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Uncompressed 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 and 1Gb LAN

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first HDBaseT™3 matrix product to the market

Using HDBaseT™3 technology, these powerful HDBaseT™ matrix support uncompromised 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 resolutions over distances up to 100m over a CAT6A. The new HMX88-18G and HMX44-18G come into their own with advanced audio features specifically designed for maximising the integration of AV sources in the modern home. Enhanced audio routing is achieved through the integrated audio matrix. This enables the audio from displays (via HDMI ARC or Optical S/PDIF), and all other sources to be embedded and routed through the system at the users discretion. The inclusion of a 1Gb Ethernet channel allows for LAN serving to all HDBT outputs / zones as required, IR and RS-232 pass-through, advanced EDID management, and PoC provide the ultimate flexibility.

The combination of these technology features enable our installation partners the ability to create a truly immersive AV experience throughout the home.



8x8 HDBaseT™3 AV Matrix

• Uncompressed / unconverted 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 to 100m

• HDMI / Optical Audio Return, Audio Embedding & Breakout

• 2x dual HDMI output, Bi-directional RS-232, IR, PoC to RX

Recommended RX:


Advanced HDBaseT™ Receiver supporting uncompressed and unconverted HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 up to 100m



4x4 HDBaseT™3 AV Matrix Kit

• Uncompressed / unconverted 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 to 100m

• HDMI / Optical Audio Return, Audio Embedding & Breakout

• 1x dual HDMI output, Bi-directional RS-232, IR, PoC to RX

Supplied with:

RX18G - HDBaseT™3.0 Receiver

Advanced HDBaseT™ Receiver supporting uncompressed and unconverted HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 up to 100m

RX18G - HDBaseT™3

Our award winning Video over IP Solutions

4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over 1Gbps Network


Dante® enabled 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 video over 1Gb network

• Extends HDMI and Dante® up to 100m over a single CAT cable

• Supports up to 4K UHD 60Hz 4:4:4

• Independent or combined HDMI and Dante® signal distribution

• SFP port for signal distribution over fibre


4K 60Hz 4:4:4 video over 1Gb network solution

• Extends HDMI up to a distance of 100m over a single CAT cable

• Independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB/KVM, audio and video

• Supports all audio formats including Dolby Atmos® and DTS-HD™ Master Audio

• SFP port for signal distribution over fibre

over IP solutions for a range of applications

4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over 10Gb Network


• SDVoE™ - 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over 10Gbps Network with zero latency

• Selectable or simultaneous transceiver - ultimate flexibility

• Scaled output, Video Wall, Multi-View, 1Gbps LAN, USB / KVM

• SFP+, EDID Management, Bi-directional IR & RS-232, PoE+ UHD Video Transceiver over 10Gb Managed Network

4K 60Hz 4:2:0 over 1Gbps Network


4K video over 1Gb network solution - TX / RX

• 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 over 1Gbps Network with 1-frame latency

• Dante, Audio Embedding / Breakout, EDID Management

• SFP, Bi-directional USB / KVM, IR & RS-232, PoE

• Scaled output & Video Wall

1080p 60Hz over 100Mbps Network


HD Video over 100Mbps Network - TX / RX

• 1080p with 2ch audio over 100Mbps Network

• Audio Embedding / Breakout, EDID Management

• Bi-directional USB / KVM, IR & RS-232, PoE

- Advanced control module ACM210
Web interface module for configuration and control of IP50, IP200, IP250, IP300, and IP350UHD
& drop’ source selection with video preview feature for active monitoring of system status
all leading control brands Advanced Control Module

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EI meets Denis O’Regan

Jason Lu, Founder of


Matt Emberson, Sales and Marketing Director, Faradite

40 ESSENTIAL IVORY EGG KNX training and market reach advances


Peter Broome, Director, Rako


Miguel Aguado, Marketing and Technology Manager, Lutron


Andy Bull MSc. AMSLL Director Of Design at Eclispe Lighting Design


Matt Emberson, Sales and Marketing Director, Faradite

ww w . a v o k e . c o . u k a v@ a v ok e . c o . u k Your experts in: • Video Distribution • Cable Infrastructure and Testing • Audio Experiences Your experts in: • Video Distribution • Cable Infrastructure and Testing • Audio Experiences
innovator CECOCECO
gorgeous gaming
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As the vibrant hues of spring emerge, it’s not just nature that undergoes a transformation; it’s also the perfect time for us to reassess and rejuvenate our approaches in both business and life.

Just after Christmas is often touted as a time of resolutions, new beginnings etc, and to EI’s mind this has never really worked. Long dark nights are great for cozy evenings in, but fresh starts, re-assessing? Not so much.

Spring literally embodies renewal and growth, offering us the perferct time and opportunity to pause, reflect and realign our strategies.

In both our professional and personal spheres, pausing and taking a step back to re-examine our methods can lead to significant breakthroughs; an obvious point perhaps, but how many of us actually do it? The hustle and bustle of everyday life often obscures our vision, making it difficult to see beyond the immediate tasks at hand. We become doers instead of thinkers denying time to our more creative instincts to have the chance of contributing. However, by carving out some time for introspection, we can gain clarity and insight into areas that may benefit from a fresh perspective.

Combining this period of reflection with time spent in nature can amplify its benefits. Nature has a remarkable ability to quiet the noise of our busy minds and provide a serene backdrop for deep contemplation. We know this, but again, how many of us access this powerful device? Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through a lush forest

or simply sitting by a tranquil stream, immersing ourselves in the natural world can inspire creativity and foster innovative thinking. As I was reminded by a friend who lives in North London recently, even big cities have tranquil spaces for some quiet relaxation time.

When we immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. This holistic perspective can encourage us to consider how our actions ripple outwards, affecting not only our immediate surroundings but also the broader ecosystem of our lives and work.

In the realm of business, spring offers a prime opportunity to reassess strategies, refine goals and explore new avenues for growth. Perhaps it’s time to pivot towards a more sustainable business model, embrace different technologies/brands or cultivate stronger relationships with a wider pool of clients and colleagues.

Likewise, in our personal lives, spring invites us to evaluate our habits, routines, and priorities. Are we investing enough time in activities that nourish our relationships and bring us joy? Are there areas where we can simplify or streamline our lives to create more balance and harmony? By making intentional choices aligned with our values, we can cultivate a sense of fulfilment and wellbeing that extends far beyond the confines of the season and make us more effective in each stream of personal and work life. The two realms are interconnected and being relaxed, focused and calm in one area, leads to the same in the other. So, not easy, but it is well worth taking some time to be still, do nothing and just think, the benefits are there to be had.



Daniel J Sait,


Ian Kitchener,


Claire Talty,


David Kitchener,


Mark Weller,


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In all matters, the editor’s decision is final. Editorial contributions to Essential Install magazine are welcomed, and the editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to the publication. All articles are copyright and remain the property of Essential Install magazine.

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Xi Series
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Premium products without paying a premium
biggest AV
Visit to explore the full AV & CI range. E: T: +44(0)115 972 4483 We do more than you think
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Snap One has agreed to a third-party distribution deal with high-performance AV brand, Integra. The agreement will extend Snap One’s portfolio with a selection of Integra AV receivers and accessories, exclusively available to partners in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland.

Integra, a Premium Audio Company brand, is a Japanese manufacturer of premium home cinema AVRs and is regarded as a leading choice for custom installers, says Snap One. The new distribution partnership will provide installers with wider access to Integra products and will also introduce new integrators to the Snap One portfolio of products.

Mark Reynolds, Vice President & General Manager EMEA, Snap One, explains, “Our agreement with Integra is great news for Snap One partners. Not only does it strengthen our current AVR offering, but it also means partners can now source everything required for a superb home cinema audio solution directly from Snap One.”

The new partnership further supports Snap One’s mission to become the most valued partner for integrators on every installation. Initially, Snap One will offer six Integra products, including four home

cinema AVRs, ranging from 7.2 up to 11.4 channels and two rack-mounting kits.

Mike Gregory, Senior Director of Sales, Premium Audio Company EMEA says, “We’re delighted to partner with Snap One. Integra AVR’s are already Control4-certified and designed to integrate seamlessly within the Control4 ecosystem, so the partnership feels like a natural fit. We’re excited to bring Integra to Snap One partners within the UK, Ireland and Switzerland.”

1000 Series ‘Utopia’ IW/IC models


DTS, Disney+ and IMAX Corporation have announced the global streaming premiere of Queen Rock Montreal – the first concert film available with IMAX Enhanced sound powered by DTS.

Disney+ is the first major streaming service to elevate the at-home viewing experience with IMAX Enhanced, giving its subscribers new ways to reexperience the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other content too.

The digitally remastered concert film will debut alongside 18 Marvel films, all of which have IMAX Enhanced sound powered by DTS, a subsidiary of Xperi. Disney+ subscribers with IMAX Enhanced certified devices will be able to feel the full dynamic range of these films through the immersive audio

experience of DTS:X, which allows sound to move freely around listeners.

“Sound is such a huge part of the movie watching experience that we’re very excited to now have officially unleashed our heart pounding, immersive sound capabilities for IMAX Enhanced on Disney+,” says Sven Mevissen, Director of Product Management for DTS.

“Our commitment to delivering the utmost in audio excellence ensures every moment reverberates with cinematic magic, elevating the viewing experience to new audio heights, literally.”

Queen Rock Montreal presents Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon at their most exciting and exhilarating. The original concerts, which took place on November 24 and 25 1981, were arranged specifically to be filmed for a full-length concert film to document their live show.

The film was restored for IMAX by Mercury Studios. Executive producers include Geoff Kempin and Alice Webb for Mercury Studios and Jim Beach and Matilda Beach for Queen Films. Owners of certified DTS:X-enabled AV receivers from manufacturers like Denon, Marantz and JBL will be able to enjoy the experience at launch.


Audiophile technologies in five models for luxury stereo and home cinema applications

Integra Snap One New route to market for Integra @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
IMAX Enhanced Queen Rock Montreal will make its global streaming premiere May 15 on Disney+
MAY 2024 07 NEWS
Smart is so
With JUNG HOME, we have developed a simple system to smartify any home. Learn how to plan, install and commission JUNG HOME in our new Training Centre. We will show you how easy it can be to digitalise a building. For more information, contact us at or 0808 123 7878 JUNG.GROUP/JUNGHOME

Pulse Cinemas and Invision carried out some special events and training days focusing on the AVA Remote family and the availability of the brand’s newest product in the month of April.

The AVA Cinema Remote began shipping in April, which coincided with some special activity including presence at the London leg of the CEDIA Tech + Business Summit (April 18), from company Founder and Chief Customer Officer Ted Haeger. Visitors to these events were able to meet Ted and gain further insights into the advantages of specifying AVA Remotes. Other events during the tour took place at Nimans, Manchester, Innovation House, Bracknell and The Minotti London showroom.

In these small-sized classroom events, attendees were able to learn the ins and outs of

AVA OS and how to set it up on a Cinema Remote. The talks included controlling devices by IP and IR, customising UIs, system design, how to use the AVA Nano Brain, setting up multi-room systems and how to mix AVA automation with native apps like Ring and Sonos. By the end of these three-hour technical sessions, installers were equipped with the know-how to win customers and new converts to the AVA Cinema Remote, say the distributors.

Pulse Cinemas is also continuing with a special offer of creating bespoke promotional videos connecting an installer’s brand with the AVA family. The videos showcase the AVA remote family personalised with an installer’s logo and company details. Pulse Cinemas said these special videos have been created to boost online presence and captivate audiences on websites, social media, or email campaigns. Contact Pulse Cinemas for further details.

Pulse Cinemas

Invision UK


The automation and smart building specialist has announced a new events series; Crestron Now: The Crestron Home OS 4 & 1 Million DM NVX Residential European Tour.

During this tour across 17 cities in 12 countries, dealers will get a chance to experience Crestron Home OS 4 and DM NVX technology. This one-day event includes live workshops, presentations, product introductions and plenty of time for networking.

The tour started on April 24 in Frankfurt, Germany, and will visit scheduled stops in UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Greece with the tour lasting until September 2024.

The company says the Crestron Now tour is aimed to educate, inspire and showcase the future of smart living. Dealers can experience Crestron Home OS, including the integration of lighting and

shading, as well as explore the DM NVX and DM NAX platforms.

The open ecosystem and third-party integrations will also be on display with support from key partners such as Luhk-ee, 2N, Airzone, ekey biometric systems, Gude, Vitrea, Arkadia and Black Nova.

Attendees will have a chance to dive deeper into two key Crestron platforms: Crestron Home OS and DM NVX.

The newly released Crestron Home OS 4 is described as the next evolution for the smart home, featuring a completely new, intuitive interface for the client while further speeding and simplifying installation for dealers. Crestron Home OS 4 offers interoperability and control of both Crestron and thousands of third-party smart devices and delivers a new level of user-friendliness, functionality, customisation and whole home control from a remote, touch screen, keypad, or mobile device for everyone, including residents, children, and even house guests.

Crestron says its DM NVX technology offers unrivaled 4K performance and low latency streaming for immersive multimedia content distribution, delivering a cutting-edge audiovisual experience.

Sonorise the Experience

Exceptional aesthetic design with highquality omnidirectional audio delivers versatile one-of-a-kind sound systems for custom integration projects, inside and outside.

AVA REMOTE UK PRESENCE AND TRAINING Check out the full list of dates and locations at @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
Contact Pulse or Invison UK reps to find out more about AVA
CUK_strip_ad-270x60 Architettura Sonora 2024.indd 1 25/04/2024 18:15 MAY 2024 09 NEWS

The preferred choice for custom installers around the world

Discover Flexson’s Pro Range by contacting Exertis: 01256 378 550 For product support contact: or visit our website:
Security fixing kits In-ceiling mounts Wall mounts with corner piece Ceiling mounts Flexson’s new Pro Range offers mounting solutions for commercial settings that are reliable and unique, with enhanced security and discretion features to ensure your clients’ requirements are met with an optimal system.


Harman Luxury Audio and CUK Group have announced a new commercial partnership. With immediate effect, CUK is the exclusive United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI) distributor for JBL Synthesis, covering all market sectors.

Stuart Thomson, Managing Director at CUK GROUP, states, “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to develop the world-famous JBL Synthesis brand in the UK and Ireland. As the original line of high-end home cinema sound systems from the early 1990s, JBL Synthesis engineering has evolved to offer today’s cinema designers a truly versatile choice of highperformance architectural speakers, timbrematched for discreet, dynamic and complete object-based immersive sound in a wide range of environments including the largest dedicated private cinema and media room projects.

“Drawing from its commercial heritage, JBL Synthesis meticulously designs, tests and evaluates its speakers to work seamlessly together and offer the data required to meet RP-22 recommendations. As part of CUK’s heightened support and training, we will showcase two Certified JBL Synthesis systems at our new demonstration facility at Ascot.”

“This is an exciting announcement for all,” adds Scott Campbell, Director

of Sales, Harman Luxury Audio. “We have full confidence in CUK’s abilities to help take the JBL Synthesis line to market and, ultimately, into our customers’ homes and premises. We are excited about working closely with the CUK team and look forward to an extremely successful partnership.”

Harman Luxury Audio comprises five prestigious brands from the Harman stable, including JBL Synthesis. With a lineage that can be traced back to the earliest days of cinema sound, JBL Synthesis has become a global leader in immersive multichannel audio.

Today, the brand offers some of the most advanced multichannel audio systems available in the world — with the ability to scale from small, intimate spaces to the largest private home cinemas.

CUK Group

BEMCO, one of the largest independent electrical wholesalers in the UK and a specialist in smart home technologies, offers integrators and electricians a varied and extensive range of high quality ‘In-Person’ KNX training at its well-resourced London facility.

New for Summer 2024 will be a series of one-day training days specific to brands whose products and solutions integrate seamlessly on the KNX platform. This will be supported by KNX specific training to help equip delegates with the essential theory, know-how and practical skills they need to be successful with KNX through one day KNX Refresher and KNX Panel Building Courses, and a five-day KNX Basic Course.

BEMCO’s KNX ‘In-Person’ training is delivered by experienced and renowned brand and KNX

experts at the only London KNX Training Centre in the UK, located at Bemco’s easy to reach head office in Wandsworth. The courses span the whole of summer through to July and feature partnerships and insights into some key suppliers and makers including Eelectron, Zennio, Siemens Lithe Audio and BAB Technologie, BEG, JUNG Home, MDT and WAGO. KNX specific courses include the KNX Refresher Course, KNX Panel Building Course and the five-day KNX (Certified Partner) Basic Course.

After completing these courses, Bemco and its supporting brands say they provide an unrivalled level of technical support and assistance with system planning, design and installation to help installers manage and provide practical aftercare for every client’s system.

All attendees receive a £50 off KNX products voucher from Bemco and will be entered into a free prize draw for a chance to win one of four Sonos Roam speakers being offered as prizes!

To view details of the courses on offer and to book your place contact Bemco direct.


Music streaming made for CI

High Audio Quality Integrates with all the leading home
A SUMMER OF KNX TRAINING FROM BEMCO Bemco has announced a summer of training courses @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
LtR Scott Campbell and Stuart Thomson shake on the deal
systems Local support expertise
MAY 2024 11 NEWS

CEDIA has appointed Paul Dolenc and Mitchell Klein to Executive Leadership Team. The new Vice Presidents will play an integral role in helping to build the institution and reimagine its service to the industry.

Paul and Mitchell join the now eight-person Executive Leadership Team, reporting directly to Global President and CEO, Daryl Friedman.

Aldous Systems strengthens sales team with appointment of Alan Briggs. Covering Scotland, Ireland, and select accounts in the North of England, Alan brings a wealth of experience and expertise with over two decades in the Custom Install industry.

Damien Winters, Managing Director, Aldous Systems, says, “Following a strong 2023, and amazing support of the installers in Scotland, we felt it was time to once again dedicate a Sales and Account Manager into this area and Alan is the perfect fit. I’m sure he will be a welcome addition to the team by our existing and new partners across the residential and commercial markets with his product knowledge and the expanding range of new brands he will now be representing.”

CYP has announced the appointment of Marc Waple as Managing Director to spearhead domestic and international expansion and attainment of ‘Tier One’ status. With almost three decades of experience in sales, marketing and management within the AV sector, Marc’s leadership is poised to drive CYP’s trajectory towards unprecedented success on the global stage says the company.

Marc remarks, “I am honoured to join CYP at this exciting juncture. As we embark on our journey towards international expansion and tier one status, it is paramount that we not only focus on our award-winning products, but also become the go-to provider of service and added value to our clients across the globe.”

PPDS, exclusive global provider of Philips digital signage, interactive displays, dvLED and videowalls, professional TVs, and dedicated AV software, has announced the promotion of experienced AV engineer, Jan Van Tieghem, as its new Director of Technical Sales Support.

Based in Ghent, with an EMEA remit, Jan is one of the most qualified and skilled professionals in his field, with an AV career spanning more than 20 years, 15 of which have been devoted exclusively to supporting the evolution, development, and success of Philips Professional Displays on a global scale.

UK-based technical solutions distributor, Visualization has announced the appointment of Daniel Adams as its new Technology Director. With a strong track record in the AV industry spanning over 15 years, Daniel joins Visualization to spearhead the company’s technological initiatives and drive business growth.

In his role as Technology Director, Daniel will play a pivotal role in shaping Visualization’s strategic direction within the media server markets.

Daniel says, “Visualization has a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its clients. I am excited to leverage my experience and expertise to drive technological advancements, foster strategic partnerships, and contribute to the company’s growth trajectory. I look forward to working with the talented team at both Visualization and the other VueAV group teams to continue delivering value and exceeding our clients’ expectations.”

onemedia, UK technical distributor, continues to expand its management team with the appointment of Sean Cooke as Finance Director. Sean, who worked previously as the Head of Finance at onemedia on a part-time basis, joins the board of directors. His appointment is the first following the addition of AV stalwarts Iain Campbell and Lee Baker, who recently joined onemedia in an MBO as Managing Director and Commercial Director respectively.

Sean says, “I’m incredibly excited to join onemedia as Finance Director after working for the company on a part time basis. The company has seen significant growth since the acquisition of Red Solutions and I’m looking forward to helping the company maintain its growth trajectory as it establishes itself as the leading technical distributor in the AV market.”

RTI has announced the appointment of Ben Mahoney as the company’s new Global Training Manager. In this new role, Ben will lead online and in-person training and education initiatives for RTI’s commercial and residential market segments.

“Ben is an award-winning learning and development leader with a track record of designing and implementing programs in professional AV, conferencing, and residential integration,” says Bill Hensley, RTI Head of Global Marketing. “Of equal importance, he combines technical expertise with a customer-first philosophy and a communication style that will benefit all integrators working with RTI.”

Sanus is expanding its sales division to help drive growth opportunities in the key EMEA region. Gavin Gregory has joined the company in the role of EMEA sales manager – consumer, to focus on the international business development programme, within a reorganised sales division.

Gavin has over 25 years’ experience in the consumer electronics industry, latterly responsible for all UK and Ireland sales and marketing activity for a major producer of AV accessories. He brings a wealth of commercial aptitude, product and customer knowledge to the role.

“I have admired Legrand AV as a business for many years, as their core values and ethos align with my own,” says Gavin. “The opportunity to represent the Sanus brand and support the team with their continued success is an exciting opportunity that I am looking forward to undertaking.”

Gavin Gregory Paul Dolenc Ben Mahoney Mitchell Klein Marc Waple
ESSENTIAL PEOPLE NEWS 12 MAY 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
WORLD’S FIRST THX CERTIFIED DOMINUS ARCHITECTURAL SPEAKERS 01423 358846 A complete family of timbre-matched in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall models for designers wishing to deliver the most discreet and absorbing home theatre immersion.


Blustream explains the impact, ease of use and install agility delivered by the company’s range of Video over IP solutions.

One of the key strengths of Blustream’s product line is its adaptability. Whether deployed in residential, commercial, or educational settings, these solutions deliver

At the entry level, the IP50HD offers a robust 1080P solution for large-scale installations. With features like EDID management and bespoke scaling, the IP50HD delivers robust performance while providing a cost-effective

Stepping up, the popular IP300UHD supports 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over a 1Gb network. Using visually lossless compression technology, the IP300UHD delivers 18Gbps HDMI, audio,

The Blustream Advantage:

Unrivalled Flexibility

• Multiple output resolutions, video wall, USB, KVM, control pass-through and more

• Massively scalable: Systems deployed with over 2,000 endpoints

Integrates with leading network switches

• User setup guides available

• Luxul, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Araknis, Pakedge, Netgear, and others

Enhanced system management

• Manage ever y aspect of the video set up

• customized routing

Suppor ted by over 100 additional AV distribution solutions

• 10- Year award-winning histor y

• AV backbone for the world’s largest spor ting events

Seamless 4K video and Dante®

• Transmitters and Receivers available with or without Dante® integration

• From boardrooms to enter tainment venues, hospitality, and beyond

5-Year warranty and system design suppor t

• We help you design for success

14 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL BLUSTREAM /Essentialinstall @Install_mag


bi-directional IR, RS-232 & USB/KVM up to lengths of 100m over standard CAT cable architecture, or greater distances using the in-built fibre SFP network interface.

As the premium offering, the IP510UHD SDVoE transceiver stands out as the pinnacle of Blustream’s offering, boasting unparalleled capabilities including multiview transmission,

ultra-low latency, and comprehensive control options. Designed for high-end installations and demanding professional environments, the IP510UHD sets the standard for the distribution of 4K UHD over a 10Gb network. Blustream Video over IP solutions stand out as a testament to the convergence of technology and innovation. With a product range that offers unparalleled depth and versatility, Blustream empowers users to reach the full potential of their AV systems, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


The breadth of the Blustream Video over IP catalog makes it easy to specify the most appropriate solution for any given project Network Requirement Output Resolution Control Module Dante® Embedding Dante® Breakout Scaling USB / KVM Video Wall Multi-view LAN Pass-through Control Pass-through IP50HD 100Mbps 1080p 60Hz ACM210 720p - 1080p Yes - 180Mbps IR, USB RS-232 IP200UHD 1Gb 4K 30Hz 4:4:4 ACM210 720p - 4K 30Hz Yes - 220Mbps IR, USB RS-232, CEC IP250UHD 1Gb 4K 30Hz 4:4:4 ACM210 720p - 4K 30Hz Yes - 220Mbps IR, USB RS-232, CEC IP300UHD 1Gb 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 ACM210 720p - 4K 60Hz Yes - 330Mbps IR, USB RS-232, CEC IP350UHD 1Gb 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 ACM210 720p - 4K 60Hz Yes - 330Mbps IR, USB RS-232, CEC IP510UHD 10Gb 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 ACM500 720p - 4K 60Hz Yes - USB1.1 1Gb IR, USB RS-232, CEC & LAN IP300UHD
60Hz 4:4:4 video
1Gb network solution
Extends HDMI up to a distance of 100m over a single CAT cable
Independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB/KVM, audio and video
Suppor ts all audio formats including Dolby Atmos® and DTS-HD™ Master Audio RX T X IP510UHD
SDVoE™ - 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over 10Gbps Network with zero latency
Management, Bi-directional IR & RS-232, PoE+ UHD Video Transceiver over 10Gb Managed Network IP510UHD-TZ ACM500 - Advanced control module IP200UHD & IP250UHD 4K video over 1Gb network solution - T X / RX
4K 60Hz 4:2:0 over 1Gbps Network with 1-frame latency
Dante, Audio Embedding / Breakout, EDID Management
SFP, Bi-directional USB / KVM, IR & RS-232, PoE
Scaled output & Video Wall
• Scaled output Video Wall Multi-View, 1Gbps
T X IP50HD HD Video over 100Mbps Network - T X / RX
1080p with 2ch audio over 100Mbps Network • Audio Embedding / Breakout, EDID Management • Bi-directional USB / KVM, IR & RS-232, PoE 1080p 60Hz over 100Mbps Network
RX ACM210 and control of IP50, IP200, IP250, IP300, and IP350UHD • Intuitive ‘drag & drop’ source selection with video preview feature for active monitoring of system status • Integrates with all leading control brands Advanced Control Module IP350UHD
Extends HDMI and Dante® up to 100m over a single CAT cable
Suppor ts up to 4K UHD 60Hz 4:4:4
Independent or combined HDMI and Dante® signal distribution Dante® enabled 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 video over 1Gb network RX T X ESSENTIAL BLUSTREAM MAY 2024 15 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


On Thursday, May 16, Together for Cinema is hosting the Million Pound Dinner in celebration of reaching the grand milestone of a million pounds’ worth of cinema room installations into children’s hospices and other deserving venues across the UK.

Since its formation in 2009, Together for Cinema has always focused on the need for collaboration and the collective goodwill of the industry to achieve its aim of making a tangible difference to the lives of those facing immense challenges. As of May 2024, the organisation has not only reached the million pound mark, it is on the cusp of surpassing £1.2 million worth of installations, spread across 45 locations throughout the UK. Each installation represents not just monetary value but a little bit of hope, joy, and respite for individuals and families navigating the complexities of illness and adversity.

At the heart of this celebration lies the willingness of the industry to give back. The Million Pound Dinner is not merely an excuse to be suited and booted; it is a moment of reflection, gratitude, and rededication to the cause that binds Together for Cinema and its supporters together. It is a tribute to the countless volunteers, sponsors, and donors

whose commitment has transformed dreams into reality for countless beneficiaries.

For the children and families experiencing the unimaginable challenges of life-limiting illnesses, a cinema room is more than just a space—it is a sanctuary where laughter transcends, where imaginations take flight, and where memories are woven with the threads of the magic that film can bring. These installations provide more than entertainment; they offer solace, companionship and moments of respite amidst the storms of life.

“The significance of the Million Pound Celebration Dinner extends far beyond the glitz and glamour of the occasion,” says Together For Cinema Founder, Ian Morrish. “The way the industry has come together so selflessly to help create meaningful change and leave an indelible mark on the lives of those in need is heart-warming. It underscores the importance of collective action and is the epitome of paying it forward. Good truly does breed good, as

we’ve seen beyond our cinema rooms through the donation of other gifts.

“As guests gather to raise a toast to the achievements of Together for Cinema, we hope they do so with a shared sense of pride in the impact they have made. Each pound raised, each installation completed, is a testament to the spirit of generosity that defines the AV industry and its allies. It is a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, compassion has the power to make a difference.”

At the heart of every cinema room lies a story—a story of resilience, of courage, and of human spirit. It is through events like the Million Pound Dinner that these stories are brought to life, reminding us all of the boundless capacity for kindness that resides within each of us and in the AV industry as a whole.

If you’d like to know more about Together For Cinema and the work that is does visit –

16 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL TOGETHER FOR CINEMA /Essentialinstall @Install_mag


Compact, flexible and powerful, Monitor Audio’s flagship Anthra W15 sub shows grace under pressure and our intrepid trade-focused reviewer, Richard Stevenson is in no rush to hand it back.

The latest addition to Monitor Audio’s premium subwoofer lineup, the Anthra W15, is the largest in the series, marrying a 15in driver with a 1500W amp. So far, so normal. Yet this sealed cabinet design is considerably smaller than its rivals, at just under 44cm a side, making it a formidable bass beast for installations requiring a more discreet AV aesthetic.

Interestingly, MA markets the Anthra range as majoring in musicality and control rather than gizzard-wobbling LFE output. This suggests a device made to be something of a one-stop sub for audiophile music and tight, punchy movie bass—and testing certainly backed up that claim.

Top of the features list is MA’s bespoke continuous profile C-CAM driver with the second generation of the brand’s dimpled Rigid Surface Technology. RST II further stiffens the ceramic-coated aluminium cone, itself driven by dual-layer round-wound voice coils. The driver’s giant golf ball surface might not be to every customer’s taste, but the unit does come supplied with a magnetic mount round grill. On the black gloss finish model, the round black grille looks subtle; on the white, far from it.


The amplifier is another MA bespoke design rather than an off-the-shelf plate amp. It is a Class-D design offering 2400W peak / 1400W RMS power. This is fed from MA’s 28-bit DSP system, which is itself controlled from a full-colour rear-panel LCD menu or the MaestroUnite app. I found the LCD rather unnecessary and essentially redundant for most professional installs, but the app is sublimely good. More on that later.

The cabinet itself is weighty and solid, featuring a 36mm thick MDF baffle and 25mm elsewhere, with extensive internal bracing to reduce cabinet resonance. The sealed design should make positioning relatively straightforward, and you get a trio of foot options with spikes, plastic feet and rubber bumpers for polished floors. Available in gloss black or gloss white, the build, finish and feel are absolutely top-notch throughout – all 40kg of it.

Connectivity covers stereo RCA and mono XLR, both with loop outputs for daisy chaining. MA suggests hooking up to four Anthra subs in this way. It’s not required for modern AVRs with multi-sub outputs, but it could be handy if integrating an older processor/AVR with multiple subs. Power on/off is by 12v trigger or auto signal sensing. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi are present but reserved for the app link and control/updates.

While the app offers extensive manual presets and EQ control via the sub’s DSP, any form of automatic Room EQ is obviously missing. To get the best from the app, you would need a third-party measuring solution such as REW, and even then, you would have to set and re-measure repeatedly to get a flat response.

Whether this is a major omission or not will depend very much on the ancillary equipment across the installation. If you are integrating the Anthra into a system with modern AV electronics featuring automated bass EQ, perhaps via the fuller-fat versions of Audyssey or Dirac Live, it’s not an issue. At £2,500 retail, this is not a sub for budget installs anyway.


Regardless, Monitor Audio’s MaestroUnite app is a stand-out feature here. This app transforms subwoofer setup and management by providing a plethora of adjustment options accessible via a smartphone or tablet. Installers can fine-tune settings like the low-pass filter, gain, and phase adjustments for installation, while the end user can ‘tweak’ to their hearts’ content with movie and music-based presets.

The sheer granular detail of the app controls is worthy of mention. 360° phase control is in single degrees and individual gain and frequency EQ adjustments are in 0.1dB increments. That is around 10x the granularity of most systems. This is a sub you can very much ‘fine’ tune.

And a fine tune is what it delivers, too. The sealed cabinet helps to keep bass fast and tight, while the whopping 15in driver and 1.5kW amp offer enough excursion to deliver decent SPLs when the volume heads north. Dialled into a premium two-channel system, the micro-adjustments within the app offer superb integration and the ability for the sub output gain and frequency response to seamlessly fill in the lower registers of the system. The result is subtle and tuneful, really helping to drag out detail in the bass and the upper reaches of the music.

It mirrors the performance with movie sound too, creating something of an audiophile LFE experience. Tight, fast, punchy and amply loud when pushed in all but very large rooms. When it comes to all-action content, it is perhaps a little ‘safe’ and restrained compared to dedicated 15in LFE monsters from the likes of SVS or Velodyne, for example. Yet the bass refinement offers so much more across a wider gamut of movie content and does a spectacularly better job of two-channel integration, too.

Two weeks on and I have become very fond of the Anthra W15 for its rare combination of bass refinement and speed, bijou dimensions and very useable app. Despite its 15in/1.5kW headlines it’s not a go-to for dramatically moving big air in an ‘impress the mates’ cinema install. Yet it is one of the most user-friendly and all round sophisticated subs I have tested, very much validating MA’s claim that the Anthra series majors on musicality and control.

While I’m still not sure about the round grille, lack of automatic EQ or the strange rear LCD control panel, they are all largely a matter of opinion or the installation itself. If the customer doesn’t need to alarm neighbours three streets away with LFE explosions but does value taught bass refinement with movies and enviable integration with two-channel music, the Anthra W15 is an excellent subwoofer in a very convincing and compact package.



CUK’s new partnership with JBL Synthesis will focus on complete systems as a way to realise the full potential of a founding name in high-end home cinema, says MD Stuart Thomson.

Since the launch of CEDIA’s RP22

Recommended Practice, CUK has been supporting the educational drive and sponsoring CEDIA’s training events. For us, anything that elevates the design and performance of systems the industry delivers to its customers has to be a significant and positive move. But to truly embrace this area of design, we needed to evolve our product portfolio. We’d started to consider our options when Scott Campbell, Sales Director EMEA for Harman’s Luxury Audio Group got in touch wanting to talk about JBL Synthesis.

I’d had an awareness of JBL Synthesis, but not a full understanding, so we spent an afternoon with Scott and Richard Trotter (Head of UK Sales) at Harman’s UK headquarters in Hemel Hampstead. Having been involved with the commercial side of the industry for 26 years, I knew about the history and pedigree of JBL systems in commercial cinema, but it was what we learned about their residential JBL Synthesis counterparts that sparked our interest.


Building on the original high-end home cinema systems created in the early 1990s, the current systems are more versatile design solutions from a world-renowned manufacturer, having roots deeper in pro-cinema than any rival. Given this provenance, the products are 100% engineering-led, using transducer technology straight from the commercial playbook: high quality compression and cone drivers, crossovers

and innovative horn designs. These are discreet, performance-led tools from engineers not marketeers, including speakers, processing and amplification created to work together as a synthesised system, and with abundant data for RP22 design practice. The whole idea started to make sense to us. At the same time, we learned that the loudspeaker product offering had expanded in 2021, allowing JBL Synthesis to work in smaller systems as well, widening the range of budget options available.


As the discussions progressed, we realised that in any combination other than as a complete JBL Synthesis system, the solution would fail to deliver to the level for which it had been created. We concluded that, just like its pro-audio peers, JBL Synthesis must be supplied to residential integrators as a system, rather than piecemeal as component parts - a processor here, some speakers there - to be mixed with others in an under-performing hybrid design.

To confirm our expectations, we flew out to Milan and then drove up to Trento to spend a day with Adeo Group Srl in their JBL Synthesis demo room. Here, in this space, we found what we had anticipated: a JBL Synthesis system of matching loudspeakers and electronics that delivered its intended performance goals, far beyond the sum of its parts. This was a high-end cinema line that we could stand behind 100%; a complete and scalable turnkey design solution that could fulfil its long-held potential, adding real value to the experiences of end users and integrators alike.


With this objective in mind, CUK will be establishing a network of ‘JBL Synthesis Partners’ with the systems available only to partners. They will be trained, supported, and have full access to our new demo facility at Ascot. By having a limited and controlled partner network we can make sure that partners are supported fully and that systems are delivered to the highest standard so that the most important person - the end user - is completely immersed and satisfied with the JBL Synthesis experience in their home.

CUK has defined Synthesis system solutions spanning £35k to over £275k, which we think will meet the needs of a significant portion of home cinema deployments in any space. With more new products in the JBL Synthesis pipeline, the timing couldn’t be better for integrators to be joining us on this journey.

For further information, please contact: +44 (0) 141 440 5333,

20 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL CUK /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
Harman’s Scott Campbell (left) with Stuart Thomson
Ready to supercharge your career in the smart home industry? When you join CEDIA, you unlock access to a wealth of benefits to power your success, such as: • Certifications • Education • Networking Events • Advocacy • Workforce Development Get Connected Today!


As part of the Midwich Group and in partnership with Invision UK, Pulse Cinemas has taken the opportunity to add the UK’s most successful brand of home cinema projectors with the addition of the VPL-XW7000ES and VPL-XW5000ES projectors to its Stansted demonstration facility.

Kapes Patel, Pulse Cinemas Business Development and Technical Director, says, “We simply could not pass up the opportunity to include Sony’s fantastic range of home cinema projectors, so have made the move to freshen our offering and include these fantastic machines in our HQ demonstration space. As of right now, visitors can witness the abilities of the VPL-XW7000ES in our Main Cinema and the advantages of the VPL-XW5000ES in the Media Room. Both machines have been installed, calibrated and are ready to impress visitors with their power and agility to cope with many different scenarios. The performance of the VPL-XW7000ES in partnership with the madVR Envy Extreme MK2 is particularly impressive.

These Native 4K SXRD Laser Home projectors feature the planet’s smallest Native 4K SXRD 0.61in panel (3840 x 2160), with

8.3 million pixels delivering very life-like imaging with rich impressive blacks as well as clear cinematic motion and image smoothness.

Wide dynamic range optics in combination with TRILUMINOUS PRO technology are in place to deliver a high-performance 4K HDR experience. Powered by Sony’s ‘X1 Ultimate for projector’ technology developed originally for use in the BRAVIA TV series, but now optimised for projectors, this processor enables features like Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Objectbased Super Resolution to create expanded dynamic range and extreme clarity. Within the Native 4K SXRD panel, a reflective silicon layer provides better light control for precisely delivered shadows and blacks and improves light durability and reflectance. Both models are available in black or white.

22 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL PULSE CINEMAS /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

Finding a new home in the Main Cinema, the VPL-XW7000ES delivers 3,200lm of brightness and also has on-board a Live Colour Enhancer which provides high-quality picture performance and vivid images even in projects that have to cope with high ambient light conditions. This projector also boasts a 70mm diameter Advanced Crisp Focused (ACF) lens with aspherical front element and floating focus group that delivers increased clarity and detail. A floating focus system is also included, which delivers a higher stable image performance from corner to corner without distortion from short to long throw distance and extra low dispersion glass to reproduce the crisp image without colour deviation. The VPL-XW7000ES is also equipped with the ‘Live Colour Enhancer’ feature which provides more vivid and vibrant images without compromising on saturation where needed.

Moving upstairs to the Media Room, this space is now home to the VPL-XW5000ES, a 2,000lm laser model which delivers higher contrast and resolution with a 30% reduction in power consumption per lumen, as well as object-based HDR remastering for real-time picture processing. Like its bigger brother, the XW series both deliver over a billion colours via TRILUMINOS PRO with 95% DCI-P3 Colour Gamut. Both machines also feature input lag reduction mode which improves the performance of the display reaction speed to ensure gamers can enjoy the best possible experience.

In terms of environmental impact, compared to its predecessor the VPL-VW790ES, the plastic used to encase the VPL-XW7000ES has reduced by 30%, and its packaging materials reduced by 15%. The VPL-XW5000ES is packed with 2,000 lumens but its power consumption is reduced by 30%. Both models are built with a mercury free laser light source.

Joining this showroom refresh in the Main Cinema is the recipient of the CEDIA Awards

2023, ‘Best New hardware Global Award’, in the form of the madVR Envy Extreme MK2 video processor. Representing a genuine step change in the performance achievable in any type of home cinema, the product uses unique machine learning algorithms within real-time video streams to deliver new levels of video quality.

Kapes adds, “We have been seriously impressed by the performance of both of these projectors. As well as the performance, other installation advantages include their compact dimensions. Compared to the VPL-VW790ES,

the VPL-XW7000ES is 20% smaller in size and 30% lighter in weight, the VPL-XW5000ES is 30% smaller and 35% lighter in weight. As the scope of where home cinemas are expected to be installed from dedicated spaces to more integrated rooms, these models present lots of agility, and versatility coupled to very strong performance. Come and witness them for yourself!”

Pulse Cinemas

ESSENTIAL PULSE CINEMAS MAY 2024 23 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


Bang & Olufsen welcomed legendary rock photographer Denis O’Regan to launch an art series at the brand’s Mayfair flagship store. EI was in attendance to take in some of the most famous images in rock’n’ roll history.

Following the successful launch of its B&O Music Lates sessions, Bang & Olufsen has announced a new series of cultural events that will see the brand’s flagship Mayfair store become a hub for artistic discovery. EI was in attendance and the collection is absolutely fantastic – something for any music fan – some shots you will recognise, while other less well known gems were a particular delight.

B&O Art Lates have been created to transform the New Bond Street venue into a canvas for the capital’s most exciting visual artists, immersing store-goers in the creative world of London’s innovators, says the company.

Starting with acclaimed London-born photographer Denis O’Regan from March 27, 2024, the store hosted a collection of limitededition artworks for four weeks. Famed for his uniquely intimate portraits of David Bowie, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and Kiss, visitors to B&O Art Lates got a

seat in

tour bus


ESSENTIAL ART PRINTS 24 MAY 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag or call us today on 01488 73366 13-14 Headlands Trading Estate, Headlands Grove, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 7JQ 30outletswitched&meteredPDU 871310 20outletswitched&meteredPDU 871210 NEW Vertical PDUs Bigger is better with GUDE This new generation of smart PDU s from GUDE meet the need for larger vertical power strips with two models, accommodating 20 or 30 load outlets IP Addressable - remote management Scheduled Power Down - reduce energy Monitor Alerts - reduce response time Integrated Surge Protection


Almost two decades of success in commercial and residential AV gives us the versatility to support your projects in residential, marine, retail, hospitality and beyond, in spaces large or small, no matter how complex the challenges.

A proven track record of brand and technology introduction ensures that the solutions provided are uniquely featured and backed by industry leading system and technical support.

In these ways we help our partners to stand out, flourish and grow.

More than the sum of the brands we proudly represent, CUK supports our partners with complementary services including system specification and design, RP22 design support, acoustic modelling, commissioning support, and training.


Transcending the line between outsider and insider, Denis’s work within the punk, new romanticism, grunge and heavy metal movements have graced album covers and front pages across the globe. The official photographer for Duran Duran, The Who, Kiss, Neil Diamond, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees and Thin Lizzy, Denis’s prolific portfolio is testament to his respectful approach to his subjects.

Visitors also had the opportunity to view Denis’s distinctive perspective on some of the

biggest moments of the 20th century, from Live Aid to the Concert For Diana.

“As well as immersing visitors in Bang & Olufsen’s beautiful sound, timeless design, and unrivalled craftmanship, our New Bond Street store is a place for creative collaboration. Starting with some fantastic music performances and now moving onto the visual arts, we’re excited to support emerging and established names from a range of disciplines,” said Zoe Baddeley, Head of Marketing & PR, UK & IE at Bang & Olufsen.

ESSENTIAL ART PRINTS 26 MAY 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
Denis (left) and EI at the launch

“For nearly a century, Bang & Olufsen has pushed the boundaries of audio technology and acoustic innovation. O’Regan has earned his own reputation as a digital innovator through the early adoption of new photographic technologies, and we can’t wait to show both bodies of work co-existing in perfect harmony,” Zoe continued.

With two more artist residencies yet to be announced, Bang & Olufsen of Mayfair has already proven a strong setting to champion London’s brightest. In February, B&O Music Lates enchanted visitors with the likes of Ace Clvrk, Ayda Rose and Grace Gachot. @Install_mag /Essentialinstall ESSENTIAL ART PRINTS 27 Part of ASSA ABLOY With IP Video Door Stations from DoorBird you will find the right solution for every project. Easy installation due to compact components Easy wiring and start-up High quality products Future-proof through open API interface MORE COLOURS. MORE FUNCTIONS. MORE FREEDOM. IP Video Door Stations from DoorBird stand for the combination of exclusive design and smart technology.
Images copyright of Denis O’Regan


Nick Wearmouth, Director at Edinburgh-based The Sound Counsel, takes on our challenging installer-focused questionnaire.

Tell us a little about your company; What do you specialise in? Who is involved?

We are a Hi-Fi and home cinema specialist based in Edinburgh. We focus on maximising system performance with long-term listening enjoyment as the goal. We believe in high quality bass in both stereo and cinema and particularly specialise in the EQ systems used in cinema. I run the company along with my business partner – Daniel Bland – we have worked together for over 20 years.

What are you doing today work-wise?

I am in the showroom today preparing for a Hi-Fi demonstration tomorrow and working through some options for a new project as well as the usual day to day support of existing customers.

Tell us about the projects you are working on right now.

We have several projects running right now: a nice commercial project that requires eight zones of high quality sound with Kaleidescape plus outdoor audio is taking shape. A fully

concealed cinema in a garden room for an interior designer is one that is slightly different given the detailed panelling on the ceiling. We are also working on a very high quality multi room system to compliment a flagship Hi-Fi.

How do you feel the industry in general is going right now?

We are positive about the industry, we cover lots of different areas so business is consistent for us. Cinema and Hi-Fi performance has never been better, the competition between brands pushes the manufacturers to constantly evolve. This is great for the end user.

What areas of the smart home and luxury AV sector need to improve and how?

Unfortunately great parts of the sector seem to be a free for all and the only consistent element of luxury is the price tag. A shift from, ‘How much can we get out of this?’ to, ‘How good can we make this?’ would be a good start in my view. I am not in favour of protectionist policies on brands but I feel it is to the detriment of our industry when products are installed just to function rather than optimised to their best performance.

28 MAY 2024 COMMENT FROM THE COALFACE /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

Aldous Systems(Europe) Ltd distribute over 30 brands of audio, networking, control, and video equipment exclusively to trade.

Training Courses

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• 31st May - Networking Fundamentals

• 19th June - Rako Foundation

• 26th June - Rako Advanced Available

IP Power Management allows installers to monitor, control and program from any location.

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tel: 01296 719582 email: web: training: • 5V, 12V & USB Power Outlets • 8 Outlet Banks with Individual Control
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Do you think training needs to be improved? If so, how?

Without a doubt, high level training is almost non-existent. Despite installing hundreds of projectors over my time I do not recall ever being offered any form of training from a manufacturer, even on the higher ticket price items.

Proper support is key for us; 22 years in and we are still learning and keen to learn more. I have been increasing my knowledge on commercial audio this year and today am discovering the world of Assistive Listening for the hard of hearing. The more training we have access to the better we can become. I think manufacture-based training or a suite of set up videos (ranging from unboxing to high level adjustments) as part of any initial purchase would be a good start.

Is there a project you are particularly proud of and why?

We take pride in all of our work, I think that is why people return to us time and time again. That said, I have been working with a very successful post-production audio engineer

recently. He has well over 100 films and TV series to his name and to hear his praise of my cinema calibration is very rewarding.

Are there any brands or products you particularly like working with, and why?

We work with lots of brands and the professionalism they offer keeps us specifying their products. We particularly favour Trinnov and StormAudio for cinema processors – we have extensive experience with both ranges and they are pushing what is possible in cinema. We also have a great deal of time for Ascendo speakers and subwoofers. The introduction of an infra-sonic subwoofer to a system is something to behold.

What is the best and the worst thing that has happened to you on site?

We are pretty incident-free on site but in the early days a newly-installed TV was immediately broken by a four year old wielding a golf club. The first demonstration of a newly-installed system is always a highlight that I never get bored of.

What is the most unusual client request you have had?

Nothing too unusual for us really as the strange requests are normally the interesting ones. A customer looking to audition the best sounding speaker to go on the floor behind a sofa stands out though.

How do you see the sector changing in the future?

Bigger, brighter and louder seems to be the direction of travel.

Are there persons/organisations/ companies that have been particularly inspirational in your work life? Why?

Years ago Gordon Fraser of Convergent AV introduced me to accuracy and nuance within a video image that opened up the world of projection to me. That knowledge allowed my first company to grow into a success and stays with me today. Tom Garret (then of Anthem AV) did a very similar thing with my introduction to high performance cinema processing and subwoofers. Today Geoffrey Heinzal of Ascendo has helped shape my knowledge of low frequencies even further. Finally Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross nails the sales inspiration - no one wants the steak knives.

Away from work, what are you interests/hobbies?

Music is very much my main hobby. To me live music is an experience with few rivals. Daniel and I also run a small record label that is tremendous fun. Going from a promo piece of music to the finished vinyl being sold is brilliant.

You have magic powers and get one wish concerning the smart home and luxury AV market; what are you going to wish for?

Let’s start with the patent for wireless electricity and then throw in infallible HDMI while we are at it.

Favourite music and movies? What are you watching/listening to right now?

It is always changing but I particularly enjoyed The Holdovers as a film. The Young Fathers always hit the mark for live music.

You can invite three people (living or not) out for a meal/drink; who’s coming and why?

Good conversation is the key to a successful dinner for me so let’s start with Michael Parkinson as he met just about everybody. Caroline Aherne was a comedy genius and will keep things lively, and so we can talk movies until the small hours, let’s have Barry Norman as well.

The Sound Council

COMMENT FROM THE COALFACE MAY 2024 31 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
High-performance AV is at the heart of what the company provides


Jason Lu, Founder of LED innovator CECOCECO, explores how to combine technology and aesthetics to evoke emotions.

Lighting design has become a revolutionary force in the constantly evolving world of nightlife and hospitality, influencing how we connect and interact with these environments. Lighting design within venues plays a pivotal role in creating an experience that patrons will never forget. As technology continues to expand possibilities, a new wave of lighting trends are emerging that are likely to elevate patrons’ experiences to unprecedented heights. Let’s delve into several of the major lighting trends that will influence hospitality and nightlife in the future.

Energy efficiency and pixel mapping are just a few of the many options available to venues for Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting implementation. These LEDs provide a broad spectrum of colours, enabling dynamic lighting displays that synchronise with surrounding music and create immersive experiences. Utilising specialised software, LED pixel mapping allows for the mapping of video imagery onto an array of individual lighting fixtures. This innovative technique provides management of the LED pixels, offering endless creative possibilities and revolutionising lighting design in venues. LED lighting is an environmentally responsible and quite energy-efficient option for nightclubs. The hospitality and nightlife industries are adopting this eco-friendly alternative to lower operating costs and environmental impact as sustainability becomes more and more of a priority for them.

In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, these solutions improve the venue’s reputation.

In a time when customisation is important, music entertainment venues are using cuttingedge lighting technology to provide unique experiences for artist appearances. The names and images of the featured performers can be displayed using LED displays and special lighting effects to give the event a glamorous and exciting feel. Custom lighting displays are a powerful medium for branding and advertising, whether it’s the performer’s name beautifully lit up in lights across the venue or an eye-catching display of their logo beating to the music’s rhythm throughout the stage. They not only build anticipation for the artist’s performance but also provide moments that fans and patrons will remember, adding to the overall appeal of the nightlife and hospitality experience.

The control of lighting within nightclubs and hospitality venues is being completely transformed by the emergence of smart technology. Through the use of automation systems, data-driven analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled sensors, venues are able to maximise energy use, improve patrons comfort, and increase operational efficiency. Smart technology with IoT-enabled sensors not only improve ambience but also monitor crowd density and can modify lighting to ensure maximum safety and comfort for patrons

throughout the venue. The way patrons perceive and interact with venue settings is changing as a result of smart lighting integration, which can alter lighting levels based on occupancy or synchronise light displays with music played.

Our mission at CECOCECO is to elevate experiences and enhance environments by harnessing the revolutionary potential of LED lighting technology. In response to the emerging trends discussed earlier, we’ve created ArtMorph, a ground-breaking textured luminous wall panel that seamlessly integrates display technology with lighting. Designed to fit a variety of environments, from restaurants to cultural spaces, ArtMorph embodies the fusion of style and function. By combining display and lighting technologies, ArtMorph not only sets the mood but also enhances the atmosphere of any space it graces.

As mentioned before, lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the future of nightlife and hospitality. ArtMorph represents a leap forward in this evolution, offering venues a tool to create unforgettable experiences for patrons. With its ability to blend style and function, ArtMorph sets new benchmarks for immersive experiences. By embracing innovative solutions like ArtMorph, we’re paving the way for a future where lighting continues to be a cornerstone of creating unforgettable experiences in nightlife and hospitality.

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This smoking hot project underlines that hospitality projects can come in many forms and as massive arcade fans, we couldn’t resist this total fun fest created by install company Maven.

Director at Maven, Rob Simmonds explains, “This is a commercial application within a high-end residential setting. If ever there was a pure definition of an adults’ playground, this basement bar and games area has to be it. The initial brief was for the space to have a functioning bar area, ‘sports-bar-esque’ TV screens (without being tacky!) and a sound system that could be used for background music or deliver the potential to compete with nightclubs when it came to party time.”

The system head-end components comprising of Control4 audio distribution, Wyrestorm NHD video over IP solution and Kaleidescape media servers are all brought together as part of a Control4 control system housed in a Middle Atlantic rack at the foot of the lobby’s spiral staircase. In addition, Lutron Homeworks QS provides user friendly lighting control from any of the eight keypads in the area.

The main bar/games area has six Artcoustic SL8-4 wall mounted loudspeakers complimented by four in-ceiling speakers as


fill-in audio to ensure there are no dead spots. A further four Artcoustic Impact 2 dual 10in long throw subwoofers cover the entire area with deep bass. Two are positioned to the rear of the room and two are recessed into the joinery columns flanking the bar at the front. These have acoustic treatment within them ensuring the bass is dispersed forward into the room with no leakage behind.

Rob adds some more detail, “Custom grilles were made to match the wall speakers above, resulting in a perfect aesthetic finish. Access to all music streaming services and dedicated Kaleidescape music servers is via the in-wall Control4 10in touchscreen, or of course via the app or Neeo remote control.

“Three Samsung 32in commercial TVs are located behind the bar on mirrored panelling; these are able to display any of the 12 video sources available independently and each has its own dedicated Kaleidescape player. The reason for this is because the client has a lot of vintage sporting events such as classic football matches and boxing fights on their server, so when there is a sporting event or the big fight, the central screen will show the live fight for example, with the flanking screens replaying old fights as part of a homemade build-up to the main event, with the audio of the central screen being played throughout the sound system.

“This is made simple to achieve with custom buttons programmed so the client can select the event and the system is then setup as a sequence with minimal effort. We have also programmed a simple swipe left or right to control either the left or right hand screen.”


In the corner there is a snug area with a separate TV and Artcoustic 2.1 audio system (which can be linked to the main area’s system) dedicated for playing retro games consoles. Should the

owner or any visitor want to play the real thing there is an abundance of restored original arcade machines ranging from Paperboy, Afterburn, Outrun and Moto GP, there is also a fully working flight simulator machine – and all free to use! A pool table, air-hockey, table football and American ice hockey machines are also playable under the custom neon-frosted lighting. A short walk past a side room, currently home to six pinball machines, will eventually be a VR area with 360º moving floor.

Providing fun calls for a seriously good system ESSENTIAL CLUBS, BARS, RESTAURANTS AND HOSPITALITY MAY 2024 35 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
Step into the future of residential technology with Crestron Now. Join this exclusive event designed to introduce you to the power and possibilities of Crestron Home. Immerse yourself in hands-on demos, discover the simplicity and versatility of Crestron’s solutions, and learn how our platform can elevate your business. Register now to secure your place and embark on a journey towards success with Crestron. More info & Registration via QR or: All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. © 2024 Crestron Electronics, Inc. Belgium | France | Germany | Greece | Ireland | Italy Netherlands | Poland | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | UK CRESTRON OW
Residential European Tour

Rob enthuses, “Although fairly discreet in aesthetics, this audio system has to be heard to be believed – it is a monster! Walking around the area, there is a very well-balanced audio, purposely at head height and calibrated perfectly with the abundance of bass. The system in here is not fatiguing in any way even when turned up to a light-fitting-rattling level –which happens often!

“Speaking of which, all lighting is set to preset levels depending on whether the room is used for entertaining, gaming or nightclub mode! Frosted neon lighting over the arcade

machines completes the retro yet modern feel to this area.

Furthermore, an ‘Arcades’ button on the Lutron keypad activates all of the sockets for powering up all of the arcade machines, along with the six pinball machines in the adjoining room. A simple double-tap of the ‘Room Off’ button not only fades all lighting off, but also shuts down the AV system along with all of the arcade machines – simple.

Rob concludes, “The client absolutely loves this area for entertaining and it gets used most days (and nights) as there is so much to do in

Essential Kit List

• Control4 audio distribution

• Wyrestorm NHD video over IP

• Middle Atlantic racking

• Kaleidescape media servers

• Lutron Homeworks QS

• Artcoustic speakers

• Control4 10in touchscreen

• Neeo remote control

• Samsung 32in commercial TVs

here. You cannot help but become a child in here with all of the nostalgic arcade games and memorabilia.

“One of the most important things in this area is that it is so simple and easy to use. Too often if a system is complicated it immediately poses a sticking point so doesn’t get used. But with all of the bespoke customisation and ease of use built-in, whenever the client wants to add a feature to set the room up, it is simple to achieve. Although this is intentionally a fun room, there is a very serious system on-tap – as well as the beer behind the fully functioning bar!”


Retro fun meets modern AV and automation Ease of control means the space gets used all the time


Matt Emberson, Sales and Marketing Director at motion sensor specialist Faradite, takes EI on a tour around the sophisticatedly-controlled environs of the W Hotel in Edinburgh.

Guests to the new W Hotel in Edinburgh will have many great landmarks on their doorstep; Edinburgh castle, Arthur’s seat, the royal mile and Calton Hill are all within a short walk from the beautifully modern hotel foyer. But before visitors embark on a day of history, sightseeing and whiskey they will experience some beautifully subtle automation, triggered from some tiny Faradite motion sensors.

The hotel is finished to an impressive standard, giving guests comfort and luxury and all rooms benefit from a simple, intuitive Lutron myRoom system. The project was designed and commissioned by Link Media Systems, a London-based consultancy who have been delivering control solutions in both the residential and commercial markets for more than 20 years.

We spoke with Sohan Perera, managing director of Link Media Systems (LMS) who explained why Faradite sensors were chosen to deliver the automation throughout the hotel, “[The sensors] were well received by the designers, the clients and also our technical people’s functional requirements, said Sohan. Our range of Volt Free sensors are designed for integration with control systems and provide a dry contact output that makes them almost universally compatible.


In main living spaces, the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free is used to great effect, triggering lighting when guests first enter the room. Due to the room design, doors separate the toilet and the shower cubicle from the rest of the room. In both these spaces, Faradite motion sensors are discreetly installed to immediately bring on targeted light circuits in each space. Naturally, for the shower area, LMS opted for the robust, waterproof Motion Sensor 360IP67 - Volt Free

Lutron Palladiom keypads provide guests with a simple interface to trigger the lighting scenes, as well as indicate whether or not they want their room made up, controlling subtle indicator lights outside each room.

The Faradite motion sensors are also used to provide important room vacancy reporting back to the central guest room management system, GRMS. When rooms are unoccupied for an extended period, the GRMS will ensure the HVAC system is set back to avoid wasting energy heating/cooling empty rooms.

With more than 400 Faradite motion sensors installed throughout the hotel, guests are being treated to automated lighting from one of the smallest, most discreet PIRs on the market. The advanced GRMS system delivered by the team at LMS ensures the entire facility is running at maximum efficiency whilst giving guests a beautifully automated stay. The only decision guests need to worry about is which is the next dram of Whiskey they want to sample. We now know what the ‘W’ in W Hotels stands for: ‘Wow’.


Truly versatile choice of complete highperformance architectural systems.

Turnkey solution involving patented technologies and the most advanced electronics and loudspeakers.

All JBL Synthesis products offer the performance data required for CEDIA RP-22 recommended practice.

Two Certified JBL Synthesis systems will be showcased at our new Ascot demonstration facility.

With a lineage that can be traced back to the earliest days of cinema sound, JBL Synthesis has become a global leader in immersive home theatre audio, offering some of the most advanced multichannel systems available in the world.

Today it provides a truly versatile choice of complete highperformance systems comprising matching architectural speakers and electronics for discreet, dynamic, object-based immersive sound in a wide range of projects including the largest dedicated private cinema and media rooms.

0141 440 5333


Ivory Egg presents an update on the progress made with the provision of KNX training and market reach in recent times

KNX is continuing to grow its reach in the market, with an impressive presence at both ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) and Light + Building this year. With more well-known brands producing native KNX products as well as KNX gateways and products to interface and integrate with KNX, these are strong signals that the value of KNX is being realised, especially in more traditionally AV centric projects. So how do we address the skills gap in the market and get more integrators reaping the rewards of working with KNX?


According to the 2023 CEDIA Professional Smart Home Market Analysis, six out of 10 integrators are focussed on offering energy management solutions. Being an open protocol and a global standard, KNX has a strong pedigree in providing the flexibility to facilitate the interconnectivity required for energy monitoring, management, and visualisation solutions.


Integrators who use KNX are afforded the largest choice of products on the market to deliver their system designs. This allows them to not only satisfy the clients’ needs, but to also see commercial benefits in their business.

This is made possible by being able to take on more diverse range of projects given the choice of products and price points. As they are no longer limited to the functionality and price point of proprietary systems there is increased opportunity to increase the profitability of the company.


When the opportunity and benefits are clear, why aren’t more integrators working with KNX? There is an undeniable skills gap, and this was also highlighted in the 2023 CEDIA Professional Smart Home Market Analysis. KNX is often perceived to be overly complex. The fact that it is an open protocol and can facilitate communication between thousands of different devices to control numerous functions and services within a project (which is its biggest benefit), is the aspect that causes integrators to be hesitant. The technology is sound; KNX is the most robust control protocol in the world, so where does this hesitancy stem from?

At the heart of it lies the absence of in-depth training, coupled with inexperience and a lack of confidence. This isn’t to place blame on integrators. The KNX Training that has been available on the market focuses heavily on the topology, wiring and commissioning aspects of KNX, the practical engineering skills. For integrators to work with KNX successfully, they need a deeper understanding of the entire KNX ecosystem, not just how to program it.


What has been missing from KNX Training is the foundational knowledge about KNX, how to create an effective system design and successfully sell the concept to the end user, and how to specify the right

products to meet the demands of a project. This approach, coupled with the existing KNX Basic Certification training is what sets integrators up for success.

As well as the right technical training, integration businesses can also benefit from non-technical sales training. The CEDIA 2023 research states that 27% of integrators struggle with getting new business and over a quarter of businesses will be looking to add a new salesperson to their teams.

Training non-technical employees to sell home automation is also crucial, as all too often homeowners feel overwhelmed with tech chat and need to be met at their level. This is where specific KNX sales training makes all the difference and helps to turn more consultations into projects booked into the work diary.


Traditionally, committing to KNX Training has been expensive and has required businesses to do without vital team members for up to a week at a time. Not to mention the additional costs incurred through accommodation and expenses.

Deciding to work with KNX used to mean going ‘all in’ and committing to the five-day KNX Basic Certification Course, which is a large investment, and more than likely will have deterred people.

Now, there is an easier and more affordable way to get started with KNX. With a new fully online and on-demand KNX Training platform, integration businesses can start their journey with KNX in a much more accessible way. All the learning is done online and is self-paced, allowing people to fit it in around work and life commitments. The cost is drastically lower, and once enrolled in a course, learners have lifetime access to the materials, so can revisit the training at any time at no extra cost.

By providing a holistic approach to KNX training and removing the traditional barriers to entry, hopefully we’ll see start to see more Integrators taking advantage of working with KNX.

For more information about Ivory Egg KNX Training visit or email

40 MAY 2024 COMPANY FOCUS /Essentialinstall @Install_mag


Mark Warburton, CEO at CEDIA member company and manufacturer of KNX products Ivory Egg, underlines the impact of volunteering.

As a dedicated CEDIA member, I’ve found value and fulfilment in volunteering for various initiatives within the organisation over the years. I’m currently serving as a Team Member for the Technology Education Committee and have been awarded with CEDIA’s Volunteer of the Year award in the past. I’ve experienced first-hand the myriad of benefits that come with giving back to our industry. Members who get involved with the volunteering programme are offered the great opportunity to put their stamp on new initiatives, develop resources, implement standards, and present training courses.

One of the most compelling aspects of volunteering with CEDIA is the opportunity to represent diverse perspectives within our industry. At Ivory Egg, our focus is on the

infrastructure in the building, i.e. lighting, shading and environment control. This enables us to offer a unique viewpoint that complements the more traditional AV-centric approach. There has been a real shift over the years with CEDIA actively encouraging volunteers with varied backgrounds and expertise which shows their commitment to ensuring the association is relevant to everyone in the industry. But of course, this only works if members actively get involved. The best way to support and improve the work CEDIA does is to turn up and speak up.

Moreover, volunteering with CEDIA allows us to contribute to the organisation’s mission of broadening its training offerings over time. Witnessing the evolution of programmes and initiatives first-hand is very rewarding, for example CEDIA offering the KNX Partner

course. Being a standardised course on an international control standard, it makes sense for this to be offered by our largest industry body but it takes volunteers to support initiatives like this.

There is still a long way to go to improve standards and education, such as providing better pathways for school leavers to get involved in the industry. Apprenticeship programs are key to this, which is an agenda I continue to support. There’s a lot to be done to get to the point our industry is recognised on par with other trades, particularly globally, which is why the input from volunteers around the world is so important. While change may not happen overnight, being part of the process is both challenging and fulfilling and crucial if we want things to change.

Beyond the industry development aspects, volunteering with CEDIA provides invaluable networking opportunities. Building relationships with industry peers, hearing different opinions, and making connections are all valuable for both personal and professional growth.

In addition, volunteering offers a muchneeded break from the day-to-day grind, providing fresh perspectives and motivation. Much like attending trade shows and events like CEDIA Tech + Business Summits, stepping away from our routine environments allows us to see things differently and approach challenges with renewed vigour. It certainly offsets the time and effort that volunteering involves so even this aspect alone justifies being involved.

To find out more about CEDIA Volunteering, visit

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Peter Broome, Director at UK smart lighting controls manufacturer, Rako, argues the current trends in lighting and lighting control are purpose driven, and that smart technology has the capability to provide healthy, sustainable and efficient homes.

The lighting industry has evolved dramatically over recent years to help meet the demand for energy efficiency. The adoption of LED lamps in residential and commercial properties shows that the industry has a strong history of delivering energy reductions. Whilst the type of light source and fixture installed has an impact, a control system also plays a vital role in optimising energy efficiency.

Simply having a control system that can dim lights has the potential to save energy. At Rako we have seen installers set maximum light levels at a reduced percentage, as reducing brightness by just 10 to 20%, they are able to maintain a high level of visibility with added efficiency. Lighting control systems can also ensure that lights are only used when needed. With app control from anywhere in the world and keypads with ‘All off’ commands at the bedside or exit of a property, lights need never be left on unnecessarily.

Additionally, by utilising a control system like Rako, building owners and occupants can adjust light levels when there is bright natural daylight from outside as well as control window treatments like automated blinds, to conserve or reduce unwanted heat and subsequently reduce reliance on artificial heating or cooling systems. Lighting and an accompanying control system will not only provide energy and cost savings, if done correctly, it has the added benefit of reflecting our natural circadian rhythms which can increase comfort within the environment.

The health benefits of light such as heightened concentration, better sleep and improving our general wellbeing have piqued the interest of end users. Whilst we have understood the effect of lighting on wellbeing for some time, it is only with recent innovations we have had the ability to act. With the emergence of circadian focused lighting products with features like

tuneable colour temperature, here at Rako we have incorporated these capabilities into our refreshed app. The app allows quick and easy control of colour temperature and light intensity with touch sliders, enabling occupants to adjust lighting to suit their needs for a particular task or to set scenes by linking lighting with individual circadian rhythms.


Homeowners and installers alike are increasingly looking to install smart lighting controls into their homes and projects, perhaps due to greater awareness of the perceived wellbeing benefits or driven by a desire to save energy and associated costs. Offering smart home integration through controls is a key way that installers can optimise energy savings for their clients and a wireless lighting control system is the perfect solution for retrofit projects. At Rako, our wireless product range remains ever popular today as there is no need to channel out walls and disturb the fabric of the property to install new wiring and back boxes for keypad positions. Instead, keypads can be surface mounted - particularly useful for period properties.

The flexibility offered by a wireless control system, together with multiple keypad ranges means that Rako has a perfect solution for contemporary and period projects of all sizes. Rako’s control system can also interface with third party keypads like traditional dolly or retractive switches that are sympathetic to period décor and interiors, with additional features and functionality achieved via the Rako app. Architrave keypads are also popular in period properties due to their unique solution for these environments. With an extensive product and keypad range to suit all interiors, Rako has a solution for all project requirements.

Lighting is and will always be a fundamental part of a home, and while there is an upfront cost associated with a lighting control system, the resulting energy savings will have benefits for years to come. To make this core infrastructure an elevated tool to improve the lives of consumers, it is important that we communicate the benefits to end users so they can utilise this smart technology for their homes, their wellbeing and the planet.

44 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL LIGHT AND LIGHTING CONTROL /Essentialinstall @Install_mag




Miguel Aguado, Marketing and Technology Manager at Lutron

Electronics, offers some market insight into how lighting plays a part in the home of the future.

Homes are becoming more multi-functional than ever before, with places for socialising, working and relaxing merging into one. As a result, standards for residential building design are shifting and demand for smart house technology is increasing dramatically.

Whilst this technology is designed to make our lives easier, choosing the right solution from a seemingly ever-growing list of smart home products has become increasingly difficult, even for those working within the industry. What’s more, achieving timeless interior design whilst integrating the latest smart home technologies can be extremely difficult - anyone who has invested in a technology that was subsequently made redundant (like iPod docks or DVD players) understands the frustration this can cause.

Approaching smart home technology can seem daunting. On occasions it can seem the deeper you dig, the more you realise you don’t know. Even where to start can seem impossible – AV, heating, security – they are all important,

but every project has a budget, especially in kitchens and bathrooms (some of the most expensive rooms to upgrade).

With this in mind, craft intelligent, adaptable kitchens and bathrooms to future-proof any home with these tips for next-generation living:


Designing kitchens and bathrooms requires a careful balance of functionality, aesthetics, and occupant experience. While there are numerous particular touches you may add to elevate these areas, there are two standout features that every homeowner will appreciate.

The initial step is to integrate motion sensors for lighting control. Motion sensors provide a seamless and simple solution to improve energy economy and convenience by automatically turning on and off lights based on occupancy. In busy kitchen environments where hands are often occupied, voice or motion activated lighting ensures that light is readily available without the need for manual switches.

Secondly, the implementation of flexible lighting control, combined with a variety of thoughtfully placed light sources, is key to elevating these essential areas of the home. Personalisable lighting control systems provide homeowners with the versatility needed to cater to varying tasks and moods. In kitchens, adjustable lighting allows for effortless transition between ambient lighting for social gatherings and focused task lighting when cooking or working from home. In bathrooms, the ability to control light intensity and temperature creates optimal visibility when getting ready in front of the mirror, as well as a warm, relaxing ambiance for unwinding at the end of the day.


More generally, it’s no secret that wireless is now a must-have for constructing a modern, timeless home. It is the key to designing a facility that can adapt to its various functions while also being simple and cost-effective to install and upgrade without the need for a contractor. Intelligent lighting solutions, for example, can be installed and upgraded without demolishing walls.

Alongside wireless, the growth of inexpensive voice assistants has been one of the greatest technological advances of the decade. Today, products from Apple, Amazon, or Google, can be found in nearly every kitchen across the UK – being used to turn on lights, play music and even remind users to take dinner out the oven. Unsurprisingly, in the race to own the gargantuan sector, these brands have siloed much of their technology – forcing users to make a choice.

This is just one example of the importance of integration, especially in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where there is a wide array of technologies to be integrated with one another, and where hands are often busy with other tasks. For example, being able to ask a Voice Assistant to turn on task lighting when in the middle of cooking or close the blinds before getting out of the bath.

To enable this convenience, ideally solutions should be able to integrate with all the major vendors and be free from forced loyalties, which could pigeon-hole homeowners or lead a space to feel outdated more quickly.

Flexible control is the best solutionadaptable systems are a solid investment, with the knowledge that they can easily be adjusted following changes in lifestyle, season, or daily schedule. That includes purchasing connected technology that can be wirelessly updated to include the latest features without having to buy new equipment.

In essence, prioritise solutions that will blend into daily routines, such as heating, lighting, and audio—the core aspects that discreetly shape a home’s ambiance, ensuring comfort and functionality.

MAY 2024 47 ESSENTIAL LIGHTING AND LIGHT CONTROL @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


Fresh from chairing CEDIA discussions at ISE on new technologies in lighting, and also involved in CEDIA’s lighting education at Expo USA, Andy Bull MSc. AMSLL Director Of Design at Eclispe Lighting Design, offers his insight into the future of lighting design and control.

Be ready to embrace different methods for controlling lights.

Centralised lighting panels, in theory, could disappear. I’d like to think they will reduce in size, but so much will depend on the individual project. So, what’s going to replace them?

Software controlled lighting is gaining traction. Some incredible controls and panels of DMX pixel tape are becoming available and the installations are stunning. However, the controls and programming are often quite specific and you may well be ‘tied in’ to a programmer/software, which is not as common as Lutron/Rako/Mode lighting. So ongoing updates and maintenance can be an issue. Of course, integrators are good at programming software, but there is a limit to how many programmes you can be good at. But an area to keep an eye on.


DALI is gaining a lot of traction in residential and with DALI-2 improvements it offers a lot more. Managing the risk of the ‘popcorn’ effect (lights turning on and off at different times when they should be in concert) is important by using Groups. But by simply providing power and a controls cable to each light there is a simple solution which can be configured in most lighting control systems. Unless integrators take more care in planning/client handholding to ensure the system is a pleasure, not a pain,

then the industry risks a push-back from users. This should be the easiest part of a smart home to plan, install and customise. Just asking the client what they want and giving it to them can deliver an underwhelming experience. Control systems can do so much, but many systems are just installed, boxes ticked and the client is left to figure out how best to use it themselves.


All of this already exists, and it’s coming. Quite when, I can’t say, but we will all be doing this – it is already gaining traction in commercial lighting. It is also an opportunity for integrators to expand their lighting business. They can be installing and supplying low voltage lighting cabling and lights and of course the controls. Imagine the simplicity of a CAT6 to each light and keypad from a few PoE switches around the property.


This is where everyone thinks the innovation is. Well, there’s not a lot happening here currently. At ISE we had the head of innovation of a large lighting manufacturer join us for an insight into this area. OLED seems to have gone very quiet due to the continued development of the LED, and laser lighting is still a long way off. Having said that, improvements in LED performance are really helping with the miniaturisation of fittings, allowing lighting to be more discreetly incorporated into interior designs.


This is where most innovation is. Managing the light spectrum from LEDs is a challenge and critical in homes with high-end finishes, fixtures and fittings. When clients pay a premium, they expect it to look great. Just quoting a CRI figure of 85 is the equivalent of saying a speaker is 89dB. It doesn’t really tell you much about the performance. We need to know detailed CRI information. Look up CRI TM30 for more information on this. A useful side effect of having excellent CRI (90+ is common, 97+ is available) is the correlation with the daylight spectrum.


Is the spike of blue light from LEDs really a problem? Does giving your client lights you can adjust from cool white to warm white help their

circadian rhythm? These are both very slightly true. It’s not really about what lights you have, but what you do with them, and mostly about what else you do. This doesn’t help sell lights, so be wary of manufacturers’ claims. Human centric lighting has been a regular education slot at ISE and EXPO for the last few years, as the delivery of this into a home isn’t as simple as ‘cool in the day and warm in the evening’.


Lighting is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of interior design. Providing enough light is simple (a grid of down lights will cover that). But that doesn’t make a room ‘feel’ good. How good does your client feel every time they walk into a room? In the same way as you take the time to understand what a client needs from their smart home, a lighting designer can extract what’s needed (and just as importantly, what’s not needed) for the lighting. We need some darker areas to make the lighter areas look good! Good designers will care about the quality of the light and if you need it, can help you with getting the controls just ‘Ooooooo’. The future of lighting is exciting, so don’t miss out.

48 MAY 2024 ESSENTIAL LIGHT AND LIGHTING CONTROL /Essentialinstall @Install_mag


Matt Emberson, Sales and Marketing Director at sensor specialist Faradite urges installers to embrace the beauty.

Lighting design is both an artistic and a technical endeavour and when done well, offers homeowners multiple layers of aesthetics in their rooms, meaning the same room can feel dramatically different depending on which lighting scene is selected.

Bright, targeted task lighting creates a practical environment for the preparation of food, but when it’s time to eat; soft, indirect lighting can be triggered to create a perfect dining ambience.

So, when there is this much care and attention given to the lighting design, providing elegant, intuitive lighting control is vital for the client’s overall satisfaction with the lighting in the home.

When we designed the TAP-5 ORE keypads, we understood that the visual allure of the keypad must be backed up by technical excellence, ensuring a user experience that is second to none. This is why we created the ‘Smart Scene Plate’ configuration option for our KNX range of keypads.

In essence, the smart scene plate mode ensures that the central button always toggles the room’s lights on or off. Given its prominent size and placement, even those unfamiliar with the system will naturally gravitate towards it. Each interaction with the central button yields a response from the room. This button can be programmed to activate a specific scene or recall the last used scene.

The four outer buttons are assigned to discreetly trigger lighting scenes within the room. For instance, the top left button activates the ‘Relax’ scene, the top right button triggers the ‘Movie’ scene, the bottom left button initiates the ‘Reading’ scene, and the bottom right button activates the ‘Bright’ scene.

We spoke with Andy Bull, Director of Eclipse Lighting Design ( about why he believes lighting control is an essential part of the lighting design, “Lighting is designed to help you undertake tasks, to make you feel certain emotions, and when appropriate, highlight features/art in the room. Using scenes delivers the light as it was designed. It’s important that we, as experts lead the customer to use scene control and define the controls.”

Andy goes on to summarise perfectly, “Proper lighting control gifts you the luxury of using scenes easily”. Well said Andy, we couldn’t agree more.

Most customers will have an idea of how they want to control the lighting in their home, but it is important that understanding is not based on outdated technologies. As the technology expert on the project, integrators must be confident to describe, convince and deliver the best solution for the project, even if it meets some initial resistance from the client.

To provide integrators with the best possible chance of achieving this, the functionality of

our ORE keypads is explained on our website, so users can start imagining how the keypad will perform in their homes. Secondly, we have made the commissioning stage for integrators very quick and easy in ETS, so delivering the working, intuitive keypad takes minutes. We also understand that in some instances, there is a valid and real requirement for the keypad to perform functions that don’t fit our smart scene plate set-up, this is why we included the option to configure the keypad to send any KNX data type, essentially making a fully customisable controller if required.

The powerful feedback lights incorporated in the TAP-5 ORE keypads offer users beautiful visual feedback. These lights can also be used as orientation lights, as well as providing visual notifications of other events in the system (such as a doorbell press).

Obviously, using motion sensors to create automatic lighting is an essential part of creating stunning smart home lighting systems. Our tiny Motion Sensor 360 - KNX has been developed to integrate flawlessly with our KNX keypads so integrators can quickly create powerful automation that works in harmony with keypad overrides.

In summary, providing elegant control of the multiple lighting circuits in a room and controlling these as scenes, ensures the user can effortlessly create the right ambiance in seconds.

MAY 2024 49 ESSENTIAL LIGHTING AND LIGHT CONTROL @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


EI columnist Jason Knott, data solutions architect evangelist at D-Tools and ex-Editor-in-Chief at CE Pro, takes on ‘Change Order Culture’.

It might seem odd for someone from the US to be talking about ‘culture’ of any kind with UK and European integrators. Indeed, you practically have a monopoly on all things related to culture compared to your often-uncouth US counterparts… except maybe for cultured yogurt! But I am not talking about that kind ‘culture,’ but rather specifically about your ‘Change Order culture.’

Every integration company knows that Change Orders are inevitable. They certainly are likely to occur on large-scale projects, but they can also crop up during even the smallest installation. Some Change Orders add revenue as clients expand the scope of the installation; others reduce revenue as customers scale back in the middle of the project; while still others are revenue-neutral.

Indeed, most Change Orders are revenueneutral, meaning they neither increase nor decrease revenue on a project. According to data gleaned from actual projects built using D-Tools Cloud proposal software over a oneyear timeframe, more than half of all integration companies broke even on their Change Orders, with 49% of integrators reporting their Change Orders had neither a net positive nor negative effect on their revenues.

These net-neutral Change Orders are usually defined as ‘internal Change Orders’ that do not require customer sign off. They usually occur for internal documentation purposes, so you can use it as a learning experience for future projects. Sometimes they are generated by a design error or a change made by the architect or general contractor that forces the integrator to alter his or her design. Another common cause for internal Change Orders is swapping out one brand of products for another, simply because the one specified in the original proposal is not available. During the supply chain crisis of the past few

years, those types of Change Orders were likely more common.

For the 43% of integrators who reported adding revenue from Change Orders, they were quite lucrative. Over a one-year period, the average revenue boost was $33,387 from Change Orders. Overall, Change Order revenue equated to an additional 2% in revenues for the average company for the year.

On the flip side, looking solely at the 8% of integrators who experienced a reduction in revenue due to Change Orders, the average loss per company was -$13,453 over the year.

There are two distinct Change Orders cultures that have appeared… both of them are suitable approaches and there is no right or wrong method:

1. Offer Lower Bids and Make It Up With Lots of Change Orders -- Some integrators purposely aim to generate more Change Orders to boost the revenue on a project. This approach is more common among integrators who purposely deliver lowerpriced proposals to enhance their chances of getting a signed contract. Once the deal is in place, then the dealer introduces potential upgrades that will be handled through additive Change Orders. According to D-Tools Cloud data, in some cases integrators were able to add a whopping 20% of the total project revenue via Change Orders. The risk, of course, with that strategy is potentially upsetting the customer who can perceive the high number of Change Orders as ‘gouging.’

2. Try to Minimise the Number of Change Orders with Comprehensive Proposals -Some CI channel integrators design their proposals to come in at higher price points with the aim of having a complete solution

that will require minimal changes. For those integrators, the business model is to minimise the number of Change Orders on a project.

It’s important to note that client-driven Change Orders are not necessarily bad. Indeed, many of them are good because it shows that the client is making a stronger emotional connection to the project.

As a project progresses, the mindset of many clients can change and they soon realise they want to expand the scope of the project. It’s the ‘Heck with it… I am already over my budget, I might as well do this right and get the things I want’ syndrome. So, in the last 60 days of a big project, there can often be a literal hockey-stick-like spike of add-backs.

Whatever your Change Order culture is, it’s important to document them and have a defined process in place. Which one do you have?

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2023 Revenue Impact from Change Orders


Class-leading power density, efficiency, versatility and control allied with high audio quality and advanced audio DSP make Powersoft the ideal choice for residential and marine installations.

CUK’s lineup includes the Mezzo Series of half-rack install amplifiers in 320W and 600W power sizes with 2/4 channels, AD versions adding Dante™/AES67, while the UNICA range comprises three 4-channel amps (UNICA 9K4, 12K4 and 16K4, with 9,000W, 12,000W and 16,000W respectively), and three 8-channel models (UNICA 2K8, 4K8 and 8K8, with 2,000W, 4,000W and 8,000W).

CUK has partnered with Powersoft since 2009

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Class-leading power density dramatically shrinks required rack space

Advanced power sharing provides the power you need on the circuits that need it

High audio quality

Dante enabled versions

State-of-the-art DSP offers comprehensive loudspeaker protection tools

Sanus Premium Mounting Solutions and AV Accessories WWW.SANUS.COM PICTURE LIFE SAFER • SMARTER • CLASSIER Sanus Premium Mounting Solutions and AV Accessories WWW.SANUS.COM - @SANUS_UK PICTURE LIFE SAFER • SMARTER • CLASSIER Sanus Premium Mounting Solutions and AV Accessories WWW.SANUS.COM - @SANUS_UK PICTURE LIFE SAFER • SMARTER • CLASSIER

Premium TV Mounts

At SANUS, we set the standard for mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, our mounts allow you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs. These mounts are fast and simple to install, and they offer a clean and stylish finish to any AV set upall while boasting unparalleled performance.

Premium TV Mounts

Premium TV Mounts

At SANUS, we set the standard for mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, our mounts allow you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs. These mounts are fast and simple to install, and they offer a clean and stylish finish to any AV set upall while boasting unparalleled performance.

At SANUS, we set the standard for mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, our mounts allow you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs. These mounts are fast and simple to install, and they offer a clean and stylish finish to any AV set upall while boasting unparalleled performance.

Premium Racks

PREASSEMBLED COMPONENT RACKS: strong and sturdily constructed with heavy-gauge welded steel. Available in 4 size options: 15U, 27U, 36U and 44U.

Premium Racks

Premium Racks

PREASSEMBLED COMPONENT RACKS: strong and sturdily constructed with heavy-gauge welded steel. Available in 4 size options: 15U, 27U, 36U and 44U.

PREASSEMBLED COMPONENT RACKS: strong and sturdily constructed with heavy-gauge welded steel. Available in 4 size options: 15U, 27U, 36U and 44U.

STACKABLE SKELETON RACKS: can be placed on the floor or wall-mounted for maximum versatility. Available in 10U, 15U and 20U and combinable to create the ideal size rack.

STACKABLE SKELETON RACKS: can be placed on the floor or wall-mounted for maximum versatility. Available in 10U, 15U and 20U and combinable to create the ideal size rack.

STACKABLE SKELETON RACKS: can be placed on the floor or wall-mounted for maximum versatility. Available in 10U, 15U and 20U and combinable to create the ideal size rack.

Sonos® Accessories

Sonos® Accessories

Sonos® Accessories

Get the perfect sound from your Sonos® speakers. These products have been designed to be compatible with your favourite Sonos products. The sleek, subtle design of our products beautifully complements their range. SANUS’ range of accessories includes new products designed for the Sonos Era 300™, Era 100™, Arc™ and Move™.

Get the perfect sound from your Sonos® speakers. These products have been designed to be compatible with your favourite Sonos products. The sleek, subtle design of our products beautifully complements their range. SANUS’ range of accessories includes new products designed for the Sonos Era 300™, Era 100™, Arc™ and Move™.


Get the perfect sound from your Sonos® speakers. These products have been designed to be compatible with your favourite Sonos products. The sleek, subtle design of our products beautifully complements their range. SANUS’ range of accessories includes new products designed for the Sonos Era 300™, Era 100™, Arc™ and Move™.



SANUS has everything needed to complete an AV set up - from soundbar mounts and cable management tunnels to AV component shelves and projector mounts, we’ve thought of every detail to ensure every set up is finished to

SANUS has everything needed to complete an AV set up - from soundbar mounts and cable management tunnels to AV component shelves and projector mounts, we’ve thought of every detail to ensure every set up is finished to perfection.

SANUS has everything needed to complete an AV set up - from soundbar mounts and cable management tunnels to AV component shelves and projector mounts, we’ve thought of every detail to ensure every set up is finished to perfection.



DbM and New Land Group have once again partnered to deliver the best audio experience for a modern sanctuary in Historic Oxfordshire. Using a selection of products from Meridian, the integrator has elevated the living experience and enhanced the home’s aesthetic appeal.

New Land Group was contracted to work alongside Donovan Construction, De-Draft Architects and Katie Groves Interior Designer on this stunning new build property in Oxfordshire. The vision was to create a dwelling that is functional for the occupants, while also showcasing sustainable and innovative technology and design. Having worked with the client previously on a home refit, New Land Group was familiar with their likes and dislikes and set about providing the entertainment spaces with performance-led audio systems.

As an avid DbM customer, New Land Group knew that the distributor would have the right products to meet the client’s request for stateof-the-art technology. By working closely with the DbM team, and utilising the complimentary Design & Specification Service, it became clear that products from the Meridian portfolio would tick all the boxes.

The basement was designed to provide a multi-functional entertainment hub. This area features a home cinema, dance studio, and nightclub.

The custom-built cinema showcases how Meridian loudspeakers can elevate a room by providing an unmatched audio experience. The space features five Reference Series DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers, and from the Performance Series range - six DSP320.2 in-ceiling loudspeakers and two DSW600 inwall subwoofers.

As Meridian’s highest-performing architectural loudspeaker, the DSP750 loudspeakers produces a natural and lifelike sound with high fidelity and perfect tonal balance. Its high dynamic range, incredibly low distortion, and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio combine to provide full-range audio with exceptional headroom and low listener fatigue.

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The media room includes bespoke wooden cabinetry, designed to work perfectly with the loudspeakers, installed in front of large windows that look out to the landscape. To provide audio alongside the TV screen, New Land Group installed a 3.2 audio set-up, using three DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers and two DSW600 in-wall subwoofers.

The playroom is enhanced thanks to a simple, yet effective AV set-up that is perfectly suited for kids’ entertainment. Installed in one corner of the room and built into the wooden cabinetry beneath the TV, is a DSP520.2 in-wall loudspeaker, which is used in mono mode to act as a soundbar. This is matched with a DSW.2 subwoofer in RAL 9004 Signal Black Matte custom finish.

The L+R mode of the DSP520.2 allows a single loudspeaker to be used on its own while still reproducing all the audio present in a stereo recording. Combining this with Meridian’s Image Elevation technology, which raises the

perceived image location from an under-screen loudspeaker so that it appears to come from the centre of the screen, makes this the ideal soundbar solution.

The study is the setting for one DSP3200 bookshelf loudspeaker in RAL 9004 Signal Black Matte custom finish. This compact speaker provides the office space with a powerful performance well beyond what is expected for its size. It beautifully mirrors the curves of Meridian’s larger loudspeakers, therefore providing both audio performance and aesthetics.

Lastly, New Land Group has ensured that the kitchen also benefits from outstanding audio, providing the occupants with a system suitable for everyday use. The 8.2 system features eight Meridian DSP320.2 in-ceiling loudspeakers and two DSW600 in-wall subwoofers, making it the perfect environment for cooking with the family.

“The result is a testament to the seamless fusion of luxury living and advanced home

automation,” comments Luke Newland owner at New Land Group. “The technology has been woven into the fabric of the home with meticulous care, ensuring that every feature enhances the living experience without intruding on the space’s aesthetic or tranquillity. This new build is not just a house; it’s a beacon of how traditional elegance and cutting-edge innovation can blend to create a home that is as welcoming as it is alluring, as sustainable as it is sophisticated.”

More Information DbM

New Land Group

Equipment List

• 3 x DSP520.2

• 1 x DSW.2 (Select Colour – RAL9004 MATTE)

• 1 x DSP3200 (Select Colour - RAL9004 MATTE)

• 8 x DSP750

• 14 x DSP320.2

• 6 x DSW600

• 3 x 271 Digital Theatre Controllers

• 4 x 218 Zone Controllers

• 1 x 218 Rack Shelf

• 3 x Distributor 1

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Tim Hill, MD at Ferguson Hill Studios, creator of unique audio systems for over 20 years, explains the experience and inspiration behind the company’s high-performance systems including the recently released Jetstream speaker system.

Tell us about your childhood interest in audio; what did you build and why?

In my first year at college studying for a BSc degree in Aeronautical Engineering I spent a large part of my grant on my first Hi-Fi system, a Dual CS505 deck, NAD 3020 amp and AR speakers. It was good but I always wanted to improve things and so started my journey building my own Hi-Fi. I built a kit transistor amp and built the enclosure from two cube glass jars and aluminium metal extrusions found in a skip. I then hired a welding machine and made my own speaker stands, filled with sand dampening. The stands were placed on metal rods going through, but not touching the floor boards, into concrete poured under the floor. I purchased a second-hand Linn Ittok arm and built my own version of a Linn Sondek, carved out of a block of granite. This system sounded great and is still going strong in my friend’s house.

Tell us a little about your time at British Aerospace; has this informed your work in audio?

I worked for a while at British Aerospace Woodford, and also at Page Engineering,

designing parts for flight safety systems, but my most interesting time was working at a smaller company, Edgley Aircraft doing design work on the Optica aeroplane. You only need to look at the Optica to see how it influenced me in what could be done making large compound shapes in clear acrylic. Also the study of fluid flow, detailed analysis of fluid profiles modelled with Reynolds number etc, has greatly influenced my approach to loudspeaker and especially horn speaker design.

Some of your early prototypes ended up being used in a music studio without your knowledge. How did this happen?

I started building many different variations of speakers, starting with multi driver multi box types using Focal drive units etc. I must have built 20 or more different prototypes and some only had a few days listening before I decided to get rid of them and try something else. Some of these boxes were very heavy and lead lined so I would drag them out into the front gates of my house in Camden whilst I thought how to get rid of them or give them away. Funnily enough most times they would

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The company has just launched its latest creation, the Jetstream

disappear within a day, which was useful as space in my house was limited. A couple of years later, and when this was still going on, I met a chap called Graham at a regular Camden music venue. After chatting it appeared that Graham had been regularly picking up my speakers and taking them around the corner to his World-renowned mastering studio, The Exchange. We subsequently became good friends and I toured the mastering and recording studios with his amazing collection of gear, vintage condenser mics etc and of course many of my speaker prototypes, which had impressed Graham.

Tell us about the foundation of Ferguson Hill. What was the aim of the company? Who was/is involved?

I started Ferguson Hill in 2003 after some years working as a commercial photographer as I really wanted to get back into engineering. It combined my love of music and building things. I play guitar, have built acoustic guitars and was in a few bands in Camden at the time. I started Ferguson Hill on my own but now have a team of six freelancers each with their own special skills to contribute to a Hi-Fi manufacturer.

Tell us about the FH001. What is different/special about it and what impact did it have?

The FH001 was I believe the first dipole front horn loaded semi full range loudspeaker. After looking into many different speaker types I believe that the use of a full range drive unit with no crossover between it and the amplifier can take you closer to the feeling that the music is live in the room. The shape and construction of the horn speaker give it a distinctive and minimal look. I believe it has had an impact outside the traditional Hi-Fi field with fans of design such as Steve Jobs purchasing them.

Tell us how time spent at Loughborough University’s Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering facility helps the development of the products.

Work done at Loughborough University came about after we were awarded an R&D government grant. Using their huge floating concrete optical bench, we did many measurements of all sorts on the speakers. We used techniques such as speckle pattern holographic laser interferometry to look at all sorts of things such as drive unit cone movements throughout the frequency range. We even hung curtains of tiny foil dots on cotton in front of the speakers and using lasers were able to visualise the actual air movements of the various sound waves in the room.

The company’s products are a good example of form following function, even if the look of the products are a design result rather than a deliberate act. Do people enjoy the aesthetics/ transparency of the designs?

Yes, I believe a lot of our customers are initially drawn to the minimalist designs and are then really impressed with the sound quality. For me the sound reproduction quality is most important, and I just stick to a simple visual palate of mainly clear and silvery metallic colour. I try and avoid anything like choosing colours, veneers etc, or any choice that is only there for visual purposes.

What is the connection between the Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ and Ferguson Hill?

I designed the phase plug shape for the horn speaker drive unit by a process of trying many shapes and taking frequency response measurements and iterating the design. However, my friend Nigel, who I worked with in the wind tunnel at college, pointed out that it looks exactly like the air intake spike of a

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. I looked this up and it is almost exactly the same shape. It was about this time we came up with the name ‘Jetstream’ for the new system.

Is there a Ferguson Hill ‘sound’? What would you say are the main audio advantages/characteristics achieved? Well, I suppose it is what most Hi-Fi manufacturers would tell you…that feeling that the musicians are actually playing live in the room.

If anything, I believe the large front loaded, optimised horns can connect well with the air in the room. It gives a good and even impedance match between the moving drive unit and the air in the room. This is confirmed with the remarkably low Total Harmonic Distortion measurements / 0.02% THD at 1KHz, 80dB SPL.

What are the key products/most recent releases we should be aware of?

The ‘Jetstream’ high end loudspeaker system is our current key product. It comprises a pair of Jetstream Horn Loudspeakers, a pair of Jetstream Bass Speakers, and a Jetstream Bass Amplifier. I have incorporated all the changes I have wanted to do since the launch of the FH001 20 years ago. Anyone who wants to find out more, just get in touch!

What’s next for Ferguson Hill?

We are about halfway through the development of a new mini speaker system to replace the FH007 which was very popular. The new mini system will have a full range of digital and wireless high-resolution connectivity with onboard DSP. I would also like to continue the development of a mid-sized system, somewhere between the rather affordable FH007 mini system and the really rather expensive Jetstream system.

Ferguson Hill Studios

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Bringing together privacy and entertainment, Inspired Dwellings used Crestron Home OS to create the customer’s dream home.

A classic, Tudor-style home from the outside and a contemporary, luxurious haven on the inside, this 15,000-square-foot new build is set on several acres of countryside in Kent, England. The homeowner, doubling as the builder, made this project extra special. This remarkable home includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two swimming pools, multiple saunas, a home theatre and a gym. Chris McCain, Technical Manager, Inspired Dwellings, comments, “Crestron Home was the right fit for a project of this caliber. With many different spaces in the home, the homeowner needed an easy-to-use single point of control.”

As a successful developer accustomed to building for others, the homeowner wanted to use his skills and the best resources available to fulfill his vision. Chris recommended Crestron Home due to its ease of use and ability to work well with partners under one unified platform.


The homeowner wanted to create spaces that fully encompass the interests of his large, extended family, with whom he shares a love of football and music. For the home to function as a hub for friends and family to gather, the

technology and design needed to serve two opposing purposes: the control system needed to perform on a large scale for impressive entertaining while also feeling intimate when the homeowner had no guests. The homeowner wanted a user-friendly home automation solution, as it would be his first time living with extensive technology.

Chris explains, “It was easy to choose Crestron as the home automation system once we heard the homeowner’s needs. This solution allows the homeowner to entertain at the press of a button while also maintaining privacy.”

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The easy-to-use and reliable Crestron Home OS is the control backbone for the home, which can be accessed using Crestron touch screens, remotes, Crestron Cameo keypads, or the Crestron Home app. Crestron touch screens are strategically placed where they would be used most often for full control of the house. For entertaining, the living room and dining area feature an expansive, open floor plan (a crowd favourite), enabling guests to gather and enjoy conversation with one another. Using Crestron Home, the party scene continues throughout the house and out to the patio and pool areas as colourful pool lights turn on and music is amplified around the home. This is not the only scene the homeowner can call on demand; other scenes like ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ trigger the lighting, shading and audio in each part of the home to adjust without having to travel to each room individually. This convenience makes waking up and heading to sleep a breeze for the homeowner.

One of the most popular areas of the home is the 14-seat cinema with built-in amplifiers on the back row seats for a complete cinematic experience. For action movies – the homeowner’s favourite – every explosive moment is intensified by the high-end sound system. Any guest is able to easily and confidently play their movie or TV show of choice at the touch of a button, thanks to Crestron touch screens and remotes. This comfortable theatre has three rows of recliner chairs with backlighting on the stairs and the walls.

Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP provides video distribution throughout the entire estate, which is especially important when entertaining during football games, as each display can show the same game in any given room. Hidden TVs were tastefully incorporated to meet the highend design expectations throughout the home. There are sophisticated mirror TVs in the bar area and a concealed TV in the music room, which is revealed by automated panels. The primary suite also includes a hidden TV at the foot of the bed, controlled by Crestron, that will slowly rise when turned on. The primary suite offers

the homeowner a private sanctuary after a long day. Through the walk-in closet, there is another personal seating area where he can wind down. After putting his feet up to relax, the homeowner can rest assured that the home is secured by using the Crestron Home app to check security.


The possibilities and rooms in this home are endless. Other highlighted areas include a gym, cigar lounge, indoor pool and a music room. The gym is small but fully equipped, allowing the homeowner to box, lift weights and climb rope. Using Crestron DM NVX technology, the homeowner can watch guided workout videos or turn on his favourite music channel and let it flow throughout the house. Next to the gym is a lively music room, which features a jukebox and drum set to jam with friends and family. Through the glass walls of the home gym and the music room is a fine view of the indoor pool and sauna. The indoor pool features a connected hot tub, surrounding lounge chairs and a year-round tempered environment.

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For the home to feel personal while not entertaining, the technology and design needed to work in the smaller rooms, such as the cigar lounge and bar, study and private primary suite. Security was also an important feature. Using the Crestron Home OS, the homeowner can control the entrance gate, video entry and cameras connected through the DM NVX platform, viewable from multiple TVs. The homeowner chose to program the outside speakers to mimic a dog barking when triggered at night to keep animals away from the garden.

Chris explains, “Creating a simple entertaining scene became easier once we installed Crestron DM NVX. Video distribution allows the guests to spread out around the home without missing a thing. Only Crestron could tackle the control of the unique spaces in this home. It is no ordinary home and we needed to install an automation system of the right caliber to meet the varying demands of each space.”


Using the Crestron Home platform as a single control system made it simple for the homeowner to manage the vast property. The homeowner expressed that Crestron Home OS has made his transition to living with technology seamless by leveraging scenes and having control at the tip of his fingers.

Chris concludes, “The finishing touch to this dream home was the automation system. Without Crestron, this home would not have the finesse it does now.”

Inspired Dwellings

Essential Kit List

• D4-Series Control System

• CP4-R

• DM NVX 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder

• DM-NVX-350

• DM NVX 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder Card with Downmixing

• DM-NVX-351C

• Cameo Keypad


• 10.1 in. Touch Screen

• TSW-1060

• Handheld Touch Screen Remote TSR-310

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The home can deliver privacy or party time at the touch of a button


Snap One’s OvrC is an RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) platform that is transforming business profitability for more and more integrators. It’s also a foundation stone for building great customer relations, particularly with the addition of the Parasol service, also from Snap One. Abby Fox from London-based Partner LC-AV explains more.

“OvrC has been a huge game-changer for us, especially because of its integration with Snap One’s Wattbox power management products,” says Abby. “As so many of our issues can be resolved with a simple power reboot, we’re now fixing common technology problems quickly, efficiently and remotely, without visiting a site. OvrC gives us access to the control, notification and monitoring tools that we need to really improve the post-installation experience. Adding Parasol has now built on this success and taken our customer service to the next level.”

Using OvrC, Parasol is a service that provides 24/7/365 remote-manned support and response for technology-integration businesses. As well as carrying out reactive system repair remotely when contacted by a customer, Parasol can also pro-actively monitor a home-technology system and support the integrator in trouble-shooting potential issues before they arise. LC-AV bought into Parasol midway through 2023 and are already reaping the benefits.

“One of the biggest challenges for an integration business of our size is service calls,” explains Abby. “We decided to outsource the service contact to Parasol, who clients can deal with directly to fix problems remotely through OvrC. They have a team of trained engineers who can see the system and go through a check list of issues which will result in a fix on that first call 95% of times.”

LC-AV can also point to an even closer bond with their clients as a result of this partnership.

“In many cases, we may still be the first port of call for a customer, because of the strength of our relationship with them, especially if they’re long-standing clients,” adds Abby. “But, having Parasol in place is a great back up in these cases. For example, clients may feel awkward about contacting us directly about an issue, especially out of hours. Having a knowledgeable engineer available on the end of the line in the evenings, or at weekends, is a huge comfort to them and

they feel better, and less guilty, getting in touch with Parasol rather than us at these times. If we do need to visit the site after the client has engaged with Parasol, then we can book that appointment in, having a better understanding of what the problem is and fixing it much, much quicker.”

“We always document our systems thoroughly, so the OvrC / Parasol model is easy to set up on new projects,” continues Abby. “If we’re revisiting an older project or taking on an upgrade, then we factor in that extra documentation time. It’s essential to have an accurate system on OvrC that we and the Parasol team can access. Overall, we’re more efficient, clients are happier and our income stream from service is more predictable.”

OvrC and Parasol are now an integral part of the LC-AV business. “We have a conversation

about service and maintenance right at the start of the sales process. That helps us make sure that the right service plan is in place for the customer. Clients increasingly expect us to be there afterwards to look after the technology for them. It’s understood. They’re reassured to have a process in place. We make sure we stay in touch with them post-installation to let them know what we’re fixing or updating remotely to ensure that they always see the value of that service too.”

Existing Partners can learn more about OvrC, Wattbox and Parasol from Snap One at To enquire to be a Partner please visit com/SnapOne/s/newpartnerapplication

Snap One

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Karma-AV introduces the ultra-discreet SVS 3000 in-wall subwoofer to UK integrators.

Promising reference low-frequency performance on a par with traditional cabinet subwoofer designs and primed for retrofit or new construction, the 3000 In-Wall subwoofer has been created to deliver class-leading depth and dynamics, versatility and control for ultra-discreet architectural applications.

The 3000 In-Wall system comprises twin custom designed high-excursion 9in SVS drivers in a sealed aluminium/MDF flush-fitting cabinet, driven by a unique outboard version of the company’s Sledge amplifier platform from its award-winning 3000 Micro subwoofer. Generating 800W RMS, 2,500W peak power, the outboard amplifier combines the highcurrent output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency and the processing power of an Analog Devices DSP.

Equipped with 56-bit filtering, the 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP is the most sophisticated available in a home audio subwoofer amplifier, argues the maker. It helps to shape the ideal audio response through powerful DSP controls and presets via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Using the app via Bluetooth, installers are able to set and control volume, adjust crossover frequencies and set the three-band parametric EQ, as well as polarity and room gain, all from the listening position. Bi-directional feedback shows the adjustments in real time on both the app and the amplifier’s front panel interface.

For added versatility, the 2U rack mount amplifier design can be configured to output the full 800W to a single subwoofer or to supply 400W each to a dual subwoofer array.

Installation of the 3000 In-Wall is simple for both retrofit and new construction. A template is provided for the precise cut-out of the mounting hole and the sealed-box design allows for simple and fast installation using dog-leg clamps. When installation is up against a stud, the enclosure uses screw holes for direct mounting to the stud. An optional pre-construction kit with template is available for new construction.

“The subwoofer from SVS has been in development for quite some time because our engineers were never content with anything less than reference performance for this important category,” says Gary Yacoubian, SVS President.

“An architectural subwoofer that delivers truly breathtaking output with astonishing depth and accuracy, plus sophisticated tuning and control is a first. No more compromises for clients who want reference quality bass without taking up floorspace. Plus, it’s easy to install in any room and provides unmatched versatility.”

By combining easy installation for both retrofit and pre-construction opportunities, comprehensive control and tuning capabilities, versatile amplifier design, and most importantly, reference low-frequency performance on a par with traditional cabinet subwoofer designs, the SVS 3000 In-Wall is billed as a significant advancement in the art of deep and discreet bass for architectural speaker system designers.


Sonos has unveiled a reimagined Sonos app bringing services, content and system controls to one customisable home screen.

Sonos says the new app puts listeners in the driver’s seat with a personalised experience that makes listening easier, faster and better.

The new experience allows listeners to organise their favourite playlists, stations, albums and more from over 100 services on one customisable home screen. The new home screen provides faster access to Sonos system controls with one easy swipe up, making tab to tab jumping a thing of the past. Sonos intentionally redesigned the app on a modern software platform for an easier, faster and better experience that can support more rapid innovation. The reimagined app supports all existing S2 products and will be available globally through a software update for the S2 mobile app and via an all-new web app on May 7, 2024.

“We introduced the world to multi-room music over 20 years ago and are proudly playing in over 15 million homes today. As we are always pushing ourselves to innovate, and listening to feedback from our passionate customers, we felt now was the time to reimagine our app experience,” says Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos.

The product is available to order now and the end user price is (inc VAT) single system£2,199.00; double system - £3,199.00.

“After thorough development and testing, we are confident this redesigned app is easier, faster and better. It once again raises the bar for the home music listening experience and sets up our ability to expand into new categories and experiences.”

“Today’s streaming experience has become fragmented across multiple platforms due to varied content offerings, algorithmic curation, or simply the desire to not recreate playlists in multiple locations,” adds Maxime BouvatMerlin, Chief Product Officer of Sonos. “As the only audio brand with an open platform offering extensive choice, Sonos makes it easy to control your system and curate your favourite sounds all in one place. Our reimagined app delivers the industry’s most streamlined streaming experience by bringing a world of content and intuitive control to the home screen.”


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LEARN MORE The NAD Custom Installation Series draws on decades of experience in amplification, streaming, and home theatre. O ering a wide range of trusted multi-zone streamers, amplifiers, and accessories that e ortlessly deliver audiophile-grade sound to your installation, NAD CI has every solution to meet the needs of integrators. CREATE TAILORED AUDIO SOLUTIONS


Russound, available in the UK from Connected Distribution, has launched the D-Series Multichannel Digital Amplifiers. The D-Series includes three models: the eight-channel D890, the 12-channel D1290, and the 16-channel D1675. Designed to expand an audio system into more rooms or zones, or to add increased audio output for larger rooms or outdoor areas where a higher output volume is required, the amps are distinguished by their source and control flexibility, multichannel power and easyto-configure audio filter options. The D1290 is the first in the series available and now shipping.

The D-Series reduces the size of the amplifiers while boosting their feature set. These models use an advanced digital design that results in smaller chassis sizes than in any previous generations while delivering up to 90W per channel on the D890 and D1290 models and 75W per channel in up to 16 channels in the D1675. The D890 eightchannel and D1290 12-channel models are 1RU in height, while the D1675 is only 2RUs.

The D-Series amps include new, easily configurable audio filter options to customise the audio output for the desired application.

Any stereo pair, zone, or bridged speaker connection on the D-Series models can be set to output three different options. Full Range Sound allows for a typical full range of sound between 20Hz and 20kHz to the connected loudspeaker(s).

Low Pass Filter allows the connected speakers to only receive low-frequency audio signals, from about 20Hz to 160Hz, good for supporting passive subwoofers that are adding extra bass to the room. There is also a High Pass Filter, which allows the zone or channel


AMETEK SurgeX, a player in surge protection, diagnostic intelligence and remote monitoring solutions for the AV market, has launched the Vertical Series+ in EMEA.

This smart power distribution unit (PDU) pairs the high-quality, reliable technology integrators expect from SurgeX with the cloud-connected power quality analytics, fleet management and risk prevention capabilities of the SurgeX CONNECT platform – allowing partners to protect high value technology and monitor installations remotely, from anywhere in the world, says the maker.

“Our Vertical Series+ smart PDU provides an intelligent, flexible power distribution solution, allowing integrators to save rack space with its vertical form factor and array of configurations suited to safeguarding costly AV installations,” says Justin Peyton, Director of Sales EMEA, AMETEK SurgeX. “It’s compatibility with our SurgeX CONNECT platform delivers advanced 24/7 remote power management and monitoring functionality, which allows partners to improve their service offering as well as save time and money by reducing expensive service call outs. Issues which can be resolved by a simple reboot, for example, can now be handled quickly, easily, and remotely, ensuring more uptime for customers and saving costs.”

Vertical Series+ smart PDU comes in 8, 16, and 24 receptacle configurations, offering integrators a solution that can be installed with or alongside rack-mounted equipment. The Vertical Series+ smart PDU offers analytical software, sequencing and monitoring capabilities, including remote power down and reboot, sequencing, power cycling, advanced scheduling and AutoPing. Designed to tackle

to focus on only the higher frequencies from 80Hz and up — without wasting energy on lower-frequency sounds that the speaker can’t provide. The D-Series amplifiers allow for up to three different input choices for every channel. Installers can use two available bus inputs as the input for any channel, or they can use a dedicated input, allowing for precise tailoring of any system to its needs.

Connected Distribution

the increasingly complex, processing-heavy AV systems of today, the Vertical Series+ smart PDU is compatible with popular control systems for integration in residential and professional applications. The Vertical Series+ joins SurgeX’s Protect + Connect product line.


Vertical Series+ smart PDUs are available now via SurgeX’s network of distributors throughout EMEA
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The 12-channel D1290 is currently shipping, while the 16-channel D1675 will ship in May and the eight-channel D890 will be available in September


With our experience of smart home integrations and BMS, we can bridge the gap between the AV and HVAC worlds, designing systems that take full account of how the client wants to use them. We offer a range of services from consulting to complete system design.


All our solutions include advanced cloud-monitoring for analysing system performance and fault reporting. Turn a reactive response to a disgruntled client into a proactive call from you to let them know that their problem has been resolved, even before they knew they had one.

Multi-platform smart home integration tailors the experience to the client - whether that is elegant in-room controls complementing their luxurious decor, or virtually invisible sensors with App-based controls. All backed up with sophisticated installer tools. +44 (0) 1223 833852 ENERGY SOLUTIONS from Janus Technology


Ansell lighting has unveiled its brand-new LED-Cell strip range, described as the most comprehensive offering on the market.

The launch consists of eight different product collections, addressing every project need. Colour choices are catered for with RGBW, RGB, RGBTW and single colour options available across the ranges as well as IP20, IP65 and IP67 ratings. Supplied with a self-adhesive back, all are easy to install with no additional adhesive or fixings required. All Ansell strip lights are also OCTO compatible and come with either three or five-year warranties.

C-CELL is a COB continuous output strip that delivers an enhanced aesthetic appearance. Ansell says that unlike many strip lights, C-CELL gives out seamless continuous light, so it is dot free, ideal for residential, hospitality and retail applications.

D-CELL is a range of dim to warm strip lights providing applications with significant versatility. When undimmed the 3000K colour temperature is ideal for task lighting, but when dimmed the 1800K output provides a more relaxed aesthetic.

E-CELL is a traditional LED strip suitable for general use, whilst H-CELL is a high efficiency option delivering strong levels of illumination whilst providing strong energy saving.

K-CELL is suitable for high end residential, hospitality and retail applications it features extremely small cutting points enabling installers to get an exact cut to the length required.

P-CELL is a professional LED strip with super high efficacy helping to reduce overall energy consumption in large scale installations. It also features the most extensive range of colour temperature options and power options of all Ansell strip products. Ideal for internal

and external installations where power supply locations few and far between, U–CELL is an ultra-long LED strip available in up to 50m lengths whilst Z-CELL is a flexible LED strip that bends so can be used on installations featuring corners or bends without breaking or being damaged.

Ansell Lighting


Lithe Audio has launched a new all-in-one wireless 4in Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker. The IP44-rated waterproof speaker comes in a compact, sleek unit which blends into any décor while delivering outstanding sound to elevate any room and listening experience, says the maker.

With the efficient 25W RMS Class D Amplifier and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology built-in, this is a wireless solution –although the speaker can also be cable linked to a TV or other audio output via a 3.5mm Jack input, if that option is preferred.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology promises uninterrupted low latency audio projection, giving complete sound coverage for the room – and the speakers pair with Alexa or Google Home for easy and convenient voice-control. The speakers work with any Bluetooth device and the wireless range for Bluetooth V5.0 devices is up to 30 metres.

Useful features include Volume Cap 50%, enabling users to control audio levels if required, Password Protection and unique Speaker Naming via the Lithe Audio setup app for Android and iOS making the ceiling speaker ideal for apartment and housing developers and hotel projects.

speaker is ideal for small-scale developments, apartments, smaller bedrooms/kitchens, ensuite bathrooms and garden rooms

Ease of installation and use were design priorities in the design of the new speaker –cables can be pre-wired for easy install and the speaker simply connects to the existing lighting circuit or any main power feed for power. The speakers come with a fully enclosed back which gives Lithe acoustic engineers the ability to tune the speaker to deliver maximum sound for its compact size.

Amit Ravat, Co-Founder of Lithe Audio, says, “From hoteliers and housing developers

looking for a flexible in-room and en-suite audio solutions – either wireless or connected to TV and other audio systems - to consumers living in apartments or homes wanting soundcapped audio in their en-suite or kids’ rooms, we believe that this is an unrivalled ceiling speaker solution.”

Lithe Audio

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Ansell has also developed and will launch an online calculator to help navigate the range


Swann has launched a new 4K security range.

The AllSecure4K+ is an all-in-one wireless security kit that sets up in minutes with four wire-free 4K cameras and a Wi-Fi NVR Power Hub that can store 1TB of footage to its local hard drive whilst backing up clips to the cloud. The Power Hub also has a charging bay for the spare camera battery.

Now offering 4K resolution, the AllSecure4K+ cameras’ True Detect AI capabilities sense heat, motion, people and vehicles whilst Night2Day colour night vision is more precise than ever before. Two-way audio and loud sirens deter trespassers and there is also the potential to upgrade to an eightcamera system.

The SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video

Doorbell provides Ultra HD video with digital zoom and a three-month battery life between charges. With two-way audio and head-totoe view, users are able to speak with and see who’s at the door in 4K resolution – even in the midnight hours, thanks to Night2Day

colour night vision. There is also the option of hardwiring the SwannBuddy4K using power from existing doorbell wires if users would rather not ever need to recharge.

Swann’s Xtreem4K camera carries all the True Detect AI heat and motion detection, Night2Day colour night vision, and two-way audio with the addition of a wide 110° viewing angle, spotlights to further deter intruders, and a long battery life of 120 days that can alternatively be powered via solar panel. If users want a bright light to scare away intruders, Swann’s Floodlight 4K Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera comes with floodlights that generate 2,600 lumens of brightness. An in-built siren and two-way talk add to the crime prevention features of the camera, while the 4K lens captures every detail with its 115° wide viewing angle, Night2Day colour night vision and AI-powered people and vehicle detection.


Stratton Acoustics has launched its new Element 12, a small two-way, reflex-loaded design with integral stand.

Created by the same duo that conceived the manufacturer’s Elypsis 1512 – David Fowler (founder, designer and manufacturer) and Phil Ward (electro-acoustic engineer) – the Element 12’s performance aims are identical: to give a singular, uncommon focus on dynamics, rhythm and engagement, but contained within a smaller, more easily accommodated enclosure.

And once again, as with the 1512, every aspect of the Element 12 – available in four, distinctive high gloss finishes – is artisanal in nature, being precision-engineered and handmade in the UK by a team of talented specialist contractors, under the watchful eye and direction of the creators.

Formed from 26mm/46mm bamboo ply panels, the Element 12’s internally braced cabinet, as the name suggests, houses a single, custom-made 12in paper bass/mid driver with dual voice-coils and a NeFeB (neodymiumiron-boron) magnet motor system. Twin reflex ports – located out of sight on the underside of the speaker – are tuned to deliver an in-room response down to 38Hz.

High frequencies come courtesy of the same 29mm (1.2in) soft dome tweeter used in

the Elypsis 1512 model, housed in Stratton’s patented Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly and, once again, using a NeFeB magnet motor.

At 94dB the overall system sensitivity is high, placing little in the way of restrictions on partnering amplification.

Supporting the speaker is an integral stand, formed from 3mm thick, powder-coated, structural steel panels – based on Voronoi

Price (per pair) Element 12: £32K, available direct, with shipping (charged at cost) to anywhere in the world

geometry – all underpinned by a high-gloss bamboo ply and natural cork base.

Initially, the speaker will be available in four, high gloss mirror finishes: Piano white with silver, piano black with black and gold, maple with silver, and ziricote with black and gold.

Stratton Acoustics

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We specialise in home cinemas and distributed audio systems that deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled performance.


Our complimentary design & specification service provides integrators with a customised, expertly designed, and integrated AV solutions.


We specialise in designing high-end audio-visual systems for luxury homes and residential spaces.


Providing expert calibration and commissioning services, we ensure your systems are set up for optimal performance and user experience. Book your experience at

The Pinnacle of Image and Sound Proud Distributor

Take your listening experiences to new heights.

The all-new 8” ln-Ceiling Speakers by Sonos and Sonance feature completely new acoustic components, offering natural, room-filling sound with discrete installation.

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