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HDBaseT™ Matrix with Advanced Audio Integration

We are pleased to announce the launch of three feature rich HDBaseT™ Matrix, the HMXL88ARC, HMXL66ARC and HMXL42ARC-KIT.

Using CSC technology, these powerful HDBaseT™ matrix support 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 resolutions over distances of 40m over a single CAT 6 cable. The new HMXL42ARC-KIT, HMXL66ARC and HMXL88ARC come into their own with advanced audio features specifically designed for maximising the integration of all AV sources in the modern home. Enhanced audio routing is achieved through the integrated independent audio matrix. This enables the audio both from displays (via ARC) and all other sources to be embedded and routed through the system at the users discretion.

These ARC and audio routing features enable our installation partners the ability to create a truly immersive AV experience throughout the home.


8x8 HDBaseT™ CSC ARC Matrix

J Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offering distribution of video and audio over a single CAT cable

J Advanced Colour Space Conversion (CSC) supports HDMI 2.0 18Gbps specification including HDR

J 26 x 8 Audio Matrix independently controllable from the video


4x2 HDBaseT™ CSC ARC Matrix including Receivers

J Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offering distribution of video and audio over a single CAT cable

J Advanced Colour Space Conversion (CSC) supports HDMI 2.0 18Gbps specification including HDR

J 8 x 2 audio matrix that is independently controllable from video.


6x6 HDBaseT™ CSC ARC Matrix

J Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offering distribution of video and audio over a single CAT cable

J Advanced Colour Space Conversion (CSC) supports HDMI 2.0 18Gbps specification including HDR

J 20 x 6 Audio Matrix independently controllable from the video

HDCP 2.2 HDCP 2.2 HDCP 2.2


latest in HDBaseT™ technology. The HEX18G-KIT supports bi-directional IR, RS-232 and PoC up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT cable.


HDBaseT™ ARC Extender Set - 70m

J Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offering uncompressed video and audio with zero latency

J Extends HDMI 1080p up to a distance of 70m over a single CAT cable

J Supports 4K UHD video up to 40m (3840 x 2160 @30Hz 4:4:4, 4096 x 2160 @24Hz 4:4:4, and 4K @60Hz 4:2:0)


HDBaseT™ CSC Extender Set -100m

J Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offering CSC scaling with zero latency

J Supports 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 UHD video up to 70m


HDBaseT™ CSC Extender Set - 150m


J Supports 4K 60Hz 4:4:4

1080p up to 150m

Web: Email: Tel: +44 (0)115 824 7000 Our UK Address: The Service Station, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, Nottinghamshire, LE14 3QG United Kingdom. Current Tutorials Available J CAT Cable Certification & Verification J When is 4K, Actually 4K? J Specifying a Custom Pro Matrix with 18Gbps support J Video over IP vs HDBaseT - which should you back? J with 10 more courses to choose from... Register now: J Become a Certified Blustream Installation Partner Book now at J
Supports ARC from display via HDMI and optical digital
video up to 100m










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Abby Fox, Business Development Manager, LC-AV


Paul Foulkes, Country Manager, Theben Automation


Inside Karma AV’s evolved and adapted demo space



Taras Thomas, Key Account & Channel Sales Manager, CYP


Bill Hensley, RTI Head of Global Marketing


Mike Bonnette, Product Director of Connected Distribution



Michael Roberts, Business Manager, Invision, Simon Gibbs, Director Of Technical Sales, Pulse Cinemas


Thorsten Köhler, Managing Partner, Die Zwei –Heimkino GmbH


Nick Wearmouth, Director, The Sound Counsel



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experts in: • Video Distribution • Cable Infrastructure and Testing • Audio Experiences
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One of our favourite things to do here at EI is to experience some of the best systems around in demonstration during our time at trade shows and, of course, visiting readers, manufacturers and distributors. Whether it’s high-performance music-only systems or home cinemas, we always really enjoy experiencing and learning more about what our industry can deliver. Recently, we have been producing a series of Showroom Showcase articles where we profile recently updated or brand-new demonstration facilities. We have really enjoyed putting these together and it has gone down really well on the website and in the magazine. If you have a showroom you would like us to come and see and experience, do get in touch. We have a few more lined up but we would always like more, so get in touch if you would like to get involved.

One of the eternal questions when doing demonstrations is of course what content to choose. Different audiences and situations require a different path. During ‘trade’ demonstrations, sequences that are familiar to the audience are often chosen so those with some knowledge of AV systems can compare and contrast. This makes complete sense and of course, has been done from the very earliest days of Hi-Fi shows to today’s more varied trade show circuit which now includes full home cinema setups. However, EI does wonder if this is always the best approach simply

because are people’s memories really that good? Are they really thinking, ‘Oh this is better than the last demo I had’ or are they just thinking how good this current demo is and considering using the system in a project in the future? It might be that all demonstrations really need to do is impress in the ‘now’ rather than trying to build up a memory of which system played better in the minds of those in attendance. Perhaps sometimes we should throw caution to the wind and pick tracks or sequences a little more left-field? Often demos work best when the presenter is really excited and engaged with the content they are using, so perhaps we should sometimes just pick something we love and really underline what is great about it and how the system delivers it.

When it comes to consumers of course, we can be more bespoke, use some ‘big’ scenes to impress with the power of the system, but all the best demos for customers contain stuff they love, allowing them to imagine themselves experiencing the same impact at home. Even here we can be bold, dig a little deeper, find out what really makes the customer tick and demo something that means a whole lot to them.

It is worth remembering that customers are looking for emotional responses and might not always be as impressed with the very latest blockbuster scene or Oscar winner, as they want something that pulls at their heartstrings and life experiencing. Its great to be able to compare and contrast systems, but lets also be bold sometimes and pull on the wonderfully varied collection of content available.



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Proud Media Partners of OFFICE, BOARDROOM AND HYBRID HARMONY AND SCREENS THE TIMES AND ASSISTED HAPPY HUMANS See the latest from all of these market-leading brands: AWE HQ, EPSOM 14th 15th MAY 2024 9am 5pm REGISTER SMART HOME 04 APRIL 2024
Xi Series
X6i X8i
The preferred choice for custom installers around the world Security fixing kits In-ceiling mounts Wall mounts with corner piece Ceiling mounts Flexson’s new Pro Range offers mounting solutions for commercial settings that are reliable and unique, with enhanced security and discretion features to ensure your clients’ requirements are met with an optimal system. Discover Flexson’s Pro Range by contacting Exertis: 01256 378 550 For product support contact: or visit our website:


In a move designed to elevate the standards and recognition of competent, certified KNX integrators across the UK, the Electrical Certification Scheme (ECS) has collaborated with KNX UK to introduce an ECS card specifically for KNX integrators.

Eligibility for this card requires a KNX certification and membership of KNX UK to demonstrate competency and professionalism.

The importance of the ECS card extends beyond a professional ID. It is a comprehensive testament to an individual’s competence, covering training and skills, qualifications, commitment to health, safety and environmental standards and adherence to professional codes of conduct.

Developed and supported by more than 200 organisations, the standards underpinning each ECS occupation are rigorous and widely respected. It has long been a pivotal tool in the construction industry and built environment, encompassing a wide array of 75 occupations, including electricians, fire and safety specialists, telecoms experts, AV integrators, cyber security professionals and now KNX integrators.

The CSCS Alliance, the partnership between the 38 schemes licensed to use the CSCS logo, currently covers 2.1 million workers.

Professionals like Matthew Tate, who has worked extensively with smart building controls integration but has found access to sites increasingly difficult he is delighted with the new

card available via KNX UK and described it as a ‘breath of fresh air’.

The development of the KNX UK ECS card is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Joint Industry Board & Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and KNX UK – a non-profit members’ association for KNX Professionals in the UK.

Obtaining an ECS Card has never been simpler for Certified KNX Partners. All qualified KNX certified integrators are eligible to join KNX UK for a small annual fee and get fast-tracked online access to ECS cards along with other benefits, including discounted professional liability insurance, quality mark via the KNX UK Code of Conduct and practical tools for running successful projects from day one.

All qualified KNX certified integrators can apply


Corresponding with International Women’s Day (March 8), the AV User Group hosted a networking evening on March 13 in London and invited the AVIXA Women’s Council UK members and women employees of AV User Group sponsor companies to attend.

“The AV User Group London were delighted to host the UK AVIXA Women’s Council for the second year at our March evening networking event to celebrate International Women’s Day,” said Owen Ellis, Chairman of AV User Group.

“Thank you also to all our sponsors for encouraging more women to join us for the evening. It’s a privilege to be in a position to support industry initiatives like these and we

were honoured to be chosen as a partner for this particular celebration. It’s wonderful to see what can be achieved when we work together.”

For the last two years, the AV User Group has supported this initiative and women’s attendance was noted to have doubled since 2023.

ISE 2024 visitor analysis also showed a doubling of the number of women attending in the last two years.

Iffat Chaudhry of Involve and AVIXA Women’s Council UK Co-Leader, commented, “This shows we are doing more things right, and the journey is ongoing!! Any minority group has to work harder to be seen and appreciated, that’s just the way of the world, but it’s great to see some change! Huge thanks to Owen Ellis and Andrea Jupp for supporting this initiative. Please get in touch with any of our committee members to support your efforts with #DEI or getting your women colleagues connected with others in the industry!”

The AVIXA Women’s Council UK organises regular virtual and in-person events throughout the year. The next event, Building Strong foundations for Career and Life takes place on May 8 2024, 3.00pm – 7.30pm at Spaces at The Spine, Liverpool.

AV User Group

1000 Series ‘Utopia’ IW/IC models

Audiophile technologies in five models for luxury stereo and home cinema applications
Electrical Certification Scheme KNX UK @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
APRIL 2024 07 NEWS

The authentic B&O experience. Outside.

Bang & Olufsen and Origin Acoustics combines our worldrenowned expertise in acoustics & outdoor speakers, to bring outdoor sound to the world of music lovers.

• 360-degree immersive sound performance

• Acoustical tuning by Bang & Olufsen

• 3 colors - 2 shapes

• DSP – full matrix DSP embedded

• S/P DIF link to multiple amps

• Class D technology

Get the complete sound experience with Beoamp 125.4

Colours & shapes: For more information: Become a reseller:

Beosound Bollard


Intrinsic Dev, a leading software provider to the custom install industry, has announced additional integration options for myQ devices. Last month, Intrinsic Dev and global intelligent access leader, Chamberlain Group (CG), detailed a new longstanding partnership to provide integration solutions for smart home platforms. This official, licensed partnership has now been expanded to include Crestron, Crestron Home and RTI, with URC to follow later in the year.

The new integrations offer control of myQ garage door openers, gate openers and myQ compatible lighting devices. As well as enabling integration of homeowner’s existing myQ devices, these drivers offer reliable and robust options for future projects.

“We’re thrilled Chamberlain Group have extended our partnership to include these additional platforms. Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen how keen they are to offer solutions to the Custom Install industry that are reliable, long-lasting, and commercially viable to support. These additional platforms are testament to that,” said Will Hopkins, CEO of Intrinsic Dev. “The drivers are currently going through the final stages of testing and we look forward to releasing them publicly over the next few weeks.”

Kiel Fitzgerald, Sr. Director & GM myQ Residential Partnerships at Chamberlain Group, added, “CG is committed to simplifying access with expanded service capabilities for nearly 11 million people that rely upon myQ. Our strategic partnership with Intrinsic Dev brings myQ intelligent access to life with market-leading platforms across the smart home automation industry. Crestron, Crestron Home and RTI provide excellent user experiences and we’re excited to deliver a solution that mutually strengthens our customer value.”

Intrinsic Dev MyQ


PMC Speakers has invested in Evolution Music, the UK-based company spearheading the development of Evovinyl, a plant-based alternative to the environmentally damaging PVC currently used to press vinyl records. The investment will assist in the quest to move the music industry toward a more sustainable future.

Peter Thomas, PMC’s founder and Chairman, and keen environmentalist, was introduced to Marc Carey, CEO of Evolution Music, by a mutual friend and record producer, Bill Gautier (Paul McCartney, The Cure, Fleet Foxes).

Peter said, “I met with Bill and Marc at Evolution Music’s office, where we talked about our shared passions for music, vinyl and the environment. Our conversation made me realise that while we are making products to replay music, and we love the sound and experience of vinyl, the creation of millions of records each year is very bad for the environment. Marc’s quest is a worthy one of which I was keen to be a part.”

Global production of records accounts for around 30,000t of PVC per year (source – Disc International) and while that is a small percentage of the 40 million tonnes of PVC produced each year, every sector has to do its bit to help reduce the damaging effects of this plastic.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, to give it its full name, has been described as the ‘most environmentally damaging plastic’, according to Greenpeace, due to its production, use and disposal, all of which result in the release of toxic chlorine-based chemicals which build up in the water, air and food chain.

“Our main driver is a genuine concern for the environment. It is not greenwashing, but a real desire to try and do something to remove PVC from our industry,” said Peter. “We’re also going to be looking at this technology to see if we can use it to replace the plastic parts in PMC loudspeakers.

“Everyone in the Hi-Fi industry should get behind this project. It’s not about PMC or me, but something much, much bigger than that. I have heard the latest test pressings and am able to confirm that they sound every bit as good as traditional records. Getting us on board and hopefully bringing other members of the industry with us on this journey, will bring audiophile acclaim to the new product.”

PMC Speakers

These latest myQ solutions will join a portfolio of over 260 drivers, spread across 90 leading global brands @Install_mag /Essentialinstall ‘GOCCIA’ HANGING CERAMIC SPEAKERS Blend natural sound with original art Each finish individual to your customer Natural audio original art APRIL 2024 09 NEWS
Marc Carey (left) Peter Thomas, discuss the future of records made from compostable sugar cane


HEA Distribution has announced a distribution agreement with earphone brand Campfire Audio in the UK.

Campfire Audio is celebrated for the craftsmanship of high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs), cables and accessories. Designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, its mission is to craft unique products that bring users closer to the music.

HEA Distribution is the UK home of premium audio brand, Astell&Kern. With ambitions to grow its business in 2024 and beyond, the addition of Campfire Audio enhances its portfolio.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Campfire Audio,” said HEA CEO, Stephan Orphanides. “Campfire Audio’s commitment to

crafting premium audio products aligns perfectly with our mission.

“We are excited to introduce Campfire Audio’s innovative line-up to our distribution network, plus several launches set to thrill and excite new and existing fans of the brand over the next 12 months.”

The partnership represents a strategic move for both companies to increase brand awareness and market share in the UK, allowing Campfire Audio to expand its reach and access new markets while empowering HEA Distribution to offer its clients cutting-edge audio solutions.

HEA Distribution


Steinway Lyngdorf, Steinway & Sons, Cineak and Barco teamed up for participation in the Superyacht Technology Show (March 20-21, 2024, at the World Trade Centre in Barcelona). This event, organised by the Superyacht Technology Network, offers a showcase for innovation, connection and education within the superyacht industry. The Superyacht Technology Show, now in its third edition, is dedicated purely to technology in the superyacht sector featuring an expanded space to showcase the latest in AV, communications, connectivity and engineering.

The companies were featured in the VIP dining Cube offering an exclusive demo space, offering a sanctuary of high-end technology merged with elegance away from the show’s hustle.

Highlights of the exhibit included Barco Video Walls showcasing exclusive digital artwork, Cineak

Luxury Seating, offering visitors the chance to try out motorised seats (indoor and outdoor) and experience Belgian craftsmanship. Steinway Lyngdorf’s outdoor marine-grade audio was on show as was the new Steinway & Sons Model C sound system.

With nearly two decades of experience in the superyacht industry, the Superyacht Technology Network facilitates connections between technology buyers and sellers, promoting positive change and development. The Superyacht Technology Show is an extension of this mission, offering a full calendar of events, including industry-leading speakers, global technology experts and immersive demos.

Steinway Lyngdorf @Install_mag /Essentialinstall High Audio Quality Integrates with all the leading home control systems Local support expertise Music streaming made for CI APRIL 2024 11 NEWS
Steinway Lyngdorf showcased its marine focused offerings


CEDIA has announced the extension of Daryl Friedman’s contract as its Global President and CEO. Daryl’s initial term, set to expire late this year, has been extended through the end of 2027, underscoring his and the Board’s dedication to CEDIA’s stability and continuity.

“Daryl’s contract renewal as CEDIA’s Global President and CEO is a testament to his outstanding leadership,” said Alex Capecelatro, Chairperson of the CEDIA Board of Directors. “I am personally thrilled to continue working as Chair alongside Daryl, and I look forward to our ongoing collaboration in advancing CEDIA’s mission and serving our members.”

“I’m honoured to continue serving as CEDIA’s Global President and CEO and am committed to building upon the progress we’ve made across CEDIA’s three pillars of Advocacy, Connection, and Education,” said Daryl. “Together, with our committed Board of Directors, professional staff, dedicated volunteers and dynamic members, I am confident we can continue serving and shaping the future of the professional smart home technology industry.”

Daryl’s strategic financial decisions helped guide CEDIA out of the pandemic, achieving profitability for the association again for the first time in nearly five years. CEDIA has also experienced record-breaking new membership acquisition rates, with CEDIA members now represented in over 80 countries.

Member engagement has increased across programs including the CEDIA Smart Home Awards, the RP22 Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice, and CEDIA NextGen Smart Home Career Toolkit. The association also recently organised its first in-person lobby day at the Michigan State Capitol, filed comments on behalf of integrators to the FCC, and launched the inaugural CEDIA Smart Home Day on Capitol Hill.

At CEDIA Expo, he introduced the CEDIA Town Hall to delve deeper into pressing industry topics like advocacy and workforce development, the AI symposium as an industry-wide collaborative partnership, and the CEDIA Executive Club for industry CEOs to elevate the sector.

At ISE, Daryl conceived the Smart Home Technology Stage, broadcasted the CEDIA Annual Meeting enabling all members globally to participate, and initiated focus groups with designers to gather industry insights.

Following Daryl’s travels to meet members around the world, CEDIA launched a new ambassador program, empowering members to serve as advocates for the industry in their local communities.

Digitally, CEDIA is implementing an upgraded SEO strategy to ensure more end users are encouraged to use CEDIA integrators.

These efforts will help amplify CEDIA’s message and reach a broader audience, driving greater awareness and engagement.

Epson Europe has announced the appointment of Mr. Takanori Inaho as its new president, following the retirement of Yoshiro Nagafusa.

With over three decades of experience at Epson, Mr Inaho will now be overseeing the projection market in Europe and will be instrumental in developing other key business areas to ensure the region’s continued success.

Kinly, global provider of AV integration and collaboration services and support, has announced that Justin Paveley has been appointed the new Project Delivery Director for UK and Ireland operations.

With an impressive 24-year career in the AV sector, Justin will now spearhead the delivery of Kinly’s project portfolio, focusing on exceeding client expectations with pioneering AV solutions, reporting directly to Stuart Davidson, Operations Director for the UK & Ireland.

Justin said, “I am honoured to take on the role of Project Delivery Director and contribute to the ongoing success of Kinly. I look forward to leading our talented team and delivering innovative AV solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Reinforcing its executive team, UK Specialist audio visual and workplace solutions distributor, onemedia has announced former Midwich directors Iain Campbell and Lee Baker as the company’s new Managing Director and Commercial Director, respectively.

The double swoop sees Iain and Lee return to the forefront of the AV industry, following their successful years leading a strong growth spell at the Midwich Group.

Iain said, “Having carried out some consulting assignments with onemedia in 2023, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to join the team. My background and experience in distributing a range of AV technologies, including being a founder of True Colours Distribution Ltd in 1999, later acquired by Midwich in 2006, means I feel I have something unique to offer the team. I am genuinely excited to re-join the AV industry and to work in a company similar to where it all started for me and with such a dynamic team.”

Lee added, “I am very excited to be joining onemedia and am looking forward to working with the current team, suppliers and customers. I have been in the IT/AV market for 27 years and spent 17 years of this in distribution. There are a lot of opportunities in the AV market currently and I feel there is a need for a customer focused, specialist AV distributor. We have some exciting plans for the next phase of onemedia’s evolution, so it’s going to be a distributor to watch.”

Iain Campbell Lee Baker
NEWS 12 APRIL 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
Daryl Friedman (front left) will be with CEDIA until at least the end of 2027

A complete family of timbre-matched in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall models for designers wishing to deliver the most discreet and absorbing home theatre immersion.

01423 358846



AWE’s annual Expo is one of the most anticipated events of the year for custom installers. Discover the latest smart home and home cinema solutions from world-leading brands at our Show Apartment in Epsom. Taking place on 14-15 May 2024, visitors will have an exclusive preview of new technologies, meet industry experts and enjoy AWE’s famous hog-roast BBQ lunch (vegan option available).


1. Grow Your Business

According to current research by CEDIA*, the UK professional smart home industry is now estimated at £2.9B with favourable growth projections for the next 12 months. This is great news for all installers, which shows there has never been a better time to explore the latest technologies in the industry.

At AWE Expo you are able to talk with our team and brand representatives in person to discover how we can support you. From products and training to system design assistance, AWE is here to help.

2. A Unique Experience In Integrated Technologies

AWE Expo isn’t just about seeing what’s new, it’s about experiencing all aspects of residential technology in an installed environment. You’ll see and hear a wide variety of technologies in situ at our Show Apartment. These

include a living room, music room, den and games areas, as well as two dedicated home cinemas – the Performance Cinema and the Reference Cinema.

Having the opportunity to compare the solutions available at differing price points and to listen to the variations for yourself is a real benefit.

3. URC Smart Home Control & Amplification

URC is easy to install and suitable for singleroom control through to whole-home automation. The entire AWE Show Apartment is controlled by the URC smart automation MRX-30 processor. It’s operated by a combination of URC interfaces, including the TKP-8600 8in In-Wall Touch Screen and TRC-1480 2.4in Touch Screen remote controls, both with integrated voice control.

Learn more about the feature rich and high-performance HDA Amplification. With seamless Control4 and Crestron integration, these amps are causing a real storm with their enhanced potential.

4. Projection Perfection

In our two dedicated home cinemas we’ll be showcasing the latest home cinema projectors from Epson and Sony – including the Epson LS12000 and Sony VPL-GTZ380.

The Epson LS12000 4K Laser Projector boasts a laser light source that will provide a brighter yet lower energy consumption for up to 10 years (20,000 hours of usage). Picture quality is excellent with vivid, rich and natural colours. We love the flexible set up options of this quality home cinema projector; installation is simple and precise thanks to motorised optics including a 2.1x optical zoom, powered focus, and substantial optical lens shift.

The Sony GTZ380 Native 4K Laser Projector is a huge step up in performance for videophiles with 10,000 lumens of brightness and a 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut. AWE’s cinema expert, James Drummie, says,”It makes real life look boring”. Sony 4K projectors are also certified for IMAX Enhanced content, making them perfect to deliver the IMAX visuals clients love.

14 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL AWE /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

The ADEO range of projection screens are completely customisable and make the perfect partner for Epson and Sony projector ranges. The Movie Mask screen, demonstrated in our Reference Cinema, features electric side-masking for the ultimate home cinema experience when switching between aspect ratios, such as sport and movies. ADEO screens can be specified to suit every project, with a myriad of screen types, projection surfaces, and aspect ratios, including several brand-new materials. Customise everything from the case colouring, screen drop and roller type using the online configurator tool. All of this is fully supported by the experts at AWE.

5. TVs

As always, the AWE Expo has been perfectly positioned in the year to enable you to experience the latest and greatest innovations launching this half of the year. We will be continuing to showcase our TV Gallery so you can expect to see the latest TVs from your favourite brands. These include exciting releases from Panasonic, Sony’s new OLED and QD-OLEDS, along with LG’s C4 and G4 series.

Hisense Laser TV will also feature at our Expo, which are perfect for a big screen experience in a modest space such as a media room or games room. Their Laser TVs offer a fantastic alternative for large display installs that have a more conservative budget, with the 100L9H available for under £4,000 RRP.

We also have a range of stylish Kinetik Ultra Short Throw Projector AV Cabinets, specifically designed to support laser TV installations. Exclusively available at AWE, the cabinets are available in a variety of finishes and perfectly accommodate both 120in and 100in screen options, a centre speaker or soundbar and associated equipment.

Other TV releases are currently under NDA so stay tuned for further updates.

6. High Performance AVRs For Every Project

At AWE Expo, you’ll discover a range of highquality AVR options from the world’s leading brands – including AWE – exclusive models from Denon and Marantz.

The Marantz CINEMA series includes a matching pre/power combo with 15-channel power amplifier and four AV receivers, set a new benchmark for high-end performance. The CINEMA Series offers superb performance, optional DIRAC Live with bass control, and a powerful 3D soundscape with immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plus 8K video available on multiple inputs.

Denon stands out due to the precision and detail of its sound systems for its price point. Meticulously tuned by a Denon Sound Master, Denon AVRs are designed to deliver an immersive home cinema experience by leveraging the brand’s heritage for a superb level of performance and quality.

With HEOS Built-in technology supporting a multi-room set-up, clients can stream their favourite music, podcasts, or sports – via Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Home Cinema Speaker Perfection

AWE is the exclusive distributor of Bowers & Wilkins Custom Install (CI) products and visitors can enjoy the pure excellence of this iconic range across both of our cinemas.

Experience the bass and power of the CI700 series, ISW-8 in-wall subwoofers, and CDA-2HD amplifiers in our Performance Cinema. With a no compromise design for when performance is key, ISW-8 features a surprisingly thin profile that allows it to fit into a standard 4in stud wall. A 12in Aerofoil driver uses neodymium magnets and can deliver both power and precise control for a sensational listening experience. To further enhance this, the ISW-8’s backbox reduces any vibration transferring from the cabinet to the walls.

In our Reference Cinema The CDA-2HD power amplifiers are used to drive four Bowers & Wilkins CT-SW15 15in subwoofers. All the main speakers are Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Diamond Series, featuring the exact same technology as the mastering speakers found in Abbey Road Studios.

Bowers & Wilkins CI products are available only to integrators with demonstration and installation capabilities – both of which AWE can support you with.

8. Audio Excellence

If music is your thing, then you will love our newly refitted Music Room. Featuring a range of audio solutions from wireless and wired HighDefinition multi-room solutions, through to mid and high-end two-channel demos. Full details will be announced soon, but this room features our premium Hi-Fi brands - and you’ll want to hear the stunning results for yourself.

9. A Wide Range of Smart Solutions

At AWE Expo, you can also discover multiroom audio innovations featuring Heos. Also mounting solutions from Sanus, live demonstrations for automated window shading with Silent Gliss as well as HDAnywhere’s MHUBS stackable matrix.

10. Expert Advice

The AWE Team will be on hand throughout the event, ready to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

Stuart Tickle, Managing Director at AWE, explains, “Our Expo offers a unique opportunity to experience innovations from our world-class portfolio of brands. Visitors will also have an exclusive preview of new technologies and meet the experts that will support you, be it buying a projector, or installing a home cinema with control solution.”

Registration for AWE Expo is now open! But hurry, as spaces are strictly limited. Secure your place at

ESSENTIAL AWE APRIL 2024 15 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
*Findings from the 2023 Professional Smart Home Market Analysis by CEDIA, in partnership with Ancrage Consulting LLC. CEDIA is the association for smart home professionals.


In a recent Q&A session, Together for Cinema caught up with Jit Mistry, Sales Director at Majik House, to discover the motivations behind the company’s commitment to Together for Cinema.

What initially inspired your involvement with Together for Cinema?

Majik House work with clients across the North West, providing the design and installation of their smart home systems - dynamic audio, high definition TV, lighting design and control, with bespoke home cinema suites being a large part of our work.

Majik House is very much a values-led company; along with putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, over the years we have supported numerous worthwhile causes with either fundraising or in-kind donations.

We had heard about Ian Morrish settingup Together For Cinema and really liked the concept. When he got in touch in the autumn of 2021 about a project at the Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Carlisle, we were delighted to get involved and be part of their team.

This proved to be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone at Majik House, especially our installation guys, and we were incredibly proud to have helped create a really lovely cinema that those children and their families can enjoy.

Can you tell us about your experience in AV installation, give an overview of Majik House’s background and evolution, and outline your typical daily responsibilities?

Majik House was founded in 1998 by Tim Burrow, our MD, and we’re one of the longest established smart home companies in the UK. Tim was – and, I guess, still is – an engineer and also a Hi-Fi enthusiast.

Majik House grew out of Tim helping people get better performance from their audio systems, something of a passion project operating from the garage at his own house. As demand for Tim’s expertise grew the company moved into a proper business unit, and it wasn’t long before a number installation staff needed to be recruited.

Over the past 26 years, Majik House has evolved into a successful, multi award-winning business with clients across the UK. Business growth has never been the sole objective and, despite our modest size, we will always pride ourselves on providing a tailored service for every client and every project.

It’s an approach which runs through everyone at Majik House - I’ve been with the company now for 18 years, and I’m still as passionate about it as I was the day I joined.

My job title is that of Sales Director, but I never really see what I do as ‘sales’. It’s more about understanding clients, getting an appreciation of their lifestyle, and designing the systems and solutions which will enhance their homes.

Can you tell us about any particularly memorable experiences or moments from your time working on the Creative Space Centre project last year?

I visited the Creative Space Centre shortly after Ian had mentioned this project to me. Obviously, I wanted to see the space we’d be working with, but I also wanted to meet some of the team there and get a feel for how they and their visitors wanted to use the new cinema.

I was back there perhaps three or four times during construction, and every time was memorable. My final visit was after completion, and witnessing the sheer excitement from both the centre’s users and staff was truly remarkable.

16 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL TOGETHER FOR CINEMA /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

Some of these people may have never had the opportunity to access and experience a traditional cinema because of their disabilities. It was incredibly moving to see the joy on their faces; it absolutely spoke volumes and was a testament to the impact of the project.

How does your involvement with Together for Cinema align with your personal or professional principles?

In terms of our professional ethos, Majik House always prioritise up-front transparency with our clients, ensuring that we deliver the best possible value within their budget and desired outcomes. Our work primarily focuses on residential projects, ranging from single room installations to whole home systems, and we’ll always go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Personally, I get immense satisfaction from seeing people enjoy the results of our work, particularly families, and the delighted expressions on our clients’ faces when we handover a project is something I’ll never tire of.

As mentioned earlier, Majik House is a values-led organisation and opportunities to ‘pay it back’ through projects like Together for Cinema align perfectly with our company’s, and our personal, values.

How do you believe the partnership between installers and Together for Cinema helps with the overall experience for the recipients of the installations?

I believe organisations like the Creative Space Centre benefit from the expertise of professional installers like us and others that have partnered with Together for Cinema.

Majik House are experts in custom installation of smart home technology, a specialist area of work that requires in-depth knowledge and experience covering AV, lighting design, control systems and the networks that support them. With all respect, a project like this isn’t something that you could just call on an electrician to undertake.

The design and installation of the Together for Cinema projects we have completed is to the same standard as the work we undertake for all our clients. The partnership approach from Ian Morrish means that recipients are able to access the experts, like Majik House, in our highly specialised field and the outcomes speak for themselves.

What advice or encouragement would you offer to other installers considering participating in Together for Cinema installations?

The greatest reward is definitely the feel-good factor – knowing you can use your experiences, resources and skills to give something back to provide cinema spaces for people who normally would never get to experience something like this. We also know that these experiences can have therapeutic benefits, as well as providing an opportunity to spend quality time with friends, families and loved ones.

Majik House carried out the cinema room installation at the Creative Space Centre in November 2023 and it is already being put to good use, as Jane Robinson, Manager of the Creative Space Centre explains:

“After experiencing a fantastic cinema already installed by Together for Cinema, I contacted Ian Morrish to see if the Creative Space Centre would be eligible to go on the waiting list for one. I was thrilled when he came to see us and agreed, and then to find it was going to be this year was amazing!

“After a lot of planning and meetings, the work started in October and, unbelievably, finished the following month ready for a December launch.

“The cinema is going to be so beneficial to so many of our service users who cannot access a mainstream cinema for a variety of reasons. We have a range of different seating, and all can be moved in and out as needed. We can also hoist if necessary.

“Having our own cinema means our visitors can walk about in there, make noises, pause the film if necessary – anything they like to make their experience the best it can be. The bookings are flooding in, and everybody loves it. Thank you all so much.”

ESSENTIAL TOGETHER FOR CINEMA APRIL 2024 17 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
From left to right: James Russell (Orluna), Jit Mistry (Majik House), Tim Burrow (Majik House), Jane Robinson (The Space Centre), Ian Morrish (Together For Cinema) and Autumn Burrow (Majik House)


Our resident trade focused reviewer, Richard Stevenson puts the Marantz AV10 and AMP10 through their home cinema paces.

Marantz’s introduction of the AV10 and AMP10 represented something of a pivotal upgrade in their AV flagship series last year. The preceding AV-8805A processor had been through several minor internal iterations and the MM8807 power amps had remained in the lineup for a decade.

The AV10 and AMP10 broke cover with a funky new exterior design, new internals, and a move to Class-D amplification to integrate 16 channels of 200W in the power amp. This new generation promises to maintain Marantz’s revered audio engineering heritage, ticks all

the boxes for AV features and is packed with custom integration goodness. Just as well as the boisterous new product tags of £6,000 a-piece places them firmly up against some premium dedicated CI electronics.

While specification and features lists are longer than War and Peace, the headlines include 15.4 channel processing across up to three discrete zones, full Dolby, DTS and Auro 3D processing, IMAX Enhanced video, 8K Ultra HD compatibility and both Airplay and HEOS built-in streaming. Connectivity is outstanding, save perhaps the lack of front AV inputs and the ability to have four discrete subwoofers is bang on trend.

It comes with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 as standard, with upgrade options for MultEQ-X and the full suite of Dirac options from the basic bandwidth-limited Live version up to Full Bandwidth Live with Bass Control Multi-Sub. These licenses will set the end-user back $199 for Audyssey MultEQ-X and up to $799 for the full-fat Dirac implementation, plus calibrated mics if the end-user wants to own those. For integrators, MultEQ-XT Pro offers the ability to inventory and resell licenses and Dirac’s soon-to-launched partner program offers demo licenses and commission on license sales.

The AMP10 is even more radically different from its predecessor, whose seven channels meant most installations, mine included, needed two of them. The shift to Class D power has allowed channels of amplification, enhanced with

Marantz’s HDAM-SA2 amp technology. Each channel offers balanced and RCA input, with the option of bi-amping or bridging any channel pairs. We set up as a typical 7.x.4 installation, using 11 channels for cinema and bridging two pairs for additional stereo speakers.

Both units offer LAN control, DC triggers, remote in/out and RS232 interfaces for installation, plus a unique Marantz Amp Control link between the two that syncs power, standby and lighting controls between units. Terminals are gold plated, well positioned and super-robust throughout both units, although getting 32 bare wire or large spade speaker terminals into the AMP10s 16-pairs of monster binding posts clustered across just 44cm width will be a challenge. Banana plugs are absolutely the way to go here.

Installed, the new cosmetic features the lovely VU meter on the AV10 (measuring only Amp Channel 1) and lighting in white, blue or ‘off’ behind the protruding centre section of the fascia. Switching between colours involves holding the Pure Direct and MDAX buttons at the same time for a few seconds… a tip that escaped V1 of the AV10 manual. Off is probably the best bet for in room installation as the illumination casts quite a swathe of light to either side in a darkened room. This luxurious pre-power systems system is wrapped up with a smart new back-lit remote and the Marantz App, both of which are very useable and informative.

18 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL REVIEW: MARANTZ AV10 AND AMP10 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

Out of the box, the Marantz duo set out their stall as detailed, neutrally balanced and refined cinema sound performers. Driving my Dali Phantom S-Series 7.x.4 Atmos set up and both B&W DB1D and MA Anthara W15 subs, Audyssey’s MultEQ-XT32 further improved on that sonic roster after its eight-point measurement. The LF from the boisterous S280 front speakers, in particular, was brought under tight control, revealing yet more nuance in each soundtrack.

Yet the limitations of the on-board MultEQ system mean the subwoofer channel isn’t EQ managed and there is little or no tweaking of the result. It’s Reference, Flat or Off. Having recently packed away the sonic powerhouse that is the Denon AVC-A1H integrated, the Marantz was all a little, well, ‘safe’.

First, upgrading to MultEQ-X and rerunning the eight-point set-up offered a more vigorous balance with a much tighter and better-integrated low and midrange along with snappier dialogue. A few tweaks to the curves in the Audyssey PC-based app later and we had some fire and passion to go with its otherwise subtle and detailed charms. There are plenty of options to play with across the filters and graphs on display, but it’s not a fire-and-forget solution for every room – you have to work it.


The real magic happened after getting in touch with Dirac and obtaining the full Dirac Live Full bandwidth and Multi-Sub EQ package demo license. OK, 17-point measurement across 14+ channels is PITA-central, but the results were nothing short of revolutionary in my room. The Marantz pair came alive with energy and power, punching out emotional drama and fastpaced action with equal measure. The AVCA1H still has the Marantz Pre-Power for raw passion and sheer energy with action, but the AV1/AMP10 with full Dirac is the all-around movie fan’s reference for its revealing intensity with every genre.

That notion is equally born out of using the AV10 as a stereo pre-amp (EQ disabled / Pure Direct mode) to drive bridged channels on the AMP10 into high-end stereo speakers. The Marantz simply oozes audiophile reference, revealing subtle recording nuances while keeping a fine tempo with pacier tracks. For customers wanting to combine AV systems with a discrete, audiophile stereo speaker system, perhaps in another zone, the AV10/AMP10 can easily offer the best of both worlds from one controlling hub, with one app to control it all.

For custom integrators in the home cinema market, the Marantz AV10 and AMP10 offer a

blend of advanced features, flexible installation options and refined audio performance for multichannel AV and second or third-zone stereo. The 8K chops, high-spec HDMI implementation, sophisticated GUI, all the key AV processing formats and the option to choose between two of the biggest EQ systems on the planet, make it an appealing choice to specify.

Add in Marantz’s enviable brand reputation, the new fetching good looks compared to some of the slab-faced CI-pro competition and a very slick user app, and this new pre-power offers a lot of end-user attraction to close the deal too.

ESSENTIAL REVIEW: MARANTZ AV10 AND AMP10 APRIL 2024 19 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


Class-leading power density, efficiency, versatility and control allied with high audio quality and advanced audio DSP, make Powersoft the ideal choice for residential and marine installations says CUK’s Stuart Thomson.

Since 1995, Powersoft has mastered the art of concentrating greater power in smaller spaces. Its breakthrough switched-mode amplifier design not only generated more watts per rack unit more reliably into virtually all loads, it ran cooler, reducing input energy consumption by up to 40%. And while these advantages have shaped the application of power in commercial and residential environments ever since, innovation continues to enhance Powersoft’s product offering and its benefits to integrators and end users alike.


As the scale of systems deployment in homes, cinemas and gardens continues to grow, so does the demand for more agile high power delivery. Looking at the stable of amplifiers from across the industry, 1000W into 4 ohms is big, but then so is the amp - more often than not, a full 2U. This means a massive consumption of rack space and in most cases, electricity, as well as huge amounts of heat. In the world of Powersoft, the same 2U space can house 24,000W of cool-running amplification. Even though this is an extreme example, the typical 1000W sub amp that takes up 2U

of space can be replaced with an 8-channel Powersoft amplifier, like the UNICA 8K8, providing 1,000W per channel while occupying just 1U of rack space. That’s 8,000W in 1U compared with 8,000W in 16U! No contest when power density is a significant element in large-scale residential and marine projects.


Powersoft offers versatility as well. When you’re considering conventional multi-channel amplifiers for distributed audio around the home or garden, you’re limited by traditional topologies designed to deliver the same amount of power on each amplifier channel. In this scenario your choice of amplifier is determined by the most power hungry circuit, while the other channels have power that is under-utilised. Powersoft’s amplifiers employ advanced power sharing, so you get the power you need on the circuits that need it. For example, the Mezzo 604A is a 4 channel ½ rack amplifier with a total power of 600W. Driven symmetrically it will produce 150W per channel, but thanks to power sharing it can deliver up to 400W on one channel with 200W divided across the remaining three channels. This capability would for example be ideal in garden audio applications involving a sub and some satellites.


The advantages of Powersoft technology are as obvious when it comes to system deployment. All Powersoft platforms are available in Dante enabled versions, allowing a decentralised rack approach in larger properties or marine applications. With more Dante becoming prevalent in residential applications, use of this technology increases speed of deployment, removing the need for an analogue connection from source to input and instead putting the source on the network to allow systems to be reconfigured remotely without touching a single connection while benefitting system scalability and flexibility.


Applied to each channel, Powersoft’s integrated DSP capabilities take loudspeaker tuning to the next level, as does the patented damping factor control on subwoofer performance. The same DSP engine offers the most comprehensive suite of loudspeaker limiting and protection tools to prevent systems being overdriven and damaged. In power design, Powersoft has thought of everything and continues to evolve.

CUK’s Powersoft lineup for Resi CI includes the Mezzo Series of half-rack install amplifiers, available in 320W and 600W power sizes with 2 or 4 channels and ‘AD’ versions adding Dante™/AES67, while the UNICA range comprises three 4-channel amps (UNICA 9K4, 12K4 and 16K4, with 9,000W, 12,000W and 16,000W respectively), and three 8-channel models (UNICA 2K8, 4K8 and 8K8, with 2,000W, 4,000W and 8,000W).

CUK has partnered with Powersoft since 2009. For further information, please contact: +44 (0) 141 440 5333,

20 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL CUK /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
Powersoft Unica: class-leading power density with power sharing

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With our company becoming part of the Midwich Group last year and now officially joining forces with Invision, we can present a highly positive picture of the future for Pulse Cinemas with even more leading brands as well as enhanced service, support and logistics.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD explains, “We are often asked why we made the move to join the Midwich Group and join forces with Invision when Pulse Cinemas was succesful and in a strong position. The answer is simple: we have always held the highest ambitions for what we can deliver for our brands and our customers, being part of a larger, more powerful entity –whilst retaining everything that was best about our company – gives us the ability to enhance our offering across all aspects of the business.

“Our new status gives our team the opportunity to focus solely on supporting our brands, delivering for customers and continuing to innovate within the sector that we love, as well as adding even more attractive customer focused resources.”

One of the most obvious enhancements is access to a larger group of high-performance brands, giving our customers even more choice when it comes to selecting exactly the right brands and products for each customer and project. This is ably demonstrated in our new reimagined main cinema space as Krix speakers, madVR video enhancement and SurgeX protection and power cleaning join

the line up. These new offerings bind with established AV favourites such as Anthem and Paradigm, offering our customers more choice and more power to meet the exact needs of every situation.

To make ordering and access to our new larger range of products and brands easier, Pulse Cinemas and Invision customers can now access all of what is on offer via one trading account at A new centralised warehousing system where all ordering and delivery will be dealt with from the one location will also create more efficient deliveries and enhanced logistics. This will free up space at Pulse Cinemas HQ and our team is currently weighing up some exciting possibilities to make use of this, so stay tuned for more details.

Invision and Pulse Cinemas customers will also enjoy either a continuation of existing terms or an enhanced package; talk to your account manager if you have any questions.

As for staff retention, Kapes Patel, Pulse Cinemas Business Development and Technical Director, says, “The smart home and home cinema sector is a people-based business.

During this transition we were very keen to underline that our customers would still have access to the same experienced team, retaining all our industry expertise and knowledge and making it easily accessible to customers old and new. By combining forces with Invision, we can now add even more experience and expertise so that there is always a dedicated resource for any question or support requirement.

“Ultimately, the new arrangements deliver a wider dedicated account management team and product specialists, meaning greater than ever resources and support for installers.”

A key aspect of the Pulse Cinemas structure has always been in-field support where required. Covering everything from installation of product during the earliest stages of a project or calibration services towards the end, this is a vital part of what makes a distributor attractive. Being part of a larger group now means we can deliver on all of this in a wider area including the UK and Ireland and of course have greater resources to support customers’ needs, whatever they are and wherever they are.

22 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL PULSE CINEMAS /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
The main cinema demonstration space at Pulse HQ boasts new brands and new abilities

Steadily over the years Pulse Cinemas has also added to our ability to support projects with professional designs, schematics, renders and advice from top professionals in our field and related fields such as interior design. Again, with more resources at our command, this aspect of our offering will be enhanced and made more powerful, allowing installers to present a more complete offering to end users and other trades, helping them win more business and execute even more accurately.

On training, Kapes, explains, “We have always been proud of the training we have provided here at Pulse Cinemas in our dedicated training space, or out in the field if required. We know how difficult it can be to find the time to take advantage of the training that is available from our team and from manufacturers. We have always done our best to offer multiple ways

of interacting with our training provision and our new arrangements allow us to expand this even further with more regional training locations and more options to make training more accessible and more powerful for installers.”

As the sector looks to expand and raise awareness with end users, powerful demonstration facilities are a hugely important weapon. Pulse Cinemas has worked hard to offer some of the best facilities around, with our existing portfolio offering world class demonstration sites in three separate locations. We are delighted that we can now add the fantastic Invision facility at Bracknell to this list to offer even more firepower for creating customer awareness and excitement. We know that many factors can influence where and when an end user wants to interact with a demonstration, so offering as many options here as possible will

help installers deliver something appropriate in every situation.

Events and open days will also continue to be a big part of our offering and of course with increased resources and sites, this will continue, offering a chance to interact with everything the enhanced set up now delivers.

Mike sums up, “Combining Invision and Pulse Cinemas means we now have more than 40 years of custom installation market expertise combined in one space. We are excited to be able to offer the entire industry this opportunity to work with us and take smart home, luxury AV and home cinema installation to the next level. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.”

Pulse Cinemas
The ability to support installers with plans, renders and marketing will be enhanced
ESSENTIAL PULSE CINEMAS APRIL 2024 23 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
Open days and in person interaction will continue to be huge part of the Pulse Cinemas offering

Care UK’s luxurious new Oat Hill Mews care home in Leicestershire gets the latest in Smart TV and digital signage technology from Bolton-based TVC Technology Solutions, in time for its recent opening.

Oat Hill Mews is a new development by Care UK, designed to offer the best in assisted living, on-site care, health and wellbeing for residents. Designed as a showcase of Care UK’s portfolio, the Market Harborough venue boasts luxury accommodation, an on-site hair and beauty salon, a dedicated cafe, an on-site cinema, multiple lounges and a fully equipped bar.

To complete this high-tech luxury venue, Care UK asked long-term audio, visual and domestic appliance supplier partner, TVC Technology Solutions, to furnish the bedrooms, resident common areas and cafes with the latest in Smart TV technology. Maintaining the cuttingedge theme, Care UK wanted the latest in digital signage throughout the main areas, enabling them to show various guest information, restaurant menus and entertainment schedules.

With Oat Hill Mews officially opening at the start of 2024, the complete AV and digital signage systems were specified, installed and tested well in advance. Early visitors have already been impressed by the neat, high-tech and luxurious feel of Oat Hill Mews, from the reception area with its HD digital signage to every bedroom featuring a 43in Smart TV on either articulating or swivel wall brackets, to provide the best viewing experience

Heading up the TV technology, TVC specified its own-brand Mitchell & Brown Smart TVs in 43in screen size for every room. These fully featured Freeview Play catch-up TVs with all of the apps for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Apple TV, offer Full HD picture quality and are backed by Mitchell & Brown’s UK-based customer help desk. A key factor for Care UK in specifying Mitchell & Brown TVs was the brand’s sevenyear warranty on every model in its range.

In the reception area, alongside a large Smart TV screen, TVC provided a commercial digital signage media player with MySign content management software. The system can be managed by staff at Oat Hill Mews to show

a host of information, including where residents are situated for their incoming guests, displaying upcoming trips and events, on-site staff and activities or simply displaying local weather and current events from around the world.

MySign’s cloud-based software has the functionality for members of staff at Oat Hill Mews and remotely from Care UK’s main offices to easily schedule, modify or update the content with minimal fuss. As a default, time-based templates provide information on meal times, current and five-day weather forecasts.

Andy Greaves, Sales Director at TVC, says “With a longstanding relationship spanning over 15 years with Care UK, the association trusts us to supply, install and maintain a whole host of audio and visual solutions, alongside small domestic appliances and white goods in both new build properties and their existing homes. Oat Hill Mews is a stand-out luxury care home venue that boasts cutting-edge Smart TV technology for residents alongside the very latest in flexible digital signage in the reception area. We are very proud to be a trusted supplier and partner to Care UK, with Oat Hill Mews giving us the opportunity to deliver a classleading AV solution for the care home sector.”

CARE UK’S LATEST CARE HOME OPENS IN STYLE THANKS TO TVC TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS ESSENTIAL HUMAN-CENTRIC AND ASSISTED LIVING 24 APRIL 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag or call us today on 01488 73366 13-14 Headlands Trading Estate, Headlands Grove, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 7JQ 30outletswitched&meteredPDU 871310 20outletswitched&meteredPDU 871210 NEW Vertical PDUs Bigger is better with GUDE This new generation of smart PDU s from GUDE meet the need for larger vertical power strips with two models, accommodating 20 or 30 load outlets IP Addressable - remote management Scheduled Power Down - reduce energy Monitor Alerts - reduce response time Integrated Surge Protection

Ambient Assisted Living with LUXORliving

The KNX-based Smart Home System with endless options to make everyday life easier, protect you from harm and increase your quality of life.

LUXORliving o ers many ways for the elderly and people with disabilities to improve their everyday lives and increase quality of life. These include motion and time-controlled lighting control, front door communications and entry via a smart phone app, or the integration of a medical alarm that can be activated via app or push button.

Experience an interactive display of LUXORliving at the NSBRC. Stand TV115


Technology can play an important role in delivering homes that can support human-centric and assisted-living systems, improving the occupants’ sense of comfort and wellbeing. Abby Fox, from the CEDIA member and Control4 Certified Showroom Partner, LC-AV, joins us to share some of the key pathways that allow integrators to advance this conversation with clients, interior designers and architects.

By 2050, one in four people living in Europe or North America could be over 65 years old. Smart technology installations can help elderly relatives live independently and safely in their own homes; for example, by enabling residents to close doors or adjust lighting with voice control. In addition to voice control, technology can be set up for remote operation to help families stay connected and informed.

“No one wants to make homes feel like ‘big brother’ is watching,” explains Abby. “But we can set up technology for remote monitoring and control to give families peace of mind that they can be connected and supportive of elderly relatives living elsewhere. Technology can also give homeowners the ability to turn everything off with ease and confidence, knowing they can rely on it and remove the anxiety of thinking, ’Has everything been turned off?’.


Smart technology also empowers homeowners to create the right environment to suit the personal needs of individual family members. For example, in the UK, it is estimated that around 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent and 1 in 100 are on the autism spectrum.

Technology can create a level of predictability with pre-sets and sequences, helping to create a calming environment with tailored and soothing lighting that can be helpful to neurodivergent people and those on the autism spectrum.

Sleep is another area where smart technology can make a positive contribution. Almost 23 million people in the UK today suffer with sleep issues. Lighting control technology can help promote better sleep hygiene by tuning into the body’s sleep-wake circadian rhythm. This creates the right environment both to relax and wind down at night and wake up more naturally in the morning.

“As technology specialists, we can make artificial light feel more natural, through controls that allow dimming, creating evening and nighttime lighting scenes but also through colour-tunable lighting, introducing cool energising light for the day and moving to warm, softer light in the evenings,” says Abby. “Control can also bring multiple technologies to operate seamlessly together, such as lighting and blinds, to build a more holistic scene with bedtime buttons on keypads that can shut the shades, dim the lights, and change the colour temperature to the warmer lighting that is much more conducive to sleep.

“Technology can bring so many health and wellbeing benefits to clients at the same time as improving the design aesthetic of the interior space. However, it must be properly designed around the client and their lifestyle, and then maintained by the integrator to make sure it evolves with them.”

A recently launched CPD entitled ‘How an Automated Home Can Care for the Family and the Planet’ from Control4 is available for Partners to deliver to architects and interior designers. The course explores how smarthome technology can improve health and wellness, but also promote a more sustainable home by giving homeowners better control over their energy management and providing more opportunities for them to reduce operational carbon.

Further details on LC-AV can be found at For more information on Control4 technology that can deliver more human-centric environments and allow safer, more comfortable independent and neurodivergent living, go to To apply to be a Partner, visit the same website. @Install_mag /Essentialinstall ESSENTIAL HUMAN-CENTRIC AND ASSISTED LIVING 27 Part of ASSA ABLOY With IP Video Door Stations from DoorBird you will find the right solution for every project. Easy installation due to compact components Easy wiring and start-up High quality products Future-proof through open API interface MORE COLOURS. MORE FUNCTIONS. MORE FREEDOM. IP Video Door Stations from DoorBird stand for the combination of exclusive design and smart technology.


Paul Foulkes, Country Manager for Theben Automation, offers some support for those looking to deliver assisted living systems.

The conversation around harnessing technology for assisted living has gained significant traction.

Smart home technology for assisted living holds immense potential, but we need to look beyond the low-hanging fruit of remote monitoring and health diagnostics and also focus on how we can enrich the lives of the older and less-able among us. After all, ageing is a universal journey and it’s in all our interest to ensure that it’s a journey marked by dignity, independence and wellbeing.

The encouraging news is that there are already innovative projects, and these projects are informing the way the mainstream of technology-enabled assisted living can develop.


When we delve into the realm of ageing demographics, the statistics are staggering, yet often misconstrued; what is old anyway?

Just look at Keith Richards (born 1943), founding member of the Rolling Stones, who is still playing the guitar and I suppose could say defies the conventional notions of ageing! However, behind cultural icons like this lie sobering truths. A significant portion of our ageing population grapples with longstanding illnesses, underscoring the inevitability of needing assistance at some point in life.

In England, at age 65, men can now expect to live for a further 19 years, and women can expect to live for a further 21 years. However, it is estimated that 36% of people in the UK aged 65-74 and 47% of those aged 75+ already have a limiting longstanding illness. It seems that even those of us lucky enough to retire in great health are probably going to need assistance of some sort sooner or later.

Dementia is, of course, a poignant reality for many. One in three of us who pass their 65th birthday will eventually die with some sort of dementia, says Age UK. It’s a sad statistic, but it also means that 60% will be mentally alert and will want fulfilling lives; lives that do not have to involve 24/7 protective care. Assisted living should not be ‘all-or-nothing’ –the technology available is adaptive. It is here that non-proprietary smart home systems like LUXORliving have the edge, providing a beacon of flexibility in an evolving landscape.


The trajectory of physical and mental health decline is often gradual so modularity is crucial. It enables us to implement change and deliver focused assistive technology at the right pace for each of our individual needs.

Image credit SolarScott
Design Innovation helped a customer regain control over her environment
EVERYWHERE More than the sum of the brands we proudly represent, CUK supports our partners with complementary services including system specification and design, RP22 design support, acoustic modelling, commissioning support, and training. Almost two decades of success in commercial and residential AV gives us the versatility to support your projects in residential, marine, retail, hospitality and beyond, in spaces large or small, no matter how complex the challenges. A proven track record of brand and technology introduction ensures that the solutions provided are uniquely featured and backed by industry leading system and technical support. In these ways we help our partners to stand out, flourish and grow.

With the right system, you can just seamlessly integrate and activate the assistance people need when they need it, implementing change easily and economically. Extra functionality can be added, or existing installed systems modified, without having to go back to square one and redesign or reinstall a new system.

These installed systems also need to be able to cater for individual people and their diverse life experiences. Off-the-shelf doesn’t work.

Disability, we realise doesn’t just affect the elderly. Nick Gale of Nottinghamshire-based KNX integrator Design Innovation, cites the case of a young woman who lost the use of her legs, but not by any means her mental capacity. Through the implementation of a KNX control system, she regains control over her environment, embarking on a journey of autonomy and empowerment. It is assisting, not taking over and she was fully involved in the planning. At the same time, she has the reassurance that she has a home that will always be safe because it can easily – and affordably – be adapted. As Nick puts it, “One size does not fit all – this lady is perfectly capable of making decisions about alarm status, heating levels, lighting scenes etc., for the foreseeable future.” Here lies the essence of assistive living: it’s not about relinquishing control but about reclaiming it; one decision at a time.

Assisted living features aren’t just additions to a living space; they’re co-creations, designed in collaboration with end-users. Quality integrators are keen to point out that solutions like KNX and LUXORliving provide the perfect relationship between technology and human autonomy, for the ideal long-term solution for assisted living.

Beyond the benefits of assisted living, technology holds the key to broader societal benefits of sustainability, inclusivity and innovation. The integration of a smart home system isn’t merely about convenience or luxury; it’s about future-proofing our homes, ensuring that they’re adaptive to the evolving needs of all occupants, from singles to whole families, while minimising the environmental impact and delivering energy efficiency. These are all key drivers and should be built into every new home.


The narrative of assisted living transcends age. It is about a quest for independence and dignity. LUXORliving stands as a testament to this ethos, offering not just products but pathways to enhanced living. As we navigate the intricacies of ageing and accessibility, let’s remember that the true measure of technological progress lies not in its complexity but in its capacity to empower and enrich lives.

People are living longer and want to continue to live fulfilling and exciting lives

Smart is so simple With JUNG HOME, we have developed a simple system to smartify any home. Learn how to plan, install and commission JUNG HOME in our new Training Centre. We will show you how easy it can be to digitalise a building. For more information, contact us at or 0808 123 7878 JUNG.GROUP/JUNGHOME


Our new columnist Jason Knott, data solutions architect evangelist at D-Tools and ex-editor-in-chief at U.S CI mag CE Pro, returns to ask an important question.

First impressions can make or break a relationship. My wife loves to tell the story of how I had poison oak splotches all over my face the first time she met me. That was not exactly the best first impression, but somehow I was able to overcome it.

For integrators, the speed at which you present a high-quality proposal to a prospective customer can be a make-or-break first impression. So, how long should it take you to turnaround a high-quality quote? It really depends on a slew of variables, but knowing the length of your entire sales cycle (and your buying cycle) maximises cash flow, enables more accurate purchasing, and boosts overall performance through better use of labour resources.

How quickly do you turnaround proposals?

Obviously, the time it takes to create a proposal for a customer has many variables in play, but the biggest one is the size of the project. If it is a large and complex installation, it’s going to take time to create a custom solution that fits the application. More diverse categories of equipment require compiling all the components for the proposal, laying out the connectivity, and calculating the equipment and labour costs. If the project requires architectural drawings such as those done in AutoCAD or Visio, that again adds more time and complexity.

Fortunately, there are solutions dealers that can speed up the proposal-making process, such as D-Tools with its Product Library containing more than 1.6 million

products with dealer-level pricing from 300+ manufacturers. If the client expects you to create a sophisticated proposal like this in less than one or two weeks, they might not be the type of customer you want.

Contrastingly, it’s logical to assume that you should be able to turn around a proposal more quickly for smaller projects, but how quickly? According to many integrators, the amount of time you take to issue a quote is often cited by customers as a key reason for which integration company they select for the job.

Some integrators aim for a quick proposal turnaround. One integrator told me the company has a hard rule of getting its proposal completed and to the customer within 48 hours. He uses that speedy turnaround as a differentiator versus his competition by following up the next day with the customer asking, “Have you received proposals from my competitors yet?”

Other dealers want to make sure the client recognises the additional time and effort that went into the proposal development, so they do not practice quick turnarounds, even on small projects. After all, the ‘C’ in CEDIA stands for ‘custom’ so they want the customer to know they have taken the time to fashion a design that is unique to their home and not a cookie-cutter solution that they use for every customer.

How long does it takes to get a signed contract?

According to data from D-Tools Cloud, in 2023, it took customers an average of 35 days to sign the contract from the time they received the

proposal. There is no gauge on whether that 35-day delay is longer or shorter than in past years. If you are based in a highly competitive area, it is logical that clients are fielding proposals from multiple integrators, which certainly would be a reason for the 35-day wait. It could also be a sign that value engineering/ negotiations are taking place between the integrator and the potential customer to meet their budget needs.

How long do you wait to issue a purchase order?

According to data from D-Tools Cloud’s 1,700+ users, integrators wait an average of 47 days to order the product for installation from the time they have signed the contract in hand. Again, there are many variables that come into play for this prolonged buying cycle. A product could be a unique one-off engineering solution that requires you to place the P.O. earlier. It could be a product that is in limited supply, so it behoves you to order quickly.

But in most cases, the 47-day buying cycle timetable is because dealers are wisely adhering to just-in-time ordering philosophies to preserve their cash flow. There is no need to order a product that is readily available from a manufacturer or distributor to have it collect dust on your shelf waiting for the installation to begin.

Knowing both your sales and buying cycles is a good metric to track in your integration company.

TOP KNOTT APRIL 2024 33 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


EI took a trip to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside near York to check out Karma AV’s new demo facilities and discover what makes the company’s offer compelling.

Led by industry veteran Ian Severs and a small but highly experienced team, Karma AV was founded in 2011 to offer bespoke support services, training and demonstration spaces to an evolving range of cinema and Hi-Fi brands.

As Ian explains, “Most of our team have been involved with mid-to-high-end home theatre demonstrations since the late 1990s and more basic home cinema from the early days of ProLogic. We started with one room showing midlevel JBL Synthesis Home Cinema, progressing to a fully-fledged £200K Synthesis system from a brand that I’d handled for nearly three decades. During that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to discover two new and upcoming home theatre brands, which offer a significant improvement for similar outlay. Both Ascendo Immersive Audio and Perlisten Audio deliver extraordinarily high levels of performance.”

Today’s Karma AV demonstration set up comprises three separate rooms, skilfully created to offer integrators and their customers a bespoke journey through all performance levels, from entry to high-end. The smaller room (43 m³) features a 5.1.2 Cornered Audio/SVS system alongside a 7.1.2 system of System

Audio on-walls and SVS subs, and a third system of more traditional SVS speakers in a 5.1 config, all driven by Emotiva amps and processing. In the middle room (51m³), Perlisten Audio inwall and Ascendo on-wall 7.2.4 systems are driven by Emotiva processing and Primare A35.8 bridgeable 8-channel power amplifiers. The largest demo space (216m³) showcases

an Ascendo 9.6.4 system of point-source LCRs and surround/heights, four 18in subs and two infrasonic 32in subs, together with a Perlisten Audio 11.4.6 system, complete with THX Certified Dominus floor/centre/in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers and four flagship D215s push-pull subs. Processing is by Trinnov and amplification by Ascendo.

Karma AV’s largest home cinema demo space is designed to showcase reference level cinema
34 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL KARMA AV /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
The equipment rack for the largest cinema room bristles with performance

For video the smaller space features a 75in TV and the two larger spaces, JVC projectors: DLA NZ5, DLA-NZ9BE respectively. Each room is fitted with Cinema Build Systems fabric tracking in three different styles. The screens in the mid and main room are both Cinema Build Systems 2.35:1 acoustically transparent 3m and 5m designs, and all systems are wired with In-akustik cables, designed and manufactured in Germany.

Ian explains, “The idea in each space is to show what can be achieved at different levels/ budgets, so dealers and their customers can experience what’s possible. In the smaller room we can demo at near entry level for a simple 5.1 lounge system and then move seamlessly to an on-wall Atmos solution. Then we can show that sound needn’t be compromised in more challenging install environments through a discreet corner-installed Cornered Audio system. The smaller space features sound systems from around £3,150 to £6,800.

“The middle room shows what can be achieved for a higher outlay, but still less than the cost of many kitchen fit outs. Systems in this space range from £23,200 up to around £44,000, with the added flexibility of changing electronics or subwoofers with relative ease to help show differences and fine tune.

“The built-in speakers are fixed and concealed behind the CBS acoustic walls, but we can also install a freestanding set up to show alternatives. Since Perlisten makes in-wall, onwall and regular bookshelf or floor-standing versions of each model, we can demonstrate a very high level of flexibility. The Ascendo system can also have different subwoofers installed. Both these systems have been Dirac calibrated.

“The two high-end systems (£200k approx.) in the main room are designed to demonstrate that we can drive even large spaces at the required ‘reference’ levels. The base layer speakers in the Perlisten set-up are all bi-amped with the main LCR being biamped with bridged amplification. The four D215 active subwoofers offer infrasonic bass. The Ascendo System, which was calibrated by Ascendo’s Geoffrey Heinzel, uses all Ascendo amplification, and is supported by two 32-inch infrasonic subwoofers.”


Explanations completed; it was time to experience the systems in action. Played in the different rooms, the same familiar standout movie sequences from ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘No Time To Die’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, will give visitors a really clear idea of the scale and quality of systems at each price level, and an appreciation of what the high-end systems bring to the immersive party. We were able to pick out particular things to listen for, like the ticking of the alarm clock in the basement scene from A Quiet Place, and the contrast between the audio inside and outside of the Aston Martin during the gun attack part of the Bond car chase

sequence, each time with greater resolution and power so that even those new to home cinema can understand and recognise the progression of performance possible. Considering the price points involved, performance in the smaller space was impressive, the discreet Cornered Audio speakers in particular proving surprisingly effective.

More immersive power is unleashed in the middle room, forcefully resolving the contrasts in the soundtrack between high impact sounds and more subtle effects: the bullet hits in the Bond sequence gain more precision and clarity, while Emily Blunt’s scream at the end of the A Quiet Place sequence takes on a higher level of emotional involvement.

Moving into the largest space, it’s a genuine surprise to find a room of this size making an impression even before the system is called into action. Stand out moments included the grave explosion sequence in Bond where the audio communicates the temporary deafness Bond experiences. Here the infrasonic abilities of the room really deliver. As you might expect, everything in the room is large-scale, and despite the impressive power on show during sequences, it’s probably the subtlety that really impresses the most. The sequence where Emily Blunt stands on a nail and then has to remove it without making any noise is a particular stand out.


Given its relatively unassuming exterior, it’s a real delight to discover such a treasure trove of demonstration facilities inside Karma AV. Ian enthuses, “We love each room and each system for what they bring as they are exceptional offerings at each level. The versatility is built-in to show what’s possible at every budget from very affordable to true high-end performance.

“We hope to gain more business from the best designers/integrators because we feel that our new demo environments really showcase

the full market-leading potential of our brands. Now that we’ve achieved excellent performance at every level, we’ve had an uptick in dealer visits (mainly through word of mouth) in pretty short order. Having experienced the demonstrations, dealers are bringing their ‘qualified’ serious customers to us (from the South too) because the trip has now become very worthwhile. We are only 30 minutes from Leeds Bradford Airport, York and Leeds railway stations, so we are actually pretty accessible.”

The journey begins with ‘entry-level’ systems from SVS, System Audio and Cornered Audio in the small room
ESSENTIAL KARMA AV APRIL 2024 35 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall
Get ready to rumble: step this way to cinema heaven in the large room

In support, Karma AV’s brands have also thrown their weight behind the enterprise with favourable demonstration stock terms, advice and calibration. Another impressive part of the project is that the team has built everything themselves, in the process gaining useful experience, which Ian says can help installers deal with design and installation challenges. “On top of this, we offer in-field calibration in a number of ways, either through the Karma team, or with our manufacturer’s assistance and support, or by collaboration with highly qualified ‘external’ calibrators.”


Says Ian, “To work with us, installers need to help us to understand their needs and requirements, and end users must of course be qualified by one of our supporting dealers to arrange a visit to discuss full systems or system upgrades.

“Once the objectives have been defined, we’re very hands-on throughout the process, offering support from start to finish at the bespoke level required by the integrator. For instance, we prefer not to use a courier for deliveries of systems from mid-level up and would rather deliver the systems ourselves.

“We are a smaller company, but with an experienced team sharing a very high level of pride in what we do, in how we solve problems, and the standard of service that we offer in all departments including our own in-house product servicing.”

Ian adds, “We know that our high support levels and warranties are recognised by our dealers as amongst the very best in the

industry, so obviously we hope that others may give us the opportunity to help them. At the same time, we fully respect our competition and all high-quality brands, because the best brands, distributors and installers help the industry to grow.

“We choose to offer perhaps more exclusive products to a more select number of dealers and specialise very much in home theatre and mid-to-high-end Hi-Fi too. We’ve noticed a recent trend in CI to embrace Hi-Fi systems as well, but this is nothing new to us: we have always offered that additional category support. Half of the team has roots in two-channel retail from the pre home cinema era, and because we’ve been doing this all along, we can offer design for stereo systems at every level. We have chosen deliberately not to get involved with control systems and the more volume-based areas of CI. That is not for us.”


“Even though we offer a great deal of experience to our customers, says Ian, “we will never pretend that we can offer something that is outside our areas of expertise. Our desire is to identify where we can add value to systems either entirely or via component upgrades. We cannot sell products that we would not use ourselves.

“Ultimately, our approach is to treat others as you would hope to be treated, with full respect, understanding and fairness. We strive to provide the very best products in their categories and work closely with our supplier partners to help them bring new products to

market. Some recent examples include a new in-wall/on-wall subwoofer from Perlisten and their recently launched THX dominus in-ceiling loudspeaker, as well as a new 16in active subwoofer from Ascendo and the new SP25 AV processor from Primare.”

Clearly much time, effort and love has gone into creating this highly impressive suite of demonstration spaces, and the abilities of the team are clear. The experience at Karma offers yet another way for the industry to inspire and inform its customers as well as a learning space for training.

As EI was leaving, Ian had some other news to impart, “We will very soon be offering two additional extremely high-end demo systems in the south of England. Watch this space!”

With Perlisten and Ascendo systems installed, the middle room delivers genuine immersion for the cost of a kitchen fit out
36 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL KARMA AV /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
Small room, big sound: Cornered Audio offers impressive high performance

ENERGY SOLUTIONS from Janus Technology


With our experience of smart home integrations and BMS, we can bridge the gap between the AV and HVAC worlds, designing systems that take full account of how the client wants to use them. We offer a range of services from consulting to complete system design.


All our solutions include advanced cloud-monitoring for analysing system performance and fault reporting. Turn a reactive response to a disgruntled client into a proactive call from you to let them know that their problem has been resolved, even before they knew they had one.


Multi-platform smart home integration tailors the experience to the client - whether that is elegant in-room controls complementing their luxurious decor, or virtually invisible sensors with App-based controls. All backed up with sophisticated installer tools.

+44 (0) 1223 833852


Taras Thomas, Key Account & Channel Sales Manager at CYP, navigates through the choppy waters of modern work and AV systems.

Huddle Spaces? Home office? Video calls?

BYOD? How are people expected to navigate through this fast-paced and forever evolving commercial world when many people can’t get through a Teams/Zoom call without a colleague highlighting ‘You’re on Mute!’

It’s a practical reality that meeting and conference rooms are usually specified based on the platform the company uses, like:

• Cisco houses would use Webex

• Google use Google Meet

• Microsoft have Microsoft Teams Rooms etc.

The equipment and devices are certified by the manufacturer, making the design and implementation effortless, with solutions boasting features like ‘Easy One-Touch-Join’ or ‘Meet in any situation’, which begs the question: Why aren’t more installers venturing into the commercial sector?

The stark reality though is that it’s still not that easy, or more people would be doing it. That isn’t suggesting, however, that the industry hasn’t listened and they’re not making these scenarios more installer and customer friendly. Logitech have out-of-the-box solutions for almost any meeting room size and Netgear have engineered AV-centric Plug-n-Play networking switches to make most IT engineers jobs easier.


A CYP Europe we are no different. We are aware that businesses are constantly looking at how their meeting rooms are set up to ensure they

are as productive and collaborative as possible. We understand the challenges when designing a workspace that allows users to have flexible and efficient means of sharing content.

Our multi-award nominated OR-32SDMI is testament to that. This new matrix allows the user to tailor the unit configuration by easily swapping modules for multiple spaces, hybrid meeting rooms, home offices and pretty much any commercial space.

Further to this, CYP’s new SDM core Multiview product, the OR-PIP42SDMO offers an alternative multiview experience that can integrate into any software-based meeting solution, like Teams or Google Meet. Simply add the SDM-XT-C Capture and Record module to the slot on the rear of the unit and a CYP UHD USB Video will appear within your camera/video selection on your laptop or PC, allowing the full power of the OR-PIP42SDMO to be used for your virtual meeting.


New to the industry and want some advice or a second opinion? CYP has been a pioneer within the AV industry for over 30 years, coupled with over 200 products launched in more than 25 countries. We know what it takes to engineer cutting-edge ProAV solutions for pretty much any scenario. And don’t worry, we are available and prepared to assist with any of your questions, be it pre or post sales.

CYP also provides cutting-edge and bespoke training sessions to equip installers

with the knowledge needed, to face even the most challenging ProAV landscape. Our experts will run through the various versions of ProAV distribution techniques, leaving visitors with the latest information on how best to implement the right technology for the right application. We will also run through our latest testing and analysis hardware, whilst demonstrating why the correct cabling solution is vital for the best performance. Throughout the day, our experts will also be on hand to answer any ProAV related questions you might have.


CYP has been committed to the research, development, and manufacture of ProAV products for over three decades at our manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, forging many strategic partnerships along the way. Our portfolio includes products that perform audio-visual extension, distribution and format conversion.

Our vision on developing products for high-performance markets such as meeting rooms and workspaces was inevitable, but only capable with continued support from alliances like HDBaseT, SDVoE, Dante and companies like Netgear, LG and Samsung.

Chances are that any customer willing to spend money on improving or kitting out their home with the latest AV equipment will either have a home office or works in an office that has meeting rooms. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or leave a business card in case they need any assistance in their commercial world and always remember #CypHasYouCovered.

38 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL OFFICE, BOARDROOM & HOMEWORKING /Essentialinstall @Install_mag
more flexible working offers opportunities


The success of hybrid depends on adaptable technology says Bill Hensley, RTI, Head of Global Marketing.

During the pandemic, video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams became the lifeline for remote work. As companies transitioned back to the office, the need for a cohesive meeting ecosystem that caters to both in-person and remote participants became apparent. Without careful attention to managing the technology, the hybrid meeting experience can be a disjointed experience, leaving remote attendees feeling disconnected and overlooked while those in the room struggling with complex setups and technological glitches.


What end-users want is a better experience; one where everyone feels like they’re part of the same meeting and that nobody is a lesser participant because of their location. To address these challenges, manufacturers are developing solutions to create inclusive and efficient hybrid meeting environments. The goal is simple: elevate the experience for those in the room and for those participating remotely–and help them feel like they are all part of the same in-person experience. That experience will be enabled by intuitive solutions that prioritise inclusivity and productivity.


The key to successful hybrid meetings lies in a seamless integration, with hardware and software components acting as one to anticipate the participants’ needs so they can focus on the meeting topic, not the meeting technology. It starts with the basics: a video bar with integrated cameras, microphones that enable content sharing and video conferencing software compatibility with the leading systems like Teams or Zoom.

It’s important to create solutions that can scale for a range of budgets and system needs. Large enterprises typically have deeper pockets and the desire for a fully connected system. Of course, from the control perspective and wearing my RTI hat, we believe in a fully connected room, meshing room control and collaboration. But for smaller companies, they may just have the need for a standalone conference room with a solution that’s easy to install.

The market has solutions at both ends of this spectrum. But that smaller company who started with just one hybrid conference space just might want to expand in the future. This was one scenario we considered in developing our Intelligent Meetings ecosystem. Broadly speaking, it’s how can we help the integrator design a system that can grow with the customer. This line of thought led us to think of the ecosystem as a flexible thing; on one hand fully integrated into the office or room control system while on the other hand able to operate standalone. In both cases the solution integrates the meeting room hardware with the client’s preferred collaboration platform. Ultimately, the question is what do manufacturers and integrators in this space sell? The answer is an elevated experience. And whether the customer is large or small, they will benefit from that experience.

The era of hybrid meetings represents a paradigm shift in how we collaborate and communicate. As always, integrators play a crucial role in guiding clients towards solutions that meet their current needs while anticipating future requirements.


The RTI Intelligent Meeting ecosystem makes every meeting an in-person meeting. It’s anchored by the RTI UC-IVB-50 4K Intelligent Video Bar and compatible with leading video conferencing systems including Zoom and Teams. The ecosystem includes the UC-MXT Media Xchange Transmitter, UC-IVB-EXM Expansion Microphone, and UC-IVB-TM Display Mount. Built for 4K collaboration, the Video Bar displays up to two sources simultaneously on a single screen. Its AIenabled 120° field-of-view camera enables presenter and speaker tracking. The fourMEMS linear microphone array directs audio pickup wherever needed while full-range speakers deliver room-filling sound. The ecosystem integrates natively into RTI systems, operates as a standalone system, or with other control systems.

40 APRIL 2024 ESSENTIAL OFFICE, BOARDROOM & HOMEWORKING /Essentialinstall @Install_mag


Mike Bonnette, Product Director of Connected Distribution, analyses what the response to the growth in hybrid working should be.

The statistics for hybrid and homeworking are eye-opening and present exciting opportunities for installers across the residential, commercial and in-between world of resimercial.

Depending upon where you look for your information, it transpires that around 35% of people in the London region are working a mixed schedule of home and office. The figures across the rest of the country suggest it is common everywhere, with for example, around 27% of people in the North West working a hybrid schedule.

While it is prevalent in many sectors, hybrid working appears to be particularly common in Recruitment, HR, Marketing and PR. Even the public sector features high on the list, despite the proclamations by the government that they want the civil servants back in the office.

So, for the installer, this is a great opportunity to help with the comms side of home and hybrid working. We’ve all been on the receiving end of frustrating calls using Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and the rest, particularly during the early stages of lockdown when the technologies really began to take off and there were teething troubles. With a plethora of brands now available for use with these conferencing platforms, the technology has come of age and many of those lockdown-era problems have been overcome –but, of course, Wi-Fi, ethernet and broadband bandwidth can still be an issue.

One of the biggest frustrations we’ve found from talking to users is the sound quality that a

laptop, tablet or phone can present them with. The speakers are never great for listening and the mics don’t always make it easy for people at the other end to hear too well what’s being said. This makes these solutions not particularly practical for use in huddle rooms or boardrooms.

This is where the use of a stand-alone videobar can come into its own and this can be the single biggest improvement made to a homeworking setup, with connection possible to phones and tablets as well as laptops. Good quality bars, such as the MuxMeet Videobar from Muxlab, use high-quality multi-microphone setups and DSP echo cancellation technology to capture the sound as clearly as possible. The use of multiple mics also enables the device to track the user if they are moving around the room, a facility which is also mirrored by the camera system. Using much higher quality optics than are present in a laptop, phone or tablet’s camera, they work in lower light, at a higher resolution and track the users as they move around. It’s the next best thing to being there.

These types of products are incredibly easy to set up for the installer and simple to use for the customer, making it something of a ‘must do’ sales opportunity.

Installers can now introduce technologies that allow the home workers and the team at the office to interact in a much more coherent manner, making them feel like they are in the room together. The ability to screen share across a video conference call, not just from

one person, but from anyone in the meeting makes communications more streamlined and meetings more efficient. And with BYOD technology, anyone can screen share with the whole meeting, whether in the boardroom or the bedroom!

The ability for installers to provide products that facilitate a better quality of conversation, viewing experience and meeting inclusivity has revolutionised homeworking, making it a seamless and efficient experience for all users.

We have seen a huge amount of interest in these products from talking to our customers. Those working already in the commercial sector are well aware of them, but for those installers whose usual remit is domestic entertainment systems, this is another potentially lucrative income generator for their businesses. 30% of their customers are probably working from home and could benefit from help with technology to make their lives easier.

ESSENTIAL OFFICE, BOARDROOM & HOMEWORKING APRIL 2024 41 @Install_mag /Essentialinstall


Why You Should Enter The CEDIA Smart Home Awards,

The CEDIA Smart Home Awards offer more than just recognition. They provide a platform for CEDIA members to showcase their achievements, gain global credibility and celebrate their contributions to the industry.

Zak Vracevic, Director at M.E.G.A. AV Installations, comments, “Apart from recognition from the industry, a CEDIA Smart Home Awards win means that we can show clients and architects that attention to detail (and time spent on it) pays off. It shows that the process of working through every detail make sense at the end when everything comes together.”

We launched the 2024 CEDIA Smart Home Awards in February this year, and time is running out for CEDIA members to submit their entries. With this in mind, here is a useful ‘How to Guide’ to the CEDIA Smart Home Awards - one of our most worthwhile member benefits.


Aimed at CEDIA members*, the CEDIA Smart Home Awards provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your work over the past year, celebrate what you have achieved, and gain global recognition and credibility.


The deadline for entries are as follows:

• Home Technology Integrator categories: April 15, 2024

* As long as you have started your entry by 15th April, we’ll gift you a two-week extension until 29th April.

• Business and Individual categories: June 1, 2024

• Manufacturer Product categories: June 1, 2024 (early bird May 1, 2024)

The categories are:

• Home Technology Integrator

o Best Home Cinema

o Best Media Room

o Best Integrated Home

o Best Marine

o Multi-Dwelling Unit

o Assisted Living

o Excellence In: Documentation

o Excellence In: Lighting


o Excellence In: Racking

o Excellence In: User Experience

• Business

o Excellence In: Business, Home Technology Integrator

o Excellence In: Business, Manufacturer’s Representative and/or Distributor

o Best Showroom: Home Technology Integrator

o Best Showroom: Business, Manufacturer’s Representative, and/or Distributor

• Manufacturer

o Best New Hardware

o Best New Software

o Product Hall of Fame

• Individual

o Best Newcomer

o Best Sales/Manufacturer’s Representative

o Best Technician

With regards to the project categories, the competition date must fall between January 2022 - April 2024. Any products entered into the Best New Hardware Product and Best New Software Product categories must have begun shipping September 30, 2023 –September 30, 2024.


Entrants may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as it adheres to the terms and conditions. The type of information that you have to submit depends on which categories you are entering into.


Written copy is required to discuss the performance objectives of the project and the solution that the integrator designs and installed.

The entry requires a certain level of documentation to allow the judges to review the project fully. This includes documents such as:

• Floor plans

• Reflected ceiling plans

• Bill of materials

• Elevated drawings

• Wiring schedules and schematics

• Networking schematics

• Equipment rack/cabinet elevation and heat calculations

• Power management

• AV calibration

• SPL design calculations

• Photographs (front and back of rack compulsory)


Written copy should describe the product fully, with focus on the intended purpose of the product, how it works, what makes it unique, and why it is valuable to an integrator.


These entries need to cover the following topics:

• Business Performance

• Innovation and Adaptability

• Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

• Employee Development and Engagement

• Social Responsibility and Sustainability

• Industry Leadership and Recognition


For those who want to submit an entry for the Best Newcomer and Best Technician categories, the entries need to cover Achievement and Impact; Innovation and Initiative; Collaboration and Relationship Building; Adaptability and Resilience; and Leadership Potential and Vision.

Sales representatives need to showcase how they support growth and positively impact the CEDIA channel; provide the best service and support customer sales; offer sales opportunities and perspective on market conditions; advocate for dealers; and provide an exemplary level of product knowledge and communication.

Ciaran Wilkins, Owner, The Big Picture, comments, “Having Ivy Cottage named Best Global Media Room is among the most gratifying moments of my career; the space is one of which I’m immensely proud.”

For more information and to enter the 2024 CEDIA Smart Home Awards, visit

* Manufacturer Best New Product Awards is open to new members and non-members.

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Class-leading power density, efficiency, versatility and control allied with high audio quality and advanced audio DSP make Powersoft the ideal choice for residential and marine installations.

CUK’s lineup includes the Mezzo Series of half-rack install amplifiers in 320W and 600W power sizes with 2/4 channels, AD versions adding Dante™/AES67, while the UNICA range comprises three 4-channel amps (UNICA 9K4, 12K4 and 16K4, with 9,000W, 12,000W and 16,000W respectively), and three 8-channel models (UNICA 2K8, 4K8 and 8K8, with 2,000W, 4,000W and 8,000W).

CUK has partnered with Powersoft since 2009

Class-leading power density dramatically shrinks required rack space

Advanced power sharing provides the power you need on the circuits that need it

High audio quality

Dante enabled versions

State-of-the-art DSP offers comprehensive loudspeaker protection tools

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The home cinema market has developed rapidly in recent years with the market demanding more flexible and aesthetically - pleasing solutions. The combined offering from Pulse Cinemas and Invision has been designed to provide installers with the power to deliver, no matter the situation. Michael Roberts, Business Manager, Invision and Simon Gibbs, Director of Technical Sales, Pulse Cinemas, explain more.

Simon says, “The history of high-quality home cinema goes back a long way, and the Pulse Cinemas team has always tried to use the best technology and approaches to deliver the high-performance results installers and end users deserve. It is fair to say that development of new technologies was steady rather than spectacular in the early days. This, however has changed in the last few years as the sector has become more successful and awareness has grown with end users. Market trends and drivers have demanded more flexible and agile solutions to meet a growing variety of use case scenarios.”

Michael adds, “Why has this happened? Partly technical improvements available for projects, but also a wider awareness amongst end users and professions such as interior designers, asking for a wider range of solutions. We still have a long way to go in terms of awareness compared to other luxury concepts such as fitted kitchens and luxury bathrooms, but we have made progress and this has driven demand for more choice in what the sector can deliver.” Simon explains, “The dedicated cinema approach is still popular and allows us and the installer to tightly control the environment, creating often the ideal scenario to deliver high performance with a dark room, and muted, attractive décor. However, as awareness has spread, questions are asked such as: Why can’t I just have it in my existing living room? Can my cinema be a design statement as well high-performance? Can I watch during

the daytime without blacking out the room? The sector is now able to deliver effective answers to all these questions and more.”


Simon continues, “Screen Research has always offered a wide range of screens, installation scenarios and a choice of price points. This continues of course, but a powerful weapon in an age when aesthetics and high performance are vital is the company’s DecorMask technology. The final flourish for interior design-focused and artistically-inclined customers, DecorMask delivers the option to have a work of art or any image of the customers’ choosing on display when the screen is not in use. When the cinema comes to life, the image is rolled away neatly, to be replaced with whatever is to be watched. When the viewing is over, the sequence is reversed. The system allows installers to offer

their customers a unique way of dressing their space, adding visual impact and another level of personalisation and luxury.”

Michael adds, “Installers can also take advantage of Screen Innovation’s recently launched screen material, CarbonBlack Hybrid Pro. This brand has long been an innovator in providing solutions for high-ambient light conditions and this latest offering takes this type of approach to new levels. Compared with traditional white/grey screen materials, CarbonBlack preserves 95% of the contrast in brightly lit environments, protecting and promoting higher black levels. CarbonBlack in one of the technologies that is helping home cinema to expand into multi-use living spaces where high ambient light exists and the end user does not want to go down the dedicated cinema approach.

“Flexibility is also promoted by the fact that this screen technology can accommodate all types of projectors, including ultra short throw (from above or below) and standard throw laser projectors from a wide range of distances. This new technology is also extremely flexible in terms of size, with screens from 16ft to 99ft possible. Viewing angles have been a challenge in the past for ambient light rejecting screens, but again here progress has been made as the technology delivers a 160° viewing cone, vertically and horizontally. There are acoustically transparent options available and the screens are easy to transport and install.”

Contact your Invision or Pulse Cinemas Product Manager for more information.

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Thorsten Köhler, Managing Partner of luxury private cinema builder Die Zwei – Heimkino GmbH, elaborates on the special challenges of high brightness projection.

The brightness for projection in commercial cinemas has been set to 14ftL (48 nits) almost 20 years ago now. This has been documented in the DCI Digital Cinema Specification V1.0 (July 20th, 2005). Content that is produced for the consumer market is mastered towards a 100 nits target for Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). That means if you calibrate your projection to that ftL/nits-level, you´re on the safe side: respecting the creator´s intent, assuring the content is displayed as it should be. But these days, even this brightness level is not easy to achieve with projection on larger screens, which leads to a lot of installations not even able to meet this long-lasting standard, leaving the client with a dark and dull image.

With the introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range), these safe and standardised boundaries have been broken down. HDR content is mastered to a minimum of 1.000

nits – a brightness level, that even the brightest commercial projectors can hardly achieve on a reasonable sized screen. To mitigate this dilemma, the concept of tone mapping was introduced. This is a mechanism that tries to adapt the HDR to the capabilities of your projector/display device. This works reasonably well but cannot be as good as using a display device that achieves the desired brightness right from the start.

This is where high lumen/brightness projection comes into play. With higher end residential and/or professional projectors, with lumen ratings ranging from 10.000 to over 20.000 and even 30.000 lumen, you can easily achieve a brightness of several hundred nits measured on screen. This gives you a lot more headroom for HDR tone mapping. You can now dial-in the standard brightness level of the movie image to a reasonable value, but

still having enough headroom to have highlights pop-out if required. The effect is achievable relatively easy in dark scenes with lights easily popping out of the dark background. But it gets more interesting when it comes to highlights in an already bright image. Imagine a well-lit laboratory, but the computer screens and LEDs flashing on all the devices and machines in the scene still pop out.

To be able to achieve this, you either must dial down the overall brightness of the image with a standard projector, or you go with high lumen projection.

Besides HDR content, another great advantage with high power projectors is that it allows viewers to experience 3D through 3D glasses in the same brightness as SDR content. If you are a 3D fan, it is a sight to behold to experience 3D content with SDR brightness on a large screen.

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We specialise in home cinemas and distributed audio systems that deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled performance.


Our complimentary design & specification service provides integrators with a customised, expertly designed, and integrated AV solutions.


We specialise in designing high-end audio-visual systems for luxury homes and residential spaces.

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Providing expert calibration and commissioning services, we ensure your systems are set up for optimal performance and user experience.

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For high lumen projection, we at Die ZweiHeimkino GmbH are aiming for a range of 250-300 nits peak white brightness measured off screen. This can only be achieved with high-end residential or professional projectors –we use a selection from Barco, Christie and Sony for this purpose.

This brightness comes with a list of challenges that need to be taken care of and differ significantly from standard brightness projection.


For a given projector´s contrast, raising the overall brightness inevitably raises the black floor as well. If the contrast of the projector is too low, this leads to grey instead of black in lower light scenes. A lot of the high lumen projectors do have contrast values of 4.000:1 and below which make them unusable for high brightness projection in a private cinema setting. The black level would just be too bad. In our projects, we aim for a contrast of at least 7.000:1.


Throwing 10.000+ lumen onto any surface will highlight every small irregularity. A screen material that appears to be totally even at 100 nits can become unwatchable at 200-300 nits. For woven fabrics, it is obvious that finer

is better. But even PVC screens, that appear to be very flat and smooth at first sight, can become an issue as even very small bumps can be perceived as a structure, especially on bright moving objects like clouds on a blue sky.


A dark room helps avoiding reflections back to the screen which can harm the image’s contrast and also increases the immersion as you are not reminded all the time that you are actually sitting in a room and are not being part of the movie.

Throwing 10.000+ lumen onto a large white surface screen turns it into a huge light fixture, illuminating the whole room. Using dark and non-reflective materials at least in the front part of the cinema room becomes even more important with high lumen projection.


High lumen means high laser output which can become a safety issue, exposing the audience to high power, highly concentrated laser light. Most of the high lumen projectors out there in the market are rated as class 3, which require specific safety measures to be considered during installation and operation. Hazard zones are defined by the manufacturers to be respected for their products to avoid

direct exposition of the eye to the laser beam – especially for children. Counter measures to reduce the hazard level include careful selection of the mounting position, consideration of the actual laser level being used and the selection of the lens throw ratio.


Last but not least, as a side-effect, high brightness means high power. High power means high heat dissipation. High heat dissipation requires a lot of fans to move the hot air out of the projector. Lots of fans lead to lots of noise. Hence our standard approach for high lumen projection is always to plan for a dedicated projection room. This makes ventilation easy and has a lot of other advantages as it does not interfere with the room design and allows an easy installation.

As a conclusion, there are a lot of specific aspects to consider that become relevant when moving from standard brightness to high brightness projection. A lot of details that are no issue at all or that can be easily mitigated with standard brightness, need special attention with high brightness.

Experience tells that every person reacts differently to a brighter image. In general, a bright image is perceived better as it appears to be more vibrant to the viewer with better, more saturated colours. However, brighter can easily become too bright, especially in a lightcontrolled, dark environment.

That is the reason why we at Die Zwei always recommend to our clients to visit us in our showroom to try it out before deciding which route to go. We have a fixed installation of a Christie M-4K25 RGB, which allows us to demonstrate a wide range of different brightness levels ranging from the standard 100 nits (and even lower) up to 350nits on a 184in screen.

At Die Zwei are pioneers and evangelists for high lumen projection. However, the constraints are shifting and as cinema (DCI) as well as the residential market moves to higher brightness images. Reflected in the upcoming CEDIA RP23 video recommended practices - where we are currently contributing to the working group – the expertise required to implement will become more common. If you are in need of such expertise, we can help you to come to a literally brighter future.

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High-brightness cinemas offer a particular set of challenges


When a movie connoisseur approached integrator The Sound Counsel to upgrade his self-built dedicated home cinema, Nick Wearmouth – Director at The Sound Counsel – decided that there was only one projector that would fit the bill.


The homeowner wanted to take his cinema to reference level for a truly ‘wow’ experience. With the experts from The Sound Counsel on board, they revealed even greater potential for a showstopping cinema by redesigning the existing layout and specifying high-spec products.

“The client was looking for a flagship projector and processor to crown his cinema, but the existing layout and equipment was holding back its potential. The room was to be all about the reference level experience with a TV-like image on a massive scale, but the current technology was falling short.

His existing and much-loved floor speakers were in the corners, with the central floor space free to accommodate the largest screen possible. We introduced the idea of a larger image still but with new speakers and subwoofers behind the screen. This allowed a much better appearance to the room but crucially a major lift in performance for both the image and the sound,” explains Nick.


The Sound Counsel sourced a Sony GTZ380 native 4K projector from AWE – Sony’s flagship model. Utilising three lasers to produce 10,000 lumens of brightness, this projector

can achieve 100% DCI-P3 colour without the need for filters, so still at 10,000 lumens of brightness.

Nick says, “With the Sony GTZ-380 we had no worries about maximising the image size. The customer was an existing Sony VPL-VW790 owner, but with a four meter wide screen we needed to go a step further to achieve the ‘wow’ he was searching for. A new Screen Excellence screen allowed us to conceal new speakers and subwoofers while improving the image quality in comparison to the previous screen. The high-quality material really comes into its own with the very high light output from the Sony GTZ-380 – the improvement was much greater than we had expected!”


With a Sony VPL-VW790 already, this client already had a first-class projector for his home cinema. However, with the GTZ-380 installed, the experience really went up to a whole new level. The VPL-GTZ380 is described by Sony as the world’s most advanced laser projector, designed to faithfully display native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) images, with no upscaling or pixel shifting tricks. The finest details are breathtakingly crisp and clear.

Why does the client love it? For a true cinematic experience, he can view movies in cinema scope format 2.35:1. This can then be easily switched to 16:9 for gaming or TV watching, making it an ideal solution for multipurpose cinema rooms.

Nick reveals, “Our client is delighted with the results of his cinema upgrade, which has exceeded both of our expectations. The high specification of the Sony GTZ-380 projector has excelled the viewing experience to an unbeatable level – it’s the best projector for the home cinema market right now.

“By inviting our client to experience the difference between this projector and his current - in a controlled environment at the AWE Reference Cinema - we could easily demonstrate the difference in picture quality. It was a hugely valuable exercise and meant that the client had no hesitation in accepting our recommendation.”

The client concludes, “After the initial projector change, the next big revelation was the new screen. We were expecting a big improvement in audio quality, which there was, but the visual improvement was immense!”

The Sound Council

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By combining a variety of high-quality solutions from its product portfolio, Premium AV distributor DbM supplied Cyberhomes with a complete AV package for a large home cinema. Paired with technical advice and design support, this project showcases the level of excellence that can be achieved when integrators partner with the DbM team.

This home cinema was part of a whole house project for Cyberhomes, where every room in the property would have its own theme to provide a unique experience and the wow factor.

For the cinema room – which was later named the Ruby Cinema – Cyberhomes and the interior designers worked together on a dark red colour scheme and created a design that would see every wall, ceiling and the interior elements blended seamlessly together.

With the client wanting to use the room for watching movies and sport, listening to music, gaming and running presentations, he requested the best possible AV performance within this environment. He also wanted the space to accommodate 15 or more people, with the prime seating location in the middle front and second row.

To achieve what the client was requesting, the construction needed to be to the highest quality with meticulous attention to detail –

something which Cyberhomes is known for. Each section going into constructing the space was CNC cut, including the stage, projector ceiling, wall panels and supporting structures. It was then time to turn the attention to the AV equipment.


For the best picture quality, the Barco Njord Cinemascope projector was chosen as it offers a native 2.37 image ratio using 5120 x 2160 pixels (5k) and up to 9000 Lumens and DCI/ P3 colour gamut from a three chip DLP with laser light engine. This is perfect for the often specified 2.37 aspect ratio projection screens. This large projector was fully enclosed within an acoustically isolated and climate-controlled enclosure. In order to meet the client’s preference of 15 seats and the aesthetic appeal of a big projector eye in the room, the enclosure had to be mounted above the rear seating. The lens outlet was finished with a custom-made brass eyelet which Cyberhomes designed and had constructed to match to the finish as the bespoke seating cupholders.

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The Barco projector is paired with a Lumagen Radiance Pro 5244 processor, which provides more enhanced versions of tone mapping and video signal quality. It reduces jitter in the audio and video signal, making a huge difference to audio and video fidelity, both of which are immediately noticeable.

Having frame by frame analysis of the video content for correct HDR tone mapping is also essential to ensure that all content is rendered to the correct NIT value, something that the Lumagen does a superb job of.


During the initial demonstration stage with the client, Cyberhomes noticed that the client had a preference for bass-heavy music and action movies played at very high volumes. Knowing this, it was essential, therefore, to select a High SPL solution for the room using a multiple subwoofer array positioned to allow fine-tuning of the bass response. The target was to reach 105dB in the back row, which would provide plenty of headroom for adjustments and fine-tuning, with the signature Meridian sonic fidelity that the client loved.

After running through various options and exploring how they would work in the room, the team opted for a Dolby Atmos 11.10.6 speaker system using Meridian’s Digital Active loudspeakers and subwoofers, alongside a Trinnov Altitude 32 processor.

Cyberhomes chose Trinnov because of its extensive audio fine tuning and bass management software, allowing the team to optimise the room, and Meridian speakers due to their super low distortion and high SPL using digital active technology.

Aspects of the room build also determined product selection. Due to the positioning of the doors into the room, the planned 150mm fabrication depth wasn’t going to be enough for the large masking projector screen. The depth also meant that it would be very difficult to angle the front left and right speakers towards the main listening position without building the wall out further and bringing the screen even closer to the seating positions.

The slim profile of the in-wall loudspeakers allows them to fit into walls that are 100mm deep, which would be important due to the side wall depth limitations. The linear wide off-axis response (up to 120 degrees horizontal axis) of the speakers reduces the requirement for angling the front speakers.

The system features six DSP730 in-ceiling loudspeakers and 17 DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers. The LCR’s were installed in a High Power Array set up, utilising the patented HPA software developed in house by the Meridian research and development engineers behind the projector screen. The sub bass is handled by 10 Meridian DSW600 in-wall DSP subwoofers.

The room presented a significant challenge due to the aesthetic requirements, materials,

three tiers of seating and construction. However, Cyberhomes was able to overcome these obstacles by using the Trinnov Altitude 32, which interfaced seamlessly with the Meridian loudspeakers through a Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller.

The large projector enclosure and curved structure meant that the rear height speakers had to be rotated to fit. By making some calibration changes to the Trinnov processor, Cyberhomes ensured the speakers would still work well for the rear seating.

The existing recess that the fans had to be housed in fell exactly where Cyberhomes was aiming to position the second row of surround speakers, which meant they had to be positioned slightly forward. The Meridian speakers overcame this issue very well due to their wide horizontal dispersion when combined with the advanced calibration settings of the Trinnov and a high speaker count.

All speakers were calculated to make sure they met the reference level at reference seating position, the level was then tested up to 105dB using pink noise with all speakers, as well as just the front speakers. Both tests exceeded 105dB.


“The speaker combination provided plenty of dynamic headroom to allow fine-tuning with the multiple subwoofers, allowing precision distribution of clean controlled bass,” comments Chris Morley, Lead Designer at Cyberhomes. “We believe that Trinnov and Meridian together provided exceptional performance with great control of fine-tuning and the final sound of the room.

“The DbM team was incredibly helpful in selecting the optional speaker positions and conducting the initial set up of the interface between the Trinnov and Meridian products, which worked exceptionally well.”

Equipment List

• 1 x Barco Njord Cinemascope projector

• 1 x Lumagen Radiance Pro 5244 processor

• 6 x Meridian DSP730 in-ceiling loudspeakers

• 17 x Meridian DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers

• 10 x Meridian DSW600 in-wall sub

• 23 x Meridian RF600 Rough-in Box

• 2 x Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller

• 1 x Trinnov Altitude 32


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With standards, specifications and room correction all big subjects right now, Mathias Johansson, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at audio experts Dirac, answers a few key questions.

What were your key takeaways from CEDIA’s RP22?

RP22 is a really great step forward for audio. Those in our industry all have their own notions of what makes good sound. Yet, there’s never been a single source of truth that people could go to and use as a reference point when organising their systems.

CEDIA did a nice job remedying that by aggregating the collective wisdom of the industry and producing recommendations and guidelines for how a good-sounding system should behave. Although RP22 doesn’t provide you with a cookbook solution, it explains what to aim for and the different compromises involved in creating good sound. For us at Dirac, it also serves as a proof point for problems our awardwinning software is solving.

Are you in general agreement with the outlined standards/recommendations?

Overall, I think it’s very applicable regardless of if you’re working on an immersive or stereo audio system. Whether building a system from scratch or enhancing an existing system, it’s a solid starting point.

Importantly, RP22 emphasised what we’ve long preached at Dirac. It’s not just about your speaker selection, the room itself has a significant impact on audio performance. In fact, a plot of an anechoic subwoofer frequency response will actually tell you nothing about

how the system will sound. The room is part of the speaker. There is no separating one from the other.

It also reinforced the importance of bass to the overall sound of an audio system. In particular, seat-to-seat variation came up quite often, which can be a huge detriment. If you’re in the sweet spot, the bass will sound smooth, rich and tight, but the minute you move away, the uneven bass is extremely noticeable.

Recognising this reality, RP22 advocates for the use of multiple subwoofers, which I fully agree with. The high-end Hi-Fi community has not always embraced the use of subwoofers, but once integrated with care, they provide huge value. You really cannot talk about high-end sound performance unless you have great bass, and multiple subs are a great way to enhance any audio system in this critical area.

54 APRIL 2024 SMART THINKING: DIRAC /Essentialinstall @Install_mag

Why is there so much bass variation throughout a room?

Think of it as waves in the ocean. Sound waves are literally making waves in your room. When a wave is emitted through a subwoofer, it travels through the room and bounces back, just as the tides move in and out.

These wavelengths are very long and we’re asking a little room, which is sometimes shorter than the wavelength itself, to accurately reproduce it. As these waves move in and out, they begin clashing with each other to produce a muddy and varied response.

What are the factors driving the multiple subwoofer trend?

The main factor is the recognition that high-end sound requires good bass, and in order to achieve that consistently for every position in a room, multiple subwoofers are the only way to go. Multiple subwoofer setups are popular because they help even out seat-to-seat variation.

Multiple subs can allow the user to shape how sound waves interact with each other. If you manage the phase interactions of the subwoofers with the room correctly, the waves will sum up coherently rather than crashing into each other randomly. Because the bass is originating from different positions in the room, you’re decreasing the chances of having these big clashes.

Also, more equipment than ever is designed to support multi-sub setups, which of course broadens the possibilities for using it.

What are the unintended consequences?

Why can’t new equipment alone assist in these scenarios?

This all sounds nice in theory, but it’s often not as easy as it sounds. Without the proper technique and technology support, users can get themselves into trouble with multi-sub.

For example, I was just recently measuring our sound lab here at Dirac HQ. We have three

subwoofers in a relatively well-treated room. I calibrated each subwoofer individually as part of the process and measured the result. The unfortunate reality was I experienced more variation, and even less bass in the sweet spot than I had with just one subwoofer.

This isn’t uncommon. Even with multiple subwoofers, variation can still occur across seats and even cancel each other out in the sweet spot, ultimately producing less bass than with one sub.

The good news is that it’s possible to remedy this if you properly co-optimise the subwoofers by measuring their interaction in the room and adjusting their response so that they sum up coherently throughout the listening area. That’s precisely what our technology Dirac Live Bass Control does by working only with phase adjustments, timing and gain.

What’s a better alternative to multiple subwoofers and why?

Dirac Live Bass Control ensures that users get the most bass possible from the sweet spot and times the subwoofers for reduced variation. We want everyone in the room to have the same rich, full bass experience.

For example, someone seated near a wall will often hear the results of a bass buildup where the bass may be too prominent and then someone in front of them may experience much less. Dirac Live Bass Control, combined with multiple subwoofers, can even that out so everyone is hearing the same thing.

How do you see the role of room correction evolving with bass management specifically?

Room correction will continue to grow in importance as a means to keep up with everevolving listening spaces. We used to more commonly see dedicated, purpose-built rooms – either a home theatre or stereo listening room – specifically designed to optimise the system’s performance.

The room was rectangular; furniture was placed to align with the sweet spot; and speakers were situated in the appropriate locations to achieve peak performance.

Today’s listening room is much different (and more complex) than that of the past – for example, an open floor plan downstairs or an entire basement entertainment area.

The room’s dimensions, furniture placement and speaker locations, create an environment that works against, rather than optimises, audio performance – regardless of system quality.

The output of every speaker, whether highend or budget-friendly, relies on how it interacts with the room, especially in the bass region. Because today’s listening spaces are very often a detriment to speaker quality, room correction is becoming a prerequisite for achieving premium bass performance.

Using subwoofers in conjunction with small or big main speakers provides significant potential performance enhancements at a good value point. But that potential is only realised through measurement-based optimisation of the bass management and the interaction of the subwoofers, the other speakers and the room itself. So room correction and bass management will evolve into a seamless measurement-based optimisation of the overall sound system.

Do you want to preview anything related to Dirac Live Bass Control?

Any recent or upcoming product integrations we should be aware of?

We’re very excited about our recent announcement that seven mid-range and highend Denon and Marantz units will be able to run Dirac Live Bass Control.

This is a significant step toward our goal of making high-quality bass accessible to everyone from professional integrators and audiophiles to the broader consumer market. Look out for more partnership announcements in 2024 that put professional-level acoustical room control within reach of all listeners.

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Room correction and management will continue to grow in impact and importance


When the architect tells the customer that they have to choose between a pool room and a party room, it’s time to get creative and deliver both. Into this challenge, steps the Prestige Audio team armed with extensive knowledge and in this case some high-performance K-Array technology.

“We worked with the client previously when they originally built the house in 2018,” says Joe Carri, Director of Prestige Audio. “They came to us with a brief for smart home integration with full video distribution and a home cinema, a project with an eventual value of over half a million pounds. Some years later, they decided to add a large indoor swimming pool, gym and party room in a separate garden extension, and the main contractor recommended us as a trusted supplier capable of delivering a bespoke high-quality AV and automation solution for this new project.”

This time the audio brief was also a considerable challenge. The client wanted to create a large party room for entertaining, complete with kitchen facilities, a large adjacent gym and an outdoor living space, equipped with a no-holds-barred club sound system. At the same time, it was to be an indoor swimming pool for the young family and that brought in some weighty technical challenges associated with such a space.

From a construction perspective, what made the dual-purpose room even possible was a

really impressive feat of engineering involving the room transitioning from a party room to a pool room. The dance floor sits just above the pool surface for events and party time, but can be lowered through the water on hydraulic rams to become the floor of the pool when it’s time to enjoy the pool. This not only involved some heavy-duty engineering but also required an intelligent approach to selecting and tuning a sound system to deliver its best in both pool and party modes.

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Joe explains, “We spoke to our clients about what speaker system options they could have and as they’ve now experienced high-performance sound in the cinema installation we had done for them previously they wanted full-on, no compromise, club audio.

“Our challenge was the natural acoustics of the pool room, a large and highly reverberant 20m by 12m space with a very reflective ceiling and pool surface and a typical RT60 of well over two seconds! We knew that to achieve that goal we had to focus a lot of energy into a fairly narrow horizontal plane at around head height to minimise reflections and avoid exciting the room too much.”

That led to an invitation to view K-array’s line array speakers at the Italian brand’s UK distributor 2B Heard. The distributor organised a demo and carried out some preliminary modelling of the pool room. Joe was suitably impressed with the product range and the audio demonstration and decided to specify PythonKP102 1m long line arrays along with RumbleKU212 dual 12in subwoofers.

“They wanted the speaker system to complement the big mirror TV above the hot tub and be capable of going loud when the occasion demanded,” says Joe. “So after modelling the room, we recessed KP102 line arrays on either side of the TV, and a further four around the perimeter to give even coverage across the room. They’re RAL colour matched to the walls so they sit nicely with the look and feel of the space.”

The subs, according to Joe, “were another story.” With no possibility to locate subs anywhere on the ground, the only viable option was to put them in the ceiling void.

Joe adds, “The builder was nervous, the client was nervous, but when we showed them how it was going to be done and the result they could expect, they were convinced. The KP102s are really efficient and as our client wanted a really solid low end we installed eight Rumble-KU212s in the ceiling behind acoustically transparent cloth so the whole thing looks seamless.”

Joe recalls, “Calibration was tricky due to the very different acoustic conditions between when the pool is open or covered, but we arrived at a sweet spot where it sounds good all around. The KP102s dispersion pattern is narrow in the vertical plane and that ensures the sound is directed towards the listeners’ ear level, while the wide horizontal pattern covers the large room really well. The modelling indicated where we might expect some nodes and troughs in the low end, so we took advantage of that to create some hot bass areas in front of the TV and the bar area. It works a treat and they love it!”

Joe also says that the K-array system goes loud, perhaps more than strictly necessary and has loads of dynamic range. To keep a lid on things, the system is limited to eliminate any possibility of overdriving, and it is also possible to dial in remotely to carry out any diagnostics, software updates or tweaks that may be needed.

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The whole system is powered by a pair of K-array Kommander-KA68 Class D DSP amplifiers with onboard digital signal processing from an equipment rack located in the neighbouring gym room. The dedicated speaker presets optimise performance for the chosen speaker models, taking care of the crossover bands between subs and line arrays as well as multiple integrated functions such as channel grouping, input and output parametric EQ, dynamic limiters, assignable signal routing and channel delays. User-adjustable parameters are available through Control4 automation via wall-mounted touch screens dispersed strategically around the pool room.

Joe remarks, “One thing that stands out for me is that they’ve got to be able to stand up to the pounding they’ll get – and pounding is the right word, they get hammered here and they’ve not missed a beat. And you know what, they sound good. It’s working well.”

The clients love the sound quality and they can take a bit of punishment as well, so says the lady of the house, “We really love it. When we have a party it’ll be like being in a nightclub! The system has such power and it never fails to impress us and our guests. We didn’t want a pile of speakers in each corner of the room –we wanted something discreet that blends into the fabric of the building – and that is exactly what the Prestige Audio team delivered, always giving the very best performance and service.”

“K-array is a nice brand for us to work with as it suits our profile,” adds Joe. “We’re a small boutique audio design team and never take on work we can’t do justice to, so when there is an application for great sound with a discreet appearance, we’ll not hesitate to use K-array.

“The support from 2B Heard has been fantastic, the whole experience has been great. To give you a timely example of firstrate support: we bought the amps about a

year ago, not uncommon these days because COVID disrupted a lot of the supply chain, and consequently, the amps needed firmware updates but so did the software that controls them. We were at the property to do some calibration but we couldn’t do the updates on site, so Matt Holland (Channel Sales Manager for the distributor) got on the phone straight away with K-array engineers and, in real-time, went in through the back door and updated the amplifiers saving us an hour and a half drive back to our office. How’s that for dedication?”

Joe concludes, “K-array is particularly well suited to this residential project. The fact that the Pythons are a line array source is a big factor in giving the best coverage, and also because they’re on show we wanted them to be finished nicely with a RAL colour match. The client is very happy with the end result – great sound, functional and good looking.”

K-array Kit List

• D6 x Python-KP102 line array

• Eight x Rumble-KU212 subwoofer

• Two x Kommander-KA68 DSP amplifier

The speakers blend well with the decor The room is very versatile and needed an audio system to match
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Now Available In EMEA Who says you can’t multitask? Try the 1-wire audio & lighting solution sure to delight your customers! Shop Now at Become a Partner


In conjunction with Vivid Audio, Sound Design Distribution has announced the introduction of a new flagship loudspeaker – the Vivid Audio Moya M1.

Conceived to demonstrate that extending a speaker’s bass response also improves the perception of higher frequency bands, this floor-standing loudspeaker is imbued with the power and authority to handle all types of music with ease. Designed and hand-manufactured entirely in-house from Vivid’s signature carbonreinforced sandwich composite, the Moya M1 is a five-way, 13 driver system featuring four extensively braced bass enclosures, each with aerodynamically optimised reaction-cancelling ports. Each module houses two proprietary C225-100H, 225mm alloy diaphragm bass drivers arranged in a horizontally opposed configuration, their magnets united by a substantial steel tie-bar to eliminate cabinet vibration and minimise any turbulent effects which may limit low-end linearity, as well the need for a heavy enclosure.

Equipped with 100mm voice coils in a 45mm gap rare-earth radial magnet system, the eight side-firing C225s are complemented by two front-firing C175-76, 175mm carbon fibre reinforced mid-bass drivers, a single C100SCu,


In what is described as a groundbreaking advancement for the custom installer and securities channel, Lithe Audio and LILIN have announce the world’s first integration of LILIN’s innovative AI camera range within the Lithe Audio iO1 outdoor wireless speaker.

The partners say this pioneering technology marks a significant leap in security systems, offering an unprecedented level of automated audio deterrence without the need for a traditional control system.

This approach enables installers to set up both a camera and a speaker, streamlining the

100mm carbon-fibre reinforced mid-range, a D50DLC, 50mm ‘Diamond-Like Coated’ aluminium alloy upper midrange dome – all with tapered tube loading and a D26DLC ‘DiamondLike Coated’ 26mm aluminium alloy tweeter.

The Diamond-Like Coated (DLC) process involves a material that can be applied to the surface of the aluminium domes at a temperature well below the melting point. The contrasting properties between the DLC and the aluminium substrate heighten shear losses and significantly dampen the ‘Q’ of the breakup.

All drivers are developed from Vivid Audio’s existing drivers and optimised for use in the Moya M1. The speaker makes use of a passive, five-way, fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover in three parts, where the mid and high sections are placed well away from the bass sections. In-house, computer-optimised, passive, hardwired filters allow the Moya M1 to deliver accuracy and phase matching once thought possible only from active systems.

Sound Design Distribution

Vivid Audio

installation process. The synergy of LILIN’s AI cameras and Lithe Audio’s speakers provides an automated audio deterrent as part of a comprehensive security system. Built-in alarms and security announcements within the speaker ensure immediate, zero-latency local announcements independent of an internet connection.

The partners say this integration is more than a technological achievement; it’s a move towards the future of decentralised smart systems. By eliminating the need for a central controller, the aim is empowering residential

and commercial properties with more efficient, reliable and autonomous security solutions.

The system allows for the creation of different zones with specific announcements, catering to diverse security needs. Its userfriendly configuration makes it a groundbreaking solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from homes to businesses, say the product’s creators.

The core benefit of this integration is its proactive approach. While traditional security systems rely on footage review after an incident, this solution is designed to deter potential threats before they materialise. When a potential threat is detected, an automated announcement will quickly alert individuals in the vicinity, providing them with information and prompting appropriate actions. By informing individuals that they are under surveillance or that their actions are being monitored, potential intruders may be dissuaded from engaging in malicious activities.

Lithe Audio


From an organ symphony, to low-end bass from a ‘90s house anthem, the Moya M1 reproduces clarity and precision
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Security combined with audio from LILIN and Lithe Audio
Control every square meter with a few square centimeters. Lights. Music. Climate. Lifestyle. Elevated. A Crestron smart home gives your vibe more vibrancy — and can be controlled from one touchpoint. It’s a single smart home system woven into the overall design of the home, effortlessly enhancing the lives of those inside. All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2024 Crestron Electronics, Inc. Crestron Home® OS 4 is live! Explore it at


FrontRow says goodbye to uncomfortable seats and hello to the ultimate movie-watching experience with the new FrontRow Masquerade Home Cinema seating, providing unparalleled comfort and luxury with a a surprise as the new range includes hidden cup-holders.

Users can find their perfect viewing position with the Dual Motor close to wall reclining mechanism and also take advantage of in-built USB charging points for phones and smart remote controls.

The range also has a unique automated ‘hideaway’ cup that appears at a push of a button with phone charging pad built into the top tray and arms that pull out to reveal hidden cups holders.

The maker says this line is for the discerning client that wants more of a lounge-based seating solution, but would still like discreet drink holders, making the seating range perfect for the multipurpose lounge or home cinema environment.

The seats have over 19 differing fabric choices in over 100 colours and over 10 Leather options in over 100 colours. Straight and curved configurations can be created using the seven differing seating segments, allowing installers to be creative with designs.

All FrontRow seats include a five-year, insurance-backed, seating warranty which includes accidental damage giving-customers peace of mind when purchasing.


McIntosh Laboratory, has launched the C55 Solid State Preamplifier and the C2800 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier. Crafted for the most discerning audiophiles, these preamplifiers combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design, promising an unparalleled auditory journey.

The C55 inherits the legacy of its multi award-winning predecessor, the C53, and features an eight-band analogue equaliser optimised to fine-tune music with precision, creating a personalised audio experience – and the equaliser can be bypassed if desired.

The C2800 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier embodies a fusion of audio passion and engineering precision and has been crafted to delight even the most discerning music lovers.

At the heart of the C2800 lies methodically designed vacuum tube circuitry. Leveraging the latest designs to all but eliminate noise and distortion, the C2800 reduces them to minuscule levels.

Its four vacuum tubes, or valves, deliver a listening experience that the manufacturer claims exceeds expectations. The C2800 offers a tailored audio experience to optimise performance to each user’s individual specifications. Electronic bass and treble circuits allow for volume level adjustments of low and high frequencies in precise 1dB steps.

Each preamplifier boasts 16 inputs, including nine analogue and seven digital connections, establishing either as the nerve centre of any audio system. From analogue to digital, the C55 and C2800 accommodate a choice of sources, including turntables via their adjustable phono inputs along with premium-grade DAC technology for exquisite digital audio conversion.

With three sets of stereo balanced and unbalanced outputs, the C55 and C2800 offer flexibility in connecting to power amplifiers. Their innovative design allows for bi-amping

Both units will be available now to authorised resellers

configurations and personalised audio experiences tailored to each listener’s needs and personal preference.

In addition to using the included remote control or front panel controls, users will have the option to connect the C55 and C2800 to their home network and unlock a world of control possibilities through the new complementary McIntosh Connect app available for both Android and Apple.

McIntosh Laboratory

FrontRow Hidden extras from FrontRow
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Grow your Business with Sonos for Professionals

Whether you want to design the ultimate home cinema, install a sound system in a business, or integrate speakers in a multi-unit development, Sonos makes it easy to create incredible listening experiences for every client and space.


Classé, has announced the Delta PRE Mk II preamplifier, introducing an all-new and extensively upgraded digital front-end, featuring imperceptible levels of distortion and truly world-class performance, says Classé. It can receive high-resolution digital audio in a wide variety of formats and from multiple different digital sources – both connected and streamed. The upgrade, according to the company, means the Delta PRE Mk II is now one of the most versatile and capable digitally enabled preamplifiers in its class.

The PRE Mk II delivers the introduction of HEOS, the streaming and multiroom platform also used by Denon and Marantz components. This means the Delta PRE Mk II can stream music from Amazon Music, TIDAL HiFi Plus, Deezer and Pandora. DLNA and Roon Ready support endows Classé with equal flexibility when streaming from a NAS drive, while even the front panel USB-A and rear panel USB-B sockets can be used to connect local music sources. Naturally, the Delta PRE Mk II will handle all popular audiophile-orientated music formats, including WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, DSD and even MQA.

Everyday and occasional music listening is also readily supported thanks to the provision of AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect compatibility. And, of course, none of this added functionality comprises in any way the range of inputs, analogue and digital, already provided as part of the Delta PRE Mk II’s design. TV users can even opt for a 4K-compatible HDMI switch option at an additional cost, making reference grade Hi-Fi sound quality as the centrepiece of the user’s living room.

Owners of the older generation Delta PRE units can also benefit from the performance enhancements available in the new PRE Mk II by upgrading their existing PRE to Mk II specifications. The separately available Upgrade Kit ($3000) can be fitted by certified Classé service centres.



Bang & Olufsen has announced that Beoconnect Core, a new streaming box, can turn legacy Bang & Olufsen speakers into a wireless speaker system. With Beoconnect Core, users can stream music from their favourite app to Bang & Olufsen’s speakers dating back over 30 years, they can connect their Bang & Olufsen turntable or music system to its speakers, as well as connect its speakers to any TV.

“Our aim is to build product icons that can last a lifetime and Beoconnect Core is an important addition to our product offering, enabling us to deliver on this longevity promise. Beoconnect Core connects our past with our future and comes with our replaceable Mozart streaming module that can easily be upgraded to the newest technology,” says Michael Henriksson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Bang & Olufsen.

He continues, “This means that the products that our customers love can be used for years to come and continue to provide memorable moments.”

Devised with Cradle-to-Cradle principles in mind, Beoconnect Core’s design embodies Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to extending the lifetime of its products. It does so through easy upgradeability, long-term serviceability

as well as the replaceable Mozart streaming module to ensure that it can continue to carry Bang & Olufsen’s products into the future with the latest technology.

Beoconnect Core provides several connectivity options, such as Powerlink and USB optimised for the Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 speakers and line-in for turntables, alongside other sources. More than this, Beoconnect Core allows Bang & Olufsen speakers to be connected to third-party screens with HDMI

eARC for immersive cinematic moments amplified with Bang & Olufsen sound fidelity, says the company.

With a gently curved, pearl-blasted aluminium chassis made to absorb heat and a non-conductive cover to ensure full antenna transparency, Beoconnect Core’s compact design is made to fit any room.

Bang & Olufsen

Classé invites users to experience the exceptional sound quality and fully featured versatility of the Delta PRE Mk II
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Beoconnect Core can be installed into Beosound Shape using a bracket that can be docked into a Beosound Shape tile


Basalte presents its new flagship speaker, Aalto F5. Basalte says that this powerful fusion of audio excellence and sophisticated design is a testament to its profound love for music. According to the company, this speaker represents the next generation of Basalte’s speakers, elevating sound and design to unprecedented heights.

Aalto F5m offers an exceptional sound with the most sophisticated design, says Basalte. The speaker delivers an authentic music reproduction in combination with the crucial dynamic range for a cinematic experience. From deep bass tones to detailed midrange and crystal-clear high frequencies, every tone is generated with clarity.

These active speakers showcase the latest technology by featuring a bass-vented enclosure optimised for the 6.5in subwoofers, 4.7in midrange woofers and a 1in dome tweeter. The speakers have a total power output of 800W

digital amplification, ensuring a well-balanced audio experience.

Together with advanced DSP, Aalto F5 sets the stage for an impressive sound performance, says Basalte. Choose from a selection of



exclusive finishes and high-quality fabrics from Gabriel and Kvadrat to customise the speaker.


Screen Innovations has announced the new Maestro 2, audibly invisible transparent screens for laser projection applications that are completely inaudible during operation, says the maker.

Screen Innovations says that the secondgeneration Maestro 2 improves the quality of projection as its ultra-smooth surface is optimised for 4K+ high-resolution laser projection, supports resolutions of over 8K, achieves absolute silence from the screen during operation, and delivers true colour reproduction, as it was meticulously designed to deliver 100% colour neutrality.

The ultra-smooth surface, according to Screen Innovations, is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance with the latest 4K+ high-resolution laser projectors. The company

says the specialised surface treatment ensures every pixel is displayed with exceptional clarity and precision. In addition, it is future-proof to support resolutions of over 8K, ensuring the user’s viewing experience remains cutting-edge and immersive for years to come.

One of the advantages of Maestro 2 is its complete inaudibility to the human ear. Unlike traditional projection screens that can produce distracting noise during operation, it maintains absolute silence and allows the user to fully immerse themselves in the audio experience without interference or disruption. This seamless integration of visuals and audio enhances the immersion and enjoyment of entertainment content.

Metro 2 is crafted to deliver 100% colour neutrality, ensuring that the colours displayed

From rich

on the screen are reproduced with the greatest accuracy and consistency. This makes it ideal for dark, dedicated home theatres where ambient light interference can compromise image quality. By maintaining colour neutrality, it preserves the integrity of the original content and allows the user to experience movies, TV shows and games exactly as the creators intended.

“The improvements in SI’s Maestro 2 are significant,” says SI Founder Ryan Gustafson. “We want our customers to have the pinnacle of visual and audible experience, no matter what the room dynamics. Maestro 2 is visual and audible perfection for the dedicated theatre room.”

Screen Innovations

Beauty and brains from the Basalte Aalto F5
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blacks to vibrant hues, each shade is rendered faithfully, creating a lifelike visual experience

With 7.2 channels of pure Marantz power, this is cinematic sound, redefined.

AWE Exclusive
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