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So finally it’s here. Mid-year holidays!

For others this June holiday will mean

is through determination. Determina-

One would not say we have only been

going away and forgetting everything

tion means never taking a step back

waiting six months for this moment to

back home for the next three weeks.

and never giving up. It is important to

arrive. For me it the past few months

Seeing as the Avanti is now available

note that whether you are taking long

felt like a year. It feels like since the first

online, make sure to sponge on your

strides towards your goal, or mere baby

day of school this year, we have been

holiday destination’s free wifi and read

steps, the key is that you are moving

working full speed ahead, running the

some inspirational testimonies, discover

forward, never stagnant, but improv-

race and not being able to take a

a whole new spectrum of Pinterest and

ing day by day. So with that in mind,

breather, but finally it is time to stop and

even ask Auntie Babs a few questions.

remember that you are the most impor-

take some me-time. For me, that will in-

Whatever it is, make sure you take some

tant in your life and that true happiness

volve grabbing my favourite blanket,

time for yourself. Use the next three

comes from within. Take the next three

hiring the latest rom-coms, and eating

weeks to refocus your life and evaluate

weeks to look at yourself and make the

microwaveable popcorn while sipping

where you are and if you are where

changes you need to be the best per-

hot chocolate. Although Masterchef

you promised you would be by this time

son you can be, because when school

intimidates me, I will most definitely try

of the year. If that is not the case, then

reopens, it will be full speed ahead with

the suggested recipe featured in this

it is time to change your game plan

the academic year.

term’s Avanti. Should it fail completely-

and start working towards the person

at least I have three weeks to “master”

you want to be by the end of the year.

Enjoy the holiday,

it right?

I believe the only way you can do this


AAND MET DIE STERRE Die aand van die 23ste April was ‘n eerste vir La Rochelle;

Aand met die Sterre.

Dit was André van der Burg se inisiatief,

uiteenlopende borge – van ouers tot

of, soos al die atlete in die skool hom

korporatiewe maatskappye.

ken, oom André, tannie Marna se man. Ek het meer by Gezelle Magerman

Christian Stewart, afslaer en oud Spring-

gaan uitvind oor die aand en hoe sy

bok rugbyspeler, het seker gemaak dat

dit ondervind het. Sy was in haar hoe-

die aand glad verloop, terwyl hy fietse,

danigheid as atletiekkaptein by die

tafels, juweliersware, wyn, met die top

geleentheid, wat by Domaine Brahms,

tien atlete se name op, asook een van

buite die Paarl, gehou is.

Schalk Burger se ou tokse opgeveil het.

Die gastelys, buiten ons eie glansryke

Ter afsluiting sê Gezelle sy voel dat die

Larrie-onderwysers en ouers, het inges-

aand ’n groot sukses was. “Dit was so

luit Khotso Mokoena, Schalk Burger,

lekker om te sien hoe almal - die skool,

Caster Semenya en ander bekende

Larrie-ouers en self ouers van ander

Suid-Afrikaanse atlete. Gezelle lag en

skole - ons as La Rochelle en as atlete

sê dat dit moeilik is om soveel atlete

ondersteun. Dit maak my trots om die

op een slag bymekaar te kry en dat

atletiekkaptein van La Rochelle te

die aand vir haar, as jong atleet, baie


beteken het. “Ek kon gesels met mense oor my toekoms. Ek het my coach vir

Of daar weer volgende jaar so ’n

volgende jaar ontmoet en ons het al-

geleentheid sal wees, kan sy nie sê nie,

mal saam oor atletiek in Suid-Afrika ge-

maar dit hang alles af of dié een suk-

praat en waarheen dit op pad is.”

sesvol was of nie. Die uiteinde van die

Die aand se hoof doel, tussendeur die

saak is wanneer La Rochelle ’n funksie

kuier en heerlike kos, was egter om

reël, is dit gaan groot of gaan huis toe.

fndse in te samel vir die La Rochelle atletiekspan. Daar is ‘n tekort aan nuwe toerusting, onder andere, hekkies. Om die fondse te bekom is daar ‘n veiling gehou. Daar was ‘n hele verskeidenheid artikels wat geskenk is deur

Mart-Marié Serfontein


The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival was held from 13 to 24 May 2015. Over a series of 12 days, celebrities crept out from their crevices and dazzled the world with some of the best and worst fashion choices. We are by no means fashion experts, and have absolutely no right to judge any of these individuals, but were doing it anyway. Let the fashion commence: Emma Cloete & Monro Grier


CHARLIZE THERON This homegrown beauty is looking fresh as a daisy. Not many can pull off yellow, but this Benoni born beauty is working it.

LUPITA NYONGO Lupita Nyongo always blows us away with her unique and classic style, but this time she just looks like a bedazzled salad leaf.

NAOMI WATTS Watts going on here? She had it so right from the waist up, unfortunately the bottom resembles a bad bathroom mat. It’s a no from us, Naomi.

ELENA LENINA Can we have a moment of silence for the hole in the ozen layer that is significantly bigger after all the hairspray needed for this updo. Fashion tip: this is a great hairstyle for short girls who would really like that extra length on special occasions.

LIYA KEBEDE We’re getting the feeling that she didn’t have a top to match the skirt, so she just wrapped tinsel around her body and thought no one would notice. Sorry, we noticed. Nice shoes though!

SIENNA MILLER We get that she’s going for the whole kite vibe, we just don’t understand why?

EMMA STONE It’s Emma Stone. In Christian Dior. But nobody really cares about the designer, let’s all be honest. Because it’s Emma Stone and she is just so fierce. Look at that pose, she’s basically Spiderwoman.

Matrics, if you still haven’t got around to getting ideas for the Matric dance, then hopefully this has provided some inspiration. If you feel you can rock tinsel or a kite with confidence, then you FLAUNT IT!


long before that long bus ride to Bloem-

We won all but one round and were

fontien. We had prepared rounds that

one of only 4 teams that broke to the

required research and extensive under-

semi-finals; we were ecstatic! The semi-

standing into topics like nuclear energy

final motion was: This House Would im-

and hactivism.

plement a Beauty Tax and we were

After getting up at 3am and driving for

OPP. Unfortunately, by this time, Anna-

more hours than I care to recall, we ar-

bel and I were already feeling ill and

rived in the city of roses; Bloemfontien.

had to leave the venue more than

Debaters tend to run in the same circles

once during the debate.

The All Girls’ debating team (which

and it was comforting to see a few fa-

That evening, Annabel and I were tak-

consisted of Megann Ferriera, Erin

miliar faces from previous tournaments

en to hospital, along with another 150+

Rencken, Annabel Moore and myself,

and workshops. Luckily, La Rochelle

girls, to be treated for what was later

Jordan Willett) had started preparing

was not paired up against any old

discovered to be a bacterial infection.

teammates or rivals.

This took a huge knock on us physically

but in spite of this, we were ready and

resents more than just ranking 1st to us;

All Girls’ really is something that must be

anxiously awaiting the results of the

for Megann and Erin, it was their last All

experienced and I encourage anyone

previous day’s semi-final the next morn-

girls’, for Annabel and I, it was our first. It

who does a sport or cultural activity to

ing at 07h30.

represents our overcoming of long bus

aim to be selected to attend this tour-

We had progressed through to the fi-

rides, all-nighter-prep-sessions and sick-

nament at least once. You will not be

nals! This was a first for La Rochelle and


the same afterwards!

the fact that I was hospitalized the

Taking part gave us some practice for

night before did not deter me. The mo-

the rest of the Boland Debating League

tion of the final was: This House Would

and we are well on our way to qualify-

Grant Women an Extra Vote in National

ing for Western Cape Provincial Cham-

Elections and we were proposing the

pionships. We bonded, fought, cried


and laughed our way through this

At the closing ceremony we were an-

grueling challenge and walked away

nounced as the winners and that rep-


Jordan Willett

ALL GIRLS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE JUST PLAIN SICK (NO PUN INTENDED) By Kristina van Zyl Not all of us had the honour of at-

four strains of Shigella. For the sake

the close proximity in which the girls

tending this year’s All Girls’ Festival,

of the more… sensitive readers, I

stayed. Medi-Clinic reports that the

hosted in Bloemfontein. That said, it

shan’t describe the effects of the

sharing of bathrooms probably had

leaves quite the majority of La Ro-


an influence on the number of girls

chelle students questioning what

The infection can also be trans-


really caused the disease at Oranje

ferred by hand to hand contact or

On the positive side, the girls that

Girls’ High School that weekend.

touching an infected surface. As

experienced the effects of shigello-

Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic officially

symptoms take 1 to 2 days to mani-

sis, should not be victim to that spe-

ruled that the illness that caught

fest, who ever had it would have

cific bacteria for some time.

grip of some 145 girls, is none other

spread it. The crux however to the

than Shigella flexneri, one of the

large scale of the outbreak, was

Jenna MISS LA ROCHELLE We had the privilege of speaking to the royalty of La Rochelle, Jenna Laughton, Miss La Rochelle 2015. We asked her a few questions about what it has been like as Miss La Rochelle and her plans for the future. Here are some of the questions that were asked and her answers.

Erin Rencken


Having hope and peace about your

I was completely shocked! I think you


could clearly see that on my face. My

I have a huge passion for young chil-

brothers are forever teasing me about

dren. I think the way they become your

my reaction when they announced my

best friend within minutes of meeting


name, and I remember trying my best

them and their openness to love; warms

to walk, in the most uncomfortable

my heart. So our project this year is with

heels ever, across the stage without

Nederberg Primary School in Paarl. La


Rochelle’s Interact is already involved


with them, so I think it is a great idea to build on that relationship and show our continued commitment to these

My best memory leading up to Miss La

gorgeous children. I don’t want to give

Rochelle was at the interviews when

away all the details just yet, the Miss La

they were choosing the top twelve.

Rochelle finalists have a few surprises

We had to introduce ourselves to the

up our sleeves. You will find out about

judges and I remember I stood up and

our big plans soon!

future takes a lot of pressure off one’s shoulders.

My cell phone: I can’t go anywhere without it. I need to be able to contact my parents and know exactly what’s going on in the world of social media.

IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT SHOULD EVERY GIRL CARRY IN HER HANDBAG? Every girl has to have some lip-ice, perfume - smelling sweet always creates a good first impression, hand-sanitizer - especially when doing Biology practicals, and a small snack - you know, in-case you get a bit peckish. I always

introduced myself as ‘the girl who eats

have an apple or some speckled eggs

too much fruit and sings in the shower!’

“I remember trying my best to walk, in the most uncomfortable heels ever, across the stage without tripping.” I think after I said that, even I had a little chuckle to myself - who says that as their opening line? I also really loved the photoshoot, it was lots of fun and I think we had some great bonding sessions there. I honestly was so scared to walk in high heels and surprisingly I think I got the hang of it. Dancing back stage and rushing to get my dress and hair ready for the next scene was a highlight. Miss. La Rochelle was such an amazing experience I will never forget. Especially all thhe laughs and memories I made along the way.


or jungle oats bars are my favourites –

Without a doubt family, friends and my


relationship with God. They keep me going, keep me smiling and motivate me to be the best I can be. Not only that, but they have shaped me into who I am today by just loving and accepting me the way I am and I owe them the world for that. Jesus is my reason to live and I know that He has my life all planned out, all I have to do is place my faith in Him and go with it.

they never last too long though!

We’ve all heard it a million times, but true beauty definitely comes from within. Always being kind, compassionate and sensitive to others is what will win you their heart, their admiration and loyalty.




We actually were going to have our own

pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” I think

dates to escort us down the runway on the

main priority for me is to be surround-

it’s very important to live life to the fullest,

evening of Miss La Rochelle 2015 and my

have no regrets and love every second, to

ed by people. I want to be passionate

chosen date was my best friend Liam Dix-

go all out to achieve your weirdest and wild-

about my job one day. Not only do I

on, so it would definitely be Liam or my two

est dreams and that’s what I strive to do. I

want to be an asset to my business,

adorable brothers, Josh and Matt (although

also don’t what to live with fear, but rather

they are shorter than me, so that might look

know that whatever happens is meant to

odd!). On second thought, Sam Claflin from

be, because that’s the way God intended

one of my favourite movies, Love Rosie,

it. After all He’s the one writing my story; I’m

would also be an eligible escort.

just the pen in His hand…

After school, I am not one hundred percent sure exactly what I want to become one day. But, I know it is either in the Business or Teaching direction. The

but a friend to my fellow colleagues as well. I want to have a positive influence where ever I go and be able to share joy and some innovative ideas whilst working.

That’s a hard one, because I actually have so many, but one of them that is very close to my heart this year is: “Be fearless in the

#FollowTheBlog When Larries find a


break between heaps of homework and extra


mural activities, some utilize the time to write their own inspirational blog. We would like to share this inspiration

I haven’t posted in quite while – one

eating disorders. Although, I’m not en-

with all our readers.

could call it the writer’s block. I would

tirely sure if mine could be classified as

This term we will fea-

type a few paragraphs and then just

a disorder. It wasn’t anorexia or bulimia,

ture a post from Kelsey

end up erasing all of them. It ended

but you could call it binge eating dis-

up being blotches here and there. This


Robert’s and encourage all our readers to follow

is one of my more personal posts, well actually, by far the most personal one.

I never became self-conscious until

Everyone has struggles. By now you

grade 10, around the age of 15. I’m in

should’ve heard the famous; “the strug-

hostel so I have roommates. In grade 10

This is a shortened

gle is real” statement. It’s normally used

I was blessed with 3 absolutely AMAZ-

version of her post;

when one is facing a tough time… Your

ING roommates, and if I could go back

“The struggle is real.”

struggle might be school, friends, fam-

and change it, I wouldn’t. There was

You can find the full post

ily, emotions, thoughts, sport or even

just one thing that perpetually occu-

work. You might even constantly be

pied my thoughts and determined my

declaring this statement above.

behaviour to a great extent, and that

and read her blog.


was the fact that all three of my roomMy struggle wasn’t any of these. Al-

mates were skinnier than me.

though I may have faced difficult patches in the areas above, it was nev-

They all had beautiful bodies and ate

er the one major thing that was con-

healthily. They treated their bodies with

stantly held over my head, like a cloud

respect and care. All three of them also

on a rainy day.

grew up in very healthy households (physically and emotionally), so having

Mine was food. Yep, food. Writing from

a healthy lifestyle kind of came natu-

a girl’s perspective, this might be con-

rally to them.

sidered “normal”. Numerous woman,

At that point in my Christian life, I had

especially teenage girls, suffer from

an extremely good relationship with

God. Throughout the year I struggled

I would feel so guilty after eating sugar

never be strong enough to overcome

with my eating, but the monumental

or anything unhealthy, no matter how

with His power and deliverance. His

moment was August 12 2014. Some of

often or seldom had it occurred.

power will always be made PERFECT

you may or may not know, but that was

The turning point for me was when the

in my weakness. I also knew that stick-

the day that my dad had a stroke. I’m

following scripture from the Bible spoke

ing my finger down my throat, slimming

not going to go too deeply into that,

directly into my situation:

tablets, periods of starvation and want-

but after this incident I began to over-

“And so, dear brothers and sisters, I

ing to look like everyone else was not


plead with you to give your bodies

honouring Him.

to God because of all he has done

We can’t compare ourselves to others.

When I was depressed, I ate. When I

for you. Let them be a living and holy

It’s one of the biggest schemes of the

was lonely, I ate. When I was bored, I

sacrifice—the kind he will find accept-

enemy. God has designed each and

ate. When I was “happy”, I ate. I say

able. This is truly the way to worship

every single one of us differently and

happy with inverted commas because

him.2 Don’t copy the behaviour and

with a purpose. I had to realise that I

I wasn’t really happy, but I made peo-

customs of this world, but let God trans-

am the way I am, the way that HE

ple believe I was. I never wanted any-

form you into a new person by chang-

made me.

body to know what was going on, I

ing the way you think. Then you will

never wanted anyone to see my hope-

learn to know God’s will for you, which

I needed to respect the fully-functional

lessness, I wanted to be “perfect.”

is good and pleasing and perfect.” Ro-

body He gave me, treat it right and

I silently continued for a while with

mans 12:1-2

make the right choices. I am built the way that I’m built, it’s unique and God

these unhealthy eating habits, convincing myself that what I was doing

The part that stuck out from these vers-

considers it beautiful. He gifted me

was okay and that I wasn’t really eat-

es (besides the fact that Romans 12:2 is

with a fully functional body and my gift

ing that much, until one night my best

one of my favourite verses in the Bible),

back to Him is the way I treat and han-

friend approached me and told me

is the first part highlighted in verse one.

dle my body.

that other people were talking about

I obtained a massive revelation, that

I believe in the promises of God and

it and people noticed my behaviour. I

when you give your life to Jesus, you

who the Son sets free is free indeed! I

broke down into tears. I was absolutely

give your LIFE to Him.

believe that God WILL continue to lead me in this stage of life and be there to

shattered. I tried starving myself (it totally failed, lit-

You don’t only give Him your baggage,

guide me in my darkest moments. No

erally, I loved food too much, I couldn’t

your past and all the things you’ve

doubt I will slip up and make mistakes,

give it up).

done wrong, you give Him your present

but He is so gracious and caring and

I tried sticking my finger down my

and future, your needs, your finances

will take me willingly into His arms!

throat, it worked but I felt dirty and full

and your body. This is what I had to re-

I want to encourage you, no matter

of shame.

alise: I had to stop depending on food

what the struggle is that you’re facing,

I even tried slimming pills (btw, they

to comfort my emotions and that I had

God is so faithful and steadfast. He is

DON’T work, it’s all a mental thing).

to depend on God to help me in times

able to help you and set you free.

I tried Herbalife shakes, and that lasted

of need. I wish I could say that after this

Our God is an awesome God!

about…not long. I needed solid food.

scripture spoke into my life everything

I became so caught up in wanting

changed instantly. The struggle was

to look skinny and have a nice body,

real indeed and restoration was a pro-

even my Instagram feed was FLOODED


with pictures of people with PERFECT

It was a battle I had to surrender to

bodies. It took over my life completely.

God, because my fleshly nature will

All my love, Kelsey

Ané de Kock



LIEWE TANNIE BABS, EK HOU REGTIG VAN ’N OU EN WIL HOM GRAAG MATRIEKAFSKEID TOE VRA, SONDER OM DIE VERHOUDING TUSSEN ONS ONGEMAKLIK TE MAAK. DIE PROBLEEM IS DAT ONS NOG NET EEN KEER ONTMOET HET. WAT MOET EK DOEN? VAN SONDER-METGESEL-EN-DESPERAAT Sorg dat jy en hy na dieselfde partytjie genooi word. Toets die water tydens die partytjie: is hy regtig so oulik soos jy van jul vorige ontmoeting onthou? In-

dien wel, vra hom reguit of hy jou sal

All you need to do is to make a move

vergesel na jou matriekafskeid, indien

on this privileged guy. The moment

nie, vra jou broer/neef om saam te

your two best friends notice it, they will

gaan en jy gaan ’n ontspanne genotv-

talk to each other, because you will be

olle matriekafskeid hê.

the thorn in their flesh and they will forget their problem with each other. As



the old saying goes: Two dogs fight for a bone and the third runs away with it.

BESTE TANNIE BABS, TYDENS DIE EKSAMENS IS MY FOON ‘N MASSIEWE AFLEIDING. DIT IS ASOF DIT ‘N LEWE VAN SY EIE HET EN MY ROEP OM AAN DIT AANDAG TE GEE. EK KAN DIT NIE IGNOREER NIE. HOE STOP EK DIT? VAN SELFOONVERSLAAF Jou selfoon meng negatief in met jou akademie. Die feit dat dit jou pla, is ‘n bewys dat jy nie onverskilig is teenoor jou akademie nie. Lig jou vriende in oor wanneer jy studeer en vra hulle om jou nie gedurende daardie tye te pla nie. Verder moet jy maar jou selfoon se “eie lewe” neem deur dit doodgewoon af te skakel gedurende studietye.

AUNTY BABS, I’VE TRIED USING EVERY FILTER, BUT NO MATTER WHAT I DO I CAN’T SEEM TO GET 100 LIKES ON INSTAGRAM. HOW DO I BECOME INSTA-POPULAR? FROM INSTA-NOT-SO-POPS. Insta-not-so-pops, the most important thing is to have good relationships with the people around you. If you can’t get a 100 likes on Instagram, be grateful that you don’t have to deal with the the 54 million in RSA that don’t like you. It is far better to keep your friends close to your heart as to be Insta-popular.



To write one article about such an en-

They did not want us to leave, but af-

joyable and heart-warming term of

ter promising another visit, they let go

outreaches is quite a task. So I would

of our hands and waved goodbye. For

like to start off by saying thank you on

me it was a moment of true happiness.

behalf of Mia, Sarah and myself for all

I went there with the idea that I was go-

your support and enthusiasm at each

ing to bless them, yet left being the one

outreach. It really has been a very suc-

who was blessed.

cessful term and we would not have

Interact gee vir elkeen van ons ’n kans

been able to spread so much love

om ’n glimlag op iemand se gesig te

without your help.

sit, God se liefde uit te straal en te wys

We spent some time at Rusoord old age

hoe baie ons vir mekaar en ander om-

home, talking to some of the elderly

gee. Al is dit net om vir ’n oom in die

people in Paarl. They showed so much

ouetehuis ’n drukkie te gee, of ’n klien

appreciation and many of them were

dogtertjie in die kinderhuis ’n paaseier

very quick to say that they were also in

te gee. Dis sulke eenvodige dinge wat

La Rochelle, commenting on our flower

’n groot verskil in ander mense se lew-

dresses and good manners. We were

ens maak.

treated to a show from the youngsters

Ek dink dit is ’n eer en wonderlike

at ‘Danny se Juniors’ and shared some

geleentheid om deel te wees van so

Easter spirt with them. I think the way

’n dinamiese groep jongmense met ’n

they become your best friend in a mat-

passie om ander te dien.

“It set my heart on fire to see their positivity and innocence shine through.” ter of minutes is something to treasure;


before I knew it I had not one but three

throughout the year, that are open to

beautiful girls sitting on my lap, play-

all of you to take part in; just listen out

ing with my hair and a bunch of curi-

for announcements with details about

ous little boys stating how they liked my

outreaches and how you can help out.

name. These children are so precious

Let us make the difference in our town,

and it set my heart on fire to see their

one smile at a time.

positivity and innocence shine through.




English by Jenna Laughton Afrikaans by Lisa du Toit

DIY Wilne van Rooyen

Exams are over and holiday around the corner. All these late



study nights left most

½ avo

of us with blue-purple


½ lemon

Apply the mask using a brush.

Gucci bags under our

1 egg white

eyes and looking like warmed-up corpses.

STEP 1: Put your avo into the blender

So I decided to go to Suzelle for some tips for a face mask to make your skin look more radiant.


Your avocado facemask.

For the finishing touches, add cucumber slices to your eyes and relax. Tip: If you do not have a blender you


can use a fork.

Squeeze in your lemon

DIY, because anybody can.

STEP 3: Add your egg white. WE ARE READY TO BLEND!

Link to SuzelleDIY video: watch?v=Tya8JG4Nsuc

DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE PUDDING Since it’s the winter holidays

Servings – 6

and we’re all searching for

Total time – 20 minutes

comfort food in our kitchen

How to make it: 1. Lightly beat egg with a fork in a bowl.

cupboards to satisfy our

You will need:

cravings, I have found the

1 large egg

2. Combine 1 1/2 cups of milk, 1/3 cup

Chocolate Pudding recipe

2 1/4 cups non-fat or low-fat milk,

sugar & salt in a medium saucepan;

that will keep you feeling


bring to a simmer over medium heat,

guilt-free! It’s easy to make, low in calories and will keep you warm during these winter blues Zenke Deetlefs

2/3 cup sugar, divided

stirring occasionally.

1/8 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3. Meanwhile, whisk the remaining 1/3

2 tablespoons corn starch

cup sugar, cocoa and corn starch in a

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

bowl, then whisk in the remaining 3/4 cup milk until blended. Stir the simmering milk mixture into the cocoa mixture. Pour the mixture back into the pan and bring to a simmer over medium heat, whisking constantly, until thickened and glossy, for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. 4. Whisk about 1 cup of the hot cocoa mixture into the beaten egg. Return the egg mixture to the pan and cook over medium-low heat, whisking constantly, until steaming and thickened, for about 2 minutes. (Do not boil.) Whisk in vanilla. Serve warm.




each serving contains: 164 calories; 2 g fat (1 g sat, 1 g mono); 37 mg cholesterol; 34 g carbohydrates; 6 g protein; 3 g fibre; 110 mg sodium; 311 mg potassium.)



Avanti | Uitgawe 2 | Junie 2015  

HMS La Rochelle's annual magazine

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