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Jing Exhaustion

Vertigo Is NOT A Diagnosis

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Dr. Joseph Nezgoda There’s A New Doc In Town. We Suggest You Keep Your Eye On Him. October/November 2015 1 10/16/2015 1:45:19 AM


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October/November 2015

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KNOW YOUR NUMBERS The complications of diabetes can be LIFE THREATENING. EARLY DETECTION is key. GET SCREENED TODAY and know your risk.

HEALTHY EATING and physical activity COULD PREVENT





of type 2 DIABETES


Lack of Exercise

Unhealthy Eating




All figures from the IDF Diabetes Atlas Update 2014

For a free screening near you, visit October/November 2015

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Editor’s Note

What Are You Putting Into Your Body? For those of us in the working world, some of us have careers or areas of specialty


that attract extra attention. We take our jobs home with us and continue to advise after the work day is done. There are some careers that attract a lot of questions


and advice after we have locked our office doors. Doctors, lawyers, mechanics,

Ferah Temel

pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, and specialists in all fields tend to always be on call. While the public may not have access to their services at any given hour, friends and family can keep the phone lines tied up asking for assistance with the latest crisis or urgent question.

EDITOR Cheryl Martin

As the owner of Gardens Wellness Center, an alternative medicine facility focusing on resolving health issues, I get questions about anything health related. In my after hours, I have had intense conversations with strangers that share their entire


love helping people heal, so most of the time I am willing to sit and guide someone

Barbara Silver (561)-667-1356

through their medical journey. I write for Banzai Magazine to reach more people

(561)- 573-5533

health history with me as soon as they hear what field I’m in. I love my job and I

and increase awareness towards a healthy lifestyle for the body and the mind. One topic I am always presented with is vitamins and supplements. There is a lot of confusion about what should be taken, what supplements are recommended, and which can be combined. To help our readers understand and make wise choices, we will be featuring a monthly article that highlights popular vitamins, supplements, and herbs. This series will make you familiar with all of the bottles you see lining the shelves of the health food store and guide you on your purchases.



When selecting which products you are adding into your nutritional regimen, always check with your health care professional to make sure the supplement does not interact with other medications you are taking. Some common vitamins, like

Holly Johnson Lois Spatz

calcium, cannot be taken on the same dosage schedule with certain medications such as thyroid replacement hormones. Several herbs can decrease the effectiveness


of pharmaceuticals, like St. John’s Wart, which decreases the effectiveness of some anti-cancer drugs.

Lois Spatz Photography

Understanding what you are putting into your body is extremely important. Research everything that you add into your dietary plan and purchase high quality products. Many popular chain

Mancini Photography

stores have been under investigation recently for the quality of their formulas with some media accusing major manufacturers of adding sawdust as a filler to their

capsules. At Gardens Wellness Center, you can schedule an appointment for counseling on vitamins and supplements and which products are best for your body. We offer blood lab analysis to determine nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances. Contact Gardens Wellness Center at (561) 422-4330 or visit us online at To your health, Cheryl Martin

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October/November 2015

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This past August, Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute welcomed fellowship trained retina specialist, Joseph Nezgoda, M.D; to their growing practice. Dr. Nezgoda is a specialist focusing on the treatment of macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, uveitis, inflammatory eye diseases, and other conditions of the retina and vitreous. He was sought after by numerous medical practices and hospitals across the country, but he chose to join the Florida Eye Family for several reasons. 10 October/November 2015 October2015_Actual.indd 10

By Mancini Photos 10/16/2015 1:45:27 AM

Dr. Nezgoda, a native of New Jersey, did indeed do his share of traveling while training for his specialty. He spent time in Washington, D.C; New Jersey; New York City; Philadelphia; Cleveland; and San Diego. He has also studied in Belgium and Italy, and while he hopes to continue his travels, he is happy to now call South Florida his home. “It was a happy coincidence that one of the best practices in the country was also in the same county as where my family lives,” says Dr. Nezgoda, adding, “Now I can spend time with my mother and grandparents who are in Palm Beach County. With all the traveling for my training, I was never able to see them on a regular basis.” Another reason Dr. Nezgoda selected Florida Eye, besides the practice’s proximity to his family, is that he was thrilled to choose a practice that enjoys a wonderful reputation for putting patient’s needs first and foremost. “It is also a privilege to work with Dr. Randy Katz, the senior retinal specialist in the group. Now we will have full-time coverage for our patients with retina issues in Wellington and Boynton Beach.” Dr. Nezgoda zeroed in on a retina specialty in medical school because he had an interest in helping patients of all ages. “As a retina specialist,” says Dr. Nezgoda, “I have the privilege of helping the most vulnerable of all of our population. Very premature babies can get a condition called retinopathy of prematurity. This is the disease that claimed Stevie Wonder's eyesight. With modern medical technology, we can support babies that are born at 23 or 24 weeks when they need special eye care. I’ve also had the pleasure of treating seniors for diseases such as wet macular degeneration. We have amazing new medicines that are able to stop and sometimes

reverse a disease that was completely blinding as recently as 10 years ago. And as a major added plus, Florida Eye is one of the premiere centers for clinical trials in the country, which enables me to offer these cutting edge studies to my senior patients who qualify.” As far as adjusting to his new Florida lifestyle, Dr. Nezgoda couldn’t be happier. “Having grown up in the northeast, the climate of South Florida is certainly a welcome change. After a long day of work it's nice to get a swim in and given the water temperature, I couldn't be more pleased.”

full range of total eye care, including routine examinations, emergency eye care, pediatric eye care, dry eyes, advanced corneal, retinal and cataract procedures, laser treatments, glaucoma and diabetic procedures, and various other sophisticated treatments. With its own pediatric wing and fully accredited outpatient surgical center in Boynton Beach, the Institute also has offices in Boca Raton, Wellington, and Juno Beach. Also at Florida Eye with Dr. Nezgoda and Dr. Katz are Dr. Lee Friedman, Pediatric, ROP & Adult Strabismus Specialist,

And the greatest perk about living in Palm Beach County? “Being able to enjoy my grandparent’s cooking is perhaps the best part of being here, although I will of course need a gym membership to burn it all off!” Read more about Dr. Nezgoda, M.D. and all of the doctors and services offered at Florida Eye at Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute offers a

Also at Florida Eye with Drs. Nezgoda and Katz are: Dr. Lee Friedman, Pediatric, ROP & Adult strabismus Specialist; Dr. Barry Schechter, Director of Cornea & Cataract Service; Dr. Jason Gorscak, Refractive Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma & Comprehensive Care Specialist; and Dr. Jonathan Criss, Medical & Surgical Ophthalmology & Refractive Cataract Surgery Specialist. October/November 2015

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General Dentistry

Miguel R. Grillo DDS FIC0l 9136 Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington (Kobosko’s Crossing)

561.784.4670 * Walk-In* Emergencies Evenings and Saturdays Available

Ask Us About Our New 3M Scanner!

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4 End-of Year Tips from Your Pharmacist As the days keep getting shorter, does it feel as though there are fewer than 24 hours in a day? With the holidays right on the horizon, there’s so much to think about and so much to do. Here are a few end-of-year reminders to make sure your health—and your pocketbook—doesn’t get the short end of the stick: 1. Plan for Medicare open enrollment: Every year, the open enrollment for Medicare is October 15 through December 7. This is when you can change your health plan and prescription drug coverage. You can get more information here: Call 1-800-MEDICARE or go to www.; You’ll find a wealth of resources to help you compare hospitals, doctors, drug plans, and other health care services. But if you need more help making comparisons and choices, we can help. Just ask. 2. Switch to generics: Generic medications are identical to brand-name drugs in dosage, form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance traits, and intended use. Here’s how they’re different: They’re usually much less expensive than brand-name drugs. Not all medications have a generic equivalent for a brand-name drug. Switching to a generic medication might put a few (maybe more than

a few) extra dollars back in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra money for the holidays—or to use however you choose? 3. Use or lose it: Do you have an FSA (Reversible Spending Account?) This is a special account you put money into to pay certain out-ofpocket health costs. That might include copayments, deductibles, drugs, and other health care costs. Limited to $2,550 each year, this money is not taxable. If you have an FSA, now is the time to use up your health benefit dollars—or you’ll lose them! Schedule eye or medical checkups before the end of the year. Some employers make allowances, though. So check to see if you have a grace period for using up the money or if you can carry over a limited amount of funds to the next year.4 4. Schedule a “tune-up.”: Why not schedule a meeting with me to see if your medications are working as well as they can for you? We can help you come up with ways to remember to take your drugs and to order refills—before you run out. Not happy with your drug’s side effects? Both your doctor and I can work with you to adjust your dose or to find a substitute. There’s no need for you to suffer in silence. Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition. Sources:



1. “Open Enrollment Center.” Available at: center/special-topic/open-enrollment-center.html Accessed 8-27-15. 2. FDA: “Generic Drugs: Questions and Answers.” Available at:http://www. htm Accessed 8-27-15. 3. “Using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).” Available at: Accessed 8-27-15.

October/November 2015

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Jing Exhaustion

How to Live Your Full Potential

By Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac.

Hit the reset button with a One Hour Massage

Only $55.00


Traditional Asian medicine talks about the “Three Treasures” of the body: Qi, Shen, and Jing. All are nearly untranslatable into English. “Qi” is best translated as the smallest particle of the body that influences. It is sometimes loosely translated as “energy,” but that does not capture the true nature of the word. “Shen” is what we would consider aspects of the mind, soul and spirit of the person. “Jing” is the essence of what we come into the world. It roughly is our DNA, and the essence of who we are- the spark. We all come into the world with various amounts of Qi, Shen and Jing. “Jing Exhaustion” is the state when we burn our “essence”, to maintain an unbalanced course in life. Sometimes it is necessary to get through a rough period. Jing is hard to replace and once exhausted, unrecoverable fatigue is the most common symptom; a fatigue that endless sleep does not help. Often there is unexplainable weight gain and feelings of “lack of will” to do anything. There are many aspects of the body that are used to make an Oriental medical diagnosis: pulse, tongue, abdominal exam, questioning, and face reading. The face will often show a vertical line half way between the chin and lower lip. This line often means there is fatigue along with poor eating habits. Jing exhaustion often comes from a variety of factors including over work, lack of sleep, poor eating, toxic medications, intoxicants, emotional shocks, improper breathing, over or under exercise, and stress. Some people are born with stronger Jing and some weaker. The amount will determine their response. Most medicines of the world have the concept of preventive medicine and preserving health. Jing preservation is essential to a long, good quality life. Jing naturally declines as we age, so its preservation is of vital importance. Once the Jing is depleted, recovery is dependent on having a “great patient with a great physician.” If either is poor or mediocre, so will be the results. In this day and age the beginning of “Jing Exhaustion” is common. With care, one can transform to an enviable quality of health through Acupuncture, herbs, and movement. One can often restore their sleep, energy, health, and stamina. Biography: After graduation, Cameron Bishop sold his car and bought a one-way ticket to Japan. He lived in Japan for four years and studied healing and martial arts. He graduated from NIAOM with an accredited Masters, and from ACTCM with an accredited Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He was one of the few in the state with this degree, and the first in PBC. He has been in practice for over nineteen years. He is a board Certified and State Licensed Acupuncturist (AP 762). His web site is

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CoQ10 vs. Ubiquinol

By Cheryl Martin, director Gardens Wellness Center What are CoQ10 and Ubiquinol? Coenzyme Q10 known as “CoQ10” comes in two forms: ubiquinone and ubiquinol. The most common and cheapest form of CoQ10 is oxidized ubiquinone which your body metabolizes into ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the fully reduced form of CoQ10 and is highly recommended for people over the age of 40. The supplement is essential for anyone taking a statin medication to replenish what is depleted by the drug. CoQ10 is used by every cell in your body for the production of energy, and is vital for optimum health, stamina, longevity, and general quality of life. CoQ10 and ubiquinol are lipid-soluble materials that are biosynthesized in your blood. The carrier is the blood lipid, cholesterol. Ubiquinol keeps your LDL cholesterol reduced and is a powerful antioxidant. Foods rich in Coenzyme Q10: There are a variety of foods that contain Coenzyme Q10 but you should still speak to your doctor about a supplement if you are taking a statin medication or have other health risks that would bene-

October2015_Actual.indd 15

fit from a supplement. Some foods, such as organ meats, are a richer source than other foods but the benefits can be greatly decreased by cooking. Vegetables contain a significantly smaller amount but must be raw and unprocessed. Some primary sources of CoQ10 include: • Red meats, organ meats, pork, and poultry; • Oily fish: Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel, Herring, Cuttlefish, Yellow Tail, and Pollock; • Walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, azuki beans, wheat germ, whole grains, soybean oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, and corn oil; • Spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, sweet pepper, garlic, peas, cauliflower, and carrots. Do you need a supplement? It is extremely important to take ubiquinol if you are taking a statin medication. Statins deplete your body of CoQ10 and you will require a supplement. Most people taking a statin are over the age of 45, which means your body has a

decreased ability to metabolize the oxidized form of CoQ10, known as ubiquinone. These people need to take ubiquinol to ensure their body is able to process and absorb the benefits of Coenzyme Q10. Natural levels of CoQ10 are highest in the first 20 years of life and then decrease as we age. By the age of 80 years, natural levels of CoQ10 can be lower than they were at birth. This is why research has suggested that taking a supplement can significantly slow the aging process and prevent disease. Children and young adults can metabolize oxidized CoQ10, known as ubiquinone but the body’s ability to break it down begins to decrease around the age of 25 years. It is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or anyone with serious health problems to take any supplement or medication without a doctor’s advice. There are studies in which children have been taking CoQ10 for issues like Down’s syndrome and other health concerns. There are also many diseases, disorders and health problems that are treated with higher levels of the supplement. Please speak to your doctor October/November 2015 15 10/16/2015 1:45:33 AM

with higher levels of the supplement. Please speak to your doctor if you are considering using CoQ10 (ubiquinone or ubiquinol) to treat a specific medical condition. The following daily dosages are recommended by the Mayo Clinic: Adult daily dosage for general health: 22-400 milligrams For the specific health concerns, speak to your medical provider for daily dosage instructions. The following medical conditions have varying targeted dosage ranges available under supervision of your doctor: Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, chest pain, muscle control problems, weakening of the heart muscle, to prevent heart disease, side effects of chemotherapy, coronary heart disease, diabetes(type 1 and type 2), exercise performance, fibromyalgia, blood vessel widening, gum disease, hearing loss, heart attack, chronic myocardial disease, heart failure, pre-surgery, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s disease, high blood pressure, heart disorders, to lower cholesterol, male infertility, migraine, mitochondrial diseases, muscular dystrophies, statin caused muscle disease, diabetic nerve pain, Parkinson’s disease, Peyronie’s disease, pregnancy induced high blood pressure, kidney failure, weight loss, anti-aging, Down’s syndrome, mitral valve prolapse, recovery from heart attack or stroke, inflammatory processes,ulcers, and Prader-Labhart-Willi syndrome. It is important that your medical provider supervises your usage of supplements. Your physician can order lab tests to check for deficiencies and advise you on which supplements your body needs. Periodic testing should be continued to monitor if levels are out of range 16 October/November 2015 October2015_Actual.indd 16

and dosages need to be modified. Research has shown no indications of danger when taking high doses as high as 3,000 milligrams by mouth of CoQ10 for up to eight months for healthy people. Some people may experience mild side effects such as: stomach upset, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can cause skin rashes in some people. Dividing daily doses into several small doses a day may help relieve side effects. CoQ10 may lower blood pressure and can increase the effects of blood pressure lowering medications. Because it may lower blood pressure and increase the risk of bleeding, stop taking the supplement at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery. It may lower the effectiveness of some chemotherapy drugs. Use with caution in people with liver problems and bile duct blockage. CoQ10 may reduce the effectiveness of Warfarin. Benefits and Research CoQ10 is known for its benefits in protecting the body against damage from statin drugs. It is also an extremely strong antioxidant that fights off free radicals. Research has shown that CoQ10 is important in slowing the aging process and improving the resistance against certain diseases. Additional research has been ongoing and supports that CoQ10 may positively affect other diseases such as: • Muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, gum disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, and strengthening the immune system of people with HIV/ AIDS; • Decreases your chance of developing heart disease, treats heart and blood vessel conditions such as congestive heart failure, angina,

and high blood pressure; • Increases energy, promotes weight loss, and increases exercise tolerance. Should you consider taking CoQ10? Studies have shown that taking CoQ10 is very beneficial for most people. It is highly recommended for individuals taking a statin medication. Natural levels in the body of CoQ10 levels are decreased by smoking so smokers should speak to their doctor about taking Ubiquinol and a dosage level that will replace what is depleted and protect their heart. You should never begin any new supplement, vitamin or herb regimen without first speaking to your health care provider and pharmacist. Always check if your prescription medications may be affected by any supplement that you consume. At Gardens Wellness Center, we recommend Life Extension products which are known for their purity and accurate formulations. Life Extension’s Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™ combines super absorbable ubiquinol CoQ10 with shilajit to generate a powerful synergy that supports more youthful cellular energy production than CoQ10 alone. You can purchase Life Extension products at Gardens Wellness Center or online at (561) 422-4330 Resources: drugs-supplements/coenzyme-q10/dosing/HRB-20059019; http://www.webmd. com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-938-Ubiquinol.aspx?activeIngredientId=938&activeIngredientName=Ubiquinol; altmed/supplement/coenzyme-q10.

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October/November 2015

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Call for a FREE Consultation. It’s a Conversation, Not a Commitment



is this you? Anterior Head Syndrome Damaged (Denenerated) Vertebra Nerve Inpingement Syndrome Muscular/Tension Spasm Compressed (Degenerated) Disc

420 S. STATE ROAD 7 | #107, ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL 33411


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Vertigo is NOT a Diagnosis…

By Dr. Jonathan Chung Vertigo has slowly become one of the most common conditions we are seeing in the office today. Most of the time, people come to see us after they have had work-ups done by their primary, ENT, neurologist, and physical therapist. Vertigo and balance disorders can have a very debilitating impact on a patient’s life. It can make a patient become reluctant to perform some very basic tasks of human existence. Walking in open spaces without a wall suddenly becomes intimidating, and finding the right sleeping position is almost like a game of roulette. The problem is that when someone says that they were diagnosed with vertigo, it’s not a diagnosis. It’s a symptom of another problem. It would be like going into a doctor’s office with low back pain, and that doctor says that your diagnosis is low back pain. You don’t want the doctor to re-hash your symptom back to you, you want them to find out WHY you have that problem. Vertigo is a symptom of a LOT of different conditions. Some of which include: Meniere’s Disease; Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo; Infection; Multiple Sclerosis; Migraine Cervicogenic Vertigo; Head Trauma; and Atlas Displacement. In many cases, a Structural Shift in the head and neck known as Atlas Displacement Complex can be a major contributor to vertigo symptoms. Neurologically speaking, the neck provides important information about where the body is in space. When the neck is dysfunctional, the brain loses one of the key sources of information about the environment. In fact, it is part of 3 systems that contribute to your sense of balance. This includes the inner ear, the eyes, and the mechanical sense system. Image source: The top of the neck is one of the largest contributors to that mechanical system. There are more receptors in the muscles of the neck than almost every other part of the body. Things like whiplash and concussion can jar the neck in a nasty way which is why dizziness is common after a head and neck injury. This is called post-traumatic vertigo. By correcting a dysfunctional head and neck because of a structural shift like Atlas Displacement, we can actually fix a major contributor to your balance system. If your brain is getting wrong information from it’s senses, then it will produce inappropriate responses to that information. In order for our brain to regulate our balance properly, it needs good input from the eyes, ears, and spinal systems. It Starts and Ends in the Brain Your sense of balance all starts and ends in the brain, but here’s the important thing to remember: The information your brain puts out is only as good as the information that goes in. Ensuring proper function of the neck may be the missing link in the care of people with vertigo. - See more at:



Your Body Will Thank You!

(561) 729-0441

12160 Southshore Blvd • Wellington Village Place Shopping Ctr (between Forest Hill and Big Blue Trace) October/November 2015

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Joey’s Outback Adventures – Indoor Fun for Children and Parents For parents with young children, Joey’s Outback Adventures is a wonderful indoor haven. It’s fun for the kids and very accommodating for the parents. Joey’s Outback turns four years old, as a business, in February of 2016. Meanwhile, owners Francesca and Michael Friedman just celebrated their son Joey’s 8th birthday. They have a special place in their hearts for foster children and offer a FREE foster children’s day at Joey’s Outback once a month, when foster children and their families get free admission. When he was thirteen months old, the Friedmans adopted Joey. As a mom, Francesca started looking for good places for him to play. “We had no kids in our neighborhood, and he needed to socialize. I noticed that there was a lot of potential for more family-run indoor play places in our area. I wanted to compile everything that was fun and put it under one roof.” she explains. Of course, this new play place needed to be fun, safe, and have air conditioning. She also envisioned a place that served both traditional “kid food,” as well as more interesting food choices for adults. Since the adults need to make themselves comfortable while their kids bounce and play, she thought of leather chairs, massage chairs, and WiFi. And so, they built Joey’s Outback, located in the Fresh Market plaza on Forest Hill Boulevard in Wellington, naming it after Joey. It’s approximately 14,000 square feet, so there’s a lot of room to run, bounce, and play indoors. Also, they added flat screen TVs and there’s even a treadmill, for anyone who would like to get some exercise while their kids are getting exercise. For the children, there are a variety of bounce houses, slides, arcade games, and a special area for the toddlers to play. Almost four years later, they have nearly perfected the birthday party. They have put on over 1,000 birthday parties. “Our birthday parties are great!” says Friedman. “It’s so easy for the parents.” They just have to walk in and remember “the three C’s” she says – cake, candles, and the children. Joey’s staff does everything for them,

so parents can simply enjoy their guests and enjoy the day. They have a very well-timed schedule. Each party gets two hours in a party room, a visit from the character (mascot) Joey, and then party guests can continue to play for the rest of the day. Francesca Friedman is Italian and creates some delicious meals for the parties, liked baked ziti, always cooked fresh the same day. They also order pizzas and wings from Lutina’s Pizza. Francesca wants the birthday food to be good-quality, not just mediocre. Joey’s Outback is also beginning to franchise. They recently awarded their first franchise to a group of four female business owners. They are currently finding the perfect location, which will probably be in Stuart, Florida. Most importantly, the Joey’s Outback name will continue to be family run, and family oriented in its added locations. “Once people find us, they seem to never go back to other indoor play places,” says Friedman. “We work hard to make people happy!” Through franchising, the owners of Joey’s Outback are excited to create more public awareness about what a great place Joey’s is for indoor play. “We are going to be getting Joey’s Outback all over the map with these new locations!” Joey’s Outback posts a monthly calendar of activities on their website, as well as via There are always specials and there’s always a lot going on! They offer a discounted “Special Needs” Day on Wednesdays. There’s also discounted admission in general on Wednesdays. Every Friday, during the day, there are discounts for foster children and homeschool children. On Friday nights from 4pm to 8pm, it’s Family Night, when the adults and the kids can come enjoy the bounce houses together. For Halloween, they will be doing some seasonal crafts and will have a costume contest. I asked Francesca about some of the best things parents say about Joey’s Outback. “It’s the atmosphere here,” she says. “Our employees are very sweet and truly enjoy being around kids.” She explains that she’s “very fussy” about selecting em-

By Krista Martinelli

ployees, as it’s so important for them to be good at interaction with children. Parents are also quite pleased with the variety of food and the quality of the food in the café. Instead of “just pizza,” this is a place where you can order meatball subs, Italian subs, grilled chicken salad, and now beer or wine too. You can order a veggie platter, a fruit bowl, or eggplant parmesan. “We’re adding some Spanish dishes to the menu too,” says Francesca. The space is very comfortable to relax or to get work done for a few hours. A lot of parents will come in with a laptop, briefcase, and get to work; happy their kids are having a great time. “What are some of the best comments you hear kids say about Joey’s Outback?” I asked Francesca. Here’s her response: “See the video!” Joey’s Outback is known for giving back to their “around Wellington” community. They give a lot of donations to fundraisers, raffles, and schools. Once a year they hold a big celebration for the Kids Cancer Foundation. “We give back wherever we can,” says Francesca. Around the holidays, they put a donation box out for toy donations for foster children. Check out their weekly specials at Joey’s Outback. You can also purchase Frequent Hopper Cards, which give you ten hops (ten visits) for $90 and they never expire. They offer seasonal discounts on the Frequent Hopper Cards and their gift certificates. Let’s face it, South Florida is almost always too hot for outdoor play. When it’s not too hot, it’s raining. Finding a place like Joey’s Outback to bring your children to play is a wonderful thing! Children can get their exercise and get away from their electronics for a few hours. They also have the opportunity to socialize with a lot of different kids. If you have children and haven’t made it to Joey’s Outback yet, you really should stop by. It’s truly fun for the whole family. Visit and check out Joey’s Outback coupon.

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3D Mammograms 1 of 10 Breakthroughs That Will Change Medicine

October/November 2015

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Communicate Success calling all dreamers

According to ancient traditions, amazing and life changing opportunities can now take place in your life because we have all just entered a breakthrough year. You can achieve your wildest dreams overnight. My purpose with this new column is to inspire and motivate you to be at the right place, at the right time,t to meet the right people. If you are feeling as though you are on the edge of greatness, could it be your time to shine? The past few years have been hard on almost everybody in various areas of their lives, but that period is about to end. Answers to your burning questions can be answered. Allow the creative side of your mind to be heard. Listen to your intuition, analyze your dreams, and realize that you can take bold action in a new direction. Our creator, the Source of Universal Wisdom, is opening up the windows of Heaven to create amazing scientific breakthroughs for wellness minded people. Inventors, pioneers, artists, writers, and metaphysical people, this is the time that we have been waiting for. You may not feel ready to take bold steps just yet, but there is no such thing as a perfect scenario. I would remind you that Moses had to step into the water for the Red Sea to part. Joshua had to be strong and of good courage and Joseph had to interpret dreams for others while being stuck in prison You already have what you need to advance at this moment, either in your house or in your hands. Challenge yourself to look at your life differently. What are you seeing? Are you living from a former reality that isn’t the real you anymore? This is the time to suppose yourself right to the top of your field. Mary Kay taught us to “Fake it Until You Make it.” You can imagine yourself to be healthy and wealthy. Create a vision wall, call in your victories and refuse to take no for an answer. Be relentless in helping to shift paradigms to a sustainable reality. My passion is to bring you hope in the middle of a chaotic world where what used to work no longer creates success. This isn’t the end of time but rather the beginning of a new era where inventive, artistic, and outrageous people who are not afraid to accept the challenge of blazing new trails will set the pace for others to follow. People, it is

time to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. For those of you who have been saying that there has to be a better way to survive harmoniously together: well, it is our collective responsibility to create a world that is sustainable so that our children and grandchildren can live wholesome lives. I want to be where people will help each other succeed, don’t you? Angels in disguise will show up in unexpected places, I promise. Let’s crave fellowship and not backbiting. And let us be willing to go the extra mile to open doors and windows for people who are right on the edge of achieving their dreams. Introducing Spiritual Growth Radio

Aries (March 31-April 20) Resources or funding can multiply this month, enabling you to launch your dream project. Trust your hunches. People will want a lot of attention; all you want is to hibernate a while.

Taurus (April 21-May 21) Partners and family members could be very encouraging. This is the time to network like crazy; you are about to meet the most interesting people. Dress boldly and be a little outrageous.

Gemini (May 22-June 21) Career advancement opportunities are putting you in the catbird seat. A romantic fling is possible. Have fun redecorating your home or office. Additionally, there can be a big move soon.

Cancer (June 22-July 23) Children or a project you adore will be your focus this month. Write your book, tell your story or create amazing PR. Say yes to a sudden trip or social event. Meet new people.

Leo (July 24-August 23) The spotlight is on your home and available resources. Money can be going out at a rapid pace. Consider ways to bring in extra cash. Allow yourself time to communicate clearly.


Carole has been blessed by being asked to be

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

a part of the team of Lifescapes Solution, Let

Expect the unexpected day by day this month. It can be a fun time or things can get a little out of your control. Try to go with the flow. Your mind will be sharp and you’ll find it’s a great time to study something new.

Your Soul Evolve, and a new radio program that they have created called Spiritual Growth Radio. This show airs Sunday mornings at 8

Libra (September 24-October 23)

this show is called Mind Quest. This show is

Rewards will come your way. Your persistence and supportive attitude will be appreciated. Venus and Mars in your Sign will bring much love to you. If single, dress up and go out. There is a new sparkle in your personality.

livestreamed so that you can hear it at anytime

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

you want by going to the radio’s website. We

Rewards will come your way. Your persistence and supportive attitude will be appreciated. Venus and Mars in your Sign will bring much love to you. If single, dress up and go out. There is a new sparkle in your personality.

A.M. on 1290 AM WRMF. Carole’s part of

are after all one heart, one spirit, one mind, and one soul. When you make the magic happen for others, our Creator will make miracles happen for you. Listen to your passion and quit reasoning your future away. Flame the fire inside of you, don’t let the spark of your new life fizzle out. It is time to get off our butts, this opportunity will pass by quickly. Read Carole’s new business facebook page

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21) You will have the time and opportunity to finish important projects. People at a distance can want your attention, but it is a better time to enjoy staying home. Add more color to your home.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20 New people who enter your life now will see your value and want to open doors for you. Expect to be on the road a lot. Position yourself to be at the right place at the right time.

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

out her website which is still being built www.

You may be working at two entirely different jobs. Your brain can handle extraordinary details. Money will arrive when you least expect it. Someone around you can be wearing them self out. Grant can be reached at

Pisces (February 20-March 23) or you can call

Dream big dreams for a concept that you are developing. Your visionary mind sees the big picture of your coming year. Make appointments in important places; you are solution oriented.

Carole Lynn Grant Communications. To check


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Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...