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CONTENTS Register Now For Sydney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Here’s a Unique Low Risk, High Reward, Mobile Home Business . . . . . . . .5 Act in Haste, Repent At Leisure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Revolutionary Change . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Publicity - A Hidden Goldmine For Your Business And The “Secret” Pathway To Success… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Low Interest Rates. Time To Act . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 A New and More Exciting Way of Getting Into a Your Own Business . . . . .13 FRANCHISES, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES & OTHER RELEVANT COMPANIES

Bartercard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Clean Paint Seal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 EnVie Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100 In the Booth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Portable Building Cash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Poster Faktory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Skinial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 St Clair Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Wendy’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Yogurberry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9




Wendys Broome Wendy's Ice Cream has been a Broome favourite for almost 20 years in the Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre. Suiting both the climate and lifestyle of tourists and locals, the product range is especially popular in Broome. It had the highest company growth for the entire brand in the last financial year and won Franchisee of the Year for 2014 for WA/NT along with other awards. The Wendy's Supa Sundae as a brand is the leading choice in the "treats market" in both Australia and New Zealand, winning the Franchisor of the Year award last year. Wendy's in Broome has an excellent location within the main shopping boulevard directly in front

of Woolworths and includes the latest Wendy's design. An expanding local population and ever increasing popularity as a tourist destination ensures the future success of Wendy's in Broome. Having owned the business for over 9 years, the owners regrettably must move away for family obligations. It would be recommended to anyone looking to combine business and lifestyle in a beautiful, popular location. Business modelling and franchise information is available upon request. This excellent franchise opportunity has stability, high turnover, and support. Please don't hesitate to call anytime to ask about Wendy's in Broome. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $395,000 negotiable - stock included mob 0439 962 022


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Register Now For Sydney & Business Opportunities Expo, including renowned brands such as The Coffee Club, La Porchetta, Minuteman Press, Endota Spa and Poolwerx. Stacey adds that the Melbourne show August 2014 wrapped up a huge year. “We were Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo thrilled with the Registrations have opened online for the crowds of visitors, who genuinely found it Sydney Franchising and Business useful to meet face to face with Opportunities Expo, 27-29 March at the representatives from companies they Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park. were interested in, and to dig deeper into why franchising is such a successful “It promises to be a very exciting event business model,” she says. with even more exhibitors than last year,” says Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey. “Many walked away with clear ideas of “Visitors and exhibitors all love the venue, businesses they would like to invest in, it is so convenient and offers excellent and it’s so exciting to see someone’s access by car or public transport. dream become reality.” As always, a wide range of industries will be represented at the Sydney Franchising

is far more valuable than limiting their research to websites and email. “The entry cost is discounted if you pre-register online, and there is an abundance of information available on every aspect of being your own boss,” she adds. “It’s really time to stop dreaming and start doing.” To pre-register and find out more, go to

Fiona Stacey says she sees many visitors who find meeting exhibitors at the Expo

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo 2015: Sydney: 27-29 March at Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park Brisbane: 18-19 July at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank Melbourne: 21-23 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf


Non Laser Tattoo Removal Franchise Opportunity Non Laser Tattoo Removal is a business concept in the lucrative field of beauty & wellness, which according to the experts is still an area of huge growth compared to other industries. SKINIAL currently offers the most efficient method and is the fast moving technology in the world of tattoo removal today. The Franchise concept “SKINIAL-Non Laser Tattoo Removal” is suited for persons who ideally come from the field of medicine or cosmetics, who are still active in this domain or find it appealing to work in this field.



Territory: Brisbane-West (comprising 41 suburbs with approximately 200,000 residents). This is absolute PRIME TERRITORY.

Design CD, Treatment Forms, SKINIAL T-Shirts, Posters, Miscellaneous bandages, tissues, swabs and patches, disinfectants. 2 bottles of Skinial-Ex and 5 ScarCare creams

Content of Franchise Package: Training Manuals. Access to Intranet with necessary photos and documents. Micropigmentation equipment. Starter Kit including Corporate


bh (07) 3366 0608 4 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0414 517 071


price: $26,000 all inclusive - negotiable

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Here’s a Unique Low Risk, High Reward, Mobile Home Based Business by Susanna Feynman painting, graffiti removal and other side services such as sealing, anti graffiti coating and other similar parts that come together under the one niche umbrella. This gives you four profitable pillars of income to your business and you have your own identity, your own brand ,logo and website. As well as ongoing support. It's not a franchise but you do have turnkey systems similar to a franchise system, there is no ongoing fees and a option marketing management program is available to deliver you exclusive leads to your website. If you're interested in knowing more about this business opportunity go to .au/abs and register online for information package and free online video that explains in depth about this amazing business opportunity.



Victoria’s Most Awarded Photobooth In the Booth is the leading photo booth company in Australia, providing studio-quality photo booth hire for weddings, parties, corporate and school events. 17 franchises Australia wide. Preferred supplier for numerous venues in Melbourne and has won consistent industry awards for excellence and customer satisfaction. Current owners hold two franchise areas offered for sale separately or together. Confirmed bookings extending to April 2016. Receive support through Australia wide franchise. Secure exclusive territory with quality leading product. To explore this opportunity further please forward enquiries to: including your Name, Contact number and Address details. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: P.O.A.


If you've ever wanted the convenience of working from home with a mobile service business you probably already know that there's many options but really you've got limited choice. There's a whole heap of franchises: lawn mowing, cleaning, car detailing and many more but they are all the similar in nature highly competitive and under constant price pressure. Recently a unique business opportunity came on to the market, it's called Clean Paint and Seal Business. I went and investigated this business opportunity to see what it was like and see the potential for people wanting to change career, wanting to get into their own business or wanting to change from one business to another. The Clean Paint and Seal Business combines four very popular services; pressure cleaning, line marking,


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Act in Haste, Repent At Leisure Potential franchisees and franchisors alike should remember this quote when contemplating a move into franchising, not because franchising itself is bad, but because bad decisions about franchising can be catostrophic.

by Jason Gehrke

failing to prepare a business plan that demonstrates the viability of the enterprise, and failing to get advice about the franchise agreement and business model. So in other words, the rush to replace an employed income with a self-employed income causes many potential franchisees to make bad decisions based on a lack of knowledge. This is the “act in haste” stage.

Take for example, the person who is made redundant from their job (an increasingly likely occurrence at the moment), and who decides to change their life by transitioning from worker to boss by buying a franchise.

Then what potentially follows is a gradual realisation – especially if the business has not met the buyer’s original (and often unrealistic) expectations – that they’ve made a poor decision and the best option is to exit. Thus enters the “repent at leisure” stage.

Unfortunately the redundancy package isn’t so large that the person can afford to search for the perfect franchise indefinitely before their cash reserves run dry, so they quickly decide on a franchise based on what they think they will enjoy doing, and move to finalise the arrangement with the franchisor.

The franchisee can then discover to their great surprise that in poor condition, their business could be worth less than what they paid for it. Or that there are no buyers for that particular type of business in their particular location at that particular time. Or generally that the business will take far longer to sell than it took to buy.

Commonly, the undue haste of a potential franchisee – particularly one who is not currently employed – can lead to fundamental due diligence factors being overlooked.

In hindsight, the franchisee may also realise (but struggle to admit) that they should have done more research up front before buying the franchise, so that they could be better prepared for the challenge

These fundamental factors can include

ahead, or make a different purchasing decision altogether. Similarly franchisors should beware of acting in haste, especially those new to franchising. Not every business that evolves into a franchisor will be successful. There have been many concepts in Australia that have been franchised which were not adequately sustainable, not adequately profitable for either franchisees or the franchisor, or which did not have an adequate leadership team to manage its growth. Examples include high-profile franchise collapses such as Kleenmaid, Kleins and Angus & Robinson. However for every highprofile franchise collapse, it is likely that several more very small franchisors also crash and burn, often because they should never have been franchised in the first place. In these instances, the haste to grow a small business by franchising failed to deliver the results for either the franchisor, or their franchisees, and when a business collapse occurs, the consequences are farreaching and enduring. Like the headline says, act in haste, repent at leisure.




Established & Totally Unique Home Based Business Unique opportunity to take over Qld Master Franchise rights. Est. 12 years. Option to sub-franchise. High percentage of repeat clients in south-east QLD and courier based clients in the rest of the state. Huge scope to further growth. NO DIRECT COMPETION in the market place. Currently supports husband/wife team working from home, no employees. Work Mon-Fri. Exceptional work-life-income balance. Currently operates from northside of Brisbane, but easily relocated to anywhere in south-east QLD. Financials available to genuine enquirers. Turnover approx $250,000 with good profit margin. Supplies businesses with

Workplace Health and Safety Posters on an annual rental system, from an online library of 2000 posters covering 40 topics: Clients can choose posters or topics which best suit their business. Posters are mounted in A1 size front loading aluminium frames and changed every 6 weeks on a rostered run system. Posters are barcoded in and out to each client and returned to the inhouse library. Easy, light work. Requires MYOB knowledge and good organisation skills. Vehicle: any economical midsized wagon will do. Printing of new posters and design work done by NSW Head Office. Full training provided. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3385 5825 mob 0413 689 738 6 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $295,000 stock included O.N.O.

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Revolutionary Change by Paul St. Clair, F.C.A., Dip. Fin. Services In every area of activity some major form of change is taking place. The publicity given to change is greatest in such areas as climate, medicine, Paul St. Clair population, living standards, telecommunication, computers, economics, military hardware, space and aeronautical technologies.

With change, we will have fluctuations in investment values. These values will be driven by world population increases, establishing needs, which is the mother of invention. If the experts are right, world population will peak around 2050 creating other economic problems.

The experts have been telling us that world knowledge doubles every ten years and the rate is increasing. Such rate of change has never been experienced previously, amounting to real revolutionary change.

If this success continues a new and important chapter will have been written in our economic books. It is these types of changes, if finally successful, that will lift economic standards, employment and reduce poverty.

At present economic experiments are being implemented under the names of Quantitative Easing and Abenomics. The purpose is to attend to toxic debt, reduce unemployment and lift economic activity. So far these changes appear to be successful.

In the main the changes taking place are for good. Problems can arise, some being as a result of unforeseen circumstances. As experience has taught us, humans have been able to adapt to the new circumstances. This may well be at considerable loss of life and resources. Since change in some cases is measured in money terms, the effect on investment can be profound. Consider in 2003 there was no iPhone, no iPad, and no Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Some may remember Bakelite radios and crystal sets and now digital TV and global roaming. Further consider the remarkable medical discoveries, their operational functioning, resulting in humans living longer. In the 1900s average life expectancy for men was 55 and for women 59. Today it is 80 and 84 respectively. Medical experts tell us that within the next twenty years one in three Australians will live past 100 and the first human to live over 150 years has already been born. One scientist goes as far as to say that the baby who lives to 1,000 is just two decades away. If you do not believe this opinion, the fact is that we are living longer, healthier, and have more active lifestyles. Managing the retirement problem in Australia is well planned. At present Australia spends 2.75 percent of Gross Domestic Product on the age pension and by 2050 it is anticipated to be 4 percent. 8 Australian Business For Sale ®

In the last one hundred years many economic experiments have been tried, many have failed, with dire consequences. It is fair to say that the present economic system of the market economy with its faults, is the best economic system known. Warren Buffett said, “Since my birth in 1930, the Dow Jones has increased from 100 to 12,000 and the standard of living in the US has increased sixfold. It has unleashed the human potential of wealth creation like none other in history.” It would seem there will always be challenges, be they political unrest, revolution, war, famine, genocide. In Australia we are less likely to be tested by these types of calamities than many other countries. To develop Australia as a strong viable nation, there are those in Australia who would like to see an increase in Australia’s population from the present twenty-three million to seventy million by 2075. The challenges will be to employ an extra eleven million workers, building eight million homes, an extra seventeen million cars on the nation’s roads. So we will see the challenges permeate through all sections of Australian society. If we had seventy

million people Australia would have a car industry into the future. Just as Australia will be quite different in 2075 to Australia today, so too the world will be different. We may be able to guess to some degree what the world will be like, but as history has shown, many revolutionary changes are likely to eventuate between now and 2075 which we cannot imagine. So in these circumstances how should we conduct ourselves? The first rule is always keep abreast of what changes are taking place and act appropriately. Move with these changes as they affect us. Difficulties may be experienced with investments. Always consider quality investments. The old rule of holding investments long term may need some rethinking. As the revolutionary change gathers pace, what looks like a quality investment today may not be such in years to come. The so called long term investment rule needs some flexibility. The effect of revolutionary change will be just as important for business. A successful business must move with the times otherwise it will be left and possibly fade away into liquidation. Consider for a moment those big and profitable businesses of the eighteen hundreds that were involved in building sailing ships, transport by horse and cart, and ice for domestic cooling of perishable goods. We all play a part in this type of change, including owners and management of businesses, governments and unions. The changes may necessitate reeducation, changing jobs and even addresses to find employment. In brief this is restructuring of the economy which at present is having a major impact on the Australian economy as the car industry and capital expansion in the mining industry, are unwinding. These structural changes are best dealt with by those involved having the right balanced attitude towards them. Work smart and hard and the rest will follow. Remember you may be around for many decades.

For further information contact Paul St. Clair on 02 9221 4088

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Yogurberry Cafe Best Location • Frozen Yogurt & Cafe

• Easy to operate

• Best Location in Burwood - Next to Station & Hungry Jacks

• Stable customer base & Sales

• 100 sq. shop ( & 3 rooms upstairs)

• Nothing to spend, Just walk in and start

• Franchiser with reputation

• Beautiful fit out & upgrade

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0426 260 962


price: P.O.A. negotiable

Don’t Buy a Business Before Seeing Us… Have an expert on your side to attend to everything that matters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Business What size Franchising advice What value Have I the money Can I meet my commitments Is it worth the asking price How do I know I am not overpaying for the business Property rental advice Are the vendor’s figures for the business correct Lease advice Negotiating a better deal Is the sale contract in order The financial proposal Getting behind the figures How much should I borrow Obtaining banking advice

• How do I obtain finance • What should I know about the business • Obtaining legal advice • What type of finance should I get • What registrations should be undertaken • What books should I keep • What entity should own the business • Is the valuation of the stock correct • What insurance should I have • Taxation requirements • Long term planning • and the… many many other matters to consider

...the RISK is too Great! Make an appointment with Paul St. Clair

St. Clair partners Chartered Accountants Level 15, 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Fax: (02) 9221 7498

(02) 9221 4088 Ask about our FREE “Buy a Business Seminar”

“ W e a r e n o t y o u r av e r a g e a c c o u n ta n t s W h e n i t c o m e s t o b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s ” Australian Business For Sale ® 9

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Publicity - A Hidden Goldmine For Your Business And The “Secret” Pathway To Success By Bob Lyon Product publicity is the "secret pathway" to business success everyone wants. In simple terms, product publicity is a kind of advertising that costs you nothing, yet brings in the orders for you. Regardless of what kind of business you are operating, you should want, and strive for, as much publicity for your business and your products or services, as possible. After all, it’s "free advertising" that is essential to the growth of your business. However, your publicity efforts should be well thought out, and pre-planned for maximum results. The first and basic form of obtaining publicity is through what is known as … the press or news release. This is generally a one page story about your business, your product/service or an event/happening related to your business that is about to, or has recently occurred. These publicity stories are generally "shot-gunned" to all the various media: local newspapers, radio and TV, and trade publications. Problem number one is getting the people to whom you've sent these publicity stories, to use them, that is, to publish or broadcast them. And this leads us back to the "right way” of writing them and sending them in. In every case, send a short cover letter addressed to the person you want your material to be considered by. This means that you send your story to the city editor of the newspapers; the news directors of the radio and TV stations; and the managing editors of the various trade publications. It will do you no good what-so-ever, to send your material to the advertising, circulation or business managers describing how you're a long-time advertiser, subscriber or listener. The most important thing is that you make contact with the person who has the final say as to what is to be published or broadcast, and at the bottom line - this person's use of your material will somehow make him a "hero" to his or her readers, viewers or listeners. The cover letter should be a short note. 10 Australian Business For Sale ®

Let’s take the Better Business Report - my regular publication for serious business owners to bring in new customers - as an example. You might send the following note to the editors and news directors of the media in their areas: "Here's something that’s new, and for a change, truly helpful, to business people trying to grow their customer base and those wanting to know how to write advertising that sells. Should be of real value - interest - to your readers. Please take a look - any questions, or if you need more info, give me a call at: 043 883 0937." Then, of course, you skip about four spaces, type your name, your business name, and your address - sign your name above where you’ve typed it, and staple this note in the upper right hand corner of your news release. So, now you've got a cover letter, and you know who to send it to. Then take it to a near-by quick-print shop and have them print 50 to100 copies. Now you need the actual publicity release, which also must be "properly" written if you expect it to be used by the media. Above all else, there's a proper form or style to use, plus the fact that it must be typed, double-spaced, and short - about a half page in total length. You can do it a number of ways, but here's one that’s worked for me: • About an inch from the top of the paper, with an inch and a half margin on each side of the paper; from the left hand margin, type in all capital letters: “PRESS RELEASE:” Then, underline these words. Immediately following the colon, but not in all capital letters, put in the date. Always set the date forward by at least one day after the day you intend to mail the release. • On the same line, but on the right hand side of the page, and in all capital letters, write the words, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: • Underline this, and immediately below, but not in all capital letters, type your name - your phone number - and your address. Skip a couple of spaces, then in all capital

letters - centred between the margins type a story headline, and underline it. • Skip a couple of spaces, and from the left hand margin, all in capital letters, type the words, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: From there on, it's the news or publicity story itself. You can write the headline before the story, and then a story to fit the headline or the story before the headline, and then a headline to fit the story - either way, it's basically the same as writing a space ad or a sales letter... ... You attract attention and interest with the headline and fill in the details with your story. Here's an example of the headlines I use on publicity blurbs for the “Inside Secrets Of Advertising” home study course: HELP IN GETTING MORE CUSTOMERS ... FAST NEW CUSTOMER-GENERATING PUBLICATION FOR SMALL BUSINESS Notice how I continue to sell or involve the editor - His readers are always looking for better ways to make ends meet, and he’s specifically interested as to what our promise involves. He wants his readers to "think well" of him for enlightening them with this source of help, so he reads into the story to find out who, what and how. Suffice it to say that your headline, and the story you present to the editor, must sell him on the benefits of your product or service to his readers. Unless it specifically does this, he will not use it. You must sell the first person receiving your materials. Keep this fact uppermost in your mind as you write it. The person you send your press or publicity release to, must quickly see and understand how your product or service will benefit his readers - thereby making him a hero to them - and he must be assured it will do what you promise in your headline. Come right to the point and say your product is lower in price ... or more convenient to use ... or whichever way your product or service is useful to the people in general. It's also a good idea to include a complimentary sample of your product or an opportunity for him to sample your services.

Pages_003-018_Pages_003-018 17/02/2015 11:56 am Page 11

Remember, the editors receiving your information are fully aware of your purposes - Free Advertising! They are not the least bit interested in you or your credentials. If you've sold them on the benefits of your business to their readers, and they want background details, they'll call you. That's why you list your telephone number and address. These people are busy people. They have not got the time or the interest in reading about your trials and tribulations or plans for the future. They want only "a flag" that alerts them to something new and of probable real interest to their readers. Sell the editor first. Convince him that you've found the better mousetrap. Show him that your product or service - your business -fills a need and/or will interest a large segment of his readers, his viewers or listeners. When an editor uses your publicity release, always follow-up with a short 'thank you' note. On the other hand however, never, ever send a publicity release to an editor and then call or write demanding to know

why he didn’t use it, use it as you wrote it, or only gave you a quick mention. Do this once, and that particular media will "round-file" any further material received from you, unopened! If your first effort is not used, then you should review the story itself; perhaps write it from a different angle; make sure you` re sending it to the proper person and try again! As I said, these people are busy, with hundreds of publicity releases passing across their desks every day. They only have so much space or time. Therefore, your material has to stand out and in some way, fit with the information they - the editors - want to pass along to their readers, viewers or listeners. 7 Regardless of your business, product, or service, you must build your press release - write it - around that particular angle or feature that makes it beneficial or interest to the readers, viewer or listeners of the media you want to run your press release. Without this special ingredient, you're lost before you begin! The timing of your press release is always

important. Try to associate your press release with current events in the news. A story on how hard it is for small businesses to survive, carried in the newspapers, on TV and radio, would prompt me to get publicity release out to all the media on the help and opportunity offered by the Hot Tips Advertising Letter! There's another kind of timing also to keep in mind ...Publication deadlines. For best results, always try to time it so your material reaches the editor in time for the Sunday paper. This is because that's when the papers have their greatest circulation; the most space is available; and the people, the most time to read the paper. For articles you'd like to appear in the Sunday paper, you'll generally have to get your release in at least nine days prior to the date of publication. If you're in doubt, call and ask about the deadline date. For further information on how your business can benefit from these and other exciting business and marketing tactics call Bob Lyon direct on 043 883 0937 or get your FREE report entitled “How To Sell Your Business At Your Price … And Cause A Stampede Of Prospective Buyers Literally Begging For Your Time” by simply going to

Food and Hospitality

Gayndah QLD

Freehold Takeaway & Residence

Friendly Country Town Handy location beside Gayndah's two primary schools, near the caravan park and on the main thoroughfare through to orchards Lots of on-street parking for easy access by customers Well-appointed shop with all necessary plant and equipment included in sale Certified outdoor street dining area On-site residence - 3 bedroom highset Queenslander with loads of storage room under the house Well supported by locals, travellers and very popular with itinerant workers over several months of citrus harvest Owner operated for past 15 years - well established, proven business Gayndah is a fully-serviced, family friendly town of approx 2500 residents plus harvest workers Located 2.5 hours Sunshine Coast & 3.5 hours Brisbane

P $650,000 Here's your opportunity to own a proven business and be your own boss. M E

0419 649 499

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Low Interest Rates. Time to Act The Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to a record low. Is this your opportunity to reap the benefits of these low interest rates? Could this make a difference to your short-term cash flow requirements? Could this be a sign to look at your long-term financial objectives and begin to explore how to create an investment property portfolio? Could this be the right time to investigate the benefits of consolidating your existing loans? Here’s what others are saying about this record low interest rate cut and what’s possible. Property analyst Tim Lawless from CoreLogic RP Data says, “Lower mortgage rates have the potential to add some fuel to what are already strong housing markets.” In a recent blog article Mark Bouris from Yellow Brick Road elaborated on a number of strategies for debt reduction. He says, “This is a great time to consolidate and pay down your debts.” So, what does this really mean for you and your business? One thing is for sure, if you don’t make time to get these questions answered, then it may just pass you by. At the same time, I do want to acknowledge that running a business can be an all encompassing, time consuming beast that never lets up. However, as the owner you get to set the tone, call the shots, and choose what’s important. All you need do is to clarify whether or not it’s value for money to dedicate a few hours of your time to review what benefits you could reap from this record low interest rate. Maybe, and just a maybe, what if the Reserve Bank was on your side – how might you take advantage of this decision? Step One: make a decision to reconnect with your accountant, mortgage broker, financial advisors – whoever is on your financial management team, and begin the conversation 12 Australian Business For Sale ®

about consolidating any existing loans, and seek their advice about how to take advantage of these current conditions and build a longterm financial strategy. Step Two: if any of your advisors want to keep the status quo, and not make any changes, then seek a second opinion. Your financial future is your responsibility so begin to put your best interests ahead of what’s considered easy or not seen as a priority. Step Three: use the low interest rates to your advantage.

Consolidate and reduce your debts Consolidating is a type of refinancing that usually means getting a new loan to pay out a number of other loans. Any good mortgage broker will advise you on how best to maximise your borrowing capacity. In looking at how to consolidate your finances, the best place to start is to take stock of where you are. List out all your current debts. Then look at what your most expensive high interest debts are such as credit cards, and personal loans. Imagine the money you might save by getting a consolidation loan, with a lower interest rate, to pay off debts. What’s important is that you find out from your broker if you are in a position to refinance your mortgage to consolidate your high-interest debts. Because, by refinancing you may find there are better ways to use money.

Building your wealth As a business owner, you are interested in building wealth correct? At the same time, you may be trapped in a mindset of “I can’t afford to invest in anything other than my current business.” Well, today’s interest rates make investing that much more affordable, and manageable for many people. The shift that needs to occur is the way you think and have a mindset that says, “I can afford to invest, and I will explores all avenues about

by William de Ora how I can build my wealth.” This isn’t just about positive psychology or hype – this is about you becoming the investor within your business, and gaining the maximum leverage out of your efforts. With such low interest rates on mortgages, this is your opportunity to think about using your home loan to build wealth by leveraging investments. The secret to building wealth is using the equity that you have already built up in your property to assist you to invest in an asset that appreciates in value. By looking to invest in neutral to positive cash flow investments there are many benefits in terms of your investment strategy. The house essentially pays for itself – with money left over. These types of real estate opportunities increase your serviceability, making you more attractive to banks and lenders. In short, if you can find the right investment property, and

increase your income you are able to borrow more. However, in making the time to review your current circumstances, it’s also prudent to ensure that you have a strong plan for the future to adjust, accommodate, and work with any potential rate rises. Considering and planning for all possible scenarios is just wise management. It’s what you do every day in your business to keep things on track. The difference is that you’ll be investing time in creating a future that truly works for you. Some day one day, you will need more than your business to generate your income. Therefore, if ever there was a time to rethink how you’re managing your money, hopefully it’s now. William de Ora is the Founder of IPNA, best selling co-author of three business books, and a property consultant. Contact: 0414 834 733,

Natural Therapies - Chelsea VIC

A Healthy Business Future Awaits Located in a vibrant and active shopping strip amongst 50+ specialty stores & just a short walk to the beach. Established in this location for over 30 years, Go Vita Chelsea is the first choice for health food and vitamins amongst locals and holiday makers alike. Operating 6 days per week, the business boasts an excellent repeat clientele, and increasing data base of new customers. Membership with the Go Vita group offers superior buying power, excellent marketing exposure, as well as backup support and training. A fantastic opportunity to secure your future & enjoy the benefits of a strong & profitable established business.

Price: $160,000 + S.A.V. E l P l (03) 8824 8888 Wl

M l 0404 056 447


Pages_003-018_Pages_003-018 17/02/2015 10:19 am Page 13

A New and More Exciting Way of Getting into a Your Own Business by Vivian Shaw – New business reporter Up until now, the only real way of getting into a business was either by buying an existing business, buying a franchise, or starting up on your own business. All of these methods have their pros- but they also have their cons. Matt Buchel, founder of Portable Building Business-ina-Box, has combined the good parts of the three business models that I've mentioned above; that is he's got the systems of the franchise, the knowledge and the data of an existing business and the low cost of a start-up business all combined into one package. Plus he offers support for your first 12 months, giving you a full turn-key system with no on- going fees and the option to have leads delivered straight to your own website. Portable buildings are in high demand with the booming

granny flat market, booming mobile accommodation, homeowners, business owners, even corporate departments all looking for portable buildings. Look around and see the big players such as Ausco and Atcoportable buildings, all the building sites, all the different areas that people need accommodation. Portable buildings are a much more cost-effective way of doing an extension to a home or adding a new room or accommodation to the backyard. Now, the portable building business in a box program gives a instant start into this lucrative industry with this unique new program created by Portal Building Business-in-a-Box. To find out more, go to abs and register for more information and a online video.

Gift Shop l Pakenham l VIC

Gift Shop with Large Cash Flow • • • • • • •

Staff: 1 full time owner and 3 casuals High Turnover: $9,500 per week Low Rent: $1,200 per week for the two shop fronts Current owners: 6 years Business established: 1981 Prime location Pakenham Trading hours: 7 days November and December 6 days rest of the year

Potential: Currently no website and does not sell online. Further scope to extend trading hours to 7 days all year. Massive amount of goodwill with a large repeat business cliental. A very unique opportunity for the hands on investor operators to acquire a very well est. business (since 1981). The business situated in a high foot traffic area Pakenham. The business offering an amazing large range of gifts, collectable figurines, backpacks, glassware, pet needs, linen, craft and much more. This business would ideally suit a husband and wife team or migration investor operators as this is an excellent cash flow business beautifully presented throughout.

price: P.O.A. Inspection strictly by appointment is highly recommended. m: 0474 781 711 p: 03 5941 1111 f: 03 5941 3167

Australian Business For Sale ® 13

ABSC Double Page F15_Layout 1 16/02/2015 12:20 pm Page 1

Australian Business Sales The online Business Sales specialists since 1990... Together we can SELL your business...

The best way to SELL or BUY a business in Australia!

Iconic family Custom Picture framing, home décor, design and creative art business Brisbane

• Estb over 30 years • Can be run under management • Located on a main arterial road in popular strip shopping centre • Custom picture framing service to individual & corporate clients operates out of a professional showroom in Brisbane’s western suburbs • Also sells furniture & decor products • Suit investor as business operates with highly educated and accredited trained staff with many years of loyalty • Latest point of sale and computerised systems Asking price $395,000 + SAV

Service Station, Auto Repairs & car yard plus residence. Byron Hinterland.NSW. Freehold

Residence. Land 1050 M2.5 Bedroom family home • Car Yard. 1223 M2 with 2 sheds and one is leased • Auto centre & workshop.2925 M2 • Employs two mechanics & an apprentice • Also a fuel attendant on site at all times providing good ol fashioned service • A sound opportunity to live & work in a great area, with decent, hard-working local customers and good passing trade (the business is on the main traffic route, Brisbane to Lismore) • Business is easy to operate Asking price.$ 1.925,000 + SAV Negotiable.

Brisbane inner suburb. Trendy iconic coffee shop-cafe business

A thriving and bustling suburban cafe • Original owners continue to operate this thriving little Business • Est 2011 • Operates 6 days per week • Seats 45 customers with a strong takeaway customer base. • Fantastic customer base that has been loyal from day one & still continues to grow. Very friendly cafe • Great ambience with Character Atmosphere • 2 years left on lease with an option for a further 3 years until 2020 • Turnover approx $600,000 PA.. Asking price: $325,000 WIWO

2 x Award Winning, Unique Chicken Businesses. Gold Coast New Listing

Drunken Chicken stores • Buy 1 from $125,000 or Buy 2 @ $455,000+SAV • Consisting of 2 high profile stores • Innovative gourmet chicken products • Unique European concept and recipes including specially marinated and prepared chickens • Only Gluten Free roasted stuffed and seasoned chickens available in this space • Est over 9 years • Stores operates with a full-time manager & loyal staff • Quality fitouts with state-of-the-art equipment. Asking $125,000 for North Business & $295,000 + SAV for both.

High profile business Cafe Licensed Restaurant Central Gold Coast

Licensed restaurantcoffee cafe, seats up to 100 patrons, including 60 al fresco • 5 days per week • Quality upmarket food & service to local business patrons, health professionals, banks, solicitors, accountants • Catering a specialty • Lease until 2020 • Rent approx. $4,950 including outgoings and GST • Modern plant & equipment ($50,000.) • Turnover approx $330,000 PA • One of 2 available ($455,000 + SAV.) Owner is looking at retirement and will consider offers around $275,000 + SAV.

Photographic Equipment & Suppliers Retail & Repairs business - South West region WA.

We have over 140 individual websites, domains - landing pages in Australia and Internationally that are used to EXPOSE & PROMOTE your business for sale

Members of Leading Edge group which not only enhances small businesses buying • Prime shop between newsagents & chemist • Shop is 30metres long by 7 wide • Printing (postcard up to wide format), Kiosks with wifi app so customers can print direct from phones • Giftware – Babies keepsakes, 18- 21st, Engagements etc. also a “Boys” corner with a huge range of tinsigns, numberplates, replica cars Etc • Also printing mugs, can holders, mouse mats Asking $169,000 +SAV

Scrap metal recycling business mining area of Qld

$500,000 Net Profit Annually & Growing • Business migration investors, industry market leaders from across Australia, and purchasers please take note! • Scrap metal & general recycling include Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Radiators, Batteries, Lead, Steel, Electric Motors, Manganese, Bronze and Armoured Copper Cable •I ncludes plant & equipment necessary to run & grow this successful business including forklifts, ute, large hydraulic press, etc •Multi-Million dollar turnover with net profits exceeding $500k/annum! Asking Price is $1.725 Plus SAV.


ABSC Double Page F15_Layout 1 16/02/2015 12:16 pm Page 2

Lifestyle Courier business Northern NSW. New Listing.

Location: New South Wales,Northern Rivers • This boutique family owned, Est over 30 years • Operated by the owners + 1 permanent driver + 8 casual reliable and loyal staff • 5 days per week business, no weekends or public holidays • Enormous growth potential with web site development and social media marketing programs •Current delivery area within 100kms of depot • No bulk freight, Main customers,major transport companies. • Plant & equip $175,000. Asking $455,000 WIWO.

Caravan Awnings & annexes, manufacture and mobile installation business - Northern Brisbane

Est 2003, home based husband and wife team have built this business on a solid credible reputation • Could be relocated, can be territory licensed for a small fee to anyone wishing not to buy the lot • Specialising in caravan and Motor Home quality Awnings/ annexes and fittings to the Caravan Industry • Onsite delivery and installation • Repeat clientele Australia wide Buy the lot for $ 395,000 or territory licenses from $15,000(depending on territory Buy the lot for $395,000 or territory licenses from $15,000

Mechanical Workshop plus RACQ. Glorious island location. Tropical North Queensland

1011m2 of land in this beautiful part of Australia • The only mechanical workshop on the island • Fully equipped to handle all motor vehicle and light commercial servicing and repairs • Quality client base inc. Sunbus, Ergon, Qld Health Emergency Services etc. • Trades 5 days a week • Potential to increase • RACQ operator • 3 exp. f/t mechanics, 3 hoists in workshop • Freehold premises is superbly presented with front and rear access and landscaping Asking price $990,000 plus SAV.

Drilling rig and irrigation boring business.2 x businesses in one. North West NSW. New Listing

Hunter Region • Original Owner for 50 Years • Quality reputation in both drilling and boring • Services include: Camera inspection of irrigation bores, Bore surveys/reports to client, recorded computer & DVD Chemical treatment of encrustation for Iron bacteria, Chemical treatment for Calcium blockages, Mechanical scrubbing of bore, Cleaning rust scale from bottom of Boreholes Developing, increasing water production. Irrigation & Bore Business $250,000 wiwo. Drilling Business $120,000 wiwo. Separately or both for $370,000 wiwo


RECENT AUSTRALIA WIDE SALES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Drilling Business WA $ 255,000 (DIY) SA Heating Business $295,000 (DIY) QLD Coral and Reef Fish Business $1.8 million Major Clothing retailer Regional NSW $556,000 Major Framing Business Brisbane $375,000 North QLD Crocodile farm $997,000 Gold Coast Industrial Take Away $ 55,000 (DIY) Wide Bay Burnett Bike shop $325,000 QLD Car Wash $499,000 Florist Wide Bay $295,000 WA Beauty Business $275,000 (DIY) WA Thai Restaurant $255,000 (DIY) Transport Business Sydney $3.2 million SA Hotel Lease $295,000 (DIY) QLD Hotel Freehold $675,000 Bundaberg Furniture Business $675,000 Back Packers QLD $2.7 million Victoria Garden Centre and Freehold $1.75 million Major Hardware - Whitsundays $6.7 m F/hold QLD Mid Coast Meat Processing & freehold $2.75m

List your business today and benefit from our years of friendly service and experience, providing you with the marketing edge to sell your business Contact Noel Currie ph: 1300 722 556 m: 0418 741 814 f: 07 3054 1980 Business Migration for: South Africa, New Zealand, China, Thailand and Europe

Australian Business Sales Corporation Pty Ltd Lic no 3047447 - ABN 96057995025

Members of:

Pages_003-018_Pages_003-018 17/02/2015 10:19 am Page 16




Franchise Finance Credit Provider This well established and successful Franchise is located in the beautiful Victorian City of Bendigo. The regional City of Bendigo is located approx 150km north-west of the state capital Melbourne and has a population of 84,000 plus. This Franchise was the initial Franchise of the group, commencing operations in 2005 and the only one servicing the North Central area of Victoria. The Business is involved in the provision of small loans, acquiring a substantial number of regular clients plus increasing enquiries from new customers, through efficiency, reliability and integrity. Within the City of Greater Bendigo, which encompasses both the urban area and the outlying towns, there is little competition in the Micro Loan Industry. The Business enjoys not only a solid reputation but an attractive income. Currently the Franchise is home based, mobile service which enables the business to operate with minimal overheads. Relocation to a shop front situation would be an option if required, as there is plenty of potential to expand. At present the Business has an established Loan Book of repeat clients to the value of approx $315,000. This could be easily increased through some advertising and promotion (currently the business has grown through ‘word of mouth’ and the website). The Micro Finance Industry is governed by the National Consumer Credit Act 2009 and qualifications are required. The purchaser would become an accredited licence holder and being part of a Franchise entitled to ongoing training and support. Current owner would be willing to act as the ‘Responsible Manager’ for a period if required. This is a wonderful opportunity to take over a good business, producing a comfortable income and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in one of the best areas of Australia. Contact Wayne Holman for further information. Financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0428 333 356 16 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $120,000 + loan book value

Pages_003-018_Pages_003-018 17/02/2015 10:19 am Page 17

Custom Vehicle Manufacturers All Terrain, 4x4, Buses, Motorhomes, Mining Vehicles

Growing Profit 30% plus


A Rare Business Opportunity to purchase a well respected, Coach and Vehicle Manufacturer • This business continues to grow, giving the new owner the opportunity to take it to new heights • Provides clients, with specialised unique vehicles • Has reputation for building top quality, durable products • Lease of premises can be customised to suit the needs of the new owner Price for WIWO

From $1.9 Million Phone: John Parzycki

T: 0418 923 226

Office: 08 9354 7773


Shelley-Willetton Australian Business For Sale ® 17

Pages_003-018_Pages_003-018 17/02/2015 10:58 am Page 18


Bribie island


Watersports And Land Based Activity Hire Extensive equipment inventory including zegways, electric bikes, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and pedal boats. Storage trailer and ute with kayak racks. Rescue boat with 25hp Mercury and trailer.

Recently established business with fast growing popularity with locals and visitors alike. Good cash turnover, low overheads. Great location, easy to run, fun business with heaps of room for expansion.

Web site, brochures, banners and other advertising equipment. Imagine the beautiful marine park as your office window, watching dolphins, dugongs, turtles and numerous bird life at play.

We have been so busy with the hire side of things we haven’t been able to start the tours!!! Change of circumstances gives some lucky person or family this golden opportunity. Phone 0418 186 536 Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 186 536


price: $165,000

Amusement Centre



Children’s Entertainment Functions all equipment for games and prizes included. We have hairspray,face painting, tattoos, nail polish, a light stand with two lights attached, all luggage cases and bags to go with the equipment.

A 7 year old business up for an URGENT sale. It is high in demand, very popular with music, dancing, karaoke and games. The equipment consists of full DJ professional system, 2 CDJ’s, 1 mixer, 2 speakers, all cords/lights, smoke machine, laser, bubble machine.

All costumes and uniforms are included. All previous business clients and diaries. This is a fantastic deal for an excellent price. everything must go and the price is negotiable.

In addition, we have 3 jumping castles- (baby jumping castle), kids jumping castle (jump and slide) and an adults jumping castle. We also have a children’s pampering kit and

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 482 335 18 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $55,000 negotiable O.N.O.

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 19

Auto Electrical, Mechanical & Marine



Auto Electrical, Mechanical, Marine Business This long established (over 50 years) and very profitable Auto/Marine business is located on the Murray River which forms the border between Victoria and NSW. Cobram is 260km from Melbourne. The business specialises in auto electrical, mechanical and marine – sales, repairs and service. The premises provide a large workshop (2 hoists), a retail showroom, offices and storeroom. A long lease is available. Current turnover is $1 Mil with very solid returns. Ample opportunities for future growth. The business is situated on a busy main road close to the shopping centre, only minutes from the Newell and the Murray Valley Highways. A large and regular clientele has been established through reliable workmanship plus quality and friendly service. The company is an agent for Savage Boats, Mercury Outboards, UHF radios, car audio systems, water ski gear. Roadside service contracts with RACV and NRMA. The business is one of the largest country retailers for automotive batteries. A large stock of auto electrical, marine and auto parts are also available for sale and service to cars, trucks, boats, motors, tractors, trailers and caravans. Ample parking. Included in the purchase price are all plant and equipment, service vans and tow truck. This is a great opportunity to take over a thriving business in a beautiful Victorian town with huge potential for further growth with the population, which takes in the shires of Moira and Berrigan increasing yearly (currently approx 42,000). Plenty to do in Cobram with fishing, boating, water skiing, good shopping, cafes, restaurants, clubs, golf course plus lots more. The area is renowned for its orchards, dairies, factories and agriculture with tourism a major drawcard. Current owners are willing to assist through the transition. Further financial information would be made available after inspection and confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0458 619 588


price: $320,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 19

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 20

Arts & Crafts

Victor Harbor


SA’s Leading Craft Supply Business In Victor Harbor Whyte House Gallery has become the mecca of all Craft Shops for craft enthusiasts. This Iconic business is now For Sale. Situated in beautiful Victor Harbor on the South Coast of South Australia, a 1 hour scenic drive from Adelaide. Held in high regard amongst Crafters Australia wide for its great service, friendly atmosphere and Inspiration. A rare opportunity to make the ideal sea change. Operated by the same owner for 25 yrs. For Deb Wight this has been a passion with an amazing lifestyle in a wonderful community. Sadly it is time for Deb to retire. Whyte House Gallery is an intrinsic part

of the creative community of South Australia and farther afield. Stocking patchwork and quilting supplies, specializing in over 200 Batik fabrics, needlework supplies covering all types of embroidery and textile arts, scrapbooking, card making and paper craft supplies, beading supplies, knitting, crochet and more. Established on Facebook and Instagram. Lease 5+5+5. Separate air-conditioned classroom for classes and workshops. This business will not stay for sale for long. Now is the perfect time to buy as summer stock has been purchased for busy months ahead. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 8552 1885


price: $225,000 O.N.O. WIWO

Auto or Mechanical Repairs



Specialist European Car Repair & Servicing Business Established over 25 years in current location. Specializing in the repair and servicing of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi & VW. Also the servicing of other vehicles including Volvo, Renault & Peugeot. Turnover approx. $440,000 per annum. Dedicated Database. Great webpage with successful online booking facilities etc. Latest Diagnostic systems for all cars inclusive of specialist systems for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi & VW. 2 Hoists. 2 Employees including owner. Long lease with 2 of first 3 years remaining and option of a further 2 x 3 years. Very close to train and tram services (East

Richmond). This business operated by current owners for the last 10 years and has shown steady growth. Current owner is retiring and looking to handover a solid cash flow business to a younger and more enthusiastic operator who can take the business to the next level. Workshop is capable of holding 8 vehicles, has a large mezzanine area upstairs and also has an excellent office/reception area. Profit & Loss figures and other documentation for the last 5 years available to parties interested in making an offer. Retiring owner willing to assist with a transition period. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 9429 4202 20 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (03) 9429 6355

mob 0428 443 732


price: $190,000 all inclusive - negotiable

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 21

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Popular Ultratune Franchise For Sale - S.E. Melbourne Great opportunity for a mechanic looking to take the next step in their career. Busy South East Melbourne Ultratune available for immediate sale. Current owner has built up a large and loyal customer base. Located on a busy main road with maximum exposure. Easy access to workshop and ample onsite parking. Workshop includes 5 hoists, storage facilities, kitchenette, front office. Specialised machinery includes air conditioning recharger, power steering fluid flushing system, disc brake machine, tyre machine, wheel balancing machine, wheel alignment machine and lots more. Business comes with 2 courtesy cars.


3 efficient long term employees willing to stay on. Existing franchisee will also stay for 3 months for training. Turnover 2012/13 - $788,000, Turnover 2013/14 - $861,000 Price can be negotiated. Expressions of Interest Freehold - property in which the business is situated is owned outright.


Stock At Value + G.S.T. Equipment and stock to be included in final price. Fixtures & fittings, e.g. security systems, lighting, etc. not included in the sale price. Plant not included in the sale price. Vehicle price to be added to final price. All Inclusive - everything associated with business included. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 348 778


price: $289,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Kingston SE


Priced To Sell - Tyre & Auto Repairs Business Established and well equipped business for sale in coastal Southeast SA half-way between Adelaide & Melbourne. Excellent client base in prominent position with high exposure to passing trade. Currently running as an independent tyre retailer / fitter including puncture repairs, wheel alignments and balancing. Also incorporating a mechanical repair service including auto repairs & vehicle servicing, new car warranty servicing, fleet maintenance, brakes, suspension,

windscreens and more... The business can be run as such, or as a stand-alone tyre business. As well as general vehicle clients, there is demand for agricultural tyres incl. trucks, tractors, pivot irrigation and trailers. Good sized, easily accessible workshop including office and retail showroom / waiting area. Long and secure lease. Option exists to split plant, stock and equipment depending on the purchaser’s requirements. Please contact for details.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0439 491 605


price: $120,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 21

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 22

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Perth - Southern Suburbs

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Tweed Heads South


Price Reduced!!! Perth Automotive / Mechanical Business


Auto Electrical / Air Conditioning Business Fantastic Seachange Opportunity in Northern NSW / Southern Gold Coast. Situated on the far north coast of NSW bordering on the Gold Coast. Established 38 years by one owner who is now ready to retire. Business has been owner operated with one long term employee. Located in a busy industrial estate, with established clientele. Long lease available. Offering a pleasant work environment, close to beaches and hinterland - a great area to bring up kids. Turnover up to $400,000 per year. Contact Paul for further information.

Well Known Business with GREAT Customer Base & Reputable Name. Deal with Servicing, Repairs, Clutches, Cooling Systems, Brakes, Performance Upgrades, Wheels & Tyres. 222sqm Unit with Front & Rear Entrance - Able To Hold 15 Cars. 13 Car Bays for Customers. Professionally Set up Office with Ample Room for Customers. Alarm System With 8 cameras, Lockable Bars & Security Door. 3 Hoists - 1 x 4 Post & 2 x 2 Post Hoist. Tyre Changer & Wheel Balancer. Large Compressor to Run Workshop Tools & Tyre Machine. Plus more. LAST YEAR FINANCIAL TURNOVER $570K AND GROWING. OVER $50K IN STOCK INCLUDING PARTS & TYRES. FULLY SET UP BUSINESS READY TO WALK IN AND TAKE OVER!!!

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: Negotiable

price: $85,000 + S.A.V. O.N.O.

bh (07) 5524 4885 mob 0411 592 175

fax (07) 5524 4885



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Auto Parts & Accessories



Well Established Auto Parts Business This local successful and well known business has been established for 20 years in the same location. High exposure with main street frontage in the middle of town. Currently trading 6.5 days. Servicing both retail and local trade businesses, there is long term stable turnover/profit as well as plenty of growth potential with no competition. The premises has 5 year lease in place (expires Jan 2018) and is approx. 280sqm, has an extensive stock range with room

to add more stocklines as well as a loading dock for deliveries. There is plenty of parking available with a number of parking spots directly outside the shopfront and two large council carparks in close proximity. The current and second owner has been trading for 10 years and is selling to retire. Perfect for a husband and wife team. All fixtures and fittings are included in the sale price.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4677 2737 22 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $140,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 23




Sea Change Opportunity The ideal opportunity for people wanting to move to Country WA. This small hostel in the village of Denmark is easily managed without needing any employees. Established Proven Cash Business over 13 years. Awarded by YHA as best located Hostel for 2013/2014. Monopoly (as a backpackers) in the Town. Proven Cash Flow over 13 years 5 bedrooms. 4 Bathrooms/toilets. 20 Guest Beds. Workshop/Storeroom. Garage for Car. 12 Car parking Bays Manager/Owners bedroom, kitchen, and lounge. Constructed to modern commercial standards ( 2001).

Close to Centre of Town. Popular Tourist Destination on South Coast of WA. Situated on Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail. Web site Owner/Manager : Graham Mason Reason for Sale : Owner has been operating the business for 13 years and has reached the age of 65 for retirement. Detailed Turnover figures available to serious buyers. The selling price is for the Business + Furnishings + Property. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9848 3300


price: $660,000 WIWO freehold

Bait and Tackle

Rainbow Beach


Great Business In Rainbow Beach Operating Over 20yrs This is a family operated business, serving locals and holiday makers heading to Fraser Island. Situated in Rainbow Beach in the Hervey Bay region of Queensland, this business is well established and has plenty to offer.

We stock a large range of fishing rods, tackle bait, camping gear, gas refills and lots more. For all enquiries, please contact Cheryl on 0402 190 332.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 190 332


price: $260,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 23

Pages_019-034_Pages_019-034 17/02/2015 11:14 am Page 24




Moffat & Dicky Beach



A rare opportunity to buy a Patisserie, Cafe & Bakery. With a huge potential to grow at a great location, just metres distance between Woolworths, train station, hospital & surrounding many businesses & apartments. Plus 278 undercover parking bays. All brand new equipment & undercover sitting area with long lease. PLUS Coles & Target may also coming soon only metres away. Too much equipment to list. Shop size approx 79sqm + outside seating area. Note: Questions will not be answered to people who turn up without prior appointment. Please email or phone to arrange for an inspection.

Two long established bakeries are offered for sale, with option to split if necessary. One is set up for retail and wholesale customers. It has a huge following with tradies and a great support from the locals. 5 years remaining on the lease. The second shop has had a complete new fit out which was very extensive. It has a great coffee following, very popular salad bar, toasted sandwiches and more. 9 years remaining on the lease. High grade equipment. Great holiday trade. Gross turnover figures will be supplied for interested buyers. After 45 years we think it is time to join the retirement clan.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $175,000 WIWO

price: $520,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

mob 0422 163 512

mob 0409 551 325


Bakeries At The Beach On The Sunshine Coast


Patisserie, Cafe & Bakery




Affluent North Shore’s Coolest Bar/Restaurant Opportunities like this one come up very rarely indeed. We are selling the coolest bar on Sydney's affluent North Shore. Amazing atmosphere (as chosen in SMH Good Food Guide – Best Bars in 2014 and 2015). Brilliant reputation as the number one bar to go in the area. Renowned for great wine, cocktails, beer and amazing service. Superbly designed 'inner-city' style fit out (less than 2 years old – very funky). Including massive marble bar, exposed brick walls, leather banquets, fantastic lighting and Chesterfield couch. Ideally located on Pacific Highway, just 75m from train station. Huge popularity with locals, but also heaps of passing drop in trade.Large, fully equipped kitchen. Fully licensed, split

between beverages and food is about 60%-40%. Fully staffed with wonderful, reliable and experienced staff. Beers on tap and great deals negotiated with suppliers. IMPOS, music system, barista machine and big TV. Cheap rent – only $1450PW. Long lease. 2 years into a 5x5 year lease. Council car park directly behind and loading area. Large database of visitors. Regular live music acts. Currently only open during the evenings, there is huge potential for day trade. Regularly booked for functions We have been open for 2 years, weekly turnover $14,400. Operated by the owners as an investment only, there is huge profit potential for owner/operators. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 400 679 24 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $249,500 WIWO - stock included

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Battery Retail & Services



Bribie Green Batteries, Solar and Mobility Scooter Service Bribie Green is an independent, locally owned, family business that has been established for 6 years. The owners have built the reputation as the market leader in this industry, in the area. The well-known and highly respected business is being offered for sale for the first time. This is an excellent opportunity to secure a good business with potential for growth. A new owner could take this business to the next level. The business offers an extensive range of batteries for cars, marine, power tools, laptop computers, mobile phones, mobility scooters etc. plus solar panels for caravan’s and RV’s. The current owner is happy to ensure a

smooth transition to the new owner, and will provide training and assistance post sale, if required. Additionally a very qualified employee is willing to stay on and manage the business, if required. • Prominent position • Great clientele • Excellent reputation for quality work • Repeat business • High profits • Delivery vehicle • Very minimal competition in the area • Business operates 5 ½ days per week • Plenty of parking available outside the shopfront • Lease until March 2015 with 2x 3 year options. Contact Chad Freshwater on 0407 300 306 for more information Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0407 300 306

Beauty Salon



price: $150,000 + S.A.V.

Beauty Salon

Sydney CBD



Fully equipped Laser Clinic with existing clientele in the booming Parramatta CBD. Opportunity to expand treatment to skin treatment, massage, & other therapies depending on experience. 1 treatment room suited to owner operator or can be managed by a senior therapist/laser Technician. Flexible trading days/hours - currently opening 6 days a week, up to 8pm. No restriction on trading hours with Strata/landlord. Recently renewed lease with low monthly rental outgoings. Low electricity costs (average $250 per quarter). New website launched in March 2014. All serious offers will be considered. Contact Christina for expressions of interest.

Southern Hemisphere Exclusive Fat Removal Services Sale. Effective, safe fat removal & cellulite repair. Excellent results in size reduction, weight loss & tighter skin. Proven, effective retail health & beauty services using complete range of noninvasive methods. Easy to apply, minimal upkeep costs. Est. Western Sydney 2008, Sydney City 2009, NSW Northern Beaches 2012. Owner manager pursuing medical studies. Offering 3 retail shops. Services sell for $150 to $350/hr. No formal qualification required, training provided. Client database. 3 Packages: 1. Package 1 = $ 57,650 2. Package 2 = $ 89,650 3. Package 3 = $ 117,000

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $120,000 WIWO all inclusive

price: Negotiable E.O.I.

mob 0412 447 212

mob 0421 398 048


European Fat & Cellulite Removal Business


Established Laser Clinic for Sale

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Beauty Salon


Building and Construction

All States


Busy Beauty And Wellness Centre In Central Geraldton


Make The Best Business Choice Opportunity to be a part of the multi-billion dollar industry of pre-engineered steel buildings in Australia. Searching for an entrepreneur to become the Master Distributors for MyKit Pty Ltd. Income is derived from Distributor Fee charged to the Distributor and a percentage in each and every sale that the Distributor makes. Require willingness to learn and organisation skills. Training incorporates technical training of proprietary software & engineering to how to engage your Distributors. Please call today on 1300657 249 or email

Established for 10 years with excellent, loyal clientele. Unique Wellness & Beauty salon offering extensive beauty therapies, natural therapies and holistic treatments including Acupuncture, IPL & Remedial Massage etc. Turnover of over $200,000 last financial year and growing. Excellent lease with 5.5 years remaining. Premise offers 4 treatment rooms, kitchen, small office, bathroom, waiting/relaxation room, laundry, extra toilet, reception/retail area. Current staff consist of Receptionist, 1 Full time Beauty Therapist, 2 part time Beauty Therapists, 1 casual Beauty Therapist. Selling because I am ready to peruse other interests. Willing to train/assist the buyer with take over.

price: $85,000 WIWO

price: P.O.A.

mob 0416 171 018

bh (07) 5528 1688


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Boarding Cattery

Noosa District


Cattery in the Sunshine Coast Rare opportunity to purchase this beautiful working property on the Sunshine Coast at Doonan. Set on 25 level acres (100,921.22 m2), approximately 5 acres of open clear land, the property is centrally located just 10 minutes from Noosa, Peregian Beach, Eumundi and just 20 – 30 minutes to Nambour and Maroochydore. There is an abundance of native birds and wildlife. Work from home and run a long term established profitable business while enjoying all the benefits of living in close proximity to some of the best beaches in Australia and just 20 minutes door to door to a major regional airport (Maroochydore). It is a 1.5 hour drive to Brisbane. This

exclusive cats only boarding facility is well regarded on the Sunshine Coast and has regular repeat clientele and comes with excellent forward bookings into 2015. Ideally suited for a family or partnership. Property has a solid brick 2 storey modernised farmhouse with in ground pool off the patio area, 4 bedrooms, huge upstairs mezzanine room, 2 bathrooms (one upstairs), open plan lounge/dining, wood fire, air conditioning and tiled floors throughout. The Cattery can accommodate up to 80 cats across 4 main buildings and two additional large colour bond sheds. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 057 177 26 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $1,650,000 freehold WIWO

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Central Coast NSW

‘All Things Boating’ The business is currently located on the Central Coast area of NSW. However, it is a business that could operate successfully anywhere within Australia. ‘Boatbits’ is a unique home based marine chandlery business. The company has been established over many years, enabling it to develop a very large clientele (13,000 plus on the mailing list). Online customers are serviced throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region. ‘Boatbits’ is a sought after domain name due to its simplicity and accuracy in identification of product marketed. The name also enjoys very good organic ratings with Google making it unnecessary for expensive advertising. Current turnover approx. $500K with a running stock of around $50K. This easily operated business would be best suited to couple familiar with the marine industry and some IT experience for adding product and changes etc.

price: $395,000 + S.A.V.

A large stock is not required with only fast moving product kept on shelf. Most of the Company’s suppliers will ship direct to customers on behalf of ‘Boatbits’. The business can be run from a large office, room or garage. The "1300" number can be easily transferred to any phone, including mobile. This is a successful and very profitable business with huge opportunity for expansion. It has thousands of items available in addition to existing listings, which are growing daily. Current owners are looking to retire but are willing to train, assist and advise in the transition. Some vendor finance would be available to a suitable purchaser. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection, after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

phone: 1300 660 075 mobile: 0414 797 227 444481

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Brake / Clutch Service & Repairs



Specialised Brake & Clutch Services In Prime Location Retail and wholesale brake & clutch business incorporating spare parts, full range of workshop services, including specialised brake bonding, machining discs, drums and flywheels, cylinder re-conditioning and manufacture of brake hoses for all passenger and commercial vehicles. Floor space of 965 sq.m., incorporating sales area, well structured and fully fitted workshop, with 3 new car and light commercial hoists for on-car and truck repairs. Workshop layout and fitment has detailed safety features and documentation. Included in the price are 4 delivery vehicles. Location has highway frontage in a busy area with excellent service road

access and ample front and rear parking, along with off street roller door providing easy access for deliveries. Current annual turnover is 1.7 million, established in 1992 the business has operated as a family enterprise consistently growing. The current lease has 3 years plus option for 5 years. There is a loyal customer base of approx. 200 account customers, mainly local workshops and bus companies, as well as a diverse cash sale trade. There is also a very good working relationship with our supplier base. Over a period of 22 years the business has established a strong reputation for excellent reliable service. The current owners are looking to retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 9546 7222

mob 0408 540 254


price: $450,000 + S.A.V. WIWO

Building and Construction

Portable Building Business Make $3,000 Per Week Business in a box - Make $3,000 plus per week. Complete system, includes website, engineered designs, list of suppliers, support and complete marketing and sales system, You can easily make $3,000 per week selling just one or two buildings per month. This is not a franchise; you are not limited to the area you work in. This system allows you to get started quickly and easily.

All States


Limited time offer - call 1300 795 557 - if there's no answer, leave message "can you call back and send more information".

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 1300 795 557 28 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $29,999

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Building and Construction

Hunter Valley


Award Winning Design and Residential Construction This long established, multi award winning housing and construction business is based in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia, and has offices and display homes in well located village areas with good exposure. Contracts for future display home sites are in place. Operating for over 10 years, this business offers a discerning buyer a foothold in the construction industry at just the right time as demand continues to strengthen, driven by low interest rates and a growing population in the area looking for new housing. The purchaser will have access to all the unique and valuable, intellectual property developed by the business over many years ensuring the potential risks of the construction industry are well managed. The business is simple to run and can be managed with a staff of 3 to 4 as all proven systems and programs are currently in operation. The business has a current turnover of approx. $10Mil. This is a great opportunity to buy into a highly successful construction business that can only grow in the future. The Hunter Valley and the adjoining areas of the Central Coast are a huge growth area on the North Coast of NSW. It is not far from the city of Newcastle and 2 hours from the Sydney CBD. The area has a multitude of attractions, the vineyards and wineries of Pokolbin, the number of magnificent beaches that are easily accessible plus all the facilities and amenities that make this region one of the best areas to live in Australia. Further information and financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0428 536 021


price: $250,000

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Building and Construction



Concrete Polishing Business For Sale. Great Opportunity The business generates over $1m sales per year and has a strong reputation for polishing concrete for large Australian retail organisations.

State of the art plant and equipment, and future work is being offered for sale. The business has so much work that it regularly needs to turn new work away.

This is a solid business is located in Melbourne and has enormous potential for further growth in Australia, Asia and worldwide. The demand for polished concrete is rapidly increasing as it is an economical, hard wearing and low maintenance flooring solution.

The owner is selling the business as he wants to retire however, comprehensive training will be provided to the new owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $599,000 WIWO negotiable


Butcher Shop And Deli For Sale Bankstown Successful Business run under management. $1.5 million annual turnover. Very clean and modern shop fit out. Business is in a very good location in a busy shopping centre complex. Full equipment set up including the following 1 x Challenger band saw, 1 x Junior Band saws in very good condition, Hall Mixer/Mincer, 5 x touch screen scales and registers and labelling, 1 extra large cool room with meat rail sand loading dock, 1 chicken cool room, 1 rack cool room, 1 deli cool room, 2 x Slicers, Tenderiser & much more. Don’t miss out on this very unique Butcher shop you will be impressed with the location and fit out with a very strong client base. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to have a good running Butchering business and take control of their



own business. Plenty of rooms. Ideal for wholesaling, boning and catering. Also has kitchen with 1 x combi oven and 1 x commercial upright cooker with 6 elements. Cheap rent including outgoing and electricity: Fixed price of $2545 per week. Inquiry today for an inspection.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 773 323 30 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $250,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

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Established, Immaculate Cafe For Sale This Cafe is located in Cowra’s main street in close proximity to Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets, Banks, Police Station and across the street from Target. Currently seating 20 (10 tables). This could be increased to 26 seats (13 tables). Trading Hours 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Equipment included in the sale of very high quality, has been kept in immaculate condition. Cafe floor has been tiled with highest rating tile available. Cleanliness of the premises has been rewarded with a high standard in each council food inspection since opening 4 years ago. Customers are always complimenting the presentation of the premises. The food is

of a high standard and is prepared daily. Majority of product range kept under $10 per item. The products include: Breakfast - Bacon and egg rolls, bacon and/or eggs. Lunch sandwiches (premade and sandwich bar), wraps, burgers, turkish rolls, salads, rice paper rolls, savoury slices, tarts & quiches. All day - Cakes, slices & muffins, banana bread, sweet breads, ice cream cups and cones. Beverages - Full range of espresso coffee, chai, tea varieties, iced coffee/chocolate, milkshakes & thickshakes, juices and softdrinks, smoothies. Contact owners for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6341 3589


price: $135,000 WIWO




Garden Cafe With Art Gallery For Sale The Stockyard Gallery is a well established tourist stop, in the heart of Mataranka, home of the famous Thermal Pools. Built in 1986 and winner of the NT Tourism Brolga Award in 1987. Cafe area seats approx 40 people, b.y.o. licence, bookshop, souvenirs and an Art Gallery showcasing indigenous art from all over the NT. Street parking and main Stuart Highway frontage. W.I.W.O. including all appliances relating to a Commercial Kitchen, all stock, and a fully furnished airconditioned one bedroom, lounge room residence, huge concreted under cover private outdoor entertainment area

with portable spa, gas BBQ, undercover parking, tool shed etc. plus a 16 foot caravan. This is not just a “freehold residence and business” it is a lifestyle. Current elderly owner trades only for 6 months during the peak tourist season with a turnover of approx $100,000 with one part time staff member. Catering also offered and delivered for most local businesses and services for meetings and training sessions sometimes up to 40 people. Potential to trade all year round plus evening trade utilising the b.y.o. licence. Current owner reluctantly needs to sell due to health issues. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0403 401 216


price: $495,000 freehold WIWO

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Sydney - Eastern Suburbs


Beach Side Cafe Restaurant Newly re-furbished and contemporary Cafe Restaurant. Operating 7 days, clearing $155K profits per year with further room to grow. Fantastic location in Clovelly by one of Sydney’s favourite local beaches. URBAN SPOON RANKING OF 93%. The Café has a liquor license and extensive range of wines/beers/spirits. Potential to increase functions, events, catering and strong focus on evening trade. The cafe/restaurant already has a very strong breakfast following. Dinner trade only 4 nights a week – this could increase. The business is run by the sole owner so additional savings are made on personal expenses like food, wages, car, phone etc.

15-20kg coffee per week. Seats 40 people inside and 20 outside. Commercial kitchen, recently refurbished interior décor, all equipment in excellent condition, fully owned and included in the sale. Surrounded by residential premises, local pub and minimal direct competitors. Breakfast/Lunch 7days: 7:30am-3:00pm. Dinner 4nights: 6:00pm-11:00pm. Lease in place $1,089 + GST per week, runs to January 2021 with possibility of signing new lease of 5+5 agreed to by landlord. Turnover 2014 $944,000. Annual profit for 2014 FY $155,000+. Full financials available once genuine interest is established. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 820 652


price: $350,000 + S.A.V.




Funky, Friendly And Easy To Run!!! Cafe taking between $12k - $13k per week. Loyal customer base been built over 3 years since opening. Easy to run that the right person or persons can take over in no time. It is also set up so a manager can take over operations. It has a POS system. No competition. Fully licensed. Rent is only $370 per week, 9 year lease. Speciality coffee and menu. 35-40kg coffee per week. Seats 60 - 70 people within a one off designed space,

which attracts patrons alone. Outdoor seating at front and in courtyard and within the ambient vegie patch. Open 7 days breakfast and lunch. 7.00 am till 3.30pm on weekdays and 8.00am till 3.00pm on weekends/public holidays. Huge untapped potential as permit allows to trade 7 nights 2 staff parking and multible bike parking available. Most importantly the patrons that we have attracted are a pleasure to serve. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0414 730 791 - Vincenzo 32 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $298,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

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Simply One Of The Best In Victoria Outstanding Gloria Jeans Store with a great reputation and loyal customer base. The store was established in 2005. Current owners are looking to semi retire. Average weekly Net Sales over $14,000. There is a 7 year lease in place with over 5 years remaining. Rent = $9,673 + Promotions $483 + Outgoings $927. Franchise Fees 8%. The business occupies a prime location between Woolworths, Kmart, Aldi and New Chemist. The premises

are freshly painted. This business represents an easy start up with experienced staff already in place if required. Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne, 41 km south-east of the city centre, near the northernmost point of the Mornington Peninsula. Frankston is the “gateway” to this popular seaside area and Frankston Beach is recognized as one of the cleanest in Australia. With a population of thirty-four thousand Frankston is a sought after area for businesses. Contact owner for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 164 926


price: $375,000 + S.A.V. negotiable




Established, Busy And Profitable Café / Sandwich Bar Established and easy to run cafe/ sandwich Bar in busy shopping centre with major Supermarket. Seating for 40+. Very loyal and regular customer base with constant passing trade. All equipment owned. Profitable business with simple

to cook menu. Owner operator with casual staff. Trading 5 1/2 days. Scope for further growth (7 day trading and catering expansion). Four Time finalist in Redland retail Awards. Full accounts available.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 763 965


price: $149,500 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 33

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Tweed Heads


Fully Managed Cafe In Newly Renovated Shopping Centre Franchise cafe which has been held by current owners for 10+ years is available for sale. High percentage of coffee sales with strong food sales located in a busy 600 seat food court in Tweed Heads. Recently refurbished. Business has

been established since 1999. Gross turnover approx $530,000 pa. Fully managed for last 8 years. Owners have recently purchased two other cafe businesses.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 5513 1566

mob 0422 891 920


price: $230,000 + S.A.V.




A Worthy Adventure with Food and Wine to Match Coral Lee Cafe is an icon of Bright, set in historic buildings at the heart of the town centre, A tree-change opportunity for an individual or couple to operate a much-loved establishment, popular with locals and visitors. Coral Lee has featured in, delicious magazine,, and consistently praised on tripadvisor and urbanspoon. Synonymous with quality and wholesome simplicity:. “It’s a CWA book brought to life with plenty of doillies and teacups, and honest food” - Michael Ryan of Provenance Beechworth. Located in a region with 1 million visitors in 2014, the business has grown in profit every year.

The North East region boasts many and varied festivals and events, at which Coral Lee is always a strong presence. What the buyer can expect: Walk in - walk out with all stock included plus recipes, ordering schedule, repeat business from locals and regular tourists, well equipped kitchen with pizza oven, alfresco courtyard, storeroom, access to seasonal ingredients and out the door by 5pm. Still not sure? Take a look at a little film made by Hand Cut Productions which showcases Coral Lee Cafe: All enquiries welcome. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 321 081 34 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $195,000 negotiable WIWO

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Cafe / Restaurant



Famous Cafe Restaurant Bar This iconic Cafe/Restaurant has been established for over 27 years and trading under the current owners for 13 years. Zellini’s Cafe/Restaurant/Bar has become an institution for people in the Randwick area as the place to go for fine food, wonderful coffee and quality wine. Zellini’s is situated in the heart of Randwick Shopping Centre. A corner location with great exposure and surrounded by small businesses, commercial premises, banks and insurance companies. The Cafe/Restaurant/Bar has a commercial kitchen and an on premise liquor licence. The business has an extensive menu as it operates from morning through to the evening. The inside area has a capacity of up to 70 patrons with a beautiful outside area catering to another 36. Over many years Zellini’s has acquired a large and loyal, regular clientele. Current turnover $1.1 Mil plus and carries a running stock of approx $10K. Zellini’s is renowned for a wonderful selection of cakes and snacks that are available throughout the day, with a la carte meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the evening. The business on average uses 38 kgs of coffee a week. To accompany the fine food produced in the kitchen there is a selection of quality wines from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. A long lease is available. Randwick is a densely populated area of Sydney close to the CBD, with beaches, sporting facilities, Randwick Race Track all close by, plus lots more. This is a great opportunity to purchase a long established business that can only grow in the future. Current owners are looking to retire. Further information and financial details would be made available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements fulfilled.

mob 0418 802 329


price: $495,000 + S.A.V.

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Geelong CBD




Specialty Coffee Cafe Offering specialty coffee including single origins, filter and cold drip using high end equipment. • 40+kilos of coffee per week. • 5 days trading. • Full kitchen. • Long lease. • Two secure car parks available. • Great location near Geelong Hospital. • Turnover above 500,000 per annum.


Profitable Cafe in Prime Shopping Centre Location Live and work in the beautiful Whitsundays. This is a well positioned, long established business with consistent turnover. It has extensive plant and equipment that allows for any style of food. Accountant’s figures available to qualified interested parties.

price: $180,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

price: $229,000 WIWO

mob 0409 013 811

bh (07) 4948 3543 mob 0457 367 634


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.




Yamba’s Most Popular Cafe Up For Grabs Mantra cafe is one of the most popular cafe in the Northern Rivers. It has been nominated for Australian cafe of the year and is one of the 21 finalist all around Australia. It has been in business for 2 years and the owner has built a great reputation with the locals and the tourist. The cafe has seating capacity of 42 with all new equipment and fittings, it has recently been renovated and has a great local and tourist trade. It is currently operating 6 days a week serving

breakfast lunch and takeaway dinners and does a lot of private functions and catering. The cafe has a long secured lease in place, has well trained local staff. It is perfect for a couple seeking a new start in a small beach town, all the hard work is done for you. The owner is relocating and starting a new project after the success she had with Mantra. It is a great opportunity for a young enthusiastic individual or couple with a great work, life and surf balance.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 343 978 36 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $$88,000 + stock & equipment - negotiable

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Car & Truck Wash

Car/Truck and Dog Wash on Major Highway

Central Tablelands


Opportunity to purchase "as new" Car and Truck Wash facility located in a small but progressive country town. Blayney is situated in the Central Tablelands of NSW, 240km from Sydney and 35km from the regional city of Bathurst, with a population of 40,000. The Car and Truck Wash is only 2 years old, purpose built and the only one of its kind in the area. There are 2 car wash bays, 2 truck bays with elevated platforms, semi-trailer bay with full height platforms and undercarriage cleaner, 2 undercover car vacuums, free standing combination vacuum for semis, and state of the art dog wash bay. There is a coffee vending machine, drink and food vending machine, coin change machine and ATM, plus toilets and shower facilities. All wash bays take fleet and loyalty cards, credit cards and cash. All equipment is new, ultra modern and designed specifically for the business. The site is secured by alarms and 27 security cameras. At night the facility is brilliantly lit ensuring visibility, safety and 24hr service. Easy to run business, whether under management or by owner / operator. Requires minimum staff, all systems and operational procedures in place. Blayney and the surrounding region is a growing area of rural Australia. Blayney Foods is the largest inland frozen food warehouse in the southern hemisphere. One of the largest sheep and cattle sale yards in Australia is 10min away. Not far from the town is the Cadia-Ridgeway goldmine, the largest in Australia. Blayney, with a population of approx 3,500 has all the required facilities. Carcoar Dam offers camping, water-skiiing, boating and fishing. The current owner is selling due to other business interests in the area. Some training and advice would be provided. Further information and financial details available on inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

price: $895,000 mob 0408 682 969

445793 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 37

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Cafe + Mixed Store



Opportunity Security Lifestyle Cafe / Mixed Store Ash's Cafe has operated for some 30yrs serving locals and visitors renowned local seafood, range of menu, coffee, snacks and drinks, all your holiday needs and souvenirs, tour/charter/bus bookings, local seafood retail, outdoor covered dining area, Wi-Fi hotspot, fishing tackle & bait, ice and more. We are only the 3rd owners in 30+yrs and offer for genuine sale so as to move on with other interests. Proven returns from this productive business with options to further

diversify if so desired. Stock included with as is sale. Enviable local, regional and national profile. FREEHOLD block includes cafe/store, 3 bedroom residence, public toilet/shower and laundry area plus storage, walk in freezer, coolroom and more. Annual staffing from predominantly travellers - March to December - 3-4 staff on rotating roster plus owners input. Detailed financials available for genuine inquiries with completion of non disclosure agreement. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4745 9751

mob 0418 747 193


price: Stock Included - All Inclusive

Car Wash



Car Detailing Business In Shopping Centre The hand car wash and detailing business is located in a busy shopping centre on the north side of Brisbane. It was established in January 2013 and has an existing customer base. The lease term is 5 (plus 5) years. Rent is $15 000 plus GST per year. The current gross turnover is $12 000 per month and increasing over time. Additional overheads include electricity ($150/month), chemicals ($400/month) and water

($100/month). Currently, the car wash is being run by a couple and 2 casual staff members. According to the lease, the car washing area designed for water use is 4 car park bases with an additional 13 car park bases to be used as customer parking. The price includes a small office, kitchenette and all equipment required to operate the car wash. The business is being sold due to health problems and travelling issues. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3711 9570 38 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0407 730 009


price: $65,000 WIWO stock included

Pages_035-050_Pages_035-050 17/02/2015 11:09 am Page 39



Caravan Sales / Service & Repairs This excellent business comes with purchase options. Ansu Leisure is located in Pimpinio, a small Victorian town only 10 minutes from the progressive inland city of Horsham with a population of 24,000 plus. The business specialises in the importation of European manufactured caravans. Ansu Leisure fronts the Western Highway, the main highway between Melbourne and Adelaide (3 ½ hours from Melbourne). The business has established a sizable clientele throughout Australia with a range of quality caravans and good customer service. Service and repairs are also a major feature. The caravan business comes with a retail premises (25 metres x 12 metres) which contains a retail area and workshop. There is a 3 bedroom residence with a large modern kitchen, pergola area with hot tub and splash pool. There is also a 1 bedroom unit with kitchen, living room and separate pergola BBQ area. Both the house and the retail premises operate on solar power. Three large water tanks with a capacity of approx 100,000 litres provide ample water. The overall cost of living is minimal. A proposed subdivision would separate the business from the residence allowing the business to be sold separately. Various options would be available to the purchaser: 1. The business plus retail premises on a ½ hectare block. $560,000 + SAV 2. The freehold 1 hectare block with retail premises and business plus the residence. $780,000 + SAV. Other options may be obtainable to assist with the purchase. The current owner would be available to train and advise. This business has proved to be a suitable acquisition for entry into Australia and full citizenship for the present owner. The town of Pimpinio has around 40 homes and local farms. Horsham has all the amenities and facilities required for comfortable country living. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0400 695 404


Expressions of Interest

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 39

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Unique Mobile Food Business-Best Of Its Kind Looking for a Lifestyle Change and Want to Earn Good Money at the same time. Just Imagine travelling throughout Australia, and only having to work 3 days a week, yet earn a great income which will provide you a great balance between work and play. Look no further. Regrettably we are selling our mobile food trailer, which is one of a kind, due to health reasons. All the hard work is done. All fixtures and fittings are just over 12 months old and we purchased all from new. Ideally suited for husband and wife team. You will get a substantial amount of equipment when you purchase, which includes a 12 Month old 6.3m Food Trailer, 2 freestanding Frozen Yoghurt Machines, 1 POS System, 1

x2 head coffee machine, Logan (QLD) license renewable August 2015 plus lots more. The business is ready to operate, with work throughout Qld. Stock Available to purchase, at cost, with Business: • Branded Yogurt Cup • Branded Smoothie/bubble tea cups • Spoons • 10 flavours Yogurt Powder • 6 flavours Bubble Tea Powder If you are prepared to take all the stock, we can negotiate a WIWO price. Please note this Business is priced well to sell quickly.


price: $70,000 + S.A.V. O.N.O.

mob 0439 324 760

Charters / Tours

Hawkesbury River


Port Vila



Cruise boat in NSW survery for 120. Currently operating from Berowra Waters on the Hawkesbury River from secure marina with plenty of parking. Specialising in group outings and parties with table seating for up to 50. Sale includes documentation such as Safety Management System endorsed by RMS, contacts with coach tour operators and social groups, supplier contacts, staff and skippers, current and future bookings and website. Vessel includes 4 cylinder diesel engine, rebuilt twin disc gearbox, 6.5kVa generator, fridges safety gear, spares and fully licenced bar onboard. On vessel liquor license transferrable at time of sale.

Genuine $225K (plus) Net profit TAX Free. Multi award winning tourism business in Vanuatu. Established in Port Vila in 2008, providing Off Road Guided Buggy Tours that caters for cruise shippers, corporate clientele and local customers. Easy working hours, no experience needed. Can be run remotely. Included with business: • Established website • Large fleet of Off Road buggies • 3 x Quad bikes • 1x Mitsubishi Triton 2009 • Owner willing to stay on for training • Seven committed staff members • Paid forward bookings to December 2015. Genuine reason for selling. Please contact for more information. Genuine enquiries only please.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $210,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

price: $485,000 WIWO - all inclusive

mob 0411 379 851

bh +678 774 2446

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$100k Reduced! Lifestyle Business Vanuatu


Cruise Boat And Business

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Jervis Bay


Fishing And Sightseeing Charter For Sale Registered business for the past 14 years and trades under the company structure. Good will and repeat business. Many return clients. Jervis Bay Fishing Charters holds a commercial mooring in Currumbene Creek. Owns one commercial vessel. The vessel, ILLUSION is a fully surveyed fibreglass Charter fishing Vessel in passenger carrying survey of 1C for a total of 25 persons out to 30 nautical miles. All survey equipment, spare parts, tools, eskys are supplied with the vessel. NSW Fisheries licence for 18 persons in all 4 categories attached to vessel. NSW Fisheries licence for 12 persons in 4 categories sitting in

abeyance with NSW Fisheries. Marine Parks Authority Permit for 2 commercial vessels for all activities including charter fishing, sightseeing and wildlife observation. It is possible to split the fishing charter activities off to 2 vessels and acquire 2 more vessels to pursue the other available business options of dolphin watching, whale watching and sightseeing. We have not pursued these other activities other than passively. The dolphin and whale watching permits that come with the business are capped in Jervis Bay. Booderee permit to conduct an activity in a Commonwealth reserve. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4447 8177

mob 0412 506 422


price: $550,000 + G.S.T. O.N.O.




All The Hard Work’s Done - Just Live Life In Paradise! Well-established, systemised cleaning business in Queensland’s fastest growing city. Townsville’s growth rate almost double the national average. Add a beautiful northern climate and affordable housing and Townsville is the perfect place to invest. Business est.1994, still has original clients. Separated into 3 divisions which complement each other, making this a risk-free investment. Commercial cleaning - 5 days / nights per wk,1 team member; Bond cleaning – 5 days per wk, 12 team members; Carpet cleaning – 5-6 days per wk, 1 team member. Strong reputation of quality and reliability. 50% growth in 9 months, still growing strongly. Turnover

approx $13,000 to $17,000 per wk, double that figure Dec/Jan/Feb. Preferred supplier of 8 Townsville Real Estate agencies, 3 Government contracts (1 x bond cleaning and 2 x carpet cleaning), impressive client base, plus database of 1300, 3 late model vehicles. Dedicated staff and subcontractor list. Top-ranking website. 1300 phone number. 2 mobile numbers, 7 registered domain names, Mark Kennedy Sales, Marketing and Management Training Program (valued at $2500) (Mark Kennedy is the business trainer to the carpet cleaning super-giants in America). Owners offer full support and training for 2 months. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0488 444 661


price: $375,000 negotiable - all inclusive

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Industrial Cleaning-An Excellent Business Opportunity at a Bargain Purchase Price! This easily run and profitable industrial cleaning company has been operating for the past 10 years. The business specialises in car park and warehouse cleaning using the latest technically advanced equipment. Tempest Industrial Cleaning Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in large scale cleaning projects and has little in the way of competition. The company has a strong reputation and large number of long term clients. A number of contracted Service Agreements make up 80% of the work done and this provides a solid, ongoing income to the business.

Tempest Property Services operates within the Sydney area and currently has solid turnover with a high profit margin. The purchase price includes a well presented website and all systems and procedures are in place. Also included are all vehicles and equipment. This is a well established and successful business now and has plenty of potential for future expansion. Current owner is willing to provide advice and training during the transition. Further information and financial details would be provided after inspection and confidentiality requirements have been completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 1300 697 933 mob 0425 250 325




price: $190,000 WIWO

Commercial Property


Beautiful Baby Products Brand! Australian Products

Beverly Hills


Commercial Property & Flooring Business

Kokoberri is a beautiful online brand in the early stages of market establishment. Kokoberri is a baby products brand, everything is handmade with Australian products. It has been established since 2012. Clients are Mum’s Australia wide so the target market is huge. Kokoberri is stocked in various outlets throughout Australia and Japan. I started the brand from scratch and selling it is a tough decision but I don’t have the time to run it. Everything is included in the selling price, website and all the stock, packaging and brochures, artwork, tradeshow banners and imagery etc.

The business is well known and conveniently located in the St George area. The showroom is recently refurbished with top of the line display shelves and easy to run. The business specialises in carpet,timber and vinyl. Training can be provided. The building consists of 165sqm of floor space and 270sqm in total. Conveniently located on main road and corner position. FREEHOLD OPTION AVAILABLE OR LEASE CAN BE ARRANGED. Note: Generic images have been used. Actual images available on request.

price: $50,000 negotiable - stock incl.

price: $2,350,000 negotiable

mob 0419 015 115

mob 0402 534 192

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Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Cleaning Supplies - Townsville Long established business, has operated under current management for twenty years. Initially established as a manufacturer of a limited range of generic detergents and industrial cleaners, the business operated from a small warehouse with very limited showroom facilities. Expansion of product range through distribution of brand name chemicals have broadened the customer base. C & H Cleaning Supplies distributes a comprehensive range of quality “Brand Name� products to which it has exclusivity for Townsville and surrounding region. Essential products which are not impacted by the adverse economic conditions. The vast majority of sales are repeat orders on a fortnightly or monthly cycle to an established customer base. Key to the business lies in maintaining stock at sufficient level to allow same day supply to walk-in customers and to meet telephone / fax / email orders. The business has an established name with an excellent reputation for quality, service, advice and reliable delivery. Centrally located as a walk-in, self serve operation, the business caters principally to local businesses involved in the cleaning industry together with Government Departments. Current Turnover $650K plus with a 33% net profit. Sale price includes running stock of approx $250K. Leased premises are centrally located. The site covers approx 1000m2. A new area has been negotiated providing an additional 200m2 warehouse space to cater for continued expansion. C & H Cleaning Supplies currently operates with one permanent parttime storeman / delivery driver plus the current owner. The business is easy to run and all systems and procedures are in place. Townsville is the largest city in North Queensland and remains one of the fastest growing cities in the state. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

bh (07) 4728 1042

fax (07) 4775 2419


price: $595,000 stock included

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Iconic Karratha Surf Shop For Sale This is an awesome opportunity to purchase Karratha’s iconic surf shop ‘Wet n Wicked’ and live the dream. It is ideally located in the heart of Karratha’s Centro shopping centre and the hub of the Northwest catering to all of the

Pilbara’s shopping needs. This business stocks many great surfing brands, apparel brands and surfing accessories. Great location, great brands and Karratha is on the rise to bigger and better things.... Don’t miss out!

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9144 4674

fax (08) 9144 4674


price: $540,000 all inclusive

Commercial Service/Hire

Port Macquarie


Commercial Floor Mats, Hire, Service & Sales Business ‘Mats Our Business’ specialises in Commercial Floor Mats, All Types, Hire-Service and Sales. Established 17 Years, well set up and easy to manage. Reputation for quality products, reliable & professional friendly service. Located in Port Macquarie and servicing all areas Nambucca Heads through to Taree/Forster. Clients include Hospitality, Tourism & Commercial Business in the high growth area of the Mid North Coast. Port Macquarie is the state’s fastest growing coastal city, known for its many beaches, waterways & sub-tropical climate. Current

upgrades to the airport, hospital & medical facilities and tertiary education ensures future high growth. Instant Income with established weekly customers. Solid T/O with a high Net Profit Margin of 24% and a consistent weekly income all year. Work 4 days week. Low rent and a long lease available. 2 Toyota Commercial delivery vans, 2 industrial washing machines & 2 industrial dryers. Owner operated with 2 casual staff. This was our Seachange opportunity and it was great for us. We are ready to retire so now's the time to make it Yours! Phone or email owner. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (02) 6582 3221 44 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0409 839 501


price: $550,000 all inclusive WIWO

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Curio Shop

Batemans Bay


Treasures from the Deep If you are looking for a great lifestyle, a sea change plus a solid income, this business could be exactly what you are looking for! This popular Shell Museum & Curio Shop is situated in Batemans Bay on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia. The Shop is well located with good exposure next to the Catalina Country Golf Club and opposite a water frontage resort on Beach Road. Batemans Bay is on the most direct route on the coast for tourist traffic coming from Canberra. Treasures from the Deep sells and sources a variety of nature products for collectors and the numerous shoppers who visit the shop seeking gifts that are unique. A huge range of different shells, shark teeth, shell art, crystals, jewellery, different types of rocks, minerals, fossils and even meteorites plus novelties and souvenirs. The Museum charges a modest entrance fee and has acquired a loyal and regular clientele plus a growing number of visitors who frequent the South Coast Region. The busiest time for the business is over the summer period, school holidays and long weekends. The freehold premises, from which the Museum and retail business operates, is a converted residence and has a T2 Zoning. It has the Museum and retail area, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, office/lounge, storeroom, safe and back to base alarm, bathroom + extra toilet and laundry, 2 car garage and backyard area. There is ample parking with 3 car parks at the front and more parking beside the Museum for cars and coaches. The Shell Museum has been established for 45 years. The current owner for 15 years. Included in the purchase price is the premises/residence, the Shell Museum Collection and stock at valuation (approx $25/$30K). There is also a comprehensive Opal collection that could be available for purchase at an agreed price. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0468 608 457


price: $475,000 O.N.O. freehold

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Regional Franchise The Fastway Couriers Regional Franchise in the Launceston region which covers the North and North West Coast of Tasmania is available to purchase.

The Regional Franchise manage the depots, customer service and provides support to couriers franchisees within the region.

The current owners personal circumstances have changed and need to sell to make a move interstate.

The sale includes, exclusive territory, leases to two depots, a Linde forklift, current depot staff if required, a couple of older vans and office equipment as negotiated.

This is a perpetual exclusive regional territory consisting of two leased depots in Launceston and Ulverstone.

Please email Cindy for a prospectus. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $250,000

Day Spa



Cosmetic Clinic & Day Spa High Profit Located in Mildura with a retail draw of 90,000 people this proven business has over 18,000 customers on database and 12 years of high profit. Full online store, own branded high profit range of quality mineral makeup and skincare. Salon software, in room tablets & extensive computer systems. Services include IPL hair reduction and photo rejuvenation, all general beauty services, Day spa services, laser tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing, Magic tanning, cosmetic procedures - botox, leg veins, surgery etc. Quality plant and equipment. Trade marks & extensive marketing in place. Beautiful 260 sq mtr air-cond.premises. 13 rooms

include medical procedure room, kitchen, reception & retail area, 2 laundries, office, 2 bathrooms. Lease 5 year plus. Turnover $1 million plus p.a. with very high profit. Staff includes nurses, beauty therapists, massage therapists, makeup artists, doctors, naturopath, cosmetic tattooist. Visiting Cosmetic Surgeons. Procedural Manual. Owners wish to semi retire. Business would suit dynamic business person wanting to enter Wellness and Beauty industry or experienced beauty therapist, doctor, nurse or paramedical therapist. Owners will assist during transition. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 801 052 46 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.

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Popular Bayside Deli Cafe In Vincentia Jervis Bay


Established & Renowned Cafe For Sale

A great opportunity exist here to buy the only operating Deli/Cafe in the Jervis Bay area which is located in a busy seaside shopping mall that draws a high volume of tourist and local resident business. The business is a well established enterprise having been operating for some 30 plus years offering a vast array of premium gourmet goods plus cafe services. There is also approved outdoor seating for 30+ clients. All enquiries are welcome and business details can be discussed by appointment only.

Offering a cafe with a loyal clientele and delicious food. Seats up to 50 people in an air conditioned space that has a lot of potential for further use. High health and safety rating, and sufficient set-up- including two commercial kitchens. Lease of further eight years will allow for increased growth. If you want to be proud of the service you provide to the public without the hard work that comes with starting from scratch, then this opportunity is for you!

price: $100,000 + S.A.V.

price: $259,000 leasehold WIWO

bh (02) 4441 7434 mob 0431 901 670

mob 0417 199 795


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.




A Cafe / Deli - Good for the Beli This family owned continental delicatessen / café provides a wide range of products, including different types of cheese, salami, olives, coffees, sandwiches, salads, meat, drinks, cookies, fruit juice and teas. Offering also a huge range of imported and local products. Such a variety attracts a wide range of customers and this results in good sales. Established for 20 years the business is surrounded by offices and residential properties ensuring a continuing

stream of clients and good sales through both weekdays and weekends. Situated in the suburb of Bella Vista in north-western Sydney, in the Hills District, 33 kms from Sydney CBD. The biggest commercial area is the Norwest Business Park with industrial areas in West Bella Vista heavily under development. This Café / Deli is a very good business in a growing, prosperous suburb of Sydney. Contact owner for further details.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0435 499 350


price: $59,000 negotiable P.O.A.

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Established over 25 years. With a variety of over 60 smoked and cooked products made on site, supplying their many loyal & ever growing clientele. • New and well maintained equipment • Short operating hours • Suit owner/operator • Great location, busy street & car parking spaces. Powerful sales volume & opportunity to expand. The Vendor will stay on for a period of time as necessary to assist the new Purchaser with WISLA methods, techniques & secrets. An option is available to buy the state of the art purpose built Factory/Retail freehold or enter into a firm leasehold of a 5x5 yrs.' or other negotiable.

Established 16 years specialising in the manufacture, sale & installation of skylights, insulation, attic ladders, ventilation products, sheet metal fabrication. Innovative roof lighting product is manufactured & distributed Australia wide. A new e commerce website with shopping cart and pay pal account is in place to market this product. Client base includes local & national builders, domestic market & trade. Based in Mittagong, services the Southern Highlands area and surrounds. Currently operating 8 - 4.30 Monday Friday. Would suit 2 people either husband & wife or brothers or mates with some background in the building industry. Owners are selling as they wish to retire.

price: $595,000 + S.A.V.

price: $175,000 negotiable - all inclusive

bh (03) 9213 3025 mob 0404 036 123

fax (03) 9769 2699


Home Improvement Energy Saving Products


Wisla Continental Deli/Smallgoods




Early Learning Education This business opportunity would suit someone passionate about child education or with a flair for marketing. The company See Saw Products has researched and developed an educational puzzle peg board designed to familiarise children with the human body. The board is the first of its kind in Australia and is an official Registered Design. The business has already sold over 200 units Australia wide, in a part time effort by the designer, each time receiving

excellent testimonials and feedback. This is a proven product which just needs a dedicated sales effort to fully realise its potential. An extensive data list of potential users is also on file. Child education is a growth industry and this business would be ideal as an independently run venture in the child products and services industry or as an add-on to an existing business servicing this industry. Contact owner for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 6231 4515 48 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0417 325 923


price: $49,500 negotiable

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Espresso Bar / Cafe

Brisbane CBD


Prime Location / City Central This is a unique opportunity to purchase an established and very profitable business in the “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” centre of Brisbane’s CBD. ‘Bar Linea’ is located on the ground level of 40 Creek Street, a multi-story office tower in the centre of Brisbane Commercial Hub. The Cafe was designed and built by the current owners and has been trading successfully for over 5 years. The main objective was to capitalise on this prime position by creating a modern Espresso Bar Cafe to service the business clientele within the 40 Creek Street building and adjoining office towers. Bar Linea is now well known and has a reputation for providing a high standard of customer service, great coffee, simple healthy food and a friendly atmosphere for meeting clients. The Cafe operates Monday to Friday and is very easy to run – no evening trade and not open weekends or public holidays. No penalty rates. The business has a maximum of 5 staff on a full and part time casual basis. Current turnover $10 - $12K per week. A secured long lease is available (15 years). ‘Bar Linea’ is an excellent business operating under its current format. Further profitability could be achieved through increased office catering, evening trade on Thursdays and Fridays plus potential acquisition of a license to serve alcohol. Training would be available to the purchaser after settlement. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0412 759 331


price: $298,000 + S.A.V.

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Event / Party Hire



Growing Electrical Contracting Business Average TO $350-400K p.a, growing each year with current ongoing work. Turnover would increase under new ownership. Solid existing, growing customer base. Enormous potential for future growth. Diverse mix of industrial, commercial & residential clients. Hyundai iLoad van included. Excellent 4th year apprentice. This is an outstanding opportunity for someone with the right mix of industry & personal skills to take a leading and profitable role. Safety management system in place ensuring relevant employee licences and equipment maintained. Reputation for extremely high work standards translating to many new clients via referrals.


Party/Fancy Dress, Function Hire & Packaging Supplies To live in a beautiful location like Forster Tuncurry sometimes you need to buy a business. An established business, formerly only wholesale packaging supplies, has expanded into a party shop including theme decorations, balloons, helium, plus large range of fancy dress costumes and accessories. Also party, function and wedding hire equipment. Now 4 complimenting businesses under one roof. 5 year lease, option for another 5 years. Included in sale: fancy dress costumes, equipment hire, office equipment and fixtures, Toyota delivery van. Good parking, undercover loading area. Stock not included in price.

price: $80,000 + vehicle O.N.O.

price: $75,000 negotiable

mob 0401 888 745

mob 0412 508 235

Event / Party Hire



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Event / Party Hire



Audio, Lighting, Audiovisual And Staging Hire


Market Leading Events And Party Hire Business

Audio, lighting, audiovisual and staging hire and production. Price includes complete hire inventory - all in good operational condition and structured to available market, retail outlet with repair and installation contracting in city central rental premises, two vehicles, studio caravan, two sea containers. Flexible locatability. Private, corporate and government clients. Ongoing contracts 10 years plus. Largest contractor in the Great Southern. Established by current owner 13 years. Selling due to health.

Successfully operating for 13 years. Currently run under management with great opportunity to expand the business. Solid client base with regular bookings in both the corporate and high end private markets. Comprehensive inventory of party hire equipment valued at price of over $650,000 as well as 3 commercial vehicles. Current turnover is in excess of $600,000 pa and is supporting a managers salary package in excess of $90k pa. Based in Sydney with additional storage and rentals in Melbourne and Newcastle. Currently leasing premises on a flexible short term lease, easily relocated anywhere.

price: $240,000 WIWO all inclusive

price: $550,000 stock included - WIWO

bh (08) 9841 8601 mob 0438 004 858

mob 0422 984 181

50 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Event / Party Hire

All States


Special Event / Party Hire Business Currently based in QLD, this business has been operating for a number of years and is well known within the industry. National business in that the client base is Australia wide, and the business could be relocated without detriment to its operation. Caters for corporate events, parties and weddings, and would be an ideal service addition to an existing hire business. There are endless opportunities to develop this business nationally. There is also a part of this business that supplies (sells) battery operated LED products to many major Event

Management Companies nationally, and a huge number of business and private customers nationally. These products are all imported and sold from our premises. Sale includes all stock & equipment, client base, marketing assets, intellectual property, vehicle and training to enable a smooth transition We have an excellent reputation built through hard work and impeccable customer service. This is a regrettable sale, however due to the business having outgrown its current premises and the owners need to retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $385,000 WIWO stock included mob 0418 884 883

Fish & Chips

Bray Park


Carvery / Fish And Chips Shop Best roast and fish and chips in the area. This business is located in North Side shopping centre in the food court with very high customer traffic. It is up and running with an excellent reputation. This is a great business for a small

family or couple. Selling at an unbelievable price with $11,000 gross weekly income. Can trail for the right buyertraining will be provided. This business is priced to sell! The owners have family issues and want it sold.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0431 810 455


price: $90,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 51

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Freight Services


Wagga Wagga



Tumbarumba Freight Services

Timbertop Fencing & Timber Supplies. Established 30 years ago, & very well known. Regular $1m annual sales. All Accounts available. GP c.33%. Current owners returning to the UK. Based at a factory in Hallam, but covering all Eastern Melbourne. Regular & Continuous work. Virtually no advertising. Regular council & builder work. Professional quoting & proven systems all in place, regular, reliable contractors. Isuzu truck, Toyota Forklift, trailers, all tools also all included. ( full inventory available) full hand over, training & support period. Fantastic opportunity with loads more potential. Stock approx $25k. Immediate & ongoing work.

Long-established, solid, sustainable business. Operated as family venture for 17 years. Excellent customer base. Price includes vehicles: Iveco Eurocargo and Toyota HiAce, plus equipment. Based in Wagga Wagga. Requires 2 personnel and 2 vehicles. Freight consists of deliveries from local businesses plus on-forwarding for local and national freight companies. Items range from envelopes and cartons to pallets, skids, tyres, whitegoods, beer, furniture etc. Australia Post contract for roadside mail delivery until June 2018. 4 weeks training offered plus 3 months on-going support. Contact for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $235,000 + S.A.V.

price: $245,000 all inclusive

bh 0412 525 151 - Tony mob 0481 332 358 - Nick

bh (02) 6931 7788 mob 0408 695 865

fax (02) 6931 7390



Fencing And Timber Supplies Est 30 Years


Mountain Creek


Gorgeous Florist/gift Shop Gorgeous Florist business for sale on the border of Mountain Creek and Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. The only florist in Mountain Creek, selling floral arrangements, gifts, candles, soaps etc. Established for 8 years in a busy Woolworth's anchored shopping centre with excellent parking, speciality shops and facilities. The shop has recently been fully refurbished and looks beautiful. Large fully fitted out shop (87sqm) with huge leased coldroom and loads of work/display space. Well known in the local area with huge passing trade and excellent reputation. Although busy, can be easily run by owner operator with extra help on Valentines/Mothers Day. Forward

bookings already taken for wedding flowers for 2015/2016. Reliable, sign written VW Caddy van included in the purchase price ($6,000 approx value). The centre is managed by extremely professional landlords and business will be sold with almost two years to run on current lease with a 5 year optional extension. Very reluctant sale and extremely realistically priced due to unexpected imminent Interstate move. Contact for more details. Confidentiality agreement will need to be signed before financials are disclosed. Genuine enquiries only please. Owner is willing to stay on and give training in all aspects of floristry. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0409 257 636 52 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $66,000 + S.A.V. O.N.O.

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 53

Fitness Centre

Southwest Sydney


Planet Fitness / A Purchase Not To Be Missed This is a huge life changing opportunity to purchase a very successful and profitable business related to the fast expanding Health, Fitness and Well Being Industry. ‘Planet Fitness’ Casula is offered as an outright purchase or a partnership/joint venture with eventual control and ownership being transferred after an agreed period. Planet Fitness Casula has huge potential and has been established for over 4 years. Casula is a suburb of Sydney in the state of NSW, 35 km southwest of the Sydney CBD and a rapidly growing area. Currently the Fitness Centre is completely operated under management. A local owner operator who was into health and fitness would be the perfect fit for this business, a person willing to participate in the day to day operation of the business could enjoy an income of $250,000 plus. This is an easy business to manage with all the required systems and programmes in place. The membership base is strong and in a phase of growth. The annual turnover for the last 12 months $1 Mil plus. The Fitness Centre is approx 1500 sq mts and has a combination of large weight areas, 3 cardio areas, group fitness and spin cycle rooms. Approx value of equipment $1 Mil. A Nutrition person is ready to open a ‘Juice Bar’ at the front entry area ($500 a week rental). A helpful bonus. An ongoing lease on the current premises would be available, however with the Fitness Club continuing to expand a larger premise (2000 sq mts) would be an option to look into for future development. The current owner of Planet Fitness Casula has other fitness centres on the Central Coast and further north into the Newcastle area. Further financial information would be made available after inspection and confidentiality requirements have been completed. Contact Olivia Meek for more information.

bh (02) 4956 2144 mob 0457 886 000


price: $1,290,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 53

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 54

Fruit and Veg



Family Lifesyle Business by the Beach Wholesale & Retail Fruit & Veg Shop established 33 years in the beautiful coast town of Yeppoon. The front shop offers fresh salads and snacks made daily and is growing rapidly, while the wholesale side of the business services clubs, pubs, cafe’s & restaurants. There is still room for this business to expand even further, but the owners are ready to retire and would like to hand over the reins to a younger owner. Ideally suited to husband and wife team. Yeppoon is a coastal town in Central Queensland renowned for its beaches, tropical climate and many islands out in the bay.

25 minutes from the city of Rockhampton, Yeppoon is the principal town on the Capricorn Coast, a string of seaside communities stretching more than 150 kms from north to south. The pristine beaches and shallow coves provide a destination both for tourists and workers in the mining industry settling down in Central Queensland. Offshore there are 27 islands including Great Keppel Island which is 20 kms from Yeppoon. A very good business offering an excellent lifestyle. Contact owners for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0409 471 016


price: $250,000 WIWO negotiable


South West Rocks


Timber & Building Supplies Business Need a Lifestyle change? This Building Supply and Hardware business comes with a fully equipped workshop and is situated on the Mid North Coast of NSW in the coastal town of South West Rocks. This is the only business of its type in town and would ideally suit a family seeking an active and social involvement with a friendly, easy-going community. Service clubs and sporting activities available and the town has some renowned attractions enjoyed by both locals and many visitors,

including the famous Fish Rock Cave, a magnet for divers, Smoky Cape Lighthouse, historic Trial Bay Gaol and Hat Head National Park, a place of exceptional beauty with beaches, sand dunes, rainforest and wetlands. Owners are looking to retire after many good years. Turnover of $1 million plus p.a. Approximate value of stock $200,000. Contact owners for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6566 7641 54 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $130,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 55

Food Outlet



Salad Bar in Premier North Shore Location Located just next to the newly renovated Chatswood Station and under a 12 storey building, this business is well placed to attract a high passing trade. Premises comprise 50 sq metres. Currently trading as a salad bar, with low rent rate (for the Chatswood area) and low labor cost - only 2 people are needed each day to operate. This will be a good investment in the long run. Open 5 days with Turnover around $4K - $5K per week. The new operator will not need experience as the current owner offers training, however a basic knowledge of coffee will be a great advantage as the business serves a lot of coffee in the morning. 5-year lease in place plus 5-year option. The sale price includes all fittings, equipment and stock plus 2 weeks training. The suburb of Chatswood is a high density part of Sydney’s leafy, desirable North Shore, both a residential hub and commercial centre, 10km north of Sydney CBD. Don’t miss this investment / business opportunity. Contact the owner today for an appointment to inspect and for further information.

bh (02) 9212 4848

mob 0413 682 216


price: $165,000 all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 55

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 56




Jetts Fitness Gym / Carramar Established with High Profits This is a rare opportunity to purchase a fitness business that is easy to run, provides a solid cash flow and is located 30 km north of the Perth CBD in the fastest growing corridor adjacent to the city. Jetts Fitness are an Australian owned company and the leading 24/7 fitness network with over 200 clubs throughout Australia. Jetts Fitness/Carramar is situated in a regional shopping centre that has Woolworths as its major tenant and plenty of parking available for members. The Fitness Club has a membership of close to 1000 patrons and is currently operated by a full time manager. Under management the Gym makes a substantial profit for the owner. An owner/operator who was into fitness and well being, had good management skills and the ability to encourage further membership could provide for himself an income of $250,000 plus (current return on investment under management approx 32%). This Fitness Club is linked to a very successful and well established franchise that gives plenty of support to its owners through a local Jetts Performance Manager providing ongoing training and advice. A proven business model with all systems and operations is currently in place. All equipment is fully owned and included in the purchase price. Established in 2009, this well equipped franchise business has enjoyed strong local support and a client base that continues to grow through local area marketing and referrals. This wonderful opportunity would be perfect for a fitness minded person looking for a self employment option that will provide them with an enviable income from the very outset, or someone looking for additional income through investment in a lucrative franchise business without being involved in its day to day operation. Further financial information would be made available after inspection and confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0417 178 704 56 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: 750,000

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 57


Smiggin Holes


First Time Offered in 54 Years This premium family business has been established for over 50 years and offers ‘a once in a lifetime’ opportunity to purchase the only independent Ski Rental / Retail Facility operating in the Perisher Smiggin Holes Ski Resort area. This investment provides a very good income plus an enviable lifestyle with a Winter trading period only from June to October. The purpose built premises is situated in the Smiggin Holes Ski Resort and is directly opposite the ski slopes and lifts. Snowline Ski Centre has a large area allocated to its ski hire operation with a comprehensive range of equipment catering to all standards, from the beginner to the most experienced and discerning skier. There is a well stocked retail outlet with all the best known brands of skis, equipment and clothing. The building, which is included in the purchase price, has 2 self contained units plus live-in accommodation for up to 12 staff. The building also has been designed to permit further expansion. The business enjoys significant intellectual property including an online booking and payment facility. Snowline Ski Centre has never had to advertise. It has a strong and loyal client base along with a large associated customer database and is highly regarded within the industry. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a profitable and solid business established over many years. The owners have enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle and are now looking to retire. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

bh (02) 6457 5224 mob 0407 489 662


price: P.O.A. negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 57

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 58


National Agency Nursecall Systems & Products National agency servicing the aged care sector in S.A. & N.T. Located in the industrial suburb of Lonsdale in the city of Onkaparinga, south of Adelaide. The business provides and maintains Nursecall Systems and associated products. This is a one or two person business and basic electronics and computer skills are needed. Hands on operation with some ceiling work required. The business is long established with a large client base and solid profit history. Annual turnover $400K. Training and backup available.


Contact Eric for more information.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (08) 8382 3507

mob 0421 638 863

General Store



price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.

Home Based

All States


General Store, Cafe & Gift Shop with Residence Highly profitable business for husband and wife team. Store and residence are an integral part of historic tourist village of Nobby. Great family oriented town with excellent facilities and safe environment. Split-level 3 bed residence. New carpet, residence repainted, split system air-cond. Potential to expand food service market by extending trading hours and offering an expanded menu to cater for consistent stop-overs of tourist and motor-home market. Strong local market for affordable takeaway meals. Gifts include jewellery, new-age and conventional giftware. Unique opportunity for life change to this piece of paradise.


Ethical Genuine Home Business Be Your Own Boss Be challenged and encouraged to a new level of success. Start p/time or f/time. Earn a great income in an ethical enjoyable business. Work less hours but get great results. Own your own business, work from your laptop and phone representing an award-winning product in the Personal Development and Leadership Education Industry. Get up and running in less than 2 hours. No cold calling. Ongoing training. Global organization that experienced 100% growth last year. This is NOT for everyone; Looking for people with a hunger to be successful and looking to earn over $100,000 p.a.

price: $320,000 + S.A.V. freehold

price: $2,700

bh (07) 4696 3207 mob 0429 631 697

mob 0413 603 131

58 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 59


Lake Macquarie


Temporary Fence Hire Business Well established and very profitable business, close to the city of Newcastle on the Lower North Coast of NSW. Newcastle is recognised as one of the best cities to live in Australia. Hire Rite hires out temporary construction fence for a multitude of different uses, building sites, concerts, builders, trades people, schools, churches, insurance companies, councils, etc. Temporary pool fence and self close gates are used for: pool builds/renovations, confinement of dogs and crowd control. Established 8 years with a solid client base, the business operates 5 days per week. Current T/O approx $440,000 plus. Purchase price includes 14.4klm temporary fencing panels, bases and clamps. Also includes: • 1,100mts temporary pool fence panels, bases, clamps and 28 self close gates. • 1.3klm (520) brand new temporary fence panels. • 4.6klm (1850) brand new fully enclosed plastic covered fence feet. • 2 trucks. 1 ute, 2 forklifts. • MYOB invoicing, website, phone numbers, plus lots more. Lake Macquarie will provide you with a great lifestyle with plenty of beaches, fishing and boating, vineyards close by, restaurants, concerts, sporting venues, schools, universities, and health care facilities. This is as close to a recession proof business as you will get, it still makes really good profits through economic ups and downs. It also has plenty of growth potential with an increasing population. Workcover site safety laws, government and council pool safety laws and insurance issues, are some of the things that have been driving temporary fence business growth over the past 10 - 15 years in particular. These are only going to increase in the future. Easy owner operated or managed business with 2 employees. All training, help, introductions and assistance available to ensure a smooth transition for the buyer. Selling as first step to retirement (no succession). Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0413 705 217


price: $585,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 59

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 60

Home Based


Home Based

Australia Wide



Business has grown too large for owner. All the hard work has been done for you. With Australia wide shipping offered, the system set up for distribution involves minimal input by the owner, leaving plenty of time for focusing on sales and promotion. • Excellent net profits; • Work from home with flexible hours; • Minimal overheads; • Can be run anywhere in Australia; • Training available; and • Excellent growth potential without further investment. Further financial information can be released once an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) has been signed and sent back to the business seller.

Online retail store specialising in the niche product of Car Audio Kits. Revenue has nearly doubled in last 3 years. Well-established business that has been in the industry for 5 years. Exclusive distributorship with a leading Car Audio Kit manufacturer. Customer base of 3,000. Strong installer base around Australia. Informative website with low competition. Google ranks this website in the top 3 natural search results. Owners are selling because they are moving overseas. Needs 20 hours/week to maintain. All offers welcome. Further information will be released once a confidentiality agreement has been signed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $240,000 + S.A.V.

price: $85,000 + S.A.V. + equipment

mob 0434 214 003


Online Niche Car Audio Home Business


Retail/online Store - Great Profit - Home Based

mob 0413 131 212

Home Based

All States


Home Based - Online Business Is The Future! A business model that is a refreshing alternative to franchise and traditional business. You can be up and running your business within hours of starting. No expensive franchise fees. No expensive equipment to purchase. No expensive shop fit outs. No staff and no onerous workplace or industry legislations to worry about. Full training and support is available. Work online from your home, offering portability and flexibility. All you require is a phone, laptop or PC, internet connection and a strong desire to create success. 80% profit margins paid direct and upfront to you. This business does not require you to inventory or stock product. Income is derived from

multiple revenue streams- retail, wholesale, upfront, leverage and residual. Opportunity for international travel. Our media production, empowerment and leadership education have won many awards and received global recognition. This business is for you if you want to be your own boss, are highly motivated with a strong desire to create success and are willing to contribute to your own growth whilst assisting others. Visit for more information, complete the form with your details and I will personally contact you within 24 hours to discuss this business opportunity further. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 287 689 60 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: P.O.A.

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 61




Leading Kitchenware Store Trading For Over 20 Years This business has a reputation as one of the best kitchenware stores in the Canberra region. Trading from its current location in a fresh food market since 1997, the business enjoys consistent trade from market customers and a great sense of community with other market stallholders. The store is a leader supplier of quality kitchenware and a select range of gourmet food products and has a loyal following of customers who appreciate the personal and homely feel of the store. If you love meeting and chatting with people on a daily basis, then this is a great

business for you. This business would be well suited to someone with a passion for cooking and or cake decorating. The store currently trades during the markets’ core days (Wednesday to Sunday) and could easily be run by a small number of staff, or a couple. Sale due to retirement. Store size: 89m Included in the price is all fixtures and fittings including: Large glass bay windows 5 internal bays with shelving New carpets laid in 2011. Back to base alarm system. On-site toilet Kitchenette Small office space with desk Storage space. Free parking for staff and customers Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 487 297


price: $100,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

IT / Computer



Mobile Computer Repairs and Service A successful business that has been established for 20 years. The Company specialises in the repair and service of computers and has a service office/workshop in close proximity to the CBD. The business operates with service vans, enabling it to provide a fast and efficient mobile service. The Company has acquired a large, loyal and regular clientele plus has ongoing service contracts with a number of businesses throughout the Brisbane area. These contracts provide a guaranteed income and work.

The business also builds new computer systems for its growing client base. The price includes all equipment, technology, database of customers, service vans and ongoing contracts. Current owner would provide assistance and advice during the transition. Further information and financials would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0414 111 710


price: $150,000 WIWO + plant

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 61

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 62


Beauty Equipment Distributor Manufacturing Recession proof well established business for 15 years. Massive scope for domestic and international expansion. This beauty equipment and skin care manufacturer and distributor has built a solid and leading reputation of quality to the high end market of an industry growing faster than ever before. Can be run without the owner being present 24/7 and key staff are in place in all departments and states to ensure smooth transition to any new owner. Nationally, one of the leading equipment distributors but also manufacture in Australia their own equipment which has become the leading brand (trade mark) in Australia and exported overseas. New equipment are now ready for export and this market can be developed tremendously. Niche market with weak competition and we have established ourselves though offering value for money equipment to the beauty and medical industries coupled



with superb customer service. Based on the Gold Coast but could be relocated to a major city which would almost certainly see an increase in turnover and profits. Business is massively cash flow positive The owner is retiring but will remain around the business for support. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 620 244


price: $1,500,000 + equipment + S.A.V.

Juice Bar



Premium Frozen Yogurt & Juice Bar A unique opportunity to own the QLD model flagship store for an International Franchisee. The store occupies a prime Brisbane City location and has very high growth potential. This is the perfect choice for an experienced store runner / owner operator. Providing the best Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies & Cold Press Juices in the market. The store was established in July 2014 by the QLD State Franchisee.

Situated in a premier shopping precinct in the heart of Brisbane the business is exposed to a high level of foot traffic and regular customers working in the shopping mall. Brisbane, Queensland’s capital, is a constantly growing city as the southern immigration up north continues exponentially. Get in on the ground floor with this excellent business opportunity. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers. 62 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $165,000

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 63


Gisborne South


Mature Job Search Is For Sale Mature Job Search was launched on 8th May 2014 to help employers find mature people, 45 plus, who can add real value to the workplace. We are not directly competitive to websites like Seniorsearch, Olderworkers or Adage. We now consistently rank on the first page of Google when people search for Mature Job Search. We have close to 2,000 registered job seekers and 100 registered employers/recruitment companies. One job we advertised in December reached 34,000 people in just 3 days. If you look at our website today (20th Jan) you will only find a few jobs

posted, but this is because we had an accident that left us unable to spend any worthwhile time on the business from September until the New Year. The business has enormous potential and most of the hard work has already been done. The business could be run from anywhere that you have internet access and at flexible times. Selling because we are relocating overseas. In order to effectively run this business you would need some marketing, possibly social media and basic technology skills. The price of the business reflects the cost of software development and marketing efforts to date. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0458 377 351




price: $35,000

Kitchen and Bathroom



Jaycar Agency And Computer Service Centre Established in 2006, with year on year growth, the company has grown rapidly and now services a diverse range of business and residential clients, providing a wide range of services and products throughout the central Goldfields Shire and beyond. Located on a busy main street with front and rear access plus unmetered front and rear parking, the company is owner operated, with a full time technician and a full time shop assistant.


Specialises In Custom Made Kitchens And Joinery Large Industrial area located in South West Sydney close to M5. The business owns state of the art Machinery including Nesting Machine. The factory has an area of over 650 sq metres. This is a well established Business with many opportunities. Kitchens Showroom within location. Plenty of room for expansion and growth. On site Car parking. Training and substantial transition period will be offered.

price: $195,000

price: $395,000 negotiable

mob 0400 982 929

mob 0449 035 507


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


The company is: • Jaycar Agent • Altronics Agent • Plus more. In-store internet café facility with fast internet access and current hardware. Internet café is custom built and developed as a turnkey, zero maintenance solution. Amazing growth potential.

Australian Business For Sale ® 63

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 64

Kitchen and Bathroom


Kitchen and Bathroom

Cooper Plains


Patent & Business - Unique Opportunity Well established business, with patent. Global Bath Insert and Installation service replacing damaged, old, rusty, leaky baths/hipbaths/shower bases, without plumbing, retiling or chemicals. Also Drain Buddy - repairs cracks or leaks in pipes under the bath. WaterMark approved and tested PATENT covers adapters for both products. Includes: Full patent rights, 6 moulds, fitted van, tools. Government and commercial customer base (est. 1986), manufacturing and distribution system, website. Full training. Family owned business, home-based 30 yrs. Regrettable sale due to ill health.


Cabinetmaking Business With 35 Years Of Clientele Small but profitable cabinet making business that has built up a reputation with its clients with quality products, friendly service, at a reasonable price. Established in 2000 under current ownership with 35 years of operation in current location and clientele with most of work coming from referrals. Business has great potential to expand and grow larger and is located in a area that is easily accessible to major roads and suppliers. Low rent and running costs. Specialising in custom made: • Kitchens • Vanities • Wardrobes • Shopfitting • Entertainment units. Workshop size 175 sq meters with $35 000 in plant, machinery and stock.

price: $160,000 all inclusive

price: $150,000 O.N.O. - stock included

mob 0404 740 080

mob 0403 025 433

Ladies Wear



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Australia Wide


Cosy courtyard boutique draws moneyed Snowy tourists

All States

Travel Club Opportunity

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.

price: $2,500 O.N.O. - P.O.A.

bh (02) 6457 2865

bh (02) 6562 7633

64 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0488 627 633


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Cashed-up shoppers from all over NSW flock to buy fashion, footwear and giftware from this famous boutique in a bustling mountain tourist town. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure a unique lifestyle and income doing something you love in a lakeside paradise close to the winter and summer playgrounds of Thredbo and Perisher. Established ten years. Turnover $0.5 million plus. Always profitable. Oodles of parking. Lots of lease to run. Will help new owner get started.

An exclusive membership/business opportunity is available from a highly reputable international travel and lifestyle Company founded in 2008 and expanding rapidly in Australia. Your membership offers up to 75% off retail world-wide travel deals, cruises, resorts, car hire etc. By working from home (or anywhere) using your computer and phone, you can promote this product backed by great Company training and support. Depending on efforts there is potential to earn an executive income. Run your business while you holiday! For full information go to and fill out the contact form.

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 65




Stretched Limousine Business • 2 Stretched Pink Limousines & well known Business for Sale. • 1 x stretched Pink Ford Territory 13 seater Limousine • 1 x stretched Pink Lincoln 11 seater Limousine Very lucrative business with attractive takings each month with Website, Facebook (4,000 fans/likes), 1300 number, Good Will, Future bookings, SV Licences, RWC on both

limos, stock and equipment are all included in the sale. Professionally trained and reliable drivers can run the business specialising in Kids/Teen Parties, Hens Nights, Weddings, etc... Perfect fun business with huge rewards requiring minimal input. Call Janine on 0419 566 569.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 566 569


price: $150,000 O.N.O.


Sunshine Coast Region


Exciting Lighting Shop Great Location This lighting business specialises in LED lighting as well as being a PV solar installer and attracts electrical contracting work. Fully renovated rented premises with a modern showroom. 5 years available on the lease, with a 7 year option to continue. The shopfront is located on the busiest main road on the Sunshine Coast with 50,000 plus cars passing the shop every day. The shop features a large PV solar display, lighting displays throughout & a dark room/storeroom for showcasing LED down lights. Also a large storage/receiving dock & a spacious office and a fully functional 34kw solar system installed. The business currently averages 4 PV solar system

sales & installs per week. The electrical team also does domestic to commercial installations and LED lighting upgrades. This is a very unique business with a reputation for quality products and service that has a great retail and trade presence. This business will continue to perform well, as the renovation market is strong. Well organised and process driven, with a capacity to consult for clients who require help in interior design. The expansion of this business can be done rapidly and inexpensively, by approaching architects, builders and online trading. Priced to sell. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 999 888


price: $249,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 65

Pages_051-066_Pages_051-066 17/02/2015 1:25 pm Page 66

Luxury Hire Car Service



Limousines Manufacturing, Hire Business. For Sale Owner retiring after 22 years of successful operation. The offer consists of: 1. Gold 12 passenger stretch limousine based on the Ford Ltd. Individually Constructed Vehicle, MD1 category, Registered as a bus. First registered in year 2000. GVM 3400 kg. Reg No: WJK 486. 2. White Lexus LX 470. 16 seater stretch limousine, modified in 2007. Registration number HXX 705, GVM 4490 kg. 3. Existing bookings, business name, customers database, web page, domain name, promotional materials and current advertising. 4. Limousine manufacturing section of the business.

Complete projects engineering designs, calculations and drawings. Step by step instructions, photographs, video recordings, moulds, tables, list of suppliers and subcontractors. Certified engineers’ reports. Can build your own limousines and expand the existing base of 2 stretch limousines. Suit an entrepreneur, perfect for an existing business wishing to diversify: crash repairers, mechanics, taxi owners. Can be run from home. Existing markets: tourism, weddings, special occasions. Free business goodwill. This is a business with minimum time effort and maximum return. Possibility of expansion into motor home industry. No limit to growth potential. Perfect return on your investment. Flexible conditions of transition to new ownership. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 8369 1714 mob 0408 083 694


price: P.O.A. negotiable

Luxury Hire Car Service



Stretch Limousine And Wedding Car Well established over 10 years. Services all areas of work from weddings, formals, tours to airport and corporate and TV work. Several contracts in place providing consistent work all year round. Consistent growth every year and turnover is approx $650 000. Employs 1 full time and 1 part time office staff and 11 Part time/Casual Drivers. The below cars form the Fleet: • 12 Seat Chrysler 300c in white • 12 Seat Chrysler 300c in Silver • 11 Seat Chrysler 300c in white

• 8 Seat Chrysler 300c in Black • 10 Seat Ford Fairlane in White • 8 Seat Ford Fairlane in White • 2 X Luggage Trailers. Car year models are from (2004-2009) *** will be open to option of breaking down the business to smaller options if someone is genuine. Please only make contact if you are genuine as I am really busy and time is limited. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 641 469 66 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: P.O.A.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:41 am Page 67

in s s la G s g in h T All a Growing Area Lockyer Valley l QLD


This successful and highly profitable family operated business has been established for a period of 35 years. H & D Glass Services is located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley in the township of Gatton less than one hour from the Brisbane CBD. The business specialises in the manufacture and installation of windows, doors and glass shower screens. The company also provides safety screens, insect screens, mirrors and mirror doors. H & D also carry Crimsafe security products and are the only licensed Crimsafe manufacturer and installer in the region. Having been in operation for such a long period, the Company enjoys a huge number of loyal clients and added advantage of ongoing repeat business. Vehicles, with purpose-built racking, are also available for purchase. The business currently has an annual turnover in excess of $900,000 with solid net returns and a running stock of approx. $30K. The region serviced by the Company takes in an area of South East Queensland that covers the Gold Coast to the south, the Sunshine Coast to the north and to Gatton in the Lockyer Valley in the west. The business has a staff of 5, including the 2 Owners, and has a reputation for providing excellent service and workmanship. H & D Glass Services has an extensive clientele of both commercial and domestic customers and has great potential to expand further from what is already a good business. It also offers an excellent opportunity with guaranteed returns and would be a suitable acquisition for a person looking to migrate to Australia through the purchase of a business. It also has the added bonus of a wonderful lifestyle in the magnificent Lockyer Valley, one of the world’s most fertile agricultural areas. Further information and financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

p: (07) 5426 1677

m: 0438 715 701



price: $495,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 67

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:41 am Page 68




Diversity And Intergration Business Opportunity Established in 2006, SAB has built a strong network with the largest corporate companies across the Bowen Basin with their abrasive blasting and protective coating services. Located 10 to 15 mins from the coal terminals and 20 min to Mackay’s industrial area Paget. The 1.25 hectare compound and facilities would lend itself to most industrial operations.

SAB’s fleet is the back bone of the outfit, operating a semi with a 24 ft step deck,HR tilt tray with a hi-ab crane,3 fork lifts with the capacity of up to 10t, a tractor crane and a mine compliant mobile dual blast Izuzu truck unit. There is a variation of compressors with the electric bass station putting out 600 CFM. With gross annual incomes of 1.4 million and the network integration of this purchase, the opportunities are endless.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4956 2112

Maintenance & Repairs

Christmas Island


price: $1,500,000 negotiable freehold




Unique Lifestyle/Business Opportunity Idyllic tropical location. Great lifestyle/sea change opportunity. Authorised Suzuki Marine dealership with 7 year history on Christmas Island. A profitable and diverse marine, motor cycle repair and customising business, and light engine maintenance, including, chain saws etc. Retail sales including, batteries, marine equipment and electronics, tyres, etc. with potential for further expansion. In addition to a lucrative private customer base, clients include AFP, FESA Volunteer Marine Rescue, Parks Australia, Australia Customs, several Governmental bodies, also tourism and charter businesses. Currently husband and wife team, great semiretirement option, or solo operator. Grow the business further or enjoy the life style, the choice is yours. Limited only by your imagination.


Established Spray Painting And Assembly Facility This is an established spray painting and assembly plant. It is offered for sale due to the current owners consolidation of plants and this facility being no longer required. The business is being offered with three spay booths, an automated spray painting line and sanding room. It represents the opportunity for a business to commence spray painting immediately of its own products, or it can be sold with some existing contracts. The business is being offered for sale at a discounted value and due to this it represents an affordable entry for an owner operator.

price: $220,000 negotiable

mob 0438 053 449 - Tony

bh (03) 8720 6700

68 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $125,000 negotiable


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:41 am Page 69


Burleigh Heads


Exciting Caravan & RV Manufacturing Opportunity Our NEW Revolutionary Designs of Caravans and 5th wheelers are Unique in the industry - offering un-matched strength and durability in a very lightweight product. Technology currently being used in RV market is also applicable to trailer and accommodation industries. RV Market forecast to grow for the next 10-15 years. My company has an enviable reputation for quality RVs since 2006 with over 100 specialist RVs around Australia. A comprehensive IP package is included with the business. Forward sales approaching $500,000 are also included. Deposits have already been paid and stage payments agreed. This Business has unlimited

potential now it has recently diversified into Caravans. Excellent team is in place if you choose to operate locally, or your own team can easily be trained. Flexible lease is available for a turn-key sale or the business can easily be relocated to your own location. The Owner is committed to help the Purchaser take the business to the next level. To ensure a good fit with your own circumstance there is some flexibility in the precise package details. A comprehensive handover period is available to ensure a smooth transition and continued success. This is a very genuine sale. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0432 096 777


price: E.O.I.




Iconic Menswear Fashion Label This business gives the potential buyer or agency, the rare opportunity to own an iconic Australian clothing label. Owned by Nathan Brown (AFL Past Player) for the past 8 years. The label is stocked in over 35 stores nation wide. Currently turns over about 165k per year with relative ease, boasts a massive profit margin of nearly 27%. The company owns a Mercedes Van valued at 15k, a website valued at 16k, and current stock on hand equates to 25k with a wholesale value of 50k and a retail value of 90k. The goodwill of the branding and logo trade mark has been valued at 45k

Potential buyer can continue with a seamless transition period. Would be ideally suited for a fashion agency to take over brand or a creative businessman who is keen to develop top of the body ranges. All suppliers have been informed and are willing to work closely with the buyer. Nathan Brown has decided to sell for the simple fact that his AFL media commitments have exceeded all expectations and he can no longer give BlackByrd the time and effort it deserves. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 447 394


price: $225,000 + G.S.T. - stock included

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 69

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:41 am Page 70

Milk Distributor



Milk Run Plus Small Goods Distributor / Lifestyle Located in Bega on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, 3 hours from Canberra, 2 hours from the snowfields and 15 min from the beach, this business is more than a milk run. It is an established and very profitable distribution business. The business is the exclusive distributor of Dairy Farmers milk plus a large range of other products, small goods, juice drinks, water, etc. The distribution of other products utilises the capacity of the 2 delivery vehicles to the maximum. The ‘Milk Run Plus’ has been operating for over 50 years and has established a large and loyal customer base. Current turnover $800,000.

Included in the purchase price: • 1 x Izuzu truck refrigerated • 1 x 1 Ton Ute refrigerated • No rent • No power expense • No goods delivery cost This is an opportunity to purchase a great business and to have a wonderful lifestyle enjoying all that the Sapphire Coast has to offer. Owners are looking to retire but are willing to offer training and advise in the transition. Further information and financials will be available after inspection and confidentiality requirements are completed.

fax (02) 6492 6718

mob 0408 204 838


price: $330,000 WIWO


Quarries For Sale 4 quarries and 2 crushing plants for sale in Western NSW. The first site in the Bathurst region is a premium white limestone/calcium carbonate quarry. 5 hectares in 3 leases. DA approved for 10000 tonne per annum with great scope to increase. Great quality stone on underdeveloped site with massive potential for expansion. The Mudgee region site is black limestone quarry. DA approved (lapses 2016) To a depth of 20 metres. No limit on extraction. The Rylstone region is red/pink Limestone quarry. Continuing use development consent. Nil depth restriction. No limit on extraction. Great quality limestone resource. The Cudgegong region is a beige/brown Limestone quarry. 1.42 hectares. Continuing use development consent. 60m depth restriction. No limit on Extraction.

Arndell Park


Quarries and plants have been under utilitised by seller. With a relatively small amount of investment these quality quarries can realise their full potential. Perfect for decorative aggregates and calcium carbonate etc. Selling due to business restructure. Terms can be negotiated with interested parties

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers. 70 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $4,000,000 all inclusive + G.S.T.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 71




Newsagency Profits + Lifestyle Established and highly profitable Newsagency situated in the beautiful coastal region of Western Australia. Only 2 hrs drive from Perth and not far from the wine growing area of Margaret River plus the wonderful beaches of Busselton and Dunsborough. Bunbury Centrepoint News is located with great exposure in the main shopping complex of Bunbury. The Newsagency provides a wide range of magazines, greeting cards, stationery and gifts. There are 2 busy Lotto terminals which turnover approx $2.5 Mil on a yearly basis. Further retail income is generated through the sale of tobacco, soft drinks, confectionery, educational books and road maps plus AFL merchandise. Other services provided include dry cleaning, phone vouchers, photocopying and laminating. The Newsagency has recently been completely refurbished with a new, modern fit-out, security upgrade and new POS system. Being centrally located, close to both Coles and Target, the store experiences plenty of foot traffic with a large passing trade along with an established and loyal regular clientele. Current retail and service provides a turnover of $1.5 Mil. The business has a running stock of approx. $80K. Bunbury is experiencing very strong population growth which is not surprising as this region is one of the most beautiful areas of Australia. A well established and very busy newsagency that can only grow in the future is an opportunity not to be missed. The added bonus is where it is located. Bunbury is the third largest city in W.A. It is situated 175km south of Perth and its port services the farming, mining and timber industries. With a population of 69,000 plus Bunbury offers a great lifestyle and all the required amenities and facilities for comfortable country living.

bh (08) 9721 6076

mob 0417 911 003


price: $550,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 71

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 72

Natural Therapies





Natural Therapy Practitioners Keep All The Income You Earn If someone paid your rent in beautiful, professional premises, paid for a receptionist 40 hrs/wk, paid your marketing, provided a large database of clients and provided you with additional profit in a growth industry, how much more income could you earn each year? This existing profitable, systemised business currently does just that. With a niche therapy, it is the ideal complement for a professional natural therapy practitioner looking to reduce overheads, increase turnover and upgrade office space. This clinic has and existing customer base, focuses on a specialised therapy which can be run without formal qualification (trained receptionist) and already has staff in place to do so. Well established,high traffic location, long lease, high ranking website, established social media.


In The Big Shopping Centre Next To Popular Supermarket Long established (over 30 years). Positioned on the most popular floor of one of the biggest shopping centre, next to the busiest popular supermarket. Selling full range of lotteries product plus lots more. Just added bill paying and parcel facility. 16 camera CCTV installed for added security. Turn Over - Over $5,000,000. Consistently making good profit. Nothing to spend. Huge traffic flow. Would suit husband and wife team. Genuine buyers only. Please do not contact if you are just looking. Please DO NOT approach the business or any staff to talk before discussing this with the owner.

price: $120,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

price: $495,000 + S.A.V. - O.N.O.

mob 0432 913 345


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.




Great Rewards In Barham The Jewel On The Murray BARHAM NEWSAGENCY is 3 hours out of Melbourne, we also have tourist info centre, NSW lotto, florist & giftware a full range of stationary and business supplies, magazines, Darrell Lea and much more. Long established business of 10 years in this location & 20+years in town. Gross turnover of $730k average, large brick 20mx15m freehold included and external colourbond cement floor 9m x4m shed at rear, parking for staff, 3 fully trained self sufficient staff- 1 fulltime 2 parttime, trading 70 hours a week. 5 subagents around town. NO competition for 28 kms. We are the hub of the

town, at least 400 people a day come thru our doors, we cater to everyone’s needs. It’s a very happy cheery place. The town offers a great range of attractions and things to do with amazing sporting facilities and services 2 supermarkets, 2 service stations, new hospital, retirement home, great schools & kinder and our magical river, we boast a transient population of approx 1000 people a week, thru festivals at the CluBarham and around town, golf & sporting events, tourism and holiday makers all year round. BARHAM THE JEWEL ON THE MURRAY. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 5453 2043 72 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0417 473 270


price: Business $345,000 - Freehold $340,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 73

Newsagency and Post Office

South Coast


Established Newsagency / Post Office /Plus Batehaven is located within Batemans Bay on the beautiful, unspoilt New South Wales South Coast only 1½ hours east from Canberra, 4 hours south of Sydney. Batemans Bay is a picturesque coastal holiday town in a region that is renowned for its beautiful beaches. Batehaven village is home to all the conveniences you expect of a local community shopping centre. Supermarket, bakery, fish market, bottle shop, takeaways, coffee shops, dentist, doctors surgery, service station plus lots more. Batehaven Newsagency has been operating for over 30 years and is located directly opposite Corrigans Beach. The newsagency is surrounded by tourist accommodation which sees the population triple during peak times. The surrounding local population is substantial and provides ample year round foot-traffic to sustain this thriving business. Not your standard newsagency, this business boasts a diverse range of products including: • Local, national and international newspapers • Magazines including popular weeklies and monthlies • Cards and wrap • Renowned for its giftware, Batehaven Newsagency has become a destination for its selection of well-priced, quality gifts • An extensive range of stationery • NSW Lotteries agent with sales in excess of $1.2million, commissions $100K • Phone recharge and international calling cards • Convenience items such as cigarettes, milk, drinks and confectionery Approx running stock value $200/$250K. The business is also a fully Licenced Post Office operating 7 days a week offering most of the services of a corporate office and owning 420 private post boxes. Annual commissions of over $100K. Brother fax machine, Xerox colour photocopier and Bio-metric passport photo system provide add-on services. Current overall gross turnover approx $2.5 Mil, increasing yearly. Newspaper delivery run with drivers, exclusive territory and 5 subagents. Possible potential to expand territory. A long lease is available. Further financial information would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0429 692 122


price: $850,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 73

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 74

Newsagency / Lottery Agent



Buy Awesome Newsagency Located on the pristine waterways of Port Stephen’s has been established for 45 years. We are 30 minutes drive to Newcastle and Nelson Bay. Newcastle Airport is 15 minutes drive. The area enjoys fishing, boating and golfing facilities. Current owners for 9 years, looking to retire. Extremely reasonable rent with 5X5 lease, serviced by a large car park. The shop is a branded News power with promotions for every season. The shop is a huge 500sq with a modern Fit out and new computer system. The business services 3 sub agents. It is the only full serviced

Newsagency on the Tilligerry Penninsular with population of 5000 people. The paper run is done by reliable staff, no owner input required. Owners share approx. 50 hours work per week supported by 4 casuals, with staff able to run business if leave is required. The annual turnover is approx. $1,300,000 including Lottery sales of $700,000. The business services local businesses with stationary, has a huge gift card line, sells gifts, Telco products and Computer accessories. Very reliable, stable business with room for expansion in a growth area. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4982 3214

mob 0413 043 615


price: $380,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Pet Shop

Albany Creek


Pet Cafe Albany Creek Pet Cafe Albany Creek has been established for 18 Years and is part of the Pet Cafe Franchise Group that has been in business for 25 Years. Pet Cafe®’s innovative concept of a pet shop without pets has proven to be a winning formula and as such Pet Cafe® has grown to a group of 14 independently owned large format pet stores, located in Queensland and South Australia and expanding across the nation. The business retails Pet Food and Pet Accessories. 1 permanent staff plus 3 casual: Currently run under management but would suit husband and wife team. Owners selling due to sea

change. Premises: 377sqm. Lease expires 2021 with 5 year option. Stock at valuation approx $160K. Ongoing training and marketing assistance provided. Pet Cafe®, with a strong, consistent image and instantly recognisable logo, creates a warm, inviting store where customers feel comfortable shopping. Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world and a pet care industry worth $6 billion. Sale includes all plant and equipment. For more detailed information or any questions please email or phone David on 0412 532 366. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3379 3188 74 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $250,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 75

Oyster Farm

Streaky Bay


Oyster Lease, Commercial Property & Residence “This is an opportunity to purchase an oyster business in the heart of the Pacific Oyster growing Mecca of South Australia” The 5 hectare Oyster Lease that has become available is located on the North Bank of Streaky Bay, a town situated on the West Coast of South Australia, 300 kms northwest of Port Lincoln and 727 kms west of Adelaide. Streaky Bay has a population of 1,200 and is a popular tourist area renowned for surfing and boating plus the commercial ventures of oyster farming and professional fishing. The Oyster Farm currently has 14 x 100 meter BST lines (4 lines per rack) already developed and stocked. When fully developed the lease has the capacity to hold 38 oyster racks, which can stock between 1.3 - 1.9 million “ongrower oysters” that can have a 1.5 time rotation cycle over a 12 month period. Also included in the sale of the business is a fully furnished 3 bedroom residence and a commercially designed premises that facilitates an efficient working environment. The 5 hectare lease was part of a recent subdivision and as such does not have any trading record. The current owner has extensive experience in the financial management for oyster farms in the same area for the past 15 years and is suitably qualified to prepare cash flow forecasts for the business, which are available to interested parties. Oyster farming is an on-going employment provider in the Streaky Bay region and skilled labour is readily available. The 5 hectare site could be easily managed by 2 full time staff or ideally by a family group. This business venture has state of the art and extensive plant listing, with nothing more to spend, whilst the sale price includes a place to live, work and play. Further information and financial details would be made available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements fulfilled.

mob 0428 831 080


price: $900,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 75

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 76




Manufacturing and Importing We’re importing Plumbing fittings and pipes and also manufacture some plumbing items in our factory near Liverpool in the South West of Sydney CBD.

transition. This business represents an excellent opportunity to take on an established manufacturing and import operation in the plumbing industry.

This business is very easy to operate with a huge potential to increase turnover and profitability.

Last year turnover was $430,000 and overheads are low and could be reduced further. At present 1 employee and owner running the business.

The owner offers training and support to enable a smooth

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 048 502


price: P.O.A.


Mango Hill


Small Boutique Mailing Services Business For Sale is the mailing & packaging part of the company established 16 years ago. It is managed & operated by a husband & wife team. Currently the business is operating downstairs in a rental residential home and can be relocated. Selling due to illness. This business has unlimited potential as there has never been any advertising or sales work done. "Word of mouth" has been the only avenue followed. Turn over for 2013/2014 was $238,000. We specialise in the preparation of data and the mailing of publications, being weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and yearly, using bulk

services from Australia Post. We also hold storage for some clients which is charged & a regular stocktake done. We have also done counting & packaging of ballot papers, making up of folders, collating items & packing into show bags, gluing of DVDs or other items to magazines. Established and loyal clientele, mostly publishers & printers. There is currently one casual employee who works approx 12 hrs a month but depending on the work load can work up to 40 hrs in a month. She is employed as a Tablehand which is a person who works on the processing table. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 880 826 76 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $89,500

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 77




Filtered Water Cooler Rental Business Endless Pure Water “Free”- well almost. This simple and easy Filtered Water Cooler business is for sale Great return for doing very little. Perfect if you want to build a business for financial independence Or If you only want to work 1-2 days a week. You pay the rent roll, including all of the equipment associated with it. No delivery of bottles, just change the filters and keep the equipment clean. 300 clients/contracts for sale that give you

an excellent return for very little effort & time- with the option to add or have less (according to your budget). This is not a Franchise, you are free to go and operate anywhere you choose. Work from home use you garage and your own car, easy simple and very profitable. Phone me on 0418 753 048 and I show you what I have been doing for the last twenty years. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (03) 9822 4766

mob 0418 753 048

Pumps, Pool & Irrigation



price: $465,000 + G.S.T. all inclusive




Price Reduction Following Health Issue Thriving pump, irrigation and swimming pool supplies business located in a vibrant country town. Highly regarded by it's clients, the business has a solid turnover (around $0.95m to $1m per annum for the last three financial years) and high gross margin. Located in attractive premises, established in 1995. The owner has had a health issue late last year which led to a life style re-evaluation, and in order to achieve a speedy sale the asking price has been reduced by $75,000. The stock value is estimated at around $150K, subject to a stocktake.


Freehold - Pizza Takeaway Restaurant & Residence Rare opportunity to acquire a profitable business with proven track record. The Woolgoolga Pizza Place is a well established icon, serving locals and holiday makers for 29 years. Limited competition. Solid brick building with commercial sized kitchen, 34 seat Restaurant, outdoor seating for 16. Woolgoolga is a fast growing coastal town. Owners wish to retire. Set up for A-LA-CARTE. Potential for huge development. In best location on main street of the town. Owners able to live on premises in large open plan studio. Will sell separately.

price: $220,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

price: $1,500,000 freehold - all inclusive

bh 02 6332 4262

bh (02) 6654 2744 mob 0408 542 744


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Australian Business For Sale ® 77

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 78




Franchisee Opportunity In Strong Growth Rural Area Hog’s Breath Cafe is a chain of franchised casual dining restaurants. Offering a diverse menu centred around the signature dish “Hog’s Breath Prime Rib” which is quite simply, The Best a Steak Can Get! Much more than a steakhouse with excellent food, our company is like no other in the restaurant business. We are unique with a very distinctive culture and philosophy of life. Our business owners possess a strong bond with the franchise system and an enviable fellowship. This sporty, fun orientated characteristic of our system is reflected in the restaurants they run. Hog’s Breath Cafe Tamworth

opened its doors in December 1993. Comprises 2 levels, the top having a balcony and an alfresco dining area downstairs, overlooking Main Street Tamworth. Seating capacity over 250. Located in the heart of the CBD, within walking distance of most major retail stores. Winner HBC Highest Gross Profit FY14. Caters for all events and functions of up to 100 people. New lease 5 + 5 with commencement date July 2013. Showing strong growth past 6 years coinciding with growth of Tamworth in areas of conferences, national equine events, major sporting carnivals & the Country Music Festival. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0499 028 868


price: P.O.A.




New Restaurant / Cafe by the Beach Business right by the beach in St Kilda Avenue. Takings $18,000 per week. $450,000 fit out huge potential for growth. Sits 70 inside and 42 outside right opposite Luna

Park. Great family business in one of the best locations in Melbourne with a 3am liquor licence.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 9562 6600 78 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0411 728 775


price: $295,000 negotiable

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 79


Coober Pedy


Famous Remote Greek Taverna Tom and Mary’s Greek Taverna first time listed anywhere is for sale.

Hugh potential for much more earnings (extending trading hours)

Well known, great reputation, nearly 30 years established, revisited by locals, interstate and overseas customers also. Seating 70 plus

Gross turnover $350,000 plus. Lease 3 by 3 years

Trading 6 nights a week, closed Sundays Kitchen opens from 6pm till 9pm

Selling due to ill health, we will sell to the highest bidder over $250,000. Really great opportunity for a family to have a desert change, join a friendly community and have fun. Look us up on Trip Advisor . Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 455 652


price: $250,000 leasehold + S.A.V.




Noosaville Restaurant - Open 5 Nights Lifestyle business on the sunshine coast. Open 5 nights a week giving a new owner heaps of potential to expand. Long history of restaurants at location. Current owners into 5th year. Currently operated as a modern European restaurant. Unique free standing location , no body corporate. Seating for up to 70 a la carte with room for 100+ cocktail style weddings. 165Ssm, plus outside dining space. Private on premises car parking spaces.

Confirmed weddings and corporate functions, booked 12 months in advance. Can operate with chef/owner and minimum staff. Currently 6 staff including owner. Substantial rent decrease recently obtained for new 5 year lease option. Additional option available at end of current term. Loyal repeat customers from local area, interstate and overseas. Full inventory and financials available on request.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 5447 1192

mob 0402 447 011


price: $159,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 79

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 80


Victoria Park


Location, Location And Location An established restaurant in highly sought after precinct 5 km from CBD south is for sale. Sits 120 people and has a liquor license and ETP. A lot of foot traffic throughout the day from locals to international travellers. The area is known for family friendly even late at night. Current operating hours are fairly limited. With the innovative mix the sky is the only limit for the right person. Established in 2006, this soon became a popular spot but the vendor has always been unwell. It soldiered on but finally decided

to sell it to concentrate more on health. All plants, equipment and artefacts are included in the sale. Great effort went into branding but It’s not necessary to continue on with the name. In 2014 this restaurant was a Finalist for Gold Plate Award and Australian Hotel Association Excellence Award. The Lease is in place for ten years (5X5) which commenced in 2013. The rent is very competitive given the popularity of the area and the high visibility. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0473 906 105


price: $360,000 O.N.O.




Popular Manly Beachfront Restaurant Popular beachfront eatery. Corner position every window with sea view. Popular with locals and tourists. Long lease in place, good rent. Indoor outdoor seating 70 p.

Fully licensed with primary service of alcohol in place. Open lunch and dinner. Well established winter and summer.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers. 80 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $500,000 negotiable O.N.O.

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 81


Sydney - Lower North Shore


Successful Malaysian Restaurant in a Village Atmosphere This popular and well patronised Malaysian Restaurant is located in Lane Cove Village and has been established for 15 years. Wok Passion is situated in the heart of the village with good “street-front� exposure to an abundance of pedestrian traffic. Woolworths & Coles supermarkets are also within the village. Wok Passion specialises in wide range of delicious Asian cuisine and has developed a reputation for beautiful food and excellent service. Over many years, the restaurant has acquired a large regular clientele of both Asian and Western patrons. The current owners of Wok Passion have recently spent a substantial amount of money on the premises, modernising the commercial kitchen and refurbishing the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant has a seating capacity for over 45 and has become a venue of choice for birthdays, celebrations, and family gatherings. Wok Passion is a busy restaurant opening 6 days a week, servicing a growing takeaway business, plus deliveries to the surrounding areas of Lane Cove, Artarmon, Chatswood, St Leonards, Greenwich and Hunters Hill. Current annual turnover approx $720,000. There is huge potential for this business to increase its income with a number of large unit and apartment developments now under construction and in the planning stages, for the Lane Cove area. The large open car park directly behind the restaurant will be converted to multi-story with surrounding parks and gardens. The business is easy to run with all systems and operational procedures in place. A long lease is also available. The restaurant currently operates with an experienced Malaysian chef who is willing to stay. The business would be a perfect fit for a family looking to purchase a successful restaurant operation, which will return a solid cash flow now, plus a guaranteed growth in the future. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and completion of confidentiality requirements.

mob 0401 550 303


price: $310,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 81

Pages_067-082_Pages_067-082 17/02/2015 11:42 am Page 82


Neighbourhood Restaurant - Cafe Established for over 6 years, this neigbourhood restaurant has a lot of character. With a very loyal, regular clientele, the business’ takings average $12,000 per week. Current 2x5 lease which commenced November 2013.


The rent is $816 per week + out goings.


Capability to seat 70 people within two small function rooms.

The Restaurant is closed on Sundays.

There is a fully equipped commercial kitchen.

Loyal staff that will stay on after the purchase.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 534 782


price: $249,000 + S.A.V.


Northern Rivers





High standard of exceptional food and customer service. Operating for 8 years. Situated in Casino in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. Established itself as the venue of choice, winning Business of the Year (2014) and Excellence in Hospitality every year since opening. Turnover currently in excess of $400k with high gross profit. Fully licensed to seat 111. Accountant verified 2013 and 2014 figures are available for viewing by genuinely interested buyers. Part vendor finance an option.

Established for over 15 years. Enjoys a loyal and growing customer base. Situated in the middle of new apartment complexes that have been constructed. Elevated position directly overlooking the lake. Government car park is located behind the Restaurant. Steady consistent growth of 5% year on year has been achieved. Liquor licence established in December 2014. Further potential to open for lunch on the weekends. Lease is 69,000 per annum. Offered as walk in walk out, includes all stock, fixtures and furnishings.Genuine reason for sale.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $165,000 leasehold

price: $260,000 WIWO

mob 0427 346 569

mob 0428 649 404

82 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Asian Restaurant On The Lake In Belconnen Act


Award Winning Fully Licensed Restaurant

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 83

Retail & Wholesale Food & Kitchenware

South Coast


Business & Pleasure On The South Coast This unique business both wholesales and retails fresh produce and specialty gourmet groceries. Merimbula Fresh Food Market is located on the South Coast of New South Wales in an area acclaimed as one of the most beautiful regions of Australia. The wholesale side of the business involves the distribution of fresh produce and deli items across the Bega Valley Shire to over 100 clients. Clients consist of clubs, pubs, restaurants, motels, coffee shops, cafes, regional grocers and corner stores. The wholesale division operates with 2 delivery trucks and offers a 7 day a week service. Retail covers fresh products sourced from many local suppliers plus other A Grade markets. Specialty groceries include high quality deli, dairy and grocery items, Pukara oils and vinegars, Meredith cheese, Barossa smoked meats plus lots more. Another facet of the business is the sale of high quality kitchenware. A premium distributor of KitchenAid and stocks brands such as LeCreuset, Zero Japan, Brabantia, Alex Liddy and Baccarat. Current turnover is approx $2 Mil yearly with a running stock of around $50k. Accounts are available for the past 5 years with consistent revenue over all divisions of the business, despite a large supermarket opening up 4 years ago due, in large part, to its enviable reputation. Merimbula is almost equidistant from Sydney and Melbourne (approx 5 hr drive) and is known as The Jewel of the Sapphire Coast with magnificent beaches close by and plenty of great lifestyle activities available, boating, surfing, fishing etc. This is a good business with solid returns and with an increasing population (approx 20,000 in the surrounding area) must continue to grow in the future. Further information and financial detail would be available upon

mob 0408 474 904


price: $325,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 83

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 84


Highgate Hill


Licensed German Restaurant Well known German Restaurant, established 10 years ago, fully licensed, all figures on request. Lease until Nov. 2015 and option for 3 x 3 years. Owners working full-time with one full-time Chef and up to 6 casuals. Owners are now in their early 70. and like to retire. Restaurant shows good profit margins. Guests come from all over Brisbane and from South East Queensland. Seating 80 people comfortable inside the Restaurant and up to 20 on the Veranda. All equipment is in very good working order. Specialised in quality German cuisine will suit European

Chef or Butcher. Most of the needed quality Sausages are made onside. That is unique for Brisbane. Restaurant is authentically decorated. During the year we celebrate Christmas in July and the Octoberfest. Other special events also conducted. Restaurant was 3 times in succession the winner in the category of Formal Dining in Brisbane. Parking on street without problems. Business has very good suppliers and works with them for the last 10 years. Inquiries from interested serious parties are welcome. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3217 2180

mob 0407 116 640




price: $185,000 WIWO + S.A.V.

Self Contained



Most Popular Cafe Restaurant In Town Profitable business, turnover average $10 500 to $12 000/week there is potential to increase earning if trade more days, currently only operate 5 and a half days a week. Only one owner with equipments value $100 000. Long lease agreement and cheap rental. Massive coolroom and freezer. Plenty storage space. Massive kitchen. Excellent opportunity for business migration Sitting capacity of 25 seats inside and 40 seats in alfresco. Massive exposure, plenty parking bays, Coles is right behind the restaurant. Upmarket and clean. Floor Area + Alfresco Area = 186 meters square. Block Size = 526 meters square.


Ideal Retirement Business or Development Opportunity Bristol House Accommodation is an established business; sale includes all fittings and fixtures, business name, bedding and linen. Opportunity presents to open a coffee shop/cafe/restaurant. Located in an area that has no other take-away businesses nearby so would also lend itself to Chinese take-away. Living area above the business. Freehold for 2 story historic building of 1890s built as hotel, has been restored; along with 2 bed unit on separate title. Well situated close to city business district, clubs and bus service. Owners selling as they desire to wind back their operations.

price: $130,000 negotiable WIWO

price: $750,000 WIWO freehold

mob 0421 871 094

mob 0429 431 216

84 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 85

Service Station



Take Advantage of What Country Australia has to Offer This is an opportunity to purchase a great business in a welcoming and friendly country town. Dirranbandi is on the Balonne River in South-Western Queensland with a permanent population of 500 people that increases substantially when seasonal workers come to work in the largest cotton growing area in Australia. Dirranbandi Service Station is long established and provides the ONLY fuel and tyre stop in town. The business also offers meals, takeaway food and drinks to weary travellers and the numerous truck drivers that service the town. Current premises only 5 years old. A large mechanical workshop and tyre service provides a complete automotive service for most makes of car, commercial vehicles and farm equipment. Current turnover approx $1 Mil. Included in the price, the tyre shop comes equipped with a substantial amount of plant and equipment. The business usually carries a running stock of both fuel and tyres, plus food and drink, approx $150K. The business employs 4 x adults and 2 x juniors, with 2 staff on at all times. The Service Station has a dining and entertaining area with ample rest rooms, and comes with a comfortable 2-bedroom air conditioned residence. The township has everyday freight service from Brisbane via road, and all the facilities and amenities required for comfortable country living. Wheat is also grown here and creates a good deal of employment in the town and surrounding areas. The business also provides ‘on farm’ services to all local areas. Dirranbandi is the gateway to the Culgoa Floodplain National Park which straddles the Queensland – NSW border. The park is renowned for its large variety of birds and wildlife plus excellent freshwater fishing. Solid returns over many years makes this profitable business a suitable acquisition for someone looking to migrate to Australia plus the added bonus of a wonderful lifestyle. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed. Business would be available on a Leasehold basis for a period of 12 months prior to purchase. Contact Owners for further details.

bh (07) 4620 7734 / 4625 8131

mob 0427 258 130


price: $750,000 + S.A.V. freehold

Australian Business For Sale ® 85

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 86

Surf, Skate and Ski



Long Established Surf Shop Established in 1992, this business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone, on the North West Coast of Tasmania, by the same owners since inception. Beach Beat stocks all the leading surf wear brands - Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Globe, Volcom, Rusty, Hurley etc - which cover an extensive variety of clothing, shoes, wetsuits, surf boards and fashion accessories. This business has a regular client base, yearly turnover of just below $1 million and current stock level at approx $250,000. Currently running with a full time manager, 2 fulltime employees and

a permanent part timer. The shopfloor area is approx 200 sq metres with extensive racking system and display units throughout, with a very good point of sale computer system in place. Also included is a Sensormatic security system in place, reverse cycle air-conditioning, on-site parking for 2x cars and building renovations. Store hours are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am – 1pm Saturday. A long lease is available on this building and some vendor finance may be available. Serious buyers only please. Please contact owners for any more information Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.

Surf, Skate and Ski



Great Business / Enviable Lifestyle This business is located on the magnificent NSW Far South Coast (Sapphire Coast) and is an opportunity to purchase a thriving Surf Shop plus a wonderful lifestyle. Bermagui Surf Shop is a successful and established business and has been operated by the current owner for the past 11 years. The Surf Shop is situated in the main street of town directly opposite Bermagui Beach and parks. The shop carries an extensive stock of all the major surf brands selling surfboards, bodyboards, skateboards, clothing and accessories. Approx turnover of $300,000 plus with a running stock level of around $80 / $100K. The business has a solid regular clientele. The Surf Shop has an

excellent fit out and good storage space (a long lease is available). This is an easy business to run with POS system and CCTV system in place. Bermagui is a holiday / tourist town, halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra is 3½ hours away. Bermagui has a permanent population of 2,000 which swells to 10,000 over summer. It is a magical area of the Australian East Coast with all the amenities and facilities required for a comfortable and great lifestyle. Surfing, boating and fishing plus lots more. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6493 4849

mob 0400 423 766

86 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $150,000 + S.A.V.

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Shellharbour Village


Salvatores Fish Cafe – The Perfect Seachange Opportunity Excellent opportunity to purchase this iconic, long established local business. Providing a great income & lifestyle for the current owners over the last 11 years, they are now ready to retire. Full training provided if required, this is an easy to run business with great staff in place. The business trades 8am – 8pm, 7 days p/w, with Owner working only 5 days. Average Turnover $13,000 p/w and growing. Seating for 49 with 13 inside and council approved for 36 outside. Large dine in and take away trade. Mostly local weekday trade with tourist trade on

weekends and holiday periods mainly from surrounding areas. New 5x5 lease available to purchaser. Located in the beautiful Shellharbour Village, an ocean front strip with a great mix of cafes, restaurants & specialty boutiques just 20 min south of Wollongong, this is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW. Situated near Little Park, the harbour and boat ramp, this is a popular spot for fishing and an ideal place for the families to enjoy the playground, with picnic shelters and the saltwater swimming pool and a only short walk to the beach. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4296 9600

mob 0418 969 600


price: $190,000 + S.A.V. leasehold




General Store With A Country Lifestyle, Close To Town Well established business nestled between Geelong and Ballarat, with a very comfortable residence attached, on a ½ acre block. (Only 20 minutes to Geelong and the Ring Road.) Business currently operated by husband and wife team with 3 casual staff members. Owners have been here 5 years on a 5 x 5 x 5 lease but now wish to retire. THIS BUSINESS OFFERS: • Take away food • Alcohol and cigarettes • Newspapers and magazines

• Milk and groceries • Community Post Office • Open 7 days • Turnover $590k plus • Rent under $500 p/w • Alfresco area • Loyal local customers and passing trade DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR A COUPLE OR A FAMILY TO OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WHILST STILL ENJOYING A TERRIFIC LIFESTYLE!!! Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0425 872 110


price: $185,000 leasehold + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 87

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Grills On Wheels This business is worth way more than what I'm asking for, come and see for yourself, always packed out, simple menu, simple hours. It's not my game, I own an air conditioning company which I've been in for 10 years my

website is I don't need the money I just need my time which is more valuable to me than anything else. Cheap Rent, plenty of parking, massive turnover, DA approved.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0410 433 853




price: $180,000


South Yarra


Profitable Businesses Awaiting New Owner


Town Car Hire P/l For Sale

2 Eagle Boys Pizza franchise businesses for sale. Eagle Boys Cowra has been established for 20 years. Low rent of $350 per week. This store benefits from regional pricing which makes it much more profitable than other similar businesses, this store is always within the top 5 sales stores in our region. Selling for $365,000. Eagle Boys Parkes has been established for 11 years. Rent is $600 per week. Good sales growth on last year and main street location. Selling for $165,000 or buy both at discounted price.

This company has two VHB registered and accredited Uber black vehicles. The cars are 2011 Toyota luxury hybrid sedans with sun roof, 17" mag wheels, GPS, tinted windows and are very economical. Uber is growing strongly world wide and is extremely popular with Melbourne travellers as an alternative to taxis- check their website. Each car is doing about 20 Uber jobs per week part time but it is possible to do many more full time.

price: $500,000 WIWO - stock included

price: $120,000 all inclusive

mob 0437 436 949

mob 0407 871 709

88 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Warwick Only Taxi Service In Town This is a great opportunity to own a successful taxi and limousine business in Warwick QLD. We have been operating for over 28 years and looking to retire. We are the only taxi and limousine company in town. The business has many long term accounts including dva ,health services, education, private colleges and much more. We are on computer dispatch with Yellow Cabs Brisbane our cars are set up with MTData (owned) and cabcharge metres (leased). Easy to manage with 20-30 Bailee drivers. Taxi Management file management for drivers payins and accounts. • Full training for the new owners. • 2 wheelchair Toyota Hiace commuter, 1 on wheelchair licence the other on open licence. • 4 Toyota Camry sedans on open licences. • 2 Chrysler sedan limousines. • 1 Holden Caprice.



• 1 Holden Statesman • 2 Fairlaine stretches • Many extras spare parts We have an experienced manager in place that is willing to stay on. Currently the business is operated from our home but we have a house in town that could be sold or leased to the new owner. Will separate business if needed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (07) 4661 7558

mob 0407 623 987


price: P.O.A.

Tourist Attraction

Mid North Coast


Once In a Lifetime Opportunity This is as good as it gets. Situated on the Mid North Coast, Coffs Harbour is a growing idyllic place with luxury facilities, bush, mountains and pristine beaches. Claimed to have the best climate in Australia. This piece of paradise is Valery Horse Trails and Riding Centre, nestling in the valley surrounded by mountains, National Parks and NSW State forest. The business has 3 options: Lot 1: Valery Trails +- 45 acres. $1 400 000 Lot 2: Hundred acres, 20 acres cleared and 80 acres of virgin bush with sections of rain forest and creeks. Large shed on the property. $850 000

Lot 3: 75 acres with 20 acres of cleared land and 55 of virgin bush, plus a comfortable 3 bedroom home. $850 000 Valery Trails includes: 50 horses, small 3 bedroom house, bunkhouse, 20 enclosed stables, swimming pool, 20 x 60 sand arena, 20 x 40 grass arena. Activities include trail rides, kids club, ladies club, champagne rides, tuition, 2 day pub ride. Established 30 years. Accredited Australian Horse Riding Centre and Riding for the Disabled Centre. Tractors, lawn mower, quad bike, sheds and equipment. Walk in and continue as is. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

b (02) 6653 4301

mob 0413 972 234


price: $1,400,000 O.N.O.

Australian Business For Sale ® 89

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Tourist Attraction

Surf, Water Ski & Wakeboard School Etc. Etc. Multi award winning water sports company for sale sadly due to illness. Walking On Water & Ulladulla Surf Schools are the Shoalhaven’s No 1 water sports coaching company. We specialise in a range of awesome activities which include Surfing, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Speed Boat Inflatable Rides, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding etc. Please visit for a flavour of what we offer. This lifestyle business has a massive range of gear with full equipment for each activity, all of which is in excellent order or is new due to our stock rotation programme. We have a fleet of Stand Up Paddle boards, 300 wetsuits, 40 surf boards, 12 kayaks, an awesome 23 ft Ski & wakeboard boat, water skis, wakeboards, inflatable rides, three vehicles etc etc etc.



Full training can be given, with qualifications available for water skiing and wakeboarding instructors certificate. Local staff take lessons on a casual subcontracted basis. We will also be happy to work with a new owner if desired to show the ropes for running of the business. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 360 791


price: $295,000 stock included

Tourist Attraction



Buy a Legend In Tourism - The Ferryman Karumba The Ferryman business has been established in Karumba since 1991. Sale includes 2 vessels: The Ferryman 405QE lic for 50 persons 9.27 in water length, 3.6 m beam and .6m draft aluminium passenger carrying barge and Ferryman 2 25005QC lic for 7 persons, used as a tender and for small groups. Sale also includes everything needed to run a successful tourism business, a small 10 foot tender, all catering equipment, lic buoy mooring, 2001 automatic Landrover Discovery for towing, southwind trailer and large I beam trailer for Ferryman retrieval, domain names, web

page and true Facebook following, advertising, signs, bookings and contacts. Residence at 54 Yappar Street Karumba available for sale or rent to buyer if required. With this business you will have the BEST LIFE. If you have kids they will have a childhood seeing osprey, sea eagles, jabaru, dolphins, dugong etc. Boarding school is available for teenagers subsidised by the government. Work as much or as little as you want. Current owner launches the barge Ferryman at Easter and runs until end October school holidays. Owner’s back injury has forced sale. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4745 9155 90 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0427 610 645


price: $265,000 + G.S.T.

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Traffic Control

Hunter Region


Thriving Traffic Control Business In Hunter Established provider of traffic control services. Fully equipped business. Office, equipment sheds (with hoists), mechanical workshop available on long term lease. Highly profitable business with Roads & Maritime Services contracts (3 years remaining), and steady flow of local council work and private work. Good cash flow. Growing need for operations of this type to expand and take on more work. Established clientele and trained staff mean this would be excellent opportunity for owner new to the market. Ready for seamless transition of ownership, although current owner available for longer handover if desired. This business would also suit expansion of existing business. Contact owner for further information.

This business is based in the Hunter, close to the freeway, servicing both the F1 and local areas between Sydney and Newcastle, with traffic control services to state government and local councils. • 2013 Turnover $2m plus. • Excellent return on investment, quick cash turnover. • Full time owner operator supported by team of approx 50 qualified traffic controllers, plus mechanic. • Client base includes local councils and state government with existing contracts. • Large fleet of 24 traffic control trucks, 3 truck mounted TMAs, VMS boards and all equipment.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0429 494 495


price: $1,200,000 E.O.I.

Training and Development

All States


Great Home Based Online Business Opportunity What will be your success in 2015? Are you ready to leave the ‘herd’ mentality behind and create the future you desire and deserve? Seeking motivated individuals to partner with award winning global company to operate your own online business from anywhere in the world. Specialising in the domain of personal empowerment, leadership training and wealth creation education. Operating with just a laptop and a phone, as a self-starter you are driven to create a 6-figure income. You are prepared to leave your comfort zone and believe success starts in the mind. For further info and to submit your interest

visit: Est. 2010 operating in 50 countries, looking for more people to join this lucrative business opportunity. A BOOMING global industry growing at 11% p.a. University accredited online course. Ongoing comprehensive training and mentoring services. No cold calling. Can start part-time or full time. Not MLM and profits paid directly to you (80% per sale). Open to anyone but not suitable for everyone. After a brief interview the company will send a business overview outlining the simple 3 step programme plus levels of entry, starting as low as $2285 USD. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0400 995 656


price: $2,285 USD

Australian Business For Sale ® 91

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Canning Vale


Fantastic Opportunity Fantastic opportunity to purchase a fully operational well established transport business based in Perth. This business has been servicing the South West since 2002 and transports fresh produce from the South back to Perth. The package would include a 2007 Iveco Primemover in excellent condition & 2 x refrigerated trailers with well

serviced units. The current owner is willing to stay on for a period of time to make the transition over to the new owner. This would suit someone who wants to have their own established transport business already set up or someone who wants to expand their current operation which would include the loyal established customer base. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0406 069 202


price: P.O.A.


Local Dealership In A National Network With 34 years of business experience, putting up with the drama of employing staff, Govt red tape, WPH&S, compo...we have put together a package that minimises all the drama. Low staff requirement. A product that is as common as a clothes line. Bullet proof when it comes to warranty. Built to be passed down to your children or grandchildren. Higher quality than any competition. Lower priced than Chinese imports. National Warranty. You probably have one. If you don’t, one of your neighbours will have one... and someone you know will be thinking of buying one. Suit owner operator with Commercial Shed Space. Involves Assembly - Distribution of a an every day product. Dealerships available for most Coastal, Rural or Regional

All States


Areas. High Returns - Minimum Staff required. This is a very Genuine and excellent opportunity to own a simple business at an exceptionally low cost. Please email your location to check availability and receive full details. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 759 977 92 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $100,000 stock included

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 93




Well Established on the Central Coast Opportunity to purchase a long established and accredited Coach business situated on the picturesque Central Coast of NSW as owner is retiring and has no succession. Maloy’s Coach Service is a family run company that has been operating for the past 10 years, specialising in conference, special events, senior and charter work. The Company has agreements with a number of organisations including Hotel Groups, Senior and Probus Clubs, Social and Sporting Groups, local government bodies and Newcastle Airport. The business has a reputation for reliability, performance, safety and integrity plus a presentation of drivers and vehicles that is second to none. Turnover for the past 8 years has averaged $300K. Maloy’s is a respected and well known name within the Coach Industry. All vehicles are insured and registered, have been well maintained, carry accurate maintenance log books and come equipped with tacographs. • Mercedes 303 toilet equipped 48 seat tag axle coach. • Volvo B10M toilet equipped 42 seat axle coach. • 2x Toyota Coasters 21 seat coach. • 2x luggage trailers. The purchase price includes ongoing forward bookings, a database of loyal and regular clients, paid up subscriptions which include website, email address, Yellow Pages and online advertising, tyre emergency network plus miscellaneous items. First Aid boxes, folding tables, seat dust covers, portable thermos, morning tea boxes, various tools and cleaning equipment. Smart uniforms are also provided for the Company’s experienced and courteous drivers. This successful coach service is easy to run with all systems and procedures in place. The business would be a suitable acquisition for an individual owner operator using contract staff as required or a larger operator looking to expand into the Central Coast/Newcastle area. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

bh (02) 4362 2244


price: $320,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 93

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 94




Heavy Equipment & Machinery Removalists Long established business specialising in the lifting, loading and moving of heavy machinery, equipment, lathes, production lines, printing equipment, etc. Plant, equipment, vehicles, trailers include but is not limited to Volvo N10 Primer Mover 1989, Franna Crane AT18 18 Tonne 2000, Aerogo 25 Tonne Load Module System 2006, Aerogo 65 Tonne Tonne Load Module System 2006, Aero-Jack 37 Tonne Inflatable Jack 2006, Hydraulic 30 Tonne Toe Jack x 2 2006, Mobile Compressor 425FCM FAD with trailer 2006,

Volvo FH Prime Mover 2007, Mitsubishi Fork Lift F63SAL 1989, Mitsubishi Fork Lift P35 1996, Volvo F7 Tilt Tray 1983, Maxi Transtrailer, Brentwood Trailer, and other trailers, plant and equipment. It is noted that all vehicles have very low kilometres as majority of work within Sydney Metro area. Complete client list will be supplied, business has ongoing work and owner will make all introductions to existing clients. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 691 849


price: $865,000 negotiable - all inclusive

Tyre Retail & Services



Auto Spare Parts Business-established 36 Years This auto spare parts business has been established for some 36 years with a good reputation. It is well known with regular and new clientele and located in an excellent position (near very busy intersection) with a huge amount of exposure. This profitable business is ideal for a partnership with everything already set up. Alternatively, anyone who owns an existing auto-parts shop may be interested to expand and cover this great area. Plenty of potential to grow. NO COMPETITION in the immediate area. The premises are leased with good lease in place (5 x 5 years).

Well laid out shop with good displays of all types of auto parts, for all types of vehicles. Although experience is not necessary, it is ideal for someone with auto parts knowledge. Condell Park is located right near Bankstown and only 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD. There are up to 8 car parks out the front. The business is mainly retail, with some mobile trade customers. All fixtures, fittings and equipment along with all stock, are included in the sale. Owner has owned the business for some 10 years now moving back to his Country. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0423 500 709 94 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $199,000 WIWO

Pages_083-098_Pages_083-098 17/02/2015 11:59 am Page 95




Ultimate Kit Set Business OZ Snacks Australia is now offering a new business for those who don't have a lot of money but want to start their own business in NSW, QLD, NT. We are a successful company that sets up gourmet snack machines into high traffic venues. We set up machines around NSW and QLD for only $3,800 per machine. This includes the machine, initial trading stock, freight to the venue, 2 x OZ snacks uniforms, training and tech support, suppliers and help from our team. Great way to bring that extra income into your house hold. If you

want to build and grow it into a full time income and only work a few days per week, this is also very achievable. Parttime option that is offered by OZ Snacks considers that you work 1 to 2 days per week and make great income depending on the amount of machines. It is a great way to secure additional money every month and build a "safety net" just in case their "normal employment" is affected. For more information, please contact Rick on 0427 888 635 or e-mail Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 888 635


price: $3,800 + G.S.T. - freehold

Waste Removal

Humpty Doo


Liquid Waste Removal And Portable Toilet Hire Business McMinns Pumping Systems is the region's largest privately owned liquid waste removal business servicing the Top End of the Northern Territory, and has been operating for over 30 years. Clientele includes private customers, local businesses, plumbing contractors, mine sites and Government departments at all levels. Crocodile Dunnee is the region's largest portable toilet Hire business, with a large fleet of single units, transportable blocks, showers and urinals, we cater for almost every large event in the Top End. There isn't an event that we can't cater for. The business has grown continually since it's inception 12 years ago, with little real competition.

Both of these businesses, which complement each other, are offered for sale on a walk in, walk out basis, are easily run by a Husband and Wife team with staff, have a good reliable repeat customer base and are ready to be taken to the next level, by a keen operator. Industrial property/base also available on an ongoing lease basis. Sale includes all plant and equipment, 2015 phone book advertising, current web sites, all spare parts and stock. Please visit our web sites: Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (08) 8988 2669

mob 0408 895 171


price: $3,000,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 95

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Waste Removal



Lucrative Riverland Tank & Drain Cleaning Business Exceptional Reputation - This business provides the opportunity for a driven individual to acquire and develop a highly profitable and lucrative business in the Riverland of South Australia. This business has been run by the current owner for 20 years, and has developed a reputation for reliability and exceptional customer service over that time. Highly Profitable - This business has been very profitable and provides the opportunity for a family, individual or couple wanting a great life in the fantastic Riverland area of South Australia, and a business that provides a lifestyle above and beyond.

Exceptional Contracts Offered - As part of the sale are current contracts with two Riverland councils for 81/2 & 11/2 years respectively (Subject to council approval on sale transfer) Included in the Sale: • Council Contracts • Scania 113 - 12,000 L SS Vacuum Tank with drain cleaner • FVR Isuzu 8000L Steel Vacuum Tank with drain cleaner • FM215 Mitsubishi 8000L Vacuum Tank with drain cleaner • High Pressure Drain Cleaner (2 x 3000L Tanks) fitted to Hino Previous experience not essential. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 839 392


price: P.O.A.

Trophies & Engraving






Exciting opportunity to purchase this award winning classic wedding car company consisting of a 3 vehicle fleet: 3 x 1950 model Mark 5 Jaguars. Sale also includes secured future bookings, all current active business advertising , website, Facebook, magazine adverts. All vehicles are well maintained and fitted with air-conditioning. Business accredited and licensed in Queensland. This business has been voted by brides though Australian Bridal Industry Academy as the best wedding car hire company in Queensland twice. Genuine reason for sale , we are happy to provide assistance during initial transition period if required ( sale walk in walk out).

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $250,000 WIWO all inclusive

price: $235,000

bh 02 9693 1233

mob 0468 647 568

96 Australian Business For Sale ®


Award Winning Wedding Car Hire Company

Corporate Awards, Trophy & Engraving business in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. Price negotiable. Husband and wife ready to retire. Family owned and managed for 30 years. Wellestablished clients in Corporate, Sporting Clubs, and Schools. New clients constantly walking through the door. Owner willing to stay 3 months at no cost to assist during transition. Services include laser work, table engraving, sand etching, dye sublimation printing, trophy assembly, plaques etc. Showroom plus work area, amenities and kitchen. Current lease. Includes all equipment plus stock, client database, air compressor, sand blasting equipment, introductions, client artwork/job files.


Custom Trophies and Engraving Business

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Wholesale / Retail



Fiberglass Industry Opportunity to purchase a successfully established family owned business (64 years). This Company specialises in the sale of fiberglass raw materials and associated ancillary products to a wide range of trade, wholesale and retail customers. The business has established both Australian and overseas suppliers of a broad diversity of popular products appealing to boat builders and repairers, manufacturers of fiberglass moulded products and retail customers. The business also manufactures tops for camper vans, horse floats and other mouldings for industrial uses. The use of light weight and flexible fibreglass has found wide application throughout the automobile and trucking industry. The Company has over many years established a large and regular clientele through quality of product, attention to detail and good customer service. Advice and guidance from an excellent and experienced technical support team is always available. The business operates through three Trade Centres within the Sydney area plus another Trade Outlet on the Central Coast area of NSW. The business currently has 10 full time employees, a turnover of approximately $3 Mil and a running stock of around $500,000. The Company is well known and highly respected in the Fiberglass Industry and should appeal to a company already familiar with the industry and looking to expand. The purchase price includes plant and equipment valued at $130,000. This Company, with a record over many years of solid profits, could be a suitable acquisition for someone wishing to migrate to Australia. Vendor Finance would be available to a suitable purchaser. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

bh (02) 9958 5238

fax (02) 9958 0838


price: $980,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 97

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INDEX OF BUSINESSES A Accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Amusement Centre . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Arts & Crafts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Auto Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Auto or Mechanical Repairs 15, 19-22 Auto Parts & Accessories . . . . . . .22 B Backpacker / Hostel . . . . . . . . . . .23 Bait and Tackle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Bars / Nightclubs . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Battery Retail & Services . . . . . . . .25 Beauty Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25, 26 Boarding Cattery . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Boat Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Brake / Clutch Service & Repairs .28 Building & Construction . .26, 28 - 30 Butcher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 C Café . . . . . . . . . . . .14, 31 - 36, 38, 49 Car Wash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37, 38 Caravan Sales, Service or Repairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15, 39 Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Charters / Tours . . . . . . . . . . . .40, 41 Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 - 43 Clothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42, 44 Computer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Commercial Property . . . . . . . . . .42 Commercial Service/Hire . . . . . . .44 Courier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15, 46 Curio Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 D Day Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Deli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47, 48 Drilling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 E Eco / Environmental . . . . . . . . . . .48 Educational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Espresso Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Event / Party Hire . . . . . . . . . . .50, 51 F Fencing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Fish & Chips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Fitness Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Florist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Food Outlet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Freight Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Fruit and Veg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Franchise . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 - 6, 9, 16 98 Australian Business For Sale ®

G General Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Gift Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Gym . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 H Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Health / Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57, 59 Home Based . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58, 60 Homeware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 I Import / Export / Wholesale . . . . .62 Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 J Juice Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 K Kitchen and Bathroom . . . . . .63, 64 Kitchenware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 L Ladies Wear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Leisure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64, 65 Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Lottery Agent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74 Luxury Car Hire Service . . . . . . . .66 M Machinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68 Maintenance & Repairs . . . . . . . .68 Manufacturing . . . . . . .15, 17, 67 - 69 Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19, 27 Menswear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 Milk Distributor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Mixed Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Mining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 N Natural Therapies . . . . . . . . . .12, 72 Newsagency . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 - 74 O Oyster Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 P Pet Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74 Photographic Equipment . . . . . . .14 Picture Framing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Plumbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76 Post Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73 Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76 Pumps, Pool & Irrigation . . . . . . . .77 R Rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99 Restaurant . . . . . . .14, 35, 77 - 82, 84 Retail & Wholesale Food . . . . . . .83

S Scrap Metal Recycling . . . . . . . . .14 Seafood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 Self Contained . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84 Service Station . . . . . . . . . . . . .14, 85 Surf, Skate & Ski . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86 T Takeaway . . . . . . . . . . .11, 14, 87, 88 Taxi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88, 89 Tourist Attraction . . . . . . . . . . .89, 90 Traffic Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Training and Development . . . . . .91 Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 - 94 Trophies & Engraving . . . . . . . . . .96 Truck Wash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Tyre Retail & Services . . . . . . . . . .94 V Vending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 W Waste Removal . . . . . . . . . . . .95, 96 Wedding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96 Wholesale / Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . .97

BUSINESS BROKERS & REAL ESTATE AGENTS Alex Scott and Staff Pakenham . .13 Australian Business Sales . . . .14, 15 Harcourts Select Real Estate . . . .12 LJ Hooker Shelley-Willetton . . . . .17 Ray White Mundubbera . . . . . . . .11

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ge Lifestyle Villa al Huge Potenti

Magnetic Island


This successful resort was constructed by the current owners 23 years ago and this is the first time it has been offered for sale, as the owners wish to retire. Island Leisure Resort is an award winning resort (winner of 15 North Queensland Tourism Awards) 50m from the beach on beautiful Magnetic Island. Only 8klm off shore from the city of Townsville, Queensland and serviced by regular passenger and car ferries daily. The Resort has a tropical village atmosphere with 17 architecturally designed villas set amongst low maintenance gardens with great facilities. Tennis court, lagoon pool, spa, library, games room, communal lounge and snack bar. Island Leisure Resort has just been approved as the first retirement village on an island in North Queensland. This will be an exclusive retirement village with no competition. The resort will continue to operate as a holiday resort until the transition is completed. The Resort has been completely renovated and refurbished early this year (2014). Council has approved the strata title sale of the current 17 separate units plus the application for an additional 13 units. The resort has a commercial liquor license with facilities for acommercial kitchen, this makes the potential to add a restaurant a viable option. There is an onsite manager’s unit plus the opportunity to purchase 2 double story luxury homes on either side of the resort, one with sea views. This could be an ideal 2 family business. As a retirement village, work hours will be significantly reduced plus there is the option to sell management rights. This is a great business in its current form with the potential to be an excellent investment opportunity in the future. All the hard work has been done. Further information and financial details will be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

mob 0418 235 256


price: $3,800,000

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