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Exceptional in-wall sound performance

20 INVISION AND TRINNOV Altitude32 and Altitude16 add Cypress Technology HDMI board

23 EPSON HOME CINEMA Go big and go home

StormAudio sets the standard

12 INVISION VIEW Projection screens reign supreme

14 DISTRIBUTED BY MERIDIAN DbM’s total cinema solutions

24 CEDIA Additions to The Cedia Designer

26 CASE STUDY: CLARKE INFINITY The Godfather of cinemas


HOME CINEMA HOEDOWN! Welcome to our Home Cinema supplement for 2020! It’s one of EI’s favourite subjects and so it’s always great to catch up with and present all the latest news on what is happening in this exciting and resilient sector. It’s been a funny old year to put it mildly, with few high-points to look to - however, one of the things that has come through the COVID-19 situation is the apparent resilience of our sector compared to some others. The home in recent months has become even more of a sanctuary than it was before and spending more time at home has perhaps inspired more end users to want to make the time they do spend there more entertaining and enjoyable. It’s too early to see hard figures to back this up, but at the very least it’s an opportunity for our sector to



make the case that a dedicated home cinema or a cinema that is woven into the fabric of a multi-use space is a highly desirable outcome. Investment-wise, of course we know there are many levels in terms of performance and price point now, and a wider range of households than ever before can afford to make the choice to include this type of experience in their home. These days, a good cinema is also more than for ‘just’ watching movies; gamers love them, sports fans too and live music concert content takes on a whole new lease of life. Also do not forget the opportunity to interact - a Zoom call with the family on a big screen is so much better than huddling around a smartphone, tablet or PC. So there are big opportunities in the future for this sector. We hope you enjoy the cross section of news and products in store further inside.




ROLL UP, ROLL DOWN. POP-UP CINEMA FROM OneAV A pop-up home cinema for any room. Bring the cinema home with a 120in Laser TV system that’s perfect for lockdown life. Laser TV is a nascent and burgeoning category disrupting the market for TVs above 85in. With a Laser TV system it’s now possible to create an amazing 120in pop-up home cinema experience in most living rooms for less than the price of a giant TV.


A Laser TV system consists of a 4K projector and a special screen. The projector has an ultrashort-throw (UST), meaning it can create a very large image on a screen from a very short distance. It uses a laser as the light source for delivering big, bright, precise and colourful 4K images even in a room with some ambient light. It delivers impeccable precision and detail at four times the resolution of Full HD with 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160) supporting HDMI 2.0 spec 4K HDR content. The laser turns on almost instantly and produces less heat than a traditional lamp so there’s no noisy fan.


For the best performance the laser must project onto a perfectly flat surface. A Laser TV screen from Vividstorm achieves this flatness through being stretched taut by tension cables at the side. In addition, the surface of the screen has been purpose-engineered for UST laser projection, up-close it’s material has a sawtooth structure that refracts the acutely-angled light beams outwards, whilst at the same time blocking unwanted environmental light from above. Stunning images are achieved even in high ambient light such as daylight.



The motion picture industry is naturally desperate to keep the medium of film alive in the age of coronavirus. This has meant Hollywood embracing streaming so it’s now possible to attend a blockbuster movie premiere or a prestigious film festival from the comfort of your living room. Our sofas are the new multiplex. Cinema provides exactly the kind of escapism the public demands during lockdown and enjoyment so vital and valuable at times like these. And because of this interest and demand for home cinema is at an all-time high.

So you have your projector and you have your screen, but how about a 120in home cinema system thats hidden in plain sight? Use an automatic floor-rising screen from market leaders Vividstorm and the Laser TV appears like magic, rising up from the floor or furniture, delivering a piece of theatre for your very own home theatre.


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A professionally installed Laser TV system will certainly deliver more wow-factor than even the largest big-screen flat-panel TVs. The preference for assistance during setup, installation and calibration brings the installer’s services into play, making Laser TV a lucrative business opportunity for home tech pros. Thus Laser TV is a new revenue opportunity integrators shouldn’t ignore.


Traditional home theater projectors need dark rooms and lots of space to project a large image. Ultra-short-throw projectors have emerged to overcome these limitations. In homes where its not possible to construct a separate dedicated home cinema room, Laser TV is here to either substitute or augment the flat panel display and rise to provide cinema screen size entertainment in multi-purpose rooms. Whats more 85in and above is a size range where TV prices go through the roof



and sometimes (think city apartments) even the logistics of fitting the TV through doorways becomes an issue. For many clients such as renters or apartment owners, running long HDMI cables and power and installing brackets on the ceiling, is a non-starter. With Laser TV, installers can negate the mounting of the projector on a ceiling or wall, and achieve a significantly faster install time.


From our experience, most people after seeing Laser TV say they would gladly choose it over a big flat-panel TV. And because of OneAV’s exclusive partnership with two newto-the-UK Laser TV category brands; Vividstom projection screens and the VAVA 4K UST laser projectors, OneAV are able to offer a special showroom demo bundle to assist installers with their ability to demo Laser TV. Contact a OneAV Laser TV Specialist to take advantage of the offer on 01684 576 348 or via team@oneav.co.uk oneav.co.uk/lasertv


Vividstorm S PRO UST ALR Electric Tension Floor Screen MSRP £2499.99 • Available in 84, 92, 100 and 120in size options with black or white casing • Ambient light rejecting screen material • • Sawtooth structure for optimal light beam refraction • Tab-tensioned for pristine-flat surface • Automatic floor-rising quiet high-torque electric motor raises the screen smoothly • Trigger by 12v, relay, IR, RF VAVA 4K Ultra-Short-Throw Laser Projector MSRP £2799.99 • 6000 Lumen / 2500 ANSI / ALPD 3.0 Laser Light Source • 1,500,000 :1 Contrast Ratio + HDR10 • 85%+ NTSC colour gamut • 0.233 Ultra Short Throw: cast a 120in sized image from only 7.2in away from the wall. • Android Smart TV OS • Integrated Harman Kardon speaker.



SONY AND AWE: DELIVERING NATIVE 4K IN HDR FOR HOME CINEMA PROJECTION AWE expands its home cinema offering by introducing three new killer home cinema projectors from Sony. Since 2018, when AWE was appointed as an authorised distributor of Sony Home Cinema Projectors and professional Blu-ray Disc Players, the two companies have enjoyed an extremely successful partnership. Now, with Sony announcing three new home cinema projectors, this relationship is taking another step forward, as AWE invites dealers to be amongst the first to experience, train, and purchase these latest technology projectors and deliver the ultimate home cinema set up for their customers. The VPL-VW590ES, VPL-VW790ES, and the flagship model, VPL-GTZ380, deliver a new level of immersive viewing experience in the home. These native 4K (4096 x 2160) home cinema projectors with SXRD panels offer innovative processing, impressive brightness, and are set to clearly establish themselves as offering the best-in-class viewing experience. “Sony has led the 4K home cinema projector market with our native 4K SXRD projectors for nearly a decade, and we’re thrilled to announce a new range of powerhouse models for our customers and CI dealers,” said Christopher Mullins, Home Cinema Product Manager for Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Offering a big screen, immersive viewing experience that delivers the creator’s true intent is a core goal when developing our new projectors, and these new models are no exception.”



The new lamp-based VPL-VW590ES and laser-based VPL-VW790ES offer an incredibly clear HDR experience by implementing new picture processor X1 for projector, based on technology used for Sony’s best-in-class TVs.

Due to the processing power of the newly installed X1 for projector, more detailed analysis is performed, and HDR enhancement power has become stronger compared to the previous models. The Dynamic HDR Enhancer analyses each scene to deliver the best contrast performance when viewing HDR content, making the bright scenes brighter and the dark scenes darker. The dynamic range of contrast and brightness is further expanded by linking with the laser and iris. A Digital Focus Optimizer improves focus levels by compensating optical degradation of the lens to offer corner-to-corner clarity, while Sony’s Unique Super Resolution “Reality Creation” Technology – X1 for projector – analyses each scene to enrich 4K content and

real-world detail and texture. Even content filmed in 2K or Full HD is upscaled close to 4K. Resolution of each subject is then optimised to reproduce real-world textures. With these two models, integrators can offer their customers a free three-year upgrade to PrimeSupportElite. The VPL-VW590ES or VPL-VW790ES has to be registered within 60 days from purchase, and the customer will then benefit from repairs with all logistics covered and a loan unit provided for the duration of the repair at no extra cost.

Stuart Tickle, Managing Director at AWE, said, “Sony already set the benchmark offering a native 4K projector at £5,000, and also had a native 4K laser unit at £15,000. Now, with a hugely improved step-up lamp-based proposition with the VPL-VW590ES at just £7,000, and an even better performing laser-based VPLVW790ES at just £12,000, they simply blow the competition away! What’s more, few realise that all DLP based projectors can only claim native 4K resolution through image shift trickery, whereas all Sony SXRD projectors have the required number of pixels on the chips themselves.”


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100% DCI-P3 without any loss of brightness. With low acoustic noise and compact chassis, this industry-leading projector offers flexible installation possibilities.


Sony’s flagship 4K SXRD laser projector VPL-GTZ380 delivers the ultimate HDR visual experience in high-end home cinemas and living rooms. It can also be utilised for corporate, entertainment, and simulation usage. This projector delivers overwhelming image expression and HDR performance with its high contrast, brightness, and wide colour gamut in a comparatively compact body size (weighing 51kg), vastly elevating customers’ favourite movies, TV shows, and games. The model also features X1 Ultimate for projector to enable enhanced picture quality. This ground-breaking projector incorporates a newly developed 0.74 inch native 4K SXRD panel with improved light stability and a new laser light source using a red laser diode in addition to the two different-wavelength blue laser diodes. This enables the model to achieve an impressive 10,000 lumens and a wide colour gamut of



Knowing how good these new projectors are, the AWE team took no time in getting their hands on the VPL-VW590ES and VPLVW790ES models and installing them in the AWE Cinemas — to provide visitors with a demo of both models, as well as the existing VPL-VW270. “I was excited to get the new Sony projectors installed in our cinemas to really see what they can deliver,” comments James Drummie, Product Manager at AWE. “I was not disappointed. With a Digital Focus Optimiser and a Dynamic HDR Enhancer in both the new


models. The picture is sharper, and it delivers the best HDR performance that I have ever seen in a projector. I now can’t wait to get hold of the VPL-GTZ380, which will take the home cinema projection reference to the next level.” Having put a host of procedures in place to make the facility COVID secure, the AWE show apartment is open for client demos. Contact the AWE team to book an appointment or go to aweeuro.pe/visit.


VPL-VW590ES – £6,999 SRP – available now VPL-VW790ES – £11,999 SRP – available now VPL-GTZ380 – £79,999 SRP – available January 2021 AWE awe-europe.com




With Habitech’s support, every integrator can own the cinema design space, says Sales Manager Timmi Thorsen. Here’s an upside to the downturn: the world is experiencing the biggest expansion of the internet and home entertainment in years. And it’s going to stick. Today, millions of bubble families are relying on digital delivery as a life preserver at work and play, generating double digit growth in SVoD and gaming entertainment. For example, 16% of the UK’s entire adult online population subscribed to Disney+ between its launch on March 24 and early July. Meanwhile, Netflix attracted 10 million subscribers in Q2, on top of 15.8 million in the preceding quarter. All this is accelerated by service stacking, which is now widespread, averaging three streaming services for every US household and two in the UK. Subscription fatigue is unlikely to reverse these dramatic home-centric shifts in media consumption when big streamers like Disney, Netflix, Comcast and Amazon are fighting tooth and nail to preserve them. Even as the bubbles pop, new habits will die hard. For your business this could be the big silver lining to the Covid cloud. New enthusiasm for home AV at every price point is driving demand to your door at a time when the IoT invasion is eroding


prices in other areas of your business. The ‘back of the net’ opportunity must be to sell and support the experiences your customers cannot get from smart things. Which is why we’re here to give every integrator the power to deliver – and charge for – the wonder of complete AV immersion.

When the IoT invasion is eroding prices in other areas of your business, Habitech is here to help you sell the experiences you cannot get from smart things


Today, after five years of investment in people, products and demonstration spaces, we’re able to transform your cinema proposition with an endto-end home cinema design service. Whether you’re new to home cinema design, or a seasoned campaigner; whether the brief is for super discreet surround around a telly or the ultimate in bespoke home cinema luxury, Habitech will support your business with a powerful medley of design, product, demonstration and backup services. Just think of us as a one-shot tonic for your cinema design creativity: everything you need in a single convenient supplement.


Even if the prospect of tackling the largest and most complex investment in a single room within the home appears daunting, we can help you share the rewards of this market from a standing start. We’ve partnered with the best brands: Wisdom Audio, James Loudspeaker, Acurus, Arcam, Salamander, JVC, Dalite/Projecta, Panamorph, Yamaha, Sonance, to help you deliver a truly immersive cinema experience in any residential


Wisdom Audio’s L75i-P38iP20i in-walls are part of a select product portfolio from the best brands, designed to give every integrator the power to deliver – and charge for – the wonder of complete AV immersion

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CinemaTech’s Design Service Program provides you with design drawings and an acoustic design plan

environment is tuned acoustically to achieve the maximum performance from the audio system installed. The beauty of this arrangement is that whether you’re taking your first steps in cinema or sprinting in the field, we’ll provide the level of project support that’s exactly right for you.

PROOF OF THE PUDDING CT’s reversible acoustic panel provides HF absorption on one side and reflection/LF absorption on the other

space. For perfect system permutations, you can rely on the experience of our own cinema systems product specialist, Craig Wheeler, in collaboration with Wisdom’s product wizard Steve Rutherford. And for the acoustics and room design challenges, we’ll ‘fly in’ a dedicated team of specialists to work on your project through our partnership with CinemaTech.


Today, many customers prefer to experience the joy of a home cinema in what is recognisably a ‘living’ environment. But they’ll be missing the magic if the room’s not ready for sound. CinemaTech’s acoustic technology will allow you to step confidently into luxury home cinema by offering flawless acoustically optimised room designs to the most ambitious clients. With hundreds of prestigious projects to its name, the CinemaTech design team can apply 25 years of experience to the successful and most exacting delivery of your client’s bespoke theatre. Habitech’s exclusive tie-up with CinemaTech gives you access to its industry-leading Design Service Program (DSP), which generates a unique interior design for the space, followed by accurate 3D design renders. Not only will it look and feel fantastic, the new cinema



Another big part of our end-to-end design support offers you the power to demonstrate. We’ve invested in multiple price-point theatres, including the new Wisdom Point Source and Line Source cinemas shortly to be opened at our Basingstoke base. Covering a wide range of budgets, this resource throws open the opportunity to invite your customers to a demo in the environment that’s closest to their ideal. Fact is, demonstration is the only way to show them what a real cinemascope image looks like, or what their favourite concert footage sounds like, or most importantly, exactly what ‘immersion’ is all about. Invariably once the experience has generated the desire to buy, price becomes less of an issue. What’s more, with the benefit of replicable CinemaTech acoustics, you can transfer the complete experience down to the very last frequencies! To the ‘can I have this in my home’ question, you can simply say ‘yes’, emphatically, every time. Combined with the proven systems versatility and performance of our flagship cinema brands, CinemaTech, provides the power to emulate the look, sound and feel of JVC’s peerless N Series projectors combine with Dalite/Projecta screens and Panamorph lenses for jaw-dropping picture quality from Habitech


high-end Habitech cinema virtually anywhere. In a single compelling and transferable package, you can supply the ‘wow’ that makes every decision simpler.


With or without CinemaTech, we’ll tie all the detail together in a custom proposal that comes exclusively from you to your customer. With your brand on the cover the presentation will describe the system elements, configuration and seating plan for the optimum cinema design, according to the scale/budget required, and explain why our specialists believe it will offer your clients the immersive qualities and experience of today’s most advanced home cinema technologies in their home - without mentioning individual prices of course. Your exclusive proposal will reassure them that from start to finish, the project is in expert hands.


With Habitech on side, every integrator will have the ammunition to deliver magical home cinema in any space, from a modest media room to the most desirable, unique and precision-crafted home theatre environment. Step by step we’ll provide the support you’ll need to clinch the sale and complete the project end-to-end, from plan to premiere. For you and your customers, the best possible experience of home cinema design starts right here, with us. Habitech habitech.co.uk




With the introduction of the StormAudio MK2 line up of amplification and processing power to the Pulse Cinemas family, the company argues installers have the best platform on the planet from which to create AV and home cinema masterpieces. Kapes Patel, Technical Director at Pulse, makes the case. Starting with an introduction to the two key new products if you are not yet familiar, StormAudio has poured all of its knowledge and manufacturing knowhow into new generations of its processing and amplification offerings. Created as an evolution of the awardwinning ISP product range, the StormAudio ISP MK2 version is a preamp/processor that delivers the ultimate feature package required by the most demanding integrators and home cinema enthusiasts. Also an evolution from the MK1 version, the high performance PA MK2 amplifier range (available in 8ch and 16ch versions) has a new more refined appearance to match with the new processors. A collaboration with Danish experts Pascal Audio, the MK2 variants boast Class D amplification. Looking at the processor in more detail, StormAudio has kept its commitment to flexibility with its modular approach offering lots of options in terms of hardware and software. Installers can make choices such as the amount of analogue XLR outputs or digital AES/EBU (up to 32ch). Perhaps you need to connect with audio over IP AES67 networked devices? No problem, just talk to us and we will help create exactly the machine you need for each project. The base of the range begins with a 16-channel product that can be upgraded to 24 or 32 XLR analogue outputs or a mighty 32 Digital AES outputs.


All the important CODECs for a real immersive cinema and AV experience are delivered by MK2. The platform includes DTS:X Pro and Dolby Atmos up to 24 channels (13.1.10) offering the best immersion in big cinemas including the new centre height and overhead speakers. Also included is the latest version of the Auro-3D engine, including an update of the Auro-Matic upmixer offering better dialogue management in the centre channel with stereo content. Auro3D compatibility also includes support of back speaker rendering even with 9.1 or 11.1 Auro3D content. This new hardware also supports IMAX Enhanced which will be offered through a free software update early 2021. Other enhancements on the MK2 family include the new hybrid analogue/digital volume

adjustment offering better noise performance comparable with the best high-end stereo pre-amp for any of the 32ch available. When it comes to calibration and adjustment to create truly bespoke cinemas each time, with MK2, each speaker now comes with a 20 band PEQ capability, in addition to the multi-way capability and Dirac Live filtering. Full compatibility with Dirac Live delivers this state-of-the-art digital room correction technology, but makes it easy and fast to use. Dirac Live uses sophisticated analysis of all the speakers in an install to optimise performance and remove colorations. Using Dirac Live delivers real world, repeatable results for musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, as well as richer and tighter bass.

StormAudio MK2 is now driving the main cinema at Pulse Cinemas HQ


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However, StormAudio goes further and delivers the Dirac Live Bass Control module too, offering sophisticated bass management and room mode correction for any number of subwoofers. StormAudio’s Speaker Configurator has also been rebuilt for MK2 offering a new user friendly graphical per layer definition, base, height and top, with many new speakers feeds added. Further visible control options include updated HDMI outputs via the On-Screen Display capability with adjustable position to meet 16/9 or 21/9 screens aspect ratios. On the vision delivery side, StormAudio MK2 boasts the most advanced HDMI card in the business, co-developed with Cypress Technologies. The HDMI 7 + 2 eARC card delivers fast switching, eARC, 4K, 18 Gbps, Dolby Vision and HDR10. An 8K upgrade is also in development. Compatibility has also been key to the success StormAudio has experienced with MK2. The new hardware can act as an endpoint for the popular audiophile content and streaming service ROON - a really popular combination this one. StormAudio also offers full compatibility with the Pulse Cinemas automation system of choice, RTI, and the platform can also be used with ELAN, Control4, Crestron and Savant. Flexibility also exists outside of the MK2 version as we can deliver a MK1 to MK1.5 - 24 channel decoder upgrade. This underscores StormAudio’s commitment to providing long term value with genuine upgrades. Via this option, an MK1 processor receives a 16-channel decoder to 24-channel boost, gains DTS:X Pro decoding, IMAX Enhanced and also gets quicker codec switching.




Switching to the MK2 amplification range, this upgrade delivers UMAC Class D technology, offering high efficiency, high dynamic range and extremely low distortion. The 16 and 8 channel versions both have four individual UREC technology-based power supplies and each PA MK2 offers up to 3kW of capacity with instantaneous response, changing in real time to the demands of the content. In partnership with the processor part of the family, all the information available to the amp becomes visible within the ISP WebUI interface thanks to StormMonitoring technology, allowing for accessibility locally or remotely.

TWICE VIP Awards 2020. Voted on by the U.S integrator community, it’s a great endorsement and verification that installers out in the field are appreciating what has been created. However, the recognition does not end there, as the same product was named as one of the winners of the Best of Show awards at CEDIA Expo this year - and StormAudio is also a finalist for the CEDIA Awards Best New Hardware of the year. At the time of writing this, we don’t yet know the results, so let’s hope its another triumph for this brand which has had such a strong year. The good news does not end there; the MK2 is now driving our main cinema at Pulse Cinemas HQ, so you can come and experience a fully socially distanced demonstration and witness just how good it is for yourself. We were really impressed when we dropped the MK2 into the rack in place of MK1. We have the same amount of channels, but the improvement with a richer, cleaner sound was immediately apparent. It really is the best option out there. Plenty of systems deliver lots of power, and StormAudio does that of course, but it’s the level of control and calibration that can be achieved efficiently and quickly that really puts the products out in front. Get in touch and whip up a storm of your own with the best in the business. Pulse Cinemas pulsecinemas.com


We also ways like to back winners here at Pulse Cinemas, so it’s wonderful to reveal that StormAudio already received significant recognition from the industry for its achievements with MK2. Earlier in the year, the ISP.32 Digital AES MK2 has won the Audio Hardware: Preamps & Processors award at the @TWICEOnline




WHY PROJECTION SCREENS REIGN SUPREME OVER BIG-SCREEN TVS TVs and projection systems have been a topic of debate for years. Some people swear by the brightness and clarity of big TVs, while others believe nothing beats the immersive viewing experience of a standalone projection screen. Determining which type of display is best usually boils down to a matter of personal preference—yet there are compelling reasons to make projection screens your starting point as you discuss home cinema options with customers. Here’s why:


The whole point of having a home theatre is having a big picture. Certainly, there are huge TVs, but their dimensions still pale in comparison to exceptional projection screens. It’s the experience that matters in a home cinema – and the bigger the picture is, the more engaging, dynamic, immersive, and memorable the viewing experience. A projection screen brings movies to life, making a space like no other. The unparalleled images and cinematic presentation are why you’ll find only projection screens, not TVs, in both commercial cinemas and home cinemas. “With a projection screen you’re not selling technology; you’re selling an experience,” says Ryan Gustafson, CEO at Screen Innovations. Plus, once you get past 120 inches in diagonal screen dimension, pound for pound a complete projection system is typically less expensive than a huge TV—making it a no-brainer for budget-conscious customers. A projection setup also contributes to integrators’ bottom line, as profit margins of commoditised TVs continue to dwindle. Also, transporting and installing a projection screen won’t eat up manpower. It ships rolled up for easy delivery and transport, and is lightweight enough for easy handling and installation. However, a TV of the same size is significantly heavier and cumbersome, requiring an entire crew to lift, carry, and install it. Entertaining a large group is easy with a projection screen; there’s no such thing as a bad seat. Everyone has a great view of the image when it’s presented on a screen that stretches across the entire front wall. People can mingle and grab a drink at the back bar without losing view of the screen. Depending on the size of the audience, it’s difficult to achieve the same level of entertainment enjoyment from a smaller TV.



A projection screen evokes a feeling of escapism—which many shelter-and-home families crave as the pandemic persists. Resembling the screen at a commercial cinema, a home cinema projection screen transcends reality, turning any room into a special destination where viewers can become truly immersed in a movie. What once was a space barely used becomes a room frequented and a valuable addition to the real estate. And with so much content at our fingertips, the same screen that takes you to the movies can transport you to exotic destinations, an interactive fitness studio, and virtual gaming sessions. Engaging content combined with larger-than-life images creates a window into different worlds – promoting relaxation, health and wellness.


A big-screen TV mounts to the wall or sits on a TV stand. It’s a pretty cut-and-dry installation. Once it’s in position, you’re left with a big, dark rectangle amid the room décor. However, a projection screen can be affixed to the wall, suspended from the ceiling, motorised to lower from the ceiling, or framed by elegant draperies. You’re able to choose a mounting and design approach that best suits the room’s style while imparting a sense of drama and excitement. With a wide assortment of designs, you can get creative with a home cinema installation. Speakers can be hidden behind acoustically transparent screens; large, uncovered windows can serve as a backdrop for ambient light rejecting screens; and coloured bezels can complement the room décor.

While it’s certainly a popular option to construct a dedicated screening room around a front-projection system, it’s by no means your only option. The combination of high-output projectors, retractable screens, and proper lighting control allows you to integrate a frontprojection system into virtually any space. When paired with an ultra-short-throw projector, for example, even small rooms are candidates for large projection screens.


When new TV technologies are introduced, the only way you can upgrade is to buy a completely new display. Not so with a projection system. The screen or the projector can be easily swapped or updated to stay on-trend.


A projection screen is the cornerstone of a home cinema. It sets the tone while providing a perfect inroad to other technologies. To your customers, it suddenly makes sense to incorporate lighting control, colour-changing LEDs, motorised window treatments, a customised remote control, a high-end media player, special theatre seating, and other accoutrements. Try convincing clients to add these technologies to a family room with a bigscreen TV—you’ll probably get some pushback. But in a dedicated cinema with a projection screen, it makes perfect sense. Invision UK is the exclusive distributor for Screen Innovations. Sales@invisionuk.com | 01359 270280


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Contact the Invision Sales Team for more information

01359 270280 | sales@invisionuk.com


The new flexible DbM demo lounge

THE EYE OF THE HOME CINEMA STORM Residential home cinemas are taking the market by storm. Customers are increasingly wanting a dedicated space to relax and immerse themselves in their favourite movies and binge watch the latest series, complete with the latest and greatest systems available. DbM (Distributed by Meridian) is here to put you in the centre of this expanding sector. From powerful loudspeakers and state-of-the art projection system to acoustic treatment and projection screens, DbM (Distributed by Meridian) partners with a number of pioneering brands to create the very best, high performance products, helping integrators to create the perfect home cinema set up.


As exclusive distributor within the UK and Eire, DbM offers dealers access to powerful audio solutions from Waterfall Audio that deliver exceptionally pure and natural sound, with stunning aesthetic attributes capable of blending into any interior. The range includes three stunning compact on-wall speakers, along with a shallow mounting depth (73mm) in-wall/in-ceiling option for home cinema systems. The range starts with the compact Serio, moves up to the everpopular Hurricane Evo and is completed by the awesome Elora Evo. To complement the onwall range, DbM dealers have access to three matching compact but mighty subwoofers, and three unique in-room glass speakers.


The visually stunning Iguascu Evo is the most compact floor stander in the range, the Victoria Evo adds greater bass weight and clarity and the range is completed by the flagship Niagra; the pinnacle of glass loudspeakers. The Pro Custom range from Waterfall offers incredibly potent and superbly designed high-SPL theatre solutions, based around a unique front baffle wall build system. The Pro Custom range is specified based on room size and features three increasing in size and SPL output LCRs and an incredibly potent dual 230mm subwoofer.


To complement the audio system, DbM partner Barco Residential offers dealers the very best projectors, bringing a new level of performance to home cinema installs. Benefiting from Barco’s unique 5K resolution Cinemascope technology, the Bragi Cinemascope projector uses the latest in HLD and LED illumination technology for exceptional colour fidelity and sharp imagery, designed to immerse the viewer in the ultimate movie-watching experience. Bragi Cinemascope has a motorised DCI/ P3 filter for HDR performance, meaning that the projector will support both SDR and HDR viewing, as well as Barco’s unique RealColor processing for simple and accurate calibration. In order to really enjoy HDR, it is this support for the expanded colour palette that many people miss out on; HDR supports the DCI/P3 colour space, which means a far more vivid, life-like and visually stunning colour reproduction that

is unmatched in this category. The incredible colour fidelity and native 5K 2.37 aspect ratio of the Bragi Cinemascope make it ideal in dedicated cinema rooms with screens up to 3,300mm wide.


To complete the display, Display Technologies (DT) provides a wide range of image solutions that offer complete flexibility in size and aspect ratio. Utilising a two knitted, white, wide viewing angle and highly acoustically transparent image surfaces, Display Technologies provides only the best in state-of-theart imagery. Custom designed Meridian’s new in-wall sub – DSW600


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com


and manufactured in the UK, DT screens can be installed with ease, allowing integrators to save time and money whilst delivering stunning, vibrant visuals for dedicated home cinemas. DT’s Motorised Mirror Drop and Vertical Mirror Mount projection solutions all feature high-performance optical mirrors, custom projector interface, and flexible alignment adjustment. Each designed to massively open up the number of possibilities for projector placement, these mounts ensure an aesthetically pleasing result and premium optical performance. The Meridian Reference range includes the DSP750

Revolutionising how screens can be installed in a home cinema set up, front loaded image surface means that DT screens can be installed straight onto the wall, reducing the risk of any dirt or damage, as the screen frame is already mounted before the screen surface is fitted.


Designed specifically to address the “Three Rs of Acoustics”: Resonance, Reverberation, Reflection, DbM partner Complete Acoustic Treatment Systems (C-ATS) is a unique acoustical treatment system for home cinema rooms. Providing the maximum performance with the minimum loss of space across all frequencies, C-ATS offers both foam and plastic/ full room acoustic treatment solutions, designed and specified by DbM’s complimentary service to be installed into any room.


When it comes to standout surround sound, Meridian Audio’s Architectural range of loudspeakers incorporates resolution enhancing technologies for the ultimate listening experience. The Performance range includes the DSP520.2 and DSP640.2 In-Wall Loudspeakers, the DSP320.2 In-Ceiling / InWall Loudspeaker, as well as the new DSW600 Digital Active In-Wall Subwoofer, delivering fast, powerful, dynamic, and accurate bass. Coming soon, the new DSP730 joins the DSP750 in the Reference range, delivering hi-res audio and offering the very best in dynamics and clarity. Powered by Meridian’s exclusive ‘CLASS-M’ DSP engine and integrated with ‘DYNAMIC’ Hi-Res amplifiers, the Architectural range is perfect for delivering Meridian’s renowned

Barco Bragi Cinemascope is available via DbM

audio quality discreetly within any home cinema. The 100mm mounting depth of the range also means that the loudspeakers can be used for any situation, regardless of room size or budget, and allows for a simple installation and maintenance free option.


DbM’s complimentary Design and Specification Service integrates all the aforementioned technology to make it quicker and easier for integrators to specify the right products for an exceptional home cinema installation. Dealers can also explore the range of solutions from partner brands at DbM’s experience centre, complete with a dedicated Reference Theatre and a newly upgraded demo room. Committed to achieving the very best inhome cinema performance, you’re in good hands with DbM. For more information on DbM and its partners, visit www.distributedbym.com

The Waterfall range is part of the DbM family







Screenline have recently celebrated 40 years of manufacturing projection screens from their base on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy. The brand has proudly always focused on bringing innovative and high quality products (Made In Italy) to market at competitive prices and we look forward to bringing you news of new products over the coming months.

We have recently been seeing a trend for people wishing to achieve the big screen experience in rooms other than a dedicated cinema room. While purists will always prefer a dedicated room for a true cinema experience, there is a growing audience who do not have the space or desire to dedicate a room to one single purpose. Today’s lifestyle and the way people spend their time has changed and the appeal of watching your favourite movies, sports event or box set in a familiar family, social setting such as the living room, family room or even kitchen seems to have caught people’s imagination. Let’s face it, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the idea of going to watch the latest movie at the local cinema is somewhat unappealing in these times, so why not invest in your own private big screen experience at home? This represents a huge growth opportunity for sales of projection, which is still unrivalled in terms of offering customers a true cinematic

experience. We have seen a jump in the demand for projection screens in the residential sector, even in the typically quieter summer months, with our electric WAVE TENSIONED PLUS screen and LIVING THIN framed screens doing particularly well specified with our RADIANCE ALR 4K material which is the perfect material, for screens in living areas with higher ambient light levels. Given this trend, we expect demand for projection in the run up to Christmas to ramp up and we will be ready with stocks held in the UK to fulfil demand and can supply custom screens within two-three weeks direct from Screenline’s factory in Italy. Impact Screen Solutions screenline.it/en/ | 01273 735476

the screen makes the difference

The best of modern Home cinema RADIANCE – AMBIENT LIGHT REJECTION MATERIAL Offering superb image brightness and contrast in normally lit environments Ideal for living areas and multi purpose rooms Available for both electric and framed screems

WAVE TENSIONED PLUS Beautiful black or white case design Hidden brackets Super fast and silent operation Soft close feature Available with many surfaces including RADIANCE

TEL : 01273 735476 E: sales@impactscreensolutions.co.uk


LIVING THIN Minimalistic framed screen with 5mm bezel Ideal for all environments & UST projection Also available without any bezel (LIVING FULL VISION) Available with many surfaces including RADIANCE


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com








Take Home Entertainment to the Next Level With Premium 4K Laser The ideal choice to fit in your cinema room. The VPL-VW790ES, with Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Digital Focus Optimizer functions, brings movies to life with extraordinary cinematic detail, colour, and contrast that you’d expect from a much bigger, more costly projector.


DALI PHANTOM M SERIES: EXCEPTIONAL IN-WALL SOUND PERFORMANCE The DALI PHANTOM M Series is the latest addition to DALI’s PHANTOM range of Custom Install loudspeakers, and has been created for movie and music lovers looking for astonishing sound from a discreet, in-wall speaker solution. Built on experience from the award-winning DALI PHANTOM S series, the new M series is the next step in DALI’s strategy to design highquality, easy to install CI products. DALI has designed and developed loudspeakers in-house in its factory in Noerager, Denmark since 1983. Offering an exciting range of loudspeakers to suit every taste, DALI speakers are characterised by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room. Today, more than one million satisfied customers enjoy their favourite music and movies at home on DALI speakers. The PHANTOM M series offers two versatile models; the PHANTOM M-250 and PHANTOM M-375. Although different in technologies, both models offer spacious and impressive performance from a very slim cabinet. With integrated sealed back-boxes made with low-loss glass-reinforced ABS, each model delivers best-in-class sound along with quick and easy installation.


These compact and versatile in-wall speakers are tuned for optimal frequency response, ensuring a coherent and musical experience, all of which offer the spacious DALI signature sound. The M-series will perform exceptionally, whether installed in a stereo or surround setup,


and is designed to act as both front, centre or rear channel speakers. PHANTOM M-250 includes DALI’s patented SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) technology, lowering distortion to previously unachievable levels, and features two 5¼” wood fibre cone woofers, a 28mm ultra-light soft dome tweeter and two bass ports. All of the drivers are positioned in a symmetrical design, making it well suited for use as both an LCR speaker for home cinema setups, or simply as a pair for stereo use. The PHANTOM M-375 integrates one larger 7” woofer which employs the full core of SMC technology and DALI’s famous wood fibre cone material, a hybrid tweeter module with both Ribbon and Soft Dome tweeters and two passive radiators. The passive radiators support the woofer to deliver tight and impressive bass

weight, whilst the hybrid tweeter system adds articulate and well balanced treble. Both models have the same cabinet dimensions, measuring 250 x 775 mm and only 100mm in depth. The slim dimensions along with its paintable grille also allow the M series to blend in well with any home environment. Their matte black front baffle enables seamless integration with any home cinema, preventing any unwanted light reflecting back from the projector. The PHANTOM M series proves that a slim in-wall speaker can deliver the authentic DALI sound without visually dominating the room. DALI AUDIO UK LTD 0845 644 3537 dali-speakers.com/phantom


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com


No compromise in-wall audio Enjoy unparalleled audio performance from a discreet, in-wall speaker solution with the DALI PHANTOM M Series. Comprising of two models, PHANTOM M-250 and PHANTOM M-375, the series is ideal for home cinema or stereo use. With integrated sealed back-boxes and a mounting depth of only 100mm, each model delivers best-in-class sound along with quick and easy installation.



The slim yet powerful DALI PHANTOM M series has been developed with versatility in mind so can be easily integrated into a variety of audio systems. Both models offer spacious and room-filling DALI sound - without physically dominating your living space.

Download whitepaper, product sheet and more at: www.dali-speakers.com/phantom

Cabinet Dimensions: 250mm x 775mm x 100mm



ALTITUDE16 AND ALTITUDE32 NOW SHIPPING WITH NEW CYPRESS TECHNOLOGY (CYP) HDMI BOARD Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce the release of software version 4.2.16, an upgrade for the Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors that incorporates a much desired but previously unavailable feature: an Object Viewer for Dolby Atmos. While enjoying Atmos content, Altitude owners will be able to use the processor’s user interface to see a graphic three-dimensional representation of the location of each sound object, all in real-time. The Object Viewer is available on the 3D Speaker Layout and Configuration screen of the Altitude GUI. Reading the spatial information encoded on the source, the Viewer shows each sound object as a sphere overlaid on a graphic representation of the listener’s room. Each object moves or remains in a fixed position, as determined by the sound mixer during the final home soundtrack mix. This screen also displays the speaker configuration of the system, with each speaker shown as a cube. A Meter function changes the colour intensity of each speaker according to its sound level, with an option to hide the speakers to view the objects more easily. Check the Object viewer in action here

“Our customers have shown a great deal of interest in the process of creating Dolby Atmos soundtracks and understanding how sounds are located in playback. Our Object Viewer allows them, for the first time, to see into the audio mix and to identify to what extent the sound mixer has utilised the 3D sound palette provided by Atmos. “Our research and development team works tirelessly to ensure that Trinnov remains at the leading edge in delivering innovative capabilities and technologies to our customers.”

Turn ordinary into special In addition, this software release includes support for a new HDMI 2.0 board produced by its new manufacturing partner, Cypress Technology of Taiwan. Trinnov has started shipping Altitude16 and Altitude32 processors with a new HDMI 2.0 board. The new software optimises the interface to this new board while working well with all previous versions of the Trinnov HDMI board. Functionally, this new board is essentially identical to the previous generation but with an additional eighth HDMI input and ARC/eARC capability.

parametric equalisation filters for specific models, typically required for bi-, tri-, or quad-amplified speakers. Altitude processors can now import these settings, eliminating the need for calibrators to enter filter parameters for each speaker manually. Once these settings are downloaded from a USB key, they become available through an alphabetised pull-down menu, located on the 3D Speaker Layout and Configuration page of the Altitude GUI. Multiple speaker manufacturers are now making these settings available for use on the Altitude platform. As before, due to Trinnov’s unique software platform, all Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors, regardless of the age of the processor, can be upgraded to 4.2.16 through a simple 10-minute download. This update is available to all owners at no cost. Invision UK is the exclusive distributor for Trinnov Audio. sales@invisionuk.com | 01359 270280

Impulse Generator for Time Alignment

“We are pleased to deliver to Trinnov owners a highly useful and educational feature that will enable them to better discover the details of the Dolby Atmos mix of their favourite films and music,” said Trinnov CEO, Arnaud Laborie.


For advanced calibrators seeking to perform custom time alignment of individual speakers and subwoofers, a ‘Pulse’ function has been added for each speaker and is located on the Processor/Input page of the GUI. It generates a short, positive pulse at -10 dB full scale.

Speaker Manufacturer PEQ Settings Speaker manufacturers often require electronic


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com

Altitude Altitude3232

Immersive ImmersiveSound SoundUnlimited Unlimited AAunique uniqueset setofoffeatures featuresfor forcinema cinemadesigners designers • 32 • 32 discrete discrete channel channel with with Dolby Dolby ATMOS ATMOS and and DTS:X DTS:X Pro. Pro. • Supports • Supports any any speaker speaker layout layout with with upup toto 6464 channel. channel. • Trinnov • Trinnov Optimizer Optimizer technology technology across across allall channels. channels. • Unlimited • Unlimited bass bass management management capabilities. capabilities. • Up • Up toto 4•way 4•way active active crossovers. crossovers. Recommended Recommended

loudspeaker loudspeaker positions positions for optimalfor optimal

immersive immersive sound sound reproduction reproduction v 1.0

Trinnov Trinnovspeaker speakerplacement placementrecommendation recommendation

v 1.0

• Leverage • Leverage Trinnov’s Trinnov’s expertise expertise in in immersive immersive audio audio with with our our recommended recommended speaker speaker position position forfor optimal optimal immersive immersive sound sound reproduction. reproduction. TRINNOV



• Our • Our white white paper paper is is integrated integrated in in The The Cedia Cedia Designer. Designer.

www.trinnov.com www.trinnov.com

Contact Contact usus forfor more more information information oror toto hear hear Trinnov Trinnov atat our our Reference Reference Home Home Cinema Cinema in in Bracknell Bracknell

01359 01359 270280 270280 | sales@invisionuk.com | sales@invisionuk.com

The big screen experience – nobody does it better

Step into the action As a world leader in imaging technology, we know a thing or two about high-quality on-screen experiences. So whether you’re a film lover, a gamer or avid sports fan, you’ll be blown away by our high-definition home cinema projectors.

EH-TW9400 EH-TW9400W




In the home environment, projection creates a feeling of excitement and authenticity when trying to bring the joy of the big screen into the home. With the lines between workplace and home becoming ever more blurred, having a space to step into for that feeling of escapism is a wonderful asset – whether you want to be absorbed in your favourite sports, gaming, movies or boxset. Epson, the world’s number one projector manufacturer and a leading innovator of imaging technology, can help bring this to reality. Our 3LCD projectors deliver an immersive, vibrant experience in a great value package. With support for 4K and HDR, you can throw a wide variety of content at our projectors with great results. The EH-TW9400 (black) and EHTW9400W (white, with Wireless HD system) are the perfect step-up from more basic projectors, delivering superb brightness and contrast in dedicated cinema rooms, with flexible and fully motorised optics to enable the perfect set-up.


Nothing beats a projector for that ‘Home Cinema’ experience. With projected image sizes ranging from 30in – 300in, and with multiple resolution choices, you’re in for total visual and audio enjoyment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


With HDR support, the projectors’ high dynamic range helps you select the optimal visual experience by increasing the contrast ratio to deliver a far greater range between the darkest and lightest areas of the screen. It gives images more depth and allows you to see incredible detail that’s previously not been possible. It also



enriches colours, making images feel intense yet natural and ultimately more immersive.


Why settle for a dull, lifeless screen when you can experience vivid, lifelike images with vibrant colour? White brightness alone can’t bring the true colours you see every day to life. Instead, the 3LCD technology inside Epson projectors delivers equally high white and Colour Light Output (CLO), so you get a picture that’s so incredibly lifelike, it’s like looking at the real thing.


Make your home centre stage for all the action with sharp PRO-UHD resolution technology. It delivers exceptionally high quality images with up to 1,200,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 4K-enhancement technology, 3LCD technology, full HD, UHD BD and HDR support. And with motorised optics and calibration tools, it’s easy to achieve an accurate display.

THE TRUE CINEMA EXPERIENCE AT HOME For a truly immersive cinematic experience, our PRO-UHD Blu-ray and HDR compatible home cinema projectors combine the latest imaging technologies to bring movies vividly to life in extraordinary detail. So, whether you’re an enthusiast looking to build your own personal den, or you’re looking to find an expert to take the stress out of your hands, you can rely on Epson cinema projectors to help bring that dream to life. Epson epson.co.uk


This isn’t just a new way to watch movies – it’s the best. Epson’s PRO-UHD enhancement technology reveals exquisite detail and brings the most delicate patterns to life. Each pixel is shifted diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double vertical and horizontal resolution. Additionally, Epson’s Super Resolution and Detail Enhancement technology optimises your viewing experience every time. Epson projectors feature PRO-UHD picture quality, bringing a new level of finesse to the texture and resolution of the projected screen, whether they’re showing native 4K content or digitally upscaling Full HD1080p content.




IMPROVEMENTS AND ADDITIONS TO THE CEDIA DESIGNER CREATE EVEN MORE VALUE One of CEDIA’s most valuable benefits — accessible for free if you’re a member — has gotten better, explains Dan McGowan, CEDIA Public Relations Specialist. The big picture features of the powerful CEDIA Designer (TCD) software — particularly, the time and money savings — are highly valuable, but it’s everything else packed inside that really makes it worth your while. Add a kaizenesque dedication to making the programme better and more relevant to home integration professionals, and The CEDIA Designer could become an indispensable tool for business. TCD creator, Guy Singleton, says the home cinema and media room design software was developed out of necessity — combining a


myriad of spreadsheets, calculators, and other measurement implements to not only save time, but save the need to tie up three or four colleagues to lend their expertise on proper and precise documentation. In addition to developments like virtual, 3D renders, an ever-growing array of exceptional brands and high-quality CAD drawings, Guy draws on a racing performance analogy to illustrate what’s recently come down the pike for TCD, which CEDIA members can access for no charge. “I always refer to this as a supercharger or a turbocharger that’s going to bolt onto our big block engine,” he said during a recent edition of the CEDIA Podcast. “You know, we already had something that was great, but now we’re just going to give it a few more horsepower, we’re going to make it a little more flexible.” Whether already available or in the pipeline, Guy offers detail on a slate of features that show

how TCD’s muscle is in the details. As is the case with so many features in TCD, they’re built with the future in mind and will play nicely with any new industry standards that come down the line.


Determining just the right amount of amplification needed for the room is a headache that doesn’t necessarily need to be. TCD has a new way of dealing with tweaks to this part of your project. “You may well say: I’m sitting this far away from the screen. I would like to hit a (sound pressure level) of ‘X,’ but to do that, I need a speaker that is this efficient and an amplifier that has got this much power delivery into the speaker,” says Guy. “So, there’s a little


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com


triangle: I sit further away, I can either lower my expectations — I can either say, look, I don’t need to hit 105 decibels, I’m happy at 98db. So, I can do that, I can sit closer, I can have a more efficient loudspeaker combined with a more powerful amplifier, so there is a little kind of Rubik’s Cube that goes on there. Every part of those is an interactive process.” TCD now handles these adjustments onthe-fly. Previous versions used to take users through the whole process before indicating whether the proper positioning or equipment selected would jive.


We know — as you know — that each seat’s experience could vary. Now, TCD will help you understand these variances, so you can deliver the best to everyone in the room. The programme will tell you the SPL for each seat in the project, giving you more information to control layout and equipment adjustments that will positively impact how your home cinema guests will experience the movie, show, or performance.


“The Performance Progress Tracker is exactly what it says,” Guy says. “It’s always nice to know

if (the project) is in the discovery phase, or if it’s in the first fix, or if it’s in the engineering phase… If we won the project or lost the project, if we had to requote or do a redesign, or if we lost that project to a competitor. The Performance Progress Tracker feature allows us to do what I would consider housekeeping. It allows us to keep our house in order so that we know ’Hey, we thought we lost it, but we got another shot at it, but we’re going to do a revision and we’re going to go back and relook at that.’ And it just really helps, I believe, from a project management and a structured documentation point of view, it helps keep your house in order.”

involves rooms that don’t fall into the traditional


coefficients,” Guy notes, “but ultimately, rooms

Guy says a more robust way of handling calibrations that account for non-traditional room shapes is coming soon: “I think something that we’ve always sort of tried to overcome — that kind of L-shape, that kind of dog-leg (shaped) room, that little alcove… the seating area, the bar area… Currently, what we do is we say ‘When you’re designing a room, we tend to square that room off.’” The TCD team, Guy says, is working toward a new approach, allowing users to type in the length of each wall in non-square-shaped or non-rectangularshaped room to help in these circumstances — particularly in a media room setup, which often

box-shaped space category. TCD is a tremendous tool for previsualisation and provides opportunities for integrators to showcase a home cinema or media room plan with a high degree of technically-sound, timetested specifications, but your knowledge of how the whole project will come together in the real world will still be the key to a winning outcome for your clients. “In sort of calibration terms, you can try to create what that room will be like. You can talk about (and TCD will help you factor in) absorption, diffusion, reflection, at that level aren’t built on spreadsheets. They’re not built on CAD drawings. They’re built by engineers and people on the ground with skills that can overcome problems and create solutions.” TCD will take care of the geeky minutia so you can more efficiently get to the portion of the work where your expertise shines. CEDIA members receive complimentary access to TCD’s Media Room level (a $650 per year value) and savings on higher tiers of the programme. CEDIA thecediadesigner.org cedia.net

The CEDIA Designer continues to develop. Image supplied by Perfect Integration





The Gramercy & Nero

the benchmark for luxury theater seating

The Ferrier A triple-motorized incline mechanism allows the user to operate the footrest, backrest and headrest INDEPENDENTLY from one-another. This allows the user to ensure maximum comfort by fine-tuning their preferred seating position.

cineak . com Antwerp, Belgium +32 (3) 354 03 66 - Los Angeles, USA +1 (866) 458-0529

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23/01/2020 06:55


EL PADRINO: CLARKE INFINITY CREATES THE GODFATHER OF HOME CINEMAS Clarke Infinity has been in the installation market for over 25 years and was already a major player when EI interviewed company MD Simon Clarke for our Day In The Life Series way back when the magazine was first established. This particular project underlines the company’s longevity as it was carried out for clients (Martin and Lisa) who the firm has worked with before on several projects and properties over the years. The couple called Clarke in when their new home was in the very early stages of planning. The couple wanted El Padrino (Spanish for Godfather) to be a fully integrated smart home where every detail was considered and central to the family’s plans was a home cinema; a room where they could relax and celebrate their passion for music, movies and entertaining.



Clarke Infinity was entrusted with making the clients’ dreams a reality – designing and creating a truly luxurious cinema room. Clarke Infinity explains that the couple’s vision was a large home theatre that delivered a fully immersive big screen experience for the entire audience. The room needed to be both luxurious and comfortable with air conditioning throughout, but without the cinema being negativity impacted by the air-con noise and unsightly equipment. Clarke Infinity used its extensive technological skills and industry knowledge to deliver exactly what the client had envisioned and then some. The team used acoustic modelling during the design stages which allowed a full treatment plan to be devised and implemented. Every element of the design was considered, from heavy access doors with noise control seals, to the creation of a sound lock corridor preventing the sound from travelling beyond the room.




The client wanted the room to be extremely comfortable and ambient which meant both the cinema and AV room required air conditioning. Clarke Infinity’s cinema design included a Barrisol stretched fabric ceiling and finishing to the interior walls; the Barrisol Clim ceiling is the first of its kind in the UK and demonstrates a number of technological advantages over alternative approaches. The perforated stretched fabric evenly distributes the air, ensuring the ceiling becomes a diffuser for any sound coming from the air conditioning – as well as keeping any unsightly equipment out of view. The Barrisol Clim ceiling ensures that the HVAC equipment remains unseen and people using the room cannot feel it (as the velocity in the occupied area is around 0.2m/s and human beings cannot feel the air movement when the velocity is less than 0.3m/s). In a little more detail, the air con system, in summer or winter, delivers conditioned air flowing gently over the outer walls. This eliminates any unpleasantly hot or cold walls and a natural flow of air develops throughout the space inside the room. Heat radiates through the entire surface of the ceiling, providing pleasant, gentle heat or cool air. The design is also silent due to the unique approach – yet it delivers a luxurious finish and allows the air conditioning to keep the room at the perfect temperature.


The Clarke Infinity team worked closely with the air conditioning company and specified every detail, from the placement of equipment and pipework, inclusion of broadband absorbers and creation of void to deaden sound. The result of the various acoustic solutions Clarke deployed is less than 15db of audible external, background noise, which is inaudible from any of the seating positions. As well as the cutting edge air treatment system, the team also looked to the high-performance end of the market when considering the audio visual equipment installed. Control4 offers ease of use and control for the cinema which includes a Kaleidescape content delivery system partnering a Sim2 projector. Lutron lighting is also present as are a compliment of Wisdom speakers and amplification. Striking seating from Fortress completes the look and offers total comfort when enjoying the room. Simon from Clarke Infinity says, “It is always lovely to assist a client over the years and to be a part of their property journey. The Barrisol Clim ceiling and acoustic solutions takes the cinema to the next level in luxury, with HVAC you can’t see, feel or hear! The cinema is sensational.” Importantly, the client agrees, “The end result has blown me away – just wonderful. We have been thoroughly impressed by the work of Clarke Infinity; they really care about every single detail. I am enjoying all our old movies

again, along with the new ones. The cinema is easily our favourite room of the new house.” Clarke Infinity also recently announced that the cinema has been shortlisted as a finalist within the EMEA Home Cinema category of the 2020 CEDIA Awards. Essential Kit List • Barrisol Cinematech Acoustic treatment • Control4 C4-EA5-V2 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller • Sim 2 Nero 4S DLP 4K UHD Projector • Kaleidescape 4K Ultra HD movie player • Lutron lighting • Fortress Kensington seating • Wisdom Audio Sage Cinema Line Source Planar Magnetic Cinema speakers • Wisdom Audio STS RTL subwoofer • Wisdom Audio SA-3 amplifier


@Install_mag  essentialinstall.com

Now every integrator can deliver the world’s most sensational home cinemas. Our partnership with CinemaTech means you don’t have to build a team of design specialists, we’ll provide one for you…

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W: www.pulsecinemas.com

E: info@pulsecinemas.com

T: +44 1279 647 039