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Welcoming Holiday Season With Our Readers It is hard to believe how quickly time flew by and the holiday season is here… This is our most favorite time of the year when people are most spiritual and hopes are hung high. It is the time to reflect on past months and manifest our beautiful future. Hope is the most inspiring feeling for us human beings. Albert Einstein said: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”. How can you not agree with one of the smartest men who ever lived… We need hope for tomorrow, for tomorrow to manifest the way we like it. Hope… It is a feeling of trust… It has power to motivate and drive. Without hope, there is no reason and without reason there is no future. As this holiday season is at the door, we all look forward towards the new and make peace with the old. However, life gets tough every once a while and we lose hope. In moments like these, we can remind ourselves how to be mindful and live in the ‘now’. Whatever we focus on grows bigger and bigger, so choose hope for your focus even in desperate times. If you lose hope, go back to the basics: There is always one friend who can re-motivate you. Time heals everything. Nothing stays the same, everything changes. Sleep makes it better. There is always ice-cream and chocolate. Meditation can heal, so does yoga. Intentions have great changing power. Love always, Elif Angel Raynor

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Veganism: An Autobiography Amanda Patterson, LMHC, CAP Whenever I tell someone that I am vegan, the first questions I get is: “Where do you get your protein?”. There are some funny memes out there that no one cares about your protein until you tell them you are vegan. Almost seven years ago I received a book called “Skinny Bitch” from a coworker for a Christmas gift exchange. I wanted to read the book but I had no idea what it was about. People were talking about the book and recommending it but I figured it was just another self-help book. Little did I know, this book would forever change my life. I waited until Christmas to use my gift and I read the entire book in one day. When asked, I describe my experience as the mothership calling me home. When I read the book, it all just made sense and it felt like becoming vegan was my calling. Previously, I read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair and pretty much stopped eating beef and pork, except for special occasions. Within three weeks time I transitioned fully into veganism. The first week, I gave up all meat. The second week, I gave up dairy and eggs. The third week, I gave up things I didn’t even know had animal products in them. I am happy to report that Oreos are vegan. My final non-vegan meal was a pizza from Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza (I now eat their cauliflower pizza with no cheese). And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

If you are considering a vegan lifestyle or just curious about it, here are some things you need to know: 1. You can get enough protein being vegan * If you do research and eat balanced meals, you can get enough protein. I even met with a nutritionist who reviewed my food intake and gave me a gold star in this area. Every meal I make sure I have protein, such as beans, lentils, nuts, peanut butter, tofu, veggie burgers, etc. By following the food chart and including enough vegan protein at every meal, you can get enough overall protein. Working with a nutritionist can help you figure out if you are getting the proper amount of nutrition. 2. Being vegan is a lifestyle choice * Veganism is about where you go to eat, what you wear and who you interact with. My lifestyle choice keeps me from going to places that serve foie gras (as much as I possibly can). Being vegan impacts many of the choices I make in life, including shopping , social activities and eating. Luckily though in South Florida there are plenty of vegan spots so living the lifestyle here is pretty easy. 3. Veganism is more than just food * Another fun fact that I tell people about being vegan is that I don’t wear leather products or any products with animal products. This is another choice I decided to make. Some vegans may wear leather they previously owned or used leather products in an

effort not to be wasteful. The same goes for my furniture, I don’t have any leather products. When I went to buy a new car, I only shopped for brands with faux leather. Thank goodness for Stella McCartney so that vegans can splurge on her high-end bags. 4. Animal rights are a part of veganism * Having a vegan lifestyle means that I stand up for the rights of animals in a variety of settings. It also means that I donate to charities around animal rights and vote for candidates that care about animal rights. As an animal lover, it comes naturally for me to think about the welfare of animals. 5. Meatless Monday is a great start * If you want to try out veganism for size, you can begin by going meatless on Monday. It makes me very excited to see #meatlessmonday trending on Twitter every week. Try cutting out meat one day a week and go from there. Try a local vegan restaurant or ask for the vegan option at your favorite restaurant. Mexican and Asian restaurants are usually very vegan friendly. Another thing for me is that I don’t take myself too seriously about being vegan and I don’t try to convert other people into veganism. It’s more like I get excited when I meet a fellow vegan and it’s an instant bond we share. If you are interested in learning more about Meatless Monday, you can visit December 2016 9


Dr. Miguel Grillo has offered the most innovative services in dental care around Palm Beach County since his establishment in Wellington in 2005. Messy impressions and long wait times are now a thing of the past as this new technology allows for precise in-house digital oral scans that can be sent directly to the lab. Restorations just “drop right in” and the accuracy is so reliable, many cases don’t even require a model. In emergency cases, crowns can be replaced the same day if started in the early morning. These precisely fitting restorations eliminate the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments which means: o Faster seating times and fewer return visits associated with remakes o Lower material and labor costs o Improved patient convenience, satisfaction and loyalty How old were you when you decide to become a dentist? Why dentistry? Well, my father was a dentist, so was my grandfather. My great-grandfather was also in the medical field. So, I grew into it. As a child I would help my father and I became passionate it about it. I knew what I wanted to do. You studied in The Dominican

10 December 2016

Republic, then you did the foreign training in New York. When did you move to Florida? Why Florida? I had a practice in New York, but twelve years ago I had bought some property here in Florida. When I came with my family to take it over, we all fell in love with it. At the time my sons were STA ranked tennis players and they knew that they could play here all year round. I also realized that I could spend more time with my family. So moving here was an easy and welcome choice.

Tell me about “Healthy Smiles”; when did you establish the practice? What drove you to doing that? What is the main goal of your practice? Together with my wife of 33 years, I had a practice in New York. It was clear when we came here that we wanted to do something to serve the community. I have always been one to look for ways to help and serve my community; opening “Healthy Smiles” was a natural choice. Our practice is based on care and love: on giving the best possible oral-health care at an affordable price. I’m really scared of going to the dentist; many people are. What do you do to make your patients comfortable? I want my patients to feel at home; like they are visiting a favorite uncle. We try to make them feel welcome and to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. I have often seen people’s oral care neglected because of this fear. We try to adapt the process to take away this fear. For example, if a patient needs a little longer for the numbness to kick in or if they need more pain medication, we make sure they have what they need to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you enjoy the least? What I enjoy the most is the interaction with my patients. We talk about the weather and our families; there’s a lot of small talk, and always a personal touch. Over time, many patients have become friends; people with whom I have lunch and share my time. I actually enjoy everything about my work. I look forward to going in everyday and so does my staff. Our practice is a fun place to be; to work. I have very high expectations of my staff. I want them to give 100% to our patients, and if they aren’t there yet, they are trained to do so. We give them the time and space to grow and learn so that they serve to the best of their abilities. When we enjoy what we do, it becomes contagious; everybody wants to become a part of it, so we all give 100%. Where do you see yourself and “Healthy Smiles” in five or ten years? For me the key word here is continuity. We want to continue providing our service to the community. Now, continuity is not always direct descendants, as my children are none of them in dental care. My sons are a cardiologist and an attorney. The others are in medical school and in high school. However, my niece is in dental school and she has the same passion and dedication to the profession as I have. I see the practice continuing through her. How do you spend your free time? What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t being a dentist/orthodontist? I love sports. I often go biking. My real passion, though, is flying. I love being able to go from one place to another in a short time. I mostly fly over Florida, but I have also flown to the Caribbean islands. What advice do you have for patients? Besides the usual “keep up your oral hygiene, brush your teeth before going to bed”, my advice is to enjoy life and love one another. We each have our own cross to bear, but we should move them away from hate and anxiety and towards love and compassion. I don’t look at my practice as just a business. I look at it as a way of giving a service to my community; doing this with love to promote peace and confidence in my patients to let me. Dr. Grillo has an unabating passion for offering the most current innovations in dental technology and making it affordable to his community. He knows all of his patients by name and their comfort and satisfaction is his highest priority. His calming demeanor eases even the most dental-phobic patients making Dr. Grillo stand out as a favorite dentist in the area. Patients recommend him to friends and family for his quality work in general dentistry to teeth whitening, veneers and implants, and dental restoration. Dr. Grillo and Healthy Smiles Dental Group is located at 9136 Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington. To make an appointment call (561) 784-4670 or for information visit

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FINDING BALANCE WITHIN Within the world of wellness, a constant balancing act is in motion. Imagine, deep within your cells, a tiny cleanup crew is hard at work. Moving, cleaning and transporting toxins out of your body. These toxins can enter your bloodstream through the foods you eat, the chemicals you breathe and the lotions (containing toxic parabens) you rub onto your skin. The leaders in this cleanup crew are the white blood cells. They are literally bags of enzymes, like tiny scrubbing bubbles sent out by the immune system to clean up. They also play an enormous role by killing deadly viruses and bacteria that may have made their way into the bloodstream. We have five different types of white blood cells, each having their own specific job. They know their job duties and do them well when they have the resources to do it. If they are overwhelmed by a high toxic load, more cells are sent out for cleanup. But when there are no more white blood cells for the job, the trash continues to build and eventually becomes INFLAMMATION. If this persists, it turns to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION and is very irritating to the inside of your body. This irritation can create body aches, pain , headaches, fatigue, constipation, bloating and even more

12 December 2016

serious issues like diabetes. As this process continues, the red blood cells are busy transporting oxygen and vital nutrients needed to fuel your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and entire immune system. They are crucial in creating and maintaining body balance. When they are clean (NOT BOGGED DOWN WITH TOXIC OVERLOAD ) they are able to pick up vitamins, minerals and oxygen from the foods you eat. This creates what is called a BIOAVAILABLE SYSTEM, one that is running smoothly and able to absorb what is necessary for a healthy internal ecosystem. This offers the long-lasting energy everyone wants and needs to enjoy all that life offers! This is why avoiding processed foods is imperative. The ingredients in boxed and packaged foods do not absorb well and “CLOG” the system over time. As Dr. J.H Tilden, MD, one of the earliest pioneers in the healing arts said , “All diseases are caused by toxemia and malnutrition”. Toxemia and malnutrition starts deep within at a cellular level. So the sooner you begin incorporating more whole foods into your diet, the sooner you will see ( and feel ) the positive effects. It should only take a few days to feel more energy and notice fewer aches and pains.

CARON’S QUICK 2- DAY CLEANSE Eat ONLY fruits and vegetables for two full days You can juice fresh fruits and vegetables, eat them raw or steamed ….just keep them fresh! Local Juicebars can do the juicing for you. This is a great way to lighten the load on your liver and to give a nice cleansing effect to all of your body systems. The less toxins you put into your body drastically reduces the workload and stress happening inside your body. Here are some of the common indicators of toxic overload: Common signs of TOXIC OVERLOAD: *FATIGUE *JOINT PAIN *DIGESTIVE ISSUES *DIFFICULTY LOSING WEIGHT * SLEEP DISTURBANCES *HEADACHES/ ALLERGIES *SKIN RASHES Caron Barr, R.N. Holistic Wellness Coach 561.346.4577


Pristine Contours is now offering SculpSure™, the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen. It’s a state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology, ideal for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat. Now with SculpSure™, you can target these problem areas in just 25 minutes! No surgery, no downtime, no pain. Pristine Contours has the lowest priced SculpSure™ in all of South Florida.

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OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER, OCD By Elif Angel Raynor, MS., MIBA. Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

While “don’t be so OCD” is a common daily phrase, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a serious, chronic, long-term and common disorder. A person with OCD would have uncontrollable thoughts which are reoccurring as obsessions and these thoughts would lead to compulsion like behavior. These obsessions and compulsions hinder with all facets of life like work, school, family and other relationships. Obsessions are thoughts that keep repeating. Fear of germs, uncontrollable taboo thoughts relating to sex or religion, aggressive thoughts towards others or self, even obsession towards things being in perfect order are example of obsessions. Compulsions are behaviors that repeat after obsessive thoughts. Usual compulsions are excessive hand washing, extreme cleaning, repetitively checking on things like electric plugs or door locks. Just remember not all habits are compulsive. Double checking locks can be a healthy and secure habit. Medications Only your psychiatrist (a medical doctor) can prescribe medication for your obsessive-compulsive disorder. Medication is considered as an effective treatment for OCD and reduces OCD symptoms by 4060%. Research shows that Serotonin

14 December 2016

Reuptake Inhibitor (SRI) is the most effective medication for OCD although it is traditionally used as antidepressant. Your doctor may suggest well known medication like Prozac, Paxil or Lexapro to reduce OCD symptoms. These medications influence a chemical in the brain called serotonin. Serotonin is brain’s messenger. Without enough serotonin, your brain cannot communicate sufficiently which may cause depression or obsessive thoughts. Psychotherapy Your psychologist or psychotherapist (also known as mental health counselor) can start your therapy, which is vital (especially if taking medication). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with exposure response prevention gives relief to OCD patients by gradually exposing them to the feared obsession. This helps people to learn new thinking patterns and behaviors. Alternative Treatment An unhealthy diet contributes to OCD by altering brain structures and changing or blocking neurotransmitter functions. Anti-inflammatory foods, unrefined carbohydrates, and proteins are important for neurotransmitter functions. Any food that contributes to anxiety should be avoided for OCD patients. Omega 3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids, magnesium, Vitamins B12,

C and D should be added to daily diet. People with OCD or any other kind of anxiety disorder also benefit from exercise. It is now widely accepted that aerobic exercise can effectively reduce anxiety therefore a good choice for OCD. Exercise can change the brain and its neuron actions. Exercise can release the growth factors which trigger neurons to make new connections. New connections between neurons reduce the symptoms of OCD. St. John’s Wort has been growing popularity in North America because it boosts serotonin and it has antidepressant quality with it. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or rTMS is also used to reduce OCD symptoms. This noninvasive procedure causes cells in the brain called neurons to regulate. The activity of these neurons is directly linked to symptoms of OCD. Disclaimer: The comments and suggestions in this article are intended to be helpful in developing a treatment plan with the guidance of a physician. Please consult a medical doctor about which options would be best for you. Do not take any supplements or medicine without discussing the effects with your physician. The author is not responsible for any affects or the effectiveness of these treatments.

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Healing form Within

By Elif Angel Raynor, MS., MIBA. Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Kayla Kuecha is a fifteen year old young lady with a soul full of wisdom. There are few children in the world with this much spirituality at this young age. Talking to Kayla was like getting enlightened on a fast track. This brilliant and spiritual individual allowed us to ask her couple of questions about her life and her illness. She has been dealing with Crohn’s Disease for almost two years. Between doctors’ offices and hospital visits, she somehow found a healing platform and she is sharing her wisdom with people around her. When we met her mother, we realized where she gets her strength and beauty from. Kelli Kuecha is Kayla’s mentor and her best friend. Kayla, thank you for allowing us into your world. We wanted to talk to you because we realized that you have a story to share, a story that is worth sharing. Please tell us first who you are… your age, your education, little

16 December 2016

back ground about you… Hello! I am Kayla Kuecha. I am fifteen years old. I started pursing musical theatre at the age of seven, and have traveled around the US in productions nationally. I also have been studying opera for three years. I got accepted into BAK Middle School of the Arts as well as Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and studied under the major of theatre. In freshman year at Dreyfoos however, April of 2015, I was suddenly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Can you tell us about this disease? What are the complications? Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own organs, mouth to colon (essentially the whole GI tract). Crohn’s often leads to other conditions like anemia (which I was also diagnosed with) from quantities of blood being left from the body, malnutrition, surgeries, etc. Crohn’s does not have a cure, but I am determined to find

a regiment that can heal people of their conditions a lot quicker- through mind, body, and spirit. Although surgery can relieve pain in one part of the body, the disease cells are always there. The ideal state to achieve is remission and to avoid a flare up. I do this by consciously eating, meditating, breathing, getting in sunshine, supplementing my body with nutritious foods it loves, and giving every organ in my body loving vibrations every single day. It is obviously related to food… Where does the food stand in your life? What does food mean? I am not going to lie, it has been difficult using trial and error everyday to conjure up what foods and meals I can eat that don’t irritate my stomach. I currently follow a plant-based/ vegan diet. I do it because I believe in being compassionate to all life forms, for the planet, and my overall health. Food is a major factor (as well as limiting beliefs about it) for not only gastrointestinal problems, but also most illnesses. We, as a community, need to realize that food literally is us. It becomes us. On a subatomic level, every fiber of nutrients we give to each cell either rejuvenates us or deteriorates us. I believe in eating living food and eating to live. Being a vegan and eating low amounts of fiber has been a challenge, but also has enabled me to be very creative when it comes to creating my own meals. I have my own fridge that I store my own produce in, and I make it a habit to stop by Whole Foods, meal prep, and plan grocery shopping every week! It sounds complicated but I realize you are doing a good job. Tell us what is on your mind? What is your message? Tell us everything you know… Our lives are a product of our roots and when our roots are working in harmony, we flourish. Healing anything begins with uncovering the root cause of whatever symptom is showing up on the surface. You can be given all of the medications and treatments in the world to heal a condition, but you won’t enjoy lasting results without digging up the roots to see where dis-ease set in. I believe that most unhappiness and pain in life comes from disharmony in the areas

December 2016 17

of food, body, family and feelings. When we get down to the root of each of these areas, we will almost always find an inner child starving for attention, love, connection and the way we eat, the health of our body, the soundness of our feelings and the connection to our family roots will reveal so much of where that inner child is ruling our lives. I had to do a ton of soul searching while in the hospital to find myself and be as close to the roots of my authenticity as possible. Once I started to apply various modalities to my life such as the Law of Attraction, and ridding old subconscious beliefs that were hindering me from growing in the present moment, my life instantaneously shifted. Your message is beautiful. You are very courageous. What do you find most challenging in life? Remembering my body is working for me, not against me. When pain arises, the first instinct is to shame the body for feeling “dis-eased.” Then I remind myself that the body is always working in my favor, and it shifts my perspective completely. Now, whenever I feel discomfort, I can literally shift it into something enlightening and something to work on. Normally when a sudden pain occurs, I know it’s because of something in my head

18 December 2016

that is controlling my body to alert me in some way. I often meditate on it, and ask the source “What limiting belief is creating my body aches?” I dig deep within my soul, listen, and within seconds I know why. What do you wish other people know about you? I love everyone. Even those who have hurt me in the past, I forgive and send them love everyday. I always do mini prayers throughout the day and send love to everyone, even the most random people who pop into my head. Knowing that the love vibrations I send to others will come back to me is a beautiful feeling. Be love, show love, and radiate love. Always, always, always. Love is the best message you can spread. Who or what inspires you? I don’t have one particular inspiration”. Those who are completely vulnerable and authentic for themselves, inspire me. School has given youth the mentality of being “one with the crowd.” Social groups conform to be anti-social, which I know deep down I am completely the opposite of. Now, I use social media as a wonderful platform to be me, my most authentic self. With that, I have shed off those who don’t serve my highest good anymore and as a result I have found people around the world who actually vibe with me and understand where I am coming from. It’s a beautiful feeling to have a tribe that always supports you no matter what, and to feel like you’re not being judged for being you.

I have realized that judgment is a personal conflict within one’s self that is projected out so the person in pain can feel better about themselves. I know that I am on my own path, and they’re on theirs, so I steer clear and send love from afar.

Before I let you go… What is one advice you would give to people? Heal your roots. Be conscious of everything. Observe your thoughts. Love your body before it’s too late. You always have the capability of healing an illness, but why not stop it before it comes? Have gratitude towards everything, and know that life is happening FOR you, not to you. Every scenario that occurs in your life is a direct reflection of your well being from within. Heal that inner child. Try eating one plant-based meal a day, and get acclimated into a routine that involves products in its truest, rawest state. The same applies to your life. Be as YOU as possible, don’t let others stop your growth, love and shine on. There’s a good to everything, and for me, this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey.



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“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.” -Ghandi


By Lindsay Wynn

Dr. Jonathan Chung of Keystone Chiropractic has been helping patients for 6 years. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Micro Molecular Biology then Life University in Atlanta with his Chiropractic Degree. Although he was trained in traditional Chiropractic methods throughout Chiropractic school, his final year of school led to his discovery of a style of Chiropractic called NUCCA, which took his training a step further. This deeper scope became a motivation and foundation for his success with helping people and separates him from many traditional Chiropractors. Why did you choose this a Chiropractic career? I was going to school to become a Medical Doctor but somewhere along the way I was inspired by Chiropractic as a way to help people with sports injuries and things of that nature. Dr Chung Can you please give us a technical definition of what Chiropractic is to insert here?

20 December 2016

You could even use this for example: Chiropractic, as you may know, is a form of alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, under the belief that the disorder affect’s a person’s general health via the nervous system. As I got more into Chiropractic, I saw that it has the potential to help people so much more beyond sports and general back injuries. It’s also a way to help increase and improve the performance of the human body and to help people that are really sick and haven’t been able to obtain satisfaction elsewhere. That’s what inspired me to switch paths from going thorough the traditional medical program into the Chiropractic profession. Regardless of the specialization, being a Doctor is about helping people and that seems important to you… I always knew that I wanted to be in a profession that was going to be able

to help people. It took me a while to figure how I exactly wanted to help people but it provided me a way to help people from a holistic, natural standpoint especially in this day and age where people are addicted to pain pills. Not having to rely on doctors to prescribe drugs for every ailment, our goal is to make people independent of drugs and show people to feel better as they were designed to. Tell us about the your style of Chiropractic? We provide Chiropractic care in a completely different way. Even though I did start out with the traditional way. I discovered NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) procedure during my last year at Chiropractic school. The NUCCA procedure got me really excited about Chiropractic care because I was able to help a lot of people that had not been able to get help from other methods. So it was helping people with things like Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease,

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) syndrome, and a lot of chronic pain issues... A lot of people were not obtain help through more traditional methods were going to NUCCA Doctors had discovered they were able to help relief. That was something that really stood out to me, so I wanted to be able to do that and provide that type of care for my patients as well. So I dove into the NUCCA procedure, learned everything I could about it, and trained in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale for 2 ½ years to master the technique. Then I decided to open up my own practice in Wellington. I’ve been here for about 3 years. Dr. Chung is 1 of 300 doctors in the country trained and proficient in the NUCCA protocol for structural correction. Could you explain more about NUCCA? NUCCA is a style of Chiropractic that is very low force and gentle. There is no forceful manipulation. There is no cracking or popping but it is very precise. We use very precise 3-D X-Rays to obtain the information we need so we can do an adjustment that is very gentle and deliver a greater outcome for the patient. NUCCA goes into the health of the brain and central nervous system. With NUCCA, by getting the head and neck into the exact position that it needs to, you are able to help people recover because it helps enhance the functioning of the brain. By improving the functioning of the brain you have the opportunity to improve the functioning of the entire body. Would you consider this innovative? This isn’t necessarily new but it has been a form of Chiropractic care that is not been practiced by a lot of Doctors because it is challenging. It is very difficult to practice this way because a lot of people will come in with, for example, Sciatica, really bad back pain, and the procedure is low force and gentle. I’m barely touching the person on the side of the neck and the patient is going to obtain relief and improve from that. When you try to explain the procedure to someone from the outside, it can be difficult to wrap your head around that. It is difficult to practice and difficult to explain to people but the results

that you obtain from the care are significant. Why aren’t more Chiropractors adopting this style? It takes some extra work and training to be proficient at this so a lot of people going through Chiropractic school just want to get out and get started in their practice. It took most of us a couple of extra years after school to get a really strong hold of this procedure and to be good at it. In the State of Florida there are less than a dozen Chiropractors doing this and less than 300 in the U.S. Since you specialize in something quite rare, how do people find out about this? We generally attract people who have made the journey to other Doctors, other Chiropractors, acupuncture, or through a lot of different treatments and have not been able to get the results they wanted. In many ways we have been able to help people take that step forward.

DR. BRYAN E. ALING Board Certified Optometrist

(561) 433-8448

2601 S. MILITARY TRAIL, #23 WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33415 is a listing and directory of Doctors in the area that offer this treatment. Other friends or family have had their life change as a result of this procedure and they want to share it with others they know are suffering. In 2007, there was a study on high blood pressure where it was able to show the NUCCA procedure helped

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people with high blood pressure, lowering their blood pressure to the same level as two blood pressure reducing medications. It was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension (a major medical journal) and was featured on Good Morning America, and also on the Discovery Channel. So we had a surge of awareness as a result that study. What are signs and symptoms that someone may need a Chiropractor? We often think of only the back but what could be other correlated concerns? Whenever people have issues with headaches, attention issues, balance problems, numbness, tingling – those are key signs. You can also notice this by a person’s posture, one shoulder higher than the other or the head tilting toward one direction. This is an indicator that their brain is not communicating properly with their body. Is there a preventive side to Chiropractic? There is definitely a preventive side because people can have an unhealthy spine and not feel the effects of it. For people that have spine problems, instead of letting it linger for decades before their spine finally gives out, we can detect it early and prevent it from becoming a major problem later on in life. You mentioned people come from all over to see you, Is this mainly NUCCA or your reputation? It’s a combination of things. They may travel from far away because they do not have a NUCCA Doctor near them. We also are big on treating our patients like family members. I think people are often missing that in today’s traditional Doctor/patient experience, where people feel like they are just a number in the office. Our goal is to make people feel at home. We built a high level of trust. Based on that trust, people are willing to travel great distances to see someone that they trust and know that we will do everything we can to take care of them. Let’s talk more about you personally. What are some of your hobbies and community involvement? I’m big into weight lifting and CrossFit. Fitness is something that is a

22 December 2016

passion of mine so I immerse myself in all these things. I also coach little league in Wellington. It’s fun to do for volunteering. I’m a part of the Rotary Club so we do a lot of service projects in the community. I’m into fitness, nutrition and all kinds of sports. I’m into giving back to the community as well. Did you play sports? Yes I was a baseball player all my life. My best friend also was a baseball player who was going to Chiropractic school. He talked about how he used Chiropractic care to help him achieve the best performance, and from then on I was curious about it and explored it more. Once I saw what it was capable of doing for people, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

It sounds like you have a connection to athletes and you can also relate to them as your clients. Yes I work with a lot of athletes especially in the CrossFit community. I also see a lot of high school athletes, particularly football players…I have another niche- I help a lot of people with concussions and post concussion syndrome particularly in the Equestrian field where there may be head injuries. When people suffer head injuries, what they also underestimate is that they may suffer a neck injury. By correcting the neck injury, you can actually help a lot of people with concussion symptoms

like headaches and dizziness to get better. So that has been a small niche we carved out for ourselves here in Wellington. I also teach continuing education to Chiropractors about head injuries and concussions and how to best manage them. What are you most proud of as a Doctor? I am most proud of the fact that we’ve built a community of people in our office who understand that health comes from within and not from the outside. And that people have faith in the power of their body to heal themselves. When people have that idea embedded within them, then they know that they can trust their body. They know that they can do all the things needed to heal themselves as opposed to relying on a Doctor to fix every problem that they may have. So your ultimate goal is to empower people? Yes to empower people and make people feel independent and not let their health problems affect their life. What health advice could you give that would be your mantra or how you live your life? The biggest thing I always tell people is that your body is stronger than we could ever imagine it to be. It means that we have to take care of it and do it from a perspective that we were designed to be healthy. We have to eat well, move well and think well in order to solve most of the problems that affect our health in this country. My favorite quote that I live by is Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Thank you Dr. Chung for being living proof of that quote both in your career of helping others and through your personal activities. How can people learn more about you or schedule to see you? We consult with people at no charge. Then if they feel the need to see us for an exam we do a postural exam, X-rays and whatever is needed to address the patient’s problem. We can make that recommendation. For appointments, visit our website or call the office at 561-247-0044. We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and for sharing your story and knowledge.

What’s The Structural Difference?’s having patients drive from Broward and fly from Aruba’s gentle care applied with precision that you can feel AND see the differencehe difference’s the trusted name for equestrians and athletes post-concussion

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Headed to Grandma's With Your Behavior-Challenged Child? Traveling often presents difficulties when you have a child with behavioral issues. During the holidays, travel can involve overnight stays with friends or relatives. If you prepare your hosts and your child for what to expect in advance, you can decrease the chances that behavioral issues will turn into big problems during the visit. Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lake Worth has six great tips to ensure holiday happiness for these families. 1. Lay the Groundwork Walking children through each day of the trip, along with anticipated stressful moments, can mitigate some of that stress with familiarity. If the child is old enough to self-regulate, it can be particularly helpful for parents to suggest regulating activities associated with expected stressors, like planning books or movies to cope with a plane trip. 2. Be Strategic With Food Choices Food is an important component of many care plans, but it’s also important to make a vacation a treat when possible. Older children can often participate in mutual planning to stick with the nutrition routine except for predetermined points when they’ll be

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allowed to “break the rules.” However, younger children usually require strategic decisions from the parent, like a plan to adhere to “at-home” rules at the start of a trip, then gradually introducing off-plan treats as the vacation progresses. 3. Be Straightforward With Caregivers Whether it’s relatives brought along to help out or third-party caregivers, like play area attendants, taking a break from direct parental supervision can be a relaxing respite for both parent and child. It’s important for parents to discuss all sensory concerns with caregivers beforehand, including plans for how to respond if the child has a breakdown or needs to be removed from a situation. Cell phones or simple two-way radios are a convenient way to let parents be called back immediately, when necessary. 4. Carry a Sensory Toolkit If your child has a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), parents should always carry a backpack or satchel containing regulating and soothing items, along with snacks and simple diversionary entertainments. When children are old enough to self-regulate, it can be especially helpful to give them their

own kit, which they can use as needed to cope with vacation stressors. 5. Spend time outdoors. Researchers at the University of Illinois determined that playing outside in natural settings greatly reduces the symptoms of ADHD. If you’re trying to fill up vacation days, even in cooler weather, consider activities that take you into the great outdoors. If you’re planning a family vacation, consider going somewhere green rather than an over-stimulating amusement park or big city. 6. Find soothing activities for downtime. Downtime is important for any kid, but those with ADHD find it particularly hard to keep themselves entertained or, alternatively, to fall asleep when it’s time to rest. Offer them soothing activities when everyone’s taking a breather. Some good ideas include favorite board games or art projects that make use of washable paints or pipe cleaners. Find out how your child can benefit from Brain Balance -schedule a comprehensive assessment today at our Lake Worth center. Call us today at (561) 429-4420 or visit

1-Round shaped face: This face usually has a soft and balanced look. If the person is not happy with their round facial shape, and wants to have a more a narrow/oval look, then they must prefer a cut which gives volume. This way the emphasis will be more on the hair than the face. Cuts that have front strokes will make your face thinner. (Pinches of hair accumulated more on the front will make your face look thinner.) 2- Square shaped face: This type of face has more of a sharp look but it’s also a balanced shape. If you don’t want to change the square shape of your face the best hair cut will be a square cut. But if you want to soften your complexion then you should prefer rounder styles. For example you can use bangles or pieces of hair towards your temples. 3- Rectangular shaped face: If you have a rectangular face and want it to look shorter, the chin level hair cut would be ideal for you. This hair cut will give the face a more balanced look.


4- Oval shaped face: If you have an oval face, you are in luck as this type of face will adhere to many different styles of haircuts. If you want to Muzaffer Topal is a recognized hairdresser and educator in add a bit of length to your face you would have Istanbul, Turkey with 25 years of hairdressing experience. He to prefer a long hair style, or get volume upwards has appeared in many hair shows, newspapers, magazines and which would give you a more rectangular look. I television shows both in Turkey and the U.S.A. He has partici- would recommmend angled bangs for this type of face. pated in Miami hair shows as an instructor and recently styled Miss Argentina’s hair. He is also a national trainer for Schwarz5- Reverse-triangle shaped face: With this type kopf Pivot Point Technique and has trained more than 3500 of face it is easy to make changes and apply difhairstylists in Turkey. Muzaffer has been performing his art ferent haircuts. It is also ideal for make-up. If you and talent in Palm Beach, Florida since 2010. want your face to stand out more, you should preQ: Mr. Topal, can you tell us the ideal hair cut for different face fer short hair styles by adding more volume upshapes? wards. But if you want to give your face a softer M.T: Well, if you’re having a haircut with a pivot point techand balanced look, then you should choose a haircut that creates nique, you must discuss certain details with your hair designer. more volume on the back of the neck, and less volume upwards (towards the top of your head). He/she has to know whether you want your face or hair to stand out; also it would be a good idea to talk about your life style, your weight, your height and even your personality. 6- Triangle shaped face: A triangle look might After all the hair designer would want the best result for your show people as less energetic and tired, but hair; so it’s important that he/she focuses on all the aspects choosing the right haircut will add a more enerabove. getic look. The ideal cut is having short sideburns Q: How do you determine the style for each person who needs and adding more volume upwards with square shaped cuts. a good hair cut? M.T: First of all, as designers we have to know different face shapes, then we have to understand the lifestyle of the client 7- Diamond shaped face: Almost any style haircut (we might even have to make a character analysis of the indiwill go with this face shape. Long, short, straight, vidual). In order to have the best result in hair cutting we have wavy, or even bangles would work fine for a diato see the shape of the face, and choose the best hair style for mond-shape face. You just need to discuss some our client. Initially, I must explain the 7 different face shapes of the details with your stylist to determine which and their ideal models. cut would suit you the most.

From Pivot Point Instructor Muzaffer Topal

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PALM BEACH SERIES ANNOUNCED FOR 2017 FLORIDA WINTER SEASON! Florida’s winter show season just got a bit more exciting, as The Ridge Farm has officially announced their new hunter, jumper, and equitation circuit: The 2017 Palm Beach Series! The 2017 Palm Beach Series is a 13week circuit of hunter, jumper, and equitation competition, including a diverse offering of divisions and classes, National, International, and Pony USHJA Hunter Derbies, weekly 1.40-1.45M Grand Prix classes, USEF Equitation Tuesdays hosted at The Ridge at Wellington, and the exceptional venues and all natural surfaces on the Turf Tour. Hosted at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center, just two miles from Wellington’s center, the Palm Beach Series will also offer seasonal stabling packages on the show grounds. The world class facility includes a slew of amenities for both horses and humans, including an oversized, lighted covered arena, multiple all weather outdoor warm up and show arenas, 2 large barns of permanent stabling, a lunging area, and a full range of amenities and vendor space.

26 December 2016

Founded and organized by Olympic show jumper Nona Garson and her partner George D’Ambrosio, the Palm Beach Series, Turf Tour, and other shows hosted by The Ridge Farm are designed to give riders of all levels a world-class competitive experience in an intimate, laid back atmosphere. Essential for the development of riders, young horses, and the growth of the sport, The Ridge’s show series consistently attracts some of the industry’s top names, including internationally competitive hunters and Olympic Gold Medalists as well as young riders and amateurs. Discounted Stabling Packages Available Through December! The Ridge is offering a limited time discount on stabling packages for the 2017 Palm Beach Series! The two permanent barns at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center offer a full range of amenities and close proximity to the covered, all weather arenas, show office, and vendor row. Just a few minutes drive from PBIEC, the world class equestrian facility offers a laid back, competitive atmosphere and

exceptional winter base for seasonal riders! Contact The Ridge Farm at or call 908 500 0996 for more information. Sponsor The Ridge Farm’s Elite Shows! The Ridge is also accepting proposals for sponsorship and vendor opportunities at the Palm Beach Series. This diverse show circuit offers a variety of options, from jumps, division & class sponsorships, special awards such as Leading Rider and Leading Lady Rider, which were won in 2016 by Canadian Olympian Beth Underhill, gorgeous, accessible vendor space, prizelist and advertising, and ring sponsors. Reach this passionate equestrian demographic on their own ‘turf,’ as a part of their competitive success and at an intimate, world-class venue. For more information on sponsoring The Ridge Farm, Call 973 975 9472, or visit to download the sponsor packet.

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Wheels From The Heart By Krista Martinelli

AW: When and why did you start Wheels from the Heart? Sabrina: Steve saw a very sad trend of single mothers being taken advantage of. They were not able to find reliable transportation for them and there family. AW: What need in our community does it fulfill? Steve: Wheels from the Heart assists mothers to become self-sufficient and helps children spend more time with their moms. Moms can find a better job when they are off the public transportation grid. AW: Sabrina, what’s your personal connection with finding transportation for single mothers? Sabrina: I was raised by a single mother and I remember waiting at the bus stop with my mom and older sister. My mother worked three jobs. She never complained. One night I heard her crying and it changed my

28 December 2016

life. I vowed to help single moms in need. I am a mom of two boys and raised them as a single mother. I know the huge responsibility inter meshed

with the devotion and love for your children. Wheels from the Heart mission is so close to my heart‌ a God send. I am honored to volunteer my time. AW: How many cars have you donated so far? Steve: 57 cars. Each car has helped to change a life. AW: How can people donate their cars? Sabrina: Please call us at 561-445-7444 or AW: What makes Country Club Autos different? Steve: Country Club Autos is an auto concierge. We take the hassle out of car buying. We work for our clients. Someone calls and we ask specific questions. Year/ make/ model / budget, and then we find your car! CCA has numerous relationships with dealerships. This gives our customer the ability to buy corporate executive

Sabrina Barnett (#1 polo player) and Steve Muschlitz celebrate after the VIP Sunset Women’s Polo Match, a fundraiser held in April, 2016 for Wheels from the Heart and two other charities. Photo: Monica Kallas.

cars/ lease returns plus our trade-in value is second to none. We can offer up to 16% more on our clients’ tradeins. Country Club Autos is where the home of Wheels from the Heart is. AW: What’s the most challenging thing about this non-profit organization (Wheels from the Heart)? Sabrina: We have so many families in need and so few donors. Many people say the have a cause that is dear to them such as cancer, autism, domestic violence, child abuse. Wheels from the Heart has helped with all these causes and more. We have had women with cancer, children with brain tumors and children with autism. These women feel alone, yet they are pillars of strength. Please see it in your heart

to help. AW: What have some of your recipients said? Steve: “Wheels from the Heart has changed my family’s life!”

“I can now drive for a better life.” “My whole world has changed.” “I feel more positive. I now have 25 hours of productive time instead of bus time.” “Thank God my kids do not have to get wet in the rain.” AW: What do they appreciate most? Sabrina: That they become part of a bigger family. That they have more time to be with their children. Time is priceless. They feel safer being able to ride in a car than wait on bus benches at night. AW: Tell us, in brief, about your families. Sabrina: I have modeled since the age of 13 and have given back to my grandmother, mother and children. We are a very close family. There are days that I pray in gratitude for having such a beautiful family. Steve grew up in Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University. These opportunities he felt blessed to have. His mother and father were always there for him. He wants to pay it forward. Although Steve has never had children, these families have become his extended family. Many of the women have graduated nursing school, been promoted within their jobs, and seen their children excel in sports and after school activities. We have seen a positive change in so many of these families. This alone is priceless. AW: Anything else? Steve: If anyone wants to create events and have Wheels from the Heart as a sponsored charity, please reach out for us. Our single mothers and children really need your help. Thank you.

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How To Jump Start Your Way to Good Health - Enzymes

By Ilyse August

Many times people ask us; “If money is tight and I can’t afford the different health supplements that you recommend, what are the most important supplement that I can take that will impact my health quickly and positively?” Our answer is always, “Enzymes.” All bodily functions and the production of energy to fuel these functions are impacted by enzymes. Enzymes are one of the most studied substances of the human body, and yet many of us do not know their incredible value as a food supplement. Researchers have identified over 2700 enzymes in the human body so far, and each one produces one type, and only one type, of chemical reaction (Cickoke, p. 5). As amazing as it seems, the absence of a single type of enzyme can cause death. “Without them, many of the body’s chemical reactions would never take place. Without enzymes, there would be no breathing, no digestion, no growth, no blood coagulation, no perception of the senses, and no reproduction. Our bodies contain millions of enzymes, which continually renew, maintain, and protect us. No person, plant, or animal could exist without them” (p. 6). What is an enzyme? Enzymes are chemical catalysts that are made up of proteins. A catalyst is something that helps a process work more efficiently. Many of the chemical processes in our body could take place without cata-

30 December 2016

lysts at much higher temperatures, temperatures which would damage us. In the presence of enzymes, these chemical reactions can take place at low temperatures and allow us to safely convert large amounts of energy for our growth and development and provide us with the ability to sustain long periods of work and give us resistance to illness. By now you’re probably convinced that enzymes are rather important to the health, vitality and the proper functioning of your body. Although not all health counselors are in agreement, we believe the following. Every day when you wake up and do your daily activities, your body uses enzymes to carry out life functions, as it burns nutrients from food to create energy. Therefore, the body needs to replace these enzymes daily. How can you replace these enzymes? If you eat plenty of raw foods every day, your body will receive a good supply of enzymes. How much raw food is needed to supply the body with its daily needs of enzymes? Dr. Ted Morter in his book, Health and Wellness, believes that 80% of our diet should be made up of raw foods to supply the body with its enzymatic needs. Most people in North America do not come close to consuming 80% raw foods daily. Most people eat a couple of portions of fruits a day and maybe a plate of raw vegetable salad, but that’s not even close to the recommended

80% daily raw food intake. Most people are accustomed to eating cooked foods which of course have no enzymes. (There are no enzymes because the enzymes in raw foods are rendered inactive when foods are cooked or processed.) Even if foods are raw, they may not have sufficient enzymes because most of them have been treated with pesticides which may inactivate enzymes (Cickoke, p. 48). We can be eating the best of foods, but if they are cooked, no matter the amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, and essential fatty acids they have, these nutrients will not be readily available for the body’s use because the enzymes are no longer in the food. In a healthy person there are sufficient digestive enzymes to handle the breakdown of food for a period of time but often this ability begins to wane as chronic illness begins to set in and insufficient “self”-made enzymes are available to do the job of breaking down the food into digestible nutrients. In order to unlock the nutrients within food, it becomes essential to add enzymes to your diet. In fact, many doctors believe that aging and disease are the result of lack of enzymes (pp. 113-114). What type of enzyme supplement should you consider? Of all the enzymes available in the market today, plant-based enzymes are preferred by most nutritionists because of their

ability to function optimally at body temperature with all four food groups: protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fiber. In addition, plant-based enzymes function in both acid conditions in the stomach and alkaline conditions in the small intestine (pH ranging from 2 to 12) (pp. 1821). Our proprietary formula enzymes not only contains plant-based enzymes, they also contain bromelain and papain (pineapple and papaya enzymes), a mineral rich food (Blue Green Algae), and other special ingredients helpful in the digestive process such as fennel and ginger. If you’re looking for a noticeable difference in your health and vitality, try our enzyme supplements . They are powerful, potent and can help you better utilize the nutrients in the food you eat. Enzymes are truly genies in a bottle that can help you make available all of the nutrients in your diet instead of just a few. Don’t dine without enzymes! References: Anthony J. Cickoke, D.C. (1994). Enzymes and Enzyme Therapy. New Canaan, Connecticut: Keats Publishing, Inc.

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Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...


Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...