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My moment was walking into the History class after an extra confusing science lesson and realising that Ms Viljoen’s collapsed bookshelf was an astonishingly accurate depiction of my life. Maybe for you it was the pained expression of the dog in the, trying to make it to the end of the term like... meme, a mirror image of your own face, which really did it. Either way I’m pretty sure that many of you will agree that HECTIC, despite the capitals, does not even begin to describe this term and, well, life in general.We are living in a world and country where there is so much negativity, trying to juggle all the school pressures and uhm-ing and aah-ingabout decisions which may or may not define our entire futures, not to mention trying to maintain some trace of a social life. I can’t help feeling that sometimes, we are just going through the motions, not really living but rather doing only what we have to do to remain afloat; school, eat, sleep, repeat type of thing. It was with this mind-set that I attempted to write this editorial (hence the bookshelf reference) But somewhere in the process I realised that if happiness is what we are after, we cannot have that outlook on life. Human nature dictates that the world can never be perfect, but I’m starting to think that maybe Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music was actually onto something with her abnormal love for, brown paper


packages tied up with strings. What I am trying to say here is that when so much seems out of place in the bigger scheme of things, we need to be able to find joy in the simpler things in life. When school is tough and I’m scrambling between periods to go from a maths test straight into a French Oral and then to History to finish my essay, it is a Sotties enthusiastic, Hello Milady, which puts a smile on my face. Small mercies like these will get you through the tough times. I know it takes less effort to rather just wallow in self-pity, but the beauty of human nature is that we have the ability to appreciate these generally-taken-for-granted things. So make the effort, open your eyes just a little wider, take in just a little more and you might find a whole new reason to smile, starting with this term’s Avanti issue. Read about Larrie involvement in and opinions on the anti-Zuma protests, pickup up some fashion tips for the upcoming winter season, get the scoop on our refreshingly thought provoking production Room or the load down on the Penn Relays. The opportunities for inspiration truly are boundless! Enjoy the holidays

Jessica Louw



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BeautyUnseen We are living in a world were a lot of different ideas are shared on a daily basis, but why don’t we just take a moment to delve a little deeper into something that is often times underappreciated and this is the beauty and majesty of culture. You see, readers there is a variety of different cultural activities that we can choose from namely debating, choir, theatre, music and plenty more and as sports is an entertaining thing to watch, why don’t we go back to the beginning where culture roamed; appreciated and loved by people. When we wake up in the morning or stroll along lazily, we find ourselves being captured by the tweeting of the birds, or the rustle of leaves in the wind, or even the wind itself sings its serenading song to us. Or we can realize how nations have been created, changed and bettered by the wise words of activist and freedom fighters, for it is not sports that has won the hearts of thousands; it is words: profound, bold and daring. Even theatre. Ah, how it has opened the minds of so many that have been living in oblivion to so many truths, or how we see through the art of acting so many things that have been hidden. There is so much beauty and power in culture and art. It’s everywhere and yet so many of us are blind to it. Why should we turn our heads at the mention of it, if we have been blessed with something so sacred that we find in art, raw emotion, love, anger, hatred, passion, strength and how song and speech can turn it into something so capturing and magnificent. So I urge you, readers, open your minds and your eyes to the beauty around you, be it the song of the inviting wind or the grace of a well done production. Accept


Layla Traci van Sitters

As die reëndruppels buite jou kamervenster val en die Staysoft reuk van jou vereduvet die lug vul, is daar min dinge wat beter klink as ‘n snoesige dag onder die komberse. So hoekom nie sommer jou innerlike skrywer hierdie vakansie ontdek vanuit die gemak van jou bed nie? As inspirasie die dag kom klop, moet jy immers oopmaak. En as hy nie doen nie… wel, d a n sal jou

Hoe om ‘n Boek te Skryf

gesonde verstand en ‘n lekker koppie koffie ook die ding doen. Gaan kyk gerus na @weggooi.gedagtes, @disllama en @tuindwergie. Met dit gesê, moet nie oorweldig voel deur die idee van ‘n hele boek skryf nie; Rome is nie in ‘n dag gebou nie. So begin skryf! Wie weet, dalk vind jy ware talent tussen die bladsye van jou boek.

Jou wegspringpunt:

besluit wat jy wil skryf. Vra jouself af watter emosies jy wil uitlok; lig en vrolik of diep en donker; ‘n tienerverhaal of ‘n raaisel oor ‘n moord. As jy dit vasgestel het, is dit tyd om ‘n dagboek nader te trek en te begin beplan. ‘n Goeie wenk wat Jaco Jacobs onlangs met my gedeel het: ‘n sterk storie kan in een of twee sinne opgesom word – dan word dit vinnig duidelik wat die belangrikste konflik of spanningslyn in die verhaal is. Toets dit Die tweede stap behels die skepping van jou karakters. Fokus op meer as net die fisiese voorkomste, dink aan elkeen se persoonlikheid, drome, foute en begeertes. Dit is hierdie dinge wat hul optrede gaan beïnvloed en konflik gaan veroorsaak. Hierdeur vorm jy ook ‘n mens as geheel en nie net die idee van hulle nie.

Derdens is dit belangrik dat jy jou storie so na as moontlik aan die einde begin. Gebruik

elke sin om ‘n karakter te ontbloot of om die storielyn te help ontwikkel tot by die klimaks. Vee onnodige dele uit as dit nie een van die twee bogenoemde funksies verrig nie.

Vierdens moet

jy die besluite van jou karakters die direkte oorsaak van konflik maak; dit skep spanning en wys dat jou karakters ook foute maak, al het hulle gedink hulle doen dalk die regte ding.


moet nie huiwer om ‘n reeks slegte goed oor jou hoofkarakter se pad te laat kom nie, al is hy of sy hoe onskuldig, want hierdeur wys jy waarvan hulle gemaak is.


moet jy jou gedagtes met goeie skryfwerk prikkel, want hoe meer jy lees hoe beter sal jy skryf. Dít kan met meer as net ‘n boek bereik word en jy doen dit dalk al reeds... op Instagram.

Carla van Wyk


head transplant

So this guy decided to get a head transplant, then he changed his mind‌


It’s the year 2015. The average iPhone still has multiple holes and multiple functions, and the world remains hopeful in terms of the American presidency. Also, a mad scientist emerges from the depths of Italy and proposes an idea that had some people losing their minds.Literally. Dr Sergio Canavero, a critically acclaimed Italian neurosurgeon and author, claims that it is possible to successfully perform a human head transplant by the year 2017. The general response from scientists all over the world to this idea was rather negative, since a successful head transplant has yet to be performed on a living organism, never mind a human being. One of the main problems with this head transplant ‘thing’ is that it agitates many moral questions that are better left unagitated. If this procedure is a success, a bizarre reality that we may face in the near future is immortality, since one can basically trade their old, dilapidated bodies in for healthier, Adonis-like vessels and continue living indefinitely. However, if this procedure is a failure, then Dr Sergio Canavero will be charged for murder, since it is inevitable that one of the patients (the donor of the body) need to pass away for this whole experiment to be considered possible, so if the ‘guinea-pig’ also passes away, our mad scientist in question will have the blood of two innocent (we hope) people on his hands. Also, many critics mention that since this doctor claims to possess the technology that can repair spinal cords, it should rather be used to treat patients who suffer from paralysis, instead of being held back for a surgery that will most likely end up being unsuccessful. In effect, there is no way that Dr Canavero will come out of this situation without Ansofi M Pretorius being heavily criticized, since he is attempting something that can permanently change our understanding of neuroscience. It’s almost a Catch-22 type of situation in which Dr Canavero is caught. Despite the criticism that he faces on nearly a daily basis, Dr Canavero remains convinced that this procedure will be successful. The actual procedure itself is very complicated, and two teams of skilled medical professionals (a total of 150 doctors) are needed for this to work. It will take place in China on an unselected Chinese national (who may be announced prior to the publication of this edition of the Avanti). They will first make deep incisions in each patient’s neck, and each muscle will be colour-coded for linkage. The spinal cord will be cut with diamond nanoblades, and both of the patients’ spinal cords will be cut at the same time as the last step before the actual procedure itself. The recipient’s head must be cooled down to -15 degrees Celsius and transferred to the donor’s body in less than an hour to ensure that there is as little brain damage as possible. All of the tissues will be adjusted and fused again for an unspecified amount of time (which is most likely going to be very long), and after that, over a period of 15-30 minutes, the recipient’s head will be rewarmed by blood and other chemicals such as chitosan-PEG glue. The procedure is estimated to last 36 hours and will cost $11 million. After the operation, the recipient of the body will remain in a medically induced coma for 3-4 weeks so as to ensure that his body functions well, and he will take chronic medication to supress his immune system, since it will attack the new body and treat it like a nasty infection or illness. It is a very controversial topic in the world of science at the moment, seeing as each outcome promises so many different options for us to consider, if we were to perform our own head transplants in the near future. It is a very mind boggling thing to think about, and even if it does turn out to be a failure, it has compelled many individuals to become more open-minded and inventive when it comes to discovering alternative methods and remedies in the medical field.For now, however, we have to wait patiently until December to see if the world will mind if a mad scientist tries to prove that two heads are better than one.



Cilmie Geyer


Met inspirasie gegrond op werklike studente se ervarings, verskillende weergawes en talle navorsing, het Britt Hindley en Mia Pentz die aangrypende toneelstuk, Room for another truth tydens die One-act Play Festival die eerste keer voorgestel en die hele skool in rep en roer gehad. Die algehele produksie, Room? is dus deur hulle geïnspireer. As jy nie die 16de of 17de Mei die produksie bygewoon het nie, het jy ‘n belewenis deur jou vingers laat glip. Binne een uur is talle persepsies in ‘n oogwink verander, deur middel van‘n kragtige boodskap wat oorgedra is. Die stuk handel oor ‘n diverse, moderne groep studente, wat deur georganiseerde protesaksies wil opstaan vir hulle regte: #FeesMustFall – en hulle pogings om ander jeugdiges te betrek by die beweging. Hulle streef daarna om ‘n verlaging in, of kwytskelding van, tersiêre onderriggelde te bewerkstellig. Dit lei egter tot ‘n reeks tragiese gebeure, dreigemente en die uitdaging om te bly staan vir dit waarin hulle glo. Die plan was egter nóóit dat geweld moes uitbreek nie. Nadat Britt se eenbedryf as wenstuk van die eenbedryfkompetisie aangewys is, het die verwerking en slypingsproses begin. Mev. Pedro en mej. van Heerden het met laataandsessies en koppe-bymekaarsittegnieke (moontlik oor ‘n pizza en ‘n glasie wyn?) ‘n suksesvolle teks geskryf, waarin persepsie-verandering die kern is. Die harde werk het begin met oudisies, oefensessies en kleedrepetisies en met die hulp van ‘n hardwerkende “backstage-crew” is die produsie op die planke gebring. Elke toneelspeler het haar rol met oorgawe vertolk en het as skakels gedien om algeheel die gehoor te beïnvloed deur die vermaaklike produksie. Hierdie produksie het talle pouse-debatte ontlok en ons opnuut laat besef dat die lewe beslis nie ‘n volmaanpiekniek is nie. Beurse is skaars en lenings is volop, maar die ekonomie druk en die lewe daarbuite is ...MOEILIK! Om in ‘n see van skuld (gepekel met rente) te moet aanhou swem, is nie maklik nie. Die feit van die saak is, laer of gratis tersiêre onderriggelde, kan ons jeug help om die grootmenswêreld te betree – sónder die vloek van skuld. Is dit werklik te veel gevra? Die boodskap is oorgedra deur die gehoor te laat lag en selfs

Is my “reg” dalk jou “verkeerd”? En wat is uiteindelik die “regte”waarheid? Of is die waarheid net ‘n leuen?

‘n traantjie te laat pik. Die hele doel met Room?, is om mense te wys hoe hulle soms optree in situasies en ook wat die student se ware stem agter die proteste is. Daar is soveel van ons wat net die optogte en #feesmustfall-beweging miskyk, vir waarvoor dit eintlik begin is. Dit het ook verskillende situasies waarin mense daagliks geplaas word uitgebeeld en die onregverdigheid van mense se optredes teenoor ander beklemtoon. Dis soms maklik om te veroordeel, maar ons moet mekaar die geleentheid bied om ook ons verskeie opinies te lewer. Ons het sulke vasgestelde idees van wat “reg” en “verkeerd” is, dat ons soms nie plek maak vir ‘n ander waarheid nie. Ons raak soms vasgevang in ons eie, gebonde persepsies en sosiale media se ideale. Dit het almal in die gehoor geraak en ook laat dink aan hoe ons soms net op ons eie situasies fokus en nie die groter prentjie in ag neem nie. Dit het mense laat wonder of hulle wel plek kan maak vir ander persepsies en verandering in denkpatrone oor sekere kwessies. Dat daar wel ‘n gesig agter elke storie is, verwyderd van ons eie realiteit. Dat die antwoord op die versoeningsvraag lê en dat ons soms bereid moet wees om met ‘n oop gemoed te luister, al stem ons nie altyd almal saam nie. Hierdie hartroerende produksie is afgesluit met ‘n musiekvideo, waarin ons eie Larries hulle menings gelig het oor hulle veranderingsproses met die betrokkenheid in die produksie. Dit is natuurlik begelei deur ons eie musikante en sangeres, Danielle de Villiers. Room? het definitief ieder en elk laat dink aan hulle eie karakter in hul lewensverhaal en dat dit “okay” is om nie dieselfde te dink of te glo as ander nie, maar mekaar steeds in ag te neem. Dit is dalk waarin ware skoonheid opgesluit lê, in ons verskille. Ons moet net plek maak vir ‘n waarheid, anders as ons eie. Mej. van Heerden en mev. Pedro se inspirerende gedagtes is weergegee in die “Room-cast”. Dié twee juffrouens het werklik hulle passie op papier gesit en kwessies aangespreek wat mense diep geraak het en mense ‘n persepsieverandering laat ondergaan het. “If there’s one piece of advice I can give, it’s to write your scripts and get on stage next year again! I hope you’ve realized you’ve changed lives”...-Britt Hindley-


The art of fashion Josephine Bellmunt

For many of us what we wear is redundant. The usual swag pants and Uggs is the most comfortable and so we pride ourselves in who can get the most creative with the pattern on their swaggies, I’m proud to say I own the emoji variety. Many of you don’t care about fashion and mainly see the seriously skinny models and think that’s all there is to it, when in fact it is so much more. Not to mention that the rise of the plus size model which is a big phenomenon and its changing the world for the better. Many plus sized models have done work for Sports Illustrated and Calvin Klein. Fashion is in the sky, street and it has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening. To be fair, I don’t think that it is all what it used to be. Fashion is an art and like with many art forms it is a forever changing whirlwind of colour, fabrics, textures and trends. Many of the designers are like artists painting and sculpting on the models body, plus size included. So let’s talk about up and coming trends taking the fashion world by storm. Double denim seems to be making a huge comeback from its well lived success in the 1980s. With the likes of Dior, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartny showcasing how to dress with this cowboy essential. Denim shirts and jeans are a staple but I’m not sure how I feel about them being put together. Another trend that seems to be sneaking its way back on the backs of some of the world’s most famous people is leopard print. I agree, dress this print with a toned down jacket and boots and you can’t go wrong. Dolce and Gabbana have also released their ranges that prowled their way down the catwalks. Just be careful not to overdo it to the point of people having to debate on whether you’re a cheetah or a leopard. Next on the list is cosy knits. A favourite to pair with the afore mentioned swaggies, these babies can be dressed up or down and are super comfy. Next are the checks. Don’t worry no green blood will be split here. (Insert GHS shell here) In the midst of rediscovering that the 90s had some pretty ace trends, comes the geometric check; used especially in blazers or jackets the tartan check really seems to be making a well-deserved come back, just remember less is more. A famed brand who loves playing with patterns is Gucci, pairing one of their examples with a lime green leotard. Art is art. Last but not least is plastic. This seems to be making a steady rise on the trend’s list especially in trench coat form. I say go for it. There’s nothing worse than having an adorable outfit that you have to ruin with a plain beige trench coat, this way, people still see your painting. These are all just suggestions though. Again in the wise words of Chanel, “A woman’s clothing truly reflects what’s on the inside.” And I encourage all our readers to embrace their love for the art even if it is in swag pants and dress how they feel on the inside.



Memes We all follow some or other type of meme account on Instagram and/or Facebook @daquan, @ieatmexicans, @3.14159265358979323846264,@perfect. sayings or just the classic @memes,. It has become a form of communication now. Memes are captioned photos that intend to ridicule some human behaviour and can also be as video or verbal expressions. These may be relatable, they can also be rather discriminatory. I know we like to avoid the subject, but many of the memes we see online are derogatory and often very offensive. Memes can be philosophical, humorous or just plain cute. I find that my preference, along with most others are humorous memes. We all have that one friend that we tag in “dank”, “savage “or “lit” memes or even have different friends for different genres of memes. Yes: that’s right. Memes have progressed so much that there are different genres. For example, the content found on @hoodclips page is not the same as that of @daily.teenfeed or @relationships.usa . Different strokes for different folks. The world of memes is noteworthy for two reasons: it is a worldwide social phenomenon, and memes behave like a mass of infectious flu- and cold viruses, traveling from person to person quickly via social media. Memes have such a strong social impact that you can now follow a degree in memes from the “Department of Internet Memeology and Medill” at the North Western University in Chicago.


Have you ever seen a meme trend? These trends start off as funny and you will notice that many memes have the same picture with a different caption. Soon it dominates your feed and tempts you to explore even further. This, my friends, is a meme trend. Let me give you some examples: “Salt Bae” (the guy throwing salt over steak), “Roll Safe”, (you now, the guy tapping his head) and even the very annoying “Cash me ousside” girl. All of these are prime examples of meme trends. So maybe you send memes to your crush hoping they’ll finally notice you for what you are: a way too extra meme queen, or maybe you use it to hide your insecurities, or maybe you just use them when the conversation runs dry on a group chat. Memes are a big part of our lives as members of generation Z. Whatever your opinion, they are a social phenomenon that I reckon are here to stay for quite a while. But do not under any circumstances pronounce it as “meemees”. Triple tap to save this article.

Gabi Prout (Meme Expert)

Dear Qoohme Users: Take the time to read this, please.

For those of you who don’t know, “Qoohme” is a website which requires no login details or much admin. If you know the username of the person of interest you can anonymously ask any question. Their replies will be visible on their profile for anyone to read. There is nothing wrong with the concept, but many young people with hormonal changes and “teenager syndromes” are the frequent users. Let’s just say the majority of the questions asked are insensitively and crude. I’m pretty sure the minds behind the website are technically inclined and deserve acknowledgement for their I.T skills, however for the sake of those who do not use the site wisely, I want to write this because I care about the feelings of others and I appreciate being informed when I’m blind to something I should know about. There is a definite lack of privacy and motive for the using the website that needs some altering. Unfortunately, by putting the responsibility in the hands of the users to keep it interesting in a clean and fun way it is a failed attempt at this guideline from the “Qoohme” website. Sadly it has become a platform for gossip, harassment and bullying. People intentionally (or unintentionally), falsely build people up or really break them down for their absurd social desires. Many naive users are facing the somewhat, psychologic but UNNECESSARY effects. How would you or do you feel inwardly if someone tells you kill yourself, or insinuates that they’d like to sleep with you? Most of the time people aren’t even that concerned with what they answer so PUBLICLY but are more desperate for an audience. A permanent spotlight is not always healthy, and petty drama that turns into backstabbing, that turns into hurt is truly not what we need centered in our chaotic lives as young people. A distinct need for constant attention, approval and social validation was developed in our world.

To the people who think the dangers are truly minor within this whole facade, just remember that it is also extremely embarrassing to know that people, so many over the age of 16 choose to waste their time answering absolutely meaningless compliments about their physical state or inappropriate questions that have nothing to do with them! Create your own fulfillment in life, seek inner beauty within the minds of people you allow yourself to get to know in person. You’ll only feel emptiness by seeking your worth in people online, especially as they are the ones who are curious and do not actually care. Why do you need an audience to share everything with? What is even more embarrassing is that you choose whether or not to answer the questions so that those that do get answered are on display to everybody, which just proves a lack of self-consent and an incredibly disagreeable ego as you feel the need for everybody to “know all about you”. Sending out personal content in an open and very public environment should be moderated and selective. This needs to be taught especially to the younger generation. I feel so sorry for the younger millennials, they’ve been born into a generation where media and technology is completely normal and they are the first to look past the dangers and how self destructive their actions are towards themselves or their peers. “Qoohme” is the kind of site where if things go wrong, they have lasting consequences. Please be wise online. Enjoy the luxury of social media by treating others with the same respect as you would face to face. Always be considerate and remember that people aren’t all that they post to be. “If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

Britt Hindley


Oorlewing van jou Rok, skoene, kar, pre, DATE! Dit is elke jaar die grootste onderwerp van bespreking onder die matrieks in die gange van die skool. ‘n Gesprek wat aanvanklik in die Afrikaansklas met ‘Onderwêreld’ begin, maar gou-gou afwyk na meer ernstige sake, soos die kleur van jou rok of die probleem dat jy miskien langer as jou metgesel gaan wees. Matriekafskeid oorheers alle gesprekke en ek het altyd gedink dit is “overrated,” maar nou is ek hier en ek verstaan al te goed. Ons het dit goed gedink om van die onderwysers te vra wat hulle ervarings was, want eens op ‘n tyd, nie so baie lank gelede nie, was hulle ook daar.

1. Hoe kies mens die regte metgesel vir jou matriekafskeid? het Meneer enige raad vir ons.

5. Waarvoor was Juffrou die bangste vir Juffrou se matriekafskeid?

“Eerstens, dit moet iemand wees waarmee jy baie goed oor die weg kom. Vra iemand wat gaan bydrae tot jou genot van die aand en jou nie gaan verveel nie.” – Meneer Botha

“Dat ek dalk kon val of my rok skeer of iets” – Juffrou Smith

2. Wie was “die ou” wat al die meisies na die matriekafskeid toe wou dra?

6. Was daar enige “modeblabse” by Juffrou se matriekafskeid?

“Daar was nie ‘een’ ou nie – almal was maar lekker vriende” – Juffrou Wigmore

“Darem nie my eie nie, maar daar was ‘n meisie met ‘n rok vol ‘fake’ spinnekoppe en ‘n heks-hoed. Yikes!” – Juffrou Wigmore

3. Hoe het Meneer, Meneer se metgesel na die matriekafskeid gevra? “Met ‘n vraag wat gevorm was deur woorde” – Meneer Spies 4. Wat is die grootste ding wat meeste mense verkeerd doen as dit kom by matriekafskeid? “Om ‘anders’ te wil wees. Tydloos is altyd die regte antwooord. Onthou dat jou kinders eendag hierdie foto’s gaan sien… Jy wil trots voel oor jou keuse van ‘n rok en sy kleur 10, 20, 30 jaar later.” – Meneer Botha


7. Wat is Meneer se top drie wenke as dit kom by die kies van die regte rok? • “Moenie dit waaroor jy selfbewus voel méér beklemtoon nie” • ”Kies ‘n kleur wat die beste by jou velkleur pas.” • Die rok moet nie te ‘besig’ wees nie - Meneer Botha 8. As Juffrou die matriekafskeid kon oor hê, wat sou juffrou wou verander? “My rok, ‘n mens se smaak verander en jy sien altyd ander goed waarvan jy meer hou” – Juffrou Smith

u matriekafskeid!

9. Beskryf Juffrou se rok in drie woorde. “Ek haat dit!” – Juffrou Wigmore 10. As Meneer weer die matriekafskeid kon oor hê, sou Meneer iets wou verander? “Die teenwoordigheid van onderwysers” – Meneer Spies 11. Wat was die tema van Meneer se matriekafskeid en wat was op die spyskaart? “My matriekafskeid was in Bloemfontein Stadsaal gehou. Die tema: Matriekafskeid – hoe oorspronklik. Die spyskaart was so vervelig dat ek dit skaars kan onthou.” – Meneer Botha 12. Het Juffrou enige ‘embarrassing’ oomblikke gehad gedurende die aand? “Nee, maar daar was te min kos so almal het nie gekry nie. Fail! En die fotograaf het ‘n fout gemaak en die official foto’s van die aand verloor.” – Juffrou Wigmore 13. Wat was Meneer se gunstelingliedjie om op te sokkie? “Ek was in ‘n Engelse skool, so daar was nie baie Afrikaanse liedjies gespeel nie. Omdat ek Afrikaans was het ek die temalied, Kaptein – Kurt Darren - gekry” – Meneer Spies

My beste raad wat ek sonder enige ervaring kan gee is: “Don’t stress the small things. Jy bepaal jou eie uitkyk oor jou matriekafskeid.” Of dit nou goed of sleg is, dit is herinneringe wat jou nog jare gaan bybly.

Evette Smith


Hot Chocolate Recipes F To Keep You W France: Le Chocolat Chaud Ingredients: •1 1/2 cups whole milk •1/2 cup heavy cream •2 teaspoons powdered sugar •1/2 teaspoon espresso powder (optional, but delicious. Will intensify chocolate flavour) •8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, at least 70%, chopped* •Giant bowl of whipped cream, for serving Directions 1. In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, whisk together the whole milk, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and espresso powder until small bubbles appear around edges. Do not allow the mixture to boil. 2. Remove from saucepan from heat and stir in the chopped chocolate until melted, returning the sauce to low heat if needed for the chocolate to melt completely. Serve warm, topped with lots of whipped


From Around the World Warm This Winter: Philippines: Tsokolate Ingredients •4 cups milk •1 (7 ounces) tablea cacao •2 tablespoons peanut butter

Directions 1. In a pot over medium heat, heat milk just until bubbles begin to form around the edge and steam begins to rise from the milk. Stir regularly to prevent film layer from forming. 2. Add the tablea and continue to cook, stirring regularly, until completely dissolved. Add peanut butter and stir until dissolved. If using sugar, add at this point. 3. Transfer into a serving pot. Twirl batidor in chocolate mixture for about 2 to 3 minute or until frothy. If using a mechanical frother, insert frother whisk into serving pot and holding at a slight angle, turn on and move up and down for about 30 to 40

India: Chai Hot Chocolate Ingrediants •1 cup milk or soy milk •1 cup water •1/2 teaspoon ground ginger •1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon •1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom •1 whole clove •1 whole black peppercorn Directions 1. Take two mugs and place one tablespoon of white chocolate into each. Set aside. 2. Place milk and water into a small saucepan. Whisk in the spices. Place over medium heat and allow to slowly come to a boil. Whisk occasionally. 3. As soon as the mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat to low and remove the clove and peppercorn. 4. Whisk vigorously to distribute the spices and create foam on top. Remove from heat. 5. Pour half of the milk mixture into each of the mugs. Stir to melt the white chocolate. Spoon some of the foam onto the top of each and serve.

Michaela de Lima






-Sunet Verhoef-

Almal van ons hoor deesdae die gepruttel oor die slegte ekonomiese toestand van ons land, die politici en veral die ongelukkigheid oor die president. Verset blyk aan die orde van die dag te wees met #allerhandedingewatmoetval wat talle Suid-Afrikaners se ongelukkigheid verkondig. Tog neem baie van ons ‘n apatiese houding aan: “‘Whatever,” sê ons. Dis ernstige sake waaraan ons, as tieners, geen verskil sal kan maak nie en die grootmense moet dit maar uitsorteer. Dis egter nie die volle waarheid nie. Ons kan 'n verskil maak. ‘n Wyse waarop ek en jy 'n verskil kan maak, is om aan debatte met ons vriende deel te neem, belangrike kwessies deur middel van kuns, digkuns, toneelstukke, musiek of stories uit te beeld of selfs aan proteste deel te neem- jou opinie tel. In die Aprilvakansie het die #zumamustfall-proteste plaasgevind. Duisende mense oral in Suid-Afrika van alle ouderdomme, rasse en sosiale klasse het deelgeneem om standpunt in te neem teen die optrede van preident Zuma. Die meeste mense het swart aangetrek en groot baniere gemaak. ‘n Paar leerlinge van Hoër Meisieskool La Rochelle het deelgeneem om te bewys dat enigiemand 'n verskil kan maak aan 'n saak, al is dit hoe klein. Die Avanti het met n paar van hulle onderhoude gevoer. ‘n Paar antwoorde wat uitgestaan het is die volgende: “I know that the prtests did not have the deJacob Zuma did not resign, but I think that that South Africans are dissatisfied and are fying experience for South Africa-which was a (Emma Louw)

sired outcome, in the sense that President the protests certainly sent out a message willing to take a stand. It was also a uni-

“Protesting is a very effective method of drawalso petition and make use of art forms such (Jessica Louw)

ing attention to your cause, but one can as drama, music and artworks.”

“As a high school learner, I can make a differpolitical views through joining debating. An friends would be by starting a Facebook can discuss politics.” (Gaby Vezasie)

ence by educating other learners about example of how to share thoughts with page or a Instagram feed where people

“I think people protest too often, so it is portant.” (Emma van der Bergh)

overlooked when it is for something im-

Dit sal wonderlik wees as die Larries in


great feeling.”

die toekoms, saam, h u l stemme kan hef teen onreg in die samelewing. Soos Gaby Vezasie sê: “The world is not perfect, you have to speak out.”

Drops of wisdom Imagine getting home on a cold winter’s day and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, simply imagine your favourite home cooked meal. None of this would be possible without water. Throughout the past few months we have all seen and heard so many articles about our current water crisis. We know that our water levels are still low, despite the recent rain we had in the Western Cape. Many of us hear this on a daily basis, but do nothing about it. Not because we don't want to, but because we don't necessarily know how. As teenages we can’t necessarily implement our own grey water systems, however there are many little ways we can make a diffe ence in what we do everyday. You know those 20 minute long showers you’ve been having? STOP! You’re probably spending most of your time in there putting on a perf ormance for your shower head anyway. Why not just turn the water off and perform in front of your mirror instead. At least this way you can actually see how much your “audience” is enjoying your performance (and you can keep telling yourself what a star you are). I’m not saying you need to completely abandon your no.1 fan (your shower head). Why not choose a song that is maximum 5 minutes and use that

Amy wood

as your warm up before your main per formance in front of your mirror. This way you can know exactly when it’s time to hop out of the shower.

For you girls with beautiful thick hair, the whole idea of a 5 minute shower may prove a bit more difficult than it sounds. Your thick hair takes a bit longer to wash than thin hair like mine. Once again there is a simple solution. While washing your hair just turn off the water. This is an easy way to save plenty of running water. Almost every teenager’s room has what we call the chair. The chair can be any chair in your room that no matter how hard you try to keep it clean it always ends up piling up with clothes. I don’t know about you but my mom complains about my chair at least once a week. Now that we are in a drought you can use the fact that we shouldn’t be wasting water by washing all our clothes unnecessarily as a perfect reason to make use of the chair. Only wash your clothes if they need to be washed. For example if you have only worn a hoodie once wait until you wear it at least once more before you wash it. For those of us who enjoy a relaxing bath every now and then, instead of running the water until it is hot and then putting inthe plug rather put the plug in then run the water so you don’t waste any water. Having a pet isn’t always fun and games, especially when it’s your duty to make sure they always have food and water. Even though it can be seen as a negative chore it can also be seen as an opportunity for you to save a few drops of water. When giving your pet a new bowl of water pour the old waterinto the garden instead of throwing it down the drain. By doing these things every day we can all do our part in protecting this precious resource.


FLIP To Plett or Emma Louw To Plett, or not to Plett; that is the question on many of our minds as matrics and anticipating school-leavers. Even as a grade 10 or 11 student you might be starting to consider your different after-school-celebration-options (okay perhaps you should first focus on getting through matric, but hey – we all need a little motivation every now and then!) So buckle up, sit tight and keep reading as I tell you why Plett is simply the place to be. For the few of you who are unfamiliar with the Plett Rage Phenomenon, it’s basically the mass exodus of newly graduated matrics from all around the country to the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay for a week of celebration, festivity and partying. This year the annual jol will be taking place from 1-8 December and what a party it promises to be! Now you might be wondering: What is all the hype about?and Is Plett Rage really as fabulous as it is cracked up to be?Well, having not actually attended the Plett Rage Festival myself, I’ve had to turn to some Plett Rage Alumni for information, and have come to the conclusion that the thrilling vibe of Plett Rage is truly an experience like no other. The air is aflame with the feverish excitement of thousands of celebrating matriculants, the feeling of utter freedom is

228| NEWS

mind-blowing, and above all else, Plett is a celebration, an experience that you share, not only with your friends andschool mates, but with matric students from all around South Africa. And let”s be honest, if you don’t go you will certainly suffer a serious bout of FOMO (fear of missing out)! There seems to be a misconception that Plett Rage is only about partying and getting intoxicated. It is almost as if there is a big, red warning button that gets pressed in the brains of parents and concerned elders at the mention of the words Plett Rage . Drinking is certainly part of it; and it would be naïve to claim otherwise, however Plett is about so much more than just that. Tim Dun, a 2016 Rondebosch matriculant said: I’m not the biggest party animal and don’t drink much at all, yet I still had an insane time, so even people who don’t drink at all will enjoy it! The DJs are fantastic, the clubs are pumping and the festival grounds and facilities are fantastic. During the day there are games on the beach and beach clubs, you can go hiking, swimming or just spend the day relaxing with your friends and unwinding after your tough finals. The security is first-rate, making it safe to walk around at any time and the included bus service provides transport along predetermined bus routes, to prevent any irresponsible driving. In a nutshell, the Plett Rage, is a week

where you can just unwind and celebrate having completed 12 years of school, before the start of university or whatever lies ahead for you. It is a time that you can spend bonding and growing closer to your group of friends and it is a week where you can forget about your pending results and just enjoy being young and free. Ren MacCormack from Footloose words it perfectly: All us teenagers, pretty soon were gonna be just like you. We’re gon-

na have to worry about our own children because that is the job of a parent. To worry. I get that. But ours as teenagers, is to live!


Not to Plett...? Sammy Chordnum If you are looking for ways to spendrelaxing quality time with your friends before you go your separate ways into the future – The Plett Rage Student Festival is not the place for you. Dear friends, I would suggest that you go to Plett if you meet the following qualificatioms: 1)You have a liver the size of a 10 l bottle. 2 ) Yo u have a bank account consisting of way to many zeros and. 3) You c a n count b a c k f r o m 10 in French after 6 consecu t i v e tequila shots. D a r lings, plett is not for the faint hearted, it is for those of you that have been professionally experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes from the tender age of 15.

Students and matriculates are constantly complaining of their lack of money and spending funds and fees that are way too high but then don’t think twice about spending way more than a grand on drinking festivals. Life is expensive, Plett is expensive and registration fees are seriously expensive. You don’t just pay for your Plett Rage ticket, you pay for petrol, your uber (because who is going to be sober enough to drive), your accommodation, your food, your drinks, your data (how else are you going to contact the uber) you pay for all these things over the course of 7 days. Not to mention your parents might still be recovering from your matric ball, Clifton, your R5000 All Girls’ trip, your trip to America for Athletics, your trip to George for Netball, or the thousands of rands you have been spending on clothes and fine dining with your new born 18 year old friends, or application fees to universities not to mention the ridiculously high registration fees when 2018 starts. If you know your parent ’s are financially sensitive, maybe scratch Plett Rage off your bucket list. Besides, there is still Rocking the Daisies, Sunflower, Jungala, Ipotsiyo, Pop bottles and many more festivals. But it’s Plett mom, I just can’t miss it, it’s going to be so much fun you cry t o y o u r

mom as if you have been going to this rage for 6 consecuti ve years and it is a family tradition. You have never been so I am sure your FOMO will only last for about 48 hours. You have never been so how do you know how much fun it really is? (questions to ask yourself). I will close my argument w ith the following protip: if you are conservative and cringe at the site of too-shortshort-skirts Plett is not the place for you, think carefully girls and boys, because I have two words for you.

BUM CHEECKS lots and lots of BUM CHEECKS.



Mikah Slabbert

4 VINNIGE VRAE: Gunstelingkos: Sushi Gunsteling manier om te “procrastinate”: Om series te kyk Gunstelinghandelsmerk: Dit is ʼn moeilike een, want daar is so baie om van te kies. Een van my gunstelinge is Mevrou&Co. Hulle maak die coolste T-hemde. Gunstelingwoord: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! WATTER PROJEKTE BEPLAN JY VIR DIE RES VAN DIE JAAR? Ek is besig om ʼn pretloop te reël. Die toegangsfooie gaan gebruik word om slaapsakke te koop vir die kindertjies by Ma’s-vir-Wellington. Dit is een van hulle projekte. HET JY OOIT GEDINK DAT JY EENDAG AAN MEJ. LA ROCHELLE SOU DEELNEEM? Nee. Oor die algemeen hou ek nie van sulke “girly” goed nie en ek het ook nie gedink ek sal inkom nie. Toe ek genomineer is, het ek maar net besluit om dit te geniet en ʼn paar meisies te leer ken wat ek nie so goed ken nie. Ek het gedink dit sal ʼn goeie geleentheid wees om betrokke te raak by ʼn projek en meer mense daaroor bewus te maak. WAT HET DEUR JOU KOP GEGAAN 10 MINUTE VOOR JY OP DIE VERHOOG MOES WEES? Ek het gedink dit gaan angswekkend wees en dat ek naar sou word van stres, maar ek was meer opgewonde. Baie dankie aan al die finaliste daarvoor. Ek dink omdat hulle so ʼn wonderlike groep meisies is, het dit die spanning ʼn bietjie verlig.


HET JY ENIGE RAAD AAN DIE MEISIES WAT VOLGENDE JAAR GAAN DEELNEEM? Dit klink soos ʼn cliché, maar geniet dit net. Dit klink onmoontlik, maar die aand voel net 30 minute lank. Moenie te ernstig wees oor die kompetisie nie, want dit gaan maak dat die hele proses net stresvol is. Geniet die oefening, want dis waar jy die ander meisies leer ken en vriendskappe bou. Bring pleisters saam, want jou voete gaan seer raak van die heeltyd hakke dra. Wees net jouself, want anders sien mense reg deur jou. As jy net jouself is, het mense vir jou respek en dit laat jou 10 keer mooier lyk. Dis ʼn voorreg om deel te wees van hierdie kompetisie – dis nie jou reg nie. Onthou om te glimlag en oefen die dansies. As jy genomineer word, doen dit – dis baie lekker! WAT IS JOU “MOTTO” VIR DIE LEWE? “Be a voice, not an echo.” HOE HET JY AAN JOU IDEES VIR JOU PROJEKTE GEKOM? My ma is al vir jare betrokke by Ma’s-vir-Wellington. So toe ek ‘n projek kon kies, het ek een gekies wat klaar naby aan my hart was. WIL JY MOONTLIK DIE ANDER FINALISTE OOK DEEL MAAK VAN JOU PROJEKTE? Definitief, ek glo vele hande maak ligte werk. So as ons enige groot projekte het, hoop ek dat die ander finaliste sal inspring KAN JY JOU MEJ. LA ROCHELLE ERVARING IN EEN WOORD OPSOM? “Astonishing!” WAT WAS VIR JOU DIE LEKKERSTE DEEL VAN MEJ. LA ROCHELLE? Die “backstage” gedeeltes tussen die optredes waar al die meisies aantrek, lag en mekaar kalmeer of vertel wat nounet gebeur het. Dis regtig “super” kosbaar.

Elouise Lourens

“n v

e k k a a k ui t die boonste r Elouise Lourens

Dit is amper weer tyd vir die graad neges om vakke te kies. Dit is n baie moeilike besluit wat verder gekompliseer word deur vakke soos Gasvryheidstudies wat baie lekker lyk om te neem –veral omdat n mens als kan eet wat in die klas voorberei word. (AlleLarries weet mos hoe aaklig dit is om op nnugter maag verby die gasvryheidstudieklas te loop. Die ongelo oflike geure wat by Kamer 32 in die lug hang, laat pouse gewoonlik ligjare ver voel.) Meeste van ons het in Graad agt en nege nie regtig geweet wat Gasvryheidstudies behels nie –en n klomp weet steeds nie. Ons staar net in verwondering na die manjifieke disse wat in roomysbakke by die klas uitgedra word. Binne die toerisme- en gasvryheidsbedryf is daar talle wonderli ke beroepe om te volg (dink maar aan hotelbestuur, geleentheidsbeplanner en uitvoerende sjef). Selfs as jy nie die vak as n trappie op jou persoonlike loopbaanleertjie sien nie, kan dít wat die vak jou leer die grootmenswêreld effens makliker maak. Ons almal gaan eendag op ons eie twee voete moet staan: party van ons gaan dalk vir n ruk op ons eie bly, ander beplan om te trou en ons almal het n vriendekring. En as jy nie jou ma hoef te bel elke keer as jy wil weet hoe om n eier vir jouself, manlief of jou maters te kook nie, behoort jou grootmens-stresvlakke aansienlik laer te wees. In die Gasvryheidstudieklas sal jy waardevolle lewensvaardighede leer: van eksotiese

kook- en baktegnieke (nee, nie die gewone bak-en-brou nie) tot hoe om as onthaaldiva uit te blink. Jy hoef glad nie te weet hoe om te kook voordat jy by die gasvryheidstudieklas instap nie! Juffrou Kramer vertel met n breë glimlag van n Larrie vir wie sy moes leer hoe om die stoof aan te sit, wat nog te sê van kook. Juffrou is mal daaroor om n kind wat niks weet van kosmaak nie te help om teen die einde van matriek

“Die pad na meeste mense se harte loop mos maar deur hul mae...”

n sukses van die vak te maak en om kom buisvaardig die wêreld in te gaan. Daar is geen vereistes om die vak in Graad 10 te neem nie. Een keer n week sal jy n demonstrasie sien waarna jy die volgende oggend self die gedemonstreerde dis moet maak. Daar is ook teorielesse en nou en dan besoek n gekwalifiseerde sjef die klas om iets eksoties voor te berei. Juffrou Kramer se wenresep vir Gasvryheidstudies is om dit wat daar in teorie geleer word, suksesvol toe te pas tydens praktiese assesserings en om dit te geniet. Oorweeg dit om Gasvryheidstudies op jou vakkeusebladsy te omkring. Die Larrie-sjefs waarmee ek gepraat het, is baie dankbaar vir die geleenthede wat die vak hulle bied. Hulle geniet wat hulle doen en is van die opinie dat hulle baie hierby gaan baat, hetsy as n kelnerin, sjef, vriendin of vrou. Die pad na meeste mense se harte loop mos maar deur hul mae.

NEWS |25

blast from the past From a La Rochelle “DRUM MAJORETTE” to the managing director of Condé Nast Independent Magazines. The Avanti had an interview with Michelle Fenwick

WHAT IS THE JOB OF A MANAGING DIRECTOR OF CONDé NAST AND WHICH MAGAZINE BRANDS ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR? The simplest way of explaining – to effectively manage and guide various teams within the company – from editorial, advertising, circulation, digital, productions, marketing and finance to ensure a well-run profitable business. Ensuring the business is constantly evolving, developing the brands to keep up with the rapid pace of digital and technological advancement. We publish three core magazine brands: GQ, which includes GQ Style, CN House and Garden includes gourmet and design directory and lastly Glamour with Glamour Hair as a brand extension. All titles extend their brand footprint with VIP events, reader workshops, award ceremonies and extend to include

26| NEWS

audience engagement across all digital platforms. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST DAY LIKE AT CONDé NAST? Did the interview, got the job… Now I had to move from a quiet Boland town to embrance a career in the big busy city of Cape Town, quite a scary thought at the time! In three months, I had to find accommodation, get a driver’s license and buy a car – reality check – I am all grown up. My big first day - conquering my fear of peak time city traffic. I left two hours in advance to ensure that I would not be late for work, heading out of Rondebosh and on my way, I lost a car mirror, held up half of Cape Town while angry

motorists hooted at me, burst into tears, broke down not believing my bad kharma on my first day . Despite the awful experience that morning, I got to work on time and I am happy to admit since then my driving has definitely improved. WHAT IS A TYPICAL NORMAL DAY IN THE LIFE OF MICHELLE FENWICK? Let’s just say you don’t get a normal day in this job. I have learned over the years that my schedule in my dairy and reality never see eye

to eye. The only thing I know for certain is that crisis management is a certainty and that there is never enough time in my day. Juggling many balls at the same time and the navy and white floral with accents of yellow dress has changed slightly since then, but 25 years later I think it very much still in vogue, accessorized with a leather belt in lieu if my previous fabric one, I believe the dress style has been redesigned into a more simplistic design for the modern day ladies at La Rochelle. WHO WAS THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON YOU HAVE MET? That would be between musicians Michael Jackson or STING! Both of them were an unplanned experience. My one friend worked for BMW and was on call that night. He received a phone call from a client that their car broke down. Going out to assist them and realizing that it was STING and his bodyguards! My friend saved the day and got STING to the concert. They have him two tickets to thank him. I was literally in my pajamas when I got a call that I was going to meet STING and have a VIP dinner with him. He came to pick me up. This was something I could not miss. HOW DO YOU ADAPT TO A MAGAZINE FORMAT IN A DIGITAL AGE, WHERE TECHNOLOGY SUPERCEDES

LEISURELY READING MAGAZINES? We have accepted and adapted to this challenge. Magazines are more than just a paper bound product. They are brands offering experiences to our audience across multiple platforms. Diversifying into more than niche targeted print products, online platforms with reader engagement through eventing and creating communities via social media and loyalty programs – you can engage with the magazine brand at every point in your day. The future of magazines lies in investing in a brand experience for your audience accessible to them at all times.




Larries “Spaan” Saam! Oranjeriviertoer 2017 Water, son, rapids, skaterlag, otters en nogmaals water. Wat meer wil jy hê? Die oggend van 31 April was ons in rep en roer. Nie oor ons rapporte of die skool wat sluit nie, maar omdat ons sterk op pad was Namibië toe. Nadat ons byna al ons padkos al in die Wes-Kaap verslind het, oneindige Uno-kaartspeletjies en die kwartaal se slaap ingehaal het, het ons uiteindelik die grens bereik. Daar het ons reeds besef dat ‘n WARM paar dae vir ons voorlê. By die grens, het ons ‘n paar tegniese probleme met papierwerk ervaar, maar niks kon ons opwinding stuit nie en binne ‘n kwessie van tyd, was ons weer volstoom op pad na Felix Unite River Adventures. Die bussie het nie eers ordentlik stilgehou nie, toe is ons spul soos ‘n klomp visse in die water –Lené Hugo was natuurlik die voorbok. Na ons afkoelsessie, het ons kamp opgeslaan en begin pak vir die vierdag rivieravontuur wat vir ons voorlê. Aandete is deur ons bekwame gidse voorberei, waar ons ook ‘n paar wenke vir die rit ontvang het. Só het ons die eerste aand by die basiskamp onder die Melkweg deurgebring. Die volgende oggend was ons al vroeg


aan die woel om kamp op te slaan en als in orde te kry voordat ons in ons kano’s op die rivier vertrek het. Ons het die oggend ordentlik met n stewige ontbyt begin en tóé begin die groot pak. Die opgewondenheid in die lug was aansteeklik en binne ‘n japtrap was alles en almal in die kano’s gelaai, reg om die waters te “ ons tem! Die son het al hoog gesit toe ons eerste uitdaging op die waters aangedurf het – ‘n 6m sprong vanaf n reusagtige rots. hierdie sprong was vir sommige van ons maar n uitdaging, terwyl ander dit vinnig-vinnig baas geraak het. Nadat almal die taak suksesvol bemeester het, het ons die avontuur op die water voorgesit. Die waterversnellings was groot sports! Dis hier waar die links, regs, links-regs nie altyd so wat wonders saamgewerk het nie en sommige van ons ook ‘n bietjie klippe gekou het. Die Nappy-Runs was ook ‘n hoogtepunt van die avontuur, waar ons die lewensbaadjies onderstebo by ons bene aangetrek het, en só by die versnellings afgeploeter het. Teen 17:00 se kant was die arms al lam, maar die gees nog steeds volop, soos ons die aand se kampterrein bereik het. Ons gids, Altus en sy span, het vyfster maaltye verskaf en ook vir ons bietjie meer van die sterrekonstellasies, sowel as gografiese kenmerke geleer. Badtyd in

Nicola Terblanche die rivierwaters was groot opwinding, só groot dat n baba-otter besluit het om in hierdie pret te deel! En so het ons elke dag die Oranjerivier aangedurf, arms bietjie seer en velle bietjie geskroei, maar ons het volgehou. Die kano genaamd, Jaws het ook meer in ‘n Titanic verander en mnr. Neethling het ‘n nuwe monument tot die Oranjerivier bygedra. Ons het versnellings soos Dead Mans Rapid, Rollercoaster Rapid en die groot meneer, Sjambok ore aangesit. Ons het daagliks ons doodgelag, baie geëet en vrolik gesing, terwyl ons die pragtige natuuskoonheid om ons waardeer het. Die laaste dag het aangebreek en ons moes met groot hartseer die mooie Namibië en sy Oranjerivier groet. Ons het die langpad terug Kaap toe met bruingebrande bene, goed-ontwikkelde armspiere en herinneringe wat ons viraltyd veilig in ons harte sal bewaar, aangedurf. Dit was ‘n toer wat ek beslis vir my mede-Larries sal aanbeveel. Dankie Oranjerivier, ons sien jou gou weer!

jukskei Tamsyn Bouwer - Bosch

Die vraag wat almal vra is: “Wat presies is jukskei?" Die antwoord wat ons baie kry is: "Dis moeilik om te verduidelik of google dit". Maar die een ding wat ons almal sekerlik weet is dat jy dit met n skei, ‘n wynbottel-vormigehout of rubber apparaat speel. Dit word na ‘n sandput met n pen in as jou mikpunt gegooi. Die put is ongeveer 14m van jou af, die doel is om die skei so na as moontlik aan die pen te gooi of om die pen om te gooi. In elke span is daar vier spelers met een reserwe. Die spelers van die verskillende spanne maak beurte om te gooi totdat al die spelers van albei spanne gegooi het. Daar is verskeie reëls wat hierdie sport betref: jou skei mag nie meer as 1.8kg weeg nie, jou pen het ook n sekere massa wat dit nie mag oorskry nie. Jou skei mag ook nie langer as 460mm wees nie. As daar gepraat of enige besluite geneem wil word tydens die spel, moet dit binne ‘n sekere tyd gedoen word. Daar is n klomp verskillende ligas, maar die spelers van La Rochelle speel in die Skole Liga. Uit hierdie liga kies hulle Bolandspanne om aan die Nasionale Juniors te gaan deelneem. Laerskole en hoërskole speel in die liga, maar nie teen mekaar nie. Elke skool skryf gewoonlik twee tot drie spanne in. Daar is ook n klubliga waarin jy kan deelneem, hierdie liga is meer vir die ouers mense, maar daar is ‘n paar kinders wat ook in die klubliga speel. Daar is tog ‘n paar feite oor jukskei wat ek seker is nie elke jukskei-speler weet nie. Soos, die sport het ontstaan tydens die Groottrek toe die Voortrekkers iets gesoek het om te doen. Die sport is tans in Namibië en is besig om ook in die VSA te ontwikkel.

Jukskei is die tweede moeilikste presisiesport in die wêreld. SPORT |29

Penn Relays Geskiedenis & Agtergrond Die Penn Relays is die oudste, asook die grootste, atletiekbyeenkoms in die VSA. Vanjaar was die 123ste keer wat UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) dié byeenkoms gehou het by Franklin Field, in die stad Philadelphia. Jaarliks neem meer as 15 000 atlete by hierdie byeenkoms deel. Dit sluit hoërskole, universiteite, klubs en profesionele atlete in. La Rochelle is die eerste hoërskool wat in die geskiedenis van die kompetisie ‘n span uit Suid-Afrika inskryf. ‘n Span van 10 meisies is ingeskryf, om onderskeidelik aan die 4x100m, 4x400m en driesprong deel te neem. Wilton, Connecticut Net nadat ons geland het op John F. Kennedy lughawe, het ons vertrek na Wilton, waar ons vir die volgende 6 dae sou bly. Met aankoms is ons deur gashere ontvang en hulle het ons na hul onderskeidelike huise geneem, nadat ons ‘n opwindende Lacrosse-wedstryd gekyk het. In die dae wat kom, het ons hard geoefen op die plaaslike skool se baan (elke skool besit ‘n tartanbaan) al was dit soms 9 grade Celsius buite. Ons het hier ook aan ‘n naburige dorp se atletiekbyeenkoms deelgeneem enskoonskip gemaak. Verder het ons die kans gekry om ‘n Amerikaanse skool by te woon en om deur ons gashere bederf te word. New York Ek het nog nie in my lewe 10 meisies so opgewonde gesien nie. Ons het ‘n trein geneem vanaf Flushing Meadows tot in Manhattan. Hier het ons op Grand Central Station (ja, die een van die fliek Madagaskar) afgeklim en middagete geëet. Ons het van daar af gestap na Times Square, Central Park en daarna na die Rockefeller Centre. Elkeen ‘n belewenis op sy eie. Ons het op ‘n ander dag ook die geleentheid gehad om die 9/11 museum te besoek, wat werklik nie in woorde geplaas kan word nie. Dit het iets in ons almal verander. Op ons laaste dag in die VSA, het ons na die bekende Fifth Avenue gegaan om inkopies te doen. Ons monde het oopgehang in die Victoria’s Secret winkel, veral op die boonste verdieping, waar die Angels se kostuums van die modeparade uitgestal word. Dié dag is afgesluit met ‘n uitmuntende opvoering in Broadway, “School of Rock” en omdat Uber te duur was, is ons in ‘n wit Limo na ons hotel vervoer.

Washington D.C Washington is ‘n stad propvol geskiedenis (en toeriste). Ons het al die bekende monumente, insluitendie die Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, die Pentagon en die White House besoek. Hier het ons gashere ons weer eens bederf en dit was lekker om vir ‘n slag weer buite die groep Afrikaans te hoor. Die tyd om deel te neem het nader en nader begin kom en spanning het begin opbou.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Die tyd het aangebreek. ‘n Dag voor ons byeenkoms het ons in ons luukse hotel ons aflos klere uitgepak. Na ‘n besoek aan die Universiteit om op die baan te oefen (in die reën), het ons rustig ontspan en onsself voorberei vir die dag wat kom. D-Dag Ons 10 het tussen ons opponente begin opwarm. Daar was onbeskryflik baie atlete, maar ten spyte daarvan , het die byeenkoms sonder ‘n enkele vertraging voortgegaan. Ons was byna gediswalifiseer omdat ons aflosklere nie aanvaarbaar was volgens die reëls van die byeenkoms nie, maar die beamptes het ‘n uitsondering gemaak omdat ons 12 000km gereis het om deel te neem. Beide die 4x100m en 4x400m span het hul uitstekend van hul taak gekwyt en het almal wat in Suid-Afrika gekyk het, trots gemaak. Britt Ludick het ook goed in die driesprong gevaar. Dit was regtig ‘n ongelooflike ondervinding om geskiedenis te maak. Ons is baie dankbaar vir alles wat oom André, oom Abe en juffrou Schoeman vir ons gedoen het.

Die span: Tamzyn Bosch (Kaptein), Louise Conradie (Onderkaptein), Jeanne-Marie Rousseau, Isabella Pellisier, Leandra Custodio, Tatum Maher, Britthany Ludick, Micola Soenies, Tonet Tallie en Katinka Louw.

Jeanne-Marie Rousseau


all girls’ Ek het by verskillende meisies van verskillende sport- en kultuurgroepe, wat deel was van All Girls’, gaan aanklop om algemene nuus en ander dinge uit te vind. Die All Girls Festival was weer eens ‘n groot sukses en ek het gaan uitvind presies hoe dit gegaan het. 1. Watter jaar se All Girls’ sal jou altyd bybly en hoekom? (Andrea Lategan, Muurbal, Matriek) Wel, 2015, want dit was aaklig. Daar was ‘n maagvirus wat byna almal getref het. Maar as ek ernstig moet wees, sou ek eerder sê 2017 se All Girls’. Dit was my laaste All Girls’ en ons het baie pret gehad. Elke All Girls’ het sy eie “ups, downs” en “inside jokes,” maar my laaste een was definitief die beste. Van ons moes regkom sonder selfone en ons grootste ondersteuner was Mnr. Spies wat kliphard geskree het. Ons het almal besef dat 2 ure op ‘n lughawe jou nie kan doodmaak nie, maar net baie genot kan verskaf, as jy met die trollie teen die skuinstes afry. Ons het as n span baie goed gedoen. En mekaar ondersteun. Dit was by verre volgens my die lekkerste All Girls’. 2. Wat presies het julle by All Girls’ gedoen? Wat het julle gewen? Wie was julle taaiste kompetisie? (Andrea Barnard, Drama, Matriek) Ons het werkswinkels bygewoon oor film, waar ons geleer het hoe dinge agter die skerms werk en ons het ook oefeninge gehad waar ons self op film gewerk het. Tussendeur die werkswinkels is ons in lukrake spanne verdeel en moes ons n kort “introduction” vir n film skiet, waar ons kon werk met professionele kameras en toerusting. Voor ons gegaan het, moes ons n kort film skiet en daar sou hulle wenners kies. Ons was gelukkig genoeg om tussen al die goeie films die toekenning vir beste kamerawerk te kry. Ons taaiste kompetisie was bykans almal. Almal het soveel moeite gedoen met hulle kortfilms en die storielyne was fantasies en ‘n baie goeie ondervinding. 3. Beskryf jou eerste All Girls’ kortliks. (Nina Everson, Muurbal, Graad 8)My eerste was All Girls’ was ongelooflik lekker. Dit was ‘n wonderlike ervaring en ‘n groot voorreg om deel te kan wees van die groep. Die wedstryde was nogal moeilik, want ek het meestal teen ouer meisies gespeel, maar ek het so baie geleer en dit was ‘n baie goeie ondervinding.


4 . Vertel een of twee snaakse gebeurtenisse wat tydens All Girls’ by die Hokkie of oor die algemeen gebeur het? (Tamson van Rooyen, Hokkie, Matriek) Die snaaksste gebeurtenis was heel moontlik toe Melissa en Tylasakresies met hulle slaapsakkein die koshuisgange gehou het en Tyla vir Melissa gepootjie het dat sy op haar gesig val. In die proses het Tyla ook geval. Dit was ook snaaks toe ons in die winkelsentrum was. Daar was ‘n ou wat probeer opgaan het met die roltrap wat afgaan. Dit het ook veroorsaak dat hy op sy gesig val. 5. Wat het bygedra tot julle uitstekende resultate by All Girls’ ? (Sammy Chordnum, Sêr Groep Matriek) Ons was die enigste groep van die skool wat ‘n plek gekry het by All Girls. In die Con Spirito is daar 18 meisies en dit was baie moeilik om net 10 te kies. Elk van die 18 meisies moes by die Con Spirito-werkswinkel, wat oor twee dae plaasgevind het, sê hoekom hulle All Girls’ wou bywoon en hoe hulle ‘n positiewe bydrae sal maak. Daar was ook van elkeen gevra om hulle menings oor mekaar te lewer. Almal moes hulle self bewys, aangesien al tien basies by All Girls’n solo moes sing. Almal moes uithaal en wys. Die harde werk en die wil om daar te wees en te presteer, het beslis bygedra tot ons sukses.

6. Wat was jou trotsste oomblik wat jy ervaar het by All Girls’? (Georgina Kapa, Netbal, Graad 10) My trotste oomblikke het ek definitief op die baan ervaar toe ons span deurgedruk het tot die bitter einde en heelwat karakter gewys het deur om nooit op to gee nie en hul beste te gee in elke liewe wedstryd. Ons het dit reggekry om as ‘n span te speel wat saam een groot passie vir die sport (Netbal) het. Dit was net ‘n baie goeie geleentheid om ons drome uit te leef en ‘n groot eer om ons skool te verteenwoordig by iets so groot soos All Girls’. .



o-baas bokkies

Die Framesby-interskole bestaan uit La Rochelle en Framesby van Port Elizabeth, dit het twee jaar terug begin. 2015 was die jaar toe die interskole-hokkie nog op die gras gespeel was en Framesby taamlike kompetisie vir La Rochelle was. Dit het bitter gou in 2017 verander, toe die interskole-hokkie weer tuis gespeel is. Saterdag, die 13de Mei, was weer eens ‘n normale hokkie-Saterdag vir die La Rochelle hokkiespelers. Al die A-spanne het hulle wedstryde gewen en die 0/18 B-span het ‘n strawwe wedstryd gelykop gespeel. Die eerstespan het definitief nie teleurgestel nie, al moet ek nou self so sê. Met ‘n skitterende telling van 5-0, het nie net Juffrou Lochner met ‘n groot glimlag op haar gesig langs die veld gesit nie, maar asook Juffrou Schoeman. Trots. Dit is die woord wat die hele ervaring van die Framesby hokkie-interskole opsom. Elke dogter het met trots hulle Larrie-klere langs en op die veld gedra. Die hokkie-interskole van 2017 was sowaar ‘n sukses.




het definitief nie teleurgestel nie


atjie van die netbalbaan

Die Vrydagmiddag het ons al ons “game-face” aangehad.Ons was reg vir Framesby. Om 16h00 het die 0/14 A’s alreeds hul stempel afgedruk. Alhoewel dit maar senutergend was, het hulle gewys wat in hulle steek en ‘n oorwinning van 18-15 behaal. Die 0/16 A’s het ook nie teruggehou nie! Met ‘n uitmuntende telling van 25-15 het hulle die toeskouers op hul voete gehad en vir Framesby laat huis toe verlang. Die eerstespan het werlik ‘n taai stryd opgesit. Elke minuut het getel en daar was van elke geleentheid gebruik gemaak. Framesby het ten einde koning gekraai, ook maar net-net met ‘n telling van 27 teenoor 23 doele. Die volgende oggend was dit ‘n redelike gelykopstryd, met Framesby wat vier wedstryde in hulle guns gehad het en een gelykopwedstryd. Maar dit was die Larries wat uiteindelik seëvier met vyf wedstryde in ons guns! Framesby het 750 km gereis om La Rochelle te kom besoek, waar ons hul hartlik ontvang en laat tuis voel het. Dankie aan alle netbalspelers, afrigters en toeskouers wat saamgewerk het om van hierdie byeenkoms ‘n sukses te maak. Die Larries het beslis sukses behaal!

Nicola Terblanche



Avanti kwartaal 2 2017  

Whether you are travelling, or in bed with a cup of steaming hot chocolate... enjoy the read everyone!

Avanti kwartaal 2 2017  

Whether you are travelling, or in bed with a cup of steaming hot chocolate... enjoy the read everyone!