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The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery oers leading orthopaedic care with specialties in total joint replacement, sports medicine, neck and back, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot and ankle, general orthopaedics, broken bones, trauma and reconstructive surgeries. On-site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Aqua Therapy, X-Ray/MRI, EMG/NCS, Bracing, Casting, and Wound Care. OďŹƒces in Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Belle Glade, Boynton Beach, and Jupiter.

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For Self-Happiness

Finally autumn is here with its beautiful colors. Everywhere I look I see a shade of fall reminding me that change is inevitable. Although, I am definitely talking about shopping windows and decoration colors since there is no change nature-wise in South Florida. Nevertheless I am thankful for pumpkin spice latte. All seasons have their characteristics. Autumn has certain romance and sadness to it. People seem vulnerable during fall. Knowing this, I am more sensitive to my inner child during this time. I invite all readers to be gentle to one’s self. Life can be both hurtful and healing. We just need to show up for life and let the rest just happen. Attentiveness and acceptance make life much easier. There is one responsibility for us however. The most important duty in life is how we react to it. Nothing should hold us back from our natural characteristic which is striving for self happiness. This fall go with the change that happens around the world. Make some delicious jam, learn grandma’s recipe, start meditation or learn some yoga moves. Maybe write a poem, wear perfume to bed or read an old book. No matter what you start doing new, do it with grace. Shed your old skin and grow a new one… as long as you wake up in the morning, it's a beautiful chance to live… Love always, Elif Angel Raynor

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Spinal Decompression By Dr. Randall Laurich

The DRX 9000 (Decompression Reduction Extraction) is a spinal decompression device designed to provide pain relief for compressive and degenerative disc injuries of the spine. Here at The Wellness Experience in Wellington, FL, we offer this type of treatment. Decompression is an advanced technology of intermittent traction with a controlled amount of force to a specific area of the spine. The injured disc is located prior to the treatment and gently separated, creating a small vacuum, which allows the disc to be pulled back – taking pressure off the surrounding nerve roots. The DRX 9000 provides relief of pain and symptoms associated with herniated discs, bulging or protruding

10 October 2016

inter vertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, scoliosis, and sciatica. The best part is that the therapy is non-invasive and non-surgical. The spinal decompression is a process whereby forces are applied to the spine whereby the spine is elongated. Spinal elongation is maximized when para spinal muscles (the muscles that guard the spine from injury) are relaxed. When para spinal muscles relax, applied spinal decompressive forces spread apart the bony vertebra of the spine. This relieves pressure on nerves and inter vertebral discs. Where this spinal elongation occurs, pressure drops within the disc which allows for movement of fluid, carrying nutrients and oxygen inside the disc. Additionally, the reduction in pressure can help draw in herniated disc fluids, reducing the size of the herniation. Over time, the muscles and ligaments surrounding the disc can actually be retrained to help keep that disc space open. Therapy sessions take about 30 minutes and patients typically feel results in three sessions. Re-educating the disc and muscles to exist in a better position takes some time. The frequency and number of session will vary depending on each case.

The typical frequency of a prescribed twenty sessions is: Daily sessions 3 days a week for 6 to 7 weeks. Most patients start feeling results at about two weeks or half-way through the decompression therapy. The procedure does not hurt. Most patients say it provides relief and feels good. Studies show that as long as the patient followed guidelines, there was an 86% success rate of positive results. If you are dealing with back or neck pain, we recommend you give us a call at (561) 333-5351 to make an appointment so we can help you explore your options and improve your quality of life. Please visit to get more information.

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Ghost hunting in Charleston Photo: Courtesy of Charleston CVB

Time for Ghosts, Graves and Spine Tingling Stories By Terri Marshall

Let’s face it. There are two ways to go in October. You can embrace the warm golden hues of autumn (which, by the way, isn’t going to happen in Florida) or you can embrace the ghoulish side of life – creepy ghost tours, graveyards and tales that make your spine tingle. So for this month’s Travel with Terri, we’re going creepy. As you know, I’ve traveled the world and I’ve run into more than my share of creepy stories. But amazingly, most of those stories come from the good ole USA – or maybe those are the only ones I understand! So, let’s explore the best ghost tours, cemeteries and generally places to make you go boo across the country, because Halloween is almost here and we want to be prepared, right? Charleston: Because We All Know It’s Haunted We all know Charleston has some of the best southern inspired food around, but it’s also known as one of the most haunted southern cities in America. There are plenty of companies offering ghost tours that showcase Charleston’s dark side. I booked the cemetery and dungeon experience with Bulldog Tours. The guide led us through historic streets, cemeteries, back alleyways and churches as we took in all the ghostly details. There were chilling stories of ghost sightings, haunted

12 October 2016

houses, voodoo and Low Country superstitions. The tour concluded with a somewhat creepy visit to the Provost Dungeon. Located in the Old Exchange Building, Provost Dungeon housed hundreds of prisoners during the Revolutionary War. Jailed for either treason or sedition, many of the prisoners spent their final days there – and never really left.

Spookiness in Gettysburg Photo: Terri Marshall

If you really want to feel your skin crawl, join the behind the scenes tour of The Old City Jail which housed some of Charleston’s most infamous criminals, 19th century pirates and Civil War prisoners. The Old City Jail was in operation from 1802 until 1939 and most of the building’s original structures remain intact including the cells and warden’s quarters. The Haunted Jail Tour takes you through the cells, hallways and into the places where Charleston’s worst criminals lived and died. The faint of heart or those who easily cry, should just skip

this tour and opt for the haunted pub crawl – at least you will have spirits to help you ward off the other spirits. Ghosts of Gettysburg With all the blood that was shed in Gettysburg, it is no surprise this town is often referred to as the most haunted town in America. In a town where nearly every building served as a makeshift Civil War hospital unsettled soldier spirits are expected. From the bullet ridden Farnsworth House to the sacred Gettysburg National Cemetery, spooky things are happening all around. Mark Nesbitt, a former National Park Service Ranger, has researched the ghost stories shared with him over the years and has written several books about the ghosts of Gettysburg. Armed with Mark’s stories and a few other tales, period clad guides lead spirit seeking (or just curious) visitors on candlelight walking tours through the town. Our tour was led by Ann Griffith whose animated tales of Gettysburg’s afterlife were entertaining and educational. Ironically, Ann is “scared of scary things” so she typically seeks the friendlier spirits among us. Sometimes the Cemetery has a Sense of Humor Poised above the city of Charleston, West Virginia with spectacular views of downtown Charleston and the

gorgeous capital building with its gleaming dome gilded in 23 ½ karat gold, the Spring Hill Cemetery – while not a typical destination – is a place you don’t want to miss. This is a place where the dearly departed were buried with a sense of humor. Look for the Thayer family monument made from pure zinc. During Prohibition it is said a family member hid his forbidden bottle of whiskey inside the sliding door of the monument … he visited often. The sliding door is still there. So go ahead, add a bottle of whiskey and see what happens. Spring Hill Cemetery Stump Family Photo: Terri Marshall While I love a sneaky spot to leave whiskey as much as the next girl, my favorite tombstones (yes, I really do have favorite graves) were those of the Stump family. Taking their name quite literally, the family monument is carved in the shape of a tree stump. Other family members’ tombstones are smaller stumps complete with engraved leaves and tree bark. Celebrating Day of the Dead in Terlingua Cemetery

DR. BRYAN E. ALING Board Certified Optometrist

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Day of the Dead at Terlingua Cemetery Photo: Mike Davidson

Located just outside of the majestic and extremely remote, Big Bend National Park, Terlinqua, Texas was once the thriving home of the historic Chisos Mining Company. It became a ghost town after the mines dried up in the 1940s. But ghost towns are cool and Terlingua is no exception. For one thing, it’s the home of the original Chili Cook-off which attracts over 10,000 “chili heads” each year. The Starlight Theatre restaurant and bar is the hangout for tourists and locals and the only unwelcome guest is progress – the residents want nothing to do with it. Catch the view of the Santa Fe de Los Pinos Mountain range 80 miles south in Mexico from the porch on a clear day. Each year on November 2nd, Terlingua’s 113-year-old cemetery takes center stage for the annual Day of the Dead celebration – a Mexican tradition honored in this little border town. Residents and visitors spend the evening in the graveyard decorating the graves of their dearly departed with flowers, candles and photographs. There’s plenty of music, food and drink, and a couple dressed as skeletons roams in and out of the shadows of the tiny cemetery.

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Anxiety According to National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults. General anxiety disorder not only affects how a person thinks but also affects that person’s physical health as well. Chronic anxiety is usually generalized as general anxiety and is recognized by excessive worry about daily events. People with general anxiety typically anticipate for the disaster to happen. Some of the symptoms of general anxiety disorder include unrealistic way of looking at simple problems, irritability, tension around muscles, headaches, difficulty concentrating, nausea, difficulty sleeping, stomach discomforts, etc. People who suffer from general anxiety disorder lose the ability of thinking clearly therefore it can affect daily functioning at work, school, personal relationships and social environments. Causes Several different factors can contribute to the cause of anxiety in general. Genetics, brain chemistry, and external environments are the most common known factors. Furthermore, it can be passed from generation to generation. It is also associated with abnormal levels of neurotransmitters functions. Traumatic life experiences related to abuse, neglect, grieving, divorce, major life changing events trigger general anxiety in many people.

14 October 2016

By Elif Angel Raynor, MS., MIBA. Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Medications Only your psychiatrist (or a medical doctor) can prescribe medication for your diagnosed anxiety. Benzodiazepines are the most known and widely prescribed among others. Benzodiazepines include Xanax (alprazolam), Klonopin (clonazepam), Valium (diazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam). Benzodiazepines slowly relax the nervous system helping people physically and mentally become less tense. Although they are effective in short term treatment, for example during a panic attack, however they are not recommended for a long term treatment because it is known to be habit forming and addictive. Children, elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities are reported to be vulnerable to benzodiazepines and should take extreme cautions. According to the FDA, benzodiazepines may also trigger unresolved depressions in some cases. If mixed with alcohol, painkillers, and other medications, they can lead to fatal overdose. Psychotherapy No one has to live with anxiety and fear because there is treatment alternatives to medication. Therapy is a good start especially if there is medication involved. Certain types of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy are extremely beneficial in anxiety disorders. Through therapy, one can understand

the root of the problem, worries and fears. The right therapist can teach a client how to handle panic attacks, worrisome thoughts and distorted fears. Alternative Treatment There are many alternative practices currently used to treat anxiety. Relaxation techniques produce short term solutions especially if the anxiety produce physical symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or shortness of breath. Breathing techniques and meditation have supported evidence to provide positive affects on people with anxiety. Yoga combines physical postures an ad philosophy to ease mind and body. Acupuncture has been used to treat anxiety for centuries. Kava, a plant that is found in South Pacific has been used in a tablet or liquid form to treat anxiety however in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advices about the potential risk of severe liver injury associated with the use of kava-containing dietary supplements. Disclaimer: The comments and suggestions in this article are intended to be helpful in developing a treatment plan with the guidance of a physician. Please consult a medical doctor about which options would be best for you. Do not take any supplements or medicine without discussing the effects with your physician. The author is not responsible for any affects or the effectiveness of these treatments.

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Photography By Precious Doyle

Keep Your Chin Up... And Never Give Up!

Interviewed By Lindsay Wynn

Nikki Roth knew her passion for tennis at an early age. Her tennis career began at age of 12 after winning her first United States Tennis Association (USTA) 12 & under tournament. Not only has she made accomplishments as a tennis professional and twenty years of experience at private clubs and municipal tennis, her drive to succeed continues as a contributor and leader in the community as Director of the Delray Beach Tennis Center and Delray Swim and Tennis Club. It was with great pleasure to sit down with Nikki and have her share with us her career as a professional athlete, her passion for charity and why she believes Delray Beach is the greatest city. Did you think this would be your life career path and that you would accomplish as much as you have? “Tennis has been my life since I was 3 years old, I spent more time on the tennis court than anything else. Another career option didn’t come

16 October 2016

to play…I love the sport of tennis so much that I want others to experience what I have. Through tennis, I’ve learned to navigate through life. Empowering yourself in sports affects all aspects of your life. The personality you see on the court often a representation of how you live life. Today, being part of the community of Delray is important - Mainly, by giving back to the community and doing charity events.” Being a professional athlete is very demanding. Were there any major setbacks that you had to overcome? “There is a lot of pressure when you are #1 in the Nation at 12 years old. In high school, I was burnt out and took time off to regroup. When it came time for college I was fortunate to receive a full scholarship to Barry University in Miami. “ Her time off proved to be worth it. Nikki was #1 singles and doubles and finished top 5 in country in the NCAA Division II. After college, she worked

she alongside Chris Evert at the Chris Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton. “It was honor to work with such a legend and some of the top ranked junior players.” She adds, “You can use adversity as a mechanism to grow and as a learning tool. You can take this experience to teach others. There is a reason for the adversity and it happened because it is supposed to happen. I always know I am going to learn from this to get stronger and move forward.” Nikki’s client, Tina Tucci attests her drive and work ethic, “Nothing stops her from overcoming challenges.” Nikki has had twenty years experience at private clubs and municipal tennis centers. Nikki’s experience ranges from head pro to tennis academy director. Describe the highlights of your Tennis career and experience. “Now, being a part of the city of Delray. There is so much culture and it has a small town feeling. Everyone

supports each other. Instead of personal accomplishments, giving back and teaching has been more fulfilling. It is a gift to work in an environment where you are supported by city government, local businesses, and the citizens. In turn, that makes me strive to be of a leader and role model within the community.” Do you have any professional athlete health secrets or routines you can share with us? “Do everything in moderation. It is very important to select what you eat. I choose clean, healthy eating and also nourish myself not only with food but through thoughts and actions. I also do Chacha tennis every day. This allows me to prevent injuries and perform at the highest level on the court.” Nikki Roth is the Co-founder of Chacha Tennis - a combination of yoga and tennis for all ages children and adults. Tell us about the Delray tennis facilities, your experience there and why they are an important part of the community. What have been your highlights working here? “There are 2 centers. The Delray

Beach Tennis Center (off Atlantic) and Delray Swim and Tennis Club (off Linton). My biggest motivation now is to take my personal experience and use it to help other people. When I came to Delray Swim and Tennis Club, it needed a facelift. A major highlight was already seeing it’s revitalization

and growth. Also, it is my belief that you treat the people you work with as though they are your best customers”. There is no doubt, Nikki has been a vibrant leader for both the city of Delray and the game of tennis. “I strive to bring new and fresh energy to the pros I am managing. It is thrilling. I am working side by side with the talented Jeanne Evert Dubin (Chris Evert’s sister) who has had a long passion for tennis. She is the co-founder of JCD Sports Group, headed by Sharon Painter, who is also a remarkable, savvy businesswomen.” Charity seems to be very important to you, please tell us whyyou are involved in and so passionate about it? “The local Delray charities are important to me. Delray Beach Tennis Center wants to help families and kids. The proceeds from the events go to local charities – Milagro Center, local schools, Boys Town South Florida, Compete 2 Give, and the money raised helps the underserved youth in the area.” Can you tell us about the upcoming events coming to Delray and how people can get involved? October 2016 17

“The city of Delray is hosting an all ages (7 or older) glow in the dark tennis event called ‘Lights Out Delray’ on October 29 at 7:30 PM at the Delray Beach Tennis Center located at 201 West Atlantic Ave. You can register by signing up in the tennis pro shop or call 561-243-7360. Another big event we are proud of is the ‘Chris Evert Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic’ in November. It is hosted annually to raise funds for charities in Florida. For more info visit For many years, a major event we’ve been hosting is the Delray Beach Open held annually in February at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. It is one of the largest men’s professional tennis events in the country

18 October 2016

with over 40,000 plus spectators. For more information visit I am proud to work in a city with so many activities, culture, diversity, art, Arts Garage and fine restaurants. There is always something going on. This little big city has it all.” Nikki Roth, thank you for your time

to speak with Banzai Wellness Magazine, your talent and for being an outstanding contributor to the Delray community. What message can you give to aspiring kids and athletes? “One of my favorite quotes is ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ by Helen Keller. I also live by the reminder to keep your chin up and never give up.” Big things are happening at The Delray Beach Tennis Center and Delray Swim and Tennis Club. We encourage our readers to get involved and join the upcoming events. The city of Delray is fortunate to have Nikki Roth as a contributor and we have already seen her impact as a leader on and off the courts.

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WHICH NECK DO YOU THINK LOOKS THE MOST LIKE YOU? According to the best physical medicine journals in the world, if you have neck pain and headaches you probably look like the 2 postures on the right. In chiropractic, we call this condition Anterior Head Syndrome. Anterior head syndrome is a structural condition of the spine where the head shifts forward in front of the neck and shoulders. This can be a result of: Whiplash accidents Years of weak posture Months of muscle imbalance The problem is that the body doesn't work right when the head is in this position. As the head shifts: -The neck muscles must work harder and fatigue easier -The upper back rounds forming a "hunch back" or Dowager's hump -The ligaments deform -The nerves stretch and become irritated All of this culminates into a problem that can cause chronic and recurring head and neck pain. Many times people will take over the counter meds, get massages, or use stretching/exercise to treat chronic head and neck pain only to find that the fix is temporary. That's because they've only addressed the pain, but did nothing to address what CAUSED the pain to begin with. Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions There are times when neck pain

20 October 2016

and headaches are stemming from a physical problem within the spine. While the exercises you received in earlier emails can help control the pain, they don't address the underlying physical problem that's making your neck weak. In order to get a long-lasting solution, we have to go back and address the cause. And that's where Structural Correction can come into play. Most chiropractors focus on treating tight muscles and decreasing pain and do a great job. In our office, we focus on building a stronger and more resilient spine by fixing the Structure. Think of your body like a new house that you just bought. One of the most important things about a house or any building is the foundation. If your foundation was off by even just a couple of inches, that becomes a BIG problem. Your spine is the foundation for your body. While a poor foundation may not cause problems immediately, the longer it's there, the more problems it starts the cause in the house. Our job is to use the most precise and non-invasive procedures to safely make your foundation balanced again using the NUCCA procedure. But We Can't Help Everyone Now I'm not going to lie and say that we help everyone. NUCCA does not solve everyone's case. I've had some restless nights trying to solve the cause of someone's pain. Not everyone is a great candidate for care, and it's

By Dr. Jonathan Chung, Chiropractor

up to us as doctors to screen for the right type of patient. The good news is that the last 5 years have taught me a lot about how to know when someone could benefit from NUCCA Structural Correction. It's actually the entire reason why I have a Complimentary Consultation. I don't believe in charging people until I'm confident that I can help. The best doctors will tell you that 80% of a diagnosis comes from a patient's history, and I believe that is true here as well. We use a 20 minute conversation to find out if your health history makes you someone that's likely to get great results. If I feel like I can help you, I'll let you know that up front, and you'll have the option to get a full Structural Examination. If I don't think I can help, then I use my network of specialists in sports medicine, orthopedics, or alternative healthcare to direct you to the doctor that you need. If you ever want to chat about your condition, feel free to give us a call at the office or email us back with any questions. If you feel like it's time for a more in depth consultation, then go ahead and call our office at (561) 247-0044 and set up a time where we can chat. We have both in-person and distance consultations available for our patients not in the state of Florida. Please visit for more information.

What’s The Structural Difference?’s having patients drive from Broward and fly from Aruba’s gentle care applied with precision that you can feel AND see the differencehe difference’s the trusted name for equestrians and athletes post-concussion

561.247.0044 October 2016 21 420 S. State ROAD 7 #107, ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL 33411

“The Cancer Lady” Saves Lives in Haitian Community with Support from Susan G. Komen South Florida Marie Seide knows what it’s like to lose someone to breast cancer. And she knows what it’s like to survive breast cancer. She and her mother, Marie Louise Cenatus, were told the devastating news that they had the disease just months apart. Sadly, her mother had waited too long to seek care. By the time it was discovered, Cenatus had stage 4 bone marrow cancer and died less than a year after her diagnosis at age 67. Seide has been cancer free since 2007. The difference between the women’s understanding about breast cancer and how to seek care meant the difference between life and death. Saving lives by closing the knowledge gap— especially in her own Haitian community—has been Seide’s life mission since her mother passed away in 2006. To help those who are uninsured, underserved and under-privileged, Seide founded the Marie Louise Cancer Foundation in Boynton Beach in her mother’s memory. But it hasn’t been easy to change the norms of a cultural belief system that relies more heavily on ministers and neighbors than medical professionals. “Haitian women typically only go to a doctor when they are very sick,” said

22 October 2016

Seide, a nurse by training. “They believe in home treatments, Voodoo and recommendations from their pastors.” For funding to support breast cancer education in her community, Seide turned to Susan G. Komen South Florida. “We needed to start at the beginning, with culture,” said Seide. “Komen has helped us reach out to churches, assist women in filling out the proper paperwork for mammograms and ensure they had the proper follow-up.” Seide would even pick up the women to take them to their appointments, sometimes arguing with family members and pastors who believed that a miracle was still possible. Seide’s perseverance paid off. Today she is known as “the cancer lady” in the Haitian community and beyond as word of her ability to save lives has spread. She gives the example of a man who listened to her on a radio show. He kept Marie’s contact information “just in case.” A few months later, his wife joined him in the U.S. from Haiti and soon after discovered a large mass in her breast. Her husband knew just who to call. With funding from Komen, the wife was able to get a mammogram, screening and treatment and now she is a survivor. “At Komen, we believe that where you live should not determine whether you live,” said Dayve Gabbard, executive director of Komen South Florida. “We have a bold goal to cut the breast cancer mortality rate in half in the next decade. A large part of that effort is through our health equity initiative to provide all women equal access to quality breast health care. Thanks to

the life-saving work of organizations like the Marie Louise Cancer Foundation, we will reach our goal.” Komen’s funding and guidance has helped the foundation grow over the years. Current support funds a nurse practitioner to perform breast exams, provide prescriptions for screenings and assist with navigation. “Without Komen’s support, there is no way, no way, women would be alive today,” said Seide. No matter the prognosis, Seide is a strong believer in the mind, body, spirit connection in the fight against

cancer. She believes that staying focused can make the difference in survival. “We all have something to live for,” she said. “You have to think, ‘I’m going to stay alive for me, my children, my mom, my dad, my community.’” Seide stops to think for a moment and adds, “You will be down, but you must get up. We can bend, but we can’t let cancer break us.” Please visit for more information.

October 2016 23


A Growing Trend Among Expectant Moms Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful, confusing, exciting, and sometimes scary moments of a women’s life. From morning sickness, to crazy cravings (who says apple sauce on pizza is wrong?), to feeling those first flickering movements of life within you – pregnancy is an incredible experience. If you’re like many to-be moms, you probably spend countless hours online trying to learn as much as you can about pregnancy, babies, and motherhood. So, why not take a few minutes to learn about a great service that pregnant moms have relied on for decades: doulas! What is a Doula? The world “doula” is a Greek word that means “women’s servant.” Doulas are non-medical professionals who assist mothers before, during, and after birth. They offer expectant mothers 24 October 2016

necessary support throughout early motherhood including: • Educational support. Doulas are very knowledgeable about pregnancy, various birthing methods, and mother-baby care. They will help guide you according to your personal wishes about

By Lisa Raynor

pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, so you can have a memorable experience that is perfect for you and your baby. • Emotional support. Motherhood can be difficult. Though doulas do not provide medical care, they offer compassionate emotional

support. She will walk with you on your unique journey while offering support each step of the way, so you can fully enjoy every moment. • Physical support. Doulas are labor-coaches at their finest. Whether you want to go natural, or prefer some other method of labor and delivery, a doula will ensure you are as comfortable and prepared as possible. Doulas are highly-trained and experienced in prenatal care, labor and delivery, and post-partum care. But that’s not all. Your doula is someone you can trust who will partner with you and your family during one of the most important times of your lives. What Can a Doula Do for You? Doulas fill many roles within the educational, emotional, and

physical support they offer. Here are some of the benefits of having a doula during each phase of early motherhood: • Prenatal care. Your doula offers you support as you adjust to the emotional and physical changes within you. Whether you need a late-night friend to talk to, or advice on creating an ideal birth plan that suits your values and environment, your doula is your go-to support system and advocate. • Labor and delivery. As mentioned above, doulas are remarkable birthing coaches. She will help keep you comfortable, focused, and encouraged when you feel you can’t go any longer. Your doula will also offer massage, guide you to appropriate laboring positions, help you through relaxation techniques,

and offer support for your partner and family. • Post-partum care. After delivery, your doula offers support for you and baby including breastfeeding guidance and encouraging a strong bond between mother and baby. If you have a c-section, your doula will offer additional support during your recovery. Whether you’re planning your first pregnancy, or are expecting your second, third, or even fourth child, each pregnancy is unique and deserves individualized care. A doula will help make your pregnancy and birth as memorable and joyous as possible. This article was written by Lisa Raynor, a Childbirth and Postpartum Doula in South Florida.

October 2016 25

The Boynton Beach Art District, located at 410 West Industrial Ave. Boynton Beach, Florida, is back in full swing for the new season. Kicking off the 2016-2017 art season with it’s annual anniversary party called GOLDEN on Sunday, October 9th, 2016. The Golden! 5th year anniversary celebration is the art district’s most attended event. the eight hour long marathon of live art, music, and food is one of Palm Beach County’s favorite event. From murals to magic the day long event promises fun for the whole family even pets are welcomed to the outdoor festivities. The ActivistArtistA Gallery’s annual re-painting of the Bay Gates Mural Project, which has attracted thousands of visitors year round for all over the world, will be unveiled at 2 p.m. as Florida artists: Dana Donaty, Birds Are Nice, Nino Liguori, Sidney Muniz, Dalhia Patrice Perryman, Craig McInnis, Tom Gunz,Eduardo Mendieta, and Alejandra Abad will be putting the finishing touches on their “Portraits of Famous Men and Women in the Arts’- this year’s theme. This year’s project is in collaboration with the Cultural Council of Palm Beach’s #ShadesOfCulture See Art Through a Different Lens Campaign and all the Portraits will be donning the signature qua colored sunglass.

26 October 2016

Florida musicians, Rod Dusinberre and Steven Spencer will orchestrate live talent on 2 stages that include the BBAD resident band In Therapy, along with The Dragons, Emergency Poncho, Raised by Wolves, SunJamz Band, Magic Man and Co., 84 Sheep Dog, Josh Leibowitz, and Max Du

Bose and The Scandalous Rogues. Open Studios and Exhibitions by BBAD artists, Michael Kupillas, Chris Bivins, Dianette Doyle, Tom Brewitz, Petey Crack, Travis Martins, and select artists presenting live demonstrations throughout the course of the day.

Other Events in October 
October 14, 2016 The Work {of} Don Shearer: A Retrospective Guest curator Sandra Schulman has followed Shearer’s career for over 30 years. From the late 80’s to present day Don Shearer has been one of Miami Beach’s most puzzling enigmas in the art world. Shearer has navigated his career from group shows on South Beach to his one man show at Madison Square Garden. Don is 2 time HORTT winner at the Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art, with accolades from the 1993 cover of XS Magazine to a profile spot on New York high society’s holy grail “Page Six” of the New York Post.
The Box Gallery is located at 811 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Florida October 15, 2016 The Art and Culture of South Beach: Renaissance: The American Riviera The Box Gallery invites you to attend a special presention, Guest Speakers and Presenters:
 Sandra Schulman, (Curator: The Work {of} Don Schearer), arts writer, curator and filmmaker. She co-founded two galleries in NYC in the 1980s Spiritual America with artist Richard Prince and 303 Gallery, her catalog on Spiritual America was released in Spring 2015. She has curated art shows for galleries in NYC, Joshua

Tree, Los Angeles and Southampton. Her writing has appeared in Billboard, Variety, Rolling Stone, The New York Daily News, News From Indian Country, and Entertainment Weekly. She was an entertainment columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for 8 years. Louis Canales, The ‘Unofficial Mayor of South Beach’, ‘King of the Night’, and ‘The Pied Piper of SoBe’. He is internationally recognized as the mastermind behind the South Beach renaissance. Canales was the marketing/public relations man who strategically invited the hippest press around the globe to South Beach and spoon fed them the city’s “happening scene”…a “happening scene” that Canales created and orchestrated over two decades ago. While creative director/head writer for Postmortem magazine he made that publication, according to the Miami Review, the ‘Bible for Miami trendsetters’. Canales has also been a contributor and columnist to Paparazzi magazine, Cityscope editor for Miami Beach magazine, contributing editor to Vogue/Spain and Vogue/Brazil, contributing photographer to Ocean Drive magazine, copy editor for Genre magazine, and Editor-at-Large for 25th Parallel , South Beach, Yes!, Wire, Fashion Spectrum, Channels, and

Miamigo magazines. Manny Hernandez, Photographer, Blogger, Journalist, and Taste-maker who for the last 26 years, has seen Miami and South Beach grow and he has photographed and witnessed it’s transformation. Manny Hernadez images are published weekly in theMiami Herald and SocialMiami, every month in Ocean Drive and Indulge magazine and are syndicated by Getty Images. I’m also co-owner of All Access Booths, a social media photo marketing company. Liz Balmaseda, Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist and author Liz Balmaseda is a storyteller at heart. Currently the food editor and dining critic for The Palm Beach Post, she has led an eclectic, 35-year career during which she has worked as a foreign correspondent, magazine writer, television field producer and metro columnist. It was as a metro columnist for The Miami Herald that she won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, for columns on CubanAmerican and Haitian issues. Later, she shared a second Pulitzer for breaking news coverage in 2001. October 22, 2016 The Boynton Beach Art District award winning Art Walks also resume on Saturday, October 22, 2016 form 6-10 featuring the work of Leah Freeman,

Kat Janis, Brian Catelle, Allison Steiner, Sarah Beyda, Gina White, Zach Moorman, and others.

Rolando Chang Barrero The Box Gallery 811 Belvedere Road West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 Join our VIP list Now Visit us online: www.TheBoxGallery.Info Read our blog http://palmbeachfineartgallery. October 2016 27

Finding One’s Self Within Art

Interviewed by Elif Angel Raynor & Lindsay Wynn

Artists are often drawn to a life of exploration and self-discovery. Jonatas Chimen is a Brazilian-American Symbolist painter, sculptor, performance artist, writer, and lecturer. This multi talented artist embraces his personal journey of identity by expression through his paintings, sculptures and unique live performances. Jonatas holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida International University. Although he traditionally learned Spanish Realism, he also works with everyday materials, contemporary approaches and unconventional materials and insists he is distinguishable by not being tied to one style. We are delighted to understand more about Jonatas, his Jewish family history discovery, his art, and his brilliant insights including his personal meaning of locus amoenus. “Jonatas’ artistic path became more clear while he was exploring his family roots. We asked him to share his experience...” “It is not simple to pin point the date,

28 October 2016

but If I have to I was 16 when I found out very clearly that I am Jewish…I am a practicing Jew. I am observant of the holidays, Shabbat, dietary laws of kosher food… I married a Jewish woman, it was an Orthodox wedding.” Can you tell us how this discovery impacted your art? “Finding out my Jewish ancestry is a major part of my art. It is all about identity. You can have a new piece of information that changes who you are and that’s exactly what happened to me at the age of 16. I did not know what to make of it first. What does it mean if you find out that you are from a certain country and there is a whole history of persecution, turmoil and migration? When I started the Art Institute of Weston I started to have questions about our family traditions that we have. They were very different than our Brazilian friends. So I started to ask questions about certain things. For example we could never sweep the floor like other people. We used to

sweep everything to the middle of the room and then get the dirt on a dustpan and throw it out. When I asked my mom she used to say, ‘That is how we do things’. We always had to eat at home and never outside. My mother was same way too. We just had some strange ways that did not match with Brazilian style. We even separated ourselves from Brazilian holidays, which are mostly Christian.” It sounds like you were an observant and inquisitive child. “My friends used to ask me why I always spent Fridays home and if I was Jewish or not. Everybody was saying ‘Are you sure you are not Jewish?’ I was pretty sure back then we were not but these questions did not leave me alone. So I kept asking my parents. My dad said we came from Netherland before Brazil and that is why we are different. I asked about mom too. He said she came from the same background and that was why he was at ease to marry her. He had to meet my mom’s mother and even her

mother before he was able to decide he could marry her. When I asked why, he said ‘Just to make sure she was clean’. I was so surprised because I thought he meant personal hygiene. But he explained that it was about the way they cooked their food. He had to make sure the meat had no blood in it- things like that. My family also had bunch of rules about mixing certain foods. And the only explanation was because we were taught to do it that way.” What did you make of that information? “It all started to come together when my dad said there is a rumor we had issues with Catholic church then we moved to Amsterdam and then Brazil. My great grandparents were alive back then and my parents had a talk with them about our roots and then we had a clear understanding that we were Jewish”. Basically my parents were practicing Rabbinical Judaism without Jewish community around them. Rabbinical Judaism has to be taught by a Rabbi, you cannot learn it from books. So we figured out that my family was practicing Rabbinical Judaism from 15th century Spain and Portugal. So the way my family practiced wasn’t even similar to the contemporary Judaism people practice today. Then we found out from further research that family came from the Exiles. From Spain they went to Portugal as new Christians. They were forcibly converted during the Spanish Inquisition. Then they had to convert again in Portugal in 15th century. Then once they proved that they were good Catholics, they were able to migrate. I found out from my own research that I wasn’t a unicorn; there was a big global community with the same background.” How did you feel when you started to unfold this extremely powerful information about your family history? “Right now I am very happy about life however when I figured this whole thing out I was still young, I waas a teenager so I got upset. I was very upset that my family had to hide their identity. So I decided that I need to learn everything about my roots and make a decision myself. It took me from 16 years old to all the way into my early twenties to figure

everything out. It wasn’t easy… The information I found was horrifying. I had a family that was tortured at as young as four years old. It was a crime to be a Jew. My research goes all the way to the Pre-Inquisition times but it is not enough to find the roots. Then I had to go through the whole process to get recognition that my family is Jewish. I did not want any identity to be stripped away from us. It took me 12 years to gather all the information to convince a rabbinical court to give us the recognition that we are Jewish.” Could you explain how this research influenced your artistic style as well? “When I started this journey of finding my roots, I also started The Art Institute of Weston. I was painting six hours a day and doing my research. I became assistance to Conchita Firgua. She taught me Spanish realism. You know realism comes from studying the nature and then reflecting it on to the canvas. That makes you a virtuoso artist. That’s the classic Greek-Roman way of seeing art, like David by Michelangelo. You can see veins and wrinkles on David, that’s realism. The idea of being an artist back then was the idea of being a camera. Spanish realism did not follow the Renais-

sance. Renaissance was the rebirth of classicism. Spanish realism is after the Renaissance. The artist wanted to follow the concept of realism but also wanted to manipulate the reality. They went and emphasized certain objects and manipulated the light. It is about creating boldness...” When did you start painting? Did you always paint? “I haven’t always painted but I always drew. When I was around 16 or 17 years old that is when I started to paint. I drew since I was like 3 years old. The way I started to draw was because of my dad. I used to ask him to draw male and female versions of the same animal and he used to draw eye lashes and lipstick to indicate the female animal. I had to teach my dad that he couldn’t do that. I was also asking him to draw Rambo because it was my favorite movie and he used to draw Sylvester Stallone with a smile. I told him Rambo never smiles. I realized fast that I had to learn to draw realistically because he couldn’t. I used to carry pencil and paper in my pocket all the time and I used to draw a lot. It was a difficult childhood because I loved drawing more than anything else so I wanted to spend all my time drawing instead of going to October 2016 29

school. I did well in school as far as language, history and art but math… I was an artist and did not want to do any math. Until I started college, I had very low self-esteem in the academic field. But I realized that when I chose what I study, I was very successful. I have a Master‘s Degree in Fine Arts now. I know I am a good student.” What do you think about the starving artist concept? “In United States we have this idea that artists starve, which is a romantic concept that was diffused by artist like Van Gogh. I agree you have to experience some struggle and darkness to create but it doesn’t have to be financial. This concept did not start with Van Gogh but he is a great example. Today I am considered as a master artist. I was taught by a master artist and I also have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. This is another concept in art… Some of us learn from the master. In the past, the artists had Apprentices… Mostly because a lot of artists needed extra set of hands and also not many of them had children and they had burning desire of passing their teachings and skills… You learn from your master but eventually you are on your own, an apprentice becomes a master artist.” Who inspires you? “I don't get inspired by people who believe in the starving artist… I get inspired by artists who believe in change…I am not inspired stylistically by Picasso but I definitely am inspired by his lifestyle. Monet, Matisse, Dali, Degas - all these people really fought hard to find their place in the art world. They created their own place and name. I admire them. They ran their own business in the art world and there is no greater mission than that.” What distinguishes you from other artists? “I feel quiet different than many artists, especially in the American context. First of all, I am attached to history but I am a performance artist but

30 October 2016

much of my performance is based on technology. It's about using everyday materials. I am not attached to a particular material or style. I like to speak about concepts that have to do with modern world such as gender roles and political issues but I am often misunderstood. People do not spend enough time with the performance to understand it. They think it's a male or female performing, that's it.” Could you explain that further? “For example I have this ballerina dancing freely and I am following her. She makes her own decisions, dancing freely and I am the reactionary element in the performance. I wanted to

show my reaction to change so I got together with a Miami City ballerina for couple hours. She danced an hour and half and all I did was to follow her. Whatever she did, she paused for a little bit and I painted her outline. It was me chasing her movement. What rocks my boat is not the final product but rather the process.” The ‘I am Ethel’ series is very intriguing. Please tell us about it… “‘I am Ethel’ is me being a human being who is admiring the opposite sex. Today we have so much political correctness in the art world, people wants to be so safe about everything, I don't need to be safe. Ethel is my wife, ‘I am Ethel’ is me being a husband. I admire her because she gives so much happiness to me but also she is a human being who can give life. Men can never have that. I know

one thing, you can make a million paintings, but nothing is better than a woman giving birth to life. It's the most magical thing to generate life. As an artist I appreciate that. It's usually a taboo for a male to admire female in the American art scene…. ‘I am Ethel’ has a lot to do with locus amoenus, a place for pleasure. This was popularized by Shakespeare as a place which would have no disease or suffering- a personal paradise on earth. Admiring the female form through my wife is, to me, one of the most beautiful things. It is my locus amoenus.” This is inspirational information. Thank you for sharing the deeper side and insights of an artist mind. Just for fun, can you give us a song list you would listen to while painting? “Sure! But I am a simple man, I don't have a long list that gives me creativity. But here it is: If I am tired, but I want to be creative…The boost that I need comes from trying to find the light when in drama… First drama and then light. Finding closure, finding light is beautiful after suffering… Therefore, Carmina Burana O Fortuna. If I need to create something that requires to find movement like brush strokes, then I put on tango by Astor Piazzolla, an Argentine tango composer. There is always bossa nova playing in the background. If I need my anger to paint I need Skrillex. It is just amazing. Like my art, I don't stick to one style. I can also listen to classical rock. I love Vietnam War music. These are my musical inspirations. I always have tea and music when creating.” Jonatas, thank you so much for your time… Thank you for your creative energy. Can you tell us where we can find more information about you and art available? “You can go to my website and read about everything I create.” We wish you the best as you continue on this incredible journey!

Quick, Easy, and Affordable Healthy Snack American’s are known as a snacking nation. The trend to eating every few hours has really caught fire. If you are going to snack you certainly want them to be healthy snacks that are also quick, easy and affordable. The fitness industry suggests people eat every couple of hours to keep their metabolism going. Although this may be true, if it is not done correctly, it can easily derail your health goals. You want to be assured that all of your snacks contribute to your health as opposed to taking away from your health. One health trap that consumers fall into is buying food that is marketed for snacking. Whole foods that are fresh and not out of a package are best. Even leftovers can act as a quick snack. Try to avoid bars, candy and sugary snacks or crackers filled with white flour. Try grabbing some fruit or cut up veggies instead. The trick is to have them prepackaged ahead of time, This is where an ounce of prevention comes in handy. Before you even start your week, have some chopped veggies prepared in advance and put into little baggies as well as portioned out snacks in containers. Some of my favorite go-to fast snacks are fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. I prepare a bunch of protein balls to keep in the fridge to grab-and-go. Chia pudding cups, which can be eaten for snacks are also a great breakfast option as well. Protein is great for muscle recovery, concentration and helps to make you feel full longer. When shopping for snacks think fresh. One way to assure this is to shop the perimeter of the store first, This is where the freshest food resides. When shopping in the inner isles, have a shopping list in hand and stick to the necessary items on your list. Try to avoid snacks that come out of a bag, box or can as they are not as high in nutritional value. If you must purchase something pre-packaged,

make sure you recognize every single ingredient on the box or bag and aim

the added benefit of being a breakfast food as well! Enjoy!

to find snacks that have 7 ingredients or less. In general is it necessary to snack? This is a great question and one where I would ask you to tune inwards. Ask yourself why you are eating. Are you genuinely hungry or are you in need of something else? Maybe it’s water, exercise, a good stretch, fresh air, or simply a hug. If you determine that you are indeed hungry, eat, slow down and savor every bite. Food is meant to be enjoyed! Many of us fall into a trap of either shaming ourselves about eating or perhaps are distracted and just not thinking about it at all. Food is necessary for all of life. Eat like a king in the morning a queen at lunch and a peasant at dinner. Calories are a unit of measure for energy. You need more calories during the day when you need more energy. Ironically most people eat the majority of their calories at night when they are getting ready for bed. Snack, if needed, in-between meals and learn how to relax and enjoy your food again. This article was taken from an interview between Sherri Mraz and Dr. Shelly Plumb at Plumb Talk Women, where they are on a mission to spread the message of good health. Here is an easy snack recipe that have

Chocolate Chia Pudding 1 c nut milk 2 T chia seeds 1 t cacoa powder 1/2 t cinnamon 1 T maple syrup or shake of stevia 1/4 t vanilla 2 servings, can double for week, last a week. Add to jar, shake, store in fridge at least 4 hours. Give a shake every once in awhile, so the seeds don’t clump. Can eat for a snack, breakfast or on the run, can top with coconut, chopped fresh fruit, whatever. The chia seeds are a GMO and gluten free whole grain filled with fiber, protein and loads of Omega 3’s. The cacoa powder is a superfood filled with anti-oxidants and mineral. Aim for three healthy meals a day and instead of eating prepackaged snacks give these recipes a try instead. Remember, healthy begins in the kitchen. For more healthy recipes visit Sherri Mraz, author of the “Cookin’ Yogi’s, More Energy, Less Waist” and owner of the Wellness Cooking Academy and Cookin’ Yogi. We teach how to enjoy real food again where “Healthy Begins in the Kitchen.”

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Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...


Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...