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2 October 2012




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Is There Life after the Death of a Loved One?

7 Ways to Find Inner Peace Again art of living life is losing loved ones, especially as we get older. Sometimes cancer, a heart attack, a car accident, or suicide may seem to steal a loved one from us prematurely. Death of someone close is a very stressful experience, and after taking care of the immediate business, the magnitude of the loss often crashes in. What do you do then? Here are some tips on how to work through the grief and live a happy, productive life again.

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Give yourself the gift of time so you can adjust. Grieving is a journey. Even though is does not feel like it, this journey is a testament to your inner strength and courage.

Express your feelings. Cry, scream, punch a pillow. It is normal to feel terrible and healthy to acknowledge this feeling. Holding this in is the worst thing you can do!

Emptiness and numbness are normal. Recognize these feelings acknowledge them. These feelings are perfectly appropriate for what you have been through.

Be still. Sit or lie down, relax, and grieve. Making yourself busy to avoid the hurt only prolongs your grief.

Avoid making major decisions. Once through this period of bereavement you will regain your ability to function normally, but during intense grief your mind is confused.

4 October 2012


By Laura King, CHt, NLP, Life Coach

The path of your journey through grief is littered with potholes. Some days will be easy. You think you are through the worst, and then something will trigger overwhelming grief again. Each time you overcome these stumbling blocks, your heart will heal a little more as you find inner peace.


Steady as you go. Grief work is emotional reorganization. You are still alive. Life is still a pleasure. Release feelings of guilt. Life is a gift – a gift that your loved one would want you to embrace.

Even though the physical presence of your loved one is gone, the relationship with them still exists. Your journey through grief will increasingly liberate you from the agony of loss. This journey helps you to complete your emotional relationship with your loved one, and allows you to refocus your life’s energies toward the future. So value your feelings, and be kind to yourself. This is, after all, about love. Loving the one who is gone and saying goodbye with peace in your heart.

Listening to my Grieving CD series will help ease you through the pain of loss, and provides the tools you need to gain the strength and desire to start living your life once again. Read more at Offices in Palm Beach Gardens and Lake Worth. 561.841.7603 Get Your Working Through Grief & Regaining Happiness CD Set Today.

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Positive Prospective

was speaking yesterday to a group of people and each and everyone of them have something in common, they have a positive prospective on life. During one of the most challenging economic times we have seen in history, the people who have the positive outlook seem to rise above and attack the challenges head on, however those who have the negative mentality seem to continue a downward spiral and continue to burden themselves with negativity.


Dr. Randy Laurich

Some people who are struggling with depression or anxiety may need to speak to therapist or physiatrist, to address there problems, but if you feel this way do not hesitate to talk to someone.

We will all struggle with a death of a loved one, some type of sickness, challenges with friends who have illness, challenges with money, and many more negative situations which occur throughout our lifetime. So how do we deal with the negativity or create a more positive environment for ourselves. Even though some of these tips maybe simple, or redundant staying in a positive mindset is just a repetition of positive thought and mindset. So you may have heard of this before but take the steps necessary to change, it’s time.

Start with a daily affirmation, a positive description of your day to day habits, or approach to keeping your mindset positive. Some people may use prayer, meditation, exercise, or visualization as a way to set themselves up for a positive day.

The second thing I have done is eliminate negative people from my life, if someone wants to try to bring me down or change my mindset from positive to negative, I ask them to return to my life when they are ready to be positive.

There are days when I wake up on the wrong side of bed or when stress gets me down, but following the steps necessary, I realize its much easier to be positive than negative and I change my mindset and follow my steps to get back.

People may also look towards chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage to reduce there stress and increase there positive prospective. So if you need some help reducing stress, give us a call at The Wellness Experience of Wellington and we can see if we get you back to a better quality of life, with a better outlook on life. Please call us at 561-333-5351 to schedule your appointment or visit


Florida Eye

Microsurgical Institute, Inc. Lee Friedman, M.D., Barry Schechter, M.D., F.A.A.O., Randy Katz, M.D., Jason Gorscak, M.D. For a complete listing of our specialties and services


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October 2012


Dr. Ravinder Jarial, RSJ Plastic Surgery By Saajida Shakeer | Photography by Robyn Barkley

Plastic surgery has come a long way in this day of modern technology. It has helped many regain their youthful appearances. It has also helped countless patients who have faced the physical effects of accidents or illnesses, or those who were born with birth defects. Dr. Ravinder Jarial is the plastic surgeon of RSJ Plastic Surgery, located in Loxahatchee. He specializes in many types of cosmetic enhancements including abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and reconstruction, Botox, laser skin resurfacing, rhinoplasty, and more. But perhaps what sets him apart from other doctors in the area, and what helped to connect him to this field in the first place, is his specialty in craniofacial surgery and pediatric plastic surgery. 8 October 2012

r. Jarial attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He then attended Kansas City University of Medicine and BioSciences to complete medical school. After a five year general surgery program with Michigan State University, Dr. Jarial finished his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Henry Ford Health System in the Detroit metropolitan area.


It was during his training in Dearborn, Michigan when he met the man who would go on to inspire him to ultimately choose plastic and reconstructive surgery as his profession. Dr. Satish Vyas, a top boardcertified plastic surgeon, was his mentor during that time. Dr. Jarial accompanied Dr. Vyas on a mission trip to Indore, India in March 2008. There, Dr. Jarial saw first-hand how plastic surgery was able to make a positive difference in the lives of children with birth defects, such as orofacial clefts (cleft lip or cleft palate). Seeing Dr. Vyas at work during that mission trip encouraged Dr. Jarial. “He was my inspiration to do craniofacial surgery and pediatric plastic surgery,” he says. According to him, that mission trip was a rewarding experience. “It was humbling. It makes you truly appreciative for what we have in the U.S.”

Relatively new to our area, Dr. Jarial brings with him not only his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, but an enthusiasm for helping children in our community. “Providing that service to kids is important, especially in a growing community like this.” He has worked on a few cases involving newborns, all of which were successful and the babies’ recoveries are going great.

Dr. Jarial also has an eagerness to connect with the community by being involved in several health fairs. On November 10th, you can catch him at the Family Health and Wellness Expo at Village Walk of Wellington. You will also find him at the Health & Wellness Expo at Olympia of Wellington on February 2, 2013 and at the Valencia Pointe of Boynton Beach Health & Wellness Expo on Thursday, February 7, 2013. These expos allow the opportunity for him to spread awareness about the services he provides as well as answer any questions the public might have. He is also planning free skin cancer screenings and lectures on breast cancer reconstruction in the near future (once those are set, we will post the information on our Facebook page). Despite not being in South Florida for long, Dr. Jarial has already proven to be an invaluable asset to our medical community. For more information, please visit October 2012


Japanese Healing Arts Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac.

Shiatsu 指圧

Shiatsu literally means “Finger Pressure”. It is the Japanese art of massage using the five phase system of meridians and pressure points. It requires post graduate massage school classes, and much practice. It is an established system in Japan with licensure, and long apprentice trainings. There are many schools and types of Shiatsu in Japan. In the US there are a few good training programs for massage therapists. When looking for a Shiatsu Therapist, ask how much training they have had and experience doing it. If they only took a weekend course then don’t expect to be getting traditional Shiatsu.

I have had Shiatsu in Japan many times and most of the therapists were blind. It was gentle but had strong effects. They seemed to do much without mashing the body. In the West I had it with a graduate of Ohashi School and he was excellent.

Reiki 霊気

I lived in Japan for many years and never saw anyone advertising, practicing or doing Reiki. Although it originated with Japanese natives it seems to have various histories and lineages, mostly evolving in the West. The Japanese word “Reiki” is made up of two characters (both hard to translate into English). A close, but still poor translation, is “Spiritual Force”; the actual explanation would require most of this magazine.

The training for Reiki involves one or more weekend seminars. After this brief training a graduate is called a “Reiki Master”. There is no word for “master” in Japanese. Traditionally one becomes a “master” when all their teachers are dead. It is unusual to call oneself a “master” in Japanese language.

Tai Chi Chaun太极拳and Qi Gong氣功

Early mornings in most Asian parks one can find a group practicing graceful movements. “Kiko” is the Japanese pronunciation of Chi Gung and is practiced in Japan for healing and health. Kin to it is Tai Chi, a movement pattern for health, longevity and healing. It is called Taikyoku-ken太極拳. Most classes are for lay folks who follow their instructor and focus on maintaining their health.

It is always hard to summarize these systems since the course centuries and schools of thought. The deep aspects of the practice are often based on a life time relationship with an instructor. The lineage transmission is given to the student after ten or more years of instruction. Most lay instruction involves minimal training and methods, but still effective for health maintenance.

Barefoot Shiatsu 裸足指圧

Using the same theory and methods of Shiatsu, Barefoot Shiatsu therapists use both their hands and feet to stimulate points on the patient while they lay on a floor mat. Perhaps, culturally unusual in the West the additional use of their feet allows stronger work to be done. I found it very effective too.

10 October 2012

Japanese Acupuncture 針灸

Twenty some years ago I went to Japan to study sword and Aikido. Along the way I injured my shoulder doing acrobatics only young men do. I went to the local medical doctor who prescribed a few things and had x-rays done. It did not improve much and finally he said, “We all go to the acupuncturist. We just thought you would not be interested, being a Westerner”.

I went thinking it would be a good beer story to tell the guys. I walked into the office, removed my shoes by custom, and was greeted. The fourth generation acupuncture clinic was on the first floor and the family residence on the second. The father was a blind acupuncturist, and the son was my acupuncturist. His mother showed me into a room with three beds separated by curtains and told me to strip to my shorts. It was cold.

The son came and took my pulse, felt my abdomen, palpated my shoulder and proceeded to work on me. During the treatment his curious grandmother strolled through to peek at the foreigner. The room had several treatment tables separated by curtains, leaving little privacy.

This was my first acupuncture experience. It was gentle, painless and effective. There are many schools of acupuncture in Japan. In the USA acupuncture is dominated by Peoples Republic of China

acupuncture style. However, throughout Asia there are many types of acupuncture. Japan is no exception. Training in Japanese acupuncture is usually a post graduate program over a course of a year leading to membership in a Japanese Acupuncture association. Members continue their training often in Japan, and continuous trainings. Although some acupuncturists may take a single weekend course, look for someone consistently involved. Japanese acupuncturists are known to be gentle and effective.

Japanese Moxibustion お灸

Mugwort is a common weed that grows about the world. It is kin to sage and has a beautiful purple flower. Some of the oldest books of medicine speak of the use of it for healing. Many religious systems use it for spiritual work.

Palm Beach Acupuncture, 1505 N. Federal Hwy, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Board Cert.• State Licensed • AP#762

It has been used hand in hand with acupuncture for several thousand years. It is also used as a home remedy. Japanese law allows it use by priests, medical doctors, acupuncturists, moxibustionist, and family members. In the US it is generally restricted to those licensed in acupuncture. Each state is different but it is included in Acupuncture licensure in the State of Florida.

Moxa therapy involves the placement moxa flower fluff on top of herbal liquid which is lit on fire in order to steam the herbs into the body. No burning is involved.

Are any of these Japanese Healing Arts for you?

Although a brief survey of the healing arts of Japan, one can see rich and varied traditions that have been used for centuries. Japanese people have the longest life span in the world. Through of combination of sources they have prolonged both the quality and the length of their life. Biography:

After graduation from University with degrees in Psychology and Anthropology, Cameron Bishop sold his car and bought a one-way ticket to Japan. He lived and worked in Japan for four years and studied healing and

martial arts, attaining black belts in Aikido and completed study in Heiho Nitenichiryu, the sword style of Miyamoto Musashi. Having spent countless hours barefoot upon the mats training in the martial way, he found a path with heart in the healing mind. Upon his return he attended and graduated NIAOM with a Masters in Acupuncture. He recently graduated to become the first “Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” in Palm Beach County. He is President of the Toyohari Association of North America and professor of Japanese Acupuncture at Atlantic College of Oriental Medicine. He has been in acupuncture practice for over sixteen years, spending five years working for a Western medical office. Dr. Bishop is a board Certified, and State Licensed Acupuncturist. His website is

Fertility, Energy, Pain, Stress... Dr. Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac.

Trained in China, Japan and The US

(561) 533-7475


October 2012


The Cheesecake Diet


By Marcus Nisbett

f everyone ate cheesecake or tiramisu for breakfast, we wouldn’t have these “diet” issues, but the fact is we want German chocolate at 10 p.m. after a four course dinner about an hour before we hit the sack. Hopeless!

As a trainer, I try to help my clients set realistic goals and make them aware of pitfalls. When I say pitfalls there is one in particular that I have in mind: the “Thursday Rule.” Don’t know what I am talking about? I’m going to show you what we all do.

So, there’s this great diet that everyone’s been talking about, “The Dr. Cabbage South Lima Bean Hollywood Zone Diet,” or whatever’s hot today, and you want to try it. So, when are you going to start? Monday, of course. That’s when everyone starts their new diet. The only problem is, today is Friday. So without even realizing it you’ve given yourself a handicap, because in your subconscious mind (or out loud) you have rationalized eating any and everything you lay your eyes on between now and Monday morning. This is big Mistake #2.

Fast forward to Monday. It’s Day 1 and you are ready. You get up at the crack of dawn and you’re out the door. You make a stop at the deli and get an egg white omelet with whole wheat toast without butter and grab a low-carb yogurt for later (you’re in the zone). By lunch you’re starving, so you order a grilled chicken with salad, no dressing, and water. Yummy! Mid-afternoon you start to drag, but then you remember Mr. Yoplait Strawberry/Banana waiting for you in the staff lounge, praying that the food thief didn’t strike today. After a grueling workout with your trainer, you go home to Foreman grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and a baked potato.

Day 2 is pretty much a repeat of Day 1, but you spice things up by adding a little green pepper to the egg white omelet and getting the blueberry yogurt instead of strawberry/banana. Oh boy! You think this is so easy, so you begin recruiting by saying things like, “Honey, I wish you would go on this diet with me.” Misery loves company.

By Day 3 you could swear that your clothes are falling off of you and your double chin is gone. You love waking up hungry, and even though this is supposed to be a day off, you’re going to work out anyway. You think, “I could go on like this forever, it’s a pity I didn’t do this sooner.” Mistake #3.

Day 4- Judgment Day. You wake up starving. You feel beyond lean, almost emaciated. You start the day just like the previous three, but something is different today and you can’t put your finger on it. You head out and make your usual stops for commissary. You get to the office and check your email. You see that there’s another birthday party today at lunch. So what? There were parties every day this week but you kept to your commitment. No problemo. Except one: today is Thursday. That means it’s been four days of neglect. Your sweet tooth is not happy and she wants revenge. You’re going to pay. You’re going to pay in a big way. You hit that party and before your know it you are nibbling at the dip. Carrots and celery at first but these are soon replaced by pretzels and finally inhalation of the cake itself. But, this is not the worst of it. Had you stopped there it would’ve been fine. Unfortunately, your body thinks you’ve got catching up to do and the first domino in the chain has fallen. On your way home that evening, you skip the gym. Mistake #4. You stop at every shop you’ve avoided for the past three and a half days then head home to binge. Believe it or not, this is still not the worst of it! The fatal mistake is made after you finish that second pint of Haagen-Dazs when you decide that this week is a wash and that you’ll start again Monday! Remember Mistake #2.

12 October 2012

What you need to understand is that this is a vicious cycle that has to be broken. There is nothing magical about Monday. I recognize that the weekends are tough, but if you plan on eating “right” for Monday to Thursday and eating “whatever” on the weekends, then it will always be a case of one step forward, two steps backwards.

The key is moderation; a more balanced approach. To simply deny yourself certain indulgences is too extreme; it’s also counterproductive, as exhibited by the example above. You can have birthday cake, just not every day. If you had it on Monday or Tuesday then you probably shouldn’t have it on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mistake #3 is another example of extreme measures. You worked out hard the first two days, but didn’t recognize the importance of rest. By the way, if you’re wondering what Mistake #1 is, it’s simple: it’s the way you and most people for that matter use the word “diet”. You see, you don’t go on a diet, you live a diet. If no breakfast, mid-morning coffee & buttered roll, salad for lunch, Tasti-D-Lite pre-workout snack and a large dinner with two glasses of chardonnay is how you eat four days a week, then guess what? That’s your diet. And until you’re prepared to change that pattern, you’re stuck!

Please call Ncognito to schedule your complimentary Fitness Evaluation at 561.389.5635 or visit

Taylor’s recipe for the month T MC Bruschetta:

Ripe ingredients are best for a fresh garden taste!

6 cups chopped tomatoes 1 cup chopped red onions ½ cup chopped garlic 1 cup chopped fresh basil ½ cup fresh lemon juice ½ cup red wine vinegar ½ cup balsamic vinegar ¼ cup olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients into large bowl and stir. Serve chilled with rustic whole grain bread, crostini or chips. This simple and fresh combination acts as a great topper for chicken, fish, steak or pork. Sometimes we add shaved pecorino Romano cheese!

Taylor Made Cafe, Inc. 12160 Southshore Blvd. #105 Wellington, FL 33414


EXERCISE... WHAT’S YOUR REASON? Everyone has a reason why they choose to begin an exercise program. Hopefully it is because they want to look and feel better by keeping their weight in check and overall health at its best. But I often see whom I refer to as “newbies”. They join gyms with guns a-blazing, working out 5-7 days a week, only to quickly burnout or get injured. They might lose a few pounds but, never being able to continue at that pace, give up within a few weeks feeling totally defeated. They do not understand the recovery process and end up totally exhausted.

Then there are those who join a gym or class, go just a few times, maybe sit on a bike or walk on a treadmill, and leave 10 minutes later. They say they don’t sweat (and based on the lack of effort they are making when exercising, I can see why they are not sweating). Their eating habits eventually go back to what they were before, since they find it an inconvenience to prepare meals ahead of time or go to the grocery store more often to purchase healthy food.

Nobody ever said that staying healthy and fit was easy. IT’S NOT. Over the years I have probably heard every excuse for not exercising or making better eating choices. Unfortunately, the only person who will suffer the consequences of those excuses is the one who is making them. If that person happens to have a family, then they are probably hurting them as well by not preparing healthy meals. No wonder we have turned into an obese nation. I can’t believe that I am living in a time when people have to purchase two seats when flying or when hospitals need to build bigger beds. Is this our future? Is this what we want for ourselves and our families?

If not, then we need to do something about it. I know it’s difficult, but life will get harder if we don’t begin to make positive changes. There is so much information at our fingertips to help us on our journey to health and wellness. But we as individuals must be the ones to make the effort to have it become a part of our lives. We still have time but the clock is ticking. Don’t let life pass you by.


October 2012


By Car

Taylor ylor y lor Made Cafe Cafe

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icious! r t u N & s Delilicciou

Wraps W raps SSalads alads Pr Protein otein SShakes hakes Coffee Coffee Teas Teas Treats... Treats...

12160 South Shore Blvd., #105 Wellington, FL 33414

AAllll Homemade Homemade Recipes NNoo HHydrogenated ydrogenated Oils Oils orn SSyrup yrup NNoo High FFructose ructose CCorn VVegan egan & GGluten luten FFree ree OOptions ptions


Dine In Take Out Delivery

Spring has sprung and the heat is on! Now is the time to ensure that you are drinking enough ÀXLGVLQRUGHUWRDYRLGGHK\GUDWLRQ,WœVLPSRUWDQWQRWWR wait until you are thirsty to drink, as this is a sure sign of dehydration. We lose water through perspiration and urination and when the air temperature is hot, we lose body water even faster. Our body is made up of 70% water, therefore we should drink half of our body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs., you should drink 100 ounces of water. ou should be drinking pure water and not soda, cof milk or any other beverage. Drinking plain water helps to ÀXVKRXWWR[LQVDQG WDVZHOODVDLGLQJLQWKHUHOLHIRI FRQVWLSDWLRQ$OWKRXJKGULQNLQJÀXLGVLVKHDOWK\LWDOVRFDQ cause the body to lose potassium and electrolytes (minerals such as calcium and magnesium), especially if you are perspiring a lot. Be sure to consume foods that are high in potassium and minerals, such as bananas, melons, raisins, prunes, yogurt, lima beans and most foods that grow in the ground because soil is rich in these minerals. ,I\RXœUHKDYLQJDGL FXOWWLPHGULQNLQJSODLQZDWHURQHWLS is to drink it with a straw. It goes down a lot faster and you can multi-task while drinking this way. Another tip is to drink 16 oz. of water at each meal. This is a sure way you can get at least 48 oz. of water in daily. If you keep yourself hydrated, you can get out there and         enjoy the sunshine, worry-free!

Caren Plachter Plachter,, Director www.prohealthweight www .prohealthw manag

(561) 792-8923 20 April 2012

14 October 2012

One Big Happy Family


By Jack Schulman

hung's Tae Kwon Do is a wonderful place for individuals and families to learn martial arts, and that's just the beginning. My family and I got involved when we were passing by the school one evening and my 7 year old daughter wanted to go in and watch. She was so enthralled by what she saw. It was all she could talk about for days. So we signed up for the family class, and am I glad we did. Master Lim is very educated in not only selfdefense, but physical education. At 54 years old, I am feeling my vitality and youth come back. Growing up today, children need confidence and discipline more than ever before, and Master Lim instills this in them. We as parents, being burdened by heavy workloads, need to exercise our bodies and relieve the stress of everyday life. We also need to do things together as a family. Heavily rooted in Korean tradition, Master Lim teaches the importance of all the above, plus family values. In my younger days, I was heavily involved in Judo and Jujitsu, so I am not new to martial arts. When I say Master Lim is a great teacher and a great human being, I am speaking from experience. We are just one big happy family at Chung's Tae Kwon Do.



6169 Jo Jog g Rd Rd.. #C7, LLake ake W Worth orth FL 33467 (S (Same ame as Walmart Walmart & TThat’s hat’s Dancing Shopping C Center) enter)

October 2012




a Filler Package or Botox速 Cosmetic Services Valued at $1,500 or More Services Valued at $2,500 or More

Valid for one treatment only. One coupon per client. Offer expires November 30, 2012. BWM.

Banzai Wellness Magazine/October2012  

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