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The Official Consumer Guide To Buying a Business in Australia

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Franchise and Business Opportunities

Accommodation and Tourism . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 - 13

Just Better Care Australia Pty Ltd . . . . . .16

Advertising and Promotions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14, 15

Bark Busters Australia & N. Z. . . . . . . . . .21

Aged Care and Retirement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16, 17

Superfinish Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30, 31

Agricultural and Rural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18, 19

THE Shed Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

Animal and Pet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20, 21

Leading Services Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Bars, Pubs and Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22, 23

Life In Balance Careers . . . . . . . . . . .42, 43

Beauty, Health and Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 - 27

Qoin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44

Bike and Automotive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 - 33

Jims Carpet Cleaning Vic . . . . . . . . . . . . .57

Boat and Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34, 35

Megasealed Bathrooms & Balconies . . .70

Building and Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 - 41

GroutPro Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73

Business and Professional Services . . . . . . . 42 - 45

Home Caring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75

Cafe and Restaurant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 - 53

Franchising & Business

Catering and Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54, 55

Opportunities Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96

Cleaning, Laundry and Waste Services . . . . 56 - 59 Clothing, Fashion and Accessories. . . . . . . . . 60, 61 Convenience and Grocery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62, 63

Business Advice

Education and Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64, 65 Food and Hospitality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66, 67 Furniture and Household Goods . . . . . . . . . . 68, 69 Garden, Household Repairs & Maintenance. . 70 - 73 Health and Medical Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74, 75 Home Based . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76, 77 Import/Export/Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78, 79 Industrial/Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 - 85 Internet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86, 87 Leisure/Entertainment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88, 89

How To Position Your Practice For Sale and Maximize The Value! . . . . . . . . . .4 Improve Your Cyber Safety and Protect Your Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 6 Ways To Get Your Small Business Ready For Sale In 2020 . . . . . . . .8 A Handy Toolkit For Small Business . . . . .9 Watch Out For Scammers . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Mobile Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90, 91 Specialty Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92, 93 Transport, Distribution and Storage . . . . . . . 94, 95

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Summer 2020

eMag Agents and Brokers

Mareeba Property Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Prospertality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

Ray White Commercial

Imacka Property . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

Noosa & Sunshine Coast North . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

SPINELLI Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

Beyond 2000 Business Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Byron Bay Property Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

Bonza Business & Franchise Sales Pty Ltd . . 15

T D Mango Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

Smart Sales Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . 17, 59

Harcourts Yeppoon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55, 66

Business Brokers Network Australia. . . 7, 74, 77

Hallmark Business Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Complete Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Seaboard Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

Knight Frank Tasmania - Hobart . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Collins Parker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

Platinum Business Sales. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

LINK NSW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61, 91

Vision Brokers and Advisors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Beyond Business Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64

GSE Business Consultants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Merchant Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65

BizSellBuy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Ascend Corporate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

The Business Centre of WA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Core Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

NAI Harcourts North . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32, 94

Business Brokers Queensland . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79

The Finn Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33, 41

Central Coast Business Brokers. . . . . . . . . . . . 79

Cardamone Real Estate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

ABS Business Sales Pty Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84

Tucker & Howell. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36, 63

Titan Partners. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85

Broadwalk Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

@realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

LINK Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

Barrier Reef Business Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89

RE/MAX Property Specialists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

No Agent Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89

Marx Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

G Hunter and Associates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93

Ron Jeffery Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

Station St Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


HOW TO POSITION YOUR PRACTICE FOR SALE AND MAXIMIZE THE VALUE! Many practice owners make the mistake of waiting until their practice is on the decline to sell, which is exactly the opposite of what you should do. The best time to sell is when your practice is at its peak, at the top of its game. by Sally Stuart Practice owners who are looking to sell often adopt a wait-andsee approach, which can be risky. Making a sale is not as easy as it appears, of course, but practice owners who avoid waiting too long to sell their practice may enjoy a more successful outcome. Waiting too long to sell, or not planning ahead, can cause practice owners to miss a valuable window of opportunity. Because it takes an average of 6 to12 months to sell a practice, long-term planning is necessary for any successful sale.

Never Wait Until You Have to Sell One of the keys to a successful practice sale is selling when you don't absolutely have to. If a buyer sees that you've been planning this move for quite some time and that it's not a desperate “I've had enough” step, you can dictate a much higher price. Proper planning means careful financial records, a detailed practice history and an extensive sales portfolio. Many practice owners make the mistake of waiting until their practice is on the decline to sell, which is exactly the opposite of what you should do. The best time to sell is when your practice is at its peak, at the top of its game.

The Right Conditions for a Sale In an ideal situation, a clinic sale would be completed when two conditions are met: when demand in the industry is strong, and buyers with deep pockets are available. It's a smart idea before selling to take a look at market conditions for your industry in order to achieve the best return. Working with practice brokers can be beneficial in this case, as they often closely monitor market conditions and can advise you on when conditions are favourable for your industry.

What Can Harm Your Practice's Value When You're Trying to Sell? Many factors can affect the asking price of a practice, including industry competition, current market conditions and the overall economic climate. Events such as a recession or a practice downturn can affect your practice's value and lower the asking price. This is why it's beneficial to sell when the economy is healthy. Of course, even in the healthiest economic climate, having too high an asking price can lead to a dead-end street. Deciding on the right price for selling your practice is important, and it's one


that practice brokers can help you determine. They take a careful look at your overall profits, the state of your industry, similar practices and the marketplace when choosing an asking price. Pricing is crucial to selling your practice. The right price draws in buyers, but the wrong price turns them away. Many owners make the mistake of overpricing their practice. An unjustified value can make buyers walk away — for good. And if buyers walk away, your practice is sitting on the market for longer, quite possibly losing even more value. Take the time to get the price right, and you’ll find it much easier to sell your practice.

You Can’t Sell on Potential The first thing to understand is that a buyer is not interested in what your practice might be able to do. They’re interested in what the practice is doing. The truth is, every practice has potential. Converting that potential to dollars is going to require the new owner to invest time, money and skills, and the potential may not even be realised. Valuing based on potential means the new owner is paying you in advance for the improvements they make. If you claim your practice is full of potential, a buyer will also question why you haven’t exploited it yourself. Your broker can help you talk about potential in ways that make your practice attractive to buyers, but you can’t rely on potential to raise the value of your practice.

Maintainable Earnings Many practice owners get caught up in the value of their assets and weigh them heavily in their valuation. Assets can help increase the value of your company, but buyers are interested in how those assets translate to cash flow. It’s no use being assetrich if you don’t have enough money coming in to maintain those

Australian Busi

s Advice

assets and any loans associated with them. Buyers also look at whether earnings can be maintained. If your profits have held steady or risen in the past few years, this will be reflected in offer prices. In the same way, if your profits have been decreasing, you will have to lower your valuation. Keep in mind, your buyer will also look at industry trends when deciding on an offer. Changing demographics, government policies or environmental concerns can affect the value of your practice. Technology can have a particularly large effect on value. If the potential buyer is aware of technological advances in the industry, they may think your earnings aren’t maintainable.

to add value to your practice by making it less dependent upon you as the clinic owner: 1. Ask Questions: What will your business look like when it’s ready to be sold? Will all your patient offerings remain the same, or will you pare them down to the most profitable products and services? How essential are you to these products and services? Asking these questions allows you to get clear on how to make your practice as attractive as possible. 2. Decide on the Critical Functions: What are the things that must happen to ensure your clinic continues to make money? These are the critical functions and should not be limited to providing your service. Are you critical to any business management processes and how can you ensure someone else can handle the task? 3. Document the Processes - A large part of the sale of your clinic relies on being able to transfer knowledge to new owners. If this knowledge is trapped in the current owner’s head, it means a long handover period, or the information is lost when you depart. Well-documented processes are essential to making yourself redundant when selling your business. A business with everything written down looks a lot less risky to prospective buyers. 4. Build a Strong Team: Once you have the procedures documented, it’s time to hire a strong team to handle critical functions. Having an established team reassures a prospective buyer that the business will continue to run as the ownership transitions. Ensure your team understands every aspect of the business. If you’re the one that normally undertakes anything other than clinic duties, make sure you have a new staff member who can take over these jobs. Spend time training the new staff and creating your dream business.

Outside Valuation It’s very rare for owners to value their practices accurately. In fact, some experts believe that as few as 10 percent of practice owners have a realistic view of the value of their practice. Owners have usually spent countless hours, effort, sleepless nights and plenty of stress on building their practices. As a practice owner, you want to include all that sweat equity in your appraisal, but potential buyers aren’t interested in that. They’re only interested in whether they’ll continue to make a profit from their purchase. The other issue you have as an owner is that you know what you need to make from the practice. Owners often want to retire, travel or invest in a new enterprise so they reverse-engineer an appraisal, naming a price that matches their wants rather than on fair market value. Because objectivity is difficult in the appraisal process, going to a broker is the best way for you to get an accurate idea of your practice valuation. Brokers understand the different ways to value practices, the standard in your industry and current market trends, which all contribute to a fair price. In the end, your practice is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If you have a realistic view of the value of your practice, you’ll be able to find the right buyer. Here’s some ideas on how

iness For Sale ®

5. Take a Step Back and Let Your Team Work: It’s time to get out of your business’ way. Take a break. Fly overseas, renovate your bathroom or visit your in-laws. Don’t check your emails. The purpose of this step is to ensure that your business can run without you. You’ve created it, helped it grow stronger and now it’s independent and you can leave it to run on its own. This is an essential step. When you go back to the clinic after a break, your team will be able to point to holes in the process and places where you are still needed. Or, hopefully, you’ll come back to everything running smoothly and a continued profit. This will tell you what you need to fix for prospective buyers or if you’re ready to get your practice on the market. Owner dependence is one of the most important factors in the valuation of a business. Buyers know that in an ownerdependent business, much of the value can be destroyed as soon as the owner departs. Taking steps to make your business independent will help you get the best price when you’re ready to sell your practice. So….when you have decided it is the right time to sell…and the practice is ready to sell, it important to consider how to position the clinic for sale. All buyers will be looking for the following in their search for a good business: Quality Information – the more transparent the business information, the more trustworthy it is. Buyers won’t make decisions if the quality of information is poor. Realistic Price Expectations – Most sellers have unrealistic


ID W54455754383


expectations of their business’s value and believe it’s worth more than the market is prepared to pay. Well Presented Sales Collateral – A complete business information memorandum with comprehensive details about the business, the industry, its resources and its future opportunity for growth or expansion. This document needs to make an impression so you can ‘sell the sizzle’. Owners Who are Prepared to Stay Involved After the Sale – Expect buyers to want to retain owners for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition and to download all of their IP to the new owner. Depending on how your deal is structured, your final payment from the purchaser may be determined or incentivised by future business performance which you’ll want to ensure is optimised.

Do Your Own Due Diligence Most business owners review their financial performance on an annual basis and judge the ongoing performance through their business bank account. Compliance, contract and employment documentation is often poor or non-existent, and the value in documenting business processes and operating systems is never even considered. When the time comes to sell, there is no documentation to demonstrate the value of the business aside from annual accounts which have often been prepared to minimise tax rather than demonstrate financial value. A failure to identify business weaknesses in advance can often lead to the withdrawal

of an offer or be cause for a price reduction when uncovered. Prospective buyers typically review every detail of the business in a process called due diligence. As a seller, you’ll need to anticipate the buyer’s questions and scrutiny and prepare your answers and arguments in advance. In order to do this, the owner needs to be their own biggest critic. This is usually the first time since starting the business that such a detailed review has been performed. After completing this process, many owners have a much more comprehensive understanding of their business – some even identifying that had they known what they learned through the process, they might have been more successful. If you want to sell your business to create retirement funds in the future, take the time now to create an appropriate business exit strategy. Identify your critical assets and your potential buyers. Carefully structure your plan so you understand what liquidity should be there for you. Make it an objective to run your business in a manner that if you received an irresistible offer today, you would be confident that the buyer’s due diligence wouldn’t uncover anything that would cause them to withdraw their offer. Once or twice a year look at your business as though you were interested in buying it. For more information contact Sally Stuart - Business Sales Specialist - Health sector P. +61 2 9899 1999 M. +61 437 082 045 www.linkbusiness.com.au

IMPROVE YOUR CYBER SAFETY AND PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS by business.gov.au Make sure you complete the Cyber Safety Checklist to help improve your cyber security and protect your identity Australian businesses are being targeted with COVID-19 scams, fraud attempts and deceptive email and SMS schemes. It’s important to protect your business, especially during tax time. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) are sharing tips and resources to help you improve your cyber security and protect your identity.

Cyber Safety Checklist During this time of heightened scam activity, businesses are encouraged to: • Use multi-factor authentication where possible and don’t share your password with anyone. • Run the latest software updates to ensure operating systems security is current. • Secure your private Wi-Fi network with passwords (not the default password) and do not make financial transactions when using public Wi-Fi networks. • Exercise caution when clicking on links and providing personal identifying information. • Only access online government services via an independent search – not via emails or SMS. • Call us on an independently sourced number to verify an interaction if in doubt. • Educate your staff on cyber safety and scams.


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s Advice

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6 WAYS TO GET YOUR SMALL BUSINESS READY FOR SALE IN 2020 by By Richard Bristoe Are you looking to sell your business yourself or are you going to appoint a business broker? Selling a business can be confusing and very time-consuming. To help make sense of it all, here is 6 ways to get your business ready for sale.

You can write this document yourself, hire a writer or you can appoint a business broker who will most likely prepare this for you.

1. Evaluate your business and why you want to sell

A business for sale advertisement that is appealing and professionally written is extremely important if you want buyers to notice your advert and enquire. Spending the extra time writing a well written advertisement for your business will help generate more interest and hopefully secure a buyer.

It is important to evaluate your business, assess why you want to sell and what makes a buyer consider purchasing your business. Ask yourself the following questions: • Why do you want to sell? • Is it the right time to sell? • What are the business potentials for growth? • Who are your customers? • Can my business succeed without me or without a key customer? Evaluating your business and why you want to sell will force you to confront any weaknesses as well as underline the strengths and growth potential of the business.

2. Get your paperwork in order Getting your books in order is extremely important when you considering selling your business. Prospective buyers will want to examine the financials prior to making any offer. Having your books in order will ensure that the interested buyers are comfortable in buying your business

3. Prepare an Information Memorandum An Information Memorandum also known as an IM is a sales document provided to interested buyers by the seller or business broker which gives them a detailed overview of the business that is being offered for sale. When selling a business, this sales document is one of the most important item that should be prepared prior to selling.


4. Write a compelling advertisement

5. Prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement for Your Business A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal agreement between both parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another. It is a contract through which prospective buyers agree not to disclose any information covered by the agreement. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between both parties, to protect the confidential and proprietary information of the business. Having a non-disclosure agreement ready for prospective buyers to sign, can also help speed up the selling process. Get your lawyer to draw up a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or to provide you with any additional information about this document.

6. Speak to your landlord When you sell a business that relies on a leased premise, you need to be aware that your landlord has a say in whether the sale withstands or not. In most commercial leases, your landlord must agree to the assignment before the settlement can take effect.

The main purpose of the Information Memorandum is to provide valuable information that allow buyers to get a better understanding of the business & its operations.

If the business lease has several years remaining, the conversation with the landlord should focus on getting consent to an assignment. However, if the lease has only a year or two remaining, the business may need a new lease for the new buyer, and that is the issue to be discussed with the landlord.

Based on the Information Memorandum, buyers can decide if the business will suit their needs.

For more information contact Richard Bristoe at Business Sale Writer - www.businesssalewriter.com.au

Australian Busi

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A HANDY TOOLKIT FOR SMALL BUSINESS by ATO Whether you use a registered tax agent or lodge your own tax return, it’s helpful to have information you can refer to when you want to get ready for tax time. The Tax Time 2020 toolkit is now available, and it includes a directory of links as well as several updated, and new, fact sheets for small business. The fact sheets can help you get an overview of what you need to know if you're: • • • •

claiming deductions for the costs of using your home as your main place of business claiming a deduction for motor vehicle expenses for your business claiming a deduction for expenses you incur when travelling for your business a director or shareholder of a company that operates a small business, and you take money out of your company or use its assets.

We also have information to help if you’ve had to pause or permanently close your business due to COVID-19. Ask for help if you need it, it’s never too late to speak with us or a registered tax professional.

WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS by ATO When you're running a business, there’s a lot to think about. Don't forget to protect your personal and financial information.

There are also some things you can do to stay safe when you're dealing with government services online:

Scammers often try to ‘phish’ for information by impersonating government agencies such as the ATO.

• don't access services via a hyperlink in an email or SMS • access services through an independent online search • if you're ever in doubt, look up the service's phone number separately and call them to check.

If you hand over your information, scammers might use it to: • • • •

drain your bank account establish fake businesses in your name gain access to your online government services scam your clients and employees.

Next step: Visit the Scamwatch website for more helpful tips and resources.

Scammers have many opportunities to trick you into giving away your valuable information. There are some things your business can do to help stay safe: • use complex passwords and change them regularly • remove system access for people who no longer work for you • log out of systems and lock computers when you're not using them • maintain up-to-date security and anti-virus software on computers and other devices.

iness For Sale ®


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Turnkey Lifestyle Business in Whitsundays price $100 WIWO all inclusive Amazing opportunity to live in the beautiful Whitsundays. Make the seachange and live life on your terms. This business requires no set up. All the hard work has been done. The business offers a unique experience for visitors to the Whitsundays. It is enjoyable to run, has reliable staff available and precesses and proceudres in place. Operate as is or capitalise on its huge potential to expand and grow...

0401 444 602 Enquire online

Charters / Tours Airlie Beach QLD ID W1012300109

Lifestyle package price $750,000 + vehicle - all inclusive Want to sell as bundle package in Stanthorpe, Queensland Residential property located White street, Stanthorpe Queensland Main House Includes Solar panels grid feed 1.5 kw New Hot water powered by Electricity Wood fired stove in kitchen also free standing cooktop stove New Dishwasher Slow combustion oven for main heating Fully insulated House fully furnished including fully equipped kitchen. New linens and mattresses. New luxury leather electric massage chair (purchased 2018). New Hard wired smoke detectors, emergency lighting & pin code entry. Renovated One & a half bathroom, separate shower and bath...

0432 489 765 Enquire online


Bed And Breakfast Stanthorpe QLD ID M937115062

Australian Busi

on and Tourism

Marina Business with a Relaxed Waterfront Lifestyle price $2,400,000 freehold Owners will consider all overs over $2.4million. An idyllic waterfront lifestyle and a thriving business in one, this is a unique and highly sought-after opportunity not to be missed. The Wharf Maryborough has been an iconic landmark along the mighty Mary River for more than 25 years and it could be all yours. Both locals and tourists alike flock to this bustling riverfront attraction renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, peaceful ambience and selection of boutique shops and accommodation options. The Wharf Maryborough consists of three freehold titles plus one seabed lease with 31 years remaining. The extremely popular marina is made up of a 120-metre floating pontoon along with 13 registered swing moorings. The RV/ caravan park is a popular choice for visitors eager to explore the historic town of Maryborough. At the heart of the complex is the restaurant and function deck, both expertly crafted to take full advantage of the glorious river views. Four additional leased shopfronts are also set within the establishment including a hair salon and massage therapist for the ultimate pampering experience. For those looking to enjoy the marina but are without a boat, RV or caravan, there are two bed and breakfast units offering well-appointed contemporary accommodation for couples or families. There's a laundromat on-site for added convenience along with a comfortable self-contained manager's residence and an office/reception. Dreaming of a sea change? This is your chance to leave behind the hustle and bustle of busy city life and embark on a new exciting venture with a proven track record of success. • Thriving business and lifestyle opportunity in the historic town of Maryborough • Iconic family-owned and operated business with more than 25 years in operation • Multiple revenue streams including a marina, RV park and two B&B units...

0427 233 081 Enquire online

iness For Sale ®

Caravan Park Maryborough QLD ID W2082502810


ID W54455754383


t r o s e R e k a L o o r Tina s t h ig R t n e m e g a n a M y a d li o H

Tinaroo Lake Resort is the perfect place to relax, recuperate and rejuvenate, so if you are looking for a sea change and you have an interest in property, fishing/boating and water sports, here is the perfect opportunity to acquire a wonderful Far North Queensland lifestyle, plus earn an income at the same time.

The resort complex apartments are a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom fully self-contained townhouse apartments, with lake views from the spacious balconies - rated 4.4 stars by AAA. A large swimming pool with waterfall is a feature within the complex. This is an excellent business opportunity with 21 years on agreements and a top salary of $85,500 incl. GST, with the accompanying lifestyle, of course!

P 07


4092 1355

There is a spacious manager's apartment (3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms) plus a separate 2 bedroom apartment downstairs, a fully equipped commercial grade laundry and reception lobby including a convenience shop. A short 1.5 hour drive from Cairns, Tinaroo Lake Resort is centrally located on the Atherton Tablelands and within easy reach of world heritage rain forests and famous waterfalls. The rich history of Ravenshoe and Rocky Creek, local food trails, ballooning, bird watching, fishing, bush walking, festivals and markets are all on the doorstep of Lake Tinaroo.



Enquire Online

Australian Busi

on and Tourism


Award Winning - Cruise Maroochy Eco Tours Located on the only commercial jetty on the Maroochy River, this award winning business is now available. The business has a long history and is positioned in a high traffic area. The business includes 2 boats allowing for a range of different cruising options and is secured by a long lease. The current operators run the business with the assistance of a number of qualified skippers & wait staff, all of whom are keen to continue in their current roles.

Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North

From the larger boat, they are currently running regular eco tours, theme cruises (eg Living in the Seventies) with live music and skippered charters. These cruises include food and alcohol. The smaller boat can be used for people wanting a BYO experience in a skippered boat. The larger boat (which is licenced) has recently been out of the water for a major overhaul & refurbishment. There is a strong business foundation built over decades of trade with the ability to substantially grow & expand by offering a wider range of touring options. Call or email John Petralia to discuss this business opportunity.


0414 812 719 Email

john.petralia@raywhite.com Enquire Online

$650,000 Price

AB 1534

iness For Sale ÂŽ



ID W54455754383

Advertising an

price $450,000 WIWO negotiable

FNQ Self-Drive Domestic Tourism Magazines Work in paradise! Feel like a sea change in FNQ? Adlinkmedia is a 12 year old business which specifically facilitates the domestic self-drive tourism industry. Domestic, self-drive supports the tourism industry to the tune of $80 billion dollars annually and this market is set to increase substantially moving forward. Adlinkmedia have 5 free to pick up publications in their portfolio up for sale including long-time client contact lists, Konica Minolta Bizhub C454, printer's details and contacts, and sub-contract designers contacts. Our web and hosting server technician details, our website, all publication selling tools, contracts, rate and distribution lists, distribution contacts and membership of all tourism facilitators. Our Savings Passports and Pocket Guides to the region fall into two publications: 1. The annual Port Douglas to Cooktown Passport and Pocket Guide promotes Port Douglas through the Daintree to Cooktown. Advertisers are from these regions and offer discounts and value adds, to directly encourage visitation and spend they are trackable publications and we also have these advertisers up on our website home page...


0419 905 463

Promotional Products

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Cairns & Far North Region QLD

Australian Busi

nd Promotions Well-Known & Highly Regarded Printing Business Brisbane City QLD

Digital Printing Signage Business Surfers Paradise QLD

This is your chance to purchase a well-known and highly regarded printing business that provides solutions for all print & marketing projects. From design, through to production and beyond this business provides services for many prominent organisations. Delivering to companies nationally and internationally, this business has developed a...

This is your chance to find your financial freedom by purchasing this profitable digital printing signage business. This premier digital printing business manufactures everything from custom signs to bumper stickers. Located in Central Gold Coast with high exposure and surrounded by various commercial, industrial and retail businesses, this business has developed a...

Price: $495,000

Price: $70,000

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Profitable Self-Publishing Service

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Digital Printing Signage Business


Ashmore QLD

Why work for someone else, when you can work for yourself and dictate your own working hours? This is an extremely exciting opportunity for an energetic and selfmotivated individual/s to own their own profitable business assisting authors in sharing their stories. Established for 14 years, this successful and growing self-publishing service business offers a...

Are you looking for a business that will offer you financial freedom and a flexible lifestyle? Then this business may be for you. This premier digital printing business manufactures everything from custom signs to bumper stickers. With the ambition to produce work to the highest standard, on time and within budget, this business has become the ideal...

Price: $290,000

Price: $80,000

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Highly Profitable Online Printing Business Worongary QLD

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Digital Printing, Signs, Signage Business Mittagong NSW

This is your chance to find your financial freedom by purchasing this highly profitable online boutique printing business. Priding themselves on high-quality work, supplies, fast turn around and amazing prices, this business has earned a 5-star reputation. Offering a variety of services including photo printing, canvas printing, metal printing and basic framing, this business...

Profitable and wellestablished digital printing and signage business operating for over 25 years in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Find your financial freedom and the flexible lifestyle that comes from owning this successful business. Well known and highly regarded business offering design, manufacturing and installation of all signage needs from general...

Price: $499,000 Plus Stock

Price: $275,000

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Innovation Centre Brisbane QLD 4000

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ph: 1300 266 922 www.bonzabfs.com.au


ID W54455754383

Aged Agricultura Care an

Just Better Care Australia Pty Ltd

Just Better Care is an Essential Service Business Opportunity and one of Australia's largest franchised providers of in-home aged care and disability support services. We assist customers to live in their own home, keeping them safe and connected to their community. We are flexible, respecting the diversity of our clients, their needs and preferences and provide innovative solutions, supporting thousands of customers across the country. The community care market generates over $43b in annual revenue with a projected growth rate of 6.4% per annum. One in six Australians is now aged over the age of 65 and the number of people aged over 85 years is predicted to increase by 30% in 10 years. It is estimated 80% of these persons will require some level of care and three in ten will require long term care.

Just Better Care is an Approved Aged Care Provider (HCP) and also provides Disability Services under the NDIS program. Just Better Care franchise owners are granted an extra large geographical territory through which they establish an office, recruit and train qualified staff to deliver services to consumers located within the territory. We currently have new territory opportunities in the following areas:• • • • •

Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory Victoria

The business system is driven by a combination of the latest computer and mobile device technologies.

Phone 0459 654 146

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Australian Busi

ldand Retirement Rural

Senior Helpers-Franchise Maroochydore QLD Senior Helpers offers an Exciting New Franchise Opportunity in the Booming In-Home Aged Care Industry. Established in the US in 2002 with a mission to ensure a better quality of life for our clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care. Senior Helpers opened in Australia in 2011 and is a part of the fastest growing service industries, with over 300 franchisees throughout Australia, Canada and the US. Senior Helpers Franchising LLC has since continued to build a strong reputation for professional and compassionate senior care in the USA, Canada and Australia. Senior Helpers is more than just another home care franchise, we offer a wholistic personalised solution for the


Well Over A $500,000 Return P/A. Solid ROI. Cash Cow price $5,675,000 Excessive money printing will cause inflation and your cash will de-value !! This is fact. Buying a freehold/business that brings in a strong steady return will grow and protect your capital. Think about this yourself !! This is a solid, long term investment !! 90% + occupancy. Nearly all tenants are full-time residents, and you only need to collect the rent and keep the park in good, clean order... Aged Care

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Long Jetty NSW

Ph: 1300 889 443

Registered NDIS Provider View Broker Profile Page

Regional SEQ price E.O.I.

Simply Helping Franchises Melbourne VIC Great Franchise Opportunity in the aged care, disability & lifestyle in-home care and support services industry. Joining the Simply Helping franchise team is a fantastic opportunity for you to enter the in-home care and support industry. We have over 16 years' experience working within and developing up a business model that works well within the Australian health and social context. Our support team includes members with extensive experience in the health sector, human resources, industrial relations, management and in private business, and bring a wealth of practical knowledge and 'smarts' to our business. We are unique because we provide a suite of in-home support services to our senior population, families and individuals living with a disability, brokerage clients such...

iness For Sale ÂŽ

$95,000 + G.S.T.

For sale is well organized, structured, and profitable NDIS registered provider located in regional southeast Queensland. The business was founded by the current owner 3 years ago however he is now located overseas and is unable to travel back to Australia due to COVID travel restrictions. Whilst he is currently located overseas, the owner manages to maintain great working relationships with both staff and clients and is offering a...

Aged Care

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Toowoomba QLD

A: GPO Box 2068 BRISBANE, QLD, 4000 P:

1300 331 814


ID W54455754383


price P.O.A.

2 Feedmills For Sale 2 Feedmills for sale on in Nth Vic and one in Southern NSW. Capable of producing all types of Animal feeds but specializing in Mineral and Vitamin pellets. • Established 20 years. • Manufactures loose and pelleted supplements • 12000 Tonnes / year • Turnover $6 Mill / yr • Extensive machinery list • Approx. 60 – 70 % of the Aust market. • Vic Mill on 9582 sq m for Sale $1.1m NSW Mill leased • Vic Mill includes 2 communication towers with income of $27K p.a. • Staff 15

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Albury-Wodonga NSW-VIC ID W564400370


Australian Busi

l and Rural

Long established Wholesale Nursery price $425,000 + S.A.V. - all inclusive After 42 years trading we have decided for a change of lifestyle. • • • • • • •

Trading hours 7.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Thursday Excellent customer base All infrastructure in place for expansion 10.2Ha land with residence for commercial lease well maintained and modern machinery Increasing nett proffit over the past years Good water supply

For more information or to organize an inspection please contact via email.

Wholesale Nursery Port Macquarie NSW

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ID W1740169034

Sales & Service of Agricultural Machinery price $799,000 + S.A.V. This business was established over 39 years ago and specialises in the sale and service of agricultural machinery. The business is located a few hours north of Brisbane and has proven sales growth year on year. The business has also been unaffected by COVID as the demand for agricultural machinery remains consistent.

0432 455 183


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iness For Sale ®


ID W54455754383

Animal and

Online Pet (cats & dogs) products and pet owner gifts price $15,000 all inclusive CatsGalore is an online store providing gifts for men, women, kids and their pets (mainly cats and some dogs). All products are dropshipped to the customers directly. You can add more or less products. NO LIMIT! Sell worldwide or restrict to the countries you would like to sell to. You can add as many products, categories as you like without actually purchasing the items. Products are shipped direct from the supplier. NO LIMIT! No additional investment other than ongoing website maintanence which you may be able to do your self. Will show how it alworks and will configure all to your bank account. Business purchase includes: All products and information is kept online. No physical stock kept as they are shipped direct from our suppliers as they are ordered by customers...

Pet Care Merrimac QLD

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ID W1976695290

Dunsborough W.A. price $40,000 all inclusive - stock included Do you love Dunsborough? And do you love Pets? If you answer yes to both of these questions this business could be ideal for you!! After17 years the current owners are planning to retire and are offering a fantastic Walk in Walk out opportunity • Chino's Treats is centrally located in a popular shopping centre with heaps of parking. • Friendly opening hours 10am-4pm • Current owners will work with Buyers to ensure a smooth handover

0412 919 947 Enquire online


Pet Shop Dunsborough WA ID W952136813

Australian Busi

d Pet Care

Bark Busters Australia and New Zealand A Better Way to A Better Dog. Guaranteed! Earn over $120k per annum, working for yourself but not by yourself. We are operational during Covid-19. We can train you immediately for an immediate start. We are preparing for an extremely busy summer season, with all the new puppies becoming teenagers and needing help wiht separation anxiety.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

CLICK HERE TO SEE AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES AUSTRALIA WIDE. Love Dogs? Join our team. Be Part of Something Special. Imagine Changing Lives. Vendor Finance Option NOW AVAILABLE ** Pay Half of the Franchise Fee Now $14250 (plus training fee) and $14250 over 2 years.

Phone 0439 803 078

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ID W54455754383

Bars, Pubs

Business Partner Req for historic Bar in Port Macquarie Negotiable - leasehold After a bit of down time to succesfully convert the licence to a hotel - gaming liquor license and renovate. The venue is once again ready to grace the stage. Due to changing personal circumstances the owner can no longer dedicate the time required for this unqiue venue and is offering the opportunity for someone to take over the day to day management as a business partner. Located in one of Australia's best regional towns and tourist hot spot, the venue is ideally located right in the CBD and after trading for 2 years as a live entertainment venue showcasing 100's of bands, musicians and other acts there is already a massive following and the doors simply need to be once again...

Pub Enquire online

Port Macquarie NSW ID W2023291099

Bagdad Community Club price E.O.I. + S.A.V. Prominently located on the corner of the Midland Highway and Hall Lane, in the lovely rural township of Bagdad, 37 kilometres north of Hobart. The Bagdad Community Club own the adjacent children's playground, sporting oval, 9 hole golf course, golf & cricket clubrooms, childcare centre, and on-line access centre. The premises includes a public bar, lounge bar/dining room, "music hall", commercial kitchen, meeting room...


0418 128 735


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Bagdad TAS

Australian Busi

and Clubs

Historic Country Pub price $750,000 WIWO freehold This historic gem is located approximately 30kms from Bundaberg. It is well supported by the locals in the community and visited by motorbike and car enthusiast clubs. The hotel is situated on 4.5 acres and offers accommodation for travellers and visitors with a large camping area at the rear. Located on the Kolan River, the hotel is a short walk to the Bucca crossing, which is very popular with visitors in the warmer months of the year. Many patrons take advantage of the great country atmosphere and live music on weekends. The kitchen runs 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. The Bucca Hotel has 7 rooms with shared facilities, a recently renovated beer garden...

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Bucca QLD ID W1964835345

Bottle Shop Sales $70,000 P/W !! 22 Year Lease!! price $990,000 + S.A.V. 1ST TIME OFFERED IN 15 YEARS PLUS ! Small local centre amongst large residential area Approx 50 km south of Perth • Sales 2020 $2,832,000 (ex gst) • Sales July-Oct 2021 – UP!! $1,111,000 (ex gst) • Strong gross profit % • 22 year lease remaining ! • Rent is $6,453 per month plust OG's and GST • Solar panels fitted keeping electricity bill very low • Outstanding walk in cool room – HUGE !! • Large pallet storage area with 2 roller shutter entry points • •

iness For Sale ®

New delivery app performing well approx. $14,000 per month • Sales on a strong UPWARD trend ! • Very well presented store, ample free parking at the door • Under full management at the moment, potential to work 40hrs per week in store... • A business you'd be proud to own, and one that will keep your accountant happy too! • Won't last, don't delay! • Asking $990,000 plus stock of approx. $400500,000. Total asking price $1,490,000 •

0417 140 882


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Perth Metro WA


ID W54455754383

Beauty, Healt

The Worlds Fastest Growing Recession Proof Industry price $45,000 all inclusive YES WORK FROM HOME FOR 2 HOURS A DAY AND BE A PART OF THE FASTEST GROWING RECESSION PROOF INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD THAT WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH AN INCOME OF $438,000. Our unique business model uses state of the art technology to deliver a product that is the most desirable in the world at a fraction of the normal cost. Last year it is estimated that over 100 million people, mainly women but an increasing number of men, went online in an attempt to access a cosmetic procedure in one form or another. Most, because of the cost, decided not to proceed. This is where we come in! We have developed a unique system giving you as our partner an opportunity that will enable you to become financially secure. This is achieved by providing the world's most popular cosmetic procedure at a mere fraction of the usual cost, (all procedures are carried out by qualified doctors or nurses in over 250 locations). • All purchases paid for in advance • You are not required to sell or network. There are No catches, No gimmicks and absolutely NO BS. • No commercial premises required as it's a work from home for 2 hours a day business. • No Stock is required. • No Staff. • No Rent. An automated system that includes automatic delivery at the push of a button. With the introduction of our unique system exponential growth is predicted into those 100 million + people who are wanting to look more beautiful or beautiful once more but could not afford to proceed, now with our system they have that opportunity.

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Gold Coast QLD ID W2068362910


Australian Busi

h and Fitness

Long Established Barber Shop price $10,000 Great opportunity to buy a long-established barber shop, on the central Sunshine Coast. The business is located in the centre of town, next to a major supermarket, cafes, banks, medical centre, etc. Owner's clientele includes men and ladies, and the business has been run as a traditional barber shop for 29 years. Fully fit out with 2 barber chairs, plus shampoo bowl. The owner is retiring so this is a good opportunity for someone to just step into the business. No restriction on hours, or centre regulations, Ample parking is at the rear of centre. Rent includes outgoings and is very reasonable at less than $200 per week currently...

0412 708 100 Enquire online

Barber Shop Buderim QLD ID W1820031966

Fully Managed Fitness Gym Group price E.O.I. A rare opportunity to acquire multiple est. clubs. Tens of thousands of members all paying a monthly membership fee. Greater Sydney region area. Positive member attrition rates. Fully managed group with managers running each location and a general manager to oversee the group. EBITDA circa $4M - $5M Net margins of circa 38% Price Guide: $20M - $25M This opportunity is that once in a lifetime chance to acquire a true recurring revenue model, where the owners only role is to sit back and count returns." - Dan Levitus To fill out a confidentiality agreement on this business copy the following URL in your browser and follow the prompts.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

0450 326 146

Fitness Centre

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Sydney NSW


ID W54455754383

Beauty, Healt

Thai Massage Studio with strong local customer base price $48,000 negotiable WIWO Located in buisy shopping arcade in Busselton CBD, high volume foot traffic. The shop has reception area, 4 furnished massage rooms, intergrated sound system, staff/kitchen room. Air conditioned and Thai style atmasphere. This business has acheived a very good reputation and has a strong local customer base with strong reviews attracting new customers daily plus good walk-in trade. Advertising and promotion is all in place for the next 12 months. The business has been established for 5 years

Massage Enquire online

Busselton WA ID W1397354241

Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic on the Gold Coast price $39,000 WIWO + G.S.T. Long established clinic (16 years in same location), owners retiring. Fully equipped, walk in – walk out. Loyal clients with long list of clients' data-base. Very low overheads for a council approved medical facility, due to long occupation. Includes two rooms, one with toilet & shower. Long lease available. Gross Turnover $86,000 (Colon Hydrotherapy only). Location is in a heritage listet business complex in a beautiful and quiet location. Walk in today and earn money tomorrow. Certified training for Colon Hydrotherapy can be provided by owner if you have a therapist background.

0408 891 878 Enquire online


Natural Therapies West Burleigh QLD ID W380941496

Australian Busi

h and Fitness

Great Opportunity – Functional Strength Training Club price $149,000 + S.A.V. This well known Functional Strength Training club has been operating over the past 3 years and is a 1 minute drive from the City Centre. Surrounded by residential and commercial properties, this vibrant club has enormous amount of potential especially for a local enthusiastic resident wanting to take that first step into their own club at a low entry investment. The current owner has worked within the franchise brand over 3 years and currently has several sites under their management. The site is a turnkey investment with only minimal work to be done to continue the growth of the clubs member base and community. 0415 801 313

Sports Centre

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Sydney NSW

Full Franchise support from the Support Office team, which makes this opportunity great for someone starting out or growing their own portfolio...

Trendy Hair & Beauty Salon price $34,000 WIWO + S.A.V. Trendy stylish salon with beauty room. • • • • •

2 Stylists & 1 apprentice 6 stns & 2 wash stns Beauty room rented separate All day free parking Large salon established for over 25years in Buderim up and coming suburb on the Sunshine Coast. • Reasonable rent and outgoings Price is for plant , equipment all in good condition - large client database + SAV Operating days Tue to Saturday but you can open when you like. The salon has been set up to run very efficiently and with great colours and products. Walk in with your siccors and start working.

iness For Sale ®

Hair Salon Enquire online

Buderim QLD ID W1792304063


ID W54455754383

Bike and A

Strategically Well Positioned Car Wash price $350,000 WIWO negotiable

Well established and profitable Car Wash for sale WIWO, as current owners seeking to retire. Established for more than 15 years, well suited for business owner/operator (2 to 3 hours a day) that can earn passive income whilst having ability to earn elsewhere, as monitored via security cameras.

Car Wash Enquire online

Darwin NT ID W1799462463

Goodyear Autocare Whitsundays price $298,000 + S.A.V. Profit to Owner 2019 $191,911 Goodyear Autocare Cannonvale offers a new owner a strong lifestyle opportunity or business growth opportunity – currently trading 5 days a week and focusing purely on retail tyre sales. There is a Manager and team of well trained staff in place. With easy access to Shute Harbour Road Goodyear Autocare Cannonvale is well positioned. It is close to Whitsunday Plaza, Big 4 Adventure Resort and all traffic heading towards Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour as well as Proserpine and beyond.


0409 058 258

Tyre Retail & Services

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Cannonvale QLD

Australian Busi


Landcruiser Parts - Original Parts & Vehicle Restorations price $450,000 stock included - negotiable Landcruiser Parts & Restoration is a supplier of Landcruiser 4x4 original parts, accessories and vehicle restorations. This rare and unusual business retains a unique niche in the Australian automotive and restoration market wih little competition. The business can be relocated to any location in Australia where there is access to freight and postage services. With it's multi website, marketing structure and customer database this business lends itself to expansion and massive growth potential. Essentially this business involves buying or acquiring Landcruiser 4x4 vehicles, mainly 40, 45 and 47 series, stripping them down to provide customers with the rare parts they are looking for. One vehicle can provide the business with parts to sustain them for years. The current value of parts on hand amounts to in excess of AU$600,000. There are are several containers loaded with original, early series, Landcruiser parts. It also uses these parts to provide a valued restoration service.

0418 187 090 Enquire online

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Mechanical Repairs Pomona QLD ID W1207606552


ID W54455754383

Bike and A


Superfinish Express is an award-winning mobile auto franchise system that provides immediate and permanent on-site repairs to paint work, plastics, alloys, bumpers and interiors of motor vehicles for the automotive industry. With over 35 Franchisees operating across Australia, we offer a successful and proven business model which continues to grow and remains at the forefront of the industry due to our focus on providing the best techniques, the most reliable products and our continued investment in research, development and repair technology. We are a family-owned business offering the best training, ongoing support and procedures available today for a very affordable investment. With over 20 years experience teaching people just like you how to provide quick yet professional and permanent cosmetic repairs to automotive paints, plastics and interiors.

“The training and support that Superfinish offers is second to none. They’re ahead technology wise, ahead of our competitors. I know I can ring any time of day and get some advice, or if I need help.” - Luke Metcalfe, NSW


This previously serviced territory is available for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle. This also includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee. This large territory in Townsville encompasses all of the areas potential customers. It was previously and successfully serviced with a wide range of customers for 10+ years until the most recent Franchisee retired.

Mackay This brand new territory hasn’t been serviced by a Superfinish Express Franchisee in the past, making it a perfect blank canvas for your new business. The exclusive Mackay territory is tightly packed with potential customers in the central business district. This area is available for for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle. This also includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee.

Australian Busi




This large exclusive area has many potential customers grouped together, and has been serviced in the past by a long term Franchisee. The territory is currently for sale for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle, the purchase price includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee.

There are 6 available exclusive territories for sale in east Melbourne, reaching from Doncaster to Dandenong, so no matter where you live, you can say goodbye to your lengthy commute to work. These areas are for sale for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle, the purchase price includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee.

Sydney & Surrounds

Gold Coast

There are several exclusive territories available for sale in Sydney & surrounds, including Paramatta, Manly, Sydney City and Penrith. Superfinish Express has an excellent presence in the Greater Sydney area, with several experienced Franchisees that have built a fantastic community within the Franchise system. All areas for sale in Sydney & surrounds are available for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle, the purchase price includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee.

This previously serviced area has been recently re-mapped to include a larger exclusive territory. A Franchisee in this area would have the added benefit of being close to Superfinish National Office, as well as many experienced Franchisees in South East Queensland. The area is currently for sale for $49,500 + new or second hand vehicle, the purchase price includes all equipment and materials including a custom stainless-steel fit out of your van, sign writing, training, travel and accomodation during your training, legal fees, WH&S manuals, complete uniform package, administration fees and your initial franchise fee.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Australia wide locations available for just

$49,500 + Vehicle View here Phone 07 3284 8055

Company profile


ID W54455754383

Bike and A

Smash Repair Business price $185,000

0412 234 000

Smash Repairs

Enquire online

Perth WA

This business has a long history and well respected name in the smash repair industry and has been operating with the same owner for the past 30 years. • Well established & well organised business • Good size workshop & fully air-conditioned • Auto robot repair systems • Baking ovens • 2 post hoist • 8 loan cars • Office & customer waiting area

Business Sale - Bearings Tasmania price $185,000 + S.A.V. A well regarded expert in the bearings, engineering and auto business, Bearings Tasmania- incorporating Statewide Performance Distributors is being offered to the market for the first time. Respected by repeat and first-time customers for offering a wide range of specialist parts the business covers performance, trailers, 4WD, agricultural and heavy industry niches. This opportunity is ripe for a new operator to build on current success with a small professional staff to remain and scope to have sales on the road.


0467 929 364

Auto Parts & Acc.

Enquire online

Invermay TAS

Australian Busi


Petrol station with guaranteed income Business Type: Service Station

Price: $580,000

Amazing Opportunity to purchase a franchise service station in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Located in busy main road, great position! Total shop Sales $1.52 million in FY 2020. Total gross income in 2020 FY for franchisee after split: 407k plus No Rent, Franchisor pays the rent. Lease: Current 7 years left and may increase...



Highly Profitable Mechanical Workshop Business Type: Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Price: $550,000 WIWO

Jap Motor and Carby Centre is a local family-owned business servicing and repairing cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles for customers from Cairns to the Cape York Peninsula. Jap Motor and Carby Centre is in Cairns specialising in motor replacement and all vehicle servicing and repairs...


Looking for a Tree Change in Katherine – Caravan Repair KATHERINE NT Business Type: Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Price: $495,000

Magical Katherine is the Gateway to the North. Looking for a complete tree change, Why not move to Katherine? ABOUT THE BUSINESS: This caravan repair hire service centre has built an excellent reputation, strong results and continual growth. The business prides itself on its workmanship and exceptional customer service...


Port Auto Car and Dog Wash Business Type: Car Wash

Price: $1.9 Mil (incl business, equip, land & building)

Port Auto Car and Dog Wash Business & Prime Freehold Land for sale in a superb location in Craiglie near Captain Cook Highway. Surrounded by Port Douglas Suzuki Marine, Shell Coles Express Port Douglas, Port Douglas Hospitality Supplies, Port Douglas Pool Shop and many more. This site is constantly exposed to a high...

Business Type: Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Price: $99,000

Airport Mechanical is very well established, profitable and highly rated auto service business operated by current owner since last 15years. Key features: Offering high standard of vehicle repairs to a huge data base of clients. Full range of auto services using one of 3 hoists [2x 4 post and 1x 2post]...

Phone: Website:

iness For Sale ÂŽ



Profitable Auto Repair Workshops




377 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 1300 535 932

www.thefinngroup.com.au 33

ID W54455754383

Boat and

price $625,000 negotiable

Jet Boat Adventure Business First Time Offered in 14 years After 14 years operating in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle JetBuzz (Jet Boat) is being offered for sale. JetBuzz is a well established and recognised business that has built up a great reputation as one of the best Jet Boat thrill ride businesses in Australia and has customers coming back time and time again as well as many customers coming from word of mouth. JetBuzz has been Lake Macquarie’s watersports headquarters since 2006, offering a unique and exciting way to explore Lake Macquarie. JetBuzz is the only jet boat operator in New South Wales which offers ocean going rides along with the only jet boat between Sydney and Gold Coast. There is plenty of scope to expand the number of tours/rides currently offered. The Business: We have been operating Jet Boat rides, Boat, Kayak & SUP hire originally operating from Pelican Marina in the Swansea channel for 7 years then moving and operating from Raffertys Resort for the past 7 years. (Training during change over period also available).

Charters/Tours Enquire online

Lake Macquarie NSW ID W1947921959


Australian Busi

d Marine

Boats & More Echuca price P.O.A. Boats & More Echuca was established by the current owners in 2012. The business is located in a prominant regional City and is only 2.5hrs from Melbourne. Echuca, on the bank of the Mighty Murray River, one of Australia's very popular tourist destination and home of the World Renowned Southern 80 Ski Race...

ample space for the display of new and used boats and service boats. The premises incorporate a large show room, two spacious offices, a tea room, spare parts area, retail storage area, large workshop and mezzanine floor for further storage.

With stores in Echuca & Shepparton, you won't be disappointed with the huge range of new and used ski and fishing boats, jetskis, outboard motors, kayaks, fishing gear, ski gear, boating accessories and more! Boats & More also operate full service centres servicing all makes and models and offer and provide finance and insurance so they really are your one stop shop for all of your boating and fishing needs.

Boats & More has a stocklist of quality and highly sought after marine and fishing brands. Boats & More have developed excellent and long standing relationships with their suppliers. Being a "Compleat Angler Store" and member of the Associated Retails Group enables better pricing from suppliers and increases brand awareness as a premium fishing store.

Boats & More stock everything the boating, fishing and watersport enthusiast could ever want plus more! Comprising 2,448 square metres, with

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Through advertising campaigns conducted over many years, Boats & More has established a customer database in excess of 10,0000 people. Many customers are repeat customers and many new customers are referred from...

0419 204 608

Maint. & Repairs

Enquire online

Echuca VIC


ID W54455754383

Building and

Gold Coast Air Conditioning Business price $155,000 all inclusive The business is involved with everything ‘Airconditioning’ from the smallest of Room Air Conditioners to Commercial ducted systems. The present owner is looking to retire. This business is presently home based and no other premises are necessary. No stock is held on site as our supply outlets are set up and very easily accessible. Included in the sale is a 2008 Toyota Hiace van which is optional. Maintenance & Repairs Enquire online

Gold Coast QLD ID W545533005

The business will be sold as an on-going concern with the seller prepared to remain as negotiated to assist with the business’ continuing success and a streamlined handover, which suits both parties.

ZAB Window Fashion Blinds and Shutters - Launceston TAS Zab Window Fashions was established in 2000, in the 20 years following the business has well and truly established itself as the 'go to' retailer for boutique style window furnishings. The business has in store the 'Luxaflex Gallery' display which allows customer to view the full range of products, fabrics, materials and colour designs available in the Luxaflex range. Zab Window Fashions also sell and manufacture custom made curtains and other soft furnishings eg. Cushions, bedspreads, roman blinds. The business is an authorised Luxaflex Repair Centre with all warranty repairs are undertaken in store with the parts supplied direct from the manufacturer. All equipment required to operate the repair centre is included in the sale. Highlights of the business as follows: - Turnover consistently circa $1.3m and high ROI - Current ownership of 20+ successful years - Great high exposure location on Charles Street with excellent parking - Award winning Luxaflux retailer - Recently updated Luxaflex Gallery displaying all products - Well trained long serving staff - Currently trading 5 days - Opportunity to negotiate new lease on shop / warehouse / 2 bedroom upstairs apartment



$130,000 + S.A.V. AB  1985

Contact Andy m 0419 122 683 e andy@tuckerandhowell.com.au


Australian Busi


THE Shed Company THE Shed Company was established in 2005 and quickly became one of Australia's fastest growing and most successful franchise groups. Today we have close to 30 stores across every state and territory of Australia, and the backing of The Steelx Group – Australia's largest family-owned steel kit building supplier. We now enter a new phase of growth for THE Shed Company, where enquiry for new sheds enjoys double-digit growth as Australia hunkers down to weather Covid-19.

Company profile

iness For Sale ®

Locations avalable •

Rockingham & Mandurah WA

Mornington Peninsula VIC

Colac & Geelong VIC

Yorke Peninsula SA

Clare Valley SA

Townsville QLD

Coffs Harbour NSW



>> >>

>> >> >>

>> • Illawarra NSW >> •

Orange NSW

Phone 0419 112 490


ID W54455754383

Building and

Fairdinkum Sheds Distributorship price $400,000 negotiable O.N.O. Fairdinkum Sheds distributorship for sale. A VERY profitable business. Only reason for selling is that it is too busy. Perfect business for a licensed builder or Concreter. This business offers sales for the kit, the concrete, the build and we also offer a Council Approval Service. We have not let COVID slow us down. It's been busier. This business can survive anything. For more information call.

0418 490 319 Enquire online

Building & Construction Mayfield West NSW ID M680042470

Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings Dealership price $595,000 + vehicle A golden opportunity for someone looking for a very busy distributorship with excellent forward sales. This dealership is for the leading steel manufacturer in Australia and specialises in the retail sales of a large range of steel garages, barns, sheds, industrial and commercial buildings. Excellent sales records, great turnover, full change-over support. No experience necessary as full training provided. Exceptional opportunity for a sought after dealership in Sydney growth area. Owner retiring after 23 rewarding years.

0425 341 082 Enquire online


Building & Construction Sydney NSW ID W688187846

Australian Busi


Retail Hardware Business For Sale Rare opportunity to purchase this long established Retail Hardware business in a solid Mid North Coast regional area. Serving local and surrounding trade and DIY market & trades. Freehold Building also available for Approx: $350,000.00 Staffed buy Two owners & Two casuals as needed...

Coffs Harbour & North Coast Region NSW $245,000 All Incl. - L/hold

New Distributorships Available - Gutter Protection Be your own boss, work at your own pace, have lifestyle and job satisfaction. Ideal husband and wife team business. Sale price includes a display trailer with all the stock to get you started. This distributorship specialises in gutter protection for maintenance free gutter protection service...

Coffs Harbour & North Coast Region NSW $40,000 + G.S.T.

Ready for a tree change? Hardware business for sale This is a unique opportunity to purchase not only a successful business but a lifestyle to be envied with your new tree change. This Hardware Business has been operating for over 50 years and under the current ownership for the past 11 years, it has established large and regular clientele of local residents...

Lismore & Far North Coast Region NSW $1,090,000 + S.A.V. F/hold

Scaffolding Business - S.E. QLD This is a simple straightforward business with a stunning net profit. It's not complicated and your team of 18 scaffolders do the hard work, you oversee the operation. Long established reputation for reliability and a fair price keeps the work coming in constantly. Large yard for storing the scaffolding...

Brisbane Queensland $4,200,000 WIWO L/hold

Hardware Business For Sale This profitable hardware store is located Mid North Coast NSW and has an excellent reputation in the area for providing customers with excellent customer service and competitive prices. The business specialises in supplying a wide range of products, from general hardware, home timber to painting...

Coffs Harbour & North Coast Region NSW $765,000 + S.A.V. L/hold

Suite 5 / 1 Park Avenue

Phone: (02) 6651 7999



iness For Sale ÂŽ


ID W54455754383

Building and

Leading Services Group

Leading Services Group provide a range of franchise services Join our experienced team who will provide all equipment, training, combined with on-site training is the key to the success of Leading. This is a complete package opportunity including initial and ongoing training, equipment, vehicle branding and online marketing. TRAINING The Leading provide complete and thorough training in all aspect on how to run and grow a successful business, including lead generation, sales, how to maximise profits and how to get referrals and repeat business.

Phone 1800 532 327

Our skilled business coach provide weekly coaching sessions to motivate and upskill you in all aspects of the business.

Company profile

EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY Our large and exclusive territories are developed to ensure our operators have the best chance for success. The territories are large enough to allow franchisees to sub-contract work and boundaries are clearly marked to avoid confusion.


DIGITAL MARK With user presence on social media and online at an all-time high, Leading utilise this platform to boost the exposure of our network. Franchisees are provided with individual websites and Facebook pages to allow them to reach the highest volume of clients quickly. THE COMPLETE PACKAGE Join our experienced team, quality equipment combined with ongoing education and training is the key to the success of Leading franchisees.


Australian Busi

Construction OSBORNE PARK WA

Market Leaders in Perth - Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrade Business Type: Building and Construction

Price: $495,000

Bring your Business Dreams to Life. It’s not often that a business of this quality is offered to the market for sale. You now have the rare opportunity to purchase this 12-year-old icon of the local construction industry! The company is well respected and recognised experts in the trade. Specialising in the design and installation of...


Looking for a Tree Change - Leader in Townsville Pool Construction TOWNSVILLE QLD Business Type: Building and Construction

Price: $495,000

Bring your business dreams to life with this is FNQ premium pool construction company, who are committed to creating dream outdoor living spaces across Townsville. Established nearly 50 years ago, Narellan Pools has become an iconic and trusted brand. With humble beginnings, they have grown to become Australia’s...



Precast Concrete Business – Victoria $3.6m Business Type: Building and Construction

Price: $3,600,000

Circa $4m+ Revenue. Established 20yrs. Professional Operation. Business Overview: - Manufacture and delivery of precast concrete walls, retaining walls, columns and beans - Custom-built premises and factory with 2000m2 of undercover manufacturing - 3 x 20 Tonne gantry cranes - Reputation for top quality service, and products...


Successful Building Company Gold Coast to Byron Bay Business Type: Building and Construction


Price: $199,000

The owners of this well-respected building company are transitioning into retirement after building a fantastic reputation in the region over more than 30 years. As the new owner, you simply step-in and take over the reins in overseeing the builds onhand currently and talking with new clients that are finalizing the details for their...


Construction - Aluminium Window Manufacturer & Installations BUNDOORA VIC Business Type: Building and Construction

Price: $190,000

Become your own Boss! An opportunity exists to acquire an established custom aluminium window and door manufacturing and installation business, operating in the renovation/building sector. Established since 2014 / Profitable, solid financials & long trading history / Strong industry networks / Future bookings in place...


Phone: Website:

iness For Sale ®


377 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 1300 535 932

www.thefinngroup.com.au 41

ID W54455754383

Business and Prof

Life In Balance Careers Life in Balance Careers is fast becoming the place to go for aspiring practitioners. The reason for that is the psychology and evidence-based foundation of our programs. Life in Balance Careers has a long and successful 30-year history. We've presented workshops, introductory seminars, one-onone coaching and practitioner sessions to more than 220,000 people across the globe. And in 2020 we have responded to the pandemic by leveraging ourselves more effectively into the online coaching world than ever - in fact, we can now virtually guarantee that you will get clients if you follow our proven, step-by-step system. We also have limited opportunities for proven leaders to join us as Regional Directors and help us grow the brand!


Phone 0405 407 186 Company profile Locations

ie s t i n u ort p p O ble All a l i a v A re A n a l l y Nat i o

Australian Busi

fessional Services Sydney Performance Consultant &

Work from Home Teaching Personal

Corporate Trainer

Development in Sydney

This is our most advanced option, encompassing most of the Life In Balance Careers program ecosystem. You will be equipped to present coaching and training to businesses big and small, taking them on a journey that can see participants double or triple their productivity and results. You can also teach training staples like Sales, Leadership, and more. PLUS, if you see yourself on bigger stages with public audiences teaching them personal development, then we have a unique system that can get you there

This is a done for you, comprehensive online coaching business solution. Enterprise Online has you covered with a personalised website, free downloads to help you build your list, social media integration with automated content delivery (and WE create the inspirational content for you), LMS (Learning Management System) so you can run your programs seamlessly within the platform, plus ecommerce so your clients can enrol in your program and pay you directly as well! It has never been easier to est.an online coaching business.

$7,500 + G.S.T.

$7,500 + G.S.T.

Sydney Healthy Mind

Melbourne Habits for

Coach Online

Wellness Coach

Have you been on your own journey of personal development and self discovery, learning how to create your own emotional maturity to handle the ups and downs of life, and now feel called to share the journey with others? That's how many practitioners get into the field, and we have a step-by-step approach to helping you succeed in your own online business. Our Mens Sana twelve week emotional wellbeing program had record client numbers last month and we need more passionate people to help us get it to the world.

Learn how to work with clients in the world's first scientifically proven habit based wellness program - and you can generate a great income working from home, online or in person. The vast majority of the population either has health goals that they're not currently achieving, or they need to get their health on track. The trouble is, most of our health choices each day are automatic, and attempting to use will power to implement new behaviours just doesn't work long term - Sum Sanos™ is finally the solution!

$7,500 + G.S.T.

$4,450 + G.S.T.

Sydney Business Advisory

Limited "Master Licenses" available nationally

Have you amassed substantial knowledge in your business career that you feel you could better leverage to create a business of your own, simply sharing that knowledge? Then this could be the opportunity for you! If you love the mechanics of business, operations, systems, process, and most importantly, profitability, then we have an A-Z formula for your freelance success. The big challenges for up and coming advisors is getting clients, providing them with world class content, then keeping them long term - we have this ALL covered in our programs and marketing system.

Our company is experiencing record growth and we are committed to positively impacting 1,000,000 lives around the world. Our Regional Directors have the right to promote our programs and recruit consultants to their team, where they provide ongoing mentoring support. This is essentially a master franchise, just at a fraction of the cost - and earning potential is uncapped for the right people. If you have strong business development skill and would like to make a bigger contribution to the world, then we'd love to talk to you.

$9,950 + G.S.T.

$9,950 + G.S.T.

iness For Sale ÂŽ


ID W54455754383

Business and Prof


Australian Busi

fessional Services

Business Brokers Profile page Public Notification and Services Business South East Queensland

$455,000 + SAV

An outstanding opportunity to acquire a well-established and successful public notification business for proposed developments. Established for over 15 years servicing a long list of clientele throughout all areas of Queensland. Working from a homebased office, this business offers a great work /life balance. Advantages of this business. - Established for over 15 years - Fantastic lifestyle/work balance - Flexible working hours - High profit margin with low overheads - Customers Queensland wide - Near new MUTOH Value Jet Printer included

Reference No: 114-BR00983 Roland West M: 0450 484 008

High Turnover Gold Coast Surveying Business

Medical Practice for Sale Brisbane Southside

It's time for the full-time working Principal to transition into retire and find a GP to take over his longstanding patient base. This wellest.accredited practice has been operating since 2009 and offers a number of services including Skin Cancer and Cosmetic services. This practice is in a highly populated residential area and opposite a major school with ample parking and offers strong growth opportunity Key points - New 10 x 10-year lease is available - First right of refusal to buy the building - Fantastic growth opportunity - AGPAL Accredited Practice

Enquire online


This Long Established and well respected surveying business would suit a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor or an industry participant. Over the past 19 years the current owner has built a great team, gathered a wealth of intellectual property and grown a substantial client base. The business has consistently increased both total revenue and net profits with 2018FY shaping up to continue the trend. An excellent ROI is on offer.

Reference No: 114-BR00870 Roland West M: 0450 484 008

• Easily relocatable within the greater Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast region. • Excellent reputation. • Flexible working hours with high profits and low overheads.

The 7 full-time qualified staff have all been with the business for many years and include fully Qualified Surveying Associates...

• This year's sales ahead of budget.

Reference No: 115-GC00235 Guy Cooper M: 0431 227 644

Reference No: 114-BR00916 Garth Nell M: 0406 109 150



Well established easy to run, sign print business with all systems in place.

• Large database of clients.

Enquire online

Enquire online

Work From Home Business Great Profits $200k!

• IP includes Over 10,000 Survey Plans • All Plant and Equipment included in the sale is unencumbered • Favourable lease terms in professional office space

Finance Cash Loans Business For Sale

$970,000 + SAV

• Extensive repeat business. • No industry experience required. • Adjusted Net Profit to working owner $200k!

Large Format Printing/Graphic Design

Enquire online

$350,000 + SAV

• Excellent management team and trained staff in place This Finance business has been established for over 15 years, with current owner since 2015. Huge data base of repeat customers.

• Substantial client base

Operating under a large banner in financial service industry. All licences and Minit software system in place and transferable. Trading 5 days per week from an office with staff in place.

• Industry leading plant and equipment with green technology

• Specialisation in commercial large format printing and offers onestop services from graphic design, fabrication and installation • Well presented in a very clean and safe environment

Owners only do back of house admin from home and may go into the office once a week on Thursdays. Office staff and management in place and will continue. Business model can be relocated or operated from home base if required.

• Great turn-key opportunity to take over this family owned and operated large format printing company in SE Qld

Great return on investment for the asking price. Owners wishing to retire and are motivated to sell.

Reference No: 115-GC00692 Graham Tippett M: 0418 782 082

Reference No: 115-GC00617 Baz Sanjakdar M: 0412 488 008

iness For Sale ®

• Well established for over 3 decades

Enquire online

Enquire online

PHONE 1300 763 668

WEBSITE www.linkbusiness.com.au


ID W54455754383

Cafe and R




Stock Included

Loved Cafe in a Shopping Centre near Airport MUST SELL, HEALTH ISSUES. OWNERS FOR OVER 13 YEARS. This busy cafe is in a sought after location! With a modern fit-out, relaxed atmosphere and beautifully stocked display cabinets that catch your eye the moment you walk in, it's just outstanding!! • Strategic location in new commercial and business district! a sought after address situated within a popular 'service and shopping hub' with loads of local & passing trade, • Well known and respected cafe is a social hub and popular meeting place for many locals who work or live in the area - Word of Mouth leads to new client acquisitions • This business provides takeaway, and alfresco dining for up to 40 people, 12 seated outside under cover and 28 inside, • The business captures a consistently large share of the passing trade, with its spacious, relaxed atmosphere and modern surrounds, service quality and extensive yet simple menu packed with delicious favourites AND GREAT COFFEE!!!


Cafe Enquire online

Pacific Paradise QLD ID W1358758318

Australian Busi


Restaurant For Sale price P.O.A. Business Owner of a 4.5-star hotel with accommodation, restaurant/café/bar facilities in the CBD of a major CQ regional city, is looking for an experienced food/restaurant and café business operator to join his team to run the restaurant/café/ bar business. No capital investment required. i.e. you don't have to 'buy the business' nor 'pay rent or lease'. Just 'Walk-in and start operating' the business that is running at $35,000+ revenue per month now, with its loyal customer base and an already operational kitchen and restaurant/café/bar facility with indoor...

0407 997 998 Enquire online

iness For Sale ®

Cafe Rockhampton QLD ID W1901542409

Licensed Japanese Restaurant Sushi Train and Bar price $500,000 negotiable After covid 19, the business is back on track, and sales have grown 10% better now, if you are interested please contact us. Well Established Japanese restaurant and licensed bar since 2016. Invested over $700,000 to set up this authentic Japanese style restaurant paired with high class fit out. It is located in a well-known Westfield Shopping Centre and surrounding with fine restaurants area with guarantee high foot traffic. This business is also qualified and satisfied for Investment Migration scheme.

0430 800 208 Enquire online

Restaurant Brisbane North QLD ID W930973707


ID W54455754383

Cafe and R

Popular cafe with huge growth potential price $180,000 negotiable + S.A.V. Acai Brothers is Australia's leading Superfood Bar, specialising in Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Toasties, Juices, Coffee, Raw Treats, Warm Menu and more. The delicious and affordable healthy food includes vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar options. The Langwarrin store was established 24 months ago with a modern, high-quality fitout and comes with all prep equipment, coffee machine, POS, juicing, smoothie making equipment and refrigeration. The customer demographic ranges from toddlers to seniors. The business is still in growth mode and has huge potential for the right operator. Yet to be explored is offering catering to local offices, schools, sporting clubs and for birthday parties, adding delivery services, outdoor dining, dinner shifts and more. The 60sq m store is in a prime position at the popular Gateway Shopping Centre and has a team of fully trained and dedicated staff. The popular menu requires no cooking and the business is easy to run. Operations and procedures manuals included, training provided and ongoing support from the franchise's HQ. There are three years remaining on the rental agreement. Owner is selling due to change in family circumstances. Leased equipment includes: • Expobar Carat two-head coffee machine and grinder • Turbo Air open-top salad table with custom chopping board and complete set of pans (plus spares) • Single wide door upright fridge with double-glazed glass door • 500L flat chest freezer • Bar fridge • Bar freezer • Ice-O-Matic 200kg ice maker with water filter system • Stainless-steel, triple-bowl sink and wet bench with dual hop mount pre-rinse unit and swivel sink mixers

Cafe Enquire online

Langwarrin VIC ID W882617197


Australian Busi


- Dandenong VIC -

$148,000 + S.A.V.


CAFE - DANDENONG CBD Great care has been taken to set up a space any discerning cafe operator or restaurateur would be proud to call their own. Offering a range of breakfasts, lunch & other tasty delicacies, including sandwiches, wraps and soups as well as many desserts & quality beverages, this cafe business lays in short wait for its new owners to occupy! l l l l l l l

Excellent Plant & Equipment Established Goodwill A New & Improved POS System, Intuitive and user Friendly Seating 28 & Alfresco Cafe 16 NBN Installed and Operating Flexible Operating Hrs. Firm Lease (Inclusive of all utilities & security)

All website data has been professionally established & includes on-line ordering and e-commerce. The outstanding premises, showcase & offer the available means to produce top quality consumables in a secure, high foot traffic location, with both stylish and attractive decor, all areas of the premises are wheelchair accessible. "extraordinarily favourable lease" • Information will only be provided after the completion of a Deed of Confidentiality Agreement

Vincent Golf P 03 9213 3000 M 0404 036 123 E vincent.golf@remax.com.au AB 1254

www.remaxvic.com.au PRICE

Little Eataly Café


Prospect South Australia

Expanding Italian Style Cafe Rapidly growing, popular café, fast becoming a regular for many. New modern fit out plus outdoor seating. Weekly sales in excess of $30,000 inc GST. Suit operator with real passion for coffee, food and service. To be sold on WIWO basis. FEATURES

• • • • •

Secure lease; reasonable rent Large commercial kitchen Excellent staff in place Extra virtual menus Trial & training options available

This is an opportunity to invest in a popular café located in a major shopping centre precinct. Even in these difficult times the business is experiencing good growth due to the quality of its food and service. Italian inspired, and with a large wood fired pizza oven there is seating for 100+ (covid19 restricted) and potentially up to 160+. An extensive range of house made gelati adorns the gelati bar. A liquor licence is in place and would be available for transfer.

Please contact Stephen Thompson 0408 807 047 AB 2063

iness For Sale ®



ID W54455754383

Cafe and R

Montville Thai price $68,000 Montville Thai is located upstairs at 184 Main St, in the thick of the action. The balcony on this unique shaped building offers a great view, overlooking the tourist strip and beyond. You enter via a reception area to a restaurant where the dĂŠcor includes bright wall colours, colourful flowers, excellent lighting and tasteful furniture. The octagonal shaped room, with windows & doors on 6 sides, is an interesting shape that gives excellent access to the wrap around balcony....

0402 223 201


Enquire online

Montville QLD

Ron Jeffery Realty

Prized Chippendale Restaurant / Cafe / Bar price $295,000 negotiable This well established cafe with a full website and online ordering system has a strong reputation for serving the best coffee in the area and holds an on premises liquor licence. Currently listed in Time Out's "Top 50 Sydney Cafes", there's ample room for expansion into the upstairs space with scope to add a bar/lounge and increase trade to the preapproved 10pm hour. With lease options to 2033, this already profitable business is set for longterm success.


0423 976 700


Enquire online

Chippendale NSW

Australian Busi


Successful Café price $75,000 WIWO - leasehold The café has a seating capacity of 28 plus further seating on the footpath. The customer area is approximately 90m² and includes a reverse cycle air conditioner, a wood heater and a fan. The modern commercial kitchen includes all the necessary equipment plus a cool room and gas hot water. There is a space with fittings for a wood fired pizza oven. Included are a laundry and two toilets. The 2018/2019 financial year included large expenses relating to the upgrading of kitchen equipment and renovations to the café. This still created a gross profit of $127,374.

0416 160 180


Enquire online

Uralla NSW

Time For A Sea Change P.O.A.

Well established and successful business on the beach. What a location! Attracting business from the local swimming pool, caravan park, locals and tourists. Quality food servicing famous hot chips from fresh not frozen potatos. Simple food done well. Awesome hamburgers. Time for the owners to retire after many years of hars work building up this profitable business. Large carpark at the front. Plenty of potential with dine-in or alfresco dining. Onsite office, food prep area, kitchen, walk-in coolroom and freezer. Please see enclosed floorplan.

0415 112 702


Enquire online

Shellharbour NSW

iness For Sale ®

Rare opportunity, please call the listing agent Paul Spinelli for more information. Confidentiality assured.


ID W54455754383

Cafe and R

price $275,000 + S.A.V.

The Wood Oven Pizzeria - Nelson Bay This excellent woodoven pizzeria has been established for 14 years and offers excellent returns. Located on Nelson Bay Marina with water views from every table. Short trading hours. Refurbished 4 years ago. Excellent clientele for both dine in and takeaway. Excellent business for extended family or husband and wife with existing staff.

Restaurant Enquire online

Nelson Bay NSW ID M1692313319


Australian Busi


Jackson’s Emporium and McCauley’s Cottage price E.O.I. WIWO Jackson's Emporium and McCauley's Cottage are a much admired, interesting and different self employment and work from home lifestyle opportunity. Located in the historic agricultural township of Hamilton, on a major tourist route in the heart of Tasmania, these neighbouring properties are completely surrounded by other heritage buildings and gardens and have been equipped with quality infra-structure capable of expanding and diversifying the current successful small business. "The best place for a garden to plate cafe is on the finest land in the world!" 0.62 hectares (1.5 acres) 2 titles, 3 street frontages 2 x houses, 1 x cafe, 1 x garage/ workshop/ store McCauley's Cottage, 1846, colonial sandstone house (160m2) with rare and special character. Currently trading as an Airbnb accommodation property. James Jackson's, 1845, colonial sandstone house ( 170m2), comfortable Managers residence attached to shop, 3 bedrooms plus attic multi-purpose room. James Jackson's Emporium, 1856, colonial sandstone shop (180m2) with excellent modern commercial kitchen and the best customer toilets in the district, liquor licence, indoor and outdoor dining. Currently trading as Jackson's Emporium, a boutique garden to plate cafe and local products delicatessen. Colorbond Shed, 2019, 15m x 12m, steel clad timber frame on concrete slab. Kitchenette, wheelchair accessible bathroom/laundry and 2 additional storerooms. Designed for a 16kw solar panel array and 3 phase power Motivated sellers, will consider offers for properties separately.

0417 597 331 Enquire online

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Cafe Hamilton TAS ID W1004867256


ID W54455754383

Catering a

Wedding Styling Business For Sale price $650,000 all inclusive • • • •

Wedding styling business 10 years in operation Net profit $200,000+ per annum $400,000 inforward sales confirmed with customers • 3-6 months training provided • 170 events per year • 3 year sales growth 19%,13.5%,25%

Wedding Enquire online

Brisbane QLD ID W279916093

100 Mile Table For Sale price $295,000 • 100 Mile Table is a popular cafe and catering business • The cafe is modern with an industrial eclectic style in a sun-drenched location that is hugely popular with locals and tourists • 100 Mile Table provides catering for weddings and events throughout Northern NSW and SE QLD • The custom built kitchen is multi-functional to service both arms of the business • Fully equipped with an impressive inventory • Forward bookings included in the purchase (approx. $110,000) • Walk In Walk Out


0415 410 633


Enquire online

Byron Bay NSW

Australian Busi

and Events

Mobile Catering Home Based price $39,000 negotiable MUST SELL Negotiable $45,000! Now $39,000 NEG This is brilliant and still TRADING Purchase this great small business together with the fully equipped and self-contained prep kitchen. NO lease, NO rent. Relocate it to your own land and then ready to go. There is a great Social Media presence and glowing endorsements. All the recipes, suppliers and key clients will be made available together with an inclusive tuition. The service team are well trained, capable and eager to continue the great name of this business...

0439 106 741


Enquire online

Sunshine Coast QLD

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Well Established Party & Events Hire price $600,000 Well established Party and Events hire business for sale. Sold on a WIWI basis right here in Central Queensland Established for over 30 years this business offers flexibility and lifestyle. Owner works about 30 hours per week and is selling the business because of other business interests. We have a serious seller and the business is priced to sell with an estimated $400,000 in plant and equipment alone. YES this is included in the sale price. Business includes a large asset base of plant and equipment which includes a range of party hire products such as chairs, tables, marquees, linen, catering equipment, decorations, table ware, lighting/special effects and party accessories....

0407 735 698

Event / Party Hire

Enquire online

North Rockhampton QLD


ID W54455754383

Cleaning, Laundry a

Administrators' Sale - Dry Cleaning Business price Negotiable The Administrators of ANS.HL Trading Pty Ltd (Administrators Appointed) are seeking offers for the purchase of the business and / or assets of this Brisbane-based Dry Cleaning business. • Operates from four leased premises in the Brisbane area (Teneriffe, Ascot, Kangaroo Point and Norman Park); • FY20 revenue of c. $615k*; • Plant and equipment, WDBV of c. $91k*; and • Franchisees of "The Ironing Shop" Dry Cleaning Franchise. For further information, please contact Nathan Bleakley of Grant Thornton

07 3222 0449 Enquire online

Dry Cleaning Brisbane QLD ID W1736389003

Range of Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services + Pest Control price $470,000 WIWO This business is showing the best return we have seen for a one person operation mostly 5 days with the odd Saturday morning earning $254,481 in the 2020 financial year. Compare this opportunity to anything on the market or available in this price range and you will want to take a closer look. The business has the best machinery available and a modern 4 month old van, all of which has a current value of over $140,000. Revenue - $353,367 Net Profit - $254,481


0415 887 733

Carpet Cleaning

Enquire online

Gold Coast QLD

Australian Busi

and Waste Services

Jims Carpet Cleaning Vic Want to be your Own Boss. Invest in your future now and Recieve a 25% discount off the Franchise Purchase $16,500 + Equipment + Vehicle Additional Costs Van & Equipment Cleaners / Carpet Cleaners are ESSENTIAL During These Uncertain Times, Take Control Of Your Future - It's the Perfect Opportunity To Join Jim's. Income Guarantee. Top 10 BEST Franchise. Vendor Terms AVAILABLE - You don't need all of the money to get started Locations

Shepparton VIC

Melbourne VIC

Clayton VIC

Pakenham VIC

Mornington VIC

Brighton VIC

Mordialloc VIC

Caulfield VIC

Traralgon VIC

East and South East Melbourne VIC

Phone 0468 987 887 Company profile

iness For Sale ®


ID W54455754383

Cleaning, Laundry a

Established Window Washing and Pressure Cleaning price $55,000 negotiable - all inclusive Excellent return clients and location with a great lifestyle in Sunshine Coast with flexibility. Business has been going for 14 years and current owners have had for over 18 months, reluctant sale due to relocation. Full Training will be given if required. Perfect business for some starting out and can be easily run from home. Has room to grow. Great for someone looking to relocate to Sunshine Coast and start making money straight away. Comes with the following equipment: Business name, website and socials, Client database, and more. Please contact for full equipment list and financials.

0410 576 670 Enquire online

Cleaning Peregian Springs QLD ID W98639195

Wanted Commercial Cleaning Business – Greater Melb & Geelong price Seeking two teams of Commercial Cleaners for Melbourne and Geelong Main Focus.... • Easy to operate • Don't require management supervision • Staff are honest and have integrity • Work after office hours • No smokers • Are happy in their jobs


0412 330 077


Enquire online

Melbourne VIC

Australian Busi

and Waste Services

Holiday Rent Roll- Cleaning Business

Established Mobile Car Detailing

Busselton WA

Canberra ACT

Available now, is this extraordinary business that has almost unlimited potential. The Covid19 scenario that has played out has only strengthened the attraction to WA tourism, with operators and accommodation providers experiencing a boom market. The business was established seven years ago to provide a central platform for booking, management and cleaning of a substantial rent roll of holiday properties in the picturesque regions of Margaret River, Busselton and Dunsborough in the stunning SouthWest of Western Australia. This is a business that is growing at a very healthy rate and is the gateway to building your own Holiday Rent Roll...

NO Covid-19 could stop this business from operating. Here is an amazing opportunity to be your own boss and work the hours you want with this long-established mobile car detailing business. This is a lucrative business choice as people are obsessed with their cars and wish to take the utmost care of their prized possessions. This business gives you the flexibility of having a mobile business supported by an existing client base and with huge growth potential. The business is a mobile car detailing business currently operating in and around Canberra. One of Canberra's most highly regarded Mobile Detailing Business established in 2010...



Simply Helping Franchises-Wollongong

Commercial Laundry & Linen Hire

Wollongong NSW

Gold Coast QLD

Great Franchise Opportunity in the aged care, disability & lifestyle in-home care and support services industry. Joining the Simply Helping franchise team is a fantastic opportunity for you to enter the in-home care and support industry. Since 1998, we have the experience of working within and developing up a business model that works well within the Australian health and social context. Our support team includes members with extensive experience in the health sector, human resources, industrial relations, management and in private business, and bring a wealth of practical knowledge and 'smarts' to our business.

$95,000 + G.S.T.

Successful Linen Hire and Commercial Laundry (inc $110k P&E) $275k to $325K+ SAV – substantial Net Profit for hands-on operators. Uniquely combining linen hire with commercial laundry services allows this business to offer turnkey solutions for their clients. Dominating multiple niches the business has delivered year on year profitable growth. Modern, well maintained plant, robust systems; professional and experienced staff means this business has capacity to handle further growth from the Gold Coasts increasing residential and business population.

$295,000 + S.A.V.

Better Bond Cleaning - Franchise Melbourne VIC Our franchise network is after motivated individuals who set their goals for success like us. We offer a serious franchise opportunity within the Bond Cleaning and Carpet cleaning industries that has massive potential for the right person or people.

Ph: 1300 889 443

Better Bond Cleaning is a nationwide company offering; • Turnover guarantees • Supporting network • Train to be successful • Leads & Paid jobs • IT Smart app and administration • Multi-functional business with two income streams • No experience necessary just the drive to succeed!

iness For Sale ®

Everyone promises success, but only few know how to take you there. " At Better Bond Cleaning WE SET YOU FOR SUCCESS.

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$17,990 59

ID W54455754383

Clothing, Fashion

What an Opportunity price $333,000 + S.A.V. First time offered in nearly 15 years is this wonderful Warrnambool business...The Athletes Foot! Ideal as a business under management or work in store yourself for maximum impact & profitability • High sales volume both online & in store drive the healthy top line • A very strong bottom line with consistent proven figures year in, year out • Part of a franchise group operating for nearly 40 years with over 127 stores around the country • Detailed training offered for the new franchisee • Over 17,000 customers on local rewards database...

0409 531 805 Enquire online

Footwear Warrnambool VIC ID W1690936852

Premium Sports Lingerie | Australia & NZ Rights For Sale price $250,000 all inclusive This premium sports lingerie importer has set the groundwork for this global brand here in Australia & New Zealand. It is now being offered to the market and is available for someone to take it to the next level. One of the most trusted sports lingerie brands globally, with a unique offering that serves a specific purpose. This brand created a niche in a specific sport many years ago and has used this niche to build out their product offering into other sport and lifestyle offerings whilst staying true to their core demographic and product.

0426 748 485

Ladies Wear

Enquire online

All States

Both Australia & New Zealand rights available.


Australian Busi

n and Accessories

Online Womens Fashion New South Wales

Reference No: 117-NSW09657

Established in 2014, this is an e commerce business that specialises in hand curated modern Indian fashion. Their range of custom-made designer clothing features intricate detailing and top-quality fabrics. Importantly, there is no stock to carry apart from a very small value in jewellery and clutch inventory. The clothing orders, which make up the majority of the sales, are shipped directly from the...

Stuart McLachlan

P: $135,000

M: 0404 687 706

One of a Kind Retailer For Sale Springwood NSW

Reference No: 117-NSW09305

Bob Yates and the team at LINK (NSW) are pleased to bring to the market the perfect retail and e-commerce opportunity for those with a passion for life! A charming and well-established retailer and e-commerce business situated in a perfect location in the beautiful Blue Mountains selling unique items to tourists and locals alike. An amazing opportunity awaits... P: $100,000

Bob Yates

M: 0414 823 266

Glamorous Couture Gown And Accessories New South Wales

Reference No: 117-NSW09392

Key features of this opportunity: - $737,000 Annual Revenue - $270,350 EBITDA/SDE (Adjusted Net Profit) - 20 year history - 7 days a week 10am-5pm This business is owner-operated, with the assistance of a part-time designer, and provides its discerning upmarket clientele with both custom-made and ready-towear fashion items with a focus on bridal and high-end evening wear... P: $495,000 + S.A.V. + W.I.P.

Paul Helliwell

M: 0419 015 046

Successful Jewellers With Highly Lucrative Returns New South Wales

Reference No: 117-13756

This is a family owned and managed business operating for the last twenty three years. Specialists in diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, watches and wedding gifts. Jewellery & watch repairs. Caters to all tastes & budget. Has built a reputation for quality and dedicated after sales service. Their jewellery is unique & very high quality. P: $175,000 Plus Stock

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Charles Gallen

M: 0411 185 606

Ladies Clothing Store - First Time Offered In 30 Years New South Wales

Reference No: 117-NSW09023

Established over 30 years ago, this business strives on selling end of line, excess high fashion women's clothing. It offers all the high end quality and style without the price tag. With a large client base and easily accessible public transport nearby, this business is always bustling and located on a busy street. Key features of this business: Fully equipped, nothing to spend! Close to train station... P: Refer to Broker

PHONE 1300 763 668


Charles Gallen

M: 0411 185 606

Business Brokers Profile page


ID W54455754383


Get out of the City NOW and make some money at the same time price $550,000 leasehold + S.A.V. Hight profit supermarket located north of Brisbane. If you are interested in a change and want to get out of the city while current Covid situation exhists. Then a nice seaside change to to one of Australias best beaches is for you. Not only that gives you the opportunity to make a stack of money and get ahead in life. We have. Currently owner operator. Could be run under management. Good well trained team in place to assist. Weekly trun over 55 to 65,000 per week with a large increase over holiday period. Particularly Christmas and Easter holidays. Supermarket Enquire online

Brisbane QLD ID W1437594159

Very Rewarding and appreciated Supermarket-FNQ Tablelands price $750,000 freehold - negotiable Long established 17yrs + busy little supermarket and hot food outlet "pandemic proof" grossing over $2.5m with lots of room for growth.situated on the beautiful Atherton Tableland 1 hour from Innisfail.for sale well below establishment costs (price represents return of outlay in around 3 years!! Includes the real estate) new building off street parking and modern equipment including ATM and forklift in exellent order. owners motivated to sell as they have reached retirment age.the friendly loyal staff and previous owners willing to help with takeover process.

0439 823 551 Enquire online


Mixed Business Herberton QLD ID W942288416

Australian Busi

and Grocery

Norwood Store For Sale Convenience Store - Norwood TAS


$290,000 + S.A.V.

It's not every day that business opportunities like this come to market! The Norwood Store is a longstanding institution in its local area and has been under current ownership for the past 13 years. This financially strong business benefits from a consistent trade that does not suffer from seasonal influences. Future growth is ensured with significant residential subdivision works currently commencing in neighbouring suburbs. Open 7 days Norwood Store is a well thought out convenience store, the business stocks all of the staple grocery lines, is a sub newsagency and offers takeaway food for breakfast, morning tea and lunch. An opportunity exists for the purchaser to consider extending evening trade and offering takeaway dinner options. Highlights of the business as follows: - Turnover consistently in excess of $1.2m, ROI 43% - Well located on a major arterial road with on site parking - Immaculate and functional commercial kitchen - Stock room with ample storage space - Well trained long serving staff - Shop size approx. 130m2 - Potential to lease or purchase freehold property with adjoining 3 bedroom house

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Contact Andy mobile

0419 122 683




ID W54455754383

Education a

Kool Kidz Dandenong South price $1,300,000 If you have a passion for children and have always wanted to work in your own business this is the ideal opportunity to make it happen... This purpose-built childcare facility will boast a prominent and highly sought after position in a growing demographic area and is to be licenced to accommodate 168 children ranging from infants to kinder. The opportunity is offered under a Kool Kidz franchise agreement, ensuring the new owners will benefit from the outstanding support network and business resources which are driving proven success across the group...

0410 131 486

Child Care Centre

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Dandenong South VIC

Fully Managed Childcare and Early Learning Centre Business price $1,800,000 Rare opportunity to purchase an established childcare business licenced for 120 places located 8 kms from the heart of Geelong. This purpose-built childcare centre boasts an exceptionally high-quality fit- out, carefully planned by its present owners to ensure maximum benefit to children, parents and staff. Experienced team in place, with a strong workplace culture and local community support. Currently running at 50%


occupancy this is a profitable business with the opportunity to further grow. Offering a long affordable Lease, this really is a solid investment for anyone looking to work in an emotionally and financially rewarding environment .Add this business to your current portfolio as a hands on working owner or passive investor. Centres of this calibre do not come to the market often and first to view will buy.

0410 131 486

Child Care Centre

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Geelong VIC

Australian Busi

and Training

RTO (Registered Training Organisation) Vet, Training & Education price $515,000 Successful RTO in underdeveloped market, limited competition, local students, long term developed relationships within the industry, established brand, ongoing students, adapted to online learning and assessment during 2020. No agent fees, very profitable, long lease, modern/contemporary learning environment, in an ideal location. This RTO would be well suited to either an owner/operator or as a managed business. Rarely does an RTO like this appear on the market. This genuine, quality college shows strong returns, together with local, long term enrolments...

0403 084 438

Education and Training

Enquire online

New South Wales

Awesome Opportunity in the Kimberley WA price $279,000 negotiable WIWO With 2 activity rooms and baby sleep room catering for babies up to 6 years, this Centre has always performed very well and is highly regarded in the local area. With strong fees and solid occupancy, this centre is the perfect opportunity for an owner-operator. The Centre is the only one in town, servicing predominately professional families. The centre consists of: • Entry/Foyer • Office overlooking activity areas • Staff room, staff amenities, and laundry • Activities rooms - 2 plus separate baby sleeping area • Preparation areas • Large enclosed outdoor play area and additional outside area • On-site car park...

iness For Sale ®

Child Care Centre Enquire online

Broome & Kimberley R. WA ID W669531874


ID W54455754383

Food and H

Little Gem in Mount Lawley Center price $110,000 + S.A.V. leasehold Are you finding it is the right time to have your own business, thinking of the excitement to join the food industry, running your own venture. Don't look back, our great little shop have what it take for you to excel and run it at your own pace. With a large car park, extended view and largely visible from the street with a strong and regular traffic. Attractive frontage with spacious outdoor seating, the inside is not too big, well equipped for you to start immediately, apply changes when you are ready, later.

Food Outlet Enquire online

Mount Lawley WA ID W1586417856

New Zealand Natural Yeppoon, A Real Sea Change price $200,000 New Zealand Natural Yeppoon Beach is a wellestablished business that makes people feel good, through a fun and pleasurable experience. It offers the best products, exceptional quality, taste and satisfaction. New Zealand Natural caters for lovers of very healthy, high quality treats, refreshments and premium ice cream. The fact is New Zealand Natural was created in the early 1980's by an ice cream lover who was allergic to the artificial colours, preservatives and additives. Those products are made with the freshest, finest quality ingredients...

0407 735 698

Ice Cream

Enquire online

Yeppoon QLD


Australian Busi


Sale or Investment price $250,000 leasehold - all inclusive Established for 26 years, the business is ideally situated in the centre of town. The sale includes: truck, van, forklift, new tills, CCTV and more. T/O $1.1m, gross over $200k. About the Area: Located north of Sydney, Forster is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the NSW coast. It is famous for its magnificent coastline, many national parks & state forests and has ideal weather all year round.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

0422 425 006 Enquire online

Mixed Business Forster NSW ID W1561441987

Bakery Opposite the Picturesque Goulburn River price $375,000 negotiable Bakery established for over 100 years and operated by the current owners for 25 years. The shop is ideally located in the main street of Murchison with a strong trade. This business has a high turnover, strong net profit and has a 3+3+4 yr lease. Murchison is a small country town with all the essential facilities and is an hour and a half drive from Melbourne. The Murchison Bakery is well fitted out with spacious open plan seating area for 38 inside 20 outside and an additional 30 upstairs on the balcony. There is ample parking available. Freehold available to purchase separately.

Bakery Enquire online

Murchison VIC ID W376621148


ID W54455754383

Furniture and H

price $250,000 + S.A.V. WIWO

Forster's Most Beautiful Store Forsters most beautiful store is for sale. Coasting Home is located in the most premium site in town, in the popular Wharf street CBD of Forster and the centre of tourism for Forster and the Great Lakes. A shopping strip that hosts a great selection of popular local independent retailers and services. Established for 11 years, with a strong local and holiday customer base, there is huge potential to grow this business to the next level. It is regarded for its unique selection of the most sought after independent brands and is renowned for buying standout pieces in homewares, furniture, fashion. Our recently up-dated online store further strengthens the growth potential of this exclusive business known for its quality labels. A strong following on social media, reflects the feel and style of the store itself, showing off new products and stories in store. If you are looking for a change of lifestyle and need a job to go with it, this fabulous business could be for you. For a family or couple wishing to have the opportunity to make their love for homewares and creativity, work to continue this beautiful store and give it the style, fabulousness and enthusiasm it so deserves.


Homeware Enquire online

Forster NSW ID W1732555929

Australian Busi

ousehold Goods

Second hand furniture business For Sale price 85,000 WIWO Negotiable Successful family run second hand furniture business established 15 years and trading profitably. Turnover last 12 months approx $375k (despite being closed for 5 weeks during lockdown). Excellent potential for expansion on line. Price includes stock, goodwill and 4.5t Hino Dutro pantec truck. Long term lease available for premises (approx 800 sqm). Owners looking to retire. Secondhand

0405 926 252

Hamilton North NSW

Enquire online

ID W649630699

The Carpet Market Wangara price $120,000 + S.A.V. Built on an excellent service record, The Carpet Market is not new to this kind of business. They have endured very long work experience in the installing of carpet, carpet tiles and timber flooring. Very loyal to their well-established client base, repeat business has been the success for so many years with further opportunities to expand. Owner operated for a credible 32 years !!!

0408 917 494

Carpet & Flooring

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Wangara WA

iness For Sale ÂŽ


ID W54455754383

Garden, Household Rep

Megasealed Bathrooms and Balconies Established in 1996, Megasealed Bathrooms Australia specialised in fixing leaking showers & balconies without removing tiles. Megasealed also provides re-grouting, tiling and waterproofing, anti-slip solutions for both household and Commercial Customers. We provide services to a host of strata, body corporate, real estate, builders, plumbers, hospitality, aged care and retirement facilities, domestic and government departments. Being the only business in the industry certified as a Quality Endorsed Company by SAI Global, customers continue to trust in the Megasealed logo as their badge of professionalism.

Locations Darwin NT

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Wagga Wagga NSW

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Albury Wodonga NSW

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Coffs Harbour NSW

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Hobart TAS

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Bundaberg QLD

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Mackay QLD

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Rockhampton QLD

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Cairns QLD

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Geelong VIC

Price: $48,000 + G.S.T.

Enquire online

Phone 0449 544 331

Company profile


Australian Busi

pairs and Maintenance

Gardening Business - Great Clients price $42,500 O.N.O. all inclusive My company prides itself on offering a unique service, with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and vision. Headed by a person that has grown a business in 6years from $12,000 turnover to now $70,000 plus with plenty of upside for a person that is keen to improve on momentum created. I've always been against Franchises as you just putting money in someone's else pocket while you do all the hard work. This business is turn key with top of the range equipment (Duplicates on some major pieces of equipment so there's no down time on work). You will enter this business with confident as the owner has created a client list that is solid (School, Church, Apartments, Body Corporate and great regular small customers who are all on a fixed run schedule). All this means is the money generated from an established business is yours and your return on investment is achievable within a very short time frame. This business has 2 different elements which separates itself from most gardening business: 1. Gardening mowing runs (Main part with a great steady income) 2. Small Landscaping / Soft Landscaping (ie: Mulching, planting, etc...) The owner was initially inspired to commence this business after consistently realizing that the pride he took in his work resulted in outcomes which far outshone services provided by other qualified tradespeople. He has carried this attitude throughout all his services and uses the following principles as basic pillars used to carry out every job: 1. Treat each job as if it is your own home with an aim of over delivering on the customer's expectations 2. Be timely in responding to all forms of communication 3. Create a pleasant experience for customers, employees, contractors and myself 4. Have fun, be honest and be fair

Lawn/Garden Maintenance Enquire online

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Fawkner VIC ID W859083414


ID W54455754383

Garden, Household Rep

Plumbing Business – North Shore price $468,000 T/O $793,000 Profit $300,000 (2019FY) includes owners wage Price $468,000 Established 2007 or 13 years ago this business has built an enviable reputation and client base on the Sydney's North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney City & Eastern Suburbs. Growth in turnover every year since inception. Very little advertising is conducted by this business as the work that comes from the existing happy client base and referrals often exceeds their ability to deliver it in a timely manner. 0411 610 005


Enquire online

Frenchs Forest NSW

The client base is very well diversified and includes domestic customers, schools, churches and other blue chip clients and includes over 1500 customers...

Landscape Maintenance Business in Western Suburbs price $350,000 + G.S.T. Landscape maintenance and construction business operating in the leafy Western suburbs area of Perth, Western Australia for over 15 years. We hold long standing relationships with all our clients and with over 120 regular clients, there is a good mix of strata, commercial, residential, real estate clients and even larger landscaping companies. Never need to actively look for extra work or clients as existing clients recommendations generate the work for us and existing clients always come to us first when they need extra work done. With all these regular garden maintenance clients there is plenty of work already booked in for the coming year... Landscaping Enquire online

Shenton Park WA ID W1406195551


Australian Busi

pairs and Maintenance

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Company profile and Locations


ID W54455754383

Health and Me Unique Integrative Medical Practice 10326 Business Type: Medical Location: Perth WA Price: $2.4m + STOCK

Market Leading Remedial Massage, Sports... 9887 Business Type: Massage Location: Newcastle NSW Price: $79,000 + S.A.V.



This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a well-established and highly profitable Integrative Medical Practice with multiple revenue streams. Specific features of the business include: Highly desirable location. Established patient base. Patients will travel large distances to visit. Beautifully presented premises. Experienced Practitioners and Staff... Practice Manager

Highly profitable, Remedial Massage, Sports Treatment and Health Services Clinic Business For Sale Servicing the broader Newcastle Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie regions of NSW. The well-appointed clinic generates terrific profits, is very systemised with a great team already in place which means the current owner is extremely flexible with the hours worked...

High Value B2B Dental Products & Service

Booming Health and Wellbeing Sector

Enquire Online

9758 Business Type: Dental Location: QLD Price: $1,250,000

Enquire Online

9565 Business Type: Medical Location: Kotara NSW Price: $350,000



This business supplied over 1500 dental practices last year with a wide range of products and essential consumables. Sales is supported by a team of service technicians, covering a large geographical footprint from South East and Central Queensland to Northern NSW. Revenue $5,300,000 pa. Net Profit $440,000 pa. Location Details Queensland. The business trades normal hours Monday-Friday...

Strong performing Health and vitamins retail business (2 Stores) with arguably the best retail locations in the region. The business has provided strong stable income for the owner for many years and is easily run and well suited to anyone with a passion for health and wellbeing. These 2 Health Food Stores have a strong local brand which could easily be expanded. The owner has developed market dominance in the...

Enquire Online

Enquire Online

General Medical Practice - Sydney Inner 9462 Business Type: Medical Location: Rozelle NSW Price: $70,000 Reference:

Located in this inner western harbour side suburb is this superb opportunity for General Practitioners to take over and continue to operate this long standing general practice. In operation for over 100 years!, the incumbent owner has been practising for close to 35 years on site and it is now time for retirement. Enquire Online Substantial upside exists...

A: GPO Box 2068 BRISBANE, QLD, 4000 P:

1300 331 814



Australian Busi

edical Services

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Company profile


ID W54455754383


Turnkey InterNet Business With 28-day Trial price $49,500 Clive Gannon, Director Freedom Securities, with 10 Years (2009-2020) of Daily hand written results of the Freedom Software Programme that shows consistent winning outcomes. Can you Imagine a Business like this? No Rent / No Staff / No Expenses / No Debts / Work Anywhere / Flexible Hours / Recession Proof / Low Entry Start-up $50k. You just need two things: A Computer and Internet Connection, That's all! All that and it has not been affected by Covid-19 Virus, has traded profitably during this dreadful crisis. Well guess what? You have now found it a complete Turnkey Business. There is only one small issue that you have to overcome, all you have to do is get over the usual mental block that it's in the Horse Racing Industry, that's why we offer a free 28-day Trial, that's how confident we are that you will love this Business.

0404 534 296 Enquire online

Home Based Mountain Creek QLD ID W373747683

Video to DVD/USB home business for sale ($10k+ per month) price $69,000 + G.S.T. Our video business has helped 100,000 Queenslanders with their precious memories from old tapes, slides and photos to DVD, USB or Hard Drives over the past 30 years. Alan, the owner, is now planning to retire, and is looking for the right person/company to take over the business and continue its legacy. Key data:

0413 614 345 Enquire online


Home Based Coorparoo QLD ID W1441590769

• Current annual revenue $120k • All necessary equipment and complete setup provided • Website and lead generation system provided • Basic technical skills required – training will be provided • 80% profit margin • 30 years of hard earned reputation

Australian Busi

Based Plumbing Business For Sale

10438 Business Type: Home Based Location: Revesby NSW Price: $190,000

Pest Control Business - Price Reduced 10244 Business Type: Home Based Location: Helensvale QLD Price: $195,000



This well-established plumbing business has been trading for thirty years. It is based in Sydney's South West and offers a full range of plumbing, drainage, gas fitting and hot water services. These include repairing burst pipes, leaking taps, blocked toilets, guttering and downpipes, roof leaks, blocked pipes and drains, CCTV drain inspections and more...

This well-known respected pest control business is being sold to enable the owner to concentrate on other business interests. The business has gained a solid reputation servicing Gold Coast and surrounds boasting many regular clients. The climate ensures that there is a demand for the service all year-round which guarantees a constant flow of work with many repeat...

Online business - Belts, Buckles & Dog Collars

Rosie's Dolls Clothes - Online Doll Clothes

Enquire Online

10125 Home Based Location: Melbourne VIC Price: $10,000 + SAV (approx $80K)

Enquire Online

10022 Home Based Location: QLD Price: $30,000 + S.A.V.



BucklesAndBelts.com.au - online store offering men's, women's, and kid's belts and buckles and a range of dog collars. An older style website that was established in 2012 and has successfully generated sales via its website, pop-up shops, and market stalls. Business is being sold with a large and extensive range of stock (approximate cost of $80,000). OVERVIEW - Business has not been active for last few years, P&L not...

RosiesDollsClothes.com.au - Australia's number one independent online retailer of quality doll clothes, shoes and accessories to fit a large variety of dolls. This business is perfectly setup to operate from your home on a part time basis, or ideal for an existing bricks and mortar business looking to expand their product range and improve their profitability. Business is being sold with existing stock, wide customer base...

Business Type:

Enquire Online

Business Type:

Enquire Online

Online Business - Growth Awaits

6947 Business Type: Home Based Location: Perth WA Price: $35,000 Reference:

Rustic Posy is small unique "Online Business" that commenced operation in early 2016. The business sources fresh flowers each day and these are arranged and presented as a posy. They are then delivered to homes or business in the afternoons. Rustic Posy has several standard sizes that are ordered on line.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

Enquire Online

A: GPO Box 2068 BRISBANE, QLD, 4000 P:

1300 331 814



ID W54455754383


Flexible Business in Niche Market Sale & Hire of Mannequins price $99,000 stock included - negotiable For sale is the opportunity to buy a mannequin sale and hire business that has been operating for over 25 years. The current owners are two mums that have had great fun working flexibly around their young families. However personal circumstances have changed, so they are regrettably placing their business on the market. The business would be ideal for another two mums but can easily be run by one person with the occasional need for a casual. No prior fashion industry knowledge is required.

0422 411 406 Enquire online

Wholesale Sydney NSW ID W487401025

Established eCommerce Businesses For Sale price P.O.A. - all inclusive There has never been a better time to get started in the Online E-commerce space. Buying habits are changing and the stock prices of online eCommerce platforms are surging. Brick and mortar businesses are closing and the the job security of the past is gone. Many of our clients sell their profitable eCommerce stores and we also build world class eCommerce business with potent and actionable training along with long term 1-on-1 support. Location This business is not location specific and can be run from the comfort of your own home, from a cafĂŠ or even while travelling Many of our clients sell their stores generating $3-10k profit per month. We can build you the EXACT same ...


Wholesale Enquire online

All States ID W1286301723

Australian Busi


Solid Import Wholesale Business with On-line Sales price $180,000 + S.A.V. This importer and wholesaler of an iconic Australian Brand with great potential to grow the on-line sales in addition to a solid client base of retail outlets. • Long established secure overseas supplier base • $91k income to a part-time business owner • Currently wholesale to retail outlets + on-line retail sales • Established 20 years with same owner on Brisbane southside • One working owner with a part time assistant when required

1300 699 480


Enquire online

Brisbane QLD

Long Est Consistent Wholesale & Retail Trade price $350,000 + S.A.V. Long established Catering/Restaurant Hospitality supply selling commercial kitchen equipment, packaging, cleaning supplies and all the needs for a successful business. Based on Central Coast servicing Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Northern Sydney. Established in excess 20 years. An extensive range of products supplying to mostly business to business, clubs, pubs, restaurants, nursing homes cafes and takeaways. Consistent sales for many years with consistent sales during the Covid-19 lockdown with kitchen fit-outs and restaurant refurbishments. Turnover approx. $1.6m plus with adjusted nett to Vendor approx. $240,000.

0408 433 739


Enquire online

Gosford NSW

Currently operated by Vendor over 5 days.

iness For Sale ®


ID W54455754383






Operating Asphalt Plant for sale - Black Gold

Manufacturing Enquire online

Maddington WA ID W429018293


We have for sale an asphalt plant located in Maddington Perth WA the plant is all set up and producing now, needs a shrewd opertator to take to the next level. Can produce 60 tonne per hour. Already has explant clients in place but more agressive marketing will provide more opportunity. All applicable permits and licences in place and manufacturing several types of mix through the plant right now. The plant is new and is being sold as a going concern. There is some plant and a vehicle which is included in sale.

Australian Busi


Brisbane Based Welding & Fabrication Specialist price $880,000 WIWO This well established and successful Company, with over 15 years of experience in the Industrial Welding business, is located in North Brisbane Qld. Titanium Industrial Solutions (TIS) uniquely offers both Poly Welding and Steel Welding servicing mine sites, structural steel quarries, rural pipeline projects, civil construction sites, manufacturing plants and gas and oil sites. The bulk of services the Company preformed are carried out on site with a growing client base throughout Queensland and NSW. TIS has acquired a solid reputation for quality, safety and reliability, also a willingness to fit in when required, whether it be working late nights or weekends to get the job done. Other areas of Company expertise are related to the maintenance of water main steel pipes, other civil pipe work, water treatment plants and recycling plants. The Business also performs general steel fabrication work on stairs, platforms etc. The Business comes with a substantial quantity of specialised equipment included in the price. 6 welding machines, 4 vehicles, trailers including a heavy duty fabrication trailer, 4 ton forklift, other small plant, parts and consumables. All plant and equipment is new or near new condition. Also included in the price comes the well respected business name and website, all systems and procedures related to the business, weld procedures and documentation plus ongoing and upcoming work. This well structured, profitable and versatile business could be operated from anywhere in Australia and would be a suitable acquisition for an existing company looking to expand or run under management by an investor looking for a decent return. Further information and financial detail would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

0428 443 162 Enquire online

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Manufacturing North Brisbane QLD ID 450733


ID W54455754383


price $160,000 WIWO

Well est. Cabinet Making Business Cabinet Making Business Including Machinery for Sale on The Fraser Coast QLD. Long Standing Local Business Achieving Ongoing Growth with $1 Million+ Turnover P/A This complete cabinet manufacturing operation presents a great oppertunity for an innovative person or family looking to operate a business in the bustling construction industry. The seller is motivated due to change in personal circumstance & is offering attractive acquisition cost compared to any new business set up cost in this industry. Premises Leasehold 3x3x3, 10 Months remaining with oppertunity to renew. Tilt slab building in central industrial area with great main rd locality, car park and lock up compound. Total size 600m2 consisting of generouse factory floor area & Multiple showroom & office spaces. Services The business utilises developed processes & Proceures in delivering specialised services for Design, Manufacuring & Instalation of all facets of cabinetry for both Residential & Commercial applications.


0419 247 803 Enquire online

Cabinet Making Fraser Coast QLD ID W191012266

Australian Busi


Safety Signs and equipment including E-commerce website price $735,000 + S.A.V. Safety shop. E-Commerce website and local sales of Safety Signs, Truck Signs, Road and Traffic Signs, Security, Biosecurity, Construction, Farm, COVID-19 and many, many more. Website has over 3,000 products. Most popular sign brackets and equipment sold here. Also, Road and roadwork stands and frames, Traffic cones and bollards, swing stands, Spill kits and absorbents and more workplace equipment and supplies. Located in SE QLD, and delivering Australiawide, the business is a trusted and repected name around the country. Indeed, Google feedback is 4.9 with many 5 star reviews.

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Helensvale QLD ID W394553955

Well established food manufacturing business price $75,000 + S.A.V. This food manufacturing business specialises in the production of packaged confectionery products. Established for over 30 years. Sales in the region of $350K pa with massive growth for 2021. Confirmed forward orders until December 2020 for $140K. Good reputation in the industry. Currently servicing retail, wholesale & corporate customers. Also exporting to New Zealand. Long lease available. HACCP approved facility. Reliable supply chain. Simple business to operate. Opportunities for expansion. Owners wanting to retire.

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Wetherill Park NSW ID W357240708


ID W54455754383


Geotechnical Engineering Business Brisbane

Engineering Manufacturing

Price on Application

$150,000 + S.A.V.

Brisbane QLD

Brisbane QLD

This profitable business has been under the same ownership since 2005 providing Geotechnical and Structural Engineering services for residential and small commercial projects in South East Queensland. Specifically, the range of services provided include Geotechnical Investigations, Geotechnical Drilling, Soil Testing, Wastewater Design, Engineering Services and Site Inspections. Based in Brisbane this business has built a strong and solid reputation for their technical expertise, customer service and delivery.

Fantastic Opportunity and ideally positioned for a owner operator to walk into a successful business and run. Delivering custom made products across a network of Clients all over Australia Key points • Future expansion opportunities • Loyal customer base and potential to grow into new areas • Potential to increase sales by the introduction and the marketing of an online website...

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Acrylic Roof Coatings Manufacturer & Rest.

Airconditioning Business With Service Agreements

$2,500,000 + S.A.V.

$280,000 + S.A.V.

Brisbane QLD

Brisbane QLD

This outstanding business is being offered to the market for the first time. An industry and market leader in the development and manufacture of acrylic roof coatings offering trademarked national brands. The business also operates and manages roof restoration businesses operating under a number of brands that are supplied by product from the parent company. The parent company has been trading under the current brand for 19 years. Sales in excess of $4.4 million. Very high net return...

This business has built a consistent and reliable revenue stream through its excellent service delivery. It has a loyal client base with ongoing agreements with many commercial customers including large shopping centres. It has a footprint that covers the greater Brisbane area and would be an ideal for an owner-operator or a bolt-on acquisition for an existing business. The owners are keen to ensure that a smooth transition occurs so he can then pursue other interests. You can leave this business where it is or shift it to where you...

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Construction Business For Sale

House Raising Sliding Restumping

$459,000 WIWO

$120,000 WIWO

Brisbane QLD

Brisbane QLD

A profitable Construction business for sale. Over 40 years designing and building lifestyle homes located on one of the beautiful Southern Moreton Bay Islands just 40km from Brisbane CBD & 40km from the Gold Coast.

Well established business, specializing in raising, sliding and restumping services to the housing construction industry throughout the Brisbane area. The owner of the business is retiring and wants to hand over all the assets, and goodwill. Well maintained machinery and equipment are all included in the sale. Vendor will assist the buyer with his experience and skills before and after the sale. Builders Licence Required. Opportunities to grow with digital and social media marketing...

• Unlimited earning potential - future work uncapped • Total niche market • Reliable supplier base • Enough work to run 2 teams... Click to View Business

Phone: 07 3368 4010 Web: www.absbusinesssales.com.au


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. I . O . E


Highly Automated, Recycled Building Products Business Established in 1975, this Business has a long track record of supplying recycled building products for commercial, residential and public construction projects and is the dominant supplier in NSW & QLD. The automated process is protected through an international patent, currently pending. The Business has a near monopoly in Sydney, and generates superior margins to competitors who rely on AB1486 manual processing. A custom-designed ERP system adds further sophistication, managing supplier and customer relationships, sharing information throughout the Business, controlling production and scheduling deliveries. Continuity of supply and critical mass (i.e. the ability to supply large projects) provides a clear competitive advantage. The Business is well positioned to capitalise on a shifting trend to more sustainable construction as federal, state and local governments are actively legislating towards mandated recycling. Staffing requirements have been limited through automation, the Business employs 9 people Financial Performance The Business has grown revenue and EBITDA over the last three years and improved margins. For the 2020 financial this business achieved revenues in excess of $2.5 million and EBITDA margin of approximately 25% Longer term, a larger opportunity exists to expand the Business geographically and improve margins by further automating the production process.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

P: (02) 9268 3300

hal.pritchard@titanpartners.com.au www.titanpartners.com.au

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ID W54455754383


Premium Online Retail & Wholesale Turkish Towels & Textiles price $195,000 + S.A.V. This well-established online TURKISH TOWEL & TEXTILE business is one of Australia's leading importer, retail and wholesalers in this space . With a reputation in the market as the best-of-the-best, it's client base extends from influencers, interior designers, stylists and social media followers. An ideal opportunity for any owner-operator looking to take advantage of this highly respected and profitable business, or an existing business owner looking to acquire a bigger piece of the market. The business has minimal overheads and can be operated from home. Plenty of opportunity to expand the business through growing online social media presence and building strategic partnerships throughout the fashion, gift and homeware industry. Features: • Well-established ( 6 + years ) with an extensive loyal client base • Great reputation in the market for quality products • Consistent turnover of approximately $100K+ PA • Plenty of growth opportunities available • Low-risk investment compared to other retail industries in today's market • Seller on THE ICONIC • Turkish Murkish has appeared in many highbrow magazines, TV and Radio. This business is an importing business, meaning all products are manufactured and purchased from Turkey. There are MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirements and products will need to be housed on premises. Stock on hand at the time of sale will be charged on top of asking price. PRIOR to providing any information seller will send a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT which will need to be signed and witnessed. Owner is selling purely to start a new chapter in her life and is happy to train new owner with hand over.

0424 761 371 Enquire online


Wholesale Maclean NSW ID W346974023

Australian Busi


Easy Business to operate !!! price $270,000 negotiable Souvenir Distribution with Retail online outlet: www.australianasouvenirs.com. Large wholesale clientele. This exceptional business specializes in offering Australia a large range of Australian Souvenir products sourced from longterm dependable suppliers in Australia and around the world. This one-owner business has been established over 20 years and over that time has grown to offer a large range of quality products that are highly sought after and sold in the commercial and domestic market. Products are sold to retail clientele Online and are distributed to Souvenir Shops and News Agents. The product has no use-by date and is easy to warehouse and ship out. You will need no skills other than common sense and standard business acumen. The products require no special licensing or certification to distribute wholesale worldwide. The warehouse is well laid out and enables wholesale or retail customers via the existing and well-established website to view and purchase. The warehouse is currently located in Melbourne, but the operation of this business could be anywhere in Australia. Enjoying a reputation within the industry for providing highquality products at affordable prices and always endeavoring to exceed customers' expectations. The warehousing and administration facility provides easy main road access, plenty of parking, comfortable offices, and well laid out and secure storage.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

0419 222 898 Enquire online

Internet Heidelberg VIC ID W228682837


ID W54455754383


Performing Arts Dance School price $60,000 negotiable • Successfully running for over 25 years • 100 students currently enrolled • Accounting software used for all fees, showing previous years income • Ezidebit account set up for debiting of fees • $10,000 worth of costumes and props • Brand new uniforms with personalised logo design • Great location with access to other activities (more clients) • Affordable rent for classes • Studio equipment includes: Sound system, acrobatics mats, portable ballet barre, Fitness steps • Professional website with online shop and enrollments • Social media pages Instagram and Facebook

Leisure Enquire online

Sydney NSW ID W1576459995

• Business for sale due to change in career choice

Prominent Pool Hall & Bar, Live Music & Functions Venue price $250,000 Takings: $6,000 per week (approx) • This pool hall & bar is in a prime location along major shopping strip • Large premises around 600sqm in total with venue capacity of 797 patrons • Business offers 17 x 7 foot pool tables, 3 x 8 foot tables, 2 x snooker tables, 1 x 9 ball table, darts and many other entertainments • Live music • Average turnover around $320,000 per annum with up to 80% liquor & drink sales and 20% from table hire • 3 x employee car spots with huge car park at front...


0451 211 381


Enquire online

Lilydale VIC

Australian Busi


Laserfun Cairns price $90,000 WIWO The all-weather, fully air-conditioned Family Entertainment Centre, Laserfun Cairns, is now offered to the market for the first time. Featuring an indoor 32 battle-suit laser tag arena, breathtaking virtual reality, lasermaze and an arcade with a fully stocked redemption prize counter, the business provides an adrenalin pumping, repeat battlefield experience for the young and young at heart. Complementing the tenancy is a cafe serving fine coffee and an array of cakes and sandwiches.

0419 783 637

Amusement Centre

Enquire online

Cairns QLD

Super Castles (Jumping Castles) Business – Work 2-3 Days p.w. With High Earnings price Phone enquiries - please quote property ID 23933

Super Castles is a family-friendly leading supplier of Jumping Castles with a fantastic reputation in the Leisure/Entertainment and Amusement industry. Rather than buying a whole business with all the worries, you can have your own business with your own territory, within the Super Castle Licence. This means, much less outlay and less headaches. Some of the Super Castle territories average over $100k p.a. for working just 2-3 days per week and some others are exceeding $600k per annum.

iness For Sale ÂŽ

1300 594 794

Amusement Centre

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Byron Bay NSW


ID W54455754383

Mobile B

price $149,000 negotiable

Window Cleaning Business Perth / Fremantle

Cleaning Enquire online

Perth WA ID W1699867337

Residential window cleaning, screens, frames, inside and out.

Coffee Van(s) with Round price $33,000 + G.S.T. Has your job been impacted by COVID19? Do you want to take back control of your financial future? A Kiss CafĂŠ mobile coffee van allows you to be your own boss and work your own hours with an amazingly low cost of entry to small business. This is a very rare opportunity to buy a recession-proof business with historic sales figures. Buy all three rounds or just one. For more information contact Shannon Daniels.


08 9358 4419 Enquire online

Mobile Business Perth WA ID W1005601634

Australian Busi


Business Brokers Profile page Commercial and Residential Lighting Business


LINK Tasmania is pleased to bring to the market a totally unique opportunity to acquire a long standing residential and commercial lighting design and sales business located in Hobart. Providing lighting solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential clientele. The business specializes in the provision of unique Lighting Design and Consultancy services and have access to over 60 different suppliers to suit every taste, project size and budget. In fact, the business is the Tasmanian agent for some of Australia's leading lighting brands.

Exciting, Cutting Edge Business For Sale

Refer to Broker

"NEW FINANCIALS JUST IN" - The business recorded an adjusted net profit of $625,000 (before owners wages) for the last financial year. The subject business is a highly profitable and well-regarded video production agency, working in the 'social video' industry. Features of the business include: - A customer base consisting primarily of government and non-profit clients, who typically have high budgets and are generally insulated from market ups and downs.

The business prides itself for offering full lighting solutions to their clientele. The business specialises in Lighting Design, which has proven to be the largest and most important component of the...

- A complete set of systems is in place, with automated sales and marketing. This is a well-oiled machine with repeatable, teachable

Reference No: 120-TA00128 Jenny Graham M: 0419 448 677

Reference No: 117-NSW09434 Stuart McLachlan M: 0404 687 706

Flooring Business First time offered in 50 years

Enquire online

$570,000 Neg.

Any Serious Offer Considered, Owner Wants to Retire

The opportunity is to acquire the business and assets of a high end Flooring business. Key Investment Features - They are the Nominated Company for new Flooring Project for $1,350,000 which would provide a Net earning to the Company of between $500,000 to $600,000. - FY2017 sales turnover $904,000 plus - Extensive range of well known brand products. - Established 20+ years with a highly regarded reputation for service and quality. - Systems and procedures in place with multiple opportunities ready to scale and market. - Untapped potential for growth to the overseas market. - Owner has worked hard and built a strong reputation in this..

ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED! Vendor is after a quick sale!

Reference No: 117-14717 Charles Gallen M: 0411 185 606

Reference No: 117-NSW09240 Paul Helliwell M: 0419 015 046

Niche Opportunity, Services The Vocational Educational Sector

Enquire online

Refer to Broker

Key features of this opportunity:

Only operating for four years, the business has experienced exceptional growth. A new revenue stream was launched in 2017, accelerating business potential. Other growth accelerators, including acquisition opportunity, have been identified for implementation from 2021. This is an incredible opportunity not to be missed.

iness For Sale ÂŽ


Key Features Of This Opportunity: - Revenue $830,000 per annum (approx.) - Profit $276,000 per annum (approx.) - In operation for 39 years - Low stocking costs - No lock-in lease/freehold Well-established, the business has grown to specialise in a unique niche within the industry: the manufacturing, supply and installation of solar pool heating, pool heat pumps as well as general pool equipment...

This Is Your Opportunity For a New Beginning

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Established business, operating over 6 years.

- Unrivalled in the high-quality service provided to customers - Strong digital footprint in marketing, social and operations - Fully scalable business model - Talented, experienced and ambitious management team

Reference No: 117-NSW09229 Michael Sonand M: 0419 006 024

Enquire online

Long Lease, profitable, owner retiring and very realistic. Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs To complete an online confidentiality agreement, visit this business and enquire now at: https://linkbusiness.com.au/businesses-forsale/ca/NSW09580

Reference No: 117-NSW09580 Michael Sonand M: 0419 006 024

Enquire online

Enquire online

PHONE 1300 763 668

WEBSITE www.linkbusiness.com.au


ID W54455754383


price $200,000

Bookshop Rural and Regional In the heart of Gloucester, The Gloucester Bookshop is a popular member of the town's vibrant retail and commercial precinct. The sale of the Gloucester Book Shop is offered on a sale of the business only basis inclusive of operational furniture, fixtures, web site and stock. The owner of 76 Church Street in addition offers a lease of the premises now occupied by the Gloucester Book Shop on a 3 year with a three year option basis This exciting opportunity will have extensive appeal to book lovers, tree changers or those seeking a new career direction. THE GLOUCESTER BOOKSHOP – start a new chapter in your life

Book Shop Enquire online

Gloucester NSW ID W530453265


Australian Busi

ty Retail

Swimming Pool + Spa Services Non-franchise Store price $135,000 Long established pool shop with current ownership since 2006, this is not a franchised store, NOT restricted to a territory. Selling swimming pool and spa equipment, chemicals and spare parts plus maintenance, repairs and installations on-sight. This business has stood the test of time unlike a new start up, loyal customer base established many years equals strong earning capacity. Excellent family or husband and wife business that allows owners a quality lifestyle and family time with lots of opportunities to increase your income from the start.

0414 597 327

Swimming Pool

Enquire online

O'Connor WA

Multi-purpose Gas, Industrial Supplies and Camping price $350,000 WIWO - all inclusive R&K Gas Supplies is a long-est. (25 yrs) and profitable business. It boasts an excellent reputation among locals, travellers and tradies alike, and is being offered for only the second time. Situated at the end of the Bells Line Of Road, every vehicle that drives into Lithgow from Richmond or back passes this shop. Suppliers include Cigweld, BOC industrial gases, Rinnai, Bromic, Gameco, Elgas LPG, Paramount industrial PPE gear and Oztrail. Selling welding consumables, PPE gear, Tubefit gas and liquid brass fittings, the largest selection available in the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands...

iness For Sale ÂŽ

0409 033 252 Enquire online

Camping & Hiking Lithgow NSW ID W303828880


ID W54455754383

Transport, Distrib

Dorset Tilt Tray Services price Calling all owner operators. Dorset Tilt Tray Services is coming to the market after many years in business servicing Scottsdale and surrounds. Specializing in Heavy Equipment haulage and specialized cartage, contract and insurance work this business has strong enquiry and the ability for a new owner to grow more - working for themselves on a full time or part-time basis. For further details and a current plant and equipment list call Nick Oliver of NAI Harcourts North to grab an information pack.

0467 929 364

Freight Services

Enquire online

Scottsdale TAS

Transport business for sale with guaranteed income price $160,000 Trucks and custom made all terrain forklift for sale with instant turnover. Operating between Airlie Beach and Mackay with weekly Deliveries already on the go with the ability to expand. • 011WGL - 2011 Hino GD Series with Fassi F50A.21 crane – 201,000Km • 198WVV - 2006 Hino GD Series with 4.45T trailer and Antonili all-terrain forklift – 207,000Km

Transport Enquire online

Airlie Beach QLD ID W1770926925


Australian Busi

bution & Storage

Townsville Significant Business For Sale price $1,600,000 leasehold TOWNSVILLE - Transport & 3PL BOOMING BUSINESS THROUGH COVID19 $2.8m plus turnover with excellent profits Record growth driven by online shopping Expanding into the international market Genuine 5 day week Multi award winning franchise with well developed systems 3 owners in 21 years Strong footprint in booming economy

Distribution Townsville QLD

Enquire online

For sale at $1,600,000.00

ID W1228941207

Genuine interest only thank you.

Established Hire Car and Taxi Operation

Moss Vale

price $600,000 Opportunity to purchase a successful hire car company servicing the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas. Operating since 2005 the fleet of nine vehicles includes four cars, one wheelchair access maxi, seven seater wagon and three buses being a 13, 21 and 28 seater. The wheelchair access maxi is a licensed Taxi Cab, permitted to operate on local taxi ranks. The hire cars have no jurisdictional boundaries, whilst the buses support the

burgeoning tourism opportunity such as winery tours, group bookings for weddings and daytrips. The trend of local demand is continuing to grow across the region with further growth possible.

New South Wales

services such as NDIS and local community organizations.

With an aging demographic, bespoke contract arrangements (including NDIS), competitive pricing and a strong community presence places this organisation in a favourable growth position, ensuring its prosperity in the region for years to come.

With targeted brand promotion the organization has been able to access a large number of customers, consistently growing and diversifying over the past 15 years. Throughout its growth, the organisation Option to lease the current premises if has invested in differentiating the product required. line, and now operates across independent

Cathy Fairall m 0411 232 766 e cathy@stationstrealty.com.au AB 2071

iness For Sale ÂŽ



ID W54455754383

Sydney: 26-27 March Perth: 16 May Brisbane: 18-19 June Melbourne: 20-21 August

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