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TERM 4 2016, ISSUE #8


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Kunswerk deur Samantha Appel


letter from the EDITOR THE RISE OF A PLUS SIZE MODEL This is pretty clichéd, but what the heck, things are clichéd for a reason, so I will say it anyway. Ladies, you have got to love yourselves and your bodies, no matter what the shape or size. It is your self-confidence and happiness that makes you beautiful. Now you are probably thinking “uurrgghhh, not another trying-too-hard-to-be-inspiring lecture” but do not turn the page just yet, I have some pretty awesome information to impart. Plus size models are on the rise! The acceptance of women whose bodies are not the almost-impossible-to-maintain 4 or 6 in clothing sizes, is slowly but surely becoming a reality in the fashion world. This is something that I am extremely passionate about. Although this may not seem like such a big deal in passing, just think about the following: over time the “ideal body type” has changed dramatically, depending on the influences of the time a.k.a. the media. For instance, if we were to skip back a hundred years or so, my pale complexion could seriously have turned some heads (and I don’t mean away from the blinding white that is my skin tone.) If we can get the fashion world to change their perspective, surely the media will follow. From there on it will be smooth sailing to reach the perfect world, where every woman loves herself and we all live happily ever after (ok maybe I simplified the pro-

cess a bit, but you get the picture.) Anyway, that is the end of what I promise is the only clichéd rant you will find in this term’s issue of the Avanti. You may think John Legend and Chrissey Teigan are #couplegoals but they have got nothing on Mr and Mrs Neethling. Have the recent water restrictions made you aware of the need to go green? Maybe you are at a loss of things to do this holiday. Or you might just want some tips on how to stay fit. Our new team has worked hard to generate articles that will have you gripped this December holiday. So keep flipping!

Jessica Louw







10|Avontuur op jou

19| Peercoaches


5| A Chappie Culture 6| Blast from the Past 8| Ideas Worth Sharing 9| Hola Natalia

SPORT 27| The American Dream

20| Hoofleiers 2017

28| Stay Fit this Holiday

11|Roadtrip 101

22| Go Green

30| Quiz: The Ball Sensai

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A CHAPPIE culture She was born with mild brain damage and struggled through her school career with a learning disability in an industrial town with fewer than 5000 people. She was bullied and called names. Against all odds, she excelled in music and on the 11th of April 2009, claimed the title: “The Woman Who Silenced Simon Cowell”. We all know her – Susan Boyle. She is one tough cookie (or rather chappie). Although life is tough, Susan Boyle proved that tough does not necessarily mean impossible. Her story inspired me, but instead of boring you with the usual clichés such as “don’t give up” or “those who persevere, succeed”, I invented my own set of life-hacks… - Chappies are flexible. They adapt to their circumstances and do not break under pressure. They simply reshape a bit. Allow yourself some leeway to learn and improve. - A Chappie is still a Chappie even when its flavour is gone. Do not let one disappointment discourage you from continuing your A-game. Disappointment can only steal your flavour but not your tenacity. - A Chappie can always brighten someone’s day, even by just telling them a random “did you know?” fact. (Did you know that Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten or ignored?) - Even if you feel a bit chewed-up inside, don’t rub off on others. No one wants a chewe Chapie under her shoe or in her hair.

So, ladies, forget about turning life’s lemons into lemonade or seeing the rainbow in a storm – just cultivate a chappie culture and survive the jaws of life!

Be like a chappie! |5

Blast from Here at La Rochelle we are ever so often reminded to, “be the absolute best version of yourself!” I realize that during these five years spend in the Larrie hallways, we are constantly developing and maturing toward “that version of ourselves.” So the question that pops up, is what happens to our girls after school? The talents, passions and ideas moulded during their high school careers, are they succeeding to live it all out? That is why the Avanti decided to introduce this column to inspire you with some of the journeys that our old Larries have embarked on after they matriculated. This term I interviewed Natasha Hess who is currently enjoying the spotlight as a performing artist.

What is your profession?

I'm a performing artist. Which also includes creating works, and I am also a qualified dance teacher in ballet, modern and tap.

What year did you matriculate in? I matriculated in 2010.

How long have you worked to achieve your current position in life?

It feels like it's been a very long time, because you have to work very hard in the arts to achieve your dreams, but I've been in the right places at the right times to get to where I am. I graduated in 2014, performed in West Side Story, then did Orpheus in Africa and District Six- Kanala. I've had the great opportunity to go from production to production. As young as I am, I also directed and choreographed a show called Kay's Lullaby, working with Sne Dladla and Romy Jo Swales. This journey has only been two years so far and I believe there's so much more to come.

Did you find any romance on stage?

Yes actually. His name is Seneliso Dladla, also known as Sne. (You can google him). We met during Orpheus in Africa, at The Fugard Theatre. And it will be our first year anniversary in December.

How many roles have you played thus far?

l would say around 5 within the past two years. In Westside Story, I played the roll of Estella and was chosen to sing the iconic song "Somewhere". In Orpheus, I played a newly written in character called Maggie Porter. In Kanala, I first played the role of Routie De Wet and in the second half of of the run, I got moved to the character that is pivotal to the story, Eveline Williams. And lastly, because this show is of my own sweat, blood and tears, I got to play Kay Hess, in Kay's Lullaby.

Where did you study?

At the Waterfront Theatre College

What is your favourite part of your job?

What people don’t tell you about the world of the arts, is that you rehearse for a very long time to get one chance to impress your audience, which will either make you or break you. With all this pressure, strangely, when I am performing, I love the rush of having to do well, so I am always trying to better myself and truly find the essence of what I am doing.

Did you always want to be a performer, or did you have other aspirations?

I think once I started taking ballet lessons at the age of 9, my love for dance and expression through dance, started to grow. Dancing really opened my ear to how I listen to music. So my love for music then grew even more. So originally, I wanted to get my degree in music and dance on the side. But then I chose theatre. Still today I don’t know why I made that decision, but I did, and I am grateful for it.


What do you think of when you are on stage?

the past

Usually, I am worried that my hair messes up too much and I have no time to fix it. Or I say my lines over and over, because forgetting is not an option. And hope my vocal cords don't fail me. It is a process, but it gets easier the more familiar the show becomes.

Have you received any negative critique and how does one deal with this?

I just breathe. When working in an environment with many personalities, I find it better to try not to take things too personally and do the job at hand. It is not always easy, but it is better than lashing out and looking unprofessional. Being calm is always the best approach.

How long does it take you to memorize all of your lines?

As long as I have to learn them. Some shows require long rehearsal periods, and others give you a night, or a few hours to learn your part. So basically, it all depends on the amount of time given to prepare for the production.

Do you perform any “weird rituals� before going on stage to help you feel more prepared? I breathe :) I try not to over-think things. We have our standard warm ups. Physical and vocal. Then I use the time we have to get ready to slowly start focusing on my characters.

How did La Rochelle influence you to go into the artistic industry?

La Rochelle has always supported the arts. Just the fact that you can do Art, Music and Drama as a subject, proves that. The Musical that happens every two years, the Eisteddfods, the 4M Meetings all promote the arts. I am so grateful for the opportunities that were offered to me. Whilst I was at school and after leaving. My training actually started right there. I think that is when I realised that it was something I seriously considered trying out. And so far so good!

Which quote keeps you going?

Two things my Mom always says to me is, "Just breath" and "Mind over matter". As well as our school motto, En Avant.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future is to be recognized in more than one field in this industry. I want to be an established performer. Like singing the National Anthem for the Bokke. A choreographer, Director and composer to the Musicals and shows Sne and I write. Finally I see myself teaching. I have a passion for teaching. To give knowledge, so that others may use and develop to create new theories. So that the Arts can keep growing, and moving forward. I love seeing progress in students or even friends. And there is still so much I want to learn, so that I can pass on what I have learnt. Then adding a family into the mix and getting my driver’s license, I think my cycle is complete.

Any words of motivation for the current Larries?

Firstly enjoy being a teenager, because boy, do I miss it. If you don't know where you fit in, I promise it will find you. You just need to open yourself up to try new things! You won't know unless you try. Find your strengths and keep building on them, but more importantly, identify your weaknessess and fix them. You are all a new up and coming generation. So be part of the people that want to fix the world for the better. We all have something to offer. And the morals and values that are taught to you, will stay with you forever. So appreciate them. For some of you life will not be easy, so focus your energy on the goal, your goal. And not the obstacles in front of you. And lastly, keep moving forward. Because there is nothing waiting for you in the past. Nothing! Not even your ex boyfriend!


Ideas worth sharing. Those three words perfectly capture the essence of TED and it is only fitting that they are TED’s slogan. TED is a non-profit organisation that originally only focused on ideas of Technology, Entertainment and Design. Nowadays, they are on a mission to create a platform to spread information, ideas and motivation. I was fortunate enough to attend a TEDx event and it was amazing (the x means that it is an independently organised event but under the same licencing as TED). The talk that I went to was TEDxYouth@CapeTown that was hosted at Ratanga Junction on the 16th of October. The speakers were all under the age of 25 or had ideas that related directly to the youth. It was so inspiring to see people with a passion for change in our community! Topics ranged from diversity in advertising to making cement from milk (yes really).

Jordon Willit


I found out about the event on Facebook when I saw 3 of my friends were going and it turned out that one of them was actually a speaker! Tariro spoke about reclaiming slurs and how to deal with bullies, making them “irrelevant”. I am a firm believer that we should always seek to grow, be educated and expand our minds and our understanding: this belief transcends the classroom. Get out there and engage with new concepts and issues that affect you! There are so many platforms out there voicing the opinions of your peers, you future leaders and potentially even you. You have the responsibility to interact with them. I highly recommend attending a TED/TEDx talk if you ever have the opportunity. You will leave there inspired, informed and equipped to self reflect and ask yourself what it is that YOU have to offer the world.

Hola Natalia! I have had several Spanish lessons myself, before I had the confidence to greet a Spanish citizen, “Hola amiga”. She seems quite, gentle and positive at first sight, but believe me, she can speak without a full stop. Let me introduce to you, Natalia Noriega, La Rochelle’s own Spanish exchange student. Describe yourself in three words. I don’t really know three words that describe me, but I think I could be described as a funny, adventurous and friendly girl.

Give the characteristics that define you using each letter of your name: N - A - T - A - L - I - A -

Nice Adventurous Talkative Active Lovely Interesting Adorable

What is the purpose of student exchanging from your point of view? My principal idea was to improve my English and learn how to be more independent, which is very important in life. Being here I have, however, learnt many more things, like how to live in a country with so many cultures and to respect them all and to face the difficulties that arise as a result of that. What went through your mind when you first stepped into La Rochelle and a girls’ school? My first thoughts were very peculiar. I was really excited to meet everyone, but I was also very scared, because I didn’t know anyone and I had difficulties languages. Can you tell us about a myth that you heard about South Africa before you came here? Before I came here, I didn’t really hear much, but to tell you the truth, my expectations were different from the reality. I was really surprised by the cultural diversity.

Carmari Marais


Avontuur op jou voorstoep 10 aktiwiteite wat jou hierdie vakansie sal besig hou Kom ons wees gou eerlik… Ons almal was al op ‘n punt in jou vakansie waar jy net geen idee meer het wat om met jouself aan te vang nie, of jy voel bloot te skuldig om heel dag op jou sewende nekwerwel te lê. Daardie gedagtes sal dit nie eers waag om in jou kop op te kom hierdie Desembervakansie nie. As jy die “wanderlust-” tipe is, maar jou finansies lyk nie so “wanderlik” nie en ‘n twee weke vakansie op ‘n tropiese eiland is nou nie regtig vir jou beskore nie, dan het ons die antwoord vir jou. 1. Leeukopstaproete Tyd: 2-3 ure Toegangsfooi: Gratis 2. Tafelberg – Skeleton Gorge Staproete Tyd: 4-6 ure Toegansfooi: Gratis 3. Kogelbergstaproete Tyd: 8 ure Toegangsfooi: R40 (volwassenes )R20 (kinders) 4. Chapman’s Peak Tyd: 1-2 ure Toegangsfooi: Gratis 5. Cecilia Woud Staproete Tyd: 2 ure Toegangsfooi: Gratis 6. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (Hier kan daar meer as net gestap word. Jy kan kom piekniek hou en na konserte kyk) Tyd: Hele dag Toegangsfooi: R60 (volwassenes) R15 (kinders 6-17)


Local is lekker! Elke dag kan as ‘n nuwe avontuur gesien word en so hoef jy ook nooit bekommerd te wees dat jy ‘n greintjie vet sal aansit van al Ouma se lekker poeding met Kersfees nie. Hierdie volgende aktiwiteite sal jou laat wens dat die vakansie net nog ‘n bietjie langer was. Om van hierdie avontuurlustige uitstappie ‘n groter sukses te maak, voeg net vriende by (nou klink ek darem baie soos ‘n resep uit my ma se Kook en Geniet). 7. Babylonstoren (Hier is van teedrink tot pragtige blomme kyk. Vat jou kamera saam, want dit is ook ideaal vir ‘n fotosessie of twee) Tyd: Hele dag Toegangsfooi: R10 per persoon 8. Zipline in Grabouw Tyd: 4 uur Toegang: R695 per persoon 9. Aarbeiepluk by Polkadraai Plaas Tyd: Hele dag Toegangsfooi: Aarbeie pluk wissel van R25 tot R170 10. Voëlkyk in Houtbaai Tyd: Elke dag van 9vm5nm Toegangsfooi: R85 (volwassenes) R40 (kinders)

Evette Smith


: good music

Layla van Sitters

THE SOUNDS OF SUMMER: Oh yes, it’s that time of the year. The December holidays. And we’re all sure to have to endure hours of driving. Sometimes those car drives can really become a bore and a frustration. Never fear. We have got a list of road trip songs you’ll, jam, chill and fall asleep to. So there you go, sit back, pop in those earphones and enjoy the ride. 1. Buffalo soldier- Bob Marley 2. Come away with meNorah Jones 3. Stand by me- Ben E. King 4. Heathens- Twenty one pilots 5. How deep is your loveBeegees 6. Closer- Chainsmokers ft Halsey 7. Valerie- Amy Winehouse

8. Scars to your beautifulAlessia Cara 9. 24k magic- Bruno Mars 10. Who’s gonna drive you home- The cars 11. No woman, no cry- Bob Marley 12. Chasing pavementsAdele 13. Don’t know why- Norah Jones 14. Naïve- The Kooks

15: Hymn for the WeekendColdplay ft. Beyoncé 16. This Girl - Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners 17. Dancing in the Moonlight- Toploader 18. Don’t wanna know- Maroon 5 19. Do you remember- Joy Corporation 20. Feel so close- Calvin Harris


Gabi Prout &

Civvies Day @AN N

Wigmore’s Way: A ELL B A “I’m really fond of the way she paired a typically heavy jacket with a normally summer outfit. It is a suitable spring look.”

IA “It’s a nice edgy look. A well-executed use of a vintage piece.”

AH IK “It is a claddy, clean look. I love the longer skirt. She shows that you don’t need to wear a short skirt to look good.” EY TN I H “I like the mustard yellow top, which few people can really pull off the way she does. The striped pants work well with the top and I like that they are loose fitting pants, rather than tighter ones.”






I AM“She has gone for a very sleek look. I like the sneakers and the dress together. She made the look more feminine by pairing it with a soft bomber jacket.”


Annabella Bauer

Mia Pentz

Mikah Slab

“Wannabe hipster!” This was Bella’s reply when I asked her to describe her outfit. The look was inspired by a lot of the magazines she reads and some of her favourite “Insta-Floggers” like Ellie May. She bought her shoes at a market in Israel, on a trip earlier this year for Shorashim. What caught my attention was her vintage jacket. This Route 44 bought jacket, rounded off the whole look and looked great paired with her denim skirt and a clean white shirt. Mia is rocking an alternative look, and doing it well. She is as cute as a button and her style represents this without being too conservative. She softens the look with embroidered floral patterns as the focal point of her vintage shirt and her ‘blue suede shoes’. [When going for a vintage/second-hand look remember that bigger is not always better and just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you have to buy it!]

Gabi Niewoudt

y ’ Paparazzi

Top Tips: One piece swimming costumes are a GO. They are, if worn correctly, more stylish and chic than a two piece.

A look that never disappoint, is the dress-with-sneakers look. It’s very summer friendly.

For the summer, DO NOT wear hot pants as well as a crop top, go for either or, but not both. Because as we have learnt from ‘Mean Girls’ - “That’s like social suicide.”


Whitney Kasper

Tami Bosch

The main reason I noticed Mikah’s outfit was because of the embroidery patterns on her denim skirt. This skirt is a hand-down from her mother which she self-embroidered. Mikah described her outfit as “retro” and said that this is her favourite style of dressing. She paired the one of a kind denim skirt with a plain white blouse, also vintage, and lace up sandals. Her look was inspired by her idol, the fashion blogger and entrepreneur, Amiee Song.

Short, painted nails are often more practical and more attractive than long, shabby nails.

I appreciate Whitney’s 70’s throw back, and the way she used colours and patterns. She makes the look effortless and even though it is two loose fitting items she pairs them well. The cheeky off-the-shoulder look is a very easygoing look for the summer holidays and works well for most social events. Tami tested the fashion boundaries by pairing sneakers with a dress, and it worked. We like the corduroy dress which she paired with a lovely silky bomber jacket. Also loving the fly kicks there, T-dogg. She got the charming jacket at TopShop and the dress was a hand-me-down from a friend.


Die Karoo- Kersfees

Geure en giere vanuit die Karoo is vanjaar die Avanti se Kersfeestema. Hierdie Desember bemark ons plaaslike produkte, handgemaak deur ons eie kreatiewe onnie, Mariechen Vermeulen. Van warmplaatjies tot trots Suid-Afrikaanse lapservette kan op die webwerf, www.karoosorie. com gevind word. So dink ’n bietjie buite die boks dié Kersfees en koop aanlyn vir ’n geliefde een van hierdie unieke geskenke: Trots Suid-Afrikaanse Lapservette

R 180 vir vier.

Hierdie servette is deksels oulik met trotse Afrikaanse gesegdes. Enigiemand wat jy ken wat hou daarvan om hul gaste te vermaak met oulike sê- goeters, hierdie is net perfek. Net R180 vir vier!

Roos-room Redder

R 55

Hierdie room verminder sigbare merke en bevogtig jou vel . Die mooi verpakking maak dit ’n perfekte geskenk vir jou ma of ouma! En wie hou nie van roosgeure nie?


Lieflike Papierlelies en Pragtige Papierproteas

R20-25 (bo) ; R150 (onder)

Ongelooflik ! Die Papierprotaes word uit ou boekpapier gemaak. Die Papierlelies kan gebruik word saam met die rankskik van ander blomme of die ranksik van klomp papierlelies , so mooi! Dis ‘n blomruiker se droom . Warmplaatjies

R100 vir drie

Die warmplaatjies word met ’n kurkbasis gemaak en is met mooi patrone versier. ’n Móét vir elke kombuis.

O- kasie kaasborde


Hierdie is perfek vir enige “o-kasie.’’ Hierdie borde is beskikbaar in verksillende kleure en verskillende hansvatsels. Ken jy iemand wat van verskillende kase hou? Dan is die perfekte persent om al hulle gunsteling kase te vertoon. Los maar vir Kersvader hierdie Kersfees in die Noordpool. Dis te warm vir hom in die Karoo. Doen self jou aankopies by Geseënde Kersfees.


SMOOTH SAILIN “These recipes were sourced from Daily

It’s official: Summer’s in full swing — as are the heat and humidity that goes along with it. But chill out. Really. All you need to do is mix up one of these seasonally inspired smoothies for a cool treat that’s got major health benefits, too. Below are our favourite recipes, but feel free to tweak and add your own extras for your delicious summer sip. These recipes were sourced from Daily Burn to help you stay healthy this summer! 1. Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie Sweet frozen grapes are an ideal complement to berries. Mix them together, and you’re in for an antioxidant-rich treat. Plus, when you blend grapes, you break down their skin, which further releases the fruit’s stores of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Ingredients 1 teaspoon dry chia seeds 2 scoops of optional vanilla protein supplement 1 ½ cups seedless red or purple


2. Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie There’s nothing better than mint to cool you down. Plus, this drink is packed with ultra-hydrating coconut water, antioxidant-rich blueberries and folate from kale leaves. Hot tip: Freeze the greens before blending so they mix more easily. Photo and Recipe: Caitlin / The Merrythought 2 cups spinach (These will blend better if you freeze them beforehand) 2 cups blueberry (I used 1 c. fresh and 1 c. frozen) 1 kiwi 3-4 large mint leaves 1 cup coconut water & 1 cup ice

NG THIS SUMMER Burn to help you stay healthy this summer!”

3. Paleo Peach Coconut Smoothie Don’t let the short ingredient list fool you: This paleo-friendly smoothie is packed with nutritious goods. Full-fat coconut milk contains monounsaturated fats (which keep your heart in great shape), while peaches have folate, iron, zinc and copper. These two ingredients should make the smoothie sweet enough on its own, but add a dollop of raw, unfiltered honey if you disagree. • 1 cup full fat coconut milk, chilled • 1 cup ice • 2 large fresh peaches, peeled and cut into chunks • fresh lemon zest, to add taste 4. Berrylicious Smoothie This simple smoothie is great thanks to its basic ingredient list and sweet flavor. Frozen mixed berries serve as its base, while one banana adds depth of texture plus a wealth of potassium. Up the health benefits even more by choosing a fiber-enriched almond milk like this blogger did. Ingredients: -1 Frozen banana -1 Cup frozen mixed berries -1 Cup silk almond coconut blend or almond milk Kale Pineapple Avocado Protein Smoothie Summery, tropical drinks: Delicious, but also seriously caloric. Get your piña colada fix with this smoothie, which is extra creamy thanks to avocado. A double dose of vanilla: in the protein powder and in the almond milk make this one extra sweet. • 2/3 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk • 2 large hand-fulls (~50 g) kale ~the leaves of about 8 stalks • 1/3 c (~80 g) pineapple chunks • 1/2 (~50 g) ripe avocado • 1 scoop protein powder (i used vanilla) & 1 cup ice cubes


Teacher’s Quiz

How well do you re al

ly know them?

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to save the world.” This is so incredibly true, but you are foolish if you think that you can achieve this on your own. In order to make a difference, you need an education and in order to get an education, you need a teacher. You see, we all start out as seeds waiting to grow and to blossom. Our teachers provide us with the necessary water and sunlight thatwe need to grow. The sad truth, however is that we, as students, take our teachers for granted. We challenge you, as absurd as it may sound, to appreciate your teachers. After all, they are people too. Let us see how much you really know about your teachers! Here is a chance to get to know your teachers better. Across Down 2. If she says it three 1. She is realer than the times, you know it is numbers on the plane, important. in Spain, where it does 5. This teacher will shock not rain. you with her profession- 3. Was it love at first al dance moves, so I sight? would advise you not to 4.You and this teachenter into a dance battle er have a whole lot of with her! history... 6. If I were you, I’d wan- 7. Hello... Celine Dion! na be him too, cause 9. Queen of the Avanti! even Trevor Noah aint got nothing on him. 8. This teacher always looks like she just stepped off the runway, but it is really not fetch that she sliced her friend’s toe. 10.This teacher is definitely the next big Idols

We spend so much time with our teachers every day, but do we ever say ‘thank you’? We never really stop to think about the impact they are making in our lives. Without them, the world and our Larrie family would be very different. We would just like to take a moment at the end of a very busy academic year to thank every single one of the Larrie teachers. Thank you for dedicating your lives to teaching and for being inspirations to all of us. Classrooms will always be able to survive without iPads, but never without inspirational teachers like you! Amy Wood & Megan Hough 18|


La Rochelle High School’s Peer Coaching theme for 2016 was Forever You. This network consisted of a selected group of Grade 11, 12 and 8s that were bubbly and enthusiastic about life. They were young people who wanted to develop stronger characters, to empower others while continuously making a difference by uplifting themselves through practical activities in order to make the world a better place. To find out more, Sunet Verhoef interviewed Nicola Terblanche, a peer coach, to tell us more about this awesome venture. IS PEER COACHING IMPORTANT? My personal experience this year was that peer coaching made a difference in my life. My self confidence and knowledge increased, because we learnt more about ourselves. It was easier for me to place myself in other people’s shoes. This helped me to build better friendships, even with learners in other grades that I did not know so well. What stood out for me was an exercise on life goals which made me evaluated my own goals and helped me to realise that I can dream bigger, have better experiences and make better decisions to ensure a better future for myself. TELL US WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PEER COACH? The first semester we learnt about taking responsibility for our lives by developing new ways of understanding ourselves. This new mindset was about having a plan of action and being proactive. The second semester was about taking what we have learnt and relating it to others. Only once you really know yourself, you can have better relationships with others. One of the sessions was on kindness. When you are kind to yourself, you will be kind to others. This could be in the form writing a whatsapp to a friend, telling her how much she means to you or giving your parents an unexpected hug. Where there is kindness,for instance, between people, it strengthens and builds relationships. These are some of the rewards that come as

a direct result of living a balanced life with yourself and others which results in better co-operation . The third semester was about renewal. Renewal is about keeping yourself fresh, relaxed and energised in order to navigate and overcome life’s challenges. This allows you time to enjoy new experiences, pursue hobbies, interests or other calming activities such as Pilates. Best of all, is to do regular deep-breathing exercises and spending time in solitude. This will help you to achieve your goals by continuously learning, inspiring others and staying on top of your game. The Grade 12s, under the leadership of Zenka Deetlefs (Grade 12) and her co-leaders, Lucia Malan and Carla Watson (Grade 11) then took the lessons learnt and discussed and did activities with the Grade 8s. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST FUN DAY? Our annual Hot Chocolate Day. This was so much fun as we invited the Grade 9s to: “to build a snowman?” Frozen, the movie, was our theme and inspirational quotes were handed out to encourage them and the staff with the June exams. We hoped that everyone would be inspired to build a great future for themselves by studying hard and giving your best. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OTHERS TO JOIN THE PEER COACH TEAM? Absolutely, yes! We discuss real life issues and how to manage it better. We do exercises that help us to develop our character for example practically breaking down our goals in order to ensure success, how to get along with our friends and parents. We

also support the Grade 8s. As role models, we gained different perspectives and made friends with them and so doing, we helped them live a happier live. As a reward for the year’s participation, we received certificates and are able to add it to our CVs. WHAT ARE THE PLANS FOR PEER COACHES IN 2017? The theme for 2017 is “Excelsior: Ever Upwards”. It comes from the “Silver Linings Playbook” which could mean “to change all negative energy into fuel to discover the silver lining.” The silver lining is to see the positive in everything. We have realised that there is a bigger need for people skills in the workplace and we are preparing for it. We are excited about Lucia and Carla leading the team next year. A big “thank you” to Ms Marieta Steyn and Ms Jacobie MüllerBester for sharing their knowledge, life-experiences, time, love and care in inspiring us to be the best Forever You we can be. We leave you with the following words to encourage you in your journey of self-discovery and becoming the best version of yourself. It is time to make your mark, To be your best, To be yourself, To be the best version of yourself. In school, on the sports field, at home, ALL the time. Every morning is a fresh start, a new beginning! To say to yourself: I want to give myself a chance to be the best every day. I am making my mark!


HOOFLEIERS van 2017 Vurige larries vonkel voort

Toe ons daardie Vrydag middag in die saal inloop, het ons presies geweet hoekom ons daar is. La Rochelle se nuwe hoofleiers, VRL-en Studenteraadslede word aangekondig. Die atmosfeer is gevul met opgewondenheid en “kompetisie.” Elkeen het hulle kruisie gemaak en nou is dit net vir die groot onthulling. Na n halfuur, stap ons uit die saal met die wete dat Emily en Kim in Alette en Willow se voetspore sal volg en ons skool sal lei. Jana en Jenna se skoene word gevul deur Lené en Willemien, beter bekend as die dinamiese duo LW, wat by die koshuis leiding sal neem. Sommiges huil van blydskap en ander juig met entoesiasme. Die realiteit skop in. Die Sotte van 2013 is binne ‘n oogwink nou die matrieks van 2017. Met hierdie vier leiers kan La Rochelle nie verkeerd gaan nie. Hulle sal ons as skool dryf om hoër hoogtes te bereik as ooit tevore. Hulle mede Larries beskryf hulle as: Hardwerkend, lojaal en insprirerend. Ons het hierdie nuutverkose leiers paar vrae gevra om julle ‘n bietjie meer perspektief te gee en opgewonde te maak oor 2017.


Emily Blackburn (Skool Hoofmeisie 2017) WAT IS JOU GUNSTELING HERINNERINGE IN LA ROCHELLE? My gunsteling sal definitief elke jaar se 4M wees. Dit maak nie saak wat deur die res van die jaar gebeur nie, almal staan saam tydens 4M. WATTER RAAD SOU JY AAN JOUSELF VYF JAAR GELEDE BIED AS JY KON? Hou op om op ander te fokus. Fokus op jouself en weet watter doelwitte jy het en wees tevrede met wie jy is en wat jy bereik. GUNSTELING ANIMASIEFILM. By VERRE Kung Fu Panda! WAT WAS JOU REAKSIE TOE JOU NAAM GELEES WORD AS HOOFMEISIE? Ek was SO trots op al die ander en ek het nie eers dadelik aan myself gedink nie! Dit het ‘n tydjie geneem voor dit regtig ingesink het. WAT IS JOU RAAD VIR DIE LARRIES VIR HULLE OORBLYWENDE HOËRSKOOLJARE?


Moenie “distracted” raak met al die ekstra dinge in die lewe en vergeet om dankbaar te wees vir die klein dingetjies nie. Sê dankie vir die klein dingetjies in die lewe, soos jou vriendinne en moenie vergeet van die belangrike dinge nie.Die lewe is veronderstel om lekker te wees, maar dit beteken nie dat dit maklik wees nie.

Kim Ayford (Skool Onderhoofmeisie: 2017) WATTER RAAD SOU JY AAN JOUSELF 5 JAAR GELEDE BIED AS JY KON? Hou op stres, want alles werk uit! EN werk hard in Skeinat! HOE SOU JOU VRIENDINNE JOU IN VYF WOORDE BESKRYF? Buierig, grapperig, praterig, slaperig en hardkoppig. WATTER RAAD HET JULLE VIR DIE LARRIES VIR HULLE OORBLYWENDE HOËRSKOOLJARE? Geniet elke oomblik, want dit vlieg bitter gou verby en koester jou vriende nou, want jy weet nie of julle na hoërskool weer saam gaan wees nie. WAT IS JOU LEUSE VIR 2017? Pak alles 100% aan, want dit dit raak alles jou skoollaastes. WAT HET DEUR JOU KOP GEGAAN TOE JOU NAAM AS EEN VAN DIE HOOFLEIERS AANGEKONDIG WORD?

WAT IS OP JOU WENSLYSIE VIR MATRIEK? Dat ons as leiers, ander se belange bo onsself plaas en dat ons alles steeds ten volle kan geniet, want ons dra die balkies met baie verantwoordelikhede.

Willemien Van Schalkwyk (Koshuis Onderhoofmeisie 2017) VERKIES JY KOFFIE OF TEE? ‘n Koppie Rooibostee word definitief altyd waardeer.

Lené Hugo (Koshuis Hoofmeisie 2017)



Ek is nie my vriendinne nie, jy sal hulle maar self moet vra.

Sonder enige twyfel Kurt Darren se MegaHits, gevind op CD nommer 13.



Ek het nie eers gehoor dat mej. Lochner my naam afkondig nie!

SUSAN, tropika, kos, gekookte eiers. WATTER RAAD HET JULLE VIR DIE LARRIES VIR HULLE OORBLYWENDE HOËRSKOOLJARE? “Gooi mielies”-Susan WAT IS JOU LEUSE VIR 2017? Lewe elke dag asof dit jou laaste dag is.

Ek het nie eers aan iets gedink nie! Almal het op my toegesak en my met drukkies oorval. Ek is baie senuweeagtig om Willow se skoene vol te staan en dit gaan harde werk wees!




Deur my laaste jaar ten volle te geniet en soveel moontlik positiewe veranderinge te kan aanbring.

My virendinne! Ek sou nie wees waar ek vandag is sonder hulle nie en ek kan altyd op hulle staatmaak.



Dat die skool sal agterkom dat ons graad eintlik nie so “bad” is nie en dat ons met die ander grade kan saamwerk om die jaar suksesvol te maak.

Om ons Engels te verbeter en sodoende vir mej. Bothma en mev. Neethling trots te maak en ons verhouding met Queenie te verbeter.

Ek het net gedink: “Is julle seker?”

IS DAAR IEMAND NA WIE JY OPKYK? My Milady. Sy het my gewys wat ‘n ware leier is. Sy ondersteun my altyd en ons het steeds kontak. En ook Jana Scholtz. WAT WAS JOU SOTNAAM? Lambie. My Milady was verlief of Patrick Lambie. EK HET GEHOOR VAN DIE VERLIES VAN VOSSIE EN BRAAMPIE. (LENÉ HUGO SE VISSE)KAN JY MY DALK VERTEL HOE PRESIES HULLE UIT HULLE BAK VERDWYN HET? Lené het my en Maliska met die visse vertrou en na die naweek toe is hulle bakkie leeg. Ons het ‘n verdagte en kom ons sê net dat ons weet dat koshuiskatte baie van visse hou. Ek sal nie verder kan uitbrei oor die saak nie omdat die hofsaak nog voortduur.

Mia Oberholzer en Robyn Broodryk

“Met hierdie vier leiers kan La Rochelle nie verkeerd gaan nie.”


Go Green Having been recently inspired to change my lifestyle to help the environment, I thought about inspiring a few more. Take a read and see where you can improve your own lifestyle. Our very own Mariechen Vermeulen, ex-Larrie and teacher is an inspiration to most of us, not just for her amazing achievements in the past but also as an environmental activist. “There is no one important thing to save in the environment. However, if I had to say the most important thing that we would lose is our ocean. We tend to focus on the big things like rhinos and tigers, but many people don’t realize that it’s the small things that really matter, like Phytoplankton and Zooplankton. (Micro-organisms that live in the oceans.) They are the bottom of the food chain and if you remove them the chain collapses and that includes us.” She does, however, see the hope that still exists in the world. “I do believe that there is this movement in society that’s happening towards being more aware of what we’re doing to our environment and you often feel alone until you familiarize yourself with how many people out there do have a voice.” There is, however, one small problem, she describes humans as the most destructive cause, “The same people who have the capacity to make the change and to do the good things are doing the destructive things. That’s a choice a lot of us have to make.” Fortunately that choice isn’t a difficult one, we could lose our home and our future. Here are some of my own and Mrs Vermeulen's tips on how to be green.


It’s the little things that count

In class, recycle paper off cuts and keep the class cool by closing the shutters instead of using the air-conditioner. For exams, write on both sides of the paper. At home, switch off lights in your house and rather open the curtains or blinds to let the natural light in. We are in a drought so: close the tap when you brush your teeth (who still does that?). Fix leaking taps and collect the first bit of water that you let run in the shower before you get to the hot water and throw it in the garden. Always keep a bucket in your bathroom for that purpose.


Local is lekker

Try as best you can to buy and support locally produced goods. That includes everything, from hair products to what you eat. Check for the words “Produced in South Africa” on the back of packaging. Not buying imported items saves on money and petrol to bring those products to South Africa.

Josephine Bellmunt


Some companies that produce locally:

Albany Bakeries • Clover • I&J • McCain • Rhodes • Simba • Huletts


Meatless Mondays

Many of us don’t eat that much red meat to begin with but for some of us, it’s just a staple. I mean come now, who can resist that perfect medium rare 200g steak and that lekker packet of biltong? Cows produce methane, a gas that has the second highest contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer, and the increasing demand for red meat isn’t helping that. Why not balance some of your weekly meals out a bit? And have just one red meat meal a week. And with all the vegetable peels and wet waste, make a compost heap to fertilize your garden.


Get out there

Why not take a hike or a walk and get outdoors this holiday? There are many great places which are perfect to view nature at its finest. If you learn to appreciate nature you are most likely going to want to preserve it even more. Here are 5 of the most beautiful walks in our area: • Lion’s Head (Duration: +- 3 hours) • Kirstenbosch Gardens, which is also great for outdoor concerts (Duration: 2 hours) • Paarl Mountain (+- 1 hour) • Newlands Forest (Duration: +- 3 hours) • Bontebok National Park (Duration: 2 hours)


Watch this space

As you have probably heard, the Larrie family is going green! Teagan Maher, Gr11, is starting an eco club. She says: “The inspiration to start the club came from discussions we had in biology, also from the documentaries that Mrs Vermeulen showed us, such as Racing Extinction.” (highly recommended) The aim of the eco club is to teach our girls how to cultivate the practice of caring and respecting their environment. Why not take part in some of the activities and events that will be presented by the club?


Emma Louw

FLIP Legal drink

LEGAL DRINKING AGE SHOULD NOT INCREASE TO 21 For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last while, especially the matrics and grade 11s (whom this article most affects), parliament has set forth a proposal with the aim of increasing South Africa’s legal drinking age from 18 to 21 ...controversial, right? Now while I respect the good intentions behind this proposed amendment, I highly doubt that changing the age at which we are legally allowed to consume alcohol will have the desired effect in curbing overall alcohol abuse, the underage consumption of alcohol, and even the number of road accidents caused by drunk driving. Apart from being on the brink of obtaining Legal-Eagle status myself, –2nd Feb (hint-hint) and being rather disgruntled about the fact that I might have to wait ano ther 3 years before being considered properly responsible enough to make my own decisions, I have some other, more concrete rea-

sons as to why 21 should not become the new legal-alcohol-c onsumption-age. Firstly, 18 is the age at which South Africans are considered legal adults, not in the sense that we should immediately get married and have kids (please no) but in the sense that we are FINALLY old e n o u g h to make our own decisions. We are allowed to drive, vote, sign legally-binding documents without the permission of our parents, buy property and up until now: consume alcohol. Increasing the drinking age is going to create an awkward gap between being told that we have become our own guardians and truly being able to make decisions based on all aspects of adult life. I do not think that increasing the legal drinking age to 21 will prevent people from drinking until they have reached that age, but

‘I also feel that instead of being told flat out that alcohol is bad and that consuming it is forbidden, we could rather be taught about safe and responsible drinking, especially for those who have just turned 18.’

8 |NEWS 24

will simply increase the number of people who will be drinking underage, as is the case in America, where 21 is the legal drinking age. We also see that in most cases, when drinking is done illegally, it is less likely that it will be done responsibly and in moderation. This is usually because it is necessary to hide the fact that illegal drinking has taken place and because the youth have not been educated in the ways of safe and responsible drinking. I think that efforts should rather be focused on preventing the advertisement of alcohol, just as with cigarettes. Police could instead focus on stopping commercial alcohol outlets such as bars and restaurants from serving a customer more than a certain limit of alcohol. I also feel that instead of being told flat out that alcohol is bad and that consuming it is forbidden, we could rather be taught about safe and responsible drinking, especially for those who have just turned 18. Who knows, perhaps when I myself am an adult and maybe do/maybe do not have kids of my own, I will look back on this article and think – why on Earth did you not support raising the drinking age to 21??? But right now, as a teenager faced with this issue and for the reasons mentioned above, I say: Leave the legal drinking age alone!


king age 21?

Sammy Chordnum

LEGAL DRINKING AGE SHOULD INCREASE TO 21 For many of us turning 18 means entering the land of forbidden fruit, driving, no-school and drinking. Turning 18 to many of us means finally being able to take your first sip of alcohol, this particular dream is in the process of being smashed, drowned, suffocated and killed due to members of parliament proposing the extension of the underage drinking limit from 18 to 21 years. Yes, waiting 3 extra years does sound terribly long and exhausting but I ,yes me Sammy Chordnum, am here to tell you why waiting until you’re 21 to drink isn’t actually as bad as it sounds. At the tender age of 18, and I say tender, because your brain does not fully develop until your mid-twenties, the impact on the brain of alcohol abuse is much more severe than it is on a fully developed brain. At 18 you are faced with life-changing decisions, to study or travel, and many times if you do choose to study, the weight of career choices hangs heavily on your 18-year-old shoulders. Let us add the stress of being in matric and learning how to drive –throw in a couple of vodkas and you have a recipe for disaster. Usually the excitement and milestone of being in you last year of school is often outshone by being blessed with the privilege of becoming a legal eaglein the drivers seat and at the bar.

Separately these two privileges can make you feel empowered, grown and responsible, however, when shaken and stirred together, form a deadly combi nation, literally. In countries where the drinking age limit was increased, evidence shows us accidents involving alcohol took a serious decline. Many argue: It’s so easy for them to extend the under age limit, they’re already allowed to drink! I’m just trying to have fun. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe they’re just trying to keep us alive for longer? Food for thought. Just by the way, you can have fun without drinking, you d o it at school and you’ve been doing it for 17 years, what’s 4 more to a lifetime? My proposal to you is not to rush into adulthood tipsy and recklessly. First learn to master the carbon dioxide-producing metal machine that is your car an d maybe 3 years later when you’re 21, you’ll notice drinking is really not as cool as society makes it out to be.

NEWS |925


Mr and Mrs Neethling

It is rare that we get to see a couple that makes everyone swoon. We are, of course, excluding all the Romeo-and-Juliet movies, in which the characters (usually played by dropdead-gorgeous Hollywood stars) fall in love at some romantic destination or other. The plot twist usually comes in the form of a sexy foreigner, and the ending results in the two lovers riding off into the sunset to live out their happily-ever-after. The story of Mr and Mrs Neethling is slightly different. It is a story of real people, overcoming obstacles together, yet the story is still laced with the fairy tale romance that we all dream about. They met on the 3 July 1976. His best friend and her best friend were seeing each other at the time. Mrs Neethling went with the friends to see a man called “Legs.” She was hesitant to go, firstly because she didn’t want to feel like a third wheel, and secondly, because “Legs” was visiting his parents who lived in the tallest block of flats in Hillbrow, Johannesburg (Sodom and Gomorrah, in her eyes) However, she did go along. The first impression she got of him was his strong voice as he came into the room (I’m surprised it wasn’t his 70s styled shoulder-length hair); his was her cute little nose. In Mr Neethling’s words, “She was definitely the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.” They both swear it was love at first sight. They spent two days together, but after that she had to go back to Pretoria University and he had to return to Stellenbosch. They could only see each other during varsity holidays. However, they wrote each other letters and called each other as much as their funds would allow. Mr Neethling admitted that he wrote half the letters (32) she did (52), saying that he didn’t really write letters before meeting her, so he wasn’t used to it. Often, his coins would get stuck inside the telephone box, giving them more time to talk, much to their delight. Just


over a year later (26 August 1977), they decided they wanted to be together forever: They bought the wedding rings from an antique shop for R100; Mrs Neethling had a dress designed in the style of a picture she had seen in Vogue magazine; and three months later they were married. The entire wedding costing no more than R600! When I interviewed them, they both emphasised that it was really difficult at first. They had very little money, because they were still studying (Mrs Neethling moved down to the Cape and did her Honours at Stellenbosch). Mr Neethling recounted a story of when they had no car to transport their second hand-bought stove back to their flat: he borrowed a trolley from the OK Bazaars and pushed it all the way back home. All they had was a bicycle, so they would cycle back from university, Mrs Neethling perched on the handle-bars acting as a lookout for the campus police (They weren’t allowed to be on campus late at night). These were tumultuous times, but they credit the success of their relationship to hard work. Apparently “it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears” to tune into each other’s emotions, to give each other space and support each other when needed. I have h e a r d countless sighs of jealousy when ‘Mr Neethling puts on Mrs Neethling’s coat for

her, or when they’re walking together, and this pair come up in every #couplegoals conversation that includes the over-20s. But how can La Rochelle girls find their Mr Neethling? The couple advise not to be too hasty to make relationships serious, not to force the relationship, rather let it grow naturally and just be yourself. Mr Neethling especially added to be careful of the Wickhams, the smooth talkers who don’t turn out be such Prince Charmings after all. Lastly, they think that teaching at the same school for the final stretch of their careers is a privilege and an honour. Mrs Neethling says it’s a joy to be able to share him with the Larries, and he really enjoys being here. If you want to listen to their song, go and listen to ‘’An old fashioned love song’ by Paul Williams. One thing is for sure, this couple is not just an old-fashioned couple. They symbolise what true love and dedication can do in a marriage. I think all Larries can strive to have as profound a relationship as Mr and Mrs Neethling: La Rochelle’s favourite duo.

Annabel Moore

Vinniger, HoĂŤr, Verder... VSA hier kom ons! Voorspoed aan die groep van 11 atlete wat hard besig is met hul voorbereiding om volgende jaar 27-29 April 2017 in die Penn-relays in Pensylvania Philadelphia, VSA te gaan kompeteer. Daar is ‘n 4x400m en 4x100m-span. Baie sterkte! Jeanne-Marie Rousseau Tonet Tallie Micola Soenies

Brithaney Ludick

Micola Soenies

Tonet Tallie

Jamie-Leigh Oliphantch

Tamzyn Bouwer-Bosch Shannon Benjamin Tamzyn Bouwer-Bosch

Katinka Louw Katinka Louw

Shannon Benjamin

Louise Conradie

Leandra Custodio

Tatum Maher


How to stay “5 sneaky ways to maintain your summer bod.” Ever since the scarves and coats were packed away, we’ve all worked hard to become bikini- ready. After a few weeks of holiday, we seem to forget to put on our running shoes and by January, we are back to square one. We all know the struggle, so here are 5 underrated ways to maintain your summer body:

1 - TAKE A WALK WITH ME. Most of us hate jogging, right? A less straining, yet effective way to get similar results, is by walking for at least 30 minutes daily. Try to avoid driving in a car as much as possible. Not only will this be good for you, but it will be good for the environment too! Increase your footprints by decreasing your carbon footprint. 2 - DON’T WAKE & BAKE. A typical holiday routine includes sleeping in until 12pm and then stuffing your face with the first carb you encounter. This is a bad habit that you'll want to shake off asap. Try to wake up early and do something active. This will decrease your carb cravings and you’ll feel confident and sexy on your way to the beach.

Tami Bosch & Jeanne-Marie Rousseau


fit this holiday 3 - BEAT THE BINGE. Although we are all hooked on the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw in New York, try having your own expeditions this December. Make an effort to go exploring, climb mountains and swim in the ocean. Binging on series often leads you to binge on junk food too, and that’s not ideal. Make the cliché “before 2016 ends” bucket list, and stick to it. (Save the series for when you procrastinate during the rainy June exams.) 4 - SLEEP IT OFF. Literally sleep off the stress, sleep off the sunburn, sleep off the pimples and sleep off "the night before." More sleep (at night) does not only make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, but it reduces stress levels and prevents hectic breakouts. Don’t get us wrong, we are all looking forward to the nights where we see the sun rise, but balance is key. Better to wear the Chanel bag on your arm than under your eyes. 5 - JUJU ON THAT BEAT. This might sound crazy, but dancing is an intense form of cardio, without even noticing. So pump up the Chunda Munki and Kyle Watson on your playlist and don’t stop until you’re REALLY sweating and ready to step up and take it to the streets. Give the skipping rope a break and hit the quan.


The Ball


1. HOW TALL ARE YOU? a. Tiny b. Short c. Middle length d. Tall e. Skyscraper 2. PAIN TOLERANCE: WHAT IS YOUR REACTION WHEN YOU STUB YOUR TOE? a. You will hear me from a mile away b. I yelp a bit c. I shake it off d. I can put up with a lot of pain e. I laugh in the face of pain 3.AGGRESSIVENESS: IF YOU WERE A CURRY, HOW SPICY WOULD YOU BE?



a. You wouldn’t even notice me b. I choose my words carefully c. I’m silent, but I do communicate d. I’m kind of talkative e. I never stop talking

a. Exhausted already b. I get tired quite quickly c. I can push myself, but I do get tired d. I can carry on for a while e. I keep going…and going

6. CO-ORDINATION: CATCH’EM ALL OR DROP & GO? a. I couldn’t catch a cold b. I have butter fingers c. I’m quite average d. Not much will get past me e. NOTHING will slip past me 7. FOCUS: ARE YOU A SCATTERBRAIN OR DO YOU FOCUS LIKE A LASER BEAM?

a. More sweet than spicy b. Quite mild c. Spicy, but I won’t burn d. Quite spicy e. Watch out, I’m scorching

a. What was the question again? b. A bit dazed c. I can focus but also get side tracked d. I finish the job as soon as possible e. Focus is my middle name



a. Trip over my own feet b. I’m a bit clumsy c. My feet don’t co-operate d. I’m pretty steady e. I have the perfect posture

a. Solo all the way b. I prefer working alone c. I don’t mind d. Preferably working with others e. Thrive in the pack


10. AGILITY: ARE YOU LIKE A CAT OR A SLOTH? a. Definitely a sloth b. Takes me a little while to get going c. I can be both d. I’m quick off the mark e. I’m as quick as a lightning bolt



Nicola Terblanche

Results : 1. Mostly A: BALL'S-UP Let's face it, when it comes to high speed action, the supporters' bench is your safe haven! Even though you are no Sporty Spice, you still enjoy watching sports and even occasionally participating. As long as there's no winning and losing involved...everyone's a winner! 2. Mostly B : SHOT PUT BALL You are likely to be a good athlete. You like competing on your own and doing things at your own pace. Making your own choices suites you. Try athletics that meets your expectation of sport, if you’re a good runner, do a track-item, if you’re good with strength, try a field-item. Most important, do something that suites you. 3. Mostly C: TENNIS BALL You don’t mind playing in a team, your co-ordination is on point and you can aim and hit a ball over the net. You can be quick to react and your agility skills are quite impressive. Tennis is a fun sport to play, as it is very relaxing and soothing. 4. Mostly D: NETBALL BALL You don’t mind physical contact and you can get quite aggravated. You’re good with teamwork and focusing for long periods of time. You have trust in your teammates and your co-ordination is extremely good. Although netball isn’t a contact sport, you sure can stand your man. 5. Mostly E: HOCKEY BALL Teamwork, trust, agility and hand-eye co-ordination are all thrown into the mix when you put together the perfect hockey player. You can stay focused even when there are aspects that may draw attention. Your strength is quite remarkable a nd endurance is second n ature.


Trompoppies Konditionering Larries is Fiks!

Larries ontmoet vir Wayde van Niekerk by die Suid-Afrikaanse Sporttoekennings Kayla, Katie, Nicola and Cheri in team horse riding event

Atletiekbyeenkoms Onderwysers vermaak leerders na afloop van die eksamen

32| Atletiekbyeenkoms

Koshuisprefekte vir 2017

Interact-uitstappie na Rusoord

laaste glimlag oomblikke vir die jaar


Kaapse toerlede by Theatre on the Bay, waar hulle die toneelstuk, Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat, kyk

Totsiens koshuismatrieks van 2016


Vreemdste Sporte

Kim Ayford

1. Quidditch

Ons almal is bekend met hierdie sport wat in alle Harry Poter flieks gespeel word. Dit word gespeel met ‘n besem tussen die bene en ‘n bal wat gevang probeer word. Ongelukkig vlieg die spelers nie in die lug rond soos Harry nie, maar die sport word buite op die gras gespeel. Hierdie sport word in sowat 300 skole oor die wêreld gespeel.

2. Kaasrol Kompetisie

Dit is ‘n kompetisie wat gehou word, waar jy kaas by ‘n heuwel afrol. Die kaas word by die heuwel afgerol en die deelnemers jaag die kaas. Die eerste een oor die wenstreep, wen die kaas. Dit kan gevaarlik raak, want die kaas kan teen ‘n spoed van 112km/h rol. Dit is ‘n jaarlikse kompetisie wat in Engeland gehou word.

3. Olie Stoeiery

Dit is Turkye se nasionale sport. Anders as gewone stoeiery, doop die stoeiers hulself in olie en stoei dan met mekaar. Dit het al so vroeg as 1362 in Turkye ontstaan en word tot vandag toe by kompetisies aanskou.

4. Uiterse Strykery

Dit is ‘n uiterse sport en kuns waar mense strykplanke na afgesonderde gebiede neem en hulle klere-items daar stryk. Deeknemers neem byvoorbeeld hulle klere bo op ‘n hoë berg om daar te gaan stryk.

5. Bedresies

Dit is ‘n kompetisie wat al vanaf 1965 gehou word. Die kompeteerders bestaan uit spanne van ses, plus die een op die bed. Elke span moet hulle eie bed verskaf en dit volgens die tema van daardie jaar versier. Die bed moet op vier wiele hardloop en die versierings moet baie esteties lyk.






Avanti Term 4 2016  

Churchill said that Christmas is a time not only of rejoicing but of reflecting. As we reflect back on the past school year, many precious m...

Avanti Term 4 2016  

Churchill said that Christmas is a time not only of rejoicing but of reflecting. As we reflect back on the past school year, many precious m...