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No matter what you're processing – chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, biomass, wood products – if it produces dusts or powders, there's a high probability you have an explosion risk. All it takes to interrupt plant productivity is a combustible material, oxygen and an ignition source.

For more than six decades, IEP Technologies has provided the right explosion protection solution for every type of process application. From cyclones and dust collectors to milling equipment and dryers. We can design a protection system and surround you with 24/7 service and support. Protecting plant starts with knowing your explosion risk.

Explosion suppressor: eSUPPRESSOR™

The IEP Technologies eSUPPRESSOR™ is a high-rate discharge suppressor used for explosion suppression and isolation systems. Its electro-mechanical operation is unique to the industry, as no pyrotechnic devices are required for activation.

The eSUPPRESSOR™ has standard features that include pressure monitoring, lock out tag out capability and LED indication of device status. A key benefit is that all the safety functions are fully monitored, which is not possible for any device employing pyrotechnic actuators. The eSUPPRESSOR™ design & manufacture has SIL2 third party certification.

Spark Detection: Atexon®

The ‘Next Generation’ Atexon® Spark Detection and Extinguishing systems by IEP Technologies have recently received third party approval by Factory Mutual (FM), meeting the latest detailed requirement of FM3265:2020. For UK users the equipment is also certified to UKCA, UKEX and VDS certification is in the pipeline. The innovative Atexon® SD300-EX series spark detector is a world first being able to detect visible light (VIS), near infrared light (NIR) and infrared light (IR), with a 180° field of view. The benefit being it has the ability to see different ignition sources though material layers, even with dense material flow, with reduced hardware.

Passive Protection Devices:

Typically, the most cost-effective explosion protection method in terms of hardware, install and maintenance is IEP Technologies’ passive protection devices. These include vents, flameless vents and isolation devices. Explosion relief panels are calculated to vent a deflagration, and in doing so prevent the rapid developing pressure. This reduces the chance of vessel rupture, and structural damage. Similarly flameless vents work by the same principle, allowing the heat and pressure dissipation but differ from a traditional vent by mitigating the flame from passing into the atmosphere outside the flame arrestor. This type of venting method has all the benefits of traditional venting but has the added benefit of reducing the chance of possible injuries to personnel. Vent sizing is based on several different factors, call us today to discuss your options.

IEP Technologies have been global leaders in providing explosion protection solutions for many decades. IEP Technologies, Unit 1 Neptune Business Centre, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham GL51 9FB +44 (0)1242 283060

Editor’s Comments

Welcome to this edition of Sustainability Today, where we are thrilled to feature TANA UK as our Recycling Machinery Company of the Month. Effective waste management is essential for sustainability and environmental protection, and TANA UK is at the forefront of this effort. On page 5, we present an insightful interview with Brooklyn Walker, Sales & Marketing Manager, and explore their innovative NEW Shark 440ET Shredder, which delivers the same power as TANA’s diesel alternative without any emissions.

MRO Products for Industry. In this feature on page 7, we delve into the impressive performance capabilities of their SulNOx Eco Diesel Conditioner.

Show Reviews include: Everything

Electric London 2024, World Biogas Expo and Summit 2024, Innovation Zero 2024, The Distributed Energy Show 2024.

Other topics covered in this issue: Recycling, Quarrying & Mining, Energy Management, Pumps & Valves.

With nearly 30 years of global experience in lubrication and a vast network of resellers, A&S International has been selected as our Company of the Month for Specialist

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Company of the Month V

TANA has always been extremely conscious of its sustainability profile, ensuring its mission statement and core business objectives align.

Company of the Month VII

With nearly 30 years of global experience, A&S acts as a master distributor for a range of brands/ solutions in the machinery lubrication sector.

Quarrying & Mining VIII-IX

MMD have been a global leader for over 45 years in the design and manufacture of innovative material processing equipment.

Innovation Zero Review X-XII

Experts interested in the fight against climate change gathered at Innovation Zero 2024, the UK government-backed two-day international congress.

The Distributed Energy Show Review XIII-XVI

The Distributed Energy Show is a free to attend exhibition and conference that brought together the entire supply-chain focused on distributed energy resources.

Recycling & Waste Management XVII-XVIII

Air technology for resource recovery offers numerous advantages that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of modern waste management and recycling processes.

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The UK’s only Designer & Manufacturer of Airless METHANE & CO2 Stripping Systems

Everything Electric London Review – Top Exhibitors

Everything Electric London

RobertLlewellyn’s exhibition phenomenon – Everything Electric, powered by the Fully Charged SHOW YouTube channel – launched to acclaim in East London at the end of March. With more than 1 million subscribers worldwide, the Fully Charged SHOW has inspired the launch of exhibitions in Amsterdam, Austin, Farnborough, Harrogate, San Diego, Silverstone, Sydney, Vancouver, and now in London too. The first Everything Electric LONDON drew a mixture of 22,105 consumer and trade attendees over 3 days, as the exhibition filled more than 20,000 square metres of space at the world-leading ExCeL venue in the Docklands.

Pumps & Valves

Styled as ‘festivals of electrification’ the Everything Electric exhibitions revolve around the cleaner, greener technologies that are already revolutionising the world we live in, including electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and home energy technologies too. Designed to enable consumers to test, try and talk through the technologies before they invest in them, the events have been hugely successful on multiple continents. The latest event enabled more than 10,000 test drives and rides of various electric vehicles, from the latest electric cars, to electric vans as well as a variety of micromobility options too.

Everything Electric London returns next year to London’s ExCeL from 16-18 April 2025. Other shows take place worldwide, see websites for details. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s London event, listed here in alphabetical order: EV Breakers. Further details can be found on this page. london

The disaster rollout

The UK continues to fall behind on the switch to heat pumps

In an attempt to decarbonise UK housing, the government has committed to 600,000 heat pump installations by 2028. However, Heatpumps London has revealed that the UK currently has just 412 heat pumps per 100,000 people, despite being three to four times more efficient than other heating options, such as LPG, oil, electricity, and gas boilers.

In line with low consumer demand, a significant concern lies with the lack of engineers able to retrofit UK homes which is contributing to high installation costs and long wait times. The increasing rate of heat pump adoption in the UK could create up to 55,000 new jobs, yet there are currently only around 2,000 jobs in the industry. Despite suggestions to scrap the ‘boiler tax’, the government still urge households to make the switch from gas boilers

Europe’s leading electric vehicle dismantler

EV Breakers, known for being Europe's Leading Electric Vehicle Dismantler, have over 500 electric vehicles in stock and specialise in the sustainability of electric cars, helping to keep the second-hand EV market alive. Supporting the growth and sustainability of the EV market, EV Breakers provide an essential service that helps extend the life of existing electric vehicles and their components.

As the EV market continues to grow, the demand for recycled parts and sustainable practices is expected to increase. EV Breakers has over 10,000 green parts in stock with new items being added every day.

new components, and because EV Breakers specialise in electric vehicles and know their products inside and out, it means they can offer high-quality parts that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance.

The online platform provided by EV Breakers is easily accessible and allows customers to search for and purchase any components they might need. Purchasing recycled parts can save significant costs compared to buying

The current wait times for EV repairs are catastrophic and proving to be the biggest issue for vehicles particularly when supply parts aren’t readily available. EV Breakers provide a wide range of salvaged parts for various EV models, including batteries, motors, controllers, and other components, and is well-positioned to meet this demand, with everything on the website being available for immediate dispatch.

T 02830 980098

to heat pumps.

The lack of knowledge among builders regarding heat pumps presents a significant obstacle to transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable heating alternatives in the UK. With 56% of builders lacking sufficient information to advise on alternatives to traditional gas boilers and 44% admitting they wouldn't recommend heat pumps due to unawareness of their benefits, there is a clear gap in understanding within the construction industry.

Additionally, misconceptions among householders, such as 50% believing heat pumps are expensive to install and 11% of builders being unaware of available grants like the government's Boiler Upgrade Scheme, further hinder the adoption of heat pump technology.

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Leading the way in waste management: TANA UK making a difference!

In this issue of Sustainability Today, we are pleased to feature TANA UK as our Recycling

Machinery Company of the Month

Since 1971, TANA has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing robust machinery for the purposes of solid waste management. With decades of experience meeting the needs and requirements of landfill and waste management operators, TANA has always been extremely conscious of its sustainability profile, ensuring its mission statement and core business objectives align.

Brooklyn Walker, Sales & Marketing Manager, stated, “TANA Recycling Machinery UK, is the UK sole distributor of TANA products. Here we prioritise environmental impact reduction, promote a circular economy, emphasise energy efficiency, conduct lifecycle assessments, collaborate for innovation, and educate customers on sustainable waste management practices. Our commitment extends globally through our Finnish parent company, TANA Oy, which has been a leader in waste management for nearly 50 years.”

In the early 2000s, TANA expanded its machine selection with the ever so popular range of TANA Shark mobile shredders. This expansion revealed a smart, new age range of machinery that since, has solidified TANA as a global household name.

440DT Eco is one of TANA’s most popular models of Slow Speed Waster Shredders and the company recently exhibited it at the IFAT show in Munich Germany. This 440DT Eco utilises the clean energy of an electric engine to shred an the reliable power of diesel to power its drivable tracks. It also features the Tana Control System that offers 12 preset operating programs for different types of waste.

“They have a robust structure, the highest torque on the market and are available in a large range of models and options. Another range to mention is our Landfill Compactor range. The highlight of this range is the full width double drums which result in fewer passes, less fuel consumption and smooth and dense surface. Our Nonoscillating, ridged frame equals better crushing strength for all our models,” added Brooklyn.

“TANA UK’s mission has never been clearer. We are steadfast in providing solid reliable machinery that our customers can turn on in a morning, operate throughout the day and turn off again at night. We know reliability is at the forefront of a customer’s mind but also performance, and with TANA’s line up of Waste Shredders and Landfill Compactors, performance has never been more enticing. And for the days where a problem may occur our specialised engineers are ready to fix any problem.

“Sustainability has never been more important when choosing the right machine for the job, that’s why our new Shark 440ET Shredder prides itself on providing the same power as our diesel alternative with none of the emissions.”

TANA UK provide a wide range of machines that are ideal for processing the toughest of materials. The

Over the past 12 months, TANA has been focusing more on who it is as a company and how it can improve. This includes the merging of technologies and processes to strengthen sustainable waste management.

“We have strived to improve our Landfill and Shredder machines rather than use our resources elsewhere,” said Brooklyn. “We have employed innovative strategies to ensure sustainability. Firstly, we focus on landfill optimisation, using

efficient compaction and pre-shredding techniques to save airspace and recover valuable materials. Secondly, our logistics prioritise easy unloading at landfill sites, minimising waste movement. Thirdly, TANA UK emphasises material recovery, aiming to extract value from waste streams. Crucially, TANA machines, equipped with real-time data, play a pivotal role. These machines optimise compaction, reduce costs, and generate revenue. Additionally, TANA’s ‘Second Life’ initiative extends machine cycles, reducing waste and emissions. Overall, TANA has focused on combining technology, efficiency, and environmental consciousness to create value while minimising the impact of waste.”

With plans for more future innovations in regards to its machinery range, TANA UK sets its sights on being at the forefront of the Waste Processing world.

In closing, Brooklyn added, “Waste management isn’t going anywhere. We will evolve as we always do. Be it waste to energy or taking on new and untapped sustainability projects, the industry will thrive. We at TANA will be there to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to solid waste management and we intend to stand firm on the front line in the fight against waste.”

T 01302 872431

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Recycling Machinery Company of the Month

World Biogas Expo and Summit 2024 to reflect the industry’s rapid growth

“Biogas… It’s Happening” will be the overarching theme of this year’s World Biogas Expo and Summit taking place in Birmingham, UK, on 10-11 July 2024.

Organised by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the World Biogas Association (WBA), the event is the only trade show solely dedicated to the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas sector. This year, it will bear testimony to the rapid growth of the industry as forecast by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its World Energy Outlook 2023 report*.

“Biogas and biomethane might be the smallest part of the bioenergy supply chain in the IEA analysis,” says Chris Huhne, President of ADBA. “But it is

recognised to play a growing role in sustainable energy. In particular, the report highlights a sizeable global potential of around 300 billion cubic meters for biogas and biomethane production from agricultural residues and wastes near major pipelines. This represents a prime opportunity for large-scale development and injection into gas grids.

“In the UK, this presents us with the exciting news that based on current growth rate – and as a result also of investments from major players such as BP, TotalEnergies and Shell – the AD and biogas industry is tipped to overtake nuclear in the UK by 2029.”

Human activity generates 105bn tonnes of organic waste annually, which could provide homegrown biogas, biofertilisers and other bioproducts to secure energy and food self-sufficiency around the world and deliver 50% of the Global Methane Pledge now signed by over 150 countries. Currently, only 2% of

Two Blues Solar partners with US investor TGC

Two Blues Solar (‘TBS’ or the ‘Company’) announces the expansion of its investment capacity through a joint venture with US renewable-focused private equity firm True Green Capital Management (‘TGC’). This collaboration provides TBS with substantial investment capital for the next five years, enabling the deployment of capexfree on-site solar projects for energyintensive businesses, reducing their energy price by up to 60%.

Last year, renewable energy accounted for 42% of the UK’s total energy production, with solar energy contributing only 5% – despite being the most cost-efficient

renewable source. There are several barriers to its widespread use, not least significant upfront capital investment, as well as capacity constraints on the national grid and the perception that solar energy is land intensive.

“TBS was founded to put solar in places where it makes business sense but has been overlooked –and this joint venture enables us to install approximately 300 new onsite solar projects with a combined capacity of up to 120MW, enough to save the carbon equivalent of 15,000 cars,” explains Dillon Cane, cofounder of TBS. “There are hundreds of thousands of square metres of underutilised commercial roof space in the UK. Mounting solar panels on a roof of 2,500m2 – a mediumsized factory or warehouse – could generate around 320,000kWh of electricity a year, saving 72 tonnes of carbon. But the initial cost of installation is a barrier for many commercial customers.”

those wastes are treated through AD. Fully deployed, the global AD and biogas could grow into a $34trn industry and create 10-15 million new green jobs.

Key industry players will gather at the NEC Birmingham to hear about market trends and policy in the conference areas and explore the busy exhibition where over 150 AD and biogas companies will showcase their products, services and innovations. Debates will focus on how decarbonisation through AD can be rolled out through finance, transport, agriculture and other key sectors of the economy.

“The World Biogas Expo and Summit represents a fabulous opportunity for people to come together and collectively identify the opportunities and challenges that we’ve got in delivering for the industry and the world,” explains Charlotte Morton OBE, WBA Chief Executive. “There is a huge amount to learn about the latest trends and technologies, what other companies are doing, what is happening in other countries, and this is a platform for a great exchange of ideas as well.”

Registration to the World Biogas Expo and Summit is free and can be completed at:

*Between 8% and 22% per year by 2030. Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook 2023

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Energy Management

Company of the Month

Specialist MRO products for industry

In this


of Sustainability Today, we are pleased to feature A&S International as our

Company of the Month

With nearly 30 years of global experience in the field of lubrication and an extensive network of resellers, A&S acts as a master distributor for a range of brands/solutions in the machinery lubrication sector – marketing and selling products via a global team of distributors as well as via UK resellers and to direct UK clients.

“Our products range from lubricants, lubrication equipment & storage to maintenance chemicals, eco fuel conditioners and bioremediation oil spill solutions. From Canada to Indonesia, our extensive network of global distributors is available on every continent.

“We are working hard to establish SulNOx as the leading transitional solution for land and maritime transportation companies striving to immediately progress towards decarbonisation targets. Our innovative and unique Greentech solution not only helps save money but also contributes to saving the planet while future fuels are being developed. We are immensely excited about the potential of SulNOx to simultaneously drive sustainable change and economic benefits,” added Angus.

reseller and global distributor networks globally over the coming years.

“We are specialists in Lubrication Reliability with a strong focus on sustainable solutions. SulNOx Eco Diesel Conditioner, Oil Spill Eater II, and ML253 Ecology EAL Wire Rope Grease are three of our most popular products in helping clients to decarbonise and progress towards their Net Zero goals,” said Angus Macdonald, Director.

A&S International stands out as a leader in the industry, offering high-quality lubrication solutions backed by exceptional customer service and a commitment to sustainability. In this article we are going to focus on three of its most popular products.

SulNOx Eco Diesel

The Oil Spill Eater II is a US designed and manufactured bioremediation solution. It consists of a unique biological enzyme that is simply mixed 1:50 with naturally occurring water to help bioremediate hydrocarbon spills on land and sea. Approved by the MMO, it is ideal for helping to efficiently & safely clean up spills in ports, marinas and harbours as well as remediating hydrocarbon contaminated soils at brownfield sites. It also works effectively for cleaning up fuel & lubricants spills at industrial sites and service stations.

Conditioner is a transitional solution that is simply added to any fuels including diesel, biodiesel, MDO, MGO, petrol as well as HVO. With a mix ratio of 1:2,000 and no CAPEX required for implementation, clients are generally achieving fuel savings of 5-8% and significant emission reductions including PM2.5 by more than 60%. Customers generally only need to achieve fuel savings of 1 to 1.5% to cover the cost of SulNOx treatment.

“There is a growing interest from clients in the construction, haulage, mining and shipping industries with an impressive range of case studies to prove SulNOx's performance capabilities.

SulNOx Eco Diesel Conditioner treats water in fuel as an ally and not an enemy, due to a powerful emulsifier it scavenges any free water in fuel.

Lastly, is ML253 Ecology EAL Wire Rope Grease a biodegradable non-toxic wire rope lubricant that is VGP Compliant and ideal for use in the maritime and port sectors along with other environmentally sensitive areas. It can be efficiently applied by the Australian designed and manufactured Viper Wire Rope Lubricator which is another of A&S International’s brands. This allows wire ropes ranging in diameter from 6mm up to 165mm to be cleaned and lubricated at speeds of up to 2,000m per hour –reducing lubrication labour by 90% & increasing wire rope life by up to 300%.

Understanding that different industries have unique lubrication requirements, A&S International work closely with clients to develop lubrication strategies that optimise performance and extend the lifespan of equipment. Working with customers from a wide range of industries around the world including cement & concrete, food & beverage, haulage, maritime, mining, plastics, ports and power generation, A&S is looking to further expand its

“We are looking forward to expanding our brand presence at The COLAS Rail Journey to Net Zero event, as well as during MAINTEC at the NEC in early June. We have also recently expanded our MAK LUBES range of lubricants – adding a number of new greases to our offering including NSF H1 certified products for the food & beverage industries along with EP & High Temperature Greases,” said Angus.

A&S has already succeeded at further growing its network of UK resellers and global team of distributors this year, adding new partners in Croatia, Scotland and Thailand to its roster. A&S is proud of its membership of a number of industry organisations including NOF, BSiF, the UKLA and the UK & Ireland Spill Association.

Its commitment to sustainability is a number one priority for the company. They are extremely proud of what they have achieved as an incentive provider for the Green Award Foundation as well as their support of Creating Tomorrow’s Forests with trees being planted every quarter based on their sales. We’re sure in the future there is much more to come from A&S as it continues to successfully support its clients to decarbonise & progress towards Net Zero due to lower energy, fuel & lubricant consumption.

T 0118 930 4321

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Quarrying & Mining

Advanced solutions for metal ore extraction

AMETEK Land, a world-leading manufacturer of highly accurate infrared pyrometers, scanners, and thermal imagers, provides advanced solutions to meet the intricate demands of ore extraction applications.

Precise furnace temperature measurements using instruments such as AMETEK Land’s thermal imagers are essential to support safety, effective process efficiency and superior product quality in platinum & nickel ore extraction.

Non-contact infra-red thermal imagers provide critical temperature data which is used to produce consistent, high-quality products and inspect the condition and integrity of high-value assets, without putting operators at risk.

Madeleine Lake, Global Industry Manager – Energy & Minerals, said, “Metal ore extraction requires advanced process control and precise furnace temperature

measurements for a superior end product. Our accurate, non-contact solutions deliver this and more, including emissions and safety monitoring in the mineral plant.”

For a continuous and clear view through heavy smoke and hot furnace atmospheres, the MWIR-Borescope-640 is a highly accurate radiometric infrared imaging camera with spectral filtering for continuous temperature measurement and furnace profiling applications.

The NIR-Borescope-656 is a highresolution short wavelength full radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera designed to produce continuous live high-definition thermal images. Measuring temperatures in the range of 600-1,800ºC, it is suitable for a wide range of continuous process monitoring and control applications, providing high-resolution images and temperature readings in large furnaces.

Benefits of using the NIR-B-656 include optimised furnace temperatures leading to energy savings, increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

For more information download the latest application note and discover the correct LAND solutions for metals and minerals at:

ElectroMax Overband Magnet power at Hillhead

The compact but powerful characteristics of the ElectroMax Overband Magnet are highlighted on Bunting’s Stand C9 at the Hillhead quarrying, construction and recycling show (25-27 June 2024). The ElectroMax is accompanied on the stand by the TN77 and meTRON 05D metal detectors, and a permanent suspension magnet.

Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators, eddy current separators, metal detectors and electrostatic separators. The Bunting European manufacturing facilities are in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, and Berkhamsted, both in the United Kingdom.

Magnetic separators and metal detectors operate in most quarries and mines, removing and identifying tramp metal that could damage process

MMD Mineral Sizing Europe

MMD have been a global leader for over 45 years in the design and manufacture of innovative material processing equipment. Our core products, the Mineral Sizer™ and Apron Plate Feeder, feature in groundbreaking in-pit solutions that enhance productivity, profitability, safety, and promote sustainability in the mining industry.

MMD’s revolutionary Bulk Ore Sorting System combines the benefits of In-Pit Sizing and Conveying with pioneering ore analyser technology. The ore analyser distinguishes between grades of material, enabling the separation of ore from waste at the mine face. By allowing this to happen earlier in the process, trucks need only to haul ore, not waste, to the processing plant. The

results are up to 10% less energy usage and a lower cost per tonne. Efficiency advantages are passed on to the downstream processes too, with less water consumption, ore grade uplift, and SAG mill benefits. These MMD systems are currently operating in South Africa, Chile and Brazil, processing copper, platinum and nickel ore.

We invest heavily in developing new technology that maximises efficiency. We are committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability targets and lead the way towards a greener future for the industry.

Come see us on Stand W15. T +44 (0)1773 835533

plant such as crushers and screens. In recycling operations, magnetic separators operate alongside eddy current separators, recovering both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With decades of experience and a wide range of equipment designs, Bunting’s engineers assess the site conditions and the potential installation prior to recommended the optimum solution.

For ferrous metal separation, the ElectroMax and ElectroMaxPlus range of electro overband magnets separate the heavier and more awkwardly shaped tramp metal frequently missed by other designs of overband magnet. The lightweight, compact but powerful electromagnet is easily installed onto new and existing conveyor systems and is ideal for applications where space is limited or when extra separation power is required.

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Sustainability Today is sponsored by National Gas Metering – see them on page XVI IX Quarrying & Mining

Innovation Zero Review – Top

Thousands gather at London Olympia for the UK’s largest net zero industry event

Almost 10,000 people, including industry experts, business professionals, funders, academia, politicians and innovators have gathered at London’s Olympia to discuss, debate and review the latest thinking and key issues around climate change mitigation, policy, investment, clean technology innovation and implementing low carbon solutions.

Experts interested in the fight against climate change gathered at Innovation Zero 2024, the UK governmentbacked two-day international congress at London Olympia from 30 April to 1 May 2024. The congress was one of the largest sustainability and net zero expos ever seen in the UK, with a comprehensive programme featuring hundreds of world-class speakers across 175+ content sessions, all of whom are experts in climate change mitigation, clean technology innovation and

implementing low carbon solutions.

Speaking at the opening of the congress, Innovation Zero chair, Sir Liam Fox MP, said that the event would improve connectivity and link policy makers to innovators so that clean tech solutions to the challenge of climate change could be fast-tracked and implemented at the pace needed to meet net zero targets and create a more sustainable world.

“We need a sense of urgency on the issue, to continually stress the concept of sustainability and use technology to shape the world around us, not let the world shape us,” Fox said. He welcomed “the shapers” to the event and said it was they who had it within their grasp to shape a more sustainable world and he looked forward to the congress providing a platform for those discussions to take place.

have seen is crucial,” said Skea.

There were grounds for optimism, Skea said. “Half of all global emissions are covered by statutory legislation, the price of solar and wind are getting cheaper, now meeting 10% of global power demand and economies of scale and learning by doing has improved the situation, as witnessed by the massive decline in cost of batteries.”

Professor Jim Skea, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agreed with Liam Fox’s call for urgent action. “More than a century of human activity is to blame for the problems we face,” he said. “Up to 3.5 billion people live in situations that are vulnerable to climate change and hazards and it is developing countries and small island state that are suffering adverse impact. Some of the effects of climate change are irreversible, so adapting to the climate change we

Transform your workplace climate engagement with Future We Want

Are you struggling to kickstart your net-zero plans? Do you have ambitious climate targets, but nothing seems to engage your staff? Are your employees viewing sustainability as just another corporate tickbox?

At Future We Want (FWW), we believe in transforming climate education through innovative, game-based learning experiences. We focus on empowering individuals and organisations through a playful and pragmatic approach to provide solutions that inspire meaningful climate action.

About Us

to think and act differently.

Our solution: The Carbon Footprint Game

Our flagship product, the Small Carbon Footprint Game, is a climate learning tool cleverly disguised as a fun physical game. It helps individuals understand carbon footprints and recognise their impacts through engaging gameplay. Based on the scientific data from the renowned book ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ by Professor Mike Berners-Lee, the game uses a ‘higher or lower’ principle to compare the carbon footprints of everyday items.

Skea had a warning though. “We won’t realise net zero unless we influence the demand side. We need to change people’s behaviour and actually by 2050, emissions could be reduced by up to 70% due to demand side actions alone,” he said. More investment was needed in infrastructure, especially in areas like electric vehicle changing, Skea said, but “despite the urgent challenge facing us, we have the tools to do it.”

Innovation Zero returns next year to London’s Olympia from 29-30 April 2025. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Future Humber, Future We Want, In2tec, Kantar Advisory Partners, Lattice & LyteGro. Further details can be found on this page and the next two.

Why choose Future We Want?

t Engaging Learning Experiences - Our games make climate education fun, sparking interest and enthusiasm among your staff.

t Empowerment Through Knowledge - We equip your team with the knowledge they need to understand and tackle climate challenges effectively.

t Culture Change - Say goodbye to a disengaged workforce and hello to a proactive, sustainability-focused organisational culture.

Future We Want (FWW) are revolutionising climate education by infusing it with fun, gamebased learning experiences accessible to all. Dr Emma Fieldhouse, FWW founder, had worked in the sustainability sector for many years and was frustrated at the lack of impactful climate learning tools on the market. She wanted a way of engaging people in climate change that did not instil fear, sell Armageddon and wasn’t just a tick-box exercise. She wanted to empower people

This innovative approach turns complex climate science into simple, digestible information that anyone can understand. By integrating this game into your organisation's learning and development programmes, you can transform an apathetic and confused workforce into a motivated and knowledgeable team ready to take collective action.

By choosing Future We Want, you're not just investing in a training tool—you're investing in the future of your organisation and the planet. Join us in creating a world where climate education is informative, fun and leads to tangible action.

For more information about our products and how we can help your organisation achieve its climate goals, visit our website today:

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In2tec shines a light on the future of sustainable electronics at Innovation Zero

In2tec’s insight into the impact of ewaste, and innovative solutions to the environmental problem of throwaway electronics, generated significant interest among attendees at Innovation Zero 2024.

Electronics industry stakeholders were eager to see how In2tec’s trailblazing ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ technologies offer a solution to ewaste and the harrowing ecological and health impacts that arise from the manufacture of electronics.

The company’s signature ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ technology comprises a closed-loop process allowing manufacturers to cleanly remove components from existing electronics at the end of their useful life and reuse them.

Emma Armstrong, Sustainable Electronics Ambassador at In2tec Ltd who presented on Day One in the Industry Forum, said, “There was a lot of recognition of the value of what we do from those in the industry, which is extremely encouraging.

In2tec is on a mission to reduce the world’s growing ewaste mountain and conserve precious dwindling resources such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminium, and cobalt through pioneering sustainable electronics technology and process.

The process of separating the components from a substrate has historically been costly, and the stress caused to de-soldered components brings their viability into question – but In2tec’s tech overcomes these challenges.

“Many manufacturers are unlikely to do something for the planet unless a positive cashflow hits their bottom line – and that’s what ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ have been designed to do.”

In her presentation Emma said, “Modular electronics and leading-edge recycling processes allow us to reuse precious materials without the financial and environmental cost of processes like de-soldering and shredding.

“The resources that will drive the next generation of technological miracles are dwindling and we need to make changes to give our children and grandchildren the tools they need to push society forward.”

The importance and potential of In2tec’s tech were also recognised with a place in the final line-up of the Innovation Zero awards.

Unlock power of maps and location intelligence on your next construction project

Technology now plays a pivotal role in the construction industry, revolutionising the way projects are designed, managed, and executed. Imagine a single platform that seamlessly integrates your emails, shared drives, phone calls, and Excel spreadsheets, streamlining communication and collaboration like never before.

Mapana provides users with two main modules designed to enhance their operations. The first module focuses on project execution, including surveying and maintenance, where all assets are tracked, listed, and mapped. It facilitates collaboration between field and office teams, allowing them to share documents and updates efficiently, primarily benefiting contractors. The second module is centred around location intelligence and logistics planning, enabling users to optimise travel routes, track their fleet, and calculate carbon emissions.

Lattice is trusted by leading contractors, including Tarmac Kier Joint Venture and Ringway for the ULEZ expansion scheme and is currently used for lighting installation and multi-location road resurfacing works.

Lattice will be instrumental in delivering Future net-zero Transportation infrastructure projects like EV charging networks, or Renewable Energy Projects like solar farms, wind farms, and hydroelectric plants.

Get started today to equip your infrastructure field teams with centralised information and enhanced map visualisations.

Contact: Sankha Deep M 07587 713553

ReUSE® is a series of materials, processes, and design principles used to manufacture PCBAs, while ReCYCLE™ is the ultra-low energy process for unzipping PCBAs to the original bill of materials (BoM). Visitors to the UK's largest sustainability conference also saw these twin technologies in action.

Used across four industries already, the goal behind ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ is to move away from toxic substrates and high-emission processes that cause so many problems in the industry and wider society.

The versatility of the technology allows global commercialisation and a vast reduction in the overall energy used to manufacture and process when it reaches EOL – something that is not possible when using conventional PCBA processes or materials.

Contact T +44 (0)1536 419200

Kantar Advisory Partners

Kantar Advisory Partners (KAP) drives sustainable growth and impactful change. By leveraging deep industry expertise and an extensive network of investors, governments, and corporations, KAP creates significant opportunities for meaningful development. KAP provides comprehensive strategic business guidance, investor readiness preparation, sustainability consulting, and MENA market entry strategies to climatefocused startups and impact investors alike. Additionally, KAP’s network can access exclusive sustainability and climate tech-focused events and growth opportunities across the UK, Middle East, and Africa. KAP works as an extension of the client's teams, aiming to help them develop and implement robust market strategies with the vision of a more sustainable future.

KAP ensures startups reach investor readiness and scale up through tailored business strategies, market research, pitch deck creation, business planning, marketing, PR, grant writing, and investor relations. They offer investment intelligence, locating and matching clients with data-driven, impactful, and innovative opportunities, balancing financial returns with positive environmental and social impact. For clients entering the MEA market, KAP provides tailored strategies, cultural insights, business development, partner and client introductions, language support, and company setup assistance.

In partnership with KEZAD Group, KAP offers unparalleled access to the MENA region's largest free zone, enabling enterprises to scale up and expand into new markets with ease.

As a strategic events partner, KAP creates unforgettable events, including conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions, roundtables, and networking receptions. Their broad expertise spans global economics, technological innovation, sustainability, investment analysis, public relations, and cultural competency, offering a holistic perspective.Whether a startup aiming for market leadership, an investor in search of impactful returns, or an organisation navigating towards environmental responsibility, KAP is a valuable extension of your team, supporting your journey towards a sustainable future.

Contact: Ruqayya Farrah, Communication Officer T +1 (514) 348 6856

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Innovation Zero Review – Top Exhibitors

Why the Humber: Decarbonising the UK’s largest industrial cluster

At Innovation Zero 2024, Future Humber showcased the Humber’s shared vision for industrial decarbonisation with a delegation of 15 partners in London. The Humber Pavilion, prominently positioned at London Olympia, featured key representatives and projects from leading organisations such as Air Products, Arup, Aura, Drax, Equinor, Humber Freeport, Meld Energy, Oh Yes! Net Zero, Phillips 66, Prax, px Group, SSE Thermal, Uniper, the University of Hull, and VPI. The Humber Pavilion served as a hub for discussions and networking, offering interactive displays and engaging conversations that highlighted the region’s decarbonisation efforts.

The Pavilion attracted a range of notable visitors, including Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero. Miliband engaged in discussions with representatives from Humber partners, underscoring the region’s pivotal role in the national decarbonisation strategy.

Launched in 2022 by the Humber Energy Board, the Humber 2030 Vision outlines the region’s world-leading decarbonisation potential, showcasing how businesses are committing over £15 billion to large-scale, critical projects.

Diana Taylor, Managing Director of Future Humber, emphasised the importance of collaboration, stating, “As a region, the Humber is at its strongest when it aligns with a single, consistent voice. The decarbonisation agenda is perhaps the greatest example of crosssector collaboration we have seen to date. The Humber Pavilion serves as an important reminder that the Humber simply has to play a critical role on a national stage to drive the UK to net zero.”

Decarbonising the Humber, the UK’s largest CO2emitting industrial cluster,

is essential for achieving net zero, supporting jobs, economic growth, and ensuring a sustainable future. The Humber offers the UK’s most significant decarbonisation opportunity, featuring world-leading infrastructure and investment, alongside innovative technology that can be replicated globally.

Waste bananas to liquid gold

LyteGro is turning a huge environmental problem into a global opportunity by using waste bananas to make liquid gold.

The company makes BacLyte, a water-based extract of black bananas which turbocharges bacteria and yeast to improve the performance, speed and yield of important microbially-driven industrial processes such as fermentation and biofuel production.

LyteGro's simple supplement acts like ‘steroids for microbes’ improving microbial growth and metabolism to increase production efficiency, profitability and sustainability by getting more from the same resource; thereby reducing process feedstock, water and energy footprints.

Their products enable industry to grow bacteria, yeast and fungi faster, grow more of them, and to grow them cheaper. There is a huge array of potential applications for their products across the whole range of bio-based industries but (for the time being) they are focusing on a few high-value sectors.

LyteGro has worked with industry leaders to validate their products for the R&D, yeast and probiotic production industries, as well as for distilling and bioenergy production – with their supplements being repeatedly shown to:

t Halve process time

t Significantly increase yield and biomass generation

t Enable the use of cheaper, simpler growth media

t Reduce process resource requirements

Throughout the congress, speakers from the Humber region presented on various innovative projects and strategies driving sustainable development. Richard Gwilliam, Chair of the Humber Energy Board, highlighted the region’s comprehensive roadmap for decarbonisation during the ‘Case Studies from the Industrial Clusters’ panel. He emphasised the critical role of collaboration, stating, “The industrial clusters in the UK are the beating heart of our economy, and the Humber is the engine room of the UK. We have a really clear plan on how we can decarbonise the Humber.”

LyteGro have just made their first sales to their licensee for the R&D sector who want to put a pot of their extract in every microbiology laboratory worldwide and their next milestone is to achieve first sales of their distilling product before the end of 2024.

The Humber’s collaboration and shared voice was evident at Innovation Zero 2024, highlighting the region’s essential contribution to the UK’s net zero ambitions and its role as a model for global decarbonisation efforts.

T +44 (0)1482 485242

The company are focused upon accelerating the global transition to a sustainable and circular economy & on having deep economic, environmental & social impact by adding value to banana growing communities worldwide. Their approach is to find international partners to build & operate production plants which will utilise the huge amounts of banana waste in growing countries.

The company has just signed an MOU with Sweeter Banana Cooperative in Western Australia to carry out a feasibility study to look at the economic and environmental impact of building a plant there and they are also in discussions with prospective partners in Queensland Australia, India, Indonesia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

They are keen to connect with interest from potential investors, international partners and end-users in the fermentation-based industries who can help them change the world with banana smoothies.

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Innovation Zero Review – Top Exhibitors

Discover the latest technologies for flexible and onsite energy solutions

The free exhibition and conference at Telford International Centre on 13th and 14th March 2024 featured the UK’s widest array of technologies for onsite and localised heat and power generation along with the infrastructure, software, and components necessary to connect to the energy network and implement a low-cost, low-carbon energy strategy.

The Distributed Energy Show is a free to attend exhibition and conference that brought together the entire supply-chain focused on distributed energy resources and provide visitors with a

comprehensive array of technologies and systems to enable them to generate, store, manage and distribute their own power and heat.

An estimated 120+ companies exhibited and 2,500 buyers, engineers, facility managers and executives were in attendance.

Technological advances are enabling a mass decentralisation energy generation, bringing together large and ever-increasing numbers of sources to contribute to greater efficiencies, reliability and sustainability while simultaneously reducing costs to end-users.

The rise in onsite generation, co-generation, renewables and energy storage are enabling a brighter future for both consumers and network operators, with advancements in technology further diversifying energy generation technologies.

Visitors to the show included executives and facility managers responsible for resourcehungry industrial facilities, major retail properties, residential builds, property development, construction and maintenance.

In addition to the end-users, energy suppliers, network operators, transmission and distribution companies used the show to source technologies to increase their own efficiencies and sustainability.

The show doubled its number of exhibitors and also experienced an increase in visitors, with clients keen to understand how they can decarbonise their estates.

The Distributed Energy Show is the perfect opportunity to reach out to an already engaged

audience to communicate the huge potential for energy savings through the thermal insulation of pipework and equipment.

The Distributed Energy Show moves next year to Birmingham’s NEC from 12-13 March 2025. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Green Frog Connect, Green Transfo SAS, HIMOINSA, Igne, National Gas Metering & Tronius. Further details can be found on this page and the next three.

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The Distributed Energy Show Review – Top Exhibitors

The Distributed Energy Show Review – Top Exhibitors

Green Frog Connect

One of the UK’s leading independent connection providers, we design and build safe, reliable and cost-effective highvoltage connections to the national electricity grid.

With excellent working relationships with the UK’s major distribution network operators, we are accredited by Lloyd’s Register for design and construction of grid connections up to 132kV.

We have constructed nearly 800MW of gas and diesel peaking power plants which, together with our ICP grid connection services, means we have connected over 1,500MW to the grid.

Our services include:

t Commercial and industrial import and export grid connections

t EPC or E&C design and construction services for gas and diesel standby operating reserve power stations

t Balance of plant and construction services for battery energy storage power projects

t Design and construction services for power-station ‘black start’ requirements

Backed by our EPC experience, we are now supporting clients across the UK with:

t Combined heat and power projects

t LV, MV & HV balance of plant supply

t Construction of grid-scale battery energy storage power plants

t EV grid infrastructure support programmes

t Gas and diesel peaking power plants

t ‘Behind the meter’ energy generation and storage

For further information, please contact Mark Baker, Business Development Manager, on +44 (0)7802 322750 or email:

Whetherit’s site selection and space constraints or initial costs and permitting issues, installing EV charging facilities for your business premises can prove extremely difficult and challenging.

Tronius understands that if you are running a business the process of installing Electric Vehicle charging facilities and any adjustments to your energy systems needs to be seamless. That’s why it offers a simple three step process that makes working together easy.

Once the client has identified their need for enhanced energy solutions, Tronius will use the information provided to craft a customised energy roadmap tailored to their specific requirements. Tronius offers a comprehensive end-to-end service, including the installation of EV charging hubs to support energy initiatives. Additionally, they provide ongoing support to ensure a sustainable and improved energy future.

to electric vehicles, making this shift more accessible, manageable, and available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. Its goal is to ensure that the benefits of electric vehicles reach all demographics, promoting inclusivity and sustainability in transportation.

Tronius collaborates closely with clients to cultivate and enhance pivotal relationships, crafting the most efficient strategies to meet

their EV needs. Its approach considers both immediate and enduring impacts, ensuring a comprehensive EV roadmap tailored to your goals, addressing all aspects including Diversity and Inclusion, Revenue, Community Understanding, Collaboration, and assessment of existing or forthcoming mobility policies.

Tronius operates with a clear mission: to drive and facilitate the transition


Green Transfo SAS: Powering the sustainable future

Green Transfo SAS, established in 2023 as a subsidiary of Groupe Cahors Holding SAS, emerged from the merger and acquisition of two transformer manufacturing plants with over 60 years of legacy under various global organisations. We proudly uphold this tradition of excellence in the transformer industry, committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers.

Specialising in the design, production, and distribution of a broad range of transformers – including power transformers, distribution transformers, and special transformers – our

state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to produce transformers that meet the highest industry standards.

Headquartered in Cahors, France, Green Transfo SAS operates manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Poland, France, India and China, along with sales offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Poland, and Turkey. These purpose-built facilities enable us to provide transformers ranging from 25kVA to 125MVA and voltages up to 170kV. This versatility allows us to cater to a wide variety of applications, including wind, solar, battery storage, heavy industrial, and utilities.

Green Transfo actively supplies distribution transformers to NGED, UK, under a framework agreement, having novated the contract from NGED and Schneider Electric to Green Transfo Energy SAS. With an annual capacity of 600 Medium Power Transformers and 20,000 Oilimmersed Distribution Transformers, we have installed more than 20,000 transformers in the UK alone since 2013. Our transformers are in service in over 42 countries and are supplied under framework agreements to various DNOs across Europe. Recent short circuit tests conducted on some of our transformers further attest to our commitment to quality.

At Green Transfo SAS, our vision is to be a leader in the transformer industry, recognised

for our innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners, and to positively impact the environment and the communities we serve.

To learn more about our market-leading transformers, please visit our website or contact our expert sales team today.

Contact: Nick Tucker, Head of Sales, Green Transfo, UK

Partha Subramanian, Business Development, Green Transfo, UK

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Bespoke energy roadmaps

The Distributed Energy Show Review – Top Exhibitors

HIMOINSA Battery Power Generator: Smart storage system for optimised on-site energy solutions

The EHR | Battery Power Generator is an advanced energy storage and distribution system developed by HIMOINSA. Designed to be compact, silent, and clean, it seamlessly integrates with power generation systems using gas or diesel generators and can connect to the grid or photovoltaic modules. Equipped with the HICORE System, HIMOINSA’s management technology, it ensures efficient energy use by selecting the most favourable energy source for each charging condition, providing an eco-friendly and efficient energy solution.

The pre-configured working mode selector simplifies the setup process with just three steps, allowing users to configure the Battery Power Generator for various applications: Plug & Play, Low Load, Peak Shaving, UPS, and Load Sharing. This flexibility aims to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, improve sustainability, and optimise energy resources.

The generator incorporates batteries, an inverter, a control unit, power connections, solar MC4 Connectors, and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers) within a compact canopy. LFP batteries, designed for a lifespan of 50,000 hours, can last approximately five years with one cycle per day, outlasting other manufacturers’ batteries and storage systems. The battery pack is also quick and economical to replace.

“This new product represents another step forward in the energy transition process,” says Francisco Gracia, President, and CEO of HIMOINSA. He highlights that the company is developing new products based on alternative fuel technologies to offer cutting-edge, comprehensive energy solutions. HIMOINSA is working on the electrification of products to complement their traditional gas and diesel generators, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint with more efficient

and sustainable solutions.

The EHR battery power generator is robust and reliable, featuring a mobile rental canopy that withstands extreme environmental conditions. It guarantees high performance in temperatures ranging from -15ºC to 45ºC, with electrical and mechanical protections ensuring user safety. The EHR is ideal for urban, noise-sensitive environments, and suitable for buildings, events, telecommunications, rental units facing low-load issues, and renewable power storage.

The EHR is available in single-phase 10kVA and three-phase 15, 30, and 45kVA nominal power solutions, catering to a variety of power needs.

T +44 (0)1270 536940

Unlock water sustainability and enjoy significant savings

As you’re increasingly prioritising environmental responsibility, we offer a complete solution to enhance your water sustainability efforts. Switch to a private water supply with an expert-drilled and installed water borehole from Igne, and unlock environmental, financial and reliability benefits.

Why choose a private water supply?

Switching to a private water supply is more than a cost-saving measure; it’s a strategic move towards environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. Igne's water boreholes provide a sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional mains water, directly aligning with your ESG goals and supporting your journey towards lower carbon targets.

Environmental, efficiency and versatility benefits

Mains water undergoes extensive treatment processes and travels through a complex network before reaching your site. This involves significant resources, energy and maintenance - all contributing to your carbon footprint.

In contrast, your own water borehole on your own site will tap into natural underground sources, requiring minimal energy to treat and deliver water directly to your facility.

This drastically reduces the environmental impact, offering a greener solution… and the water is purer and healthier too.

A private water supply is also incredibly versatile. Whether used for drinking, food production, washing,

or irrigation for example, a borehole provides a dependable water source tailored to your specific requirements in terms of flow rates and volume.

Economic and reliability advantages

The financial benefits of a private water supply are substantial. We can calculate when you will absorb the upfront costs and start enjoying permanent savings by avoiding having to pay for a mains supply.

This investment offers a remarkable return, cutting operational costs and freeing up resources for other critical projects.

In an era where supply chain disruptions can have severe impacts, having your own water supply ensures your operations remain unaffected by external water supply issues such as drought or contamination. This reliability is crucial for any sectors where uninterrupted, clean water access is vital.

Take the first step towards water sustainability

Contact us to learn how a borehole can transform your water supply and

support your sustainability goals. Together, let's make a significant positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

We deliver an end-to-end service from survey to drilling, testing, pumping, purifying and maintaining and also support any licensing requirements. Join others who already trust Igne with their private water supply including the Environment Agency and CocaCola.

Contact T 0371 789 1000

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The Distributed Energy Show Review – Top Exhibitors

Pioneering the ‘world’s first’ hydrogenpowered commercial kitchen

National Gas Metering maintains and manages over six million gas assets across the UK, ensuring they remain safe, reliable and efficient for customers. As well as providing a broad range of metering services, it has recently pioneered a working industrial kitchen prototype, fuelled purely by hydrogen.

At the forefront of the nation’s transition to a clean, sustainable energy future, National Gas Metering’s Hydrogen Solutions by ngm is developing and deploying cutting-edge hydrogen technology, that is expected to play a significant role in the UK’s net-zero journey.

The kitchen produces no harmful CO2 emissions at point of combustion and removes the risk of potentially deadly Carbon Monoxide leaks. Three stand-out functions include: Test facility - providing a real-world environment, supporting development of the installation and operation of domestic and commercial hydrogenrelated assets/appliances and associated hydrogen infrastructure; Showcase - providing demonstrations to industry and government stakeholders, helping them better understand how hydrogen can be used safely, while informing decarbonisation strategies; Community project - partnering with a charity to support local community needs, providing facilities to cook food on lowcarbon hydrogen.

This kitchen is a world first and represents a

step forward in the use of hydrogen fuels, enabling the company to participate in important policymaker conversations concerning the future of hydrogen.

Metering Head of Commercial, Simon Jamieson, said, “This is an exciting moment on our hydrogen journey and a testament to how multi-partner collaboration can come together to develop solutions that support energy futures.”

Having been completed in 2024, the model hasn’t yet been replicated industrywide. However, with an imminent high-profile launch planned of Hydrogen Solutions by ngm, National Gas Metering is confident that it will blaze a trail for the hydrogen revolution.

For the next 12-18 months, Metering will work on promoting the kitchen and its wide range of H2 solutions, delivering a comprehensive test plan which will provide vital resource and development into the IGEM ‘H’ standards and support investigation into safety systems and technical requirements.

Already we have had a number of top class chef’s use the kitchen and cooking a variety of food types, putting the kitchen through it’s paces to test the output of the facility, with each chef proclaiming the ease of use and no differences in the food quality, our chefs feedback that food even cooks a bit quicker.

There is potential for the kitchen to reach more industries, with exciting news from its partner Falcon Food Services that is already conceptualising pop-up kitchens at festivals, along with other bigger industry projects.

Having only launched in March 2024, the kitchen is in its very early stages. It may be a while before the full model is rolled out, however, workshops, seminars and thought-leadership initiatives around hydrogen have already begun.

Hydrogen is set to play a vital role in the future of sustainable practices, and in the UK’s decarbonated netzero-energy system. Metering is constantly adapting and moulding to the ever-changing environment ensuring it meets the needs of businesses and consumers globally. The kitchen represents a milestone in the company’s history, and a huge step forward in the use of hydrogen fuels.

To find out more about hydrogen solutions by ngm visit the website: services/hydrogen-services

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Recycling & Waste Management

Air technology solutions in waste management

Air technology for resource recovery offers numerous advantages that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of modern waste management and recycling processes. One of the primary benefits is its ability to rapidly and accurately sort waste materials based on their physical properties, such as density and aerodynamic behaviour. This technology can quickly separate lighter materials like paper, plastic films, and other flexible plastics from heavier items such as metals and glass, significantly speeding up the sorting process and enabling high throughput, which is crucial for handling large volumes of waste in high-capacity facilities.

Another major advantage is the improved purity of recovered materials. Air technology can precisely differentiate between different types of materials, resulting in higher quality and less contaminated recycled outputs. This increased purity makes the recovered materials more valuable and easier to process in subsequent recycling stages, enhancing the overall economic viability of recycling operations.

Utilising air technology reduces the reliance on manual sorting, lowering labour costs and minimising human error. It also decreases the wear and tear on machinery that can occur with other

separation methods, such as mechanical sorting, which often involves more contact & friction. This leads to lower maintenance costs and longer equipment lifespan.

Environmental benefits are also significant. By efficiently separating and recovering recyclable materials, air technology reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills, mitigating the environmental impact of waste disposal. It also supports the circular economy by promoting the reuse of materials, conserving natural resources, & reducing the need for virgin material production.

See Impact’s range of waste separation solutions using air technology here:

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Recycling & Waste Management

Serco Group trials electric recycling & refuse vehicles

VEV, the e-fleet solutions provider backed by Vitol – a world-leader in the energy sector – today announces the launch of its collaboration with leading public service provider, Serco, and RVS, to pilot electric recycling and waste collection vehicles in Basingstoke and Deane, Hart and Rushmoor.

Refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) are classified as heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and can emit up to 600g CO2 per kilometre when fully laden.

They are arguably among the largest carbon emitters in councils', or their contractors', vehicle fleets –making them priority candidates for electrification and a key focus for change to be successful in meeting carbon reduction targets by 2030.

Supporting the climate emergency targets of Basingstoke and Deane, and Hart and Rushmoor Councils, Serco, RVS and VEV have combined their expertise to reduce the carbon footprint of recycling and refuse collection by demonstrating the capabilities of electrically powered collection vehicles (eRCVs).

Set to be deployed in a pilot scheme, RVS has refurbished and repowered two diesel RCVs into as-new electric vehicles. This process results in a lower manufacturing carbon footprint compared to building a new EV from scratch, while also removing a diesel vehicle from the fleet.

Leveraging its expertise in fleet electrification, VEV has supplied and installed charging infrastructure for the eRCVs, and deployed its bespoke fleet management platform, VEV-IQ, to track performance during the pilot.

VEV-IQ will monitor multiple parameters throughout the pilot programme, including the eRCVs' operational routes, charging schedules, power usage, and CO2 savings for the councils and Serco.

Aluminium packaging hits 68% recycling rate in 2023

According to annual data published on the National Packaging Waste Database by the Environment Agency, the UK’s aluminium packaging recycling rate hit an impressive 68% in 2023. A record-breaking 162,357 tonnes were recycled nationwide, including more than four in five beverage cans (81%).

Despite a rapidly growing domestic market, aluminium packaging collected through kerbside, bring and on-the-go systems increased by 13% year-onyear (115,382, compared to 102,195 in 2022).

Elsewhere, tonnage recovered from incinerator bottom ash (IBA) shot up by 17% (45,632 compared to 38,982).

was placed on the domestic market than last year, it’s pleasing to see that recycling rates have more than kept up with pace.

Commenting on the announcement, Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro, said, “I’m delighted to announce record-breaking recycling volumes for 2023. While more aluminium packaging

“As an industry, we’ve been investing heavily in optimising our collection and recycling infrastructure for the past 20 years and we’re now reaping the rewards of this long-term commitment. Despite ongoing delays and uncertainty surrounding proposed changes to national recycling legislation, the sector is continuing to deliver over and above annual targets.

For more information about Alupro, or its MetalMatters and Every Can Counts behavioural change programmes, visit: – to access the latest aluminium packaging recycling data, visit the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD).

On the 10th - 11th July 2024

Carpet Recycling UK will once again be hosting their Annual Conference at voco, St. Johns, Solihull.

Conference registration is now open. Please visit to reserve your place.

During the two day event delegates will be brought together to focus on the key waste handling, recycling and sustainability issues facing the industry today.

A panel of expert keynote speakers will also deliver insightful presentations and discussions throughout the event and there will be an exhibition area for companies to showcase their products. The evening will consist of a three course, gourmet dinner followed by our annual awards ceremony.

Throughout the conference there will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to network with members and non-members attending from every corner of the carpet and textile flooring industry providing new business leads and potential support links from the UK, EU and overseas.

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