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CONTENT 03 - 04. Used Machinery

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09 - 10. Meet The Team

11 - 12. Valtra T Series

13 - 14. Smart Check

15. Trelleborg

16. Väderstad

17 - 18. SANY SY135C

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21. Fendt Connect

22. AGCO Parts Lubricants

23 - 24. Fendt 900 Vario


26. AGCO Shop




The only difference is the price...

Introducing AGCO Reman. Our range of remanufactured parts covers everything from replacement engines and gearboxes through to injectors and electronics – all backed by a full ‘as new’ 12 months warranty.

© AGCO Limited 2014. AGCO Parts provides worldwide genuine support to all AGCO machinery brands. A2291.14.


2013 MF 8670

2018 Valtra T234 Direct

4800Hrs, Dyna 6 transmission,4t Front linkage with 1 spool, 4 rear spools, Datatronic screen 10025168 £55,000 W

5109Hrs, Dyna VT Transmission, Front & cab suspension, 5 rear spools & 2 front, Front linkage. 10022177 £59,750 W

5482Hrs, CVT, Front links + PTO, Front Axle Suspension, Pick-up Hitch, 5 spools. 30025365 POA F

2018 Valtra N174 Direct

2016 Challenger MT875E

2014 Challenger MT755E

High specification, High speed transmission, Excess warranty at £590 until 5400 hours or July 2023. 40024099 POA D

4504Hrs, Warranty until July 2022 or 5200 hours, Service history to 4400 hours, Auto guide ready. 10024138 £149,000 W

4264Hrs, 30” Extreme Ag tracks, Ag Leader GPS on Egnos, CAT 4 Linkage and Drawbar. 30024840 £93,000 F

Kubota B7100

2019 MF IDEAL 8T

2016 MF 9380

3780Hrs, 8-speed manual, Tipper pipe, 8x16 50%, 6x12 35%.

283 Hrs, Extended warranty available, Fuel tank capacity 1250 litres, Deluxe operators seat. 10021968 £275,000 W

802 drum hours, 1096 engine hours, 1000 litre fuel tank, 800/65R32 & 600/55R26.5 tyres. 10024365 £120,000 W

30025509 3



WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049



2013 Manitou MLT 840

2018 Manitou MLT 737

2800 Hrs, PUH, Air con, Air seat, Nice machine.

2599 Hrs, Powershift transmission, JCB headstock, 460/70R24 with 30% tread left. 10021877 £43,000 W

4684 Hrs, Elite specification, Boom suspension, Hydraulic locking, Auto air-con. 30024841 £41,000 W

2019 Kuhn Vari-Master

Pottinger Servo 25

Dowdeswell DP7

7 Furrows, Manual furrow adjustment,On 500/60x22.5 transport/ depth wheel. 30024490 £32,000 W

4x furrow, Shear bolt on legs, Pin adjust skimmers, Rear disc, Wide depth wheel. 30022268 £9,750 F

Dowdeswell DP7/8 4 furrow plough, Spring back bodies, Hyd front furrow, s/n 87143426 87143426 £1,750 F

2019 Kuhn Vari-Master

Bailey 14 Tonne

2020 Warwick WB14CD

7 Furrows, Manual furrow adjustment, On 500/60x22.5 transport/ depth wheel. 10024400 £5,350 W

Bailey 14 Tonne Grain Trailer, Hydraulic Back Door, Sprung Drawbar, Super Singles Brakes Lights 30025046 £6,250 F

Sprung drawbar, Tandem axle, Hydraulic brakes.




FAULD | 01283 521522


DODWORTH | 01226 730707


F 4



A Superior Farming Experience Power, Precision and Dependable - All the power you need, along with low fuel consumption, reassuring traction in all conditions and impressive lifting capacities – together, these features make a serious contribution to making your business more profitable.

Perfect wheelbase for the perfect power The MF 7S wheelbase of 2.88m has been carefully calculated to combine optimum stability with high levels of ground traction.

Class-leading dynamic performance and reliability The class-leading Dyna-VT and Dyna-6 transmissions have maintained their position at the forefront of the market, thanks to two decades of development and enhancement.


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


Best turning radius 4,93 m Highly-manoeuvrable thanks to its tight turning circle, the MF 7S is just as versatile on the headlands as it is along narrow lanes and in the often restricted space of yards and buildings.

Powerful, full of torque and nimble capabilities All the power and torque to handle the most demanding tasks with ease, thanks to its unrivalled PTO capabilities – even when working with the most sophisticated implements.

Low Operation Costs 600hr engine service intervals – to reduce costs and downtime - and easy access for daily maintenance

Enhanced comfort and convenience New ergonomic armrest with new Multipad lever and electro-hydraulic Multifunction joystick.

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707



£85.50 Exc VAT



Combat boot profile, super-tough anti-scuff cap, beefy sole, drivers heel flex feature and extensive waterproof specification. Steel toecap, non-metallic antipenetration midsole, waterproof. EN/UKCA S3 HRO SRC Certified. Size: UK 6-13 / EUR 40-47 Colour: Dark brown crazy horse leather

Code: BBZ8000 Featuring 360° reflective and fluorescent contrasts, non-metallic toecap and Nail Stop midsole, and with built-in ankle impact protection and Achilles support. EN/UKCA S5 HRO CI HI AN SRC Certified. Size: UK 3-13 / EUR 37-47 Colours: Black/Yellow, Black/Orange, Blue/Orange

£98.90 Exc VAT

£96.50 Exc VAT

S5 NEOPRENE/ RUBBER SAFETY BOOT Code: BBZ6000GR Features 5mm Neoprene for a comfortable fit, steel toecap & midsole protection, Cold Insulation certified, reflective flash and a roll down hi-viz lining. EN/UKCA S5 HRO CI SRC Certified. Size: UK 5-13 / EUR 39-47 Colours: Green/Grey, Blue/Orange,

Black/Grey, Orange/Blue

£57.90 Exc VAT


£68.50 Exc VAT

Code: BVIZ3


Hi-viz waterproof elastic and leather upper with reflective piping, wrap-around heel counter, non-metallic toecap and antipenetration midsole, static/slip/ heat/oil resistant rubber outsole and a rubber scuff protector. EN/UKCA S3 HRO SRC Certified. Size: UK 6-13 / EUR 40-47 Colours: Brown/Orange, Black/ Orange, Black/Yellow


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

DEALERZ SAFETY DEALER BOOTS Features; metal free safety toe & safety midsole protection. Reflective safety insert, antistatic and energy absorption at the heel. SRC maximum slip resistant rubber outsole. EN/UKCA S3 HRO SRC Certified. Size: UK 6-13 / EUR 40-47 Colour: Dark brown crazy horse leather

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

BUCKBOOTZ We always knew that BBZ 6000 would be a hard act to follow but we also knew that by continually researching and developing new ideas we could produce an even better product. One with immense visual impact and bristling with innovation. One which would pick up on the amazing success of BBZ 6000 and take the S5 neoprene/rubber safety boot concept which we pioneered in 2008 on to new horizons. BBZ 8000 brings a totally new dimension to personal safety in the workplace. Available in: Black/Hi-Viz Yellow Black/Hi-Viz Orange Blue/Hi-Viz Orange

£98.90 Exc VAT

Sizes: 3/37 — 13/47

A WATERSHED MOMENT FOR WATERPROOF SAFETY BOOTS • S5 HRO CI HI AN SRC Certified • 5mm neoprene with rubber protection and Aerospencer breathable lining • Hi-viz colour contrasts with reflective enhancement giving 360º presence warning • Ankle and achilles protection support • Waterproof • Non-metallic

WARSOP | 01623 847171

• • • • •

Super lightweight safety toecap Anti-penetration NAIL STOP midsole Antistatic Energy absorption of the seat region Slip, heat and oil resistant cleated rubber outsole • Cold Insulation Certified to -17°C • Heat Insulation Certification to +150ºC • Ankle protection (10J impact)

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


B&B TRACTORS MEET THE TEAM MEET TOM AUSTIN In this issue of the Windmill, we sit down with Tom Austin, our new Valtra and Manitou Territory Sales Manager, to talk about how he started his career in farming, what he likes to get up to in his spare time and much more!

How do you prefer to start your day? I like to start the day by feeding my dog and catching up on any motorsport highlights, whilst doing some last-minute ironing. Before heading out, I try to list a rough plan together, although I rarely end up following it.

What was your first job? My first job was cleaning boats on the marina where I use to live when I was 13. However, I only managed to clean two boats before getting I decided it wasnt for me. On the bright side, I made £30! Back then, I thought I was loaded. After my boat career, I started as a Saturday boy at Steethay Wharf in Lichfield.


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

MEET THE TEAM What led you to this career? There’s farming in my family background, although not on any real scale. For my 12th birthday, I had a little Dexter project. I think this is what planted the seed in my head. It was a big step up from the Westwood mower with decks removed. Fortunately for me, a local farmer took me under his wing during a bit of a rough time when I was in school. There, June taught me a lot about the commitment that goes into this sector, particularly the dairy side - which is where I was first taught how to ‘operate’ a machine rather than just driving it. I broke a lot of kit along the way and I can only admire their patience! I’ll always be thankful for the introduction, as I’ve realised since that the industry can be quite closed at times.

What is your greatest achievement? My degree probably. It was hard squeezing in two jobs, University, and a social life. Completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh was pretty good too! It’s surprising how many hours went into it, however, I was able to spend the day at St James’s Palace and I met Prince Philip - I guess it was worth it in the end!

What are your hobbies? Motorbikes mainly. I like to ride up and down trails in the country - I pretty much do this every weekend. I’ve played acoustic guitar since a young age too, however, I only tend to play now when an injury from the bikes occurs! Also, trips away in the campervan, I’d say I go regularly enough to class it as a hobby!

If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play? Would have to be The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings as they’re my favourite films. Radagast the Brown I think.

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707



155 - 271 HP When you need more from your tractor, the T Series is the ultimate precision tool with plenty of muscle. Perfect all-round visibility means that you have total control over your land from the comfort of your cab. And by letting technology work for you, you can rest assured knowing every aspect of your workday is handled down to a T.

Award-winning power and efficiency Beauty, brains and brawn — the award-winning T Series tractor is a winner on all fronts, combining the power of smart technology with the strength of a 6-cylinder engine. Step into the cab and the best tractor experience is all around you with perfect 365 day and night visibility and plenty of space. The convenient A-pillar display puts information and control right where you need it. Valtra Smart technologies give you all-encompassing control over your work. The king on any terrain, the T Series gets going and moves smoothly while you reap the benefits. When you value power, precision and profit, the T Series is your working machine. 11

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

THE 5TH GENERATION Easy to use and comfortable Comfort, ergonomics and ease of use are at the heart of the T Series. The 5th generation updates include an improved user interface, controls and a smart A-pillar display that puts information right where you need it. The steering column and the steering wheel are renewed for better usability and visibility. And, with the industry benchmark SmartTouch in Versu and Direct models, each day brings more profit and peace of mind.

Technology at your service With technology fully integrated in a tractor made for work, your machine works for you, giving you more precision, more profit and more speed. You’ll have full knowledge of your tractor’s performance, accurate implement control, precise waylines and optimal inputs. What used to be a good guess turns into knowledge backed by data. Save time, save money and save your nerves – go Smart and get home on time.

Low cost of ownership Get more bang for your buck with Valtra. Valtra’s engine, made in-house with hydraulic lash adjustment, keeps the costs low, and the powerful but agile machine is designed to save your money, fuel and time.

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707



SMART Check: A free, Comprehensive Machine Inspection We know your machine’s worked hard throughout the season. That’s why we’re offering a comprehensive inspection of all self-propelled machines aged five years and older – free of charge – to make sure they’re ready to take on brand new challenges in the months to come.

SMART Check: what you need to know SMART Check is a FREE comprehensive inspection of any self-propelled machine aged five years or older. We’ve teamed up with participating dealers across the country, who’ll meticulously inspect your machine at no cost and help you get prepared for the season to come. But hurry – this is a limited time offer, with a limited number of inspections available!

How it works 1. Booking. Locate your closest B&B Tractors Dealership, contact them via the details provided and book a time directly. 2. SMART Check appointment. Allow the technicians to inspect your machine – this should take around two hours for a tractor. Your local B&B Service Team will use a comprehensive checklist to ensure all bases are covered. 13

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

AGCO SMART CHECK Remedial work – if required Post-inspection, you’ll be provided with a full fault and condition report, allowing you to make smart decisions about any remedial work your machine might need. You can even book this for an out-of-season period, minimising unexpected machine downtime. Any required repair work will be carried out by trained and professionally-equipped technicians via your local B&B Tractors Parts and Service department. This means you’ll automatically benefit from AGCO’s standard 12-month parts and labour warranty.

BOOK NOW! Warsop Depot P: 01623 847171 E:

Tideswell Depot P: 01298 872049 E:

Fauld Depot P: 01283 521522 E:

Dodworth Depot P: 01226 730707 E:

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707



Tyres from Trelleborg with warming winter rewards. Trelleborg is a global supplier of tyres and wheels to agricultural and forestry businesses across the world.

Quality and reliability are the driving force behind the Mitas brand.

Cultor and Maximo tyres are competitively priced. They offer a balanced combination of features making them suitable for various terrains and agricultural machinery.

Get great rewards with our Agriplus programme Agriplus is a unique, exciting partnership programme which enables you to earn points for a variety of Trelleborg-related activities. Points can be earned with new tractors on Trelleborg Tyres and replacement purchases on both Trelleborg and now Mitas Tyres. Choose your preferred reward from the online Agriplus catalogue and receive it delivered directly to your door.

For all your tyre, wheel and conversion needs U K .T R E L L E B O R G - A G R I P L U S . C O M


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

3 Year Extended Warranty Protect your investment by increasing your standard 2 year warranty to 5 years with a Väderstad Extended Warranty, delivered and managed by Väderstad. learn more at: Terms and conditions apply

Learn more at


14.87 Tonne Excavator



The SANY SY135C is extremely powerful and offers outstanding driver comfort, meaning that this machine guarantees exceptional productivity and user-friendliness.

STRONG PERFORMANCE WITH LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION More work with less fuel – the SY135C‘s sophisticated engine and hydraulic concept makes this a reality. The hugely powerful diesel engine, equipped with common rail technology and AdBlue emission control, puts on a strong show with its maximum torque of 375 Nm and 1,800 rpm. A choice of various operating modes and automatic speed reduction optimise fuel consumption in a tangible way. This is where power meets efficiency. The total savings thanks to improved fuel efficiency result in significant economic benefits.


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

Safety Comprehensive protection – In addition to the rotating beacon and the driving alarm, the safety package also includes the fenders above the shield cylinders.

BOOK YOUR DEMO TODAY! Warsop: 01623 847171 Tideswell: 01298 872049 Fauld: 01283 521522 Dodworth: 01226 730707

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

SANY SY135C User Experience Easy to maintain – The engine bonnet that can be fully opened and the clear arrangement of the key components in the centre make maintenance and service quick and easy.

Dimensions Compact power – The SANY SY135C tackles work extremely efficiently as a compact excavator. High performance and impressive stability – the perfect combination to complete all tasks quickly and reliably on the construction site.



Reliable drive – The tried-and-tested ISUZU-4JJ1X engine guarantees reliable performance in the long term, even in harsh working conditions.

Efficiency and power – The smart control system adapts the pump capacity to the available engine power for greater cost- effectiveness and reduced fuel consumption.

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707




£14.95 Exc VAT




Code: 143

Code: 325

Crafted from 100% cotton for a comfortable and breathable shirt. The button down collar is perfect for keeping your style looking smart whilst on the move. Size: S – 3XL Colours: Navy

Designed for wet and rugged conditions. Waterproof fabric, adjustable hood and taped seams keep the rain out, while ThermoFort padding keeps the warmth in. Also with zipped under-arm ventilation and adjustable hems.


Size: S – 3XL Colours: Green


£24.95 Exc VAT


PORTMAN SHACKET Code: 126 Ideal for when the temperature drops - its Sherpa fleece lining, padded sleeves and cosy side pockets will keep you warm. A full length zip and adjustable cuffs make sure it fits properly too. Size: S – 3XL Colours: Red/Navy

£49.95 Exc VAT


£24.95 Exc VAT



Code: 279

Waterproof, full grain leather safety boots with a steel toe cap, anti-penetration midsole and TPU toe guard. A padded collar and comfort insoles will keep your feet feeling fresh. Size: 6 –13 UK Colours: Black/Brown


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049


Softshell panelling provides all the freedom of movement you need, while the Thermofort padding and an adjustable hood will keep you warm. Size: S – 3XL Colours: Black

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707








Code: 08627

Code: 68294

Includes commonly used hand tools:

Designed for digging out fence or gate posts and planting trees or hedges. Two-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine. Easily operated by one person. Straight-forward recoil start & quick emergency shut-off.

1/4” sq. drive sockets, 1/2” sq. drive sockets, screwdrivers, 1/4” Hex screwdriver bits, spanners, utility knife, trimming knife blades, spinner handle, reversible ratchet, water pump pliers, extension bars and adaptor, pliers, side cutters, measuring tape, spark plug sockets, reversible ratchet and Hex keys.

£89.95 Exc VAT

£160.00 Exc VAT

6 TONNE AXLE STANDS (PAIR) Code: 54722 Expert Quality, heavy duty manufactured from carbon steel hardened and tempered with hardened steel pin.

£39.00 Exc VAT


£18.00 Exc VAT

Code: 98342 (blue) Code: 98348 (orange) Code: 98346 (green)

Code: 85068 For cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories etc. Has on/off water control feature and snap-on hose connector. Max. length 3m.

SMD LED torch with pivoting and swivelling head allowing light in any 360° position. Dimmable 70 – 700 lumens Power indicator, magnetic base, hook and micro USB for up to 15 hours of use.

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049


FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


Fendt Connect The central telemetry solution for your Fendt machines OVERVIEW OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MACHINE DATA – ANYTIME, ANY PLACE! Simple fleet management using a computer, smartphone or tablet

Minimised downtime due to early identification of error codes

Increased economic efficiency and operating material savings thanks to fact-based analysis of the field management

Optimised machine adjustment and reduced inputs to improve performance

Effective dealer support via AGCOConnect Direct help with suitable & fast solutions – Ask about retrofit

Data Security: Fendt Connect complies with the stringent European IT security standards

Fendt Care Platinum: Maximise your machine availability - full cost control & planning reliability

Plan services in advance around seasonal peaks and maximise your uptime. For Fendt 300-1000 Vario, 900 Vario MT, Rogator 600 and IDEAL. Check now if your machine is ready for Connect:


5 years free of charge for new machines



WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

FENDT 900 VARIO Fendt 900 Vario -Because the successful Fendt model is now not only more digital, but even more intelligent. Conditions in agriculture are becoming increasingly challenging: from extreme weather events to stricter legal guidelines. With the Fendt 900 Vario with FendtONE, we offer you something that makes your work easier - both on the machine and planning in the office and working in the field. With its unique modularity, the Fendt 900 Vario can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of operating conditions. - Power segment 296 - 415 hp - FendtONE operating philosophy: - new driver workstation (onboard) - planning and management functions with FendtONE offboard - 9.0 l MAN engine - Fendt VarioDrive variable all-wheel drive - Fendt iD low-speed concept - 2-circuit hydraulic system - Self-cleaning air filter (automatic dust extraction) - Integrated tyre pressure control system VarioGrip - Front PTO - Reverse drive - Telemetry solution Fendt Connect - Safety locking system

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


CESAR STOPS THEFT Protecting Tractors, ATV's, 4x4's, Trailers and GPS equipment with CESAR and Datatag security Derbyshire Police in partnership with Bolsover Community Safety Partnership, North East Derbyshire Community Safety Partnership and Derbyshire Dales District Council are offering an exclusive CESAR & Datatag security promotion. In Partnership with:

To combat the threat from opportunistic and organised criminals alike the triangular CESAR registration plate has become the industry standard identification mark with support from local authorities, leading contractors, the farming community, the Police, insurers and hire and finance companies. Combining state of the art Datatag ID technologies, both overt and covert, a low one-off cost, registration on a secure database, accessible through an accredited and dedicated 24/7 UK based secure contact centre, the scheme aims to deter theft and aide recovery. Tractor: £84.50 plus VAT (RRP £169 plus VAT) ATV or Quad: £60.00 plus VAT (RRP £120 plus VAT) 4x4 System: £60.00 inc VAT (RRP £120 inc VAT installed) Trailer System: £50.00 inc VAT (RRP £100 inc VAT installed)

Authorised CESAR Installers


GPS Security Marking System: £29.99* inc VAT (RRP £59.99 inc VAT) *price excludes installation/fitting

HOW TO GET INVOLVED Please email us for a call back at Please quote promo code NED22 if you live in the North East Derbyshire District Council area or the Bolsover District Council area. If you live in the Derbyshire Dales District Council area, please quote code DD22, provide your contact phone number along with your name, address and postcode. We will then call you back to make your booking and take payment.

Nov 2021

Terms & Conditions • Offer valid while stocks last. • Offer only open to residents in the Bolsover, North East Derbyshire and Derbyshire Dale District Council areas • The special price is subject to change without notice whilst stocks last.

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£139.89 Exc VAT




Code: S.162710

Code: S.119437

Multi-functional, wireless and magnetic LED lighting for multiple vehicles.

22080 lumens / 10-30V 122 mm (H) x 1344 mm (L) x 145 mm (W) IP69K rated Made with clear, plastic safety glass


£46.04 Exc VAT


LED ROTATING AMBER BEACON Code: S.163864 Class 3, ultra-compact profile, flexible pin 12/24V, IP65 rated 150 mm (H) x 108 mm (L) x 108 mm (W)

£407.12 Exc VAT

WARSOP | 01623 847171


£124.71 Exc VAT


Code: S.159967

Code: S.164212

Battery Operated 18V Takes 400g grease cartridge Comes with 750mm reinforced flexible hose with 13mmØ, and 4 jaws coupler.

Hearing protection with Bluetooth for music streaming and hands free phone calls Waterproof to IPX4 (heavy rain) Soft padding for comfort, push button controls, USB charging.

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


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