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Synthetic Turf Sydney NSW

ing w o r G a f o t r Be P a t u o h g u o r h T Industry Australia This Synthetic Turf Company is well established to take advantage of the increasing demand for this product, which needs no water and no maintenance, and is becoming more and more popular. Synthetic turf has a multitude of different uses. The company has a large clientele including residential home owners, schools, childcare centres, commercial premises, golf facilities, government departments, councils, etc. The business is conveniently located to service the metropolitan and regional areas of Sydney. Currently operating from a 250 m2 warehouse with generous office and showroom space. An excellent reputation has been established through reliability and good service with many architects, builders and landscapers. The company has developed specialised technology in synthetic golf green installations and has established itself as a distributor and importer of complementary products. Current stock approx $40K. Good, reliable and competitive suppliers have been sourced and with excellent systems and office procedures in place the business is easy to run. This synthetic turf business has huge potential with the industry only in its infancy. The opportunity for franchising is a direction that would be easily achieved with full legal documentation already in place. This purchase would suit an energetic and progressive thinking person who can visualise the opportunity presented in taking this business to the next level. Current owner is willing to offer training through the agreed transition period.

0407 286 755

price: $250,000 + S.A.V.



Further information and financial advise would be provided upon completing confidentiality requirements.


VOLUME 13 2014

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Lifting The Franchisee Performance Ceiling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

FRANCHISES, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES & OTHER RELEVANT COMPANIES AIR-Serv Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 PRIVATE SALES & AGENTS/BROKERS LISTINGS

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ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054

Midas Auto Service Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

Nudie Juice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

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Building On Success – Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo Gears Up For 2014 one of these expos and we've been doing it every year for 15 years.”

Fiona Stacey Exhibition Manager New show organiser Specialised Events is gearing up for a busy and exciting year in 2014, building on the fresh new look and feel of its first three Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos this year. According to Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey, the three shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne reported excellent numbers this year, with the recent Melbourne Expo in particular exceeding all expectations – more than 4000 people streamed through the doors over the show’s three days. “We had three really good shows but Melbourne really stood out,” says Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey. “It just had a fabulous feel, a great number of exhibitors and visitors, and exciting show features.” The show’s 80 exhibitors agreed, with many saying it was their best show yet. “The first day was fantastic, I looked at the figures and we did three times what we did the same day last year,” says John Gill from Cleantastic. “I would say it's the best Friday we've had at

“Yes it was a very good day (on Friday), we were quite surprised at the numbers that came through,” agrees Lilian Tartaglia from McDonald’s. “We saw some really strong candidates so it's a great start.” Richard Reid, from Salts of the Earth, said he thought all the shows reflected well on the new organising company. “They seemed to be doing a lot more and better advertising and marketing. We are very happy, particularly with the quality of people applying for franchises.”

of the Darling Harbour venue, the Sydney show will be held at the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. “This venue is only 10 minutes from the CBD with easy access by car or public transport, and cheap or free parking.” she says. “It’s also convenient for exhibitors, with level loading dock access directly onto the show floor and excellent surrounding facilities.” Stacey adds that the most popular features of the 2013 shows will remain, such as the free seminar program and the Franchising Advice Centre. “Through the year we were paying attention to feedback

from exhibitors and made improvements with each show,” she says. “Now we are working hard to ensure the 2014 series of Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos is even bigger and more exciting, so make sure you get in early to reserve your stand, as it looks like each one will be a sell-out!” For information about participating in the 2014 Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo contact Fiona Stacey on (03) 9999 5464 or email

Tim Collett, Specialised Events’ Managing Director, says there was a lot Next year’s dates are: of attention paid to solid marketing and Sydney 28-30 March at Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park promotions for the Brisbane 19-20 July at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre three shows. Melbourne 22-24 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre “For the Melbourne one we decided to risk putting the bulk of our Franchise marketing dollars into television,” he explains. “This strategy really paid off, as demonstrated by the numbers – and most importantly the quality – of visitors to the Melbourne show. We’ll be looking to use TV extensively again for all three shows in 2014.” Fiona Stacey says the Sydney Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo will be held earlier than this year, from 2830 March 2014. With the closure



Nudie Juice Franchises One business for sale as two franchised areas and a new territory to grow for the new owner. Unlimited opportunity. Tried and proven franchise over 10 Years with massive growth potential in recently taken over west south and hills districts of Sydney. Be your own boss and step into a fully functioning business and continue trading from day 1. Full training and long term support provided if required. Staff in place. Vehicles and office equipment included. Owner is selling to follow his family to Brisbane.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Sydney Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo June 2013 4 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0422 658 302


price: $730,000 negotiable WIWO

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Buy a Business & Invest In Your Future By William de Ora

Buying a business offers you the potential to create, and control your future. You can make your own decisions, there’s no one to tell you what to do, and you get to reap the benefits. This is the joy of being your own boss. I’m sure you’re aware however that unless you take charge, your business will. Too many people end up being in a selfmade prison rather than reaping the freedom and rewards. And, while you may think that you’ve escaped a boss, there’s no tougher boss than a business that relentlessly demands your attention 24/7.

So how do you avoid ending up being ‘employed’ by your business? You must be the number one priority of the business. From the in-depth research gathered when writing The Invisible Entrepreneur: How To Grow Your Business By Taking 3 Months Off!, I saw too many entrepreneurs being the last in line to reap any rewards from their business. If you are investing in a business, then you need to make sure that it’s a wise investment, and that it does give you a return on your investment. As a business owner keep in perspective that having a business isn't an end in itself, but the means to an end. Over the past twenty-five years I have seen too many business owners forget that a business is a moneymaking machine. Now before you jump to any conclusions, and think that I’m saying that money is everything, it’s not. I know that 6 Australian Business For Sale ®

Be clear about your shortterm and long-term objectives Buying a business can often be an emotional decision. It feels like it’s the right thing to do, and if you just get started, you’ll figure out the rest. However, this can be costly, and may not lead you to your destination. So before you buy a business, it’s important to map out ‘why’ you are going into business, and what you really want to get out of the business. You must think in terms of the short-term as well as the long term. It’s much easier to map out your game plan when you know what game you’re playing. When reviewing the business’ financials, look at the previous turnover and historic costs, but also look at the scalability, and whether this business could operate without you. If you can't see the potential for this to happen, you may well be staring at a ‘vampire business’ that’s going to bleed you dry—delivering minimum returns for maximum input in terms of your time, effort, and resources.

Begin with the end in mind How might you set up your first

business, if you knew that it wasn’t going to be the only business you’ll ever have? In The Invisible Entrepreneur the focus is on you not being in your business, and having to run it day-to-day. It’s about you taking on the role as the investor of the business. And, if there’s one thing that I would encourage you to do is to begin thinking like the investor from day one. It might sound like an impossible role to play in the beginning, however it will pay you dividends if you can master operating like this. It will give you enormous freedom to direct two game plans simultaneously. Game Plan 1 is your business. Game Plan 2 is an investment portfolio, funded by your business. Another way of saying this is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re interested in creating a future that gives you the best of both worlds—your business and your investment portfolio,

then please call me to discuss how this can be achieved. William de Ora is the best selling author of three business books. The Invisible Entrepreneur: How To Grow Your Business By Taking 3 Months Off! The Invisible Partnership: How To Live, Love, And Work With Your Life Partner The Invisible Branson: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Business Rock Star To contact William: Email: Mobile: 0414 834 733 W:

Mobile Business



Kwik Kerb – Offering Financial Freedom Take advantage of this well-known business opportunity, which uses the unique KWIK KERB® continuous concrete edging system, allowing the operator to economically design landscapes and add value to the customer’s property. KWIK KERB® is a dominant leader in the home improvement industry and operators can earn in excess of $100,000 a year. This business can be relocated and would be the perfect addition to an existing landscaping business. May consider car, bike or 4WD as trade or part trade. You will not purchase a brand new Kwik Kerb business at this price, don’t miss out! Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $36,500 + G.S.T. mob 0437 477 162


William de Ora

making a difference is important. I also understand that you get to be creative, and you get to set the standards that align with your core values. However, there’s another benefit that you may not have thought about which is your business needs to give you sufficient funds to be able to invest in other incomegenerating vehicles. For instance, imagine using your business to generate enough revenue, so that you can then invest in ‘bricks and mortar’ and build a property portfolio that will give you a passive, and ongoing income. Would you agree that this could provide you with real freedom, and the opportunity to choose what you do, or don’t do in your business?

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REGIONAL LICENCES and DISTRIBUTORSHIPS now available in your area. Home based Australia-wide Shade opportunities selling Giant Poolside, Garden, Patio and Deck Umbrellas. 20 elegant styles and sizes, reflecting the ultimate in modern and colourful design.

Work your own hours - Part-time or full time

High profit returns and easy clean work. Full back up service 6 days a week from Broadbeach Head Office. Please call for a free

1800 258 250

Full price $21,750 + GST includes website, leads PLUS infoof pack - 6 days all stationery or call Keith on

0407 113 665

Finance Available to Approved Purchasers


Join our National group of 24 Licensed Distributors and Agents.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 7

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An Australian First - Make Money Working Just Days A Month! What is it?

Now You Can Share The Revenue From These Amazing Coin-Operated Air Machines 24/7 With Your Service Station Operator And Favourite Charity. This Is The Ultimate Win/Win/Win!

AIR-serv Australia Pty Ltd Coin-Operated machines are PLC digitally operated, illuminate at night and have a stainless steel cabinet with base requirements of 700 mm x 660 mm, retractable Real AIR Hose and a built-in two horsepower oil less AIR compressor, with electrical requirements of 10 amp 240 volts. They can be installed at service stations, car washes, caravan parks and other locations.

The average Coin Operated AIR machine has an expected monthly income between $150 and $700 depending upon the location. You identify, locate and install 10 x AIR machines and you are making between $1,500 and $7,000 a month. Additional 20 machines purchased over 2 years with follow up packs at wholesale prices to increase your monthly income.

the roughest areas there has been the least number of vandalism problems. How do they work? The machines are easy to use and take $1 and $2 coins for a timed period of $1 x 4 minutes and $2 x 8 minutes. Note: Air pressure can be checked without installing coins. The machines make no demands on the forecourt staff whatsoever. Nothing to check, no need to bring in the hoses and gauge at night and nothing to count.

What about vandalism? Each machine is built to extremely rugged standards to withstand the rigours of life on the forecourt and is bolted to a concrete base facility. They are highly vandal resistant with a separate lockable cash vault which is bolted to the floor. In fact, it has been found that in

Successfully launched in WA (50 machines installed) 6 Eastern State Contracts are now available to astute business owners in each state and territory in Australia.

How safe is the Air machine? The machines are safer than the normal free airline. As the compressors are regulated to 80 PSI maximum and this pressure is reached rapidly from the zero through the output of the compressors and not by emptying of an AIR receiver.

Does the Air machine save on electricity costs? The AIR-serv unit consumes about a quarter of the electricity compared to the standard compressor set-up. It uses electricity only when activated and does not compress air to 150/200 PSI for storage in the receiver when the average motorist only requires AIR at 25/35 PSI, thus it is very energy-efficient. The installation of coin-operated AIR machines will result in considerable cost savings. It is estimated that the average Service Station cost of supplying free air facilities is between $250 and $1,000 per annum. Initial Investment? $65,000 includes fees, Start Up Package EXC white VW Caddy. Signwriting templates provided for vehicle. Phone (03) 9390 3250

Footwear Carindale


Upmarket Shoe Shop In No.1 Fashion Mall Immaculate $150k fitout, stock at cost over $80k. Well presented, well stocked, well staffed and currently run under management, this business shows excellent growth prospects and lifestyle advantages. The shop could remain under management as the staff are pleasant, loyal, honest and genuinely nice people who love their work and the customer interaction. The customer base speaks very highly of the shop’s team. For the business owner who likes to travel the international suppliers offer many excellent opportunities for tax

deductable travel anywhere and anytime. This new Brand is steadily building customer support and loyalty. The brand is set up for Nationwide Franchising and all of these opportunities are included in the sale. This is a genuine ground floor opportunity and being sold at well below cost. Full reasons for sale will be disclosed upon request. Carindale is a mini CBD suburb of Brisbane, containing a large Westfield Shopping Centre, Pacific Golf Club, state school, bushland reserve and Bulimba Creek and is bordered by the Gateway Motorway.

bh (07) 5574 5911 mob 0439 426 426 8 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (07) 5574 5922


price: $199,000 WIWO all inclusive

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AIR-SERV Australia Pty Ltd ABN 26 009 335 951 “Treetops” 32 Broomfield Drive, Kelmscott, Western Australia 6111 Tel/Fax: (08) 9390-3250 Mobile 0412 151 035 Email: SOLE DISTRIBUTOR FOR AUSTRALIA: Coin operated tyre inflators and vacuum systems incorporating air for charity programs.

Digital Coin-operated Vending Machines. Distributors required: SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD & TAS AIR-serv Australia Pty Ltd Sole Master Distributor for Australia are looking for expressions of interest from individuals or companies in becoming an AIR-serv Distributor on a 5 year contract. To purchase coin operated Digital Tyre inflators, Vacuums and Car Wash machines. Supply, Install and Maintain on a shared contract with Service Station operators within their Territory. Initial capital requirements $65,000 plus requirement of VW Caddy Van with further capital injection over a two year period to purchase extra machines.


Water DA9 Digital Air/ • Coin Operated • Buy time facility • Digital display accuracy • Market leading able reels • Hose tidy retract

VS9 Vacuum erated • Coin or token op ptional) • Digital display (o (optional) • Buy time facility • Market leading performance ne on the • Quietest machi market

Initial capital requirements $65,000 includes fees, Start Up Package plus purchase of the white VW Caddy van with further capital injection over a two year period to purchase extra machines. AIR-serv Australia Pty Ltd are proud charity supporters. Percentage of takings are donated to the Heart Foundation. To obtain further information call (08) 9390 3250 or 0412 151 035 Email: Australian Business For Sale ® 9

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Customers Don’t Care How Much You Know… Until They Know How Much You Care By Bob Lyon Selling can be defined as everything that happens from the first contact with the prospective customer to the satisfactory delivery of the product or service. If your advertising is effective, it will attract prospective customers to your business. If you’re engaged in direct selling, where you telephone and make appointments and then go and see the customer personally you have to prospect for customers. Each part of the professional selling process must take place no matter how you meet the customer for the first time.

1. Prospecting The first rule of selling is to spend more time with better prospects. Your first job in the prospecting process is to separate “prospects” from “suspects.” Your goal in the initial stages of your first meeting is to determine whether the person is a genuine prospect or just a “tyre kicker.” For many people shopping around is a form of entertainment. They are polite and pleasant and they ask lots of questions, but they have no real intention of buying in the foreseeable future. In prospecting you must ask carefully planned questions to determine whether this person has a genuine need that your product or service can satisfy. These questions will differ depending upon what you sell and who you sell to. One of the best investments you’ll ever make is in books, CD`s and professional sales training programs that teach you how to become excellent at prospecting and finding new customers.

2. Establishing Rapport And Trust Customers today are pampered, spoiled and fickle. They will only buy from someone they like and who they feel likes them. “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” People decide emotionally and then justify logically. In the first few moments with a prospect, you must slow down and take the time to build a minimum level of trust and likeability with that person. You do this by asking friendly questions and listening closely to the answer. You establish rapport and trust by being genuinely interested in the other person, as a person, rather than just as a customer. 10 Australian Business For Sale ®

3. Identify Needs In this part of the sales process, you ask the prospect questions about what they’re currently doing, what they need at the moment, and what their plans are for the future. Whenever someone asks me for my advice about which of our programs they should buy, I always ask, “What sort of business are you doing now?” When somebody comes into your business, perhaps the worst question you can ask is “Can I help you?” This question will almost always generate the response “No thanks I’m just looking.” A better question might be “Is there anything specific I can help you with today?” You could also say, “Hi is this the first time you’ve been to our store?” Whichever way they answer you could continue by saying, “That’s great! We’ve got some really terrific specials this week; can I show them to you?” In medicine they say, “Prescription without examination and diagnosis is malpractice.” Most sales people commit “sale malpractice” every single day. They start talking to the customer about the product or service before they have taken time to do the examination or diagnosis.

4. The Presentation Once you’ve established rapport with the prospect and clearly identified what they want and what they’re looking for, you can then show how your product or service is the very best choice for them at this time. You use what is called “educational selling” instead of trying to persuade the prospect to buy your product or service, you teach them about the product, what it is made of , how it works and especially what it does for the customer. You teach the special benefits that owning this product offer your customer. You do not try and sell at all. Instead you focus on giving the prospect good information and let them evaluate that information without pressure.

5. Answering Objections There are no sales without questions or concerns. A good customer will want to know about what will happen if they buy what you’re selling. The customer may have questions or concerns about the price, competitive offerings, or the

suitability for them at this time. You must be prepared to answer these concerns openly and honestly.

6. Closing the Sale This is often the most stressful part of the sale for both the customer and sales person. However, it does not need to be difficult. It simply requires that you develop two or three simple ways of asking the customer to make a buying decision. • The Assumptive Close. After you presentation, you ask a question like “Do you like what I’ve shown you so far?” or “How do you like this?” If the customer says “It looks pretty good” or “It looks fine” you assume the sale and behave exactly as if the customer has said “Yes, I’ll take it.” You ask “Well then, would you like me to wrap this up for you?” or “If you have no further questions, how soon do you need this?” • The Invitational Close. You ask, “Do you have any other questions or concerns that I haven’t covered?” When the customer says, “No” you close the sale by saying “Well then, why don’t you give it a try?” If you’re selling services, you say “Why don’t you give us a try?” If you’re selling a tangible product you can ask, “Why don’t you take it?” or “Why not purchase it now?” In every case, once you’ve explained your product or service to the customer and explained how they can best use it, you should invite them to make a buying decision – “Why don’t you give it a try?” • The Alternative Close. Customers often find it easier to buy if you give then a choice instead of an ultimatum. For example, “Which of these do you prefer, the red one or the blue one?” or “Which do you like better, model 25 or model 30?” If you only have a single product, offer a choice between methods of payments. “How would you like to pay for this, cash or credit?” Or you could offer a different delivery, “Would you like to take this with you now, or should we deliver it to you tomorrow?” There are more than one hundred ways to close a sale however I believe you only need to know about seven closing techniques. Once you’ve learned and memorised these techniques, you have them in your head to use at the appropriate time. Continues on page 12

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Establish An Operation In Australia By Paul St Clair Australia is in growth mode If you want to establish an Australian operation for your business, we can provide a custom service from an Australian perspective. Our expertise makes the entire process simpler and more cost-effective. We can assist with the necessary statutory and other formalities, provide all accounting, taxation and business consultancy services. In addition, we offer on-going office services to manage local mail, payments to suppliers and personnel records. Our fully-equipped conference room and interview offices, are also available to allow you to conduct local meetings. We liaise with specialists in other professions (customs

agents, real estate agents, lawyers etc) to ensure your local operation runs smoothly. And of course, we work with your existing advisers in your own jurisdiction to ensure that everybody’s efforts are co-ordinated for your benefit and towards your goals. In addition, we provide local knowledge and advice to help you create and develop your Australian business. At every step, we work with you. In this way, we ensure you are provided with a total solution that is specifically suited to your special requirements, and enables you to conduct local operations with a minimum of effort. A Business One Stop Shop

The Way To Go

Establish a Connection in Australia We offer the complete Package: n n n n n n n n n n n n

Company Formations Smart Solutions Confidental Investigations Taxation returns and planning Payrolls, Audits, BAS Consultancy Services Financial Planning Sale and purchase of Business Bookkeeping Mail, Email Services Meeting/Board room services Other business needs

Experience and Cost Effectiveness

St. Clair partners - CBD Sydney Chartered Accountants, Tax Agents, Auditors and Business Adviser

Website: Email: T: +61 2 9221 4088 F: +61 2 9221 7498 In the heart of CBD Sydney 15th Level, 109 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW GPO Box 1881, SYDNEY NSW 2001, AUSTRALIA

43rd year of Practice

Don’t Buy a Business Before Seeing Us… Have an expert on your side to attend to everything that matters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Business What size Franchising advice What value Have I the money Can I meet my commitments Is it worth the asking price How do I know I am not overpaying for the business Property rental advice Are the vendor’s figures for the business correct Lease advice Negotiating a better deal Is the sale contract in order The financial proposal Getting behind the figures How much should I borrow Obtaining banking advice

• How do I obtain finance • What should I know about the business • Obtaining legal advice • What type of finance should I get • What registrations should be undertaken • What books should I keep • What entity should own the business • Is the valuation of the stock correct • What insurance should I have • Taxation requirements • Long term planning • and the… many many other matters to consider

...the RISK is too Great! Make an appointment with Paul St. Clair

St. Clair partners Chartered Accountants Level 15, 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Fax: (02) 9221 7498

(02) 9221 4088 Ask about our FREE “Buy a Business Seminar”

“ W e a r e n o t y o u r av e r a g e a c c o u n ta n t s W h e n i t c o m e s t o b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s ” Australian Business For Sale ® 11

Pages_3-18_Pages_3-18 12/02/2014 2:16 pm Page 12

Continued from page 10

7. Getting Resales and referrals Immediately after making a sale you should ask. “Would you happen to know of anyone else who might be interested in getting what you’ve just purchased?” To get resales, you must be sure to follow up the sale with excellent customer service.

The Most Profitable Sales The reason that resales and referrals are so important is because they are the most profitable and easiest to make. A sale to a satisfied customer is ten times easier that advertising, selling and getting new customers. This means that it take one tenth of the time, cost, and energy to make a resale than it does to make a first time sale. All successful, profitable businesses are built on the second sale (and third, fourth, fifth etc.).

Perhaps the most important word in business is “credibility.” The higher your creditability the easier it is for someone to buy from you. And everything you do in your transaction with your customer either raises or lowers your credibility. Everything counts. When you get a referral from a satisfied customer, it will almost always be to a relative or friend or close business associate of your customer. The customer already has established a high level of credibility or trust with that person. When you call on a referral it is with the credibility that has already been established by your customer. As much as 95% of the sale has already been made.

key to a great sales person. The more professional you appear, the more your prospects will listen to what you have to say. People like dealing with experts in their field, with someone that really knows what they’re talking about and somebody who will look after their interests. They want good advice and information before they buy. They’re very wary of being caught by some clever sales person whose only interest is to make money. So make the choice, treat every sale like it really matters, build rapport and trust with your customers and provide excellent service and performance.

Consistent Customer Service Do this, and watch your sales multiply!

A referral from a satisfied customer is fifteen times easier to sell than a cold call or a new customer. This means it takes fifteen times the cost and energy to find a new customer through advertising, promotions and sales effort as it does to sell someone referred to you by a happy customer.

The third part of successful business development after marketing (lead generation) and selling (lead conversion) is customer service and satisfaction. Almost any company can attract customers for the first time. But it is your ability to keep the customer coming back and buying again that is the true measure of your effectiveness as a businessperson.

Credibility Is The Key To The Sale

Just remember, professionalism is the

Alcohol / Liquor

For further information on how your business can benefit from these and other exciting business and marketing tactics call Bob Lyon direct on 043 883 0937 or get your FREE report entitled “How To Sell Your Business At Your Price … And Cause A Stampede Of Prospective Buyers Literally Begging For Your Time” by simply going to

Mid North Coast l NSW

Great Bottle Shop with Lifestyle to Match A fantastic local business with solid figures that continue to grow from strength to strength each year.

Price: $275,000 + S.A.V.

Directly servicing the local area of Kendall and surrounding rural districts the business is an integral part of the community supporting local sporting clubs, families and other community events. • Part of the network of Bottle-O stores, providing low cost independence, but large group buying power to ensure everyday low prices • Long established business with a large range of products • Located centrally in Kendalls Business Area • Leasehold business, plus stock at valuation for sale The village of Kendall is one of seven villages that make up the Camden Haven region of the Port Macquarie/Hastings Local Government Area, other villages including Laurieton, North Haven, and Dunbogan. The Camden Haven is

midway between Taree and Port Macquarie and only a 3½ hour drive from Sydney or Tamworth, 2 hours from Newcastle and 7 hours to Brisbane. Spectacular coastal and valley views, extensive waterways for boating and fishing, sweeping surf beaches, protected familyfriendly swimming spots, affordable accommodation, campgrounds surrounded by forest and bush, secret picnic places, walking tracks and cycle paths, abundant birdlife, great fish and chips, good coffee – these are a few of the things that bring holidaymakers back year after year and keep the residents maintaining their own piece of paradise. We have obtained all information from sources we believe to be reliable; however, we cannot guarantee it's accuracy. Prospective purchasers are advised to carry out their own investigations.

Contact Simon Hancox at PRDnationwide Laurieton M 0423 941 136 P (02) 6559 9400 E 12 Australian Business For Sale ®

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Lifting The Franchisee Performance Ceiling By Jason Gehrke resources in the organisational details necessary to create outstanding business performers from the uninitiated.

Jason Gehrke In the main, franchisor founders are entrepreneurial types who see an opportunity to build a business in an underdeveloped niche. A typical characteristic of entrepreneurs is that their long-distance focus on realising potential is often matched by a lack of attention to detail in the short term. This short term lack of attention, if not addressed by other members of the entrepreneur’s team, can compromise the effectiveness of systems to train and support franchisees. In their rush to capitalise on a business opportunity ahead of competitors, new franchisors often fail to invest sufficient

Not surprisingly, many new franchisors find they have much greater support demands placed on them by new franchisees, than by experienced franchisors who have learned the hard way that extra resources invested into training reduces the reactive consumption of support resources later. Consequently, advice to “just follow the system” rings hollow in the ears of franchisees who perceive the system to be lacking, and whose growing knowledge of “the system” increases their concerns that it was underdeveloped from the outset. While “the system – that special blend of training, know how and marketing nous that creates a successful franchise – is intended to help launch a franchisee to hitherto unobtainable heights, “the system” could equally create a performance ceiling that limits the very heights to which a franchisee can soar. Let’s consider the example of a system


where a franchisee is required to manually complete complex and timeconsuming reports about business activities. Such work is laborious, and reduces the amount of customer-facing or business development time available to a franchisee. On the other hand, “the system” could be developed so that such reports are automated by linking to the business’ point of sale technology and require no additional effort on behalf of the franchisee to produce. Such an innovation will be self-apparent to franchisees often before it is selfapparent to a franchisor (or at least, before a franchisor acknowledges that it requires a further investment in the development of their system). Where franchisors can create improvements in their system which save franchisees time and resources, it follows that the time and resources saved can be reinvested by the franchisee to lift the performance of their business. To raise the overall performance level of franchisees, franchisors need first to examine their system to see if it has Continues next page

Mid North Coast l NSW

Chicken on the Run - Laurieton Well established takeaway food store with fantastic exposure to the passing trade within the Coles Supermarket complex in CBD Laurieton.

Price: $225,000 + S.A.V.

Macquarie and only a 3½ hour drive from Sydney or Tamworth, 2 hours from Newcastle and 7 hours to Brisbane.

Spectacular coastal and valley views, extensive waterways for boating and fishing, sweeping surf beaches, protected familyfriendly swimming spots, affordable accommodation, campgrounds surrounded by forest and bush, secret picnic places, walking tracks and cycle paths, abundant birdlife, great fish and chips, good coffee – these are a few of the things that bring holidaymakers back year after year and keep the residents Highly motivated owners have reduced the price maintaining their own piece of paradise. on this for an urgent sale, as their plans are held up until the business finds it's new owner. We have obtained all information from sources we believe to be reliable; however, we Laurieton is one of seven villages which cannot guarantee it's accuracy. Prospective makes up the "Camden Haven". The Camden purchasers are advised to carry out their own Haven is midway between Taree and Port investigations. Situated adjacent to a real estate office and clothing store, this is prime position in the centre of one of the Mid North Coast's most beautiful locations. Offering much more than just hot chickens, "Chicken on the Run" also supplies hamburgers, fried food, cold drinks, coffee, ice creams and much more, with a kebab machine included with the sale.

Contact Simon Hancox at PRDnationwide Laurieton M 0423 941 136 P (02) 6559 9400 E Australian Business For Sale ® 13

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Continued from previous page

inefficiencies or other barriers that create a structurally-embedded performance ceiling. Of course not every franchisee will be equally affected by a structural performance ceiling due to each franchisee’s individual combination of skills, attributes and experience, but nonetheless, any kind of systemic performance ceiling will limit the overall performance of franchisees across a network. Then there is the performance ceiling that franchisees impose on themselves (rather than imposed on them by an inefficient system). The self-imposed performance ceiling is the result of the 3C’s: Confidence, Capacity and Complacency. A lack of confidence in their ability to run a business, or lack of confidence in specific aspects of the business’ operation can limit a franchisee’s potential. This may stem from concerns over their own competency to operate a business which should have been identified by the franchisor during the selection and induction process (and again highlights the importance of a highlyevolved franchise system).

d Me

an Auto

al anic

A lack of capacity where the franchisee cannot devote sufficient time to the proper conduct of their business, or at the other end of the scale, the franchisee has dedicated every available moment to the business and has worn themselves out in the process. While a lack of confidence and a lack of capacity are two of the reasons for a selfimposed performance ceiling, the third reason is the most confronting: complacency. Franchisees and independent small business owners who are comfortable with their current income and lifestyle become complacent and operate in cruise control, and no longer feel compelled to operate the business more aggressively. Franchisors can instigate strategies and tactics to help franchisees overcome confidence and capacity issues, but are more challenged to overcome franchisee complacency. Complacent franchisees are generally undemanding of their franchisors when things are going well, but if times get tough they are soon shaken from their complacency and often look to blame their franchisor for their declining fortunes. Complacent franchisees often don’t

appreciate how far off course their business might have drifted until it’s about to crash into an iceberg. Complacent franchisees are accustomed to a financial or lifestyle outcome from their business, but don’t fully understand the range of variable inputs that are required to produce these outputs. Complacent franchisees are quick to blame their franchisor if something goes awry in their business, and slow to respond to advice. Complacent franchisees don’t understand the dangers of complacency, or appreciate its contagiousness. Complacent franchisees often need a close encounter with an iceberg to shake them from their complacency, and sometimes by then it may be too late. There is no silver bullet to raising the franchisee performance ceiling. By ensuring the system is constantly improved, and that franchisee confidence and capacity can be addressed makes it easier for franchisors to identify limits in franchisee performance caused by complacency. And then the real challenge begins.


i Repa


Taree NSW

Modern Automotive Service Centre Long established busy mechanical workshop that provides all aspects of vehicle servicing & repairs: exhaust systems, vehicle tuning & servicing, fuel injection, brake and clutch service, air conditioning & automatic transmission service. The business has a large client base of close to 1500 customers and holds key accounts with large companies in the region. The business has been established for 28

CENTURY 21 River City Realty

14 Australian Business For Sale ®

years and continues to achieve annual growth. Showing an excellent nett return and would be the perfect business for someone with a mechanical background looking to become his own boss. There is a secure long term lease in modern well equipped workshop with 4 hoists and a long list of quality equipment. Spacious office and waiting area and excellent parking facilities.

Mobile: 0409 539 179 Phone: (02) 6552 5500 Email:

Located on the Mid North Coast of NSW in an area growing quickly and offers a great lifestyle. Sell price includes all equipment and stock.

Price: $530,000

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Auto or Mechanical Repairs Bundaberg l QLD

A Market Leader in Bundaberg On offer are two Auto Mechanical Workshops, both well established, both well patronised, and both good, solid and profitable businesses. These businesses are located in Bundaberg with main street exposure and plenty of passing traffic. 'Enterprise Street Exhaust & Radiator Centre' specialises in the repair and replacement of radiators. Other services include exhaust fitting, suspension & brake repairs and maintenance, plus general mechanical repairs. This business has been long established and has acquired a great reputation for efficiency, reliability, and competitive rates. Through its reputation, it has developed strong trade accounts and an ever increasing number of satisfied repeat customers. 'Bundaberg Exhaust Centre' specialises in exhaust fittings with an extensive range of various types of fittings suitable for all makes of vehicles. 'Bundaberg Exhaust Centre' other services include repair or replacement brakes, suspension, towbars and all general automotive servicing and repairs. This business has an extensive client base with plenty of repeat business. Both businesses are being sold with a comprehensive amount of equipment that comes with their well set-up workshops. The combined turnover for both these auto businesses is $1.3 Mil plus. Current stock value approx $80K - $100K. This is a great opportunity to take over 2 established and successful automotive businesses. Bundaberg is a fast growing city and major centre within Queensland's broader Wide Bay - Burnett region. The city is on the Burnett River, approx 385km north of Brisbane and has a population in excess of 71,000. Further information & financial details would be available after Confidentiality requirements have been completed.

mob 0438 120 928 - Karen

mob 0407 022 687 - Brad


price: P.O.A.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 15

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Auto or Mechanical Repairs

Cronulla Sutherland Area NSW


2 Liquor Stores Same Suburb Undergoing Development Boom

Leading Motor Mechanic Franchise - Penrith


price: $290,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

price: $128,000 all incl. - stock included

mob 0423 927 976

mob 0403 822 503


Two liquor stores for sale. 1. 80 sqm inside huge shopping mall undergoing redevelopment near large supermarket. Big opportunity for wine entrepreneur. 70% of sales is wine. Easy trading hours. New lease available. Turnover 930k p.a. 2. Situated on main street, off street share parking, next to station high volume foot traffic. Short term lease as owner will redevelop. Opportunity for astute buyer to keep or relocate license. Turnover approx 920k p.a.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Well known franchise in the Automotive Industry established and situated in the same location for over 30 years. Authorised RTA inspection station, along with child restraints fitting station. Large, fully equipped workshop with 4 bays, 2x2 post hoists and 2x4 post hoists with belly lift, large workshop & mezzanine level, 2 spare parts rooms and a large office. The premises are leased with a 3 year lease (+5 years). Operating 5.5 days p/w with option to increase hours/days. Selling due to illness. Franchisor provides: training, ongoing support & integrated POS computer. Franchisor must consent to the incoming franchisee. Bank guarantee of $20,000 required. Must fill in franchisee enquiry form & accept confidentiality form.

Auto or Mechanical Repairs Magnetic Island


RARE OPPORTUNITY to purchase industrial zoned land on Magnetic Island The 1011 square metre site is well located in the main industrial precinct; improved with a modern high clearance office/workshop structure, having a gross floor space of 294 m2. The freehold property together with all plant equipment, stock in trade and intellectual property is for sale. The Business is fully equipped and trading with a substantial client base including Sunbus, Ergon, Townsville Parks, emergency services, Hire Company, Community Care, Queensland Health and Taxis. It holds the contract for RACQ callouts and towing. Fully equipped with RACQ vehicle and tow truck. Appealing features:

- High Turnover - Operating hours Mon-Friday - RACQ callouts - Streamline Ferry and Barge service for parts delivery - Ability to grow business and/or offer complementary business from same location - Excellent client base - Fully equipped workshop Magnetic Island is the ultimate lifestyle change with excellent fishing & boating, beaches, cafĂŠs & restaurants all within the Barrier Reef Marine Park, and only 20 mins ferry or barge from Townsville. The owner can assist with changeover if required. All reasonable offers considered. Owner looking to retire.

bh (07) 4778 5677 mob 0438 197 313 16 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (07) 4778 5657


price: $990,000 negotiable + G.S.T. if applicable

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Auto or Mechanical Repairs NSW

Burwood, Sydney

Great Location / Solid Cashflow This established and successful Mechanical Workshop is located at Burwood, with excellent exposure on Parramatta Road. Go Pro Automotive has acquired a strong following with plenty of repeat business from a large regular clientele plus a substantial number of casual customers, due to its position on the always busy Parramatta Road. The business caters to all makes or motor vehicles, from the family car to fleet vehicles. Also specialises in Nissan & Subaru Performance vehicles with servicing and professional upgrades. This very busy Workshop is well equipped with a large range of tools and equipment and operates with 2 on staff mechanics plus the owner. Trading 6 days a week, current turnover is in excess of $600K. Equipment includes: Wheel Alignment Machine, Tyre Changer, Tyre Balancer, 3 x Two Post Hoists, Belly Hoist, Brake Disc Lathe Machine, MIG Welder, Compressor, 2 x Presses, Engine Stands and Jacks etc. Go Pro Automotive is a National Warranty Company approved repairer, MTA Toyota Fleet Tyres & Servicing, Custom Fleet Car Servicing. Also MTA does their OHS training for other workshop staff on the premises. Current lease has a balance of 18 months with a 3 x 3 year option. Approx stock $50K. This is an outstanding opportunity to purchase as established, professional and well set-up mechanical workshop capable of carrying out repairs to all makes & models. A profitable business now that has huge potential for growth in the future. Training and advice would be provided in the transition. Further information & financials would be available after Confidentiality Agreement requirements are completed.

ph (02) 8764 3449

mob 0404 319 319 - Danny


price: $295,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 17

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Auto Parts & Accessories Cummins


Tyre & Battery Sales and Service Business established for nearly 20 years, 12 years at this location. Situated in a very reliable, prosperous farming district on the Eyre Peninsula. Servicing predominately agricultural businesses with tyres and batteries for the full range of vehicles including tractors ,harvesters, all other farm machinery, trucks and earthmoving equipment, as well as cars, suv’s and 4wd vehicles. Equipment is late model and in very good condition. Includes 2 car tyre changers and large Eagle Terra 56 truck/tractor tyre changer, car/truck balancer, 2

hoists plus service vehicle. The premises has floor space of 590 sq metres, a mezzanine floor of 120 sq metres, extra storage space with a hydraulic lift to access the stock.12 truck tyre stillage will store 120 truck tyres, plus other tyre racking. The premises is available either for sale or commercial lease. There is potential to do more mechanical work etc. The business has a good turnover and gross profit. If you’re looking for a good business and a relaxing country lifestyle contact the owner for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $350,000 + S.A.V. negotiable 443451

mob 0427 625 704

Auto Parts & Accessories Beaudesert


Successful Automotive Parts Retail Business Established for over 28 years, this business has been run by the same owners since its beginnings. The business has shown a stable gross profit & turnover over the years and has acquired an established clientele. Strong franchise base. Long lease available. Located in excellent, purpose-built premises, with a large carpark exclusively dedicated to the store. The premises consist of a 600 m2 display and service area with staff amenities and a 150 m2 mezzanine office area. Located within the service area there is a loading bay with the potential of setting up a fitment bay. Consistent turnover in excess of $1.5Mil. Owners looking to retire. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 101 529 18 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $495,000 + S.A.V. + G.S.T.

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 2:39 pm Page 19

Auto Parts & Accessories NSW


Mower Shop – Freehold Long established and operating successfully since 1970. The Mower Shop is situated on a corner block with good exposure on a main road between Queanbeyan and Canberra. The business retails everything relating to lawns and garden maintenance. Lawn mowers, chainsaws, ride-on mowers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters and power string trimmers. The business carries all major brands and is a licensed warranty repair agent. The Mower Shop is the only store of its type that carries such a wide selection of parts.

ongoing from a continuous passing trade.

The shop is well known in the area and it has acquired a reputation for quality repairs and good service. Repeat business from a solid regular clientele is the mainstay of the business. New business is

Computerised repair, stock account and management systems are in place making the day to day running of the business comparatively simple. Current stock approx $200K. The Mower Shop is offered as a freehold purchase, which makes it a great investment. Commercial zoned properties are increasing rapidly in value in this growing area. The purchase price includes all tooling, equipment, fixtures and fittings. Plenty of potential. Current owner would be available to train and offer advice. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

mob 0427 774 739


price: $450,000 + S.A.V. freehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 19

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 5:16 pm Page 20

Auto Parts & Accessories Wollongong


Once in a Lifetime Purchase Long established (over 20 years) and successful Auto Recycling business, conveniently located in the central northern suburbs of Wollongong. This family business also carries out mechanical repairs and is a licensed Pink Slip inspection station. Having been a part of the local area for a long time the current owners have developed a large regular clientele, through their technical expertise, friendly service and a comprehensive stock of spare parts etc. Stock currently over $200,000. This is a huge opportunity to

purchase a great business with very high profit margins. The purchase price not only includes the stock, but a tow truck, plant and equipment plus a one bedroom 40 ft mobile home. Sound too good to be true? But it is true! A great business at a price that is a steal in a magical part of the NSW South Coast with beaches, fishing and boating at your back door. The freehold property is also available for purchase P.O.A.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4283 7489 fax (02) 4283 6291

mob 0416 724 530 - George mob 0404 028 520 - Trevor


price: $270,000 WIWO

Bakery Winmalee


Only Bakery In Town, Great Location Located inside Winmalee Village Centre, this bakery is a great business to acquire. With its great location and being the only bakery in town, this business perceives a great amount of regular customers on a daily basis. Located only 5 minutes away from Springwood, Winmalee Village Centre attracts a lot of

custom with its 18 specialty retailers, Target store and a state of the art Coles Supermarket. This is a very easy to run business, with minimum staff needs and very easy to maintain equipment. Legitimate reason for selling as I need to take care of family matters that have come up.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4754 3885 mob 0405 909 202 20 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $140,000 negotiable - stock included

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 2:39 pm Page 21

Bars / Nightclubs Fitzroy


Established Bar On Popular Smith Street Fitzroy The bar was started 5 years ago and has become popular with locals for its food, craft beers (8 tap glycol system aprox 6 years old) and live entertainment. The option to take the next 5 years on the lease has been taken with another option for a further 5 years (rent increases are CDI based only). There is a fully equipped kitchen, cold store and cold keg room. The bar has an 8 door bar fridge, glass washer,

ice machine and the ability to have live entertainment. Has a beer garden and a mezzanine level in the main bar. Staff includes full time chef with 3 casuals plus a bar manager and 3 casuals. This is a very special space with a warm welcoming feel and should be seen. The potential for this bar is endless. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit. Selling after 20 years in the business, time for a change.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $140,000 negotiable 443309

bh (03) 9416 1944 mob 0438 860 011

BBQ & Gas Supplies Narrogin


Thriving And Diverse Rural Business Narrogin GasworX is a long established, thriving and diverse business, operating continuously for more than 20 years. Owner operated and one part time driver. Owner approaching retirement age. We have products from basic utilities to luxury goods, including: • Delivery of LPG to agencies in other towns • Home delivery of LPG cylinders in Narrogin • Auto gas • Solar and gas hot water systems, room heaters and gas stoves • Shoprider gophers • Easy lift chairs, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids • Barbeques, weber specialist • Outdoor and patio settings, space heaters, helium balloons and balloon arrangements for events. • Large showroom and large workshop. Ample parking. • Long lease available. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0427 811 748


price: $199,000 WIWO all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 21

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 2:39 pm Page 22

Beauty Salon Sydney


Stylish Beachside Beauty Salon New Stunning Fitout treatments, IPL hair removal and photo rejuvenation, skin needling and Environ DF machine. Anti-wrinkle injections contracted providing additional commissions. Leading software and MYOB for client data base, sales and accounts. Policy & procedural manuals, ongoing sales promotions, latest IT technology & website in place. Further marketing development will ensure continual growth. Long secure lease available. A well priced business with substantial return on investment. Walk in and continue with the successful formula and great staff in a beautiful salon and superb location. Owner will assist during transition. Negotiable finance arrangements. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Beauty Salon and Skin Care Clinic est.13 yrs at Eastern Suburbs beach. Great local walk by traffic. Loyal client base and staff. Profitable business with growing turnover. 3 f/time and 1 p/time staff. New quality modern fitout includes large street frontage for display, reception area with office & computer equipment , 3 treatment rooms with all equipment, Caesar Stone benchtop and sink, ducted air cond.and heating, LED down lighting, New toilet and shower area for tanning, comfortable private waiting area plus storage / work room. Providing beauty & clinical treatments with the latest beauty equipment & technology including microdermabrasion, oxygen

price: $69,000 + S.A.V. 428843

mob 0425 264 712

Bike Shop

Blinds & Shutters

East Balllina



Long Established Business With A Sea Change Of Life


Curtain & Blind Retail & Manufacturing

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $60,000 + S.A.V.

price: $765,000 freehold + S.A.V.

bh (02) 6686 9933 mob 0416 043 068

mob 0427 959 407

fax (02) 6686 5964

22 Australian Business For Sale ®


Highly regarded and successful family business situated in the south West of WA. Owners wishing to retire. • all the hard work is done • 5 day week, Saturday by appointment, 2 week Xmas closure • operates with team of 5 • owners will train and provide ongoing support • website & advertisement booked for 2014 • High Annual sales and returns. 2013 sales $700K • services Dunsborough to Australind area and inland, with room to expand • low stock levels Price includes: • 2400m2 industrial property • 420m2 buildings with 2 showrooms, 4 x manufacturing areas • work equipment, fixtures & fittings. Plus 2 near new vans with signage for sale + S.A.V.


This long est. business of 17 years is in a busy location with easy parking. This is a successful shop with loyal customer base and is already profitable but with potential to grow. Licenced dealer of the highest quality bicycle brands. The bicycle side is profitable enough to run alone but the lawn mowers are a great side line. Operates five and half days a week. It would suit a sole trader or partnership. Increasing profits each year. Price excl. stock currently about $40,000, but includes all fixtures & fittings. A long lease is available.

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 2:39 pm Page 23

Boarding Cattery Narangba


Busy, Boutique, Boarding Cattery And Beautiful Home First time offered for sale! Great opportunity to work at home and enjoy a peaceful, rural environment. This purpose built Boarding Cattery, established in 2009, has grown to be a most reputable, highly profitable, growth Business. It is the only cat exclusive facility in the area. We are fully council approved and can accommodate 36 cats. We have a large, increasing client base with many forward bookings. This property is situated on 2.5 acres of countryside, yet only minutes from shopping centres, schools and train stations. All the hard work has been done, with all systems in place you

can begin earning from day 1! Home and Property includes: Modern 4 Bedrm Brick and Tile, Air/ cond Home (6 yrs old) that encompasses two large living areas linked by an open kitchen. Four good sized bedrooms including a massive master room. Also includes a separate 1 Bedrm Flat. Swim Pool and deck. 4 Water Tanks. 3 Sheds. A 20 tree Mango Orchard. Full training and support provided. Owners now ready to retire. 3 years full accountants figures available. Can be operated by a couple, or one person with some casual help. Operating hours to suit.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $1,220,000 freehold 444020

mob 0408 638 042

Building and Construction Central Coast


ROUNDY Curved Wall System - Licenses The ROUNDY interior curved plaster wall system was developed in New Zealand 8 years ago. ROUNDY allows architects, interior designers and builders to have more creativity over interior space design - the next big advance in interior fit outs.

on ROUNDY’S sold. Option to set up manufacturing in any other state. There is a small manufacturing space on the central coast but the business could also be operated from home to start with, or to complement an existing business.

ROUNDY’S have been supplied to hospitals, commercial, retail & residential buildings.The potential market is enormous. The ROUNDY is aesthetically pleasing, helps create energy efficiencies, less damage, saves space and provides better traffic flow in any building.

Currently there are 2 people involved in the business in Australia and they can be included in the sale. We are looking for a business person who is able to establish our ROUNDY in the market place as the best product in curved wall systems. Full training provided in NZ and we will be there when you need any information. Please contact Walter or visit our websites for further information.

Investment for the license $40,000.00 plus GST, plus royalties

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh +64 4479 3741


price: $40,000 + Equipment

Australian Business For Sale ® 23

Pages_19-34_Pages_19-34 12/02/2014 2:39 pm Page 24

Building and Construction The Vines


Midsize Busy Commercial Ceiling Company We are a midsize commercial ceiling company dealing with a range of build projects including State & Federal Government contracts as well as private sector. We have a large number of Tender Contacts & a good reputation in the trade. We have worked with a large number of Commercial Builders with a scope of works including Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Warehouses & Retail Spaces. These projects all vary in size with some being only a few thousand dollars up to several million. We are registered for 457 Visa holders & 186 PR holders. We have two full time employees plus

numerous subcontractors working onsite & myself in the office tendering at the moment. The business has been trading for 5 years with an annual turnover of approximately $1.1 million. The business is operated successfully from our home office & so this enables our overheads to be kept to a minimum - it also means we can be very competitive in our tendering & that the business can be operated from anywhere. It would be easy to employ an estimator for the tendering part of this business & as such no real experience in this trade is necessary for purchase.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $250,000 negotiable 443732

mob 0431 538 449

Building and Construction Sydney metro


Long Established Contracting Company This business has been established for 16 years. Gross turnover of approx 4 million per year. Established systems. Great location with low rent. Sale price includes equipment, computers, vehicles and many more tools. Registered sponsor for overseas employment. 6 staff full time and 15 subcontractors. 80% of all contracts come from 4 major clients and have remained constant over last 10 years, which makes the work flow very safe. Huge potential for growth if additional marketing were to be implemented. Great website. Award winning contractor. Can be relocated anywhere easily.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0433 131 105 24 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $990,000

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Building and Construction Ulverstone


Aluminium Window Manufacturing Business This business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone for approx 40 years, current owner for the last 17 years. Located in the middle of the North West coast the town has a population of 20,000 with no other major window manufacturing businesses. Excellent client base. Manufactures all forms of aluminium windows, patio sliding doors, shower screens, sliding wardrobe doors, security doors, aluminium balastrading, mirrors and glass replacement. Equipment includes modern double cut saw

for all aluminium frames, two other heavy duty saws, 2005 Nissan Navara, flat tray and glass racks, 2008 Izuzu flat tray truck, 2011 Hyundai van and a 2 tonne fork lift. Extensive range of power and air tools for all in house and on site manufacturing. Turnover $1.2 million, current stock valuation approx $70,000. Staff of 7 full time, 1 part time. Workshop has floor area approx 500 sq metres including office space and storage area 60 sq metres. The building is located in a secured central area of Ulverstone. Long lease available.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 346 317 443977

Butcher Bombala


Gourmet Butcher & Deli With New Fit Out This Butcher Shop is located in a prime retail location in the town of Bombala in NSW. The premises are owned by an excellent landlord and the rent is very cheap ($238pw). With over 7m of display space, the shop has been recently fit out with brand new floors, walls and coolroom. The business offers gourmet deli lines and groceries to its

customers. With higher than average net profits, this business has a turnover of $650K +. The shop can be easily run by owner plus one apprentice, making it easy to keep overheads low. Price includes all plant and equipment, refrigerated delivery van and stock at settlement.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 498 453


price: $200,000 WIWO Leasehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 25

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Dungog/Barrington Tops NSW

Tarra Valley

Two Popular Self Cater Cabins + 4BR Home, Lifestyle & Income

Idyllic Lifestyle – Iconic Dog Friendly Holiday Park

This is the property and lifestyle in the country that many dream of. In the foot hills of the World Heritage Barrington Tops. Only 2.5hrs via F3 from Sydney, 1hr from Maitland or Raymond Terrace, 75min from Newcastle. On 1.5 acres with fishing, tennis, horse riding, bush drives & walks, pool with children’s playground & BBQ, 400m to school bus, restaurant nearby, horse stable and plenty of fresh air 1km walk to Chichester Dam.

Established for 11 years this business has won 17 Tourism Awards - 8 National Awards for best facilities in Australia. Partial winter closure. Easily run by 2 people. Currently 10.5% return on investment (16% excluding value of residence). Huge potential to increase. Licensed caravan park. Property consists of brick & tile residence and caretaker’s flat, shop and 7 cabins on 10 acres of cool temperate rainforest. 25 minutes to beach. Adjacent waterfall and natural rock swimming pool. Resident koalas. Pick-your-own fruit and nut trees and blueberries. 3 km to the Tarra-Bulga National Park. Dog facilities include luxury brick kennels, hydrobath hut, dog playgrounds and lots more. Owners retiring.

price: $1,690,000 + G.S.T. all inclusive

ph (02) 4995 9339

bh (03) 5186 1216


price: $595,000 all incl. - freehold WIWO


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Cafe Sydney


Modern Espresso Bar & Cafe in Top Position Located in the western suburb of Parramatta, in the fastest growing region of the Sydney Metropolitan area, this business has huge potential to increase turnover. Ongoing developments – hundreds of office workers will be moving to a new building close by. Fantastic Fitout – not a cent to spend, All equipment is in excellent condition and some items are new. Extremely loyal regular customer base. This is a lifestyle café, a 5-day business with an early start and early finish. Sells over 35 kilos - 45 kilos of Coffee, 8

kilos Hot Choc, 3 kilos Chai + Tea per week. Owner selling due to family reasons. Takings: $8,500 per week. Net: $2,500 per week. Suit one owner or partnership. Rent $1,200 including GST and all outgoings. Lease: 3.5 years + 5 year option. Trading Monday – Friday, 6am till 4pm. Parramatta has a huge and growing population of office workers and the business offered here is ideally placed to take advantage of this rapidly expanding commercial area. Contact owner for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0414 282 109 26 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $199,000 all inclusive

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Cafe Hunter Valley


Iconic Cafe In Old Telegraph Station Cafe Telegraph is situated in the very pretty town of Murrurundi at the top of the Hunter Valley. Pristine area home to some of the finest horse studs in the country. Known for its art, artists and galleries Murrurundi is less than 4 hours drive from Sydney and 1 hour from Tamworth.The Cafe has been operated by the same couple for the past 13 years and is very popular with locals and neighbouring towns. Situated on the New England Highway with good drive by trade. Currently open for breakfast and lunch Saturdays and Sundays - enormous potential to increase trading hours and add catering. Licensed, seating 50

guests inside and 50 outside in courtyard over looking river. Includes building easily convertible to accommodation. Built 1861 the old Telegraph station has been kept in very good condition, rendered brick, Australian red cedar internally and with a new roof. Working fireplaces enhance appeal in winter months and outside courtyard is popular during summer with shade of grape covered pergola and fruit trees. Good street frontage. Casual staff available. Contact owner for further information and see “Trip Advisor” and “Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.”

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $395,000 WIWO Freehold 440690

bh (02) 6546 6211

Cafe Byron Bay


Bangalow Espresso Bar / Pizza Bar Featuring alfresco verandah dining with cool breezes amongst the tree tops, espresso bar, pizza bar, salad bar and milk bar. Possible expansion to wine bar, tapas bar and sushi bar. Verandah seating for 46 plus bar stools for 6. Situated on the main street, open 8am - late 7 days p.w. BYO dining. Exclusivity agreement for Fab coffee supply & Synesso 3 Group in Bangalow, local roasters and Australian coffee specialists, Zentveld’s Roastery. 15 mins from Byron Bay - tourist trade boosts local regular custom base. Great business for

foodies wanting to do their own thing. Long lease on attractive terms. Day time trade in coffee, brunch, lunch, sweets treats & more, mostly dine in. Pizza bar from 11.30am - 8.30pm. Plenty of early & late parking. A great location to grow the takeaway coffee business. In true pizza bar style the business offers a range of classic, house, seasonal, local & specialty pizzas. Fresh house made traditional bases & sauces featuring lots of local ingredients. Contact owner for more information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0411 442 255


price: $150,000 negotiable WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 27

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Situated on Bold Street, Laurieton on the mid North Coast. Company owned café, part of a local franchise. All purchasing, marketing and manuals provided. Current managers will assist for 8 weeks, then full on-going support. Franchise fee 4%, marketing levy 3%. Operating 5 ½ days p.w., easy transition to 7 days. Suit couple who love food and coffee. Easily run. Other sites available. Part vendor finance can be arranged. Full P & L available plus budgets. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Located near main street. Seats 48 inside, 13 outside. Gross turnover first year $240k. Coffee sourced locally plus niche market stocking single origin. All cakes etc made on premises; maximising freshness and profits. Full Liquor license (Well under utilised) Ample street parking. 3 + 3 lease available. All equipment included. Owners do majority of work, plus casual staff. This gorgeous new cafe is fast growing a great reputation and strong local following, the opportunity for further growth and expansion is significant. A genuine reason for selling and inspection is a must. Owners staying in area and available to assist. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $190,000 all inclusive - leasehold

price: $96,500 + S.A.V. negotiable

mob 0412 825 882

bh (02) 6686 7119 mob 0412 932 397


Newly Fitted Out Cafe With River Views



Cafe Burleigh Heads


Iconic Cafe Offering Enviable Lifestyle Iconic cafe offering enviable lifestyle. A local icon, this cafe is directly across the road from the beach. Fully licensed, recent renovations, seats 120. Minimum revenue $20,000 a week increasing to $50,000+ during holiday season. Established for some 12+ years and open 7 days and 5 nights. Partly managed, so owner works Monday to Friday only. Great staff in place. Cafe style breakfast and lunch with authentic Spanish tapas and Italian style pizzas Wednesday to Sunday. Live music to support local musicians Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Perfect lifestyle opportunity for couple with experience in kitchen and front of house, could realistically double present turnover of $800,000 (approx.)

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0412 232 089 28 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $480,000 WIWO leasehold

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Cafe Melbourne


Busy Café in Eastern Melbourne Large beautifully designed café in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood, 17 km east of the CBD. The café has road frontage and is situated next to a popular cycling and jogging track. There are twelve designated parking lots for the business. 50 indoor seats and 25 seats on a beautiful outdoor deck. Fully equipped commercial kitchen with large cool room. New, state of the art, 3 head coffee machine and integrated POS system are included in the inventory.

Long lease of which 12 years remaining. Premises135 sq.mtrs. Fully licensed and available to be transferred. This is a well established easy to run business doing great sales with trained and reliable staff. Making 10 to 12 kg of coffee per week. Currently only operating 5 days Mon-Fri from 6.30 am to 3.00 pm. Immense potential for growth by extending trading to include weekends, plus marketing for private functions. Contact owner for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $290,000 + S.A.V. 443949

mob 0417 719 260

Caravan Park Central West


Tidy Park Near Golf Course & Town Centre Conveniently located near the Newell Highway, Country Club Caravan Park boasts a pleasant atmosphere in spacious and relaxed surroundings. Ideally situated within walking distance to the Forbes Golf Club and a short stroll to the town centre, the Country Club Caravan Park offers easy access to the busy Newell Highway with passing traffic and contractors to keep you busy all year. Set on 3.5 acres with all sealed roads, the park incorporates 19 mostly brick units and 21 sites. Features include: air conditioning, wireless internet,

undercover parking, powered and unpowered sites, free BBQ, and laundry, providing its guests with a great place to break a journey or to call home while enjoying the attractions of the region, including the 18-hole golf course. This tidy and well presented property has been easily managed by a husband and wife team for the past 6 years. Also includes a very comfortable 3-bedroom house with lots of living area. The present owners have done all the hard work and are ready to retire. Please contact for further information.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

bh (02) 6852 1957 mob 0419 304 548

fax (02) 6851 5450


price: $1,150,000 freehold - all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 29

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Child Care Centre Sydney


Childcare Centre For Investors INVESTORS NOTE: This business is Positively Geared and comes with a 3 bedroom House. Very profitable business. Positively geared from day one. Based on house and childcare centre leased. Alternatively you can live in the house and get the rent from the childcare to pay off the mortgage. High quality and modern Early Learning Centre. Freehold option available for $1.3m. This childcare centre is purpose built for a 26 place

Long Day Care catering for 0 - 6 year olds. Currently at 75% occupancy but always reaches 90%+ by October of each year. Strong reputation in a high growth area. Situated in the inner west of Sydney in a beautiful location. New housing is being built in the area, near the Centre. POTENTIAL!!!! Private sale, no agent fees paid. Reason for sale: owner retiring due to health reasons. Contact owner for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $995,000 443574

mob 0411 766 170





Open Your Own Local Business Coaching Network

Award Winning Coffee Roasting Business


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $490

price: $28,995 negotiable O.N.O.

mob 0438 115 088

mob 0413 736 814

30 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Established brand. Business is relocatable to your premises. Includes all equipment, 2x coffee machines, grinders, benches, 7kg Diedrich roaster, scales, heat sealer, fire extinguisher, fridge, packaging, domain name, logo, roast profiles, roaster training and customers (online and retail). Would suit a small roaster. Australian coffee beans can also be purchased over and above the equipment. Packaging is not included in price but can be purchased separately if required. Roaster and all equipment can be picked up and delivered (at your own expense). All equipment carefully looked after. List of items available on interest. Selling due to owners pursuing other business interests.


Acquire New Business Coaching Clients Every Month. If you are a Business Coach, Consultant or Marketing Professional, you can open your own Business Coaching Network where the work is already done for you. Just invite the businesses and host the meeting. We have a system to show you how to do this very effectively. You can help companies, every month, to grow their business and because they get to know you and you get to know them, the door is always open for you to offer to help them implement the monthly strategy and to coach them. No more cold calling or trying to sell your services the hard way. Contact Keith Henry for Information Pack.

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Collection Services Ormiston


Established Rubbish Garden Bag Run - Brisbane Profitable Cash Flow Business set-up 18 yrs, by owner manager. Turnover $250K + per Yr [ 80% of clients pay in advance ]. Servicing over 300 + household & units per week [ currently by 2 x contractors ]. Easily expanded by an eager operator as no real marketing has been done for 10 yrs. Includes all equipment & Truck [ car license ] with Custom Body, computer & program for Scheduling & accounts, 4 weeks training and handover. Either manage only or work 3 day week with 1 contractor = Net $150K + per yr. Financials available. Serious Enquiries Only. No Agents Please. . Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $245,000 WIWO all inclusive 443743

mob 0419 831 200

Commercial Service/Hire Port Macquarie


Commercial Floor Mats, Hire, Service & Sales Business ‘Mats Our Business’ specialises in Commercial Floor Mats, All Types, Hire-Service and Sales. Established 15 Years, well set up and easy to manage. Reputation for quality products, reliable & professional friendly service. Located in Port Macquarie and servicing all areas Nambucca Heads through to Taree/Forster. Clients include Hospitality, Tourism & Commercial Business in the high growth area of the Mid North Coast. Greater Port Macquarie attracts national sporting & entertainment events and holidaymakers from all over Australia who come back yearly to enjoy this magnificent and scenic area. Port Macquarie is the state’s fastest

growing coastal city, known for its many beaches, waterways & subtropical climate. Current upgrades to the airport, hospital & medical facilities and tertiary education ensures future high growth. Instant Income with established weekly customers. Solid T/O with a high Net Profit Margin of 24% and a consistent weekly income all year. Work 4 days week. Low rent and a long lease available. 2 Toyota Commercial delivery vans, 2 industrial washing machines & 2 industrial dryers. Owner operated with 2 casual staff. This was our Seachange opportunity and it was great for us. We are ready to retire so now’s the time to make it Yours! Phone or email owner.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

fax (02) 6582 3221 mob 0409 839 501


price: $550,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 31

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Computer/IT Redcliffe


Enjoy I.T. ? - Always Wanted To Work For Yourself? A rare opportunity to acquire a well established IT business with great potential for expansion in the Northern Brisbane Suburbs. This is a small family owned and run business that has been established for over 25 years. Present owners are seeking to retire. Retail computer store specialising in service of desktops, laptops and virus removal and other software problems. Sales of new parts, upgrades and ex lease

laptops, desktops and monitors. Open Monday to Saturday. Opportunity to expand the business by adding laptops, mobile phones and to provide services such as web hosting and design , computer network service or small business IT support. Easy operation. Premises 160 sq. mtrs. Lease to October 2014 with option to renew. Great location opposite Australia Post, banks and the local shopping complex.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $75,000 + S.A.V. Leasehold 444084


Capricorn Coast


Confectionery Distribution Business

Yeppoon Local Courier

Buy yourself a delicious, exciting and fun job. Located in beautiful Hunter Valley - Maitland - fastest growing inland city of New South Wales. Wholesale and Retail business. Set your kids up selling in a retail environment. Wholesale distribution can be operated by 2 people full time and retail business by 2 part timers. Businesses sold separately or together. Wholesale operating 8 years, Retail 20 years, both long term leases. Wholesale business has existing customer base. Includes1 delivery van, all fixtures and fittings, eg pallet racking, hand fork lift. Aircond. warehouse 14 mtrs x 19 mtrs. Current turnover and financials upon application. Owner wishes to retire.

price: $255,000 + S.A.V. O.N.O.

32 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

This business has been established for over 20 years in the town of Yeppoon in the Capricorn Coast. The business is contracted to two major freight companies. Monday to Friday, no public holiday work. The business has experienced a 20% growth over the last 5 years. Included in price are 4 Vehicles: 1 truck, 3 vans (2 near new). Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $320,000 negotiable 442982

mob 0414 545 549


mob 0418 799 930


Hunter Valley


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Convenience Store QLD


Profits plus Lifestyle This long established and highly profitable Convenience Store is located in South Mackay, QLD. ‘Scott Street Store’ has a large regular clientele who frequent the surrounding area. The store has no competition within 3km and has built a solid reputation for quality product and good service. The business stocks grocery lines, numerous brands of drinks, confectionary, papers & magazines plus cigarettes, etc. The store also provides fast food, home style meals, tea & coffee and refills gas cylinders. Current turnover approx $1Mil with a stock level around $45/50K. Adjoining the main shop building, is an accommodation unit comprising 2 bedrooms, toilet, shower, laundry, and kitchenette. The business is well situated with a number of sporting facilities nearby. A NRL stadium and playing fields, a cricket field, basketball courts, tennis courts, a golf course and a sporting country club not far away. Another source of regular customers is a resort and accommodation complex only 500mts from the store. Mackay is a vibrant and progressive city on the Eastern Coast of QLD, about 970km from Brisbane, on the Pioneer River, the sugar capital of Australia and it has a population of 75,000. South Mackay has all the amenities required. High schools and public schools are within walking distance of the convenience store, plus there is a beautiful beach only minutes away. This store has it all and is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a successful business now, that can only grow in the future. The added bonus for the purchaser is a lifestyle to be envied. With surfing, fishing, boating and lots, lots more right on your doorstep. Further information and financial details would be available after confidentiality requirements are completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4957 5229

fax (07) 4957 5168

mob 0408 374 822


price: $735,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 33

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Costume Hire Newcastle


Long Established Costume Hire Business Based in the beautiful coastal city of Newcastle this long established and successful business has been operating for over 20 years. Located with good exposure the Costume Hire business has a broad customer base and lots of repeat business. The store stocks a large and comprehensive range of hire and for sale items relating to popular eras. Currently the business is being operated by the owner and 3 part time employees. A

long lease is in place with very reasonable rent. The business has an established website and is simple and easy to operate with untapped potential in a growing industry. The price includes all hire costumes and accessories, furniture and fittings, plant and machinery. Training and advice would be provided. Further information and financial details would be available to a suitable enquirer.

bh (02) 4957 2942


price: $185,000 + S.A.V.

Crane & Truck Hire Inverell


Crane And Truck Hire Business This crane and truck business is for sale as the owners are retiring. Located in the thriving rural town of Inverell, it is the only crane hire company in the area. The cranes service local businesses such as retail, builders, farmers, mining, the local council and large abattoirs as well as private residents. The cranes consist of one 30 tonne Hitachi and one 20 tonne Coles. Both cranes passed their 10 year certification in 2012. Also included is all necessary lifting equipment plus

concrete clutches, concrete kibble and certified man box. To compliment the crane section of this business are two trucks. One is a 1988 Ford LTL tipper with dog trailer. One 1988 Western Star tipper with dog trailer. Both trucks and dogs have grain side extensions which can be easily fitted and removed. The Western Star also converts to a prime mover. Included is a 6 metre super dog trailer and one 40 foot bogie flat top trailer, two front end loaders- one equipped with forks.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6734 7295 mob 0428 347 295 34 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (02) 6734 7223


price: $400,000 O.N.O. - all inclusive

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Convenience Store NSW

Southern Highlands

Convenience Store Southern Highlands Located in an idyllic township in the Southern Highlands south west of Sydney, this well patronised Convenience/Grocery store has been established for over 20 years. The Store is well situated with a group of other shops in the centre of town with a main road position and off street parking. The Store is a member of the Friendly Grocer Buying Group (not a franchise and no ongoing commitments). This business is currently run under management with 1 permanent staff, 1 part time and 2 casuals. Current turnover $800K plus. This store is a very profitable business having a loyal and regular clientele. Operated by a husband and wife team it would provide a solid return, with less outgoings related to wages. The town has a population of 4000 plus. People residing in the beautiful surrounding area can enjoy a healthy country lifestyle not far from Sydney (approx 100km) and Canberra (less than 200km). The township has all the required facilities and amenities: Sporting fields and tennis courts, hotel, motel, post office, sports club, chemist, medical centre, bakery, butcher, liquor store, cafe’s, restaurants, service station, hair salons, etc. A sound business now, that has plenty of potential to grow in future as more and more people discover the delights of living in the Southern Highlands, plus the area is frequented by thousands of tourists and holiday makers the year round. This could be a suitable purchase to gain entry into Australia under current Immigration regulations. Further information and financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being completed.

bh 0410 609 081

fax (02) 4648 5026


price: $220,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 35

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Port Macquarie


Unique Business In Fantastic Location

This business has been operating for more than than 10 years supplying fruit to offices in Brisbane. It is very easy to run requiring about 2 hours a day with no weekends. Most customers are long term customers with no need to continually source new orders.

A regional Mailing House providing bulk mailing services for businesses, clubs and organisations for invoices, newsletters and promotional material. Currently operated by couple and one part time employee, with manageable rent and in the heart of a service industry complex of Port Macquarie with clean and air conditioned office/working area. Three main operational facets: • Mailing business with over 100 active customers on the books. Van included. • Web-based business that caters to the growing market of “Grey Nomads”, providing a service of forwarding mail to wherever and whenever it’s required. • A confidential document destruction service with locked bins in businesses around Port Macquarie.

Tax return 2012 shows approx. $80,000 net. Includes skid mounted coolroom, delivery van, and lease of current premises can be transferred.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $90,000

price: $230,000 negotiable + S.A.V.

mob 0409 641 649

bh (02) 6583 8991 mob 0427 838 991


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (02) 6583 9918


Easy to Operate Fruit Supply Business

Electrical Brisbane


TV Magic - Home Theatre & Antenna Installation Experience the Magic. TVMagic provides clients with the optimum home theatre/TV viewing experience. Personal services tailor made to meet and exceed clients’ expectations at value for money prices. TVMagic is designed as a nation-wide home theatre, TV tuning and antenna installation company, doing better what others do and what others cannot do. The company’s mission is to be the most professional, innovative and savvy company in their field. Using the highest quality instruments and hardware TVMagic is recognised and renowned for techniques,

training and workmanship. Not just a franchise for the technical minded. Training and support are par excellence and can turn the average person into a highly accomplished installer and successful business person. EARN $1000 A DAY AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Simple to operate and highly profitable in a booming market. Low overheads, low royalties and high rewards. Work for yourself but not by yourself. Outstanding training, systems and support. Build a business you can be proud of. Income Guarantee during establishment period. Exclusive territories now available.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 992 791 36 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $69,000

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:37 pm Page 37

Engineering Hornsby


Wholesale/retail Opportunity The business currently comprises office furniture and racking/storage components. It could be sold as 2 separate businesses or as a combined unit. Trading for 23 years with a well established regular customer base. Customers are a combination of domestic clients, businesses (large & small), government departments and resellers. Turnover is circa $800,000 - $900,000 excluding GST. Current lease could be continued or the business relocated. Ideal to be run as a family operated business. The office furniture side comprises sales of desks, chairs and other office furniture. With the exception of 1,

these items are sourced from a number of Australian suppliers and are either stock items or custom made. The racking/storage business sells storage systems ranging from light weight units through to pallet racking, predominantly sourced directly from overseas. The products successfully compete with major recognised brands in this segment. Training can be provided. Total staff, including the owner, is 3 people. A delivery vehicle is owned and used in both sides of the business. Plant & equipment is minor. Stock is currently circa $100,000. The business is being sold as the owner wishes to retire.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $60,000 + vehicle + S.A.V. 443730

fax (02) 8824 8332 mob 0414 634 618

Entertainment/Vending Burleigh


Betty’s Photo Booth Company My business partner and I have spent the past 2 years building a solid reputation for our side business, Betty’s Photo Booths. Throughout this time we have sought the skills of graphic artists and marketing guru’s to help make Betty’s Booths the neat little business it is today. This is a complete business that is easy to manage and operate. The business includes a photo booth, signwritten vehicle, media and all current design templates for an easy transition into new ownership. An enthusiastic owner could see Betty’s

Booths reach its full potential in very little time. The photo booth industry is thriving and with the demand for booths on the rise we simply don’t have the time to keep up with the demand. The income potential far exceeds the running costs, and in the right hands the possibilities are endless. The demands of the business offer a great work/lifestyle balance allowing the owner to determine how busy or quiet they are. For more info please call, email or visit.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0438 176 689


price: $35,000 all inclusive - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 37

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:37 pm Page 38

Event / Party Hire


Event Management




Audio, lighting, audiovisual and staging hire and production. Price includes complete hire inventory - all in good operational condition and structured to available market, retail outlet with repair and installation contracting in city central rental premises, two vehicles, studio caravan, two sea containers. Flexible locatability. Private, corporate and government clients. Ongoing contracts 10 years plus. Largest contractor in the Great Southern. Established by current owner 13 years. Selling due to health.

A rare opportunity to join the event management industry with this leading team events company. Established 7 years, 12-13 turnover exceeded $250K with gross margin of 70% and profit 48%. Low overheads, home based, all equipment and forward bookings included. Contract staff, no lease. 30% growth per year over the past few years and this is set to continue with new growth strategies. Expect 13-14 turnover to be $350K min. Systematised sales and marketing, business is completely set up for a new owner to walk in. Suit one owner, a couple or partners. Clients are a broad base of corporations and businesses, some private clients.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $230,000 WIWO all inclusive

price: $360,000 all inclusive

bh (08) 9841 8601 mob 0438 004 858

bh (02) 9400 2046


Event Management/Team Building Business - Sydney


Audio, Lighting, Audiovisual And Staging Hire

Event Management Nationwide


Event / Expo Business with 18 Year History 2 days per week work required. Great opportunity for a lifestyle business in the tourism industry. Long-running travel expo business (18 years). Currently runs Adventure Travel Expos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Business can be run from any location in Australia (the current owner lives at Coolum in Queensland). Cash positive business (all income collected before expos, most bills paid afterwards). No Events experience needed. Limited Competition. Sponsors/Venues all booked for next series (November 2014 Sydney, February 2015 Melbourne). Work from home. Large and loyal customer base of exhibitors both past and current and large visitor

database. Room for growth via different but related sectors e.g, adventure sports, working holidays. Simple formula to operate and no experience necessary. No staff required as the business can be run effectively by one person. Alternatively can be incorporated into an existing event/marketing organization. Social Media-savvy company with established Facebook following. There is some interstate and overseas travel as part of the running of the business making it a great lifestyle for someone interested in travelling. The current owner has run the business for 7 years and is looking for a change. Full training/handover will be given (if required).

bh (07) 5446 2068 38 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $105,000 all inclusive

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:37 pm Page 39

Factory Ghana


Investment Opportunity In Ghana Gold Mining Sector Our company’s name is Eli Oasis Mining and Engineering Co Ltd. We are a gold mining business who offers mining support services as well, and have been established for over 1 year. 90% shareholder is a Czech Republic citizen, with the Ghanian partner holding 10%. The company owns the following equipment: 4 Terex Excavators, 1 Dozer D5, 2 Articulator dumpers trucks, 1 Gold washing plant, 5 Nissan Navara pick-ups, 3 Truck Man Diesel, 1 Trailer for heavy duty machines, 1 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 1 BMW X5, 2 Toyota Land Cruiser, 1 Gold Melter- capacity 2 kg, 1 Gold Expertmodern machine, 1 Densimeter machine. The company has 1 large-scale and several smaller gold mining concessions at the moment with proper licences and

EPA permits and are in the process of obtaining permits for 45 more concessions. The company has licences for selling within the Ghana and exporting everywhere in the world. We are looking for and investor who is interested in buying 49% shares of the company. The proposed price is 6,000,000 USD. Estimated return on investment in approx 1 year.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $6,000,000 negotiable 443516

ph +32 65 086 280

Fencing Laverton


Long Established Gate And Tubular Fencing Manufacturer Well respected business established 30+ years and specialises in the supply/installation of custom built Tubular Steel Fencing, Manual and Automatic Gates. Current repetitive customers include Local Primary Schools, Child Care Facilities, Retirement Villages, Large City based Body Corporate Managers & Real Estate Managers. Casual customers include Dept of Defence, CFA, Anglican and Catholic Churches & Builders. Domestic customers include new properties, renovators & upgraders. Average turnover $350,000. The high exposure factory (2500 sqft) is

adjacent to the freeway with great advertising exposure & access. Central to huge development areas such as William’s Landing, Point Cook, Tarneit, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing. Affluent inner city areas Altona, Newport, Yarraville & Williamstown are within 10 minutes drive of our site. Included in price are: Isuzu D Max Ute, Toyota Fork Lift, Guillotine, Folder, Welding Equipment and numerous power tools, etc. A long lease is available and further factory expansion (1000 sqft) may be available in the future. Reason for sale- 60 year old owner wishes to retire.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 695 166


price: $120,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 39

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:37 pm Page 40

Flower Market & Florist QLD


Flowers Plus Lifestyle The Flower Garden is a Retail/Wholesale flower business which has been established in a central location on Queensland’s Gold Coast for 25 years and successfully operated under the current owners for 22 years. The owners now wish to retire. The business was initially established as a wholesale business and selling to the florist trade but for the last 16 years the primary income for the business is generated from operating as an open Flower Market selling to an established and extensive customer base of retail, corporate, function organizer and wholesale customers. It combines Flower Market sales and all aspects of a normal floristry business including floral arrangements, flower deliveries, functions and weddings etc. Different price structures apply to Retail, Wholesale and Corporate customers. Current T/O $950,000 plus with a realistic forecast of a further $50,000 for the coming year. Approx stock $20k. The business has continued to grow even during the so called “difficult times” for retail in Australia and there is scope for increasing sales with selective marketing to the public and corporate sectors. The business website is also being extensively upgraded to attract more online sales. The business premises are a total of 230 square meters and a long lease is available. A total of six staff are employed on a rostered system. There is scope to vary the staff numbers and operating days and hours if required. The price includes all operating plant and equipment. A 2007 Mercedes Vito van could be purchased by negotiation. Further information and financial details would be provided to a suitable enquirer. A W.I.W.O price can be negotiated to include the stock, van and plant & equipment.

bh (07) 5526 9660

fax (07) 5526 9664 40 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0412 224 142


price: $380,000

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 4:53 pm Page 41

Food Outlet Scone


Thriving Niche Food Business This unique quality food outlet is trading into its sixth year and the business is still growing. Annual Turnover exceeds $600K with Gross Profit approx 40%. Wages approx $80K/year. Specialising in a product range that includes local produce, fruit and veg, coffee, juices, salads, sandwiches and snacks. The business has a strong retail and wholesale customer base. There is ample parking and there is room for expansion. An effective website is in place and there are trademarks on the name and images. A good lease is available and purchase of the freehold may

be considered around $600K. Full training included in price. Located in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, the town of Scone is a picturesque country town on the New England highway and is a farming area noted for vineyards and breeding thoroughbred horses. Known as the horse capital of Australia, the Scone Horse Festival occurs during May with horse racing and a celebration of all things equine. The town lies on the Main North railway line with daily passenger services to Sydney. Contact owner for further information.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

price: $250,000 stock included - leasehold 442500

bh (02) 6545 9851

Food Outlet Sapphire Coast


Popular Pizza Shop In Busy Tourist Destination Pambula Pizza is located in a prime position on the Princess Hwy in the town of Pambula, situated on the Sapphire Coast. Our pizza is renowned for the best quality takeaway pizza in the shire. On busy nights people are prepared to wait an hour or more to taste our extensive range! The business has been established for over 12 years, currently owned and operated by a couple with 2-3 other staff on weekends. Potential growth in operating during the day. Currently open from 5-10pm, 6-7 nights a week. Great loyal local customers, regular holidaying customers and very popular with truck drivers passing through, as we have great easy parking. Although only a small shop, we are able to pump out high quality gourmet and traditional pizza's along with pastas, salads and light refreshments. Gross turnover around $300,000. Low monthly rent. 2 weeks training provided. If you are looking for a new venture or seaside

change that will make you money and continue to improve, you have found it. All inquiries will be asked to provide evidence to fund a purchase and must complete a confidentiality agreement.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

mob 0421 905 317


price: $155,000 negotiable WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 41

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 42

Food Outlet

Southern Highlands


Niche Manufacturing & Online Business Established 16 years specialising in the manufacture, sale & installation of skylights, insulation, attic ladders, ventilation products, sheetmetal fabrication. Unique & innovative roof lighting product is manufactured & distributed Australia wide. A new e-commerce website with shopping cart & PayPal is up and running. Client base includes local & national builders, domestic market & trade. Based in Mittagong, the business services the Southern Highlands area and surrounds including Goulburn, Camden & Nowra. All plant equipment & stock included plus training if required. Would suit husband & wife or 2 people with some background in the building industry. Owners are selling as they wish to retire.



Dream Of Becoming Franchise Master In Mexican Food Become a Master Franchise of your own brand. We are not selling just the outlet but the entire branding. We hired an experienced chef to develop full range of tasty Mexican fast food. It tastes better than any other brands. We also hired design companies to develop the entire brand - the logo and store concept, uniform, Facebook, and website. Selling way below cost for personal reasons. Included in price are: Entire branding - logo, uniform design, Facebook, website - Physical outlet of about 40sqm - All equipment - All recipes and cooking process - All stocks - Training. Email us to make appointment. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $120,000 negotiable - all Incl.

fax (02) 4871 3801 mob 0412 360 912

mob 0401 242 451


price: $175,000 negotiable - all inclusive


Victoria Point







Sports Store Victoria Point

Murray River Caravan Hire

This popular Sportsco store has been trading for over 4 years and has established a large base of loyal customers, with steady yearly sales increases. The store is located inside of a well established shopping centre. This business can easily be run by two people. Sportsco provides training and ongoing support to all of its franchisees. Previous retail experience is not required, but a service minded attitude towards customers of all ages is a must. Price includes the entire shop fit. Stock value ranges from $105,000 to $140,000, with highest stock value during the busy back to school and football season.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0431 845 329 42 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $60,000 + S.A.V. WIWO

price: $130,000 negotiable bh (03) 5484 5252 mob 0429 845 251


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Established in 2007, this business hires out current model self-contained Jayco pop top caravans. MRCH is an easy to run, part-time or second income business. We cater for those touring, holidaying in one place or for that extra bed. We have many clients who choose to “try before they buy”, while others prefer to hire and experience what caravanning life has to offer. It is currently run from home but can be easily re-located. Winner of the prestigious CCIA ‘Awards of Excellence’ for Best Hire Company in 2008 and more recently in 2012. Current owners wishing to retire.

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 43

ess in s u B e in b m o C o t Rare Opportunity & Country Living Situated in a historic and idyllic rural township within easy reach of Sydney and Canberra, this successful and profitable family business has been operating for over 20 years. The business specialises in the high growth snack food area and also produces a wide product range spread across several market sectors. The business premises were purpose built insuring very efficient production. The facility also includes excess freezer and chiller capacity.

South Western NSW

The current owner has developed and invested in highly proficient operating systems allowing the business to operate with very few employees and the production flexibility for it to be managed remotely. The business has established a strong base and has been showing consistent growth over the last 4 years with exciting new business opportunities currently under development. The business has a running stock of approx $100K. Product has been exported previously and current marketing conditions have seen an increase in the domestic market. Chinese tourists have played a large part in the development of this domestic market, which would indicate future export options in this direction. This is a great chance to take up a life changing opportunity in a town small enough for a real sense of community (population 8,000 plus), but large enough to offer excellent medical and educational facilities plus all the amenities for good, healthy country living. The business provides an established and substantial income with the potential for further capital growth plus the added bonus of a wonderful lifestyle. Training, advise and ongoing support would be available from the current owner. Further information and financials would be made available upon confidentiality conditions being completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Meat Processing

$810,000 + S.A.V. freehold mobile: 0438 424 735



Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 43

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 44

Franchise QLD, NSW, NT, SA

A Master Franchise with Proven Track Record This is a genuine opportunity to become a Master Franchisee with Australia’s largest dog washing and grooming business. There are 3 separate franchise systems: Blue Wheelers Wash Clip and Groom, Blue Wheelers Dog Food Direct, a home delivered dog food and accessories business and Dash Dog Wash for those people who just want to wash dogs. The Master Franchise territory consists of: • Northern NSW (North of the Hawkesbury river), • Far North Queensland (North of Mackay), • South Australia • Northern Territory. The combined area currently holds 48 franchisees and has massive potential for development. This business can be run from anywhere within Australia however travel to meet franchisees is required from time to time. Full training in all aspects of the business will be provided and ongoing support is available through established systems and procedures. If you are a self-motivated person looking for the opportunity to continue the growth of this fully developed and established business, and love the idea of making a positive difference to peoples’ lives this could be for you. You would be joining a team comprising a Franchisor, Training Manager and Sales Manager, not to mention being part of a family of over 200 franchisees nationally. The current owner has grown the business for 10 years and is now looking for a change of direction. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements. Contact Colin on 0410 659 075 or email

mob 0410 659 075 44 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $1,200,000

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 45

General Store


General Store



Best Stocked Store In The Central Highlands Of Tasmania

General Store, Cafe & Gift Shop with Residence Highly profitable enterprise for husband and wife team. Situated in busy, historic tourist village of Nobby, 20 mins from Toowoomba. Providing affordable takeaway for local market, with potential to further expand food service by extending trading hours and expanding menu to cater for overnight motor-home market. Close to famous Rudds Pub and Sister Elizabeth Kenny Memorial. Current proprietor has created a sophisticated cafe culture within the rural township. Split-level 3-bed residence on 1616m2 block with magnificent gardens. Split-system air-cond in residence and shop.

Established for over 40 years in the central highlands of Tasmania is the Bronte Park General Store, a mecca for fishing enthusiasts from around the world. With no competition nearby, the store stocks a great range of fishing tackle and fishing licences, groceries, fruit and veg, ice and ice creams, hot pies and fish and chips, clothing and footwear, cigarettes,fuel and L.P.G refills. It is also the local community postal agency. Low rent with a 3 by 3 by 3 year leasing option. Would suit a semi retired couple with no kids.

price: $320,000 + S.A.V. freehold

price: $90,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

bh (07) 4696 3169 mob 0429 631 697

bh (03) 6289 1129 mob 0488 033 906

fax (03) 6289 3217


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

General Store Lake King


Flourishing Country Business Freehold Shop & Residence General Store since 1998, located on main highway. Wide variety of retail includes food, tools & liquor. Only supplier of fresh milk, bread, fruit & veg in 70kms. Also supplies hot & cold take away meals, Tidy, large, easily accessible shop with ample parking. Trading 5.5 days with 2 casual staff. Suit husband & wife team, experience beneficial, training provided. Gross T/O $800K p.a. Rewarding lifestyle & strong community ties. Lake King Agencies provide general groceries for the business, plus hardware, camping gear, liquor, hot & cold takeway food, frozen meals, drinks, breakfast, lunch, coffee, ice, petrol, auto

accessories and are sole agents for BOC Gas industrial, Kleenheat gas household & refill, newsagents, postal agents and Toll Ipec. The business has a good reputation within the local community and over 90% of trade is from repeat customers. Offers the independence of being self employed with flexibilty of hours. Premises 15 years old, 300sqm, features large floor space, air cond., separate office. Residence nearby - walk to work, space for pets, easy lifestyle. Features 3 bed, 1 bath, kitchen, laundry, lounge, dining, games room, garden. Selling due to family relocation to Perth. Contact owner for more information.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

mob 0417 939 530 or 0402 255 901


price: $600,000 + S.A.V. freehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 45

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 46

Hair Salon NSW


Long Established, Intimate & Progressive Established for 27 years, this great business provides a comfortable lifestyle for the owner and is looking for a forward thinking person to take it to the next level. The business is located in Young, which is a two hour drive away from Canberra, Wagga, Orange and Bathurst. The town has a great new hospital, excellent age care facility, great schools, parks and sporting facilities. There is also lots of diversity in industry so employment is not a problem. Approximate T/O is $345,000 excluding GST. The lease is 3 years with a 3 year option and the owners of the building are willing to make changes to make the lease work for both parties. The shop is situated next to a clothes shop which shares the same demographic in clientele, in a 92 sq metre area with plenty of parking out the back and an outdoor area which could be renovated to improve the shop. Being located in a country town, parking will never be an issue. Currently our clientele ranges from the ages of mid 20s to mid 70s, business people and the retired. We only offer Hairdressing services at the moment, but Beauty services could also be introduced. Current staff is honest, reliable, trustworthy and willing to stay. The State government has just released $10 Million to update the Young TAFE. The TAFE will now have hairdressing and beauty courses, plus much more. The government has also released additional funds for the town’s road and infrastructure improvements. These are all positive signs for the continued growth & development of Young, and the business itself. Training will be provided if needed, with advice on marketing, pointing out a great financial advisor, accountant and the stock that we use and the reasons we do it the way we do it. The owner thinks it’s time for the business to be taken over by savvy, motivated person/persons who can run with technology and take it to the next level.

mob 0417 690 584 46 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $250,000 WIWO stock included

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 47

Hair Salon Mandurah


Established Hair Salon For Sale Established hair salon for sale, current owners for the last 13 years. Long term clientele, 95% repeat business. Smart, clean and centrally located salon with easy parking. Current owners willing to work with the new owners on a casual basis. Average turnover for the last three years is $135k, average net profit before tax $86k. Very low multiple sale at just $90,000. The business is for sale as a result of recent health issues for both partners of the business. This is an excellent opportunity for an owner worker or partnership, well

established, results achieved with minimal marketing, so real potential here. The price includes all fixtures and fittings and stock (at cost). Approximately three years on the current lease at approx $1,400 a month including outgoings. A sound business investment with great potential. Located in the sought after coastal city of Mandurah, 50 km south of Perth, offering the highest possible quality of life, work and recreation. Expressions of interest, please email Wendy in the first instance.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (08) 9581 3999 mob 0410 452 246

fax (08) 9581 3911


price: $90,000 negotiable - leasehold

Hair Salon Central Coast


Stylish Hair Salon Central Coast This is a spacious & stylish appointed Hair Salon featuring 4 basins & 11 stations, dark timber finish joinery, down lights throughout, a quality fit out with nothing to spend. The floor space is approximately 110m2 with approximate plant value of $90K. The salon operates 7 days a week. The staff consists of manager, 2 full time seniors, 3 casual employees, 2 first year apprentices, 1 3rd year apprentice and owner working on floor 2 days a week. Turnover $550K/pa. Holding a prime position in the Central Coast’s biggest shopping mall is a rare opportunity to secure

an established niche business with solid performance over the past 5 years & excellent potential for further growth & expansion, perfect for owner operator. Holding no ties to a franchise allows for increased flexibility & freedom with the considerable bonus of saving you costly franchise fees! The owner has built a strong up-selling culture within the business. Trained & experienced staff with policies & procedures in place. Loyal clientele & lots of walk by trade, the salon enjoys a solid relationship with high quality brand and great business support.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 088 469


price: $140,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 47

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 48

Hair Salon Innaloo


Smart Friendly Hairdressing Business Smart friendly hairdressing business in a busy shopping centre with a large volume of passing trade. The business specialises in low chemical products + hair colour making it stand out from competitors. The majority of our clientele is repeat and have come to us because of the products we use. Our client database exceeds 4000 and we average 400 clients a month approx 10% of which will be new. The business employs 5 staff and turns over approx $380,000 per annum. The asking price is $145,000 + stock.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $145,000 negotiable 444035

mob 0478 759 283

Hardware South West Rocks


Timber & Building Supplies Business Need a Lifestyle change? This Building Supply and Hardware business comes with a fully equipped workshop and is situated on the Mid North Coast of NSW in the coastal town of South West Rocks, a thriving but laid-back holiday town on north-facing Trial Bay. This is the only business of its type in town and would ideally suit a family seeking an active and social involvement with a friendly, easy-going community. Service clubs and sporting activities available

and the town has some renowned attractions enjoyed by both locals and many visitors, including the famous Fish Rock Cave, a magnet for divers, Smoky Cape Lighthouse, historic Trial Bay Gaol and Hat Head National Park, a place of exceptional beauty with beaches, sand dunes, rainforest and wetlands. Owners are looking to retire after many good years. Turnover of $1 million plus p.a. Approximate value of stock $200,000. Contact owners for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6566 7641 48 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $130,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 49

Hire Minchinbury Sydney NSW

Solid Investment /Proven Profits This is a huge opportunity to purchase a long established and highly successful company A-One lift Truck Services Pty Ltd is located in the suburb of Minchinbury, 39km west of the Sydney CBD in the Western Sydney Region of NSW. The business has been running since 1987 and specializes in variety of fields including: • Used forklift and attachment sales. • Forklift / attachment hire and servicing. • All Terrain Forklift Hire and servicing. The company offers expertise and a range of services in the following: • Forklifts from 1 to 20 tonne. • LPG, diesel/petrol and battery electric units. • All Terrain 4WD Buggies, Telehandlers and more. Total gross turnover as at the last financial year: $1,672,000.00

Approx. 200 units currently in stock. Total value – $3 mil. Majority of units are owned by the company. The business is efficiently run with systems in place and 4 permanent staff. Low overheads, good cash flow and high margins make this business a solid investment with the potential for further expansion and even higher returns in the future. Having consistent and substantial profits over many years, A-One Lift Truck Services would be highly suitable for a purchaser looking at migration opportunities into Australia. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

phone: (02) 9832 9777

mobile: 0412 777 291



price: $3,500,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 49

Pages_35-50.e$S_Pages_35-50 12/02/2014 3:38 pm Page 50

Health/Medical Lonsdale


National Agency Nursecall Systems & Products National agency servicing the aged care sector in S.A. & N.T. Located in the industrial suburb of Lonsdale in the city of Onkaparinga, south of Adelaide, the business provides and maintains Nursecall Systems and associated products. This is a one or two person business

and basic electronics and computer skills are needed. Hands on operation with some ceiling work required. The business is long established with a large client base and solid profit history. Annual turnover $400K. Training and backup available. Contact Eric for more information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: P.O.A. + S.A.V. 439315

fax (08) 8382 3507 mob 0421 638 863

Home Based Australiawide


Business Opportunity In The Luxury Travel Industry Create financial and lifestyle freedom by starting your own business in the hugely popular travel industry. Work from home or anywhere part time or full time. Executive income potential and fabulous travel benefits with affordable start up and low monthly overheads. Full training, support, tools and resources are provided, so previous experience in sales or

travel is not essential. However, you MUST be self-motivated, have a business owner mindset and be prepared to put in 10-20 hours a week plus some start up capital. If you are ready to take control of your financial future and enjoy discounted holidays for life! visit this website for further information: or contact Cindy on 0438 866 474.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0438 866 474 50 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A.

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 51

Home Based Schofields


Plantation Shutter Company This business provides quality window products to the Sydney metropolitan area, including Plantation shutters, Blinds, Awnings, External shutters and Roller shutters. All logos and advertising materials come with the sale of the business, plus 100,000 flyers ready for distribution in the Castle Hill area, connections with all joint venture partners, 3 websites and 2 brand names. Owner is selling due to an injury. The product this company sells is high quality and custom made to suit customer requirements. Plantation shutters fit properly

and being the best possible quality they do not swell or warp. Many styles, colours, finishes, various deluxe hinges and tracking systems give the customer the best aesthetic finish. With plantation shutters customers are able to let in just the right amount of sunlight to brighten rooms in their home. They last a lifetime and suit high-traffic areas or areas that need strong, durable shutters, such as a child’s room. With proper care the shutters keep on looking great for many years. For further information about this strong, viable business contact the owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh 0414 603 431 fax (02) 9627 4016 mob 0427 095 556


price: $50,000 + G.S.T. + equipment

Home Based Dover Heights


Online Store/Screenplays & Software The Cinemarket supplies the latest in Movie and TV Screenplays, Screenwriting and Film Production Software, Filmmaking Books and supplies for screen practitioners to find guidance, inspiration and tools to tell their story. Est. 1995, unique business; customer base; low overheads; incredibly high margins; zero debt; can work from home; substantial opportunities for growth and structured handover. Includes over 2,000 master screenplays, estimated value of $25K-$30K; printing machinery; excess stock. Currently the Cinemarket has a constantly increasing client base consisting of screenwriters, educational

institutions, bookstores, producers, directors and movie fans from within Australia but also from all around the world. Reseller for bestselling software programs for story development, script formatting, production management and movie budgeting; sale of script supplies. Time constraints force sale. $45K revenue, 75% net margin, just under 40%. Margins remain stable. Buyer with more time to invest in expanding the online strategy e.g. SEO and SEM could increase revenue. Excellent opportunity to acquire turnkey business, all systems in place to generate a return from day one. Contact Adam Jacobs.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 145 495


price: $24,500 negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 51

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 52

Home Based






Opportunity to run your own Pub in north west Victoria. $35,000 to purchase the lease, negotiable terms & conditions. Price reflects desire to get new operator in. It will require hard work to develop and expand the potential of this Hotel. Suitable for couple or partners who can interact with local community & develop business relationships. Large bar area, walk in cool room, lounge & dining rooms, motel rooms, attached 4 bed. residence & attached shop. Drive through bottle shop. Extra land available for possible caravan park. Contact Greg.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $3,000 + G.S.T.

price: $35,000 leasehold

bh (08) 9574 6018 mob 0497 643 379

bh (03) 9736 1712


Hopetoun House Hotel Lease

Do you want to earn an executive level income, have a fantastic work/life balance and freedom to work where you choose? You will need a computer, internet connection and good phone plan, the ability to work autonomously and be self motivated, a professional manner and positive outlook and a desire to build a financial wall around yourself and your family. For an initial investment as low as $3000 your reward will include unlimited income potential and full training and ongoing support, association with a Global Leadership Development company servicing customers in 50 countries and involvement in the 64 billion dollar development industry.


Highly Lucrative Home Base Business

Internet Shellharbour City Centre


Home, Gifts & Kitchenwares 25 Years In The Illawarra Home, Gift and Kitchenware shop with 200sqm retail space & 65sqm storeroom/ kitchen. Can be run by couple. With all well known brands like Maxwell & Williams, Avanti, Willow Tree, Scanpan Baccarat and many more. Website set up and working well with great potential. We are selling because of health reasons. Turnover over $300,000. Rent $3200/mth 265sqm lease until Oct 2015. Included in the price is: • All Fixtures and fittings

• Over 200 glass shelves w/ brackets • 9 Gondolas w/Shelving • Slate Wall sheets & 100’s of hooks • 2 Glass cabinets • 1 Counter & Office desk • 5 step down display tables • 2 display trollies • POS system with scanner • Back to base Alarm system • 8 camera Surveillance system • 19 storage stands in back room Great customers and great Reps

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 4296 8811 mob 0422 936 753 52 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $45,000 WIWO + S.A.V.

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 53

Import/Wholesale NSW

Sydney Area

Importer of Electronic Equipment A unique opportunity has arisen to purchase a long established and highly successful business. This Import & Distribution business has been operating for more than 70 years and could be relocated to any area of Australia. The business relates to the Beauty Industry and involves the importation of specialised equipment for supply to a large and loyal clientele which includes government educational institutions and private educational bodies, to operators of Beauty Salons and Spas generated from email and phone enquiries, plus a growing number of online retail customers. Most sales are paid for prior to delivery. A broad range of quality equipment and furniture is despatched all over Australia. Approx Gross T/O $500k. This is a very easy business to operate and only requires the attention of 1 person and 1 or 2 casuals. The business is currently located in Sydney and a suitable lease would be available on the present premises. Besides the importation of Beauty Salon and Spa equipment, which are sourced from the U.K., Europe and China, we continue to assemble a range of high quality units that have remained in demand since the business was established over 70 years ago. A fully equipped service and assembly facility is maintained within the premises where the assembly of a couple of items and any simple electro mechanical work required is undertaken. The potential and expansion of this great business catering to a niche market is huge. The owners are only selling due to retirement plans and are willing to provide onsite training and advice during the transition. Full financials and further information would be provided to a suitable enquirer

mob 0408 239 696


price: $360,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 53

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 54

Indoor Plant Hire NSW


Indoor Plant Hire / Garden Maintenance / Landscaping Related Horticultural Services First time offered, family owned & operated high profile landscape maintenance business. Trading for approximately 25 years, providing a complete range of Horticultural Services to the Sydney CBD & metropolitan region, encompassing south to Wollongong, north to Newcastle & west to Katoomba. A quality range of Horticultural Services including indoor plant hire, lawn & garden maintenance, landscaping, event hire, wedding hire, tree services & irrigation. Indoor Plants to offices, shopping centres, Hotels and clubs to name a few. High profile customer base including a variety of major companies & managing agents. The continual business growth has been based primarily on organic growth via client referrals. Current turnover $3.0M, currently employing a team of approximately 24 staff, all experienced & committed to the business’ continual growth & success. The business prides its operation on being reliable & consistent with its main focus on customer service. Located at the base of the Blue Mountains, in close proximity to the M4, it is strategically well situated & structured operationally. The business trades consistently with a well-recognised brand, modern fleet & equipment . With the current movement towards green walls & a healthier working environment & work place, the business is well placed to continue to explore new avenues of growth. All enquiries to be directed via

mob 0408 117 536 54 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $5,000,000

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 55

Internet NSW


Home Based Internet Business / Relocate Anywhere Newstart Health Supplies is an established Internet business specialising in a range of unique health based products primarily in Australia and that has now expanded into NZ & Singapore. Trading for 13 years online for both retail & wholesale this is the ideal stress free family business, generating a good income and can be run from any location in Australia. Requires approx. 3-4 hours 3 days p.w preparing orders for dispatch and basic admin work. Goodwill built up over 13 years and the business enjoys both a solid online and wholesale clientele with a dedicated 1300 number. Owners will fully support and assist incoming purchaser for a smooth transition. Minimal internet experience necessary as website is easily maintained. Huge growth potential and would suit anyone with a marketing or health related background who enjoys helping people and looking for an almost total residual income. Gross annual Sales approx $250K - $270K with high margins. Sale includes office hardware, software, all stock approx $50K (a double garage size storage area would be required), websites, customer databases, email database etc. Owners have prepared a comprehensive buyers info pack for serious buyers. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

bh (02) 6585 8025

ah (02) 6585 8025

mob 0414 493 121


price: $425,000 all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 55

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 56







Kitchenware, Gift Shop In Major Shopping Centre

Stiggle - Social Media Application

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $220,000

price: $80,000 + S.A.V.

fax (02) 4938 3268 mob 0408 635 110

bh (02) 4821 5355 mob 0407 266 736

Ladies Wear

South Yarra


Well established Kitchenware & gift shop trading for 23 years in Goulburn. Located in Centro Mall, with high traffic daily. Constant turnover growth, approx $400,000. Shop size Approx 72 Sqm. Owners reluctantly retiring. Currently run by owners with a trainee in place working a 38 hr week. Weekends are supported by young casual staff. Owners work 2-3 days per week. Current lease in place till Aug 2014 with Centro willing to re-negotiate a lease at point of sale. We offer a variety of products for a diverse clientele: cookware, giftware, collector items, etc. PRICED TO SELL....


Rare opportunity to purchase a newly released Social Media Application. Designed in Australia, this new world wide social network concept was developed by a 36 yr old average joe looking at resolving the short fall in singles networking without the high fees. Stiggle offers free registration for all, single, steady, married, gay or straight. What's the latest goss? Who’s single? Who’s steady? How many single people are out tonight – hold on I’ll Stiggle Search it. Contact Mathew for more information.

Luxury Hire Car Service




Occupying a prime location on Chapel Street, Melbourne’s iconic shopping. dining and entertaining precinct, this ladies wear clothing business is now for sale. But don’t expect to pay a high rent. Grab this opportunity. Just under 6 km from Melbourne CBD, 20 min drive. Customer friendly premises tastefully renovated. Have a look at this shop at Number 16, 430-436 Chapel Street, South Yarra and be first in. Contact owner for further information.

Established for 18 years, this is a unique opportunity to join the Melbourne Chauffeur Industry. With the GFC behind us and ever improving global market, this family owned business has been performing quite well with great profits. Perfect opportunity to grow well established clientele and to triple profits in short-term. The owner is willing to provide support for the successful candidate in maintaining and to gain new clients with their successful business etiquette. Owner is moving on to another industry. Included in sale are: the brand (well known), Website, Office equipment, 4 cars with licenses and dispatch system.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $65,000 negotiable - all inclusive

price: Negotiable - Stock Included

mob 0433 189 320

mob 0425 777 695

56 Australian Business For Sale ®


Chauffeur Business Melbourne


Ladies Wear on Chapel Street

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 57

Landscaping Rural NSW

s s e n i s u B g n i Award Winn This long established (15 years) and award winning Landscape Supplies Business is located in the historic and progressive township of Forbes. A successful business that has grown with the surrounding region that is recognised as one of the richest primary producing areas of the state. Outback Soils is situated on 12 acres, 1 Km east of the town centre, on the main road to Orange. The business has 3 main sources of income: 1. Landscape Supplies: A large range of sands, road base, decorative pebble, soils and mulches are stocked plus garden edging, treated timber, pavers, cement, sand and gravel. Approx stock $70K-$100K. 2. Excavation Services and Hire: General excavations, driveways, shed pads and house pads. Plant hire: Tippers, loader, backhoe, bobcat, trencher, post hole borer plus 8 tonne excavator and 3 tonne roller. 3. Readymix Concrete: Supplying all types of concrete, domestic and commercial. 3 maxi trucks and 1 mini truck with a batch plant that can produce approx 30 m3 p/hr.

Current gross turnover approx $1.1 Mil. The 12 acre property is freehold and has 2 storage sheds and an office and a 40 tonne Toledo weighbridge. Forbes is a town in the Central West of NSW on the banks of the Lachlan River, between the towns of Parkes and West Wyalong. The town is 380 Km west of Sydney and has a population of 8500 plus. Forbes has a number of beautiful historic buildings plus all the required hospital, medical and sporting facilities. It has 3 primary schools, 2 high schools and a technical college. Further information and financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Price: $1,400,000 + S.A.V. freehold Mobile: 0417 457 200 • Email: Web:


Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 57

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 58

Lawn/Garden Maintenance Ravensbourne


Fantastic Gardening / Mowing / Landscaping Business Work in a beautiful environment with great income! Perfect opportunity for a local or someone looking for a ‘tree change’ to a peaceful, progressive and friendly community. Established 8 years. Currently 50 consistent, long-term clients including businesses, body corporates, high end private gardens, acreage maintenance/mowing, real estate agencies and residential blocks. Work includes mowing, blowing, hedging, spraying, tree lopping/pruning, landscaping (a value add for winter), gutter cleaning, garden renovation, mulching, planting. Occasional oddjobs and organising of subcontractors. Unique area with high demand and little competition.Sales

figures show consistent growth. Great time to buy during busy season.Contracts provide reliable income through low season, as do many other projects and maintenance jobs. Reliable & knowledgeable casual staff who are familiar with the clients. Servicing groups of clients in four distinct areas north of Toowoomba. Guaranteed monthly income through contracts of over $5,000. Cut value of over $6,000 (this doesn’t include any gardening or extra jobs). Annual turnover $150,000+.Will provide 1 month’s training and introduction to clients. Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheets available. Regretful sale as moving interstate. Equipment - $17,000. Genuine enquiries only.

price: $40,000 + equipment - negotiable 443449

bh (02) 6685 0095 mob 0404 096 085

Lawn/Garden Maintenance Gippsland


Stihl / Honda / MTD & Related Dealerships Business This vibrant business caters for a diverse range of loyal clients’ needs, servicing and selling outdoor power equipment for domestic and commercial use. Situated in the picturesque rural township of Traralgon, in one of the fastest growth corridors in Australia. The business is growing rapidly and is the only Stihl, Honda, MTD & Cox business in town ensuring consistent profitable turnover in excess of $1M p.a. Sharp growth expected over next 5 years. Est. 59 years. Exceptional reputation. Major accounts are Stihl, MTD, Rover, Honda, Cox, Big Dog, Briggs &

Stratton and Victa, making this a secure investment. Easily run as husband / wife team. Excellent well trained staff in place Current owners will assist in the transition. Genuine reason for sale. Purpose built modern building with high visibility, good access, customer and staff parking. Plenty of room to continue expanding. Fully computerised, extensive and detailed client database and website. Business is up to date with all available technology within this industry. Long term lease. A rare find, Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

bh (03) 5174 1702 fax (03) 5174 0076 mob 0438 276 957 58 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $460,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 59

Laser Skirmish Appin, Pennant Hills & Turramurra


Business Success Can Be Fun An opportunity to purchase a fun business that produces a solid return with minimal overheads. This Outdoor Laser Skirmish business is suited to a purchaser who enjoys the outdoors and sports. It can be operated by 2 people plus casuals for groups over 20+ players. The business is well established (2005) and has a steady regular clientele and new customers looking forward to a great day’s entertainment. Very popular with 10-18 years birthdays, corporate team building, school group outings, bucks parties etc. It is safe, using the latest and modern technology in gaming equipment. The sale price includes all gaming equipment within a rented warehouse facility. A technician is available for equipment repairs and

maintenance. Purchase price also includes a website, booking systems and active Facebook. A van with full artwork is available P.O.A. We play outdoor in bush land in 3 strategic locations: North Pennant Hills, North Turramurra and Appin South. There are no fixed terms or contracts relating to these areas. All “battle areas” are charged based on numbers. The business is easily run with experienced casual staff willing to stay. Training would be provided. This is a growing business with plenty of potential. The company has full public liability insurance cover and is licensed in NSW. Further information plus financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

price: $225,000 WIWO 441358

Maintenance & Repairs Central Coast


Specialised Commercial Equipment Hygiene Services We are offering the Hunter/Central Coast Jaymak franchise for sale due to personal health reasons. Jaymak specialises in the field of commercial equipment hygiene services. While we have extensive experience in coolroom cleaning and mould remediation, we also specialise in a range of other services including air-conditioning, fridges, air handling units, etc. We are the only accredited ISO22000 company in Australia and we have an established clientele including major health facilities, hospitals, aged care facilities, restaurants, clubs etc. The business is operated from home, with very low

overheads. This franchise has been operating for 8 years and covers a huge area: Newcastle, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter, Cessnock and Central Coast through to the Hawkesbury River. This business has massive potential, and needs an enthusiastic owner operator to take it to the next level. Financial Statements for 2013 show sales of $162,000 and a GP of 95%. Sales for July-October 2013 are $100,000. Extensive training in sales, administration and servicing is included in the sale price, as well as promotional materials and all records. Vehicle can be negotiated. Further information on our website.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0420 958 178

fax (02) 4392 9621


price: $165,000 O.N.O. stock included

Australian Business For Sale ® 59

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 60





Spectrometer Sales & Service Business



New Dispenser Finally Beats The Vandals

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $100,000 + G.S.T. stock included

price: $3,000,000 negotiable

bh (02) 4981 7255 mob 0407 001 918

mob 0437 383 070

A new product not yet in production, waiting for business entrepreneur seeking opportunity to buy the rights to design and patent. Conservatively estimated to earn minimum $12,000,000 p.a. for at least ten years. Product designed to be made in plastic. All new design of security toilet roll dispenser for public washrooms that finally beats the vandals. This vandal resistance proven by earlier version that enjoyed astonishing success. The buyer of the rights to this product will enjoy a vast captive market.



Australian owned business specialising in Optical Emission Spectrometer sales and service. Established in 1985 with 28 years of successful operation. Would suit an electronics engineer or person with spectrometer knowledge or experience. Solid customer base in the metals industry. • Includes Sole Agency in Australia and New Zealand for sales. • Operate from anywhere in Australia. • Travel to customer sites for services. • Import and export licence. • Direct selling and website advertising. • Includes stock (approx. $30,000 CP). • Initial training available • Gross turnover - $350K to $500K p.a. • Currently operated by 1 engineer and 1 office person from a home base.

Manufacturing Central Coast


Well Established, High Returns Manufacturing Business Manufacture & Distribution Business established 27 years. Database of approx 300 repeat regular customers active plus additional on database. Operating predominately across the Central Coast and Newcastle. Huge opportunity to expand by way of sales team. Approx 40 customers on contracts. Easy business to operate with good staff in place. Turnover: Approx $1M with adjusted nett profit of

$250K. Current owner has operated the business for 4 years. S.A.V: Approx $130K. Rent $3,500 per month + GST + Outgoings of $333 per month. Lease Terms: 18mths then 5 year plus 5 year option. Trading Mon Fri: 8am - 4.30pm. Staff consists of owner, 1 factory worker & 1 driver and 1 casual sales rep. For more information on this business you need to fill out a confidentiality form.

Go to this link: the form is on bottom of page. Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

mob 0408 433 739 60 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $550,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 61

Manufacturing Murwillumbah


Excellent Opportunity in a Great Area This established and successful business has been the leading manufacturer of customised shade sails for the domestic market in Australia for 25 years and is renowned for producing quality products using the best commercial grade shade fabric and quality stainless steel components. The core business is the wholesale manufacture of shade sails, which are factory produced at Murwillumbah, on the NSW North Coast. These are customised orders that are received from agents around Australia. We also supply a small number of overseas clients. Current Turnover $1.2Mil plus. Experienced staff and key management are in

place and willing to stay. The business is simple to run and would be ideal for a husband and wife team. The price of $395,000 includes all plant & equipment, all intellectual property and full training. A long lease would be available. This is an excellent opportunity to take over a lucrative business with established clients and good agents, and further expansion easily achievable. Murwillumbah is a beautiful rainforest area not far from Byron Bay, Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast. All detailed financials are confidential and will only be discussed and given out after inspection of the business premises.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 468 913


price: $395,000 + S.A.V.

Manufacturing Carole Park


Business Priced To Sell Owner Wanting To Retire Since 1995, the business has provided quality manufacture and installation of steel and aluminium products to the Brisbane region, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and regional centres throughout Queensland. It has long standing customers in the building and construction industry and is continually adding new customers. The current owners have operated the business since it’s commencement and are at a stage in life when the travel bug beckons. The business has been priced to sell to allow this to happen ASAP. The business turned over $2,500,000 in 2013 and is on track to exceed this figure this year. It does expert

fabrication, installation and repair of Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel producing Brisbane’s finest; • Gates • Fences • Privacy screens • Stairstringers • Handrails • Bollards • Card readers. The business also has a Components Division which provides services in the following areas for Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel products: • Cropping • Punching • Drilling • Tapping • Notching • Bending • Welding • Band Saw Cutting. The business is situated at Carole Park in the South Western Suburbs of Brisbane in leased premises with easy access and plenty of parking. A long term lease is available to the purchaser.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0413 775 155


price: $975,000 negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 61

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 62


Sydney Harbour NSW

Magnificent Heritage Listed Ferry This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the MV Emerald Star, a registered historic vessel operating on Sydney Harbour which offers unique opportunities for private functions, island transfers or just a lazy daytime or evening cruises with unrivalled panoramic Harbour views. Home base is Lavender Bay. The ferry is 20 mts in length which allows it to carry a charter party of up to 99 passengers, and for transfers a guest count of 150 passengers, yet it is small enough to access restrictive areas like Darling Harbour and virtually any wharf on the Harbour. Currently being owner-operated, it offers exceptional value with full catering options, fully licensed, with entertainment facilities including 1000W sound system, iPod, iPad, computer and PA as well as plugins for DJs or live bands.

The Emerald Star has been entertaining people on harbour cruises since its launch in 1942, "rated Best Cruising BBQ on the Harbour, quality, quantity and value". This grand old vessel is considered by many as an icon of Sydney Harbour and has been accepted onto the Australian Register of Historic Vessels No: HV000325. Whether looking for a cruise during the day or dancing the night away under the lights of Sydney Harbour, the Emerald Star will cater for all function types in all weather conditions. This purchase will provide the new owner a solid income and a lifestyle to be envied. The price includes an extensive list of equipment and there are no encumbrances. Further information and financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being completed.

$225,000 all inclusive w: e: m: 0403 811 271


62 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 63

Marine Newport


Ship Shape Services Pty Ltd Sydney’s most recognised Boat Detailing, Management & Maintenance Company is FOR SALE. Currently up 20% on same time last year! This wellestablished 10 year old business operates 5 days a week in Sydney Harbour & Pittwater and completes 150 - 200 services per month. Half the clientele have recurring needs and contribute to nearly 75% of the turnover. Ship Shape runs with an Operations Manager, 8 - 10 detailers and a part time office manager. Recognised branding, websites and systems & processes are in place, and make this a great stand-alone business. However it could also be a perfect addition to

an existing marine business or automotive detailing business. Having recently diversified, the business has now extended its services to the Caravan and RV market. We currently detail between 15 and 20 RV’s a month. A comprehensive array of wellmaintained equipment is available, plus 5 serviced cars. 4 late model, identically equipped service vehicles, and a fully deductable owner’s vehicle. Motivated vendor will consider offers over $225K including office equipment and tools. Plus SAV and vehicles (all financeable). Enquiries to Steve Brookes.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 422 424


price: $225,000 + S.A.V. + vehicles

Milk Distributor Bega


Milk Run Plus Small Goods Distributor / Lifestyle Located in Bega on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, 3 hours from Canberra, 2 hours from the snowfields and 15 min from the beach, this business is more than a milk run. It is an established and very profitable distribution business. The business is the exclusive distributor of Dairy Farmers milk plus a large range of other products, small goods, juice drinks, water, etc. The distribution of other products utilises the capacity of the 2 delivery vehicles to the maximum. The ‘Milk Run Plus’ has been operating for over 50 years and has established a large and loyal customer base.

Current turnover $850,000. Included in the purchase price: • 1 x Izuzu truck refrigerated • 1 x 1 Ton Ute refrigerated • No rent • No power expense • No goods delivery cost This is an opportunity to purchase a great business and to have a wonderful lifestyle enjoying all that the Sapphire Coast has to offer. Owners are looking to retire but are willing to offer training and advise in the transition. Further information and financials will be available after confidentiality requirements are completed.

fax (02) 6492 6718 mob 0408 204 838


price: $380,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ® 63

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 64

Motel VIC

Alpine Region

Beautiful Bright A Great Opportunity to Own a Small Piece of the High Country Long established in an area recognized as one of the most beautiful in Victoria, the Bright Colonial Motel offers not only a successful business opportunity but also a healthy & worry-free lifestyle. The Motel has 18 units in a quiet garden setting, located on the main road and only a short walk from the centre of this picturesque and historic township. The Motel is situated on a one acre block with plenty of room for future development. On site is a separate 5 bedroom owner’s residence, a part of which could be utilized in busy times if not required by the owners. The Bright Colonial Motel has been operating since 1982 and attracts both holidaymakers and tourists that frequent the area, plus commercial clients that use the motel’s facilities on a regular basis. The rooms are all well appointed with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. Other features include the beautiful gardens, swimming pool and barbeque area. Bright is a town at the base of Alpine Victoria, an hour from some of Australia’s major ski resorts, and surrounded by National Parks. The town itself is a popular holiday and tourist destination, being only 3 hours northwest of Melbourne, with accommodation often booked out during peak periods and festivals. The town boasts supermarkets, beauty salons, eateries and bakeries, pubs and bars, etc. good schools and all the required facilities and amenities for comfortable country living. The Motel business is a simple operation to run and with its accompanying lifestyle, perfect for a couple or family. Financials available on inspection.

bh (03) 5755 1633

mob 0419 104 094 64 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $1,400,000 WIWO negotiable

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 65

Cloncurry QLD This long established and well patronised hotel has been a historic landmark in the North West Queensland town of Cloncurry. The Post Office Hotel Motel has acquired a large loyal and regular clientele within the town and the surrounding area as well as a solid passing trade. The ‘Post Office’ has 25 air conditioned hotel rooms and 8 motel rooms. The rooms come at a reasonable tariff and have a good occupancy rate. There is also a 3 bedroom area for the owner. The hotel has a large dining room and a commercial kitchen and is a venue for a number of functions. The hotel has a reputation for good food and drink provided with friendly service. A popular beer garden caters for young and old with barbecues and disco’s on weekends. The bar area provides counter meals at lunch time and evenings. The hotel also has a walk in bottle shop. A separate poker machine area has 8 machines (2 more are available). Current turnover $2Mil plus. A running stock is usually around $50K. The Post Office is managed by the owners with the assistance of 8-10 casuals. This is a great opportunity to purchase an established and successful business that is an icon in a truly historic township. Cloncurry is 770 Kms west of Townsville, on the Cloncurry River and has a population of approx. 2,500. It also services the cattle stations in the area with large sale yards. Mining is also an important industry with Mt Isa not far away. Further information and financial details will be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 510 191 - Ian bh (07) 4742 1411

ah 0437 421 411 - Nancy


price: $1,800,000 freehold + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 65

Pages_51-66_Pages_51-66 12/02/2014 3:47 pm Page 66

Motel Koondrook


Brand New 4 Star Accommodation Overlooking Murray River Built 2009, 18 Motel Rooms/Apartments with views over Murray River. Building, Rooms & all F&F as good as new.

In Town Centre & located next to Hotel, Cafe’s, Shops, Boat Ramp & Local Playground. Fastest Growing Town in Shire.

On Site Parking, Pool/BBQ /Entertaining Area, Guest Laundry, Wireless Internet & Austar TV. Commercial Kitchen. 3 B/R Residence. Turnover 2013 FY $360,000 inc GST, 25 year lease (10 years plus 3x5 years), good bottom line.

Trade Consists of Visitors for Local RSL Club Music Festivals & Sporting Events, Strong Mid Week Workers Trade & Most Weekends Busy. Long Weekends, Easters, Xmas all Peak Periods.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 5453 2300 fax (03) 5453 2311 mob 0409 406 733


price: $615,000 leasehold WIWO

Mobility Scooters Templestowe


Mobility Scooter Business Established and fully relocatable mobility scooter business. Fabulous environment to work in - enhancing lives. Relocatable. Includes stock of 50 units and spares, forklift, trailer and website. Selling for basically stock value only and previous client list over 8 years or so. Great time to get involved!

We import, sell, as well as service the scooters. Great returns. Simple to work with. A rewarding industry bringing independence to people. 4 basic models plus spares and stock for servicing. Customised trailer optional which can fit 3 scooters. We operate from home with a warehouse offsite for storage of bulk stock. Shop front also an option.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0499 551 150 66 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $60,000 negotiable

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 67

Mobile Business




On-line Home Business That Will Tick All The Boxes



Excellent Inner North Newsagency This is the one you have been waiting for. A modern Newsagency/Lottery Outlet, situated in a very busy local shopping centre north of the river (5km from city), no competition, strong customer base & lotto sales, scratchies, magazines, newspapers, stationery, gifts, mobile phones, Western Union to boost cashflow. Next to a busy IGA supermarket & Bakers Delight. New POS computer system with labellers, printers, fully computerised. Large turnover & profit (after addbacks) of $240k to owner, ideal for husband & wife. Needs 1-2 full time & casual staff, Long lease term.

price: $6,500 freehold

price: $580,000 O.N.O. + S.A.V.

mob 0417 247 353

mob 0419 695 265


Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.


Join our award-winning global business situated in the booming Personal Development Industry. BOOMING DIRECT SALES : •High ROI with recovery of investment within two sales •Full and on-going training •Access to our Global team of Leaders •No Cold Calling •No Stock to hold Our sales directors work for themselves and earn very well while enjoying a tremendous lifestyle and building equity. They come from diverse backgrounds: from the corporate world to stay at home mums and dads looking to return to the workforce. Our global organisation experienced over 100% growth last year, with 2013 set for greater expansion. Work from anywhere with your laptop and phone. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Newsagency Western Sydney


At The Entrance to Busiest & Biggest Shopping Centre Popular Newsagency in one of the busiest and biggest shopping centres in Sydney. Selling all lotteries products including scratchies, range of greeting cards, stationery, cigarettes, confectionery, drinks, phone recharge and other products. CCTV installed. Great location at entrance to the shopping centre and close to cinemas, bus terminal and station. Turnover approx $1,500,000.00. Consistently making good net profit. Nothing to spend. Business has been running successfully for 10 years. Low Rent - NSW Lotteries commission pays most of the rent. Huge traffic flow to this shopping centre – 1.5 million

customers per year. Suit husband and wife team to increase profit and have better control. Member of one of the biggest group of newsagents with huge buying power and help available from the group at every point including new lease negotiations. Great potential to expand into money transfer, giftware, mobile phones, computer and accessories including printer cartridges, etc. Genuine buyers only. Please do not contact if you are just looking and do not visit business and speak to staff before contacting owner. Walk-in-walk-out offer welcome.


price: $269,000 + fixtures & fittings + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 67

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 68

Oyster Farm Port Stephens


Business And Life Style The retiring owner of this Sydney Rock Oyster Farm at Port Stephens has 3 years stock of mature and growing oysters, estimated S.A.V. $250,000 plus equipment valued at $65,000. This business is running at 70% of its capacity due to the owner having other interests. Port Stephens is situated 160km north-east of Sydney, with its major industry being oyster farming. It is also a very popular tourist destination with activities such as whale and dolphin watching, fishing and recreational boating. Excellent value at $219,000 W.I.W.O for further information email: or PH: (07) 5529 4734

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $219,000 WIWO all inclusive 443396

bh (07) 5529 4734

Oyster Farm

Eyre Peninsula

Pet Shop




Great lifestyle opportunity in arguably the cleanest, most well known oyster farming water in Australia. Huge potential for expansion with other species. Excellent turn over and very high demand. 5 hectares of water with all quality machinery, boat and stock. Everything running as it is today, including staff if required and a list of oyster buyers that we use and trust. Land base of 3.5 acres of free hold water front land is included with 70 by 30 ft shed. Own beach for boat launching and oyster hatchery right next door. Genuine reason for selling. Any queries please phone 0428 837 510.

This business has been selling quality pets and products for the last 8 years. Offers great parking and main road signage in a small shopping centre. Trading 6 days with potential to increase the current turnover of $450K. The premises are 78.6m2. The Pet Shop is situated in the affluent north shore suburb of Lane Cove, an ideal location for this type of business. Current lease period is1/8/12 to 31/7/15 with a 3x3 option. Contact owner for further information about this first class business opportunity.

Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: P.O.A. stock included

price: $145,000 stock included

fax (08) 8682 4110 mob 0428 837 510

mob 0424 294 145

68 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Popular Pet Shop For Sale


Oyster Farm Business In Pristine Waters

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 69

Panel Beating Deniliquin


Smash Repairs And Towing Service In Deniliquin Our business is well established in Deniliquin. The business was established in the 1960s by the original owner until we bought the business in 1999. We specialise in insurance work, doing work for most insurance companies and we are elders preferred repairer. The business has a computerised quoting system, Flexi Quote. Our paint system is ppg and we use deltron, cobra and 2k. We have a Ford tow truck, one of only 2 in Deniliquin. Large office with morning tea room, toilet and shower. Spray booth with paint shop

. We have autorobot measuring system. We employ two owner operator staff with definite room for expansion. We have both been employed here for over 25 years and are ready to wind down. Workshop is being leased by us for $13,200 pa and would be negotiated by the buyer and owner of the workshop. The workshop is approx 30m x 13m and the yard is secured by cyclone fencing and approx 47m x 34m. Plenty of parking and room in holding yard. All financials available on request and subject to confidentiality agreement.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $195,000 WIWO leasehold 441988

mob 0407 265 466

Pet Care Broadmeadows


Premium Home Delivered Pet Care Business Trophy Pet Care is the original home delivered pet care company in Australia and has been operating successfully for over 20 years. Currently the group operates in Victoria and South Australia, and the master licence and existing Victorian operation is for sale as a going concern. The sale includes trademarks, a fully equipped vehicle, equipment and customer base, plus a

contracted supply of premium quality food and veterinary support. This business is ideally suited for a couple with some veterinary nursing, dog grooming or dog training experience and can be operated from home. Working hours are flexible. This highly profitable business is being reluctantly offered for sale due to the impending retirement of the owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0428 348 226


price: $94,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 69

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 70

Pet Care Normanhurst


Established Dog Clothing & Accessories Designer Brand Unique designer dog clothing & accessories brand in established online, retail and B2B Australian and US market with huge growth potential. The brand is currently distributed throughout 17 pet boutiques in Sydney, Regional NSW, Melbourne and most recently New York City. This is a fantastic opportunity to tap into the pet boutique market. The label has been established as a designer brand and has a reputation for producing high quality and superior fitting products. The business would suit someone who has online ecommerce experience and can continue to grow this area. It can also easily be diversified to expand into the growth cat clothing and

accessories market. Rommi & Rafe Dog Clothing & Accessories will compliment either an existing pet products company or as a standalone business. It has been run for 5 years as a sole trading entity. With all the hard work of establishing the brand already done, it has minimal operating costs. Includes designs & IP, stock valued at $6K, e-commerce website & FB page, cloud-based inventory and financial system, access and handover to reliable manufacturing vendors and suppliers throughout Sydney, Melb. & China. Support and training will be provided. Option of designing next season’s range. Reluctantly selling business due to other commitments.

mob 0414 766 079


price: $30,000 negotiable

Picture Framing Toowoomba


Art Supplies, Art Classes, Picture Framing & Gallery Established for 67 years and still growing, in a burgeoning major rural city with a 4 season climate and servicing the Surat Basin mining sector. Largest retailer of artist’s supplies in Qld outside of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Business has 4 parts making it capable of riding out ups and downs in the market. Recently relocated to a 400 sq metre single level CBD location on 2 street frontages without shopping mall rents. Free street parking at the door. 3 full time and 2 part

time staff. The only framer in the region with an internationally accredited framer on staff. $711,000 turnover in 2012/13. Second half of 2013 shows 12% increase in turnover compared to same period previous year. Owner retiring. Leasehold. The ‘Garden City’ is very family orientated and has a 4 season climate due to it’s 690M elevation. 127 Km west of Brisbane with a population of 160,000. Contact owner for further information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0409 636 113 70 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $275,000 O.N.O. + S.A.V.

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 71

Picture Framing

South Eastern Suburbs

Post Office



Profitable, Inner Melbourne Picture Framing Business Established for 28 years, this is a very easy to operate and profitable business. T/O of $340 - $400K and Gross Profit of $260 - $300K before expenses. Current year trading is well above last year’s with an unprecedented growth in the area. Customer Base of over 10,000 addresses. The business offers Custom Framing for residential and corporate clients and repairs, specialising in fast turnaround with a steady flow of new and repeat customers. Large, well organized workshop, extensive computerized machines and tools in excellent order included in price. On Site parking and very reasonably priced lease. No experience necessary — training provided.


Successful Central NSW Post Office Business Due to health reasons, the Ardlethan Post Office is being sold for property value only. Price includes postie bike and twin cab ute.

price: $285,000 + S.A.V. - leasehold

price: $225,000 non negotiable + S.A.V.

bh (02) 6978 2099 fax (02) 6978 2097


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Plumbing Northwest Sydney


A Sydney Leader In Bathroom And Kitchen Supplies One of Sydney’s premier bathroom and kitchen supplies retailer is selling one of their stores under licence. The store is fully functional and extremely well presented. The shop sells bathroom and kitchen supplies, with its clients ranging from mums and dads through to builders and plumbers.

place, the new owner would not need to worry about this. Located in Sydney’s northwest suburbs, the total area of the shop is approximately 1400 square meters including showroom and warehouse and is under a lease with 2 years remaining with further two 5 year options. Large onsite parking area.

With an excellent and experienced staff already in

Reason for selling is the owner wants to expand the business.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0419 444 415


price: $4,000,000 + fixtures & fittings - negotiable

Australian Business For Sale ® 71

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 72

Plumbing NSW


Lifestyle/Location/Great Business Few businesses come on the market that tick all the boxes. This one does in spades! Situated in an idyllic location on the NSW North Coast between Forster/Tuncurry and Port Macquarie. This Plumbing and Property Maintenance business is well established and services a large part of the surrounding area. The business specialises in the maintenance of government, commercial and private properties conducting all types of repairs and construction. The maintenance business holds several profitable contracts with community service groups and insurance companies plus a continuous flow of work from real estate agents and home owners requiring property maintenance. The business employs 8 loyal and efficient staff on both part time and full time basis and currently runs 4 vehicles. It employs 2 full time plumbers and has specialised plumbing equipment (sewer camera and high pressure water blaster). The current owner has excellent subcontractors to deal with specialised tasks such as electricians, roofers, floor and wall tilers and kitchen manufacturers. The business has a turnover in excess of $1.1Mil and provides for the owner a yearly income of $200K plus other bonuses. Huge potential and enormous scope for expansion. The area is a popular tourist destination, renowned for great surfing, fishing and various water sports. It also has all the required facilities and amenities for comfortable living. This is a fantastic business and a beautiful area to live in. Current premises are available with long lease. Further information and financials will be provided after confidentiality has been established. Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.





ah (02) 6553 7377

mob 0428 565 282 (Craig) 72 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $480,000 WIWO

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 73

Post Office NSW


Great Business / Country Lifestyle Harden Murrumburrah consists of two historic townships, with the main shopping centre being in Harden and the tourist/craft/cafes being in Murrumburrah. Harden is located in the South West of NSW, on the main Sydney/Melbourne rail line, and is surrounded by some of the best agriculture land in NSW. Sheep, cattle, cropping as well as many orchards are located within the Shire. The Harden Licensed Post Office is located in the centre of the main business area with a residence attached to the side and rear of the business area. The residence is quite large and consists of three bedrooms, lounge, kitchen/dining area, bathroom, laundry and a utility room.

There are 240 private boxes, all currently let, with permission for additional boxes. The operation of the Post Office is ideally suited for a couple and provides a solid annual income. The town is serviced by excellent medical services including hospital, modern medical centre and a modern pharmacy. Education is well catered for with a Pre School, 2 Primary Schools and a State year 12 High School as well as excellent sporting fields. Harden Murrumburrah is a well located and progressive town, offering first class facilities and a relaxed country lifestyle. The Post Office is an integral part of the town and its importance to the community is regarded very highly.

The business premises consist of the retail area, general office area, Office/safe/stock storage room and mail delivery section. Normal running stock is approx $15K.

There could be the possibility of a leasehold purchase being considered P.O.A.

The Post Office houses a modern retail area offering a full range of Australia Post products and services to a town population of around 2000 and a shire population of 4000.

Further information and financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being completed.

bh (02) 6386 2241


price: $460,000 + S.A.V. freehold

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 73

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 74

Printing Elsternwick


Garment And Promotional Printing Shop in an excellent strategic location in Elsternwick with 2-3 employees, turnover more than $300,000 pa with very good profit margin. This business is excellent for owner operator. Unique, innovative and personalised garment and promotional printing business established late 2009 specialising in Digital Printing, Sublimation, Screen Printing, Vinyl Printing and Embroidery. Professional in-house graphic designer to support and help customers. We have extensive database of corporate and individual customers. There is also a unique and strong section of corporate customers which is comprised of

advertising and marketing agencies. These VIP customers rely on our business as a “one stop shop” for all print production to meet their client request. The business is fully equipped with new and high quality M2 digital printer vinyl cutter heat press and all the computers also wide selection of stock. We will provide full training and will continue to support if needed. Equipment: • M2 DTG, Value: $40,000 • Vinyl cutter • Epson T50 sublimation printer (x2) • Heat press (x3) • Computers x3 • Stock – Approx. $10,000 • Furnishings

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0408 228 850


price: $120,000 negotiable + equipment

Property Management Gladstone


Quality Rent Roll!-Very Easily Managed! 121 properties can be managed from home office or business location wiwo at existing modern office in CBD. Massive opportunity to further develop the business with sales or don’t work weekends with property management! Majority of properties modern homes. Property Manager vehicle available to purchase. Current owner retiring so genuine reason for selling and as much handover time as necessary available to purchaser. Gladstone is a one hour flight from Brisbane or one hour drive to Rockhampton and is situated right on the coast providing

great coastal lifestyle in the fastest growing regional area of Queensland. Islands and the Great Barrier Reef are easily accessed and airport has direct flights to most cities. Gladstone is a great place for families with excellent work opportunities, all sports catered for and a great easy living lifestyle. Ideal for singles, couples or families to work for yourself with an excellent return on purchase price! Necessary licensing short courses now readily available. If you prefer being part of a franchise there are real estate companies wanting to franchise in Gladstone.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (07) 4976 9599 fax (07) 4972 1122 mob 0407 482 233 74 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $740,000

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 75




South Coast


Independent Print Copy & Mail Business Independent Print Business established for over 20 years in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Predominantly Digital Print and Copy with new mailing capability. Excellent staff, good customer base and lease with low rent. Regular updated print equipments. Now with two new online print ordering sites and a promotional product website. A suitable business for someone hands on with a marketing flair, graphic design background, an existing print business looking for another outlet, or a new business immigrant. Lots of growth opportunities. Mon - Fri, business hours working only. Reasonably priced considering the opportunity available. It includes few related businesses with websites. These businesses are to take off.


Furniture Removals & Storage on NSW South Coast Owner retiring. Established for over 60 years with excellent reputation. Includes lucrative Government contracts. Modern premises. Buy freehold or secure lease. Business includes vehicles, forklift, storage modules, fully fitted out warehouse & office facilities. Will provide full training & support if required. Freehold includes 9,600 square meters of land, 800 square meter warehouse, 9 “self storage” sheds, 85 square meter office with kitchen, toilets, showers, reception, etc. Fantastic opportunity. Price negotiable.

price: $125,000 + S.A.V. negotiable

price: P.O.A. negotiable

mob 0414 664 292

mob 0403 256 356




Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.


Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.




Freehold - Pizza Takeaway Restaurant & Residence


Iconic Restaurant In Manly This business caters to a unique niche in its market and has strong growth potential. It is flexible enough to integrate a coffee shop, restaurant and/or wine bar into one business. Est. since 2006, this restaurant has a strong client base and is well positioned in the famous beachside suburb of Manly. • Long-term lease, plus option • 50-60 seats • Liquor licence, live music, great location • Room to grow significantly • Staff and processes in place to run under management Owners have requested that only serious buyers enquire.

price: $1,500,000 freehold - all incl.

price: $195,000 + S.A.V.

bh (02) 6654 2744 mob 0408 542 744

mob 0404 795 700


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Rare opportunity to acquire a productive and profitable business with proven track record. The Woolgoolga Pizza Place is a well established icon serving locals and holiday makers for 29 years. Limited competition. Solid brick building with commercial sized kitchen, 34 seat Restaurant, outdoor seating for 16. On 790 sq meter land. Woolgoolga is a fast growing coastal town. Owners wish to retire. Set up for A-LA-CARTE. A chef’s dream. Potential for huge development. In best location on main street of the town. Owners able to live on premises in large open plan studio. Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.

Australian Business For Sale ® 75

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 76

Restaurant Thornbury


One Of Melbourne’s Best & Unique Pizzeria’s This wood fired pizzeria is located in one Melbourne’s fastest growing areas and has been well established for 7 years. It is open 5 nights a week (closed Monday & Tuesday). Has a very high turn over of an average of $13,000 a week with minimal hours. The casual private functions on Saturday & Sunday bring in the cream, which is not included in the above figure. It is very easy to run by one owner operator or manager or with the right ambitious operator or partners it can run

seven days with a possibility to increase turn over and most importantly profit. It has a lot more potential. The rent is only $583.84 per week with a secured lease until the year 2025. Seats 80 patrons, with a strong table turn over on the weekends. Take away is also strong. Reason for selling is the owner is currently running too many businesses and needs to let go of one. When the owner was running this one business only it was averaging $18,000 a week at 5 nights only.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $300,000 + S.A.V. O.N.O. 443486

mob 0456 668 631

Restaurant Western Sydney


Unique Restaurant / Sydney West An exceptionally busy Bohemian restaurant with a great reputation for quality service. Established for 7 years in Narellan, the centre of one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney’s western suburbs. Fully licensed for 170 patrons, the restaurant has acquired a large, loyal and regular clientele. Current turnover is good and could be doubled due to demand. The business operates 5 days with 5 dinners

and 1 lunch a week and is closed 5 weeks over Christmas period plus 1 week at Easter. All equipment is included in the sale. Stock approx $8/12K. Plenty of parking. Current owner is looking to retire but is willing to stay on in the transition to help and assist. Good family business that can only grow in the future.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0417 697 733 76 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $390,000 + S.A.V.

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 77

Marsfield NSW

Basils Seafood Restaurant This iconic restaurant was established in the inner North West area of Sydney 29 years ago. Epping, Marsfield and North Ryde have become not only high density residential suburbs but busy commercial and light industrial centres as well. ‘Basils’ has a renowned reputation for quality and great service. A reputation for friendly staff and professionalism of the highest calibre. ‘Basils’ specialises in the freshest seafood served in a wonderfully congenial atmosphere. The restaurant is superbly presented and no further fitout or expense is required. ‘Basils’ is fully licensed and carries a substantial quantity of quality wines and spirits, etc. ‘Basils’ has a long established and loyal following, whether it be a dinner for 2, a family gathering or a corporate function, all can be catered to from a large commercial kitchen that has the capacity to produce a magical array of tempting dishes for an ever returning clientele. ‘Basils’ is currently trading 6 ½ days. Turnover is in excess of $1Mil. Stock (spirits, wines, soft drinks, etc) is normally approx $25-30K but varies at different times of the year (Easter, Christmas holidays, etc). This business has a long acquired reputation and has produced a solid income for the current owners who would now like to retire. Some training and advise would be provided in the transition. Further information and financials would be available conditionally to a suitable enquirer.

mob 0458 488 410


price: P.O.A.

Australian Business For Sale ® 77

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 78

Restaurant Bilpin


Apple Bar Bar/Restaurant/Cafe Work 3.5 days a week for $1,000,000+ turnover. An Iconic Destination Bar/Pub/ Restaurant 100 kms northwest of CBD just over 1 hr drive. Established 9.5 years. Sprawling road side weatherboard cottage with country charm and city slick located on Bells Line of Road leading to the Great West. Popular meeting place for tourists and locals. Set on ž acre with 30 car spaces plus unlimited free street parking. 100% drink only licence, wine bottleshop licence, full beer system with 4 taps plus postmix, keg room with laundry & easy truck access, indoor and

outdoor seating total 150, separate back room for functions up to 40 people, 2 x Jetmaster open fire places & timber flooring, all equipment unencumbered, equipment inventory can be supplied on request, POS system, alarm system, Separate office/store room plus large storage shed, established easy maintenance gardens, excellent safe road exposure/frontage. Signed confidentiality agreements required prior to handing over financials. Trading Friday to Monday - increase turnover trading 7 days. Owners happy to remain for transition period as long as necessary.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


price: $725,000 O.N.O. stock included mob 0417 771 967

Restaurant South Eastern Suburbs


Iconic Mexican Restaurant This iconic Mexican restaurant offers a delightful festive atmosphere. Located on a main road in the south east suburbs, the business has an abundance of parking at the door. Providing seating for 100 with 60 indoor dining / 40 outdoor alfresco dining. Full commercial kitchen with cool room, store room and fully licensed bar with liquor licence until 1am.

Established 14 years ago, providing a solid loyal customer base. Open Tuesday to Sunday, evenings only. Low rent of $1500 includes out goings per week for such a prime location, with a long lease of 5x5x5. Average $12,000.



Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (03) 9702 6244 mob 0418 994 355 78 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

fax (03) 9702 6244


price: $390,000

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 79

Restaurant QLD


Eagles Nest Bar & Grill Wonderful opportunity to take over a thriving and very profitable bar & grill. The business is located in the centre of the main street of Longreach. A friendly, progressive town in Central West Queensland. The restaurant bar has a solid following with a large and loyal clientele within the immediate township and the surrounding area. Eagles Nest Bar & Grill offers a sitdown restaurant area that caters to approx 40 customers plus a well patronised bar area. A beer garden at the rear of the premises has a separate bar & fridge, and music. The business is fully licensed to operate 10 am – 12 Midnight – 7 days. Currently operating 5 days with lunch and dinner Wed, Thurs & Fri. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sat & Sun. Current sales $600K Plus. Eagles Nest Bar & Grill is strongly supported by the local community (approx 3500 people) and is booked out at least 3 nights a week. The business runs on a staff of 5 to 6, has a fully equipped commercial kitchen with 2 coolrooms, and operating stock is usually around $20/25K. The town is home to the iconic Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, the Qantas Founders Museum and Longreach Pastoral College, which prepares students for work in the pastoral industry. The main industries of the area are Cattle, Sheep and more recently, Tourism. Longreach has a daily air service to and from Brisbane, 2 primary schools and a high school, plenty of sporting facilities plus athletics and swimming clubs. Situated on the Thompson River, water skiing is also popular. The purchase of this established business comes with plenty of potential with substantial increases in sales over the past 3 years. The Eagles Nest Bar & Grill is offered as a leasehold with a 5x5 lease, however the freehold premises is also available. Price on application. Further information and financial details would be available upon inspection and confidentiality requirements being completed. Some training and advice would be provided by the current owners.

mob 0428 164 259


price: $350,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 79

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 80

Restaurant Huskisson


Newly Refurbished South Coast Restaurant/Bar Amazing opportunity in the beautiful seaside town of Huskisson to acquire this newly refurbished restaurant/bar. Established 13 years ago we have recently renovated: seating capacity increased to 70 and a back bar added. These changes have made the business truly unique and exciting to the area. Located on a beautiful tree lined street just off the main road, it is neighboured by the bakery with parking directly out front. Licenced to operate 7 days with a PSA liquor licence. Currently trading 5 nights with the addition of 2 lunch services to commence in mid December with potential for more services. Packages for weddings have been recently developed, which will add significant value to the business. With an established local and tourist following for the a la carte restaurant, the bar is enjoying the same support. A

newly negotiated 3x3x3 lease with 8 years remaining. The fully equipped commercial kitchen with coolroom, alfresco dining both front and back, funky new fit out, large separate storage shed at the rear and onsite parking make the business a neat package. Selling due to family commitments. Genuine buyers only.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0402 109 912


price: $170,000 + S.A.V. leasehold

Restaurant Nelson Bay


Lifestyle Investment Opportunity Perfect Venue to enjoy so many of life’s pleasures, restaurant established in 2003, current owners since 2009 and seating 150 in absolute premium Marina location in the heart of the Port Stephen’s dining precinct. A great food & casual indoor/outdoor dining area, overlooking the Marina with locals and tourists, creating an atmosphere to match its popular reputation. Consistently turns over in excess of $1 million per annum with high gross profit margins. All systems in place for smooth operation including arguably the best Chef in the Bay who really cares about quality &

efficiency. Fully licensed with long established local suppliers and options ensuring the lowest possible cost of goods. Good relationship & lease terms with lessor & local tourist activity operators ensuring a rewarding and secure future. Supporting local & professional staff with four permanent and 6 - 10 casuals depending on the season. Owners are selling to re-locate for genuine family reasons and a new challenge, great for a potentially family owned/ operated investment or a revamped modern restaurant venture, the possibilities are endless!

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0404 068 734 80 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $850,000

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 81

Restuarant QLD

Gold Coast

Sensational - Sensation Food & Wine Lounge Located in the heart of Broadbeach on the beautiful Queensland Gold Coast is a wonderful new restaurant. The restaurant has been custom made to provide patrons with a truly relaxed environment within an attractive & tasteful decor. In a short period ‘’Sensation’’ has proclaimed itself to be one of the very best places to wine and dine on the Gold Coast. The Wine Lounge / Restaurant provides a pleasant and peaceful venue for both business meetings and family gatherings. ‘’Sensation’’ provides a subtle ambience that has a regular clientele returning time and time again. ‘’Sensation’’ stocks a large range of wines from all over the world. Australian, New Zealand and European wines are featured as well as an extensive organic wine collection. The main focus of ‘’Sensation Wine and Food Lounge’’ is the use of organic product and a cuisine which is beautifully presented, wonderfully tasty, but also keeping within the health values and ideals of the current owners. The restaurant has only been open for a number of months and in that period has established itself in the area as the place to go for great food and wine. Certification of the restaurant as an organic restaurant is in progress. Upon certification, it will the be the first organic restaurant on the Gold Coast. Already plenty of forward group bookings have been made with the opportunity to hire out the venue for corporate meetings or other functions. This business has huge potential for an industrious and forward thinking individual who loves the hospitality industry and is ready to take this established venue to even greater heights. A long lease (5 years) is available.

price: $300,000 + S.A.V. bh (07) 5504 7917

mob 0488 024 478


Owners are only selling due to other unforseen financial / business commitments. Further information and financial details would be provided etc.

Australian Business For Sale ® 81

Pages_67-82_Pages_67-82 12/02/2014 4:21 pm Page 82

Only Wine Bar in Canberra Licensed for 100 people inside and 60 people outside in the well maintained courtyard area of the establishment. Situated in the GPO of Canberra, right in the heart of the business and shopping district, with very short walking distance of major upmarket hotels and many boutique apartments nearby. Parking, disabled access, toilet facilities and security are maintained by Novotel Hotel Management. Wine list of approximately 500 wines by the bottle and 100 wines by the glass from all over the globe. Benchmark Wine Bar is the only place in Australia that has maintained 100 glasses served by the glass. Provides seasonal menus throughout the year with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Eclectic European cuisine consists of fresh live seafood, poultry, vegetarian, pasta, meat, small goods, cheeses, pastries and desserts. Received over the 10 years of operation several industry awards and accolades ranging from National Wine Awards, Food Awards. The Kitchen is staffed by two full-time qualified chefs working split shifts Monday to Friday and then straight shifts Saturday. Both chefs are well trained and flexible which provides stability in the kitchen for a new owner. The only true wine bar to be established in Canberra. Carefully guided, trained and coached staff to deliver the best possible service and in turn he has secured a vast range of clientele. ‘Benchmark Wine Bar’ has been registered. The initial fit-out cost in 2003 was above $600,000. No initial capital expenditure required for the existing fit-out. The business has a website which is purely for marketing purposes. Booking function available on the website. Customers will be over 35 and have higher disposable income. Consist of business people, professionals and corporate travellers.

Price: $650,000

m: 0438 596 050


f: (02) 6247 4100



82 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

Restaurant / Wine Bar Canberra A.C.T.


p: (02) 6274 0400

Lease term 31/12/2017 with additional 3 yr option till 31/12/2020

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 83

Restaurant / Hotel Cootamundra


Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Function Centre Beautifully restored old hotel 100+ years. Freehold $650K (Includes $100K+ Inventory) – Going concern with a good reputation returning 15% on investment with room for growth & greater returns for hands on chef or operators Restaurant operates 5 Nights P.W. as a Licensed Tapas Bar & Mediterranean Grill. Popular for Functions, Weddings & Seminars. Accommodation operates 7 days P.W. with 3 en-suite + 8 standard letting

rooms, communal lounge & kitchenette all tastefully decorated, Oasis courtyard with period rotunda. Facility in good condition with new roof, refrigeration, beer system & POS. Operates with a small team of casuals & young chef. Adjoining architect designed 2 bed + loft study cottage available for lease (Tax deduction) or sale if desired. 2hrs from Canberra, 1 hr from Wagga Wagga, ½ hr from Young.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $650,000 freehold - all inclusive 037233

bh (02) 6942 1850



Tea Shop




Unique Opportunity in local food retail and wholesale business specialising in fresh and cooked local seafood. Young business with great growth potential. Loyal local customer base. Business can be easily transformed into cafe or alternate take away. Great main road location with daily traffic of 14,000 cars. Venue currently seats around 20 - 25 with potential to expand. $10,000 T/O P/week and growing through summer. Reluctant sale due to injury and can be run at arms length. Very easy business to run. All the setup work has been done. No time wasters and only interested parties apply.

Jeffersons Tea, established1982, is a popular tea shop located in a busy arcade in the heart of Hobart’s CBD. Specializing in teas from around the world, customers can also select from a range of internationally grown coffees. Renowned for its unique range of teapots and other tea and coffee paraphernalia. Core customer target group 30 - 60 years but patrons include affluent retirees and young families, 20-something’s, university students, tourists and yachtsmen. Located close to University, Govt. offices and Hospital. Reason for sale: Retirement. Contact Accountant Mr. John Hyland 03 6265 1044 for financial information.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $145,000 O.N.O.

price: $330,000

ah (02) 4962 8119

mob 0434 699 150


Popular Specialty Tea Shop in the Heart Of Hobart


Food Retail And Wholesale Fresh And Cooked Seafood

Australian Business For Sale ® 83

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 84

Sugarcane/Beef Cattle Plus Great Fishing This is a unique opportunity to purchase a slice of sunny Queensland that will provide not only a solid income but an idyllic lifestyle. The property is located 45 minutes south of Mackay, the thriving industrial centre of Central QLD and only 1.5 hrs from the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. A freehold area of 290 hectares produces up to 20,000 tonnes of sugar cane annually and beef cattle production on an additional 418 hectares of ponded pasture carries approx 250 head of breeders.

Mackay QLD

The property has direct ocean access (5 min to boat ramp) and is a fisherman’s paradise being surrounded by 2 large salt water creeks that provide great catches of barramundi, mangrove jack, salmon, mudcrabs and prawns. There is also the potential for aquaculture and tourism. The property comes with a well built 3 bedroom residence situated in lovely bush surroundings. There is a fully equipped irrigation system ensuring full irrigation to the whole property plus 5 natural filling storage dams. Some machinery and equipment would also be included in the purchase price. The property has been approved for subdivision but is being offered as a total purchase. The purchase of individual lots within the subdivision would be open to negotiation depending on size and viability. The local township of Koumala is a 4-5 minute drive and has all the required essential amenities and facilities. Cattle markets are only 20 minutes away and the regional meatworks 1 hour from the property. The purchase of a property with such varied assets and endless potential for diversification is a rarity. Offering an excellent investment opportunity with guaranteed returns also makes this a suitable purchase for someone looking to migrate to Australia. Further information and financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being met.


price: $5,900,000 freehold

84 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

P: (07) 4959 1036 M: 0417 636 828

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 85

Security QLD

Sunshine Coast

Crime Prevention A unique opportunity in one of the biggest growth industries in Australia. This is a 20 year old business with huge potential as long as there is an increase in the crime rate – And it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The business has a range of unique security products and very profitable niche markets with a range of selling options and is Australia’s most innovative security firm with in-excess of 20 product designs. There is potential to set up Agents in other centres. At present we supply some products to National Distributors and to some National Distributors Customers directly. Current stock approx $80K. At present the business is being run by a husband and wife team working 30 – 35 hours a week. The business is situated in a beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and in a comparatively new Industrial Area. The business could be relocated, if necessary at minimal costs, if required, preferably close to freight routes for ease of distribution. The purchase price included all Dies, Moulds and Tooling that are exclusive to the business plus some International and Australian Patents and Patents Pending. Current owners looking to retire. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

mob 0407 455 717


price: $1,000,000 + S.A.V.

Australian Business For Sale ® 85

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 86

Sports Central Coast


Swim School + Residence Learn-to-Swim School situated in Budgewoi including large brick residence on 800 m2 block. Established 1999. Located 200m from Budgewoi beach, 1 hour from Newcastle, 1.5 hours from Sydney. The swim school is a free-standing structure located at the rear of the property consisting of a 12.5m x 6m in-ground Pebblecrete chlorinated swimming pool, reception area, plant room, two toilets and two coin-operated showers. All enclosed by brick external walls with an insulated Colorbond roof. Pool is solar and gas heated. All plant equipment and structures are in excellent working order and

condition. Employs 5 qualified Austswim teachers. Operating 30 hrs/week with council approval for 48 hrs. Located opposite 6-space carpark adjacent to council reserve. 2 storey brick residence has master bed. with en suite, 4 additional bed., 2 bath, study, kitchen/dining, spacious living areas, laundry, double lock-up garage, double carport, reverse cycle aircond, intercom to pool, CCTV. Well set-up, well-run councilapproved business with excellent reputation. Present owners regretfully overdue for retirement. Financial details available with confidentiality agreement.

price: $1,350,000 441791

bh (02) 4390 3606

Sports Goods Branxton


Pandanas - Australia Originated from Branxton NSW Australia, the company concept was founded in 2008. The Wave Board was introduced for when the waves were not clean nor pumping, for the ultimate feeling of surf like calving but on the sealed roads around Branxton. With the wave board you’re able to maintain your fitness, technique, core strength, agility and coordination. Pandanas also offers the conventional street skateboard for all those street, freestyle and park riders and THE FAT board, a new release designed for

slow cruising, designed for more a learn to ride and learn to balance board !!! But also to suit the retro cruisers of the streets. The business sale includes the business name, websites and domains, the trademarking rights to the name and logo, the boards manufacture supply channel and stock of boards. The business is for sale due to lack of time to concentrate on the product and lack of marketing time to promote the products. For Further Information In Regards to Sales please contact.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

fax (02) 4938 3268 mob 0408 635 110 86 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: $50,000

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 87

Surf, Skate and Ski

Broome W.A.

Broome’s Favourite Surf Shop is For Sale Need a sea change or would love to live and work in Paradise? Then this locally owned and operated business is for you. Broome is a tropical oasis, a 2 ½ hour flight from Perth. It is the pearling capital of Australia, western gateway to the Kimberley wilderness, is one of WA’s most popular tourist destinations and offers a relaxed lifestyle. Wet N Wicked is located in the only fully enclosed air conditioned shopping centre in sunny Broome. The owners have grown the business over a 10 year period from one small shop front, opened in June 1996, into two thriving businesses. Situated in approx. 144m2 the Surf Shop is stocked with all the very best Aussie labels, solid bather brands and lot of successful accessories and surf hardware. Wet N Wicked always has the latest up to date fashion and is a fun, vibrant and very busy store. Labels include Billabong, Tigerlily, Rusty, Hurley, Otis, 2Chillies and Creatures to name only a few. Wet N Wicked2 is the only Skate Shop in Broome. Occupying approx 40m2 it is stocked full of the latest Skate and Moto X Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Hardware from all around the Globe. It is also specialised to help establish the local Roller Derby in Broome and offers custom build skateboards and scooters, so no two will ever be the same in Broome Town. Trading 7 days a week. Labels include Vans, DC, Globe, Alpine Star, LKI, Landyachtz, MGP and Santa Cruz, again just to name a few. Please contact the owner.

bh (08) 9192 3496

fax (08) 9192 3496

mob 0404 515 716


price: $850,000

Australian Business For Sale ® 87

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 88

Surf, Skate and Ski Ulverstone


Long Established Surf Shop Established in 1992, this business has been operating in the town of Ulverstone, on the North West Coast of Tasmania, by the same owners since inception. Beach Beat stocks all the leading surf wear brands - Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Globe, Volcom, Rusty, Hurley etc which cover an extensive variety of clothing, shoes, wetsuits, surf boards and fashion accessories. This business has a regular client base, yearly turnover of just below $1 million and current stock level at approx $250,000. Currently running with a full time manager, 2 fulltime

employees and a permanent part timer. The shopfloor area is approx 200 sq metres with extensive racking system and display units throughout, with a very good point of sale computer system in place. Also included is a Sensormatic security system in place, reverse cycle air-conditioning, on-site parking for 2x cars and building renovations. Store hours are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am – 1pm Saturday. A long lease is available on this building and some vendor finance may be available. Serious buyers only please. Please contact owners for any more information.

price: P.O.A. + S.A.V. 441827

Surf, Skate and Ski Dominical, Costa Rica

South Wave Surf Shop South Wave Surf Shop, the Number 1 rated Surf Shop in Costa Rica for all up to date exclusive product, is now for sale! Located in the heart of Dominical, a prime location with consistent surf for those who love amazing waves, South Wave stocks everything any surfer guy or girl could want or need. Established for over 10 years, the business boasts a great reputation, along with acquiring the best of the best for reasonable prices. Authorised dealer for Volcom, Reef, Quicksilver, Roxy, Al Merrick, Spy, Billabong, Js, FCS, ,Von Zipper, Komunity,

Nixon, Skull Candy, Rip Curl, Dakine, Creatures, Electric Eyewear, IVI shades, Shapes Fins, Hurley, Rusty, Chilli, & Bill Johnson. Included in sale is:• All Licensing • All Stock / Product • Upstairs corner office space (which runs the full length of the store) and faces the beach • Bodega for extra Stock / Product • Cameras Inside & Out that link up to Mobile/Cell Phones & Laptops • Overnight Security • Surfboard & Bodyboard Rentals & Instructors • The Beautiful Pura Vida! Contact Owner for full and further info.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh +506 8304 6792 mob +506 8304 6792 88 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $845,000 negotiable

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 89

Swimwear Port Macquarie


Well Known Established Swimwear Store In Port Macquarie High profile, 17 years trading at Northern Entrance of Port Macquaries main shopping centre which includes Target, IGA and over 50 specialty stores. Husband & wife owned & operated since opening. Many returning customers and tourists Australia wide. Small floor area and is very easy to manage. We sell swimwear, which includes One piece and Mix & match bikini separates, also Swimwear Cover ups, shirts etc. Beach towels, Hats and other beach accessories. Excellent Labels exclusive to Port Macquarie and local area

include - Seafolly, Baku, Megan Gail, Finch, Sunflair, Miracle Suit, Sunseeker, Jantzen, Irene Berzelli and Ada. Turnover $600,000+ pa. Floor area is 50.7 m2 3 years lease remaining. Rent $1,700 pw 1 - 2 Casuals Gross profit from trading $5,000 pw All figures are excluding GST.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $270,000 + S.A.V. 443706

mob 0417 130 846

Takeaway Macksville


Beehive Cafe Macksville Famous for its great food, friendly service and immaculate cleanliness, the Beehive Cafe Macksville is for sale. This is a long established business, with an impressive reputation and is rarely offered for sale - you will be the 7th owners in over 80 years! Macksville is a beautiful town set on the banks of the Nambucca River - only 15 minutes to pristine beaches & midway between Sydney & Brisbane. The Pacific Highway passes right through Macksville and it is one of the few places left where travellers can take a break - and eat real

food. Currently run by a family, with the help of a few casuals, the business specialises in take away food - Burgers, Fish & Chips, Sandwiches & Pizzas. It’s renown for its Fresh Roasted Coffee and carries a huge range of Confectionery, Ice Creams & Drinks as well as a dedicated Fresh Juice & Smoothie Bar. Figures for 2012/2013 year are fresh from the accountant showing great returns. This is a very successful business in a great place to live and a perfect family enterprise. Enquire now and be in for the summer rush!

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6568 1260 mob 0418 844 024


price: $165,000 WIWO

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 89

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 90

Takeaway South Coast


Sandy Foot Pizza Café Watch The Waves Break Well established pizza and fast food, takeaway/cafe located directly opposite the beach at Malua Bay on the NSW South Coast. This business could provide the perfect ‘seachange’ you’ve been dreaming of. Successfully operated by current owners for 10 years. Solid customer base of locals & regular visitors with peak summer and holiday trade. Flexibility and scope to adjust hours according to seasonal demand. Fully licensed café offering take-away and dine-in options. Indoor seating for 45 and outdoor seating for 20, under current table configurations. Delivery service offered to local area on Friday & Saturday night only. The menu is

currently designed for ease of preparation and cooking. Fully equipped kitchen, walk-in cool room & freezer room; plenty of dry store area. All equipment has been well maintained and serviced accordingly. All equipment is owned. Training available for handover period if required. Competent loyal staff in place & able to assist. A great opportunity to maximise the forthcoming summer trading period. Lease information, financial statements and a full listing of plant & equipment is available to genuinely interested parties. For further details contact Juanita Sharp at Hales Douglass on (02) 4455 5333.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

price: $239,000 WIWO 443582

mob 0422 376 348




All States


Popular Kebab Cafe / Best Retail Area Situated in the heart of Queensland University of Technology in the suburb of Kelvin Grove. University comprises about 30,000 students and staff, approx 800 people work in the building at Red Cross Blood Bank, construction company, bank, swimming pool, gymnasium etc. Additonal 3,000 people working in area,1000 in adjacent residential building. 3 more high rises under construction with 500 more apartments. Current weekly turnover $8,000 - $11,000, potential increase with developments. Currently 4 staff. Long term Lease. Owner happy to provide training and trial period. Contact Bill for further details.

Excellent Profit Wholesale Business Exclusive distribution rights for Australia. Exceptional high returns. Well established, strong product name "Airmax®" (not for sale) Anti Snoring Device, certified by CE, ISO, FDA and TGA. Can be home-operated, anywhere in Australia, No medical background needed. Support available from good marketing team. This anti-snoring device developed by ENT professors, invented and produced in The Netherlands and patented worldwide. Broad client database. This product is easy to sell. Selling due to relocation overseas to set up same business.

price: P.O.A.

price: $150,000 + G.S.T.

ah (07) 3832 8918 mob 0435 833 670

fax (07) 3832 8918

90 Australian Business For Sale ®

mob 0458 791 552


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.


Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 91

Transport - Country NSW

WELL ESTABLISHED NOW & CAN ONLY GROW A unique opportunity exists to purchase a long established Transport Business that has a more than solid reputation within the industry and with the loyal customer base that it has acquired. Operating from a country centre in the South West Slopes region of NSW (approx 2 hours from Canberra CBD), this Transport Provider has a fleet of prime movers and trailers that provide both specialist delivery requirements as well as general freight. In addition to the refrigerated and general transport services which form the core part of the business, this very profitable transport company owns and operates a building materials division which complements the mainstream business by providing additional back loading opportunities and profitable return trips to its country depot. The Building Materials Division is an integral part of the business and contributes substantially to the profitability of the company.

The combined revenues have been consistent over the past 3 years at approx $6 Mil. The Depot, which is owned by the company, has a land area of 10,000 sqm. Buildings occupy approx 2,700 sqm of the site. The freehold Depot would be included as part of the overall sale. The buildings on the site include a large and modern administration office, 2 warehouses and a large workshop and hardstand area with 2 truck service bays. The warehouses also provide additional revenue from long standing storage customers. This Transport Company has returned solid profits through the recent tough times where other similar businesses have struggled. Further information and financial details would be provided after confidentiality requirements have been completed.

P: $3,500,000 freehold M: 0418

226 472

E: 441473

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 91

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 92

Transport, Tanker & Tipper Hire NSW

South Coast

Long Established / Highly Profitable The opportunity to combine business and pleasure with this long established and successful business, plus the bonus of a fantastic lifestyle on the South Coast of NSW, with beautiful surf beaches, boating and fishing. All this and an income that will secure your financial future. With its fleet of 10 water tankers and 6 tippers & dogs the business has attracted an extensive client base throughout southern and regional New South Wales, ranging from RMS (RTA) Councils, local bodies and private contractors, transporting domestic water to supporting road construction projects. Current Turnover is in excess of $1.5 Mil and increasing yearly. Established 22 years ago and located in a holiday town on the New South Wales south coast, the business is located in a key industrial area. The 400 sqm building is on a 2000 sqm site providing ample space for all plant and equipment. Both undercover and external parking is available at the site. The business also owns a company and several trading names are registered and could be split into 2 or 3 units. The area is expanding and extra plant could be added, e.g. rollers, diggers, graders etc. There would be various options relating to the purchase of this profitable business and some vendor finance could be available. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a long established and successful business with great potential to further expand in the future. The business, having consistent & substantial returns over many years, would be highly suitable for a buyer looking at migration opportunities into Australia. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

bh (02) 4472 7687

fax (02) 4472 6851

mob 0411 044 276

92 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


price: P.O.A.

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 93

Vending Sydney South


Part Time Cash Business In Sydney’s South Makes money all day ever day while you do other things. Opportunity exists to grow this business should you wish, or maintain the current level of 100 sited confectionery / novelty vending machines. The vending machines are located in busy shopping centre strips, major retail outlets, new car dealerships and pubs in Sydney’s south. Simple operation with no special skill sets required.

Flexible arrangements with no set hours as you decide when to service the machines and pocket the money. This business would be ideal as an add-on to an existing business or as an independent venture. A perfect moneywhile-you-sleep operation requiring little hands-on effort. For further details about this exciting business opportunity, contact us.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 9543 5515 mob 0412 254 181

fax (02) 9543 1097


price: $97,000 negotiable - stock included

Vending Geraldton


It's Simple. Food Goes In, Money Comes Out Gero-Vend started from home 5 yrs ago with only 7 machines. Now owner has 18 machines with an expected 2013/14 turnover of approx 120k, average net profit around 37%, working average an average 25 hrs per week. Providing snacks and cool drinks to business staff and their customers. Extremely easy to run with all systems in place to continue to grow and profit. It is not a Franchise so there are no royalties or profits going to anyone else but you. Machines were purchased brand new and are latest technology so

very liitle maintenance. Machines monitored over the internet to check at a glance what is selling, not selling and when machine needs filling, plus keeps track of stock and cash. Saves you time and money not aimlessly driving around checking machines that don’t need servicing. Flexible working hours. Full training included. Business comes with everything you need to be successful. If it wasn’t for other business commitments owner wouldn’t be selling. Go to website for more info or contact owner.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

mob 0418 950 478


price: $150,000 all inclusive

Australian Business For Sale ® 93

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 94

Wholesale Timber Flooring North Shore


Strong Sustainable Flooring, Durable Designer Business This business located in Sydney’s North Shore has operated for over 16 years nationally and has continued to trade by ensuring to adapt to flooring trends, importing and wholesaling niche timber products to a solid database of flooring retailers and contractors. As this sustainable flooring business enters into the next phase with a strong web presence coupled with stunning new exciting products, the foundation of this business will continue to grow. • No hard labour. • No weekend work. • No retail. • No franchise fees. Genuine reason for sale. Many opportunities. Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or brokers.

price: $129,000 negotiable + S.A.V. 444002

mob 0402 349 061

Wholesale Nursery Tintenbar


Opportunity - Income - Lifestyle In Paradise LITTLE GEM NURSERY has been operating for over 15 years dealing with large nurseries in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The 2 full time staff have been here for many years. Turnover is over $300,000 with net profit 30%. The business operates on 5 acres, with a comfortable 3 bedroom house. It is fully equipped and ongoing orders are assured - we are hoping to retire to Magnetic Island. The YouTube video has more information and we can send a more detailed breakdown if you e-mail us.

Owner does not want to be contacted by agents or advertisers.

bh (02) 6687 8793 fax (02) 6687 8932 94 Australian Business For Sale ®


price: $1,500,000 WIWO all inclusive

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 95

Wholesale Nursery NSW

Northern Rivers

Eastern Forest Nursery In Northern Rivers NSW Established for 15 years this successful primary production business plants & grows native seedlings for large scale re-vegetation projects including forestry plantations, highway upgrades, broad acre landscaping, farming needs & subdivisions. Located 10 mins from Lismore on the Bruxner Highway, 45 mins from Byron Bay and 30 mins from Evans Head. The nursery is located on approximately 5 acres of land and contains overhead irrigation growing areas as well as additional areas for advanced plants on drip irrigation. Water is supplied from a bore with a 12 meg license. There are two greenhouse tunnels, a large potting shed, small office, water recycling dam, native gardens and good access for trucks. The nursery was purpose built for servicing large scale forestry, environmental and landscaping projects. The business also offers a range of field work services including planting and establishment of timber plantations, mine site rehabilitation, Landscaping and Biodiversity plantings. The business has ongoing orders for seedlings & a capacity to produce 1.5 million plants. The business has an easily operated, highly efficient production line with 6,000 m2 of raised seedling benches throughout the nursery which could be adapted to many other nursery crops. The current owner has a long lease at minimal cost. A further long lease would be available. This is an ideal rural business and lifestyle in a great location, not far from the coast, so there is plenty of access to surfing, fishing and boating etc. The area also offers all the necessary amenities such as hospitals, financial institutions, plus plenty of sporting facilities. For growing families there are schools and plenty of shops. Everything you need, combined with relaxed country living. Some training, advice and assistance would also be available. Further information & financial details would be available upon confidentiality requirements being met. Contact owners for further information.

mob 0418 439 628


price: $550,000

Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ 95

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 96

Caveat Emptor (BUYER BEWARE!) An important notice to all vendors Dear Vendor, It has come to our attention that some vendors are being approached by other "so called Business for Sale type" organizations offering various packages with wildly exaggerated claims. Buyer Beware Some of these organizations might be disguised as Business Brokers that are really only interested in your advertising dollar and not in selling your business, if in doubt ask them to show: A. That they are licensed to sell businesses B. That they are a member of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) or the Real Estate institute applicable to your state (Code of Ethics);

C. Names of vendors who they have sold businesses for and are happy with their services. Some of these organizations are so called "Internet, magazines, etc." publishers. In our 21 years of working in this arena, we have seen a lot of these organizations come and go. Australian Business For Sale claims that we give you the best possible marketing/ exposure/ connection that is available in Australia. Please check before you decide to go ahead or call us if you need more info. Australian Business for Sale Tel (02) 9281 4599 Fax (02) 9212 6054 Email

Vendors / Purchasers Beware Deal with a Licensed Agent Throughout Australia those parties acting as agents for vendors or purchasers of existing businesses must be Licensed Agents. In fact, in NSW this has been the case since 1935, when the government enacted legislation designed to protect the public from unscrupulous operators. All funds paid to an agent, including any pre-paid advertising expenses, must be deposited in the agent’s trust account, and accounted for to his Principal. If the agent misappropriate funds, he can be prosecuted under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act, and the aggrieved party can get restitution by claiming upon a compensation fund. However, the fund is ONLY available to you if you have used the services of a Licensed Agent.

vendors in particular) of thousands of dollars, which they have claimed for marketing and advertising expenses. Should you be approached by someone representing themselves as an agent, who wants you to list a business for sale, and who asks for prepaid advertising and marketing expenses, ask for their License Number. Then call the Department of Fair Trading to check if the number is genuine. To be absolutely certain, deal only with a member of the Real Estate Institute Business Agents’ Chapter. All members of the Institute are Licensed Agents, and are bound by a code of ethics. Call the Real Estate Institute in your state.

Most agents are genuine, but bogus agents have been known to defraud customers


96 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ

Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 4:47 pm Page 97


SELLING A BUSINESS This application form is for private business vendors ONLY - for all other applications please contact our office

Want to sell your business?

Business type: (Please Print)


If your business is for sale and you want to have it included in this Directory and displayed on our website, then you have 2 Combo Packages to choose from. Both include free internet listing and give you 3 months exposure.

1/4 page

1/2 page

2 pictures

3 pictures

75 words

125 words

9 pictures on the web

9 pictures on the web


Subheading: Description:

Use more paper if required

Business sale price:


Bh: (


Ah: (

Fax: (





NAME: ADDRESS: AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS FOR SALE® Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010 ph (02) 9281 4599 • fax (02) 9212 6054 All correspondence to: Level 3, 425 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills NSW 2010 Issue 75 Volume 13 The magazine and its contents are protected by copyright. Published by: Professional Publishers Pty Ltd ABN 87 094 164 271





Pages_83-98_Pages_83-98 12/02/2014 5:22 pm Page 98


Fencing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Pet Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69, 70

Alcohol / Liquor . . . . . . . . . . . .12 16

Flower Market and Florist . . . . . . .40

Pet Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68

Auto or Mechanical Repairs .14 - 17

Food Outlet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41, 42

Picture Framing . . . . . . . . . . .70, 71

Auto Parts & Accessories . . .18 - 20

Food Processing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Plumbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71, 72


Footwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8, 42

Post Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71, 73

Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Franchise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 44

Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74, 75

Bars / Nightclubs . . . . . . . . . . . . .21


Property Management . . . . . . . . .74

BBQ & Gas Supplies . . . . . . . . . .21

General Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45


Beauty Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22


Removalist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75

Bike Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22

Hair Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 - 48

Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 - 83

Blinds & Shutters . . . . . . . . . . . . .22

Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48

Rural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84

Boarding Cattery . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Health / Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50


Building and Construction . . .23 - 25

Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42, 49

Seafood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83

Butcher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25

Home Based . . . . . . . . . . .7, 50 - 52

Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85


Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52, 83

Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86

Cabins / Cottages . . . . . . . . . . . . .26


Sports Goods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86

CafĂŠ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 - 29

Import / Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . .53

Surf, Skate & Ski . . . . . . . . . .87, 88

Caravan Park . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Indoor Plant Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54

Swimwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89

Child Care Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52, 55, 56

Synthetic Turf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30



Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99

Kitchenware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56

Takeaway . . . . . . . . . . . . .13, 89, 90

Coffee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30


Tea Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83

Collection Services . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Ladies Wear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56

Tanker & Tipper Hire . . . . . . . . . . .92

Commercial Service/Hire . . . . . . . 31

Landscaping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57

Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91, 92

Computer / IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Laser Skirmish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59

Truck Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Confectionery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Lawn / Garden Maintenance . . . .58


Convenience Store . . . . . . . . .33, 35

Luxury Car Hire Service . . . . . . . .56

Vending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37, 93

Costume Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34



Courier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Machinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60

Wholesale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90

Crane & Truck Hire . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Maintenance & Repairs . . . . . . . .59

Wholesale Nursery . . . . . . . . .94, 95


Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . . .60, 61

Wholesale Timber Flooring . . . . . .94

Delivery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62, 63

Wine Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82

Distribution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Milk Distributor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63


Mobile Business . . . . . . . . . . . .6, 67

Eco / Environmental . . . . . . . . . . .42

Mobility Scooters . . . . . . . . . . . . .66

Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Motel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 - 66

Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37


Entertainment / Vending . . . . . . . .37

Newsagency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67

Event / Party Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . .38


Event Management . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Oyster Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68



PRDnationwide Laurieton . . . .12, 13

Factory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Panel Beating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69

CENTURY 21 River City Realty . . .14

98 Australian Business For Sale ÂŽ


Inside Back Cover_Inside_Back_Cover 12/02/2014 8:38 am Page 1

Brisbane/Toowoomba QLD


An easily run and successful business that leaves plenty of spare time to pursue a relaxed lifestyle in the fastest growing capital city in Australia.

The cleaning business has a large regular clientele with 82 sites in and around Brisbane & Toowoomba. Enviroclean operates with 19 contractors who are both reliable and trustworthy. The current owners, a husband and wife team, are not involved in the actual physical cleaning, they carry out the day to day office procedures and administration of the business. Good systems are in place and 6 hours / 4 days a week has proven to be more than adequate to run the business with a Quality Assurance Manager following up 5 days per week.

Enviroclean has very few outlays with all equipment and most cleaning products provided by the contractors.

Current turnover $800K plus per annum. This is not a difficult business to run and functions easily with minimal staff and little in the way of overheads. Current owners would provide 1 month’s training and instruction relating to the website and a quoting programme that shows how to acquire more work if required. Enviroclean has established a solid reputation over the past 13 years and with the comprehensive systems now in place could be developed into a successful franchise. The purchase price includes 2 promotional, signwritten Honda Jazz vehicles. Further information and financial details would be available upon completing confidentiality requirements.

$420,000 WIWO p 1300 692 404 m 0457 824 878 e


Enviroclean Australia is a well established commercial cleaning business and covers all areas of cleaning. Office cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical cleaning and school cleaning.

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