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No matter what you're processing – chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, biomass, wood products – if it produces dusts or powders, there's a high probability you have an explosion risk. All it takes to interrupt plant productivity is a combustible material, oxygen and an ignition source.

For more than six decades, IEP Technologies has provided the right explosion protection solution for every type of process application. From cyclones and dust collectors to milling equipment and dryers. We can design a protection system and surround you with 24/7 service and support. Protecting plant starts with knowing your explosion risk.

Explosion suppressor: eSUPPRESSOR™

The IEP Technologies eSUPPRESSOR™ is a high-rate discharge suppressor used for explosion suppression and isolation systems. Its electro-mechanical operation is unique to the industry, as no pyrotechnic devices are required for activation.

The eSUPPRESSOR™ has standard features that include pressure monitoring, lock out tag out capability and LED indication of device status. A key benefit is that all the safety functions are fully monitored, which is not possible for any device employing pyrotechnic actuators. The eSUPPRESSOR™ design & manufacture has SIL2 third party certification.

Spark Detection: Atexon® Passive Protection

The ‘Next Generation’ Atexon® Spark Detection and Extinguishing systems by IEP Technologies have recently received third party approval by Factory Mutual (FM), meeting the latest detailed requirement of FM3265:2020. For UK users the equipment is also certified to UKCA, UKEX and VDS certification is in the pipeline. The innovative Atexon® SD300-EX series spark detector is a world first being able to detect visible light (VIS), near infrared light (NIR) and infrared light (IR), with a 180° field of view. The benefit being it has the ability to see different ignition sources though material layers, even with dense material flow, with reduced hardware.

Typically, the most cost-effective explosion protection method in terms of hardware, install and maintenance is IEP Technologies’ passive protection devices. These include vents, flameless vents and isolation devices. Explosion relief panels are calculated to vent a deflagration, and in doing so prevent the rapid developing pressure. This reduces the chance of vessel rupture, and structural damage. Similarly flameless vents work by the same principle, allowing the heat and pressure dissipation but differ from a traditional vent by mitigating the flame from passing into the atmosphere outside the flame arrestor. This type of venting method has all the benefits of traditional venting but has the added benefit of reducing the chance of possible injuries to personnel. Vent sizing is based on several different factors, call us today to discuss your options.

IEP Technologies have been global leaders in providing explosion protection solutions for many decades. IEP Technologies, Unit 1 Neptune Business Centre, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham GL51 9FB +44 (0)1242 283060

Editors Notes

Is the future of the electronics industry on the path to full sustainability? Cambion Electronics Ltd is spearheading this initiative, and we are excited to feature them as our Electrical Components Company of the Month on page 11. As the industry evolves, Cambion remains at the forefront, offering robust solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and performance. In this issue, we explore the company’s ambitious net-zero plan and introduce their innovative new Contact Technologies.

On page 12, we provide a comprehensive review of MACH 2024, which was hailed as a resounding success with a 6% increase in visitors, totalling nearly 30,000 attendees. Featuring over 500 leading exhibitions and notable quality footfall, MACH 2024 saw a record number of sales leads, with many participants claiming it was the ‘best MACH ever for sales enquiries and leads.’ Notably, DTS (UK) secured a multi-million deal with WEC Group Ltd during the trade show. Additionally, don’t miss our spotlight on standout exhibitors, including Axe & Status Machinery and Decade Monitoring.

‘Quality first. Strong Relationships. Full Responsibility.’ These are the core values that drive NCAB’s operations. With a vision to become the top PCB producer worldwide, we present an exclusive interview with NCAB Group, our selected Global PCB Supplier of the Month. On pages 6-7, we explore the company’s sustainability initiatives, investment opportunities, and impressive financial performance.

Cover Story

Other topics and areas explored in this issue include chemicals, drives & controls, electrical & electronics, surface finishing & coatings, industrial process technologies, print & packaging, robotics and automation, and more.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Email us at:

Cambion Electronics

Recognised for its outstanding contributions and performance within the electronics sector, being extremely active in the Military, Aerospace, Civil Aircraft, Oil & Gas, Medical, and Industrial Markets


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Issue 732
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Process R&D and Scale Up

Key Organics’ experienced Chemists have supported many Process R&D and scale up programs, from route scouting, synthesis of preclinical tox batches, scale up of key intermediates and synthesis of intermediates for GMP manufacture.

We have successfully worked with clients in Pharma, Biotech, Academia, Agrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Materials and Consumer Health industries and therefore have a very broad range of Synthetic Chemistry experience.

As many of our customers work to tight deadlines, we seek to optimise the efficiency of a scale up route by getting to the heart of the issues quickly.

Our chemists work closely with our in-house analytical team to ensure that final compounds meet or exceed the purity specification required by the customer. We can also provide SDS, BSE/ TSE, GMO statements as needed by the

client. We also consider green chemistry metrics and COG issues.

Our new, state of the art facility at our Camelford site will enable us to help more customers with their development and scale up projects.

New Scale up lab profile:

■ Six bespoke walk in Fume Hoods, fully flexible from benchtop to scale up chemistry

■ Two bespoke walk in scrubbed and wash down Fume Hoods to enable chemistry that needs an extra level of safety and containment

■ Two vented hoods fully accessible from all sides for general small-scale chemistry

■ 100m2 lab space

■ 40m2 office and storage space

■ Designed to be fully flexible to allow our chemists to carry out chemistry from benchtop to 30 litre scale (in future, potential to house up to 100 litre vessels)

■ Fully serviced high spec design.

+44 (0)1840 212137

DOMO Chemicals presents a new optimised workflow simulation tool

As part of a collaborative project with Toyota (TME), Renault, SOGEFI, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, and AROBAS Technologies, among others, DOMO Chemicals introduces a brand-new workflow simulation tool for polyamide parts in contact with water and coolant. This THERMOFIP workflow enables the prediction of parts resistance evolution after aging, supporting designers in shaping the right geometries for their new parts without the need for numerous tests.

Along with automotive applications, the THERMOFIP project also delivers prediction capabilities for heating and sanitary applications, which routinely come into contact with water and coolant as well.

British Adhesive & Sealants Association (BASA)

BASA is the umbrella organisation for UK and Irish adhesives and sealants manufacturers and focusses on technical and legislative aspects and on promoting awareness of the industry and technology by providing guidance on technical and compliance issues to members via a library of documents on the website. Our SME members are our lifeblood.

We are the voice of the adhesives and sealants industry and an information source for manufacturers and suppliers. We lobby on behalf of members and liaise with Government on legislation, keeping Members well informed of UK, EU and International proposals and initiatives. Together with technical experts from member companies, we are active in standardisation issues at BSI, CEN and ISO levels.

With the growing concerns around the environment and using sustainable products and raw materials, BASA is dedicated to helping its members minimise

harmful chemical usage and educate the public on the industry’s drive for safer products. BASA members work hard to formulate innovative products that positively contribute to the sustainability agenda whilst maintaining performance and durability.

BASA hopes to continue to reach more potential members, looking at ways to support its manufacturers and help them to navigate potential new legislation and trade rules.

Contact Lorna Williams, Chief Executive Officer, British Adhesives & Sealants Association, +44 (0)330 223 3290

Key application examples for polyamide 66 glass fibre compounds in the automotive space are under the hood parts in contact with coolant. Not only is this the case for internal combustion engine vehicles, but also battery electric and hybrid vehicles, and even fuel cell vehicles.

In response to the need to reduce CO2 emissions and the resulting changes in engine architecture, accurate predictive simulation technology is becoming a must-have in the plastics industry.

The interactions between the compound’s main ingredients (polyamide and filler) and the main components of the coolant, water and ethylene glycol, are complex. They include plasticisation, which significantly decreases the compound’s glass transition temperature and hence mechanical properties in standard operating conditions.


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PCBs for demanding customers, on time with zero defects, produced

sustainably at the lowest total cost

position to secure delivery times by enabling continuous improvements in technology, quality and sustainability.

In this issue of Industrial Process News we are pleased to feature NCAB Group UK Ltd as our Global PCB Supplier Company of the Month.

PCBS are at the heart of all electronic equipment and the platform on which electronic components are mounted to produce a PCB-A. Regardless of the complexity, PCBs are critical for the end product and this makes quality and reliability some of the most important purchasing criteria for NCAB customers.

‘Quality first. Strong Relationships. Full Responsibility.’ These are the values by which NCAB operate. With a vision to be the number one PCB producer globally, the company is primed for a successful 2024/25.

NCAB was formed in 1993 by Lars Östlund, Leif Pettersson, and Bo Andersson in Sweden. Today, the company has grown to having a local presence in 18 countries in Europe, Asia and North America with customers in approximately 45 countries worldwide. Its UK team resides in Wiltshire and West Sussex, and supplies PCBs for demanding customers from medical, EV charging, security, renewables and industrial industries.

NCAB has invested heavily in the growth of its Europe segment for several years. Since COVID-19, the company has seen a high demand from the market and because of its organic growth, order intake has more than exceeded net sales. Its local presence in the production chain through its Factory Management organisation has made a great difference by offering them a strong

NCAB is clearly seeing that its efforts over the last few years have yielded incredible results, as the company looks to continue gaining market shares and sales from new customers. Increasing the quality and capabilities of its factories has proven fruitful for NCAB in giving customers the commercial and technical competence support they need. Marketing Manager, Kate Spencer elaborated on this.

“The NCAB Factory Management Team consists of our own staff in our factories who provide proactive quality assurance and on-time deliveries. Our purchasing power of more than $385,000,000 ensures our customers’ orders are listed as high priority during production while offering the best possible terms. Our Field Application Engineer, Matt Surman has over 25 years’ experience in PCBs and is our dedicated local support here in the UK. Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table and he is ready to assist our customers in achieving their design goals. Whether it’s technical guidance, troubleshooting, or simply sharing best practices, Matt is here to ensure their success, and is more than happy to assist with any design-related queries or concerns.”

Acting in a sustainable way while assuming great responsibility is an integrated part of the NCAB business model and long-term strategy. Information taken from its annual and sustainability report 2023 stated that last year NCAB created many opportunities for its customers to receive data on their CO2 emissions based on the manufacturer and mode of transport used. From this data, NCAB has been able to then work alongside each customer to make better choices to reduce the climate footprint.

“Our sustainability strategy guides us in the right direction, with the aim of realising sustainable growth and the positive changes we want to see in the industry.”

“Our focus is to create value for our stakeholders and take responsibility throughout our value chain. We endeavour to identify opportunities to drive positive change and reduce the negative impact of the various processes,” stated Kate.

Named as best employer in the Brilliant Awards, NCAB has also received an EcoVadis Gold rating for its sustainability work. This approach not only helps in mitigating climate change but also enhances the brands reputation, leading to long-term cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Thanks to its strong financial performance, NCAB is able to continuously improve quality and delivery performance across a demanding range of industries and market sectors. One of NCAB’s major strategies is to grow by acquisitions in parallel with continued organic growth. NCAB is in a strong position to drive consolidation in the market and has completed many successful acquisitions in recent years in both Europe and the USA. NCAB is currently looking for further opportunities in new markets as well as in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.

For more information, please see below: 01380 736140

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Global PCB Supplier Company of the Month

Scape Technologies introduces SCAPE CoCreator at Hannover Messe 2024

Today’s industrial robotics, 3D Vision, and AI are often confined by costs, complexity, and limited accessibility and usability. Scape Technologies is revolutionising this field by broadening the horizons of what is possible. At Hannover Messe 2024, Scape Technologies proudly introduce the SCAPE CoCreator, a 3D robot guidance platform that integrates advanced AI and 3D Vision technology with intuitive, no-code robot programming.

A New Era of Automation: Introducing the SCAPE CoCreator Platform

The SCAPE CoCreator platform embodies a leap forward in making robotic automation accessible to a broader audience. It is designed for users of all skill levels, enabling the creation of robotic automation applications without extensive technical know-how and with no-code robot programming. The user-friendly SCAPE CoCreator platform is built upon industry standards, ensuring that developing robust robotic applications is more intuitive than ever.

Empowering Industries with SCAPE 3D Scanners

At Hannover Messe 2024, Scape Technologies will present the Pro Industrial 3D stationary scanners and a new robot mounted 3D SCAPE Mini Scanner. This development leverages our deep expertise in 3D Vision technology, providing our partners with high quality, cost-effective 3D vision solutions.

Revolutionising Robot Cells with CostEffective Components

In response to the competitive pressures facing European manufacturers, Scape Technologies is set to offer a range of competitively priced components and equipment for building robot cells. This initiative includes SCAPE 3D scanners, SCAPE Vision Controller and other standardised components for a number of complete and standardised SCAPE Robotic Workcells. The first standardised SCAPE Workcell to be introduced will be for loading and unloading of CNC machines, especially lathes handling cylindrical parts.

For more information about Scape Technologies and the SCAPE CoCreator platform, please visit our website or join us at Hannover Messe 2024, Hall 8, Stand F10.

Menzel opens new headquarters and motor plant

Menzel Elektromotoren has celebrated the opening of its new headquarters near Berlin with a grand inauguration party. In honor of company founder Kurt Menzel, the date was set for his 120th birthday on 14th May 2024. The German manufacturer successfully markets its industrial motors and tailor-made drive systems worldwide, with increasing numbers year on year. This continued success now required more space and modern production facilities designed for efficient processes and larger, heavier machines. In addition to state-of-the-art machinery, efficient paint shops and test fields that can accommodate even the largest motor configurations, the new plant is prepared for further growth. In coming years, the workforce at this site can be expanded from around 100 to 150, allowing the manufacturer to meet all customer requests.

Menzel manufactures its own motor series and also specialises in custom models and exact replicas of existing machines. Menzel builds new motors with outputs up to and beyond 25MW from scratch, stocks a large range of motor variants up to 15MW and adapts

Elektromotoren has found a suitable location for a new factory building with state-of-the-art equipment in Hennigsdorf, just outside Berlin

them at short notice for various drive tasks. The company also offers testing of motors, generators and rotary converter sets. Since the official factory commissioning on 2nd January 2024, the quality management system has already been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

More information: article/moving-to-new-motor-plant

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Köbo (UK) Ltd: Tel: 0161 491 9840 // email: // Web:

CBI Series: Smart thinking for city security

Smart cities never sleep. Their intelligence networks rely on always-on devices needing continuous power. Now, an integrated power solution, with diagnosis, backup internal power sharing, and the MODbus communication protocol offers a compact, reliable solution for powering tomorrow’s metropolis.

Smart cities are emerging globally, offering convenience and safety. In the USA, Europe, and Asia, local authorities are introducing connected networks where data from multiple sensors is processed and relayed to nodes within local amenities’ networks. This data monitors and controls everything from lighting and traffic management to bin collections.

Continuous Connectivity

Smart cities require a range of ICT and IoT systems that must operate continuously, sending and receiving data securely. Part of this infrastructure includes access control systems and video surveillance for protecting buildings or areas and easing traffic congestion. It also helps public transport systems avoid overcrowding, all requiring always-on systems for continuous connectivity.

All in One DC-UPS

To ensure integrated systems operate in all conditions and meet safety regulations, Adel Systems developed

All In One DC-UPS. This device integrates a power supply, battery charger, and battery care and diagnosis module. It supports the latest access control systems, monitoring traffic and people in real-time.

During the Venice Carnival, the DC-UPS counted visitors at city gates, ensuring 24-hour operation and automatic battery management. This self-diagnosis guarantees a safe, effective system, reducing maintenance times and costs. The CBI1210A All-In-One DC-UPS controlled 34 city gates, managing 180,000 visitors over two days, making assembly and installation easier and faster.

Robust Performance and Battery Care

The robust UPS has an extended input range from 85-305Vac for reliable, long-term operation, even with supply voltage changes. Unlike many products, ADEL

Best practice for high limit safety sensors

Electrical heating systems have several safety features built in to prevent dangerous situations. High-limit sensors, or safety sensors, are one of the most important. Not only do they protect people, they help keep manufacturing lines running by limiting damage to equipment and product. In this article, Jeremy Ohse at industrial heater, temperature sensor, and controller manufacturer, Watlow (pictured), explores best practice and considerations for high-limit safety sensors.

Understanding safety sensors

Thermal loops consist of a heater, temperature sensor, and heater controller. The controller has a temperature setpoint, receives a signal from the temperature sensor, and modulates power to the heater to maintain the temperature setpoint.

If there is a failure in the primary thermal control loop, the redundant safety sensor can tell the controller to reduce power to the heater or shut down the entire system. The most common failures are physically damaged sensors, worn out components, and pinched wires.

High limit applications

The high limit sensor in these scenarios are often thermistors, resistive temperature detectors (RTDs), or thermocouples (TCs). The best type

of high-limit sensor is application dependent. The controller is often programmable so the user can adjust the primary control loop and the safety control loop temperature setpoints.

Location is essential

For the safest operation, the safety sensor should be attached directly to or immediately adjacent to the heat source. The farther the safety sensor is from the heat source, the more likely unwanted damage will occur when the safety control loop is engaged. For this reason, Watlow offers many heating products with sensors already embedded in the heaters.

Watlow provides a range of industrial thermal sensors. Discover them on the website.


System’s maximum input voltage is 305Vac. Battery management recharges all battery types and offers five charging stages and internal impedance measurement.

Battery diagnostics report malfunctions via LED, relay, or MODbus protocol, allowing fast system diagnostics and reducing downtime. The DC-UPS range offers various products for applications where power must always be guaranteed, including radio links, Wi-Fi, PV systems, and emergency services communication.

CBI Series

ADEL Systems’ CBI series of DC-UPS is available from Relec Electronics. It smart-manages power between the load and battery, helping designers meet tight power budgets. The Power Boost mode allows the load current to be twice the rated output continuously and three times for four seconds, useful for motors and inductive loads.

The DC-UPS ensures continuous power even when the battery is completely discharged. Multi-stage operation optimises and adapts to battery status, recharging deeply discharged batteries for complete recovery. The CBI series can set system run time after power failure and restart systems from battery power alone, useful in remote installations.

To find out more about the CBI series, please visit the Relec Electronics website: or contact our sales team at:


data hub from Glenair enhances combat situational for soldiers and is in stock at Powell Electronics

In stock at Powell Electronics, the supplier of connectors and more for high-rel applications including defence, aerospace and industrial, is the STARPAN integrated soldier multiport USB data hub/power distribution system from Glenair. The product provides network data access, peripheral connectivity and smart battery power management for soldiers – from standard light infantry to Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) – and enables them to make the most of C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) electronics, while optimising power monitoring and distribution performance.

STAR-PAN power/data hubs and cables are designed for optimal size, weight, power, and ruggedised milspec performance with battle-tested environmental and EMC sealing and shielding. They provide the soldier with: Ethernet; USB and RS232 compatible peripheral support; software-defined radio support for all Mil-Std. and NATO platforms; charging, scavenging and battery power control; Android compatible power management and monitoring as well as across-the-board

interoperability with US and NATO standards.

The power/data hubs are ideal for use in Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) missions, including precision targeting, tactical radio communications, real-time video downlink, night vision technologies, GPS/navigation, blue force tracking, personal computing and smart phone integration.

For further information, please visit: Glenair-3100001680

For further information about Powell please visit: For project design or procurement support, please contact:

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Leading the Charge: Cambion Electronics sets its sights on a fully sustainable future for the electronics industry

In this issue of Industrial Process News, we are thrilled to feature Cambion Electronics Ltd as our Electrical Components Company of the Month.

Cambion Electronic Products Limited, as the company was originally known, was incorporated in 1961 by USA Company Cambridge Thermionic Corporation from Cambridge Massachusetts to create a parallel manufacturing facility to take advantage of the expanding market for Electro-Mechanical and Electronic components in the UK and Europe.

In 1991, the US Company became insolvent, however Cambion UK being a unique entity continued to thrive. Over the years, ownership change has given rise to several name change iterations, such as Midland Ross, Interconnection Products, Hollingsworth, Wearnes, and then finally in March 2016 becoming Cambion Electronics Limited, as it is known today.

Today, Cambion Electronics Limited is part of a circa £3 billion conglomerate based in Singapore, with a sole manufacturing facility in the idyllic Peak District, namely Castleton, the Jewel of the Peaks. Cambion’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has earned it a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance electro-mechanical/ electronic components, inductive assemblies, and interconnect solutions.

Oil & Gas, Medical, and Industrial Markets. And is particularly well known for being strong in Gas Detection.

Boasting a Worldwide Distribution Network, Cambion is autonomous in its manufacturing capabilities with stamping, machining, moulding, semi/automated assembly supported by an equipped toolroom at its 4,000 square metre facility.

Martin Stoneman, Managing Director of Cambion detailed the significant advantages their innovations offer to customers globally.

“Cambion has an aggressive net zero plan and the ultimate ambition of eliminating its carbon footprint without offset by being self-sufficient with its energy requirements”

The Cambion range has expanded over the years to support OEMs in detecting flammable, toxic and asphyxiant risks across an array of harsh and dangerous environments, from Socket and Connector Pins for Gas Detection to Spring Loaded interconnection, NonMagnetic Products (Medical), Relay Bases (Civil Aircraft), and Obsolescence support.

Cambion is recognised for its outstanding contributions and performance within the electronics sector, being extremely active in the Military, Aerospace, Civil Aircraft,

“We focus on continual investment in the latest machinery and systems that enable us to substantially enhance our manufacturing and assembly capabilities to cover a broad and comprehensive range of disciplines and technologies. We are fully EN9100:2018 and ISO9001:2015 accredited, the EN9100:2018 being technically equivalent to AS9100D and JISQ9100:2106. We are a trusted partner to numerous worldwide ‘Blue Chip’ customers and distributors across an array of markets and sub-markets. We believe the only limitation is the imagination, which is in sync with our mission statement: Providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers with components and interconnection ”

In line with Cambion’s product development strategy, the non-magnetic range has gone through extensive research and development. By careful control of raw material and plating selection, and by using the latest magnetoscope for testing, magnetic permeability is tightly monitored to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This range perfectly complements Cambion’s existing portfolio of industry favourites by retaining all the beneficial characteristics of the standard equivalents.

Cambion is committed to ongoing product development and is continuously investing in the latest machinery and assembly capabilities to cover a broad and comprehensive range of disciplines and technologies.

Since its inception, Cambion has played a pivotal role in advancing gas detection technologies and supporting device manufacturers with its comprehensive range of sockets and pins. These products have become the industry standard, trusted by organisations worldwide.

“We have recently developed new Contact Technologies to our existing ranges including a ‘Louvred’ contact system for high current applications. Our range also features new and improved Spring Loaded Dual-in-Line Connectors and Polygon PressFit Pins,” said Martin.

Looking to the future, Cambion is also exploring innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of its products and processes.

Martin added, “Cambion has an aggressive net zero plan and the ultimate ambition of eliminating its carbon footprint without offset by being self-sufficient with its energy requirements, thus continually supporting its ISO14001:2015 accreditation. Cambion, in conjunction with the corporate directives, is committed towards integrating sustainability into its core business and value chain and is currently conducting a GAP analysis against proposed ISO45001 accreditation in 2025.”

For more information, please see below: 01433 621555

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Show Review – Top Exhibitors

Review of sensational MACH 2024

MACH 2024 was hailed a resounding success, with a 6% increase in visitors, which saw almost 30,000 people attend the event in total. Held from 15th-19th April at the NEC Birmingham, thousands attended the five halls over the epic week-long show. MACH 2024 is the UK’s national event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufacturing, with exhibitors showcasing the latest engineering advancements alongside live product demonstrations.

Renowned as an industry calendar event, MACH 2024 united leading suppliers of cutting tools, machine tools, metrology equipment, additive manufacturing (3D printing), surface engineering, sheet metal, robotics and automation, metal forming and fabrication technology and specialist software to spearhead digital manufacturing.

With over 500 leading exhibitions and notable quality footfall, there were a record number of sales leads during MACH 2024, leading many to say that it had been the

‘best MACH ever for sales enquiries and leads.’ One lucky exhibitor: DTS (UK) even signed a multi-million deal with WEC Group Ltd during the trade show!

There were many positive highlights throughout the show: the ‘True Impact of Manufacturing Report’ showed that manufacturing contributes £518 billion of UK GDP and employs 7.3 million jobs, which is far greater than previously estimated and provided a much-needed boost to an industry that has been battered over the last few years.

MACH always attracts the biggest names and this year was no different. The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP: Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology gave a keynote speech on the current and future direction of UK manufacturing. This included a positive nod to investing in AI technologies but within the parameters of security protocols and upskilling the sector further through increased apprenticeships for school leavers. The MP took time out of her busy schedule to talk to young apprentices at the Education and Development (E&D) Zone at the show, demonstrating one of the driving priorities of MACH to attract more schools and students to visit the show. This year saw a record number of school visitors and highlights the growing need to attract more engineers of the future.

The E&D Zone showcased many exciting live demonstrations, including the University of Wolverhampton racing, F1 in schools and World Skills.

This year saw five new popular hubs joining MACH 2024: automatic and robotics, sustainable solutions, additive manufacturing, consumable tooling and AI & data and there is already a record number of repeat bookings for MACH 2026.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Axe & Status Machinery, Decade Monitoring, ICME & Laser Lines. Further details can be found on the next two pages.

Save the Date:

MACH 2026: Co-located with the Engineering Supply Chain Show 20th-24th April 2026

Laser Lines: Empower your business potential with 3D printing and laser solutions

Laser Lines stands as one of the United Kingdom’s foremost suppliers of advanced 3D printing, additive manufacturing systems, laser processing solutions, laser photonics products, and their associated accessories. We proudly represent over 20 leading suppliers of proven technology, providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Our experienced sales and support teams deliver an unparalleled end-to-end service, encompassing training, installation, maintenance, and repair services for all the products we offer.

Our customer base is diverse, spanning various sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defence, university research, tooling manufacturing, and product design. This diversity underscores our capability to cater to a wide range of needs and applications, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of each industry.

As a Stratasys Platinum Partner, Laser Lines is recognised for its knowledgeable advice, exceptional support, and outstanding customer service. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses and workflows, enabling us to recommend the most effective additive manufacturing solutions tailored to their unique

needs. With nearly 30 years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and support.

Our product portfolio features recognisable brands such as Stratasys, UltiMaker, DyeMansion, Xact Metal, and Genera. These partnerships reflect our dedication to providing our customers with the best and most innovative products available on the market.

and Laserline, ensuring that our customers receive highperformance and reliable laser technology.

In addition to our expertise in additive manufacturing, Laser Lines boasts over 50 years of experience in the laser industry. Our extensive knowledge and longstanding presence in the field enable us to offer a comprehensive range of laser solutions. We partner with top-tier brands like Sisma, LC Lasers, Novanta, Fluence,

At Laser Lines, our mission is to support our customers from start to finish, providing not just the technology, but the expertise and service to maximise its potential. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive service offerings, which include detailed training programmes, efficient installation processes, and responsive maintenance and repair services.

Whether you’re in research, manufacturing, or design, Laser Lines is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with advanced technology solutions. Trust in our decades of experience and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction to drive your success in an everevolving technological landscape.

01295 672588

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Specialists in high-quality CNC machine tools, Press Brakes, Fibre Lasers, Oil Country Lathes, and Sheet metal machinery

As a key player in the machinery industry, we were thrilled to showcase our latest advancements at the MACH 2024 Exhibition, to a captivated audience of industry enthusiasts and professionals. This event provided us with a platform to show our cutting-edge machinery, each a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection in engineering. Join us as we recount the highlights of our experience at MACH 2024!

At the forefront of Axe & Status’s showcase was our impressive array of machines, each a testament to precision engineering and innovation:

Accurl Pressbrakes

Accurl Smart 15-40 4 Axis Pressbrake: A pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy, the Smart 15-40 impressed with its precision and versatility, catering to a wide range of bending needs.

Accurl Smart 32-175 4 Axis Pressbrake: Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Smart 32-175 stood out for its robust construction and advanced control systems, ensuring flawless performance.

Accurl Euromaster 32-135 6 & 1 Axis Pressbrake: The Euromaster series captivated visitors with its precision and flexibility, setting new standards in pressbrake technology.

Accurl Laser

Accurl Masterline 3015 15kW Fibre Laser: Laser technology, the Masterline 3015 impressed with its highspeed cutting capabilities and exceptional reliability, empowering businesses to achieve unmatched productivity.

Accurl 2kW Laser Welder: Combining precision with efficiency, the 2kW Laser Welder showcased Axe & Status’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for diverse welding needs.

Director’s Perspective

Reflecting on the success of the exhibition, Steve Thomas the managing director of Axe & Status expressed gratitude to all involved in the preparation

and execution of the event. In his words, “I would like to thank everyone for all their help with the preparation to MACH and everyone’s efforts during the show. The exhibition was the busiest I have ever seen it.”

He further elaborated, “We have the most enquiries we have ever received and have been quoting constantly all week. The comments coming back from customers are all very positive, and we have now received our first MACH order for a small Accurl Cube laser.”

As Axe & Status continues to push the boundaries of engineering excellence, our presence at MACH 2024 serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With a strong lineup of machinery and a dedicated team driving their success, Axe & Status remains at the forefront of revolutionising the machinery industry, one breakthrough at a time.

+44 (0)1908 647707

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‘Design for Casting’ course is in demand for lower carbon products

The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers’ ‘Design for Casting’ technical course is in demand with companies wanting to understand more about casting as a route to manufacture.

The advantages of casting are clear –near net shape production (leading to a reduction in process steps) and design flexibility (particularly now that 3D printing of patterns and moulds enables a rapid turnaround of prototypes). The use of secondary raw materials (metal alloys) for metal casting means that the final component is readily recyclable too and can have a lower carbon footprint when compared with parts manufactured using other processes and materials.

But an understanding of design for casting and casting processes is

essential to ensure that component designs are optimised, reducing the need for expensive design modifications down the line, whether the part is to be cast in sand, using a die or via investment casting process.

Ideal for designers, ICME’s course includes an overview of casting processes, principles of casting design, how to design for casting, an introduction to casting metallurgy and solidification as well as casting repair – so some common defects and methods of rectification.

Contact Amy Worrallo,

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New Interpon Structura powder coating collection brings style and performance to the North American architectural market

AkzoNobel is supporting the needs of North America’s leading architects, designers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the launch of its popular Structura range of Interpon D powder coatings, where in-demand colours and refined textures combine with a superdurable performance to create lasting impressions.

Offering more than 40 of the most popular RAL colours, you can be assured that projects are always on-trend. Interpon D Structura’s fine textured finish gives aluminium and steel surfaces an intriguing sense of quality and depth, with significantly higher gloss retention and strong resistance to colour change.

The Structura range matches aesthetic appearance with exceptional durability and weatherability, making it ideal for surfaces that may be challenged by a diverse range of climates. The range boasts a 20-year integrity warranty on the coating performance when applied by an Interpon D approved applicator and meets the performance requirements of AMAA 2604.

The textured finish of the coating gives it greater resistance to scratching and marring, reducing the need for wasteful touch-ups or re-spraying which consume energy, cost, and time. The finish also helps cover minor defects on the substrate. The superdurability

of Structura helps make the coating more sustainable by extending the gap between cleans, so that less water and fewer chemicals are needed.

Alan Alex, Regional Commercial Director for AkzoNobel Powder Coatings in North America, says the Interpon D Structura Collection stands out as the premier choice for architects, OEMs, and designers seeking on-trend, high-quality products, and protection they can rely on, “The diversity of this range and the meticulous attention given to the design and science behind it is yet another example of our commitment to delivering resilient coatings in demanding environments that endure over time without compromising on style.”

The Structura range is backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This means the raw materials, manufacture and transportation associated with creating this latest Interpon innovation have been assessed by an independent third-party for transparent sustainability credentials.

To find out more about the Structura range of Interpon D powder coatings, please see below: architectural/interpon-d-structura

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TOPTICA presents Advanced FemtoFiber Ultra Series

TOPTICA, a global leader in laser technology, is proud to introduce the FemtoFiber ultra series, the next generation of femtosecond fiber lasers designed specifically for multi-photon microscopy, two-photon lithography and semiconductor inspection.

Leveraging over two decades of experience in developing OEM-class fiber lasers, TOPTICA has created a turnkey, fully integrated and optimised laser system that delivers superior performance and reliability for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications in biotech and semicon industry.

The FemtoFiber ultra series offers unparalleled precision and consistency, delivering high average

power, exceptional temporal and spatial beam quality, and femtosecond pulses in a compact, rugged package. Designed to withstand the rigors of advanced imaging and microfabrication, this industrial-grade light engine is ideal for high-end applications. Its seamless operation and low cost of ownership make it a versatile solution that enables researchers and manufacturers to explore new frontiers in multiphoton microscopy and semiconductor inspection.

“TOPTICA’s commitment to quality and innovation is exemplified by the FemtoFiber ultra series,” said

Luisa Hofmann, Product Manager

Biophotonics & Materials. “We designed these lasers to meet the evolving needs of our customers, providing them with powerful tools that deliver consistent results while minimising downtime and costs, available with 780, 920, and 1,050nm.”

Key highlights of the FemtoFiber Ultra Series include:

■ Optimised for multi-photon microscopy and two-photon lithography: Watt-level power with integrated dispersion pre-compensation (GDD) and power control (AOM).

■ Turnkey and fully integrated: Plug&play installation and OEM-integrability via remote control.

■ Industrial-grade reliability: Robust construction ensures consistent, high-quality output with minimal maintenance.

■ Low cost of ownership: Robust fiber laser technology ensures longevity, low power consumption and reduced maintenance.

The FemtoFiber Ultra Series demonstrates TOPTICA’s unwavering commitment to excellence and provides a cutting-edge laser solution for a rapidly evolving field. For more information, please visit the FemtoFiber ultra series product page here:

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Industrial Process Technologies
2-Photon Microscopy Fluorescence Imaging, GFP image by Michael Giacomelli, University of Rochester FemtoFiber ultra, Femtosecond fiber lasers for two-photon imaging and two-photon lithography by TOPTICA Photonics

Electric Materials: OneStop Shop for high-quality Commutators and Copper Electrical Components

What do we do?

Electric Materials, a premier copper mill headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, has been a global leader since 1915, specialising in the extrusion, casting, and forging of highquality copper electrical components and commutators.


We are internationally recognised for its expertise in commutator manufacturing including V-ring, Glass band and shrink ring commutators. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass start-to-finish commutator production accompanied by compression seasoning, spin seasoning and profiling.


Our busbars are not simply ‘off the shelf’ stock that may (or may not) fit the job, but if needed can be custom designed

and built to your exact specifications in any shape and configuration needed.

What does One-Stop Shop means?

All our high-quality extruded shapes, rods, rings and bars are produced from billets we cast in-house. The necessary materials are carefully combined in our two large induction furnaces, and before pouring each heat, the chemical composition is evaluated in our laboratory.

Do we work globally? Certainly! With a centurylong legacy of excellence, Electric Materials ships its high-quality electrical components globally. Just get in touch with us for your inquiries.

Contact Selim Yetkin, +44 (0)7387 140988

William Hughes expands bus bar capabilities, knowledge and capacity to cater for growing market demand

Following a number of highly successful projects last year, leading spring and wire form designer and fabricator, William Hughes Group, is investing in and expanding its busbar research, design, test and CNC fabrication operations.

With an engineering heritage that stretches back to before the Industrial Revolution, the company will leverage its significant wire-forming expertise and deploy it in the creation of complex bus bar geometries, fabricated from ready-insulated, reel-fed stock.

Traditionally, bus bars are stamped, bent and then insulated, but stamping can be cost prohibitive due to expensive stamping tools/dies, and is less flexible if the geometries need to be changed or altered. These limitations make bending and forming from reel-stock a more efficient and viable process.

William Hughes’ technique uses advanced CNC technology to precisely

form pre-coated copper stock in such a way that the existing insulation remains completely viable along the length of the bar. The technique has been researched and developed to exploit the fact that straight copper bar stock can be more easily coated than bar that has already been shaped.

Contact 01963 363377

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William Hughes can create complex bus bars to order

Leading UK self-adhesive materials converter and distributor at Surface World Live 2023

Hadleigh Enterprises Limited is a leading converter and distributor of self-adhesive materials. These include materials from well-known brands such as 3MS, Nitto Tapes, Scapa Tapes, Advance Tapes, and Tesa. Exhibiting at Surface World Live at the NEC, Birmingham from 4th-5th October 2023, the company showcased its leading range of products to the surface treatment, product finishing and coatings industry.

Established in 1971, the independent family-run business has been at the frontline of adhesive tape converting for over four decades and gained ISO 9001 in 1992, for quality assurance. We then gained AS9100 approval in 2015 for Aerospace Manufacture and are now AS9100D approved.

Based in Wickford, Essex, Hadleigh has built up a solid reputation with all major adhesive tape manufacturers over

the years and offers the best products in the industry. There are numerous benefits to partnering with a converting distributor, these include:

■ 95% of materials are held in log roll stock, with supply slit rolls from 2mm and above and disc sizes from 4mm to 150mm available.

■ Slitting tolerance on all materials is +/0.2mm or below.

■ Converting is complete on-site, making lead delivery times quicker.

■ Technical drawing advice, discs, die-cut shapes and bespoke shapes are all offered to new and existing customers.

With customer service at the heart of operations, free samples are available to customers to accurately test the material with applications before committing to purchasing. International delivery is available and 24-hour UK express dispatch delivery for quicker turnaround.

For more information, please see the website below: 01268 572255

Compact cooler bellhousings from R+L Hydraulics

High cooling performance, resistant to pressure peaks

R+L Hydraulics presents cooler bellhousings of the KPV series. The bellhousings feature a compact design and boast top cooling performance while withstanding high pressure peaks of up to 16 bar. Available in various designs, they are compatible in accordance with VDMA 24 561.

Cooler bellhousings are damping connecting elements between the electric motor and hydraulic pump in combination with an oil-air cooler. R+L Hydraulics developed a prismatic cooling element in the KPV series that provides high cooling performance and withstands pressure peaks of up to 16 bar long term. The KPV series is available for manufactured motor sizes of 80 to 180L in noise-damping versions and can be combined with foot brackets. Full interchangeability of the installation dimensions in accordance with VDMA 24 561 is another essential benefit, not only according to the installation length but also to the attachment position of the foot bracket.

R+L Hydraulics develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of components for fluid and power transmission products,

including industrial couplings, hydraulic accessories such as torsional and jaw couplings, bellhousings, damping elements, heat exchangers, coolers and hydraulic tanks. Applications include mechanical engineering, steel production and processing, ship and vehicle building, offshore technology and plant engineering.

+49 2392 509 0

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Industrial Process Technologies
Cooler bellhousing of the KPV series from R+L Hydraulics

eschbach showcases Industry 5.0 Software Shiftconnector at ACHEMA

eschbach, a leading software provider, is excited to announce its participation at the highly anticipated ACHEMA, one of the chemical industry’s premier events. The company’s cutting-edge software, designed to enhance collaboration for 24/7 shift teams, will be on display at booth D57 in the digital hub, hall 11, offering visitors a hands-on experience of the groundbreaking Industry 5.0 technology.

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the demands of the modern world, effective collaboration has become a critical factor for success. Recognising the significance of this need, eschbach has developed an innovative software solution, tailored specifically for 24/7 shift teams operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The Industry 5.0 software presented by eschbach leverages the latest advancements in technology to optimise

communication and efficiency among shift teams. It revolutionises the way teams collaborate by providing real-time updates, simplified task management, and seamless information transfer. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, the software ensures uninterrupted workflow, ultimately enhancing productivity, safety and overall operational performance.

“We are thrilled to participate at ACHEMA and showcase our Industry 5.0 software,” said Andreas Eschbach, founder and CEO of eschbach. “Our software is specifically designed to bridge the information gap within 24/7 shift teams, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers companies to achieve enhanced productivity and drive success.” At booth D57 in the digital hub, hall 11, eschbach’s knowledgeable representatives will be available to guide visitors through live demonstrations, highlighting key features and answering any inquiries regarding advanced plant process management and

integration options. ACHEMA attendees will have the unique opportunity to witness first-hand the transformative impact of eschbach’s Industry 5.0 software.

Further information about the software and its features can also be found by visiting:

Eschbach’s new headquarters in Bad Säckingen: A hub for innovation, collaboration and digitalisation

eschbach, a leading global software provider for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, is celebrating the opening of its new headquarters in the heart of Bad Säckingen, southern Germany.

The modern-designed headquarters is far more than just an office building; it embodies eschbach’s vision of an innovation center where creativity, collaboration and technology come together. At eschbach, great importance is attached to hybrid working and the compatibility of family and career. “When the mind is free, new forward-looking ideas are born,” says Andreas Eschbach, founder and CEO.

“The new office enables modern, hybrid working and connects our global locations in Boston, Portugal and Eastern Europe. It serves as a central meeting point for workshops with teams and customers worldwide,” Andreas Eschbach continues.

A variety of different working and communication environments have been created across 1,300 square metres of space. “The interior design supports creativity so that our employees and customers can develop their full potential,” says Veit Hora, COO of eschbach.

Sustainability was a top priority in the development of the building. The energy-optimised premises have reduced the CO2 footprint. The company has already been certified several times by ecoVadis for eschbach’s commitment to sustainability.

Over the past 20 years, eschbach has developed from a start-up into an internationally active software company. Worldwide, eschbach now employs 110 people in five countries, 65 of whom are based in Bad Säckingen. Having started out in the Basel chemical and pharmaceutical region, the Shiftconnector software platform has spread worldwide from here and is now used by 75,000 users. The solution is used as an Industry 5.0 platform by leading companies. Shiftconnector has

already won several awards, most recently two from an international jury of experts for the Smart Search function based on artificial intelligence.

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Photo: eschbach, PR014

Adhesives & glue guns

AdCo UK is one of the largest manufactures of shaped hotmelt adhesives and water-based adhesives for use in packaging and product assembly markets for over 21 years, from its Head Office and manufacturing facility in Liphook Hampshire with additional distribution facilities based in Leeds UK and a network of approved distributors based throughout the UK.

As well as supplying adhesives for all requirements, AdCo supplies a wide range of specialist applicators – from ProFlex industrial, heavy duty and professional glue guns to total melt, cartridge and bulk systems, we also manufacture and supply UF resins, PVA Adhesives, PU Adhesives, Tapes and much more

As part of our commitment to offer our customers the correct

solution for their needs AdCo are continually investing in research and development along with new state of the art manufacturing equipment to ensure we continue to meet the ever changing needs of all types of industry.

Thanks to our unrivalled knowledge of adhesives and application techniques, our highly skilled technicians can offer a ‘find and supply’ service to all our customers. With a combined industry experience of over 120 years, our technicians can ensure that any bonding problem can be solved quickly and efficiently.

To find out more information, please see below: 01428 751755

Hitting back at ecommerce packaging costs

Ecommerce businesses are facing a surge in the cost of transit packaging – a triple hit of escalating prices for materials, labour and fuel. But there’s a smart way to fight back, says Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager at Sparck Technologies (pictured).

It’s often quite hard to see the added value in transit packaging – all the cardboard boxes or cartons, tape and ‘void fill’ that carry a consumer’s purchases to the doorstep or parcel locker. However, it’s essential for creating a safe unit load – often for multiple items – and to protect goods from damage in transit. In addition, how a package is received, i.e. is prepared and presented, is fundamental to protecting, or building, brand image.

There seems to be a significant number of ecommerce businesses that still take a simplistic approach to packaging, perhaps, using a range of average box sizes and packing manually across

numerous work stations. This tends to be highly labour intensive, slow and wasteful, and critically, exposes the business to the impact of rises in the cost of materials, labour and transport. Alarmingly, these costs are rising inexorably. Take the materials involved. On an index based at 2015 = 100, paper and board prices in 2021 had crept up to 103.3 – but currently the index stands at 141.5. That is some increase.

More information on Sparck Technologies’ CVP Automated Packaging Solutions can be found at:

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32nd International Colloquium Plastics Technology increases confidence in the innovative strength of the plastics industry

On February 28th and 29th, 2024, the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University offered a lively forum for exchanging technical experiences and ideas. Some 600 participants from research and industry took advantage of the opportunity in the Aachen Eurogress and IKV’s technical service departments and laboratories to discuss the latest developments and technologies in the plastics segment. High-calibre plenary speakers, including VDI President Prof. Lutz Eckstein, were able to convince the audience of the innovative strength of the industry and the future of the engineering profession.

“Breaking through the stress of the many day-to-day events that are increasingly characterised by crisis reports, and taking time out to reflect on the present situation and recognise new perspectives was particularly necessary at the present time,” said the Head of IKV, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, during his welcoming speech. For this,

he continued, “The Colloquium offered plenty of opportunity at all different levels: Not only during the presentation of the latest research results in the 15 lecture sessions, and the guided tours through IKV’s technical service departments and laboratories, but also at the industry trade show in the foyer of the Eurogress, during the recruiting speed-dating session and, last but not least, while drinking a cup of coffee during in the breaks between the individual events on the agenda.”

+49 241 8093806

Oil, Gas & Offshore

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Plastics & Rubber

IntraLogisteX 2024 review

IntraLogisteX is the UK’s largest intralogistics event – bringing together the whole industry from warehouse automation, robotics, storage and racking, materials handling, packaging, barcode and labelling, data and software, transport management, forklifts, logistics consultancy to facilities management. The show was held this year, alongside co-located event Robotics & Automation from the 19th-20th March at the NEC Birmingham, welcoming thousands of visitors to the tenth edition.

With over 350 leading exhibitors and 11,000 visitors from diverse applications such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, marine, paper and printing, construction and property, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, telecoms, E-commerce, to transport and distribution, with the majority holding buying influence and an average of 32.3 million to spend.

IntraLogisteX is renowned for bringing futureproofed industry solutions across the board, from end-toend warehouse automation to materials handling advancements.

This year’s event attracted high-profile company visitors from supermarket chains like Tesco and Aldi, through to online giant Amazon, retailers Curry’s, through to Bentley’s and Royal Mail and with an exceptional keynote speaker programme, visitors praised the diverse selection of topics. Speakers included Bill Esterson: MP for Sefton Central: Shadow Minister for transport (roads) – UK Parliament and Anna Railton: Cabinet Member for Zero Carbon Oxford & Climate Justice: Oxford University.

Our Top Exhibitor was Allpack: a leading global packaging manufacturer, with an extensive packaging history spanning three decades. The Staffordshirebased company unveiled Contain-A-Pac – a new brand of Dunnage Bags precision-designed for optimised cargo protection. The safe and secure protection of cargo goods is a key component for business/ customer relations and ensures the delivery of goods, free from damage during transit. The Contain-A-Pac Dunnage Bags are made from durable, recyclable materials, a game-changer in advanced materials technology to withstand damage due to movement or shifting during transportation. The range is ideal for shipping containers, railcars and truckloads, to meet the varying demands of today’s cargo shipping needs. The bags are next-level cargo protection, affording maximised reliability, performance and protection and demonstrate the company’s vested interest in exceptional packaging innovation. Allpack

is a proud FSC-certified business, focusing on the most sustainable solutions for customers today.

The feedback from exhibitors this year was overwhelmingly positive: with many loving the new and larger NEC venue, the number of sales leads and overall high-quality footfall.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: AMH Material Handling, Business Computer Projects, Kardex Remster, JBT Automated Systems & Modula S.p.A. Further details can be found on the next two and a half pages.

Save the date:

IntraLogisteX 2025

25th-26th March 2025

NEC Birmingham

Modula S.p.A. announces successful acquisition of Belgian distributor and integrator

Modula S.p.A., a leading Italian company in the intralogistics sector, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Vanas Engineering BV, our esteemed distributor in the Benelux region for over a decade. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in our growth and expansion strategy.

Vanas Engineering has been a trusted partner, providing exceptional distribution services for more than 10 years. In addition to their role as our distributor, they have also established themselves as integrators, offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that align perfectly with our vision and objectives.

This acquisition will enable Modula to enhance its service offerings and broaden its market presence in the Benelux region. By integrating Vanas Engineering’s extensive expertise and innovative solutions, we

aim to deliver even greater value to our customers and strengthen our position as a leader in the intralogistics industry.

“We are happy to welcome Vans Engineering into the Modula family,” said Franco Stefani, President of Modula. “Their impressive track record and deep understanding of the market make them an ideal partner as we continue to expand our footprint and deliver superior solutions to our clients.”

The buyer has been assisted in this operation by PwC in Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

The acquisition is expected to bring about numerous synergies, an expanded customer base, and the ability to offer a more diverse range of products and services. Our combined strengths will enable us to better serve our clients’ evolving needs and drive innovation within the industry.

Andy Van Mieghem (Managing Director Vanas Engineering), “I’m excited to start this new collaboration where the product leadership of Modula VLM’s combined with the Vanas Integrator approach will strengthen our continued growth in the BeNeLux.”

We would like to thank our teams for their hard work and dedication in bringing this acquisition to fruition. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident that this partnership will be highly beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

For further information, please contact: Alice Bellelli, Marketing Manager, Modula, 0039 3485164542

Andy Van Mieghem, Vanas Engineering, +32 473529279

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Upscale your capacity, speed and efficiency with our tailored systems and support

We’re proud to be industry leaders in delivering innovative, high-tech material handling systems, we transform your workflow by increasing productivity and meeting your customer demands, we upscale your capacity, speed and efficiency with our tailored systems and support. Simply put, we revolutionise the way you do business.

Our extensive expertise allows us to efficiently handle automation installation, maintenance, and support; along with comprehensive asset management throughout the systems lifetime. By imbedding ourselves into your needs, we develop the optimum

solution for your operation through Warehouse Automation, eCommerce Fulfilment, Sortation Systems and Conveyor Systems.

Being a part of the UK’s largest intralogistics event means a lot to us; it gives our team the opportunity to network with over 11,000 visitors and showcase what it is we do, and why we do it to. Following on from a successful exhibition earlier this year, we look forward to coming back even stronger next year to discuss reliable, fast, and efficient solutions!

“We’re extremely proud of our range of goods-toperson picking solutions, with our latest Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) offering highly flexible, scalable solutions which not only increases colleague picking performance from approx. 70 picks to over 200 picks per hour, this also allows for more simultaneous open orders to fulfil. What’s more, this solution has no single points for failure with customised reporting, and we can adapt this to meet all customer requirements.” says Chris Jones, Technical Director.

We’re always available to answer any questions about our full-service offering.

Whether you’re interested in working with us or just want to learn more about what we do, feel free to get in touch anytime for an informal chat, zoom call, or face-to-face meeting to discuss your current setup.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! 0121 550 4342

Access the future of efficiency & safety: Embrace automation with AGVs

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Imagine a world where your logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing operations are seamlessly integrated, optimising every step from production to delivery. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are the key to unlocking this future, offering unparalleled benefits. Discover how JBT’s AGVs can transform your operations.

C Suite and Directors

Invest in the future with AGVs and witness a substantial return on investment. By reducing labour costs, minimising errors, and enhancing efficiency, AGVs deliver significant cost savings. These autonomous systems are a testament to your commitment to innovation and excellence, driving your company towards greater competitiveness and market leadership.

Plant & Equipment Managers

Streamline your production lines and eliminate bottlenecks with AGVs. These automated vehicles ensure precise, timely delivery of materials and components, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. With AGVs, you can achieve higher throughput and maintain optimal equipment performance, allowing you to focus on strategic improvements and innovation.

Warehouse & Logistics Managers

AGVs revolutionise inventory management and order fulfilment. By automating the transport of goods within your warehouse, AGVs ensure accuracy, speed,

and safety. Say goodbye to manual errors and delays. With real-time tracking and seamless integration with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can optimise space utilisation and improve customer satisfaction with faster, reliable deliveries.

Facilities & Utilities Managers

AGVs enhance the operational efficiency of your entire facility. By automating repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, AGVs free up your workforce to concentrate on more valuable activities. This not only boosts productivity but also ensures a safer work environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape with AGVs. These vehicles ensure seamless integration across your production lines, enhancing flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re handling raw materials or finished products, AGVs provide the agility

to adapt to changing demands, reduce lead times, and increase overall output.

Unlock the Potential of AGVs

Automation with AGVs is not just an upgrade; it’s a strategic transformation. Embracing AGVs will revolutionise your logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing operations.

Contact us today to discover how AGVs can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency, safety, and profitability. The future of automation is here with JBT.

JBT manufactures in the UK and offers local service with global support.

John Bean Technologies Ltd | Automated Systems +44 (0)116 264 2250

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Creating Clockwork Productivity:

How AZ Pneumatica achieved 80% efficiency with Automation & Robots

Forget manual labour and misplaced parts! AZ Pneumatica, a leading Italian manufacturer of pneumatic valves and cylinders, has undergone a robotic revolution. This transformation, achieved through a two-phase collaboration with Kardex, boasts an impressive 80% increase in picking speed and a near-elimination of picking errors (a 90% reduction!).


Imagine juggling over 60,000 components, all whizzing through a complex manufacturing process for worldwide distribution. That was the reality for AZ Pneumatica. As demand soared, managing this intricate operation became a logistical nightmare. The company needed a way to streamline production and distribution fast.

Enter the Kardex Automation & Robotic solution

The answer came in the form of a strategic partnership with Kardex, spanning over two decades. Together, they devised a two-phase plan to automate AZ Pneumatica’s processes:

■ Phase 1: The Efficiency Boost (2021): This phase saw the deployment of

a high-tech squad – 2 VBM Kardex Miniload-in-a-box and 4 VLM Kardex Shuttles. These automated systems not only ramped up daily order processing but also slashed human error rates.

■ Phase 2: The Space Squeeze (2023): With efficiency under control, the focus shifted to maximising space.

A new team of automated solutions arrived – 1 VBM Kardex Miniload-ina-box and 2 VLM Kardex Shuttles. These systems optimised production areas by reclaiming space previously occupied by semi-finished product storage. But that’s not all! Four Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) joined the fray, automating the transportation of goods between different floors of the facility.

To learn more, please visit: pillar-page/general/kr/nwse

Test, Measurement & Laboratory

Vision Engineering celebrates 30 years of Mantis Stereo Microscope

Vision Engineering, the world-leading provider of innovative inspection, metrology, and digital 3D visualisation solutions, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its best-selling and awardwinning Mantis range of ergonomic optical stereo microscopes.

In 1994, Vision Engineering revolutionised the field of microscopy by introducing the first-ever ‘eyepiece- less’ stereo microscope, Mantis. This innovative instrument was meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between a bench magnifier and a traditional microscope, offering users an unparalleled ergonomic experience.

Its pioneering design not only earned Mantis widespread acclaim but also secured numerous industry-recognised design and innovation awards. As a result, Mantis quickly established itself as the industry standard for high-performance ergonomic stereo magnification, redefining precision and user comfort in industrial microscopy applications within the electronics,

(Webinar) A deep dive into Warehouse Automation for Wholesale success

Join Business Computer Projects (BCP) for an exclusive webinar on Warehouse Automation on the 19th June at 1:30pm. This engaging session will feature four distinguished key speakers, including Clare Bottle, CEO of the UK Warehousing Association, Andrew Bushell Senior Systems Development Manager at Spar, John Bovill Chief Transformation and Technology Officer at Majestic Wines, and Andy Pratt, Business Transformation Specialist at BCP

These industry insiders will share their invaluable insights and experiences on the transformative power of warehouse automation, including:

■ The benefits and challenges of warehouse automation.

■ Identifying key areas for automation.

■ Overcoming implementation hurdles.

■ The significant impact of automation on the efficiency of wholesale operations and overall business growth.

Why Attend?

Warehouse automation offers numerous opportunities to streamline operations,

but the path to implementation can often seem daunting. Our panel of seasoned professionals will demystify the complexities of automation in warehouse settings, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the process.

This webinar is ideal for professionals at all stages of their warehouse automation journey. Whether you are just beginning to explore automation or seeking ways to optimise your existing systems.

Register your place here: deep-dive-into-warehouseautomation

medical device, aerospace and automotive industries.

In 2005, Vision Engineering unveiled the second generation of Mantis. Soon after its introduction, Mantis manufacturing moved from Woking to a new manufacturing facility in Connecticut, USA. This iteration featured notable enhancements, such as a sleek and modern design, improved LED lighting, an expanded field of view, increased magnification capabilities of up to 20x, and stand and accessory options. In 2009, Vision Engineering expanded the Mantis range by introducing the Mantis Elite HD Cam with a built-in camera for image capture.

The third generation Mantis was introduced in June 2023. The newest edition includes improved optics for both hand-to-eye coordination and excellent depth perception, a 3-position turret to house up to 3 objectives ranging from 3x to 15x, an 8x super long working distance lens, and five different illumination options providing flexibility to optimise the lighting to view the perfect image. The Mantis PIXO offers an improved, higher-resolution image and ‘designed-in’ integrated video camera.

For more information, please visit:

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SEMOTA: Sense, monitor, trigger, act

The new remote monitoring solution from interface force

SEMOTA is a hardware and software solution with a web-based application that enables the remote monitoring of any load cell, force, torque or pressure sensor, using our Wi-Fi enabled hardware.

SEMOTA Continuous Remote Monitoring provides dynamic dashboard views of your events, analysis and device control. Information can be captured and stored for review and in depth analysis. Linkage to common messaging systems deliver live alerts for device management. Tailor and build applications to suit your needs and devices. Read more below, then complete the form and we’ll arrange a demonstration.


Whether your data is needed every day or every few seconds, SEMOTA is optimised to receive, compute, and return millions of data points across the globe.


Using SEMOTA point-and-click application development tools, create real-time dashboards to analyse data and control devices. Visualize data with SEMOTA stock graphs, charts, tables, indicators, maps, metrics, and control widgets or develop your own

using the HTML canvas and your own code. Share your data through public links, or by embedding dashboards into custom web applications.


Add conditional and complex business logic to your hardware with triggered webhooks for M2M communication, and SMS, Email, Telegram, and Slack alerts to keep operators on-the-ball and informed.


Transform raw data into insights with Synthetic Variables that compute complex math formulas and statistical expressions.


With SEMOTA cloud software, you can build applications to best fit the operator’s needs. SEMOTA administrators can configure permissions and restrictions to any end user or operator who interacts with dashboards, devices, and/or events. Need a user to be able to oversee multiple organisations? Not a problem. You can optionally

add more users or organisations to your account and we can configure your users to best suit your application.

01344 776666

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PCS introduces first alternative PMI foam product into the UK Market

Pro Composite Solutions Ltd. (PCS), a leading supplier in advanced materials, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, Polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam from Cashem Advanced Materials, into the UK market.

PMI is a type of high-performance structural foam, renowned for its lightweight yet high-strength composition, it offers unparalleled performance in structural applications and has revolutionised various industries, including aerospace, marine, and automotive. Cashem’s PMI foam is engineered to offer excellent thermal and dimensional stability ensuring reliability and durability, even in highly demanding environments. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for sandwich panel cores, or for use in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM).

Additionally, PMI foam can be easily machined and shaped, allowing for complex designs and efficient

Pumps & Valves

manufacturing processes.

“We are excited to introduce Cashem’s PMI foam products to the UK market,” said India Saunsbury, Sales Account Manager of PCS. “As until very recently there was only one other manufacturer of PMI foam available in the UK. We are pleased to offer our customers an alternative option and feel it is highly complementary to our pre-existing range of specialist composite panels.”

“With vast stocks of PMI and specialist honeycombs at our manufacturing partner CEL Components in Italy, we can react promptly to our customers’ requests. Having already had successes in the aerospace industry, we are now gaining promising traction in the Formula 1 and automotive sectors.” Saunsbury added.

PCS’s and Cashem’s commitment to customer service and quality ensures that its PMI foam meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

The introduction of PCS’s PMI foam into the UK market marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to provide cutting-edge, complete solutions to its customers. PCS remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of materials science and driving technological advancements for a wide range of applications.

About PCS: PCS is a leading provider of advanced materials and solutions for various industries worldwide. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, PCS delivers progressive products that meet the evolving needs of the various industries they cater to. From honeycomb sandwich panels and specialist bespoke composites to an infinite range of CNC processing solutions PCS continues to push the boundaries of their expertise to drive progress, excellence and a complete solution, no matter your needs.

For more information about PCS and its PMI foam products, please visit: https://www.

Contact +44 (0)3301 757507

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Specialist Hygiene Company puts sustainability at heart of its business

Christeyns Food Hygiene has been awarded the prestigious EcoVadis Gold Medal for its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 130,000+ rated companies. It evaluates companies’ sustainability performance across various criteria. This Gold Medal achievement for Christeyns Food Hygiene underlines the firm’s dedication to environmental stewardship, labour practices, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement.

As part of the evaluation performance, the business is meticulously assessed across these categories, with evaluation of company policies, procedures, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

This places us in the top 5% worldwide of companies recognised with this esteemed award.

Warrington-based CFH manufactures premium hygiene products and along with its partners supplies solutions for the safe cleaning and disinfection of food and beverage plants and food retail businesses across the country. Recognising the critical role that cleaning and disinfection protocols play in upholding food safety management systems, the firm is committed to enhancing clients’ operations whilst leading the sector in sustainable business practices.

“At Christeyns Food Hygiene, we have long been conscious of the impact that our products and services have on the environment and on our customer’s operations,” states Chris Bayliss, CFH UK Sales Director. “This award is recognition and validation of the long-term efforts we have in place to ensure and support food safety and hygiene in our customer’s sites in a sustainable way for now and the future.”

Christeyns Food Hygiene is part of the international hygiene group, Christeyns, with headquarters in Ghent,

Belgium. The group has subscribed to the Responsible Care Global Charter committed to a corporate leadership culture that safeguards people and the environment, strengthens chemicals management systems, influences business partners, promotes safe management of chemicals, engages stakeholders and contributes to sustainability. The company has also signed up to the UN Global Compact initiative.

Please visit:

Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd demonstrates its commitment to elevating health and safety standards

Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd, a subsidiary of the global aluminium and renewable energy company Norsk Hydro, has demonstrated its commitment to elevating health and safety standards by entering the UK’s leading health and safety awards scheme and scooping two accolades from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd was awarded both a Gold Achievement Award and a Best New Entry Award (UK) at this year’s RoSPA Awards for its strong commitment to health and safety. It was awarded the accolade after it took a thorough approach to clearly explaining and demonstrating its health and safety management system in action during the past year. The organisation also ran a series of initiatives such as a family fun day, safety stand down days and extracurricular first aid training, and installed a series of defibrillators for general public use.

Erika Curnow, an apprentice interim manager at Hydro Aluminium UK Ltd, was also announced as the winner of RoSPA’s Inspiring Women

Ian Bould, HSEQS Director UK, (centre right) and members of the Hydro Aluminium team

in Safety Award, for her own personal inspirational impact within health and safety at the organisation.

Sponsored by EcoOnline, a leading provider of EHSQ software solutions, RoSPA’s Best New Entry Award recognises outstanding submissions made by organisations entering the RoSPA Awards for the very first time.

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Site photo Christeyns Food Hygiene facility at Winwick Quay, Warrington

Cleaning up the streets with the Goupil G4 and Liverpool Streetscene

Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd (LSSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Liverpool City Council, has recently taken delivery of a new Goupil G4 for the public services team in charge of Refuse and Recycling, Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance and Arboriculture across Liverpool.

LSSL required an alternative machine to supplement its current Street Washing operation, one that was manoeuvrable and could be used to wash street furniture, litter bins, seating areas, steps and hard to reach areas, and to assist with the removal of fly posting.

“It’s exciting to see the Goupil being used exactly as intended, its small size and fantastic manoeuvrability make it an obvious choice for tight city streets,” says Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw EV.

“As one of our flagship models, the Goupil G4 highlights Bradshaw’s dedication to driving industries forward towards their Net Zero goals as well as assisting them to eliminate their CO2 emissions as much as possible.”

The Goupil G4 has exceeded expectations as an electric vehicle, which can be safely used amongst pedestrians and can work at different times to the larger diesel street washing vehicles to wash street furniture.

The G4 has complimented LSSL’s existing resources and relieved pressure from the core street washing teams. It has also generated many positive observations because it is 100% electric.

“The G4 has been a fantastic addition to our fleet, we were very pleased with the service we received from Bradshaw, who were quick to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns we had, such as fitting a larger 500-litre water tank to the vehicle,” said James McCoy, Street Cleaning Supervisor at LSSL.

“LSSL strives to be a greener company and reduce our emissions; where feasible, suitable and available, alternatively fuelled vehicles will take priority when replacing our fleet in the coming years.”

CheckedSafe: For help keeping your fleet on its feet

In 2024, the stakes of non-compliance for fleet managers have never been higher. With numerous potential pitfalls, financial penalties can severely impact your bottom line and expose you to significant legal repercussions.

The solution? CheckedSafe’s multipleaward-winning software ensures ultimate peace of mind for fleet managers and drivers alike.

As the UK’s leading compliance and fleet management system, CheckedSafe is trusted by transport providers and fleet operators of all service sectors – including logistics providers and operators.

With the CheckedSafe app and portal, users can report and identify vehicle defects in real-time from anywhere in the world. This real-time visibility empowers management to act swiftly, preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems that could sideline your vehicles.

Moreover, data analytics also provides predictive maintenance insights, helping users plan and budget while reducing the financial strain of unexpected repairs.

Additionally, GPS tags monitor the location of each vehicle, ensuring that compliance protocols, such as PMIs and daily checks, are consistently followed. This real-time oversight adds an extra layer of accountability and efficiency, all accessible at the touch of a button.

Trust CheckedSafe to drive your compliance and fleet management into the future.

Discover more at:

LSSL has been diligently working on developing its vehicle fleet, implementing a fleet replacement strategy that incorporates the inclusion of alternatives to diesel, provided that suitable infrastructure is available. In addition to electric vehicles, LSSL also operates compressed natural gas vehicles, reflecting its commitment to sustainable transportation.

The Goupil G4 is suitable for a number of road and site applications for both the public and private sectors. With an operational range of up to 101 miles (depending on battery size) and a maximum speed of 31mph, the G4 is equipped with a variety of body types to cater to the customer’s specific requirements and features a safe and secure cabin with both left and right-hand drive options.

“When looking for a fully electric vehicle that could safely manoeuvre around pedestrians and other road furniture, we were immediately drawn to the Goupil G4 as its small size and fantastic usability make it perfect for accessing smaller side streets which other larger vehicles can’t reach.”

“The G4 is used for reactive works throughout the day, acting as an additional resource to the core street washing programme which operates at early hours of the morning,” concluded McCoy.


+44 (0)1780 782621

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