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Bartercard: A World of Business Opportunities

Bartercard CEO Clive van Deventer

Regardless of what country, culture of currency, money makes the world go round, but today it’s not just cash fuelling commerce world-wide. In 2016 Bartercard is celebrating 25 years of trading, and the Gold Coast-born company has grown to operate the world’s largest trade exchange achieving $4.4 billion in cash savings for Australian businesses, equating to 21.9 million currency alternative transactions. Bartercard Australia CEO Clive van Deventer said although Bartercard has expanded into a multi-million dollar industry which stacks up approximately $600 million in transactions each year across eight countries, its vision remains unchanged. “Barter has evolved and come a long way from the days of swapping a cow for a goat, but the basic principle of assisting small businesses to attract customers, conserve cash and increase profits in almost every industry has stayed the same,” he said. “Our vision is to make businesses successful by being the leading global business marketplace where members connect and barter.” Van Deventer said that Bartercard is a tool to supplement the cash market, filling downtime, idle capacity and selling slow-moving stock as an additional sales and marketing distributuion channel, but has turned into a viable economic alternative. “Last year businesses saved over $130 million in cash through the indirect exchange of products and services,” he said. “Today’s modern approach to barter steps away from a direct 4 Australian Business For Sale ®

swap and instead uses trade dollars, recognised by the ATO as the equivalent to a dollar, transacted in a closed business network.”

“Conserving $200,000 in cash has let me invest in new services like laser tattoo removal to stay competitive in the market,” she said.

Back to basics

“There’s nowhere else in business where you have the ability to offset cash flow like you can with Bartercard.” Van Deventer said the biggest areas where members trade are advertising, core busiensses products and services, lifestyle, and real estate, albeit the exchange has businesses across almost every industry.

Bartercard works actively with Australian businesses to facilitate cashless transactions and above all, the system is about going back to basics. “Bartercard started in 1991 when Australia was experiencing one of the worst recessions in history and businesses were looking for solutions to cash shortages,” said Clive. “It was created out of the idea that going back to basics and using a closed group of businesses to conduct cashless transactions would rebuild small to medium-sized businesses in Australia.” Van Deventer added that despite starting up in adversity, the company found a gap in the market to launch just at the right time. “Twenty-five years down the track we’ve grown into a global brand under which thousands of members continue to remedy setbacks for SMEs, including competition from large enterprises, through technology platforms that support their vision.”

Saving $200,000 in business Mornington Peninsula-based business owner and Bartercard member Suzanne Johnson has saved $200,000 in her hair and beauty salon, Peaches & Cream, by earning currency alternative and using it to make business purchases in place of cash. This included a $40,000 saving on a recent salon relocation. Suzanne said she used Bartercard to offset the cash cost of the architectural plans, installing new fitout, painting flooring, new signage, plumbing, advertising and more, all paid using trade dollars instead of cash.

He also added that Bartercard takes a holistic approach to business and lifestyle. “We believe that every business owner should enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst not impacting the business or the family cash budget,” said Clive. “Business owners use their Bartercard trade dollars to pay for accommodation, take their families on holidays, renovate

their homes and pay for a range of other lifestyle expenses.” “What started off as a small group of businesses trading has turned into a collaborative economy of scale which supplements approximately 24,000 business in eight countries.” He added that twenty-five years down the track, Bartercard has come a long way evolving with the technology and the times, but its goal of growing businesses remains the same. “We’ll continue to stick with our members through thick and thin to drive business through trading.” Want more business tips like these? Visit

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How to Get Going and Growing in a Difficult Economy: By Bob Lyon In this article we’ll get down to the nittygritty of how to get going in a difficult economy. When we’re done, you’ll be armed with a creative, industrious, positive attitude in the face of hard times – the same hard times that cripple your competitors. If you’re reading this article in the middle of a difficult economy – and the chances are that you are – it’s vitally important to take careful stock of the psychological and transactional changes going on in both the minds and lives of your market place and in the minds and lives of your competitors. Look at the attitude and actions of your suppliers, vendors and support services. You’ll probably witness the following predictable reactions. Your competitors are feeling battered. Their sales and marketing approaches are generating meager results. They don’t have tried and tested plans in action. And they don’t have a proactive strategy for capitalizing on all things going awry. So typically you’ll see them pulling back and trying to cut costs to maintain a holding pattern. Or they’re redoubling the same ineffectual efforts that didn’t really work during the good times but got masked by the upward force of the economy. So what do you do? Set up an offence and defense – Offensively, you look for gaps, weaknesses and hidden opportunity in all this adversity. And believe me it exists in droves. Defensively, you stop doing anything that isn’t working. Test, monitor and measure your results and you’ll know immediately when something isn’t working and you can stop wasting time and money on it right away. This will help you guard against loss, but you can do better than that. Your next step is to go beyond merely surviving and to begin enacting changes that will ensure your business continues to evolve. What are some of those direct and impactful ways? Well, we’ve talked about the importance of joint ventures so let’s start there. Your first plan of action should be to structure joint ventures with groups who already have access, trust and credible relationships with market segment you want to reach. The key is to move your costs from fixed 6 Australian Business For Sale ®

and speculative to variable, contingent and result certain. But it gets even better. These steps comprise only stage one of your crisis growth strategy. Your entire outlook and modified approach are based on gaining more direct, favorable, predisposed and highly credible access to your market in unconventional (but highly ethical) ways – and these are ways your competitors would never think of. It’s your opportunity to make your product or service stand head and shoulders above the rest. Think about it. When your competitors are too blinded by their own panic to reach out to the market place in a meaningful way, that’s when you can establish yourself as the pre-eminent, most trusted, reliable source whilst everyone you compete against is bleeding red ink.

improvement and the incentive to do more. For example, people who remodel a kitchen suddenly see that the rest of the house looks a bit shabby. So they re-carpet and re-paint and re-do the driveway, roof, and bathroom and so on. It’s the same for people who add a pool or spa. They re-do their landscaping, re-envision their garden, and add an extension to their veranda. My point? Well let’s say you’re the contractor remodeling a bathroom. You can go to all the people who do non bathroom remodeling such as kitchen re-modelers, carpet companies, and roofing people and make deals to get their client’s names after their work has been completed. Their business is potentially a huge source of future business for you.

Life Time Value of a Client

What’s next?

You can engineer countless performance based deals with other businesses when you are able to make them irresistible propositions. The key to success at structuring no-cost performance deals is to know your allowable cost for acquiring a customer.

Look at your basic business – not what you sell, but what you don’t sell that your type of buyer or client needs, wants and will buy in a crisis economy.

Most companies don’t analyse what a lead, prospect and converted first time sale really costs them. And until you know that piece of information along with the life time value of the buyer, it’s impossible to make performance based deals with the media and other companies. In a crisis economy when sales are down along with consumer confidence or motivation you need to make offers, propositions and proposals that are irresistible, unbeatable and non-refutable. And in this context especially remember the life time value of your buyers. In any economy the goal is to start the buyer relationship as quickly as possible, because the sooner they buy that first time, the sooner they’ll come back to buy again. So your goal in good times or bad is to lower their resistance, lower the barrier of entry and reduce the hurdle. Make it easy for your prospect to say “Yes.”

Penetrate New Markets In a crisis economy odds are great that your competitors are focusing their attention on the same basic market that you’ve all targeted all along. If everyone else is depending on either their newspaper ads or Yellow Pages to generate business, you can tap into overlooked, undervalued alternative sources. For one thing, there is an economic connection between doing one type of

Most business owners see themselves as being highly specific sellers of a single category of product or service, yet the same people who buy from you also purchase complementary or related products or services before, during and after they buy from you. By adding additional back-end products or services that you can source from quality providers who, like you, are struggling in this crisis economy and will be open and willing to structure very advantageous deals where you offer their products and double, triple or even quadruple your revenue. Once you’ve mastered the art of growing your business regardless of what is going on in the surrounding world, your business will always thrive if you action these ideas. In a downturn, fewer people are taking the steps they would in rosier times. Your competitors are struggling because they possess the mentality that says “No one is buying”. You on the other hand are growing your business because you know that whilst the pie might be smaller, your piece of the pie is getting bigger and bigger. Warmly Bob Lyon For further information on how your business can benefit from these and other exciting business and marketing tactics call Bob Lyon direct on 043 883 0937 or get your FREE report entitled “How To Sell Your Business At Your Price … And Cause A Stampede Of Prospective Buyers Literally Begging For Your Time” by simply going to

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d e h s i l b a t s E Franch ise

Batemans Bay NSW

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a well established (10 years) and successful Hog’s Breath Cafe Franchise located in Batemans Bay on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. Hog’s Breath Batemans Bay is centrally situated in the heart of the town CBD with great exposure not far from the Clyde River. The premises are large (361sqm) and have the capacity to cater for up to 150 patrons with the best al fresco dining area in Batemans Bay. There is also a private function room. Hog’s Breath Cafe is renowned for superb steaks and a comprehensive menu that includes a range of chicken and seafood dishes plus ribs, burgers and wraps, salads, pasta and delicious desserts, plenty of choice for all members of the family. Hog’s Breath Cafe is Australia’s No. 1 Casual Dining Restaurant, and the business comes with a liquor license that would be transferrable to the new franchisee. The Restaurant has acquired a regular and loyal local clientele plus an ongoing and increasing influx of visitors on weekends and holidays from the surrounding region, Canberra, the Southern Highlands and Sydney. The commercial kitchen has been recently upgraded with a large cool room and freezer capacity. The Restaurant also has nightlife music and TV system with video clips, social media capacity and marketing. Turnover is over $1.4Mil per annum. The Business prides itself on its efficient and enthusiastic staff who would be happy to stay on. Hog’s Breath Cafe has an enviable reputation as one of the best franchises in Australia, and is very supportive of its franchisees. The company promotes and encourages an active lifestyle through generous sponsorships towards sporting and other community events. Batemans Bay will provide a wonderful lifestyle with lots of beaches nearby, boating, fishing plus all the required facilities and amenities.

price: $299,000 WIWO

M: 0429 692 122 E:


Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

Australian Business For Sale ® 9

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10 Reasons Why Franchisees Fail by Jason Gehrke failed to evolve with their market. 2. Inadequate training & support

Jason Gehrke After more than 25 years in franchising, I’ve seen both franchisees and franchisors achieve spectacular success, and others lose it all. There is no such thing as a sure bet in business, but franchising helps reduce the risks of small business by providing a supported environment utilising both the resources of the franchisor, and the community of franchisees operating under the same brand. Franchisees do not invest in businesses to lose money, but by the same token they don’t always do enough to mitigate their risks either. If their business fails, the franchisor is the obvious target for the franchisee to blame, and on occasion, this is justified. However, franchisees are often the architects of their own misfortune for a variety of reasons that they can’t or won’t acknowledge in time to save the business. So between franchisor-related reasons and franchisee-related reasons, here’s my top 10 list of causes of franchisee failure (and which can occur in any order, depending on the business):

Franchisor causes: 1. Bad business model The franchisor’s business model might be the first thing that franchisees would like to blame for their failure, but this is not always the case. Underdeveloped business models are likely to be found in new, start-up networks, and this should be factored into a potential franchisee’s assessment of the risks of joining. While the business model risk may be greatest for a new franchisor, it can also re-emerge as a potential cause of failure in mature networks unable to match the pace of change set by nimble competitors, or which have otherwise 10 Australian Business For Sale ®

Failure caused by poor training or subsequent levels of support is also likely to occur in newer, start-up systems compared to mature brands. Training and support is typically limited to operational matters in new brands, with little or no general business training provided. Franchisees can better protect themselves from training and support problems by better understanding in advance the nature, content, frequency and assessment of training and support provided by the franchisor, and if it doesn’t seem adequate, to either ask for more or look for another system altogether. 3. Insolvency When franchisors go broke, often their franchisees will be unable to survive because functions such as marketing, supply chain logistics, IT and other core activities that hold the network together may be wound back or cease altogether. Again, the greatest risk of franchisor failure is among newer, start-up franchisors, but even mature brands on occasion can fail, such as Angus & Robertson in 2011, and Kleins and Kleeinmaid in 2008.

Franchisee causes: 4. Wrong fit A potential franchisee may love a business from a customer’s point of view, and from this, decide that the business is one that they would like to run (because they love the products or services so much). Unfortunately there is a big difference between loving the products or services, and loving the challenge of running a business that sells those products or services. Sometimess franchisees, no matter how passionate they are about the product, the brand or the industry, just are not suited to the business. They may not be dynamic enough to evolve with the business over time, incapable of managing or retaining staff, or a whole bunch of other reasons that is best summarised by simply being the wrong fit for the business.

5. Insufficient planning A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Despite the obvious wisdom of this saying, many franchisees still fail to prepare a business plan before commencing their franchise (and on the flipside, many franchisors fail to insist on one either). A business plan should be a road map that shows the way to achieve profits by certain milestones. The franchisor should be involved in the planning process and should analyse and constantly monitor business plans submited by franchisees to ensure that the franchisee operates their business acording to the plan. 6. Insufficient working capital & reinvestment A lack of working capital and a lack of reinvestment are among the most common causes of all business failure (not just franchising). Franchisees who start operating businesses without adequate working capital will be unable to pay their bills when they fall due if the amount of cash coming into the business is not greater than the amount of cash going out. Even if the business is profitable, it can still fail if its customers have not paid it on time and it runs out of money to pay its own bills when they fall due. Understanding the difference between cash flow and profit can mean the difference between surviving and failing. Likewise with reinvesting in the business – a failure to do so progressively could eventually result in massive reinvestment works that can send a franchisee broke. 7. Unrealistic expectations The best way to test whether or not a franchisee has unrealistic expectations about the future of their business is to examine their business plan. This will provide an essential insight into their financial expectations (and when they expect to achieve them), but there may be other unrealistic expectations based around training, support and the flexibility of the business model, among other things. The problem with assessing expectations in advance is that they are rarely articulated to the franchisor until after

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the expectations have failed to have been met. 8. Other distractions (stealing from themselves) Sometimes the cause of a franchisee’s business failure is not related to the franchise at all, but something else altogether. If a franchisee is comfortable with the performance of their business, they may look elsewhere for a challenge and find another business or interest to keep them occupied. Often this will take too much of the franchisee’s time (and their money) away from the franchised business to suit the new venture. Where this occurs, franchisees effectively steal from themselves by taking valuable capital and human resources from one business to support another. When the left hand robs the right hand, both hands risk losing the lot. 9. Failure to evolve (complacency) The market in which the franchisee’s business operates is constantly changing, and if the franchisee doesn’t change with that market, they will

ultimately become irrelevent. Fortunately for the franchisee, they are not alone on this journey of constant change, as the franchisor must also evolve to keep up with the market as well. However if the franchisee is too complacent with their business (or has their attention elsewhere) to adapt to change, their business will inevitably suffer. 10. Failure to follow the system Despite investing in a franchise with a prescribed way of doing things, some franchisees think they can do it better and instead of following the franchise system, they buck the system and try to do their own thing. Franchisors are the first to admit that franchisees can come up with excellent ideas to improve a whole system, but if some of their ideas are completely at odds with the brand offer and values then the franchisee may as well have bought an independent small business instead. Not only do franchisees who fail to follow the system risk censure and even termination by their franchisor, but they often sabotage their own business in

doing so, causing sales and profits to decline. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why franchisees fail. Nor are these reasons independent of each other, and sometimes two or more are responsible for a franchisee’s business to collapse. So now that you’ve read the top 10 reasons for a franchisee’s business to fail, what are you going to do differently to make sure that none of these happen to you?

Jason Gehrke is a director of the Franchise Advisory Centre and has been involved in franchising for 25 years at franchisee, franchisor and advisor level. He provides consulting services to both franchisors and franchisees, and conducts franchise education programs throughout Australia. He has been awarded for his franchise achievements, and publishes Franchise News & Events, Australia’s only fortnightly electronic news bulletin on franchising issues. In his spare time, Jason is a passionate collector of military antiques.

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Ground Rules for Buying a Business by Paul J St Clair, F.C.A., Dip. Fin. Services Ground rules outlined below can be useful in providing assistance to Purchaser of a Business in finding the right business.

1. Take Your Time

Information about the industry can be obtained from library, trade magazines, accountants, consultants etc.

3. Undertake Educational Courses

When buying a business, it is important that purchaser allows for a considerable time (2-4 months) to find an appropriate business. Since buying a business requires a major commitment on purchaser’s part, it is vital that the purchaser takes his/her time and makes an informed decision.

Undertaking a technical course specific to the industry chosen is a good way of obtaining additional information about a industry and the management issues involved in that industry.

4. Don’t Buy the First Business Examined

2. Conduct Industry Research Once the purchaser has decided on the industry in which he/she wants to buy, it is important that the purchaser undertakes relevant industry research considering points such as industry’s performance, no of businesses operating in the industry, main suppliers and customers etc. This would provide purchasers with an increased ability of analysing a business in that particular industry.

Examining a number of businesses that are for sale in their particular chosen industry would give the purchasers a better understanding of certain working aspects of the industry like profitability, staff levels and working hours etc.

from an individual who is independent of the transaction and also has the relevant industry knowledge like accountants or business valuer in order to make sure that no important details have been overlooked.

6. Where to Find a Business Purchaser should make use of the numerous avenues available to them in order to find the right business. Purchaser can look at the following areas for possible businesses to buy. • • • • • •

Classified Advertisements Direct Approach Business Brokers Trade Publications Specialised Magazines Internet

5. Obtain a Second Opinion Purchaser should get a second opinion on the business they find suitable

by Paul J St. Clair, Chartered Accountant and Taxation specialist - ph 02 9221 4088

Don’t Buy a Business Before Seeing Us… Have an expert on your side to attend to everything that matters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Business What size Franchising advice What value Have I the money Can I meet my commitments Is it worth the asking price How do I know I am not overpaying for the business Property rental advice Are the vendor’s figures for the business correct Lease advice Negotiating a better deal Is the sale contract in order The financial proposal Getting behind the figures How much should I borrow Obtaining banking advice

• How do I obtain finance • What should I know about the business • Obtaining legal advice • What type of finance should I get • What registrations should be undertaken • What books should I keep • What entity should own the business • Is the valuation of the stock correct • What insurance should I have • Taxation requirements • Long term planning • and the… many many other matters to consider

...the RISK is too Great! Make an appointment with Paul St. Clair

St. Clair partners Chartered Accountants Level 15, 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Fax: (02) 9221 7498

(02) 9221 4088 Ask about our FREE “Buy a Business Seminar”

“ W e a r e n o t y o u r av e r a g e a c c o u n ta n t s W h e n i t c o m e s t o b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s ” 12 Australian Business For Sale ®

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Franchisee in Focus: Gerhard Herzig A belief in excellence and a love of making people happy inspires Hairhouse Warehouse franchisees Gerhard Herzig and Duane Merchant to strive for the top. Their goal is to reach the pinnacle of success via operational excellence, best practice in customer service and staff engagement. After nine years with Hairhouse Warehouse, the franchisees have taken the brand’s proven model to the next level, rolling their two existing stores into one Hairhouse Warehouse superstore to increase efficiencies and customer service. The superstore at the Pacific Werribee Plaza represents the brand’s future modus operandi, with a new concept design that reimagines the way customers interact with products and sales consultants. A winning combination of store layout, visual merchandising, and Pacific Werribee Plaza’s recent upgrade have all contributed to increased sales. However, Gerhard and Duane’s focus is unswervingly on customer service excellence and staff satisfaction. “It is all about the team, and ours has a very customer driven focus,” Gerhard says. “You’re only as good as your team. Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers.”

14 Australian Business For Sale ®

Gerhard and Duane are proof that you don’t need experience in hair and beauty to have success with the Hairhouse Warehouse model. Prior to joining the brand, they ran a boutique graphic design, photography and marketing agency. “Success in this business is about your skills in team-building, business understanding and learning, and networking skills,” Gerhard says. “You can learn the technical side on the floor, and hire qualified personnel to handle that aspect.” Franchising offered Gerhard and Duane the chance to work under a nationally recognised brand, with all the support that entails, while maintaining the autonomy of business ownership. “We were drawn to Hairhouse Warehouse because they are leaders in the market,” Gerhard says. “They want to be number one, and they don’t compromise.” The Hairhouse Warehouse model offers the additional benefit of multiple revenue streams within the business. There is the service stream, with hairdressing, piercing and beauty treatments. Then there is the retail side, which streams into electrical goods and ‘wet’ products such as shampoos, colouring products and treatments.

Hairhouse Warehouse has enabled Gerhard and Duane to strike a good worklife balance – the Holy Grail in today’s professional environment. Outside of work, both are tennis enthusiasts, enjoying the sport both as players and spectators. “There are times of the year when we spend a lot of time in the store, and other times when we can pull back a bit,” says Gerhard. “Transitioning from two stores into one was a very busy time for us, but we received such great support from Head Office, even though we’ve been with the group for so long.” The Werribee store is currently ranked at number four within the group, putting the franchisees’ goal well within their sights. Earlier economic predictions about the grim future of retail have not materialised in Australia, and Gerhard and Duane are optimistic about the future. “Hairhouse Warehouse’s outlook is very positive,” he says. “The future is bright.”

For more information call Peter 0451 370 060 or visit our website

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Dare to Dream at The Franchising Expo face-to-face, or hearing from the experts first-hand.”

Ever dreamed of owning your own business, but not sure how? Or expanding the one you already have? Register now for your ticket to the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo in Melbourne from 26-28 August, to meet the people who can tell you more. “Attending the Expo is a great way to investigate franchising options and learn more about this exciting and dynamic sector,” says Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey. “Researching online is always a good start, but nothing can replace asking questions

Melbourne Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo

26 - 28 August Melbourne Exhibition Centre South Wharf

A popular feature of the show is the seminar series, which once again will bring together a wide range of experts and successful businesspeople. John O’Brien, CEO of Poolwerx, and Clark Rubber’s MD Chris Malcolm will give keynote presentations, while international author and business coach Sharon Jurd will give a special guest presentation on ‘Surviving the first five years’. “One thing all the experts have in common is the emphasis they place on thorough research before investing in a franchise, or franchising an existing concept,” Stacey says. “Attending the Expo means you can investigate all the ins and outs and meet all the right people under one roof – it really is a one-stop-shop, wherever you are in your franchising journey.” Poolwerx and Clark Rubber are both exhibiting in Melbourne, along with other renowned companies such as VIP Home Services, The Coffee Club, Lenard’s, Degani and Aussie, as well as

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16 Australian Business For Sale ®

See former Franchise Woman of the Year Sharon Jurd in action at the Melbourne Franchising Expo new players Refresh Renovations, The Jolly Miller and National Drones. Fiona Stacey says readers should register online for their free ticket today, using code BFS. “It’s really time to stop dreaming and start doing!” For your free ticket go to

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England Cafe / Bistro – Armidale / New

Motivated Seller

Armidale l NSW

Looking for a tree change opportunity? Then this brilliant location in Armidale's sought after CBD is for you! This well-established cafe has a great reputation and offers an exceptional range of coffee, breakfast, lunch & cakes. • Excellent return to a working owner: • One of the best locations in Armidale – opposite the Court House & Police Station • Well equipped kitchen

• Six day a week business • 5 year lease ending September 2017 • Gross rent $23,836.56 pcm (plus GST) This exciting business has been operating in its current format since early 2000. All the hard work and investment has been done and the business is ready to be taken to new heights.

Price: $120,000 AB1482

Gail Schaefer - 0412 410 949

Shane Kliendienst – 0407 412 651

Email -

18 Australian Business For Sale ®

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National and Leading Player in the Fitness Industry

The business is an established player with a strong presence within 5 major states of Australia and has the potential for significant expansion. A national and leading player in the fitness industry, the business has an established distribution and large national member base and contact network.

Revenues are generated from multiple streams (largely recurring contracted income), and the business has developed a strong presence within 5 major states of Australia. This framework and reputation for excellence has the potential for significant expansion. Operating profitably for many years, the business is now well positioned for sale to potential acquirers. We are seeking expressions of interest from suitable parties wishing to enter or expand within the health and fitness industry.

P: (02) 9268 3300


For more information, including a high level fact sheet, please send email.


Price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.



Australia's Best Piz

Pizzaly Pizzeria

• Wood fired pizza

• Licenced to seat 25 • Fully licenced

• Full commercial kitchen

• Operates Monday - Saturday

• Pizzaly Pizza awarded Australia's Best Pizza for 2016

Preston Victoria

Well Established business with potential to develop the business further.

Price: P.O.A. Contact Tania Barravecchio for more information.

Mobile • 0408 517 117

Email •

Australian Business For Sale ® 19

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Glorious Gum Grove Chalets Located only a five minute drive from the bustling village of Denmark, Gum Grove Chalets offers accommodation in the form of 10 rustic timber and stone chalets, set within an enchanting forest landscape. All chalets are self-contained and equipped with cooking facilities, linen, etc. There is also a covered BBQ area, a small playground and a

Ph: (08) 9842 1400

Denmark l WA

laundry for guests, as well as a comfortable owner's residence, an attached office/reception area, and ample storage. This is a fantastic opportunity for the new owner to develop the business to its full potential, with room to establish further chalets onsite.

Price: $1,100,000 freehold WIWO

Produce / Rural Supplies Price Reduced Must Sell

An opportunity to own a very diversified business, offered as a leasehold or freehold operation, located in the Sunshine Coast region approximately 90mins north of Brisbane.

The business offers excellent levels of revenue & profitability, supported by very good gross margins & well controlled expenses. This business would suit husband/wife or farming family who want to take advantage to down size.The rural Ag business supplies products to retail and wholesale markets, has a reputable name within the region and has developed a solid relationship with customers and suppliers alike.

The vendor is now open to reasonable offers, please contact Karen Bond for further information.

P: $300,000 + S.A.V. Leasehold

20 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mobile: 0428 290 913 email:

Rural Supplies - Pomona - QLD


The stockfeed side of the business offers a large range of stock feed products, inclusive of small animal feeds (dog, cat, bird,etc) and animal health products, equine, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals and fencing. Opportunities to expand the business exist for the farmer/hobby farmer, graziers, equestrian and gardening products. Excellent business with plant and equipment included in sale price, trades 5 1/2 days a week, could be run under management if required or an ideal family business. The business is listed at $300,000 plus Stock (leasehold). Freehold is available for purchase separately.

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Popular Accessories & Clothing Store in Sydney CBD A fantastic 62 sqm store situated at lower ground level of 'The Galleries Victoria', drawing traffic from Town Hall Station exit / QVB basement. Currently occupied by popular fashion brand. All fittings & fixtures (except for the loose fittings & stock) are free.


Ideal for accessories or boutique retailer.


Call 02 8458 6200 and ask for Justin

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 8458 6200


price: Leasehold

Auto or Mechanical Repairs



Well Established Automotive Service and Repair Business Avalon Autos Coolalinga is a long established ASIC registered business located on busy Wells Creek Road near to the commercial hub of Coolalinga and the Stuart Highway. The yearly gross turnover is in excess of $330,000 and currently employs a mechanic and part time clerical staff. The Coolalinga area is continuing to expand with a further major shopping centre under construction and several large businesses have recently become established. The business has a strong potential for growth in this prime location. The reason for the sale is that the owner wishes to retire. Current clients consist of local residents of the rural

and semi rural areas with many of those being long term customers. Given the proximity of the business to the Stuart Highway and caravan parks there is a steady influx of people who are visiting Darwin. The closest main vehicle repair and service businesses are at Palmerston, Howard Springs and Humpty Doo. The business is fully equipped and includes an air conditioned office, large yard, covered forecourt, four vehicle hoists, heavy duty press, industrial compressor and stock. Suppliers are located near the site and prompt delivery is readily available. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 8983 2222

mob 0427 480 299


price: $130,000 WIWO - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 21

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Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Port Stephens


Automotive Repairs Looking for a sea change? This family run automotive repair business has been operating in Lemon Tree Passage, a beautiful suburb in the Port Stephens area, for the past 25 years. The business boasts a loyal and regular clientele, and offers services such as air conditioning repairs, gas installations and repairs and RMS blue and pink slips.

The sale includes: • Office with mezzanine level • 460 square metre workshop • 2x2 two post hoists • 1x4 post host tyre changer and wheel balance • Wheel alignment machine • 8 car bays • Other specialist tools The owner is selling reluctantly due to health reasons. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0421 903 811


price: $90,000 negotiable WIWO

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Golden Square

Auto or Mechanical Repairs




Rural Breakdown Service

Fully equipped large workshop with 4 hoists. Established for over 30 years. Located on busy road with large street frontage. Plenty of off road parking available. Rent $1300pm with new lease for buyer. Good repeat clientele. The workshop provides all servicing and automotive repairs. This business is the Mickey Thompson 4x4 Authorised Dealer in Bendigo. Also stocking Hankook, Maxxis, Kenda and most other leading brands. Catering for passenger, 4x4, trucks, buses, tractor and industrial. VACC accredited. Work ute and courtesy car. Good turnover. Fully equipped price $130,000 + Stock of approx $25,000.

Fully equipped diesel workshop and on farm service. Servicing local Graziers and Farming Properties which include earthmoving, tractors, trucks and all on farm equipment. All 4x4 vehicle repairs and maintenance, ARB accessory dealer, showroom and installation all on site.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $130,000 O.N.O. + S.A.V.

price: $275,000

bh (03) 5442 2577

bh (02) 6993 2130 fax (02) 6993 2110 mob 0427 262 384

22 Australian Business For Sale ®

Hay is situated on the Murrumbidgee River. The town has many facilities to offer a single person or a family. Home in 5mins for lunch, a lifestyle where it doesn't cost a fortune to live. Established in 1988, this business has a strong reputation and wonderful clientele. Owner/ Mechanic forced to retire.


mob 0488 183 330


Mechanical and Retail Tyre Business in Bendigo

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Auto Parts & Accessories

Mackay & Coalfields Region


Auto & Industrial Retail and Workshop Xceed is the only automotive, industrial and electronics store located in Moranbah, covering a market radius of 100km. Located in the centre of the town and in the hub of 15 coal mines, the business has fantastic exposure, and comprises a spacious showroom, workshop & employee accommodation in a 736m² standalone, modern and purpose-built premises. Boasting an impressive range of clients, including BHP Billiton, Anglo American Coal, and project and maintenance contractors, the business specialises in the retail of auto and industrial parts, and is an authorised Jaycar Electronics

stockist. The workshop is fully equipped, and operates as an auto-electrical and air conditioning repair business. With a history of solid growth and excellent returns, this is a fantastic opportunity for a new owner/operator to not only take over a strong business, but also offers the potential to further increase sales through online marketing. The sale includes a fully serviced 2012 BT50, a forklift, benches, tooling, shelving, and stock valued at approx. $500,000. Training available to the new owner/operator. Further figures & financial details available upon request. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4941 7193

fax (07) 4941 5108

mob 0438 839 930


price: $1,399,000 negotiable - all inclusive

Bait and Tackle

North-Eastern NSW Regional


Live the Dream, Endless Summer, Full on Tackle Store Here’s a full size tackle store selling Bait, Tackle, Boating Accessories, Portable Outboard Motors, Trailers & Trailer spares. Only 3 years young but fully established. T/O $1m plus in the community and profitable. Endless opportunities for growth. Ideal for families to control your own destiny, wonderful if you are a fisho wishing to make this part of your life, great for partners etc. Fantastic building of approximately 400sg/mt great exposure with loads of off street parking. Business has 3 years remaining on lease. This has to be one of the best tackle stores out of the major cities. Has already built a good name, branded fantastically

to keep on moving ahead with opportunities. Products are all leading brands of tackle as well as trailer components and full selection of boating accessories also selling portable only outboard motors to cash and carry market, agents for gas-filling and also doing rod repairs etc. We will only sell this to suitable purchasers who wish to maintain and grow the business. Vendor willing to leave small amount of funds in and willing to assist with change over. An astute buyer will want to be in before Christmas. Current owners getting old and have health issues. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0481 583 257


price: $300,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 23

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Busy Bakery and Cafe in Greensborough Shopping Centre Harvest Field Bakery was established in 2009, bringing well known Vietnamese pork rolls, rice paper rolls, French rolls, meat pies and excellent coffee to the local community. The business: • Sells bread, coffee, cakes, pies, sandwiches and soft drinks • Has an average weekly net profit of $1096 after all expenses and equipment depreciation. • Is open 7 days a week and public holidays. • Seats up to 20 people • Is the ideal business for a family or couple • Is easy to operate

Situated on a busy street opposite the local shopping centre, there is plenty of parking for customers around the cafe, as well as 2 car park spaces for the owners/operators. Rent is affordable, and alongside the bakery and kitchen, there is also room for an office on the premises. All bakery equipment is fully owned and included in the sale of the business. The business is currently under a 5 year lease with over 1 year remaining, and there is the option to extend to a 5x5x5 lease. The current owners are looking to semi-retire due to other business interests. For more information and financials, please contact Jessica. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0401 726 627

Auto Electrical



price: $195,000 + G.S.T.

Bars / Nightclubs

Gold Coast



Long established (25 years) and reputable business, currently run by Husband & Wife outfit employing 2 tradesmen full time. BCE tends to customers from Sandgate to Burpengary with an equipped onsite vehicle and use of local tow services. Owners are moving. 284m under roof road frontage with 2 door entry and all amenities. Mezzanine storage, showroom/office, security cams, solar panels, ample parking and 2+2 freehold lease. All trade required equipment and facilities in situ, all consumables and repair stock on hand. Workshop ordering/diagnostic area in place. 4.5t 2 post hoist and all shelving/ storage inc. Stocked service vehicle with 12/24/240v aux. Constant strong figures. Avg. T.O $550-600,000 pa.

Established for over 7 years, this night club has a very strong following and enjoys an enviable status as the only nightclub in the vicinity. With a capacity of 300, the club is fully managed, and trades Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 3am, though the possibility to extend trading to 7 days exists. A 10 year lease is currently in place. The nightclub has recently been renovated over 2 levels - the top floor is a cocktail lounge bar, featuring the latest international house music and top-selling cocktails and tequila, whilst the lower floor is a nightclub, featuring RnB and top dance tracks. The nightclub also has an exclusive offsite catering licence. Vendor finance is available to interested applicants.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $242,000 WIWO negotiable

price: WIWO

bh (07) 3283 2733 mob 0400 080 475

mob 0413 057 607

fax (07) 3283 4032

24 Australian Business For Sale ®


Exclusive Gold Coast Nightclub


Redcliffe’s Long Est. Auto Electrical & A/C

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 25

Bars / Nightclubs



Fully Managed Nightclub and Entertainment Venue This is a prime opportunity to potentially own one of Adelaide’s most highly regarded and market leading nightclubs and entertainment venues, centrally based in the Adelaide CBD.

perfect for a new operator able to work and grow the business further. Ongoing business management support will be provided. Vendor finance is also available.

This venue offers a magnificent setup, with two rooms with a capacity of 275 and a great special circumstances licence. The business has recently undergone extensive renovations, and enjoys a good and secure lease, low overheads, and excellent profits. There is also huge potential for improvement and expansion of the business,

This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, ideal for those with previous business management experience or a history of nightclub operation. For further information and financial details, please contact Charlie. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0431 118 272


price: Negotiable

Bars / Nightclubs



Unique Bar Business Well known business with a strong online presence in social media and very loyal customers for 5 years. Rated highly on Facebook, Dimmi, Yelp, Zomato and Tripadvisor. We are one of the ten best American style cocktail bars in Sydney with more than 60% female customers. This business has a very good location, 2 min walk from train station and a bus stop just outside the door. Great potential to further the business with a Liquor on-premises licence. We can do cafe, restaurant and bar. Bar Manager has 16 years experience, allowing for a well managed and easy to control business. We offer a classic food Menu which requires just one cook. One day training would be enough.

• Bar seats 50 people max. Kitchen, 2 toilets and storage in place. • The design and fitting of the bar was more than $200,000 when it first started. • A well designed website for the bar is included in the price. • Some function bookings will come from most months. Stock and equipment included in price. This is a great opportunity to enjoy and develop a unique business. If you are a serious buyer, please contact for more details. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0425 169 989


price: $150,000 Stock included - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 25

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Sydney Olympic Park


Small Bar Restaurant - Huge Potential Prime Area A great opportunity to purchase a fully licenced small bar in the heart of Sydney's premier event district - Olympic Park. This is a tightly held area and premises rarely become available. Busy location in the Commonwealth Bank building only 50 meters away from the train station. The business currently operates as a Mexican Cocktail Bar trading under a small bar licence with capacity for 60 people. This is one of only 43 small bar licences in NSW. Currently open for dinner only. Opportunity to expand into lunch, increase the food offering and/or coffee and desserts. Key highlights include: • Prime location in

the heart of Olympic Park • New high quality fit out • The most unique and visually appealing premises in the area • 105sqm indoor with approved outdoor seating area • Large bar area and large preparation kitchen • Very long lease with 8 years remaining • Currently operating Tuesday-Saturday • Licenced to 1 am. Lots of flexibility - can turn into a full fledged restaurant and increase seating, or perhaps introduce coffee and take advantage of the huge coffee trade in the area. Huge upside and potential in a growing area.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $250,000 + S.A.V. mob 0418 430 139

Beauty Salon

Western Sydney

Beauty Salon

Harris Park



Fully Established Modern Beauty Clinic

Established Laser Clinic with Existing Clientele Base

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $49,000 WIWO negotiable

price: $58,000 all inclusive

mob 0412 447 212

mob 0415 332 032

26 Australian Business For Sale ®


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Established and fully equipped Laser Clinic with existing clientele and excellent location in the booming Parramatta CBD. Opportunity to expand treatment to skin treatment, massage and other therapies depending on experience. Includes one treatment room, suited to use by the owner/operator, or can be managed by a senior therapist/laser technician. Flexible trading days and hours, with the business currently opening 4 days a week, up to 8pm. No restriction on trading hours. Rent only $1300 per month, and low electricity costs. All serious offers will be considered.

In operation since 2012, this popular beauty clinic has a regular clientele as well as receiving walk-ins, thanks to its modern fitout, full glass frontage and enviable location. The clinic offers the latest beauty treatments, from laser hair removal and cosmetic injectables & tattooing to facial & skin treatments and spray tanning. All stock and equipment necessary is included in the sale, alongside an already established website and dedicated team of trained staff. The premises is 60m² and includes five airconditioned rooms on a secure lease. This is the ideal opportunity for an owner/operator with an interest or experience in the beauty industry.

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 27

Beauty Salon


Bike and Motorcycle



Busy Beauty And Wellness Centre In Central Geraldton


Bike Shop

Established for 11.5 years with excellent, loyal clientele. Unique Wellness & Beauty salon offering extensive beauty therapies, natural therapies and holistic treatments including Acupuncture, IPL & Remedial Massage etc. Turnover of over $200,000 last financial year and growing. Excellent lease with 9 years remaining. Premise offers 4 treatment rooms, kitchen, small office, bathroom, waiting/relaxation room, laundry, extra toilet, reception/retail area. Therapists include employed Beauty Therapists and Receptionist. As well as various Holistic Therapists renting rooms. Optional extras not included in price IPL Machine + Micro Dermabrasion Machine. Selling because I am ready to peruse other interests. Willing to train/assist the buyer with take over.

Well respected Bike Shop in excellent location for sale. Same owners for 10 years are now looking to retire after building up business and gaining a loyal following of customers. Long lease available and room to expand. Off Street Parking. Price Negotiable plus stock and vehicle at additional cost.

price: $85,000 WIWO

price: Negotiable + S.A.V.

mob 0416 171 018

mob 0417 079 758


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Building and Construction



Unique Kit Home Manufacturing Business RAL Homes has been manufacturing and transporting high quality, easy to assemble modular kit homes to all parts of Australia and the Pacific for over 25 years. Price includes business, stock, machinery, equipment and freehold (2x allotments with 4x fully furnished display homes, offices and large factory).

equipment, and lease the freehold.Average gross turnover over the last eight years is nearly $800,000 p.a. Present and ongoing orders ensure sound profit potential for the future. Rare opportunity to acquire this fully established profitable business with potential to develop further.

Option to purchase the business, stock, machinery and Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 5352 2352


price: $1,500,000 freehold - all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 27

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 28

Building and Construction



Highly Profitable Independent Flooring Business recently been refurbished to the latest display standards, is located with prime exposure on the main road, with the warehouse (approximately 350m²) directly behind. A long lease is available. This is an opportunity to purchase a very successful business with no ongoing franchise fees and full training provided by the business owner. The purchase price includes fixtures, fittings, office equipment, plus all data, systems and procedures. Inclusion of company vehicles and forklift is optional (value of approximately $45,000). Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

Situated in the business hub of Brisbane North, only 5km from the CBD, this long established (10 years) and very profitable flooring business is located in an area recognised as one of the busiest flooring districts in South East Queensland. E-flooring has been in business since 2004 and has acquired a loyal and regular building clientele plus a solid passing trade. Current turnover is $1.6-1.8 million, with a trading stock of approximately $200,000. The business operates as a family business with no ties to any major chains or buying groups. Part of the merchandise is directly imported from overseas whilst the rest is locally sourced. The Showroom (approximately 270m²), which has

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3855 8107

mob 0414 658 370


price: $210,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

Building and Construction



Aluminium Window Manufacturing Business This business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone now for approximately 40 years, and under the current owner for the past 17 years. This business manufactures all forms of aluminium windows, patio sliding doors, shower screens, sliding wardrobe doors, security doors, aluminium The balastrading, mirrors and glass replacement. business employs seven full-time workers and one parttime worker. With virtually no local competition, this business has an excellent client base located in and around this town. Current turnover is approximately $1,200,000, with a running stock of approximately $70,000.

The sale includes: • A modern double cut saw for all aluminium frames • Two other, heavy duty saws • 2005 Nissan Navara • 2008 Isuzu flat tray truck • 2011 Hyundai van • 2-tonne fork lift • An extensive range of power and air tools, both in house and at the window frames manufacturing site. The manufacturing workshop is approximately 500 square metres, including the office space and a storage area of 60 square metres. The building is located in a central area within the town and there is a long lease available with the current owner. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 346 317 28 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $220,000 + S.A.V. WIWO

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 29

Building and Construction



Great Potential / Growth Area An opportunity to purchase an established (17 years) Building & Construction company that has attained a solid record of growth through quality work and reliability. The current owner started the business in 1999, specialising in all forms of concrete work and building modifications. Operating with a good mix of both project contracts plus maintenance contracts, the Company has maintained a consistent workflow through the good times and the tough times. The Construction Company is located in the coastal city of Gladstone, in the state of Queensland, approx. 550km north of Brisbane, the state capital. The Company provides maintenance and project construction services to the major industrial companies based in Gladstone. These include Queensland Alumina Ltd, Gladstone Power Station, Cement Aust., Gladstone Water Board, the Mater Hospital & Gladstone Airport Corporation. One of the key attributes of this profitable business are its flexibility and adaptability, which enables it to service the needs of many different types of operations, both large and small. The Company has an average gross turnover of $2.5Mil, with a workforce of 12 - 15 employees (concreters, formsetters, steelfixers, carpenters & plumbers). A substantial amount of well maintained equipment is included in the purchase price: • Isuzu 20T HR tray truck • Ford Trader tiptruck • Mazda BT50 utility • Toyota Hilux utility • Yanmar 5T excavator • John Deere skid-steer loader

• • • • • •

Isuzu NPR200 light truck Holden rodeo utility Kia K2700 utility Nissan Navarra utility Kubota 3T excavator TCM 2T forklift

The construction business operates from premises located on a 4,200sqm industrial property which would be available for lease. This property would also be available for purchase if required, Price On Application. Current Owner only selling due to other commitments. Further information & financial details would be provided upon inspection and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0409 260 542


price: $410,000 Transition and Training Period to be Negotiated

Australian Business For Sale ® 29

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 30

Building and Construction

Concrete Cutting and Demolition Business This well established concrete cutting and demolition business is conveniently located in west Adelaide’s busy industrial district and boasts an excellent customer base. The sale includes a number of specialist tools and equipment, including: • 3 x road and floor saws • 7 x quick cut saws • 4 x ring saws • 1 x chainsaw • 2 x Husqvarna hydraulic power packs • 1 x Hydraulic quick cut and ring saw • 2 x generators • 1 x Husqvarna soft cutting machine • 5 x core drills with rings • Core bits from 18mm to 600mm • Diamond blades up to 900mm • Electric and hydraulic jack hammers • Hino tipper



• Kubota 3.5 ton excavator (recently serviced, only done 2500 hours) • 2 x HiAce vans • 10 x 5 foot trailer The owner is selling due to plans to move overseas. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0425 884 897


price: $110,000 + G.S.T. negotiable

Building and Construction



Be Your Own Boss - Hobart’s Leading Wardrobe Business Wonderful Wardrobes is Hobart’s longest established and most successful wardrobe business. After 25 years the owners are now ready to retire, and offer a full training program as part of the sale.

with consistent turnover. High brand recognition and potential to expand state-wide. Good lease with market rent. The showroom is outstanding, and the workshop has been well-maintained with good equipment levels.

Wonderful Wardrobes would suit a carpenter/joiner who is fed up with working for wages, or a builder who would like to add value to their business. Demonstrated profitability

Three vans are also included. Strong website, Facebook and online presence. Highly skilled staff and contractors complete the package.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0411 090 328 30 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $350,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 31

Building and Construction



Scaffolding/Edge Protection Owner Retiring Long established and successful Scaffolding Business (over 15 years) that is unique and highly profitable. The Business is versatile in that it provides a comprehensive range of high safety solutions to the construction and roofing industry. It provides Edge Protection, Void Platforms and Scaffolding Systems that meet Australian Standards and Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. It has a reputation for undertaking difficult and complicated jobs often small in size at very attractive profit margins. The Business is currently based at Nerang on the Gold Coast but could be easily relocated as it operates a 1300 phone number and has a strong presence through its website. It has a large and diversified client base that includes:- builders, roofing contractors, real estate agents, insurance companies, local authorities, private individuals and body corporate maintenance works. It operates from the Northern Rivers in NSW to the Greater Brisbane Area and the Western Corridor to Ipswich. The business has a dedicated loyal management team that controls the day to day operations, with the owners overseeing the financial side of the business. The purchase includes a substantial inventory of Plant and Equipment and Motor Vehicles. Turnover for FY2016 was $2.5Mil with EBITDA of $850K plus substantial depreciation allowances. Estimated Turnover for FY2017 is $3.0Mil Plus with EBITDA of $1.0Mil. This is an excellent opportunity for an Interstate Business to expand into S.E. Queensland. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection(by appointment)and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0439 621 118


price: $3,000,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 31

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 32




Busy Established Cafe in the Heart of Kyneton Located in the middle of Kyneton’s main street, this established and profitable cafe is surrounded by local business, schools, and banks, as well as a shopping centre at the rear access of the cafe, giving the cafe plenty of foot traffic. The cafe seats 50 people comfortably inside, and also includes a leafy courtyard that seats an additional 30 people. It has a restaurant/cafe license for up to 130 people.

Average weekly profit is around $15,000, with the cafe selling 25 kilos of coffee, and another 4 kilos of tea and hot chocolate. The business comes with a long twelve year lease and very reasonable rent. As the cafe is fully staffed and operational, a suitable buyer would be able to simply walk in and take over. For more information, please contact Joe. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 971 619


price: $300,000 negotiable - all inclusive




Successful Country Cafe Cafe Aroma on Kariboe is a successful business that has been operating for over 20 years in the country town of Biloela, situated 120km from Gladstone and 140km from Rockhampton. The Cafe prides itself on its high quality beverages and food, serving Lavazza Coffee and T2 Tea alongside a wide selection of cakes, tarts, muffins and other homemade baked goods. Breakfast is served from 7.30am11am, and lunch is available until 3:30pm. With a wide customer base of locals, tradesmen, tourists and business workers, the Cafe has a large number of daily repeat customers. Its central location on the main shopping strip,

Kariboe Street, means that the Cafe also enjoys a large amount of foot traffic. It is currently open 6 days a week, and run by a hard working and reliable group of staff. The Cafe has a fully equipped kitchen that has only recently been renovated and extended. There is seating for 25 inside, including upstairs, and an additional 30 outside. This business is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to take over a successful business with solid financials. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and when confidentiality requirements have been completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0422 786 602 32 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $140,000 WIWO negotiable

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 33






Ice Creamery and Self Serve Frozen Yoghurt Cafe


Iconic Ballina Cafe

This is a unique, easy-to-run ice cream store with the added bonus of self serve frozen yoghurt and toppings, a sandwich bar, a deep fryer, a grill, a pie warmer and an oven, all utilised during cooler months. Located in prime Bendigo CBD location, adjacent to the iconic fountain and directly below Bendigo Adelaide Bank Head Office housing approximately 900 staff. Seating inside for over 20, al fresco footpath seating permit for 24. Excellent lease in place ($32,550 PA including GST) with 4 years to run and an option for another 5 years, 3% annual increases. Stock approximate value $7,000, all included. All equipment comes with the business.

Brewsters Cafe is Ballina’s oldest cafe, with a lengthy trading history in an excellent and highly visible location in the heart of River Street, Ballina. The cafe has now been trading in the same location for 27 years, and has a loyal and regular customer base of both local patrons and interstate holiday-makers. Turnover is over $500,000 per annum, and a long lease is currently in place. Further potential for increasing profits exists, as the current owners only work part-time, and trading hours may also be extended.

price: $165,000 WIWO negotiable

price: $249,000 WIWO

mob 0415 041 217

bh (02) 6681 6390 mob 0400 811 221


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Magnetic Island


Beachfront Cafe on Tropical Island Café Nourish is located on the beachfront in Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island, Queensland. Operating as a gluten-free restaurant, coffee shop, smoothie and juice bar for many years, the cafe is an ideal place to unwind and indulge in freshly prepared gourmet delights for breakfast or lunch. A range of dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo selections are also offered. Café Nourish also provides wedding and event catering, and the owners have also used the café as a venue for fund raisers, art exhibitions and other community events. Since its establishment, business has

grown steadily, with the cafe currently operating 6 days of the week, and open every day of the year except Christmas. Peak tourist times are June-November, and there is opportunity to expand trading hours and days. The business has an open, clean and functional ordering and prep area, with plenty of work stations. The kitchen has recently been refitted with industrial strength catering tiles. All plant and equipment are modern and functional. Further information and financial details are available subject to the completion of a confidentiality agreement. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0438 356 569


price: $199,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 33

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 28/07/2016 11:17 Page 34




Iconic Yamba Café Located in the heart of Yamba, this high profile and extremely busy café is situated in one of the best positions on offer with an established local and holiday clientele. The business has enjoyed continued growth over the past 5 years under its current owner, currently trading from breakfast until the mid-afternoon, with the option to open at nights. It has a prized reputation for quality food, coffee and a relaxing atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating available. The cafe also has a number of catering clientele in place, with a solid demand for expansion. The

cafe can be run under management, with a register designed to link with stocktake, EFTPOS and takings in place, as well as a security camera system. Current staff include a full time chef and up to 6 other staff members. The ongoing lease will be transferred to the new owner on the sale of the business, with renewal options available. This business presents the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to live and work in the relaxed coastal village environment that Yamba has to offer. For further information and financial details, please contact Michelle. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0403 188 385


price: $250,000 WIWO


Newly Renovated Muffin Break Muffin Break is a popular and well-established brand, renowned for their fresh food, wraps, cakes, quiches and muffins, all of which are baked daily on site, as well as being an Australian favourite for great coffee. The store is located in the largest shopping centre in regional NSW, and enjoys a prime location in the food court, close to both Woolworths and Aldi. Rent is one of the lowest amongst the cafes in the shopping centre, and this low rent combined with high profits has been key to the business’ success. A new lease has recently been agreed upon, valid until 2020. The store is fully equipped with oven, fridges and freezers, as well as a new dishwasher, pie oven, freezer, blender and microwaves. This is an excellent opportunity to become a part of a well established brand in a busy shopping centre with high



pedestrian foot traffic and a large number of regular and loyal customers. All training and support will be provided by head office, and so is an ideal acquisition even for those with little to no experience in hospitality and customer service. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0430 505 307 34 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $550,000

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 35




City Cafe By The Sea This is a unique business opportunity to acquire a busy, well-established cafe on the beautiful south coast of NSW, featured on Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender program. Frequented primarily by locals, a solid weekly trade sustains this great little cafe. Operating 7 days a week, the cafe uses 45kg of coffee per week plus retail. Easy to run, it is currently operated under part time management, and is a profitable ongoing concern with a healthy annual net return of approximately 20%.

The cafe seats 20 people inside and out with a small but productive kitchen serving an innovative menu and excellent coffee. The decor and fit-out have a modern industrial feel with a great vibe. The rent is very reasonable at around 5% of costs for a main road location, and the business comes with a new 3 x 3 year lease with excellent terms. The vendor is selling due to other business interests. Full training and vendor finance are available. For further information, please contact Craig. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0404 471 469


price: $350,000 + S.A.V. mob 0415 439 150 - Paul




Unique Cafe & Retail Business in Bendigo This is a fabulous opportunity to buy a unique retail and cafe combination, with old world charm, including an open fire. This business, which has been running for over 15 years with only 2 owners, serves great coffee, using award winning specialty coffee beans and home style food. It also has Giftware, Antique and Vintage furniture and collectables. With a very relaxing ambiance, this business is easy to run and would be a great business for a couple. 2 people only are required most of the time to run this business. It is located in central Bendigo, with

plenty of foot traffic and loyal customer base. Reasonable rent, a new 5 year has recently been signed with a further 10 years of options. Inspection will impress. Bendigo is a fast growing regional centre that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. This vibrant regional city is only a short drive or train ride to Melbourne so all the attractions of Melbourne are easily within reach. Bendigo is an ideal place to make a tree change and grow the business with the growing population. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0438 503 688


price: $120,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 35

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 36


Mona Vale


Boutique Café Outstanding Reputation Excellent Location Established for 7 years this popular and central eatery is well known and loved by loyal locals. Emphasis on fresh produce and quality ingredients to provide healthy, wholesome food, specialising in Gluten Free breakfast and lunch. Eat in: 60% Takeaway: 40%. Positioned in a small shopping arcade off Mona Vale’s main street. Close to schools and hospitals in dense residential belt of Northern Beaches. Homely, warm, bright and inviting with new upholstered window seat and beautiful cushions. Hot lunches including addictive frittatas, quiches, risotto cakes and salads, filled baguettes, wraps and irresistible sweets all homemade. Molinari Coffee Selling10 kilos – which can be greatly improved. Spacious kitchen

suitable for wholesaling and catering, recently refurbished with new Goldstein double oven gas stove and new pass through Hobart commercial dishwasher. All equipment including walk-in cool room owned outright., except coffee machine which is supplied and serviced by Molinari. Easy to run with excellent systems in place including all recipes. Professionally designed website Good 5 x 5 lease conditions. Excellent opportunity for an owner operator as the price is well below setting up cost. Reluctant sale due to personal reasons. Owner will train for smooth transition. Enormous room for expansion and growth. Ideally suited for a couple who can run it with just some casual help. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 186 170


price: $89,000 WIWO


Nelly Bay

Car Wash




Mix a great relaxed lifestyle with making a nice living working in your own Cafe. Currently operating as a popular breakfast & lunch cafe/takeaway with a great reputation for good barista-made coffee. This opportunity is NOT going to last long. Trading figures are solid and rising. Great earning potential by opening longer hours. Recently refurbished and fitted out with new equipment (some of which is under rental contract) the cafe is beautifully appointed and set in a tropical courtyard. Currently operated by father and son team, we have decided to move on as we have commitments elsewhere and need to sell up & relocate.

No Franchise Fee! Best time to “buy” a car wash business. Being on the prime corner location and right opposite to Woolworths, in walking distance to Coles, Aldi, the major banks, Medical Clinics and many more, makes this business very convenient for the customers. Over 10 000 customers on the database. Long lease (2+5+5+5). 16 Security Cameras that allow you to watch from anywhere in the world! Financial information will be given after an inspection. If you are a sole trader or partners or a family want to run your own business and tired of working for someone else, this is the right opportunity. Call Ozzie.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $45,000 WIWO negotiable

price: $260,000 negotiable

bh (07) 4758 1444 mob 0419 843 784

mob 0412 710 999

36 Australian Business For Sale ®


Hand Car Wash on a Prime Corner


Popular Cafe on a Tropical Island

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 37

Car & Truck Wash

Car/Truck and Dog Wash on Major Highway

Central Tablelands


Huge opportunity to purchase an established but as new Car & Truck Wash located in the rural township of Blayney. The current owner, who has substantial interests in the area, is willing to provide vendor finance up to $50,000 plus training and advice. Blayney is situated in the Central Tablelands of NSW, 240km from Sydney and 35km from the regional city of Bathurst, with a population of 40,000. The Car and Truck Wash is only 4 years old, purpose built and the only one of its kind in the area. It has a continual and growing loyal clientele. This is an easy business to run, either under management or by an owner/operator and requires minimal staff with all systems and operational procedures in place. There are 2 car wash bays, 2 truck bays with elevated platforms, semi-trailer bay with full height platforms and undercarriage cleaner, 2 undercover car vacuums, free standing combination vacuum for semis, and state of the art dog wash bay. There is a coffee vending machine, drink and food vending machine, coin change machine and ATM, plus toilets and shower facilities. All wash bays take fleet and loyalty cards, credit cards and cash. The site is secured by alarms and 27 security cameras. At night the facility is brilliantly lit ensuring visibility, safety and 24hr service. Blayney and the surrounding region is a growing area of rural Australia. Blayney Foods is the largest inland frozen food warehouse in the southern hemisphere. One of the largest sheep and cattle sale yards in Australia is 10min away. Not far from the largest gold mine in Australia. Blayney has all the required facilities and amenities for comfortable country living. Further information and financial details available on inspection (by appointment) and confidentiality requirements being completed.

price: $845,000 WIWO freehold mob 0408 682 969

445793 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 37

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 38

Car Wash



Only Public Drive-Thru Truck Wash in Sydney! Unique opportunity to acquire the only drive-thru truck wash in Sydney. Current customers include Toll, Linfox, Scotts, Finemore, Visy and 90 others with a large unexplored database. My Truck Wash Xpress established, developed and launched the Smithfield site with the latest Interclean drive-thru truck wash technology in May 2012. Current turnover $398k pa and should achieve over $200k profit per annum within 3 years. Price of $600,000 represents less than 50% of the amount invested! The attractions of the drive-thru truck wash business model include: • High margin. The margins range between 50% and 90%.

• Annuity revenue. Most trucks return to us to get washed fortnightly. • Increasing environmental and brand drivers encouraging owners to keep their fleets clean. The truck wash is based on a weighbridge site with regular traffic through the site. This site is in the heart of Sydney’s industrial area. The rent is currently $7,580 per month. Term: 5 years. With 3 further 5 year options. Facebook: Youtube: Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 450 154


price: $600,000 leasehold - all inclusive

Camping & Hiking Equipment



Opportunity Knocks Large Growing Area Independently owned Rubber and Foam store, well respected in area, established 17 yrs at current main street location. Parking at front and rear of shop. Local Directory advertising, 5.5 days per week, no Public Holidays, no Franchise fees. Lease expires January 2018 plus 3 year option. Only Rubber and Foam shop in area, Sevicing Retail, Trade, Schools, Councils, Water Board, Health Care, Selling all types of Australian made Quality Foam Mattress, Upholstery Foam, Foam Overlays, Insertion Rubbers and Extrusions. Agent for Rare Spares (Car, Truck & Caravan seals). Opportunity to take business to the next level with new energetic owner operator. All shelving, racking,

computer equipment, 1000 kg walk behind forklift ( no licence required ) and all stock. Annual turnover above $200,000. Current owners will stay on to train new owners, as well we are not leaving area(only a phone call away) easy business to learn, earn as you learn with existing customer base. No previous experience needed, 1 on call casual wishing to stay as well. You may be asked to provide proof of ability to fund this purchase before detailed financials are provided. Non disclosure document would need to be signed before financials are released. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 383 011 38 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $235,000 all inclusive - stock included

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 13:35 Page 39

Caravan Park

Central West


Great Location/Solid Business A long established freehold Caravan Park currently operated by a husband & wife team who are now looking to retirement. The Country Club Caravan Park is located in the historic and attractive country township of Forbes, near the busy Newell Highway, in the Central West of NSW. The Caravan Park is situated directly opposite the Forbes Golf Club and close to the centre of town. The Park is set on 3 ½ acres of landscaped lawns and gardens. It has 19 cabins, 21 powered sites with lots of room for unpowered sites. Other features include air conditioning, wireless internet, BBQ and guest laundry facilities, undercover parking and all sealed roads. The spacious cabins have been recently renovated and the laundry has new commercial equipment enabling linen laundering on site. The business caters to a diverse clientele, besides the large number of tourists that frequent the town and the various attractions throughout the region. Being on a main highway, Forbes is a convenient stopover for the numerous contractors and commercial travellers that rest over between Adelaide or Melbourne on their way north to Brisbane. The Caravan Park comes with a comfortable 3 bedroom residence, lots of living area and private yard, 2 car garage and an office. The Business has a proven track record over many years with solid returns for the current owners. The current turnover for 2015/2016 approx $300K comes from steady year round business. Forbes is a friendly and welcoming country town. With a population of 8,500 plus, the district is a cropping area where wheat and other cereal crops are grown. The town is on the banks of the Lachlan River and is about 380 Km west of Sydney. It has good shopping, cafes, restaurants, hospital, medical and sporting facilities, plenty of schools and a technical college plus all the desired amenities for comfortable country living. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (02) 6852 1957

mob 0419 304 548


price: $1,300,000 WIWO freehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 39

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 40

Caravan Park



Blue Gem Tourist Park An opportunity to purchase a successful and established tourist related business that has continually grown with the increasing popularity of the area. Blue Gem Tourist Park is a multifaceted business located in the Central Queensland township of Sapphire. The Park is situated on 2.15 acres (8,777m2), and has 40 powered caravan sites within a lawned area and landscaped gardens. There is also cabin accommodation available plus a popular railway carriage. The Caravan Park has a modern and well appointed amenities block with separate male and female facilities, plus washing machines and dryers. The Business also provides hire fossicking equipment to the adventurous fortune hunters that frequent the Sapphire Fossicking Park and is the main supplier of fossicking licences and camping permits in the Gemfields. The profitable Convenience Store/Takeaway has a loyal local clientele throughout the year that expands to 300 customers a day in the peak winter months. The Service Station is always busy supplying fuel and gas refills. The store also carries a range of jewellery and souvenirs and provides comprehensive tourist information to its frequent visitors. The overall turnover of the total business is approx $1.7 Mil with the Tourist Park continuing to have strong forward bookings. It has operating stock of approx $60K. Substantial capital outlays ($200K+) in the last 2 years have been spent on upgrades to the parking area, the service station, air conditioning plus a backup generator. The business is currently run by a husband and wife team with some skilled local staff. This is a very profitable business and is only offered for sale due to family health reasons. Blue Gem Tourist Park provides a great lifestyle and a guaranteed income and could also be a suitable acquisition for a person or family looking to migrate to Australia through the purchase of a business. Negotiable vendor terms could be available to a suitable buyer. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

mob 0427 595 333 40 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $1,200,000 + S.A.V. - freehold

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 41

Caravan Park



Caravan Park & Takeaway Fish n Chips Coffee Shop Well established Take Away & Coffee Shop and convenience store. Located on the main road of Bicheno. Full refurbishment in the last 3 years, 18 seat new coffee shop with 4 head coffee machine. Fully renovated, 2 bedroom upstairs residence and large carpark. This is a well established business with a great turn over and tourist trade, open 7 days a week. Well serviced by the locals and passing trade. Excellent equipped kitchen with 3 gas fryers, large gas griddle and oven. Large amount fridge and

freezers, ample bench space and all near new. Large storeroom included. Business would suit couple to run or keep on casual staff for the busy summer trade and still get a very good return. All figures and turn over available. There is a 20 site caravan park at rear of shop, total land size is 3700m², shop and caravan park together total turn over is approx $700-$800k per year. Price freehold is $995,000 + SAV. Would consider selling business and ‘Lease’ option. Please contact owners for all information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0458 196 088 - Debbie

mob 0407 083 726 - Greg


price: $995,000 freehold + S.A.V.




North Queensland’s Best Equipped Catering Business Known for its excellent and reliable customer service, this business also prides itself on catering of the highest quality, catering for all events from conferences, weddings, school graduations, balls, parties, BBQs and more. Numbers catered for range from 30 up to 2000 guests. Offering competitive, high quality and affordable packages, the business offers customisable menus to suit a wide range of customer requirements. Having obtained a large customer database with many loyal and repeat customers, the business currently services

Townsville and the surrounding areas, but has the potential to cater beyond this parameter, as well as to branch out into events management or hire. A reliable and hard-working team of staff is already in place. The canteen operates Monday to Friday from 8am until 1pm alongside catering to external events. Over $200,000 in vehicles and equipment is being sold along with the business, as well as all stock up to $5000. This includes 2 refrigerated vans, 1 mobile catering kitchen complete with ovens, a deep-fryer, grills, and fridges. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4478 4384


price: all inclusive - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 41

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 42




Wood Fired Pizza To enable us to take on further opportunities we are offering this high cash flow business for sale. Everything included to operate within council guidelines and regulations with all required training and support required along with all future bookings.

Easily make in excess of $700/hr working at music festivals, Shows and events with so much room for expansion. Or you can just make a healthy income catering to parties and events in your home town. Work where and when you want not when you are told to.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 637 708


price: $48,000 negotiable - stock included


Iconic North Shore Ladieswear Boutique Betty Annette has been trading at the same address for over 70 years and is considered an institution on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The current owner has worked in the business for 25 years and took ownership in 2002. The store has a fantastic and extremely loyal client base, with 3rd and 4th generation customers continuing to shop. The store’s primary target market is ladies over the age of 50 and children between 0-7 years, specialising in providing underwear, hosiery, sleepwear, casual separates and after-5 clothing and accessories. The store also offers haberdashery, ribbons, handkerchiefs and small giftware alongside this extensive range. With the 50+ market expanding rapidly, there is plenty of opportunity for a new owner looking to expand and grow the business, both in the Cammeray store and through the preexisting online shop.



The current owner is reluctantly selling due to plans for retirement, but is willing to provide training and support through the transition period for the new owner/operator. For further information and financial details, please contact Amanda. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0407 276 345 42 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $15,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 43


Western Sydney


Spitroast Catering Looking for a 3 day a week business in the food industry? Look no further. A 27 year old fully established business in Spit Roast Catering has become available for the first time. Original owner wanting to retire. This is an opportunity to purchase a unique cash flow business with all catering functions fully paid in advance. It has a large repeat clientele with deposits paid and bookings made already through to December 2016. Mulgoa Spitroast has been operated in Sydney’s Western Suburbs by a husband and wife team, along with some casual staff when required on weekends. The Business caters to functions of a minimum 50 guests up to several hundred (largest has been 880). All forward bookings will be transferred to the purchaser along with equipment, including a sign written Delivery Van, Cool Room, Spitroast Ovens, BBQ gear, plates and cutlery plus lots more, all included in the price. This will enable the purchaser to start trading and making money from day one. The current owners will be on hand to offer training and advice to ensure this successful business continues with the great reputation that it has built up over 27 years. Mulgoa Spitroast provides varying menus with a selection of hot dishes, salads and desserts. Currently, the Business is operated on weekends only, but there is definitely the potential to trade during the week. Another facet of the Business is catering at various markets, special events and festivals. These provide a huge boost to overall cashflow. Some National Day Festivals, where beef and pork rolls are supplied, are attended by several thousand people. This is a brilliant Business and it can be run from anywhere within the Greater Sydney area. Plenty of forward, prepaid bookings and the potential for further growth in the future. Mulgoa Spitroast has a great website that also goes with the purchase. Further information plus financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (02) 4773 8910

mob 0407 093 884


price: $140,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 43

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 44


Topnotch Lounge Care For the past 9 years, Topnotch Lounge Care has been servicing Southeast Queensland, and in particular the Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas. The business provides excellent customer service in leather cleaning and conditioning, leather repairs, leather recolouring, manual and electric recliner repairs and fabric protection. This business is currently operating 3 - 4 weekdays each week. Work is onsite in customers’ homes and enjoys strong repeat business. Overheads are low to none, and there is no rent to pay nor a landlord as it is completely mobile. The sale includes two fully equipped vans, pre-stocked with 3 months worth of leather cleaning products, manual recliner parts, electric recliner parts including lift chair parts, and fabric protection. It also includes all trademarks, all intellectual property



including licensing agreement documents, 4 domains, and a 1300- and 1800- phone number. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a steady turnover in a turnkey business with ready-to-sell licensing agreements. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 000 813


price: $135,000 negotiable - stock included




Successful Commercial Cleaning Business Successful, established, high profitable and easily managed Cleaning business operating in the Top end. Suitable for a hands on or hands-off owner involvement, this business provides a broad range of cleaning services for all types of commercial & domestic customers: • Easily managed, relaxed & comfortable lifestyle. Work as little or as much as you like. • Around 16 years established in the growing city of Darwin and its surrounds, with ability to expand beyond. • Offering a broad range of cleaning services covering all aspects of commercial cleaning from office cleaning, vacant house cleaning, Carpet steam cleaning and pressure cleaning • Solid reputation with a broad customer base consisting of

government, education, property management, commercial and domestic premises. • Strong growth trends with annual turnover doubled to the million dollar mark in last 6 years. • Profit margins 20-30% net profit. • Current owner working from home. However business can be operated from anywhere. • Systems & Procedures in place. • Easily learned management & operational • team of key people & cleaning staff. • Designed to be as busy or relaxed as the operator wishes. • Massive untapped opportunities to market & promote. Large marketing budget available to boost sales for new owners. • All cleaning equipment & vehicles in good condition & working order. • Owner looking to sell to “retire” overseas Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0403 423 518 44 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $600,000 negotiable - all inclusive

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 45




Boat Harbour Marine This is a great opportunity for that lifestyle and sea change you have always wanted complete with a long established and successful business. The Chandlery is ideally situated on the busy Scarborough Marina, with street frontage and plenty of parking, in an area that has a growing boating population. The Chandlery provides a comprehensive range of quality marine products and equipment plus bait, tackle and ice. It caters for small to medium sized vessels both power and sail and the amateur fisherman. The Chandlery also offers a rigging service to all boat and home owners. Current turnover approx $870,000. The purchase price includes all stock (approx $250K), fixtures and fittings, machinery and all the tools required for the running of the Chandlery. An inventory is available on request. The computer system is networked between four computers and the software and hardware have been replaced in the last twelve months. It operates using MYOB Retail Manager POS software. The shop floor (198 sq mts) and perimeter has around the clock security monitoring. A Mercedes van with business wrap is also included. More canal development is underway and there are four marinas all within walking distance.This is the only hardstand chandlery between Brisbane and Mooloolaba. The owners in the past 15 years have transformed the business into a thriving enterprise. With long term staff as well as the owners, the Chandlery, which is open seven days a week, is well equipped to offer solutions to most people’s problems. Scarborough is only 30Km northeast of Brisbane and a residential suburb of the Moreton Bay region, one of the fastest growing areas of Brisbane. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (07) 3880 0111


price: $475,000 O.N.O. - WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 45

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 28/07/2016 11:40 Page 46


East Perth





Profitable POS Systems

Cosmetic Tattoo & Advance Skin Treatment Studio This very well know, highly recommended Advance Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Treatment Studio. Extremely well established very loyal clientele- owner more than happy to train the right person in Cosmetic Tattooing. Suitable for advanced Therapist or someone wanting to run and own busy business. Turn over between $7,000 + per/wk up $12,000per/week with huge option of growth in the right hands! Huge client rapport with other promotional companies - we have been very successful with our campaigns FB - InstaGram etc. All Staff Training and are highly qualified Dermal Therapists.

This is a well established and very profitable IT and POS Business, providing exclusive software, equipment and support services to specialised POS and SME vertical markets. With an excellent reputation for quality solutions, this business has accepted exclusivity in reselling multiple vertical market software and hardware solutions in WA. Annual gross profit is over $120,000, with opportunities existing for future growth through the newly released SaaS platforms and existing service and maintenance agreements. The Business can easily be run from a suitably equipped home office environment and allows for flexible working hours and conditions, with no inventory requirement.

price: $320,000 negotiable - all incl.

price: $250,000 all inclusive

mob 0401 579 284


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Commercial Laundry

Gold Coast


Successful Commercial Laundry Long established, family owned Commercial Laundry business is now for sale for the first time in 15 years. With long term commercial clients in place & current owners securing more every week, this business is in an exciting phase of its development. Currently running a single 1/2 day shift over 5 days, there is huge potential to double or even triple output with the addition of more shifts. The Plant & Equipment are fully compliant with all relevant AS/NZ standards, and the

business is now ready for new owners to make some serious money from this smooth running operation. Highly skilled, long term, dedicated staff in place to help with the transition for the new owners to continue this business's growing success. The owners are also willing to give their time to show you how to run this business successfully. For further information on this exciting opportunity, please call Karen or Dale to arrange a confidentiality agreement. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0450 808 508 46 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $780,000 negotiable - O.N.O.

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Commercial Property

Retail Residential Investment Property - NSW Ski Fields This retail and residential property is well located in a highly visible location in the main street of Berridale on the main road to the NSW skifields. The town includes Council offices, a hotel, club, service station, cafe, bakery, ski hires, post office and winery. Cooma, the main commercial centre of the Snowy Mountains is 20 minutes drive north and Jindabyne is 20 minutes drive south of Berridale with the NSW Skifields only 40 minutes drive away. The two-storey building includes two retail shops on the ground floor plus a first floor residence with 3 bedrooms, study, kitchen/dining, living areas, bathroom; a large yard with garage. Commercial premises - previously the local general store. The total net lettable area is some 310m², Two ground floor commercial premises are currently leased Shop 1 260m²: Clothing/Variety Store with two main display rooms, store and cool room. Shop 2 47m² : Pharmacy Located in the heart of Berridale CBD - 100% leased to three



tenants – 2 commercial leases & 1 residential lease Pharmacy Lease – commercial lease – 3+2 Clothing/Variety Store – commercial lease – 2+2 Residential tenant – twelve-month residential lease Gross Weekly Income $490.00 - Recent upgrades to building Solid commercial/residential investment opportunity. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $390,000

mob 0421 707 109


WC Consulting This consultancy business is an auditor for Private Health Funds, Code of Conduct and Code of Practice for all 32 participating funds, as well as the Intermediaries Code of Conduct. The business has been operating for 10 years, with a gross turnover of between $250,000-$350,000 per annum. As the business can be run from home, there is no lease or building costs, and there is also the option of running the business either from Australia or from overseas.



The business currently operates with 2 staff.

bh 0404 276 203

mob 0407 276 023


price: $750,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 47

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LICENSED INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT – LUCRATIVE, FULFILLING CAREER Make A Difference To People’s Lives Distributing Our Proven, Regulated Investment Products You Will Need:

Top 5 Reasons To Join:

1. Exceptionally lucrative in virtually untapped niche in the financial services industry nationally & o/seas. 2. Proven, high demand products with market leading value proposition. Operating under an Australian Financial Services License. 3. Cutting Edge Sales System. Exemplary training, coaching and support.

1. The ability to become a Corporate Authorised Representative of our AFSL. You will need to complete three online training modules to do this. 2. An existing network of potential investors.

3. A proven track record in Business Development with demonstrable past success in onboarding new clients on a consistent basis.

4. Fulfilling and rewarding business.

5. Your business will require relationship maintenance only within 3 years to achieve your monthly recurring income goals.


Convenience Store

River Heads


IGA in Major Tourist Area This IGA Express is located in the growing area of River Heads, which also functions as the transfer point for the over 700,000 tourists travelling to Fraser Island every year. The IGA provide groceries, fresh meat and fruit and vegetables, alongside hot food cooked in the equipped commercial kitchen, ice, bait and tackle. The store also holds an Australia Post agent and an ATM. All equipment is fully maintained and in excellent condition.

Established more than ten years ago, the store has an annual turnover of over $100,000. It is run by an owner and five casual staff members. The store is 250 square meters, and enjoys the benefits of low rent costs and its location in a local shopping centre with ample parking. This business would ideally suit a single owner/operator or a family.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4125 8111 48 Australian Business For Sale ®

fax (07) 4125 8120

mob 0427 233 043


price: $250,000 + S.A.V.

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Day Spa



Cosmetic Clinic and Day Spa Located in Mildura, this multiple award winning business has been operating with high profit margins for 14 years, offering an extensive range of services allowing for multiple income streams. This leading business has over 22,000 customers on database, a full online store for extra sales Australia wide and its own branded high profit range of mineral makeup and skincare. The business has an extensive marketing plan in place that includes quality television advertisements, a website, facebook site, blog, SMS marketing and more. Extensive branding is in place throughout the business, and trade marks are in place for the business name and logo. Annual

turnover is in excess of $1 million. The sale includes quality plant and equipment - including an IPL machine (new 2013), Nd Yag Laser (new 2013), Versaspa, 2 microdermabrasion machines, Far Infra Red Cocoon, Double Spa, Athlegen electric beds, skin analysis technology, an electrolysis machine and more. The building has flexible lease options and long terms are available. It includes 6 undercover staff car parks, 13 rooms including a medical procedure room, a reception and retail area, an office, and other amenities. Further information and financial details available upon application. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 801 052


price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.


South Perth


Gourmet Supermarket, Delicatessen and Cafe This iconic Perth business has been operating for 20 lucrative years, offering high quality fresh fruit and vegetables and high end groceries to the public, alongside a gourmet delicatessen with imported cheeses and a cafe lunch bar. The business is located on a busy corner in a middle-high socio-economic area, and is surrounded by three schools. The store has recently undergone a modern, high-quality fit out, and features a floor space of 349m², a cafe seating

area for up to 20 people, and ample car park bays. Serving around 750 customers per day, the business has a turnover of approximately $128,000 per week, or $6.7 million per annum, and an average EBITDA for the past 2 years of $766,385. A long lease is available. The present owner is selling due to plans for retirement, but is willing to aid in the transition of the business. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0409 473 355


price: $2,100,000 + S.A.V. All Inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 49

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Coffee Retail and Wholesale Business Coffee Group Mildura is a unique coffee wholesale/retail business with a solid customer base over a 250 km radius in North West Victoria, with the potential for further growth. Established in 2009, the business has seen impressive growth under its current ownership over the past 4 years. The business owns the distribution rights to premium coffee brands including Grinders, Lavazza, Mahalia and Tea Drop, and is the Australian distributor for Grimac and Fiorenzato coffee machines. It currently has an excellent online presence through its own website and Facebook, and also has a

marketing plan already in place, including quality television advertisements. Currently trading 5 days per week from a large, modern and well-presented retail showroom, the business has a T/O in excess of $1 million per annum. The sale also includes a well-equipped warehouse with all plant, equipment and spare parts for the repair and maintenance of coffee machines, and 2 delivery/service vehicles. Flexible lease options are available for both the showroom and warehouse. Requires 2-3 full-time staff to operate. The current owner is selling due to plans to pursue other interests. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0428 246 901




price: P.O.A.


All States


Bubble Tea Wholesale & Retail Distribution The company was incorporated in 2007 to offer a one stop shop for high quality bubble tea and frozen yoghurt ingredients/supplies. The business operates through a well established e-commerce solution from which orders can be placed by buyers at any time from anywhere in Australia. Selling due to retirement/ overseas relocation. The sale includes all stocks/fixtures plus training and manuals. Lot of expansion opportunities. Gross Turnover: > 600k. Lease term is on monthly basis. Very lean operation needing 4 hours per day for packing and distribution. The orders are picked up by outsourced courier on a daily basis. Parking, Floor Area/Property Size: 350sqm. Currently based in Melbourne but business is relocatable.


Assembly Wholesale & Retail in a National Network Great chance to be part of a National Network wholesaling and retailing a high demand, high quality product which has a very wide market audience. The business suits an Owner Operator and has been designed to be simple with minimum staff. The product is of modern design, competitively priced, with excellent margins. Price includes approx $100,000 of brand new stock to enable you to start selling immediately. Sale of this stock allows you to recoup the total purchase price. Distributorships are available in: Regional Victoria, regional and coastal NSW, Brisbane and regional Coastal QLD and in regional NT. Contact for full business details & availability in your location of interest.

price: $880,000

price: $150,000 all incl. - stock included

fax (03) 9013 9458 mob 0425 844 558 50 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Mid North Coast


Port Macquarie & Mid-North Coast Distribution Business Very few businesses can combine an amazing lifestyle with just a 5 day work week. Est. for 29 years, this profitable Sales & Distribution business has seen solid growth over the past 18 years under the current owners. DPC Wholesalers is located in Port Macquarie on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, a beautiful sub-tropical area of Australia with a multitude of great beaches and water ways. It is a very popular tourist destination. DPC Wholesalers has acquired a large and loyal clientele the result of continual reliability and good service. This distribution business operates within a large buying group and is able to offer customer reward programmes over a diverse range of products. It is NOT a franchise, allowing the owners to make all decisions and have control over every aspect of the business. The customer base includes schools, hospitality, hotels, motels, service stations, retail stores, community & sporting groups who are re-ordering on a regular basis, and continually looking to add new product lines. The business distributes Smith’s chips, school canteen approved supplies, health snacks, confectionery, drinks, ice blocks, paper & cleaning products but are not limited in adding variety. Current turnover is in excess of $1.6Million. The purchase price includes $60K in stock and the premises are leased. This is a Mon-Fri operation with the current owners managing the business with the assistance of 1 full-time and 1 casual employee. DPC Wholesalers has systemised the business by putting in place a comprehensive, and fully documented, manifest of policies and procedures thereby ensuring the business remains easily and efficiently run under any owner. The region is presently considered the top destination for property growth in Australia, (estimated to grow a further 20% over the next three years - PMHC "Shape of the Future", 2015) allowing plenty of potential to increase sales. Strategically located mid-way between Sydney and Brisbane, the region's main towns are Port Macquarie, Taree, Forster, Kempsey, South West Rocks, Lord Howe Island, Nambucca Heads, and Coffs Harbour. This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase a long established and successful business with plenty of potential for further growth. The area offers a wonderful lifestyle and an enviable place to live. The current owners are only selling due to retirement plans. Some training would be available to a suitable purchaser over the transition. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0467 817 383


price: $650,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 51

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Earth Moving

Established Earthmoving Company This well-established earthmoving company has been operating for over 25 years in the Hunter and Central Coast region, and further afield as required. The business has a regular, large scale clientele ensuring constant work, and new long-term contracts are available. This combination, alongside an excellent team of staff, guarantees great returns for effort, with plenty of room for growth for the right owner wanting a greater market share.

Newcastle & Maitland Hunter R.


The business has an excellent turnover and profit margins, potentially seeing a new owner/operator getting back outlay in 3 years as things currently stand. Alongside this, the business can be run from any location, as equipment is generally kept onsite.

mini excavators, a Positrack, 3 trucks, a service truck, 5 operator vehicles and multiple attachments, as well as assorted sundries and tools.

The sale includes 4 excavators (2 with GPS), a backhoe, 2

Further financial information and figures are available to genuine enquirers. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4982 2541

mob 0419 603 311


price: $475,000 + equipment O.N.O.

Event / Party Hire

All States


Special Event / Party Hire Business Currently based in QLD, this business has been operating for 10 years and is well known within the industry. National business in that the client base is Australia wide with 90% repeat business, many of which are large events. The business could be relocated without detriment to its operation. Caters for corporate events, parties and weddings, and would be an ideal service addition to an existing hire business. There are endless opportunities to develop this business nationally. There is also a part of this business that supplies (sells) battery operated LED products to many major Event Management Companies nationally, and

a huge number of business and private customers nationally. These products are all imported and sold from our premises. This part of the business however is not included in the asking price however is available for inclusion on negotiation. The sale includes, relevant to the hire business, stock & equipment, client base, marketing assets, intellectual property and vehicle. We have an excellent reputation built through hard work and impeccable customer service. This is a regrettable sale, however due to the business having outgrown its current premises and the owners need to retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 884 883 52 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $275,000 negotiable

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Electronic Devices & Equipment



A Quality Business in a Magnificent Area of NSW This is a very long established business with the current owners having operated it for the past 49 years and are only selling due to plans for retirement. The Business has been a leading retailer of quality electronic products, for home and office use, in the beautiful and historic township of Mudgee for over 93 years. Mudgee is located in the Central Tablelands of NSW and has a population of approx 10,000 with a further 13,000 in the town’s surrounding area. The Business is now trading as franchised dealers for Jaycar and Leading Edge Electronics, Leading Edge Digital and Leading Edge Smart Choice Repair Group (mobile phone and tablet repair), all divisions operating from a retail store centrally located in the main street of Mudgee’s CBD. Product lines include TV (terrestrial and satellite) and mobile communication (CB and commercial), printers and toners/ink, photo processing and restoration, telephone systems, computer systems and software, plus quality educational toys. The leased premises has approx 200 sq mts of floor area. This Electronics Franchise Business has a current turnover of approx $850,000 with a running stock of around $330K. There is considerable scope for expansion in several areas of professional office equipment and field service in TV and communication antennas as there is little to none local competition. The Business covers a wide range of product, enjoys an excellent reputation and a solid loyal and regular repeat business. Mudgee boasts a diverse and prosperous business community supporting a wide variety of commercial activities: mining, wineries and vineyards, tourism, light industrial, sheep and cattle, retailing and Government services. The town has all the required services and amenities for comfortable country living. Good schools, quality medical and hospital services, plus lots more; this is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a sound and profitable business in a very picturesque region of Australia. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (02) 6372 1822

mob 0432 085 211


price: $175,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 53

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Engineering Consultancy

Brisbane - Sydney


Engineering Consultancy This multi-disciplinary Engineering Consultancy, has a head office in Brisbane and another serviced office in Sydney which enables a purchaser to compete in both of the larger markets of QLD and NSW. The Business operates primarily as Civil and Structural Engineers with add-ons of Hydraulics (Plumbing) and Electrical via specialist contractors working mainly in the property development sector. The Consultancy is known as a 1 stop shop for any developer, supplying civil, structural, hydraulic, and electrical engineering services within the property development market. This Business has been modelled with today’s technology incorporated and can be sold to either a larger or medium sized engineering consultancy to increase their tender book value or a qualified civil/structural engineer looking to start their own practice. The Business can be set up in either Brisbane or Sydney and is easily relocatable due to data being on servers which is easily transferable and desktop sharing and skype softwares making it easy to communicate. The Consultancy has had sales in recent years of $600,000 plus. The Business can be sold just for the tender book value of $1.4 million p.a which would only require the redirection of phone numbers, emails and website or as a complete walk in walk out scenario with all softwares, furnitures and computers available and or transferred to any location required. 75% of the sales come from the Brisbane market with a further 25% from the Sydney market. The Brisbane office has been operating since 2007 and the Sydney serviced office has been operational since 2013. The Company provides a full range of multi-disciplinary engineering services with BIM Modelling capabilities within the property development sector and has much further potential to increase the current sales and tender figures. This is a great opportunity to take over a well established and successful Engineering Consultancy. The current owner is only selling due to a recurring illness. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0402 301 498 54 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $1,200,000 WIWO

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Powder Coating & Sand Blasting Business Located in the busy industrial area of Taree, only 3 hours north of Sydney, Manning Valley Powdercoaters is a locally owned & operated family business, trading since 1991. Servicing an area from Newcastle to Taree, this business has continuous successful trading with long term loyal customers, dedicated experienced staff and an average gross profit of approximately $412,500 for the past 3 years. Specialising in the sandblasting and powder-coating of aluminium extrusion, steel, galvanised & sheet metal products, fencing & balastrades, and automotive &

motorcycle parts, Manning Valley Powdercoaters is well known to all in the industry with a great reputation for its quality, service and expertise. All speciality equipment included, consisting of 1 x 7m & 1 x 3m oven, 3 painting booths, a 6 x 2.4 x 2.4m fully equipped sand blasting booth, forklift and delivery truck plus a long term lease with reasonable rent and training available. With the current owners looking to retire, this is a great opportunity to continue to grow an already successful business. For further information, please call Barry Cook. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 656 373


price: $475,000 WIWO - all inclusive

Fitness Centre

Macarthur Region



Chatswood Area


This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a wellestablished and well-known independent boutique personal training studio in Sydney’s South West. The studio is 464 square metres and has a 3 year lease, with an option for a further 5 years. Average annual profit is $140,000, operating 5 ½ days per week. Equipment is in near new condition and well maintained with a value of approximately $150,000. Supported by 6 personal trainers, all of whom are experienced, fully qualified and loyal to the centre. Comprehensive booking & payment system allows for the business to be under management or owner operated.

Established in 2011, this business sells a huge range of Workwear and Safety Boots, stocking all the leading brands. Highly visible and surrounded by well-known well-patronised businesses that attract large daily foot and vehicular traffic. There is plenty of parking available. No competition within the immediate or greater vicinity of the shop. The owner runs the business single-handedly, with the help of a casual when required. He draws a healthy wage that just keeps increasing. Selling to concentrate on his other business, but is happy to train you for an agreed period of time. Superb online presence! An e-commerce website has been developed and is poised to commence trading. Lease expires June 2017 + 5yr option. Vendor finance available.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $390,000 WIWO - all inclusive

price: $47,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

mob 0408 212 318

mob 0408 365 097


Safety Footwear & Workwear Retail


Personal Training Studio & Gym

Australian Business For Sale ® 55

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Unique Italian Designer Shoe Store This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase a beautifully presented Italian Shoe Boutique in the exclusive suburb of Double Bay with its own brand and online store. The Store has been successfully operated for 11 years, providing its many repeat loyal customers and massive online following with shoes and bags from Italy and Spain, catering to both male and female customers. Its key to success is not only the business’ idyllic location, but also its keeping with the latest trends and fashion direct from Italy. At present, the store is currently only managed part-time, giving a full time

owner/operator plenty of potential to increase their returns. Alongside this, there is a massive opportunity to expand into wholesale, as daily requests are received but currently only pursued very selectively. Annual turnover is in excess of $750,000, and the store fit-out and equipment is valued at over $100,000. This is the perfect business opportunity for those wanting to combine a love of fashion, lifestyle and business, or for those wanting to expand their existing fashion portfolio. Owner selling due to plans to move back to Italy. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 940 094


price: $375,000 + S.A.V.


Port Douglas


Port Douglas Interiors Established 23 years, Port Douglas Interiors has long had the enviable reputation of the region’s premier interior design business.

has a very good existing clientele database exists as well as website and social media pages, but also experiences great foot traffic, making it one of a kind in Far North Queensland.

The highly respected design studio and retail business is located in the centre of Port Douglas, and specialises in interior design and refurbishments. The business not only

Excellent relationships are in place with suppliers, tradesmen and real estate agents. Leasehold and freehold options are both available.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 760 004 56 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $280,000 negotiable + G.S.T.

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Successful Franchise Now with Further Future Potential This international franchise is the world’s largest sandwich chain and a proven success for franchisees. The business is within the newly developed Stockland Myer Centre in the Queensland city of Townsville. The Store underwent refurbishment in 2012 and the air conditioned food court has seating for up to 750 patrons. The Franchise is in a high profile location with direct access to the Bus Stop. Signage is visible from all angles of the food-court and there is ample parking available nearby. Since the reopening of the Store in July 2012, both sales and profitability have exceeded all targets. The Store has new equipment throughout including a state of the art Nu-Vu Bread oven, commercial grade Panasonic microwaves and J2 POS computer system. In addition, there is plenty of storage with a walk in fridge and walk in freezer units. Store surveillance is throughout the Franchise with direct interface to the owner’s smart phone or tablet. The Franchise is currently fully managed with 10 staff members. This store would be perfect for a couple or a young up and coming business person who was ready to sink their teeth into their own adventure. With structured training and support, makes it the perfect way to enter a franchise system and take control of your financial future. The systems have been created to ensure you succeed in business. The current 7 year lease term has been extended for the new buyer to 2022. Current gross turnover approx $840,000 Townsville is a rapidly growing city on the north-eastern coast of Queensland adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest Australian urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast and the unofficial capital of North Queensland. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

mob 0438 790 048


price: $565,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 57

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Fresh / Salt Water Pool Supplies



Pool Shop with Extensive Client Base This successful pool shop located in Peakhurst in the Sydney Metropolitan area has been trading for the last 30 years, with the current owner operating it for the past 15 years. Located in Peakhurst in the Sydney Metropolitan area, the store fronts a busy street with high visibility, easy access for receiving stock via truck and onsite street parking for customers. The business operates in two ways: 1. Retail: The store supplies and sells new and returning customers with an extensive range of stock, including

but not limited to pool pumps, chlorine, pool cleaning equipment, pool and spa accessories and chemicals. 2. Mobile Pool Maintenance: Operated by 2 contractors, this side of the business has a regular repeat customer base and supplies products and chemicals. The business is open 7 days a week, and easily managed by the owner and an assistant. Turnover is over $600,000 per annum, with plenty of room for expansion and growth. A new lease is in place on the shop until mid-2018. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 5571 7624


price: $215,000 all inclusive

Gift Shop



Eclectic Home & Garden Set in a prominent seaside outdoor shopping mall, Eclectic Home & Garden has been a popular destination for unique gifts and home wares since its establishment in 2000. The store is well loved by a large and supportive clientele comprised of both local and international customers. Alongside this, the business has been successful in building a number of strong relationships with excellent suppliers of superior quality retail goods over the years.

The business’ enviable iconic storefront and location provide it with plenty of foot traffic, while it also benefits from rear lane access and off-street parking. The store has also recently undergone renovations, and now features new fixtures and display joinery. This is a fantastic opportunity for a new owner to take over a renowned brand name with a large customer base, with all the hard work having already been done. Please contact Sue-Ellen Lee. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers. 58 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A. - stock included

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 59

Garden and Building Supplies



Colorbond Roof, Fence & Steel Supplies Long established (20 years) and highly profitable business located in the beautiful Lake Macquarie area. Adjacent to the major city of Newcastle and the Hunter region of NSW. Cardiff Metal Market retails Colorbond roof, fence and steel products. It has a large and growing clientele, catering to DIY renovators, builders, fencers and roofers. The Business is well situated with good exposure in a light industrial area, not far from the city centre of Lake Macquarie. Cardiff Metal Market is a great business because it caters to essentials, which makes it virtually recession-proof and not subject to economic fluctuations. The Business has a consistent turnover in excess of $1Mil with a large net return (last year was a standout profit wise). It operates with a running stock of approximately $450K. With the Lake Macquarie region continuing to grow, there is ongoing, huge potential. With the purchase price comes a substantial amount of quality plant and equipment, including 1 x 6m long Sheetmetal Folder and 1x new, Australian-built Rollformer for fence panel posts and rails. The large premises are leasehold with the option of purchasing the freehold, P.O.A. There is plenty of parking available onsite plus street parking. This prosperous business and the Lake Macquarie area will provide both a great income and a wonderful lifestyle with lots of beaches, fishing, boating, vineyards, outdoor concerts, good restaurants, sporting venues, schools, universities and healthcare facilities close by. This Business has no franchise fees, no accounts to run, and no expensive shopping centre rent. A Business that is safe, secure and stable, with proven results. Detailed financial information would be provided upon inspection and when proper interest has been established through the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

mob 0413 705 217


price: $525,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 59

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Go-Kart Centre

General Store


Kembla Grange



Padthaway Post Office and General Store

Fox Karting Go-Kart Centre

Situated on the Riddoch Highway at the entrance to the Coonawarra Wine Region, approximately 2.5 hours from Adelaide, this Freehold Post Office and General Store also includes a 3 bedroom residence and 4 bay garage. The business is the only outlet supplying food, liquor, and groceries to this labour intensive region, alongside an alfresco dining area, banking facilities, newsagency supplies and post services. The business has recently undergone extensive renovations, including the implementation of solar power and new interior shelving. This opportunity is ideal for a couple or family looking to take advantage of life in one of Australia’s great wine and farming regions.

Fox Karting centre is a purpose built and licensed 35,000m² competition go-karting facility. The business has a turnover of over $500,000 per annum, and already established 3x3x3 year terms. Apart from go-karting, the center also offers a drift karting experience, and includes a large clubhouse with a range of amusement activities and games, full canteen facilities for hot and cold food and beverages, and is the home venue of the Goulburn Kart Racing Club and Sportsman Enduro Karting NSW. The centre also caters for a number of different types of private and public events and parties as well as private hire.

price: $495,000 + S.A.V.

price: $200,000 Stock Included

bh (08) 8765 5295 mob 0408 616 748

mob 0433 406 560

Hair Salon

St George Area


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Hair Salon




Located in a busy shopping centre area, this very successful salon has been operating under the current owner for the past 20 years. It enjoys a large number of walk-ins as well as a substantial loyal local and interstate clientele. The salon provides all standard services and is fully equipped. There is huge potential for a new owner to grow profits further by extending opening hours and days or through advertising. This would be the perfect opportunity for an individual passionate about hairdressing and wanting to contribute to the continued success of this well-established business. Further information & financial details available upon request.

This popular hairdressing salon, located in Sydney’s far west, has been established for over 30 years and enjoys a regular and loyal clientele. This spacious salon includes 11 work stations, 4 reclining wash basins, 3 wall-mounted hooded hair dryers, a shiatsu roller ball massage lounge chair and a vibrating massage lounge chair. It also includes a fully automatic coffee and hot chocolate machine, a large computerised clientele database, a mobile monitoring surveillance system and much more. All current stock is included in the sale price. The owner is selling due to plans for retirement.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $100,000 negotiable

price: $28,000

mob 0412 444 661

mob 0403 364 112

60 Australian Business For Sale ®


Well Established Salon in Richmond


Profitable and Thriving Hair Salon

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Solid Decking Timber and Hardware Business This solid timber decking and hardware business is a fantastic opportunity for potential buyers with the ambition to grow the business to the next level. It is centrally located between Berwick, Pakenham and Dandenong, all of which are currently experiencing great growth in housing developments and giving the business plenty of opportunity to expand its operations. Alongside this, the business also has the ability to operate

Australia-wide through its online presence. With all the hard work already having been done, this opportunity is perfect for a buyer willing to step in and take over a solid business. There is also the option to rent two offices on the first floor. Further information and financial details available to genuine applicants. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0418 778 330

mob 0412 778 330


price: $125,000 negotiable




Refrigerated Van and Truck Hire Established over 20 years, this refrigerated vehicle hire business utilises the highest quality of refrigeration units and equipment in some of the latest vehicle models on the market. The business has a well established customer base, as well as a website and 1800 phone number. It comes with a dedicated web based program that handles all bookings, which can be made through the website, alongside maintenance and finances. The business can be run from anywhere through phone or iPad with staff running the

branch, and is perfect for those looking to work remotely or from home. The business is being marketed at the asking price plus the fleet leases, though there is an option for the new owner to take over the business without the fleet included. Leases can be transferred to the new owner, and all training will be provided along with a company policy and procedures manual. Priced to sell quickly. Please see the website for fleet type and more information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 585 127


price: $500,000 + vehicle leasehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 61

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 62


Sunshine Coast


Boat Hire, Bait & Tackle and Kiosk Established since 1962 and currently operated by a husband and wife team, this Kiosk & Boat Hire has a large, repeat clientele of local fisherman as well as tourists.

The sale includes a 44ft houseboat, deluxe BBQ boat, 10 various size tinnies, catamarans, paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis and various equipment.

The business currently operates 5 1/2 days per week and has an annual turnover of approximately $500k. The 3x3x3 lease includes the kiosk with bait & tackle shop, a 4 bedroom waterfront house onsite and large shed.

It also includes 2 permanent commercial moorings with permission for a 3rd, and all necessary permits to operate. Owner/operator will require a recreational marine boat licence.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 5497 5789

mob 0429 723 049


price: $795,000 WIWO leasehold




Family Owned and Operated Jumping Castle Hire Price is negotiable depending on the package that the purchaser would like to take opportunity of. Perfect opportunity to get into the Children’s entertainment industry. Currently is a Part time, Work from home business with great potential to be a full time business. The business has been established since 2013, it offers children’s entertainment with the BEST Jumpin Castles in Brisbane. The business is established for you to continue to build upon its success. You will kick off with: • 15 castles, Bungee run, Inflatable, Twister mat • Soft Play • Generators • Aracade game table • Inflatable Marquee • Disney, Nicklodeon & generic castles • Fully supported website with regular SEO monitoring. • Active

Face Book Page • Full client list ( repeat clientele - corporates) • Booking system • Established business processes • 2013 HILUX vehicle fully branded • 2015 - 8x5m trailer. Depending upon settlement date, up to a month of support provided by current owners. Full business model to take the business further. For more information on this opportunity, please email to receive a Confidentiality Contract to be signed prior to any discussion about financials and business plans. No information will be shared without a signed agreement by the prospective purchaser and their accountant. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 117 299 62 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $190,000 negotiable - all inclusive

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 63


Smiggin Holes


Ski Rental & Retail in NSW Snowfields This premium family business has been trading for 55 years and this is the first time offered. It offers ‘a once in a lifetime’ opportunity to purchase the only independent owner operator Ski Rental / Retail Facility operating in the Perisher Smiggin Holes Ski Resort area. This investment provides a very good income plus an enviable lifestyle with a winter trading period only from June to October. Earn your twelve months income in four months. The purpose built premises is situated in the Smiggin Holes Ski Resort and is directly opposite the ski slopes and lifts. Snowline Ski Centre has a large area allocated to its ski hire operation with a comprehensive range of high end equipment catering to all standards, from the beginner to the most experienced and discerning skier. There is a well stocked retail outlet with all the best known brands of skis, equipment and snow clothing. The building, which is included in the purchase price, has 2 self contained units plus staff accommodation providing live-in accommodation for up to 12 staff. The building also has been designed to permit further expansion. The business enjoys significant intellectual property including an online booking and payment facility. Snowline Ski Centre has never had to advertise. It has a strong and loyal client base along with a large associated customer database relative to that fifty five years of trading and is highly regarded within the snow industry. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a profitable and solid business established over 50 years. THIS IS AN ON SNOW - IN RESORT OPPORTUNITY situated within the Kosciuszko National Park. The owners have enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle and are now looking to retire. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed.

bh (02) 6457 5224

fax (02) 6457 5858

mob 0407 489 662


price: P.O.A. - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 63

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 64


Bundaberg & Wide Bay Burnett Region


Burrum Heads Bait, Tackle & Hardware This well-established bait, tackle and hardware store has been operating for over 20 years in the beautiful coastal town of Burrum Heads, located close to both Bundaberg and Hervey Bay. The business primarily specialises in providing fishing bait and tackle due to its enviable location at the mouth of the Burrum River, a favoured area amongst fishermen. However, the business also provides a number of other conveniences to its customer base. As well as being a registered stockist of Mitre 10 hardware supplies,

the business offers a range of other conveniences, such as ice, Swap & Go gas services and souvenirs. Alongside this, the business also functions as a Queensland Rail and Greyhound Bus tour travel agent, and offers a variety of tourist travel and sightseeing activities, such as whale watching and trips to Lady Elliot and Fraser Islands. Favourable leasing options are available. Gross annual income is approximately $172,000. The business is being reluctantly sold due to plans for retirement. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4129 5008

mob 0403 345 185




price: $180,000 WIWO





This home-based business services indoor plants from Sydney to Windsor fortnightly, and requires nothing but a driver’s license and a pleasant personality. The business is currently run 2 days a week but this could easily be extended to help with business expansion, and has a gross turnover $98,000 per annum. All equipment required to run the business is included in the sale, with a vehicle available if necessary. This would be an ideal business for a retired person or mother who would like to work a couple of days per week and choose their own hours.

Situated in a prime location with main road exposure, this attractively presented bathroom and tiles showroom is displayed across a 1000 square metre lot with onsite parking. The business provides a large selection of tiles, bathroom and kitchen products to the public as well as tradespeople and builders, and has great potential to expand its customer base and increase income. The business is also excellent for importing, as there is plenty of warehouse space available. All plant, equipment and stock are included in the sale, and training and handover can be provided by the current owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $98,000 negotiable

price: E.O.I. - all inclusive

mob 0418 890 934 64 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0403 309 359


Tiles and Bathroom Retailer


Indoor Plant Hire Business

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 65

Home Based

All States

Lucrative ‘Recession Resistant’ Home Business Opportunity If you are looking to build your own flexible business, with the ability to work from anywhere and choose your own hours, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Real Easy Business is a global organisation that experienced over 100% growth in 2015, and is set for even greater expansion in 2016. By following their simple 3-step system on a part-time basis, you have the potential to earn an executive level income, with up to $5,000 per sale. There is no cold calling involved, nor does the business make lists of friends and family to contact, hold one-on-one presentations, spam, inventory products, or hold recruitment parties and meetings. The business not only

offers unlimited income potential, but an interesting and professional occupation, all the while introducing the ability to create a highly desirable work/life balance. This is the perfect opportunity to join an enthusiastic, growing team who offer collegial support and ongoing professional development opportunities for successful applicants. Existing sales directors have come from diverse backgrounds: from sales and marketing, law, accounting, general management, customer service, and business, to stay at home parents. For more information and to apply, please visit the website below. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 220 727


price: P.O.A.

Home Based



Pillow Cleaning and Renovation Business Sydney Established in 1981, unique business providing a professional pillow cleaning and renovation service to Hotel and Accommodation Industry - 5 Star to Backpackers, Student Accommodation and Nursing Homes; Sydney CBD to Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. Perfect family business, work from your home garage. Suit husband and wife or one person full time; set own hours, low overheads, no rent or franchise fees.

Our name is highly respected within the Hospitality Industry. Extensive client list. Preferred Supplier to Professional Housekeepers' Association NSW. We are looking to retire 18 years after acquiring this 'one of a kind' business. Asking price includes all machinery and delivery vehicle to operate the business and 3 months training. Visit for details of our service. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 267 696


price: $60,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 65

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 28/07/2016 11:54 Page 66




Fabulous Country Pub, Restaurant and Hotel This is an excellent opportunity to purchase the National Hotel in Woolsthorpe. A fantastic country pub and hotel, the National Hotel also offers chef prepared meals, a beautiful beer garden, a children’s play area and onsite accommodation for caravans and Winnebagos. Located in Woolsthorpe, the National Hotel is approximately 17 minutes from Warrnambool and 20 minutes from Port Fairy, situated near prime South-West Victorian farming precincts. The area also offers stunning coastal views and fantastic golf courses,

as well as serious sporting venues and major tourist attractions. The hotel is currently under a 4 year lease with options to increase this to a total of 12 years. The sale includes the lease as well as all stock and fittings. With great staff and plenty of room for horses or pets, this is an ideal opportunity most suited to a mature couple possessing the skills and desire to interact with the hotel’s varied clientele. For further information and to organise an inspection, please contact John. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 332 236


price: P.O.A.

Ice Cream

Ciao Bella Gelato Bar This is a fantastic opportunity to buy an existing Gelato Bar in the sought after tourist destination of The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast. The business is a well established business in the area, having operated for the past 3.5 years. It has a large clientele spanning all ages and enjoys continual trade all though especially in the high year round, season/warmer months of the year. The gelato is delivered prepared to the business, so no time is wasted in preparation, and the quality of the product is both assured and consistent. The vibrant and fun branding of this business is both unique and instantly recognisable, and is one of the many reasons behind the business’ immediate success when first established. It is easily managed by one person, though is ideal for a partnership.

The Entrance


The business has an excellent track record with its current suppliers, and impeccable health department reports. For more information and financial details, please contact Paul.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 511 544 66 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $230,000 all inclusive - negotiable

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:21 Page 67

Import / Distribution



Home Based Digital Photographic Printer Business Entertainment, Business and Event Photography Division This profitable lifestyle importing and distribution business requires 1 person to run it. We are the sole distributor, importing printers, accessories and media from a large Japanese multinational. With over 17 years of operation in Australia we have a diverse customer base, and boast outstanding returns for an owner operator. There is still much potential for growth. This business is portable, and would be an attractive bolt-on for similar photographic style businesses. We are always up to date with the latest technology in the industry as our Japanese supplier is a market leader. A motivated buyer will find the business exciting, utilising their excellent customer relations and administration skills to build on the existing client base of which over 90% remain repeat customers. Current turnover 2015-16 approx $800,000 with an operational stock of around $80-100K. This business doesn’t require long hours to generate its healthy net profit, and training will be provided to fast track a seamless hand over to the buyer. Please note vendor finance is not available as we are transitioning to retirement. Full financial disclosure will be available for all potentially suitable buyers upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements are completed.

mob 0412 735 797


price: $590,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 67

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:21 Page 68



All States

All States

Professional Home Business

Established Leaders in Personal Development

Looking to bring more balance to your household in terms of financial freedom, time, independence and emotional stability? This is a wonderful opportunity to enter a highly lucrative and fast-growing global business in the leadership and personal development industry, becoming a distributer of award-winning products. The business system is fully operational and has been proven to work with flexible hours and total portability, able to be run either full-time or parttime to suit your needs. Interactive training includes daily calls with a supportive team.

Want to make up to $8,000 per sale with zero sales experience and no direct selling? With a product offering to suit a wide audience, this business is unique and rewarding. Supported by a team of exceptional staff and successful entrepreneurs, we teach you our proven success formula to attract business directly to you. Choose your own hours and work from anywhere, all that is required is a phone and a laptop. This is a fantastic opportunity to turn a passion for personal development into a profession, creating time and money freedom.

price: $3,500

price: P.O.A.

bh (03) 9016 2640

mob 0459 260 859


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


All States


Make Money Selling on Amazon Looking to sell products quickly, easily and effectively online, giving you a great source of income without even having to leave the comfort of your own home? Aliance Sourcing is a small sourcing and importing company run by Australians and based in Sydney, China and the USA. Specialising in sourcing products from Chinese manufacturers and supplying these to any location worldwide, Aliance helps individuals choose a product to sell, finds that product for them and then arranges to have it sent to Australia

or to Amazon’s storage facilities to be sold and automatically replenished online. There is no requirement to live in America, visit China, deal with suppliers, spend time and money shipping items to America or even physically handle or see the products being sold - Aliance does it all for you. Ongoing mentoring and support is provided in the form of live training and webinars that also provide you with product suggestions and help you identify products that will sell. Contact Jason to find out more or get started today. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0479 014 027 68 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $769

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:21 Page 69




Well Established Iconic Kitchen and Bakeware Retail Business This is a rare opportunity to purchase this iconic and well established Kitchenware Business located in downtown Fremantle, one of Western Australia’s most well know locations. Established in the early 1990s, the business has become an integral part of Fremantle’s retail landscape. Offering one of Western Australia’s widest ranges of domestic kitchenware, the Home Provedore meets all your kitchenware needs. The Business runs as two separate stores located almost side by side. The main Kitchen Essentials store offers a large range of cookware, crockery, cookware, kitchen gadgets, tea and coffee pots and accessories, glassware, storage, preserving accessories. Basically everything you need for your kitchen. The smaller and very cute Baking Essential Store stocks a huge range of cake and baking essentials including cake tins, cake decorating needs, aprons, pot holders, traditional tea cups and pots, perfect for your high teas, as well as commercial chef uniforms. The Business has a substantial turnover. It operates with a running stock of approx $270K. The owners have had a wonderful 7 years and are now looking to semiretire. The business would suit a couple or people who love cooking and sharing this passion with customers. With a strong local and loyal customer base we are the Perth “go to” store for that gadget you can’t find anywhere. Fremantle is a beautiful port city that is within the Perth metropolitan area. The Business currently operates 7 days a week in line with local retail hours and is located in leased premises in an area of high foot traffic. This is an excellent well established business presenting great ongoing growth and marketing opportunities such as cooking classes, product presentations, online sales, as well as ongoing links with local cooking training schools. Training/handover period can be negotiated if required to assist the new owner. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0412 002 008


price: $299,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 69

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:21 Page 70

Ladies Wear



Established, Profitable Ladies Fashion Boutique This is an excellent opportunity to own an established and profitable Ladies Fashion Boutique in a great location and with regular clientiele. Tezees Boutique of 344 Keilor Rd, Niddrie, has been selling top labels to both new and regular clients for over 25 years. Turnover averages $13,000 per week with consistently strong margins. The Business is located front and centre in the middle of a very busy shopping strip, and the labels the store specialises in are primarily found in boutiques. The owner/operator is approaching a time when she wishes to enjoy a different

pace in her life and seeks someone to take over and continue the tradition. As part of the transition the owner will assist with the buying and also consider an advisory role should the new owner think it beneficial. A seamless changeover period is envisaged, with the two current members of staff keen to continue working and aiding in the transition of the business. Lease terms for the premises can be negotiated, and there are 2 permanent parking spots allocated to the Business. This Business has plenty of potential to offer someone with flair, drive and personality. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0425 711 392


price: $90,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

Luxury Hire Car Service



Chauffeur Service Business This business is great to add to an existing business or for someone looking for a career change. The business is based in Melbourne but services clients across Australia. Sale includes: • 3x Holden Caprices (2010 + 2011 models) • 3x VHA licences ( valued at $120,000) • 1x Mercedes People Mover (2014 model) • 1 SV licence • Computer software

• Website • Staff, 2x drivers, Book Keeper and sub contractors • Established loyal clientele for over 30 years. This is a very profitable business, currently turning over $10k+ per week. Business can be run from the convenience of your own home. Interested buyers will surely be impressed during inspection. Owner will provide support. Selling due to health. All offers will be considered. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 518 334 70 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $420,000 O.N.O. - all inclusive

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:21 Page 71



Maintenance & Repairs




This independent importer of inkjet and toner cartridges has been operating since 2005 with an Australia Registered Trademark. 95% of the business’ products are packed with their own trademark. The business sells directly to customers through its website, and has huge potential to expand into wholesale through other resellers. The sale includes a well set-up warehouse with shelving, pallet racking and forklift. The current lease has 2 years remaining, plus the option to renew for a further 3 years. Internal operations can be handled by 1-2 people. Further information available subject to the completion of a confidentiality agreement.

Established in 2003, this niche business specialises in the sales, service and maintenance of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Strategically located in a central commercial area, the business has both a workshop and is able to complete mobile repairs. With a large and long established customer base, the business has huge potential to grow further. The sale price includes all vehicles, machinery, equipment and stock. The business is able to be run by an owner/operator or put under management, and training will be provided by the current owner. Further information and financial details available upon application.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $150,000 + S.A.V.

price: $350,000 + G.S.T. stock incl.

bh (08) 9440 3272 mob 0412 544 734


Cleaning Equipment Sales and Services


Established Cartridge Import Business

Maintenance & Repairs



Start New or Add to Existing Business Niche Product launched in the US 2012 we specialize in Reviving & Protecting important surfaces & assets. Clear coating with a huge difference using 3D molecular and cross linking technology we are the world leaders and beat re painting hands down both on price and longevity Guaranteed. Check out and our two brochures on the home page to see the magic. We can coat almost any surface reviving it to new again in Architecture, Marine, Transport etc From Cars to Heavy Machinery &

Mining equipment, trailer boats to ships, Signs and garage doors, hire equipment, Council Assets and Tourism the list is endless. If it gets degraded by weather we can revive it and protect from further damage. *Highly UV Resistant *Highly scratch resistant * Chemical & solvent resistant. Options from zero start up fees and no Franchise Fees ever. Product will never be available retail or wholesale you will have exclusivity. Queensland and Victoria Call Managing Director Chris Towan 0418 308 526 or go to Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 308 526


price: $20,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 71

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 72




Garden/Farm Machinery Retail and Services Located on one of the main highways in the Hastings Valley area, this garden and farm machinery retail and services store enjoys fantastic exposure due to its exceptional location, with over 10,000 vehicles passing by the store each day. Specialising in Honda, Rover, MTD, Ariens, Gravley and Greenfield garden machinery, this business presents a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a stable income or a change in lifestyle in the beautiful Mid-North Coast of

NSW. Current operation is 5 days a week, with the possibility to extend these hours and further increase profits. The business can also easily be run by a husband & wife team or family alongside a mechanic on staff. All tools and fittings and a Rodeo 4WD Ute are included in the sale price. This business is priced to sell. For further information and financial details, please contact Kevin. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6585 6134

mob 0417 288 030


price: $75,000 + S.A.V.




Trik Trailers This highly successful and profitable trailer business is regarded as one of the best in Melbourne, manufacturing, selling and leasing trailers from three direct sites in Melbourne and across trailer hire sites throughout Australia. The business has a great customer base in terms of both retail and commercial hire and sales customers, and comes supported by an excellent team of staff.

The business is fully operational, and is perfect for a new owner looking to walk in and start making money from day one or easy expansion opportunities. The current owner is reluctantly selling due to plans for retirement. Further information and financial details available upon application. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 315 984 72 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $1,690,000 WIWO

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 73




World First Service Business This is a huge opportunity to participate in the further development of a unique Environmental-related Business that has established, through specialising and innovative design, the manufacture and sales of Electronic Control Systems for industrial and manufacturing usage on a daily basis. The main focus of the Company is the production of environmental Control Systems for the Industrial Air Pollution industry. What is being offered here is a partnership or joint venture arrangement with control and total ownership being transferred after an agreed period. With the continual growth of heavy industry, Mining equipment, and Abrasive blasting etc., the Business has a substantial database of international and Australasian sales. Clients also include multinational companies that utilise the control equipment in the manufacture of their own products. Other acquired markets include Electronic systems for Fitness training, Automotive controls and even Movie special effects, which provides an insight as to the flexibility of the product. The product provided in the majority of usages is an easy-to-operate, simple control board. A regular clientele, achieved through long history in the industry, has been serviced via new product design, manufacturing and assembly involving Engineering fields of electronics, electrical and software development. This Business has a niche I.P. technology that is adaptable to many industrial and manufacturing markets. It would be suited to an individual with an electronics background and knowledge, plus the vision and skill to take advantage of what has already been achieved. The opportunity is there to greatly expand product sales and develop its Monitoring Service division. The export market offers huge potential. Climate change and related air pollution prevention industries are receiving worldwide support and will continue to grow with billions being spent on a yearly basis. The company operates with a competent, experienced staff, providing quality product and technical service. The business has been accredited ISO 9001:2008 for over 10 years. The technology R&D is complete and has been highly awarded for its engineering, electronic design and industrial application. Substantial funds have been invested in product development, achieving: • • • •

Patented technology Proprietary firmware Suite of products Cost efficient manufacturing

The Business currently operates from leased premises in Western Sydney but could easily be relocated. Expressions of interest are sought with further information and financial details being provided upon inspection and with confidentiality requirements being completed.

mob 0447 468 298


price: P.O.A.

Australian Business For Sale ® 73

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 74


Port Lincoln


Aluminium Window Manufacturing This long established and successful manufacturing business has acquired a solid reputation for quality product and reliability, as well as a strong customer base of repeat and new clients.

turnover is consistently $1.8 - $2 Mil with a running stock of approximately $250K. The plant is valued at $1 Mil plus. The present owner is willing to provide training and advice over the transition.

The manufacturing process is highly mechanised with the most up-to-date machinery and equipment. Current

Further information and financial details will be provided once confidentiality requirements are completed.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 868 072


South Melbourne


price: $500,000 + S.A.V.


Western Sydney



Established in 2004, this very popular mayonnaise manufacturing business has been run by the same owner for the past 12 years, and provides locally produced products to a number of local Melbourne businesses as well as farmers markets. The business has a turnover of approximately $20,000 per annum and is run from a small registered kitchen. The owner is selling due to health reasons, but is willing to assist and advise in the transition of the business.

Please DO NOT approach the business or any staff to talk before discussing this with the owner. Popular Newsagency in one of the busiest and biggest shopping centre of Sydney selling qll lotteries products including scratchies, huge range of greeting cards and other products. Turn Over - Approx $1.5Mil. Consistent good profit. Business has been running successfully for over 10 years. Low Rent - NSW Lotteries commission pays most of the rent. Member of one of the biggest group of newsagents with help available from the group. Genuine buyers only. Please do not contact if you are just looking. Walkin-walk-out offer welcome. Early settlement welcome.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $35,000 + S.A.V.

price: $245,000 + Fixt. & Fittings + S.A.V.

mob 0438 531 363

mob 0411 766 170

74 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


At The Entrance Of Busiest And Biggest Shopping Centre


Top Class Mayonnaise Manufacturing Business

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 75

Marine Wholesale / Retail

Gold Coast


Wholesale/Retail Marine Equipment with International Agencies All the hard work is done, business runs smoothly from Mondays to Fridays, so you can enjoy the weekends. Established over 15 years in the heart of the Gold Coast marine precinct. Over this period the business has acquired a substantial clientele by selling quality products that ensure repeat sales. The premises has a showroom , office, workshops and warehouse facilities with plenty of parking. The business has also developed a prominent online presence which has promoted sales nationally and internationally. Operating systems make importing products from overseas simple and cost effective. The company also imports a range of products under our own brand. The business has sole national agencies from major manufacturers from around the world. These brands are well known and trusted in the market. Our customers are chandleries, boat builders, yacht and power boat owners and government departments. The business withstood the GFC and has grown steadily over time. We have 3 fulltime staff and 2 part time staff who have been with us for a long time and know the systems in place so everything runs smoothly. The premises are owned by the current owner and are available for lease or purchase by the new owner. Stock is valued at $440K at the end of June 2016. Customer base, good will and equipment valued at $220K with many extras included Further information and financial details will be provided upon inspection and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.


price: $350,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 75

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 76

Mixed Business

Oak Park


Newsagency & Lottery Agent This Newsagent/Lottery agent is surrounded by local shops, including a Hairdresser, a Massage/Beauty Shop, Café/Restaurant, Post Office and a real estate agent.

Greeting Cards, stationary, Drinks, Confectionary, Phone cards etc.

There are no competitors in the area.

It is currently operated by a husband & wife team. There is a long lease in place, very cheap rent.

The business sells a great range of goods, including Lotto, Scratchs, Cigarettes, Newspapers, Magazines, Giftware,

There is plenty of opportunity for the new owner to further enhance this business.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 8390 0358

mob 0422 317 358


price: $159,000 + S.A.V.

Mobile Business

Emu Plains


Be a Part of Australia’s Leading Mobile Cafe Network Cafe2U is Australia’s leading mobile coffee van franchise system, having won multiple Australian and International awards. The business is into its 5th year and turns over in excess of $3000 per week for 30 hours work, operating Monday-Friday 6:30am-12:30pm. There is plenty of potential to increase turnover through

extending operating hours and days. The business territory spans from Emu Plains to Lawson in the Blue Mountains. The sale includes a fully equipped coffee van (Mercedes Vito Diesel Van, on road 2012), all necessary equipment, stock, training from Cafe2U and two weeks support from the current owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 739 853 (after 1pm) 76 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $125,000 all inclusive

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 28/07/2016 12:22 Page 77

Newsagency and Post Office

South Coast


Post Office and Newsagency A very profitable Business, and Business is booming. Batehaven is located within Batemans Bay on the beautiful, unspoilt New South Wales South Coast, only 1.5 hours east of Canberra and 4 hours south of Sydney. Batemans Bay is a picturesque coastal holiday town in a region that is famous for its spectacular beaches and waterways. Batehaven Village provides all the required conveniences, facilities and amenities plus lots more. Batehaven Newsagency has been operating for over 30 years and is located directly opposite Corrigans Beach. The Newsagency is surrounded by tourist accommodation, which sees the population triple during peak times. The surrounding local population is substantial and provides ample year-round foot traffic to sustain this thriving business. This Business boasts a comprehensive range of products including: • Local, national and international newspapers, magazines, popular weeklies and monthlies. • Cards and wrap & an extensive range of stationary. • A renowned selection of diverse & well-priced, quality gifts. • Phone recharges and international calling cards. • Convenience items such as cigarettes, milk, drinks and confectionery • Approximate running stock value $180/200K. The Business is a registered NSW Lotteries agent, with sales in excess of $1.5 Mil, and commissions last calendar year of $158K. The Business is also a fully Licensed Post Office operating 7 days a week, offering most of the services of a corporate office and owning 420 private post boxes, with annual commissions of over $100K. Current overall gross T/O is $3.7 Mil. The sale includes 2 sign-written vehicles, an integrated POS network and a back to base security system. A long lease option is available. With a past history of solid returns over many years, this would be a suitable acquisition for a purchaser looking for a successful business away from the hustle & bustle of city living or possibly a family looking to migrate to Australia through the purchase of a secure business. This Business comes with a great income plus a lifestyle to be envied in a magnificent area of Australia. Further financial information would be provided after inspection and confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0429 692 122


price: $850,000 + S.A.V.

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Nambucca Heads


Popular Mid-North Coast Newsagency This is an outstanding newsagency in the heart of Nambucca Heads, which has been family owned for the past 14 years. It has won several awards for merchandising and distribution, and has a very loyal customer base. The building is 200 square meters, and includes a large storage area, office space and car parking. A long term

lease is available. The sale includes 2 POS computers, a barcode scanner, cash draw, thermal receipt printer and newspaper wrapping machine, as well as a Suzuki APV for catering to the store’s 2000+ weekly home deliveries. Turnover is approximately $900,000 per annum. This is an ideal opportunity for a young family with retail experience.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0487 383 901


price: $225,000 + fixtures & fittings + S.A.V.




Freehold Seedling Nursery Great opportunity to purchase this fully equipped seedling nursery, with everything you need to just walk in and start living your dream. Located on the banks of the Murray River and only 12km away from Mildura CBD, the area experiences beautiful weather, and ample water is available. The grounds span 3.14 hectares and are fitted with glasshouses and a shade house, ample shedding and all the machinery necessary ready for an enthusiastic buyer.

The price includes the freehold property, as well as plant and equipment. Enquiries will be taken for those interested in purchasing the property freehold only. A further 10 hectares is available on an adjoining property for $130,000. The potential for this business is endless, and it can easily be used for growing hydroponics, flowers, fruit trees or even grafting. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 237 087 78 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $680,000 freehold

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Office Equipment

Mid-North Coast


Expanding Business/High Growth Area This is a great opportunity to purchase a well established and growing business in a regional area of the NSW Mid-North Coast. It also offers all the benefits of a wonderful, relaxed lifestyle that is only 3 hours from the Sydney CBD. The Office Equipment Business has operated since 2007 and has specialised in the photocopier and IT area, gaining ongoing repeat business through its ability to provide servicing of this equipment. The Business has enjoyed strong yearly increases since its inception, mainly through customer referrals. There is still plenty of further growth opportunities through some advertising (none at present) plus more business to business representation. Currently this profitable business has a turnover of $1.6 Mil plus. EBITDA $130K with a running stock of approximately $235K. The Business comes with a substantial and loyal clientele: • 145 photocopiers under service agreements. This area is growing fast due to the lack of service providers in the region. • Membership of a 150-strong buying group. • Service agency agreements for several major brands. 3rd party service agreements for IT Repairs to national corporate customers. • A growing base of local corporate IT customers. The Business also has: • Good location and exposure for its retail operation within the local CBD. • Experienced staff - 7 full time and 1 part time. • New proprietary software worth $30,000 installed late 2015. The purchase price includes all equipment, 4 vehicles (3 vans), 2 servers (only 12 months old), 6 colour copiers. Current owners are willing to provide training and support in the transition. This is a successful and profitable business in a major growth region. A boating and angler’s paradise, 30 minutes from spectacular wilderness areas, national parks and 4WD trails. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and once confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0414 852 469


price: $264,000 + S.A.V.

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Painting & Decorating

Blue Mountains


Springwood Paint and Decorator Store Tired of the daily grind? Would you like to work in an excellent, small business? If this sounds like you, then this business could be a perfect opportunity! Located in a highly visible, 120sqm retail location with onsite parking, this long-established business has a large trade and retail customer base, and has a turnover in excess of $550,000 per annum, though opportunity exists to expand the business and grow profits further.

A long lease is available, and first-class plant and equipment are included in the sale. The current owner is selling due to plans for retirement. Full technical training owner/manager.






Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4751 1255

mob 0438 511 239


price: $75,000 WIWO

Pet Shop



Doncaster East



Established since 2009, this is a fantastic opportunity to own one of Sydney’s premier pet retail stores. Located right next to Sydney Park, Sydney’s largest off-leash dog park, the store benefits from a prominent location in a sough-after suburb with no local competition. The sale includes 3x3 year lease, all store fixtures and fittings, a secure parking space, POS systems, a state-of-the-art online store, and marketing developed by an award-winning agency. Training of systems included. For further information and financial details, please contact Diane.

This small, easy-to-run pizza store offers take-away and delivery pizza. Weekly takings during winter average $5,000-$6,000, and are continually increasing. The pizza store is situated in a prime location with ample car parking. A long lease is available, and the store has recently undergone renovations with high quality equipment. The store currently trades at night only, 7 days a week, offering huge potential to grow sales by expanding trading hours. Training available to the new owner/operator.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $120,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

price: $50,000 O.N.O.

bh (02) 9565 2120 mob 0425 214 853

mob 0431 640 827 (9am-3pm)

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Pizza Takeaway with Huge Potential


Pets Palace Newtown

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Airlie Beach


Great Business/Great Lifestyle This profitable Pizza business is located with great exposure on a prime, main street corner position. Beagles Pizza is situated in the heart of Airlie Beach, one of the fastest growing tourist areas of Queensland. Airlie Beach is considered the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Beagles Pizza, which has been established for 16 years, has a reputation for making the best pizzas in Airlie Beach and was a winner of the highly esteemed ‘Trip-Advisor Certificate of Excellence’ award for 2014. Beagles Pizza provides a wide range of pizza and side dishes for eat-in, takeaway or home delivery. Beagles Pizza also has an online ordering service via an easy to use website. Current gross turnover $400K plus. The Business operates with a varying staff level: 2 full time & 3 casuals during peak times, and 1 full time and 2 casuals during off-peak times. This is an easy business to run, with all systems and procedures in place. Beagles Pizza is not a franchise (no exorbitant franchise fees or exit fees). The purchase price includes 2 delivery vehicles plus all plant and equipment (approx $180K). Beagles Pizza has great potential for a higher turnover & greater profits being in such a huge growth area. It currently only operates 6 days per week, dinner only. Room to increase business to lunch and afternoon trade. The business will also provide its new owner an eviable lifestyle in a magnificent region of Australia with beaches, boating and fishing, all only minutes away. A 5-year lease is available to the purchaser. Further information & financial details would be provided upon inspection and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0418 382 440


price: $310,000 WIWO

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Busy, In Demand Local Plumbing Business Situated in the industrial growth centre of Gladstone in central Queensland, this plumbing business specialises in maintenance, and has a huge base of diversified clients. The office is located on a main road, with a great lease in place. With excellent staff in place and a good inventory of quality maintenance equipment and vehicles, this business is being sold as a going concern, as after 55 years in the plumbing industry, the owner wishes to retire and is willing to negotiate a walk in, walk out deal. This business not only offers a fantastic opportunity for those with plumbing experience, but an excellent lifestyle change as well, as Gladstone is a thriving community and a great place to live.



Genuinely interested parties seeking further information or confidential figures are to contact Ian.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0421 798 547

Post Office



price: P.O.A.

Property/Real Estate



Walpole LPO: A Fantastic Sea Change Opportunity


Rent Roll & Sales Office

Located along the main street in beautiful, coastal Walpole, this is a stand-alone licensed Post Office, offering all the retail and postal product range that Australia Post has to offer. The business has an annual turnover of $160,000$170,000 per annum, with plenty of room to grow. The business is ideally suited to being owner operated. It is currently run by two employees, but can quite easily be run by one person or a couple. Long term lease or freehold purchase options are both available.

Located just an hour away from Brisbane and 30 minutes from Ipswich and Toowoomba, this well-established prime Real Estate Office handles over 100 rentals in a fastgrowing corridor of southeast Queensland. Part of a major franchise group, the office has low overheads with excellent returns, and is supported by a loyal and dedicated team of staff. This is a fantastic opportunity to own your own established and branded office in a developing area with plenty of expansion potential. The business is priced to sell quickly, as the current owner is retiring due to health reasons.

price: $130,000 stock incl. - negotiable

price: $275,000 WIWO + vehicle

bh (08) 9840 1310 mob 0427 401 310

bh (07) 5411 4960 mob 0418 759 223

fax (08) 9840 1730

82 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (07) 5465 7013


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Roof Renovation/ Exclusive Product A long established and successful family business with a proven track record has become available for purchase for the first time in over 30 years. Roofguard Roof Restoration is located in the Queensland coastal city of Townsville in North Eastern Australia. Roofguard is a leading provider of roofing services, roof painting, roof restoration and the application of heat reflective and decorative coatings. With experience and knowledge gained over 35 years, the business has acquired a growing reputation for the beautification of both family residences and commercial premises. The company has developed its own polyurethane paint which it imports directly from Germany. A product that provides new life to old and unattractive roofing. A secondary benefit to the cosmetic improvement is the savings to customers’ electricity bills, with reductions as high as 50%. Current turnover $900K plus with a product stock of approx $60K- $70K. The purchase price includes: • Exclusive right to the imported product • 5 operation vehicles plus 2 late model utes used by knowledgeable sales reps • All equipment, paint, water blasters, ladders etc • Copyrighted logo, 1800 number, comprehensive web and social platforms • Trained contractors in place • Painting and Decorating Licence included in a 24 month support and training program (to be negotiated) This is a solid and profitable business and having a customised product exclusive to Roofguard, offers the opportunity of wholesaling to hardware retailers. The large freehold premise would also be available for purchase if requires P.O.A. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and confidentiality requirements being completed.

mob 0429 131 681


price: $600,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

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ort s e R d n a l s I l a Own a Tropic eef R r e i r r a B t a On the Gre

Magnetic Island QLD This successful resort was built by the current owners 25 years ago and this is the first time it has been offered for sale as the owners wish to retire. This multi-award winning resort is 50m from the beach on beautiful Magnetic Island. Just 8klm off shore from the city of Townsville in North Queensland and serviced by regular passenger and car ferries daily. This truly unique resort has a tropical village atmosphere with 17 architecturally designed villas set amongst low maintenance gardens with facilities including tennis court, lagoon pool, spa, library, games room, communal lounge and snack bar. The resort has a commercial liquor license with facilities for a commercial kitchen, this makes the potential to add a restaurant a viable option. A manager’s unit is included with the opportunity to purchase 2 double story luxury homes on either side of the resort, one with sea views, making this an ideal 2 family business. Major renovations and refurbishment were completed in 2015 and the resort has been granted council approval to operate as the first retirement village on and island in North Queensland. This resort also has approval to strata title the existing 17 units plus a development application for an additional 13 units. This is an excellent business in its current form with the potential to be an incredible investment opportunity in the future. Surveyors plans are completed and ready to be registered on a new title. All the hard work has been done. Further information and financial details will be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0418 235 256 84 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $3,800,000 WIWO freehold

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Hog’s Breath Cafe The Central Coast is arguably one of the best lifestyle and holiday destinations in New South Wales. Located one hour’s drive north of Sydney, with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water, it has traditionally been the holiday destination of many Sydneysiders. The current permanent population is approximately 300,000 plus. Tuggerah is a major commercial centre with a large contingent of business and office developments. Tuggerah Westfield is strategically positioned to take advantage of the area’s increased growth and prosperity. Hog’s Breath Tuggerah is an award winning Hog’s Breath Franchise and is amongst the top 4 performing restaurants in the chain. Part of the reason for its success is the award-winning Hog’spitality management team and staff who have won franchise awards for their service and restaurant management skills. The store has been in operation since 1996 and comprises a floor and alfresco area of approximately 470 square metres and a seating capacity of 230. It is prominently located in the busy food precinct of Tuggerah Westfield, a major shopping destination for Central Coast residents. The restaurant is perfectly located to take advantage of both a strong, loyal local customer base as well as being right in the middle of a popular entertainment destination providing new customers. The store is fully managed by a long time franchise trained store manager, providing a turnkey opportunity in its current state. Recently renovated and in keeping with the Hog’s Breath brand, all equipment has been maintained to a high standard, ensuring smooth running of the operation. In recent years due to a number of federal, state and local government initiatives, the Central Coast has experienced huge growth, becoming a major commercial hub. This has enabled many families to make the coast their work destination as well as their home. Further information and financial details will be provided upon inspection and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (02) 4389 7500


price: $2,300,000 + S.A.V.

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Pizza Hut Kwinana An exceptional opportunity exists to own this award winning, welloperated and internationally successful franchise. Pizza Hut franchises give you the financial control of owning your own business, combined with the support of a historically successful company. With the power of Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell) behind you, you will also become part of an organisation with tremendous purchasing strength. This translates into big savings and added benefits to franchisees including prime time TV promotion and advertising.

Features & Benefits: • No experience necessary as comprehensive training and professional development is provided, including a Franchise Business Coach. • Over 350 stores operating throughout Australia and New Zealand • A proven and recession resistant industry • World recognised leader in the pizza industry • Excellent marketing and operational support Make the decision today to invest in your future by purchasing this international franchise with plenty of new growth potential from the nearby expanding suburbs. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.






Thriving Tapas Bar on Iconic Cappuccino Strip

Local & Interstate Removal Transport & Storage

This busy tapas bar and restaurant lies at the heart of Fremantle's tourist strip, offering patrons a wide selection of wine, beer and cocktails, as well as a range of tapas dishes and other hearty meals. Includes a recently refurbished 95m² internal dining area and 45m² al fresco dining area. Currently on a 5x5 lease, with the ability to further extend this. First year net profits were $168,000, with massive opportunity to expand and take profits to a new level. Under full management. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

86 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $350,000 leasehold + S.A.V. mob 0418 418 444


Currently servicing QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT. Can be relocated anywhere. Multiple Web sites, trading names, 1800 phone numbers, Large social media following Established customer base and full training provided. Current freight consists approximately 50% commercial and 50% domestic. Currently run with 5 office staff, 10 full time drivers and 10 casuals, 11 trucks, 4 trailers. Turnover approximately $3 Million and growing. Plenty of scope for expansion. Get ongoing work both commercial and domestic along with storage. Late model Signed fleet of trucks available. This business is consistent and fairly recession proof. Current owner would consider possible part sale of business or investor. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $1,500,000 WIWO - all inclusive bh (07) 3286 1977 mob 0417 073 539


mob 0431 638 269


price: $183,000 + S.A.V.

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Sales and Distribution



Free Business - Just Pay Stock and Fixtures This business has been serving the area for 10 years in its present location and has an established, long-standing customer and supplier base with massive scope for expansion. Average annual T/O is in excess of $250,000. The new owner/operator must be able to commit to a sales business that can run with minimal staff, and is open 8am5pm, 5 days a week with occasional after hours call out service. They must also have a basic understanding of engineering principals and application, basic computer skills and good numerical skills. A familiarity with agricultural

equipment is a bonus. The current owner operator is offering 1 months free training in all aspects of the business and a further 2 months part-time in house and phone support. The business has a long standing and very reasonable lease arrangement, and all equipment and amenities are in place. The new owner/operator must only pay for current stock at value (approx.$110,000-$120,000) and fixtures and fittings (approx. $20,000), with the business being sold at no cost. The present owner will happily discuss the business in full detail and give any tours or information to any genuine candidate. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0447 196 447


price: S.A.V. + fixtures & fittings

Smash Repair



Automotive Smash and Mechanical Repairs Located by a busy main road, this newly set-up smash repair and mechanical repair business has been in operation for around one year, during which time it has experienced excellent profits and growth.

equipment including a spray booth, a paint matching room, a hoist, a tyre machine, a balancing machine, a spot welding machine and much more. The lease term currently stands at three years plus three years.

Along with a great number of walk-in customers, the business also handles insurance-related repairs.

This business would be ideal for an owner/operator with panel beating and painting experience.

The sale includes approximately $3000 worth of tyres and a dual-fuel ute, alongside brand new and state-of-the-art

Further information and financial details are available upon application. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh () 0450 776 750

mob 0450 621 014


price: $165,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 87

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Surf, Skate and Ski



Long Established Surf Shop Established in 1992, this business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone, on the North West Coast of Tasmania, by the same owners since inception. Beach Beat stocks all the leading surf wear brands - Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Globe, Volcom, Rusty, Hurley etc - which cover an extensive variety of clothing, shoes, wetsuits, surf boards and fashion accessories. This business has a regular client base, yearly turnover of just below $1 million and current stock level at approx $250,000. Currently running with a full time manager, 2 fulltime employees and

a permanent part timer. The shopfloor area is approx 200 sq metres with extensive racking system and display units throughout, with a very good point of sale computer system in place. Also included is a Sensormatic security system in place, reverse cycle air-conditioning, on-site parking for 2x cars and building renovations. Store hours are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am – 1pm Saturday. A long lease is available on this building and some vendor finance may be available. Serious buyers only please. Please contact the owners for further information Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.







Busy Takeaway Shop

Country Goldmine For Sale Established since 2006, this popular takeaway boasts a loyal and repeat customer base. Located on the main street in Korumburra, 80 minutes from Melbourne CBD, the business’ location and its on-street parking access mean that it benefits from both great foot traffic and exposure. With income up to $10,000 per week and rent at only $312 per week, this store is the perfect opportunity for those looking to purchase a well-established business with a great income. Initial training available to the new owner.

Located in the heart of Manly Corso is an extremely popular take away shop, locally famous for their pulled meat rolls. The store also offers a wide range of other products, including burgers, tacos and wraps. Its enviable location means that the store experiences a high level of foot traffic throughout the year. Turnover during the low season is approximately $6,000 per week, with it reaching between $11,000-$14,000 per week during the high season. The owner earns a profit of between $1,500-$4,500 per week working a maximum of 10 hours, offering plenty of opportunity for the new owner to increase their profits further. For further information, please contact Jade.

price: $169,500 O.N.O.

price: $139,000

mob 0403 608 788

88 Australian Business For Sale ®


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Established / Great Cashflow / Great Lifestyle This long established FoodWorks Supermarket (16 years) offers a very rare opportunity to an astute purchaser. The business currently is highly successful and will continue to grow. FoodWorks Bombala is a member of an independent retail supermarket group, Austarlian United Retailers Ltd (AURL). It is the second largest independent supermarket retailing group, with over 600 stores throughout Australia. The Supermarket is located with great exposure in the heart of the main street of Bombala. It offers a lot more than a wide range of groceries, fruit & veg and dairy. A comprehensive selection of deli products and meat is also available to a solid, regular and loyal clientele, plus a hardware and gardening section and a separate liquor store. The turnover has increased every year since its inception. Currently $6.6 Mil plus with a GP of 24%, the day to day operational stock is approx $350K. The Business is run with a staff of 25 well trained and competent staff. The freehold premises are included in the purchase price. The Supermarket functions from a very large trading area. The property and building also contains 2 one-bedroom units and 3 separate commercial/office areas. Bombala is a picturesque town in the Monaro region of south-eastern NSW (population approx 1500). The principal industries in the area include grazing and timber, with tourism becoming a valuable asset to the local economy. The town is approx 485km south of Sydney, 80km west of the south coast town of Merimbula, and 80km south of Cooma, gateway to the snowfields. Bombala has all the required facilities and amenities. The purchase of this profitable business provides the added bonus of a good and healthy lifestyle in a friendly country town. Further information and financial details will be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0416 371 049


price: P.O.A. freehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 89

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The Best Takeaway in Merimbula This well-established takeaway business has been trading in the beautiful suburb of Merimbula on the far south coast for over 30 years, and is the takeaway of choice amongst locals for fish and chips, burgers, and dinners. The business currently trades 7 days a week from 8am-7.30pm, with the current owners working 40 hours per week and supported by a team of excellent staff. There is plenty of opportunity to retain more of the profits if the owners wish to work longer hours. The business has operated under the

current owner for almost five years, performing solidly and experiencing year on year growth. The current lease is 5+5 years. This is an excellent opportunity for an owner/operator looking for a sea change. The business has also recently undergone a total renovation and refit, and is the perfect venture for someone wanting to take on a business with a proven history of success. Further information and financial details available on request and subject to the completion of a non-disclosure agreement. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0448 702 609


price: $240,000 O.N.O. leasehold




Popular Phone Repair/Accessory Kiosk Located in a busy shopping centre in a growing area of Queensland, this successful mobile phone repair kiosk has hundreds of happy and loyal customers, offering a variety of accessories as well as repair services for a wide range of mobile phones & tablets. Included in the purchase price are: • Fixtures and fittings worth $60,000 - all in excellent condition • Approx. $14,000 worth of stock, including spare parts and phone accessories. • Over 150 documented policies and procedures to help run the business. • Computer and POS system for inventory management.

Thanks to its location, the business receives plenty of foot traffic, so advertising is practically unnecessary. It has a turnover of approximately $3,300 per week, though there is potential to increase this significantly. All systems, training and infrastructure required to successfully operate and expand the business are included in the sale. The owner is selling due to other business commitments. For full figures and details, please contact Mark. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0403 447 448 90 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $55,000 all inclusive

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Port Augusta


‘Crossroads of Australia’ Long established (40 years) and iconic Chicken Shop plus a busy Laundromat located in the seaport and railway junction city of Port Augusta, South Australia. The city area is mainly situated on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf (approx 320km north of the state capital, Adelaide). Port Augusta is also the 'Gateway to the Outback' and the magnificent Flinders Ranges, a magnet that attracts a continual tourist flow. The Business is located on the main highway (Eyre Highway) with access to the west, north, north-east (to NSW and Sydney), and to the south. Ian's Chicken Hut is situated with good exposure on a large commercial block adjacent to a sizeable car park. It is a veritable institution in the area and has acquired a large and loyal, regular clientele with its freshly cooked rotisserie style chickens and its renowned secret recipe. This Takeaway Business also sells other hot foods, schnitzels, chips etc. along with a variety of fresh made salads and an assortment of refreshments. The Chicken Shop has been brought up to date with a new hot bar installed. The well-patronised Laundromat has 6 washing machines, 3 dryers, 1 large front loader and 2 new top loaders. The premises have recently undergone major upgrades and renovations. New roofing, air-conditioning and an H & L point of sale software system have been installed, plus a security system and cameras with real-time monitoring throughout the building. These 2 very profitable businesses are currently operated under management. The substantial size freehold commercial block is suitable for further development in the future. This business would suit a purchaser looking for a solid business with a proven track record of good profits, plus the added bonus of a great lifestyle in a beautiful area of South Australia. It would also be a suitable acquisition for a family looking to migrate to Australia through the purchase of a suitable business. Further information and financial details available upon inspection and subject to the completion of a confidentiality agreement.

mob 0427 613 914


price: $1,150,000 freehold WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 91

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Tourist Attraction



Buy a Legend In Tourism - The Ferryman Karumba The Ferryman business has been established in Karumba since 1991. Sale includes 2 vessels: The Ferryman 405QE lic for 50 persons 9.27 in water length, 3.6 m beam and .6m draft aluminium passenger carrying barge and Ferryman 2 25005QC lic for 7 persons, used as a tender and for small groups. Sale also includes everything needed to run a successful tourism business, a small 10 foot tender, all catering equipment, lic buoy mooring, 2001 automatic Landrover Discovery for towing, southwind trailer and large I beam trailer for Ferryman retrieval, domain names, web

page and true Facebook following, advertising, signs, bookings and contacts. Residence at 54 Yappar Street Karumba available for sale or rent to buyer if required. With this business you will have the BEST LIFE. If you have kids they will have a childhood seeing osprey, sea eagles, jabaru, dolphins, dugong etc. Boarding school is available for teenagers subsidised by the government. Work as much or as little as you want. Current owner launches the barge Ferryman at Easter and runs until end October school holidays. Owner’s back injury has forced sale. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4745 9155

mob 0427 610 645

Training & Development


price: $265,000 + G.S.T. - freehold



Registered Training Organisation

Truck with contract

This RTO has been operating for 10 years and currently offers 9 diplomas and certificates, together with 13 individual Units of Competency, which are able to be delivered across Australia. The RTO can easily be operated from home, as the majority of courses can be delivered online. There is also a Learning Management System in place. This business currently has Smart & Skilled Funding in place. It has also benefited from a number of other Government Funding programs, and hence is well positioned for growth. The business is currently registered until 2023.

Available for sale is a front lift garbage truck. A 5 year contract with option is already in place. Set run 5 1/2 days a week with weekly pay closed yard. This opportunity provides a great return with a national company.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $200,000 O.N.O.

price: $400,000

mob 0418 734 712

mob 0419 228 835

92 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ




Tweed Heads/Gold Coast NSW-QLD

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Central West NSW Courier Business This is an excellent opportunity to purchase Cowra Couriers Truck & Business, a well-established general freight business that has been operating for over 20 years. The business has a reputation for prompt delivery and excellent service, operating Monday-Friday between Cowra and Orange, and with freight ranging from small cartons up to pallets and crates. Weekly turnover is approximately $4,000. The sale includes a 2008 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 6 - Curtain Tautliner with 495,000km. The truck has been serviced every

10,000km, and includes great tyres, new brakes and 12 months registration. This is the perfect opportunity for an owner/operator with an MR License to take over a successful business with an existing client base. The present owner is willing to provide up to 2 weeks training. Both the truck and business are priced to sell, and can be based out of either Orange or Cowra. For more details, please contact Warwick between 3pm and 8pm. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 003 514


price: $180,000 all inclusive

Tree Lopping



Successful Arboriculture Business in Orange NSW TIME FOR A TREE CHANGE Treecraft NSW Pty Ltd - Centrally located in beautiful Orange NSW in the heart of the Central West. - Offers a great lifestyle. Visit Tree surgery Company specialising in all aspects of tree maintenance and removal with ISO9001 Accreditation. 7 years experience with an increasing turnover of $500,000.00 PA. Extensive and steady client base servicing

Government, Industry, residential clients. Great opportunity, Potential for further growth. Fully equipped for new owner to just walk into and start. Present owner willing to stay on for handover to assist with maintaining good will and the team is ready to support a new owner. Owner selling for family reasons. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 293 157


price: $259,000 all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 93

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Sunshine Coast Region


Well Established Vending Business A rare opportunity exists to purchase a well established vending machine business on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. This business is currently operated on a part time basis, with the existing owners working only 1 day per week. With 16 machines in operation at prominent locations throughout the Sunshine Coast region, the current owners are able to earn an excellent semi-passive income with minimal effort. The great thing about this business is its flexibility. Enormous and unlimited growth potential exists for the motivated investor. Or the leisurely investor can simply sit back and relax in paradise for 6 days every week, while

the money keeps pouring in. This business is also backed by a leading National vending franchise (Franchise Fee included), with superior vending technology and an excellent selection of premium cold drink, snack, combo and healthy choice vending machines. Franchise Benefits Include: SIM technology – 24 hour remote monitoring from any digital device. Bulk buying power. Full comprehensive marketing. Full and on-going. Full technical and business support. Access to National Accounts. Healthy Product Range. Home based/Mobile business. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 499 412


price: $119,000 + S.A.V.


Sydney’s Premier Cake Decorating Business This extremely popular and well established cake decorating business first opened its doors in 1981, and has been operating from its current location since 1994. Specialising in wedding and special occasion cakes, such as christening and birthday cakes, the business caters to all of Sydney as well as the surrounding areas. Found on the first page of all Google searches for ‘Cakes in Sydney’ and with their own extensive website, this business has an extremely loyal client base of over 30,000, including many of Sydney’s leading reception venues, where this business is listed in wedding packages as a preferred supplier.

profile location, with a total floor space of 100 square meters, including the kitchen.

The business currently operates 6.5 days per week, and has a team of experienced staff members. Annual turnover is approximately $750,000, with gross profit at 75%. A 4x4x4 lease is already in place. The showroom is located in a high-

This business is ideal for someone with experience in cake decorating or a commercial kitchen, who is looking for an opportunity to run a successful, pre-established business. The owner is selling reluctantly due to plans for retirement.



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 402 358 94 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $190,000 negotiable WIWO

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Wholesale / Retail



Fiberglass Industry Opportunity to purchase a successfully established family owned business (66 years). This Company specialises in the sale of fiberglass raw materials and associated ancillary products to a wide range of trade, wholesale and retail customers. The business has established both Australian and overseas suppliers of a broad diversity of popular products appealing to boat builders and repairers, manufacturers of fiberglass moulded products and retail customers. The business also manufactures tops for camper vans, horse floats and other mouldings for industrial uses. The use of light weight and flexible fibreglass has found wide application throughout the automobile and trucking industry. The Company has over many years established a large and regular clientele through quality of product, attention to detail and good customer service. Advice and guidance from an excellent and experienced technical support team is always available. The business operates through three Trade Centres within the Sydney area plus another Trade Outlet on the Central Coast area of NSW. The business currently has 10 full time employees, a turnover of approximately $3 Mil and a running stock of around $500,000. The Company is well known and highly respected in the Fiberglass Industry and should appeal to a company already familiar with the industry and looking to expand. The purchase price includes plant and equipment valued at $140,000. This Company, with a record over many years of solid profits, could be a suitable acquisition for someone wishing to migrate to Australia. Vendor Finance would be available to a suitable purchaser. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed.

bh (02) 9958 5238

fax (02) 9958 0838


price: $1,020,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 95

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Fairfield East


Childcare Equipment and Educational Resources This is a fantastic opportunity to own and manage Australia’s leading supplier of educational resources and play equipment specifically designed for children in childcare, preschool, school and Early Learners, established over 20 years. The business manufactures its signature Playframes with the product being assembled and stored in a warehouse. There is a 4 year lease remaining on the warehouse, with plenty of parking, and showrooms and office space also available. All suppliers are long-term, reliable businesses with whom the business has an excellent relationship. The business also has an established client base, a good distribution network and a

solid online presence that drives sales via a website, email newsletter, social media and online shop. This is an ideal opportunity for a new owner who would like the security of a solid, existing business and is prepared to work full time to help it develop and grow further. It would suit a person looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in importing/manufacturing or someone who has an understanding of the childcare industry. The sale price includes all plant and equipment, furniture and fittings, pallet racking and security monitors. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 320 443


price: $300,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

Windows and Doors

South West Rocks


Glass and Aluminium Opportunity in South West Rocks This is a well-established glass or aluminium business in the stunning town of South West Rocks, located on the beautiful Mid-North Coast of NSW. The area offers excellent sea-change opportunities and lifestyle choices, and is perfect for those looking for a healthy and happy environment full of community spirit. Situated in the South West Rocks industrial estate, the business is the only one of its type in the town, and so has enjoyed long-running success over the past 30 years. From its location, the business is visible to all traffic, and has a well-displayed

showroom as well as ample parking. The shed is also located close to the local South West Rocks shopping centre. With purchase options being offered, this is a great value leasehold opportunity for someone with experience in glass or aluminium manufacturing, building and construction or glazing. The business comes with 3 to 4 long-term employees, as well as a variety of tools, equipment and a truck, offering an easy transition for a new owner/operator. For more information and financial details, please contact Robert. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6566 5000 96 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (02) 6566 5442

mob 0499 541 713


price: from $149,000 + G.S.T. + S.A.V.

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SELLING A BUSINESS This application form is for private business vendors ONLY - for all other applications please contact our office

Want to sell your business?

Business type: (Please Print)


If your business is for sale and you want to have it included in this Directory and displayed on our website, then you have 2 Combo Packages to choose from. Both include free internet listing and give you 3 months exposure.

1/4 page

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Subheading: Description:

Use more paper if required

Business sale price:


Bh: (


Ah: (

Fax: (





NAME: ADDRESS: AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS FOR SALE® Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010 ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054 All correspondence to: Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010 Issue 80 Volume 14 The magazine and its contents are protected by copyright. Published by: Professional Publishers Pty Ltd ABN 87 094 164 271









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Franchise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57

Pet Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80

Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Fresh / Salt Water Pool Supplies . .58

Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19, 80, 81

Accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Furniture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56

Plumbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82

Auto Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24


Post Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77, 82

Auto or Mechanical Repairs . .21, 22

Garden & Building Supplies . . . . .59

Pool Suplies & Maintenance . . . .58

Auto Parts & Accessories . . . . . . .23

General Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60

Produce / Rural Suplies . . . . . . . .20


Gift Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58

Property / Real Estate . . . . . . . . . .82

Bait and Tackle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Go-Kart Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60


Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24


Removalist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86

Bars/Nightclubs . . . . . . . . . . .24 - 26

Hair Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60

Renovations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83

Beauty Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . .26, 27

Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61

Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84

Bike and Motorcycle . . . . . . . . . . .27

Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 - 64

Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . .9, 85, 86

Building and Construction . . .27 - 31

Home Based . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65



Homeware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64

Sales and Distribution . . . . . . . . .87

CafĂŠ . . . . . . . . . . . . .18, 32 - 36, 99

Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66

Camping & Hiking Equipment . . .38


Car Wash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 - 38

Ice Cream . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66

Caravan Park . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 - 41


Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 - 43

Import/Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . .67

Chandlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68

Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44


Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46

Kitchenware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69

Clothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42


Commercial Laundry . . . . . . . . . .46

Ladies Wear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70

Commercial Property . . . . . . . . . .47

Laundromat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99

Computer/IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46

Luxury Hire Car Service . . . . . . . .70

Consultancy . . . . . . . . . . .47, 48, 54


Convenience Store . . . . . . . . . . . .48

Machinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72


Maintenance & Repairs . . . . . . . .71

Day Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49

Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . .72 - 74

Deli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49

Marine Wholesale / Retail . . . . . . .75

Wholesale / Retail . . . . . . . . . .75, 95

Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50, 51

Mixed Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76

Windows and Doors . . . . . . . . . . .96


Mobile Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76

Earth Moving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52

Motel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99

Electronic Devices & Equipment . .53


Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54

Newsagency . . . . . . . . . .74, 77, 78

Event / Party Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . .52

Nursery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78

AIRR Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . .20



Barry Plant Glenroy . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Factory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55

Office Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . .79

First National Real Estate Albany . .20

Fitness Centre . . . . . . . . . . . .19, 55


Titan Partners Corporate Finance .19

Footwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55, 56

Painting & Decorating . . . . . . . . . .80

Uphill & Schaefer Real Estate . . .18

98 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71

Smash Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 Supermarket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Surf, Skate and Ski . . . . . . . . . . . .88 T Takeaway . . . . . . . . . . . . .88, 90, 91 Telecommunication . . . . . . . . . . . .90 Tourist Attraction . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 Training & Development . . . . . . . .92 Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92, 93 Tree Lopping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93 Truck Wash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 V Vending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94 W Wedding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94 Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96

Business Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 3/08/2016 15:35 Page 99

This exceptional, one of a kind business opportunity is located in the business centre of Meningie, on the shores of Lake Albert, an easy 1.5 hour drive from Adelaide, South Australia.

Incorporating 3 businesses in 1 - The Lake Albert Motel, My Friends Cafe, and Lake Albert Laundromat - the sale offers an amazing opportunity for the right buyer. Meningie is the gateway to the breathtaking Coorong National Park, with its vast expanses of waterways, amazing bird life and walking tracks, popular with both local families and tourists.

This thriving town boasts all the essentials - supermarkets, schools, Hospital & Medical services, numerous Clubs and Restaurants, sporting clubs, plus many other shops, services & local community groups. The Lake Albert Motel

This 14-room Motel comprises 8 Doubles, 3 Triples, a Family / Disabled Unit, a Kitchenette Unit, and a Deluxe Spa Unit. Catering to corporate clients, locals, tourists and groups the Motel is conveniently located within walking distance to grocery shops, chemist, bakery, hotel, bottle shop, restaurants and cafes. My Friends Cafe

This fully licenced cafĂŠ is attached to the motel and positioned at the front of the property with great street visibility and access, also allowing it to take advantage of the fantastic location and views across the lake. The Lake Albert Laundromat

Adjacent to the Motel , the laundromat also offers convenient street frontage. Consisting of 3 commercial washing machines and 2 commercial dryers, it is the only laundromat in town.

This business is currently run by a couple with 1 - 4 casual employees, and would ideally suit a chef or cook looking for a solid business and great lifestyle in a beautiful area of South Australia. 10 year lease with option to extend. Enormous potential exists to expand the CafĂŠ, and a new motor sports park (due to open in 2017) just 30 minutes drive from Meningie will further increase the demand for accommodation in the area.

m: 0474 985 607



Further information and financial details available upon inspection and subject to the completion of a confidentiality agreement.

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 3/08/2016 15:35 Page 100

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