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Fully Charged hits new heights

Fully Charged LIVE South welcomed 26,279 attendees to Farnborough International over 3 days at the end of April 2023 – an increase of 13% year-on-year – and received a rapturous response from visitors and exhibitors alike.

This year’s show included an array of new attractions, including ‘Electric Fireside Chats’ with Deborah Meaden (BBC’s Dragons Den), ‘Electric Launchpad’, and ‘Zero Carbon Kitchen’, plus firm favourites like the ‘Giga Theatre’, ‘Mega Theatre’, ‘Home Energy Advice Team’ and the ever-popular ‘Watt Drive?’ The latest edition achieved a record number of test drives – more than 7,000 – with all slots spoken for only one hour or so into each day.

Similar results were reported from the ‘TwoWheel Test Track’ where hundreds of people tried micro-mobility options, including e-bikes and scooters, and hundreds benefited from sessions

with independent experts at the ‘Home Energy Advice Team’. As a result of the success of the Farnborough show, the vast majority of exhibitors are committing to the 2024 shows in Farnborough, Harrogate, as well as for the new London ExCeL event.

Mark Blundell, BYD’s UK Marketing Manager, had this to say, “We were delighted to use Fully Charged LIVE South as the moment to introduce BYD to the UK market. This was our first brand event, our first public test drive event for BYD ATTO 3 and the European reveal of the BYD DOLPHIN. The response to our brand, products and technology was fantastic. We were fully booked for test drives each and every day and the stand was busy throughout. We’re recharging our blade batteries and will be ready to go again at Fully Charged LIVE North.”

Conrad Allum, Cocycle’s PR Manager, said, “We had an amazing time showcasing our Gocycle electric bike range at Fully Charged LIVE South UK. It is certainly – if not already – on the path to establishing itself as the leading global EV show. It was incredible to see the joy on people’s faces as

they experienced an electric bike for the first time! We did more test rides than at any other show in our history – the engagement was phenomenal.”

There are a number of Fully Charged LIVE shows upcoming worldwide, see website for details. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s Farnborough event, listed here in alphabetical order: GWM ORA. Further details can be found on this page.


GWM ORA UK launches class leading PCH & BCH lease rates for the new ORA Funky Cat First Edition

Newelectric car brand, GWM ORA, has launched class-leading Personal (PCH) and Business (BCH) leasing rates for its launch model, ORA Funky Cat First Edition. Business customers will be able to drive away in this exciting new electric car from just £199* per month, with retail customer leasing available from £239**. This makes ORA Funky Cat the best value 'family sized' BEV currently available in the UK leasing market.

Praised for its retro-futuristic looks, premium interior and quality fit and finish, ORA Funky Cat is the first of many models that will be introduced in the UK under the GWM ORA brand. For now, the 'First Edition' iteration of the ORA Funky Cat is available for delivery in as little as one week and comes equipped with a very high specification as standard – including features like 360 cameras, electric front seats, internet radio and intelligent voice assistant.

The new ORA Funky Cat First Edition leasing rates are provided by

'GWM ORA UK Leasing' and will be available via GWM ORA UK's fast growing network of retailers. To find your nearest retailer and to get a personalised leasing quote, visit:

*BCH Rental at £199 + VAT, initial Payment of £1,791 + VAT. Annual Mileage 5,000 per annum, over 48 months, nonmaintained and excess mileage charge at 9.4 pence per mile.

**Rental at £239 with Initial Payment of £2,151. Annual Mileage 5,000 per annum, over 48 months, non-maintained and excess mileage charge at 11.28 pence per mile.

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LIVE South Review – Top Exhibitors Fully Charged

Lanes Rail passes ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits with flying colours

Lanes Rail has passed its latest ISO quality and environmental audits with no nonconformities – the third year in the row it has achieved perfect audit outcomes.

The achievement confirms Lanes Rail, a division of Lanes Group plc, holds certification for both ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Daniel Ward, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Manager for Lanes Rail, said, “Achieving certification for both standards with no non-conformities for three years is a great achievement.

“It reflects the standards set by all our colleagues and the willingness of Lanes Group to invest in equipment and working practices that allow us to continuously improve.

“The auditors from BSI do not just look at our management systems, they go out on site and see how they’re put into practice. So everything must be in place and working as it should to not get any non-conformities.”

Sustainable operations

The achievements also means Lanes Rail clients, including Transport for London and Network Rail, can be confident the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are not just met but fully underpin work carried out, Dan Ward added.

ISO 9001 defines good and effective quality standards, supported by a quality management system, across a range of parameters, including customer focus, risk management, and leadership.

ISO 14001 considers all aspects of an organisation’s work related to environment protection, waste management and sustainable operations, including efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Lanes Rail is a leading provider of services to

the rail industry. It manages major contracts for Transport for London, delivering drainage, structure maintenance and repair, vegetation control and lock management services.

Electric vans

It could point to significant investment in new

vehicles which means all 66 vehicles in its fleet, with the exception of three vans, are Euro 6 compliant, the highest standard for reduced emissions and fuel efficiency.

The division has also invested in two electric vans which are used by plumbers to travel between London Underground stations to carry out repairs.

Lanes Rail also uses a highly-effective digital work management tool, called Teamleaf, which it has adapted to its own needs, to streamline workflows, improve customer service and make sustainable operational decisions.

Contact T 0800 526 488

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Water Management

Bluewater offers solution for anyone concerned about PFAS and other chemicals in their tap water

Anew study by the US Geological Survey (USGS) indicates that at least 45% of US tap water may be contaminated by one or more types of forever chemicals known as per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, or PFAS. PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals used across various applications, from the linings of fast-food boxes and non-stick cookware to firefighting foams, pesticides, cosmetic creams, furnishing textiles, and outdoor clothing.

“The USGS findings are both shocking and scary as PFAS has been found in tap and bottled water around the world and linked to numerous adverse human health effects,” says Bengt Rittri, the founder and CEO of the global beverage and water purification company Bluewater. Worryingly, PFAS have been found in UK tap water in several studies, with a BBC study finding them to exceed European safety levels, which are more stringent than the existing safety levels for England and Wales.

A Swedish environmental entrepreneur who has made it his life mission to bring safe and healthier water to everyone, Mr Rittri noted the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA warns that high concentrations of PFAS chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women as well as kidney or testicular cancer, raised cholesterol levels, and damage to the immune system, for example.

“The long-term tail of PFAS contamination is such that even if the release of the toxic chemicals was stopped tomorrow, they would continue to be present in the environment and humans for many generations,” Mr Rittri said. He said the USGS research adds tremendous urgency for why our schools, businesses, and consumers need to take water purification into their own hands right where they work, rest and play.

Solution exists

There are solutions for worried consumers and businesses, however. In independent

tests, Bluewater has confirmed its purifiers successfully remove up to 99.99% of the health-threatening PFAS chemicals, such as PFOA, PFOS, PFBA, and PFBS.

The Bluewater research was carried out in a laboratory at the prestigious Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), and the results were verified by the independent bio-analytical testing group Eurofins.

Dr Ahmed Fawzy, PhD, a senior research scientist at Bluewater who carried out the tests at KTH verified by Eurofins, said little detailed information is available regarding which specific PFAS are used in what applications and to what extent. “Due to the uncertainty, we decided to independently test the PFAS removal efficiency of our Bluewater Pro water purifier,” he said.

The tests encompassed the four most common PFAS compounds in drinking water listed by the Swedish National Food Agency, PFOA, PFOS, PFBA, and PFBS.

Dr Fawzy said, “We deliberately contaminated the water entering the Bluewater Pro with PFAS at concentrations higher than average levels and then fed the water through the Bluewater purifier. Testing the purified water revealed an unequivocal result; Bluewater’s unique second-generation SuperiorOsmosis™ technology had removed up to 99.99% of all the PFAS chemicals we tested for.”

About Bluewater

Bluewater has set its sights on being the world’s most planet-friendly beverage company by innovating disruptive water purification technologies for home, work and play. Providing hydration solutions that are generated and distributed at the point of use, combined with reusable stainless steel and glass bottles, allows Bluewater to break the stranglehold of single-use plastic bottles and their unnecessary, polluting transportation.

Bluewater products are available to consumers, hotel and catering operations, and event and venue organisations in Europe, the USA, the UK, China, SouthEast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Bluewater has been honoured with two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards, a K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award, and numerous other publications have recognised its sustainability efforts.

For more information, visit:, or call David Noble on +44 (0)7785 302694.

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Water Management
Bengt Rittri, Bluewater founder and CEO Ahmed Fawzy, Bluewater research scientist

Industry recycling solutions

Eriez Europe is the proud European manufacturing, design and specialist laboratory division of the global Eriez network. With an impressive 3,500m2 manufacturing space and state-of-the art test centre, it is an unparalleled leader in the design and manufacturing of magnetic separation, flotation, metal detection and metal feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.

To enable efficient recycling, the company offers end-to-end metal ferrous and nonferrous recovery through its scrap drum separators, ballistic metal separator and Eddy current separators.

The magnetic scrap drum separators are optimised for MRF/MSW recycling and waste-to-energy facilities. The drums have been favoured for decades in scrap metal yards to separate iron and steel from other materials. Applicable across multiple industries from scrap automotive, municipal solid waste, forestry wood waste, to foundry sand and mineral processing, the deep magnetic fields make light work of ferrous materials recovery.

Powered by advanced design software and magnetic circuits, the permanent drums are designed to function with minimal electrical power, saving on energy costs, without any sacrifice to the maximum field depth of 15 inches (380mm). These drums are hugely advantageous due to low maintenance costs, from the robust corrosionresistant interior materials, to the sparse two-

bearing lubrication requirement.

The Eriez Shred1™ ballistic metal separator is also specially engineered for ferrous recovery in scrap recycling. The separator uses ballistics to separate iron-rich ferrous from the mixed metals, providing a low-copper ferrous product & a traditional #2 shred.

Patented by Eriez in 1969, the Eddy Current Separator is used to remove nonferrous metallics in e-scrap processing, plastic recycling, wire chopping & processing, waste to energy and MRF/MSW recycling facilities. Nowadays, the ECS features an enhanced permanent magnetic circuit with rare earth magnetic materials to keep up with the demands of modern waste processing.

Furthermore, the RevX-E® Eddy Current Separators contain an eccentrically mounted rotor that has the distinct advantage of prolonging useability

by preventing heated ferrous build-up due to its design. The design purposefully focuses the powerful field at the end of the belt which, in turn, avoids any ferrous in the stream of material.

Eriez is committed to an ethical and green metal recycling service and recently joined The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) trade association. The BMRA represents the UK metal recycling sector and dispenses the latest legislative information, including environmental issues.

Eriez will be at Ecomondo: Italian Exhibition Group: Rimini Expo Centre, Italy (7-10 November 2023) to discuss the latest innovations in the recovery of metals within the circular economy.

T +44 (0)29 2086 8501

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Recycling & Waste Management
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Sustainable Products & Services Mission and businesscritical wireless connectivity applications

Linkwave Technologies Ltd, professionals in wireless connectivity, always relishes the chance to speak with other industry professionals in the mining and construction industries about its wireless connectivity products and services. The team is always available to discuss how Linkwave can connect businesses using its state of the art cellular and wifi solutions alongside explaining how Linkwave also offers host applications within routers, giving more power at the edge of technology in the most demanding environments.

Linkwave likes to highlight some fantastic products from its 5G range including Sierra Wireless modules and routers, Robustel and Celerway along with its range of antenna solutions. As a long-standing UK Sierra Wireless module distributor, Linkwave recently welcomed the latest generation of 5G mobile broadband embedded modules – the RF-optimiser EM92 Series that are built to enable the most demanding business-critical, industrial and networking use cases into its portfolio. The RF-optimised modules are designed to reduce the complexity of

Introducing Inokor for innovative packaging and customised solutions

Aspart of Kingspan Insulation’s wider strategy to invest in new technology and sustainable solutions, it is excited to announce the launch of Inokor – an agile bespoke packaging and engineering business. Inokor focuses on high-end solutions, customised to the needs of its customers for applications in the areas of agriculture, cold chain packaging, construction, food, OEM, pharmaceutical and more.

5G designs and improve global network coverage for easy integration of 5G connectivity into products.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Linkwave and its services, please see below:

T 01522 884750

Hydrogen Tech Expo Review – Top Exhibitors

Hydrogen Tech Expo

UK hydrogen demand is estimated to reach 80 to 140 terawatthours in 2035. The increase in UK hydrogen production ambition, with a greater focus on electrolytic hydrogen production, has opened potential opportunities to export hydrogen from the UK at scale, particularly to continental Europe where there is increasing hydrogen demand alongside established energy trading and interconnection with the UK (Source: DTI).

The Hydrogen Tech Expo UK, held at Telford’s International Centre on 30 March 2023, provided a unique and exclusive opportunity to connect with technology service leaders, discover advanced concepts, technologies and partners, enabling visitors to get their innovations to market faster.

In the main exhibition hall visitors could find leading

exhibitors showcasing the very latest innovations alongside a fantastic speaker agenda with industry leading speakers from manufacturers, investors through to research and development scientists on the latest pioneering hydrogen technology projects taking place throughout the sector.

Hydrogen Tech Expo returns next year to Telford’s International Centre on 6 March 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Seetru Lrd. Further details can be found on this page.


Backed by Kingspan Group’s resources and technical expertise, Inokor is a global brand with a team of experts who work closely with customers to design and manufacture multi-technology rigid foam packaging and customised products. Options range from straightforward shaped EPS, EPP and PIR, to VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Panels) and cold chain technology.

As a customer led business, time is taken to understand customers’ requirements and to work collaboratively to develop optimum solutions. Inokor has the capability to provide a wide range

of different elements, from building components, automotive damping insulation, horticultural solutions, cold chain packaging or insulation for industrial freezers.

With innovation at its core, Inokor is committed to creating more sustainable solutions, utilising recycled plastics where possible and reducing reliance on virgin materials. The expert team is also working towards Kingspan Group’s Planet Passionate targets, including cutting carbon emissions and protecting water supplies.


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On Reflection by Chris Woolston

Published on June 22nd 2023 and written by the founder and chairman of the strategy consultancy forward thinking inc (a company that has supported many of the world’s most admired organisations), Chris Woolston is a man who knows his subject. He is also one that can call on the calibre of business leader we all want to learn from; and generously they’re happy to support his efforts.

Sharing the frank and detailed conversations the author enjoyed with a diverse range of interviewees, those happy to share their ‘secrets to success’ include Professor Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine, Imperial College London, Tudor Brown, co-founder of ARM Holdings and BBC bureau chief, Sara Beck.

A book written for the benefit of all those keen to learn from what makes business high flyers’ tick, its ‘dip in, dip out’ contents will leave readers making copious notes upon which to act, or sharing the insights garnered with their own teams or managers.

Possibly one of the best investments anyone in business can make this year,

Panasonic’s NEW R290 air to water reversible heat pumps

readers of On Reflection will be hoping this well-connected author is happy to dive into his contacts book once again to deliver a second volume of standout business and life-changing insight.

Published on June 22nd 2023 by Consilience Media, On Reflection (ISBN No: 978-1916572232) is available in paperback (£16.99) on Amazon at:

T +44 (0)20 3950 7677

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is launching its new sustainable and highly efficient ECOi-W AQUA-G BLUE air to water reversible heat pumps, ideal for large commercial, industrial or multi dwelling residential applications. By utilising R290, a natural refrigerant with a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, this heat pump has a lower environmental impact when released into the atmosphere compared to other refrigerants. It delivers outstanding performance, aligning with Panasonic’s vision of a carbonfree society & its GREEN IMPACT plan.

This new range boasts a high seasonal performance value with a maximum SEER 4,4 and SCOP 3,9, and has an impressive energy efficiency rating of A++. Its cooling mode application sees a water outlet temperature of -15°C, ensuring optimal operation temperature for process equipment in factories. It also provides the ideal solution for

heating, cooling and domestic hot water, reaching 70°C leaving water temperature from 0°C outside air temperature.

For a more reliable and efficient solution, the new range utilises unique scroll compressor technology. This allows the ECOi-W AQUA-G BLUE range to provide the perfect balance of efficiency and silent operation, with a notably low minimum sound power level of only 79.9dB(A), and a minimum pressure level of just 51.9dB(A). An optional compressor box is available to provide an additional level of noise reduction.

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Editor Recommends

Structherm: Structural Insulating Britain’s hard to treat

In this issue of Sustainability Today, we are delighted to select Structherm Ltd as our External Wall Insulation Company of the Month.

Structherm Ltd is a leading External Wall Insulation (EWI) system-designer, widely known for its unique structural cage system. The Structherm Cage System is used to stabilise and insulate a wide range of non-traditional, hard-to-treat or structurally defective properties and high-rise buildings.

Established over forty years ago, the company supplies a thoroughly comprehensive range of External Wall Insulation systems, renders and finishes, to a wide range of applications across the UK, from housing associations, social landlords, local councils, education authorities, energy providers, health & social care providers, consultants, architects, specifiers and main contractors.

Structherm Ltd were formed in 1982 when the innovative structural External Wall Insulation panel was first developed and manufactured. Today, Structherm is an industry-leading expert in EWI solutions, with factory and offices based in Meltham, Holmfirth, near Huddersfield.

We spoke to Managing Director, Mark Harrison, to find out more about the insulation supply portfolio from this Industry leading company, “We design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of External Wall Insulation Systems and solutions with unparalleled technical skills and expertise that have been built up over the last four decades. We have gained an enviable reputation for finding solutions for the most difficult hard to treat property types.”

“We first achieved BBA certification for our

Structural EWI solution in 1989 and now have an extensive range of BBA certified EWI solutions. Our emphasis has always been on providing high quality, dependable, reliable, safe and sustainable products and services. To achieve this, we also operate all our design and manufacturing processes to our own Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS incorporates ISO-9001 Quality, ISO-14001 Environmental and ISO-45001 Health & safety Management systems. This ensures all our processes are to the very highest standards of customer satisfaction and support.”

“Our unique Structural External Wall Insulation system is our best-known EWI solution. It is used to insulate and stabilise a wide range of ‘hard to treat’, structurally defective properties and is widely used on system built, non-traditional housing, schools, medical centres and also used as a floor-to-floor spanning system on high rise buildings.”

“We have continually developed our unique and innovative range of EWI products and solutions over the years including our own ArtBrick™ brick effect renders, RoofLine rain water management systems and ThermaBase insulation for below DPC.”

Structherm’s systems and associated products have been developed to provide solutions for a number of EWI applications including:

t EWI – A full range of EWI systems with a wide range of insulation types, textures, finishes and colour schemes for use on solid wall properties

t Structural EWI – a unique Structural cage system used to stabilise and insulate Nontraditional, hard to treat or structurally defective properties and high rise buildings

t ArtBrick™ an acrylic render finish designed to create, or replicate, real brick, stone and wood finishes. This is ideal for conservation/heritage areas subject to strict planning constraints.

t Structherm RoofLine™ a fully-integrated robust eaves and verge rainwater system that provides a fully sealed and insulated gutter solution specifically designed for EWI systems.

t Structherm ThermaBase™ a pre-finished insulation panel, used to insulate below DPC to ground level.

Structherm’s systems are applied on site through a national network of Approved Installation Contractors (AICs). Each contractor is carefully selected, trained and monitored to ensure the highest levels of quality and dependability and to ensure the upmost consideration for health, safety and environmental impacts.

Structherm have completed many thousands of schemes over the years including many prestigious and Industry award winning retrofit renovations. Projects range from single Grade 2 listed conservation buildings to whole housing estates, schools, medical centres and high-rise buildings.

The UK has an impressive array of fine Victorian architecture with many elegant terraced houses where the brick or stone architectural features and characteristics need to be conserved in order to meet strict planning constraints. This is where the unique finishes such as ArtBrick™ are invaluable. When approved by Local Authority planning departments, this allows for thermally upgrading buildings that would otherwise be left as they were built with poor thermal efficiency.

Another recent Structherm project used an A2-

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External Wall Insulation Company of the Month
Before Before After
Glasgow Boathouse After Winslow Health Centre

insulated façades properties since 1982

rated mineral fibre ArtBrick™ solution and ThermaBase on an NHS Health Centre in Winslow, North Buckinghamshire. The superb exterior ArtBrick™ brick finish, gave this building a muchneeded makeover and improved the thermal efficiency of this much used community resource.

The Glasgow Boathouse is another such example where the Grade 2 listed building required a full renovation. The EWI system needed to be carefully selected to sympathetically restore the Boathouse by retaining the characterful architectural features. The structure had suffered severe weathering of wet and dry rot in the timbers over the years.

The Structural EWI system was used by spanning between the oak frame structure to enhance stability and was finished with a silicone render. The exact quoins, string and plinth finishing were replicated, through pre-formed mouldings, completing a stunning transformation of this beautiful historical building. The Boathouse had a grand reopening in May this year, complete with a full flotilla of boats, proudly bearing a specially commissioned flag.

Structherm also run certified-CPD bookable seminars/webinars to increase awareness and knowledge of how to treat non-traditional properties and high-rise buildings. These include a CPD session entitled, ‘Structural external wall

insulation & the refurbishment of nontraditional homes.’ This covers the alternatives to demolition in non-traditional homes and flats, encompassing low and highrise buildings. The modules include: EWI versus Structural EWI, installation of the EWI system, installation and finishing of the Structural EWI system.

The CPD training is specifically aimed at architects, consultants, engineers, specifiers, local authorities and housing associations across England, Wales and Scotland. The CPD training can take place either at the Structherm Huddersfield offices, individual company premises, or by webinars that can be accessed via online sessions.

The future of Structherm looks bright, we spoke to Technical Director, Julian Taylor, to find out more about what the future holds, “We proudly celebrated our 40th anniversary last year, showing we have the staying power to remain at the top of our game in this industry. We aim to be the UK's No 1 go-to company to provide EWI solutions for technically challenging, hard to decarbonise properties, schools and high-rise buildings.”

“We are focused on our commitment to sustainability now and in the decades to come. Our in-house environmental committee is focused on optimising energy efficiencies to reduce our carbon footprint. This translates to decarbonisation, emission reduction, energy conservation, the most efficient use of resources and optimised recycling. Retrofit refurbishment forms an integral part of the nation’s drive towards net-zero by improving thermal efficiency and we are committed to support that by future-proofing our homes and buildings to provide an improved quality of life for inhabitants and workers. Structherm refurbishments can reduce fabric heat losses by up to 75% through the walls, with cutting-edge External Wall Insulation, further reducing heating costs and carbon emissions dramatically.”

For further information on Structherm, see the details below:

T 01484 850098

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External Wall Insulation Company of the Month Before After Before After
Merrystone High Rise Stoke Crosswalls

Carpet Recycling UK paves the way in making the carpet and textile flooring sector become more sustainable

In this issue of Sustainability Today, we are pleased to feature Carpet Recycling UK Ltd as our Sustainable Carpet & Textile Flooring Company of the Month.

Carpet Recycling UK is an independent nonprofit membership association working with manufacturers, distributors, contractors, retailers, fitters, reuse organisations and the waste sector to divert carpet waste from landfill.

Established in 2007 by industry leaders, Carpet Recycling UK works to foster strategic collaborations and networks to develop viable solutions for carpet and other textile flooring waste. Above all, it aims to repurpose carpet and textile flooring while promoting sustainability; it does this through providing general and bespoke support to its members and the wider industry on reducing the amount of waste produced, and identifying suitable reuse, recycling, and end of life treatment opportunities for the waste generated in the UK.

Based in Manchester and the northwest, Carpet Recycling UK has members located throughout the UK and internationally and works with the entire supply chain within the carpet and textile flooring sector. Currently standing at 135 active members, Carpet Recycling UK represents close to 80% of the carpet and textile flooring sector in the UK.

The company brings a unique offering that comes unrivalled in the industry, and allows member to take advantage of emerging opportunities in carpet and textile flooring reuse and recycling. Its exclusive range of services reflect the company’s sustainability policy that remains at the heart of everything it does, keeping itself and its members primed for the future. Adnan Zeb-Khan, Carpet Recycling UK Scheme Manager, added, “We also work with the raw material suppliers and manufacturers to educate them on designing

products for recyclability and circularity within the sector. The independent, not-for-profit trade association is urging raw material suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, fit out contractors, retail flooring companies and the wider industry to engage with its network to collaborate in putting sustainable processes in place that minimise waste, save on costs and keep resources in the supply chain longer. The aim is to consider reuse and recycling at the design stages and produce products with circularity in mind and to implement processes to retrieve them for reuse and recycling. We also need to promote member preparedness for changes in future governmental legislation and policy linked to sustainability and reuse.”

We asked Adnan how the company is looking to combat the potential changes to waste policy and legislation in the UK, he answered, “We have set up four working groups with its core members to develop blueprints and a roadmap that is best suited and is workable to their sector. These groups comprise Data Management – necessary to measure performance; Sustainability Pledge – setting out realistic targets; Policy and Legislation – what do want from an

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme and a Take-Back Scheme – assessing how everyone within the sector needs to collaborate to develop a system and process to take materials back at the end of their life.

“Carpet Recycling UK is leading the sector to develop a better understanding of the challenges ahead but also has a keen interest in supporting low-income families in the UK.

“Carpet Recycling UK also actively works with charities, reuse networks and housing associations to provide much needed carpet flooring to support low-income families. In addition, we engage with independent consultants, universities and industry on finding new methods of extracting value and recoverable materials from the products produced by the sector. The UK construction sector is an area of interest to us as our members work with this sector to provide carpet and textile flooring products. New sustainability initiatives in new build projects helps to reduce waste in the future.”

Carpet Recycling UK keeps its members at the core of its business values. The membership made up of businesses and organisations from every stage of the carpet supply chain, together with recyclers and equipment providers are key to the company’s reputation. Each year, Carpet Recycling UK is attracting more international figures wanting to speak at their events and conferences and its members are growing at a rapid rate. With the recent appointment of a new Member Services Manager, Julie Callaghan, members will now receive more bespoke care and services.

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Registration now open for RWM Expo 2023

Tickets are now available for the 2023 RWM Expo, the UK's premier event for professionals working in the recycling, resource, waste, and wider environmental services industry. Formerly known as RWM & Letsrecycle Live, the event provides a platform to connect with others, learn, and drive positive industry and environmental change via discourse on sustainable resource management. The exhibition takes place on 13-14 September 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham

You can secure your FREE ticket by visiting:

ESS Expo 2023

This year will see RWM become part of the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo, forming the UK's largest event dedicated to the environmental services industries, which attracts an audience of 12,000+ professionals. This conglomerate of events stems from a series of environmental B2B shows uniting under one roof at the NEC, giving rise to the ESS Expo. This massive expo now forms the ‘umbrella’ event for the following renowned exhibitions: RWM (Resource & Waste Management Expo), EFD (Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo), FWM (Flood & Water Management Expo) and CLR (Contamination & Land Remediation Expo).

What’s on?

The event will see more than 300 industry leaders speak in seminars, meetings and discussions as

well as an on-site pub, street food market, live music, and a host of special guest appearances.

Visitors will also be able to hear from experts and key industry figures in the conference theatres, do business with over 600 world-class suppliers, see the latest innovative equipment and vehicles in the demonstration areas, and make powerful new connections at dozens of exclusive networking events designed to bring the industry together and spark meaningful change.

Key highlights for 2023 include headline speaker sessions from climate campaigners, environmental experts and numerous top-tier thought-leaders in recycling, resource and waste management. Blue Planet II Executive Producer James Honeyborne, the Financial Times' Moral Money Editor, Simon Mundy; and award-winning environmental campaigner Tristram Stuart. The show will also

feature an exclusive Fleet Managers’ Forum, the yearly Women in Sustainability Breakfast Meeting, the Zero Waste Recognition Scheme, and the 35 Under 35 Awards, which celebrates and recognises the industry’s rising stars and future trailblazers.

Register free now

In 2022, over 9,000 professionals gathered to see industry innovation and hear updates from 200+ expert speakers. The event spans 3 exhibition halls and a large outdoor area for equipment, machinery, and vehicle demonstrations.

The full programme of networking events, speaker sessions, workshops, talks, and live demonstrations will be released in the coming weeks. To be the first to hear announcements, register for your FREE ticket now:

One FREE ticket gains you access to all events.

Driving sustainable excellence

Andritz Feed & Biofuel's commitment to optimised production

Sustainability has evolved from a buzzword to an imperative, driving operational excellence across diverse industries and geographies. At the forefront of this transformative journey stands ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel, a global engineering leader that supplies cutting-edge technology and services to the animal feed, aqua feed, pet food, and biofuel sectors.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and automation, the company is dedicated to delivering state-of-theart equipment and comprehensive plant solutions. These solutions not only enhance production efficiency and reduce operational costs but also champion environmental protection, empowering their customers with a distinct competitive edge.

By leveraging their extensive processing expertise and experience, ANDRITZ ensures that each project is tailored to achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership, providing long-term economic benefits to their customers. Additionally, ANDRITZ’s equipment, solutions, and technologies prioritise energy efficiency,

reducing carbon footprints and promoting greener operations.

Full support. Full trust.

With a robust global presence spanning across continents and cultures, ANDRITZ offers unmatched service and support to its customers. The company's sales, service, engineering, manufacturing, and production sites scattered worldwide enable the company to deliver expert support through local teams. Being one of the largest providers of equipment, complete plant solutions and services in the feed and biofuel industry, ANDRITZ remains firm in tackling challenges alongside its customers, ensuring they receive full support throughout their operational journey.

See us on Stand R-J302.

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Strengthening the circular economy, one pump at a time: exhibiting at RWM (part of ESS) 2023 Expo

PEMO PUMPS is a brand of Perissinotto SpA. and was established in 1947 by Antonio Perissinotto. The company started, from inception with a focus on the aggregate sector, namely washing silica sands and later through the decades, provides pumps for the marble and granite cutting processes, the steel industry and chemical and wastewater treatment sectors.

PEMO PUMPS are now firmly regarded as leaders in centrifugal pumps, with advanced doublespeed motors to feed filter presses. In 2023, the company celebrated its 76th anniversary, successfully manufactured its 42 thousandth pump and exceeded 100 units of pumps to feed spray dryers for the production of ceramic slurries, built and delivered to date, over 40,000 slurry pumps achieved noteworthy CRIBIS-commercial reliability status and has enjoyed sustained custom across 100 countries, around the world.

processing capabilities, in recirculating OFMSW.

The centrifugal pumps are precisiondesigned with semi-open impellers and anti-clogging volutes, warranting the transfer of highly viscous substrates containing fibres, filaments and large solid parts. PEMO PUMPS are hugely advantageous over more standard single-screw pumps, with the HARDALLY PEMO weathering-resistant superalloy and flow rates up to 1,500m3/h providing longer maintenance-free efficiency.

solid particles

t Paper industry – where paper pulp has to be transferred to the various production stages

t Painting plants – where paint can be pumped at medium to high pressures

t Food industry – where the washing of vegetables and products often requires the circulation of water with soil or other impurities to the final treatment

The Italian pump giants are now focused on the French and English markets and is delighted to be showcasing at the RWM (part of ESS) 2023 Expo at the NEC from 13-14 September, billed as the highlight in the waste & recycling calendar. Although PEMO PUMPS are already used in the UK & French aggregates, tunnelling and stone processing sectors, for transferring slurry and feeding filter presses, the company want to reach out to the biogas and biomethane production chains and other sectors where durable, unbreakable pumps are required for application use.

PEMO PUMPS received positive feedback from biogas and biomethane companies at The World Biogas Expo back in March, where the anti-abrasive centrifugal pumps were praised for its anaerobic digestion

With the focus on the circular economy at the RWM (part of ESS) 2023 Expo this year, PEMO PUMPS is proud to comply with the European Community's Waste Directive, namely through its exemplary OFMSW treatment phases. The end result is compost, specifically designed for the agricultural, floricultural and nursey sectors, with high soil water retention and soil fertilisation by-products. The OFMSW treatment phases are designed to substantially reduce needless landfill waste and carbon footprint, further demonstrating PEMO PUMP’s contribution to the circular economy model.

In addition to anaerobic digestion processes, in the biogas production sector and fertilisation in the agricultural sector, PEMO PUMPS can be used for the following industry applications:

t Ceramic industry –where the liquid slip has highly abrasive characteristics as it combines a high concentration of solid product and a temperature that can reach 80oC

t Chemical industry – where its pumps can be customised with highly corrosion-resistant materials, they are often preferred for their robustness in applications where the mixture contains

PEMO PUMPS will be at the RWM (part of ESS) 2023 Expo at the NEC from 13-14 September at Stand R-J303.

T +39 02 250 731

PEMO is a globally-leading Italian design manufacturer of bespoke antiabrasive and anti-acid centrifugal slurry pumps. Established in 1947, the company has built and dispatched to date, over 40,000 slurry pumps.

The PEMO team has been showcasing its range of sturdy and unbreakable pumps to trade delegates at The World Biogas Expo (29th-30th March) and upcoming RWM/ESS 2023 Expo (previously RWM & Letsrecycle Live) from 13th-14th September and Pollutec (10th-13th October). The anti-abrasive centrifugal pumps are perfect for the biogas and biomethane production chains, for anaerobic digestion processes to recirculate OFMSW.

PEMO complies with the European Community’s Waste Directive, placing onus on the circular economy, through the OFMSW treatment phases. The result is compost that is suitable for sustainable agriculture, floriculture and nurseries, increasing soil water retention and soil fertilisation in the process. The OFMSW treatment reduces landfill waste and carbon footprint, further supporting the green age of sustainability.

PEMO’s centrifugal pumps have semi-open impellers and anti-clogging volutes that permit the transfer of highly viscous substrate containing fibres, filaments and large solid parts. The benefits of using PEMO pumps over single-screw pumps is a substantially longer maintenance tenure, up to 5-6 years, due to the HARDALLY PEMO weathering-resistant superalloy and flow rates up to 1,500m3/h.

For more information, visit +39 02 250731

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A TIME RWM Preview

Environmental consultants and regulatory specialists for waste, renewable energy and low carbon infrastructure sector

major global brands and infrastructure investors as well as a large number of newly established companies that are focussing on the delivery of advanced thermal treatment, chemical recycling and renewable fuels.

Bollegraaf Analyzer: The next step toward the MRF of the future

Focusing on the Low Carbon Economy, Industrial, Renewables and Waste sectors, Sol Environment Ltd is an independent environmental and sustainability consultancy that supports the delivery and operations of waste and energy infrastructure.

Sol Environment can deliver a comprehensive package of support across the full lifecycle of a facility and provide initial project and site due diligence and feasibility assessments, through to the delivery of large scale planning, EIA, permitting and operational regulatory services.

Sol Environment’s client list includes some

Since being established in 2010, Sol Environment has grown to become one of the leading dedicated sustainability consultancies in the UK and is continuing to expand alongside the low carbon and renewable energy sector. The company remains focused on providing the highest value consulting services to its clients and seeks to become the partner of choice for the delivery of Low Carbon Infrastructure.

The company prides itself on its ability to provide a bespoke service to all of its clients and are always willing to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the sector.

Our offices are based in the South West (Bristol) and the Midlands (Worcestershire).

If you are interested in working with Sol, please see us on Stand R-J200 or use the details below for more information:

T 01684 572727

Dataplays a critical role in creating the MRF of the future. The demand for accurate data collection and visualisation is growing rapidly in the market. With the Bollegraaf Analyzer –extensively tested in Bollegraaf’s test centre in Appingedam – Bollegraaf is creating more data collection points within a sorting line to accurately classify, quantify and transform data so that well-considered decisions can be made. As a result, the Bollegraaf Analyzer, which started as a classifier for the Bollegraaf RoBB, is now used to optimise sorting processes by controlling them autonomously.

Implementing the Bollegraaf Analyzer in your sorting process helps you to:

t Monitor performance and trends of your entire process and key associated separation units;

t Optimise quality and quantity

by continuously analyzing the output streams and adjusting the settings;

t Analyse the composition of your output material, so that you can sell your products based on these facts.

What is the Bollegraaf Analyzer?

The Bollegraaf Analyzer offers you a real-time compositional analysis of your material flow. The composition of your materials is measured at object level. Based on collecting mainly RGB data and powered by artificial intelligence.

See us on Stand R-N141.

Sol Environment is an independent environmental and sustainability consultancy that provides comprehensive planning, permitting and regulatory support services across a broad spectrum of the waste, renewable and low carbon sectors.

+44 (0)1684 572727

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The New Saints partner with Macron and RUK Group to launch sustainable kit for 2023/24 season

The New Saints FC are delighted to announce a partnership with both Macron and Recycling UK Limited, alongside the launch of their 2023/24 official team kit. Ahead of what’s set to be another historic campaign for The Saints, the 15-time Welsh champions, and UEFA Champions League regulars, have announced Macron as their official kit supplier.

TNS will proudly wear Macron’s fully recyclable polyester kits as they embark on another European campaign, and aim to defend their JD Cymru Premier and JD Welsh Cup trophies. With sustainability a key priority for the club, The New Saints are proud to share Macron’s passion for recycling and reducing carbon footprint.

To reflect this, all first-team shirts for the 2023/24 season have been produced using the equivalent of 13 recycled half-litre plastic water bottles. This will ensure that the club boasts one of the most eco-friendly kits in football. As The Saints look to create more history this season, Macron will supply kits to the club’s men’s, women’s and Academy sides, as well as additional training and beachwear apparel for the coaching staff.

Speaking on partnering with The New Saints, Mike Davies at Macron said, “We are really pleased to be partnering with The New Saints Football Club. I have many fond memories with TNS FC and I’m delighted to be back working with some old friends. The club continues to set the bar in the JD Cymru Premier and we look forward to our new journey together.”

Meanwhile, The Saints have also proudly partnered with Cheshire-based RUK Group, who will become the club’s front-of-shirt sponsor for the next two seasons. RUK have been a long-standing partner of the club since 2016, and are leaders in the recycling and sustainability industry.

Alongside their front-of-shirt sponsorship, RUK will also supply pitchside bins to improve wastage and recycling at Park Hall. TNS will be able to promote RUK’s commitment to recycling across the continent, as the famous green and white will once again be seen in the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds, with

the club looking to make history for Welsh domestic football.

Neil Clarke, Managing Director of RUK Group, also commented on the partnership, “It is an honour to be allowed the privilege of continuing the relationship which has been in place since May 2016. As one of the leading independent recycling companies in Europe, we are delighted that we are able to partner with the famous football club in the town of Oswestry where one of our group companies is based. We look forward to continuing the relationship that we have built up with Mike Harris and everyone involved at The New Saints FC.”

The New Saints’ Chairman, Mike Harris, also shared his thoughts, “As a club, we are committed to improving

our sustainability ethos, so it made perfect sense to partner with Macron to supply our kit for the upcoming campaign. I’d like to thank Macron for producing such a fantastic set of kits for us to wear as we look to make history once again this season.”

He added, “We are also extremely proud to be partnering with RUK as our front-of-shirt sponsor next season. Neil Clarke & Simon Marsden from RUK Group have supported us on and off the pitch for the past seven years, & to partner with a like-minded business at the heart of Oswestry, who boast many shared values with us, not least our commitment to creating a positive impact in the local community, really highlights the synergies between the two brands.”

TNS Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Harris-James, said, “I’m delighted we have been able secure Macron and RUK as commercial partners as we continue to drive the off-field business of The New Saints to match its on-field success. It’s a privilege for us to be associated with two brands who continue to be leaders in their respective sectors, with good values at the heart of their success.”

See us on Stand R-J211. T +44 (0)1829 732471

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RWM Preview

CPL Activated Carbons at RWM, again!

CPL Activated Carbons has been a regular exhibitor at the RWM expo for many years now. The company’s purification solutions are used extensively in a wide range of applications and industries covered by the show, including renewable energy (biogas & biomethane), energy-fromwaste, remediation, wastewater treatment and waste management.

This year, RWM forms part of a larger event called the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS), which, as the name implies, is why this event has always been a highlight of CPL’s annual events calendar.

In previous years, CPL has exhibited one of its large Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filters on their stand and they are planning to do the same at this year’s event. Having a sevenmetre tall piece of equipment on

Thorite to launch new hydraulic repairs service

Compressed air and fluid power specialist Thorite will introduce its new hydraulic repairs service at the Resource and Waste Management (RWM) Expo, at the NEC, Birmingham, from September 13th-14th.

The company’s dedicated Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) Team will be on Stand R-K251 at the Expo to showcase a range of services and products designed to help ERFs and energy from waste (EfW) sites to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and achieve cost savings.

These include:

the stand is certainly a great talking point – usually starting with “how did you get it in here?” – and also has the advantage of making the stand easy to find from anywhere inside the Hall.

So, if you are planning to visit the RWM/ESS expo at the NEC in September, and would like to find out more about liquid and gas phase purification with activated carbon, then you can visit CPL on Stand R-E310.

T 01942 824240

t The new comprehensive hydraulics service, which includes hydraulic power pack and hydraulic cylinder overhaul, repairs and post inspection report.

t A working demonstration of a Norgren impact rapping cylinder, which is ideally suited to the removal of slag in EfW conversion facilities, optimising pneumatic power to deliver improved reliability and low maintenance costs.

t Compressor/blower services and products, such as the new Gardner Denver compressor, featuring an Icon monitoring system to support predictive maintenance programmes.

t Energy saving services such as energy audits and system optimisation.

t Air and fluid power support, from install and start up to workshop overhaul and air leak surveys.

Thorite’s ERF Team Manager, Josh Davis, said, “Our new hydraulics repair service is a unique offering & is a valuable addition to our range of bespoke services & products developed for energy recovery sites.

“This is Thorite’s first visit to the RWM Expo and we’re looking forward to sharing our expertise, built on more than a century of experience in hydraulics and pneumatics, at the UK’s leading event for the sector.”

See us on Stand R-K251.

Contact: Carl Davenport

T +44 (0)1274 657035

Smart Environmental Support Services (ESS) are experts at delivering a fully outsourced service solutions to the Waste, Recycling and Utilities industries. Part of the Smart Solutions Group, Smart ESS operate managed services to over 300 sites across the UK.

The Smart Solutions Group have been operational since 2007 and since then we have become one of the leading service providers to the waste & recycling sector in the UK. Working with some of the largest environmental companies in the UK, Smart ESS offer an all-encompassing service solution which includes everything from managed services to modern slavery expertise; from inductions to compliance; from SmartSCOR+ to PPE.

Within our service, we also operate

our own incentive-based performance system called SmartSCOR+. This system is used to drive, improve and sustain performance within waste and recycling facilities. This is achieved through a complete process that trains workers, monitors their performance, and then provides reports which establish areas for improvement.

Our operational services include waste industry insight & expertise, labour & recruitment services, PPE provider, self hire & operated mobile plant, haulage, and O&M solutions.

Our aim is to optimise efficiencies, minimise administrative pressures and maximise cost effectiveness through a partnership approach.

See us on Stand H221.

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RWM Preview
CPL Activated Carbons’ stand at RWM 2022 (photo: D. Reay)

British Metals Recycling Association at RWM

The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) will once again be at RWM on stand R-J161.

The BMRA is the trade association representing the £7 billion UK metal recycling sector. It keeps members informed about upcoming issues and regulations, while helping them overcome problems and challenges related to running a metal recycling business.

It is the industry’s voice and its main point of contact when lobbying the Government and liaising with legislators for the sector. It works closely with stakeholders such as Defra, The Environment Agency, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, and British Transport Police to highlight the issues affecting metal recyclers in order safeguard member interests and to improve the industry in the long term.

BMRA offers its members advice on technical, regulatory, legislative, environmental and employment issues, whether directly by phone and email or via its regular member communications, bulletins, newsletters, and its popular

Industrial electric vehicles

member magazine Scrapbook. It also holds two well-attended events each year, the Golf Day and Summer Dinner, and its very popular Annual Dinner.

Employees of member companies who are 40 or under can join the Young British Metals Recyclers (YBMR), a platform in which to build their professional network within the industry.

Membership is open to UK metals recyclers, along with those that service the industry as well as metal recyclers from outside the UK.

Come along to the stand to meet BMRA representatives or hear them speak at the conference, specifically about the issue of lithium-ion batteries and associated fires.

See us on Stand R-J161.

Leading industrial electric vehicle manufacturer Bradshaw Electric Vehicles is set to exhibit at this year’s RWM Show on Stand LR62

Bradshaw will be exhibiting their range of versatile electric vehicles at the show, which is due to take place at Birmingham’s NEC between 13-14th September.

RWM will once again provide participants and visitors alike with a platform to engage in critical discussions, as well as offering an exciting opportunity to explore ground-breaking green technologies which will be showcased throughout the two-day event.

The show will take centre stage as a part of the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo – which acts as one of Europe’s most prominent events dedicated to the environmental services sector.

Bradshaw’s range of Goupil Electric Utility Vehicles will be on display at the event, along with their T700/T400 and PT-400

tow tractors as well as their road legal bin trailer.

The Goupil vehicles can be equipped with lead acid or lithium batteries and can each be tailored directly to the customer’s requirements – which is furthermore complemented through their newly formed relationship with vehicle conversion and racking specialists, Bott – who fitted out a G2 box van vehicle with their market leading racking systems.

The G2 box van vehicle will be centre stage on the Bradshaw stand where visitors will learn more about how it offers an ideal solution for customers who have multiple sites which are connected by public highway. Available with pick-up, cage and van bodies, the all-electric compact road utility vehicle has been expertly designed to transport payloads of up to 600kg, while retaining a small and compact size for convenience of use.

T 01780 782621



very high standard for OEMs and end-users alike.

See us on Stand R-L22. 0114 279 6197

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Knives is a Specialist Machine Knife Manufacturer. Boasting Made in Sheffield, England.
on manufacturing blades for the Recycling & Waste Management industry.
HSC2 factories equipped with the latest CNC production equipment, and a highly skilled workforce, HSC is well placed to manufacture the range of machine knife parts to a

The Complete Auto Recycling Show and Metals Recycling Event

The highly anticipated two-day event, the Complete Auto Recycling Show and Metals Recycling Event (CARS & MRE), concluded on May 25, 2023, after attracting 1,308 industry professionals from around the world. The expo, held at the NAEC in Stoneleigh, brought together key players in the automotive industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, technology providers, and industry experts. With an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitors, the event solidified its ongoing position as a premier platform for automotive innovation and collaboration.

Headline partners eBay and JMC Recycling Systems, along with event sponsors WARD, Recycling Lives, and Scrap Car Comparison, supported the CARS & MRE 2023 event. Other supporting partners involved include the BMRA, BVSF, ABP Club, Sustainability today and Skip and Waste Hire Magazine. This year's edition saw a doubling of international attendees from 2021, with visitors from over 14 different countries, indicating a return to pre-pandemic levels while maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Looking ahead, CARS & MRE announced that the next edition of the conference

Hermion: Plastic Recycling Technology

will take place on May 21-22, 2025, promising even more thought-provoking discussions, cutting-edge technologies, and valuable networking opportunities.

Exhibitor spaces for the 2025 event are already filling up, and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website at: for more information and updates. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Hensel Recycling, Hermion, Labquip NDT, NITON UK, Refuels & Transporter Engineering. Further details can be found on this page and the next two.

For media inquiries, please contact: Livvie Holt, Marketing Manager, ROARB2B,, 020 3433 7550.

The largest specialist mixed fuel recovery company in the UK

Refuels offer solutions to vehicle salvage & recycling industry, fuel hauliers, retail forecourts, bunkered fuel sites, tank farm operators, roadside industry and specialist insurance companies.

They recently attended the CARS & MRE 2023 Expo where they attracted many visitors looking for an efficient and reliable way of recovering unwanted fuel.

As specialists in bulk fuel uplifts, fuel distribution, fuel transport and fuel storage, Refuels is proud to recover

millions of litres every year. Refuels collect and disposes of your contaminated and unwanted fuels nationwide helping you to dramatically decrease your waste operations. With available services at over 20 locations across the UK, you can always rely on Refuels to collect your fuel which is then decanted/ unloaded into their tanks on a 24/7 basis.

Alongside this, Refuels also offer a managed emergency fuel recovery uplift service. We can manage both ongoing and ad-hoc collections for your unwanted fuel. Providing a safe and affective recovery solution, allowing you to recover as much value as possible.

T 0333 3239555

TheWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a major environmental concern. WEEE consists of many different kinds of elements, as metals, plastics, and other hazardous substances. It is important to separate those materials, since different recycling processes are needed for each. The proper disposal of WEEE requires specific technology and knowledge, making it difficult to manage and dispose of safely. If not managed correctly, WEEE causes huge damage to the environment.

Hermion is a leading Dutch company that designs and manufactures plastic and metal recycling lines. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we pride ourselves on our bespoke design capabilities and our ability to handle the recycling of WEEE plastic and metals.

We understand that every business’ needs are unique, so we strive to provide solutions

that are tailored to each client’s requirements. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to creating the most efficient recycling line systems.

At Hermion, we specialise in advanced recycling lines that are precisely designed to address the environmental challenges posed by WEEE. Our innovative technologies allow us to quickly and efficiently separate plastics from metals and other electronic waste. These processes are designed to ensure that all plastic waste is recycled or reused in a responsible manner. We are proud to be part of the solution to the environment’s plastic problem.

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CARS & MRE Review – Top Exhibitors

Leading the way in car transporters

Transporter Engineering exhibited at the CARS & MRE 2023 Expo from 24-25 May, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, by proudly showcasing one of its Urban Rigid Range transporters, supported by Close Brothers Asset Finance providing purchase options. The Salvage Urban Rigid, alongside the DAF CF340 chassis has incidentally just finished a successful run of demonstration load trials, up and down the country.

The Urban Rigid is a highly versatile medium sized car transporter, ranging from a dual deck five-car version, flat top deck six-car, to seven-car version, with optionality to increase to an eight-car carrier through the spec frame.

This handy vehicle has added capacity for punch decking for new vehicle transfer, durbar steel plate for salvage or ELV transportation or the new hybrid model that incorporates both. Based on the vehicle in question, the company can supply the suitable tie-down equipment, as well as winches, infilled decks, bike racks and many other accessories.

Established in 1992, this leading Essex-based Transporter company has a weighbridge open to the public on site and it is the only one of its kind in the country. Alongside the Urban Rigid Range, there is an extensive car transporter product range including: EVO8, Odyssey, Voyager Range, Juno Range.

Furthermore, the company follows sustainable best practice and has been operating a 50-acre solar farm and anaerobic digestion on its site since 2016. All rainwater is harvested and collected for reuse in factory ablutions and motion-sensitive exterior lighting is used, alongside a move towards LED lighting on-site and also in manufactured products. With interceptors for contaminates installed into the drainage system, used cans crushed and recycled and the bulk paint delivery system reducing carbon emission by adapting to mixing paint at the gun on application, Transporter Engineering is leading the way in optimising its green corporate credentials.

The new digital visitor management system, moreover allows for a streamlined customer site experience. This allows Transporter Engineering to migrate to a paperless system, fully integrating

record keeping into one digital hub.

The EVO8 is a forerunner, now in its eighth generation and is a perennial favourite among industry enthusiasts. It has capacity for 10, 11 or 12 car options, with the latest 10 addition, eliminating the peak deck. This allows the option of a premium cab, opening up the possibility of greener fuel options such as electric/hybrid HGV and longer term, possibly hydrogen HGV.

The sister product of the EVO8 is The Odyssey, one of the newer models from Transporter Engineering and offers 10, 11 or 12 car capacity options.

The Transporter Voyager Range is well known for its ‘simple-to-load' capacity, with durbar decking and superior winching, making it a popular choice across the automotive and salvage industry. The semi-trailer is now routinely used in the fleet industry for collecting mixed loads and comes as a seven-car configuration (6 4x4s.) with standard issue punching deck for new and scrap car transportation. There is the option to have fully

infilled decks and loading ramps for further uplift. Hydraulic connections come fitted, with the option to upgrade to electrical powerpack systems. Thus, giving the option to couple with a range of vehicles including alternative fuels.

The Transporter Juno range is also relatively new and perfect for small vehicle ranges from three to four car versions, across new vehicle transfer, salvage and ELV transportation.

The state-of-the-art Essex-based manufacturing plant offers either a small series type approval on its vehicles or alternatively is compliant to the IVA N3 Goods Test examination. Our facilities operate so that we can test vehicles on site. Vehicles are then issued with the appropriate roadworthy certification.

To book a site tour, load demonstration or to view full product range, see the website below:

T +44 (0)1787 478490

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CARS & MRE Review – Top Exhibitors

Sustainability in precious metal recycling

AtHensel Recycling, sustainability is not a wishful thinking but always part of our corporate philosophy. We always set ambitious goals based on our successes. Our sustained growth goes hand in hand with our social commitment and improvements to reduce our ecological footprint.

As a business, we consider ourselves bound by the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

As such the fair utilisation of resources, equitable growth and participation as well as a liveable, fair and viable society are at the focus of our actions. Hensel Recycling has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030.

The recycling of precious metals is

Your Quality Assurance & NDT Equipment provider

in itself a success story in relation to sustainability. If you consider the CO2 emissions compared to primary production, there is a significant saving in gases harmful to the climate.

We do not see our company as an isolated entity but instead as part of society. We are therefore involved in social projects and institutions; we are also a member of various environmental associations and organisations. Our employees also profit from our sustained commitment: with certification according to DIN ISO 45001, we have set ourselves a high standard for health and safety.

NITON UK celebrate another successful exhibition

NITON UK were clear favourites at this year’s CARS & MRE show. Welcoming hundreds of visitors to their stand where they showcased their entire range of XRF, LIBS and NIR analysers while inviting them to take advantage of their exclusive show day offers.

NITON UK is the market leader for handheld XRF instruments, and the official distributors in the UK & Ireland for Thermo Scientific’s Niton range of analysers. Their analysers are known for providing completely non-destructive testing and analysis of metals and metal alloys, producing laboratory quality results without the need for sampling or preparation.

Priding itself on its expertise and years of industry experience, NITON UK provide a flawless, reliable and trustworthy back-up service that puts all new and existing customers at the forefront. If you’re in need of upgrades, calibrations, maintenance contracts, services packages, training or repairs, NITON UK can help support your business.

T 01256 397 860

Supplier of product Quality Assurance and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Equipment for the UK Market, Labquip NDT provides the highest quality NDT and QA solutions and services.

Specialising in PMI/XRF, they offer a wide range of solutions to the recycling industry. The S1 Titan can be used to easily identify any grade of alloy and even value your gold karat or other precious metals. The same device can also be used to value your scrap catalytic convertors allowing users to get more money for the scrap. And lastly, for anyone that needs to scan for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) the S1 Titan can sort and measure all materials to ensure they are free from contaminants. Whether that be your soft furnishings or your WEEE, the S1 Titan can do it.

Labquip NDT has received a fasttrack growth over the last few years where it has been able to expand its facilities and services for UK

markets. This growth has enabled them to better serve all customers and to continue creating innovative solutions by breaking barriers to support all UK industrial machinery manufacturing.

Your productivity and uptime are important which is why it works closely with all UK production references for Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Pharma manufacturers.

For more information on how Labquip NDT can help you solve complex inspection problems with automated and bespoke NDT/QA solutions, see below:

T 0116 316 9598

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CARS & MRE Review – Top Exhibitors
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