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Naval Hospital Pensacola “Facebook Town Hall” ...

Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP) will be hosting a special Facebook Town Hall on Women’s Health Oct. 2 from noon to 1 p.m. Topics will include breast cancer, gynecology and overall women’s health. Questions may be submitted during the town hall on NHP’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/NavalHospPensacola.

Vol. 81, No. 39

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September 29, 2017

Bells Across America toll at NASP By Ens. Clara Navarro Naval Air Station Pensacola Public Affairs

In association with Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, Naval Air Station Pensacola (NASP) hosted a Bells Across America for Fallen Service Members ceremony, held at the National Naval Aviation Museum (NNAM), Sept. 21. Conducted at Navy installations throughout the nation, the ceremony recognizes military service members who died on active duty. The name of each person is read aloud as a bell is tolled to honor and remember him or her. The Navy is proud to recognize the sacrifices of fallen service members and the Gold Star families left behind through these coordinated ceremonies. Commander, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) Rear Adm. Kyle Cozad served as guest speaker.

At a Bells Across America ceremonony held Sept. 21 onboard NAS Pensacola, SN Ian Kator presents an honorary flag to family members in attendance while bugler AN Robyn Miller plays Taps. Held in cooperation with NASP Fleet and Family Support Center, the event is a national program that remembers and celebrates the lives of fallen service members. Photo by Mike O’Connor

“Our great country was founded upon a personal willingness to sacrifice for something greater than one’s self,” said Cozad. “Today’s ceremony

is an opportunity to recognize the unselfish service of those shipmates and to say thank you.” The ceremony was a collab-

orative effort between the NASP Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) and the Navy Gold Star Program. The Navy Gold Star Program serves

the families of all who died on active duty, regardless of branch of service or cause of See Bells on page 2

IWTC Corry Station changes command By MC2 Taylor Jackson Center for Information Warfare Training

Cmdr. Chad Smith relieved Cmdr. Christopher Eng as commanding officer of Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station, during a change of command ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum onboard Naval Air Station Pensacola (NASP) Sept. 22. Eng assumed command of IWTC

Corry Station in Sept. 2015. He was responsible for managing the largest schoolhouse in the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) domain, training more than 8,000 students annually. The guest speaker Capt. Bill Lintz, commanding officer of Center for Information Warfare Training, welcomed Smith and praised Eng for his leadership.

“Skipper Eng has spectacularly accomplished the mission that the Navy has set out for him to do,” said Lintz. “He has led change, cared for his crew and has left an impact on not only Corry Station, but the Navy as a whole. Our job is to prepare all of our trainees for war and IWTC Corry Station under skipper Eng has achieved this goal. Under

skipper Smith, we expect it will continue to excel in this mission.” Eng is credited with improving the command’s information warfare specialist qualification, master instructor qualification and physical fitness programs. IWTC Corry Station also maintained advancement rates above the Navy average. “I was blessed with an amazing team, See IWTC on page 2

NASP marks 900 days ARI-free By Ens. Clara Navarro NAS Pensacola Public Affairs

Lt. Cmdr. Phil Hickman (center), executive officer of Information Warfare Training Command Corry Station, cuts a ribbon to open Escambia High School’s quarterdeck room. The quarterdeck serves as a place for military children to connect with each other and video chat with their deployed family members.

Naval Air Station Pensacola (NASP) celebrated a recordbreaking milestone of 900 days free of alcohol-related incidents (ARIs) Sept. 22. “This is a wonderful achievement for NAS Pensacola and a clear indication that our Sailors continue to make responsible decisions

about alcohol use,” said NAS Pensacola Commanding Officer Capt. Christopher Martin. Since Dec. 9, 2014 a handmade wooden tally board on display in the quarterdeck has tracked NAS Pensacola’s commitment to discipline. The board is updated on a daily basis so everyone who enters NAS Pensacola headquarters is reminded of See ARI-free on page 2

Escambia High School dedicates ‘quarterdeck’ Story, photo by MC2 Taylor Jackson Center for Information Warfare Training

Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station’s executive officer Lt. Cmdr. Phil Hickman served as the keynote speaker for the grand opening of Escambia High School’s quarterdeck lounge. The quarterdeck serves as a place for students whose parents are currently serving in the military to connect with their

deployed family members. The room includes computers that the students can use to video chat during school hours. “I applaud the effort of our district, in partnership with our military, for putting together this project,” said Escambia County School District Superintendent Malcolm Thomas. “This quarterdeck is a celebration of our military-dependent children. These students have parents who are thousands of miles away serving See EHS on page 2

TOPGUN onboard NAS Pensacola ... TOPGUN students and instructors arrived onboard NASP Sept. 21 for a two-week training period in which students and instructors will fly training exercises over the Gulf of Mexico. (Left) Lt. Nick Laviano, an instructor pilot with TOPGUN, speaks with media personnel about the training program. (Right) Aircraft roll out. TOPGUN students will train with and against both instructors and other students. Photos by Kaitlyn Peacock

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September 29, 2017


Motorcycle safety “Meet and Greet” ... The NAS Pensacola Safety Department is featuring a Motorcycle Mentorship Meet and Greet event Oct. 4, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the parking lot off Radford Blvd. across from the coffee shop. Drop by at any time and meet your fellow riders. Show off your ride. Guest riders will be present. For more information, call 452-8167. Bells from page 1

death. The program serves survivors by providing support, information and services as long as they desire. “Today is an opportunity to remind all that the loss of those service men and women will never ever be forgotten,” added Cozad. Since 1936, the last Sunday in September has been designated as Gold Star Mother’s Day to recognize and honor those who have lost a child while serving the country in the United States armed forces. In 2009, fallen service members’ families were officially recognized and added by presidential proclamation, renaming the observance to Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day. Each year the president signs a proclamation reaffirming our commitment to honor the indi-

viduals “who carry forward the memories of those willing to lay down their lives for the United States and the liberties for which we stand.” NAS Pensacola FFSC asked all Gold Star survivors to participate in this event and solicited names from the local area to be recognized during the ceremony. Ninety-five names were collected and read, in order of date of death, as the bell was tolled. For those names not listed, the bell was rung four more times. Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) CCSCM Dwayne Beebe-Franqui is a Gold Star Family member whose brother, a U.S. Army chemical and biological warfare specialist, was killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003. Beebe-Franqui said programs such as this highlight the impor-

tance of ensuring deceased service members are not forgotten and family members are given an opportunity for grieving and memorial. “The pain of losing a family member never goes away,” he said. “Gold Star Families have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country – they have lost their close loved ones in defense of our nation and its ideals. Memorials and ceremonies such as this ensure their memories live on, and demonstrate the importance of what we do every day to a generation of younger service members.” For more information on the Navy Gold Star Program or the location of Bells Across America for Fallen Service Members in your area, visit www.facebook.com/navy-goldstar/ or www.navy-goldstar.com/ or call 1 (888) 509-8759.

IWTC from page 1

and that team just needed an opportunity to do their job, be trusted and experiment a little,” said Eng. “To be honest, all the hard work is done before it gets to me. That work is happening inside the departments. That is leadership. That is the sign of a strong command and in our command, the leadership is occurring at all levels.” Eng’s next assignment is with Naval Information Operations Command Kunia, Hawaii. Smith, a native of Indianapolis, Ind., is coming to IWTC Corry Station from his most recent assignment at Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, where he served as operations officer. “(IWTC Corry Station) has a great reputation for delivering world-class technical training, while simultaneously focusing on character development and taking care of its people,” said Smith. “I am humbled and honored to join this fantastic team. Information warfare is now more important than at any other time in our nation’s history, and I’m excited to be a part of this journey with you.” IWTC Corry Station, as part of the Center for Information Warfare Training, provides a continuum of training to Navy and joint service personnel that prepares them to conduct information warfare (IW) across the full spectrum of military operations. For more news from Center for Information Warfare Training organization, visit www.navy.mil/local/cid.

Winging onboard NAS Pensacola ... NAS Pensacola’s Training Squadron 4 (VT-4) and Training Squadron 86 (VT-86) held a winging ceremony Aug. 25 at the National Naval Aviation Museum onboard the base. The new naval flight officers (NFOs) will go on to their respective fleet replacement squadrons and learn to fly their respective fleet aircraft – EA-18G Growler, FA-18D/F Hornet and Superhornet, E-2C/D Hawkeye, P-3C Orion, P-8A Poseidon, EP-3E Aries and E-6B Mercury. This winging class also graduated three students from the Norwegian Royal Air Force. 1st Lt. Ethan Clark is the recipient of the VT-86 TOP GRADUATE award, presented to the outstanding graduate from the advanced T-45 syllabus within each graduating class. The guest speaker was Capt. John D. Boone, officer in charge, Naval School of Aviation Safety. Photo from Lt. Carl Jones EHS from page 1

ARI-free from page 1

our country, and we believe this effort will help relieve some of the pressure that comes with that separation.” The quarterdeck is the result of the DoD Education Activity Smooth Sailing Grant. Escambia High School is the first school in the district to open a quarterdeck and four other local schools are expected to build their own spaces for military children. “As a parent myself, I think the quarterdeck is a great thing for every kid who has an opportunity to be a part of this,” said Hickman. “This is going to be a wonderful program, and I’m grateful for everyone who could make this happen.” Two of Hickman’s children are students at Escambia High School. Principal Frank Murphy said that the ceremony served as an opportunity to celebrate the partnership and support shared between the local community and the military. IWTC Corry Station, as part of the Center for Information Warfare Training, provides a continuum of training to Navy and joint service personnel that prepares them to conduct information warfare (IW) across the full spectrum of military operations. For more news from Center for Information Warfare Training organization, visit www.navy.mil/local/cid/, www.netc.navy.mil/centers/ciwt/, www.facebook.com/NavyCIWT or www.twitter.com/NavyCIWT.

the importance of responsible alcohol use. This is the first time the installation has reached 900 days. “As leaders it is important to not only educate our Sailors on the importance of being responsible about their personal use of alcohol but also to engage and encourage them to be advocates and practitioners amongst their peers,” said Martin. “Our hope is that this impressive achievement will be an example for others to take greater ownership in their personal and professional lives.” Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) programs help Sailors be responsible with alcohol and assist some with alcoholism and recovery. Other programs such as “Keep What You’ve Earned” and “Who Will Stand Your Watch” encourage responsible drinking among Sailors by celebrating the achievements in their Navy careers, while educating Sailors

about the consequences of poor decisions regarding alcohol. “This milestone is proof that our efforts are effective,” said NAS Pensacola Command Drug and Alcohol Prevention Advisor, ABEC Kelsey Deer. “The prevention programs as well as the command contribute by educating Sailors about the effects of drugs and alcohol and by offering healthy alternatives. We also provide support for anyone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem and give them the help they need to be successful and productive.” For more information on NADAP programs, go to www.public.navy.mil/BUPERS-NPC/ SUPPORT/21ST_CENTURY_SAILOR/ NADAP/Pages/default2.aspx For more news from NAS Pensacola, go to www.cnic.navy.mil/ regions/ cnrse/installations/ nas_pensacola.html For more information, visit www. navy. mil, www.facebook.com/usnavy or www. twitter. com/ usnavy.

“NAS Pensacola: History in Focus” ... NASP History in Focus is a photo feature designed to draw attention to the rich historical legacy of the base. A photo or photos will be published each week showing an interesting, obscure or historically significant feature of NAS Pensacola. The first person who e-mails Gosport to correctly identify the object and its location will win a $5 coupon good toward food or beverages purchased at the Navy Exchange (NEX) aboard NASP. E-mail your answer to NASPGosport@gmail.com. Winner and answer will be announced on NASP Public Affairs Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NASPPAO and in the following week’s Gosport. (Readers can win once per month). Craig Lewis is the winner of 9/22’s "NASP: History in Focus." It’s the dog at the “World War II in the Pacific” exhibit on the second floor of the museum.

Vol. 81, No. 39

September 29, 2017

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The image on the right side is the Navy’s most modern fighter aircraft, the F-18 Super Hornet. Established in 1921 as the Air Station News, the name Gosport was adopted in 1936. A gosport was a voice tube used by flight instructors in the early days of naval aviation to give instructions and directions to their students. The name “Gosport” was derived from Gosport, England (originally God’s Port), where the voice tube was invented. Gosport is an authorized newspaper published every Friday by Ballinger Publishing,

Sept. 29

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September 29, 2017





Suicide prevention month: one small act Story, photo by Jason Bortz Naval Hospital Pensacola

Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP), along with the rest of the Navy, joins the nation in observing September as suicide prevention month. The Navy’s message for suicide prevention month is “One small ACT.” This message promotes that simple, everyday actions can save lives by using the Navy’s ACT (Ask Care Treat) bystander intervention model. “One life lost to suicide is one too many,” said Lt. Holly Vickers, NHP’s suicide prevention coordinator. “Our goal is to raise awareness of suicides in the military and to educate everyone on suicide warning signs and risk factors.” There are no specific demographics associated with suicides, but there may be warning signs that can be observed by those in contact with someone contemplating suicide. Acting withdrawn, displaying decreased work performance, showing lack of focus or consuming increased amounts of alcohol may be signs of someone who needs help, but it is also possible a person will show little or no signs of suicide risk. According to Vickers, if you suspect someone is contemplating suicide the best thing to do is confront them and ask them if they are OK, which is the first part of ACT. If the person says they are thinking of committing suicide or you suspect they are, there are

How to submit a commentary

SH3 Anthony Merchant writes what he will do to relieve mental stress during a Suicide Prevention Month event at Naval Hospital Pensacola Sept. 18. There are many factors that may lead a person to contemplate suicide, such as financial problems, relationship issues or depression, but all of these have a common factor of producing stress. Understanding and managing stress cannot only help prevent suicides, but can improve a person’s overall quality of life.

resources available to both individuals contemplating suicide and bystanders. Those resources include command chaplains, Fleet and Family Support Centers, physicians and social workers. Individuals can also call the Military Crisis Line at 1 (800) 273TALK (8255), text 838255 or visit www.militarycrisisline.net for confidential, free support, 24/7. There are many factors that may lead a person to contemplate suicide,

such as financial problems, relationship issues or depression, but all of these have a common factor of producing stress. Understanding and managing stress cannot only help prevent suicides, but can improve a person’s overall quality of life. “Everyone’s stress tolerant is different,” said Lt. Louis Sanchez, a licensed clinical social worker at NHP. “If you feel you are getting stressed, take a step back, take a deep breath

and work one problem at a time.” According to Sanchez, common symptoms of stress include not coming to work on time, acting forgetful, being irritable or simply just not acting their normal self. Someone who may be happy go lucky all the time may act depressed for long periods of time or have an unusually quick temper. “If you feel like you can’t control your stress, talk to someone that can help, like a chaplain or your physician,” said Sanchez. “At Naval Hospital Pensacola, we have behavior health consultants, social workers and psychologists who can help patients learn to manage stress.” Sanchez also recommends prioritizing events that cause stress and to find ways to relax such as exercising or doing activities you enjoy. “When battling stress, its important take actions on items you control and make small gains rather than trying to accomplish everything at once,” said Sanchez. “It’s OK to make small gains and not everything on your to do list has to be accomplished at once.” Established in 1826, Naval Hospital Pensacola’s mission is to provide patient-centered superior quality health care to those it is privileged to serve. The command is comprised of the main hospital and 10 branch health clinics across five states. To find out more, visit www. med.navy.mil/sites/pcola/Pages/default.aspx or download the command’s mobile app.

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Feel F eel iitt a att troy. troy.edu/militaryspirit y edu/militaryspirit o y.edu/militaryspirit orr ccall all 1-800-586-9771.



September 29, 2017


Iwo Jima, New York wrap up recovery efforts in Key West From Commander, Carrier Strike Group 10 Public Affairs


TLANTIC OCEAN (NNS) – USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) and USS New York (LPD 21), along with multiple embarked Navy and Marine Corps units, completed initial recovery operations in support of federal and state officials Sept. 16, following Hurricane Irma’s devastation of Key West, Fla. The Navy-Marine Corps team, under the command of Commander Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 10, partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and with state and local officials until civilian authorities and the Florida National Guard could take over long-term recovery operations. While on station, Sailors and Marines worked with the people of Monroe County, along the Lower Keys, from Marathon to Key West and points between, clearing debris from roadways, distributing food and water, and repairing generators and other critical infrastructure such as water-pumping stations. Highlights included fly-away teams from both Iwo Jima and New York, Sailors normally involved with the ship’s propulsion, who formed engineering-centric teams who helicoptered in and performed rapid repairs on generators in senior living communities. “The combination of the hardship the people of Monroe County faced and the strength and grit they faced it with were both humbling and inspiring,” said Rear Adm. Sam Paparo, CSG 10 commander. “But the Marines and Sailors rushed to the crisis. We’re better for having teamed with our local, state and federal teammates – particularly city governments, Monroe County, the Florida National Guard and FEMA – and inspired we could help in so small a way. As we depart, our greatest emotion is gratitude for having been a part of it.” Search-and-rescue efforts were on the scene Sept. 11, with the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Recovery operations began ashore Sept. 12. For Marines and Sailors taking part in relief efforts, the work was personal. “This is the worst I have ever

seen my hometown after a hurricane,” said AO2 Gabrielle Young, from Key West and assigned to Iwo Jima. “My family and I evacuated for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma. We had to live in a FEMA trailer for two weeks following Wilma, but still it was not this bad here.” Young added she was fortunate her assignment aboard Iwo Jima allowed her to be a part of the outpouring of civilian and military support to her hometown. “It’s a blessing to be here and be able to help out the community – my community,” she said. “I never thought I would have a chance to do anything like this. I am very thankful.” Lance Cpl. Jack Sweeney, assigned to Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 6th Regiment of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), was handing out food and water when he saw a family with a little boy come through to get supplies. “He had a cut on his nose, and I was able to put some ointment on it and bandage it up,” he said. “This was a very real and rewarding experience.” Lance Cpl. Stephen Ailshie, assigned to Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, had a personal reason to want to help. “I’ve come to Key West every summer with my family since I was eight years old, so I feel a special connection here,” he said. “Handing out food and water to those in need was a humbling experience.” Members of the Fleet Survey Team, based at Stennis Space Center, Miss., cleared the way for the landing craft utility vehicles of Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2 to make it to shore with heavy equipment and large bulk items for the relief efforts. They then moved to open the ports for the arrival of supplies. Highly trained

Sailors from USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) unload water Sept. 14 at a Federal Emergency Management Agency distribution point in Key West. The Department of Defense is supporting FEMA, the lead federal agency, in helping those affected by Hurricane Irma to minimize suffering and is one component of the overall whole-of-government response effort. Photo by Trice Denny

and operating specially equipped jet skis, the team painstakingly looked for possible obstructions and hazards to navigating the channel into Key West. Another member of the team, AG2 Jesse Osborne, from Rome, Ga., said they cleared debris and used sonar to scan to find objects that would inhibit a ship’s movement. “It gave me a sense of pride that I was part of something bigger – like I accomplished something,” said Osborne. The survey team’s work was also instrumental in assisting Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group (EODGRU) 2 in moving equipment ashore as they set up a tactical operations center. “The tactical operations center allowed us to work seamlessly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Monroe County officials to provide support in the most effective way,” said Lt. Cmdr. Abby Mennerich, intelligence officer of EODGRU 2, which ran the maritime command element (MCE) ashore. “The MCE Sailors and 26th MEU Marines were vital in establishing reliable communications circuits and facilities to accomplish the overall mission.” Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28 used their SH-60S helicopters to move people and equipment back and forth from the ship and shore. This also included making runs as far north as Homestead Air Reserve Base,

south of Miami. “This was a very rewarding experience,” said Lt. Jenya Boss, a pilot assigned to HSC 28. “You get to do what you have been training for in real life and that’s where the reward comes in.” Part of the mission included working with USS Abraham Lincoln, ferrying water the carrier produced to the landing field at NAS Key West. “This was a very dynamic mission, and everyone was eager to help, from one mission transporting water from an aircraft carrier to shore, to the next mission transporting passengers from ship to shore to clear roads and give out aid,” said Capt. Michael Inzeo, a CH-53E Super Stallion pilot assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 461. “Seeing how grateful people were to receive basic necessities like food and water made me feel grateful for all of the small things in life I have,” said NC1 Stephanie Biggs, of Phoenix and assigned to USS New York. “They were just grateful for our presence. It gave me a better understanding how fast things we take for granted can be taken away in the blink of an eye.” With FEMA and the Florida National Guard now in charge of long-term recovery efforts, the focus shifted to loading up equipment and people for return to the ships so they can depart the coast.

FEMA’s Region IV Federal Coordinating Officer – and retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Steve Johnson – told crews aboard Iwo Jima and New York he was grateful for their dedication to the mission. “When I think about your efforts, two words come to mind: humility and family,” said Johnson, whose oversight includes Monroe County. “I’m humbled by the efforts you all put forth. But as a Sailor, I also consider you all my family. You have much to be proud of for your accomplishments.” Units supporting the mission under CSG 10 included Amphibious Squadron (CPR) 4; the guided-missile cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG 56); Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group (EODGRU) 2; Tactical Air Control Squadron (TACRON) 22; Fleet Surgical Team (FST) 8; 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU); Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 461; Marine Air Control Group (MACG) 28; Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28; Fleet Survey Team; Beach Master Unit (BMU) 2; Naval Beach Group (NBG) 2; Amphibious Construction Battalion (ACB) 2; Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2; and Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU) 202 det. Jacksonville. For more news from USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7), visit www. navy.mil/local/lhd7/.



September 29, 2017


Rear Adm. Christina Alvarado talks Hispanic heritage By Mariah Felipe U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Public Affairs



Christina Alvarado, deputy chief for Reserve policy, U.S. Navy Bu-

reau of Medicine and Surgery, joined five Hispanic military leaders for a panel at the National LATINA Style Awards to offer guidance and advice on leadership and self-development. Alvarado’s journey into the military was an unconventional one. She worked as a critical care nurse before moving to Washington, D.C. as a full-time staffer at the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, following in the footsteps of her biological grandmother, who was one of the first female staffers on Capitol Hill. The veterans she met inspired her to join the Navy as a Reserve critical care nurse. Shortly thereafter, she deployed to Operation Desert Storm. She went on to establish Navy Medicine’s first reserve expeditionary medical facility (EMF), EMF Dallas in 2011. She was the first nurse to serve as the commanding officer of what was once a fleet hospital and one of the first women to do so as well. She and her team were given the honor of plankowners as the first Sailors to staff the EMF. Since that time, a total of four Reserve EMFs have been created within Navy Medicine. “Having the honor of

being a commanding officer with a team that accomplished a first like that was enormously satisfying,” Alvarado said. “There aren’t many positions to go postcommand, so I thought it’d be my last one and I’d retire as a captain.” Shortly thereafter she picked up her first star for rear admiral lower half and five years later, with her second star, she’s still serving as a Navy reservist. During the LATINA Style panel, Alvarado told the group about a young Hispanic woman and Navy nurse she recently met. It was this officer’s first time interacting with a flag officer. The woman expressed her admiration for Alvarado, and said, “You’ve made me realize that someday I may have the opportunity to be in your position.” That statement is one that has changed Alvarado’s perspective on the importance of her role as a leader. “At that moment, I started to wear my stars differently,”


Rear Adm. Christina Alvarado (center) spoke at the National LATINA Style Awards with five other Hispanic military leaders. She offered audience members guidance and advice on leadership and selfdevelopment. Photo from Navy Medicine@Twitter.

Alvarado said. “Holding a position of leadership isn’t about the person in the position or the traditions of honor that come along with it. Rather it’s about what that position represents for those striving to do better for themselves and those around them. I probably work harder now than I ever have before, because the young men and women of the Navy depend on me and I will not let them down.” Although Alarado acknowledges her position as a role model for others, she emphasized the importance of working together.

of Pensacola

Resort-Like Retirement

Call 850-308-6004 Today Interested in life at Veranda? See what actual residents have to say at www.verandapensacola.com VERANDA OF PENSACOLA, INC. 6982 Pine Forest Road · Pensacola, Florida 32526

“Success is never a solo journey and I never measure success by what I have done,” Alvarado said. “My success is measured by the accomplishments of those I’ve had the honor to lead. My shipmates in Navy Medicine have proven to me, through their accomplishments and the work we’ve done together in the last 29 years, that I have all the success I’ll ever need.” LATINA Style is a national magazine dedicated to the needs and concerns of the contemporary Latina professional working woman and the Latina business owner in

the United States. Navy Medicine is a global health care network which provides health care support to the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, their families and veterans in high operationaltempo environments, at expeditionary medical facilities, medical treatment facilities, hospitals, clinics, hospital ships and research units around the world. For more information, visit www.navy.mil or follow the Navy on Facebook and Twitter. For more news from Navy Medicine, visit www.navy.mil /local/mednews.



September 29, 2017


NASWF ombudsman appreciation dinner held Story, photo by Jamie Link NASWF Public Affairs Office


eptember is Ombudsman Appreciation Month, a time to honor the vital role ombudsmen have in connecting military families with important information, resources and assistance they need while on U.S. Navy duty stations. Navy spouses face challenges during times of transition and stress, and it is important that spouses have someone available to assist them through these challenging times. September is the month designated to honor the dedication and volunteerism the ombudsmen give as installation leadership recognize the efforts of the Navy ombudsman for their supportive roles to the military families. Naval Air Station Whiting Field (NASWF) Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) held an appre-

ciation dinner last week for the ombudsman of NASWF command and the individual squadrons within Training Air Wing Five (TraWing-5) to express the gratitude and appreciation for their commitment to the position. Each ombudsman was presented with a certificate of appreciation, gift and flowers. NASWF Commanding Officer Capt. Todd Bahlau spoke at the dinner thanking all the volunteer efforts of the ombudsmen. “Thank you all for what you do to support our

Ombudsmen from Naval Air Station Whiting Field command and squadrons within Training Air Wing Five were celebrated Sept. 19 at Blackwater Bistro in Milton with an appreciation dinner. All ombudsmen were introduced by the individual squadron leadership and given an award certificate along with a gift and flowers. NAS Whiting Field Fleet and Family Support Center hosted the event for the ombudsmen during September, Ombudsman Appreciation Month.

members and our community,” Bahlau said. “We appreciate all the dedication and hard work.” ComTraWing-5 modore Col. David Morris and the squadron’s officers commanding were in attendance to help present the certificates and gifts. Ombudsmen help disseminate information up and down the chain of command, provide resources to family members, advocate for families and serve as an all-around “go-to” resource for sup-

port to the family members. The ombudsmen have a variety of information and resources, from the simple, such as where a new Navy family can find a good dentist, to the critical, like crisis intervention assistance to share when needed. This is vitally important for many family members who are new to Navy life or may be settling into a new duty station. Navy ombudsmen are volunteers, hand-picked by the commanding officer to serve as the liaison

for information between Navy families and command leadership. The ombudsman is usually a spouse of an active duty service member that has experience and knowledge as a Navy spouse. Former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) retired Adm. E.R. Zumwalt Jr., formed the Navy Family Ombudsman Program more than 47 years ago to develop better communication between commands and the families of Sailors who serve. Another former CNO, retired Adm.

Michael G. Mullen, reemphasized the importance of the program and signed an updated instruction in 2006 highlighting the requirement that all Navy families have access to a Navy Family Ombudsman due to the vital role ombudsman play to support the mission. Information regarding the Navy Ombudsman Program can be found at www.cnic.navy.mil/ffr/fam ily_readiness/fleet_and_fa mily_support_program/o mbudsman_program. html/.

Navy ombudsmen: Standing watch over Navy families From www.cnic.navy.mil

Why the word “ombudsman”? The word “ombudsman” originated in Scandinavian countries and referred to safeguarding the rights of citizens. Today the concept of the ombudsman is widely utilized in the fields of government, business and healthcare. Ombudsman roles: The ombudsman is a volunteer, appointed by the commanding officer, to serve as an information link between command leadership and Navy families. Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information both up and down the chain of command, including official Department of the Navy and command information, command climate issues, local quality of life (QoL) improvement opportunities and “good deals” around the community. Ombudsmen also provide resource referrals when

needed. They are instrumental in resolving family issues before the issues require extensive command attention. The command ombudsman program is shaped largely by the commanding officer’s perceived needs of his/her command. The command ombudsman is appointed by and works under the guidance of the commanding officer, who determines the priorities of the program, the roles and relationships of those involved in it and the type

and level of support it will receive. Ombudsman-at-Large: The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) may appoint two Ombudsmen-at-Large. Traditionally they have been the spouse of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) and another senior military spouse. The Ombudsmen-at-Large are tasked by the CNO to improve family readiness by advising him and the MCPON on matters affecting Sailors and their families. As they travel throughout the Navy, they meet with Navy leadership, Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) staff, command family ombudsmen, family members and Sailors. They attend meetings and conferences to gain a better understanding of matters affecting our families and ombudsmen. When they travel, they often hold focus groups composed of ombudsmen and spouses to learn about current issues and concerns.

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September 29, 2017





POW/MIA luncheon rescheduled The Pensacola Chapter Freedoms Foundation and the Pensacola Council Navy League will present the 19th annual POW/MIA Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 10 at the Pensacola Yacht Club. The original luncheon date was rescheduled in response to Hurricane Irma. The guest speaker will be retired United States Navy CTRCS James Layton, a USS Pueblo (AGER2) POW. Attire will be business casual for civilians and service kahkis for military members. Cost is $20 per person. If you would like to sponsor attendance for active-duty military and/or a table, mail a check to P.O. Box 17486, Pensacola, FL 32522. For more information, call 436-8552 or e-mail navyleagueofus@bellsouth.net.

Event to honor U.S. service in Japan

A special event to honor U.S. service members who served in Japan and their family members is scheduled for 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 7 at the National Naval Aviation Museum. The annual Japan-U.S. Military Program (JUMP) event connects past and present service members, families and government civilians who have served in Japan. The Pensacola event is being organized by the Japan-America Society of Northwest Florida. Featured speakers at the event include the Honorable Ken Okaniwa, Consul General, Consulate General of Japan in Miami, Fla. and retired Rear Adm. James D. Kelly, former commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ). RSVPs are highly encouraged. For more information, e-mail info@jasnwfl.org or call 602-7049.

Annual retired military seminar Attention military retirees: Oct. 21 has been selected as the date for the 44th annual Gulf Coast Retired Military Seminar. The resource fair, which provides information on benefits and programs available to retirees and their families, is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 21 at the Mustin Beach Club at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The guest speaker will be retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom. He will present a legislative update on military and veterans benefits. For more information, call 452-5618.

CREDO announces new workshops The Chaplain Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) is offering new workshops in October, November and December on the topics of family enrichment (W2SM and Pre-Marriage Seminar), personal resilence (PRW) and suicide prevention (ASIST and safeTALK). • safeTALK, Oct. 19, 8 a.m. to noon • PRW, Oct. 24, 8:30 a.m. to noon • ASIST; there are ASIST workshops for both Pensacola and Whiting Field. Pensacola workshops are Nov. 7 and 8, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days, attendence both days required. Whiting Field workshops are Oct. 3 and 4, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days, attendence both days required • W2SM, Oct. 21 through 22 and Dec. 2 through 3 • Pre-marriage seminar, Oct. 1 and Nov. 1, 8 a.m. to noon To register or for more information on any of these workshops, contact Tony Bradford at 452-2093 or email Tony.bradford.ctr@navy.mil.

Partyline submissions You can submit information for possible publication in Partyline by sending an e-mail to Kaitlyn@BallingerPublishing.com. Submissions must include the organization’s name and details about events including times, dates, locations and any costs involved. Contact information also is required. All submissions are subject to editing to comply with established standards. Items should be submitted at least one week in advance. The deadline is noon Friday for the next week’s publication.

Church hosts homecoming pot-luck

The Pensacola Naval Exchange Mall will be hosting a number of events this month. Events include: • Beauty week: Beauty week starts today Sept. 29 and continues through Oct. 11. Take advantage of the gift with purchases throughout cosemtics and fragrences. To make an appointment, call 458-8256 or stop by the store and give the cosmetics beauty advisors an opportunity to meet and pamper you. • Toys test drive event: There will be a top toys test drive event Oct. 7 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the NEX Home Gallery toy department. Kids of all ages are welcome to test, rate and register to win one of 12 toys demonstrated. • Effy Trunk jewelry show: There will be a twoday fine jewelry designer Effy Trunk show Oct. 16 and 17. Discover the “fearless attitude and style” with an endless selection from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days. Save 50 percent off plus gift with a $500 or more purchase. • Energy day: NEX mall will host an energy day Oct. 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will feature energy efficient vehicles from Pensacola Energy and Gulf Power, the Quench Buggy from Emerald Coast Utility Authority, the mobile unit from NASP Vet Center and valuable information from NASP Public Works. •Navy Birthday: Join NEX in celebrating the 242nd Navy Birthday Oct. 13. Cake and light refreshments will be served and a life-size birthday card to sign inside the main mall entrance from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information on any of these events, contact Andrea Beck at 458-8811.

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church will be hosting a homecoming pot-luck lunch and fellowship Oct. 1. Service will start at 10 a.m. followed by the lunch. Bring a covered dish to share. All are welcome to attend. For more information, visit www.pleasantgrove pensacola.com.

Annual christian school fish fry

Spend Halloween at the museum

The Escambia Christian School (ECS)’s annual fish fry will be held Oct. 6 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 3311 W. Moreno Street in the ECS gym. Attendees must purchase advance tickets. Cost is $7.50 per adult and $6 per child. Take out orders are available. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 433-8476. There will be a book sale at the West Florida Public Library starting today, Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 at the downtown library. For today Sept. 29, the book sale will be from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and cost for general admission will be $5. Members will be admited for free. Sept. 30 hours will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with free admission. Oct. 1 will be a bag sale from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 706 would like to invite all current military, retired veterans and all veterans to stop by and visit the post. There will be karaoke on Thursday and Saturday, from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m., plus many other events. The post is located at 5000 Lillian Hwy. near the post office. For further information, call 455-0026.

PCS program offers to help veterans The Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) program at Pensacola State College helps prepare eligible veterans for entry into college by offering free, non-credited refresher courses.

Mustangs announce Oct. 12 meeting

NEX events coming this month

Book sale at local downtown library

VFW post promises fun and relaxation

The NAS Pensacola commisary will be hosting a case-lot sale. The final day is today Sept. 29 and hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come and check on the special deals. There will be savings, demonstrations and games for the event. For more information, contact Thomasina Collins at 262-9200 ext. 3330.

The program also helps veterans apply for financial aid and scholarships. Classes are available throughout the year. The Veterans Upward Bound office is located in Bldg. 6 at Pensacola State College. For more information or to set up an appointment to talk to a representative, call retired Navy Cmdr. Mark Nisbett at 484-2068.

NEX Optical Shop at 5600 Hwy 98 West in the Navy Shopping Mall will be permanently closed on Oct. 1. The last day of business will be Sept. 30. Other service departments at NEX that will remain open are the flower shop, gifts and souvenirs, Blue Angel shop, barber shop and beauty salon. NEX apologizes for any inconvience. The Saint Sylvester Knights of Columbus (KOC) are sponsoring a charity golf tournament Oct. 6 at the Club at Hidden Creek in Navarre. Format is four-person scramble (handicapped). Registration is at 11 a.m. with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. Cost is $75 per player, $65 for active-duty military, police, fire fighters and EMTs. Registration includes golf, goodie bag, dinner, beverages, prizes and hole-in-one contest. Proceeds support Habitat for Humanity and Interfaith Ministries. For more informaton, contact Mike Gaspard at 206-1484 or e-mail megaspard@bellsouth.net, or Mike Albaugh at 830-3753.

NASP commisary case-lot sale

The quarterly meeting of the Emerald Coast Mustang Association (ECMA) is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Oct. 12 at the Mustin Beach Club. Cost of the dinner is approximately $14 per person, and is open to all Mustangs and selectees within the Gulf Coast area. Reservations are due by Oct. 5. For information or to make reservations, contact Cmdr. Michael Therrien at michael.p.therrien2@navy.mil or call 452-7000.

NEX optical shop closing Oct. 1

KOC charity golf tournament

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Cost is free to enter but $10 to park. This year’s music lineup includes Chris Golden, TruGrass, Highway Home and more. For more information, visit www.munsonheritagefestival.com.

NEX Corry Mall opens seasonal jobs NEX Corry Mall now hiring for the holiday season. Civilian, civilian DoD and military spouses/dependents welcome to apply. Civilian employees can be employed by more than one agency with no more than a total of 40 hours per week. Apply online at www.mynavyexchange.com/ nex/work-for-us.

Dog rescue hosting festival Get ready for food, live music, arts and crafts, shopping and raffles as the gentle giants of Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue (NWFLGDR) take over Seville Square Oct. 8 from noon to 5 p.m. for the second annual Dane-Toberfest celebration and fundraising event. Dane-Toberfest 2017 is a dog-friendly event. NWFLGDR asks that all dogs be friendly and up-todate on vaccinations. No retractable leashes. For more information, visit www.nwflgdr.com.

Munson fall festival announced The Munson Fall Festival will be held Oct. 14 and 15 at the Krul Recreation Area on Blackwater River State Forest. The festival will be kicked off with a parade Oct. 14 and will have a free children activity area, car show, antiques, crafts and much more. No alcohol and no pets allowed. The festival will be held

Woman empowerment arts event There will be a Women Telling Our Stories event Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. at the “Its Personal” venue. Women Telling Our Stories is about women who have conquered many trials and challenges throughout their lives and have shared their stories using various mediums to empower others. This event will feature several well known local authors and artists who will tell their story through drama, song, dance, creative art and spoken word. Door prizes and a light meal will be provided. Vendors are welcome. Tickets are $15 per person in advance and $20 at the door. For more information, e-mail info@kayspeak.com or info@awillandway.org.

Local businesses luncheon and social Centeral City will be presenting Torches, a social event, Oct. 28 noon to 4 p.m. This event will be a forum and luncheon featuring local bussiness owners and keynote speakers. The event will take place at 2749 N. H Street and the cost will be $10 per person. For more information, call Shaquonda Carter at 497-5086. Bring the family and enjoy a day of Halloween fun at the National Naval Aviation Museum Oct. 28 from 10 a.m. to midnight. Featuring “spooktacular" specials on museum attractions, hands on activity stations and even a mascot meet-and-greet with the Chick-fil-A Cow, Pensacola Ice Flyers’ Maverick and Smokey Bear in the Blue Angels Atrium. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/NavalAviationMuseum.

Naval Exchange food service survey Help NEX provide you with the quality food service you deserve. Let NEX know about your dining experience at: myNavyExchange.com/foodsurvey and be entered to win a $25 NEX gift card.

PCARA hosting community cookout The Pensacola Community Arts and Recreation Association (PCARA) and the Pensacola Neighborhood Services would like to invite the entire Pensacola and surrounding areas to its 24th annual big community cookout, “The Biggest Cookout of 2017,” Oct. 28 at the Fricker Community Center, 900 North F Street from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. There will be free food, exhibits, speakers and good entertainment by recording artists, groups and soloists. Bring your entire family, friends and a good appetite. For more information call Leroy Williams at 293-5345.

You can join Coast Guard Auxiliary For more than 75 years, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has offered citizens an opportunity to gain education and training while assisting the U.S. Coast Guard. Auxiliarists may choose among programs such as boating safety, public education, public affairs, Interpreter Corps, communications, Marine Environmental Programs (MEP), operations and U.S. Coast Guard support. Following training, auxiliarist may assist in a number of ways. Members also develop and share new skills with the community and other members. Anyone interested in joining the Milton Flotilla can attend a meeting at 6 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month at the City of Milton Fire Station, 5321 Stewart St. For more information, go to www.cgaux.org or www.flotilla18.com.


September 29, 2017


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Chris�m�s on the Co�st

One World, Many Voices

From toys to tinsel and snowflakes to Santa, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus knows how to celebrate the season. Your family won’t want to miss Christmas on the Coast, where we’ll transform sunny weather into a winter wonderland. You’ll experience all the sights and sounds of the holidays that will have you humming through the New Year! December 8, 9 & 10, 2017

A Celebration of Diversity Through Song

One World, Many Voices is a celebration of music’s rich cultures and how we can achieve oneness through song. Guest conductor and renowned composer Andrea Ramsey will take the podium to bring her own style and flavor to our eclectic program. Join us as we bring a global message to our small town home.

Show�ime Do you like Broadway? Get your ticket. Country, rock, or even disco? Then Showtime is right for you! Join us for a celebration from music across all genres, featuring our amazingly talented PCC singers. From lights to sound and costumes to choreography, you’ll leave dazed and amazed. Don’t miss this musical extravaganza!

February 18, 2018

May 4, 5, & 6, 2018





September 29, 2017

Naval Hospital Pensacola nurse working cultural, medical information exchange in Honduras; See page B2 Spotlight


From U.S. Department of Labor Office of Public Affairs

Wh at ca n YOU d o?


eld each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a time to celebrate the many and varied contributions of America’s workers with disabilities. The theme for this year – which marks more than 70 years since the first observance – is “Inclusion Drives Innovation.” The purpose of National Disability Employment Awareness Month is to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America’s workers with disabilities. The history of National Disability Employment Awareness Month traces back to 1945, when Congress enacted a law declaring the first week in October each year “National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.” In 1962, the word “physically” was removed to acknowledge the employment needs and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities. In 1988, Congress expanded the week to a month and changed the name to National Disability Employ-

ment Awareness Month. “Americans of all abilities must have access to good, safe jobs,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta. “Smart employers know that including different perspectives in problem-solving situations leads to better solutions. Hiring employees with diverse abilities strengthens their business, increases competition and drives innovation.” Employers and employees in all industries can learn more about how to participate in National Disability Employment Awareness Month and ways they can promote its messages – during October and throughout the year – by visiting www.dol.gov/ ndeam.

Word Search ‘Housepainting’ M L B C G A G Y P C H W V X Y

















From www.whatcanyoudocampaign.org

You can support the Campaign for Disability Employment’s (CDE) “What can YOU do?” initiative and play an important role in improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities. “What can YOU do?” is a positive outreach initiative aimed at increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities by challenging common misperceptions. It sends a clear message: people with disabilities want to work and their talents and abilities benefit businesses both financially and organizationally. By implementing good workplace practices, such as maintaining a flexible and inclusive work environment, businesses can capitalize on the talents of qualified people with disabilities. All it takes is recognizing the value they add to the workplace and fostering a work culture welcoming of the talents of all individuals. Three things you can do: 1. Hire, retain and advance people with disabilities. Businesses that are inclusive of people with disabilities – in hiring, retention and advancement – benefit from a wider pool of talent, skills and creative business solutions. Additionally, fostering a work environment that is flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities, actually promotes workplace success for everyone. 2. Be a mentor. Be a mentor by inspiring youth with disabilities to achieve their career aspirations. It is important that each individual is valued for his or her skills and talents, and that youth with disabilities are supported and encouraged to dream big when it comes to developing career goals. 3. Share the “can-do” spirit. Help us by telling others about the CDE and the “What can YOU do?” initiative. We encourage you to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities in your business and community.

Gosling Games Color Me ‘Change of season’

Jokes & Groaners Jokes that went South Q: What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter? A: Pumpkin pi. Q: How do you fix a broken pumpkin? A: With a pumpkin patch. If money did grow on trees, autumn would be the best season ever. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. A husband was watching football on a crisp fall Sunday. His wife told him she was tired of looking at all the leaves in the yard. He replied, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll take care of it.” He closed the curtain. The nurse walked into the busy doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, the invisible man is here.” The doctor replied, “Sorry, I can’t see him.” Q: Why did the farmer wear one boot to town? A: Because he heard there would be a 50 percent chance of snow.




September 29, 2017

NHP nurse works medical info exchange in Honduras By Sgt. Crystal Madriz 55th Combat Camera


UERTO CASTILLA, Honduras – For one U.S. Navy lieutenant, Southern Partnership Station 17 (SPS 17) is more than just a chance to exchange information. It is a way of connecting with her heritage and a way to change the lives of people like her. Lt. Juliana Gutierrez, a woman’s health nurse assigned to Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP) is one of three translators out of 85 total service members deployed to Central America as part of SPS 17. “From the moment I arrived in Honduras, I was able to feel like I’m at home, while I was learning their culture,” said Gutierrez. “I may not be from Honduras, but these people I interact with will always be a part of me.” Gutierrez was born in New Jersey. At the age of two, her mother and father moved her family to Colombia, so they could experience their native culture. They lived in Colombia for the next seven years, until they moved back to the U.S. Her parents were adamant about learning both cultures

and ensuring their children were well versed in both English and Spanish. “My mother is a nurse and she knew the advantages of knowing more than one language, and how it would put me ahead in life,” said Gutierrez. Accurate translation for U.S.

Navy and Honduran medical professionals is key in building the lasting relationship between the two countries. Understanding how to express the language in a medical setting is one of the most influential parts of the mission. “Knowing that every time we have exchanged information and they understand it, it’s like winning the lottery,” said Gutierrez. “It means the world to me. That something so small to me (translating Spanish), means so much more to them.” When Gutierrez is not translating for U.S. Navy doctors, she gives classes on her medical specialty, maternal infant care. “I love sharing, exchanging and working with maternal and child care,” said Gutierrez. “When I get the chance to talk to Honduran doctors and nurses in my field, and understand

what their resources are, I get the opportunity to understand their culture even more.” Gutierrez said she enjoyed translating for the U.S. Navy doctors and hospital corpsmen, and working with the local medical professionals in maternal infant care. Both experiences for her were completely different and rewarding. “I love every day that I’ve had the opportunity to do the engagements with the community,” said Gutierrez. “It feels like they are actually learning from us and we are learning from them.” The SPS 17 medical team has been in Central America for over 60 days, traveling from city-to-city and countryto-country, conducting subject matter expert exchanges. Gutierrez will continue to provide medical assistance

through translation and maternal infant care until SPS 17 concludes late October. SPS 17 is a U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/ U.S. 4th Fleet mission focused on subject matter expert exchanges with partner nation militaries, security forces and medical providers in Central and South America. USNAVSO/FOURTHFLT supports USSOUTHCOM’s joint and combined military operations by employing maritime forces in cooperative maritime security operations to maintain access, enhance interoperability and build enduring partnerships in order to enhance regional security and promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Caribbean, Central and South American regions. For more information, visit www. navy.mil/local/ SPS/ or on Facebook at www. facebook. com/ southern partnership station.

‘Big Six’ workshop covers technology updates ... Commander; Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) Rear Adm. Kyle Cozad (left) speaks to NETC domain commanding officers, executive directors and technology specialists during the “Big Six” Innovative Technology Workshop Sept. 21 at the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) headquarters aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola. CNATT hosted the day-long workshop during which NETC domain leadership discussed leveraging technology to further education.


GOSPORT Fleet and Family Support Center

The NASP Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), 151 Ellyson Ave., Bldg. 625, is offering the following: • Imagination Station: 10 a.m. to noon every third Thursday of the month at Blue Wahoo Stadium. The NASP New Parent Support program partners with the Imagination Station for a military family play date. Meet some military families and let your children play. • Mov.mil Assist: 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. One hour of dedicated online walkthrough to set-up your account and make your move seamless. • Base tour: 9 a.m. to noon the first Wednesday of every month. The next one is scheduled for Oct. 4. Learn about the history of Naval Air Station Pensacola and how to get around base.

SAPR If you are a victim of sexual assault, it is not your fault. Help for victims of sexual assault in the DoD community is a call, click or text away: • The SafeHelpline: Provides live, one-on-one crisis support and information by trained staff. Call: (877) 995-5247; click: www.SafeHelpline.org or text: 55-247, CONUS; (202) 470-5546, OCONUS (may be extra charges for OCONUS). • The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program: Provides prevention, intervention and a 24/7/365 response to non-intimate partner adult victims of sexual assault. Active-duty and adult family member sexual assault victims have a choice of reporting options, unrestricted and restricted. Unrestricted reporting allows victim to have an advocate, seek medical care, counseling, legal services, safety interventions and/or transfer, etc. To access an unrestricted report, the victim may report to his/her chain-ofcommand, security/law enforcement, NCIS, SAPR VA, SARC or others. NCIS shall be notified by the CO and/or the VA/SARC in unrestricted cases to begin investigation.

Worship schedule NAS Pensacola Protestant • Worship service, 10:15 a.m. Sunday, Naval Aviation Memorial Chapel, Bldg. 1982. • Chapel choir, meets following the 10:15 a.m. Sunday service at All Faiths Chapel. • Contemporary service, 6 p.m. Sunday, All Faiths Chapel. • Training Air Wing Six Bible Study, 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, Griffith Hall student lounge. • Bible study, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, J.B. McKamey Center. Roman Catholic • Sunday Mass, 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Naval Aviation Memorial Chapel, Bldg. 1982. • Daily Mass, 11:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Our Lady of Loreto Chapel. • Confessions: 30 minutes before services. Latter Day Saints • Service, 10:30 a.m. Sunday, All Faiths Chapel.

Investigation results are provided to the offender’s CO for appropriate action/disposition. Restricted reporting allows a victim to have a confidential report, which does not trigger command or law enforcement notification and the victim may have a SAPR VA and seek medical care and/or counseling. To access restricted reporting, the victim may disclose his/her sexual assault only to the SARC, a current SAPR VA, a health care professional and/or a chaplain. • To contact the NASP 24/7 Victim Advocate, call 449-9231/2. For the Civilian Victim Advocate, call 293-4561. To contact duty SARC, call the SARC cell at 554-5606.

CREDO Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) Southeast offers retreats enabling military members and their families to develop personal and spiritual resources in order to meet the unique challenges of military life. • ASIST (Applied Suicide In-

• Meeting: 6 p.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Thursday, J.B. McKamey Center. For more information, call 452-2341. NASP Corry Station Protestant • Adult Bible study, 9 a.m. Sunday, fellowship hall vice conference room. • Chapel choir, 9 a.m. Sunday, choir room vice sanctuary. • Worship service, 10 a.m. Sunday. • Fellowship, 11:30 a.m. Sunday. • Contemporary worship, 6:30 p.m. Sunday, followed by fellowship at 7:30 p.m. • Bible study and dinner, 5:30 p.m. Thursday, fellowship hall. Latter Day Saints • Service, 7 p.m. Wednesday. Roman Catholic • Mass, noon Sunday and 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday. For more information, call 452-6376. tervention Skills Training): Oct 3 through 4,Tuesday through Wednesday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: NAS Whiting Field, Atrium Building, Room 169. The ASIST workshop is for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. Over one million caregivers have participated in this two-day, highly interactive, practical, practiceoriented workshop. Participation in the full two days is required. Enjoy small group discussions and skills practice that are based upon adult learning principles and experience powerful videos on suicide intervention. Feel challenged and safe. Learn suicide first aid. Civilian vlothes – No uniforms. Notify Chaplain Fondren, RP2 Spangler or chaplain assistants of nominees no later than Sept. 28. Call (850) 623-7211. For more information or to register for any of the CREDO training programs, call 452-2093, or e-mail NASP CREDO facilitator

NAS Whiting Field Chapel Roman Catholic • Mass, 11 a.m. Friday. Protestant • Bible study, 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. • Weekly chapel service, 11:30 a.m. Thursday. For more information, call 623-7212. Other services Jewish • B’nai Israel Synagogue, 1829 North Ninth Ave., services 7 p.m. Friday and 9:30 a.m. Saturday. For information, call 433-7311. • Temple Beth El, 800 North Palafox St., services 7 p.m. Friday (6 p.m. first Friday of each month). For information, call 438-3321 or go to http://templebethelofpensacola.org. Seventh-day Adventist • Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1080 North Blue Angel Parkway, services at 11 a.m. Saturday. For information, call 453-3442.

Tony Bradford at tony.bradford.ctr @navy.mil.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society The Navy-Marine Corps relief Society (NMCRS) offers a range of volunteer opportunities for people with a variety of skills and interests. This is a great opportunity to get new skills and build your resume. • Front desk coverage. • Financial assistance. • Budget counseling. • Administrative and communications support. • Financial instruction for expectant parents. Contact the Pensacola office at 452-2300.

L.I.N.K.S. for Spouses Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.)

is an overview of the Marine Corps lifestyle. It is a great way to meet other military spouses and an introduction to all that the military and the city of Pensacola has to offer. It is fun, informative and beneficial. Class dates are Oct. 14 and Dec. 2. Times are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; classes are held at MATSG-21 headquarters (Bldg. 3450), in the commanding officer’s conference room. To register, contact Shanel Gainey, MCFTB Trainer at 4529460 ext. 3012 or e-mail Shanel. Gainey@usmc.mil.

Community Outreach If you are interested in participating in volunteer activities, contact the NASP Community Outreach office. The office tracks volunteer hours. Report your volunteer work to get due recognition. For information, call 452-2532 or e-mail nasp_ comm_outreach @Navy.mil. Ongoing opportunities include: • USO Northwest Florida: The USO supports America’s service members by working to keep them connected to family, home and country. For more information, call 455-8280. • Meals on Wheels: Mission is to provide one hot nourishing meal per day, both in a congregate setting and to homebound clients. For more information, call 432-1475. • USS Alabama: The USS Alabama Memorial, 2703 Battleship Parkway, Mobile, Ala., is in need of volunteers to help with preservation. For more information, call (251) 433-2703 or go to www.USSALABAMA.com. Other volunteer opportunities are available.

Motorcycle safety The NASP Safety Office will be holding a Motorcycle Mentorship Meet ’n Greet Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot off Radford across from Starbucks. Riders (military and DoD civilians) from all local commands are invited to attend. For more, contact the Safety Office at 452-8167.

Off DuTy

September 29, 2017




Morale,WelfareandRecreation The NASP Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) department has a number of upcoming events and activities. For more information, call 452-3806, ext. 3100, or go to the MWR website at www.navymwrpensacola .com.

By Reneda Cross

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla – October brings music to our ears when Pensacola Beach hosts some of the world’s most talented songwriters – creating a musical and creative atmosphere unlike any other – at the ninth annual Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival, to be held Oct. 4 though 8. Talented songwriters that have written with and for the likes of Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Ray Charles, Alan Jackson, Rodney Atkins, Lee Ann Womack and many more will be performing, storytelling and giving festivalgoers a firsthand account of what it takes to “make it� in today’s music industry. Let the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival introduce you to the songwriters who create the songs that are an inspiration in our daily lives. These songs create moods that can put smiles on your faces or tears in your eyes. There are so many emotions that live within us each and every day that a song sometimes has a way of healing. In addition to performances scheduled throughout the week,

Pensacola Beach will play host to the ninth annual Songwriters Festival Oct. 4 through 8. In addition to performances scheduled throughout the week, festival goers will have opportunities to meet and greet, participate in workshops, attend a StudioAmped television taping and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most influential musical talents. Photo from www.facebook.com/songfest.

festival goers will have opportunities to meet and greet, participate in workshops, attend a StudioAmped television taping and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most influential musical talents. Events happening during the festival include: • Moonlight and Music: Oct. 5. Hit songwriters Kalie Shorr, Bernie Nelson, Amanda Williams and Jeremy Bussey showcase their original songs while enjoying food prepared by Chef John Smith. Seating begins at 6:15 p.m. at Hemingway’s Island Grill, 400 Quietwater Beach Rd., no. 16. Tickets are $25 and include dinner with tax and gratuity. Cash bar available. • Honoring Our Songwriting Warriors : Oct. 6. Celebrate the nation’s military veterans as they share their

experiences and their times of healing through song. Appetizers and beverages for donations in support of our veterans. Doors open at 6 p.m. for a meet and greet and show starts at 7 p.m. at the Beach Church, 920 Panferio Drive. • Special Songwriters Edition of StudioAmped: Oct. 6. Alissa Moreno, Colleen Amanda Williams and Bridgette Tatum will be taping a live show to be aired at a later date. Be a part of the studio audience. Doors open at 6 p.m. and show starts promptly at 7 p.m. at the John & Paul Amos Performance Studio at Pensacola State College. This event is free and open to the public. • Maximizing Your Potential as an Independent Artist: Oct. 7. This two-part seminar

and workshop conducted by Bridgette London starts at 11 a.m. at the Innerlight Upper Room, 655 Pensacola Beach Blvd. Details and pricing are available on the songwriters festival website. • Ministry of Music: Oct. 8, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A worship service at Landshark Landing at Margaritaville Beach Hotel, 165 Fort Pickens Rd., brought to you in songs. Songwriters will be sharing their stories of faith and love. Hosted by Ricky Lee Phelps, Shawn Bowling, Jason Justice, Billy Droze, Bridgette Tatum, Jeff Silvey and Robert Wayne. This event is free and open to the public. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit www.pensacolabeachsongwritersfestival.com/Special-Events.

C @ NAS Pensacola Portside Cinema a SATURDAY FRIDAY TUESDAY SUNDAY t c h a M o v i e

“Cars 3� (G) 5 p.m. (This showing is free)

“Cars 3� (G) Noon (This showing is free)

“Baby Driver� (R) 7:30 p.m. (This showing is free)

“Captain Underpants� (PG) 2:30 p.m. (This showing is free)

“Logan Lucky� (PG13) 5:30 p.m.

“Wonder Woman� (PG13) 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. (These showings are free)

“Wind River� (R) 8 p.m.

“The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature� (PG) 1 p.m. (2D)

WEDNESDAY “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature� (PG) 5 p.m. (2D)

“Wonder Woman� (PG13) 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. (These showings are free) “Captain America: Civil War� (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (These showings are free)

“The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature� (PG) Noon (2D)

“Logan Lucky� (PG13) 7 p.m. “Wind River� (R) 5:10 p.m.

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard� (R) 7:30 p.m.

“Leap!� (PG) 2 p.m.

“Leap!� (PG) 3 p.m. “Wind River� (R) 5 p.m.

“Leap!� (PG) 5 p.m.


THURSDAY “Leap!� (PG) 5 p.m.

“The Glass Castle� (PG13) 4 p.m.

“The Glass Castle� (PG13) “The Glass Castle� (PG13) 7 p.m. “The Hitman’s Bodyguard� “The Hitman’s Bodyguard� 7 p.m. (R) (R) “The Hitman’s Bodyguard� 7 p.m. 8 p.m. “Logan Lucky� (PG13) (R) 5:10 p.m. Regularshows: $4 adults, $2 children ages 65:10 p.m.

11, free for 5 and younger

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard� 3Dshows: $5 adults, $3 children ages 6-11, free (R) for 5 and younger 7:30 p.m. NASPPortisdeCinemaisclosedonMonday.

“Wind River� (R) 7:30 p.m.

Details: 452-3522 or www.navymwrpensacola.com

A.A. A.A. C Cunningham unningham R Road oad paving paving notice notice ... Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NavFac SE) has awarded a contract to mill and overlay A.A. Cunningham Road on NAS Pensacola. The work is scheduled to begin the week of Sept. 12 and expected to take four weeks to complete. Watch for “Road Closed� and “Detour� signs. Detour routes to facilities in the area will be Page Road to Warehouse Road and Farrar Road to Pat Bellinger Road. Drivers should observe the warning signs and proceed with caution around the work z o n es . T h e wo rk sch e d u le is we ath er d e p en d e n t. F o r q u esti o n s o r mo re i n fo rmati o n , co n tac t th e PWD Co n stru cti o n Man ag e r Br ya n Moeller at 452-3131, ext. 3077.

Vol. 80, No. 35

VISIT GOSPORT ONLINE: www.gospor tpensacola.com

• Learn to sail: Take sailing classes at Bayou Grande Marina. There will be one more intermediate class scheduled for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow, • BaseFest: MWR Sept. 23. Cost is is proud to announce $45. For more inBaseFest will be held formation or to Oct. 7 with gates register, call 452opening at 3:30 p.m. 4152. This event is a concert • Rowing challenge:Sept. with a music line-up 15 throuh Oct. 15 including DNCE, NAS Pensacola Tompson Square, will be competMatt Smith and other ing with others in artists. This event is the SE region to free and open to the row the most in entire community, but Concept2 the you must have a ticket. Challenge. ParNo ticket needed for ticipating locaDoD ID card holders. tions include For more information Radford, Portand for tickets, visit side, Wenzel, Wellness and BaseFestMusicFestiFamily Fitness val.com. gyms. Register at the front desk of your facility of choice and do not forget to log all meters in the rowing log. Rowing teams allowed to register. • Karateclass:Shotokan Karate classes are $20 per month at Portside Gym, Bldg. 627, for active duty and family members ($22 for DoD). For more information call 452-7810, 452-7813 or 291-0940. • Halloween activities: MWR is hosting two Halloween events to celebrate the ghosts and goblins of the year. There will be Halloween Cosmic Bowling Oct. 13. Arrive in costume and get $2 off your admission prices. There will also be a Halloween Family Movie in the graveyard on Portside Lawn, Oct. 21, where MWR will be hosting a free showing of “Hocus Pocusâ€? and passing out candy. Costumes are welcome. Lastly, there will be a Halloween “nerdy costume zumba partyâ€? Oct. 27 and a zombie run on Halloween. For more information, call 453-6286. • Haunting fall festival: There will be a Haunting Fall Festival at Blue Angel Park Oct. 28 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. MWR will host a costume contests for all ages, including adults, a free Haunted Hay Ride and othere free activities for the whole family, including spider mountain. Food and beverage will be available for sale. For more information, call 453-6286. • Before-school and after-school care: From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at the NASP Youth Center. Open to authorized dependents from kindergarten to age 12. Preregister online at www.militarychildcare.com. For more information, 452-2417.

Liberty program events at NAS Pensacola and Corry Station target young, unaccompanied active-duty military. Hours are 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Regular events are scheduled at the main Liberty Center in the Portside Entertainment Complex. You must sign up in advance for off-base trips. For more information, call 452-2372 or go to http://naspensacola-mwr.com.


September 2, 2016

Fallen Special Tactics Airman honored at NASP By Capt. Katrina Cheesman S=+7?/8@ 1:=<)@ "T5=8@ 6?6=4><=9: 24th Special Operations Wing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taff Sgt. 2>77=:0@ =:<9@ <5? ;=>7@ .185*1.8@ <9 Forrest Sibley

(><?;8@92@S=+7?/8 593?<9(:,@ 5=8@ <?>33><?8 9=:?6@ 2>3=7/@ 3?3+?;8@ >:6 2;=?:68@<9@493.7?<?@>@3?39;=>7 ;14&@ 3>;45@ <9@ 5=8@ 2=:>7@ ;?8<=:0 .7>4?@ ><@ B>;;>:4>8@ N><=9:>7 C?3?<?;/@BNC) "5?:@(?@798<@F9;;?8<,@398< 92@5=8@<?>33><?8@(?;?@8<=77@6?* .79/?6@29;@>:9<5?;@2=-?@39:<58, >:6@49176:<@><<?:6@>:/@21:?;>7 9;@3?39;=>7@?-?:<, @8>=6@L<)@C97) S<?(>;<@P>;&?;,@ 4933>:6?;@ 92 8<@S.?4=>7@T>4<=48@S1>6;9:,

59:9;@<5?=;@2>77?: <?>33><?) S=+7?/,@ ,@5>6@8?;-?6@=:@<5? A=;@F9;4?@>8@>@493+><@49:<;977?; 8=:4?@)@I@ : 5=8@8?-?:@/?>;8@92 8?;-=4?,@5?@;?4?=-?6@291;@B;9: ? S<>;@M ?6>78,@9:4?@(=<5@->79;@29; 5?;9=83@=:@493+><,@>8@(?77@>8@> P1;.7?@ H?>;<@ 29;@ =:1;=?8@ 818* <>=:?6@=:@493+><) "F9;;?8<@(>8@9:?@92@91;@+?8< 493+><@49:<;977?;8,@+1<@5?@(>8 S e e S ib le y o n p a g e 2

After parachuting into Pensacola Bay, members of the Air Forceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 21st Special Tactics Squadron make a memorial â&#x20AC;&#x153;ruck march,â&#x20AC;? a hike with full packs, from NAS Pensacolaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s s Bayou Grande Mar na to Barra ri r ncas National Cemetery and the grave of teammate Staff Sgt. Forrre est Sibley. Sibley was killed in action Aug. 26, 2015. He had served in the Air Force as a combat controller since 2008. Photo by Mike Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor For more photos, see page A4

CNATT: Make Labor Day weekend safety a priority Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Public Affairs

T5?@C?:<?;@29;@N>->7@A-=><=9:@T?45* :=4>7@T;>=:=:0@CNATT @8>2?</@3>:>0?; =8@;?3=:6=:0@8?;-=4?@3?3+?;8,@4=-=7=>: ?3.79/??8@>:6@<5?=;@2>3=7=?8@<9@3>=:<>=: 8>2?</@>(>;?:?88@>8@<5?/@.;?.>;?@29;@(5>< =8@0?:?;>77/@-=?(?6@>8@<5?@?:6@92@813* 3?;) CNATT @S>2?</@M >:>0?;@K;/8<>7@H>:* 494&@8>=6@<5><@L>+9;@D>/,@>@2?6?;>7@597=*

6>/@6?8=0:?6@<9@59:9;@<5?@>45=?-?3?:<8 92@A3?;=4>:@(9;&?;8,@=:4716?8@>:@? * <?:6?6@(??&?:6,@(=<5@8?;-=4?@3?3* +?;8@ >:6@ <5?=;@ 2>3=7=?8@ 92<?: ?7?4<=:0@<9@<;>-?7@<9@8??@2>3=7/@>:6 2;=?:68) "5?<5?;@ <>&=:0@ >@ 79:0 ;9>6@<;=.@9;@8=3.7/@13.=:0 =:@<5?@4>;@<9@;1:@>@1 1=4&@?;* ;>:6,@6;=-=:0@=8@=:5?;?:<7/ ;=8&/,@ >:6@ <;>22=4 3=85>.8@ 49:<=:1?@ <9

+?@>@7?>6=:0@;?>89:@29;@798<@<=3?,@6>/8, >:6@7=-?8@>4;988@91;@29;4?, @85?@8>=6) H>:494&@8>=6@<5?@N><=9:>7@S>2?</  .;?6=4<8@<5=8@49176 C91:4=7@NSC@ +?@<5?@6?>67=?8<@L>+9;@D>/@(??&* ?:6@29;@6;=-?;8@=:@?=05<@/?>;8,@?8* <=3><=:0@ <5><@ 39;?@ <5>:@   .?9.7?@49176@+?@&=77?6@=:@<;>2* 2=4@>44=6?:<8@<5;910591<@<5? L>+9;@D>/@(??&?:6)@S5? >66?6@ <5><@ 8?;-=4? 3?3+?;8,@92<?:@8?.>*

;><?6@2;93@<5?=;@2>3=7=?8@>:6@<;>-?77=:0 8=0:=2=4>:<@6=8<>:4?8@<9@-=8=<@61;=:0@<5? 79:0@(??&?:6,@859176@<>&?@893?@8=3.7? .;?4>1<=9:8@+?29;?@>:6@61;=:0@<5?=;@<;=.8) "G?<@?:9105@;?8<@+?29;?@5?>6=:0@91<* 87??./@ 6;=-=:0@ =8@ >8@ 6>:0?;918@ >8@ =3* .>=;?6@ 6;=-=:0, @ 85?@ 8>=6)@ @ "A7<?;:><? 6;=-?;8@9;@<>&?@2;?1?:<@+;?>&8@<9@?:81;? <5><@(59?-?;@=8@+?5=:6@<5?@(5??7@8<>/8 >7?;<) S ee L a b o r D a y o n p a g e 2

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Be Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for your shipmates during Suicide Prevention Month 2016 By James Rosenfelder U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery public affairs

comN NAS AS Pensacola Pensacola ttoo hhost ost 9/11 9/11 comm emoration ceremony ceremony ... memoration ... In commemoration of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Naval Air Station Pensacola will present a ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum aboard the base at 10 a.m. Sept. 9. The event will include a guest speaker and a musical rendition from the NATTC Choir, a traditional â&#x20AC;&#x153;two-bellâ&#x20AC;? ceremony, honors performed by the NASP Honor Guard and a 21-gun volley. The public is invited to attend.

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

3?3+?;8@ 92@ <5?@ N>-/@ >:6@ M >;=:? C9;.8@ 49331:=</@ <9@ (9;&@ <90?<5?;) E-?;/@ 7=2?@ 798<@ <9@ 81=4=6?@ =8@ 9:?@ <99 3>:/) "T>&?@>4<=9:@=2@/91@:9<=4?@>:/<5=:0

91<@ 92@ <5?@ 9;6=:>;/@ 29;@ >@ 85=.3><? ;?>45@91<@<9@<5?3, @F>=89:@8>=6)@"I@ 2 /91 >;?@ 5>-=:0@ 6=22=417<=?8,@ 8??&@ 5?7.@ =2@ See Prevention on page 2

Fat Albert is getting a facel Fai tf Atlb. e.r. t, the Blue Angelsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; C-130 cargo plane used for transporting crew and equipment to air shows around the country, is curre rently undergoing a chemical de-paint process at Tinker Air Force ce Base in n Oklahoma after corro rosion was found. Once the de-paint process and sheetmetal checks for any other corrrosion are complete, Fat Albert will fly to Hill Air Force Base, Utah, for full programmed depot maintenance and paint. Photo by Kelly White

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September 29, 2017

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Sandy’s Good Times Dance. Friday nights blast from oldies. Saturday nights good times. Each night $10. 8-11pm. Doors open 7:45pm. 1707 West Fairfield Dr. 850-458-1979. pensacoladanceclub.com. VIBE Women’s Ministry: women age 18+ welcome. Connect with real women changing lives! Contact www. vibewomensministry. org or 291-5656Crystal Waters Garage Sale- Saturday and Sunday September 30th and October 1st, 8:30a.m. 7303 Belgium Road, Pensacola, FL (Pine Forest) Garage Sale- Multi Family – Highlands at Scenic Hills- Ashville Drive. Fri and Sat. 10/13 and 10/14. 8am- 3pm. Bikes, Christmas décor, household/craft items, tools/lervad workbench. Articles for Sale Articles for Sale Two leather sofas. Teale green matching set. $325 ea. or $600 both. Excellent condition. 850-418-4614 Lamps for sale. 22 inch tall ginger jar w/ shades. 2 blue. 2 white. $10 ea. 850-418-4614

Articles for Sale

Articles for Sale

Full size brass head- Solid cherry wood lawboard. Excellent condi- yer’s L-shaped desk. tion. $50. 850-418-4614 Barely used. $600 OBO. 850-454-9931 Large live trap. $20. 850-944-5763 Very nice queen linen set. Includes comforter, 5 gallon gas cans. $10. sheets and quilted mat850-944-5763 tress cover. $50. Call Chris 850-261-0700 Inoperative pressure washer. $25. 850-944- Wrench/tool set. 75+ 5763 pieces. $35. Call Chris 850-466-2795 18inch Delta scroll saw. $150. 850-944-5763 Wood Entertainment center. Fits large TV New queen mattress and has three cabinets. with frame. $300 (paid $250. Call Chris 850$700). 850-941-8554 466-2795 Whirlpool heavy duty washing machine. Works great. $170. 850-941-8554 New wedding dress size 10-12. $300. Call for pictures. 850-941-8554 Sofa with recliners on each end, coffee table and two end tables. Great condition. $150. 850-346-6005 White dining table w/ six chairs. Tile top with beach scene. Comes with buffet table that also has tile top and beach scene. $600 OBO. 850-454-9931

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2 bd/2ba, 1100 sf, Cottage on 2.5 Acres with barn. Convenient 1.5 miles from NAS Pensacola back gate. Renovated 2014. Near Beaches and shopping. Peaceful area. Mandatory Credit and Background Check required. No pets. No HUD. No smokers. Max occupancy 2 people. $800 Month/$800 DD. Email to craigbuyscar. com

For sale by owner. Seaglades – 1210 Bartram Ln, Pensacola 32507. This is a very sought after, though rarely found, 4 bedroom 3 bath home close to back gate of NAS. This house is move in ready and many features have been already updated. Carpeting in all bedrooms 18 months ago. Latest trend vinyl plank flooring in major rooms 8 months old. New AC system only 4 months old. New granite top vanities in all 3 bathrooms. Granite kitchen counter tops and shaker style cabinet doors. Stainless steel kitchen appliances 18 months old. $219,000. Please call 850-698-0146. No Realtors Please

Cordova area: 3 br/2 bath patio home for rent, 1562 sf, living room,fireplace, washer dryer hookup, 2 car garage, $1350 month. Call Circular wood coffee 850-291-8567. table with cabinet inside. $150. Call Chris Vacation House 850-466-2795 Rental. Military/Families. 4BR/2.5BA, Smith & Wesson 4043 sleeps 8. On water, near handgun; .40mm;2 clips NAS Pensacola. Rents & box of ammo; first daily, weekly, month$300 gets it. *MUST ly. http://www.vrbo. HAVE VALID PERMIT com/4016771ha TO BUY* call 228-6418623. Leave message. For Sale For Sale Real Estate REAL ESTATE Rental Rentals

For rent, 3/Br,2/Ba single family home in Pace. 1 year lease. No pets. No smoking. Near Whiting Field $1300 per month. F&L $1000. call 850-712-5072

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Call 1-800-432- JOIN (5646) savethemanatee.org Photo © David Schrichte

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1Br/1Ba condo on Bayou Chico, waterview balconies, boating, off Navy Blvd. $97,500. Dee Marie Fisher BHGRE Main Street Properties 850-380-5542


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Gosport - September 29, 2017  

Weekly newspaper for Naval Air Station Pensacola

Gosport - September 29, 2017  

Weekly newspaper for Naval Air Station Pensacola