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CONTENTS Top Level Support for AllSafe’s Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Business opportunity scams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 3 “Insider” Secrets To Making Your Prospects Get Off Their Butts … Whip Out Their Wallets and Give You Their Money … NOW! . . . . . .8 What is due diligence? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Contours forges ahead with women at the helm . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Selling a Business - Lessons from Mount Everest . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Small businesses urged to tackle late payment . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Supermarket agreement opens way for more competition . . . . . .20 Australia and The Economic Crisis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22


New System Reminds Business Executives of Critical Deadlines . .24 Are business migrants the new hope for Australian franchising? . .26 Pool Care Franchise Forges Ahead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Supanews: Good News! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34



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Top Level Support for AllSafe’s Vision AllSafe Energy Efficient Products is on track to realise its vision of becoming the market leader in pro viding energy efficient solutions to developers, builders and homeowners across Australia. Originally a Queensland-based company, AllSafe has created a niche in the building industry by providing a one-stop shop for energy efficient products and solutions. “AllSafe is unique in that it sells and installs a range of ‘Green’ products and services to both the building industry and homeowners,” says AllSafe Director Mark Hawley. Until recently, the industry was very fragmented with some businesses supplying only a limited range of products and others not offering an installation service. AllSafe offers consumers a complete sales and installation service on a wide range of leading Australian-made energy efficiency products. In addition, they provide advice, options and solutions to suit customers’ energy needs and budget, making it a truly ONE Stop Energy Efficiency Shop). “The AllSafe concept has been well received by the building sector and homeowners who are constantly telling us that it’s about time someone came up with this idea”, says Mark. With government driven ‘Green’ loans, more stringent Building Codes, Solar and Insulation Rebates and increased public awareness, energy efficiency and the use of more energy efficient building products has become a major issue. Mark says AllSafe is well positioned to capitalise on the increasing demand in this market sector. AllSafe provides a total package in terms of energy efficient products including in store advice, Rebates Claims service and a comprehensive product range including

4 Australian Business For Sale ®

Insulation, Solar Power Grid connect systems, solar and gas hot water systems, water saving devices, skylight and ventilation systems. In fact, Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan recently launched AllSafe’s new administration centre in Hendra, Brisbane. It was also announced that AllSafe expects to create some 900 ‘Green’ jobs as a result of the Government’s Solar Homes & Communities Plan and the $4.3 billion Energy Efficient Homes Package. With seven franchises currently operating in Queensland, and one store set to open in Perth within months and several applicants showing interest in NSW and Victorian areas, AllSafe is now expanding its franchise network by creating 52 new franchises across Australia (QLD) and New Zealand. Mark says suitable franchisees would be individuals who are interested in energy efficiency and want to be part of a growing business network. Alternatively, the AllSafe Energy Efficient Products franchise could work as an add-on service to an existing business in the building industry. “Knowledge of the building industry, a trades background and business management skills would be an asset but are not necessary as training and ongoing support is available,” says Mark. On site and head office based training is provided by the AllSafe Team and specialised product training is provided by their supportive manufacturers. All franchisees also gain accreditation as HIA GreenSmart advisors and gain ABSA

(Australian Building Sustainability Assessor) accreditation that allows them to undertake Thermal Performance Assessments and energy star ratings of homes, factories and offices. “However, the key attributes we do look for in our franchisees are drive, commitment, enthusiasm, a strong customer focus and an interest in energy efficiency and the environment”, says Mark. A turnkey operation with AllSafe is $200,000 which includes franchise fee, leased vehicle, stock, IT system, signage, uniforms, stationery and training. Ongoing support includes product updates, software upgrades, operational assistance, website and a 1300 number for customers (1300ALLSAFE). Mark says AllSafe offers individuals the opportunity to own their own business in an exciting new market, which has tremendous growth potential at an affordable price that will only ensure capital gains. “Making homes and workplaces more energy efficient is the future and when you have a growing business which has a great product mix of National Branded products, it is reassuring to have the support of these suppliers behind you”, says Mark.

For further information about AllSafe Energy Efficient Products franchises contact David Jordan on 0428 ALLSAFE (0428 255 723) or 07 3268 SAFE (07 3268 7233), or visit and click the Franchise link.



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Business opportunity scams • What is a business opportunity scam?

• Beware of job offers that require you to pay an upfront fee.

Report them

• Warning signs

• Money laundering is a criminal offence: do not agree to transfer money for someone else.

If you have received information about a business opportunity that sounds similar to the scams described above, or if you have responded to one of these offers and you now suspect or realise it is a scam, you can report a scam through the SCAMwatch website. You should also spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues to protect them.

• Protect yourself against business opportunity scams • Do your homework • Decide • Report them

What is a business opportunity scam? A business opportunity scam can come to you through a spam email, a phone call or a letter. The scammer will always offer you a way to make a lot of money quickly. Business opportunity scams are similar to pyramid schemes, chain letters, computer prediction software and work from home scams. A business opportunity can be a scam if it relies on you making an upfront payment (for something that does not work or is not what you expected), recruiting other people to the scheme (these are pyramid schemes) or paying for a ‘system’ to make money which may not work as it is supposed to.

Warning signs • You receive a spam email offering you a business opportunity. • The advertisement requires you to send a fee to get your start up materials. • The advertisement only specifies a post office box address rather than a street address. • The email or letter may not be addressed specifically to you. • You receive information about a job which only requires you to transfer money for someone else. • Promises of guaranteed or very large returns. • Offers of loads of money just by using certain software to predict share market movements or sporting results (especially horseracing).

Protect yourself against business opportunity scams • Remember there are no get-richquick schemes: the only people who make money are the scammers. • Never agree to any business proposal on the phone: always ask for an offer in writing.

• NEVER send money, or give credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know and trust. • You can contact your local office of fair trading, ASIC or the ACCC for assistance. • Do not open suspicious or unsolicited emails (spam): delete them. As well as following these specific tips, find out how to protect yourself from all sorts of other scams.

Have you been scammed? What to do if you've been scammed; Scams & the law; Report a scam.

Similar scams: Work from home scams

Do your homework Before you respond to a business opportunity advertisement, ask yourself why somebody would offer you this opportunity without even knowing you. If someone had a guaranteed way of making a lot of money, why would they tell you about it? Always investigate money-making schemes very carefully before parting with your money. Take time to seek independent legal or other professional advice. Don’t rely on the person approaching you or anyone they recommend for advice. Don’t be enticed by reported past performance or examples, as these advertising tools can easily be manipulated. Be on the look out for ongoing costs. Many business opportunity scams require you to open accounts or transfer money. You should NEVER give out your personal or banking details to somebody you don’t know and trust. Don’t let the fact that an offer sounds enticing or genuine fool you.

Decide NEVER reply to an unsolicited or spam email, as this may encourage further contact from the spammers. If you are interested in a business opportunity, make sure you get independent professional advice before making a decision. Remember that if a business opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Employment opportunities that promise huge incomes with little work – usually by asking you to transfer money for someone else or recruit new victims. Guaranteed employment / income scams Scammers ‘guarantee’ you a job or certain level of income, tricking you into paying an up-front fee for a ‘business plan’ or materials. Investment seminars & real estate scams High-pressure sales in high-risk investment strategies. Scammers profit through attendance fees and by selling property and investments at inflated prices. Pyramid schemes Illegal schemes that always collapse when the supply of victims dries up, leaving nearly everyone involved much worse off. Cold calling (investment telemarketing) Unsolicited phone calls pushing highreturn and high-risk investments, often in overseas markets. The callers sound professional but are not licensed in Australia. Transferring money for someone else If you agree to transfer money for someone you don’t know, you let scammers use your bank account to ‘launder’ their dirty money. This puts you and your money in the firing line. Directories and advertising (false billing) Small businesses can be misled into paying for a directory listing or other advertisement that may not exist or was not authorised. Australian Business For Sale ® 7



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3 “Insider” Secrets To Making Your Prospects Get Off Their Butts … Whip Out Their Wallets and Give You Their Money … NOW! By Bob Lyon Now is the time to motivate your prospects to take action. We do this by using scarcity. What compels people to purchase is a clear logical Bob Lyon reason. People need a logical reason to get off their butts and do something. Yes, it is emotion that builds their interest and desire … but … it's logic that gets them over the line. Below are the main techniques I use to get people to act.

Scarcity Tactic #1 … Time Limit This is one of my personal favourites. I use time limits all the time and you should do the same. Say to your prospects, “you need to come into the shop by the 27th December. If not, your free bonus will be given to somebody else.” Using a deadline forces people to say, “I better not put it off or I will miss out!” Of course, the deadline needs to be credible. Simply, if the market gets the slightest sniff that the deadline is not sincere … it will back fire … In Your Face! If you use a deadline, stick to it. Pow Wow Events are one of the biggest selfdevelopment seminar companies in the country and they are real sticklers for deadlines. Their customers know, once the deadline has hit … that's it. Only in very rare circumstances do they get a chance at the special offer AFTER the deadline. And that's how it should be. If you want to strengthen the deadline, give a clear reason for the dead line. State why the dead line is the way it is. Give a logical reason… and…Be Honest About It! If you're offering a huge discount on products to clear inventory, say it. Here's what I mean: “Three months ago I went on a buying trip through South America. I purchased loads of stock at great bargains (which I thought would sell like hotcakes). I was wrong. There's still much of the inventory left on the shelves … and I've got to make way for my summer gear. There's nothing wrong with this stock. It's just that I purchased far too much, and it's just sitting there now. Anyway, my problem is YOUR opportunity. 8 Australian Business For Sale ®

If you're willing to help me out, and get this stock off my shelves, I'll make it worth your while. If you've been in our store recently, you'll know the existing stock sells for $97 apiece. Well, my cost on each of these is only $32 … and … I'd be happy to let you buy as many as you wish … at my cost … just as long as you drop in before September 12. This means, instead of paying the usual $97, you only have to pay $32. This is a massive saving … which … I am making NO profit on at all! But you'll need to come in before September 12. After that, you'll miss out. Now, isn't that believable? This is much better than the usual discount sales of most businesses. My letter gives logical reasons FOR the sale. Here's another example. Right now, I am testing new software to minimise the amount of spam that comes into my email box. I get about 40 spammed emails a day of the worse sorts of rubbish you can imagine. This new software has a 30-day trial, and I am approaching my expiration date. Yesterday I received this email: Dear Bob, We hope you are enjoying your free trial of Spam Arrest! If you are satisfied with our service and ready to sign up for a paid account, we have a great deal for you: SIGNUP WITHIN THE 4 DAYS AND RECEIVE 2 FREE MONTHS! That's right! Sign up for any Spam Arrest package within the next 4 days, and we will give you 2 additional months of service, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

another email along the following lines: Dear Bob, I hope you're enjoying your FREE 30-day trial of SPAM Arrest. With this free trial, most of our customers find their spammed emails disappear immediately. This is because SPAM Arrest uses new proprietary software that is the most powerful available right now on the entire web. Anyway, I'm writing to you today to extend a very special offer. Your 30-day free trial ends on August 29. You don't know it, but it actually costs us $8 to extend this free trial to you, and other customers like you. This is a cost that I'd like to eliminate … and … if you can help us reduce it, we'd be happy to give you an extra 2 months … ABSOLUTELY FREE! By this stage, you've probably already decided whether you're going stay with us or not. In fact, most people decide within a day or two. If you'd be willing to join us in the next few days … you'll save us the balance of the cost of your free trial … and we'd like to pass that saving onto you with an extra 2 FREE months! You see, 2 months subscription costs us $3 per month. Three dollars is how much you'll save us if you join in the next few days. It's good business to pass the saving onto you because we know; once you join to our full membership … you'll stay with us for years and years! And why not? You'll never have the frustration and inconvenience of spam again! But you must act with 4 days. The offer expires after this time. Please click on the link below to organise your membership now and gain the extra 2 months, FREE!

If you need assistance in setting up your Spam Arrest trial, or have any further questions or comments, please email us at


This offer expires in 4 days.

This IS rather more powerful, isn't it?

Thank you. Spam Arrest I've got 2 days to go … and I am counting the days! This software is actually quite brilliant and literally all my spam has disappeared. Because of this email, I am going to sign up before my expiry date. They didn't give a reason for the deadline however. If I were in charge of their marketing, I would test

John Smith Membership Manager

Scarcity Tactic #2 - Exclusivity Communicate to your prospects that they may miss your offer because of limited numbers. My coaching program is a good example. Between my consulting clients, the businesses I own and other obligations, I can only accept a very limited number of members in my coaching program. In fact, a maximum of just 2 clients a month. continued on page 11



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continued from page 8

This alone creates a desire for it. In addition, I am very strict in who I accept as a coaching client. To be considered, my prospect must fill out a detailed application form and return it to me promptly. So my coaching prospects have two obstacles to overcome, both of which compel action. In addition to this, there's the price. It costs many thousands of dollars to participate. Most businesses can't afford it. Or, let me put it another way: most business owner's aren't committed enough to do what's needed to be successful. Price also acts as a filter. This reminds me of my school days. I vividly remember purchasing junk food such as meat pies, hot chips or finger buns from the shop. As soon as I'd get back to the company of my friends, they were like vultures, wanting a taste of my food. But every now and then, I would purchase too much and I couldn't eat it all. And as I'd been raised not to throw away food; I would offer my “excesses” to my friends. And you know what? They rarely accepted. If ever. Isn't that funny?

When I didn't want to give them any, they'd salivate like puppy dogs. When I offered, they declined. For so many years, I could not understand this. But now I do, and it has to do with the human desire of wanting something we cannot have. Striving for something out of our reach.

Scarcity Tactic #3: Limited Stock Tell people that you only have a strictly limited number of items in stock … or that you've produced only x number of copies and if they don't act soon, they'll miss out. But you must be honest about it. Don't lie.

However, I wasn't happy with the price. I wanted to charge more. So I sent out an e-mail to all my subscribers to say that I was increasing the price on a specific date, at midnight. And if they have been in limbo about purchasing it, they should do so NOW! The price was going to triple. At exactly midnight, Sydney time, I tripled the price. Shortly after, I started to receive emails from people congratulating me on actually following through with the price increase! I was amazed. It just goes to show how dishonesty is rife in the minds of people.

Before I move on, I have a personal story to share with you about ethics and honesty.

It was a powerful lesson for me.

On my website, I sold a digital version of a manual, “Inside Secrets Of Advertising.” By digital I mean, a person could pay by credit card over the internet and download the book immediately. They would get an electronic version of the book. I had two packages, silver and gold. I sold the silver package for $97 US and the gold for $197 US. It was selling quite well and

For more information about how your business can benefit from these and other powerful marketing tactics you can call Bob Lyon direct on 043 883 0937 or get your FREE report entitled “How To Sell Your Business At Your Price … And Cause A Stampede Of Prospective Buyers Literally Begging For Your Time” by going to

EASY to EARN $290 per DAY Be a distributor in your area of high demand


plus more for local businesses • No Shop • No Machinery • No Hassles

Full Trading Kit / Licence- $15,900 + GST For full details info sample pack

I had a decent conversion rate on my website.

1300 660 672

Sliptest currently receives calls on our 1300 SLIPTEST number from clients all over Australia. We need motivated persons to assist us to provide our services in Melbourne, Sydney, and other areas nationwide. If you are willing to learn and have great people skills we will teach you all we can about our industry. Join Sliptest as an independent operator, and the license is yours. It is a tangible asset you may sell or subdivide as you see fit. Every building you walk into is a potential client - a potential client that can earn you in excess of $200.00 per hour. s Be rewarded with a top rate, high income business s Virtually unlimited earning capacity s Ongoing repeat business from quality clientele s The option to expand your business as required s Latest Testing Equipment s Full on site training to achieve NATA accreditation This is an unparalleled opportunity to join this expanding industry. For as little as $55,000 you can be a part of the Sliptest Australia success story.

Please note - This is a brand new business opportunity - an Australian first. Your chance to profit from one of the worlds biggest industries without the traditional costs of print shop set up. We supply all of your trading requirements incl. loaded laptop, samples folder, workstation, all stationery ,signs and step by step guidance plus AUST. LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES... G/TEED... so you are READY TO TRADE. Be the first in your area and take advantage of huge sales potential... long term.

Australian Business For Sale ® 11



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What is due diligence?

By Jason Gehrke, Director, Franchise Advisory Centre

At the point of receiving disclosure documentation, many potential franchisees are recommended by their franchisors to use the Franchising Code's 14-day Jason Gehrke waiting period to undertake their due diligence on the franchise investment.

understand the concept:

The problem for many potential franchisees at this point is that they don't know what due diligence is and may have never heard the term before. They may figure due diligence must be something that is expensive and complicated and therefore done by the lawyers or other professional advisors that they might engage to handle "the paperwork" of the sale.

Who is responsible for undertaking due diligence?

In other words, it's something difficult done by somebody else. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even where a statutory disclosure obligation exists under the Code, buyers should - as much as possible - seek to independently verify information presented to them in order to reduce the risk of making a purchase decision based on false, out of date or incomplete information.

Due diligence is no more complicated than looking at the facts of a deal from all angles to make sure they stack up. In short, due diligence assesses the risks and opportunities of a proposed transaction, be it buying a business or entering some other arrangement. Conducting a building inspection and title search as a condition of buying a house is an example of due diligence in a real estate transaction. Getting engaged and taking the time to know someone before getting married is a form of due diligence (occasionally supplemented today by Googling a potential partner's details, or searching their Twitter and Facebook pages, etc). Most people who buy a secondhand car insist on first taking it for a test-drive, conduct a title check, get a mechanic to look over the vehicle, and ask questions of other people who have owned the same type of car. This is considered natural behaviour when buying a car and forms part of our pre-purchase due diligence. By comparison, why wouldn't a potential franchisee or business buyer want to do the same thing when going into business for the first time? Unfortunately, many franchisors can recount examples of franchisees who have been too eager to join the system and then conducted little or no due diligence - with the result that their businesses failed to meet their expectations and both franchisor and franchisee become estranged. Here are some other definitions of due diligence to help potential franchisees 12 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

1. The process of investigating a potential investment; 2. The care a reasonable person should take before committing to a transaction; 3. An assessment of the desirability, value and potential of an investment opportunity; 4. Background research to determine the worthiness of an acquisition.

The potential buyer is responsible for undertaking due diligence. Although there is a statutory requirement for disclosure under the Franchising Code of Conduct, franchisors are not required to ensure that franchisees actually undertake due diligence.

Buyers will usually involve professional advisors to assist in the due diligence process. These will generally include accountants (to assess financial data and issues), lawyers (to assess legal, contractual and mandatory compliance issues) and specialists relevant to the industry or market sector in which the business operates. Irrespective of the use of advisors, the buyer takes ultimate responsibility for the decision to invest in the business offered. The buyer takes full responsibility both for the investment decision, and for the completeness of the due diligence process which gave rise to that investment decision.

Buyer to act in own interest In any commercial transaction, the buyer has a choice to proceed or not proceed with the deal. It is expected that a seller will act in their own interest to maximise their benefit from the transaction, and by the same token, so should buyers. However, many people who buy small businesses or franchises have little or no prior experience in undertaking such deals. As a result, they may have little or no understanding of due diligence, and instead rely solely on their accountants and lawyers, and the veracity of the information provided by the franchisor. Unfortunately, without an adequate knowledge as to what a proper due diligence process should involve, the

buyer is limited in their ability to protect their own interests. They may fail to seek professional advice in the first place, or fail to understand the advice provided. More importantly, they may simply fail to verify the information provided by the franchisor, and rely on untested detail. If the buyer does not act in their own interests, they cannot expect that their advisors alone will be able to do so, or that sellers will either.

The cost of due diligence There are at least two types of cost involved in conducting due diligence: hard and soft costs. Hard costs are cash outlays, which can be substantial. It requires an investment of time and cash to research information and pay advisors. The Franchise Advisory Centre recommends that potential franchisees be prepared to pay at least between 2-5% of the cost of a franchise on due diligence alone. In other words, if the franchise costs $100,000, then the potential franchisee should be prepared to spend between $2,000 and $5,000 on their due diligence. If, after conducting a due diligence process a buyer decides not to proceed, then the cost of due diligence will be significantly less than the potential losses the buyer would have incurred if they had proceeded with the business and it subsequently failed. By far the greatest cost of any due diligence process is the cost of professional advisors (ie. accountants, lawyers and other professionals engaged for their expertise). These advisors will usually work on a per hour or project rate, and so it stands that the greater the investment, the more diligence required, the greater the advisor costs will be. It goes without saying that professional advisors acting for the buyer will require payment whether or not the buyer completes the sale. While this could mean that the buyer will "lose" the cost of the due diligence by not completing the sale, this might be a very small loss compared to the cost of buying an unsuitable or unsustainable business. Soft costs are the costs of the buyer's time. Time spent researching a business is not something a buyer can expect to be paid for or have deducted from the purchase price of the business. The buyer invests their time and energy in considering the transaction, and should the transaction not be completed, the buyer at least is usually betterprepared and more experienced to undertake the next due diligence process.


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As a general rule, potential franchisees should make a due diligence soft cost investment of one hour of time per $1,000 to be invested in the business. This can be spent on researching the specific business opportunity, as well as the industry and business in general and will ensure that a reasonable amount of time is allocated to assessing the risks and opportunities of the proposed transaction.

Verify disclosure information Potential franchisees will rely primarily on information provided in the franchisor's disclosure document, and should make every attempt to independently verify each item in the document to ensure that the information presented is current and correct. It is important to remember that disclosure documents under the Code are required to be updated within four months of the end of the financial year (which for most systems will be

October 31 for the preceding 12 month period July to June). Consequently, a franchisee who receives a disclosure document in July, August or September in any given year could be looking at information which is 12 months or more old. If this is the case, the potential franchisee may choose to request a more recent disclosure document, or defer a purchase decision until after the disclosure document is updated. Jason Gehrke is a director of the Franchise Advisory Centre and has been involved in franchising for 18 years at franchisee, franchisor and advisor level. He provides consulting services to both franchisors and franchisees, and conducts franchise education programs throughout Australia. He has been awarded for his franchise achievements, and publishes Franchise News & Events, Australia’s only fortnightly electronic news bulletin on franchising issues.

Hairdressing Salon

Western Sydney


Just Cuts Franchise If you have always dreamed of owning your own business, perhaps Just Cuts is for you. Offers a successful, proven and growing system in hairdressing, where there is always demand. It is a nationally known business with over 150 stores in Australia and New Zealand. Located in major Shopping Centre in Western Sydney just 35kms from Sydney CBD. High exposure location next varies food outlets. Currently running under management. T/O $390,000. Selling due to health reasons. Possible finance available.

price: $185,000 bh (02) 9281 4599 fax (02) 9212 6054



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Contours forges ahead with women at the helm With females making up an amazing 90% of its franchisees, Contours is a franchise that has attained a huge female following and goes against the trend in Australia that has seen a decline in the number of female franchisees. Although they don't specifically recruit female franchisees, Contours definitely attracts them! Owning a Contours franchise is highly suitable to the female lifestyle, with a staggering 70 % of franchisees mothers. The reasons behind this trend are more than likely Contours' reasonable start up cost, the high level of corporate support provided and the family friendly work hours. The typical Contours franchisee is a female aged between 30 and 50, fitting the same profile as the typical Contours member. Many have experienced their own weightloss struggles, allowing them to encourage and relate to their members while providing a supportive, comfortable exercise environment. According to Contours' Business Development Manager Simone Harris, “Women are attracted to Contours because their purchase gives them more than just a brand name, the Contours corporate team supports us every step of the way giving us

the tools we need to ensure our studio is successful. ” “Many franchisees have themselves lost weight with Contours, so they know that it works, this means their encouragement and support of their members is genuine,” says Simone. “One of the key comments we receive from successful members is that they couldn't have done it without the encouragement and support of studio staff.

This keeps clients pouring through the doors while also inspiring similar Australian women to take on their own studios,” she said. Contours offers a user friendly business model and extensive studio support, aspects that Simone sees as key in its appeal to women. “Relationships with all suppliers have been previously set up for women when they purchase a studio; this allows us the time to focus on serving the members rather than worrying about how to keep our business running smoothly,” she said. Franchising has helped Contours grow

rapidly in Australia by attracting passionate individuals who want to build their own business and make a difference in the lives of their members. By providing a system, framework and standard marketing messages, Contours have helped their members achieve their fitness goals and built a strong, consistent national brand. Contours is not only one of Australia's largest and most successful fitness chains but also one of Australia's fastest growing franchise models. At just 30 years of age, Simone Harris is not only Business Development Manager for Contours she is also the owner of four Contours franchises across Western Sydney. Simone stared working for Contours in January 2005; six months later she was the owner of her first Contours studio. She and her partners run franchises in Emu Plains, Penrith, Erskine Park and Mount Annan. Simone's advice to other female entrepreneurs, “Take a chance, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and always trust your instincts.” For additional information or to schedule an interview please contact: Caroline Harris @ Beyond the Square T: 01 9810 8522 E:

Franchise Wetherill Park, Sydney


Immediate Income + Work Your Own Hours Come and join Australia’s leading Blind Cleaning & Repair franchise. Amazing Clean Blinds operators clean and repair of all types of internal blinds using the latest state of the art, ultrasonic equipment. Located in Sydney’s South West area and has been established for

eight years, with a huge care taker area and client base. This business includes a fully equipped manual van. All other equipment, tools, machinery & parts for blinds etc. are ready to be transferred as a home based operation. Be your own boss, you call the shots.

bh (02) 9823 5431 fax (02) 9823 6191 mob 0408 115 945 14 Australian Business For Sale ®


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Selling a Business - Lessons from Mount Everest By Louise Woodbury, co-author of The Invisible Entrepreneur he knew he had to find the answers. No matter how experienced you are, no one has all the answers. Understanding your limitations doesn't make you less competent or less capable. The opposite is true. Smart entrepreneurs recognise their limitations and work out how to supplement any gaps in skill or knowledge. Louise Woodbury We know the person who knows your business best ... is you. Why? Because, we've worked with many small business entrepreneurs who are, in fact, experts in their industries. However, when it comes to selling your business … are you mentally ready for this journey? The Invisible Entrepreneur, invites you to consider a new way of doing business. And, it's not about adding more information to your well of knowledge. It's simply all about you ….. because after all you are the only one who can bring about change in your business. Consider that selling your business could be your personal Everest - your very own mountain to conquer. Right now, while you're reading this, you might not know exactly how you're going to get there. But just as Sir Edmund Hillary got to the summit, you will too.

Third, beyond seeking out answers from his own resources, Hillary also knew it was possible that many alternative solutions could exist. Solutions that hadn't even been considered yet. Solutions and strategies beyond his current reality. We all have blind spots. The trouble is we don't always know what they are. But we encourage you to remember that these blinds spots exist and that the way to reveal and eliminate them is to open your mind to new solutions and new ideas. Or find a guide who can help you. Sir Edmund Hillary recruited help from Tenzing Norgay, an experienced Sherpa. Norgay knew the landscape intimately. Where inexperienced eyes would see a mountain of difficulty, he saw a clear path. He could identify the dangers and manage the risks. Finally, he could guide a mountaineer to the summit and then negotiate a safe return.

You are not indispensable When Hillary set out to conquer Everest, he knew three things. First, he had an understanding of the scope of the challenge he was about to undertake. It was one fraught with danger and could even cost him his life. You may feel like you're navigating a dangerous course by transforming your business so it is attractive to a potential buyer.

One of the biggest hurdles for a small business entrepreneur to overcome is the idea that their business can function without them. Many entrepreneurs don't believe this is possible. They believe their business is different. They sincerely believe they are the lynchpin and that it simply couldn't operate without them.

Second, Hillary knew there was a lot he didn't know. But

For example: Does everything need your approval to go

16 Australian Business For Sale ®

ahead? Do you believe that even small advertisements couldn't appear in the local paper without you checking them first? Or that a quote on supplying goods or services to a client couldn't leave the office without your signature? And are you insisting that copies of all booking slips for deliveries would be sent to your in-tray so you could see that the order had been processed. Are you one of those people who simply must know what's going on - who wants to have a finger in every pie because that helps you pick up on things that might fall through cracks? You may not be guilty of all these - but if you recognise some of these attributes, a good adviser, your Sherpa, will guide you. But...only if you are willing to listen.

In preparing your business for sale, you're about to enter uncharted territory - but you are not alone. Your guide is right here in your hands. And, while it will take you out of your comfort zone and into unexplored areas of your life, it will steer you in the right direction. Louise Woodbury is the co-author of The Invisible Entrepreneur. You can order your copy from all major bookstores. ISBN 978-0-646-49043-4. or Tel 02 9955 8888.



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Small businesses urged to tackle late payment Debtor finance provider Bibby Financial Services urges small and medium sized business owners and managers to make tackling late payment their number one priority in the new financial year. Small and medium sized businesses are stretched to breaking point by slow payments, with average payment now taking around 57 days, almost double standard trading terms. Greg Charlwood, Chief Executive of global debtor finance provider Bibby Financial Services said: “Small firms have always been vulnerable to late payments from larger customers – unfortunately it is a fact of business life. However, as the credit crunch continues to bite, a regular and consistent cash flow is critical to the smooth day-to-day running of a business – particularly a smaller one. The vast majority of small firms simply cannot afford to wait on money they are owed without a severe impact on their bottom line, particularly if most of their sales are to a few customers.” To help small businesses combat the issue of late payment, Bibby offers the following new financial year’s resolutions on how to speed up the payment process and improve credit control procedures to safeguard cash flow.

Resolution 1 – Always credit check customers In an ideal world all customers would pay promptly, however in reality this is not the case. The first step to avoiding late payment and bad debts is to always credit check potential customers before handing over goods or delivering a service. This is an accepted and standard business practice and one which shows due diligence on your part.

2 – Get your terms and conditions right A clear set of terms and conditions can protect you from late or non-payment, limiting your liabilities and providing you with some security. Make sure customers are aware of your ‘Ts and Cs’ upfront before doing business with them so that every party knows where they stand from the outset.

3 – Reconsider payment terms for repeat offenders It may be worthwhile considering tightening credit terms for serial late 18 Australian Business For Sale ®

payers. However, before biting the bullet and reducing payment terms and conditions, try to find out why the customer is consistently paying late as you may be able to come to a mutual agreement with them.

4 – Stay on top of payments Do not delay when sending statements and invoices. If you delay you can’t expect to be paid on time. If a client has not paid within the agreed terms, always follow it up. If your customers know you are quick to deal with late payment, they will be less likely to delay or ‘forget’ to pay. You could also consider a small discount for reliable customers who regularly pay on time.

5 – Invoice often Consider changing some of your processes to ensure invoices are sent as quickly as possible after delivery or completion of the job. This might mean moving to weekly invoice processing or sending the invoice with the delivery.

6 – Invest time to safeguard cash flow Maintaining good, consistent cash flow is all about knowing exactly what is coming in and going out. No matter how busy you are, it is essential you look at your cash position every day. This will give you an accurate picture of where the business is going, help identify late payers, control costs and ultimately manage the peaks and troughs in your cash balance.

7 – Keep close to your customers Get to know your customers better. Understanding the way your customers work and their specific requirements may help to reduce late payments by establishing a good working relationship that will suit all concerned. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on customers’ payment trends to spot any potential problems before they become major issues.

8 – Have the right attitude

9 – Understand your rights If all else fails, Australian business owners and managers can consider the various means of legal debt recovery for delinquent debts. Bad debts can hit profits and cause significant disruption to business operations. Business owners should be aware of the services available to undertake effective recovery.

10 – Consider more flexible funding arrangements Work smarter, not harder in 2009/2010 by reviewing your funding to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of your business. While increasing debt may not be on the top of the list for business owners as they battle with slower trading conditions, the use of flexible cash flow products can help resolve the issues brought about by late payment. Small and medium sized businesses are increasingly turning to more flexible alternatives such as debtor finance which provides a line of credit against the business’ debtors. These facilities help inject cash back into the business by advancing funds of up to 90% against unpaid invoices. They are particularly useful if the business owner cannot or does not wish to secure against real estate. Because the facility is secured against invoices, not real estate, the limits grow in line with sales to better match funding to the business’ requirements. Charlwood concluded: “I would urge all small business owners and managers to make this the year you set ‘new financial year resolutions’ for their business. There are no two ways about it – despite some general signs of recovery, 2009/2010 is still likely to be a tough year for SMEs. “Those owners and managers that resolve to successfully manage to reduce the impact of late payment on their business by working smarter and adopting thorough credit control procedures are the ones that will ultimately survive and come out of the downturn stronger than ever before.”

When faced with a late payer, politely but firmly ask for payment to be made. Never be embarrassed about discussing money with customers – if you have kept your part of the deal and supplied the required goods or services, you have the right to be paid.



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Supermarket agreement opens way for more competition The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today announced that agreement had been reached with Coles Group Limited and Woolworths Limited to phase out all restrictive provisions in supermarket leases. Both companies have agreed that they will not include restrictive provisions in any new supermarket leases, and in the case of existing supermarket leases, they will not enforce restrictive provisions five years after commencement of trading. This phasing out in the case of current leases takes account of commercial arrangements and rental contracts already in place. "This is a major breakthrough for grocery competition in Australia," ACCC chairman, Graeme Samuel, said. "Reducing the barriers to entry for new and expanding players opens the possibility for Australian consumers to have greater choices in where to shop, and potentially pay lower prices as a result."

During its Grocery Inquiry in 2008, the ACCC identified a practice where supermarket operators would include tenancy terms which may have prevented shopping centre managers leasing space to any competing supermarkets. This had the potential to impose restrictions on the number of supermarket outlets in centres and consequently fewer options for consumers. "Over 700 supermarket leases were identified through the ACCC investigation as potentially restrictive, and this agreement addresses all those existing leases involving Coles and Woolworths, as well as dealing with all future arrangements. I welcome the cooperation of Coles and Woolworths in the development of this arrangement." The agreement is in the form of a court enforceable undertaking that has been voluntarily provided by Coles and Woolworths. "Phasing out restrictive provisions in supermarket shopping centre leases is

an important step. Another is governments revising the regime of planning laws in order to maximise competition for the benefit of consumers. "There are a number of other supermarket operators not covered by these agreements, and the ACCC will now enter into discussions with a view to them adopting the same approach in their leases. "We will also be talking to shopping centre landlords to ensure a smooth transition." Media inquiries Mr Graeme Samuel, Chairman, (03) 9290 1812 or 0408 335 555 Ms Lin Enright, Media, (02) 6243 1108 or 0414 613 520 General inquiries Infocentre 1300 302 502

Franchise South West


Great Courier Business Well-est. and successful Regional Franchise in one of the largest Courier companies in Australia. Located in the border city of Albury, with a regional population of over 100,000 people. This is a management business, operating 5 days (Mon to Fri). The area of operation encompasses a large area from Wagga Wagga in the north to Wangaratta in the south. Current Turnover

$1,600,000 growing yearly. The regional franchisee manages and supports 6 courier sub-franchisees who operate their own exclusive and dedicated areas within the regional franchise area. Training and ongoing support and advice from the master franchisor. Albury provides a great relaxed country lifestyle, with lots of good facilities and amenities. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

mob 0431 486 330 20 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


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Australia and The Economic Crisis


by Paul St. Clair, F.C.A., Dip. Fin. Services

The economic fundamentals in Australia at the time the crisis hit were excellent. Australia was experiencing a mining boom and near full employment. Also the high interest rates experienced as a result of boom conditions are now allowing plenty of room for Australia's economic managers to adjust to new economic conditions. The Federal and all six State Governments had no borrowings and all operated on surpluses. As well, a large sovereign fund had been created by the former government. Exports and imports were powering upwards. Some improvement was being achieved on Australia's international balance of payments which, although large, was well contained. The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) prices were, in general, of fair value. Businesses were operating well and our banking system was, and is, strong and well regulated. Regulation in many advanced economies 'plays catch up' and their regulators either lack the money or the will to enforce it, which is mostly not the case with Australia's banking regulators. Australian banks were not involved in subprime debt. Australia's economy was efficient with good fundamentals. When the crisis hit the USA and Europe, every day brought bad news. The crisis started to unfold at an alarming rate. The lowest point seems to have been

22 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

reached on the weekend of 14th September, 2008 with disastrous news from Lehman Brothers, Insurance America Group (IAG) and others. At this early stage of the crisis in Australia, fear, the crisis of confidence and the freezing of credit from overseas, dominated. World leaders including Australia's own acted promptly and at this point, their actions would seem to be working. The Reserve Bank of Australia has borrowed some $US20 billion from the Federal Reserve in the US. Interest rate reductions have been made by the Reserve Bank and the Federal Government has undertaken stimulus packages, infrastructure spending of $22 billion over the next four years, and taxation incentives on a scale not undertaken previously. Unemployment is on the rise in Australia and has now climbed to 5.7 percent and estimated to peak next year at about 8.5 percent. Incomes are falling as people work less overtime, contractors are cut back, and workers are retrenched. Whilst some twenty-three countries in the world are in recession or depression, Australia has managed to avoid recession at this stage. It was thought that Australia may be in recession in the March, 2009 quarter but trade data recently released unexpectedly showed the best balance of payments figures in 50 years. A few days later the National Accounts figures reported that the economy grew at 0.4 percent for the March, 2009 quarter. Some authorities say avoiding a recession so far is an aberration and that Australia is likely to slip into recession later this year. Whilst economics is not a science, there are at least



Barbeques Galore And More Situated in the agricultural and industrial city of Griffith renowned for its wine and food festivals. This business has a turnover of approx $1,200,000 and specializes in all requirements for the outdoor room: barbeques, accessories, furniture, gas and fittings, heating indoor and out, swimming pools, camping, Snowgum and travel gear. Located in modern premises with excellent facilities and a beautifully presented range of stock, with good customer parking. Fully trained staff in place and a good strong lease. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

price: $550,000 + stock bh (02) 6962 5510 ah (02) 6963 6822 fax (02) 6964 7047 mob 0418 607 758 two things we can be sure of: first, the world will get through the GFC and prosper again and second, the stock market sees 'the light at the end of the tunnel' before the general economy. World stock exchanges have lifted substantially since March, 2009. This rebound may be built around the absence of more bad news. However we are getting a lot of conflicting data at the moment which is consistent with a bottoming economy. The ASX is up by over 25 percent from its lowest point - an encouraging sign. The question is, are we in a bull market or is it a 'dead cat bounce' within a bear market? Economic history tells us that since World War II each recession has had at least two 'dead cat bounces' before a bull market has emerged. In the current situation if it is a 'dead cat bounce' then Australia is in its second bounce. This is the dominant question now for investors. No one knows the


Australia like many countries was not involved in creating the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Being part of the global financial system, and a large trading nation, Australia found itself caught up in this crisis in the same way as countries in the Asian area were, drawn into the crisis after it was established in the USA and Europe.

answer to this question. Emerging good news from the US is evidence that the world economic Armageddon has been averted as Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan and eight other banks have offered to repay $US68 billion ($AUD83 billion) to the US Treasury lent under the “Troubled Asset Relief Program� (TARP). Whether the US economy starts to recover is critical and whether China avoids recession and powers along are the key drivers to improve confidence and business investment. Australian mining companies in general are still trading on highly priced boom condition contracts. However it is believed the new contracts presently being negotiated will have prices at least thirty percent lower. This will have some flow on effect to the Australian economy. Retail sales are up on previous years no doubt helped by the government's



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stimulus package. Consumer confidence is also in good shape. The WestpacMelbourne Institute Consumer Index is up 13 percentage points - its biggest increase in 22 years. But with unemployment rising, will consumer confidence and retail sales collapse? On the other hand population growth is strong. This leads us to the question of what the future holds for Australia? Are we seeing the first signs of green shoots or are we trailing the Atlantic countries? Let us examine this question. Australia is still 'the Lucky Country' coined some forty years ago by writer Donald Horne. The meaning of this phrase, then, as now, is based on these interesting facts: that Australia has more known minerals in the ground than any other country, it is an exporter of energy, it has great farming lands, it is a very large country slightly bigger than the USA and from east to west (Sydney to Perth) is a greater distance than from London to Moscow. It also has a harsh but generally good climate, is blessed with a peaceful democracy and is well respected in the world of nations, with a well educated people. But now in the GFC Australia can add more pluses to 'the Lucky Country' tag. Australia happens to be in

the part of the world which is faring best in the GFC namely the Asian region where growth, and Australia's biggest customers reside. The ramifications of the GFC hit manufacturing economies hardest whereas Australia is big in raw material exports many of which are a necessity of life regardless of the GFC. An exception is China which swung export manufactured products to domestic consumption. Furthermore the subprime disease did not spread to Australia. No Australian banks have failed. In fact in a survey of the ten strongest banks in the world, Australia has four. In going into the GFC Australia's economic credentials had a triple 'A' rating. While all this is very nice, Australia like any other country must be very careful. We are living in very difficult times.

• When the effects of the stimulus packages end what will the consequences be? Will the general economy be strong enough to take over, or will there be new stimulus packages (the government getting deeper in the red) or will the planned massive infrastructure spending 'kick in'? • How well will the confidence factor and retail sales stack up when unemployment is anticipated to increase, or some other unforeseen economic event happens? The important question for Austraila is how much the world recession is knocking us about. Ross Gittins of The Sydney Morning Herald suggests: 'it's mixed but there's worse to come'. We indeed live in interesting economic times.

We should consider the following:• Is the GFC likely to get worse and how would that affect Australia? • Is China's economic situation stabilised? • What is the impact of large reductions in mineral pricing?

St. Clair partners Phone (02) 9221 4088

Don’t Buy a Business Before Seeing Us… Have an expert on your side to attend to everything that matters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Business What size Franchising advice What value Have I the money Can I meet my commitments Is it worth the asking price How do I know I am not overpaying for the business Property rental advice Are the vendor’s figures for the business correct Lease advice Negotiating a better deal Is the sale contract in order The financial proposal Getting behind the figures How much should I borrow Obtaining banking advice

• How do I obtain finance • What should I know about the business • Obtaining legal advice • What type of finance should I get • What registrations should be undertaken • What books should I keep • What entity should own the business • Is the valuation of the stock correct • What insurance should I have • Taxation requirements • Long term planning • and the… many many other matters to consider

…the RISK is too Great! Make an appointment with Paul St. Clair

St. Clair partners Chartered Accountants Level 15, 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Fax: (02) 9221 7498

(02) 9221 4088 Ask about our FREE “Buy a Business Seminar”

“ W E A R E N O T Y O U R AV E R A G E A C C O U N TA N T S W H E N I T C O M E S T O B U Y I N G A B U S I N E S S ” Australian Business For Sale ® 23



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New System Reminds Business Executives of Critical Deadlines Perth, Western Australia (MMD Newswire) July 14, 2009 New website,, prevents contract nightmares caused by missed deadlines. TisTime allows users to register information about a number of commonly used documents/contracts that contain critical dates. These dates must be adhered to in order to protect tenure and fulfill contractual obligations. TisTime's document template focuses on commercial leases, license agreements, residential leases, intellectual property rights and financial documents and can be tailored to suit other document types. "I have seen businesses given a please vacate' notice due simply to contract oversight. It is devastating for a business to lose a lease because a date for renewal was overlooked. Setting up a new location takes the focus from making money to trying to survive. I personally know of 5 businesses in my area which missed their right to extend the lease, forcing them to pay 4 times

their fixed stated rental. My system alerts clients to critical dates and takes away nightmare contract scenarios," remarks TisTime creator, Nicholas Masters. TisTime is a service to protect its clients' rights and the tenure provided by the subject contract. Once documents are registered with TisTime, the system alerts the client well in advance of the forthcoming critical date, ensuring that the client never misses a critical date again or looses an opportunity or forgets an obligation contained within the registered contract. TisTime sends out multiple reminders leading up to the critical date. As an added backup, these alerts can be sent to multiple people within the organization.

24 years as a real estate agent specializing in commercial leasing. During that time, he witnessed many businesses suffer substantial losses as a result of missing critical dates built into their leases, agreements and contracts. He created TisTime to provide an easy system to ensure critical dates are never missed. His document monitoring alert plans give businesses peace of mind. Contact information: Nicholas Masters Phone: +61 (0) 411 722 227 Email: Website:

This valuable service costs less than $15 per year. About the Creator of TisTime: Nicholas Masters has spent over

Franchise Alice Springs


Cartridge World Alice Springs Great opportunity to purchase a well established and profitable franchise business located in the historic and thriving township of Alice Springs (population 26,486) Equidistant between Adelaide and Darwin. Cartridge World has no competition in the supply of printer cartridge refills to a solid regular client base which includes The Departments of Employment

Education and Training, Crowne Plaza, Alice Springs Hospital, Job Shop Watershed NT. Gross T/O $424K. Stock $30K approx. Good Exposure and easy parking. Training would be provided for a 4 week period. ' The Alice' is a great place to live. It has all the required sporting facilities & amenities (hospitals, schools etc) plus some of Australia's most stunning landscapes.

mob 0419 531 231 24 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $220,000 + S.A.V.



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Are business migrants the new hope for Australian franchising? By Jason Gehrke, Director, Franchise Advisory Centre With many Australian franchise systems commenting on a lack of suitable franchise applicants domestically, and the economy still growing strongly, Jason Gehrke business migrants are attracted to Australia and buying franchises to meet their visa requirements. This article takes a look at this trend and offers some insights for franchisors and prospective business migrant franchisees. One of the appeals of franchising is that it gives people the opportunity to be their own boss, but now it is also giving a new wave of franchisees the opportunity to become Australian. Migrants from around the world are increasingly attracted to franchising as a way of qualifying for an Australian business visa and are prepared to turn their lives upside down to settle Down Under. At the same time, strong economic growth and boom times for Australian franchisors mean that business migrants are helping maintain the sector’s strong 14% annual growth rate (Source: 2006 Franchising Australia Survey) despite the fierce competition among systems for new franchisees. State governments are also acknowledging that franchising is an attractive proposition for business migrants compared to the purchase of stand-alone businesses, and are keen to attract business migrants and their contribution to the state economy. However the overall number of migrants coming to Australia on business visas is low according to Agnes Kemenes, director of No Borders Migration Advocates, accounting for less than 20% of visa applications. Of these, approximately half are buying franchises, but migrants entering the country under other categories of visa could also be buying franchises after their arrival. Statistics about the uptake of franchises by business migrants are sketchy, but anecdotally the trend continues to rise in parallel with the overall growth of franchising in Australia.

The 7-Eleven experience Warren Wilmot, chief executive officer of convenience store chain 7-Eleven which is acknowledged as Australia’s most multicultural franchise, says that business migrants account for as much as five percent of the system’s population 26 Australian Business For Sale ®

of 360-plus franchisees even though the system is not actively targeting overseas prospects. “We tend to advertise in ethnic newspapers here (in Australia)”, says Wilmot, adding that Chinese and Indian newspapers in particular have been effective. While 7-Eleven has conducted franchise presentations previously in New Zealand and South Africa, it has no current plans to target potential franchisees offshore, citing the organic growth of the network and multiple-unit franchising by existing franchisees as sufficient to meet its requirements. “Our overseas presentations came about through changes in the New Zealand market,” says Wilmot. “We got a sudden influx of franchisees seven to eight years ago due to a change in the fuel market there.” Wilmot explains that many of these candidates had already been operating retail convenience and fuel businesses in New Zealand, and with the changes to their industry locally, saw the opportunity to relocate to Australia and continue with a business they already understood with the support of a major brand. Similar to New Zealand, South Africa also has a highly developed convenience sector, and their South African franchisee who joined as a result of the 7-Eleven presentation, had prior experience in a similar business. He has noticed waves of interest from other groups as well. “Four years ago we had a wave of Egyptians coming through, who all knew each other and referred each other to the business,” says Wilmot. “There was also a big exodus out of Asia prior to Hong Kong being handed over.” Political, economic or social environments in foreign countries can stimulate migration to Australia. “We joke about the coups in Fiji being good for us,” says Wilmot, as 7-Eleven has a significant number of ex-Fijian’s in the group.

Cultural considerations The system is a real melting pot of cultures, with franchisees coming from a wide variety of ethnic groups including mainland and Hong Kong Chinese, Pakistanis, Fijian Indians, Egyptians, New Zealanders and English migrants. The interest in 7-Eleven, particularly among Asian cultures, is partly due to the opportunity for an entire family to work together, according to business broker and National Business Sales

managing director Patrick Lui. “From an Asian point of view, the longer the hours the business is open, the more options for the extended family,” he says, adding that newsagencies have also become very popular with Indian migrants. Lui is himself a business migrant from Hong Kong who settled in Australia in 1992, and is finely attuned to the business nuances of different Asian communities. “Mainland Chinese are extremely aggressive at buying into restaurants and cafes, while Hong Kong Chinese are very conservative and are focused on the real estate attached to the business,” he says. “Koreans are a unique group. Many come from professional backgrounds and have had dealings with multinationals in Korea. They are not scared of challenges and take bigger risks than the Chinese.” “The advantage of Asians is that they work very hard, and like to work together as a family,” he says. This characteristic is not limited only to Asian cultures, but according to 7Eleven’s Warren Wilmot, is an important consideration in choosing a business. “A lot of the people who buy our stores are where the families can work the business together and that appeals to a wide range of people who want to work in a family and wide social environment,” he says.

Case Study: Alan Parkinson, Clark Rubber Morayfield (Queensland) New Clark Rubber franchisee Alan Parkinson, who arrived in Australia in December 2006 with his wife Jacqueline and two children Gemma, 14, and Ryan, 10, says his family plan to work in the business with him. “My son wants to be acting managing director at 10 years old,” says the former British auto industry executive who will open his Clark Rubber franchise at Morayfield, Queensland, in May. For Alan and his family, the prospect of adjusting to life in Australia – despite some good-natured ribbing over Australia’s supremacy over England on the cricket field - will not be the culture shock it might be for Asian business migrants. While Asia remains a large source of migration, England is the number one source of new Australians, and Australia is England’s preferred migration destination. “For people aged between 25 and 55, it’s estimated that as much as 30% of the continued on page 29



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Are you driven to succeed in business but don’t know where to begin? Electrical Testing & Tagging is Compulsory

Want earnings of up to $5,000 a week? At Tag It Safe we provide franchisee’s the tools,training & support required to offer the exceptional service that has made us an internationally recognised leader in Portable Appliance Testing & tagging. With an established client base, all the hard work has been done for you.

All employers have certain legal requirements in regards to providing a safe working environment for all employees, these legal requirements include the testing and tagging of portable appliances. According to the Occupational Health & Safety Act AUS/NZ3760 as of 2003, all workplaces in Australia and New Zealand must be Tested & Tagged periodically.

Company Background Since July 2004, we have grown from a one person organisation to an international company operating our of four countries Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and soon The United Kingdom. Our company leads the way in Portable Appliance Testing internationally, while our competitors only follow and imitate. With experience of more than 3 million PAT tests across 1,000 plus sites, Tag it Safe, founded in 2004, is now recognised as a leader in Portable Appliance Test & Inspection (commonly known as electrical tagging or PAT testing).

With equipment so small that it can fit in a bumbag, Used the right way, you can make over $1,000.00 a day...

Tag It Safe Support At Tag It Safe we offer Franchisee's the best tools to offer clients the exceptional service we are known and well recognised for. Using the best technology, we can offer clients Real Time Reporting, ensuring all their information is ready for viewing within 5 minutes of completion of testing, leaving clients commenting on how quick and easy the whole process has been. Qualities of a Tag It Safe Electrical Franchisee: Do you believe you have what it takes? • • • • •

Motivation to succeed Willingness to learn Positive attitude Good rapport with customers Drive to offer the best customer service possible • Reliability


1300 082 448 +61 (0) 247 213 418



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REGIONAL LICENCES and DISTRIBUTORSHIPS now available in your area. Home based Australia wide Shade opportunities selling Giant Poolside, Garden, Patio and Deck Umbrellas. 23 elegant styles and sizes, reflecting the ultimate in modern and colourful design.

Work your own hours - Part-time or full time

High profit returns and easy clean work. Full back up service 6 days a week from Gold Coast Head Office.

Full price of $14,750 + GST includes your own 4 metre Giant Shade Umbrella, website PLUS all stationery. Finance Available to Approved Purchasers 28 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Join our National group of 24 Licensed Distributors and Agents.



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population in that age range are considering leaving England,” says Alan. Regular migration expos, plus a generic migration magazine and a special newspaper for people interested in migrating to Australia highlight the apparent enthusiasm of the English to seek further opportunities in warmer climates. “Most people leaving England are heading to Australia, Spain or France,” says Parkinson, who cites climate, crowding and ironically, migration, as the reasons for leaving England. “We want to live in an English-speaking country with a better climate and liked the way of life here (in Australia),” he says. “I worked in London for 10 years and went to work on the Tube every day. I woke up one day and realized it wasn’t a life, it was an existence.” “The outdoor lifestyle in Australia is really great,” he adds. “I run every day, the kids are sports mad and my wife’s health would be better here.” The irony of Alan coming to Australia is that a huge influx of migrants into England from newly-admitted member states of the European Union has contributed to his decision to move. “I wished that in the UK they go to the same lengths as here to ensure people are able to contribute to society,” he says. “In England they just let anybody in, including those who intend to live on welfare and it’s the UK taxpayer paying for it.” To underscore his point, Parkinson says that when Rumania and Lithuania joined the European Union, an estimated 13,000 skilled migrants from each country were expected to migrate to England. However that number swelled to nearly 600,000 he says.

Applying for a Business visa Irrespective of where they come from, all business migrants to Australia must meet the same selection criteria. While the federal government’s Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs remains the final decision-maker and issuer of migration visas, state governments have recognized that migration can provide economic benefits to state economies and vie with one another to attract migrants. Whereas business migrants are required to invest a minimum $500,000 or more in an Australian business under federal requirements, this threshold is effectively halved under sponsored visa programs offered by the state

governments, with the proviso that the applicant must settle and operate a business in the sponsoring state. The state sponsorship of business visas is ideally suited to prospective franchisees particularly of retail systems whose entry costs typically start at $250,000, and which provide the required investment level for the visa criteria. But meeting the investment level is just one of many criteria required to satisfy state authorities to recommend to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs that an applicant should be accepted for a business visa. For people considering a franchise, the prior approval of the franchisor is essential to gaining state sponsorship. For these applicants, they must first identify a franchise system of interest, go through the franchisor’s selection and approval process (which usually involves identifying a location and developing a business plan) before submitting their visa application to the state authorities. For Clark Rubber’s Alan Parkinson, this involved extensive phone, email and postal contact with the franchisor in Australia, countless hours of research and preparation of a business plan, and two special-purpose trips to Australia. At the same time he was also preparing his wife and children for the possibility of selling their home and moving away from family and friends. The business plan forms part of the state-sponsored visa application, and must include market research, a competitor analysis and financial projections (shown in Australian dollars), as well as the number of jobs to be created by the business and details of the applicant’s skills and business experience. (Under the business migration visa, applicants are expected to have operated a business in their home country, or worked at senior manager level). This business plan, plus a supporting letter from the franchisor and the formal application documents must then be submitted, and where possible, applicants are encouraged to sit an interview with state migration officials to support their application. The approval of state-sponsored visas is handled through the Department of State Development (or equivalent) in each state. Applicants must verify that they intend to settle and operate their business in the sponsoring state, and although the location in the state must be specified, it is not a determining factor. However one government insider has not ruled out future emphasis being placed on applicants starting businesses in regional locations to partially offset the population drift to metropolitan centres. The interview with state migration

officials, while not obligatory, is highly recommended to demonstrate that the applicant is serious, according to No Borders’ Agnes Kemenes, and can help facilitate the approval process. For example, Alan Parkinson’s state sponsorship was approved less than a week after meeting with the Queensland Department of State Development, meaning that he was quickly recommended to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for a business visa. In most cases, the recommendation is accepted, but can be declined in some instances. Active involvement in the business is essential and Kemenes cites the example of a Korean whose application was declined because he planned to invest in a business but not take an active role in its operation. Business migrants are encouraged to use the services of a registered migration agent. Some government agencies have internal processes that can fast-track applications from migration agents over those lodged directly by applicants.

English literacy requirements High levels of English language skills are not a strong requirement for statesponsored visas, and in conjunction with the lower investment threshold, potentially allow entry to applicants who would not otherwise qualify for a visa from the federal government. For many 7-Eleven franchisees, English is a second language but the nature and systems of the business provides opportunities for migrants with low English skills to still operate a successful business. “We are definitely a “buy from” rather than “sell to”’ business,” says Wilmot, explaining that the language skills required for a convenience transaction are far less rigorous than for example, a sales or servicing business. “We also provide full support, right up to doing the BAS, which is ideal for someone owning their first business in Australia.” While not essential in convenience retailing, higher levels of fluency can have a strong positive impact on the business. “Convenience stores are seen as expensive, but as soon as a service element is introduced, the customer’s perception of value for money goes up substantially,” says Wilmot. “For example, we had a great nightshifter (nightshift operator) who could manage every transaction, but the minute someone asked him for directions, he was not able to interact.” Anecdotally, Wilmot and Lui agree that many business migrants from continued on page 31 Australian Business For Sale ® 29



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non-English backgrounds will use their first business as an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the language, culture and business environment in Australia, and often go on to other businesses afterwards. Lui says that in some instances, migrants choose businesses that are convenient for the purpose of obtaining the migration visa, and then after running them for two to three years, sell and buy another business. Wilmot agrees that many 7-Eleven franchisees who sell their convenience stores have the confidence to progress on to buy larger businesses, or businesses that do not have the same high level of support provided by 7Eleven. The idea of selling hasn’t even entered the mind of Clark Rubber’s new franchisee Alan Parkinson, who is too busy getting his new business off the ground, plus settling his family into a new environment and children into new schools. “The grass is very dull in England,” he says. “It’s much greener here.” 10 Business Migration tips for Franchisors: 1. Have a procedure in place for handling domestic franchise enquiries from outside Australia. Now that most franchisors have information about their franchises online, they can expect to receive franchise enquiries from anywhere in the world. Be responsive and professional in dealing with questions you might not otherwise get from Australian-based prospects. 2. Recommend that potential franchisees deal with a migration agent registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Don’t provide visa or migration advice yourself. See for more information about immigration guidelines and migration agents, as well as the Department of State Development (or equivalent) website in the franchisee’s destination state for details of state-sponsored visas. 3. Be prepared to say no, even if the candidate is a good fit for your business. Some prospects who might make suitable franchisees could require higher levels of field support than your system is able to provide. It is better to say no up-front until your field support levels are higher. 4. For candidates who meet your selection criteria, be prepared to provide a written offer of a franchise (subject to visa approval) which can be used for their visa application. If contacted by state or federal immigration officials,

answer all questions promptly and thoroughly. 5. Allow for longer planning timeframes when dealing with business migrant candidates as their migration applications may take some time to process. 6. Bear in mind that over time, business migrant franchisees can provide you with an insight into your franchise’s suitability for export into their home country, and can be a valuable future resource as your business expands internationally. 7. Develop your own awareness and respect of the cultural and religious norms of the countries of origin of your migrant franchisees. Train your staff accordingly to avoid the potential for embarrassment and conflict. 8. Do not develop non-English promotional materials. This will act as an early filter to determine English language proficiency. If successful candidates from a LOTE (Language Other Than English) background are appointed, be prepared to make a translator available during training to ensure that detailed concepts and questions are handled correctly. 9. Comply with the Code. As long as someone is buying a franchise in Australia, the Franchising Code of Conduct still applies regardless of where they come from. Ensure all documentation is provided in accordance with the Code, and strongly encourage applicants to seek independent legal, accounting and business advice. 10. Be prepared for referrals. If you grant a franchise to a business migrant, it is possible that their friends, family or colleagues from their home country may also enquire about a franchise with you. Ensure that your existing migrant franchisee is aware that referrals are welcome, but in itself is not enough to grant a franchise as each applicant must be treated on their own merits.

Advice for Business Migrants 1. Review the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website at 2. Make contact with a migration agent in Australia registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). See for details 3. Enquire through your migration agent about state-sponsored visas and visit the relevant state government websites. 4. Look at Australian websites of brands that would otherwise interest you in your home market, and research online directories for franchises in Australia. A Google or Yahoo search using the keywords “franchise directory Australia” will provide many options for further research. Look mainly for retail

businesses as most service franchises won’t meet the required investment level for a business visa application, and shortlist two or three different franchises. 5. Develop your knowledge of franchising by attending any seminars available in your home country. 6. Be prepared to make several trips to Australia to research the market, the franchise, etc, and meet with the franchisor, your migration agent, immigration officials and advisors. 7. Be aware that franchising in Australia is governed by a national set of regulations, the Franchising Code of Conduct. The Code requires franchisors to provide essential information about themselves in a disclosure document, along with a copy of the franchise contract (agreement) and a copy of the Code itself at least 14 days before you can sign a franchise agreement. Use this time to get advice on the agreement and the business proposition from your advisors. 8. Be wary of the temptation to buy an established business, franchised or not. The extra price you pay for an existing business compared to a start-up franchise can quickly be lost if you are not able to immediately operate at the same or higher level of performance as the previous operator. As most business migrants do not have the same social and cultural frames of reference (and often do not have the same language skills) as the previous owner, there is a real risk that their business’ performance will decline rapidly. This can lead to a serious loss of value in the business and consequently, a loss of faith by the new owner in their decision to relocate to Australia. 9. Avoid rushing into any decision you may later regret. Take time at each step in the process to ensure you are comfortable with the choices you are making for yourself and your family. 10. Use Australian advisors. Use Australian accountants, lawyers and business advisors to assist you in assessing the franchise and preparing yourself for business. The Franchise Advisory Centre provides business advice to prospective franchisees and can refer you to legal and accounting professionals who specialize in franchising. (See or phone +61 (0) 7 3716 0400.) Jason Gehrke is Director of the Franchise Advisory Centre and has 17 years experience in franchising and is a past Franchisor of the Year winner. He is a member of the ACCC’s Franchise Consultative Panel and a committee member of the Franchise Council of Australia. Jason can be contacted on (07) 3716 0400 or email . For more information about the Franchise Advisory Centre’s consulting and franchise training services, visit Australian Business For Sale ® 31



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Pool Care Franchise Forges Ahead The Swimart franchise group has had a successful year, turning in a good performance during testing economic times with more than half of their 62 stores now turning over in excess of $1m annually. According to Swimart's National Manager, Mr Chris Fitzmaurice, three stores turned over in excess of $2m this last year. “Our business model provides the company, as well as our franchisees, with consistent and sustainable growth. This has resulted not only in a first class business, but also in long-term franchisees, many whom have been with us for in excess of 20 years. ”

despite tough economic times, Mr. Fitzmaurice said the time was right to appoint an 'ambassador' to help promote the brand in line with their vigorous business plans for the future. Olympic Gold Medalist and former world champion, Susie O'Neill, was the unanimous choice. “Susie is widely known both in Australia and overseas for her outstanding achievements during her swimming career.

stayed in the best condition for our family to have fun on weekends over the warm Queensland summers. In fact they still do! ,” she said. A major factor that is attracting new franchisees to the group is the variety of work and different income streams they enjoy, ranging from retail sales through the stores to in-home pool servicing and light commercial pool servicing work. In these testing times Swimart franchisees are also benefiting from cocooning - householders staying at home and entertaining rather than travelling overseas for their holidays.

She epitomizes the Australian lifestyle, and our extraordinary ability to produce such talented swimmers to compete on the global stage,” he said.

“In addition when they come to sell some franchisees are now able to realise a price that equates to more than 40% of their store's revenue as a sale price,” Chris Fitzmaurice said.

“On average, these equate to just 6.6% of a store's revenue, and we only increase fees on a fixed yearly basis determined at the start of the franchise”.

Ms O'Neill said she was delighted to have been approached to represent the swimming pool franchise, especially considering her association with the brand as a young swimmer learning her craft.

“And for stores that turn over more than $1m a year, this is an exceptional price in any market, especially considering a new store can be established for as little as $175K plus stock.”

With the group showing near double-digit growth for the 2008/9 financial year,

“My parents regularly had our backyard pool serviced by Swimart, to ensure it

For more information call 0404 888 068 or visit

Mr Fitzmaurice said that one of the attractions of the Swimart franchise is their low franchisee fees and advertising levels.

Franchise Gold Coast


Ink Now Opportunity in Nerang Located on a major shopping precinct, with ample parking, this business is a discount cartridge clearance centre specializing in a large range of compatible and remanufactured Ink Jet Cartridges, Laser and Copier Toners etc. Draws its customers from large

residential, business and manufacturing areas. No experience needed, training if required. Operating from immaculate premises on the Gold Coast with excellent signage. Gross turnover $434,000. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

bh (07) 5502 1500 fax (07) 5578 4409 mob 0410 659 315 32 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $210,000 + S.A.V.



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Did you know that more than 80 % of the Australian population visits a newsagency at least once a week? The good news is... You can be part of the Supanews success story, even if you have no previous retail or small business experience

Opportunities in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne



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Phone: (07) 5592 5927 Fax: (07) 5531 5313

Suite 1, First Floor, Victoria Square, Broadbeach, Queensland Aust. 4217 Email: Web site:

A HOME WITH AN INCOME! Call now for your FREE Introductory brochure

ASKING 3.76 TIMES NETT – Gold Coast Price includes 2 x 3 bedroom units (suit partnership or large family), live in one, rent out the other! Huge inventory included in price! Over 50’s living, long agreements, potential to earn another $39,000 pa. Nett $252,000 Price $1,750,000 Contact Wesley Venz 0412 768 178 Exclusive Agent BEACHSIDE – Sunshine Coast Established holiday complex letting 18 apartments with 2 bedroom managers apartment with office attached. Set in a lovely tropical gardens and only a short stroll to Noosa. Nett $100,500 Price $850,000 Contact Gerry Lewis 0411 655 445

LARGE HOME – Gold Coast Spacious 4 bedroom, free standing house with plenty of room for the family & family pet. Currently run by one person! Plenty of spare time. Nett $128,000 Price $1,100,000 Contact Andrea Venz 0438 925 977 MILLIONAIRES ROW - Gold Coast Prime beachfront location on one of Gold Coasts most exclusive addresses! Strong repeat clientele & A1 presentation. Direct beach access from managers unit. Nett $123,000 Price $1,030,000 Contact Andrea Venz 0438 925 977 PROMINANT POSITION – Gold Coast Located in excellent highway position in Surfers Paradise. Established building with 1 bedroom units, 80% investors, ideal live off-site or partnership building. Managers 2 bedroom unit recently renovated. Long agreements. Nett $322,000 Price $1,999,000 Contact Wesley Venz 0412 768 178 (Pic) HOLIDAY COMPLEX – Sunshine Coast Letting 15 of 22 holiday apartments in a complex 3 mins walk to beach. Long agreements, 3 bedroom ensuite managers apartment, good repeat bookings & forward bookings. Nett $100,500 Price $955,000 Contact Gerry Lewis 0411 655 445

SUPERB LOCATION – Sunshine Coast Fantastic beach views, spacious modern reception & back office attached to managers renovated 3 bed unit. First class facilities & common areas. 22 year agreement, attractive salary. All this is a prime beachfront location at the very popular Mooloolaba. Nett $459,463 Price $3,150,000 Contact Maria Duke 0409 349 285 Exclusive Agent

BEGINNERS SPECIAL – Sunshine Coast Magnificent ocean & hinterland views, close to patrolled beaches of Alex & Maroochydore. Heated pool, security, lift, all 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom units, many renovated. New web site. Long agreements, separate office. Best buy in this price range. Nett $97,357 Price $790,000 Contact Maria Duke 0409 349 285

LAGUNA BAY VIEWS – Sunshine Coast Well established complex on Noosa Hill. All units have great views of Noosa River & Laguna Bay. Close to Hastings Street. Managers unit is spacious & has water views. Good potential to increase income. No owner occupiers. Nett $97,000 Price $1,395,000 Contact Mike Brand 0407 739 575


HUGE RESIDENCE – Gold Coast Licensed bar & restaurant on site. Protection of income as owners cannot live on site. Very attractive 41/2 star with a short walk to the beach & some units with ocean views. Reception wages included in income. A must to inspect! Nett $408,000+ Price $2,900,000 Contact Ross Venz 0414 925 802

ATTRACTIVE PERMANENT – Gold Coast This will be an attractive permanent letting gated complex. Managers unit is quite spacious with high ceilings plus a private courtyard. There are no set office hours. This will be an easily run complex. All 40 units are 3 bedroom & should rent easily. Nett $130,000 proj Price $1,050,000 Contact Ross Venz 0414 925 802

Brisbane Office

Sunshine Coast Gerry: 0411 655 445 Maria: 0409 349 285 Mike: 0407 739 575

Stewart Dawes: 0439 670 854 36 Australian Business For Sale ®

Nett $90,000 Price $895,000 Contact Mike Brand 0407 739 575


Nan Demeral: 0419 677 845

This easily run boutique complex caters to the couples market & is located in popular Noosaville close to Gympie Terrace. Managers unit is free standing & spacious.


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Phone: (07) 5592 5927 Fax: (07) 5531 5313

Suite 1, First Floor, Victoria Square, Broadbeach, Queensland Aust. 4217 Email: Web site:

FAMILY PERMANENT – Gold Coast Spacious residence can be two or three bedroom unit with ensuite, air conditioning, office, pool, tennis court, marina etc. One person has been running this business. Nett $85,000 Price $820,000 Contact John Ennis 0407 750 862 Exclusive Agent RETIRE WITH AN INCOME – Gold Coast Beautiful managers unit located at one of the Southern Gold Coast’s best beaches. Caretaking only with very little work to do & no licence required. Almost a passive income for the lucky purchasers. Nett $70,000 Price $1,070,000 Contact Louise Pase 0407 751 578 (Pic) BAYSIDE BEAUTY – Brisbane Near new in fast growing area on Northside. Stroll to Bay, shopping, transport & schools. B/C salary $63,372. Very easy to manage with fully computerised office & 4 bedroom managers townhouse with covered balcony to rear. Ideal for a family. Nett $131,000 Price $1,035,000 Contact Nan Demeral 0419 677 845 SOMETHING SPECIAL – Gold Coast Ideal permanent complex. Lovely large 3 bedroom managers unit. Maximum workload of 20 hours per week. Pet friendly for manager. Nett $55,000 Price $770,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent NEAR NEW PERMANENT - Brisbane Terrific Body Corporate salary. Spacious managers house. Pet friendly for manager. Rentals on the increase. This one ticks all the boxes. Nett $231,000 Price $1,600,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent UNIQUE – Gold Coast Can live off site! Full licence required. Permanent let with small Body Corporate salary. No set office hours, currently run by two person team. Managers unit is 3 bedroom with office on title. Situated in growth area and only asking 3.45 times the nett income. Nett $300,000 Price $1,475,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent RUN BY ONE – Gold Coast One person has been running this business. Large 2 bedroom managers unit, part of office could be converted into a 3rd bedroom or rumpus room. Nett $85,000 Price $820,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent

HOLIDAY COMPLEX – Gold Coast Medium rise building with a 2 bedroom unit, long term agreement. 80m to central surfers Beach & all attractions. A great little money earner. Just over 3.5 times the nett income. Nett $90,000 Price $750,000 Contact John Ennis 0407 750 862 Exclusive Agent NEW BUILDING – Gold Coast Country feel but close to everything. Direct from developer, this easy to run complex would suite someone that has time for another job as well. 25 year agreement & pets allowed. Comfortable 2 bedroom plus office managers unit. Nett $50,000 Price $540,000 Contact Louise Pase 0407 751 578 GREAT BUSINESS – Brisbane Large permanent complex in top rental location on Brisbane Southside. Stroll to station & handy to all amenities. Spacious managers 3 bedroom townhouse all tiled living, great kitchen. This complex is a great earner with 72/86 in rental pool. Nett $271,000 Price $1,830,000 Contact Nan Demeral 0419 677 845 JUST FABULOUS – Gold Coast Easily run by one person. Building presents A1. Directly across from the Broadwater. No set office hours, very little workload. Can convert to holiday if you desire. Nett $60,000 Price $595,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent LIVE OFF SITE – Gold Coast Run by single lady, this central complex has no set hours, very little work, a manager’s house with DLUG, a long agreement & pets allowed. What more could you ask for? Nett $306,000 Price $2,000,000 Contact Office 07 5592 5927 Exclusive Agent

View all listings @ Bargara / Hervey Bay Michael Leiper 0409 932 721

Cairns / Port Douglas Alex Barker-Re' 0414 835 128



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Newsagency – One of the best

Freycinet Tasmanian Shellfish, situated at Coles Bay, is a fully operational oyster farm on the east coast of Tasmania.With 90ha of subtidal marine lease and 17 ha of intertidal lease the farm currently produces 100,000dozen fattened oysters annually.

Stunning presentation, this retail newsagency with distribution must be seen to be appreciated. Located in the heart of this premier South Australian coastal tourist town it should provide exciting profits to a hands on operator. It includes a new Mercedes delivery van, attractive new shop fit and new POS system - great staff and an unbeatable location. Act fast and enjoy the sea change benefits that this opportunity presents. Price: $399,000 + S.A.V.

The business is offered with a processing shed situated on a crown lease, two barges and all plant and equipment. Both the marine leases and associated infrastructure offer potential to rapidly increase production.




This is a unique opportunity to invest in an environmentally sound industry that offers a healthy and profitable lifestyle based in one of the most beautiful marine farming areas of Australia.

Michael Crisp Mob: 0438 597 128

Nigel Grivell Commercial and Business Sales email: ph: 08 8391 5004 - fax: 08 8391 2886 - mob: 0414 257 999 AB0469_67_1

Air Services Kalgoorlie


Soaring Above The Rest Turnover $3,000,000!! Ideal business suited to someone in the Aviation Industry, or investor looking to take on this extremely successful enterprise. Est. in 1982, this aviation company has grown to become one of the premier charter, maintenance and flying training organisations in Western Australia. Currently operating a fleet of C208,

C404, C402, C310 and Pa 28 aircraft with a staff of 17 including 9 pilots, 3 LAME’s, 1 TA, 3 admin staff and cleaner. No local competition & holds contracts with the State & Federal Government as well as Mining companies. Possible finance available. Contact owner for further information.

bh (08) 9093 2116 fax (08) 9093 1979 mob 0408 935 622 38 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: P.O.A.



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Croydon Centre

Supermarket • Only Pub in town! • Great Position and neat as a pin • Main bar, lounge bar, beer garden, kitchen & dining room, 10 air conditioned guest rooms, 6 bedroom air conditioned managers residence and a large backyard. • Loyal local population as well as large seasonal influx of tourist's • Sale includes Freehold, all Plant & Equipment plus S.A.V.

• Supermarket, Café, Fuel & Freight Depot • Great Main Street Location • Very well established business, lots of Tourism • Skilled staff in place • WIWO includes Freehold, Stock, Plant & Equipment




Matthew Kennedy ph (07) 4741 8788 mob 0488 418 788

Matthew Kennedy ph (07) 4741 8788 mob 0488 418 788


Antiques Canberra


Canberra & Surrounds Largest Antique Centre Prime location with ample parking right at the front door. Sales of furniture, collectables, bric-a-brac, and giftware. Customer list of approximately 300. Currently 17 local & interstate dealers paying rent for space plus commission on sales. Established over 25 years in

Fyshwick. Winner of 2007 Local Business Award for Outstanding Antique Store. Current T/O $350K plus. Current stock $110K - $150K wholesale. Selling due to family commitments. Training available if required. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (02) 6280 4541


price: P.O.A. + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 39



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Art Gallery Sunshine Coast


Two Prestigious Art Galleries Live & Work on Sunshine Coast’s Beautiful Beaches. Exciting opportunity to meet interesting people. David Hart Galleries(DHG) Mooloolaba & Noosa Heads is being offered for sale under license. Selected purchaser will have the rare opportunity to purchase magnificent galleries with high returns and

will have the elite licensed brand of DHG that brings with it exclusive rights to David Hart and selected Pro Hart works and giftware along with many other benefits. Offering Incredible lifestyle opportunity with high turnover. Contact Rowland Jones for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 5476 7243 mob 0449 130 450


price: P.O.A.

Auto or Mechanical Repairs Melbourne


Car Servicing Turnover $450,000 100% vendor finance is available, walk in with no money down. Est. for 27 yrs, this Motoring Franchise is located in Bulleen, Victoria just 12 km north-east from Melbourne’s CBD in a affluent area. Can be run under

management. Large base of clientele and strong goodwill. Easy to run with help always available from Head Office. Excellent 5x5x5 year lease. 2 full time mechanics and 1 receptionist.

bh (03) 9850 4100 mob 0422 086 732 40 Australian Business For Sale ®

fax (03) 9852 1252


price: $200,000


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00 49,0 4 $ e Pric WIWO

Very profitable - Turnover 1.1 M / 10% growth Possible finance available - see Phone 0419 513 979


Successful and unique automotive business located in the CBD of beautiful Coffs Harbour. Great business opportunity combined with a fantastic lifestyle, great climate, beaches, airport, university, sporting and shopping in one the fastest growing regional areas of NSW.Specialising in unique - fast, drive thru fixed price, while-u-wait services and registration inspections of all makes and models, carried out in immaculately presented purpose built premises. We also specialise in log book servicing, tune-ups and all mechanical repairs. Est 22 years by the same owner-operates 5 days/week. Owner/management role as workshop contains modern equipment and highly skilled staff and service advisers. Operations are systemized with potential to franchise.Supplier incentives and rewards with an established marketing plan, low stock, regular COD customers, and high cash flow give rise to a sound investment. Current owner in a management role and prepared to assist new owner in the transition, future growth and continued success of this business.

Auto or Mechanical Repairs Western Suburbs


Ideal Owner Operator Well established family business (10 years) is located on the Great Western Highway with great exposure within a very busy Coles Express service station. Solid regular clientele. Fully equipped workshop with 3 bays, office, kitchen, toilet & shower facilities plus plenty of storage space. Authorised

Repco repairer with Repco outlet close(1km), for easy access to parts. Stock runs at approx $10k. Nett profit of between $5,000 to $6,000 p/w for 5 1/2 days. Business does all forms of repair & service plus tyres, safety checks & rego’s. Good business now with lots of potential to grow. Possible finance available.

price: $170,000 + S.A.V. mob 0431 693 830



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 41

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Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Auto or Mechanical Repairs





For Sale - Herks Panel Repairs

Long est. workshop operating in Oxley for 27 yrs with loyal & extensive customer base. All retail customers, no accounts, no bad debts. Street frontage on major 4 lane arterial road. Floor area 316 sqm, air conditioned office, customer lounge & staff room. Three hoists, extensive list of modern equipment with the latest in diagnostics inc. Computerised workshop accounting program, website, RACQ Approved Repairer, 5 day operation, currently 1 full time office staff & 2 on workshop floor. Good net profit, suit couple with 1-2 staff. Great opportunity for a tradesman to earn much more than wages. Training provided to suitable buyer.

Smash repair business in busy Geraldton, 4 hours north of Perth with population increasing every year. Established 35 years with 4 tradesman , two painter & 2 panel beaters, 1 labourer, manager, receptionist. Preferred repairer for SGIO, CGU, HBF, RAC, QBE plus we do WFI, Elders etc. Office and separate workshop on a 2000M2 corner block. Equipment includes hoist, car bench,spray booth, pulling equipment, fan dent puller, spot welders, 2 mig welders, many tools etc. Glasrit paint system in place. Panel & Paint quoting system plus ORM software. We also have Motor Vehicle Repair Business Licence. Owner would like to retire and has a respectable reputation. Only five panel shops in the City of Geraldton. 5 year lease on premises or option to buy later.

price: $85,000 + S.A.V.

price: $200,000

bh (07) 3379 3690 ah (07) 3271 4464 mob 0414 451 148

bh (08) 9921 7244 ah (08) 9938 1924 fax (08) 9921 8554 mob 0408 919 799


Walk In And Start Earning

Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Auto or Mechanical Repairs





Freehold Business / Freehold House

Established family owned & operated business. Trades Mon to Fri 7:30pm – 6:00pm in Sydney’s upper North Shore. Workshop area approx 312 SQM, has 4 hoist bays plus 6 vehicle workspaces. Parking for 5 vehicles in front of the workshop & another 5 under premises. Current T/O $700K. Modern workshop fully equipped. Service & repairs to all makes & models. Loyal clientele approx 75% private / 25% business. Long lease available. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Combine a very successful business with a great lifestyle. Jandowae is located 11/2 hrs from Toowoomba; surrounded by one of Queensland’s largest wheat growing areas. Long established (33 years) specializing in service & repair of all types of light & heavy vehicles. RACQ licensed & inspection station. Large clientele takes in the surrounding area. Current T/O exceeds $550,000. Sale includes a large 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with air-conditioning, 3 car accom & a large outdoor area. Jandowae has all necessary facilities & amenities for good healthy country living. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $235,000 + stock (approx. $25K/$30K)

price: $999,000 freehold

mob 0418 764 522

bh (07) 4668 5161 fax (07) 4668 5537


Auto Repairs & Service Centre

42 Australian Business For Sale ®






2:50 PM

Page 43

Auto or Mechanical Repairs North West


Country Lifestyle Established Business Long established & thriving Auto Mechanical & Repair business located in the idyllic township of Warialda between Moree (pop 10,000) & Inverell. (pop 11,000). Very busy workshop having a loyal local clientele plus good passing trade. This is an extremely profitable business with little competition. Current T/O $500,000 plus. Workshop is well equipped to cater to all makes of vehicles for all

mechanical services & repairs (stock approx $30/50K). Petrol sales $1,000 plus a week. Also has NRMA Agency. Auto showroom included. Great opportunity for an auto mechanic to take over an established family business. Warialda is a friendly town & has all the facilities & amenities for good healthy country living. Owners willing to help & assist in the transition. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (02) 6729 1570 fax (02) 6729 1725

ah (02) 6729 1268


price: $200,000 + S.A.V.

Auto or Mechanical Repairs North Coast


Service Station / Auto Electrical Air-Conditioning Located in Gloucester, Mid North Coast in NSW. Just 90 minutes from Newcastle and 50 minutes to Forster beaches & not far from beautiful Barrington Tops. Situated in the centre of town on a large double block the service station is well patronized by a loyal local clientele plus a good passing tourist trade. Huge workshop & showroom/office. Specialises in auto electrical & air conditioning repairs & maintenance. Gross T/O $600K plus. Stock approx

$70K. Agents for Jaycar & Leading Edge Electronics – Supplies of BP Fuels & Castrol Oils – Distributors of Hi Tec & Total Oils – Agents for Kleenheat L.P.G – agents for Air Liquide Industrial Gases. Great opportunity to purchase a long established business (1992) & a healthy country lifestyle in a great area. Freehold is available with the business if required. Training would be provided to a suitable purchaser. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $235,000 + S.A.V. bh (02) 6558 1600



Australian Business For Sale ® 43


2:50 PM

Page 44

Auto Parts & Accessories

Auto Parts & Accessories

Outer Sydney




Buy a Secure Income & Relaxed Lifestyle

Well Established Since 1972 This highly recommended business operates out of superb premises at Dural in the semi rural & growing Hills District of Sydney. Busy main road position & well-equipped workshop, excellent customer base for tyres and mechanical, currently aligned with a large buying group. Late model fully equipped service truck plus fork lift. T/O $2m plus per annum. Long lease or buy outright. Current owners of 25 years now retiring. Finance available.

Rare opportunity in country town of Blackall. Autopro (incl freehold) is centrally located on main street with maximum exposure to locals and travellers and close to schools, shops etc. All the benefits of a national buying group but no franchise fees. Wide main street frontage, off street parking, large retail showroom and office area. Excellent T/O $840K, consistent high growth, generating avg. 18% yearly net return including healthy sales through the leased mechanical workshop. Stock approx $100K. Freehold includes shop premises and modern 3 b/room home. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $640,000 + stock

bh 0408 275 754

bh (07) 4657 4277


price: P.O.A.



Auto Parts & Accessories South East Country


Turnover $2.5 Million & Great Country Lifestyle Well-established & well-known family business located south west of Brisbane in a friendly rural community, catering for its regular, casual & tourist clientele. This highly diversified business offers services including Auto Parts & Accessories, Tools & Equipment, Oils & Batteries, Engine Reconditioning and Motorcycle Sales & Service. Clients range from Mechanical Trade, Retail & Motorcycle enthusiasts to a high percentage of agricultural clients. The business has very little competition. Fully

experienced staff in place. Stock on hand $480,000, plant, equipment & machinery approx $200,000. Helpful vendor willing to stay on in the transition period, with the timeframe to be negotiated. The area enjoys a cool invigorating climate, in a region of fruit, vegetable & wine growing with spectacular scenery, national parks & tourism & comprehensive business, education & health services. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact for further information.

mob 0437 063 803 44 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $575,000 + S.A.V.



2:51 PM

Page 45

Bakery Brisbane


Bakers Delight Franchise Opportunity This excellent Baker’s Delight Franchise is located within the vibrant inner city suburb of Paddington, Brisbane next to Woolworths. Just 10 minutes from City Centre. Established for over 15 years. Fantastic family style local business with loyal local clientele.

Excellent parking facilities with 7 days trading. Gross T/O for year 07/08 $557,000. Reluctantly selling this highly profitable business due to other commitments. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $230,000 + S.A.V. negotiable 429832

mob 0419 568 322






Looking for that Sea Change?

Situated 300 metres from famous Eagle Farm Racecourse. Neighbouring tenants - Coles, cafe, chemist & liquor outlet. Close proximity to schools, business and residential customers at your door. Major re-developments in local area. Well trained and committed long term staff in place. Premium well respected brand Bakers Delight with over 27 years experience across Australia, New Zealand & Canada. Contact Owner for further information.

Long Established and respected Franchise Bakers Delight in the Beautiful Northern Rivers. Situated in Ballina’s most major Shopping Centre. Prime location at Main Entrance,long term lease and newly refurbished. Highly trained, experienced and dedicated Staff in place. Northern Rivers has one of NSW’s highest growth rates. Ballina is 25 minutes to Byron Bay and 1 hour to the Gold Coast with a major Regional Airport. This is a family owned and operated business that is locally very well known for its community support and has a very loyal customer base. Contact for further information.

price: P.O.A.

price: $400,000

mob 0415 817 666

bh 0428 614 770 mob 0428 614 770


Growing Business in Blue Chip Suburb

ah 0428 614 770



Australian Business For Sale ® 45


2:51 PM

Page 46




Melbourne Region



High Income Plus Lifestyle

Great Buy / Huge Growth

Keen vendor willing to assist purchaser with 1 month rentfree to help with transition. This successful Bakery enjoys a seaside location on Queensland’s Coral Coast. Turnover $900,000 with possible finance available. Outlets at picturesque Bargara and the popular fishing resort of Burnett Heads. Established for 10 years in a shopping centre location with regular clientele plus excellent passing trade. Low-rental and long lease. No experience required. Full time staff in place. Price includes well-maintained equipment, stock and Mitsubishi Delivery Van. Contact owner for further information.

Well known and frequented by its casual and regular clientele. This establishment is located on a very busy intersection opposite the markets. Established for over 20 years in Footscray. Hustlers specialises in snooker amusement but can be run as a cafe or bar. Reluctant sale. Now looking for new owners to take on this business opportunity. Footscray is a suburb 5 km west of Melbourne. 2006 census had a population of 11,401. Contact for full and financial information.

price: $295,000 WIWO

price: $60,000 O.N.O.

Beauty Salon


Melbourne CBD

mob 0402 509 279



bh (07) 3285 2605 ah (07) 3285 2605 fax (07) 3285 4305 mob 0428 884 559

Sydney CBD



Cocktail Bar / Great Cash Business

Tranquillity Spa & Beauty

LUSTRE LOUNGE is a renowned boutique cocktail bar, located in the heart of the Flinders Lane nightlife precinct. • Self-managed by experienced staff. Both owners both have full time careers elsewhere. • Fit-out includes: a fully equipped bar with no more to spend, 100sqm with overhanging Flinders Lane balcony. • Current T/O $40K a month & operates on only 35hrs/pw. • 4am Liquor + Planning License (95% of takings are prior to 2am). • AMAZING rent of $33k/pa with no outgoings. • Lease recently negotiated for sale to November 2017.

Keen vendor willing to assist incoming purchaser with first 3 months rent free to help with the transition. Exclusive professional day spa located in the 5 Star Grace Hotel, in the Heart of Sydney’s CBD. Possible finance available. Specialising in luxurious treatments for Hotel Guests and Office Workers as Individuals or Hen’s Spa Parties, Groups, Corporate Clients, Couples etc. Large Database of Clients. Good lease 3+2 with 3 year option. Contact for further information.

price: $80,000 WIWO

mob 0423 208 336 46 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $495,000 WIWO

mob 0407 721 261





3:17 PM

Page 47

Beauty Salon Adelaide


Essential Beauty Salon This business has been running for 51/2 years. Specialising in laser hair removal, beauty, waxing, nails, massages, facials, body piercing, tinting, makeup, permanent make-up, as well has product sales. Open Mon-Fri 9-5:30pm, Thurs nights, and Sat till 5:00pm. Experienced long term staff

in place. Form 2 is available. The key to Essential Beauty’s success is location, environment, reputation and experience, support, convenience and advertising. Essential Beauty franchises in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. Possible finance available.

price: $255,000 + S.A.V. 431648

mob 0414 949 589

Beauty Salon

Western Sydney



Nice Solid Income for Owner Operator

Diamond Nails Westfield

Located in the town of Myrtleford on the Ovens River at the gateway to Victoria’s alpine resorts, this business specialises in all aspects of beauty treatments. The only professional beauty salon in town so no competition. Current Gross Profit $60,000 p.a. with a client base of 400. Immaculate premises in an ideal location on Clyde Street, one of the main streets, with good client parking. The business has recently added a popular day spa steam treatment. Currently working a 4-day week. Contact owner for financial information.

Located in the very popular and busy Westfields shopping centre in Parramatta this immaculately well-presented salon specialises in all types of nail services. Offers all the advantages of a major shopping complex, ideally placed to attract both its regular customers plus casual clientele. Occupying a very visual position in the complex it also attracts a large passing trade. Turnover $10,000 – $13,000 per week. 6 pedicure massage chairs, 12 nail tables and 1 beauty room. Competent experienced staff in place and owner willing to assist in the transition period. Contact for further information.

price: $30,000 WIWO

price: $135,000 432831

mob 0407 720 458

bh (02) 9281 4599

fax (02) 9212 6054


North East

Beauty Salon

Australian Business For Sale ® 47



2:51 PM

Page 48

Bike and Motorcycle Melbourne


Great Opportunity / Big Turnover Thriving business located just 10 mins from Melbourne CBD, in Hoppers Crossing. Sells a massive range of new and used Motorcycles including a complete range of Yamaha plus used bikes from MX, Enduro, Sports, Touring & children’s bikes. Also a super store with Spare Parts and a huge range of Accessories with brands such as Fox, Alpinestar, O’neal, Shift & Crofts. Turnover $4 MILLION plus / stock varies between $400K & $500K. Renowned for its friendly staff and some of Australia’s finest factory trained technicians. The business has large modern premises with an extremely modern workshop. Currently this very profitable business is run Under Management with the owner not involved in its every day operation. Contact for full & financial information. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (03) 9369 8684 mob 0425 705 051 48 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $450,000 + S.A.V.


2:51 PM

Page 49

Bike and Motorcycle Inner City


Cycles Plus Repairs & Spares Long established Cycle Business has been operating for over 28 years. Current owner of Stanmore Cycles has been trading successfully for the past 20 years. Campagnolo Pro Shop & Mavic Wheel Dealer. Branded Road Bikes include Bianchi, Azzuri, Kona, KHS, Tommasini plus a range of Mountain Bikes, Kona Voodoo, Electra

& Viva. The business has built up a large regular clientele with its extensive range of Cycles & Accessories. Stock approx $190K. Turnover $370,000 plus. Repairs & maintenance provide a steady cashlow. Training would be provided. Great business for a cycling enthusiast with plenty of growth potential. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $50,000 + S.A.V. 431177

fax (02) 9560 3434 mob 0410 775 670

Blinds and Shutters Emu Heights


Solid Business Good Cashflow Well established small to medium business, currently run as family business. Would also suit sole trader or partnership. Retail/Wholesale of all types of blinds, plantation shutters, awnings, flyscreens, flydoors and safety doors. Training period, if required, to ensure smooth transition for new owner.

Established customer base. All set up ready to go in factory premises with airconditioned office and showroom. Option to lease or buy. Excellent position and exposure ensures plenty of passing trade. Contact owner for full & financial information. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $195,000 WIWO bh (02) 4735 3112



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 49



2:51 PM

Page 50

Blinds and Shutters

Newcastle Area

Bread Run




Good Business in Desirable Location

Lifestyle Plus Job Security

Well-established business for over 30 yrs, located at Warners Bay in the lakeside suburb of Lake Macquarie. T/O $1,000,000, showing good returns, average WIP approx $100K, average stock holding $50,000. Modern commercial premises with an established lease. State of the Art modern showroom displaying all products. Experienced staff willing to stay on. Owner willing to train. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact for further information.

Great opportunity to secure yourself an income in a good profitable business of over $185,000 p.a. and growing! Tip Top bread run has an established clientele in a rapidly expanding area in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. Good profit margin and also includes a 4 yr old Hino Dutro 8500 truck specifically built for the job. Brisbane’s West boasts beautiful picturesque leafy & riverside suburbs offering great shopping, restaurants and parks like Mount Cootha and Brisbane Forest Park. Sale price includes truck. Contact owner for further information. Some vendor finance available.

price: $320,000 WIWO

fax (07) 3287 5443 mob 0423 828 518


price: $185,000 427908

bh 0418 566 343 ah 0418 566 343 fax (02) 4956 6234 mob 0418 566 343

Boat Sydney


Yacht Charter with Guaranteed Income Once in a while a business like this comes onto the market where you get an income plus personal enjoyment. Specialising in Sydney Harbour charters and whale watching. Crew in place, business can be run from anywhere. 2004 Beneteau 473 (47ft) yacht, luxuriously appointed. Seats

up to 22 people in comfort and the main engine is an economical Yanmar 75 turbo charged. Turnover approximately $100,000 p.a. easily increased. Also includes VW van, website, client database and 1800 number. Possible finance available. Phone or email: andrew

bh (02) 9281 4599 50 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (02) 9212 6054 mob 0412 334 700


price: $475,000


2:51 PM

Page 51

Boat Ballina / Byron


River Cruises Lifestyle Opportunity Located in Ballina on the beautiful NSW North Coast, not far from Byron Bay. A unique opportunity to purchase Richmond River Cruises, a great lifestyle business. The Richmond Princess is an iconic floating venue catering for up to 49 passengers. Regular morning/afternoon tea cruises

& also catering for group functions & parties. Fully licensed bar. Good regular clientele & advance bookings in place. Well set up & easy to operate. Training is available. Great business as is or the opportunity exists to increase size & earning potential. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

ph (02) 6687 5688 mob 0412 640 350

fax (02) 6687 5688


price: $246,000 negotiable

Boat Sunshine Coast


What A Lifestyle! Opportunity to purchase a long established & successful charter business on the wonderful QLD Sunshine Coast. Fish N’ Crab Deep Sea Charters operates from one of the safest harbours on the East Coast of Australia. ‘Crusader’ is a 55 ft Conquest in survey for 22 guests & 3

crew (skipper & crew in place). Largest charter business operating out of Mooloolaba approx T/O $465,000. Currently working 3 to 4 days a week. Great business, great lifestyle. All marketing in place. Training & assistance would be provided to a suitable purchaser.

price: $775,000 bh (07) 5452 6697 mob 0428 767 017



Australian Business For Sale ® 51



2:51 PM

Page 52

Building and Construction Bordertown


Sound Business Opportunity Earthmoving & contract cartage business that has been long established (over 30 years) in Bordertown in the Limestone Coast area of SA, (pop 7,000) 3 hours drive from Adelaide. Supplies metal & other quarry product to a strong local client base. Cemex (ex Readymix) Agent. Sale includes all plant & equipment in good condition. The premises (3 Hectare site) contain a 30m x 15m steel framed shed, 138 m of offices, 60 Tonne weighbridge

& concrete bunkers. Freehold is also available for purchase. Stock approx $90K. Bordertown is a prosperous township surrounded by rich wool, wheat & cattle country also a variety of seeds & cereal are grown in the area. Town also has all the required amenities & facilities for good healthy country living. Current owner would provide training. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact owner for full & financial information.

price: $850,000 + S.A.V. mob 0419 800 617


Butcher Shop




Turnover $1,000,000.00 Per Annum

Energy2go - Fresh Food Fast

Established for 36 years, located in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches. This business specialises in Fresh Carcass Meats. Approx 2/3 of trade is over the counter, sales with 1/3 being wholesale customers. 2 fulltime butchers and 1 casual butcher/driver in place. Premises is leased and includes 2 large cool rooms & 1 large freezer. Also included are 2 near new display fridges, 1 chest freezer, new electronic scales and cash register etc. There is also a fully refrigerated Toyota HiAce 2002 Diesel 3 ltr van. Selling due to illness. Contact for further information.

Excellent opportunity to take advantage of this established retail heath food store. Specialising in wraps, sandwiches, salads etc, where people can design their own. Seating for 24, catering services also provided. Located in the busy, popular Mitchell Centre in Darwin City. Gross T/O for financial year 2009 was $420,000. Owner willing to train and offer assistance in the transition period. Contact for full and financial information.

price: $220,000

ah (02) 9997 3947 mob 0413 054 979 52 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $180,000 + S.A.V.

bh (08) 8941 5513 fax (08) 8941 5517 mob 0400 987 637




bh (08) 8752 0044 fax (08) 8752 0011


3:03 PM

Page 53

Cafe Sunshine Coast


Country Lifestyle At Its Best! Located in Montville with stunning views of Sunshine Coast and Lake Baroon. Montville is a pretty town situated within the attractive Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Only 1 hour from Brisbane and Noosa. CafĂŠ is open from 9:30 to 4:00 (can be extended), 7 days a week and

is licenced. This is a great business which would suit a husband/wife team or small family. T/O $252,223. Open area seating around 50. Business is partly managed 3 days a week by experienced staff. Strong lease in place. Possible finance available.

ah (07) 5499 9673 fax (07) 3162 9219 mob 0431 192 470


price: $110,000

Cafe Melbourne


Tea Room Plus Gift Shop Unique Opportunity to purchase this gorgeous Tea Room style Cafe combined with a Collectible Gift Shop giving a 2-stream income. Easy 5 day operation, 9am-5pm. T/O $145,000. High margins, low expenses, long lease, returning solid profit and can be further

developed. Prestigious location in Ivanhoe Shopping Strip with 4 banks, post office, library and a wide range of shopping. Great parking & public transport. Owner retiring after 16 years. Hand over training provided. Contact for further information.

price: $89,500 + S.A.V. WIWO mob 0417 567 062



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 53



3:03 PM

Page 54

Cafe Palm Beach


Location! Location! Location! Well known and presented Cafe/Restaurant offering upmarket, sit down gourmet breakfasts and lunches and dinner during Summer months is an option. Located prime position on street front at the start of Palm Beach. Low rent, a modern fit out & a unique and well priced menu. Currently seats 28-30

+ BYO. Plenty of parking out front. Open 6 days. Regular clientele. 3 casual staff in place. Palm Beach is the northernmost of Sydney’s beach suburbs, about 28 km from Manly & is considered a ‘trendy’ suburb which boasts some spectacular homes. Possible finance available.

price: $99,000 WIWO 431629

mob 0410 480 066

Cafe Northern


Ideal Coffee Spot La Vista is a Café/Restaurant located in a prime position in the centre of Kerang, 279km north west of Melbourne. Situated next to a post office and court house and has plenty of walk through traffic as it is at the entrance to the shire offices. La Vista also

currently provides catering services to the township. This is an ideal family business that would suit a husband/wife or other partnership. Gross T/O $17,000 per month. Contact owner for further information. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 5457 5233 mob 0408 509 601 54 Australian Business For Sale ®

fax (03) 5457 5227


price: $57,500 negotiable


1:33 PM

Page 55

Cafe Southern Highlands


Beautiful Location Pleasure To Run Business has been established for 35 years. Located in Berrima, Southern Highlands approx. halfway between Sydney to Canberra. Specialises in Old style homemade “country” cooking for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Serving soups, quiches,

burgers, toasted sandwiches etc. Catering for its regular and casual clientele. Seats for 70. Gross T/O over $300,000 and increasing. Selling due to health reasons. Long term staff and owner are willing to stay on. No evening trading. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 4877 1343 mob 0414 443 756


price: $95,000 WIWO

Cafe Sydney


Gross Turnover $2,700,000 Unique opportunity to take advantage of this highly successful family business. Located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park in the Homebush Waterfront estate, within walking distance to all major venues. It is a residential area with over 1500 tennants. Also surrounded by many major

business centres. Providing clients with the opportunity to dine in or to purchase items from fine food store, deli, bakery or boutique bottle store. Cakes, breads and pastries are baked on the premises, using only the finest quality products. Possible finance available.

price: $850,000 O.N.O. + stock fax (02) 9739 8889 mob 0413 597 798



Australian Business For Sale ® 55



3:03 PM

Page 56

Cafe Western Suburbs


Potential Plus Opportunity to buy a very busy Café within a small shopping complex (Est. 2 years). Shop has a well presented modern fit-out & equipment is as brand new. Famous for great Calamari & Burgers. Current T/O $10K a week with huge potential to expand. Commercial kitchen provides potential to operate

as a restaurant 2 or 3 nights a week. Has a solid regular clientele plus lots of passing trade. Plenty of parking. Situated near Squash Centre, Gym & Dance studio with a new indoor Swim Centre opening soon. Only selling due to other family commitments. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $265,000 WIWO 431274

ah (02) 4730 2116 mob 0401 995 833

Cafe St Marys


Ideal Cashflow Business Beautifully presented modern café located within busy suburban shopping centre St Mary’s Village, where there is little competition. Newly refurbished and beautifully presented. Serving breakfast, lunch and everything in

between. Offering freshly roasted coffee, fresh sandwiches, hamburgers, smoothies, donuts etc. Regretful sale due to other commitments. For further information contact the accountant on 02 47316000.

bh (02) 4731 6000 56 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $169,000


3:03 PM

Page 57

Cafe Sydney


Ideal Owner Operator week. Low rent including outgoings. Sale price includes all stock. Reluctantly selling due to moving overseas. Elizabeth Bay is a luxurious Harbourside suburb in Eastern Sydney, located 3 kilometres east of the CBD. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $165,000 WIWO all offers considered


Beautifully presented Cafe located in Elizabeth Bay, specialising in breakfast & lunch, 7am - 3pm 7 days a week. The café can accommodate 32 patrons, with seating for 16 in the outside courtyard, which enjoys a sunny position throughout the day. Potential gross T/O $10-$12K per

mob 0418 986 898

Cafe Hunter Valley


Your Key To Financial Freedom This successful & established (10 yrs) business is located in the heart of the Booming Hunter Valley in Branxton. Surrounded by vineyards & wineries, Branxton is a small town at the junction of the New England Highway. Cafe is currently trading 6 days with large local client base plus extensive passing trade. Excellent turnover. Exclusive

“Cookies Chicken” territory licence, Gourmet Gusto Belaroma Coffee plus an extensive range of other products. Would suit a couple or family. Owners of 5 years willing to provide after sale support & training. Contact owner for full & financial information. Possible finance available.

price: $138,000 + S.A.V. mob 0439 683 976 / 0407 781 755



Australian Business For Sale ® 57


3:03 PM

Page 58



Brisbane Northside

Port Douglas



What a Great Location!


This is a timely opportunity. Established 9 years this well patronised Coffee Lounge is located in a busy area of Sandgate on Brisbane’s Northside not far from the Bay. The present owners, who are ready to retire, have built a reputation for tasty, made-on-the-premises food. Staff in place and prepared to stay. Current T/O $450K plus. Lease in place with options for renewal. Great potential for a young couple to take advantage of a loyal, regular clientele. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Great opportunity to purchase a thriving business in beautiful Port Douglas. Located within the Marina Complex Shopping Centre and overlooking the water this wellestablished Cafe catering to local Centre staff as well as the huge number of tourists that visit the area. Good current T/O $300,000 with plenty of potential to increase. Staff willing to stay on. Owner selling due to retirement but willing to offer training & advice for easy changeover. Take advantage of a great lifestyle. End of lease, any reasonable offers considered. Talk to owner directly for all information. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $250,000 WIWO

fax (07) 3869 4623


bh (07) 4099 5167 ah (07) 4098 5453 fax (07) 4099 5167


bh (07) 3869 4621 mob 0409 062 239


price: $250,000 WIWO


North West

South East Brisbane



Prestigious Established Mobile Cafe

Centrally located on the main street of Coonabarabran, next to the Town Library & opposite the Post Office this superbly presented business has supported a family of 5 for 16 yrs. The owners are now ready to retire. Solid profits (financials available) & extensive plant & machinery included (value $37,000). The town is well serviced by a shopping centre with Coles & Woolworths & excellent recreational, educational & medical facilities. The Castlereagh River runs through town & the magnificent Warrumbungle Mountain Range is a backdrop & playground. Contact for full & financial information. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Become part of the growing, high demand mobile coffee industry in Brisbane, with this Espresso Mobile Cafe coffee franchise. Extensive territory with huge growth potential and no ongoing fees - the possibilities are endless. Current T/O $2,500 week trading Mon-Fri, 20 hrs. Additional major events & weekend work also available. This simple operation comprises of a stylish LWB Mercedes Vito Van with low KM’s. Immaculately fitted out with commercial equipment. Currently trading solidly to happy, loyal clientele in an expanding business area. Easily run one person operation. Contact for further information.

price: $90,000 negotiable

price: $135,000 WIWO

bh (02) 6842 2822 fax (02) 6842 2833

mob 0431 607 760

ah (02) 6842 7899

58 Australian Business For Sale ®


The Lunch Box Cafe




3:03 PM

Page 59

Car Rental Airlie Beach


Lifestyle Change In Paradise Great business opportunity for someone to take over Airlie Beaches original car hire business. Would suit a couple who only want to work 4 hours every morning. Large permanent local rental base from Hamilton Island and surrounding islands. Fleet

comprises of 14 vehicles including a small Pantech truck, 12 seater bus, 4WD utility, 2WD utility, PT Cruiser, Station Wagon and 8 Ford Sedans, so every enquiry is covered. T/O $165K and increasing. Very easy to run, profitable and fun business.

price: $245,000 431848

mob 0413 046 815

Caravan Park Central West


Ideal Country Lifestyle Holiday Cabins + School Bus Run Located on the Newell Highway at Tooraweenah between Coonabarabran & Gilgandra close to the Warrumbungle National Park with spectacular views of the Warrumbungle Mountains. This holiday park offers ideal family accommodation comprising 5 holiday cabins: air cond, 2 bedroom with ensuite and kitchen. 9-metre salt water pool set on 1.4 hectares with good supply of bore water. Price includes a 4-bedroom house with renovated kitchen and

bathroom plus large shed. Also included is a school bus run with 25 seat Mitsubishi Rosa (valued at $100K) produces an (government contract) income of $83,000 p.a. Offers a relaxing country lifestyle in a tranquil village with plenty of activities for the family including tennis, bush walking and golf on a nine-hole course or just a leisurely drink at a great little pub. Selling due to retirement. Contact owners for further information. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $640,000 freehold bh (02) 6848 1186 ah (02) 6848 1186



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 59



3:03 PM

Page 60

Caravan Park Gold Coast Region


Bilambil Creek Residential Village Great opportunity to purchase a guaranteed income & a 2 acre property in one of the fastest growing areas of Australia, minutes away from Coolangatta/Tweed Shopping Centres & the beaches of the Gold Coast. The Caravan Park/Residential Village & is run more on the basis of Management Rights, as the 25 sites are occupied by permanent (over 55) residents in relocatable houses. Site fees vary from $100 to $180 per week. Site

fees are paid directly into a bank account making it unnecessary for the owner to be on site. This is a very easy business to run with a minimum of effort required by the owner. The Village is located on the banks of the Bilambil Creek in an idyllic area, far enough away from the hustle & bustle of Surfer’s, but close enough to be convenient for the residents. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (07) 5590 9805 ah (07) 5590 9805 mob 0412 730 115



Byron Bay



Eco Cleaning Business

Well-established friendly popular park easily managed by a couple. Situated on NSW/VIC border so plenty of passing trade. Close to snowfields, wineries, Ned Kelly country & the beautiful Murray River. 52 sites. Fully self-contained cabins & low maint. pool. 3 bed. residence on site with office & private yard. Gross Profit $250,000, nett approx. $100,000 p.a. 50% of park consists of long-term tenants ensuring good regular income. Located in town therefore close to shops, sporting facilities, schools & clubs. 14-year lease. Training & finance available to a suitable purchaser.

Home based Eco Cleaning Service located in the beautiful & popular Bryon Bay (Australia’s most famous destination). This well respective & successful business has minimal overheads with an extensive client database consisting of Commercial & Domestic etc. Very easy to run, buyer will run business no cleaning required. Great profits, good long term staff members with consistent work and increasing. Gross T/O approx. $128,000. Selling due to owner relocating. Price includes all plant & equipment. Training provided to prospective buyer. Possible finance available.

price: $465,000 leasehold

price: $65,000 WIWO

bh (02) 6025 1489 mob 0429 699 140

mob 0412 034 719

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Lifestyle / Income


Caravan Park


price: $1,300,000 freehold


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Cleaning Northern Suburbs


Cleaning & Strata Maintenance Long established North Shore based cleaning business. Mix of strata cleaning/gardening/ lawn mowing and office cleaning. Plenty of unrealised potential especially with post shopfit cleaning and office cleaning. All regular and long standing jobs/customers. Owner currently works 30-35

hours per week – 95% during normal business hours. Subcontractor used for other jobs, two people could easily do all jobs. Includes all equipment required to do all jobs. Training and handover assistance provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $160,000 431589

mob 0419 629 542

Cleaning Southern Sydney


Good Cash Flow Major international carpeting & upholstery cleaning franchise servicing the St George, South Sydney, Metro & Sutherland Shire. This business covers 12 standard franchise territories. Loyal & regular clientele with a good mix of large commercial, residential & hospitality clients. Excellent profit ratios

with genuine & realistic growth prospects. Price includes all equipment & full training by master franchisor & the current owner, plus master franchise leads, support & business guidance. Includes Toyota Hi Ace & new technology upgraded equipment. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $68,000 WIWO mob 0422 781 204



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North East


Our Misfortune - your good fortune. Well established cleaning business specialising in real estate contract work and private cleaning in the Brisbane region. Strong established client database and growing, giving new owners a solid ongoing income. Current owners only selling due to ill health and will be relocating to Melbourne. Full assistance given to new owners. Ideal husband and wife business providing a good lifestyle while working flexible hours. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

Good little business in a friendly, picturesque town. Located in Myrtleford on the Ovens River at the gateway to Victoria’s alpine resorts, this business specialises in clothing for the 35 plus age group and larger dress sizes and offers something different in fashion with a wide range of colour choices. Situated on a major commercial street, the modern building comprises two shops joined together. Inside the ambient décor includes lots of mirrors; antique washstands and fittings that increase the store’s attraction. Contact for financial information.

price: $45,000

price: $32,000 WIWO

bh (07) 3205 7973 mob 0421 334 141

bh (03) 5752 1885 mob 0407 720 458


Bonnie on Clyde Fashion Boutique


Buying Yourself an Income

Catering Gold Coast


Cash Cash Cash Recession proof award winning ‘Healthy Bites’ caters only for high profile events. Serving a variety of foods eg. hot chips, pizza, salad wraps etc. Reluctantly selling due to health reasons. Ideal income earner, giving new owners a very good return on their investment. Has the advantage of being relocated anywhere. Owner willing to give any assistance required to take over this highly successful mobile food catering business. Price includes trucks, freezers, cool room and large kitchen etc. (to much to mention). Contact owner for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 9281 4599 mob 0412 140 672 62 Australian Business For Sale ®

fax (07) 5526 8858


price: $485,000 WIWO


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Clothing Batemans Bay


Dressed With Grace Well known local business, established in Batemans Bay for over thirty years. Very well positioned for passing trade as well as regular customers. A unique ladies fashion clothing and accessories boutique in mid-range price for ages thirty plus and sizes 8 to 24. Clothing ranges from casual to mother of the bride

in quality brand names. Accessories include jewellery, bags, scarves, pashminas, hats and gloves. Very successful business and has captured a niche market with approximately 50 brand labels 22 of which are Australian made. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $165,000 + S.A.V. 429382

mob 0410 050 286

Clothing Outer Sydney


No Rent or Lease Costs $400,000 Gross Income Enjoy the fashion industry and be your own boss, work the hours you want. Specialising in ladies fashions, presenting fashion parades and sales for ladies groups. Summer 2008 – 56 parades, Winter 2009 – 55 parades. Present owners

have operated the business for 15 years and wish to retire. Stock approx $70K. Price includes Pantec Truck plus full range of necessary equipment. 12 months forward bookings. Possible finance available.

price: P.O.A. ah (02) 4739 6179 mob 0412 177 666

fax (02) 4739 6171



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Clothing Blue Mountains


Cicero Clothing and Accessories Upper end womens’ fashion boutique located in the beautiful township of Leura, in the Blue Mountains. Shop carries labels from Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, China and Australia. Currently running on a 3x3x3 lease in a relatively new and secure

building(6 yrs old). Gross T/O for 2009 was $375,000. Business draws on a clientele ranging from local through to interstate, overseas tourists and is currently listed on the Leura Blue Mountains website. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 4784 3977 mob 0416 178 310


price: $105,000 + S.A.V.

Commercial Property South Coast


Prime Commercial Light Industrial Complex The property comprises 33 units, light industrial and quasi retail, on 2.613 ha, situated on a prominent corner position at the intersection of Central Avenue and Bellevue Street in South Nowra. Currently 87.9% occupancy with $611,607 gross p.a., potential to $1Million. Includes a manager’s /

caretaker’s 2-bed. cottage. The complex is kept to a high standard of tidiness and presentation. Sale includes all plant and equipment. Other major tenants nearby include Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne and the Good Guys. Contact owner for further information. Possible finance available.

mob 0413 046 815 64 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: P.O.A. freehold



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Far South Coast





Seachange Opportunity

North Queensland Computer Shop

Fantastic opportunity to live and work on the coast. IT and Communications business in the Far South Coast NSW. Established over 20 years, this IT & T business has minimal competition and in a great location in the CBD. Selling and servicing computer and telephony equipment to both retail and SME customers. This could be an ideal opportunity to own and manage your own business. Business has modern retail fit-out, workshop and storage facilities, 2007-2008 Turnover $1.5 million.

Established 12 years in this thriving town, only Computer Sales & Service Shop within 300km. Computer sales, service & repairs. Desktop publishing, secretarial services. Printer cartridges, re-inking. 4 station internet den plus WIFI. Computer generated vinyl signs. Established local client base including local/regional govt. Not reliant on tourism, steady year-round income. Long term lease available with accommodation options. Operating Mon-Fri, weekends free to enjoy fishing, diving, living in this beautiful part of the world. Full training & will consider partial vendor finance.

price: $150,000 + S.A.V.

bh (07) 4069 6010 fax (07) 4069 5177


price: $60,000 + S.A.V. 429338

bh 0418 423 222 ah 0418 423 222 fax (02) 4226 4171 mob 0418 423 222

Convenience Store Mildura


Buy Yourself An Income This well known Milkbar is located in Mildura, Victoria. Conveniently situated on main road in residential area. June 07/08 TURNOVER $385,000. Selling a variety of foods, drinks, magazines, papers etc. to its regular and casual customers. 3 bedroom residence attached with natural gas heating and gas solar hot water. Ideal tourist town - definitely plenty of

sunshine with good fishing, fine foods, wineries, good shopping and a major airport. Inspection wont disappoint. Mildura Rural City is situated in Victoria’s north-west. Covering around 10 percent of the state’s area with a population around 60,000 people. Contact owner for further information. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 5023 0820


price: $450,000 freehold WIWO

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Craft Lilydale


Recession Proof Income Provider Located in Lilydale Victoria, gateway to the world famous Yarra Valley. The business specialises in Patchwork & Needlework Supplies, Handmade Crafts, Classes and Workshops. Gross turnover $250,000+, high gross profit, with 15% + increase per annum. The

online part of the business has not even begun to reach its full potential. Local, statewide, national and international customer base which continues to grow. Reluctant sale after 7 years. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

ah (03) 9735 4446 mob 0437 197 442


price: $350,000 WIWO

Deli Sydney West


Award Winning Best Deli Award 2006-2008 Located in a busy shopping centre this well established business (7 years) is situated between Coles, Lenards, Bakers Delight & Town Grocers. Beautifully appointed Deli would be ideal for husband & wife team. Plant & equipment in as new condition. Cool room, Chest freezer, upright freezer & 2 x meat slicers. Turnover $10K plus a week. $550,000 for 12

months ending 30/6/08. $267K for 6 months ending 28/12/08. Monthly lease $6246 + Outgoings $635 + promotions levy $313 inc GST. Lease runs to 2/12/11 with 4% CPI annual increases. The business has 2 permanent P/time, 4 casuals and 4 juniors. Priced for a quick sale. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (02) 9552 1111 mob 0420 834 026 66 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A.



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Dry Cleaning Benalla


Long Established Icon Great Reputation Cinderella Dry Cleaning has been located in the heart of Benalla CBD for over 50 years. The business boasts a large customer base, being the sole dry cleaner servicing the areas of Benalla, Euroa and surrounded districts (approx. population 30,000). Situated on a busy street with

convenient parking facilities at rear, the business premises contains front shop, large work shop, 1 bedroom apartment on the top floor with large balcony, kitchen, courtyard with garden and carport. Possible finance available. Contact for full and financial information.

price: $215,000 WIWO 431834

bh (03) 5762 3247 fax (03) 5762 4858


Sanctuary Cove



Ideal for Owner / Operator

Live Theatre / Cinema

1 person operation. Smallgoods delivery run covering outer north and northeast area of Melbourne. Independent operator, meaning no constraining contracts. Currently operating 4 days with potential for growth. Sale price includes database of existing customers, equipment and truck. Vehicle is 4.5 ton Ford Trader van. T/O approx. $400,000. Sold as a going concern. Genuine sale. 2-4 weeks training provided for a suitable purchaser. Contact Barry or Kate for full and financial details. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

The Village Theatre has been an entertainment and cinema venue in the heart of Sanctuary Cove, the Gold Coast’s premiere Residential & Marine Village for the last 21 years. Sanctuary Cove provides a luxurious lifestyle, boutique shopping, fabulous restaurants, Marine berths, 5 star hotel & world-class golf courses is the fastest growing region in South East Queensland. Fully equipped lighting and sound auditorium with seating capacity 245, while the licensed bar & themed foyer offer an ideal meeting place. Catering for Corporate & Private Functions. Theatre Productions, Live Stage Shows and Movies. Priced to sell.

price: P.O.A. WIWO

mob 0417 515 950 / 0438 515 950


price: $75,000 + S.A.V.

bh (07) 5577 8999 fax (07) 5577 8859 mob 0416 160 414




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Entertainment/Arts North Coast


Lifestyle Business Dance Studio Plus Apartment For a buyer who enjoys dancing and working with kids, this is one of the nicest dance facilities you will find in northern Queensland. Guaranteed Profit. Enjoy country living in the town of Bowen on Queensland’s beautiful north coast. Regular clients booked, ready to walk in and teach. Established 9 years, open 3:30 to 7:30 Mon - Thurs. Offers instruction in jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop. Excellent reputation in the community - word of mouth generates many clients. Potential to add additional lessons in dance plus voice,

acting, yoga, aerobics, etc. Immaculate premises with dance floor, mirrors, ballet barre, stereo, phone, chairs etc. Ample parking. Includes small retail operation offering dancewear and shoes. Prop room with costumes and materials. Large garage/storage shed currently sub-leased. Partly furnished apartment upstairs. Short walk to shops, post office, banks, cafes etc. Local bus at door, primary and secondary schools close by. Possible finance available. Contact for financial information.

mob 0401 096 447


price: $52,000 negotiable

Education and Training Sydney


RTO - Workplace Training Specialists Excellent opportunity in the workplace training industry. No experience necessary as training is provided for new owner. Operating primarily in NSW, also interstate. Forward bookings already in place. Strong reputation with Councils as the leader in training and staff development. The business is on the Approved Provider List

(APL) for Government funding. Staff willing to stay on. Work in a modern purpose built training facility centrally located in Liverpool. 3 x 3 year lease, excellent parking, high speed Internet and fax. All rooms come complete with computers, digital projectors & whiteboards. Contact for full and financial information.

bh (02) 9602 7530 mob 0410 697 779 68 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $550,000 WIWO


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Education and Training Melbourne


Development Through Drama Are you looking for a business with rewarding experience helping the creative development of young people’s lives ? Helen O’Grady Drama Academy franchise (Est. 30 yrs) is the only organisation of its kind in Australia and is worldwide. This academy is located in Melbourne’s Outer Eastern

Suburbs. The programme develops young people’s confidence, self-esteem & verbal communication skills, enhances their creative abilities and stimulates their natural talents. Students already in database. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 9754 1116 fax (03) 9752 5468 mob 0425 759 223


price: $70,000

Education and Training Sunshine Coast


Unique Lifestyle For Music Lovers Music tuition school located in Buderim (est. 1996). Ideally situated in Wirreanda Shopping Village with strong lease. This unique cash flow business, has an established clientele with huge growth potential. Current T/O $160,000 p.a with single operator (based on 4 x 10 wk

school terms). Tuition experience is not a necessity & can be overcome by using contract teachers (already in place) & the owner/s can simply administrate. Premises comprise five teaching studios plus reception area complete with modern equipment. Enquire today!

price: $135,000 + plant & instruments mob 0400 270 217



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Electrical Sunshine Coast


Air-Conditioning and Electrical Contracting Comprehensive airconditioning and electrical service business with database of over 600 customers & growing. Established since 1980, with a brilliant reputation for high quality workmanship & reliability. Owner willing to stay for a short period to assist in changeover & ongoing consultation. Selling due to

family commitments. Current annual T/O about $300K gross with approx $145K nett. Includes Data Cabling, Daikin and Panasonic airconditioning, Accent Pool heaters, Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, Commercial & Industrial clients included. Full list of clients & financials are available. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 5441 6398 mob 0418 788 908

ah (07) 5441 3050


price: $145,000 O.N.O.

Electrical Southern Highlands


Great Cash Flow Business Well known Electrical and Appliance repair business located in Bowral, one hour South West of Sydney. Authorised service centre for most major brands of appliances. Extensive client base includes real estate agencies, restaurants/cafes and laundries. The business operates from a large

workshop with a retail section selling parts. Average T/O for the last three years $576K p.a. Price includes 3 Vans, plant & equipment, tools & stock plus 1 month handover. Currently employs 3 technicians, 1 apprentice and 2 office/retail staff. Would suit an owner operator. Contact for further information.

bh (02) 4877 1793 fax (02) 4877 1793 mob 0418 262 290 70 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $385,000 WIWO


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Electrical Sydney


Electrical Service Business For Sale Service industry business based in the Hawkesbury/Hills area of Sydney. Involved in Electrical, TV Antenna installation, Date Cabling and Security. Database of over 1,500 customers. All financials and equipment list available.

Stock of $25K plus two trucks and web site. Business Turnover in excess of $220,000 p.a. Very busy now with the take-up of Digital TV as promoted by the Government. Contact for further information.

bh (02) 9639 0713 mob 0419 293 979

ah (02) 9369 0716 fax (02) 9686 2346


price: $175,000 WIWO

Fishing North Coast


Business & Lifestyle for Keen Fisherman Fishing charter business currently operating out of East Coast of Cape York, Qld. It’s the ultimate lifestyle business for any fanatic fisherman offering 7 day live-aboard fishing charters targeting Barra, Reef & Pelagic Sport Fishing for up to 8 people (+ 4 crew) in completely untouched surrounds. With an annual turnover of $500k and a well established

customer base this business also includes a fully equipped 65ft Steel Mothership (refurbished 12 person Saloon, 4 x a/c cabins for guests, plus 1 x Double Cabin, 1 x 4 berth crew cabin), 3 x Registered 4.55m Polycraft’s with 50hp 4 stroke Yamaha Outboards, 2 x 80 Series Landcruisers, GBRMPA & National Park Permits. Perfect for a husband and wife team.

price: $750,000 mob 0407 964 531 / 0414 725 150



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North Brisbane

Fitness Centre

Southern Highlands



Fantastic opportunity to purchase an established Bait & Tackle shop that will provide good income & relaxing lifestyle. Potential is huge with a Government funded Marina to be built 2 minutes away with easy access to the Caboolture River, the Burpengary River, Morton Bay & Brible Island. Located on a shopping strip that includes a IGA, Daycare Centre, Chemist, Newsagency, Liquorland etc. Local support from several fishing clubs provides a solid regular clientele. Good passing trade. Large parking area. Current T/O $250,000 plus with great opportunity to expand. Stock approx $25K approx. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

This is not a Franchise! Unique opportunity to purchase a successful Health Club in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. Others Les Mills group exercise, personal training, boxing for fitness & ‘spin’ classes. All new cardio equipment, Calgym weights, Aust. Barbell free weights plus a child minding area. The Club area 430 SQ/MT. Membership 450 plus. Direct debit members 390. Current T/O approx $380K. Fully systemized with sales & KPI’s in place. Training would be provided. There is plenty of opportunity & potential for expansion. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $90,000 + S.A.V.

price: $250,000 WIWO

mob 0403 666 063

bh 0419 501 471 mob 0419 501 471




Layback Lifestyle / Great Income

Fitness Centre Brisbane


Two Personal Fitness Studios This company specialises in Personal Training, Exercise Physiology, Rehabilitation, Executive & Corporate Wellness, Group Fitness classes, Pilates, Yoga etc. There is huge scope for licensing or franchising opportunities given the systems, structure and current success of the company. The Personal Fitness Studios for sale are

located in 2 premier inner city locations Paddington and Woolloongabba in Brisbane. Reputation for quality and class with it’s 2 time award winning personal training and wellness concepts and service. Gross T/O $615,000. Selling due to family commitments. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

mob 0412 757 831 72 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $195,000 WIWO


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Fitness Centre Albury / Wodonga


Excellent Well-Established Business Located on a busy main road in Albury-Wodonga. One of the largest inland population centres in Australia with over 110,000 people living within the Albury - Wodonga statistical district. Strategically located on the major inland Sydney to Melbourne corridor, The Hume Highway, AlburyWodonga offers an ideal

de-centralised location for businesses. Fully staffed and runs itself. Access to beautifully presented pool. Sale includes plant & equipment but excludes business name. Training can be provided. Currently runs successfully under management. Possible finance available.

mob 0407 624 803


price: $120,000

Fitness Centre Brisbane


Healthy Inspirations Fitness Centre Located in North Lakes in a fast growing area. North Lakes is an outer Northern suburb of Brisbane approx. 30 mins from the CBD. Situated on a main road opposite a Westfield Shopping Centre, also next to a High School and Medical Centre, with great exposure to

the local residents. Healthy Inspirations is a Women’s only Weight-loss and Exercise Centre and offers an effective, long term weight-loss solution. Gross T/O for 2008/2009 Financial Year will be approx. $250,000. Selling due to family commitments. Possible finance available.

price: $95,000 WIWO ah (07) 3886 8970 mob 0417 079 462



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 73



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Florist South East


When words escape, Flowers Speak This florist and giftshop is located in South East Queensland, Stanthorpe. Only florist in town specialising in flowers but also sells gifts. Gross Turnover in 2008-2009 $183,835. Stanthorpe is nestled in the heart of the

Granite Belt surrounded by unspoilt National Parks and is known as Queensland’s premier wine region, boasting more than 45 wineries. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $100,000 + S.A.V. 432506

bh (07) 4681 1626 fax (07) 4681 1975

Florist Sydney


It’s Time To Smell The Roses This successful award-winning florist is well-positioned in a busy mall as well as an online store. The business maintains an extremely high level of service in Casula, the South Western Sydney region. Provides a 7 day delivery service, Interflora & an internetbased ordering system. Catering for weddings, parties,

anniversaries, funerals etc. Selling an arrangment of flowers, balloons, hampers, soft toys plus many more. Net profit growing. 3 qualified casual employees in place. Owner willing to stay on for 1 month during the transition period. Possible finance available. Contact owner for futher information.

bh (02) 9822 7238 fax (02) 9822 7298 mob 0404 484 846 74 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $100,000 WIWO


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Page 75

Franchise Sydney


Outdoor & Travel Equipment Specialists Excellent location on Kent Street provides a highly profitable, proven franchise in this vibrant industry for the owner-operator or astute investor. This franchise is the leader in climate control clothing, technical footwear and travel gear, stocking both in-house and sought after international brands for the lifestyle buyer, weekend warrior or traveller. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a flagship CBD store with prospects for significant expansion. Training provided. High Turnover. Contact for financial information.

price: P.O.A. 430804

mob 0405 415 631

Franchise Launceston and Hobart


braaap motorcycles (Store+Tracks+Club) The Award winning business braaap motorcycles is like a surf shop but for motorcyles! Selling Motorcycles, scooters, streetwear, clothing, spares, mechanical service, own tracks which is run by Braaap club & has everything associated to the motorcycle lifestyle! Recruiting passionate franchisee’s to join the network, own their own Braaap store & be apart

of this amazing journey! Braaap designs & tests products here in Australia! Worked with the most successful growth & franchise company in the world to develop, test & prove the franchise & store concept over the past 5 years! No experience necessary but passion is required! Look forward to hearing from you!

price: P.O.A. bh 0419 301 712 ah 0417 381 552 mob 0419 301 712



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 75



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Franchise North Coast


Turnover $2.5 Million and Growing Located in Mackay this renowned international and interstate removal business continues to show substantial growth. The client base includes numerous contracts with companies such as BHP, NAB, Woolworths, Macmahons, Hastings Deering and John Holland, to name a few. Gross Turnover $2.5 million. A very competitive business in the domestic cash

market, with room to grow. Situated in a busy industrial estate the business has been established in the Mackay region for 8 years. There are long-term storage facilities in the depot and established trained staff in place who have generated a very good reputation for the business in the region. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

price: $1,200,000 432799

fax (07) 4952 2355 mob 0400 006 268

Franchise Sunshine Coast


Great Cashflow Business Ideal For Owner Operator Amazing Clean Blinds is a national franchise group that specialises in the ultrasonic cleaning of all types of internal blinds. Services Caloundra and surroundings inc. Beerwah/Maleny and North to Kawana Island. Business has been around for many years with revenue increasing. Suitable for either a sole traitor or husband and wife team. Located in the Sunshine Coast QLD, one of the fastest growing areas in

Australia. Amazing Clean is a long established and very successful franchise with set price franchise fees, earn what you like. No opposition in the area. Great factory set up, can be homebased or relocated. Easy operation with no real experience necessary. Price includes modern van, ultrasonic machine, factory set-up and parts/tools etc. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

mob 0417 003 176 76 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $135,000 WIWO


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Page 77

Franchise Lithgow


Join the No.1 Global Franchising Opportunity Occupying a prime corner location on the town’s busy Main Street this wellknown restaurant / takeaway specialises in healthy quick meal solutions. Located in a major shopping precinct with nearby shops including Harvey Norman, Dimmys and Woolworths, a large government office and the local library nearby. This is the only healthy food outlet on

Main Street and offers tasty low fat meals including subs, wraps and salads. Very quick and easy to prepare menu, with all systems in place. The shop is 110 square metres and seats 22. The business is currently growing and offers a huge opportunity for an owner operator. Contact for full & financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 4776 1173 mob 0409 512 111

fax (02) 4776 1484


price: $375,000

Franchise Coonabarabran


Ford Dealership & More This successful country business is located in prosperous & historic township of Coonabarabran (pop 2,600+) in Northern NSW. Brains Ford is long established & the oldest Ford Dealership in NSW. The Dealership trades in vehicle sales, major repairs & maintenance of all makes & models. The well equipped workshop has the latest in tooling & equipment. Longstanding contracts as a NRMA license providing road side assistance & services, produces an ongoing

income. Current T/O exceeds $1mil without car sales. Price includes stock, equipment & freehold land & building. Coonabarabran is situated at the intersection of the Newell & Oxley Highways, between Dubbo & Tamworth, approx. halfway between Melbourne & Brisbane, 6 hours from Sydney. Coonabarabran is the gateway to the Warrumbungle National Park & the leading community in the Warrumbungle Shire with excellent schools, medical facilities & sporting venues.

price: $1,800,000 freehold bh (02) 6842 1500



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 77



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Page 78

Garden Maintenance Southern Sydney


Buy Yourself An Income BCN Lawn & Garden Care operates in the St George and Sutherland Shire area, 25km south of the CBD and 20 mins from Sydney Airport. Operating for 18 years, the business specialises in lawnmowing, gardening, garden makeovers, turf laying, tree pruning, rubbish removal etc. T/O for last

financial year $65,000 plus (one operator), but could be easily expanded. Business is 30% Commercial & 70% Residential, with many longstanding customers. Sale includes client database, all equipment, and many spare parts. Only selling as moving interstate.

price: $60,000 equipment included fax (02) 9548 2069

Garden Equipment

Mid North Coast


bh (02) 9548 2341 mob 0412 000 779

General Store


Snowy Mountains


Located in Tuncurry/Forster, Mid North Coast, NSW. Outdoor Power Equipment - sales & repairs : Ride on & Push Mowers, Brushcutters, Hedge Trimmers, Edgers, Chainsaws and Small Engines. A stocked showroom & extensive range of spare parts. Also Motorcycle repairs carrying a range of parts & accessories. RTA Inspection Station for Pink Slips. One Tradesman employed. Rented premises. T/O $150 - $200k. Offering support for one month - negotiable.

Ideally located in the centre of Berridale on the main road to the NSW snowfields offering maximum exposure to passing trade. Only 2 hrs from Canberra and the South Coast and less than an hour from the ski resorts. The one general store in town, includes supermarket, newsagent, fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and delicatessen as well as lotto and gifts. Extensive assets. Includes 4-bedroom residence. Excellent opportunity with potential for growth. Suited to owner/operator or family. Contact for information package. Possible finance available.

price: $120,000 negotiable

price: Business: $180,000 negotiable + S.A.V. Freehold: P.O.A.

bh (02) 6555 8522 fax (02) 6555 2189 78 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0402 152 613


Business and/Or Freehold Property


Advance Motorcycle & Mower repairs


3:26 PM

Page 79

General Store South-West


Ideal Family Business Burgo’s Store is open 7 days a week and is located in a friendly country town in Gundagai, almost halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. Situated between 3 motels, this store is the only convenience store in Gundagai with a lot of local support and its regular clientele of travellers, truck

drivers and sales reps. It has a good reputation for friendliness and great food. Gross T/O for 2008 was $654,000. Recently added Ice, Gas and fishing supplies. Good strong lease in place. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

price: $135,000 + stock & equipment 431673

mob 0432 380 757

General Store Bridgewater on Loddon


Want to be your own boss & live in the country? Popular halfway stop between Melbourne & Mildura/Swan Hill, just 30 minutes from Bendigo. Walking distance to Loddon River, great for fishing and well known for Water skiing, Sky Diving within 5 mins, Gold Detecting /fossicking close by. This very well presented, award winning mixed business has been owned and operated by current owners for the past 10 years. The business itself has been operating for over 30 years. Established excellent reputation for quality food (eat in or takeaway), Hot & Cold food, groceries, DVD hire, Ice,

Phone recharge, Gas refills, Public Internet Access, Fishing licences, Huge range of stock. ATM on site. Large store shed. Shop fully air conditioned. Great cash flow turning over $10,000 min per/wk. Seating inside 8 people, outside 12 people under veranda, also garden area capable of seating 20. 2 Bedroom residence, large lounge, dining & kitchen area attached with huge back yard room for expansion. Primary School 2 min walk, Secondary School Bus Pick up for Private and Public Schools in Bendigo.

price: $380,000 negotiable + S.A.V. bh (02) 9281 4599

fax (02) 9212 6054



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 79



3:26 PM

Page 80

General Store Rockhampton Region


Excellent Business Opportunity Plus Accomodation Well established convenience store catering for a diverse clientele. Located in Zilzie, just 35 minutes from Rockhampton. Zilzie is gaining high prominence as one of Australia’s booming destinations, with significant new tourism & residential developments underway. The shop’s great location is five minutes from the beach with bus stop outside the shop. Only store in the area that has the range of items it has to offer. Hot food, drinks, groceries, fish bait, ice, newspapers & magazines, milk & bread just to name a few. The Laundromat has three hired coin

operated commercial washing machines & four commercial dryers (with room to expand). Outside shady area at side of shop with seating for customers to relax with a coffee or tea. The premises has an upstairs living apartment with two bedrooms lounge/dinning & kitchen area with a large outside balcony for Summer BBQ. Current T/O $300,000 p.a. Store would suit a family operation with potential for individual members. With a 15 year lease & 13 remaining allows plenty of time to be rewarded. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $205,000 WIWO 432301

bh (07) 4938 8258

General Store Carisbrook


Profitable Business Plus 3-Bedroom Residence Located in Carisbrook, 159km north-west of Melbourne between Castlemaine and Maryborough, and 45 mins to Ballarat & Bendigo. Situated in the town’s main street, this Freehold business comprises a small supermarket (groceries, horse & dog supplies etc.), licensed bottle shop, newsagency, eat-in dining area and takeaway, computerised sales system,

in-store ATM, & ample parking. Currently open 7 days, T/O $810,000, minimal competition, ideal for a couple / family to run. Huge goodwill with locals. Plenty of scope for increased sales in rapidly growing township. There is a V/Line bus stop at the front door. 3-bedroom residence includes a large private back yard plus shed. Owners are retiring.

bh (03) 5464 2293 fax (03) 5464 1226 80 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $395,000 + S.A.V. freehold



3:26 PM

Page 81

General Store North Coast


Wonderful Opportunity Supurb Area Wooli is a beautiful fishing village approx. 1 hour North of Coffs Harbour, 30 minutes East of Grafton & only 3 hours South of the Gold Coast. The Village is surrounded by Yuraygir National Park on a narrow peninsula with the Wooli River on one side & The Pacific Ocean on the other. The General Store presents a huge opportunity to purchase a thriving business servicing a large regular clientele plus thousands of holiday makers throughout the year. Included in this sale • Freehold 1 acre commercial site • The General Store • 3 adjoining shops & a 2 bed self contained residence • Opportunity to further develop the site. Full financials available for qualified enquiries. This business will be sold as a leasehold ($450,000) or a freehold with THE VENDOR PROVIDING UP TO 40% INTEREST FREE FINANCE (for freehold only). Contact Steve and Karen for further info.

price: $1,090,000 freehold 428198

bh (02) 6649 7546 mob 0429 497 546

General Store

The Entrance


High Income In Friendly Small Town


Get Ready Now For The Summer Trading

Long est. & successful store sells groceries, fruit & veg, bread, ice creams, drinks etc. Loyal regular customers & good passing trade. Stable local workforce. Calliope is a fast growing area, many new homes, maintaining a quiet country lifestyle. A great place to live. Good schools, hospital, golf, bowls & other sporting clubs, great beaches all close by. No experience needed. Currently run by husband & wife who work half of each day each. Good profits, low overheads, low rent on premises. Current owners will pay the first 3 months rent, to help the successful buyer settle in. T/O $600,000. Possible finance available.

Beautifully presented business opened by present owner 13 years ago. Excellent opportunity to get into an established business in a prime foot traffic area, on main street of a premier Central Coast holiday destination. Offering a diverse range of quality gift and homeware items. Souvenirs, beachwear, art prints and a great range of shells are just a few items on offer. This is an opportunity not to miss! Long lease. Contact for further information.

price: $72,500

mob 0416 094 869

mob 0425 766 154


price: $210,000 negotiable + S.A.V.



Gift Shop

Australian Business For Sale ® 81



3:26 PM

Page 82

Gift Shop Ballarat


Trophy and Engraving specialists Located in Ballarat, Victoria’s largest inland city with a population of 88,437 people. Business is situated in a busy strip shopping centre. Specialising in diverse trophy and engraving. Consistently growing figures

and profitability making this an ideal business for a husband and wife/ family team. Training provided for this specialised business to suitable buyer. Finance available. Contact owner for full and financial information.

price: $195,000 + S.A.V. 431546

bh (03) 5336 2236 fax (03) 5336 2236

Hairdressing Salon North Sydney


This Is The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For! As an Investor or hairdresser you can now buy into an exciting, profitable and successful hairdressing salon at North Sydney. The salon is a part of Just Cuts, the largest hairdressing franchise in Australia. The business is easy to run with a brilliant 6yr reputation, good systems and simple processes for a smooth transition. Great staff, 7 cutting stations, 2 shampoo basins, quality equipment,

kitchen and store room. Excellent street location in the busy heart of Walker Street with very high business and residential pedestrian traffic. Just round the corner from North Sydney station and the city bus with flexible days and hours to suit. Gross turnover approx $235K pa. Easy finance available upon request. Act now and grab this fantastic opportunity!

Call Sam immediately on 0414 472 947

Sam 0414 472 947 82 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $165,000



3:34 PM

Page 83

Hairdressing Salon

Western Sydney





Just Cuts Franchise - Parramatta

Avalanche Cocktails

A Just Cuts Salon with a difference. The price of this business has been reduced as the owner has moved on to another venture. Offering 1 month rent-free. Finance available. Suit owner/operator. Established over 9 yrs with a brilliant location at entrance to Myer. Training provided plus Operations Manual and fully automated system reducing administration time. The business is under management with turnover $430,000. Easy to run with support from the largest hairdressing franchise group in Australia. Newly installed camera surveillance system. Up to date fit out, equipment and much more.

Established 5 yrs franchise- supplying cocktail machines & slushie machines to private & corporate functions. Fun & exciting. Easily run by one person, or suits family team. Great cash flow. Exclusive territory. Unique product. Intensive step-by-step training & ongoing support (incl. bookkeeping, daily operations, marketing etc). Work from home (low overheads) or from shop. Ability to subfranchise in future. Great first business or second income, with potential to develop. Majority of workload on weekends. Owner selling due to family circumstances. Please contact Mel for info pack.

price: $159,000 428807

mob 0423 807 858


price: $130,000 O.N.O.

fax (02) 9399 8741 mob 0414 556 999

Hire Western Sydney


Never Before Offered This Limousine business has been operating out of western Sydney since 1991. The business has its own showroom situated in Seven Hills, which is one of the most professional showrooms and outfits operating in Sydney, displaying all the vehicles. There are a total of 5 limousines for sale which include Lincoln and Mercedes Super stretches also 2 custom built Mercedes convertibles and a Mercedes Sedan many bookings for 2009 and 2010. Price Includes cars, showroom and all bookings. Selling due to health reasons. Contact for further and financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 9281 4599 fax (02) 9212 6054 mob 0414 477 300


price: $945,000 WIWO negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 83



3:34 PM

Page 84

Hire North Sydney


Packaging Industry Manufacturer Rentafill is a nationwide packaging solutions provider that has assisted companies, large and small, with packaging services and advice since 1994. Operating from a fully equipped factory in Sydney the company designs, manufactures, sells and rents its own volumetric liquid filling machines, capping and labelling machines and ancillary equipment. The business offers capping, filling, sealing & labelling machinery to the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries too. Gross T/O was $505,000 in 2008/09. After more than 40 years in the

packing industry, the owner is selling. The business sale includes the transfer of Rental and Rent/Buy agreements, transfer of hire to purchase agreements, Web Sites, Business Names, Registered Domains, Intellectual Property, Plant & Equipment, Spare Parts Consumables. A technician/service employee will remain with the business. The business owner commits to assisting the purchaser through a thorough transition and training period and consultancy if required. Contact Dushan Djukic for further information.

price: P.O.A. 432210

bh (02) 9744 8833 mob 0433 131 211



Take Advantage of this GREAT Opportunity Jack’s Hire Service is the leading general hire business in the growing Warrumbungle Shire. The region is set to explode with many major developments in the works, including solar & gas-fired power station with desalination capabilities, wind farms, a 100 home sub-division, and a 32 block industrial sub-division. Current clients include local & state gov. agencies, as well as regional and interstate companies from the Tourism & Hospitality, Building & Construction, and Mining & Engineering industries. 12-mth contract with Warrumbungle Shire council, coal mining operations in Dunedoo, and the Santos gas exploration & production, means there are plenty of opportunities for the future. Owner only selling due to ill health.



Jukebox Disco Lights & Cocktail Machine Hire Earn a weeks wage in a few hours! Great business for a family or even a uni student to run from home. Party Juke is a CD Jukebox, Digital/Karaoke Jukebox, Daquiri Machines & Disco Lights Hire business. Currently run in Brisbane, QLD but can be relocated anywhere. Yellow pages advertising in place as well as new business cards reprinted for new buyer. Price includes 3 digital karaoke jukeboxes, 2 cocktail machines, 2x CD jukeboxes, various disco lighting & spare part equipment, over 1000 CD library, software too many to mention. Contact for full and financial information.

price: $45,000

bh / fax (02) 6842 2378 mob 0418 270 326

bh (02) 9281 4599

84 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $370,000 plant & equip. included

fax (02) 9212 6054






3:34 PM

Page 85


Home Based

South East




Temporary Pool Fence Hire Business

Work 1-2 days - Make $1000+week

Excellent opportunity to take advantage of this lucrative established business which is in its 6th year of operation and has two established franchisees already operating. Supported by Australian Legislation. Ability to operate from home. Minimal operating expenses. Full training is provided to suitable buyer. Very simple and easy to run system with flexible hours & no quoting. Turnover in excess of $200,000 p.a. High profit margin. Potential to expand. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

Location Van – Photography / Film / TV Industry – Unique opportunity for an outgoing & energetic Owner / Operator working 1-2 days a week in the fashion / advertising and film /TV industry. Purpose built Mercedes 912 with custom fit-out plus a 2007 Renault Traffic SWB Van for smaller jobs. Core business is service & transport of advertising & fashion industry crews to & from shoots as well as offering logistical support. Ongoing work available. Great business for someone looking for solid returns from part time work. Support & training for up to 3 months. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $275,000 (Stock & Custom Trailer Inc.)

bh (03) 9974 2769 mob 0412 999 350


price: $225,000 including vehicles 431884

bh 1300 787 940 fax 1300 654 045 mob 0438 574 228

Home Based Australia wide


Personal Development Is Booming! #1 Lifestyle Business with a 9yr track record. Potential 1st year profit is multiple 6 figures. A simple 3 step system with a comprehensive 24/7 training & support. Minimal start up capital required. No franchise fees. 100% profit paid directly to you. No stock, rent or staff

overheads. ROI in months not years. No previous experience required. Work from home or on the road it’s your choice. 15-25 hrs per week, giving you time & freedom. Visit today and request an interview.

bh (03) 9014 9455 mob 0410 683 443


price: from $2,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 85



1:30 PM

Page 86

Home Based Melbourne


Exciting & Unique Business Opportunity Do you aspire to own your own business or be part of a well-recognised, professional and successful team? 'Your Child' has found a way that you can have it all - a family life, and a ‘unique’ yet simple-to-run business offer. This business is a Shire/Municipality based local family magazine published monthly. A great quality, full

colour gloss publication. It offers cost effective advertising to encourage local business owners to target their market directly. Price includes computer, pre-loaded software & multi function centre, full training, all documentation & procedures & full support. Contact for full and financial information.

bh (03) 9431 3003


price: $14,995

Home Based Sunshine Coast


Online Grocery Deliveries ‘My Grocery Shop’ has been established for 4 years with a loyal customer base. Locally owned and operated on the Sunshine Coast but can be relocated anywhere. Offers a personalized service to locals and the tourism market with groceries stored in fridge and pantry prior to guests arrival.

Delivers a full range of grocery items purchased daily, no stock held. If purchased by small supermarket would enable increase in turnover. High Google rankings with recipical links to accom. Contact for financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 5448 0077 fax (07) 5474 9288 mob 0448 380 077 86 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $65,000



3:34 PM

Page 87

Home Based Newcastle


Business Opportunity Join The Excitement Mad Cow Entertainment est. 1999. Specialising in the most up to date, fun and interactive amusement equipment available in Australia. Catering to hundreds of private parties, Schools, Pubs & Clubs, Rodeos etc. Can be relocated to your area. Great cash-flow, very low overheads. No franchise fees. Licenced territory is extensive

& includes major towns in region. Well established with repeat customer base. Sale includes approx $135K of equipment & current bookings. Previously operated part-time from home & under full management, so the potential for growth is very strong. Possible finance available.

price: $255,000 WIWO

Home Based


Wagga Wagga



Radio Control Retail Hobby Store

Debtor / Credit Management Opportunities

Fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to be profitable in this lucrative market. Est. 31 years in the beautiful Riverina area. Fantastic showroom with a range of hobby goods including aircraft, helicopters, cars, boats, radio control sets and engines. Staff in place. T/O approx $900K. Lease available upon request. Self-manageable website for automatic internet sales. Solid reputation with ongoing repeat business from over 6,000 loyal customers nationally. Infrastructure in place for further expansion into domestic and international markets. Business can be relocated. Training available. Owner’s retiring. Financial details available on request. Vendor will consider partial vendor finance for serious buyer.

price: $995 to $6,430 + GST

price: $950,000 WIWO stock included

mob 0435 294 648

bh (02) 6925 6600


Looking for suitable applicants to own and run their own businesses by helping smaller enterprises with outsource credit control, invoicing, debtor management, credit checking, debtor health checks and subscription management for clubs. Established 2002 in Australia and 1998 in New Zealand, the business is easy to understand and operate. Full training and ongoing support. Ideal for persons with accounts, credit, banking and general business experience. Your client’s customers pay sooner but do not know you are involved. No debt collecting. Full systems provided for outsource debtor management. Contact for further information.

mob 0429 328 598


Australia wide


mob 0411 103 337

Australian Business For Sale ® 87



3:34 PM

Page 88

Health/Medical Sydney


Established Natural Therapies Clinic Aromatica is a boutique clinic servicing the Inner West suburbs of Sydney. Located in Lilyfield / Leichhardt, neighbouring businesses include a cafe, newsagent & foodstore. Specialising in massage, herbal medicine, weight loss and aromatherapy plus other therapies. Clients consist of

baby boomers, professional couples and older couples with children. Clinic is set in a period building with three treatment rooms(two for massage), one consulting office as well as back room used for a herbal dispensary. Possible finance available. Contact for full & financial information.

mob 0414 788 583


price: $70,000

Hotel Upper Hunter Valley


Great Country Pub The Durham Hotel is an historic landmark located in the Upper Hunter township of Wingen, a small village midway between Scone & Murrurundi on the New England Highway. (pop. 250). Tamworth is 100km North of Wingen (pop. 50,000) & offers a wide range of facilities plus daily air services to Sydney. The Hotel enjoys great local support with 150 social members, it also draws a large part of its custom from the surrounding area, with numerous horse studs, large

properties & coal mines in the area. Gross T/O $1,000,000 plus. The Hotel provides a 4 bed, 2 bath, residence & would suit a family operation. School Bus to nearby primary & high schools. The ‘Durham’ is the central feature of Wingen & serves up to 800 meals a week. Also includes a General Store & Newsagency. Plenty of passing trade. Huge potential with increasing trade & turnover continuing to rise. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (02) 6545 0351 mob 0416 211 978 88 Australian Business For Sale ®

fax (02) 6545 0148


price: $1,600,000 freehold


3:34 PM

Page 89

Homeware Brisbane


Great Cashflow Business Well-established Blinds, Shutters, Awnings Retailing Business in the fast growing Western Suburbs of Brisbane. No manufacturing or employees. Current husband and wife owners enjoy constant work and cash flow. A good reputation brings referrals and repeat business. Very successful local print

advertising is kept to a minimum with enormous potential to expand. This would not be for sale if the owners were not wanting a well-overdue retirement. Easy to learn business with free training provided if needed. T/O $427,000. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $165,000 WIWO 430180

bh (07) 3279 2214 fax (07) 3279 2214

Homeware Renmark


Country Lifestyle Plus Solid Income Located in the beautiful and historic town of Renmark on the Murray River, a large prosperous town in the heart of an orchard area growing limes, olives, apricots, grapes, plums and garlic. The town offers all amenities plus galleries, fruit stalls for fresh produce, wineries and billabongs and creeks for fishing. Gross T/O $272,520. Reluctant sale. Possible finance available. Established for 25 years in Riverland, the

business specialises in quality carpets, tiles, rugs, curtains, blinds, awnings and vertical drapes, etc. Also an agent for Waikerie Furniture: bedroom suites, tallboys, kitchen hutches and more. The business services Renmark, Waikerie, Berri, Barmera and the Riverland areas and is 256 km north east of Adelaide and 145 km from Mildura. Contact for further information.

price: $185,500 WIWO bh (08) 8586 6629 mob 0421 907 407



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 89



3:34 PM

Page 90

Import/Wholesale Western Sydney


High Profits in Boys Toys This is an excellent opportunity for an astute investor to earn a 6-digit income. Affordable Billiards was established in 2001 in Blacktown and has become Australia’s fastest growing billiard table company. A fun and enjoyable mancave business to run. Being able to purchase direct from the importer gives the owner a financial edge, enabling you to pay off the initial investment within a short space of time. Projected turnover 2009/2010 $900,000 - $1 million with nett profit approx. $175,000 increasing 30% this financial year. The business specializes in the import, wholesale and

retail of pool tables, table tennis tables and accessories. World & nationwide delivery service. Price includes forklift, 2-ton diesel truck & all fixtures & fittings. Extensive stock at valuation included in price, plus $7-$8,000 worth of signage. Advertising in place 2010 Yellow Pages, Australia’s largest billiard table website & page 1 listing on Google. Full training provided. Current staff available if required. Possible finance available. Includes billiard table removal business. Being sold as a package. Financials available to genuine enquirers. Contact Mark Borg.

bh (02) 9281 4599 fax (02) 9212 6054 mob 0402 028 125


price: $1,000,000 stock included

Internet Sydney


Innovative Business Ready For Franchise Exciting and rare opportunity! Now looking for a new owner to capitalise on this concept. Running successfully in the local area, and now ready to franchise to many urban areas in the state and throughout Australia. Free Prizes allows small and medium sized businesses to

promote themselves, reward their customers and sell their products online through Free Prizes website. Income also acheived through external website design and hosting. Unlimited scope for growth. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

bh (02) 4572 2949 90 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $170,000 WIWO



3:34 PM

Page 91

Internet Nationwide


Specalists In Stockings/Hosiery/Bodywear Excellent opportunity to purchase this home based online business specialising in stockings for business, dance, everyday wear, fuller figures, children, maternity, uniform etc. Selling a variety of well known brands such as

Voodoo, Kayser, Wicked, Razza Matazz and many more. Work in the comfort of your own home with established customer base already in place. Contact further information

price: $20,000


Sunshine Coast


mob 0410 445 994


Fraser Coast



Retail - Quality Kitchenware

Kwik Kerb – Offering Financial Freedom

Easily run, well established, quality retail kitchenware business. Ideal for two people. Currently operated by one owner plus 2 part-timers. Located in busy Stockland Shopping Centre, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, QLD. Adjacent to Coffee Club, opposite newsagent and Medicare, and 10 meters from Coles and K-mart. Fifty shops with average weekly traffic of 77,000 shoppers. Average T/O $400K. Net Profit $100,000 pa. Owners willing to train buyers in running and management of business.

Looking to set up a business in a magic area of Queensland? Take advantage of this well known business opportunity, which uses the unique KWIK KERB® continuous concrete edging system, allowing the operator to economically design landscapes and add value to the customer’s property. KWIK KERB® is a dominant leader in the home improvement industry and operators can earn in excess of $100,000 a year. Business can be relocated, and sale price includes brand new equipment. Price includes ‘Kwik Kerb’ license agreement plus training for this proven & profitable business. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $79,000 O.N.O. mob 0437 477 162


bh (07) 5476 6467 ah (07) 5476 6467 fax (07) 5476 8004


price: $220,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 91


3:34 PM

Page 92


Lawn Mowing

Mid North Coast

Gold Coast


Prestigious Grounds Maintenance Business

Good Solid Business in a Top Location Established for over 25 years and is located directly opposite gorgeous surf beach on NSW's Mid North Coast. Be your own boss! Perfect for a husband & wife team. The business operates a serviced laundry 5 1/2 days which caters to small - medium businesses and domestic clients. The self service Laundromat operates 7 days a week. This is a leasehold sale with secure lease in place. Opportunity to purchase a good business & a great lifestyle in a beautiful and rapidly growing area. Good T/O in excess of $130K. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Established care & maintenance business catering to a unique & select clientele, all of whom have multi million dollar properties. Very rare immense multi million dollar estate common grounds included. Holden 07 Rodeo, white, excellent condition. All equipment included, all excellent condition. Trailer with prominent advertising. Training for 1 full month. Fantastic simple systems in place for invoicing, work, and all operations. Rare and unique sale. Great opportunity to live on the beautiful coast and work your new business to suit your lifestyle. Finance may be available to approved applicants.

price: $155,000

price: $120,000 negotiable 431345

bh (02) 6583 6206 mob 0418 669 076


mob 0409 010 933



Lawn Mowing Brisbane


Well Established Client Base Based in Anstead, a picturesque area of South West Brisbane, this business specialises in gardening and landscaping. Included in sale price is a list of both corporate and private clients plus well-maintained equipment comprising immaculate van with signage and only 20,000 km on it, large trailer, 2 x

walk-behind self-propelled mowers, whipper snippers, blowers, telescopic tree pruner, grass edger, hedge trimmer, chain saw and all necessary equipment for the smooth running of the business. This is a good solid earner. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact owners for further information.

bh (07) 3202 9575 mob 0411 022 768 92 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

ah (07) 3202 9575


price: $85,000



3:41 PM

Page 93

Liquor Shop Canberra


Great Turnover Solid Profits Long established (45 years) & very profitable Liquor Shop located in the historic township of Queanbeyan on the border of the Australian Capital Territory. Queanbeyan (population 34,000 plus) is recognized as the fastest growing city in Southern NSW. The Store has a large regular clientele who take advantage of the well priced specials & standard range of alcoholic drinks. The liquor outlay specialises in unusual & hard to find imported & Australian

wines, beers, spirits & liqueurs, developing a niche market & a large customer base. Also caters to those looking to bulk buy Tawny Port, Muscat & Sherry. Additional sales made from cigarettes, newspapers, bread, milk & other sundry items. Current T/O $1.5 mil plus. Bulk purchasing through a successful banner group allows for very competitive pricing. Training would be provided to a suitable purchaser. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $400,000 + S.A.V. 424311

ah (02) 6299 9203 mob 0419 423 616

Management Rights Port Douglas


Lifetyle Plus Excellent Income Located in the picturesque village area of Port Douglas this established & superbly presented AAA 4 star rated holiday complex generates an income of $722,000 plus. Ideally located 70 meters to Four Mile Beach and minutes from the heart of town, this complex has 20 selfcontained units + Manager’s office & equipment (2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit valued $550,000). Tropical lagoon style pool + spa,

wading pool, BBQ, Sundeck, lap pool, cable TV. Income includes Body Corp salary. Large & regular clientele reflected in forward bookings. Full info available. Strong demand despite economy, UK contacts mean good low season + high season very well booked mainly due to return guests. Full & further financial information available for qualified enquiries. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (07) 4099 5998 fax (07) 4099 4113


price: $1,750,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 93

4:48 PM

Page 94

Management Rights


Management Rights

Albany Creek



Queensland Lifestyle Opportunity

Easy to run profitable business, with plenty of time for golf or additional work. A base salary is locked in with an 8% annual increase to end of contract. Opportunity to increase P & L. Great location, close to Bayside, Gateway Motorway, good schools & facilities. Quite 40 townhouse complex with pool, low maintenance, good tenants and a well set up modern office with excellent systems in place. Will provide professional handover and training. Purchase includes business and a property (air conditioned townhouse onsite). Currently netting approx $95,000. Asking price $740,000 (includes property valued at $300,000).

Located in sought-after area Brisbane Northside. Management rights for 52-unit complex. Well-appointed stand-alone manager’s house has 4 bedrooms, double remote garage, plenty of storage, air cond., large covered entertaining area. Income approx $75,000; Home plus income $710,000; includes well-equipped office (computer, printer/fax/copier, filing cabinets etc). Very attractive complex with wide streets; fully-grown trees; low maintenance shrubs; pool/spa; undercover barbecue area. Two weeks change-over training period. Contact for further information.

price: $740,000

price: $710,000

bh (07) 3890 4669 mob 0410 517 000

bh (07) 3264 1023 mob 0402 114 435


Brisbane Bayside Business And Home



fax (07) 3264 2155


Carrum Downs



Leading Horse Float Manufacturer

Manufacture and sales of a portable turntable for wrapping pallets. Currently operates from owner’s premises in Caboolture, Queensland but is relocatable. Would suit a small to medium manufacturer, particularly one presently involved with materials handling manufacturing. There is ample scope to increase market penetration of this product. Owner selling due to retirement. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

One of the leading Horsefloat Manufactures in the country. Owner selling after 12 years of successful ownership. Business name in operation for 40 years. $200,000 to $300,000 of stock and work in progress. Huge amount of equipment including welders, Gillotine, Folder, Forklifts, spraybooth, Rotary Compressor and more . $500,000 of orders in hand waiting to be started. Business has very high reputation in Horse industry. 12 staff employed with Production Manager who could manage whole business if required. Floats sold Australia wide. Some Vendor Finance maybe available. No special skills required apart from ability to manage Staff, Production and Sales would be an advantage. This is a genuine long term business at a realistic price- no offers. Call Tony direct on 0417 593 218 for more details.

price: $30,000 + S.A.V.

price: $1,300,000 WIWO

bh (07) 5498 5016 fax (07) 5497 8200

bh 0417 593 218 ah 0417 593 218 mob 0417 593 218


Pallet Wrapper Manufacture / Relocatable

94 Australian Business For Sale ®







3:41 PM

Page 95

Manufacturing South Coast


Aluminium Windows & Doors Well-known & long est. (30 years) business located in the beautiful South Coast area of Batemans Bay. Specialises in the manufacture of aluminum windows, doors & all associated products. Large client base & work in progress to support existing high turnover. 14 long serving staff

in place, up to date computer systems & 5 vehicles. Immaculate premises with 3 x 3 leasehold. Great business now with the potential to expand. Current owner willing to provide training. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact Peter for further details.

fax (02) 4472 6701 mob 0414 624 442


price: $690,000 + S.A.V.

Manufacturing Brisbane


Embroidery Excellence Established 24 Years Specialises in providing a professional, personalised, computerised embroidery service within Brisbane and throughout Australia and beyond. Current premise has been designed with growth in mind. Well equipped and profitable with an excellent expanding client base. Easily manageable, flexible to take

large orders & unique one-off requests. Systems in place to ensure quality & efficiency. Experienced & loyal staff. New owner can be confident the enterprise can exchange hands with little disruption. T/O $700,000. Training can be provided. Contact Lyn & Geoff. Possible finance available.

bh 0400 078 903 ah (07) 3396 6373 fax (07) 3890 7663


price: $700,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 95



3:41 PM

Page 96

Manufacturing Bundaberg


Steel Homes & Garages Investment Property The best & largest location for sales and display in the city (4 acres approx). Selling houses, garages and carports from site for 14 yrs. Selling lock-up kits. No building work. Very easy to operate, training provided. Huge potential as Bundaberg

has a huge growth rate. Price includes all plant & equipment. Large 6 bedroom, 2 story house also available. Selling due to retiring. $150,000 + SAV for business and $950,000 for complete package (property, business, house).

price: $150,000 + S.A.V. 431852

bh (07) 4155 1600 fax (07) 4155 3535

Manufacturing Nationwide


Whatsaname Personalised Gifts Ideal business for someone with the desire to work their own hours manufacturing a fun and bright product! This simple and unique business specialises in personalised gifts for kids. Selling products through website along with distributors across Australia, including Australia Zoo. Price

includes a CNC Router, Air Brushing Equipment, website with full shopping cart functionality, stock and much more. This business can be run anywhere in Australia. Proudly 100% Australian Made. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 5423 0753 fax (07) 3036 5785 96 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $55,000 WIWO



3:41 PM

Page 97

Manufacturing Brisbane


Unique Opportunity Exists! Manufacturing / Fabrication business located in North Brisbane. Servicing the Brisbane, Gold Coast and North Coast areas. Family company with good staff in place plus established clientele. High standards with an annual T/O between $1.5 -

$2.5 Million per year. Good lease available. Selling due to owner retiring. This is a unique combination that will be the basis for continued growth and development. All offers considered. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

price: $289,000 WIWO fax (02) 9212 6054


bh (02) 9281 4599

Manufacturing Geelong


Products for a Safer Environment This business (est 10 yrs) specialises in products that support high volume precast concrete manufacturers who require easy stripping and ultimate high class finishes to their finished products without expensive reworks. Rosmar oil products have been specifically designed for the production of pre-cast concrete products that provides high-class finishes

on all precast concrete shapes. Rosmar oil products do not contain hazardous substances, are safe for human contact & are a substitute for hazardous mineral-based oils thus removing all types of Risks from the workplace. The products are Environmentally responsible & easy to use. Contact for further information

bh 0400 228 395 ah/fax (03) 5282 8575 mob 0400 228 395


price: $200,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 97



3:41 PM

Page 98

Manufacturing Mid North Coast


Coastal Gem Is Ready For New Owner Owner is very motivated to sell. This business has been highly successful for over 20 years and is poised to continue its success. Situated in beautiful Nambucca Heads, one of the fasting growing areas in NSW. Fully

trained staff are in place to make it an easy transition. If you are looking for a business that shows high returns to owner working just 5 days per week in a picturesque coastal township then this business is for you.

price: $189,000 + S.A.V. 415296

ah (02) 6568 6431 mob 0409 666 740

Manufacturing Northern NSW


Unique Business Opportunity With Instant Income! The established and award winning Davis Starlifter is a simple, effective dualpurpose tool designed to lift logs off the ground to a stable position for a clear cut, avoiding chainsaw damage, and for removing or adjusting steel posts. Can be relocated anywhere and is currently sold through Chainsaw, Rural outlets and Trade Field Days. Winner of many awards, some mentioned on website.

Plenty of forward bookings via ph/fax with little marketing used. Would compliment a new or existing business with low start up costs. A variety of clientele such as woodcutters, fencers and councils for road works eg. for cleaning up fallen trees after storms. All training can be provided to suitable buyer/s. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 6729 1557 fax (02) 6729 1558 98 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $305,000 stock included



3:41 PM

Page 99

Manufacturing Central Coast


Fine Timber Specialist Plus Lifestyle Situated only minutes from beaches makes for a great lifestyle. This leading business on the Central Coast is located in an industrial and business centre on Manns Road in West Gosford with good parking and street frontage. The Lumber Bunker is a well presented destination

store for all Central Coast furniture makers and joineries, plus many customers located nearby. Modern showroom, fully equipped joinery workshop. Majority of the price lies in the stock. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

bh (02) 4323 6900 fax (02) 4323 6922 mob 0407 154 823


price: $229,000 WIWO

Manufacturing Brisbane


Great Add-on Business Located in Windsor a Northern Suburbs of Brisbane only 3.5Km from the CBD. Long established 18 years, has been a successful business supplying major brands on a regular basis. Great potential for growth as little or no marketing has been necessary to promote the business. Situated on a busy main road with good exposure. Initial costs approx $1 Million. 87 fully computerized embroidery

heads. Various other industrial presses, over lockers etc. Full in-house digitizing system – no outsourcing required. Airconditioned office, full communication & systems set-up (internet, website, car parks, phone/fax lines etc). This business would be a suitable add-on for someone already involved in a similar enterprise or if necessary could be relocated. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (07) 3357 7277 mob 0419 773 589

ah (07) 3862 4047 fax (07) 3357 7255


price: $275,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 99


3:41 PM

Page 100


Mixed Business




Established Pet Shop

Mixed Business + Four Bedroom House

Long established Pet Food shop (30 years) specialising in a variety of minced fresh food for dogs & cats that are prepared on a daily basis. The Shop is located in Capalaba, a suburb 30 min East from the centre of Brisbane, not far from Morton Bay. The business has a solid regular clientele & also wholesales to other pet food businesses. The Pet Shop also stocks a variety of dry food products, pet accessories & bird food. Also available for purchase ($20K) a sign written vehicle. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Long established, thriving mixed business plus a recently refurbished, freehold, 4 bedroom house, current owners have operated this store for 30 years. It provides for a strong local clientele as well as a solid tourist trade. Groceries, deli, sub-news agency, slushy machine, dvd hire, fishing gear & licences. Fax photocopying, mobile phone cards & internet recharge toys. This is a great opportunity to purchase a successfully established business & live in a beautiful area with growing potential. T/O & financial information provided on request. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $69,000 WIWO

price: $375,000 + S.A.V. freehold 429872

bh (07) 3390 1498 mob 0421 169 858


bh (02) 6947 1799 fax (02) 6947 1799



Marine Whitsundays


Marine Chandlery & Rigging Retail Shop This marine business has strong retail and trade following and was established in 1970. Annual T/O of 1.2m. Located conveniently between Airlie Beach & Shute Harbour on the main road, well-positioned to support the Whitsunday coast & Islands. Experienced staff in place.

Price includes all fixtures & fittings as well as two utes, one tractor fork lift & equipment. Stock approx. $300,000. Sales, ordering & account are all computerised. Selling due to retirement. Contact owner for further info. Optional Freehold. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 4946 5816 100 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $290,000 + S.A.V.



3:41 PM

Page 101

Mobile Business Sydney


Xpresso Coffee Instant Cash Flow Successful established Mobile Food business operating in the Sutherland Shire suburbs such as Kirrawee and Taren Point. Solid, loyal clientele, Gross Turnover approx. $140,000 p.a. Price includes full training, Volkswagen van, Honda generator and some stock. Operates 8am-2pm

Mon-Fri with weekends optional. Easy, low stress business. Franchise fee only $120 p.w. Xpresso Coffee company very helpful if needed, with an excellent reputation. Primary income is from coffee making, so very low overheads. Owners selling as they need more time with their 3 children.

price: P.O.A. 431568

mob 0420 834 026

Mobile Business Newcastle


Are You Looking To Buy Yourself An Income? Home Entertainment Express is located in Mayfield which is exclusive territory. Designed to allow people the time to enjoy home theatre entertainment by ordering from the comfort of their home, customers have the option of renting or purchasing a range of products, including DVD’s, games, DVD players,

televisions,computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, furniture etc. Gross T/O $1600 - $1800 per week. Reluctant sale due to family commitments overseas. Price includes over 700 DVDs, 40 PS2 games, van, business number plus associated software etc. Support & training will be provided. Possible finance available.

mob 0402 332 484


price: $77,500 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 101



3:41 PM

Page 102

Mobile Business Riverina Region


Mobile Gym - Forget Paying Rent This convenient & fun mobile gym operates in Wagga Wagga although can be operated anywhere. Ideal setup where no gym is available. Gym comprises of boxing, weights and cardio for 11 people inside, up to 30 outside(under awnings) with matts supplied. Air-conditioned, own generator or hook up to mains, equipment near new. Price includes 1989 Ford trader truck & Gooseneck trailer with 12 months rego on truck & trailer. Forget paying rent or answering to a landloard, this business is completely mobile with a setup & closedown time of just 15 mins. Ideal for a personal trainer wanting to expand into corporate business, schools etc. Well suited to country areas. Genuine reason for selling. Contact for full and financial information. Price $64,900.00 OR without equipment $49,900.00.

price: $64,900 432372

mob 0432 304 193

Mobile Business Sydney


Highly Lucrative Nudie Distribution Business The Fruit, the Whole Fruit, Nothing but the Fruit – this is the perfect product to distribute. A highly successful business with a gross turnover last financial year of $371,000. Looking for a new owner / operator. The area covered is Sydney’s inner western suburbs, offering an instant income, the business specialises in the distribution of the successful Nudie brand of

fruit juices and crushies. There is a large existing database with clients comprising supermarkets, coffee shops, clubs, catering firms etc. This is a turnkey operation, ready to go. Sale price includes truck. Ideally suited to someone looking to buy themselves an income. Possible finance available. Current owner is relocating. Contact for further financial and franchising details.

ah (02) 9667 4063 mob 0420 966 216 102 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $155,000



3:48 PM

Page 103

Mobile Business Gold Coast


Buy Yourself An Income Grooming Salon On Wheels Doggie Glamour, known as the Grooming Salon “On Wheels”, is a mobile service specialising in the grooming & styling of small dogs. Located in Northern Gold Coast, operating from a 2007 Renault Master medium wheel base high roof 2.5T diesel van (currently 28,000 km’s) which has been custom-built into a grooming salon. The working area is a fibreglass shell for ease of cleaning & fitted with roof mounted air-conditioning providing a comfortable working environment. Due to the unique custom design of

the grooming van Doggie Glamour is able to provide a grooming service to all people including those living in high rise & walk-up apartments as well as other locations where water & electricity supply is not available. No other mobile grooming service on the Gold Coast is equipped to do this. Currently has in excess of 150 regular & casual clientele. High-ranking website on which grooming prices are listed for customer convenience. Contact for full & financial information. Possible finance available.

price: $105,000 WIWO

Mobile Business


ah (07) 5591 6646 mob 0422 600 392



Home Ice Cream Franchise


Lifestyle In Magnificent Bright

Home delivery of top quality Australian made ice-cream at a very competitive price. Exclusive territory servicing the West side of Lake Macquarie between Wangi-Wangi and Edgeworth. Operating on a fortnightly cycle and supported by an extensive planned marketing campaign by the franchisor. Simple, stress free cash business that has grown every year with gross T/O for 08/09 at $510,000. Product development, marketing and logistics all looked after by franchisor. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

Bright’s historic Oriental Boutique Hotel, 3 & 4 star accommodation with stylish bistro and new wine bar. This hotel is known for it’s top standard in both accommodation and quality of food. Originally built 1862 and restored to its former glory, incorporating antique and modern decor. Beautifully furnished rooms with peaceful ambience. 6 heritage style rooms, 4 family units and 3 motel rooms. Restaurant seats approx 30, wine bar seats 14 plus plenty of standing room. 3-bed managers residence. Business rapidly increasing - occupancy rate up 40% on last year. Selling due to family commitments.

price: $550,000 leasehold 431027

price: $45,000 mob 0488 690 777 / 0428 690 700


bh (03) 5755 1074 fax (03) 5755 1019 mob 0400 577 460



Australian Business For Sale ® 103



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Page 104

Motel Southern


Ideal Husband and Wife Business Situated 4.5km from Corowa P.O., on the Murray River, 3 hrs north of Melbourne, on 4 titles, with 3 street frontages, this popular licensed motel has 3.5 star rating, 10 large rooms with all facilities, pool and barbecue area. Separate office with phone, fax and computer. Very low costs

and minimum tax. Plenty of land available for future extensions. Comfortable 3 bed. residence. Sale includes 20-passenger bus used for golf trips etc. T/O approx $180,000 p.a. Owners of 13 years wish to retire. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 6033 1366 fax (02) 6033 1391


price: $695,000 freehold

Motel Albury Region


Position Position Position Are you looking for a freehold accomodation, caravan park or motel business? Look no further. This 9 unit freehold motel is strategically positioned, approx. 3 1/2 hours north of Melbourne, 5 hours south of Sydney and 3 1/2 hours south of Canberra. Holbrook is an ideal stopover for the journey between

Sydney and Melbourne. Walking distance to eateries & speciality shops. Good lifestyle for new owners. Complex inc. swimming pool, childrens playground, large grassed play areas as well as large private areas etc. Possible finance available. Contact owners for full & financial information.

bh (02) 6036 2599 fax (02) 6036 2231 104 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $615,000 freehold



3:48 PM

Page 105

Motel New England


Country Lifestyle Opportunity to purchase a recently refurbished country Motel (3 star) that will provide a solid income plus a great lifestyle. Located north of Armidale on the New England Highway between Sydney & Brisbane. The motel is situated in a prominent position, 100 mtrs from the town’s shopping area. Good

regular clientele & a steady flow of passing trade. Also caters to the Coach Industry & currently has over $30K in advance bookings. Gross annual T/O $220,000 plus. The Motel has 20 well equipped, beautifully presented units & comes with a 5-bedroom owners residence.

bh (02) 6779 1022

fax (02) 6779 1904 mob 0409 600 291


price: $225,000 + S.A.V.

Motel NSW / VIC Border


Profitable Business Country Lifestyle Beautifully presented and extremely well set-up. Situated in Tocumwal, 3 hrs from Melbourne, in popular tourism area. Specialising in motel rooms and self-contained apartments, catering to Golf and Bowls Groups, Group Tours etc plus Conference Centre and fully licensed Dining Room. Situated opposite Bowls Club and hospital, midway between town centre and 36-hole championship golf course. Strong repeat bookings. 26-year lease. Gross T/O $264,000. Sale includes large 2-3 bedroom residence with private backyard, plus a bungalow. Very friendly community, educational facilities, major shopping centre 12 mins away. Promoted as “Centre to the Murray Attractions” by local Visitor Information Centre – See also for additional regional information. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

bh (03) 5874 2444 fax (03) 5874 2840


price: $360,000 leasehold

Australian Business For Sale ® 105



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Page 106

Motel Harrietville - Alpine Shire


The Ideal Escape For All Seasons Rare and idyllic opportunity to combine a lifestyle & an established business. This beautifully presented freehold property and business is now offered for sale. Situated in the picturesque village of Harrietville in the Ovens Valley, a popular tourist destination. At the moment, the business is being run by one couple & marketing is currently in place on accommodation websites. The property comprises approx 8,000m2 and has frontage to the Ovens River.

Gross T/O $152,000. Sale price includes 2 beautiful residences. Includes saltwater swimming pool, playground area, established European gardens and 12 comfortable family units as well as recreation room with pool & table tennis, sauna, playground with gas barbeques. Reluctantly selling due to health reasons. Contact owners or visit website for further information. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 5759 2531 fax (03) 5759 2720 mob 0427 745 552


price: $1,480,000 freehold

Motel Northern NSW


Moree Lodge Motel Situated on the Newell Highway, on route between QLD, NSW, VIC is the thriving town of Moree, Northwest NSW. Moree is called the ‘Artesian Spa capital of Australia’. Moree is a small town but a very busy town. The town attracts many business opportunities due to farming in the district, overnight business as we sit on-route between QLD & VIC PLUS the Hot Artesian Mineral Spas which bring in regulars staying weeks on end.The motel has a 3 star rating, offering 15 units:• 1 Family unit • 6 One-bedroom units • 8 Studio units • All reversed cycle air conditioned units • All self contained kitchenettes • Outdoor dining area

• Outdoor BBQ area • Guest Laundry • All allocated undercover car park • Unique FULL HOUSE SIZE managers’ residence The Motel is easy walking distance to town centre, 300 metres to the Hot Artesian Pools, 300 metres from the train station, 2 km to the airport, close to the RSL Club. The motel is across from a beautiful landscaped park and one road away from the main highway allowing for a good night sleep.This Motel is freehold. Also we are willing to stay on for training. Business is good and we are selling to retire. If you are looking at lifestyle and a great country town, Moree Lodge Motel ticks the boxes.Further details contact Libby. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (02) 6752 4504 ah (02) 6752 4504 fax (02) 6752 4578 106 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $730,000 WIWO freehold



3:48 PM

Page 107


North-West NSW


Gold Coast



NSW Lifestyle Opportunity

Ideal Position – Turnover $1.7 Million

Ideal husband & wife business. The Village Motor Inn is modelled on a Swiss style resort with guests staying in one of 32 chalets situated on 41/2 acres of trees, lawns & gardens. Located on the Dubbo side of Gilgandra 1.5 km from the Post Office, on main highway. The complex is built around a fully licensed a-la-carte Restaurant, pool & BBQ area. Sale includes 1 x 2 B/R House & 1 x 4 B/R House. T/O in excess of $230k. Possible Finance Available. Genuine sale as owners moving. Please contact owners for full financial information.

Excellent location on major road, one of 17 shops in a shopping complex consisting of a supermarket, bakery, coffee shop, hairdressers, florist, TAB, restaurants and food shops which all complement this modern, well-maintained newsagency. Ample parking. Road trucks and buses stop and buy newspaper, lotto etc throughout the day. Retail only (no paper deliveries) and easily run by a husband/wife team. Currently trading 6 days. Lease 5X5. Factories and university nearby and new hospital under construction with completion 2012 - this is the closest shopping complex. Reluctant sale, owners moving interstate.


bh (02) 6847 1433 fax (02) 6847 2096

bh 0419 104 524 ah 0419 104 524 fax (07) 5527 9395 mob 0419 104 524


price: $475,000 + S.A.V. (approx. $45,000)

price: $1,150,000 freehold

Newsagency Greater Tamworth Area


General Store / Newsagency Tingha General Store and Newsagency is the little shop that’s got the lot. Good variety stock range that includes chemist, food, tobacco, gifts, printer cartridges, basic fishing tackle, hardware, dvd hire, cards, stationary etc. Tingha’s population is over 900 and is located in the New

England Region of Northern NSW. Tingha is on the main thoroughfare between Inverell and Armidale, close to Copeton Dam and many other tourist attractions. Tingha is a relaxed old style mining town and has a unique landscape. Gross T/O $360,000 plus. Selling due to retirement.

bh (02) 6723 3434


price: $165,000 freehold

Australian Business For Sale ® 107



3:48 PM

Page 108

Party Hire Southern


Party on Wheels This established turnkey business can be run from anywhere. A one stop party hire shop specialising in the hire of an exciting & unique range of party hire products including Jumping Castles, Digital Karaoke / Jukeboxes, Mobile Video Game systems for multi players, Frozen Cocktail machines etc. Also some retail of party games, gifts and prizes. Caters to children, teens, corporate and commercial clients. Easy to operate with low inventory costs and great profit margins.

Excellent second / part time income or build your own franchise network. Includes business Logo and marketing programs. This is a rapidly growing market - economists indicate that the entertainment, amusement and leisure industry is poised for massive growth in the short to medium term. Established supply chain in place for all equipment and supplies. Current owner willing to work in business for agreed period to train purchaser. Contact for further information

bh (03) 9704 1414 fax (03) 8790 5422 mob 0400 144 103


price: $120,000

Pawnbroker Taree


Excellent Income Opportunity Located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales in Toree. Loans small to medium secured short term loans. Retailing of new and secondhand goods as well as Ebay Internet listings. The computerised Loan Office is the only one currently operating in Taree and the

surrounding area. T/O $500,000. Currently trading 6 days a week. Plenty of offstreet parking provided. Beautifully presented store in excellent position. Training and assistance provided for one month. Selling due to retirement. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 6551 2224 mob 0414 576 337

fax (02) 6551 7477

108 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $325,000 WIWO



3:48 PM

Page 109

Pest Control Brisbane - SE Qld


Hitman Pest Control Franchise Single operator licence for sale. Business would suit someone located between Gold Coast and Brisbane as territory includes Gold Coast, Brisbane CBD and some Sunshine Coast work. Fantastic set up where existing calls are supplemented by telemarketing office finding new calls. Majority of calls are

domestic premises. Cashflow from day one. Pest Control licence required although training is available. Gross T/O $220,000 plus. Selling price includes new PT Cruiser and equipment. Regretfully selling due to health reasons. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $165,000 WIWO 431918

mob 0430 152 857

Pet Care Melbourne


Ideal Owner Operator Capt’n Dogwash is a mobile dog grooming business located in Eastern Melbourne. Business runs itself and has not needed any advertising for over 3 years. Fully equipped high roof ford transit van set up from new. Large loyal clientele base. Cash basis

with minimal overheads. Full training provided. Suitable for a husband and wife team. This business is not a franchise. Selling due to other commitments. Possible finance available. Contact for further and financial information.

bh (03) 9720 9767 mob 0400 134 515


price: $135,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 109



3:48 PM

Page 110

Play Centre Western Sydney


Lollipops Playland Turnover $1 Million Plus Take advantage of the owner’s misfortune due to changed family circumstances and make it your good fortune. Possible finance available. Highly lucrative business opportunity located on a main road in Penrith and specialising in Children’s Birthday Parties and Casual Play in a large indoor

air-conditioned Playland. Outstanding nett profit. Ideal location in Penrith, one of the highest concentrations of children in Australia. Lollipop’s Franchises are located in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia and are the market leaders for Parties & Indoor Play. Contact Tony or Rod.

price: Negotiable

Post Office

Play Centre




Rumble in the Jungle

Post Office & Residence - Freehold

Unique state-of-the-art soft play centre. Easy operation. This play centre caters for 30 kids up to the age of 6 years and seats 32 adults. There are no licenses required. The business has been operating for the past 4 years and has a good reputation for parties and functions. Semi commercial kitchen plus coffee machine. All equipment is included in the selling price. Owners willing to offer training. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

Recession proof business combining a charming country Post Office plus beautiful renovated sandstone cottage. This well established and thriving business is the ideal treechange opportunity. Secure nett income approx $85k. Situated in the flourishing Upper Hunter Valley town of Merriwa 2 hrs from Newcastle. Excellent town facilities incl. hospital, doctors, schools, golf course & most sports. 3-bedroom house has large, well-appointed rooms, high ceilings, 2 W.C. and well maintained gardens. New garage/storage, carport and attractive rear entertaining area. Contact owners for further information.

price: $550,000 + S.A.V. freehold

mob 0438 003 410 110 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $180,000 WIWO

bh (02) 6548 2042 ah (02) 6548 3088 fax (02) 6548 2878 mob 0427 164 680


Sydney - Panania


mob 0418 414 780 or 0408 401 462



3:48 PM

Page 111

Post Office Northern Riverina


Ideal Family Business Country Lifestyle Do you want a recession proof business ? This well established freehold Post Office is located in the friendly township of Ardlethan not far from Wagga Wagga, Griffith & West Wyalong. Electronically operated & easy to run, servicing all the major banks & credit unions. 1 staff plus 2 doing mail runs. Stock approx

$6/8K. Well maintained, spacious, bright & airconditioned premises. Price includes an attached well appointed 3 bed house & 4 car garage. Also included twin cab ute & postie bike. Ardlethan has schools, medical facilities & plenty of amenities. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $275,000 + S.A.V. freehold 427429

bh (02) 6978 2099 fax (02) 6978 2097

Printing Sydney


Owner’s Misfortune Your Good Fortune Very well-known and respected business opportunity now available. Specialising in printing and retailing a large range of promotional material to clients all over Australia, particularly in the home entertainment industry. Huge customer base and fully equipped with modern

machinery etc. All work is done in-house. No experience necessary. Turnover exceeds $370,000. Plant & equipment value $280,000. Health issues are forcing retirement so owners prepared to negotiate all reasonable offers, and will train if required. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

bh (02) 9542 6843 mob 0414 437 502 / 0414 215 985


price: $415,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 111



3:48 PM

Page 112



East Arnhem Land


Magnetic Island


Well-established newspaper (30 yrs) located in Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsula, a vibrant affluent mining community. Specialises in local news & events. Gross T/O approx $500,000 p.a. 2 f/time staff & 2 p/time (incl.owners). Enjoy a relaxed tropical lifestyle on the edge of the Arafura Sea, excellent fishing, boating & sailing, Australia’s most intact Aboriginal culture nearby & no water shortages. Daily jet flight connections to Darwin & Cairns. Selling due to empty nest – parents now wish to leave home! For further information on Nhulunbuy go to

Golden opportunity to take advantage of this tropical paradise holiday resort. Located only 50 metres from Nelly Bay beach stretching 1 kilometer. Restaurants are within walking distance of the resort, along with two grocery shops, pizza shop, cafes and bakery. Rooms are a fully selfcontained studio bure, with queen size bed, triple single bunks, kitchenette, dining table & armchairs within the one area, along with a separate bathroom and private patio. Resort has a lovely lagoon style swimming pool, with spa and gas BBQ area.

price: $375,000 negotiable

price: $600,000 leasehold

bh (08) 8987 2999 fax (08) 8987 2900

bh (07) 4778 5000 fax (07) 4778 5042


Island Leisure Resort


High Profit / Superb Lifestyle

Resort Tweed Heads Region


Near Gold Coast Balinese Retreat/Day Spa Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase this LakeView Balinese style retreat. An architecture designed, timber mansion that has been built on a 3 acre block. Nestled in lush suptropical forest in Bilambil Heights (population approx. 8000), in northern NSW, right at the border with QLD, only 8km from Coolangatta/Gold Coast airport with the most beautiful beaches. 180 degrees of lake view complement the natural beauty of the location and complete privacy. Relaxing and peaceful yet only a few minutes away from everything that the Gold Coast has to

offer. Experience luxury with almost 3 acres of subtropical vegetation, 5 bedrooms (4 with spa bath), 7 bathrooms, 4 massage/therapy rooms, Cinema, Office, Pool house with fully equipped gym, sauna, steam room, massage room, swimming pool and spa. Currently used as a private residence, there is plenty of scope to accommodate any type of business from Medical to Beauty to fitness etc. Being sold as a going concern. Visit website for further viewing and information. Possible finance available.

bh (02) 9281 4599 fax (02) 9212 6054 112 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $1,990,000 freehold



4:05 PM

Page 113

Restaurant Melbourne


Ideal Money Maker Well known Italian Restaurant strategically located on Barkley Street in Footscray, just 5 km West of Melbourne. Specialising in pizza and pasta eat-in, takeaway and home delivery. Restaurant comes with 2 liquor licences

(on premises & home delivery). Caters for its regular and casual clientele. Seating area inside and outside. Gross T/O $10,000 per week. Selling due to retirement. Contact for further information.

price: $145,000 429633

mob 0419 946 651

Restaurant South East Melbourne


Excellent Cashflow $20,000 Per Week! Modern Australian Dining Restaurant situated in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. This beautifully presented restaurant with its growing clientele has even more potential for the right owner operator with takings approx $20k per/week. Inside

and outside seating of 150. Large kitchen, bar area and office. Security system installed. Open 7 days a week and is fully licensed. Strong reputation with locals. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 9550 3209 mob 0408 100 305

fax (03) 9543 5740


price: $555,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 113

4:05 PM

Page 114



Mid North Coast

Coffs Harbour



Popular – Venue – Booming Town

Fantastic opportunity to run this long established Licensed Motel Restaurant situated in Gloucester, the closest town to Barrington Tops National Park. With spectacular mountain views, the restaurant hosts a great mix of guests, locals and functions. Operating evenings Monday to Saturday, the restaurant serves a modern Australian menu, and caters for group bookings and weddings. Gross T/O $22,000/mth with plenty of scope for improvement. Enthusiastic 2nd year apprentice chef available to stay on. Unique opportunity as purchase price to be re-invested into refurbishing the premises. NO RENT - only pay a percentage of profits. Contact Murray.

Well established restaurant in the rapidly growing area of Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast. Beautifully presented featuring a tropical courtyard, specialising in international cuisine to a solid regular clientele plus good holiday trade. The restaurant is licenced & seats up to 90 patrons. Separate function room for weddings etc. Close to main beach, busy hotel and motels. Current T/O approx $300,000. Recently refurbished. Staff in place & willing to stay. Owners willing to help in the transition. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $15,000

price: $99,500 WIWO

mob 0400 701 192


Risk Free Business Opportunity



mob 0418 293 196

Sales and Distribution

Charters Towers



Toyshop For Sale / Towers Toyworld

Cafe Restaurant Sale

This well-established family retail business of 25 years selling toys, bicycles and access., electronics, hobbies and nursery goods, has an excellent reputation and wide North Queensland customer base. A member of Associated Retailers Toyworld buying group, this main street freehold premises in Charters Towers, Queensland is owned by proprietors and consists of approx 650 sq metre retail and storage with turnover $1M p.a. Owners are ready to retire. Charters Towers and surrounding area population approx 12,000 is 90 minutes south-east of coastal city of Townsville and is experiencing a second mining boom to compliment the rural beef area, with education, health and tourism as stable diversified industries.

Perfect opportunity to own an Awarded restaurant (Sydney Weekender) in Gordon. This Modern Australian restaurant has the prime location and huge potential. Suitable for Asian or Western cuisine. Turnover approximately $484,000 p.a. Owner going overseas, immediate sale required. 45 seats, 3+5 years lease. Full equipment include cool room. Contact for full and financial information.

price: P.O.A.

mob 0403 602 875

bh (07) 4787 2670 mob 0407 116 326


price: $48,000

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ah (07) 4787 1872





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Roadhouse North Coast


Business + Residence + Income New and exciting business! Owned by one company for 6 years with an average turnover of $1,200,000. Excellent location at Tyndale on the Pacific Highway in the Clarence Valley. Owner willing to assist buyer with transition. Comprises a general store,

cafĂŠ and service station (no contract with a fuel company, your choice to be independent if required). Includes a 5 bedroom house. First year Lease $900 + GST per/week. Stock at value. Option to buy freehold after 3 years.

bh (02) 6647 6226 mob 0409 462 144 - Chris


price: $250,000 + G.S.T + S.A.V.

Roadhouse North West


Ideal Family Business This Roadhouse is located in McKinlay and has developed a reputation as one of the best places to stop for both drivers and tourists. McKinlay is situated in a flourishing pastoral area and is the main truck route from both Sydney-Darwin and BrisbaneDarwin. T/O for 2007/2008 was $1.25Mil. Sale includes

Roadhouse, Convenience Store, Fuel Station, Community Postal Agency with a Rural mail delivery service, new 2 bedroom relocatable house and additional houses on own land (suitable for motel). Option to lease $150,000 plus stock. Owner selling due to retirement. Possible finance available.

bh (07) 4933 1348

mob 0407 033 238


price: $828,000 freehold

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Roadhouse South East


Business Plus Residence Turnover $1.2 Million Independent Roadhouse situated in Surat Basin area of South East QLD, only service station in town retailing unleaded and diesel plus sub newsagency, basic pharmacy, souvenirs, fishing gear, groceries, meals and takeaway. Area has mining, gas and agricultural industries plus many tourists

for camping, fishing and skiing. Very social and sporting community with primary school opposite and high school bus available to nearby town. Aircond. premises, 3-bed residence with pool, outdoor area and guest accommodation. Possible finance available.

mob 0429 102 004,_Queensland


price: $899,000 + S.A.V. freehold - negotiable

Roadhouse Buchan


Buchan Valley Roadhouse The Buchan Valley Roadhouse is a quality mixed business with an excellent turnover and Main Street location. The business has an attached good quality 3 bedroom house. Your purchase includes Freehold1 acre, 3 under ground

tanks. Business includes newsagency, fuel, takeaway foods, drinks, groceries, rural produce, gas and many more. All in a tourist township near the famous Buchan Caves in East Gippsland. Contact for full and financial information.

bh (03) 5155 9484 fax (03) 5155 9484

ah (03) 5155 9484

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price: $420,000 + S.A.V.



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Rural Supplies Western Sydney


Recession Proof Business This dynamic business has been established for 40 years. Specialising in rural merchandise and service, showing constant growth with no downturn felt. The business has an excellent cash flow with solid account customers, including both small and large-scale farmers and commercial and government departments. Offering a large range of stock lines – fertilizers, fencing, stock feed and livestock nutrition, livestock management etc. Trading 6 days a week and

covering a large geographical area. The business has always shown solid Key Performance Indicators and has the advantage of good buying power and terms with large multi-national suppliers of rural merchandise. Keen vendor willing to assist incoming purchaser for a smooth transition. Secure your financial future with this highincome business. Possible finance available. Owners selling due to changed family circumstances. Contact for full and financial information.

price: $2,000,000 plus fax (02) 9212 6054


bh (02) 9281 4599

Sales and Distribution Nationwide


Do you want more out of life? This is a retail business opportunity in a multi billion dollar industry. No personal warehousing, stocking or shipping products. This is a franchise without ongoing royalties and franchise fees. Be your own boss. Opportunity to work from home, so more time with family and chose your hours. This International company is an industry leader operating

in 157 countries world wide. You will have limitless support as you grow your business. We use the latest technology to deliver ongoing training and support. Be financially independent and debt free. Endorsed by wealth and success experts Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki & Bob Proctor. Contact for further information.

bh (07) 4755 1727 mob 0431 613 533


price: $35,000 complete business package

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Sales and Distribution Tropical North


Newspaper Distribution Service Idyllic Cairns A rare opportunity to acquire this fit, sustainable home based business. Exclusive contract with The Cairns Post. Defined territories, no competition. Established retail and home delivery customers. Annual turnover $1.12 Mil. Includes plant & equipment, stock, (5) delivery

vehicles, all in good condition. Dedicated staff in place. Vendors will provide full training and further support if required. This is a solid business opportunity in these economic times when security of income is paramount. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (07) 4057 7399 mob 0427 577 496

ah (07) 4057 7399 fax (07) 4057 7499


price: $420,000 WIWO

Sales and Distribution Gold Coast


Successful Cashflow Business Great opportunity to purchase this very rewarding and easy to run business. Located in the Gold Coast, this well known and respected business specialises in adjustable beds, mobility scooters, lift chairs etc. Helping elderly people with arthritic and rheumatic pain,

poor blood circulation, back pain etc. Approximately 15 consultants in place, who on average, bring in $300,000 plus per/month. Operating in Queensland as well as Melbourne. Reluctant sale. Possible finance available. Contact owner for further information.

bh (02) 9281 4599 mob 0412 399 901

fax (02) 9212 6054

118 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $1,000,000



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Sales and Distribution


Service Station




The lease of Caltex Blackwater is now available. This modern fuel station is situated on the A4 highway in Blackwater, 200 km inland from Rockhampton, towards Longreach. Owned and run by a family team for 15 years. Trading every day 5am to 8pm. Turnover $3 million. S.A.V. approx. $200K, plant approx. $130K. The business is self serve with fuel, convenience & car accessories. 15 year lease available for $100,000. Gross profit $500K. Contact owner for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $350,000 WIWO

price: $430,000

mob 0412 661 768

bh (07) 4982 7711 fax (07) 4982 7711


Modern Self-Service Station

Unique & ideal opportunity to purchase leading installation company that supplies & installs safety surfaces for playgrounds in council parks, child care centres, schools & commercial customers. Work performed Sydney & statewide. Established 16 years, huge loyal client base, preferred industry suppliers for 2 playground manufacturers. Existing & all future works included in sale. Currently 3 staff & contractors, T/O 1,000,000 pa. Repeat works from clients & established contacts - huge potential for expansion. Owner willing to assist & train for short period. Selling for health reasons. Includes full list plant & equipment. FINANCE AVAILABLE. Contact owner for further information.


Playground Surface Installation

Smash Repair Western Sydney


Grand Prix Repairs Turnover $1,250,000 Est. 1964 with the same owners. Located in St Marys, which is located 45 km West of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the City of Penrith. Grand Prix Repairs are a preferred repairer for AAMI and is also an associated repairer for NRMA. Services include fleet

work & private work. Size of land is 1/2 an acre. The floor size of the first shop is 3830 ft2. Second shop is 2200 ft2. Selling due to retirement. Price includes plant stock & machinery. Possible finance available. Contact for full & financial information.

bh 0420 834 026 mob 0420 834 026


price: P.O.A.

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Sports Ivanhoe


Kelly Sports Franchise Opportunity This fun business to own and run specializes in providing after-school sports activities and in-school programs such as cricket, soccer, football, hockey, dance etc. for all types of children, during the school term. Established in 1994 and operating in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, it is run on a part time basis of approximately 20 hours a week, and operates within its own school zone which is

Ivanhoe Victoria in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Gross turnover approximately $90,000, the franchise enrolls approximately 200 children per school term. The business provides a range of sporting programs for schools, parents and corporations. Selling due to family circumstances: starting a larger family and need more time for new child. Contact for further information.

price: $85,000




Highly recommended business located in the rural farming community of Trundle approx. 47kms north-west of the booming township of Parkes. Long established supermarket & general store catering for loyal & regular clientele. Associate member of SPAR National Wholesalers, the business offers a wide range of groceries, fresh fruit & veg, cold cuts & fresh packaged meat. Turnover $500,000+ p.a. operating 5 days a week by the owner & 2 casual staff. This is a freehold and the sale includes all equipment & plant. Stock value approx. $20,000. Possible finance available.

Profitable business without the stress of big city living. This business is located in the major town of Warracknabeal, in an area famous for its natural attractions and enviable quality of life. A friendly country town with all amenities catered for, sporting, shopping, education, medical etc. The business specialises in groceries, liquor, fruit & veg, deli, butchers pre-packed meat, dairy and freezer foods. Long lease in place with low rent. Staff in place. Owner retiring. Contact Philip on mobile.

price: $700,000 + S.A.V. 422316

price: $110,000 + S.A.V. freehold

120 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Supermarket Plus Liquor Turnover $3.9 Million p.a.

Keen Vendor / Great Turnover

ah (02) 6892 1224


fax (03) 5398 2471 mob 0417 752 029



bh (02) 6892 1025 fax (02) 6892 1025


mob 0407 012 397



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Takeaway Southern Sydney


Excellent Income Earner Uncapped Potential Well established for 10 years, this fast food outlet specialises in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine. Vast menu options available, all approved and contracted by management of Miranda Westfield Shopping Centre. Established client base with a regular set income, yet in a business which has

uncapped potential. T/O approx. $18,000 Per/week. Recently renovated with a new fit-out with no expense spared using only the highest degree of commercial cooking equipment and craftsmanship. Staff are happy to stay. Contact for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

price: $450,000 WIWO 429878

bh (02) 9524 4231 mob 0411 504 702

Takeaway Mandurah


Mobile Food Van Good Profit / Easy Hours • Excellent home-based food business, T/O$180,000 p.a. & established 21yrs. • Food prepared & sold from van. • Great cash business, no rent or lease. • Flexible hours Mon-Fri 8am-2pm. • Can operate anywhere in Australia & subject to council approval, current permit expires July 2010. Included in sale: 2001 Ford Transit Van kitchen attached was purpose built in 2008 with all equipment, signage & computer package. Contact Debbie for further information on this business. Training provided. Possible finance available.

mob 0418 143 049


price: $175,000 negotiable

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Takeaway Central Coast


Ideal Cashflow Business Well established coffee shop located in a busy shopping strip in Bonnells Bay. Bonnells Bay is located on the western side of Lake Macquarie, on the Morisset Peninsula. This business specialises in breakfasts, light meals and takeaway foods. With

inside/outside seating for its regular and casual clientele. T/o $7,000 to $10,000 per week. Strong lease in place. Rent $2280 per/month. Contact owner for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $85,000 431476

mob 0411 112 476

Takeaway Western Sydney


Golden Opportunity !!! Located on the main street of the Penrith CBD. Minutes from train station, Government offices, football stadium and local businesses. Huge potential as regular clientele are increasing daily. We specialise in Portuguese style Chicken Burgers, Wraps, BBQ Chicken, Fried Chicken

and much more. Shop comes complete with 4 metre Range hood, Grease trap, cool room, Cold and hot bar, salad bar and 30 seating capacity as well large private parking. Selling due to overseas commitments. Contact for full and financial details.

bh (02) 4722 6100 mob 0406 773 656 122 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $49,990



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Takeaway Sydney


Turn Key Ready For Operation The GumBalls franchise in Sydney is a relatively new concept, capitalising on the growing popularity of the Asian fast food trend. Located in the prominent Westfield shopping centre in Parramatta with a 5 year lease and option to renew. Selling a variety of food products ranging from skewers of fish balls, satay

sticks & other assorted hot foods. Also specialises in Milk Teas, flavoured ice teas, smoothies etc. Occupies the perfect spot in the bustling food court, guaranteeing high traffic volumes & sales levels. No royalty fees. Full training provided, no experience necessary. Possible finance available.

price: $168,000 negotiable 431835

mob 0424 609 152

Takeaway Picton Region


Recession Proof Business Opportunity Ideal husband and wife operation for this well established take away business situated in a family friendly neighbourhood. Open 7 days a week with a sandwich bar, coffee facilities, seating area etc. Catering for its regular and casual clientele. Weekly turnover

approx. $3,700 - $4,000. Lots of passing traffic. Located in Thirlmere just 7 km southwest of Picton & 75 km southwest of Sydney. Shop is very close to Thirlmere Primary School and directly opposite childrens playground. Contact for full and financial information.

bh (02) 4683 2554


price: $70,000 negotiable

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Takeaway Penrith


Two Great Cash Businesses Opportunity to purchase 2 very busy & profitable cash businesses. The larger of these 2 Sandwich Shops is located in a developing industrial area & comes fully equipped with a commercial kitchen & all the necessary gear. Good exposure, plenty of parking & a solid regular

clientele. The second Sandwich Shop is situated within a Mall, again with great fit out. Once more good regular customers & lots of passing trade. Shops do a combined T/O of $14K plus a week with the potential to increase. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $430,000 WIWO 429424

mob 0418 410 454


Latrobe Valley



Ideal Family Business

Icon Take Away Landmark

Est. 15 yrs. This Fresh Seafood and Takeway shop is a thriving business adjoining the recently est. Rutherford Woolworths Marketplace. Renowned for quality seafood and the best burgers in the Maitland area. Only seafood takeaway in the Rutherford & surrounding areas. Very busy regular clientele. Air Conditioned, seating inside & out, adjacent or underground parking available. Includes Toyota Refrigerated Utility with 240 volt backup. Excellent cash business. Open 7 days with 2 + 4 yr lease. Cheap rent $580.00 per/week. 7 yrs figures available showing an excellent continuing growth pattern. Expected T/O 2010 approx. $900,000.

The Morwell Hot Spot has been run by owner for over 20 years and is a popular spot for the best takeaway food in the Latrobe Valley. Morwell is 150kms east of Melbourne. Business is situated on Princes Drive between the main CBD and Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Sells the best fish & chips, hamburgers & much more. The shop is spacious & clean. Staff prepared to stay on. 2 weeks training provided. Ideal for a family. Two spacious 3-bedroom houses attached to the business. Genuine sale due to ill health. Possible finance available.

price: $420,000 stock included

124 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

price: $120,000 WIWO 414058

ah (02) 4932 8737 fax (02) 4932 1737

bh (03) 5134 2474 mob 0409 720 310


Hunter Valley




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Takeaway QLD

Mt Isa

24/7 Takeaway Supermarket Turnover $4.2 million This locally owned leasehold business is situated in down town Mt Isa, a well renowned growth mining area in north-west Qld., with a varying population of around 24,000 locals & workers. This is a cashed-up area/town, with hard working people, and a BIG appetite for money, food & entertainment. The “First & Last” providing a 7-day x 24hr. service for take away food, catering & all supermarket provisions to locals, commercial enterprise and workers alike, in this farreaching district. The operation carries a constant stock level of around $250,000, employs 17 staff & casuals. Fully serviced & maintained, as-new equipment, work vehicles & fork lift, with a lot more. (Full details on request). Fixtures, fittings, equipment, plant & vehicles - valued at over $425,000. The business generates well over $4.2 million p.a., maintaining large current growth and enjoys a better than average gross profit. Annual returns, financials & a full inventory will be provided to genuinely interested parties. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

ah (07) 4695 8630 mob 0427 719 274


price: $800,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 125



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Located in Manilla a small thriving country town just 48km from Tamworth, this well-presented business offers the combination of a laid-back country lifestyle and a very busy takeaway. Lease also includes attached 3-bedroom residence. After work there is great fishing or skiing for the active or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. The business is renowned for its fresh burgers, pizzas and southern fried chicken made in well-presented premises. Gross Turnover 08/09 approx 1.9 million. All systems in place such as order sheets, deliveries, Internet ordering, staff lists etc. Possible finance available. Selling due to changed family circumstances. Contact owner for full & financial information.

Wonderful opportunity to purchase a very busy and profitable takeaway business located within a shopping complex in the fast growing Northern Beaches area of Mackay. The fish shack specialises in great fish & chips, burgers, gourmet sandwiches, plus other takeaway food. Large regular clientele of trades people for lunches and plenty more happy customers in the evening. Current T/O $650,000 plus. Price includes all equipment including fridges and freezers. Staff required 2 plus junior in peak times. Training would be provided. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $140,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

price: $240,,000 WIWO

bh (02) 6785 2741 ah 0428 852 374

mob 0411 429 987


The Fish Shack / Ideal Family Business


$1.9 Mil. Turnover on Major Tourist Trail

Takeaway Wagga Wagga


Ideal for Owner / Operator Excellent opportunity to take advantage of this well presented business, specialising in Kebabs, Pizzas and Pides. Ideally suited to couple, partnership or family. Also offering a Home Delivery Service. Gross turnover of between $400,000 - $450,000. Ideally located in the business centre of Wagga Wagga a city of gardens in South-West NSW with excellent amenities. This is one of the largest inland cities in Australia, an important agricultural and

commercial centre a short distance from the Hume Highway connecting Melbourne and Sydney. The business has good visual appeal and ample parking. Caters for a regular plus casual clientele and has the advantage of inside and al fresco dining. Owner willing to give full assistance during transition period. Possible finance available. Buy yourself a good, solid income. Contact for full and financial information.

bh (02) 6931 7558 mob 0411 183 627 126 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $155,000 WIWO



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Takeaway South Coast


Conley’s Delicatessen Excellent opportunity to take advantage of this open, clean fresh looking shop located in Tuross Heads (2001 census 2,116 population tripling in Summer). Situated in the main shopping complex. Selling a wide variety of products including cold meat

(salami, ham silverside etc), eggs, hot BBQ chickens, fresh fish, fresh bakery bread, cakes, pies, sandwich bar, coffee to many to mention. T/O $325,000. No competition. Contact for further information. Possible finance available.

price: $98,500 WIWO fax (02) 9212 6054


bh (02) 9281 4599

Takeaway Snowy Mountains


Earn A Years Income In Just 16 Weeks! Have a great lifestyle while enjoying yourself in Perisher Blue. Snowy Mountain Burgers is located in the very busy and popular food court on Front Valley, Perisher Blue Ski Resort, the ultimate snowfields accommodation base in the Snowy Mountains. Known for its world-class facilities, and considerable annual snowfall, it is Australia's largest ski resort. This business specialises in burgers and fast food takeaway, hot chips etc.

Perfect for a husband & wife team with 2-4 staff. Current owners have been operating the business for 6 seasons and have a strong return customer base. A successful and profitable business like this one is rare and not easy to find. Excellent net profit with financials available to serious buyers. Operates June – October, approx 9am 5pm - NO nights. 3 + 3 lease in place. Owners will consider any reasonable offers. Possible finance available.

mob 0427 575 291


price: $215,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 127



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Takeaway Hunter Valley


Hunter Valley Takeaway - T/O $1,2 Mil. Great lifestyle in the beautiful Hunter Valley, this outstanding cashflow business trades only 6 days a week, and is situated opposite the regional hospital, with plenty of parking out the front. It is located in a high income mining town, and is within walking distance to the town’s two largest schools. Muswellbrook’s iconic “hospital shop” is locally renowned for its fresh fast food which includes fish & chips, hamburgers, doner kebabs, gourmet sandwiches, rolls & wraps, cigarettes, and the many products available in all good convenience stores, is a sub-newsagency, has phone recharge, and an ATM. The property is equipped with a monitored security system, and the shop has digital video surveillance.

The shop is fully air conditioned and has a generous cool room and large storage shed. This busy takeaway and general store has been established for 60+ years, with the current owners 19 years. Turnover is currently $1,200,000, growing annually. The business has a large established customer base, which continues to increase each year. New lease is available, which includes immaculate 4 bedroom house, with an entertaining deck overlooking the backyard. With excellent staff in place, this lucrative business can be run by a family or at arms length. This is a very successful business located in a rapidly growing community only three hours drive from Sydney, and close to the hunter’s many wineries.

price: $450,000 + S.A.V. 432656

mob 0400 138 450

Takeaway Mid North Coast


Great Income / Great Buy Located midway between Sydney & Brisbane in the historic township of Kempsey situated on the Macleay River not far from South West Rocks & Crescent Head. This long established and very busy business specialises in great tasting takeaway meals, is a general store with fruit & veg, a sub-newsagency plus gourmet espresso coffee. Large regular clientele & a good passing trade. Trading 6

days, current T/O $1mil plus. Prime, corner, main Highway location. Long lease great business now with huge potential. The Macleay Valley Coast is the unspoilt gem of North Coast NSW. A paradise of sun & sand, legendary surf breaks, wide rivers & some of the best fishing you could ever hope to find. Training available to suitable buyer. For further information contact Robert McNamara.

bh (02) 6562 4017 mob 0428 685 600 128 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $360,000 + stock



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Tourism Australia Wide


4WD Tag-Along Tours This adventurous & exciting family owned tour business has been operating successfully for over 25 years organizing wondrous tours throughout outback Australia. Cape York, Arnhem Land, the Kimberley, Simpson Desert, Victorian High Country, the Tasmanian Wilderness plus plenty of other remote but breathtaking destinations. Our experienced guides & cooks help clients enjoy the spectacular scenery, wildlife,

flora & fauna of our beautiful country in security & safety. All tours are fully catered camping tours. Price includes 2 purpose built & equipped Toyota 4WD’s plus an extensive range of camping equipment. Advance bookings have started for 2010 season. Owners willing to provide training & support for initial tour season. Partial vendor finance would be considered for suitable buyer.

price: $240,000 O.N.O.





Furniture Removals Business

Downunder Jet Boating caters for the more adventurous consumer, providing a popular water based tourist activity on Sydney’s world famous Harbour. Operating approximately 260 days of the year, we are located in between Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge and offer rides that accommodate for over 10,150 passengers annually. With our office open 7 days a week, Downunder Jet gathers an annual turnover of over $500,000.00+. Downunder Jet has established many strong business and marketing relationships with industry bodies including: Inbound tour operators, International wholesalers, Domestic agents and local businesses within the leisure and tourism business.

Great potential to expand this family owned Removalist business operating since 1996. Local & interstate work. Large client base & current advertising is in place. Office equipment includes phone & mobile numbers. Clear title on Truck. 10/2002 Nissan UD, 185/hp turbo diesel intercooled, 5 speed, just over 380,000 klms, extremely well maintained, owner driven since new, 46 cubic metre body, fully equipped with packing, trolleys, straps, ties, walk boards etc. Very good unit to drive & operate. This is an ideal furniture transport business. Owner retiring to go traveling. Phone David for full & financial information. Possible finance available.

price: P.O.A.

price: $75,000

bh (02) 9838 1025

mob 0400 662 121


Downunder Jet Boating - Sydney

bh (07) 3882 3000 mob 0411 590 246

fax (07) 3882 3030




fax (07) 4091 2545 mob 0408 062 101

Australian Business For Sale ® 129



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Transport Canberra


Five Star Premier Service Based in Canberra, Rogers Coaches specialises in 5 star travel catering for all types of events such as senior groups, shopping trips, school excursions, transfers (airport or conference) and local tours. Gross turnover has

increased over the years with 2008 taking in around $250,000. Price includes 3 coaches and established clientbase. Selling due to retirement. Contact owner for further and full information. Possible finance available.

price: $205,000 WIWO 431871

bh (02) 6231 8943 mob 0429 018 003

Transport Hervey Bay


Take This Business To Its Full Potential Excellent opportunity for a younger owner. Based on Queensland’s south coast, this transport business is currently running at only a fraction of its potential as the owner wishes to retire. Included in the sale is a Kenworth Prime Mover 1999 with 300 hp Cat Motor and an International Iveco Prime Mover 1998 with 335 hp motor, plus a Fruehauf trailer. Both prime movers are fitted with pallfinger cranes. All

machinery is in excellent condition. The Hervey Bay area attracts both industry investors and new residents, therefore this business offers an excellent opportunity for a family man to take advantage of a desirable coastal region with first class amenities and climate to cash in on the huge business and growth forecasts. Possible finance available. Contact the owner for further information.

bh (07) 4194 5496 fax (07) 4194 5496

ah (07) 4124 4390

130 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $155,000 O.N.O.



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Page 131


South Coast


Gold Coast



Water is Big Business

Great Potential

This highly profitable business is located at Batemans Bay. Specialising in Water Cartage for both domestic and commercial requirements. Long established (present owner 18 years). Offering a wide range of services. Council roadworks, RTA, private contractors, and other local bodies hire tankers on a regular basis. Current T/O $1.2 Million Plus. Sold as a going concern with a fleet of tankers and staff in place. Owner willing to provide assistance and training. Freehold premises are also available for purchase if required. Contact owner for full and further information. Finance available.

Currently located on the Gold Coast and run from home, this established business specialises in high quality Ceramic Coasters. Product is slightly larger than normal, glazed on all sides with a rubber backing. Currently 16 Australian wine labels are approved along with numerous Coffee Cup designs. Manufacture contacts are in place. Stock $150K approx. Clients can include Winery Cellar door, Gift Shops, Tableware & Kitchenware, retailers & Bottle Shop outlets. Price includes stock, website etc. Lots of potential, owner only selling due to other commitments. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

price: $1,250,000 WIWO

bh (07) 5576 7239 mob 0422 837 410


price: $170,000 WIWO 420221

bh (02) 4472 7687 fax (02) 4472 6851 mob 0411 044 276

Tree Lopping Melbourne


No Experience Necessary GB Trees Services can be run under management or as a sole trader using a minimum of one subcontractor. Located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. GB Trees has been established for over 8 years with an excellent customer base & highly experienced & reliable subcontractors.

Specialising in dead & dangerous trees, covering all aspects of removal eg. shaping, stump removal, cabling, dead wood removal etc. Registered Business Name. Contact for full & financial information. Possible finance available.

mob 0400 937 186


price: $95,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 131



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Page 132

Truck Central Queensland


Perfect Family Business Located in the Idyllic township of Tannum Sands(20km from Gladstone) renowned for its long white sandy beaches. Tannum Boyne liquid waste removal has been established for over 8 years. The business operates from a home base with 3 vacuum trucks 2004 H"40 1200L, 2008 Nissan UD 8000L, 1996 Nissan UD 6000L. All trucks are E.P.A

and council approved. Set clientele with contracts in place. Current T/O $900K plus. Huge potential in this growing area. Training would be provided to a suitable buyer. Great opportunity for a family team. Great lifestyle with fishing, surfing, boating etc on your doorstep. FINANCE AVAILABLE.

bh (07) 4973 3638 fax (07) 4973 2777


price: $798,000 WIWO

Truck North Brisbane


Concrete Truck With Contract This business is based at the company plant in Narangba, about 30km North of Brisbane. Business involves the cartage of concrete from the plant to its clientele. Truck is a Isuzu, 2004 with six speed Allison auto. Contract runs to 2014. T/O for 2009 $130,000. The Company is a National Company which owns its’ own quarries and has a market share in the raw cement supplier. Training period will be provided by current owner. Possible finance available. Contact for further information.

fax (07) 5450 8060 132 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

mob 0409 009 920


price: $190,000 negotiable



4:19 PM

Page 133

Video Store Geelong


Cash Flow Business Opportunity Golden opportunity to purchase this well established Video Store. Selling due to retirement. Highton Valley Video is situated in a large & spacious building, measuring 310m2. Store is located in Highton, an affluent suburb of over 5000 homes with new housing estates opening up. The Video and Dvd library has

more than 5000 units, made up of a vast range of genres attracting schools and colleges, special interest groups from all areas of Geelong and surrounding districts. Established clientele already in database. Annual T/O $100,000. Possible finance available.

bh (03) 5241 9899 fax (03) 5241 1008

ah (03) 5243 5477


price: $85,000 WIWO

Video Store Bribie Island


Live & Work In A Beautiful Location Well established Blockbuster movie and games rentals and retails store located in the beautiful Bribie Island, just 50 minutes north of Brisbane city. Bribie Island is the latest tourist and family holiday destination in Queensland with a population around

15,000. This business caters for its regular and casual clientele with strong database. Huge arrangement of stock included in price. Gross profit T/O $206,230. Contact owner for full and financial information. Possible finance available.

mob 0448 535 466


price: $255,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 133



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Page 134

Caveat Emptor (BUYER BEWARE!) An important notice to all vendors

Video Store

Dear Vendor,


It has come to our attention that some vendors are being approached by other "so called Business for Sale type" organizations offering various packages with wildly exaggerated claims.


Golden Opportunity To Be Your Own Boss!

Buyer Beware Some of these organizations might be disguised as Business Brokers that are really only interested in your advertising dollar and not in selling your business, if in doubt ask them to show:

Do you prefer a cool cafe to a drive through? Prefer your drink garnished, or out of a can? Are you tired of all video stores looking like they came from the same mould? On offer is a store that broke the mould, established 5 years but under management for the last 3. This store needs you to run it, add your touch and get it back to where it was. Rare opportunity as owner lives overseas. Awesome store! Specialist library! Everything is ready to go, take the keys, add your flavour and get it hopping again. All enquiries by e-mail only please.

A. That they are licensed to sell businesses

price: $135,000 431700

fax (02) 9969 2627

Throughout Australia those parties acting as agents for vendors or purchasers of existing businesses must be Licensed Agents. In fact, in NSW this has been the case since 1935, when the government enacted legislation designed to protect the public from unscrupulous operators.


Civic Video Franchise

price: $149,000 + S.A.V.

134 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Ideal for owner operator, be your own boss! This well known Video Store franchise, Civic Video has more than 290 stores located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. This store is situated on a main road in Outer City Melbourne in Heidelberg catering for its regular clientele with plenty of passing traffic and new members joining on a regular basis. Specialising in DVD rental, retail sales etc. Gross T/O $300,000. Great visual appeal, ideal business for someone looking to buy themselves an income. Contact owner for full and financial information.

mob 0403 497 057

Some of these organizations are so called "Internet, magazines, etc." publishers. In our 21 years of working in this arena, we have seen a lot of these organizations come and go. Australian Business For Sale claims that we give you the best possible marketing/ exposure/ connection that is available in Australia. Please check before you decide to go ahead or call us if you need more info. Australian Business for Sale Tel (02) 9281 4599 Fax (02) 9212 6054 Email

Vendors / Purchasers Beware Deal with a Licensed Agent

Video Store


B. That they are a member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) or the Real Estate institute applicable to your state (Code of Ethics);

C. Names of vendors who they have sold businesses for and are happy with their services.

All funds paid to an agent, including any pre-paid advertising expenses, must be deposited in the agent’s trust account, and accounted for to his Principal. If the agent misappropriate funds, he can be prosecuted under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act, and the aggrieved party can get restitution by claiming upon a compensation fund. However, the fund is ONLY available to you if you have used the services of a Licensed Agent. Most agents are genuine, but bogus agents have been known to defraud customers

vendors in particular) of thousands of dollars, which they have claimed for marketing and advertising expenses. Should you be approached by someone representing themselves as an agent, who wants you to list a business for sale, and who asks for prepaid advertising and marketing expenses, ask for their License Number. Then call the Department of Fair Trading to check if the number is genuine. To be absolutely certain, deal only with a member of the Real Estate Institute Business Agents’ Chapter. All members of the Institute are Licensed Agents, and are bound by a code of ethics. Call the Real Estate Institute in your state.




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Page 135


Want to buy a business? Business wanted:

If the business you want to buy is not displayed in this Directory then you can submit this enquiry form and Australian Business For Sale® will help find the business for you.



Price range:


$25,000 - 50,000


$50,000 - $100,000


$100,000 - 250,000


$250,000 - $500,000


$500,000 - 1,000,000 q $1,000,000 plus

Turnover (per annum): Finance required:


Yes q No

How much:

DETAILS Name: (Please Print)

Address: State:


Bh: (


Ah: (

Fax: (





BACKGROUND Experience:

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS FOR ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054


Currently in business


Been in business before


No business experience


All correspondence to: PO Box 586 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 • Issue 67 Volume 12 The magazine and its contents are protected by copyright. Published by: Professional Publishers Pty Ltd ABN 87 094 164 271

Ready to buy: q Now q

3 months


1 month


6 months

How long been looking? Have you used an Agent or a Broker?: Name of Agent / Broker:







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1,000 plus OPPORTUNITIES in business home delivered for 365 days. SOUNDS GOOD? then fill in the coupon below and begin your subscription to Australian Business For Sale® now. Each issue is packed with: Franchises, Distributorships, Investments, Dealerships, Partnerships and Businesses For Sale - all money-making opportunities. Stay in touch with the latest!

SUBSCRIBE NOW Yes, Please send six issues of Australian Business For Sale™ for a total of $55 Inc. GST. This includes postage and handling in Australia. If you are paying by cheque or postal order, just enclose it with this coupon in an envelope and send it to: Australian Business For Sale® PO Box 586 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Australia International subscribers contact us direct for your rate. To use your Credit Card, simply tick the box relevant to the card, or call us on: ph (02) 9281 4599 fax (02) 9212 6054 e-mail

136 Australian Business For Sale ®




(please tick one)













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Page 137

Want to sell your business?

SELLING A BUSINESS This application form is for private business vendors ONLY - for all other applications please contact our office Business type: (Please Print)


If your business is on the market and you want to have it included in this Directory and displayed on our website then call us now on 02 9281 4599 and ask to speak to our Customer Service Manager.


Subheading: Description:

Business sale price:


Bh: (


Ah: (

Fax: (





NAME: ADDRESS: AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS FOR SALE® Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010 ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054 All correspondence to: PO Box 586 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 • Issue 67 Volume 12 The magazine and its contents are protected by copyright. Published by: Professional Publishers Pty Ltd ABN 87 094 164 271















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Page 138


Fitness Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . .72, 73

Pawnbroker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108

Air Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Florist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74

Pest Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109

Antiques . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Franchise . .14, 20, 22, 24, 32, 75-77

Pet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109

Art Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40


Play Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110

Auto or Mechanical Repairs . .40 - 43

Garden Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . .78

Post Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110, 111

Auto Parts & Accessories . . . . . . . .44

Garden Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . .78

Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111


General Store . . . . . . . . . . . . .78 - 81

Publishing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112

Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45, 46

Gift Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81, 82


Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46


Resort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112

Beauty Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46, 47

Hairdressing Salon . . . . . . .13, 82, 83

Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113, 114

Bike and Motorcycle . . . . . . . .48, 49

Health / Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88

Roadhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115, 116

Blinds and Shutters . . . . . . . . .49, 50

Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 - 85

Rural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Boat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50, 51

Home Based . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 - 87

Rural Supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .117

Bread Run . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50

Homeware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89


Building and Construction . . . . . . .52

Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39, 88

Sales & Distribution .28, 114, 117-119

Butcher Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52


Service Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119


Import / Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87

Smash Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119

CafĂŠ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 - 58

Import / Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . .90

Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .120

Car Rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90, 91

Supermarket . . . . . . . . . .39, 120, 139

Caravan Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59, 60



Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62

Kitchenware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91

Takeaway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 - 128

Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 - 62


Tourism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129

Clothing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 - 64

Landscaping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91

Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129 - 131

Commercial Property . . . . . . . . . . .64

Laundrette . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92

Tree Lopping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131

Computer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

Lawn Mowing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92

Truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132

Convenience Store . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

Liquor Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93


Craft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66


Video Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . .133, 134


Management Rights . .36, 37, 93, 94


Deli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66

Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . .94 - 100

Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131

Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67

Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100

Dry Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67

Mixed Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100


Mobile Business . . . . . . . . .101 - 103

Education and Training . . . . . .68, 69

Motel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 - 107

Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70, 71


DC Archer Rural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Entertainment / Arts . . . . . . . . .67, 68

Newsagency . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38, 107

Pope Nitschke First National . . . .38



Ray White Rural Richmond . . . . . .39

Fishing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71, 72

Party Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108

Venz Managements Rights . . .36, 37

138 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Inside Back Cover


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Page 1

Supermarket Southern Highlands NSW

A pleasure to own and run this well established business occupying a spectacular location in the Kangaroo Valley in the scenic Southern Highlands only 2 hrs from Sydney. This business opportunity does not present itself very often. Beautifully presented and well stocked Friendly Grocer (IGA) Supermarket plus Service Station. If you are looking for a “treechange� or are a serious retailer looking for your next venture then this is the business for you. Excellent solid business with a private residence on beautifully landscaped 3/4 acre block.


oppo rtunit y

All supermarket fixtures and fittings including shelving, fridges, freezers, walk in cool rooms, registers and POS systems. Excellent storage and work areas. The Service Station is supported by Caltex and has 4 underground fuel tanks. DA approval for a new 60,000 litre underground tank. The property has a large garage/storage shed and ample parking. Customer base consists of local residents and a thriving tourist trade. This business would be ideal for a purchaser seeking a family business with a country lifestyle. The comfortable residence has 4 bedrooms, a large kitchen, large living areas and gas heating. Would be ideal for an owner/occupier or rental property. The premises has been well maintained and extensively renovated.

Contact for further information.

$2,500,000 + S.A.V. - Freehold

Mobile: 0417 045 918 Fax: (02) 4465 2025

After hours phone: (02) 4465 1982 Email:




Shape Nouveau


4:56 PM

Page 1

Shape your new healthy future and become a clinic owner

Weight loss and body Contouring Clinic Business Opportunity use our Name or use your own choice. Our Clinic offers the latest technology in non-invasive procedures for a firmer tighter body. Whether it is weight loss, toning per formance enhancement this is achievable through the use of our Shape Nouveau products Our products will help to • • • • • • •

Burn fat and Cellulite Skin tightening and contouring Firming of loose and saggy skin Reduction of stretch marks Reduce stress and slow de generative / aging process Build Muscle and bone density Increase metabolism and improve circulation

This is achieved through the following Shape Nouveau machiner y offered by Absolute Body Contouring.

The Shape Nouveau process is unique in Australia. We give you full training and support to shape your success

Contact us now and find out how you can become a clinic owner


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