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Editors Notes

In this issue, we showcase the technological advancements being made in the offshore industry. On page 4, we feature a full review of Subsea Expo 2024, and deep dive into what was its busiest show to date. From new innovations to fresh ideas, Subsea 2024 did a fantastic job in showcasing and navigating the new frontier that will inevitably elevate the future of Subsea to new levels never seen before. We have also given you our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event including Astrimar, Certas Lubricants & Digital Edge Subsea.

On page 8, we feature a full review of Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2024. This show is ideal for many industries from defence to electronics assembly/ production, industrial machinery, packaging and more. The show was co-located with AutoAero, which focused on the suppliers to the UK’s aerospace and automotive engineering sectors.

One of our chosen Top Exhibitors from Southern Manufacturing was Mid Fab Developments, a company that have been exhibitors at the show since 2018. The company’s expertise lies in producing high-quality components and assemblies tailored to the specific needs of its clients from sectors such as electronics, architecture, lighting, hi-fi audio and much more. In this piece, we have zoned in on its Full Sheet Metal Fabrication Service that supports clients from the initial design stages through to technical advice, account management, consignment stock arrangements, scheduled delivery, and bespoke bill profiling. You can find this article on page 9.

Cover Story

Oher topics and areas explored in this issue include electronics and best practices, logistics and the benefits of electric utility vehicles, the latest cybersecurity legislations, industry trends and sustainable initiatives and practices.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Email us at

Apex Dynamics

The ground-breaking new hydro project from family-owned self-drive plant hire company Buckland Newton Hire (BNH) saw Apex Dynamics UK supply the inline planetary gearbox used to control the waterwheel.


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Issue 731
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2024 Subsea Expo came back with a BANG

Subsea Expo 2024 was one of the busiest ever with more than 150 companies exhibiting on the show floor. The show took place between the 20th-22nd February 2024 at P&J Live in Aberdeen.

The dynamic Subsea community was abuzz with excitement at the Subsea Expo 2024, as it offered unparalleled opportunities for networking and collaboration among like-minded individuals and businesses. With the industry hungering for fresh ideas and innovation, the expo delivered precisely that, sparking engaging conversations and showcasing cutting-edge advancements.

The 2024 show offered visitors a different perspective on the industry and showcased some future

innovations and ideas designed to encourage and excite the future generation of this industry. Overall, Subsea 2024 did a fantastic job in showcasing and navigating the new frontier that will inevitably elevate the future of Subsea to new levels never seen before.

The conference programme was invigorating, educational and insightful. A number of different experts discussed the challenges facing the subsea industry, covering topics such as energy transition, net zero, renewables, new technologies and digitalisation. IMCA was the sponsor of the Theatre Stage that featured debates and discussions on a broad range of offshore topics including market analysis, floating offshore wind, technology development, pipelines, diversification, and hydrogen and CCUS among many others. One of the highlights from Thursday 22nd February was an IMCA hosted session at the Teal Theatre with Roger Moore, Technical Adviser – Remote Systems and ROV, Offshore Survey, who chaired a series of presentations on ROV Technology and Handling.

Close to 500 guests attended the Awards Dinner that was organised by Global Underwater Hub, to celebrate the achievements of companies and individuals working across the oil and

gas, decommissioning, offshore energy, defence, aquaculture and marine science sectors.

The annual Subsea Awards Dinner saw Aberdeenshire firm J+S Subsea, as one of the big winners, picking up two accolades. The first being the Company of the Year Award and the second award came in the Rising Star category where J+S Subsea’s environmental and sustainability adviser Kairvee Tyagi took gold.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Astrimar, BLH Nobel, Certas Lubricants & Digital Edge Subsea. Further details can be found on the next two pages.

Subsea Expo 2025 will take place at P&J Live, Aberdeen from the 18th–20th February 2025. For further information, please visit:

Digital Edge Subsea: The market leader in digital video recording and inspection systems for the offshore industry

Digital Edge Subsea was delighted to kick off this year’s packed programme of events at Subsea Expo in Aberdeen.

2024 promises to be a busy year for Digital Edge Subsea, the market leader in digital video recording and inspection systems for the offshore industry.

Growing the business

As well as increasing our software development team in 2024, we have expanded our business development and operations roles in both the UK and Asia Pacific regions to meet the increasing demand from a global customer base.

Subsea Expo was an opportunity to display our new 2u and 3u DVRs which provide customers with all the functionality of our proven Edge software but in a smaller form factor.

ROVTools: Modular tooling for ROVs Digital Edge Subsea also had our new range of ROVTools on show.

The ROVTools’ RTK-01 ROV toolkit, engineered from 316 stainless steel provides ROV operators with a modular set of tools to perform common tasks with greater ease and efficiency, whilst reducing operational time.

The RTK-01 includes tooling for cutting ropes up to 25mm diameter, taking cathodic protection readings, measuring marine growth and cleaning subsea structures.

With the included ROV mounted clamp and tool post system, the modular tool heads can be changed and re-positioned within a matter of minutes, requiring less downtime between different tasks.

Housed in a custom Pelicase that contains a mounting clamp, adjustable tool pole, adapter brackets and seven modular tool heads, the kit can be easily transported by hand. The tools can also be supplied individually and without the Pelicase.

More products coming soon!

Cassion Cleaner: This prototype subsea cleaning tool, available with 400mm and 200mm twin cleaning brushes and a topside controller has been designed to aid the cleaning of vertical risers and caissons. There are

currently 2 power options, 250VDC and 500VDC, with RS-485 communications.

Edge Extend: To reduce tool change-out time, we have developed a simple extending ram system tooling skid for medium sized inspection and work class vehicles. The 24VDC extending rams allow the user to install up to 4 tools on each ROV or skid. These can be extended and retracted as required using the supplied 2u rackmounted controller and are matched to the existing ROVTools RTK-01 toolkit.

Follow us on our LinkedIn page to see where we’ll be exhibiting this year or for more information on any of our products and services, please contact:

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Astrimar’s innovative engineered solutions support energy security and energy transition

Astrimar, an established independent specialist engineering consultancy are building new capabilities and track record in innovative reliability-centred and technology-led engineered solutions.

Astrimar’s long-standing expertise in technical risk, integrity management, reliability engineering, and technology qualification was expanded in late 2022 when Lev Roberts Haritonov joined the team. Now as the new Engineering Director, he has led Astrimar’s diversification to provide technology led innovative engineered solutions and advanced engineering design and analysis capabilities as part of Astrimar’s core services.

The expanded team of engineers with expertise in engineered solutions has enabled Astrimar to respond to a rapidly growing demand for innovative engineering design and advanced analysis to support energy security challenges, as well as supporting innovators developing new energy transition technologies.

Since the start of 2023, the growing Astrimar team have rapidly built track record, successfully delivering on a range of new projects, reflecting their newly diversified capabilities, and supporting client operational continuity and energy security. Innovative solutions, to address bespoke customer needs, have included a subsea tree re-entry hub recovery system; Diver and ROV operated subsea hydraulic control and recovery systems; Subsea BOP support and alignment equipment; a radically novel design for subsea wellhead and flow base alignment and torque transmission, and an innovative concept for a subsea installed multi-pig catcher.

As new Engineering Director, Lev explained, “Through the delivery of these innovative design projects, we are delighted to have built close collaborative partnerships with other local businesses specialised in digital survey,

manufacture and testing, and concept innovation. These powerful and flexible relationships have enabled us to deliver innovative solutions to address our customer’s operational challenges, from concept through to deployment.”

Astrimar have also been diversifying their traditional services to new customers with net zero technologies, including reliability and availability analysis of wave energy systems and CCUS systems, and data-driven condition analysis of array cables for offshore wind farms.

Astrimar has also provided technology development and qualification support to clients developing wave energy technologies, additively manufactured valve systems, hydrogen distribution equipment, CCUS systems, and novel well plug and abandonment barrier technologies.

Astrimar’s Managing Director, Caroline Roberts Haritonov said, “We are excited to be extending our engineering design and analysis services, building track record as we support the energy transition as well as energy security, with reliability, sustainability and assurance at the core of everything we do.”

+44 (0)1467 620692

Certas Lubricant Solutions: Pushing the boundaries with Subsea Lubricants

Here at Certas Lubricant Solutions, our mission lies in a dedication to environmental responsibility without compromising operational excellence. In the subsea industry, where equipment operates in extreme conditions, lubricants play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and equipment longevity. However, traditional lubricants pose significant risks to marine ecosystems if leakage or spillage occurs. This is where Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants come into play, offering a safer alternative that aligns with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

in the marine environment for years, posing a threat to marine life and ecosystems.

Our experience working in the marine and subsea sectors sets us apart from traditional lubricants distributors, we can work with you and advise on lubricant selection, while providing services and solutions to enhance your processes and provide operational efficiencies. Whether its oil sampling analysis, or technical expertise, our team is on-hand to assist and advise.

We understand the critical role that lubricants play in ensuring the smooth operation of subsea equipment. We work in partnership with leading manufacturers to provide a comprehensive range of lubricants specially formulated to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in subsea environments, while also considering the environmental impact.

The Shell Panolin range of high-performance biodegradable lubricants are designed to provide superior protection against corrosion, wear, and extreme temperatures, while not compromising on quality and performance. The range can extend the lifespan of equipment, minimise downtime as well as reducing their environmental impact. Traditional lubricants can persist

The SubSea Expo provided our team with a great opportunity to catch-up with existing customers, and meet new prospects, engaging with a number of key professionals throughout the subsea industry. The Subsea Expo brings together the best minds in the industry, and is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and providing solutions that meet the unique challenges of the subsea sector.

If you would like to discuss your Subsea lubricant requirements, and discover how a collaboration with Certas Lubricant Solutions can bring sustainability benefits, and well as providing the most suitable range of products, services and solutions, then please contact: Scott Wilson, General Sales Manager (Lubricants):

Jenni McGrath, Regional Sales Manager (Lubricants):

0345 266 6055

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Review – Top Exhibitors

Exploring BLH Nobel’s specialised solutions for Offshore Load Cell applications

BLH Nobel has been developing and manufacturing load cells for the offshore industry for over 50 years, delivering expert solutions for winches and mooring applications as well as cranes. Our robust load cells are built to withstand harsh environments and ensure accurate force measurements. Leveraging our extensive experience in the offshore industry, we can provide customised system solutions tailored to your unique application.

With a diverse range of load cells available, BLH Nobel caters to a wide spectrum of needs. The KIMD double-ended shear beam with I-beam cross-section, for example, is ideal for high-accuracy weighing and force measurement tasks, such as those found in crane operations. Offering a capacity range from 0.5kN to 20MN and a combined error as low as 0.2% of R.O., the KIMD load cell ensures precise and reliable performance in critical applications.

BLH Nobel’s tension load cells, such as the KEND, are essential for monitoring the tension exerted on cables and pipes during deployment. By accurately measuring tension forces, these load cells ensure that cables and pipes are laid with the appropriate tension levels, minimising the risk of damage or failure. The pitch compensation system, composed of custom load cells and control instruments, addresses the challenges posed by vessel pitch and roll during cable and pipe laying operations. This system compensates for changes in load cell output caused by the motion of the vessel, ensuring accurate force measurements and precise control over the laying process, even in rough sea conditions.

In addition to their technical skills, BLH Nobel prioritises customer satisfaction by providing tailored solutions that combine robustness, reliability, and accuracy. Their load cells are available with ATEX and IECEx certifications, ensuring compliance with international safety standards. With standard IP67 protection and optional IP68, BLH Nobel’s load cells are built to withstand harsh offshore conditions, including vibration, overload, and humidity.

Test, Measurement & Laboratory Discover the Power of the SDHmini-Ex:

Your compact solution for measuring trace moisture

This innovative handheld hygrometer is fully self-contained and intrinsically safe, certified to ATEX, IECEx and UL standards, making it the most reliable, accurate tool for industrial applications.

Shaw Moisture Meters designed the SDHmini-Ex to deliver quick, reliable spot check measurements of trace moisture in process gases and dry compressed air. Its powerful microelectronics and unique SHAW AutoCal function provide real-time data logging graphical formats, allowing users to capture and display up to 300,000 readings before downloading them to a PC via the SHAW SDHmini User Tool software.

The SDHmini-Ex also features a robust housing with a full-colour graphics LCD, integrating the proven SHAW dewpoint sensor, desiccant chamber assembly, signal conditioning circuitry, memory management and operates in ten different languages.

Its onboard rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides over 150 hours of continuous operation, supporting USB charging and connection to a PC interface, Bluetooth

connection and printing.

This powerful, real-time hygrometer is the perfect solution for industrial applications that require accurate, reliable trace moisture measurements. Its versatility and robust design make it an ideal choice for even the most demanding environments. The ultimate tool for spot checking your process gases and dry compressed air is free from trace moisture.

The SHAW SDHmini-Ex is the most innovative and reliable handheld hygrometer available. With its comprehensive range of features and intrinsically safe design, it delivers accurate and reliable measurements in even the harshest environments. Experience the capability of the SDHmini-Ex and take your industrial applications to the next level.

+44 (0)1274 733582

BLH Nobel’s commitment to quality and innovation is further exemplified by their range of embedded digital analog amplifiers. The LCAMP100 and LCAMP300 amplifiers offer field-replaceable and fixed options, respectively, with features like HART communication, rapid response times, and ATEX/ IECEx approvals, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality for load cell systems. BLH Nobel continues its commitment to innovation, continuously developing new products to meet industry demands. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the new LCAMP 400.

Contact Simon Short, UK Sales Manager, +44 (0)1274 771177 +44 (0)7545 513671

Temperature measurement in the electronics industry

PI 640i infrared camera from Optris with new microscope optics

Electronic components consist of ever smaller structures and have a very compact design. Optris is now launching new microscope optics for the PI 640i infrared camera in order to measure temperatures precisely and with high geometric resolution, even with chip-level structures.

High temperatures have a negative impact on the service life of electronic components and as-semblies. This is due to the accelerated ageing of many semiconductor materials at high temperatures. This can be caused, for example, by a poor electrical connection due to increased contact resistance. However, increased temperatures can also occur within complex semiconductor com-ponents such as processors.

Temperature measurements with resolution in the micrometer range With the new MO2X microscope optics with 2x magnification, the PI 640i infrared camera from Optris is now able to capture infrared images of even complex structures.

For an exact temperature measurement, 4x4 pixels are required (MFOV), so that objects with a size of only 34µm can now be measured. This means that even tiny structures can be analyzed at chip level. The thermal resolution of 80mK is a very good value for this optic. The focus of the new optics makes it possible to work at a distance of 15mm from the object being measured.

As the optics on the PI series infrared cameras can be easily exchanged, the system can be used flexibly for various measurement tasks. Together with the supplied high-quality microscope stand with fine adjustment, microelectronic assemblies can be inspected very easily. The maximum resolution of the infrared camera is 640 x 480 pixels at a frame rate of 32Hz and even if this is 125Hz, the PI 640i can still impress with 640 x 120 pixels.

Contact +49 (0)30 500 197-0

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Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2024

The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show was back at the Farnborough International Conference Centre from the 6th-8th February 2024, after a highly successful exhibit last year.

This year’s event was the 25th anniversary show and was co-located with AutoAero. It was the calendar event for design, engineering, production and procurement professionals, with all the latest innovations across production hardware, components, consumables and much more. The expo is designed for a wide range of industries

from aerospace, defence, automotive, electronics assembly/ production, industrial machinery, packaging/ handling/logistics, energy, marine, medical, PharmaBio, mechanical engineering and metal processing.

In 2018, the event moved to its now permanent home: the Farnborough International Conference Centre. The centre is a 20,000m² purpose-built building, with state-of-the-art facilities and attracts the biggest names across the sector, through to emerging SMEs in the UK and across Europe. This year’s event saw an increase in standing bookings, overseas companies and the welcome return of many previous exhibitors, making it a dynamic and action-packed three-day event. There were 800 exhibitors and 9,000 visitors, making this the leading event across the sector.

The co-located AutoAero event focuses on suppliers to the UK’s aerospace and automotive engineering sectors. Farnborough itself of course has strong ties to the aviation industry with the adjacent locations of BAE Systems, one of the world’s leading global

defence, security and aerospace companies and Lockheed Martin UK: a global player in defence and space manufacturing. AutoAero provides the ideal opportunity for aerospace professionals to showcase products and services across precision engineering, electronics, testing & certification and advanced materials such as composites.

This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: LL Potters & Sons, Mid Fab Developments & Relec Electronics. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Save the date:

The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2025 – 4th-6th February 2025 Farnborough International Conference Centre

L. L. Potter & Sons: Six decades of innovation in sheet metal components

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, longevity is a testament to adaptability, resilience, and dependability. L. L. Potter & Sons, a steadfast presence in the world of sheet metal manufacturing, proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024. With a rich history marked by the pursuit of innovation, the company has built a reputation for providing quality and reliability in its field.

Established in 1964 by Lionel L. Potter, the company embarked on its journey with a commitment to excellence and a drive to meet the evolving needs of

its customers across various sectors. From its humble beginnings in a small workshop with a handful of engineers, Potters has grown into an industry leader, renowned for its precision engineering and superior craftsmanship.

At the heart of Potters’ success lies its passion for innovation. Guided by the ethos of being ‘innovators in sheet metal components,’ the company has continuously invested in cutting-edge technology and processes to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing advancements in automation and computer-aided design (CAD), Potters has streamlined its manufacturing operations, delivering efficiency and precision to its clients.

However, innovation at Potters extends beyond technological advancements. The company fosters a culture of creativity and collaboration, encouraging its team of skilled engineers to explore new ideas and approaches. This culture of innovation has enabled Potters to develop bespoke solutions for a diverse range of industries, from medical and military to electronics and telecommunications.

Central to Potters’ success over the past six decades has been its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Attention to detail is paramount at every stage of production, in-process quality control measures ensure products meet the highest standards of precision and durability. These procedures have earned Potters the trust and loyalty of its customers, who rely on the company to

deliver solutions that exceed expectations time and time again. Potters is proudly certified to ISO 9001:2015, first achieving its ISO accreditation status over 25 years ago.

As Potters celebrates its 60th anniversary, it does so with gratitude for the journey thus far and excitement for the road ahead. With a firm foundation built on innovation, quality, and adaptability, the company looks forward to continuing to push the boundaries of possibility in sheet metal manufacturing for many years to come. This milestone stands as a testament to the dedication of the team and the loyalty of valued customers. Potters extends its gratitude to everyone who has supported the company over the past six decades.

01628 667167

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Driving Innovation: The benefits of working with Mid Fab Developments in modern manufacturing

Mid Fab Developments is no stranger to the Southern Manufacturing Show, as the company has been a keen exhibitor since 2018.

This year, once again, the company returned to Farnborough to showcase its broad range of precision sheet metal services as a leading supplier of precision sheet metal components, assemblies and sheet metal fabrications in the UK.

The company’s expertise lies in producing high-quality components and assemblies tailored to the specific needs of its clients, whether they are involved in air conditioning, architecture, communication, hi-fi audio equipment, electronics, lighting, mains filtering power supplies or shop fitting industries. However, above everything, the team at Mid Fab will always put its customers at the heart of the business. Aiming to exceed expectations, Mid Fab try to build long term partnerships

with every client from the earliest stages of an enquiry to fully understand their specific needs.

Accommodating all types of requirements from high volume single piece work to low volume specials, Mid Fab aspires to be a caring company with a hands-on approach, easy to deal with and to be as approachable as possible to existing and new customers alike.

As an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company, Mid Fab has wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to offer an unrivalled, responsive customer service experience and to deliver the highest standards in every aspect, from design to delivery.

Mid Fab Developments Full Sheet Metal Fabrication Service boasts the latest technology that offers a fast, accurate and reliable service to all clients. From design support and technical advice to account management (relationship support), consignment stock arrangements,

scheduled delivery to your requirements, and bespoke bill profiling, Mid Fab can meet your every need.

Utilising a full CAD/CAM system enables the company to facilitate off-line programming of CNC punching machines and CNC bending machines allowing customer information to be received in dxf, dwg, sat, and step file formats. The full fabrication services available also give access to Cutting, Deburring, Silk Screen Printing, Welding, Fasteners, Finishing, Assembly and Delivery. And, because the company is located in Birmingham, it is ideally placed to offer a reliable delivery service, using its own fleet of vehicles, throughout the UK.

Finally, Mid Fab Developments have made a significant announcement promoting Neil Curtis, who has dedicated 25 years to the company, to the position of Managing Director, suggesting a deep commitment to internal talent and recognition of his valuable contributions. Congratulations Neil!

If you’re interested in working with Mid Fab, please get in touch below: 0121 359 1641

New kid in town: Relec unveils the Neopower NP08 Series!


Introducing the latest 4kW configurable power supply from Advanced Energy! Relec Electronics, are always on the lookout for the next big thing, and they believe they’ve found it with the NP08 Neopower series.

What is the NP08 Neopower Series?

The NP08 series is the latest product from Advanced Energy to push power supply specifications higher. Designed for versatility and efficiency, these multioutput units boast a compact form factor, high power density, and exceptional reliability. With a range of output voltages and customisable options, the NP08 series is engineered to meet the most demanding applications. Whether it’s industrial automation, telecommunications, or medical equipment, the NP08 is ready to deliver power where it matters most.

Why chose Neopower NP08 series Neopower is the blend of power and flexibility mirroring Relec’s commitment to delivering the very best solutions. Relec chose the NP08 for its innovative design, which aligns perfectly with their ethos of providing cutting-edge technology that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds customer expectations.

Applications and industries

Its adaptability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. In the medical field, it ensures

life-saving equipment runs smoothly. In telecommunications, it powers the systems that keep us connected. And in industrial settings, it drives the machinery that is the backbone of our economy.

Customer benefits and value

The NP08 series is more than just a power supply; it’s a smart investment and designed to give you a peace of mind once designed in. Its efficiency reduces operational costs, while its reliability minimises downtime. Customers will appreciate the easy integration that comes with a product designed for longevity.

A glimpse into the future advanced energy

Many outdated technologies have already faded into the distance, but Relec’s partnership with Advanced Energy propels them into a future that’s bright with possibilities. The NP08 Neopower series represents just the beginning of this journey.

How to get your hands on the NP08


Ready to experience the power of the future? The NP08 series is available now at Relec Electronics. For more information or to place an order, visit Relec’s website or contact their sales team. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new chapter in power supply technology!

Relec Electronics, is committed to providing solutions that not only meet the demands of today but also pave the way for tomorrow. Join this exciting journey and embrace the NP08 series, a symbol of Relec’s dedication to excellence and longevity in power supply solutions.

Relec Electronics: +44 (0)1929 555800

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Brunel Engraving toasts 35 years of success

Clevedon-based Brunel Engraving, a familyrun, specialist provider of commercial and industrial engraving, printing and etching services, is celebrating thirty-five years of growth and innovation.

The firm, which offers precision engraving and processing of metal and plastic components, is an industry leader thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery, modernised and expanded facility, and team of highly skilled engineers, which attract a host of national and international clients.

A versatile business for all engraving needs, its three distinct arms comprise Brunel Engraving Company for medical, hospitality and corporate sector clients, Brunel Trophies for corporate trophies and awards, and Brunel Industrial Engraving, a fast-growing area of the company which serves clients in aerospace, telecommunications, renewable energy, and more.

Brunel Engraving offers diverse engraving options from computerised rotary engraving to chemical etching and digital print to laser cutting and engraving, ensuring a stellar one-stop service. This is thanks to substantial investments in the latest machinery. In recent years, a £300K cash injection increased its engraving capacity four times over, helping it keep up with demand, service more complicated jobs, and guarantee great results.

Industry knowledge forms the heart of Brunel Engraving, thanks to its founder, seasoned engineer, entrepreneur and Clevedon resident, Martyn Wright. Based just outside Bristol, the home of the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and from whom the firm takes its name, Brunel Engraving is building its very own legacy.

This legacy includes a commitment to delivering the best service possible. Top-level machinery means an improved response time, higher quality control and more reasonable pricing. Plus, its ISO9001 accreditation, the highest industry standard, is a gold seal of approval which means it has demonstrated a commitment to good customer service, efficiency and best practices.

“Hitting our thirty-fifth year isn’t just a milestone, it’s a real celebration of success to shout about,” said founder and managing director, Martyn Wright.

“Over the years, we have gone from strength to strength, and are now one of the most established specialist engravers in the UK. Our industrial arm is experiencing rapid growth thanks to our investment

in innovative machinery, which helps us tackle more complicated projects with guaranteed results.”

“I believe that our key differentiator is in our in-depth knowledge of the engraving needs of clients across so many different industries, which is made possible through the hard work of our skilled staff and their vast knowledge base.”

“Furthermore, as a family-run business, we have a personal interest in and passion for delivering the best possible client services. Reputation matters, and we consider each job to be equally important and deserving of our full attention and care.”

“Considering all we have achieved so far; our varied yet specialist engraving services for businesses across the sectors, blossoming industrial function, and state-ofthe-art production facility with top-shelf talent – I say bring on the next thirty-five years!”

01275 871720

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Hertfordshire based engineering company Magog Industries continue to develop it’s range of bimetallic alloy hardened grades and coatings, working closely with established UK and European based coating specialists. Plastics recycling is growing within the industry with many moulders increasingly recycling in-house.

However, where recycled material needs to be bought in, problems can arise where material contain abrasive elements that pose a challenge in processing. For example, added fibres used to reinforce the moulded product can now be as high as 50%. Certain PE and some grades of biodegradable polymers such as PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) can attack the screw surface over time.

Screw designs are configured to maximise performance from single

start compression to a range of mixing elements for optimised distributive and dispersive mixing. The company also advise and offer design configuration for complex parallel and conical twin extruder screws.

Manufactured from high quality metals including EN 41B Steel provides hard wearing properties but also allows refurbishment of hard welded flights at a later date. Depending on material type, surface treatments are on offer to include ceramic, chrome, Hastelloy, Armoloy and Tungsten Carbide (HVOF) in addition to Nitride and bi-metallic hardened.

For more information, please contact Magog Industries: 01920 465201, email: or visit:

Industrial Process Technologies

Denso Steelcoat™ Systems standing the test of time in Pipebridge revisits

Onrecent revisits to two Steelcoat 100/400™ System applications in the Northeast of England, Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd. were proud to confirm that both applications were performing as expected, providing exemplary protection from corrosion over a decade since their installations.

The Steelcoat 100/400 System consists of Denso Hi-Tack™ Primer, Denso™ Profiling Mastic, Denso Hi-Tack™ Tape, Denso Ultraseal™ Tape and Denso Acrylic Topcoat™ and offers an excellent long-term coating solution for exposed steel and pipework –particularly in areas faced with damp conditions. The system requires minimal surface preparation and is easy to apply, making it ideal for use in remote or difficult to access areas where preventing contamination of the surrounding environment is of the utmost importance.

Winn & Coales pride themselves on the longevity and effectiveness offered by the complete and correct applications of their innovative products and systems. The revisited Steelcoat™ systems – originally

Two examples that attest to Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd.’s commitment to provide longlasting, effective solutions to their customers

applied in 2008 and 2010 respectively – serve as demonstrable proof of their enviable track record of success and affirms their position as industry leaders.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd are leading manufacturers and suppliers of corrosion prevention and sealing systems and celebrated 140 years of service to industry in 2023.

+ 44 (0)20 8670 7511

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Plastics & Rubber
Meeting the challenges

Industrial Process Technologies

20 Years of Mobile Carbon Filter Rentals!

2023 was a year of anniversaries for CPL/ Puragen Activated Carbons. Back in the summer, they celebrated 10 years of spent carbon reactivation at their Immingham facility, the site later being awarded a prestigious Green Apple environmental award as well as its ISO45001 accreditation for health & safety.

2023 also represented a significant milestone for another important area of the business, namely the rental of Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filters, which began 20 years ago. CPL had been selling carbon filters prior to this date, but 2003 was when they designed a genuinely portable unit and began the transition into a true ‘carbon & service’ business.

Mobile carbon filters offer a number of operational and financial benefits over fixed filter installations:

■ No CAPEX for the customer, only OPEX –supplied on a rental basis;

■ Modular, flexible arrangement – can add or remove filters as the situation demands;

■ ‘Lead & lag’ or parallel layout possible for multiple filters, to optimise treatment flow;

■ Simple Plug & play operation – no on-site carbon handling;

■ All-in-one transportation and adsorption unit;

■ Also ideal for trialling alternative activated carbons, or for periods of plant maintenance when a fixed filtration system is unavailable.

The first rental filter was a 2m3 VOCSorber® unit, supplied to a chemicals manufacturing site in West Yorkshire that is still a customer to this day!

CPL’s mobile filter rental business grew organically in the early years but really took off in 2013, when they started recycling spent carbons and were able to supply their service via the company’s REACT-Sys process, offering a circular solution that was pioneering in the industry.

The next major change was in 2018, when they acquired the manufacturing facility in Chesterfield, now called CPL Icon, which gave the company an in-house manufacturing and engineering capability.

The previous year, 2017, saw the launch of what was (at the time) the largest mobile carbon filter on the market, the VOCSorber 30, designed primarily for demanding landfill gas (LFG) purification

applications. The fleet was further augmented a few years later with an even larger unit, the High Flow HF20V VOCSorber®, standing 8m tall, designed for major odour control and VOC abatement projects, for example at waste handling facilities or food production sites.

If you would like to find out more about their range of mobile carbons filters, for both gas phase (VOCSorber®) and liquid phase (AquaSorber®) purification applications, please visit their website: mobile-carbon-filters

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Inline planetary gearbox for waterwheel control

TECHNOLOGY FROM Apex Dynamics is driving the largest diameter electricity-generating waterwheel in Europe

The ground-breaking new hydro project from familyowned self-drive plant hire company Buckland Newton Hire (BNH) saw Apex Dynamics UK supply the inline planetary gearbox used to control the waterwheel. It has provided the wheel with near-perfect alignment, high efficiency and minimal power loss through transmission to ensure as much electricity as possible is generated.

Based near Dorchester, Dorset, it is the largest waterwheel generating electrical power in Europe at 9.0m in diameter, overtaking one at a National Trust site in Port Talbot, Wales. To achieve the required head for the project, BNH raised one of the lakes on the family farm by around 11m. The lake is supplied from a large spring and run-off rainwater from the valley slopes.

The galvanised steel waterwheel, which has 92 individual buckets carrying a total of 6 tonnes of water at a time, now delivers an average flow of approximately 150 litres per second 24/7 nearly all year round, supplying an average of 150kWh per day. This contributes around one-third of the total electricity needed for the site –which includes more than 20 industrial units, many with large power demands, five properties, and offices – and even more in summer when daily consumption is lower.

An Apex Dynamics NB series linear three stage planetary gearbox is in line with the waterwheel shaft and is

connected to the generator via a pulley and belt system. The waterwheel rotates at 4.5rpm and the Apex gearbox provides additional flexibility to fine tune the speed up to 450rpm at the 48mm gearbox output shaft. The high torque from the waterwheel is accommodated at the 140mm diameter input shaft of the gearbox. Getting the shaft size to match was very important to the project. Having incorporated a flexible grid coupler into the system design to accommodate any misalignment, this has proven unnecessary because the NB servo gearbox perfectly aligned with the input and output shafts but has been retained as a safety feature. The pulley and belt connection delivers the required 1,500rpm to the generator.

In addition to plant hire, BNH also runs a number of related operations, including carrying out specialist groundworks projects. It has previously installed renewable energy – such as wind turbine, solar installations and hydro schemes – for some customers and was inspired to install its own waterwheel to power its business operations, nearby houses and family farm. The company is now open to repeating the success of the waterwheel project if requested.

Brad Perrett, BNH manager and director, explains, “As the

lake is in front of his home on our family farm, my father wanted to watch a huge waterwheel from his window and we have made his dream come true, building the biggest wheel we can for him! Apex Dynamics UK has been an excellent partner for this project.”

“Having looked at other gearboxes from different companies, we found that the Apex Dynamics NB-series was the only one to meet our specification, build and delivery time requirements, while easily achieving our 25-30,000Nm maximum torque requirements, which was a key consideration for us.”

“The high precision performance of the planetary gearbox, Apex Dynamics UK’s ability to provide the bespoke product we required when we needed it, and the very prompt, strong customer service we received allowed us to keep our project on track. It has been a really positive experience for us working with Apex Dynamics and the NB Gearbox could not have worked better or been more straightforward. It has now been running perfectly, non-stop, 24 hours a day for more than three months without a hitch.”

“We could easily have installed a cross-flow turbine, but we wanted to do something a bit different that showcases our capabilities and our green credentials as a company. We think we could replicate this project in the future to provide similar lake-based energy generation projects for clients.”

The grounds around the waterwheel will be landscaped by BNH so that visitors can come and view the pioneering electricity generation project from summer 2025.

Contact 0121 227 5340

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Radwell launches punchout portal for European customers

Radwell International, a global specialist in industrial spare parts and repairs, has introduced a punchout portal system in Europe, enabling eligible customers to connect their internal purchasing management systems with Radwell’s vast database of over 35 million spare parts.

Already used by Radwell’s key customers in the USA for a number of years, the punchout portal integrates with Radwell’s SNAP (Strategic National Account Partner) programme, which provides customers with a dedicated account manager and various other features to enable a comprehensive partnership approach to spares management and sourcing.

Eligible customers can use the portal to link their own procurement systems, including SAP Ariba, Corcentric, Coupa, EqualLevel, Taulia, Oracle and others, directly into Radwell’s inventory software, which will become a practical extension of their internal systems.

Radwell National Accounts Manager Stephen Yates said, “The Radwell Strategic National Account Partner program was created because Radwell recognised the need to help our national accounts source the spares and repairs services they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“Dedicated account managers work co-operatively with programme partners, acting as a guardian of the strategic customer relationship, orchestrating the

deployment of corporate-wide resources to provide comprehensive products, services, and solutions to the strategic account.”

“Partners on the SNAP program can realise savings of up to 75% compared to conventional supply chain alternatives and we assist in driving down costs while enhancing effectiveness and output.”

“The punchout portal, now available to customers in Europe, takes that one step further, enabling partners to connect Radwell IT directly with their own eProcurement system.”

“In terms of user experience, it’s like extending customers’ own warehousing and stock management systems into our own, one of the most comprehensive systems of its type in the world.”

Control Station: Making Optimisation Easy!

Control Station leads the process analytics field, offering monitoring, diagnostics, and optimisation solutions to global manufacturers. Our goal is simple: empower manufacturing excellence by improving production efficiency and throughput, and control loop performance across industries.

market’s best PID Controller Tuning Software and it is a two-time winner of Chemical Processing Magazine’s Vaaler Award.

Manufacturers rely on automation for competitiveness, and Control Station’s solutions are essential to that success.

Our Lifecycle Solutions: PlantESP™ monitors plant-wide control systems, detecting production issues, performing root-cause analysis, and recommending corrective actions, resulting in optimised production systems, reducing downtime, and enhancing efficiency.

LOOP-PRO™ is our leading software for process modelling and PID controller tuning, excelling in noisy and dynamic data applications, making it a valuable asset for industries with complex processes. It has been recognised numerous times for the Engineer’s Choice Award as the

Training & Skills Development: Practical Process Control workshops equip professionals to diagnose and fix control-related issues, licensed by 200+ global colleges and universities and certified by leading process manufacturers.

Our global customers are based in all industry segments including: Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Manufacturing, Mining, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, and Oil & Gas.

Control Station is dedicated to helping manufacturers worldwide optimise production.

Contact 00353 (0)505 39900

“The system is now available to our SNAP customers across the UK and Europe.”

Radwell International is now Europe’s biggest providers of new and used surplus, industrial and electronic control equipment, specialising in hard-to-source parts, with over 2,000 employees across 80 sites worldwide.

As an authorised distributor for over 350 manufacturers with a comprehensive database of over 35 million spare parts and technology-enabled distribution, the company is a leading global provider of maintenance, repair and operations products, focused on the repair solutions aftermarket for critical components including inverters, DC drives, HMIs, PLCs, motors and control equipment.

Mr Yates continued, “Sectors we work with include vehicle manufacturers, chemical plants, food processing facilities, local authorities, government agencies, bakeries, power plants, amusement parks, exporters, plastic moulding and extruders, steel plants and a long list of other business sectors.”

“The size and scale of our inventory now puts us in an unrivalled position for the provision of spare parts and repairs solutions in stressful breakdown situations, and introducing this new punchout system for our customers in Europe takes that to another level.”

01782 576800

Six days instead of six months delivery

Motor customers in the UK are currently particularly pleased with the fast delivery capability of German manufacturer Menzel Elektromotoren. In early June, the family-run company received two orders for large machines within one week. Due to motor failures, the water supply to 30,000 households was threatened and production in a cement plant was halted. After delivery times of only six and ten days, respectively, both the pump and the cement mill could be restarted in the shortest imaginable time. Faced with unexpected downtime due to equipment failures, customers often cannot afford to wait for a motor manufactured from scratch – standard delivery times in higher output ranges start at six months. Menzel has proven itself to be a strong partner in an emergency, quickly configuring suitable motor systems for a wide range of high-output applications from its large, diverse stock of motors, cooling units and ancillary equipment – such as the current two jobs for British customers. The squirrel cage pump motor has a nominal output of 1,380kW operating at 3,300V. The slipring motor for a cement mill delivers 2,000kW at 11kV. Its special features are increased ingress protection rated

Menzel’s large warehouse and modular design for motors and coolers allow fast delivery of tailored motor systems for industrial applications (here: 2,000kW 11kV cement mill motor)

IP55 and a closed cooling system with a top-mounted air-to-air heat exchanger (cooling type IC 611), ideal for dusty environments and large temperature fluctuations.

Large industrial motors from stock and quickly tailored to order: article/large-lv-mv-hv-motors

Contact +49 30 349 922-0

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HEIDENHAIN: Controls, encoders & digital readouts

HEIDENHAIN is a high-tech company pioneering in measurement, control, and drive system technology for more than 130 years.

HEIDENHAIN products often lay the groundwork for technological advances in the most innovative global industries, including semiconductors, electronics, machine tools, and production equipment automation for the factories of tomorrow.

Founded in Berlin in 1889, this pioneering company for measurement and control technology looks back on a long tradition. HEIDENHAIN, located in Traunreut in southern Bavaria, now offers products and solutions for industries such as machine tools, automation, electronics, robotics, elevators, and medical technology.

HEIDENHAIN has an established network of 30 subsidiaries and 40 distributors worldwide.

HEIDENHAIN (G.B.) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH was founded in 1969 and is based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, looking after the UK and Ireland territories.

Comments from Daniel Johnson, MD, HEIDENHAIN GB. For 2024 HEIDENHAIN are launching our new control ‘the TNC7’ into the UK machine tool market, along with our new generation of feedback encoders with built in vibration sensors for predictive maintenance.

Our new control addresses many modern machine shop problems faced by our users. Issues such as the total cost of ownership over the machine lifespan. It is little known that a machining centre that is ready to cut, but idle, can use up to 50% of the energy as when it is cutting. This can contribute greatly to your cost of production and CO2 footprint. The TNC7 control has been developed to reduce setup times through graphically assisted probing of the work piece and fixtures. Reducing or eliminating the use of Air purge through new technology scales without compromising signal quality and reliability. Improving machine cutting performance through optimised contour milling, reducing tool wear and milling times. And preventing costly downtime with enhanced dynamic collision monitoring and in process monitoring without additional sensors.

Our latest generation of rotary feedback encoders have additional sensors built in such as temperature or vibration, utilising our EnDat protocol to transmit the data reliably over long cable runs to manage alerts before they become production stoppages.

As you can see HEIDENHAIN works closely with the Electronics, machine tool, automation, medical and scientific industries. However, wherever there is a demand for high accuracy and reliable positioning feedback systems, HEIDENHAIN should be the ‘go to’ supplier. Demanding positioning tasks in these industries are our mission, and accuracy is our passion.

Research and development are part of our DNA, with a double-digit percentage of our revenues devoted to the continual development of our advanced technologies.

Our market leading technologies incorporate reliability, repeatability, and accuracy, resulting in outperforming our brochure stated minimum standards. We measure success by seeing our customers succeed, breading long lasting relationships built on trust and industrial products.

Heidenhain is increasing its support for customers in the UK by bringing on board service and training partners in the UK and Ireland. Our facilities in Burgess Hill will now also include a full 5 axis milling machine to enhance customer training and application support.

Having recently exhibited at MACH 2024 exhibition, NEC Birmingham, April 2024, where HEIDENHAIN launched their new control the TNC7, Daniel commented, “MACH 2024 was a huge success for demonstrating our new control. People were very impressed with the new interface, look and most of all the features that really tackle machining issues. However, now looking forward to our Automate UK Exhibition where we will be launching our new encoder with built in features addressing common automation issues.”

HEIDENHAIN will also be exhibiting at Automate UK Exhibition, CBS Arena, Coventry, 18th-19th June 2024, where they will be showcasing their latest generation of high-tech encoders. They would love to welcome you to their stand for a free consultation on your applications.

01444 238550

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Machining & Engineering

Gundrilling Cell with Flexible Automation

The UNISIG 4-Spindle Gundrilling Cell with flexible automation simplifies rapid parts gundrilling. This system employs two UNISIG UNE20-2-1000-CR dual-spindle gundrilling machines, enabling 4x drilling of one part or 2x drilling of two different parts quickly and efficiently. These machines can drill up to 20mm diameter holes to a maximum depth of 1,000mm, while counter-rotating the workpiece for maximized hole concentricity.

In this cell, a 6-axis robot picks two parts at once to load or unload, utilizing dual parts staging stations to maximize spindle uptime. Laser verification technology assists the robot’s use

of dual sets of pallets. UNISIG’s Automated Cell Controller (ACC) centralizes the controls for both machines, and a moveable inspection station allows for on-call part inspection. Variations of this manufacturing cell can be configured as needed.

The versatile UNE standard gundrilling machines balance high-performance components with a lower overall investment, making it easy for machine shops to bring their deep hole drilling operations in-house. Machine models have maximum drilling diameters ranging from 12 to 40mm and depths up to 3 meters, with the horsepower and coolant control to efficiently run indexable, brazed or solid carbide gundrills.

Twin spindle UNE machines can be configured as independent spindles, allowing two drilling operations to be run on a single machine. Available counterrotation of cylindrical workpieces minimizes hole drift and ensures drilling accuracy. Engineered for automation, these precision deep hole drilling machines bring

next-level productivity to any shop floor. UNISIG UNE manufacturing cells with flexible automation combine precision, repeatability, and reliability for an unbeatable machining resource.

UNISIG applies decades of engineering expertise to create deep hole drilling solutions specific to its customers’ requirements. Browse to learn more about the realm of possibilities.

Further information on all machines of the UNE series and the complete UNISIG machine program is available at: or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter (@UNISIG).

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Photos: UNISIG

Why should you service and maintain a safety shower

Maintaining a safety shower is crucial for ensuring its optimal performance and effectiveness during emergency situations. Here are several reasons why maintaining a safety shower is essential:

1) Reliable Emergency Response

Regular maintenance ensures that the safety shower is in proper working condition and ready to be used when needed. By conducting routine inspections and maintenance activities such as testing water flow, checking water temperature, adjusting controls, and inspecting valves, any potential issues or malfunctions can be identified and addressed promptly, ensuring that the safety shower will function reliably during an emergency.

2) Employee Safety

The primary purpose of a safety shower is to provide immediate decontamination in case of exposure to hazardous substances. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the safety shower delivers the appropriate water flow rate, temperature, and coverage necessary for effective decontamination.

3) Compliance with Regulations

Safety showers are often subject to regulatory requirements and standards that specify their maintenance and inspection. By adhering to these regulations, organizations demonstrate their commitment to compliance and workplace safety.

4) Extended Lifespan

Proper maintenance and care can significantly extend the lifespan of a safety shower. By promptly addressing any

issues, replacing worn-out components, and conducting regular cleaning, you can prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs.

5) Reputation and Employee confidence

Demonstrating a commitment to maintaining safety showers indicates a strong safety culture within an organization. Regular maintenance instils employee confidence in the workplace safety measures and shows that their wellbeing is a top priority.


Maintaining a safety shower is essential for its reliable performance, employee safety, regulatory compliance, and overall operational readiness. Regular maintenance and inspections help identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring that the safety shower is always ready for use during emergencies.

For more information on service and maintenance, please contact Aqua Safety Showers on: +44 (0)1942 318096 or

Cloud-based monitoring made easy with Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research, is a pioneering name in the field of noise measurement and environmental monitoring. Continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation with its cuttingedge solutions, its cloud-based monitoring solutions stand out as remarkable additions to its fleet of noise and environmental monitoring instruments.

The Quantum Indoor is built to assess noise levels within indoor workspaces, making it an ideal tool for monitoring in factories, public buildings and residential areas. Equipped with advanced sound level meter technology, it accurately captures noise data, helping users identify potential noise-related issues and take appropriate mitigation measures.

■ Weather Wind Speed and Direction

With its robust features, Quantum Outdoor can withstand varying environmental conditions whilst delivering reliable and precise data.

The MyCirrus Cloud platform is a comprehensive Cloudbased system that facilitates seamless data storage, analysis, and sharing.

It allows users to remotely access their noise measurements, generate insightful reports, and collaborate easily with colleagues or stakeholders. This capability is especially valuable in enabling real-time decision-making and timely interventions based on accurate noise data.

The Quantum Outdoor is designed to tackle both environmental noise monitoring and other environmental impacts including on railways, at airports, on construction sites, at mines and other external activities, this solution can simultaneously monitor:

■ Noise

■ Dust and Gaseous Pollutants

■ Vibration

The Quantum Indoor, Quantum Outdoor, and MyCirrus Cloud are invaluable tools that underscore the commitment of the team at Cirrus Research to advancing noise management technology.

Contact +44 (0)1723 891655

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BICSc: The British Institute of Cleaning Science

We are a membership organisation that strives to bring recognition of the vital role cleaning operatives play in everyone’s day-to-day life.

Founded over 60 years ago, BICSc key objective is to promote the value and professionalism of the cleaning industry, providing training in the key skills required to enhance a cleaning operative’s core role whilst keeping them safe and encouraging them to work in a more effective and efficient manner.

With a range of both practical and theoretical qualifications available, BICSc has something to help further the career of every cleaning professional from entry

level, through to supervisor level, and up to an employer with your own business tendering for cleaning contracts.

Check out our website: for our full range of courses – many of which can now be taken online via the virtual training suite to fit in with your lifestyle – some of them are free for anybody. You’ll also find the latest BICSc and industry news in the Media Hub, useful documents that are free to download, specialist publications from the online shop and much more not only from BICSc but also supporting organisations.

+44 (0)1604 678710

Dual Pumps Ltd: Dependable under pressure

We are a leading provider of pumps, power equipment, and fluid handling solutions to a wide range of industries throughout the UK and export markets. Our expertise extends to manufacturing and selling pressure washers, pumping systems, and component assemblies. With a deep understanding of our products and a network of industry experts, we can cater to the specific needs of our customers.

actions and always follow through on our commitments.

We are recognised as offering exceptional service, characterised by speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Our customers can count on us for support and assistance, allowing them to focus on serving their clients.

We value open communication and respect in all our interactions and strive to be helpful, personable, and friendly. We take responsibility for our

With over 48 years in the industry, a dedicated team, and our own warehouse, production, and testing facilities, we are well-equipped to meet the demands of our partners and stock a wide range of quality products.

Located in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, in the heart of the East Midlands, we have good transport links and offer next-day delivery to most of the UK.

+44 (0)1664 567226

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Cleaning & Hygiene

Introducing JASIC’s new single phase PFC range of welding inverters and plasma cutters – EVO 2.0

JASIC EVO is the new standard of UK in welding and is supported with an unparalleled 5 year out of the box warranty.

JASIC is a forerunner of IGBT inverter welding technology and its products have been used in some of the

most ambitious products in modern history such as the historic Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium.

JASIC is driven by its passion for the worlds welding needs and strives to deliver reliable and ecological solutions.

JASIC’ EVO range offers a redefined industrial design and human machine interface. Solid welding performance and high standards in sustainability, safety and reliability.

For further information, please visit: or contact your local JASIC Welding Distributor.

Solar Power: A new focal point in Laser Cutting

How The Laser Cutting Co. is slashing energy usage, costs, and saving their customers money with their latest large-scale solar panel installation project!

Established in 1981, The Laser Cutting Co. has been proudly offering its bespoke laser cutting and metal profiling services to industries across the UK. Now over 4 decades later, The Laser Cutting Co. and its sister company Charles Day are thrilled to announce their latest green initiative – a large-scale solar panel installation across both sites.

Rooted deeply in the Sheffield community, The Laser Cutting Co. are committed to sustaining Sheffield’s reputation for being the greenest city in the UK; consistently striving to improve their products and services for the benefit of both their customers and the environment.

This investment also involved maintaining practices and regulations that were consistent with their green ideology, and to make consistent strides towards attaining an official ISO14001; an environmental guidance system that indicates an organisation or business is adhering to environmentally friendly codes and practices, which the business hopes to attain this year.

Due for its full installation in May, Operations Director, James Day, and

Sales and Business Development Director, Charlie Day, made the decision to further improve The Laser Cutting Co.’s green credentials to gain better control over power costs and to pass these savings onto their customers.

James Day, The Laser Cutting Co.’s Operations Director, had this to say: “It makes perfect sense to put our roof to good use and harness solar power, not just from an environmental point of view, but a cost control one as well. By investing in solar panels, we gain better control of our operational costs whilst significantly reducing our environmental impact.”

Click here to learn more about their newest green initiative 0114 242 0101

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Soyang Europe builds sustainable future for customers with Reconomy

Soyang Europe has been working with Reconomy to offer customers access to environmentally focused and responsible waste management services

International circular economy specialist, Reconomy has revealed how its relationship with wideformat and superwide-format media manufacturer and distributor Soyang Europe is helping UK print service providers to improve their environmental credentials.

Reconomy combines technology and skills to enable businesses to better manage their resources, helping to reduce waste, optimise their supply chains, and contribute in a meaningful way towards the circular economy.

While this involves working directly with print companies, Reconomy is also partnered with several leading manufacturers and distributors, supporting their customers with textile waste management. One such partnership is with Soyang Europe, whereby printers using materials from Soyang Europe can responsibly dispose of their waste.

This partnership came about three years ago with the support of FESPA UK. Reconomy was working on various sustainability initiatives with FESPA, while Soyang Europe is a long-term member of the association.

The process works with Reconomy providing customers with a baler to prepare their textile waste. Soyang Europe then collects the bales when delivering new products to customers, with the waste taken to its facility in Altham in Lancashire ready for bulk collection and transportation to a recycling facility for processing.

“It was a perfect fit,” said Reconomy Director Jon Hutton. “Soyang has always been proactive in wanting to offer their customers, and the wider industry, waste management solutions for their products.”

“Sustainability is a hot topic for several reasons. Brands and consumers are looking down the supply chain for environmental credentials, so it’s therefore a driving factor in how to not only maintain and gain business, but how a printer positions themselves for the long term.”

Mark Mashiter, Managing Director at Soyang Europe added, “It provides our customers with an outlet for their waste. This works well with local customers when we deliver orders to them; we can bring any textile bales back with us and store them in our yard until they are collected.”

Renewable energy and recycling materials

Originally, Reconomy had sourced a solution for recycling PVC banner and polyester fabrics at a UK site, whereby waste was blended with other polymers to produce low grade products. While this process ended when more desirable material became available to the market, a recovery route was soon set up and, with the support of Wheeldon Brothers, waste could now be diverted from landfill to renewable energy.

However, recycling has since been reestablished and material is again being used in manufacturing processes. Coupled with its use for renewable energy, all of this is helping work towards a circular economy.

An additional benefit to the service is that Soyang Europe is willing to take other supplier’s waste textiles along with its own. This option is available to customers using their own transport within a set radius of Soyang Europe’s facility and when making deliveries.

“Soyang Europe wants to be part of the environmental solution and not the problem,” Jon said. “The take-back scheme provides a platform for printers to demonstrate their sustainability by providing customers with an outlet for their recycling waste.”

“Several customers have engaged with Reconomy further and are now collecting their own clients’ end-of-campaign textiles, integrating this with the collection of their materials. All loads are tracked, and Certificates of Recycling can be issued once the material has been processed.”

The work does not stop here for Reconomy, with Jon saying the company will continue to work with Soyang Europe, FESPA UK and its wider membership base to provide more sustainable solutions to the UK industry.

“It’s our aim to continue to be a driving force in educating the industry on the importance of recycling and developing circular economies,” Jon said. “This, with the continued support of Soyang Europe, will ensure more customers take up this service.”

+44 (0)161 765 3400

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Print & Packaging

Xylem launches breakthrough single use pumping solution for enhanced safety, quality and efficiency in handling biologics

Global water technology company, Xylem has launched the Jabsco PureFlo 21 Single Use pump, a breakthrough solution for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The new pump features an adjustable, integrated pressure relief valve – the first of its kind in single use pumping technology – to minimise risk of fluid contamination and maximise operator safety.

The new pumping solution has also been designed to support more sustainable manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical engineering. The multimembrane, diaphragm pump comes equipped with a disposable pump head made from polypropylene plastic and contains 40% less material when compared to conventional single use pumps.

“Single use technology is critical to speeding up product development time, and with the PureFlo 21 Single Use, companies can bring new products to market quickly while reducing environmental impacts,” said Adam Hart, Global Product Manager at Xylem. “This solution is also the first of its kind to feature an adjustable pressure relief valve, compliant with stringent UK and European regulatory requirements.”

The PureFlo 21 Single Use is also the first single use pump to feature five pumping chambers. This unique design, coupled with a middle cone to optimise flow-through, guarantees the lowest fluid pulsation possible. The gentle, synchronised movement of the pump head membranes increase flow, and because there are no rotating parts to cause friction, the pump maintains operational quality and integrity during operation.

The inputs and outputs of the pump’s head can also be accessed simultaneously, acting as a distribution node for optimal performance. A total of six different connection options provides greater flexibility, and if the application calls for a full stainless-steel pump, the versatile plastic heads can be used on third party models.

“Product containment and speed-to-market requirements are crucial in highly sensitive biologics manufacturing and development processes,” Hart continued. “The Jabsco PureFlo 21 Single Use is well positioned to revolutionise biologics production by speeding up product development time while minimising the risk of fluid contamination, lowering cleaning and sterilisation costs, and minimising downtime.”

Each pump head is hand assembled in a cleanroom that is an accredited ISO7 class cleanroom, under GMP guidelines taken from the orange guide. The adjustable integrated pressure relief valve is compliant under 2014/68/EU & SI 2016 No.1105. All processes are covered by a certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

For more information, please visit:

Handling, Storage & Logistics

Parcel network implements yard management system

Austrian Post has selected Inform’s Yard Management System (YMS) for its Yard Excellence Tool Integration (YETI) project for deployment to ten sites across its parcel network in Austria.

INFORM WILL deliver its Syncrotess YMS to the sites enabling them to digitalise and optimise yard operations, driving down costs and increasing productivity.

Markus Sekula, Austrian Post project manager at Inform’s Terminal & Distribution Center Logistics Division, says, “Our YMS solutions have very specialised features for post and parcel operators, allowing them to drive strong ROI in an even shorter period of time when compared to general YMS solutions.”

New features that have or will be added to the solution include a new mobile application for gate and driver operations, the implementation of time slot management (appointment system), and a rules engine adding another level of decision-making support within the system.

YETI Project Manager at Austrian Post, Andreas Brenner, commented, “Inform was ultimately selected because of the combination of their team’s rich experience and their YMS being a proven solution already in use with other national post and parcel operators.”

Inform started the project in March 2022 and successfully delivered the pilot site in May 2022. In September 2022, the first new feature was delivered, completely modernising the way gate operators engage with the system via mobile devices instead of a more traditional PC user interface.


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Pumps & Valves

Handling, Storage & Logistics

Benefits of Goupil electric utility vehicles

Bradshaw is the official UK distributor for Goupil, all-electric, zero-emission light commercial road and utility vehicles. Goupil was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of electric utility vehicles and a pioneer in sustainable transportation solutions.

The Goupil G2 and G4 models perfectly balance sustainable, environmental, and economic functionality in an electric light commercial vehicle. With their innovative design, they are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial and commercial operations.

Goupil electric vehicles offer a multitude of benefits that make them a compelling choice. Not only do they contribute to a cleaner and greener environment by producing zero emissions, but they also provide efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions. With their compact size and manoeuvrability, Goupil vehicles are perfect for navigating urban areas and tight spaces with ease. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements and long battery life ensure reliable and hassle-free operation. These qualities, combined with their versatility and customisable features, make Goupil electric vehicles an ideal option for various industries, including

logistics, delivery services, and municipal operations.

Environmentally friendly

Using electricity rather than fossil fuels, Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping combat climate change and improving air quality.

Regenerative braking contributes significantly to environmental conservation by enhancing the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. Unlike traditional braking systems, which dissipate kinetic energy as heat, regenerative braking systems capture and reuse this energy. The regenerative braking systems on a Goupil Electric vehicle reduce wear and tear on the tyres and reduce tyre and brake dust pollution.

Silent operation

Stop/start operations

Electric vehicles offer a significant advantage in reducing noise pollution, providing a tranquil and enjoyable environment. These near-silent vehicles enable operations during evening and early morning hours without causing disturbances to the local community.

Economic benefits

Electric vehicles are incredibly efficient, enabling lower operating costs over time than traditional internal combustion vehicles. Operating electric vehicles can save money on both fuel and maintenance expenses. This is especially beneficial for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, as they can see significant savings over time.

The Electric Goupil is better suited to stop-start operations compared to diesel vehicles. Diesel particulate filters (DPFs), designed to capture and store exhaust soot to reduce emissions, can pose problems. If not regularly and sufficiently heated, these filters can become clogged, leading to expensive maintenance and repair costs.

No special charging infrastructure required

Charging a Goupil G4 is a straightforward process; equipped with a single-phase onboard charger, the Goupil’s plug into any 230V/13A domestic socket, negating the need for any additional electric charger installation.

Compact size

The Goupil G4’s compact size and manoeuvrability make them ideally suited for urban environments, where space is premium and navigating crowded streets can be challenging.

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A.R.T. publishes new content covering hand soldering and rework best practices

Leading independent training company in association with Reliability Matters podcast presents a deep dive into techniques and strategies to improve quality and reliability

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd (A.R.T.), the leading independent provider of IPCcertified and bespoke training services for the electronics assembly industry, has published a new guide and video entitled ‘Hand Soldering And Rework Best Practices.’ Produced in association with Mike Konrad from the Reliability Matters podcast, the content explores key strategies and techniques for hand soldering and rework, drawing upon the standards and methodologies outlined in IPC courses.

Comments A.R.T.’s Managing Director and Master IPC trainer Debbie Wade, “In the world of PCB design and electronics manufacturing, hand soldering and rework are critical skills that can significantly influence the quality, reliability, and functionality of the final product. Whether you’re a novice technician or an experienced engineer, adhering to industry best practices is essential for achieving optimal results.”

Mastering hand soldering and rework requires patience, practice, and a deep understanding of best practices and standards. By adhering to the guidelines and techniques outlined in courses delivered by A.R.T. – both bespoke and IPC-certified - technicians and engineers can ensure high-quality, reliable solder joints.

About A.R.T.

Established in 1988, Advanced Rework Technology (A.R.T.) Ltd is a fully Independent Electronics Training

Provider, with customers in the UK and around the world in the Military, Medical, Aviation, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Our staff are all highly trained, motivated individuals that have extensive experience in electronic design, fabrication, assembly, rework and repair. Training is carried out using the latest equipment for hand soldering and rework of PCBs at our custom-built training centre or at our customers’ facilities. Both practical and theorybased training is offered.

A.R.T. provides bespoke training which can be customised to meet the requirements of our customers. We are also one of a small number of fully accredited IPC certification centres worldwide that can offer certified IPC training to all programs including Space and Military Addendums, to all IPC standards.

A.R.T. also offers consultancy, inspection plans, materials/ processes and auditing services.

A.R.T. offers all IPC training classes to every standard and all levels required: CID – Certified Interconnect Design; CID+ – Certified Interconnect Design Enhanced; CIS –Certified IPC Specialist; CIT – Certified IPC Trainer; CSE – Certified Standards Expert. Our C Courses are designed

to include theory and hands on practical training in assembly, inspection, rework and repair. For higher end assemblies, we also offer practical BGA rework training: C1 – Soldering and Rework of Surface mount Devices; C1BGA – Rework of Surface Mount Ball Grid Arrays; C5 –Hand Soldering Techniques.

Contact Debbie Wade, Managing Director, Advanced Rework Technology Ltd, +44 (0)1245 237083

C.K Tools strips away the hassle for electricians with the launch of new ArmourSlice

EVO Cable Stripper

C.K Tools, the trusted choice for the electrical trade, is leading the way in product innovation once again with the launch of its new ArmourSlice EVO Cable Stripper – designed to deliver greater effectiveness for electricians in their everyday work.

A high-quality redesign of one of C.K Tools most popular innovations thanks to the speed and precision achieved by using it, the new ArmourSlice EVO offers superior stripping and cutting abilities making it faster, easier and safer to strip SWA cables than conventional stripping methods.

The next generation ArmourSlice features an innovative new quick-clamp design allowing for rapid tool fitment and removal as well as a new finger-grip handle for greater rotational force and

faster cutting – providing busy electricians with an efficient method of stripping SWA cables ready for termination.

The new ArmourSlice EVO scores armour strands to a uniform depth for a clean break off and trouble-free gland connection. The automatic cable clamp applies constant pressure throughout the cut with no retightening necessary, ensuring no cable slip or over-scoring, while the wide cable clamp ensures perfect blade to cable alignment for precise cuts on cables from 12mm up to 36mm. The high quality, modern tool has a rugged all-metal construction for exceptional durability.

Brinley Buckley Roberts, Brand Manager at C.K Tools, owned by Carl Kammerling International, comments, “Innovation is central to our product ethos and we’re always seeking ways to develop and improve our offering to meet the evolving needs of trade professionals.”

C.K Tools is available through select major electrical and industrial merchants and wholesalers, as well Amazon. To find you nearest stockist, please visit: stockists/stockist-search

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