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Are You Prepared? As we settle into the summer months, the clock warps as the days become slow and languorous. Our schedules stretch longer as our evenings extend with the delay of the setting sun. Those of that live here in Florida year round are used to planning our errands around the afternoon thunderstorm and we tend to ignore the constant weather warnings. We do need to remember that this is the time of the year to begin our annual hurricane preparation. Lucky for us, recent reports suggest that this will be a slow hurricane year but that does not eliminate the chance that a storm could move in our direction. During the summer, I always prepare my yard by having the trees trimmed. Loose palm fronds and large brittle branches can become dangerous projectiles in heavy winds. I also do an exterior home inspection looking for anything that may be in need of repair. I examine gutters, fencing, lighting and even my mailbox to make sure it is still secure on the post. If you need to hire a professional to tend to your yard or home, it can become impossible to get on the schedule once a hurricane warning has been issued. I've lived in Florida for too many years to over prepare and stock my pantry with items that will only end up getting donated. I do however, make purchases of items that I will use and I know will fly off the shelves at the first whisper of anything on the radar. I restock my batteries, candles, and my medicine cabinet. I also make sure I have an extra supply on hand of items I use often such as bleach, bottled water, pet food, and common kitchen staples. This is the time of year to test your generator and refill the propane tanks for your outdoor grill. The line for propane can be hours long if you've waited until everyone is hyped up and in panic mode. If you take the time to prepare in advance, you'll only have to visit the gas station and the grocery store. Now is the time to start your hurricane plan. If you make it your early summer ritual, you'll find yourself sitting and sipping lemonade while your neighbors run around searching for resources. Maybe you'll even have time to consider an invitation to one of those famous hurricane parties. To your health and safety,

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I am

living proof. Seven months into my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Suddenly, my baby and I were both in trouble and she had to be induced. Within moments of birth, Kaylee stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the NICU. I was terrified, but the doctors and nurses were wonderful. They let my husband stay with her and kept me informed. Because she was born so early, she had to stay in the hospital for a while, even after they sent me home. Leaving without her was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but the NICU nurses helped. They comforted me and provided Kaylee updates any time I called, day or night. They were so kind. And whenever I came to visit, they let me take care of her… They let me be “the mom”. Today, Kaylee’s the most spirited, happy and healthy one-year-old I know! I am living proof that everyone should choose Wellington Regional for childbirth.

Tracy Bartow Grateful Mom

To read more of Tracy’s story, visit Level III NICU Program

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The Neck Injury Your Doctor Might Be Missing After an Accident: New Imaging Methods May Identify Injuries Missed By Conventional Studies By Jonathan Chung, Chiropractor Lots of people understand that whiplash, neck pain, headaches,

possible to do MRI in a seated or standing position called “Upright

and pinched nerves can occur following a car crash. In fact, that’s

MRI”.Studies have shown that upright MRI can show larger disc

one of the most common reasons that people begin traditional

herniations in an upright position compared to traditional MRI. It

chiropractic care.

can also show increased rates of a condition called Arnald Chiari

Most people will recover from an accident without any problems.

Malformation or Cerebellar Tonsilar Ectopia; a condition in which

However, some patients may begin to develop chronic symptoms

part of the brain herniates into the neck.

of whiplash, and others may start showing worsening, unexplained

If you’ve been told that your imaging is negative, but you’re

symptoms months or years later. There are some new imaging techniques that may help explain why. Gravity Exposes Weaknesses Many patients get MRI’s after an accident at the recommendation of their attorney or doctor. Almost all of these MRI’s are done with the patient lying on the back so they are out of gravity. Most of these studies will show things like herniated discs,

having a hard time after an accident, then you may just be missing the right type of imaging to give you the right diagnosis. Are These Problems Treatable? In many cases, these problems are effectively managed using the NUCCA procedure. NUCCA allows for a very gentle approach to the neck without the popping, twisting, and cracking associated

pinched nerves, and strain/spring injuries. However, sometimes

with traditional spinal manipulation.

the imaging will look normal on MRI even when someone has

The most important thing to do is to find out what is CAUSING

severe pain, headaches, or unexplained dizziness.

these symptoms. That’s where upright MRI and precision upper

People with pain after a trauma usually feel the pain more intensely

cervical radiographs can help make all the difference in the world.

when they are seated or standing. Sometimes, the ability to see

Whether it’s headache, dizziness, neck pain, or whiplash, a gentle,

the whole picture depends on getting images in the position that

non-invasive, and evidence-based approach can help provide

causes pain. Thanks to advances in MRI technology, it’s now

solutions to difficult to treat necks.

8 July/August 2015

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is this you? Anterior Head Syndrome Damaged (Denenerated) Vertebra Nerve Inpingement Syndrome Muscular/Tension Spasm Compressed (Degenerated) Disc

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Patricia Cobos will take the helm as the new Principal of the Lower School at American Heritage of Boca/ Delray this fall, bringing with her a wealth of experience and the passion to continue to develop the enriching environment that already exists for the students. With 15 years spent in the classroom teaching Pre-K through 5th grade, and three years overseeing the administrative side of education, Cobos brings more than a broad perspective. She brings intuition and specific goals to the school. “Serving as Principal gives me the chance to take my past experiences and implement the methods that have been successful for all of my students through the years,� Cobos said.


ake a walk through American Heritage School in Delray Beach and you feel a vibe. Third graders are harvesting tomatoes and cutting fresh herbs in the Aquaponics garden that will be ingredients for lunch; Eighth graders are spotted in a kindergarten classroom reading stories with their Book Buddies; Sophomores are studying Constitutional Law and holding a mock trial in the instructional courtroom; Dancers choreograph a grand plié, and the brush strokes of a fifth grader bring an oil painting to life. All this in one class period at one of the top college prep schools located at 6200 Linton Boulevard in Delray Beach. American Heritage School builds leaders through academic excellence. Their education philosophy is based on the principle of encouraging students to be well rounded by immersing themselves daily in academics, the arts, and athletics. “Our faculty is comprised of experts in their fields,” Cobos explained. On any given day, you will find an environmental specialist in the science lab, an engineer with patents in his name in the robotics lab, award-winning dancers and actors, and commissioned artists in the fine arts department, and a talk radio host in the video production studio. A large percentage of the teachers have advanced degrees, andv the student to faculty ratio is 8 to 1. “Our teachers are passionate, they are at the top of their game, and they enable our students to experience the best of the best,” said Cobos.

AHS was recently certified as a Green School of Promise with the Florida Green School Award given by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency. The campus is equipped with an outdoor Aquaponics System which includes a 250-gallon fish tank where learning truly becomes an interactive experience.

Students learn healthy eating habits from farm to table as many of the fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits served in the cafeteria are actually grown in the school’s garden. July/August 2015


The AHS Media Center boasts bright colors and interactive learning spaces for all the students on campus.

The college preparatory culture at American Heritage School begins in elementary school.Students as young as three, are learning an enhanced curriculum in all core subject areas. They are also acquiring critical thinking and problem solving, the ability to express themselves creatively through art and speech, and executive functioning for study skills and organization. For those students in grades 4-6 who are advanced in math, American Heritage offers the prestigious Stanford University math program, which gives students the opportunity to be on a mathematical track not available in any other school in Florida. The intense curriculum is designed to take young minds and extend them as far as their capabilities will allow while students master skills in math. This is a prime example of what sets American Heritage School apart from the rest. American Heritage seeks to develop the full potential of each child giving them the tools they need to learn, grow, and achieve. The students at American Heritage have learned to think outside their classrooms and raised money to help build classrooms for children in Bali who have none. Each student pledged to raise $365 – a dollar a day - and the one rule was they could not ask their parents or relatives for the money. Nick, a sixth grader, came up with an idea. He made 365 ‘virtual’ cupcakes and sold them each for a dollar. In just a few days, Nick raised over $365. But his job wasn’t quite yet done. The next week, Nick, along with the help of his AHS friends, baked 365 real cupcakes and delivered them to a local food bank in Palm Beach County. “The students are learning how to become leaders at such a young age,” said Bob Stone, Headmaster of American Heritage School’s Delray Campus. “They are making things happen for their peers halfway around the world, as well as helping people right in their own community,” Stone said. By the time AHS students complete 5th grade, they are fully

12 July/August 2015

prepared for Middle and Upper School at American Heritage where the school is ranked #1 in Palm Beach County for the highest number of National Merit Scholars, #1 high school in Palm Beach County in math competition, #1 in Florida at the International Science Fair, 1st and 3rd in the nation at the Yale Mock Trial competition, 1st place in Palm Beach County Bar Association, 1st place in Palm Beach County and 2nd place in the state at National History Day, among others; in addition to earning Gold, Silver, and National Keys at the Scholastic Art awards, Superior ratings in thespian, chorus, and orchestra, Critics’ Choice awards, the National Dance Team Championship for three consecutive years, and more… proof that the school’s winning formula is creating outstanding leaders in our community and throughout the country. “We want to see students live their dreams,” Cobos said sitting with confidence in what will be her new office space at the Boca/Delray campus. “My main goals are growing a culture of community through compassion, knowledge, and integrity for our students, and establishing trust and a love of education for our teachers, while continuing to build on our creative and gifted programs.”

July/August 2015


14 July/August 2015

Recapture Your Childhood Summers

By Cheryl Martin

Nowadays, it seems that there is not enough time in our lives to accomplish everything on our to do list. We must remind ourselves to carve out those extra moments to foster quality occasions for our families. As we reach the mid summer months, many of us have not been able to take a summer vacation, visit a theme park or even just spend extra time with the ones we love. When you think back to your own childhood, what summer memories do you cherish? Most of us recall long days that never seemed to end and always being at play outdoors. I remember those experiences being immersed with family, cherished friends, and loads of fun and laughter. I can also fondly recall camping, boating, and road trips that resulted in bickering with my most annoying brothers. While my parents may have become exhausted with the "are we there yet" questions, the end result was an experience that bonded the family and imprinted life long memories that we all now cherish and celebrate. You may not have the availability to hit the road with your children every single summer but you can select activities that will generate childhood nostalgia. The key to success is in making those memories together, as a family, whenever you can. Drag your teenager away from their computer games, have your child miss a day of summer camp or give the babysitter a day off. It doesn't matter if you bring your family for a day at the beach, explore the zoo or spend a long weekend in the Keys. Whatever you choose, your children will

reflect on that day and it will stand out in their own personal summer impressions. There are many amazing activities right here in our own Florida backyard. If your family enjoys outdoor ventures, consider

renting a boat for a day. Kids of all ages love being out on the open water and you can try your hand at fishing. If that is a bit too exuberant for your wallet, take an airboat ride, or try canoe and paddle boat rentals. There are dozens of beautiful parks with navigable waterways. Bring a handbook of Florida wildlife and help your children point out our native birds and other creatures along the way. If your group prefers to stay on land, explore a nature trail and incorporate in a game of "I Spy� or have a scavenger hunt. Create souvenirs by collecting rocks to bring home and have your children paint them. We can each fondly reminisce about the pet rock that became a novelty we all needed to acquire. Other fun activities to

consider are horseback riding, ice skating at the rink, bowling, and visiting the local water parks. Don't forget the simple joys that can be captured right in your own yard; playing in the sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, flashlight tag and the time tested "Slip and Slide." Just a few days ago, my 23 year old son shared one of his favorite memories with me. He and his brother were big fans of Thomas the Tank Engine and they adored anything to do with trains. We took them for a ride on the Tri-Rail from Palm Beach down to Miami. They loved watching the traffic having to stop for "their train" and seeing the cities drift by from their perch at the window. When we arrived in Miami, we took a short walk to a restaurant and had a relaxing lunch. We jumped right back on the Tri-Rail before the rush hour crowd and we headed home. That night, my son slept with his little Thomas the Tank Engine in his tiny fist and I'm sure he had dreams of his special day. I hope I have inspired you to flashback to your childhood and I encourage you to enchant your summer with delightful activities for your family. Close your eyes and remember those bugs in a jar, playing Freeze Tag and running the circle in Duck, Duck, Goose. Get out and play Hide and Seek, buy those lawn games, and hang a tire swing. It's summer for just a little bit longer, with those extended, endless days. July/August 2015


Tending the Garden Planting appropriate seeds in the mind of a child, allows character to grow and dreams run wild. Everything is possible, it truly is, that’s why it’s important, to encourage our kids. Children will create the garden of life they desire, when we provide the environment for them to reach higher. Introduce them to ideas that allow them to evolve, and with the right tools, they demonstrate resolve. They learn to dig into life and to never quit, and how to channel their energy for their own benefit. The landscaping we offer, grew up with and know, may be different than the trees that our children choose to grow. It’s important to give them the flexibility to select, the flowers, the veggies, and herbs they elect. They strive to grow in ways meaningful to them, to create a unique blossom and the end of their stem. They move through seasons and cycles as they progress and mature, carrying with them the life lessons that they’ve learned, and more. A process is cultivated when seeds are planted, Seedlings must be nurtured and not taken for granted. When tended and cared for in appropriate ways, determination is fostered and new trails are blazed. Attention is required for each seed to mature, Water, nutrients, love and more. Pushing their boundaries and wanting to bloom, Personality germinating to fill up a room. Digging into their life, their depth being discovered, New practices and talents to be cultivated and uncovered.

16 July/August 2015

Written by: Jeannine Rizzo Author, Keynote Speaker, Executive/Life Coach (561) 267-2005

July/August 2015


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How Do 3D Movies Work? By Amanda Weiss, Optometrist 5 centimeters: The average distance between your 2 eyes, and the reason why 3D vision is possible! Everyday, each of our eyes sees the world from a slightly different perspective. Our brain is designed to take full advantage of the two images it receives from our eyes to calculate the distance to an object, otherwise known as depth perception. This is how we judge how far the car stopped in front of us is, or how quickly a baseball is being pitched to us. Certainly having good vision in two eyes provides us with the best depth perception, but depth perception is still possible using only one eye. Your brain can also utilize the size of objects in your vision to determine how near or far they are. Buildings that are further from us appear smaller and those that are closer appear larger. Everyday we live life in 3D (3 Dimensions). Movies however take place on a screen and are 2D (2 Dimensions). In order to create the illusion that we are on the set of a movie and that airplanes are literally flying overhead and cars are careening toward us, cinematography takes advantage of vision science and the brain! An earlier, more basic way of creating 3D movies was to utilize color. The viewer wears special glasses whereby each lens is a different color: Red and Green or Red and Blue. This technique, however, does not allow the viewer to see the true colors in a film. The newer, more common approach to 3D cinema is through the use of polarization. This is done by using polarized lenses to show each eye a

different movie at the same time! 2 movie projectors project 2 movies onto the same screen, each movie with different polarization. Moviegoers wear special glasses where one eye sees waves of light traveling along one meridian and the other eye sees waves of light traveling along another meridian 90 degrees away or perpendicular to the other eye. 3D movies shown in theaters and theme parks utilize polarization. Lastly a more expensive option, which requires specialized equipment, uses LCD glasses to show 2 images in rapid succession, one to each eye, while the alternate eye is occluded. Televisions capable of 3D programming utilize this technology. So what if you’re a moviegoer with only one eye or a lazy (amblyopic) eye that doesn’t participate in your vision? Can you appreciate 3D in a 3D movie? The answer is “no.” To appreciate 3 dimensions in a movie, your brain has to receive input from 2 eyes. This holds true for viewers with contacts or LASIK surgery whereby one eye is focused for reading and the other is focused for distance vision (monovision). For viewers who have the option, to truly reap the benefits of the extra $5 spent to see Spiderman flying toward your bucket of popcorn, wear glasses or contacts that allow you to use both eyes for distance viewing. Enjoy the show! If you have questions about your vision or are in need of an eye exam or new glasses and contacts, give our office a call! July/August 2015


20 July/August 2015

3D Mammograms 1 of 10 Breakthroughs That Will Change Medicine

Om Yoga & Wellness Studios 410 Northwood Road WPB, FL 33407 July/August 2015


Health Mart Consumer Wellness Tips

When Drugs Deplete Nutrients Medications can be life saving. But take heed: They can also rob your body of nutrients you need. Nutrient loss can happen in many ways. For example, a medication may: • Depress your appetite, which means you may not eat enough to stay nourished. • Increase your desire for less healthy foods, such as lots of sugar, bread, or pasta. • Reduce absorption of certain nutrients in the “gut,” especially in seniors. • Block a nutrient’s effects at the level of the cell. • Increase loss of nutrients through your urinary system.1 Symptoms of nutrient loss may come on gradually and look a lot 22 July/August 2015

like symptoms of aging, disease, or changes in mood—so it’s easy to get caught off guard. For example, pain, numbness, or tingling in legs may be a vitamin B12 deficiency. Or a magnesium deficiency may cause muscle pain and stiffness. Over time, this deficiency may even contribute to bone disease (osteoporosis).2 Which drugs are the most common culprits? Here’s a brief summary for you. Acid blockers. If you have heartburn, reflux, or peptic ulcers, your doctor may prescribe an antacid, H2 blocker, or protonpump inhibitor (PPI). Studies show these drugs may cause many nutrient deficiencies. They can interfere with the breakdown of

food or absorption of nutrients. You may lack B12, calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, chromium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Antibiotics. These drugs are big robbers of a wide range of nutrients. They also kill “good” bacteria in your digestive system. For these reasons, it may be a good idea to take a B vitamin complex or a multivitamin that contains B vitamins—as well as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. You might also consider probiotics and vitamin K—normally made by those “friendly” bacteria. Anti-convulsants. Seizure medication can cause low levels of vitamin D. Anti-hypertensives. Diuretics are great at helping to prevent heart

attacks in high-risk people. But they may deplete magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, pyridoxine, thiamine, and ascorbic acid. Beta blockers also are great at lowering blood pressure. However, they can deplete CoQ10. This can be very dangerous. The heart needs a rich supply of this nutrient for the energy “factories” of its cells. Cholesterol-lowering drugs. When it comes to high cholesterol, statins are practically a household name. That’s because doctors widely prescribe them. But statins also deplete CoQ10— which is serious. Hypoglycemics (oral). Drugs like metformin help make insulin work better in people with diabetes. But they can reduce levels of B12 by half. They also can deplete folic acid and CoQ10. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Used for menopausal symptoms, HRT may deplete vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, and magnesium— critical for not only heart health but also mood. Still moody on HRT? A supplement might make more sense than an antidepressant. Nearly 50 percent of Americans regularly takes a prescription drug. And medication-related loss of nutrients is more common than many realize. Just to be safe, let’s look over your list of medications and make sure you’re not coming up short. Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition Sources: 1. Nutrition Review: A Practical Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion. Available at: practical-guide-avoiding-drug-induced-nutrientdepletion/ Accessed June 4, 2015. 2. American Chiropractic Association: Pay Attention to Medications, Nutrition When Treating Elderly. Available at: https://www. Accessed June 5, 2015. 3. Recognizing Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion in Chiropractic Practice. Available at Recognizing_Drug_Induced_Nutrient_Depletion. shtml Accessed June 5, 2015. Av



July/August 2015


ADHD in children

By Sabeen Faquir

According to the CDC, it is normal for children to have trouble focusing and behaving at one time or another. Children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors, or be overly active. In Florida, 11.1-13% of youth aged 4-17 were diagnosed with ADHD in 2011. If you think your child may have ADHD look for the following symptoms which cause difficulty at school or at home or with friends: -daydream a lot -forget or lose things a lot -squirm or fidget -talk too much -make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks -have a hard time resisting temptation -have trouble taking turns -have difficulty getting along with others (CDC, 2015). There are 3 different types of ADHD: Predominantly Inattentive Presentation, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation, and Combined Presentation. Scientists are studying causes and risk factors. In addition to genetics, scientists postulate other possible causes and risk factors including: Brain injury Environmental exposures Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy Premature delivery Low birth weight Some additional environmental factors are food additives/diet, lead contamination,

24 July/August 2015

cigarette and alcohol exposure (Banerjee et al). Those with ADHD also have a likelihood for comorbidity with conduct, mood, and anxiety disorders. There are also familial risk factors like higher risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, antisocial disorders, major depressive disorder, substance dependence, and anxiety disorders in those with family members with ADHD. (Biederman et al). “Family studies have identified a 2- to 8-fold increase in the risk for ADHD in parents and siblings of children with ADHD,” (Banerjee et al). There is no single test to diagnose ADHD. One step of the process involves having a medical exam in addition to hearing and vision tests to rule out other problems with symptoms like ADHD. In most cases ADHD is best treated with a combination of stimulant medication and behavior therapy (Fernandez de la Cruz et al). Some of the most commonly prescribed medications are methylphenidate, dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, and dexmethylphenidate (Rodriguez, 2015). If you or your doctor has concerns about ADHD, you can take your child to a specialist like a child psychologist or developmental pediatrician. You can also contact your local early intervention agency for children under 3 or public school for children 3 and older. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity

Disorder (ADHD). ncbddd/adhd/ accessed 5/31/15 Joseph Biederman, MD; Stephen V. Faraone, PhD; Kate Keenan; Jonathan Benjamin, MD; Belinda Krifcher; Cindy Moore; Susan Sprich-Buckminster; Karen Ugaglia; Michael S. Jellinek, MD; Ronald Steingard, MD; Thomas Spencer, MD; Dennis Norman, EdD; Roselyn Kolodny, MD; Ilana Kraus, MD; James Perrin, MD; Martin B. Keller, MD; Ming T. Tsuang, MD, PhD, DSc. Further Evidence for Family-Genetic Risk Factors in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Patterns of Comorbidity in Probands and Relatives in Psychiatrically and Pediatrically Referred Samples. Archives of General Psychiatry. 1992;49(9):728-738. Tania Das Banerjee, Frank Middleton and Stephen V. Faraone. Environmental risk factors for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Acta Paediatrica. Volume 96, Issue 9, pages 1269–1274, September 2007 Lorena Fernández de la Cruz, Emily Simonoff, MD; James J. McGough, MD; Jeffrey M. Halperin, PhD; L. Eugene Arnold, MD, Med; Argyris Stringaris, MD, PhD, MRCPsych. Treatment of Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Irritability: Results From the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children With ADHD (MTA). Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. January 2015 Volume 54, Issue 1, Pages 62–70. Diana Rodriguez. Medications to Treat ADHD. Everyday Health.

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1-Round shaped face: This face usually has a soft and balanced look. If the person is not happy with their round facial shape, and wants to have a more a narrow/oval look, then they must prefer a cut which gives volume. This way the emphasis will be more on the hair than the face. Cuts that have front strokes will make your face thinner. (Pinches of hair accumulated more on the front will make your face look thinner.) 2- Square shaped face: This type of face has more of a sharp look but it’s also a balanced shape. If you don’t want to change the square shape of your face the best hair cut will be a square cut. But if you want to soften your complexion then you should prefer rounder styles. For example you can use bangles or pieces of hair towards your temples. 3- Rectangular shaped face: If you have a rectangular face and want it to look shorter, the chin level hair cut would be ideal for you. This hair cut will give the face a more balanced look.

HAIR CUTTING TIPS From Pivot Point Instructor Muzaffer Topal Muzaffer Topal is a recognized hairdresser and educator in Istanbul, Turkey with 25 years of hairdressing experience. He has appeared in many hair shows, newspapers, magazines and television shows both in Turkey and the U.S.A. He has participated in Miami hair shows as an instructor and recently styled Miss Argentina’s hair. He is also a national trainer for Schwarzkopf Pivot Point Technique and has trained more than 3500 hairstylists in Turkey. Muzaffer has been performing his art and talent in Palm Beach, Florida since 2010. Q: Mr. Topal, can you tell us the ideal hair cut for different face shapes? M.T: Well, if you’re having a haircut with a pivot point technique, you must discuss certain details with your hair designer. He/she has to know whether you want your face or hair to stand out; also it would be a good idea to talk about your life style, your weight, your height and even your personality. After all the hair designer would want the best result for your hair; so it’s important that he/she focuses on all the aspects above. Q: How do you determine the style for each person who needs a good hair cut? M.T: First of all, as designers we have to know different face shapes, then we have to understand the lifestyle of the client (we might even have to make a character analysis of the individual). In order to have the best result in hair cutting we have to see the shape of the face, and choose the best hair style for our client. Initially, I must explain the 7 different face shapes and their ideal models.

4- Oval shaped face: If you have an oval face, you are in luck as this type of face will adhere to many different styles of haircuts. If you want to add a bit of length to your face you would have to prefer a long hair style, or get volume upwards which would give you a more rectangular look. I would recommmend angled bangs for this type of face.

5- Reverse-triangle shaped face: With this type of face it is easy to make changes and apply different haircuts. It is also ideal for make-up. If you want your face to stand out more, you should prefer short hair styles by adding more volume upwards. But if you want to give your face a softer and balanced look, then you should choose a haircut that creates more volume on the back of the neck, and less volume upwards (towards the top of your head).

6- Triangle shaped face: A triangle look might show people as less energetic and tired, but choosing the right haircut will add a more energetic look. The ideal cut is having short sideburns and adding more volume upwards with square shaped cuts.

7- Diamond shaped face: Almost any style haircut will go with this face shape. Long, short, straight, wavy, or even bangles would work fine for a diamond-shape face. You just need to discuss some of the details with your stylist to determine which cut would suit you the most. July/August 2015


Grand Opening of new Wellington Tennis Center with Venus Williams Photos by Lois Spatz Wellington, FL celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Wellington Tennis Center with international tennis star Venus Williams on June 9th, 2015. World-renowned tennis pro and Wellington resident Dick Stockton interviewed Venus Williams and Director of Tennis Tommy Cheatham for The new tennis facility was designed by Venus Williams’ interior design company, and the pro-shop carries her “Eleven” line of fashionable women’s tennis clothing. For more information about the Wellington Tennis Center programs, visit

28 July/August 2015

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SOILED soil!… If GMOs Are So Safe, Why NOT Label Them? “If it doesn’t have a Label, we don’t want it on our Table!” Today, May 16, 2015, I was inspired. With local Wellington business leaders, the President of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, along with many residents of Wellington, I was thrilled to participate in the first Wellington March Against Monsanto. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Touted as a way to increase harvests, these “foods” instead are altering our food supply, literally requiring the addition of chemicals—poisons—to seeds being planted in order for them to sprout. Monsanto, known for its pesticide Roundup, is now splicing the seeds of corn, soy and other vegetables, actually changing the DNA and putting Roundup into the seeds to make them “Roundup resistant.” Read on about Mon-

30 July/August 2015

santo’s Roundup. (Visit and search “Roundup Herbicide.”) To see a brief video about the March Against Monsanto in Wellington, visit and go to the “Videos” page! GMOs are in our grain, soy and corn; in our fruits, in tomatoes, potatoes and fish— and much more. Estimates are that 80% of what we eat currently contains GMOs. Those of us at this event realize that this fight for labeling the GMO content in our foods is ultimately a fight not just for adults in the community, but for our children—and perhaps for our future. After losing my mom to cancer nearly ten years ago, I developed an interest in how to stay healthy. In 2012 I began a journey

looking first hand at companies in the Nutraceutical industry. I looked at a myriad of vitamin supplementation modalities, in particular at some of those in the new ‘anti-aging’ revolution based on the science of genetic expression. I looked at Nano technologies and into our nation’s top Genomic/Proteomic Laboratory Botanical Science Engine (which tests botanical rain forest molecules). Even as promising and ‘impressive’ as these lab facilities are, and despite the amazing science they are using, I realized that at the end of the day, an actual product quality was still based on the bottom dollar. I also came to really understand that lab created molecules, whether based on botanicals or if processed into nano sized nutrients, canNOT

replicate the pure value of what G-D has created—via whole foods and whole food extracts—for our bodies to recognize and utilize. At the crux of this understanding is assimilability. This word refers to the actual ability of antioxidants and other vital nutrients to go from a food and become part of your body—who you are. The highest assimilability comes from the nutrients naturally occurring in whole superfoods. As I was meticulously researching this realm of super foods vs. vitamins and other supplements, I also became more acquainted with the downward spiral pesticides were having on our soils, I learned how very depleted our soil was becoming – nearly completely devoid of any micromineral content, and without the essential bacterial co-factors that are essential for mineral absorption by crops. I discovered that many of our current diseases and malignancies and addictions/mental health issues were ultimately all pointing in one direction—severe nutrient deficiencies from the degraded nutritional profiles in our foods. We simply are NOT getting the minerals, amino acids, enzymes, enzymatic co-factors, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) etc. that our grandparents received without even thinking about it. The United States is a very sick nation. We are the #1 country for pharmaceutical drug use per capita but world-wide, aren’t even in the top 35 for longevity OR health. We are the only “leading” Western country which has not banned or curtailed the use of GMO’s. I’ve never been very political even though I come from a family of lawyers. However, the political schemes of the major pharmaceutical giants, insurance, and the health care industry are so intertwined with government policies and the FDA, that I am are truly sickened. We need to get educated & spread the word that we need to fight back for our health. One incredibly important action is to require GMO labeling. “If it doesn’t have a label, we don’t want it on our table” is a chant I heard at the MAM Wellington event. What's missing in our soil is as bad as what can now be found in our soil! As we slowly move from a Supersize mentality to a Superfoods mentality, we have to push towards gaining an education on how best to optimize our health and become proactive in helping the future generations have the opportunity for the same. Formerly a Non Profit Fundraising Specialist Ilyse August is a seasoned Network Marketing professional with a passion to change the lives of many people not only here in S. Florida, but throughout the world as well. Through the education of the powers that are inherent in Earth’s most ancient Superfoods, such as WILD Super Blue Green Algae (SBGA,) tonic mushrooms, botanicals, probiotics, enzymes, the whole host of Chorophyll (Spirulina,) base foods, Ilyse aims to guide people to understanding that our bodies are the true miracles, and feeding/nourishing our bodies with the best foods from earth can only help to facilitate our bodies operating at their optimal performance levels achieving greater health. To reach Ilyse August, you can call her at (561) 503-3691 or email her at For more information on Superfoods, specifically Earth’s first foods – Blue green algae and tonic mushrooms, please contact Ilyse.

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Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...


Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...