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Volume 14 2017

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Melbourne Franchising Expo Offers Something For Everyone Melbourne is set to host the final Franchising Expo for 2017 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 August, with a huge range of exciting business ideas on offer.

A highlight of the Small Business Festival Victoria running throughout August, the Franchising Expo will showcase more than 100 franchisors, advisors, and industry insiders ready to assist people to start or grow their own business. “The Melbourne show is traditionally the biggest one for the year and visitors will find a wide range of business ideas – from lucrative food and beverage concepts and flexible home services franchises, to innovative ideas such as digital photo booths, cryotherapy and app development,”

says Event Manager Fiona Stacey. “In 2017 we are celebrating 30 years as Australia’s one-stop-shop for franchising,” she adds. “This is the only place where you can meet face to face with such a wide range of franchisors, consultants, suppliers and advisors from industry and government.” Damian Paull, CEO of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), is a strong supporter of the Franchising Expo. “It provides an opportunity where people can have a conversation about franchising, where they can learn whether franchising might be right for them, where they can be inspired by meeting with others in the franchising community,” he explains. “By participating in the Expos, the FCA gains a better understanding of the needs of the franchising community and really shows us where we can further help and implement change for a continuing prosperous sector,” adds Paull. “It directly puts us where we need to be, in front of the community as a peak body for the franchise sector.” The free seminar series promises some fascinating presenters, plus panel sessions

presented by the FCA featuring successful franchisees, and introductory panels discussing “Is Franchising Right for You?” Fiona Stacey says the diversity of franchises and price entry points is a huge drawcard for the Franchising Expo. “Some visitors come with specific businesses in mind, while others are open to new ideas, in industries they had never previously considered,” she says. “We also attract entrepreneurs wishing to grow their business through the franchising model. They come because the Franchising Expo is the country’s leading event to find information and inspiration to start, build or grow your own business.”

Melbourne Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo 10am-5pm, 26-27 August 2017 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Pre-register online to save 50% on the door price.

Want to Make $3,000/week?

Cash-in on the Portable Accommodation Boom

Sick of going from one idea to the next, with lots of promises but no results? You can keep looking for the next "great" opportunity, hoping something will change and things will get better. Or...

You can take a look at a proven successful business model and start to live your dream. Portable buildings are profitable, high ticket items which are in high demand. You can work from a small section of industrial land or your own acreage. Selling just one average building per month can net you $7,000... much better than selling eBooks or low price items.

The best part is you don’t need to a be a tradesman or have extensive building knowledge. All you need is the willingness to succeed. This business is best suited to motivated & organised individuals, who are comfortable interacting with customers.

Investment starts at $29,900 + G.S.T. with repayments as low as $140 per week, but is only available to a select few.


Go to and register for your no obligation, complimentary online video to learn more about this lucrative business opportunity investment.

4 Australian Business For Sale ®

Warning: We are very selective about who we offer this business in a box to. Even if you have the funds, we cannot guarantee we will offer the business to you. For more information, view our online video at

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Tips For Entrepreneurs by Nuha Awad, B. Bus, (Accounting), C.A.

Outdoor living is a lucrative industry... when done right. Our Gazebo and Bali Hut Business-in-a-Box model shows you how you can make a solid six figure income without having huge outlays and financial commitments, work from home, and improve your lifestyle.

What is a Business-in-a-Box? It's a turnkey business opportunity where everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily is done for you. When you invest in a Business-in-a-Box, we show you how to get a constant, reliable flow of enquiries, and there are no ongoing fees or royalties.

Here are some tips for Entrepreneurs running a successful business: • Make sure you are doing something you love. • Write a business plan so you are clear about what you are doing and update it. • Hire the best people to assist and to do the things you can’t, so as to free yourself up to do what you are good at. • Always find new ways to keep costs low, increase profits and look for innovation. • Focus on sales and marketing. • Accept that learning more equals earning more. • Be flexible in your thinking. Prepare to change the way you work and the products you offer in order to meet the demands of your customers. • Admit your mistakes, correct them and carry on.

• Develop a good relationship with your bank and creditors. • Develop your own network of entrepreneurs who you see regularly and bounce ideas off. • When you are not available to clients, leave a message. • React quickly to any complaints or problems. • Focus on a specific goal and work at it until it is achieved. • Ensure quality in every aspect of your business. • Use the internet and emails. Build a website and send out email newsletters, buy online banner advertisements and register your site with the major search engines. • Delegate. You should hire a good accountant and tax agent, lawyer and marketing professional. For further information contact Paul St. Clair on 02 9221 4088.

Why a Gazebo and Bali Hut Business-in-a-Box?

3 Simple - Easy to run & requires no qualifications 3 Flexible - Can be run part time or full time & works perfectly as a second business

3 Highly Profitable - Low overheads and high

transaction value make a low to mid 6 figure income easily achievable

3 Low Investment - From only $39,900 + G.S.T. 3 Opportunities Australia-wide - Work wherever

you like, whenever you like, with no restrictions

3 Training & Support - Everything from Marketing,

Sales Systems, Step-by-Step guidance and support is provided for a full 12 month period

3 No Agreements - This is NOT a franchise; it's YOUR OWN business, so NO agreement is required

For more information, visit to register for your no obligation, complimentary online video and receive our free information package delivered to you 6 Australian Business For Sale ®

Fair Funding For Small Businesses For too long in Australia you as a small business owner and entrepreneur have been stifled in your growth ambitions with a lack of access to fair finance. The banks primarily need a first mortgage on real estate property and when you run out of homes or don’t have a home to offer the funds dry up. Even when there may be a fabulous business opportunity to acquire a new business, build out an existing one or you simply need more working capital to run your business more efficiently. Most non-bank lenders and private finance companies have very stringent terms for short-term loans at exorbitant interest rates and opaque fee structures with a promise of quick funding that makes the cost of finance simply unaffordable. ThinCats is Australia’s first Peer-to-Business (P2B) lending platform offering a unique

solution. The platform connects you to smart, sophisticated and vetted ThinCats investors who understand the characteristics of small business lending and are prepared to back your courage, your business expertise and track record of generating positive cash flows. These investors lending fractional amounts across a portfolio of SME loans to fund your business needs whilst diversifying their risk. They also know that if the cost of the finance and the terms are fair and flexible that it’s a winwin for both parties, with borrowers paying competitive rates and lenders earning attractive returns without the banks in the middle.

To apply for an online loan or learn more visit

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A Simple Business That Makes Exceptional Income Gutter Guard is a very lucrative business (if you know what you are doing). Australian owned business Gutter Knight has developed a very unique yet simple business system not seen before that you can either do all the work yourself or simply sub-contract it out and still make good money. Seeing a big gap in the market for both quality and service, Gutter Knight now seen as the market leaders was established in early 2012, providing high quality ‘gutter protections systems’ for both residential and commercial applications. Gutter protection systems commonly referred to as ‘gutter guard’ are used for keeping leaves and debris out of guttering, used in fire zones, vermin proofing, keeping rain water tanks clean and many more uses. Gutter guard is being used more often and fast gaining popularity because of its many benefits. A growing number of local council areas if deemed to be in a ‘fire

zone’ building codes ask for installation of an approved fire guard system to protect the homes, certified fire rated gutter guard is installed to comply. With ongoing changing laws and regulations for OH&S some building maintenance personnel are no longer allowed on the roof to clean gutters, so these buildings require either ongoing maintenance cleaning from an external company or installation of gutter guard. It is the same for rental properties, if a tenant cleans the gutters and has an accident the landlord is potentially liable, smart real estates and landlords are now seeing the benefits of installing gutter guard on these properties for both protecting themselves and adding value and reducing maintenance costs. There are approximately 9 million dwellings within Australia and is fair to say majority of these all have guttering. Gutter Knight has put together an attractive franchise system on offer for

under $50,000 which includes all the equipment you need, professional custom built trailer, smart marketing systems with ‘all done for you ready’ templates, sales and product training, also they help you ‘hit the ground running’ and making money from day one and ongoing. When asked “how much money can a Gutter Knight person earn?” the answer was very interesting; “imagine if you sit at home all day watching TV, what sort of level of success do you think you will achieve? Those who put the effort in to make it happen reap the rewards and in this business there are generous returns to be made, the minimum is $100,000 a year and we have one that does close to $800,000 a year”.

Gutter Knight is taking applications from motivated people so if you would like to find out more contact Brian on 1300 875 594 or visit




Much loved Coffee Brand, in an Awesome Location Since 1995 Gloria Jeans has been a much-loved Coffee brand. Setting Benchmarks for the Coffee industry in Australia. Gloria Jeans provides great support to Franchise Partners Key Points: • Annual turnover $635 000 • Strong consistent profitable business • No experience necessary, full training provided • High profile location in Ballina Fair shopping center. Good foot traffic. • Long established business over 13 years, with regular and very loyal guests

• Profitable business • Proven International Brand. • 7-year lease available • Support of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, training, and support. By buying a franchise that is long established you know what you are getting; all systems are in place, supply lines are established and staff are fully trained. Is it time to take that step and be your own boss? Effort = Return = Reward. This cafe priced to sell quickly. If your interested and in a financial position to consider this please email with your details and we will call you and discuss. 8 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $200,000 + S.A.V.

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Strategies In Saving Time by Evan Kambourakis, Dip. A, B. Com, ASA. Strategies in time management are crucial tools for increasing your productivity in the work environment. Here are a few points that may assist productivity with daily work demands:• Personally strive at being positive, efficient and effective in everything you do. Invest time in finding the best methods to achieve your goals. Keep things simple. • Set realistic goals and tasks each day. • Organise your time to deadlines. • Set aside time with no disruptions to plan your day. If you travel to work by public transport, you can allocate this time to checking emails on laptops and smart phones or to simply plan your day.

• Delegate work to staff where possible. Invest time in training staff who will complete tasks on your behalf, with little supervision. • Plan proactive meetings with clients or managers. Set an agenda. End meetings once you have accomplished the set agenda and an outcome is achieved. • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that will assist physically and mentally with daily activities. Summer is here – use our wonderful weather to go outdoors and be physically active.

For further information contact Paul St. Clair on 02 9221 4088.

Voted The World’s Best Business... Discerning Australian business minds will be quick to secure one or more of the GMSM highly profitable state franchises. For those switched on business minds applying with the right credentials vendor finance may be extended. These franchises have extraordinary earning power enabling all investment to be recovered within 24-months, as the ROI is significant and years ahead of all other forms of business.

the Capital-Safe brand is voted as being in the world’s top 10 business to own the answer as you will discover is in its parent being an IBAN registered EU Bank meaning with such strong genes the success of these state franchises and their agencies becomes an assured conclusion.

Share in our success and become super wealthy enquire via:

All systems are supremely electronic providing Cash flow of high value thus bringing about a whole new realm of life for those chosen to become part of the GMSM global network. If you’re asking yourself why

Don’t Buy a Business Before Seeing Us… Have an expert on your side to attend to everything that matters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Business What size Franchising advice What value Have I the money Can I meet my commitments Is it worth the asking price How do I know I am not overpaying for the business Property rental advice Are the vendor’s figures for the business correct Lease advice Negotiating a better deal Is the sale contract in order The financial proposal Getting behind the figures How much should I borrow Obtaining banking advice

• How do I obtain finance • What should I know about the business • Obtaining legal advice • What type of finance should I get • What registrations should be undertaken • What books should I keep • What entity should own the business • Is the valuation of the stock correct • What insurance should I have • Taxation requirements • Long term planning • and the… many many other matters to consider

...the RISK is too Great! Make an appointment with Paul St. Clair

St. Clair partners Chartered Accountants Level 15, 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Fax: (02) 9221 7498

(02) 9221 4088 Ask about our FREE “Buy a Business Seminar”

“ W e a r e n o t y o u r av e r a g e a c c o u n ta n t s W h e n i t c o m e s t o b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s ” 10 Australian Business For Sale ®

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Swapping a Limo For a Lawn Mower

V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens Franchisee, Chris Gulliver

V.I.P. Lawns and Gardens franchisee, Chris Gulliver couldn’t be happier with making the switch to being a business owner with V.I.P. Home Services. Originally from the UK, Chris Gulliver made the move across countries in 2015 with his fiancée. An experienced business owner, Chris owned his own corporate chauffeur business in the UK where his passengers included UK’s finest, including Royal appointed personnel on Royal visits.

Arriving in Australia knowing that being a business owner was the ideal option for him meant that the decision was an easy one, it was deciding which business was right for him that was more complex.

outside and work in the great outdoors in the sunshine – nothing beats it. I love that I have turned what I love into a successful business and my health and fitness has hugely improved as well which has been a great bonus,” said Chris.

While Chris enjoyed his time in the chauffeur industry, he felt it was time to stop seeing the outdoors from behind a car window and venture into owning his own business in the lawns and gardens industry.

“It’s the people part of my business that I love most. I’m a talker and love a chat with the customers. It’s a great way to build a relationship and rapport with the customer. Plus, at the end of each job I get to see the results of my hard work. it’s incredibly rewarding when the customers are thrilled with the results. I love being in a job where my hard work is valued and rewarded,” said Chris.

With a passion for gardening and being outdoors, Chris wanted to make the most of the Australian climate and lifestyle and spend more time in the sunshine. Chris’ love of all things green began in the UK where he cultivated his love of gardening by completing a diploma in horticulture. Chris is thrilled that he has been able to make his passion, his business. “While I loved having my own business in the chauffer industry, it’s been great to get

Life working the amongst the leaves and the lawn is proving to be a win for Chris’ health and his future. If, like Chris, you would like to make the switch to owning your own business in the outdoors, contact V.I.P. on 13 26 13 or visit

Interested in a Business with Flexible Hours, an Amazing Income, and that you can Work from Anywhere?

Have you been looking for a unique, highly lucrative, low cost and low risk opportunity? Picture this... you wake up in the morning, check your emails, grab the day's jobs and quotes, jump in your ute, and away you go. By the end of the week, you have brought home $4,000 plus after expenses. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not - Welcome to Property Maintenance Business-In-a-Box. With opportunities in both regional & metro areas, this complete turnkey business opportunity offers you all these things... and more!

Warning: We are very selective about who we offer this business in a box to. Even if you have the funds, we cannot guarantee we will offer the business to you. For more details, view our online video at

Including your own highly effective website & logo, Property Maintenance Business-In-a-Box allows your business to have its own identity. You can also choose an optional Marketing Management Program with exclusive leads sent directly to you.

Interested? Go to and apply for your no obligation, complimentary online video to learn all about this lucrative business opportunity investment.

12 Australian Business For Sale ®

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Franchise Resales as a Measure of System Performance by Jason Gehrke more than this, there may be other factors to consider, such as the following:

Time on Market

Jason Gehrke When looking at the health of a franchise network, the quantity and nature or resales of existing outlets can provide several useful indicators. The first of these is the proportion of total existing outlets available for sale at any one time. (For ease of reference, this will be referred to as the resale percentage from here on). If the resale percentage seems excessively high, this will indicate problems such as a lack of profitability, a loss of confidence in the business model or the franchisor, or other issues in a network that can cause a stampede to exit in the same manner that a fire will cause the occupants to abandon a building.

The resale percentage of a network can begin to climb if it takes longer for existing businesses to sell, particularly as more businesses are listed for sale before existing listings are sold. This Time on Market indicator may increase as a result of excessive prices sought by vendors, by financing problems among buyers, a change in the market itself, or a flooding of the market by listings triggered by changes in the franchise business model or ownership or management of the franchisor. The time a property takes to sell has been a common measure of the buoyancy of the residential real estate markets for several years, and increasingly is now being applied to understand the sales cycle of existing businesses. Time on market is particularly affected by price, and can range from days to months, and even years for some businesses.

Sale Price Multiples Alternatively, if the resale percentage is very low, this is likely to indicate a high degree of satisfaction with the business. To calculate the resale percentage of a network, divide the number of all existing outlets available for sale by the total number of outlets in the network, and multiply by 100. Average resale percentages will differ from one industry to another, and from one network to another. For example, resale percentages in blue-collar home services franchises where the work typically performed by the franchisee is physically demanding can be expected to be higher than the resale percentages of say a whitecollar management franchise. Likewise, the resale percentage may differ significantly between two franchise networks which operate in the same industry. For example, Coffee Franchise A may have a lower resale percentage than in Coffee Franchise B because franchisees in network A may be more profitable than those in network B. Resale percentages often range between five and 25%. If the resale percentage is 14 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

There are two types of sale price multiples to consider when assessing the resale of an existing franchise. The first is the profit multiple used to measure prices of both independent and franchised businesses. The profit multiple method can see business sale prices range from as little as one times profit to five or six times profit, depending on the nature of the business and the industry in which it operates (and assumes of course, that the business is actually profitable). Another price multiple measure is a comparison of the sale price of an established franchise with that of a greenfield (ie, yet to commence trading) outlet. If resales are sold for consistently lower prices than greenfield outlets in the same network, the network may well have fundamental problems it needs to address among its existing franchisees before it can hope to recruit others. Similarly, if the average price multiple of existing outlets are greater than for a greenfield site, then these businesses should be expected to be profitable and delivering a capitable gain to their sellers.

Tenure of selling franchisees Another factor than can indicate the health of a franchise network is the average tenure of franchisees who list their businesses for sale relative to the initial term of the franchise. If, for example, franchisees are listing their businesses on average half-way through the initial term of the franchise, this may indicate issues around profitability, the business model, confidence in the franchisor, etc, subject to some of the other issues listed previously. In other words, the longer a franchisee has operated the business before offering it for sale, the more likely it is that the franchisee has been satisfied with the performance of the business, and hence the more desirable it may be in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Conclusion Potential franchisees who explore these issues in detail when undertaking their due diligence will be better-equipped to make more informed decisions about the future viability of their investment. This article does not represent an exhaustive list of measures to assess resales as an indicator of system health, but can be a key starting point for observers of the sector to monitor system performance, as well as for franchisors themselves to better understand their points of differentiation in a highly competitive franchise marketplace.

Jason Gehrke is the director of the Franchise Advisory Centre and has been involved in franchising for 20 years at franchisee, franchisor and advisor level. He advises both potential and existing franchisors and franchisees, and conducts franchise education programs throughout Australia, and publishes Franchise News & Events, a fortnightly email news bulletin on franchising issues and trends. Franchise Advisory Centre Phone: 07 3716 0400 (International: +61 7 3716 0400) Fax: 07 3716 0300

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GroutPro, Amazing Growth, Amazing Opportunity!

GroutPro’s business has continued to grow year-onyear and they are looking for budding business owners to join the other franchisees who now proudly wear the GroutPro brand. The business of restoring tile and grout across Australia is booming, so much so they can’t keep up with the customer demand. In the most recent HIA (Housing Industry Association) magazine, the home renovation market is valued at $32 billion annually. Whether selling or staying put, home owners are looking at ways to maintain

and increase the value of their homes which includes modernising the look and functionality of areas such as bathrooms and living spaces, without breaking the bank.

not just with the increased demand for their services, as well as the Brand itself.

Everyone knows bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, but who has the time, energy and finances to do a full renovation before selling a house. Many of GroutPro’s customers have seen the light and are now enjoying the amazing results of a GroutPro restoration service.

• 29% increase in franchise units;

GroutPro Australia has finetuned its services and through franchising is seeing amazing growth in its business across the whole of Australia. GroutPro Australia’s National Franchise Manager, Delena Farmer says that the business is generating more leads than it can handle at the moment. The GroutPro business is changing year on year and

• 4 new franchisees are husband and wife teams;

Penrith Muffler Man & Phone Number is now for sale Exhaust / Radiator Service & Repairs Penrith/Kingswood New South Wales


• • • •

$20,000 O.N.O.

A well established trading name in the growing area of Penrith

Plus extensive Client data base Established over 40 yrs in a fast growing area Due to owners retiring Includes Phone Number and Business Trading Name with all the Council Certificates and Approvals for trading • Enquiries available seven days a week Paul Kelly m 0412 514 321


16 Australian Business For Sale ®

Some of the other highlights of the 2016 include:

• 35% of work comes from existing customers and referrals; • 10% of leads come from the distinctive GroutPro van signage;

• 21 franchisees, partners and managers undertook the GroutPro training course in 2016; • 5 franchisees were showcased in their local and regional newspapers; • 4 appearances on Chanel 10’s Healthy Homes TV showcasing the services and benefits of becoming a GroutPro franchisee; GroutPro services are very personal in nature and it’s only when you speak to their customers that you understand why repeat business is very high. Many franchisees barely get out the front door to be asked by the homeowner, when can they come back to do the other bathroom! Personal referrals, where one customer is so happy with the outcome, are also a secret to the GroutPro success – happy customers tell all their friends and family. The relationship skills of franchisees is another key to running a successful business. It is important to remember

that communication, attention to detail and delivering in full on time, is fundamental in building a strong brand that demonstrates quality in all aspects of the business. Customers are often overwhelmed by the results achieved by GroutPro as well as the professionalism of the franchise owners. From a customer’s perspective, there is no higher level of service than having a tradesman turn up on time,

be able to give a detailed analysis on the problem, recommend the right solution to fix it, then perform the work with skill and care. If you are a motivated individual or a husband and wife team, with an eye for detail and like meeting people, then GroutPro IS the business for you. GroutPro is interested in men and women who have dreamt of starting a business for themselves but don’t want to do it alone. The next Franchisee Training course will be in September 2017 with an additional course to be held in November.

To find our more about GroutPro opportunities visit or call (07) 5515 0118

Pages_003-018.qxp_Pages_3-18 7/8/17 09:31 Page 17

Pages_003-018.qxp_Pages_3-18 7/8/17 09:31 Page 18

Get a Taste of Chatime!

With sales up 20.1% this year, Chatime is the beverage with the leverage.

Chatime is the home of freshly brewed, iced tea. If you haven’t had the chance to try one of our tastetastic teas yet, you will soon. We already have 70 stores, or ‘Tbreweries’ as we like to call them, up and running across Australia, and it’s fair to say, business is booming. Our franchise owners saw a 13.6% like for like sales growth in 2016 and we’re tracking at a whopping 20.1% like for like sales growth for the first half of 2017. This is a staggering statistic, especially when you

compare that to the retail market average of 1%. Woah!

we want our franchise owners to feel the same way.

That’s probably why all the smart, young movers and shakers are queuing up to get brewing. Chatime breweries will be opening at 20 new locations in 2017, with many more Chatime enthusiasts signing up for 2018. And even just a quick look at the current market trends tells us they’re onto a good thing.

We believe in delivering the highest quality product, so we only use the finest and freshest ingredients. We brew fresh tea at least every four hours, to ensure it always tastes tiptop and are constantly innovating and inventing new flavours. We’re not afraid to shake things up but most importantly, we have fun whilst we are doing it all.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a huge shift towards healthier living, and with it, we’ve seen a significant growth in the iced tea category. All across Australia, people are swapping their sugar-filled sodas for healthier alternatives, such as a refreshing Chatime infusion. And this is a trend that shows no signs of stopping.

So what’s all the fuss about? You have to try Chatime to love it. And you have to love it to work with us. At Chatime, we are passionate about what we do, and

As a Chatime franchise owner, we want you to love the product and the brand, as much as you appreciate the profit margins. That’s why we give you everything you need to make the most of your brewery, from stateof-the-art tea brewing machines to edgy brand marketing tools. So you can help us build the brand we love and spread the Chatime love.

To find out more about how you can become a franchise owner and join the Chatime family visit




Simply One of the Best in Victoria Outstanding Gloria Jeans Store with great reputation and loyal Customer base. • Store established 2005. Current owners looking to semi retire due to other Business Interests. • Average weekly Net Sales over $14500. • 7 year lease with over 2 years remaining. • Rent = $11198 + Promotions $559 + Outgoings $916.

• Franchise Fees 8%.. • Prime Location Between Woolworths Kmart Aldi and New Chemist. Commonwealth and NAB Banks just moved in opposite store. • Freshly Painted. Easy start up with experienced staff if required. Perfect Family Business due to high exposure to wages/Profit

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 164 926 18 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $375,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:37 Page 19

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:37 Page 20

Become Part of The Solution Australia is in the grip of an escalating drug epidemic. Did you know that 70% of illegal drug users are employed2 out of 3 users find it difficult to abstain for a whole day and top-up at work…and in 80% of serious workplace accidents involving drugs or alcohol the injured people are innocent non-users. These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Drugs are ruining businesses and destroying peoples’ lives. Governments and authorities don’t have effective answers to reverse the situation, however, one organisation does. Drug-Safe Communities. It has a 16 year track record of creating safer and happier families, neighbourhoods and workplaces by making them drug-safe. Established by anti-drug crusader Michael White, the Drug-Safe Communities franchise opportunity is very unique. Michael is very aware of the seriousness of the drug problem facing society. When his business partner died from a heroin overdose Michael lost everything. It was this tragedy which led to him creating this business. He developed a practical and proven solution and every

‘sale’ (writing policy, running preventative workshops, and pre-employment and blanket drug testing) changes lives. Franchisees have the satisfaction of making a significant difference in their local community and one day leaving behind a long-term legacy. Drug-Safe Communities calls this unique benefit “Profitability With Purpose.” You only have to watch the media for a week to know that Australia’s multibillion dollar drug problem is widespread. This means that there are massive opportunities for ongoing repeat business for Drug-Safe Communities franchisees in order to keep their communities drug-safe.

and passion of its franchisees. As well as having a founder with so many years of industry experience, the franchisees are provided with a wealth of support from a group of industry experts who understand the importance of coaching, mentoring and business growth. Franchisees are treated as valued business partners. The whole team learns and grows together. In addition, franchisees are safe in the knowledge that this is a business based on innovation. It was the first business of its type in Australia to be certified by NATA. The first to introduce mobile testing. And, the first to establish an ASQA training Academy.

Drug-Safe Communities is a mature business. Since 2000 it has pioneered and fine tuned the services required to make an environment drug-safe. They are tried and tested. When Michael realised that the accelerating drug problem required a different business model in order to be able to reach people in all parts of Australia he decided that the most effective method was to expand the business via franchising. Michael calls this a “Franchisee First” business. He knows that a great franchise system is built upon the financial success

In light of recent news of record-breaking drug busts, along with the Federal Government’s Budget stating that welfare recipients will be drug-tested, interest in the franchise potential of Drug-Safe Communities has dramatically escalated. If you want to make your world a better place, and to be part of the solution, learn more about this dynamic Drug-Safe Communities franchise opportunity today. For more information call 1300 378 472 or visit

Beauty Salon



Unlock the Potential! Located at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City in Success, this beauty salon is looking for the right owner to take it to the next level.

sold to so the right person must come along. All the hard work has been done.

Currently run under management, the shop has a long lease (till 2020) and a strong client base.

• Franchise Beauty Salon • Opened in October 2014 • Under Management • 6 treatment rooms, 1 spray tanning room • Salon of the month Feb 2016

The owner is male and from an engineering background and is finding the beauty industry is not a fit for him. However the owner is very particular to who the shop will be

In brief summary:

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9348 4050 mob 0433 621 971 20 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $230,000

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:37 Page 21

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 11:05 Page 22

New Financial Year Small Business Must-Haves Tackle The New Financial Year With These Business Tips Plan ahead to succeed this New Financial Year. These tips will bolster your business while ticking off great service and organisation along the way.

Mag, if you’re 40 and save $50 per week, you’ll have just over $112,000 by the time you are 60. It’s not ground-breaking, just compound interest. Lock down good habits early in the new financial year to set you up.

system in place to organise your tax records now. Tired of paper receipts? No problem! A myriad of apps like Xero exist that let you photograph and save receipts, so you can capture expenses instantly.

Fuss-free technology to simplify your business


Consider what technology you can take up to cut time and steps in your business. If you’re on the road, then Square is a tapand-go credit card reader which you can take anywhere to save time chasing cash or invoices later. Consider what tech can boost your business in 2017.

Bartercard is a business network where members world-wide exchange products and services without the use of cash. Attract new customers, conserve cash and increase profits whilst gaining exposure to members across almost every industry to really set you up this New Financial Year.

Cyber security

Download our FREE eBook: 2017 Top Business Trends

The recent global cyber-attack which hit 200,000 people in at least 150 countries, is a reminder to do everything possible to ‘cyber secure’ your business. Update your anti-virus software and develop a backup plan for your critical data too, including daily, weekly and monthly backups. Test if you can recover from backup data.

Know when to spend

Good money habits

Preparation from day 1

It’s rudimental, but according to Money

It pays to start preparing early – put a

Whether it’s real estate, shares or upskilling, investing in the right areas can grow your wealth and competitive edge. The value of investing in yourself can’t be downplayed and can launch you ahead of competitors so rally up your spare cash (or save it if you have Bartercard) to expand your thinking.

We list the latest tips and see what the most successful brands are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Visit to download your FREE copy.

Why an Importing Cashflow Business-in-a-Box? • No Qualifications Required - Our model is simple & easy to run • Choose Your Hours - Completely flexible, the business can be run part time or full time Want your very own lucrative importing business, with low overheads, and no huge up front or ongoing expenses? Our Importing Cashflow Business-in-a-Box model shows you how to earn a 6 figure income, without all the expensive overheads. When you invest in a Business-in-a-Box, you receive a complete turnkey system to get your own importing business up and running quickly, easily and with minimal hassle. There are no huge capital outlays, no need to carry stock, and no staff or warehouse required.

• Affordable - Invest as little as $39,900 + G.S.T. • Complete Mobility - Work wherever you like, whenever you like, with no restrictions • No Franchise Fees - This is NOT a franchise; it's YOUR OWN business, so there are NO on-going fees, and NO agreement is required. • Training & Support - A complete Sales and Marketing System, as well as coaching and support, is provided for a full 12 month

For more information, visit our website to apply for your no obligation, complimentary online video and receive our free information package delivered to you. 22 Australian Business For Sale ®

GroutPro.qxp_Portable Building Cash 9/8/17 09:52 Page 7

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:37 Page 24

Australian Business For SaleÂŽ

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:38 Page 25



Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:38 Page 26

The Care and Grooming of Your Manager By Bob Lyon I have talked to a lot of business owners and one thing is very clear: when it comes to creating an environment for managers and other staff to flourish, most owners just don't get it. We, as business owners have not stepped up to the idea that managing is a profession. Much of the population would rather go to the dentist than deal with certain businesses. Many think they score just above a collection of attorneys when it comes to image. Don't shoot the messenger! I certainly do not believe that stereotype is real or deserved, but rather that most businesses and shops are fair, trustworthy and professional. You have to admit though, when the media needs a story they go after some rouge tradie, the automotive industry or try to find some roaches in a restaurant kitchen. For now, let me climb down off of my soapbox and discuss the things we need to do to ensure our managers have the right environment to be the type of managers that all of us in business need. Leaders lead, and people will follow a dynamic leader. I'm not saying you have to be General Patton. There are plenty of people that followed Gandhi, and I don't think that he had to yell much. Leadership is a frame of mind and needs to be built within ourselves and our mangers. The old phrase is "the speed of the leader is the speed of the team," but the standards have to be set so that everyone understands what’s required. Many times I have talked to owners who are unhappy with their managers, but the managers are unaware of the true issues. Too often "sea gull owners" swoop in and unload on the manager, who in turn unloads on the employees. Clear-cut goals, standards and expectations that have been developed with the involvement of everyone in the business eliminate this negative behaviour and create the proper environment.

Praise Your Manager We hear it time and again - we need to praise our employees; but we fail, many times, to listen. Almost everyone invests some amount of their self-image in their

26 Australian Business For Sale ®

job. When we praise our managers when they do well, they will learn to praise the staff and the amount of positive feedback increases the positive self-image everyone gets from the job. Make people care about their job and watch how the results grow. When we do have to correct some action or behaviour, do it in private. The need for positive correction is essential to grow a manager. If you are candid and honest with them in an effort to help them grow, they will love you. If you save it all up for one annual review, they will hate you because you gave them the feeling during the year you were happy with everything they did. What you want from your manager may not be what was important at their last job. They might not even know what you want and that is totally your fault. When there is a lack of clear-cut expectations, most people will perform based on the expectations they have come to know in the past. Have you given them the tools needed to measure the performance of the shop? Do you measure and set standards for daily sales, technician productivity and customer satisfaction? If not, how will they be able to read your mind and give you the results that you need or want? If you are reading this and are not sure what I am talking about, then you need guidance to become the leader first. Don't worry, it is not a disease. Even CEOs of the biggest companies have "coaches" to help them through.

Pay Them Correctly A tough topic for many owners is how much to pay a manager and how to set up the pay plan. A set salary, without any incentives, will not reward the best mangers and will encourage apathy, where we settle for the results that we get. Not many people are money motivated, but money sure does help pay the bills. A pay schedule based only on sales can result in high sales but low net profit. Too much emphasis on sales alone can lead to discounting to get the sale and an unprofitable shop. In addition, never talk about the average sale unless you include shop productivity, customer count and margins. If you want $500 per sale, any manager can

do that; but they will often turn away customer enquiries and small sales that are the seeds of the future. A pay plan that rewards sales and gross profit margins along with high customer satisfaction bonuses will result in a profitable business with happy customers. The owner needs to know how much they need to be able to make to keep the business running and provide the return on their investment they expect. Remember you have to provide a living wage for the area you are in. If the business is not producing enough to be able to do that, then you cannot afford a manager - yet. The right pay plan is just one more way that we can help motivate the manager and staff to produce the exceptional experience that will ensure customers return and bring new ones in.

Learn to Lead Managing a current management staff, creating a new management staff or acting in that management role yourself is a complex blending of many disciplines. The most important issue to resolve is the purpose of mission that provides a clear vision of where you want to be. The tools that you will need to get there, the training that you will need to provide or learn yourself and the shape your organisation will eventually take all depend on your ability to lead. Your leadership, with compassion and uncompromising attention to your business goals is what will make the difference in your organisation. You have a rare opportunity that most people do not appreciate, in that you are shaping the lives and futures of those around you. I advise you to lay the groundwork well for your success and for those whose lives you touch.

Warmly Bob Lyon

For further information on how your business can benefit from these and other exciting business and marketing tactics call Bob Lyon direct on 043 883 0937 or get your FREE report entitled “How To Sell Your Business At Your Price … And Cause A Stampede Of Prospective Buyers Literally Begging For Your Time” by simply going to

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Strawberry Fields

A Sensationally Sweet Opportunity

Farm Agricultural & Rural Sunshine Coast QUEENSLAND

For the first time in 39 years, a once in a lifetime window of opportunity has opened up right here on our beautiful Sunshine Coast with the current owners deciding it's time to hang up the gloves and retire! For 39 years, Strawberry Fields has been producing Strawberries for local and statewide consumers with the end goal always being "Quality must prevail"!

With the hard work already done such as implemented systems, infrastructure and plant & equipment all supplied, the new owners will be in an exceptional position to continue the production as usual to achieve superb returns on investment whilst maintain an excellent lifestyle or further develop the business with the extensive unused land and infrastructure currently in place!

Inclusion summary: • 100 acres on 2 titles • 7 Homes - Mix of Workers quarters/caretakers and Primary residences • 16 Brand new workers/farm stay units - Haven't been used yet • 12 agistment blocks for horses - includes roof coverings • 4 Large work/machinery shed • 1 Large workers entertainment shed • Huge packing shed with all cold rooms and facilities for efficient business operations • Cafe and eatery area with large grassed area and fun facilities for kids • All plant & equipment included (supplied after enquiry) • Wholesale facility structure with butchers equipment & cold rooms With absolutely endless options available, only 45 minutes north of Brisbane and a hop skip from the Coast this is a tremendous opportunity not to be missed! Further information about Plant & Equipment & financial details will be made available upon inspection (by appointment) & after confidentiality requirements have been completed. Any interested persons please contact Will Emms for further information.

price E.O. I.


phone 07 5442 1855

mobile 0423 380 685 www email

Australian Business For Sale ® 27

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Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 13:01 Page 29

Market Street Takeaway Mudgee


Maryborough QLD

New South Wales

A Good Balance

Arguably Mudgee's busiest non franchised fast food outlet providing consistently strong T/O and income from continued local and tourism patronage. Prime CBD exposure with high traffic flow Spacious service, food preparation & storage areas Extensive menu variety including healthy homemade options Attractive lease terms of premises (to approved applicants) Full financials & inventory available on application Ideal family operated opportunity

$320,000 WIWO

The most popular café and coffee house in the iconic Historical town of Maryborough!

A thriving and successful business of 8 years selling Specialty coffee, breakfast, lunches, the place for that Purrfect Treat. At centre stage taking advantage of street parties, food festivals, weekly markets and major local events. Seating inside and out for well over 40, plus a regularly booked conference room for up to 30. The in house and regular external catering clients is growing and to grow more is going to be almost too easy for that right person or husband and wife team. PRICE

p 02 6372 2222 m 0488 738 379


$180,000 negotiable

M 0421 214 661 E


Albany Event Hire - Lifestyle Business

An excellent opportunity to secure a business established for 25 years and is still thriving.

With a strong hold on the event hire industry in the Great Southern and South Coast regions of Western Australia, Albany Event Hire has benefitted from sound business practices and a sensible growth plan the current owners have employed over the past eight years. Albany WA Event / Party Hire

For more information contact

Rob Mason 0411 615 806

Now is your time to enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits this business opportunity offers! • Preferred supplier for major annual events • Tried and tested mix of plant and equipment • Minimal staffing required • Onsite training available at premises and events • Forward bookings • Ideal business for a couple • Modest investment required


Australian Business For Sale ® 29

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 13:04 Page 30

Freehold and Business


Noosa Retail Fashion Chain

Hostel QLD

Welcome to Brisbane’s newest hot spot – Petrie Terrace Brisbane. An opportunity awaits for astute buyers/investors seeking a share of the lucrative tourism market. This prime commercial property (to be sold as an ongoing concern) is on a prominent corner position approx 150 metres to the vibrant Barracks retail/commercial precinct, Caxton Street, Suncorp Stadium/Roma Street Rail & Bus station & just 10 minutes’ walk to Brisbane's CBD. Currently operating as Banana Benders Backpackers, the premises offer a variety of accommodation options with a capacity of up to 80 people across 18 rooms. Incl. with the business is a liquor licence. PRICE



07 3162 3372 l 0413 834 747

Ladies Wear l Noosaville l QLD

• Two Hastings Street sites, side by side • One Noosa Riverfront site • Goddess & Wardrobe have over 10 years of trading history • Current owners have 30 years in the retail industry • Underpinned by strong leases • Expand your brand into these businesses and locations or grow them into a larger group • Potential to leverage off their goodwill & franchise or licence


E.O. I.

Mobile: 0414 812 719 Email:




Panel Beating Business

Coburg North


Limousine & Corporate /Airport Transfers

Luxury Hire Car Service l Brisbane l QLD


• Quicksilver Limousines has been trading for over 20 years • Currently servicing the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane • Can be run from any location • Currently run under management • Vehicles and trailers included • Contact John Petralia for more information


5 Days - 5:00PM Close - Ample Parking $40,000 PA Long Lease Negotiable Huge 479sqm (approx). Well established business

with huge growth potential, excellent equipment,

same owners for 33 years. Keen to sell. Offers invited.


For more information contact

$595,000 All Inclusive Mobile: 0414 812 719

Angelo 0418 326 124 or Tania on 0408 517 771


Website: AB1534

30 Australian Business For Sale ®

Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North


Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:38 Page 31

Figleaf Pool Products Swimming Pool Darwin NT

Price: $1,500,000 leasehold + S.A.V. AB1477


We are proud to offer for sale this highly profitable swimming pool retail and service maintenance business. The business comprises a large retail shop and service facilities catering for both domestic and commercial swimming pool parts and supply/service with over 10,000 clients on their data base.

The business has been in operation since 2000 under the current owners, showing growth and profitability year on year. Now the owners wish to step away and retire. They supply essential pool chemicals including salt, chlorine, acid and other chemicals. Pumps, filters and chlorinators and a multitude of parts and accessories are also sold and serviced.

Services include:

• Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators, Cleaners supply and service. • Chemical and spare parts equipment. • Pool Maintenance on both regular and casual basis.

• Scientific water analysis. • Pool inspection reports. • Workshop repairs to all equipment. • Warranty claims processed in-house.

A large fully staffed maintenance section provides service and backup for customers’ pools & equip. The owners will provide a long term attractive lease on the premises to a new operator. The business is located in a highly visible location with two major traffic routes within 100 metres either side of the business. Drive past traffic is very high, accessibility is easy and parking generous. The business is fully staffed, complete training will be provided to new owner/operators. Turnover in excess of 3 million dollars per year.

For all enquiries please contact the sole and exclusive agents:

Steve Liebelt 0412 401 507 - Andy Gray 0438 960 047 - Australian Business For Sale ® 31

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:38 Page 32











Popular Seaside Cafe

Firewood Italian Restaurant

Established, busy cafe in the quaint and popular seaside town of Shellharbour Village

Popular Italian-style wood fire restaurant located on the first floor in the quaint Shellharbour Village

Close to the boat harbour, pool and beach. Great coffee, awesome meals, liquor license, regular local clientele and popular with Sydney day trippers and holiday makers.

Multi-level layout seats 94 diners in 4 separate dining areas, main dining area, alfresco outdoor balcony, plus upper and lower areas. Plus rear access and a handy lock-up garage/storeroom on ground level. Reasonable rent.

Great exposure on the main road. Excellent turnover. Modern smart interior or alfresco dining, seats 77 diners, quality plant & equipment, plenty of storage (3 storerooms), Plenty of parking with 2 large easy access public car parks and on-street parking.

Operates 5pm - 10pm Tuesday - Sunday. Liquor license from 10am - midnight indoors and 10am - 10pm outdoors (front & back). Regular clientele, great atmosphere, great food and friendly staff. Fully operational kitchen, woodfire oven, air conditioning, Reasonable rent with a long term lease available.

Good timing to get established before the new exciting and long anticipated Shellharbour 300 berth Marina opens. Price

Good growth area plenty of potential (including deliveries) with the long anticipated new marina precinct nearby.

$220,000 + S.A.V.

Location shot





Mobile 0415 112 702

Mobile 0415 112 702


Iconic Albany Bookshop, Newsagency + Lifestyle Store

Paperbark Merchants - Business + Freehold. Paperbark is without question an iconic Albany business. It is the largest regional retail bookstore, newsagent and ABC Centre in Western Australia, also selling a considered mix of gifts and lifestyle products. It is a completely independent business with a broad demographic and an ideal high street location. The business also incorporates Paperbark Tickets (instore & online) which sells tickets to local theatres and events. The current owners have enjoyed the benefits of this business for 17 years and now it's time for new operators to become part of the coolest store in town.

Key Features: • Business has operated from this location since 1983 • Current owners have operated the business since 2000 and under the Paperbark brand since 2011 • Very loyal and broad customer base, VIP database • High level of recognition and affection for the brand and business from local community • Strong financials, excellent systems and staff

Paperbark Merchants is for sale on a walk-in, walk-out basis with everything included plus hand-over and training. The freehold property is also available as part of the business sale.

A comprehensive Information Memorandum is available subject to qualification and signing of confidentiality deed Please contact Rob Mason to discuss this opportunity

32 Australian Business For Sale ®

Rob Mason 0411 615 806


Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 09:38 Page 33






Freehold - Motel Hotel Pub The Lamington Hotel Motel is a classic aussie pub. First licensed in 1865 and originally called the Ariadne The property is a key part of the community, it is a hub of social networking for the city. It is a very active entertainment venue, with a wide range of activities daily for both members and patrons passing through. Located on the Fraser Coast in the city of Maryborough. The pub is located on the main street just off the Bruce Highway. Maryborough is located 20 min South of Hervey Bay. The city is a must see for Australian history buffs. The city was the largest port in Queensland during the 1800s and was where a large number of overseas migration occurred. The museums and old buildings are a wealth of history providing a snapshot early settlement. The restaurant bistro 'Cocky's Grill' home to an award winning chef. The bistro specialises in fresh local seafood and steaks. Mud Crabs, Coral trout, Red Emperor, King Prawns, and Rib Fillet just an example this is not your average pub grub. The bistro restaurant seats 54 inside and the beer garden seats 60 customers. The bar and restaurant are licensed to operate 10am to 12 midnight Monday to Sunday. The bar has entertainment facilities; Keno, TAB, 14 poker machines, and pool table. In addition to the licensed bar the site has a drive thru bottle shop. The motel has 12 standard rooms with air conditioning capacity is 36 guests. Furthermore the motel also has 6 budget rooms with a capacity of 14 guests. The leasehold business has an annual turnover of $2,900,000 per year. The business has 13 staff in total mostly casual. The business is run by a manager, it is not owner operated. The freehold has a total land area of 3,804m2. There are four buildings in total two motel buildings and the pub. The site is on a prime corner, and there is spare vacant land for further re-development. The leasehold business and the freehold land and buildings, are to be sold in one line together. AB1607

Price $1,995,000 ph 07 5552 6333

mob 0410 082 283

eml Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 33

Pages_019-034.qxp_Pages_19-34 7/8/17 13:10 Page 34

Top Nosh Café

Cafe l Aspley l QLD

Hotel Management Rights Located in Kuta-Bali, Indonesia

Presenting a fantastic opportunity to purchase this well established, long term cafe that provides coffee, cakes and home style cooking. Centrally located in Aspley with huge potential to capitalise on this high traffic centre by injecting your own personal touch and enthusiasm. n

150m2 with a strong lease in place Seating approx. 60 patrons with alfresco dining area Funds available for landlord to contribute to any shop renovation Repeat clientele Currently trading 7 days per week Busy complex with high traffic Massive potential to increase turnover Listed price $65,000 on a walk in walk out basis

n n

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase the Management Rights of this 133 unit, resort-style hotel, which is superbly located in the tourism mecca of Bali. The Indonesian island of Bali is acknowledged as being one of the world's top tourist destinations, with a booming tourism industry expected to reach 20Million by 2020 (up from 12Million in 2016).

n n n n n



There are 133 accommodation units in the letting pool. Units, which vary in both design and affordability, are a mix of studio, 1-br, 2-br, 3-br, and penthouses.

$25,000 WIWO

Mobile: 0412 439 890 Email: Website:


Located in the ever popular Kuta Agung Market Area area of Bali, the resort-style design of contemporary buildings with a modern fit-out is within easy walking distance to shopping area and the beach.

Cafe - Huge Potential Buy

Property boasts immaculate grounds of a worldclass standard, and features a Gymnasium, 4 Swimming Pools, 3 Bars, 2 Restaurants, and a rooftop entertainment area which seats 350.

The existing staff, both management and operational, have been part of the hotel for a number of years and are well trained, highly motivated, and proficient in the modern cloud-based reservation system.

This only licenced cafe on the Orbis Estate.

Leases have been prepaid for many years.

Close to Robinsons Road and Freeway. Includes a New Fitout.

Price $450,000

Current annual Gross Turnover approx. AUD $6,000,000

Sale also included the current management company’s private suite.

This great opportunity is ready to go.

Price:  P.O.A.

Brand new build and is the only licenced cafe in this Orbis Estate area.

For further information, please contact John Perrett

Ravenhall VICTORIA


of Global Trading International Mobile +61 (0) 466 081 118 Email

M 0418 333 377 P (03) 9533 7777 AB1659

34 Australian Business For Sale ®


Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 7/8/17 11:49 Page 35

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Vertically Integrated Profitable Agribusiness Manuka Farm and Processing Facility

Rural Supplies Quirindi NSW

Supported by land (139HA), water (131 Megs), infrastructure, period homestead, office, processing facility, storage sheds and low labour irrigation systems.

Situated in the heart of the Liverpool Plains 4 hours from Sydney. Frontage to the Kamilaroi Hwy, 5kms from a regional centre and 4 hours to port.

A great opportunity for a bolt on acquisition or new investment. Sale of Business and Farm can be separated subject to agreement.


Manuka Farm and Processing Facility is an established business and brand with strong sales, domestic and export growth opportunities.


For further information contact Luke Kenniff eml

mob 0409 992 715





Coastal Holiday House and Accommodation Business Tam O’Shanter Views Coastal Holiday House has been operating successfully since 2005 so all the hard work has been done. The property is located only metres from the shoreline and has absolute water frontage. The house is nestled amongst native coastal vegetation with uninterrupted water views. The 4 bedrooms allow up to 8 guests to stay in comfort. The property is located in the ever popular Tamar Valley Wine district and has world class Golf Courses within half an hour drive. All Chattells, Domain name, Website,

facebook page, booking sites, ongoing bookings etc are included in the sale. Currently operating as a self contained Tourism Holiday House you have the option of keeping it as is, the opportunity to grow the business, or live in and operate as a Bed and Breakfast. Guests from all around the world have enjoyed their time at Tam O’Shanter Views and we get many returning Guests also. You have the opportunity to “Try before you Buy” book a couple of nights at the house and see the opportunities that the property and region have to offer. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 707 268 36 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: WIWO - all inclusive

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Unique Lifestyle Linen Service on the Cooloola Coast Here is an opportunity to get yourself involved in a great lifestyle business of the beautiful Cooloola Coast. The business operates in a niche market providing linen to accommodation providers at Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. The hours of work are extremely flexible and ideally suited to a couple looking for the perfect combination of work/life balance. The business owns and supplies the linen requirements to accommodation providers acrosss the Cooloola Coast. There are also great opportunities to expand into other areas such as Gympie and surrounds.

The business has been established for over nine years and has very consistent and stable figures. The linen is laundered through a third party so we have a very simple business model of supplying and delivering linen. The asking price for this business includes all linen, vehicles and equipment. This is a genuine opportunity and we welcome interest and remain negiotable on our price. Contact us now and we can offer up to date financials as well as a detailed explanation of how the business operates. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $400,000 WIWO

Advertising / Media



Boutique Design Studio - Brand promotion, Trade Events This is an opportunity to acquire a leading edge established business having long term government contracts for design, promotion and trade events. The business has been operating successfully for many years in the exhibition and promotional industry. The business sale includes all the equipment and staff necessary to continue the business moving forward with a core group of 11 people currently employed in Australia, many of them longer term experienced personnel. The business operates from leased offices in Sydney on market lease terms. The business offers its customers a wide range of services including; • Custom design & implementation services • Advanced Augmented and Visual Reality solutions

• Custom displays • Promotional solutions • Brand activations • Trade show display and co-ordination Owners wish to retire. The business is run by a dedicated general manager and some of the key staff would consider an arrangement whereby they could team with a purchaser to take some equity in the business. Alternatively the purchaser could take over the business outright on his/her own. The owners are willing to be involved with the business moving forward. Interested parties should contact us by email and after a Confidentiality Agreement is signed more details would be provided.

fax (02) 8850 5116

mob 0418 612 852


price: $920,000 WIWO - all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 37

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Auto Parts & Accessories

Auto Spares Shop Price- $410,000 (selling for current stock wholesale value, No Goodwill). Retail price of the stock will be double ($820,000). (Shop also has more stock which are not included in above price). Established in 2004, our store is a major auto spares shop in town which caters for over 150 garages. Shop also sells parts In Ebay and Gumtree. Has a Facebook advertising account. Currently under management. Owners visit only once a fortnight. Need a urgent sale since owners planning to move to Brisbane.

Rockhampton & Capricorn Coast

Very reasonable rent. Current opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8-12pm. Sales could be improved with more opening hours, advertising, Ebay sales and managing by owners.


huge exposure. Land size 950M2. Land is in 4 TitilesPossibility to sell each title separately. Part of the building was used for a Petrol station in the past, therefore there is a possibility to open a petrol station. 7 onsite car parking places available. Will sell business and freehold or only the Business with reasonable rent. Free hold will not be sold alone.

Opening a work shop on the site Free hold ($650,000) Building+Land located in Corner of a 4 way junction with

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0422 276 500


price: $410,000 negotiable - all inclusive

Auto Parts & Accessories

Mackay & Coalfields Region


Auto & Industrial Parts Including Equipped Workshop Xceed is the only automotive, industrial and electronics store located in Moranbah, covering a market radius of 100km. Located in the centre of the town and in the hub of 15 coal mines, the business has fantastic exposure, and comprises a spacious showroom, workshop and employee accommodation in a 736m² standalone, modern and purpose-built premises. Boasting an impressive range of clients, including BHP Billiton, Anglo American Coal, and project and maintenance contractors, the business specialises in the retail of auto and industrial parts, and is an authorised Jaycar Electronics stockist. The workshop is fully

equipped, and operates as an auto-electrical and air conditioning repair business. With a history of solid growth and excellent returns, this is a fantastic opportunity for a new owner/operator to not only take over a strong business, but also offers the potential to further increase sales through online marketing. The sale includes a fully serviced 2012 BT50, a forklift, benches, tooling, shelving, and stock valued at approx. $500,000. Training available to the new owner/operator. Further figures and financial details available upon request. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4941 7193 38 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (07) 4941 5108

mob 0438 839 930


price: $1,399,000 + G.S.T. leasehold

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Sydney South





Highly reputable Italian cake & pastry Shop, Long standing establishment with opportunities to franchise & sell such a well known product. With 80% of the business being retail ,predominantly having very loyal and long standing/returning customers leaving the other 20% of business to also longstanding WHOLESALE customers (Reputable Clubs, many local sporting clubs,cafes,restaurants,reception venues & also agencies for pickup points of our products). Opportunity to live onsite with large living premises available that can be negotiated in the deal. An initial period can be allowed for training if needed.

This Bakers Delight bakery is the only fully operational bread bakery in the prime high end shopping centre of Burnside Village in Adelaide. Business Facts: Average weekly turnover around $18K, OP averaging 22% and with franchise and lease agreements in place until 2022. Bakers Delight is a Top 10 Franchise System in Australia. Current owners come from a non baking background and built this profitable business. Substantial government grants available to support staff development as the bakery is approved for trainees and apprentices. Owners will consider partial vendor finance

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $590,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

price: Negotiable + S.A.V.

mob 0431 251 572

mob 0401 180 560


Successful Bakery in Shopping Centre


Popular Bakery/Cafe/Pasticceria Italiana




Bakery Cafe in a Great Location with Good Profits Bakery / Cafe situated on an unbeatable location in Templestowe Lower (Doncaster). Surrounded by shops and lots of parking at the front with one bank and two supermarket, lots of foot traffic. Long lease and good rent, excellent set up. The business details:-

• 20+ sitting • business has lots of potential to improve and grow faster being located not far from city • business has one very big store underneath with car parking, access from back lane way or stairs. Best opportunity.

• sells bread, cake, pie, pastries and coffee • available with in wholesale and retail • fully equipped and in very good condition

For more information and inspection, please contact Kunwar. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0430 665 099


price: $90,000 negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 39

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Southside Suburb


Artisan Retail And Wholesale Bakery Cafe This bakery was established in 2002 and has been providing an extensive range of freshly baked artisan products to the public and the wholesale market ever since. It is ideally located in a Brisbane Southside suburban setting close to the major road.

2024. The lease includes three shops with a lettable area of 195.34 square meters. The annual rent is $36,000 and this has been secured for the additional 5 year period.

Operation hours: Wholesale: Monday to Sunday Monday to Friday - 7am to 6pm; Retail: Tuesday - 7am to 6pm; Saturday and Sunday - 7am to 3pm.

Gross profit in 2016 was 343,000, 2017 will be 370,000 and 2018 (estimated) will be 493,000. Owners owns all the equipment valued at 72,000. Due to the size of the premises, there is potential to broaden and develop into a full patissier or increase the scale of wholesale operations.

The current lease is secured until the 30th August 2019, at which time the lease may be extended for an additional 5 year period to August

Genuine buyers can contact Purple Patch Accountants and Advisors on (07) 3166 9595 for an Information memorandum. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $265,000 negotiable


Hallett Cove


Award Winning Bakery Award winning bakery cafe for sale in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs. Located in residential area, within a small, recently refurbished shopping centre just off main highway. Good on site parking and near to schools and Early Childhood facility. Bakery has indoor and outdoor seating and currently sells freshly made bread, pies & pasties, celebration cakes, patisserie & coffee.

Loyal customer base which can be expanded with more advertising. Currently trading 6 days over 11 months. Established for nearly 3 years so sales and profits still growing. Reasonable rent and current lease 5+5 years. Bakery is currently family owned, run by husband and wife, with daughter working as pastry chef. Owners are looking to semi-retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0447 625 372 40 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $99,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

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South Launceston


Iconic Bakery with lots of potential to grow Tinnies Pies is a well known and established bakery specialising in pies with a fantastic reputation on Trip Advisor and Google for making some of the best pies in Australia with a broad demographic clientele. All items, including pastries and fillings are handmade on the premises with good processes and staff in place. Established in 2012 with a current turnover of just under $500,000 and showing good profit. This business has still lots of potential to grow into a franchise or multi store/city

bakery, mobile food vans, the option to add more products, liquor licence potential (sta) and increasing wholesale. Currently the business is run by 3 part time staff plus the owner per day. Leasehold terms are 4 + 4 years with 2 years left plus the 4 year option. Private car park, inside dining and take-away, restrooms and a prominent location for high visibility. Due to a change of circumstances the ownership group has decided to sell this terrific business. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $190,000 leasehold O.N.O.

Beauty Salon


Beauty Salon




Purpose built Beauty Clinic featuring 3 spacious treatment rooms, a fully tiled bathroom with toilet and shower, reception area and one allocated car park. A website and social media are used to communicate to their client base. The clinic also stocks a line of quality skin care products. Established in 2010, the salon has a very loyal database to the current employees. The core of the business is advanced skin treatments. There are currently 2 Full Time employees. Trading 6 days a week. Month to month lease, owner of premises willing to negotiate terms.

Earn passive income of over $800 per week or over $1,100 as a remote manager (no insalon presence required)! Everything set to run with financial rewards of up to $90k This well-establish salon has: • Interactive Website • 2,000 client database • Strong social media presence • Online Booking system • Prime location with visibility from main road, with ample client parking • Affordable rent - $260 per week (3yr+ lease available) • Beautifully presented - $17k plant & equipment incl • 7 years operational history • 3 Multi purpose areas

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $150,000

price: $60,000 all inclusive - stock incl.

mob 0422 295 912


Beauty Salon Passive Income of $800


Modern Beauty Salon in the heart of Newcastle

Australian Business For Sale ® 41

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Beauty Salon



Popular Beauty Salon in Beach Location Walk In and Start Working! Set next door to a wellestablished hair salon and 1 street from the beach with ample free parking for customers and staff. The salon covers all areas of the beauty industry including: Facials & Skincare including Microdermabrasion, Waxing, Tinting, Massage, Nailcare & Tanning with more Specialised Treatments including Medical Skin Needling, IPL & Council Approval for Feather Touch brows.

A Cosmetic Clinic is held 1 x Saturday per month. Facilities include 1 x Tanning Room with Specialised Extraction Booth, 3 x Treatment Rooms and 1 x Nail Table. All Stock and Equipment included in the sale. An established Facebook page with over 800 likes. 9 years owner operated with an extensive client base. Long term lease option with reasonable rent. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $120,000 O.N.O. negotiable

Bike and Motorcycle

Premium Brands Motorcycle Dealership on NSW South Coast Based on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, this Motorcycle Dealership has been operating under the current owner since 2007. Turning over in excess of $1.8 Million annually with 3 major brands the business has embedded itself successfully in the local community and has built up an excellent reputation for superior knowledge & service. The business has fantastic exposure & is ideally located on a major highway at a busy intersection near major retail outlets.




It currently holds a 2 + 2 year lease in a400m Premises & 1200m2 Land area with parking available. It is staffed by 1 Business admin, 1 Bike salesman, 2 Parts & Accessory & 2 mechanics plus owner/admin. In an area where motorcycles are a popular lifestyle choice, both new & used motorcycles are sold, as well as retail parts, accessories, clothing & offers servicing & repairs to all brands. Owner is selling to retire & move closer to family. Ideally this business would suit new owners with a passion

for motorcycles who already live or are looking to relocate to a region renowned for its magnificent beaches & beautiful surrounding countryside, plus all the amenities for contemporary living. With comparatively more affordable home prices & excellent schools in this growing region it offers the perfect opportunity for a family sea change. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 763 755 42 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $350,000 + S.A.V.

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Bed and Breakfast



Accommodation with a View Quietly nestled on top of the hillside, overlooking Bowen and Queens Bay, Bowen B & B accommodation and Gallery offers a peaceful retreat with panoramic views across the region. Located on the north-east coast of QLD close to Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands, and midway between Mackay and Townsville, Bowen sits on a square peninsula surrounded by the Coral Sea. Stretching over two floors, this unique, custom built property offers an Art Gallery, 3 Bed & Breakfast rooms, and private owner’s residence. Close to supermarkets, restaurants, beaches, golf, tennis, and cinema, the eight art inspired rooms are geared toward short term accommodation. The hotel-like accommodations are fully airconditioned and equipped with fridge, tea/coffee making facilities & TV. Other features include:• Private room access • Private en suite • Complimentary wi-fi • Single, double, triple & family room options • Continental breakfast • Complimentary bike hire Home of the Big Mango, this beachcomber’s paradise offers eight award winning, safe golden beaches and some of the best fringing reefs of the Queensland coast. Open on the weekends, the Bowen B & B Gallery on the hill exhibits works by local inspiring artists amongst international pieces. A visit to the top floor gallery isn’t complete without enjoying coffee and cake whilst relaxing on the balcony and soaking in the stunning scenery. The present owners are selling due to retirement plans. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (07) 4786 6952

mob 0434 298 390


price: $970,000 freehold

Australian Business For Sale ® 43

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Building and Construction

Swimming Pool Installation Contract We sell fibreglass swimming pools to residential customers on a supply only basis. We are looking for independent pool installers for customers throughout NSW, VIC and QLD. Our pools are high quality and have been manufactured in Australia for almost 40 years. This is not a franchise, it is an opportunity to install a lot of pools as our preferred installer. We create long term relationships with our installers based on trust, honesty and professionalism. You will pay a modest annual fee for your territory.


What you need:

What you get: • • • •

All States

Qualified leads for your territory Access to our fibreglass pools at discounted prices Access to Australia’s largest range of pool heating Our swimming pool brochure with personalised branding for your business to allow you to sell our pools (if you desire)

• Appropriate licences for pool installation in your territory • Experience of installing fibreglass pools and references • Your own insurance and warranty This is a great opportunity for existing pool installers to grow their business significantly for a very, very affordable price. Contact us today! Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: P.O.A.

Building and Construction



Aluminium Window Manufacturing Business This business has been operating in Ulverstone for approximately 40 years and the current owner has been operating this business for the last 17. With no other major window manufacturing businesses located in the town, this business has an excellent client base. This business manufactures all forms of aluminium windows, patio sliding doors, and shower screens, sliding wardrobe doors, security doors, Aluminium balastrading, mirrors and glass replacement. There is a modern double cut saw for all aluminium frames, two other heavy duty saws, 2005 Nissan

Navara flat tray and glass racks, 2008 Izuzu flat tray truck and window frame, 2011 Hyundai van and a 2 tonne fork lift and an extensive range of power and air tools for all in house and on site manufacturing of window frames and a large range of glass racks. Current turnover is 1.2 million and current stock is approximately $ 70,000. The business is staffed by seven full time employees and one part time. The manufacturing workshop has a floor area of approx 500 sq metres. The building is located in a secured central area and there is a long lease available with the current owner. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 346 317 44 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $220,000 WIWO + S.A.V.

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Blinds, Curtains and Shutters

Central Coast


High Income / Seachange Lifestyle A rare and very Genuine opportunity exists to enjoy a seachange lifestyle together with a net income of between $2500- $3500 p.w on the glorious Central Coast of N.S.W, just 10 mins from the beach and one hour from Sydney. This easy to manage business retailing Curtains, Blinds, and Soft Furnishings, has been run by the current owner for the past 22 years, with only one part-time staff (4 days per week). All other work is performed by sub-conrtractors. This is a well respected niche business with an enviable reputation for quality work and reliable service; having an extensive and loyal customer base and is a market leader on the Central Coast. The owner does not chase comes to her. While the business is highly profitable as is (net profit to the owner for 2015/16...$123,000 and 2016/17 $185,000), with very few overheads unquestionably with two people at the helm (husband and wife team?) the business is ripe for growth. No experience necessary, although the ability to relate to the public is essential. The vendor is happy to provide a transition period to assist the prospective owners to understand the customer base, familiarise themselves with the processes and assure the total transition is smooth. The owner is overdue for retirement, but still loves the business and is happy to be employed a couple of days per week following the transition period should this be required. The vendor owns the premises and is happy to provide a long term lease on mutually agreeable terms. This proven and highly lucrative business offers an income and lifestyle seldom found,with the added benefit of a 5 day working week. Further information & financial details would be available after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0409 929 266


price: $390,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 45

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Canning Vale


Mobile Butcher Very good Mobile Butcher is up for sale due to family situation! Currently operates one day per week with gross sales of $5000. The truck is refrigerated and in a good working condition. The truck operates back and forth between Canning Vale

Market and Byford Tavern every Saturday for consistant weekend sale. Great opportunity for expansion of the business by increasing the amount of days operating and locations. Call for more information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $89,000 negotiable mob 0432 357 703


Port Macquarie


Kawana Waters


Popular Established Cafe/Restaurant with Water Views


Prime Position, Well Established Busy Cafe

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $185,000

price: $350,000

bh (02) 6584 6284 mob 0403 724 647

mob 0437 267 137

46 Australian Business For Sale ®


Fully established business with current owners being there for over 10years. Awarded Queensland Muffin Break of the year 2015/16. Fully trained reliable staff in place. Still 4years on the lease with options. Located in Kawana Shopping World. This business can be run by a team or sole buyer. Great Franchise system with strong support in place. Full Refurbishment completed. Strong customer base and high holiday hot spot. . Full training is provided in off site location. This Business would also suit anyone who loves baking and finishing early. Turnover around the $900,000. Working as a single operator profit is around the $150,000. This is a fantastic business.


Unique Opportunity for a Sea Change. Cedro’s has been established for over 10 years, and has a Great location with Water views. Seating 60 Outside (30 covered) + upto 30 inside. Turnover between $400k $500k p.a. Sales increased every year over the last 6 years. Open 7 days Breakfast & Lunch. Sole Supplier of “Toby Estate Coffee” in Port. Fully Licensed and has Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for the last 4 years. Excellent Growth Potential (Night Trading + Catering). Long Lease available 2 + 5years (extendable). Loyal Customer base along with Tourist trade. Just walk in, no changes required, Loyal trustworthy staff. Selling to enjoy retirement.

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A Business & Property Not to be Missed!

Offers Over $3,295,000 Freehold

Lochinvar Pet Motel provides wonderful accommodation for both cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds. The Kennels & Cattery are licensed to house 100 dogs & approved to board 40 cats at any given time. The purchase price includes a well presented & spacious 4-bedroom residence, rural farm shed, staff car port, administration & office facilities, plus a number of purpose built yards and accommodation to suit all requirements. The Cattery has 29 suites. 20 small dog kennels have heated flooring & air conditioning over 3 sections that contain 41 separate kennels. There are 14 large dog kennels with individual exercise yards. There are 16 medium size dog kennels with

heated flooring & individual exercise yards. Within the reception & administration building is a staff room & grooming room, plus 10 deluxe kennels for small dogs. Emergency & security kennels are also available.

This remarkable and highly successful business is located in the beautiful Hunter Valley, close to the vineyards and wineries of Pokolbin, that boasts great restaurants and world class entertainment. The Central Coast, with its numerous waterways and beaches, is also not far away.

The Lochinvar Pet Motel has plenty of opportunity for solid growth (currently a client base of over 8,500), and with a large area of the land not currently being utilised, there is huge potential for expansion to further increase the accommodation capacity.

This is a freehold property in a much sort after area of the Hunter Valley. The purchase would be ideally suited as a family business, or a two family business. The residence has 2 separate living areas and 2 kitchens.


Situated on 12.75 hectares (28 acres) and just 8km from the prosperous city of Maitland in the Lower Hunter Valley of NSW, this long established (10 yrs) and very profitable Boarding Kennels & Cattery has come onto the market due to the owner now looking to retire.

Boarding Kennels/Cattery Lochinvar NSW

Further information plus financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after the necessary confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0429 077 080



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 47

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 7/8/17 11:49 Page 48


Cairns City





Seafood Business on Ulladulla Harbour

Diverse retail & wholesale business trading 6 days with huge potential to expand hours/product lines (incl 3rd baking shift). Wholesale agreements in place with reputable local businesses. Streamlined procedures allow the business to run itself, although owner input would be a significant advantage. No experience necessary. Currently one owner working full time. Est 18.5 years, lease to 2023. Turnover $800k gross per year with significant room for growth. Full bakery kitchen with machinery assets valued $110k. Selling price is all inclusive. Sellers moving overseas - able to facilitate a quick sale.

The business is situated in a unique location on Ulladulla Harbour, and comprises a licensed Bar, Cafe and Coffee Shop. Included is a Wet Fish Market that maintains fresh fresh and seafood all year round. Stylish gifts are also on sale to provide a great dining and shopping experience. Business has been in operation for over 30 years and owner now wishing to retire. Included In the price - 2 Vehicles: 2007 Isuzu 8700 GVM Pan Truck and 1999 Holden Van. Turnover in excess of $1M annually, further details available on request.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $299,000 WIWO All Inclusive

price: $400,000 WIWO leasehold 447256

mob 0408 751 911


Iconic Cafe, Bakery, Wholesale Business


Wisemans Ferry


Cafe/Restaurant Located in a Beautiful Tranquil Location An exciting opportunity exists to purchase this beautiful cafe restaurant located in a popular tourist spot, with a well established customer base.

equipment included in the sale. Rented space also offers a 2 bedroom flat located above the restaurant for an additional cost.

The rented space offers magnificent views with on site parking for customers. Building features include cosy open fireplace and wrap around deck.

Details regarding rent cost and business turnover can be provided on request.

The restaurant comes fully furnished with all kitchen

Open to offers, please feel free to contact if interested. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0428 615 929 48 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A. - all inclusive

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 7/8/17 11:49 Page 49




Popular online ordering Cafe/Take away Beautiful cafe in a busy sought after strip shopping precinct that edges Essendon’s renowned schools and shopping areas.

Online Based Delivery business (Menulog/Eatnow and its own website) expanding beyond the premises. Trading: Tue–Fri 7.30–6pm, Sat 8.30–5pm.

Tailored to the market, ranging healthy sandwiches, smoothies, fresh pressed fruit juices, sushi, Vietnamese baguettes and hot dishes.

A total of 16 seats: 10 Alfresco seats and 6 for Inside seating.

Prepared using the highest quality equipment. Steady growth since day one. Fabulous Website.

Rent $375 per week. Taking per week $5k on average. Lease 3+3+3. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0434 044 847


price: $95,000




Popular Local Cafe - Specialty Coffee Focus Bright and light coffee shop right on William Street, Northbridge nestled between two well-established and thriving businesses. Incredibly popular within the local neighbourhood with a great community atmosphere. Well established and very loyal clientele. Would be perfect for a first time owner/operator, it practically runs itself! Can easily be run by two people and would definitely suit a couple. Great potential for growth. Currently the focus is speciality coffee but there is room to expand food offerings and

possibly even a liquor license. A commercial kitchen would be a great addition for the right person. Right in the heart of a rapidly developing part of Northbridge with heaps of great new bars and restaurants, lots of residential and smaller offices nearby. Super stylish, minimal interior. All new fitout, electrical and plumbing. More details and price on application. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $135,000 negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 49

Pages_035-050.qxp_Pages_35-50 7/8/17 11:50 Page 50




Iconic Darwin Café Business has been established for 3 years, fully managed, showing continued growth year on year and excellent net profit. Modern Australian breakfast and lunch menu.

There is opportunity to trade at night and increase turnover.

Seating capacity of 55 seats serving up to 300 covers per day. Trading 7 days per week.

Great loyal customer base with excellent ratings on review platforms and strong social media presence.

Modern fitout with full commercial kitchen and equipment.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 8967 1788


price: P.O.A.




Trendy Country Cafe • Trendy little Cafe for sale in Country Victoria

• Established cafe for 10 years

• Only 40 minutes from Melbourne

• Includes customer parking

• Located on Main Street of Kilmore

• Seats comfortably 35 inside and seats 20-40 in the outdoor area

• Currently Trading 6 days (can be 7 day a week) • Family owned & operated

• Great for private functions

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0410 441 117 50 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $110,500 + equipment leasehold

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 7/8/17 12:03 Page 51


Sunshine Coast


Check It Out Francis Bean is For Sale Francis bean has had 2 owners over its 3 year operation. With its amazing location and reputation of superior service, Francis bean has been rated number 1 in it’s time for best coffee! It’s not only known for its amazing Campos coffee, but the acai bowls, smoothies and other foods. Our client base is a mix of both local regulars as well as a strong holiday trade. The surrounding business’s also support and promote us through well established relationships. This cafe is tucked away across the road from the beach and skate park in the gorgeous Alexandra Headlands.

• Strong takings • Cheap rent • Great Profit • Long lease • 32kg + beans a week • Seats 25+

• Liquor licence • Low rent • Low over heads • Heavily populated area • 90% food made in store • Great staff

Lots of positive press online via Weekend Notes and other publications. Established repeat client base and winning menu. Seats out the front of shop for customers to sit and eat Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $220,000 WIWO negotiable


North Strathfield




New Fitout and New 10 Year Lease


Café in Growing Belmont

Across the road has been approved for 1000 units and Westpac is moving into the area. Potential to open nights and weekend.

Gallery & Grind is a 30+ seat café located in Belmont, on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie. We have established a strong and loyal customer base. We are rated 4.9 stars on Facebook and 5 on TripAdvisor. The Net Return to Owner for the 2017 financial year was $84K (NRO = net profit + wages paid to owners + depreciation). New lease options are available. The café has great potential for evening functions and catering. Reasons for selling: Two of the owners are expecting children. Employees: 2 casuals + owners Years established: 2 years.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $490,000 WIWO stock incl.

price: $99,000 + S.A.V.


Brand new 10 year lease which includes electricity and rubbish removal and outdoor seating $2000pw.


WIWO Sandwich bar/cafe just been open for one month in North Strathfield. New fitout, cost 200k, great location under huge gym. Opportunity is HUGE for a husband/wife family.

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Caravan Park



Caravan Park Priced To Sell Closed due to serious medical/medical health problems of the owners. One has recently deceased and the other has PTSD from war service in South Vietnam. Park has current DA from Council to reopen.

Shower, Toilet and Hand Basin. Each bathroom has its own door for exceptional privacy. There is a camp kitchen and a pool. The park is on Mitchell Hwy and 200m from a bypass on the Newell Hwy used to avoid the traffic in Dubbo.

Boasting 5.25 Acres freehold with 50 powered and sewered sites. Seven of those sites are with cabins.

Narromine is on the South bank of the Macquarie River and services a large farming area. It has 3 Banks, a Coles Supermarket, a High School, 3 Primary Schools, a Medical Centre with 3 Doctors and a Dentist. Phone or e-mail and Owner will call you you back.

Amenities Block has an Office, Laundry and 8 individual bathrooms plus 3 extra toilets. The bathrooms include:

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0434 495 547


price: $485,000 freehold - WIWO


Airlie Beach, Whitsundays


Lifestyle Boat and Business in the Whitsundays Located in the Whitsunday Islands in Central Queensland Australia, Kiana operates Sail and Scuba diving charters from Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach. Airlie Beach is the ideal access point to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

This business is ideally suited to a diving and/or sailing enthusiast who is looking for a solid business with a great lifestyle. The current owners have reached the age of retirement and are reluctantly offering Kiana for sale. For full description of the business visit our website.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0425 266 512 52 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $650,000 all inclusive

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Caravan Sales, Service or Repairs



Luxury Motorhomes/Proven Success An opportunity to purchase a boutique Motorhome Rental Company that has been established for 10 years: The Business is located in the beautiful & historic city of Bendigo that offers all the advantages, facilities & amenities for comfortable country living, without the hassles of big city traffic jams & pollution. Serenity Motorhomes has specialised in acquiring a clientele of local, interstate & international customers through its dedication to personalised service & attention to detail. The vehicles are kept in immaculate condition, mechanically, internally & externally. Each vehicle is tested thoroughly when returned; ready & spotlessly clean for the next customer. Having one depot the Company offers delivery to most Victorian locations and interstate at minimal cost, this keeps overheads down & rental rates low. Deliveries to Melbourne Airport are available when required. With quality vehicles, Jayco, Suncamper & European Auto Trail, Serenity Motorhomes have more luxuries plus upgraded suspension, making trips more enjoyable & memorable. Solar panels boost power & enable clients to free camp with no need of caravan parks, with shower & toilet, central heating, LED TV/DVD, cooking facilities & even a barbeque. They are set to go anywhere. The Company renews its fleet on an ongoing basis. The purchase price includes 12 fully featured motorhomes (valued at $1mil), workshop equipment, spares etc. The premises (5000sqm) contain office areas & lounge area, kitchen, 2 bathrooms etc. Showroom, storerooms & 3 huge garages. The available lease has 10 years to run. This is a successful business that has plenty of room & lots of potential for expansion. There is the opportunity to integrate a caravan hire business as there is little or no competition in country Victoria. It is currently operated by the owner & 1 casual staff. All systems are in place & the Business is easy to run. The owner is willing to assist & advise the purchaser over the transition. An active website & Facebook attracts both domestic & international customers. Further information & financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (03) 5447 3606

mob 0409 911 903


price: $1,250,000 WIWO

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Online Women’s Fashion Store - European Brand We import a European brand that manufactures all its products in Turkey. We are a ready to wear brand for women’s fashion with a modern and creative identity and style. Our products target females between the ages of 18 to 40. We offer our customers the opportunity to dress according to various times and places of the daily life. You can find a wide range of products in the store starting from casual wear, denim, accessories, basics, knitwear and more. The brand name that we currently import has reached over 140

stores worldwide and fills an important gap in the industry. The trading name, domain name and trade mark in Australia are currently registered under the business. Reason for this sale is that the owner is relocating. Enormous potential to grow the business further. No Skills required as the business is under management. Stock value over $40K. Included in the sale: Digital media such as Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel, Hangers, bags, stock, pamphlets and other marketing materials.


price: $39,000 negotiable - stock included mob 0415 071 381



Camping & Hiking Equipment



Fashion Wholesale In The Hub Collingwood


Lifestyle Business With a Unique Twist

Current T/O $1,020,000. Stock wholesale business suitable for direct importer or establishing your own brand. We currently represent 10 brands. Established for 13 years with a regular clientele throughout Melbourne Metro, Country Victoria and Australia wide on some brands.

This unique business has exclusive agencies with exclusion zone off a hundred kilometer radius of the competition, well known for the variety and practicle products, seasonal catalogues, catering for all walks of life, this shop has it all. The owners are able to take 2 mths a year leave at one time. We have been est. for 14 years, the business needs younger and new ideas as we are approaching retirement. There is 1.5 staff in place as casuals, turnover is averaging $10,000 per week. A huge block of land at the rear lends itself to expansion. The floor area is 280m2. Minlaton is on the cusp, growing and becoming a great regional town in the Yorke Peninsula.

price: $160,000 WIWO leasehold

price: WIWO - all inclusive

mob 0408 958 650

bh (08) 8853 2262 fax (08) 8853 2326

54 Australian Business For Sale ®


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

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Narrabeen NSW


World On Wheels is the first motorcycle tour operator to be established in Australia. Starting with a single tour across the Himalaya in 1995 the Business has steadily grown its international portfolio to a dozen exciting tours encompassing 30 different countries.

The repeat customer rate is huge, as is its wordof-mouth marketing from satisfied clientele. There are virtually no overheads as the business is operated from a home base, or from anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection. Turnover is currently $1.5m with only two people, a husband & wife team. There is opportunity for huge growth; current owners are now looking The business for new challenges. would suit couple, family,

or syndicate. Long-standing business relationships have been established with professional, ground operators in all international destinations. The Business comes with a jealously guarded database of 6000+ riders plus an enviable reputation within the biking fraternity. World On Wheels has long standing relationships with every motorcycle magazine editor in the The Business has an country. There was a recent 6-part TV series ‘World On Wheels’ active Facebook page with broadcast on 7 network and 9,500 followers, as well as internationally. Customer base Twitter, Instagram & is 80% Australian, 10% NZ, Snapchat. The webpage has 10% rest of the World. been online since 1995 and Group size is typically receives 3,000 visits per month; 30% 15 to 20 with the returning visitors, 70% new. World On age demographic Wheels has a A5 brochure describing all usually 40’s, tours and a marketing DVD containing twelve 50’s & 60s.

5-minute chapters. The Business has its own YouTube channel with videos of all tours.

There are competitors in the market, but no other operator in the world offers the broad and diverse portfolio that this business does. The tours have received huge profiling in all the major bike magazines in Australia because of their exciting nature with many being written by clients, some have been penned by the editor himself after being on a tour with World On Wheels

price: $1,000,000 WIWO

p: (02) 9970 6370


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Commercial Laundry


Convenience Store

Roxburgh Park



Ethnic Indian Grocery Store

Part time hours - Full time income

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $250,000 negotiable

price: $159,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

mob 0409 555 759

mob 0451 418 429


Popular Ethnic Indian grocery store that is specialised in a vast mix of multi-cultural products. Located in a very busy shopping centre that has WOOLWORTHS, COLES, ALDI AND few Indian restaurants. With a growing Indian/Pakistani and Middle Eastern community there is promising potential. This is the perfect opportunity for a couple or family. There is a money transfer service available and a Hot food and Fresh Sweets facility. Well-equipped POS system with CCTV facilities. Good equipment included: 8-door freezer, fridges plus more. Well maintained customer database along with suppliers’ contacts. Monthly fixed income Selling Groceries to 2 x Indian Restaurants, 2 x Catering Services.


A great opportunity to own a lifestyle business with no special skills required. Tailor it to suit your own needs while you enjoy all the Gold Coast has to offer. Commercial laundry with all equipment, stock, long term clients and staff in place. Producing over $90k take home for 20 hours per week from owner. : very flexible owner hours : Long term reliable staff : Well established business with great clients : Capacity for growth : Excellent premises with Air Con office and mezzanine showroom : Full financials available

Commercial Services



Pressure Cleaning Business ideal for the Owner Operator Pressure Cleaning Business has been operating for 8 years, with a change of ownership in November 2015. The dynamic of ex-partners working together is the reason for sale. Three fully equipped trailers complete with new signage come with the business. The business will comfortably turnover in excess of $300k for this financial year and current projection is a net profit for an owner operator approaching $200k. It is currently operated from home by two full time people, one of which being a contractor. A second contractor is available to assist when the need arises and there is plenty of room for growth. Achieved preferred supplier status with Cairns

Regional Council through completing the tender process, OH&S compliance and employee accreditation’s. The focus has been on strata, body corporate and commercial work. The sale comes compete with the customer and contact list, phone numbers and names of key people within various organisations and full introductions will be provided. Advertised phone number, personalised number plate and operational website are also included. All confirmed, quoted and ongoing work, along with all equipment, pumps, hoses, safety equipment and spares. Full training and support will be provided.

mob 0409 911 791 56 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $149,000

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Marina Chandlery /Unique Location This is an opportunity to acquire not only a great business but a wonderful lifestyle in one of the most beautiful areas of Australia.

Boat and Marine

Situated on the southern end of the Great Sandy Straits, Marina Chandlery Tin Can Bay is the only marina in the area with a travel lift and hardstand area right next to it.

The Chandlery caters to a large number of pleasure craft, both sail and power boats plus the local fishing fleet. All chandlery items and supplies are available including boat building and repair materials. An extensive range of fishing tackle is provided, for locals as well as visitors, along with bait, ice, batteries and fuel from its own fuel dock. Current running stock approx $200K.

A short drive from the Marina is Rainbow Beach and the barge that services the World Heritage Fraser Island. This is a very picturesque region and one of the most remarkable waterways in Australia.

Marina Chandlery is a solid business providing an excellent return from a turnover of $800K plus. The Business is easily run by two people, making it a suitable purchase for a couple looking for a good income plus a magic lifestyle. This region caters to the ever growing number of tourists who visit for ‘whale watching’, ‘feeding the dolphins’, camping on Fraser Island or just taking advantage of the spectacular fishing, boating and surfing that is available all year round.

Current owners are only selling due to other family commitments. There is a long lease available.

Financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

price: $185,000 + S.A.V. mob

0429 866 016 email


Tin Can Bay Queensland

Australian Business For Sale ® 57

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Convenience Store



Unique Country Supermarket and Residence This business was established in 1908. It is a Family business with character and room for improvement and no opposition. Current owners have been here for 24 years, reason for selling is a family illness.

included is a liquor license and all plant and equipment IDEAL. Customer accounts include Local Shire, Hospital, all sporting clubs and lots of local support. Floor space approx 300sq metres.

Cross turnover is 800-900,000 Per Annum. Included in the sale is a shop and a three bedroom brick veneer House. All freehold. Business includes stock on hand approx. 80,000

Products include groceries, fruit and veg, meat, dry cleaning, delicatessan, beer and Liquor. House includes a big backyard, pool and pergola and a well established garden.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6920 8217

fax (02) 6920 8217

mob 0427 208 217


price: $395,000 freehold WIWO

Convenience Store

Established & Profitable Neighbourhood Convenience Store Great little Convenience Store / Deli for sale in in one of the fastest growing residential suburbs near Kardinya. Located in a retail shopping centre with ample car parking, this business is ideal for an owner/operator who looking for an established business with a solid customer base up.



Turnover is more than $33,000 per week, with rent of approx $1,700 per month, and strata fees of $230 per month. All of the hard work has been done so if you have ever dreamed of owning your own business... this is it. This one person operation is very easy to manage without paying an exorbitant franchise fee.

This is a genuine sale as the current Owner is retiring. All reasonable offers will be considered. Please contact for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9337 6315 58 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0406 777 966


price: $185,000 negotiable - stock included

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Day Spa

Redbank Plains


Sweet & Classy Spas - Incredible Beauty Spa for Mother’s & Daughters! An incredible opportunity awaits the right person to join us in business and run their own Sweet & Classy Spa in Town Square Redbank Plains, Brisbane area. First class, state-ofthe-art destination of choice. An exclusive beauty spa for children & adults, nurturing a person’s beauty inside and out. Unique concept and first time to the market. Remarkable, high quality store, a world of pure indulgence. No qualifications needed, all training provided. Attractive buy to the right person. Guaranteed income. Services include; Children’s & Teen’s Parties, Bridal Shower/Hens

Nights, Mother & Daughter Spa Experiences, Formals & Event Spa Packages, Stunningly Themed Party Rooms, Limousine Hire, Ladies & Children’s Hair Salon, Beauty Treatment Rooms, Facials & Skin Treatments, Lashes & Brows, Manicures & Pedicures, Spray Tanning, Indulgent Massage, Waxing, Makeup, Children’s DIY Beauty Products, Children & Teens Workshops, Self Esteem & Confidence, Drama & Dance Classes, Fashion Catwalk, Boutique Clothing & Jewellery, Café with Indulgent Foods & Shakes. Many who see it say it feels like Disneyland. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0477 196 770


price: P. O.A.

Earth Moving



Earthmoving Business Good return on investment & Lifestyle This is a profitable medium sized business offered for sale for the first time, specialising in all areas of Civil Construction projects and General Earthmoving. The Business has been established for 24 years with a long term customer base from major infrastructure projects, Local government, Energy providers, RMS, and the Private sector. As the business has experienced employees including a Manager no previous experience is required in the industry to see a return on your investment, however it would be suited to a family partnership that wishes to own and operate a lucrative business or it can

be operated remotely. The up to date asset register complies of over 30 items is available upon request, Yard workshop is available for lease if required. The business would also suit an existing operator who wishes to expand and take advantage of a good customer base. Good Profit. Good return on investment. Can be remotely operated. Great owner operator income. Good cash flow/turnover. Major projects locally/opportunity for growth. Current owner can assist with handover. long term staff and manager who oversee all day to day operations and quotes works if required. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0411 125 386


price: $800,000 negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 59

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Full Master Franchise, National and International Potential Yoga Franchises For Sale - Master Opportunity. Partial Vendor Terms available. *Sell yoga franchises throughout australia with confidence*. Systems in Place: Brands, Images and Website. Full manuals & materials. Sales, marketing, advertising, PR, legal, and HR documents, Cloud based programs, Computer managing software. The ‘Kick Start’ program is developed as a 90 day concentrated marketing plan. Franchise Options Available: The complete Australian Master Franchise - $95,000 Negotiable vendor terms available. Franchisee positions are available nationally $10,000. History: Calm4Kids has drawn it’s knowledge and

franchise experience from the Yogabugs franchise, which came to Australia from the UK in 2003. We focus on: Breathing - improves concentration and energy levels & promotes better sleep, Postures - strengthen the core stabilising muscles & assists in reducing childhood obesity, Relaxation - aids in better memory retention, whilst calming symptoms of anxiety.Ideal Franchisee Profile: You have the desire to enhance the lives and future of children, a drive to succeed in business, a love of working with children, and of course a great sense of humour. For sale due to family health issues. There is a lot more information available upon enquiry.

mob 0419 767 002


price: $95,000 negotiable + G.S.T.







Fully resourced and compliant RTO has registration until December 2022, with 10 different Qualifications on Scope. Anywhere in Australia. CRICOS: None. Interstate Delivery. Registration: From 2010 until 2022. Here is what you get: • A Quality Management and Operational Framework (Standards for registered Training Organisations,2015) • Policies and Procedures • Manuals • Website, built and on the internet, Facebook page • Compliant student management system, SMS • Compliant - RTO Compliance Software program ( to assist in recording and maintaining compliance), • Compliant training and assessment strategies

A change of personal circumstance sees this stable engineering consultancy placed on the market for sale. The business has been in operation since 2008 in the Bunbury and surrounding areas with ongoing work in the marine, structural process and building inspection areas and has an established repeat client base. The owner will not be available for a long overlap period therefore the business is priced well. Average profit margin of 20% with a significant historical tax credit of approx $300k writedown making the sale attractive for absorption into a larger business unit or an engineer principal looking to take the next step in their career.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $150,000 negotiable O.N.O.

price: $150,000

bh 1300 932 203

bh (08) 9726 6500

60 Australian Business For Sale ®


CDJ Engineering Consultants


RTO Registered Until 2022

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Electronic Devices & Equipment



A Quality Business in a Magnificent Area of NSW This is a very long established business with the current owners having operated it for the past 49 years and are only selling due to plans for retirement. The Business has been a leading retailer of quality electronic products, for home and office use, in the beautiful and historic township of Mudgee for over 93 years. Mudgee is located in the Central Tablelands of NSW and has a population of approx 10,000 with a further 13,000 in the town’s surrounding area. The Business is now trading as franchised dealers for Jaycar and Leading Edge Electronics, Leading Edge Digital and Leading Edge Smart Choice Repair Group (mobile phone and tablet repair), all divisions operating from a retail store centrally located in the main street of Mudgee’s CBD. Product lines include TV (terrestrial and satellite) and mobile communication (CB and commercial), printers and toners/ink, photo processing and restoration, telephone systems, computer systems and software, plus quality educational toys. The leased premises has approx 200 sq mts of floor area. This Electronics Franchise Business has a current turnover of approx $850,000 with a running stock of around $330K. There is considerable scope for expansion in several areas of professional office equipment and field service in TV and communication antennas as there is little to none local competition. The Business covers a wide range of product, enjoys an excellent reputation and a solid loyal and regular repeat business. Mudgee boasts a diverse and prosperous business community supporting a wide variety of commercial activities: mining, wineries and vineyards, tourism, light industrial, sheep and cattle, retailing and Government services. The town has all the required services and amenities for comfortable country living. Good schools, quality medical and hospital services, plus lots more; this is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a sound and profitable business in a very picturesque region of Australia. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (02) 6372 1822

mob 0432 085 211


price: $300,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 61

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Uniquely Diverse Manufacturing & Retail Business Jensens Quality Metalworks – Est. 1994. Historically Proven Performance with Exceptional Net Return. • Uniquely robust business with diverse and varying income streams • Demonstrated retention of customer base through previous ownership change • Established and respected with variety of customers across various sectors • Lucrative retail division in sales and installation of wood heating products • Modern, clean premises with dual street frontages, long term fixed rate lease • Extensive plant and equipment list, meticulously maintained new vehicle fleet

• Operates semi-autonomously utilising tailored systems and procedures • Experienced, highly qualified and sought after workforce of varying backgrounds • Precedence to demonstrate ownership by trade qualified persons not necessary • Consistent financial performance, Net Return in excess of $200,000 per annum • Walk in, walk out opportunity, with extended hand-over period available. Extensive Information Package available upon request. Facebook: Instagram: Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0439 323 222


price: $375,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Event / Party Hire

Atherton Tablelands


Commercial Plant Hire/Building Equipment Long established and highly profitable hire business, centrally located on the Atherton Tablelands, only one hour west from beautiful tropical beaches and the coastal city of Cairns in Far North Queensland. The major services provided are the hire of an extensive range of commercial plant and equipment plus building/home renovation equipment, also a substantial array of party equipment and a range of marquees. Two trucks with hiab’s and a utility also come with the business. The premises (approx. 1676 m²) are situated close to the central business area of Mareeba.

Included in the sale price is all plant and equipment (approx $600K), registered business names, branding and website and computerised systems and procedures. The current gross turnover is approx $600K with a net profit margin of 35% plus. The business is currently owner operated with 2 employees. Training and support would be available and a long lease would be available. The business premises would be available for purchase if required. Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection and confidentiality requirements completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 923 409 62 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $1,250,000 leasehold

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 7/8/17 12:03 Page 63

Event / Party Hire

All States


Special Event / Party Hire Business Currently based in QLD, this business has been operating for 10 years and is well known within the industry. National business in that the client base is Australia wide with 90% repeat business, many of which are large events. The business could be relocated without detriment to its operation. Caters for corporate events, parties and weddings, and would be an ideal service addition to an existing hire business. There are endless opportunities to develop this business nationally. There is also a part of this business that supplies (sells) battery operated LED products to many major Event Management Companies nationally, and

a huge number of business and private customers nationally. These products are all imported and sold from our premises. This part of the business however is not included in the asking price however is available for inclusion on negotiation. The sale includes, relevant to the hire business, stock & equipment, client base, marketing assets, intellectual property and vehicle. We have an excellent reputation built through hard work and impeccable customer service. This is a regrettable sale, however due to the business having outgrown its current premises and the owners need to retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 884 883


price: $275,000 negotiable

Fitness Centre



Brisbane Bayside 24/7 Gym Business Well established gym business with excellent membership numbers and over 4 years of trading history in a growing Brisbane Bayside suburb. This gym provides 24 hour access to its state of the art equipment and employs friendly and encouraging trainers. Amazing sought after location with plenty of parking. We offer the following to our clients No sign up fees. 24 hour access. State of the art equipment & technology. Every member gets a one on one session

with a trainer on sign up. Expert staff & trainers have the latest and greatest fitness equipment that is able to send the clients performance to the cloud where it can be assessed. We have a well established social media presence and an active web page. A long lease is in place and procedures and policies that make this business very easily to run and administer. Contact me for further details. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3907 0468

mob 0409 478 165


price: $350,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 63

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 9/8/17 09:48 Page 64

Food Outlet

Food Outlet Established Over 15 years Established for over 15 years with no local competition and regular clientele. Has an 8 years lease in place. The current turnover is over 12k with rent $2k p/w including GST Has a Range of Products and Services: • Chickens • Burgers/ wraps/ rolls/ sandwiches • Fish • Salads • Drinks • Ice cream / slashies • Catering Exclusive rights to selling bbq chickens, salads, cooked fish and Burgers



Currently Operating: • Full time two owners • 7 junior Part-timers • 6 1/2 days 9am to 8pm

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0405 388 699


price: $190,000 negotiable

Food Outlet



Thriving Fresh Food Business This unique quality food outlet is trading into its tenth year. An opportunity to escape the city in a proven business with great underpinning values. Located in the ‘Horse Capital of Australia’, the business is still growing with: Annual T/O approx $600K trading 5 and a half days a week. Gross Profit approx 40%. Product range including Local Produce, Fruit & Veg, Coffee, Juices, Salads, Sandwiches and Snacks. Strong Retail & Wholesale Customer Base. Ample Parking and room for expansion. Ideal Family Business or could easily be run by staff. Wages approx $90K/year.

Includes Delivery Vehicle (2013 SLWB HIACE). Effective Website. Trademarks on name & logo. Appears in SMH Good Food Guide for a number of years. Lease negotiable Current Owners built the business from scratch. Looking to other opportunities outside this industry. Full training included in sale price. Freehold may be considered around $550K. Scone is located approx 2.5 hours from Sydney featuring a good choice of schools, attractive lifestyle opportunities and a stong supportive community. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6545 9851 64 Australian Business For Sale ®


Offers above $150,000 leasehold

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 7/8/17 12:03 Page 65




Popular Franchise / High Profits If you have a passion for owning your own franchise that is wellknown, well-established and highly profitable then this Donut King franchise is the opportunity for you. This long established (18 years) & successful business is located in Warrawong Plaza, a recently renovated major shopping centre & the only Donut King in the Illawarra region. Warrawong is only a 10 minute drive from the city of Wollongong & a little over an hour from Sydney. The Business is situated in the Plaza’s food court which generates a huge amount of foot traffic & an ongoing clientele 7 days a week. The Business operates with a running stock of approx $6K. The Donut King store has had an updated fitout & has established a new 5 year lease. A renewed franchise agreement is also in place. Donut King is a national & international franchise; Much sought after by family buyers who enjoy the strong support & advice offered. Donut King offer an arrangement of different donuts to choose from like the royal range, filled donuts, glazed ice ring donuts, cake donuts novelty donuts, eclairs and their original warm cinnamon donuts that just melt in your mouth. Plus hot dogs, thickshakes, milkshakes & great coffee. Donut King opened their first store in 1981 since then they have significantly grown their company. They now own over 300 retail stores throughout Australia, making them the biggest and best donut empire this country has ever seen and they don’t stop there! Donut King also own a number of stores throughout New Zealand, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea and China with their main goal to continue making Donut King a global success. Further information & financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed

mob 0401 344 773


price: $480,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 65

Pages_051-066.qxp_Pages_51-66 7/8/17 12:03 Page 66




Master Franchise Opportunity - Great Passive Income Fantastic opportunity to own the Master Franchise rights for all of Tasmania with the Jim’s Cleaning Group.

skills and/or the organisation to provide them. Experience in the cleaning industry is desirable, but not essential.

Jim’s Cleaning has experienced growth of over 500% in the last 12 months in Tasmania, with massive opportunities for further growth.

The individual should also possess strong sales, marketing, and operational skills, and be able to train franchisees to manage their own business

Master franchisors should possess strong management

Please contact the vendor to arrange an initial interview.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0421 810 284


price: Negotiable


Exciting Fast Growing Franchise Owner committed to other areas Proven business system with Exclusive Territory High Gross Margin Price $66,000



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0407 350 777 66 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $66,000 negotiable

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:19 Page 67


Outdoor Specialists - Barbeques Galore Port Macquarie An opportunity has arisen to purchase one of the most iconic and successful retail businesses on the Mid North Coast. Trading for over 30 years, the business has returned exceptional results including consecutive increased profits for nearly 20 years. As a owner you will enjoy the support of the Franchisor including training, exclusive product advantages, as well as an enviable territory encompassing South West Rocks in the North to Harrington in the South and West of Wauchope. The Franchisor executive and support staff are dynamic, focused and postioning the group well for the future. Barbeques Galore Port Macquarie is also a Platinum Weber Specialist. This dealer agreement allows the business to sell every Weber product available in Australia and is unique between Taree and Coffs Harbour (over 200kms).

Low and Slow barbequing is becoming more and more popular and strong brands such as Yoder, Traeger, Pro-Q, Bradley, Texas offsets and Weber Smokey Mountains are exclusive for the Port Macquarie area. The business is also the dominant wood heater and gas log fire retailer on the Mid North Coast, providing a secure income during the Winter trading period. Dedicated long term staff can provide extensive product knowledge. Return on investment (3year average) exceeds 20%. Negotiable lease with attractive rent also available.

price: $1,200,000 + S.A.V.

Port Macquarie New South Wales

bh (02) 6583 6588 l l


Contact Dan Sanson, at Sanson Accountants, for further details

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 67

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:19 Page 68

Garden Centre



Blue Chip Toowoomba Nursery Well known established family business operating in a prominent CBD position since 1986. Colourful stock floor with 2 street customer access totalling over 1300m2, boasting an array of plants, products and gift items for the indoor and outdoor gardening public. Potted roses a specialty here with a reputation for being one

of the largest suppliers in Toowoomba. Supplying both novice gardeners and garden enthusiasts, along with landscapers, schools, councils and local companies. Dedicated staff and loyal clientele ensure the ongoing success of this unique business and the support from existing owners will make the transition to the successful purchasers as seamless as possible.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (07) 4639 1902

mob 0407 518 451


price: $130,000 + S.A.V.

General Store



Padthaway Post Office and General Store Freehold General Store with attached 3 bedroom residence, 4 bay garage. Situated on the Riddoch Hwy 2.5 hrs from Adelaide, Entrance to the Coonawarra Wine Region and the renown Padthaway Estate Winery & Henry's Drive cellar door. We are the only outlet supplying food, liquor, fruit & veg, Post Office, Newsagency supplies, Banking facilities and alfresco dining to this labour intensive area. This Freehold business has had extensive renovations, with 10 KW of solar and the removal fuel tanks (supported with soil reports) we introduced Fruit & Veg displayed on new shelving, New Free standing Anvil Air Pie Warmer. A Revolution coffee machine

compliments our extensive food trade. Padthaway known for its underground water table is home to major producers of onions, celery, wine, sheep, broad acre cropping, and with a large wine processing plant that employees a large number of people commuting to this area daily. Padthaway is proud to offer a Primary School (with bus services) Football, Netball, Tennis clubs, Caravan Park, Lawn Bowls, Golf Course, Engineering/ Mechanic garage, all emergency services and Farm Supplies store. After 21 yrs as proprietor, we are staying in the area to support new owners and enjoy the festivities of the Limestone Coast local produce and award winning wines.

bh (08) 8765 5295 68 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0408 616 748


price: $470,000 freehold + S.A.V.

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:19 Page 69

Grooming Services

Sydney’s Best Grooming Parlour 1st time offered in 20 yrs Highly profitable Low hours – 5 days a week 8am-5pm 4 weeks holiday a year + closed all public holidays Everything included (Website, computers, software, grooming equipment etc) • Fully computerised contacts - Customer history going back 22 yrs • Fully computerised bookings – At a glance know what each day looks like = optimal booking for profit • Parlour is PIAA Certified (1st & only one in Sydney) means efficient procedures – everything is in place and has a place • Support staff for ease of transition • Everything needed - in place here and now • Website, multiple domains, email and other computer systems that are easy to self administer • No real competitors • Pick and choose which dogs to groom, which customers to serve (yes this is true) • A Brand that customers trust and keep coming back to

Sydney Eastern Suburbs


Why am I selling? To move overseas. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be selling. • • • • •

$55,000 not negotiable - Owner available for training on mutual terms. Turnover well over $200k + GST p.y. Current staff happy to stay In present location for over 16 years Comprehensive client and financial records spanning 20+ years


price: $55,000 all inclusive WIWO

Health Related



Specialized Bicycle Concept Store Centrally located within Cockburn Central’s busy shopping precinct, Cockburn’s oldest bicycle shop Lakes Bikes is For Sale. Run under management since 2008, close to Perth’s arterial freeway cycle path, train services, and with cafes nearby, Lakes Bikes offers a unique opportunity for new owners to build into a regional cycling hub. (Cockburn growth: 2011-15 - 13% - Source: ABS). Catering for Commuters, Family, Road and MTB, the Lakes Bikes brand is strong. The shop is a Specialised bicycle Concept Store fitted out by this world leading brand.

Complemented by brands Apollo and Gekko in store, ensure a range of bikes available for family, commuter or serious athlete. From balance bikes for 2 year olds, to bikes to fit all budgets Lakes Bikes caters for all cycling genres. Owners Gloria and Dave Stewart having owned Lakes Bikes since 2006, are retiring. A significant accident in May placed Gloria on a 6 month rehabilitation program so all serious offers will be considered. Only cash offers being considered. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 539 510


price: $150,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 69

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:19 Page 70



Health Related



Manufacture/Fabrication • • • • • • •


Supplement Health Food Business This supplement, vitamin and health food retail shop is renowned for its expertise within an explosive growth industry. It has an expansive range of products includes: vitamins & supplements, health foods & sports nutrition. Key Points: • Able to trade 7 days and late trading hours • Opportunity for owner operator to earn $$$k+ • Turnkey business • No franchise fee’s • Booming industry • Large shop front on busy strip • Impressively low rent! • Start online trade and watch sales skyrocket • Nothing to spend, very well equipped with shelving, complete brand new fitout, ducted airconditioning/heating, and kitchen. Reason for Selling: - Owner has relocated. If you’re passionate about health and fitness then here is a money spinner for you!

Established over 65 years. Western Suburbs based. High quality niche range of own branded products. Rock solid business with remarkable trading history. Exports and very Strong Domestic presence. Excellent team of loyal staff Ongoing hand over assistance from retiring owner.

Sales 15 - $1.8Mil. Nett - $530K SELL: $1.65Mil. + SAV $500K Approx.

price: $1,650,000 + S.A.V.

price: $200,000 + S.A.V.

mob 0416 101 045

mob 0407 969 662


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.




Popular Boat Hire Franchise on Sydney Harbour Boab Boats is the Australian owned franchise launched in 2003, with established franchises in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and NT. Boab offer a range of boats either ready on the water or available for towing by customers to a destination of their choice. The Sydney Harbour / Parramatta River location also has an established training school, providing boat and boat licence training courses. Established in 2008, The features of the Sydney Harbour / Parramatta River franchise are: 9 years in operation. Well recognised branding. Established systems and procedures. Professionally managed by current owner

for the past 2.5 years. Offered for sale with 1 modern SportsRider vessel (new Dec 2015). Other vessels could be provided at additional cost reflecting their 2nd hand value. The business is currently run from home, with the boats kept in dry storage at Balmain. This facility also provides boat launching, a comfortable customer lounge / waiting area, pontoon access, as well as full service and maintenance offerings. The new owner could choose to continue at this facility or move to another location of their choice, including keeping boats at their home. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0437 518 258 70 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $100,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 71




Homewares Online Business Please look at our Website to get a good feel of what this online business is about. We started this business 2 years ago and have been extremely successful in sourcing wonderful products from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The client base has built up too slowly as our experience in digital marketing is limited.

We are selling the business for an amount which equals current stock holding at landed price and packaging materials at cost. The sale also includes the website which is on a Shopify platform. This business operates from home.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 110 288


price: $20,000 stock included

Irrigation & Landscaping

Narrabri/Wee Waa


Lucrative Earthmoving Business+Plant & Equipment Expressions Of Interest are invited for the opportunity of owning an exciting lucrative business . After 33 years in business it is time to retire & pass on this well established business & customer base. Located in fertile Northwest NSW agricultural district, this well regarded business has a loyal client following. Predominately providing agricultural excavating services of channel construction & maintenance, pump site installation and all agricultural earthwork requirements. Would suit personal buyer or other

earthmoving company wanting to add to their current customer base. Our reputation of having extremely well maintained owner/operator equipment, has also earned us confidence for reliability within the industry with our clients. A great opportunity to acquire a business offering reliable consistent income per annum with a healthy adjusted profit year after year. Further information & financial details will be made available upon inspection (by appointment) & after confidentiality requirements have been completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 659 483 - Tim or 0427 922 511 - Lesley


price: E.O. I.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 71

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 72




A Great Business Oppurtunity - Existing Business Key Revenue Streams:

Central West Trailers Pty Ltd is located in the heart of the Central West of New South Wales, 260km west of Sydney, and close to everything you need for a great lifestyle. Orange is much loved by tourists and locals alike. Central West Trailers first opened its doors in October 2013 and has grown to the well established company it is today. Most of the trailers are built in Sydney. Central West Trailers have recently sourced a manufacture in China and a manufacture in Thailand to expand the range of trailers we have on offer. The business carries an operational stock of between $100,000 and $200,000.

• Trailer sales • Repair and maintenance • Trailer part sales • Trailer hire Turnover in excess $1,350,000 and growing. The purchase price includes all plant and equipment. Further information & financial details would be provided after inspection (by appointment) & when confidentiality requirements have been completed

mob 0488 627 854


price: $200,000 + S.A.V.




Marine and Industrial Rope and Cordage Supplies The business specializes in the wholesale supply of ropes, cordages and associated products to the marine, industrial and mining industries with additional retail potential. The offer includes a good level of appropriate types and quality of starting rope stocks, pallet racking, pallets, plant and equipment along with a fully interactive web based promotional and expansive sales platform. Whilst the business is presently based in Perth Western Australia, it is easily transportable and able to cover

marketing to all Australian States. The Australian market is said to be valued at $ 20 - $ 30 million and we believe that with the right inputs this business could achieve 10% of that potential in a fairly short time. The business is well supported by very credible manufactures and local agents with 40 plus years' experience. The business is being offered for sale due to a contractual arrangement that prevents the owners from undertaking the expansion. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 906 336 72 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $150,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 73

Great Opportunity/Apple Isle Industrial/Manufacturing

Ulverstone TAS

A well established and successful business located close to the picturesque North West Coast of Tasmania & the shipping ports of Burnie & Devonport. Mobile Onsite Engineering has diversified from mechanical maintenance to include catering to local services, water & sewerage infrastructure, other major and ongoing work includes maintaining cement shipping facilities, maintaining and building tourism infrastructure, servicing processing plants, monitoring and maintaining ship loading and unloading facilities and repairing farming equipment. The business services the length and breadth of Tasmania, South beyond Hobart plus the West Coast mining region. The business is mobile and flexible allowing it to service remote areas of the farming community. Mobile Onsite Engineering has a large clientele of regular customers plus a solid stream of new clients acquired through its reputation for quality work and reliability. The purchase price includes freehold property, motor vehicles, plant and equipment. The business has low cost overheads with all systems and programmes in place. The work force has a mix of full time and casual employees. Staff turnover is low. A long lease would be available on the current premises. This is a good and profitable business that continues to grow, located in the regional town of Ulverstone, a small & very scenic township situated on a river. Ulverstone has all the attributes that come with a small town. Plus all the required facilities and amenities. Boating, sporting complexes, fishing, beaches, shopping and medical centres. The Domestic Airport is only 20 minutes away with a flight to Melbourne just 1 hour. Access to popular tourist attractions on the East Coast is less than a few hours away. Further information plus financial details would be provided after inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.


price: $1,200,000 + S.A.V. Freehold

mob 0488 251 191 • • Australian Business For Sale Ž 73

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 14:33 Page 74


Work From Anywhere... well, almost About the business: Mortgage & Finance internet tools for mortgage brokers and banks. Established in 2004 and is the market leader with a reputation for customer service excellence. A wide range of clients from big lenders to small mortgage broking businesses. 85 - 90% renewal rate. Run 100% remotely, most client interation is email based, a small amount is phone based. Approximately 4 hours work a week. Financials: After a 25% jump in 2012, income from the last four years has been stable at just over $100k per annum. Overheads < $1000 per year if you work from home. 99% profit. IT skills: For the daily running of the business, FTP, basic image editing, basic computer knowledge. Editing text files. For software upgrades, improvements and additions, HTML,javascript,PHP, ajax, CSS. These can be outsourced.

All States


Room For Expansion No money has been spent on marketing or advertising and I have not had to spend any time doing sales. All customers come to me via current clients, word of mouth and a large web presense in the industry. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 666 345


price: $250,000 O.N.O.



Lawn/Garden Maintenance




Untaped potential (Full affiliate frame work and tracking) get in the Game with professional Sport Staking Software and website (100% ownership rights) 220 email subscribers through Aweber sign up forms, ideal for the sports, racing enthusiast or tipster years of work for a great price, time poor, new objectives and regretably have to move on, MAKE an OFFER all offers “considered!”

Big Brand name mowers and landscape power tools including Husqvarna & Walker etc. Providing mowers, rideons, trimmers, chainsaws, blowers plus full Workshop service, parts and repairs and more. Huge database of customers including councils, schools, golf courses, corporate, sporting clubs, professional garden, landscapers and residential home owners. Wide coverage area in the Northern Territory. • Long established business location • Very well known Busy location • Large premises • Easy & simple to operate • Long time owners are moving on • Sales of $1mill + Good profit $$$$

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $17,500 all inclusive - negotiable

price: $80,000 + Fixtur. & Fittings + S.A.V.

ah (02) 6676 4014 mob 0427 439 420

74 Australian Business For Sale ®


Outdoor Power Equipment Sales/Service


Sports Staking Software & Website

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 75


Airlie Beach


Prominent Locksmiths in Airlie Beach This long established (2003) and very successful locksmith business services the Whitsunday region of Queensland including Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine, Bowen and more. This locksmith business has built a very strong rapport and reputation with clients in all; business, commercial and residential sectors. With a large modern retail showroom, a workshop and 3 mobile service vehicles facilitates a prompt service to a vast clientele of both residential and commercial customers. Long lease available. D & B Locksmiths covers all facets of locksmithing as well as specialising in the latest technology in key machines enabling the majority of vehicle

transponder keys to be cut and diagnostically programmed. Also a 24/7 emergency service is provided. Current gross turnover is in excess of $740,000. The present owner is a qualified licensed locksmith who runs the business with 4 full time employees; 2 tradesmen, one 4th year apprentice and an administration person. The purchase price includes all plant and equipment, computers, key programme software, tools, etc and 3 fully equipped mobile vehicles. Owner wants to sell, travel plans await. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0401 611 295


price: $490,000 + S.A.V. leasehold


Wagga Wagga


Busy Locksmith Shop with Potential to Expand We have been trading in the same location for 32 years. Located close to the city centre and next to a busy Aldi supermarket. High walk-in traffic. Large well set out showroom and large workshop with loads of machines and 3 on road service vehicles. 2 bedroom managers unit with large covered outdoor area above the shop. Currently rented to an employee. We have service contracts for ongoing works in Government facilities. We hold over 2000 key systems including Abloy Protec, BiLock, Kaba Quattro & Generation 6 for local Councils, Government Departments, Defence,

Hospitals, schools and commercial properties. Gross turnover of $1.7 - 2.0M per annum. 5 year lease with 5 year extension. The Business could be relocated. There is room for expansion as We currently do not sell or install alarms or CCTV systems. We do get many enquires for these services. There is also room for expansion into the vehicle key remote programming area as we only do desktop vehicle key programming. We also deal with many builders and there is scope to increase the commercial hardware supply part of the business. We are selling for family, health reasons. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $300,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 75

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 76



Maintenance & Repairs




Well established pizza shop located in a prime position in Pymble opposite Train Station. This desirable business operates 6 nights a week. Short hours Tuesday-Sunday 5-9:30. Also open Friday lunch from 12pm. Potential to open other days through the week with alot of local businesses in the area • Newly renovated • All equipment fully owned • Onsite parking • Commercial kitchen • Large coolroom • Storeroom & Toilet • Dough mixer • Conveyer oven • Pizza bar with under fridges • Dough roller • 2× Computer systems & printer • Online ordering terminals • Communal table seating up to 10 people • Pick up & Delivery • Fridges & Freezers • Long lease 4 years × 4 years • Simple operation • Potential to grow

Biggest and best in the Macarthur region. The fastest growing area in Sydney. No advertising in 5 years of this business and is still booked 2 weeks in advance. We invoice over 50 jobs a week an have an annual turnover of over $500,000. Included: 4 employees, 13 minimum real estates, 2 fully equipped work vehicles, tipper trailer and numerous useful tools and equipment. Sophisticated databases with job an invoicing history. Full domain name email and phone number included. I will offer full training. Please contact me an I will call you back.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $250,000 negotiable

price: $200,000 negotiable

mob0423 987 171

bh (02) 4656 1852 mob 0477 175 591


Property Services /Handyman Business


Gourmet Pizza Shop

Management Rights



Bay Village Resort & Spa Dunsborough Management Rights This very successful and well established business would suit a ‘hands on’ management couple or ideally a family with older children, who can assist. Alternatively, it could suit an astute investor who may wish to ‘oversee’ the operation, but leave the day to day managing to resident managers. Comprising a total of 36 units, including a mix of 3.5* Cottages, Chalets & Villas and 4.5* Apartments and Villas, Bay Village Resort & Spa Dunsborough is located in Western Australia’s favourite playground, just a short stroll to the very placid waters of Geographe Bay and only 15 minutes drive to some 30 of Margaret River’s 100 or so

world renowned wineries. Its unique coastal location, just a few minute’s walk to the town centre , with golf, surf, caves, and forests all within very close proximity continues to drive tourists to this magnificent corner of the south west of Western Australia just a 3 hour drive south from Perth. This is a lifestyle investment showing an excellent return for commensurate effort. Price includes Office and 2 bedroom, Management Residence. For serious 2 bathroom purchasers with capital available, we welcome your enquiry and will be only too pleased to provide full details. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 912 748 76 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $2,089,690

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 77

Established Business with

Great Lifestyle


Maintenance & Repairs


Sapphire Coast NSW

This is a long established business (over 30 years) located on the picturesque NSW South Coast. Sapphire Coast Tractor Parts & Repairs is situated in South Pambula and services the Mining, Agriculture and Forestry Industries located in South East NSW and North East Victoria. The Business provides workshop services and sales of undercarriage to mining and agricultural harvesting operators throughout the region. The Company also has preferred supplier status with local Logging and Timber Industries in the area. The servicing of earthmoving equipment is also provided.

The Business operates from a large 375sqm premises that contains a substantial workshop, 2 offices, toilet facilities, plus a large yard with excellent layout that caters to B-Double and Heavy Truck access. Sapphire Coast Tractor Parts & Repairs caters to a niche market and has done so for many years. Ongoing repeat business continues to generate a solid return to the current owners who now wish to consolidate their other business interests.

$430,000 WIWO

phone: (02)

4933 4101


The Business is operated easily by the owner plus 1 full time and 1 casual. This Business would be an excellent purchase as an ‘add on’ for a larger engineering type operation having an established clientele and a proven record of success. The premises are leased on a month to month basis but a long lease would be available. This business would not only provide an excellent income but also an enviable lifestyle in a beautiful area of Australia.


Further information and financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 77

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 78

Mixed Business



Milkbar/Fish & Chips Westside Milkbar & Fish n Chips with well maintained 4 bedroom residence behind shop to live in or rent out. Busy shop well known for fish & chips, close to schools providing

excellent school trade. Open 7 days, weekly taking approx $9,000 Suitable for couple or family business

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0450 869 571


price: $150,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Mixed Business

Oak Park


Newsagency & TattsLotto Agent This Newsagent/Lottery agent is surrounded by local shops, including a Hairdresser, a Massage/Beauty Shop, CafĂŠ/Restaurant, Post Office and a real estate agent. There are no competitors in the area. The business sells a great range of goods, including Lotto, Scratchs, Cigarettes, Newspapers, Magazines, Giftware, Greeting Cards, stationary, Drinks, Confectionary, Phone cards etc.

It is currently operated by a husband & wife team. There is a long lease in place, very cheap rent. There is plenty of opportunity for the new owner to further enhance this business.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 9995 6054 78 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0422 317 358


price: $95,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 79




Highly Profitable Newsagency in Major Shopping Centre The Elizabeth Shopping Centre is the 3rd largest shopping centre in South Australia and is the main shopping destination in the northern suburbs, which is the fastest growing region of Adelaide. The shopping centre has major key tenants includeing: Woolworth’s, Coles, Big W, Harris Scarfe, Target, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Bank SA, Bendigo Bank, NAB, BUPA, Reading Cinema’s, Rebel Sports, Sports Power, Department of Motor Vehicles and all the leading national franchises. The Shopping Centre is adjoined to The Elizabeth City Centre Council Chambers, SA Police Department regional branch, train and bus terminals. Business Profile. Russell’s Newsagency has been operated by

the current owner since 2002. The business is 198 sq. metres and is situated next to Woolworth’s. It includes: SA Lottery (ranked #10 in the state) with average weekly commission over $4,500 per week. Newsagency with papers, magazines, bus tickets, gifts, parcel pick up, etc... with sales greater than $26,000 per week. Sales agency for major ticketing agency. 24/7 POS newsagency support comes from Tower systems. Full training assistance. The opportunity to retire forces us to sell now.. Stock at valuation (S.A.V.): Approximately $100,000. The business is currently run under management. If you want a genuine money making business with huge growth potential then contact Scott. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $350,000 + S.A.V.

Painting & Decorating

Established Painting Business $$Moneymaker - For Bucks Go Bush$$ Commercial and residential Central Queensland. Three trading names for 3 separate locations. Reluctant sale by retiring owner. Would suit young person with painting licence who has the ability to take the business forward. Genuine opportunity. Long list of plant and equipment including vehicle, 4wd trailer, caravan, light duty scaffolding, wagner spray outfit and more. Price $95,000 inc GST - all inclusive.

Rockhampton & Capricorn Coast


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $95,000 all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 79

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 80

Play Centre

Redbank Plains


Jungle Treehouse Indoor Play Centre & Themed Restaurant An amazing opportunity awaits the right person to join us in business and run their own business in the children’s indoor play center market. The industry leaders, designers and builders behind this branded concept are looking to partner with the right applicant

who can run this business on a daily basis. Very unique concept of fun centre in Redbank Plains, Brisbane area. First time to the market and very impressive set up. No qualifications needed all training provided. Attractive buy in to the right partner. Guaranteed income.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0477 196 770


price: P. O.A.




Established Furniture Removals & Warehouse Storage Established long running Furniture Removalist with secure Warehouse Storage based in Bundaberg.

cube, furniture trailer, two storage containers and extra removal equipment.

Warehouse has attached fully equipped office and sells packing supplies. Business is located in a flood-free industrial area with driveby traffic and own customer parking.

Business employs full crew - between 7 and 10 employees (drivers, offsiders and admin).

Sale includes three fully equipped trucks between 45 and 60

Regular removals from Rockhampton to mid NSW but opportunity to go further. The storage covers lease payments. Website equipped with online quoting system. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0450 146 734 80 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $160,000 WIWO O.N.O.

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 81

A Growing Business Transport, Removal & Storage


Cleveland QLD

A successful business that currently services Queensland, NSW, Victoria & ACT that could easily be relocated anywhere on the Eastern Sea Board of Australia.

1800 Removals is a well established local & interstate removal, transport & storage company. It operates with a signed fleet of late model trucks & trailers; 11 trucks & 4 trailers.

The Business has acquired a sustainable loyal customer base. plus a consistent flow of new clients through ‘word of mouth’ & its reputation for excellent work & reliable service. Current freight consists of approximately 50% commercial & 50% domestic.

The current operation provides an annual turnover of approx $3mil. 1800 Removals currently is located in the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland. The large commercial premises are conveniently located not far from the CBD. They have ample space for the storage sector of the company’s business. A suitable lease would be available if required by the purchaser. The Business has 5 office staff, 10 full time drivers & 10 casuals.

Included in the purchase is all equipment, fixtures & fittings plus all systems & procedures.

Also registered trade names 1800 Removals, 1800 backloads plus others. Multiple web sites, 1800 phone numbers & large social media following.

This is a successful & growing business. its profitability has increased each year since its inception. The current owner would consider the possibility of a partial sale or a partnership arrangement with an investor looking for a suitable & profitable business.

Further information & financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

Includes all vehicles & Equipment


ph (07) 3286 1977 fax (07) 3286 2994 mob 0417 073 539

price: $1,650,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 81

Pages_067-082.qxp_Pages_67-82 7/8/17 12:20 Page 82


Castle Hill





Since 2010, the restaurant is running 7 days a week with a regular clientele. We have done all the hard work for you, no need to invest any more. Currently operating as Asian cuisine, offering a very warm and intimate dining experience and also delivering to the local community. The restaurant is being sold with all equipment, goodwill and fit-out on walk in walk out basis. It is 457 visa approved. Seat up to 80 people. Liquor license. Long lease 5x5. Air condition. Local staffs can stay with new owner. Plenty of free car parking spaces. ** Rent $1,500 per week (No outgoing) **. Owner is committed to another business and cannot look after this one anymore.

Perfectly positioned Cafe / Asian restaurant in Harris St. Prominent and busy street, located close to light rail, UTS + more. Features include seating inside for 50+ approx, total area Approx 150m2. JUST RENOVATED, MODERN AND UNIQUE FIT-OUT. Inc. Grease trap-exhaust. Low rent: $70,909 + GST per year. Currently trading 6 days a week. DA approval 7 days per week (6:00AM - 10:00PM). Staff: 1 manager, 2 full timer. Staff willing to stay on. Owner willing to stay on and train new owners or buyer has the option to change menu. Contact Lina only if u are a serious buyer for inspection.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $220,000 + S.A.V.

price: $90,000 neg. + fixtures & fittings

mob 0422 117 703

mob 0406 767 231


Modern Asian Restaurant with Office Included


Popular Asian Restaurant in Castle Hill


Rare Oppurtunity Thriving & Well Established Indian Restaurant for sale in a good suburb with minimal competition in the area. Family owned and successfully running for 8 years. Selling for health & family reasons. Reasonable offers will be considered. Potential: Big Indian population in the area and great opportunity to expand catering services. Can open all days for lunch to boost sales. Great potential for addition of Indian sweets. Features: Modern and recently renovated fit-out located in busy Shopping Centre with ample parking. Fully equipped kitchen - Well reviewed & loyal clientele. Premises: Area – 120 sq.mts – approximately 70 seater layout. Decent size accessible toilet, pantry area and cool room on-site. Location: Situated in major Shopping Centre in the North West near Community Centre. Trading Hours: Dinner: Mon - Sun 5:00pm – 10:00 p.m. Lunch: Thurs-Sun 11:00am – 2:30pm. Lease: 5 year lease available.

North West Sydney


Employees: 2 Owners + 2 Chefs + 1 Kitchen Hand + 2 Wait Staff. Figures (Weekly): Sales $9,500 Rent (ex GST) $1,600 Wages $2,470 Profit $3,650

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 855 515 82 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $175,000 all inclusive

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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mackay


This is a well established and profitable Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contracting business.

Prince Refrigeration and Air Supply is an independently owned and operated HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) wholesaler located in the progressive and growing tropical city of Mackay Queensland, close to the majestic Whitsunday Islands and the world heritage Great Barrier Reef. The Business is well known in the region and has a strong customer base, established through competitive and excellent service.

Through its membership of National HVAC & R Wholesalers ( the business supplies a full range of unitary equipment, spare parts as well as specialised tools to support the needs of refrigeration and air conditioning contractors throughout the surrounding area. Prince Refrigeration and Air Supply have operated from the same centrally located commercial premises since 2004 and enjoy a long lease arrangement.

This is a great opportunity for a qualified person, looking to provide a wonderful lifestyle change for their family to move to a regional coastal city that offers all the required amenities and facilities. Good schools and university, good hospital and medical services, sporting venues, plenty of shopping centres, cafes and restaurants plus boating, beaches and great off shore fishing. This is an excellent business providing sound returns for its current owner over many years. It is easily run by 2 people with all systems and operational procedures in place. Approx running stock $100K.

The current owners are only selling due to retirement plans, to relocate closer to family, in Brisbane. Training and advice would be provided if required. Further information & financial details would be available upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements being completed.

P: (07) 4957 5888 M: 0402 158 846


Price: P.O.A.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 83

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Palm Beach


Thai Restaurant (Good turnovers) Over 3 years established Thai restaurant for sale in a great location.

additional profit as we are currently 6 nights a week, and still generate great turn over.

Fully equiped, Fully Licensed restaurant with seating for 60ppl. 2 Carpark. Lease 3x3x3 (Just release another 3x3)

Have been in business for years with lots of regular and loyal customers.

Potential to grow and expand. Extend trading hours, open more days, offer home delivery and online ordering to add

We are selling because we need more time for family. Please call or text if you have any further enquiries.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 742 209


North Haven


price: $225,000 WIWO + fixtures & fittings





Fine Dining with Amazing Views

Famous Burger Restaurant in Mosman

Moonlight Indian Restaurant is the Adelaide best fine dining Indian Cuisine & Party Venue. Moonlight is located at North Haven and offers breath – taking views of Marina. Competition: Next Indian restaurant 7kms away. Market: 5 suburbs (Osborne, Taperoo, Outer Harbour, Large North, and Large Bay) 7000 residential houses within the 5km range. Main Customers:Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC), Flinders Port Trust. Established: October 2012 Purchased: July 2014 Equipment: All owned Seating Capacity Liquor Licenced Capacity: 220 Seats Rent including Outgoings& GST - $5404.28 (per month) Advertisement & Marketing: Eat Now/ Menu Log/ Entertainment book.

Very Famous and popular burger restaurant is now for sale located in heart of Mosman.

84 Australian Business For Sale ®


mob 0433 911 197

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $220,000 449091

price: $100,000 negotiable

• Prominent shop location + 1 Parking • All equipments owned and well maintained • Full licenced • High turn over of $16,000 PW • Wage cost $3,900 PW • 9 months+5 years rent option • 2x Brand new fridges • Brand new POS System • 1x Beer Tap • Training will be provided • Because of family reason, the owner decides to sell the business.

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 15:22 Page 85

HUNTER VALLEY RESORT LODGE with a $63,700 income

Resort Hunter Region NSW

Located in Eaglereach Wilderness Resort near the village of Vacy in the Hunter region of NSW this 6 bedroom six ensuite complex with galley kitchen dining and recreation room wide verandahs and giant spa with great views across to the Pacific East Coast situated on its own 7 acre strata title property. Close by are a host of historical villages such as Morpeth, vineyards restaurants golf clubs venues for world class concerts Port Stephens for dolphin cruises and so much more. Income from short term holiday rental was $63,700 last year. Plus the value of free holidays for owners and friends. This would also be a solid investment for a corporate purchase that would provide a facility for entertaining clients and an added bonus for employees.

Unlimited access to all resort facilities including coffee bar & bistro, pool and tennis court, games pavilion, outdoor gym, children’s play centre

lagoon for kayaking and alive with an amazing variety of fauna and flora native wildlife from macropods to our majestic namesake the Wedge tailed eagle on the 660 acre resort property which varies from mountaintop to rain forest. Discover these on the network of adventure walking trails. Option of hands-on owner operated management including holiday rental listings on sites such as Stayz, Airbnb, or management and maintenance available by holiday rental company. The purchase includes all furnishings and contents.

Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

Price: $425,000 WIWO

M: 0400

634 000



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 85

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 86


Noosa Heads


Rare Opportunity in Hastings St • $120,000 + SAV

• Currently serving Burgers and Seafood but the scope is only limited by your imagination

• Rare opportunity to be part of the lucrative Hastings St restaurant scene

• Good lease terms available • Fully operational so very low set up costs

• Proven site with high customer volume

• Don’t miss this great opportunity

• Previously operated as a very successful pizza restaurant

• For Details Contact - Sean Lennon 0422 003 993 Michael Evans 0457 789 766

• Noosa Heads Restaurant

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

ah () 0422 003 993

mob 0457 789 766


price: $120,000 + S.A.V.

Safety Products & Services

Fire Service & Sales Covering Whole of Brisbane Established business in service & sales of portable fire equipment. Extensive range of customers from commercial through to building companies. Clients are serviced every six months due to Government legislation.Five day week with no weekend or after hours work.Long standing agreement with local fire supplies wholesalers, at rates that allow our business to be very competitive.

Albany Creek


Due to easy availability of stock, no warehousing etc required. My partner & I operate this business very successfully without the need to hire any staff or contractors, although it remains an option for new owner.

for coming financial year.

My partner administers the business from home with myself on the road. Gross turnover is currently $150,000 per annum for the last 2 years, with a better turnover expected

Other than obtaining the required licence, this is a very simple businerss. We are offering this business for sale, so that we may retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 3264 1263 86 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0403 189 987


price: $350,000 all inclusive

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 87




Caravan Park

This is a great opportunity to purchase a long established and successful business located in the Great Southern Wheat Belt of WA. Midway between Perth and Kalgoorlie on the Great Eastern Highway and only 45km from the major rural centre and Township of Merredin Carrabin Roadhouse is a ‘stop off’ point for travellers, tourists and locals and provides Hotel, Motel and Caravan Park facilities plus good food and service. The Roadhouse incorporates fuel, shop, ATM, 5 motel rooms, restaurant, bar, takeaway along with the caravan park.



The Roadhouse is situated on 2 ½ acres with recently renovated premises, managers house and 2x staff quarters. The motel rooms are well patronised and normally fully booked by contractors working in the local area and the gold mines of the region. The premises, residence and motel are fully air-conditioned. There is plenty of parking for the trucks that regularly ‘stop off’ allowing their drivers refreshment and rest. The Business also comes with a large chiller, 2 storage sheds plus a substantial amount of plant and equipment. This Roadhouse Business has room for growth as more and more people work in the area. Wheat, canola plus other grain crops are produced plus sheep & wool. Merredin, 20 minutes from Carrabin Roadhouse is a thriving regional centre, the base of government and commercial organisations. It boasts shopping centres, cafes and restaurants, sporting facilities, good educational and healthcare services. A regular train service operates between Perth, Merredin and Kalgoorlie. This has been and will continue to be a solid and robust business catering to a friendly country community plus the ever increasing flow of tourists that visit the region.


Further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.



freehold WIWO

p (08) 9046 7162

f (08) 9046 7162 Australian Business For Sale ® 87

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 88

Sales and Distribution






Iconic Motorcycle Exhaust Manufacturer

Self Storage Business

Staintune Specializes in manufacturing and selling to the Australian and international Motorcycle aftermarket accessory market. Staintune Manufactures’ high quality Stainless steel motorcycle exhaust systems, Selling to both motorcycle dealers and direct. Key Highlights: World renowned reputation. Australia’s Largest Motorcycle Exhaust Manufacture for over 30 years. Solid Owner Operator Returns. Huge Dealer / Customer Data Base. Extensive Product Range. Fully Operational E-commerce Web Site. Respectable following on social media. All equipment and stock included. Training / Consultation available if required. Extensive CAD based information and procedures.

This business comes with the following equipment: Komatsu model FD 100-4 10 tonne forklift, 20x 20ft HC shipping containers, 10x 20ft LC shipping containers, at present 96 leased containers, 2014 UD model MK11250 Condor Prime Mover, 2x 2014 single axle skel trailers, Contain a Cover dome canopy which includes 2x 40ft HC containers, Loads of removal blankets, 2x portable office blocks, Ladies and Mens toilet block, Office furniture and website Storage currently turning over approx $25000.00 per month. All reasonable offers will be considered. Hurry, looking for a quick sale.

price: E.O. I.

mob 0450 227 702


price: $430,000 all inclusive


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Service Station

Independent BP for lease Rare opportunity in wa to run independently owned BP only 30 minutes from Perth International Airport. No royalty or franchise fees - owner takes 100% home Brand new site • • • • • • • • • •

Trading since last 3 months. Turn over $600,000 per month since fresh start New pumps New tanks New fitout New construction 3 staff members and one manager looking after the site Rent $16,000 + gst per month Timings Monday to Sunday 05:00 - 21:00



Motivated tenant can improve. Please contact adam. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0467 539 430 88 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $700,000 + S.A.V. all inclusive

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Long Established Storage Units 1st Time Offered This successful and easy to run business has been established over a 20 year period and is situated in the beautiful Devonport area of Tasmania. The purchase price includes the freehold land (value $375,000). The storage business provides an excellent return with very few overheads. ABC Storage Units is located on 3.2 acres, 7kms from the major City of Devonport on the North West Coast. Its port is the destination of the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ from Melbourne on a daily basis. ABC Storage is well positioned with good exposure and has a total of 195 storage facilities, 30 block roller-door units, 58 Colourbond roller door units, 107 shipping containers (purchased new). Each fitted with a zincalume second roof and freshly painted. The Business caters to local business and personal customers plus interstate and international clients who require storage, arriving via ‘The Spirit’, to settle in the picturesque Apple Isle. The Business is usually at 100% capacity but has ample room for more storage units if required. The premises could also be used for other purposes being zoned “transport/warehouse”. The Depot is chain-mesh fenced, has 35 night lights, is bitumen sealed and has 3 truck capacity entry gates. Security cameras operate 24/7 in the yard and the office area. There has never been a security problem. The reception and office building are near the main gate. All systems and procedures are in place. There is a modern kitchen and toilet etc, plus private undercover parking. There is also plenty of parking for customers plus storage workshop. Devonport is a growing and prosperous city. A $250Mil re-development project is well underway, but it still retains its friendly coastal city atmosphere. The area has an abundance of natural beauty and is very popular for both tourists and locals. Current owners are selling due to retirement plans and are willing to advise over the transition. Full and further information and financial details would be provided upon inspection (by appointment) and after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

bh (03) 6427 2622

mob 0409 945 941


price: $1,650,000 freehold

Australian Business For Sale ® 89

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 16:08 Page 90

Sports Centre



Fast Growing Sports Child Development Franchise Your Business, Your Hours Your Profits. Make a Difference! Little Martial Arts train 2-6yo only. We are offering an amazing opportunity to purchase our established Lawnton or Samford branch. You don’t have to be a black belt martial artist to operate a successful Little Martial Arts branch. We provide full training

and make sure you’re ready to teach the narrow set of skills needed to a very high level before taking over the business. We have other franchise owners doing great things for the kids and carving out a secure future for themselves, who first got involved with zero martial arts experience. Follow this link for more info This is truly a “turn key franchise”. Will consider all applications.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 318 833

Surf, Skate and Ski

Long Jetty


price: $9,990 WIWO - all inclusive

Surf, Skate and Ski

Aldinga Beach



Surf and Skate Retail Business

With almost half a century servicing the Central Coast, Surfers Choice is a retail icon in the region and is ideal for someone who loves surfing culture. Located on a corner block, facing the busiest road in Long Jetty, and ample parking, maximum exposure is guaranteed. With a database of over 8000 customers, repeat clientele is a definite. Surfers Choice has a strong online presence allowing cheap, effective advertising. Features: biggest wetsuit range; huge board and surfing accessory range; well-known labels; state of the art security; potential for future hiring services; onsite office and long-term lease available.

Southern Suburbs of Adelaide near beautiful beaches, well positioned in regional shopping centre and established for 13 years. Average turnover of $420,000 per annum.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $245,000 + S.A.V.

price: $70,000 + S.A.V.

bh (02) 4334 6532

mob 0423 297 625

90 Australian Business For Sale ®

Excellent profits even in tough trading conditions in a growing area. Reasonable rent, landlords that care about you, 108sqm, separate storeroom and toilet in store, all major brands, good website, active Facebook page. Can include training and support if required. Regrettable sale due to illness in family.


mob 0414 437 392


Central Coast’s Most Iconic Surf Shop

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 91

Surf, Skate and Ski



Long Established Surf Shop Established in 1992, this business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone, on the North West Coast of Tasmania, by the same owners since inception. Beach Beat stocks all the leading surf wear brands - Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Globe, Volcom, Rusty, Hurley etc - which cover an extensive variety of clothing, shoes, wetsuits, surf boards and fashion accessories. This business has a regular client base, yearly turnover of just below $1 million and current stock level at approx $250,000. Currently running with a full time manager, 2 fulltime employees and

a permanent part timer. The shopfloor area is approx 200 sq metres with extensive racking system and display units throughout, with a very good point of sale computer system in place. Also included is a Sensormatic security system in place, reverse cycle air-conditioning, on-site parking for 2x cars and building renovations. Store hours are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am – 1pm Saturday. A long lease is available on this building and some vendor finance may be available. Serious buyers only please. Please contact the owners for further information. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: P. O.A. + S.A.V.

Surf, Skate and Ski

Premium Fashion, Surf and Streetwear Store Premium fashion, surf and street wear store selling footwear, clothing and accessories with top-tier wholesale accounts. 200sqm Store situated in a shopping centre,prime location in the middle of an ever growing young affluent area, will be a short distance from the upcoming Northwest rail system. The new owner has the option to add new stock lines and run online to continue growing the brands. Operates 7 Days a week 9am to 5:30pm and Thursdays until 9pm, operating with 6 casuals. The current lease for the main operation runs until March 2020. The business currently stocks fewer than 50 brands in total. A few facts about the business: * Established 2004 (13yrs) * Current location 2007 (10 years) * Security Monitored 24/7 • Strong upward trend • Fantastic Social Media presence Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat



• Online website available • Fully equipped – no cap-ex required • Reliable staff- could be run under management • Great opportunities to continue growth, e.g: add new stock lines • Store recently fitted out For Further Details please contact. Revenue, Net profit and Rent all on application. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0433 816 145


price: $100,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 91

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 14:36 Page 92

Tourist Attraction



You Haven’t Really Done Karumba Until The Ferryman The Ferryman Karumba was established in 1991 with current owners operating since 2005. This is a reluctant sale so there are 2 options.

a small dingy for tender, Domain names, web page and Facebook, profiling, advertising, signs, bookings and contacts, help, hints, tips and contacts.

Option 1 The Ferryman 405QE lic for 50 persons 9.27 in water length, 3.6 m beam and .6m draft aluminium passenger carrying barge. Ferryman 2 - 25005QC lic for 7 persons that is used as a tender and for small groups. This sale also includes everything needed to run a successful tourism business, all catering equipment, lic buoy mooring CK - 010, Jeep wrangler for towing, southwind trailer reg 858 QFI and large I beam trailer for Ferryman retrieval,

Option 2 Bare bones. Ferryman 405QE, dingy as tender and the vessels buoy mooring, all catering equipment as required. Make an offer and we’ll negotiate. Residence at 54 Yappar Street Karumba available for sale to buyer if required. Karumba is available for sale to the person that buys the business it is not essential just convenient. Owner’s back injury has forced sale. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4745 9155

mob 0427 610 645


price: $265,000 all inclusive

Training & Development



CRICOS Approved RTO Superb Scope and Uni Articulation Shareholder of Pty Ltd offering 100% of the shares in company – a newly registered CRICOS approved RTO (7/15 to 7/22) with no training/assessment history for sale with the following on scope. • Certificate IV in Accounting • Diploma of Accounting (CRICOS approved) • Advanced Diploma of Accounting (CRICOS approved) • Diploma of Leadership & Management (CRICOS approved) • Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management (CRICOS approved) • Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership • Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management. The RTO has the following assets.

• Confirmed articulation arrangement with an Australian university for all qualifications - (Grad Dips. recognised as 50% of MBA!) • Outstanding training and assessment materials for all qualifications prepared by industry expert with over 20 years experience including substantial experience as ASQA auditor • Details of approximately 150+ international student recruitment agents who are ready to sign-up and refer students • Attractive domain address and serviced office address • Policies and procedures; contract trainers and assessors; some advertising material Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers. 92 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $520,000

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 93


Port Douglas


Great Business in a Superb Area! This is an opportunity to purchase an established & highly successful Takeaway Business located on Macrossan Street, the main street of Port Douglas. Port Douglas has attained huge popularity as a tourist destination but has retained its wonderful village atmosphere & natural beauty. The Takeaway is situated with great exposure & is the only business of its type on a street that has an incredible amount of foot traffic, day & night, 7 days a week. The Business caters to a large number of loyal local customers plus a multitude of tourists that frequent the area throughout the year. The Business has been awarded ‘Best Takeaway’ by Queensland Tourism for 3 consecutive years. The purchase price includes all fully owned (except leased new POS cash register) equipment, coffee machine, fittings & fixtures plus seating for up to 16 patrons. Current turnover approx $800K plus, operating 7 days a week with a running stock of over $10K. The lease on the sought after premises has recently been renewed 3x3x3. Port Douglas is a unique & booming tourist town, with plenty of residential, unit, apartment & hotel style rental accommodation. It caters to all tourist requirements: beaches, boating, reef fishing, scuba diving & snorkelling on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef plus lots more. A number of resort style golf courses are nearby along with easy to drive to scenic wonders such as Mossman Gorge & Daintree Rainforest. This is a solid business opportunity with the added bonus of great lifestyle in a magnificent region of Australia. Further information plus financial details would be provided upon inspection by appointment & when confidentially requirements have been completed

mob 0408 088 576


price: $395,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 93

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 94


Freightliner Coronado 2012 + Evergreen Contract Freightliner Coronado 2012 Prime Mover with Evergreen contract with reputable and long-standard cement company. Price on application.



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0409 881 159


price: $420,000

Waste Removal



Lucrative Riverland Tank and Drain Business EXCEPTIONAL REPUTATION– This business provides the opportunity for a driven individual to acquire and develop a highly profitable and lucrative business in the Riverland of South Australia. This business has been run by the current owner for 25 years,and has developed a reputation for reliability and customer service over that time. HIGHLY PROFITABLE- provides the opportunity for a family,couple or individual wanting a great life in the fantastic Riverland area of South Australia, and a business that provides a lifestyle above and beyond. EXCEPTIONAL CONTRACTS OFFERED- As part of the sale are current contracts with

two Riverland Councils for 6 and 4 years respectively (Subject to council approval on sale transfer). INCLUDED IN SALE- • Council contracts • Scania 113 with 12,000L stainless steel vacuum tank and drain cleaning equipment. • FVR Isuzu with 8000L stainless steel vacuum tank and drain cleaning equipment. • FM215 Mitsubishi 8000L steel vacuum tank and drain cleaning equipment. • HINO FG with truck mounted High Pressure Drain Cleaner with 2X 3500L Stainless tanks. Also included a high quality drain camera with 150 metre cable. Currently operated from owners house and property and is readily re-located.

mob 0412 839 392 94 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: P. O.A. - all inclusive

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:32 Page 95

Wholesale / Retail

Fiberglass Industry

Sydney NSW

Opportunity to purchase a successfully established family owned business (67 years) This Company specialises in the sale of The business operates through three Trade fiberglass raw materials and associated ancillary Centres within the Sydney area plus another products to a wide range of trade, wholesale Trade Outlet on the Central Coast area of NSW. and retail customers. The business currently has 10 full time The business has established both Australian employees, a turnover of approximately $3 Mil and overseas suppliers of a broad diversity of and a running stock of around $500,000. popular products appealing to boat builders and The Company is well known and highly repairers, manufacturers of fiberglass moulded respected in the Fiberglass Industry and should products and retail customers. appeal to a company already familiar with the industry and looking to expand. The business also manufactures tops for camper vans, horse floats and other mouldings The purchase price includes plant and for industrial uses. The use of light weight and equipment valued at $140,000. flexible fibreglass has found wide application throughout the automobile and trucking industry. This Company, with a record over many years of solid profits, could be a suitable acquisition for The Company has over many years established someone wishing to migrate to Australia.

a large and regular clientele through quality of Vendor Finance may be available to a product, attention to detail and good customer suitable purchaser. service. Further information and financial details would Advice and guidance from an excellent and be provided upon inspection and confidentiality experienced technical support team is always requirements being completed. available.

bh (02) 9958 5238

fax (02) 9958 0838


price: $1,020,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 95

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:33 Page 96


Fairfield East


Excellent investment- Childcare Centre Setup Business Great opportunity to acquire new business that sets up childcare centres Australia wide and NZ.

• Business fully set up with pallet racking, CNC router and welding machine.

Business Features: • Established: 2 years + • 3 year lease term + 5 year option • Long term distributors, childcare centres, school, preschool, play groups, online retailers, suppliers, local and international. • Manufacture furniture and metal play frames

This business would be well suited for someone who is in the education sector like a teacher or a couple who is looking for a challenge of taking this business to the next level. If you are interested and like to know more about the business, we’d love to talk to you in more detail about the business over a coffee, and show you the financial reports for FY16. We can also discuss about the potential to grow the business. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 320 443


price: $850,000

Wholesale Nursery



Unique Opportunity For a Tree Change After 20 years the current owners have decided to move on and reluctantly have decided to sell. Blyth Tree Farm has been successfully producing seedlings for nearly 40 years and is well known in the South West. Winner Best production nursery for WA 2014. Production nursery with the capacity to produce 2 million stems annually. 3 production areas. 2 twin skin tunnel houses 30m x 9m. Automated reticulation systems. 20000 64 cell trays. Fully automated seeding line 100em. Steam

steriliser. Delivery truck and trolleys (max capacity 60000 per load). Forklift, Dingo spray unit. Concrete potting mix bays, Germination cabinet, fertiliser injectors and many more extras. Huge potential for growth as the Governemnt work to introduce emmission trading schemes and larger environmental works programs. Owners willing to help new owners during transition phase. FREEHOLD OPTION AVAILABLE. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9821 7883 96 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0427 215 210


price: $200,000 WIWO leasehold

Pages_083-098.qxp_Pages_83-98 7/8/17 12:33 Page 97


SELLING A BUSINESS This application form is for private business vendors ONLY - for all other applications please contact our office

Want to sell your business?

Business type: (Please Print)


If your business is for sale and you want to have it included in this Directory and displayed on our website, then you have 2 Combo Packages to choose from. Both include free internet listing and give you 3 months exposure.

1/4 page

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9 pictures on the web

9 pictures on the web


Subheading: Description:

Use more paper if required

Business sale price:


Bh: (


Ah: (

Fax: (





NAME: ADDRESS: AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS FOR SALE® Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010


ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054


All correspondence to: Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010





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Roadhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87

Advertising / Media . . . . . . . . . . . .37

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Auto Parts & Accessories . . . . . . .38

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Swimming Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

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Homeware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71

Surf, Skate and Ski . . . . . . . . .90, 91

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Boarding Kennels/Cattery . . . . . .47

Import / Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72

Takeaway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29, 93

Book Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Import / Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . .72

Tourist Attraction . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92

Building and Construction . . . . . .44

Industrial / Manufacturing . . . . . . .73

Training & Development . . . . . . . .92

Butcher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35, 74

Truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94

Irrigation & Landscaping . . . . . . .71




Waste Removal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94

CafĂŠ . . . .18, 29, 32, 34, 46, 48 - 51

Ladies Wear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96

Camping & Hiking Equipment . . .54

Lawn / Garden Maintenance . . . .74

Wholesale / Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . .95

Caravan Park . . . . . . . . . . . . .52, 87

Locksmith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75

Wholesale Nursery . . . . . . . . . . . .96

Caravan Sales, Service or Repairs .53

Lodge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85, 99

Chandlery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57

Luxury Hire Car Service . . . . . .1, 30

Business Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Charters / Tours . . . . . . . . .1, 52, 55


RE/MAX ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Maintenance & Repairs . . . . .76, 77

Elders Real Estate Woombye . . . .27

Clothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54

Management Rights . . . . . .1, 34, 76

Jupiter Advisory . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28

Commercial Laundry . . . . . . . . . .56

Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . .28, 35

The Property Shop . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Commercial Services . . . . . . . . . .56

Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

One Realty Maryborough . . . . . . .29

Convenience Store . . . . . . . . .56, 58

Mixed Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78

Mason Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . .29, 32



The Firm Property Group . . . . . . .30

Day Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59

Newsagency . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32, 79



Ray White Commercial Noosa & Sunshine Coast North . . . . . . . .30

Earth Moving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59

Painting & Decorating . . . . . . . . . .79

Barry Plant Glenroy . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Educational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60

Panel Beating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Ruralco Property . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Electronic Devices & Equipment . .61

Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76

SPINELLI Real Estate . . . . . . . .1, 32

Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60, 62

Play Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80

Ray White Commercial Southport .33

Event / Party Hire . . . . . . .29, 62, 63

Pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33

Global Trading International . . . . .34

Exhaust/Radiator Serv. & Repairs 16


Ray White Aspley . . . . . . . . . . . . .34


Refrigeration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83

Raine & Horne Commercial Vic. . .34

Fabrication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70

Removalist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80, 81

Australian Business Sales Corp. .35

Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27, 35

Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85, 99

Harvest Agents and Advisory . . . .36

98 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

Inside_Back_Cover.qxp_Inside_Back_Cover 13/7/17 13:16 Page 1

These Resort Style Holiday Units are located in the beautiful Southern Queensland coastal city of Hervey Bay. Established in 1974, Hervey Bay Colonial Lodge was recently rated no. 1 on Trip Advisor and is 150m from the beach. The Unit's are perfectly situated close to shops, cafes and restaurants with an appealing occupancy rate of 85%. Guests have a choice of 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom units all on ground level. All units are self-contained and fully furnished with newly renovated bathrooms. The Units offer the following features: • • • • • •

Split system, reverse cycle air conditioning and ceiling fans. LCD TV’s DVD’s, refrigerators and microwaves plus WIFI facilities Tropical style gardens, swimming pool, barbecue and relaxing courtyard areas Off street parking Large managers/ owners residence Additional revenue is provided through booking tours to Fraser island and Whale Watching

Hervey Bay Colonial Lodge has a large clientele of international tourists who come to visit Fraser Island (World Heritage Listed). Also drawn to participate in the 'Whale Watching' that occurs every Winter in the Hervey Bay area, as the whales migrate North each year. The Holiday Units also have a consistent and repeat clientele of southern state visitors who stay long term over Winter. Hervey Bay has a perfect climate with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius all year round. This freehold property purchase would be ideal for a large or extended family with a spacious 4 bedroom owners residence. Hervey Bay has a growing population (50,000+) and has all the required facilities and amenities. The Units are one street back from the Esplanade in a quite location and only a short walk to the best beach in The Bay. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a boutique and successful business plus a beautiful property in this spectacular area of Australia. A purchase that provides a solid income and a lifestyle to be envied.


Further information and financial detail would be provided after inspection (by appointment) and when confidentiality requirements have been completed.

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