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Hello from everyone here at B&B Tractors and welcome to our new and improved newsletter. We hope you like the new design, format and new ways of sharing our products and Aftersales offers with you. You’ll find that The Windmill is filled with information about new and exciting products from all of our brands, plus exclusive Parts & Service offers. Each newsletter will be posted on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We want this newsletter to be valuable for our customers, so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. Enjoy! Sara Paoloni Group Marketing





The quietest cab on the market at only 68dB(A)


Power to the ground, where you need it most, 25% increased efficiency and 5% increased fuel economy


Comes with FREE 3 year MF connect telemetry subscription and optional precision farming suite for maximum uptime Contact your local B&B Tractors depot for more information Warsop Depot

Colin Blood | 07800 885075 David Madin | 07785 973528

Fauld Depot

Eddie Averill | 07969 923398 Harry Milner | 07500 786743

Tideswell Depot

Richard Curtis | 07778 778393

Dodworth Depot

Tom Gardham | 07785 973527


2009 MF 5445

2017 MF 7718

2017 MF 7716

3500 Hrs, Genuine hours, 32 speed transmission, 2 rear spools, Air con, Air seat, 18.4 R38 rear tyres with 80% tread left, 14.9 R26 front tyres with 60% tread left. 30024292 £13,750 F

6680 Hrs, 95 Hp, Dyna 4-40 KPH power shuttle, 2x spools, 16.9x34 rears, 340/85x24 fronts all at 80%, Telescopic mirrors, 540/1000 PTO interchangeable shaft, VGC. 30024177 £24,500 F

3408 Hrs, Warranty until 11th May 2021 or 4200 hours, Serviced up to 3000 hours, Efficient Specification, Front and cab suspension, Hydraulic trailer brakes, 540/1000 6 & 21 spline 40022677 £ 53,750 W

2169 Hrs, Essenti Cab suspension, Dyna 6 transmiss x 16.9 R28 tyres a Very tidy tractor. 40023746

2019 MF 7718

2013 MF 5440

2016 MF 8730

2018 MF 7722

450 Hrs, Courtesy tractor, Remaining of 3 years 1800 hours warranty, Dyna 6 Efficient spec, 650/65 R38 rear, 540/65 R28 front, both with 80% tread left, 4 rear spools & 1 front. 30022616 £88,750 F

1550 Hrs,Dyna 4 transmisison, Powershuttle, 3 rear spools, Front fenders, 420/85R34 rear tyres, 340/85R24 front tyres, Large mirrors, Air seat, Air con, 40kph road speed. 30024288 £33,500 F

3011 Hrs, Vario transmission, 4 rear spool valves, Front linkage with 1 front spoolPTO, IF620/75R30 Michelins with 60% tread left, Datatronic, Isobus, One 250kg weight each side. 10023497 £82,000 W

1691 Hrs, Warran 13/09/2023 or 30 VT transmission, with multi pad, 7 600/60 R30 both tyres with 70% tr 20023436 £9

2015 Challenger MT775E SO LD

2016 Challenger MT875

2007 John Deere 6430

2013 Manitou

6837 Hrs, PowerQuad transmission, 3 rear spool valve, Hyd brakes, Radio, 420/85R24 20% tread left, 460/85R38 with 30% treaf lePTO.

2599 Hrs, Powers sion, Air seat & Ai Radio, JCB headst with 30% tread le



1611 Hrs, Warranty until 2000 4504 Hrs, Warranty until July hours, 16F/4R powershift trans- 2022 or 5200 hours, Service mission, 405hp 9.8 litre engine, history to 4400 hours, 16F/4R 30” extreme Ag tracks with 60% Powershift transmission, 30” extread left, 405hp 9.8 litre engine, treme ag tracks with 70% tread 4 rear spool valves. left, 5 rear spool valves. 10021722 £119,000 W 10024138 £149,000 W


WARSOP | 01623 847171





TIDESWELL | 01298 872049


2016 MF 8732

1995 MF 6160

4339 Hrs,Dyna 4 transmission, 40kph road speed, 2 rear spool valves, 420/85 R34 rear tyres, 340/85R24 front tyres, both with 70% tread left, Pick up hitch, 504/540e PTO. 10024057 £27,000 W

2533 Hrs, Warranty until June 2021/4500 hours, Dyna VT transmission, Front linkage, 5 rear spools & 2 fronts PTO, IF620/75 R30 fronts, F710/85 R38 rears both with 75% tread left. 10023525 £92,000 W

13000 Hrs, Dyna shift with right hand mechanical reverse, Starts runs and drives well PTO.



2013 Valtra T213 V

2016 Fendt 939

2017 MF 7718

nty until 000 hours, Dyna Power control 710/60 R42, with Michelin read left. 91,500 T

2920 Hrs, Versu, Front & Cab suspension, 650/65/R42 Michelin tyres, 540/65/R30 Michelin tyres, Front & cab suspension, Hydraulic trailer brakes, 540/540E/1000 PTO. 30024442 £47,500 F

3791 Hrs, Vario transmission, 5 rear spool valves, Front linkage, 50/65 R34 Michelin with 40% tread left, 900/60 R42 Michelin with 50% tread left, Hydraulic top link, Front & cab suspension. 10023770 £118,000 W

4620 Hrs, Warranty until October 2023 or 8000 hours,Dealer serviced up to 3500 hours PTO, Profi Plus, Vario TMS, 650/75 R38 rear, 600/65 R28 front tyres, both with 20% tread left. 40021387 £92,000 D

u MLT 840

2016 Manitou MLT 629 SO LD

2016 Manitou MLT 741

2010 Merlo P34.7

shift transmisir conditioning, tock, 460/70R24 eft.

6295 Hrs, Manual 4 speed Transmisson, Third Service, Pick up hitch, 460/70R24 with 50% tread left, Premium specification, Boom suspension.

6500 Hrs, Merlo P34.7 Telehandler, Pick up hitch, Runs and drives well,Merlo carriage PTO.



2000 Hrs, MLT 741 Premium spec, Powershift gearbox, Boom suspension Hyd imp lock, Pick up hitch, ELS pressure release system, JSM joystick, 460/70x24 tyres @80%. 30023402 £49,750 F


ial Spec, 40kph, CCLS Pump, sion, 20.8 R38 all 80% good,






FAULD | 01283 521522



DODWORTH | 01226 730707







Nilfisk MH4M-100/680 PAX UK

WAS £3799.43+VAT

SPAREX wireless LED lights Part No: SP-130977

Battery on standby

20 Hours

Battery type

3.7V, 2000mAh lithium battery

Bulb type


Charging time

4 Hours




4, Brake / Tail / Indicator

Part No: SP-150548

WAS £480.72+VAT

NOW £399+VAT

Key Points:

The MH4M series takes mid-range hot water high

• Direct in your TV, PC or Smart-Phone (with internet)

• Hot Pressure Washer • Industrial Specification • Ideal For Everyday Use • Powerful Jet Washer

pressure washers to a new level, meeting the

• Up to 1250m range

latest productivity demands in the market. The

• Wireless setup without the need of Internet connection.

MH 4M is equipped with our industrial NA5 pump

• Alarms, night vision, recording

• Includes Hose Reel

pole motor. And the flow activated control system

• FullHD 1920X1080

with 3 ceramic pistons and a high efficiency 4

• Plug and play!

NOW £499+VAT

NOW £135+VAT

MachineCam Mobility

AGCO 629 Battery

WAS £173.39+VAT

Key Points:

With MachinCam Mobility, you get a better

• 3 years warranty • One camera system – many usage areas • Night-vision, water-resistant (IP66) • Battery time 20-26 hours • Night vision

WARSOP | 01623 847171

WAS £606.18+VAT

Part No: SP-140897

Part No: AG-3931132M1


NOW £83.33+VAT

Surveillance Farmcam HD System

Part No: NI-107 146911

Key Points:

WAS £111.18+VAT

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

overview while your work is faster and with optimized accuracy. You also do not have to turn around every time you want to look back. Instead, you can watch the display that you have in front of you. Your position in the vehicle will thus become more comfortable and ergonomic.

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

Fendt Connect The central telemetry solution for your Fendt machines OVERVIEW OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MACHINE DATA – ANYTIME, ANY PLACE! Simple fleet management using a computer, smartphone or tablet

Minimised downtime due to early identification of error codes

Increased economic efficiency and operating material savings thanks to fact-based analysis of the field management

Optimised machine adjustment and reduced inputs to improve performance

Effective dealer support via AGCOConnect Direct help with suitable & fast solutions – Ask about retrofit

Data Security: Fendt Connect complies with the stringent European IT security standards

Fendt Care Platinum: Maximise your machine availability - full cost control & planning reliability

Plan services in advance around seasonal peaks and maximise your uptime. For Fendt 300-1000 Vario, 900 Vario MT, Rogator 600 and IDEAL. Check now if your machine is ready for Connect: get.agcoconnect.com

ACTIVATE NOW fendtconnect.com

5 years free of charge for new machines



What are your hobbies?

I am a massive fan of the UFC (mixed martial arts).

Meet Steve Plews Job Role: Parts Manager Location: Warsop Depot Years of Service: 14 Years

How do you like to start your day? With a COFFEE!

What is your role at B&B Tractors? Primarily, I oversee the running of Warsop’s parts department.

What led you to this career? I was after a job at the time and was advised by a relative that B&B were advertising. I have lived local all my life and never realised B&B existed! I only knew the place as Bowring Transport. I called in one afternoon enquiring about “an advertised job” (not a clue what the job was) and got asked to come back for an interview later that evening. I started the following Monday! 14 years later, I am still here and looking forward to the next 14!


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

My favourite type of physical hobby is Squash. I played for 6 solid years, often playing 6 days a week. Sometimes double sessions and at the weekend I could play up to 3 hours. However, after kids and work, Squash has unfortunately taken a back seat but I’m sure I’ll revisit it at some point. Hopefully with my kids! Family time!!!

What is your greatest achievement? Got to be my family. The wife, 2 boys and my little princess.

If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play? Thor from Marvel films.

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


G SERIES 105 - 135 HP


Valtra’s new G Series is the latest answer to customers’ demands. It’s the small and compact all-rounder that enables you to sit back and enjoy peace of mind while getting the job done comfortably.


B&B TRACTORS PARTS Milwaukee Grey Heated Hoodie Part No: M12HHGREY3

WAS £109+VAT


Battery not included Sizes: M, L, XL & XXL

WE DON’T DO POWER TOOLS OR EXCAVATORS. WE ONLY DO BOOTS. 20% OFF ALL BUCKLER BOOTS Warsop Parts T: 01623 847171 E: warsopparts@bandbtractors.co.uk

Tideswell Parts T: 01298 872049 E: tideswellparts@bandbtractors.co.uk

Fauld Parts T: 01283 521522 E: fauldparts@bandbtractors.co.uk

Dodworth Parts T: 01226 730707 E: dodworthparts@bandbtractors.co.uk


WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707

PARTS Milwaukee M12 Multi Head Drill Part No: M12FPDXKIT-602X

WAS £319+VAT

NOW £250+VAT

Milwaukee M18 ONE KEY WAS £430.92+VAT NOW £300+VAT Impact Driver Part No: M18ONEID-502X

Key Points:

Key Points:

single charge with a 2.0 Ah battery pack

offering tool tuning and customisation via the Mil-

• Suitable for all aluminium, steel, stainless steel

waukee One-Key app.

and copper rivets up to 4.8 mm

• Brushless motor

• Rivets in one stroke with a 20.32 mm stroke length

• Driver: 1/4” hex

• Supplied with 4 x retaining tips

• Carry case and fast charger

• Up to 325 x 4.8 mm stainless steel rivets on a

Milwaukee M18 Quiet Impact Driver Part No: M18FQUID-502X

• Brushless motor with One-key™ technology

WAS £430.92+VAT

NOW £300+VAT

Milwaukee Fast Charger



Part No: M12-18FC

Key Points:

Key Points:

• Recharges all M18™, M14™ and M12™

• The M18 FUEL™ SURGE™ ¼” Hex hydraulic

REDLITHIUM™ battery packs


•Recharges in sequence - first in, first to charge

• POWERSTATE™ brushless motor delivers up to

- resulting in less time needed to manage charging

0 - 3.000 rpm with constant power output to drive


screws faster • On board fuel gauge and LED light

Milwaukee M12 LED Torch

WAS £34.99+VAT


Part No: M12TLED

Milwaukee M18 Hole Hawg Drill Part No: M18CRAD-0

WAS £290.52+VAT

NOW £199+VAT

Key Points:

Key Points:

than conventional incandescent bulbs

wood drilling applications

• M12™ LED electronics deliver 2x longer run time

• All metal gear case and 13 mm keyed chuck

on a single charge with less heat

• Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAU-

• Sealed aluminium head is designed for impact-

KEE® M18™ batteries

• The 120 Lumen LED light is 2x brighter and whiter

• Delivers corded power and speed (1500 rpm) in

and weather-resistant durability

Milwaukee M18 Polisher Part No: M18FAP180-0

WAS £236.52+VAT

NOW £175+VAT

Key Points:

Milwaukee M12IR-201B WAS £225.72+VAT 1/4 12v 1x2Ah Cordless NOW £185+VAT 1/4in Impact Ratchet Part No: M12IR-201B ¼”

• POWERSTATE brushless motor • No load speed 360rpm to 2200rpm

• Pneumatic performance with cordless conveni-

• 8 position variable speed selection

ence, 47 Nm of torque and no load speed of 250 rpm

• Disc diameter 180mm

• Reinforced housing - provides high durability

• 3 position bale handle

similar to steel ratchets

• Flexible battery system can be used with any

• Compact design - ideal for tight spaces and small

Milwaukee M18 battery

WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

Key Points:

engine bays

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707


INTRODUCING THE NEW MF 5S Versatile new MF 5S Series combines Best-in-class visibility with easy operation, comfort and control.

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), proudly announces the introduction of five new models from 105hp to 145hp in the MF 5S Series, which continues its striking new era design and enhanced operator experience introduced on the advanced, new MF 8S Series. Discover more about the MF 5S Tractors via the Massey Ferguson website.

CESAR STOPS THEFT Protecting Tractors, ATV's, 4x4's and Trailers with CESAR and Datatag security Derbyshire Police in partnership with Bolsover Community Safety Partnership and North East Derbyshire Safety Partnership are offering an exclusive CESAR & Datatag security promotion. To combat the threat from opportunistic and organised criminals alike the triangular CESAR registration plate has become the industry standard identification mark with support from local authorities, leading contractors, the farming community, the police, insurers and hire and finance companies. Combining state of the art Datatag ID technologies, both overt and covert, a low one-off cost, registration on a secure database, accessible through an accredited and dedicated 24/7 UK based secure contact centre, the scheme aims to deter theft and aide recovery. Tractor: £84.50 plus VAT (RRP £169 plus VAT) ATV or Quad: £60.00 plus VAT (RRP £120 plus VAT) 4x4 System: £60 inc VAT (RRP £120 inc VAT installed) Trailer System: £50 inc VAT (RRP £100 inc VAT installed)

How to get involved Please email us for a call back at enquiries@cesarscheme.org. Please quote promo code NED21, provide your contact phone number along with your name, address and post code. We will then call you back to make your booking and take payment. Terms & Conditions • Discounts valid until 31/03/2021. • Offer only open to residents in the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire Council areas • The special price is subject to change without notice whilst stocks last.

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fendt.com | Fendt is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

Your best deal: Fendt IDEAL. Enjoy 10% off!

The best ever early-bird sale for our Fendt combine harvester is here! With up to 10% off, offers include the Fendt IDEAL 9T for up to € 60,000 less than its gross list price. (Offer valid until 31.10.) For all the details, go to: fendt.com/earlybird

It’s Fendt. Because we understand Agriculture.


WAS £230+VAT

NOW £199+VAT

Part No: SI-09560

SIP Fireball 1070 Propane Heater Part No: SI-09283

WAS 205.99.72+VAT

NOW £180+VAT

Key Points:

Key Points:

• 230v (13A) input supply

• 230v (13A) input supply

• 50,000BTU/hr (14.7kW) heat output

• 51,787 - 107,000BTU/hr (31.4kW) heat output

• 350m³ (12,360ft³) approximate heating area

• 718m³ (25,355ft³) approximate heating area

• 20ltr heavy-duty fuel tank for performance

• Heavy-duty powder-coated finish for durability

• Powder-coated finish for added durability

• Regulator and hose included; no added expense

• Heavy-duty air pump which utilises proven

• Variable output for cost-saving efficient burning

technology and extremely low maintenance

• Lightweight and portable with easy carry handle

SIP Fireball 1600 Propane Heater Part No: SI-09284

WAS £250+VAT

NOW £210+VAT

SIP Fireball 125XD Heater Part No: SI-09566

Key Points:

Key Points:

WAS £360+VAT

NOW £280+VAT

• 230v (13A) input supply

• 230v (13A) input supply

• 125,000BTU/hr (36.6kW) heat output

• 74,202 - 160,000BTU/hr (46.9kW) heat output

• 900m³ (31,783ft³) approximate heating area

• 1074m³ (37,972ft³) approximate heating area

• 40ltr heavy-duty fuel tank for performance

• Heavy-duty powder-coated finish for durability

• Powder-coated finish for added durability

• Regulator and hose included; no added expense

• Heavy-duty air pump which utilises proven

• Variable output for cost-saving efficient burning

technology and extremely low maintenance

• Lightweight and portable with easy carry handle

20% OFF ALL DRAPER TOOLS WARSOP | 01623 847171

TIDESWELL | 01298 872049

FAULD | 01283 521522

DODWORTH | 01226 730707




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The Windmill February 2021  

Hello from everyone here at B&B Tractors and welcome to our new and improved newsletter. We hope you like the new design, format and new way...

The Windmill February 2021  

Hello from everyone here at B&B Tractors and welcome to our new and improved newsletter. We hope you like the new design, format and new way...