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November 2019


BRACKENHEATH Deemed the ‘new generation’ of floodlight, Brackenheath has introduced a new CCT frameless floodlight

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Details on why it’s essential to doublecheck your fire rated downlights to ensure compliance

A London gym is making considerable energy savings thanks to LED battens from Goodlight

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elcome to ECN’s final supplement of the year, which – rather fittingly, with the clocks having gone back and the darker nights drawing in – celebrates developments and innovations from across the lighting spectrum. We’ve collated a wide range of stories from across the industry, which really give a flavour of the impressive innovations that have been unveiled over the past few months. Across the following pages, some of the industry’s most innovative players express, in their own words, the steps they’re taking to drive forward the industry – whether that be through new solutions, the launch of new brands and companies, or via more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. There are also some expert commentaries addressing some of the latest challenges and concerns, including tips on how to comply with the latest safety standards, and details on how to avoid falling foul of poor design. We hope that you find each of the stories in this supplement to be of interest, and ECN’s supplements will return next year with a special focus on Smart Buildings in our March 2020 issue. If you would like to be included, please contact Kelly Byne via the contact details below.

Simon Rowley, Editor

The editor and publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors nor do they accept responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the subject matter in this publication. In all matters the editor’s decision is final. Editorial contributions to ECN are welcomed, and the editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to the publication. Published monthly by All Things Media Ltd., Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent ME5 8UD. Tel: 01634 673163 Fax: 01634 673173 Overseas Subscription Rates: Europe £60.00; Rest of World £70.00 Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved. Printed by Micropress, Reydon Business Park Fountain Way, Reydon, Southwold, IP18 6SZ.

CONTENTS… Allden of Tamlite Lighting says 4 John that there is an onus on prominent companies in all sectors of the built environment to illuminate the way to a more sustainable future. ‘Ross’ from Lewden LUX – a 8 Introducing contemporary range of LED bulkheads that can maximise energy savings by reducing energy consumption. introduced in 2011 as the umbrella 9 First brand for the Scolmore lighting collection, OVIA is now operating as an independent lighting company in its own right. has introduced a new CCT 10 Brackenheath frameless floodlight – the first of its kind on the market. lighting products for a quarter 12 Providing of a century, the CED Electrical Group is particularly proud of its Meridian LED Lighting range. explains how contractors can 13 Recolight utilise the WEEE system to get lamp

on how the CrossFit Perpetua gym 16 Details is making considerable energy savings thanks to LED battens from Goodlight. essential to ensure that your fire 18 It’s rated downlights have been correctly tested for fire rating compliance. GreenBrook explains. Lighting Controls will be 20 BEG providing electrical contractors with demonstrations of the world’s smallest KNX occupancy detector at Lux Live. look at the two new Grid PIR 21 Aoccupancy switches from electronic controls specialist, Danlers. experts at Kingfisher Lighting talk 22 The about the art of exterior schemes and what to look out for to avoid falling foul of poor design. offers three reasons as to 26 Knightsbridge why its new LED panel is the company’s most versatile, innovative LED solution to date.

recycling free of charge. the Altum, the latest development 14 Meet in LED high bay technology from National Lighting.

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Tamlite’s conversations with customers invariably address the issue of sustainability

TAKING THE LEAD TO BOOST WELLBEING AND SUSTAINABILITY As concerns about climate change and employee wellbeing continue to grow, there is an onus on prominent companies in all sectors of the built environment to illuminate the way to a more sustainable future, says Tamlite Lighting Managing Director, John Allden.


he notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – by which a company aims to act in a way that contributes positively to a host of broad societal goals – has been assuming ever-greater importance since it was first used in the 1960s. But it is arguably only in the last 10 to 15 years that the built environment as a whole has begun to take a more joined-up approach to the implementation of policies that have benefits within and without the scope of individual businesses. This trend has gone hand-in-hand with the realisation that leading manufacturers in each sector have a responsibility to show good practice – and be seen to show it, too. Most importantly, companies who have this kind of leadership role have the power to show other industry players that not only is working in a more efficient way good for the environment and their employees, it is also great news for business. As a prominent lighting manufacturer for more than 50 years, at Tamlite we are conscious of our broader duties to the industrial lighting sector. With the advent of improved fluorescent lighting fixtures and, latterly, highly energy efficient LED lighting systems, our awareness of the need to manufacture luminaires in a responsible way has continued to grow. Today, in 2019, we believe that these

4 | November 2019


responsibilities fall into three principal areas: sustainability; wellbeing; and emergency lighting and other issues related to safety. These areas are, by their very nature, moving targets, especially in the context of present fears about the accelerating rate of climate change, for example. The good news for electrical contractors is that by talking about these three important issues and working with manufacturers who have them at the core of their own business strategy, there are opportunities for their business to grow too. As a consequence, end-users will not only benefit from reduced energy consumption and a better working environment, but they can also highlight their efforts in these areas and enhance their own public perception as organisations that take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously. It’s a win-win for the entire supply chain.

Serious about sustainability Now more than ever, our conversations with potential customers invariably address the issue of sustainability and the impact that a new installation – from commissioning and through its entire lifecycle – is going to have on the environment. And it’s easy to see from looking at some of the massive body of research in this area that this is entirely right and proper.

For example, recent findings by global design and architecture firm, Gensler, highlighted the dramatic impact of the built environment sector on the climate, with existing buildings and new construction projects accounting for 40% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions and 50% of energy use globally. If this does not sufficiently underline the need for sustainable developments, then consider the fact that the population is set to rise to 10 billion by 2050, at the same time as an ever-greater percentage of people opt to live in cities. Developing and maintaining efficient buildings is going to be fundamental to meeting the many challenges that lie ahead. With the latest LED lighting systems, it is possible to achieve reductions in energy consumption of up to 60% compared to legacy technologies, increasing by a further 30% if the new system encompasses lighting controls. Wireless lighting networks offer substantial benefits for building managers in terms of monitoring their energy output, lighting designers who wish to connect an entire building without the restriction of physical wiring, and contractors who can offer smart lighting solutions to their customers without additional complexity to the installation. In addition, wireless networks facilitate the connection of an entire estate without the need for copper, rubber or plastic,

TAMLITE LIGHTING reducing the dependency on precious earthly elements. The need for replacements with LED lighting is also greatly reduced, with lifecycles of circa 50,000 hours contributing to the undeniable impression that LED is – by its very nature – a sustainability-conducive technology. But as an advocate for the circular economy in construction – whereby everything is engineered to be constantly reused or recycled – we are also focused on what happens to lighting when it does reach the end of its operational life. To this end, Tamlite, working in partnership with its sister company, the Electrical Waste Recycling Group (EWRG), has worked on a series of major projects over the last few years, including our refit of Asda stores across the UK. The collaboration has been productive because of our commitment to using sustainable materials that allow luminaires to be successfully recycled. Hence, the EWRG comes on-site to remove the previous luminaires, cabling and electrical components, and then ensures that they are recycled or used for parts. It’s a big part of our commitment to the circular economy and it’s an approach that we expect to be applied even more extensively to our roster of projects in the future.

Waking up to wellbeing Ultimately, a lot of this emerging corporate methodology comes down to long-term planning. The other most important facet of this is choosing building systems that are conducive to employee wellbeing. With more and more of us expected to work into our late ‘60s or beyond, the need to maintain a strong and healthy workforce speaks for itself. At the same time, the data about working days being lost to illness hasn’t exactly been encouraging over the last few years. For instance, the HSE reports that 30.7 million working days were lost due to work-related illhealth and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2017/18. The vast majority of these lost days were down to stress, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders. Fortunately, lighting is one specific area in which building managers and electrical contractors can make a real difference to employee wellbeing. Multiple studies have shown lighting that is too bright and/or dazzling, as well as inconsistent across different areas of a building, can lead to increased incidences of headaches and dizziness. The unsympathetic placement of lighting has also been linked with the creation of stressful working environments.

Emergency lighting, as pictured (right), has to meet legal safety requirements - so contractors should consider partnering with leading manufacturers

“With more and more of us expected to work into our late 60s or beyond, the need to maintain a strong and healthy workforce speaks for itself.”

Lighting designs that comply with industry standards, such as BS EN 12464, go some way to delivering improvements in terms of occupant wellbeing. And with the latest tunable systems, it is even possible to arrive at an installation that perfectly complements human circadian rhythms. In conjunction with control infrastructures, companies can benefit from lighting systems whose output and nature changes as the day progresses. Such systems can also be easily adjusted to take account of employee feedback. As a leading provider of LED-based systems for the best part of 20 years, this is certainly an area in which Tamlite has consistently demonstrated its leadership credentials.

Emergency lighting essentials Ease of ensuring that lighting meets legal safety requirements is another reason for contractors to partner with leading manufacturers. In many cases, they will be best-placed to advise on the specification of emergency lighting, which is a legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 and should be installed and tested in line with

BS 5266:1 2016. Among other legislative measures, this means that in the event of a mains failure, the emergency lighting system will continue to provide adequate lighting levels and directional indication to allow the occupant to move safely around the building, and exit if necessary, without accident or injury. As with several other sectors in the building technologies industry, lighting has been the subject of considerable change in recent years, with some newer suppliers emerging and others consolidating into larger operations. In this context, a company like Tamlite – which has ridden out so many market shifts over its five decades – can offer the reassurance of a consistent approach. But our long tenure also means we have been able to develop coordinated strategies around all of the topics that define the sustainability and wellbeing agenda. Partnering with us is the easiest route for contractors to guarantee that they achieve projects which are supportive of efficiency and employee health. And for the end customer benefitting from this approach, the reflected glory of success is likely to be significant and long-lasting. Tamlite Lighting, tamlite.co.uk

BRIGHT IDEAS FROM UK LIGHTING MANUFACTURER Tamlite has called on the industry to unite in order to tackle three key issues facing the sector. It believes that, with a growing focus on wellbeing, sustainability and safety, everybody in the supply chain – from manufacturers to the end user – needs to work together in order to provide the best solutions. The result it says will provide end-users with a healthier and safer environment. Tamlite Lighting’s Managing Director, John Allden, says, “There is no doubt that in the age of LED, the landscape of our industry has changed. Wellbeing, sustainability and safety are now fundamental considerations in the specification process, and should not be ignored. The good news for electrical contractors is that by talking about these three important issues and working with manufacturers, they have the opportunity to grow their business. We’re working hard to communicate a clear case for each of these issues, helping our customers understand the benefits of lighting which meets these criteria. And we will always help end users see the added value in such products and solutions.”


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Tamlite, Making Light Work!







Over 50 years Lighting for a Living

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LUX Manufacturer

of the Year 2018


Retail & Leisure



Warehouse & Logistics

Tamlite your next job. Take a look at our customer testimonials.

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DISCREET AND EFFECTIVE BULKHEADS FROM LEWDEN Introducing ‘Ross’ from Lewden LUX – a contemporary, Italian range of premium quality LED bulkheads that can maximise energy savings by reducing energy consumption.


he LUX, LED lighting range from Lewden was born creating a family of premium quality industrial and commercial LED lighting products within the UK market. Expertly manufactured in Italy, this comprehensive range of high performance and reliable LED lighting products includes low bay and high bay, retrofit high bay, floodlight, amenity bulkheads, linear AISI 304 stainless steel and marine grade AISI 316L stainless steel lighting fixtures. In addition to offering high quality, reliability and durability, the LUX range of LED lighting has been designed to allow for maximum energy saving by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions without compromising performance, thereby meeting the universally accepted need of reducing environmental pollution and energy costs.

“Lighting designers and installers can find smart solutions within the LUX range.”

Lighting designers and installers can find smart solutions within the LUX range, incorporating the latest technology, engineered to give long life and durability even in the most demanding areas. All of Lewden’s LUX products have been developed with a ‘future-proof’ chassis. As the technology within the products changes, the aesthetics of the product remain the same, ensuring that replacement fixtures will retain an identical appearance when installed alongside existing fixtures. The attractively designed Ross LED bulkheads form an integral part of this premium quality industrial and commercial LED lighting offer. With a comprehensive range, including both standard and emergency versions, Ross features discreet yet effective lighting and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to the high level IP66 degree of protection and a high impact resistance of IK10.

Available in round and oval shapes in 10W and 20W with 1,500 and 2,500 lumens, Ross bulkheads are manufactured in Italy and have an impact resistant polycarbonate housing, utilising the latest, energy efficient LED technology to provide 4,000K of cool white, flicker-free illumination over an average life of 25,000 hours. Unlike most of the standard bulkheads in the market, Ross can be customised using laser cutting for a wide range of industrial and commercial bespoke requirements. Be it the emergency exit signs for the corridors and stairs in industrial or commercial buildings or house number plates for residential use, the customisation of the cover further extends the wide range of applications. Ross also comes with a five-year, no quibble warranty. Lewden, lewdenlux.co.uk

Smart Solutions for LED Lighting Industrial & Commercial GROUP


3 hours Emergency version customized for Emergency Exit signs

Ross 280

1500 Lumens 10W ROSS 330 Customized as a number plate for Commercial/residential use


Ross 330












- More colour options - LED Colour Temperatures: 3000K, 2700K - Sensor (Motion, Day night)



2500 Lumens 20W


IP66 Dust and powerful water jets

IK10 High level of impact resistance

TECHNICAL SUPPORT LDT files & lighting schemes



as per ISO 9223



Grey High Tech


Grey Anthracite



Low Bay & High Bay • Retro-fit High Bay • Floodlight • Amenity Bulkheads • Linear Stainless Steel • Architectural Tel : +44(0)1376 336 200 - Fax : +44(0)1376 322 161

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support@lewdenlux.co.uk sales@lewdenlux.co.uk www.lewdenlux.co.uk

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OVIA – LIGHTING THE WAY FOR SCOLMORE First introduced in 2011 as the umbrella brand for the Scolmore lighting collection, OVIA is now operating as an independent lighting company in its own right. ECN looks at the range of solutions and benefits on offer.


ollowing eight years of success as a leading name in the lighting industry, the OVIA brand from Scolmore has been the subject of significant investment to bring to professional installers one of the most comprehensive ranges of lighting products available through the wholesale channel. OVIA is now operating as an independent lighting company, with the full backing and support of the Scolmore Group. Designed to offer quick and easy to install solutions that will save electricians time and money on a project, the new OVIA collection comprises more than 400 individual lines and includes products suitable for a whole spectrum of projects in a broad range of sectors, including domestic, commercial, industrial, utility, amenity, emergency lighting and floodlighting. OVIA is already a well-known name within the industry, having been introduced in 2011 as the umbrella brand for the company’s growing lighting collection. Having enjoyed considerable success with its lighting division to date, Scolmore recognises the huge market potential that has come with the

transformation of the lighting sector in recent years, with the emphasis on energy efficiency and connected systems.

Building on Scolmore’s legacy of innovation Scolmore has a reputation for innovation – the result of a commitment to invest in new and improved products and the latest technologies – and will continue to demonstrate this through the new, independent OVIA business. A history of industry firsts within lighting helped shape the company’s reputation. Scolmore was the first to market in 2005 with fire-rated downlights, with the award-wining FlameGuard fire protected and acoustic rated products. Scolmore was also the first to introduce an integrated downlight that overcame the issue of shallow ceiling voids, with its Inceptor integrated downlight with patented pre-wired Flexi driver. Inceptor remains a highly regarded brand among electricians and the key features and benefits of this sophisticated product range have helped shape the new OVIA product offer. The new OVIA company is fronted by well-known and highly respected lighting

industry operator, Mike Collins, who has spent his entire working career within the electrical industry, in both wholesaler and manufacturer environments. Collins has been focusing his efforts on an extensive research and development programme to create a comprehensive lighting product offer that will meet the requirements of the new sectors the company will be targeting. A team of experienced sales reps has now been recruited to create a network of talent to take the new OVIA offering out to customers across the UK. Whilst operating as a totally separate limited company, OVIA will have the full backing and support of the Scolmore Group, with the same commitment to only supply through the wholesale channel which is set up to supply and service the professional electrical contract market. This new venture will continue to guarantee customers a range of highquality, value-for-money products backed up by excellent local stocks, delivery service and the ability to offer detailed product support via trained staff and installer training, making sure the end user gets the best possible products and solutions for the job. OVIA, oviauk.com


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November 2019 | 9

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THE NEXT GENERATION OF FLOODLIGHT HAS ARRIVED Launched in October and branded as the ‘new generation’ of floodlight, Brackenheath has introduced a new CCT frameless floodlight – the first of its kind on the market.


rackenheath prides itself on being at the forefront of LED technology, with products known for their unique designs, high quality and reliability. The new CCT Frameless floodlight, the latest addition to the renowned ispot floodlight range, is a prime example of how the brand uses innovation to expand its offering. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key features:

Thorough design considerations The sleek frameless design of the floodlight is super slimline, which allows it to remain discreet. As there is no frame, there is no chance for water to sit on the lens or get into the fitting, making it highly durable. This also ensures the floodlight is able to provide IP65 protection ensuring trusted reliability, whatever the conditions. This durability is further emphasised through the incorporation of an air breath device, a discreet design feature to reduce build-up of condensation in the LED housing. The new fitting is therefore perfect for a number of residential applications, with models of 10W to 50W to cover all sizes and scope that the end user desires.

10 | November 2019

Brackenheath.indd 10

Easy installation The CCT Frameless also has an innovative mounting bracket which allows full rotation of 180 degrees, meaning it can be installed without the removal of the bracket and can be mounted in almost any position. Couple this with 0.5 metres of provided flex, and installation through a cavity wall is of no challenge to the installer.

Colour temperature solutions Colour changing temperature (CCT) lighting is becoming more popular due to the flexibility it provides for both the wholesaler and end user. The ispot CCT Frameless has the capability to provide three colour temperature options within a single fixed unit. With a maintained wattage throughout, and only 10% variance on lumens, the stability of performance is a triumph in design. Whether it be the warm, relaxed feel of 3,000K or a cooler temperature of 4,000 or 5,000K, this product provides the right solution at the touch of a button and saves wholesalers from stocking multiple variations of the product. With a built-in memory function, the user need not worry about having to reset to the desired temperature when the light is not in use. This is yet another example of the functionality that has been considered in the manufacturing of this product. As well as colour changing, the CCT Frameless has a dimming function, enabling the user to adjust the floodlight to a minimum of 25% light output, creating the perfect mood every time. The remote can control multiple fittings of its type within a 10 metre range, allowing the user to easily create uniform lighting where multiple floodlights have been installed.

As there is no frame on the floodlight, there is no chance for water to sit on the lens or get into the fitting

The CCT remote can control multiple fittings of its type within a 10 metre range, allowing the user to easily create uniform lighting where multiple floodlights have been installed

Sensor innovation As well as the standard version, the Frameless CCT is also available with a PIR sensor, throughout the entire range. Also built to IP65 standard, the durability of the product is not compromised. Built with a fully rotational extended bracket, this allows the PIR fitting to be mounted in horizontal directions, in the same way as the standard version. The sensor can also be angled to avoid blind spots and allow for easy installation. The PIR on this product is also fully adjustable through the dials installed (lux/ sensitivity/time), with a maximum distance of 10 metres. For extended illumination, the sensor is fitted with a manual override system via the wall switch. With its fully customisable PIR, this variant of the Frameless CCT can provide maximum performance for almost any situational requirement. The frameless CCT offers security to both the wholesaler and the end user. Teamed with its economic lifetime and application flexibility, this floodlight is the go-to for residential use. For further details, call 01582 544 590 or visit Brackenheath’s website. Brackenheath, brackenheath.co.uk


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ispotÂŽ Frameless CCT Floodlights 3

Year Warranty

Colour changing temperature (3000K/4000K/5000K) Available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W Super slimline design Dimmable Manual over-ride function and multi-directional PIR

Adjustable lux, sensitivity & time


Untitled-9 1

Remote can control multiple fittings

01582 544 590

Air breathe device prevents condensation


01582 544 591

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MERIDIAN LIGHTING CONTINUES TO SHINE Providing lighting products for a quarter of a century, the CED Electrical Group is particularly proud of its Meridian LED Lighting range.


he CED Electrical Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and, without doubt, its greatest success over the second half of this period has been Meridian LED lighting. Whilst the range covers domestic, commercial and industrial lighting, it is this last sector where product development and depth of range have moved fastest.

High and low bay fittings From 60W up to 120W, Meridianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s standard high and low bay fittings, designed to take corn lamps, have aluminium reflectors and come finished in white; whilst high bay fittings also include a dedicated IP54 range from 50W up to 200W pre-fitted with high power LEDs, plus top of the range

UFO IP65 fittings from 100W to 240W, delivering up to 29,000 lumens.

IFL LED COB range delivers 50W up to 200W of power and is finished in grey.


Emergency lighting

Four, five and six foot, single and twin fittings come either empty for use with LED tubes or, more usefully, with built-in LEDs. These dedicated fittings, including emergency options, are fitted with SMD chips and come in polycarbonate bodies providing protection from moisture, dirt, grease and UV radiation.

The Meridian range includes polycarbonate or metal bodied LED twin spots, plus 3W three-hour stainless-steel exit boxes either maintained or non-maintained. Finished in white, both ranges are IP20 rated.

Industrial floodlights Two options of IP65 diecast aluminium floodlights start with new ZFL Floods, with power options from 10W up to 50W. With SMD chips and finished in black, these fittings come with either switch start or PIR operation. The more powerful

Meridian Industrial Lighting products meet all necessary BS EN standards, are CE marked, RoHS compliant and come at affordable prices backed by a threeyear guarantee. CED Electrical Group, cedelectrical.co.uk

LED INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING High Bay high power Dedicated LED Fittings IP54 High & Low Bay LED Corn Lamp Fittings IP20 Emergency LED Twin Spot & Exit Boxes IP20 Anti-Corrosive Dedicated LED Fittings IP65 ZFL LED & IFL COB Floodlights IP65 UFO High Bay LED Fittings IP65


Industrial COB Floodlights

LED Corn Lamp Fittings

High Power High Bay Fittings

Twin Spot Exit Boxes


44-48 Freshwater Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1RX (United Kingdom)

Telephone. 020 8503 8500 | Facsimile. 020 8503 8900 www.cedelectrical.co.uk | info@cedelectrical.co.uk

CED.indd 12

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RECYCLING LIGHT FOR THE FUTURE Recolight, an organisation set up by the lighting industry to provide WEEE compliance for the lighting industry, explains how contractors can utilise the WEEE system to get lamp recycling free of charge.


s the roll-out of LED luminaires continues, more and more traditional light fittings and fluorescent lamps are being removed by electrical contractors. Because the waste lamps contain mercury that needs to be carefully managed, it is important that they be recycled in specialist facilities. Many contractors should be able to access, free of charge, recycling of the old waste lamps if they return them to the wholesaler involved in the supply of the new fittings. For most wholesalers, this is because they have a waste lamp container supplied by Recolight. However, in some cases, contractors or their customers are being charged by waste management companies. This is not necessary, and in all cases, contractors should be able to access free of charge lamp recycling. This is because WEEE is ‘producer pays’ legislation. This means that the producers of new lamps are required to finance the recycling of waste lamps. Where contractors collect sufficient quantities of waste lamps, they may be eligible to receive a free Recolight container on their own premises. This is clearly more convenient than relying on regular trips back to the wholesaler. And if contractors can’t meet the eligibility

threshold, there are also low-cost container lease options available.

Increasing recycling rates The lamp recycling rate was around 48% in 2018. If we are to continue to increase the rate, we need to be vigilant for any indication that some businesses may not be recycling lamps. It is all too easy to put fluorescent tubes in the bottom of a skip. Throw on a few bricks, and they have disappeared. Not only is this very bad environmental practice, it is also unlawful.

Beware of noncompliant products Contractors should beware of buying non-compliant products. A recent survey showed that 76% of LED lightbulbs available for sale in the UK on a leading online multi-seller marketplace were not compliant with the WEEE regulations. That meant they are not contributing to the cost of UK lamp recycling. And if they are not compliant with WEEE (where becoming compliant is relatively straightforward), how likely is it that they also comply with other legislations, such as electrical safety?

The lighting industry and sustainability There is no doubt that lighting has done a lot to promote sustainability. LED products have much longer lifetimes, far greater system efficacies, are more flexible and controllable, and – vitally – do not contain mercury. In time, LED will materially reduce the proportion of energy used for lighting. It is widely accepted that lighting accounts for around a fifth of electricity consumption. As LED products are more widely adopted, that proportion can be expected to fall significantly. The associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is a vital contribution to sustainability. Lamp recycling rates in the UK have grown faster than any other waste electrical equipment category, from 19% in 2008, to 48% in 2018. The lighting industry is unique in taking such an effective, sector specific approach to waste and recycling. With electrical contractors, wholesalers and manufacturers (via Recolight) working together, the industry can be justifiably proud of its recycling record, and this additional contribution to sustainability. To learn how Recolight can help, visit www.recolight.co.uk/business Recolight, recolight.co.uk


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November 2019 | 13

29/10/2019 12:34


NEW LED HIGH BAY WAREHOUSE LIGHTING SOLUTION Meet the Altum, the latest development in LED high bay technology from National Lighting, offering a conveniently flexible take on warehouse lighting.


kilfully designed with industrial efficiency in mind, the Altum LED high bay range offers amazing efficiency pared with low running costs and flexible application. These dimmable fittings are constructed from aluminium alloy and contain a powerful Samsung chip, allowing them to be both light in weight, as well as boasting long-life. The beam angle can be adjusted by adding a variety of accessories that easily screw and click onto the fittings.

14 | November 2019

National Lighting.indd 14

A host of applications The cleverly designed 60- and 90-degree lenses, with a clear prismatic finish and the polycarbonate and aluminium shades, reduce glare and allow the light from the Altum LED high bays to be directed where it is needed. This creates the perfect solution for use in between warehouse shelving racks and aisles. You can also combine any of the Altum LED high bays with the Altum microwave sensor. This allows you to transform the Altum into an LED high bay lighting solution with a 360-degree detection angle, 30-minute timer function, and a range of 5 to 150 Lux. Looking to include a step dimmer function? A matching remote control can be added that enables you to make use of this function.

Flexible installation

Market-leading features

Exclusive to National Lighting

The Altum LED high bays are available in three sizes: 100W, 150W and 200W. The high lumen output, of up to 26,000lm, offers a market leading 130lm/W ratio. All fittings in the range boast an IK10 and IP65 rating, making them resistant to dust and water. Combined with the unique Samsung LED chip offering up to 50,000 hours of lamp life, this fitting is built to last. Each fitting has a 6500K â&#x20AC;&#x201C; daylight white output and is delivered complete with LED driver for the Samsung chip.

National Lighting is one of the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading lighting manufacturers and is able to offer competitive trade prices on the complete Altum range, along with all accessories. A five-year extended product warranty is also available with purchase of an Altum product. Discover the extensive Altum LED high bay range and more information on how to buy and upgrade your warehouse lighting solution by visiting www.nationallighting. co.uk/altum-led-highbays

No two warehouses are the same. To ensure optimum installation, the Altum LED high bays come as standard with a top-centred mounting ring, to be hooked onto any lighting chain suspended from your warehouse ceiling. An adjustable mounting bracket is sold separately to accommodate installation on flat ceilings, beams and walls.

National Lighting, nationallighting.co.uk


29/10/2019 12:34

MEET ALTUM LED Highbay WAREHOUSE LIGHTING As it should be. • • • •

Compact design Available in 3 Sizes: 100W / 150W / 200W Up to 26000LM and 5-year product warranty Large range of accessories sold separately

Everyday low trade prices • Call us on 0845 634 1515 • Find your local branch and shop online at www.nationallighting.co.uk Untitled-3 2

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The CrossFit Perpetua gym is located close to Battersea Power Station

Goodlight, an award-winning LED lighting brand, has announced that the CrossFit Perpetua gym is making considerable energy savings thanks to LED battens from its Goodlight range.


rossFit Perpetua, one of London’s leading CrossFit facilities, has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment and is set to make up to 70% energy savings following the replacement of its old fluorescent lighting, with long life, energy efficient G5 LED Battens from the Goodlight range. The return on investment is expected within 18 months. Situated in the railway arches near Battersea Power Station, the facility provides a CrossFit training programme that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts. Commenting, Michael Price, Founder and CEO of CrossFit Perpetua, says, “As part of the refurbishment programme, we were keen to adopt LED lighting; not only for the obvious reduction in energy costs, but we wanted a light that resembled natural daylight, which is exactly what we have achieved.

16 | November 2019

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In addition to reducing energy costs, the founder of the gym also wanted light that closely resembled natural daylight

“We chose Goodlight LED lighting because we loved the design, and the G5 LED Battens are very sleek and fit well into a modern space. The CrossFit brand is a streamlined design and the lights blend in beautifully.” He continues, “We’ve received great feedback from our clients who are enjoying the fresher, crisper, brighter light and aesthetically they give a new feel to the place. Since the installation, we have been very impressed with the light quality, which is evenly spread across the facility.” Goodlight supplied CrossFit Perpetua with G5 LED Battens which deliver very high levels of light output, offering up to 110lm/W. They were a drop-in replacement for the outdated five-foot, twin fluorescent tubes, and installation took just two days. The G5 is a glass-free LED batten that features a 120-degree beam angle for optimal light spread, making it a perfect linear LED lighting choice for leisure environments. They require no ongoing maintenance and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours over a five-year guarantee.

Since installation, CrossFit Perpetua’s carbon footprint has been slashed from 13,253 kg to 4,760 kg per year, representing an impressive 64% saving in CO². Goodlight, goodlight.co.uk

About Goodlight Goodlight was founded in 2006 and celebrates 13 years as an awardwinning LED lighting manufacturer. Its LED lamps and luminaires provide a comprehensive range of LED solutions for commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure and hospitality environments. Goodlight offers a team of technical experts to guide customers through every stage of the upgrade process, including lighting design services, funding solutions and installation.


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FIRE-RATED DOWNLIGHTS WITH SAFETY FIRST With fire safety concerns on the rise, it’s essential to ensure that your fire rated downlights have been correctly tested for fire rating compliance. However, this isn’t always the case – so it’s vital to double-check prior to implementing. GreenBrook explains more.


t has been reported that some manufacturers are claiming fire rating compliance without full fire testing being carried out by an accredited laboratory. Obviously, following recent highly publicised concerns over fire safety, installers need to be certain the products they are using are safe, tested and certified. When cutting a hole through a fire-rated ceiling to install a recessed downlight, the integrity of the ceiling is compromised, and this increases the risk of the spread of fire. Building regulation Part B specifies the level of fire protection required within different types of properties. There are separate 30, 60 and 90 minute tests, and in each test, the ceiling configuration is different. It is important to choose a suitable fire rated downlight that will maintain the fire rating of these different ceiling styles.

18 | November 2019

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Having fire rated downlights accurately tested to comply with the regulations is an extremely costly test that needs to be carried out by an independent test facility. Many manufacturers choose to ‘self-certify’ these tests, but GreenBrook has all its Vela Range of fire rated downlights tested at the Warrington Fire Testing laboratory (also known as Exova); which involves full tests of products to ensure they remain in the ceiling for 30, 60 or 90 minutes – tested in specially constructed rooms. It is not correct to assume that if a fitting passes a 90 minute test, that it will automatically be certified for 30 and 60 minutes. The construction of the ceiling, including factors such as beam positioning and the thickness of plasterboard used, are all different for the lower time scale tests. GreenBrook’s Vela Range of fire rated downlights has been chosen for multiple complex installations because the company’s products are high quality and easy to install. Furthermore, GreenBrook can provide data for all of its test certifications. Be sure that the products you choose to install are correctly tested for complete peace of mind.

“It is not correct to assume that if a fitting passes a 90 minute test, that it will automatically be certified for 30 and 60 minutes.” GreenBrook – anything else is a compromise. GreenBrook, greenbrook.co.uk


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Vela A4 Advert April 2019.qxp_Layout 1 15/10/2019 15:38 Page 1

Introducing The Vela Range of...

LED Fire Rated Downlights 7W




Super low profile - ideal for low ceiling voids

Fixed or Tilt

Certified for 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated ceilings

Supplied with matt white bezel finish

Additional bezels available - Satin Chrome &

Conforms to EN 60598-1,-2-2 and EN 61347-2-13

► ► ► ► ► ► ►

Polished Chrome


Low profile fitting - with quick connect driver Prismatic lens Fixed or Tilt Certified for 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated ceilings Matt white bezel finish Additional bezels available - Satin Chrome & Polished Chrome Conforms to EN 60598-1,-2-2 and EN 61347-2-13



Switch colour temperature from 3,000K to 4,000K

Certified for 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated ceilings

Integrated driver

Quick connections, loop in , loop out

Matt white finish with clear or frosted lens

Additional bezels available - Gold, Matt Black, Satin Chrome & Polished Chrome Warm White Cool White Conforms to Part B, C, E & L






VELA Advance

Flicker Free - fixed, tilt or anti-glare

Super efficient fitting

Certified for 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated ceilings

Complete with quick connect driver

Loop in, loop out connections on driver

Matt white finish

Additional bezels available - Gold, Matt Black,


Satin Chrome & Polished Chrome ►


Available as fixed, tilt or anti-glare

Certified for 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated ceilings

Complete with quick connect driver

Loop in, loop out connections on driver

Matt white finish

Additional bezels available - Gold, Matt Black, Satin Chrome

Conforms to Part B, C, E & L

& Polished Chrome

Conforms to Part B, C, E & L

... Contact our Sales Office for full details on T: 01279

( +44 (0) 1279 772 772 Untitled-9 1



772 772


+44 (0) 1279 422 007 16/10/2019 10:24


WORLD’S SMALLEST KNX SENSOR ON SHOW AT LUX LIVE Lighting controls specialist, BEG Lighting Controls, will be providing electrical contractors with demonstrations of the world’s smallest KNX occupancy detector at Lux Live.


he German manufacturer will be showcasing the Pico-KNX, which has dimensions of only 33 millimetres x 34 millimetres height. It can be installed in almost any mounting and can easily be integrated into luminaires. Despite its small size, the detector has a detection area of 10m in diameter at a mounting height of 2.5m, and a detection area of approximately 12m at a mounting height of 3m. The Pico-KNX offers almost all the functionally of the new range of advanced BEG KNX Generation Six Deluxe presence detectors, which include built-in logic as well as sound and temperature monitoring – an industryfirst for the KNX market.

The Pico-KNX offers condensed presence with shortened followup time after brief occupancy of the room, and an offset function which allows end-users to create up to three lighting zones for a uniform lighting level throughout the room. Thanks to the bidirectional remote-control capability, the programmed parameters can be accessed at any time and activated comfortably using the remote control. BEG Lighting Controls KNX System Sales Manager, Stephen Payne, says, “The logic module is independent of the detector operation and has proved to be most useful to KNX integrators. The integrated sound sensor can be used in areas where there are restrictions to

the normal presence detection, such as toilet cubicles. If configured, the sound sensor will activate, but only after motion is detected. Run-on times are configurable. “The built-in temperature sensor will send temperature readings to the KNX bus to be used by HVAC actuators. This means separate temperature sensors do not have to be fitted to the wall, saving electrical contractors time, and end-users money, on the installation costs.” Lux Live takes place at the ExCel in London on November 13-14. BEG Lighting Controls will be at stand I4. beg-luxomat.com

B.E.G. The lighting control professionals

Effective solutions for lighting control ON/Off – DALI – KNX – LON

Motion and occupancy detectors for each application 0870 850 5412

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NEW HIGH DEFINITION OCCUPANCY SWITCHES FROM DANLERS A look at the two new Grid PIR occupancy switches from electronic controls specialist, DANLERS.


ANLERS Limited is a family owned UK company with a rich heritage of designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality, energy saving, electronic controls from its offices and factory in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The company has recently launched two new Grid PIR Occupancy switches for the automatic control of lighting and ventilation. The products are suitable for building into high bay luminaires up to an impressive 17m mounting height, with a potential 24m diameter detection range. They can also be wall mounted into a

suitable Eurodata plate with excellent high definition detection up to 10m. Each control has adjustable photocell override (15-1000 lux) and adjustable time lag settings (from ten seconds to 40 minutes) and is suitable for switching up to 6A with most loads or 2A with LED.. These grid modules are suitable for indoor use in a range of applications, including offices, factories, warehouses, corridors and washrooms etc. For more details, contact DANLERS by calling 01249 443377 or emailing sales@ danlers.co.uk. DANLERS, danlers.co.uk

Make the right choice of lighting control











It is generally accepted that stand alone lighting controls, such as PIR occupancy switches, is a cost effective way of achieving significant energy savings if the right product is installed for the right application. With a huge range of control options across commercial, public and domestic applications it is essential to make THE RIGHT CHOICE before installation. So why not talk to DANLERS to find the best solution for you.



Over 25 years experience - saving customers time, energy and money All our products are easy to install - ideal for retrofit or new build Make long lasting energy savings from the moment a control is installed New lighting control options for meshing and wireless networks All our energy saving controls are designed and manufactured in the UK 5 year warranty across DANLERS extensive and reliable product range. CONTACT OUR FRIENDLY SALES & SERVICE TEAM ON

Danlers.indd 21

01249 443377

DANLERS Limited, DANLERS Business Centre, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ Tel: 01249 443377. Email: sales@danlers.co.uk


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LIGHTING DESIGN — THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY The experts at Kingfisher Lighting talk about the art of exterior schemes and what to look out for to avoid falling foul of poor design.


ith over 30 years of lighting design experience under its belt, Kingfisher Lighting has seen all manner of schemes, in all manner of states! There is a big misconception that designing lighting schemes is an easy, straightforward task with standard layouts for every job, ‘anyone can do it’. On the contrary, there are many factors to consider in getting the best out of the luminaires, as well as taking account of environmental factors, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

A fitting choice With a market full of products, how do you choose the best for your scheme? How can you guarantee quality? And does ‘Made in Britain’ really mean what it says? Upgrading an exterior lighting scheme can be an expensive job, so making sure the new fittings are going to give you the most efficient output for your money is imperative. Kingfisher recommends that you ask for documentation, such as test certificates and CE marking, to ensure the specification of the product is correct and that it passes all relevant tests. Avoid mass produced copies, as some companies may offer cheap ‘off the shelf’ products that may not hold up to the quality, efficiency or life expectancy of more quality brands.

22 | November 2019

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Some companies claim their products are ‘Made in Britain’ and proudly display the official logo to add clout to their quality claims. However, this may not be strictly true, and could be the result of simple product alterations. This shows the importance of checking the origins of potential products.

LED equivalents – harder than it looks A lot of companies state particular products are equivalent to other metal halide or SON fittings, but some have no evidence to back up this claim. This shines a light on the importance of checking the specification, distribution and ROI of all lights to ensure you are getting the closest equivalent and not buying into cheap design tricks. Be sceptical of huge energy saving claims, and picking a product with the right optic can be far more important than matching the lumen output. For instance, it is actually possible for a seemingly less efficient fitting to do a better job at lighting a specific area, as the optics are designed to put the light in the right place. It is important to remember that it is hard to assess how a fitting will perform until the design has been completed.

The good Many customers will automatically lean towards the cheapest options, especially for non-architectural lighting such as flood or area lighting. Experienced designers will look at the overall picture; possibly recommending a more expensive fitting but reducing the number of fittings and positions needed on site. This in turn reduces installation costs and lowers energy usage over the site, therefore offering a much better value of design. Good design will also take into consideration environmental factors, whether this be light pollution for local residents or wildlife considerations. All of these factors will assist in getting the most efficient, cost effective and long-life scheme.

The bad and the ugly Good design will adhere to British Standards and work to best practice guidance, but many companies try to take the edge over the competition by cutting corners. A prime example of this is cheating on maintenance factors. All designs should employ a maintenance factor to ensure that the lighting achieves the specification after a period of time, allowing for the build-up of dirt and of course depreciation of the fitting. Kingfisher strongly recommends that this is taken into consideration and that maintenance factors are challenged on any design, to ensure they adhere to the relevant British Standards. Another example of corner cutting is the manipulation of calculation points, as this will have a huge impact on the completed design. Some companies try to stretch the limits of spacing points in order to offer a design requiring fewer fittings, but pushing this can cause poor uniformity. Take into consideration the ‘tilt’ of the chosen fitting. Many suppliers may try to manipulate the performance through tilting the fitting beyond its recommended position, but this can increase glare, as well as upward light pollution, as well as affecting the aesthetic of the design.

Risk migration With the offer of free lighting design software, many companies are trying their hand at designing lighting schemes for customers. This poses a real issue, as many people do not hold correct and current qualifications and experience to create quality designs. Kingfisher Lighting strongly recommends that all lighting designs are completed by a fully qualified and experienced lighting designer who is an accredited member of leading professional bodies, such as the ILP or SLL. Kingfisher Lighting, kingfisherlighting.com


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Part of the


group of companies


Over 30 years of outstanding products, excellent service Vast Product Range


Kingfisher offer a wide range of fittings including bollards, bulkheads, street and amenity lighting, architectural luminaires and area lights, as well as columns, brackets & accessories.

With their own delivery fleet loaded with specialist lifting equipment, Kingfisher can delivery anywhere in the UK, including Scotland. There is also a call & collect service for anyone with their own transport.

Lighting Design Service

Control Systems

Fully qualified Light Designers are on hand to create the perfect project scheme to maximise performance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

Kingfisher supply fittings that work with simple step-dimming protocols, DMX colour change programmes or DALI and bespoke Wi-Fi controls solutions.

Technical Support

High Mast & Sports

The technical experts at Kingfisher offer support whenever and wherever needed. From choosing the right fittings and accessories, to installation and maintenance advice.

With dedicated High Mast & Sports teams, Kingfisher offer the full package from the right fittings, masts and accessories, to installation and maintenance services.

Did you know... The Luceco group of companies are also experts in interior lighting, wiring and electrical accessories, as well as portable power solutions.


01623 415900 | sales@kingfisherlighting.com Untitled-3 2

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ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING BRACKET Can be adjusted to fit any aperture from 55mm up to 250mm (depending on size of product)









Call us on


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INNOVATIVE LEDS WITH THE ULTIMATE VERSATILITY Knightsbridge offers three reasons as to why its new LED panel is the company’s most versatile, innovative LED solution to date.


nightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading lighting and wiring manufacturers, has announced its most innovative LED panel to date – a product that promises to provide a solution for countless new and retrofit projects across the UK. Available in four sizes (6W, 12W, 18W and 24W), this product has been designed to suit multiple applications. Here are three reasons why it is so versatile:

Adjustable fixing bracket The adjustable bracket on the rear of the panel, which features fixing clips mounted on a rail-type mechanism, allows recess mounting into existing apertures with a cut-out radius anywhere between 55mm to 250mm (depending on the product size chosen). The same bracket enables the panel to be surface mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Flexible CCT options The panel can be adjusted to three colour settings (warm white, cool white and daylight), with the chosen CCT locked in place via a simple switch on the rear of the product. This can also be set to ‘Switch’ mode, enabling the product to be CCT adjustable via a wall switch giving additional control to the end user. This ensures the product is adaptable for multiple commercial, retail, and domestic environments where end-user control may or may not be required.

Easy-fit design options Finally, in terms of design options, Knightsbridge is selling optional polished chrome and brushed chrome bezels that can easily be fitted onto the product thanks to an easy-fit magnetic construction. The ultra-low projection (15mm) makes this product the perfect fit for new build and renovation projects, regardless of the mounting option chosen. ML Accessories, mlaccessories.co.uk

26 | November 2019

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@e ilive show #e ilive s how2020


APRIL 21-22

EI Live! 2020, the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national show for the AV and install market, will boast a greater focus on smart products from the world of electrical contracting; delivering a unique platform on which a smarter, brighter future can be established.

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Recolight_June 2019


electrical items as well as lamps










WE COVER THE UK BATTERIES & ELECTRICALS As a non profit organisation, Recolight can offer a low cost recycling service. Giving you a complete WEEE service.

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Recolight operate the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest collection network for fluorescent and LED lamps.

WEEE GUIDE YOU FREE LAMP RECYCLING A team of WEEE experts to help with your paperwork. All FREE collection and recycling and consignemnt notes are FREE. FREE container for sites collecting over 1000 lamps each quarter. Options available for smaller quantities.

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