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Massage Envy- The Envy of Every Massage Place By Sabeen Faquir

According to the Mayo Clinic, massage is effective against stress, pain, and muscle tension. Some research even claims benefits for anxiety, digestive disorders and fibromyalgia. It’s generally considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine but is being offered more. If you are in need of a massage or just looking to relax, go to Massage Envy at the Wellington or Royal Palm Beach locations. The Royal Palm Beach location in the Costco plaza on Southern Boulevard opened in October 2006. It is owners, Kevin and his mother Josie Kern’s first location. It touts being the busiest location in Southeast Florida and is ranked in the top ten nationally. They are even expanding to 18 rooms, right now. Mr. Kern is joined by his brother Mike Kern at his other location in the Whole Foods plaza on 441 near Forest Hill Blvd. This is the Wellington location and has been open since 2013. It too, sees a lot of traffic. There are a total of 13 Massage Envy Spa locations in Palm Beach County and 1100 nationwide!

Massage Envy was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2003 by a John Leonesio. He was in the gym membership industry and wanted to apply the concepts of business he learned to massage. A massage therapist he worked with at the gym came up with the name Massage Envy. Mr. Leonesio opened locations locally and then expanded nationally. Massage Envy doesn’t just offer massages, they also offer rejuvenating facials. In fact, they offer four types of facials: Age Reform, Sensitive Skin, Clarifying Enzyme, and Vitamin C. Mr. Kern told me they do an average of 3000 massages and 200 facials at the Royal Palm Beach location per month. In 2015, they did 35,000 massages and 2,500 facials! When it comes to the type of massage you may get, each massage is customized. You may end up getting an aroma therapy massage, a hot-stone massage, a deep tissue massage or something else suited to your needs. They even offer pre-natal massage for pregnant patrons! And if you’re wondering about price, all services

cost the same under the membership program. The membership program is really your best bet for the biggest bang for your buck. As part of the membership program, you will pay $59.99 per month which includes one monthly massage. Any massage thereafter will be only $39.99. Mr. Kern told me that what customers prefer about Massage Envy over other massage places is its hours of operation. Massage Envy is open seven days a week. From Monday to Friday, hours of operation are 8AM to 10PM and from Saturday to Sunday hours of operation are 9AM to 8PM. Massage Envy also strives hard for same day availability. There are 38 therapists on staff and each is different in what they do. Their combined experience is innumerable. I even got the chance to speak with one of the therapists, Kerry Forest. She told me she sees approximately four to six clients and completes six hours’ worth of massage a day. She loves working for Massage Envy and has actually been at the Royal Palm Beach location since it opened,

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ten years ago. She told me she loves what the company stands for which is allowing everyday people to afford regular massage. She also told me she appreciated Mr. Kern’s leadership. Mr. Kern pays for the training of aestheticians and massage therapists at Massage Envy. Ms. Forest says Massage Envy is like a family. Massage Envy also gives back to the community by attending local high school fundraising events and golf tournament and other local fundraisers. They offer gift certificates and free massages at events. At special times of year, you may even spot some discounts. Christmas, Valentines, and Mother’s Day are highlights of the gift card season. They may also offer a special where if you spend a certain amount of money, you receive a gift card. Mr. Kern informed me that the price of the massage has only gone up $0.99 in ten years. So, despite the special times of year you may get a discount, you are already getting a massage at its lowest price. We discussed some of the benefits of massage above but the owners told me customers claim regular massages have changed their lives. They no longer need to take pills for pain and are glad they feel better by natural healing. Mr. Kern told me massage is great for overall well-being, migraines, shoulder and back aches. Pains can be taken away by regular massage therapy. It is general maintenance of the body. People like their



MARKETING Barbara Silver (561)-667-1356 (561)- 573-5533




CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Krista Martinelli Lois Spatz Ilyse August Sabeen Faquir Sherry Hardt Dr. Randy Laurich Dr. Jonathan Chung



Mancini Photography experiences at Massage Envy so much that word of mouth has become a primary way of growing the business. Massage Envy is perfect for Wellington and Royal Palm Beach residents because of the hours of operation and flexibility of the therapists. Massage Envy boasts a diverse group of massage therapists trained in all modalities of massage. To know more about Massage Envy, you may look at the five bullets of the new Massage Envy. Here, I will highlight the first two. First, the Massage Envy look has changed in advertising but not in services offered. Second, their brand new look, which will include locations, is a symbol of Massage Envy’s renewed commitment to help customers take care of themselves. So, Massage Envy is dedicated to the customer. It doesn’t matter which location you go to but go visit the Kern family and their staff at either the Royal Palm Beach or Wellington locations.

Disclaimer: Readers should not consider the information found in the pages of Banzai Magazine as professional advice or as a substitute for professional advice which can only be given by a licensed healthcare provider in a professional and personalized setting between a medical practitioner and a patient. The opinions and information expressed in Banzai Magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the advertisers, advisory members, or the publisher. Banzai Magazine strives to present current and accurate information, although great care has been taken in compiling and checking information given in this publication to ensure accuracy, the authors, Banzai Magazine, the publisher and its agents shall not be responsible or in any way liable for the continued currency of the information or any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in this magazine, whether arising from negligence or otherwise or for any consequences arising therefrom.

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Photography by Holly Johnson


Amy Speck-Kern’s Journey in Dressage for Cancer Research

By Holly Johnson

In 2003 at the age of 18, only barely still considered a child by medical standards, Amy Speck-Kern was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia. Known by the acronym AML, this childhood cancer attacks multiple blood cell types, including red blood cells, platelet-forming cells, and white blood cells other than lymphocytes (when leukemia attacks lymphocytes, it is known as acute lymphoblasic leukemia, or ALL). AML represents only 20% of leukemia diagnoses, so Amy and her doctors realized it would be a challenge to successfully defeat the disease. “They told us they couldn’t guarantee her next month, next week, or even tomorrow,” says Liz Mikutowski, Amy’s mother. With high school graduation quickly approaching, Amy went onto the course of treatment, a newly devised protocol from the Children’s Oncology Group, for which she was one of the first patients. Pre-

vious treatments had a 60% survivor rate for AML, and around the time of Amy’s diagnosis, the survival rate experienced a surge up to 90% thanks

Her passion can be found in the saddle, astride thousand-pound dressage horses she teaches to move and dance in tandem with their riders. Now a

“I know that I’m here because of the research,” said Speck-Kern. “The disease and course of treatment inspired me to pursue my passion, and find a way to give back to the cause that has made it possible.” to advanced research and development into cures for childhood cancer. The new protocol for Amy featured these advancements, and coupled with diet, exercise and the support of family and childhood cancer organizations, she completed the treatment at an accelerated rate. After only 6 months, Amy was cleared of AML, thanks to the tireless work of children’s oncologists, doctors, nurses, and the generous funding, grants, and donations that made the research possible.

professional FEI dressage trainer in Loxahatchee, Florida, she rides, trains, shows, and competes on Wellington’s prestigious international show circuit. After learning from and working with some of the best trainers in the industry, Amy founded Excel Dressage and, leading into the 2016 show season, has begun the process of giving back to childhood cancer research. Through partnerships with organizations like the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the Kids Cancer Foundation of

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South Florida, Amy hopes to raise awareness and funding for the imperative research necessary to one day conquer childhood cancers. In addition, these programs offer invaluable outreach, support, and resources to children going through treatment, as well as their siblings and families. “Most people don’t realize that treatment is only one step, and normally the only one covered by health insurance,” said Speck-Kern. “Education, support, and resources like psychologists and the camaraderie of other children who are experiencing the same reality are priceless and can make all the difference in the world to these kids.” As an accomplished dressage rider, Amy is hoping to use her knowledge and expertise in the industry to introduce the equestrian community to the plight of childhood cancer patients. From piaffe-passage clinics whose proceeds will benefit ongoing research and development, to inviting local children and families to watch the spectacular dressage and show jumping extravaganzas hosted by the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Amy believes it is her duty to pay it forward by contributing to the ongoing need for research that saved her life and hopefully by making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with the disease.

Photography By Susan J Stickle For more information or to help Amy in her Riding for Research initiative, contact Equinium Sports Marketing:,, 954 205 7992.

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What is That Patch on You and Your Horse? Oh’ that? It’s simply amazing! It treats pain in two minutes naturally. I am feeling good and my horse is back in form. Have you or your horse been patched? If you haven’t yet, you may want to do just that! What am I talking about? A relatively new advanced therapy that is the size of a quarter and a form of chemical and drug free pain relief. Patches are gaining attention and much notoriety in all categories of the Wellington equestrian circuit for

both horse and rider alike. The patches rapidly relieve acute or chronic pain and reduce inflammation in a matter of a couple minutes (in most cases). Invented by LifeWave, the AcuLife brand was developed for horses and the IceWave brand is for humans. This

exciting technology breakthrough is safe, effective, clinically proven, and have no known side effects. The benefits for your horse(s) are quite impressive. Not only do these patches bring rapid pain relief and decreased inflammation, but can restore and

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increase circulation, and increase energy, Focus and Vitality. When your horse is patched, it decreases anxiety and promotes calmness as well as improving recovery time for your horse from vigorous training and competition. There are no prescriptions required and they are easy to use. They also come with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. LifeWave products have become a global sensation and are promoted by physicians in every industry. LifeWave’s product line for human’s alieves many different issues with patches targeting specific conditions and treatments. Patches are available for improved sleep, reduction of stress and inflammation, increased energy and vitality, improved immune system, and in slowing down and lessening the effects of aging. For a healthier you and a stronger performing horse, LifeWave products are advanced exclusive technology at its best. Well known dressage competitor, Susan Wachowich of had to say, “As an Equestrian I am always looking for the fastest way to eliminate pain so I can get back to riding my best. When I started using the IceWave pain patches I was in excruciating pain. Within minutes, my pain was reduced substantially, and the next morning it was completely gone and I was back to being on top! The IceWave pain patches are an amazing drug free solution for anyone active in sports.” According to spokesperson, Thomas Burke of LifeWave and AcuLife Equine International, (and some fact checking of our own) the products work as stated, with “AcuLife by LifeWave” being endorsed by The American Barrel Racing Association and by many Rodeo & Racing Champions. In addition, many hundreds of professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes worldwide and hundreds of health providers, veterinarians and the general public. To feel the experience yourself and for love of horse or simply to get more information call 561-951-3700 or visit www. You will be glad you did! AcuLife by LifeWave are Annual Sponsors at PBIEC 2015-2016.

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General Dentistry

Miguel R. Grillo DDS FIC0l 9136 Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington (Kobosko’s Crossing)

561.784.4670 * Walk-In* Emergencies Evenings and Saturdays Available

Ask Us About Our New 3M Scanner! March2016.indd 13

$299 TM

Sapphire Whitening System D9972 INCLUDING EXAMINATION + HOME KIT With this BWM Coupon. Not Valid with Insurance. Expires 2/29/16


Exam DO150

X-Ray DO274

INCLUDING EXAMINATION + HOME KIT With this BWM Coupon. Not Valid with Insurance. New Patients Only Expires 2/29/16

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What’s The Structural Difference?’s having patients drive from Broward and fly from Aruba’s gentle care applied with precision that you can feel AND see the differencehe difference’s the trusted name for equestrians and athletes post-concussion

14 March 2016


420 S. State ROAD 7 #107, ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL 33411

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DR. BRYAN E. ALING Board Certified Optometrist

(561) 433-8448








support d n a e c a Come r research y s l a P l a Cerebr arities of h c e h t d an y Club the Rotar gton. of Wellin


• Plenty of Parking. • Winners medals...Tee shirts...Awards. • Pre-race warm up - Music - Food...Lots of Fun for all. • Date: Sunday. April 24th. • Registration starts 6.30am.

Race time 7.30am. • Site: Wellington Amphitheater and South Shore Blvd. Certified course.

IN !

• Registration now

Under 18. ...................... $25. Over 18 & Wheelchair athletes.


Go to web site for registration and race details.

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March2016 issue  

Edit Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. Th...

March2016 issue  

Edit Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. Th...