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Spring 2024 Welcome to Intelligent Homes, your complete guide to the smart home and luxury entertainment industry! Learn everything you need to have the 21st century home of your dreams Cover image courtesy of Majik House ( Intelligent Comment Experts in their field Intelligent Tours Beautiful, smart, fun Intelligent Ideas Guides and insider info

A truly life changing experience

As we embark on this exciting journey with the launch of Intelligent Homes, I am thrilled to introduce you to an industry where technology seamlessly intertwines with the comfort and convenience of our daily lives. In an era where our homes are becoming smarter, more intuitive and decidedly more luxurious, Intelligent Homes is your ultimate guide to navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of smart home living. We offer the insight and contacts needed to begin a new journey in enhanced, smart living.

In this first issue, we delve deep into the realm of smart homes, luxury audio-visual experiences, and cutting-edge home cinema systems. Our aim is simple: to empower you with the knowledge, contacts and inspiration to transform your home into a personalised sanctuary that truly reflects your lifestyle and aspirations.

We understand that a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a reflection of who we are and what

we hold dear. With advancements in technology, we now have the tools to enhance every aspect of our living space, from controlling the ambiance with smart lighting systems to creating immersive entertainment zones with state-of-the-art home cinema setups.

But it’s not just about the gadgets and gizmos; it’s about harnessing the power of innovation to elevate our everyday experiences. Whether it’s optimising energy efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint, implementing wellness solutions to promote a healthier lifestyle, or simply indulging in the sheer joy of cinematic escapism, Intelligent Homes is here to guide you every step of the way.

Through in-depth features, expert reviews and practical advice, we aim to demystify the complexities of smart home technology, making it accessible to all. Whether you consider yourself a technophobe or the ultimate earlier adopter, there’s something for everyone within the

pages of Intelligent Homes as we introduce you to an industry which can make all your ambitions and desires for your home a reality.

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to join us in exploring the endless possibilities that the world of smart homes has to offer. From enhancing security and convenience to fostering greater connectivity and entertainment, the potential is truly limitless.

So, here’s to embracing the future of home living with open arms. Welcome to Intelligent Homes, where innovation meets inspiration, and where your house truly becomes your home.

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Spring 2024 Welcome to Intelligent Homes, your complete guide to the smart home and luxury entertainment industry! Learn everything you need to have the 21st century home of your dreams Intelligent Comment Experts in their field Intelligent Tours Beautiful, smart, fun Intelligent Ideas Guides and insider info
1 Editor’s Comment Welcome to Intelligent Homes! 4 A World of Luxury, Control and Entertainment Awaits! 8 The Cinema Creator: Revolutionising Home Cinema Design 10 Engaging With Your Smart Home Future 14 It’s the Golden Age of Home Cinema! 18 Luxury Home Highlights The Luxury of Automation 20 Styling Your Home Cinema 26 Raising the Bar for Home Entertainment 28 Home Automation Enhances Beautiful Luxury Home 34 How To Experience Totally Integrated Entertainment 36 Ask the Experts 38 Cyberhomes Creates Showroom Masterpiece 42 Safe as Houses 46 Bright Ideas For Sustainable Smart Homes 52 Seahorses Gallops Into View 56 The Secret Garden 60 Lighting the Intelligent Home 62 Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Members Directory
A world of luxury, control and entertainment awaits!

Welcome to the world of luxury smart homes and high-performance audio-visual systems. Here we explain just what this fantastic sector can offer you to make your house more of a home!

The systems and services available from the smart home and luxury AV industry are created to enhance fun and family time as well increase the efficiency, atmosphere, design and security of your home. The experts who work in this area specialise in understanding all of today’s home technologies and how to

integrate them into your home to a specification decided in consultation with you, your family and contractors working on your behalf, such as an interior designer or architect.

The amount of technology available in our homes is increasing, and it can get confusing which ones to turn to that will genuinely make

home life better, more efficient and more fun, so turn to an expert to curate all of this available technology to make something truly unique for your needs. You would not attempt to do your own plumbing, landscape gardening or car servicing, so why deny the technology in your home the expert attention it requires? Here we present a few of the options. Which ones sound suitable for your lifestyle, home and family?

Home cinemas

Often undertaken during renovation or building, although retro-fit is entirely possible, a whole house automation system will provide one interface through which you will be able to control the entertainment, lighting, heating/air conditioning, energy usage, communication and security of your home. Spring 2024 4 Intelligent Comment
Home cinemas are the ultimate in-home luxury entertainment experience. Courtesy of MAVEN

Music and movies

The types of systems this level of control brings under your spell include multi-room music and video delivery, giving you control of all your favourite content, where and whenever you require it. Regardless of whether you want to watch TV, access the internet, or interact with your music or video collection, everything can be bought intuitively to you whenever you need it.

Smart lighting and shading systems

Lighting control systems assist with security and efficiency, but also allow you to control the look and mood of your home. Manually or automatically, your home becomes a haven of beautiful aesthetics and efficiency. Smart shading works, in concert with the lighting to control ambient light levels, improve privacy, security and efficiency too.

Smart security

Intelligent security systems allow you to precisely control access to your home, areas within the home and check the view of CCTV cameras from inside the property or when you are away from home over the internet.

Intercom systems allow the family to communicate easily if you are in a large property.

Exterior systems

Don’t neglect your treasured exterior spaces. With today’s technology, many of the listening, watching and lighting experiences you enjoy in your home can also be experienced outside in your grounds and gardens.

Home control and automation

Either created in a dedicated space or woven lovingly into your existing living space, a home cinema is the

best form of entertainment the 21st century has to offer. Watching movies or other content such as concerts and sporting events will take on a whole new level with unforgettable immersive experiences, matched only by the very best commercial cinemas. Any style of room and any type of home can experience this fantastically fun and impressive make-over. Either have your system hidden inside the fabric of the room so it only becomes apparent it is there at all when the system is called upon, or enter your own dedicated cinema that offers total immersion into your favourite entertainment choices.

Courtesy of Modus Vivendi and K-array
5 Intelligent Comment Spring 2024
21st century tech allows for wonderful viewing and listening experiences outside too! Courtesy of Future Automation

Hi-Fi listening rooms

Are you a fan of just kicking back and listening to your favourite music?

Today’s experts can design for you the perfect space to enjoy high-quality music, be it via your treasured vinyl collection, CDs or any of the highquality streaming services now available. Hi-Fi systems are in a golden era where they can use the best traditional approaches combined with today’s digital technology to offer music lovers unparalleled quality and convenience.

Rock solid networks

How much of today’s home life is dictated by how good your home network/Wi-Fi is? If this rings any bells with you, having an expert come and install a modern advanced network in your home is a total game-changer. Not only does a solid network underpin many of the systems a smart home expert can install for you, it makes everyday tasks such as scrolling the internet or watching

streaming services reach the level of quality they should be at. Never experience the spinning wheel of death again!

Choose what works for you!

A whole house system gives you the latest entertainment, efficiency and security technology in an easy to control overarching system that

the whole family can use and enjoy. However, it is entirely possible to take any one of these themes, say a multi-room music or lighting control system, and have just that installed. Talk to your installer and they will provide you with whatever your needs and desires require; many different systems and price points are available.

Sophisticated interiors are enhanced with skillfully designed automated lighting systems. Courtesy of Perfect Integration
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Courtesy of Inspired Dwellings
Control every square meter with a few square centimeters. Lights. Music. Climate. Lifestyle. Elevated. A Crestron smart home gives your vibe more vibrancy — and can be controlled from one touchpoint. It’s a single smart home system woven into the overall design of the home, effortlessly enhancing the lives of those inside. All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2024 Crestron Electronics, Inc. Crestron Home® OS 4 is live! Explore it at

Try out the Cinema CreatorTM by visiting

The Cinema CreatorTM: Generate Your Own Home Cinema Design In Minutes!

Prestige Audio, one of the UK’s most long established, successful and award-winning home cinema installers, presents the Cinema CreatorTM an easy-to-use web-tool that allows homeowners, their interior designer, builder or other professionals to create a unique home cinema design and quote in minutes. Company Director, Joe Carri explains.

From an initial idea in January of 2020 followed by three years of design and development, we can finally share our unique Cinema CreatorTM service, a game changer in home cinema that allows homeowners, or their contractors to design and commission their very own cinema via our easy to use and intuitive system in just a few minutes.

The Cinema CreatorTM allows you to create a design and quote including

all the aesthetic and design choices as well as performance level required from our easy-to-follow guide No technical knowledge is needed, we have poured all of our decades of knowledge into the app so that all the requirements for the cinema build are woven into the service.

The only things you need to be concerned with are how you want the cinema to look using a series

of choices for different aspects of the space and what level of performance is required, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Cinema CreatorTM is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, but just in case you want some more information before you dive in, check out the explainer on our YouTube channel

prestigeaudio Intelligent Choices Spring 2024 8

Why launch the Cinema Creator?

Imagine having the power to visualise how your home cinema will look in stunning, lifelike detail before making any commitments. With the Cinema Creator, that dream becomes a reality. Our innovative app allows you to bring your vision to life in breathtaking 3D, giving unparalleled control over every aspect of the space.

Immersive visualisation

One of the main benefits of the Cinema CreatorTM is its ability to provide immersive visualisation experiences. You won’t be relying on confusing blueprints or technical plans that don’t mean very much to the unqualified eye, you will be able to not just imagine, but see how your space is going to look and feel. You can explore and experiment with different designs from every angle and get a true sense of what the result will be.

Whether selecting colour schemes, design concepts, seating types or performance levels, you can test out all the options and see their impact in real time, ensuring that every decision made aligns with the vision and budget for the space.

Streamlined collaboration

Communication is key when working on a project like a high-performance home cinema. The Cinema CreatorTM streamlines the collaboration process by enabling real-time feedback and revisions on any design. If you are working with a design professional such as an interior designer, they can share interactive design previews with you, gather input and make adjustments on the fly, ensuring that everyone is on the same page every step of the way.

Time and cost savings

By eliminating the need for costly multiple rounds of revisions in terms of physical plans, schematics or renders, the Cinema Creator helps save time and money. You can experiment with different layouts, furniture arrangements and decor options with ease, delivering the ability to fine-tune designs until they’re perfect before moving to the next stage.

You can of course at any point pick up the phone to our friendly team if you have any questions about the Cinema CreatorTM or any of the services we provide. Ultimately the Cinema CreatorTM provides a handy,

fast and informative way into the wonderful world of life enhancing highperformance home cinema, but we are always ready to talk, make site visits and spend time with you to discover the perfect scenario to make your inhome entertainment choices the very best they can be. Register now for free and start designing and costing your new dream cinema.

Impressive presentations

Once a design has been completed, you can save it to your personal profile in the tool, so you can revert to it for future use or download a bespoke brochure for your actual design, including room renders and pricing. This can be used for architects and interior designers by including it in the initial client packs., or by homeowners to print out for collaboration.

More Information

The Cinema Creator

Prestige Audio

Create your own home cinema design in minutes with the Cinema Creator prestigeaudio 9 Intelligent Choices Spring 2024

Engaging With Your Smart Home Future

The Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) introduces the burgeoning and exciting smart home sector to you and underscores its crucial role in developing the concept and making it accessible for you, the homeowner.

Smart home technologies continue to gain significant traction within our lives. Consumer demand for smart, connected technologies and services in the average home is increasing by the day as all of us recognise how they can make home life much more comfortable, secure, energy efficient, entertaining, and also more productive for home working.

A professional Smart Home Technology Integrator can make sure that the smart home system for your property is professionally designed and installed with technologies integrated to optimise performance, reliability, and ease of use. They will also deliver a system that is perfectly attuned to your lifestyle and family needs and ensure that the technology blends with the interior design scheme within your home.

The 2023 Professional Smart Home Market Analysis from CEDIA gives a fascinating insight into the scale and likely direction of this fast-growing professionally installed sector.

Currently, the UK market is estimated to be worth £2.9 billion and is supported by favourable industry growth projections for the next 12 months, with more than 3,700 professional integration businesses designing and installing integrated smart systems for consumers across the country.

The four business categories expected to grow the most over the next 12 months are home cinema, media rooms, outdoor AV systems, and lighting/shading.

The demand for dedicated home cinemas is already at an all-time high. These private cinema rooms

are becoming sought after by more and more people, accustomed to the enhanced entertainment experience that can be provided and enjoyed by a great entertainment set-up in the comfort of their own home.

The picture quality delivered by a high-performance 4K projection system is quite breathtaking, and supported by the performance of exceptional immersive sound systems such as Dolby Atmos, the result is a visceral, emotional, and completely immersive connection with big screen movie or sports-watching that is just incredible.

It’s clear that the home is now a multi-functional space that provides a place of rest and relaxation as well as a secure and practical home office, learning environment, cinema, gaming room, and fitness suite.

Image courtesy of SMC ( Spring 2024 10 Intelligent Comment

Professionally installed smart technology taps into this trend, by enabling multi-purpose use within the one space. Take media rooms as an example. These are versatile, multi-media and multi-functional spaces that can work as a home working environment during the day, but also provide a great area for TV viewing, listening to music, and movie watching or children’s gaming on a drop down screen and projector system. Their popularity is growing. Media Room design and installation requires the services of professional smart home integration companies

to make sure that the technology can deliver on the high-level of versatility, reliability, and ease of use benefits they demand.

We’re also seeing growth in outdoor lighting and entertainment systems. This technology helps people to be sociable and connect with their garden spaces in a positive way. Again, the popularity here is driven by the demand to make the most of every space in a property. Technology here is also bringing significant wellness and mental health benefits to consumers who can enjoy their outdoor spaces in greater comfort.

Meanwhile, smart, easily controllable lighting and automated blinds are another growth area within the smart home. As well as delivering more efficient lighting using dimming technology and location awareness, lighting control systems can offer so much more. If integrated into the wider home automation system, they can bring other elements of the home together for ease of use, all controlled in ‘scenes’. A well-designed and controlled lighting system has the capabilities to add glamour, ambience, and space-magnifying qualities to any home. When integrated with motorised blinds, they can also deliver human centric lighting, which matches the homebuyer’s circadian rhythm to the natural daylight of the sun, improving our sense of wellbeing.

Wellness touches every facet of the home and we see it becoming more and more important in the future. Homeowners are actively seeking solutions that can enhance air quality, optimise lighting, control temperature, and manage humidity to create an environment that boosts physical and mental health.

Image courtesy of BNC Technology (
11 Intelligent Comment Spring 2024
Image courtesy of Knektd (

In short, all these technologiesaudio, video, lighting, blinds – and others such as security systems, heating control, data networking, and more - can be integrated so that they can be conveniently controlled and operated. The more smart technologies that are connected, the greater the demand on a home’s network and its wiring infrastructure.

Integrating smart technology and systems on a single control platform without compromising the home’s decor demands the skills of a professional — someone who has the technical ability to bring everything together in a synergistic ‘whole home’ experience. This is where CEDIA members step in.

Your smart home should be easy and seamless to use; professionally designed and installed, reliable, and secure.

Whether you are building from scratch or renovating your home with smart technology, allow time and budget for expert advice, system design, rewiring, and installation to meet these goals.

CEDIA members understand that technology in the home is a significant investment and will be able to advise on the smart home solutions that are right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. They are

the best-informed professionals and trained in the latest technologies, design, project management, and installation techniques to ensure the best possible smart integration system for you.

Why use a smart home professional?

Rightly, homeowners want to ensure that they are working with a professionally trained, knowledgeable company and CEDIA members represent the world’s finest custom electronic design and integration companies.

CEDIA is the world’s only Association for Smart Home Professionals. They ensure your smart home is professionally installed, safe and secure, reliable, and easy to use.

As the oldest, largest, and an influential provider of education in the professional smart home industry, CEDIA has helped its members set the standard for design excellence, technical knowledge, and customer service.

The CEDIA Member of Excellence title is the highest status a member company can achieve from the home technology industry’s only accrediting organisation. Firstly, a firm must be a CEDIA Member for two years

and have a minimum of one CEDIA Certified smart home professional at the company.

These companies are truly the best of the best and the designation confirms it to customers, peers, and the rest of the world. CEDIA Members of Excellence can demonstrate measurable achievements in Continuing Education, Customer Service, and Community Outreach. As well as fulfilling these three primary requirements, CEDIA Members of Excellence also hold a verified record of award-winning craftmanship, and a dedication to achieving advanced industry certifications.

CEDIA Advanced Members have achieved the second highest status available for a member company. As with the Member of Excellence category, the company must have been a CEDIA Member for at least two years and have one staff member who is a CEDIA Certified smart home professional. These companies have proven to have distinctions in place to continue to raise the standard of the industry and have also achieved the Customer Service, Community Outreach, and Continuing Education designations required by CEDIA.

CEDIA offers a Finder Service on its website: This allows homeowners to locate their nearest integrated technology professional.

Image courtesy of Mosaic AV (
Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 12
Image courtesy of HENRI (
WORLD’S FIRST THX CERTIFIED DOMINUS ARCHITECTURAL SPEAKERS 01423 358846 A complete family of timbre-matched in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall models for designers wishing to deliver the most discreet and absorbing home theatre immersion.

It’s the Golden Age of Home Cinema

Owen Maddock is owner of Cinemaworks, a specialist home cinema design & installation firm in Bristol and a member of the Home Cinema Alliance, a group of companies that promote the best of advanced in-home entertainment. Here, Owen explains why there has never been a better time to invest in a high-performance home cinema.

Home Cinema has never been better. I’ve been doing this since the LaserDisc era of the ‘90s and sometimes I pinch myself at how far we’ve come as an industry. The technology has improved remarkably, and so has the tradecraft - a specialist designer / installer can deliver jaw-dropping results, for a relatively sensible cost.

Choice abounds

Firstly, there’s just so more we can watch. Ten years ago we had to buy or rent discs, or wait for Sky+ to broadcast and keep in the ‘planner’. That’s fine for real favourites, but not if you want to experiment and watch something different. Now we can ‘rent’ a film in seconds from the remote and upgrade to a purchase when it’s a

keeper. Box sets are up to Hollywood big-screen standards - right now it’s ‘The Gentlemen’ on Netflix, and although the story is like ‘Guy Ritchie’s Greatest Hits’, the picture and sound are right up there with the films. Even better, all your favourites from years ago are still there, and often hugely improved thanks to digital remastering.

Picture houses

The performance from a projected picture has improved dramatically. Firstly, 4K and 8K resolution means the image is more much detailed, so you can sit closer and be more immersed without ever seeing any lartifacts or issues with the image.

Secondly, the pictures are a lot brighter at every price point - a bright

picture is more captivating, feels more colourful and is generally better.

Finally, laser light source tech for projectors means the brightness doesn’t degrade over time. Lampbased systems get gradually duller with use, laser-based stays the same for the entire life of the product.

Serious sound

I was around for the first wave of UK home cinema in the ‘90s and early 2000s. The dominant speaker makes were all ‘British Hi-Fi’, sweet sounding but without enough dynamics or impact to play a film soundtrack properly. Floor-mounted speakers were all the rage back then, but they’re visually distracting.

Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 14

Nowadays we use wall-mounted speakers dedicated for cinema use - they can hide behind projection screens and within fabric walls, so you’re not distracted from what you’re watching, just immersed in the soundtrack. Using dedicated cinema speakers gives us sound levels equal to and often better than

commercial cinemas, with plenty of headroom and an ‘effortless’ feel.

Acoustic treatments are essential for well-balanced sound where you can hear the words clearly. Those panels aren’t great to the look at, so we hide them away behind acoustically transparent fabric walls.

Bass and subwoofers

We understand bass in small rooms much better now too - we can use placement and multiple subwoofers to ensure a deep, even bass performance at all the seats. Computer modelling systems such as RoomEQ Wizard allow us to design the bass response before we arrive on site.


Whatever you want, you can have - retro, futuristic, classic, or themed. Real purists might want a superdark ‘black hole’ cinema, although that’s a bit stark for many. Modern home cinema building techniques use a strong wooden frame, with fabric walling over the top for a cosy intimate feel, no mess from plasterers, and easy servicing. The beauty of a fabric wall is they’re incredibly versatile - we can deliver the picture palace, or ‘Tron’, or a relaxed contemporary feeling, from the same basic ingredients. Even better, you can update the style without any mess or inconvenience.

15 Intelligent Comment Spring 2024
Home cinema technology and design techniques mean any scenario is possible

A great investment for your home and family

The final piece of the puzzle is that you get much, much more for your money than ever before. I’m continually amazed how much we can achieve for a given spend - today’s £40k system easily outperforms yesterday’s £100k. Pictures are brighter and more detailed, sound is more impactful, more spatial, and I’m drawn in so much more to what’s happening. The best time to invest in a dedicated home cinema room is right now.

More Information


Cinemaworks was the world-first ‘CEDIA Member of Excellence’ firm, reflecting a high level of qualification, craftsmanship and customer service. Owen also wrote the RIBA course ‘Designing Home Cinemas and Media Rooms’ and is a founding member of the Home Cinema Alliance.

Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 16

Inspired Home Highlights The Luxury of Automation

Experienced smart home installation company Inspired Dwellings was the Integrated Home-Luxury winner at the CEDIA Smart Home Awards in 2023 with this impressive project.

CEDIA is the trade organisation for the smart home and luxury AV industry, promoting the highest of standards and also training the industry in best practice. Choose a CEDIA installer for your project and you can be assured of accessing the highest standard the industry can offer.

As a developer, the homeowner already had a clear appreciation of the potential of smart technology, explains the Inspired Dwellings team. He had two opposing performance requirements: to create an ‘entertainment hub’ for family and friends and an intimate, secure home for when he was alone.

All the luxury automation systems within the spacious 15,000 sq. ft new build, set in the Kent countryside, have been integrated through a Crestron control system, one of the leading home automation platforms available which makes controlling every aspect of a home intuitive and enjoyable. Working either at the behest of the homeowners via intuitive touch screens or the Crestron app, or in completely automated sequences triggered by exterior stimuli or time settings, the home’s entertainment systems, heating/air conditioning, window shading, security and access, are all controlled perfectly and easily.

Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024 18

To ensure the interior design and aesthetic ambition for the space are never compromised, a series of TVs have been discreetly ‘hidden’ across the house, only appearing when they are needed. These include mirror TVs in the bar/drawing room, one in the music room, revealed via automated panels, and one in a hidden lift at the base of the master bed. A highperformance dedicated 14-seat cinema fulfils the owner’s passion for film and sport and features seat rumblers, which allows the occupant to feel the action on the screen even more intently. As well as immensely entertaining, the systems in the cinema offer practicality as well, for example when a film is paused, the step lighting automatically turns on to allow movement around the room.

Privacy for the home is also enabled through lighting and blind control, while instant window frosting can be applied at the touch of a button. There is also a very cool custom ‘deer patrol’ feature which automatically plays a barking dog sound if an animal enters the vegetable patch. Modern home automation systems really can be programmed to do anything the owners require by skilled CEDIA installers.

As security was high on the agenda with this home, key sub systems have been integrated including double entry gates, video entry and CCTV, with motion detection and line-cross features.

With entertainment, security and home automation covered, the owner can relax and get on with enjoying this luxury, automation inspired home.

More Information

Inspired Dwellings + 44 (0) 207 736 6007

CEDIA +44 1480 213744

19 Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024
Whatever the activity or mood, this automated home has a space to match

Styling Your Home Cinema

Stuart Burgess, founder of expert installation company Immersive Cinema Rooms and Director at the Home Cinema Alliance, reveals the crucial do and don’ts when choosing the right look and feel for your luxury entertainment space.

You have plenty of options when it comes to styling - so it has to reflect your unique taste and style. You have to love it! Here we highlight some popular choices, but it’s your space, so don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas, or go completely off-piste, just ask your designer or home cinema installer and let your imagination run wild! A good cinema designer will work with you to deliver the perfect end result.

The dedicated home cinema

This is a real purist choice - no distractions, the ideal environment to enjoy high-performance imaging with impressive colour balance and perfect contrast. For an immersive movie night experience, it’s probably the best choice. However, it misses out on lots of the human elements - style, drama, showing off, group interaction and a welcoming feel - so it’s less common. For the purist however, we are more than happy to help you create it!

Intelligent Choices Spring 2024 20
A dedicated cinema will have dark colours and promote the very best visual performance

A professionally designed and installed home cinema system is much greater than the sum of its par ts.



South East

Immersive Cinema Rooms

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Electric Orange

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East of England

Cinema Rooms 01245 790855

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www.ser 01727 530175

Prestige Audio Ltd 0192 3801400

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Featured image: Immersive Cinema Rooms - A Denon Cinema Your guide to a connected home IntelligentH mes SUBSCRIBE SECURELY ONLINE TODAY FREE SUBSCRIPTION Go to Spring 2024 Welcome to Intelligent Homes, your complete guide to the smart home and luxury entertainment industry! Learn everything you need to have the 21st century home of your dreams Cover image courtesy of Majik House ( Intelligent Comment Experts in their field Intelligent Tours Beautiful, smart, fun Intelligent Ideas Guides and insider info As we embark on this exciting journey with the launch of Intelligent Homes, we are introducing you to an industry where technology seamlessly intertwines with the comfort and convenience of our daily lives. In an era where our homes are becoming smarter, more intuitive, and decidedly more luxurious, Intelligent Homes is your ultimate guide to navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of smart home living. We offer the insight and contacts needed to begin a new journey in enhanced, smart living. Intelligent Homes will be published quarterly, and you can subscribe free to make sure you don’t miss an issue.

Retro picture palace

‘Retro’ can actually mean lots of things - dark red is the classic historical choice, but for example a 1930s art deco influence is very ‘now’ - gold and navy or gold and black are classy without looking too old-fashioned.

This recent cinema project (pictured left) had the design brief ‘like the Tivoli cinema, but smaller’ so we went with navy and gold, with wall lights and table lights for a classy, 1930s feel.


Futuristic with straight lines and lots of coloured LED lighting. The example pictured below looks very ‘futuristic’ with the right lighting scene, but with muted lighting it can also look fairly classic and understated, even with the geometric design. LED lighting in cinemas adds plenty of drama, but of course you can switch them off to be fully immersed in the action.

23 Intelligent Choices Spring 2024

Classic contemporary

This type of approach delivers a modern, but classy result and is well suited for those who prefer something a bit more understated. Darker colours and greys are recommended for this type of design.


Favourite films, sports teams, or any special interest you might have can form the basis for your room style. Cinemas are already quite indulgent and escapist, so it’s fine to lean into it. That said, maybe don’t do anything too focused on little kids - right now they love Pixar, but in a few years of course, they’ll be over it and into something entirely different. The room should last you a long time so make sure your chosen theme isn’t a passing fad. Spring 2024 24
Intelligent Choices

Key principles of Cinema Design

Bad ideas

To really serve you properly, we have an obligation to push back against flawed ideas that we know won’t work. All of us sometimes get asked for really light-coloured walls - white, beige or cream. The problem there is twofold - first, projected light can’t deliver the contrast that it should - cinemas need dark walls to work really well. The second problem is that the walls all light up the colour of the film, which is really distracting and the opposite of immersive. If you must have light coloured walls, you really need a direct display - either a really big TV or a modern modular microLED display. We can help you with that or sure.

Engineering first

Imagine if someone like Chris Bangle, Chief of Design for BMW Group, started asking to move the engine or chassis - then instead of being a leading car stylist, he’d be out of a job. Our specialty is exactly the same - the technical elements and engineering should go hand in hand with styling. It’s no good - but sadly common - to lay the room out first and then ‘shoehorn’ the system in. All that

happens then is speakers are in the wrong place, you end up with the wrong sized screen, or the screen is too high, basically bad ergonomics which impact the performance. It’s much better to work with your cinema designer from a blank sheet of paper, and then we achieve the best layout for performance, comfort and style.


A bit of colour in your cinema adds interest, but we wouldn’t go too bright or strong, especially on the screen wall and the first third of the room. When we’re doing ‘high level’ performance cinemas, we recommend keeping colour out of the viewing area to ensure the best picture accuracy. Seating, cushions and throws can give you ‘pops’ of colour that you won’t see when watching, and it’s easy to update throws and cushions when you fancy a change and to keep the room on-trend. And of course, installed LED lights can change colour on demand to suit different moods and add extra drama.


Art is fine - film posters, memorabilia, or football images - but again we’d

keep them outside the viewing area. Take care with glass fronts - its not a good idea to put artwork behind glass frames as this can cause light reflections from the screen and also create unwanted reflections in the sound. Instead we can print any required artwork, special patterns or designs onto acoustic fabric, which deals with these issues. We use a similar technique to conceal speakers and acoustic treatments.


Lighting design is critical for a cinema project and needs just as much planning as the speakers, projector, screen and seats. LED drivers should be as close to the LED strips as possible to promote the very best performance, and if you’re doing coloured lighting that should be planned out in detail. So, the big takeaways are: engage help as early as possible in the build, before the electrical first fix, to make sure the lighting is all in the right place and the right sort.

Whatever your favourite style, Home Cinema Alliance members have the training and experience to give you the very best results.

What is the Home Cinema Alliance?

A group of Home Technology Installation companies have founded Home Cinema Alliance to showcase the excellent work of all Home Tech Pro installation companies creating amazing Cinema Rooms.

A group of likeminded home cinema professionals, we work to promote best practice and raise awareness for the wonderful rooms our members create.

25 Intelligent Choices Spring 2024

Raising the Bar for Home Entertainment

A transformative makeover of a loft space in a large Surrey home, with music systems courtesy of high-performance audio manufacturer L-Acoustics and smart home and audio-visual integrator Homeplay, delivers the ultimate nightcap for a very happy homeowner.

There are many spaces around a home that can benefit from high-quality automation and audio-visual systems. This customer wanted cool sounds to go with this luxurious bar space, with the emphasis on high-performance music reproduction and discreet installation in keeping with the décor.

Once the project was completed, the owner of the home told James Ratcliffe, lead design integrator and CEO at Homeplay, “The L-Acoustics team has just finished the calibration and I can honestly say I believed BB King had come back from the dead and joined David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler and Mick Fleetwood in my bar.”

This isn’t just feedback; it’s a powerful narrative that underscores the emotional impact of music replayed with the highest quality sound. For four decades, L-Acoustics

has been making rock and blues legends sound great in live concerts around the world. Now, their professional sound systems for the home have helped Homeplay deliver a truly exceptional private bar and recreational experience in a tricky loft area of this large Surrey house.

The project began as the client approached an interior designer for inspiration and direction to fully renovate his home, including turning the large, unused loft space into the ultimate personal entertainment cocoon. The requirements included music, movies, a full-sized bar, a pool table, a dart board and creative lighting to highlight key areas of the space. Having worked with Homeplay previously, the designer called in James and his team to breathe life into the detailed brief.

No holds barred

The bar room AV specification entailed two 4K UHD TVs, one on a motorised bracket, video distribution, Wi-Fi, lighting control to integrate with the whole-house home automation Control4 architecture, specialist lighting, including a framing projector on the dartboard and party-scale sound for music, alongside TV sports and movie viewing. L-Acoustic X4r in-wall coaxial loudspeakers were specified throughout the room due to their ability to fill the space with highquality audio from an unobtrusive form factor. At just over 100mm cubed, these small speakers were RAL-colour matched to the interior design to further disappear into the décor. L-Acoustic SB10 subwoofers were integrated into the seating built

Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024 26

around the room, disappearing into the overall aesthetic and reinforcing the sound even further.

Amplification is provided by two LA2Xi Amplified Controllers, one for each audio zone. As the client already owned a comprehensive Sonos multiroom music system in the rest of the house, the loft audio integrated Sonos Ports for streamed audio as well as a turntable for the client’s prized vinyl record collection.

Balancing the sound throughout the room was a complex task due to the unusual shape of the space, which included sloped ceilings, vertical walls of varying heights and alcove areas. The L-Acoustics team used the company’s proprietary 3D acoustic software, Soundvision, to help Homeplay map the room and plan speaker position for the best results.

With a tight deadline of just three months, Homeplay completed the AV treatment on the house and loft space, allowing the interior design company to work its magic on décor, furnishings and accessories. The result would be a sumptuous party bar and

entertaining area ready in time for Christmas and New Year’s parties.

As the paint dried and the final trims were fitted into place, the L-Acoustics team returned to fine-tune the audio performance. Shortly after the team had left the premises, a very excited customer felt compelled to text James with the results, adding, “It sounds incredible! Can I have it in the rest of the house?”

James says, “It was very pleasing to receive such positive endorsement from the client, literally just a few hours after the team had finished setting up the audio system. Having installed and demonstrated various L-Acoustics amplifier and loudspeaker systems at our premises, I knew the sound would be exceptional despite the awkward acoustic space. Pound for pound, I don’t think there is anything better than L-Acoustics.”

More Information Homeplay


Even in technically challenging spaces wonderful audio performance is possible 27 Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024

Home Automation Enhances This Beautiful Luxury Home

Following a three-year redevelopment project this striking 13,000 sq ft contemporary home, created in the 1950s, offers a stunning, living space inside and out, including an Olympic-length swimming pool, a high-end gym, nine bathrooms and open plan communal spaces that adapt to the homeowner’s needs at the touch of a button. This project amply demonstrates that no matter the style or age of your property, smart home technology can take convenience and enjoyment to the next level.

Ben Jurin Architecture was commissioned to create this ultra-high end, bespoke residence by a homeowner who considered himself to be far from an expert when it came to home technology.

Ben was also new to the world of smart home technology and so turned to automation specialist, Majik House, to advise on what could be achieved. They worked in partnership with Opus-Electrical on the design

and delivery, project managing the electrical installation and all the activities of other contractors. The architect worked to create a bold and contemporary, yet timeless design that offers luxury living at its best. To achieve this, smart home technology has been discreetly integrated throughout, all while respecting the architect’s core requirement that any tech remained unobtrusive and complemented the property design. If you live in a period home, a new build or a spectacular statement piece of architecture, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of 21st smart technology and entertainment woven seamlessly into your home and your life.

Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024 28

Never Miss a Moment

With the right technology, your space can transform into something as unique as you are.

A Control4 system connects all your devices, enabling customisation with a single tap or voice command. Because your system is installed by experts, it continuously evolves as technology does. You get peace of mind from top-of-the-line security features, so you can cherish the moments that matter most.

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Discover How

The property uses a Control4 home automation system which allows the homeowner to adapt any space quickly and easily, using intuitive hand-held remotes and touchscreens. For example, the family only needs to interact with the control system when they wish to change a lighting scene, isolate audio to individual rooms (zones) or join it up in ‘party mode’, when required. The simple icon based system means any member of the family or visitor can gain instant control over every aspect of the the home. Many of the

features of this smart home happen automatically based on time of day or room presence, so the family can enjoy every aspect often without lifting a finger.

An invisible music system delivers expansive sound throughout the home without impacting the interior

design aesthetic. The speakers are powered and controlled by multi-room amps and managed by an Audio Matrix from Snap One audio brand, Triad. Each family member can gain access to all their favourite music wherever they are in the home, whenever they want.

31 Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024
Open plan living spaces can adapted for different moods and scenarios

Intelligent Homes Tour

Lighting control proved to be a particular focus for the architect as the possibilities with this statuesque property became clear. Majik House created a lighting scheme that is integrated into the fabric of the building, enhancing the clean and precise lines of the structure, all controlled by Control4. Automated curtains and shading adds further drama and practical advantages of controlling sunlight and maintaining privacy.

Security and access systems are also integrated into the fabric of the home and controlled by the same system.

Jit Mistry, Sales Director at Majik House, explains, “The architect was excited at being able to control all the lights and to have a global scene for such an open plan space. Ultimately, we’ve created global scenes for the whole house – the customer has three scenes that he uses for different events and it sets the whole house, inside and outside.”

The pool enjoys added atmosphere thanks to the adaptable lighting scheme Spring 2024 32

The homeowner adds, “Having Majik House and Opus-Electrical involved in the project proved a huge benefit. Whatever was asked of them, they provided solutions; not always easy, but solutions which would ensure Ben’s beautiful design of our new home was never compromised. They never tied us in knots with technology – just like the operation of the lights, the sound, the TVs, everything is just nice and simple. There’s no question, the involvement of Majik House has elevated our home beyond our expectations.”

More Information

Control4/Snap One

Majik House

Ben Jurin Architecture

Intelligent Homes Tour 33 Spring 2024
The grounds enjoy a similar level of automation and entertainment as inside

How To Experience Totally Integrated Entertainment

Matt Nimmons, Managing Director at CEDIA (EMEA Region) the association for smart home professionals, explains how entertaining and integrated audio-visual systems can be completely integrated into your living space.

While some homeowners are interested in having a dedicated home cinema, a space that in the main is only used for experiencing movies or listening to music, others enjoy being able to achieve a great viewing experience in thier everyday living space, which is much more social. Such a space is usually referred to in our industry as a ‘media room’, just imagine any multi-function space in your home where you would like to experience enhanced entertainment woven skilfully into the fabric of the space.

Typically, the room centres around a TV and/or projector screen. The TVs are often fitted to a motorised bracket which allows it to be moved to achieve optimum viewing. For example, if you have an open plan living space and are cooking in the

kitchen but still want to see the TV, the screen can be positioned accordingly. Alternatively, the screen is recessed into the wall, hiding it from view. A projector screen can be installed above the TV and controlled to drop down once the TV has disappeared into the wall. This allows you to enjoy a film in cinema quality without moving to a different dedicated room.

Surround sound audio is the preferred option when watching a film. The placement of speakers in rooms is a science, and when carried out correctly, the sound improvements are immense. Generally, the set up includes speakers situated above or to the side of the screen. This allows the sound to be directed to the ear of the listener. Mood lighting can also be achieved in this space. As a multi-

functional room, lighting scenes can be set to reflect the current activity, such as bright lights when reading a book or dimmed lights when watching a film.

By integrating the lights, curtains, video, and audio entertainment into a control system, the perfect ambience can be achieved.

Build a relationship with a CEDIA member

It is important to build a relationship with a CEDIA member from the get-go. The project will be more successful if you have an experienced smart home professional advising and aiding the planning and installation stages. Once you have teamed up with a CEDIA member, there are several points to consider before starting the project.

Intelligent Choices Spring 2024 34


It is important to discuss your budget with a smart home professional before beginning. As with anything you put into your home, the cost will depend on a number of factors. An experienced smart home professional will know the appropriate questions to ask to build up a detailed profile of your family’s needs and then build a bespoke system system just for you.

Level of technology

Once you have a budget in mind, it is time to decide on the level of technology that is required. Collaborate with the smart home professional to work out what kind of technologies you’d like installed in the media room; choices might include...

• Music (Turntable/CD/Radio/Music streaming, etc.)

• Data (access to the internet? wireless or wired)

• Video (Blu-ray/Smart TV/Gaming consoles)

• Screens (TV/Projector-based screen)

• Audio (Surround sound/360° immersive sound)

• Control (AV/lighting control/Blind control)

System design

A system design needs to be planned out and include all positions of the technology. It is important at this stage to have a clear idea of how the media room will work once furnished, so TVs and speakers can be arranged in the optimum positions and all power points and cables can be terminated, so as not to be seen when the equipment is finally installed. The equipment can be carefully hidden in the room they are to be used in or often stored in an equipment ‘rack’ in a convenient space elsewhere, perhaps a cupboard or utility space.


Once the above steps have been completed, it is time to consider the cabling. The beginning of the build stage is when this needs to take place. This is the time that it is possible to add the required cables and make sure they are in the correct place, enabling a wire free appearance on completion.

A well designed and integrated system can be upgraded as new products are released. Ideally, the initial installation should be the beginning of a long-term relationship with your smart home professional. As things change or new products are

introduced, a CEDIA member will be able to give you advice on whether you should upgrade or sit out the new developments until they are more mature.


CEDIA is the global trade association for smart home professionals promoting the highest standards and creating best practice through extensive dedicated training schemes. Homeowners can access a list of their local CEDIA member smart home and luxury audio visual installers by visiting

Today’s high-performance entertainment systems can be full integrated into your living space, disappearing when not in use 35 Intelligent Choices Spring 2024

Improving Your Home’s Wi-Fi

In today’s era of smart home technology, Wi-Fi and home networks have become the backbone of our daily lives, with its performance in the intelligent home becoming increasingly important. Nicolai Landschultz, Managing Director of CEDIA member company, IndigoZest provides his guide to ensuring your home network is the best it can be.

We’re connecting more and more devices onto the home network, such as TVs, audio systems, phones, laptops, doorbells and more, and they all compete with each other on the network. Ultimately, your smart home will only be as good as the network infrastructure that supports it. Improving your home network to enhance its speed, reliability, and coverage can involve several steps.

1. Upgrade Your Router: If you’re still using an older router or a low quality one supplied by your Internet Service Provider, consider upgrading to a newer model that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards like Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). Newer routers offer

faster speeds, better coverage and improved performance.

2. Optimise Wi-Fi Router Placement: Place your Wi-Fi router in a central location in your home, away from obstructions like walls, metal objects, and electronic devices that can interfere with the signal. Elevating the router off the floor and positioning antennas vertically can also help improve coverage.

3. Use Ethernet Connections: Whenever possible, connect devices directly to the router using Ethernet cables. Wired connections typically offer faster and more reliable speeds compared to Wi-Fi.

4. Update The Router Firmware: Regularly check for firmware updates for your router and install them to ensure it’s running the latest software. Firmware updates often include bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements.

5. Optimise Wi-Fi Settings: Access your router’s settings interface and adjust Wi-Fi settings for optimal performance. This may include selecting the best Wi-Fi channel, enabling Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise certain types of traffic and adjusting transmission power. This can be a slightly daunting task if you are not familiar with it, but is well worth doing. Alternatively get an expert involved!

Ask The Expert Spring 2024 36

6. Use Wi-Fi Range Extenders: If you have areas in your home with poor Wi-Fi coverage, consider using Wi-Fi range extenders or a mesh Wi-Fi system. These devices can help extend the range of your network and eliminate dead zones.

7. Ask An Expert: Not all of the above tips are for the faint-hearted. If you’re not comfortable making these adjustments yourself, then consider getting an expert to help you.

For anyone planning a project and to seriously improve your networking performance, we recommend that speaking to a professional CEDIA integrator to help plan the wired and wireless infrastructure as early as possible is the best thing to do. CEDIA is the trade organisation for the smart home industry, and its members are fully trained experts in this field. Wireless systems can be useful and do have their place in the home. But, as a rule, professional integration

companies prefer wired infrastructures for the house to do the heavy lifting to ensure wireless channels are kept free for mobiles, tablets and laptops.

IndigoZest is a CEDIA member skilled in designing and installing home networks to improve speed, reliability and coverage and provide a better online experience for all your connected devices and systems. More Information



37 Ask The Expert Spring 2024

Cyberhomes Creates Showroom Masterpiece

There are a growing number of fantastic showrooms where you can experience the best in smart home and home cinema performance. Intelligent Homes presents a tour of the Cyberhomes showroom in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Cyberhomes has been in business since 2004, with its main office and demonstration centre located in Thame, Oxfordshire and a second office in London. The company delivers multiple smart home and home cinema installations every year and was founded by Ion Smith and Andy Mack, who met providing broadcast installations for the BBC. Cyberhomes carries out all its own building and renovation works as well as installing and calibrating systems, providing a one call solution. The company has won multiple industry CEDIA (the smart home professionals trade body) awards, offers full support of every system once handover is completed and has completed hundreds of projects.

Showroom time!

This space acts as an official showroom for the Sonus faber and McIntosh high-performance audio visual brands.

Ion Smith, Founder and Director, of Cyberhomes explains: “Our company had a vision of creating an unbeatable cinematic experience where the movie takes centre stage, and the room disappears, leaving the viewer completely absorbed in the action. To achieve this, we conducted in-depth research on several high-end amplifier and speaker combinations. We found many of them to be excellent, however during our visit to Sonus faber in Italy, we had the pleasure of listening to the Sonus faber Arena speakers working with McIntosh.

“We felt that we had finally discovered a combination that was simply next level in sound quality and a company that shared our drive, determination, support and values. It was the perfect choice for us.”

Joining the Sonus faber speakers and Mcintosh amplification is another popular choice for high-performance home cinemas: a Trinnov Altitude 16, a powerful processor which controls all the audio heard in the cinema. Much of the equipment (apart from the speakers of course), is stored in a cool looking equipment rack which has electrochromic glass which means the tech can be lit up and on show when required, but darkens to cinema mode when the cinema is playing.

Chris Morley, Lead Designer at Cyberhomes describes some of the other product choices: “A Sony

Intelligent Showroom Tour Spring 2024 38

VPL-VW790 Laser projector and Lumagen processor project a 12ft wide image onto a Screen Research acoustically transparent electric side masking (CIH) 2.40:1 ratio screen, with the front three Sonus faber Arena 20 in-wall speakers set behind.”

Crystal clear images are provided by a number of different sources, including a Kaleidescape movie server. The market leader in highperformance home cinema imaging, Kaleidescape has its own online store where you can purchase digital copies of your favourite titles in the very best quality.

One of the other features visitors can enjoy is the high-quality bass the cinema is capable of. Good bass reproduction is hugely important for high-impact movie experiences but is also the hardest thing to achieve. In this space the Cyberhomes team have created the perfect way to experience just how bass should sound and how it will be achievable in your own home.

Chris also reveals, “Our in-house interior and lighting designer helped us pay particular attention to how the room was illuminated, complementing the room’s aesthetic. Subtle up-lights were carefully placed to highlight

the front corner pillars, while the centre room down-lights change colour temperature as you dim them, creating a warm ambiance as the movie starts.”

Helping control the sunlight in the room, high-performance automated blinds from smart home leader Lutron are also used.

Expertly built

Cyberhomes also used its building and fabrication skills to incorporate

subtle curves, angles and seating tiers that help with the style and performance of the room, integrating the speakers into the walls and providing acoustic treatment at the same time. The team also built a bar at the back that is accessible by opening two curved wooden slatted doors. This custom wooden slatted effect also surrounds the Fortress Seating chairs, creating pleasing symmetry. Having a bar area is an increasingly popular choice with many homeowners.

39 Intelligent Showroom Tour Spring 2024

Intelligent Showroom Tour

Andy Mack, Founder and Director at Cyberhomes enthuses, “We believe the presentation of the room comes across really well; it’s a great place to be with its modern and interesting

aesthetic and mind-blowing audio visuals. The Sonus faber, Trinnov and Mcintosh combination not only presents a gutsy dynamic performance for the most demanding

action and bass-hungry scenes possible, but can also finely resolve every subtle detail and nuance in a natural, pure and unforced way, which can really bring out the emotion and feel of a scene.

Andy adds, “Carefully programmed controls are the icing on the cake. The ‘watch movie’ button closes the blinds, fades the lights, switches the power amps on one by one in a carefully timed sequence, gently fades the electrochromic glass so the rack disappears, the projector lights up the screen and the Kaleidescape movie server springs into action. This start up sequence really delivers the excitement that should be felt just as the movie begins.”

Andy concludes, “The cinema demo room showcases a completed room and provides you with an experience of what your own cinema room could look and sound like. It is an exciting opportunity to see and experience the quality of our work firsthand.”

To make an enquiry, visit the Cyberhomes website and click on the Cyber Lounge tab. Here you can fill out an enquiry form and the booking team will schedule the earliest available date. Alternatively, customers can email or call 0333 344 3718.

Information Spring 2024 40

Our home cinemas and smart home installations go beyond just amazing 4K picture and immersive Dolby Atmos sound. We design personalised theater experiences that prioritise your comfort and enjoyment. This includes installing the perfect lighting, comfortable seating, room acoustic treatments, and an intuitive control system from Savant, Crestron, or Control4 – and that’s just the beginning.

To find out more or book a demo call 0333 344 3718, email or visit AWARD-WINNING


Safe as houses

Phillip Pini, Director of Residential Sales (UK) at smart leader and manufacturer Crestron, explains how a smart home is a safer home.

In recent years, everyone has become acutely aware of the need for security, both physical and digital. Just look around you: more and more homes have video doorbells. It’s easy to understand why these devices are popular; they’re simple to deploy, and they provide a certain sense of security for those homeowners.

But the bulk of them are, after all, entry-level products. And as they become increasingly ubiquitous, the adage that ‘anything that can be hacked, will be hacked’ becomes a greater and greater concern. That’s why firms catering to the luxury market must be ever more vigilant: We’re getting smarter, but the bad guys are, too.

The proper defaults

When it comes to higher-end devices — frankly, anything that sits on a network and could potentially have some kind of vulnerability — there are

certain practices that best-in-class firms provide

• All security features — on every device — are ‘on’ by default. Take the device out of the box, turn it on, and security is enabled. If you don’t want that, you have to manually turn off any security element.

• Best-in-class products that are shipped globally should adhere to the standards and protocols of

the countries with the toughest legislation. The U.S. government has incredibly stringent standards for the products used by its military and intelligence agencies, so that makes for a terrific baseline for deployments in even the most luxurious homes. Think about access control, for example: All the thirdparty manufacturers Crestron works with have a very secure language that they operate within.

Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 42

your listening experiences to new heights.

The all-new 8” ln-Ceiling Speakers by Sonos and Sonance feature completely new acoustic components, offering natural, room-filling sound with discrete installation.

Find an installer now

• Default passwords should never be obvious — or repetitive. One very simple way to ensure that? Use every item’s unique serial number as the default password for that particular device. I can’t take credit for that idea, by the way — that must have been something cooked up by one of our smarter engineers; it’s so simple and elegant.

• Testing for potential vulnerabilities is ongoing, always. If there’s a potential weakness anywhere, you certainly want to find it before it’s discovered by a bad actor. And all third-party products must be carefully vetted before they even come close to being offered by a high-end nameplate.

What’s next

As the concept of ‘security of devices’ is ever evolving, so too are the ‘devices that provide security.’ We’ve seen a great many incidents of doorstep burglary in the UK, especially as people availed themselves of online ordering. The growth of ‘smart lockers,’ boxes where delivery people can securely leave a package until the customer is ready to unlock the cabinet, will continue to grow in popularity.

Beyond that, cameras and CCTV systems are becoming ever-more complex. The advancements in

image clarity will continue, and surveillance footage and images will become clearer and clearer. Add that to a growing list of features that provide optimal security for the residences — night vision, heat detection, RF blocking technologies that could prevent a drone from effectively spying on a home — and you quickly understand the constantly evolving nature of surveillance technologies.

Lastly, I think more and more people see the hidden benefits of robust systems, whether we’re speaking of physical or cybersecurity. It’s more than protecting people and property — these solutions can also bring tremendous peace of mind.

More Information


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Smart home systems protect and provide peace of mind

Bright Ideas For Sustainable Smart Homes

Paul Foulkes, the UK Manager for home automation device manufacturer Theben, delves into the transformative world of dynamic shading, shedding light on how these innovative solutions empower homeowners to embrace large, sunlight-filled spaces without sacrificing comfort or energy efficiency.

As contemporary home design increasingly favours large, beautifully sunlit spaces, the challenge of maintaining comfort and efficiency has never been more significant. Building automation holds the key to overcoming this challenge with dynamic shading - a solution not just for managing the light in those spaces but for incorporating design, technology and regulatory compliance into modern living.

Understanding dynamic shading

At its core, dynamic shading is about intelligently controlling the amount of sunlight that permeates our homes to prevent overheating, particularly critical in designs that feature extensive glazing. With the advent of Part O of the building regulations, which aims to mitigate overheating in residential buildings,

the importance of dynamic shading has to be at the forefront of home design and specification.

The Part O building regulations present two primary options for compliance: the ‘simple method,’ focusing on reducing glazing area and enhancing cross ventilation, and ‘dynamic thermal modelling,’ a more complex approach that considers and measures the building’s interaction with its environment.

Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 46

T2 W

Stream Vinyl Anywhere

The T2 W is a full-feature turntable, boasting a precision engineered aluminium tonearm with a Sumiko Rainier cartridge pre-mounted and a thick glass platter. It’s also one of the Smartest turntables available today thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi technology, allowing you to playback your vinyl records throughout your home reliably and in high-quality.

Control everything using the new Pro-Ject Control app.

Piano Black Matte White Walnut
Distributed by Henley Audio T: +44 (0) 1235 511 166 | E: | W: | : HenleyAudioUK | : HenleyAudio

Ambient Assisted Living with LUXORliving

The KNX-based Smart Home System with endless options to make everyday life easier, protect you from harm and increase your quality of life.

LUXORliving o ers many ways for the elderly and people with disabilities to improve their everyday lives and increase quality of life. These include motion and time-controlled lighting control, front door communications and entry via a smart phone app, or the integration of a medical alarm that can be activated via app or push button.

Experience an interactive display of LUXORliving at the NSBRC. Stand TV115

A third option is possible – Part O of the Building regulations phrases it as, ‘Alternative approaches are possible but they should be discussed and agreed with a building control body before building work starts.’ It is this approach that can allow the building design to retain the large glazed surfaces that are a common feature, and it is dynamic shading that can enable this outcome. Dynamic shading is not just about lowering blinds; it’s about a responsive system that adapts to real-time weather conditions and the building’s specific location and orientation.

The symphony of building automation

Imagine a system that knows precisely when to shade your windows based on the sun’s position, the internal temperature of your home and when a space is being used. True building automation, such as systems built on the KNX building automation international standard, take this concept even further, weaving in additional layers of comfort and energy savings. By integrating occupancy information and the

ability to manage various shading devices, from blinds and shutters to external ‘brise soleil’ type sun shading; your home can anticipate the use of spaces, adjusting the environment to harness solar gain for heating, and achieving substantial energy savings, especially in the colder months. This orchestration of elements works seamlessly in the background, allowing you to enjoy your daily life, with the peace of mind that your home is both comfortable and environmentally conscious.

49 Intelligent Comment Spring 2024

The essence of integration

The key to unlocking the full potential of dynamic shading lies in integration. KNX, a hallmark of quality in building automation, provides a framework for integrating various components, from dynamic shading to lighting and climate control, into a cohesive and efficient system. This standard guarantees that your smart home is not just a collection of devices but a well-orchestrated ensemble of technology. A unified system ensures reliability and ease of use, reducing the complexity for homeowners.

With everything controlled through a single, cohesive system, the risk of failures is minimised and any desired changes can be made effortlessly with just one call.

Embracing the future

Dynamic shading is just one element which represents aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability in modern smart home design. It is a testament to how technology can not only comply with regulatory demands but also enhance our living spaces, making them more

adaptable, efficient, and in harmony with the natural environment.

In the landscape of smart home solutions, Theben’s LUXORliving solution stands out by offering an entry point into true building automation. It exemplifies how simplicity and sophistication can coexist, providing homeowners with an intuitive system that doesn’t compromise functionality or design.

LUXORliving goes beyond individual smart home devices by offering a platform that unites multiple aspects of home automation. From dynamic shading and lighting control to energy management via precise temperature regulation, each element is integrated

seamlessly, ensuring your home is not just connected but truly smart.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of home design, the message is clear: embracing smart home technology is not about chasing the latest gadgets. It’s about creating homes that resonate with our aspirations for comfort, efficiency and aesthetics. It’s a journey that requires the right partners, expertise and a commitment to quality.

More Information


Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 50
More efficient and light filled homes are possible using dynamic shading

Seahorses: A Coastal Haven Enhanced by Smart Home Technology

Discover the fusion of coastal elegance and cutting-edge technology in this stunning ocean side home.

Perched majestically along the enchanting Southwest Coast Path in Maenporth, Cornwall, Seahorses stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of coastal elegance and cutting-edge technology. Nestled near Falmouth, this stunning new build

smart home epitomises luxury living amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

The picturesque setting sets the stage for a truly immersive living experience—one where nature’s beauty intertwines with modern comfort.

At the heart of this home lies the Niko Home Control system, orchestrating every aspect of the home’s functionality with effortless precision.

Andy Moss, smart home expert and owner of Moss Technical Services, official supplier for Niko in the UK, explains, “Ultraline sliding doors are a major part of the home to take advantage of the amazing views. We supply smart locks for the company, and it was they who introduced us the home’s owner. He wanted to create a retirement home, but also be able to rent the property out when he was not staying there, so the system needed to be very simple to use, and be able to switch modes from ‘renting’ to ‘at home’. In renting mode, the system restricts access to certain Spring 2024 52 Intelligent Tour

areas and aspects of the home. We can also access the system remotely to update functionality, and check system health at any time, making the system extremely flexible, efficient and reliable.”

Seamlessly integrated lighting in the home and in the grounds is controlled with internal and external wall controls and easy to use interactive touch screens. Motion and presence detection ensures that

much of the lighting functionality is completely automated and based on whether a space is occupied or not.

Niko’s Pure range of wall controls and interactive touch screens provide intuitive and highly attractive control points offering easy and fast access to the home’s different settings and moods. Seven-inch interactive screens are available to control video entry and delver deeper into the home’s abilities should the need arise.

With 12 underfloor heating zones and towel radiators meticulously managed by Niko Home Control, Seahorses ensures optimal comfort year-round. Residents can effortlessly adjust temperatures to suit their preferences, creating a cozy retreat regardless of the season.

From automated blind adjustments to ventilation regulation, Niko Home Control also empowers the owner to optimise natural light and airflow, fostering a serene indoor environment tailored to individual preferences.

Video gate entry, door locking mechanisms, fire alarm, and intruder alarm systems seamlessly integrate with the Niko Home Control ecosystem, safeguarding Seahorses and providing residents with peace of mind. The easy to use app can also be used when not in the property to ensure total control like turning on the heating when on the way back from a day out. The home will also simulate occupancy when the visitors or owners is not there as an added security measure. This sequence turns on automatically when the alarm is armed and switches off when the alarm is turned off.

53 Intelligent Tour Spring 2024
Control of the home is a breeze with intuitive controllers and a smart home app


Amplifier + Audio Streamer for Custom Installation

Introducing the WiiM MOD A80, a state-of-the-art home audio system meticulously crafted for the Custom Installation industry. This revolutionary amplifier boasts an impressive array of features, including HDMI ARC and subwoofer-out functionalities, all housed in a sleek, rack mountable design tailored to meet the demands of modern integrators.

Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio quality with the integration of the ESS ES9038Q2M DAC and TI TPA3255 Class-D Amplifier. These advanced components ensure that every detail of your music is reproduced with unparalleled precision and clarity, setting a new standard in sound perception.

Distributed by Henley Audio T: +44 (0) 1235 511 166 | E: | W: | : HenleyAudioUK | : HenleyAudio

Elevating Entertainment and Connectivity

Seahorses isn’t just a home—it’s a sanctuary where entertainment and connectivity converge seamlessly. A Sonos Multi-Room Audio system provides music for every mood around the home. Whether hosting gatherings or unwinding after a long day, SONOS transforms every moment into a symphony of relaxation. The Sonos system also works in harmony with Amina speakers that are hidden

inside the walls of the home. This approach delivers high-quality audio that has zero impact on the aesthetic ambition for the home.

With centralised SkyQ and CCTV delivered via an advanced HD distribution system by HDAnywhere, Seahorses ensures that residents enjoy seamless access to their favourite entertainment options and can access feeds from the security cameras as well.

High-speed wireless and wired networking, both indoors and

outdoors, ensures that Seahorses remains effortlessly connected to the digital world, allowing residents to work, play and stay connected with ease.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Control

Despite its advanced technology, Seahorses remains remarkably userfriendly, thanks to its full app and voice control capabilities. Whether adjusting lighting, setting the perfect temperature, or queuing up a favourite playlist, residents can effortlessly manage every aspect of the home environment with a simple voice command or tap of their smartphone.

Seahorses stands as a beacon of modern luxury—a coastal haven where intelligent design harmonizes with natural splendour. From its breathtaking views of the South West Coast Path to its meticulously crafted interiors, every aspect of Seahorses reflects a commitment to excellence. With its innovative smart home features seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, Seahorses redefines the concept of coastal living, offering residents a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort, convenience, and serenity.

More Information

Moss Technical Services

High impact exterior lighting is a major feature of the home
55 Intelligent Tour Spring 2024
The attractive wall mounted controllers offer easy access to different settings and moods

The Secret Garden

The gardens of this beautiful period home hold a secret: a high-performance music system woven discreetly into the space to add another layer of enjoyment and luxury for the whole family.

Set in a small village in Essex, this period property has been sympathetically refurbished by its owners into a magnificent, modern family home. The home boasts an

easy to use automation system by Control4 inside the house - which includes audio, TV, lighting and security control. The homeowner also asked their smart home integrator,

Elements to provide a high-tech audio solution for the extensive outdoor space.

“The homeowner and his family spend a lot of time in the grounds and wanted music to enhance their experience and enjoyment of outdoor living for a variety of situations, be that an intimate chat on the patio, a pool party, a thoughtful meander around the grounds, a family dinner, or all these things at once,” explains James Hollis, Integrated Systems Business Manager at Elements. “They wanted it to be ready to go whenever they were.”

The Elements team divided the large space into five audio zones – two patios, a pool area, a temple walkway and an island set on a lake. Each space can operate as individual audio zones or, collectively, to play synchronised music throughout the garden. Elements also worked closely

Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024 56

with the in-house gardening team who helped design flower beds and topiaries for speaker and subwoofer placement to minimise product visibility.

The Episode Landscape range of outdoor speakers from manufacturer, Snap One provided multiple placement options so the most appropriate, effective and discreet placement options for all the areas could be achieved.

Constructed with all-weather components, the audio products can handle the elements (from -20 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit) and still deliver a crisp, natural sound.

The garden now features a whole array of different speakers matched perfectly to the areas they serve, offering a rich and pleasing experience no matter where the family are located. A few highlights include the

pool area, which doubles as a nighttime entertaining/party space, the two patios and the temple walkway, each which include carefully positioned speakers that are cleverly concealed by foliage. Speakers installed on the island deliver a wide dispersion and a uniform audio coverage.

There is no sound delay between zones, so the family can walk from the poolside through to one of the patios, listening to the same tune without any audio lag. From the lake, they can hear the same music as when they walk the perimeter of the water, creating a beautifully uniform experience.

Underground fibre optic cabling links back to the main house to unify house and garden into one Control4 automation system. The family can then operate all connected technologies, from lighting to audio, both indoors and outdoors, from one user interface on a touchscreen or their mobile device.

More Information

Snap One/Control4


57 Intelligent Homes Tour Spring 2024
This beautiful home now has beautiful music to match



Premium TV Mounts

SANUS sets the standard for mount technology

Innovative design and outstanding safety features make them perfect for all AV needs. Fast and simple to install, they offer a clean and stylish finish - while boasting unparalleled performance.

Premium Racks

PREASSEMBLED COMPONENT RACKS: strong and sturdy construction in heavy gauge welded steel. Available in 15U, 27U, 36U and 44U. STACKABLE SKELETON RACKS: can be floor or wall-mounted for maximum versatility. Available in combinable 10U, 15U and 20U sizes.


Sonos® Accessories

Get the perfect sound from your ERA 100 and 300 speakers or Sonos Arc soundbars with SANUS’ compatible mounts and stands.

Our adjustable height stands, tilt/swivel wall mounts and our complementary sleek, subtle design provide the perfect positioning.


From universal soundbar mounts and cable management solutions, to TV Media in-wall box, AV component shelves and projector mounts, SANUS has thought of everything to finish any AV install to perfection.


Lighting the Intelligent Home

Bill Hensley, Head of Global Marketing for RTI, a company that elevates the smart home experience with an intuitive and powerful suite of control and automation solutions, explains how intelligent systems can light up a home.

So what sort of things go into the intelligent home? Just about everything we turn on and off, the entertainment we enjoy watching or hearing, things we like to have happen on schedule, and things we appreciate not having to think about. In short, it’s a big selection of what makes homelife easier and more enjoyable.

When we think about things common to every home, lighting is pretty high up on the list. We all know plenty of people who don’t have home cinema systems or don’t have multiroom audio systems, but lighting is pretty universal. So how does lighting work within the concept of an intelligent home? Let’s start with simple. Flick on the switch and the light comes on. Not very intelligent, but functional. Let’s step up the

performance a bit and say perhaps that light is on a dimmer, and now we can control the exact amount of light at any time. Or we step that up a little bit more and now the light is on an automated timer - rather straightforward but we’re really just scratching the surface of intelligent lighting. Think of it as a system set up in a way that elevates my lifestyle, that makes things just a little bit easier, that keeps me from running downstairs to turn off the light that I forgot to turn off before bedtime. Intelligent lighting often works hand-in-hand with window shades, and climate control. In the not-so-intelligent home, you turn on the dining room light and lower the front window shades in the evening so the people walking by don’t watch you eat dinner. Now consider an

automated process where you press a button or use a voice command and those two things happen at the same time. The shades go down and the light sets to the appropriate level over the dining room table.

Well, that’s pretty cool, right? And I can do all of this from an app on my phone or a switch on the wall? Is that intelligent? Here’s where I will introduce my own personal bias. I define the intelligent home as one that has been taught to act in a manner as if it anticipates your needs. There are technologies that are ‘learning technologies’ able to remember what you do and assume that you’ll do it again. My personal bias is that the intelligent home is taught - or shall we say programmed - to do so by your professional custom integrator. Your integrator is generally

Intelligent Comment Spring 2024 60

going to work with a control and automation brand to consolidate all the various subsystems into an easy-to-use integrated system that makes you feel like the home is truly acting on your behalf. I will resist all temptations to focus on the approach that we take at my own company, RTI, but use some of the connections we make possible as an example.

One example is Philips Hue, which enables colour-changing options to ‘set the mood’ - and these can be personalised from the Hue app. The system enables turning lights on and off automatically to desired settings, adjusting to help you wake up and fall asleep easier and more naturally with the right lighting. With its app, it enables access and control of your smart lighting system from anywhere in the world, plus customisation with a suite of dimmer switches, motion sensors and smart buttons.

Now, what if you could integrate that into the rest of your intelligent home so it’s not a standalone app on your phone but responds to commands to trigger other events. Like lowering the shades, changing the thermostat or even firing up the family TV room or home cinema. My bias says that this is what we define as the ‘intelligent home.’ Integrating smart lighting into that home helps make the home more intelligent, and that is more responsive to your lifestyle. You could go to your local

store and pick up the Philips Hue components and install them and have a great lighting experience, but it’s your technology integrator who can make the intelligent magic really happen. RTI has a great ‘software driver’ to control the Philips Hue lighting within a smart home system. But we’re not alone; other control and automation companies do this as well.

Lots of options

Maybe you have seen the Lutron brand on light switches at a friend’s house, or perhaps in your own home. Lutron is a heavyweight in this space and makes some pretty incredible systems, integrating shades as well. And Lutron is one of several manufacturers designing lighting that mimics the variance in natural sunlight throughout the day to sync with circadian rhythms. Again, RTI and other control and automation manufacturers have designed ‘software drivers’ to connect the Lutron platform into the intelligent home platform. Hit the ‘dinner’ scene and the lights and shades adjust, the audio system plays dinner music, and the thermostat sets to the desired temperature. One of my early mentors in the industry referred to this as a 1+1=3 moment. In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The lighting system is functional, automated and convenient, but when

it’s integrated into the rest of the connected home, the home acts and feels intelligent.

This might sound like a luxury experience, and it can be. But it is absolutely a ‘lifestyle’ experience. Your ‘intelligent technology’ integrator is generally going to begin by asking you a lot of questions. What’s most important in your lifestyle? What kind of media do you consume? Do you work from home? Do you entertain a lot? How much of that lifestyle is outside? Questions like these and your answers are going to help your integrator design a system that’s right for you.

If you’re beginning your project first with an architect or a designer, make sure that they are talking about technology early in the process. Not technology for technology’s sake, but technology for how it’s going to make a difference in your lifestyle, where you need it and where you don’t. And as we were talking about lighting, the lighting designer is a key member of this team. Your intelligent home will likely be a combination of lighting designed to be seen, and lighting designed to set the mood. Today’s options are almost limitless, and the lighting designer can match them to your lifestyle.

More Information

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award winning home cinemas and smart homes


The Cinema Creator™: Generate your own home cinema design in minutes.

Created by leading, award winning home cinema installation company Prestige Audio, The Cinema Creator™ is a revolutionary online platform dedicated to helping you design your very own home cinema system.

The decades of experience and knowledge contained within the experienced team at Prestige Audio has been merged with this innovative app to enable homeowners to pick their preferred design, layout and performance level, generating realistic 3D-renders and a full quote in minutes.

Visit the site at and click on Free Cinema Creator in the Menu create an account for free and start creating world-class home cinema designs in minutes.

Prestige Audio has hundreds of world-class home cinema installations under its belt, once your design is finished, talk with our friendly team for any further advice needed and to make any final refinements, and your journey into the wonderful world of home cinema can begin.

Attend one of our exciting and immersive demonstration centres for an even deeper dive into what your home cinema will look like and perform.

This powerful webtool will provide a great starting point with regards to looks and costs, but as all of our cinemas are bespoke, together we will create a truly bespoke build, around your specific needs.

The Cinema Creator™ and Prestige Audio, passionately delivering the best home cinemas in the World!

Find out more! +44 (0) 1923 881 533 I INFO@PRESTIGEAUDIO.CO.UK

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