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Backyard Barbecue Advice, Inspiration and Recipes for the Home Enthusiast


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1115 E Gonzalez Street | Pensacola, FL 32501

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Whatever your plans are—for the day, the evening or vacation— be sure to include Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen! Enjoy family-style dining around endless servings of all your Southern favorites. Then save room for dessert (and a little shopping) at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, located at the west end of Downtown OWA! THRILL, THEN CHILL.

CONTENTS FEATURES 14 AMERICA’S 1ST SETTLEMENT TRAIL A three-mile pedestrian trail outlining the nation’s history through a series of stops throughout downtown Pensacola. 16 TOOLS OF THE TRADE Check out the hottest tools to keep your backyard barbecue sizzling this season. 18 PENSACOLA COOKS A collection of cookbooks from many of Pensacola’s most beloved chefs and philanthropic organizations. 21 LOCAL BBQ JOINTS Keep your summer smokin’ with our roundup of some of the hottest barbecue joints in town. 26 THE BUTCHER SHOPPE This neighborhood meat market offers award-winning cuts for seasoned pitmasters and novices alike. 31 AN ODE TO BACKYARD BARBECUE Ryan Eaton offers up barbecue advice, inspiration and recipes for the home enthusiast.

TOPICS 8 Editor’s Note 10 Page 10 with DeeDee Davis 12 Pensacola Scene 37 Event Calendar ON THE COVER: Brisket, pork butt, tri-tip steak and pork belly burnt ends with homemade sides, cooked by Ryan Eaton. Photographed by Guy Stevens 6 | JULY 2022

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JULY 2022 Owner Malcolm Ballinger

Well, folks, it’s officially summer in Pensacola—and we’ve got the 100 plus degree weather to prove it! Man, it’s hot out there. The heat notwithstanding, summertime signals the prime season for Obesity, diabetes and heart diseasedining, became grilling death and, of course, barbecue. Now, barbecue outdoor sentences for too many people battling Covid. While aficionados will tell you that every season is barbecue season. But genetics predispose some to these illnesses, many can there is something summer that begs for a dripping pulled be managed or eradicated by lifestyle changes. about I’d sandwich, juicy like to focus on making pork healthy choices while stillribs or a well seasoned brisket. My mouth is thinking about it. enjoying the bad-for-youwatering good stuffjust in moderation. Kelly Oden

ss Note Note

2021 issue rvived barrage ss and entire d ones, ept e,trange at least The novel ?g. illin change our accines so far been onavirus, it from ure you int with some ually— e,freely Escambia e.Santa What has uickly once —the uspect The factitis, ’m over mental virus or be on a s. That is time word: stay munity, positive over -leaving eriences. Only e idea, too, utions ct. her than , via cial

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Executive Editor

first responders and hospital workers? Thank

Passion and Joy While I do love a pulled pork sandwich, cooking meat has never you for putting yourselves on the front lines incredible special-needs pets and their owners Ireally don’t know about you, but 2020 offered far too to keep us as safe as possible. Also, a big shout been my strength, so I asked and she discovered that while these precious local barbecue enthusiast Ryan Eaton if he’d be little of either of these to me. I was so consumed out tomay all the teachers there scrambling babies take littleout more the love interested ina writing acare, primer ontobackyard barbecuing for those of us without much with myinmom’s illness and then with putgive together online to keep our kidssurviving they return islessons worth every second.

experience inloss theinstead process. Boyofabout did engaged learning worrying the grief and of her and theof anxiety thehe deliver! Ryan cooked up a trio of tasty meats—

things cannot control. We you! Ifpandemic exoticthey animals are more your thing, head pulled pork, brisket and tri-tips—and and the sorrow ofappreciate so many nationalwalked us through his process. Plus, he threw in on overstories to the brand new and some tasty boot. was fortunate enough to enjoy the fruits of his labor and, news I spanking tookto little for myself. On that note,that Irecipes encourage you to time readI our significantly enlarged Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. COVID-19 provides This year, I Resource hope to Guide, explorewhich creative andenjoy personal man, was it delicious! I hope you his article and are inspired to try your hand at The new location features allcommunity the hands-on, up resources for food, business, endeavors that help me rediscover myself and some of his recipes and methods. close as the previous location and interaction more. The ever-changing nature of plus discover new outlets for personal expression. added attractions, amenities and experiences this crisis necessitates that I mention that that will make for a wonderful family day out. may orto may nota be available Ifthese youresources do decide do little smoking, we’ve got the 411 on the best meat in town. Procrastination to you by the time you read this issue. I The Butcher Shoppe isstart, a locally owned IfWhile you’re interested ina conservation, check out people made headway onold-school meat market through and through. hope itmany will provide place to glorious some Dakota Parks story on local Panhandle Rooftop Offering up premium cuts beef, chicken, ideas or some inspiration either way.ofprojects home improvement and personal in 2020, pork and wild game, it has become Nesting Biologist, Rebekah Snyder. Through known for its competition-winning meats and wagyu brisket, in particular. Inationally didmay not.also I did notthat organize I did not You notice we haveanything. some nonher work with Audubon Florida, Snyder helps fix anything. I did not learn a language or a new Be sure to check them out. pandemic related stories in this issue. We made to ensure local shorebirds have safe nesting the call already planned articles that skill. Nothing. But that’s ok, too. I’m still here. spaces in to aninclude increasingly overpopulated region. might an stillaccomplishment. be helpful, relevant or enjoyable in for2021, I’d That’s However, Ifourof cooking just isn’t your thing, readers. We hope you find useful.we’ve also rounded up a list of local barbecue joints, All this, plus amy fewload DIY pet them treat like to lighten and empty my house of one of is sure tofrom satisfy cravings. Who knew Pensacola had so many recipes andwhich some good newsunnecessary the your much clutter and junk that fills As for of us,the Pensacola Magazine has been Florida legislature regarding protection barbecue restaurants? I’ll certainly be trying my fair share this summer. one title or another for it.published It’s timeunder to make room for something new.

Publisher Malcolm Ballinger Executive Editor Kelly Oden Art Director Guy Stevens Graphic Designer/Ad Coordinator Garrett Hallbauer Editor Morgan Cole Assistant Editor Nicole Willis Graphic Design Intern Lauren Barksdale Contributing Writers DeeDee Davis Sales & Marketing Paula Rode, Account Executive ext. 28

21 E. Garden St., Ste. 205 Pensacola, FL 32502 850.433.1166 | fax: 850.435.9174

formore petsthan in abusive situations. 40 years. We have no plans on

changing that. We will continue to publish

Allthis this, a few for your culinary adventures, hot grilling tools for In issue, covered of these So, turn offplus thewe’ve news, putlocal downallcookbooks your phonetopics and to bring you all the information we can and enjoy thesehelp heartwarming talestheir and and more shift own in the season and information onus thefocus newly-installed America’s First Settlement History for as long to as we can.readers Please reach out to adorable of photos of local animals and 2021. We hope you enjoy. Here’s to your health! with story ideas, inspiration or just a quick Trail in downtown Pensacola. the folksWe who for them. When hello. are care all working from homeyou’re and we done, give your little catnip and are missing our kitty wateracooler conversations. throw youryou dogenjoy a bone.the It’s these simple I hope issue! Stay hydrated, folks. Summer has only just begun! Stay safe,that staywill healthy strong, Pensacola! pleasures keepand us stay all sane.

Published by Ballinger Publishing:

Proud member of the

Kelly Oden Kelly Oden Kelly Oden Executive Editor Executive Editor

Executive Editor



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Page 10 DeeDee Davis, Contributing Writer

We just passed the summer solstice and you know what that means—the days will start to shorten. Never mind that it is at least 100 degrees every day, fall is on the way. And, with the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s not too soon to start thinking about creative dishes and fabulous menus. The kickoff, of course, is the onset of football season which means tailgate parties, whether at the stadium or in your own home. Along with decorations and time with family and friends, food always takes center stage at these events. While I have great appreciation for a beautiful table and lots of delectable treats, I have also found that most men share an enthusiasm for culinary creations of almost any kind. I say this because recently I watched an old Andy Griffith episode where one of the town’s finest citizens “passed on.” The reaction of the other widow ladies was predictable, because they all knew the way to a man’s heart. This theory is based on the fact that when a man becomes available by either natural or manmade causes, a single woman seeking male companionship should appear on his doorstep with “the casserole.”

10 | JULY 2022

Many might say this is in the same category as ambulance chasing by lawyers.

honest, and, okay, maybe a couple of pounds overweight, but who cares? More to love.

Who knew that a gesture as simple as a casserole offering could win a man’s heart, or at least his stomach.

Chicken Tetrazzini: Men who appreciate the work that goes into this dish are sensitive, caring and passionate. They show their appreciation for the things you do for them by surprising you often with little gifts, cards and notes. They enjoy big, red wines and fine dining. If you show up with this recipe and he does not fawn all over you, take it home and save it for someone more worthy.

This is not a lesson I learned while growing up. In a family of seven there were rarely leftovers to recreate. The only time I can remember my mother making casseroles was for a funeral or maybe a family reunion, which these days seem to be one in the same. She did occasionally try to poison us with liver, but even she knew better than to try to sneak the nasty glob into cheese or pasta or sauce. You just cannot disguise liver. Summer is casserole time. Prepare in advance and take it to the beach or pull it out for a no fuss quick dinner. So, now that I have been enlightened as to the true significance of the dish, I wonder…what does the casserole say about the man? My scientific research has produced the following conclusions. Tuna Casserole: Do you really even want a man who actually likes tuna casserole? As much as I love tuna, of the sea rather than of the can, I cannot gag down a bite of this dish. If a man eats your tuna casserole, it must be love because his taste buds are dead. It’s a great litmus test. Potato Casseroles: Now we are talking. With all due respect to the now deceased Dr. Atkins, this is the greatest food ever produced by Mother Nature. Men who savor your potato casserole are reliable,

Peach Cobbler: This is my idea of a real casserole because it includes the most important food groups–butter and dessert. Men who take pleasure by indulging themselves with a serving of hot cobbler with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream are fun loving and family oriented. They worship the woman in their life and would do anything for her. I highly recommend a peach cobbler kind of guy. I am still not sold on the idea of home delivery to bachelors, but I do think you can learn a lot about a person by observing their culinary habits. I am one of the lucky ones who has a husband that loves to cook and he is the one now making the cobbler. But, just for old times sake, here is my mother’s mouth watering cobbler recipe. It’s simple and fail proof and is a great addition to any tailgate party, which will be here in no time.

Peach Cobbler Preheat oven to 375 degrees In your favorite casserole dish, place 1 stick of butter and then put it in the oven to melt. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix with a fork one cup of self rising flour, one cup of sugar and one cup of milk. As soon as the butter is bubbly and sizzling, remove from the oven and spread one large can of drained peach slices over the butter. You can use fresh, but this is easier. Pour the flour mixture over the peaches and return the dish to the oven for one hour. The top will be crusty and golden when finished. Enjoy!

A most special anniversary congratulations to my parents, Will and Winnie Bazemore who celebrated 70 years of marriage on July 12. 70!! JULY BIRTHDAYS 6 Sarah Davis 13 Mark Proctor 16 Patrick Bastura 17 Brian Spencer 26 Cameron Cauley 27 Pierce Noonan

Opinion piece: the views expressed in this article are solely of the writer and not representative of Pensacola Magazine



12 | JULY 2022

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2187 Airport Boulevard

1144 Airport Boulevard

5049 Corporate Woods Drive

6000 Cobble Creek Road

700 E. Chase Street

601 E. Chase Street


AMERICA’S 1ST SETTLEMENT TRAIL Courtesy of Visit Pensacola The America’s First Settlement Trail (A1S Trail) is a three-mile marked path through downtown Pensacola and the Pensacola Historic District. Inspired by a trip to Boston, local Realtor Michael Carro formed The A1S Trail Foundation and then set to work forming partnerships with the City of Pensacola and Visit Pensacola to put his vision into action. The trail was created with the goal of offering new opportunities for residents and visitors to explore Pensacola’s rich history. The first phase of the A1S Trail included the completion of a 3-mile painted walking path through the Pensacola Historic District, and placement of temporary markers with QR codes that display information about our history and landmarks. Future phases will include installation of benches, bronze plaques and a continuous brick trail in place of the current burgundy line. The A1S Trail consists of twenty stops and over seventy points of interest, with history dating back as early as 1756 when the Spanish built Fort San Miguel in what is now downtown Pensacola. The A1S Trail begins with marker 1 at Plaza Ferdinand and ends with marker 20 at 223 South Palafox, the 1887 Customs House that now houses Artel Gallery. Visitors to the trail can tour over 260 years of history and learn the fascinating story of how Pensacola developed into the city it is today.



Location: Seville Square

Location: East Garden Street

Points of Interest • Dorr House

Points of Interest • Garden Street–Name

• Old Christ Church (Historic Marker)

• 1896 Birds Eye View of Pensacola - 2 North Palafox Street

• St. Michael’s Creole Benevolent Association Hall MARKER 6

• Swift and Company - Meat Packing

Location: 400 block East Zaragoza Street


Points of Interest • Axelson House

Location: 100 block of North Palafox Street (east side)

• Barkley House • Maritime Heritage Trail

Points of Interest • Old Escambia County Courthouse


• Winston E. Arnow Federal Building - old Post Office

Location: Intendencia Street Points of Interest • Intendencia Street Architecture • Charbonier Home - 335 East Intendencia



Location: Plaza Ferdinand

Location: 100 block of East Zaragoza Street

Points of Interest Plaza Ferdinand

• Rosique House - 311 East Intendencia Street MARKER 8


Points of Interest • M. F. Gonzalez Co. Museum Plaza

Location: Zaragoza and Jefferson Streets

• Commanding Officer’s Compound

Points of Interest • Pensacola Historic District

Points of Interest • Old City Hall

• Arbona Building

• Neighborhood Grocery Stores

• Old City Jail

• Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Museum

• Old Escambia County Court of Record


• Old Fire Station

Location: 200 block of East Zaragoza Street Points of Interest • Historic Pensacola Village • Julee Cottage • Walton House (Historic Marker) • Village Stops • Coulson House

14 | JULY 2022

• Hook and Ladder #1 and Hose Reel #2

Location: Alcaniz and Intendencia Streets

• Quina House MARKER 9 Location: Garden and Alcaniz Streets Points of Interest • Moore Ice Company • St. Michael’s Cemetery

MARKER 12 Location: 300 block of North Palafox Street (east side) Points of Interest • Governor Perry House (Historic Marker) • First Methodist Church of Pensacola (Historic Marker) • Galvez Monument (Historic Marker) MARKER 13 Location: Top of Palafox Street Points of Interest • Florida Square • North Hill Preservation District (Historic Marker) • Temple Beth El (Historic Marker)

MARKER 14 Location: 500 block of North Palafox Street (west side) Points of Interest • Fort George • First Baptist Church • Allen Chapel AME Church MARKER 15 Location: 300 block of North Palafox Street (west side) Points of Interest • Christ Church (Historic Marker) • Immanuel Lutheran Church • Muldon Motor CompanyPalafox and Wright • Belmont-DeVillers / Savoy MARKER 16 Location: 100 block of North Palafox Street (west side) Points of Interest • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza (Historic Marker) • Streetcar


• Palafox Street MARKER 17 Location: North Palafox Street Points of Interest • St. Michael’s Basilica (Historic Marker) • First Methodist Church • San Carlos (Historic Marker) • San Carlos Mural



• Rex and ISIS theatres

Location: 100 block of South Palafox Street

Location: 200 block of South Palafox Street


Points of Interest • Palafox Street

Points of Interest • 1887 Customs House and Post Office

Location: South Palafox Street Points of Interest • Thiesen Building • 1905 Halloween Fire • L&N Passenger Station 1910

• Saenger Theatre • Palafox Historic Business District

• First National Bank

For more information on the trail and detailed descriptions for each of the points of interest, visit americas-1st-settlementtrail.

• American National Bank/ Seville Tower

• Blount Building / Woolworth’s sit-ins (Historic Marker) PENSACOLA MAGAZINE | 15


Sometimes the right tools and a few key ingredients are all you need for the perfect backyard barbecue. We asked the fine folks at Pensacola Hardware Company for some tips on the hottest barbecue and grilling accessories of the season.

Bear Paws Meat Shredders are perfect for shredding pork, chicken, beef and more without the mess. $14.95

The GrillMat by Grillight turns your grill into a griddle. It’s is heat safe to 600 degrees and can be used on charcoal or gas grills. $17.99

16 | JULY 2022

Kick your cookout up a notch by adding a unique salt flavor and an impressive serving platter with Outset’s Natural Himalayan Salt Block and Cooking Tray. $49.95

The stylish and functional Outset Suede Grill Gloves help to protect hands and wrists from the heat, flames and sparks when grilling. $28.95

The HomeRight Electro-Torch Fire and Charcoal Starter allows you to easily light your charcoal barbecue, wood burning fireplace, campfire or fire pit without using matches or starter fluids. $69.99

Weber Wood Chunks add the rich taste and aroma of pecan, hickory or apple to your barbecue. $18.98

When in its upright position, Weber Original Rib And Roast Holder can hold multiple slabs of ribs. When turned upside down, it becomes a sturdy cradle for juicy roasts. $31.49

Grillight Stainless Steel Grilling Spatula and Tongs feature a built-in and removable LED flashlight that’s perfect for nighttime grilling and smoking. $20.99 to $21.99

Outset Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers can bend into any desired shape, fitting more food on each skewer and making marinating a breeze. $19.95



McGuire’s Irish Pub Cookbook

When you can’t make it to Pensacola’s famous Irish pub (or you don’t want to wait in line), grab a copy of the McGuire’s cookbook and try your hand at one of your favorite recipes from the restaurant. Everything from their iconic Irish soda bread and Shepherd’s pie, to French onion soup and bread pudding, is included in the book, plus a history of the McGuire family and how the iconic pub came to be.

A Collection of Local Cookbooks by Kelly Oden

Pensacola’s cuisine scene is booming. New brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, food festivals and pop-up restaurants seem to open daily and the quality of the offerings rivals that of many bigger towns. That said, you don’t always have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy the tantalizing recipes of some of Pensacola’s best chefs. Want to try your hand at some fine dining recipes? There’s a cookbook for that. More interested in throwing a brisket on the grill? There’s a cookbook for that, too. Here are a few of our favorite cookbooks published by local chefs and charitable organizations.

As Always: Recipes and Remembrances from Norma’s Norma Murray Available on

You know you’re from Pensacola if you remember Norma’s. Norma Murray’s downtown café was the go-to lunch spot that served a seemingly endless variety of chicken salads, sandwiches, soups and more. After being asked for her recipes for years, Norma’s put together this cookbook collection of some customer favorites, along with stories and anecdotes about Norma’s. While As Always was published in 2002, it is still available on Amazon and well worth the price for the champagne chicken salad recipe alone.

Flavor for All: Everyday Recipes and Creative Pairings Some Like it South

Junior League of Pensacola A mouthwatering collection of more than 550 Southern-inspired recipes from some of the best cooks and hostesses along the Gulf Coast, Some Like it South is a must have for any true Pensacolian’s cookbook collection—and proceeds benefit the good work of The Junior League of Pensacola.

18 | JULY 2022

James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst of Angelena’s Ristorante Italiano The local dynamic duo behind the concept for Angelena’s, James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst, released their latest cookbook in 2020. Fans of Angelena’s fare will find much to celebrate in this collection of simple, flavor-packed recipes inspired by their scientific approach to flavor pairing.

Pensacola Little Theatre Presents Rodgers and Hammersteins

Gulf Coast OYSTERS: Classic & Modern Recipes of a Southern Renaissance Chef Irv Miller of Jackson’s Steakhouse

Chef Irv Miller of Jackson’s Steakhouse recently released a beautifully photographed exploration of Gulf Coast oyster culture. Featuring mouth-watering recipes that honor the many oyster classics, Gulf Coast Oysters also celebrates the renaissance of the region by putting a fresh, modern and delicious spin on preparing these “panhandle pearls” for oyster lovers everywhere.

Good Food Cookbook

Pensacola EggFest good-food-cookbook Everyone’s favorite local barbecue competition, Pensacola EggFest, released their pandemicinspired cookbook in 2021, in lieu of the annual in person EggFest in 2020. The book celebrates the food, culture and people of barbecue through a collection of stories and recipes from award-winning EggFest pitmasters, chefs and cookbook authors from across the country. Like the EggFest competition itself, proceeds from the cookbook sales will go to benefit local charities.

July 29-August 14

LET’S EAT! Come feed your Soul or Jazz up your next event with VooDoo BBQ! Order Catering, Delivery or Take Out from three convenient locations.

20 | JULY 2022

1741 E 9 Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL 32514

2493 Ferdon Blvd. Crestview, FL 32536

3510 Drusilla Ln. Baton Rouge, LA 70809



225.636.2271 |


By Mia Stinemetz and Nicole Willis

There are few things more American than a loaded, messy pulled pork sandwich that falls right out of the bun, or a tender, melt-in-your-mouth saucy slab of ribs. What better way to commemorate the upcoming Independence Day than by chowing down on some good ole’ American barbecue. If you’re spending the day setting up your fireworks display and don’t have the time to play pitmaster, consider grabbing some barbecue to-go from one of Pensacola’s many barbecue restaurants. From traditional and Southern-style barbecue, to New Orleans and Korean barbecue, we’ve rounded up a list of some of Pensacola’s top barbecue joints.


1981 Hwy. 87, Navarre Open daily from 10:30 am to 6 pm John “Buh” Scott fuses together “Texas Heat’’ and “Tennessee Sweet” to create the mouth-watering Buh’s BBQ—Dry Memphis Style Rub and barbecue sauces. Buh’s BBQ also caters to events with their food truck that can cook up to 500 lbs of meat at a time. Traveling to Navarre for this slow-cooked chicken, pork and beef is a must!


9532 Navarre Pkwy., Navarre Open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm Since 2002, The Rib Shack has been serving delicious smoked meats and homemade desserts that are sure to cure your growling stomach. Be certain to try their signature Saint Louis style dry rub, Cincinnati chili or chocolate “damn” cake.


5887 US-90, Milton Open daily from 11 am to 9 pm Grover T’s prides itself on providing “A true Southern experience.” Although this joint is most known for its scrumptious Southern-style barbecue, their menu also features a number of other signature favorites like their smoked brisket queso and chips and barbecue egg rolls. Each of their recipes are handcrafted and their meats are slow-cooked over hardwood for up to 18 hours. Grover T’s also offer delicious homestyle desserts, a full bar and a variety of craft beers to choose from.

photo by Ellie Scott


901 E La Rua St., Pensacola Monday through Thursday from 10:30 am to 8 pm, Friday & Saturday from 10:30 am to 9 pm When Pensacola-native Cheri Hlubek stepped away from her career in the beauty industry after working alongside her mother at their family-owned day spa for 35 years, she and her husband, Jim never dreamed that they would one day become the owners of one of the top barbecue joints in Pensacola. Voted Best of the Coast for six years running, Hot Spot is known for its scrumptious Southern-style barbecue. The Hlubek’s humble journey to barbecue bliss began ten years ago when they, along with Jim’s father, purchased an old rundown building about the size of a house just off Ninth Avenue in Pensacola, where it still remains today. Meat takes center stage at Hot Spot BBQ, where the sauce is served on the side allowing the tender, flavorful meat to make a lasting impression on its own. Of course, if you’re the type of eater who loves brisket, chicken or ribs slathered in sauce, you’ll also enjoy dousing your plate in Hot Spot’s signature homemade barbecue sauce. Hot Spot’s dry-rubbed meats are cooked in an outdoor smoker and seasoned to absolute perfection using their homemade dry rub, with locals going particularly hog wild over the tender ribs. Hot Spot also offers a hearty selection of traditional southern sides, including potato salad, coleslaw and Brunswick stew. Make sure to leave room for a slice of their famous homemade lemon pie (aptly named after Jim’s father). The restaurant offers an impressive wine list as well as a solid selection of beers. Hot Spot also bottles and sells its homemade sauce and signature rub at the restaurant, so be sure not to miss it on your way out! PENSACOLA MAGAZINE | 21


310 N DeVilliers St., Pensacola Open Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 am to 3 pm and Saturday from 12:30 pm to 3 pm Established in the late 1940s, Blue Dot is named after Blue Robinson and Dorothy Robinson. While they have a limited menu, the items they do serve are cooked to perfection! Try their famous burgers or rib sandwiches with their mouth-watering barbecue sauce.


7175 N Davis Hwy., Pensacola 1480 Tiger Park Lane, Gulf Breeze Open daily from 11 am to 9 pm Dickey’s BBQ Pit is a staple to the Pensacola barbecue scene. The first Dickey’s opened in Dallas, Texas and serves some delicious St. Louis style ribs, polish sausage, spicy cheddar sausage, smoked turkey and marinated chicken. Although Dickey’s is now a franchise, they still pride themselves on their barbecue recipes handed down from generation to generation.


6475 Pensacola Blvd. Monday through Wednesday from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm; Thursday & Friday from 10:30 am to 9 pm & Saturdays from 10:30 am to 3 pm Family owned and operated, Smokey’s Real Pit Bar-B-Que has been serving up slow-smoked barbecue for over 40 years. Smokey’s specializes in smoked meats, and their small menu consists of various types of meat, classic sides like beans and potato salad, and Southern desserts. Smokey’s smokes their meats in pecan, mesquite or hickory woods for a delectable smokey flavor.


3309 Gulf Beach Hwy., Pensacola Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm; Closed Sunday Brother’s BBQ prides themselves on their old-school style barbecue practices. The meat is smoked at low temperatures for a long time to ensure smokey, melting off the bone, pieces of meat. At Brother’s BBQ you can get meat in any form–on a sandwich, as a platter, a slab of ribs and even a whole chicken. 22 | JULY 2022


1741 E 9 Mile Rd Open daily, 11 am to 9 pm VooDoo BBQ serves New Orleans-style barbeque dishes that feed the soul. Born in the heart of New Orleans, VooDoo BBQ quickly expanded with several locations across the south, including a location in Pensacola. VooDoo BBQ boasts many signature sides, sandwiches and meat platters. Craving a warm and juicy sandwich? Check out the Brisket Sandwich or the Shrimp Po-Boy. If you still have some room left, try a side of Corn Pudding, Gris-Gris Greens or BBQ Jambalaya. Not feeling the extra carbs? Ditch the bread and go for a meat platter instead. To prepare their meats, VooDoo BBQ uses a dry rub made with Caribbean, Cajun, and Creole spices. The meat is then slow-smoked with oak and pecan wood. Once cooked, the meat is slathered in signature barbecue sauces. VooDoo BBQ offers four signature meat platters: the Pulled Pork Platter, the Brisket Platter, the Ribs Platter and the Carnival Platter. The Carnival Platter is a meat-lover’s dream—it is loaded with barbecue pork, chicken, sausage, and brisket, all coated in signature barbecue sauce. To finish off your meal, order the classic New Orleans dessert: beignets. VooDoo BBQ brings you the New Orleans spirit not only with the food, but also with the atmosphere. The dine-in experience includes Jazz and Zydeco music and French Quarter-inspired decor and architecture.


their pulled pork and chicken. Founded in Gainesville in 1968, Sonny’s BBQ now has 113 restaurants across eight states. You’ll find all of your favorite southern barbecue favorites on their large menu of options.

At Big Tony’s, everything is on a bun. Big Tony’s is known and loved for their burgers, but they also have pork chop sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, sausage dogs and hot dogs. Don’t let the street view of a church confuse you, Big Tony’s is located outside Living God’s Standard Community Outreach Church.


4913 Patterson Town Rd., Milton Thursday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm


924 N Davis Hwy., Pensacola Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm A quaint mother and son owned shop off of Davis Highway, Phil’s Jazzy BBQ serves some of the best country style ribs, wings and pig’s feet in town. They also cater events and offer delivery for a reasonable price.


5 Via De Luna Dr., Pensacola Beach Open Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm & Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm Award winning Pitmaster Steve Seige has more than 11 years of experience cooking regional barbecue styles including Texas, Memphis, Carolina, California and Kansas City. Water Pig does not accept reservations and is a walk-in only dining establishment, so make sure you stop by for this delectable, water-facing barbecue experience.

COLE’S WINGS AND THINGS 2301 N Pace Blvd., Pensacola Monday through Friday from 11 am to 6 pm

If you want a good rack of ribs, head over to Cole’s Wings and Things. Cole’s is known for their BBQ ribs and their chicken wings. Cole’s is a great restaurant to go to with a family, especially with picky eaters. As the name implies, Cole’s, of course, has wings and other things. You can find everything from BBQ and wings to fish sandwiches and chicken tenders.


1713 Woodlawn Way, Gulf Breeze Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm Seoul Food BBQ offers both American and Korean barbecue, as well as many American-Korean fusion barbecue dishes. Guests can try American and Korean variations of the same dish, such as the Kalbi and the Hot Honey Ribs. They offer several sauces ranging from as mild as Honey Barbecue to as spicy as Ghost Reaper. Head over to Seoul Food for a twist on your favorite American barbecue dish.


6702 N 9th Ave. 630 N Navy Blvd. 8313 Chellie Rd. 5129 US-90, Pace Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 9:30 pm; Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm Sonny’s BBQ is a Southeastern restaurant chain that specializes in Southern-style BBQ. Sonny’s most popular items are

600 W Garden St., Pensacola, FL 32502 Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm; Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm & Sunday from 12 pm to 9 pm Kalbi Ichiban Korean BBQ, sister restaurant to Ichiban on North Davis Highway, is Downtown Pensacola’s first Korean barbecue restaurant. While Kalbi Ichiban Korean BBQ specializes in Korean barbecue, they boast an expansive menu that includes sushi, ramen, poke and more.

ARLENE’S BBQ FOOD TRUCK Location varies Hours vary by location

This family-owned and operated barbecue food truck has been dishing up soulful Southern barbecue in Pensacola since 2007. With traditional Southern-style favorites like pulled pork and chicken, you’re sure to get your barbecue fix at Arlene’s. Be sure to try the Jerk Chicken with a side of her famous sweet potato casserole. The food serves up its delicious barbecue in various locations throughout the week, so be sure to check out @ArlenesBBQFoodTruck on Facebook and Instagram to find out when and where the food truck will be parked next!


Food Truck / Location varies Hours vary by location The brisket is king at this family-owned food truck offering up authentic Texasstyle barbecue. Fan favorites include the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches and homemade blueberry chipotle barbecue sauce. Texan B’s also offers classic sides like coleslaw, baked beans and southwestern corn. Check out @TexanBsBBQ on Facebook for daily locations.


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The Butcher Shoppe by Kelly Oden • photos by Guy Stevens


here is something quaint and charming about a local butcher shop—a harkening back to a simpler time when customer service was key and quality was a top priority. That’s exactly the type of service and product that Kevin Green set out to provide when he opened his now nationally known store, The Butcher Shoppe. Famous for his competition meats, Green’s Butcher Shoppe also offers top quality chicken, beef, pork and wild game in every cut you can imagine. Pensacola Magazine talked to Green about his vision, his business and his approach to customer service.

Why did you open a butcher shop? I’ve always kind of been in the grocery business. One of my first jobs was at a grocery store. After college, I went back to work for the same grocery store chain. Within about a month, I was hired for a corporate position as a buyer. It was kind of nice because I was still in the business that I enjoyed, but on a more professional level with my education. I did that for a while and then I worked for the largest wholesaler in the country up in New England. I moved back to the area and just wanted to get into business for myself. I had never cut meat. I had never worked in the meat department. Somehow I thought that owning a meat market was probably a good idea. I still don’t know how I convinced my wife. Were you a meat aficionado before opening the store? It really wasn’t a passion of mine. The business side of it interested me. Honestly, I was looking at restaurants and franchises—something that I could do that was mine. Something that I could sink my teeth into. There was an existing business on the west side of Pensacola. It was the old Mallory’s and I decided 26 | JULY 2022

to purchase it and turn it into The Butcher Shoppe. When we talk about what we are going to have for dinner, we may have multiple things on our plate, but what we say is that “we’re having steak or pork chops.” I just thought that if I open a meat market and concentrate on that center of the plate, it could be a viable business. So that’s kind of what we did. I was never going to cut meat. I was just going to run the business, but after about four or five months, I realized that I probably needed to get back there and be an active part of what made up the business. It’s just kind of grown from there. We’ve also gotten into competition meats and have become nationallyknown for shipping competition briskets and ribs throughout the country. It quickly became my passion. I don’t know that it was when I started the business, but it has very quickly turned into my life’s passion. Would you say there is an art to butchering? There is, but I will say that it’s easier today than it was probably 20 or 30 years ago. The days of hanging beef are kind of over. We do everything in-house. We cut in-house and we grind in-house. We don’t buy

any pre-ground stuff or pre-cut stuff. So, there’s a skill to it, but as opposed to 30 years ago, the learning curve is a lot shorter. We buy whole cases of what are called primals or subprimals— these are whole ribeyes or whole short ribs—and then we cut them to varying thickness and size. Our niche has been custom cuts. While we have a lot of meat that we cut fresh daily, a customer can come in and request a special cut, and they can check out much quicker than at a big grocery store. On a busy Saturday, we may have 50 or 60 orders for special cuts. What types of meat do you carry? We carry a pretty full line of beef, chicken, pork and a varying inventory of game meat. Our point of difference is not just the variety of cuts we offer, but the variety of grades as well. If you go to a traditional grocery store, they typically only carry one grade of meat. It might be Choice, or it might be Select. If you want to cook a ribeye steak, you typically have two choices—boneless or bone-in of whatever grade they carry. In my store, you have more options—boneless

Kevin Green, owner of The Butcher Shoppe

or bone-in choice, boneless or bone-in prime, boneless or bone-in Wagyu. We may have two or three different scores of Wagyu. Oftentimes we have Japanese Wagyu. So you have 10 different options as opposed to two. We also have all of the unique things like venison, elk, tri-tip or hanger steak that other many other places don’t carry. How do you sell the Wagyu? Well, restaurants sell it by the ounce. We typically sell it by the pound at retail, and it’s upwards of $100 per pound. Like everything right now, prices are changing weekly. Now, one thing that’s unique about Wagyu is that it’s so rich that you are only eating 2 to 4 ounces at the most. So most people would eat a regular 12-ounce steak in one sitting, but 12 ounces of the Japanese A5 Wagyu might feed four to six people. It’s really about a shared experience. You’re not buying three steaks for three people. What do you offer for barbecue lovers? We’ve been selling competition barbecue meats for probably the last eight years. Each week, there are barbecue competitions

that are held throughout the country. Teams might cook anywhere from 10 to 50 competitions throughout the year. It’s usually a four-meat competition—chicken, pulled pork, ribs and brisket. Brisket is kind of viewed as the top category. We’ve carved out a niche where we buy 100 percent Australian Wagyu brisket. We buy more than anybody in the world of that product. For the last five years, the number one team In the country for brisket bought those from us. We’ll ship anywhere from 80 to 100 cases of competition brisket a month. We also sell competition ribs and competition butts. When we get those in, we sort them into competition and noncompetition. A competition guy is going to want it to be a certain thickness and width because it has to fill the box that they’re turning in. So, if it tapers a little bit or it’s not as wide, we’ll put that to the side as a noncompetition sort. We sell that non-competition brisket in the store at a discount. So, the guy cooking for his family can cook the exact same brisket that the best cooks in the country cook week in and week out—and he gets it at a discount. Same with ribs. Same with pork butts.

You were voted best butcher shop by a big barbeque influencer, right? Malcolm Reed is kind of a YouTube sensation. He has about a million and a half people on his YouTube channel. Probably a similar number of people on his TikTok. He has a line of barbecue rubs and sauces that are sold throughout the country. He’s probably one of the three or four most recognizable people in barbecue and grilling. From time to time, he does annual reviews on various meat or grilling-related topics.. Last year, he did it about the best butcher shop in the country and he named The Butcher Shoppe as the best. We were pretty humbled by that for sure. Interestingly, you do all of this without a website. You know, it’s funny. I take a little abuse for that. There’s a guy—Sam The Cooking Guy— on Good Morning America and he’s probably got three million people on his YouTube channel. He buys from us from time to time and he makes fun of us because we don’t have a website. But, you know, we probably ship about a million dollars a year without a website—solely from orders

placed through our Facebook page, cell phones and the store phone number. It is kind of crazy to think about that. Our premise is that we are an old-school meat shop with old-school standards of taking care of the customer by putting a face with a name. That’s translated into people in New York and Alaska picking up the phone, calling us and having us ship to them sight unseen. We get a lot of credit for our competition meats and for having a national customer base. It’s pretty unbelievable to have one of the top-three guys in the grilling industry mention

us on a consistent basis during his podcast. But at the end of the day, our core is a small, familyrun, customer service-oriented butcher shop. Customer service is everything to us. We’re fortunate to survive all of the changes that have happened in the last 15 to 16 years. I think it’s due to the people we have working for us and the customer service that we provide.

The Butcher Shoppe is located at 2405 Langley Ave. and is open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm


28 | JULY 2022

Traditional BBQ Styles for the Home Enthusiast by Ryan Eaton • photos by Guy Stevens


efore my wife and I started Big Jerk Soda Company, I spent 19 years, on and off, cooking professionally. I worked in a variety of kitchens preparing everything from Shepherd’s pie to Japanese ramen. My journey into traditional BBQ styles, however, didn’t really begin until years after I had left my career in the kitchen behind.

Since then, I have learned how to use my grill more efficiently and BBQing has become something of a meditative endeavor for me. The act of dedicating a day and a half to the pursuit of a few perfectly cooked pieces of meat may sound like madness to some, but for me, it’s a form of tribute that honors one of our most ancient achievements as humans—cooking with fire.

The first time I ever cooked a Texasstyle smoked brisket was a few months into the pandemic. I had used part of my stimulus check to purchase a combination gas grill and smoker. I organized a socially distanced “bring your own kiddie pool” party in my backyard with a handful of friends and set about the task of following James Beard Award-winning Pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s guidance on the best way to smoke a brisket. After about 15 hours of fighting my new smoker, the brisket was ready for slicing.


The four or five people that stuck out the long wait were treated to the fruits of the day’s toil. I unwrapped the inaugural brisket on a cutting board on my patio table in the dark and began to slice. With every slice, a hand would reach out from the darkness and vanish. No sides, no buns, no sauces—just meat straight from the cutting board and into the mouths of friends gathered around me. In a matter of minutes, more than half the brisket was gone—15 hours of work inhaled in less time than it took to enjoy the first beer of the day.

I typically pick cuts of meat that some may find unapproachable, but they are pound-for-pound less expensive and they offer a huge payoff when you take your time with them. For this article, I went with Texas-style brisket, Carolina-style pulled pork butt, tri-tip roast and pork belly burnt ends—all with traditional accompaniments. One of the other reasons I chose all these items is that they can all be cooked in the same temperature range. When I cook low and slow, I try to keep my smoker in the 220-280° F range. I am not skilled or dedicated enough to keep my hot box at an exact temperature, but that range has yielded fantastic results and made it so that I am not getting up every five minutes to tend to the fires.

MEAT PREP The first thing you’ll want to do is prep your meat the day before. Prepping the brisket is the most time-consuming because it needs a lot of trimming with a very sharp knife. I still use Aaron

Franklin’s Meat Smoking Manifesto cookbook as a resource every time I trim, but the internet is full of other resources as well. Once the meat is trimmed, it’s time for a slather and a rub. Coat the meat in something wet like vinegar or mustard so that your rub will stick. Next, cover your meat in a generous coating of your favorite dry rub. Clear a shelf in the fridge and throw it in until the morning of your BBQ.

TOOLS, SUPPLIES AND SETUP For longer cook times, it’s essential to set up your grill and have everything you need prepped and on hand well in advance. My checklist includes natural lump coals, hardwood of choice, a hatchet for chopping wood, charcoal chimney, BBQ lighter, grill scraper, an aluminum cake pan full of water, a spray bottle full of apple cider vinegar, a meat thermometer and two sets of tongs. First, remove the grill grates and place your small pan of water at the bottom of your grill. When your fire is rolling, the pan will steam and help keep your meat from drying out. Next, replace the grates, light a couple of handfuls of lump charcoal and then add them to your fire pit. I use a charcoal chimney which allows you to quickly light the coals. When the coals are white around the edges and starting to heat up, throw a few small split pieces of wood on top and close the lid. As the fire starts, you’ll notice billows of white smoke. White smoke imparts bad smells and


flavors and indicates that your fuel isn’t burning properly. Once the white smoke turns a blueish color or disappears completely and your temperature looks right, you’re ready to cook.

GET COOKING Scrape the grill and arrange your meat as far from direct heat as you can. Only the brisket and pork butt need to go on at this point in the day. You’ll have the whole day to make your sides and accompaniments while the larger cuts of meat cook. The tri-tip and burnt ends can go on as desired, keeping in mind that the burnt ends will take about three hours to smoke and then another hour to chop into chunks, toss in the sauce and finish. The tri-tip only takes a couple of hours. I like to put the pork belly on when I start around 8 am so I have burnt ends for lunch. Once everything is in

From preparing the homemade rub, to cutting and prepping the meat for the grill, Eaton walks us through each step of his process for grilling the perfect meat. photos by Ryan Eaton

30 | JULY 2022

its place, give it a little spritz of cider vinegar, say goodbye and shut the lid. The old adage says “If you’re lookin’, you ain’t cookin’.” Every time you open the lid to your grill or your heat source, you are losing heat and adding time to your cook. This is one of the main reasons I like my temperature range of 220 to 280 degrees. When the grill cools to the low end of your range, light another chimney full of charcoal. When the coals are ready, open the firebox and toss them in along with another couple of pieces of hardwood. Leave the box open while the wood catches fire. Once it’s completely on fire, close the box. The fire from the wood will raise the temp of your cooking chamber considerably and probably take you over the high end of your temperature range. This is the perfect time to quickly open your smoker to check on things inside. I typically rotate whatever I’m cooking 180 degrees so that one side is never taking the brunt of the higher heat coming from the offset. Close the lid again and monitor your temperature carefully for the next few minutes. If the wood is still burning too hot, you can crack the lid to your firebox to allow some of the heat to

Chimicurri Sauce

Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Pickled Red Onion

Dill Pickled Cucumber

Purple Slaw


escape before it enters the cooking chamber. Once the heat in the grill settles around the high end of your range, close the lid all the way again and go on about your day. Check your ambient temperature every 15 minutes or so until you see temps reaching the low end of your range. When this happens, simply repeat the steps above to help bring your temp back up. For the rest of the day, this will be all you do. If you monitor your temps, maintain your fire and wait patiently for your internal temperature to reach 203 degrees for brisket, pork belly or pork shoulder, you will have a successful cook. One thing worth mentioning is “the stall.” For hours you are going to watch your meat’s internal temperatures rise quickly, but just when it seems you might be ahead of schedule, the temps will cease climbing for a few hours. Relax, there is nothing you can do about it and it will pass…eventually. This is usually the point in the cook where I remember that I’m going to be hungry long before the brisket finishes. The burnt ends for lunch were long gone, so I pulled out my pre-seasoned

Dry Rub 1 cup salt 1 cup pepper ½ cup granulated garlic 2 Tbsp. ground cumin ¼ cup cayenne powder 1 Tbsp. smoked paprika ½ Tbsp. hot paprika Brown sugar to taste (optional) Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Transfer to an air tight container or shaker. Quick Dill Pickled Cucumber 2 large cucumbers 1 cup white wine vinegar 1 cup cider vinegar 2 cups water 3 oz. salt 1 Tbsp. yellow mustard seed 1 Tbsp. red pepper flakes 1 tsp. paprika 2 Tbsp. dried dill 1 tsp. black peppercorns Place everything but the cucumber into a pot on medium high heat on the stove. While the brine heats to a boil, cut cucumbers to desired size and shape. Place cucumbers in a heat safe container. Pour hot brine over cucumbers until fully submerged. Place in the fridge at least overnight before enjoying. Quick Pickled Red Onions 2 medium red onions 1 cup white vinegar 1 cup cider vinegar 2 cups water 2 Tbsp. salt ⅓ cup brown sugar 1 Tbsp. black peppercorn

Place everything but the onions into a pot on medium high heat on the stove. While the brine heats to a boil, cut onion to desired size and shape. Place onion in a heat safe container. Pour hot brine over onion until fully submerged. Place in the fridge at least overnight before enjoying. Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce. 2 cups yellow mustard 1 cup brown sugar ½ cup cider vinegar ½ cup water 3 Tbsp. chili powder 2 tsp. white pepper 2 tsp. ground black pepper ½ tsp. cayenne powder 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 4 Tbsp. salted butter Mix all ingredients except butter into a saucepan and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. Add butter to finish. Purple Slaw 1 head of purple cabbage 2 cups mayonaise 2 Tbsp. prepared horseradish 1 Tbsp. brown sugar 2 oz. red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp. mustard seed 1 tsp. paprika ¼ cup sliced scallion salt and pepper, to taste Slice the cabbage to your preferred thickness. Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir together until dressing evenly coats cabbage.

Chimichurri 1 shallot 1 jalepeño 5 garlic cloves 2 bunches of cilantro 1 bunch parsley 2 tsp. dried oregano ½ cup red wine vinegar ¾ cup olive oil Finely chop all vegetables and herbs – leaving behind stems, seeds, and skins. Add vinegar and oil to the chopped herbs and veggies. Mix well. Pork Belly Burnt Ends 2 lbs. pork belly, skin on Yellow mustard Rub 2 Tbsp. of your favorite sweet bbq sauce Slather the pork belly with enough yellow mustard to cover in a thin layer. Coat the meat generously with rub. Place in the fridge overnight. Smoke the belly to an internal temp of 190 degrees. Remove from heat. Peel off skin and chop meat into 1 inch cubes. Season all sides with rub and toss in your bbq sauce. Place pieces in a pan just big enough to hold the pieces and return to the smoker for about an hour or until sauce has caramelized and meat is fallapart tender.


“So now it’s midnight. My wife is asleep and the brisket is done four hours behind schedule. I grab a jar of pickles that I made the night before, fresh white onion, and some spicy mayo. I slice a fat piece off of the point side of the brisket and place it on a flour tortilla with the pickles, onion and mayo, fold it in half and wolf it down in about three bites.”

tri-tip and placed it on the smoker with a thermometer probe to monitor the cook. After a couple of hours on the grill at low temps, the tri-tip’s internal temperature had reached my desired temp of 135 degrees. Now it’s time to let the meat rest and cool. Cooling will allow you to get a better sear and crust on the outside without overcooking on the inside. Slowly cooking the meat and then searing the outside is called the reverse sear. Whatever method you use to sear, be sure your heat source is roaring hot. You want to be able to get a good crust in around 60 seconds per side. You should be left with a nice dark brown crust on the outside and still have a beautiful pink inside. After searing, I sliced mine and covered it in a delicious chimichurri. Thanks to some thunderstorms in the middle of the day that slowed things down, plus the stall, the sun was going down and after more than 15 hours of cooking, I was still hours away from finished meat. I decided to employ a “cheater” method that has been helpful for me when I want BBQ but I don’t have a full day to smoke.

32 | JULY 2022

I pulled the brisket and the pork butt, wrapped them in butcher paper, set the oven in my house to 280 degrees (real temp closer to 250 degrees according to my thermometer), and put the meat into the safety of a controlled and hands-off environment. Most of what I’ve read indicates that at a certain point the meat is no longer absorbing any more smoke flavor. That being the case, oven finishing is a great way to end a cook. After three more hours in the oven, my pork and beef had reached the desired internal temperature of 203 degrees. When you hit your temperature, it’s time for the final step—resting the meat. There are many techniques, but I recommend turning off the oven and opening the door to let some heat out, then closing it again and letting the meat sit in the oven for an hour. Resting finishes the long process of tenderizing a tough piece of meat as well as allowing the meat to retain its moisture. To finish the pork, shred it with forks or tongs then add about a half cup of vinegar and some red pepper flakes. My

favorite way to eat it is on a soft bun with mustard BBQ sauce, pickles and purple coleslaw. It is truly a fantastic sandwich. So now it’s midnight. My wife is asleep and the brisket is done four hours behind schedule. I grab a jar of pickles that I made the night before, fresh white onion, and some spicy mayo. I slice a fat piece off of the point side of the brisket and place it on a flour tortilla with the pickles, onion and mayo, fold it in half and wolf it down in about three bites. The day was long and hard, but the reward was this quiet moment alone, feeling accomplished and exhausted enjoying what I worked so hard on. I am my own biggest critic, but I am certain this is by far my best brisket to date and maybe in the top five I’ve ever eaten. Now, I can finally sleep with a full belly and a sense of pride that, for me, only comes from applying what I learned after a lifetime of cooking. Some things take a long time to become something special, but when they do, they’re worth immeasurably more than what was put into them.

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Cordova Commons Cordova Commons 1660 Airport Blvd. Cordova Commons 1660 Airport Blvd. 1660 Airport Blvd.


wines – with up toover a quarter of a Our store carries 8,000unique unique Our store carries over 8,000 million bottles on the shelves –a wines – with up to a quarter of wines – with up toand a quarter2,500 of a over 4,500 spirits million bottles onthe theover shelves–– million bottles on shelves unique beers. over spiritsand andover over2,500 2,500 over 4,500 4,500 spirits unique beers. unique beers.

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Grand Opening!

The Fresh Market


Ulta Beauty

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The Fresh Market Marshalls Ulta Beauty








PENSACOLA Cordova Commons PENSACOLA 1660 Airport Blvd., Unit 145 Cordova Commons Pensacola, FL 32504 Cordova Commons 1660 Airport Blvd., Unit 145 Next to Petco 1660 Airport Blvd., Unit 145 Pensacola, FL 32504 Pensacola, Next to PetcoFL 32504



Next to Petco 9

(850) 898-9946 750


Grand Opening!

Grand Open Hours: Sun-Thurs 9am-10pm, ing! Fri-Sat 9am-11pm (850) Hours:898-9946 Sun-Thurs 9am-10pm, Fri-SatSun-Thurs 9am-11pm9am-10pm, Hours: (850) 898-9946 Fri-Sat 9am-11pm


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34 | JULY 2022

Come Sing with the Chorus SUMMER ENROLLMENT

Auditions on August 6th or by appointment: Register on our website ~ Rehearsals start the week of Sept 5-11th

welcoming singers in incoming grades 1-12

"Joining PCC is probably in the top three family decisions we've made. We've had 7 years (so far) of joy after joy... It is a top-notch organization, from mission to staff to productions. 10/10 recommend." JENNIFER BUNNELL (PCC PARENT & VOLUNTEER)

Smoking Hot Ride

The All-New 2023 Kia Sportage



EVENT CALENDAR Sertoma’s Fourth of July Celebration July 4 This year, Sertoma’s annual 4th of July celebration will be at Bartram Park (211 Bayfront Pkwy). The event will begin at 4:30 pm with live music and food trucks. Grab a bite to eat, listen to some local music and enjoy the time with family and friends. The firework extravaganza will start at 9 pm. The fireworks are choreographed to play with music from local radio station Cat Country 98.7. Be sure to bring a radio to get the full experience!

Fireworks at the Beach July 4 Head over to beautiful Pensacola Beach to get into the patriotic spirit this Fourth of July! Enjoy the white sands and crashing waves of the beach. Be sure to keep your eyes on the night sky this 4th of July for a dazzling fireworks display along the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk and Santa Rosa Sound. The show will take place at 400 Quietwater Beach Rd Gulf Breeze and fireworks will start at 8:30 pm.

Blue Angels Air Show July 9 This world-famous Blue Angels will be performing over Pensacola Beach on July 9th for the annual Pensacola Beach Air Show! Locals and tourists alike flock like seagulls to Pensacola Beach in excitement to see the Blue Angels’ flight demonstration. The airshow is scheduled to start around 11 am at Casino Beach. To alleviate traffic, the Santa Rosa Island Authority has provided additional public transportation to and from the beach. To read more about the event and transportation options, visit

Post-Blues Sunset Beach Cleanup July 11 Join Keep Pensacola Beautiful in their PostBlues cleanup! The team will be cleaning up Pensacola Beach after a weekend of Blue Angels festivities. Cleanup supplies will be provided by Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Please wear weather appropriate clothing (including close toe shoes) and bring a reusable water bottle. The cleanup will take

place during sunset hours, from 6:30pm 7:30 pm. All volunteers must sign in at Casino Beach and any minors must be accompanied by an adult. For more information visit

ZOSO at Vinyl Music Hall July 16 Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience, will be bringing their Led Zeppelin tribute performance to the Vinyl Music Hall. The band seeks to bring the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin concert since the real thing. The band has performed over 2400 live shows across the world since their 1995 formation. Doors open at 7 pm and the show begins at 8 pm. For tickets and event details, visit

White Tie Rock Ensemble Presents A Musical Tribute to Arena Rock July 16 The White Tie Rock Ensemble is bringing their tribute to Arena Rock to the Pensacola Bay Center. The event will feature music from Arena Rock’s biggest artists, including Van Halen, Styx, Boston, Journey and Foreigner. Doors open at 7 pm and the event begins at 8 pm. For tickets and other information, visit

Reincarnation and Past Life Meditation Workshop

Crab Cake Cook-Off. This night of all you can eat crab cakes at Seville Quarter features crab cakes from the finest local chefs and restaurants. Sample crab cakes and vote for your favorite, as you select the People’s Choice Award Winner for 2022. Apart from food, the event also includes live music, an art sale and a silent auction. The event begins at 6 pm. All event proceeds benefit The Arc Gateway, a non-profit organization serving more than 1,200 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. For ticket information and sponsorship opportunities, visit

Cinderella at the Pensacola Little Theatre July 29 - August 14 Unhappy with her home life and job as a maid, Cinderella dreams of a different life. When it is announced that the Prince is giving a ball, Cinderella wishes to attend, but it seems impossible. With help from her animal friends and her magical Fairy Godmother, Cinderella’s dream of a lovely night comes to life. The classic production of Cinderella is playing at the Pensacola Little Theatre starting on July 29th and running until August 14th. Tickets will be available on July 1st at

Mind, Body, and Sound: A Mindfulness and Sound Bath Immersion

July 16

July 23

Instructor Jo Graybeal of Everyday Wisdom blends her scientific training with her intuitive knowledge to explain how they complement each other and give credibility to the theory of reincarnation. Do you think you have lived before? Who do you think you were? Reconnect with your past self at this workshop. Please bring a pillow and a yoga mat. The workshop will be held at 5:30 pm at Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe’s downtown location (327 W. Garden Street). Admission is $20 and can be paid at the door or at

Join instructor Awen Anne-Marie for an intensely relaxing journey through restorative affirmations, meditations and sound therapy. The workshop will be held at 5:30 pm at Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe’s downtown location (327 W. Garden Street). Admission is $10 and can be paid at the door or at

Crab Cake Cook-Off at Seville Quarter July 20 Enjoy crab cakes for a good cause at The Arc Gateway’s tastiest event of the season– the

THE REVOLUTIONISTS July 21-24 Presented by PenArts, THE REVOLUTIONISTS is playing in Pensacola for the first time ever. Lauren Gunderson’s THE REVOLUTIONISTS, is set amid the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. It is a comedic, yet moving, tale of four women who historically existed in the same time and


EVENT CALENDAR features many local celebrity performers. Doors open at 6 pm and the show begins at 7 pm. All proceeds benefit The Council on Aging West Florida. For tickets and more information, visit

place but never actually met. Three of the characters were women who lived during the French Revolution and the fourth is a compilation of many female revolutionaries in Saint Domingue, the nation we now call Haiti. Come see THE REVOLUTIONISTS for an inspiring tale about social justice, friendship, and the dream of a better future. The show will be held at The Gordon Community Art Center on July 21-24. Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s showings begin at 7:30 pm. Sunday’s showing begins at 2:30 pm. For tickets and more information, visit

Pensacola Psychic Fair July 30 The Pensacola Psychic Fair brings together speakers, tarot readers, mediums, healers and even UFO enthusiasts. This event is perfect for those seeking intuitive guidance and alternative healing therapies. Visit the Pensacola Psychic Fair at Seville Quarter to experience the wonderfully diverse spiritual community in northwest Florida. The fair begins at 11 am and ends at 6 pm. Admission is free. For more information, visit

The Greatest Showcase July 30 The Greatest Showcase is the 2nd Annual Fundraiser benefiting Council on Aging of West Florida. Head over to the Pensacola Saenger Theatre for a fun-filled evening of dance performances by First Dance Ballroom Studio. As one may assume from the title, The Greatest Showcase celebrates the music from The Greatest Showman and

Potterfest 2022 at Perfect Plain Brewing Co. July 31 Are you a Harry Potter superfan? Show off your love and knowledge of the fantasy

Imagine your home, totally organized!

series at Potterfest 2022! Potterfest is a free event open to anyone who wants to let their inner geek out. The event is held on Harry’s birthday and features everything that Harry would want—Butterbeer, magical decor, a costume contest, trivia, cocktails, and more. Wear your best robe and grab your favorite wand to get ready for a day of wizardry! This all-day event is set to begin at 11 am.

Snapper Days July 30-31 Adrenaline Outdoors & Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach brings you the end-of-the-season Snapper Days Tournament! Grab your boat, a friend, and your fishing gear to suit up for the snapper-searching event of the year. This two-day tournament is hosted at Shaggy’s, where weigh-ins and a mandatory Captain’s meeting will take place. The awards ceremony will be held at Shaggy’s after weigh-in on the 31st. For more information and to register, visit

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Business Climate NW Florida’s

Special Section • July 2022


Pensacola State College 2022 Distinguished Alumni Association Awards

Five highly-accomplished PSC alumni and community leaders were honored at this year’s PSC Distinguished Alumni Association Awards


Around the Region

Find out what is happening in business, government and cultural news throughout greater Pensacola and Northwest Florida.

Gala held on June 11.


A Place for You




700 E. Chase Street

601 E. Chase Street




2187 Airport Boulevard

5049 Corporate Woods Drive



1144 Airport Boulevard

6000 Cobble Creek Road

Business Vacation Extended Stay HIGHPOINTE.COM 42 | JULY 2022

Building on Tradition – Investing in the Future 2022 Pensacola State College Distinguished Alumni Association Awards by Morgan Cole

Five highly-accomplished Pensacola State College (PSC) alumni, former students and community leaders were honored at the annual PSC Distinguished Alumni Association Awards Gala held Saturday, June 11 in the Jean and Paul Amos Performance Studio at WSRE-TV on the Pensacola campus. From scholarship endowments to organizing fundraising events for scholarships to benefit both current and future students, each of this year’s Distinguished Alumni Association Award recipients have shown continuous support for Pensacola State College. This year’s awards gala kicked off with a special welcome from PSC Alumni and Athletics Executive Director of Development, Hailey Lotz, who thanked

guests, sponsors and this year’s award recipients for attending the event and for their continued support of the College. “This event celebrates the achievement of outstanding individuals,” Lotz said. “Tonight is about our heritage and history. We have gathered to recognize greatness and to honor individuals who have shown dedication to a higher purpose.” PSC Alumni Association President, Mr. Lane Harper, provided the opening remarks, and Brent Lane, program director for Cat Country 98.7, served as the master of ceremonies for the evening. Mr. Harper and PSC President Dr. Ed Meadows presented the awards to each recipient based on five categories: Lifetime Achievement, Hometown Hero, Against the Odds, Spirit of Pensacola State College and Road Less Traveled. During the gala, Dr. Meadows also took a moment to honor PSC associate professor, alumna and coach, Carla Williams, who

recently lost her life in a domestic violence tragedy. The 2022 PSC Distinguished Alumni Association Award recipients are: Lifetime Achievement - Dr. Paul Szuch This award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has reached state, regional or national recognition, and represents the highest level of achievement in their profession or service. Szuch has devoted his life to education. His own entry into higher education came in the 1960s when Szuch earned an Associate of Arts degree from Pensacola Junior College. Szuch went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Business Education from the University of West Florida, a Master of Education in Business Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Doctorate of Higher Education degree from Nova Southeastern University. Szuch’s first teaching job came in 1968 when he joined Escambia High School’s faculty as a business education instructor and assistant baseball coach. His educational journey PENSACOLA MAGAZINE | 43

continued for decades, culminating in Szuch serving as president of the Lamar Institute of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. He served honorably as the Lamar Institute’s president from 2006 until his retirement in 2016. Under his leadership, the Lamar Institute of Technology reached many milestones, including the establishment of dual enrollment programs and a Distance Learning Academy.

Main Street and Bayou Corporate Center. The company is now run by Beck’s son, Justin. Beck now serves as an appointee on the RESTORE Advisory Committee which oversees the distribution of funds paid by BP to recover from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He also serves on the Escambia County Zoning Variance Board and supports the Fred Waters Baseball Clinic.

Hometown Hero - The Honorable Marie Young This award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has achieved a measure of success within the College’s service area and has demonstrated notable community involvement. Young is a Pensacola legend who has dedicated her life to education and the community. She has served on the Pensacola City Council and was the first African American woman to serve on the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners. But even before she was an elected official, Young had already built a legacy of service—having taught for the Escambia County School District for more than 40 years. She eventually became a school administrator and, later, a principal. Young is a member of the PSC Alumni Association Board of Directors and is also a Lifetime Charter Member. She was voted to the emeritus board position in 2020. Young has also served on boards for the WSRE-TV Foundation, the Council on Aging of West Florida, the Area Housing Commission and the Community Equity Investment Board.

Spirit of Pensacola State College - Gerry Goldstein This award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who exemplifies the highest standards of achievement through making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of others through service to the College and/or local community. Goldstein is a successful businessman and educator who has become a leader in investment banking and has also helped raise funds for student scholarships over the past 12 years. Goldstein also launched the popular annual PSC Quail Hunt, a major fundraiser for the PSC Alumni Association’s matching funds program. He also hosts the alumni association’s annual Quail Hunt and Pheasant Shoot each fall. Goldstein and his wife, Mitzi Goldstein, along with friends — retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. John Adams and his wife, Dr. Laura Magan — established an endowed scholarship for PSC students in any field of study. Goldstein’s latest academic project is focused on PSC’s College of Business; the project allows PSC students who pursue a Dr. Marjan Mazza Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Business and Management to take the first two courses in UWF’s MBA program, while still enrolled at PSC. Upon completion, students will have a direct path to UWF’s MBA degree and will have already finished about 10 percent of the program.

Against the Odds - Gregg Beck This award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has achieved success despite financial, sociological or physical adversity. Beck overcame a tough childhood on his journey to becoming both an entrepreneurial and business success. When Beck’s father died in the late 1960s, the 17-year-old left Pensacola Technical High School to get a job and bring a paycheck home for his family. Determined to not give up on his education, he enrolled in Pensacola Junior College High School in 1967. In 1981, Beck created BECK Property Company/Beck Partners, which has been a dominant commercial broker in Pensacola ever since. The firm’s development/ redevelopment projects include 33 Brent Center, the Shops of East Hill, 151 West

44 | JULY 2022

Road Less Traveled - Mary Hoxeng The “Road Less Traveled” award is presented to an individual in the community who follows their heart in a direction that is both challenging and uncertain, with rewards beyond expectations. Even though Mary Hoxeng and her husband, Dave Hoxeng, didn’t move to the area until 2002, the media power couple just seem like Pensacola natives, as they have dedicated themselves to making the community better and

stronger. The couple owns four local radio stations — CatCountry 98.7, NewsRadio 1620/92.3, WEBY-ESPN 1330/99.1 and the recently-launched Playlist 94.5. Mary is the general manager and chief operating officer of all four stations, all of which boast a strong local flavor and community commitment. The Hoxengs have been supporters of PSC since their arrival and recently established the Dave and Mary Hoxeng Endowed Scholarship, which will provide educational opportunities for PSC journalism students. She is a PSC Alumni Association Lifetime Charter Member and serves on the Escambia County Tourist Development Advisory Council, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Foundation Board and the Florida Five Flags Fiesta Commission. She also serves on the board of Five Flags Rotary Club, the Council on Aging of West Florida, ARC Gateway and is the Leadership Pensacola Alumni Board Chair. During the gala, a series of video tributes from various community and business leaders, elected officials, Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson IV and attorney Jim Reeves, were broadcast to all five award recipients. Also in attendance was Pensacola City Neighborhoods Administrator Lawrence Powell, who served as one of the speakers for the evening. He said that the event was “historic in the fact that we’re going to have the opportunity to add to the roster of the many, many individuals who have served this community of ours selflessly and also with many sacrifices.” For more details on the 2022 PSC Distinguished Alumni Association Award recipients or the PSC Alumni Association, visit



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These policies have exclusions and limitations. For cost and complete details of coverage, contact your local insurance agent or Florida Blue. The amount of benefits and premium will vary depending upon the plan selected. Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc., an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Torgersen Causey Combined Insurance Services, Inc. is an Independent Broker of Florida Blue.

Around the Region Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Receives $296,000 from NeighborWorks America Pensacola Habitat for Humanity is celebrating NeighborWorks Week by receiving $296,000 in funding from NeighborWorks America, with $40,000 supporting homeownership preservation through Pensacola Habitat’s Community Development Program. NeighborWorks organizations are some of the most distinguished in the country, serving diverse populations in large and small, and rural and urban communities. Organizations are rigorously assessed against various organizational, financial and board governance standards and must maintain certain standards to remain within the network. Pensacola Habitat for Humanity is among some of the very best community development and affordable housing organizations which invest in results for the communities and individuals they serve. “We are thrilled to be celebrating such a contribution from our valued partners at NeighborWorks,” Pensacola Habitat President and CEO Sam Young said. “We take great pride in being a part of such a strong network of organizations dedicated to combating the affordable housing crisis. We look forward to continuing to do everything in our power to create and preserve affordable homeownership in our community.” Pensacola Habitat’s NeighborWorks membership demonstrates its commitment to serving its community as efficiently as

possible. Ranking as the 17th-largest Habitat for Humanity affiliate out of more than 1,100 in the nation, Pensacola Habitat recognizes the value of this membership. “Being a NeighborWorks charter member is an elite, top-level status that demonstrates our commitment to serving our community,” Young said. “The higher standards that come with that status prove that we use the resources we have at our disposal in the best way to serve Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.” The money received will go directly into Pensacola Habitat’s programs, ranging from constructing new homes to working in and around existing homes to preserve existing homeownership. With the rising costs of building materials and the scarcity of land, every cent makes a difference in providing more individuals and families with the opportunity to realize their dreams of affordable homeownership. To learn more about Pensacola Habitat for Humanity’s mission and how to make a difference in our community, visit pensacolahabitat. org/donate.

Kugelman Family Foundation Donates $250,000 to Baptist Health Care Foundation The Kugelman Family Foundation has committed a $250,000 gift to Baptist Health Care Foundation. BHCF will honor the family by carrying forward the Kugelman Cancer Center name to the new Baptist Hospital campus. The new campus, currently under construction at I-110 and Brent Lane, is scheduled to open in fall 2023. The Kugelman family passion and commitment to Baptist Health Care are deeply rooted in Baptist’s history. The late Jack and Jane Kugelman’s four daughters and eight grandchildren were all born at Baptist Hospital. Jane Kugelman was a member of the original Baptist Health Care Foundation board of directors, and the Kugelman Family Foundation made its first major gift to support Baptist in the early 1980s. “The care my grandmother Jane received during her breast cancer journey solidified her love with Baptist,” Kugelman Family Foundation president Jane Lauter said. “She felt like they saved her life. It was important to her that the Kugelman Foundation gave the health care community a chance to save other people.” Jane Kugelman’s spirit of generosity sparked years of foundation giving for new equipment and services to support many programs and initiatives at Baptist. Now, the next generation will continue the family’s legacy of giving to Baptist with another transformational gift. “The Kugelman Family Foundation is a part of Baptist’s history and our future,” Mark Faulkner, president and CEO of Baptist Health Care said. “We are appreciative of their support through the years and for sharing in our vision to transform health care for our community. Jane and Jack Kugelman built a legacy of philanthropy, and we are grateful the next generation is carrying that legacy forward.” For more information, visit


Around the Region Gulf Winds Cares Foundation Provides $20,000 in Scholarship Funding to Local Graduates The Gulf Winds Cares Foundation provided $20,000 in scholarships to four graduating high school seniors — Jenna Banta, Malik Cooper, Will Rollin, and Paige Sindelar. Each was awarded $5,000 to further their education at a higher learning institution. Gulf Winds received over 40 applications for the scholarship program, designed to support students entering their first year of higher education. Eligible applicants are members of Gulf Winds Credit Union or are the children or grandchildren of members. Applications are reviewed by a committee consisting of Credit Union employees that evaluate each applicant’s academic achievements, community involvement, personal essay, letters of recommendation and financial need.

“Our four scholarship recipients distinguished themselves academically and exemplify Gulf Winds’ commitment to family and community,” President of the Gulf Winds Cares Foundation, Kurt Stenerson said. “We are proud to support the next step in their academic and life journey.”

members of the Credit Union for their dedicated service to its members. In memory of these important leaders, scholarships are established in the names of Rufus Caton, Louis Lambert, Lola Stephens and Al Evans, Jr.

This year, for the first time, one of the four scholarships was reserved for a student entering trade school. Will Rollin is the inaugural winner of the trade school scholarship. He will be attending Bishop State Community College to prepare for a career as an electrical lineman. “I’m excited to be named the first recipient of the trade school scholarship,” Will Rollin said. “This money will help me start my career without school debt.”

Jenna Banta Jenna lives in Cantonment, FL, and graduated from J.M. Tate High School where she held a 4.57/4.0 GPA. She is enrolled at the University of West Florida to study Medical Lab Sciences. Jenna was the Vice President of Student Council and a member of National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the Tate High soccer team, English Honor Society, and Showband of the South. She has volunteered with Miracle League, Special Olympics, and band camp.

Since 2007, Gulf Winds has provided $222,500 in scholarships to 61 first year continuing education students. The Gulf Winds scholarships are named to honor pioneer

Meet the 2022 Scholarship Recipients:

Malik Cooper Malik lives in Frisco City, AL, and graduated from Monroe County High School where he held a 4.2/4.0 GPA. He is

Need a Lawyer? Get Answers to Legal Questions With over 50 participating local attorneys experienced in many different areas of law, we can help you find an attorney to handle your case.

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enrolled at the University of Alabama to study Nursing. Malik was President of National Honor Society, Beta Club and National Technical Honor Society. He also received recognition earning the Spanish Award, Honor Roll Award and Academic Excellence Award. He has volunteered with Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Youth Ambassadors and Monroe County 4H. Will Rollin Will lives in Flomaton, AL, and graduated from Flomaton High School where he held a 3.5/4.0 GPA. He is enrolled at Bishop State Community College to study to be an Electrical Lineman. Will was President of the SkillsUSA chapter and Vice President of the National Technical Honors Society. He was captain of the varsity football team, a Beta Club member and a 4-year Academic All Star. Paige Sindelar Paige lives in Brewton, AL, and graduated from W.S. Neal High School where she held a 4.1/4.0 GPA. She intends to enroll at Coastal Alabama Community College in General Studies. She is interested in pursuing a career in pediatric dentistry. Paige is the singer in the W.S. Neal String Band, which is competing in the state tournament on June 2. She was also a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA), National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Key Club, FCA and is an active volunteer with her church.

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ON THE MARKET a Real Estate Section

In This Section 52. By The Numbers: A Look at May’s Market Highlights

54.Got Insurance? The Newest Storm Hitting NWFL

56. Increase Your Home’s Value: 5 Practical Upgrades to Increase Style, Function

58. 4 Ideas to Improve your Backyard Kitchens

60. Installing Bathroom Tile Like a Pro

62. 5 Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen


BY THE NUMBERS A Look at May's Market Highlights

Market Highlights While reported sales improved only modestly over the prior month, they were the best on record for the month of May.



For Sale

The median sale price soared to a record high of $317,500.



Both single-family and condo inventory improved from April’s totals by 218 and 17 units respectively. While pending sales improved 10 percent over last May, at 319 they were the lowest reported thus far this year.


Average days on market for residential and condos combined fell to a new low of 18.


NEW RESIDENTIAL LISTINGS Data courtesy of the Pensacola Association of REALTORS ® 52 | JULY 2022

17 W Cedar Street | Suite 2 Pensacola, FL 32502 phone: 850.434.2244 fax: 850.434.8081


East Pensacola


4201 KARMICH PL $1,200,000 | MLS# 611148

7032 BELGIUM CIR $485,000 | MLS# 606471

4 Bed, 3 Bath, 4,083 sq.ft — Bayou Texar Waterfront, Swimming Pool, Dock. Located on a Cul-De-Sac apprx 1 acre lot. Private Haven in The Heart of Town!

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2,868 sq.ft — This spacious well maintained brick home has wonderful amenities and space for entertaining.

Linda Turner • 850.324.4235 •

Andra Morgan • 850.450.8844 • Kathy Dreadin • 850.982.8140 •

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze

3734 TIGER POINT BLVD $499,000 | MLS# 610745 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2,205 sq.ft — You can have it all! A very desirable neighborhood, beaches & golfing nearby, great schools, updated home, even a pool.

1647 LAHAINA CT $687,000 | MLS# 611417 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2,217 sq.ft — LOOKING FOR A BOAT LOVERS PARADISE? Dock your boat in your backyard! All brick home located in the boating community of Polynesian Islands, Boathouse with observation deck!

Nancy Grogan • 850.377.7578 •

Escambia Bay

Gulf Breeze

3765 MACKEY COVE DR $198,000 | MLS# 604210

1786 TWIN PINE BLVD $439,000 | MLS# 610772

Residential Lot — Build your dream home here, and enjoy the tranquility that

4 Bed, 2 Bath, 2,173 sq.ft — This move-in ready home has great

comeswith waterfront living. Great Waterfront Building Lot with Beautiful views of Escambia Bay. Located in the desirable Mackey Cove area.

curb appeal with covered front porch with columns,landscaped yard, and a convenient circular driveway.

Frasier Phelps • 850.485.2665 •

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GOT INSURANCE? The Newest Storm Hitting NWFL

By Holly Lovett

It’s hurricane season in the South and homeowners in the Western Panhandle of Florida are under assault from an entirely different kind of storm—homeowner’s insurance. Cancellations and notices of non-renewals are hitting area mailboxes by the thousands with insurance carriers dropping like flies and leaving those that are left writhing in an ointment of high demand laced with uncertainty. In the wake of the 2019 & 2020 storm seasons and thousands of claims and lawsuits (some with less than righteous intentions), we saw rates increase as carriers panicked at the losses and many became insolvent, liquidating altogether and leaving the remaining carriers (and their policyholders) to pick up the tab. The Florida Insurance Guarantee Association, a nonprofit entity that handles payment for claims from liquidated or insolvent property insurance companies, generates its funds to do so by assessing other insurance companies operating in the state, which pass that cost on to their policyholders. More liquidations = Higher rates for all To manage future losses, the remaining carriers began tightening their condition requirements and acceptable roof ages shrank to 12-14 years for many, older hot water heaters & HVACs were required to be replaced, and so on. Homeowners scrambled to make the updates they could afford, or to find a different path forward if they couldn’t, and were left paying higher premiums regardless.

54 | JULY 2022

At a Special Session of Florida State Legislature in late May, the State responded with a multi-pronged solution via a sweeping property insurance reform bill. The major points of the new law, to be enacted on or before June 30, 2022, are: • Mandates for insurance carriers, outlining conditions (older roofs, etc) under which they must provide and/or cannot deny coverage on a property. • Required rate reductions to reflect savings realized by $2B in new reinsurance funds. • Limits on Attorney’s fees in insurance claim lawsuits—aimed at reducing frivolous claims. • Carriers may provide an optional lower roof deductible to help combat fraudulent roof claims. • Refunding of the My Safe Florida Home Program offering home hardening grants for 2001 or older homestead properties valued at $500,000 or less. The insurance carrier response, especially to the mandates on property condition and rate reductions, was not good. Many of the already skittish and wounded insurance carriers bailed—their only solution to stop writing policies entirely in the Western Panhandle, and in other high wind risk areas throughout the state. Worse, many carriers began liquidating, issuing cancellations or notice of non-renewals, leaving thousands of

existing, as well as prospective, homeowners scrambling to find reasonable coverage. Among others fleeing the scene of late, Fed Nat announced in late May that they would be canceling some 68,000 policies throughout the state and, more recently, Southern Fidelity announced that they would be canceling 27,500 policies effective June 29. Avatar and St. John’s Insurance both folded earlier this year, unable to pay their claims. The home hardening incentive has promise—if we cannot stop the storms, let’s make the homes more wind-resistant to reduce claims and risk. Mitigation should bring both rates and blood pressures down. And there are issues there as well… The “My Safe Florida Home Program,” is aimed at encouraging homeowners in high wind risk areas of the state (NWFL among them) to make home-hardening improvements that will leave their property less vulnerable to the next storm. The plan is to incentivize homeowners with an up-to $10,000 matching grant for certain improvements to older homes (2001 or older homesteads valued at under $500,000 in high wind risk areas) that would make the home less prone to wind damage and a lower insurable risk. That lower risk should also translate into lower premiums. Sound fantastic? Keep reading.

The program, which is not yet up and running, will be offered on a first-come first-served basis and, should all of the initial applicants qualify for the maximum grant of $10,000, there is almost enough funding to provide for the hardening of 12,000 homes statewide—out of the millions that would potential qualify. As it stands, the program is unfortunately a feel-good that’s not broad or well-funded enough to have any real impact statewide. And some of the other parameters of the new insurance reform law are already being challenged in court. A group of contractors have already filed a lawsuit concerning the portion of the law that limits attorney’s fees. As a result, homeowners and insurers across the state of Florida are left wondering what more can and will be done to actually address this critical issue as the 2022 hurricane season broils on. Holly Lovett is a licensed Broker in both Florida & Alabama and is the broker and owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties, a fullservice brokerage serving the Gulf Coast since 2011. Find your favorite Main Street agent at

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24 West Chase Street

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Eric Milstead Senior Residential Real Estate Broker 850-221-0443 • Over $100 Million in Closed Sales • Seasoned Marketing Specialist • Valuation Expert • Licensed Since 1992 Florida’s Top Properties Milstead 20 22.indd 1

24 West Chase Street

Suite 100 4/18/2022 1:18:03 PM


5 Practical Upgrades to Increase Style, Function Whether you’ve purchased a new house or are just looking to invest in what is likely your largest asset, home improvements can make your living space more comfortable, functional and stylish. Homebuyers are looking for practical home amenities that allow them to live, work and play – such as dedicated home offices, backyard retreats, home gyms and more – without having to worry about any potential future restrictions caused by the pandemic, according to a survey by Zolo of more than 3,300 new homeowners and potential first-time buyers in 2022. Consider these popular upgrade ideas to create a space built for your family’s needs that can also increase resale value down the line. HOME OFFICE At the height of the pandemic, many professionals found themselves working remotely – a trend that continued as restrictions were lifted. In fact, 46% of survey respondents listed a dedicated office space as a must-have when purchasing a new home. When creating this space, keep function and efficiency top of mind. Build your home office around a desk – either standing or traditional – then consider additions like an ergonomic chair and keyboard, soft light desk lamp, mood-boosting plants and a white board to stay organized. Don’t forget to add flairs of personality like artwork, knickknacks or photos of loved ones to make it your own. 56 | JULY 2022

SKYLIGHTS By improving the overall look and functionality of dark spaces, such as home offices where natural light can improve creativity and productivity, an option like skylights can increase the value of a home, and 55% of new homebuyers rated skylights as desirable or essential, according to research from the National Association of Home Builders. For rooms that need brightening, skylights can free up wall space for storage while adding abundant natural light and increasing ventilation. An option like Velux No Leak Solar-Powered Fresh Air Skylights help rid indoor air of bacteria, volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide. Over the long-term, highquality skylights can also help reduce carbon emissions and home energy consumption, saving money on household bills, according to Urban Grade. Remote-controlled models can be opened to bring fresh air inside, and with light-filtering or room-darkening shades homeowners have maximum control over the exact amount of light they want. Plus, solarpowered shades come in more than 75 colors and patterns, allowing homeowners nearly endless customization options. Learn more at BACKYARD RETREAT Perfect for hosting friends, dining al fresco or simply relaxing with the backdrop of nature, 48% of survey respondents cited a backyard retreat as a must-have home amenity. Start with a deck or patio then customize your outdoor living space to meet your family’s wants and needs. Weather-proof furniture can

add comfort while features like outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fans and lighting can create a connection to your indoor areas that add both style and function. WALK-IN PANTRY If you want to add a pantry in your kitchen, you’re not alone. Walk-in pantries found their way onto 48% of respondents’ lists of must-haves. To get started, consider your storage needs to determine the amount of space you’ll require and remember to vary shelving heights to maximize space. Open shelving can also be combined with additional counter space, cabinets, pull-out organizers and other features to help match the design to the rest of your kitchen.

HOME GYM Another trend that rose in popularity amid the pandemic, home gyms can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, utilizing available space in the garage, basement, a spare bedroom or even the backyard. Providing more time to fit workouts into your schedule, home gyms can be customized with equipment most important for your lifestyle. From yoga mats, jump ropes and free weights to treadmills, ellipticals and benches and racks, your space, budget and goals can help in the creation or update of a dedicated, in-home workout space.

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4 IDEAS TO UPGRADE BACKYARD KITCHENS There are few better ways to gather and enjoy the outdoors than in a beautiful backyard kitchen. Backyard kitchens allow you to entertain and dine outside with ease. They also add value to your home, encourage healthier eating, lower spending on eating out and save energy. Whether modest modern or full-service functional, consider these ideas for integrating or updating backyard kitchens from the experts at Best Pick Reports. PICK THE RIGHT LOCATION The location of your backyard area should be relatively flat and easy for you and your guests to access. It should also be large enough to include a cooking area and comfortable seating. Another aspect of your backyard kitchen’s location is its distance from a power source. If you aren’t sure 58 | JULY 2022

which area of your backyard would work best, reach out to a professional. He or she can help you pick a safe space and aid you in design. PROTECT YOUR SPACE FROM THE WEATHER Perfect weather is never guaranteed. Don’t count on it, especially when you have plans. Ensuring you can still use your backyard kitchen even if it rains is important. The sun can also be a mood killer for you and your guests on scorching days. Having a shaded space can make everyone more comfortable. The ideal backyard kitchen should include a screen or shelter against the elements, whatever the weather may bring. This may be as simple as installing large umbrellas. A more substantial option is a fully screened gazebo or room. Be sure to keep the temperature in mind as well. Fans for air movement can help increase everyone’s comfort level.

ENSURE THERE’S ENOUGH SEATING FOR EVERYONE When enjoying your backyard kitchen, you and your guests will want someplace to relax. A few questions to ask yourself: • How many guests do you want to seat? • What type of seating would you prefer (bench, stone, cushioned)? • Do you want the seating to be secured? • Will the seating be outside and exposed to the elements year round? One idea is a rustic outdoor bar with bar-style seating. Another is a sturdy wood or stone picnic-style table. You might also consider combining your outdoor kitchen with a comfortable outdoor living room, which can be done with cozy yet durable outdoor sofas and lounge chairs. CHOOSE THE RIGHT APPLIANCES A backyard kitchen isn’t complete without a collection of appliances. From the grill to the refrigerator, it’s important to choose the right options for your family based on budget and usability.

Grill – Whether it’s gas, charcoal, electric or a hybrid model, a good grill is often the focal point of the outdoor kitchen that keeps your guests coming back for more. If you’re not much of a griller, a smoker or wood oven will work just as well. Refrigerator – If there’s one thing that lets bugs into your house, it’s guests going in and out to grab a drink from the fridge. Outdoor fridges are convenient additions to backyard kitchens. Available in freestanding or built-in options, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and capacities. Sink – If you’re grilling, chances are you’re handling raw meat. Aside from using it as a handwashing station for guests, a sink in your outdoor kitchen can help keep you and your workspace clean and sanitary. If you need a professional to help plan your dream outdoor kitchen, visit and to find experts in your neighborhood.

Captivating Coastal Living!

940 Paradise Beach Circle

1.37 acre Perdido Bayfront, 145' Waterfront, Saltwater Pool, Soaring Ceilings and Floor to Ceiling Windows, Mature Landscaping, 3 Car Garage, 4BR/5.5BA plus Man Cave and Loft, Boat House with lift and jet ski lifts, Whole House Generator




Roaring Twenties Beauty!

14895 Innerarity Point Road $2,500,000

Broker Associate Licensed in FL and AL

850.982.2083 al is on@ davpr op.c o m

1.5 acre Intracoastal Waterway Estate Circa 1929, High on the bluff of Innerarity Grants, 180' Waterfront, Heartpine walls, floors and ceilings, Heritage Oaks, 4BR/3BA plus Library & Detached Garage, Commercial grade wharf with boatlift

MAIN STREET PROPERTIES 13578 Perdido Key Dr. • Pensacola, FL 32507 PENSACOLA MAGAZINE | 59

INSTALLING BATHROOM TILE LIKE A PRO Updating the flooring can help infuse new life into tired, outdated bathrooms. For an upscale, polished look that doesn’t have to break the bank, consider installing tile flooring. Before you get started, you’ll want to make some decisions about the look and feel of your flooring: Ceramic or stone? Weigh factors such as porosity, how slippery the surface may be when wet and how well it retains heat or cold. Ultimately, your decision hinges on the needs and uses of your family. Complement or contrast? Define the overall style you want as well as the colors and tones that will help best achieve your vision. Big or small? Generally, the larger the tile, the fewer grout lines, and too many grout lines in a smaller space can create the illusion of clutter. However, smaller tiles can eliminate the need to make multiple awkward cuts, and small tiles are perfect for creating accent patterns or introducing a splash of color. When you’ve got your overall look and materials selected, keep these steps in mind as you begin laying the flooring: 1. Prepare your subfloor. Use a level to check for uneven spots; you need an even surface to prevent cracks in the tile or grout as well as rough spots that could pose tripping hazards. Use patching and leveling material to create a consistent surface. Apply a thin layer of mortar then attach your cement backer board with screws. Cover joints with cement board tape, apply another thin layer of mortar, smooth and allow to dry. 2. To ensure square placement, draw reference lines on the subfloor using a level 60 | JULY 2022

and carpenter square. Tile should start in the middle of the room and move out toward the walls, so make your initial reference lines as close to the center as possible. Mark additional reference lines as space allows, such as 2-foot-by-2-foot squares. 3. Do a test run with your chosen tile by laying it out on the floor. There are color variations in most tile patterns, so you’ll want to verify each tile blends well with the next. 4. Mix tile mortar and use the thin side of a trowel to apply mortar at a 45-degree angle. Use the combed side to spread evenly and return excess mortar to the bucket. Remember to apply mortar in small areas, working as you go, so it doesn’t dry before you’re ready to lay the tile. 5. When laying tile, use your reference lines as guides. Press and wiggle tile slightly for the best adherence. 6. Use spacers to create even lines between one tile and the next, removing excess mortar with a damp sponge or rag.

7. As you complete a section of tile, use a level and mallet to verify the tiles are sitting evenly. 8. Let mortar dry 24 hours before grouting. 9. Remove spacers then apply grout to joints, removing excess as you go. 10. Allow grout to dry per the manufacturer’s instructions then go back over tile with a damp sponge to set grout lines and clean grout residue. 11. Once grout has cured - usually at least a couple weeks - apply sealer to protect it. Find more ideas and tips for updating your bathroom at


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5 EASY WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY IN THE KITCHEN The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s also a space where you can waste a lot of energy if you’re not careful. By making a few simple adjustments to your habits in the kitchen, you can easily cut your energy bills and do your part to help the environment. “The appliances you select for your kitchen have effects far beyond the food you eat,” says Peter Weedfald, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at Sharp Home Electronics Company of America. “From the appliances you choose to how you use them, you can make a real difference in your energy consumption today.”

62 | JULY 2022

Here are a few ideas for getting started: 1. Keep it cool: Minimize the time you have the refrigerator door open. Cold air falls straight to the floor like water. The longer you leave the door open, the more cool air drains away and the harder your fridge has to work to replace it. Refrigerators that have pantry and freezer drawers help contain the cold air even when they are open. Keep frequently accessed items in the refrigerated pantry drawer so everyone in the family can help themselves. 2. Go small or go home: Whenever possible, opt to use your small appliances. For example, the next time you’re reheating food, use the microwave instead of the stove or oven. According to the federal government program ENERGY STAR, microwaves use up to 80% less energy than conventional ovens. 3. Wash-up smart: If you find yourself running your dishwasher before it’s full, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Find a dishwasher that allows you to manage your load size. Features like the half-load option or Wash Zone setting available on Sharp’s SlideIn Stainless Steel Dishwashers will focus the water in one area when washing smaller loads to make every drop count.

4. Unplug: If you’re like most people, you use appliances like your toaster and coffeemaker for just a few minutes each day. Unplug small appliances like these after you’re done to stop “vampire energy,” which is the energy consumed by items when they are plugged in but are not in use. 5. Make an upgrade: Today’s appliances are generally more energy efficient than older appliances, and there are a lot of energy efficient selections. According to ENERGY STAR, induction cooktops are around 5-10% more efficient than conventional electric units and about three times more efficient than gas. Bonus? Making the switch also means you’ll no longer be emitting greenhouse gases associated with gas cooking. Learn more about smart, energysaving appliances at To put a dent in your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment, be mindful of your habits in the kitchen. Small changes can add up quickly.



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$1,190,000 | MLS# 600261 4 Bed | 3.5 Bath | 3,342 SQ FT

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421 E ZARAGOZA ST. “In The Heart of Old Seville since 2003” 850-435-9007


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