sand and tarmac. Peace of mind is assured by innovative handling controls and a new chassis, relegating challengers to the rear view mirror. Immediately impressive from the first glance, the design of the new ML 500 with its AMG body kit and sports styling as standard exudes self-confidence, athleticism and power coupled with class-leading aerodynamics. Unique-to-Kuwait styling as standard includes red brake callipers and Biturbo badging on the drivers-side flank and rear, loudly announcing the SUVs sporty character. LED running lights as standard deliver a sporty scowl underlined by the front apron’s matt silver chrome trim strip, whilst running boards and 21” AMG light-alloy wheels as standard give the ML 500 unmistakeable road presence. Inside delivers the sort of comfort normally reserved for Mercedes-Benz flagship saloons. Standard equipment includes the drowsiness detection system ATTENTION ASSIST and anticipatory safety system - PRE SAFE®. Active Parking Assist, an automatic parking system requiring minimal driver input, and comes as standard. Keeping drivers’ coffee warm on the long ride in to work is assured by optional heated acclimatized cup holders, whilst the COMAND advanced navigation system stays on track. Bluetooth connectivity allows for effortless wireless media and music enjoyment. Its 2,010 litres of boot space is the best in the segment. Optional features include Night View Assist Plus, Load Recognition, Active Blind Spot Assist, and Active Lane Keeping Assist. Michael Ruehle adds: “The M-Class is a story of success. With more than 1.2 million vehicles sold, it is the best-selling SUV in its segment globally, and also enjoys the loyalest customer base.”

THE REVOLUTIONARY HAIR BRUSH - BRIGHT. BOLD. BRILLIANT. The new Limited Edition Tangle Teezer - Juicy Fruits Launches in Kuwait. Summer is just around the corner and we all long for sun-kissed beach hair. Now with Tangle Teezer hair brush you don’t have to worry about tangles and knots. Tangle Teezer is a must have brush. Tangle Teezer is an innovative, best-selling hair brush, specifically designed to smooth away knots, tugs and tangles, quickly and painlessly. Having won numerous awards, it is a favorite for hairdressers around the globe. Tangle Teezer Juicy Fruit brushes are available in a range of eye-catching two tone colors. Distributed by beau-tique cosmetics international. For more information call them on: 2225 1285.

WINNERS OF THE SIXTH EDITION OF LANDMARK GROUP’S “ART OLYMPIAD” COMPETITION 8 lucky students won Laptops, iPod’s ,Camera’s & Gift Vouchers Landmark Group Kuwait announced the winners and awarded their artistic talents for “Art Olympiad 2013” at a prize award ceremony held at Zafran. The winners together with all the representatives of participating schools gathered for the grand event. The competition has seen an impressive number of submissions with more than 160 entries from 16 different schools, reflecting the continued interest in art within the community and the role of this initiative for young emerging artists. 50 shortlisted drawings were put up online on the Landmark Group Facebook page for public to vote for a period of three weeks. Public were encouraged to vote for the best drawing in the respective category. The final selection for Winners was based on 50% votes and 50% judge’s views.


VILEBREQUIN SPRING SUMMER 2013 COLLECTION The sun inspired pacific-minded man Picture postcard landscapes, emerald lagoons, white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees… This season, Zaza de Brito, artistic director of the Vilebrequin fashion house, brings us all the way to the heart of the Pacific Ocean, inviting us to follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook, who discovered the Society Islands Archipelago in 1769: the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands, including Tahiti, Bora Bora, Maupiti, and Moorea. The printed beachwear of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection is now available at Vilebrequin branches 360 Mall and The Mall, The Avenues. Vilebrequin pays homage to the culture and traditions of the islands through the emblems of French Polynesia. Printed beachwear designs reflect the gecko, the little lizard often seen in Polynesian tattoos, as well as the lagoon-inhabiting stingray, the Ma’o Mauri and black tip shark, and tropical white tiaré flowers. Vilebrequin 2013 collection of inspired shades of blue, naturally, includes emerald, sapphire, sky, and lagoon, among others. But it is also characterized by rich, hibiscusinspired orange tones alongside black and white, used to produce the effect of photographic souvenirs. Vilebrequin @The Mall, The Avenues: 22200548; or @ 360 Mall: 25309890;

PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY (IMPLANTS, BRIDGES, AND DENTURE) AT AL-MUBARAKIYA DENTAL CENTER The term dental prosthesis refers to artificial teeth replacements. These are simple caps that help repair a single tooth or full dental prosthesis that are intended to replace every tooth, commonly known as dentures. Dental prosthesis are used by dentists for cosmetic as well as medical reasons. Patients with biting difficulties, as well as dealing with issues of shame due to tooth loss and physical appearances, need these. One or more missing teeth can adversely affect: The appearance and smile functionality; The occlusion or bite; Teeth shifting or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ); Speech impediments; An increased risk of periodontal disease and a greater chance of tooth decay. Dental Implants Dental implants are a new type of dental prosthesis. A titanium rod is fitted into the patient’s jaw and a new “tooth” is created out of enamel and placed onto this rod. Patients who are missing only a few or who have missing teeth in the front of their bite may elect for this procedure. While costly, dental implants do not need to be removed for cleaning and generally recreate the lost tooth so that it is impossible to tell that any cosmetic dentistry was done. Bridging the gap with a dental bridge Dental bridges like implants and partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth. There are several types of fixed dental bridges (cannot be removed). Typically, conventional and cantilever bridge require shaping of the teeth surrounding a missing tooth. Crowns are then placed on the shaped teeth and attached to an artificial tooth (called a pontic). Dental crowns, also known as “caps”, or partial tooth prosthesis This is recommended by a dentist when a tooth is broken or damaged but the root is still intact. Caps will generally last fifteen years with proper care but they may break over time. Patients with caps typically do not have any difficulties with their bite and will eventually stop noticing it is there. What are the advantages of bridges when compared to implants? It is cheaper than implants especially if multiple teeth need to be replaced; So long as the teeth which are to be replaced have already been extracted, only one trip is required to have a bridge completed; If your bone has recessed at the site of the missing tooth, no bone grafting needed to place a bridge. Dentures: Are removable replacements for missing teeth. Al-Mubarakiya Dental Center is located in Salmiya and Egaila. For more information visit or call 2563 8508/509(Salmiya) or 2384 6111/222(Egaila). 125


A baby born with the AIDS virus two years ago in Mississippi who was put on antiretroviral therapy within hours of birth appears to have been cured of the infection, researchers said at a scientific conference on March 3rd in Atlanta. Whether the cure is complete and permanent, or only partial and long-lasting, is not certain. Either way, the highly unusual case raises hope for the more than 300,000 babies born with the infection around the world each year. If the findings in the new case bear up under further scrutiny, it will mark the first time the infection has been cured by drugs. The only known cure of a case of HIV infection occurred in 2007. An American man living in Germany got a bonemarrow transplant from a donor who had a rare HIV-resistance mutation in his cells. “We are calling this a ‘functional cure,’ “ said Katherine Luzuriaga, a physician at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, who was involved in the baby’s care. “Time and further investigation will tell us whether this child actually has been cured or not.” Word of the case was being greeted with interest and skepticism by researchers, who have seen many other reports of cure prove false when examined closely or tried again. “It’s a hypothesis-generating case,” Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said of the Mississippi case. “It will give us some food for thought about studies that need to be done to see if this is a real phenomenon.” Treating a newborn with the lifeextending combination of drugs known as “triple therapy” is almost never done. The reason is that it is difficult to determine immediately after birth whether a baby is infected. Antibodies from an HIVinfected mother spill into the baby’s circulation, 126

giving a positive test for weeks. Infants are not started on the drugs until at least six weeks after birth, when infection is certain. Mother-to-child HIV transmission is extremely rare in the United States. Fewer than 100 cases occur each year. For more than 15 years, virtually all pregnant women known to be infected have been given antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy and labor. Their babies get one or two drugs for at least six weeks after birth — a strategy that cuts the risk of transmission to less than 5 percent. In the Mississippi case, however, the mother arrived at the hospital without prenatal care. When a screening test for HIV came back positive, “she was too near delivery to give even the dose of medicine that we routinely use during labor,” Hannah Gay, a pediatrician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, wrote in a short narrative of the events provided to a reporter. Because of the baby’s unusually high risk of having been infected, Gay and her colleagues started full triple therapy 30 hours after birth. HIV tests of the infant’s blood over the next three weeks were repeatedly positive. The virus could have been from the mother, although such spillover is usually cleared quickly by the baby. Instead, the amount of HIV — the “viral load” — declined steadily over time, as happens in adults with long-established infections when they are started on triple therapy. By 29 days after birth, the baby had no detectable virus, which is the goal of treatment. The child’s mother began missing appointments after a year. At 18 months, the child was no longer on treatment. When the child was brought back to the clinic at 23 months, the viral load was still undetectable, “very much to my surprise,” Gay wrote. The virus has remained undetectable by conventional tests since then. Extremely sensitive

testing, done only for research purposes, has detected traces of viral RNA and DNA but no virus that is able to replicate and spread. “We don’t know if those tests are false positives or true positives. We are doing more studies to try to figure that out,” Luzuriaga said. Numerous studies have tried to cure HIV-infected people by starting treatment as soon as a diagnosis is made. But that is almost always weeks after a person has been infected. By then, the virus has spread throughout the body, infected millions of cells and stitched its genetic message into the chromosomes. Treatment of such acute cases hasn’t produced cures. Fauci, however, said it is possible that some babies started on triple therapy in recent years might also be cured. “Treatment even at six weeks might be able to cure some kids,” he speculated. “We need to go back and look to see if there is any residual virus in them. It may be that we have inadvertently cured them.” More important, he said, is to find a way to test a strategy of treatment at birth in places such as subSaharan Africa, where mother-to-child transmission is a huge problem. There is one other situation where immediate treatment with antiretroviral drugs may have cured incipient infections. When health-care workers are stuck with needles containing blood from someone with AIDS, many choose to start taking the medicines within hours of the accident. They have a lower rate of infection than people who do not take the medicines — a finding that suggests an infection that would have occurred was aborted. Details of the case were presented on March 4th at the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

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For many it’s a grave social fear, this eating alone business. Thankfully I never had to do it much growing up, since I came from a large family. On days when both my parents were working I’d prepare food for my sister and I; perhaps an improvised quesadilla. Or my brother would bring a bag of burgers from somewhere on his mornings off, usually on halfoff days throughout the week, or we just might throw together a “helper” of some kind. In high school we had an open campus, and it wasn’t hard to find 128

a friend who’d agree to walking across the Senior Lot for burgers that could have fed both of us twice, with enough french fries to drown in. On special occasions we’d go to a French-style bakery run by a Lebanese family where I went on my first date. I still remember what I had: a vanilla French soda, an apple cushion, a southwestern chicken sandwich, and a strained attempt at conversation. It was too much to eat and we ended up spending too much (of his) money. Fine by me. I attended university in the same pulsing college town where I went

to high school. Home was just a five-minute drive away, but instead I’d join other students on Campus Corner. Since I had a male-dominant degree program, the lunchtime food choices, accompanied by a bevy of male classmates, were mostly masculine and mostly provincial bar food; burgers, burritos, and sparely-made sandwiches. I only once or twice coaxed a friend to try something new. Either a Greek place for gyros, or out for Pakistani food, which was open only for a semester (that location rotated establishments frequently, at times a frozen yogurt store, a pad thai joint, or an Ashtanga yoga studio). But they never agreed to go more than once. In the extra time between classes, I’d indulge myself alone at Cafe Plaid, with my laptop and a bowl of tomato basil soup with cheese focaccia and a sugar cookie. I never once tried their coffee, which doesn’t make me a bad American, it just means I like hot chocolate more. I tried their pesto chicken sandwich and their tortellini salad only on occasion. “Same thing today,” I’d tell the server. “That’s good, that just means you know what you like,” he said once. I’d sit in a booth if there was room or at a table by the rain-smeared window, watching the stray huddled professor or the girls in their summer dresses, hoping that a soulful-eyed student might make eye contact with me through the glass. When I was feeling especially feminine and the girls I knew were busy and I couldn’t convince any of my male classmates to go with me, I’d frequent a shop of overpriced dresses, another of candles and cupcakes, before heading to a Mexican restaurant for a single darkmeat chicken enchilada and a glass of tap water. I didn’t need to eat much in those days. And I was interested in stretching my stipend as long as possible, so the meal cost less than $4. Since I picked up my meal at the counter I didn’t have to tip. After leaving America for

Kuwait, I often felt like a burden on my husband’s coworkers’ wives when I’d drop by on short notice, hungry for company, obliging them to grudgingly place a fried plate of chicken liver before me on a placemat on the floor. Although I declined, they were bound by a tradition of hospitality, which meant my showing up precluded extra food to make and dishes to wash. I took to cruising the streets in search of lunch and a place to stay. Although when I eat with someone else I try new places, I returned to the same burger place, or, on alternate days, the same cafe, perusing the menu only to order a #1 with fries or a side salad and a sparkling water. When I went anywhere else, it was only for a plug for my laptop and a sparkling water or a croissant. Dining alone in Kuwait had its detractors too, when I stayed too long at a coffee shop and the barista asked me if I didn’t like being at home, if that’s why I was there for four consecutive hours with a book and an orange juice. Being served outside is a separate luxury for a lone diner, but serving yourself when you’re housebound (I am never alone now; my companion is my milk-fed son) feels narcissistic, since creating a meal is an act of love and demands appreciation. Sometimes I wait until I am famished before treating myself to things my husband finds disgusting: celery and cucumber smoothies or eggs scrambled in yogurt made with a certain flourish while singing “The Wheels on the Bus” to my baby, who, fond of the aroma of dried fenugreek leaves, sniffs my spices before I put them in. And when my husband has to go for a business dinner, I skip the salad and eat kebabs from a shop downstairs with falafel rissoles that stain with oil the paper bag they came in. Even though it’s usually making the best of a bad situation, there is a certain private joy in dining alone. I skip the chit-chat, the other’s gastronomic disappointment. I eat what pleases me.

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THE ART OF THE DEAL By Sumayyah Meehan

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~Benjamin Franklin Everyone loves a deal. Pinch a few fils here and a Kuwaiti Dinar there. You can actually save quite a nice sum of money by simply honing your haggling techniques. Kuwait is a haggler’s paradise. And for those who have never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. There’s no shame in arguing over the price of something, however pick your battles wisely. Franchised chain stores or restaurants are the last place one would ever try to haggle and it might just get you thrown out. However, small privately owned businesses are the best places to score a killer deal. When haggling in Kuwait there are several strategies that can help you walk away with a fuller wallet: Customer Loyalty One of the best ways to get a discounted price on an item you want to buy is to buy it from one of the small businesses that you regularly frequent. For years, I’ve gone to the exact same fabric store whenever I want to switch up my wardrobe with some custom sewn creations. And each time I ask for a discount citing that I am the most loyal and best customer they’ve ever had. And since I am a “regular” I always manage to walk away with at least a 20% discount. Quite amusingly, I’ve heard a couple of other customers asking for discounts merely on a whim, and they are turned down flat. Capitalize on your customer loyalty and save a few Dinars for a rainy day. Master Your Poker Face The absolute biggest mistake any haggler can make is to overtly covet, cradle, or caress the item that is up for price negotiations. This is because once the salesman knows just how much you want it he’s going to fight over it like 130

a dog salivating over a juicy bone. I don’t care if it is a jewel encrusted iPhone cover that would look simply smashing on your mobile device, pretend that is a hairball that your cat coughed up that morning and look at it with deserved disdain. Keep your poker face on before, during, and after negotiations have ceased. No worries, you can still do the funky chicken dance in the parking lot on your way home. Be Ready to Walk Away It’s no secret that many products sold in Kuwait have inflated prices that are often jacked up to twice their retail value. So it’s important to realize that there is a bit of wiggling room for negotiations with the salesperson, and you shouldn’t feel bad about haggling. I never do, because I know that my financial state is of little consequence to the store owner who has inflated the price unfairly. With that being said, you’ll most likely run into a salesman, or woman, who adamantly refuses to haggle and insists that the sale price is “fixed” and that he or she cannot do anything about it. Now if you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you. Be ready to walk away if the price is too high for the value of the product and your ability to haggle is compromised. Chances are, before you can even exit the door, the salesman will either make a counter offer, or grant your original offer to make the sale. Haggling is not for the faint of heart. However, the burst of adrenaline you feel once you’ve haggled successfully for the first time, is worth its weight in gold. And remember that practice makes perfect. The more you haggle, the easier it will become and the more money you’ll save.

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bazaar shorts DO YOU HAVE A PEN? By Emma Abdullah

There was nothing worse than being on call. It ruined the weekend, tampered with my sleeping pattern and had me surviving on high doses of caffeine for at least another two days. On the other hand, I had missed the family gathering. There was nothing worse than family gatherings: all those conversations of trivial importance, the petty arguments and endless discrete glances at the watch. On the bright side, I had missed that but my heart had sunk a bit upon hearing the disappointment in my father’s voice when I had to excuse myself from his birthday celebration. When he had asked if there was any chance I could be replaced for this one time – that I could get the weekend off just this once – I had lied and said no. The truth was, I preferred to spend the night alone in these dim hallways. Perhaps I am a selfish man but I console myself with the thought that we are all greedy, that in the end it’s all down to us and getting through the day. I’ve learned never to get too attached, never to hang on too tightly because that is when you fall the hardest. But honestly, it is not without guilt that I sat, not without a bit of tightness in my chest that I sat on my neglected white chair, being the terrible selfish man that I was. Hospital walls rock you into a lying, deceptive calm. They lie. They have a sickly color that sings you into oblivion, that tells you you’ll be alright when you have no chance. I always wondered why they were painted as they were; such a sterile, lying, manipulative white. It was of no solace to the patients. If I were in hospital, I’d want my walls painted 132

bright explosive colors. I patrolled the corridors, stopping sometimes to read the number on a room although really, I knew them all by heart. How does it feel to be a number in a room? Just a number amongst the numbers, a bed amongst the beds, a patient, a disease? A disease amongst the diseases. She stopped me mid-track, rushing over to me with her clipboard and countless papers, a panicked look on her face saying something about patient 102. Patient 102? I had never spent very much time with him. He was an elderly man of little words with rickety health. He was another number – a passing number, a temporary number, like all the others. Sooner or later, they would all leave and terrible as it was, terrible as it sounds, you got used to it once you’d been here a while. His heart was beating slower, his breathing more difficult and it was only a matter of hours before they thought they would lose him. With all the composure I could gather, I walked across the corridor to room 102. His skin was pale, his milky eyes devoid of light, his soul tired. He lay there, listening to the beeping and watching the little waves on the monitor go up, then down, then up, getting flatter every time. I don’t know if he noticed – maybe he didn’t really realize what they meant. “My son”, his voice came out as a hoarse whisper, “Tell him”, he begged. “I’m sorry sir, I don’t…” “Tell him I’m here”. His eyes were watery. “Please, tell him I’m here.” “Sir, your son knows you are in hospital.” “But call him”, he pleaded. “Tell him to come, that I’ll be leaving. I

know I’ll be leaving. I have to speak to him.” I wonder what it feels like when you know it’s the end of the road, when you know that fighting is futile because sometimes you have to give in to life – It’s only fair. I wonder what it feels like when you know. When you know it’s time to give in. I walked to the sterile white phone and punched in the numbers. I felt a nagging constriction in my chest, one I could not really account for. Being the bearer of bad news is a terrible thing; sometimes you don’t know if you’ll have the words, the delicacy, the strength. You think of the person on the other side; how you’re about to bring their world crashing down with a single phone call and deep inside them they’ll hate you because their sorrow will just be searching for someone to blame. Then what do you say? That you’re sorry? Sorry for what? They’ll hate you even more because they‘ll know you’re not sorry like they are. They’ll know you haven’t been destroyed like them. Beeep. Beeep. Maybe he wouldn’t pick up then I wouldn’t have to speak to him. But what would I tell his father? The father with the crying eyes who knows it’s time to give in to life. The one who just wanted a few last words, who wanted to say goodbye, who“Hello?” “Good morning Sir, Dr. Brown from Lancashire hospital speaking. I am calling regarding your father.” There was silence at the other end. I wondered what he had been doing. Had I called at the wrong moment? Was he already beginning to hate me? I thought he would never reply but he did – his voice appearing

quite confident; I suspected he was holding back the tears. “ What about my father?” he said calmly. “Your father is seriously ill,” I took a deep breath. “He has asked to see you. He only has a few more hours.” Again, there was silence and this time I knew it had completely destroyed him. I empathized with his hatred towards me, despised myself and wished myself all the worst things in life because I knew he was thinking it too. After a long pause, the same calm voice surprised me. He was stronger than I was. “Do you have a pen?” he said. Well, of course, I had a pen but why? I wasn’t sure he understood. “Yes, Sir, but I don’t think you quite get me,” I answered. “Write down this number,” he said softly, dictating me a number that sounded quite familiar. I knew I had heard it somewhere before. “I’ve taken care of everything,” he continued. “It’s all been paid for; everything’s been dealt with – took a while but I’ve done it. You won’t have to worry about anything.” He didn’t understand. I didn’t understand. Who did he want me to call? A relative? “It’s the funeral service,” he said before I could ask. “They’ll take care of things. The coffin is ready – not just any coffin, mind you, it’s a mahogany .That’s the most expensive one.” I didn’t know what to say. “But your father… he asked to see you…he’s not well. Your father is dying, Sir,” “I’m a busy man,” he replied. “I have to catch a plane to Tokyo in an hour. I’d like to come but I can’t afford to miss that flight. Get him

some flowers. Take the big bouquet.” I put the phone down with a trembling hand. Flowers? Would flowers be a good enough compensation? Flowers in a mahogany coffin. Perhaps we all die poor in the end. Maybe that’s what we’re worth – a coffin. I opened the door slowly hoping he was asleep and would never know. He heard the door creak and turned his head, giving the biggest smile I had ever seen, extending from ear to ear. There was light in his eyes, the kind of admiration in a father’s eyes when he sees his son. What was I to tell him? That I was sorry? That his son had refused to come but sent him flowers and his regards? He didn’t speak. I went up to his bed and kneeled down next to him, his smile still not fading. I tried to think of the right words. I tried to find the strength. Do you have a pen? Do you have a pen? He would have the best coffin, the mahogany coffin, the one that had already been paid for. Who would come to the funeral? He would be alone with his flowers and his mahogany. Luxury without love. Do you have a pen? The waves seemed to tire. They moved slower, becoming flatter and flatter but still he smiled. Beeep. He had been younger before, he had watched people leave, he had been there but there was nobody there for him. Beeeep. “My son,” his voice came out as a hoarse whisper. “Are you here?” He held out a trembling hand to me. Nobody to take his hand. “Son,” he whispered again. I grabbed the shaking hand and squeezed it tightly. Words no longer had any importance. “Yes Dad,” I said softly. “I’m here.” 133

LES MÉMOIRES DES LYS Appreciating art in unlikely places By Zainab Mirza

People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love. — Claude Monet Salmiya’s High Street was once considered equivalent to the Champs-Élysees. It was a street bursting with life, shoppers walking purposefully purchasing the latest trends fashion had to offer, children slurping Softy ice creams, families snacking in fast food joints like Hungry Bunny (which closed down and was later replaced by Burger King), Pizza Hut, Hardee’s. It became our family tradition to dine at Chicken Tikka after a shopping spree. That particular 134

branch stands out in my memory very clearly. We’d always sit upstairs in the Family section and pile our plates with the salad we so loved and then gorge on the restaurant’s specialty, chicken tikka. Oddly enough, it was here that I discovered a latent appreciation for art. The restaurant’s walls were adorned with a few small prints that I guessed were probably renowned paintings, even though I had no idea who painted them. There was one that was very special to me. It was a simple scene—a bridge over a pond that was strewn with lily pads, with bulrushes on its perimeter and frondescence overhead. I was captivated ever

since I first set eyes on it; it was the most beautiful piece of art my ten year old self had ever set eyes on. The serenity and beauty it depicted mesmerized me. The tinge of romanticism struck me at the time and I’d picture myself walking on that bridge, drinking in the delicious hues around me. I would lose myself in it and gaze at it all through dinner every time we were there. There was no Google image search at the time, heck there wasn’t even any home internet. I had no way of finding out the name of the painting that held me spellbound, and no means for me to take it with me. The memory was all I had. A few years later, my mother bought me a series of books on celebrated artists and their work. From among Titian and Turner, I finally learnt the name of the elusive painter, Claude Monet, and his enchanting piece, The Lily Pond. I also discovered a number of his other works, including Water Lilies and that the inspiration to the artwork was his own pond and garden that he built at his estate in Giverny. He painted over 250 versions of Water Lilies with the garden as his muse, and each stunning piece differs in light and colour. It’s probably why he said: “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” I longed to see his work. Last summer during a week-long stay in Munich, I learnt that a Monet hung in the city’s Neue Pinakothek Art Museum. ‘Tis strange how Fate works to fulfil old longings. I hadn’t intended to visit the art museum; I was just exploring, taking sights in my stead. Lo and behold, Fate makes her move and a childhood fantasy is realized. Upon gaining entry, I raced through several rooms, glancing at the priceless Klimts, Hodlers and Corinths that I passed along the way, not giving them the attention they were due. My eyes thirsted for Monet. And there it was. One of the Water Lilies. I was taken aback by its size. The beauty and simplicity took my breath away. I felt my knees crumble beneath me and my eyes moisten. The striking tones of blue; the glimpses of the reflection of lush verdure from between the lily pads; the deft, masterful strokes. It may not have been the painting that caught my fancy as a child, but the same hand painted this. I never had any inkling as to how strongly it would affect me. No photograph could ever capture those perfect shades; no book could do it justice. I have no background in art save for a few childhood sketches and very little knowledge of art history. But even an art simpleton like me could comprehend that I stood before one of the most beautiful objects ever created by Man. At that moment, I fully understood the meaning of contentment.


DIY DIALYSIS In China, desperate patients are forced to innovate. By Catherine Matacic

Seven years ago, a 25-year-old Chinese man name Fu Xuepeng was severely injured in a motorbike accident: paralyzed from the neck down, he was unable to breathe unaided. His family rushed him to Taizhou First People’s Hospital, where he was kept on a ventilator for four months. But the money soon ran out. Unable to pay their son’s $1,600-a-week medical bill, the family had no choice but to bring him home. The solution to this desperate situation? They bought an emergency, hand-powered ventilator and, together with other family members, took turns pumping in two-hour intervals. Their task eased when one son-in-law rigged an electric motor to power the pump after dark. “If our son cannot care for us, we will care for him. As long as he’s still here, all is well,” Fu’s father, a farmer, said in an interview with Zhejiang News earlier this month. Fu and his parents are not alone. Facing a growing wealth gap and rising health-care costs, China’s poorest often cannot afford the medical devices that could keep them alive. So more and more are turning instead to their own ingenuity. In 136

2009 a group of patients facing late-stage kidney disease pooled funds to buy several second-hand dialysis machines. And in 2012 Hu Songwen, who had exhausted his family savings on dialysis treatment, posted a video online detailing how he had survived for 13 years on a homemade bloodfiltering device. “Their actions might be atypical,” says Chinese health expert Yanzhong Huang, “but they epitomize the helplessness and hopelessness of a significant group of people in China who still cannot afford quality health care.” Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, says the high cost of health care is the biggest problem facing people like Fu and Hu. For years, health-care costs in China have far outstripped Chinese citizens’ ability to pay. Until several years ago, few Chinese—less than 30 percent in 2003—had access to health insurance. The Chinese government is doing what it can to ease this burden. In 2009 China’s Ministry of Health launched an ambitious $124 billion plan to increase coverage for the uninsured. By 2011 more than 95 percent of China’s 1.3 billion were covered. At the same time, out-of-pocket health-care costs

for the average Chinese citizen have decreased dramatically, dropping from approximately 60 percent of all health-care costs in 1999 to just over 35 percent in 2011. Even with these changes, effective health care is still unaffordable for many Chinese, according to Karen Eggleston, director of the Asia Health Policy Program at Stanford University’s Shorenstein Center. Coverage is “wide but shallow,” she wrote in a 2012 paper. Despite additional subsidies for the poorest of China’s poor, advanced health care is often beyond the reach of this segment of the population. As for Fu Xuepeng, a more sustainable solution to the ventilator problem came from the generosity of strangers: in January the story inspired Chinese Internet users to donate almost $18,000 to buy him an electronic one. In addition, local government officials have pledged to provide the Fu household with an uninterrupted supply of electricity to power their son’s new ventilator. The outpouring of help has been overwhelming for Fu’s parents. His mother, Wang Lanqing, told a reporter from Taizhou Commercial News: “There are too many good people on this earth.”


bazaar books Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures. ~ Jessamyn West






by Dr Phil McGraw

by Jodi Picoult

by Michael Moss

by Emily Rapp

by Michael Hainey

In Life Code, six-time New York Times #1 best-selling author Dr. Phil McGraw abandons traditional thinking and tells you the ugly truth about the users, abusers, and overall “bad guys” we all have in our lives. He also reveals the secrets of how they think and how they get to and exploit you and those you love. You’ll gain incredible insight into these negative people, which he refers to as BAITERs (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters, Reckless), and you’ll gain the tools to protect yourself from their assaults. Edgy, controversial and sometimes irreverent, Dr. Phil again abandons convention to prepare you to claim what you deserve, and claim it now. You take flying lessons to learn to fly, swimming lessons to learn to swim, and singing lessons to learn to sing. So, why not take winning lessons to learn to win?

Some stories live forever... Sage Singer is a baker. She works through the night, preparing the day’s breads and pastries, trying to escape a reality of loneliness, bad memories, and the shadow of her mother’s death. When Josef Weber, an elderly man in Sage’s grief support group, begins stopping by the bakery, they strike up an unlikely friendship. Despite their differences, they see in each other the hidden scars that others can’t, and they become companions. Everything changes on the day that Josef confesses a long-buried and shameful secret—one that nobody else in town would ever suspect—and asks Sage for an extraordinary favor. If she says yes, she faces not only moral repercussions, but potentially legal ones as well. In this searingly honest novel, Jodi Picoult gracefully explores the lengths we will go in order to protect our families and to keep the past from dictating the future.

From a Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter at The New York Times comes the explosive story of the rise of the processed food industry and its link to the emerging obesity epidemic. Michael Moss reveals how companies use salt, sugar, and fat to addict us and, more important, how we can fight back. Featuring examples from some of the most recognizable (and profitable) companies and brands of the last half century, Moss’s explosive, empowering narrative is grounded in meticulous, often eye-opening research. He talks to concerned executives who confess that they could never produce truly healthy alternatives to their products even if serious regulation became a reality. Simply put: The industry itself would cease to exist without salt, sugar, and fat. Just as millions of “heavy users”—as the companies refer to their most ardent customers—are addicted to this seductive trio, so too are the companies that peddle them. You will never look at a nutrition label the same way again.

Like all mothers, Emily Rapp had ambitious plans for her first and only child, Ronan. He would be smart, loyal, physically fearless, and level-headed, but fun. But all of these plans changed when Ronan was diagnosed at nine months old with Tay-Sachs disease, a rare and alwaysfatal degenerative disorder. Ronan was not expected to live beyond the age of three; he would be permanently stalled at a developmental level of six months. Rapp and her husband were forced to re-evaluate everything they thought they knew about parenting. They would have to learn to live with their child in the moment; to find happiness in the midst of sorrow; to parent without a future. Drawing on a broad range of thinkers and writers, from C.S. Lewis to Sylvia Plath, Hegel to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Rapp learns what wisdom there is to be gained from parenting a terminally ill child. In luminous, exquisitely moving prose she reexamines our most fundamental assumptions about what it means to be a good parent, to be a success, and to live a meaningful life.

Michael Hainey had just turned six when his uncle knocked on his family’s back door one morning with the tragic news: Bob Hainey, Michael’s father, was found alone near his car on Chicago’s North Side, dead, of an apparent heart attack. Suddenly he was gone, leaving behind a young widow, two sons, a fractured family—and questions surrounding the mysterious nature of his death that would obsess Michael throughout adolescence and long into adulthood. Prodding and cajoling his relatives, and working through a network of his father’s buddies who abide by an honor code of silence and secrecy, Michael sees beyond the long-held myths and ultimately reconciles the father he’d imagined with the one he comes to know—and in the journey discovers new truths about his mother. A stirring portrait of a family and its legacy of secrets, After Visiting Friends is the story of a son who goes in search of the truth and finds not only his father, but a rare window into a world of men and newspapers and fierce loyalties that no longer exists.




bazaar investigates MENBUR ANNOUNCES STORE OPENING AT THE AVENUES MALL IN KUWAIT MENBUR, the European leader in evening, special occasion and bridal shoes opened its first store at The Avenues Mall, Kuwait. For the last 40 years, this Spanish brand has been designing shoes and accessories for women with elegance without forgetting its identity. Menbur shoes and accessories for ceremonies and special occasions are based on perfect balance between elegance, glamour and naturalness. The Avenues store concept is based on a feminine universe, full of details and sensations. A place where women can discover, touch and know Menbur in an exquisite and time-honored manner. The store’s environment is dominated by serenity, elegance and sophistication, where the brand’s customer service and attentiveness aims to be the center of a unique shopping experience. Customers were invited to be a part of the stylish unveiling of the Spring Summer 2013 collection at the Avenues store on Monday, 18 March. The ribbon cutting was followed by a runway showcase of several ‘special treasures’ from the season’s collection.

NEW GENERATION MAZDA CX-9. Leadership, Performance, Craftsmanship Kuwait Automotive Imports Co WLL (Al Shaya & Al Sagar), exclusive distributor of Mazda cars in Kuwait since 1969, proudly launched the new large family SUV 2013 MAZDA CX-9 in its main showroom in Al Rai, Shuwaikh. The launch of the latest crossover became an instant jaw-dropper owing to its outstanding features and advanced capabilities – from both exterior and interior down to its engine technical performance. The new model has overcome a challenge by managing to combine technical and performance characteristics with maximum safety factors, noting that the successful combination brought 10 global awards world-wide. Mazda CX-9 takes the crossover SUV to entirely new level of sophisticated, sporty style. At the front, CX-9`s signature wings are more massive than any other Mazda to emphasize the imposing beauty and character of this high-end SUV. And this sporty, high-quality look is carried over to the interior with style and luxury that makes CX-9`s character even more distinctive and satisfying. Mazda CX-9 also offers the generous cabin space expected from a three-row SUV. Pure driving pleasure is the promise, and Mazda CX-9 delivers. It begins with a high-power 3.7-litre V6 DOHC engine that moves CX-9 with dynamic yet effortless style. All-aluminium construction, four valves per cylinder and variable intake valve timing give this lightweight power plant tremendous torque and power right across the rev range for instant, exciting response. Gear ratios for the six-speed Activematic transmission were carefully chosen to keep the engine in its sweet spot to give you sparkling acceleration at all times. Mazda CX-9 sets a new benchmark for Mazda`s high end crossover SUV, combining luxury, quality and craftsmanship at a higher level than ever before, with even the smallest items showcasing the care and attention to detail lavished on the cabin. Enjoy the pride Mazda builds into every CX-9 – you`ll find it reflected in your own pride of ownership.

ACQUA EVA - A PURE PASSION TO LIVE Acqua eva premium water has been unveiled in the Kuwaiti Market. The newly introduced premium water from Italy demonstrates a breakthrough in the water category being extremely low in sodium - 0.32 mg/l - to prevent water retention and cleanse the kidneys. This pure water rises from the Highest Natural Spring in Europe on the Monviso Peaks, 2,042m above sea level. The look and feel of the packaging was a response to global standards and consumer demand. The easy grip and dramatically different bottle shape suits everybody. Acqua eva have endeared themselves to the public first by providing the leading quality water in the market and secondly by engaging in activities that cater to the wellbeing of society, promoting their commitment to environmental sustainability. Acqua eva has always supported and partnered people who live their dreams with passion, dedication and fair-play: it is this purity that sets Acqua eva apart from other water.


‫ مجوهرات لجميع المناسبات‬GALIANODESIGNS ‫ وهي شركة لبنانية تمثلها‬،‫ للمجوهرات‬Galianodesigns ‫أطلقت‬ ‫ مجموعة من التصاميم‬،‫السيدة هاسميك مينسيان (ياسمين) في الكويت‬ ‫ بتصاميم مميزة ترضي‬، ‫الجديدة التي تناسب جميع األعمار و المناسبات‬ .‫جميع األذواق‬ ‫ لتحاكي أحاسيسك‬Galianodesigns ‫وقد جاءت المجموعة الجديدة من‬ ‫ حيث تتنوع‬،‫ وتزين مناسباتك بأجمل التصاميم و أثمن القطع‬،‫سيدتي‬ .‫التصاميم التي صدرت حديثا بين القديم والحديث‬ ‫ في كل مجموعة جديدة تطلقها على‬Galianodesigns ‫وتحرص‬ ‫ وبالتالي تتوفر تصاميمها المصنعة من‬،‫مراعاة كافة الفئات و األهواء‬ ‫ لترصع بعناية‬،‫ قيراط‬18 ‫الذهب الخالص او الفضة المطلية بذهب‬ ‫ ذو اللمعة الفريدة التي ال تجدينها‬، ‫بأجود أنواع الكريستال الشوارفسكي‬ . Galianodesigns ‫سيدتي سوى في‬ ‫ بأفكار جديدة وتصاميم تشبه‬Galianodesigns ‫وقد تميزت‬ ‫ وهي قطع‬، ‫المجوهرات التي عرضت في مسلسل حريم السلطان‬ ‫من الذهب الخالص او الفضة المطلية بماء الذهب والزخرفة القديمة‬ ‫ وهي تصمم‬، ‫وهو سيد األحجار‬، ‫المرصعة بحجر الشواروفسكي الملون‬ ‫ وتضم التشكيلة الخواتم و‬.‫خصيصا وفق المواصفات التي يتم طلبها‬ . ‫األساور والعقود المرصعة و المشغولة يدويا بدقة تبهر ناظريها‬

‫لالطالع على تشكيلتنا الجديدة يمكنكم زيارة موقعنا‬ ‫ او صفحة الفيسبوك‬ ‫االلكتروني‬ ‫ او االتصال على‬، ‫هاسميك مينسيان (ياسمين ) في الكويت عبر البريد االلكتروني‬ .65696220 ‫ او على رقم‬

MINDSHARE HONORED AS “MEDIA AGENCY OF THE YEAR” AND “NETWORK OF THE YEAR” AT MENA CRISTAL FESTIVAL Mindshare, an agency dedicated to innovative brand development for its clients, was recognized at MENA Cristal Festival for outstanding achievement in several creative campaigns. The festival, which was founded in 2005, is respected as one of the region’s most celebrated awards shows and is dedicated to commending agencies for excellence in advertising and communications. In addition to receiving seven awards in multiple categories at the show on February 6th, Mindshare was awarded the two most prestigious titles: “Media Agency of the Year” and “Media Network of the Year.” The awards list included Gold and Silver awards for the “Speed Personified” campaign for Nissan, Silver and Bronze awards for the Infiniti and its BCI campaigns, two Bronze awards for the campaign featuring LG’s washing machine, and a Silver award for the Nike “Sticker Wall” campaign. “I am proud of our agency’s achievements at 2012- 2013’s MENA Cristal Festival,” commented Samir Ayoub, CEO of Mindshare in the Middle East and North Africa region. “We were honored to receive commendation for our work on the Nissan, Infiniti, LG, and Nike campaigns; however, we are especially excited to receive the awards for ‘Media Agency of the Year’ and ‘Network of the Year.’ I would like to express our gratitude to our clients and our diligent team – without them, this achievement would not have been possible.” From the festival’s inception in 2005, the show has aimed to recognize innovative players in the field of communications, including survey companies, television producers, directors, members of the print media, and ad agencies. MENA Cristal Festival distinguishes itself from other award shows by creating a platform for recognizing creative Arabic-language advertising and the best minds of the MENA region, including Mindshare’s dynamic and innovative team.


bazaar scopes


March 21 - April 19


April 20 - May 20


May 21 - June 21


Your compassion will be called on by loved ones this month. Help them calm down and try to boost their spirits. They’ve always been there for you. A close friend will bring you good news at the end of the month. It will give you an optimistic outlook on life.

June 22 - July 22

Dec 22 - Jan 19 Jan 20 - Feb 18

You’ll have your freedom at work this month. Your superiors will give you free reign over an important project and it’s your time to shine. Take every opportunity! Your analytical mind will help you make the best decisions. Pisces is involved.


Nov 22 - Dec 21


A close friend will be the bright spot in your life this month. You’ll be happier than you have been in a long time and everything will seem to go right. It even will make work easier. You won’t get frustrated by workplace politics and the month will fly by.

July 23 - Aug 22


Be brave at work in the middle of the month. You’ll think that there’s a conspiracy against you, because everything will go wrong. Don’t get discouraged. You’re just going through a bad time. Your family life will make up for it. You’ll have a great time with loved ones this month.

Get to the heart of family matters this month. Talk to loved ones and find out what’s wrong. Don’t let your pride get in the way of getting to the bottom of things. However, you shouldn’t let family affairs affect you at work. Superiors will be considering you for a promotion.



Oct 23 - Nov 21

Love plays an important role in your life this month. You meet someone whom you can’t get off of your mind. Instead of daydreaming about him or her, make a move. Ask him or her out and you’ll find that you won’t be disappointed. Aquarius and Capricorn are involved.

Aug 23 - Sept 22


Sept 23 - Oct 22

Work will go by quickly this month, because you’ll be busy working on a new and interesting project. Enjoy it, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Let your enthusiasm for your job flow over into your personal life. Share your excitement with friends and loved ones.

Feb 19 - March 20

what’s your sign?

Be wary when a co-worker asks to borrow money from you, because you’ll need to make a large purchase before the end of the month. Is he or she reliable? A close friend will be there for you. Don’t be afraid to confide in him or her. He or she has your best interest at heart.

Your ability to get straight to the point will serve you well at work this month. Your supervisors want to solve a problem, not beat around the bush. You’ll be in control when it comes to romance. Express your true feelings for a close friend and he or she will reciprocate. Leo is involved.

Your stubborn nature will work to your advantage at work in the middle of the month. While others look for a quick fix, you’ll hold out until a long-term solution is found, getting you recognized by the higher-ups. A close friend will need your help this month. Be supportive and help out.

Friends will look to you to lead the way this month. They’ll ask you to plan an outing for the whole group. While you’re not used to the role of leader, take this opportunity to break the monotony. Work will seem boring early in the month. Enjoy it while it lasts. It will be crazy by month’s end.

You certainly will earn the title of “The Crab” this month. Everything will seem to get on your nerves. Try to remain calm and don’t take out your frustrations on co-workers. Go out to lunch, instead of eating in the office. Meeting some friends after work will help ease your tension.

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bazaar April Issue 2013  
bazaar April Issue 2013  

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